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>What is Flutterrape?
Flutterrape is a collection of stories about ponies trying and failing to have sex with Anon, the only human in Equestria. While the title implies that it is Fluttershy trying to rape Anon, others may follow in her stead and attempt their own versions of rape. There are different versions of Flutterrape, but most are light-hearted comedies about the ponies failing in their attempts to get into Anon’s pants. Just because your story has Anon in it, doesn't mean it fits in this thread. Check other threads (AiE, RGRE etc) about story content before posting.

>It's been 10 years, how is this thread still alive?
A perverse mixture of necromancy and spite.

>How do I start writing?
Use your imagination, you nitwit. Additionally, brush up on your grammar and abandon your standards.

Writing Guides:
Clever Dick's Tips For Short Stories -- https://ponepaste.org/1274
Driverbang's Writing Guide -- https://ponepaste.org/1275
Navarone's Writing Rules -- https://ponepaste.org/1276

For additional information, lurk. You could also check out the T:EM/P/O threads for further writing advice, unless it's dead.
So many threads have died, but only Flutterrape has remained. We shall always remain. We are bound to the fate of the board as a lich is bound to its phylactery.


Masterlist: https://ponepaste.org/user/FlutterrapeGeneral
Author List: https://ponepaste.org/1270
FIMfiction Group: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/211640/flutterrape
Request Bin: https://ponepaste.org/1268

Thread Archive: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/search/text/Flutterrape

Old thread: >>38460459
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Yeeeah, work that grill baby.
File: 1629952423267.gif (3.87 MB, 3740x3740)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB GIF
The shorts I've written over the last two threads are now on a paste.
To view them, please click on the Ponepaste hyperlink I will be typing out one character at a time below this sentence:


Thank you.
Bumping with a klassik of litteratchoor.
>day X in Equestria
>wake up
>eat breakfast
>there's a knock on the door
>you look at the clock
>she's right on time
>you open the door and see an enormous yellow gorilla with pink hair and feathery yellow wings on its back
>"Hi," it says, in Fluttershy's voice
"Well, this is different."
>she nods
>"So, Anonymous. Is Flutter Ape your fetish?"
>you stare at her for several seconds
"All that for a pun?"
>"It was Pinkie's idea."
"I'm not surprised."
>several awkward seconds pass
>"No, then?"
"Not even a little."
>"I'll show myself out."
>it was a punny day
I wanna see Anon reject mares without an ounce of regret.

Don't hold back, I want the streets to flow with pony tears.
File: The Timid Trio.gif (2.83 MB, 640x640)
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2.83 MB GIF
Shes putting together a team.
>Anon didn't rage over Harambe
You had ONE job...
To be entirely fair, I wrote that before Harambe's life was cut tragically short.
>You son of a bunny I’m in
File: 1514426230215.png (84 KB, 1056x816)
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I'll take all three.
File: IMG_3919.png (210 KB, 617x517)
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210 KB PNG
>"Hi Anon! Lemme smash, i-i-if that's alright with you..."
"Alright, let's fuck."
where's vapor trail factor in?
"not a chance, queer"
File: iu-3.jpg (141 KB, 969x646)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
I wrote the following green (linked to this post) about Celestia and Luna sharing Anon emotionally and sexually without Anon understanding that the sisters considered this to be normal, since they share everything as siblings.

Some notes:
1. It got a little long and wordy. But I tried to capture what I think the personalities of Celestia and Luna would be like, and what the Canterlot court would be like.
2. Since I have multiple characters, and because it isn't written from Anon's point of view, I changed the format to try to make it clear who is talking, thinking, etc. '>C:' precedes what pertains to Celestia, '>L:' for Luna, and so on. Anon's text is in black along with the headings to each part. I know some might not like this. If anybody has any better methods please let me know. I would certainly like constructive criticism.
3. Has plenty of lewdness. Also, I tried to make Celestia and Luna fairly rapey, each in her own way. However, there's nothing malicious on anypony's part in the story; it all comes from mutual love. Basically, I tried to make it cozy as well.
4. Forewarning, I tend to 'paint with words'. I've noticed some don't like it.
5. Used a name and flag on my posts only for the purpose of posting this green (something I normally don't do).

Posting the first few parts here and will post some more tomorrow (I'm just continually tinkering with the finished product and want to give you all my best).

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy or at least find something you might like. Love you all!
File: 1646760434940.jpg (272 KB, 1000x1500)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
Part 1: Since coming to Equestria, Anon, now extensively trained in the affairs of the kingdom and socialized into pony culture, has become an assistant to Celestia in the Ministry of State, a ministry she shares control of with her sister. Anon's knowledge of administrative affairs has been of immense help to Celestia. We join Anon as he enters Celestia's private office where she is busy with state affairs, presently pouring over nautical charts marking the course of a proposed voyage of exploration. Her personal mare-servants, butlers, councilors, and staff were about their daily duties elsewhere. It was still early morning.

"Your Highness, may I come in?" said Anon, peaking through the partially open door.
>C: Glad to hear Anon's voice and looking up from her charts, Celestia beamed, "Of course Anon! Funny that you think you need to ask! And call me Celly; there's nobody here but us."
"I've finished those documents and reports you requested Celly. They're ready for your review and signature." said Anon, looking to see where she wanted them deposited.
>C: "Just put them over there on my desk and I'll get to them later this morning." As he placed the stack on her desk, she watched him with a contented smile.
Coming over to the chart table, and putting on an artificially serious face, Anon gestured over the charts, navigational instruments, and model ships. "Are we planning a naval war? I have a few ideas about how to crush the Haflinger Navy by stratagem." Glancing up with a smirk, he could see the joke hit its mark.
>C: Following a short laugh, Celestia put on an equally serious face and played along with a deeper voice to mimic a grizzled commanding officer. "Lieutenant Anon, I'm sure your plans are splendid. However, we must first obliterate their armament depots here and here. Our battle group will then proceed north in a feint to draw their ships out of port where they have been hiding; the cowards." The last she added with mock disdain.
They both broke into laughter at the silliness he had precipitated. In a moment, the laughter dissipated and they gazed happily at each other across the table. With a sparkle in his eye, Anon continued, "You are radiantly beautiful today as always! In the sun you are like an angel!" After a pause he continued, "Is there anything else you need me to do? What about writing your opening statement for the upcoming diplomatic conference?" He added, lowering his voice, "You know I'm ever eager to please you!"
>C: Picking up on the subtle innuendo, Celestia turned and began walking around the large table with her eyes fixed on Anon. With her chin up, a mischievous smile took hold. As she went, the sun, entering the windows diagonally, sparkled across her coat and jewelry. Through her ethereal mane it cast soft pastel colors on the charts, as if to blow the model ships around with rainbows. "No need, there's plenty of time. When I'm ready I'll present you with my notes…to help you of course.”
File: 1644455079125.png (3.05 MB, 1529x2034)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB PNG
Anon escalated the meaning, "Once they are in my hand I will thrust myself into writing it, and pump out an excellent product!"
>C: Celestia giggled at the absurd overtness of his response. It was Anon's jovial habit to turn the typical nuanced language of the palace into irony. By now, she was standing close to him, looking at him with half-lidded eyes. "You remember our appointment tonight don't you? In my chambers?"
"Celly, it is impossible to forget!"
>C: Soft and demure, she replied, "Be prompt; I have something special planned. I've been looking forward to it very much, especially since I had been gone for a while on state business." She stepped forward and placed her head lovingly against his chest.
Anon placed his hand on her cheek and another around her neck. Drawing her close he gave her a loving kiss. "I promise."
>C: She paused to feel his warm breath on her face. She slowly drew away and turning toward her desk, she gently flicked her tail across his face. It rendered his stately hat crooked on its perch. She gazed back at him as she walked, putting extra sway and sass in her steps.
Anon loved the way she teased and flirted with him. That sway alone was enough to send his heart around the world.
>C: "My love, take the rest of the day off. You should be well rested for tonight.", she said as she reached the desk. Winking a seductive eye at him, she followed with, "You'll need all the energy you can get!"
Anon smiled, clicked his heels together, swept the crooked hat off his head and gave an elegant bow. "As you wish my lovely lady! Until then adieu!". Anon turned to leave the room, giving her his best smolder as he went, marching like a tin soldier.
>C: "Adieu my love!" Celestia could hardly contain her laughter at his performance. He was especially cheerful, so he must be in high spirits she thought. Tonight will be amazing!

Part 2: Only moments after Anon made his grand exit, Celestia was back to work, at her desk this time. Thoughts of being with Anon still filled her imagination. Meanwhile, Princess Luna, in an awful tizzy was on her way to Celestia's office.

>C: The sudden noise of a door latch pierced the quietness of the room, which had previously only been disturbed by Celestia's pen as it graced documents with her heavenly script. Looking up toward the noise, Celestia saw the heavy wooden doors to the room's second entrance swing open with a creak. In strode Princess Luna, looking entirely distressed and frazzled. It was clear she was lacking sleep and her hair was a mess. "Luna? What's the matter dear sister?" Celestia did not expect to see her sister still awake this late in the morning, nor in such a distressed condition.
File: 1649928916652.png (712 KB, 1080x720)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
>L: "Celly, I am in a terrible situation!" Luna said in near panic, "The majority of my staff are delayed on their return from the diplomatic mission to Campolina! All the mountain passes leading from Campolina to Equestria have been blocked by heavy snow and it is doubtful they will get through until after the conference!” With extreme stress on her face, she continued, "Without my staff, I will be unable to complete my portion of the diplomatic conference preparations on time.” Unable to calm down, Luna now waved a paper in the air with her magical aura. “I’ve calculated all the pony-hours needed to accomplish everything. They exceed my staff’s capability by 75%! I am in need of your help and advice!” Luna now stared wide-eyed at Celestia awaiting her sister’s sage advice.
>C: Luna was prone to overreaction and getting unduly spun-up when things diverged from her plans, but Celestia was also concerned in this case. It was a very significant issue. But first she needed to calm her nerve-racked sister. Using her magic, she yanked a string to ring the bell in her servant's workspace below. "Please sit down sister." Celestia was gesturing to some sofas around a coffee table. "How many are delayed?”
>Servant: Promptly, a servant entered before Luna could respond. "You rang, Your Highness?" he asked. Finding both sisters sitting at the sofas, he gave an additional bow to Princess Luna. "Good morning to Your Highness as well."
>C: "Yes, would you please bring us some twist-moss tea and donuts?" Both Luna and Celestia adored donuts, a pastry recipe Anon had provided the kitchen staff shortly after he arrived in Equestria. The selection of tea was strategic. twist-moss had the happy advantage of producing a calming effect.
>Servant: "Of course, right away." The servant bowed and, feeling the urgency of the situation by the choice of tea, he glided out of the room, leaving them alone again.
>L: "More than half! What can I do sister? Those staff were intimately familiar with the preparations. Even if you gave me half of your staff to compensate, we could not make up time since they would need to learn the details before carrying on with the work!" Luna was visibly shaken at her own words.
>C: Celestia thought a moment while Luna impatiently awaited her sister's sage advice. She didn't have many options; her staff was already overburdened with her portion of the preparations and other emergent projects. All were busy, save one, the most capable one. Resigned that the fateful appointment between her and Anon would have to wait, Celestia put on a comforting smile. Placing a hoof on her sister's shoulder, she said, "Luna, I will assign Anon to assist you. He has poured over the preparation details in total. He is remarkably efficient. Working with your staff I am sure he will succeed!"
>L: "But is he not busy writing your opening statements? Surely I can't ask to take such a valuable asset from you.”
File: 1650904757494.png (1.04 MB, 1600x825)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
>C: Warmly Celestia countered, "I can write the statements myself, sister. It will not be too great a burden."
>L: Luna was familiar with Anon’s legendary efficiency and believed her sister’s words. A sigh of relief shook Luna as she shut her eyes a moment. After taking in a slow breath, something Celestia noticed that Luna did to calm and compose herself, she smiled in gratitude. "Thank you sister! It is a crisis averted."
>C: It pained Celestia to lose her rendezvous with Anon, but that could wait, whereas her sister's problem was immediate. She knew Anon would understand. Now looking more closely at Luna, Celestia could not help but notice how stress had been taking its toll. Luna had been working exceptionally hard the last week and a half. Besides the preparations, Luna was engaged in a number of other important projects that had all confluenced at the wrong time. Celestia ached with compassion for her sister. A resolution to offer her more help thus prevailed in her mind.
A gentle rap at the door announced the arrival of the tea.
>C: "Please enter.”
>Servant: "Tea and donuts for Your Highnesses.” said the servant with a graceful smile as he levitated the ornate silver tray carrying the tea service onto the table. "Is there anything else you need?”
>C: Celestia returned an even more graceful smile. "No, thank you very much."
>L: As the servant left, Luna poured tea for herself and Celestia. Placing donuts on their plates she mused with a grin, "Anon's donut recipe is perhaps my favorite!" Luna fondly remembered a joke Anon pulled when he taught them about donuts. He had insisted that human custom was to ring the donut on one's finger until ready to eat. Since ponies did not have fingers, he suggested that Celestia and Luna ring the donuts around their horns. He had them, and the whole palace court, doing this for a week before he revealed the joke!
>C: "Mine as well!" Celestia said brightly. Taking a sip of her tea she addressed Luna more intimately. "Luna, you have been working so hard lately and it pains me to see you so stressed. I dare say that you need a break from your work. Anon can help you with that when he heads your staff; as an aside I urge you to unload some of the projects you have been tackling to him as well. However, it would seem to me that you also desperately need emotional and physical release." Her emphasis landing on the last four words.
>L: Luna, who had been indulgently enjoying a rainbow sprinkled glaze donut with her eyes closed, stopped mid-chew and swallowed after a pause. With a look of confusion she questioned, "How do you mean Celly?"
>C: "I mean we are siblings and we share everything. Our rule together has made us inseparable and we do everything we can to help each other. You need regular emotional and physical release, just as I do, in order to help bear the burden of rule. Anon can help you with that too. His love has done exactly that for me you know.”
File: 1650251940585.png (571 KB, 1024x1024)
571 KB
571 KB PNG
>"L: The words landed as Luna sipped and admired the delicate aroma of her tea. Her gaze rapidly met her sister's and her eyes opened wide. "You mean..."
>C: "Yes, of course."
>L: "Just like..."
>C: "Just like old times my sister. We'll share his love together, as royal sisters ought to! I’ve noticed that you love him as well.” Now a somber expression appeared on Celestia's regal face. "Luna, I confess that I feel a bit ashamed. I should have noticed your needs sooner and shared sooner. My neglect and selfishness has left you in the lurch. I am truly sorry."
>L: Now it was Luna's turn to be compassionate. "Celly, I am neither angry nor upset. You have given me so much advice and helped me to reacquaint myself with Equestria after I returned from the moon. Moreover, you helped me overcome the last remnants of lingering bitterness." Luna spoke her words with soft sincerity.
>C: "Thank you sister." Now with a joyous expression, Celestia continued, "I know that you will enjoy being with him!"
>L: A look of satisfied excitement took hold of Luna. "I cannot contain my excitement! You know, I have loved him from nearly the moment he arrived, but refrained out of respect to you. I can hardly fathom what it will be like the first time!" Luna took an intermittent sip of tea while Celestia did the same. Now twirling a hoof in the air and laughing nervously, she continued, "Though my...ahem...technique has probably acquired a layer of rust. It has been a very long time after all."
>C: With a sly grin, Celestia steadied her sister's nerves, "Not to worry my dear Luna. Anon is fabulously skilled in a wide range of techniques! That rust will come right off!" Leaning toward Luna, she added with a whisper, "Just wait and see what he can do with those human fingers of his!"
>L: Luna's eyes widened even more than before, another donut and a tea cup that she was levitating nearly dropped as her imagination momentarily ran wild. “Oh? Y-yes?”
>C: Presently, both finished their tea. They embraced and Luna passed, confidently and with lust in her stride, through the great wooden doors back to her personal office. The doors shut silently behind her in a mystical blue haze. "Well, then." Celestia sighed somewhat sadly to herself as she started to pen a letter to Anon.
File: apples.gif (1.92 MB, 853x480)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB GIF
Can't wait to get to this
ggs. can't wait for the next part.
Good start, literally the only criticism I have: "pouring over". One pours milk over cereal, but when studying intently, the verb is actually to "pore over". Let's see how this develops!
Thanks! Will post some more tonight.
Sounds great anon
SHAKE that Applebutt!
Off 10
Just there for the food, she's already getting pounded by a stallion.
File: this is fine.png (2.15 MB, 1500x1500)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB PNG
>"It's okay that you let the thread get to page 9."
>"I don't mind."
why are you lyin
File: 1484455961770.png (130 KB, 1172x1416)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
File: 1359935521807.png (576 KB, 700x729)
576 KB
576 KB PNG
A polite bump in the night.
File: 1647489378165.png (2.15 MB, 1813x1299)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB PNG
Part 3: As the events with Princess Luna in Celestia's office transpired, Anon had been taking a walk in the Royal Garden, sometimes speaking with the gardeners about their techniques and the best way to grow certain flowers, or sometimes simply watching the yellow-jays sing and flutter about. He did not know a letter that would change everything was on its way to find him.

As he conversed with the chief gardener, a messenger from the palace arrived by Anon's side. Obtaining Anon's attention, the messenger held up a scroll sealed with Celestia's signet. Anon, smiling, acknowledged her. "Oh, good morning!"
>Messenger: "Good morning Master Anon! Celestia sent me to bring you a letter. She bade me tell you to read it immediately" said the mare with gravitas.
"Thank you very much, Peanut Brittle" Anon gracefully responded to the mare, while taking the scroll. She seemingly blushed, bowed, and then trotted away. Anon took personal pride in knowing the names of as many servants as possible. He noted that they appreciated his effort. Anon broke the seal and unfurled the scroll. It read:
>C: "My dearest and beloved Anon. Unfortunately, our appointment will need to find refuge in another day. Princess Luna is in a state of emergency, the majority of her staff being unduly delayed in their return from a diplomatic mission. Her preparations for the diplomatic conference are now in severe jeopardy. As the only member on my staff who is intimately familiar with all the preparations in total, I desperately need you to assist her with her portion. Take charge of her remaining staff to accomplish this. Also, assume responsibility for some of the projects Princess Luna has been handling personally. For now, report to Princess Luna instead of me; you'll need to shift your sleep schedule to nights, so get some sleep now. Even before the loss of her staff, Princess Luna has been toiling under crushing stress, with many emergent projects converging at once upon her shoulders. Strive with all of your intellectual, spiritual, and physical might to help her achieve the emotional and physical release she needs. You should take as much pleasure helping her as you would me! Indeed, I am assured you will find the experience most gratifying, rewarding, and delightful! As for our appointment, its delay is temporary and only increases my yearning for you! Your Eternal Love -Celly"
>Gardener: Noticing Anon's previously happy face shift to one of pondering, the gardener interrupted his thoughts with a gruff voice. "Is everything ok Master Anon? You seem to be a mite concerned there."
Anon responded cooly. "Everything's ok, Green Hooves. Just a change of plans." Anon was disappointed, but he knew Celestia's concern and love for her sister was genuinely important. He resolved to carry out her instructions exactly. What did she mean by emotional and physical release though? High court pony-speak for stress release he supposed.
File: 1648755918760.jpg (1.3 MB, 1440x810)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
>Gardener: Returning to his work, the chief gardener absently responded, "Well, alrighty. Whistle away your worries is what 'ah always say. Try it sometime! Or, just gander at them flowers. That'll relax ya."
Anon gave him a smile, started whistling a ditty, and walked briskly back toward the palace to get some sleep before the night shift.

Part 4: It is early evening, a half-crescent moon hangs gloriously in the gloaming. Anon, having awoken refreshed, is on his way to Princess Luna's personal office. He is prepared in every way to assist her; every way except what he least expects. Prior to departing his modest chambers in the Solar Wing of the palace, he had re-familiarized himself with the preparations that had been delegated to Princess Luna's side of the Ministry of State and he felt bureaucratic confidence.

>L: Alone in her office, Luna's nerves were in shambles. She was woefully spun-up over what she dearly wanted to be a fateful and electric encounter with Anon. Early attempts to quell her jitters by reading from her preselected list of positive affirmations had failed. So to had trying to distract herself with random tasks around the office, along with another six or seven other methods. Attempting to remain calm, she was speaking assertively to herself. "Steady girl! Steady! Stay calm...calm. You love Anon and it is imperative you make a good impression. You've seen Anon look at you, you've seen him glance at you longingly, even if he didn't know it himself! Deep down you know... and he knows, that...that he loves you too! He certainly does and your instincts are correct! Just be calm...and confident!" She closed her eyes and drew a deep breath, letting it out slowly. For a moment the butterflies dispersed but shortly returned in greater numbers. In the end, she simply paced in the moonlight at the enormous arched windows, trying in vain to prepare herself.
Anon walked confidently through the Lunar Wing of the palace. He had been there before. He admired the cool blue and silver focused color palette of the wing, as well as the ornate cosmos themed paintings, mosaics, scrollwork, and sparkling gabbro floors. Lamps hanging between swirled pillars reflected off august mirrors on either side of the corridors, casting optical echoes of themselves into infinity. Smooth, crystalline, and glittering in the dim light, the decor sent shadows of mystery across his mind, as though the unexpected was at hand and that he was in passage to another world. At length, he arrived at her office door.
File: 1650249435810.png (1.06 MB, 2000x2000)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
>L: A knock rang out across the white marble floors to Luna's ear, triggering immediate, but disconcerting excitement. She paused a moment. Having put on her best sapphire encrusted jewelry and adorned with a splendid white dress, Luna now sent a few final brush strokes through her mane and swallowed hard. She had applied a perfume that smelled deliciously of rain and spring flowers; her favorite. Yet, she did not feel ready in the slightest. "Come in!”
Stepping from the darkness of the corridor into the moonlit room, Anon announced, "Good evening Your Highness. I've come to assist you with your preparations for the diplomatic conference. I'm sure Princess Celestia informed you that she had reassigned me." Anon paused as he soaked in the scene. The room was beautifully decorated in the style of the wing and lit mostly by the moonlight, augmented here and there with lamps or candles. The white marble floor was a reflector that sent shimmering silver light up the walls to illuminate the ceiling, revealing visions of the heavens painted there in its vaulted grandeur. By the windows stood Princess Luna, glittering like white hot sparks in the moonlight. Her mane, tail, and gorgeous dress, flowing together, seemed to replicate the belt of the Milky Way Galaxy as viewed from a dark mountain. Processing all this, Anon added in awe without thinking better of it, "Your Highness, you look exceptionally beautiful this evening." Internally, Anon angrily locked a dormant emotion back into its box.
>L: Spurred abruptly by the complement and barely controlling the butterflies flapping up a hurricane in her stomach, Luna awkwardly responded, "Oh! Ha! Yes, thank you Anon! I thought this dress would be...nice...uh, appropriate really...That is, considering you have not...been with me...I mean, worked for me before. I thought, maybe it would...relax you...or rather, put you at ease for the first time we...uh...collaborated." Luna was internally searching for words and kicking herself for her dissolving self-control. She meant eloquence and poetry, but stuttering and bumbling came forth instead. She walked toward him, stumbling a bit before quickly recovering. Clearing her throat first, she said while gesturing to a sofa, "Won't you come in and sit down for a discussion? Truly, I am glad to have your services." She managed this mechanical remark with a rather clumsy smile devoid entirely of seduction, the exact opposite of her intention. As Anon turned to the sofa she silently cringed to herself.
File: 1643683229954.jpg (2.8 MB, 5411x3989)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB JPG
Responding to her invitation, Anon replied, "Certainly Your Highness. I'd be glad to." He sat down at the lovely blue sofa that she motioned to, while she sat opposite. Based on her behavior, He could immediately see what Celestia was referring to regarding Princess Luna's stress. He now looked her over with compassion as she nervously smiled at him and poured tea for them from a decanter that had been pre-staged on the table between them. Breaking the uncomfortable silence, he offered, "Celestia also mentioned that I could take some vexing projects off your hoofs. I thought I could talk to you about them and the preparations before I go meet with your staff tonight."
>L: His remark and the tea refocused her, but only enough to discuss business. "Yes, meeting with the staff first would be best. They have all the plans, documents, and materials you'll need. I've let the acting leader know to await your arrival." She paused and looked at Anon while they both sipped tea. He was so close, but out of her reach still. "I'll certainly let you take the projects as well. To tell you the truth, I'm a little loath to let go of them, but I know it's probably for the best. Twirling her hoof in the air, she laughed nervously, "You know, I tend to get a little obsessed and overwhelmed with these sometimes."
"What sort of projects are they, Your Highness?" Anon continued to admire her beauty and elegance, encased as she was in the silvery night. She was enticing to him emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Moreover, he had always felt an irresistible attraction to her. Time spent with her in conversation in the past had endeared her to him and he felt a keen affection for her. Yet, he had suppressed and buried those feelings, knowing that he could only be with one princess. He loved Celestia only and exclusively, and this was just business.
>L: Luna did not answer, for her mind had wandered off into strategies to re-establish her plans on solid terrain.
"Your Highness?" Anon prompted after a moment of silence.
>L: "Oh! Apologies! I was...distracted a moment." Then, without thinking, Luna explained, "Well, there are a few from the Ministry of Agriculture and Resources, three from the Ministry of Defense, five from the Ministry of Knowledge, and seven more from the Ministry of Commerce." Luna spoke in wooden dullness. It was a facade to shield Anon's vision from the gyroscope of her emotional state that was precessing out of control. Psychologically and emotionally overwhelmed, Luna was totally unable to focus and unleash her natural talents of seduction. "Mostly proposals for new projects and expenditures, as well as reports of progress over the past year. I would be most appreciative if you would apply your expertise to analyzing them and produce some astute recommendations.”
"I won't let you down Your Highness. Don't worry at all!" Anon spoke with a reassuring smile that seemed to him to immediately brighten Princess Luna's troubled countenance.
>L: Luna smiled in sincere gratitude. At Anon's assurance, her heart warmed and her tension slackened partially. "They are contained in folios there on my desk. For the most part they are self-explanatory. Just let me know if you have any questions." Feeling somewhat more at ease, and the protective facade now cracking, she added, "Thank you Anon. I am actually truly grateful."
"I am very happy to help, Your Higness. Celestia told me about your delayed staff and how terribly it has affected your efforts. I'll do my very best to make sure the preparations are accomplished, hopefully with some time to spare." With a warm smile from his core, he continued, "Don't worry about anything. I'll take care of it."
Feeling a little more at ease following Anon's words, the flames of her love for him suddenly kindled up in her heart and glowed within. Despite the disastrous meeting, her blood rushed and her body tingled. Her body was still finding ways to make its carnal desire known to her mind. How strongly she desired him! She wanted to have her way with him at that very moment, but she had terribly fumbled her opportunity. Nothing could recover from the cold, business-like atmosphere she had unintentionally generated.
Anon finished off his tea and said, "Well, Your Highness. Thank you for the tea. If you'll excuse me, I'm anxious to get to work for you!"
>L: "Certainly Anon!" Luna was pained that their time together was ebbing without any emotional connection being made. However, there was little she could do now; she had squandered all her preparations. She felt her heart strings reach out as if to hold Anon and say "Please don't go! Please, let's start again!", only for those tender strings to be abruptly severed. She longed for him to hold and comfort her.
"I have to admit, by the way, that I don't know the way to the staff council room." Anon said as he stood up.
>L: "The council room is further down the corridor, two doors on the right. I'll be here in my office for some time if you need anything" said Luna while trying to hold on to the moment.
"Thank you Your Highness!" Anon noticed that she was studying him in an anxious way. Her eyes touched every part of his visible frame, as though looking for something to hold on to. This meeting had been unusual and its mostly business atmosphere regrettably made her lovely dress feel out of place. Yet, Princess Luna was not a stranger to him and he understood how she could be. He had often accompanied her on walks, discussed politics and dreams with her, and contemplated the stars with her. She had confided in him, and vice versa. He knew her personality, her tendency to get easily wound-up. Her behavior now was off from what he was familiar with. It must be stress he concluded; he resolved to erase that stress and restore her to her usual self. He walked to the desk and grandly swept up the files. "Good evening Your Highness. By the end of the work-night I'll have everything in order with the staff, and the ball rolling in the right direction!"
>L: His address of her as 'Your Highness' stung her very heart. She wanted to hear her real name casually grace his lips. As he walked to exit the room she called after him, desperate to win at least one battle, "You can call me..."
Anon turned to listen.
>L: "You can call upon me with questions by sending a servant as well...if you prefer...that is" she said. She still could not slay those hellish butterflies.
"Most appreciative, Your Highness! And, if you have any other tasks for me I would be happy to undertake them." He smiled, bowed, and was gone.
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>L: As Anon left the room, Luna let out a deep sigh and her eyes became watery from what was for her, an emotional and hormone charged encounter. She had floundered totally and frustration gripped her, as well as sadness. She eased herself deeply into her favorite blue sofa and took up another cup of tea, sipping deeply into her thoughts. "Rusty indeed! Even more rust than metal actually!" she declared to the night. After glaring into the pale moonlight through her window for some time, ruminating, she began to cast her eyes randomly throughout her office. Finally, they locked like a steel trap upon her now barren desk. Like lightening a realization struck her. She had inadvertently given Anon all of her personal projects when only two or three were originally intended. By fate's hoof she now had no administrative burdens nipping at her fetlocks. Slowly a sensation of weight melting off and falling, as molten slag, to the floor swept her. An increasing clarity followed as the effects of stress were shaken off. She now had nothing pressing to do! After so much worrying over the past few weeks, it was a foreign feeling. "How right Celestia was! I had not realized the effect the stress was having on me until it was taken away!" At once she felt an effulgent calm. Triggered by this, a renewed confidence welled up in Luna's soul. She smiled to herself, now absolutely resolute. She decided to make a second attempt in the deeper, more magical part of the night. This time she would succeed! Mingled love and lust inflamed her heart as she drank the last of her tea, calculating her strategy.

Part 5: Several hours had passed since Anon met with Princess Luna. Since then, he had been among the council putting things in order. He was a man of efficiency and administrative innovation. Superfluous tasks were eliminated, staff members were assigned according to their talents, time lines were reworked, and some work would be outsourced to various Canterlot contractors. He invigorated and inspired the staff. Soon, significant progress was being made. Now Luna, who could wait no longer, sends for Anon.

>Messenger: "Master Anon. I have correspondence for you from Princess Luna" said a young stallion Anon didn't recognize, tugging gently at his coat with his magic to get his attention.
"Oh, thank you!" Anon said as he took up the scroll. Before Anon could address the messenger again he had already turned and was on his way out of the room. Shrugging, Anon untied the scroll's silver ribbon and broke the blue wax seal that contained the embossment of Princess Luna's cutie mark. Getting a lot of letters today, he thought. The letter read:
>L: "My dearest Anon. I am sure you are well on your way to setting the staff on the path to completion. Please bring me a short report of progress being made. I have gone up to my personal chambers to retrieve some items. You can meet me there. After the report, I have some other necessary tasks for you. Despite the labor they will require, I am sure you will find them immensely enjoyable. Yours Forever -Luna."
Strange ending, thought Anon; very casual. Turning and speaking to the acting lead staff member, a stallion named Quills, Anon gave direction, "I need to go give Her Highness a report of the progress, then I need to carry out some other tasks for her. Please keep things together until I return, won't you?"
>Quills: "Of course Sir!" the staff leader said with a smile.
Anon whistled as he strode out of the room and into the corridor. He did remember where Luna's chambers where, having somehow recalled it from his first tour of the palace. After a short walk, he arrived at the fantastic Grand Lunar Staircase, as it was called. Going up, he turned right, went down another corridor, and arrived at her door, giving it a knock.
>L: The knock alerted Luna, but this time she was composed and focused. She had bathed a second time, put on a wondrous silver dress with blue highlights, re-applied her favorite fragrance, and put her mane up beautifully with hairpins. A small amount of aromatic oil applied to her coat now gave it an unearthly sheen beneath her dress, while not soaking through. She and her sister were different in their methods. Like the sun, Celestia was warm, caring, gentle, and alluring. She was subtle. But Luna was the night and the moon and the stars; full of mystery, surprise, enchantment, and even danger! She was direct and overt, the reciprocal of her sister. Soon, Anon would be broken by the full force of her seductive might! "Please come in!" she said sweetly. Her confidence was now devastating in its power, hidden as a dagger ready to strike. The hell spawned butterflies had not simply evaporated, they had been purged.
Anon entered, only to be transfixed by Luna's beauty. He gazed upon her mesmerized, tracing every curve and facet. Again the moonlight shone upon her, again the glints of light sparkled off her silver and sapphire jewelry. She stood, beaming, at a slight angle to him in the center of her chambers, blanketed in cool moonlight. Her chambers were softer than the office. Unique in its design, it was lit by small glowing crystals suspended by transparent threads from the ceiling. Silver inlay and gems in the walls placed at optically strategic locations reflected those lights, giving the room a feeling of the infinite expanse of space. The walls were painted in one grand scene of the cosmos, which was complemented by a mosaic embedded in the floor. A fire crackled in front of a rug in a fireplace against one wall. The whole was awe inspiring in its own right. But Anon could only see this in his periphery because his eyes were glued to Luna. She seemed razor focused, a profound transformation from earlier. She had an overwhelming feminine resolve and confidence about her that was irresistible. Her beauty and sexiness was magnified by it.
>L: "Good evening Anon. What have you to report?" Luna now fixed her gaze at Anon, demurely canted her head slightly downward, and lowered her eye-lids. Now feeling her lust fervently burn, she sent it through her eyes to Anon and straight into his subconscious. She was a master of dreams and knew, from hundreds of years of experience, how to affect the mind with nothing more than a look. Her look was calculated to disarm and arouse Anon.
Anon, ill-prepared for her unspoken charm, stammered while fiddling with his hat. "Well...I...That is, things are going well...I've...I've made some changes...and shortly...very shortly we'll be on schedule." Breaking the intermittent silence, he commented involuntarily, "You're gorgeous!" He immediately kicked himself internally for the slip. He took in a quick, deep breath and let it out. Somehow in the presence of this alicorn mare, his former professionalism was sapped by unnatural forces. He felt it drain away through open fingers with no way to salvage a single grain.
>L: Meanwhile Luna, seizing the opportunity of the moment, had sauntered lithely up to Anon, sexiness inherent in her steps by design; all to sensually captivate him. Only her sliver gown made sound, a delicious swishing as she went. As was her intention, she was intimately close to him before he even knew it. With her magic, she swung the door quietly shut and latched the lock with a solid click.
Anon, surprised, looked momentarily over his shoulder at the now closed door and then back to Luna. A growing unease took him, as though he was now hurled toward destiny. This can't possibly be happening he thought. He felt he had set foot into a predator's den.
>L: She now spoke with overt, thick seduction in her voice, nuancing its intonation for maximum impact. "My dear Anon, I knew your efforts would be effective and produce results. But, I have other tasks for you; physical, emotional, and pleasurable tasks that I want you to take up with greater energy. You've been vigorous in your assignment. Now be be vigorous with me." Pausing for effect and giving Anon time to process her meaning, she continued, "You know I love you Anon. I've said it in so many unspoken ways on the occasions we've been together." To finish the effect and while drawing closer, Luna used her magic to push Anon against the door and pin his arms, and legs against it. She reared up on her hind legs and braced herself against Anon, a fore hoof on each shoulder. Her face now even with his, she leaned in and whispered in his ear, "I know you love me too! You can't keep it a secret from me, even though you've tried so hard!"
The intonation of Luna's voice wormed its way into Anon's mind, laying seeds of fornication in his grey matter. Now sweating a little and feeling flames of desire grow within as result of her proximity, Anon reflected. He did harbor love for her, just as he did for Celestia. It had indeed grown over his time at the palace. He had kept it secret, resolving to remain true to Celestia. He now attempted to stand upon that resolve. His body was thirsty to coalesce with Luna in erotic euphoria. Yet, his mind forbade it! He attempted a defense. "Your Highness, this is...I believe...improper...I think I had actually..." he began while struggling in vain to free himself from the magical grip.
>L: Luna placed her hoof gently against his lips, silencing him instantly. For a moment she was quiet while serenely studying him, giving him a sultry grin as she did. Her lust coursed through her and she channeled it as a weapon into every nuanced move she made, into the fabric of her voice, and through her eyes. Keenly aware of Anon's body, she could even hear his heart pumping wildly. She was aware of his growing erection and savored the suspense it felt while it waited to find a home. Everything indicated that he loved her and desired her. Yet, he held back. She concluded that he was timid and unsure how to accept his love for her. She was different than Celestia and he was not used to it. She would draw the timidness out of him; force him to confront and accept his love for her! After a few seconds she spoke. "Tsk. Tsk. Actually nothing...There's nothing else you actually need do Anon. We are both in the right place, doing the right thing. Everything about the love between us is proper. Love itself is proper." She continued with an enticing whisper, "And there's nobody here but us. No need for formal titles. Just call me Luna." Momentarily bitting her lower lip gently and pleading with her eyes, she added, "Or, call me Lulu. I've always really liked that one."
Anon stood hypnotized, drowning in the abyss of her aquamarine eyes. He had no plan, he could formulate no plan. Luna had closed and shackled all the doors in his mind. Only she reminded there. The door to her chambers was also locked. A door locked by magic cannot be undone except by magic. While he thought, Luna slowly began drawing a hind leg up and down his thigh and kissed his cheeks and neck. This along with the aroma of her perfume and body, sent his mind and heart into blissful oblivion. His blood surged and he could feel his member hardening to the point of pain. But then an idea materialized. "Somepony will hear us...through...through the walls or...outside beneath the balcony. It'll be a scandal! We can't!"
>L: Cocking her head to one side in amusement and letting her hind leg slip to the inside of his thigh, she said, "Anon, that's what acoustic dampening spells are for. I cast one on the room before you arrived." Cinching her leg up gingerly against his groin and massaging it up and down with her knee, she continued, "Nopony will hear us. It's just the two of us." She gestured to the room around them and dramatically said, "Just the two of us in the vast expanse of space!" Letting her hind hoof come to rest on the floor again, she began moving her fore hoof slowly down his body. Acquiring a mischievous look, Luna breathed softly, "And you are my prisoner here in outer space!" As she said the words, her hoof stopped at his groin, strongly pressing into it while she gave a short playful lick to his nose.
"Ughh." Anon responded to the sharp pressure. He suddenly felt that she was treating his body, and particularly his genitalia, as her property.
>L: Luna, moment by moment, was calculating everything to purge Anon's mind of anything but his love and desire for her. Once it sat alone in his thoughts, he would have no choice but to acknowledge and accept it, because there would be nothing else there. She had hit her stride. In her office, she had tried too hard, worried too much about perfection. Now she let her sensual talents flow freely, unbridled and wild.
At the touch of her hoof on his groin Anon dropped his hat, a moment not unnoticed by Luna. Now Anon felt himself under her spell. Thoughts of Celestia began to fade as he started succumbing to Luna's charms. Yet, he still resisted. His body tingled and his breaths came short. His erection was already solid and throbbing. How could he escape, he thought. But his clever mind offered no resolution to the question. He could feel her kisses coming hot and passionate now. her breath and aroma enthralled him. All these together with the pressure of her hoof against his penis and testicles, was pushing his desire to a peak. Presently, he saw her eyes shift downward. Following her line of vision, he looked down as she was shifting her fore leg to allow the weight of his genitals to rest on the bottom her hoof, as if it were a plate.
>L: "Mmmmmm! Has a nice heft to it!" Luna teased as she met Anon's eyes again. Now her analytical mind, unable to resist the temptation, momentarily broke through with an out-of-place comment. "Though, one would need to take into account that part of its weight is supported by your body in addition to my hoof. So, the weight I perceive through my hoof is actually less than what it actually is. So, it's real heft is even more." She licked her lips at this last sentence. Her analysis complete, she regained her hypnotic stare into Anon's eyes, absorbing him into her soul, and gave him an inviting smile.
A heavy sigh and eyes rolling upward with pleasure were Anon's primary response, much to the delight of Luna. Nevertheless, he added in humor and between heavy breaths, "Remind me to teach you force vectors and Newton's laws later, Luna."
>L: Luna giggled at Anon's unexpected humor. However, she wasn't done, not by far, and the humor had not unbalanced her. She had not shattered him yet, and she was enjoying herself too much to stop at this point. Moving in, she kissed him on the lips, softly at first and then she forcibly inserted her tongue, ravaging Anon's mouth with soft, moist assertiveness. He reciprocated her kiss, but faintly and with hesitation. It was just a tease though. Pulling away ever so slowly, a catenary of saliva hung between them for a moment before collapsing. After gazing into his eyes, she moved in for more kissing. She forced Anon's tongue to dance with hers. Their tongues now spoke to each other of passion and amorous love making. Seeing Anon's resolve now visibly shaken, Luna finally released her aura. Stepping back, she seemingly offered a space into which Anon could move.
Anon's mind was still hazy from the kissing and naughty exploration Luna's fore hoof and hind leg had done. Yet, he instinctively moved away from the wall into the breech, and the trap, Luna created for him.
>L: With a wicked smile on her face, Luna wheeled to her left, her eyes locked to Anon's, keeping them captive and unsuspecting. As she turned, she magically gathered her tail together in a tight rope-like mass. Accelerating the movement of her flank and whipping her tail around as she turned, it went whistling through the pheromone charged air and landed with a loud "whap!", directly against his groin.
Through the cloth of his pants Anon felt the terrible sting from her tail. "Hmmm!" he exclaimed in sudden but fleeting pain. Luna had physically changed the subject, telling Anon with pain that he was now to focus on her in a different way, and that she was the boss here. Anon reasoned that she was also playing with him, and enjoying it. Placing his hands on his knees, he took a moment to recover. "Ughh." said Anon as he turned his head to look as Luna.
>L: Realizing she needed to give him a moment to recover, Luna turned herself around continually so Anon could see the magnificent effect of the dim light scattering off her dress as it accentuated her natural beauty. While doing so she reflected upon that little known fact that the difference between pain and pleasure is a matter of degree. If she wanted to drop Anon, she could have. Yet, she desired just enough pain to acquire his fascination and admiration at what she could do. Also, she paused to be grateful that males had their special weaknesses that she could use in this manner to demonstrate her love.
Anon now took a deep breath and stood once again. "I didn't even know that was possible."
>L: Luna, lifting her chin slightly in the air in triumph, looked back at him with an inviting smile and said, "Many things are possible, my love! Now come, join me for some tea." She had not finished psychologically working him over yet. This was just a respite. To bring Anon to the brink, to the breaking point, Luna would give him a false escape route, a momentary reprieve. His hope of escape would revive only for her to mercilessly crush it in devastating fashion. By the time she was done, he would willingly give himself to her with every fiber of his being. No force would be necessary. She would get the timidness out of him. Timidness in lovemaking is like too much salt that ruins flavor. It had to come out!
"S-sure." was all he could manage in response. The way she used her words made Anon feel as though she had laid claim upon him, possessing him like an object. However, here he saw an opportunity for reset and to reason with Luna over tea. He followed her, though he could feel his resolve cracking like glass as he walked. He was a man desperately trying to bail water out of a sinking ship, not knowing he and his ship were doomed.
>L: Luna moved over to a corner of the room containing two sofas across from each other and a small table with tea. The area was lit by the gracious moon. Once fully immersed in the transcendent light, Luna's deep blue magical aura undid the clasps on her dress and it fell gently to the floor, caressing her curves as it gracefully slid off.
Now Luna in all her mysterious glory was revealed to Anon. He was accustomed to seeing both Princesses without clothes, but the sensual removal of the dress seemed to reveal something forbidden and exhilarating. He looked upon her in her lovely nakedness, her body glistening with a gorgeous smooth sheen. Her deep blue coat was not merely a solid color. In the moonlight it sparkled with streaks of metallic silver. He had seen a similar effect with Celestia, but gold on white, when she was in the sun and aroused sexually. By the same token, he could see that Luna was very intensely aroused. So was he.
>L: Luna, picked up on his admiration. With expert timing, she now undid the hair pins that held her mane and let it drop like silk. Tossing her head, she threw it over her neck for Anon to admire. Looking at him with bedroom eyes, she could see the effect as a shiver rippled through Anon.
Anon, simply stood starstruck. He could hear his own pulse in his ears. Her mane and tail contained the heavens, and the stars and galaxies in them moved by their own volition while Luna stood in stillness. Slowly, as if to avoid disturbing the stars themselves, he sat on the sofa.
>L: Luna lay on the sofa most illuminated by the moon, her mane over her neck and her tail draping her flank, her teats visible to Anon. She poured some tea for Anon and continued her psychological assault. "Am I not beautiful, Anon? Am I not desirable to you? We are alone in intimacy, together in our ardor." She gazed seductively at Anon and continued with strident passion. "You want to run your hands through my mane and over every curve, don't you? You want to touch all the forbidden parts; every inch. What's stopping you from engaging your lust and taking me? You know that you want to! Here I am, luscious and ready. Simply reach out and take me!" She said this in so many sex laden breaths, making audible the thoughts she knew were immersing Anon's consciousness. She levitated a cup of tea into Anon's quivering hand. Cracks were propagating in his defenses, and his armor was fracturing. Now with an enchanting smile of loving tenderness, she said more softly, "We love each other Anon. So, let's consummate that love and paint the night with our passion!" All the word she chose seemed gaudy, but spoken with seductive skill they were overpowering.
Luna, sprawled on the sofa, presented Anon with an insurmountable temptation. The last lingering threads of resolve began to fray. He marshaled the last of his fortitude in a last attempt to reason with Luna. "You, Celestia and I..." he began, sipping tea at moments when he could not speak.
>L: But Luna had stopped listening. What he said was immaterial and irrelevant now. She had him, she possessed him in her snare but he did not know it. In a moment he would. She sipped her tea patiently, letting Anon continue to be progressively poisoned by her beauty and seduction. Presently, she flicked her tail off her flank, revealing the curvature of her buttocks and her cutie mark. She watched with fascination as this wreaked havoc on Anon's babbling. Immensely pleased, she moved her tail over further to reveal the crevice between the back of her thighs that led up to her pussy, offering Anon a tantalizing glimpse of only a small area of its tender lips. As Anon's eyes were drawn to it, Luna put on her most alluring look and in a dreamy voice said, "Do you like what you see Anon? Do you want more?" Luna slid her top hind leg slightly forward, revealing slightly more of her treasure. Looking slowly to her rear and back to Anon's eyes, she said, "See how it invites you?"
Anon was instantly captivated by Luna's winking. Up to this point, Anon was trying to persuade Luna in near incoherence. However, the cumulative effect of her sultry voice and the discipline shattering visual temptations she paraded in front of him caused his train of thought to instantly derail. He had no defense for this. He fell silent, put down his empty tea cup, and rested a finger against his chin trying to remember what he was blathering about.
>L: The time had come. Luna now struck. Everything she had done was calculated in the moment with the force of hundreds of years of experience. She was the chess master and he was her pawn. He never actually stood a chance. Though a pawn, what she had done was not out of maliciousness, but love. Luna reasoned it was necessary to bring Anon into the fold of her love, to bind them together, and to remove troublesome doubts from his mind. Now she would force him to accept what was already in his heart, what he had been denying, and to cure the rot that denial was causing. Her magical aura moved the table to the side. In a flash, she had moved over to him, climbed up on his sofa, slung her hind leg over his hip, and sat upon her haunches on his upper thighs, a fore hoof on either side of him.
As he leaned back against the backrest of the sofa, Anon could not help but feel amazed at how nimble and flexible ponies really were. Now he could not move. He didn't want to move. He was face to face with her. He could feel the warmth of her breath and the wonderful fragrance of her perfume once again. She radiated heat and pheromones, but beneath that she radiated her true love. All he could manage was, "Your High...".
>L: But as he began to speak, Luna, smiling in triumph, shifted her weight on to Anon's groin. "Lulu, my love. Call me Lulu." she whispered.
He let out a sigh involuntarily and his eyes closed as he felt the sudden sexual connection. Beneath her weight he also felt her aura grip his groin. She squeezed it, moved it about, mashed it up against her winking pussy, and felt the heft of it.
>L: Now the final blow. After a little nibble to Anon's ear, Luna whispered, "You love me Anon. You desire me. Accept it! Just accept it. You can't hide from it, or me, or yourself. Embrace it! And embrace me." With loving tenderness she ended by planting a kiss on Anon's lips.
Anon broke. His defenses crumbled, leaving him psychologically naked in her hoof. "I do love you Lulu! I really do!". His eyes watered a bit, partially because of the release of being able to admit a truth he had denied, and partially out of regret for betraying Celestia. Yet, he could not stop now. He was being swept away by the floodwaters of passion. He kissed her in return and wrapped her in the strength of his arms.
>L: At Anon's kiss, Luna eased her tongue into Anon's mouth and caressed every surface, mingling her saliva with his. She continued working his groin with her aura and hips; squeezing, tugging, shifting it, pressing it, feeling its structure. After a moment, she paused and gazed at him, this time with a deep and caring love. "There you are Anon! I knew you were in there somewhere!" While rubbing her cheek against his, she whispered with overflowing excitement and happiness, "Come with me to the bed." As she walked she looked back over her body, delighted to see Anon follow.
Anon, willingly followed Luna, ready to give himself to her with every fiber of his being. At the bed, Anon began tearing off his jacket and shirt while Luna worked on removing his pants with her magic. In a moment he was naked and stood before Luna.
>L: With bedroom eyes and a lustful smile, Luna gazed at Anon's groin. His penis was fully erect and as hard as it could possibly be before bursting. She marveled at how different it was from a stallion's. It struck her how its sheath was not attached to his body, allowing it to float freely. She also admired Anon's muscular body, longing to touch it with hers. She climbed up on the bed and motioned for him to follow. "First lay down, my love", she said as she gently pushed him down with a front hoof. Then she straddled over him, still standing on all fours.
The moment his head hit the pillow, Luna's tongue lashed out and she began drawing it in long loving strokes across his upper body, kissing occasionally as she went. Her lascivious tongue had its way with his abdomen, his chest, then his neck. Then it drew a long relentless line from his abdomen to his lips. Reaching this point, Luna gingerly inserted it and they kissed in exquisite passion while Anon moved his hands over her body, now feeling the luxurious oil Luna had used on her coat. It rendered her hair as soft as silk under his hands.
>L: Luna had never felt the sensations that Anon's hands generated across her skin. It magnified her sexual delight and stoked the flames of her desire. It was exquisite. She began to understand what Celestia had told her about Anon's hands. But now, her attention turned to Anon's manhood, thirsting after it as one desires water in a desert. Luna repositioned with her head toward Anon and her rump facing away. She craned her neck and slipped his penis into her mouth.
"Lulu?", Anon said before she could start.
>L: With her mouth full of manhood, she looked up at Anon. She didn't expect the interruption. "Es herr som hing wong?" she asked, suddenly terrified that everything would suddenly fall apart and that her efforts had been in vain. What had she done wrong? But before she could get spun up, Anon's response reassured her.
Anon sat up and gave Luna a powerful kiss. Placing hands upon her, he repositioned her, feeling her allow him to dictate her position, so that she stood at a right angle to his body. "Nothing's wrong Lulu. Everything's wonderful! I just think you'll like this position more. Trust me." Anon gave her a knowing look and spoke with tenderness. Having her at a right angle allowed him to access her treasures with his hands, something Luna could not understand at that point.
>L: Somewhat confused, she gave a stately "Very well." She did not know what Anon intended, but she imagined it must be worthwhile. She eased her mind and placed her trust in Anon. Regaining a smile and her confidence, she continued her attention to his manhood. As she once again slipped his penis into her mouth, caressing it with the warmth and moisture of her tongue, she began to feel Anon's hand move to her flank, caressing as it went. Then softly moving around her rump, his finger tips kissed and teased the sensitive flesh of her inner legs. It was wonderful. "Mmmmmmm!" she moaned, muffled by Anon's manhood filling her mouth.
Anon was feeling ecstasy. Celestia was gentle with his groin, teasing and coddling it. Luna by comparison used it as her plaything. Sucking it, tugging it, moving it in circles, flicking the tip with her tongue, even gently squeezing it with her washboard back teeth. Anon was helplessly and pleasantly overwhelmed with the sensation. Meanwhile, his fingers had found the tender tissues of Luna's pussy. As he drew his fingers over the surface of her vulva, Luna started winking and moaning for more. He let her pussy desperately grasp for his fingers in vain, teasing. Luna was now letting loose loud muffled moans. They sent sound waves down his shaft into his testicles and shivers up his spine. His other hand was moving all over Luna, massaging her, feeling the softness of her slightly oiled coat, and running through her sparkling mane. He rubbed her legs lovingly and fingered the luxurious silver anklets she wore.
>L: Luna felt continuous sensations of pleasure shimmering through her body as Anon's fingers externally explored her pussy. She then felt his arm draw away and reach between her hind legs instead of around her rump. His finger tips inched up her inner thigh, played with her teats and nipples for a while, and, pushing her curtains gingerly apart, found her clitoris. "Mmmmmmm!" His touch sent a violent shock of ecstasy through her and she stopped for a moment, stunned. Her now gapping mouth issued cascades of saliva down Anon's shaft. Presently she resumed her rigorous work on his penis, moving it in an out in incessant rhythm.
Anon gradually increased the frequency of fingering her clitoris, and the pressure. Luna's moaning increased in intensity. Great heaving breaths issued from her nostrils on to him and he could feel her frame begin to shake. He slowed to let her recover a bit. Then again he danced with his fingers over her clitoris until she was about to climax, only to let her recover again. In cycles he bolstered her bliss, sending her soaring through the stars.
>L: Luna was beside herself from the powerful orgasmic sensations Anon was stimulating in her. Her entire body felt as though it was in flames. Her sucking of Anon's manhood became automatic, driven by the intensity of her pleasure. After what seemed an infinite number of Anon's cycles, her quivering became uncontrollable as the climax surged violently through her. She let his penis flop out of her mouth, wet and throbbing, as she let out a moan that reverberated through the room. It could have shaken the fabric of space and time.
Great quantities of fluids had already flowed into Anon's hand from Luna's pussy, but now it flowed with vigor during her orgasm. Anon, himself breathing heavily and struggling to prevent himself from cumming into Luna's mouth, felt Luna's body go limp and fall into his arms. He cradled her to him, Feeling the elevated heat of her body, now damp with a mixture of sweat, skin oils, and the applied aromatic oil. he relished the mixture of her fragrance and feminine musk.
>L: In a moment, Luna had recovered. Looking up at him with genuine love in her eyes she spoke in a whisper. "Anon, that was amazing!"
Between breaths and while running his hand through her mane he responded, "You're welcome Lulu! What you did was equally amazing!"
>L: At the sound of his reassuring voice Luna cuddled closer to him, imbibing his aroma through her nostrils and enjoying his muscular frame. She smiled up at him, gazing into his soul. There she found his true love for her, the love she had forced into the open with seduction, and it energized her once again. She was not done; her lust was not spent. "Let's play some more, my love!"
To Anon's surprise Luna rolled in his arms and came to her knees. She pressed her cheek into his as he stroked her neck. Soon they were kissing again with the same intensity as the beginning, and continued a long time lost in bliss and the ecstasy of touch. The short rest had only been an interlude. After a while Anon broke away from a kiss. Gracing her lips and cheek with his fingers he said, "Lulu, tuck your wings in."
>L: At the request, Luna became sure Anon had something special in mind. Replying with a playful lick to his nose, she obeyed without words. For now she was happily content to feel masculine assertiveness direct her and to feel comforted and safe in his arms.
WIth her wings tucked, Anon enclosed her in his arms and smoothly rolled her on to her back. They were now chest-to-chest. Anon drew back onto his knees.
>L: Now on her back, Luna excitedly awaited what would happen next. Her marehood burned within her, anxious to be filled. With a single dramatic motion she unfolded her wings to her sides and gave Anon a salacious grin. "You've rendered me vulnerable Anon. What will you do now?"
Anon drank in the alluring vision before him. She was magnificent. Her star filled mane and tail, draping the bed, turned its surface into the heavens. He felt he would fall into the sky if he stepped upon it. Her outspread wings made her an angel of the night, ready to envelope him in the warmth of darkness. Looking down, her sopping pussy beckoned, winking at him, thirsty to receive his penis.
>L: Luna, meanwhile, admired the man's groin once again. His thick veiny member was captivating as it floated freely in the air. She licked her lips as she imagined it buried in her now impatient vagina. Looking to his balls, she now regretted that she had not savored them in her mouth as well; she thought of so many things she could do with them. To her it was an endless, yearning moment, but finally Anon stirred. Then, she anxiously anticipated the release of sexual tension the pause had caused.
Leaning back in over her, Anon rested the weight of his groin on Luna's teats, eliciting an audible expression of profound delight. Moving in, he began kissing her chest and neck. He did so lightly, mainly to avoid filling his mouth with hair. As he moved up her neck, Luna craned her head to his and he felt her nibble his ear adorably in her lips.
>L: The delay was driving Luna wild. Her arousal was peaked, her pussy desperately searching, clutching for its mate. She could withstand it no longer. "Plunge it in Anon! Ravish me and take what you desire!" Luna chose her words to excite and arouse Anon, to stoke his sexual furnace beyond capacity. After breathing a warm breath against the side of Anon's face, she again briefly nibbled the tip of his ear.
Anon let his balls drag across her teats as he drew his hips back to insert his penis. Holding his shaft with one hand he gently parted her engorged vulva and began pushing. Tightness, heat, and moisture greeted his member. As he pushed, her delicate tissues graciously welcomed this visitor by giving way and inviting it to venture further in. Anon shut his eyes in ecstasy.
>L: "Ahhhhhhh!", Luna exclaimed, her melodious voice lingering in the air. Her body heaved at the extraordinary sensation in her loins, and a feeling of heat washed over her. As Anon slowly thrust into her tightness, she felt pain. But it was the pain of intense pleasure, the kind she had imagined to deliver to Anon's testicles if she had had the chance to mouth them before his fingers brought her to climax.
Anon could feel the pulsations of Luna's musculature around his penis as it repeatedly gripped and re-gripped his manhood. Her fluids oozed out over his shaft ready to provide lubrication. He began thrusting slowly, holding one hind leg in his arm as leverage and support. With his other hand, he caressed her belly, chest, her supple teats, and her delicate inner thigh. He felt Luna's other leg lower and wrap somewhat around his body.
>L: Luna writhed in delectable euphoria. her thoughts became foggy as her body's physical desire and arousal asserted themselves. She panted heavily through her mouth. The sweat, forced out by ecstasy more than physical exertion, flowed amply and her pussy gushed her natural, aromatic lubricant. Her pussy savored the rare delicacy it now gobbled. Then another invigorating sensation. Looking toward her crotch she saw that Anon had begun stimulating her clitoris with his free hand. Now electricity filled her, her muscles quivered uncontrollably as all of her sexual power ignited in savage fury. Her eyes dilated and the details of the room took on surreal vividness to her mind.
Anon, was breathing heavily and feeling waves of bliss sweep his body. He was fixated by a lascivious fascination with the exhilaration he was stimulating in Luna. He was regulating the situation. Monitoring her, he slowed to prevent her climax and sped up to keep her enthralled. He drew out her ecstasy to the limits of his stamina and hers. On and on he plied her. On and on she moaned and quaked. Endlessly their passion, ecstasy, and euphoria intertwined while their souls explored the vastness of space together.
>L: Finally Luna's appetite for orgasm reached its threshold. "Finish me Anon! Please finish me! Oh please!" she cried out between hums and squeaks of overpowering delight. Feeling the thrusting and rubbing of her clitoris intensify she knew Anon had heard her and complied with her desperate plea. Now the ambrosia of erotic pleasure mixed with that of emotion and spirit. She felt that she stood at the very gates of enlightenment.
Anon was now thrusting as fast and hard as he could. He pressed deeply into her clitoris and jiggled it rapidly. Luna oozed fluids on to his shaft and balls. His hand now rubbed the tender flesh of Luna's teats. He was entranced by how soft their skin was. Looking up, he could see Luna positively out of her mind, intoxicated with pleasure.
>L: Clenching her teeth and eyes was all Luna could do to withstand the intensity of ecstasy she felt, pleasure so pure it bordered on pain. She let out short, rapid, muffled, moans and hums that grew in loudness. The orgasm was coming like an unstoppable avalanche. Suddenly she felt her back arch involuntarily as her muscles tightened. Her breathing paused involuntarily, and her skin ignited in an inferno. Her eyes and mouth shot open as she let out a long, deep, guttural groan that hung endlessly in the air. Meanwhile, the muscles of her vagina clenched and spasmed while trying to squeeze nectar out of its visitor.
Anon's thrusting was stopped in its tracks. Luna's vagina had clinched around his penis holding it so tightly, as though for dear life, that he could not move it. Though, he barely noticed because he was distracted while watching the intensity of Luna's orgasm. He had not finished, but he accepted it and leaned in over Luna to kiss and comfort her exhausted body. His hands soothed her now quivering frame.
>L: Feeling Anon close to her, she wrapped her fore legs around him and drew him close while rapidly planting a multitude of short sweet kisses on his face and neck. She felt his kisses in response and his hands gently massaging her damp body. She furled up her wings, enclosing Anon in a cocoon of feathers. Gently, she stroked his back with her wings.
As the kissing slowed and Luna's breathing slackened, Anon felt her pussy loosen and his manhood slide out. He looked deeply into her stunning blue-green eyes. She reciprocated and they touched each others souls through their mutual gaze.
>L: Luna spoke first after recovering slightly, but still shaking. "I love you Anon."
"I love you to Lulu."
>L: Hearing her favorite pet name for herself grace his lips thrilled Luna and caused her love to radiate the more brightly. Now drawing a hoof across his cheek, Luna continued. "But, you didn't finish my love."
"It's ok Lulu. It's nothing."
>L: "Anon, you are still my prisoner here. I'll decide what is and is not nothing!" she said with a wily smile. Luna was feeling her composure restore and she was determined to see Anon finished off. Not only because she cared for him, but also out of her own lurid sexual fascination. Shortly, she would force the situation. But until then she grasped his testicles in her mystic aura and began playfully tumbling them about, sometimes shifting to his penis, and back again. She smiled deviously at Anon and drank him up through her eyes.
Anon only smiled and encased her in his warmth, delivering many small kisses to her lips, cheeks, and neck. He was enjoying being caressed by her wings; it was a unique sensation. Celestia also used her wings in this manner.
>L: Soon, Luna ceased shuddering. Her face took on a seductive countenance once again. Her horn still activated, she intensified her grip on Anon's groin, his penis still erect and pulsing with desire. Sitting up, pushing him gently off, and stepping lithely off the bed on slightly wobbly legs, she shifted her grip to just his testicles. With a sudden strong, crushing squeeze that caused Anon to visibly wince, she said with authority, "Come now Anon! I will have you finish!"
"Ungh!" Anon clenched his stomach at the sudden pain. He was surprised that she wanted to continue after that powerful orgasm. Also, he was stunned about how forcefully she took what she wanted. He became quite convinced that she considered his groin to be her property.
>L: Luna was amused by her sudden power over Anon. She enjoyed playing with him. The idea had come to her to make literal a vulgar phrase she had sometimes overheard Anon use when speaking freely amongst stallions. "Now it looks like I have you by the balls, Anon!" she said with a laugh. She gave them a tug and led him wincing over to the plush carpet by the fire.
"You surely do Lulu" said Anon smiling despite his pain. He was amused with her sexual assertiveness. It was strong, but supple, aggressive, but not mean.
>L: Levitating some folded blankets, towels, and cushions into a stack, she stepped upon it to level her marehood with his groin. Releasing his testicles so that he stood a few feet away, and with her rump facing him, she gave an enchanted look to Anon over her body and cocked her tail to one side. Sweetly she cooed, "I demand that you finish, Anon".
Once again Anon admired the dreamy scene. With her mane and tail magically fluttering in the air, the moonlight glistening over her sweat drenched body and silver jewelry, and in the dimness surrounded by the room's artificial stars, it seemed to him that she was the universe itself. With her pussy displayed to him in its glory, its lips engorged with passion, it seemed also that the universe was inviting him back into its lascivious embrace. Who was he to refuse and invitation from the universe itself.
>L: Luna felt Anon's manhood slide in and the waves of bliss welled up once again. She knew that she was near the end of her stamina, but resolved to hold out until Anon finished. She braced herself.
Anon immediately began pounding into her hard and fast, his physical exertion drawing droplets of sweat from his entire body. He could feel Luna's aura at his balls again. It turned them over, massaged them, playfully tugged them, and squeezed them in a curious manner. Soon, he was lost in pleasure the way Luna had been moments before.
>L: As time passed, Luna felt the impact of a series of minor orgasms send euphoria through her. Her legs buckled a bit and she serenaded Anon and the night with the music of her moaning, but she remained focused. Soon, it seemed to Luna that Anon was about to finish.
Anon, breathing heavily, began to feel his body tense up and the hormones flush through his blood. About to be overcome, he reached around between Luna's hind legs to stimulate her clitoris one last time. In a moment, she responded with powerful moans and shuddering. The music of her vocalizations was more enchanting than any ensemble could produce. That was the endpoint. Grasping her flank with all the strength of his free hand, he gave his last thrust. His muscles contracted and his penis pulsed, sending hot fluid coursing into Luna.
>L: Luna felt Anon's cum force its way into her, coating her insides. His stimulation had sent her into a final powerful climax and she let out a last resounding moan. The effluent of fluid from her vagina increased and it now steadily dripped to the floor. Sexually exhausted, she collapsed on to the soft stack of fabric beneath her, causing the instrument of her pleasure to be rapidly unsheathed from her vagina. Exposed and dangling in the air, it now dripped its warm, viscous fluid on to Luna's haunches below.
Once the pleasure had died down a bit, Anon took up one of the towels and wiped himself off. Then he proceeded to wipe the cum and vaginal fluid off Luna's back and from between her legs while she smiled at him weakly. Having completed this, he collected her into his arms and took her to the bed to lay her down.
>L: Luna rolled to her side on the bed and indicated with a hoof for Anon to join her. As he did so, she embraced him and they lay together entangled and gazing into each other's eyes. "That was amazing Anon. I am completely worn out, but in a good way. I didn't hurt you did I?" She said the last as she gently touched his testicles with her hoof.
"It did hurt, but it wasn't too bad. I'd say it was the right amount of pain", said Anon with a laugh. He was slowly and softly stroking her body from neck to flank with his hand and admiring the uniqueness of her cutie mark.
>L: She smiled, pleased that he had not been offended. "It's impossible for you to know how much I have wanted this and looked forward to it Anon. You should know that I really do love you."
Anon confessed with a smile, "I also love you Lulu. You were right. I had been hiding it and denying it. I honestly never thought I could express it openly though."
>L: "Well, now we can and there's no need to feel restrained any longer."
Anon smiled, but reality was beginning to seep back into his mind. he felt intense guilt. He had betrayed Celestia and opened an affair with her sister. Worse, he truly loved them both. Anon's mind became occupied with this paradox. He had no choice. He needed to keep this a secret from Celestia.
>L: Luna, not perceiving Anon's thoughts, mused, "It's good to share love again with somepony. It gets so lonely and you forget what it's like." Pushing herself up a little to look at him with a loving smile, she said, "I look forward to when we can do this again." With that she lay down and embraced him with all her love and afterglow. She had stretched out along his right side with a fore leg draped over his chest. She had slung a hind leg over Anon's right leg and snuggled it up into his fluid coated scrotum.
Anon continued to lovingly stroke her hair and run his hand through her mane while she gazed up at him, breathing deeply contented breaths. At intervals her cuddling would intensify and she would squeeze him in a loving embrace with a warm, satisfied "Mmmmm!" However, at length, both got up, kissing frequently as they did so, and Anon put on his clothes. "I'll need to go back to the staff Lulu. There is still a lot to do."
>L: Luna nodded in resignation. She would have preferred to spend the entire night with him embraced in warmth and love, but she knew the work had to continue under the circumstances. "Certainly Anon, but no more progress reports tonight. We can discuss it tomorrow evening."
Racked by guilt that he could no longer contain, Anon turned to Luna. "Luna, I feel a bit uneasy about all of this. You wouldn't tell Celestia how we did this, would you?"
>L: What a strange question, Luna thought. Why would she discuss with Celestia the mechanics and manner in which Anon and her had sex? Perhaps it was a human way of deepening trust. This is what she concluded and thus spoke reassuringly to Anon. "Certainly not, my love. That's between you and I." She added cooly, "I'm sure you wouldn't discuss it with her either."
"No, I certainly wouldn't." Secrecy then. Anon swallowed, still feeling nervous. "I just don't want to ruin my relationship with her or hurt her."
File: 1647095486678.png (828 KB, 1275x986)
828 KB
828 KB PNG
>L: Another strange comment. Why would the methods of sex between Anon and her upset Celestia? Luna sensed that Anon was nervous about something she could not decipher. Nevertheless, her love for him compelled her to soothe his mind. "Anon, what is between you and me on that account remains between us. Likewise, for Celestia. If for whatever reason it does come up, let me handle it." The last she said with a smile and wink.
Anon nodded, but the feelings of guilt did not leave him. Nevertheless, he could not also deny his love for Luna. Standing close to Luna, he embraced her and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. Simultaneously, he gave her rear a playful pinch with his right hand. "Ooo!" and a giggle was the pleased response from Luna. Bowing whimsically he said "Good bye for now my love! It pains me to leave you alone, standing gorgeous in the moonlight!"
>L: Luna, accepting the complement with a smile, blew him a love filled kiss as he passed through the door and closed it quietly behind him. Deeply satisfied, she approached her mirror. Taking up a bejeweled silver brush, she restored her hair. Then, she fixed the arrangement of her jewelry and donned her previously used white dress before craning her neck and giving her self a sniff. Her powerful pony sense of smell picked out the tantalizing mixture of male and female musk, sweat, oils, and bodily fluids. Indeed, she smelled strongly of sex. And no wonder! Looking at the clock, she marked that they had been at it for 2.5 hours. She sprayed on some more perfume and prepared to return to her office to wrap up a few minor odds and ends. Her mind was now exceptionally clear, her nerves salved, and her heart full of love.
Anon, swiftly walking back to the staff council room, felt his blood rushing cold. He walked somewhat awkwardly due to the now diminishing pain he still felt in his groin. He stopped a moment and wiped his hands down his face. He took a deep breath and let it out. He pushed thoughts of cheating out of his mind for now. There was still much to do with the staff. Thus steadied, he took off once more, resolved to maintain secrecy.
You're doing great anon
This is some real impressive writing. How long've you been at it for?
Honestly, not long. I only started trying to write a few weeks ago. I wrote good essays in college, but never tried to write anything just for fun or out of interest until now. My first few greens were fairly messy though. For this one, I am trying to make something really good. So, I'm giving it a lot of attention. I think my flaw is that I am long winded. For instance, this is a long story and I have not fully finished it yet.
Can't wait to see more of it
File: disappoint.png (1.41 MB, 2500x2200)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
>Page 8
>"Y'all're already slackin'.
File: 1647705291353.png (326 KB, 846x870)
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326 KB PNG
Fluttershy needs cuddles for happiness.
File: 1638080156304.png (229 KB, 608x572)
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229 KB PNG
>You don't actually expect me to believe you DON'T have a fetish do you?
Reminder to all that Nebulus conclusively demonstrated that Posey Shy does not have to guess your fetish.
anyone know where to find that green where anon rejects rainbow's advances and then she proceeds to date rape him? there was a part when anon wakes up tied to a bed and she mentions putting viagra in his drink
File: 1643671199696.png (976 KB, 1500x1819)
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976 KB PNG
>How can I complete my research assignment on the differences and similarities of equine sexuality and human sexuality if you don't tell me your fetish anon? For example unicorns love having their horns licked. Humans don't have horns so there must be an equivalent! Its only for research anon and to bridge the gap between species.
Nice try
Is there an equivalent among Earth ponies? Nope, didn't think so. Wooly thinking, Sparks.
File: Wrecking Ball.jpg (197 KB, 601x890)
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197 KB JPG
That's gonna take like all day to clean up.
File: Eris.jpg (154 KB, 1331x1891)
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154 KB JPG
>Welp, this is the last fucking straw.
>Now you're just going to give in and go mad.
>Today's unwarranted intrusion on your privacy comes in the form of some...
>You don't even know.
>Some ungodly, Addams-family potpourri of animal parts stuck together like a taxidermist's practical joke.
>Except this thing is evidently alive and breathing, and giving you a sultry look as she licks her lips.
>You assume it's a she, since she was singing when she entered your home.
>Not by the door, as one would normally expect. Oh no.
>She entered through your wall, in a cloud of splintered wood and mangled furniture, riding atop a wrecking ball.
>Which is still hanging here, in the middle of your living room.
>This is it.
>This is definitely the very, very, VERY last straw.
>And now, you will go mad.
>You've worked for it, you owe it to yourself, and no one, least of all some chaotic noodle thing, is going to deprive you of it.
>"Hi. It's me. Eris," she says, as though that explains everything.
>"So what do you say, sugar bumps?" she asks you.
>She winks and makes a kissy face at you.
>Just to drive the point home.
>You carefully close and set aside the Canterlot Correspondence Course catalog you were perusing.
>Hey, you're stuck here, apparently.
>May as well learn something about the place.
>Not any more, though.
>You uncross your legs, and rise from your armchair with as much dignity as you can muster, under the circumstances.
>You take a deep breath, and then reach down and retrieve your coffee cup, which somehow escaped the wreckage unscathed.
>You drink the last of your coffee, with slow deliberation, as Eris regards you with a quizzical expression.
>Finished, you set the cup back in its accustomed place, arranging it just so.
>And now, squaring your shoulders, you take three strides in the direction of this latest intruder, and fix your unblinking gaze upon her eyes.
>Eris watches you alertly, though her smile does not waver even one whit.
>Coming to a stop, you square off, hands relaxed at your sides, and take a deep breath.


>Eris flinches at the verbal onslaught, and for the first time, her lascivious smile falters.
>Just a bit, mind you.
>"Wh-w-w-what?" she stammers, regarding you with renewed interest.
"Have you et my hamster? No, you wouldn't have done. She's still on the world I came from, while I'm stuck here. She is the reincarnation of a civil war general, did you know that? I'm not sure which side she fought on, but she does seem to know an awful lot about Napoleonic tactics and trench warfare. I'm guessing she was present at the Siege of Petersburg."
>Eris' smile appears to grow wider, and she begins to inch towards you.
>"Do you even know what you're saying?"
"OF COURSE I KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING!!! I JUST DON'T CARE ANYMORE!!! There's a cheer in the mountain shop which tastes like nuts and fruit, and do you know what? I'VE ALWAYS ENVIED IT! Such a simple, quiet life, sitting in the shop, unmolested until chosen by a discerning consumer for a picnic or a snack, perhaps even paired with a nice bottle of wine, but this? THIS IS MY LIFE??? I am sick unto DEATH of you ponies, or dragons, or Kirin, or hippogriffs, or yaks, or griffons, or whatever the FUCK you are barging into my house and demanding sexual favors! So I'm done with it! I'm going to GO MAD!!!"
>Eris pounces on you, her claws on your shoulders and her furry, noodley torso wrapping itself possessively around you.
>Without any further ado, she opens her mouth and clamps onto your face, her tongue piling itself into your mouth as she moans with delighted passion.
>This assault continues for a long time, as she has pinned your arms to your sides, rendering you more or less powerless to resist her.
>Her claws roam passionately around your head, and her lower torso is humping you through your jeans.
>Just as you're beginning to fear for passing out from lack of air, Eris breaks the kiss, leaving you covered in her slobber, and grins manically as she looks into your eyes.
>Yes, her pupils are actually heart-shaped.
>"Oooohh!!! I just KNEW you were the right one for me! Talk dirty to me some more!"
"Madam, the pretzels in my pantry have nothing on you for knotty situations, and yet I must insist that I shall remain chaste in this world, for I have forsworn the pleasures of the flesh in the hopes of earning wizard-hood and making those fools pay for making fun of mmmmmffff...."
>Your word salad is stifled as Eris renews her assault, this time peppering your face with kisses and strokes of her tongue, her body tightening around you and trembling.
>Once more giving you a break, she pulls back.
>"YES! I cannot wait any longer! Fly with me to the Casbah, and we will make the beautiful musics together!"
>She extends a claw into empty air and tears open reality itself, revealing a space beyond that is filled with non-euclidian shapes, strange and fantastic beasts, and chocolate milk in heroic quantities.
>"Let's go lover! Forget marriage, the Honeymoon begins RIGHT NOW!"

File: this is your life now.png (895 KB, 1114x2126)
895 KB
895 KB PNG

>And with that, Eris extends her wings and propels herself into the twisted dimension of chaos beyond the tear in space, bearing you along with her, of course.
>And Equestria and it sexually starved females ceases to be of any further concern to you.
>The hole gently closes itself, leaving silence in the remains of your former home.
>With a groan of stress metal, the chain holding the wrecking ball snaps, and the ball plummets to your floor.
>Upon impact, though, it transforms into a field of flowers, carpeting your entire home.
>At the center is a wreath of white roses, bearing a satin white sash emblazoned with fancy, filigreed gold lettering.
>To anyone who can read Ponish, the banner says, "Just Married".
>"Umm, hello? Anon?"
>"Are you home?"
>"I heard the crash, and, um... I was worried about you."
>"Are you okay?"
>Of course, no one answers the plaintive calls of the yellow pegasus on your doorstep.
>Nor is there anyone left to open the door for her.
>Expertly, she picks your front door lock.
>"I'm coming in," she says, an edge of worry creeping into her voice.
>Opening the door, she is greeted with the flowers, at which she stares.
>"Dammit. Lost another one."

>And perhaps if you had selected the right Canterlot Correspondence Course, you might have learned a few relevant facts.
>Any\d you might now still be living your comfy life in Ponyville, rather than a resident of the Dimension of Chaos.
>For example, did you know that madness is an aphrodisiac to chaos noodles?
>Welp, you certainly know it now.

Ugh, typed this up at a fantastic clip, and didn't proofread.

cheer = cheese

"Forget marriage" should be "Forget the wedding"

and lastly...

"Any/d"? ANY/D? Yeah, obviously that's supposed to be "And"

Fuck my life.
"Have you et my hamster?"
I hope none of you actually thinks I would eat a hamster.
>I must insist that I shall remain chaste in this world
He'll certainly remain chased. Hue hue hue hue hua.
>I hope none of you actually thinks I would eat a hamster.
I actually thought it went well with the rest of Anon's crazy-talk.
This was great, loved it. Hope you write more Eris down the line.
Honestly surprised Fluttershy wasn't too upset.
File: 13462442229.png (41 KB, 271x244)
41 KB
You know, that actually wasn't me. And I'd hate to be attributed to something I didn't write, so here's the original short (spent like half an hour tracking it down).


I don't know who wrote it, but they did a fabulous job.
Ah. The style seemed like yours, but thanks for the correction. Kudos to whoever actually wrote it.
Maybe she's gotten used to Eris (Discord?) stealing her boyfriends.
I guess that's a possibility.
That's surprising, but good on you for digging that one up for everybody, thanks Neb.
It's fine, when I was re-reading it I had a moment where I thought it might have been one of mine that I'd forgotten to add to an FR Volume, but nah.
I hope whoever did it is still knocking around.

I love this, well done!
File: 1651471598612.jpg (75 KB, 592x800)
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Part 6: Luna returned to her office where she was now furiously dispatching routine paperwork and other royal tasks by the light of the moon and candles. A crystal clarity and renewed vigor shone in her now serene countenance. She hummed to herself as she worked, as much lost in dream as bureaucracy.

>L: Luna's concentration was broken by a knock at the door. Two sets of double knocks told her it was one of her personal mare-servants. "Enter please."
>Mare-servant: "Your Highness, we had not heard from you as we normally do. So, we took the liberty of having the kitchen staff prepare some food for you." said the mare-servant as she levitated a silver tray with a plate of food, including a grilled cheese sandwich (Luna's favorite), soup, and cherries, among other delicious items, as well as a decanter of water.
>L: "Oh, thank you! I had been so engrossed in other tasks that I had quite forgotten. Can you please place it on the table here next to my desk?" Luna smiled ever so pleasantly as she spoke.
>Mare-servant: "Certainly Your Highness!" Cued by a noticeable change in Princess Luna's normal demeanor, the mare-servant was secretly studying her. Her body language said that her beloved princess was calm, focused, and content. Her eyes had a bright twinkle, and her smile was unrestrained by worry. She eminated an earthly glow in the dim light. Curious and fishing for information, she added, "And may I say, you seem very happy and refreshed this evening."
>L: "Thank you. Yes, I feel wonderful! The preparations for the diplomatic conference are now proceeding well, the projects from the Ministries are in very capable hands, and..." and she paused while shifting her gaze away from the mare-servant, "...and things have taken a turn for the better in other respects as well." Her pause, shift of visual focus, and inability to explicitly name the other aspects spoke volumes to the mare-servant. She also picked up on Princess Luna's use of 'hands' vice 'hooves'.
>Mare-servant: The mare-servant replied, "I am glad to hear it Your Highness! Truth be told, we had been worried about you these past few weeks. You had seemed full of tension and not your usual self. Now you seem so calm, and your face is brighter!" Nobody knew the princesses better than their personal mare-servants. They knew their idiosyncrasies, habits, likes, dislikes, moods, and other attributes. They picked up on cues others were blind to. Fiercely protective of the royal siblings, they kept many secrets, and squelched vicious rumors. A tight knit group, they cared deeply for their beloved princesses and worked hard to keep them happy. This mare now noticed positive changes in many of Princess Luna's personal characteristics, and was relieved by it. She pondered as to what could have caused it. "Would you like anything else, You Highness?”
What do you think, anons?
File: 1643212666716.jpg (99 KB, 600x858)
99 KB
>L: Placing the fancy feathered quill pen to her chin, Luna pondered. "Hmm, will you please have an attendant from the library bring me a few choice volumes of mathematical principles?" said the absolutely radiant princess. "Now that projects are back on track, as it were, I'd like to toy with some of the ideas I've heard from the Royal Observatory about astro-geometric epicycles." Grinning, she thought of something else. "Also, at the end of the work-night please relay to Master Anon that I look forward to a lesson from him about something called vectors and Newton's Laws." Beaming at the mare-servant and holding up a hoof, she added, "It is a joke. He will understand. You'll find him working among the Ministry of State staff and councilors."
>Mare-servant: Now exceedingly joyous and smiling vividly, the mare-servant answered, "Right away, Your Highness." Princess Luna only engaged in her scientific hobbies so enthusiastically when she was in truly high spirits. The same was true of her trying to tell jokes, most of which came out with adorably clumsy timing. Something very significant, and very good, must have occurred. "Good evening then Your Highness. Please don't forget to call us if you need anything."
>L: "Thank you! And good night to you as well!" said Luna as she returned to her work, tearing through it with the bureaucratic efficiency that hundreds of years of experience had fostered. Levitating a slice of grilled cheese sandwich, she took cute little bites between scribbles.
>Mare-servant: Turning to leave, the mare-servant picked up on faint aromas in the air which materialized as a suspicion in her mind. The servant smiled and happily giggled to herself as she left, ruminating that the other mare-servants that normally readied Princess Luna's chambers for bedtime may have some important news.
File: 1650052306782.png (258 KB, 410x600)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
Part 7: The following morning, Celestia went to the kitchen to make breakfast as she normally did. It was one of her idiosyncrasies to make breakfast for herself and Luna, despite the protestations of the kitchen staff who secretly were exasperated with the mess she usually left behind. This morning Celestia was surprised to find that Luna had already made breakfast, which for Luna was actually dinner. The kitchen staff too would soon be treated to their own surprise when they find the kitchen restored to precise specifications after Luna had finished with it, thanks to her penchant for order.

>C: "Good morning Luna!" said Celestia as she entered the Dining Hall of The Two Sisters. A happily decorated room that Anon had told her reminded him of the human historical period known as the Renaissance. It was cozy, but large enough to accommodate chamber music and small state functions. A central long table that could fit sixteen was surrounded on the periphery of the room by various sets of beautiful chairs, sofas, divans, a piano, and smaller tables. The room was flooded with colorful light from stained glass windows on three sides.

>L: "Good morning sister! I've made breakfast for you and your favorite morning drink! Please sit down with me." Luna gestured to a stack of pancakes and fruit at a chair around the corner of the table from her, and a steaming mug filled with a deep golden liquid. Another plate of pancakes sat on the other side of the table waiting for Anon, who had not yet arrived. A crystal pitcher between all three plates contained the mouthwatering syrup.
>C: Bemused and still shaking off sleepiness, Celestia sat down, took up her utensils, and poured some syrup. She was a little hesitant as she looked with a smirk to Luna for some verification.
>L: Luna laughed. "Don't worry, I followed your recipe exactly! Go ahead, try!" With enormous, grinning confectionary pride, Luna awaited her sister's assessment of the pancakes.
>C: Assured, Celestia tasted the pancakes and gave an approving nod. "It's delicious sister!" She took a sip of her drink, a kind of pine tisane with strong peppermint undertones made from the Gypsum Pine that inhabited the mountains around Canterlot. Anon had noted that it had similar effects as what he called coffee, but was not so harsh or bitter. "You seem energized this morning!"
>L: Luna effervescently cut straight to the chase, unable to contain her felicity. "I certainly am! Last night was amazing! You were not wrong about Anon! It was more fantastic than I had imagined! But I nearly failed because I bungled our first meeting in my office. However, I was able to meet him again later in the night. To borrow one of Anon's human words, that meeting was dynamite! Just pure dynamite and plenty of it!" Luna now took a sip of her drink, a similarly golden tisane made of white-spur flowers. It was well known to cause drowsiness and was typically drunk before bed. More calmly after a signature deep breath, Luna added, "I was surprised how much more clear my mind became afterward. I had not even realized how strongly stress was affecting me." With a sigh, Luna added, "It feels good to love and be loved again, sister."
>C: Giggling at Luna's enthusiasm, Celestia replied, "See! I told you! I'm happy for you sister and I'm glad to see you feeling better. Did Anon express his love for you?" Meanwhile, Celestia was also thinking of the word 'dynamite'. She did not think it meant what Luna's seemed to think it meant.
>L: "He did! But he was strangely timid at first." With a look of impish mischief, Luna continued, "But you know me, sister. I drove that timidness right out of him! Then shaking her head seriously, she added, "No more rust!"
>C: Celestia for a moment was beside herself with hysterical laughter at the thought of Anon being unexpectedly subjected to her sister's unorthodox methods. In hindsight, she reflected that she probably should have warned Anon. But then, doing so would have deprived him of an epically unexpected adventure.
>L: Luna ate the last bite of her pancakes and finished her drink. "Though, I feel bad that my needs took the place of your randezvous with Anon." Thoughtfully, she added, "Considering how gloriously last night went, I thought it would be nice for you to have him tonight." Luna marked the happy surprise that took Celestia's face. "I'll ask him to start a little early today. Once he has done some work and directed the staff, I thought to send him to you."
>C: "That would be wonderful sister! Thank you!" Celestia was truly overjoyed and touched at her sister's considerate offer. The love she harbored for her sister glowed warmly in her heart.
>L: Continuing, Luna placed her hoofs on the table in excitement. "I thought it would be an excellent idea to surprise him! You could use the guest chamber in my wing and I could send him there on some farcical pretext. Imagine him stepping into the room looking for some imaginary stack of important papers, or to greet some phantom dignitary, only to find you waiting to whisk him away!" Luna gave the last sentence an extra dose of drama by moving her fore hoof in an arc through the air. With a raised eyebrow and an increasingly crafty smile, she added, "Imagine the romantic intensity!”
>C: Celestia laughed excitedly. "You're so devious and cunning, little sister! I think that would be fantastic!"
>L: Glad Celestia agreed, Luna said, "I'll set it up then!" Now getting up, Luna embraced her sibling lovingly, her gratitude for Celestia's help brimming over. "Thank you again, big sister."
>C: "Your welcome!" Celestia had noticed a slight shakiness in Luna's gait as she came up to her. "Are you hurt Luna? You seem a bit wobbly."
>L: "No, it's just that I'm...well, it's not my legs...or my torso..." her eyes looked up to the lavish ceiling for a moment and she twirled a hoof before meeting her sister's gaze again, "...I'm just sore...you know, it hasn't had exercise in a while. Another good reason for you to have Anon tonight!"
>C: Celestia again laughed hysterically and Luna with her. When the effects of the joke had worn off. She said, "Have a good sleep my sister. Dream beautiful dreams."
>L: "I will. I'll send you a letter with the details of what I propose before I go to bed. Send me a response letter right away with what you think." she said before she left the room.
Moments later, as Celestia was finishing her pancakes, Anon arrived. He normally ate with Celestia in the morning, but had appeared late today. "I'm Sorry I'm late Celly. Princess Luna's staff and I worked some additional hours to make up for lost time." He sat down opposite Celestia at his plate of pancakes and poured himself some of the flower based tisane to calm his guilt-riven nerves.
>C: With a wily smile, Celestia replied "Don't worry Anon. Luna was just here, and based on her description of the vigorousness of your work, I can understand why you are late." Celestia then added with a pleasant giggle, "And optimizing the efforts of her reduced staff is no small feat either." She had launched into a round of their favorite game of hidden meanings.
Shocked, Anon thought he sensed a hint of innuendo in Celestia's tone at the word 'vigorousness', and he thought he saw her eyebrow rise a little, Spock-like, as the word left her lips. Had Luna unintentionally revealed enough to make Celestia suspicious? He studied her while taking a large draught of his tisane, trying to buy some time to think. There was not a hint of fury on her regal face. On the contrary, her face was filled with its normal compassionate effulgence. Was his mind playing tricks on him, falsely detecting awareness in Celestia that did not exist? Distracted by wild thoughts and not properly gauging the temperature of the drink, he choked and coughed out hot liquid.
>C: "Are you alright Anon?" asked Celestia, expressing sincere concern at his coughing.
Recovering and clearing his throat, Anon replied, "I'm ok. I'm ok. Just hotter than I thought it was." With no evidence of wrath, he convinced himself all was well and she was only referring to his work with Luna's staff and the Ministry projects, not his sexual escapade with her sister. Consciously easing his apprehension, he said with confidence, "Organizing her staff has taken a lot of work, but it was fairly straightforward. We're on the right track now though!" After finishing another bite of pancakes, Anon continued, "I've taken up Princess Luna's special projects with all my might, just like you asked in your letter."
>C: Celestia, relishing the innuendo game, found his use of 'special projects' to refer to Luna's emotional and sexual needs humorous. Beaming with happiness, she responded, "Well, I'm glad to hear that Anon! It's clear that her special projects are in very capable, very firm hands!" She had emphasized 'firm' with a sly look.
Having convinced himself that she was unaware of his cheating, Anon did not recognize that they were now referring to different topics. "Celly, I can assure you that those projects are better worked by my hands than any other! I promise to give them a very thorough analysis!" he said with yet more confidence. "Actually, Princess Luna's projects are truly fascinating. After working with her staff for a few hours last night, I absorbed myself in them for a few hours more. I was simply totally engrossed in them." His natural intonation conveyed meaning to Celestia he did not knowingly intend.
>C: Bursting out in laughter at the meaning she derived from his words, Celestia was working hard to calm herself. One of the rules of the game was to carry the meanings as far as possible before breaking down in hilarity.
Surprised, and not understanding the source of Celestia's laughter, Anon forced himself to laugh nervously along with her. He could not understand why his curiosity driven exploration of the documents of other Ministries, something he rarely had a chance to do, was so hilarious. After a moment, he took another long sip of flower tisane to purchase more thinking time. Thankfully, the drink had cooled off in the intervening time.
>C: Despite his silly innuendos, Celestia detected anxiety in Anon that she could not pin down. At length, she assumed it must be the long work hours he had put in last night. Soothing him with her seraphic voice, she said, "You should go relax Anon. Don't feel worried about work. Yesterday was no doubt intense for you, but you are making a great and meaningful contribution! Luna expressed as much to me herself." But again feeling naughty, she leaned in, gave a sidelong glance, and added in a lower tone, "She was exceptionally pleased with your expertise in her other assigned tasks in particular!”
Anon's blood ran cold and he felt like a trapped rat. "Y-yes, absolutely! I've been doing my very best." She could not possibly know! Her words, dripping with delight, indicated the exact opposite. What could it mean? Anon forced a jovial smile and rapidly stuffed another bite of pancakes into his mouth.
>C: With a teasing voice and a twinkle in her eye, Celestia remarked, "Oh, I know you have!" Taking a sip of her drink, her face became a little more serious. "When I assigned you to Luna in my letter, I have to be honest that I was afraid you might hold back regarding the second part. But seeing my sister's happiness and relief this morning, I can see that you have plunged right in." Celestia allowed another wily grin as she said the last part.
"Certainly! It's a pleasure to help take the load off Princess Luna's back." was all Anon could muster, now beside himself in terror and confusion. He felt the same fear of impending destruction that prey feels in a dark forest.
>C: Warmth overflowed from Celestia's heart at Anon's love for both herself and her sister. It filled her voice as well. "Anon, I know the change has been abrupt, but I appreciate everything you are doing for my little sister. I love her and she truly needs the care. Seeing her happier this morning and knowing that you where the architect of that makes me very happy. Please continue to help her to the best of your ability. Will you promise?"
"I will. I promise." Anon was answering automatically, throwing visual facades on his face to mask his inner turmoil. His guilt was clawing his insides and her last words had nearly ruptured his heart. He could not withstand the thought of her pain when she discovered his loathsome deception.
>C: Celestia saw that Anon was worn out by the evening. Feeling a feminine need to care for him, and partly because she wanted him well rested for the evening surprise, Celestia said, "You are exhausted my love. You should go sleep immediately. You'll definitely need it."
Anon felt immediate release and he gladly accepted the invitation to go. "Thank you Celly!" Despite his bitter guilt, his love for Celestia burned true and bright. He cared for her deeply, but he also cared deeply for Luna. These two centrifugal forces worked to tear him asunder. Getting up from the table, he came around and hugged Celestia, cradling her head against his chest and stroking her neck. He felt the warmth of her soul, and her love gave him purpose. For a moment he forgot the looming sense of doom he felt.
File: 1650681855957.jpg (104 KB, 1061x753)
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104 KB JPG
>C: Celestia craned her neck and gave Anon a tender kiss, allowing their gaze to connect lovingly. "Anon, one more thing. What does your human word 'dynamite' mean? I remember you using it before, but I confess I have forgotten the meaning."
Anon was nonplussed at this random question and hesitated a moment before answering, trying to fathom the reason she asked. "Well, it's a kind of chemical compound humans use to cause explosions. We mostly use it for construction. In the country I lived in they used dynamite to blast holes in the Sierra Nevada mountains for trains to pass through. Why do you ask?"
>C: A powerful giggle rocked Celestia before she replied. "Luna had used it this morning and I had thought she used it incorrectly. Looks like I was the one who was wrong!"
"Oh." Anon replied in total confusion. He resolved to depart before any more random questions appeared out of the ether. He gave her another powerful kiss and said "Adieu my love!"
>C: "Adieu darling!" Celestia loved this human French word, 'adieu'. Calling after Anon as he left, she said happily, "By the way Anon, when we are together you should refer to my sister as Luna. No need for the royal formality." She saw him nod and smile, which she returned in kind, before he shut the door quietly behind him. Cheerful and serene, she poured herself another cup of the pine-like tisane, looked out the window to the gardens below and listened to the red-jays singing in the morning light.
I hope so too. Either way, it's canon (in this thread) that Posey Shy KNOWS your fetishes.
>3:14 of a qt3.14
Well, I'm convinced.
Always glad to see stuff from Dot
im still here. cant really leave this place.
i uploaded my backlog of old greens onto ponepaste last night, the posey story included. thanks for the kind words
You wouldn't happen to have a link to your ponepaste would you?
You're doing great
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Ummm...interesting erotica i suppose but this isnt really flutterrape, in fact it just seems like porn.
You write your porn well enough i suppose but im pretty sure you wrote this using one hand.
How do I get mares to stop breaking into my house at night to suck my dick?
Put ghost pepper powder on your dick, that'll teach them. Make sure you have some seeds residing in your foreskin.
File: 1644672778136.gif (50 KB, 300x300)
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Thanks for the encouragement Anon! Getting ready to post so.e more later today.
Posting in this thread because someone on this thread requested it after a discussion that somehow led to Anon being a plaything tossed back and forth between the sisters. Sure, the sex scenes are lurid. But there's more to the story than just that. Keep reading and it will come together.
I've already tried that. I got even less sleep than the night when I was being woken up at three in the morning by Pinkie Pie sticking her tongue down my pajama bottoms. What's worse, when I went to wash it off, it freflashed, and I couldn't work that day. So, no. Ghost pepper powder doesn't work. Thanks for playing.
Also, Pinkie Pie likes spicy things.
File: Really?.png (1.29 MB, 2500x2200)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
Part 8: Coming under the effects of the flower tisane, Anon slept deeply through the day. Before going to bed he received a letter from Luna requesting that he begin work early that evening. Accordingly, he requested that the servants wake him up with sufficient time to spare. A particular mare now enters the scene, one which is to play a roll in fateful events to come.

Anon awoke to a knocking on his door. "Yes?"
>Servant: "Master Anon it's time to wake up." a mare's voice cheerfully sang from the other side of the door. "I have dinner for you too."
Anon recognized the voice as belonging to Breezy Leaves, one of the usual servants who worked in this part of the palace. "Alright, just a moment." Anon jumped out of bed and threw on his robe. He was grateful she had brought dinner. An early start to work meant he would likely miss normal meal hours and it was kind of her to perceive his need. Now looking respectable enough to receive the servant, he opened the door and allowed her to enter with the tray.
>Servant: "Would you like me to place it at your desk Master Anon?"
"No. You can leave it there at the table by the window" said Anon yawning. Anon's small chambers were consistent with his station, having lesser opulence than those of the princesses or their direct councilors. White walls were complemented by dark oak floors, paneling, and scrollwork to impart to the room a sense of professional distinction. Paintings depicting Equestrian history hung on the walls and the vaulted ceiling, painted as a cloudy day with the sun shining through, was ringed at the bottom with crown moulding that bore elaborate painted sun emblems. Matching furniture completed the room, including a desk, dressers, bed, several bookshelves, and the small table and chairs to which Anon had referred.
>Servant: Setting down the tray, Breezy remarked, "We had heard that you were working for Princess Luna now. Don't worry. We'll adjust things to accommodate your new schedule." she declared in her perky voice.
"Thanks. I appreciate that." Anon smiled at the forethought. He appreciated Breezy as a friend. She was trustworthy, cheerful, and had a heart of gold. She had put in an application to be a mare-servant to Princess Luna and he had proudly written a recommendation extolling her virtue, trustworthiness, strong work ethic, and devotion to Equestria. Last he heard, the application was under final review. "And how is your family, Breezy.”
>Servant: Breezy replied as she tidied up a few things around the room and flung open the curtains after acquiring Anon's approving nod. "They're great! said the affable mare. "My younger brother finished up his glass artisan apprenticeship and is starting as a journey-pony working on the renovation of the east tower! My older sister is still working at the Canterlot Municipal Archive. She likes it. And my little brother and sister are still in final school. Pops is about to retire from his ironwork job and my mom is looking forward to seeing more of him Everything's good!"
"Glad to hear that Breezy! Maybe I'll see your brother around the palace. Occasionally, I pass by the east tower." Anon happily remarked as he sat down at the table.
"Wasn't your older sister getting married too?"
>Servant: Now fluffing pillows and making the bed , Breezy was luminous with excitement as she replied. "Yes, but they changed the date to the Autumn! They liked the idea of getting married when the leaves change color!" Breezy looked up to the ceiling as her imagination transported her to the romantic scene.
After a few bites, Anon asked with a wily smile, "And what about that stallion you like?" He took a sip of the coffee-like pine tisane as he awaited her bashful reply. She was a pretty mare and Anon felt many stallions would be smitten with her.
>Servant: Breezy was still working on the bed and humming happily to herself when the question landed. In the equivalent of a pony blush, Breezy turned her head sideways, cast her eyes down diagonally, and tried to stifle a goofy grin. "Oh, he hasn't noticed me, but I feel like I'm in the clouds around him. Every time I get the courage up to talk to him, I lose my nerve at the last moment." She looked dejected following her confession.
Breezy was his friend and Anon's heart was pricked with compassion. Nevertheless, a solution presented itself to his mind. "You know Breezy, he works on Princess Luna's Ministry of State staff. I could, if you like, give him a nudge in your direction."
>Servant: "Would you? That would be amazing Master Anon!" said Breezy, biting her lower lip while her eyes widened in astonishment.
"Consider it done Breezy! You've helped me many times. Now I can repay the favor. It would be a pleasure, really!" He observed with contentment, her bright smile in response. Changing topics, Anon asked, "How are things elsewhere with the servant sections?”
>Servant: Putting the final touches on the bed and smoothing it out, Breezy took the liberty of sharing the gossip with Anon. Based on previous experience, she felt she could trust him implicitly with such knowledge. "Well, the servants in the Lunar Wing are all a-buzz about how happy Princess Luna is. They mostly think it's because she is relieved to have you on her staff. You know, we Solar Wing servants have a sense of pride that we get to work with you since you are so kind and skilled. So, we told them in no uncertain terms, 'That's Anon for you! He'll put that staff in order and set them right! You can't keep him though. So don't get any ideas!'" She laughed cutely while squinting an eye and pointing her hoof to mimic the referenced conversation. "I guess I shouldn't poke too much fun since I've put in an application to become a mare-servant for Princess Luna myself. Can you imagine being the personal servant of a princess? It would be amazing!" Breezy shook with giddiness at the last thought.
"You heard all that?" said Anon, genuinely marveling at how fast news traveled in the palace.
>Servant: Moving on to straightening some picture frames, Breezy answered, "Oh yes, word travels rapidly among the servant ponies in the palace Master Anon." The gossipy mare continued, "I have a friend among her normal servants. She said Princess Luna had a totally different air about her late last night when she saw her in the corridors. She said it was like a happy, loving glow. Anyway, Princess Luna being happy can only be a good thing, right?" She hesitated before speaking again, calculating her words. "The rest is speculation really. Some in the kitchen staff insist she must have imbibed an enchanted tranquility potion. A few of the cleaning staff theorize that Princess Celestia secretly cast a calming spell on her. One of the laundry ponies, for some crazy reason, thinks that she's in love. Only the mare-servants would know for sure, but they just say that it's true that Princess Luna is happy to have your help." She refrained from telling Anon that the one laundry pony was her friend and that she had washed Princess Luna's sheets late last night, noticing certain oddities about them. She had only told Breezy about it, and Breezy had replied by telling her it would be best to tell nopony else for now. Breezy had her own theories and now she watched Anon to see the effect of her words. Picking up nuance came to her naturally, which is another facet that made her a good candidate for mare-servant.
Anon had noticeably stiffened at the last speculation. After a moment of accelerated thought, Anon carefully replied, "Well, those do indeed sound like some outlandish speculations." After a moment, he shrewdly added, "Breezy, remember that you aspire to be a mare-servant. I hope you are not spreading rumors. That would be counter to the principles the mare-servants aspire to."
>Servant: Now speaking with absolute candor Breezy replied, "I promise I haven't! I haven't said anything except to you Master Anon, and I don't intend to say anything to anypony else either." She added, a little sheepishly, "I just thought you ought to know about the speculations floating around, since you are working on Princess Luna's staff now."
"Well, thank you Breezy. Let's keep these things under wraps, shall we?" Anon suddenly felt an urgent need to have Breezy continue on her duties elsewhere. "Anyway, I must get ready now. Will you please let Princess Luna's mare-servants know to inform her that I will shortly be on my way?"
>Servant: "Right away Master Anon!" Breezy had indeed only told Anon and really meant it when she said she would not spread rumors. She loved the princesses and would never do anything that could hurt them. But, she had to know Anon's reaction for herself. He became rigid when she spoke of the speculations. The first two were ridiculous. Princess Luna's mind was too powerful to be affected by somepony else's clandestine calming spell, even Princess Celestia's. Also, Princess Luna did not believe in temporary solutions, like tranquility potions. Anon also knew this, which meant his reaction was to the last speculation. The normal servants would not put two and two together, even her laundry pony friend could not. However, Breezy cleverly put the clues together to form a coherent picture. Princess Luna's love life was her business. Yet secretly, Breezy was jubilant it was her friend Anon and not some other pampered palace stallion. Those stallions would not give Princess Luna the love, care, attention, and support Anon would. That he was also Celestia's lover, something Breezy had figured out long ago, did not matter in the slightest. She knew Anon. Her experience with him and her intuition told her he had a good, pure heart, and more than enough love for both princesses. It was a rare quality in a male and prized by both royal siblings.
Once Breezy left, Anon finished dinner and made himself ready. While doing so he reviewed the progress he had made on the Ministry projects Luna had given him, checking against a few references in his library. He also could not help pondering Breezy's gossip. What did they know for certain and not just by suspicion? Have they connected the dots? Would they tell Celestia? Would Celestia overhear something? He felt calamity approaching and his mind's gears continually churned away at schemes to avoid revelations of the truth. But if the mare-servants knew, it was already too late.
File: 1648233524738.png (2.79 MB, 1550x1950)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB PNG
Part 9: Anon once again appeared at Luna's office to discuss the work of the evening, early this time per her request. He felt nervous to see her again, fearing the unexpected.

"Your Highness?" Anon said as he entered Luna's office.
>L: Luna looked up from her desk and smiled, brightly enthusiastic about his arrival. "Come in Anon!" She had been poring over documents and written plans at a large table in the center of the room, a table whose intended purpose was to track troop and naval engagements during a war.
It was still day and in the sunlit room she appeared as a shard of crystalized night waiting for its moment to emerge and conquer. She had no dress or robe this time but she was gorgeous as before. As Anon entered, Luna walked to him and gestured to the sofa.
>L: After Anon sat down, Luna took the sofa opposite him. "How are you today my love?". Her voice was calm, relaxed and filled with warm affection.
"I'm well! I got a lot of sleep actually, so I'm ready to get started again with the staff. Plus, I've made significant progress on the projects you gave me last night. I'll need to discuss a few items with experts from other departments and visit the royal archive, most of which I can do tonight. In five days or so I believe I can bring them to completion." Despite the turbulence in his soul, he felt surprisingly at ease in her presence now, a feeling of assured safety. He felt enveloped in her love and that he was floating upon his own love for her. Anon noted how her countenance had changed dramatically from the last office encounter. Then, she was a sputtering wreck of awkwardness and tension. Now she was like a becalmed storm that parted, allowing starlight to penetrate to the earth.
>L: While Anon spoke Luna scrutinized his attire. She was glad he chose that ensemble; he looked very handsome. It pleased her and she knew it would please Celestia as well. With elation, Luna replied, "I'm glad to hear that my love! Especially after you used up so much energy with me last night! I was afraid you would still be tired, and that I worked you over too much!" With the last statement she twirled her hoof in the air, a quirky habit Anon found endearing. "I'm actually...still a little sore myself." she added with an impish smile, partly to let Anon know covertly how well he had worked her over as well.
Anon laughed. "It was energetic for sure, but I'm fine." Anon soaked up her elegance; she was an alluring and sparkly shadow in the decaying sunlight. This time their interaction was natural and smooth and he genuinely enjoyed simply being in her presence. It was the interaction of true lovers. He simply beamed at her now.
>L: Luna smiled and continued "Since last night my mind has been very clear. I suppose feeling love again has that effect on me. I have finally been able to focus on my work without being overwhelmed." She turned to business for a moment. "By the way, I've met with the acting head of staff. He tells me that they expect to pull ahead of schedule in a few work-nights." A look of satisfaction shone on her face before she spoke her next words. "I don't think I need to give you any direction Anon. You are a clearly wizard at your administrative work. Just please let me know how things are going from time to time."
"I will Luna. Today I also intend to check up on the few sections that were struggling last night and give them some more guidance and help them with documents." Anon's heart was filled at the contentment and ease that she now displayed. As he thought thus, she got up and came over to sit with him. Placing her fore hoofs on one side of his legs and her haunches on the other, she leaned into him to nestle her head into his chest. Anon wrapped his arms around her back and neck to hold her close in a loving embrace. "I'd like to hold you like this forever, Luna. You look resplendent today, by the way; you have a lustrous glow." He looked down into her infinite eyes, seeing interstellar space there, and continued, "It's good to see you relaxed and cheerful!"
>L: "I do feel relaxed my love!" She paused to give him a tender kiss before completing the thought, "And warm." Out of a feeling of serenity and security in his arms, Luna took and released a deep breath, consuming happiness suspended in the air. She listened to Anon's heart beat and smelled his unique human scent. She nestled her head deeper, absorbing the luxury of his hands caressing her face and neck. "You know, I dreamed about you last night." After another contented breath, she went on, "We were on separate lonesome mountains calling to each other but unable to hear because of a snowstorm. Then, stars fell from above and created a path through the air between us. When we met on the path, we turned and walked away into the sky."
"That's a good one. Wish I could have been consciously there to see it. Have you ever visited me in my dreams Luna?"
>L: Momentarily extracting herself from his chest to look Anon in the face, Luna responded with a sad overtone, "Unfortunately not. When I am in the dreamscape I can't find you. I think it's because you are human and not of this world."
"Well, I have some exceptionally bizarre dreams, so perhaps it's for the best!”
File: 1648780728035.png (1.42 MB, 1024x1448)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
>L: Laughing a little, Luna leaned back into his embrace. For a while more they simply held each other in love and warmth. Finally Luna spoke, looking up into his eyes. "Will you come see me again tonight? I simply want to be with you, to enjoy each other's company and talk. We can meet at the Palace Conservatory and go for a walk. The honey lilies are blooming, but only at night." She kissed him on the neck and nestled her head back into his chest, savoring his body heat.
"That would be delightful Luna. What time?"
>L: "I'll send for you towards the end of the work-night, darling."
"It sound fantastic!" Anon was truly looking forward to the meeting. It had been too long since he simply had a conversation with Luna. At this thought the forum of his mind spontaneously erupted. Part spoke love to his consciousness, but the dissenters spoke of how loathsome and villainous he was for consuming forbidden fruit. Sex with Luna tonight would exacerbate this internal tumult, and Anon was glad she was more interested in emotional connection.
>L: "I'll send you a letter then." Now glancing at the clock, Luna felt it was time to send Anon on his way. Though, she would rather remain and melt into his arms forever. Nevertheless, she wanted to keep her promise to Celestia and it was requisite that Anon accomplish some necessary work. She smiled internally, musing over the preparations she and Celestia had undertaken after their correspondence that morning. He will be so surprised! Sitting back on her haunches, she gave Anon another kiss. "Now you had better be on your way. The acting head of staff will be waiting for you."
Anon grazed her cheek with his hand and got up to leave. "Until later tonight, darling" he said as he departed. His love for Luna overwhelmed him, as did his love for Celestia. He hated to hurt either one, and he hated himself for the fact that he was invariably destined to hurt both. Deep inside knew that he must reveal the truth to Celestia, but shirked at the certainty of being expelled from the orbit of her love. So, he suppressed his feelings, clinging to flawed hope that Celestia would not find out.
>L: Savoring the impression of love his hand had made, Luna continued to lay on the sofa with a sublime calm. Levitating a pen and paper to the table before her, she began writing the letter that would send Anon to his destined meeting with Celestia.
File: 1647204444953.jpg (186 KB, 1024x1024)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Part 10: By now, Anon had met with the acting head of staff to gain a current status of preparations, to issue guidance, and to deal with a mound of paperwork before heading off to visit some of the sections that were most in need of assistance. He was returning from a visit with the decorations and floral committee, where he had inspected floral design samples and directed members to contract for more bouquets from two additional Canterlot florists, when two royal scrolls encountered him in rapid succession.

Strolling down the corridor on his way back to the staff council room, Anon heard a pony calling after him. Turning to look from whence she came, he observed a pony trotting after him. She wore the unmistakable, elegant uniform of one of Celestia's personal mare-servants. His curiosity peaked. Mare-servants, were not usually dispatched with correspondence unless it was of great significance. Instantly, Anon felt an icy grip on his soul. Could this be the letter indicating Celestia had uncovered his betrayal?
>Mare-servant: "Master Anon. Please wait!" Seeing Anon oblige, she trotted up to him and paused to take a few breaths of recovery. Reviving, she said, "Celestia sent me to bring you this letter. My apologies for being a bit late. I have not been in the Lunar Wing for some time and I got a little bewildered. Also, I had to visit five committees to finally track you down. You're a rather busy stallion!" Then she corrected herself. "Oh! Excuse me. I meant man." She promptly levitated the scroll into Anon's hand.
"Thank you Hazel Chocolate." Anon recognized her as one of Celestia's most trusted. Trepidation was turning cartwheels in his heart as he removed the golden ribbon and broke the sun cutie mark emblazoned seal. Clearing his throat nervously while the mare-servant stood by, he read to himself:
>C: "My darling Anon. A very special guest has arrived to the palace and will be staying in one of the Lunar Wing guest rooms. Luna is taking charge of ensuring the guest is well taken care of, but she will need your assistance in doing so. Please await a letter from her with some further guidance. I send you my love and a kiss! -Your Love Forever, Celly."
Anon let his shoulders drop from the release of tension. Catastrophe would remain in the waiting room for now. "Interesting." said Anon to nopony in particular. The mare-servant was still standing by waiting for a reply to carry back to Celestia, as was the standard procedure among the mare-servants. Turning back to her, Anon observed her take in one last deep breath through her nostrils with her eyes closed, presumably still recovering. "Hazel, please let Princess Celestia I received her letter and I'll help in every way I can.”
>Mare-servant: Snapping her eyes open at Anon's voice, and at capacity with the smell of Anon that had filled her nostrils, she said with a pleasant but knowing smile, "I'll tell her right away. Have a good evening Sir!" With that she trotted back to the Solar Wing. Anon's smell had reconfirmed something to her that was until recently a point of speculation amongst the mare-servants of both wings. Regardless, that information was currently well guarded in the capable hooves of those mare-servants.
"Thanks. You as well!" Her smile unsettled him, but casting it out of his mind he folded the letter and placed it in his jacket pocket. Immediately, he continued on his way to the council room, sure that another letter would meet him soon. Not five minutes later it did, being carried by one of Luna's royal guard, another indication of important correspondence.
>Guard: "Sir, a letter from Princess Luna." said the stallion with severity, looking formidable in a suit of blue and silver armor.
"Much obliged." Anon gracefully took the letter and read to himself as follows:
>L: "My eternal love, please take a break now and go to the main guest room in the Lunar Wing. It is down the left corridor atop the Grand Lunar Staircase, the third door on the left. There, a pony of great importance has just arrived that I wish for you to meet and converse with. You will need to stop by my office first to pick up the diplomatic papers I have prepared. Also, please stop by to pick up the plate of fresh donuts that the Lunar Wing kitchen staff has made for our guest. Even though Equestria's continued prosperity has much to do with this task, the meeting itself will be rather casual. Nevertheless, please show our guest the utmost cordiality and warmth! All else I can explain when you pick up the papers at my office - Passionate Kisses, Luna"
>Guard: Seeing Anon had finished the letter, the guard asked, "Is there any response you would like me to take back Sir?"
"Please let Her Highness know that I will be by her office momentarily." Then as the guard began to turn away, Anon directed further, "Oh! Before that, please stop by the staff council room and let them know that Princess Luna has called me away on a separate task, but that I will come by as soon as I can." Anon watched as the guard bowed very formally and departed. Recalling that no important visitor was scheduled to arrive in Canterlot until the diplomatic conference, Anon was intrigued. Perhaps one of the delegates had arrived early. For an important guest, he should arrive with an additional minor gift of some sort. Accordingly, before heading to Luna's office or the kitchen he went back to the floral committee and picked up a choice sample vase and flower arrangement. He would simply say he brought it to brighten the room for the guest, whoever it was.
File: 1643212603240.jpg (1.55 MB, 1920x1080)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
>L: Seeing Anon poke his head into her office, Luna called out, "Come in Anon!". Luna had just been discussing something with one of her finely dressed mare-servants who now departed through another entrance after giving a stately curtsey.
"Good evening Luna." The vase and flowers occupied one hand and the donuts another. Anon stood feeling a bit silly to be taking donuts to an important dignitary. He imagined the political faux pas that would result if someone like the British Prime Minister was greeted with donuts back on Earth.
>L: Luna looked him over, gaging his preparedness to encounter a romantic evening with Celestia. This was her primary purpose; an inspection before sending him to the guest room. He was handsome in his ensemble, he was carrying an assorted tray of Celestia's favorite donuts, and he had unwittingly also brought beautiful flowers for his love. It was perfect! "Flowers too, Anon? Excellent thinking! That will go over better than you think!"
"Thanks. It was a last minute decision, but I thought it might brighten the guest's room." Anon, still not knowing who he was to meet asked the question. "Luna, who is the guest and is there anything in particular you want me to say?"
>L: "You know our guest, Anon. You'll recall as soon as you set foot in the room." Luna said, evading the question. "The purpose of the meeting is to share Equestria's sense of friendship and love with the guest. That's why it isn't a formal meeting. So, you need only be your wonderful, caring self Anon!"
Apprehensive, Anon replied, "I'll do my best I suppose."
>L: Suppressing a devious smile, Luna replied, "Your very best will come intuitively and automatically in this meeting my love! I assure you!" Now Luna straightened his jacket, removed a few specks of lint with her magic, and said, "Now go. We shouldn't keep our guest waiting." Finally, she gave him a parting kiss on his check while slipping a single sealed scroll on to the donut tray, nestled between an apple bear claw and the closest pony equivalent to a maple glaze.
"I'll let you know how it went later this evening." said Anon as he departed.
I love the story, but I fail to see how this fits in Flutterrape. "You can't rape the willing". But please do continue posting, I can't wait to see how this one ends =)
I'm sure it'll get there eventually.
Yeah, I agree that it doesn't fit the genre. Sorry about the bad form in it posting here. I got excited about a conversation about this on the previous thread that originally started with Fluttershy. Then somehow it ended with the idea for this story. I said that I would write it up and thought I should post it in the thread where the idea originated. In hindsight I suppose I should have posteded it in one of the royal sisters threads. But, spilled milk now. Live and learn. Will make better decisions next time.

I'll keep posting. The end will sort of be the confluence of the many strings I have going in the story. Plus, it'll be a wham-o of romantic, sensual, philosophical, religious, cultural (or what I perceive as culture in Equestria), and cerebral components that sort of hit all at once. Gonna be tough but I think I be able to pull it off.

Didn't mean for it to be this long, but once I started writing it just developed a mind of its own.
File: A temporary delay.png (215 KB, 1191x1024)
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215 KB PNG
There's no telling how long this willhold her off
Aye, they do that.
no nine ree
File: locked out.png (289 KB, 812x764)
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289 KB PNG
>Princess Celestia orders the hardware stores not to sell locks to Anon.
>Anon buys angle iron and lumber to bar his doors at night like a medieval castle.
>Windows of his house are deliberately too small for an alicorn to squeeze through.
>Weird magic-suppressing artifact he got from goodness-knows-where to stop them from teleporting into his home
Anon REALLY values his alone-time, apparently.
Dammit, it happened again!
This time it was Lyra Heartstrings.
Not only did she wake me up sucking my dick at 2:30 in the fucking morning, she sucked on all my fingers as well.
It took me so long to get those knots untied after she left that I was late for work.
>Her teacup and saucer tremble, a distant tremor sending ripples from one end of the milky tea to the other.
>Once it calms, she plucks it from the table and sips it.
>Then goes right back to reviewing her operations.


>Celestia wasn't sure where things had crossed the line.
>When she'd decided to start indulging in Anonymous, she hadn't given much thought to it.
>By her reckoning, as the most powerful mare in the land, she should be entitled to any mate she chose.
>For the most part, she was. Any stallion in the kingdom would have abandoned their wives in a heartbeat for a shot with the Princess.
>But Anonymous wanted no part in it. He was the outlier, the exception.
>Was that why she chose him? Because he was a forbidden fruit? The one thing she couldn't have by right of her divinity and throne? She wasn't sure.
>But those first few weeks had been bliss.
>His house was hardly well guarded back then, only a key-lock and chain on the front door.
>Easily breached on the occasions when Celestia didn't feel like teleporting directly into his bedroom.
>She would enter, have her way with him, perhaps ruminate for a while on whether she'd be lucky enough to bear foals from it.
>She hadn't been so fortunate in those matters thus far, but it was a good incentive to keep trying, biology be damned.
>She'd already drafted a shortlist of names for her son. It would be a son, she'd decided. She wouldn't allow any other outcome.
>Eventually, the locks became iron bars, easily bent aside.
>The iron bars became steel shutters, easily split open.
>The steel shutters became every outside door and window being bricked up and the only entrance to the house being a secret tunnel that took her days to sniff out.
>Celestia smiles at the memory of his face when she'd breached the tunnel for the first time.
>He put up a good fight then. Even got a few good punches in. Drew blood. She still remembered how hard her pussy clenched when he hit her across the jaw.
>There isn't a great deal a human can do to a resolute alicorn, though.
>She'd come to treasure the feeling of his cum filling her. It was a luxury money couldn't buy, and she had to work for it each time.
>He made it worth it. She'd decided that she probably loved him, and was content with that thought.
>Even now, so far from Anonymous, she trembled in barely-restrained sexual tension. She was like a spring under pressure, desperate to release her pent-up energy.
>She wasn't sure how much longer she could keep herself contained. There was something within her ready to burst out of her chest, a pressure that had been building for years. Her legendary composure was starting to show cracks. She was running out of time.
>She'd loved many over the centuries, though few as passionately as Anonymous.
>He was her special lover. Her one apart from the crowd of select few she'd broken in.
>Because she did break them, in a way.
>Celestia was a strong mare with strong needs. Needs that took a great deal of effort to satisfy.
>Stallions were pushed to their limits, and some couldn't handle it.
>Anonymous was harder to break, but that just meant she'd need to love him more violently.
>She hums at the thought, and her clitoris emerges from its folds for a moment to taste the cool air. It had been doing so all day.
"Soon," she whispers, and finishes her tea. Another tremor rocks the tent.
>She rises from her cushion, done with her musings and strategies, and makes for the entrance.


>The Princess emerges from the tent to shouts and bellows all around her.
>A messenger bedecked in full battlefield dress gallops past her with a quick bark of "Princess", too busy to stop and salute.
>But that's alright, she knows he'll have his hooves full.
>A tight group of eight fireballs roar overhead from behind her. She watches their arc with a placid smile, and nods appreciably as they explode against the walls of the citadel beyond the camp.
>She finds Luna stood at her field-table, jabbing here and there with the tip of a levitated dagger at an unfurled map of the local geography, and semi-shouting orders at a stallion covered in so many burns he looks like an armoured mummy.
>"--Through their ranks, but once through the other side, divert the troops to the right and regroup back at our lines for another charge. 2nd then 11th will follow suite at ten minute intervals, then you charge again and keep rotating until the line breaks."
>The commander she's speaking to nods once and thunders down the beaten path to the battlefield.
>From this distance, Celestia can see block formations moving back and forth, each side like waves on a beach, meeting the middle of the field for a moment, doing as much damage as they can, then retreating back under their respective dome-shields before artillery on either end can annihilate them.
>Luna comes to her side and watches the field with her through narrowed eyes, her scarred, dented helmet obscuring most of her face.
>"They won't break," she grunts.
"They will."
>"His forces have no morale -to- break, we can't inspire them to flee. And we've been pounding those walls for the better part of a day. We can't break through them, either.
"I'll do another fly-by shortly."
>"And then? More of them will emerge from the citadel as our forces wane with each charge. Sparkle's efforts are wanting, she can't find a way in."
>Celestia's smile falters somewhat.
"I have full confidence that Twilight will find a way in."
>The two mares watch another volley of fireballs from the artillery at the back of the war camp.
>As they crash against the black basalt walls of Anonymous' fortress, a sheen of green magic shrouds the stone where the fireballs hit. All they leave is a smear of smoke that soon fades, and the walls remain untouched. The delayed explosions from each blast reaches the Princesses' ears after a few seconds.
>"If she can't, we do have a contingency, though it's still uncertain. Their right flank can't reinforce quickly enough, so we're hitting it as hard and as often as possible."
"Then I'll make that my target."
>"And if the ballistae hit your wing again?"
>Celestia unfurls and stretches her damaged wing. It still hurts despite the rapid healing magic, and the repaired tissue is ugly, but pain is nothing to her.
"They'll have to do more than clip my wings. I'm getting inside that citadel tonight, Luna. Nothing will stop me."
>Luna nods, her determined glare giving way to a malicious grin.
>"Then if the right flank falls, we'll have them."


>The right flank crumbled by late evening.
>The legions of clockwork automatons that made up the defending forces were a worthy opponent for Equestria's Royal Guard, but in the end, they too were swept aside.
>Celestia strides through the freshly-blown hole in the citadel wall and pauses to rip apart another brass biped that rushes her.
>She keeps her eyes on the tallest tower in the complex.
>He'll be up there, waiting for her.
>Her pussy winks in desperate anticipation.


>Through armouries and storerooms and warehouses full of abandoned, half-finished clockwork men, Celestia thrashes her way towards her target.
>The closer she gets, the hotter her internal fire burns. The more destructive her magic becomes. Automatons that were once torn asunder were now being melted into a muddy-gold goo.
>Celestia's mane smouldered, wisps of smoke leaping from the tips of the aurora.
>She was getting close.


>A behemoth of gears and brass-work towers thrice her height before her in the courtyard, and that same behemoth is reduced to debris in under a minute.
>Celestia's mane is now a furious blaze, her breathing heaving and frequent.
>Scores mark her flesh, boiling blood weeps from her wounds from the behemoth's great slicing blades, but the Princess will not stop.
>By now, she couldn't even if she wanted to. Her passions have overtaken her. The final tower beckons, and when she breathes in she thinks she can smell the man she loves.
>He isn't ready for her, she knows that, but has accepted it.
>No one is ever ready to be broken.


>The door, enchanted with magics even Celestia had forgotten, is finally thrown aside.
>She stands with legs wide and shoulders raised, her lungs great bellows processing air in and out. Her narrowed eyes are locked onto the figure at the far end of the room at the very top of the tallest tower.
>He looks up from pondering his orb and rises, his movements and expression conveying something approaching boredom.
>"I knew you'd make it in the end."
"I... I'm here, love. I'm here," she says, still panting.
>"And what a mess you've made."
>He gestures about at the room as if the magical and engineering brilliance on display was mundane.
>His mind is capable of such phenomenal feats, all he needed was encouraging.
>Celestia's neglected lips wink again, and a drizzle of her steaming juices drips onto the floor, hissing against the cool stone.
>Her love was here before her, after so, so long, and look how well he was dressed. Such fine robes, and so well groomed. She could smell him from where she stood. He was intoxicating.
>She wet her chapped lips.
>"This was all you, you know," he continues. "This. All I ever wanted was a quiet life in Ponyville. You drove me here, to this tower. I built it because of you."
"You deserve so much more."
>"I would have been content to spend my days working in the Mayor's office and going out drinking with Rainbow on weekends. Did you know it's been seven years since I last saw her? She was my best friend, but now I can't see her because she might have been compromised by you. Everything I ever loved, gone. Because of you."
"And look at what you've accomplished in that time."
>"Hidden in a basalt prison and surrounded by clockwork, dreading the day you'd break through my walls? This isn't living, it's hell. I've had enough. I let the barriers down, though I imagine Twilight got all the credit."
"So you submit?"
>"I want to be free. There's only one way that happens."
>He widens his own stance and flourishes his hands. His full-body robes swirl around him, the sleeves falling back half-way along his forearms, his skin etched with deep-emerald runes.
>Within his hands, erratic green lightning bursts to life, dancing across his fingers and up his wrists.
File: 1616175381057.png (178 KB, 346x409)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
>"I've studied everything I could. All for one purpose."
>Celestia smiles. She beams. She delights in what is to come, for what better end could there possibly be to cap off this seven-year dry spell she's been going through?
>"The only way I'll ever be free is by destroying you."
>The magic in his hands intensifies.
>"Only one of us will leave this room. I'll do you the courtesy of making it quick, a concession you never granted me."
"Stop teasing and come worship your queen."
>Man and mare launch towards one another.
>Celestia completely surrenders to her primal lust, the unquenchable fury of the sun overtaking her.
>Anonymous calls upon the deep magic of the world, spellcraft so ancient only the stars remember it.
>They meet, and the world trembles.


>Celestia sighs.
>Anonymous wheezes.
"Ohh." Her fire is gone. Her inner sun now a smouldering matchstick. "Ooohh, that was... that was just... oh my."
>She rolls onto her side.
>The man, covered in sweat another fluids, mostly Celestia's, is both rigid and limp at the same time. He stares at the clear blue sky, the entire top of the tower having been blown off in the carnage.
>Celestia rubs his chest with a hoof, her mane an aurora once more and spread out in a random mess all over the scorched, blackened remnants of Anonymous' double-bed.
"You were -magnificent- love."
>"Hhh," he breathes.
"Mhm, yes, I know."
>Celestia rests her head against his shoulder and rubs her cheek against his gleaming skin.
"Do you love me, Anonymous?"
>"Hhhh," says Anonymous.
"I love you too," she sighs again.


>The following day, Celestia is quietly eating her marmalade toast in the dining hall.
>Luna is reading the morning paper.
>She then pauses as a thought hits her. She sits up, still holding the paper, and frowns at Celestia.
>Celestia, cheeks full of pulped bread and marmalade, stops chewing and catches her eye, waiting for her to speak.
>"So, seven-thousand soldiers died, just so you could get laid."
>Celestia gives a weak shrug and tries a smile.
>Luna is unamused.
File: IMG_3930.jpg (572 KB, 3209x2281)
572 KB
572 KB JPG
I guess once she goes full Daybreaker mode, there's just no stopping her.
File: Undeniably.png (81 KB, 617x501)
81 KB
Fantastic story, always love seeing this kind of Celestia story.
That's just a fact.
File: Celestia and Anon.png (1.84 MB, 1249x2048)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB PNG
Dammit, how am I supposed to sweep my floors now?
File: AJ Hooves.png (380 KB, 1280x799)
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380 KB PNG
File: rape time sugarcube.png (44 KB, 800x600)
44 KB
File: Fluttershy.png (263 KB, 1280x1026)
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263 KB PNG
>"I'm coming to your house tonight to ride your cock, Anon. Wait up for me."
Well you're gonna have to get past Applejack.
>Celestia claims that she has found a way to send Anonymous to his home world
>When in actuality, she wants her forces to invade it so that they can abduct more human men for the mares of Equestria
Why is this orange horse so hot?
>"Mars Needs Women"
>but with qt pastel colored miniature horses
I'll allow it.
File: 1628288751511.png (1.65 MB, 2040x810)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
Who are you fooling, Anon. Only yourself.
Divert thine eyes elsewhere, equine of loose virtue!
stop lookin at me, ho
Not them, but is "freflash" a word? It sounds painful from the context, but I'm not sure what it means
Quit staring at me wit them big ol eyes
>Fluttershy watches you, eyes half-lidded and not blinking.
>You loudly sip your soda through a straw.
>"Come on," she says, her voice husky. "We've been doing this for months. You can play dumb, but we both know how it's going to end. Save us the trouble. Take me to bed. Be as rough as you like."
>She rears up and plants her hooves on your chest, craning her neck up, her face not far from yours.
>You down gaze into her soft blues, which she keeps firmly fixed on you, still not blinking presumably to maintain the effect.
>Probably trying something Rarity suggested, but unfortunately it's not having the effect she wanted.
>It's not entirely her fault, but you've noticed something you hadn't before.
>"Can't you feel our connection? Don't you want to explore how soft my body is? Feel my curves, drag your fingers across the grain of my coat? Can't you--"
"Have you always had a lazy eye?"
>She pauses, mouth open.
>"Wh. What?"
"Your left eye. It's drifting off to the side."
>Fluttershy reels back and blinks a few times.
>"N-no, I don't... what? Don't be silly, I don't have a lazy eye... do I?"
>You point at your window.
>She rushes to it and peers in, using the reflection as a guide.
>After a minute of staring at herself, she wails.
>"How long has that been there!"
>You slurp your grape soda some more.
"Might wanna get that looked at, champ. You're looking like Derpy."
>"I-I look ridiculous! I need to see an optician, maybe I need glasses? Oh Anon, what should I do?!"
"Hell if I know, I'm not an eyeball scientist."
>Fluttershy canters away, wings flapping erratically to try and get her airborne.
>You sip some more juice, only to find your cup is empty.
>You drop to your knees and punch the ground in defeat, sobbing.
>Today's a dark day, make no mistake.
File: 1359936433103.jpg (179 KB, 711x1123)
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179 KB JPG
late night boop
He means "re-flash", I think.
What a ridiculous story and I love it.
File: IMG_3933.jpg (39 KB, 400x400)
39 KB
>aww, the pony looks so cute
>pet the pony
>she is shy at first, but soon warms to your gentle attentions
>so cute
>she takes your thumb into her mouth and suckles on it
>she closes the gap between you
>the next thing you know, you're flat on your back and she's got your pants off, riding your cock like a rodeo rockstar
>sneaky mares
File: Nut Patrol.png (426 KB, 1716x1716)
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426 KB PNG
File: 1578360929275.png (578 KB, 464x547)
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578 KB PNG
Not gonna lie, if she wasn't a hoe doing the same thing to every other male in town I would.
Let's call it "Mares Need Men."
File: you just know.jpg (733 KB, 1920x1013)
733 KB
733 KB JPG
Right, it's the cuddle rape puddle for you!
>Rarity's tummy
File: found you.jpg (373 KB, 1000x800)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
>The Guardsmares...
>They are coming...
>For (You)!
File: busted.png (117 KB, 348x360)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
Remember, you can't sneak up on unicorns.
File: Lunar Guard.jpg (1.96 MB, 1754x1149)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
>They will find you by day
>They will find you by night
File: Mares Need Men.png (3.49 MB, 3289x4411)
3.49 MB
3.49 MB PNG
>They know your weaknesses.
>They know how to exploit them.
>”Nonny, you’re under a-rump!”
>”Mine, that is!”
File: Flutterguard.jpg (479 KB, 2697x1869)
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479 KB JPG
>"I'm signed up for The Mission, too!"
I hope Mshake comes back with that story about Fluttershy joining the guard.
File: lil shid.png (324 KB, 1600x2527)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
>"Wow! Where can I sign up?"
File: It is time.png (148 KB, 688x556)
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148 KB PNG
>she's hoping you haven't noticed that she pierced the condom
Yeah, she's after more than just a good time.
Being realistic, earth would not last a week under a horny mare invasion, i feel sorry for the poor bastard that Luna choose as her husband
File: 1650388602723.png (1.85 MB, 1600x1100)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
Part 11: Having departed Princess Luna's office, Anon made his way to the room designated for the guest. Meanwhile, Celestia was preparing to surprise Anon when he arrived. The fateful trap was ready to be sprung. We join her as she anxiously awaits him.

>C: In the guest room, Celestia had made herself ready to romantically receive Anon. The room was different than the others in the wing, having been retained the way it was before the Lunar theme renovation was made to welcome Princess Luna to Canterlot. It was done in the old Equestrian Imperial style, with red and gold patterned wallpaper, gilded woodwork, vaulted ceilings, and beautiful pastoral paintings of the Equestrian countryside. Celestia had pulled the window curtains shut and lit the room with dozens of candles and a fire burning in the fireplace. Great red ribbons hung from the white vaulted ceiling in decorative bows and arches. Hundreds of red flower petals were scattered across the marble floor in a path leading from the door to a splendid bed and around the bed itself. Wearing a golden dress with white trim and matching gold stockings, she had sprawled herself luxuriantly on the bed. Her mane and tail were enticingly arranged over the crimson bedspread, and she had surrounded herself with white flower petals. Perfumed with the scent of summer flowers, she had tied a large red ribbon in a bow around herself as a final touch.
Anon arrived at the door. Putting on his most stately countenance in preparation to meet whomever resided within, he knocked.
>C: Celestia, looking at the door directly in front of her, answered in false severity using her best male Percheron accent. "Who's there! Enter for pony's sake! Enter!" The anticipation of Anon's surprise made her heart flutter happily.
Spurred by the harsh voice, Anon entered promptly and was immediately absorbed in the incorporeal dream before him. While time stopped for a moment, he stood absolutely dumbfounded and nearly dropped his flowers and donuts.
>C: Celestia relished his surprise and the profound smile that slowly took hold of him. Affection filled her heart but her sexual hormones began to surge through her veins. It had been a while since she was with him physically. Simultaneously, her soul was soaring on its way to make contact with Anon's. She waited for Anon to speak first, but gave him a look of sublime radiance and love, content to know that her preparations were effective in the utmost. She took a sense of triumph in her romantic victory over Anon's senses.
Millions of thoughts floated in disorder through Anon's mind. How had Luna known that Celestia would be here? Or, did she know at all? If not, how had Celestia fooled her and why? But then, it wasn't like Celestia to use deception like that. Whose letter was backed by the greater truth? If Luna had arranged it, why would she have done so if, by all rules of affairs, Celestia was now her romantic rival? His logical mind was overloaded and, overwhelmed by Celestia's beauty, he unconsciously pushed these thoughts aside for now. Anon met Celestia's eyes and finally said in awe, "If I knew I would suddenly see something so extremely beautiful, I would have brought better flowers!" After a pause, he added, "Celly, this is the most beautiful I have ever seen you and in the most romantic setting. You are truly magnificent!"
>C: Always amused by his overly complex complements, Celestia responded, "Thank you Anon! I'm overjoyed that you like the surprise. You look handsome yourself, and the flowers you brought are wonderful!" Genuine love emanated from her now and she patted the bed with her fore hoof to draw Anon to her. "Come sit with me my love. You can put the flowers on that table along with the donuts. We can enjoy them...later." At the last word she scrunched up her nose to convey her carnal meaning. Finally, with a magnetic gaze she added, "And close the door. We'll need our privacy!"
Anon took in the tableau one more time before complying. The mixture of colors she had generated in the room produced the most profound cozy feeling Anon could remember; his heart melted in its heat. The candles sent dazzling shadows across the wall and the aroma of the room was like a garden of roses, having been perfumed by lamps burning scented oil. Laying the items he carried and Luna's scroll aside, he moved to the bed and sat next to Celestia. "Celly, how did all this come about? How did you accomplish such a big surprise?" Anon asked with genuine intrigue.
>C: "Do you like it? The rendezvous and entrapment was Luna's idea, the decor was mine. So was the dress." Celestia appreciated the look of wonderment that shone on Anon's face. "The ribbon was my idea too. I'm your present!" she said as she scrunched her nose once again, a habit she had when she thought something terribly clever or when she was making a hidden meaning obvious.
"I love it Celly! When I came in the room I was overwhelmed. I had absolutely no idea I would find your here! The letters from you and Luna set a perfect trap for me!" Anon was truly in awe at their clever ruse, but he also now knew they had collaborated. The princess he was having an affair with was setting up romantic trysts with the princess he was cheating on! He was entirely bewildered. Resigned to a cataclysmic end for cheating and overzealous to finally be with Celestia, Anon gave in. He placed a hand on her cheek and ran it slowly up through her mane and down her neck.
>C: Exhilarated by his loving touch, Celestia closed her eyes a moment and then scooted closer to him. "Well Anon, don't you want to open your gift? I guarantee you'll find that it...suites your appetites!" Her whispery words were loaded with sensual passion and the anticipation of sex. Indeed, she had calculated them to inflame Anon's lust. As she awaited his response, she planted a multitude of sweet kisses on his cheek and neck. Seeking to stoke passion into inferno, she lazily placed a fore hoof into his lap, letting its weight rest against his groin.
Teasing her and feeling the intense desire to have her, Anon responded, "I'm not sure what this ribbon contains, but I am certain it is something absolutely delicious!" Rubbing his nose against hers, he slowly drew the end of the ribbon. The bow removed, he pulled the ribbon away while Celestia watched with erotic satisfaction.
>C: "Behold your gift my love! A luscious and eager pony princess who has been separated from her lover for too long." She followed this by rubbing her cheek against his, feeling the presence of him as if to assure herself that he was actually there.
Anon wrapped his arms around her and gave her kisses of passion. He stroked her warm smooth neck and imbibed the aroma of flowers and femininity.
>C: "It's so good to be in your arms again my love! I had missed you!" Placing a hoof on his opposite shoulder, she pushed him gently down to lay on his side facing her while she slipped her tongue into his mouth. She felt his return the favor and for a moment their tongues exchanged long awaited greetings. With her hoof still on his shoulder, she continued to push him down until he was on his back. Her fore leg now draped over Anon and her upper body partially supported by Anon's chest, Celestia lithely moved her body alongside his. Now in position, she slung a hind leg over Anon's drew it up suggestively into his crotch.
Physical desire expanded within Anon as held her heavenly face with both hands and exchanged a flurry of intense kisses. He breathed in her hot breath against his face as though to draw her soul into himself. Presently, he ran his hands up and down her body, exploring the tantalizing curves beneath her silky dress. The pressure against his groin made him thirsty for more. Both continued in this manner for some time, lost in the opportunity to savor each other's love and touch, and to feel the building excitement of sexual desire.
>C: Celestia was first to escalate, propelled by the tingling sensation that swept her. Breaking away and grazing Anon's neck with several wet kisses, Celestia moved her head lower and took his lapel in her lips. With a gentle but unmistakenly horsey tug, she indicated her desire for him to remove his jacket and shirt. Letting it drop from her mouth she looked with expectation at Anon.
At the unspoken request, Anon sat up a bit and disrobed to the waist while Celestia watched patiently. He was already highly aroused and his lungs pumped out breaths of excitement.
>C: Continuing the wordless conversation, Celestia shifted her body, slowly closed her eyes, and pressed her muzzle with a nudge into Anon's groin. Taking a patch of his pant's in her lips and inhaling the scent of his manhood, she likewise gave it a gentle tug. With a suggestive grin she looked up at Anon, her nostrils still filled with his mesmerizing smell.
Feeling the assistance of Celestia's magic aura, Anon unbuckled and removed his pants, exposing his nakedness to Celestia. He saw that Celestia was drinking him in with her half-lidded eyes.
>C: Drawing a wingtip across his hardened member, Celestia whispered, "I see you've missed me to my love!" The sight of his physique and erection enthralled her, and the desire to see Anon gripped in pleasure took her. She moved in with her tongue and bathed his member in her saliva. She ran her tongue up and down, and around his shaft, caressing it with several slow, warm licks. She felt in satisfaction as it sent a wave of shuddering pleasure through Anon. With a final extraordinary lick, she said, "lay down again my love!" Celestia wanted to go down a different path.
Laying down, Anon felt Celestia cuddle up close to him as she bombarded him with kisses, nuzzling, and warmth. Her magic was now rhythmically stroking his penis, intoxicating his mind. He embraced her and caressed her body with his hands and arms.
>C: Celestia derived exquisite pleasure from Anon's hands moving over her body and his heavy breaths in response to her stroking. Looking down upon him, she could feel the anxieties and stress he harbored drain away until he only existed in the moment. She found this feeling uniquely delightful; the ability to soothe and comfort her lover. Soon, she was feeling Anon's hand attempting to move under her dress like a thief looking for valuables. Arresting his hand in her magical grip, she whispered in his ear, "Would you like to remove my dress darling?" Kissing his cheek and coming to all fours on the bed, she added with a demure tone, "Be gentle!"
For Anon, the opportunity to remove her dress was like finding water in a desert. Shimmering in the candlelight, it marvelously enhanced Celestia's natural beauty but also held him in duress by denying him access to the wonders beneath. He came to his knees and slowly began to undo the clasps and ties of her dress.
>C: While Anon was busy, Celestia returned to caressing his penis with her tongue, bathing it in warm moisture. She took it into her mouth and continued to massage it, generating erotic sucking sounds. As she did so, she could feel Anon pause and let out several heavy breaths of ecstasy before regaining his focus and finishing with her dress. Celestia felt it slide off her body frictionlessly. Doing so, it revealed that she was wearing gorgeous golden panties. She moved her head up to meet Anon face-to-face, leaving his penis unhoused for the moment. With her eye's locked on Anon's, she now moved to the center of the large bed. As she went she put extra sway in her gait to emphasize her alluring figure. "Well Anon? What do you think? Do you like it?" The look of astonishment in Anon's face told her that the time she spent building to this revelation was well spent.
One could have knocked Anon over with a feather. He was enchanted by how sexy Celestia looked in her lingerie. Her panties were covered in ornate patterns of yellow-white lace and ribbon. Her dock and upper tail was wrapped in identical ribbon at the opening where they passed through her panties. Her matching stockings were of silk and similarly decorated with lace and ribbon. They ended just below her fetlocks, but a drape of lace hung from the ends over her upper hooves. "Celly, it's amazing. You look extremely sexy! I'd say dangerously sexy!"
>C: Tickled by the complement and the accompanying effect her lingerie had on Anon's hardness, Celestia replied, "I chose them especially for you! Something sexy enough to drive you wild!" Coming to the center of the bed with a happy giggle, she turned around several times for Anon to see her from every angle, stopping at various points to make sexy poses and blow kisses. Celestia was very pleased with Anon's response to her surprise. It had been part of her plan, to present him with successive visions of erotic beauty.
Observing Celestia's sexual display, one obviously designed to tempt his response, Anon could not contain himself and he quickly moved to join Celestia in the center of the bed. His hands were jealous to work themselves over her glorious golden buttocks.
>C: Celestia anticipated his reaction and before he had a chance to enclose her in his arms she had shifted her weight, stretched out a wing, and pivoted on her standing hoof. The effect was to unbalance Anon and cast him to the bed, face up, with a soft "whump!" In a flash she straddled him and gently dropped her chest on to his to pin him down, her rump still in the air. She giggled playfully while she absorbed the look of shock on Anon's face. Settling into a silent smile, using a fore hoof to move Anon's hair out of his eyes, and cocking her head slightly to one side, Celestia said, "Did I ever tell you that over the years I've learned a thing or two about hoof-to-hoof combat from my royal guard?"
Anon's shock gave way to a smile and they both broke into laughter together. "You're amazing Celly!"
>C: Celestia simply responded with a soft smile. Then taking on a sultry look, she broke the momentary silence. "Now Anon, I want you to relax. Let me take away all your worries and cares!" WIth that, and without warning to Anon, Celestia moved her hips down in a slight scooping motion, catching Anon's still erect penis between the delicate flesh of her teats. Sandwiching it between herself and Anon's abdomen Celestia began gently rocking her hips forward and back, allowing his penis to slide between the supple mounds. Seeing the look of ecstasy flood Anon's face, Celestia let out her own exclamations of pleasure. "Mmmmm!"
Encased in the tender smoothness of her teats, Anon's shaft became a piston in the relative motion between them. Anon, closed his eyes and breathed heavily in response. Presently, Anon could feel that Celestia's physical exertion was lubricating this machinery with sweat, oils from her skin, and the juices that now ran down from her pussy through her panties. His fingers showed his gratitude as they moved over her body, massaging, stimulating, and feeling. He felt her feather soft coat and the rippling of her muscles as she moved her hips. All over her panties his hands glided, searching for an entrance and finding none. Up and down his fingers moved over the cloth that concealed her treasure, breaking occasionally to feel the firmness of her buttocks under the soft silk layer.
>C: Pulling her head back a moment to look at Anon, Celestia smiled sweetly. The effect being wrought on him excited her sensual desires and she leaned in for more kissing. She was content to float upon him, supported by his strong frame while she applied her efforts to his manhood. The feeling of him beneath her pelvis sent her loins aflame and Anon's exploration of her nether region with his hands sent pleasurable shivers up and down her spine. With one hand, Anon had taken to stroking the sensitive underside of her dock, adding to her delight. She felt Anon's fingers stray from time to time and slide under her panties, probing for vulnerabilities. "Your fingers are so anxious, my love! Take my panties off, Anon." she whispered as she stopped and came to all fours.
His penis throbbing, Anon reached up and slowly slipped the panties off, letting Celestia take one leg out at a time. Laying them aside, he reached up again to remove her golden stockings when she interrupted him.
>C: "Leave those on my love." Celestia said breathlessly. She was still panting hot, lustful breaths. "They'll make things a bit sexier!" Carnal desire surged through her and she was now itching to feel Anon's manhood within her. Taking his penis up in her aura, she slowly lowered her haunches and inserted it into her now drenched pussy. She felt the satisfying resistance as her tissues, now slick with fluids, yielded space. Having hilted it, she began rising up and down, a fore hoof on either side of Anon.
Anon felt instant and deep ecstasy, as he felt her weight rise and fall while his member was treated to warm pulsations. Up and down, over and over it continued for eons. He looked up into Celestia's face to see her in the throes of sexual euphoria. She smiled a moment, gently closed her eyes, raised her chin, and let her mouth hang open. She was lost in bliss and began to moan rhythmically. One hand he rested on her flank, feeling with fascination the alternate tightening and loosening of her muscles. The other hand moved up and down her sides and through her mane, feeling her sweat dampened skin, hair, and the angelic feathers of her wings.
>C: Erotic sensation drove conscious thought out of Celestia's mind while she basked in pleasure. Beneath her, she could feel Anon writhing in ecstasy; it delighted her that she she could induce it in him. She inhaled and exhaled deeply, letting herself vocalize her pleasure to Anon. Each breath drew in more of her beloved's delicious musk.
Anon felt himself being driven to the ends of his endurance. Not wanting it to end, he pulled her hips down by her flanks and and held them in place. He then reached up to her neck and drew her close until she rested her upper body on his, letting him feel her heaving chest. He was still inserted and could feel her vulva winking against his shaft as if trying to pull more of it in. "Take a short break Celly." Anon breathed. Not giving her a chance to respond, he began kissing her passionately. Her kisses in return were gentle and soothing; they took away his worldly concerns. Anon reflected that Celestia's love was soft, nurturing, and creamy.
>C: Celestia was regaining her breath even as she kissed Anon, but soon lost it again as she felt Anon's hand slip under her midsection. Slowly it drove past her abdomen, then over her teats. There it stopped to stimulated her sensitive skin and finger her nipples. She let Anon know of her pleasure with a simple "Mmmmmm!" Having fully mapped her teats, his hand moved further, filling itself with her effluent before a finger parted the lips of her pussy and started massaging her clitoris.
Anon felt her kissing become wild and powerful as moaning filled the air and shimmers ran through her musculature. She attempted to push up and continue humping, but Anon held her tight to build her sexual tension. Soon she was near climax and the walls echoed with her joy. At length he released her and she seemingly shot up like a spring with a sensuous look.
>C: Celestia eagerly resumed her humping with sounds of Mmmmm!, Uhhhhhh!, and Ahhhhhh!. She extended her wings now for extra balance. Anon was still vigorously exercising her clitoris, pushing her to the limit of what it is possible to feel in the kingdom of physical delight. "Harder and faster Anon! Uhhhhhh!"
Anon was working hard to hold his endurance. As he did so, he was admiring how Celestia's earlier stately beauty had transformed into this dynamic, earthly beauty before him now. Drops of sweat dripped from her chest and neck. Her mane hung down upon his chest and swayed to the metronome of her hips. Her gaze was full of ardor, but also happy love. He stroked her stocking clad legs with his other hand, appreciating how the stockings enhanced her beauty. She had been right to make him leave them on.
>C: Celestia sensed Anon's stroking of her legs. With her mind occupied with the sensual maelstrom within, images from her eyes were no longer registering. She saw but did not see. Anon's hand told her he was there, appreciating her, encouraging her, and still admiring the lingerie she chose just for him. But now her physical frame could withstand no more. "Please harder and faster! Grab my flank my love!" she said with what little air occupied her lungs. The massive orgasm gripped Celestia as she slammed her rump down one last time. She gave a great sigh that filled the room with the musical notes of her climax while her head raised up to the ceiling. Her eyes rolled up involuntarily as bodily control was lost to the overpowering sensations tearing through her.
Anon cushioned her as she collapsed into his arms. She nuzzled her head on to his upper chest and simply breathed while absorbing his warmth. Anon had successfully suppressed his own climax. He knew this was not the end; Celly would want more. This was a special occasion and he wanted to draw it out. After a few moments, Celestia raised her head and gave a glazed look of contentment. Anon knew from experience with her that it meant she was getting ready to continue. "There you are Celly! It seems you went to heaven for a moment there." he said while stroking her cheek.
>C: "MmmHmm! That was a really good one Anon. You know I love it when you use your fingers like that!" she said as she rubbed her nose against his. Celestia was thinking about how they had become experienced lovers, learning each other's likes and dislikes. Each put the other's pleasure above their own.
"If you liked that, I think you love what I do next!" Still inside her, he encased her torso with his arms to protect her wings and rolled her over on to her back as she giggled at the surprise movement. Anon gave her a powerful kiss and raised up on his knees to start pumping her slowly, preparing her for what he intended next. With her hind legs spread wide, her fore legs drawn to her chest and her hair in a lank halo around her head, Anon reflected that this was another form of her beauty.
>C: "Do as you please my love! I'm all yours!" Celestia smiled at Anon in amusement. As his low frequency thrusting relaxed her continually, her amused look transitioned again into one of carnal pleasure.
After seeing she had become relaxed and aroused again, Anon pulled out and leaned in to shower her with kisses on her mouth, neck and chest. He allowed his penis and balls to rest on her teats. Teasing, he moved them rhythmically over the mounds while he continued kissing.
>C: "Mmmmmm! I like that my love!" As she said so, she placed her fore legs as far around his upper body as she could and enclosed him in her wings.
For a while Anon massaged her while listening to her sounds of delight. Then, he began moving down to his goal.
>C: On her back, Celestia felt that feminine vulnerability that longed to be validated by male desire and forthright action. She savored it and gave herself over to him to be taken. She could feel him move down her body, kissing her as he went. At her teats, she could feel Anon's tongue flick out and draw lines around and through her nipples, and all over the surrounding tender skin. "Mmmmmmm!" she cried in calm euphoria. She knew where he was headed next.
Anon loved Celestia's teats. Smooth and warm, he could glide his tongue over them and listen to her vocalize her contentment. At length he moved further back. Instead of taking his tongue directly to her pussy, he let it slide up and down the exposed, sensitive flesh of her inner thigh and the area around her vulva.
>C: Celestia was now tingling all over her body. Anon was teasing her now anxious sexual organ and placing her in perpetual suspense. The feeling of his tongue on her flesh was enthralling and her anticipation grew in an unbounded crescendo.
After an eternity, Anon slipped the tip of his tongue through her engorged curtains. Celestia writhed in ecstasy beneath his hands. As he rapidly applied his tongue to her clitoris, the music of her moaning was a sonata in his ears. He had one hand on the bed to support his weight. The other moved over her body, feeling her heave and writhe.
>C: Activating her horn in this euphoric state, Celestia gripped Anon's penis and began pumping. The warmth of her aura reflected the sexual electricity she felt surging in great pulsations through her body.
It was all Anon could do to avoid ejaculating. He resisted. He wanted their sex to continue. He licked harder and faster now, throwing Celestia into a frenzy. He gave free reign to his tongue and gave no quarter. Mercilessly he agitated her clitoris and moved his tongue about in circles inside Celestia's delicate lips. Randomly he inserted his tongue, causing a sudden, excited "Uh!" from Celestia. Her aroma and flavor were all their own. They were Celestia's aroma and flavor, and it drove him wild.
>C: Now captivated by surging sensations, Celestia gave a series of short desperate squeaks and a final glorious moan which could have reached the heavans. She felt flames licking her insides while her body quivered. In her ecstasy she released Anon's manhood and felt him lean in to hug and kiss her. She gladly reciprocated, plunging her tongue deeply into his mouth as if looking for something safe to hold on to. She could feel his groin come to rest once again on her teats. Here she found the thing to hold on to. Still shuddering, she pulled away from a kiss and gazed at him in the depth of her love. Then a mischievous smile took hold as she recovered slightly. "I suppose you think my teats are the ideal resting place for your balls!" she said with a slight air of triumph while her aura tenderly gripped his scrotum.
"Eggs should be kept in a soft place I suppose. Don't you think" Anon replied with a laugh. Delighted, he watched her laugh and giggle in response. Feeling her begin to tumble his testicles in her magical aura and her fore hoofs push him gently away, Anon came to his knees.
>C: Once Anon was clear, Celestia turned over on to her stomach, her haunches pointed at Anon with her hind legs drawn up. Flicking her now messy mane to the other side, she cast a lewd glance back at Anon over her shoulder and back. Drawing her tail to the side to reveal her luscious pussy she said, "One more time my love? Once more into the breech?"
Anon smiled and drew close and spread his knees out farther. It brought his hips low enough to insert himself at a somewhat down-angle, perfect to stimulate Celestia's most sensitive internal areas. He slid his member once again while her pussy winked repeatedly, as if gobbling him up.
>C: Celestia felt her organ welcome back its playmate and she let out a contented sigh. With Anon's hands gripping her flank at the cutie marks, she felt Anon begin thrusting. She looked wantonly over her shoulder and back at Anon, delighted to see his sweaty body glisten in the candle light. She felt Anon's eyes returning her gaze with assurance of love.
Anon took another moment to admire Celestia's form. The curvature of her neck, her fluffy wings, the definition of her spine and sides, and the curvature of her rump were amazing. With her gold-clad legs tucked close to her body, she looked as if she was resting on a divan made gold. He looked down and reflected on her buttocks. Unlike a human female's, which was like a flabby sack of jelly with little definition, Celestia's was taught, well defined, and well structured. Far from the wobbly, disgusting waves that rolled through a woman's rear during sex, Celestia's displayed efficient little ripples as she absorbed his pounding. He remembered that Luna's rear was likewise firm and delectable.
>C: Rapidly feeling stimulated by the angle of Anon's reciprocating penis within her, Celestia quivered and moaned as a series of short orgasms took her in succession. Increasing the agitation of Anon's testicles and unfurling her wings to show Anon the full scope of her majesty from behind, Celestia felt herself once again reaching climax. "Faster my love! Pound me faster!" Feeling Anon comply, she responded with "Ughhhhhh!" as she relished the force he applied, validating her feminine desire for male strength and force.
Anon pounded her with might and fury. The feeling of Celestia's heat and soft coat on his hands, her moaning, her aroma, her angelic beauty in the flickering candle light, and the warm tight slickness through which his throbbing penis reciprocated all did their work to drive Anon beyond his endurance.
>C: A final strong orgasm wrought upon Celestia as she felt Anon's hands strongly clench her flanks. A final exhale from Anon followed by a sound as if he was attempting to push breath out that his lungs lacked, told her that his every muscle was now hard at work trying to pump as much cum as possible. She felt its warmth gush into her and ooze out through the interface between his shaft and her vaginal walls. They had succumbed together.
Anon presently recovered and gently extracted his dripping manhood, spilling fluids over the bed spread in the process. "Ooops!"
>C: "Don't worry about it Anon." said Celestia as she too now stirred. She came to all fours, turned to face Anon, and sat in front of him.
Anon reached up and placed a hand lovingly on her neck and they both smiled and studied each other. In the back of his mind Anon wondered who would do the cleaning.
>C: Levitating a towel to Anon that she had pre-staged before he arrived, Celestia said, "Let's go lay by the fire and relax my love! We can have the donuts as well."
Anon wiped off Celestia and himself and then went to retrieve the tray of donuts. Coming over to the fire, where Celestia already lay facing the fire on several layers of blankets atop a plush rug, Anon placed the donuts down near Celestia and revived the fire with more firewood. That done, he laid down behind her propped up on his elbow with his chest to her back. Grabbing a loose blanket he covered them both and wrapped his free arm around her. "Cozy?"
>C: "Mmmhmm!" Feeling Anon's still erect penis press her flank, she momentarily lifted her leg and dropped it to sandwich his member between the warm flesh of her thighs. "Gotcha!" she teased.
Anon smiled and squeezed her close.
>C: Celestia levitated a donut to Anon, took one for herself, and took up Luna's scroll that was still on the tray.
"She told me it was diplomatic papers for an important guest, but really it looks like it was just part of the ruse."
>C: "Let's see what she wrote." Breaking the seal and unfurling it, she read aloud.
>L: My dearest Celestia and Anon. I truly hope that you both enjoyed yourself this evening. Seeing as how you both had been apart for some time I thought you both deserved some special time together and I was happy to help set it up! Anon, I am sorry you were fooled but it was necessary for you to receive such a pleasant surprise! Celly, you have helped me so much recently. I am so grateful and this was the least I could do. When you both depart please do not worry about the room. Just leave it as is and I will take care of everything. -Eternal Love, Luna"
>C: "It's sweet of her isn't it?"
"It is really sweet." Anon agreed. "But it's a little devious isn't it?" Anon marveled that Luna seemed to be happy to encourage sex between himself and Celestia. The idea ran counter to everything he knew about affairs.
File: 1650771235665.gif (489 KB, 900x900)
489 KB
489 KB GIF
>C: "Certainly." Celestia began. 'She's like my complement. I'm good with open diplomacy, working with ponies in a social context for the welfare of Equestria, leadership, and the overall vision of where Equestria should be headed. On the other hand, she has a mind for details, military strategy, and the darker political arts. It's just lucky for us that she has the welfare of us, Equestria, and all our little ponies at heart." Settling deeper into Anon's chest, she continued, "Leadership and diplomacy are not her strengths. She knows it and so do I. That's why she gets a little frazzled when she's in a leadership role, like for the conference preparations; it's why she had so many advisers before they were delayed." After a pause she added, "That's why your help has been so important. It's done wonders to steady her!" Having said so, she shifted, turned her neck and kissed Anon on the cheek.
"Hmmmm." said Anon pensively. "Celly, how did Luna know about us? I mean, how did she find out we were lovers?"
>C: Letting out a well intentioned laugh, Celestia responded, "Hidden things are in her nature. She knew about us almost immediately. Surely you noticed?"
"Actually, I hadn't." Anon somehow felt this to be significant failure on his part.
>C: "Well, not to worry. I'll teach you a thing or two about how to pick up on nuance in other ponies. You'd be surprised how useful a skill it is." Celestia became pensive herself for a moment. "Looking back, I feel I was a bit selfish. I had you as a lover and for such a long time Luna had nopony; it was made worse because of her exile on the moon." After a thoughtful pause she regained a smile. "But that's all resolved now! So, water under the bridge as you say!" She gave him another kiss and to lay against his chest once again.
Anon supposed she was referring to some jealousies over him that the sisters resolved behind closed doors and pushed the matter no further. Now he focused on Celestia. The post-sex female lovey-dovey hormones had a profound effect on her and she gave off a radiant afterglow. He squeezed her again. "I love you, Celly."
>C: "I love you too, Anon." She levitated another donut to him and they continued to cuddle and talk by the fire.
>magical portals open all over the Earth
>every major city has at least one, some have several
>special attention seems to be paid to port cities, logistical centers
>clearly this is well planned out
>all the world is holding its breath, wondering what happens next
>suddenly, ponies
>millions of them
>they pour out of the portals
>they are adorable big-eyed ponies, some are unicorns, some are wing-a-ling ponies, some are neither
>all wear wedding dresses
>they're everywhere
>their leader is a butter yellow pegasus with pink mane, pink tail, and obvious severe social anxiety
>she appears before the United Nations, trying and utterly failing to look stern and resolute on camera
>she clears her throat cutely
>"I no longer wish to be hormy."
>the silence stretches
>"I just want to be happy."
>"...if you don't mind."
>all the hetero males on the planet collapse of cuteness-induced coronaries
>bad end
Congratulations flutters played herself
>You're sat at home reading your black market cook book.
>Ponies take their recipes so seriously here that some dishes are illegal, the consequence being a thriving culinary black market in which you're certain Pinkie Pie is a big player.
>Turning to the next page, you widen your eyes at "Caviar and peanut butter milkshake".
>Sweet Lord some of these people are psychopaths.
>Just then, a blinding golden portal opens before you, and Fluttershy emerges.
>You've already rammed the magazine down the seat of your armchair and are pretending to count the number of threads in your rug, lest she suspect your contraband.
>Fluttershy surveys your living room with a sour expression.
>Only now do you actually see her, instead of just recognising the colours yellow and pink and assuming the worst.
>She's taller than Celestia. Great yellow wings lie folded at her sides and a horn as long as your forearm stands proud on her head. She's draped in gold bangles and a gossamer gown flows over her curves. Around her neck, an ornate yoke similar to Celestia's is set with teal gemstones as large as fists that match her eyes.
>"Do you -really- live here?" she says. Her voice is still recognisably Fluttershy's, but it's powerful. Forceful. Like a stage actress.
"Last time I checked?"
>"The last one lived in a castle. Just seems like a bit of a downgrade."
>You aren't sure how to answer, and she doesn't wait for one.
>She strides forward and plucks you off your chair with magic. You're absolutely powerless to stop her.
>Your clothes are stripped from you. Buttons undone, zippers pulled down, belt unbuckled. It's done with a practised ease you can't parse.
>Ordinarily, Fluttershy's too incompetent to remember which side of the syringe she's supposed to prick you with.
"Just to be clear," you say, levitating naked and hoping she might be up for conversation instead of rape. "You -are- Fluttershy?"
>"Empress Fluttershy, yes," she says. Her tone is bored. Her eyes are darting over you not with a sense of excited glee, but mundanity, as if she does this several times a day and is now fed up with it.
>A book materialises beside her head along with a quill.
>A tape-measure follows.
>At the same time, her magic thrums and a few things happen.
>For one, something within you, you think it might be your prostate, feels incredibly warm, and a sensation like several fingers squeezing and massaging it sends involuntary shivers through your body.
>If you weren't levitating, your knees would have collapsed under you.
>Your dangling cock and balls are also caressed, the same warm, tingling pink magic firing off every nerve ending it touches.
>You're at full mast and aching for release in under five seconds.
>Fluttershy doesn't respond beyond a routine blink to un-dry her eyes.
>The tape-measure is run along your shaft, and Fluttershy squints at it.
>"Five point two," she drawls. The book unfurls to a page towards the end of the book and the quill scribbles away for a moment. "Ridiculous."
>Her magic vanishes. Your release denied.
>She drops you back into your seat, still naked, and piles your clothes on your lap.
>The Empress gazes down at you for a moment. You feel very small in your arm chair, and huddle your arms around you clothes, unsure of what she intends to do next.
"What, um, what now? I suppose what I should be asking is--"
>"I'm not your Fluttershy, if that's your question."
>You nod.
>The Empress looks around again at your hovel.
>It feels like a hovel now. Now that a pony of supreme quality has graced it with her presence, your once cosy home feels like a squalor, its previously subtle imperfections now plainly obvious.
>"You are at least on the larger end of the spectrum of Anons, but even so."
>She looks to you again, her lip slightly curled.
>"I wonder sometimes if six point nine is as big as you'll go."
>You wait for her to elaborate.
>"I've travelled across a hundred-thousand dimensions for the last fifteen years, searching for the -one- Anonymous that doesn't have a diminutive cock."
>Hearing a pony like the Empress say "cock" feels wrong, though despite the horn and stature this -is- still Fluttershy.
>"No matter where I go, or how far I travel, the biggest your kind ever get is six point nine. Hardly fit for an empress. I will not settle for anything less than ten."
"Why... why not go for a regular stallion, then?"
>She quirks an eyebrow at you.
>"What a stupid question. I forget at times how stupid you are, Anon. You're stupid, aren't you?"
>She places her hoof firmly on your crotch, crushing your genitals beneath your clothes.
>She rubs her hoof in circles.
>"Stupid, stupid, stupid man."
>The Empress leans down and takes your chin with her magic. She forces her tongue into your mouth and samples you, breaking the kiss with a string of spit linking the two of you.
>"One day. One day I'll find an Anon worthy enough to serve me. Until then..."
>She turns and walks back to the portal.
>"Farewell, Anonymous. Perhaps your pathetic loins can satisfy whatever wretched doppelgänger I have in this reality."
>With that final remark, the portal closes and you're left alone.
>You check under your clothes.
>You're absolutely rock hard.
"...Shit, I think that just awakened something in me."

Interdimensional mares are no joke.
File: Limey.png (33 KB, 909x535)
33 KB
What a mare.
File: ravishing Rara.png (1023 KB, 1250x1250)
1023 KB
1023 KB PNG
>True to fate, Rarity was gangraped by Diamond Dogs later that afternoon.
>Anonymous was relieved.
I don't like it.
She tried her best
Anon's poor performance saves him once again.
File: Floor Bored.png (1.8 MB, 1551x1529)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
From that one. There's still this one.
>(Voted most likely to employ Flunitrazepam in order to lose her virginity)
File: Floor Bored.png (64 KB, 576x576)
64 KB
>"I won't let you get away."
>"I've waited so long..."
Meanwhile, Breezieshy is trying the find the smallest Anon. Still failing to do so.
She should find Joe Rogan. He's only a little taller than she is. Even Princess Luna is over twenty rogans tall.
File: INTRUDER ALERT.png (245 KB, 1100x1100)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
Never invite mares into your home.
Flutterbat can only enter if she's invited.
Flutterbats operate differently, ANY eye contact counts as an invitation.
File: 1650649657548.jpg (257 KB, 1280x914)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
Part 12: Following his encounter with Celestia and to finish the work-night, Anon visited a few more staff sections, giving direction and assisting with projects as he did. After several hours, the expected invitation from Princess Luna found him. He accordingly departed to meet her at the Palace Conservatory.

>L: The Palace Conservatory was essentially a greenhouse strategically attached to the southern edge of the palace to optimally imbibe the sun's illumination. Its structure, which also held the many glass panels in place, was a web of functional and decorative iron beams, arches, and struts. The decorative and structural members had all been painted gold, imparting a very pleasing look to the building. Internally, it had beds for a variety of plants and flowers from all over Equestria. There was even a special section of cacti and succulents. Bubbling fountains and aesthetic, cushioned iron wrought furniture gave place for visitors to enjoy this tranquil space. Here, amongst the conservatory's starlit flowers, Luna awaited Anon while enjoying the cool moist atmosphere. Her powerful sense of smell could distinguish the fragrance of each blooming flower and her keen hearing listened to the buzz of the midnight bees as they did their work. With her mane and tail aglitter and fluttering gently, she was a flower among flowers. However, her present meditations on the beauty of the place gave way to gladness as she saw Anon approaching her from the row of flowers near the entrance. "Good evening my love!"
"Good evening Luna! Had you been waiting long?" Anon asked as he sat down next to her on the divan she had been laying on. She sat up on her haunches to give space for him. He gave her a tender kiss on the cheek.
>L: "Not long darling. I was just enjoying the calm when you arrived." with a crafty smile and demure tone taking hold, Luna further questioned, "And how was your meeting with our guest? It constituted your first diplomatic assignment from me, you know." Luna did not need to ask since she detected the thick aroma of vigorous sex all over him, but she wanted to see his response.
"It was a total surprise Luna. I'm astonished how you and Celly pulled it off. It was amazing. Being with Celly was simply amazing! She was incredibly beautiful, maybe the most beautiful I've ever seen her, and everything was very romantic." said Anon, feeling awkward to discuss this with Luna but trying to engage in the conversation. Trying to avoid her detecting his awkwardness, he added with a laugh, "When I knocked, she answered in this thick, angry, male Percheron accent. I thought it would turn into a terrible meeting with some mean-spirited old dignitary. But, when I stepped in I nearly fell over when I saw it was Celly!”
>L: Laughing and feeling a sense of achievement at the covert operation she and Celestia had pulled off, Luna leaned in and gave Anon a kiss. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, Anon, and that you and Celestia could express your love for each other again. She loves you very much and missed you when she was away. You should have seen her face when I proposed the rendezvous!"
"I know, and I appreciate the opportunity to have time with her again." Anon marveled at Luna's devoted concern for his relationship with Celestia. Who ever heard of a such a thing from the mare a lover cheated with? Moreover, Luna had been the one to propose the rendezvous! Anon was floored but began to reason that this was part of Luna's method to prevent Celestia from finding out. She probably calculated that If Celestia's relationship with him remained strong, Celestia would not go probing for roots of abnormalities. Luna was indeed deeply devious and it made Anon feel dirty; she certainly was a master of the dark political arts as Celetia had indicated. Nevertheless, he truly loved both her and Celestia. Loving them both felt wonderful, not just the physical, but also the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual aspects as well. Anon knew it would eventually come crashing down, but he was irreparably committed now, like it or not.
>L: Marking the nuance of unconscious concern on Anon's face, Luna made a mental note that she must find out what was bothering him. Yet, for the moment she was satisfied he had reconnected romantically with her sister. Luna loved her sister, but to her analytical mind the reconnection also amounted to a box checked and now it was time to proceed forward. Now, she wanted to simply spend time with Anon for what remained of the early morning darkness. "I'm glad for you my love! Spending time with her will be easier now that she has returned from her diplomatic mission. You should shower her with your love at every opportunity!" Placing a fore hoof on Anon's leg, Luna said, "Come. Let's go for a walk! The night is beautiful and the flowers are blooming in the gardens!"
"I'd like that Luna! In any case, the night air will be refreshing." Anon got up with Luna and they exited the conservatory to find themselves walking the serpentine paths of the southern garden. Together, they admired the unique flowers that preferred to open at night to tempt the midnight bees. Frogs, owls, and crickets filled the air with their chamber music, as did the babbling brook that was fed by the still melting mountain snowpack. Light-bugs, shed their romantic incandescence upon the lovers.
>L: Luna, was feeling that spiritual serenity that comes with being with the one you truly love. Experiencing this for the first time in what felt like an eternity, Luna was beside herself with joy and contentment. All seemed right and perfect in the world and the colors of the night were correspondingly more vivid. She loved Anon from the core of her heart. He was much more to her than just a physical plaything. Although, he was that too! As they sauntered now through the amethyst-flower encrusted hedges of the garden's labyrinth, their conversation had turned to astronomy. Emerging from the labyrinth by the edge of the brook, they stopped to look at the heavens they had been discussing. "So, you mean to tell me that the stars are not static in their positions and are, in fact, moving about in the firmament? Forgive me Anon, but that seems absurd. Every night one can plainly see that the stars have not moved at all relative to each other. The only movement I've observed is that different seasons bring different stars into view. Or, do the stars return to their positions after their wanderings before each night?"
"It's true Luna. Not only are they moving, they are doing so at speeds that would boggle your mind! It's just that they are so far away that you can't detect the motion except with precision instrumentation. It would take millions of years of such motions before you would notice the change visually."
>L: Casting a playful but suspicious glance at Anon, Luna retorted, "And, I suppose your Human Earth has such instrumentation?"
"We do, and we've studied stellar objects even at the edge of the known universe, objects so far away you can't see them with the naked eye in the night sky. We've developed optical systems that can see billions of miles away."
>L: Conceding that the more technologically advanced human Earth knew volumes more about the heavens, Luna replied, "I wish we had such instruments. I would very much like to conduct these kinds of studies." Out of curiosity, she asked, "Is the Equestrian sky the same as on the Human Earth, Anon?"
"No, it's very different. I don't recognize any stars or constellations here compared to Earth. Also, the Jeweled Belt is oriented differently compared to the points of the compass than the Milky Way on Earth." Anon motioned to indicate the dense swath of stars that cut from one side of the sky to the other. It was clearly a galactic arm, but ponies referred to it as the Jeweled Belt. "Because of that, I have no idea where I really am in the universe. Because the stars move around in time, I don't really know when I am either. Maybe I'm not even in the same universe. I'm basically lost in space-time.”
>L: Luna pondered in silence for a moment while she processed the vastness of those comments, then said, "I suppose one of those twinkling specks might be your Earth, Anon." As she said so, she sat on her haunches and nuzzled into his side, trying to show him she cared and that he was not, after all, alone in the universe.
Smiling at Luna and placing his arm around her in appreciation at the spoken and unspoken sentiment, Anon replied, "I suppose it is, but it's not my home anymore, Equestria is." Looking into her eyes, he added, "Loving you and Celestia means I don't miss Earth either." With a short laugh, he added, "That place is pretty chaotic anyway."
>L: Cuddling closer to Anon, Luna simply closed her eyes and took a deep breath of contentment.
"You know," Anon continued as he sat down next to Luna, "you're immortal. So someday, millions of years from now, you can look up and see that the stars have moved. Maybe it'll remind you of me."
>L: "I would never need to be reminded of you Anon. I'll carry you in my heart forever." Luna said with certainty and a fore hoof over her chest. "Besides, Celestia and I are not true immortals." Twirling her hoof, she added, "We are more like semi-immortals."
Anon was perplexed. "What do you mean? I always thought you and Celestia would live and rule forever."
>L: "First, while being an alicorn makes our bodies more capable of absorbing damage and surviving, we are not totally invincible." Then with a deep smile, Luna drew the curtain of reality slightly aside for Anon to take a peak at what existed beyond. "Celestia and I were born as normal mortal unicorns, but we had the special talent to raise the sun and moon over Equestria. After a time, we were transfigured into alicorns and became rulers over Equestria. But with that came a sense of time, that for us it is ticking toward a particular end point." Luna rubbed her nose against Anon's before continuing. "When the clock stops ticking, when the conditions are appropriate, our reign ends and we go...elsewhere."
"Elsewhere." Anon said, squinting his eyes a little at the enigmatic language. "You mean death? That's terrible Luna. I don't want either of you to die.”
>L: Luna expounded calmly with an almost ethereal tone, "Not death, Anon. We go elsewhere, to places you can't reach by travel or magic, no matter how strenuously you try." She reached up and drew a reassuring fore hoof gently against his cheek, cocked her head to one side and gazed into his eyes as she pressed further down this path of unknown knowledge. "Anon, alicorns don't suddenly come into existence. Ponies don't simply become alicorns randomly. Decisions are made in incorporeal councils elsewhere according to the needs of various groups of ponies, in various places, in various epochs of history, and according to what talents exist among those ponies. Those who become alicorns, those who are selected, are the ones that have the skills, talents, and contributions to make that are necessary for the circumstances of those times. How long they rule depends on how long they are needed. When the circumstances change and different skills and talents are needed to protect and guide our little ponies, new alicorns ascend to reign. The previous rulers will graciously step down and depart." For emphasis, she added, "It's not just retirement, Anon, it is departure. They must depart." Luna awaited Anon's response, anticipating more questions.
Anon pondered a moment. He now lived in a magical world. He had seen phenomena that, according to the laws of physics on his home world, should not be possible. Hence, he was inclined to believe what Luna said, especially since she had approximately 2000 years of accumulated knowledge and wisdom. Next to her, he realized he was merely a wisp dispersed in the air. "Luna, how do you know this? I have never heard this before and hardly anypony ever talks about anything like the religions we have back on Earth."
>L: Nodding in acknowledgment of the fairness of the question, Luna explain cryptically, "After a pony becomes an alicorn, there are times and places where knowledge is transferred, things are made known, training is conducted, and important things are seen."
Jumping in before she could continue, Anon interjected, "You mean from the Pillars of Equestria."
>L: Momentarily closing her eyes and shaking her head, Luna pivoted off Anon's declaration, "True, from them we did receive some advice. After all, we did not succeed an alicorn. We inherited an Equestria in near chaos that was held together by their tireless and courageous efforts. But I am not referring to the Pillars. Also, I don't mean Celestia and I alone but also the alicorns that rule other kingdoms adjacent to us and beyond. This has been happening throughout history.”
Anon was now beyond curious. Her explanations ignited dozens of questions in his head. Wide eyed and ponderous, he finally asked, "If not the pillars, who then, and what knowledge was transferred? What was made known to you and what did you and Celestia see? What do you mean by 'places'? Where did all this happen and when?"
>L: After a thoughtful pause Luna leaned in to kiss his forehead and then his lips before pulling away a little. Her face was lustrous with hidden knowledge and warmth as she answered without actually answering. "Some things are not permitted to be spoken or written, Anon. What is necessary and sufficient is to expand friendship and love, true love." The curtain was now shut once again. Then, seeing Anon was relaxed except for his pondering, Luna changed the subject. "Now tell me, Anon. There is something bothering you. What is it?" The intonation in her voice was now somewhat forceful; she wanted an explanation of Anon's concern for it hurt her to see him suffering under some secret pain.
The sudden shift in subject caught Anon off guard. Guilt spilled over the ledge before he had a chance to damn it in and he answered forthrightly. "Luna, I am terrified that I will hurt Celestia because of our relationship. I love you deeply, but I also love Celestia deeply. I just don't want to hurt her, but now that seems inevitable. I am torn between two poles."
>L: Taken aback, Luna processed this and the analytical gears in her head began to churn out solutions. With a quizzical look, Luna responded, "Anon, you love me. You love Celestia. We both love you. As long as you maintain the bonds of love between us, and us to you, there is no danger of anyone being hurt by our relationship. Not me. Not you. Certainly not Celestia. True love cannot hurt."
"Yes, that makes sense, but..." Anon began.
>L: Internally, Luna supposed that Anon thought he would not be able to show both princesses equal love. She addressed this directly, cutting Anon off as he started to speak. "Love is not a finite resource. So, you will find that you have enough for both of us. Just share your love freely and you cannot go amiss! The cistern of love is infinite, Anon! You can give as much love to Celestia as she needs so that she is not hurt!" Now Luna further considered that sometimes more attention would be paid to one princess than the other, and that this could be part of Anon's concern.
"Sure Luna, that's true in general. However..." Anon fought to get words in edgewise.
>L: But after a pause so short Anon did not have a chance finish his thought, she explained the solution, "Celestia and I have lived for more than 2000 years. We understand that the closeness between lovers is not constant, but fluctuates. Sometimes, mutual attention is intense and sometimes it wanes, especially when the world's distractions creep in. Sometimes you and I will be closer, and sometimes you and Celestia. She knows and understands this, just as I do. Nothing about flooding or ebbing closeness is unnatural to her. Indeed she would expect it. So, when closeness between you and Celestia wanes and ours grows, she will know that in time the reverse will occur, bringing you again closer to her."
"While that would happen, what if..." Anon attempted again to protest.
>L: However, Luna had finally reflected that Anon may be worried that she would be angry if he needed to focus on Celestia in an emergent circumstance. That was straightforwardly resolved. Again cutting him off, Luna explained, "Anon, suppose Celestia suddenly needed or wanted your undivided attention for an extended period. I would understand the need for this and support you in helping her, even if it meant we could not be together for a while. After all, I love my sister too and would want her emotions to be taken care of." Now smiling proudly, deriving a a triumphant feeling from solving the problem, Luna finished with, "So, you see Anon. If you follow these principles, there is no need to worry about hurting Celestia at all. None at all!"
Anon took a moment to take all this in, realizing that he would get nowhere with Luna on this subject. Yet, what she said meant two things to him. First, she was absolutely dedicated to their affair. Second, her method to keep it secret was basically to shower Celestia with love, have a loving relationship with her, and not speak of the affair. Presently, he spoke. "Well, under the circumstances I suppose those methods will work, or at least they are the only option. But there is still the pain in my heart that won't go away and it bothers me. I mean, we're having sex and if Celestia…"
>L: Hearing 'sex', Luna found an opportunity to insert herself edgewise to lighten the mood. "Of course we are having sex, Anon!" Then with an alluring look and bedroom eyes, she added, "And I assure you we will have a lot more of it in the future!" Then, softening her countenance she spoke with calculation to unbalance Anon. "But did you ever consider, Anon, that there is more to sex than just the physical?" She leaned in, closed her eyes, and whispered in his ear to finish the thought. "There are also the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual aspects. This entire time we have been in the garden, we have been having intellectual and emotional sex Anon! And it was fantastic!" She planted a kiss and pressed further, "When you are enjoying a discussion with Celestia, you are having intellectual and emotional sex with her as well! What is sex except two souls getting as close as they can be by the physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional means available to them? Genitalia, bodies, and minds are merely tools to accomplish this." To finish off the sentiment, she moved her mouth up and gave a short nibble to Anon's ear.
At Luna's sudden philosophical take on sex, Anon could not help but smile. Turning to her, he gave her a passionate kiss and said, "If that's true we could have nearly continual sex whenever we are together!"
>L: Glad at his realization, Luna breathed, "Exactly! I'm glad you agree!" Pulling away, Luna concluded this topic. "Do not worry about these things, Anon. All three of us encase each other in love and protect each other. I know my sister. Even if Celestia gets hurt somehow, I know she will forgive. True love is healing that way." Luna touched Anon's chest at his heart with her fore hoof. "And do not worry about that pain. I will help you with that."
"Alright, Luna. I suppose we continue forward then. What now?" If he had known what was going through Luna's head as she finished her last sentence, Anon would have pressed her on what she meant by helping him with the pain in his heart.
>L: "Now we eat, silly!" Pointing a fore hoof to the southeastern sky, she said, "Look, Celestia has just raised the sun. Let's go get breakfast. I am very hungry, aren't you?" Then getting up, she started to walk to the palace.
Anon was still a little stunned from their conversations and the spinning gears in his head delayed motion. He stared into the brook for a moment perhaps trying to find some meaning in its perpetually flowing water.
>L: Calling playfully over her shoulder, Luna snapped him back to the present moment. "Anon, breakfast. I'll bet Celestia is already in the kitchen. If we hurry we can lend a hoof. I think she'd like that. Also, if you like, we can talk a little more about alicorns with Celestia.”
File: 1651320358879.png (3.19 MB, 2560x1440)
3.19 MB
3.19 MB PNG
Hearing Luna's prompt, Anon got up, brushed himself off and walked with Luna toward the palace. On the way, he stopped her briefly to brush the dust off her haunches, much to Luna's regal amusement. Nevertheless, his mind was continually puzzling as they walked the rest of the way.
File: 1574718922405.jpg (133 KB, 460x740)
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drop the ponebin homie, you're keepin' the fire alive
File: 1585926965466.jpg (106 KB, 883x1280)
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File: 2660977.jpg (185 KB, 1200x732)
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Cumming buckets to this green
File: Horse phones.png (158 KB, 1080x1920)
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File: 1587156644249.png (843 KB, 2600x2600)
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843 KB PNG
File: 1619912720011.png (111 KB, 743x931)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
File: fus ro yay.png (440 KB, 1280x789)
440 KB
440 KB PNG
File: 1651260682791.png (586 KB, 900x1200)
586 KB
586 KB PNG
Twilight is looking very well-fed.
She's just big boned
t. Twilight probably.
File: 1650585378650.gif (69 KB, 550x428)
69 KB
Glad you like it. Tried to capture the different psychologies of the two sisters in how they rule and how they make love. Will post the ponebin or fimfiction link in next post. Next post will be a short attempt at comedy before going back to steamy matters. Would definitely appreciate knowing what you all think.
Isn't this just NMP
>How anon became a charred skeleton, and how he learned to love the bone
>Cue skeletor-tier shenanigans and bone puns
Yeah, but fortified with >rape.
>new MNM!
>has 100% of your recommended daily allowance of >rape!
>20mg of >implications in every easy-to-swallow tablet!
>cures cancer, baldness, and gravedigger's itch!
>brings a happy ending to the heartbreak of psoriasis!
>and if you order now, you get this amazing kitchen knife set that can cut through tin cans!
>new MNM!
>Mothing Nore Mure
Seems legit
>Fluttershy drops a heavy sack on your veranda and wipes her forehead of sweat.
>She'd been dragging it over the grass for a while, but you'll be damned if you're going to actually help her go through with this madness.
>Sadly, she hadn't given up by the time she'd reached you, so you pushed off from your spot leaning against a pillar and shake your head at her.
"Committed to this one, are you?"
>She rolls her eyes.
>You sigh and pull your rocking chair over, falling into it with a huff and stretching yourself out like a lazy cat.
>You gesture at her with a wave of your hand.
"Go on."
>Fluttershy scowls and looks pointedly to your side, then back to you.
>After a groan you fetch her a rocking chair as well.
>Seated beside one another, Fluttershy leans forward and starts rummaging through her sack. It's a huge, battered burlap sack big enough to fit a man inside. Whatever's inside is heavy enough to prevent flight, that much is obvious.
"AJ's birthday is next week," you say, trying to make conversation about anything other than what's about to happen.
>"I know," she doesn't remove her face from the mouth of the sack, then pulls out a squashed bonsai tree. "Is this your fetish?"
"No. I've decided to get her a thermos, you know, for the colder months."
>Fluttershy chucks the tree off to one side. Soil and shattered pot spray all over the wooden planks. She'll clean it up later, you'll make sure of it.
>"She's already got one. Big Mac got her one last year." She pulls a toilet plunger from her sack and cocks an eyebrow at you.
"I wasn't here last year, I was in Baltimare, how was I supposed to know what Mac got her? Also no."
>"What about apples?"
"I'm not getting Applejack apples for her birthday."
>"You sure? That's what everyone else gets her when they can't think of anything. This?"
>She shows you a dust-covered magazine of lewd Wonderbolt pin-ups.
"Where the hell'd you get that?"
>"Under the couch."
>"Rainbow Dash's? I think?"
"Well, no. And if I get her apples she'll hit me, I know it."
>"Not really. She'd probably just fellate you. What about... a weather vane?"
"Hasn't she already got one?"
>"No--" she struggles to yank something out the sack, then reveals an entire weather vane. A familiar one.
>You stare at it.
"That's... That's actually just the weather vane from Sweet Apple Acres."
>"I know. Is it your fetish?"
"Not even... the hell do you mean Applejack would fellate me?"
>"Oh, you don't know? She's a slut for apples."
"I don't like that you said that so casually."
>Fluttershy shrugs and shows you a half-full bottle of bleach.
>You shake your head and she tosses it onto the growing pile of crap.
>"Give Applejack a diamond ring and she'll pawn it. Give her a new hat and she'll add it to her collection. Give her a huge sack of bits and she'll 'thank ya kindly'," she says the latter with a forced southern twang that's actually quite cute.
File: 13462442269.jpg (59 KB, 521x488)
59 KB
>She shrugs again and shows you a tube of toothpaste. You maintain your frown without response and she chucks it onto the pile.
>"Give her a bag of apples and she'll drag you into a dark room and have sex with you. That's just... what Applejack does."
"How long has this been going on?"
>"As long as I've known her. Kitchen sink?"
>With trembling limbs, she hauls out an actual kitchen sink.
>You narrow your eyes at it, and at the chipped ceramic along the front rim from where you dropped a plate...
>You lean back in your chair and squint through your kitchen window.
>A lone pipe sticks upright in the middle of a large hole where your sink used to be.
"Son of a bitch."
>"I'll, um, leave this one with you, then."
"So I can get Applejack anything as long as it's not apples."
>"Or you can get her some and she'll show you a good time. Stamp collections?"
"Fluttershy," you rub your eyes with your index finger and thumb. Then you look out over the long grass before your porch. "Have you literally just run out of ideas?"
>She reclines in her seat and plays with her mane, sulking.
>"What else can I do? I'm not good at innuendo or flirting, and you won't go on a date with me."
"But the fetish guesses are... I mean they started out alright, but this is sad."
>"Do you really think so?"
"You stole my fucking sink, man."
>"I guess I did..."
>You both stay silent for a minute. She, looking at the wooden planks of the veranda floor. You, looking back out over your land.
>She then perks up, and turns to you with a smile.
>"A monkey wrench!"
"That's not my fetish--"
>"No, for Applejack! I heard her complaining that hers was too old and rusty to be of any use the other day."
"Well god damn, I guess I'll get her one, then."
>You smile at her.
"Thanks, Shy. So what are you going to get her, anyway?"
>Fluttershy goes back to rooting through her sack.
>She shrugs.
>"Bag of apples, probably."
>"You stole my fucking sink, man."
i kekd
I think you should take a look in the 'nothing more pure' threads. Definitely up your alley
>they've been at it so long, anon has a rocking chair ready for her
>they have a near-amicable self aware understanding
They're practically horse married already, very cozy
File: 1481043497802.jpg (48 KB, 586x417)
48 KB
>"Give her a bag of apples and she'll drag you into a dark room and have sex with you. That's just... what Applejack does.
Nasty, nasty farm girl
File: Wheel of Flutterrape.png (531 KB, 616x599)
531 KB
531 KB PNG

Mares Need Men:

>Hundreds of portals open all over Earth
>Numerous pastel colored mares step out of the portals
>And they all have a look of crazed hunger in their eyes
>Humanity wasn't prepared for this
>After all, who can prepare for an alien invasion?

Which pony is after you?
Spin the wheel and find out!

https://tools-unite.com/tools/random-picker-wheel?inputs=Twilight Sparkle:1,Lyra:1,Whoa Nelly:1,Pinny Lane:1,Dane Tee Dove:1,Honey Rays:1,Teddie Safari:1,Cherry Jubilee:1,Fluttershy:1,Pursey Pink:1,Roma:1,Apple Honey:1,Orange Swirl:1,Sunshower:1,Green Jewel:1,Lightning Dust:1,Candy Mane:1,Charm:1,Daring Do:1,Tempest Shadow:1,Peachy Sweet:1,Silverspeed:1,Beauty Brass:1,Luster Dawn:1,Shoeshine:1,Vinyl Scratch:1,Apple Leaves:1,Sunshower Raindrops:1,Prim Hemline:1,Pinkie Pie:1,Coloratura:1,Raspberry Beret:1,Lemon Hearts:1,Minuette:1,Photo Finish:1,Ruby Splash:1,Misty Fly:1,Sunshine Smiles:1,Blaze:1,Cherry Spices:1,Sprinkle Medley:1,Sapphire Joy:1,Gala Appleby:1,Silver Frames:1,Meadow Flower:1,Rainbow Stars:1,Lemony Gem:1,Spring Forward:1,Holly Dash:1,Helia:1,Sea Swirl:1,Silver Berry:1,Flitter:1,Apple Dumpling:1,Night Glider:1,High Winds:1,Fleur De Verre:1,Aloe:1,Rarity:1,Torch Song:1,Rainbow Dash:1,Fiddly Twang:1,Apple Bumpkin:1,Apple Cobbler:1,Silver Spanner:1,Bittersweet:1,Lavender Bloom:1,Lilac Sky:1,Lilac Links:1,Rainbowshine:1,Drizzle:1,Jetstream:1,Chrysalis:1,Parasol:1,Zecora:1,Cheerilee:1,Cloud Chaser:1,Raven Inkwell:1,Banana Fluff:1,Red Gala:1,Lavender Fritter:1,Sunshine Petals:1,Pizzelle:1,Diamond Mint:1,Daisy:1,Marble Pie:1,Amethyst Star:1,Angel Wings:1,Aunt Holiday:1,Lyrica Lilac:1,Sassaflash:1,Rose:1,Swan Song:1,Caramel Apple:1,Sapphire Shores:1,Fleur de Lis:1,Screwball:1,Moon Dancer:1,Surprise:1,Limestone Pie:1,Apple Brown Betty:1,Stardom:1,Dr. Fauna:1,Sunny Rays:1,Sunset Shimmer:1,Vapor Trail:1,Apple Fritter:1,Fleetfoot:1,Princess Luna:1,Strawberry Sunrise:1,Merry May:1,Cayenne:1,Strawberry Ice:1,Masquerade:1,Minty:1,Starlight Glimmer:1,Golden Harvest:1,Maud Pie:1,Octavia Melody:1,Apple Cider:1,Mayor Mare:1,Prim Posy:1,Lotus Blossom:1,Amira:1,Jonagold:1,Moonlight Raven:1,Nurse Redheart:1,Ms. Peachbottom:1,Lily Valley:1,Lily Lace:1,Junebug:1,Open Skies:1,Coco Pommel:1,Apple Munchies:1,Ms. Harshwhinny:1,Mane-iac:1,Autumn Gem:1,Princess Celestia:1,Plaid Stripes:1,Sugar Belle:1,Perfect Pie:1,Four Step:1,Lady Gaval:1,Derpy Hooves:1,Bon Bon:1,Mjölna:1,Berry Punch:1,Vidala Swoon:1,Sassy Saddles:1,Royal Ribbon:1,Apple Stars:1,Florina Tart:1,Saffron Masala:1,Eclair Crème:1,Cherry Berry:1,Elbow Grease:1,Suri Polomare:1,Candy Apples:1,Electric Sky:1,Purple Wave:1,Screwy:1,Spring Step:1,North Point:1,Tree Hugger:1,Wild Fire:1,Serena:1,Inky Rose:1,Clear Sky:1,Auntie Lofty:1,Fine Line:1,Blueberry Curls:1,Cloud Kicker:1,Spitfire:1,White Lightning:1,Trixie:1,Citrus Blush:1,Luckette:1,Peachy Pitt:1,Blossomforth:1,Songbird Serenade:1
That fucking link lmao
File: 1497187932165.jpg (80 KB, 604x761)
80 KB
Who the fuck is Apple Munchies?
I wanted to use tinyURL, but this site thought is was spam.
File: Apple Munchies.png (188 KB, 290x440)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
Oh, she's cute. Alright.
File: bitch who.png (181 KB, 759x314)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
who the fuck is apple cider?
File: Apple Cider.png (209 KB, 342x441)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
Woah twins
File: gacha mare.png (844 KB, 1039x684)
844 KB
844 KB PNG
I got the Gacha Mare.
Got Daisy. Not terrible.
Now this would be a good moment to AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
File: 109348609163.gif (1.76 MB, 320x240)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB GIF
Shoot, I need to get Applejack some apples.
File: I MISSED YOU.png (70 KB, 383x445)
70 KB
I guess she missed you or something.
File: bugged.png (150 KB, 621x306)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
All these other people getting dragged off by fluffy mares and I get snatched by a huge bug!
That's not too bad, but given that it's THIS thread I fear for my safety.
File: moondancer.jpg (230 KB, 1500x1500)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
>Moon Dancer
i can shape up the neet
motherhood will do her good
You could do worse.
Cadence really walked right into that one
File: Vapor.jpg (160 KB, 760x1148)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Oh no.
She's cute.
Lucky you
File: IMG_3936.jpg (76 KB, 992x805)
76 KB
Is Posey the G5 >rape-mare?
Is she a descendant of Fluttershy and Discord?
God ovifags are pathetic
She’s the rape mare but it’s just g1posey time traveling.
Princess Luna.
Guess tiny butts are all I have to look forward to for the rest of my life.
>Lily Lace
>no milky way
0/10 absolutely shit
File: Lily Lace.png (335 KB, 768x1024)
335 KB
335 KB PNG
/yan/ did some art of her.
File: 67848937598723264.gif (948 KB, 200x200)
948 KB
948 KB GIF
Ohh right, her.
>Listening to her annoying voice.
>Her annoying basic bitch talking style.
Yeah fuck no.
File: R4xAaMIEf7o.jpg (14 KB, 365x300)
14 KB
>"Bag of apples, probably."
Good punchline anon. My sides have achieved orbit
File: Welp.jpg (238 KB, 720x832)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Well at least this thread has given me a few good tactics.
Unlucky. You got paired with the Prime Evil.
Well. There’s that.
I propose we add the mare wheel to the OP. If a random short is ever needed writers can just spin the wheel for a rapist.
File: Sassy and Anon.png (1.87 MB, 2048x1536)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
Oh hey I got a /yan/mare.
Good idea.
File: Drizzle.png (227 KB, 450x460)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
File: wat.png (718 KB, 857x832)
718 KB
718 KB PNG
I have never seen or heard of whoever this is.
Does that make it more dangerous?
File: 1400110377832.jpg (89 KB, 705x960)
89 KB
Where were you when you realized the only reason that any of these mares aren't actively pursuing/raping you is because of Fluttershy?
Think of how many you casually walk by.
Think of how many minor interactions you have with them.
An accidental bump while waiting in line.
The waitress that takes your order.
Browsing around at the grocery store, think of the mare to your left or right that happens to be browsing the same section.
The quick little conversations about spices and recipes, a playful invitation to their home to try it.
"I just might take you on that offer," you'd say. Not thinking much of it.
When you're among the crowd at a concert or Trixie Show.
Hell, you might find it weird that everyone is so nosey, but it's a small town, that's probably the norm, right?
You think nothing of this in your everyday life.
Do you think you're safe? Look into their eyes Anons, look closely.
Know what you'll see?

Not that you'll notice it right away, all of them are so nice to you.
You fucking idiot of course they would be. You might've lost your wallet countless times, but it always comes back to you, with some extra money.
And it's always one of these sweet little angels that seem to put your mind at ease.
Of course, you don't notice when your wallet gets lifted. Bumping into each other in a crowded street makes sense right?
You might think getting your order from your waitress at record speed is amazing customer service.
Even though you sat down five minutes ago and others are still waiting for their order, fucking idiots WAKE UP
They are waiting. Hiding their true intentions.
You are profoundly fucked.
>Fluttershy shuffles her hooves and looks down at the station platform through her mane.
>After a time she looks up, clears her throat, but doesn't say a word. She's not sure what she -would- say.
>Every single mare in Ponyville is crammed onto the station platform, beaming at her, but silent.
>Fluttershy glances back at the train, and the frightened-looking conductor, who seems ready to bail and abandon the scene at the first sign of danger.
>He catches her eye and tilts his head at the crowd, the pastel mass eerily tranquil save for the occasional shifting of hooves.
"You, um, you -all- came to wish me on my way?" Fluttershy says at last.
>"Of course, darling!" Rarity is stood at the front, the de-facto leader. She kisses Fluttershy on both cheeks and gently pushes her back a bit more, as she had done three times now.
"But... why?"
>"Oh, well, you know how closely-knit we all are here in Ponyville, and we wanted to make sure you got to the station safe and sound."
"Every single one of you?"
>"Why not? We mares have to stick together, Fluttershy, isn't that right?"
"I guess?"
>"Then don't fret. We're here to make doubly, triply, quadruply sure that you definitely get on the train and definitely leave."
"...For my holiday."
>"For your holiday, yes."
>Fluttershy's eyes flick to Twilight. The librarian hasn't stopped smiling a near-rictus grin since they all got here. A single bead of sweat rolls down her taut face.
"Um, Twilight?"
>"Yes?" she says through her smile.
"Is, um, is this a magic-thing?"
>"Ha ha," she says deliberately, "Oh Fluttershy, not everything is magic, you know. This is just... uh, friendship. We're all being good friends and making sure you get on the train. Which you should do now. Get on the train, I mean."
>The conductor shimmies across the platform, his back pressed to the train because of the sheer number of mares condensed into the station, and whispers in Fluttershy's ear.
>"I'm not sure what this is, miss, but we're due to leave now. -Can- we leave, or is this, a, uh, magic-thing?"
"No, I think we can go."
>Fluttershy and the conductor, step onto the train, albeit with a slight shove from Rarity, and the door closes.
>The train whistles, the wheels churn, and the carriage pulls out of the station.
>The mares all wave, wearing their plastic smiles, and wait until the train has crossed the hills and gone out of sight.
>Rarity's smile gradually fades as the train retreats, and then drops completely.
>She turns to the crowd. The crowd watch her back, waiting.
>The breeze doesn't blow. No birds sing. One could hear a feather drop.
>"Anonymous doesn't know she's on holiday," Rarity says in a low voice. Given the silence, all hear it.
>They all nod.
>"His final line of defence has vanished."
>Twilight trembles. All over the crowd, tails begin to flag, and faint dripping begins like light drizzle on a windowpane.
File: 1633110427861.png (99 KB, 280x221)
99 KB
>Rarity's eyebrows knit together.
>"He's ours, now," she says softly.
>The ground trembles as every single mare stampedes away from the station.


>Anonymous suns himself on his front lawn in his deck chair, angling a mirror at his face with his sunshades on.
>He'd been contemplating wandering down to the store later to pick up some more sun-cream. The shopkeeper always insists on giving him a discount, and he's trying to take advantage of it as much as he can before she changes her mind.
>He sighs, and reaches for his drink.
>But then, he pauses. He sits up. His nascent smile fades.
>He feels the earth shudder.
>He notices his drink edging towards the rim of his cooler.
>He sees the dust cloud rising in the east near the train station, and it's getting closer.
>He rises, wearing only his shorts and a burgeoning terror.
>He knows instinctively what's happened. He feels it in his soul, as true to him as death or taxes.
"Oh God," he whispers. "Fluttershy's gone."
>His eyes widen and his stomach twists itself into a knot.
"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God."
>He turns to run back to his house, but he stops himself. He stares at the house, with its nice painted window frames and delicate features. Fragile features.
>What use are doors in a place like this?
>What use are brick walls and metal locks?
>Anonymous' shaking fingers reach up and pull his shades off, revealing weary, bagged eyes.
>A single deep breath is all he can do to prepare himself.
>He turns, and spreads his arms out wide before the oncoming horde.
"I've made peace with my God," he calls to the thundering masses. He can see their faces, can hear their fanatical cries and whoops, and he knows there will be no negotiation. "Do your worst."

>They did their worst.
>Looking down at page 8 from page1
I like thing
Yeah this link is smaller so it'll fit just fine I think
Send help
This anon’s fucked
SUPER! Well done, Anon!
File: nope.gif (282 KB, 248x200)
282 KB
282 KB GIF
you're on your own, anon
File: Jonagold_ID_S3E8.png (55 KB, 210x212)
55 KB
Got Jonagold. Not bad! I dig her pigtails.
>be Anon
>be in Equestria
>with warm weather the poni are getting rapey again
>suddenly, due to narrative causality and the laws of nature there, you hear music
>you assume it must be Pinkie's new theme song
>while you are squinting out the window in search of bouncing pinkness you are seized from behind and carried away
>it's actually Maud
>she's more clever than you thought
Easy. She's autistic and has trouble discerning emotional nuance. Being angry and tough elicits strong emotions from others that she can understand easily. She is unsettled when she can't understand the emotion state of others, which is another reason she's always angry and frustrated. Establish trust and open communication by being firm and overt with you emotions. Once she knows she can trust you emotionally, she'll open up.
Keep in mind in the time it takes for her to open up, she'll be crushing your pelvis on a daily basis. Most days more then once, twice, or three times.
File: uh oh.png (1016 KB, 1206x903)
1016 KB
1016 KB PNG
I'm okay with this. I might not survive, but I'm okay with this.
I think, on the contrary, that she would be initially terrified of emotional-physical intamicy. She uses anger to keep others emotionally distant because she can't handle closeness. She would probably just yell at you to get back to work.
File: IMG_3937.jpg (147 KB, 900x653)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Is surrogate motherhood your fetish?
File: 1415927104144.png (567 KB, 3065x3543)
567 KB
567 KB PNG
No, real motherhood.
>Fluttershy tries to convince you she's pregnant and that it's yours.
>She just stuffed a balloon in her vagina and blew it up with a tyre pump.
>When you punt her off your doorstep, the balloon bursts and she's rocketed away on a blast of air.
Anon you/re setting yourself up for a raping like no other.
File: 1572707178550.gif (795 KB, 902x508)
795 KB
795 KB GIF
rip wish ppl posted more like these
Reminds me of a story where she just duct taped an off colored pillow to herself to simulate a pregnancy.
Derpy is a good mare
>”Fluttershy, I already told you farts aren’t my fetish!”

>It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...
>A beautiful day in for a neighbor...
>Would you be mine...
>Could you be-
>Happy memories from your childhood immediately flee your skull at the sound coming from your front door.
>With a sigh, you take a big swig of coffee from your favorite mug to fortify yourself, before rising from your table and trudging to the door.
>At this time of the morning, there is only one pony that would dare to intrude on your happiness.
>And it damn sure ain't your neighbor.
>To the tune of no surprise whatsoever, opening your front door reveals Fluttershy on your front stoop, wearing her usual shy smile and nothing else.
>Not that that's anything new, of course.
"Get it over with. What's today's guess?"
>Instead of speaking, the yellow pegasus mare stands up and turns in place until her butt is pointed directly at you, then lifts her tail.
>You sigh at such a wanton public display.
"Fluttershy, I'm pretty sure that we've already established that your mare bits are not my-"
>What the fuck?
>Did she just...
>And then the stench hits you.
>Your eyes bug out and tear up as you stagger backwards, waving your hands in a vain attempt to dispel the foul odor.
>Your vision blurry from tears, you see the paint on your front door curling up and dropping off in large flakes.
>The flowers you had carefully planted near your front door wither and collapse.
>Your welcome mat leaps off the stoop and flees into the woods, wailing like a scalded dog.
>Your stomach churns as your breakfast threatens to make an encore appearance.
>Still gagging for a clear breath, your vision goes dark and you collapse to the floor of your living room.
>"Oh my, perhaps I overdid it? Don't worry Anon! I'll save you!"

>As consciousness begins to fade, you feel hooves on your face as Fluttershy fumbles to open your mouth.
>She takes a deep breath and presses her lips to your face, exhaling the contents of her lungs down your windpipe.
>She sits up and inhales deeply before doing it again.
>Like she's blowing up a balloon or something.
>It's a miracle that you wake up, but wake up you do, with Fluttershy's lips squirming on your face, and her tongue repeatedly lapping yours.
>You angrily push her aside.
>You gag and retch, fighting the urge to vomit as Fluttershy rubs your back.
>While you were out, she had apparently opened some windows.
>The horrible smell is mostly gone.
>Along with your welcome mat.
>"Ummm, so I guess your fetish isn't-"
>The air in your home may be clearing, but the memory of it will never go away.
>"Ummm, do you think you might fall in love with a certain pony who rescued you from almost certain death?"
>You take a couple of deep breaths in an effort to clear your head.
"And just for the record, you're not supposed to use your tongue when performing rescue breathing on someone!"
>"So then tonsil hockey isn't your fetish either?"
"Not with you it fucking well isn't!"
>"Okay, I'll just let myself out then."
>She backs out the door, blowing you kisses the whole way.
>You begin to stagger back to your feet, silently begging any deity to explain to you why you must be cursed with such a grossly inept stalker.
>You punctuate your sentence by slamming the door, then stomp off to open more windows.
>Fucking Fluttershy.
File: 1439275654750.jpg (418 KB, 682x1024)
418 KB
418 KB JPG
Not if I get her first.
Part 13: Celestia, Luna, and Anon meet up in the kitchen and make breakfast together. A few points about alicorns and politics are discussed by way of analogy. Celestia makes a major announcement and the sisters have a brief consultation. The kitchen staff are later pleased to find that there is no mess left in the kitchen for the second day in a row.

>C: Celestia yawned as she entered the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water. Drinking slowly and watching some birds argue on a branch near the closest window, she happily reflected on the events of the evening before. After making love, she and Anon had laid by the fire deep in discussions for about an hour. She was savoring the wholesome warmth that still filled her heart when she heard the door open. Looking in that direction, she saw Anon and Luna enter.
>L: "Good morning big sister! Anon and I have come to help you make breakfast. We were just in the southern gardens when you raised the sun and decided to come lend a hoof...and a hand."
>C: "Good morning little sister! Good morning Anon! Wonderful of you to help! I just got here myself." said Celestia with a radiant smile.
"Good morning Celly! You look rested and resplendent as always!" Anon had often cooked with Celestia. He had with Luna less often due the difference in work schedules between them. Regardless, he had always enjoyed it.
>C: Taking up a bag of flower in her aura, Celestia asked, "How was the work-night? You two must be exhausted," and with a wink toward Anon, she added, especially you Anon!"
Getting the stove ready, which was heated by magical crystals, Anon smiled knowingly and answered, "The rest of the evening was productive. The staff is starting to make significant progress toward getting back on schedule."
>L: "It was just a typical work-night for me, Celly. Though I actually spent more time than usual helping ponies in their dreams." said Luna as she started taking bowls, plates, and utensils out of the drawers and cupboards. She started arranging them in tight logical order on the central wooden work table. "Anon if you do the cooking, I think Cell and I can make the batter and get everything else ready."
"Sure!" answered Anon as he reached for some frying pans.
>C: "Excellent idea Luna. Anon, is an expert at cooking pancakes!" Celestia was pouring flower into a measuring cup, spilling some on the table and floor. Eyeing the erratic result, she commented, "Good enough." Finished with the flower, she dropped it down on the table with plop that produced a white cloud and sprinkled the surroundings with thousands of white specks. She now busied herself noisily emptying a drawer on to the counter looking for the whisk.
>L: Moving on to precisely measuring milk out into measuring cups, Luna brought up the subject of alicorns again. "Celly, Anon and I were talking about alicorns and how their reigns go. Could you tell him your analogy in terms of human mythology. I think it would make more sense to him. I would tell it, but I don't remember the details."
"Human mythology?" Now Anon was curious as to what human mythology Celestia knew. "Now I'm really interested!" he said, as he searched for some vegetable oil. Naturally, ponies were averse to something like butter, but luckily, there was a type of Equestrian vegetable whose oil was just as useful and tasty.
>C: The counter now covered in a mess of kitchen tools, Celestia had found the whisk and was now absently levitating a bag of sugar out of a cupboard while listening to Luna and Anon. Without noticing, she ripped the bag when it caught on the latch of the cupboard door. It now left a thick trail of sugar on its way to the table. "Oops!" she said once she realized. "Certainly Luna! If you recall, the story is called the Master Ring and the Rainbow Wizards. Anon, do you remember when you told me the story? It is the one with the evil Armor Monster - I think his name was Sauron - his band of malicious gremlins, the Forest Snobs, that warrior named Atreyu and his poor horse Artax, the rainbow wizards, and the mini-me's with hairy feet? The one where mini-me needs to take a magic ring and drop it in a volcano?"
Suppressing hysterical laughter, Anon deconstructed this mishmash and reconstructed it in the right order mentally to determine that she was mixing The Lord of The Rings, Gremlins, The Neverending Story, and Austin Powers. At various times, Anon had told Celestia and Luna about these and other human stories. He was now anxious to hear Celestia's retelling.
>L: Luna was smiling, glad that she asked Celestia to tell the story. 'Celly has such a good memory for these things!' thought Luna. Meanwhile, she had completed her organizing of the cooking and eating implements: the cooking and mixing utensils were neatly organized on one side of the table equidistant from each other, the plates and eating utensils orderly stacked at the other end, and the precisely measured milk in the center. Now, she was pulling out spices, baking powder, baking soda, and measuring spoons.
"Ah yes! I remember! It's one of my favorite stories. I'm anxious to hear you tell it!" said Anon while he got the magic crystals to start heating the stove.
>C: "It is one of mine as well!" said Celestia as she finished scooping the measured flour into the mixing bowl. She miscalculated as she put down the metal spoon and it went clattering to the floor. Turning around to see where it went, she inadvertently slammed her flank into the table. The shock knocked over the decanter of milk, another of water, and the spice bottles Luna had neatly arranged; the liquids now poured to the floor and mixed with the flour, sugar, and spices that had been spilled. "Oops again!"
>L: In a flash Luna had righted the water decanter, but could not save the milk decanter as it rolled off the table and crashed to the floor with a loud clang, splashing milk everywhere. She moved on to reorganizing the spice bottles. "Careful my sister! We need to make the batter in the mixing bowl, not the floor!" she said with a teasing giggle.
>C: "Right little sister! We'll...uh, clean that up later," referring to the milk. Anyway, I shall tell the story." Raising a fore hoof, she began, "You see, Sauron gave out some magical rings as door prizes at his coronation party, except the one that controlled them all, which he kept himself since he was evil. The humans got nine, so they were the winners; they got some vacation packages to Fantasia as prizes. The miners got five; they were content with that. The Forest Snobs only got three, which magically made them even more snobbish, if that is even possible. In a huff they went back to their forest and refused to talk to anybody. Secretly they plotted to use their rings to build a weapon on the moon and hold the world ransom for one million dollars. Meanwhile, the miners used theirs to summon a great fire elemental to help them smelt their gold since they ran out of coal. It actually worked out well for them since they could increase their production five fold! The drawback was that the rings cursed their females with beards and ugliness." Celestia now paused to find the fruit. "Now, where is the fruit?" she said as she rifled through the cupboards, sending random pots and pans clanging to the countertop or floor as she did.
>L: Luna, who had been listening intently while measuring out precise quantities of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla, said, "Try the cupboard to your left Celly."
Anon, who had been greasing pans was stifling laughter as best he could. "Yes, that sounds about right, Celly. Please go on!" he encouraged.
>C: "Ah! You were right Luna! Lucky for us the cooks have prepared bowls of strawberries, bananas, and blueberries. We'll have all three!" Levitating them to the table, she likewise spilled significant amounts to the floor. As she moved about she mashed them into a slurry with the spilled mixture that already coated the floor. "Right, where was I in the story?"
>L: "At the bearded women, my sister.”
>C: "Ah! So what happened next is the humans with the nine rings, who had found that their vacation packages were canceled due to an outbreak of The Nothing, turned into black-robed skeletons with poisoned swords. Meanwhile, Sauron saw the opportunity to put his plan in motion by releasing his gremlin hordes to wreak havoc across the land. But then, Sauron lost the master ring in an 'arm-wrestling' match..." here she made air-quotes with her hooves, "...with a pompous human warrior who wanted it for a necklace. But in any case, the warrior lost it, and his head by the way, which made the skeleton-humans angry. They blamed the mini-me's and chased them around trying to poke them with their poisoned swords. I suppose they wanted the mini-me's to go find it. The skeletons were also jealous of the fashionable quasi-futuristic clothes that the mini-me's possessed."
>L: Nodding in agreement, Luna was now dumping the carefully measured spices, baking powder, and milk into the mixing bowl with the flour.
Anon too, was now listening intently as Celestia continued. He had finished greasing the pans and was waiting for the stove to get to temperature.
>C: Haphazardly chopping fruit with too much energy, sending chunks flying around the room, Celestia continued the story. "However, four or five mini-me's escaped and teamed up with a Forest Snob archer, a red-haired miner, and a warrior-prince to find the master ring and destroy it. They called themselves The Friendship of the Ring. The idea was that if you destroy the master ring all the others would vanish and peace would be restored."
>L: "Sister, what happened to the other mini-me's They ones that remained in their village? They didn't die did they?"
>C: "Certainly not! They got turned into zombies by the ring bearing miners who had defected to Sauron's forces! But, don't worry. They only stay that way until the end of the story when the magic spell is broken. Suffice it to say that this intrepid band went searching for the master ring. Meanwhile, the whole world was in chaos and uproar! The gremlins attacked everything. They were especially good as messing up the miners' equipment. The only way to stop them was with sunlight, but The Nothing had blocked out the sun completely!"
"Incredible!" said Anon.
>C: Finished with the fruit, Celestia managed to get about two-thirds of it into the mixing bowl, spilling the rest all over the floor and counter. Pausing with cooking activities for a moment she continued. "And it was then, at that desperate hour, that the rainbow wizards arrived! One of them, Radish Smash the brown, could talk to animals - except for spiders - and sent them to search the world for the master ring. Another wizard, Grand Dolphin the gray opted to join the Friendship of the Ring. Once the animals found the master ring, Grand Dolphin used his magic and wisdom to guide them through a number of dungeons, traps, hazards, swamps, and mountains to go fetch it from a cave dwelling fish merchant who found it in one of his fish."
>L: "Celly, what about the other wizards? And what about Atreyu? What about Artax?"
>C: Taking up a whisk and waving it around as she spoke, Celestia said, "I was getting to that. The red wizard went to organize the miners to fight the gremlins in their mines. By now, the gremlins had stolen their rings and were using them to fight humans and miners alike. The blue wizard went to get the help of the tree monsters, the Ents. The green wizard went to go convince the Forest Snobs to help. He had to use some clever magic to reverse the un-snobify them. The yellow wizard went to the human kingdoms to unite them against Sauron. Remember, Suron had lost the master ring. So, he was waging wars all across the land to get it back." Taking a breath and becoming grave, Celestia expounded on the fate of Atreyu and Artex. "Meanwhile, sensing the impending battle of ultimate destiny, Arteyu went to enlist the help of three legendary heros; a giant turtle, a lucky dragon, and a rock monster." At this point Celestia become solemn, "Artax, unfortunately succumbed in the swamps of sadness."
>L: Luna looked on painfully. "That's terribly sad, Celly. But I suppose it has a heroic death in the struggle for justice."
>C: "It was, of course."
Interrupting, Anon asked, "What about Saruman, the white wizard?"
>C: Celestia now picked up the mixing bowl and was about to speak and mix simultaneously.
>L: Sensing impending disaster, Luna said, "Let me mix sister. You finish the story!"
>C: "Thank you Luna" said Celestia as she passed off the mixing bowl. "The white wizard did not play much of a role except to sing encouraging songs and monitor things from his tree house using a magical orb. Anyway, a number of intervening events occurred. But the thrust of it is that under the leadership of the wizards, the world's races and creatures united and defeated Sauron's gremlin armies. It was a battle with gremlins, humans, Forest Snobs, miners, giant eagles, and the three heros that Atreyu brought. While that was happening, Grand Dolphin and the Friendship band snuck into Sauron's lands. Then the main mini-me, had to take the master ring by himself into the volcano to drop it in.”
>L: "Why by himself sister? Surely it would have been safer if they all went together." Luna asked while she mixed the batter.
>C: "Well, he was the only one who could fit in the volcano's tunnels, my dear sister! The others were too big. Knowing this, they had brought him along for that purpose. Plus, he was some sort of thief by trade, which made him ideal for creeping through tunnels and such. So, he dropped it in, peace was restored to the land, and the other mini-me's stopped being zombies." Looking to Anon for assistance, she said, "Anon, do that pose you showed me. The one mini-mi did when he tossed the ring in."
Anon made a face and raised his pinky to the corner of his mouth, delighting both princesses. Then, while Luna handed the mixed batter to him along with a ladle, he asked, "So, how does this relate to alicorns, Celly?
>L: Luna was still laughing wildly at the thought of a miniature Anon making the mini-me expression while tossing a ring into a volcano.
>C: Taking on a wise expression, Celestia explained, "You see, Anon, without the guidance of the wizards, everyone was disorganized and scattered. When the wizards came, they brought with them exactly the wisdom and magical skills that the world needed at that time. More importantly, they brought friendship. Using these tools they united the world in friendship to defeat Sauron. Afterwords, they stayed in the world to guide the snobs, miners, humans, and mini-me's for as long as they were needed. When they were no longer needed, they left. That's like alicorns, except that alicorns do not wander about randomly like the wizards in your story. Instead, they reign over kingdoms." Celestia now smiled proudly at her ability to relate a mythological human story to Equestrian reality.
>L: "Well done, sister! You tell the story so well!" said Luna, grinning with pride at her sister's keen memory and story telling ability.
Now cooking pancakes, Anon was bowled over. "Indeed, that was an incredible story, Celly! It's almost exactly how I remember it. Only I never thought to relate it to alicorns. Thank you for the analogy!" Actually, Anon felt the story added very little to us understanding and my have confused him even more. Then Anon added as random thought, "Somehow I remembered that the white wizard turned evil though."
>C: Stiffening a little at Anon's remark, Celestia glanced at Luna who mirrored the unspoken thought.
>L: Nodding at Celestia to let he know it was fine, Luna recalled thoughts on this topic that often occupied her mind.
Hearing a sudden silence behind him, Anon looked over to see Luna standing, serious and somber, next to him. She had been watching him with fascination as he flipped pancakes. Suddenly, he realized his error and kicked himself inside. "Oh! Luna, I didn't mean it like that. I'm sorry.”
>L: Luna's serious face softened into a gracious smile. "I am not angry or hurt Anon. It is a sensitive subject but I have overcome that. Yes, I had turned to evil once but thanks to the friendship of others and my sister I was able to be redeemed!" Taking and releasing a deep breath, she continued. "I have learned to turn my mistake into strength. I now have a unique perspective on the nature of evil and I use it to help protect Equestria. I was lucky that way." Looking over to Celestia, Luna expanded on the thought, "I was lucky, but others have not been. It does not happen often, but it never goes well for alicorns that truly turn to evil."
>C: Picking up where Luna left off, Celestia added, "Luna's right Anon. It usually leads to tremendous wars, strife, and bloodshed. In the end such an alicorn is..." Celestia's countenance grew serious as she finished, "...is usually eliminated and replaced." Celestia now gave a reassuring smile. "But it is infrequent." Pausing, her face betrayed some pain as if suppressing something deeper. "I only know of one instance during our reign and that was in a very distant kingdom."
>L: Innocently, Luna inadvertently tread where she should not. She looked to her sister and quietly began to ask, "Celly, was that not our..." But she stopped cold upon receipt of a stern look from Celestia that said 'Do not say it!' Nodding at the realization, Luna recovered. "...It happened while I was on the moon. In any case, these things are rare indeed."
>C: Celestia cast a look of gratitude at Luna in appreciation.
Missing what just happened due to the quietness of Luna's aborted question, Anon was feeling more at ease. Continuing to cook pancakes, Anon ventured a question. "So, are all alicorn run kingdoms peaceful unless the alicorn leader is evil?"
>L: "Not all Anon." Luna began. "Far to the east, past several other kingdoms, there is a land ruled over by a great alicorn emperor. Even though he is a kind ruler, that loves and cares for his ponies, his land has been at near continual war with the vicious creatures that inhabit the uncontrolled badlands beyond his boarder. He is a wise and incredible military strategist. He is what his land, and what other lands, including ours, needs."
"What do you mean by ours as well?"
>C: Celestia answered this time. "His efforts prevent the war from moving west toward our lands. We reciprocate with exceptionally good trade deals so that his kingdom is not sapped financially and destroyed. Occasionally, we have also supplemented his military with ours during particularly trying times. Other kingdoms have done the same."
>L: Luna decided to bring the conversation full circle. "It is as I explained Anon, alicorns appear and rule as they are needed, for the talents and skills they contribute to the protection of the ponies of their lands. Moreover, we work together in this regard. That Emperor's efforts help us, and we do what we can to help him as well.”
Anon tried to understand this and compared it to human politics. Presently, he voiced his thoughts. "It's so very different from human politics. The rulers of human nations use cutthroat tactics to expand and stay in power. They help no one unless it helps themselves. They use war, the threat of war, economics, and diplomacy to expand their influence and to mercilessly crush their opponents. They do so even if their opponents are working toward something better for mankind. They tend to be sociopathic." Anon felt that this topic should draw to a close. Adopting a smile, he looked at both Celestia and Luna. "Enough of these heavy topics. Now it's time for pancakes!"
>C: Using her aura, Celestia pulled three stools around the central table. "Yes, time for pancakes!"
>L: Setting the table, Luna nodded in agreement.
Anon placed pancakes on everypony's plates and retrieved the syrup from the cupboard. Pulling the kettle he had also been heating on the stove, Anon made tea for Celestia, Luna, and himself.
>C: They ate and discussed various light topics, but at length Celestia had something important to say. "Luna, Anon, I have been doing a lot of thinking. I believe, based on his exceptional dedication, work ethic, and quality of work, that Anon is ready for greater responsibilities within the Ministry of State. Ergo, I would like to propose two changes. First, that Anon will be trained to take on diplomatic responsibilities instead of mere administration. Second, I think it would be appropriate if Anon is made an assistant to both myself and Luna." Looking back and forth between Luna and Anon, Celestia asked, "What do you think?"
>L: Clapping her fore hooves together once and then extending a hoof in Celestia's direction, Luna exclaimed, "Sister, that is a wonderful idea! I agree completely!" Then her face grew serious. "But Celly, what about the prime councilors? Their approval is required as well whenever anypony is set aside to join the diplomatic ranks. There are clearance requirements for secrecy as well."
>C: "I am confident they will approve, Luna. Anon's record speaks for itself. He is one of the hardest and most efficient workers at court. Nopony can deny that." Now Celestia looked expectantly to Anon. "Anon, what do you think?"
"Well, I'm certainly honored! I don't know what to say beyond that, except that I would do my very best! I love Equestria and I would love to work for its benefit among other nations." Then Anon asked, "Celly, Luna, you heard what I said about human politics. Arn't you afraid that I would do something like that?"
>C: "No Anon, Luna and I both know that you have a good heart. You have never done anything that would cause either one of us to fear that from you." A big smile now took hold of Celestia's beautiful face. "It is a promotion Anon! I know it has not been approved yet, but I know it will. So, congratulations!”
>L: "Yes, congratulations!"
Anon was a mixture of pride and misery as Celestia's comment about a good heart penetrated him like a knife. He did not have a good heart. He was cheating on her. "Thanks! It's overwhelming!" and a smile were all he could manage.
>C: Being a bit more practical, Celestia expounded on how it would be implemented. "Now, nothing would start until after the diplomatic conference, but after that you would begin your training. Of course, part of that would be from within the Ministry. However, both Luna and I would give you additional training. I would give you training on overt diplomacy." Casting a wily smile at Luna, who was nodding and wearing an enormous grin, Celestia continued, "Luna will give you training on covert diplomacy."
"Covert diplomacy? Do you mean dark politics? Cloak and dagger?" Anon asked with some trepidation.
>L: "It is not like what you think Anon. We do not resort to subterfuge or things of that nature except against enemies at war with us. It means saying things, conveying ideas, and convincing others in ways that are not direct. We do not use it to tear down, only to build up mutually beneficial relationships with other nations. It is a way to get around conscious barriers other rulers and diplomats may put up. You will see when I train you!" Luna said with solid assurance.
Anon answered with a smile and nod. Seeing that everypony had finished their pancakes, Anon said, "Does anypony want any more?" Receiving head shakes, he added, "In that case, I can take your plates and start washing up."
>L: Before anypony else could speak, Luna jumped in with an assertive tone, "No need Anon, Celestia and I will take care of it. Just leave everything. You should go get some rest and relaxation." Luna looked at Celestia, then again at Anon with a crafty expression. "After all, besides your normal duties, you have engaged in other more energy sapping duties this past night!"
Anon noted Celestia's giggle, and he felt himself blush. Looking to the two of them, Anon asked, "Are you sure? It's no trouble whatsoever and it will only take me a moment to..."
>L: But Luna cut him off. "Anon we insist. Right, Celly?"
>C: Suddenly drawn into the conversation, Celetia took a moment to look to Luna for direction. Seeing the subtle hint but wondering what it meant, she verbally echoed Luna's urgings. "Yes Anon, we insist. Go relax my love!"
Trumped by the insistence of the two royal siblings Anon conceded defeat. "In that case, adieu my beautiful ladies!" Anon then bowed and left the kitchen.
>L: With Anon gone, Luna looked to her perplexed sister who was awaiting an explanation patiently. "Do not be alarmed, my sister. I simply wanted to talk with you when Anon was not here.”
>C: Unable to contain curiosity, Celestia asked, "About what Luna? Is there something wrong?"
>L: Looking pensive for a moment, Luna responded, "In a way, yes. However, it is nothing that cannot be cured." Then Luna proceeded to explain to her confused sister. "I have learned that Anon feels troubled. He is worried that being with me will hurt your feelings. He says it causes him pain in his heart."
>C: Celestia looked surprised. "But Luna, that's ridiculous. If anything it would be the opposite. How did he come to this conclusion I wonder."
>L: Giving her sister a comforting look, Luna replied, "I am not certain. However, in his perception his pain is significant." Luna now became analytical. "Nevertheless, it is clearly evident in the face of what we know, that his concern is baseless. Relative to something that would cause real emotional pain, the pain of which he speaks is nonexistent."
>C: Feeling a surge of confidence, Celestia made a proposal, "I can easily soothe his pain, my sister!"
>L: Becoming serious, Luna held up her fore hoof. "My dear sister, I actually believe the reverse is called for. What Anon needs is to understand his imaginary pain in the context of real pain. Once he sees the relative insignificance of his supposed emotional pain, he will abandon it."
>C: "Sister, you cannot mean..."
>L: "I certainly do, big sister."
>C: "Luna, is that not extreme though?"
>L: "Perhaps, but a true solution that is extreme is better than a temporary solution that will allow the problem to fester and return stronger. Do you not agree?"
>C: Seeing the truth of it, Celestia responded, "Of course, little sister. How do you propose to do it then?"
>L: "I am thinking it should take place several days before the conference. It would give him time to recover. Also, his duties for the preparations would be complete or nearly complete. So, there is also less risk that way."
>C: "That would seem to make sense. While he has no major diplomatic role during the conference, he will still need to be available to coordinate and assist the event coordinator."
>L: "Exactly my sister, but also it would take place with enough time left over for him to be available to you. During the conference you are the chief diplomat. You know it is not my strength. I will only be able to support you at your side. So, you will need to feel relaxed and confident for the conference. That is vital!"
>C: Celestia captured her sister's meaning and smiled in gratitude. "Luna, I deeply appreciate your kind consideration! Just let me know beforehand, would you? I just worry my sister."
>L: Luna beamed assurance. "Not to worry, big sister. He will be in very safe and capable hooves!" After a quiet pause Luna spoke again. "Now, carry on your day, Celly. I will take care of everything here in the kitchen."
>C: "Far from it sister, I will help you!”
>L: "You have helped me immeasurably lately. I wish to do something for you. Besides, you know that I need to do it in my particular way!"
>C: Celestia laughed at those true words. Filled with sisterly love, Celestia embraced her sister and said, "Adieu, my sister!"
>L: "Celly, what is this word you and Anon use, 'adieu'?"
>C: "It is a word from Anon's home world, a French word. It means 'goodbye'. Anon says French is considered the language of love on his Earth."
>L: "In that case, adieu my sister!"
>C: "Adieu!" With that Celestia departed the kitchen. She had not been so happy in a long time. The cumulative effect of love making with Anon, seeing her sister happy, knowing that preparations for the diplomatic conference were coming together, that Anon would soon be promoted, and that he loved her, had Celestia feeling as if she was floating in the clouds.
>L: Alone now in the kitchen, Luna sipped her tea with contentment. Looking at the mess Celestia had caused, she smiled to herself. Her sister was a tremendous ruler, but a klutz in the kitchen. Nevertheless, she dearly loved her sister and all her quirks!
>the balloon bursts and she's rocketed away on a blast of air.
Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again!
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I see y'all workin up in here, here's a bump.
Don't spend all in one place now!
File: rut me now.png (1.11 MB, 2400x2400)
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>"Anon, what is even wrong with you? Do you just have some sort of problem with me? Or are you too scared to experience the heights of ecstasy with me? I mean, help me to understand just why you won't consent to have sex with me? I've tried literally everything I can think of to entice you, to arouse you, to convince you that we could make each other feel so, so good, and yet you just act like... some sort of cruel, heartless monster towards me. Is it just that you're afraid of intimacy? Is the so-called "species barrier" just too terrifying for you to surmount? Do you really think that if you wait long enough, a female of your own species will arrive here in Ponyville? Because that's not going to happen. I am literally the best offer you are ever going to get in Equestria. All I want to do, is take care of you, and make passionate love to you. Why do you spurn my affections? Why do you reject my advances? twilight actually has a copy of the Kama Sutra in her library, and I've read it cover-to-cover nineteen times, so I know that I know best how to please you, better than any other mare in Equestria. So why won't you come to bed with me? Why won't you stroke me? Why can't you just drop this ridiculous charade of your and accept my love for you?"
File: Gothic Eris.png (3.36 MB, 1080x2220)
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3.36 MB PNG
I just have different tastes.
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>"I can be all chaotic and noodly and stuff. Will you love me then?"
Not this writefag, but really liked the inter-dimensional Fluttershy story (>>38576486). Wrote this as an addition.

>Empress Fluttershy muttered angrily to herself as she traversed the void to the next portal.
>"Infernal royal mathematicians! They told me there was a non-zero probability of the existence of a 10.0 cock Anon in the space of infinite dimensions. I'm tired of searching! If I do not find him soon I shall have those mathematicians gelded!...No! I shall have them beaten on their testicles, and THEN gelded!" she said with a furious stamp of her hoof, tinkling her gold bangles.
>With a frustrated look she stepped through the next portal.
>"BIZOOooOOooOOooOOMMMMMMMMmmmm" went the unzipping portal as Empress Fluttershy stepped into a large room with dark oak floors, ceilings, and pillars. The walls were thick whitewashed panels with oak beams interspersed between. There was no furniture.
>There in the center of the room was a rather large Anon artfully taking chunks of wood out of a practice wood pillar with a great blackened steel falchion. He had gigantic spiky yellow hair and wore a red robe with a black sash and undershirt, as well as black leggings and forearm gaiters into which the robe was tucked.
>"Well, THIS should be interesting." Fluttershy muttered in annoyance.
>"You there, brute! Stop playing with your silly toy sword and get over her so I can measure your pee pee and oblongs!" she said as she started to walk over to the Anon.
>No sooner had she materialized her record book, fluffy quill pen, and tape measure with matching white rabbit keychain, then a rotating seven inch knife whizzed past her head sending a sharp breeze through her hair. It took her book with it, impaling it against one of the oak wall beams.
>"Unpardonable impudence!" she said furiously after a gasp. "You dare resist my authority? You'll pay a heavy price Anon!"
"Who are you yellow horse? What are you doing in my house?"
>"I ask the questions here, Anon!" she said as she stamped a hoof, sending her gold bangles jangling again. "I am Empress Fluttershy, ruler of the Equestrian Combined Empire. But I order you to refer to me as either Empress or Fluttershy. Saying Empress Fluttershy simply takes too long and it annoys me!"
>Fluttershy then activated her horn, confident she could strip him and end this with brute force. She grimaced triumphantly as her aura enveloped Anon.
"Muda! Muda! Muda! Muda! Muda!" Anon yelled as Fluttershy's aura flickered and dispelled
>"Impossible! You have magic?"
"No, silly horse! My infinite belly of chi allows me to accomplish many things some would consider unnatural. Now leave my house! Go out from here and take your own useless dimension for all you can get."
>Setting her face like a flint with a twisted smile. Fluttershy materialized a broadsword and held it in her aura.
>"House? Pffffft! It is trash dump by my standards. Very well, Anon. We shall do this the hard way!" she began walking toward Anon, picking up speed and steeling her eyes as she went. She was menacingly swinging her sword in figure-eights and gritting her teeth in a snarl.
"Oh? You're approaching me?" Anon did some fancy blade spinning and likewise began moving toward Fluttershy,
>In a moment they had engaged in a ferocious exchange of slashes, blocks, thrusts, parrys, and spins. Their footwork and...er, hoofwork...was brilliant as they moved over the floor. White hot sparks were sent sizzling through the air with each stroke.
>Now Fluttershy began to gain the upper hand, driving Anon back. She showed her pleasure with a prideful sneer.
>"Take that!" she said as she managed to crash her hoof into his groin.
"Ungh!" Anon staggered back, but used his powerful chi to suppress the pain. He spun his sword and landed in a fighting stance again, ready to continue.
>Wide-eyed, Fluttershy nodded in genuine admiration.
>"You have oblongs of steel, Anon." Then with a wicked snarl she continued her attack. "Your gonna need 'em!" She continued to put him on defense and drive hime back.
>"Not so brash now, eh Anon? YIELD ALREADY! Submit to measurement! she said with another slash.
"Never! Though, I admit you may be better than me." he said as he countered with an evasion.
>"THEN WHY ARE YOU SMILING YOU WRETCH?" she screeched in boiling fury.
"Because I know something you do not know." he said with a counter thrust.
>"Oh? And what, pray tell, is that?"
"I am not right-handed." With that Anon shifted the great falchion into his left hand and came at Fluttershy with incredible vigor. "Wrrryyyyyyy!!!"
>Real concern took Fluttershy's face as she was severely beaten back. Using an adept evasion to create space, she took a warrior's breath and reset her stance. Her eyes spoke murder.
>"Oh yeah! Well, I know something you do not know too!"
"Oh? And what is that?"
>"I don' have any right hands!"
>Making a feint to the right, Fluttershy combined a distracting slash from the left with a burst of magic aimed at his falchion.
WHOOOSH-OOSH-OOSH-OOSH-OOSH-THUNK! the falchion sang through the air before embedding itself halfway in an oak pillar. "OOOHHHH!" breathed Anon at the unexpected turn.
>Fluttershy paused to gloat.
>"See that you filthy beast?" she pointed to the embedded falchion with her sword. "That's what your pee pee is gonna do to my pussy by the time I'm through with you! You should fear me!" she said this as she smoothed out her now tattered gossamer gown and removed her golden yoke.
"I WILL NOT fear! Fear is the mind killer. Instead, I will allow it to pass over and through me!"
>"Huh?" Fluttershy responded quizzically. "Whatever. Here I come again! Tell me when you're ready to give up!"
"I shall not yield, yellow horse!" But now, Anon frantically evaded Fluttershy's attacks, missing many by mere millimeters. Like a deadly ballerina he spun and pirouetted to escape her sword.
>"You WILL stop insulting me! I am not a horse! Horses are ugly! I'm the most beautiful pony your sorry eyes will ever behold, so you should be thankful!" said Fluttershy as she slashed and thrust at Anon.
Gaining some distance Anon clenched his fist and summoned his chi. "SOOOOooooOOOOooooOOOOWAhhhhhhh!" A blast of chi pushed Fluttershy back, crashing her into a pillar and sending her sword with a ringing CLANG to the ground.
>"Ooof!" she exclaimed.
"ABRACADABRA! ALAKAZAAM! PRESTO CHANGO!!!!" said Anon with a rapid succession of finger signs. Instantly a shiny steel staff materialized in Anon's hands with a magical "VOIP!" sound. Doing some fancy staff spinning, he snapped into a dramatic fighting stance.
>Fluttershy cringed and rolled her eyes. She should have taken care of business when she had the chance.
>"DAMMIT!" she cursed, knowing that the end was not so close as she thought. "You know, that was ridiculously cliche, Anon. You lack style!"
Anon did some more fancy spinning, popped into another fighting stance, and beckoned her with his fingers to come after him again.
>"Fucking show off." Anon muttered.
>But then something happened. A great sound of thread tearing echoed through the room and Anon's robes fell with a "FWOOSH!" to the floor, leaving him standing only in a white loincloth with red heart print pattern.
"What!?" said Anon in pure shock.
>A sinister sneer shone on Fluttershy's face as she took up the broadsword in her aura and moved slowly toward Anon.
>"Did you think I was trying to kill you when I was chasing you around the room just then? You really are clueless. No! I was just cutting your clothes! I don't want your blood. I want your measurements!" Gradually, Fluttershy's face became soft and soothing. Then with a seductive overtone, "Submit, Anon! Submit and all will be forgiven. It's just a few measurements." Finally, eyeing his rippling muscles and promising bulge while licking her lips, Fluttershy felt a twinge of sexual lust. "Looking good by the way, Anon! Mmmmmmm! Delicious!"
"Try looking into that place where you dare not look! You'll find me there, staring back at you! All those nightmares you had as a foal. It was me, Anon!"
>Instant rage surged through Fluttershy.
>"Despicable scoundrel! Vile swine! Mangy cur! Just what the actual fuck is that philosophical gobbledygook supposed to mean!"
>Fluttershy pointed her sword at Anon and sent metaphorical daggers into him with her eyes.
>"I've had enough of you! Up until now I've been going easy on you, Anon. I've only been using like...7.83% of my power. I'm more powerful than you, Anon, and now your gonna regret it!
"More powerful than me? Oh? How many breads have you eaten in your life?
>"Plenty! I have bread with strawberry jam and tea everyday at lunch with Angel Bunny!" she screamed in response.
>"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" she began as she commenced powering up.
"I too have been going easy. I used maybe...7.67% of my power!" said Anon with a smirk. His spiky hair began to twitch wildly as he commenced his own power-up. "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"
>Both were now enveloped in mystical shinning auras. They glittered and sparkled as they surged with power drawn from the very veins of the universe. Fluttershy's mane and tail whipped through air as power coursed through them. Anon's hair continued to twitch wildly.
>A few hours later...like, ten hours later of solid powering up, both were at maximum power. Each opened their eyelids. There were no eyes, just pure white light. It was the light of unfathomable ultimate cosmic destiny!
>Get ready to lose and be utterly humiliated, Anon! When I've cast your sorry carcass to the ground, I'll do as I please with your pee pee!
"It is you who will fail totally yellow pony"
>"That's Empress...or, Fluttershy...to you!"
"Very well, but when I unleash the full scope of my immense power you will be only a smoldering ruin!" Anon threatened. "And why do you keep calling them 'oblongs'? That is not recognized vernacular! Why not just balls?"
>"Because they're not spherical you raging idiot! They're like semi-ellipsoidal, so..oblong! Did you fail geometry, or what!"
"I am the very greatest at geometry!"
>That was the last straw. They rushed at each other with the accumulated power of galaxies. Anon's loincloth was instantly vaporized since no normal material could withstand that level of spiritual energy. As they embraced in combat, beams of energy issued forth from them, blasting gapping holes in Anon's house. Fluttershy's sword and Anon's staff moved at incredible speeds. As the weapons connected waves of warped space-time propagated outward and contorted the oak beams into bizarre shapes.
"Ho! You are good, but I am better!" said Anon with a grimace.
>Squinting her eyes Fluttershy responded, "We shall see! You are a worthy foe but..."
>She could not finish the thought for she was now abruptly distracted by Anon's naked manhood. In her eyes it was majestic.
"Now I have you!" Anon slipped a thrust and landed a blow against her shoulder. Now the blows fell like rain as he pummeled her and she desperately fought to block.
>Fluttershy could not focus her mind, distracted as it was by the flopping shaft that danced before her. I was all she could do to break off and create space between them.
>Panting heavily, Fluttershy coughed, painting the floor crimson with blood. She reached up a fore hoof and wiped away dribbles of blood from her mouth before addressing her foe, who was now standing naked and confident over her. "I will have you Anon, you will not win! You are human and so you will ultimately succumb to weakness. Give up!"
"I reject my humanity, Fluttershy! And my weakness with it!"
>Enraged by this, Fluttershy summoned the last of her strength and went for Anon with an exceedingly sharp attack.
>"Asshole! Just give in! Aaaaahhhhh!!!"
Anon parried and blocked, moving back by intention, drawing her into position. Finally, as Fluttershy let loose a powerful thrust, he turned his staff vertical, turned about his spine and leaned out. This allowed her sword to embed itself in the three foott diameter oak pillar behind him.
>Fluttershy now desperately struggled to free her weapon, but to no avail.
>"Eh! Eh!" she said helplessly, her physical and magical strength sapped.
Meanwhile, Anon had raised his mighty steel shaft above his head and was about to send it crashing down. "ZA WARUDO!" The staff impacted the spine of the sword, shattering it catastrophically and sending the hilt clattering pathetically to the floor. "WRRRYYYYY!" cried Anon as he spun the staff around and swept Fluttershy off her hoofs. She landed with a thud and an "Ooof!" on the floor while Anon used his monstrous chi to simultaneously pin down her hoofs and retrieve the burly knife he had used to impale her records book. Knife in hand, he dropped to his knees. One knee was on her neck, the other pushed down on the tender nerves in her snoofa, visibly causing her pain. The knife pressed ominously against her neck.
>Fluttershy knew she was finished, but through the nerve pain she felt something else. It was the meaty length of Anon's cock lazily laying across her face and neck. Not allowing herself to be distracted by pain, she began estimating. Based on her knowledge of the dimensions of her face and neck and accounting for curvature, she produced a reasonable guess. Another sensation now made itself known. Anon's oblongs were resting comfortably in her ear. Judging by the sensation of their weight and pressure on her ear tissue, as well as their heat, she produced another estimate.
>"Approks-amat eleben int-essss wen flast-bid, ahn obongs approks-amat too pt un ooonces tootal! UNF!!!!"
"Do you yield? YIELD OR BE DESTROYED!" said Anon as he pressed the knife in and drew a drop of blood.
Anon let her up, picked up his staff, turned it vertical and let the end fall to the floor with a thunk of finality. "Now leave."
>Fluttershy tried one last attempt.
>"Anon, your pee pee and oblongs meet and exceed my specifications! Congratulations! You are truly a worthy Anon! Won't you please come back with me and be my sex slave?"
>"Oh please?" she said softly and while batting her eyes.
"I said no!"
>"Well...um, would you, er...that is, would you...have sex with my here...I mean, right now? I mean, we'er both...uh, hot and sweaty...I think...it would be nice. Please?"
"It will not happen!"
>"...Pretty please?"
"No means no, means no! Go now back to your own dimension!"
>Rage now welled back up.
>"Fine! I'll go! But I'll be back! Sooner or later you will be mine Anon. I will be your master! In time, Anon. In time." taking a breath she continued angrily while opening an inter-dimensional portal, "YOU WILL SMASH MY OVARIES WITH YOUR MEAT! I WILL HAVE YOUR SUCCULENT...VERY LARGE...CUM FILLED OBLONGS IN MY MOUTH! AND...AND YOU WILL RUB MY TUM TUM ALL OVER WITH YOUR PEE PEE!"
>Taking a cunning tone of voice, Fluttershy's face took on a wily grin. "I'll find your fetish Anon! Then you won't be able to resist! What is it! Tell me. Is it lingerie, hoof-jobs, dress-up, role-play? Tell me!"
"You will never know the depth and power of my fetish! My testicles will never have you as their master!" said Anon with an outstretched, upturned, and clenched fist.
>"I'll find it! You'll see!"
"The more carefully you scheme, the more unexpected events come along!"
>Fluttershy rolled her eyes at Anon's meaningless philosophizing.
>"Hmph!" said Fluttershy as she turned her chin up in the air and stepped through the portal, closing it behind her.
"Dammit! Now I have a lot of repair work to do to his place" said Anon, looking around.
>On the other side of the portal Fluttershy was frustrated at her failure to capture and rape Anon, but she was giddy that she had found him.
>"Finally, I have found him! And it's only a matter of time before I find his fetish and make him mine for ever! I would have sex with him at least twice a day, and hug him, and pet him, and squeeze him! The mathematicians were correct! I must reward them. They shall have the most choice mare pussy in abundance!" Then with quiet pondering, "What is your fetish Anon? What is it?"
Thanks, I hate it.
What is the nature of your question?
File: IMG_3939.jpg (9 KB, 274x184)
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Is this a JoJo reference
Lurk more
>Aside from the spontaneous musical routines, life in Equestria has been great so far.
>You're especially grateful to the Mayor, who'd managed to talk a frenzied mob down from burning you at the stake shortly after you'd arrived.
>You've been meaning to get her a thank-you card for four weeks, but every time you think about it you smell wood smoke.
>If you got her one at this point, would it be weird?
>It's thrilling to be able to worry about things like that, and not whether the black fumes of the pyre will suffocate you first, or the flames will burn you to death.
>Those silly ponies and their silly lynchings.
>You're going about your mundane morning movements when someone knocks on the door.
>You think you know who it might be.
>A mare around town has been eyeing you up recently. You think her name is Butterfly.
>Through the grapevine you gathered she might have a thing for you, and you've been wondering how to let her down gently on account that she's actually just a horse and you're desperate enough to resort to bestiality.
>Is reducing a civilised people to the level of beasts offensive?
>You're so glad you can worry about that, and not how the growing flames licking the soles of your shoes were hotter than the fires of Hell.
>You purse your lips. There's a possibility that you -might- be traumatised.
>You'll have to make a note to see a psychologist.
>A quick check in the mirror has you looking sharp. You're ready for the day, and for dealing with your new admirer.
>You open the door and look down.
>A cream-coloured pony with three tomatoes on her flanks looks up.
"Oh. Hi?"
>It's not Butterfly.
>The unknown mare regards you with a bored expression. She seems like the sort of person constantly on the verge of rolling her eyes.
>"Give me strength," she mutters. "Hi. Can I come in?"


"What was your name again, sorry?"
>She's sat on your couch.
>You frown.
"I've not seen you around."
>She shrugs and adjusts her vendor hat, then smooths the front of her stained apron with a hoof.
>"Alright? Not my problem, but whatever. I've seen you, if that makes you feel special. Hard to miss a big lunk like you."
>You try a smile, but it doesn't last long.
"And what do you... you know, want?"
>"I'm your rapist."
>You nod carefully, squinting at her.
"Say again, sorry?"
>"I'm your assigned rapist. It was gonna be Fluttershy, but there's been a last-minute switch. Got some big quest to deal with. Life-or-death stuff. Lucky sow."
>Roma sniffs and scratches her muzzle with the edge of her hoof, looking around your house with the same bored countenance that's perpetually fixed to her.
>"She was excited about it too, for some reason. Was gonna call it 'Flutter-rape'. Had a business card ready and everything, poor idiot."
"I'm, I'm sorry, just need to clarify, what -is- rape? In this context? Where I'm from it's either crops or... uh..."
>"Well, it's rape. Non-consensual sex."
"...Right. That."
>"So now it's Roma-rape. Whoopie. I don't have a business card though, so I'm sorry to be a let-down."
>She checks her watch.
>"Can we speed this up? My shift starts in ten."
"Speed what up? I'm not understanding--"
>"It's a cultural thing."
"What cultural thing?"
>She shrugs again.
>"How am I supposed to know, I'm not a historian." She huffs. "I work a tomato stand, if the mark wasn't obvious."
"Is there someone I can speak to about this?"
>"Sure. Try everyone. Everyone knows about the Town Rapist. I'm not totally dim on the subject, I know my granny did it for a while when she was little and she told me a few things she did so I've got some idea of how to go about doing it. But now it's me. Small world. You know jury duty? Do they have that were you're from?"
"Right, jury duty, sure."
>"Right. Like that."
"...So you just..." you gesture with your hands like you're trying to feel the edges of an invisible object. You can't think of a way to finish your thought.
>"Whatever you're doing, you have to drop it and go rape someone for a while. Civic service. They teach it in schools. Special exceptions for ponies like Fluttershy though. Must be nice being a hero, get all kinds of free stuff."
"And what specifically will you be doing?"
>"Raping you."
>"Once a day is the standard procedure. If you miss a day you've got to make it up by the end of the week. I've got a whole folder that was sent me back at my place if you wanna check it out, has all the details. Government stuff, so you know it's legit."
"What if I refuse to go along with it?"
>Roma cocks her head.
>"It's... rape. You're not supposed to be into it."
"Can I complain?"
>"Sure, if you think it'll help."
"I mean to the Mayor, or something. She stopped me being burned at the stake."
>"Hah, yeah," for a brief moment she grins. "I remember that. Good times. You scream like an eagle, you know that? Got a set of pipes on you, you should take part in a musical number some time."
"I-I was being set on fire."
>"Yeah, you were. Sorry about that, we got scared. Ponies scare easily. We overreact. That's a cultural thing, too."
"But going back to the rape."
>"Yeah, so I have to rape you twelve times. I could do it all in one day, but honestly that just seems like too much work and I've already got a job I'll need to juggle this with. Bills to pay, and all. I'll do it once a day, starting tomorrow. I get off work at six, so I'll head home, grab something to eat, then aim to be here at around seven. That work for you?"
File: Roma.png (388 KB, 915x1030)
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388 KB PNG
"What if I skip town?"
>Roma's expression twists into a glare.
>"Do -not- skip town."
"What happens?"
>"I'm mandated by law to hunt you and carry out the procedure. Do -NOT- skip town, so help me Celestia. I am -NOT- hauling my flanks all over Equestria just because you're too much of a filly to deal with public duty stuff. Come on. Be a stallion."
"But theoretically I could do it."
>"Theoretically I can call the Guard to help out if you've gone more than seven days without being raped. You'd be shooting yourself in the leg by running. Don't be a baby, it'll be done and dusted in two weeks, then we can both go back to our lives."
>You scratch an itch on the back of your head and watch Roma closely.
"This is real, isn't it? You're completely serious."
>"Do I look like the kind of pony that makes jokes."
"No... you don't."
>"Right. So I'll see you tomorrow at maybe-seven."
"Okay. I'll fight you off, you know that, right?"
>"You can try, but that's kind of the point. You're kind of scrawny and yeah, you're way taller than me, but I've got earth pony heft. We go down swinging. I figured I'd just tackle your legs and let inertia do the rest. Not one for science, but I get the gist of 'bigger they are, harder they fall', and all that. Granny said she used to use a bola, but I never learned how to use 'em."
>You escort her to the door in a sort of daze, like this is all a dream.
"And your name was..."
"Roma. I'm sorry I've never heard of you."
>"Yeah, well, I'm real. Sorry to rain on your parade. Look me up in the town registry if you want proof. See you tomorrow, -Anonymous-," she stresses your name with a pointed look.
"Good... goodbye, Roma."
>She leaves, and you watch her trot briskly into town, her hat bobbing on her head as she goes.
>You sit down on your sofa and pick at your fingers.
>Between musicals, public burnings, and mandatory rape, you're starting to think life here might not be all that great.

Mystery mares
I like thing
>Ponyville is so desperate to combat declining birth rates that they've actually encoded regular ratings into public law
>Anon tries to fight this in case
>Raped by the judge, the bailiff, the clerk, the attorneys, and the jury
>"Court costs," they said.
>experimental electronic mare bucks anon's door open, the boombox held in her telekinesis blasting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hGKjNIalM8 at tinnitus-inducing volumes
>anon crumples, unable to withstand the sonic onslaught of distorted breaks
>she skedaddles with an entire underwear drawer while anon writhes helplessly on his kitchen floor
too easy
The wheel is very kind to lesser known mares.
>Vinyl Scratch uses Earrape!
>It's super effective!
I do not
You don't like anything. Why are you here then?
File: 1620109626266.png (156 KB, 400x600)
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156 KB PNG
Yes, amongst others.
The only thing he likes is making other people feel worse, so he doesn't feel so bad by comparison.
World has too many of that kind of person it seems.
File: Fluttershy.png (294 KB, 2500x1855)
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294 KB PNG
"I want Anon to cum inside me."
Part 14: Normally Anon would go for a walk through the palace, take care of personal business, study in the library, or even visit the streets of Canterlot before heading off to bed. However, today Anon decided to go directly to sleep and awake early in the evening to get some extra work done before the work-night commenced.

Anon lay awake in his bed starring at the ceiling, unable to sleep as he had intended. Upon arriving in Equestria he had been astonished by the alicorn nature of Celestia and Luna; their magic, their ability to fly, and their immortality. There was still also their connection to the earth ponies, perhaps the most mysterious of all. It was something he still did not understand and which he now reminded himself to ask Celestia about. That same early astonishment reasserted itself as he pondered the connection between alicorns and what lied beyond the veil of mortality. Anon resolved to make this a subject of intense study.

None of the books in his chambers would illuminate this shadowy enigma; he would need to visit the Royal Library and Archives. Realizing that nothing could assuage his curiosity at the moment, Anon sought a remedy for wakefulness. Presently, he got up, went to his bathroom and drew a hot bath to relax. He closed the door to allow steam to accumulate in the room and thanked the stars that ponies had figured out indoor plumbing. He was also thankful the Royal Architect had seen fit to have a bathtub built that fit his human frame.

Unable to withstand pure silence, Anon left the faucet valve at the sink slightly ajar to create a slow, steady drip. Immersed in the hot bath, ambient steam, and periodic drip sound, Anon allowed the intellectual wheels to spin down. Sometimes he could not get his mind to shut off and methods such as these helped. Feeling more relaxed after about 45 min., Anon drained the tub. Finding no towel, apparently forgotten on a chair in his room, Anon opened the bathroom door to go retrieve it and dry off. He took a pitcher of water and a few glasses that he had earlier left in the bathroom with him. Anon stepped through the door and right into the gaze of Breezy Leaves.

>Servant: "Oh, hello Master Anon!" said Breezy with a bright friendly smile.
Looking to the origin of the voice, Anon was aghast. Responding in absolute shock, he said, "Breezy! What are you doing in my room?" Stark naked and facing Breezy, who was doing something at his dresser, he had frozen for a moment in surprise.
>Servant: "I'm just returning your laundry Master Anon! The normal laundry pony took a day of leave to go to his sister's birthday party and asked if I could cover for him. I even got a Swapsies Chit signed by our supervisor for it. Wanna see?" said Breezy happily as she retrieved the chit from her uniform and closed the last dresser drawer. "Though, I didn't expect to see you here at this time. The normal laundry pony said you hadn't been arriving in your chambers until later in the morning." As she spoke, Breezy was watching Anon quickly seek a place to put down the pitcher and glasses amongst the scrolls and references cluttering his table and desk. She giggled a little at his genitals flopping around as he did so.
Finally finding a place to lay down the glassware, Anon now covered himself with one hand and moved to obtain his robe from a hook on the wall.
>Servant: As Anon cupped his groin, Breezy donned a quizzical look that rapidly transformed to comprehension as Anon reached for his robe. "Oh! Apologies Master Anon. I had forgotten that you were bashful about being naked! Really, I didn't mean it. I just forgot. Honest!" said Breezy as she turned around to extend some privacy. She was hoping Anon wouldn't be angry with her.
"Well, I wish you'd knocked on the bathroom door before assuming I wasn't here." Anon said in exasperation. Yet, he was regained his composure once he finished robing himself.
>Servant: Breezy cringed inside, he was right. She had been accustomed to seeing the bathroom door shut each time she was in his quarters, and made the false assumption that because he was not in the main room he was not there at all. "You're right Master Anon, I should have checked. I'm sorry. I won't let it happen again."
Having taken a deep breath and realizing it was a misunderstanding, Anon replied, "It's ok Breezy, it was just an honest mistake. No harm, no foul. I was just surprised is all. You can turn around, now." Then, he added, "I sometimes forget that ponies are so accustomed to seeing each other without clothes, that seeing another creature without clothes would be no different."
>Servant: Relieved he wasn't angry, Breezy turned around displaying her indomitable smile. She responded, "Such an interesting cultural difference isn't it? When I saw you without clothes, I didn't even think anything was out of the ordinary." Then, trying to smooth things over even more, she asked, "Since I'm here, is there anything you need?"
"I don't think so Breezy. I was just trying to go to bed early, but couldn't sleep. I took a bath to try and relax." said Anon as he sat down at his table, his back to a window.
>Servant: Lightbulbs igniting in her head, Breezy quickly responded in excitement, "Let me bring you some tea and snacks, Master Anon! Let me make it up to you!" She beamed and added, "Anyway, a cup of tea might help you fall asleep."
Anon smiled at his good friend. "Ok, Breezy. I'd like that. Bring some for you too.”
>Servant: "Be back in a minute!" Breezy said with a curtsy before trotting out of the room.
In a flash she had returned and Anon commented, "That was quick!"
>Servant: Setting a tray of tea with some donuts on the table, Breezy replied with a crafty laugh, "They've got a water heater and a cupboard full of snacks and teas in the laundry storage room just downstairs. They're not supposed to have it there, but as long as they keep it clean the supervisors look the other way." Motioning to the tray, she explained, "Didn't know what you wanted so I brought star-root, tuft-flower, sweetgrass, and peppermint."
With a gracious smile as he poured some star-root tea, Anon responded, "Thanks Breezy. Pull up a chair and join me!" Seeing her about to decline, Anon raised an eyebrow and said, "I insist!"
>Servant: Breezy gave in rather joyously. As she pulled up a chair and climbed into it, she requested, "In that case, may I have some peppermint please? That's my favorite!"
Anon poured it for her and reflected that it made certain sense that peppermint would be her favorite; it somehow matched her character. "Sure Breezy, glad to!" Adopting a questioning look, Anon probed, "Uh, Breezy? That thing about seeing me naked. You won't mention that to anybody will you?"
>Servant: Cocking her head to one side, Breezy answered, "Master Anon, even though I'm just a servant pony and you're an assistant to Her Highness, I consider you a good friend. I would never do something that would embarrass you. I don't understand your bashfulness, but I would never tell anybody if it makes you uncomfortable!" Breezy smiled sweetly at Anon before taking a sip of her tea.
"Thanks Breezy! It's hard to explain; being embarrassed when naked is a human thing." Anon likewise sipped his tea, taking time to savor its aroma first.
>Servant: Suddenly growing wide-eyed, Breezy leaned forward in excitement. "Master Anon! You know, I was going to tell you something. But...uh, seeing you naked made me forget. But now I remember!" Now with twinkling eyes and placing both fore hoofs on the table, she blurted out, "I've been accepted as a mare-servant! I'll be assigned to Princess Celestia first! Isn't it amazing?"
"That's wonderful Breezy! I'm really excited for you! Your hard work really paid off and you should be really proud of yourself. That's an elite position! Congratulations!" Anon was genuinely excited for his friend, for he knew she had been working toward this goal for a long time. It was her dream and her family would be very proud.
>Servant: "Thank you Master Anon! I'm sure your recommendation helped a lot!" Growing wide-eyed again, Breezy had more news. "Ooooo! And guess what else!" But she could not wait for Anon to guess. Her enthusiasm could not be restrained. "That stallion, his name is Star Spark, and he's soooo dreamy, asked me out on a date! he said you told him I was interested in him and that before that, he thought I was taken!" Breezy gave a cute little squeak at the end of her announcement that conveyed her happiness.
"Doubly amazing Breezy! Things are looking up for you!" Anon was pleased. He had worked with Star Spark on Luna's staff and had come to know him as a very talented analyst, considerate, and an outgoing fellow. He hoped his friend would find the love she was looking for.
>Servant: "It's thanks to you Master Anon! I'm grateful to you for everything!" Breezy was glowing with positive energy as she sipped her tea and took a bite of a normal glaze.
Anon smiled deeply at her enthusiasm. "I'm glad to help Breezy. After all, you're my good friend!" However, Anon knew something she did not. "But don't discount your own skill Breezy." He leaned forward for effect. "You know that for your application process the mare-servants have been observing you continually, testing you, seeing how you would respond to certain secret prompts." Anon continued candidly, "My recommendation just told them you were a good-hearted mare. It was your own skills that sealed the deal, make no mistake. The mare-servants assigned to test you must have concluded that you have all the skills necessary."
>Servant: Blushing deeply was Breezy's appreciative reply.
"When do you begin your duties?" asked Anon after taking a drink of his tea.
>Servant: "I start in two days! I can hardly believe it!"
"With no additional training?"
>Servant: "They didn't mention any specific training. They said it would be on-the-job."
"Another reason for me to congratulate you Breezy! They must have high confidence in you to be comfortable with only on-the-job training!" Anon poured some more tea for both of them and held up his cup. "Cheers!"
>Servant: Remembering that this was a human custom that meant for her to clink her cup against his, she did so and said "Cheers!"
They continued their lighthearted conversation for a bit more, speaking more about Star Spark and how dreamy Breezy found him, something that warmed Anon's heart. However, Anon was attempting to formulate a way to broach a topic that had been bothering him. Finally, he decided to open the subject. "Breezy, why do you think Princess Luna is so happy now?”
File: Fluttershy.png (311 KB, 900x1709)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
L̷̢͈̖͈̳̪̱̞̯̣̳̑̍͗ȩ̵̛̞̟̤͙̗͇̮̮͚͉͚͓̘̳̊͂͂̄̈́́́̂̆͝ͅť̵̨̯̙̙̒̉̀̆̇͋̂̓̑͊̒̚̚ͅ ̴̢̣̾̑́̔̾̋̽̐̏̊̀̒̀͑m̷̧̛͓̱̤̹̣̥̣̦̮̯̓̓̇͋̒̈́̽̽̈́̃͐̉̿͐͘e̷̡̳̳̗̘̯̺̳͛̽̍́̽̄̊̎̎͆͛̒̚ ̷͕̟͎̬́̈́͝i̶̡͚͎̣̤̬̮̼̐́̋͛̽̕͝n̴̟͇͎̦̜̹͇̘̼̂͜ͅͅ ̶͙͓̃͆͛͌̈́́̓̾̑͆́̚ļ̶̡̦̹̞̬̰̯̈́̄̈́̏̂͗͗̕̕̕e̷̫͔͔̎̄̆t̶̢̡̖̘̞̖̰͍̥̳̮̮͕͚̥̆͆̀ ̶̥̝̳̬̮͖̱̰͒̉͐̔͂̆̈́̔̒̃̓͒̇͘̕͘m̷̠̩͒̉ḛ̸̡̢̢̡̤͍̣̥̬̭̳̠̋̀̕͜ ̸̧̼̥̮̮̜̜̳̰̃̾̀͊̈̂͆́͑̊̊į̸̙̮̗̦̥͍͑ͅn̸̘̾̊̕͠͝ ̶̯͚̋̿̊̊͐͐́̈́͝l̸͇̎͌͋̔͋̈́̓̚͝ę̴̗̳̺͒͒̄t̴̙̖̗͎̹̳̟͉̳̳̝̬̉̋̈́̈́͊͋̓̇͌͋̑̽̍̈̂͠ ̴̧̢̤̮͚̘̞̫͖̫̮̱̥̭͇͂̈̂̿̏͒̑̽̃̓̎͂͂̐m̴̥̜̟̺̊͐̾́͆̈̄́̕͘͠e̴̺͈͎̖͇͇̫̠͍̠̖̒̏͂̎̀̏̔͘̚͜͜ ̷̢̧̢̫̣͙͉͇̙̣͙̖͍̹̤̍̈́̄̈́̑̓̉̏̿͘̚ͅͅi̸̦̇͑̒̈́̎̓̈́̋̀̈́͂n̷̨͖̪̖̗̼̱̈̆̃͋̋͝ ̶̡͔̙̫̹̭̭̘̒̋̔̀͑̈̄͋̇ͅ ̵̢̡̨̟̜̰͚͚͈̰̙͍̀͊̈́̀l̴̨̻̙͉̙̏̒̀̏̆̂̾͗e̷̛͖͓͐͑͗̆̈́͐̇͐̔̚t̴͈̳͔̱̥̣͕̹͙͙͂̊͘ ̵̳̹̥͖̻͇͙̞̩̦̳̬͙͆͊̿̈́̌̈́͛͂̉̈́̌͐̚͜͝ḿ̵̡̧͍͖̭̟͕͓̘̤̦̎͛͌̇̍͜è̷̼̜̯͉̠͇͑͗̿̈́͆̆̉̕ ̴̡͍̹͙̆̓͂̂̋̑̋̓͘̚̚͠i̴̧̨̛͈̩̹̳̣̥͕͇̖͊͛̾̾̔͗̒n̶̛̩̗͇̘͙̰̪̘̖̱̳̠̙̜̳̐̈́͜͝ͅ ̸̛͙͛̓̈́͛̈́̈́̓̏̔̂͑͋͘̕Ḽ̶̛͊͂̍̄͋́̐͂̇̉̚E̴̢̗̟͉͉̫̣̘̻̋̀̐́̓̏̋̓̍̈́͛̾̇̇̕̚͝T̵̡̧̢̠̼̗̬̮̰̭͇̜̼̣͚̙̥̐̔̀͐͆̆̑̓̈͐̔͗͋̈́̕͠ ̵̡̐͛́̚Ţ̴̛̛̬̳̠̘͛̋̍̃̂̉̕͜M̴̧̛̪͇̦̖͓̮̤̻̗̳̠͈̠̃͆̔̓͒̏̎̀͌̎̏̚͝Ę̴̡̖̼̹͔̻͍̮͍̭̩͕̼̣͒̀̒̒̎̚͜͝ ̶̧̢̢̛͚̝̥͎͉̩̓͊̓̍̎̉͐͂͑́͘̕ͅĪ̶̢̹͖͕̜͖͖̯̖̠͑̽̀̀ͅŃ̶̦̹͙̘̭͚͙̂͐̀̈́̃̈́̽̎̎̂̀̋̌͜
>Servant: Breezy became quiet, but adopted a sly smile. She realized Anon was trying to move toward an open discussion. Whispering for effect, Breezy began, "Well, I think the laundry pony's theory was correct. Princess Luna has a lover! Not that it's a bad thing, mind you. If anybody is worthy of love, it's the princesses!" Said with heartfelt love for Their Majesties, Breezy looked Anon in the eyes to say things unspoken.
Anon picked up on her cryptic look. Tapping the table with his fingers and biting his lower lip, Anon pressed further, "Do you know who it might be Breezy? Not that I'm nosey or anything. I just...want to make sure her best interests are served."
>Servant: With a knowing look, Breezy smiled warmly and nodded her head. "Master Anon, I know who it is. I've known for a while."
Somber now, Anon asked the obvious follow-up question. "Would you tell me who it is Breezy? I mean...I wouldn't tell anybody of course."
>Servant: Amused with Anon's secrecy, Breezy giggled a little and replied gently, "Why, Master Anon! Princess Luna's lover is you!" Hardly able to contain her pride in her best friend being a royal lover, she added, "And I'm glad it's you, my best friend, and not some self-important palace stallion!" Teasing, Breezy leaned in with a giggle, and said, "She really knows how to choose 'em!"
Anon closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His blood flushed cold, but he had mentally prepared himself for this revelation. He had suspected it. She knew about his affair with Luna, but not with Celestia. Smiling mechanically, he replied, "Well Breezy, you're right. As I said, the mare-servants must be confident in your skills for a reason. You must be adept at nuance to have figured it out!"
>servant: Grinning at the complement, Breezy was glad that everything was now out in the open between them. So much so, that she missed the hidden concern on his face. There was so much she wanted to talk to him about on this subject, mostly how she was proud of him for bringing happiness to the sisters. Seeing she had his attention, she continued with effervescence in her voice, "And Celestia's lover is you too!"
Anon was heavily shocked, and he stifled a gasp. This was a revelation he did not expect. How had she known? Anon was suspended in despair. Everything was sealed, Celestia will eventually find out and everything he loved would be severed from his grasp. Worse, Celestia will be emotionally destroyed. If Breezy knew, then surely others would figure it out. Keeping a cool demeanor, Anon cleared his throat and managed an "Oh?"
>Servant: "Certainly Anon! I figured that one out long ago." Now with an exuberant pride in her deftness at perception, she added, "And nobody else has figured it out either, but I'm am sure the mare-servants know."
Quiet and pensive, Anon's face betrayed his concern.
>Servant: Detecting Anon's concern through the cloud of her enthusiasm, Breezy's countenance became more serious. Discarding formal titles and addressing her friend heart-to-heart, Breezy asked, "What's wrong Anon? You seem sad, or worried, or scared, or some combination. I thought you would be happy to be the source of so much happiness to our princesses." She extended her fore hoof across the table. "Please tell me. I'm your friend, Anon. I won't do anything that would hurt you. You can trust me. I promise." Her entreaty ended with an endearing smile.
Anon was touched by her words. Despite his terror, he knew he could trust her at least. Accordingly, he opened up. "Well Breezy, obviously I am worried about hurting them, especially Celestia. How can I be a lover to both princesses and not end up hurting them both? I would lose everything. They would be hurt. Worse, if they become jealous it could drive a wedge in the government."
>Servant: Breezy emanated a soothing assurance as she spoke next. "You needn't worry Anon. The princesses are not the jealous type! They put those kinds of feelings to bed long before we were even born. And, you are not the type that would hurt either one." Then raising a logical eyebrow Breezy further elaborated. "Think about this, Anon. Princess Luna would not have taken you as a lover if she thought it would end up hurting Princess Celestia."
"Looking back, I actually think that I should have resisted her. I should have seen it coming and avoided it before I was alone with her! None of this would be a concern if I had. Perhaps it's not too late to end things with Princess Luna before it all gets out of hand. I could apologize to Princess Celestia; maybe she would accept it!"
>Servant: Breezy broke into good-natured laughter. "Silly! There's not a chance that you could have resisted! There is not a single male in Equestria that Princess Luna could not have if she wanted him! But she chose you. She would not have done it if she didn't really love you and if she didn't think you also loved her. And it's not just Princess Luna, Princess Celestia has the same power over males but in a different way. She surely understands that you could not resist Princess Luna's charm."
Anon remembered back to how Princess Luna had broken him down psychologically. She had been absolutely irresistible. Remembering even further back, he remembered how effortlessly he had fallen in love with Celestia. Perhaps Breezy was correct, but Anon still felt he might have escaped by avoiding Luna. "Hmm!" said Anon as he pondered.
>Servant: Seeing she had touched an important thread, Breezy now pleaded, "Please Anon, don't end things with either princess. Just look how happy they are. Sharing your love with them helped do that. I'm happy for you and the princesses, and I am sure the mare-servants see it that way too. Only you seem upset, and it's puzzling! Just trust me! Everything will be ok! Trust Princess Luna. Like I said, she would not have taken you as a lover if she thought the relationship would end up hurting her dear sister!"
Breezy's words plucked Anon a little out of the depth of despair. Perhaps there was some hope after all. If both princesses were indeed capable of overriding any resistance he could muster, it might be possible to gain forgiveness in the end. The glimmer of hope now worked its way onto Anon's face as a smile. "I'll try Breezy. I'll try." Pausing to take another sip of tea, Anon added, "For now will you...um, promise to keep all this a secret for me?"
>Servant: "Of course Anon!" she said as she patted his hand with her fore hoof. "It's a leap of faith! Just take the leap and stop thinking so hard about it!"
"Thanks Breezy. I'll try."
>Servant: Aware that time had passed, Breezy glanced at the grandfather clock in the room. "Anon, I've got to get going and finish up my duties. Else, I'll get scolded. What a start it would be as a mare-servant, right!"
Anon did not wish to get his friend into trouble. "Of course Breezy! Thanks for the advice! And don't worry about the tea. I'll finish it and take it back when I wake up, if that's ok."
>Servant: "Of course it is." said Breezy as she got up. Before she moved to leave she came over to Anon and gave him a hug. "Everything will be ok, Anon!" she assured.
Anon reciprocated the hug, happy to feel her friendship. "Thanks!"
>Servant: Attaining the door to Anon's chambers, Breezy turned around to convey some parting thoughts. Feeling comfortable in the confidence and honesty between them, Breezy felt she could assist him with something else that would help him feel comfortable in pony society. "By the way, Anon, if I may say so, you shouldn't feel bashful about being naked." Then becoming a little awkward she continued, "Your...ehm, equipment...looks just fine; different than a stallion's, but just fine. As a mare, I can assure you that it is...um, an excellent size. Though, I have to be honest. It is a little funny how it flops around like that." She innocently made a gesturing motion with her fore hoof and cast her eyes up to the ceiling at the last comment. "I just thought you should know the opinion of a mare. That way you can be confident that if anyone else sees you naked, you don't need to panic or feel embarrassed!”
I'll give you one thing, your output is insane.
Thanks. I got totally carried away with this one. I'll never write something this big again. But at the same time I just have to finish this one. I just can't not finish it. I'll lose my mind if I don't probably.
>Mystery mares
Buff mares
Dark mares
Kirin mares
Royal mares - "Suck my clit, bitch! Fuck you!"
Deaf mares
Classic mares
Hippogriff mares
Mystery mares
Pie-family mares
Diamond Dog bitches
Griffon griffins

Call now!
"That is the dumbest law I have ever read. What kind of barbarians are you ponies?"
>Mayor Mare shrugs with a world weary grin.
>"That's the law. Set up by the Crown a long time ago."
>Kneading your forehead, you scratch your index finger along the edges of her desk.
"I got a white horse to talk to.
>"Oh yes, that."
"Oh yes, don't that me! What the hell!?"
>Upon her high throne the queen mandating princess by title horse does the most sigh you ever heard.
>"Long ago--"
"Speed this up! Fast version now. Morning is wasting away."
>Celestia doesn't even look upset being interrupted.
>"One of the reasons why Luna became Nightmare Moon was she was rejected by somepony she pined for. So afterwards a law was set up to always remember what was lost and hopefully prevent it in the future."
>Bloody nepotism.
"There is something very wrong with you ponies."
>"I understand our ways are alien, but you are an outsider."
>You start taking off your clothes, her eyes dart away.
>Pointing a defiant finger at her.
"If I'm going to be raped, I'm going to make you watch."
>Right on cue, a furious Roma opens the door.
>Heaving like she just ran up a mountain.
>"Anon, I told you not to skip town!"
>Knocking your fists together, you ready your stance.
"Come at me horse! I ain't going down without a fight."
>Celestia can't stop it, it is against the law she made.
>She watches as fists are thrown, hooves kick out, and blood is spilled on her nice carpet.
>The smell lasted the day.
>Anon came back the very next day.
>knock down, drag-out fight followed by angry sex
Now THAT'S what I call a Good Time.
File: 1647197744654 (1).jpg (56 KB, 674x797)
56 KB
Part 15: It is now five days until the diplomatic conference. For Princess Luna's staff, including Anon, this was the second day of shifting to a day-work schedule in order to be in sync for the conference. Luna had graciously allowed for six days for adjustment, with the first three being half work-days. This was possible due to completion of preparations ahead of schedule; Anon had delivered on his promise. Having completed his work, Anon is taking a late-morning walk in Canterlot to relax.

Anon loved Canterlot. He enjoyed losing himself among the winding roads and quaint buildings of this alpine capital, backdropped as it was by the swirled blue, yellow, and white spires and parapets of the palace. Along those roads many delightful mysteries were waiting to be discovered and explored by even the long term resident of the city; Anon himself had not visited even a fraction of the nooks and crannies. He noted that ponies took great pride in the beauty of their cities and Canterlot was the jewel in their aesthetic crown. Everything from buildings to lamp posts were works of art. Walls, far from being bare, were covered in paintings and mosaics, or simply pleasing geometric pattens in tile. Vibrant colors, which ponies seemed to be particularly enamored with, were liberally applied to generate an ever present ambrosial flavor. Royal banners in crimsons, yellows, and blues fluttered majestically from buildings, lamp posts, and street signs. Everywhere unicorns, pegasai, and earth ponies milled about at cafes and in the streets, enthusiastically discussing this and that. Those ponies that wore clothes were dressed elegantly and in the highest fashion. Fragrances of bakeries, street vendors, and restaurants wafting through the air completed the charm of the city.
>Gentlecolt: "Good day to you sir!" A passing gentlecolt in a top hat said to Anon.
"And to you as well!" Anon replied, touching the tip of his hat with a slight bow. It was a human gesture, but one that was immediately understood by anypony. Feeling the warm summer Sun and inhaling the spicy pine air, Anon was enjoying himself. It was a nice respite from the palace. Even the beauty and opulence of the palace felt confining after a while. Turning a corner and entering a small park with a fountain, Anon stopped to listen to some musicians playing in a gazebo.
>Mare: "Doesn't she play beautifully?" said a mare to Anon, nodding toward a cello player doing a solo.
Looking to the cello player, he could see it was a mare with black hair, a grey coat, and a purple bow-tie. "She certainly does! I think she also plays for functions at the palace, if memory serves."
>Mare: "She must be a true professional then!"
Anon listened to a few sonatinas before dropping a fistful of bits into their tip bucket. His salary allowed him to be generous and he loved to be so. Nodding to the mare he spoke to earlier, he said, "Have a good day miss!”
>Mare: "To you the same!" she said with a curtsy.
Anon continued on his way, which was to nowhere in particular. He was simply wandering the city at random. He felt that the closest he could compare Canterlot to in human terms, was a European city at the height of the Renaissance, except cleaner, more artful, and filled with nicer people. Though, Canterlot's colorful onion domes also gave it an Eastern European flare. Still passing through the park, a few fillies and colts called out to him.
>Filly: "Hello Mister Anon! Would you please kick the ball over?"
Anon smiled, found the ball and kicked it over to them.
>Filly: "Wanna play?"
"Sure! What are you playing?"
>Filly: "keep away! You get the ball first. Deal?"
"Deal!" Anon mused that Keep Away was probably a game enjoyed by juvenile sentient beings in every corner of the universe. Anon played several rounds with them until he was sweaty. Thanking them for the games, he moved on to find a place to eat lunch.
>Filly: "Come and play again sometime, Mister Anon!"
"I will!" he said, waving as he walked.
Settling down at a cafe with a view of the street and the mountain top beyond, Anon began to reflect on the events of the past two weeks. The sunshine and clean alpine air was helping him to clear and file away his thoughts.

Since joining Luna's staff, he had learned a great deal about working with other Ministries and his professional skill had correspondingly grown. He had lead her staff to early completion of the preparations for the diplomatic conference. Additionally, he had completed the Ministry projects and delivered well-received recommendations to Luna. He should have felt a glowing sense of accomplishment, but everything was overshadowed by his dual relationship with Celestia and Luna.
>Waiter: "Would you like to order sir?" a waiter politely interrupted Anon's thoughts.
"Yes, I'll take the special #3, and could I have some apple pie too?"
>Waiter: "Of course sir! It'll be just a moment!"

Anon continued ruminating. Both princesses loved spending time together with him; going on walks, having discussions, playing tabletop games, or even accomplishing work together. Being an amateur musician, Anon sometimes played music for them on the pony equivalent of the piano. Luna was decidedly more analytical and methodical; things needed to proceed according to plans and when they did not, she got a little out of sorts. He had helped her through those instances. Metaphorically speaking, she got work done by building process machines and setting their gears in motion. When not working, Anon often found her puzzling over the recent work of astronomers, mathematicians, or other scientists. Anon had spent time discussing those discoveries with her and even lending a hand in performing calculations or theorizing.
Celestia, on the other hand, was an emotional thinker and she accomplished the work of the kingdom through social means. Her powerful social charm made ponies want to diligently work to accomplish the goals she set for them. Before joining Luna's staff, his time with her often involved discussions of important social events over tea, helping certain committees, and being her counterpart at social meetings with important guests. She loved to play flirtatious games with him, among them being their innuendo game. Both princesses loved to cuddle, something they had in common.
>Waiter: "Your food sir! Please enjoy!"
"Thank you! This looks great!"
>Waiter: "If there is anything else you need, let me know!"

However, since that fateful night with Luna, Anon felt like a ping-pong ball between the two sisters. He had been physically intimate with one or the other almost every day, sometimes at night and sometimes in the early morning depending on circumstances. He often felt as if he was being parsed out to them according to some predetermined schedule. They each had their curious likes, dislikes, preferred methods, and philosophies about intimacy.

Luna was partial to roughness, overt seduction, and forceful flirtation. She set up elaborate intrigues to catch him off guard so that she could seduce him into sex when he felt distracted by work. Her flirtations were unreserved. Passing by him, she would sometimes check his groin with her flank and give him a sly smile, just enough to cause some pain. At meetings with her staff and councilors that dragged on, she would sometimes fumble with his testicles under the table before interjecting the meeting to get the speaker back on track. Sometime she gave him an unexpected but intensely passionate kiss out of the blue. This was the general manner of her flirtations. Besides this, Luna had taken to ambushing Anon suddenly. For instance, he would be walking down a corridor and suddenly be pulled into a room by her mystical aura to find himself abruptly in sexual intimacy with her. Anon now remembered one such instance:

Walking from the staff council room to the decorations committee, Anon found himself yanked through the air into a nearby antechamber. In the tenebrous interior of the room, he could not see and called out "Whoa! Who's there!"
>L: "Do not fear, Anon. It is I, Luna!" Luna had announced.
Anon had spun in the darkness and taken a step into the gloom only to encounter a table corner at exactly the right height. "Ungh!"
>L: "What's wrong, my love? Are you hurt" had been the concerned response. Thereupon, Luna lit the lamps in the room magically.
"Well, I encountered a table corner, Lulu."
>L: Seeing the nature of the injury, Luna let our a good-natured laugh and had replied, "Oh Anon, you must be more careful when moving about in the darkness!" Then with a breathless voice of lust she added, "Here, allow me to cure the pain, my love!"
In a flash she had opened his pants with her magic and rather forcefully extracted his groin one member at a time in rapid succession; first his penis, then the left testicle, followed by the right. "Lulu..."
>L: Before he could say anything Luna vacuumed up his left testicle into her mouth as one slurps up a piece of fruit through a straw of insufficient diameter. "Mmmmm!" she had hummed into his scrotum as she aggressively tumbled it around in her mouth as though she was savoring a grape.
She had tumbled it around with her tongue, sucked it - the vacuum thereof making it feel as if it would pop - pressed it hard against the roof of her mouth, and tugged it slowly away from his body. The effect was to leave Anon with a unique mixture of exquisite ecstasy, savory pain, and shear terror. Stroking her head and mane, all Anon remembered himself uttering was "Lulu, that's amazing!"
>L: A muffled "Mmm hmm!" had been the response. With his nut still doing saliva lubricated gymnastics in her mouth, Luna used her magic to move Anon to a sitting position on a nearby sofa. At length, she released her captive and let it drop exhausted and aching to the sofa cushion. Without hesitation she took up the right testicle into the warm, moist prison and repeated the process.
Anon reasoned that she must have worked his nuts and penis - the left, then the right, then both, then his penis - for a solid 45 min. before she mounted and humped him into submission, herself reaching climax simultaneously.

Having finished his lunch, Anon signaled the waiter. "Excuse me, could you bring me this one?" he said while pointing to a drink he did not know how to pronounce on the menu.
>Waiter: "Ah yes! That's an excellent choice, very traditional! I'll be right out with it!"
Luna's ambushes tended to be like that; it was fast, unbridled, unrestrained, but fiercely passionate sex. Sometimes, she would request that he finish only her before breaking off, leaving him thirsty for more. On those occasions, she would ambush him several times in the night, having him finish her off each time but stopping before he did so himself. Finally, at the last ambush they would finish together. Her seductions, flirtations, and ambushes gave Anon the impression that when it came to sex, she had the mentality of a predatory carnivore. She was spontaneous, unpredictable, surprising, and powerful.
>Waiter: "Here is your drink sir!”
"Thank you!" Anon smelled the aroma of the hot, thick, nearly black liquid. It smelled something like bergamot oil. Tasting it, he thought it had strong earthy flavor with overtones of cinnamon and cloves. The earthy part reminded him of dandelion coffee back on Earth. He sipped and dug into the slice of apple pie.

Wanting to show his love for her, Anon had adopted some of Luna's methods and used them against her. Their encounters had thus been transformed into a new kind of game; a game of predators seeking each other out. In one instance, he had hung an enormous diagram of a proposed new observatory in her office, counting that it would attract her immediate fascination when she entered at the start of the work-night. Knowing she would detect him by her powerful sense of smell, he had added lightning-weed oil to the lamps. Lightning-weed oil was known to deaden the pony sense of smell and was thought to be a remedy for allergies. This made it readily available at Canterlot chemist shops. Hiding in the shadows of the office, he had crept up on her from behind, grabbed her by the flank and gently pressed the erection induced bulge of his pants against her tail-covered vulva. He made a little extra noise as he got closer to alert her so he would not get bucked. So, it had not been a total surprise. Still, she had loved the set up.

>L: "Hmmm! An excellent ruse, Anon! I commend your stealth and ingenuity. Perhaps I should induct you into the special services as well!" No sooner had she spoken than she cast her tail to the side, pulled out his penis, placed the tip against her vulva, and said with a whisper, "Were you an assassin, your master would have amply rewarded you. But since you are not an assassin with a master, I shall reward you myself! Push in hard, my love. As hard as you can. Assassinate me!" She had given the order with such a soul-twisting seductive terseness that Anon immediately complied.
Without the benefit of foreplay to loosen or lubricate her pussy, Anon had encountered strong, gripping tightness in addition to warmth. That was not the immediate reward however. Rather, it was Luna's unearthly vocalization.
>L: As Anon inserted as fast as he dared without ripping his sheath from its attachment point, Luna sang a throaty "Uuuuuhhhhhhh!" followed by a powerful "Nnnnnghhhhhuuuhhh" and then a final, bone shivering "Aaaaahhhhhh". Her pussy complaining at the sudden assault, Luna had felt strong pain in that initial thrust. Yet, that pain had been like a tightening spring that, when released, yielded tremendous pleasure. Taking a deep quivering breath through her nostrils, she let it out with a euphoric "Ooooooooooooo!"
They had then proceeded into a very vigorous and very sweaty love-making session in her office. In the afterflow of their passion, they had discussed the feasibility of the observatory depicted in the diagram.
Remembering her vocalization now as he sipped his drink and admired the mountain top still sent shivers up his spine. He had never heard anything as sensually dazzling as that. He reckoned he never would again, unless it was with Luna. He had also adopted her aggressive flirtation modality. One of his favorites was to randomly pinch her bottom, always getting a satisfied "Ooo!" in response. His other favorite was more aggressive. When the opportunity presented itself and Luna was distracted, he liked to reach behind and run a finger gently up the skin of her inner thigh to the space between her inner buttocks and vulva. He almost always got an involuntary shiver, a pleased smile, and bedroom eyes out of it. Sometimes, she met his flirtation and raised him one more by whipping her tail into his groin, as she had done during their first encounter, or something equally as assertive.

Anon contrasted this with Celestia. She loved their innuendo game and gentle, sweet flirtations. Additionally, Celestia adored Anon's romantic gestures and complements. However, while he was on night work they were on opposite schedules which made these methods difficult. Accordingly, their meetings had been singular events of intense romance that they had arranged through letters or during the few times they were able to speak when schedules overlapped. Sometimes, Luna arranged them through her covert intrigues. Letter writing had become the means by which they flirted with each other and built the passionate tension that would explode into sexual intimacy when they met. Besides this, Celestia had a sweet way of disarming Anon with her charm. Anon remembered one such steamy instance:

Following breakfast with Celestia and Luna, and after Luna had gone to bed, Anon had bid a good morning to Celestia before intending to head off to sleep himself. "Adieu, my love!" To his surprise, Celestia had responded unexpectedly.
>C: "Let me walk with you, darling! Anyway, I've finished breakfast and would love to spend a bit more time with you!" she had said with a beaming smile.
"Certainly, Celly!" As they began to walk together through the Solar Wing toward his chambers, Celestia spoke of the interesting things that were happening during the days when Anon was asleep. Anon, had found himself entranced by her beauty, tender voice, and her good-natured jokes related to her many social interactions throughout the day. She was finishing up such a story when something interesting happened.
>C: "...So you see Anon, the prime councilor had inadvertently volunteered himself to purchase donuts for the entire ministry!" After they both had laughed at the whimsical circumstance, Celestia stopped at a door in the Solar Wing.
In astonishment, Anon had not remembered how they got there. Listening to Celestia, being immersed in her charm, he had lost track of where they were going and missed that they had passed the corridor to his chambers long ago.
>C: Seeing his confusion, Celestia had offered, "You have been working so hard lately, I thought a trip to the spa might help you relax. I reserved it exclusively this morning." Celestia had used a tone of voice meant to melt Anon's heart and rubbed her cheek against his chest.
Looking more intently at the door, Anon indeed now recognized it as the door to the palace spa. Its use was reserved for palace workers and the royal sisters; even palace servants could use it freely when not reserved for the sisters. Even though exhausted, Anon could not turn down Celestia's heart-filled entreaty. She was ever concerned about his stress and well-being. Her thoughtfulness filled him with thankfulness.
>C: Reading Anon's thoughts, Celestia responded, "I know you are tired my love, but I promise after some relaxation your sleep will be far more effective."
"Well, I suppose that would be true." In short order Anon had found himself naked with Celestia in the steam sauna. Before going in, he had picked up some aromatic oil, dried herbs, and fresh birch branches from the supply racks. It was the custom of ponies to hang herbs from the ceiling of their spas and pour aromatic oils on the heated stones to produce healing and relaxing effects. This Anon did once they entered. The birch branches were to be used to gently massage each other.
>C: Now sweaty and with a wet mane that hung down the side of her body, Celestia had started things off. "Lay down on the bench, darling, and I'll give you a massage." she had said with caring radiance.
Anon had laid down on one of the benches, chest down. Celestia straddled him and used the sides of her hooves and the knees of her fore legs to drive every knot out of his back and legs. She had finished by drawing fresh birch branches over him, wiping off the sweat and imparting oils that seeped into his skin to produce a wonderful tingling sensation.
Anon had done the same for Celestia. By the time he had finished, they were both dripping with sweat. "Celly, you look uniquely beautiful with your mane wet and lank like that." Anon recalled saying. And it was true, she looked irresistible. In that utterly relaxed state, being in proximity to such beauty and love, Anon was unable to hold back. He had embraced her and kissed her passionately and she reciprocated.
>C: "Let's just turn the temperature down a bit, since we'll be adding our own heat to the room, shall we!" was all she had said while turning the valve handle just a touch. With a sweet smile, she rested her upper body on a bench and invited Anon to enter with a swish of her tail.
They had made love slowly in the steamy aromatic room, drenched in condensation and each others sweat, and inhaling the healing odors. First it had been from behind, then Celestia had laid on her back on a bench for Anon. It had ended with Anon standing against a wall, holding Celestia in his arms as she moved up and on his manhood until they climaxed. It had been slow, soothing, and wonderful. "This was a fantastic idea, Celly! We should do it again sometime." He told her in the aftermath.
>C: "I know, my love! It's exactly what we both needed!" was her reply.

Anon had never slept more soundly than after that intimate session with Celestia. In hindsight, Anon realized that making love that morning had been her intention all along. What led up to it was how she maneuvered him into a situation that would make it happen. Though he had tried to replicate her disarming ability, he never managed to pull it off with Celestia the way she could with him. Celestia was an adept master at using sweetness, nurturing, and gentleness to seduce. Now Anon recalled another curious instance that ironically involved Luna. After a joint meeting between Anon, Celestia, Luna, and the heads of their staffs, Anon, Luna, and Celestia had stayed behind in the room to discuss some particulars. Once that had been concluded, things took an unexpected turn from Anon's perspective.

>L: "...Well, it seems that everything is well settled then!" Luna had said. Then, eyeing Anon with a mischievous face, she had spoken again. "Anon, look at my big sister. Is she not exceedingly beautiful?"
Taken aback by the sudden question and not knowing where this conversation would go, Anon had answered, "Y-yes, she absolutely is!"
>L: Cocking her head to one side and giving Anon bedroom eyes, she continued, "Is she not irresistibly desirable to you? Luscious even?" At this point Celestia was giggling and blushing at her sister's antics.
Red-faced himself, Anon had admitted, "Very much so!"
>L: Then Luna had added motion to her dramatic performance. She got up from her chair and started walking around the table to Anon, speaking as she did. "Anon, wouldn't you love nothing more than to hold her in your arms and feel the warmth of her body against yours?"
Anon gulped as he looked at Luna and then to Celestion. "Y-yes, I would."
>L: Now next to him, Luna had leaned in and whispered in his ear while casting a knowing glance at Celestia. "Wouldn't you like to make love to her right now? What's stopping you, Anon? You can embrace her now and show her how much you truly love her! You can take her to the heavens and back!"
Anon again looked at Luna and simply gulped, before he shifted his gaze back to Celestia, who was smiling warmly.
>L: Luna had then turned and trotted out of the room with a parting statement. "Be gentle and loving with my sister, Anon!" Once the door clicked shut, Celestia spoke.
File: medium.png (415 KB, 607x600)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
>C: "Your work has been vary hard this week Anon. Care to take a break?" Celestia, playing the innuendo game, had emphasized 'hard'.
"Celly, it has been and is harder than you may realize. A break would certainly give me a chance to unload my worries!" Anon had given a sly smile at this remark, and in turn had emphasized 'harder' and 'unload'.
>C: Her eyes half-lidded, Celestia replied, "I'd love to help take that load off your back, Anon." Then, biting her lower lip, she had spoken in smokey overtones, "I have a nice, warm place you could rest yourself while doing so. It's very secluded!"
Laughing a little and breaking from the game for a moment, Anon had questioned, "Your sister really cares deeply for you, doesn't she?"
>C: Sensing an opportunity to be clever, Celestia had simply continued the game. "She does indeed, but not as deeply as you have!" Scrunching up her nose, she had added, "And I would wager you will care very deeply for me again in the not too distant future!" Celestia had dropped the tone of her voice slightly and lingered on 'deeply' in both comments.
Anon had laughed and replied, "Shall we then?"
>C: With a giggle, Celestia had simply replied, "Yes, let's!" Thereupon, Celestia had teleported them both to her chambers and into each other's intimate embrace.

Anon finished his drink, paid the bill with a generous tip, and began the walk back to the palace. He meandered his way there rather than take a direct route, intending to enjoy more of the city before arriving at the palace.
File: 1616263283882.gif (1.21 MB, 297x202)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB GIF
Nice seeing a flutterrape green in the flutterrape thread. Thank you and nice work
Very nice
Great work.
But Anon the thread's full of green
All of the other posters were gone. What could it mean? Stanley decided to head to the Meeting Room. Perhaps he had simply missed a memo.
Off page 8
File: 983467982345.png (380 KB, 819x1024)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
Anon, no! Don't be swayed by her... her cuteness!! She will lock you away in her chambers and have her way with you over and over!
Will she cuddle with me and play videogames?
File: 1632041196617.png (337 KB, 873x698)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
She'll be annoyingly clingy. Not letting you out of her sight and whining each time you have to use the bathroom.
File: 1632041692243.png (1.31 MB, 2532x1370)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Stupid, pitiful, ANON!! You have no idea what horrors await!
File: 13498672357.jpg (16 KB, 305x305)
16 KB
what's the matter, Prince? Afraid of page 10?
File: Likeabitch.gif (768 KB, 540x301)
768 KB
768 KB GIF
S-shutup! Not afraid! I'm not!
File: Spoiler Image (52 KB, 800x450)
52 KB
>You groan in annoyance.
>You decided to take a chance on another puckerhole expelled flick from the silver screen hacks of Gollywood, when you heard they were making a film based on your great,great,great,great grandmother, and her friends, but it was just another “Swift and Unhinged lll” tier flop fest with Saiyans in it.
“THIS IS TRASH! I can’t believe I wasted money on this!”
>You get from your seat in a huff. There wasn’t one ounce of satisfying rape! What’s all this big talk, and crying nonsense? Rape was a glorious, pleasurable, soulmate bonding interaction celebrated by your ancestors! Not this painful, scary crud!
“I’m so upset! So upset I could-“
>You watch Anon sweeping up scattered popcorn into a dustbin.
“…rape sonepony.”
Oh my god...
>Swift and unhinged
>Fast and Furious
The cycle begins anew.
File: Spoiler Image (670 KB, 1280x1822)
670 KB
670 KB PNG
>They thought they were protected from rape in g%
File: Spoiler Image (99 KB, 1280x720)
99 KB
“Hello there, Anon~”
>He looks up from his sweeping to you.
>”Can I help you miss?”
“Maybe you can…you see, I’m pretty unhappy with my movie, and I want a refund-“
>”Let me guess. “Fetish”?”
>He sighs.
>”I’m the current supervisor on duty, since my boss ran away-we called off. Look, is there anything I could give you besides a refund?”
>You grin.
“Maybe there is…”
>You slowly walk towards him seductively.
“First off, you can help me out-“
>He backs up into the snack counter.
>You stand up on him.
>You unzip him, while he trembles.
“-me your-“
>You masterfully pull his shame from his tighty whities.
>And give him a little lick.
>Pic related
>Anon scampers off sobbing.
Anon was pent up
>"Are the scones to your liking?"
>You mechanically have another mouthful of buttery jam and moist dough, prompted by a prick at your back.
>You can't deny they're good, but the circumstances take most of the joy out of eating them.
"Yes, Princess Luna," you say after swallowing.
>Luna nods and averts her eyes again. Every time she glances at you and makes eye contact she immediately breaks it with a besotted school-girl smile.
>Even so, her lips tremble. She's trying not to grin, trying to restrain herself. Some part of her is trying to appear like the Princess she's supposed to be.
>"That is good. I am glad," she sips her wine, then nearly knocks over the bottle when she sets her glass back down, but corrects it quickly with magic and a nervous laugh.
"So," you pat your legs and move to rise, "this has been fun, but I need to get--"
>Someone clears their throat.
>You immediately drop back into your seat.
"Get... back to this. It's been fun and we should carry on. That's what I meant."
>Luna's grin breaks through.
>"I'm glad you're here with me. I'm glad you agreed to do this, even. No one has ever taken me on a date before and I feel... lonely, at times."
"I, uh, can't take all the credit for the date. But I'm happy to keep you company, even if it takes," you check your watch, "four hours."
>The table before you is spread with empty plates, smeared with crumbs and sauce, and myriad wine bottles opened and sampled only once. Luna was was indecisive as to what you might want to drink, so she asked for everything.
>Since the meal ended three hours ago, you've just been sat here making small talk and eating an ever-growing pile of desserts.
>If you didn't have diabetes before, you sure as shit do now.
>Your legs are numb. You've been sat at this table for so long you're beginning to worry if you'll have forgotten how to walk by the time it's over.
>Luna brushes her mane back behind her ear and looks to the moon beyond the window.
>"What do you think of the night? Do you think it's beautiful?"
"It's okay, I'm not--"
>Someone clears their throat again.
"I-It's gorgeous."
>Luna smiles toothily and takes a keen interest in a crease in the tablecloth, opting to smooth it out and nod rather than risk looking you in the eye again.
>You glance back over your shoulder.
>A poleaxe hovering in a effulgent glow is several centimetres from your eyes.
>Princess Celestia's glare is set into her features like she was carved from stone.
>She's not moved from her spot directly behind you for the entire evening, her presence like an equine sword of Damocles.
"And so are you," you add to Luna. "You're gorgeous as well."
>A quick look at Celestia, and she grants you the smallest of nods, her expression unchanged.
>Luna bites her lower lip.
>"I-I... Thank you, that is very kind. It means a lot to me to hear you say that."
>She sucks in a quick breath.
>"So! I think, I think this has been wonderful. I..."
>She swallows. She's trembling, and she downs a full glass of red wine.
>"I will be... retiring to my chambers n-now."
>You watch her. Under the table, your fingers grip your knees with white knuckles.
>"W-would," she swallows again, "would you care to j-join me?"
>Cold sweat rolls down your spine.
"I wish I cou--"
>The poleaxe's point presses between your shoulder blades.
"I can't--"
>It presses harder. It passes though the frail fabrics of your jacket and shirt and pricks your skin enough that a hot sting has you straighten in your seat.
"Yes. I'll join you in your... chambers."
>Luna blows out her cheeks.
>"O-oh. Oh stars, very well. L-let us retire, then. Do you think we will need wine?"
>You look at the table and the dozen or so bottles of largely untouched wine.
"Yes. All of it."


>You accompany Luna to her bedroom at the top of one of the towers.
>A golden light illuminates your way from behind as you walk, the third set of steps keeping pace with you and Luna a steady rhythm.
>You feel like a prisoner on his way to the gallows.
>The clinking of the floating wine bottles travelling with you could be the clink of chains.
>When you come to the bedroom, Luna enters first, but you turn to her sister.
>You say nothing. Neither does Celestia. You watch each other, you uneasy, she resolute.
>The elder Princess sets her weapon leaning against the wall.
>She comes close, her eyes level with yours, and uses her weight to push you through the door.
"You're not coming in as well, you can't be serious," you whisper.
>"I'll come in here," she responds in a low voice, "to ensure you come in her."
>You turn around. Luna is lain on her bed, watching you and still trembling. Her regalia is neatly set on a nearby table, and she has applied far too much emergency perfume to herself since you can smell it from here.
>Celestia's lips come to your ear, her soft voice dripping with threat.
>"I have all night, but I won't see her kept waiting."
>You swallow the bile in your throat and approach Luna.
>The younger Princess wears an eager smile.
>"I have never done this sort of thing before," she says apologetically, "so please take your time."
>You strip - after a single hellish look from Celestia - and you climb under the covers with Luna, the lesser alicorn laying on her side facing you, head on the pillows.
>Another weight settles in behind you, and you find yourself sandwiched.
>You twist your head back to see the steely glare of Celestia, her hot steady breath on the back of your neck.
>"What are you waiting for, Anonymous," she intones.
>You turn back. Luna watches you attentively, all smiles and naïveté.
>"Celestia was very insistent that she attend our date. She said she wanted to make sure it all went smoothly. You don't mind if she joins us, do you?"
"Not... not at all."
File: 1618668722427.png (405 KB, 1280x720)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
>"Now kiss her lips, gently. Do as I say. If you hurt her, I'll castrate you and feed your balls to the ravens," Celestia murmurs in your ear from behind.
>And so, you do.
>The night lasts a long time.
>You're honestly more worried that Celestia had a 100-step action plan for how you were going to fuck her sister, than the fact that you ended up actually doing so.
>Once it's over, and Luna lies snoozing against you, Celestia grants you another nod and climbs out of bed.
>"There will be two more dates. And then you will ask her to marry you."
"...Yes, Princess."
>She leans down, her face an inch from yours. For a moment you think she's going to kiss you, but that's not how Celestia operates.
>"You'll be a good husband to her, won't you?"
>"You'll treat her properly?"
>Celestia shudders.
>"Pray that you do, human. Pray to every star in the sky that you do. I'll be here every step of the way to make sure you do everything properly. Every date. The wedding. The honeymoon. Everything to follow. She -will- be happy. There will be no other outcome."
>She turns and walks from the room.
>As she goes, you see her marehood, glistening and winking madly.

Celestia always gets what she wants.
How's Anon gonna get out of this one?
just do a backflip and the nuts will pop right out of her mouth
Celly's into some weird shit.
But not flutterrape green.
There’s poseyrape! That’s close!
File: NOZCdO7IsKs.jpg (33 KB, 454x349)
33 KB
Ancient one
Death is an acceptable alternative to being near your loony sperg of a sister, Celly. Do your worst, bitch.
Three shy horses to use their combined charisma to smile cutely and not say anything because of their shyness at Anon.
File: oop.jpg (79 KB, 746x732)
79 KB
File: 1634393757737.gif (267 KB, 500x588)
267 KB
267 KB GIF
I knew it! I knew this would happen! Ya fucked up, Anon! YA FUCKED UP!
File: 1637709019523.png (212 KB, 742x1076)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
>"Bailiff, drain his nuts."
File: Limestone.jpg (74 KB, 709x473)
74 KB
What kind of horrors then?
What if he consents?
That's not how the Rape Game works, Anon.
Exactly. That makes their rape invalid.
She'll make you read OLD MAGAZINES!
Get a load of this guy
>Page 9
>t. Mare
That's what they want
File: Spoiler Image (68 KB, 630x483)
68 KB
>They know.
>You're currently being raped.
"Man, I'm sick of this."
>"Of what?" says Fluttershy, bouncing on your lap.
"This. Feels like all I've been doing lately is getting raped. I remember a time when I used to punt you off my doorstep and call you a faggot."
>"You could still do that, you know."
"No. I can't. I got old and soft."
>"Well, that's not my problem. If anything, it's my gain. I couldn't stuff my womb with your cock back when you were younger, could I?"
"There must be more to life than filling middle-aged mares with cum."
>"If there is, then I don't want any part in it. Pull my mane?"
"No. I've decided to turn this around. No more calm, nice Anon. I'm going back to how I was when I was younger."
>"Is this a mid-life crisis?"
"No! Well, maybe. But I still have a point!"
>"To you maybe, but I-- ahnn~"
>She shivers.
"You good?"
>"S-sorry, just climaxed," she takes a moment, then continues rocking her hips against you. "I don't think anything needs to change. I like our new routine."
"Exactly. -You- like it. Well no more, I'm turning this around."
>"And how are you going to do that? I've got you held down."
"With -this-"
>You show her a card you'd flipped out of nowhere.
>Her eyes bulge.
>"What-- where?!"
>An Uno-Reverse Card.
>Fluttershy is hurled off you by an unseen force, and her body contorts in a non-Euclidean way that hurts to look at.
>"Agh!" she cries, "I'm raping myself! How is this even possible!"
"Yeah! Take that, you! Uhh. You fuck!"
>"Y-you might need to work on those insults if we're going back to the old days."
"Sure, give it time and I'll get back into the groove."
"Are you... alright?"
>"I-it kinda hurts..."
"...Oh God, I'm sorry--"
>"Can you take me to a hospita--"
"We'll get you to a hospital, sorry--"

Times change.
Very nice.
Make a ponepaste and/or namefag, I don't want to lose these to the void
File: Bonbontrayal_1.png (2.55 MB, 1536x4617)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (49 KB, 393x585)
49 KB
>The final days of G4 Flutterrape before Anon is reincarnated in G% to meet Butterbutt’s great x3 Granddaughter

Are you ready for Flutterrape beyond?
Could be decent.
>Raped in the future
You’re too ready to be molested
File: 13462462235.png (58 KB, 277x238)
58 KB
>You're brushing your teeth in the en suite bathroom when you hear a tap on the bedroom window.
>Brush still gripped between your teeth, you move into the other room and pull the pane up.
>Fluttershy is perched on a tree branch beside your house, the tree having previously been your ally in keeping away prying eyes, but now a turncoat aiding a hostile foreign power.
>She totters forward a bit, scrambling to retain her balance with a panicked look and several correcting wing flaps.
>She offers you a small wave when you stick your head out, mumbling what might be a greeting in the typically indecipherable dialect of Fluttish.
>You give her a blank stare, toothpaste foam seeping between your lips and dribbling down your chin.
>"Um, this is for you," she says after a lengthy awkward silence.
>She offers you a shred of blue fabric. You take the offering with a sense of unease, pinching it between two fingers as if too much contact will render a disease.
>"It's, um, blue."
>You squint at the dangling fabric.
>It is indeed blue. Quite remarkable that she was able to accurately ascertain what it is.
>You look back to Fluttershy.
"Buh," you say instead of "what", spraying teal foam across her face.
>She shifts herself on the branch, looks down at the grass below, sucks in a shuddering breath, and extends her wings.
>She flaps each one in an alternating rhythm, bobbing her head and shoulders from side to side in a strange horizontal dance.
>You attempt to engage her in discourse, albeit over the toothbrush still between your teeth, but before you can open your mouth and spray foam at her again, she whistles.
>It's a tuneless whistle, though that's not for lack of effort.
>She's clearly trying to hold a note, but she can't because it's Fluttershy and she's terrible at everything.
>She whistles high and low, attempting to linger on one of the higher notes that she probably thinks is impressive but all it does is elicit a feeling like scraping sewing needles against your eardrums.
>She stops - mercifully - and offers you another shred of fabric, this one yellow.
>"Yellow," she states.
>Once again, her powers of observation stagger you, and it takes every ounce of willpower to prevent yourself from stumbling backwards in the face of her earth-shattering divination.
>It is, against all predictions, yellow.
>"I got you blue, yellow, and a dance. L-lemme smash?"
>She gives you a hopeful look. The look of a filly who's just entered her first school science fair and is disproportionately proud of her potato battery.
>Only instead of a potato it's a used condom, and instead of a battery it's an embarrassment.
"Mo," you s(pr)ay with conviction.
>Your finger reaches forward and pokes her in her fluffy-puffy chest.
>She waggles her hooves madly, completely forgets how to fly, and topples backwards off the branch into a bush.
>Several small birds rush to her aid, then perch on her out-sticking legs and mock her by whistling properly.
>Stupid bird-horses.
File: Mating dance.gif (999 KB, 560x315)
999 KB
999 KB GIF
File: 983765409827409576.gif (2.33 MB, 992x950)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB GIF
Only a matter of time before she tries other mating rituals.
>You're on sat on your patio, overlooking your modest garden.
>A book lies open in your lap. A drink sits within comfortable reaching distance. The general noise level from the neighbours and local children is minimal.
>This might be a perfect day, if not for the bees.
>Every so often, one of the little buggers meanders too close for your liking.
>You aren't overly bothered, though. A mere gesture with your hand is enough to dissuade them.
>You wouldn't want to harm the gentle flower bee.
>They are friends, even if they do have a tendency to panic and forcefully evacuate both their stinger and half their internal organs at the first thing to make them jump, making their only form of self-defence technically a murder-suicide.
>But that's what your grandpa would have called "fucking metal", so you've decided you're alright with bees.
>Slumped in your chair, you close your eyes with your head tilted towards the sun.
>There's only the slightest breeze, just enough to take the edge off the rays pinking your cheeks.
>A wayward bee wanders close.
>You wave it off.
>A few minutes pass, and another one makes a pass.
>You wave that one off too.
>You feel like the Karate Kid waving his hands around.
>Wax on, wax off, buzzy dudes.
>"Buzz buzz," says a third bee as it draws close.
>You wave your arm and lightly pat the bee's fuzzy muzzle with the back of your hand.
>Your lips purse and you dare to crack open an eye. You regret doing so. Regret is a stalwart companion in this world.
>Fluttershy has once more invaded your territory and is up to no good.
>You can tell she's up to no good for two reasons.
>Firstly, she's alive. That's never a good sign for your continued sense of well-being.
>Secondly, she's dressed like a giant bee. She only wears costumes when she's about to do something monumentally stupid, and sometimes she doesn't even bother with the costume.
>Fluttershy's face isn't far from yours, and you lay in your deck chair unmoving.
>You watch each other like two stray cats encountering in an alley.
>Fluttershy stares, unblinking. She's transfixed, and you'll admit you start to feel self-conscious.
>"Buzz," she whispers, almost awestruck.
"What the dickens," you mouth silently at her.
>After a solid minute of nothing but staring, she waggles her behind around, twisting her entire body into each gyration but never looking away from you.
>The stinger portion of the costume bounces with each turn. It would be hypnotic were it not attached to your least favourite of God's creations.
>You reach a hand out for your newspaper, not looking away from Fluttershy for a moment lest she interpret your breaking eye contact as weakness.
>Before you can retrieve your tabloid arsenal, your wood-pulp Excalibur, she launches at you.
>Reclined as you are, you can't stop her.
File: 1624773019890.png (164 KB, 522x531)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
>She's all over you, like a bee crawling all over a lush flower, which is probably too on-the-nose of an analogy, but you don't care because Fluttershy is currently crawling all over you and you've got more pressing concerns.
>You rise from your seat bearing her weight - she's not very heavy, all things considered - and thrash around your garden for a bit, like you've kicked a wasps' nest and are fending them off.
>Again, you could've thought of a more poetic comparison, but then Fluttershy briefly stuck her nose in your ear and "SNORFED" and if you've ever had a horse sniff at you with their tickly whiskers and fat nostrils you know both how loud and how unsettling it can be.
>As it is, you're giving it all a good flail. One of your finest flails, easily in the top three behind the time you set yourself on fire and the time you actually did kick a wasps' nest.
>Fluttershy crawls around to your back and hooks her hind legs around your midsection, like a backpack full of rape.
>She then starts batting at your head with her hooves.
>Perhaps this is part of an actual bee's mating ritual, but to you you're just being assaulted with horse hooves atop your noggin, and it hurts like a mother fucker.
>You try to cover your head but the blows keep coming.
>Thankfully, she switches things up and tries stroking your face from behind instead.
>You're having none of it, and grip her legs, one in each hand.
>With a great wrench, you rip her from your back and hold her outstretched before you, glaring at her like she was a puppy you'd caught pissing behind the sofa.
>Only then do you sniff. Only then do you nearly retch.
>The scent is awful. Like a mix of moist hay and Chanel No. 5.
>With no further incentive needed, you overarm hurl her, the pony soaring past your garden hedge and into the pond not far beyond.
>A heavy splosh tells you it was a bullseye.
>And with that, you retreat indoors to shower and grumble.
>Insects are the worst part of summer.
i was thinking the same thing
well done anon
i was starting to wonder if i was the only one who remembered that meme
File: beeweapon.jpg (45 KB, 600x421)
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File: Perfectly ordinary bed.jpg (306 KB, 1024x1024)
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306 KB JPG
The next one is lewd, steamy, and brutal. Maybe I'll just post the link though.
Shouldn't, but would.
File: 1650669709974.png (204 KB, 648x408)
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204 KB PNG
Here's Part 16. Anon has a rather brutal encounter with Princess Luna. Decided to give the ponepaste link instead of pasting the whole thing in the thread. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!

Nice, glad to see it all saved in one spot.
I wonder what that would feel like
Like having an orgasm through your knees
Yep! Still have two parts to write though. Might be able to do it in one. We'll see. Regardless, will post the link.
>You're out for a night walk when Fluttershy crashes into a nearby tree.
>You know it's Fluttershy because you've developed something of a sixth sense for her these last few years.
>It's like Spidey Sense, but for rape.
>She pries herself off the trunk, face and chest covered in lichened bark, and hiccups.
>The mare totters about on the spot for a moment, her glaring eyes focusing and unfocusing on the offending tree, as if it's at fault for getting in her way.
>She sees you at last and from a place unseen retrieves a thick glass bottle of some sort of spirit.
>She knocks it back and gulps down several mouthfuls before belching in your direction.
>An acidic waft burns your nostrils, even from where you're standing.
>"F-found you!" she blurts after a hiccup. "There you are!"
"You good? Hit that tree pretty hard, might have a concussion."
>"The," hiccup, "the only cushion I've got is my flanks, and-- and I don't see your face between them!"
>She staggers forward, tripping over her hooves and mostly falling the distance between the tree and you.
>You don't move from where you are, and the little pony slumps against your bare legs, taking a moment to rub her face along the hairs with a drunken giggle.
>"I'm... I'm fed up!"
>"Fed up with you and your legs, why won't you love me?"
>You attempt to extract yourself, but as if sensing your intent she wraps three hooves around your leg and hunkers down, weighing you to the path.
>You could still probably walk, but it would be a chore. You make peace with the idea that your nightly jaunt has ended.
>With her fourth hoof she grips her bottle and indulges in frequent sips, coughing after every other swallow.
>"It's been... weeks!"
"Yeah, and you're still at it. Still... doing this. I was impressed last week, by the way. That camera you installed in my shower. Very bold. Very creative."
>The camera was like one of those old camcorders from back in the 80s. She'd duct-taped it to the shower head.
>She belches, sips more spirits, and gurgles.
>"That cost half my monthly salary."
>You frown in disbelief.
"...You have a -salary-?"
>"When are we gonna do it, Anon? How long do I need to do this? Can I... can I lick your dick yet?"
>She trails off into giggles and mumbled repetitions of "licky dicky".
"No, you can't."
>You take a broad swing with your leg, trying to dislodge her.
>Several kicks at the air later, and all you've accomplished is getting Fluttershy to spill half her bottle on the front of your leg. And herself.
>"Oh, to be a married mare," she laments in inebriated dramatics. "Oh, to come home to my big mushy husband. When are we getting married, Anon? My mom keeps asking me when she's getting grandfoals..."
"When pigs fly," you mutter, kicking out again before giving up and trying to pull her off by hand.
>She nuzzles her cheek against your wrist as you tug.
>"You're so nice to me... massaging me in public... Can we do it, Anon? Here? In the road?"
"I need to have a word with Applejack, I don't know how you got that shit, but it's way too strong for you."
>"I -stole- it."
>She laughs, and it trails into a secretive snorting punctuated by hushes.
>"Don't-- don't tell her! Shushushush, don't tell her I stole it, but I did it for you. I did it for you... do you want some? It's really g--" she hiccups, "good..."
"You sure? You look like you hate it."
>She nods laboriously, head lolling like it weighs ten times as normal.
>"It's-- it's horrible, I-I hate it. I -hate- drinking it but it makes the bad feelings go away..."
>Something in her tone stops you. This isn't drunken and horny Fluttershy, this is something new.
>You stop prying her and sigh, casting one last regretful look at the moon. It watches from above, probably amused.
>You slump onto your bottom, ignoring the pebbles and gravel of the path pressing into you, and rest a hand on her mane.
>She automatically relinquishes your leg and moves to your lap, flopping her head against your ribs and emitting a low noise, like a groan, but trembling.
>There you both sit for a moment, getting used to the new position.
"What's up, Shy. Why are you stealing booze from Applejack," you voice is wearier than you expected.
>She's quiet, and for a moment you think she's passed out. You become more aware of the stones digging into your legs and butt, but don't move.
>"I'm really, really lonely, Anon," she says into your shirt. "I have so many wonderful friends, and all my animals to keep me company, and I love them, and they're wonderful, and... I'm just so, alone."
>Your chest becomes damp. She's crying, and though she's entirely at fault here a tug of guilt still snags at you.
>"I want someone to hold me. Can you please hold me?"
"I am holding you."
>"Hold me more."
>You roll your eyes and put your arms around her.
>You shouldn't. You know this is only going to encourage her, but kicking her whilst she's down feels wrong, even if it -is- Fluttershy.
>She mumbles some more, but you don't catch it. She keeps doing it, and after a while you notice that her pauses aren't hesitation, but rhythm.
>You strain your ears and pay close attention.
>She's... singing to herself.
>You lower your ear and listen. Her head shifts slightly and frees her mouth from your shirt.
>Her voice is ghostly, barely heard, but said in a sleepy lilt like she was singing in a dream.
>"...My breaking heart, and I agree, that you and I, could never be, so with my best, my very best, I set you free..."
>She shivers. You hold your arms tighter around her.
>"I wish you shelter, from the storm, a cosy fire, to keep you warm, but most of all, when snowflakes fall... I, wish, you... love..."
>She's silent. Still. Asleep.
>You rise from your sitting position, still holding her to your chest with a hand under her rump to keep her secure.
>And, with a resigned sigh, turn on your heel and carry her home.

That was a nice story.
And it’s not like she’ll wake up remembering he was nice to her.
This is the good shit
Off 10
Sometimes... shes not so bad.
yeah that's the ticket
That was really good
Damn horses keep nibbling on my neck.
File: 1436095801961.png (61 KB, 387x366)
61 KB
They're horny, Anon.
Oh no
>The shadow drifts across the lawn.
>It barely touches the grass, leaving not a single print in the blades.
>It passes up the drainpipe as if carried by the wind, and flutters through the open window on the second floor noiselessly.
>It could have been a dress, or some other delicate piece of clothing, caught on a midnight breeze and floated across town.
>But it isn't.
>The pony perches on the windowsill, wearing the gloom like a form-fitting piece that hides her from view.
>She stalks across the room, hoofsteps light as feathers.
>A bed dominates the centre, its occupant in turn dominating the bed.
>And the pony's thoughts, to an extent.
>He slumbers beneath the covers, the great shape rising and falling with shallow breaths.
>His relaxed expression, lightly shone upon with ambient moonlight, is as reassuring as always. This doesn't -really- hurt him, what she's doing. He'll be fresh as a daisy come tomorrow afternoon. She's not a bad mare.
>The pony smiles, and runs a tongue over her pearly fangs.
>Tonight, she will feast, as she has every night since she became afflicted with this curse.
>Though it's a questionable curse that grants the afflicted everlasting life and strength beyond mortal means. One might consider the cost of such gifts a manageable burden. What are a few drops of blood to a mare that can outrun a speeding train and shatter solid rock with her hooves.
>The pony moves closer to the bedside and gazes down lovingly at the slackened, drooling face of the town's only human inhabitant.
>He's none the wiser. He never is. He'll wake tomorrow with a mild headache and chalk it up to not getting enough sleep, same as he always does.
>The perfect food.
>The pony pulls back the covers and--
>Another hoof touches hers in the darkness, and she yanks it back with a yelp of her own.
>There is fumbling, a thud of something hitting the floor, shushes, and then a bedside light flicks on.
>Rarity stares dumbly at the other pony across the bed from her.
>"Rarity! Wh-what are you doing here?"
"What am-- this is my man!"
>"No he's not, he's mine!"
"I saw him first!" her voice is approaching shrill.
>Fluttershy shushes her with a pleading look, and the two of them watch Anonymous snore between them.
>He doesn't stir.
>His being a heavy sleeper has helped a great deal in Rarity getting her nightly feedings.
"How long have -you- been coming here?"
>"Um, for a week or so?"
>Rarity puffs her chest out.
"Well -I've- been slipping in through his window for a month and a half. He's -my- mark, so go find your own. What are you doing here, anyway?"
>"What are -you-?"
>Rarity narrows her eyes at Fluttershy.
"Some things, darling, are best left unsaid..."
>An ominous silence descends between the two friends. Rarity considers her new-found power, and Fluttershy's demure nature. If it came to it, could she silence Fluttershy? Perhaps their friendship won't survive the night.
>Rarity tenses and looks coolly at her friend. Perhaps former friend. Would a sacrifice need to be made to keep her secret? Would Rarity have the guts? She thinks she would. And she likes the sense of control it gives her.
>Fluttershy cocks her head and gives a small shrug of her shoulders.
>"...So like, are you a vampire as well--"
"Uhyes, yes I am--" Rarity nods quickly.
>"Right, right, m-me too..."
"Well, that's a relief."
>"How long?"
"About two months. I was feeding on woodland critters before now."
>Fluttershy gasps, eyes wide.
>"Rarity! How could you?!"
"Well how were -you- getting by before Anon?"
>Fluttershy curls her mane around her hoof and looks away.
>"Um... would you be mad if I said... Sweetie Belle? She was the first pony I saw after I turned and I figured if I could keep doing it to the same pony it would limit the damage I was doing, and she's young and healthy so it's not like it... hurts her... right?"
>Rarity stares at her, wondering if there's supposed to be civility between vampires or if she has the greenlight to pummel Fluttershy.
>She purses her lips in thought.
"I suppose she -has- been paler than usual of late."
>"So... are you mad at me for feeding on your little sister?"
"Are you mad at -me- for feeding on your animals?"
>They watch one another, each wary of the other's power.
>Then they decide that Friendship is Magic™ and that they could never hurt someone they love, so they reach over the bed to share a tight hug and a girlish giggle.
>Anon snorts and they break apart quickly.
>"So what now? Do we share?"
"I... I suppose it won't matter -too much- if we share. He's a big fellow and has a lot of, ah, fluid."
>"Right, right. So, we'll take it in turns with his cock?"
"Yes, you--"
>She double-takes and tries not to shout.
>Fluttershy glances sideways with a nervous look.
>"Um. D-don't you suck his cock too?"
"Fluttershy, I'm a vampire! I suck -blood-! What in Equestria have -you- been doing?"
>"But that's what vampires do, isn't it? T