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Previous Thread: >>38539598

Fauster's Story Archive: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XiJRe1NWl_kIoWsHssZ27BMV7bZAe1jgX59-dWggYkA/

Uh-hmmm's Prompt Archives:

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not to save anything of value on pastebin
ignore all attempts at early new threads
ignore new threads by the cheerimac poster
first for Luna is best princess
It goes without saying
i love mares so much its unreal
Do mares engage in “menposting”?
im not gonna talk about it this time i swear
>ywn spy on your marefriend bragging about her manfriend on equestriachan
why even live bros
File: 1596060147735.jpg (79 KB, 480x315)
79 KB
Got you famalamadingdong
Thank you mein nigger.
You use an icon.
You use an icon of a background mare.
You use an icon of a background mare famous for being a doormat who makes bad decisions.
Of course you're going to talk about it.
>I adore his kind man spirit
>he's still replying to it
You fags are actually hopeless. Fuck this thread. I'll wait until this all blows over.
Fund it
Captcha: DHREE
It'll all blow over by end of tomorrow at the latest.
File: 1648747655993.png (622 KB, 1000x1000)
622 KB
622 KB PNG
How about some discussion you dumbfuck niggers? What part of RGRE society (shit that pegasi do, or unicorns do, or weird cultural bullshit native only to really small farming towns like Ponyville) do you like but isn't brought up in greentext or discussion very often? Swooping season? Unicorns dazzling stallions with a magical lightshow? Mating plumage?
>retards falling for the worst quality baits
seems about right for any thread anon. Just ignore it and enjoy the fresh greens
Pegasi tufting up their chest and waving their wings around males trying to get their attention.
Adorable and funny yet strange to all other races.
>Birdmare dances around her unicorn crush during lunch
>Wings opened up in a strange way, chest fill up with air and tuft so much it looks like its going to explode at any second
>face crunched and concentrated in holding her breath the longest posible
>After 5 minutes of straight dancing the Stallion unicorn just gives up trying to hide his face from the attention of all the ponies and screams
>that was a week ago
>now he is about to weed this pegasus mare who dosent stop looking proud among her family or birdheads
Quit continuously drawing attention to it moron. You can't say "if you ignore it it'll go away" and then in the same breath also go "HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT THIS LOOK AT THE AUTISTS DOESN'T THIS DISCUSSION MAKE YOU MAD".
Earth Pony mares showing off by pulling carts by the cord with their pussy
>>now he is about to weed this pegasus mare who dosent stop looking proud among her family or birdheads
>Caramel is secretly a murderous psychopath who "weeds" out mares for being not up to his standards of the perfect wife
>When a mare approaches Carmel he always lays a dark earth pony hex upon her.
>If the mare practices good hygiene, she is safe.
>But if she, like many others mares, does not properly wash her junk, then the trouble begins.
>Weeds will begin to grow in the crust of her cunt.
>This is obviously very uncomfortable for the mare, but will let Carmel know immediately whether or not to keep chatting her up.
>Better to find she's nasty now than on their wedding bed.
I wanted to give each tribe a unique betrothal item. Unicorns give rings, earth mares give special flowers, pegasi give jewelry made with their feathers, stuff like that.
I could never come up with something good for bats.
>I could never come up with something good for bats.
Branch of their home-tree, for grafting?
I guess that works. Especially if I go with the "gothic tree house" aesthetic I was thinking of. But that begs the question, what do they do if they're marrying someone without a tree to graft the branch to?
Bats would probably take that to mean you have a small family, or you were kicked out. It's probably an insult somewhere to hope for a bat estate to have wide open (and empty) fields.
I can see that. Thanks.
>tries it on applejack
>bonsai-tier apple tree starts growing out of her snatch
>her harassment of caramel triples as a result
>Bat ponies know that different cultures exist and that not even the other races of ponies put as much importance on fruit trees as they do
>However, it's so ingrained in their own culture that they can't help but feel sorry for Anon when they find out he doesn't have a fruit tree to call his own
>"I know humans don't do that, but it still makes my heart sink when I see his empty yard. It reminds me too much of when poor aunt Love Bite got kicked out of the family by Grandma. Poor bitch didn't even get to take a branch with her."
>Batpony marefriend cuddles Anon extra tight that night
Did she get Thanos snapped in that picture?
>Look at what you're even getting upset over. It's a thread on fucking 4chan about a children's cartoon show, you dumb nigger. It's literally the least significant and meaningful part of your life. I can't stand the autists in this thread half the time, but I don't chimp out like a toddler would because I'm a big boy with adult problems in my life.
>tl;dr: get a life, eat my nuts
Is this an example of irony? A hypocrite maybe?
Assuming mating displays different between tribes, wouldn't this be really confusing?
Also, we've had earth mares digging holes, but what do unicorn mares do to attract a mate?
Don't talk to it.
File: 1612113621523.jpg (31 KB, 602x720)
31 KB
How big would the apples be?
>Anon picks up on his marefriends distress.
>While visiting her home one evening he asks her dad about how he'd go about finding or choosing a "Family tree."
>He's not quite sure and say's he'll ask around and look through their history books, quietly thinking that this kind of thing is straight out of a romance novel.
>Cant find anything concrete, past a certain point in time most bat traditions were taught orally rather than writing things down, the only way that's noted for someone without a family tree to gain one is to be adopted into a family.
>He's willing to do that for Anon at this point, but it'd defeat the purpose of the intended romantic gesture, not to mention the idea of grafting a branch of the same tree back onto it feels unsettling.
>Eventually settles on writing to Princess Luna, if anypony would know ancient history it's their matron princess.

Inspiration ran out of steam but
>Something something Luna sympathies with Anons situation, and knows his character from the occasional dream skimming.
>Offers to gift him a branch from something that only grows in her personal dream realm.
>Tells him that if it survives a full month under his care that she'll formally adopt him so he can use it as part of his marefriends tradition.
>The familial relationship between Luna and Anon can be as close or as far as he wants to make it, although she confesses her hopes that they could at least grow to be friends, should he succeed in this task.
Old thread old drama, cunt. Leave it alone.
File: 1510041807765.jpg (86 KB, 342x342)
86 KB
crab apples
i don't know how i missed that STD pun earlier, but here we are
Fucking kek, I didn't even think of that either
>being adopted by the matron princess of the bat ponies
Bat mare is going to be hit with a wave of anxiety once she learns of that.
w-what happens if I talk to it?
then you'll be forced to read bad greens until the heatdeath of /mlp/. greens about anon the edgehog killing all of the changlings with his jackie chan tulpa, and how he fucks every single mare until they explode.
nerve gas
File: 1647738905300.png (805 KB, 1778x2143)
805 KB
805 KB PNG
way to make it sound like an interesting prospect kek
>Luna pulls the overprotective mother bit for a laugh.
>Made your marefriend so nervous you couldnt hear her talk for the rest of the night and one of your windows cracked.
>Luna apologised inbetween amused giggles and offered to pay for a few dinner dates for you both.
Meanwhile Celestia is low-key jealous she cant find the time to drop in and be the cool aunt that gives you booze.
Your pee-pee falls off.
Fuckdamn, bat ponies are cute. Do you think bat ponies ever sell the fruit that comes off their family trees? You can't tell me there wouldn't be a market for "mangos grown by [famous bat mare]'s family tree!" Wouldn't even have to be objectively superior-quality fruit, it would just have to come from the famous bat pony's tree. Humans have perfume that's named after celebrities, and that sells. The celebrity doesn't even make it, what a gyp.
Replying to what.
Anon x nightmare moon what happens.
Something something heirloom tomatoes something something family tree "heirloom" fruit
>This just in, breaking news
>Two mares in heat brutally taking advantage of an emotionally distressed ape monster
>Xenozoologists baffled
>Replying to what.
My favorite song by Lil Jon.
How is discord and tirek viewed in rgre
discord is the whimsy god, unless he is turned into based eris or something.
i think ive heard tirek mentioned once in any of the greens, and it was just anon killing him to prevent the alicornification of twilight
How are*
Tirek is a cautionary tale of not letting radically progressive stallions hit the gym/a rule 63 snusnu monster
i think you already know what happens when anon falls in-love with an evil tyrannical mare
>implying i had one in the first place
I'm sorry for your loss. Dick-fall-itus is a disease we should all be aware of.
it's been said before and it will probably be said again:
tirek is so goddamn dangerous and such an existential threat to ponies that him being a male does not factor into any rational discussion ponies can have. think of it like coming across a polar bear on the open ice. you don't particularly care if it's male or female, because what matters is you're about to be that thing's lunch if you don't have a very big weapon to stop it
now irrational discussions like very drunk or particularly heat-addled mares are an entirely different matter. they may see him as a Poison Ivy-like homme fatale where they know it's a bad idea and they know they'll get their magic horrifically siphoned from them, but they can't help but imagine getting rutted by an increasingly swole (and presumably hung) centaur. especially if they've met anon and connect some wierd dots that centaur == best of both ponies and men
Nah. Tirek loses to the doomstar because its too big and powerful for him to absorb.
>tirek choking on anonicon's huge ball
what in the tranny
>Bat ponies are rare in the more populated areas of Equestria, such as cities.
>This is because all the sound can grate on their nerves due to their superior hearing.
>Even so, for bats desperate for work, cities offer a guaranteed source.
>The extensive sewer systems and maintenance tunnels need constant inspections to ensure their safety, which bat ponies do better than anyone.
>Their sonar abilities allow them to scan the walls of these places in complete darkness, and still pinpoint structural damage.
>Thus bat ponies in the city get paid well, even if it does mean having to deal with all the extra noise and the lack of familiar faces.
>The latter reality of city life for these ponies is also why they tend to congregate together, if only for the sense of familiarity and comfort.
>Where you see one bat pony in the city, you'll see multiple, often just hanging out.
>For one particular group of bat mares, they have created a little game when they're off duty.
>They like to sit up high and watch passerbys, taking turns cat calling at attractive stallions below in pitches that they can't hear.
>It's a game to see who's willing to say the most scandalous thing about the colts, as, even with the knowledge that the stallions can't hear them, they can practically feel the spirits of their forefathers grasping their chests in shock.
>One day, however, as they call out to an exotic stallion below walking with a fancy cane, the male comes to a stop.
>One girl keeps yelling how sexy his long legs are and how nice his butt is when he suddenly turns his head up to face them.
>He smiles and tips his hat.
"Why thank you, young lady. I do try to work out. I'm glad the effort is paying off," he yells up to them, getting the mare who had moments ago been shrieking to clam up, face red and eye-slits nearly invisible.
>His sunglasses flash as he turns away, walking with a little more strut in his step and with a twirl of his cane.
>Trill had to make it up to that stallion.
>That's how she justified going around the city asking about a tall, bipedal, well-dressed male until she eventually tracked down the neighborhood he most likely lived in.
>It helps make her feel like less of a creep, plus it's mostly true.
>She can practically sense her ancestors holding their heads in shame.
>A part of her is also curious on how the stallion heard her when even among her fellow bat ponies, her voice is considered surprisingly high pitched.
>Eventually, she does spot her target, and decides to trail him (not creepily!) for a bit just to get an idea of how best to approach him.
>As she does so, she starts to notice something.
>His cane constantly tapping in front of him.
>The minor hesitation as he approaches curbs and steps, seemingly feeling them out with his cane for a split second before stepping up or down.
>How his head remains almost constantly forward, not swiveling to take in his surroundings.
>It seems strange at first, until she realizes with dawning horror what it all means.
>This colt is blind!
>And she was sexually harassing him!
>She's practically a predator!
>Well, she is, but only to bugs and mangos before.
>She has to make this right, but she's drawing a blank on how.
>She's so worked up that she doesn't even realize she's started mumbling to herself in her inaudible voice, a nervous habit she picked up and never kicked once she moved to the big city as there was never any ponies who were bothered by it as they couldn't hear.
>Just her, her friends, and one other.
>The strange stallion starts to slow his pace for a little while, then speeds up, taking seemingly random turns and twists until entering a dark ally.
>Doesn't he know that's dangerous?!
>He could be attacked or molested or worse!
>Trill quickly follows after him, intent on keeping him safe, but as soon as she flies around the corner, something loops around her hoof.
>She looks down just in time to see it's the strap of the cane before the stallion pulls her down into reach of his arms, which he uses to push her against a wall.
"Why are you following me?" he demands in a stern voice, expression inscrutable behind his sunglasses.
>She's so caught off guard that all she manages when she opens her mouth at first is, "Eeeee..."

On the off chance someone wants to continue it.
File: 1578266807719.png (747 KB, 1024x1024)
747 KB
747 KB PNG
Could be good, I'd read it.
Johnny Bravo is the ultimate Himbo.
This is undenied.
But who is the ultimate cartoon House Husband and RGRE father?
I nominate Kronk from the Emperor's New Groove.
I was tempted to say Dave the Barbarian, but he's actually only sixteen, despite being a very RGRE stallion.
I don't think he's ready for fatherhood, being more of a Caramel-type.
Or maybe we go super old-school.
Anyone remember Gargoyles? One of the titular gargoyles, Broadway, loves cooking, reading poetry and literature and Shakespeare plays, and is the most sensitive one of the bunch. He also has a very fatherly body. Mares would love him if they could get passed the whole monster thing.
Oh, my poor lad, you can still live a full, happy life even after suffering the consequences of the dick-fall-iris disease. As long as you have balls, you are a man.
Daredevil in equestria a cool idea
File: Mycroft1.png (1.7 MB, 1165x734)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
Hey so I've been ignoring this general for no good reason despite last year getting really interested into bad boy romances and wondering why are there no bad girl romances.
Do you guys have any such greentexts and is this general suited for this exact discussion?

>Why do we not have any bad girl romance novels written exactly like bad guy romance novels?
>Why do bad girls never give off the same emotion as the bad boyfriend stereotype?
Wait, are you asking for a story where Anon is dating a "bad girl", because we've got sirens or Gilda stories, albiet usally with them being cute and just putting up a tough front.
Or are you asking for legit, "I can change her" stories where Anon is actually dating a piece of shit mare/girl that abuses him to some degree?
The latter. I am asking for stories similar to "Beauty and the Beast", "Wuthering Heights" and "Heathers".
fuck off
No, also you're ESL and a bot.
>similar to "Beauty and the Beast
Gaston did nothing wrong
I loved how Gaston was basically the stereotypical good guy of the story, but Disney turned him into a villain.
Disney basically did their first parody of a fairy tale before Shrek did. Sadly it was just 1 character, not the entire movie.
>Not wanting Shrek by Disney.
I rike thing
Not to my knowledge. I've seen a few prompts similar to what you're asking for, but they don't often get followed up upon.
>wanting anything by Disney
there's a big difference between nu-disney and the big guy [4u] Walt Disney himself.
Disney was never the good guys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UETalbNYQP0
When filming an Air Bud movie Disney used unsafe practices that lead to the infection of a couple dozen puppies and the death of nearly 10 of those puppies. One of Disney's most acclaimed films, a nature doc, showed lemmings leaping to their death, only they weren't leaping to their death or following instinct. Disney pushed them over a cliff to shoot a scene that showed the lemmings suicide myth.

Disney has never been the good guys.
ok? but what does that have to do with walt disney?
The doc was filmed during Walt's lifetime and while he was head of the company.
Walt had nothing to do with Beauty and the Beast so goalposts aside I don't know what your point is
>Disney pushed them over a cliff to shoot a scene that showed the lemmings suicide myth.
It's actually worse than that but that's the gist of it
ok, for a while there i thought you were saying air bud was filmed while Disney was alive.
the point i was trying to make is that disney while walt was alive was better than it was/is after his death
The relevant point is that Disney was never good; Disney was always propagandized
>Walt Disney in Equestria when
Hopefully never
Still mindbroken I see
>Sadly it was just 1 character

>little 9yo prince does the responsible thing and does NOT let in an old hag inside.
>gets cursed into beast because of it.
Still a bot I see. You will never solve that captcha without the 4chan pass.
To kill a green and drive all its fans insane without even trying to... Truly that ESL is the most powerful shitposter to ever live.
That face when I have not been posting anything about the tyrant twilight for a while despite being the one who admitted to posting a lot and being called ESL.
Yet I somehow drove the past serval threads insane
I say this without a hint of irony, you've made more of a splash in your short time posting than most people do in years. And I don't quite know what that means, but it sure means something.
could you all fuck off and stop talking about it jesus christ.
>Read the old thread, and there's unironic faggots defending off topic blogshitting up the thread with cooking over a green
The absolute fucking state
That's already a common occurrence in real life.
I've seen many, many decent men in relationship with horrible, crazy women for years that just make them miserable until they finally smarten up and dump the girl.
What usually follows is the girl spreading rumors that he was mentally and physically abusive so all the local simps turn on him and he's forced to leave town or risk being jumped in the streets.
Anon dating a "bad bitch" in RGRE is pretty much the same, though hopefully with the masses taking his side in the inevitable breakup.
File: she has a warrent.png (66 KB, 485x466)
66 KB
around bats never relax
Could this be RGRE'd?
I'd add:
>GILF becomes a motherly figure to a lot of these stallions who's own mom's disowned them upon finding out they were "entertainers".
>The pony who actually does run the business is even older, and after getting over her initial suspicion of the other mare, starts to think that perhaps she's found her replacement.
>Asks the Mane6 mom if she would want to take over the company as she would feel better about her retirement if she had someone to look after her colts who won't take advantage of them and treats them right.
>Said mare, who's been retired for some time and has little to do these days, ends up agreeing.
>Thus we get a M/GILF (depending on who you choose as the MC) becoming a pimp of a bunch of stripper stallions.
>Maybe the other Mom's end up roped into it, and you have this group of older mares running an escort service.
I'm not touching anything from that thread with a 40 foot pole.
that was actually me but i appreciate you starting all of the work for me. could not have killed that green or shat up this thread without you ^>:)
Both me btw
Keep your shit out of /rgre/
This could really make for a nice RGRE story, too bad you guys don't do anything but greentext. I'd love a full on animatic with good voice actors, but good luck getting a convincing female voice actor.

dude don't just fucking out ourself like that
fuck off with this pozzed yt shit
>last video was from 4 years ago
Ur not my dad. How could you be?
Since you're me.
we're gay
We've heard of things that you should avoid doing in poner society, like wearing socks or openly holding hooves. But what about things you'd be expected to do in Equestria that would be rude NOT to do?

>Not making small talk at the market with the venders makes ponies think you don't want to connect with them
I could also see a green where Anon ends up opening his own strip club/escort service thing.
Stallions are more willing to work for him because he's a male like them.
Anon feels like he's herding cats most days.
"Boys! Boys! What's all this fighting about?!"
>"He's been stealing my ball bras again!"
>"I just borrowed a pair for my last job! I even washed it before putting it back!"
>"The smell of that gross ball oil you use doesn't wash out though!"
>"Lavender and orange peel is a great scent!"
>"Why are you even using my stuff anyway?!"
>"It was a highend client and you have the best lingerie in the building."
>"You can just buy your own!"
>"We don't all have family in the ball bra industry than can get us expensive lingerie for next to nothing!"
>Anon merely sighs and rubs the bridge of his nose.
Shut the fuck up my nigga
>>Not making small talk at the market with the venders makes ponies think you don't want to connect with them
I like that idea. It'd be strange to think about but fits very neatly into pony society.
>Ywn get branded a reclusive emo-colt for not being good at small talk.
File: Love snuggle.gif (1.54 MB, 1280x989)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB GIF
>Have to make small talk for ponies to like you.
On the one hand, if they actually gave a shit and it wasn't just an awkward social dance where any deviation from "I'm fine, and how are you?" causes a stumble, that'd be pretty nice.

If it's mostly like it is on earth then just check me into the changeling hive motel, at least they care about my feelings in so much as it is food for them.
You two need to grow up.
If something can serve as inspiration to create a good RGRE story, then it's fine to consider regardless of the source.
The post you're spazzing out over was more entertaining than your completely pointless responses to it.
Stop shitting up the thread.
How often do you think mares come in and try to hire Anon thinking he's one of the workers?
Also, I could see Anon's brothel or whatever being staffed by more than just ponies.
Maybe he employs other species, too, like dragons and minotaurs, providing for Equestria's more exotic tastes.
Anon's ears not moving, and his comparably more stoic nature, assuming Anon isn't the kind of guy who makes reaction videos and has the outward responses of a normal person, he would appear almost unreadable or emotionless to ponies.
>Mares opening doors for stallions is something that dates back hundreds of years
>It was when the land was more wild and more deadly, with castles and booby traps and shit like that
>Kingdoms (Queendoms?) were falling at an alarming rate due to widespread war, and many noblestallions didn't feel safe in their own homes
>It wasn't uncommon for stallions to move to safer cities, further away from the ever-encroaching front lines
>Given the wartime and the more barbaric attitudes mares had in regards to stallions at the time, it would be smart for a stallion to surround himself with guardmares as he travels
>If a mare was escorting a stallion into unfamiliar territory, her honor demanded that she entered the room first to clear out any threats
>Society, naturally, romanticized the hell out of such a gesture
>Fast farward to more civilized times, and the gesture evolved into what it is today
>A mare rushing forward to open the door for the stallion
>It's a little bastardized, what with the stallion going into the room first instead of the mare, but that's what happens over the passage of hundreds of years
>If Anon were to open the door for the mare (which, to be fair, is just good manners), this would be seen as him throwing that all back in her face.
Here, take some autistic manners lore.
>Pinkie can read him just fine and introduces him to Maud.
Something something rock puns.
Talking to it.
Do not.
>implying it's not talking to itself
File: 1581895382218.png (1.56 MB, 1000x1000)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
It sure is autistic, and that's a good thing.
>It sure is autistic,
Thank you, I tried my best.
And I'd say you succeed in the best way.
I assume it'd be genuine things like "Oh you mentioned [thing], how's that been going?"
kys contentmaxifag
Flying dangerously close to a maxi pad pun there.
Sounds like a good way to get caught up in a whole discussion. Unless ponies are better at multitasking than any cashier/vendor I've seen, going to the market must be a pain if you're in a rush.
Otherwise it's a pleasant thought. I wonder how often group conversations spring up during the busier hours?
Remember the prompt about how both Anon and Maud are perfectly normal on human expressiveness levels, but are considered stoic and cold to ponies? Yeah, I liked that one, some slice of life green could be made with it. I already have my hands full though, so someone else will have to take this.
>I wonder how often group conversations spring up during the busier hours?
I imagine nearly all the time. Going to the market is probably a full day affair more often than not.
Intentional wording is intentional.
Dude’s lying these are different people
Then I give you the gold sillay star.
That looks comfy as hell, 10/10 would be fed on.
Wait, I'm a janny? I had no idea. I just thought I was a writer, but maybe it's a Tyler Durden situation.
Regardless, this is what I would do with these ideas. >>38554753 >>38554837

>Anon stares down at the paper his assistant, Garter Belt, has placed on his desk, fingers steepled in front of his frown.
>Well, technically, Garter Belt is one of his performers, but the amount of clientele looking for her services are pretty limited, what with her being this world's version of a butch lesbian, so she spends the bulk of her time under his employ working as his assistant instead.
>He shakes his head, knowing he's only using these idle thoughts to distract him from the problem at hand.
>"What'cha gonna do, boss?" Garter asks, worrying her lower lip. "This is, like, huge."
"What to do indeed," he mumbles.
>The paper was a request from one Pinkamena Diane Pie, one of The Ball Sling's most loyal and frequent customers, often hiring dancers for her numerous parties.
>By virtue of that, this request deserved more attention, as keeping in the party mare's good graces was important for their bottom line.
>But it's for whom the party she's planning is for which makes this a particularly important job.
>One Princess Luna, who's to have her first birthday since returning from her banishment and subsequent redemption.
>Normally Pinkie would know exactly the kind of dancer the pony her party was for would want, but the Lunar Princess' preferences are a mystery even to her.
>On top of that, half of his colts would be too nervous to perform in front of royalty, and the other half too afraid to perform for Nightmare Moon, leaving him with very few options.
>"Um, maybe I could go...?" Garter offers, peeking shyly from behind her pearl pink mane and with a slight blush on her even lighter pink cheeks.
>Anon smirks.
>He remembers how the mare before him was gushing over how adorable the newly returned princess was when she saw photos of her in the papers.
>Out of all his dancers, she'd probably be the most eager to please their client in this case, though not knowing which way the client in question swung made such a decision risky.
"Perhaps you can go as backup, in case Princess Luna has such preferences, but I think a male dancer will still be the safer bet."
>"But who?" she asks curiously. "I don't think any of our dancers have the experience to handle this kind of job."
>Anon closes his eyes in thought, then comes to a decision, standing up to walk over to a wardrobe off to the side of his office.
"You know what they say, if you want a job done right, you better do it yourself," he says as he opens the wardrobe to reveal a bow tie and banana hammock.
>Garter gasps.
>"Boss, you don't mean..."
"That's right, Garter. It's time for Daddy Long-Legs to take the stage once more."
>Maybe he employs other species, too, like dragons and minotaurs
Finding non-pony workers could be difficult, given how few of them there are in Equestria. I suppose it's possible that his business eventually grew big enough that it'd spread through word of mouth and strippers from other nations decides to come for the better pay/working condition?
I feel like the chitin will dig into your skin too much when a changeling lays on you.
How soft are these bugs?
File: e10.jpg (94 KB, 960x599)
94 KB
>It's time for Daddy Long-Legs to take the stage once more.
god damn what a stage name
File: MUCH_APPROVED.jpg (72 KB, 453x304)
72 KB
>daddy long legs
File: 177549-10924064.jpg (155 KB, 1255x934)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
My headcanon is that their chitin has a somewhat leather-like feel to it, with a slight give to it. Like the paddings of pic rel.
File: 1512695364786.gif (1.87 MB, 508x286)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB GIF
>daddy long legs
I don't know how I feel about the implication that to Anon, normal ponies are excessively expressive to the point they are bordering on literal wojak.
Anon is princess Celestias son. He is either a human or an alicorn. One day he and twilight start flirting for some reason the only male to flirt with that spurg is anon. What does princess celestia do
>What does princess celestia do
send twilight the same way bacon hair went, straight through a mirror and hope it is actually a portal
Celestia just picks up her student and yetis her through a mirror. I would have thought that was Lunas thing.
nope, Luna is too meek to actually do it, Celestia just spray paints her sister's cutiemark at the crime scene to get away scott free
Being princesses can’t they just pardon themselves.
Also what does twilight do when she gets up, and what does anon do after seeing this.
>assuming twilight gets up
>assuming the mirror doesn't end up being a portal

no one ever said anything about either of them facing punishment, maybe a weird pseudo false flag operation to advertise who is best princess to the masses

like the politically underhanded equivalent to a weight lifting competition maybe?
This is the reason twilight turns evil isn’t.
>I think you are forgetting that if it is a portal twilight will find her way out, get back to equestria then thank Celestia for giving her a test.
Then anon Being the worried colt he is will start cuddling twilight because he was so worried about his freind.
File: 1651739072395.gif (231 KB, 220x207)
231 KB
231 KB GIF
>Daddy Long-Legs
>Alicorn Anon tries flirting with Twilight just like his cousin blueblood taught him
>He's not a book so Twilight doesnt immediately pick up on it.
>Weeks pass of this before he eventually gets so frustrated he just blurts out "You're hot and i want to go for lunch with you!"
>Twilight looks up from her book in confusion and gently rubs a hoof on her chest.
>"I feel it's a bit chilly actually, and i should really finish this chap-"
>At that moment her stomach growled, causing her to blush.
>"Maybe skipping breakfast wasnt the best idea, Lunch sounds lovely."
>Anons just grateful thst he's finally making headway.
>An eavesdropping Celestia nearly gave herself a blackeye from facehoofing so hard.
>She loves her student but mother of stars that mare needs to get out more.
I usually like it when it’s twilight after anon but this works as well.
And then they both died from the doomstar falling on them as they exited the castle through the gardens.
I need the preunification green injected directly into my veins
Feel like this will end with Anon eventually giving up and moving on, then Twilight decades later having an epiphany out of the blue that Anon was romantically interested in her.
She decides this is the one time time travel is a good idea, if only to smack her stupid younger self.
>Older Twilight pomfs in.
>Quickly runs to a specific shelf in the libary and grabs a book.
>Slaps her younger self with it.
>Anon looks at the cover of the book.
>"Improbability Theory: 'Yes that colt is into you.' A dissertation by Dr. F Board."
Too bad, it's just Twilight shitting all the way down now I'm afraid
>Tyrantlight opens a portal to the anonicorn universe and steals the doomstar and leaves ketchup-slathered pizza as a calling card before using her magic to turn anon's penis into a horsecock while going 'woah' as he sings https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ
I've done it. you may not like it, but this is peak RGRE. we can all go home now
File: 1650856868416.gif (1.31 MB, 300x169)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB GIF
This is perfection. I can't think of any other autist-trigger this thread has to add on. Except maybe for referring to Tyrantlight's pussy as "a dirty trench" for bonus trenchfag points
you forgot the bandits and superior human stamina
File: 0.png (113 KB, 1323x486)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
This kills the tyrantfag
>Coltish Cum Farting (??)
>ntr, humilitation, verbal abuse.
Tyrantposters deserve no better and far worse
File: halo1.jpg (532 KB, 850x850)
532 KB
532 KB JPG
PREVIOUSLY: https://ponepaste.org/7272

>By the time the two of you make it to the griffon settlement, two days behind the fire-buyer’s retreat, you can already tell much has changed.
>Like your dragon friend said, it is just a short distance from a riverbank, though the vertical distance between the water and the griffons is quite large.
>With wings, you suppose, this is little different than a short walk.
>That wildgrass-stranded cord around the neck of the one you met was no unique thing; it seems griffons are quite skilled with the use of straw and other materials.
>Shelters of lean-tos consisting of little more than a framework supporting a crudely-thatched roof are still more sophisticated than anything you’ve seen elsewhere.
>From the look of patterns on the ground, many of these have been recently repositioned.
>In the center of the little settlement is now a huge fire pit.
>The shelters have been arranged to surround it, opening towards its warmth.
>Well, some are.
>Others have been flipped over so the roof slants towards the fire instead, you’d guess to provide darkness to occupants while they sleep.
>The shelters almost look as if they’re built to some sort of standardized pattern.
>While quality varies, they definitely share similar forms and construction methods.
>Outside this ring of shelters, exposed to elements, are other stations that seem dedicated to certain tasks.
>You can’t see anything in the way of tools, like the ponies of the earth had, but there are different raw materials stockpiled in certain places.
>Over here, a pit with hay or straw, weighed down by stones.
>Over there, some stacked, crudely-broken lengths of large branch of small log.
>Some of these look beyond what you’d expect from their physical capabilities.
>Perhaps they’d been getting help?
>In the center of all this, the fire pit was definitely a step forward.
>Its walls stood half the average griffon’s height.
>While this wasn’t much to you, it was much more substantial than the little rings you’d been scavenging for your campfires from whatever was present.
>This was not over-engineered; the fire itself was much bigger.
>The flames flicked into the evening sky about as high as your chin, about as tall as the shelters surrounding it.
>The broad, flat stones that built the wall were arranged in an alternating, almost interlocking way.
>Anything above this wall, however, was in a sorry state.
>A couple griffons were attempting to build some sort of skeletal structure around the fire at a higher level.
>They were not finding much success.
>Squawks of dismay echoed when some branches themselves caught alight, falling into the pit to fuel the flame.
>One of these poor griffons was the one who started this mess, a couple nights ago.
>From what you could tell, they were in charge of this operation.
>Not standing back and directing, but from how the others looked to it whenever anything went wrong.
>Poor thing.
>Maybe you can help.

>You step in past the perimeter of stocks and supplies ringing the tiny village, towards the center of activity.
>The fire-bringing griffon notices you before the others, and rushes over to you before you can step through the ring of shelters.
>Even with the avian facial features, you can tell the poor thing’s flustered.
>Noire steps close to it and leans down to eye-level. “What is wrong?”
>The griffon looks back and forth between you and Noire, then utters a few clucks.
>Noire turns back to you. “She’s trying to make your cooking stand.”
>You chuckle and shake your head.
“Ain’t gonna work with sticks.”
>You hold a hand out to the fire, a gesture you hope is understood as a request to lead, or asking permission to enter.
>They can understand your words, but your body language is much more complicated, what with arms and hands.
>Fortunately, something approximate goes through, and the griffon nods her head then turns to lead you to the center.
>Her interaction with you drew almost every other griffon’s attention, and they all watch you and Noire intently as you come to stop beside the fire.
>Like when that griffon first came you you, they have crude cords of shells around their necks.
>All except those attempting to build a structure around the fire, including that molly now.
>They instead have rougher cords, grass splaying out of the cord to give it a wavy and spiked appearance.
>Whatever cultural development was happening here must be moving very quick.
>Was this natural, or more of Noire’s acceleration at work?
>Noire’s already kneeling, taking her packs off by the fireside.
>You do the same, shrugging your backpack off and dropping it to the ground.
>withdrawing your little steel frame, you already know the fire before you is far too large to do anything with this.
>Seeing it makes the fire-keeping molly excited though, and she chitters at some of her spiked-cord companions.
“This is steel,” you say, holding it up to her and her companions. “You’re not going to be able to make this for a long time.”
>You look back to the fire in thought.
“There’s other ways, though.”
>Looking back to the firekeeper, you gesture at the fire.
“May I?”
>She nods hesitantly.
>You look back at the construction, hand son your hips, eyeing the size of the flame and the state of the hearth.
>The top of the flame licks the horizon, where the sun’s already set.
“You know what? How about I demonstrate. Lets get some food cooking.”
>The griffon nods vigorously, this time.
>Then she turns and squawks at another, one with shells like the rest rather than her acolytes’ frayed chord, who quickly takes wing and disappears from sight.
>Whatever the message was, other griffons seem to understand it, and they snap out of their rapt attention on you and Noire to bustle about towards ends unknown.
>When the one who took off returns, they’re carrying a load of fish.

>The others gather around, chucking shells at them and taking fish away.
>You turn to mutter to Noire.
“Definitely currency.”
>She nods as they finish their exchange, though a few remain.
>Most of these go the firekeepers, with a couple left, apparently for you and Noire.
>When the griffon reaches you, you toss her a few shells from the pouch the firekeeper left behind for you.
>The fishmonger looks surprised for a moment, before clucking, taking the shells, and leaving you the two fish.
>You turn your attention to the construction of the firepit.
>The construction was rather brilliant, even if accidentally
>Flat-ish slabs of stone, mostly the glittering schist formations dotting the island’s interior landscape you are now more certain than ever Noire created specifically for a rudimentary building material, layered on top of each other’s ends in alternating directions.
>Each “stack” of the ends created more solid corners, at very shallow angles, leaving the “faces” of the structure with voids every other layer.
>Heat radiated out from these from the depths of the fire’s base.
>While the gaps may have been enough to slip a filet between, it wouldn’t leave hardly any room to manipulate it.
>You need to, then, carefully remove one of the stones.
>How to do this safely without causing the collapse of the structure due to its interleaved nature puzzles you.
“Hey Noire.”
>She peers over to the spot of the firepit’s wall you’re contemplating
“If I open some of these out, can you conjure up some sort of support for the then-loose ends? And give me a couple stones about this height, flat on the top and bottom.”
>She nods, and the stones you requested appear at your feet.
>Getting one of the ends out is more difficult than you imagined, even only halfway down the stack.
>Noire helps out with her magic, supporting the weight of the rest of one corner.
>You carefully swing a stone out, watching the other corner it’s supporting to make sure nothing shifts dangerously.
>Your work is helped a little by the wind picking up slightly, driving the flame away from you a bit.
>Once you have it swing out perpendicular to its original position, Noire lifts a small column of rock up to support the now-free end.
>You repeat this process with the stone directly above it in the face, swinging that out as well, so the two look almost like a tiny gate opening to the flame within.
>Inside, within the base of the fire, you can just barely make out part of a smaller, inner ring, much more like the ones you build for your camp.
>They certainly outgrew it quickly.
“Alright, uh, lets copy this one a couple times.”
>When Noire does, you lay them down in front of this little gate, building up to the level of the opening you just made.
>You take your drawing slate and show it to her.
“Fire won’t hurt this, will it?”
>She shakes her head. “It is supernaturally resilient.”
“Good, cool, alright. Let’s do this then.”

>You lay the slate down on the layer you built up.
>It’s not perfectly level, but it’s good enough for a cooking surface.
“I think I just reinvented the oven.”
>”Invented.” Noire turns to you and smiles. “It is the first time, on this world, at least made by mortal hands.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right, since you did the one back home obviously.”
>Among many things, you are also now an inventor!
>You wave the firekeeper over.
>She quickly flutters over to your side, opposite Noire, and looks down at your work.
>You pick the slate up – it’s already warm – and waggle it.
“You’re going to need something like this yourself.”
>You put it back down on the opening.
“We’ll be cooking on it. Bring on the fish!”
>The firekeeper nods with excitement, then turns and barks at her acolytes.
>They spread through the little village, calling the rest of the griffons – who had been observing you at a distance – back closer, and marshal everyone into a rough queue.
>You clean the fish as each comes, making sure to keep the filets for each individual together and slightly spread from the others.
>You won’t remember who’s who, but you can trust the firekeepers for that.
You get quicker at cleaning the fish with every one, and manage to finish the last as the first is done cooking.
>By now the entire town is crowded in as close as they can get to you while leaving room for others, heads stacked around you three deep in a big feathery wall.
>You look for one of the frayed cords and wave with a hand.
>They wriggle out from underneath the pile and, in the cramped confines allowed to you, the head firekeeper, and Noire, delicately receive the cooked fish and shuttle it off to its waiting diner-to-be.
>The fish is distributed quickly enough, each finding its way to its beak as they come off your slate.
>Yours and Noire’s come last, after you’re sure everyone got their food.
>As you enjoy your now-well-earned meal, some griffons come over and offer you shells, but you shake your head and wave them off, pointing towards the firekeepers.
>They seem to be some sort of priesthood, you figure as you watch them.
>The frayed cords, shell-less, strike you like some sort of vow of poverty.
>Indeed, when the shells are placed before the head firekeeper, who gave all her shells to get that fire in the first place, she looks at them quizzically, before muttering something to another firekeeper, who takes them away… somewhere.
>Mealtime winds down into post-food socializing as more finish their dinners, and you’re soon surrounded by a chorus of utterly alien bird and cat sounds as you and Noire finish your own.
>The contented murmurs turn to squawks of alarm.
>You bolt upright and look around.
>One of the lean-tos, flipped to face outside rather than in, smokes, then bursts into flame.
>Embers from the fire, you now see, drift around the camp now that the wind has picked up.

>Noire disappears from your side, teleporting to the stricken structure.
>Thatch suffuses with the orange glow of her magic.
>The flames issuing from it seem to freeze, still as a picture, as you wonder what she could be doing to it.
>Then, all at once, her magic winks out and the flames vanish completely.
>The structure’s damage remains, but it’s no longer worsening, at least.
>When the alarm dies down, a shocked silence prevails.
>Noire takes the long and normal way back to your side, a half-eaten piece of fish sill levitating before her as she takes another bite.
>”We should probably do something about this,” she murmurs to you when she’s returned.
“We had ways of fireproofing things back home, but I don’t know of any primitive enough.”
>You look around.
>What could you do?
>The firekeepers are all looking to you, and you feel a surge of irritation.
>You’re supposed to be like a god, aren’t you?
>What else is a priesthood for but to carry out your command?
“Firekeepers! Keep your fire!”
>Their leader starts, then lurches into action, her acolytes gathering up the griffons who have finished eating.
>She looks up at the drifting embers, then extends her wings to sample the wind.
>Off she goes to the outside of the ring of dwellings, some of her juniors following her with a few dragooned griffons in tow.
>As a group, they lift the thatched wall, and move the structure back a good ten or twelve feet, before the head firekeeper gauges windspeed again, turning her wings this way and that.
>By the end of the process the structure’s almost twenty feet out from its original position, leaving its contents behind to be moved by who you guess must be its owner.
>They get to work on one of its neighbors.
>With the distance set, other griffons start moving theirs further out, and you watch the ring expand as more finish their food quickly to join in the efforts.
>All soon settle in this much wider ring, a distance you figure the leader calculated from her own experience with how bad the wind gets around here.
>It also gives you and Noire a lot more room at your place before the fire, and you take advantage of it almost immediately.
>You’re not interested in cooking yourself, after all.
>You brush some soot off your clothes, then retrieve the pouch and cord that was left to you the night before last.
>The firekeeper’s leader watches you approach, with an expression you read as consternation, or maybe even apprehension.
>But you can see her relax when you put your remaining shells at her feet, stopping to withdraw a single one from the bag as a keepsake for yourself and Noire.
“Use these to help that one fix their roof. If there’s any left over, keep it if this happens again. You’ll also need some sort of covering for when it rains.”
>You stand straight again, then look around.
“Oh, uh, and we’d like a place just for the night, if there’s any spare.”
>She opens her beak in an avian smile, then clucks.
>You could swear it sounded like ‘Duh.’

* * *
Was that the end of the update?
>>You could swear it sounded like ‘Duh.’
>species has fire
>species has ample access to straw
>anon doesn't teach them the basic of fired pottery and bricks
Damnit, anon, I know you're riding high on that hoerspussi high but this is some basic shit.
Well then it was pretty sudden and unlike how he usually ends it.
hm, i wonder if the sacred tree that will eventually grow into griffonstone will be planted here, or if that's further down the line or already happened and just needs to be found
Apologies; I didn't have room for an author's note after the scenebreak. 3000/3000.

All things in time.
Between their resources and fire and dirtpones figuring out rudimentary tools/eeven basic machines, things can really get started.

Noire has stated previously that once the island hits its carrying capacity, she's relocating everyone off it.
How can we start with a Genesis narrative without an expulsion from Eden?
On much better terms, at least.
Not only did I typo seven but there are only six.
Morning posting is suffering.
>How can we start with a Genesis narrative without an expulsion from Eden?
>On much better terms, at least.
that sounds amazing if it can be pulled off. the obvious metaphor is 'leaving the nest', but i wonder if things will really go that smoothly
>motherfucking engie
Floor Bored wrote a book?
Good for her.
The ketchup-slathered pizza is honestly the most offensive part of that.
Floor Bored...
Remember the old idea that Celestia had an alter-ego named Sunny Day and Luna had one too for when they wanted to go out and do stuff without being bothered?
What if there was a green where Floor Bored is the alter-ego of either Cadance, Twilight Sparkle, or even Flurry Heart for when they want to shirk their responsibilities for a bit and just act like a NEET for the weekend?
Perhaps they have an apartment rented out in a complex somewhere that's empty most of the time and Anon is the neighbor who's starting to think the reason he doesn't see the mare next door more than once or twice a month is because she's a super shut-in.
So he decides he wants to try and be her friend because he figures it must be a lonely life, and the rest of the story falls into line from there.
The real question is, how do we make it RGRE Enough?
>The real question is, how do we make it RGRE Enough?
Just juke the parts of Floored you liked and change them a bit. The author of Floored used to browse this thread, but he won't notice. And if he does notice, he won't care because he hasn't updated his story in like a year and a half.

Some Kind of Brony, come back baby, you can blame it all on me! I'll even get you those earrings you had your eye on, I swear!
I'm not entirely sure what you're saying. Floor Bored is public use anyway, KoB didn't make her, just wrote the most popular green about her.
She's just the NEETpone poster child.
Also, I never left, I lurk sometimes and write prompts on occasion.
Retiring Villain Anon moving to Equestria and getting a date with Pinkie Pie however many threads ago was me.
I was really hoping someone would have picked it up.
(heh, my captcha is ASSPR)
>KoB didn't make her, just wrote the most popular green about her.
I know, I meant gank the plot. My post wasn't very constructive. I let my stallion-like emotions get the better of me.
Can someone explain this to me? I've seen 0 post shitting up the thread about tyrant twilight, and like 40 posts false flagging those interested in the last thread alone.

The tyrant story wasn't even a full dump, and I'm not sure it was even advertized after that, and certainly not even a major topic of conversation, what the hell are these autists even obsessing about enough to false flag it?

This isn't even gatekeeping, this is like bandits harassing a beggar woman, and stopping her from entering town.
Because ESL-kun kept posting about it endlessly for like five threads after.
There was minor backlash from the story itself - it was meh at best - but ESL-kun's inability to stop posting about it brought about the insane shitfests.
The one who admitted to posting a lot isn’t even the one posting about it all that much in this thread anymore that is someone or a lot of different anons, I don’t think I have talked about tyrant twilight this thread other then saying I have not been posting.
I just want this horse to hold me and tell me it'll all be alright and then ten minutes later ask me for a sandwich
File: Such Technique!.png (241 KB, 800x600)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
Once every other thread is not endlessly, and to be honest not the worst we've seen. That's not a justification for the falseflagfag anyway.
>reddit spacing
Separating idea paragraphs is a typewriter habit you worthless zoomer phoneposter
It's bringing up tyrantshit out of nowhere and making excuses for people gatekeeping. Of course it's going to look retarded.
Don't talk to it, you knuckle dragging caveniggers.
>1-2 sentences is a paragraph now
Oh no no ESLbros our education isn't working out so hot.
Zip it cuck
They can't help themselves, anon. They are more concerned with being angry that it overrides any kind of logic. It doesn't matter that the thing they're angry about was five threads ago, they have a deep NEED to keep being upset about it and forcing it to be a topic of conversation until they get angry about something else to distract them.
Their minds are dominated by outrage, literally contaminated by modern internet culture.
I use WinRar.
Is 'it' in the room with us right now Anon?
Those aren't paragraphs. Paragraphs typically have, at a minimum, between 3-5 sentences, a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding and or transition sentence. They are meant to convey more complex thoughts in a clear, coherent manner. Your post was a bunch of bullet points with delusions of grandeur.
Implying I paid for it
Allowing stallions on the marenet was a mistake
based ngl
Clue's in the name, dykes. The only time you should see a stallion online is if they're flashing you their balls.
Celestia showing twilight how to worship a cock so she will be ready for her son anon.
Was that ever really touched upon?
Imagine it, Celestia is foal grooming a young Twilight Sparkle to be the perfect romantic partner... for her son.
And Luna's all "I'm more in touch with the values from literally 1000 years ago, and even I think that's weird"
This is bait >38559232 because shitposting had died down
No shit, sherlock. Every single time the thread stops talking about the shitposting, the shitposter comes in acting like a clueless faggot "just asking questions" in order to stir shit up. And every single time, it's worked. I don't even know what to tell you at this point.
should have added anthro as a last minute detail
>NOOOO You cant just talk about a rgre green in rgre
take your meds
Celestia is like twilight is fine with.
Twilight nods from her room filled with pictures of celestia and anon.
Luna is very weird out by this well some ponies were trained to be sexual partners it was those of the stallion gender. Now sister is training a mare who I thought to be like a daughter to her to be some sort of whorse for her son. The weirdest part is she does not know if she should congratulate twilight for scoring as the mares would say or free her from your sisters abusive clutch’s. Though twilight is very happy at her role and when ever your nephew touches her with his finngers she just melts. What should you do.
Learn English
File: 1631691997791.gif (4 MB, 320x180)
4 MB
What in the ever-loving fuck did I just read
I guess an interpretation of Prince Anon in which he's still human. Rare. Perhaps a case of Infant Anon ending up in Equestria and being adopted by Celestia?
Or do you mean using two n's in the word, fingers? I can only assume that fellow got rather excited as he typed.
>On one hoof, while grooming a colt to be a perfect husband in the future was perfectly reasonable, Luna having started doing just that with the young Pipsqueak, doing so to a filly was abhorrent.
>It was only the fact that Luna just returned to Equestria less than a year ago that stilled her hoof about confronting her sister about it.
>After all, if she started making accusations like that now, ponies would just assume it was a ploy to take the throne for herself as Nightmare Moon.
>And yet, she owed Twilight Sparkle so much.
>Sure, the mare seemed more than happy, and Anon was a perfectly lovely stallion despite his mother's obvious insanity, but Twilight has been practically brainwashed by Celestia.
>No, Luna had to help, but she would have to be subtle about it.
>She would infiltrate Twilight's dreams from now on and slowly undo the forced affection towards Anon by making her have nightmares about the colt.
>It would be painful now, but both of them would be thankful.
>Twilight would have back her Goddess-given right to choose the stallion she wants, and Anon, bless his heart, won't ever have to learn about how the mare he loved was twisted by his own mother to return his affection.
>Yes, this is obviously the right course of action.
Apparently it's his native language, even though he posts in the middle of the night during English speaking country hours
I wrote it wrong because I wanted Luna to pronounce it wrong, like how ponies sometimes mispronounce human.
>Twilight asks Luna for help one day.
>Luna thinking her plan is working goes to see the filly.
>the moment they are alone Twilight breaks down and tells Luna how horrible she feels about having nonstop nightmares about anon, how she feels like a complete failure of a mare.
>she confesses that well she lets anon do anything he wants to he in the dreams she is still a failure for having them.
>twilight then wraps her legs around Lunas’s legs before collapsing to the ground crying like a foal.
>to see her first friend like this is terrible but the next part might have been even worse.
>twilight says with tears running down her face and snot coming out her snout.
“I don’t understand why I am such a failure of a mare I did everything Celestia told me to do and I am having here horrible thoughts that’s why I asked you and Celestia my problem and for help.”
>and Celestia.
>the words ring in Lunas mind.
Where's Cadance in all this?
You'd think the Princess of Love would have at least something to say.
Sorry Anon but Luna seems pretty retarded here.
>Anon asks her where she wants to go for Lunch.
>Twilight, being a social autist, picks the easy conveinant option of the nearest fast food place that has her favourite hayburgers.
>Their singular escort / chaperone is a well trained guardsmare, a single tail flick the only outward sign of the restrained cringe of second-hand embarrassment she's experiencing.
>Celestia, still eavesdropping, is internally screaming at her student.
>Anon, being a prince and never having much reason to 'eat out', has never visted the place, but is always happy to try new things and trusts Twilights judgement.
Everything goes better than expected and they have an enjoyable casual time talking about their studies, Celestia leaving back to her duties part-way through.
>As they're leaving, Twilight spots a bit of sauce on Anons face and gently uses her magic to wipe it off.
>He asks her to wait, saying she's got some on her too.
>Leans forward and kisses her on the cheek.
>She looks at him in confusion, a light blush dusting her face.
>He laughs and said it was fun, and they should go out for lunch again sometime.
>Twilight absently agrees, trying to process what her feelings are doing and why she really wants to analyse the memory of Anons lips, his warm breath on her face, the way his eyes seemed to sparkle as he looked back her with a smile, and a host of other things about the past 10 seconds.
>He starts walking back to the castle, Twilight following after taking a moment to realise she wasnt moving.

I really prefer pony-anon for this, kept it vague though for people that prefer human anon.
Well, Luna did try to take over Equestria over what amounted to not being paid enough attention, so...
>Talking to it
Do not.
File: 1502521213431.gif (1.01 MB, 480x270)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB GIF
>ha ha not talking to it doesn't work
That's because you keep talking to it retards. What's next are you going to drive around without a seatbelt on and disregarding road rules, get into a crash, and then look at me with a smug grin and say "I guess driving laws don't work"? Dumb faggots, you've somehow squeezed and shimmied beneath the already incredibly low bar of expectations I already had for this thread's behavior.
File: Stop It.jpg (290 KB, 1342x2048)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
At the rate people are falling for things or pissing themselves at their own or other's shadows I should try and actually focus on the archive trawling.
Some interesting findings were that all four Trophy Husband Anon posts were in the "first" thread. I also collected three stories that I don't believe were saved, but one is for roody poos so I don't think it'll make it out of the pile.
I guess my IP was banned due to evasion from /int/, despite me never going there. Fun stuff.
always fun finding out you've been IP banned. Good luck with the archiving!
File: Wheeze.png (171 KB, 1000x820)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
>Twilight goes to Cadence for advice on her new feelings.
>"...then he kissed me on the cheek and ever since then it feels like i swallowed some butterflies, or a couple of birds and why are you smiling so hard?"
>The following squee woke up some of the night guard on the other side of the castle.
"Oh Twilight i'm so happy for you, you found yourself a coltfriend!"
>"What? No, Prince Anonymous just wanted to have lunch and talk about what we're learning recently, he actually had an interesting perspective on Rubybright's theory of-"
"I dunno Twilight, that sure sounds like a fun date to me, well, minus the study talk at least, your brother and i normally cuddle or play games together. You should try that for your next date! I can ask Shiny if Anon's mentioned any favorites during their morning exercises."
>"Cadence please! I'm too busy studying even if Anon wanted to be my coltfriend, which he doesnt as we just had lunch together between our lessons! I still need to figure out how/why a doppelganger of me attacked me in the library."
"Oh yeah, i heard about that, i've heard about "throwing the book" at somepony but not at yourself...I wonder what shiny would think about two of me, do you think there's a spell for that, and if it could just be using on a single body par-"
>"CADENCE! Ew! That's my BBBFF you're talking about!"
"Yeah you're right, i'll save that thought for his birthday. Did the other 'you' say anything after she assaulted you? That's the book there isn't it?"
>"She did actually, she said "Page 42 and tell Cadence she was..."
"Tell me what?"
>"...That you were right."
>"Oh shut up! This is probably just a prank! I bet there's just a crude drawing on that page in the book too."
"Well why don't you open it and find out?"
>"I Will!"
>Twilight flips open the book to page 42 and quickly reads it, her eyes widening as she does.
"So? What does it say?"
>The purple unicorn starts robotically reciting as she reads.
>"...the stallion had an enjoyable time with this social meeting he will proceed to make (or take advantage of) an opportunity to administer a kiss and express a desire for further social interaction. It should be noted that a kiss applied to your lips directly on the first date is uncommon, and may be an indication that the Stallion is a THOT(See page 31).
A detailed explanation of any unusual feelings you may experience at this time can be found in chapter 3."
>Pic related.
>I guess my IP was banned due to evasion from /int/, despite me never going there. Fun stuff.
That's rough, Mr Skeltal. Thanks for archiving everything for all this time. You didn't have to, but you did it anyway. So thank you.
i imagine cadance is one of if not the smuggest of horses
i hope shining keeps her in line
It keeps getting better
smug lovehorse is a blessing unto the world
Hey /RGRE/
What would you consider your favorite rgre story?
What would you consider to be the best rgre story?
Is this in the same universe as Luna giving twilight nightmares about anon.
>random one-off green
>part of a shared universe
Is this the power of autism?
Nah, that's a separate thing.

Everything I've wrote for this prompt so far.
>Everything I've wrote for this prompt so far.
I love it and I want more
separate universe by the look of it. if i had to venture a guess luna either doesn't know yet or is giving twi the benefit of the doubt since the dork wasn't the one to escalate from 'lunch with a friend' to proper date
i don't really have favorites, but the ones i remember the best(that are finished) are ones like diggy hole, LaP, that one green with tempest and the airship, gardener anon, etc. honestly, id reread the whole archive again if i wasnt swamped with a million other threads and greens to read.
ESL-kun, you know almost every story here has nothing to do with each other, right?
i will always have a soft spot for single dadnon
File: Squish.jpg (238 KB, 850x474)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
>"She took him to that burger place just outside the castle? Oh mare, i bet the tabloids are going to have a field day with that one."
"I think it was perfect, just a casual date between friends that are exploring the idea of more, even if one of them didn't realise that until roughly three hours later."
>"You're the expert, and it certainly explains why Prince Anon was in such a cheerful mood this afternoon."
"Oh i'm so glad he wasn't just tolerating Twilight, she told me all they did was eat lunch and chat about their studies, so I was bit worried he was simply humouring her"
>"Ha, trust me, i hear enough complaints from Blueblood about Anon's "Complete lack of decorum and proper etiquette" that even Twily would recognise it."
"You're talking about the filly that literally had to Time travel a few years and slap herself with a book in order to realise that she went on a date."
>"Hey! She's not that bad, sure she can be a bit dense when it comes to romance, and other feelings, and other ponies in general that aren't immediate family, but she'd definitely know she was on a date."
>"Why are you giving me that look."
>"Haha funny joke Caddy.
>"Sweet Celestia that actually happened didn't it."
"There there, it's fine Shiny, concerning methods of interspatial reasoning and potential paradoxes aside, she's aware now and more importantly we get to help her plan the next date!"
"Of course! You're Anons Stal-pal™ and my wing-mare for this shipping operation, dont you want to him and your sister experience the magic of Love and have their souls frolic in the fields of amore?
>"You've been reading those weird comics again haven't you."
"Those novels have so many great ideas!"
>"Just promise me you wont reuse the dialogue, the Prince might think she's possessed if he hears my sister saying some of the lines I've read."
"You weren't complaining the other night~ "
>"Well yeah, it's different when you say it, you make everything sound great."
"You're such a goofball."
>"Gasp, I've been found out, hide me quick before my cute marefriend finds out."
"Dont worry i'll make sure she to hide you nice and tight, you're too good for her anyway."
>"Love you Caddy."
"Love you too Shiny."
File: 1479599392858.jpg (548 KB, 776x1200)
548 KB
548 KB JPG
I enjoy pictures of these two.
Anon there are three ponies in that picture
aww, what a nice couple
it's a shame that bro-tier stallions like Shining Armor are the exception and not the rule
File: 1515673518084.jpg (26 KB, 500x372)
26 KB
Incorrect. Flurry Heart is 50% Cadence and 50% Shining genetically speaking, so you can subtract her and add half a person to Shining and Cadence. So really there's 1.5 and 1.5 people there. And that equals... 3 ponies in that pic.

Wait, shit. I fucked up.
Are there any stories about anon thinking the guard were anything other than glorified eye candy and joining up?
>anon used to be in the military/police force
>old habits die hard, so he decides to become a royal guard
>petitions celly for it and she accepts with little fanfare
>he thinks that she saw the potential in him due to his large size, determined outlook and discipline
>truth is, she just has a thing for tall, exotic males and thought she hit jackpot when anon brought in his papers
>as a result, she makes anon his personal guard and makes him stand next to her during day court(if a little in front so she could admire those flanks)
>even kits him out in a custom made set of armor that fits him juuuust right
>anon of course believes that celly truly sees him as a valuable asset and competent guard and feels honored that not only did she make him her personal guard, but also gave him a nice set of armor designed specifically for him, though he does feel like it could do with a little more padding for protection
>he brings this up to her, to which celestia quickly makes up some bullshit about it being "enchanted" to dissuade him from trying to get any more dressed
>cant have her favorite new eye candy cover himself up, now can she?
>anon is completely oblivious to celestia's lecherousness
theres a few, moon knight being a fun one
>moon knight
Care to sauce me up?
its a kinder/rgre hybrid, but i like both genres so your mileage may vary
there was a second luna knight story somewhere, i forget the title, where he was frozen in time while helping nightmare moon that was alright, i think its KIA though
And anon lived happily ever after, retiring of old age. Unless you toss in some conflict.
>Canterlot wedding, changelings attack
>Guardsmares get taken down one by one
>Anon is stationed outside the wedding hall, defeats dozens of changelings trying to reach Celestia
>is the last one standing when the love blast happens
>Guardsmares fucking mind blown
>Anon is disappointed when he finds out the armor wasn't enchanted at all and was actually kind of crap, gets lots of injuries
>Be Rainbow
>The other day, you had beat the new kid Anon that you'd be able to outrun him
>It was an easy bet
>Be was a big, slow boy and you were, well, YOU
>You knew you had it in the bag, and so would anyone that knew you
>Even so, Anon took you up on the bet
>If you won, you'd get whatever you wanted from him, and vice-versa
>It was hard not to laugh at the offer
>Anything you wanted?
>That was one heck of a temptation
>If you were a meaner woman, you'd abuse the heck out of that
>Thankfully, all Anon would be in for was cleaning your apartment
>It needed a mans touch, and you really hated cleaning
>So, upon an agreed time, the two of you met up at the old High School track field
>And, somehow, the natural order of things was turned up onto its head
>Anon won
>He barely won, just a foot or so ahead of you, but he won
>Spitting in the face of every deity and force of good and evil, that boy beat you
>Thank the goddess that just the two of you had been there at the time
>Your pride was already in tatters
>Having an audience would have meant you'd need to move
>Still, you were a good sport
>He won far and square
>So, you asked him what he wanted, bracing yourself and your wallet
>Your Wonderbolt job paid pretty well, but you knew how boys could be
>Lady knows you'd feel a gun-ho shopping spree if that was what he wanted
>But, surprisingly, that wasn't the case
>You found yourself in your bed
>Anon was on top of you, his face pressed against your chest, his arms wrapped around you
>Your back was propped up with some pillows, meaning the two of you were in a half sitting position
>Anon's breathing was slow and steady, but you could tell that he was awake
>It was awkward
>THIS was awkward
>But you were doing your best, running your fingers through his hair while trying not to look or touch anywhere you shouldn't
>Sunset had said that this fella was weird--something about growing up in a real rough place--but this was pretty far out of left field
>Anon wiggled closer
>He looked up at you, nearly in tears
>"Could you do me a favor and tell me I did a good job?"
>Your mouth just sort of opened and closed
"I... for what? The race?"
>"Just anything. Please."
>You bit your bottom lip
>Not able to help yourself, you wrapped your legs around him, pressing your face into his hair
>Anon just sort of melted, a shutter--and what sounded like a sob--leaving him
>Sunset must have been right
>They must have abused the poor guy wherever he was from...
"Hey, Anon?"
"You're going a good job. I'm proud of you buddy."
File: 1577851804821.png (307 KB, 475x485)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
>>It was awkward
>>THIS was awkward
I agree. That's some odd shit.
trips of wholesome affection
>Be Anon
>You don't remember the last time that someone let you hug them
>This girl wasn't crazy
>She wasn't yelling that you were mansplaining her, whatever that meant
>You weren't gross, or creepy laying in bed with a pretty girl
>She wasn't trying to scream at you about her life, or politics, or the five other guys she was fooling around with
>She wasn't obsessing over her phone, and her followers, or her zodiac sign
>She might not have been a horse, but she was still a living, breathing creature
>And, after all the shit that had been going on back home, that was fucking enough for you
>Besides, she smelled fast
>Besides, she smelled fast
File: 1572233792286.jpg (138 KB, 800x1146)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Damn, too real.
ah yes, the crash that happens after surviving a do or die adrenaline rush. not a fun experience desu

Too real.

Fuck, I could use a human touch right now.
I remember that one, such a shame it stopped updating.
Dude I had a dream where I paid a girl to just to hold me and now I’m sad good green though
Don't let your dreams be dreams, anon.
You can hire a prostitute.
The exact opposite of what anon was referencing in the green.
a cute
You know you can pay them to do things other than the sex, right?
>As time went on twilight seemed to only be more and more attached to anon.
>it seemed that no matter how hard you tried, Twilight just ended up that much more attached to anon.
>Luna took twilight’s memory’s Of the prince and twisted them.
>turning him into a cruel domineering colt, happy to abuse his station to abuse twilight.
>but no matter what this version of anon did twilight stood besides him, it would have been beautiful if it was not horrifying how much Celestia has poisoned this mares mind.
>one day you notice that twilight is enjoying how dream anon is treating her. He is humiliating her insulting her dressing her in bondage and she is loving it.
>does Celestias conditioning have no limits. Luna cries out to herself, will she be able to save her freind, she thinks on the seemingly futility of this situation before deciding to continue.

ESL Kun here, even though English is my first language.
Uhh super tired I will finish this later.
>English is my first language
Yeah, and I bet you're over 18 too
Stop posting, lurk more
Coltish whimsy dictates that I pretend her abs are keys on a piano and play on her stomach my favorite tunes.
On Pony Rainbow, I must pretend the corded muscles of her bottom are the strings of an instrument.
>still replying to it
alright fuck this i'll check back in a week
File: 1650126711919.png (129 KB, 548x540)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
>I'll check back in a day
>No, make it three
>Wait! I'm taking a week hiatus!
File: hmm.png (107 KB, 341x341)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
>twilight slowly develops a maledom/domination fetish
>anon is actually more like the average colt in bed and very subby
>they realize how bad they are for one another
>que luna claiming ”just as planned!” even though she absolutely did not plan for it to go this way
Keep your calm, frens. Birbfilly hour is coming, just let me finish writing.
Like playing video games, or watching anime?
You can trick them into cleaning your house by telling them it's your fetish.
And there it is, the hour of the Birbfilly is back, to put an end of the gnomish mischief!
Ponepaste: https://ponepaste.org/7252


>Be the best aunt this side of Ponyville!
>This side of the street?
>The house, okay?
>Be Lyra, the best aunt Anon’s house has to offer.
>Yes, you know that from a drawing pool of one that does not make you any special, but…
>Oh, who are you even trying to convince!
>It’s not like you are not doing your part to raise Summer.
>She got really scared of the gnome the other day.
>The little bastard lives under the house, his powerful magic hiding him in plain sight.
>And he makes a sport of eating and drinking /your/ cookies and milk!
>Such things cannot go unpunished, and so you make yourself a promise to deal with the insufferable little man.
>For Summer’s sake.
>You have changed a lot in the past years, since she came into your life.
>For the better, of course.
>No longer you are the pudgy mess you were, full of oats and mischief.
>You are /still/ filled with mischief, let there be no misunderstanding, but it is within a body that is ready to skedaddle at a moment's notice and actually get away too!
>Anon took it as his responsibility to look after you and help your progress.
>He said he was a personal trainer at some point?
>You are pretty sure he just used that as an excuse to grab your flanks like a perverted mare would grab an unsuspecting stallion’s.
>But you digress, that’s not here or now.
>What’s here is the side of the house where the gnome’s door is, and now is the time to give him a piece of your mind!
>You stare at the spot you are sure Summer also found, eyes narrowing.
>The outline is flickering as your eyes move ever so slightly.
>With confidence swelling in your chest, you clean your throat and knock on the magically disguised door.
“Hello? Mister Gnome? I would like to have a short chat with you!” You say, loud and clear.
>There is no answer.
>You wait for a few more seconds, then knock again.
“Mister Gnome? Are you at home?” You call out, this time with less confidence in your voice.
>Again, there is no reply.
>You furrow your eyebrows.
>Is he not home?
>If what Anon had said is true then he should be in there at this hour.
>You are about to raise up your hoof to knock once more when you finally hear the reply.
>But it’s coming from the left of you!!
>”What do you want?”
>Short, simple, and scares the living soul out of you!
>Jumping a little, but stopping yourself from screaming, you look at the source of the voice, ears swiveling around to locate even the smallest movements.
>But nothing is there.
Uh-uuh, I-I want to discuss something with you… I.. I can’t see you and feel /really/ uncomfortable if I can’t look at the pon-person I’m talking to!” You reply, taking the initiative in time to assert dominance.
>Well, the best way you could, which does not say much but alas.
>”Nah. Go away.”

>This time the voice comes from the right.
>Snapping your head that way, you can’t even see movement, let alone anything out of the ordinary.
>Just what sort of magic-
“What magic is this? How can you move around so quietly?!” You demand, now feeling more furious than scared.
>The reply you receive is a chuckle, coming from right in front of you, followed by the loud slam of a door that is not there.
>You growl, anger overtaking your decision making, and forcefully slam down on the wall where you know the door is.
>Except… it’s not there.
>You fall forward, landing on your face, so not even your big flanks can cushion your fall.
>Your surprise and consequent pain does not last long as you realize just where you are now..
>Looking up you finally see the secret that’s been hiding in plain sight for so long.
>It’s… a comfy looking living room, perhaps somewhat smaller than what a fully grown mare would find comfortable, so marelets like Rainbow Dash would find this place rather comfortable.
>Based on its dimensions, this place is as big as the house above.
>The gnome must have built it in the same time Anon’s house was constructed, probably kept secret and structurally sound by strong magics.
>The part that makes your fur stand on end is that despite being well lit, there is a dark spot, not even that far from you, where the only thing you see is a pair of eyes.
>Looking straight at you.
>You stare at them, looking into them, frozen in what you realize is not shock or fear.
>This… this is actually magic that is keeping you in place!
>Racking your brain, you remember a cantrip that you learnt back in the School for Magically Gifted Unicorns, a spell that egghead friend of yours found and shared with your friend group back then.
“Dispel!” You weakly growl, your horn glowing only just faintly.
>The eyes suddenly look surprised, the gaze losing its grip on you!
“Dispel!!” You repeat, with more effort both in your voice and in the spell!
>The eyes look actually concerned now, you feel yourself getting free of their grip!
“I… said… /Dispel!/” You yell, your horn flashing with the anti-spell cantrip, and in its wake the living room is left brightly lit and homely.
>Even the spot that you could only see darkness in is well illuminated now.
>There, now lying on his back, is a small figure, rubbing his eyes and groaning in pain.
>Triumphantly you stand up and take a well deserved good look at the stealer of the cookies and milk you rightfully stole first!
>The gnome looks like Anon, if his skin was lighter and hair grayish-white.
>And if Anon let his beard grow out, like, a lot.
>He wears a pointy red hat, a blue coat of some kind and brown trousers.
>His shoes are made of wood, curiously.
>Not letting your childish wonder take away your opportunity to stand against him on even ground, you shake your head to clear your thoughts and ask him.
“Why are you stealing /my/ cookies and milk?”

>Your tone is serious, your horn is crackling with the dispel cantrip at the ready, there is no trickery he can do to evade you!
>”W-what? Is… is this about the cookies? Are you serious?” He asks, sitting up and looking at you, still rubbing his eyes.
“You bet your ass it is, I stole them first!” You retort, stomping your right forehoof angrily to make your point more… convincing.
>The gnome looks at you dumbfounded for a few seconds, then shakes his head, disbelief clearly written on his face.
>”I have never met a single person in my life that could not only stand up against my magic, but also defeat me… In the name of cookies.” He blinks a couple times, probably still having trouble believing his own assessment of the situation. “You, Lyra Heartstrings, are a menace.”
>You snort, raising your head proudly.
“Damn right I am! It’s hard work retaining that title, you know!” You tell him, snickering.
>”That wasn’t a compliment.” The gnome replies, facepalming not unlike Anon would. “Agh, whatever, what do you want? You caught me so you can make your wish.” He tells you defeatedly.
>Your eyebrows go up in surprise.
“Make my wish?” You ask back, looking at him incredulously. “I already made my wish, dumb-bell! I want you to stop stealing /my/ cookies! And milk!” You state with righteous indignation.
>Once again the gnome is looking at you as if he is in the process of suffering a stroke.
>”You… wish for… /that/. You could wish for your wildest dreams to come true, but you…” He quiets down, slowly facepalming again.
“Yes.” You reply, nodding. “I’m happy we had this conversation, leave my cookies alone, all of the cookies in this house are mine, have a nice day, bye!” You tell him assertively, then leave his home.
>”What in the name of the Great Bearded-” You hear the gnome yell but you slam the door behind you and with it, the yell stops, as if it wasn’t even there to begin with.
>This was a successful mission, it seems.
>Today’s a good day, you think to yourself and head to the kitchen to steal more of Anon’s- UH you mean /your/ cookies.
>You earned them, after all.


And that's all of the gnome for now. He will be back later, though! Not in the next chapters however, so no worries there.
Cookies and milk is serious business
based smollnon purveyor, and part time lil shid instigator
File deleted.
>Lyra the magical powerhouse.
>Uses those powers for trivial things.
Adorable little shid.
File: Lazy sun.png (510 KB, 1280x875)
510 KB
510 KB PNG
>"So I heard my little sunshine went on a date today, who is the lucky mare I need to intimidate?"
"Mom, Really? I know you were eavesdropping."
>"Boo, let me have my fun. But in all seriousness how did it go? I know how hard it is to get Twilight out of her books."
"Both more and less than i was expecting really."
>"Oh, did the Haybarn not meet my suns lofty standards?"
"Moooom, and their hayfries were actually quite good."
>"Hehe, I'm sorry but when I saw where she was taking you I just about screamed right there in the street."
>"Bless Twilight's incredible mind but her social awareness, or lack thereof, is going to give me grey hairs. Before today I was starting to think I'd have to make socialising an official assignment."
"With weekly progress reports too?"
>"Hmm, maybe, although that might cause her some undue stress if she ever missed one."
"I was joking mom."
>"I'm not, Twilight takes her assignments VERY seriously, something to keep in mind if you want to continue dating her."
"I'm pretty sure that's just you mom as she practically worships the ground you walk on. And I do want to go for lunch again soon, it was fun to relax like that and just chat with somepony without the whole 'royal' status looming over our heads."
>"Oh that's great, i was a bit worried her fixation on me might colour your date a bit, i've tried to move her away from that but she's exceptionally stubborn when she gets an idea in her head."
"Honestly i think it's more that she plain forgot that you're my mother."
>"...I can see it."
"Have you tried inviting her for some more private tutoring, where she can see you without the regalia and you can both be more 'casual' like now?
>Pic related
>"Mmm, you should try this before it's all gone, and sadly no, given her obvious fixations I was worried it might spread some unfortunate rumours about our 'relationship'."
"Would you mind if i invited her to eat with us one day?"
>"Oh that would be lovely, what do you say about inviting her Brother along as well, I'm sure she'd appreciate the support."
"That would be perfect for Breakfast as we could come here straight after morning drills, and it'd hopefully feel a lot less like she's being presented for Judgement or something.
>"Pfft, I haven't done that in about 3 centuries, I still have all the gear though, I just cant bring myself to throw away the wig."
"I'm sure it looked great on you mom."
>"Oh no it looked ridiculous, but one of the highlights of that time was watching ponies try to keep a straight face with my mane flowing out under it."
"It's a wonder the Kingdom has lasted this long."
>"You'll learn soon enough to take what amusement you can get from this job young colt, whether that's making old mares squirm or using blur spells on tabloid photographers."
>"You missed one by the way, luckily Raven's cousin works in the printing office and thought the "young couple" deserved some privacy."
"I'll ask her to pass on some "thank you" cakes."
That's some excellent bantz
I was thinking more that Luna happened upon them, one day thus witnessing Anon dominate twilight.
>eventually Celestia would thank Luna in training and helping anon learn about his dominate side.
>You and Amira are relaxing on the terrace of the VIP room in caravanserai, after the returning from the Rock and a good breakfast.
>The terrace is covered with a tent, thankfully.
>You sit cross-legged, holding your head in your hands, still shaken with the experience.
>Equines do not believe. They know.

New shit:
>You recollect what have you encountered in this world so far.
>Remember how at first you was perplexed by a simple telekinesis.
>How you almost have touched the cold stone.
>When you have learned why unicorns do not need matches.
>That Amira can control plants.
>How they perceive the world very differently.
>The fact that demons apparently are real.
>To think about it, everything have been, step by step, getting you ready for the Rock.
>After looking into the desert, at the huge sand wall that can be seen even from here, you put your face in your palms again.
>That whole valley, desolated worse than Trinity site!
>The letters size of a small car, forever etched into the partially evaporated rock!
>You didn’t notice any stains of molten material running down from the letters, which means it appeared in one go.
>And to think about it, that was merely a half-whisper, meant for only one particular soul!
>It makes sense that She never speaks to anyone.
>Looks like even when She severely restrains Herself, Her direct attention is beyond devastating.
>At this point you must admit that it most likely can’t be a simple sun cult.
>”What ails you, Anon?”
>”Yes, my precious?”
“Amira, how— What do you exactly see, when looking at the Rock?”
>Amira looks at you with surprising amount of understanding in her eyes.
>”Hmmmm…” hear ears make a couple of full circles.
>She answers after a long pause, your question evidently lured her deep in thoughts.
>”There is so much power there.”
>”How do I explain… Usually the lines run after the strands of noble gems or other semi-noble or common crystals.”
>”But there it is like a lake full of Light. After all those years, imagine that! You can ask probably, why isn’t it also full of life as well…”
>After a moment of contemplation you nod.
>Indeed, Ahmed told you about something like focusing the Light from the land or something.
>Probably that’s how the Earth Kind controls plants.
>”Well, because there is such thing as ‘too much’. The whole site is probably the most presentive picture of why greed kills.”
>”Jalala, peace be upon her, wrote that when the great revelation happened, the unicorns around were dizzy for a good while after. A sizable amount of Light still got reflected away when the divine will touched the ground. But they had it better, because they catch the rays that weren’t absorbed and after the Goddess finished speaking the amount of Light from above wasn’t much more than usual. ”
>”We, the Earth Kind, we tap into what gets absorbed. For us, to try and evoke our talent there is like to step into a pond of molten metal.”
>She pauses to let you digest her words.
>You scratch your ear and nod thoughtfully. Yeah, that makes sense even for you.
>”And what have you saw there?”
>You smile morosely.
>What should you say, you wonder.
>Evaporated rocks and scorched ground?
>Nah, that would be lame.
“The words that can’t be argued against.”
>Suddenly, Amira laughs.
>”I have expected that kind of answer. Really, it would suit your people, after all that must have happened to them at the dawn of times.”
>You look at her, surprised.
>You didn’t even tell her that much of different creation myths of your homeworld so far.
>Fairy tales, could have brought her to some conclusions, of course, but…
>Meanwhile Amira finishes her drink and chomps the yellowish barley straw sticking out from the bowl.
>You make a decision.
>You’ve been avoiding the studies of the Book too long. It’s essential to know, into what kind of picture of the world your people would have blended in.
>Analyzing what Amira have said so far, it seems that they may have had a hook onto this reality if they existed here. Others than you, anyway.
>That could be a possibility to somewhat ‘legalize’ yourself.
>Even though the Equestrian scientist said she can’t understand how a creature like you came to be.
“Amira, I’m sorry for neglecting the important studies for a long time—”
>She snorts.
>”It’s not entirely your fault, Anon, so no need to apologize. Certain endeavors of mine are as much to blame for that.”
“Can you please continue to teach me about the Book? Since, as you can see, I’m imperfect and can only rely on the truth that is presented in a roundabout way, through the reliable source.”
>Her ears stand up. She looks at you with a peculiar expression.
>How has she said it? ‘Happened to them in the past’?
“And after I saw the Rock, the words… There are probably many things my people… Uhm… Had forgotten.”
>Amira nuzzles you.
>”Of course. I will be glad.”
>After the whole day at the caravanserai, you and Amira went back to the Rock at the evening.
>The panorama of application of the divine will is no less spectacular.
>When the sun is setting behind the Rock, it resembles the monolith from Odyssey 2001 even more.
>”Thou art Our beloved foal.”
>”We are thine Goddess and thou wilt not have others before Us.”
>While you are reading, Amira suddenly begins to walk forward, by the path made throughout the internal slope of the bowl.
>The heat of the day still hasn’t dissipated and the warm upstream is even stronger now than in the morning.
>When you reach the bottom you again witness how the displaced sand slowly drifts up, once touched the glassed surface.
>And then the sun dives behind the horizon.
>You immediately are astonished at how the scenery changes.
>You and Amira now stood inside a huge valley of darkness.
>The walls made of displaced ore and sand block the view to the rest of the desert.
>A huge bulk of the monument feels overwhelming.
>And the ocean of stars above almost makes you plop on your butt.
>Looking from here, one could easily imagine that there isn’t anything in the world except the stars, the walls and the infinite weight of the Rock above.
“Amira, I…”
>”You said the Rock could leave a wrong impression when observed at night?”
>You open your eyes as wide as you can and catch her vague dark silhouette gesturing towards the center of the valley.
>”With all this Light at the bottom to see it actually unlit is a bit morbid. But I guess you mean something else.”
“Well, how should I say… I think, it’s a good allegory to knowing versus guessing by vague cues.”
>She snorts.
>”Let’s go back. The team has rested enough, we should be returning to the manor.”
>You swim on your back, looking at the ceiling of the gym.
>The gym isn’t too populated right now, so you can indulge your thoughts without distraction.
>There are sun and moon, and stars above made of colorful pebbles.
>You think about what Amira has already explained to you, being a buffer between you and a harsh archaic rhyme.
>At first the earth and the sky were one.
>The Goddess tore them apart.
>And there was light. An explosion of it. A savage ripple that swept over the whole universe.
>That strangely reminds you about the Big Bang.
>What made the Sky and Earth into one had shattered into a myriad of shards and began to drift in the nothingness.
>The Goddess didn’t like it too much for some reason.
>By Her will the shards began to collide with each other. More and more, faster and faster.
>Forming a sphere…
>…Just like a ball of water that Ajmal is making right now, forcing the droplets of water together, right above you!
>You dive and hear a muffled splash, when the sphere impacts the place you were a moment ago.
>Only then you surface, snorting, while Ajmal laughs happily.
>”Drop that, Ajmal.” Ahmed urges, looking at him disapprovingly.
>”Already did!”
>You strike the water with your open palms, showering Ajmal. Comparing to the magnitude of what the unicorn did that looks pretty pathetic.
>”Come on now, Anon.” Ahmed pleads.
>”When I was a foal I never got to play with water,” Ajmal retorts, “It was so damn expensive.”
>”It is no less expensive now. Come on, our lady and her sisters filled that pool for us to be healthy and exercise ourselves, when the water is needed for irrigation—”
>”Irri-tate who?”
>”For plants to grow. Do not waste it.”
>”Oh… OK, you’re right.”
>Ajmal steps into the pool to swim.
>You splash him some more, although now you are making sure the water wouldn’t spill on the floor around.
“You are making them bigger now.”
>You observe.
>”Yep. Thanks to the training. Before I imagined as if I scooped it with a bucket or a cup. Now I can do better and imagine droplets joining in one big water and kinda collect them and make a much bigger splash—.”
>”Sh, hush.” Ahmed snaps.
>Although other few stallions around are occupied with their own business, he’s still right.
>Ajmal falls silent and focuses on his swimming.
>You drift your eyes around, but everything feels at peace.
>Meanwhile, the large ornate door slides to the side and a new colt enters the gym.
>To your surprise you recognize Haakim.
>At first he just stands around, looking from side to side.
>You think he seems very confused.
>Your eyes meet and his ears jump forward.
>He walks over to you.
>You clumsily jump out of the pool and sit on the border.
“Hello, Haakim!”
>”Greetings, Anon,” he answers and reaches with his neck to nip your withers.
>You wince.
>Thanks to his almost 270 degrees FOV he notices it and his ears drop.
>But you turn your head in a an exact moment to witness it.
>”I-I’m sorry?” he asks, disheartened.
>Oh shit.
>You vigorously pet the crest of his neck.
“I didn’t mean to offend. I’m glad to meet you as well. It’s just… my skin isn’t as thick as an equine.”
>Haakim looks unsure.
>”I can can confirm,” Ahmed interjects politely, “Anon’s skin is indeed more delicate so we need to adjust the eagerness of our greetings.”
>”Oh, I see. I apologize then. Good to know.”
>”By the way,” Ahmed continues, well spoken as always,” I notice that you greet him as a good acquaintance, noble one, so I can’t help but wonder—”
“Guys, that’s Haakim. He is son of one of our lady’s sisters.
>You introduce your bros to Haakim, who bows to them.
>”I’m glad to make an acquaintance. It’s an honor to meet those who Matriarch herself chose to be by her side.”
>”Likewise, we are glad to greet the one who was born into the herd so renowned. The Goddess blessed our lady with outstanding sisters. Without a doubt their offspring is to match their greatness.”
>Ahmed bows as well.
>Ajmal looks a bit dumbfounded by his friend’s speech and simply bows as well, saying nothing.
>You smile.
>Yeah, etiquette is an important part of the herd dynamic.
“I met him some time ago and we went watching pushball.”
>You say, remembering your promise not to tell about his studies.
>”Sounds like an adventure,” comments Ahmed.
“Yeah, it was. By the way, Haakim, why didn’t we met you earlier in the gym? We’ve been here for a quite some time, at different parts of the day too.”
>He smiles sheepishly.
>”I’ve reached the adulthood only very recently. Now I can use all the facilities on the male’s side of the manor. But it’s all quite new to me…”
>Heh, first time in the locker room for adults.
“You can train with us if you want.”
>You look back at the two others.
>Ajmal and Ahmed confirm.
“Yeah, we can agree on a time to meet here.”
>”Thank you very much.” Haakim looks relieved.
“And by then I think all your other buddies will also grow up and join us as well.”
>You laugh reassuringly.
>”Well, there weren’t many colts born around my own birth, “Haakim smiles, ”so it was a bit lonely.”
>”There were either young foals who still bathe with their mothers and sisters, or the colts who are already went here some time after I myself stopped being a foal.”
>You three go for a light routine, since you’ve already trained enough, and help Haakim with a stream of advices.
>After the training you hit the showers.
>”Admirable muscles as for a unicorn,” Haakim tells Ajmal, “almost like a filly.”
>”I’ve been brought up on a farm.”
>”I see. How then she —, I mean aunt A—, khm… the Matriarch met you? Must be an interesting story?”
>Ajmal looks at Ahmed for help.
>”Our gracious lady took a liking of Ajmal while he visited the capital city with his mother,” Ahmed quickly explains.
>”Yeah,” Ajmal interjects, “on a stud—”
>”During a promenade.” Ahmed quickly specifies.
>”Oh… Oh my.”
>You smile. It seems Haakim knows some things from hearsay.
>”Anon,” asks Ahmed, “where should we go for the dinner, how do you think? Mess hall or the garden?”
“Whichever is fine, but I’m afraid I couldn’t join. I need to be with our lady, she’s teaching me about the Book.”
>Ahmed, whose ears began to drop at the beginning of your phrase, lightens up and looks approvingly at you.
>”I’m glad the Rock made a proper impression.”
“It sure did.”

To be continued…
Story so far:

A slice of life chapter this time. Need to get the lore together.
Please, comment.
I seriously don't get what's so impressive about The Rock and Anon's reaction is only leaving me scratching my head in confusion.
It'll still cost you a pretty penny, but that's just how you get good house cleaning.
aww FUCK yeah it's Smollnon
So what is Anon's goal here now? At the beginning he was trying to survive and look for a way out. Finding religion is nice and all, but what does he plan to do now?
Good update and glad to see all the stallions come together like brothers.
Confirmation that god is real perhaps?
Imagine if the Garden of Eden was an actual place and you could go right now and stand outside the gate.
I don't see how that even remotely compares.
its supposed to be religiously significant, hard proof of god, anon. stop being a fucking moron
And it fails at that miserably.
oh, sorry, you probably want the Tyrant Twilight green. that's two blocks down.
How does that relate to literally anything?
File: file.png (933 KB, 1200x794)
933 KB
933 KB PNG
I love this image. Because every time you post it you solidify the fact you religious nuts have no actual arguments besides flinging (old and tired) insults.
Tyrantfags and the Tyrantwriter have so muddied the waters that they invite false flaggers to use their name for stupid shit. Therefore it is not only rational but necessary to assume anyone bringing up Tyrantshit is only doing so in order to shitpost, regardless of either how true or how useful the content actually is. Wallow in the shit you created, Tyrantfags.

>inb4 self reference
The most serious.
Lyra be Lyra, am I right?
Oh yeah! And there is more to come!
>Cookies and milk
It was also a great little green.
I’ll pray for you Anon.
It's not too late, Anon.
>Be Anon
>All you wanted to do was just live in your house and not be bothered
>Unfortunately, you had a bit of a bug problem
>No matter what you did, you couldn't get the bug to leave
>Throwing her out didn't work
>Bug spray just made her sneeze
>The poince could never find her when you called them
>The bug had tried to put you in a cocoon, but you were a lot bigger and stronger than her, and her fancy magic didn't do a whole lot to you
>So, since the cocooning had failed, the bug mostly laid around in your living room
>Most days she just watched horse TV and demanded that you make her bug snacks
>Which were like normal horse snacks, but she wanted you to put green food coloring in it
>Also, you were pretty sure she was digging a giant hole underneath your house
>You couldn't exactly prove it, but you had been hearing weird, construction-y noises in the middle of the night
>You did not like your bug guest
>You wish she'd fuck off
File: 1367746825243.png (174 KB, 750x634)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
Treat her like a pet, like a dog.
lmao, just imagining the changelings renting tractors and forklifts for their hive underneath anon's house.
>"Don't worry, human, all of these additions are within the municipality's standards."
"That's the LEAST of my concerns, Cheesehorse."
>hive underneath anon's house
Summer Clouds Over Canterlot update when? It's been two years, now
>One day, you walk into your backyard to see a big fuck off hole in the ground and dozens of changelings
>All of them have beer guts and bright orange hard hats and vests
>Some are in riding little tractors, some have shovels
>There's a group near a massive cement mixture puking a bright green mixture into the thing's opening
>This group looks a lot less happy than the mares riding the tractors
>While some are working, most are standing around watching one or two work
>Every few minutes, a big wagon full of dirt and rock is pulled from the hole in the ground and taken somewhere
>You tried to shoo the bugs away
>They called you sugar nuts and showed you building permits and all sorts of documents allowing them to build a two mile structure underneath your house
>You went to the Mayor the next day
>There's nothing she can do, she says
>Their paperwork is pristine and in working order
>You then went to Princess Twilight, who said she also can't do anything, just as much of a slave to bureaucracy as the mayor
>You asked how it was legal for them to build on your property without your say so
>You get an explanation so complex and stupid that you knew less than you had before you asked
>Come back home, defeated to see a little bug horse riding around in an out of control jack hammer
>It looked like she was having the time of her life as she smashed through your mail box
>Goddammit did you hate this place...
>Good news!
>Destroying a mail box is a crime against the crown!
>So you should have a case against them.
>Go to the ponice.
>"We apologize sir, but in Ponyville that isn't a crime anymore. Just Ponyville though."
>The chubby police mare fails to look you in the eye as sweat pours off her brow.
>Behind you unaware, the mail mare crashes into another mail box with her fat bottom.
>"No reason."
>Turns out that Derpy won a court case against discrimination.
>Still stuck with a cheese-leg hive under your house.
>"Sorry, Anon, but they aren't /on/ your property."
>You slam your firsts on her map-table-thing.
"Bullshit, they're all standing around around the hole. That's gotta count for something."
>Twilight magics her glasses off, closing her signed copy of 'Ponyville Law and You' with a sigh.
>"It doesn't. There is no law against loitering."
>Your hands slide down your face, a groan escaping as you think.
"FFFFFuck, okay. Uh, disturbing the peace?"
>"Have they been making loud noises between the hours of 5pm and 9am?"
"W-Well no, but-"
>"Anon. Chrysalis has gotten every form for this from here till Canterlot, there isn't a way around this. Under does not equal on, and that's the way it's always been."
>Her tone catches you off guard for a moment. This isn't her normal mare-splaining bullshit. This is her taking your hope.
"...Is there anything I can do, Twilight?"
>"Maybe. You need to talk to her. If she's half as good at negotiating land deals as she is at acquiring permits, maybe she will stop as a trade."
>~One walk and talk to a bug later~
"You want my boxers?"
>The queen changeling's smug grin almost hides her blushing cheeks.
>"Yes, one pair of boxers and I will call it all off, and give you the deed to this land."
"Fine. Clean or dirty?"
>You give her the underwear, but the building continues
>There is no justice on this day horse planet
damn these horses, DAMN THEM ALL TO HELLLLL
Anon should just hatefuck her at this point
>Anon can’t into malicious compliance
That's exactly what she wants
Verbal agreements are no agreements. Always get it in writing.
>he didn't get it in writing
anon got what he fucking deserved
I can't believe Pugsley Addams let himself go that badly.
>>Which were like normal horse snacks, but she wanted you to put green food coloring in it
>And if possible, you try to use things like stick-pretzels as decoration to make cookies or biscuits look like they have lots of bug legs and antennae.
>Sometimes you get some sliced olives out and give it a set of "eyes".
>You really aren't sure why you felt compelled to go to all this effort, considering what a raw deal you currently had.
>You guess everyone needs a hobby.
File: 1551418487463.png (131 KB, 634x506)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
fucking kek
>"Fine. Clean or dirty?"
File: laughs in horse.png (209 KB, 782x857)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
This is the bug posting I most sorely missed
File: Stallion Anon x DT.png (1.98 MB, 2592x2072)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB PNG
In RGRE what's the likelihood of being called a gold-digger because you're dating a rich mare? And is this an issue for stallions wanting to date mares of higher status in Equestria?
really depends on where you are. places like the richfag terrace of canterlot, all of manehattan, and possibly vanhoover there'd be a much greater chance of being called a gold-digger
also would depend on your behavior and how long a stallion in question has known the mare
Anon should do what the marines did in the pacific in ww2, burn them out
This. I'm nominally a bugfag, but if they start bringing in construction equipments and mucking about in my own backyard, I'm going to start making napalms.
Caramel's a bro who just wants Anon to learn how to bake properly and attract a herd of mares. Or just one mare, Caramel won't judge. Monogamy doesn't bother him, and he's tolerant of other people's mistakes.
Imagine being a friend to Anon. He is the most stereotypical foreigner from a sitcom that doesn't quite fit in, but means well. Talks strange, has confusing habits, stubborn to fault, and does a poor job hiding his casual racism.
At least his strange bipedal form helps give him legs that don't quit on a shapely ass.
It weirds me out to think about being the equivalent of Rolf from Ed Edd and Eddy.
Herding is wrong unless it's one mare and multiple stallions.
Preferably with at least one being his sister, who he's made DAMN sure is a good mare for any stallion, even those of the stubborn green apelien variety. Or just her. Again, he's fine with either, even if it means he'll have less nieces and nephews to dote over.
>t. gayramel
>crave the touch of another human
>flinch away from the alien feeling whenever it actually happens
damn, guess i am broken
>Caramel is like an excited teenager who's about to have a sleep over
It's kind of sweet that he wants Anon as a brother-in-law.
have sex with her?
But of course!
You don't reward bad behavior with sex.
>It was a human
>At least, Rarity was pretty sure it was a human
>She had been told they came in different shades, and somewhat different sizes, but a human was a human
>Though, if she was told that the being before her was an off-shoot or some sort of different critter she would have believed them
>This human was large
>Thinking them as fat would have been rude
>Plump would have been inaccurate
>Pinkie Pie was plump
>Princess Celestia was plump
>Even Bonbon and Mrs. Cake were plump
>So, this human was simply large
>Very large, if Rarity were being honest with herself
>This human was a female, or woman, though when Rarity asked about it there had been somewhat of an outburst
>A twenty minute conversation--which consisted of her being spoken to the whole while--introduced the unicorn to information that she couldn't make heads or tails of
>Gender fluid, pronouns, matriarchy, sexist pigs; the list went on and one
>Rarity was usually a chatty mare while working on her clientele, but as soon as the... whatever they referred themselves to calmed down enough to reach into a pocket and producing a large candy bar she made no more effort to continue pleasantries
>Which, while it no doubt kept the horrid human from going off like some crazed stallion, it did mean she was forced to focus on the person themselves, a task which might have been equally unpleasant
>Their... size wasn't entirely an issue
>She had worked with plus sized creatures before
>It was the apparent and obvious lack of hygiene
>The smell that wafted to her nose whenever the person moved was unlike anything she had ever smelled before
>A mixture of rotten meat, fish, and sewage, but somehow worse
>Rarity feared not even her most powerful cleaning magic would be able to get the smell out of her boutique
>Thank Celestia she had the human standing and not sitting on any of her nice furniture
>Though, it wasn't for the human's lack of trying
>The second they had stepped through her front door they had almost demanded to sit, and it had taken some coaxing to keep her from doing so even now , something which was causing a visible strange on the blob before her
"E-Excuse me dear. This measuring tape also doesn't seem... Give me a moment."
>Visibly shaking, Rarity turned around and fled toward the other end of the room, where her work bench sat
>The human watched her, panting in exertion, sweat making its way down her round, pale body and spill onto the carpet below
>That was perfectly fine; Rarity had wanted to get it ripped up anyway
>"How long EXACTLY do you think it'll take to make my dress?" the crea--human, Rarity reminded herself, human asked
"I will take some time I'm afraid," Rarity called over her shoulder, using some tape to bind two of her largest measuring tapes together
>If she were lucky it might even be big enough
"I'll need to... order additional fabric, and while I'm familiar with working on humans. I've never had the pleasure of working on one... which as yourself
>The human seemed to puff up in pride, making her body jiggle
>"Well, thank you very much," she said. "It's hard keeping myself so thin."
"Thin? Oh, well... certainly. Of course. I hope that isn't an issue?"
>"It should be fine. I'm traveling with a group of pan-sexual, queer, gender fluid, thinomatics to see all of your great, great land."
>The human nodded with a smile, revealing sickly yellow teeth
>"I've wanted to come here for so long. You know, I've always known we'd be so much better at ruling then--"
>They made a face, turning their head and gagging
>"--MEN," they spat. "It's wonderful to see a world that can show us just what happens when women are in charge."
"Forgive me, but I believe you said you were a, um, gender fluid as you called it?"
>"Oh, I am, but right now I identify as a Hispanic, autistic female, so it's okay."
>Those words made Rarity's ears twitch, and it took a considerably effort to keep her professionalism and not flee from her own home screaming
>She couldn't understand why human men were almost begging to immigrate to Equestria
>Now, she realized that she didn't wish to understand
>After she called a mare to rip of her carpet, she'd need to go to Anon's and give the poor stallion a hug
>>After she called a mare to rip of her carpet, she'd need to go to Anon's and give the poor stallion a hug
In the end it will be Anon to hug and calm her. Such is the fate of men. Good green though!
Yes one does twilight and the rest of the mane 6 feel about anon now.
File: 1483483164553.png (3.68 MB, 2100x2400)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB PNG
You get used to it
Anon would be a radical friend. And I'm not just saying that because Anon can be used as a self-insert tool and having friends is a secret wish of mine.
File: lovebug.png (525 KB, 900x582)
525 KB
525 KB PNG
>"Don't threaten me with your delicious love, Anonymous."
I recommend reading through rgre threads from 2015 onwards, it does a mind good to study the ancient texts
File: 1651362669125.jpg (80 KB, 875x1024)
80 KB
a cute
File: Spoiler Image (126 KB, 540x960)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
I sectioned some time off tonight to do just that. Maybe I'll make some decent progress.
Thats pretty based of you fellow anon
Hello bluefast
Do you know what's bluefast's favorite thing to do? It's cuddling Anon.
How is milk seen in rgre, would It be weird to ask to drink from my mares friends teats.
To piggyback on that, how is milk seen in regular Equestria? Mare or not, it must seem pretty weird to drink fluid from another sapient species' teats.
i imagine itd be like
>"You wanna what? Hahaha, Anon that's weird! That's for like foals and stuff!"
then it goes
File: woah.gif (296 KB, 1000x1100)
296 KB
296 KB GIF
I believe that.
Same anon who asked about drinking milk from your mare friend.
How are princes seen like if I am are dating or married to Celestia, Luna, or Twilight when she is ruling equestria. Would I have any political authority, special privileges, would I only have soft power or would I been just be seen as a silly stallion.
The word you want to look up is "prince consort".
I am just trying to generate stories. Like what if the princess were missing, would the control of the country be given to anon.
Instant maritary coup.
>"I swear upon my honor as a mare that this is NOT what it looks like."
>"Only a pervert would rub her scent all over her a friend's belongings."
>"I was..."
>"I was just..."
>"...h-havin' a gay old time, rolling around for no good reason."
>"Go on, darling, don't let me keep you from your business!"
>"I'll be right down!"
The princess finds her husband in a prison cell when she returns.
Fuck yeah, new update
Nice to see that you’re posting regularly aladdinanon
Why did LaP not bin half the greens he wrote
Why does LaP go nameless nowadays
What great cataclysm befell this once noble thread
File: Ponytail pancakes.png (717 KB, 900x964)
717 KB
717 KB PNG
>Twilight dating Prince Anon.
>He invites her to breakfast.
>She sees her teacher in her pyjama's, tied up bed-mane, dripping jam onto the countertop as she prepares the food.
>The image of the Perfect Princess of The Sun, built ever since she was a small filly, shattered in an instant, too stunned to even make a sound,
>Celestia, oblivious to her students crisis of faith, continues humming a half-forgotten decades old tune and lightly swaying her hips as she starts on another stack of pancakes.
>Anon silently laughs, poking Twilight in the side as she stands frozen, to no response.
>Glancing at his mother, he leans over and gently nips one of Twilight's ears, causing her to yelp.
>Red faced, she looks at Anon who simply looks at her in curiosity.
>"Oh, and a Good morning to you too Twilight, do i really look that bad without my torque?"
"N-no! I mean Yes, that is, what I'm trying to say is that you look great Princess!"
>"Really now? Hmm, i've been considering a change in the court's style for some time, what do you think about 'Casual Monday' Anon?"
>He strikes an exaggerated thinking pose as Twilight's eyes widen.
"W-well i don't know if that's particularly a good idea, the nobles might have a problem with the state of your...attire, Princess."
>Celestia looks down at her ruffled PJ's and pulls gently at her tied up mane and tail before turning to look at Twilight with a look of such innocent curiosity that it belongs on a small foal not a few years old, as opposed to the centuries old mare.
>"Why? What's wrong with it?"
>As Twilight froze up again Anon could no longer contain it and burst out laughing while begging his mom for mercy, causing her to also unleash her own giggles and Twilight to laugh nervously.
>"Alright alright, I'll stop teasing, why don't you both go sit at the table and I'll bring out the food in just a moment."

Not really connected to those other prompts i was writing in a similar vein, just had a cute idea.
Hmm, what if it was more similar to NOF's Junior?
>Anon is Celestia's husband
>Celestia gave birth to an alicorn colt
>a decade or so later cadence tries out her matchmaking skills on twilight and anon junior
>shenanigans happen due to twilights conflicted view of celestia (kind mentor and protective mother at the same time)
>something something aunt luna gets her crossbow when she hears about twilight coming to the castle to steal away her innocent nephew to some restaurant
File: 132691173648.png (463 KB, 1075x720)
463 KB
463 KB PNG
Thinking about the timeline you could go even further beyond and combine the other prompt where Twilights a mother pre-canon.

>Anon the first marries Celestia, who gives birth to Anon Junior despite the species barrier.
>Anon the second does a little 'Hooves on' sex education with Twilight because they thought she was sterile.
>Twilight gives birth to Anon the third.

>Mane6 have no idea their friend is Married with a Foal or that they're both Prince's until they come visit in ponyville a few weeks after the nightmare moon incident.
Young Anon the 3rd mentions Sweetie belle has a nice mane and both older Anons feel a chill down their spines.
It's anons all the way down
But what kind of Anons? Human? Hybrid? Pone?
Fully grown human men, every single one.
They are born fully grown.
Fully grown clones of Anon, each one becoming slightly more gigachad, generations of magical pony DNA mutating the Anon-Man-Children-Pony-Children-Men into absurdly impressive specimens of mankind. A true homo superior. Stallions hate them, mares adore them, and fish swim onto their hooks with smiles
>tfw no baby-sized, yet with the proportions of a fully grown man homonculus son
I want a pony to serenade me (preferably with a song that only exists in Equestria so that I can go "woah")
>"Father, I require milkies but mother refuses to distribute them. Please, make her see reason!"
"Junior, your growing up and need to start eating real food. You already have adult teeth for god's sake, you don't need milk."
>The mini-Anon huffs.
>"Fine then. Perhaps I'll have to ask the neighbors for some instead."
"Wait don't thats fucking weii-... No, nevermind, that's based. No balls, do it. Go out and suck mare tiddy to the extreme. "
>"I will! Thank you father!"
A less shitposty take would be alicorns on the first generation after Anon and Celly, followed by regular pones from their direct offspring.
Well, 'regular' but still magical powerhouses in some fashion due to their lineage.
Hmm, cadence and shining made an alicorn so I'd say there are chances that anon the second ans twilight would also make another alicorn.
But obviously that would get a bit too repetitive after a while.
But as a little bonus: what if an anon being the father gives the mare a higher chance to birth a colt?
File: scared.png (129 KB, 399x339)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
I was listening to this last night around the time that was posted wtf
Midge Ure version too...
It's a bit boring. You're expositing elements of the setting that have already been exposited and Anon's pretty passive and gormless so he's not doing anything and his inner thoughts aren't rich enough to make up for it. Shake it up a little, have the griffins ambush the caravan or something.
What do stallion guards do and how are they seen.
Are they like shining armour and have a massive focus on shield spells.
File: 1651932536270.gif (2.16 MB, 498x277)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB GIF
So wait, is it supposed to be a troon or just a hambeast?
just your usual 'liberated' hamplanet
i'm sure /fit/, /sp/, or even /k/ still has the odd hamplanet or soccer mom thread
That is an interesting idea.
>Stallions are better at casting protective spells, even more so when they're a father.
>And mares are better with offensive spells.
>Stallion guards are often placed indoors as a last line of defense while mares are usually guarding the outer perimeter of the building.
>but there are still a few stallions outside and a few mares inside to balance things out a bit.
>the reason why there are so few colts is not the mares being unable of baring them, but the stalions semen having predominantly more X sperm than Y
>anon is a human and his sperm is more evenly balanced between X and Y,so with him its a 50/50 chance of birthing a colt than with the average stallion that has a 20/80 chance
I liked an idea in one green where mares are generally all-rounders while stallions tend to specialise.
Twilight and Shining armor being textbook examples.
He cant cast half the spells she can, but she wouldn't be able to cast defensive magic for as long or as powerful as he can.
canonically, it seems like *most* ponies specialize, with only a few standouts like Twilight and her recolors, and the rest of the royals, that are the jack-of-all-trades wizardpones.
File: 1426813161219.png (112 KB, 850x724)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
Smooch the nice mare
File: Flutters Heart Eyes.png (137 KB, 962x804)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
>Anon gives Flutters a smooch on the cheek for taking care of his ass after he stumbled out of the Everfree.
>Anon was the first male to do that besides her father, and she can't stop thinking about it.
>She's so distracted over the next few days that she isn't so skittish or shy, because she doesn't even notice the things that would normally freak her out. ('typical pegasus got her head in the clouds' some ponies joke)
>Too busy thinking about that kiss.
>Daydreaming about it happening again.
>Wondering if Anon meant anything more by it.
>Hoping Anon won't be mad if she ever works up the nerve to return the favor.
Behold, flutterrape
Okay you get to equestria but you are linked to your waifu so only she perceive you, and the world around you currently can’t really effect you. If she tells her friends how do they react and how does your waifu treat you.
Engi wrote a short about that over two years ago jesus christ
She prefers the term struggle snuggle.
There was that one Soldier green where he joins the guard.
>>Anon gives Flutters a smooch on the cheek for any reason ever.
Being an anime autist she would probably start moving her stuff into Anon's place almost immediately after.
Damn thats good, thanks for sharing.
Oh man I remember that. I wish engie continued it, but I'm happy with his other work too. It's just such an interesting concept to me.
>Anon enters Equestria, and things are going pretty great.
>It was a bit odd at first, but he quickly caught onto the whole reverse gender roles thing and leaned into that to put the ponies at ease and be more willing to help him out.
>Play the ditzy damsel in distress, and the mares immediately lost their suspicion of the alien in their midst once they realized he was a male.
>It's not like he took advantage of them more than he needed, just used the situation to get himself a mail sorting job and a loan with a low-interest rate to buy a small home with.
"I promise, miss banker mare, I'll do my best to pay you back as soon as possible," he said with fluttering eye-lashes and hands held under his chin. "I won't miss a single payment, I swear!"
>She was putty in his hooves.
>Yep, he was on easy street compared to life back on Earth.
>And all he had to do to keep it that way was keep up the innocent stallion charade.
>If only it wasn't for the fact that he's begun to develop reality bending abilities he doesn't have control of and they activate when he dreams.
>Yeah, that might be problem, especially if ponies find out all the weird, creepy things the royal guard and Elements have been taking out around town are coming from him.
>That also makes it hard to seek help.
>Luckily Discord has come to him and explained the situation.
>Apparently he himself used to be human, though his memories of that time are dodgy.
>Humans are foreign to this reality, and reality doesn't like that.
>It doesn't kill things like them to solve this problem, though.
>No, it simply tries to convert them into something more in line with it's laws.
>It doesn't do a great job of it, though, and Discord will be the end result for Anon.
>So now Anon has to deal with becoming a chaos noodle, trying to keep this fact a secret, and maintain his innocent male charade or risk ponies not trusting him again.
>After all, if they find out that the source of the giant titty monster with a vagina mouth talking dirty that rampaged last week was him, and that he would eventually become a new spirit of chaos, well... he's not sure how they'll react, but it probably won't be good.
>Man, the internet really messed him up, didn't it?
>Damn porn addiction, just when he thought he could put that part of his miserable Earth life behind him, this has to happen.
Dont know why but i want to quote company of heroes soldiers line near the mare guards and just see how they react
>Go to Twilight.
>"So i might be turning into something like Discord, can you hit me with the friendship lasers and see what happens?"
Best case scenario the chaos magic gets purified and you become a harmony noodle or alicorn lmao
Mid-tier it just purges the chaos and you need regular doses.
Worst case you get stoned immediately, get released and assigned a friendship handler like Discord.
Although judging by the Slaanesh tier monster you spawned it'd be less 'friendship' and more likely be a mare that'd fuck you so much so often that you wouldn't have the mental energy to do anything 'whimsical'.
>Although judging by the Slaanesh tier monster you spawned it'd be less 'friendship' and more likely be a mare that'd fuck you so much so often that you wouldn't have the mental energy to do anything 'whimsical'.
>Twilight tells this to Anon and then promptly suggests her as the mare to do the service.
>Anon is suspicious of her but goes along, I mean, free pussy is free pussy, how bad can it be?
>Rarity is now forced to pay the bet she lost to Discord.
>How else would the local spirit of chaos make the ultra virgin nerd bag the hot alien hunk of meat if not by the 'subtle' use of chaos magic?
>Meanwhile Anon is none the wiser.
File: rainbow dash 8.png (366 KB, 1015x1281)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
Let There Be Light; Segment 4
File: 1630456489258.jpg (37 KB, 600x391)
37 KB
Holy shit
So is anon becoming a spirt of chaos.
File: 1327433038136.png (562 KB, 789x1200)
562 KB
562 KB PNG
Sounds like a blast. AND you get an eternal chaos drinking buddy.
File: 1511429434129.jpg (864 KB, 2560x1440)
864 KB
864 KB JPG
While I'm toiling away on story-length shitposts, what's the ideal mare size?

Personally, I like 'em about Labrador size, with pic related for alicorns.
Alicorns need to be dominated by human males.
Or enter into a loving relationship.
ye that's pretty much spot on. luna is the ideal mare size, and would be able to do a slow dance reared up with her forehooves on your shoulders to be able to lovingly look (You) in the eyes while doing so
I see nmm likes big asses as much as anon does
Forever salty that SiM's main story died, in part because of the main story but mostly because of the Octavia spinoffs and other stuff done by the Cookies and Milk guy.
>there is no such thing as a ”spirit of chaos”
>discord just picked that title because it was free and ran along with it
>he himself doesn`t naturally even look the way he does, thats merely how he choses to show himself
>in his true form, he is just a cloud of pure magic
>a normal human absorbs magic like a sponge throughout his stay in equestria until he ”pops”
>at that point, his body is lost but he becomes a creature of pure energy, capable of god-like feats of reality bending and immeasurable power
>discord simply enjoys being a huge jackass/troll and messing with the ponies
"Discoman, I was with you right up until you said I was going to explode."
"I don't want to explode."
>"Oh, don't be such a baby. You're an American, explosions build character."
Do you think there's pressure on the stallions to find a nice group of mares and settle down? Or would they be more picky, considering that the gender ratio is biased in his favor? Are there societal expectations that actually get you in trouble for not respecting? What I'm trying to ask here is: would ponies think you were being kind of an asshole for responding negatively towards a display of chivalry, or would turning it down actually be a "you go girl" moment?

>A pony drapes their horsejacket over a puddle and allows Anon to walk over it
>Anon walks around the puddle, a couple of ponies walking by kind of chuckle at the mare being "rejected", and a few stallions watching from the sidelines nod in approval at this proud defiance of the maretriarchy
>Ponies kinda give Anon the stink-eye for a second when he walks around the puddle instead, and the mare who was just "rejected" is seen shortly thereafter surrounded by mares who are giving her gentle encouragement and platitudes to help make her feel better
PREVIOUSLY: >>38557601

>You didn’t know, when you made them, how well hippogryphs would take to water.
>Some of it might just be the thrill of discovery.
>This lake probably didn’t exist a week ago Noire said it resulted from a new river thanks to your dragon friend.
>Or his friends, you didn’t actually know.
>You cant ask Noire because shes cavorting with them.
>You sigh, then look down at your drawing slate, tapping the back to pop out the contents onto a page.
>Next to you, a hippogryph squawks in alarm at the action, then peers down at what you’d drawn.
>Not the first time you’ve done this, but it’s surprised them every time.
>You’re no artist, that much is plain, but as long as you keep things to rough sketches, what you intend to depict is plain.
>There’s something about this new lake that reminds you of home.
>Or perhaps of pictures of home.
>Whatever it was, you’ve been drawing the lake in different settings.
>Mountains in the distance.
>Surrounded by forest.
>A solitary body of water an open steppe.
>You didn’t forget, after all, that part of your mission here was inspiring Noire with more terrain.
>You stop and consider the creature next to you.
>The hippogryph looks over your sketches with great intensity, and it’s several long moments before it realizes it’s become the object of your attention.
>You figured creatures with wings would live in high altitudes, and horse-like creatures would prefer open spaces.
>But every winged critter besides dragons have been near bodies of water, and unicorns lived on mountains instead.
>Weren’t they supposed to live in forests?
>Your creations took on a life of their own, here, despite your vision.
>This particular example squirms under your gaze.
>You laugh and scratch its head.
>They really are quite similar to animals back home, sapience or no.
>Noire’s emphasis on communal living for all the smaller ones may have ensured that they remain receptive to the same physical signs of affection.
>The hippogryph coos happily under your ministrations.
>The larger, more solitary creatures, the dragons, mastered speech first.
>You’re not sure if this is just because they’re smarter, or is shared nonverbal communication methods within groups instead sets speech back in importance for those who live in these little tribes.
>But they all understand you and Noire, so they’ll get the hang of speech eventually.
>It may be weird in this world that they all speak the same language, but you’re sure dialects will branch out in time, so who knows how long that will hold.
>A gust of wind picks up, fluttering your sketches.
>The hippogryph quickly slams its talons down on the pages before they blow away.
>You laugh, then coax the pages out from under its grasp, making sure its claws don’t tear them.
“Thanks. You’re quick.”
>They give you an open-beaked avian smile as you settle your pages out and slip them into your bag.

>How much will they remember little interactions like this?
>Noire insists that your time with them is of great import, but even these little moments?
>You can’t spend every moment around them on your guard.
>Surely they’d be able to tell you’re tiptoeing around them.
>Best just to take it as naturally as possible, you figure, regardless of what weight it carries.
>Not so much that you “have to be yourself”, that’s silly when you don’t even know who yourself is, but if your presence means so much, you’ll make sure it’s YOURS.
>Not artificial, basically.
>You think back to the Griffon proto-priesthood.
>That was an unexpected development, to be sure, and shows just how highly your interactions are valued.
>But in the end you managed to get them to take care of their own, and furthered their ability to do so.
>As long as you can continue to leverage your presence to further the development of those you meet, you’re on pretty firm footing, you think.
>You return your focus to your divine tool of supernatural drawing.
>You have your obligations to Noire, too.
>Once more you return to work.
>The basic outlines of the lake here, its general features…
>What environment will you envision it within this time?

* * *

>The next morning, after you packed everything up, Noire decided to have one last romp in the lake with the hippogryphs.
>They’re very energetic, and a lot of the appeal you think is Noire having fun with creatures of her capabilities.
>Well, at least the physical ones. Can fly, swim, run well.
>All of your creations are more similar to her than you, after all, as you intended.
>When she returned to your size, her mane and tail fizzled and crackled like water being boiled away.
>Which is probably exactly what was happening.
>You’re never sure how much of their fire-like qualities are just for show, and how much is just because she wouldn’t let it hurt you even if it was the real deal.
>As the two of you bid the hippogryphs goodbye, something gnaws at you.
>This was, as far as you know, your last stop.
>You may come across some wanderers on your way home, especially the dragons, who seem to be solitary and far-ranging.
>But nothing more was planned.
>You and Noire turn and start heading off into the wilderness.
>You have her all to yourself, now.
>And she you, but…
>She’s back to your limitations, as well.
>You got to see her spread her wings, metaphorically and literally both, during this trip.
“You know…”
>She gives you an inquisitive hum from your side.
“There’s nothing that says you gotta stick around me at all times.”
>She glances at you sidelong. “Where does this come from?”
“I was just thinking about how much fun you were having with them. You can go anywhere, can’t you? Just like… teleport. Nothing saying you can’t visit them after we’ve returned home.”
>She continues at your side in silence, attention back on the path ahead, chewing on your words.
>You watch her for a few minutes.

“I didn’t expect that to be deep or something. Just an observation.”
>”I do enjoy spending time with you too, you know.”
>You can’t help but laugh.
“Well, yeah. I kinda got that.”
>”Do you really think I must compare the two?”
“Not what I mean. You can have both, is all. You didn’t have to wait this long to be among our creation.”
>She finally looks back at you, with a smile. “It is more pleasant with you here.”
“Hah, alright, fine. Just don’t stay away from them on my account, alright? I think we really did some good, and if you can continue to do so by checking back in time to time, maybe it’ll help their development. Maybe it’ll ensure they stay on a good path.”
>The two of you lapse into silence again, soaking in the late springtime sun.
>Walking now feels like nothing, to you.
>However fit you’d gotten over the fall and winter since your arrival, you feel totally different.
>As much as you’ve shaped this world, it’s shaped you to.
>Maybe into something better than you’d ever been, back home.
>You have no way of knowing, of course, but you’re more than just the average guy now.
>Everything you’ve seen and done has changed you.
>Noire’s changed you, too, not that you’d want to tell her.
>She might take it as some loss of uniqueness.
>But it’s better this way, isn’t it?
>You couldn’t remain isolated from the world literally made for you.
>Noire’s voice brings your attention back to the here-and-now.
“Perhaps what?”
>”You are right. I should go out and spend some time with out creations, even after we return.”
“See? You’re smart, I knew you’d see the reasoning.”
>”But if you could not go see them, that is missing a crucial part of the equation.”
>You meant it as questioning how special you might really be, but she simply nods her head affirmative. “So, perhaps in the future, you could still leave your mark on them. We have made a pilgrimage to them. They may later make a pilgrimage to you.”
“To us.”
>She laughs, then nods. “Yes, to us.”
“That would be wild.”
>”That would be only natural.”
“We don’t have the space to entertain an entire tribe at once, let alone all the tribes at once.”
>She laughs again. “I highly doubt they will coordinate their visits.”
“Good. You had me worried for a moment.”
>But you hook an arm around her and pull her to your side, to put a lightness in your reply.
>All of them coming to you?
>Wouldn’t that be something.

* * *

>There’s something about the sun, already set, still illuminating a mountainside that fills you with awe.
>Especially since the mountains weren’t even there a few hours ago.
>You look back to your sketches, and dig through your memory.
>Where did your memories come from, anyway, if you couldn’t remember anything about your past life?
>Was your head stuffed with the contents of some divine encyclopedia?
>You certainly weren’t omniscient.

>But your state of being on arrival wouldn’t indicate you’d seen something quite like this in person before.
>A mountaineer you were not.
>Though, you’re a lot closer now than you had been.
>Noire keeps looking back and forth between the mountains and where the sun vanished from the horizon.
>You have no doubt she can actually see the sun, even below the land as it might be, because why couldn’t she?
>Maybe she was gauging the precise angle.
>Your sketches had put a lake here, one of the takes on the hippogryphs’ home you’d drawn.
>Noire hasn’t filled it in yet, but you can see where it end up; a depression at the foot of the mountains, just above the local treetops, surrounded on maybe a third of its to-be shoreline by the mountains Noire had just placed there.
>It actually looks nothing like your sketch from where you currently stand, but Noire is not constrained by perspective if she chooses not to be.
“What’s wrong?”
>Noire stops looking back and forth, and instead turns to you. “I want to get the color just right.”
“The color?”
>She nods. “Different stones at different angles of light will display different colors. While much of that orange is due to the sunlight taking a very long path through the atmosphere, I can still change it based on the surface it strikes.”
>She turns to the mountains once more. “Observe.”
>When you look back at the mountains, the yellow-orange has turned into a fierce orange-red, the rock below the light’s boundary being a reddish pink color.
“Wow. Yeah, that does make a difference.”
>She nods. “I am not sure what effect I want to achieve.”
“I have an idea.”
>She turns back to you. “Oh?”
“Mmm. You know that really dark rock you made that pattern in our floor from?”
“Make ‘em of that. Mostly.”
>She nods, then the mountain faces darken considerably, but are still awash with golden light.
“Nice. Good. Now fill ‘em full of those little reflective flakes. The mica.”
>She nods again, and the mountains start to glitter like a dark sky full of stars.
“Perfect! Don’t you see?”
>Noire stares, before nodding hesitantly. “I think so. Like the night sky, right?”
“No, silly. I mean kinda, but that’s not what I was going for. Dark grey body, orange light, full or sparks? It’s like you.”
>After a moment, she smiles. “Ah. Yes, I suppose it might be.”
“Why don’t you lift me up there and fill that lake in.”

>She takes off into the air, then wraps her forelegs under your arms, hoisting you aloft.
>You still get nervous whenever she does this, but you prefer it to just popping around suddenly.
>Besides, it’s a good reminder of how she can look at the world, at times. From above.
>After a few minutes, she deposits you on a rocky outcropping.
>Within moments, huge glaciers form on top of the mountains, and then a great deal of their downslope bulk suddenly melts, cascading huge torrents of water into the rocky bowl below.
>An invisible field before you stops the huge volumes of displaced air from blowing you away, though you can still hear the roar and feel the spray of that titanic portion of water.
>You don’t even think to shield your face; simply watching the process rivets your attention.
>As if a ghost of Niagra had appeared in front of you, a fleeting image of that wonder from your world.
>Just a minute, then it was gone, the newly-formed lake’s surface churning with residual energy, choppy waves bouncing between its limits.
>By the time the water settled down to mere ripples, the light had crept halfway up the mountains’ faces, leaving little left to reflect.
>But reflect it did, into that now-stilling surface, the glow and glitter showing itself below as above, with the stark dark unlit rock between.
>It still doesn’t look much like your sketch, though it is more similar from up here.
>But nobody said Noire has to copy your ideas exactly.
>Like the rest of your creations here, things can get away from your vision sometimes, taking on a life of its own.
>As you hug Noire close to you, contemplating the rock you asked her to take on her appearance, you decide that that’s quite alright.
>At the end of the day, the path your creations take on their own, away from your imagination, will come to define this world as greater than he sum of the parts you and Noire provided it.
>A world of its own.

* * *

As we wind down our journey, a looking-back of sorts.
>“No, silly. I mean kinda, but that’s not what I was going for. Dark grey body, orange light, full or sparks? It’s like you.”
>>After a moment, she smiles. “Ah. Yes, I suppose it might be.”
Cute! I really am loving how these two have grown around each other.
File: 1511112489234.jpg (39 KB, 540x452)
39 KB
File: its noram.jpg (194 KB, 800x1455)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
y'all cowards don't even smoke crack
>ice cream, not fish
the fuck happened here
>go around the puddle
>hug the mare and tell her she shouldn't waste her nice jacket for something like this, someone like you
>carry her home while cuddling, you are her jacket now
Basic bitch retard larping as a southern fried retard
File: me and bruce willis.jpg (276 KB, 1250x1000)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
This man knows how to navigate the RGRE world. Ten years from now, he'll be married to a rich CEO or something.
>a-a-and then he'll hold my hoof and tell me "Welcome to the party, pal!"
Thought of a prompt idea:
>Anon's ancestor summons a demon and makes a deal to stop a famine or drought.
>In exchange, a male from their bloodline will be taken by the demon when they choose.
>Except the demon was Nightmare Moon, and she was planning on taking a hot exotic alien as her consort once she claimed the throne and established her rule.
>A thousand years later, and the contract is still in effect, and Luna can sense the magic of it in her being still.
>It's a constant distraction as if the contract is screaming in her subconscious to complete the bargain.
>Eventually she snaps and casts the spell just to get some peace and quiet in her own mind, and thus Anon falls into her lap.
>She immediately feels dread and panic when she realizes she just foalnapped a stallion.
>Anon is staring forlornly at his spilled pizza rolls on the carpet.
Anon, I...
5 second rule!
You made a lovely world, I'm curious where the evil monsters come into all this.
i wonder how dash would react to learn the fastest man is a nigger
She wouldn't dare tell Anon, though. She has an image to uphold.
File: file.png (508 KB, 840x1029)
508 KB
508 KB PNG
>horizontal stripes
you will never have a real stallion, zigger

I fucking know, right? I got that off of fucking google images with a search for "big mac pony sexy", and they've got programmer socks on.

Fucking lol.
>5 second rule!
On a carpet?
>you are dating alicorn twilight.
>chrysalis tries to mind rape you to make you see her as twilight.
>twilight enters the room and sees you under mind control fucking a bound chrysalis into submission, filling her with love and your desire to dominate her.
>twilight knows she is powerless what does she do.
>5 second rule on the carpet of a MARE'S BEDROOM
hope you like squash pizza rolls anon
I'm sorry lad, this is not the cucking thread, that's down on the hall on the left.
is it even possible to cuck mares in RGRE?
>rogue zigger dropped in from some alternate reality
>decides to steal herded stallions
>whenever a member of said herd walks in, instead of her little NTR speech she spent all weekend practicing, the mare is just happy to welcome a new herdmate into the fold, eagerly asking banal questions
>when did she meet the herdstallion?
>whats her favorite food? (better pay attention honey, you'll need to know this for her birthday dinner!)?
>where'd she go to school?
>what hobbies does she have?
>who's her favorite hoofball player?
>stuff like that
>eventually she's so off her game she just loses all wetness and the stallion has to pull out, prompting a devastating blow to her marely pride in the form of a shoulder pat form the mare and commiserations about how stallion scan just be so hard to please sometimes
I don’t know if it’s cucking as anon thinks he is fucking twilight like normal.
Sorry you didn’t like it. Have another promt/ questions this one is similar to my married the princesses.

What happens when if a stallion is the only who to inherit a postion of power. Do they end up like blueblood, are they forced to marry do other mares just ignore them. What happens
the term you're looking for is female-preference primogeniture
>female-preference primogeniture accords succession to the throne to a male member of a dynasty if and only if he has no living sisters and no deceased sisters who left surviving legitimate descendants. A dynast's daughters and their lines of descent all come before that dynast's sons and their lines. Older daughters and their lines come before younger daughters and their lines. Older sons and their lines come before younger sons and their lines.
I know what is but I am asking who does that work in rgre.
hm, you make an excellent point. i need to look more into medieval and feudal law to see when a person marrying in was granted the corresponding title (duke/duchess) of their partner, and when they were just given a consort title. that also brings up how herd-sisters are recognized in that structure and what their relation to the higher-class pony is
I would honestly recommend looking at Islamic country’s for herds as most Christian ones are monogamous; and well not all Islamic ones are polygamous it was and still is a lot more common in those regions.
>Sorry you didn’t like it. Have another promt/ questions
What a polite young man.
A little more incest in Islamic cultures as well.
It's yinz here, Anon, or yanz if you prefer.
Ya I mean I post a lot of prompts like a lot.
I posted the prince anon one,
the milk one. The stallion guard one
These one.

I honestly just keep posting stuff that sounds rgre and hoping someone says something we can talk about. I kinda took a break from posting because I liked tyrant light a lot and was posting alot to the point I admitted to sameing, even though that might not be correct. Then someone else start supporting it way more then me a few months afterwards which I am still confused about.

I will keep posting ideas hoping to give people new ideas. Though a lot of mine are a just rehash’s
>Calling literally one sentence a prompt
How have standards fallen so far. I remember when prompt required at least a little effort.
>The bag felt heavy slung over your shoulder
>It had a set of clothes, soap, shampoo, some lifting straps, and basically everything that the internet said you needed to work out
>You were Anonymous
>Anon to your friends
>And today was the first day of your new life
>No more being a fat slob that did nothing but play video games and shitpost all day
>You were gonna get lean
>You were gonna get mean
>And sister, you were gonna get GREEN
>Admittedly, this wasn't the first time you had tread the path of the healthy
>You must have tried this five or six times
>It started out well for a week or two
>Then you'd get really sore, and you'd want to eat a whole pizza, and a new game came out
>You'd miss a day, then miss a week, until you eventually stopped coming within two or three months
>It sucked not having the willpower to push through and do what needed to be done
>But this time, you had a feeling that it'd stick
>One, because you went and got yourself a trainer for the next six months
>Two, because this particular gym was special
>All of the trainers, and most of the staff were from the other side of the portal
>That magical place that the news ranted about for six months before something happened to a black trans person and they forgot all about it
>All of the trainers were women
>Impossibly beautiful women that were happy to take the lead in all things fitness
>You thought that would be kind of demeaning, having a girl teach you to work out, but you had heard that it was actually really nice
>The girls were professional, very nice and welcoming, and everything was calm and relaxed
>Except the owner
>He was a real weirdo
>As you stood outside of the building, you paused
>Your car was just a few feet away
>You could go home...
>Elden Ring was right on your computer...
>Looking down, you gazed upon your gut, and your resolve hardened
>You were gonna look really dumb at first, but you needed to get over that
>You were sick of the flab, and the jiggling, and not being able to see your cock
>Lean, mean, green, fighting machine!
>Ain't nothin' but a peanut!

>Inside of the gym, the owner, Incognito, could see a young man walking toward his gym from behind his counter
>He frowned, eyes narrowing as he reached over and picked up a walkie talkie
"We got a white whale coming. Probably the one that paid for six months. Who wants him?"
>Almost immediately, there was a answering crackle
>"10-4 papa bear. Does our whale got a phat ass?"
"I have no fucking idea, Dash."
>"Well, he will after I'm done with me. I call dibs. He'll have the biggest shitter this side of Canterlot by the time I'm through with him!"
"I... fucking Jesus Christ. Fine..."
>Incognito sighed, putting the walkie talkie down
>Reaching under the table, he pulled out a bottle of Heinz Ketchup
>He popped the top off and poured a healthy squeeze of that bright red stuff into his mouth
"Something's wrong with these damn Equestrians..."
File: 1552260353088.jpg (68 KB, 1012x760)
68 KB
>>"10-4 papa bear. Does our whale got a phat ass?"
>"I have no fucking idea, Dash."
>>"Well, he will after I'm done with me. I call dibs. He'll have the biggest shitter this side of Canterlot by the time I'm through with him!"
>"I... fucking Jesus Christ. Fine..."
Pizza rolls are enclosed and smooth on the outside, they're the ideal 5 second rule food. Are you thinking of mini pizza bagels?
Stop posting
Lurk more
Learn proper grammar
Quit being a faggot
File: bueno.png (216 KB, 325x483)
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216 KB PNG
>Dash molding you into her ideal man while helping you get /fit/
99% sure there was a green (or two, or three) about this exact topic years ago. Think it was when ghouls was still around, somewhere at that time: 2014-2017ish
>he'd eat anything seasoned with marecum-encrusted carpet particles
never speak to me or my foal ever again
I think this is it
>he wouldn't
I am trying, but am shit at it on a tablet.
>>That magical place that the news ranted about for six months before something happened to a black trans person and they forgot all about it
Eh i dont need to go to the gym, Living in this infierno already burns my fat away
Thanks LaP
File: 1646446340428.jpg (54 KB, 442x608)
54 KB
>He popped the top off and poured a healthy squeeze of that bright red stuff into his mouth

I sense a fun read ahead of me.
Mothafucka, this ain't some rando mare, this is Princess Luna.
Even if she was a slob, there's bound to be a squad of stallions whose mission in life is to make sure that the Princess of the Night does not dwell in squalor.
That carpet gets cleaned EVERY NIGHT.
And they'll lowkey be in competition with the team responsible for cleaning up Celestia's quarters.
>"Hey! Yo, Anon! Wait up!"
"Hmm? Oh, what's up, Dash? Hey, you guys can keep going, I'll catch up. You need something?"
>"Yeah, er, no, it's just, I was wondering about yesterday-"
"You're still hung up about losing that race? Jeez, let it go, girl."
>"Wha-? No! I'm not talking about the race, I meant about what happened, um, you know... after."
"When you gave me twenty bucks? Hey, I won that money fair and square."
>"I didn't give you-"
"Caramel, don't think I don't see you over there. We're not in high school anymore, dude. Stop hiding behind trees, ya weirdo."
>Anon turns and steps forward, speaking in a lower voice.
"Listen, I'm sorry about that whole... thing, I asked you to do. I know it was weird and made you uncomfortable, but can we just pretend it didn't happen? I promise I won't bother you again about it."
He turns and yells over her shoulder, "Now, since I've gotten this twenty-spot burning a hole in my pocket, how about I treat us all to some ice cream? See ya later, Dash."
>And with that, he's gone, leaving Dash standing there, flummoxed.
>You seem to be taking this remarkably well," Celestia notes as she sips at her tea.
>Luna has failed to touch hers as she 's to busy hiding behind her mane and hooves.
>Anon shrugs.
"My dad warned me that I might be taken by a demon at some point and tortured for all eternity, just like his Dad warned him, and his dad warned him, going back a thousand years I didn't believe it exactly, but it does explain this."
>He sips at the tea provided before nibbling at a pizza bagel Celestia had the chefs prepare for him, considering his lunch had been interrupted
He hums in satisfaction and adds, "Plus, considering what I expected, this is pretty tame. So what's with the blue one, again? She good?"
>My sister, Luna, is just rightfully ashamed of the fact that she foalnapped you and can't bring herself to speak."
>"Just a moment," Celestia says as she leans over and Luna mumbles again. "She says, ahem, 'I apologize, my fair stallion, for the injustice I have levied against you. I shall do all in my power to make amend for my actions'"
"S'cool... So why'd you 'foalnap' me anyway?"
>She mumbles some more and Celestia translates, "While impaired by the dark taint of Nightmare Moon, she sought to take one of your family's mares as her consort. She says she of course doesn't expect you to marry her now, though."
"Really? And she's a princess, right? Heck, I don't mind getting married to her."
>"What?!" Luna blurts, face exposed and in shock.
"Not like I was doing anything with my life, anyway, and I haven't had a date since high school. Pretty sure your out of my league, other wise, so I'm not complaining. Blue's my favorite color, too."
>Luna gapes as Celestia looks between them, sips her tea, and says, "Congratulations, sister. I'll expect some nieces and nephews to spoil in short order. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to sleep. Thank the chef for the herbal blend and good night."
>The groggy princess stands, sways on her hooves, then trudges out, leaving the human and lunar princess sitting alone.
>He holds out a pizza bagel.
"Want one?"
FYI I have the next thread prepared, just waiting for the right moment.
If you wait you'll get sniped, and if you get sniped and cry I will mock you and your hesitant faggotry.
I eagerly await more
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364 KB GIF
File: 1509700528820.png (121 KB, 600x600)
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Haha I killed the thread
Fresh Bread:

>page 4
4 u
>she sought to take one of your family's mares as her consort

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