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Previous Thread: >>38337296

Show Vinyl some love by posting cute pics, as well as greens.

Vinyl Pastebin Collection-http://pastebin.com/u/Two_Echo

Vinyl Greens-

Vinyl Scratch x Neon Lights
Wubs From Vinyl (Anon x Vinyl)
Fuck You (Anon x Vinyl)
Vinyl gets a ride from Anon
Vinyl Takes Anon
Vinyl and Anon date
Stuttering Vinyl
Vinyl and Anon at CHS
Taking Care of Vinyl Scratch
Vinyl kidnaps Anon
Teenage Vinyl makes a deal
Vinyl's Gangbang Bus
Binyl Scratch: Raping anon to perfection
The Other Side (Anon x Scratch)
Canterlot Rape Wars
Daughter Vinyl
Coming down by Manly Man
A collection of short stories
File: 1620838773187.gif (476 KB, 310x255)
476 KB
476 KB GIF
Post her farting into a microphone.
first gif best gif
you're gonna have to settle for her using it as a dildo
I love anthro woobas
File: 248133.jpg (112 KB, 500x525)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
I thought she was 70 feet tall.
File: 6416406.png (602 KB, 1200x1404)
602 KB
602 KB PNG
>”Uh y-yeah ‘course I did this on purpose, I wanted to surprise you with my sexy bod! S-See? I’m giving you the whole spread, whaddya think?”
>”No I didn’t get my fat ass wrapped up in the cords and give up halfway through and fall asleep in them again! j-jerk.”
>”…Can you untangle my back leg, I can’t feel it anymore.”
>Vinyl Shibari
Twilight thread
>"post her farting"
>everyone hates it

Vinyl thread
>"post her farting"
>someone replies with links to porn
>"I love anthro woobas"

Why are the posters here so based?
File: aVxWwG8_460s.jpg (140 KB, 460x1448)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Chill fans for a chill pone, we're like capybaras.

I'm convinced she'd be a coconut dog if she weren't a pone.
File: 701720.jpg (399 KB, 1898x1009)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
>Vinyl waiting for the mailmare to deliver her expensive double-headed dildo with reactive music vibration so she can surprise Tavi.
File: 1512885163576.png (522 KB, 1280x891)
522 KB
522 KB PNG
>Tavi's expensive double-headed dildo with reactive music vibration is delivered first.
Oh no, what will she do now?
Obviously make sure Octy's is in working order until the second one gets there and then do the same with that one.
Good thing there's a hole for both of them.
Vinyl would be the type to hold a doctorate in wubs cause she's low key smart.
File: image1795.png (653 KB, 2068x2064)
653 KB
653 KB PNG
l e g g i n g s
File: drawing1635574966390.jpg (119 KB, 901x907)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
best canon outfit of any character
>Head at wooba and Tavi tummy level
Good Amazon height taste
>Anon’s face in wooba, Vinyl’s face in donkooba
I want to be hugged between two large musical ponies
>You hear footsteps behind you and begin to turn to them.
>But before you can, two arms wrap around your chest and pull you close.
>”Pardon me, Anonymous.” A distinguished voice behind you says.
>Two soft mounds rest atop your head, their weight heavy, but comfortable.
“Hey Tavi, need some stability? I know the wind gets pretty strong all the way up there.”
>Your cheekiness is rewarded with annoyed bap to your chest.
>”I see your “humor” is as intact as ever. But if you’re offering…”
>You are hugged tighter, Octavia relaxing her legs and leaning on you heavily.
>If she were a normal sized girl, this wouldn’t be difficult, but Octavia stands around two heads taller than you and despite being thin, weighs around the same as you.
>You accept your duty happily though, as being a breast rest has its perks.
>Like having donk titties squish on your head.
“Long day?”
>Adjusting herself, Octavia rubs your chest affectionately.
>”Very, though I must admit I’ve been coerced into trapping you.”
“Well you’ve got me.”
>”Indeed, and here comes the mastermind now.”
>A familiar musical beat becomes louder as the dastardly villain rounds the corner.
>Seeing you and Tavi, a wicked grin splits her lips.
>Dancing over to you two to the rhythm of her headphones, Vinyl Scratch closes the distance quickly.
>”Sup babes?”
Lunch break over, more later.
Vinyl needs to get that egg out of her mouth right now!
File: 1621391513156.gif (974 KB, 328x330)
974 KB
974 KB GIF
File: 2624899.jpg (236 KB, 1730x2048)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
>wub and stimpvia
File: 1500594.jpg (91 KB, 593x861)
91 KB
>man isn't taller than the woman
God why is she so fucking hot?
I’m into it
You poor soul
File deleted.
color scheme, personality, her coolness, her cuteness, her woobas her dong, accessories/clothes, musical aptitude, fun job, her ease of fitting your headcanon, etc
could be one thing, or a combination of things
File: 1332821.jpg (199 KB, 1280x1600)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
File: 1623526538530.png (30 KB, 331x307)
30 KB
File: 1967691.jpg (305 KB, 800x1149)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
>MILF Vinyl
File: 1486639.jpg (52 KB, 716x900)
52 KB
>"Room for one more?"
>Not waiting for an answer, Vinyl bends down to give your face a smooch before straightening up to bury it in her open cleavage.
>Hugging the cellist behind you, Vinyl sandwiches you between the two girls and their busts, your head swallowed in the most comfortable prison imaginable.
>Hot pillowy flesh engulfs you, Vinyl's blueberry scent mixing with Octavia's lavender as you're squeezed.
>You can't help but groan with happiness, your voice reverberating in Vinyl's bust.
>Giggles come from your captors above you, their chests shaking with mirth.
>"I think he likes it."
>"Very much so it seems, splendid."
>"I wanna try." Vinyl says, leaning forward to give Tavi her own kiss.
>The pressure on your head increases, Vinyl copying you and pushing her face into Octavia's cleavage as well.
>Wiggling your head, you sink further in, Vinyl and Tavi's heartbeats thumping in your ears, slightly off beat with each other.
>The three of you stay like that for a few moments, reveling in each others warm bodies.
>Hot muggy air fills your lungs, the skin around you humid and a little sweaty.
>You feel Octavia's belly tighten as Vinyl's arms snake down her back mischievously.
>Reaching their prize, Vinyl slips under her clothes and grabs a double handful of Tavi's ass, pulling it toward her.
>"A-Ah V-Vinyl..."
Awww, what a swee-
>>Reaching their prize, Vinyl slips under her clothes and grabs a double handful of Tavi's ass, pulling it toward her.
Aw, it's smut
I kinda ran out of road for it to be entirely sfw in this sandwiched position, but there will be more after the rauchy parts
File: 1393491.png (1.74 MB, 2500x1710)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
>Octavia's hips press against your lower back, pushing you into Vinyl's squishy thighs.
>Taking advantage of this, Vinyl rubs them against your crotch until she feels Anon Jr dig into them.
>"Taaavi~ He's ready for part threee~"
>You can almost feel the grin on Vinyl's face as she speaks into the taller girls chest.
>Hesitantly, Octavia's hands trail down your chest to your pants, fidgeting with the button.
>"I b-beg your pardon Anonymous."
>Undoing your pants, Octavia's cool hands find themselves inside your underwear and on your cock.
>"How does he feel Tavi?~"
>The invading hands grasp your member and give you a squeeze.
>Octavia's strong dexterous fingers play over your cock like an instrument, getting you fully hard in no time.
>As soon as she feels her fingers get sticky with pre, Octavia begins the next step.
>"P-P-Part f-four."
>One had grasps you firmly as the other leaves, traveling over to the other crotch opposite yours.
>It was significantly easier to get into Vinyl's pants, the stretchy fabric of her leggings and thong yielding without resistance.
>Octavia's sticky fingers smear your pre into Vinyl's landing strip and outer lips, the DJ cooing with delight.
>"Ooh! I can tell you did a good job Tavi~"
>Octavia says nothing, her labored breaths and quickening heartbeat the only response.
>Her long fingers rub Vinyl's folds lovingly before plunging into their hot, wet depths.
>Vinyl moans appreciatively, reciprocating by tracing her own fingers around Octy's muscled ring and making her twitch.
>"Oh y-you're such a bloody p-pervert Vinyl!" Octavia pants, her hands pumping and shlicking both yours and Vinyl's respective crotches.
>"Mmf, takes one to know one!"
>With that, Vinyl pushes into Octavia's tight backdoor, making the cellist let out a very unladylike squeal and jerking her thighs against your butt.
>Octavia's hand clenches on your cock and at the same the other slams its palm against Vinyl's mound, mashing the DJ's clit.
>Both you and Vinyl moan, smashing your crotches together reflexively, your cock again grinding into her legs.
>"Haah~ hey 'Non, I bet Tavi said this was all my idea, that I forced her into doing this."
File: fancy_vinyl.png (170 KB, 781x1024)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
File: 49154.png (92 KB, 500x500)
92 KB
>"W-W-WHAT?! Anonymous ignore her!"
>"But really it was her plan all along~ She kept coming to me all day to "refine" it with her."
>"I-I would never!"
>"Think about it Anon, when have I EVER made a step by step list, let alone one to get your dick?"
>Octavia's shoulders slump and her boobs squish harder onto your head.
>"...You promised not to tell."
"Ish okey Tabi" You struggle to say though two pairs of boobs.
>Reaching behind you, you pat her on the butt kindly.
>"Oh no, I exposed you for the sexual deviant you really are, how awful." Vinyl says flippantly "Part five by the by."
>Whining uncomfortably, Octavia pulls out of Vinyl with a squelch, her wet hand pulling down the front of her leggings, taking her thong with them.
>Similarly, your cock is freed from your pants, your tip able to slip between Vinyl's bare thighs below her sweltering, dripping sex.
>You slide in easily, Vinyl's legs rubbing you between them, slick with her own juices.
>Pulling on Octavia's butt again, Vinyl slams all three of you together, your cock sliding up under the crease in her cheeks and tip against the back of her leggings.
>"Mmf, step six~"
>Taking her free hand off of Octavia's butt, Vinyl shoves it into her own crotch, grabbing your cock.
>"H-Hey I'm supposed to do this part Vinyl!"
>Another hand grabs your junk around the base.
>"You're goin' too slow, I'll take it from here."
>Vinyl takes your tip and pulls it though her cheeks until it runs against her blazing lips, giving you a kiss.
>"Too slow? You want it fast you little harlot? Fine!"
>Popping her hips forward, Octavia suddenly forces your tip up into Vinyl, making the DJ squawk with surprise.
>Caught off guard as well, you stabilize yourself by grabbing onto Vinyl's jiggly ass.
>As Vinyl's crotch was higher than yours, you weren't completely inside her, but that seemed to be part of the plan.
File: 1428648606755.png (18 KB, 400x326)
18 KB
File: 1637138433770.png (485 KB, 636x789)
485 KB
485 KB PNG
>Octavia rubs your cock purposefully, both hands drenched with combined fluids as she pulls the free one out.
>Undoing her own pants, she grabs your hand that isn't on Vinyl and takes it into her panties.
>The soggy garment sticks to the back of your hand as your fingers are forced into Octavia's equally hot and bothered pussy.
>Snapping out of her daze, Vinyl helps Octy jack you off, their fingers sliding over each other's in a combined effort.
>Octavia also similarly helps you work her own insides, her fingers teaching you her favorite tempo and tender spots.
>"H-hehe s-see? I- unf told you she was a degenerate~"
>Vinyl pairs her last word with resuming her exploration inside Octavia's puckered starfish, Octavia flinching at the invasion.
>"B-but l-like she said, haah~ she's not the only one~"
>Briefly taking her hand off your cock, Vinyl snags you off her butt and takes you between her cheeks, ramming your fingers up her own doughnut.
>"T-There we go, you know what to do-hoo~ back there right?"
>You aren't in any position to respond, you've been transported to an entirely different dimension, one where all you know is the softness around you, and the hot, wet stimulation on your cock and fingers.
>You simply copy what you were doing in Octavia to Vinyl's hole, earning a pleased horny sigh.
>"V-Vin-ahyl, don't s-slobber on me!"
>Vinyl returns to your cock and continues pumping with Octavia, grinding her insides against your tip.
>Octavia begins to buck against your back, her orgasm nearing as both of you finger one specific spot inside her, your thumbs taking turns rubbing her clit.
>Not wanting to cum alone, she redoubles her efforts, letting Vinyl take over stroking you while she runs her fingers inside Vinyl and under your head, rubbing it in time with Vinyl's clit.
>The two heartbeats hammer in your ears excitedly as if racing one another, betraying how close they were to the finish line.
File: 690880.jpg (364 KB, 1245x1364)
364 KB
364 KB JPG
>Soon enough, Vinyl's legs start to shake and you feel your own orgasm coming in hot, trying to push as much of yourself inside Vinyl as possible.
>Octavia breaks first, her walls spasming around your fingers while her melodic voice cries out in ecstasy.
>This sends you over the edge, cum shooting out into Vinyl's pussy, coating her insides and Octavia's fingers white.
>Feeling herself getting filled knocks Vinyl over the edge as well, her cunt and asshole squeezing you as she mewls into Octy's tits.
>Her hand doesn't stop pumping you into her, trying to wring every last drop as her own legs give out.
>Not ready for a second girl to lean on you, you start to tip backwards, and soon are unable to steady yourself.
>Toppling over, you panic and take your hands out of their respective wet holes and try to catch the ground as it comes up to meet you three.
>You're too late however, and the next events happen like falling dominoes.
>Octavia lands on the ground butt first, shoving Vinyl's hand further inside her ass as you fall into her crotch.
>The same thing happens with her own hand, her fingers forced in as far as they'll go as you land on her.
>And then falls Vinyl, spearing herself on your cock as it slams home, ending up balls deep inside her and forcing out Octavia's fingers.
>All three of you yelp in a mixture of pleasure and a little pain like a lewd three stooges bit.
>Your glands smush against Vinyl's cervix and you shoot the last of your cum straight into her womb.
>The three of you stay on the ground recuperating, your chests all sucking in air and squishing your head around its boob cage.
>Octavia gingerly pulls her hands out from your crotches, limply laying them on Vinyl's back in a weak hug.
>"That- *huff* wasn't supposed to happen."
>Vinyl groans and nods into Octavia's chest in agreement.
>"I think I bruised my pussy..."
>Taking her hands out as well, Vinyl limply lays on top of you two and sighs.
>"Worth it."
File: 1401.jpg (81 KB, 600x772)
81 KB
>With Vinyl on top of you, your face is pushed all the way in against her and Tavi's sternum, their two heartbeats slowing down as they relax.
>Octavia runs her hands up and down Vinyl's back soothingly, the weight of both of you not seeming to bother her.
>Wanting to help and feeling a little guilty, you copy her, but the only place that isn't taken is Vinyl's legs and butt.
>She's appreciative anyway, letting out another coo and snuggling against you two.
>Trying her best, Vinyl tries to reciprocate, but has even less to work with than you, ending up stroking both of your sides and arms lovingly.
>After a few collisions with your hands, Tavi switches from rubbing her back to combing Vinyl's unruly hair with her fingers, allowing you greater movement along Vinyl's body.
>Vinyl loves having her head scratched, and when Octavia's nails itch her scalp, she can't help but moan.
>This of course makes your cock throb inside Vinyl, who giggles.
>"Looks like he's almost ready for round two haha."
>Shifting her hips, Vinyl taps Octavia on the sides.
>"One sec."
>Harsh sunlight and cold air meet your face as Vinyl leans up off of you, the cruel, hateful world coming back to remind you it still existed outside the boob dimension.
>Putting it lightly, you were very unhappy by this turn of events, grumbling as Vinyl stretched her back, wanting nothing more than to return to your happy place.
>Giggling again, Vinyl boops you on the nose with a finger.
>"I said one sec, jeez 'Non."
>A pair of hands come back to your chest to start drawing aimless circles across it, the owner sighing above you.
>"He really is hopeless, isn't he dear."
>Getting her knees underneath her, Vinyl raises her hips off of you, allowing you to slip out of her and for her thong and leggings to snap back into place, trapping your seed inside them.
>"Heh, more like spoiled rotten."
>Vinyl's crotch and leggings were a mess, stained dark with a combination of yours and her fluids all the way down her inner thighs to her knees.
>"Pshh you see this Tav?" Vinyl gestures to her lap annoyed.
>Octavia titters and gives you a pat on the chest.
>"Good boy Nonny, I expected nothing less."
what the fuck happened to her?
File deleted.
>Harrumphing, Vinyl crosses her arms and sits back down on top of you.
>"Yeah? Well how would you like it if YOUR expensive clothes were ruined with jizz?"
>Octavia chuckles, her laughter shaking your body.
>"They are machine washable, but I think I'll take you up on your offer later."
"It's been several seconds now, boobies please."
>Rolling her eyes, Vinyl pulls her tank top off and unclasps her black bra, letting it fall on your face.
>"Yeah yeah, I'm coming back, hold your horses."
>Octavia gingerly picks the extra large over the shoulder boulder holder from your eyes, letting the two pale woobas fill your vision.
>Laying back down, Vinyl recaptures your head in her bare bust, a nipple glancing off your cheek as she settles on top of you.
>"There you go, happy now?"
"Mmmhh hmmmm." Is all you hum back, pleased to leave the dangerous and horrid not-boob world.
>Everything was right once more, the smell of lavender blueberries with a hint of girl sweat was back, along with the two heartbeats thrumming in your ears, and the feeling of safety that could only be had within four large breasts.
>Putting your hands back on Vinyl, you rub her silky skin, taking in each crease and muscle you you come across and committing it to memory.
>Taking her hands off your chest, Octavia returns them to Vinyl's head, scritching the electric blue hair with her nails.
>Vinyl gives Tavi another kiss and returns to her own boobie pillow, moaning and murmuring into it with satisfaction.
>You can feel Octavia whispering kind words to you two, but can't make out exactly what she was saying, only the vibration of her chest and muffled voice reaching your ears.
>You feel fatigue creeping up on you, and find you don't have the will to resist it, the hot bodies sapping your energy and lulling you to sleep with their cushiony breasts and rhythmic pulses.
>The last thing you remember before slipping into unconsciousness is Vinyl muttering happily and Octavia quietly offering indistinct words of comfort.
>no warm boob prison
File: 2263126.webm (3 KB, 50x50)
3 KB
It’s all I want
File: 1381212.jpg (268 KB, 1280x1707)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
A little additional cream on top why not
>Something warm pushes against your lips, tickling them.
>A single weight lays on your face, the end of it sticking past your lips.
>It's a nub, and something instinctual makes you suck on it.
>"Ahh~ See?"
>The nub grows, sticking further into your mouth.
>Warm liquid begins to dribble from it.
>The taste is sweet, creamy.
>Swallowing, the dribble turns into a squirt with every suck.
>"Mmm, he always starts so gentle."
>A hand combs though your hair, stirring you from your half asleep state.
>Opening your blurry eyes, they focus to reveal someone's chest pressed against you.
>"I think he's waking up dear."
>Coming to, you forget to keep sucking but your mouth continues to fill anyways.
>"Oh my bad, didn't mean to wake you Nonny." A familiar voice apologizes above you.
>You try to say something but almost choke, your mouth filled with milk.
>"Shh shh shh, It's okay, just keep drinking." Vinyl placates, stroking your cheek with a hand.
>Swallowing the large mouthful of Vinyl's milk, you resume suckling on her tit.
>You didn't really need to anymore as the squirts had changed to a steady flow, but each suck pulls in an additional burst of milk, Vinyl moaning at the treatment.
>"G-Greedy boy..."
>All too soon the stream of milk slows down, prompting you to suck harder on the nipple in your mouth.
>Vinyl's crotch rubs against you, the wet fabric of her leggings waking up your cock.
>"Apparently he wants more, why don't you give him the other one Vinyl?"
>The nipple tries to pull from your mouth, but you're suctioned on tight, loathe to release it.
>"L-Let go 'Non."
>The pull becomes stronger but you don't relent, intent on keeping your delicious teat.
>Eventually, the force becomes too strong for your mouth, the nipple freeing with a *pop* and the boob it was attached to bouncing overhead.
File: 1661840.png (1.3 MB, 1288x1917)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
>The engorged nipple dangles above you, drizzling milk over your face before being replaced by a much smaller one.
>It's lowered down carefully, lining up with your mouth.
>Taking it in, you resume your sucking, starting gently again.
>Soon, the nipple fattens up and releases its treasure, fresh warm milk touching your taste buds once more.
>You don't see it, but Vinyl sticks a hand down her leggings, toying at her lower lips.
>Vinyl cranes her head down to bury her face in Octavia's underboob, panting into your scalp as you take what's generously offered.
>A hand comes down to stroke your neck, feeling you swallow Vinyl's cream.
>"Oh my, he's quite thirsty. I do hope you have enough for him."
>Vinyl's body quakes above you, starting to cry out with pleasure as she pumps her fingers into her messy pussy.
>Her arousal fueling yours, Anon Jr stands to attention, poking Vinyl in the thigh.
>Grinding her crotch into you, Vinyl cums, screaming into the little space between your head and Tavi's breasts.
>Losing her strength, Vinyl falls bonelessly on top of you, unfortunately causing the nipple in your mouth to pull free.
>Swallowing your last mouthful, you kiss Vinyl's collarbone, her having slipped down enough for your cock to poke her puffy mons.
>Vinyl stirs at the pressure, her soaked hand grasping your meat curiously.
>"Heheh round two."
>Standing up, Vinyl ignores your nonsensical protests of exposing you to the horrors of the flat-world and strips your pants off, leaving you dangling in the breeze.
>"C'mon Anon, lets give Tavi some lovin'."
>Helping you up, Vinyl looks down at the still mostly clothed cellist with predatory eyes.
>She's on her in a flash, Octavia squealing as Vinyl strips her pants and shirt off, leaving her in just her underwear.
>Kneeling back down, Vinyl pulls you back between her still leaking tits, this time facing down at Octavia.
>She was blushing furiously, her lacy purple panties dripping wet and her matching bra splotched with her own milk beading underneath.
>Vinyl grasps Octy's legs, hoisting them up until they're over her head.
>Walking you forward, Vinyl whispers down to you.
>"Your turn, take your time."
File: 560553.jpg (277 KB, 700x643)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
>Reaching down, Octavia fidgets as you grab the hem of her panties and pull.
>Strings of arousal attached to the wet fabric stretch and split as you reveal Octavia's swollen flower, her face exploding in a blush as she's exposed.
>"She looks so good doesn't she 'Non?~"
>Vinyl grasps your cock and gives you a few pumps, getting you ready.
>Pushing you forward a little more, she lines you up with Octavia's sex.
>Bending both of you over, Vinyl brings you down onto the tall girl, letting you catch yourself on your elbows above her.
>Face to badonkers with a purple bra, Vinyl guides your hand to the front clasp, helping you undo it.
>Octavia's chest flops free, little beads of milk running down their slopes from the peaks.
>Acting on your own, you bend down further to latch on to one of her nipples, Octy gasping at the contact.
>You were lucky most of Octavia's height was in her legs, as your head was angled as far up as comfortably possible.
>"Seems like he's still hungry, huh Tav?"
>Vinyl's hips push against yours, encouraging you to poke into Octavia's entrance.
>Your face is stroked by Tavi's hands as you pull milk from her tit, slowly entering the cellist inch by inch.
>Her hot walls part easily, the combination of her and Vinyl's previous juices allowing you to bottom out in the first stroke, Vinyl's hips coming to rest behind yours.
>Pulling out, one of Vinyl's arms wraps around your waist, keeping you two together.
>And then she helps you thrust right back in, faster this time, again going balls deep.
>Octavia cries out at the deep penetration, but the cock in her was already on it's way out.
>Building up a rhythm, you and Vinyl fuck Octavia, her free tit jiggling with every slap of your hips meeting.
>Vinyl likes to add her own input every so often, changing your angle or pushing you in faster occasionally.
>For the most part, she just follows your lead, her tits wobbling on either side of your head, dripping milk down onto Octavia's own creamy chest.
>Lost in the pleasure, Octavia had wrapped her arms around your backs, her eyes screwed shut as her voice sang freely over the wet slapping.
>Pausing for a moment, you pop free Tavi's nipple and move over to the other one, resuming your thrusts with vigor.
>A dozen more thrusts and Octavia's voice pitches higher, her hips starting to press up to meet yours.
>"I-I'm- ah! Close!"
File: Sauna time.png (3.6 MB, 2480x3507)
3.6 MB
3.6 MB PNG
>Changing your tempo to long firm strokes, Octavia shudders with each collision.
>"Give her all you've got Nonny~" Vinyl cooes.
>Speeding up faster and faster, you piston into Octavia, feeling your orgasm creeping in.
>Vinyl helps your thrusts, giving you pushes in and pulls out, getting you past an unsustainable pace alone.
>Octavia clenches on you and screams, hugging you two tightly into her cleavage.
>Vinyl keeps your jerking hips at a steady cadence, but you aren't able to hold off anymore, blasting white hot cum into Octavia's spasming pussy.
>"That's it, let it all out inside her~"
>Your continued thrusts are halted by Octavia wrapping her legs around Vinyl's butt and locking them behind.
>Unable to keep both yourself and Vinyl up any longer, your elbows give out, your body sandwiched once more between the two big girls.
>You are pushed in as deep as possible, your tip kissing the entrance to Octavia's womb and painting it with your cum.
>Octy shakes under you, keeping the three of you together with her legs and arms, riding out her orgasm while tongue wrestling With Vinyl.
>As you both come down, Octavia pats Vinyl on the back.
>"As e-enjoyable as that was, you two are starting to get heavy."
>Helping you off of Octavia, Vinyl lifts you up and grabs the cellists panties.
>Slowly pulling out, Vinyl pushes the plum panties back down to Tavi's crotch, yanking them up her waist to seal the cum inside.
>It mostly works, some still leaking though and out the sides.
>"See how you like it, hmph."
File: 1031745.jpg (729 KB, 1400x990)
729 KB
729 KB JPG
>Stretching and popping her back, Octavia sits up, giving you two a kind smile.
>"Why, it feels lovely dear, keeping it right where it belongs~"
>Making a little heart with her hands, Octavia places it over her crotch.
>Vinyl snirks above you, barely keeping it together.
>"Did you take that from a hentai or something?"
>Rolling her violet eyes, Octavia stands up, blushing.
>"At least I try to engage in a little pillow talk."
>Pausing for a moment, Vinyl gives you a pat on the chest, bending her head down to give you a kiss on the head.
>"You did good 'Non, you pumped these two bitches full."
>Now it was Octavia's turn to laugh.
>Struggling to rise to your feet, Vinyl refuses to let you go, keeping you securely between her breasts and awkwardly walking with you over to the couch.
>Plopping down, you sit between Vinyl's legs, and lean back, sinking into the back cushion with Vinyl behind you.
>Following you two to the couch, Tavi straddles your legs and sits in both your laps, leaning forward to plant a kiss on your lips.
>"Exemplary performance tonight darling."
"Y-You too."
>Your voice is hoarse but satisfied, your arms wrap around the cellist and pull her close, her bust coming up to rest on its appropriate seat, your face.
>Trapping yourself once again between the girls' considerable chests, you sigh contentedly.
>Vinyl's arms rub up yours and hug Octavia as well, her long black hair brushing against your hands.
>The scent of sweaty musky girls fills your nose, their fruit and floral soaps now in the background along with the sweet smell of fresh milk.
>Resting her head atop yours, Octavia whispers sweet nothings to you two, the heartbeats in your ears synced and peaceful.
>Sleep pulls at you once more, Vinyl already snoozing behind you as you follow her to dreamland, Octavia close behind.
File: 1627517998390.png (3 KB, 772x732)
3 KB
File: cashmoneyvinyl.png (484 KB, 1200x900)
484 KB
484 KB PNG
File: 1779959.gif (20 KB, 132x132)
20 KB
File: [20 minutes of haaaaaa].jpg (299 KB, 1280x960)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
and this is to wub
even further beyond
She's called Refined Recordings there.
>My name is Vinyl Scratch, I'm from Earth..
>And I'm insane.
>Vegeta-tavi:"...It's 'saiyan' you idiot."
File: 1983193.png (197 KB, 735x1024)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
nice, the animated version is great
I wish I was that pillow
File: 2212405.png (1.39 MB, 10000x10000)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
File: Neon.png (1.14 MB, 754x1000)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Anon, why do you have such a large Vinyl?
>notices you
>approaches you
>fondles your sack with her magic
>walks away
Peeky wub

Wub not found
File: 4u.png (47 KB, 500x583)
47 KB
>she's a big wub
File: 234659.png (2.22 MB, 1600x1200)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
Because I misplaced my smallest Vinyl.
>draw me like one if your insect girls
What is this, a wub for ants?
File: 1332477.jpg (182 KB, 1280x1600)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
File: 1611631056980.png (462 KB, 801x601)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
I’m not an armpit guy, but that one is very kissable
File: 1641490825197.png (162 KB, 500x645)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
>squeezably soft vinyl mom
no other waifu thread has this variety of art
i came to vinyl last night
it felt weird calling her name
I love Vinyl in her poofy winter clothes despite having ample body fat to keep herself warm.
I wonder how toasty it is in there with her.
>when it's scary cold
File: mute qt.gif (1.24 MB, 500x281)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB GIF
Just a pony, listening to her music, walking on her hindlegs.
We’ll she can’t walk on her hands, at least not comfortably.
Anthro rotted your brain
But Anon, you get the best of both worlds.
Pony pussy and booba.
Plus now she can hug you back easier with her arms.

2-3 still retains plenty of pony characteristics without being full furry
File: 1637110933329.png (1.55 MB, 2200x1410)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
I want to be hugged back by a pony
new jiggly Vinyl woobas
File: 1620589882468.png (531 KB, 1280x1003)
531 KB
531 KB PNG
>What'd I tell you about this drek, Parker-non?!
>You get this blasphemy out of my bugle or you'll be doing public interest pieces on transbian griffon folk singers until the cows come home!
File: 82202.png (145 KB, 549x594)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
I bet Vinyl gives nice hooga
I never knew why you were so hard on me DJJJ, but now the pieces have all fallen into place and I see the truth.
Always mad when I came in your office without knocking, keeping your lower half under your desk, hiding your face behind cigar smoke, yelling at me when I give you “hard” evidence that Spider-Scratch has a huge dong.
I know your secret now, looking back it’s so obvious, the jig is up DJJJ!
Or should I say… DONK OCT!
File: 1685918.jpg (159 KB, 952x1065)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
File: jjj.jpg (73 KB, 300x300)
73 KB
>You're pushing it right now, Parker-non..
>These blatant falsehoods aren't good for the bugle's reputation.
>'Spider Scratch stole that pony's pizza', 'Spider Scratch is responsible for half the area's unsolved rapes', 'YOU'RE Spider Scratch'..
Don't change the subject, you're a menace like the ones you keep harping on about!
Really, it was an ingenious disguise I admit, but now I'm going to reveal you like you've done to so many others in your precious bugle, starting with pulling you out from behind your desk!
Come here you villian!
Hah see?! I knew it all alo- oh, that's familiar.
Sentimental wub
"I miss you so much Tavi..."
>"I'm right here Vinyl."
nice green
File: 1551607292568.png (259 KB, 696x685)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
File: 2536278.jpg (142 KB, 1279x1279)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
>"*Ahem* Yes..ehh..'boo' and such."
It’s remote controlled. Hold on…
File: 420060.gif (206 KB, 500x500)
206 KB
206 KB GIF
File: 440682.png (1.13 MB, 1600x1200)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
God, I want to be in that mare.
File: voinyl.png (242 KB, 1024x1024)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
are there often music links in vinyl threads?
I post some music now and then, idk about anyone else.
File: 2555713.png (119 KB, 690x690)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
keep doing so, makes it even nicer to stop by. vinyl is cool and hot horse
I post some too, I was hoping to make other anons start posting theirs but it's not working very well

File: vrock.jpg (99 KB, 728x1024)
99 KB
>she's even in pony life roar titans GO
File: 1505275720368.png (1.9 MB, 1726x893)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB PNG
pardon me thats my wifes butt/my breakfast you are staring at
File: Eb-YFWBXQAAEFdx.jpg (436 KB, 1600x1179)
436 KB
436 KB JPG
She was one of the 5 ponies featured in the Pony Life unicorn figure set
NO self-respecting music enthusiast would trade their audiophile cans for some random fucking $30 pink skullcandies. Get that Canterlot High bitch outta here.
wubbing it
File: 1491251526376.png (516 KB, 1181x605)
516 KB
516 KB PNG
And she's canonically just as important as Sunset Shimmer.
I want to make a porn with her.
>Last Night A DJ Saved My Life ( By sucking my cock)
File: 1621206198985.png (735 KB, 1280x1638)
735 KB
735 KB PNG
Oh! Oh! Play Mr. Krinkle next!
That's how I look at her every time I see her.
File: 1643990196374.png (1.51 MB, 1307x1317)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
Well yeah, Vinyl was the only reason Sirens didn't win at the end of Rainbow Rocks
Why are we still posting here? Just to suffer?
I give my life, not for honor
but for wubsluts
Vinyl knows what’s up.
Gotta make sure to get every single detail of that donk ass.
Vinyl testing out the new merchandise
Boopable snoot
her ass smells very sweaty
>oh my word it would appear I am too inebriated, hopefully my ponut doesn't fall prey to a certain human
>"*Hic* Anon I thi- I think *hic* I think Tavi wants you to lick her butt and I wan- *hic* y-you to lick mine too."
>Ending the day with a bit of musical horse analingus on a nice patch of grass at night to the sounds of the bubbling stream, crickets, and moaning mares.
POV: you gave headpattings
music pone is doing a hecking comfort
Is Vinyl a weeb? Does she watch japonyse animus?

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