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Howdy, partner!

What you see here began as a series of comedy-centric stories with the concept of an alicorn-ascended Princess Applejack trying to change a mismanaged Equestria for the better by humorously interacting with the other, quite lazy, princesses. Plus late night pink antics.

Not to mention a whole bunch of Changelings with nothing better to do but cause mischief.

The whole thing was set in motion by this gem:


>So, wait, why am Ah' a princess again?

>Because you seem to be the only goddamn one of those ponies who gets that a Princess need to do actual work regarding maintenance of the kingdom. You know how much city planning or trade negotiations Twilight or Luna have done? Fucking nothing. Everyone is obsessed with the world ending threats they think I should fight, but the minute I point out the free health care I have to work to maintain everyone goes quiet. And don't even get me started on Cadence, who can't even manage a basic meeting with the Equestrian Games representative. Fucking annoying. Go do actual princess stuff, because apparently everyone else got the pamphlets mixed up or something and thinks "Princess" means "Beat cop."


Are you feeling creative? Try your hand at writing a story! No contribution is too small and we love having new folks around.

If you're more artistically inclined give a drawing or sketch a shot. Don't fret too much; it doesn't have to be fancy and we appreciate artwork a lot.

If that isn't your style either, writers always need feedback. So tell us what you liked - and what you didn't - to help us improve.

If you are unsure about anything, do not be afraid to ask. We will gladly bring you up-to-date or explain anything you feel is unclear.

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339 desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/37959751

Here is full archive of the stories in condensed, easy-to-read form with all chatter in-between removed.
Check out the pastebin here:

Curious what happened last time?
Check out the previous thread here: >>37959751

You are completely new and have no idea what is going on? There is a wikia with an overview of all characters, a complete timeline, previous thread recaps and stuff used in these stories!
Check it out here

Confused about when a character first showed up? Want to know when an arc started? Check out character notes and details here :

Check out the 'Princess Applejack: Re-Cut Edition' here:

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And above all else, enjoy your stay at /pa/!
Only real endgame god
She wasn’t an option!

>Tia? Gotta question.

"No, you know what? For once, I have a question for you! That's right, I'm asking the question this time and you're going to take it!"

>Alright, shoot.

"Why were you all murder happy and kill happy with those one set of bats but completely ignored the fruit bats literally infesting a massive chunk of your orchard! These things are taking food from your family's mouth and yet it's those other bats that really got your goat? Explain that right now!"

>The other ones were black.

"Whoa, hey now, whoa."

>Just a fact the black ones are more violent and got more diseases. The more colorful kind are pests, but they're not as bad as the black ones.

"You can't just say that out loud, I don't think! I don't know how this works they're bats but still it sounds bad!"

>And they seriously tried to move into mah' neighborhood? Like at least the other ones stuck to their own little section, these black ones decided they were gonna come into mah' dang neighborhood, probably were lookin' at mah' little sister. Couldn't have that, had to die. Self defense, really, in order to keep the peace. Sometimes, the dark ones just gotta die, simple as. Sure, Ah'm okay with them bein' brainwashed, iffin' you can make them act right with the right influence then they're just worthless, but when they moseyed on up? Ain't havin' that. And of course, they ended up fowlin' that up and corruptin' the nice one to get the same addiction they got. Cryin' shame what happened to Fluttershy but that's what happens when you sympathize with the black ones. For shame.

"I just. I can't. You. You can't just."

>Still wanna ask more questions?

"You just said all of that, our loud."

>Yep. And guess what?

"What more could you add!?"

>Nobody will ever believe you if you try to tell them.

"You, you."

>Mostly cause its a bunch of hooey, whole reason Ah' was mad at them is because of the infestation in the other orchard. You think we didn't try killin' those ones too? We tried everythin', but they spread so far and come out of Everfree so often we just plum realize it was pointless to waste the time to keep doing it after years, Ah' just didn't want them speradin' in the orchard and went a bit too hard on tryin' to stop them. Mah' friends didn't understand, but Ah' accept that, they didn't sweep up hundreds of bat bodies only to have hundreds more show up next day. Real pain, gets me riled up, but Ah'm glad Fluttershy's okay, her heart was in the right place.

"So, wait, which one was real?"

>You'll never know, will ya?"

"I, I just."

>Got anymore questions?

"I'm good."

>Good girl. Backflip time?

"No, no."

*Slowly backs away.*

>That works too.
File: file.png (590 KB, 1013x772)
590 KB
590 KB PNG
Bit of an experiment. Dont love it.
Jesus Christ
Goddamn that’s a cute pony tho
I can tell what you’re going for and I do think the shading works, but I see where you might think it has flaws with the faded parts making it a little hard to see her neck. Still, love the ambience the color gives, very early morning palette that sells her sleepy look even if you can’t see her eyes too well
This does scream "Waking up after pulling an all nighter"
Well I love getting artwork right at the start of a new thread.

Seems we’re at an impasse
And that children is why you don't try to Gotta Question the master.

I dunno, I'm digging it, but I know artists are pickier and I'm an art idiot.
It's one of those where it depends on how you look at it. On the one hand, the faded bits absolutely add to a dreamlike quality if you're thinking of some sort of blurry just woke up bit, but I can see why it could also look messy and less defined especially in the inbetween of her hooves.

Personally I'm of the former opinion but to each their own, all the same it's appreciated.
I want to tuck her in
She is a sleepy girl
The duality of Applejack
Great start
Pinkie Preview Prophs!
>Applejack's wants a new everything!
>Fluttershy has a new trick!
>Cheerilee's resolution isn't very new!
>Why oh why did Derpy get a new one of those!?
>10's got new news that she didn't know she knew!
>Oh boy, Fancy Pants can afford a new one!
>Cadence is going to need a new one of those this year.
>And the CMC have a new way of doing things!
>And lots of Resolution fanservice!
Cold as ice
And just as heartless
She just likes the rainbow one better
She’s a hard worker but she’s also hard nosed, pretty simple
So what you’re saying is she’s hard?
>Ah' go hard! Ah' work hard! AH' AM HARD!.. Whys everyone laughin!?
Maud has entered the chat
Would she be more or less into Applejack as a rock?

"Good morning world!"

The sun was shining, the land alive with light and the song of birds.

"Here I come!"

And a one Princess Twilight Sparkle greeted it with a smile, a skip, and a flop onto her face.

"I saw it coming, and I could've stopped it. But you'll never learn otherwise."

So bright and sunny was this morning of joy, she didn't even dwell too much on the dragon's mocking words, or her own desire to shove his purple scaled behind into a washer until the stains of rebellion were washed away.

"It's a public service, really."

No, she just picked herself up, ruffled his head spines in a way she knew would leave him fixing it for the next ten minutes, and out the door of her treebrary she went, into the beautiful city of Ponyville.

"Good morning, world!"

"I tried that once, it didn't say a thing to me back. In fairness to it, I've never seen any ears, so maybe we're the jerks. All I'm saying is that I'll answer you back on its behalf in case you're worried, good morning, Twilight!"

The popping pink pony prance past the purple princess perfectionist, her wave as happy as her bouncing hooves.

"Morning, Pinkie!"

She took off with a burst of speed, rising high into the air in seconds to breath in the sunny air above.

"Whoooa now, what's got you in a hurry. Is this a challenge? You challenging me? Because that horn isn't going to be enough to point you to victory against me, Twi, step up or step off!"

The boisterous words were only half serious, it was the other half that made her edge just a bit away from the rainbow maned mare.

"Sorry, Rainbow! I've got somewhere to be, no time for races."

"Twi, by definition, races are about getting places faster. If anything you should be begging me for a race if time is an issue."

There was weirdly sound logic in that.

"But then you'd end up there too, and I know you don't want that."

"You don't know that, for all you know-"

"It's science stuff."

"Have a good one, Twi!"

With a slug to the shoulder and a laugh at her own joke, the pegasi slipped from sight, off to her own works while the princess shot away.

"And be careful you egghead!"

If her rocketing speed was any indication, that was unlikely. She had one sight in her eyes and one goal in her mind.



The pristine, beautiful, shimmering jewel of a city she had grown up in, for the longest time it had been all she had ever known. Even as far away as she had grown, it felt as if she had just left yesterday.

She came down with a crash, ruffling some feathers and hats, yet was otherwise left in peace as she began to race on.

"Watch out!"

In such a hurry, she just barely managed to avoid the flock of birds she would swear came out of nowhere, strangely easy to miss now that they had much more free reign to land on one of the new gardens that had sprung up everywhere.

"Twilight, you know better than that, one of the birds could have gotten hurt!"


The scolding was light, likely due to the fact her stumbling in her attempt to avoid them had done far more damage to herself than anyone else.

"Sorry, Fluttershy! I'm in a hurry!"

With a wave of a yellow hoof, the birds cleared her a path to let her race on without care.

"Oh! I'm sorry for keeping you. Am I still keeping you making me listen to the apology? I'm sorry about that too, sorry, I'm... making it worse. Can you leave before I make myself look even more foolish?"

It was cruel to laugh at her friend, she knew this. Yet, both of them seemed keenly in on the joke.

"Thanks for making me feel better!"

The yellow mare was a subtle one.

"Be careful this time!"

She continued on her journey, occasionally garnering a stare or a look, yet unmolested or insulted as she raced as fast as she could through the city.

They weren't going to slow her, not now. She had her target, and she was making it there come the end of the world or not.

Canterlot Castle.

It was just as beautiful as she remembered it, just as awe inspiring as it had always been. Like a fairytale land, it awaited her with its shimmering prestige.


Upon her arrival and entrance, two massive guards swung open the door to the vaulted halls, saluting her as she shot past without missing a single beat.

"Hey Hornbreaker, hey Skyshatter!"

They smiled, even if they didn't look at her. It was the little things, most of all.

"Hello Canterlot Castle!"

She swore she heard the walls themsevles call back to her with a shout, even if she knew it was merely a trick of her mind. She had little time to admire the pictures, and even less to search the walls for hidden cheerleaders. No, her only thought, her only goal, was a single pair of massive double doors.

The doors to the throne room themselves.

"I'm heeeeerrreee!"

The singsong voice almost paled in comparison to the slamming of the doors opening, and she hadn't even touched them. It was as if those doors themselves knew that she was coming, and couldn't wait to let her in.

"Well! Someone certainly is sunny this morning, and for once it's not me!"

There she was. There she was. The radiant star of Canterlot, the shining beacon of hope and motherly affection. The bright sunshine in the darkest of days.

The one, the only, Princess Celestia, as proud and regal as she had ever been.

"We've seen more restraint from a rampaging bull, perhaps thou should race around the castle a few times to burn off whatever sugary treat hath brought thee to this."

Her sister, though nowhere near as sunny, certainly brought an almost calming presence around her, the perfect companion of stern yet helpful to her siblings own kind and supportive. Both of them wore smiles almost as wide as the youngest princess's own, and it only served to further brighten an already amazing day.

"I'm not going anywhere, this is the big moment! I know I'm early, but I'm just too excited for this!"


She pranced up the stairs, her hooves barely even touching the ground as she danced into the air.

"Well, you're in luck. You're not the only one who's early."

The smile nearly took her breath away.

"You mean..."

The princess smirked, and with a single wave of her hoof she opened the door adjacent to the throne room. A new addition, one that had sadly sacrificed a piece of the ballroom in its place. Yet, a sacrifice worth it all in the end, if the joy it brought the princess could be used as trade.

"There you are, Darling! Oh, everyone! Our final princess has arrived!"

The songbird voice of a certain white mare was the perfect cap to it all.

"Rarity! You made it!"

"Well of course, darling! I wouldn't miss this for the world."

The last piece to complete the puzzle she had waited for so long.

There they were. The leaders of every nation far and wide. Yak, Diamond Dog, Minotaur, Dragon, Kirin, the Griffons of different nations, and even two changeling Queens so wildly different, all sat around a massive table, all of them expectant and sharing similar looks of relaxation.

Among those nations far and wide, not a single one held threat in their gaze. None held fear. None, not even the most wicked of all, held deception.

"Seriously, who's going to miss this? The food alone is worth the trip."

"Chrysalis, we're not eating yet."

The Changeling's head threw back in laughter, much to her counterpart's grimiace.

"Why do I always get seated next to her.":

"Because everyone else is scared you're going to flex on them, Chitania."


"We finally getting to this? Because I want to hit the Canterlot Cream Stand, their ice cream is crazy."

"Oh, I haven't tried that yet!"

"You simply must, it's amazing!"

"Everyone, please, we can discuss the matters of ice cream later."

"Of course, there's more important things. For instance, did Spike say anything about me?"

A roaring laugh filled the room at the poor Minotaur's expense. Though they knew her intentions well, it always was quite the sight to see so many shaking their appendages in mock anger.

"You can talk to him as much as you want, but later. For now, we do have much bigger things to discuss."

"Ahhh, come off it, Princess, every time we show up here it's just to shoot the shit and make jokes, everything's running so smoothly that we'd have to try to find something to break."

"Honestly we've spent more time discussing cake flavors than we have trade policy."

The eldest princess's eyes sparkled with mischief.

"And while those are indeed worthwhile discussions, we have something of substance this time."

Before, she'd had their presence. Now, she had their full attention.


Beside her, the lavender princess could barely contain herself, all save dancing from hoof to hoof in giddiness.


At once, everything became clear.

"You don't mean..."


Just as they all stood up in shock, a light filled the room.

With its emergence, a comforting wind brushed between them, a whispering song filled their ears, a brush along their fur and skin like the wingtips of a beautiful dove. In seconds, the room had transformed from carefree and fun, to almost reverent in the looks they gave as the ceiling itself gave way to heavenly light.

"There he is..."

Among them, none smiled brighter than the princess of friendship.

"Hey... BBBFF."

Something unworldly descended from above, and all were bathed in that light.



Miles and miles and miles away, a mare shot up in her bed.


Her head was throbbing, her mouth was dry, everything twisted and turned upside down around her.


She had awoken from a dream. A wonderful one, a terrible one.


One that felt all too real.

"Where am Ah'?"


Memories flooded back with an elderly mare's words.

"Ya'll gettin' out of bed or am Ah' gonna get the bucket!?'

"AJ, hurry! She's already got it half filled!"

"Don'tcha spoil the surprise!"

Her hoof reached for her night stand, pausing when it came up empty.

"Where are mah'..."

It clicked, a moment later.

"Wait... Ah' don't wear glasses."

Her head spinning, her world upside down, she stumbled out of bed and scanned the room.


It was all so familiar, just as it should be. Her bed where it should be, her furniture, her pictures. This was her room, this was her home.

"Somethin' ain't right."

Yet, it was not.

Another memory was there, too vivid to ignore, too much to handle. Her splitting headache and her throbbing legs carried her to her dresser, where her ever favored hat awaited her like a loyal friend.


The moment it touched her head, it felt different. It felt, as best she could put it.


Something was very wrong.

"Ya' got that right."

And the mare in the mirror agreed.


She was only there for a second, gone in a flash.

The screaming would continue on long after.

"Alright, that's it!"

Her family would write it off as caused by the sudden splash of water upon her body.

"What in tarnation..."

Only Applejack would think differently, writing it all off as the lingerings of a dream that she had awoken from. A mere silly thought, for a silly pony.

Though, she would find it quite strange.

Why she felt the need to put a "Princess" in front of her name.
Awwww shit, here we go

>Salt is God
>Someone is contacting AUJ

Here. We. Go.
So are the Regverse guys absorbed? Dead? What’s going on there
Of course he made himself the center of attention
Jesus he straight up fucked the world
Oh sure, NOW altwiggie can’t see through lotus eaters
That’s not a lotus eater, it’s straight up the world
I think you mean "Made in Heaven".
I’m guessing they’re in some sort of limbo thanks to Chittagong fucking their world and leaving them stranded
I wonder if that’s in her head or an echo of another world
>Alt-Cadence is still gone

He's a petty fellow
Maybe this is setting up Caddy to do something?



>Who put the bug zapper here again!? Don't bother, I know it was you, Chrysalis! This isn't funny!
I’m Very curious why he brought her back
That is a good question, of all of the beings he seems to hate Chrysalis the most, why would he give her another shot out of anyone?
You know why.

He absolutely has already fucked her at least twice.
Typical. Godlike power and he's still a two shot johnny

>THIS DOESN'T CURE ED!?... well then fuck this.


>Why does that keep working....
Look, if that's not there...
>Cadence and Delight are trump cards

Weird timeline
Play the term is check out gun

Yes that s right
Someone’s drunk
Question is, why didn’t you?
Shit he’s right
I think he’s just dunking on AUJ

>Ya' brought back someone who raped you just ta' make me look bad?


>...it does kinda make me look like an asshole, Ah' reckon.


>But now yer' rapist is alive.

"Yes, but I brought her back with an itch inside of her inner ear that never goes away."


>Huh. World feel weird to you too? Like the whole world if flip flopped around? Just completely borked? This world is not as it should be!

"Applebloom, ya' can't keep sayin' that every time they discontinue yer' favorite cereal. Ya' only pick seasonal stuff, it ain't gonna last."

>Super booey berry should have been forever!
>AltFilthy Rich
"Diamond Tiara"

>This universe... something about it feels... off. Something is broken! SOMETHING IS WRONG!

"Dad, you have to stop doing this every time I change my hair."

>What has happened to our world!?

>No, this can't be... I knew this world was broken, I knew something had changed! I knew it! I knew it was all different in ways it never should have been! You all called me crazy, but the proof is here! You can deny it no longer! OUR WORLD HAS CHANGED AND WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!

"You won ONE race, stop rubbing it in."


"I just have a stomachache..."
"Alt-Ligtning Dust"

>....so are you?

"Still a kissass slash asshole"

“Alt Nightlight”

>Do I have Grandbabehs yet?

“I mean, probably-“

>Don’t care bout the world then.

“Honey something is very wrong-“


>I have the powerful desire to deny reality and punch god.

"As do I."



>We should not do that.

"Mine husband is a practical sort."
KKA mail call.
I bring art! Geisha Assassin Fluttershy with a hidden blade in her umbrella.
I knew she was up to shit!
>Butterfly starts playing
Goddamn it that had to be intentional, that fits too perfect.

>Ayiyi I’m your little butterfly
>Putting it on the curve

You’re thinking with monkey grips, hooves would grip better with a curve
Shit you’re right
Nobody would ever suspect her

How do we make it canon
She don't wait for no samurai
Dat cute
Now I want the Regverse to be ninja inspired.

CHitty seems like she'd like it.

>Why is everything all sharp, angular, and filled with ninjas?

"I just saw Ninja Mare and I fucking love everything about this you have no idea."

>Is that the one with the-

"You know damn well which japaneighs cartoon it is don't play that game."

>...it is pretty cool.
>Why does everyone have swords?

"More things to kill."
>You don't get to kill someone just because they have a sword.

"You need to watch more anime!'
Especially if they don’t have names
>An entire world of targets
Also swords be cool
She doesn’t need a reason
Of course she does, she’s not a mindless killer. So the reasons though
She does have a tendency to mindlessly wander and is big enough to crush anyone, so
She has a goal, she just gets lost easy
you, post ur gallery
"Alt-Big Mac"
~AltGranny Smith~

"Ya'll okay?"

It felt like he had asked that a million times by now. She still hadn't given him a straight answer, instead just eating her breakfast in almost stoic silence.

>Ya' get the west plot tilled?


>Every water refilled for the chickens? We don't want them getting sick, need the eggs this year.


>Get to the weeds yet?


>Guess Ah'll get it today, ya' need to fix the hole in the ceiling.


Silence, uncomfortable silence.

'So, uh... Sweetie Belle's tryin' to get a concert in Canterlot.'

"Shouldn't be too hard, considerin' her sister."

'Well yeah, but she wants to do it "On her own", Rarity's still gonna help.'

~Hrmph, she needs to think more bout long term stuff, ain't always gonna be someone wantin' her singin! Why, Ah' was sweet as an angel back in the day, but iffin' Ah' tried that now Ah'd sound like a washin rack with a weasel in it!~

'Ya' sound fine.'

~Don'tcha kiss up to me, Ah'm still not lettin' ya' go off in the middle of the day for that.~

'But Granny!'

>Let're go.

Her sudden words gave everyone a start, none even knew she had been paying attention.

>She deserves to have a little fun, she tried hard with her homework this week.

'Ah' got a B!'

>She did. Have fun, Applebloom.

Everyone felt strangely on edge when she suddenly pushed back from the table, putting on her Stetson hat and making her way to the door without another word.

"Is she okay?"

'Ah' dunno, she seems... off.'

~Somethin' ain't right, but Ah' can't imagine what...~

Outside, Applejack just barely heard her words before she shut the door.

~Everythin's been goin' perfect.~

She tried to shove it out of her mind, tried to pay no attention to it. But every time she walked by a window..

(Perfect mah' ass!)

She heard the voice again, and it was always gone when she looked up.

>...what's wrong with me?
>They can't go home because Chitty fucked up the world
Does this mean Regverse is a paradise too?
I dunno, Chitty didn't go through the Timeline Training that Salt did.
I thought the Timeline Training was so that he could beat the Big Four?
Hasn't Chitania not actually done anything yet? They'd be stuck because getting displaced doesn't automatically send them back to their reality.
The last line was "Her power had been unleashed" so she did something.

I mean regardless is the bigger issue is "The portal is still closed so they can't go home", but if Chitty altered it they wouldn't be able to get home even if they had the portal, since the world of origin would change.
>We did it girls! We reached the portal!


~Universe not found.~


>Awwww shit.


>Nothing! I didn't do anything yet! I just wanted to see what the past looked like and see if I could alter it, but I didn't touch anything!

"You didn't touch ANYTHING, you're sure?"


"Not a single thing?"

>Well, I mean... I moved a chair, but-

"HOLY FUCK CHITANIA WHAT DID YOU DO!? We're lucky this isn't worse!"

In the distance, Canterlot explodes and turns into a black hole.

>...I don't understand time.

>Why am I blue now?

"I DON'T KNOW all I did was go back and look at it! For real, I didn't even come out of the time bubble thing!"

>...have a seat.


>I'm going to try to explain the Observer Effect.


>Finally… a world without Applejacks.

“Where the fuck did the cereal go!?”

>At last

>So where do we go now!?

"We could always go to the human-"



>Don't. You. Daaaare.

File: 1406135589026.png (140 KB, 900x900)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
That'd be the wiki art gallery. I'm not an artist. I just come up with the ideas and use tax payer's money to commission the art from someone I know.

I should probably ask him if he has an art gallery now that you bring it up though.
>Making the common man pay for pony
Better than missiles
Can a missile be a pony with a sword?

I thought not
>Wait until I tell you about Quantum Entanglement-

"First thing I'm doing is FUCKING PHYSICS

>YOU IDIOT! It just barely works as it is!
The world is a badly programmed mess, but anyone in programming knows if it works it's perfect.
Open world games have made it clear that no one on earth can do any better
Just be glad we aren’t clipping… yet
If someone did, how would we know?
That’s a scary thought
>I'm going to try to explain the Observer Effect.
Welcome to the clustertrap of writing that is BlazBlue.
All I know is the vampire loli so it’s fine
>Quick! We need a thousand year child!


>Ha ha… not that dang old


>Huzzah! Now no one will make pedophiile jokes!

Cadence poofs!

>Oh no! Now everyone will make pedophile jokes!


>Oh yay! Now I can make Pedophile jokes!

“What’s up? Finally realize if your mom is god that makes you a goddess?

>No, that’s not it.

‘Realize that now if ya’ want, you can go t the moon and see what that’s all up about?’

>No I don’t care about the moon.

“Realize that now you can make fun of Luna for getting mad about that and she can’t do anything?”


‘Well what are you thinking about, sugar bean?’

>If my mom is going to bring my dad back to life.


‘I mean, did she like him?’

>No idea, she never mentioned him and I didn’t ask.

“I’m kind of curious if she will, I kind of want to see who actually managed to, you know. Stick it to her.”

‘And finish!’

>I no longer wish to think about this topic.

“Think they did it pony style?”

‘Only way I see him lasting, she goes cowgirl and there ain’t nothing left after the first hit-‘

“Think she ever gave him a blowjob?”

>I said no more!

‘I can’t imagine that for some reason. Like, him giving it to her, easy peasy to picture, but imagining her with a mouthful is breaking all kinds of-‘

Ask Salt
I mean you could but he’s got his own world to worry about
… him giving her a blowjob?

The fuck is she working with down there!?
According to Derpibooru everyone has dicks.


>So she's gonna... you know, give me my IDEAL life, right?

"What does that entail?"

>Like, she'll know, right?

"I... don't know?"

>But she will, right? This makes her some kind of super being that's smart?

"I... guess?"

>So, like... you know...



"You maybe should have discussed this with her..."

>Well I tried but SOMEBODY CUT ME OFF.

>Well it seems like we’re doomed.

“You are, maybe. I’ll be fine.”

>You will?

“I‘ve got connections. High ones. Even if the world ends, I’ll be in the background.”


“Tested it once, worked. Didn’t like it.”

>…Can I come with?

“Sorry, you’re problematic.”


“Because its a problem how much I like you, baby.”


“That’s right, which is why I can’t have you around.”

>You ruined a sweet moment.

“How I want to be remembered, baby!”
Better to burn out than fade away
Damn it now I need to see if she’s in the movie
Sadly no
She’s a changeling, she works with whatever she wants
Oh myyyyy
Which, since it’s Chitty isn’t much
Well if it’s true, it’s perfect
True love you mean?
I feel like I’m missing something
There are two pegasi with her color scheme

>...Did I die?


>I feel like I died.

"W-wh.. wha!?"

>And it could not hold me.


>Taught that bitch what's what.


>Also totally got laid.

"Okay now I know you're lying."

File: file.png (307 KB, 892x712)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
poni can poni poni



>Can I hold hands with them?

"Of course not!"

>You're the worst mom!
Dat's a fuckn' cute pony

Did you learn nothing!?
But can she pone
I really like those colors you chose for her hair and tail, that’s some solar bright right there
>Parasprite in love
Don't be fooled, he wants them apples.
She looks weirdly into it
I can’t tell if AJ is trying to figure out how to let it down easy or thinking “not like I got better options”
What is this thread?
>Applejack has become a princess
>340 threads of one long ass story with about 80 percent of it being one shot silly script-style comedy, and the last bit being massive world ending epics that always break the status quo into pieces. Characters grow, change, evolve, and Canterlot gets smashed every so often.
>New characters get introduced and get their own chances to shine, the Main Six all get to have massive changes on the world(Not just Applejack is a princess now)
>There's no Anon, all pone.

If you want to check it out, go to thread 1 either at the top of the Link Tree(That's why we do that instead of pastebinning it, its a tree that "Grows" every thread) or go to the Pastebin Link at the bottom of the tree to just see the stories and no talking.
>Now Ah' know what yer' thinkin', are those apples back there edible...
She could go for getting eaten out
She's gearing up to become the sun
One piece with pone
"Did I get laid?"


"...sounds about right..."

>Enjoy, mister Rich.

On any normal day, Applejack couldn't imagine something that gave her a sunnier feeling than selling a bundle of apples. It was a multifold accomplishment that simply had no comparison. To know her hard work had paid off, to know that someone had seen and recognized her efforts and decided she was worth compensating for it, and knowing that someone was going to go off and enjoy her sweet, delicious, crunchy and oh so tasty apples soon. It was everything someone who took pride in her work could hope for, and more.

"You feeling alright, Applejack?"

So well known was her stance on the matter, even if they couldn't articulate it perfectly, that even as someone like Filthy Rich could spot instantly when her thanks had less than the enthusiasm they normally contained.

>Ah'm fine, Mister Rich, thanks fer' asking.

She clearly was not fine, or at least not as she should be. But the elder was not one to pry into other's business, especially when they had little they would share. So instead he chose to give her a kind smile, a nice wave, and helpful words as he departed.

"Well, if you ever need help, you know my doors are open! Business has been booming recently!"

>Glad ta' hear it, ya'll take care now.

She was kind enough to wait until he could not see her any longer before her shoulders slumped a bit, and she leaned over her stand as if a heavy weight had fallen on her shoulders.

>Gotta get mah' head in the game, we're gonna lose customers at this rate.

(That ain't the half of it!)

Just as before, the voice had come out of nowhere and given her a terrible start. Just as it had every time prior, when she turned around she saw only her own reflection staring back at her through the nearby window.


Her hooves rubbed her head so fast she worried she'd pull her scalp bald, but it was the only thing she could think to do about it. All day she'd heard whispers, seen things in the reflections, felt as if everything was wrong even as she witnessed everything going right.

>Come on, already!

From what she could see, everything was perfect. Everyone was getting along, not a frown to be seen, not even a trip or fall from some unfortunate soul. Everyone's relationships were great and even the kids were best as friends could be, Nurse Redheart had the whole day to herself without so much as a scratch to be mended in her tent. She, and she alone, was the only one with a sour day to be had.

>So why can't it just leave me alone!?

It wasn't the outburst that bothered her after it had passed. There was a bit of shame that she had yelled at herself like a lunatic, and a lot of worry about how this was going to be seen. But, what bothered her even more than that was what came after.


Silence, at least towards her. Nobody stopped to check on her, nobody asked how she was doing.


Not Ponyville and more importantly, not her friends.

>Ah' wonder how everyone's doin?


Not that she could call them that easily now, with how little she saw them nowadays she swore they were, at best, ponies who's name she knew. She could recall adventures and she could recall saving the world, but she could not for the life of her recall the last time the "Elements of Harmony" had gotten together to just talk. When was the last slumber party? When was the last festival? She couldn't recall.


She had seen Dash off in the distance, sometimes. Fluttershy maybe, once or twice. Pinkie zipping by from one end to the other, but other than that, it was a struggle.

>Maybe this is a sign.

She glanced to the glass once more, thankfully only seeing herself, at least this time.

>Maybe Ah' need ta' get mah' head checked out or somethin', maybe Discord hit me with a shot and Ah' didn't even realize it.

She pushed aside the fact she couldn't recall seeing the chaos bringer at all for what felt like a lifetime, and instead let her thoughts drift elsewhere.

>Maybe Ah' should go see Twi. She can check me out.

Off to a castle, off to the shining beacon of the world.

>Ah' mean, we're still friends...

Of to a place where suddenly, she felt very uncertain.

I see this ending well.
>Altwi won't remember WHY she hates AUJ

>AUJ has to reconnect with her friends
Roundabout way to get there but finally!
>First one is Altwi
She's got her work cut out for her.
Does she? If there's no Worldbreak and Salt changed the world so no one died...
Depends on how much Altwi remembers.
>Howdy, Twi!


>Fair enough
>We'll circle back when I get more blood in me
Gives her time to reload
Thanks for noticing, I've been in a rut and experimenting
Nothing better to experiment with something you use to see a bunch of colors
And ponies
Black and white ones are just as cute

>Do ya' even know why yer' mad at me!?

"You stole my crisper bar!"

>And that's worth shooting over!?

"That you even ask that proves you didn't enjoy it the right way which means its only worse!"
If it’s anything like a snickers I understand
>Yer' not yer'self, have a snickers.



>I’m worried about Applejack, if her productivity goes down then our new Apple Scented Relaxation candles will take a hit!

“Don’t look at me, I haven’t bullied them in forever!”

>And I’m proud of you!… Not of the bullying, you really shouldn’t have done that at all and it is deeply concerning I never realized you were, which is why I’ve been slashing my hours left and right, but you did stop before you soured our relationship in business forever, good job!

“Well yeah the white one is sister to a god now. I have fun but I’m not that stupid.”

>You have no idea how good that makes me feel because your mother absolutely did not teach you that.
Spoiled just wished for death.
>Alt Spoiled

>If that god were merciful he would have smote me

>Well, Ah' mean, it could be worse?


>Pinkie could'a died too.


>That would'a been worse, you can't deny it.

"...I guess?"

>See, bright side.

"I tried exploding myself."

>That's a pretty bright side.
>It's not like you died.

"I technically did, I was just reatomized."

>Huh... what did you learn?

"There's nothing there."

>...that's terrifying.

"But oh no, you just had to make me remember!"

>Ah'm sorry.
>Faust fucked off
That would be kind of interesting, Faust literally just said "Do what you want" and Chitty can't find her.

>WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE?!... Alright, guess I'll go on a trip looking for her.

~Seconds later~

>Godhood did not allow me to fix my getting lost issue.
She will never escape it!
>Gets lost in time and space

Crossover time!
>Goddamn it, who the fuck are you?

“Oh wow! You have a horn and wings! Strange though, none of my dads writings mentioned a black Alicorn…”

>I’m a changeling.

“What’s that?”

>… well, that bodes welll…
>Who the fuck are you?

“I am… iron mare.”
>Who the fuck are you?

“What, are you stupid are something? Are you retarded? I’m the goddamn Batman!”
>… okay, I know who you are, and I’m terrified of being sued.

“Ha ha! Holy shit a talking horse!”

>Please stop fucking up Star Wars
>Who the fuck are you!?

"I'm the dude."

>...nice rug.

Heres a quick sketch for y'all
cute out of 10,post more.
Damn, that's a pretty sweet sketch!
I could see AJ being coerced into a punk outfit, with threats
This looks like an album cover for EQG Ajs rockband.

I want to hear that for some reason
>That’s a quick sketch

>Meeting Equestrian Girls Applejack was an… eye opening experience
File: 20211014_185838.jpg (1.08 MB, 1328x2048)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
That's my intention, thank ya kindly
Just threaten her family with a terrible fruit pie and that'll 'change' her ways ^=)
I'd say she listens to Scatman John-The Misfits (least I think that's the song and artists name). Goofy,hard and fast
It took about 15-20min fren it's real sloppy.
That jacket is hiding those hard hitting hips fren.
If there are any writers here that want a sketch from me post your stories and ideas :)
>Salt gets ultimate power
>Turns AJ into a big titty goth waifu

I knew he was a nerd!
If you do comedy can you do the OP exchange?
>If there are any writers here that want a sketch from me post your stories and ideas :)
Gangsta-Cadence and Applejack, with a dream-bubble cloud around it.

Trust me, it makes sense in this messed up universe.
>If there are any writers here that want a sketch from me post your stories and ideas :)

Applejack saying “Tia? Gotta question” and Celestia looking ready to snap.

We have spent 340 threads of a single shared story making her despise it, and it is worth it
I'mma second the OP exchange. I don't know if you looked into the thread first but we're one long, long... looong story that started with that story and is still going on today.
>Just threaten her family with a terrible fruit pie and that'll 'change' her ways ^=)

No need for that, Rarity just has to "Accidentally" put the wrong cleaner in her clothes and then oh no, there's only this to wear...
>Now ya' might ask yer'self, am Ah' checkin' me out?

>Obviously yes, Ah' look that good.
Nice, what’s that pic from? I mean who’s the character of course
File: IMG_20211215_093118144~3.jpg (3.41 MB, 2850x3962)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB JPG
I'll need a lil more context
Both in a dream bubble and like a zoot suit sorta gangster or...?
Got em
Truly :)
Someone I used to know and inspired me also mixed in my tribes background influences
This one is another sketch that needs to be inked.
> I'll need a lil more context

This exchange

>So, wait, why am Ah' a princess again?

>Because you seem to be the only goddamn one of those ponies who gets that a Princess need to do actual work regarding maintenance of the kingdom. You know how much city planning or trade negotiations Twilight or Luna have done? Fucking nothing. Everyone is obsessed with the world ending threats they think I should fight, but the minute I point out the free health care I have to work to maintain everyone goes quiet. And don't even get me started on Cadence, who can't even manage a basic meeting with the Equestrian Games representative. Fucking annoying. Go do actual princess stuff, because apparently everyone else got the pamphlets mixed up or something and thinks "Princess" means "Beat cop."

Its Applejack and Celestia, respectively, right after AJ became a princess and was rightly confused:

> and like a zoot suit sorta gangster or...?
Not him but I’m pretty sure he means “Gangsta” gangster, we have a running gag that when Cadence remembers or imagines events, they all talk like stereotypes from the hood, even for incredibly mundane things.

Can you tell we’re mostly comedy?
> Someone I used to know and inspired me also mixed in my tribes background influences

Awww, that’s sweet
>Both in a dream bubble


> and like a zoot suit sorta gangster or...?
This kind

And yes, this happens later when she's thinking of things that actually happened, her mind has a Blingee Generator stuck on
It’s been too long since we had a gangster vision
To be fair if had been a week it would be too long
At least you’re consistent
Which, and paperwork is the most important thing
File: REEEE.gif (442 KB, 768x709)
442 KB
442 KB GIF
>no hooves
We don’t have any no-hooves stories but we do allow human-ified artwork just cause we like our artists
Jesus, time is flying.

>…wait, I’m still alive!? WHY!?

“You’re welcome!”


“I owed you one!”

>You don’t think Chitania would delete our relationships, right?

“I doubt it, does she even know about that? Or care?”

>Fairly certain she knows 42’s stance on the matter.

“Well then, second thing.”

>I don’t know, she seems like the grudge type.

“She does seem to remember stuff and go into very violent bursts over it.”

>Soooo… think we’re still engaged?

“If not then we have to win them over all over again.”

>…I kind of want that.

No CUZ no save
>Thou cannot think I would abandon the world-

"Your cousin also got into college."

>Marry me.
Good college?

>Wait wait wait, which college?


>North or south?




>You know, this really does show that with a touch of kindness... anything is possible.

"Yeah! Because you helped me, I was able to make Chitania's armor to allow her to become a god and mess up the world!"

>...our messaging is a touch muddy
It's simple, don't help the wrong individuals.

The. Wrong. Type.
You know the type.


>Huh, I haven't seen Discord in a while.



"When he's gone for a while, something terrible is about to happen!"

>You don't know that.


>You can base it off of something, but you don't know for sure.

"So, what's the appropriate response? Lots of ponies say "Oh you don't know" but then when it happens we're like "Oh we should've done something". which is it? I'm just saying at what point is worrying and preparing for this one individual messing everything up just a normal reaction instead of something that should be chastised over? How many times does it have to happen? I need a number."

>Uh... I suppose what you're saying is fair, sorry.

"Good, glad we cleared that up."


"Now, let me tell you my thoughts on changelings-"

>Dash no.

"I did the math!"
Where does the time go?
Straight to hell
It needs to take me with it
Give it a bit and everyone will make it down there
Getting nostalgic just thinking about it
Like, all those?
Dash no, Not at dinner
>Dash is that one aunt that everyone fears
>because she’s right

>The elites are just trying to control us and them inviting in all these other creatures to cause havok is only going to lead to further infighting and eventual civil war among the ponies!

"Dash, the nice Maredonalds employee just wants your order."

>Now let me tell you about the ewes...
"Alt-Dash's kid"

>Now that you're the elite, you can make the changes you want to see in this world, you can make the change that needs to be done for you!

"But actually for you?"

>We're of the same mind, I like to imagine.

"And if I disagree with you?"

>Then the education system has corrupted you.

>Shining! I need you to delete the other races.

"...you do realize several of them are my kids, right?"

>But none of them are my kids!

"The f."
Can't he make her think what he wants?

>You do not want to kill my kiiiiiddsss.

"I do not want to kill kidddsss.'

>You do not want to wipe out raceeeesss.

"But statisticallyyyy0"


"You can't mind control the truth!
I like to imagine her kid is a speed runner
>This is not what I thought that was and I am deeply ashamed.

"But mom! I broke the record for Super Mario Bros by a whole two frames, that record lasted for weeks! WEEKS!!"

>When are you going to go outside your fur is glued to the chair.:
"Psh, you're just jealous that you can't play worth shit."

>Maybe I'd do better if everyone shut up about banging my mom!

"So? I hear that all the time and if Dad doesn't stop I'm going to punch him in the dick.
It's too late to stop him
>Dad Jokes and gamer jokes

He’s become too powerful!
>Get gud, dad!

"Where can I pick this up?> Maybe from... your mother?"


"Hi, getting pissed off... I'm dad."

He must be destroyed

>You can't kill me, daughter! I've learned the Grenade Spam trick and fucked your mom! I've become more powerful than you can possibly comprehend!

"There's one trick you haven't thought of."

>I'm a classic gamer with a shitload of disposable income, a healthy sex life and the best rig money can buy! You can't stop me! YOU CAN'T STOP ME!

"Unless I do... this. Ahem... Dad, I wanna be a pro gamer!"

>Oh no!

"But I can't do it because some JERK named Armorbomber94 keeps being me!"

>Oh no that's me!

"I guess Ill have to give up..."

>Oh no my kid is losing her mojo oh no OH NO.

"I guess I'll go into... theater."

>NOOOOOOOOOO! Take the rig! Take it all!

"You're the best, dad!"

>Fatherly... pride... warring with... need to win! The contradictions! THE CONTRADICTIONS! AGGGHHHHH!


He’s still Shiny, not a bad dad
Badguy, not bad GUY
Major difference
He said it wrong and that infuriates me
Old man, Your days have ended
Kind of a threat

>Everything is going well... too well.

"Thou have been saying this for months, when will it end?:

>I just want to be the one who said I called it, so as long as I keep repeating it once per day I'm eventually right!

"But thou art also constantly wrong?"

>Or, am I right because of what's coming, but we won't know about it until its too late? Meaning I was always in the right and was so right we didn't even know it!

"Or thou are always wrong and are so wrong that nothing happened just to spite thee."

>We shall see, we shall see...

"Thou have said this many times too-"

>Something bad will happen, damn it!

"Does thou really prefer something terrible happen rather than thou just are wrong?"

Ahhh, the “the world will end any day now” argument.

Me and the hobo around my street corner know of this method

>Oh, wait, shoot.


>I think I forgot to tell Chitty about other Shining.

"What did you forget, exactly?"



>So her whole thing is fighting the god of the world.


>Who's in charge over there?




"So does she... have this?"

>What do you mean?

"Well, I mean I trained Shining pretty extensively to make this work, he had a whole thing. She just kinda walked in here and you gave her a powerup like a Mareio game."

>I think she's fine.

"You think?"

>You all think she's a brute, that she's stupid and all muscle, but I know better than anyone that behind her visage of might, there is a cunning that scares even me. She is far more brilliant than you will ever know. She has the mind, she has power, and she has control.




>She's got this.

"...you're a rainbow-"

>She. Has. This.
This will end well

>You there! So you’re the one behind all my misery!

“Lady I just got here.”

>In a cosmic sense?


> In a cosmic sense?


Alright that was clever

>Mom, you can't make me get into all the colleges at once, I don't have time for-

>>>>>>>>>>Well played.
I can't tell if implying
"Now I finally have all the kids I wanted!"
Shit dude RegShiny could've done that
So would that be self impregnation?
The only one powerful enough for her!


It had taken much longer to arrive in Canterlot than she had expected. For some reason, she had gotten it in her head it would take minutes, at most. It was only when she had made it a short walk in that she remembered that it was almost impossible to reach there in a timely manner without a train. That had been quite an embarrassment, complete with slow walk of shame.

>Ah', uh...

Likewise, she had forgotten how "Looky" Canterlot could be. As she walked, she felt her every hair being judged, her every freckle scanned for the 'poor' that surely lingered on her, as if it were a cloud that hung above her. For some reason, she had initially expected them to be friendly and pushing to say hi to her. It was only about halfway and three "Subtle" disinfectant sprays nearby that she remembered she walked among the jerkiest of jerks of the pony race.

>What is with mah' brain today?

It had been like this since she woke up, expectations of things that made no sense whatsoever. She'd all but broken her neck when she'd tried to clear a massive gap as if she had wings, she'd tried dragging a cup over with the power of her mind and only managed to look even more foolish than she felt. Worst of all had been her desk. She'd nearly turned the thing upside down because she was sure, one hundred percent certain, that she had been missing and absolute mess of paperwork that was due now, this second, today. It had been like that, over and over, all day.

>Ah'm sorry, Ah' just wanted to know if Twi's got time to talk. Does she?

Just like now, this second, where she found herself baffled as she looked into the faces of the Guard. Her brain was shorting out with warring thoughts, sure as could be that they were supposed to be respectful to her, even nice, and being forced to deal with her eyes that had them looking on her with, at best, stoic indifference. She swore there was some contempt in there, but it was gone so quickly she couldn't be sure it was any more than whatever insanity had taken hold of her recently.

>Ah' just really need ta' talk, musta' hit mah' head or gotten some nasty magic poisoning or somethin' cause mah' brain is all screwy. Can ya' just tell her Ah'm here? She'll wanna see me.

They didn't move, didn't blink, didn't do anything really.

>Hello? It's me, Applejack. Ya' know, savior of Equestria, Element of Harmony, her friend? Ah'm tellin' ya' there's a magic problem and she's princess of magic or element of magic, she's magic is the point here. So iffin' ya'll could just...

She waved, trying to be polite, and failing as the seconds ticked away and their looks only seemed to grow more hard.

>This a problem? Ya'll don't like me or somethin'? Cause Ah'm pretty sure we ain't met before... though it feels like we did, didn't we? Don't you have a wife that you said had a bad hoof?


The Guard's expression flickered to confusion for a single second, before resuming its stonelike stare. One with just a chip of anger, in addition.

>Look, Ah' don't wanna talk to you, you don't wanna look at mah' ugly mug. Ah' just wanna speak to-


She felt the gust before the words had reached her, that's how fast they were.

"Who left their dog out here? I know it's ugly but that's no reason to abandon it?"

Applejack didn't bother turning around. She could feel the other speaker narrowing in on her, she could even practically feel the smirk burning into the back of her head.

>Really, Dash?

"Oh, I was wrong, it's not a dog... just a bitch."

The farmer spun around, ready to give the pegasi a piece of her mind and several large pieces of her hoof.

"If it makes you feel better, you're my favorite one."

She once more found herself in a world she didn't understand when she was face to face with a genuinely smiling blue face. Her head had to process that the tone had been genuinely joking as a blue limb snaked around her shoulders, pulling her in to a deep and powerful hug.

"Ha ha! You should've known you can't outspeed me!"

Blue cheek met orange with an almost childlike rubbing before she broke off, leaving with one powerful pat on the back.

"You probably thought I slowed, didn't you? Well too bad! I'm still the fastest in Equestria!"

>...heh. Guess so.

Her brain finally gave way from the confusion, no longer certain as it had been that the other pony was angry at her for reasons she couldn't place. Quite the contrary, the pegasi only seemed to have any ire for everything but her.

"Hey! You guys giving her the business? What's up with that? It's freaking Applejack! Come on, like, a duh!"

The two guards saluted her, but gave no response besides that.

"Jeeze, these guys. You're lucky he's totally a sap when it comes to being buddy buddy with you all, or I'd make you run off the stupid. Anywayyyy."

Without any regard for their stares, the Wonderbolt pushed herself and her friend past the pair, never thinking for a second they might stop her.

>What was up with that anyway?

"Ahhh, they're probably jumpy."

>About me?

"Hey, I can't get a cab half the time, ponies around here are nuts."

She didn't have much argument on that one.

"So, what brings you up to the land of the snooty and snob? If you wanted to see me, you should've just lit a flare. That way I can call it an emergency."

>Dash, ya' can't go misusin' cries for help.

"The only cry for help is from me when I'm not allowed to drink in the middle of the day."


"But really, what's up?"


She knew it sounded crazy, even in her head it sounded no less crazy.

>Somethin's goin' on with mah' brain, Ah' keep... Ah' dunno how to put it, thinkin' things wrong?

"Ahhh, I see... my little Applejack is finally becoming a mare-"

Fastest mare in Equestria, still not fast enough to dodge the slap to the back of the head.

>Ah'm serious.


"About what? That you're getting early onset dementia?"

>That... Ah' dunno, ya' know how Celestia got them prophecies in her head? What if Ah'm gettin' something like that?

"And you're basing this off.. thinking wrong?"

Tellingly, subconsciously, she glanced to the nearest reflective surface, and winced.

>Among other things.

"Ooookay, that's a spooky look."

>It's been a spooky day. What do you think, am Ah' bein' crazy?

"Probably, but the last time we ignored really obvious warning signs and a friend saying "Hey something is really wrong", I got punched in the face by a bug pony."

A "HEY!" from down the hall went unheeded.

>See, that there's mah' line of thinkin', why ignore it when it could blow up in our dang faces?

"Sounds fair to me. Besides, I know Twi will want to pick at your brain, she's been waiting to see what's in there."

>Apples and cobwebs, could'a told her that.


It felt good to talk again. Just like before, she couldn't explain why, but just that laugh, just that smile...


It made her chest hurt for some reason.

>So, what does have everyone so jumpy-

A sensation washed over both of them, freezing them in place, locking their bodies beneath its power. They couldn't see anything, hear anything, but they both knew.


Her mind was once more torn, and it had little to do with the power all around her.

>He's here.


They both were let up shortly afterwards, the tingles leaving their bodies in waves.

"Annnd, now he's not."

With the passing, there was a strange emptiness on her skin, as if the air had been sucked from the room and left her cold and dry.

"Which is good, meetings over then!"


"Ahhh, you know, state of the world, probably him dipping down to "Dip in" and all that."

>...and ya' skipped out on that?

She shrugged without a care, in a way that could only come from the one and only Rainbow Dash.

"Not my style."

>Didn't ya' wanna see him?

"Heh, I see him whenever I want, than you."

She winked, and for a flicker of a moment, Applejack was certain there was a glow in her eye.

"They don't call me a Divine just because I'm a goddess of awesome.."

Without elaborating, she strode on with head held high and a skip in her step.

"Come on, if big guy is out then that means the meeting is over, which means that..."

Once more she strode past a pair of guards, fully aware they would not so much as twitch in response.

"Lets see what's behind door number ooooonnneee!"


The grand entryway to the vaulted throneroom was opened, the center of the developed world laid bare to all. And within it, standing among the silver steps and most holy of thrones, there she was. Her lavender coat shining, her horn aglow with her legendary magic, and most stunning of all was the bright smile that lit up her face like the stars among the darkest of night skies. For a brief moment, she held a look of euphoria, of true, utter, happiness.

"Hey, Twi!"

Then she looked over, and it all went away.


For a brief moment, the lowly earth pony and highest of high alicorn stared at one another, unblinking, unmoving, one with an uncertain and tormented expression, the other as empty as the void of space.


Without so much as a turn of her head, the grand doors slammed in their faces.

"...what the heck was that about!?"

A part of Applejack really, truly, did not know.

Another part of her, the part that had screamed when they had locked eyes, knew all too well.


Something was very wrong with this world.
Thinking Twi knows..
Awwww, Alt-Dash being friendly was sorely missed
Dun dun dunnnn
>He actually made everyone friends with AUJ

Guess he’s not that petty
Can you really blame Twi for not wanting that shitshow?
He's clearly at least partially doing this for Twilight, and Twilight likes friends.

What I wanna know is what the eye thing with Dash is. Does she like... see him everywhere?
Yes it’s gonna be hard to convince her to change back
Worth it
Who wouldn’t want to give up their friends for a dystopia
Depends on the friends
>Do it or I’ll sleep with your brother

File: file.png (647 KB, 966x953)
647 KB
647 KB PNG
Was digging thru my scraps and found this wip ill probably never finish of rararara gettomg AJ all dolled up. Feel like there's a greentext hiding somewhere in the idea.
I’m more surprised there aren’t more “Rarity makes her look more princes like” stories

>Darrrling, you look marvelous!

"Look like Ah'm about to become a bee keeper."

>it's a veil, darling, it's to add a flare of mystery to your beautiful face.

"Everyone knows what Ah' look like, Ah'm on a dang window."

>They know you as normal Applejack, but behind this veil lies... mystery! What does her face hold now that she must hide it, what change has she made that she must give only a glimpse! That is the art of the dress!

"Ah' can still see mah' face, though."

>It's the smallest things that hide the deepest flaws!

"...ya'll just had an extra bit of sheer somethin' and wanted someone to show it off, didn't you?"

>Darling, I would never use my friends as unpaid models!

"Huh. Well, Ah' guess ya' ain't the sort-"

>On an unrelated note, you can store about fifty bit in this little bun. Let me demonstrate, you can keep it of course!

"There it is."
>Ya'll do know Ah'm just getting an award for Agricultural excellence, right? Ah'm not getting married.

"Darling, that place will be swarming with many who know your profession, it never hurts to be prepared!"

>Ta' get married on the spot?

"If you knew how much literature was made around this very idea, you would not be so surprised.

>Darling, you need to stop fidgeting.

“How can ya’ tell under all this here nonsense?”

>Because I know dramatics.

“…did you just self burn?”

>I know myself, is how I choose to look at it.

“Ya’ ain’t wrong…”

>And I know you, and I know that despite your fussing, you’re having fun.

“Then ya’ don’t know me at all! Ah’ look silly!”

>Yes, but you look silly with a friend.



“…friggen so cheesy, Twi’s gonna put ya between buns and try to eat you.”

>Wouldn’t be the first time.

“Hold up.”


"Sooooo, what do you think?"

>...Ah' like it.

"You do!?""

>Honestly, it does look pretty good.

"Oh, that's so wonderful to hear! I knew I could make you believe!"

>Ah' had mah' doubts, but Ah' gotta admit, this here "Lady of the Red Death" costume is spot on!

"...wait wha-"

>Now ta' give Twi a heart attack.

"...I wish to watch."
>Feel like there's a greentext hiding somewhere in the idea.

You were apparently right.
We did a bunch back in the day but ironically have gone on so long they feel new again...

Speaking of Anniversary in TWO DAYS
Who’s she marrying?
You. Congrats lucky guy!
>We're looping

Don't worry, Chrysalis isn't trying to seduce Shining.

Though it has been a while...

>Oh dear, what did she do?

The room had only barely paid any mind to the strange outburst, moving on in seconds after the last echo of the slamming door had faded. Most had continued on with their discussions, drifting off into their own little peaceful worlds. Few had come to check on the princess herself, more from curiosity than anything else.

"I... I don't...

The sudden dismissal had been strange enough, but curiosity quickly turned to concern when they found the Element of Magic staring there, looking at her own horn as if it had acted of its own accord, no longer certain as to what she had done or why.

"I don't... know..."

'Have thou been partaking of the celebratory drink? Thou should know it is not merely juice. We thought this obvious.'

~Luna! Don't insinuate such so openly! If you must ask it, do it with more regality and tact!~

'Bah! Tis better to cut to the point.'

>I'm afraid I must side against you on this one, sister. Even I know that its best not to call a fellow royal a drunk in the middle of the room. It's much easier to ask if they can sing a song, cuts right to the point and if they take you up on it, you get a show either way.

~Celestia! That is so cruel! Brilliant, of course, but cruel!~

>It was devised for Blueblood after all.

The three shared a chuckle. That the number was not four instantly threw up red flags that proved quite hard to ignore.

>Twilight? Are you sure you're alright?

'You worry too much, sister.'

~Now, Luna, this is clearly worth worrying over. Twilight was having such a wonderful day today, and now she looks positively strained!~

'We merely are certain that if it was of any real concern, Beloved would have returned to see to it that she is alright.'


The studious pony's sudden words made everyone jump.

"He... he would've checked on me, he always checks on me..."

'See? She agrees with us.'

Her attempts at sounding certain were swiftly undercut by the tilt of her head and the whisper that became of her words as she trailed on.

'She's... just playing a prank? Saw a spider?'


The stern voice of a teacher returned, back again after having been put away for over a year now.

>Is there something you need to tell us?

Strangely, at this moment, all three surrounding her swore the room had gone silent, as if the whole world waited for her response.


With that single certainty, life and sound returned to the room.

"I... just had a weird thought, I can't explain it."

That she could not explain something was enough to turn the stomach of the mindful mare.

>Very well then.

That no one expected her to do such was enough to send her thoughts into a spiral.

>If there is nothing to be concerned about, then-


The doors flew open, and a rainbow streak shot inside. An impish smile came to the tallest Alicorn's face as she watched the Wonderbolt nearly crash into the wall on the other side, clearly having timed the door with the perfection befitting of a lifetime of pranks.

~Oh my! Dash? Are you alright?~

A string of curses more colorful than her hair exploded from the rainbow maned one. None moved to help her, not even the guard, as even from across the room they could see the glow of strange light enveloping her, protecting her against her own rash actions.

'See? He's always watching, after all. If there is a problem, it shall be handled.'


Her voice was uncertain as she turned away from her friend, her body stiff and her breath short as she looked to the doorway.

"It should be..."

There, her eyes locked with those as green as the emerald fields, and something passed between the alicorn and earth pony, something shared between eyes hidden behind a veil of golden hair, and a pair illuminated by magic its owner did not know it had summoned. Something passed.


Something lingered.
So Altwi clearly has her memories and is just lying to herself, right?
She knows something
Damn. It’s always the smart ones you can’t trust
File: 1535057671479.gif (2.35 MB, 462x400)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB GIF
i forgot to include the text like an idiot but I meant to say I am very grateful for these. gave me the happy chemicals. Ill try to get another proncess done tonight
Glad to bring some smiles
> Ill try to get another proncess done tonight

File: file.png (385 KB, 1070x1071)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
fresh off the whiskey bottle.
Way sooner than expected and I love if!
What did Applebloom do now?
You tell me.
I’m shocked it took her this long to turn to drink

>Oh darn, what did Applebloom do this time?

"Wasn't her, she's been fine. Worst thing she did was crash a cart into the side of a building, but the dang thing didn't even scratch the wall. And really, iffin' it ain't even gonna chip the wall and she figures out how bad an idea it is, can Ah' worry too much? It was her cart, she's the only one who lost money."

>Oh, uh... Flurry Heart? Babysitting woes?

"Nah, Ah' turned down watching her after her last blast cut through mah' apple pie. Her wrecking the structural integrity of the castle is one thing, but ya' can't be wastin' good pies like that. The guard backed me up the instant he got out of the hospital."

>Then, uh, who-

"You know dang well it's Diamond Tiara again, she released an entire hit piece on me caring more about the safety of children than Equestria as a whole, and now Ah' got a whole headache cause she put a lot of apparently very convincing arguments about lowering the age of consent! She meant to join the military, but less than half of them took it that way!"

>...you know a lot of very destructive children.

"Ah' also know the best way to get drunk fast, ask me how Ah' learned!

>That filly will be the death of me.


>Ya' know dang well its Applebloom.

"Well, as one elder sister to another, let me give you some advice. If she ever gets the ability to grow massively powerful via drinking in dark magic, shoot her with a rainbow with more than one pony, it turns out the one pony doesn't function as well as you would think."

>Ah'll keep that in mind.

"Also if she decides to go to a town who is currently in mid-celebration regarding that one time she went nuts and shot you in the back, you might want to go with her and give the heads up."


"And you really, really do not want to make a statue highlighting that one time she really messed up. Trust me, it sounds like a wonderful idea at the time, but it just makes you feel like a jerk very shortly."

>Written down just so Ah' don't forget.

"So, what did she do?"

>She forgot to finish her report and Ah' ended up staying up late to help her, Ah' went to bed a whole two hours late! She knew she had to do it, but got so dang wrapped up in her game she got for her birthday last week. Gonna give me a heart attack, Ah' swear.

"...I feel a disparity between the ruling class and the masses."
The number is concerning
Even OP is drinking
It’s one of them days
That’s because the big day is tomorrow
So close
Yet so far
And just as tasty
Mail call KKA.

>Ah'm not drinking too much.

"Uh huh. Do you want the crate here, or in the corner next to the empty ones?"

>Here, obviously
So if you got something, get it out FAST

>So, anything planned for the big day?

"What big day?"


It's alright, we're probably not going to be THAT busy... right?
Hopefully Artfriend has something waiting
We usually get something I wouldn’t worry so much
Here’s hoping
It’s quiet..

Too quiet
Storms are coming
We made it another year
How the fuck did we manage to last as long as we did? I get we’re in endgame but DAMN
Hey look maw we-

Wait, wrong song to use.
Congrats everyone
One more year!
Round of applause everyone!
Wavy to go /pa/ls
8years fuvkos!
It’s an absolutely magical time everyone

>Thanks for giving everyone some itme off so we can get ready for the party, me.

"Ahhh, it's okay, you know we enjoy the new spotlight."

>And Ah' must say you are lookin' spiffy, me.

"Well it's all the hard work, me. Ain't no slacking while the "World resets" over here."

>And it shows! Yer' positively glowing!

"Why, Ah' thank ya', and excellent work with Shining, not a single complaint about bright lights unlike him complaining about the extensions."

>It is impressive, but not nearly as impressive as you!

"Oh, stop."

~Applejack, stop talking to the mirror and join the party already!~


She walked away towards merriment and fun, never seeing the wave behind her...
File: Anniversary!.webm (773 KB, 960x540)
773 KB
4chan, you gave me Princess Applejack, so I love you, but I hate you.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, YA'LL! Got an animation for you guys this go round! Sorry about the framerate, trying to appease the 4chan moots meant I had to cut it to 24, and accidentally saved over my 60. Tried to go back and all kinds of things went screwy. Check it out here first so you get it with sound!


It's been a magical story, and I'll never forget you /pa/ls.

There it is! I knew something special was coming.
>The little POP

This is now Applejacks canon ascension
>immediate paperwork and a token popper
This explains so much about why she tortured Tia
Love it, happy apple day
Yeah 4chans webm support suuuucckkks, they’re stuck in vp8. That said love the “birth of a princess”
Wembshare never works for me I swear

>So, anyone get a look at the next script?

"No, sadly not. I was hoping we'd get some hint that we were alive!"

'HAH! As if they'd kill you two off, Shining is practically co-star!'

>Think that title belongs more to you than me. Especially here recently.

"Thanks again for standing in so much while we dealt with Flurry's sickness, the doctor says shes nearly fully recovered. Poor Two, she was so worried."

>I told them that the green mist they used for Imago was risky!

"Shining, I made sure to bury that into them... with punches."

>But still, Chrysalis is the only one who got to come back, I'm practically replaced at this point.

'Nahhh, you bring the male energy to the role, we don't have that as much.'

"What about Spike?"

'No romance. We need the romance demographic.'

>Explains why I have "Divine" if nothing else.

'Hey, I didn't see you complaining when you got to kiss Ember!'

>She was a sweetheart, how was your action scene with her?

'Couple mistakes, but she was fine.'

"She hasn't had quite as much as you in regards to action scenes. Maybe you can give her pointers?"

'No need, I sent her to Chitania.'


"That makes sense. Did her spinal fracture from doing the explosion up close heal?"

'One hundred percent.'

>I'll never understand why she does her own stunts so close to them, they can be CGI'd in...

'Maybe she's trying to impress you.'

>Ohhhhh no, you're not getting me with that one again!


"So, what do you think is next-"


'Obviously wedding come on.'

"Oh, right... did you hear Eighteen punched a producer in the face?"

>I would too if that was my style. But, you know... hugs.

'I would too if they kept making "Salt" get with everyone BUT her. "Doesn't fit the story" my ass.'

>Speaking of, if we never show them, do we really need to film the sex scenes-


>...okay then.
I REALLY like that image of Celestia in red before the Apple, that was some real shit.
That’s some gorgeous Apple
It did have an ominous look to it. I know it’s better as a comedy but I kinda wanna see it crack open with a big boom
>Another animation

Every year, delivered.

(Ya'll would tell me iffin mah' accent done came through, right?)

"Yes, honey, we'll tell you."

(Cause Ah' don't want it overpowahing mah' acting.)

'You did finnne.'

(Ya' sure?)

~Barely noticeable.~

(Well, great! Thank ya' so much fer' lettin' me join in, son! Ya' really made this old mares hear soar!)

>Of course, mother. I am glad to spend this time with you.

(Soooo... this world got them dragonballs?)

>Mom we talked about this.

(Ah' just liked hanging out...)
It’s a beauty man

>Well buddy, we made it another year.

"Yeah... you think the writers are ever going to give us love interests?"

>I'm sure we'll get them any day now. I mean, why wouldn't they let us have a romance?

"You're right, I'm so paranoid!"

>You need to relax, pal! Here, let me get the liquid stuff, we'll get those kinks out.

"You know just how to lift me up."

>And bring you down too!

"Oh you!"

>You know, I feel like this is our year. This is the year of the Gunclub!

"Wasn't it already? We all had major fights this season."

'You got to thunderpunch a Queen to death.'

~I got laid and I got to tell my mom to suck it, that's twice the suck it and that multiplies.~

"So, like... we got our time, didn't we-"


'You just want more screentime, don't you?'

>O-our year...
Lapsed /pa/l stopping in to wish you guys a happy Thread birthday!

>My power grows, and those fools don't suspect a thing.

"You do know the cameras aren't on, right?"

Proud of you all
Where does the time go? Been a while since I came down here, glad to see you’re all chugging.

Happy anniversary everyone.

>Ooof, this “dual pony” thing is hard.

“Wait till ya have ta start talking to yourself.”

>Is it that bad?

“Feel like they’re gonna put me in a looney bin sometimes. Don’t know how Pinkie does it.”

>Well, the future stuff should let us show off our acting chops together, so it’s worth it.

“Finally convinced them, eh?”

>It fit the narrative like my HYPOTHETICAL hoof would fit up their ass.

“That’s mah girl.”

>Besides, you and Shiny get enough bouncing off each other!

“He’s a pro, Ah admit.”


“Oh, you were doing a Chrysalis joke.”

>That bad?

“Ah wouldn’t consider a career change. Might put you in the looney bin for real.”

>You’re a cruel one… and you’re probably right.


"She's a cutie!"

>I love her tiny little hoofsies!

'She's got those.'

>So that's why you guys never get seen!

"Well we agreed early on that she wouldn't be going into the business until she was much older. No offense.'

>Oh, none taken, if I wasn't so desperate to keep seeing her on shoots I'd have kept Flurry and Two out of it too, but you know how it is when you're shooting all the time!

'Yeah, we saw!'

>So, you don't want her to cameo like a certain mother in law?


"Maybe someday, but it doesn't 'Fit the story'. Wink."

'Don't say wink, honey.'

"Sometimes I forget I'm not playing a dummy... wait, am I becoming the dummy!?"

'Should I tell him?'

>I think he knows.


>'Ha haaaa!'

>I need a drink.

"Which kind? The "I'm still adjusting to being this size so I'm dehydrated" or "I'm about to break something in half because of the aches" kind?"


"Pretty sure that's not how alcohol works."

'Get used to it, sister. HAH!'

>It's not funny! This stretching is weird!

'I know, it was annoying for me too. But you'll get used to it. Just be glad they wrote in some bullshit for you ascending, otherwise you'd be written out so we didn't blow the budget on de-aging CGI.'

>Not like we have any left thanks to SOMEONE.

~I cut costs by the thousands doing my own stunts, thank you.~

>The director's therapy is not cheap.

"I feel odd among tall mares like this."

>Get used to it, you might be the next one.


'It's pretty random, I wouldn't count on it.'

~Or you can try on those prosthetics that my daughter did.~

>The ones that broke halfway so you had to take over for her finale with Shining? Sorry, "Salt".

~I never said they'd last.~

"You know, I think she was happy about that, she could've just shapeshifted."

'We all know she hates stunts. She'd rather catch a book than a wayward blast. HAH!'

(My daughter is going to be a lawyer, be good to her. She might represent you someday for drunk driving.)




'Always the quiet ones. SO! God of our world, what do you have planned for the future?'


>...she's not kidding, is she?

"Why are you looking at me? I'm a MMA fighter, this is my jam."

'I guess I can squeeze in ANOTHER action scene.'


~If it makes you feel better, I'll make sure you can kiss Shining again.~

>It does! He kisses good.

"He does."






~I don't know why they made us shoot the sex scene for a joke about him on my hair, but I guess-~


>Alright, I talked with the directors and writers.


>And we're about to get a wayyyyy bigger role.


~Indeed! Don't get me wrong, it was wonderful to give the others a paycheck and some time to shine after our Altverse Battle, but some of us want to be seen!~

"You even got to be the MVP in that one, where was my MVP moment?"

>Well, maybe you'll get one now?

"Says the one who gets to be in a contraption fighting a changeling kaiju!"

>They ended that one already.

'Now now, lets not fight, we'll all get our chance to shine. The writer promised we have big things coming!'

~Thank goodness. Not that I don't mind shooting the scenes with Shining, he's a wonderful co-star, but I'm a strong independent mare who can act all on her own! I am made for the stage, the DRAMA!~

>And accidentally stabbing the director in the shin.


>Least you didn't shoot him.

"I didn't know the prop was loaded!"

>Or steal the last doughnut.

'I thought everyone had gotten one!'

"...I'm starting to see a pattern. Pinkie? What did you do?"

>Threw him a pretty awesome birthday party.

~It all makes sense now!~
File: 1642352526972.jpg (111 KB, 789x987)
111 KB
111 KB JPG

>I've gotta say, being replaced by a lightbulb is kind of funny.

"You didn't even have to phone it in."

>Bewaaaare, I exist in a very cost-effective mannnerrrrr.

'Least you exist in some form, I think I'm in "What even happened to the world" limbo.'

"You get to exist at all, so I don't want to hear it. We still haven't figured out if there's another me."

'Because they tried the 'Talk to self' test on you and you kept blowing it.'

"That bitch didn't know what she was talking about!"

>Honey it was you.

"That's what she wants you to think, but I would never say those things!"

'See, stuff like this makes us confused if you're bad at it... or amazing.'


(Righto! Mommy's always amazing!))

"There's my little girrrllss! How was makeup?"

(More like fakeup! Cause Ah' faked it and fwooshed. Cept fer' mah 'Super mode', but that was a cool animaltronic! They let me play with it!)


(What do you call it when an animatronic is an animal?)


(Thank you! Thank you!)

'Still aiming for standup?'

(Should Ah' stop?)

'Nah, I'll buy tickets.'

(That's why Ah' like ya', yer' the supportive one!)

"I support you!"

(Oh yeah? What did ya' say when Ah' wanted to fly the lawnmower?)

"Two, the physics of that don't work-"

(Case closed!)


(Sissy's also supportive.)

"Well, I'm not getting replaced by Spitfire of all ponies!"

>Honey, you'd never get replaced by her. You're always my number one girl! Ba ba baaaaa!


'Seriously, I haven't even shot a se-'


'I think she knows what that is.'

(What what is?)

'Or... not.'

(Whatever it is! Ah' wanna do it and Ah' won't stop till Ah'm included!)



'I'm... I'm sorry...'

>"You should be."


(Ah' am so confused.)
Happy anniversary y’all!

Best thread! Best pals!
Joining in to praise the gift!
>Filthy Rich

>Baby I told you, it's for the story.


>It helped me get into character and work with my fellow actors!

"Do you have any idea how much you spent?! We could've earned thousands if we invested it with interest!"

>But think about how happy it made me!

"Think about Diamond Tiara's college fund-wait something's screwy."

>It does seem upside down... did we get reversed?

"Wait, so you did cheat on me!?"

Pour one out for all the /pa/ls the coof took. We'll never forget you, writefriends and artfriends.
+Big Mac+

>Heck of a year.


"Lots of things happening."

~Quite a few twists and turns.~

{I guess you could say it's been pretty mentally exhausting.}

>Must be fun. Getting to do stuff.

"To be fair, you're in a coma. Kinda impossible to have you doing anything."



"...Point taken..."

~There's also the whole mental purgatory angle to write about-~

"I said point taken!"

>I am forever jealous.

"As well thou should be, that was quite the first battle."

~Oh, I hope I did alright. I really gave it my all!~

>You turned into a firepunch and destroyed the most powerful weapon in the series, I'd say that was impressive.

~It was fun! I have no idea why Chitania had to be so close, though. She's not actually giant.~

"It's just how she is."

~Blew my mind, by the way. I thought for sure that was real!~

>You thought Changelings could turn into Kaiju at any moment and NOT take over the world with it?

~Well now it sounds silly! But I was a little disappointed!~

"Tis a bit unfair that she be judged for not being able to do that."

~I meant how tall she was. She's a little shorter than me!~

"Oh, one of those types."

>...I relate.



~So, what are you doing after this?~

>Probably hanging out with Shiny.



~...soooo, is Nightmare Moon you, or-~

"I'll introduce you to her."

~You did get quite an action scene though.~

>Like a year ago.

{Well, maybe Chitania will revive you?}

+Must be nice having a godlike being who REMEMBERS YOU EXIST!+

"Big Mac we talked about this."

+Do Ah' have to do creepy innuendo with her like Shining does? Subtly imply we wanna rut? Ah'll do it!+

{Mac please.}

+They don't call me Big Mac fer' bein' tall!+
I knew it!

Also happy Apple Day


"Hey, Sebjek! Glad you could make it!"

>You want me to miss the big get together? MISS ME WITH THAT IDEA Ya' hear!?

"Hear you, brother. How's the NewTube channel going?"

>Shiiiiiittt, papah for days! FOR DAYS! Ponies still don't know I'm the guy from the Princess Applejack gig.

"Well you do play a different character."

>Mad Skillz, das what I got.

"Word up. Enjoying your break?"

>Bitch I livestream, only thing breaking is my sense of self worth!



"Do you need to talk?"

>I need you to RING THAT BELL WHAAAA no seriously I need the subs I am deep in gambling debt.


>Delight help.
~Sweet Note~

>Come on, do me a solid! Do it hard!

"Sunset, just pay the parking ticket."

>It was five minutes!

"It blocked a fire truck."

>Well I didn't know the damn place was going to get set on fire, how's that on me!?

"Ugh... Fizzle!"

'Well if it isn't my favorite bug, how you been girl?'

"Bring it in homedrigga."

They warmly embrace, Fizzle picking her up just to get that extra hug in, and maybe to show off how tall he's gotten too.

>Daaaamn! You growing big boy!

'You're not the only one who calls me big boy if you know what I'm saaayyyiinnnngg!'

"Ha haaaa! This guy!'

~Am I too late? I brought cupcakes if I am! These are for me if I'm not.~

'Welll if it isn't my bitter rival! Grrrr!'


They shook hooves at each other, smiles on their faces.

~Hows law school treating you?~

'Like a two dollar hooker, how's the firm treating you?'

~I get a whole two fifiy!~

'Moving on up in the world! You'll be partner soon!'

~Dear me above I hope not.~

(Why? I think you'd be great at it!)


'My man!'

Hugs, handshakes and maybe a flank bump or two followed the scarred pony's entrance.

"Good news?"

(Good news! Doc says the scar's healing great, won't even be able to see it in a couple months!)

>That's amazing!

(Well, I do have a certain pony to thank for getting me my wonderful settlement.)

~Just doing my job, and it was worth it to see that CEO's face turn to mush, bastard.~

{We talking about mushing faces? I'm in on that.}

>And there's the mare of the hour!

"Hi, mom!"

{How's my favorite child?}

"I'm your only child."

{We shoot too many more of these "Love" scenes and that's going to wildly change.}

"Wow I... did not need to hear that, and now I can't stop picturing it."

{Me either.}



>Why are they making you do that anyway?

{No idea, I asked about it and he says its in the script. We just mostly pretend anyway.}

'Wait, mostly?'

{So, how did you like your big scene?}

>You tell me, miss "I'm going to put you in a greenscreen and make you my race's progenitor".

{I thought it was a cute idea.}

'It was kind of funny watching you act like she's your great grandmother.'

>Felt weeiirrrdd. But it pulled it off. Can't wait to see what you do next.

{It involves-}

>"'~Punches, we know.~'"

(You're a bit predictable.)

{Bah, they just like me hitting things. Who am I to disagree?|}

>SO! We going to join the party with our eeevil rivals or not?

'Yep! I brought the water balloons!'

"Filled with water?"


>Fizzle... yes.

{Dibs on the pink one.}

(Which one?)


>...dibs on the white one.

'Now you're talking!'

~I knew I shouldn't have worn my good suit...~
>Pinkie has waited for this day
Not too late to say congrats is it?

>Being here is stupid.

"Dad, they gave you a big role."

>And I lost.


>You're lucky they let you fight.

"Dad come on."

>I'm cold.


>I wanna go eat fritos.

"They have fritos."

>I want the fritos from home.


>...whats this I hear about them doing the love scenes?

"Alright we can go home.:

We'll always have the threads we archived
>You lived long enough to see /pa/ turn 8

Yeah boi
Right? I feel like I should have died a while ago...

Thanks for my little boosts of happy every now and again, and here's hoping the WIki fills ever more!

I know, I know, but Wiki still does not support Webm...

>Well buddy, we did it! We're main characters!


>Yep! Top of the top, cream of the crop!

"Aren't we still in the Empire?"

>Most main characters are in the Empire.

"That... that's....huh."

'Just let him have it.'

~Indeed! It's nice that we got to have an action scene too!~

'Oh yeah, our combo was siiiiicckkk!'

~INDEEEDDDAHAHAHAH-GHHKK! Can't do that too much.~

>Please don't throw out your voice again, you've had to cancel so many appearances!

~Oh, no fuss on that one! I've had work done!~


~Yeah, Poindexter helped me stretch out my throat-~

'Hahahah hey how's this punch right guys wow I bet Two who is very close would appreciate that!'

>...You think Spitfire would buy that-


>But should I try-

"Absolutely not."



>I heard a yes.

"This is why you're not allowed in Marevada."
>Speaking of... Anyone else a little miffed about the guy hogging all the ladies?

"Flash, don't complain! You'll be barred from having stories!"

>Well, damn... So, anyways! Thoughts?

"Don't do it!"

~I'll take a neutral stance here.~

"Unless you're doing that! Stay non-committal!"

~Well, being a former playboy, I feel like casting stones is a little hypocritical of me. Plus, it hasn't really affected anyone in my pool, so to speak, so...~

"I'll take it."

>What about you guys?


{Leaning towards miffed.}


+Ain't personal. Just sayin'. All that yakkin' about it was a little much.+

{I'm more envious about what the writers give him than miffed, but can you blame me when EVERY other girl wants him?}

"I can hear the keyboards and typewriters of your destinies going quiet ! Your futures are forfeit! FORFEIT!"

>Now, it's your turn.

"No comment!"

+Not like he's got much to complain about since he's workin' on Rarity.+


>Whose Alt-version spent most of her screen time lusting over another guy.


{But at least Alt-Spike had his own ha-}




{Uh. Oh! They got revived, so-}

>Are they even still dating him in the new AUverse? Would God be so cruel-


>You know, I wonder how he feels about this. Is he into it? Does he hate it? I wonder... I wonder...




"So yeah."

'You brought it up?'

"Asked directly."



"Ahem, oh writers... do we really have to focus on my lovelife? I mean I'm pretty well established with the CE Crew, maybe focus on them? Leave it otherwise?"

~Very well, under one condition.~

"Oh, okay, like what? Add in a dude? I'm not into dudes, am not attracted to dudes, but if that's the focus then I will do pretty much anything to take the focus off me-"

~We require romance in the Crystal Empire.~

"Soooo... more Poindexter?"

~From a main character.~


~If you wish to shift focus, we accept and will instead focus on Caden-~


"Won't budge, you know how it is."

'Oh darn! That's what they told me too!'

"A shame."


"...They're kind of cruel."


>I feel like even though I didn't do much of anything this arc, I did a lot.

"Alternate universes are funny like that."

>I mean if you step back I'm literally barely in... anything? The last time I did anything at all was riding Chitania in burning mode while she nuked Variolus. Really, it's like I'm not even here!

"Shining? Do you want some more screentime as you?"

>...I mean...

"Ah'll ask about it."

>Thanks, always my fav... so uh, what's the deal with this?


"The changeling on mah' leg?"

>That one, yeah. Why?

"It's Red."

>Oh. Ohhhhh.


>Good for you, buddy.

"Yeah he had a good year."


>What could it mean... What do the squiggles meeeeaaan-



"Guess whoooo!"

>Let's see... peppy voice, claws... Pinkie Pie!

"BZZT! Wrong! You get two more tries before punishment!"

>Which is?

"I drop you from a really tall building!"

>You know I can fly, right?

"Yeah, but you'll feel really silly when everyone sees me carrying you!"

>Oh no!

"Oh yes!"

>In order to save myself the humliation, I'll guess... Skystar!

"Ding ding ding! Correct!"

>How's work treating you?

"Fine! I got some screen time here and there you know. Not much, but it's there."

>You want some more?

"Eh. I don't wanna get greedy... Buuuuut, I wouldn't mind another teamup. Hint hint!"

>That'd be fun...

"Whatcha lookin' at?"

>A rough draft of the script.

"...It's just a bunch of overlapping, multicolored squiggles and... cracks?"

>Yeah. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out what it means.

"Maybe it's just a drawing from their kid?"



>I am now extremely stressed at the possibility that I wasted two hours in that case.

"Oh! How about I give you a rub down? That'll make you feel better!"


"Just lie down on your back."


"And let me do the rest!"

>...Uh... Skystar? Your claws are going a little low for a massaaaaaOOOOO~ MAMAAAA~
"Cherry Jubilee"

>It's depressing that the most screentime I've had by far is the jokes about my hypothetical kid.

"You got to be in more than two episodes."


>...seems like we're getting screwed from every angle.

'No, just the one. I know it because they focused on it a lot in shooting.'

>Why did they film those anyway? That made no sense, whatsoever. I mean his onscreen with me was waking up in the bed, why we gotta film a preamble?

"I'm going to admit, I thought that part in my contract was a joke."

'Something is fishy about that. Should we investigate?'




"More screentime!"
Stopping by to give my cheers to the ever blooming apple

>So I'm thinking we do a trio teamup. How often have we done that, really?

"Not very often."

'Right!? Princess Applejack and the Royal Pair! You even get top billing!'

"Sounds fun."

>I was thinking of combo attacks like, I make a big shield and you kick it into them.

'Oh oh! And I fill it with love so it explodes!'

>It's a cannonball of love and apple kicking!

'That's like, six checkboxes!'

"Ah' agree, very cool."

>OH! And we could do like a wheel thing! You run inside my shield and Cadence makes a blockade!

'Or I use love to supercharge your kicks!'

>Or we do a musical!

'I would love a musical!"

"Ya'll do know Ah' don't decide this, right?"



"...Ah'mma let them dream.

>Tia? Gotta question.

"Do you now."

>Yeah... room for one more?

The princess smirked, gesturing to the couch across from her with a welcoming flourish. Outside this little corner of the studio, they could still hear the party raging outside. Stories shared, friends speaking together, old things feeling new again and ideas aflurry.


But right now, there were just two mares, and a glass of something brown and no doubt full of alcohol.

>Ya' think we'd make it this long?

"You ask that every single year, and my answer is always the same."

>Guess it takes me by surprise every year.
"Applejack, by all accounts, we shouldn't have made it past the second batch of stories, that we somehow created two fully functioning universes is just a quirk of reality that can never be explained. Don't question it, live it."

>Reckon that's as good as any advice Ah'm gonna get. But still...

"...feels like the endgame?"

>Well, yeah. Feels like we're building up to the biggest confrontation we can possibly have. Then it's like...

"Where do you go from there?"


"I'm afraid I don't have answers for that. Mostly because I don't have answers concerning this current state we're in, at least how we got here. All I can say is whatever happens... I hope it was worth the wait."

>...Ah'm not worried about that.

"Believe in them that much, do you?"

>Sure, but also, ya' know.. ain't just about where we ended up. It was the journey, you know? Every crazy turn, every wild ride. If you think about it, with the arcs, we technically ended a couple of times over. Now we're just seein' one more ending. And after that...

"We'll always have what came before."

>And that's the honest truth.

A glass was raised.

>Happy Anniversary, Celestia.

And met with a clink.

"Happy anniversary, Applejack."

It didn't matter what it was they drank, it could never have tasted sweeter.

"To Princess Applejack, the stories, the friends we made, the lives, the love... and the journey."
Brings a damn tear to your eye.
Cheers, /pa/ls
My heart
I'll drink to that
Last post before it’s over.

Happy anniversary everyone!
It’s over, but it never really ends
Such is life
Stolein poetry, we’re back to normal
Everything in someday
It was fun

>… was that real?


>You uh… you ain’t the same guy up above, that’s squiggles.

“I know.”

>… huh

>Well, existing was fun while it lasted...


>...wanna go back to looking up baby names?

"DO I!?"
"Silver Hand"

>...Ember! Ah...? Where is everyone?

"What are you on about?"

>I was at this gathering. There were these cute females. We engaged in many forms of merriment and talked about these things called scripts and- and- and I was a pony!

"Pony? Ha! Sounds like you had yourself a nightmare, brother."

>You say that, but it was fun.

"Then a mere dream. But the trappings of pony life can not compare to the tranquility of monke."


"Now, come! Let us gather grubs at the waterfall!"

>Ooh ooh!

>Oh, were you guys thinking of having another baby?



>Just you two.. right?

>So, how do you like the wine? Good?

"You know this isn't actually happening-"


"It's delicious."

>There it is.
Return to-

Wait a goddamn minute this evolutionary path makes no sense!

>Should we be paying attention to that?

"To what?"

>The princess back there slammed the door in that other pony's face. Aren't they friends?

"I think that's Twilight's friend, not Glimmers."

>The one with the wings is Twilight.

"Well I don't know, they all look the same!

'Do not start with me about them looking the same. Have you seen those changelings?'

>She's not wrong, they all do look like a bad copy paste job. There's barely anything even slightly distinguishable about them.

'Oh phew, I thought you'd get mad and punch me.'

>Do I look like the type to randomly punch?


"Obviously not, didn't you see her fight? Her every punch is calculated and deliberate, she doesn't punch randomly."

>She gets it.

'Oh. I suppose I don't know much about fighting.'

>I'll teach you sometime if you want.

'Oh no, I don't think I'd do very good in a fight. Probably break down and fall pretty easily.'

>That sounds like a flaw.

"She's just afraid you'll break her face."

'Yes, also that.'

>In fairness, I do break faces.

"Yeah, of weaklings."

>Is that a challenge?

"Is that a bluff?"



'Please don't do it in here.'

>I won't, I like these walls, don't need a dragon shaped hole in them.

"You. I like you."

'I don't think he wants us to fight-'

"Bullshit, he'd probably get off on it."

>Say he can have the winner and it's no longer probably.

'...I want to say you're wrong, but...'

"Ten o'clock then?"

>It's a date.

'I'm sorry to whoever gets caught up in this...'
>Alt Gilda
"Alt Strongheart"
'Alt Skystar'

>I'm so boooooorrrreed.

"He's been gone for less than five minutes."

'It has been a boring five minutes.'

"But I was talking... oh."

'Sorry! Didn't mean to imply that, I like your stories!'

>I'm not implying, I'm saying it.

'It's just, you know, it's one of those where I wish something interesting would happen!


"Like his sister slamming a door in someone's face?'

>Now we're talking! Fight fight fight fight-oh they're not going to fight. Bored again.

"That was fast."

>I bore quickly now that Griffonstone is fine. You ever wake up and realize that you're going to do nothing today except yell at someone for no reason just to feel something?


>I've done it every day for a month. I keep calling him just so I can have something interesting in my life and I don't get bored walking through the same nesting utopia over and over again.

'Sounds... awful?'

>My nightmares never end, because I wake up and they're still there.

"Maybe you can go start a war just to feel alive."

>Don't tempt me.

'She's joking.'



>That fucking Diamond Dog is looking at me cross I swear.
It's a day late, but ayyy after party art!

Celestia isn't taking the latest problems with AJ very well.
I'll take it late if it means I still get it! Always great to see.

Oh hey I'm early for once!
>That gun has seen more action than any character
Holy shit you summoned wiki guy. You're that powerful.
Poor girl
>It was at that moment, retirement became a certainty
>And thus, /pa/ is born.
>but ayyy after party art!
As long as you bring something you can show up any time.
>Celestia isn't taking the latest problems with AJ very well
She's managing solutions.
One shot, one solution
Hey if it works it works
Define works
Country style if you get what you want you win

>Girls, we're currently in the midst of a golden age of cutie marks being found and understood. As if some higher power is grantin' their desires, everyone just seems to click into place a lot easier.


>So, obviously, as a group dedicated to those things Ah' just said, we need a new way of doing things.

'Which is?'

>Our services before got us money, so now we need a new way to get it in a world where everyone knows how their butt tattoos work.

"Soooo? What's the plan?"


>Bank closes tomorrow.


'...You son of a bitch, I'm in.'

"I think I'll stick to concerts."

>Wow... way to throw us under the bus.

'I told you she wasn't a good friend.'

"Nobody calls me chicken! I'm in!"

'Nobody called you chicken.'

"That's what I said."


>Just roll with it.

>Oh wow, so Chitania is alive?


>AND she gained super power armor?

"That's what I see, yeah."

>Why did I know that, again?

"Devonia broadcast it to everyone so its in your brain."

>So I got new news I didn't even know I already knew?


>Cool!... So she's not gonna, like, destroy the world, is she-

>Thanos Snapped

>I am... inevitable.



"ANd Ah' Am... Princess Applejack.

>EOH become the Infinity Stones

So she doesn't know that she knows that we knoow?
>'Nobody called you chicken.'
First time those words have ever been said around her.
We have actually been very light on the chicken jokes. We need to fix that.
More chicken?

This sounds like an ad..
So... is anyone writing up a thread ender?
I’m almost done with it

>Such a unique little world you've made there.

All around him, a world of chaos rumbled.

>Oh yes, I'm quite impressed. Few could mange to do it so thoroughly, but I suppose that's what all those wonderful lifetimes you lived were for, weren't they?

A song wafted through the air, sweet as silk on his ears.

>Indeed. But I wonder...

A tint of red was all it took to cow the being of unlimited power.

>Calm yourself, I will keep my word and my chaos from touching your pristine plate. Honestly, in times like this? It's no fun to interfere myself. No, it's much more fun to watch the chaos that will unfold, rather than nudge it along myself.

A crack of thunder, without a bolt of lightning to herald its coming.

>Yes yes, of course Fluttershy is the reason. I hardly wish to see a world she is no longer in, after all. To undo you would be to undo all I worked to get back. For better or worse, I'd prefer you up there than whoever it was that let such a terrible thing happen.

The world became calm, like the fresh blooming of spring.

>But I wonder, if you're sure you've looked at everything? Even an all seeing eye can be blinded if the moment is right.

The world distorted in an instant, the pristine tea set replaced with a spire of flame and the nice carpeting turned into a pit of unspeakable horrors beneath him.

>So, that's what it's like to be on this end of it...

Despite the danger, he sipped his teacup as calmly as if he lie in a peaceful meadow.

>That did rather sound like a threat, and I do apologize. No, I'm merely being me, you know how I am.

By the time he put the teacup back down, all was as it should be.

>You know I do so love to talk a big game, but when the chips are down... I find I fold rather...

A gust of wind passed by, a brush on his fur.

>Oh, I suppose you have something else to do.

The world of chaos held only one occupant who's mind held any sane thought, again.

>Really, how rude. He didn't even say goodbye. Oh well...

Only when the chaos was as it should truly be did he reach down, plucking his cup of sugar from the table, only to immediately place it back down. Now it nestled cleanly between his most favored table ornament, a statue of his dearest friend, and his teacup.

>I suppose he does have his game to play. I just wonder...

He looked at the table. A checker pattern, a perfect recreation of one from a book or fairytale.

>If he knows who he's up against, truly.

There were only three pieces on that side of the board. All others had been wiped clean. However, three pieces, as any master knows, can be more than enough.

>I mean what I said, you know.

Gently, he brought his claw down to his side.

>I really will do all I can to prevent this world from changing back.

The snowglobe did not answer him, nor did it see his eye cut all around as it searched for something that was not there.

>When you play your card...

Something that made his face turn dark.

>I'll be ready.
So there are 3 characters who are still on the board?
Applejack, twilight and…?
Or three who can change stuff
Or 3 characters who are in charge, Chitty, Salt and Faust.
He does seem to be challenging Faust directly.

>Bring it, you bitch!

"I don't care."


"That world sucks."

>I mean... kinda.

"And someone already made a request."

>Really? Who?

~Ah' want a new everything. Ah' don't mean the look, Ah' mean EVERYTHING, down ta' atoms. We're talkin' from the ground up here. Burn it to the ground and just make somethin' half decent that makes sense, here's all ya' gotta do.~

"She makes a lot of sense."

>...Take me-


>That's fair.
File: Spoiler Image (40 KB, 200x150)
40 KB
Miles DePrower
>Fancy Pants

>Oh boy! I can finally afford a new one of those!

"One of what?"


"You can... buy a world?"

>Well clearly, someone had to originally.


>Yes, I'm finally rich enough to be a controlling shareholder, so I can request an entire world out of my own mind and warp it beyond recognition from the original creators vision, and I can do all of this officially simply because I'm the only one who has money to use the name for myself!

"...oh! Oh, you turned evil. That's what happened in the reset."

>What do you mean? This is what most businesses do.

"Exactly, evil."
>WOOO! New year, new resolutions! This time, my resolution is to get MARRIED!

"You did that last year."

>...I did?

"You did."

>Oh... o-oh.

"Didn't you get married this year?"

>What? To who?

"To... th... huh."

>Exactly, silly horse. What did you decide this year?

"To get in shape. See? I got another Cloflex."

>Derpy, you already had one of those!


>Why, oh why, would you get a new one!?

"I forgot I had the other one. Which.. doesn't bode well for this resolution, I admit."

>At least you don't have a wedding dress that no longer fits.

"Oh, yeah..."

>...waiiiittt a minute.


>You know what you need to get into shape? A nag!

"A nag?"

>Someone to nag you!

"Hey, you're right! And you need to use that dress before it gets even more full of moth holes!"

>You thinking what I'm thinking?

"Oh yeah."

>Personal Trainer-
"Get married-"




>...I don't swing that way.

"Neither do I but I am THAT desperate."

>You know, thinking on it...
She's not wrong
I smell a romcoooom

>Yesss, YESSSS, I am ready to fight TO THE DEATH-

"Discord Discord Discord!"

>Yes, Fluttershy?

"I just figured out a new trick!"

>That's wonderful, Fluttershy! What can you do?

"I can stitch pictures!"

>That's amazing, well done! Does that mean you did one of us?

"Oh... you're next."


"I uh, wanted it perfect?"

>...you made one of him and you first, didn't you?


>Princess Applejack Reboot

>It feels weird being on the verge of complete and total victory with no outside interference in sight.


>Right. I'm just saying besides Faust there's pretty much nothing in our way.

"I wasn't talking about Faust."

>Then, who?

"One of them."

>...The guys literally incapable of doing anything as reality breaks down around them?


>No, seriously, Glimmer. Those guys are on their last- no, at this point they're pretty much hobbling on broken knees while we've still got a constantly regenerating army and a freaking Godslayer Changeling on our side. Who could possibly do anything, anything at all, that would even slightly pose a threat to our plan?

~AAAAHHHH! After going through 10,000 dreams, I'm finally back in the main story! Time to banter with Sebjek and the others- why is everyone acting weird?~

"Oh no."

>Oh no? Really? Some nameless guard-looking guy is getting you spooked? What could he possibly-

= Five Minutes Later =

~~~ four minutes earlier~~~

~Hey, what’s this box do?~
Wait... would Delight be affected? He's deep in the Dreamscape, which is it's own "Thing" that sort of is like another dimension, and so far down he can't connect to his body. Would he be out of bounds of reality, or would Chitty mess with the dreams too?
>or would Chitty mess with the dreams too?
In theory she could if she had a dream-capable Changeling Queen, since her own skills are "Ha haaaa, nooooooo." tier.

Then again, the strongest Dream Queen is currently after Delight...
His body might, but since Dermaptera seems to have kicked his consciousness out of his actual mind, it might be "far" enough away to be unaffected.

(...maybe retirement isn't the worst idea...)
Did we get unlock?
Lets find out!

>Applejack's wants a new everything!
>Fluttershy has a new trick!
The power of PAIN>>38099754
>Cheerilee's resolution isn't very new!
>Why oh why did Derpy get a new one of those!?
>10's got new news that she didn't know she knew!
She knows>>38097902
>Oh boy, Fancy Pants can afford a new one!
>Cadence is going to need a new one of those this year
Babies! Not hers. >>38093405
>And the CMC have a new way of doing things!
>And lots of Resolution fanservice!
Discord is not DIssing around>>38099477

Couldn't blame her.
Would she go for the DreamWorld? She doesn't know about it, she's not strong enough to go that far into that.
>Ahhh, finally, I'm awake... why am I a mare?

"I moved a chair and fucking everything went wrong I'm so sorry."

>No no... I can make it work.
>...Uh, Teacher? You look...

"You don't have to say it."

>Is this a shapeshifting thing?


>Ah... so you really are a seapony-


>Are you okay?

"My head is stuck in a bathtub because I will FUCKING DIE IF I TAKE IT OUT how do you think I'm doing!?"

>Eeesh... what about everyone else?


>Zecora? Are you okay?


>But.. you're still a zebra?

~I knoowwwww!~

Elsewhere, 32 seethes
>Welcome to Late Night /pa/ with your hosts the Pink Pony Club! It's during this time that omakes flood in and we need to pop in this thread too!

"I'm pretty one <3"

'I'm the grumpy one...'

>And I'm the crazy one!

>"'Now for our main segment...OMAKE TIME!'"

>We need new ideas! Something we can do this year!

"How about we do a parody of something popular?"

>Oh, or we can do an anime reboot with samurais and ninjas!

"Oh, I know! We should meet up in canon and do our show for real!"

'Or we could finish our storyline and beat up a baby.'

Death glares from Pinkie and Cadence right before DT gets thrown out the window.
>'Or we could finish our storyline and beat up a baby.'
I wonder who got it >>38100000
The fuck
I don't know what I expected but I'm disappointed
That is far and away the weirdest GET
I wonder who she'd want to be..




"Don't change us back."


"Do you really want that back!? DO YOU!?"

>I mean... it's kind of the real world instead of a fantasy one. You can't go altering the world to make it how you like it!





"...Have a seat."

>And where are you going!?

"To get my whiteboard."

>Ya' got two right there.

'The classroom whiteboard."

>The... the one that takes up most of the room?


>...should Ah' move those two?

"Keep them in case I run out of space."






Gently, the field goes away from Flurry.

>That's right, ya' ain't deletin' mah' Sissy-AH SEE THAT!

The coming up from behind leaves too.

>Watchin youuuuuu
Do not fuck with big sister powers
>Glimmer has a laugh

>Huh, looks like we win.


>Nobody's left to stop us.

"Actually, yeah. No one on our level of magic, yeah?"

>Not a soul.

"Nobody even close."

>...victory lap?

"I would love a-"




"Oh, fuck."

>You have to be fucking kidding me.


>I told you that you should have killed you!

"I should have known... I always was my own worst enemy."

Alt-Glimmer trying to outbitch Reglim would be a pretty nifty twist.
Annnnd, dis is bump.


>The worlds have been changed! But something from before still lingers, and AUJ confronts ALTWI over it!
NEWWW THREAD >>38100289
Pinkie Preview

>The worlds have been changed, but something from before still lingers, and AUJ confronts ALTWI over it!

>Applejack secretly eats from a box of Applejacks. Rarity makes some charming marshmallow s'mores but doesn't understand why everyone is looking at her funny. Maud shares some fruity looking pebbles. Celestia recalls a Captain Crunch. Trixie tries to convince people that tricks aren't just for kids. Cadence can sense herself getting stronger for some reason. The Crusaders acquire some crispy cookies. Find out what happens next time on thread 341:Worlds have changed…and of course Puffy fanservice.

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