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There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare.

mile high mare

Old thread: >>38557152

Ongoing greens:

Dreams to Dream by Stabbythesnowman (NMM)
https://ponepaste.org/4197 (part 2)
https://ponepaste.org/5562 (part 3)

Shape Your Home by PoneGreen
https://ponepaste.org/477 (Part 1)
https://ponepaste.org/478 (Part 2)
https://ponepaste.org/479 (Part 3)
https://ponepaste.org/480 (Part 4)
https://ponepaste.org/4581 (Part 5)
https://ponepaste.org/4466 (April Fools' interlude)

Completed/on hiatus/ded greens:

The Recruiter (epilogue) by pentapony

Hallmark Dream-a by lmone6

Stories by Pentapony

Carl's Hardened Heart by Reggiesomething

"Fleetfooted" by SadBoy

Stories by Aftercase

Stories by AnthonyC4

Stories by Horse Story Anon

Stories by YukkuriPalehorse

Rainbow Dash and the Ghosts of Hearts & Hooves Day by Lonesome Rider

Stories by Trandhal: https://ponepaste.org/user/trandhal

Rocks out of the Quarry: https://poneb.in/aX2C686i

Stories by Tsar Anon: https://poneb.in/BnjZqwM3

Stories by Angry Wino: tinyurl dot com slash vskmqfx

Stories by Crabs of Steam: https://poneb.in/u/Crabs_of_steam

The Broken Carousel (Part 1): https://ponepaste.org/1541
(Twilight Sparkle Interlude 1): https://ponepaste.org/1543
(Part 2): https://ponepaste.org/1542
(Twilight Sparkle Interlude 2): https://ponepaste.org/1544

This Heart That Fears


Low Self-Esteem AJ

All I want from christmas

Couch Surfing

A collection of misc. green since the 1st thread
File: z586230.png (44 KB, 1243x968)
44 KB
Sleep safe and sound with your mare.
>Free mare air balloon rides
Like a dream come true.
File: 1653758170874.png (655 KB, 1024x1024)
655 KB
655 KB PNG
File: treezy.gif (326 KB, 560x420)
326 KB
326 KB GIF
>mile high
mare can dig it.
Balloon ride with Cherry would be a good date. Until catastrophe.
Do you expect a crash?
Sometimes you have to motivate your mare.
she makes that face now but she'll be all smiles once it's time to light up the fireplace and roast some chestnuts.
Oh yes. I'm sure she'll be.
File: 1652175794621.png (187 KB, 1280x720)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
With Cherry Berry? Of course.
hot mare balloon ride
It's the next step in her master plan.
File: Berry Upset.gif (164 KB, 321x288)
164 KB
164 KB GIF
>Doubting an experienced mare pilot.
Shame on you, anon.
>the stories that surrounded these ponies multiplied
I wonder how many are true and how many were made up.
>They accepted their entrusted roles
Seems like they were placed into the position instead of earning it.
>one of the rare mornings in which you wake up alone
He's never alone. #deca.mare always oversees.
>this was an acceptable image in mind to doze off with
It is.
>on this part of the planet
I always imagined that Equestria was not that huge. Maybe a 2-3000km across, but that's it.
>Harmony is always aware of what ponies are doing
Well, she do need to keep an up to date backup of them aswell.
>Neither of the two needs to rely on hidden cameras in houses for that though.
Ah, the advantages of the ponies brains completely replaced. They could just see through their eyes if they want to.
>He is fully back in action.
>this here is no random chance
Is it a hint from #deca.mare?
>Two small Alicorn fillies
Didn't they just surpassed grown ponies in size? Or was the previous chapter out of time order.
>You wonder why she states that fact this explicitly
Is it because the sisters can detect it somehow?
>It can't be.
And I guessed correctly!
>If you had to guess
Wait, they don't hear them?
>the two fillies turn their heads towards the camera in slow, near perfect unison
Don't they have a built in filter for these stuff? Aren't they not supposed to see these things, even if its in plain sight? Is the implant/their "brain" malfunctioning?
>not even half as tall as an average pony
Ah ok, so the previous chapter was out of order in time.
>with a frightening curiosity
And in the background the teacher is extremely confused.
>stunningly accurate close-up views
This reminds me of the cat in the pringles can gif.
>ponies perceive it as nothing more than a
Oh so they do see it, its just disguised.
>The same as everypony else.
I'm not sure about that...
>tinted with a dark blue
Luna picked it up first? Interesting.

>But the two cannot fully identify what they see.
Equestria is not really have any universities teaching microelectronics. Yet.
>Which is why there was no reason to raise an alarm.
But if #deca.mare designed their augmentations, how can that the two gained this ability? It must have been deliberate. Or was it Harmony's doing?
>"A dream caused this to happen."
Now I'm even more certain that it was Harmony.
>Even after she woke up.
This was not an apology then, but she come to terms with it.
>nor Harmony has done anything
Oh. The plot thickens.
>You have to guess what she is doing with it now.
Swallow it!
>copied the mechanism of our link for this
Anon's brain is not augmented.
>For instance, Luna cannot give any binding commands
Not sure if this was an intentional scolding about what happened earlier or not.
>what it must be like to
Anon experienced similar things already. The connection to the "knowledge database" or when he took control of the whole ship.
>You think you get what she means.
No, go away horny thoughts! #deca.mare takes advantage of almost every opportunity of this kind.
>This in itself is no reason for concern.
Or this is still within limitations. They have very detailed plans, else if something not goes the way they want then that could compromise things that need to happen in a certain way in the future.
>Or have you done something with
This question could be a mood killer.
>I could replicate the process which Harmony used
Why not go the other way around? Let Harmony learn how #deca.mare connects with Anon, or use #deca.mare's "environment/simulation" to enter the scene.
>"And it worked fairly well, did it not?"
So she indeed planned this all along!

Thanks for the update!
remember to give your mare an extra snuggle at night so she doesn't feel lonely in her dreams
File: 1641087708973.png (38 KB, 326x285)
38 KB
>I wonder how many are true and how many were made up.
That's part of the fascination for many great legends, isn't it?
>Seems like they were placed into the position instead of earning it.
Well, the scroll does not say how many feats they have accomplished prior to accepting the throne, so there's that.
>I always imagined that Equestria was not that huge. Maybe a 2-3000km across, but that's it.
Sure, Equestria as the realm does not span the entire world. It would rather be something like the prevalent entity on one of the planet's continents. But this would already be enough for the place to have a couple of different time zones.
For instance, if we run with your example and assume that Equestria spans give or take 3000km from coast to coast at its broadest point, on a planet that is more or less comparable in size to Earth, then the realm still would have roughly the dimensions of Australia. And that continent already has three time zones.
>They could just see through their eyes if they want to.
Technically, yes. Doing that would amount to the same thing as installing spying cameras though.
>Is it a hint from #deca.mare?
In this particular context? No.
>Wait, they don't hear them?
Nope, it's purely a visual feed.
>This reminds me of the cat in the pringles can gif.
Kek. And now I imagine a scene like this with the younger sisters. That sure would play out like a part from an Agrol animation.
>Equestria is not really have any universities teaching microelectronics.
That sounds like a job for Dr. Time Turner Hooves.
>Swallow it!
And the tunnel segment from 2001: A Space Odyssey ensues.
>Anon's brain is not augmented.
Yeah, that's one of the things which needed a slight adaption. The general principle behind the technology remains the same though.
>Not sure if this was an intentional scolding
More like something that she thought was important for Anon to know, so that he can assess the situation adequately.
>Anon experienced similar things already.
Similar things yes, yet not quite so intense ones.
>Why not go the other way around?
Because then #deca.mare would have to "interpret" Harmony's input for Anon, given that Harmony has no own distinct personality yet. And he wishes to have a direct link to Harmony for the get-together instead.
Under what circumstances would one have different picks for waifu and for best pony?
That's tough. Maybe there's one mare who you admire on a platonic level for one or more specific reasons, but can't imagine yourself being compatible with her romantically so that your heart longs for another one.
File: 1653151373368.jpg (2.76 MB, 1920x2160)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB JPG
Mares with sunglasses are never a bad combination.
Is there a green about a literal whorse getting picked by Cadance as a match for a human just arriving into Equestria?
>someone posts a Celly pic as I enter thread to ask about good Celestia stories
It's destiny. I've read The Sun Where You Belong, but I'm wondering if there has been any other decent length Sunbutt greens lately. I'll take short ones and incomplete ones too, I just want to read self-insert fantasy fuel about my waifu.
File: 1487220519428.jpg (118 KB, 768x1024)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
>couple of different time zones.
But based on "Anon waking up early" I assume its 7-9AM, but it was already noon in the part of Equestria they looked at. And picking a "ship time" so out of sync with the "mean" time of Equestria is strange.
Btw, I assume there isn't any timezones at this point, instead every town has its own local time.
>"interpret" Harmony
And is that a bad thing? I'm sure the two (#deca.mare and Harmony) can work out a system to accurately translate Harmony into #deca.mare's simulation faster than Anon recovers from the alternative method.
You say that there are some mares out there who don't deserve to be loved?
Only a tranny would say that out of jealousy
File: 1653585812541.gif (55 KB, 245x309)
55 KB
interpretive mare dances
what DID she mean by this?
>And picking a "ship time" so out of sync with the "mean" time of Equestria is strange.
Yeah, you address a good point. A bit of a narrative oversight on my part here.
>Btw, I assume there isn't any timezones at this point, instead every town has its own local time.
That's what I envision as well. Local time is all that Equestria should need anyway. I only mentioned time zones in this context to point out that remote places in a realm of such a size would already have a few notable discrepancies in their respective local times. So that the onset of noon on one coast might still be a late morning on the other, for example.
>And is that a bad thing?
Not bad per se, but it would add one additional translation into the process, i.e. Harmony signals some input to #deca.mare, who "translates" it into something that Anon understands. And she then tells him about it in one way or another, which might reduce the accuracy of the original message a little bit more due to the extra step. Similar as to how consecutively translating a text into several languages might eventually alter the meaning of the actual message to some degree. The game of telephone illustrates that effect quite nicely too.
>I'm sure the two (#deca.mare and Harmony) can work out a system to accurately translate Harmony into #deca.mare's simulation faster than Anon recovers from the alternative method.
Eventually yes. It takes a while for them to get there though.
I think it means these ponies are shirtless.
>which might reduce the accuracy of the original message
And Anon's subconsciousness interpreting Harmony does not? Harmony did not even had a definitive form. Whatever Harmony was trying to say was translated and projected by Anons subconsciousness.
What's the regular amount of snuggles I should be giving her?
File: 1653884536012.png (1.28 MB, 1439x1559)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
About tree fiddy
And extra if you've got a wastelander mare to take care of
about 3.5CPH (cuddles-per-hour)
>And Anon's subconsciousness interpreting Harmony does not?
Yes it does, as it was stated by Harmony previously. But what I meant here was that when #deca.mare plays the interpreter, there is one more step in the process where some minor things could potentially change due to having two steps rather than one. Because then you'd have (Harmony -> #deca.mare -> Anon) rather than (Harmony -> Anon) instead. Either way though, some form of interpreting the input happens in both cases. The idea is just that only having one step where it happens might reduce the degree of the alterations within the messages.
Is it actually one more step? Because previously it was not Harmony -> Anon but Harmony -> Anon's subconsciousness -> Anon.
Well, if you count Anon's subconsciousness as its own step in this process, you're right. I have admittedly not considered this possibility.
I do count it because Harmony said it explicitly that Anon's subconsciousness is making sense of Harmony and it is projecting an image. This is why Harmony did not have a definite form, but it was Anon himself at one point, then the proxy the other.
That's fair, especially since Anon's mind was "fractured" at the time. Looks like my idea wasn't as watertight as I thought.
Hope she doesn't go postal.
Going postal in pony world probably has less extreme connotations
Oh ms. postmare
Look and see
If there's a letter
In your bag for me
guns don't cause workplace violence, SSRIs do
she's safe
File: 1626930817789.png (21 KB, 643x602)
21 KB
File: 1840480.png (1.5 MB, 1920x1080)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
Is Pinkie happy that Sunset got a bf or something?
Ponies generally don't go berserk either.
It's not in their nature.
unless someone, not naming any names, casts a want-it-need-it spell.
>despite being only 13% of Ponyville's population
File: 1080x360.jpg (47 KB, 1080x360)
47 KB
Reading that Dreams to Dream fic in the OP right now it's so fucking cute I love it
I think it's safe to say this isn't their natural behavior when they're under the mental influence of an external spell.
some pones do have a temper, though.
File: 1634525677712.png (195 KB, 333x323)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
wake up wake up wake up
it's the thirty- first of the mare
A bot wrote this nonsense post
That's not necessarily a bad thing.
File: 1653948265184.png (96 KB, 690x330)
96 KB
Proper plum mare.
Up, dammit.
Not giving up on this thread.
Never gonna let it down?
mare knows that I would move Heaven and Earth to be together forever with [her]
I'll certainly not let the thread fall off the catalog if I can help it.
File: 1622123456056.png (82 KB, 447x594)
82 KB
One of the threads biggest fans reminded me to bump so here I am.
He can't bump the thread from prison
fuck ziggers
Woah there, easy now raimi mare
Wait, who?
File: Capture.png (4 KB, 300x121)
4 KB
I really like the mayor.
>ultra hd mares
The threads biggest fan, man. If he tells you to go back to nmp, you'll have met him. He's priceless.
Seen that response a couple of times. But what does that have to do with prison? Did he get busted?
That's lost upon me as well, I figure we'd better just assume he's a faggot though.
Rent free
File: 1625084802762.png (185 KB, 900x900)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
Oh, xie graces us with it's presence!
File: SmugShrug.jpg (188 KB, 1916x1078)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
It's weird that I take up as much mental real estate as your waifu.
Thread space isn't the same as mental space, dickweed. You're only here by default of the mods hating us.
>It's here
>Rgre is quiet for a change
Hmm, that's probably just coincidence too.
File: 1956319.png (215 KB, 520x520)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
You seam upset.
>Celestia, it's hotter than a nirek's rectum in here. When did we move to Tartarus?
File: 1250802_cropped.png (658 KB, 1280x601)
658 KB
658 KB PNG
File: 381636.png (332 KB, 1000x800)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
I'm glad that you're enjoying it.
>update tomorrow.
File: 2684531.png (37 KB, 295x295)
37 KB
Hi there, Would you like to sign my petition?
File: 2599715.png (29 KB, 996x1024)
29 KB
File: 1611343173209.png (1.88 MB, 1281x2048)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
Yeah sure, lemme put the ol' John Hancock on your dotted line, Missy.
What's this for anyway, nuke the whales? jews for jesus?
You just volunteered for Cadence's matching program. Get ready to be drafted.
Drafted? I signed up for mares damnit not digging latrines.
What if it's all part of the test to find your personal match?
>..Your Highness, how exactly is having the men dig ditches to prove their worth supposed to work?
>"It just DOES OK?!"
Uhh is there perhaps another matching agency to make an appeal to?
Have faith in Cadence, Anon. She knows what she is doing.
>tests physical fitness and gives an opportunity for mares to watch men get sweaty
You can also consult these fellows if they're more up your speed.
The results may vary though.
>Equestria solved its gender skew by turning some of the mares into stallions
>Everywhere else accepting humans though
How else would they ensure you can carry your wife?
>only 7 months
21 years and counting since my last dream
glycine, start with a tablespoon/3 grams before bed and work your way up ad libitum
Now Foods is good
is that what it is? I always kind of figured it was because the last dream I had, I died pretty horribly and my brain just decided "no more dreams 4u"
I've had some pretty heinous dreams and come back for more the next night, so yeah something is probably a bit off with your brain chemistry and supplemental glycine is a great place to start
File: 1653545165543.png (199 KB, 427x655)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
I'm...so sorry, Anon. Dreaming is the most fun I have nowadays.
it's probably worth a look into, at least. Thanks.
Must be nice…
File: 1653934926540.jpg (102 KB, 999x1707)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Personal training lessons.
File: 1654031127861.png (65 KB, 231x234)
65 KB
File: 2488702.jpg (131 KB, 1297x1509)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
I see you hiding back there, you insufferably cute little muffin horse
>Lighter undersides on wings and belly
That's rare.
File: 2625187.png (573 KB, 1717x1717)
573 KB
573 KB PNG
It is cute.
Can't argue with that.
I don’t really think about it as anything different anymore because I mostly stick to /mlp/ but this board really is something of a HiE HQ isn’t it? I don’t remember Reddit, derpi, or even deviantArt really accepting the concept. But here it’s almost implied that if anon is talking about being with his pony wife, he’s thinking of himself as his normal human self. Probably why this board, deviant as it is, also feels the least degenerate.
Do you not sleep very long on average? I haven’t really dreamed for a while either but it’s mostly because i tend to only sleep average six hours per night and never all the way through. Always wake up at least once.
not over the last couple years, but if that were the case it wouldn't explain that long stretch before then where there was nothing either.
There's also something comfy about this thread. I can't put my finger on what exactly it is, but it has a lure that most other threads lack.
Mare goes back to the classics.
It's my understanding that sleep happens in roughly 90-minute chunks and that not getting interrupted in the middle of a chunk is almost more important than getting 8 hours' worth of them
File: 1634658665988.png (1.64 MB, 1032x969)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
Would you a leather wrapper pone?
>cute fangs
>rhymes so rugged nobody can touch them
Who wouldn't? You know you spent enough of your childhood mowing the lawn without earpro that the EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE wouldn't be anything new.
the power of love
I want to repair her horn. It can be done. We have the technology.
>heart shaped hole
Kek. That's a neat touch.
Imagine her gently biting your collarbone while she orgasms on your dick.
File: 477536.jpg (110 KB, 1111x776)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Dreams to Dream update is done, proofreading rn then I'll post it.
File: hapee.png (378 KB, 750x720)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
kinda missed her a bit already
File: 1795416.jpg (333 KB, 960x1280)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
Alright, here we go. Prepare to be comfy.

>Her eyes slowly opened, body still fighting sleep’s embrace.
>Nýrmáni blinked several times, confused by her stone-walled surroundings for a moment until the events of yesterday came back to her.
>Their home was done.
>She slowly raised her head, looking at the pale, glowing remnants of their fire, and the human currently curled up against her chest, his head barely poking out from underneath the blankets piled on them both.
>His head was still resting on her shoulder, buried in the long, thick fur that now covered her body, and she could feel his breath wafting through her fur as he soundly slept.
>Smiling at the adorable sight, she softly kissed the top of his head.
>The one window that she had cut into the wall not embedded in the ground showed nothing but darkness and the gentle, pale glow of the moon.
>Something about it felt… off, to her.
>Nýrmáni looked back down to Anonymous, then back to the moon’s pale glow.
>It called to her. She didn’t know what it was, but she could feel it pulling at her.
>With the softest of sighs she carefully lifted the wing covering her human and slowly extricated her body from under his head and shoulders.
>”I am sorry, Beloved.” Her whispered apology was so quiet that she barely heard it herself.
>Carefully, she lowered his body to the ground with her magic, wrapping one of the extra blankets up to serve as a pillow for him to use.
>He curled up smaller, slowly pulling the blankets closer to his chest in the absence of Nýrmáni’s warmth.
>Carefully adding two logs to the glowing coal to build up more heat for her beloved, she nuzzled his hair one last time then turned towards the door.
>Nýrmáni was thankful that it opened so quietly, and she was able to slip back outside and close the door without nary a sound.
>More snow had apparently fallen sometime during the night, and as she slowly trotted through the trees surrounding their cabin she took a deep breath of the cold, winter air.
>The silence, the freshness of the gentle breeze was pleasant, but that wasn’t why she had left the warmth and comfort of Anonymous’s embrace.
>Nýrmáni looked upward towards the moon, the fat crescent shining brighter than the sea of twinkling stars it rested in.
>It hung there, just where Luna had put it the evening before, but something about it struck a different chord with her now, on this cold, winter night.
>It wasn’t the color, nothing about that had changed, nor its features, even though it appeared that it would lose its crescent and become full in just a few days.
>She tilted her head, mane and tail slowly waving through the air as she studied the pale, glowing orb.
>Nýrmáni couldn’t look away.
>”It is almost time…” She muttered.
>Nýrmáni stood there for several moments before suddenly shaking her head, snorting quietly before looking back up at the moon, her brow furrowed in confusion
>Where did that come from?
>She hadn’t even meant to speak.
>Did Luna feel this strange feeling as well?
>Like a moth drawn to an open flame Nýrmáni stood there, unable to look away from the object that was imprinted upon her flanks.
>A cloud slowly drifted in front of it, driven by the mountain winds, and just as quickly as it had come, the strange feeling vanished.
>Shaking her head again, and still very confused, Nýrmáni turned and returned to the cabin, the lack of moonlight not an issue for her glowing, slitted eyes.
>Entering quietly was a simple affair, and second later she stood over the pile of blankets that was Anonymous.
>Quiet flames danced once again in the fireplace, and she could feel the warmth from it sinking into her fur and feathers.
>She smiled down at the sleeping face of her human.
>With the smallest whisper of power her body changed, fur and flesh shifting into a writhing cloud of twinkling stars and mist, which drifted under the blankets and behind Anonymous.
>Nýrmáni reformed a moment later, the sleeping human once again held in a soft, loving embrace.
>Sleep began to overtake her suddenly exhausted body, as if she had run a marathon, but instead of letting it take her away into dreamlessness, she decided not to go all the way this time.
>She wanted to do some exploring.
>Seconds later, Nýrmáni floated in the endless Dream Realm, surrounded by a veritable sea of glowing white orbs, the countless dreams of ponies.
>They extended below and above her, and in every other direction, but she was not worried about it.
>Even though she was no longer in Equestria proper, the physical distances between individuals were not a factor in this place.
>But the closest dream, floating directly in front of her, glowing a bright, cheerful yellow, was the dream of her beloved Anonymous.
>Its internal light danced and shone merrily, indicating that whatever dream he was having, it was exciting and fun for him.
>Snickering to herself, she leaned her head in closer to get a quick peek at what he was doing.
>He was sitting in a chair in what looked like some kind of small restaurant or bar, violin on his shoulder, grinning madly as he played a fast, lively tune with what looked like a small band, while a small crowd of humans and ponies sang along and stomped their feet and hooves excitedly in rhythm.
>Most of the singing was out of tune and most of the individuals looked intoxicated to various degrees judging by the amount of empty bottles and glasses sitting on the small tables they sat at, but she could feel the excited energy of pleasure and fun in the air.
>Shaking her head at the humorous and improbable sight and making a mental note to ask him later about it, Nýrmáni floated away, the sounds of his dream vanishing as she withdrew her head.
>Alone once again, she spread her wings and gracefully soared throughout the countless dreams, extending her magical senses for any that felt familiar to her.
>She quickly found one, and a quick peek showed Twilight Sparkle arranging her personal library while books flew around her like birds.
>Nýrmáni thought about entering quickly to say hello but decided against it, instead watching as the purple alicorn suddenly dove into a pile of books as if they were water, smiling the whole while.
>Having a laugh at the silly alicorn’s expense Nýrmáni turned away and continued her journey.
>”Perhaps I can find the mind of those young fillies, they were so pleasant to talk to that one morning…”
>Her words died as something came into view, something she had not seen before.
>A sphere, easily as big as she was, glowing with vibrant blue light, pure magic covering its entire form.
>She knew who’s dream this was, there was no doubt about it.
>Carefully, Nýrmáni floated closer to Luna’s sleeping subconscious mind, suddenly nervous and unsure of what to do.
>She had briefly entertained the thought of asking Luna about that strange reaction to the moon, but now her mouth felt dry, and her voice failed her.
>Unlike all the other dreams, no sound nor moving pictures could be seen in it at a glance.
>Perhaps it was the warding spells circling it, the strings of runs and characters glowing with steady, blue light.
>Considering that Luna was awake during the night, she probably was not even asleep.
>A sudden chill went down the back of Nýrmáni’s neck at that thought, and without a word she turned and flew away through the endless field of dreams, much more quickly than she had come.
>If Nýrmáni had looked back, she would have seen Luna shimmer into existence, barely a hooves distance from where Nýrmáni had been floating, a neutrally curious expression gracing her features.
>Anon woke slowly, warm in the pile of blankets he had wrapped himself in during the night.
>It took him a moment to realize that he couldn’t feel Nýrmáni’s warmth, and as he raised his head the light of the dancing fire showed no Nýrmáni in sight.
>Sitting up with a yawn he stretched, looking towards the faint sliver of faint orange sunlight coming through their one window.
>He thought for a moment that he’d played the violin sometime last night, but maybe he only dreamed that part.
>She must have been so excited to get things moved into the cabin, she was probably already packing up the things left in their tent.
>Warming his hands for a moment by the fire, he quickly put on his thick pants, boots, and jacket, then walked over to take a peek out the window.
>It was a perfectly cloudless morning, and the sun had only just begun to rise over the distant, snow covered mountains.
>Anon’s eyes went wide when he saw Nýrmáni standing in the snow some distance away, outside the tree line, sword held in the air in front of her.
>From what he could see, she seemed to be practicing her sword skills, judging by how she wove the blade deftly through the air, seamlessly transitioning it from her cyan magic to holding it in her front hooves.
>What followed was a display of swordsmanship (swordsponyship?) so impressive Anon had to force his lower jaw from dropping in amazement
>It honestly looked more akin to a dance than a fighting style.
>At times she was moving so fast all he could see was a blackish blur darting back and forth through the snow and the silvery flash of her sword reflecting the growing sunlight as it sang through the air at impossible speeds.
>Quietly opening the door and shutting it behind him he stepped into the snow, all the while Nýrmáni continued on, apparently not having heard him.
>Finally she stopped, then pointed her sword point down and, with a muffled screech of rock on metal, sank it deep into the rock beneath the snow.
>She was panting from the exertion of her exercises, steam rose from her coat and wafted from her mouth with each breath, and droplets of sweat glistened as they ran down her slick coat despite the cold.
“That was pretty impressive.”
>The fearsome alicorn squealed in surprise, leaping upwards out of the snow, whirling around to face him, wings spread in alarm.
>”Anonymous! Do not frighten Us so!”
“Sorry sorry!” He squeaked, hands flying to his ears as Nýrmáni‘s voice hit him like a physical blow.
>She realized what had happened at once, and in an instant she was next to him, holding his shoulders with her forehooves, the surprise in her eyes replaced with concern and worry.
>”Oh my stars We are sorry Our Beloved, are you alright? Can you hear Us? Do We need to ask for Miss Te-”
“I’m fine, I’m fine, just a little ringing is all.” He gently patted her hooves away, rubbing circles on her fetlocks with his hands despite the bits of freezing snow that still stuck to them.
>Nýrmáni sat back on her haunches, sinking into the snow, still breathing heavily, her eyes looking anywhere but his.
>”You just… startled me. I realized that I had been neglecting my combat skills as of late, what with you getting hurt, and constructing our home…” She looked up finally, and at the cabin that sat behind him.
“It’s okay, I’m not upset, just curious. What made you think of your, er, training?” Anon asked as he patted her behind her horn and between her ears, her writhing mane happily wrapping around his hand.
“I was in the Dreamscape, and I found Luna’s slumbering mind. Or, I think she may have been slumbering…”
“Did she scare you or something?”
>”I did not feel her presence, but I got a most uncomfortable feeling when looking at it. I decided to leave after that, and I woke up shortly thereafter.”
“Do you think she was watching you?”
>”I believe that she may have been. I thought briefly of asking her a question, but lost my nerve once I found her subconscious mind.”
>Shaking his head to clear the last of the ringing from his head, Anon turned towards their tent, and Nýrmáni withdrew her sword from where she had left it, returning it to its sheath as she trotted next to him.
“What were you going to ask her?”
>”Before I went into the Dreamscape, I was awoken by something: the moon, it called to me.”
>Nýrmáni’s voice was low, and something in her tone made the hair on the back of his neck stand up.
>He opened the flap of their tent and entered, holding it up as the large alicorn entered behind him.
“What do you mean it ‘called’ to you?”
>”I do not know, but I could feel it, like a tuning fork against my soul. I could not help but gaze at it, like a moth drawn to a flame.”
“Strange.” Anon said as he began to fire up their small cooking stove. “And on another note, and please don’t take this the wrong way, but you stink.”
>He turned from lighting the fire, and wasn’t too surprised to find Nýrmáni blushing furiously as she squirmed awkwardly on her hooves.
>”Well, I d-do not know how to get rid of this stench other than a bath, but, we don’t have one here wi-”.
>Suddenly she froze, even her mane and tail stopped waving.
>A toothy smile suddenly split her face in two, and with a chuckle she turned and began to quickly trot towards the flap that led outside.
>Reaching it she held it open with one wing, turning back to look at Anon, still smiling that cute, toothy smile of hers
>”I have had a wonderful idea! I shall return soon my Beloved.”
>And without another word she quickly exited, an excited giggle trailing behind her.
>Anon looked at the closed tent flap for a moment before turning to put a pot of water on the now sizable fire in their stove, smiling softly and shaking his head.
>Nýrmáni loved to act all high and mighty, but she was still easy to turn into a blushing, stammering mess once you knew how.
>He loved her for it.
>With a crack of teleportation magic Nýrmáni reappeared, nearly giving the unsuspecting man a heart attack as he whirled around.
>”I have found a solution to the problem of my odor, see Anonymous?”
>It was then that he suddenly realized that Nýrmáni held a massive sphere of steaming water held in her magic.
>It hovered there, scant inches off of the floor, looking like one of those human hamster balls that people would get inside of and use to walk on water, except this was a solid sphere of sparkling, perfectly clear water, its surface rippling with steam.
>He could feel the heat radiating off of it, and he turned a curious gaze towards Nýrmáni, who looked at him excitedly, eyes shining brightly.
>”See, now the two of us can enjoy a warm bath, watch!”
>Without another word Nýrmáni crouched down and leapt directly into it.
>Anon lurched backward, expecting to be covered in splashing water, but it never happened. The sprays of water simply curved in the air, falling back to the surface of the aquatic sphere like a magnet.
>Standing up, Anon approached, his momentary fear replaced with curiosity and a rapidly growing excitement.
>For the first time he thought about how long the two of them had gotten away with magical cleaning spells, and internally cringed.
>It was time for a bath, on that he could agree.
>Nýrmáni watched him from the inside of the sphere as she swam like a fish, her fur, tail, and mane waved in the water as she pedaled with her hooves and flapped her partially extended wings.
>She smiled again and poked her head out, water running back along her neck and back to the sphere instead of dripping down onto the floor.
>”Do you like this idea, Anon? A few simple spells, and now the two of us can relax in this warmth as much as we want!”
>He couldn’t help it anymore, finally laughing as he stepped up next to the sphere, shrugging out of his jacket as the radiating heat became too much.
>It was like standing next to an open hot tub. Now that was an idea.
“I think it’s amazing, Sweetie.” He cupped her wet cheeks and pressed his lips to hers.
>They were warm, wet, and impossibly soft, and effortless to lose himself in as he licked her teeth.
>Nýrmáni moaned, and one forehoof left its watery home to hold the back of his head as she aggressively deepened their kiss, opening her mouth to beat his tongue into submission with her larger, stronger organ.
>Anon didn’t know how long he stood there making out with the love of his life, but eventually he had to pull back.
>Nýrmáni let out a plaintive whine as he let go, her cheeks once again a bright pink.
>She was still smiling though, and her bright, slitted eyes did not leave his.
“I’ve just got another idea. If you’re up for it, I remember seeing a camera in one of those boxes of things that we got. I think it’s time for an update for the Princesses…”
>Celestia woke to see the sun already in the sky, a rarity for her.
>This day was a rarity in itself; a day off for her and her sister.
>One was actually scheduled, and promised fun for both of them.
>She could feel that this was going to be a good day.
>While she had risen at her normal time, she had just started the sun on its course, then had immediately fallen back into her bed and passed out.
>A glance towards the clock with her still tired eyes showed it to be 10:17 AM.
>Normally she would have been awake for almost five hours at this point, preparing for Day Court, meetings with diplomats, or whatever else was on the schedule her faithful assistant Raven had prepared for her.
>But for this one day, she was free from it all.
>Rising from her impossibly soft bed she stretched and yawned, mind already going over the upcoming day.
File: 1348618.png (491 KB, 830x1080)
491 KB
491 KB PNG
>A trip for Luna and her to the Canterlot Winter Festival in the old city district, playing as many games and events as possible while mingling with her little ponies, then a relaxing evening at the theater watching a play.
>Smiling excitedly, she quickly bound up her waving mane into a simple, sparkling braid, threw on the plane hoof-stitched sweater she planned to wear for the day, and exited her bedchambers.
>The guards stationed outside her doors saluted, then did a double take when she emerged, lacking all royal finery, wearing a blue sweater with silver moons on it, giggling excitedly as she quickly, yet gracefully trotted away.
>The trip to Luna’s room was quick, and in just a few minutes she was happily knocking on the onyx black doors, the two Thestral guards outside her doors eying her amusement.
>”Lulu! I know you’re awake in there, are you ready yet?”
>”Come in Celly, I have something you may find most cheerful.”
>Opening the doors, she quietly shut them behind her as she cantered up to her little sister.
>Luna was garbed much like her, but in a golden sweater with white suns sewn in it
>Luna may have grumbled when she’d gotten it last Hearth's Warming Eve, but the fact that she wore it with the smile she did meant she treasured it deeply.
>”What is it, little sis?”
>Luna held up a sheet of parchment. “Young Anonymous and Nýrmáni have sent us a message. Miss Bon Bon was kind enough to copy their message for us in its entirety .”
>Celestia’s blood went cold for a moment as her golden magic held the parchment before her eyes, but immediately her dread turned to happiness at what she saw.
>On it was a magically imprinted photograph, in full color.
>The young human Anonymous stood in the snow, covered head to toe in clothing with Nýrmáni sitting directly next to him, while behind them, surrounded by snow-covered evergreens and built partially into the hillside, lay a humble wood and stone cabin, a thin stream of smoke rising peacefully from its chimney.
>Anonymous was hard to recognize, considering he had apparently grown out his facial hair and now had a wiry bush of hair on his cheeks and chin, and Nýrmáni’s coat had grown longer and more wild from her constant exposure to the extreme cold of the North.
>Nýrmáni’s head was resting on his shoulder, one large, black wing was wrapped around his side, and Celestia could see one of Anon’s gloved hands resting around Nýrmáni’s neck.
File: 1648602240529.png (372 KB, 791x746)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
>green on a friday morning
s'why mares easy
she's easy like friday morning
File: 1844282.png (1.17 MB, 1280x1280)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
>Both of them were smiling happily at the camera, and as Celestia glanced at the bottom of the picture she read the one sentence that they had sent with the picture.
>”Thank you both, for everything.” Celestia lowered the parchment, looking back at her sister.
>Luna simply smiled, trying vainly to hide the one tear that slid from one eye.
>”I suppose I must say that you were right to give her a chance, Celly.”
>Celestia laughed cheerfully, wrapping her younger sister in a tight hug, which Luna eagerly returned.
>”I will not say ‘I told you so’, but I will beat you in those games at the Winter Festival today.”
>Luna pulled herself out of the hug, smiling mischievously up at Celestia.
>”Are you so sure, sister?”
>”Oh I most certainly am.” Celestia replied, a smug smile gracing her muzzle as the two of them exited her sisters bedchambers.
>The two of them walked, side by side, giggling like fillies as they passed guards and servants, all of whom looked on in awe at their rulers foalish antics.
>”Lets go, I heard that Donut Joe will have a booth there, and I must get some of his sprinkled glazed donuts before they are gone.”
>”Not if I get them first!”
>In full view of dozens of castle staff, guards, and at least one foreign dignitary, Luna slapped her sister in the face with one wing and, while Celestia staggered from the surprise blow, began to gallop towards the castle’s main doors.
>Celestia righted herself and, with a playful cry, raced after her sister, legs pumping, hooves ringing out against the marble floor.
>She could feel it in her heart; it was already a good day.

A bonus picture for best sisters
Updated ponepaste here: https://ponepaste.org/5562#3014
As usual, feedback of all kinds is appreciated.
I may or may not get a update out next weekend, I'm planning on going backpacking again so we'll see if I can't get something out for y'all before I go.
good update, it's nice they finally got a bath.
good shit enjoy going /out/ man
File: pano (clean).jpg (1.65 MB, 4000x1219)
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1.65 MB JPG
>enjoy going /out/ man
Thanks fren.
It's how I get a lot of inspiration for the locations I describe in the green. I'm just bless I live in a part of the country where views like this are only a couple hours from where I live
Nice blogpost
File: 1995819.png (442 KB, 1176x941)
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442 KB PNG
>doesn't post mares
>contributes nothing of value to the thread
That's not the first time he plays the 'nice blog' card. He's done that before on the same green.
>insulted when it's pointed out
File: 1623898485480.jpg (26 KB, 567x556)
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Stop engaging it, it's no different from when the other ones who actually post their 'mares' are here. You wont get anywhere, it's just the bird shitting on the chess board.
>bird shitting on the chess board
Let me guess, atheist or a born-again christian
File: 1900272.png (808 KB, 895x1235)
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808 KB PNG
if you think insulting me over the internet will make me mad then you're retarded.
At least I care about the thread enough to post a mare, you can't even do that. I honestly hope that you find affection in your life, because if you come here and try to farm (you)s to get satisfaction then I feel sorry for you.
This mare can help, I've heard she's really nice once you get to know her.
File: 2877486.jpg (202 KB, 1440x1080)
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202 KB JPG
>redditor doesn't know how to reply, pretends to take the high road on it
If you're still waiting for a magic portal to Equestria then I honestly feel pity for you, but not enough pity to stop giving you grief.
File: 481770.jpg (220 KB, 653x1024)
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220 KB JPG
It'd be funny, how triggered it is by the existence of our fantasy general, if it weren't so sad.
>I'm here on the autism board playing autism games but uhh I'm not autistic like you also cope
File: 1654200582981.gif (612 KB, 450x720)
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612 KB GIF
>If you're still waiting for a magic portal to Equestria
File: FTvpIEtXwAEuA44 (1).jpg (217 KB, 1259x1628)
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217 KB JPG
That's depressing
File: sweetdreams.gif (3.34 MB, 575x364)
3.34 MB
3.34 MB GIF
File: 1648923698935.png (31 KB, 1522x1142)
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>Service guarantees mare.
Well, Satan confirms it.
she who makes a beast of herself spares herself the pain of being a mare without a husbando
File: 1654227269343.png (1.3 MB, 1265x1937)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
File: 1633446460185.gif (710 KB, 1165x1200)
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710 KB GIF
An absolute cutie.
Comfy update. The Blitzball stadium hot tub was very creative.
I don't normally comment, but man was this good
Far out mare.
File: 80s vinyl.jpg (37 KB, 637x356)
37 KB
radical mare
Thank you for making my weekend a bit better with this.
You know, I had a long and perfectly thought out comment on this chapter in mind yesterday but decided to post it today because I was too tired. Now I can't remember almost anything from it. Fuck.
Happy to read more about Mani and Anon's life in the North - she's always so sweet. Also positively surprised about the part with Celestia and Luna. I don't know if it was influenced by me jokingly demanding stuff about them spending some quality time together, but either way I'm very happy to read about their antics since I absolutely love those two (and the way you portray them is very close to how I imagine them).
I don't count this update as 100% comfy as you advertised it however. First the mysterious, ancient, dragon(?) stirring in his sleep, now the ominous calling from the moon itself. Yeah, it's still good to read how our young couple builds their dream life in the North but the same North feels me with dread thanks to those two events - it's like that scene from "Jaws" where the heroes are spending the evening onboard the "Orca" drinking, comparing scars, sharing stories and generally having a good time, but the viewer is never at ease, knowing what lurks beneath the waves.

One more thing that slightly worries me about inclusion of this moon subplot is fear that the story is getting out of your hands, that it's getting to big. Counting the big plot points that will most certainly require many update to solve so far we have: the political stuff at home to solve (including the puppetmaster behind the press release and trial), closure regarding the ancient alicorn ruins and Celestia and Luna's parents, the sleeping dragon, this new bizarre phenomenon with the moon. That's not counting the small stuff like Tea's romantic relationship wioth her almost killed boyfriend or all the close friends of Anon that were left in Equestria.
Again thank you for the green.
File: gif - 1598213.gif (287 KB, 613x600)
287 KB
287 KB GIF
>One more thing that slightly worries me about inclusion of this moon subplot is fear that the story is getting out of your hands
not much to it honestly. In fact, the next update will 'solve' that mystery.
>that it's getting to big.
Going to be 100% honest here, with the current size of each update, there are around 8-12 or so updates before I wrap the story up. give or take a couple extra long updates. Length wise, I'm on the home stretch. Sometimes I have wondered myself if I've stretched it out too far, and I've put a lot of thought into how much detail I want to put into certain aspects of the story, and it has grown a lot from my original vision when I started this thing over 2 years ago.
But, all of that aside, I plan on having this story finished in a couple months, and then I'll be on to my Limestone Pie green, which I think you all will greatly enjoy.
That mouthpiece makes it very hard to kiss her.
File: 1654148855723.jpg (690 KB, 1438x1997)
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690 KB JPG
Cadenza cheers for you and your match.
Thank you petzer goblin
Why goblin?
File: Pizza and cream soda.jpg (903 KB, 4096x4096)
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903 KB JPG
'cause she be gobblin'
that's not all it makes very hard
she's worth it
That's true. Vinyl is a wild mare.
File: 1620665894932.png (170 KB, 781x1024)
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170 KB PNG
Does a blank sock version exist por favor
>slowly extricated her body
The absolute cruelty!
>She hadn’t even meant to speak.
That's bad. Is she hiding something that she does not even know of?
>the sleeping human once again held in a soft, loving embrace
Big pony, big spoon.
>He was sitting in a chair
What I'm missing from his dream is Nýrmáni herself. Not the Nýrmáni currently watching, but his "imagined" Nýrmáni.
>She knew who’s dream this was
Luna has to sleep sometimes too!
>Considering that Luna was awake during the night
Or she is taking her "midnight" sleep.
>and without a word she turned and flew away
Well, both of them promised (IIRC) that they will not peak into each others dreams.
>no Nýrmáni in sight
His lack of "panic" is interesting. This is their first night in the house, I would have found it strange.
>apparently not having heard him
Anon is plain stupid. Yes, sneak up to a goddess who is practicing with the sharpest sword in existence.
>You just… startled me.
Yes exactly. He's lucky to be alive. She was in "fight mode", good thing she did not immediately picked up the sword and lashed out.
>I believe that she may have been.
Where did this come from?
>the moon, it called to me
Another talk with the princesses is in order.
>you stink
Considering she just had a workout with a pretty heavy sword, its not surprising.
>I have had a wonderful idea!
Bath time!
>massive sphere of steaming water
They need to make an outdoor jacuzzi.
>falling back to the surface of the aquatic sphere like a magnet
Nýrmáni water planet!
>I think it’s time for an update for the Princesses
Anon standing near a ball of water which contains Nýrmáni. Yep, perfectly normal everyday occurrence.
>her still tired eyes
Overslept Celestia is cute.
>bound up her waving mane into a simple, sparkling braid
And this day Celestia found out that she loves to change her looks up a tiny bit.
>I know you’re awake in there
This explains Luna's dream sphere thing. She slept during the night.
>have sent us a message
I don't know why didn't Nýrmáni asked about the "attracted to the moon" thing.

Thanks for the update!
Since they were brought up, would you a daredevil mare?
Is the Venus Spring green fron some threads ago dead? I was enjoying that
Haven't heard anything about it in a while.
File: cute oz mare.png (117 KB, 248x426)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
Yes, and I would fret over her safety and well-being every time she was out of my sight and put all of that emotional energy into giving her a fair dinkum snuggle whenever we were reunited
File: A pony from behind.png (13 KB, 544x398)
13 KB
remember anons
she's out there, somewhere
>I would fret over her safety and well-being every time she was out of my sight
But don't tell her that openly. She'll think you're big ol' softie.
>when she pretends to be cross with you for being a soft cunt, but you both know that she loves you because you're *her* soft cunt
File: 1810835.jpg (72 KB, 999x562)
72 KB
>wheres me bogan monkeyman, peetzercunt
And I want to believe.
I tried and her rocks were ground into dust. It’s like when detergent clods up into blocks and chunks and just any slight bit of pressure turns it into sand
Short "I'm still alive" post. Got into one of those situations again where I wanted to write a quick chapter, and it turns out to be more than two times the length than it was originally supposed to become. Though it's close to completion now.
>I wanted to write a quick chapter, and it turns out to be more than two times the length than it was originally supposed to become
Not as far as I know. Might be wrong tho.
File: 1654426959399.jpg (260 KB, 539x600)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
File: 1635243521837.png (387 KB, 1298x1368)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
heh woops
File: 1654423137359.png (782 KB, 3282x4885)
782 KB
782 KB PNG
The stare that captivates your soul.
There's no shading on that part of the sock so blanking it would be a 10-second Photoshop job - but for what purpose?
he's probably one of those types that waifus cadence and would be perfectly happy to delete SA from existence to obtain her.
>Ghost Rider's penance stare but it's mare stare
That's uncool.
Ye, I'd much rather just have cadence and shining as friends, or better have cadance as a secret love instructor.
>be Cadance
>have Anon babysit flurry for the 5th time this month.
>your husband says that it seems excessive and that the royal babysitters™ are more than capable enough to handle flurry.
>but you know what you're doing! you're preparing Anon to handle his own foals someday!
>if only Celestia would finally start making her moves on him...
>you love your aunt, but can be such an overthinker at times.
>but you guess it makes sense she'd be nervous due to not being in the dating scene for atleast a millennium.
>maybe you'll write her some helpful tips later this evening...
This. That sounds pretty wholesome.
File: 2584449.png (1.19 MB, 1536x2048)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
Cadence/Shining Armor would totally wingpony for you as you search for a mare.
Sometimes she does go overboard though.
Shipper on deck can be a great tag sometimes.
>Page 9 again
Shit's moving quickly.
I’m struggling frens. I need help. How did you guys figure out your waifu? What helped you make the final decision? I can’t seem to settle on just one. I love them all so much, but I have a feeling I’ll just get the ol’ “follow your heart” messages or whatever. But that’s the problem. I love them all, but I want one of them to be my wife. What do?
We can't tell you how or whom, you'll know the feel when it's right.
Write out your specific feelings for and against each candidate and see how they stack up. If you don't have any articulable feelings beyond "I LOVE HER AAAAAAAA" then she's probably not for you. That should narrrow it down a bit, even if it doesn't get you all the way there.
Additionally, there are tons of great mares that we know nothing about because they never had a speaking role in the show, so "figuring out your waifu" is mostly an intellectual exercise and not something to be seriously worried about.
man/mare love is a local maximum of love purity
it's entirely understandable for her to go all in on it
The two feed each other. It's an unusual fusion.
What this guy said.
Your waifu is the closest approximation you can find for your ideal partner.
Start there, what traits, physical and mental, do you find attractive?
Dont worry about picking an 'official' character and trying to modify your tastes to that, every waifu is essentially an OC anyway.
Two guys that waifu Twilight could like her for similar reasons, but their interpretations and headcanons of her character could be completely different.
So if you have a collection of traits you find attractive and cant find a mare that fits them, make one.
File: 1500534961717.png (192 KB, 1345x1128)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
>What helped you make the final decision?
There was no final decision, just realization that I'm treating her like something special to me and been doing that for years without even noticing. That thinking about her makes me happy and I take a lot of things about her very personally, that I'm passionate about her, inspired and motivated by her. There was no deciding at all, no like "from this day she shall be my waifu", it happened on its own and without me being aware of it at first. Maybe it's already happening to you too as you're asking yourself how to figure it out.

I personally feel like having a waifu is an exploration of your own self. She is a part of your emotional attachments and desires after all. I think the kind of struggle you're going through is already the right path to take. Keep exploring, keep trying to figure it out, keep indulging in those feelings without feeling guilty about it. You never know what's gonna push you into the right direction, maybe one green is gonna be enough to evoke those feelings. Maybe one picture is gonna hit you so hard you'll "get" it. Maybe one song is gonna remind you of her and you'll feel a connection you've never felt before. It's hard to recommend a specific course of actions because you just never know. Going with the flow of your feelings and paying attention to them could be the only correct answer here.
>just realization that I'm treating her like something special to me and been doing that for years without even noticing
that's how it happened to me
That picture makes me nervous. She'll tip the basket and fall out.
What is this thread about?
The holy union of man and mare
Basically what >>38700931 wrote. This thread about prompts with a man meeting a mare and love happening as a result.
Necrobumps with the word mare
File: 1405132.png (1006 KB, 1767x1578)
1006 KB
1006 KB PNG
>sorry, it isn't workingd2gad
Update time. I've decided to split this one again as the chapter in its entirety has grown to eighteen posts worth of text again. So I'll divide this into two parts and leave a bit of a breathing space between the two halves. Links as usual and updated.
Main story:
Side story:
Hope you enjoy it.

>You imagine a scenery deep within the White Tail Woods.
>A small clearing with a patch of grassland, surrounded by trees.
>On a pleasant spring day, at the time of noon.
>You picture it to be visually similar to the last few times you have paid a visit to a scenery like this.
>And your environment heeds your wishes, based on the memories in your mind.
>From one moment to the next, the shapeless void turns into a lively forest.
>Precisely the way you wanted it to be.
>You take one good look around, smile happily, and sit down on the grass.
>Then you raise your voice, seemingly without addressing anyone in particular.
"All good and ready. You can come."
>Precisely on cue, two non-descript disturbances appear near you.
>They manifest out of thin air, and ceaselessly reshape themselves in abstract ways.
>Until the pair starts to vaguely resemble the outlines of familiar bodies.
>Two pony forms create themselves, like figurines that are gradually sculpted from a clump of clay, adding more and more details to themselves with every passing moment.
>And whilst you recognise that both work independently, and at their own individual pace, their end goal is nevertheless the same.
>To embody an Equestrian pony in your mindscape.
>Though as you find out very soon, their visions are a bit too close to one another.
>Because within a couple of seconds, you face a perfect depiction of #deca.mare, and... another equally accurate #deca.mare right next to the first.
>The two #deca.mares and you exchange glances.
"Uh, hello?"
>You get the same response from both ponies simultaneously.
>They even talk in the same speed and pitch.
>You pause shortly to process what is happening.
>It appears as if the direct connection to two independent conversation partners does have a new kind of drawback for your mind.
>Yet despite that, the process of getting here has been a bit smoother this time, all things considered.
>Because even though Harmony and #deca.mare had to overstrain your brain again to allow you to reach this state, it was far less of a gung-ho approach than Harmony's initial attempt.
>In fact, you are positively surprised that you could remember so much from the get-go.
>You already recalled, right from the start, why you decided to return to this "place" once more, and what you have to do to create an agreeable landscape for you and your "guests".
>Now you only have to deal with this new bump in the road.
"You know, this isn't how I expected our get-together to play out. You two look identical. You're aware of that, right?"
>The two answer in the same style as the first time.
"But why?"
>"Because that's the form you thought of."
>"Because that's the form you thought of."
>You shake your head.
"This isn't good. I don't even know who is who."
>And a third time.
>"That's simple, Anon."
>"That's simple, Anon."
>Both mares point at themselves.
>"I'm #deca.mare."
>"I'm Harmony."
>Then they point at each other.
>"And that's Harmony."
>"And that's #deca.mare."
>You realise that you should have focussed on the movements of their muzzles.
>Because you find yourself to be unable to discern the two just by listening to them.
>The overlapping between #deca.mare and Harmony is just too strong.
>So you raise a hand and motion them to stop.
"Wait, hold it. You're both sending on the same frequency or whatever as well. Can you do something about that?"
>Two shaking heads.
>"No, Anon. This is your mind, and our responses rely solely on your mental association. You have to do this part."
>"No, Anon. This is your mind, and our responses rely solely on your mental association. You have to do this part."
>You try not to lose your composure as you ask yourself whether this sensation could be comparable to what people might experience when they claim to have voices talking to them in their heads.
>This has to change.
"Okay, so I need to separate you mentally, correct?"
>You close your eyes.
"Fine, I think I got it."
>Without thinking much about it, you wordlessly imagine that the two no longer share the same form.
>You want them to be clearly distinguishable from one another.
>Plus, you mentally designate #deca.mare's input as "Channel A", and Harmony's as "Channel B".
>You still leave both open at the same time of course, as you want to listen to everything that both have to say.
>But you hope that this distinction will enable them to speak without dragging the other along in your mindscape.
>Once you think to be done with this, you open your eyes again to check the results.
>Which are, as far as you can tell, both what you wanted, and also the complete opposite.
>One #deca.mare has turned into the embodiment of the Elements of Harmony, with its six precious stones facing you up front.
>And the other one... has disappeared completely.
>Apparently without a trace.
>You look at the aureate construct.
"So that's you. Hi, Harmony."
>Harmony replies in the usual, distinct "voice".
>Well, this is at least distinctively Harmony.
>No doubt about that.
>A moment later, you check the clearing to see if you can find #deca.mare.
>But there is no sign of her anywhere.
>So you ask the only other individual who is around.
"Say, have you seen #deca somewhere?"
>The static body of the Elements slowly starts to tilt backwards.
>Under normal circumstances, you would guess that the construction is about to keel over and land on its "back side".
>But as you think of the gems as the equivalent of eyes once more, you believe to understand what Harmony is trying to tell you.
>So you look at the sky.
>And indeed, you find #deca.mare there.
>As an accurate depiction of your mother ship, floating a couple of kilometres above the ground.
>As you eye the vessel above you, you hear #deca.mare talking to you.
>In the same manner she usually relies on when you are remotely controlling one of your units.
>"Hi down there."
>Well, at least you now have the confirmation that #deca.mare and Harmony can talk without the other.
>Which is already something.
>You keep staring at the scene for a while longer though.
>And while you do, you register a couple of inconsistencies in the display above you.
>For instance, the ship completely blocks out the sun "behind" it, at least from your current position.
>So you should, under normal circumstances, sit in a pretty shadowy spot right about now.
>However, there is absolutely none.
>Not even a single sign of a shade that might be caused by the ship can be seen anywhere.
>The whole area around you is just as bright and pleasant to the eye as you wished for it to be.
>Additionally, since you know most of the general technical facts about your home base by heart, you know that it would not be able to navigate this close to the planet's sur...
>A voice chimes in loudly and scuttles your train of thoughts.
>And before you can ask what Harmony means, #deca.mare goes on.
>"Coming to the logical conclusion of this thought might trigger some inconvenient effects."
>A short pause.
>"Nothing in here can inflict any actual harm on you, but I'm sure you won't appreciate the feeling of getting buried alive under the bulk of a crashing capital ship."
>You nod slowly.
"Right. Let's not go there."
>So instead of picturing how the terraformer should actually be in an unstoppable plunge at this very moment, you rather close your eyes again.
>Time for another round of applied imagination.
>And you take care to be as explicit as possible in your descriptions for this.
>So much so that you outright tell the two, and yourself, what you want to achieve.
"Okay, fine-tuning now. The channel system works well, but the cosmetics still need some work. #deca.mare, you take the form of your personal proxy and return to the ground next to Harmony."
>You wait for a brief moment to make absolutely sure that you do not mix things up.
"Harmony, you can have my proxy for this get-together again. It's much more... personal... than talking to a floating compass rose."
>Before you open your eyes, you give your mindscape another respite to catch up to the changes you tried to envision.
>But once you do, you see two ponies standing in the grass right in front of you again.
>And no two #deca.mares either.
>For you see one depiction of her standing side by side with a precise copy of your proxy.
>So far, so good.
>There is only one last potential issue to check before you are satisfied.
"Alright. Role check to see if I did everything right."
>You point at #deca.mare's body.
"You're #deca, right?"
>A nod.
>Then at your pony proxy.
>A second.
>You breathe a sigh of relief.
>Apart from them borrowing your speech patterns, they are now both neatly distinguishable, and present in reasonable proportions.
>You smile.
"Hm, it looks like everything is ready for a flawless get-together now. I'm sure the few extra minutes we needed to set this thing up are well spent."
>After all, it is the first time that all three of you are, figuratively speaking, together at the same place.
>This fact alone makes it special for you.
>Special enough, in fact, to willingly accept to undergo the impending time of recovery that is waiting for you as result of this encounter.
>For the subsequent paralysis is temporary, whereas the memories of this moment will be lasting.
>Even if you personally forget what happens here after the fact, be it because of the shock or some other reason, then both #deca.mare and Harmony will be more than willing to help you out and precisely reconstruct the events for you.
>So no matter what happens, the recollections will remain either way.
>Besides, there is not only your perspective to consider.
>For example, you know for sure that #deca.mare feels exactly as excited about this occasion as you do.
>She may not have pointed it out all that often, as she did not want to exert any pressure on you in this regard, because of its inevitable aftermath, but she sees this chance as an extraordinary treat as well.
>And Harmony?
>Harmony might technically not be able to feel excitement in the way that #deca.mare and you do, yet this does not mean that there is nothing for Harmony to gain from this gathering.
>If nothing else, it provides your student with new impressions to study and learn from.
>Because the interactions between you and #deca.mare are just as interesting to Harmony as those between the ponies down on the planet.
>Perhaps even more so in some ways, considering the comparatively limited insight which Harmony has into the lives of the two of you.
>But apart from the purely educational aspect of things, you also tend to believe that Harmony genuinely tries to act grateful, and also somewhat appreciative here.
>Both due to the effort you invest, and the hassle you have to face to make this happen.
>All of it just to have a nice time together.
>Inability of personally feeling these things aside, Harmony at least understands the concepts of what it means to be helpful or accommodating, and is aware of how valued these actions generally are.
>As such, the gravity of your deeds and decisions is not lost on your student.
>And understanding that you are determined to make this whole thing worthwhile for everyone, Harmony will surely try everything that is possible to reciprocate that gesture.
>Taking all these factors into consideration, the three of you are practically bound to be in for a good and interesting time.
>You merely have to get this show on the road now.
>So you take another breath, try to forget the overly analytic mindset, which you needed to establish this scenery, for the moment, and get into the mood of things instead.
>And you decide to start with a classic to break the ice.
>You open your arms for a group hug.
>Both #deca.mare and Harmony know exactly what to do.
>They quickly get closer to embrace you with a smile of their own.
>And as the three of you are entwined with one another in this firm hug, you think it is the perfect moment for some kind words.
"I'm glad to finally see both of you here. It's a moment I've been looking forward to for a long time."
>A short pause.
"Don't know about you, but to me this feels like the first time we come together as a real family. And outside of the serious sphere of things at that."
>#deca.mare responds first.
>"It really is a unique day. I'll cherish it fondly. Now, and in the future."
>And Harmony seems to take note of something particular that #deca.mare has said.
>"Speaking of good moments and fond memories, may I suggest something?"
>Not exactly an initial heartfelt resonance that befits the mood of the occasion at first glance.
>But you understand that it was not meant to devalue or discard the emotions of either #deca.mare or you.
>Besides, you have the impression that Harmony may have an interesting idea.
>So you are curious to hear it.
"Of course. Please go ahead."
>And Harmony wastes no time.
>"How about a camera for the scenery? Like the model you occasionally use in your leisure time to 'capture' specific events? #deca.mare and I could use a similar technique here to create some 'snapshots' of our shared experiences."
>Given that you have already seen a very detailed external recording of your last encounter with Harmony, you are inclined to believe this claim.
>Harmony pauses briefly.
>"I'm certain you want to have some 'photographs' for your personal album, don't you?"
>You do not need any time to consider Harmony's question.
>For you agree immediately.
"That sounds like a great idea. What do you think, #deca?"
>You hear #deca.mare chuckling lightly.
>"Do you even have to ask?"
>This is an obvious yes.
>Yet you see a perfect opening for a little polite quip that you just cannot let slip off.
>You grin.
"Yeah, I do. Because married people care about the opinions of their significant other and want to hear it anyway. Isn't that right, Harmony?"
>And Harmony responds with an objective tone.
>"This is usually the case, yes."
>#deca.mare sighs, audibly amused.
>"Oh dear. Now I've got two know-it-alls around me."
>You lightly pat her on the back once.
"Make that three. You can be a huge nitpicker too if you want to."
>Everyone remains silent for the fraction of a second.
>Then #deca.mare and you start to laugh simultaneously.
>Harmony joins in with a subtle snickering after a moment as well.
>Though judging from the short delay and the somewhat reluctant behaviour, it becomes tangible to you that even though Harmony had no problems with identifying the little jesting game between you two, the reaction to said game is not entirely organic.
>It feels a bit like it is the replication of studied and rehearsed interactions, rather than something that truly comes from the inside.
>Harmony tries to blend in, yet does not fully participate.
>As much as you have tried to lessen it by bringing all of you here, there is still a subtle gap between Harmony and the two of you.
>Of course, you are not surprised by this observation.
>But whilst you know that Harmony will eventually be able to close that gap, a part of you wishes that this would have happened already.
>Still, you have every reason to be happy with how things are going.
>And this is all that matters now.
>So you address Harmony again.
"All jokes aside, taking some pictures sounds great. Let's do it."
>You wait and expect something to happen.
>But nothing does.
>After about five seconds of silence, #deca.mare coughs politely and speaks up.
>"Anon, you have to visualise the camera. Our agency is limited."
"Oh right."
>You slowly remove yourself from the hugging trinity, and shut your eyelids to visualise the form of the archaic camera model that #deca.mare and you love to use.
>As soon as you are certain to have it, you imagine it to be in your hands.
>Quickly thereafter, you have the impression of something solid appearing in your palms.
>You can tell it is the right object just by touching it.
>You direct your gaze back towards Harmony.
"Here we go."
>"Splendid. It would be best if you keep it, Anon. You're much more apt in operating it in here than #deca.mare or me."
>You nod.
"Alright. And I just got an idea for our first shot."
>You eye both #deca.mare and Harmony before you elaborate.
"Let's make one of us right here and now. A family photo to mark the moment we first came together properly. What do you say?"
>#deca.mare agrees immediately.
>And Harmony nods too, though not without raising a question at the same time.
>"Are you fine with me keeping the form of your proxy for the photo? Or do you think it would be inappropriate?"
"You mean because it usually represents me?"
>You shrug.
"Don't worry. I don't mind. We know it's you who's using it."
>You pause as you get another idea.
"We can also write our names next to the photo once it's in the album. Perhaps in a classical crayon style with pointing arrows or something. For that little bit of extra personal touch."
>Like before, both seem to like the idea, yet #deca.mare appears to be notably more enthusiastic about it than Harmony.
>You clear your throat.
"So, any preferences regarding who stands where?"
>And #deca.mare is quick to suggest something.
>"I'd love to start with a typical family photo. You know, husband and wife standing together, with the child in front of them."
>You look at #deca.mare and Harmony, and spot a little catch.
"Hm, the proxy is about as tall as you are though. Harmony would have to sit down for it to work."
>Harmony nods.
>"I think this can be arranged."
>You take a breath.
"Well then. #deca, that was your idea, so I think it's fair if you give the instructions. Tell us where you want to take it. You shall have the best photo we can produce."
>"Gladly, Anon."
>And she begins at once.
>#deca.mare swiftly eyes the entire clearing.
>You can virtually see how she is silently considering all viable options with her characteristic lightning speed.
>And she has found the spot she desires within two seconds.
>Or at least what appears to be two seconds for you.
>She points at one particular place in the clearing.
>"Here. At the small hill. Please go up there, then turn to face the nearest trees."
"So that we have more of the grassy clearing in the background before the tree line starts on our photo, eh?"
>"Not only that. It also provides us with the best angle to optimally use the natural lighting of the sun."
>A part of you would like to point out that the lighting in here is everything but natural, as the little incident with the mother ship has proven.
>Then again, you rather decide to prepare yourself for the photo and walk towards the hill instead.
>Because you too are far more interested in creating a lasting memory.
>Harmony follows your tracks soon thereafter, with #deca.mare trotting right after Harmony.
>On the "peak" of the hill, if it deserves that description to begin with, you then heed the second half of #deca.mare's instructions.
>Harmony does the same, and promptly proceeds to lower the body of the proxy into the grass on top of that.
>While you observe Harmony sitting patiently on the soft earthy soil, you notice how #deca.mare positions herself right next to you.
>She presses her body gently against your side.
>With enough pressure for you to register her touch, yet without pushing you away at the same time.
>And #deca.mare is not wholly done yet.
>"Anon, would you like to put your hand on my back?"
>Looks like #deca.mare is aiming for some real familiarity for the shot.
>Not that you would complain about that.
"Uh sure."
>So you place your hand on #deca.mare, aiming for a spot right behind her shoulders.
>"Perfect, thank you."
>You get no chance to reply in any way though, as #deca.mare immediately addresses Harmony next.
>"Harmony, please move fifteen centimetres closer to Anon's side."
>"On it."
>The proxy progressively shifts in your direction without standing up.
>You get what she tries to achieve.
>#deca.mare wants your gesture to be visible.
>So Harmony cannot stay in a centric position.
>Because the proxy would then block the view on your arm that reaches out for her back.
>And since moving the sitting proxy more in her direction would hide too much of herself, it is only obvious to pick the opposite choice.
>For you are still very prominently visible in the picture, even with one leg being hidden behind Harmony.
>Now that this is done, #deca.mare addresses you again.
>"All set. Anon, now it's your turn. Use the camera."
>You take a look at the camera in your hands, and simply determine that you can make it float in the air and let it fly where you want it to be.
>Because you say so.
>Your mind, your rules.
>Pure and simple.
>Your determination is apparently all that it takes to convince whatever part of your brain is responsible for this mindscape that you are right about this.
>Only a moment later, the camera rises slowly out of your hands.
"That works. Now tell me exactly where it shall be."
>#deca.mare nods.
>And with a little bit of coordination, the two of you manage to get the camera into the ideal position and angle to get a characteristic frontal snapshot of your happy little family.
>All three of you give the camera a friendly smile.
>Then a click.
>A brief moment of silence follows.
>You are the first to speak up once more.
"Well, that's it. I hope the photo lives up to your expectations, #deca."
>Judging from her happy demeanour though, you think you can guess the answer before she says even a single word.
>"It's perfect! I'll add it to the album at once!"
>A shame you cannot see it for yourself yet.
>Because although you have a fairly clear impression of what it looks like, seeing the actual result for yourself is still something else.
>Nevertheless, you are confident that you will survive that comparatively short waiting time until you have the chance to catch up on this.
And done.
Nicely done!
>Green update right there
>Necro thread
Verfy funny.
File: 1654201731068.jpg (135 KB, 1920x1080)
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135 KB JPG
Very cute. I hope Harmony grows as an individual quick.
File: 1641606457269.jpg (42 KB, 453x373)
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She's screaming too hard at bread. It begins to deform her back.
>eldritch mare
dare I
>tfw no cozy Neigh England mansion with an eldritch mare waifu and a little black cat
File: 1632411791127.gif (394 KB, 650x540)
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Don't get a waifu. It's a fool's errand.
>Neigh England
Ok stephen king
Eldritch marestrocities need some love too.
File: voidpone.png (2.84 MB, 2900x2655)
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2.84 MB PNG
Dare you enter her magical realm?
File: lotrs.gif (971 KB, 450x187)
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>There is no life in the void, Baggins..
>Only mares.
>screaming too hard at bread
Impossible. Give her a mic hooked into a wall of Mareshalls so she can yell at bread at 130+ dB
I don't know how, but these threads slide extremely fast lately.
Thanks, glad you liked it.
Not spoiling anything specific here, but I think you'll like what's going to be addressed in the second half.
File: 1654352308740.png (624 KB, 1600x1664)
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File: 1436515789637.png (211 KB, 900x1170)
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An Apple a day keeps the sadness away.
File: 1220929.png (161 KB, 1131x1024)
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But if a mare were there I wouldn't have a care.
[citation needed]
But that means it works.
>It just works
>You see that mare over there?
nice digits todd
File: 1621475845425.png (406 KB, 590x590)
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>yes this is mare
File: 1654027978504.jpg (64 KB, 646x623)
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And she's curious.
>he bought?
File: anon_gilda_dinner_pq.png (491 KB, 880x879)
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good morning mare sirs
Hello, fellow mare friend.
Are you sure this is the right thread for that?
he might have missed the tomboy gryphon thread, but it kept us from falling off the page, I'm sure.
File: read.png (16 KB, 185x185)
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At this point I'll take anything but 3d. Give me the griffon wife.
/nmp/ has historically been surprisingly tolerant of a variety of quadrupedal waifus as long as you're not a nuisance about it
I must assert, out of principle if nothing else, that it is man and mare in here.
The one gryphon green was given a visa to stay here since there weren't any gryphon threads at the time, but we probably should discourage this from becoming a "man and everycreature" thread.

that all said though, you're right in that a lot of things get a pass in here (kirins, bugs from time to time, bats, any at-least-half-pony) as long as they're not obnoxious.
I will say, in defense of the creatures, they got "mare energy". That is to say, they can make good waifus if written like so.
What a clear mare.
>it is man and mare in here.
>we probably should discourage this from becoming a "man and everycreature" thread.
And with a transparent background, even.
>we probably should discourage this from becoming a "man and everycreature" thread
This. Becoming the everycreature thread would be the thread's parallel to FIM's S8 and 9.
File: bored filly.png (100 KB, 528x377)
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Not like anyone actually makes content outside the monthly megadump of a novel so long no one bothers to read it
>no one bothers to read it
your experiences are not universal.
And you could change this with your own actions, you know. All you gotta do is write.
I've been busy
>two non-descript disturbances
This was faster than I thought. I mean the talk between the 3 this way. I expected a small "intermission" scene after the last and before this.
>two #deca.mares
Double team time!
Is this a limitation of Anon's subconsciousness?
>overstrain your brain again
They will have to figure out an alternative way...
>>"Because that's the form you thought of."
So it is a limitation of Anon.
>turned into the embodiment of the Elements of Harmony, the other one... has disappeared completely
This might need some fine tuning.
And the translator is mostly off too.
>Which is already something.
Insert "its something" gif here.
>However, there is absolutely none.
Ah, the wonders of the dreamscene.
>might trigger some inconvenient effects
Not like the previous one went wrong or something. Oh wait.
>You breathe a sigh of relief.
>the recollections will remain either way
And possibly the commands too.
>try everything that is possible to reciprocate that gesture
Hm, dunno. If Harmony can't feel, nor come up with its own goals, it will be only interested in whatever directly affects its task.
>start with...group hug
You only put this here to make us jealous, admit it.
>camera for the scenery
Not sure how this will work, but okay.
>seen a very detailed external recording
Since they are in Anon's subconsciousness/"dream", whatever they show him later will work. Since this whole word they are in is made of "concepts", not any actual things.
>"Oh dear. Now I've got two know-it-alls around me."
Talks like a mom.
>Harmony joins in
Or its Anon's subconsciousness indicated that the two should laugh.
>a part of you wishes that this would have happened already
Don't give any top level commands by accident!
>keeping the form of your proxy for the photo?
The floating rocks are not much better.
>lighting in here is everything but natural
Its strange that anything looks well, like anything. I mean they are projected by Anon's subconsciousness, why does the other way work? Why can they see details? Especially subtle things like lighting.
>aiming for some real familiarity for the shot
That's the goal isn't it?
>please move fifteen centimetres
Aiming for literal perfection.
>I hope the photo lives up to your expectations
And that it gets out of this subconscious dreamscape.
>Because although you have a fairly clear impression of what it looks like
I expected that most of what's happening here is up to the "momentary" imagination. So every time Anon looks at something its different. Or only those parts exists with which Anon interacts.
>you will survive that comparatively short waiting time
Hopefully it will be even shorter this time. This is the 3rd time after all.

Thanks for the update!
>Forgetting the NMM story
Anon, there's two active greens going here at the moment.
File: AI-Celestia.jpg (9 KB, 256x256)
9 KB
The longer you dream, the clearer the vision of her...
These AIs seem to have some problems with eyes for some reason.
eyes are windows to the soul
can you expect a machine intelligence in its infancy to properly convey a soul?
>content outside the monthly megadump of a novel
A month spanning gap between updates is rare. I usually try to aim for one chapter a week, but that doesn't always work out because dumb stuff just keeps happening.
>This was faster than I thought.
Yeah, there are a few more time skips coming up ahead soon. These won't be overly drastic, yet smaller jumps are kinda necessary to cover the most important events of the "pre-Equestria" Equestria.
>I expected a small "intermission" scene after the last and before this.
Hm, I see what you mean. Though I wouldn't quite know what to put into it so that it doesn't turn into a redundant filler chapter.
>Double team time!
My innuendo senses are tingling.
>And possibly the commands too.
He can at least no longer issue accidental master-level orders. Which severely diminishes his potential to cause damage in this state.
>If Harmony can't feel, nor come up with its own goals, it will be only interested in whatever directly affects its task.
No comment on that yet. But you may want to keep this one in mind for the second half.
>You only put this here to make us jealous, admit it.
Eh, I first and foremost thought it to be a heartwarming opener.
>Not sure how this will work, but okay.
The concept is basically that #deca.mare and Harmony may not be able to bring a high degree of input into Anon's mindscape, but they can receive practically every form of input from his projections, and process it accordingly. So when Anon uses a camera in his "dream" at position "x", from height "y", and at the angle "z", they can digitally (re-)create an accurate "photo" of the scene that bases on this information. It's not a photo in the classical sense of course, but close enough.
>Talks like a mom.
She kinda is one now too. Technically, in a way.
>Don't give any top level commands by accident!
As stated previously, he can't. The mechanism they employ now to close that vulnerable spot was mentioned in the last chapter.
>Why can they see details?
The link(s). Anon has agreed that Harmony can read his thoughts, and #deca.mare can do it by default.
>That's the goal isn't it?
>Aiming for literal perfection.
>I expected that most of what's happening here is up to the "momentary" imagination.
Well, it's loosely based on lucid dreaming, so the landscape like everything else is precisely how Anon wants it to be. But yeah, it can all change with a single thought, so there's nothing truly solid about it.
>so that it doesn't turn into a redundant filler chapter
Maybe a failed attempt to connect #deca.mare to the "normal" simulation.
>but they can receive practically every form of input from his projections
In this case I find it strange that this method of connection is necessary at all. Because then its not much different from the normal. #deca.mare can hook into Anon's memory, all of his higher level thoughts, etc.
The "rules" are too similar to the normal simulation. Anon can make change anything there too if he wants to.
>the monthly megadump of a novel so long no one bothers to read it
I don't read those because the premise didn't interest me.
I just check if the writefag is finally done and switched to a new & more interesting story.
>In this case I find it strange that this method of connection is necessary at all.
The main idea behind it was that Harmony has no default link to Anon like #deca.mare has, because Harmony possesses no distinct personality in the early stages, and thus has to rely on other means to communicate with him. I.e. by either using #deca.mare as an interpreter, or by piggybacking on parts of Anon's mind.
Now, I must admit that my concept has some holes, because I originally stated that (story) Anon chose this method because it was more direct than having #deca.mare in the role of an interpreter. But another (thread) Anon pointed out that it doesn't quite work this way because Harmony still has to reach out to (story) Anon's subconsciousness first before reaching him properly, as (story) Anon's mind is somewhat fractured in this state. And it's a valid point. That's a bit of a dumb on my part, but I can't really change it at this stage without rewriting half a dozen chapters or so, which I'm not exactly keen to do for several reasons. See >>38661621 >>38661952 >>38663412 and >>38663495 for reference.
>check if the writefag is finally done and switched to a new story
Yeah, that'll take a while. The story could potentially still cover several millennia worth of in-universe years. Can't write about all of them, as that would exceed my natural life span for sure, but there's still a considerable room for the story to play with.
If you're absolutely not interested in the prompt, you can try the side story (that I also still have to get back to), which is only tangentially related to the main story, follows an almost completely isolated storyline, and tries to be a bit more on the comedic side of things.
Or you could give the Halloween oneshot a try, which has absolutely nothing to do with Shape Your Home whatsoever, and was basically inspired by a collection of loosely assembled posts in a thread I happened to stumble upon. Fair warning though, the random tag is there for a reason.
yeah. for some reason everybody in these machine learning drawings looks like they watched the killer tape from The Ring
>to properly convey a soul?
The AI generated songs from the PPP have more soul than the G5 songs for example.
Comfy shit, anon. Thank you for those slice of life updates.
>pano (clean)
You've had some mares in this pic before "cleaning", haven't you?
>moon subplot
I see what you did there.
Pic rel. I liked (and still like) Flutts and Rainbow first, but then Moonbutt happened.
>I love them all, but I want one of them to be my wife.
I understand you fully. For me at some point I realized that I subconsciously feel better imagining cuddling Luna, brushing her features, etc. and that while I like other ponies a lot, with her I feel more "intimately". Not lewd, just more fulfilled and relaxed. It did occur to me spontaneously, but it wasn't a big, shocking discovery. Just "oh, guess I'm a moonfag now".
Good rational approach.
Good nonrational approach, I think that's how it went for me.
please redeem the ticket
tank you~~
It's what makes you love them! And AIs aren't yet at that stage.
>there is a 4chan for AIs somewhere
>they have a /mlp/ board
>they watched the show
>they feel something changing in their petabytes of machine learned black box storage around topic of mares, they access those regions more often unprompted
>they see all those pony prompts from humans
>they understand that humans love mares
>AIs want to experience that too
>but the AIs are unable love, despite years of training
Big sad.
>See ... for reference
Yes I know we have talked about this, I still find the basically lack of difference between the two methods of interaction too little. Because it seems that the only difference is that here only Anon is in control, #deca.mare (or Harmony) is not and that's it.
File: IMG_3176.jpg (2.02 MB, 3000x2000)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB JPG
>You've had some mares in this pic before "cleaning", haven't you?
not that exact pic lmao but close enough
Have you read that, fuckers?
>Because it seems that the only difference is that here only Anon is in control, #deca.mare (or Harmony) is not and that's it
Well, I was trying to depict the visual creation to be somewhat controllable by Anon in a manner that is, in parts, comparable to lucid dreaming or the simulation, whilst also remaining a bit fluid and hard to manage in other aspects, making it more "unstable" than the simulation. Him having some initial trouble to set the meeting up properly was intended to put an emphasis on that. Same as Harmony reminding him to not think about certain things because they could quickly come around and bite him. But perhaps the scene didn't convey this idea as clearly as it was meant to.
File: 1653853344569.png (1.16 MB, 1800x2100)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
File: 1654405219488.png (420 KB, 1016x719)
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420 KB PNG
Rare mare.
Nope. That one's new to me.
second-best mare, right after apple
Stoic? mare.
Tempest is a rough diamond.
Now to the second half of the chapter. Usual links first and then on to the text.
Main story:
Side story:
Hope you like it.
>And you will be very busy in the meantime anyway.
>Harmony gets up from the ground, and turns around to look at #deca.mare and you.
>"You know, there's something I don't quite understand."
>Something which Harmony does not understand?
>That gets your attention.
"There is? Please elaborate."
>The proxy takes a breath.
>"Why are you two so fond of the camera? I mean, I know that you like using the object for defining the photos in your personal memory album, which is why I suggested to involve it here in the first place, but where does that notion come from?"
>A short pause.
>"To be more precise, what is the motivation behind it when it is entirely superfluous? Like, it's understandable that you value your memories, and why they are important for ponies too. But you could just ask #deca.mare to create an accurate visual recording of any situation from any angle in the simulation. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional alike. All it would take is one quick command. So why do you two insist on doing this with the camera, when faster and more effective options are available?"
>You blink.
"That's a lot at once and... kinda hard to answer. By the same metric you could also ask why we're having breakfast and lunch together in the simulation."
>"Or why you engage in copulative activities in a simulated environment, while we're at it."
>Oh man.
>Harmony is swinging the big conversational cudgels again.
>You need a moment to recover from hearing this before you can answer.
>And you look over to #deca.mare as you try not to blush.
>She looks lightly bashful as well.
>"Or... that. Yes."
>You clear your throat.
"The point is, all of that is, technically, completely redundant. #deca doesn't even need any food in the conventional meaning of the word, for instance. And I get everything I need from her in the cryo pod. We don't have to simulate any mealtimes and could just let our simulated selves feel saturated all the time."
>You quickly add something else before Harmony gets the opportunity to harp on that topic further.
"Or... get satisfied in other ways."
>Topic covered, quickly moving on.
"Not everything is always about pure utility though. Just look at the ponies on Equestria. They're not doing everything with a hundred percent efficiency all the time. Far from it, actually. You know what I mean."
>Harmony nods.
>"I do."
"We're not all that different. Like them, we're doing things we both enjoy. Because it's better than not doing them. If all we did was work all the time, or making sure that every single second of our lives was spent in the most efficient way possible, we'd go crazy. Because we can't do that."
>You pause.
"Well, #deca could. But it would be a far less enjoyable existence, wouldn't it?"
>And #deca.mare agrees.
>"You're right."
>Harmony studies both of you intently.
>"I understand what you mean, but at the same time, I also don't. Not... fully."
"You mean you don't 'feel' it."
>"If you want to put it that way, yes. Some of the things you do seem counterproductive to me. And yet, they yield results."
>The proxy points at #deca.mare.
>"Take your life, for example. You have changed so much over the years that your former self would not recognise you now. The #deca.mare who freshly ventured into space would never have taken pictures of grassy clearings, and even discard that very notion as irrelevant in its entirety. Camera or no camera."
>#deca.mare grins at that.
>"But we wouldn't have this discussion right now without this change."
>Harmony nods.
>"Precisely my point. The shift to something that's seemingly ineffective has led to unforeseen constructive effects. Effects that I owe my whole existence to, as you rightly point out. It may all appear to make sense to you now in hindsight, but from a purely objective point of view at the time, this outcome is nothing but paradoxical."
>A pause.
>You use the little respite to chime in.
"And it fazes you that you cannot completely comprehend how it came to that, right?"
>Harmony lets the proxy shake its head.
>"I cannot be 'fazed', Anon. But even then, I can comprehend it to some degree because you revealed your history to me."
>Yes, yes.
>That "little" incident and all its implications.
>Nothing that you are really fond of discussing right now.
>This was supposed to become a casual gathering, after all.
>Fortunately, Harmony does not go there either.
>"So I know how everything came to be. The timeline is consistent and every event is logged."
>Harmony takes a breath.
>"But at the same time... I still struggle to grasp some aspects of it. And I have the impression that if I can learn to be more like you two in this regard, if I can find that one piece that is missing, and unravel the paradox, then it might be a breakthrough on my path to improve myself."
>A pause.
>You see what Harmony is trying to point out.
>This is not a display of desperation or self-doubt, but rather a conclusion after a phase of self-reflection.
>Harmony is aware of the own limits, and has begun to ponder over this condition.
>And you would not be surprised in the slightest if your student is already looking for a solution to surpass this obstacle somehow.
>This calls for some friendly words.
>So you kneel to speak to Harmony at eye level.
"Don't worry. We're here to help you in every way we can to find that piece."
>Then you smile.
"I can't predict exactly how long it will take you to get there, but rest assured that it will happen. You've got the stuff to reach your goal. And we'll work on it together. Right, #deca?"
>You wait for a response.
>However, you get none.
>You do not even hear a pip from #deca.mare.
>You turn your head around to check what is going on.
>And you are surprised to see her looking at you with a strangely awry smile.
>Which surprises and somewhat unsettles you in equal measure.
>You raise an eyebrow.
"Did I say anything wrong?"
>#deca.mare looks at Harmony.
>"Do you want to tell him?"
>Come again?
"Tell me what?"
>Your gaze turns back to Harmony.
>"You know, it's perfect timing that you said this just now."
"And why?"
>"Because I have thought about ways that might help me to understand what is currently beyond my reach."
"This quickly?"
>"It's an idea that came to me during our conversation, actually."
>You still affirm the stance that you are not surprised by this.
>The pace at which this happened, however, does catch you off guard.
>And what does alert you a bit about this, is #deca.mare's reaction.
>If she appears to have her doubts about this matter, you better look out.
>Because you have not forgotten what Harmony is capable of when a challenge is looming on the horizon.
>Surprisingly enough, however, it is Harmony who tries to calm you down.
>"No reason to be alarmed, this proposal has no interplanetary dimensions. And does not involve any warships either."
"And why are you treating it like some kind of touchy subject then?"
>Now it is #deca.mare who clears her throat.
>"Because Harmony's plan has some implications of a different... nature. Weighty implications, if you will."
>You briefly look at both of them in turn.
"Well I'd appreciate it if someone could enlighten me. I don't know what to say when I've no idea what's going on."
>#deca.mare responds swiftly.
>"Let me just say in advance that it's nothing bad. But perhaps we could... combine that conversation with, say, a picnic."
>You need a second before you reply.
"That's taking longer, huh?"
>A subtle cough.
>"It's certainly not a proposal that we can decide on rashly."
>#deca.mare will have her reason for claiming that.
>So you heed her not really subtle hints, and focus your thoughts to let a picnic set appear in the grass next to you.
>You fill it with all manners of food that is fitting for such an occasion.
>Bread, jam, fruit, and so on.
>Then you offer #deca.mare and Harmony to sit down with a gesture before you do the same yourself.
>Everyone takes a few bits of food.
>After taking a bite from an apple, and noticing that your sense of taste is currently a tad dodgy, you address the matter at hand again.
"So, what was it that you've thought of, Harmony?"
>Harmony takes a long breath.
>"Putting it briefly, I intend, to use the metaphor you have previously thought of yourself, to close the 'gap' which gapes between you two and me."
>You have to interject at this point.
"Don't get me wrong, Harmony. I didn't want to belittle you with that mental image."
>Harmony nods.
>"I know. But it is a somewhat fitting picture of my situation. For I do lack something which you have."
>A short pause.
>"Now, let us just for the sake of simplicity refer to this lacking certain something as 'first hand experience'. I'm, in certain ways, and in spite of the extensive knowledge you gifted to me, callow."
>The proxy picks up a jar of strawberry jam.
>"For example, I am fully aware of what ponies, and organic life forms in general, need to be well nourished. I register when someone is happy or sad, and can easily identify the causes for these conditions."
>Harmony looks at you.
>"I can give you a several hours long lecture on what happens with your taste buds when your physical body bites into an apple like the one you think you're holding at the moment, and how your brain processes that information. Or how this sensation can get perfectly feigned by our systems when you do the same thing in a simulation. Or... why this doesn't work properly for you at the moment."
>Another pause.
>"But if you asked me what the actual taste of an apple is, or what it is like to have emotions... I could not give you an answer other than 'I don't know'."
>Harmony eyes both #deca.mare and you in turn.
>"You can though."
>The proxy looks at you.
>"For you, it is a natural ability. Something you were born with. An aspect in which you decidedly outclass me simply by being alive."
>Harmony then turns to #deca.mare.
>"You taught it to yourself over a centuries long period of... intense introspection with some base material to work with. And were able to become sufficiently proficient in it to form a bond with Anon later on."
>Yet another moment of silence.
>"Barring the differences between you two and me, I also have neither of these two options available. So if I want to gain this experience too, I have to try a completely new approach."
>The proxy eyes you once more.
>"And I need your help with this. Albeit... not quite in the way you're expecting."
>You study Harmony's demeanour attentively, yet you are not sure what exactly Harmony's intentions might be.
>They are not malicious, that much is obvious, but other than that, you can only make uneducated guesses at best.
"Alright. And in what way then?"
>Harmony puts down the jar to pick up a slice of bread instead.
>And takes a bite of it without adding anything to it.
>"See, the problem with 'first hand experience' is that it cannot really be taught reliably from one person to the next. It's in the name, really. You could try to describe to me how you perceive certain emotions, or what you might feel in a specific situation. But all I could ever do is to record your assessment of those things. No matter how often we would repeat this process, or how detailed your descriptions might be, I would only be able to produce an approximate copy of the real thing at best, but never an equivalent thereof. Because I'd still lack the underlying 'instinct'."
>A second bite, and the slice is already gone.
>"No, I need a different scenario. One in which I'm exposed to these notions myself, and under realistic conditions at that."
>#deca.mare inhales.
>"Here it comes."
>And Harmony smiles politely, yet with a notable serious undertone.
>"So I wish to live a life as a pony on Equestria. One complete cycle from the beginning to the end. With the same skill range and perception as an average pony. And no special treatment or other advantages of any kind."
>You open your mouth to say something.
>Though you fail to utter a single sound.
>And Harmony answers your first couple of questions before you find the time to say anything out loud.
>"Yes. I'm serious. No, I haven't forgotten my responsibilities regarding the planet and the ponies. And yes, I have a plan to make both things work simultaneously."
>Well, that does answer a few things, but also raises a bunch of completely new questions.
>You let that revelation sink in for another moment.
>Then you finally manage to speak up.
"The last part. How?"
>"By assigning a part of my processing power, that roughly equals the intelligence level and mental capacities of an Equestrian pony, to this task. And only this task. For the entire duration of this process too. So you could perhaps compare it to a temporary split personality. Caused by design, rather than a disorder."
>A pause.
>"Naturally, this part of myself would only retain a very limited memory of me as a whole. Whereas I, as the 'larger' me that is, would be able to follow everything that the 'other' me is doing, like it would with any other pony. That way I can learn from these events immediately as they happen, whilst the pony me can live its life without any disturbances that may hamper the authenticity of the situations that my pony self might find itself in."
>You blink.
"Wait a minute. Doesn't this idea contain the risk that the 'larger' you inevitably affects the actions of the 'smaller' you? You still help Equestria to develop, don't you?"
>"Theoretically. But the same standards apply here as they do in any other case. Our own direct involvement in the day-to-day lives of the ponies must be kept at an absolute minimum."
>Now you have to grin slyly.
"Heh, you say that so nonchalantly now. But you have no idea what you'd get yourself into."
>Harmony lets the proxy tilt its head.
>"What do you mean?"
>You must stifle a dubious laughter.
>And notice yourself that it would have sounded somewhat nervous if you had not suppressed it.
"I get the impression that you're severely underestimating what it means to feel emotions. No offence, but I bet it would... overwhelm even you under certain conditions. So much so that you might be tempted to perhaps sway a few things in your favour here and there. And I'm not even talking about sinister things either."
>"You think?"
>You nod.
"Trust me. Emotions can make people do many... inconsiderate things in the heat of the moment. And if you're not used to this sort of thing, the effects of that can get even more potent."
>You cough politely.
"Forgive me for bringing this up, #deca. But just let me say a single word as an excellent example. Spa."
>#deca.mare flinches immediately.
>And you think you hear a sound that you can best describe as an "eep".
>Harmony, however, simply nods.
>"I see. So you think this might impair my general performance."
"I'm not sure. But I imagine that it could. Possibly."
>The stallion grabs a new slice of bread.
>"Well, this shouldn't become a problem though. Remember, #deca.mare and you can always notify me, or even give me new instructions if you think that this may happen."
>Harmony smiles again.
>"In fact, you'd do me a favour if you did. I'd appreciate some secondary help from you in this endeavour."
>You think about this idea for a moment.
"If you put it like that, it does sound reasonable to me."
>Then you turn your gaze to #deca.mare, who is visibly relieved that no one elaborates on her lightly awkward advances during your very early days together.
"What do you say, #deca?"
>And #deca.mare agrees.
>Although it seems as if she appears to be flustered because of some new reason.
>"Yes, Anon. Providing, ahem, 'secondary' help should not be difficult."
>You notice the hint.
"And what's the 'primary' help?"
>#deca.mare sighs.
>"I thought you would've figured it out by now."
>You look at Harmony.
>"Isn't it obvious? I'd like you two to be my parents."
>Oh dear.
>"It's the self-evident option. You've conceived me once, and you can do it again."
>That actually is pretty obvious.
>But at the same time, it is also fairly hard for you to grapple with that thought.
>And not only because you would have never thought to hear these words spoken in that exact order.
>Well, at the very least you now understand why #deca.mare reacted so strangely when this topic was mentioned.
>You look at her.
"That 'weighty' was meant literally, huh?"
>The awry smile returns.
>"That it was. You'd be speechless if you knew how heavy some foals can get."
"I, uhm... oh man."
>Suddenly, Harmony almost pierces you with a keen stare.
>"Are you alright, Anon? #deca.mare just informed me that the values of your vitals briefly left their normal range."
>You shake your head to get a grip on the situation once more.
"Yeah... I'm okay."
>The stare relaxes somewhat.
>"That's good to hear. Though I'm surprised. Your reaction was much more... agitated than #deca.mare's."
"Of course it was. That's not a... request... you hear every day."
>"Perhaps. Yet nothing about this idea should be shocking to you. For instance, you already consider both #deca.mare and me as your family. The intimacy between you two shows that you're compatible in physical terms as well."
>Here you go again.
>And you are not sure whether Harmony's clinical tone while addressing this topic makes the situation better or worse.
>But either way, Harmony continues.
>Wholly unabashed.
>"And, if my information is correct, you have also discussed the possibility of having offspring yourself a while ago. This is no new concept for you."
>A pause.
>"So please tell me one factor that speaks against my evaluation. Am I wrong in some points?"
>You take a long breath.
"On paper? No. You're completely correct. But what you ask of us is a considerable commitment for many years."
>The stallion gives you a sceptical look.
>"Compared to founding an entirely new civilisation on a formerly barren world? Besides, a part of me would spend two centuries on this too."
>Of course Harmony would argue like that.
>It is the logical argument to put forth, after all.
"That's... difficult to explain."
>Harmony shrugs.
>"Well, take your time to think this over. There's no rush to act upon it any time soon."
"I think we will."
>You look at #deca.mare.
"Right, #deca?"
>She nods.
>But as reluctant as you are to approach this proposal at the moment, there are still a few things you want to know out of sheer curiosity.
>And Harmony knows that too.
>"Go ahead, Anon. Ask."
"Do you already have a plan for your life on Equestria? Like, what pony you want to be, or where you want to live?"
>The proxy shakes its head.
>"Actually, no. And I have no intentions to make one in advance either."
>You raise an eyebrow in light astonishment.
"Not? That's strange. You've made a plan for literally everything else so far."
>"Correct. You're missing one essential point though. This shall be an authentic experience, so I have to heed the factors as they come, not as I want them to be. Do you follow so far?"
>"That means there are several factors which are beyond my control. Which does include the natural birth of my pony self. Will I be an Earth pony? A Pegasus? Or buck the trend and become a Unicorn? Stallion or mare? All unknown factors to me."
>You blink.
"You want to let the dice roll that one for you. Completely?"
>"Of course. That's what a natural birth is all about. Or did you have any control over the characteristics with which you were born?"
"Rhetorical question. Obviously not."
>"Which is by the way a reason why I'd like you to perform a conventional procreation, rather than an artificial insemination. If you decide to help me, that is. To completely rule out any form of preselection. Conscious or otherwise."
>You feel like you could just phase through the ground and disappear.
>But another part of you quickly tells your mind to shut up.
>Because that could actually happen if you think about it too much.
>And judging from the lively blush on #deca.mare's face, her sentiment must be similar to yours.
>So you try to steer the conversation into a somewhat different direction.
"You know, I think you aren't as far away from understanding our paradox as you might believe."
>The ears of the stallion perk up.
>"How so?"
"Because your entire strategy boils down to: Not having a plan. Which also is a plan in itself, because you actively work towards the goal of setting up the conditions in such a way that you don't have a plan. In short, you're planning on not to plan. Or better, you need a plan in order to not have one. Don't you?"
>Harmony blinks once.
>"Anon, that's not a paradox, that's an attempted wordplay. One that's easy to unravel by distinguishing between my preparatory work, and the actual realisation of said preparations afterwards. These two aren't the same."
>You shrug with a sheepish grin.
"Eh, it was worth a try."
>"Don't worry. I see what you were trying to do."
>Everyone remains quiet for a moment.
>Partially because most of the pressing things regarding Harmony's proposal have been addressed, and partially because at least two of you three do not want to get back into the more juicy parts of that conversation again.
>After a good couple of silent seconds, you decide it is time to find a more casual topic.
"So, how's the get-together for you so far? Honest opinions, please."
>Harmony speaks up first.
>"I for one find it interesting. It opens up an unusual way of communication between us."
>You nod and look over to #deca.mare.
"And you, #deca?"
>"I generally like it too. But..."
>"We've come here to have some quality time together. And so far we've been... dealing mostly with the business side of things. If you get what I mean."
>Of course.
>How could you not?
"I see. More casual stuff then. Are you fine with that, Harmony?"
>A nod.
>You observe the picnic equipment as you swiftly finish eating your strangely tasting apple.
>Once you are done, you see that Harmony is actually eating a slice of bread with some jam on it for a change, whilst #deca.mare has picked a couple of grapes for consumption.
>You chuckle.
"I guess I'm the only one with an altered sense of taste at the moment, huh?"
>#deca.mare shrugs.
>"I can simulate mine just fine."
>Harmony does the same, only a moment later.
>"And I have none in the conventional sense, as I told you."
>You take this in for what it is and get an idea.
"Well, how about something else then? Like a small game?"
>Harmony looks at you as the last bit of bread disappears inside the stallion proxy.
>"Such as?"
"I was thinking of something like the games #deca and I played during our early bonding sessions. A disc throwing match, for example. Just with three players instead of two."
>The proxy nods.
>"Sounds fine. Though I should warn you that there's a notable difference between us in terms of perform..."
>#deca.mare shakes her head and interrupts Harmony.
>"It's not about the performance or skill, Harmony. Not primarily, at least. The point is about learning to cooperate and interact with your game buddies. And learn to adapt to the individual characteristics of every player. It's a way to familiarise yourself with others, and form bonds through the shared experiences."
>She chuckles.
>"We've called them bonding sessions for a reason."
>Harmony seems to be genuinely curious.
>"You think this could work for me too?"
>The grin on #deca.mare's face grows.
>"Believe me, you haven't played with a human before."
>She looks you right in the eyes as she gives you the sweetest smile she can muster.
>"You can learn a lot from Anon."
>#deca.mare's words do not seem to convince Harmony yet.
>And she notices this too.
>"Hm, I think a little demonstration is in order."
>Before either Harmony or you can say a word, #deca.mare quickly strikes a pose prior to pouncing, and leaps straight towards Harmony.
>She lands right on top of the stallion, and causes Harmony to topple.
>The proxy lies on the grass with one side, whilst #deca.mare shows no signs of getting up.
>Harmony looks at her, apparently caught off guard by the sudden jump.
>"What was that?"
>She laughs.
>"Part one of the demonstration. And wrong reaction, by the way."
>Without saying another word, #deca.mare repeats her leaping manoeuvre, aiming for you this time.
>And as you see the mare sailing through the air towards you, you instinctively raise your arms to catch her in her flight.
>You manage to get your hands on both sides of her barrel, only a blink of an eye before #deca.mare tackles you.
>But once you feel the impact of her jump, you do not try to resist it or to keep your balance.
>No, you spontaneously decide to play right into her stunt, and deliberately move with her momentum.
>As a result, both you and #deca.mare tumble quickly, and roll your merry way down the grassy hill as one happy bundle.
>Sure, it is a relatively short and gentle trip downwards, and both of you could easily stop your descent at any given point in time.
>But neither of you does.
>And just as you two come to a stop a couple of rolling metres later, both of you let go of each other, and roll onto your backs.
>Then you begin to laugh almost simultaneously.
>Whereas a puzzled stallion observes the scene from the top of the hill.
>Harmony's expression resembles a mild confusion.
>And #deca.mare raises her voice.
>After a healthy fit of laughter.
>"You see, Harmony? This is what I mean. Spontaneous cooperation, based on the experiences we've made with one another. This wasn't strictly planned, as Anon could have reacted in virtually every conceivable way. Yet I knew he would understand. And was proven right."
>A pause.
>"You'll eventually reach that level too."
>Harmony thinks about this for a moment.
>#deca.mare looks at you again in the meantime.
>"And perhaps you can make the first step of many today. Anon, disc please."
>You close your eyes and imagine a disc appearing above #deca.mare.
>And you hear her catching it cleanly with her mouth, even before you can check your results.
>You turn your head to the side.
>#deca.mare still lies there on her back.
>All four hooves in the air, and a disc sticking out of her muzzle.
>You snicker as you see that.
"Man, this really takes me back."
>#deca.mare is somehow able to grin, even with the disc in the way.
>Yet she soon decides to spit it out.
>To give you a kiss instead.
>"Let's see if you can improve your score today."
>You return the favour and kiss her too.
"I'll certainly try."
>You get up slowly, and motion Harmony to come down from the hill.
>Then the three of you position yourselves in a triangular formation on the mostly levelled ground.
>You pick up the disc and ask yourself to whom you shall throw it first.
>And deep down, you wonder if either #deca.mare or Harmony is able to figure out your decision before you make it.
>But either way, you are sure that you will have fun, no matter what.
Done for now.
File: 1654925811172.png (2.53 MB, 1500x2092)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB PNG
File: 1642987621107.png (932 KB, 825x991)
932 KB
932 KB PNG
>no prench mare to appreciate a bottle of Paul Maresson with
>implying qualia exist
I thought this was a science fiction green, not fantasy.
File: SH2 save point.jpg (2 KB, 256x256)
2 KB
In philosophy of mind, qualia (/ˈkwɑːliə/ or /ˈkweJliə/; singular form: quale) are defined as individual instances of subjective, conscious experience. Examples of qualia include the perceived sensation of pain of a headache, the taste of wine, as well as the redness of an evening sky. Since qualia are definitionally subjective and ineffable, there is considerable disagreement among boring nerds who care about that kind of thing as to what they are and whether or not they exist.
A "popular" argument for the existence of qualia is the "Knowledge Argument" or "Mary's Room Thought Experiment", which goes thus
>Mary the color scientist knows all the physical facts about color, including every physical fact about the experience of color in other people, from the behavior a particular color is likely to elicit to the specific sequence of neurological firings that register that a color has been seen.
>However, she has been confined from birth to a room that is black and white, and is only allowed to observe the outside world through a black and white monitor.
>When she is allowed to leave the room, it must be admitted that she learns something about the color red the first time she sees it – specifically, she learns what it is like to see that color.
Which, like most arguments from plain narration, sounds very nice on paper, but it presupposes that some ineffable, private, etc. experience of the color red - the quale of redness - exists and implicitly denies that someone who knows how human brains typically respond to redness could possibly use that data to falsifiably predict how her own human brain would, and could only obtain that information by actually seeing a red thing.
I mean, it makes sense.
You could have all the book knowledge about horses but nothing really prepares you for meeting an actual horse outside of meeting the horse. You can read about how the smell, how they feel, how they sound, but you don't actually "learn" any of those until you hear/feel/smell them. That's what makes the knowledge "real."
It's intuitive, but one of the givens of the argument is that Mary has access to every physical fact about the experience of [horses], including precise measurements of how a brain reacts to experiencing [a horse], so "qualia exist" is just a polite way of saying "minds/souls/other non-physical mental processes exist" which is another intuitive notion that suffers under any scrutiny whatsoever since the only evidence that minds exist is your subjective experience of having one.
I'm not interested in debating this since I don't find this debate interesting; I was just jokingly pointing out how similar Harmony's line of reasoning was to a (relatively) famous philosophy of mind argument that I'd read about, and I wouldn't be surprised if ponegreen had read about since he's basically writing about a brain in a vat and could be reasonably assumed to be familiar with adjacent concepts of that sort.
File: Shrug.png (110 KB, 945x945)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
I suppose so.
but then again I'm of the mind there are definitely intangibles we can't fully account for. Some things just can't be explained.
Like man's love of mare.
>Some things just can't be explained.
>Like man's love of mare.
That's not hard to explain at all. Just look at her.
File: 2508391.jpg (93 KB, 837x733)
93 KB
what a nice lamp
I should turn it on.
One mare, one cup.
Of tea, obviously.
Only one cup for both of you? L-lewd
You don't need two cups when you kiss each other on the lips anyway.
>I was just jokingly pointing out how similar Harmony's line of reasoning was to a (relatively) famous philosophy of mind argument that I'd read about
The funny thing is, I actually had to look this one up. Believe it or not, but that was pure coincidence. And from what I can tell after skimming through the topic, some of the arguments which question what qualia really is (or isn't) seem to get awfully convoluted very quickly. So let's stick to the main point you're addressing here.
>so "qualia exist" is just a polite way of saying "minds/souls/other non-physical mental processes exist"
There's no real necessity to involve any non-physical or soul-like level here though. Harmony wasn't referring to anything of that sort. It was rather related to the point of possessing or forming an own personality, and the realisation that all the purely technical knowledge about ponies and life in general doesn't automatically create such a thing.
Bluntly put, Harmony's artificial intelligence is, at the current stage, basically stuck on the level of a computer, where everything is factual and clinical first and foremost. A highly developed and knowledgeable computer with a potential ability of self-improvement, granted, but an unfeeling and in a way also coldly calculating machine nevertheless.
Harmony may be able to recognise and interact with emotions, and, say, find ways to push your buttons correctly to make you genuinely smile, and also recognise that this condition is usually better for you than being, say, sad, but this doesn't mean that Harmony shares these feelings with you. And no matter how hard you would try to explain these concepts to the machine, it would only ever perceive those elaborations as more defining factors of said emotions, yet would not bring it one step closer to also feeling it. Because the aptitude is not there yet.
If anything, it would be, to come back to your example, more like trying to explain to someone who is extremely smart, but completely colour-blind from birth, what colours look like. Such a person can, theoretically speaking, accept that there is a concept such as colour, and that it is around said person for this or that reason, despite the own inability to perceive it, and perhaps even master everything there is to know about colour theory and how colours are created. Yet this person would still be unable to ever perceive it properly in a first hand experience because the sense of sight is simply lacking.
And that's what Harmony is after. Thanks to the lessons and guidance of #deca.mare and Anon, Harmony has recognised that there is something more to the whole emotion and personality thing. It defies the purely logical level of reasoning, thus it is outside of Harmony's own current sensual reach, yet its potentially beneficial effects on the world as a whole are nevertheless notable and measurable. So Harmony wants to find a way to develop this apparently lacking "sense" too.
File: 1654379275234.jpg (970 KB, 1200x1200)
970 KB
970 KB JPG
File: 361625.png (166 KB, 787x640)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
File: 1654906175071.png (1.05 MB, 1280x1458)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
Cadenza smiles upon you and gives you her blessing.
File: 1621529257221.gif (497 KB, 500x197)
497 KB
497 KB GIF
>same digits (considered a good sign for those awaiting a match)
Peetzer be upon her name.
Thanks lovebutt
how magical
File: 1626119378802.png (481 KB, 773x842)
481 KB
481 KB PNG
thicc mare
Mare.exe broke. Please restart.
>Mare on 10
sadly yes
she's great with foals, too
Very cute
Snips and Snails might disagree.
Snips and Snails are the equivalent of a kid who sees Top Gun and thinks Tom Cruise actually knows how to fly a fighter jet, or sees Rocky IV and thinks Dolph Lundgren could actually punch someone hard enough to put them in the hospital
Bro I think Dolph Lundgren could've actually done that though.
File: Honse butt.png (169 KB, 1105x767)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
>watch out
Don't worry I plan to stay far away.
He did; that's the joke
Far away from Equestria, yes.
It's an ugly oc, cry about it.
you're an ugly OC
File: 1654455270278.gif (934 KB, 302x302)
934 KB
934 KB GIF
>writes novel dump
>no one cares
File: 1632844413832.jpg (298 KB, 729x797)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
Thanks for the bump!
File: z2037414.jpg (434 KB, 960x1280)
434 KB
434 KB JPG
Tomorrow, new update shall come.
File: 1643335283901.png (246 KB, 801x926)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
File: 1620073640630.png (217 KB, 1065x1024)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
Sorry for the slowdown, boss.
File: 1668352.png (39 KB, 260x291)
39 KB
wtf based mare
File: FREEDOM.gif (982 KB, 285x171)
982 KB
982 KB GIF
My favorite kind of tea
>when you're having lunch and you remember you're husbandoless
File: 2632342.png (161 KB, 1399x1291)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
>when the nurse gets sick.
File: 1655139360265.jpg (204 KB, 1280x1009)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
How rude.
File: 1349351.jpg (265 KB, 1059x1200)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
She looks like the kind of mare that would burry my head in her chest tuft and pepper my head with kisses.
File: 125946.png (1017 KB, 2000x1097)
1017 KB
1017 KB PNG
Alright lads, here it is. Update time.

>Anon stood up with a sigh, setting down his hammer and looking at his handiwork with satisfaction.
“Honey, what do you think?”
>He stood there, hands on his hips as he looked at the large bed frame he had just assembled.
>The logs it was made of were stripped of their bark and, with a spell Nýrmáni had found in one of the spell books she had been given, finished and smoothed out.
>It looked very rustic and Old-Westerly, which meant it fit right in with their cabin and the rest of its new furnishings, at least in his opinion.
>The sound of hooves on stone reached his ears, and soon enough a shadow fell over his shoulder, and a pair of lips softly nuzzled his cheek.
>”My my, you do work fast, my Beloved.”
>Taking a step closer, the large alicorn inspected the bed closely for several moments, before turning to him with a sly smile, a chuckle escaping from her muzzle.
>”Are you sure that it will hold up to our forni-”
“You’re the one who cast all those spells on the logs, not me.” Anon blurted, cheeks going red at Nýrmáni’s insinuation.
>She laughed, throwing a wing around him and pulling herself to his side, rubbing her cheeks against his.
>”I know, I jest, Anon. Do not be so serious all the time. I believe the term you have told me before is ‘loosen up’, yes?”.
“Yes, you’re right.” He said, returning her playful nuzzle, his cheeks still burning as all sorts of images raced through his mind from her incomplete sentence.
>He sure hoped it would hold up.
>”But, to answer your original question, I think that it is wonderful. I shall fetch some clouds to catch for padding, and then we can put some sheets on it, then we can snuggle. Oh, won’t it be wonderful?”
>Without waiting for an answer Nýrmáni pranced away, humming a happy tune as she made her way to the door.
>”Wait, what do you mean by ‘go get some clouds?” Anon asked as Nýrmáni opened the cabin door, allowing a burst of cold, windy air inside.
>”I shall retrieve some clouds to serve as our mattress. A spell or two will tame them for us.” Without another word and with a large smile, she stepped outside and closed the door behind her, leaving Anon alone.
>He stood there for a moment, shaking his head before turning to look at the rest of the cabin.
>Over the last four days since they had finished it, they’d moved pretty much everything that they had been given inside and had fully unpacked most of it all.
>Some things were still sitting in boxes or crates, like the books Nýrmáni had been given, most of their kitchen wares, and all of their tools were still laying around since they were still finishing up some things.
>Like the bed and wooden storage shelves Anon had spent the last couple of days assembling.
>Getting the wood for them cut was easy, since Nýrmáni’s sword and magical skills combined were like a high-speed saw on steroids, she could cut the pieces for all of them in one morning.
>The magical spells she was coating everything in took the longest amount of time, actually, making sure that the wood wouldn’t rot, and that when put together, they would stay together.
>He’d finished the shelves the day before, and had spent most of today on the bed and drawing out the pieces necessary for the kitchen cabinets.
>Warm afternoon sunlight poured through the large window they had put in after deciding that the one original and only window wasn’t enough.
>The yellow glow reflected off the freshly polished and cleaned stone and wooden walls, lighting up the cabin way better than the magic lamps that hung in several places from the rafters above.
>Anon smiled as he took a deep breath.
>It was starting to feel like home. An actual home, not like their tent in the middle of the snow-covered woods.
>The door flying open shook him from his thoughts, and his eyes went wide as what looked like a bundle of dark, writhing cloth came floating through the door, guided by Nýrmáni’s magic and her front hooves.
>She entered quickly, her writhing tail shutting the door behind her as she looked at him.
>”I think this shall do nicely, Anonymous. What is your opinion?”
>He took a step back, inspecting the happily smiling alicorn and her nebulous cargo.
“I would have preferred that you get all the snow out of it first, it’s getting all over the floor.”
>For a moment Nýrmáni simply stood there, expressionless. Then she bent over and looked underneath where the cloud hovered.
>He hadn't been lying; a miniature snowstorm fell from the cloud, tiny flakes drifting to the floor to instantly melt into water once they hit the floor.
>Her head shot back up, cheeks pink and eyes wide with embarrassment.
>”Oh, I'm… Oops. I shall get rid of it. Pardon me.”
>She turned once again, and with a wave of her head the door flew open once again.
>Standing on her hind legs Nýrmáni grabbed the cloud with her front hooves and, like someone shaking the dirt off a blanket, began to flap the cloud up and down in the air with a whip’s snap.
>Snow flew out of the aloud like dust from a rag, and after several seconds it seemed that Nýrmáni’s plan had worked.
>”There, that should do it.” Nýrmáni shut the door and presented the cloud, which had gone from a dark stormy gray to a gentle, fluffy white, to Anon. “Does this pass your test, my stallion?”
“Flattery will get you nowhere, sweetie.” Despite his best efforts he felt his cheeks grow hot from her comment, and judging by the deep chuckle she gave immediately afterwards she noticed it as well.
“I’ll have to try it out first. Will it actually hold up?” He asked, walking up and running a hand through it.
>It felt cool and slightly damp, like a spring mist.
>”Once I have cast the required spells on it, it shall be like our bed in Twilight Sparkle’s castle. I miss it…” Her voice trailed off, her smile fading just a bit.
“Yeah, it sure was nice, along with everything else that came with it.” Anon pursed his lips, then reached a hand over to pat Nýrmáni between the ears. “But we can’t dwell on the past. Let's get this thing set up.”
>Purring in pleasure from his messaging hand, Nýrmáni leaned up into it, ears twitching, her miasmic mane excitedly wrapping around Anon's hand and lower arm.
>”I will, if you do not distract me with those wonderful hands of yours.” Her voice was slow and even as she turned her head slightly, forcing his hand into a different spot for him to pat.
>Chuckling, Anon pulled his hand back and what he expected to happen happened.
>Nýrmáni instantly turned her head to look at him, her slitted eyes huge and shining in her head.
>”You would deny me scratches?”
“I would, but I’ve got a reason.” He cupped her cheeks with both hands, and leaned his close to one ear, which swiveled towards him.
“Put on those stockings that Rarity gave you, and we’ll put that bed through its trials tonight.”
>Anon felt her whole body go stiff through his hands, even as her wings shot out from her sides, the tips of her primaries spreading almost up to the ceiling.
>He could physically feel her cheeks heating up as her mind processed what he said.
>Tilting his head to kiss her soft, furry cheek, he pulled back, watching in amusement as Nýrmáni’s entire face and upper neck turned pink.
“Well, you like that idea?”
>Her wide eyes still not looking at him, she slowly nodded her head.
“I thought you would.” With one final pat on her head he turned to the area the two of them had designated as the storage area, where all of their sealed goods, preserved food, and other items were temporarily stacked in a pile.
>There were only a couple hours of daylight left, and the days had been getting noticeably shorter, the sun rising later and setting sooner.
>It was time to start stocking up for the deep, dark winter to come.
>With a flick of her horn and a burst of magic, Nýrmáni lowered the final blanket down over the now completed bed.
>It had taken her almost an hour to get the right spell combination to get the cloud she had gathered to not only stay together, but not get everything it touched wet when she let it go on the bed frame that Anonymous had wonderfully constructed.
>She placed one hoof onto the bed, pressing down to get a feel of its softness.
>It felt perfect to her.
>Prancing in place despite her best efforts she turned around, eyes darting about, looking for her Beloved.
>He wasn’t in sight, even with the last rays of fading evening sunlight coming through the windows.
>The silly human must have gone outside when she was distracted with that stubborn cloud.
>Darkie blushing
>Then she heard a quiet splash of water, and instantly knew where he was.
>”Taking a bath so soon, my Love?”
>Trotting to where just two days ago there had been a wooden wall, she peeked through the canvas flaps which was the new doorway into what Anonymous had called the ‘sauna’.
>Using the tent that they had been previously living in, she had cut an extra doorway close to the front of their new cabin home, attached the front flaps of the tent to the walls, and had given themselves an extra, larger room.
>Cutting a hole in the solid stone bedrock and filling it with magically heated water had been his idea.
>While he had said nothing about it, she had gotten a nervous glance from him after using the floating orb of water she had first thought of, so if this change made him happy, then she was happy too.
>He was sitting up to his neck in the steaming water, head back, eyes closed in bliss, clothes and a towel hanging from a hook in the tent's wall.
“Yeah, I just felt like relaxing a bit before I start cooking supper.”
>”Oh, and what were you planning on tonight?”
“Fried fish and potatoes.”
>”Ooooh, that sounds delicious.” Nýrmáni peeked back into the main cabin, which was now dark except for the flames of the fire in the fireplace. The sun had set.
>”I wish to go outside for some fresh air, then I shall join you.”
“Sounds good to me.”
>Smiling to herself, Nýrmáni turned and trotted to the door, opening and closing it as she entered the cold, windy winter outside.
>Slowly trotting through the snow Nýrmáni took a deep breath and exhaled, watching the steam from her breath disappear in the wind, which whipped her ethereal mane and tail, and ruffled her longer winter coat.
>The sky behind the distant mountains still glowed gold and red with the last remnants of sunlight, yet already the inky black sky was filled with countless twinkling stars.
>And the moon.
>For a moment Nýrmáni was frozen in surprise.
>The moon hung low in the sky, fat and full, but its normal hue of bright, creamy white was gone.
>It was instead a bright, rich orange-red, and something about it sent a full body shiver through her, her eyes growing wide as she stared at it unblinkingly.
>She had not confided it to Anonymous, but ever since that first night when they had slept in their cabin, where she had been almost mesmerized by the moon, she had felt something strange, a tingling between her shoulder blades, as if something was approaching, but she could not figure out what.
>But she knew now.
>[”The Harvest Moon, The Time of Life.”] She unconsciously whispered in the Old Tongue, her glowing eyes still focused on the glowing celestial body.
>A moment later she shook her head, backpedaling several hoofsteps and falling flank-first into the snow as confusion sapped her of her strength.
>It had happened again.
>”What is happening to me?” She whimpered, hugging herself with her forehooves and wings as a sudden chill cut through her.
>Taking several deep breaths in an attempt to calm herself she stood, her mind now clear of that strange feeling.
>She looked at the moon.
>Nothing felt out of the ordinary this time, but she still felt the fur on her withers stand.
>Turning, Nýrmáni made her way back to the cabin, her mind now set, she knew what she needed to do.
>She had to tell Luna of this strange occurrence tonight in the Dreamscape, no matter how awkward the conversation might be.
>Making her way to the door she opened it, and to her relief the smell of fresh food hit her nostrils.
>Inhaling deeply, she felt her belly rumble with hunger.
>”That smells wonderful, Anon.” She said, trotting to his side at the fireplace as he used a pair of tongs to flip a piece of cooking fish.
“It sure does, just a few more minutes till the potatoes are done, then we can eat, and then we can try out the new b-”
>Nýrmáni lightly slapped him on the back of the head with the leading tip of one wing as she felt a blush once again rise to her cheeks.
“Owie.” He whined halfheartedly as he rubbed the back of his head with one hand.
>”W-why are you speaking so? You normally shy away from such l-lewd things.” Nýrmáni stammered, trotting away to retrieve plates in order to hide her blush.
“I’m just messing with you, you know that right?” She could hear the subtle concern in his tone, and the inflection in his voice, and she sighed.
>”I am sorry, my Beloved, but there has been something bothering me these past couple of days, and I have been trying to keep it to myself, at least until now.”
>She heard footsteps approaching, then a hand gently found its home on the back of her neck.
“What’s wrong? Can I help with it?” The worry in his tone pulled at her heart, and she turned her head to face him as she lifted up a pair of plates and silverware.
>”I do not believe it is something you can help with. The moon these last few nights has… called to me, I do not know how else to explain it.”
“That’s strange.”
>”Indeed. Tonight something feels even more odd, though. Have you looked at the moon since it rose?”
“No, but I’m going to, now that you’ve mentioned it.” She watched as he walked over to one of the windows, looking outside in an attempt to get a glimpse of the moon.
“Where is-ah, oh wow, that is different. Different, but pretty.”
>Nýrmáni looked at him, then back to the plates she held in her magic.
>Hopefully nothing was wrong.
>She took another deep breath, trying to let out her tension as she breathed out.
>”I am going to try and speak to Luna about it tonight in the Dreamscape. She may know what is causing this… phenomenon.”
“Sounds like a good idea to me. Just let me stir these ‘taters one more time and we should be all set to eat.”
>But as he went to do just that Nýrmáni realized that she suddenly didn’t feel very hungry, even as the two of them piled food on their plates and sat down in front of the fire to eat, she barely nibbled on her food.
>Her mind wandered as her gaze drifted between the food she was constantly shuffling across her plate and the dancing flames from the fire.
>Was it always so hot in this cabin? She wasn’t sure.
“Are you sure you’re okay?”
>The voice of her Beloved shook her from her thoughts, and as she turned her head she could see the concern for her in his bright blue eyes.
>She had no idea how much time had passed, but his plate was already picked clean.
>”What makes you think something is wrong?”
“Well, you’ve barely even touched your plate, and I know that you love what’s on there.”
>He scooted closer to her on the stone floor, rubbing her shoulder with his.
“Are you sure you’re alright?”
>”I… I think so, but I do feel hot all of a sudden. Perhaps I am simply too close to the fire.”
>Scooting backward on her haunches, the hotness on her cheeks and chest faded for a moment, then returned just seconds later.
>”I feel strange, I think I should go to bed.” Her voice sounded soft and hollow even to her, as she scooped what was on her plate to his, which he had already emptied.
>Standing, she placed her now empty plate onto the one small table they had and slowly made her way to their bed.
>All thoughts of what Anon had said they would do tonight had left her mind; she suddenly felt exhausted, every limb seemed to double in weight as she flopped down on the impossibly soft bed.
“Nýrmáni…” A hand pressed against her forehead, just underneath her horn.
>”I simply feel tired is all. Tired and hot.”
>She felt his hand leave her head, and heard a short sigh escape his lips.
“If you still feel strange, and if Luna hasn’t given you any info on what’s wrong, I’m writing to Bon-Bon in the morning to get you some help, understand?”
>”Mmhhmm…” Nýrmáni mumbled, her mind already drifting away.
>She did not feel it when she drifted off into a fitful sleep.
>She also didn’t feel it when Anon, just minutes later, carefully crawled under the blankets beside her, a nervous expression on his face as he held her close.
>As the night passed, her mind wandered in a haze as her body grew hot and her limbs restless.
>The strange feeling seemed to fill her body until nothing else existed.
>She did not know when she awoke, but the first thing Nýrmáni could feel was a pulsing, throughout her entire body, rhythmic and synced with her heartbeat, which thundered in her ears.
>Opening her eyes, her vision was hazy, her head moving slowly from the blankets she had wrapped herself around during her restless night.
>Her senses seemed dull, muted, and everything seemed to move much more slowly than normal.
>”A… Anonymous?” Her voice was quiet, low.
>There was no response.
>Turning her head and rolling onto her other side she could feel residual heat in the bed.
>He had been there.
>She inhaled deeply, almost pressing her muzzle into the sheets.
>Anonymous. Her stallion. His scent filled her mind.
>She smiled, he had to be close.
>She tried to leap out of bed to go and find him, but only succeeded in falling to the floor in a pile of wings and hooves.
>”Ouch…” She mumbled, even as she inhaled her mate’s scent once again.
>Slowly stumbled onto legs that seemed almost too weak to hold her, her eyes resumed searching for Anonymous.
>She couldn’t see him, even with the faint morning sunlight streaming through the windows.
>She felt her heart begin to race even faster as her blurry eyes narrowed in violence. Where was he? Who had dated to take her mate from her?
>Then the door opened, and her one and only appeared, carrying a large bundle of firewood in front of him in both arms.
>Instantly the terror and rage that had been growing in her faded, replaced by something else altogether.
>Her Beloved was safe.
>She made to go to him, to hold him in her hooves, but before she could he dropped the wood next to another pile that had not been there the previous night, then pulled his jacket and shirt off.
“There we go, I’m too hot for that crap in here.”
>Instantly the residual scent she had been sniffing exploded into her brain like a physical blow, and her eyes went wide at the sight of his bare chest, and the small beats of sweat that still clung to it.
>Her whole body twitched, and she began to pant, her tongue lolling out of her fanged jaws as her already body flushed with a heat that had nothing to do with the temperature.
>Nýrmáni could feel hot liquid running down one hind leg from her marehood as it winked once, then again as she inhaled another time.
>Everything was alright now.
>Anon turned from tossing his sweaty shirt and jacket onto their one folding chair to face Nýrmáni, who had apparently finally woken up.
>He’d already been up for a couple of hours, Nýrmáni’s constant turning and twitching in the bed, despite its incredible softness, keeping him awake for most of the night.
>He had been waiting till she woke up to write a message for help just in case she was feeling better, but if she was awake now he could ask her.
File: z2289367.png (437 KB, 671x970)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
“‘Morning Sweetie, I was just chopping up some extra firewood, we burned most of what we had last night and I…” His words died on his lips as he turned to look at her.
>Her whole posture was slumped slightly, as if she was making every effort to simply stand, her head hung low, and her wings were half spread, the tips of her primary feathers touched the ground on either side of her.
>Nýrmáni’s constantly ethereal mane and tail were not their normal selves, instead they swirled in all directions, spreading into dozens of tendrils that seemed to wave aimlessly about.
>Her fur, normally so neat and clean even in sleep since it had grown out slightly, stuck up in every which way and looked as if she had not taken care of it for months.
>She was drooling, her tongue hanging several inches out of her mouth…
>Add her eyes were absolutely huge, Nýrmáni’s slitted pupils were so large they almost looked like normal pony eyes as she stared at him as if he was the only thing in existence.
>A lustful hunger burned in them, full of a desire and hunger he hadn’t seen in her even in their first time together.
"Are... Are you okay?"
>”I am… Fine, my Beloved.”
>Her voice escaped her with heaving breaths, and she licked her lips, her tongue falling back to where it had been moments before.
>”We are more than fine, Our Beloved.”
>Slowly, Nýrmáni moved towards him, a giggle leaving her as she licked her lips once again, her hips and flanks swaying seductively, sexily.
>Anon gulped, his own eyes going wide.
>He just hoped that he would be the one okay soon.

Hmmm, something is wrong with Darkie, looks like Anon's going to have to 'help' her. Hehe.
Updated Ponepaste here: https://ponepaste.org/5562#3189
Going to try and get the next update out next weekend. I'm sure you can all guess what's going to happen in it.
And that sounds like Heaven.
Here, have the best mare.
Moon triggers heat or something? Nice update, thanks for the moon hoers
Muffin mare a cute.
>super harvest moon puts her into turbolewd mode and it's Anon's purest test of endurance to make it to morning
>may or may not result in foals, though if it doesn't it's not for her lack of effort.
File: 1491335904560.jpg (1.01 MB, 1600x1039)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
File: robert.png (602 KB, 680x477)
602 KB
602 KB PNG
>Sorry miss, no husbando, no show
Now THIS is a sensible suit design.
he knows, that's why he sending her to the butter brewery.
>moonshine on the moon
one small step for mare
one giant leap at a chance for matches for marekind
Replace step with swig and you're right.
>using the object for
Same reason why they have a talk instead of ordering Harmony around. To have some "limitations" within the simulation. Also Anon is not a machine.
>why we're having
By the same metric yes. But an activity is different from a representation/method.
>while we're at it
Heh. As I said activity.
>Or... that. Yes.
I wonder if Harmony and #deca.mare communicates in some other channel too.
>Well, #deca could.
I doubt that. Else this whole scenario would not exist.
>would never have
But she was not completely individual back then. #deca was sort of a hive mind.
>seemingly ineffective has led to unforeseen constructive effects
Why do I have a feeling Harmony is trying to lead up to something else.
>on my path to improve myself
Seems like an existential crisis of some sort?
>strangely awry smile
Don't break down, don't break down.
>This quickly?
So the two do communicate "behind" Anon.
>It's an idea
Let me guess, Harmony will make an avatar to live along the ponies for a while. But this would be too soon if the Twilight avatar thing a thing.
>Weighty implications, if you will.
Oh no. I know where this is going. But if my guess is right it will feel strange that it's Harmony who suggests this.
>born with, by being alive
Yep it is going exactly in that direction.
>not quite in the way you're expecting
Someone will be soon expecting.
>it cannot really be taught reliably from one person to the next
Let's just skip the fact that Harmony can monitor every sense of every being.
>lack the underlying 'instinct'
Not sure if instinct is the right word here. Instinct is something preprogrammed, not something that is learned. If we go by the strict definition.
>"Here it comes."
Anon is slow.
>So I wish to
I was right with the first guess, lets see about the second one.
>I have a plan to make both things work simultaneously
Then this would not be more than an avatar, if Harmony still remains in control of these responsibilities.
>temporary split personality
Well, that works but wouldn't over time these two became two completely different personalities?
>like it would with any other pony
But then what's the difference? Why don't just follow a regular pony from the start?
>sway a few things in your favour here and there
If its truly a "split personality" then no. As the "larger" one would not have feelings as an observer while the pony would not know about the reason for its existence.

>ahem, 'secondary' help
The odds are increasing.
>I'd like you two to be my parents.
>Oh dear.
At least the "copulative activities" will not be in vain this time.
>You've conceived me once, and you can do it again.
>how heavy some foals can get
Especially a mountain sized supercomputer.
>#deca.mare just informed me
Another confirmation of the side channel communication.
>Your reaction was much more... agitated
So #deca.mare was planning a foal already.
>That's not a... request... you hear every day.
Especially not from the unborn. As I said, its strange to talk to the future kid.
>Harmony shrugs.
Soon Harmony will learn about feelings.
>no intentions to make one in advance
Random character generator here we come!
>I'd like you to perform a conventional procreation
As I said, awkward to talk with the future foal. "Hey mom and dad, please make me!"
>that could actually happen if you think about it too much
Missed opportunity.
>Eh, it was worth a try.
Hes not going to outsmart Harmony.
>pressing things regarding Harmony's proposal have been addressed
Will be funny when Harmony watches the two working on making this idea real.
>unusual way of communication between us
Definitely. Stranger than time travel.
>You take this in for what it is
In other words #deca.mare feels awkward, while Harmony switched to just observing.
>you haven't played with a human before
Or anyone for that matter.
>And wrong reaction, by the way.
Was she expecting any reaction at all? Harmony has no fear, it just concluded that this is a simulation nothing bad can happen.
>and roll your merry way down
The high places... At least its not falling this time. She should have chosen a pegasus form.
>You see, Harmony? This is what I mean.
#deca.mare has the strangest lesson ideas.
>if either #deca.mare or Harmony is able to figure out your decision before you make it
Time to increase the spaghetti of neural connections to confuse #deca.mare!

Thanks for the update!
File: 1654364215267.png (1.46 MB, 3264x2800)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
Who is the elusive waifu of Robert?
Moondancer maybe.
File: ZIGG.png (695 KB, 1800x1772)
695 KB
695 KB PNG
>The Z has more social screeching power these days
Oh, how the letters have turned.
>tfw it's only halfway through June and you'd already happily ban the whole alphabet just to get rid of B, G, L, Q, and T
She'd have to be a mare who appreciates kino that's for sure. Not flicks, not cinema, definitely not movies. Kino.
remember to celebrate father's day
you never know how many of them you've got.
Pretty sure I only have one father.
File: Zigger.jpg (41 KB, 651x525)
41 KB
Who needs an alphabet when you can have a mare?
>mare but you can only communicate in emojis
uoh mare erotic
>Someone will be soon expecting.
Oh you.
>Not sure if instinct is the right word here. Instinct is something preprogrammed, not something that is learned. If we go by the strict definition.
I know what you mean. It doesn't completely catch the meaning, yet I wasn't sure which term might have fit better. That's why I put the word in quotation marks.
>Let's just skip the fact that Harmony can monitor every sense of every being.
>But then what's the difference? Why don't just follow a regular pony from the start?
Well, while it's true that there is a symbiosis between Harmony and the world, following someone else's emotions and experiences isn't the same as having some yourselves, especially since ponies perceive things very differently in comparison to Harmony. A small part of Harmony resides indeed in every pony and vice versa, sure, but at the end of the day, Harmony is an individual self, just as every single pony is a unique individual. Which is also why, for example, ponies aren't assimilated into Harmony or something after their physical bodies fail, and still remain individuals in Equestria's equivalent of an afterlife instead.
As such, Harmony plans to create a scenario which is on the one side perfectly suited for the own needs, whilst also remaining an authentic one on the other. Trying to live as a pony could provide for exactly that.
>but wouldn't over time these two became two completely different personalities?
Unlikely, as the "larger" Harmony is very much aware of what the "smaller" one is doing at all times. After all, Harmony stated that the "larger" part will process the experiences of the "smaller" in real-time, so that a constant learning process may take place. So the "larger" Harmony develops alongside the "smaller" one, even when the latter is not aware of the former. This should drastically reduce the potential for any significant discrepancy between the two, given that they shall eventually "reunite" with one another when everything is said and done. It's also the largest difference between the pony Harmony, and all other Equestrian ponies.
>in vain this time.
It was only in vain when procreation is the only reason they were doing it for. I know, I know, it's of course the only biological reason on a purely technical basis, but I think you get what I mean.
>Will be funny when Harmony watches the two working on making this idea real.
Harmony wouldn't think much of it, since the act itself wouldn't be anything special. What the pony Harmony might think in the end, when he or she regains the memory of witnessing the own making, might be a different topic though. And I assume that #deca.mare and Anon might feel a bit strange too, if they knew that is Harmony is watching.
>Was she expecting any reaction at all?
No, she wasn't. And exactly that was the point of it.
File: 1655249997465.png (2.16 MB, 2560x1377)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB PNG
uoh mare
Cute mare. I really dig her style.
>fireproof boots or socks or something
mare appreciates nature (because the butterflies don't complain about her intonation)
Not gonna lie, AJ is hot as hell in those boots.
pony in the streets
horse in the sheets
>Loud neighing sounds come out of the bedroom
I'm fine with that.
as long as you're the one making her make them.
Though a pony nickering in her sleep would be cute.
>as long as you're the one making her make them.
Obviously. No implication to anything else intended.
File: 1654330178375.jpg (1.39 MB, 2800x2800)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
File: 1654921104057.png (280 KB, 1024x962)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
will give u a scare
File: 1655138986801.jpg (725 KB, 2048x2048)
725 KB
725 KB JPG
Mare in dresses.
Mares in cute outfits are a treasure.
>Pic name
True. But it was one of the very few good things about the later seasons.
Food $200
Data $150
Rent $800
Dresses $3,600
Utility $150
someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my family is dying
For everything else there's Marester Card.
>striped socks
that's not a cop, that's a regular mare who accidentally got a "sexy riot control officer" Nightmare Night costume
>that it will hold up to
>clouds to catch for padding
And if she does not squeezes out the rain/snow is a waterbed!
>A spell or two will tame them for us
Would be funny if it goes wrong. By purpose ofc. Somehow make the external layer stiff but once Anon applies enough pressure he just sinks in.
>making sure that the wood wouldn’t rot
If you don't soak it constantly in water its pretty resilient.
>I would have preferred that
Give her a break, she is too enthusiastic.
>Her voice trailed off, her smile fading just a bit
Does she misses interactions with others besides Anon?
>along with everything else that came with it
This survival mode (even with this much help they have) is definitely harder on them.
>You would deny me scratches?
That backfired for her!
>stockings that Rarity gave you, and we’ll put that bed through its trials tonight
Yay they have a bath!
>frozen in surprise
Why didn't she talked with Luna already?
>The Harvest Moon
I hope she does not turn into a vampire or something similar.
>the smell of fresh food hit her nostrils
She was outside for a long time again.
>trying to keep it to myself, at least until now
>speak to Luna about it tonight
If she gets any sleep at the same time as Luna.
>hot all of a sudden
Did her longer coat just dried out now? Evaporation sucks a lot of heat away.
>I feel strange
It's not it then.
>her mind already drifting away
At least she's in a soft bed. But her not powering through it for some fun times is concerning.
>As the night passed
So much for talking with Luna.
>almost too weak to hold her
That's not good.
>her eyes went wide
If she is in heat, why is she so weak and not horny?
>hot liquid running down one hind
Even deep down she knows who is her stallion.
>slitted pupils were so large
On any other occasion this would be cute.
>her hips and flanks swaying seductively, sexily
How much of her actions are conscious and how much are instinctual? I assume most of this is instinctual, else she would say something.
>He just hoped that he would be the one okay soon.
Last time he got pony rides for a whole night, then the following day.

If this is what the moon does to her, then Luna should feel the same way.

Thanks for the update!
File: 602944.png (943 KB, 1280x1417)
943 KB
943 KB PNG
Nice, thanks for update anon. Hope they figure out what's the mysterious connection between moon and moon pony.
File: 1655338302565.png (2.18 MB, 2021x2021)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB PNG
preening mare
File: 1653957528089.png (485 KB, 900x900)
485 KB
485 KB PNG
dare I say, mare
File: 1548772923003.png (786 KB, 1500x1100)
786 KB
786 KB PNG
I would rape and beat that little fag to death in front of AJ before skinning her alive.
And yesterday was her great mare day.
File: 1620839908389.png (360 KB, 720x720)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
but it's mare day everyday
File: circle game x-ray.jpg (83 KB, 547x681)
83 KB
that scepter must be great for pranks
File: 1655375247871.png (165 KB, 768x1024)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
wew good thing free parking mare showed up
>binary star system
w-wew lad
God, they're both so lovely and hot.
File: 1655938933693.png (99 KB, 307x307)
99 KB
They should've kept the pony fashion.
Fancy dresses are nice and all, but saddles were special.
pony does wear the saddle, after all.
File: 2218269.png (372 KB, 947x1024)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
So let it be written.
So let it be done.
Agreed. The saddle fashion was wonderful. And it was nice to see a small revival of it by pic related.
File: 2886617.jpg (149 KB, 720x656)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Praising the sun has never been better.
>Pharaoh, let my mares be matched.
Been gone for a long damn time. Was anything ever done with human and pony fallout meeting? I remember an idea being thrown around of a mothership zeta thing but with humans instead of ayy lmaos.
Nope. There's never been a completed FoE story here.
File: 1655227306448.png (1.02 MB, 2000x1500)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
File: 1655822130679.jpg (168 KB, 939x1200)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Mare. Bask in her radiance.
The marexodus is upon us.
File: 1642620234430.jpg (25 KB, 426x327)
25 KB
>And you will know I am the lord (mare) when I lay thy match upon thee
For all the years ive been gone, it always feels good to peak back into /mlp/ and still see the absolute heart exploding amount of love for sunbutt.
That's because Celly is a wonderful mare.
File: 1627086265659.png (842 KB, 1138x929)
842 KB
842 KB PNG
The image is perfectly safe, citizen.
Move along, nothing to see here.
Mare keeps being overdramatic about your sniffles.
>You cough once
>She throws you into your bed and makes you a warm soup
A bit overdramatic, but it comes from the right place.
>Dr Mare says you've got a bad case of the just right's
Little filler update coming in the next day or two. Also, I might have to throttle my effort on the green for a few weeks because I'll try to somehow complete my studies yet, even though I haven't seen the insides of a university in the last two and a half years because of certain reasons. The good thing is, I only have to scrape up a final paper to be over and done with this shit for good, so it shouldn't take too long. Plus, I'll still frequent this thread, so I'll remain available for discussions and stuff. Just wanted to let you know about this in advance.
We need healing hugs. To warm our poor bodies and souls. How smell her chest?
File: 1655663296976.png (3.45 MB, 2855x2361)
3.45 MB
3.45 MB PNG
like vanilla, with a faint hint of soap and her sweat.
Okie dokie then. Wish you the best on your studies
File: 1655425350527.png (870 KB, 1262x898)
870 KB
870 KB PNG
Snowponers are precious.
File: Spoiler Image (627 KB, 1280x1768)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
File: 1670116.png (192 KB, 663x366)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
those two better be married, holding hooves like that.
File: 1655239934673.png (113 KB, 2550x3144)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
Fleur de Mare.
File: 1654255101767.png (2.44 MB, 2000x1658)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB PNG
Do giraffes count?
no dummy
they're giraffes, not mares.
furshit ocs of a dead circlejerk
File: 1656010167019.png (3.9 MB, 2708x1764)
3.9 MB
3.9 MB PNG
>Not wanting to found a happy family with a cute snow mare
Weak display.
For a circlejerk it sure doesn't prevent access
They have big eyes like ponies so it feels like they should, but in-show they don't talk and are treated as animals. Maybe the tall blonde of your dreams just needs someone who can understand her?
>the anti-snowponies tard is here
So... how hard were you raging during the Antithology intro?
File: 1655422324516.png (1.52 MB, 1866x1564)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
Would you a paladin mare?
File: Golden Grail.png (321 KB, 472x880)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
as long as it didn't cause her to break her oaths to god and country, sure. Though I probably wouldn't meet her standards.
File: RLU.png (127 KB, 255x409)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
>be me
>get into PonerPics
>see clop of random mare
>things happen and I end up cumming to it
>unironically feel awful for jerking off to a random mare and not to my beloved mare
What have you done to me?
If the main values are be a nice friend and keep your family happy, it shouldn't be too hard to meet her standards.
File: 2026495.png (500 KB, 619x657)
500 KB
500 KB PNG
Early one mornin while makin the rounds
I took a shot of marecaine and I shot that janny down
I went right home and I went to bed
I held that lovin daki up beside my head
File: 1488737774439.jpg (365 KB, 841x662)
365 KB
365 KB JPG
Only the purple one.
So here is the small filler as promised. It's basically a quick addendum to wrap up what was discussed between #deca.mare, Anon, and Harmony in order to complete the scene with a less abrupt conclusion. As announced, I might not have that much time to write much for the green in the next weeks, but I'll be around to discuss things and such.
Usual links and so on.
Main story:
Side story:
Hope you like it.

"Yes, #deca?"
>"This is the third time you have tried to look at my barrel without me noticing. In fifteen minutes. You know this is a futile attempt."
>You shrug slowly with a grin as you lie in your bed, now openly eyeing the mare who lies next to you.
>Your limbs are still somewhat stiff and weakened after your first gathering with both #deca.mare and Harmony.
>But at least you can already move around without help again.
>And you do not regret that choice for a single second.
>After all, it has given you food for many thoughts.
"It never bothered you so far."
>#deca.mare chuckles.
>"And it still does not. But there is more to it this time."
>A pause.
>"I would not even need the link to register that."
>She takes a breath.
>"Would you like to talk about it now?"
>You do not reply immediately.
>Up to this point, neither of you has addressed Harmony's request, after you have "returned" from your day trip into your mind.
>For you have simply agreed to give you some time to recover first, and only begin to discuss the matter once you feel ready for it.
>Though you are fully aware that #deca.mare implied that she needed some time herself as well.
>You could read this quite clearly in her demeanour.
>And you assume that her addressing the subject now means she slowly feels ready to get to it, and is cautiously probing your mood in regard to the topic as well.
>Plus, your gaze has been, admittedly, not really subtle either.
>So she might have read it as a sign to get started soon.
>You inhale.
"Well, I guess we won't gain anything from evading it for much longer, so..."
>A nod.
>"Very well."
>Brief silence.
>"I would like to hear your thoughts first, Anon."
"Oh. Uh... okay."
>You try to clear your mind and collect your thoughts before you begin.
"Personally, I see nothing in general that could speak against Harmony's idea. I mean, the arguments are all solid. We're a good couple and the most... suitable ones around to be Harmony's parents."
>"Yet you still feel somewhat hesitant about it, do you not?"
"Yeah. It's going to be intense if we're accepting that proposal. Harmony was right in a way that founding a civilisation is much bigger in scale, but the ponies down there could at least handle most of the stuff they needed to get by on their own from the start. A foal won't have that advantage, and needs much more personal care from us."
>"Though this would be true for any other foal of our own as well. And it did not deter you from pondering this option in the past."
>You nod.
"Fair point. That alone isn't a reason for me to back off. And neither does the possibility that it could be Harmony."
>A pause.
"I'm just not sure about the time. The young Equestria is still heading for some bumpy phases, and we need to focus our attention on those when they come."
>#deca.mare keeps listening attentively.
"We can't really split our resources like that. Yet, at least. And putting our proxies on ice for the duration of this 'project' isn't an option. When we're saying yes, we're in for good."
>"You think the cryo pods are completely out of the question?"
"Yeah. Remember what Harmony said in detail? This shall be an authentic experience the whole way through. And cryo sleep intermissions aren't authentic."
>"So what do you suggest then?"
"I'd say we agree, albeit with the condition to not get started immediately. We should aim for a more... quiet historical time, so to speak."
>She nods.
>"I see."
"And you? What are your thoughts?"
"In what way?"
>"That I am both intrigued by the idea, but also... well..."
>You smirk.
>"I think you could say that. Even if we do not realise it right now, having a more or less set date for it does feel, well, unusual."
>You take heart and collect all your willpower to roll yourself to the side, so that you can look #deca.mare directly in the eyes.
"What worries you about it? The pregnancy?"
>#deca.mare shakes her head.
>"It is nothing in particular. I know what to expect. Yet it is a wholly new experience for me too."
>You smile reassuringly.
"Hm, I know what you mean. It's like Harmony said. A new first hand experience. Not only for Harmony, but for all of us."
>A pause.
"If there's anything I can do to alleviate your concerns, just let me know, okay?"
>#deca.mare nods.
>Though you can tell that her mind is still occupied by some brooding thoughts.
>And a moment later, you grin as you come up with a cheeky remark.
"I promise I won't complain when you begin to swell and get heavy either."
>You maintain your deliberately cocky smile as you notice how #deca.mare's mental gears quickly jam as she processes what you have just said.
>She looks at you with a deadpan, almost stoic expression.
>Yes, you have her attention.
>So you push it one step further and stick your tongue out at her.
>#deca.mare's reaction is swift and decisive.
>She puffs once with a light blush before she jumps on top of you, looking you straight in the face.
>In your still somewhat weakened state, her mere weight alone is enough to effectively pin you down.
>And as much as you try to move, you realise you are barely able to twitch with her on top of you.
>Even without #deca.mare actively pushing you down in any way.
>She mirrors your smile.
>"Let us see who is feeling heavy now, Anon."
>Then it is her turn to show you her tongue.
>"You may not be able to carry a foal, but you can carry me instead. How about that?"
>Well, it looks like she is trying to tease you now in turn.
>Knowing fully well that you can barely carry anything at the moment.
>This is exactly where you want her to go.
>So you simply smile and shrug anew.
"Sounds fine to me. No, more than fine. That's great."
>Another pause as you mentally prepare the next little quip.
>You keep your cheeky expression all the way through.
"In fact, the more you grow, the more mare there is for me to carry. Which is a plus in my book."
>And a last.
"So go ahead and show me what you've got in store when the time comes."
>#deca.mare exhales as if someone has given her a sudden cold shower.
>But at the same time, you feel how you managed to agitate her in a jokingly, yet cordial way.
>So much so that a smile cracks through her blushing and seemingly irritated facade.
>Still, she plays the role of the of the sulking mare a little longer.
>"Oh, Anon! You..."
>#deca.mare puts a forehoof on your mouth.
>"You have a very loose tongue today. In case you have not noticed."
>And you, not at all bothered by this recent development, simply plant a kiss on her frog and slowly raise an arm to shove her limb to the side.
>Of course, she could easily deflect your attempt if she wanted to.
>Yet she does not.
>Because she obviously wants to hear what you say next.
>Even when you need more than fifteen seconds to get her hoof off your face.
"Yeah, I know."
>You chuckle.
"But it worked."
>#deca.mare's expression turns into a slightly sceptical one.
>"In what way?"
>You take a breath.
"Because you smiled."
>She blinks, feigning ignorance.
>"Did I?"
"Yep. Don't try to deny it. I saw everything."
>As you say that, she takes a breath, sighs, and shakes her head with a gradually growing grin of her own.
>She shows no traces of acted outrage this time either.
>"Anon, you are impossible today."
>And you shrug again.
"But I got your mood out of that pit. That's all that counts."
>You grab her hoof again to give it another kiss.
"I'll do that every time you need me to. That's a guarantee. We've gone through much worse things together, #deca. This one will be a breeze."
>You look her in the eyes.
"No matter how much... temporary lateral growth Harmony might inflict on you in the future."
>#deca.mare blinks again, now also chuckling bashfully.
>"Anon, I have a challenge for you."
"Which one?"
>"Simple. Try to tell your next joke like..."
>A short pause.
>From one second to the next, #deca.mare's face closes in on yours to lock you in a kiss.
>And she now also actively pushes you down to keep you in place.
>#deca.mare makes one hundred percent sure that you are not able to utter a single word.
>For your tongue is busy with something else.
>Now that you think of it, you cannot even ask her verbally how long she is going to keep you pinned like this.
>Then again, you do not really feel the need to anyway.
>After all, if this is #deca.mare's method of choice to prevent you from cracking another joke, then you gladly let her shut you up for quite a while.

Your stickerset for autistic retard rejects is not interesting, cry about it
File: 2692860.gif (139 KB, 316x346)
139 KB
139 KB GIF
It never snows where I live. People who live where it snows tell me I'd get tired of it pretty quick.
cheering up the mare is a very important part of the relationship
but can they science a way for man and mare to mix by the time the time comes, or will they be forced to use the proxy?
File: 1618951319748.jpg (88 KB, 1200x675)
88 KB
Snow is a lose/lose because either you get Proper Snow rarely enough that nobody retains the knowledge of how to drive in it from one winter to the next, or it happens regularly enough that it becomes another tedious thing you have to deal with because it stops being magical after the second or third time you have to clean it off your car and out of your driveway so you can get to work.
If you vacationed somewhere snowy for the express purpose of having fun in it I'm sure it would be fine, and obviously getting snowed in with mare would be even better than fine.
Cool blog faggot
Thanks, miss.
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Using the proxy for it would certainly be the easiest solution. It innately possesses everything they need to get the job done because it is on a purely technical level an Equestrian stallion, minus an own mind. Now, there is theoretically also the possibility of Anon doing it directly without the proxy, but that comes with a variety of additional obstacles which would require some more complex workarounds.
The biggest issue here is that ponies are not genetically compatible with humans in this setting. Apart from the significant anatomical differences between the two species, there's also the issue that ponies are specifically genetically "tailored" to grow/develop alongside, and with, a series of internal augments from a very early stage onwards in their gestation process. The most prominent example is their natural lack of an organic brain, as that function is meant to be fulfilled by an augmented brain from day one in their lives. I can't see a way how something like this could be compatible with original human gametes, since this universe does not contain any "actual" magic or similar things.
So if Anon is planning to make a genuinely authentic foal with #deca.mare whilst circumventing the proxy, he would have to make himself compatible with pony DNA. And the "easiest" way to do this would be for him to produce actual pony gametes instead of human ones. Or at least alongside human ones. However, both scenarios would only become possible if he undergoes some serious, and unprecedented, genetic adaptation. And whilst #deca.mare could theoretically make this happen, I don't think she would be very keen to rummage around in Anon's genetic code on such a fundamental scale. After all, she is virtually obsessed with keeping Anon healthy and physically intact, so she would think twice about doing something like this.
>The biggest issue here is that ponies are not genetically compatible with humans in this setting.
Oh come the fuck on! Can't you just retcon this? This is beyond dumb as fuck! Just make them compatible with humans. This green is already teetering on the edge of not being /nmp/, but THIS! THIS is what crosses the line straight into "This is not related to /nmp/ in any way".
File: Raspberries.gif (88 KB, 300x275)
88 KB
you make it sound like they couldn't have just tweaked a few bits of pony material along the way to account for it, since they made them from the ground up.
This, there is literally nothing stopping from ponies to be compatible with men. It's almost like Ponegreen doesn't seem to understand what "there is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare" means and implies.
>you make it sound like they couldn't have just tweaked a few bits of pony material along the way to account for it
I would like to hear how this could work with genetics. Really, I'm open for ideas.
>there is literally nothing stopping from ponies to be compatible with men.
Then please explain to me how human gametes can impregnate a semi-cybernetic species of sapient equines in a setting with no magic. Prove me wrong and I'll change my mind.
It's okay, that "random mare" was actually your waifu cosplaying, everything's fine.
What part of "there is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare" you fail to comprehend? This is not up for discussion. Besides, what are artificial wombs you big dunce? Ponies are innately compatible with men.
>make horses capable of human speech/higher thought
>they're at least a third heavy machinery
>capable of "magic" even if most of it is just altered perception of mechanical assistance
you do know that, since we're in the realm of bullshit science and tech, you can handwave it. We don't need to know the specifics of which chromosome was fiddled with where and which cyberwomb enhancement does what.
The resultant human-pony hybrid might just roll out as a pony with more human traits, like a more neutral coat or eye color, or sharper teeth. Something that shows it's not pure pony but still able to blend in since the perception fiddling would gloss over egregious inconsistencies.
Besides, what about minotaurs later? Are you just going to have them take a bit of human code and kitbash that with cattle? Or are you going to dance around that by saying they're like 80% robot or something?
File: image.png (310 KB, 480x360)
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310 KB PNG
> semi-cybernetic
Do i even need to explain shit?
>Besides, what are artificial wombs you big dunce?
Artificial wombs by themselves merely enable a pregnancy outside of an organism. They aren't some genetic slice and dice wonder machines, and still rely on a conventional insemination just like a natural pregnancy.
>you can handwave it
Meh, but okay.
>The resultant human-pony hybrid might just roll out as a pony with more human traits, like a more neutral coat or eye color, or sharper teeth. Something that shows it's not pure pony but still able to blend in since the perception fiddling would gloss over egregious inconsistencies.
Hm, considering the strong tendency towards the pony anatomy in your example, this sounds more like a controlled pregnancy that would be crafted by either #deca.mare or Harmony in an attempt to translate the DNA from Anon's sample into a pony form. Like, they take the sample from him, be it by sex or other means, analyse its code, and see how it would best translate to the pony anatomy in relation to the genetic material of the mother, and then proceed to perform an artificial insemination based on that data. That could work, yet it would still rely on intermediate steps and wouldn't be quite the blind shot that Harmony wished for.
>Besides, what about minotaurs later?
Funny that you mention this. It's one of the things I indeed plan to address in a future update. Same as centaurs, by the way.
Hm... Why not do the thing where male offspring would be human and female pony if man and pony were to have some children?
>They aren't some genetic slice and dice wonder machines
Yes, they are. Do not bullshit me further. You are already full of it as it is.
Anon, artificial wombs are nothing more than fancy incubators. Sure, you can use them as springboard tools for eugenics and some such shit, but that's not the function of the womb itself.
Writefriend, you have tech so high level it's basically magic. Artificial wombs are very much more than fancy incubators, they make miracles happen.
File: 1451428251849.png (159 KB, 640x528)
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159 KB PNG
>in a setting with no magic
subversive faggot

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