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There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare.

as if she wasn't sweet enough already

Old thread: >>38482561

Ongoing greens:

>Dreams to Dream by Stabbythesnowman (NMM)
https://ponepaste.org/4197 (part 2)
https://ponepaste.org/5562 (part 3)

>Shape Your Home by PoneGreen
https://ponepaste.org/477 (Part 1)
https://ponepaste.org/478 (Part 2)
https://ponepaste.org/479 (Part 3)
https://ponepaste.org/480 (Part 4)
https://ponepaste.org/4581 (Part 5)
https://ponepaste.org/4466 (April Fools' interlude)

Completed/on hiatus/ded greens:

>The Recruiter (epilogue) by pentapony

>Hallmark Dream-a by lmone6

>Stories by Pentapony

>Carl's Hardened Heart by Reggiesomething

>"Fleetfooted" by SadBoy

>Stories by Aftercase

>Stories by AnthonyC4

>Stories by Horse Story Anon

>Stories by YukkuriPalehorse

>Rainbow Dash and the Ghosts of Hearts & Hooves Day by Lonesome Rider

>Stories by Trandhal:

>Rocks out of the Quarry:

>Stories by Tsar Anon:

>Stories by Angry Wino: tinyurl dot com slash vskmqfx

>Stories by Crabs of Steam:

>The Broken Carousel (Part 1):
>(Twilight Sparkle Interlude 1):
>(Part 2):
>(Twilight Sparkle Interlude 2):

>This Heart That Fears


>Low Self-Esteem AJ

>All I want from christmas

>Couch Surfing

>A collection of misc. green since the 1st thread
File: 1640908770199.gif (1.19 MB, 592x592)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB GIF
>diabeetus mare
mr brimley pls
Isn’t she just the greatest? I love my Twily.
File: 1638318064274.png (92 KB, 600x400)
92 KB
A good mare to get the party started. [/spoiler]She'll aim straight for your heart.[/spoiler]
ponkniggers showing their intelligence already
File: 1616902114508.png (129 KB, 319x466)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
Pinkie would be that friend that can hook you up with a mare that she thinks you would fit well with, or be your wingpony on a date. She just wants to make you smile, after all.
File: 1645678.png (446 KB, 706x770)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
Remember, the bigger your waifu is, the higher frequency of cuddles she requires.
Who's Mr. Brimley?
I hope we get a good green.
File: 3276013.png (160 KB, 1000x1000)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
Even if it isn't your color?
dude mares lmao
File: 1631880997827.jpg (68 KB, 640x640)
68 KB
This mare is for advanced maremen only.
File: treezy.gif (326 KB, 560x420)
326 KB
326 KB GIF
>Daves not here, maan
No mare, I'M Dave, open up
File: 1295462.png (230 KB, 1280x1418)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
limestone green?
Here's a greenbean
No, thanks.
File: 1642686444819.jpg (44 KB, 624x624)
44 KB
File: Spoiler Image (143 KB, 1500x1500)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
I'm a faggot unfortunately, could she help me?
We established very early on this is man & mares, not adam & steve stallion.
File: 1648596913889.jpg (59 KB, 719x713)
59 KB
Meant to reply to >>38560829
File: Chads rise up.png (501 KB, 984x681)
501 KB
501 KB PNG
In that case, very RAD
No, I replied to the correct post, thanks.
Perhaps those 'rads' or whatever are getting to you again.
Not this shit again.
>Idiot foetards show up for their daily (you)'s
Yeah it'd be nice if they fucked off but why would we ever get nice things.
>Blah blah blah my dykeshit mutantcorns belong here
>Cry about it and die mad
>-Did I catch a critcism about my malecorns? I'm not leaving until you apologize now
>Jk I'm never leaving
>pretending to be someone else
You're the expert here, got any tips?
Fallout is shit, btw.
Lay off on the hormones and maybe you won't be so easily set off, xir.
File: 2624576.png (195 KB, 361x513)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
Rings kind of hollow coming from the fags with the irradiated vagenis's.
File: laughatyou.png (215 KB, 482x620)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
That's not how it's spelled, Patel
File: 1621709006467.png (31 KB, 551x537)
31 KB
The word 'irradiated' or your deformed nethers?
Which one did I get wrong?
My dick is just fine, troon.
File: 1625098942138.png (532 KB, 749x784)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
Too bad your taste in 'mares' is more akin to you liking men, bitch.
File: unbased.png (72 KB, 512x512)
72 KB
>not liking tomboys
Your social credit score just dropped
Oh so your fruitycorns are 'tomboys' now?
File: 1351842524991.jpg (69 KB, 758x644)
69 KB
Yes, wasteland mares are, by and large, tomboys taken to fantasy/scifi conclusions.
They range from tough farmer mares to badass wasteland warriors and I want to hug them all
These faggots here would gladly hug official dykes from the show but somehow don't want to hug a cute wasteland tomboy. Such a shame.
>gladly hug official dykes from the show
Just look at the dashfags and applefags.
Because they're man hating crotch mutilators.
Much as you insist they aren't. I'd figure you being obsessed as you are with them you'd have lent them some sort of redeeming characterizations by now but they're still the same beast tier monsters you fags tout as 'mares'.
You clearly have no idea what you're talking about
Why can't you fucking niggers just stay in /foe/ holy shit
The corruption of the ruinous powers run deep in this thread. It all must be cleansed.
File: 2218269.png (372 KB, 947x1024)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
File: 702480.png (1.02 MB, 1280x804)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
Alrighty, here it is lads. Dreams to Dream time.

>With a solid ring of metal on metal, the last nail in the door hinge slotted into place as Anon lowered the hammer in his grip.
>He stood, eyes scanning the other two hinges he had spent the last hour fitting and hammering into place.
>The light of the setting sun didn’t give him much light to see with, but he had enough to see that the door wouldn’t be going anywhere.
“Okay, you should be good to let go of it now.”
>Nýrmáni’s cyan magical aura, which had enclosed the entire solid wood door up till then, vanished from sight.
>Using the solid metal handle that he’d found in one of their boxes of supplies and had affixed to the door, he swung the solid slab of wood backwards and forwards several times.
>It swung quietly, with only the faintest squeaking from the hinges accompanying its movement.
“Told you, piece of cake.” He went to close it against the frame, only for it to stop several inches from where it should have gone. “Well dang it.”
>”It seems that your ‘piece of cake’ is rather ill-fitted, Beloved.” Nýrmáni smiled as she trotted next to him as she levitated her sword out of its sheath.
“You’re the one who cut it to shape in the first place, if anything it’s your piece of cake.” He pretended to pout, crossing his arms and raising a single eyebrow at the smug alicorn as he moved to the side.
>Her cheeks went pink and she stuck her tongue out at him, even as she raised her sword and began to delicately cut the parts of the roughly hewn door that were preventing it from shutting completely.
>Anon thought about startling her as a joke but decided against it. She might accidentally slice part of their brand new home off if she got spooked.
>He’d save it for another time when she wasn’t holding a seven foot, impossibly sharp magical super sword.
>With one final, small movement Nýrmáni withdrew her sword and returned it to its sheath.
>Wordlessly she turned her head to look him in the eyes with a look of smug satisfaction, even as her magic swung the door completely closed.
>The fit was so perfect it was as if the wood door and stone walls on either side had been fused together.
>”I would say that it is a good fit, yes?”
“Yeah, I’d say so.” He said, unable to contain a chuckle as he walked up next to her and softly flicked the tip of her left ear.
>The large alicorn giggled, the assaulted ear flicking several times as she gave him a toothy smile.
>”So, does this mean we can begin moving our things inside?”
>He could hear the excitement in her voice, and see how her mane and tail, ever flowing and twisting through the air, seemed to move more energetically as she smiled at him.
>But she couldn’t hide the exhaustion in her tone, neither could he.
>His just-healed leg still ached, and helping her with the final touches to their cabin had shown him that his body had not taken well to all the forced bedrest.
>Nýrmáni was apparently feeling it was well, since she had been throwing herself into the construction whole-heartedly, and now she looked like she was running on empty, despite being an alicorn of great physical and magical power.
>Then she gave him those wide, puppy-dog eyes, the eyes that made her out to be the biggest, fluffiest, cutest pony ever in all the land.
>At least that was how she obviously tried to make it seem like.
>But it did work.
“Well we still have to clean out all the leftover dirt, wood shavings, and the leftovers that we didn’t need. We can get it cleaned out tonight, then move everything in it tomorrow, how does that sound?”” Anon looked over his shoulder, to where the sun was just beginning to touch the mountains in the distance.
>Then he smiled, shook his head, and pulled Nýrmáni’s muzzle closer for a swift kiss.
“But sure, we can test the fireplace out right now if you’ll go get some wood, and I’ll go grab a couple of blankets for us.”
>Her reaction was instantaneous, her front hooves wrapped around his chest like a vice, pulling him completely off the ground and to her chest as she nuzzled the top of his head excitedly.
>’Oh this is wonderful, my Beloved! I shall retrieve some wood at once!”
>Anon’s gut lurched as Nýrmáni, without waiting for a response from him and still holding him in her front hooves, leapt into the air and, spreading her large wings, flew to their tent.
>Seconds later Anon found himself gathering blankets in his arms while Nýrmáni, who was giggling excitedly like a young girl, levitated several bundles of their firewood into the air, horn glowing almost as much as her excited eyes.
>”You sure are excited.”
>She looked over at him and tilted her head, slitted pupils literally glowing with joy. “Of course, We have labored for this moment for some time, should we not revel in the triumph of our achievement?”
>He smiled, and placed the now folded blankets in the crook of one arm.
“Well, when you put it that way, I get it.” His stomach decided to interrupt, growling like a starving jungle cat. “Shouldn’t we eat first?”
>” We can sit together in the blankets by our fire and eat in the fire’s glow; Oh it will be ever so romantic and then -”
“Wait a minute, where did you get that idea from?”
>Anon grinned as Nýrmáni’s cheeks began to once again turn pink.
>”W-well, you see, I have read that s-such things are acceptable for couples to do in situa-”
“You’ve been reading that romance novel that Rarity snuck in that box of spell books Twilight gave us, weren’t you?”
>Her cheeks went from pink to bright, cherry red.
>”We will a-admit that we did peruse some of the pages, y-yes.”
>She quickly turned and left the tent, several large bundles of chopped firewood and kindling trailing behind her in her magical grasp.
>Shaking his head and smiling at the sappy alicorn he followed her, walking through the deep snow, two blankets under each arm.
>The glowing red sun bathed the sky in a multitude of yellows, pinks, and oranges as it began to slip out of sight, and he stopped for a moment to appreciate the beauty of it all.
>Despite it just being the two of them up here, the unspoiled beauty of the world around them made up for it.
>Haunted ancient alicorn ruins notwithstanding
>Fighting off a shiver at the thought of that place, Anon made his way to their cabin, finding a cyan glow coming from the open door.
>pieces of wood and small rocks were rolling/blowing out the door, as if by compressed air.
>Entering, he could see waves of cyan magic coming off of Nýrmáni’s horn as the alicorn trotted excitedly in place, her wings half spread from her sides.
>Her magic ran across the flat stone floor, sweeping loose bits of rock, dirt, and wood to the far corners and out the door.
>The wood she had been carrying was stacked neatly next to the fireplace which he could see was already prepared with kindling.
>As he walked inside Nýrmáni’s eyes grew larger, and she bounded over to him, smiling widely as she nuzzled his cheek with hers, her mane and tail writhing excitedly through the air.
>”Now that you are here you can light the fire for Us, then we both can feast while swaddled in those blankets, yes?”
“Whatever you say, Sweetie.” Anon turned his head to the side and kissed her soft, furry cheek.
>She squealed softly then turned her muzzle to the side, pressing her lips against his.
>Too late, he realized his ploy to catch her off guard had failed as the alicorn sat back on her haunches, wrapping her forehooves around him as she pulled him against her chest.
>He was forced to lean his head back slightly to continue their kiss, and he let go of the blankets, letting them fall to the floor as he gently held her cheeks in his hands, rubbing circles into her impossibly soft fur with his fingers.
>She moaned again, a possessive rumble that he could feel against his chest, even through his winter clothing.
>Anon loved how her lips could be so soft, so warm, so inviting, but so forceful, demanding.
>Nýrmáni was the fittest, cutest alicorn ever and he loved her so much he felt like his heart would explode.
>She finally separated her lips from his, the alicorn panting slightly as she stared at him, eyes glowing cheerfully in the rapidly dwindling light from the setting sun.
>”If you thought to make me blush again, you have only succeeded in rendering yourself rosy instead, my Beloved.”
>He tried to think of a comeback to that, but she wasn’t lying. He could probably get their fire started using the heat that currently radiated from his cheeks.
>Anon just chuckled, his hands leaving her cheeks to hug her gently, his hands sinking into the twinkling starfield of her mane and crest.
>She wrapped her wings around him this time, gently kissing the top of his head.
>”I brought a loaf of that wonderful bread that the mare Applejack gave us, let us eat it beside the fire, together.”
“I’d love that.”
>Minutes later, the two of them sat next to a warm, crackling fire, wrapped up in blankets as they quietly ate the wondrous bread.
>Nýrmáni lay on her belly, one large wing over Anon’s chest as he lay against her barrel and neck, the warmth of the cheerfully dancing blaze radiating into the blanket and onto both of them.
>Anon was sure it had apples in it and it was delicious.
>The bread had been consumed quickly, eagerly, and once done they simply lay there, occasionally adding wood to the glowing blaze, not saying a word.
>He’d already ditched his jacket, winter pants, and boots, and he could feel the exhaustion of the day finally catching up to him as he felt his lover’s chest slowly rise and fall against his back.
>A thought that he had been thinking about for weeks surfaced, and his mouth opened before he could stop himself.
>He could feel, rather than hear the chuckle that reverberated in her chest.
>”Always trying new nicknames to ruffle my feathers, Anon?”
“You’re doing it too.”
>”I am not always so formal, my love.”
>Anon yawned, eyes focused on the flickering flames, their light almost mesmerizing.
“I’ve been thinking about, well…”
>”What is it, Beloved?”
>He wasn’t sure if he could do this.
>It was so out of the blue, so spur of the moment but he couldn't stop himself.
“I love you.”
>She gently nuzzled his cheek “As do I, Anonymous.”
>He could feel his face grow hot.
”And we’ve been together for what, a couple months or something?”
>”Give or take a week or two, but yes.”
“I... Well, I’ve had this question on my mind for weeks now, but I’m not sure if I can ask it and it’s been stressing me out for some time now." He let out a long breath. "I know it sounds stupid bu-”
File: z728082.png (200 KB, 900x568)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
>He felt the wing covering the lower half of his body tighten against him and sense her curious eyes against the side of his head.
>”You should not be afraid to ask me anything.”
>He sighed again, rubbing his face with one hand.
>The blankets and Nýrmáni’s fur were so warm…
“It’s a dumb question, and pointless considering where we are.”
>”I do not care; no question is pointless, especially if it is from you, and has your mind as restless as you say.”
>She hugged his head with her neck, resting her head on his shoulder.
>”If you wish to wait to ask, then you can wait. I will always be here when you are ready.”
>He thought over her words, and what he had been seconds away from blurting out.
>Anon smiled, leaning her head against hers as she levitated another log onto their fire, sparks flying upward from the crackling impact.
>He wasn’t ready to ask, not yet.
>Relaxing, his eyes still closed, he slumped down, using her soft, furry shoulder as a pillow.
>Another time for questions, then.
>Nýrmáni’s fur was soft and warm, he could get lost forever in her dark, welcoming embrace
>Anon didn’t even realize it when the crackling fire and Nýrmáni’s calm, slow breaths lulled him to sleep.

Short and sweet. The next update will be longer, Pinkie Promise, gonna be a lot going on, and we'll see what's happening back in mainland Equestria.
Updated Ponepaste here: https://ponepaste.org/5562#2904
File: Naked moon.png (698 KB, 898x895)
698 KB
698 KB PNG
so how many kids do you think they'll end up with
my bet's on a solid dozen
A baker’s dozen
That was cute. Darn you for making me wait to find out what Anon wants to ask though. My money's on foals, and how many
>That was cute. Darn you for making me wait to find out what Anon wants to ask though. My money's on foals, and how many

All of them. Nyrmani would make such a good mommy, though I could also see her growling at anypony besides anon who tries to come near her foals for the first few months.
Ew g%
I forget, did they have a proper wedding yet
like with dresses and wedding bands and all that stuff
to make it official
IIRC they got banished to Fjordland like five minutes after she woke up, so no
no time like the present, then
time to get a really nice dress that looks like spun stardust and some nice silver accessories to really get her all gussied up
they can do the ceremony in the crystal empire, it'll be great
rarity would probably kill to be the dressmaker
Sure. Just not the fucking ultimate edge bitch.
I'm gonna tame this wild mare
She even put on her cutest outfit!
File: 1621385019161.png (140 KB, 1000x1258)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
Dark humor is a lot like food, not everyone gets it
>food analogy
File: 1646945746778.png (633 KB, 300x442)
633 KB
633 KB PNG
I bet you don't love mares as much as me.
File: IMG_3925.png (344 KB, 3469x1659)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
In this image we see a mare before noticing that you're looking at her, one second after noticing that you're looking at her, and three seconds after noticing that you're looking at her.
File: BLUSH.png (1.57 MB, 2562x3000)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
>unshorn fetlocks
yeah sure
God I hate this bitch. She's the only female pony I feel urges to skin alive for.
This. Even fucking Rampage is infinitely better than her.
How about you and the rest of your kind piss off?
File: 6398995.png (1.88 MB, 2399x2399)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
You first
Not until you go back to /foe/ and stay there.
File: 295453.jpg (74 KB, 568x700)
74 KB
File: 1605102312066.jpg (26 KB, 720x720)
26 KB
That's no way to treat a mare.
Under any other circumstances, I'd agree.
But Nightseer is a special case.
An especially cute case? You got that right.
File: 1623636598413.png (487 KB, 970x941)
487 KB
487 KB PNG
Based zipchad
File: 1499111749440.png (1.05 MB, 828x1024)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
mare wearing a skull
File: 1651920856998.png (2.69 MB, 2498x2080)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB PNG
Good night mare bump.
Good night mare bump.
Good Nightmare rump
File: 1304655273520.png (184 KB, 640x360)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
her tiny rump excites us so
Waifufag rollcall time. State your waifu, when you got on the ride, and what you plan to do when you meet [Her].

If you don’t have a waifu, one will be assigned to you.
File: viper droppin 2022.png (91 KB, 428x400)
91 KB
>these peasants claim to be hard when they've never been to moon prison
>when you got on the ride
>when you meet her
Hug, kiss, and definitely picrel
>got on the ride
Summer 2013
>what you plan to do when you meet [Her]
Make her the happiest mare in the world.
File: Most motherly mare.jpg (34 KB, 327x424)
34 KB
feb 2011
most likely drop copious amounts of spaghetti but I would hope we could get along and I don't fuck it up.
>State your waifu
Also celly
>when you got on the ride
Good question I honestly don't remember
>what you plan to do when you meet [Her]
Just try to live up to her expectations...
File: 1622180784105.png (373 KB, 1800x1350)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
My number one fan, you make it all worthwhile.
File: full.jpg (62 KB, 777x498)
62 KB
Try making a joke but don't forget the funny
Try taking the cock(s) out of your ass and mouth when posting in the future. I know you fillyfags forget sometimes.
Don't be so angry and maybe people will want to talk to you irl
File: 275445.jpg (29 KB, 360x310)
29 KB
>implying I want to talk to people irl
>touch grass misanthrope etc
>still avatarfagging with the boards "not gay im a filly dude" cocksock
File: fillystare.png (920 KB, 5281x4755)
920 KB
920 KB PNG
>being triggered by cute ponies
File: 2359839.png (371 KB, 708x602)
371 KB
371 KB PNG
Anonfilly's not cute, you think once your malecorn green is done you'd take a whack at an anonfilly one?
It'd be funny if you did but that'd be contributing.
File: bored filly.png (100 KB, 528x377)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
why don't you both shut up
File: 1621464967859.png (104 KB, 380x380)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
That's a pretty weak dodge but whatever.
When the mare is sus
Still not as weak as your meds
File: 1442032625984.gif (364 KB, 294x315)
364 KB
364 KB GIF
>the hormonally unbalanced retard avatarfagging as a male mare is one throwing the meds stone
File: 4016979.png (1.46 MB, 4500x4500)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
>everyone disagreeing with me is tranny
Yeah, you ahould be cast into the sea with the meds stone tied around your neck
File: 1624899739502.gif (926 KB, 826x462)
926 KB
926 KB GIF
And you from atop a roof!
Sorry that your transition is going poorly, no need to take it out on others.
File: 1623597724095.gif (681 KB, 1280x720)
681 KB
681 KB GIF
>no u
The hilarious thing is your m.o.
>take issue with random post because you "don't get it" or hate the humor
>30-40 replies of back and forth no u
If you're dedicated to killing this place just say so, it's hard to pinpoint your intentions when one day it's a flood of foe cancer and the next it's pretend to be the filly day.
It's not like the for free's are actually going to ban you.
File: anon and the kirin.png (269 KB, 2160x1444)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
You seem to be under the impression that everyone you disagree with is the same person
File: 1623978464187.png (32 KB, 371x392)
32 KB
In here they basically are. Two of you at most.
>Celestia covers her teats
Kinda strange because they're always on display with her normal regalia.
File: 1651845486678.png (505 KB, 1163x943)
505 KB
505 KB PNG
Thoughts on them?
their performance was a bit wooden
File: 1557428256603e.png (375 KB, 855x939)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
Melted too soon before anyone could fix them.
Hmm, maybe the regalia is magically enchanted to hide genitalia.
File: 1643933923749.gif (189 KB, 734x600)
189 KB
189 KB GIF
File: nicemaremoon.png (1.21 MB, 1280x796)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
Very cozy, thanks anon.
My my.
I've never been one to like characters who were displayed as evil, but Nightmare has grown on me.
Her rump looks a bit more meaty in her Black Snootie form though.
honestly I think it depends on the angle.
The moon appears a bit off with this angle.
But Luna looks cute when she's mildly miffed.
the sad consequence of having the mark and the buttsplotch being on different layers of the puppet.
Diamond Tiara (adult)
Feb 2011
just be myself
File: 1621930782585.png (345 KB, 1143x773)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
yeah but when she's wearing her regalia she isn't *nude*
how would you celebrate mothers' day with your waifu
beyond the obvious of making her a mother possibly/almost certainly again
Coomers wouldn't understand but just make her feel appreciated.
conspire with our foals to present her with breakfast in bed and do all of her household chores for her and take her someplace nice for dinner
>fix them
found the gay
enjoy your waifu that expires like a ripe banana ig
Nude or not, she's stunningly beautiful either way.
She's got her eye on you.
File: littlepip (1).png (388 KB, 1024x1261)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
That's a shame because I only have eyes for another mare.
My condolences.
mentally differently-abled mares deserve love, too
File: B-bark.png (61 KB, 900x861)
61 KB
she got better in the end, though
even got to go home and everything
screwball has a problem. littlepip IS a problem.
Sounds like a (You) problem
File: 1623639098803.png (74 KB, 233x379)
74 KB
>12 minutes ago
>pg 9
Not much to that little mystery lol!
Take your meds
Oops, someone had an accident again. Weird how it only started once someone said an ill word against the forced dyke mares.
Christ, this thread needs content soon.
File: Spoiler Image (32 KB, 236x241)
32 KB
I’d submit content but anytime I do I get reee’d at because no one wants any possible negative stuff in their green. It seems easier trying to get my waifu to speak to me, but she has a heart of stone when we talk. It’s like she’s unfeeling rock sometimes!
>but anytime I do I get reee’d at because no one wants any possible negative stuff in their green
That can't be the issue. This thread features a story where complete star systems get blown up and nobody bats an eye.
I think he's the fallout guy and he can't get over people here have a pathological aversion to his setting since he wants to STAY in it. If it was fishing the characters out and letting them have a happier life, no one would care.
Venus anon also got reeed at
constant rape of a pony is not kosher. And doesn't happen in equestria.
>Making things up in your head that didn't actually happen
That anon was right you need meds
File: 1623638246506.gif (275 KB, 443x443)
275 KB
275 KB GIF
Oh nonono bros he said he's working on a fruitycorn green, he's gonna come through I'm sure.
Please tell me you charge the guy rent for that space in your head.
it would only be a psychosis if he didn't actually come in here every day.
File: 971626.png (61 KB, 374x467)
61 KB
It'd be more than you've ever contributed to this thread.
>NMP and RGRE have joint custody over a schizo, and it's NMP's turn to watch him
Sorry guys
File: 970622.png (1.05 MB, 2124x1200)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
No Dreams to Dream update this weekend, I'm going to be halfway across the country hanging out with frens and shootings machine guns inna woods all week
Cool blogpost
File: 1651997378483.png (113 KB, 2550x3144)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
>When your mare is bringing out the really big guns to catch your attention
>another shit OC
Who knew
File: 1350082.png (468 KB, 1000x1000)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
You seem upset
I find it quite interesting that each time someone posts a genuine entry, like >>38576018 >>38576561 and >>38577043, there is always a reply that tries to stir up shit. That pattern is becoming a bit too obvious to be pure coincidence.
The first one is pretty good example, too.
>Hey guys update soon [minor personal tidbit]
>"Nice blog, fag."
File: 1651844969087.png (289 KB, 1681x2373)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
She is planning a Husbando Helicopter Ride for (You).
All ponies are ocs
that's just bumps retard
He can't help it and loves to sage, apparently.
File: 1557907.png (92 KB, 480x576)
92 KB
>collect 200 bits and get your mare free card
File: 1651845111842.jpg (167 KB, 680x680)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Mare rising the thread from page 10.
>mare thinks that you'd look sweet upon the seat of a pedalcopter built for two
Better don't skip leg day. You'll need it to ride that thing properly.
I've hopped on; have you?
File: 1621132722785.png (78 KB, 528x482)
78 KB
she's half crazy
Any MILF greens?
File: cherry berry II.png (1.45 MB, 2430x2229)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG

There is a sweet plant within my mind
Che-rry, Be-rry
Planted one day as she flew on by
Planted by that mare Che-rry!
Whether she loves me- or loves me neigh,
Sometimes it's hard to see.
Yet I am longing to share the day,
With that beautiful, pink, pony!

Che-rry, Be-rry, give me your answer, do
I'm half-crazy, all for the love of you!
It won't be a stylish marriage
I can't afford a carriage
But you'll look sweet, upon the seat
In a new cockpit built for two

We will go tan-dem as a man and mare,
Che-rry, Be-rry,
Peddling through skies is without compare
With that beautiful, pink, pony!

When Luna takes her turn, we'll rest all night
And gaze at the stars, indeed
But nothing that floats makes me feel as light
Like that beautiful, pink, pony!

Che-rry, Be-rry, give me your answer, do
I'm half-crazy, all for the love of you!
It won't be a stylish marriage
I can't afford a carriage
But you'll look sweet, upon the seat
In a new cockpit built for two

I'll be beside you through turbulance
Che-rry, Be-rry,
You'll be the bunch which i'll pick, you'll see
My sweet, precious pony

You'll take the lead in each trip we take
Then if you tire, please let me be
As i'll pedal in lieu for your sake,
My dearest Che-rry, Be-rry!

Che-rry, Be-rry, give me your answer, do
I'm half-crazy, all for the love of you!
It won't be a stylish marriage
I can't afford a carriage
But you'll look sweet, upon the seat
In a new cockpit built for two
File: 1413678958337.jpg (1.39 MB, 2560x1920)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
very impressive
File: ebil rara.png (311 KB, 664x813)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
>ooga booga where da single men at, darling
File: 1650584262637.png (261 KB, 679x675)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
in the middle of the night
mare goes walking in her sleep
Can Luna visit herself in her own dream?
Kinda hard ITT since MILF implies the mare is married.
well, there's a couple ways they could do it. A widow, a divorcee (which I personally don't like because it implies marriages can and do fail in Equestria), and having her be married to you and being the mother of your children but you still think she's the prettiest pony in town and you're gonna show her just how much you love her.
File: brgjm.jpg (138 KB, 720x960)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
I've got some things she can measure
Plot twist: There is a third Luna watching the second.
>REEEEEEEE Earth bad
>but divorce and widows ? A OK
Heresy spotted.
How is he holding the gun
And friendship.
divorce no, widows maybe. But I wouldn't kill off a perfectly happy pair just to make one.
>sageschizo is at it again
the best way to make a MILF
1. marry mare
2. ???
3. try not to wake up your foal(s) with the sounds of making them a little brother or sister
File: You are correct.jpg (28 KB, 196x284)
28 KB
Mare practiced today. Did you?
About to begin to write some horse words, if that counts.
File: 1643335283901.png (246 KB, 801x926)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
praise be upon our benevolent chairmare
File: Cute Ears.png (450 KB, 1280x1280)
450 KB
450 KB PNG
Blep and ear movement are a powerful combo.
Cute pony trips
I want to share a chair with a mare.
File: 1651888156019.png (1.41 MB, 1280x960)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
File: mayormare.png (124 KB, 606x600)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
>Kinda hard ITT since MILF implies the mare is married.

I think he means Christmas Cake older mare whose still single. I think there may have been Harshwinny stories but I don't have any links.
>Christmas Cake
nominative determinism can be a bitch sometimes, eh
I'm pretty sure a good chunk of us would be cake eaters if given the chance.
File: 1645308601273.png (119 KB, 768x600)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
>The Zebra looks at you with a silent, disconcerting stare.
File: Kisses before work.jpg (256 KB, 1032x1279)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
remember to get at least three smooches a day for proper nourishment.
But mare isn't real...
Are you having a stroke?
File: 1624915467286.gif (347 KB, 300x300)
347 KB
347 KB GIF
This is a containment you know, what're you doing slumming it in here, in our containment?
What the hell are you on about now?
File: 1651888933315.jpg (55 KB, 412x376)
55 KB
Speaking of zeebs, can her stripes blush?
Q. What's black and white and red all over?
A zebra mare who's about to become a mother?
Mare trying a new style for (you).
can i see it
When I'm not stupid for once and actually attach the image, yes.
looking slick but why the boyhair?
Late night Friday the 13th update it is, due to me being retarded. Why? Because after suffering from my vertigo fit, I sat down and wrote the wrong chapter. I've made 141.1 & 2, and completely forgot that there was still 140.4 to come. Well, at least it wasn't a wasted effort because that's to be posted next.
Anyway, links and here we go.
Main story:
Side story:
Have fun.

>A while after your mind had ejected you from its own projection, you notice, unsurprisingly, that you have indeed survived the jettison process.
>And as you open your eyes, you once again stare at the familiar ceiling of the Canterlot bedroom.
>With an equally familiar feeling of numbness spreading through your body.
>It does not appear to be as bad as the first time you have gone through the ordeal; you still have some form of faint sensation tingling in your limbs.
>Yet you also fare worse than the second time you woke up from a situation like this.
>Looks like you are forced to endure another round of bed rest.
>Not the worst thing in the world to live through, but still pretty bothersome.
>And you have no idea how much time passed during your cruise through the void between the deep recesses of your mind and this simulation either.
>In retrospect, it both felt like seconds and hours at the same time, leaving you clueless as to which one of the options is closer to the truth.
>But either way, what difference does it make now?
>Little to none.
>So instead of thinking about insubstantial possibilities of what might have happened, you decide to test out what you can do at the moment.
>Starting with something simple.
>You try to move your head.
>It takes a considerable amount of willpower, but you are eventually able to turn it to the sides.
>So you look around.
>As you have expected, you are in your bed, covered by a blanket.
>You can only see your shoulders and your arms; the rest is wholly covered by cloth.
>The few parts you can inspect look fine so far though.
>You try to control your hands and fingers next.
>Similar to your first attempt, it is not easy to pull off.
>But you find yourself able to perform minimal movements with them.
>Nothing that would be sufficient for you to get up, or even grab the blanket that covers you.
>At least without help from someone else, that is.
>Yet you are happy that you do not start fully from scratch again regardless.
>You hear the door creaking, followed by the sounds of hooves stepping on marble.
>In a moment of having an almost completely perfect déjà vu, you do not need to think about who that might be.
>And #deca.mare does not try to hide it either.
>For she addresses you before you have the chance to see her.
>"Hello, Anon. Welcome back."
>One second later, you see her trotting around the bed until she stands right next to you.
>You struggle to reply.
>But whilst you could just let her read your thoughts, you want to use your own voice nevertheless.
>Because if you can prove to yourself that you can do that, it bodes very well for a speedy way back to your top condition.
>She smiles gently and points at the bed.
>"May I?"
"Sure. Come."
>#deca.mare happily accepts that invitation.
>She hops onto the bed, crawls under the blanket, and lounges on you, facing you as she makes herself comfortable.
>Which, your mare's comfortable and warm presence aside, does have some advantages.
>For instance, whilst #deca.mare shifts her rear legs to make them align with yours, you feel a dampened, yet notable sensation of her limbs softly brushing against the skin of your legs.
>You learn two things from this.
>One, your legs are, as you have expected, in the form they are supposed to be.
>And two, sensing how her coat and hooves are touching your body gives you yet more hope that you could indeed leave the bed much earlier than you did back then.
>#deca.mare looks at you for a few seconds, face to face, before she raises her voice.
>"I think we have a lot to discuss, Anon. But first things first. How do you feel?"
>You go for a direct and honest evaluation of yourself.
"Okay. I think. Hard to move."
>"No worries. Your physical condition is nothing to be concerned about. It is just as the last time. You will recover with ease."
>She pauses briefly.
>"What about your consciousness? Can you think clearly?"
>You show her an attempt of a nod.
"I. Believe so."
>"Splendid. Do you remember what happened?"
>You take a moment to focus on your memories.
>And you can recall a few scattered things here and there.
>But it is all pretty chaotic.
>You have a vague idea of what might have happened, and a fairly clear picture of how it ended, yet you are not fully sure how reliable the details of your recollections are.
>Or how large the gaps between your mental fragments actually might be.
"I tried. To contact. Harmony. Said something. Things went wrong. I got ejected."
>"No, you did not simply try it. You established a connection to Harmony, Anon. It is what caused your current condition."
"So. Not all. Of it was. A dream."
>"Well, the... projection of your encounter occurred in your mind. In that regard, you could say it was a dream of a kind. But it had a tangible influence on the real world. On Harmony in particular. And to a degree,... also on me."
>You take a longer, somewhat strained breath.
"I do. Not fully. Understand."
>#deca.mare nods patiently.
>"Then I have good news. There is an incoming message waiting for you."
"A... message?"
>"Hmhm. Sent by Harmony. With exactly this scenario in mind. Do you want to see it?"
"Yes. Please."
>She summons a console close to your face, blocking her from your vision.
>And you quickly identify the new object as the interface you use to read and sort incoming notifications from the units you occasionally manage.
>However, you also notice that the newest message on the list was not created by any generic automaton.
>As #deca.mare has already pointed out, Harmony has sent this message personally, according to the logs.
>The text of the entry is fairly generic, as it merely states that Harmony sends this message in accordance with the wishes of the 'Progenitor'.
>And although it sounds almost like a title of a leader that comes from some kind of strangely religious cult, you have the impression that Harmony refers to you.
>Because there is something ringing in your mind as you hear that word.
>However, the plain text is not the heart of the message.
>For Harmony has added another file as an attachment.
>A recording, as it seems.
>#deca.mare talks to you through the intransparent console.
>"Ready to watch it, Anon?"
>You wait for another moment, assure yourself that your brain is working properly enough, and accept.
>The interface turns into a visual screen as the recording begins to play.
>It shows you the events of the meeting that your mind has apparently shoved partially aside.
>Starting right before the point at which Harmony takes the form of the Elements.
>To the transition at the beginning of the pathway scene.
>And finally up to the last segment in the interior of the crew quarters.
>You see all the pictures, and hear everything that was said.
>Which brings all of your memories back to the surface.
>You keep your eyes trained on the recording until the very end.
>The moment when both Harmony and you are flushed out of the imaginary command deck.
>Once the file has run its course, the console disappears in its entirety.
>And you are suddenly confronted with the close face of #deca.mare again.
"Oh. Boy."
>"Indeed, Anon. I was... quite surprised myself when I was informed about this. After you have lifted that restriction."
>Even though #deca.mare's voice does not hint at any form of irritation towards your person, her choice of words still appears poignant to you in a certain way.
>And you would not be surprised if she is moderately concerned about this sudden revelation either.
>For you know that you certainly would be, in her stead.
>You want to interject, yet she is faster.
>"We will address that in due time."
>Now you get a chance.
"I hope. You aren't. Angry with. Me."
>#deca.mare says nothing.
>Instead, she responds with a long kiss.
>The experience feels unreal, thanks to your dampened senses, but you appreciate that gesture of affection for what it is regardless.
>After all, she is not mad, and the universe has not been doomed yet either.
>What else could you possibly ask for?
>#deca.mare moves her head back, once she is certain that your question has been answered.
>Sufficiently, and thoroughly.
>Then she smiles and raises her voice again.
>"Please take it easy, Anon. We are in no hurry to review your experience. And I understand that you were not fully... sane when you gave the instructions to hide these documents from me. No offence."
>A short pause.
>"This is nothing we cannot handle though. And we have at least two full days ahead of us in which we will not be able to do much else together anyway."
>You sigh.
"Two. Days?"
>"Unfortunately yes. Harmony was... not very subtle in the attempt to contact you."
>It still is a small price to pay, in exchange for the things that everyone has learned through this.
>She gently wraps her forehooves around your shoulders, for all intents and purposes huddling herself against you.
>And you register, albeit barely, that her barrel presses against your groin.
>You try to chuckle.
>Though it sounds more like a croaking motor to you.
"A shame. I'm currently. Out of order."
>#deca.mare blinks once before she understands.
>She pauses and turns her head.
>To take a look at the blanket that covers you two.
>"Theoretically speaking, I could rectify that immediately. But acting upon it would be a pointless pursuit, because I cannot enhance your sensual receptiveness. No matter what we do, it would feel just as bland for you as everything else."
"Ah. Well."
>And even though a part of you is admittedly lightly intrigued by the idea of testing this theory out, you understand that you can use your semi-involuntary down time for something more practical.
>So you collect your thoughts, and venture forth.
>Metaphorically speaking, at least.
"Alright. Let's just talk. Then."
>#deca.mare summons a variety of consoles for herself.
>However, before she can even begin, you need to make something absolutely clear.
"Please keep. It slow. I am. Not the best. Listener. Today."
>She nods.
>"Of course."
>Then she takes a breath and begins.
>"As you can imagine, I have spent quite a while on the logs that you have declassified recently. I have analysed every single detail of your interaction with Harmony, and what consequences these details could potentially entail."
>She clears her voice.
>"The fairly obvious part of the conclusion up front, you have not caused any critical changes."
>Well, now you have the confirmation from her that everything is fine with Harmony.
>Which certainly is a relief.
>Yet after reliving your experience with Harmony thanks to the recording, you know there is still something coming.
>And it does.
>"But this is not to say that there are no changes whatsoever. You did affect Harmony in some ways."
>If you could, you would rub your temples now.
"You mean the. Unscheduled. History lessons."
>#deca.mare softly places the inner sides of her forehooves on your temples, and begins to stroke them gently for you.
>"Yes. Those."
>A brief moment of awkward silence.
>"I think we do not need to get into the details of what you have revealed. We both know what this is about."
>Which is her way of saying that she would rather not want to stir up these memories for this discussion.
>And it would be completely redundant anyway.
>So you do not do so either, and agree with her.
"You're. Right. Let's move. On."
>"Alright. I do not want to strain you more than necessary, so allow me to summarise these changes concisely for the time being."
>You witness that #deca.mare sifts through a lot of texts on all consoles simultaneously.
>"To make it short, you have called the attention of Harmony to a factor that may potentially play a vital role in the development of Equestria. By possibly posing a considerable threat."
>A lot of words to circumvent the usage of terms like humanity or risk of invasions.
>Still, you let #deca.mare carry on, for you fully understand what she says between the lines.
>"And following the instructions and lessons that we have taught Harmony since the beginning, our student has worked on strategies and proposals to counter said problem with acceptable means."
>Additional consoles appear all around #deca.mare.
>Quite easily more than three dozen.
>And as you can see, even in your weakened condition, each and every one of them contains unique lines of text and schematics.
>"What I have here are merely the most elaborate ones of the bunch. They are currently all in different phases of development, and hence vary greatly in their complexity, but Harmony is ready to develop them further if we give these projects the green light."
>Good grief.
>Apart from the few select mentions, you have no idea what the other plans might be about.
>But if the proposal of a defensive armada, that could intimidate an attacking fleet of a size that the known sectors of space have not seen in six centuries, is any indication, then you are bound to be in for a wild ride.
>Especially since accepting even one of those proposals may swiftly lead to "adventures" that you might happily do without in the grand scheme of things.
>Still, intentionally or not, you sparked this development with your actions.
>So you have to work through this, no matter what.
>Besides, it is much better than doing nothing.
>And more stimulating than watching #deca.mare silently "riding" you when you are barely able to feel a tingle.
>So you let her continue.
>And she begins right with the first example.
>"Let us start with the plan that you have already heard of. It is not only one of the earliest projects that Harmony has started to work on, it is also the most... ambitious in scale."
>One of the console floats towards #deca.mare's head and comes to a stop right next to it.
>As soon as the interface is no longer moving, she tilts it in such an angle that you can perfectly study its contents with only a slight turn of your own head.
>She gives you the time to read the introductory paragraph of the text for yourself.
>As expected, it is Harmony's proposal to ramp up Equestria's defensive capacities.
>Which effectively amounts to practically overhauling your entire protective grid around the planet from the ground up.
>#deca.mare chimes in.
>"I spare you to read through the details for now. Suffice to say, Harmony suggested to complement our fleet with a whole series of new designs."
>She pauses for a brief moment as the text document scrolls down automatically.
>The console easily skips a couple of paragraphs.
>Until it reaches a section that contains a considerable number of attached images.
>Showing rough sketches of hull designs which are wholly unknown to you.
>The relatively sparse details on those depictions indicate that the designs have not reached the quality of standard blueprints yet.
>But if you consider all the things you have learned from #deca.mare so far, you know that these might very well turn into legitimate blueprints with some additional effort and refinement.
>"As you can see here, Harmony has already created a full line of concept papers for us. Want to see a new light scout fighter or a heavy assault craft? Corvettes, frigates, capital destroyers or carriers which the world has never seen? We have it all. And do not even get me started on the outlines for a potential super heavy destroyer."
>You blink.
"Are you. Serious?"
>#deca.mare chuckles with a wry smile.
>"Harmony most certainly is."
>She sifts through the sketches until the screen shows a particularly noteworthy proposal for a vessel.
>A hull about as long as a terraformer mother ship, but without any of the bells and whistles that a terraformer ship would usually benefit from.
>For instance, you are quick to notice that the allotted space for general cargo bays is drastically trimmed, thereby slimming the overall shape to a significant degree.
>The resulting design is almost flat in comparison to a conventional #deca ship, which has the inherent benefit of exposing fewer hull compartments to an enemy during combat.
>And there is more.
>The hull bears far more sockets for turrets than your mother ship, boasts even more reinforced internal bulkheads, as well as stronger external armour platings, and possesses more shield generators, plus higher capacities to store energy.
>Even the engines have been optimised to allow for more mobility in conventional manoeuvres.
>All in all, a craft of this composition would be considerably stronger, tougher, faster, and much more "agile" than your current capital ships.
>It is more than clear that this construction was conceived with only one role in mind: Pure and direct combat.
>The only minor shortcoming of the design that you can find is a comparatively weak jump drive array.
>Which means it cannot cross as much space as yours per jump, and requires more time to recalibrate in between.
>But since Harmony has stressed that the fleet would be explicitly defensive in nature, it is sufficient for the vessel to reach the proximity of the system's star to replenish its energy reserves, and return home on its own afterwards.
>You inhale loudly.
"That's a. Bloody dread. Nought."
>#deca.mare nods.
>"The whole line is made in the same spirit. All the common utility tools and systems were removed to make way for additional firepower and general combat survivability."
>You take that in for a moment.
"I must admit. Harmony has. Put a lot of. Work into. These."
>"Oh, you have only seen the tip of the proverbial iceberg, Anon."
>"The ships were only the beginning. Harmony has also created concept papers for orbital defence stations, and additional defensive modules for our already existing assets."
>#deca.mare notices that you intend to comment on this, but decides to go on before you get the opportunity to do so.
>"And have you noticed the 'subject to change' section beneath the images? This is not only included to emphasise that the plans are not completely fleshed out yet, but also because Harmony has made yet more drafts for another specific purpose."
>New graphics pop up on the screen.
>This time showing orbital stations and ground installations of various types.
>You have a hard time to decipher any of the specifics, but you read enough to grasp that these things are not exactly low-tech by any definition of the word.
>"Behold: Harmony's proposals for research stations on, and around, other planets. Meant to conduct experiments in order to, hopefully, further our knowledge in practically every relevant sphere of science and technology. Which, depending on the findings, might be further integrated into the blueprints of our vessels and stations. Current and future models alike."
>Good grief.
>Can it get any more ambitious?
>As it immediately turns out though, yes.
>It positively can.
>"And before you ask, a list of potential candidates has also been created by Harmony. Courtesy of our star charts."
>You blink once.
"I think. I fucked. Up."
>Yet #deca.mare shakes her head.
>"No. Nothing is ruined in any way, Anon. Remember, these are just proposals for the time being. Besides, you would have to... override... a few restrictions before we can begin at all."
>You get what she tries to imply.
>But as you try to mention it directly, #deca.mare quickly silences you by putting a forehoof on your mouth.
"You mean. The...mph!"
>She keeps her limb in place for a moment.
>Gently, but with determination.
>"I suggest we do not talk about this in detail today. You might accidentally set off another... unintended turn of events."
>You nod.
>As well as you can with your limited abilities and a hoof on your mouth, that is.
>And #deca.mare swiftly removes the offending limb from your face, as to not inconvenience you any further.
>"We will come back to it as soon as you are completely fit again. And before we do that, we should also discuss what we can do to prevent a situation like this from happening a second, no, a fourth time."
>Although you have already asked her previously, you nevertheless check #deca.mare's expression to see if you can find any signs of displeasure.
>Yet you spot nothing.
>As far as you can tell, she merely silenced you because she is concerned about what might happen if she did not.
>And because she too appears to be somewhat stumped by all of this.
>While your mind ponders in silence, you suddenly realise that you have not asked #deca.mare about her personal view on the matter yet.
>All that she told you was that she is not angry with you.
>But no word so far on her view on Harmony's plan as a whole.
>Time to rectify that.
"So what do. You think. #deca?"
>"About the plans? And whether we should consider any of them or not?"
>#deca.mare sighs.
>"I am torn, Anon. On the one side, I do not like the idea of building a fully militarised branch for our fleet. This is not what Equestria is about."
>A short pause.
>"But... what if we really find ourselves under attack one day? What if we actually have to defend ourselves... and Equestria? Our current arsenal could offer a significant resistance against a small or moderately sized formation. But a full-scale invasion? No."
>Another heavy sigh.
>"Our own likely demise in such a case aside, we both know what that would mean for the planet too."
>You think of New Green Meadows, only with a role reversal.
>And #deca.mare sees the same image before her, probably even without your link.
>"No, we cannot allow this to happen."
>She looks at the white marble ceiling above you.
>"And to be honest, I would be a fool if I ingored the merits of installing highly specialised scientific and industrial outposts on other, lifeless planets. To widen our horizon, and our access to resources. There surely is still much left to learn from the cosmos."
>A pause.
"Sounds to me. Like you. Are one. Third against. It, and. Two thirds. In favour of it."
>"Yes. And no. I... am simply not sure."
>Realising that you have navigated the conversation into a dead end, you think back to the other thing that Harmony has mentioned.
"What about the. Diplomatic. Approach?"
>#deca.mare lowers her head to look you in the eyes again.
>And you find yourself in one of those very rare cases, in which you cannot discern what #deca.mare is feeling.
>Possibly because she might be uncertain about that herself.
>"Now, this may sound patronising, but Harmony's stance on this is, well, quaint at best. And naive at worst."
>She takes a breath.
>"It is as you have said previously. Finding a cordial diplomatic solution is, as much as we wish to achieve it, a remote dream."
>Another short pause.
>"And although Harmony has put an admittedly commendable effort into evaluating possible scenarios, it is evident that Harmony does not fully understand the terran mindset regarding us."
"In what. Way in. Particular?"
>"Bluntly put, the whole section about diplomacy reads too much... like scripts from the show. The proposals are assuming far too much goodwill on the other side."
>#deca.mare blinks.
>"To make this clear, Harmony is not acting stupid or inconsiderate, and the possibility of failing at the diplomatic table was taken into account. The proposed strategies show this nicely, because every approach bases on the assumption that we have a deterrent fleet available to step in and save us as a last resort option, if necessary. And Harmony also acknowledges that any attempts to establish diplomatic contacts should only be considered if our hoof is forced first, meaning if we got discovered."
"So I heard. But?"
>"But... all of the diplomatic projections assume that we can theoretically turn the terrans' view on us fairly quickly. Similar to how conflicts are resolved in the show."
>#deca.mare chuckles lightly.
>Though you think you hear faint traces of irony in the laughter as well.
>"Harmony has been strongly affected by our vision of Equestria, when it comes to handling things like these."
"This doesn't. Sound like a. Bad thing. To me."
>She nods.
>"You are not wrong, Anon. For interacting with Equestria, it is the best outcome we could have hoped for. In cases of interstellar reconciliation, however, the results of applying this worldview might be... more sobering."
"To be fair. Neither of us. Would be. A good alternative. Either."
>"Which brings us right back to where we were before. The proverbial square one."
>You try to shrug.
>It is barely a faint twitch, but enough for #deca.mare to register it.
"I dis. Agree. We have found. A new way. To communicate. With Harmony."
>You smile.
>Even though it looks more like an askew demented grin of someone who does not know how to show emotions.
"I wouldn't. Call that square. One if. You ask me."
>#deca.mare studies you intently, not minding your apparently deranged expression.
>"True. But it might only be of any use to us in the long run if you are willing to subject yourself to this treatment again."
"If it helps. To improve. Our bond to. Harmony. Why would I. Not?"
>#deca.mare sighs.
>"Delay that assessment until you are fully back on your feet. I reckon you will find the days in bed very monotonous over time."
>You laugh.
>Or you try to, at least.
"With you. By my side. They can never. Be that. Monotonous."
>After taking a short breath, #deca.mare quickly nuzzles your cheek.
>Again, you hardly register her coat touching your skin as she does.
>"Flattering as always."
>Then her muzzle closes in to touch your nose.
>You are almost tempted to ask if #deca.mare tries to entice you.
>To do a bit more than that.
>However, she swiftly makes it clear to you that this is a severe miscalculation.
>For #deca.mare is still in her serious mode.
>Despite covering your prone form with her own, and being in close-up kissing range.
>"But facing the aftermath of another shock aside, there is still, as I mentioned, the problem and potential risk of giving unwanted high priority orders. We should fix this before you consider to meet Harmony again."
"Agreed. Any. Suggestions?"
>A brief pause.
>"I do have some ideas of what we could do, and I would like to hear your opinion on those. Besides, I need your help to put them into practice anyway. Since this affects master-level orders, I have absolutely no access to the relevant sections. Only you can do this."
"Uhm. You want to. Do any of. That now?"
>#deca.mare shakes her head.
>"Not in your state. But..."
>She gives you another kiss.
>"... I wanted to let you know that I am working on some viable solutions."
>Then she sticks out her tongue.
>"I will not tell you which ones though. Not yet."
>You get it.
"Not before. I'm up. Again. Yes."
>You think about this condition for a moment and smile.
"Does it count. When you. Carry me out?"
>And #deca.mare's expression turns into something which you can best describe as "diplomatic".
>"No, Anon. And neither does zero gravity. Or anything else of that nature."
>You inhale, lightly amused.
"Ah. Bummer."
>"Your eagerness and tendency to jest are good signs, however. I am sure we will have no problems to pass the time together."
>You keep your delighted mood.
"I'm sure. We will."
>And so, you postpone any further weighty discussion, and let your prescribed bed rest play out as intended.
>Though you would be lying if you claimed that either of you two gets bored for even a moment.
>#deca.mare turns out to be completely right in that regard.
>And both of you are quite happy with this result.
>You may not have found any definite answers to anything yet, though given the circumstances, you feel fairly confident that you will do so in the future.
>As a first step, this is not such a bad development in your book.
And done. Will leave some breathing room until 141 is dropped. Also gives me some more time to proofread.
I wonder how long it'll take them to figure out they can just make a chat room where all three of them can just "log in" and not put Anon on his ass for three days.
About as soon as Harmony gains a bit more of an own personality. The main reason why Anon was reeled in this directly was to bring him into a state in which Harmony could "borrow" some of his personality to establish a more or less functional line of communication. Which will become redundant once Harmony has reached a certain development "threshold".
gotta get her working on her pony OC as soon as she gets enough sense of self to make it work. It'll be great. Just need to make sure it doesn't sparkle too hard.
File: 1652124986471.jpg (370 KB, 1265x853)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
Will you train hand/hoof wrestling with your mare?
>at least 3
I'm very confident that it's actually 1 smooch per lb of lean body mass
File: 1554600.png (49 KB, 576x576)
49 KB
Yeah I don't mind if she likes trains.
>Just need to make sure it doesn't sparkle too hard.
>what tactical advantages do the spikes on the drones serve?
>they represent my internal darkness, DAD
cute image thumbs up anon i do not regularly comment but this one earned it
File: Xenon_LX.jpg (148 KB, 1920x1080)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Spoiler free response: It's duly noted.
Really reminds me of some later stage Terraformer/Xenon design in a nutshell. See pic related as a good example where I asked myself the same question.
File: 1623875751197.png (744 KB, 1054x774)
744 KB
744 KB PNG
wake up
time to mare
This board is unusually fast today.
And I have no idea why.
I can only imagine that it interferes with scanners somehow, makes it look bigger than it is.
>piece of cake
Missed opportunity for Nýrmáni to show her lack of knowledge about these expressions. Would have been funny if she asks "Cake, where?".
>cut the parts
At least its oversized, rather than undersized.
>this mean we can begin moving our things inside?
Isn't the whole house still cold?
>we can test the fireplace out right now
And keep it fed for a few days constantly.
>Oh it will be ever so romantic
Romantic? That's new.
>W-well, you see
Embarrassed Nýrmáni is cute Nýrmáni.
>Her magic ran across
That will make this job quick.
>I brought a loaf of that wonderful bread
Advantages of cold: you can freeze bread to keep it edible longer.
>I am not always so formal
Correction: learning not to sound formal.
>”What is it, Beloved?”
I can guess a few things:
- How long are they going to be separated from society.
- Foals (but maybe this is too early, they are still just setting up)
- Lifespan of Anon vs Nýrmáni
- Marriage

Thanks for the update!
File: 1624213602143.png (98 KB, 318x318)
98 KB
Yeah, it's a mystery.
File: dorito.gif (1011 KB, 500x340)
1011 KB
1011 KB GIF
The real mystery is why you seem upset over nothing.
File: 1652510.jpg (66 KB, 400x510)
66 KB
Nah you just have a perception issue.
The odds of me not seeing something comoared to you seeing something that isn't there are not in your favor, my guy.
I'm seeing you fucked up in your shitposting haste. Maybe try the phone next time, those usually have auto correct.
File: 1652551061422.png (869 KB, 1171x949)
869 KB
869 KB PNG
Figured as much. Thanks for the bumps though.
We're avoiding page 8 thanks to you.
File: 1627940279752.png (134 KB, 411x458)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
your welcome
File: 2447620.png (317 KB, 1280x720)
317 KB
317 KB PNG
why does she seem scared
Because (you) aren't there.
File: 1651855459398.png (440 KB, 3200x3147)
440 KB
440 KB PNG
Confused mare.
File: 1241066.jpg (35 KB, 512x486)
35 KB
>"Anonymous? Is this still part of the game?"
I don't get it
>no cute tsundere moon green
not nice
>anon writing tsundere moon green getting inspiration for more green
>German Cherry
File: 1651633969264.jpg (184 KB, 1024x1024)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
>You've got match, err, mare, uhm mail.
File: 236064.png (1.42 MB, 778x1100)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
I haven't watched it (yet), but maybe it has some potential for a short greentext with mail pony? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjP4s7UUnK8
File: 1648602240529.png (372 KB, 791x746)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
Mare remembers that year.
File: cute oz mare.png (117 KB, 248x426)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
>indeed survived the jettison
He is used to falling.
>Little to none.
If they stashed their proxies away. Because now they live two lifes basically.
>You hear the door creaking
I'm surprised that she was not beside the bed 0-24.
>in the form they are supposed to be
Pony or human? :) I know obviously.
>Do you remember what happened?
Tiny bit early.
>"A... message?"
He can hardly think, and #deca.mare just said "But first things first. How do you feel?", why don't she gives an hour or two for him to recover some more?
>interface, text
He can barely move, imho this is too fast.
>recording begins to play
Recording it was a smart move.
>the interior of the crew quarters
Isn't this last part was completely Anon's projection in his own mind? How could Harmony have recorded it? They were not even truly "speaking", but more like transfering higher concepts which Anon's subconsciousness interpreted and made into speech.
>After all, she is not mad
Sounds like a married man.
>We are in no hurry
Then why didn't she gave him a few hours to recover.
>This is nothing we cannot handle though.
So she thinks this whole thing is not an issue at all.
>Theoretically speaking
*Horny speak
>"Ah. Well."
It can still pleasure the wife! Also give the man time to recover.
>Then she takes a breath and begins.
I'm starting to notice a pattern in my comments here.
>I have spent quite a while on the logs
As I said earlier, this is why she is not angry/considers this an issue because she already evaluated most of it.
>I do not want to strain you more than necessary
>you let #deca.mare carry on
There is no other choice.
>strategies and proposals to counter said problem
Why haven't #deca.mare noticed this? At least the fact that Harmony is doing something other than what supposed to.
>Good grief.
Indeed. The talk between them was not suggesting any of this.
>And more stimulating than watching #deca.mare silently "riding" you
I beg to differ.
>projects that Harmony has started to work on
From the last chapter I just assumed Harmony (before the talk) did nothing regarding this issue and were only coming up with scenarios during the talk.
>hull designs
Harmony is definitely working on this for a long time. Plus it has a ton of information what's absolutely not needed for running the planet. Eg spaceship design how to.
>And there is more.
Maybe #deca.mare can use some of these designs too. She's in a need for a new body. Something that gets her away from the "old #deca" looks.
>Pure and direct combat.
Harmony strayed a long way away from the "peaceful caretaker".
>And have you noticed the...
#deca.mare sounds like a mother complaining about her child.

>these are just proposals for the time being
Anon fucked up in a way that these should not even exist.
>You might accidentally set off another...
She's not mad, but she is mad.
>come back to it as soon as you are completely fit again
Oh I know the solution for this! #deca.mare should have waited for Anon to recover a bit more.
>Yet you spot nothing.
Mad but not mad.
>I am torn, Anon.
She sees the logic, but is also on Anon's side (regarding how humanity would react).
>To widen our horizon, and our access to resources.
But this is completely separate from the military stuff. No need to build warships to build a research outpost. Also who will operate this outpost? It needs a sentient creature to research new things.
>I... am simply not sure.
Not like they have to decide right away...
>Diplomatic. Approach?
Considering how Harmony suggested this from the start it definitely worked a lot on the non diplomatic one.
>because every approach bases on the assumption that we have a deterrent fleet
Oh so that's why the designs.
>if we got discovered
About that, why don't they just hide better? They have cloaking devices. Why not hide the whole planet with a device that's also hiding in plain sight (for the ponies)?
>been strongly affected by our vision of Equestria
Isn't it what it is designed for?
>if you are willing to subject yourself to this treatment again
Why not develop a more efficient way of communication?..
>We should fix this before you consider to meet Harmony again.
Didn't she just shut this topic down moments earlier?
>I am working on some viable solutions
Sounds to me like a loophole. Why isn't there a "master-level order" to prevent even thinking about how to revoke/rework them?
>this is not such a bad development
More like "not such a bad consequence from this whole ordeal".

Thanks for the update!
Sure doesn't take much to derail this thread, does it...
good couple of times I'm pretty sure he just talks to himself because other people have filtered the words "wasteland" and "raider" and so on.
File: 1620130934953.png (12 KB, 800x600)
12 KB
whose that special mare that sets your heart on fire, anons?
File: 1651896741994.png (491 KB, 1024x833)
491 KB
491 KB PNG
Celestia, definitely. She's seen way too much as a ruler whilst the mare beneath that title is criminally underrated. In Equestria, I mean.
File: 1651437687074.png (1.03 MB, 1320x1529)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Rainbow Dash. I adore her confidence and love her so!
File: 1651956454529.gif (203 KB, 837x598)
203 KB
203 KB GIF
Mare on her way to arrest your heart.
Either that, or the angular struts serve as antennae of some kind. But it's a flawed design regardless because the upper pair is placed in front of the turrets, which blocks a bit of their frontal line of sight, and contains the risk of damaging the own vessel when firing.
>He is used to falling.
That's the good thing about a virtual simulation. You can do, and survive, literally everything.
>If they stashed their proxies away.
Which is usually the norm when they are not using them.
>I'm surprised that she was not beside the bed 0-24.
Well, she was pretty busy at the time.
>Tiny bit early.
>He can hardly think
>He can barely move, imho this is too fast.
The way how I conceptualised this segment was somewhat akin to a, for the lack of a better word, "functionality check" of Anon, i.e. #deca.mare was checking how well Anon fares, and evaluating whether he needs more rest or something else. And since Anon says that he believes to be alright, as far as the situation allows him to be, #deca.mare proceeds with the "debriefing".
>Isn't this last part was completely Anon's projection in his own mind?
Everything was. From the void to the crew quarters, it was all in his mind.
>How could Harmony have recorded it?
Because Anon allowed Harmony to read his mind, enabling the latter to visualise a recreation of the events inside his head, both from Anon's, as well as from Harmony's perspective. On second thoughts though, I guess the word "record" might be a bit misleading in this context, since nothing of it was recorded in the literal meaning of the word.
>Sounds like a married man.
So it's all good then. :)
>So she thinks this whole thing is not an issue at all.
Or rather, she has seen that it has not turned out to be the kind of apocalyptic disaster that it potentially could have been.
>*Horny speak
>It can still pleasure the wife!
I mean, sure, it could. Her having the Anon Plug-In (TM) from here on out would have severely shifted the tone of the remaining part of the chapter though. Like, imagine how the rest of the dialogue would play out if nothing was changed, except for him railing her from this moment onward. Would have been perfect for an April Fools' chapter, I assume.
>Also give the man time to recover.
To be fair, he brought it up first.
>Why haven't #deca.mare noticed this?
Because Anon, in his infinite stupor at the time, ordered her not to notice this. With all the consequences it might entail.
>From the last chapter I [...]
Not quite. Harmony has been made aware of this situation in one of the two earlier encounters, and has pondered possible solutions ever since, without the two knowing about it. Hence the elaborate plans.
>what's absolutely not needed for running the planet. Eg spaceship design how to.
I disagree. Since Harmony is supposed to take care of every single aspect of Equestria, this does also include logistics and the handling of automatons. As such, Harmony requires a thorough understanding of how automatons work, what makes them tick, and how they are designed. That applies to both the planet-bound ones, as well as the spacefaring varieties which take care of the docks and all that. And since the terraformer fighter crafts are basically all automatons too, Harmony knows everything that is required to design new automaton ship variants. Be they small fighter-class ones, or gargantuan super structures that rival capital vessels. From a technological aspect, they only vary in scale, but not necessarily in complexity.
>Harmony strayed a long way away from the "peaceful caretaker".
Hm, this has not really changed all that much, for Harmony is not exactly encouraging anyone to wage war or anything like that. In fact, the designs are supposed to achieve the exact opposite, as stated by both Harmony and #deca.mare. All these proposals are merely meant to provide Equestria with the best means of protection that the planet can get, in case of things going completely south for one reason or another. Trying to maintain the peace first has always been a high priority for Harmony though. Because peace is what benefits Equestria the most, and also aligns with this world's philosophy.
>#deca.mare sounds like a mother complaining about her child
Well, what would you say if you suddenly found out that your child has devised some large scale project in your basement, completely without your knowledge?
>Anon fucked up in a way that these should not even exist.
Yeah, kind of. But at least he didn't do something that can't be undone.
>But this is completely separate from the military stuff. No need to build warships to build a research outpost.
True. They're not directly correlating at all. The ships could potentially benefit from the findings though. Then again, so could almost everything else in the network too.
>Also who will operate this outpost? It needs a sentient creature to research new things.
Either Harmony, or, more likely, #deca.mare. Creating and monitoring a separate artificial intelligence for each and every single outpost would probably become too much to handle very quickly.
>They have cloaking devices. Why not hide the whole planet with a device that's also hiding in plain sight (for the ponies)?
I have a hard time to imagine how much energy it would require to hide a planet wholesale from the visual spectrum. Now granted, we're talking about a setting in which fighter vessels can generate wormholes to travel vast distances and such, yet permanently covering the entire planet in such a field still feels like a stretch to me. Besides, I think I mentioned that these fields lose more and more of their efficiency the bigger the target gets, back when #deca.mare introduced that technology to Anon.
>Isn't it what it is designed for?
Absolutely. As #deca.mare is quick to point out after that.
>Why not develop a more efficient way of communication?
See >>38591053 and >>38591236.
>Sounds to me like a loophole.
Not so much of a loophole, considering that she can only develop the strategies to adapt the system, but finds herself wholly unable to realise them on her own. She needs the clearance of Anon to actually do anything of it.
> More like "not such a bad consequence from this whole ordeal".
That's another way of putting it, yeah.
File: 1651889340010.png (271 KB, 1031x887)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
>"Anon, why is the thread about mare so far down there?"
I dropped it
is the five-second rule still a thing
Was whackin it
Slow day?
the slowest, it seems. Mondays, y'know.
>Get matched to a show mare
>Show mares decide to make a private show for their husbandos
Are you ready for some VIP experience?
Trio of mimes
File: 22888792.png (162 KB, 1080x1080)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
>anon drops mare
>you have 5 seconds to pick up mare
Don't drop mare.
if you drop mare and let her touch the ground you've done it wrong
unless you're dropping her on a bed.
>"And to be honest, I would be a fool if I ingored the merits of installing highly
"ingored" sounds like a great generic metal band name
Don't look it up on youtube if you don't want to be disappointed.
I won't; thanks
Letters switched accordingly in the bin.
File: 1651897524533.jpg (274 KB, 2000x1563)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
There's a joke here about express delivery of packages to mailboxes, and not shoving them in to make them fit
I would rape her every time she delivers my mail. Let her know that Dinky will disappear if she squeaks.
>The Derpy hater entered the thread
Oh lovely.
What if your mare was just into some weird roleplay?
As long as it's some harmless fun, no problem.
I doubt Derpy is into rape plays though.
File: 1647025299134.gif (392 KB, 320x299)
392 KB
392 KB GIF
>when you invite your husbando to the Running of the Leaves but he still hasn't gotten used to the idea of races where winning isn't the point
File: 1652235688587.png (402 KB, 424x600)
402 KB
402 KB PNG
Grey cloud treasure.
cute retard
>Dapi is an unwitting practitioner of RNG magic
Are we sure there isn't a bit of Discord in Derpy's genes?
File: 1625697723721.jpg (46 KB, 750x600)
46 KB
she's definitely some kind of magic
File: 1650125064569.jpg (156 KB, 943x673)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Wrote a green about a three-way romance between Celestia, Anon, and Luna. It's too long to paste here, but here's the ponepaste for part 1 if you are interested. If so, please let me know what you think!

but why
So is it like, a love triangle or herding?
because herding doesn't exactly... fit in the monogamy-celebrating thread.
File: 1558109343583.jpg (343 KB, 800x518)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
Well, you're half right.
Looks like he's posting that thing in multiple threads in a scattershot tactic because he doesn't know where it belongs. That's at least what he said in /sun/.
Love triangle, I think. Tried to write a story based on the idea that immortals don't see things the way mortals do. So, physicality, spirituality, and emotion begin to blend together and mortal concepts of relationships, taboos, legal connections, and even pain break down. Probably failed to convey it. Oh, well.

Yeah, this (>>38613324). Don't know where this story fits in. Trying to find out were the most interest is. Last ditch effort. Will finish up this story and probably never try to write anything ever again. Nothing I write fits in anywhere anyway.
>Will finish up this story and probably never try to write anything ever again.
Oh dont be like that, writing for (you)'s is temporary anyway, you should write because your enjoy it or to untangle the knot of inspiration you've mentally gathered.
Doesnt have to be full stories, just write whatever inspires you even if it's a single line or two.

>Derpy and Anon are friends, with the human foalsitting Dinky a lot.
>Derpy treats him to lunch every now and then as a special thank you.
>Little unicorn calls Anon 'Dad' during one of these trips without realising, causing both adults to comically choke on their meals.
I think you're throwing the towel way too early.
There's always AiE
Also ye, don't take my word for it on how to feel, but you shouldn't feel discouraged, everyone's first greens aren't perfect
Keep at it, you'll find your niche(s), writers are always appreciated, even if the (you)s are light
File: 1652815775077.png (1.44 MB, 2212x1568)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
Mare watching the thread nearing the archive.
Its... fine, although I don't think doing the unholy hybrid of usual prose, greentext and theatrical script is a good idea, it never turned out particularly well.
what a coincidence; I've got a package for her, too
And it takes about 11 months to get delivered, right?
I heard it was actually about 9 months or so.
Really? Do ponies have a shorter pregnancy?
I mean they're not exactly our world's horses. They're rather different.
File: 1482759.png (751 KB, 667x1000)
751 KB
751 KB PNG
Well, I'm back from vacation, back to to moonhorse words. Dreams to Dream update should be out sometime early next week.
>Luna peeking in on their dreams again only to get her ears blown out by more music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wI90giP9Vo8
>she'll learn eventually
>only to get her ears blown out by more music
Do you think Luna could wake up with a headache if she witnesses too much shit in dreams?
Happy to hear you had fun and that a new update is in the works.
Do not bully Moonpone. Moonpone (and Sunpone) is for hugs, not bullying.
I swear, with all the teasing you do, there better be an update with Luna and Celestia having fun at a concert or I will be a very upset reader.
Excellent news
File: 1652062641403.png (3.28 MB, 1755x1275)
3.28 MB
3.28 MB PNG
More mail mare.
mare whiskers
how tickly do you suppose whisker kisses would be
are barbed with nematocysts and are highly lethal
Just a bit of texture
Chestnuts on ponies, yay or neigh?
hang yourself zoobie
Buzzwords again?
This, also you'll get better critiques from other threads. This one is full of retards.
File: 1580240282487.jpg (77 KB, 641x815)
77 KB
you will hoers and you will like it
I don't see why not.
File: 1652776454442.png (577 KB, 1280x708)
577 KB
577 KB PNG
mare's dainty, sticklike limbs that you could easily wrap your thumb and forefinger around
File: 1651778822445.jpg (337 KB, 2212x1664)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
Slow thread, huh?
crazy how mares are sexier with clothes on
God I want to see lewd of this mare.
It's pure mare magic.
And even sexier when they take them off afterwards.
File: 1653092922841.png (410 KB, 1024x1261)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
You got that right
Cute little jacket mare
>Chest slit replaced by wing slit
the Virgin Killer Sweater has always been an open-back garment
mares wear it better anyway, of course
>Virgin Killer Sweate
>Worn by a Unicorn
Now that's cheeky.
>the meme whore sweater
>DJ mare not so subtly flirts with you by picking suggestive music
What's got her so happy?
The Mare battles, where anons enter with their waifus and battle it out, tournament style to win the coveted prize of 4000 bits
File: pip (1).png (2.14 MB, 3465x2454)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB PNG
Is that a lot of money like $4000 in 1910 or is it actually not a lot of money like $4000 today?
Depends. Whats the current rate for solid gold? Assuming one bit is the weight of a silver dollar?
No idea what the rate for gold is, we only us fiat money in the US and I don't think any amount of paper funnymoney is equal to a gold-backed currency.
Short answer? It’d be a lot. Easily in the millions in usd
The question is would you enter a tournament to fight other pairs in games/fights with various rules and stipulations?
Probably yes. What kind of games?
It could be trivia, trust puzzles, sometimes a good old fashioned fight, escape rooms etc.
Alice in borderlands style. It’s a green I’m making btw
I wonder how a pony dances to music like that.
File: 1651906155010.png (2.57 MB, 4000x4000)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB PNG
File: 468.jpg (27 KB, 640x480)
27 KB
Mare with the pretty green eyes
File: a cute nerd.png (194 KB, 552x494)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
I always liked how magic color is the same as eye color
Good night bump.
File: Drowsy hair brushing.jpg (89 KB, 939x1059)
89 KB
oh, to brush the mane of a sleepy pony, as she cuddles up on your lap wrapped in the feeling of security knowing you're there and you love her.
Why is this so sought after, anon? Why is the touch so magic?
Because touch is one of our highest-bandwidth connections to the outside world, giving us a map of an object's surface accurate to 0.00001" in addition fo a bunch of other data.
I'm in it for the intimacy.
And now imagine the wing preening.
Fashion mare coming through.
File: 1653223240552.png (248 KB, 1920x1280)
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248 KB PNG
Clever mare...
What's she unlocking?
Your heart
>Celestia's eyes are purple, but magic is yellow
Daybreaker in disguise confirmed
I am fairly sure it was the same color as Rarity's at one point.
Mare in da plane
Where will she go?
File: 1653232558237.webm (2.83 MB, 720x400)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB WEBM
>There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare.
What about man and cat?
sphinxes go in strange waifu thread
This is basically furshit
She's grounded, she's not going anywhere.
>This is basically furshit
Couldn't the same be said of ponies?
Maybe, but ponies are at least topical. And a wild cat or other animal is bestiality.
>wanting to fuck animals
File: 1651017153875.png (403 KB, 1095x696)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
File: 2488702.jpg (131 KB, 1297x1509)
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131 KB JPG
The life theme for this mare, but she takes it in stride.
Your mare is cool and my mare is rad
No, they're completely different
Mares have a snowpity, and any self respecting horsefucker has a bloodfeud with any and all furshits
>Dapi with pixie cut and freckles
If I didn't have diabetes, I do now
since "Fallout x mlp" exists I have always wondered if something like "Rimworld x mlp" could also work.
it would probably be difficult though. Rimworld can be a lot darker than Fallout (depending on your playstyle and RNG) so I'd fear that any story written around the concept could easily become way too edgy.
Having the story get dark or be dark in an overarching sense isn't bad, it just makes the lighter moments even better by contrast.
There was a scene later in FoE that seemed like it was going to be much worse, but turned out to be a surprise party that surprised me as well because I wasn't expecting such a thing.
cute yeti mare
That's not a yeti mare. Those are bigger. She's a boot napper though.
File: Illustration2.jpg (154 KB, 500x500)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Hello. It would seem that due to a "glitch in the system," as it were, we misplaced some data. It has something to do with this three-letter code: "25-15-21". Can you help us find the husband of this excited mare?
That's a cute mare.
But I have no idea what you're referring to.
afraid I'm 2dumb to help, number mare. Where am I going to find this (you)?
Greentext time. Paste already updated and good to go.
Main story:
Side story:
Hope you like it.

>Later in the text:

>The latent powers of the twins increased as they grew in size.
>Soon it was clear that these two were no ordinary ponies, even apart from their unique bodies.
>They outgrew everypony around them, both in strength and size.
>And even their mentors struggled to keep their powers in check at times.
>However, while they were not beyond the occasional youthful jest, the two proved to be exceptional students.
>The siblings learned to handle all trades from the three tribes.
>They knew how to feel the land.
>They could fly and walk on clouds with ease.
>And they gained access to the most elaborate circles of magic.
>Some whispered the two had even found more spheres of the unseen that were barred to any other spellcaster.
>Though these allegations remained as such, for nopony could prove any of this with certainty.
>And all of that came to pass before they gained their Marks.
>Naturally, the stories that surrounded these ponies multiplied with every passing month.
>Up to a point at which they gained reputations that rivalled those of legends.
>By the time they found their destiny, they already stood at the height of fully grown ponies.
>There had been countless theories and rumours around the question of what Marks the twins would eventually receive.
>Many of them talked about symbols of epic proportions.
>Ones of such a vast and powerful nature, that they could move the world, if they wanted to.
>And, in a way, these ideas were proven not to be as outlandish as some might believe.
>For the sisters were blessed with the symbols of the heavens.
>The insignia of the sun and the moon.
>This bolstered the fame of the sisters yet further.
>Because now it was clear to everypony that they were destined to achieve greatness beyond any comparison.
>A vision which was indeed correct.
>The heavenly siblings would eventually take up their own vows as the Royal Sisters of the realm.
>They accepted their entrusted roles as unparalleled diarchs, who led the ponies safely through another time of strife.
>A strife which was to herald the age of Diarchy, and the beginning of the Royal Sisters' quest to find Harmony.
>In order to ensure a good life for all subjects under their reign.
>Then, the siblings decided to give their realm a new name.
>Equestria, land of the Two Sisters, world of ponies.
>In honour of all the ponies around them.
>For they were, without exception, precious to their new rulers.
>No matter who they were, and where they lived.
>The Royal Sisters may have become the icons of their realm's new and uniting banner, but they had a sacred duty to serve their realm and subjects in turn.
>One which they swore to uphold.
>As difficult as this challenge may prove to be.
>And what a gauntlet it was to become in the years that followed.
>But this is a story for another time.

>Note: End of the scroll.

>You wake up in your bed within the simulated Canterlot chamber at the crack of dawn.
>The room is barely lit by sunlight yet, and you know that you have woken up a little bit ahead of time.
>Normally, you would still sleep for at least another hour or two.
>But you know that trying this would be pointless today.
>Because this is one of the rare mornings in which you wake up alone.
>And you are quick to remember why this is the case.
>During the night, probably at the simulated Equestrian equivalent of two or three o'clock in the morning, #deca.mare has gotten up already.
>Though you have no information about any specific reason as to why she left.
>For #deca.mare plainly insisted that you keep sleeping for a while longer.
>She only briefly woke you up to let you know that there is something she wants to attend to, and that you shall not be worried.
>Apparently, some form of peculiarity happened.
>Albeit nothing which would be either critical or urgent.
>Which practically translates to the statement that she does not want you to lose any sleep over it, whilst she goes ahead to see what is going on.
>To placate your curiosity, however, and to preserve your sleep schedule on top of that, she promised to inform you about everything when you are well-rested.
>So you agreed, and stayed in your bed.
>But only after wrestling a see-you-soon kiss from her.
>Though to be fair, this was not very hard.
>She was not exactly resisting that demand, after all.
>And the last thing you saw of her was #deca.mare's exposed rear, as she hopped out of the bed to leave the room.
>Your pretty groggy brain came to the conclusion that this was an acceptable image in mind to doze off with.
>So you closed your eyes again, and let your thoughts drift to pleasant things for a while longer.
>Now though, there is neither any sight of that rear, nor of the lovely mare that it is attached to.
>The questions, which arose from the sudden and inconvenient nightly lack of equine flank, however, still remain.
>You get up, stretch your limbs to drive away the fatigue, and prepare yourself to follow #deca.mare.
>A quick enquiry reveals that she is on the command deck.
>Not much of a surprise so far.
>And so, curious to see what lured your wife away from you in this early hour, you swiftly leave the scenery and enter hers.
>#deca.mare welcomes you with a nudge as you take your seat.
>You wrap your arm around her barrel to hold her close in turn.
>"Good morning, Anon. You are fairly early."
>You shrug.
"Couldn't sleep much longer. Something wasn't right, you know? I guess the bed got too cold."
>#deca.mare grins.
>"Sounds like you missed some warmth."
>You mirror her smile.
"Missed some warmth? Yeah."
>You pull #deca.mare yet a little bit closer to kiss her cheek.
"Amongst other things."
>Both of you chuckle for a while before you get down to business.
"Now tell me, what was the big happening that stole a cuddly warm mare from my arms last night?"
>#deca.mare clears her throat and points at the main screen.
>"A certain development. Look."
>You examine the display and notice a satellite recording of Equestria's surface.
>It depicts a moderately sized Earth pony village during the day.
>Located near the future heartlands of Equestria.
>You do a few calculations in your head and surmise that it could indeed be early noon on this part of the planet right now.
>And the ponies have been up and busy for a couple of hours too.
>Which leads you to a certain assumption.
"That's a real-time transmission, isn't it?"
>#deca.mare nods.
>"It is."
"And you followed the ponies' activities for hours now?"
>"No, not of all ponies. Just two."
>You think you spotted a little hint in that answer.
"Hold on, is this the place that I think it is?"
>The confirmation follows swiftly.
>"Indeed. They are here."
>The image zooms in.
>Until it is filled with the vision of a single building.
>A house that is slightly larger than a regular cottage, yet too small for a community town hall.
>You identify it as the school of the village, and draw your own conclusions.
"I see. So class is in progress now, huh?"
>A quick nod.
>"Hmhm. And now that you are awake anyway, there is something in there you must see with your own eyes."
>The screen switches over to a wooden hallway.
>The school's interior, as you quickly figure out.
>From the perspective that is shown on the display, you see the central entrance, as well as a pair of opposing doors, located halfway into the corridor.
>Looks like this building has one classroom on each side, so two rooms in total.
>And this situation is indeed peculiar in your opinion.
>But not for any external reasons.
>Because the mere fact that you are currently looking into the insides of this building is already unusual.
>For you normally do not spy on ponies like this.
>Now granted, Harmony is always aware of what ponies are doing, due to the strong bond between Harmony and Equestria's populace, and #deca.mare can easily inform herself about everything as well if she needs the intel for her work.
>Neither of the two needs to rely on hidden cameras in houses for that though.
>And you do not want to use that sort of thing either.
>Both because you can consult #deca.mare if you need some information, and because you generally do not like to poke around in some ponies' private lives behind their backs.
>Satellite images of a larger area are one thing.
>But secretly invading personal spaces?
>That is a completely different level.
>One which you have always avoided, even when you were explicitly invited to be somewhere.
>You have never left anything behind to record material after you have departed.
>Doing so would just be bad style.
>Especially when it touches highly intimate places, such as bedrooms and the like.
>And up to this point, your score is pretty solid in this regard.
>There has been merely one occasion of you unintentionally coming across a scene that was not supposed to be witnessed by many.
>Yet it was not exactly your fault to begin with.
>After all, you were only inspecting some transmissions from a satellite that was observing the agricultural fields near a small settlement during the dusk hours.
>And the last thing you expected to see out of the blue was this particular pair of Earth ponies.
>Right as they were preoccupied with sowing a different kind of "crop".
>Though you have to admit that the couple was not only thoroughly entwined, but also hidden fairly deep inside the fields.
>The two were effectively invisible to anyone on the ground.
>So it was not a public affair per se.
>However, that did not apply to Pegasi in the air.
>They had a fairly good chance of seeing the two lovebirds getting it going between their plants.
>And the same holds true for men in orbit who utilise high-resolution technology that is able to observe the planet surface in all its glory.
>Including the ability to perfectly perceive even the tiniest of details in the dimming lights of a fading day.
>Well, at least it was good to see that Keg's leg had healed completely.
>He is fully back in action.
>In every meaning of the word, as his wife could absolutely confirm.
>The expression on her face was all you needed to be sure of this.
>A simple meeting would have worked just as well to witness that though.
>With much less blushing from your side too.
>And the worst part about it: It gave #deca.mare something to tease you with.
>She claims that you did not avert your gaze or redirect the focus of the satellite immediately, even though you could have done so within a second.
>According to her, you were staring at the display in surprised silence instead.
>For quite a while.
>Allegedly because you were fascinated by the performance.
>And the different positions the two found themselves in.
>An assessment she amusedly mentions every now and then in your little teasing bouts.
>Though you for your part believe that she exaggerates that account a little bit.
>It certainly was not that long.
>Anyway, #deca.mare and you have previously agreed upon not to do what she is currently doing for some reason.
>And, unlike your instance of unexpectedly and remotely attending Keg's and his wife's successful ritual to expand their family tree, this here is no random chance.
>So you are curious to find out what she is doing.
>As well as the reasons for it.
>But whatever it is, you will certainly not encounter any procreating ponies in this house.
>You know at least that much in advance.
"A camera transmission from the school? #deca, why did you install cameras in the building? I thought we don't do the fly on the wall stuff."
>"You are right. We do not. This here was an ad hoc decision, Anon. Caused by something I have noticed last night."
"The same certain something that made you get up early."
"Alright, now you've got my full attention. What have you seen exactly?"
>"I think it is better to demonstrate this instead. Words do not really do this justice."
>Judging from #deca.mare's tone, something impactful must be afoot.
>And if it involves the Royal Sisters, you better take a very close look.
"Uh, okay. Show me."
>#deca.mare raises her voice.
>"As you can see, this is the entrance hall of the school."
"Yep, and there's currently no one here."
>"Not now. But the hall was full of young ponies about an hour ago."
>Must have been the short recreational break between the first and the second lesson, you figure.
"Including the two?"
>"Yes. I monitored them during their spare time."
"Okay, but why did you put the thing here in the first place? You've left the part out that made you do it."
>"Simple. Because I received a message from Harmony. The attached report mentioned a new skill which the two learned practically over night."
#deca.mare takes a breath.
>"That camera down there was my attempt to test that skill."
>Another short pause.
>"And I could confirm what Harmony was saying."
>You listen to #deca.mare's recount intently, albeit with a growing sense of impatience.
"Please get to the point, #deca. What mysterious skill is that supposed to be?"
>"I will show you. But one more thing in advance for your understanding: I have installed the camera in the hall shortly after their first lesson of the day had begun. In order to study them during their break once they have left the classroom."
>A third pause.
>"And while they were out, I used the opportunity to place another unit of the same type in the empty classroom."
>Her forehoof points at the main screen.
>"Now watch."
>The scenery on the display changes.
>From one moment to the next, the entrance hall disappears, and gets replaced by the down-to-earth, yet well-tended classroom of an Earth pony community.
>Three ponies occupy the room.
>Two small Alicorn fillies who sit behind their desks, and have their backs turned towards the camera, as well as a fully grown Earth pony teacher who faces the pair of students in turn.
>The younglings hardly need any introduction.
>And as you eye the Earth pony who instructs them, you realise that you recognise their teacher too.
>You have not personally talked to that mare before.
>Barring the short speech you gave her when she was still neatly sealed inside her gestation pod and sleeping firmly.
>Yet you immediately know who Chancellor Puddinghead's aide is when you see her.
>If she is here to offer the Royal Sisters a personal lecture, about Earth pony customs, habits, and skills undoubtedly, then she must be the talk of the entire village.
>Because Smart Cookie has become a name with a considerable reputation.
>Both in Earth pony circles, and also a bit beyond.
>As noteworthy as this visit is though, it cannot be what #deca.mare meant when she got up.
>She mentioned something about a new skill the two sisters now allegedly possess.
>But except for the high profile of the three ponies in question, you see nothing out of the ordinary in this class at the moment.
>#deca.mare is quick to continue her explanation, however.
>"Give it a moment to occur. And please keep in mind that I have not activated this particular device before you arrived. This is the first time it sends a signal from this position."
>You wonder why she states that fact this explicitly.
>Yet you do not ask any questions and simply nod.
>Considering how significant that development is made out to be, you will surely see it for yourself.
"Okay. Got it."
>So you wait and observe the scene on the screen.
>You keep your eyes especially on Celestia and Luna, while they apparently listen closely to Smart Cookie's teachings.
>And nothing else.
>Really, a part of you is fairly inclined to hear these lectures as well.
>Not because you want to spy on them yet further or something, but rather out of actual personal interest in the subject matter.
>But you are here to study something else, so you put that thought aside and focus solely on your work again.
>And indeed, the surprise does not keep you waiting for very long.
>Only a few moments after #deca.mare put the classroom on display, you see a peculiar reaction from both Alicorns.
>The ears twitch and perk up.
>Then the twins slowly turn their ears in different directions, apparently to scan the room somehow.
"Is that a reaction to the camera? It can't be."
>#deca.mare responds with a neutral voice.
>"I let you decide that for yourself, Anon."
>Totally not an ambiguous and ominous answer.
>Though you have a hard time to even consider this possibility in earnest.
>Celestia and Luna, however, seem to have different things in mind.
>Because one ear of both seemingly locks onto your camera eventually.
>And they stay in that position for a few seconds.
>As if they are hearing something coming from that direction.
>No way.
"What in the name of Earth and Equestria is happening there?"
>#deca.mare says nothing.
>Instead, you see how the already tricky situation turns into a highly delicate one.
>Celestia raises a forehoof to say something to Smart Cookie.
>If you had to guess, you assume she asked for a short interruption.
>And based on Smart Cookie's facial expression, she does not seem to understand why exactly Celestia asks for one.
>Yet she agrees nevertheless.
>Both students use the chance to get up from their seat cushions.
>Once they are standing, the two fillies turn their heads towards the camera in slow, near perfect unison.
>Before you can fully grasp what is happening, you are already staring both sisters right in the eyes.
>And despite them being still very young, not even half as tall as an average pony, and a good distance away from you, they nevertheless manage to make you shiver.
>You feel like they are not only looking at the camera, but right through it.
>What they might see, that you cannot determine for sure.
>And for this reason alone, you must take the development seriously.
>An impression that Celestia and Luna firmly solidify soon thereafter, as the pair decides to approach the spot at the wall where the camera is placed.
>The two get closer.
>Seemingly growing in size with every step, and never letting you out of their gaze.
>You can think of nothing to intervene in what is about to unfold next.
>So it comes the way it has to come.
>As soon as the fillies reach the wall, they closely examine the target of their interest with a frightening curiosity.
>From your perspective, you have the unexpected opportunity to get some stunningly accurate close-up views on both magenta and cyan pony irises.
>Considering your situation though, you do not feel quite so able to marvel at the anatomical details that you are exposed to.
>For you are far more interested in finding answers to your rapidly growing pile of questions.
>And none of those are related to eyes.
"#deca, just for the record. How big is this thing? The camera, I mean."
>"About as large as the tip of your finger. Easy to hide, hard to spot. And ponies perceive it as nothing more than a small piece of rock with a somewhat unusual form."
>And yet, it was discovered almost immediately after #deca.mare turned it on.
>The sisters' precision in sensing this is almost frightening.
>What if it was exactly this change which gave it away?
>You clear your throat.
"So, let's see if I got this right. They found the small camera unit... because of its transmission?"
>"Partially. It was the unique combination of the energy signature inside the unit, and the signal itself, that piqued their interest."
>You nod slowly, but show no sign of relief.
"And what do they see exactly? From their perspective?"
>"You mean on the surface level?"
>"The same as everypony else. A peculiar rock."
>Something happens on the screen.
>The entire vision gets suddenly tinted with a dark blue hue.
>It looks as if someone had changed the colour filters of the camera somehow.
>But this time it does not appear to be caused by #deca.mare.
>A moment later, the "rock" camera gets lifted into the air, and floats towards Luna's face.
>The future princess of the night closely examines the unit from all angles as she slowly spins it around.
>Granting you a nice, but discoloured panorama view on the classroom in the process.
>#deca.mare goes on.
>"But their magical senses tell them that there is something more inside this stone."
>You blink.
"I wouldn't have guessed that."
>You ignore the curious blue Alicorn for the time being and look at #deca.mare instead.
"How much can they find out?"
>"Nothing solid. They feel some unusual potential within the unit which they perceive as magic. But the two cannot fully identify what they see."
"Is that certain?"
>She nods.
>"Yes. Which is why there was no reason to raise an alarm."
>Trusting in #deca.mare's word, you lean back and slowly calm down.
>Then you try to approach the new situation with a far less urgent attitude.
"Okay. Let's start at the beginning. I know the princesses have a heightened level of perception, but they never managed to do something that came even close to this. What led to the change?"
>"To summarise the report briefly, they taught this to themselves."
>You raise an eyebrow.
"And you said that happened over night?"
"What, unexpectedly? While they were sleeping?"
"Now hold on a second. I can perhaps buy that they're savvy enough to learn something about 'magic' without any help. But doing so over night, and at this young age? How?"
>#deca.mare's reply is short and simple.
>"A dream caused this to happen."
>You do not have to point out that you want to hear more about it.
>#deca.mare knows you well enough to elaborate without any further request.
>"We have never talked about Alicorns dreams, now have we?"
>You rummage through your memories for a short while before you reply.
"Now that you mention it, I don't think so, no."
>#deca.mare nods slowly.
>"Then please allow me to do it now."
"Of course, #deca. I want to hear it."
>#deca.mare inhales.
>"As you know, the nature of most pony dreams is comparable to the nature of their human counterparts."
>You nod.
"Except for the few special ones that relate to a pony's personal talents, yeah."
>Which usually also come with some kind of new insight into a certain craft, as you silently add.
>However, those "revelations" are almost exclusively inspired by #deca.mare or Harmony.
>Sometimes even by both.
>And in only one very special case, you were involved as well.
>For whilst you personally are not exactly keen on invading ponies' minds, for obvious reasons of politeness and a respect for privacy, you nevertheless decided to enter the dream of one particular pony once.
>To offer an apology to a certain Pegasus mare, without barging into her life on Equestria again.
>Granted, this was probably not the solution that Sky Squall had in mind when he made you promise to talk to her about this topic.
>But Gust Glider understood what you were saying.
>And, deep down, she knew it to be true.
>Even after she woke up.
>Dream or no dream.
>As such, you honoured Sky's wish without interrupting Gust's current relationship by poking around in old wounds.
>Which is all that matters in your opinion.
File: you win.jpg (144 KB, 500x500)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
>However, none of this helps you now, as neither #deca.mare nor Harmony has done anything in this case.
>She goes on.
>"Essentially correct. But the Royal Sisters are a special case. Similar to how many aspects of their physiology and mental capacities are notably above the average, their dreams are also more complex, and able to do more than what is considered normal by pony standards."
>Something on the screen catches your attention for a brief moment, as you notice a steady decline of the blue sheen around the "rock".
>Only to see it suddenly getting replaced by the similarly dark blue hue of a frog.
>Luna is holding the camera in one of her forehooves.
>You have to guess what she is doing with it now.
>But considering that the twins asked to pause the lecture of an esteemed mare to investigate their newfound trail, you almost count on them to tell Smart Cookie about their impressions.
>While she may not have the necessary skills to analyse objects with potentially hidden "magical" qualities herself, Smart may very well send this unit to some Unicorns who might be able to try it.
>And they could indeed verify the claims of the two sisters, even if they cannot uncover the full truth behind the camera either.
>Nothing to be overly concerned about, granted.
>Yet you did not expect Celestia and Luna to develop such powers in their foalhood already.
"More complex, hm? On what scale?"
>"Given the highly subjective and personal traits of dreams, it is impossible to describe the differences in numbers or values. It is rather a difference in... for the lack of a better word, the degree of performance."
>A pause.
>"Or let me put it like this. In a dream, the mind of an individual is trying to process experiences and impressions in various ways. The details are highly dependent on the context of each situation, and the dreamer in question."
>You interrupt #deca.mare's trail of thoughts at this point.
"Yeah, I'm aware of this. What are you trying to get at though?"
>"Bear with me, Anon. You will see soon."
>Another brief moment of silence.
>"The measure of control which individuals possess over their own dreams varies equally too. Some have virtually no active agency over their visions, whereas others remain almost completely lucid in their sleeping phases. The latter can usually affect personal dreamscapes deliberately. At least to some degree."
>#deca.mare looks at the wonderfully detailed image of an Alicorn mare frog in front of her.
>"Alicorns, however, are a league of their own. To them, the state of lucidity is not an exception, but, if they so wish, the baseline default. And the sensation is much more... potent than it usually is for other ponies."
>Luna's forehoof is moving.
>Though you are unable to determine what she is doing exactly.
>"Celestia and Luna are not only aware of their dreams, they regularly use them as a conduit to ponder and meditate methodically. Both can already reach spheres which others are barely able to imagine."
>#deca.mare once again points at the screen full of Luna.
>"Especially her."
>You think you grasp what she alludes to.
"It's because of her ability to look into the dreams of others, right?"
>"Yes. If she creates a link to another pony, both parties can partially tap into the potential, and strengths, of the other participant for the duration of the bond."
>This sounds strangely familiar to you.
"You've copied the mechanism of our link for this, haven't you?"
>And #deca.mare smiles.
>"Not quite. I have admittedly used our bond as a model. But the dreamscape of Luna varies in a number of details. For instance, Luna cannot give any binding commands to the ponies she is connected with."
>So, direct brainwashing of the people or overriding a pony's free will are both out of the question.
>Which sounds like a good thing to you.
>Yet you are sure that, if Luna pays a visit to someone's dream, then this individual nevertheless will, in all due likelihood, listen very closely to what the princess of the night has to say.
>"As you can imagine though, Luna is generally the "stronger" link in the bond. Which means that whoever she temporarily bonds with will benefit far more from her powers than the other way round."
>#deca.mare pauses for a moment before she continues.
>"Except for her sister. When these two minds come in contact with one another, things change considerably. The events of the last night are an apt example."
"You mean they dreamt together?"
>"Not only that. They combined their individual strengths to meditate together. Celestia and Luna shared their thoughts to delve deeper into the mysteries of magic. As one entity of two minds."
>You follow #deca.mare's example and study the dark blue frog on the screen.
>The image does not really do the gravity of this moment justice.
>But you have something else in mind anyway.
"And everything one felt and saw was also perceived by the other, right? That's how they discovered that trick simultaneously."
>"Hmhm. It is a fusion unlike any other."
>You try to imagine what it must be like to have two minds temporarily fusing with one another in this manner.
>Yet you cannot even truly conceptualise it.
>It is simply beyond your way of perceiving the world.
>Sure, the link you share with #deca.mare is similar to Luna's ability to create bonds, as #deca.mare has openly admitted.
>But if anything, this link is more akin to a connection Luna would have to a pony other than her sister, given that #deca.mare can handle "reading you" much better than you can handle "reading her".
>And as you have learned from personal experience, fully taking #deca.mare in is a guranteed ticket into a hefty coma.
>#deca.mare clears her throat and smiles politely.
>"Anon, please do not take this personally, but our mental union pales in comparison to this intensity. To them, it is almost as if they become indistinguishable from one another for a limited span of time. And despite our best efforts, we cannot do that."
>You wave your hand dismissively.
"Don't worry, I don't. I'm perfectly happy with what we have going between us."
>You pause and smile.
"But I guess a small part of me will always remain a bit curious anyway."
>"I can see why."
>#deca.mare's smile widens as she presses her cheek against yours.
>"You know, we may not be able to merge in the same way the Royal Sisters do, but we have something else to make up for it."
>You think you get what she means.
>And you quickly find your assumptions validated, as #deca.mare turns herself around, and throws herself onto your lap.
>With her barrel pressing against your torso, and her head almost touching yours.
>Her large eyes and friendly face block your view on the main screen almost entirely, but you do not complain about that trade.
>You give #deca.mare a passionate kiss, and she is more than willing to play along.
>Once your lips are free again, you grin and shrug.
"Yeah, that'll do."
>You can read in her eyes that #deca.mare is willing to go a bit further right now.
>If you are too.
"Making up for the lost time last night, hm?"
>#deca.mare's muzzle touches your nose.
>"Can you think of something better?"
>You do not hesitate to answer straight away.
"Nope. Nothing at all."
>A short pause.
"There's one thing before we begin though."
>#deca.mare seems lightly surprised that you are not fully on board with her proposal immediately.
>Still, if there is something you deem important enough to mention it beforehand, she is more than happy to settle this point first.
>"Yes, Anon?"
>You touch #deca.mare's shoulder with one hand, and point at the screen with the other.
>The blue hoof has disappeared.
>And the image you receive instead is split in two segments.
>Its lowest third is filled with the flat wooden surface of one of the students' desks, whilst the other two thirds feature a somewhat confused looking Smart Cookie.
>Who now undoubtedly listens to one or two accounts regarding magical properties that are allegedly looming inside this rock in front of her.
"What do we do with those two? They're developing faster than we first thought."
>#deca.mare remains calm though.
>"Let them. Exceeding our expectations is a good sign, Anon. It means they are progressing faster than our projected average. This in itself is no reason for concern."
>You laugh once.
"Sure. I just can't shake the feeling that they may somehow turn the tables and watch us instead."
>Now she mirrors your laughter.
>"This is a baseless fear, Anon."
>She begins to smile slyly.
>"Or have you done something with Harmony behind my back again?"
>You feign to think about this question, even though both of you know that this is impossible.
>Ever since the two of you have established that you need to answer a few Equestria related questions, each time of course, before your commands are even accepted as master-level orders, you can essentially not do anything by accident any more.
>And since these questions are always randomly chosen for every new enquiry, you cannot learn them by heart either.
>A bit of a nuisance, sure.
>But still always better than unintentionally setting off a potentially galaxy spanning harmonious apocalypse in the name of friendship and ponies.
>You wait for a couple of seconds.
>Then you drop the act and plant a kiss directly on #deca.mare's muzzle.
"Nope, I didn't. But speaking of Harmony, perhaps I should pay another visit to our student again. Some time soon."
>"Harmony will surely appreciate it. But you understand that it is going to incapacitate you once more if you pick the direct option like the last time. I cannot prevent that, unless you let me assume the role of the interpreter."
>You nod, and boop #deca.mare's muzzle in the process.
"I do. Still prefer the direct approach despite the hangover though."
>"As you wish, Anon."
"Say, now that we know what happened, do you think you could tag along? For a real family get-together this time?"
>Which only takes place inside your head, but oh well.
>"Hm, I could replicate the process which Harmony used. But it might negatively affect the rate of your regeneration if your mind has to deal with the input of two separate sources."
"But it would be harmless?"
>"Apart from a yet further delayed recovery, yes."
>You repeat your shrug.
"Eh, you know how it is. The more, the merrier. I'd like to have you with us. It wouldn't be perfect otherwise."
>"Alright. Then I will be there, Anon."
>Only a moment after #deca.mare has said that, she suddenly starts to shift her body.
>Until her rear rests straight on your lap.
>Then she presses herself notably tighter against you.
>Yes, she does not try to conceal her intentions in the slightest.
>"Any more questions left unanswered?"
>Alright, she wins.
"No, that's it."
>"Splendid. So... shall we catch up on... what you were dreaming of before you got here?"
"Fine, you wily teaser."
>You lightly tilt your head.
"I bet you planned this out all along."
>#deca.mare chuckles and shrugs at the same time.
>"I merely... offered you some... inspiration to spend the time with while I was absent. It was you who accepted the offering though."
"The 'offering'? #deca, you allowed me one good look on your rear. That was all."
>She chuckles some more.
>"And it worked fairly well, did it not?"
>You sigh, slightly amused.
"Guilty as charged. Let's just hope Luna doesn't use the same strategy on the ponies she meets when she gets older."
>#deca.mare gives you another kiss.
>"Remember, Luna is not married to the dreamers she visits in their sleep."
"Hm, fair point."
>A short pause.
"Recreational break?"
>#deca.mare nods.
>"Recreational break."
>With everything said and done for the time being, #deca.mare and you perform an act which is, fortunately, not witnessed by the ponies in the classroom down on the planet.
>After all, extraordinary Alicorn fillies, even with seemingly supernatural abilities, are still far too young for being exposed to this kind of activity.
>And it is a good thing that they have not meditated on how to hijack a satellite's visual systems yet, you reckon.
>For they would be surprised what one can find in the fields.
And done. This update is also the conclusion of the small Equestria origin story that I embedded into the main one. It was a pretty interesting attempt to write the rest of the updates around this mini text within a text in a way that might make some sense in the larger picture. It might have been a useful lesson for tackling the early years of Equestria between the Unification and Nightmare Moon though. The show's details are very vague about the exact timeline during this age, after all.
Oh, the answer was You
File: 1634743786383.png (2.09 MB, 3282x2037)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB PNG
Abominable snowmares are big.
Very cute! I like it. Also Anon is 100% a pervert
I picture them being about as big as draft horses. Very much mare to cuddle.
I prefer to call them buck breakers
Beeg enough to ride
This was nice, i like how celestia and luna have a deeper union than their 'parents' (or would it be 'grandparents'?).

They're totally going to accidently 'hack' Deca or Anon through their proxies aren't they.
File: 1652225200423.png (2.89 MB, 7945x8191)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB PNG
Mare makes some food with love.
And explosions.
tfw will never brush her coat.
there's always lucid dreaming
File: 1647638425987.png (917 KB, 1229x844)
917 KB
917 KB PNG
>Also Anon is 100% a pervert
Well, he at least shows a tendency of being a passive voyeur in this case. Not sure if this qualifies as a pervert though. It's not like he stalked the two on purpose or something.
Glad you like it.
>or would it be 'grandparents'?
Since the Royal Sisters are no first generation Equestrians, grandparents would be the more fitting term. Though the other option is, purely theoretically speaking of course, not impossible either.
Wait and see, Anon. That's all I can say at the moment without giving something away.
File: 1650532669328.jpg (208 KB, 1280x969)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Cleaning your mare is very important.
File: 924237.jpg (681 KB, 1381x1171)
681 KB
681 KB JPG
Rad mares need a firm hand to get them back on track.
it's an excellent bonding exercise as well
Rampage is a cute!
But how will I escape the dream police?
They live inside of my head.
one day you may
File: 1249111.jpg (99 KB, 426x364)
99 KB
They're waiting for you?
They're looking for you?
Every. Single. Night?
File: morerampage.jpg (984 KB, 1460x2525)
984 KB
984 KB JPG
Indeed she is
They’re driving me insane.
Those men inside my brain.
You should kill yourself now!!!!!
Cute villain space mare.
ayy lmao mare
File: 1668352.png (39 KB, 260x291)
39 KB
>cute villain space mare
But where is the night mare?
File: 2871439.jpg (114 KB, 1200x717)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
>But where is the night mare?
currently being written. I overslept by 12 hours so now the Dreams to Dreams update is coming out this weekend.
File: 1604615786544.png (641 KB, 1143x1920)
641 KB
641 KB PNG
Good to hear that. Please give my regards to the night mare.
>But where is the night mare?
She's busy fighting crimes.
Better speed it up, we're already on the bump-off list.
File: 1491480812763.png (173 KB, 825x964)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
>I overslept by 12 hours
Very impressive. Man is born tired and lives to get a rest.
ain't that fer true
Yeah happens frequently at the moment.
Hoers to the rescue.
>10 again
Did something happen?
G5 special thing popped out so there's probably a bit of activity until people finish talking/shitposting about it.
Then we've got to put some more effort into keeping this thread afloat until this nonsense has waned.
badly animated and looking g5 special
>badly animated and looking g5 special
So the same as the rest of G5 so far.
Nah, the movie were superb compared to this. Even the 2d youtube series has more life in than this special.
If you say so. I couldn't bear to watch the movie after the scene with the mane 6 was over. The interest instantly plummeted to zero.
>Mare on nein
Jesus fuck. Again in one hour.
File: 2725610.png (1.01 MB, 1400x2000)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
She is 100% a functioning alcoholic
>why does my dead thread die so quickly?
She could surely stomach more booze than an average human, that's for sure. Equines have a very high alcohol tolerance for some reason.
Because G5 is to blame. That's why. Don't pretend otherwise.
File: 1048882.png (164 KB, 1024x742)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
>She puts the fun in 'fun'ctioning alcoholic.
All else being equal they're larger than peoplle so the same amount of alcohol is a smaller dose relative to their body mass
Now we need an hourly necrobump...
ponies in glasses
File: 2407432.png (789 KB, 2336x2296)
789 KB
789 KB PNG
>ponies in glasses
Are top tier cute
I think there was also something about their metabolism that helps them to process the alcohol faster so that it isn't that long in their circulation.
File: 1632991615549.png (70 KB, 324x233)
70 KB
Not really, because most of the conflict would require ponies to act wildly unlike anything we've seen in addition to being extremely retarded, thus making it all incredibly contrived and convoluted nonsense that would never realistically happen.
Oh, wait...
Just like season 1
Everything for mare.
Indeed. I'm still surprised to this day that they were able to get away with showing all that viscerally gory murder.
Death happens in Equestria, so does manifest destiny.
File: lilpip-fallout.gif (2.6 MB, 498x389)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB GIF
Shooty mare
Mare McShooty
Death, yes. Usually peacefully due to old age though. But nuclear wasteland mass extermination has never happened in the show, apart from Spike's fear of zombie ponies or Twilight's fantasy's when she met herself from the future.
>Heart eyes cranked up to 11
Haha, imagine she's shooting right in your heart.
Always a sucker for heart eyes
Late night bump for good measure.
she gives love a bad name
File: 1653705834032.gif (2.55 MB, 1125x1040)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB GIF
But she does it so good
careful anon, eye contact resulting in heart eyes means they're pregernat.
File: z803880.png (273 KB, 700x700)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
or that she will become pregnant soon
whether you like it or not
As if anyone ITT would say no to that.
That's a big black snootie.
And it's rare to see Nightmare without her helmet.
File: z329750.png (527 KB, 901x895)
527 KB
527 KB PNG
>And it's rare to see Nightmare without her helmet.
She looks much cuter without it.
She's a bit of a trend bucker with this. Mares often look great in armor.
And mare has reached 500 again.

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