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File: 1450589678031.jpg (88 KB, 1188x952)
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Previous thread: >>38349092
Archive Link:
- https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/38349092/

>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies getting bathed and pet.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.

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What is cadence doing
I want a bedmare.
I want twilight as my mare.
I want to cuddle her and have her inspire me to learn and be a better person well also having me realize what’s happened to her is very wrong and I should free her,
I want to do a fantasy green. Humans invaded equestria long ago, and like elves are dominant over the pony species. They’re treated like slaves and livestock to be bred.
Anon is a young merchant who-
Oh wait. I think I’m describing spice and wolf
>Not much further, surely?
Why don't the others help her? Carry the guy for a while.
>get a few minutes to rest
I was afraid she had given up.
>she recognized Salki's scent
Which is easy considering nobody ever baths.
>it hadn't been in vain
So far.
>It was covered in blood
And she didn't puke!
>I'll help you
Finally! Also who's he helping exactly? Mayor or Bakar? Because helping Mayor means helping Bakar.
>She didn't know which tent
Why is she not recognizing it? She visited Intor's tent a few times already.
>[fuck] Willow for good measure
>thanks to you
Those are big words!
And they were hiding this whole time?!
>dunked her muzzle into the pot
Sugar rush incoming! And I hope its a large pot!
>you don't have to do any work today
Not like she could do any work. At least not for another half a day.
>Piss first.
>not particularly caring who would see her
She come a long way.

Thanks for the update!
Anyway, he meets another trader who sells him what he considered a useless unicorn, but she’s actually a prodigy, who picks up reading and writing-
Am I seriously describing spice and wolf?
Keep going anon.
Spice & Mare needs to be a thing
I’ve just really been into the “teaching slaves to read and write until they learn to love naturally” trope.
File: 11642588999234.png (1.37 MB, 1206x1024)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
>every once and a while cream has to give the human a reminder when he gets too distracted with silly online games and forgets that playing with his bat is much more fun~
wew lad
>TFW no dressage pony story
I feel like this is a concept ripe for exploration.
File: 11723472882.png (3.38 MB, 3346x3016)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB PNG
>tfw dont know enough about dressage to even attempt writing it
>something something whip, saddles and blinders
I'm looking for a specific fic that I can't remember the name of. It's porn, it's about a theoretical bad end where the changeling win at the end of season 2. The opening chapter is about cadence getting fucked alone down there in thr basement and getting mind broken and shit. I read it in like 2015. Anyone got any leads?
Not ringing any bells with me, sorry. I could try searching if you can remember more specific details.
File: 6295155.jpg (633 KB, 1751x2160)
633 KB
633 KB JPG
File: 1622954.png (898 KB, 1312x1823)
898 KB
898 KB PNG
File: fillybed.png (9 KB, 769x605)
9 KB
fillybed > bedfilly
>15:02:14 No.38514322▶
>File: 6295155.jpg (633 KB, 1751x2160)
Something about slave alicorn twilight
She's the demigod of friends so she was barely more expensive than a normal pone.
This image does things to me, Anon.
File: 6407404.jpg (804 KB, 3590x4096)
804 KB
804 KB JPG
Make with the brushiebrushie already, pon is gonna get tangles at this rate.
File: 237494__4mb.jpg (3.65 MB, 4185x3000)
3.65 MB
3.65 MB JPG
Rarity was made for the saddle
File: cellyhorse.jpg (197 KB, 1024x1024)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
made for saddles, bridles, blinders AND tailwraps to keep that squiggletail up and flagging
but then again, all ponies are made for ponyplay
Literally. She's wearing one in the show bible.
File: 1633107067973.png (81 KB, 287x315)
81 KB
was she somones property?
You'll have to catch her
That's a while lot of mane and tail. Gonna need a proper grooming setup.
File: 81aAPCbb8HL._SY355_.jpg (9 KB, 355x355)
9 KB
Do not shave the poner.
They need that fluff to regulate their body temperature.
That just means they would just be more dependent on cuddling until it grows back. And I also know another way to warm her up if you know what I mean.
>master heads off to work
>spend all day bundled up under a comforter, laying on a heated blanket
>immediately latch onto him when he walks in the door
Poner needs you to carry her around the house while she does her chores
File: 1947931.png (721 KB, 1024x1024)
721 KB
721 KB PNG
Nah. This horse is cute, I like the long mane and tail. Will groom.
When they neuter a filly, do they do it similarly like in case of dogs? Taking out both her ovaries, the whole uterus, cervix, and most of her vagina. Making her vagina just a few cm deep after the operation.
They don't do that in freedom land. Too much demand for pones.
Not yet, but when the humans come she and the rest of the fifth columares will put on their best saddles and guide the invaders towards vital infrastructure.
File: 241054.png (517 KB, 516x609)
517 KB
517 KB PNG
File: 1460518985550.png (368 KB, 950x792)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
File: 42357.jpg (345 KB, 1920x1200)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
Pat the horse
had another slave pony dream.
>buy a bunch of ponies from a huge asshole
>have them with my at my work
>let them hide around so they can kinda chill out
>make a list of all of them and who they look like they associate with to kill some time
>former owner comes in to berate me for not beating them after like 40 seconds or whatever
>call him a faggot, show him my list of ponies and their friends and shit
>bitches out and leaves
>check a spot and ask if shes okay to come out now
>she says yes, i open the drawer and its fluttershy
>i tell her shes a cute pony
>"why thank you, i even used to be a model once, you know"
>she strikes a pose
>i wake up from adorable overload
such is life
Is she brave enough to win against her master?
File: 1634468.jpg (3.81 MB, 2162x1696)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB JPG
>poner was for slave long before the portals opened
File: 1592893581661.png (592 KB, 1360x990)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
would you?
File: 1687185__compressed.png (1.26 MB, 1119x1300)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
File: 1650987322708.png (574 KB, 1200x1000)
574 KB
574 KB PNG
File: 40c.png (94 KB, 366x373)
94 KB
bughorse never ever
File: 1634021.jpg (1.23 MB, 2046x1434)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
i want to buy rara
File: screenshot.jpg (143 KB, 1086x1042)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
bughorse never ever
File: 1457118711093.png (422 KB, 1024x1024)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
File: 1651014518782.jpg (143 KB, 1280x1188)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Poni is filming a training video with her human.
>tfw ginger snap will never be free from the basement
bakery slave bros...
File: derpibooru-2853523.jpg (177 KB, 900x900)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Pony is never fully dressed without a collar
>*without a saddle and tack
That pone will be very sorry for going without the collar.
But she got the skills to "say" sorry.
Zecora a good girl, I can tell
File: 1609561428908.webm (680 KB, 514x514)
680 KB
Bedmare notices master.
File: 2630782.png (2.14 MB, 1890x1417)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB PNG
I'd punish her by making some eggs for her. Then she'd have to clean up her mess
She will have to endure it again if she wants a new one.
Something about this art makes pony look exceedingly soft and snuggable. I like it.
>she drops it on purpose
File: which one.jpg (284 KB, 1600x1200)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
So which one is it this week awf?

> The atmosphere in the camp felt different to Mayor. People watched her more closely as she walked past and it felt like something significant had changed.
> She had gotten used to the nomads not paying her much mind as they had gotten used to her presence, but now it seemed as if they had gone back to the beginning. She even saw a few whispering to one another as they noticed her.
> She disregarded it as nerves; she had been away for a few days, after all, and perhaps she was more conscious of eyes after spending all that time away from them. Besides, all her legs hurt and she had to focus on her balance because her muscles didn't respond the way she was used to.
> Every few steps she nearly stumbled and fell as a sudden twinge made her shift a leg when she put weight on it. Luckily it was getting better as she got more exercise and the sugar from her honey treat was helping.
> If Gol noticed that the mare was walking more slowly than usual, she didn't comment.
> They made their careful, fumbling way to Xuan's tent where both she and Buygra were sitting at their outside fire and chatting. They fell silent when they spotted Mayor, but then Buygra grinned widely and beckoned her closer.
> "[Come! Come! Sit with us!]" he told her.
> His wife, in the meantime - could Xuan be considered his wife? Mayor wasn't sure, but she hadn't seen any such ceremony among the nomads. Perhaps the fact they were living in the same tent and the young woman was carrying Buygra's child amounted to the same thing.
> In either case, Xuan had gotten up and slipped inside the tent just as Mayor was settling down on her haunches. Her poor, abused muscles screamed in protest, but quietened when she settled down.
> The heat from the fire was nice, too.
"[Thanks. Um, where Xuan go?]"
> Buygra opened his mouth to reply, but he was preempted by Xuan who emerged out of the tent. She had a couple of potatoes in her hands. "[I thought you might need these after... that,]" she said. "[Buygra told me what happened. You saved Bakar's life.]"
> The praise felt good and went a little way to soothe Mayor's muscle fatigue. It also made her realize what the others were probably whispering about. Mayor had nearly forgotten, but she was still covered in blood and must have been quite a strange sight ambling through the camp.
> Maybe they were commenting on how tired she looked, or how slowly she moved? She hadn't considered her own deed particularly heroic, after all. What was a bit of effort and discomfort to save a life, after all? Even if it was a nomad life, the old hunter had been nice to her.
> She contemplated the potatoes for a moment, trying to decide whether she wanted them or would rather save them for a time her belly wasn't full of sugar. In the end Mayor decide to go with it.

> She would need food to recover from the ordeal and it looked like Intor was coming around, so maybe her feeding situation would improve now.
"[Sure. Thank you.]"
> Xuan put the tubers down at the edge of her fire, where they could slowly cook. Then she revealed a small bag she was holding in her hands and offered it to Mayor. "[Here, this is from me.]"
> The mare looked at it curiously, then reached over to get it. Her foreleg gave a twinge and she almost knocked the pouch out of Xuan's hand.
"[Oh! Sorry! Leg hurts- I walked far, it hurts. Sometimes kick. Sorry.]"
> The young nomad understood and laughed it off. "[I know. Here.]"
> This time the hand-off was successful and Mayor brought the thing to her nose. She immediately smelled what was in it.
"[Salt?! Thank you!]"
> There wasn't very much of it, but the thought of sprinkling it on the potatoes which were cooking in the fire made Mayor's mouth water.
> "[It is only a little. We don't have more.]"
> She was giving away the last of her salt?! Mayor's ears pinned back and she felt her chest swell at this simple, yet meaningful gesture. Xuan and Buygra did not have much, and they had little reason to personally thank Mayor, yet they were still trying to do it.
> It was the last they had and it was one of the most valuable commodities the nomads traded. It took an effort of will, but the mare closed the pouch and held it back out.
"[No, not want your only salt. Here, you need more than me.]"
> The nomad would have none of it and even Buygra reached over to push Mayor's foreleg back. "[I insist,]" Xuan said. "[You helped bring this ... back to me in one piece and I appreciate it. Take it.]"
> Mayor sighed and accepted the gift. It would help with her nutrition and it would make her meal delicious to boot, after all. These people didn't have a whole lot, but she couldn't deny their kindness.
> Well, some of them, at least. Now that she was considered something like an honorary member of the tribe.
> Was she one of them? The thought had come out of nowhere and made Mayor stare at the fire in surprised contemplation.
> They spoke to her as an equal, even if it had taken some doing. Some of them saw her as a friend, and she considered them the same. Technically she was still a slave and she belonged to Salki and Darga, but those two in particular treated her more as family than as a slave.
> Was that what would gradually happen to those two children with Husein?
> Mayor shook her head. All of that fell under the heading of 'politics' and she didn't want to think about that at the moment. It would wait for when she wasn't hurting all over.
> For now, she could enjoy a good, delicious meal.
"[What did you call Buygra?]" Mayor asked.

> That word Xuan had used made her think it was a swear, or at least an insult, but she had said it good-naturedly and Buygra had not really complained. It could be a useful thing to know.
> The young nomad repeated it, but Mayor was no close to understanding. Seeing that, Xuan tried to explain in a different way: "[It is when a donkey fucks a horse. The child looks like donkey, but it's strong like horse.]"
> It was almost unheard of back home, but there were rumours. The bluntness of the description threw her off and Mayor said the word in equestrian:
> Xuan giggled at the sound and tried to mimic it. "Myu-leh. [I like it. We call it 'mule'.]"
> Xuan said the equestrian word a few more times. "[I like how it sounds. Buygra is stubborn like a] myu-leh. Hah!"
> Her husband grumbled a little bit, but he was smiling so Mayor didn't think there were hard feelings.
> "[So, tell me,]" Xuan suddenly switched the topic, "[what was it like? This one-]" she prodded Buygra with a finger, "[-doesn't tell me anything. How was the hunt?]"
> Mayor's eyes went back to the fire as she remembered that chaos and carnage of the battle. It was only a minor skirmish, at least that was what some of the men had said, but to her it was raw and gruesome. Her first exposure to nomad violence.
> Well, their violence toward one another. She had seen what Willow could do that night she had almost gotten eaten by wolves.
> Xuan was watching her expectantly and even Buygra seemed interested. Mayor sighed as she relented under their stares.
"[Well, the first day we only walk, nothing happened...]"

> ~~~~

> After her large and delicious lunch Mayor ambled across the camp to see whether Bakar would survive or not. Gol had left to do her chores shortly after they had sat down with Xuan and Buygra and Mayor enjoyed a bit of freedom from supervision.
> Undoubtedly the tomorrow would bring a return to work, but Intor had granted her a day of rest and she planned to take full advantage of it.
> Every now and then Mayor licked her lips to chase down the last few bits of potato and salt. She had used up half of the bag and had left the rest with Xuan for her next few meals.
> It felt good to indulge at least once in her time with the nomads.
> She nodded to the people she recognized as she weaved between the tents and most of them greeted her, or at least waved back. Her circle of friends was expanding and a talking pony was apparently no longer a surprising sight.
> These people were nothing if not adaptable, Mayor thought to herself. If nothing else, the way they eked out their living in this inhospitable, dangerous land proved it. Perhaps it wasn't all that unusual that they had accepted her, especially once she had proven her worth.

> All that was left to do was to get rid of her status as a slave. Maybe if she somehow became a full member of their tribe they would listen to her and take her back to the portal to Equestria.
> She might have been fitting in, perhaps even making a few friends, but Mayor knew, deep inside, that she did not belong in that world. She longed for home, for her friends and neighbors.
> Even something as mundane and boring as Ponyville's finances filled her heart with sudden nostalgia.
> She was so wrapped up in nostalgia that Mayor nearly walked right past the shaman's tent. It stood a little ways away from the others, near the center of the camp. It seemed the superstitious nomads didn't want to come too close to what they considered magic.
> Mayor hadn't spoken with the shaman much, but she had seen him work and knew for certain that he had no real magic. Even the weakest of Equestria's unicorns would show him up with relative ease.
> The others, however, believed his act and Mayor didn't want to antagonize them by mocking what was essentially their religion. He was also the closest thing to a doctor the nomads had, so that was where they had taken Bakar.
> She stood for a while in front of the tent to gather her resolve and calm her mind. She had to be careful not to let anything about Equestrian magic slip in front of the shaman.
> Salki had told her, once she had convinced the boy that her words were truth, that shaman might take it as an affront to his power and influence if she tried spreading her religion.
> That was absurd, of course; Celestia and Luna were not a religion, they were real! Unfortunately Mayor had no means to really prove it, so she decided to take Salki's advice and wait with the more unbelievable stories until the people trusted her.
> She took a deep breath and pushed into the tent. The shaman looked up.
> Mayor had never learned his name - or perhaps what she thought was the nomad word for 'shaman' was actually the man's name. IT didn't matter, everyone called him that and so would she.
> At the moment he was sitting, cross-legged, beside the fire with a bowl of some kind of stew in his hand. Clay pottery was rare among nomads, but Mayor had seen that some had such things.
> Intor's jar of honey, for example, and now the shaman's bowl. They were probably very valuable artifacts, obtained at large expense from the travelling traders.
> In Equestria foals made pottery like that in school and then promptly threw it away because it was too crude.
> "[What?]" he asked.
> The shaman clearly knew she was sapient and able to speak their language, even though Mayor had not said more than a dozen words to him since she had arrived.
"[I am here for Bakar. Is he alive? Hurt?]"

> The man motioned with his free hand and Mayor noticed another shape across the tent. It was the old hunter, lying on a cot and covered with several fur blankets. They were keeping him warm, which was good.
"[How is he?]"
> The shaman watched the prone figure for a while before replying: "[He will probably live, if he does not get the fever.]"
> Infection, she thought to herself. They were aware that wounds could cause it, but they obviously didn't know about germs, nor how to guard from it. Unfortunately she couldn't help them with that, since she did not have a unicorn, nor something as simple as rubbing alcohol.
> She thought about beer for a moment, but then shook her head. It was too weak and would do more harm than good.
"[You keep the wound clean? Wash wound many times, maybe no fever.]"
> The shaman observed her in silence for a bit and Mayor became uncomfortable. She decided to fully enter the tent, more for something to do than because of the cold. She let the flap close behind her and sat on her haunches at Bakar's side.
> Her legs trembled and the now-familiar ache shot up her cannons, but she ignored it.
> There was still no reply and she looked from Bakar's face to the shaman's.
"[What?]" she asked.
> "[You are covered in blood,]" he commented.
> Mayor suddenly realized that this was so. She had almost forgotten it with her delight at having a good lunch and some free time. She glanced down at her legs and saw that, indeed, her fur was caked with dry blood and her cloak was almost completely covered with it.
"[Yes. I need to wash, no time. I will wash soon. I wanted to see Bakar.]"
> "[You carried him back from the battle? A full day of forced marching?]"
> She wasn't quite sure what he was getting at and leaned her head to one side in curiosity. The shaman gave a single, solitary nod. "[That was good. Not many warriors could do something like that. You are stronger than you look.]"
> Her mouth twitched up into a half-smile from pride, then Mayor simply closed her eyes for a moment and inclined her head as she accepted the compliment. Younger nomads were big on boasting, but she preferred not to.
> "[Tell me: why did you say I must keep Bakar's wound clean?]"
> The mare blinked in shock. Surely, despite the primitive state of their medicine, the nomads knew you had to wash wounds, didn't they? Was he testing her?
"[Otherwise it smell. There is fever. Sick. Death. Keep it clean, more- faster healing.]"
> "Hmm," was all the reply the shaman deigned to give.
> Mayor looked at Bakar again, but all she could tell was that he was sleeping. It looked peaceful and he didn't appear feverish. With luck he would make it, she thought. At least he was out of mortal danger, now that he was no longer losing blood.

> "[Where you come from, such things are known? How to treat wounds?]"
> The politician in Mayor immediately flagged this as a loaded question. Maybe the shaman knew more about Equestria than he was letting on? Mayor glanced around the tent and gave her ears a few random flicks to make it look like she was thinking deeply.
> She wanted to buy herself a few seconds so she could think about how to answer, what to give away. A new, sudden, poignant hope blossomed in her heart. Perhaps if she could convince this man that he could advance his craft with some Equestrian help, he might be willing to take her back, or at least persuade the Chieftain to do so.
"[Yes and no. Some know. Most know the simple: keep clean, watch for fever. Some know much more.]"
> The shaman nodded to himself and stared at the far wall of the tent as he thought it over.
"[We have- uh... how you say it: plants to make wounds better. For sickness.]"
> Unfortunately she didn't know the word for 'medicine', nor did she think the nomads had such a word, so Mayor decided to tempt him with the Equestrian expression:
"Medicine. [We have-] medicine."
> "Med-i-cine," he repeated carefully. "[Your home is a place of powerful magic.]"
> That last was not a question, it was a statement. Did he know something about Equestria already?
"[Yes! You know Equestria?]"
> At that the shaman shook his head. "[Only that the path there is difficult to find. I did not expect Willow to succeed.]"
"[He can take us there! Willow remembers the way!]"
> Mayor had no idea if that was actually true, but she had to believe there was some way back for her. To her dismay, the shaman was already shaking his head.
> "[No, he does not.]"
"[How you know!?]"
> "[I know, because the way to your world only opens when the stars are in the right places. It happened when Willow found you. It will not happen again while I am alive, nor while you are. The way is gone.]"
"[What?! Explain!]"
> Mayor realized she was starting to pant and forced herself to slow her breathing before she passed out. It sounded like the way to Equestria, that portal in the Everfree, wasn't open all the time! It couldn't be.
> She hated that this shaman was so certain about it.
> "[My grandfather told me. Back in his day, more knew the secret. When the stars are right, men can find the special place where the worlds are one. It is possible to cross, but it only remains open for a day. He told me what to watch out for.]"
> He paused for a moment to scoop up more of his stew with his fingers into his mouth. All Mayor could do was stare in impatience: "[When I saw the signs months ago, I told Willow. He was coming of age and wanted a quest to prove himself. I confess: I did not believe the old story was true. I did not expect him to find it.]"

"[What your grandfather say? The way to Equestria, did he say about ponies? When did men go to Equestria? I do not know this!]"
> She was jumbling up her words and her grammar was atrocious, but Mayor didn't care. She needed answers.
> "[Nothing. Grandfather did not tell me what lies beyond the portal, only that there are great riches. That was what Willow was after. I do not know why he returned with you.]"
> Mayor deflated a little bit and lowered her gaze. She stared at the fire as he mind worked furiously. Had there ever been rumours of nomads in Equestria? She had never been a big fan of history, but her job required her to know at least some of it.
> She looked back up at the shaman, who had resumed eating.
"[How long? When? How many winter ago?]"
> The man gave this some thought, then said a few words she couldn't quite parse. At her plaintive look he sighed and put the bowl down so he could show her both hands. "[This many fingers, and this, and this.]" He opened and closed his digits in quick succession and Mayor counted under her breath.
"Over eighty years..." she whispered to herself.
> That grandfather must have been quite old when he died. She couldn't be absolutely sure, but she guessed the shaman was around forty himself.
> "Eii- tee," the shaman repeated her word, then gave her the nomad translation: "[Eighty.]"
> Surely not, Mayor thought. She felt like dropping down to her elbows and begging this nomad that it wasn't true.
> A way home open only every eight decades. In Equestria she might have a slim chance of living that long, on this world she was sure she would never make it.
> It felt like a hole in her chest, as if something dear and precious to her had been torn out along with her heart.
> Everything she had ever known, lost to her.
> There was the hope that the shaman was wrong, that this story about the way only being open sometimes was nothing but superstition.
> She had to go back to that place and see for herself. Maybe he was right and the hole in space was not always open, but surely it came more often than every eighty years.
> The nomad world was sparsely populated, she thought. If the way only worked for a day every year, almost no one would ever find it. Tartarus, if it stayed open for a day every month the chances would be tiny!
> Maybe that was all there was to it?
> She fought back tears which threatened to spill down her muzzle and forced her ears back up.
> She would see for herself, even if it meant camping out by the portal, alone, for a whole year.
> Mayor let out a breath she didn't realize she had been holding. It came a little ragged, but she was already pulling herself together.
> She looked up at the old man.
"[Thank you.]"

> Her heart was not really in it, but she still wanted to be polite. After that she got to her hooves, cast a last, forlorn look at Bakar, then walked to the tent flap.
> Just as she pushed it open and stepped outside the shaman called back after her: "[Meyermer?]"
> She paused and half-turned back into the tent.
> "[Come and tell me of your magical world sometime.]"
"[I will.]"
> At the moment she didn't have a particular desire to speak with any nomad, least of all this charlatan of a fake religion, but he seemed to know more about her way home than anyone else in the camp and Mayor would be extremely foolish to spurn that information.
> She suspected that the full realization that she was stranded hadn't yet hit her completely. Perhaps it was delayed because of shock.
> For so long she had thought about that clearing, that hole in the air, even if it led to the middle of Everfree. Her salvation. She had focused a lot of energy on getting back there.
> Not once had she considered that, even if she got the nomads to take her to that place, the way might be shut.
> She wanted to be alone. She stepped completely out of the tent and saw how dirty her fur was. She needed to wash herself, and her cloak anyway.
> Mayor closed her eyes for a few seconds, took a deep breath, then headed off toward the spring.

Does this answer your question? Hint, it's the first one: mayor mare a little distance from a wooden fence.

Paste: https://ponepaste.org/5389

Also, I forgot to say these in the last thread:

Many thanks, kind anons! It's great to know people are enjoying the green - I'm certainly having a good time writing it.
Your slave is in dire need of learning her place.
She's just shy and doesn't know to to express how eager she is.
>80 years
Well shit
Time for Meyrmer to use her modern day knowledge, bureaucratic expertise, and vibrant pink hair to become the newest shaman and lead the tribe into the next stage of civilization
Meyermere deserves the leash
Don't worry, a few hours under the hurried pace she desires should teach her a thing or two about why master knows best.
File: 2546129.jpg (99 KB, 630x484)
99 KB
Give her pets you monster
File: check em.jpg (13 KB, 299x299)
13 KB
The quints say you MUST pet the Cewestia.
File: 2461910.jpg (73 KB, 344x506)
73 KB
Smolestia bestia
That's all part of her cunning horseplan. She's gonna get all sweaty working so you'll have to giver her a deep scrubbing with extra brushies.
File: 6394517.png (2.24 MB, 3840x2160)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB PNG
Scrub the horse
Dear god. Those digits.
Pets are important
File: 1640755.gif (612 KB, 600x838)
612 KB
612 KB GIF
That they are.
>stroking backwards
File: 6185586.png (542 KB, 1058x1001)
542 KB
542 KB PNG
Ponies don't have directional fur, backstrokes are fine.
File: 1638917175737.jpg (46 KB, 800x600)
46 KB
File: 1638077124450.gif (805 KB, 374x332)
805 KB
805 KB GIF
You know what REALLY grinds my gears? Greens where Anon buys a fucking slave pone, and thinks he's some kind of saint for letting it say his name or eat decent food. I read this green lately, where he buys Trixie, and he just takes off her magic dampening ring and just leaves her there unsupervised. Surprise surprise, she ends up running away and getting captured. You don't buy a slave to be friends with it, you want a friend go to the park or a bar and talk to someone. Don't go buy and own a slave and pretend it's your fucking friend, it's pathetic and insulting. You think you're their friend for giving it some food, some water? Giving it basic rights that it already had before it was enslaved? Make no mistake, you OWN them, like you own a piece of furniture or a dog depending on who you ask. Only with discipline and trust you make them believe they EARNED those things, only then you can get to a point where you have something resembling a friendship, and even then she should always somewhat fear and revere you subconsciously.
Ah, it looks like you are looking for an entirely different thread. This is /spg/, not /sim/.
yeah yeah, the moral hypocrite slave owner, we get it
Eh, he makes somewhat of a point. Better to have anon buy the pony because he doesn't want them to be treated poorly or straight up inherits them somehow. Just buying a slave because you want a friend is kinda stupid.
>entirely different
And how, pray tell, is it 'entirely different'? Do you mean to tell me slavery absolutely does not involve submission? If so I have another question I believe to be much more appropriate: Are you pretending to be retarded?
>Just buying a slave because you want a friend is kinda stupid
The fuck are you on about
A friend is the optimal job for a pony. They're exceptionally good at it, and its a fundamental building block of their native culture so every single one of them can do it.
Except you aren't their friend, you fucking own them. If you were friends you'd release them from captivity, but you won't because it's your SLAVE. That's like buying a dog and then releasing it into the fucking woods, it's irresponsible because now it's going to be captured or die all because muh morals.
I'd buy as many slave ponies as I could, and make a slave pony village. It'd be based, and while they wouldn't legally be free, I wouldn't make them shine my shoes or any of that other gay shit.
You might be in the wrong thread if you're that upset about pony slavery.
I'm not upset about slavery no, I just like when it's not it's this half n half luke warm pussy shit.
Don't waste your time. This is literally the dog pampering general. Nothing to do with slaves.
Then why don't you fuck off to /sim/? It has exactly what you are looking for.
>People watched her more closely
She is covered in blood.
>she didn't comment
At least some has some sense from that family.
>You saved Bakar's life.
We don't know yet.
Mayor is getting showered in gifts.
>not want your only salt
Playing dangerous game here. Who knows what their reaction is to rejection of gifts.
Hopefully they won't force a jack onto Mayor to find out what a crossing a pony with a donkey results in.
>doesn't tell me anything
He told her about Bakar. So that's something.
>She had used up half of the bag
That's a lot of salt!
>All that was left to do
Is to take a bath to wash out the blood from her coat.
>Maybe if she somehow became a full member
Become Salki's wife.
Does Mayor even know what a religion is? We have not saw anything even remotely close to it in the show. As far as I remember.
>Mayor had no means to really prove it
If they are so interested in it, another visit to Equestria is in order! Also isn't a talking pony enough proof?
>Clay pottery
Is it glazed?
>nor something as simple as rubbing alcohol
Next time don't drink all the beer! Oh, maybe she could try distillation to get some ethanol?
>keep the wound clean
I wonder if he will ignore it completely or silently then comply. Also how would he keep it clean? They don't even have soap.
>Mayor suddenly realized
>You are stronger than you look.
A praise?!
>why did you say I must keep
Not ignoring it?! Wow.
>Otherwise it smell
Interesting. I would have explained him what bacteria is. In a very rudimentary form. Like "small animals can't see".
>How to treat wounds?
There is an opportunity here!
>I did not expect Willow to succeed.
So Willow is the key. Fuck.
>The way is gone.
Find another one.
>He was coming of age
So he is not that old. I was expecting him to be older.
>She needed answers.
Nobody knows where did the minotaurs come from.
>This many fingers
Guy is smart. Recognizing the language obstacle and quickly finding a workaround.
Also the guy have a lof of fingers if he only shoved his hand 3 times for 80.
>she might have a slim chance of living that long
And being ~130?
>Come and tell me of your magical world sometime.
Another ally?
>hadn't yet hit her completely
But when it will, she will be a mess for multiple days.
>then headed off toward the spring
Don't catch cold this time.

Thanks for the update!
File: 1645420006603.jpg (78 KB, 1001x1024)
78 KB
File: 6297159.jpg (510 KB, 3340x2223)
510 KB
510 KB JPG
I'd make a slave pony village of shoe-shiners
You can visit to have your shoes shined
They don't have to do anything else you ask of them or obey any other orders, and they're mostly free to basically live their own lives, except if you need your shoes shined
Shiny-town, where a businessman can find a good shinemare on every street corner.
Isn't that kinda the point?
Fuck the bedmares.
Give your shoes to the shinemares.
And at the end of the day dispense good girl headpats to everypony
Is it possible to bottle headpats?
Yeah, its called heroin
>Bottled Headpats
I could see this being the marketing name for some kind of pony catnip equivalent or something.
Then again ponies can bottle lightning, so maybe with some magical creativity it might not be impossible to suspend the sensation of headpats and dispense it at will. Question then arises whether it's possible to recreate Master's affection and approval like that, or whether bottled headpats will always feel like an artificial, cheap substitute for the real thing...
>Bottled Headpats
I kind of like the idea of this being some sort of magical drug-simulant that makes ponies feel a sense of approval and self-worth, meant to be dispensed when they've carried out their duties well. Of course, being magical, it can only be produced by other ponies... wonder how those ones feel, creating the substance which keeps their fellow slaves seeking Master's approval? Are they being treated with Bottled Headpats as well?
I really like this idea but the only issue I see is that it might lead to slaves becoming independent from Master. It's gotta be tuned such that it's still inferior to ACTUAL headpats - maybe even only makes you crave them more.
And then rebel ponies make black market Headpats that are in fact superior to real pettings, and use them to supposedly wean slaves off the dependency on their Masters and let them become independent rebels. Except since it's actually BETTER, the rebels end up only substituting one addiction with a stronger one, and become a cartel in their own right preying on vulnerable slaves for profit and extra recruits.
You're a slave pony who lives an overall comfy life but aren't happy about being a slave, and have always felt iffy about how dependent slave ponies get on pettings, not helped by the bottled substance that seems to only increase the cravings. Then you hear about the rebel cartel. Do you help them in the name of freeing ponies from slavery? Or do you work with your human Masters to sell out and capture the rebel leaders, in order to disband their contraband drug cartel?
File: 1117793269220.jpg (1.27 MB, 1593x1500)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
A cute!
The dichotomy of /spg/, embodied.
>Definitely very cute, though.
File: 1434672.png (3.06 MB, 1429x2051)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB PNG
We need more zeeb.
Zecora is top tier cute and deserves a nice collar.
but Anon, she already has 5 of them
>Zecora carries a collar for each of the Masters she has had.
>Truly, fate seems to have it in for her
>Even as a slave, she cannot seem to find one place to call 'home' for long...
File: 1626742339245.jpg (92 KB, 900x754)
92 KB
File: 2564489.png (532 KB, 1600x1200)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
Master is in danger
File: 800487.png (822 KB, 1148x1000)
822 KB
822 KB PNG
You know that thing how sometimes a dog and its owner start to look like each other?
Yeah that can happen with ponies too.
Nah, BonBon is afraid of the hoofspiders.
File: 1329384.png (481 KB, 848x1066)
481 KB
481 KB PNG
File: 2674027.jpg (367 KB, 822x1180)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
Bedmare running down to greet you! And she is such a good girl that she comes prepared.
Then patiently waits in the bed for you to finish the appetizer.
[ ] Bedmare
[x] Ponder the orb
File: 2738762_resized.jpg (364 KB, 1500x1250)
364 KB
364 KB JPG
[x] Bedmare
[ ] Anything else
bitch is using magic and yet still spills the fucking coffee. thats it, your going back to the rape dungeon.
She's just really excited
Very eager pone

Help her enslave her mom to keep her quiet? Sure.
Those are some biiiiig ears though.
File: clumsy_by_alasou_d80arrz.png (707 KB, 1375x1550)
707 KB
707 KB PNG
File: 11184582488923.png (1.69 MB, 3156x3816)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
Poner waits patiently.
Poner has to. bats dont know how to open knots, just like pigs cant look up
File: 1867131.png (741 KB, 1004x989)
741 KB
741 KB PNG
fits = sits
what a mango slut
Look at the size of those wings. I need to pet them.
File: mares are uppity again.jpg (79 KB, 1029x1240)
79 KB
mares are for whipping
File: 11723458289232.png (682 KB, 1047x1024)
682 KB
682 KB PNG
File: 29215.png (675 KB, 1280x960)
675 KB
675 KB PNG
That they are.
>glass milk bottle
Early 20th century slave pones?
>Better to have anon buy the pony because he doesn't want them to be treated poorly
Isn't this what usually happens?
Still hopefull that rehab celly will return
File: 1577754681246.png (2.44 MB, 3000x3000)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB PNG
Reminder that horses are for petting.
Go pet your horse.
Horse tries to bite when pet. What do?
Coat my arm with the hottest hot sauce.
>horse is Pinkie Pie
Another dream about slave ponies. this time owned by my parents.
no other general has given me this many pony dreams. only a couple have /not/ had slave pones
File: derpibooru-2857760.jpg (164 KB, 900x883)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Treat the slave, and the slave treats you.
Step 1: Headpats
Step 2: Heart eyes
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Ice cream
Could've just said "Bump" Anon, but I appreciate your dedication to putting forth effort to really add to the post. Gives it some oomph
I didn't read past your name, it oozes gayness.
File: 6271469.png (394 KB, 1024x768)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
The question is, who's going to get the Ice cream? The master or the slave?
File: 1531526521769.png (209 KB, 745x773)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
File: 1614448849837.jpg (2.85 MB, 2544x2160)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB JPG
She has a point, ya know.
Illustration for that green where the pony loves to pull master in the cart
>TFW we never got any more of Master's Cartslut
File: 1594240557993.jpg (177 KB, 1024x1229)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
File: 2840558.png (931 KB, 2850x2780)
931 KB
931 KB PNG
>tell flutterhorse about horses from your world
>tell her about reindeers too
>now she constantly wants to take you to place and treat her like animals from your world so "she can understand her animal friends better"
File: 1611401718483.png (1.97 MB, 2000x2000)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG
File: 1593889765662.png (67 KB, 871x556)
67 KB
Bedmares = bestmares
File: worried poners.jpg (633 KB, 3000x1821)
633 KB
633 KB JPG
File: 6420861.png (2.09 MB, 2200x3000)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB PNG
Cuddle the mare
>merely told about horses
>pre-emptively saddles herself to serve master in the same capacity
there's a reason pegapones are so sought after
There seems to be a surprising amount of artwork of Fluttershy in particular in tack and/or riding gear.
Why are they melting down?
File: 1562517749483.png (70 KB, 279x282)
70 KB
File: 1457757630664.png (469 KB, 1336x1133)
469 KB
469 KB PNG

> Mayor Mare stood in the water and watched her reflection. It was hard to see as the stream flowed, and more often than not her gaze slipped to the pebbles on the riverbed, but she saw enough.
> Her face had a large, dark splotch of dried blood, which formed an almost perfect hand print. She didn't remember when it had happened, but those last few hours of walking with Bakar on her back were lost in a fog of memory.
> She should probably wash it off. No wonder the nomads had stared at her and murmured to each other. It was something of a surprise that Xuan and Gol hadn't said anything.
> Or had they?
> Some of the nomads had told her to go wash up, but Mayor had declined until she saw Bakar and made sure he would live.
> Her gaze slipped and she saw a rose tint to the water around her forelegs. It was washing away some of the blood there and Mayor watched the tendrils of color with interest.
> The cloak was probably caked in it, too. She would have to wash it, then somehow take it back to the tents.
> It was cold.
> She was only submerged to her knees and already her legs were almost completely numb. Maybe it felt nice, she decided, because it masked the ache in her muscles. It probably wasn't a good idea to stand in it for very long.
> Except...
> She couldn't make herself move.
> In her mind, she repeated the shaman's words over and over. '[The way only opens when the stars are in the right places.]'
> It was gone.
> The path home would not open while she lived among the nomads.
> An insidious, angry, little thought wormed its way into her consciousness. Not even her children would be able to return.
> She would not have children. There were no ponies on this world, Mayor Mare was pretty certain about that. The nomads had some legends about talking animals, but those were just fiction and they were never equines.
> The only other pony was Rainy Day, and even if she weren't lost to Mayor, she was a mare.
> She could never, ever be a mother.
> Up to this point in her life Mayor had never even seriously thought about it. There had always been time. She had set herself little goals throughout her adolescence and young adulthood.
> She would think about it when she was a little older.
> No, twenty was too young, she wanted to finish her school before seriously considering it.
> Becoming a mayor was too important for her career and she still had time. A few more years before she had to make the decision.
> Ponies could safely give birth well into their thirties and even forty was not unheard of, she still had time. Maybe when she passed that big 'three-o' she would know what she wanted.
> Except- now the choice had been taken away from her.

> Mayor urgently, desperately sought out her own eyes in the reflection, but the water would not stay still and all she saw was a vague outline.
> She lifted a hoof and smacked the place she thought her muzzle was mirrored. All it did was make a splash and ice-cold droplets spattered her face.
"You should have done it," she told mirror self.
> Leaving a family behind would have been heartbreaking, but at least she would know there would be something of hers left in Equestria.
> Now there was nothing. Her friends and colleagues would grieve and then forget her. Her citizens would think of her fondly, Mayor hoped, but ultimately move on with their lives.
> Pretty soon everything that remained of her would be some dusty records in the Town Hall and perhaps an empty grave.
> She closed her eyes against the sudden blur of tears and considered simply lying down and letting the cold water soothe away her hurt.
> It wouldn't take particularly long.
> She was never going home.
> Even if she could make a life for herself among the nomads, she would always be the odd one out. The only talking pony. The oddity, the curiosity, the strange creature.
> Anger toward Willow tried to flare up. He was the one who had torn her from Ponyville, after all. Mayor tried very hard to take that hatred into her heart, to embrace it and let it warm her up. To feel at least *something*.
> It slipped through her hooves, as if washed away by the stream. The cold made her numb outside and inside, it seemed.
> She really should wash and then hurry back to Intor's tent to warm herself up, but Mayor didn't really feel like it.
> "[Are you okay?]"
> The words came out of nowhere and Mayor twirled around in surprise. She hadn't heard Gol approach.
> "[Mother sent me to find you. We were worried. Shaman said you left an hour ago.]"
> Had she stood in the stream for an hour?
> It didn't seem possible.
> The two gazed at one another for a while, then Gol came closer. "[What is wrong? Are you hurt?]"
> Mayor let her head drop so the girl wouldn't see her expression.
"[I am fine.]"
> "[Come out, I'll help you wash and then we can go home.]"
> There was no reply and Mayor didn't look up. After a while she heard a faint rustling sound, followed by a nearby splash. She saw the shadow of Gol in the water and looked back in surprise.
> The young woman had removed her leather boots and was standing, barefoot in the water.
"[What you doing?! It's cold!]"
> For a moment worry for Gol overrode Mayor's self-pity and she came closer to nudge the girl out.
"[Put boots back on!]"

> Gol resisted her nudge and crouched down. She was standing in the shallow part and the water barely covered her toes. Despite that the edge of her cloak dragged in the stream and Mayor shook her head to herself in exasperation.
"[Why are you stupid? Get out. Listen to me!]"
> In a sudden, surprising move, Gol's hand darted out and caught Mayor around her muzzle. It was not something she had ever expected the young woman to do, so shock held her still for a few precious seconds.
> "[No, you will listen to me!]" she said sternly. "[I can see something is wrong so you will either tell me like a person, or I will tie you like an animal and drag you home.]"
> At that Mayor snorted and jerked her head free. She took several hoofsteps back, until the water splashed against the fluff on her chest. Surely Gol would not follow her out that far.
> "[Please, I'm your friend. You can tell me what is bothering you. Was it something the shaman said?]"
> That was too close a guess and a painful reminder. Mayor winced and looked away.
> Unfortunately Gol was perceptive and she asked as she stood up: "[So it was him. What did he say?]"
> Mayor just shook her head silently.
> Gol splashed closer, but she stopped and hissed through her teeth at the freezing water. She hesitated, then turned back and the mare let out a sigh of relief.
> She didn't know why she was this contrarian, but she didn't want to talk with Gol, nor go back. Not until she worked through her grief on her own.
> Those people were the source of her misery and the fact that she liked some of them wasn't helping!
> "[Fine. We'll do it that way,]" Gol muttered, but it sounded like she had meant it mostly for herself.
> Mayor looked up just in time to see the young nomad rummaging in a bag she had left on the bank. She got out a loop of rope and Mayor flinched in unwelcome surprise. Surely Gol was not being serious?!
> It looked like she was. The girl hiked up her clothes as far as she could, then strode purposefully back into the stream.
> Mayor thought about trying to run up or down the bank, but she knew Gol would be faster and would easily head her off. If she got off the rocky bit, she would flounder in the mud.
> The only other way was swimming, but the water lapping at her barrel was like a chilly knife and Mayor didn't think she could make herself go any deeper.
> There was no use. Gol leapt forward with a mighty splash and Mayor tried to dodge. The confusion of water and noise completely blindsided her to the girl's feint and a moment later the loop landed snugly around her neck.
> She didn't get even a second to react. As if Gol had known she would hit her mark, she yanked on the rope and Mayor had to step forward if she didn't want to plunge into the water.

> Once she was moving, it was over. Maybe it was the absurdity of the whole situation, or her legs were still weak from the day before. Perhaps she had stood in the water too long and her numb hooves could not feel the bottom, or it was simply that the rocks were slippery.
> It felt as if Gol had absolutely no trouble dragging Mayor out of the stream by the rope.
> Not completely out of the stream, though. She was given a brief respite when she was no more than ankle-deep and Mayor took the opportunity to really dig her hooves in and stand her ground.
> Except Gol had stopped pulling and came back. She slid the rope through her hands until she had the mare by an extremely short leash.
> "[Will- will you sand... still?]" the nomad panted.
> Mayor realized that Gol was completely winded. She had dragged her bodily out of the water, but it had cost her. If Mayor wanted, she could pull free and-
> What?
> Go back until she was sitting in the middle of the stream? Wait there and stare at Gol until one of them froze to death?
> What was she even trying to prove? That she could out-stubborn the nomad?
"[I will,]" she said in a weak, defeated voice.
> Her head slumped down again and Mayor began searching for her reflection once more. She didn't pay Gol any attention when the girl untied and removed her coat. The chill air made her hide prickle, but she ignored it.
> "[I'm sorry. The water is cold, so I will be quick, okay?]"
> Mayor barely glanced up and gave Gol a half-hearted shrug.
> Seeing that it would be the best she'd get, Gol scooped a bit of water in her hand and brushed her palm against Mayor's side.
> It was cold, but not exceedingly so. Maybe she was already half-frozen and hardly felt the difference between the inside and the outside?
> She closed her eyes and submitted to whatever misery Gol would put her through. Maybe she'd catch pneumonia or something, and die, and the suffering would end.
> At least she wouldn't be lonely anymore.
> The only pony in all the world.
> She had absolutely no hope of finding Rainy Day ever again, even if the pegasus was by some miracle still alive.
> She stood her ground and tried to control her shivering as Gol methodically washed the blood off her.
> Luckily her coat had protected her for the most part, so it was only her legs, her withers and her croup that needed cleaning. Those and the hand print on her muzzle.
> Mayor only realized that it was almost over when Gol was in front of her and a hand under her chin forced her head up.
> She looked right into the nomad's piercing, gray eyes. Gray, or blue? It was hard to tell and the light was bleeding out of the sky. It would be night soon.
> "[Almost done. Stay still. Close your eyes.]"

> Mayor did as instructed and waited. It took longer and she only understood why when Gol began to brush her hand down her muzzle.
> The girl had held a bit of water in her palm until it warmed a tiny bit.
> It was too much.
> Maybe Willow was to blame for her being there, but most nomads didn't have anything to do with that decision. Some of them were her friends, and this was one of them.
> Gol was standing ankle-deep in the freezing stream, barefoot, and she was warming handfuls of water up so it would be more comfortable when she washed Mayor's face for her.
> She couldn't hold back a sob.
> The hand on her muzzle paused.
"Why?" Mayor wailed. "Why did he have to take me?! I didn't ask for this!"
> Mayor took a ragged breath, which immediately came back as a pained, mournful wail.
"I don't want to be here! I want to go ho- hoooome!"
> Gol cupped Mayor's cheeks with both hands and leaned her forehead against the mare's. "[I know, I know. It's okay. I'm here with you.]"
> Of course the girl couldn't understand what Mayor was saying, but she could clearly see the emotion behind it and was doing her best to console her.
> "[Here, we're almost done. One more handful and then we'll go home, okay? I'll find you something tasty for dinner and you can tell me all about it.]"
> Sobs became hiccups and all Mayor could do was nod her head.
> This time Gol didn't take time to warm the water up and simply splashed a handful on her muzzle. She rubbed the last bits of blood and grime away, then stood up. "[Come on. It's freezing.]"
> Mayor let her head hang down the instant Gol let her go, but she nodded and took a weak, half-step forward.
> She followed the young woman to her things, where Gol sat on her bag and quickly wrapped her makeshift shoes back around her feet. She didn't seem any worse for wear, but Mayor suspected she was simply hiding it.
> Her own hooves were like lumps of lead without any sensation in them. More than once she stumbled against a rock or a clump of snow because she didn't feel her limbs well enough.
> "[Here, it stinks but it's better than freezing,]" Gol said and draped Mayor's coat back around her back. It was a cold piece of animal skin, but it soon caught a bit of warmth around her body.
> Only then did Mayor realize how badly she was shivering.
> Splashing around in the icy water during nomad winter had been a bad idea.
> She sniffled and tried to clear her throat. She attempted to lift a forehoof to wipe her eyes, but couldn't get it more than half way so she let it fall.
> The remnant tears still in her eyes felt like ice, but all she could do was ignore them.
> Mayor was grateful when Gol began to walk. They had to get someplace warm.
> "[Wanna tell me what that was about?]"

> There was silence for a few steps. "[Maybe it will help if you tell me.]"
> Gol didn't have a reply for that and they trudged their way through the snow back to the camp. It was not far and the gentle, orange glow of cooking fires looked almost welcoming.
> It promised warmth.
> It also promised less pleasant things, like Intor and Willow. Mayor's breath caught and her ears tried to go even flatter than they already were.
"[No tell Intor about, okay? Ab-About me. Intor and Willow, you will not tell?]"
> At that Gol stopped and twirled around so she could lean down and look Mayor right in the face. There was a tiny smile playing across her lips.
> "[Tell me what's bothering you.]"
> Gol gave a nonchalant shrug. "[Then I have no choice. I have to tell Mother you're moody and she'll ask you. You won't be able to say no to her.]"
> It was nothing but pure extortion and Mayor stared in disbelief. Surely Gol was not that desperate for a bit of gossip?
> "[I won't tell anyone, I promise.]"
> Maybe that clinched it, or maybe it was the memory of Gol holding freezing water in her hands to warm it up a little so the experience could be a little better for the mare.
> Her eyes filled up with fresh tears when she thought about the whole thing again, but at least this time she didn't start bawling like a foal again.
> Gol grabbed her face again and planted a quick kiss right on Mayor's muzzle, before she jumped back up to her feet and began walking again.
> Mayor stood for a bit longer until she realized she still had the rope around her neck and Gol still held the other end. Then she hurried after her.
"[Shaman tell me no path back home,]" she began and tried to remember his exact words. "[Stars only open when- no, no. Way only open when stars are right. It will be long time.]"
> "[Oh,]" Gol said and glanced back. There was curiosity, but not yet any understanding on her face.
"[I can't go home-]"
> Saying it out loud, even in nomad, was enough to choke her back up and wrench a pained groan from Mayor. She took slow, measured breaths to get herself back under control.
"[I am only pony here...]"
> Gol slowed down until she was walking beside Mayor. She didn't say anything as she reached down and tugged the rope loose so she could slip it off the mare's head.
> Mayor hardly even noticed.
> "[I'm sorry,]" Gol said at last and her hand found its way into Mayor's mane. "[Are you lonely?]"
"[I miss friends, back home. Mother. Father. Friends.]"
> There was more silence, even though the pair had entered the camp proper and were walking among cooking fires.
> Around them nomads talked loudly or laughed uproariously, but it felt as if the two walked in their own bubble of quiet.

> "[You have friends here,]" Gol said at last. "[Xuan, Buygra, Salki.]" She paused for a while, then looked at Mayor and added tentatively: "[Me?]"
> It was all she had. No other ponies, none of her old friends, and no children of her own. She could make some new friends, but it wasn't really a consolation.
"[Yes, but not the same. I want go home!]"
> It was coming again, Mayor could feel the giant bubble of fresh pain welling up from somewhere inside her.
> She hadn't thought of it, not while her immediate survival was in constant danger. Perhaps she had always supposed that it was just a matter of making friends until some nomad would agree to take her back.
> Not once had she imagined the way back might no longer be there.
> All those months of misery and hardship and hunger, and being treated like property were catching up to her now and she was about to cry again.
> Mayor quickened her pace. She couldn't hide it from Gol and she probably couldn't keep it secret from Intor either.
> She hated the fact that Willow would also see her like that, but no one else. It was their tent and she couldn't do anything about it, but she could keep her emotions away from the rest of the camp.
> Her numb hooves stumbled on something on the ground, but Mayor caught herself and increased her pace to a trot. She wanted to be away from prying eyes before she lost what little grip she had.
> Even as she ran sobs were beginning to escape her again.

Well, it was some while in the making, but we all knew it was only a matter of time before the emotion caught up to MM. Bummer.

Hopefully she can get through it with the help of her new friends.

Paste: https://ponepaste.org/5389
File: 1615685917951.gif (1.49 MB, 354x411)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB GIF
like, you just know she is into pet and ponyplay
File: 1493867027799.png (2.92 MB, 1475x1980)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB PNG
god i love maidhorses
File: unknown.png (531 KB, 2400x1800)
531 KB
531 KB PNG
>even more meyrmer
I'm now several updates behind
For riding
File: 1646957993326.jpg (259 KB, 551x458)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
>no followup to the cheerimac thing
it hurts
>She couldn't make herself move.
The downward spiral has begun.
>She could never, ever be a mother.
And it continues.
>There had always been time.
Isn't she already too old? She is the same age as Aj's mother and AJ is certainly a grown mare already.
>she still had time
Nice denial circle. Then the sudden realization hits that it's not possible anymore.
>Except- now the choice had been taken away from her.
This is true, but does not change a single thing.
>she saw was a vague outline
A blurry one!
>there would be something of hers left in Equestria
Like I don't know, a whole town who appreciates her work?
>letting the cold water soothe away her hurt
This is the second time she thinks about suicide.
>The oddity, the curiosity, the strange creature.
Some people love/craves for attention.
>followed by a nearby splash
Gol is proven once more that she is a strong ally.
>you will listen to me
And not that stupid like his brother.
>Surely Gol was not being serious?!
>she could pull free and-
She has the will to fight, but she has nothing to fight for.
>It was cold, but not exceedingly so.
Might have to do something with the hour long stay in the cold water.
>washed the blood off her
A bar of soap would help.
>but most nomads didn't have anything to do with that decision
Don't forget that neither objected it either. Not a single one thought about letting them go back. Nor any talked about the portal before this event.
>but she could clearly see the emotion
And correctly chosen when to not listen (go away) to Mayor so she can help her instead.
>then we'll go home, okay?
If she could understand Equestrian..
>Then I have no choice.
She inherited this cunningness from somewhere...
That's a first. I mean seeing any type of kiss.
>she could keep her emotions away
She should be good at that. She was a politician after all.

Thanks for the update!
She will oloe her new life as bedfilly
link me up fampai
Rereading it, whenever the archive pony shows up again lines 184 to 222 are duplicates and need to get cut out
she will be, in time
File: 2846560.jpg (296 KB, 2013x2048)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
Fixed. Let me know if you find any other mistakes. As for me, I'll be reporting for my punishment for being a sloppy archivist...
>filly get sold to another pony or creature of equestria
>suffer her whole life
>filly get sold to a human
>enjoy her whole fillyhood in a really pleasant way and end married with her master
That's usually the main difference. Bedfillies are for humans
Can i get a link
File: 1 - b0c6jVp.jpg (71 KB, 700x700)
71 KB
sauce? google-fu pointing to a russian facebook but artist name eludes..
File: 1408366056582.jpg (56 KB, 576x418)
56 KB
kind anon!
and on derpi no less. reverse image engines btfo
I really thought that was just a pig for a while.
Only humans know how to properly tame their non human slaves
>grab dog collar
>place collar on chicken
>she follows you around because of it because she's that stupid
File: scoot.png (194 KB, 1024x1024)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
forgot pic
That's clearly a pig.
File: 1644307159132.png (214 KB, 587x551)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
For petting
Thanks mang
Lets say im working on making an article covering Fire and Sky on tvtropes, just got a doubt, it was finished in 2019 right? Its been a while
literally why
Cuz summer time saga has a page so why cant fire and sky? Thats why, but perhaps you mean why bother at all? Well i write on tvtropes i'm that kind of guy.
That sounds cool.
>Fire and Sky: Finished August 2016
>Fire and Sky II: Finished April 2020
T A M E her
File: headpats.png (229 KB, 1280x1024)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
Will you?
File: poner.png (990 KB, 1296x1000)
990 KB
990 KB PNG
Get the bucket
While it looks mega bare bones right now i will keep updating it, i realized how many details i've forgotten about the story so im reading it again to refresh my memory... oh yeah anyone is free to contribute :)
if the edit button is locked its because someone else is writing :)
Help improve your pony's mood and health with the all semen diet
what if
slave not-pony?
I doubt you'd be able to produce enough.
You'd need about half a liter a day.
mare will get what she gets and will thank master for it
File: 1117234723882.png (2 MB, 5000x5000)
2 MB
page 10 hate bump
heart attack inducing
Gotta say, the way some people write their Anon's is great. I really do just absolutely hate some of them, and its impressive i have to stop reading every now and then so i can stop thinking "jesus man, just fucking STOP"
Looks like a good start. I'd say watch your punctuation and sentence structure as well; some lines can be a little wince-inducing right now.
Yeah i know lol thats why the article is not annexed to the fanfics section of mlp fim, also thanks for the feedback
File: 1464713746029.jpg (2.92 MB, 2988x5468)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB JPG
Up from page 9.
>Candy for old times' sake bump
File: 1604774638011.jpg (613 KB, 2903x3836)
613 KB
613 KB JPG
File: princessluna_preening.png (883 KB, 2152x3025)
883 KB
883 KB PNG
anyone know any good feather products? my mare has started molting and she's getting feathers all over my brand new sofa
Can someone post the story.
something something, then sex
Unfortunately the sexytimes was noncanon.
And I don't think it ever got a proper bin, which it really should.
I think it’s on anon pony
File: 1567386703661.png (2.25 MB, 1920x1079)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB PNG
mompone raises the young master to be a proper gentleman
File: 1638127178974.jpg (23 KB, 640x480)
23 KB
>Flanks just wide enough that both cutie marks are barely in the shot
this mare knows EXACTLY how to push my buttons and I can't handle it. Give me strength to put her in her place, the flesh is weak
File: 1577206937361.gif (131 KB, 535x635)
131 KB
131 KB GIF
pon likes her new hoodie
its soft and warm and smells like master
also she can do this with it
Vega when.
File: 1602788693598.jpg (162 KB, 1280x1536)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
For bully, yes or no?
Mompone is dangerous for young master, specially when his hormones finally strike and the mompone can sniff that in her heat.
I would serve her if ya know what I'm sayin'
that pony is a boy pony
gentle bully
have her wear revealing dresses and frully underwear and get the grocieries
File: 1651608256265.png (2.73 MB, 3434x4096)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB PNG
Oh, today is Maid Day.
Funny, I don't remember asking
maid mares are for light duty only
lil maid horse needs to exercise more
thats a very light load
maybe she should help master with paperwork instead?
>Collar lover
File: 498787.png (324 KB, 640x700)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
Corona is a good pony. Good!
lookat 'er go!
Now she will regret wasting water. Could have drinked that at the end of this cart pulling session.

honestly confused as to why they never bothered with a physical version...
File: 1583918510624.png (3.75 MB, 4000x3200)
3.75 MB
3.75 MB PNG
pony needs someone to scrub her
please assist pony
Lucky man
Don't forget to clean between the folds
File: 6295199.png (311 KB, 1560x1230)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
File: 1135676158732134.png (999 KB, 699x1024)
999 KB
999 KB PNG
>TFW we never got to see her finally be able to move on from her past, letting go of her pain and managing to open her heart again
It genuinely hurts. Corona made me feel things real hard, and not being able to see her happy still eats at me.
File: 2810790.png (791 KB, 3904x3152)
791 KB
791 KB PNG
lil bluehorse likes being carried around
Don't you have a phone, Anon?
File: 1644100.png (387 KB, 630x654)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
>Literal fastest pony in Equestria
>Insists on being carried around by her "Master"
It's a natural pegapone instinct.
File: 1652093149765.jpg (23 KB, 500x379)
23 KB
Master must resist the urge.
Thats a tripoDash.

> Mayor Mare woke up with a raw, aching throat and a mild headache. Her eyes were gritty and she felt as if her nose was stuffed.
> It had been a rough night and more than once Intor had threatened to toss both her and Gol out. Luckily it looked like she hadn't really meant it, because despite her best efforts Mayor had been unable to stop crying.
> The tears had come and gone in bursts, sometimes lasting mere minutes, other times leaving her sobbing inconsolably for half an hour.
> Throughout it all, Gol had sat by her side and stroked the distraught pony. Nothing worked particularly well, but as the girl alternated between her withers, back and head it made Mayor feel slightly less alone.
> She wished she had some beer left, though. Drinking herself into an alcohol-stupor would have solved some of her immediate problems.
> The feelings would eventually catch back to her, she knew that, but it would have given her some respite and maybe, if she kept herself busy, she could keep the dark thoughts at bay for a while.
> The loss of Equestria was really hitting her hard.
> In the morning, which had come with inexorable slowness, Intor got up with a huff and left. Her admonishments to be quiet had stopped once Gol explained, in whispered words, what exactly was wrong.
> It was pure luck that Willow hadn't slept in the tent that night. Mayor had asked Gol about it, out of sheer desperation for something else to talk about, and the young nomad admitted that her brother was probably spending the night with some girl.
> Apparently he was quite popular in the camp.
> It was a little strange, Mayor found herself thinking. Young women usually didn't have tents of their own and she couldn't imagine Willow and some girl doing it in her father's tent.
> For that matter, she couldn't imagine them being intimate with Intor nearby, either. She briefly wondered where they went.
> Unfortunately even such juicy gossip didn't keep her mind occupied and it only served to remind her of her loss. That was the last coherent thought Mayor remembered before her latest little nap.
> She woke up wretched and miserable, but at least she wasn't weeping for the moment. That was a small plus.
> Mayor was thirsty and her bladder was full to bursting, but she didn't want to move. As soon as she woke up a little more, the bad thoughts would come crashing back and she would spiral into misery once more.
> Maybe, if she tried really hard, she could pretend everything was alright for a few more minutes. She was lying on her side, partially covered by an animal fur blanket, with her head lying on Gol's belly.

> The slow, gentle rise and fall as the nomad breathed was strangely soothing, as was the faint sound of her heartbeat in Mayor's ear. Her forelegs and a bit of her barrel were exposed to the chilly air, but it was not yet cold enough to make her want to move.
> For her part, Gol had her legs under the same blanket and her knee was pressed against Mayor's back. She looked colder than the mare and her hands were lightly gripping her head and pressing her higher against her chest.
> She'd stayed up most of the night to console her.
> Perhaps she was just as big a friend as Salki, Mayor thought. The young man would have done the same, she was sure of it. Although, in his case, he might have fallen asleep earlier, even while Mayor wept quietly.
> Since when had she turned into such a big foal?
> Mayor took a ragged breath and slowly let it go. She resented the situation and she still hated Willow for bringing her into it, but there was probably no use moping about it any more than she had. It wasn't as if she could change it.
> Maybe, she dared to think, the shaman had been wrong and there was a way for her to get back. It would be in-equine to give up hope that quickly.
> She became aware that Gol was awake when her fingers in her mane relaxed and began stroking once more. From her position Mayor couldn't see the girl's face, but her breathing changed and her legs shifted a little.
> There was no more delaying it. She had to get up.
> "Mmm?"
"[Thank you. For- for this night.]"
> There was no response, but Gol's hand found her ear and gave it a slight tug. It was strangely pleasant, a sensation Mayor had never felt before since she never had a pony close enough to touch her like that.
> Doubly so because ponies didn't have fingers, so the only way to mimic that gesture would be to bite her ear and pull. In that regard, nomad hands were infinitely more suited to the task.
> Suddenly the girl spoke up: "[Meyermer?]"
"Mmm?" she repeated exactly as Gold had done a moment prior.
> "[I- uh, when I cut your hair...]" Gol began, but fell silent.
> Gol hesitated some more and her grip on Mayor's ear tightened. There was a slight pop as the young nomad opened her mouth to continue, but in that moment the tent flap was thrown open and Intor peered inside.
> The woman made herself known mainly through her voice, since the white sky behind her nearly blinded Mayor and all she could see was a dark blur. "[Up, you two. You have visitors, and then you have chores! Up!]"
> Gol made a strangled squeak in her throat and sat up, which dislodged Mayor's head from her belly. It was just as well, the mare thought even as she regretted the loss of warmth and closeness. She had to pee urgently.

> She got her hooves under her and stood up, although the motion made her grunt in pain. She still felt the effects of her mad dash with Bakar, and last night's dip in the freezing cold water hadn't done her muscles any favours.
> A low whimper escaped her as her tendons felt like they were simultaneously on fire and about to snap, but Mayor persevered and finally got up on her hooves. She could stand, after a fashion, and the agony in her limbs would subside as she used them.
> Her throat was still raw from her weeping, but that should get better if she could keep herself from further crying.
> "[Yes, mother!]" Gol said as she also climbed to her feet and adjusted her clothes. She had uncovered herself to give Mayor a soft, warm pillow, but now she was wrapping the animal skins around her slender form once again.
> Something Intor had said demanded attention and Mayor leaned her head to one side in puzzlement.
> Rather than replying, Intor simply pulled out of the tent and went on whatever business she had. No doubt she expected the two to sort it out themselves.
> Her eyes still weren't quite adjusted to how bright it was outside, after the gloomy interior of the tent, but Mayor saw a nomad form standing near the entrance. She peered and tried to identify who it was, but came up blank.
> One of the children, she guessed, but she didn't really know many of them by name or sight. She felt like she had seen this one around the camp, but never spoken with her.
> Yes, it was definitely a youth, perhaps half Gol's age.
> Luckily Gol seemed to know her and approached with an easy, relaxed gait. "[Hi, Saule.]"
> The name was completely new to Mayor, which confirmed her theory that she had never spoken with the young girl. That probably meant she was visiting Gol, so the mare ignored them and turned to walk behind the tent.
> The younger nomad spoke up: "[No, wait. I- I have something. Uh, something for you.]"
> This was entirely unexpected and the mare forgot the pressure in her bladder for a moment as she turned and stared.
"[For me?!]"
> Saule nodded and hurried forward with her hand outstretched. There was a small, leather bag and she held it before her like some kind of an offering. "[Here,]" she said. "[Mom said to give you this.]"
> Mayor was curious and leaned closer to get a better look. She didn't understand why she would be given gifts, but the novelty of it made her forget her troubles for a moment. She sat on her haunches, mindless that her tail was pressed into the muddy ground, and reached out with a hoof to take it.
> The bag was tied securely with a string and Mayor worked on it with her teeth for a moment, before giving up and holding it out it out to Gol for assistance.

> Luckily Gol didn't mind and easily untied the simple knot. She pried the opening apart and stared inside. "[Oh, wow. Are you sure? Why are you giving us this?]"
> Unfortunately she held it just a tad too high for Mayor, and the mare had to nuzzle her arm to lower it so she could peer inside.
> It was unsettling.
> The bag was full of dried strips of meat. Mayor recognized the rations some of the hunters had carried with them as their source of food on the march.
"[Why? I not eat meat. Why for me? Why this?]"
> The young nomad looked crestfallen and she lowered her gaze down to her feet. "[Sorry! Mother said! We didn't know what you would like, so Mother said bring this!]"
> Gol caught Mayor's eye, but neither of them were any closer to understanding what it was all about.
"[Yes, but why? Why gift me?]" Mayor asked and spread her forelegs helplessly.
> She was still about to burst and rose to all four hooves.
"[Wait. I need to piss. Wait.]"
> There was no delaying it any longer and she hurried behind the tent. The snow there was already yellow and Mayor suspected it was more than her own contributions. The nomads made sure to do their... well, she called it 'solid business' elsewhere. Some of the camp members were charged with digging holes and later filling them back in.
> The more liquid waste was eliminated wherever there was a convenient space. The reasoning, as far as Mayor could understand, was that it dried up or got washed away when it rained, and even if these spots began to stink, the camp would move relatively soon so it wasn't a problem.
> All of that rushed through her mind as she turned her back to the dirty bit of snow and let loose. She angled her ears forward and heard the new girl explaining to Gol: "[... so she said this is all we can spare and I should take it. Zaur said we shouldn't, but Mother insisted.]"
> More and more mystery. Why some random woman in the camp, one Mayor was sure she hadn't even met before, would insist on taking the mare a gift was beyond her.
> She could hardly stay still until she had finished relieving herself before she hurried back to the two.
"[Why me?]" she asked again as soon as she was back in sight.
> It was Gol who answered and she had a slightly incredulous smile on her. She was fingering the strips of meat as if making sure they were really there.
> "[It's because of Bakar!]" the young woman said. "[Because you saved him. Saule is his granddaughter and her mother, his daughter, wanted to thank you for saving his life.]"
> Once again Mayor's gaze went to the bag.
"[But I can't eat meat.]"
> The young girl looked even more worried. "[Sorry!]" she squeaked again and reached for the bag. "[I'll take it back and Mother will find something else! Sorry!]"

> She couldn't get it because Gol held it out of her grasp. Her eyes on the bag looked especially hungry and she quickly licked her lips. Mayor only saw the tiniest movement of her pink tongue, but she recognized the gesture.
> She couldn't eat it herself, but she knew who could, and she had to repay Gol somehow, both for bringing her home from the stream the previous day and for staying up with her the whole night.
"[No, it is okay. I will take it.]"
> The younger nomad looked relieved and Gol stared at her in surprise. "[B-But you can't eat it!]" she pointed out.
"[It is okay,]" Mayor repeated, "[I know what to do with it.]"
> Now she had Gol's full attention, but before she explained Mayor looked at Saule and inclined her head. "[Um, say your mother 'thank you', okay? And thank you too for bringing. I remember, Saule.]"
> The girl flashed her a brief smile, murmured something unintelligible and darted away. She had almost seemed afraid of the mare, probably because she hadn't interacted with her a whole lot.
> Once they were alone, Gol tied the bag again and held it out to Mayor. "[Here. You will trade it for vegetables, right?]" There was respect for Mayor's shrewdness in there, though she couldn't help cast a last, longing gaze at the bounty of dried meat.
> "[No?!]" Gol blurted out. "[What then?]"
"[It is yours.]"
> "[What?]"
> Her shock was priceless and the simple act of repaying her kindness made Mayor feel more like a pony than almost anything she had done in the camp before.
> Perhaps Equestria was lost to her, but that didn't mean she stopped being an Equestrian.
"[Yes. You bring me from stream, and help me with hair and chores. You are my friend. It is yours- um, thank you. Thank you for tonight?]"
> Her slightly jumbled explanation, mixed in with gratitude wasn't lost on Gol and the girl looked truly dumbfounded. She reached her hand out a little further, nearly bumping Mayor on the nose with the precious bag.
> "[No, no... I can't. No,]" she said, but hesitated and her eyes darted to the treasure again. Once more the tip of her tongue poked out as she reconsidered.
> Mayor wanted to cement her gift before Gol talked herself out of it.
"[You can give some to Intor,]" she said with grace she didn't quite feel, "[but it is yours. As thank you. Please.]"
> That clinched it and Gol was so overcome with emotion that she had to turn away. Mayor saw she put her free hand up to her face, no doubt to wipe at her eyes, and it warmed her heart to see such gratitude.
> She stepped closer and pressed her muzzle against Gol's thigh.
"[Thank you,]" she said again.

> That done, she went to poke at the outside fire to look for some residual warmth, but the ashes were cold and lifeless. She was aware that she didn't have her coat, because it was dirty with blood and sweat and grime.
"[Want help me wash coat?]" she offered.
> "[I don't-]" Gol's voice sounded a bit more raspy than usual, but she coughed and tried again. "[Okay. I will help before we do our chores. Mother didn't say what to do, anyway.]"
> Mayor wondered if Intor had seen how tired and emotional the two had been and had purposefully not given them any explicit instructions.
> It was gradually getting harder to hate the woman, Mayor had to admit it to herself.
> Maybe they could find some common ground.
"[Okay, I take coat and let's go to stream.]"
> The words made Gol chuckle and she gave Mayor's ear a quick scratch. "[Yes, but no swimming this time, okay?]"
> Her own laughter surprised her and Mayor's heart felt a little lighter. She was not out of the woods yet, and she suspected the bleak despair and sadness would creep back in, especially when she had a few moments of solitude.
> For now, she could immerse herself in the work and forget about her troubles for some hours.
> Maybe it would get easier in time. Maybe she wouldn't feel so raw once she got more used to the idea that she was never going home.
> On the plus side, she thought as she was folding up the stinky piece of animal fur, it looked like more of the camp was starting to regard her as a person. She doubted the nomads would reward a mere donkey for carrying their grandfather out of danger like she had.
> Maybe, once she had more pull in the camp, she could find out more about that portal to Equestria. It was far too early to hope, but perhaps one of the other tribes knew more, even knew another way home.
> After all, she only had the story of one nomad to go on. She could allow herself to be cautiously optimistic.
> Maybe it would keep the bleak despair at hoof's length, at least for a while.

Not much action, but I wanted to spend a bit of time on Meyermer's budding friendship with the locals. Those bonds are probably going to come in quite handy in the future!

Paste: https://ponepaste.org/5389
File: 1123732137.png (382 KB, 1422x1408)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
Ooooh, excellent! More marauderpon time!
File: 1531352071568.jpg (535 KB, 1762x2000)
535 KB
535 KB JPG
File: lyra hand thief.png (264 KB, 1027x842)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
Beware when petting strange ponies
File: Slave Waifu.png (991 KB, 2836x2634)
991 KB
991 KB PNG
>proper ending never
It hurt.
>that tail
jesus christ imagine the brushies you could do with that pony
File: 1455845763021.png (86 KB, 810x765)
86 KB
Pony is terrified. Loose some weight.

Tail is for brushing! The floor.
File: 1728466.png (219 KB, 1000x1000)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
Pony conquers the roomba and takes its place in the house
File: 11163276574634.gif (1.92 MB, 800x450)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB GIF
File: collar.jpg (1.24 MB, 2070x2250)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
File: 111327626576573.png (707 KB, 750x750)
707 KB
707 KB PNG
I dont even care about them keeping the house clean. I just want a herd of maidmares to look at and maybe abuse them as cuddlesluts
A good idea, except that wearing those fancy uniforms means there's less direct access to their silken soft coats to press right against your skin.
That just means the outfit needs to be skimpier.
Best of both worlds, and the pony would be blushing even harder.
File: 1263784.png (1.8 MB, 3000x1920)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
While that would solve the ease of access problem, I would much rather have them in long victorian dresses than anything else. Have their skirts and pettycoats pool around as they sit on my lap while I sneak my hands below them to get the prize I deserve.
File: 1638727022856.jpg (718 KB, 3677x4096)
718 KB
718 KB JPG
brushie brushie
Introducing the new love collar made from Z tech.
Thanks to our new research team and the help of the alicorn Cadence, we have devolved a collar that can increase the love your slaves feel for you this is a great training tool to help show ponies their place.
Z tech ad probably
>aching throat and a mild headache
Better than being dead.
>Gol had sat by her side and stroked the distraught pony
Hm, why didn't Salki show up already?
>Intor got up with a huff and left
Not used to the noise huh?
>he was quite popular
He or his political power?
>She briefly wondered where they went.
There is a large open field only a few tens of meter away.
>head lying on Gol's belly
Pony blanket!
>she was sure of it
I'm not. At least not for this long. Or dunno.
>no use moping about it
For the long term, not it will not change a thing besides helping her to process this situation.
>she dared to think, the shaman had been wrong
Positive toughs!
>sensation Mayor had never felt before
Not many ponies have hands.
>You have visitors
Both of them?
>She still felt the effects of her mad dash
And will continue to feel it if she pulls more stunts like the river one.
>and last night's dip
>saw a nomad form standing near the entrance
Hopefully Mayor can hold her bladder for a while longer.
>For me?!
Now I wonder if the others were somehow involved in secretly sending Bakar head first into the battle to die.
>She didn't understand why she would be given gifts
Isn't it obvious?
> The bag was full of dried strips of meat.
Someone is completely unfamiliar with Mayor.
>Why? I not eat meat. ... I need to piss.
She sounds like some brute. Not a single thanks, then ordering the kid and bluntly saying "im gonna piss".
>this is all we can spare
Oh wow. They are truly grateful.
>Saule is his...
Oh so not that random. I take back the "send Bakar to die" thing.
>she had to repay Gol somehow
She definitely deserves it.
>Mayor saw she put her free hand up to her face, no doubt to wipe at her eyes
As I said a few times already Gol is a good ally/friend.
>Mother didn't say what to do, anyway.
>but no swimming this time
What if its warm? Also Mayor need to improvise a hot bath! I'm sure they are advanced enough to have a saw and some tree sap to make a watertight bathtub from wood.
>she only had the story of one nomad to go on
Oh btw, haven't the traders who she got the beer from spread the word around that there is a talking pony?

Thanks for the update!

Thanks! You are the unwritten hero of this general.
File: 1652567198056.png (352 KB, 1940x1280)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
Lyra figure out how to control Master
Does anyone have the "My loyal Ponies: Submission is mandatory" link?

You could also use the pone website which just copies paste bin stories but I don’t know what it is called.
thank you very much
>Wanting to turn your pony into a mindwashed puppet
>Not wanting her to serve you out of genuine, uncompelled love
File: 1424591.jpg (244 KB, 1739x2160)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
File: 1745956.png (1.64 MB, 1200x1250)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
File: 11657651687321.jpg (541 KB, 1200x759)
541 KB
541 KB JPG
Junkyard/Druggie/Space Cellies when?
File: 1167234723227.png (754 KB, 920x1025)
754 KB
754 KB PNG
Needy bedmares
File: 111651372134.jpg (112 KB, 1150x1280)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Right after bugfriend celly
A heavy object fell from the rack and it crushed her. Dead.
Fallen into an eternal coma.
>Space Celly
Was shot after they were found.
Got too jealous and ran away.
who dis
File: image.jpg (235 KB, 1402x1049)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
File: another bedmare.jpg (93 KB, 950x1044)
93 KB
File: Lickra.gif (45 KB, 305x351)
45 KB
File: 2866450.jpg (151 KB, 1280x1280)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
File: 1849166.png (3.69 MB, 2784x3504)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB PNG
Pony is spoiled
File: 6136803.gif (830 KB, 460x460)
830 KB
830 KB GIF
She's gonna catch it
File: 2296365.png (309 KB, 2453x1682)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
meyrmer soon?
File: 1507771983169.jpg (3.52 MB, 3453x2429)
3.52 MB
3.52 MB JPG
I haven't started the Junkyard Celly story because I heard there's shipping in it. I've given up hope on Space Celly, died before it even really got started. Druggie Celly is my only reason for occasionally checking this thread every month or so I got emotionally attached to that story and got my hopes up when Shitcunt came back a year ago, but now I feel like a lost dog..
Mare better slow down. Those salt blocks are fuckin heavy. Last month I had to buy 10 for her!
Tell me about it. Hell, even aside from Celly herself, I got so into Velvet and Coal that I'm legitimately sad we never got to see them manage to make something of their lives again.
Druggie. Celly. When?!
File: 1118546836989934.jpg (205 KB, 1551x1800)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Dont worry guys, she went out to buy a pack of smokes.
Should be back any time now.

Any time now.
coming back from a playdate
poners are all tuckered out
Never got to read Junkyard, but mostly because i know its imcomplete. I dont want to suffer the waiting im suffering with Rehab, that story was so good.
Lets just hope Anon returns to finish it
File: 1827914.png (576 KB, 958x958)
576 KB
576 KB PNG
We need more scoot
File: 11312274651731.png (2.27 MB, 2500x2500)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB PNG
ready for cuddles
write bumb
skow progress mode
File: 1867847.gif (2.11 MB, 600x332)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB GIF
I never left, just had life and my shitty time management get in the way.
Vega never ever.
how about bug drone?
File: 571821923.png (172 KB, 980x815)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
I'm chipping away at it. Slowly, but still. A tiny bit every day.
I know that feel
Life is hard
File: 2631958.png (2.09 MB, 1800x1968)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB PNG
File: 1650205590127.png (194 KB, 1940x1080)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
It's that time again....
That is exceptionally adorable. I like it.
File: 11574254548.png (3.08 MB, 2000x2000)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB PNG
pon is gonna get the cone of shame
That's a really small pone. But will get scolding for bringing in mud.
File: 2408803.png (2.54 MB, 2708x2641)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB PNG
File: 1629711504212.png (103 KB, 800x600)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
I just like maids.
Why is ponies being annoyed to be maided so cute? I don't know, but I just want to pet her mane and thank her, and watch her struggle not to look happy at getting praised for it.
Is that an orc watch tower from Warcraft?
Shit I'm seeing it too
>salt addicted Lyra
>try to cut her supply down, eventually break the habit
>instead she starts licking you for the small amount of salt in sweat
Is big sunny almost done with that appointment? Got another one that needs professional help
File: 2518317.gif (157 KB, 1048x900)
157 KB
157 KB GIF

> Despite her best efforts to keep her thoughts positive, Mayor often found herself staring at some object or a bit of the sky without really seeing it, and thinking about what she couldn't have.
> It was hard, but she felt slightly proud of herself for the fact that she hadn't cried again after the morning. That was possibly thanks to Gol, at least in part.
> The two of them had visited Xuan and Buygra's tent again, though the hunter was out somewhere. They chatted for a while and Mayor gladly accepted Xuan's cooking.
> As the day gradually turned to afternoon, Gol brought them back to Intor's tent so they could get some chores done. Mayor would have been okay taking a break day, but Gol, the dutiful daughter that she was, couldn't leave it alone.
> Luckily it was nothing strenuous and Mayor felt like the woman was trying to spare them. Maybe that was just Intor being nice to Mayor in her strange way.
> The most surprising part of it all was that she had seen neither Salki nor Willow yet. The latter she could live without, but she was starting to miss that intrepid, cheerful chieftain's son.
> Mayor wondered if maybe he had been injured during their battle and he'd simply hidden it from her. He could be hurt, maybe even ill, and she knew nothing about it.
"[Hey, Gol?]" she asked and waited for the girl to look up. "[Can we see Salki?]"
> The young nomad straightened up from the pot of milk and almost absentmindedly caught the jenny by her mane before she could walk off. The creatures were so used to the milking that some of them hardly needed prodding to move.
> "[I don't know,]" Gol replied thoughtfully and pointed at the clay pot she was in the process of filling. "[Maybe when we're done with this. If you carry one, it will only take us one trip.]"
> Mayor focused inward and decided that yes, she could do that. Her muscles still ached and she sometimes jerked a leg uncontrollably as she walked, but the condition had improved over the day as she had warmed up.
"[Okay. Only six more.]"
> Weird, Mayor thought, how milking the donkeys had become a normal thing for her. Maybe she wouldn't be as cavalier if she had to lay her hooves on their teats herself, but just moving them around while Gol did the embarrassing bit of the work was perfectly fine.
> She realized she had been chatting and laughing with the nomad girl while they did what any Equestrian court would call 'molestation' at best.
> Different world, different animals, different rules, she supposed. These creatures could not think, that much was obvious. For that matter, they didn't know any shame themselves.

> Mayor had seen one of the more boisterous jacks attempting to mount one of the females earlier until he got a swift kick in the muzzle for his presumption. Before Mayor could avert her eyes she had gotten a very good look at his dangling 'tool'.
> The memory still made her blush, but the donkey herd had long forgotten the incident and the offending jack was milling mindlessly with the other males while the females were milked. Mayor thought that the jenny herself had forgotten it as well.
> Other than a small bit of braying there had been no commotion and even that had died down. The nomads had glanced over, but quickly saw that there was no trouble which might need their intervention.
> Mayor returned to the present when Gol called her name: "[Bring the next one!]"
> She blushed at the fact that she had gotten so lost in her own thoughts again that Gol had had to call her out of it. At least, she realized, this time she hadn't gone to some dark, sad place.
> She didn't know if this new direction was necessarily better, though...
"[Yes. Sorry!]"
> It wasn't much later that the two were done and had delivered the clay pots of milk to Intor. Gol spoke briefly with her mother and they both looked at the mare, but their murmurs were too quiet for Mayor to catch anything of what they were saying.
> Whatever it was, it didn't seem to really affect her because Gol just walked back to Mayor and absentmindedly patted her head as she passed. "[Come on, let's go see Salki.]"
> She couldn't be absolutely sure, but Mayor had a feeling that the girl sounded... eager?
> There was no chance to inspect her face or ask about it as the two hurried across the busy nomad camp. Many people were out, going about their various business. Now that Mayor was paying attention to it, she could feel the change in the air.
> It was as if everyone was waiting for something to happen. Spring? It was her best guess. Now that she thought of it, the air wasn't quite as freezing as it had been only a week ago, and there hadn't been fresh snow in even longer.
"[Gol... Gol!]" Mayor gasped a little out of breath.
> The young nomad stopped and turned back. "[What is it?]"
"[Is it spring? It is warm and, uh, no snow?]"
> The girl looked around at the white-covered fields beyond the camp, then transferred her gaze back to Mayor with slightly raised eyebrows. Mayor didn't wait for her to speak.
"[I mean no snow, uh, rained! No sky-snow! Yes, snow on ground, but that old. No new snow today. No yesterday. No new snow many days!]"
> That got through to her and Gol's slightly confused expression cleared up. She looked around again and stared at the sky for a while. "[Yes, the days are longer. It will be spring soon. You are right.]"

> Perhaps that made Mayor feel slightly better. Springtime was a pony favourite and that included herself. There would be fresh grass, new flowers and warmer days. She would be able to leave her heavy, smelly cloak in the tent and she could once again go with the women to find roots and berries.
> Compared to this lean winter, it would almost be a time of plenty, Mayor thought, and her heartbeat quickened in anticipation.
"[I'm glad.]"
> Gol didn't wait anymore and turned to continue their journey. They were nearly there and Mayor soon spotted the familiar tent. There was no sight of the young nomad, but she saw Darga standing outside and talking with one of the older men.
> "[... will not fight in the snow, it's not good,]" the chieftain was saying. The other nomad started to say something, but Darga just cut him off: "[No, I won't have it. Let them come in our lands, there's nothing useful in winter. We will drive them out in spring!]"
> It looked like the man would argue some more, but Darga caught sight of Mayor and waved the man away. "[We will speak of this later,]" she told him.
> He cast and ugly look at the mare and the young nomad accompanying her before scampering off in a huff.
> Gol was the first to speak up, her voice squeaky and unsteady out of fear: "[Sorry, Chieftain! We didn't mean to intrude-]"
> "[It's okay. What do you want?] Darga asked, interrupting her.
> "[Umm...]"
"[We are looking for Salki.]"
> Darga's attention shifted from the girl to the mare and she blinked in surprise, although she didn't show it in any other way. "[You don't know? Salki and some others have gone to deal with the traders and bring them here. They will be back before nightfall.]"
"[Traders?!]" Mayor exclaimed.
> If there were more traders- maybe they were the same ones as last time! Maybe they still had Rainy Day with them!
> Mayor would promise Darga every single hair she would ever grow in payment if she got her friend back. Tartarus, she would promise the same to Intor.
> The Chieftain noticed her excitement, but didn't understand it and she gazed at Mayor with some curiosity. "[Why is that surprising? They have to trade to survive. We need things. It is worth the trip.]"
> Mayor was shaking her head.
"Rainy Day!"
> There was no recognition and neither Darga nor Gol seemed to know the words.
> Mayor stomped a hoof in frustration and flattened her ears.
"[My friend! The other pony! She was sold to traders, we get her back!]"
> Darga quickly realized what the mare was getting at, but her expression grew somber and she was already shaking her head. "[They probably aren't the same traders. Even if they are, they probably do not have your friend any longer,]" the Chieftain explained.

> Her tone was soft and conciliatory, but Mayor was still an emotional wreck and wouldn't hear it. She jerked her head wildly left and right in a denial.
"[No! They have her! They bring her back! Get her back!]"
> Her emotions got the best of her and she felt fresh, hot tears begin to drip down her muzzle once more. Her vision grew blurry and the old, buried but not forgotten pain blossomed again in her heart.
> It met the new pain, still so very fresh on Mayor's mind and they combined into something transcendent.
> Mayor suddenly realized she was lying on her belly in the cold mud, but she didn't care. All she cared about was making them understand.
"She's the only other pony in this whole bucking world!! She is a citizen of Ponyville - *my citizen* and I let her go!"
> Deep, halting sobs were once again racking her body as Mayor fought for breath.
"She's my friend! We- we're getting her buh- baaaack!"
> It ended in an uncontrollable wail.
> Mayor hadn't realized that she'd switched back to Equestrian in her grief, but it wasn't hard for Darga and Gol to guess what the mare was saying. After a few moments Gol was petting her head and tried to pull her upright, out of the wet, cold mud, but she wasn't having any luck.
> She looked pleadingly at Darga and tried to explain what had been happening with Mayor over the past few days. At last the Chieftain rolled her eyes, tossed the flap of her tent open and walked to Mayor's other side.
> Between the two of them they lifted the still-weeping mare and carried her inside.

> ~~~~

> Once again Mayor was mortified for losing her cool in front of the nomads. She told herself it had just been Darga and Gol, but in truth any number of the people could have been watching.
> Luckily this latest outburst hadn't lasted very long and the mare soon pulled herself together.
"[Sorry,]" she told Gol who was sitting by her side.
> Darga was at the tent entrance, talking with someone and glanced back at the sound of Mayor's voice.
> "[Are you okay?]" Gol asked. "[What happened?]"
> The words were bitter in her mouth but Mayor Mare said them anyway.
"[Traders took- uh] Rainy Day. [My friend.]"
> Gol's eyes widened in recognition and she looked away in sudden shame. She knew exactly what had happened to Rainy Day and perhaps she had even been complicit in it. Mayor shook her head, flattened her ears and pushed that thought away before she started to hate Gol too.
> The traders were coming back!
> Darga had said they probably weren't the same people who had taken her pegasus friend, but that still meant there was a chance they were. Maybe she could hope.
"[Let's go. I have to get hair from Xuan.]"

> It very likely wouldn't be enough, but Mayor had to try. She had to do everything in her power to get Rainy Day, back on the off chance that these traders were the right ones and that they had the pony with them by some miracle.
> "[What?!]" Gol exclaimed as she shot to her feet. "[N-No! You can't!]"
> This, of all things, was such an unexpected thing for the girl to say that Mayor froze mid-step and looked at her in shock.
"[Why not?]"
> There was a moment of hesitation, then Gol pushed out of the tent ahead of Mayor. "[You can't, because, because what if these aren't the right people. If you take hair from Xuan someone could see and they would tell. Mother would find out!]"
> The scenario sounded far-fetched and all Mayor's instincts screamed at her that Gol didn't want her to get the mane clippings for a different reason. She followed the nomad outside and had to hurry to catch up to her.
"[Hey, stop. Slow. Why running?]"
> There was no reply so Mayor ran out in front of the nomad girl and placed herself in her path. That finally got her to stop, but Gol still didn't meet Mayor's gaze.
"[Why? Why not take hair from Xuan?]"
> Gol sighed and crouched down so she could run her fingers through Mayor's mane, short as it was. "[Because,]" she answered slowly as she looked into the distance, "[I don't want Mother to see it and take it away. You know how she is.]"
> Mayor opened her mouth to argue, but Gol smoothly shifted her grip to her muzzle and gently held it shut as she continued: "[Look. Wait until the traders come. Chieftain said they probably won't be the same ones anyway. Even if they are, they probably won't have your friend. If they do, you can get your hair later.]"
> It was a reasonable suggestion and it would reduce the risk of someone spotting that Xuan was holding on to Mayor's only source of wealth. The mare heaved a sigh and relented.
> Gol smiled at her in relief and shifted her grip again, this time to give one of her ears a scratch. It was pleasant and Mayor closed her eyes for a moment to enjoy the simple affection.
"[If they don't have- my friend, maybe they'll know something. Maybe we can find out where she was taken. Get her back?]"
> This got her nomad companion thinking and after a while the girl gave a single nod. "[Yes, we can ask. I'll help you.]"
> Mayor briefly pressed her muzzle into Gol's palm.
"[Thank you.]"
> "[Let's go find Mother and see if she has more chores. She will get angry if we don't do anything all day.]"
> Mayor didn't comment on the fact that they had already gone to the stream for water and milked the donkey herd that day.

I didn't get as far in this update as I'd hoped, but on the plus side my workload is clearing up a bit and I find myself with more time and energy lately. Next update should be a little more interesting.

Paste: https://ponepaste.org/5389
Landscape when
File: 1652989311228.png (511 KB, 881x954)
511 KB
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>that cm
Collar edit please

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