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Previous Thread: >>37871050

101 ways to make her submit.

>What is this thread about?
This thread is dedicated to stories that have clear dominate and submissive roles; both with and without consent.

>What exactly is welcome in this thread?
A wide variety of stories are welcomed here; from non-consent and sexual slavery, to abusive manipulation and psychological domination, to maids and extortion, and even healthy consensual relationships with BDSM role-play elements.

A few topics that are discouraged are NTR, vore, scat, and other similar themes.

Less old Pastebin list of all stories: https://poneb.in/f8f09HB4
Old Pastebin list of all stories: https://poneb.in/778zgnJ5
(Both outdated.)

>archive of SiM wiki page:


Historical Note:

This thread was originally founded to support the “Submission is Mandatory” story by MrNameless. While the story has gone on hiatus, it’s content is referred to by a number of stories in this thread.

Submission is Mandatory by MrNameless (Recommended)
Nightmare Moon summons Anon to defeat the EoH. In return, she grants him ownership of the Mane 6.

(Non-Canon SiM Expanded Universe Stories)
Octavia POV (Recommended) https://poneb.in/Y2AahdQp
Other Stories - https://poneb.in/3AFdqxvs


Remember not to save anything of value on pastebin.
Have a broken pastebin link? Replace pastebin.com with poneb.in


Active stories:
Updated in the last thread (#100):

>The Carat and Stick by RapeApe !l9yPPXi1cE !VVgKIKP70Y !bwwXn5Gx.o
Cadance forces Rarity onto medifag Anon.
End of the last update >>37981293

Last updated in #99:

>Unnamed Sunset story
Wizzard Anon uses Sunset as a magic battery/source.
Part 1: >>37322337
Part 2: >>37410250
Part 3: >>37831879

Last updated in #97:

>Megalomania by ⸸ !PENTAponY.
Psychologist Anon experiments with pony companions.
End of the last update >>37450712

Last updated in #96:

>Unnamed Gilda story
Sorry dude, but that retarded furfag on the previous thread killed the motivation of everyone
File: 1640901305628.png (806 KB, 890x1080)
806 KB
806 KB PNG
It's good to see /sim/ back and not to complain or anything OP, but why make a new thread at 2 in the morning? It's just that the thread could die in the middle of the night if no one noticed it was up, rather if you posted it later people would be here to keep the thread alive longer, just saying.
>make a new thread at 2 in the morning
>does not know time zones exists
>assumes everyone is a hamburgerfag
The thread got all of three posts in a 7hr period really does show that the makeup of the board is predominantly hamburgerfags.
If the board were predominantly hambufgerfags then it wouldn't matter because nothing would be pushed off.
File: 1640981783127.png (261 KB, 299x651)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
what a high content thread for us
>board is predominantly hamburgerfags
They only make up ~40% fyi.
File: 1641000064553.png (76 KB, 251x251)
76 KB
latex and leather slaves
File: 1640835232854.png (415 KB, 1280x720)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
golden rule: give it time for people like me to find the thread again in the first place and then give people stuff to talk about
Post more latex ponies.
File: 681377.gif (411 KB, 1069x600)
411 KB
411 KB GIF
File: 2365736.gif (3.39 MB, 640x480)
3.39 MB
3.39 MB GIF
freeze your slave and dress her up in thick latex with many layers
File: 2047466.png (259 KB, 2000x2000)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
File: 2925879.png (352 KB, 961x832)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
any poses you would expect your slaves to perform for certain situations? greetings, them submitting to you or anything else?
No, retard autism killed the last thread.
Would you let other animals fuck your pet?
The bitch of the house that don't deserve master dick and it's only there to work? Of course, specially in her heat so it will shorter so she can come back to her job
>just wearing a bit gag as a fashion accessory
>not put in bondage or anything, just going out gagged for looks
this always gets to me; ponies just using bondage and restrictions as fashion
"hmm today I will go outside and I will be hobbled and be unable to talk clearly to anyone, yes". and then just going about their day like that
Nice. I've seen some threads and discussions about this freezing type of bondage, but not much about using it creatively yet (except a couple of concepts of >rape and really obvious stuff like that).

However, imagine you let your slave "free" periodically, but every time you do, you first dress them up in HEAVY bondage gear. Full latex suits, multiple layers, gag obviously, etc. Maybe even full sensory deprivation hood. Restraints may or may not even be necessary, with thick enough suits movement is going to be strained anyway and without their sight and hearing it's not like they'll be able to move with a purpose. That, or an idea I saw last thread I think was to use intentionally small breathing holes - with the physical effort of moving through the latex, rationing their air intake would do wonders to restrict their mobility without actually removing any range of motion from them.
Pose the figurine to put everything on her, and once she's completely isolated and cut off from the outside world, disable the spell and let her go free. Have this be the only time she actually gets control of her limbs, of her body, of free movement, but remove any way for her to experience the outside world. This may be the only time she might actually be able to travel outside of the room where she's displayed, or even turn to "look" somewhere other than where her gaze is normally held pointed towards, but she wouldn't be able to see, hear, smell or even touch any of it. In darkness and silence, the only thing she'll be able to feel would be the tight hold of latex around her entire body, and the smell and taste of rubber, as she shambles about aimlessly for maybe a few hours before you put her back onto the pedestal and release her.

What do you think she'd prefer - having her senses free, but being frozen in place, or having her movement unrestricted but being completely cut off from the outside world to the point of not even being able to feel air on her skin?
This would work great for all kinds of sadism type stuff
Last thread talked about using a silenced kirin that can't express emotion as a pain slave, but what about sentencing a particularly bad slave to being the painslave while transfixed on this kind of thing?

What about other kinds of play? Put some gourmet dish in front of her, let her smell it. Or drip some hot sauce directly up her nostrils, and just leave her like that, unable not only to do anything to wipe it but to even wrinkle her nose or try to shake it off.
Put on nipple clams and "forget" about them for a day, or two, or three.
Or breathplay. Imagine how terrifying it must be to be suffocated, not just without any control, not just bound conventionally, but without even a good way to signal how you're feeling, of pleading for air or trying to gasp. Or of getting master's attention at all: just frozen there with your smile and unflinching gaze, as master seals up your air intake and then maybe takes out a magazine and sits down to relax, and the only external indication that your lungs are burning up is the tape or gag over your nostrils and mouth. Master's keeping track of time and is just messing with you, right? He's not actually too engrossed in his article to think to release you... right? Maybe he's thinking "she can hold on another minute or two while I finish this paragraph", but you can't, but there's no way to show anything's any different from when he had just put these on and first sat down!
Is there more of these?
That hot sauce idea is one of the hottest things I have ever heard heh, or stick her tongue out and keep it pierced and extended and stuck with bondage and just brush hot sauce all over her tongue to suffer.

I’m not sure if hot sauce would burn in her nose, probably would, but also leaving her in a dirty locker room, trash can, dirty bathroom, her body stuck and void of movement, her mouth taped shut, or full with a penis gag leaving her flaring nostrils the only way to stay alive.

But you can’t just make it that easy. Maybe nosehooks are used to keep her nose open wide or maybe it is the only thing exposed, but a simple walk by and ass to snout action, or to rub off whatever substances you want for her to get a real dose of the scent each second she breaths in to stay breathing.

Lastly, potentially cutting off air supply until she needs to breath badly, and then shoving her snout towards whatever the unpleasant scent is and she’ll be inhaling deeply at least 5 times no matter what or how fowl it may be.

Good use for a sub princess who no longer needs to lead… a gagged and frozen sniffing slave heh
>I’m not sure if hot sauce would burn in her nose
I've never tried it, but I expect it should burn horribly, much worse than on the tongue. The nasal mucous membrane is quite delicate. Ever gotten seawater up your nose? In your mouth it's just bitter but otherwise not unpleasant, but if any gets in your nose it outright stings.

>making Rainbow Dash truly live up to Rainbow Trash
Interesting but also I might go the opposite way, after all she has to breathe either way so I don't see the benefit in opening them wider. The use of nosehooks might be to make it more accessible to squirting in or rubbing on substances, maybe. But for smell torture, I'd instead restrict her breathing and make her fight for it.

This is a weird topic because I can very much see the huge humilation and sadism potential, but it also gets iffy in terms of disgustingness. I don't want to have to wear PPE or end up smelling trash or worse myself when handling my punished slave. So personally I'd probably stick to sanitary substances that are just really unpleasant, especially stuff that stings or burns.

I wonder if it's possible to get a waterboarding setup that lets her mostly breath but constantly makes her feel like water is running up her nose, one that could just be left unattended. Bonus if it can be made to look nice, to turn her into a waterfall/fountain display for your hallway.
Waterboarding is hot, mostly for interrogation but that is an interesting idea but could easily go wrong and kill them.

The restriction on the breathing is also an interesting way of going about it.
Yeah, that's why you'd need to come up with some specific setup that's safe long-term. Since the slave is literally frozen and can't move, there's no danger of a struggle dislodging it.
You're right that there's always some risk, so you'd need some sort of safeguard. Since we're already using magical bondage, we can also use magic as a cop-out and just have a spell that detects if water gets too far up the nose and aborts the waterboarding to avoid the slave inhaling water and drowning. But don't let her know in advance of course, to keep her terrified and fighting for every breath.
Search for "transfixed" on the boorus.
And there is >>36910078 too.
How long would a slave be sentenced for… if it’s disciplinary,

Imagine the first ruler who gets princess celestia has her, but is like, “you’ll be a gift of inheritance to my grandchild as I know you are immortal… enjoy a lovely generation in bondage and when you are free… we shall see how much that mind off yours works after… he puts his hand on her face as she is clearly terrified… he puts his hand on her snout, “on the other hand… maybe I’ll keep a small part of you free…” he said with an evil laugh as his fingers go into her nose teasingly giving her knowledge of her fate.
emergency p10 bump
File: 1618006794536.jpg (227 KB, 2048x1648)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
>casual gags and other restrictions
not sure if that would take away the magic of it all. it should remain something special. perhaps the birthdaypony gets gagged and blindfolded by its "friends" when it reaches maturity and sold into slavery.
or its a symbol of some bondagecult
whatever you do, keep it from being boring and mainstream

what if rarity for once wasnt a badgirl in need of spankings and whippings and still had her boutique. things happen and fastforward some months and she emplyos ponies as living dressupdolls for her fetishline in her new BDSM boutique. the "models" get payed with one full outfit after a month of work, but many give up halfway or submit entirely and become slaves, locked into whatever clothes their mistress wants them to wear

>What do you think she'd prefer
depends on the pony ofcourse. dashie in particular? oh i believe she'd want to be as free as possible but what can she do when her wings are bound, her view fixed forward and stright down and her airways partially blocked? she'll be happy not to pass out while bumping into objects or other ponies.

>hot sauce directly up her nostrils
i belive that would damage the soft tissue. if you want to stick with burning pain though, how about some sort of bonbon with hotsauce that slowly melts away for days?
>Put on nipple clams and "forget" about them for a day, or two, or three.
all while ponies outside wouldnt even see them!
>breathplay without signalling
i acutally want to see the eyes dart left and right when they notice that one every 10 minuts there is a chance of no air for 30 seconds. soemtimes they can just keep on breathing, and the next time it gets cut off right as they emptied their lungs...
>breathplay with disgusting smells
really not into what gets called "dumpstering" but i can see it being a good way to torture pash mares. just link their breathingmask up to some dumpster or sewagetank smell. i think it could be way more effective in teaching rarity than any amount of whipping ever could.
you heard her swear? thats 10 minutes in the "smellbox" for her. put her into a bodysuit, tie her down into a small packed and then put her into a box, drawer or bag while connected to something smelly
If a naughty rarity swears then make an appointment for her mouth to suck in a bar of soap! Best way to wash a dirty mouth out.
>whatever you do, keep it from being boring and mainstream
Depends, fact is the restriction remains there all the same, even if it's boring and mainstream.
I think the magic of it that needs to be kept is really the expectation of ability. This is getting really abstract, but if say it becomes fashionable to wear gags and so the social expectation of smalltalk dies away and non-verbal communication becomes the new norm, then that's boring. But if gags are the new fashion except no other social norms change, THAT is what excites me: mare goes out, puts on her designer gag she bought in a posh high street fashion outlet, and then goes about her day struggling to communicate. If she drools or slurs through a bitgag for example, ponies around her will look at her in disgust and move away. She just wanted to be fashionable, but now she has to choose between trying to ask a clerk for help during her grocery shopping, and risking making a complete fool of herself, or going home empty-hoofed because she couldn't find what she came for!
Of course just taking off the gag wouldn't really be socially acceptable either. It would show that it's not fashion, but some kind of deliberate restraint, and that just makes her a weirdo. It's also similar to getting naked in public or something. You don't put on a gag and then take it off whenever you need to speak; you either go for avant-garde fashion and walk around gagged all day, or you maybe dress more modestly or not at all and don't make a fool of yourself.

And so she goes about her day, incapable of doing basic tasks because of her own fashion choice to bind herself. But the appeal for me isn't ponies looking at her weird because she's wearing a gag, or noticing she's part of some cult or something, but really her inability to do things because of her own self-bondage so to speak, while ponies around her don't make any special allowances for her restricted state.

Of course this totally loses the angle of being publicly humiliated just by appearing in fetishwear, but I think the two fetishes are separate, at least for me. In one world you could parade your slave around in restraints and have ponies gawk at how risque it is. In another you could send your slave out to grab some fresh bread or something while wearing a ring gag, tail wrap, being hobbled etc., and ponies won't bat an eye at her getup, but the baker will get irritated and impatient as she tries to enunciate your order, she'll get dirty looks for drooling and worse for dripping, and if she trips from her hobble ponies will just walk around her with contempt at her clumsiness.
>things happen and fastforward some months and she emplyos ponies as living dressupdolls for her fetishline in her new BDSM boutique. the "models" get payed with one full outfit after a month of work
Is that meant to be a trap of a deal? There's no way an outfit would be worth a month of work, especially somewhat unusual and restrictive work like that (and triple-especially if it's 24/7 - something something mannequins are annoying to have to re-setup every morning, so you walk in at the start of the month and only walk out once your contract ends) - unless Rarity is really, absolutely obscenely successful as a designer. Even then, paying in goods rather than money comes of as scummy.

I can see the appeal of "haha I trickeried you into signing this contract, now you are stuck as a mannequin for a month and all you get as payment is like one dress, it's not like you have any choice anymore lmao", but I personally prefer when the contract is real and the job is fair. Ponies genuinely go and get employed at Rarity's to get frozen and model dresses, for fair pay. And some do break down and quit halfway (quitting with zero compensation), while others do find a new desire awakened in them and end up staying for far longer than the original contract.

>i belive that would damage the soft tissue.
Hm, possible. But then so would nipple clamps worn for days at a time, so something something the stasis magic prevents/regenerates actual tissue damage.

>i acutally want to see the eyes dart left and right when they notice that one every 10 minuts there is a chance of no air for 30 seconds
There's appeal in both, I think. Just having the slave live for days with intermittent lack of breath - any time, any day, at any hour, they could suddenly find themselves unable to breathe in or out. Lost in a memory, zoning out, in a bout of claustrophobic panic - asleep - genuinely at any time, their breath just randomly cuts off.
30 seconds isn't that much, either. Annoying for sure, but not truly lung-burning territory. Make it a minute if you really want your slave to panic every time (especially if it happens right after a breath out).
Really active 4chan calls for safety bump
plug your mares
Any news on wizard, doctor, or psychologist anon
For the one minute lack of breathing, it would cause them to be unable to sleep so probably not a good long term punishment since they will be exhausted and be unable or non effective work slaves
File: 1606200911571.png (905 KB, 1280x900)
905 KB
905 KB PNG
A good foot kiss for any human she sees and if she’s really low a hoof kiss to each pony, especially if it’s a princess or someone who’s snobby
acceptable but onlz if feet and hooves are presented. everything else would rather be annoying than anything else. although nothing that cant be fixed by nudging or kicking the slave away.
and the more i think about it, the more a dedicated shoecleaning slave makes sense although it would be hotter with a mistress and some highheels than a master and just dressshoes
What about the dirty farm boots
>implying you'd do farmwork when you have slaves
You have to walk around the farm with your whip to inspect!
True bump
Ahhh need content!
File: 1630936765967.png (53 KB, 302x387)
53 KB
then create some.
Bump page 10
Probably time to let die as it has survived off bumps lately
I wish for PENTAponY to continue the Megalomania green.
File: 1462138228400.png (293 KB, 1024x1024)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
rara is still for whipping, anal and overstimulation
I dont get why ppl like anal.
I had an idea for a story in around season 4 ish with anon twilight and trixie where anon becomes friends with trixie he sees her magic show or and decides to help her after awhile of this trixie begins to develop feelings with anon because he is the first person to treat nice and like an equal in a long time
>anon however thinks of her as a friendly audience nothing more.
>trixie begins to flirt with anon and anon thinks nothing of it
>this enrages twilight who he is dating
> this leads twilight to kidnap trixie and have them both rape trixie Anon is constantly comparing trixie to twilight through the whole time and keeps reminding her how worthless she is compared to princess and how twilight is better at everything from magic to sex and saying things like I would never date you after the night of rape is over twilight would make trixie forget the night and only remember anon says remember your true self.
After the night is over everything goes back to normal until twilight and anon do this again and make her remember they will keep doing this for months until trixie is a broken mare who only desires to serve her master
The nerves that register sexual pleasure are also found there.
that just seems unjustifyable cruel
whats the goal here? to break her and cuck her?
For you maybe
for this scenario i like it because the sub first has to learn to enjoy it. her actual marebits dont deserve any attention yet so her ponut has to do for now. who knows for how long, so why not learn to enjoy it! and if she doesnt, who cares? make her walk funny or give her a blush with a fat plug
File: 1641274287431.png (1.57 MB, 2027x1297)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
But they weren't fillies in that episode
didnt have another edit
also reminds me how much hotter they were than their siblings, relatives or whatever.
perfect for fucking them and making their loved ones watch
> that just seems unjustifyable cruel
Do you know what thread this is

> whats the goal here? to break her and cuck her?
as for the goal a bit of both twilight is mad that trixie is trying to steal her man for one and very much does not like her. So she wants to humiliate her

>but as this goes on she more and more wants to train trixie to be a pleasure pet for her and anon
If you want to get the government involved and make her feel even more helpless I had an idea where ever alicorn has a nightmare side

> and since twilight just became an alicorn she is getting used to the dark desires she has this is also why harmony and celestia don’t try and make more alicorns

>in this universe celestia Luna and cadence all did bad things when they were getting used to their powers so even if celestia found out she would cover it up

>though I am split on this because well it does make trixie and more powerless and twilight will less guilt it kinda robs the agency of twilight if I write this should I include this or not
No, you only stimulate the ones in the clit indirectly.
Because I want to cause pain
>Twilight better than Trixie
Absolutely unreadable
File: 1393995792279.jpg (241 KB, 1053x1024)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
Don't know dude, I would not be the kind of master that I would share my trained lewd fillies
This, I would never do that either. But I would totally whore out their sisters.
Filly belong to the master bed, mare belong to the brothel and maid duties.
>fuck swibble
>cuddle in bed afterwards
>ring the bell and call in the maid
>its rarity in some overly frilly victorian maidoutfit with integrated bondagegear (you know, hornring, ringgag, chastity, lockable bra for her teats)
>force her to clean her sisters creamed holes with her tongue while turnin on the tv with some livefootage of the brothel of her friends
>hear her as she starts winking and kiss swibble good night instead
I want to cuck rarity
>get maid duties instead of brothel duties
>but that come for permanent chastity until she get assigned to the brothel duties
>the change from whore to maid happen one time every two months
Now this make me wonder, the maid duties will feel like a relief or a punishment?
>Buy pony slave
>Says her name is AJ
>That'll do
>Treat her relatively well, only whip her when she needs correction
>Not your type
>She's house broken soon enough
>She lets slip she has a younger sister
>Say you'll buy her too
>She thanks you for letting them be together
>You just grin
>Bring Bloom home
>Straight to your bedroom
>Bloom is sobbing into the pillow, leaking from her tailhole
>Ring the bell and call in the maid
>She looks like she's been crying as much as the filly
Clean this mess up.
>Pure hatred on her face
>Tomorrow you'll make her watch
>Now this make me wonder, the maid duties will feel like a relief or a punishment?
depends on how she has to perform those duties. can she clean up after the other slaves and customers with a mop, or only her tongue? are customers still allowed to touch the maid while she is on duty or at least use her mouth? does the maid get teased under her belt to "add to the atmosphere"?

i wouldnt make bloom cry. i would make her scream in delight and make her sister listen and then one day watch and clean up afterwards
To be honest I believe the maid duty should be used to prepare a to make her wish to being in the brothel instead of the maid position so the answer would be.
>can she clean up after the other slaves and customers with a mop, or only her tongue?
This one is tricky question, the total chastity should include using her mouth to take cum? To be honest this would be only with her tongue for the cum and other sexual fluid and mob for dirt and other stuff. I want my maid to last at the end of the day, better keep the quality of the merchandise intact
>are customers still allowed to touch the maid while she is on duty or at least use her mouth?
I would say no, the duty if maid will always be keeping everything clean, ever herself.
>does the maid get teased under her belt to "add to the atmosphere"?
She really need that teasing, I will want her to wish to return to the brothel, to wish to not being in her maid duty so she can finally get a release. Also a mare really eager to get rutted by the client sound like a nice option to get extra money. Make an auction to see who will be the one(or the lucky ones) that will rut the maid in their peak and being something that happen every two months will give time to the client to get ready enough money to win the auction.
>i wouldnt make bloom cry. i would make her scream in delight and make her sister listen and then one day watch and clean up afterwards
That would make the whole thing better. Always be rude with applejack, no lube, preparation or foreplay and then being really tender and lovely with her sister and make her watch.
File: 903130.png (278 KB, 1024x1024)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
i just got an idea in a barbiethread:
forced prostitution or slutty/lewd/suggestive behavior
force your slave to dress in humiliating outfits that really only whorses wear and then take her out to dinner or windowshopping in canterlot. something along the line of a trophywife but forced and with an SiM spin
File: 1590006703201.png (1.34 MB, 1292x1920)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
I’d love for the tongue to be what cleans everything even her sisters blood shit and his cum that’s everywhere on her body..
That's something that's pretty uncommon. It's been used well the few times I've seen it done. I'm specifically thinking of a scene from The Hypnotic Adventures of Blank Sheet.
What the fuck happened to her spine?
Years of training how to present herself.
>you are anon
>after getting to equestria you meet celestia and become friends
>celestia hates the fact that she was forced to rule for 1000 years and hates the ruling as well
> hates that ever creature has elevated her to a goddess like position in their mind and thinks she can solve anything
>you just treat her like a normal person and even call her sun butt
>everyone in the court And twilight hates you for this
>celestia likes the names
>after a while you and celestia enter a bdsm relationship with celestia as a sub.
>she is into some really degrading things like branding her mutilation and others things like that.
>twilight finds out and thinks you and celestia are dating and spy on you even harder
>she already told celestia that she thought you were some evil like NMM or chrysalis
>celestia says you are not
>twilight watch’s in horror as you *rape* her mentor before cutting of her horn
>and starts screaming
>celestia tells Twilight everything is fine and since she is an alicorn it will grow back
>Celestia then gets mad at twilight and as punishment for spying forces twilight into bondage and for her to watch anon dominate and humiliate her.
>a lot of this fic Is told from twilights pov
i remember a green like that ...
File: 1513676196654.png (597 KB, 1263x1024)
597 KB
597 KB PNG
would you gift a slave to your wife?
Wait really where is it what’s it called
I just thought of that now if someone has already made it then that would be hot
i'll try to find it. i think it was on fimfiction but i could be wrong
A green like what? I remember one where Celestia had a fetish for mutilation and other things that would normally be fatal to non-alicorns. I also remember at least one green where Anon and Celestia get into a bdsm relationship.
File: latex_socks_on_a_luna.png (190 KB, 1280x1135)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
no promises but i really have some faint memories about something like that
I meant it more that anon and twilight are trying to get trixie to think that because twilight is better at magic is more successful finically and has anons love

>she has everything trixie wants
So the fic would focus on trixies feelings of inferiority when compared to twilight and her submission
I think not, "every alicorn has a dark side" risks being too cliche and/or edgy so needs to be written carefully. It can make for a good plot point in a grand adventure story or something, but if you're trying to write porn, I think it would just distract from the main point of the story if you develop it properly, and would seem hamfisted and out of place if you don't.
How about gifting a slave to my slave?
Being a slave of a slave is an interesting idea. That's such a low position on the totem pole. Plus, I imagine it would be tortuous, because your "owner" - themselves a slave - would not always have the ability to reward you at all, or even to avoid punishing you.
For example, let's say a slave puts their own slave into heavy bondage. But then, they themselves get punished and locked away for a while! Now they can't free their slave anymore, whoops.
Or imagine a slave, locked in chastity, procures another set of chastity with the same keys for their own slave, so "they can only be released together". But then they realise that Master isn't gonna just give out the keys to chastity; when they earn being unlocked, they are going to be unlocked, and then the keys go back into secure storage. Whoops, their own slave is in possibly permanent chastity now. They can ask Master for the access to the keys to solve this, but Master will likely want some sort of payment for this - putting in a lot of extra effort to earn this, special torture and endurance punishments as entertainment for Master, etc. Will the slave be willing to work that hard to release their own slave? Even if they do, they might pass a lot of that effort and pain on.

Gifting a pony to something already considered to be worth no more than an object has the potential to perhaps be the most degrading position. Maybe it could be a punishment for really, really egregious failures: you disown your slave, instead gifting it - and any responsibility for it - to another slave of yours. To do anything they please with. This could even be a pathway to darker stuff, like snuff. If the punished slave is basically considered worthless and written off by the master, there'd be no concerns even if the new "owner" leaves them out to die, since the sub-slave is no longer master's property anyway. Would give a new dimension of fear and suffering to any punishments or bondage the sub-slave receives: if they get stuck and don't get released, maybe because their slave-owner themselves got prevented from checking up on them, who's gonna keep them watered?
This may be darker than I like, honestly. But it is a potential path.
I was thinking that so I was just going to mention it I was also thinking of just having twilight lie about it to make trixie feel even more helpless
>that image
Artist has no idea how horse tack or anatomy works
File: 1475675893756.gif (44 KB, 300x300)
44 KB
>Whoops, their own slave is in possibly permanent chastity now.
i need a green for this like you wouldnt believe
>This could even be a pathway to darker stuff
of the thousands of fics i have read, only 2 did stuff like that right and propanbly only because all my other kinks got delivered on so well
swishy tail = naughty mare
>i need a green for this like you wouldnt believe
Specifically about the "slave owning a slave and messing up their chastity", or just any "accidental permanent? chastity", or just any permant chastity?
anything chastity but especially permanent with the slave slowly finding out how bad the situation really is
>ok im locked in chastity but i will be released one day
>ok its been a month now but surely i wont stay like this through heat
>oh sweet celestia, its been half a year now but master told me there will be news this evening. surely that means i will be unlocked
>2 years later and im still in this inescapable chastity cage. master still has his need though so just uses my mouth and butt instead
>5 years later...
>10 years later... now there is other slaves which master fucks while im forced to listen, watch or cleanup afterwards
File: Spoiler Image (451 KB, 1080x4489)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
I definitely have the Slavelestia story I described backed up. It ended on a cliffhanger that would have dramatically changed the nature of the story.

I remember reading the short mutilation fetish story a while ago, but I don't remember the source. I don't remember much about it.

Actually, I'm pretty sure there have been a bunch of Sublestia stories. I remember a short green where Anon goes on a trip, and when he gets back, Celestia says she has something to show him. She manages to get a gigantic dildo all the way in her. Anon only got her that dildo as a gag gift, but she was working on that during his trip.

The specifics of >>38056329's description of Twilight getting upset and having to watch is something I haven't read before.

Actually, now that I think of it, that mutilation story had some pretty funny discussion in it. There was even at least one picture of celestia regrowing her body from just the head. Pic related.
File: 1580258871124.png (2.7 MB, 2000x2000)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB PNG
Rarity needs harsh punishment
>and butt instead
At least that should be enough to give some pleasure to calm the thing a little bit. Really degrading for sure but that will be the unique way for this slave, specially if the slave is male and used to be top
I love how Shining Armor fit in a lot of these scenarios. Begging to his master for some stimulation even if that means that he will have to take it in the butt, or kinda more humiliating if you have other stallions that used to be in his command when he was the one in charge of the royal guards.
well, i didnt just mean stallions but sure, it works for them too. once locked it doesnt matter anymore anyway

on a different not, whats the general opinion on self-ponydox enslavement?
General opinion? I dunno. I've seen the occasional image poking around on PonerPics, but I don't think I've ever seen any green on the subject.
Any news about wizard anon
File: 1948690.png (267 KB, 930x1080)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
subby mares
pretty mare, pretty stockings
>mutilation story
Is that the one where Anon slices her neck and bathes in the blood, or something else?
I think o remember that one but the promt was something I made up and might write
for me its just this one pic that makes it work
oh god i wish that were me
be a slave, be a kirinslave or be a kirinslave in bondage?
a kirinslave in bondage pls
No-holes-barred all-access. I go where I want, when I want.

Like a lot of things, it gets less attractive as an idea the more you bring real-world logistics into it.
toot-toot here comes the brown train!
good girl. Only a light spanking tonight!
But she likes the being spanked hard
Oh? Well then I'll get the BIG paddle. With the holes.
If you have a scat fetish, then that's a different thing.
File: 1554237144888.png (464 KB, 1618x1000)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
slaves who design their own lingerie are very expensive
How might you handle one slave disciplining another slave?

I'm imagining a sort of heirarchy wherein one slave/prisoner who displeased the viewpoint character outsources the actual punishment to other prisoners or slaves. There is no special camaraderie between the two. I'm trying to think of a specific scene in my head for the prisoner who displeased the viewpoint character to be punished by a male prisoner and female prisoner each.
You degenerates are why we don't deserve ponies or Equestria. Seek professional help.
I just can't model the mindset that would result in behaviour like yours without making them clinically retarded and emotionally disturbed. That people like you somehow ended up on the internet unsupervised by your parents baffles me.
File: 1541806503028.png (318 KB, 1885x1784)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
File: 2221780.gif (353 KB, 634x532)
353 KB
353 KB GIF
with all this stuff i always imagine there to be some kind of consent and the sub being into whatever i do to it and i would expect my sub to treat any underlings with the same kind of "respect"
no overstepping hard limits and no permanent damage. everything else is fair game as long as duties arent being negletected. ofcourse, there are some punishments that would put a slave out of action like 1 week in the box, buried somewhere in the garden but that would simply require a notification and the duties to be performed by another slave
File: evo Maud Pie.png (2.22 MB, 2000x2000)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
That look in her eyes makes me feel like I'm in danger.
File: evo_Maud Pie.png (2.28 MB, 2000x2000)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB PNG
Does this pic make you feel safer Anon?
File: 1600867850673.png (231 KB, 1200x1500)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
poor thing
File: twilight tired pancakes.gif (3.94 MB, 1280x720)
3.94 MB
3.94 MB GIF
She's probably hoping for one of those options in particular. I'd imagine she wants the "Rape With Flowers" option. Given her established propensity for food, and that ponies eat flowers, there's nothing quite like a nice snack after some vigorous activity.
It'd be fun to see AJ tied up with her own rope, or have her submit by giving her hat to whoever's fucking her for the duration of the session.

Rarity can always be told to make her own lingere.

Twilight would obviously have her magic restrained. Maybe she could be forced to watch something be put out of order to torture her.

For Dash, all I can think of is making her stay still for a while.

What could we do with the other ponies that would be in theme with their... trademark elements, for lack of a better term. Or, what other themed things could be done with the ponies already mentioned?
File: 1460901264097.gif (3.28 MB, 455x282)
3.28 MB
3.28 MB GIF
she gets put into a mannequin kind of bondage with a suit and has to stand still while a big party goes on around her. all she can do is watch it while her ears are plugged and her mouth gagged
have her make the most beatiful dresses, underwear and what have you and then go "wet and messy". tell her to walk across a muddy field after some heavy rainfall and ruin what she just created
I was actually thinking of some sort of food play with Ponk.

As for Fluttershy, maybe in this case less is more. She's already extremely submissive. Just the slightest hint of gentle guidance, and she's already doing whatever. I get the feeling that she'd also be totally into it as long as there's a kind of assurance that she's doing the "right" things and is comfortably in her role.
Imagine what it'd be like to be in his position, forced to stand erect and en pointe against his will , all dolled up as a sultry sparkly little showgirl with no way to move or speak. And what it'd feel like to deal with this while having a vibrator in his coltpussy.
wew anon, one could almost think you want to be forcefully feminized and made to do things against your will by a pretty mare mistress
now if i didnt know any better i would call you gay but surely that cant be
candyass would be a good subby mare along with her husband and filly
>not wanting a mare to do stuff to you

Now THAT is gay.
im sorry but mares are gay
i dont make the rules
File: 1592893581661.png (592 KB, 1360x990)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
Would you?
ziggers? no, i dont like the design
now a a kirin or two or some snowpones...
File: 1543217733478.png (73 KB, 700x536)
73 KB
>Twilight explaining to you what she wants her contract to be like when signing up as a slave
that could actually be really cute for a SiM scenario. a little twiggie having read too many books about BDSM and now having decided that this it what she needs in her life. will she say the same in a week, month or year? time will tell...
>want to be sissy and girly
I would actually give her what she want and then turn her into the cumdump for the stallions in the forced labor camp.
I wonder what would be more difficult for Shining and Cadence, Flurry Heart being treated better so she end loving and enjoying to be lewded by her master or go for the hypnosis way, were they can choose to make her daughter to hate every second that she is lewded or make cadence to cast an spell so she enjoy every second and touch of her master even if the love/lust she felt toward her master is artificial and in long time permanent.
Also Cadence being a subby mare would make the hypnosis scenario to be something that she secretly enjoy(her fetish, she promised herself to never try to use her daughter but this time she finally have an excuse to taste such forbidden fruit) while shining is the unique one that hate every second of this.
Zecora was good. 10/10 useful.
she was a good character but i just dont like how zebras look
Sounds like it would have similar vibes to My Kingdom for a Safeword, except the lack of safeword would be consensual and it'd end up as a long-term relationship.
Assuming the master is even remotely skilled, and Twilight went in already open-minded about wanting it (rather than being thrust in completely against her will), there's a very good chance Twilight could be properly broken so as to be entirely happy and fulfilled in her life as a slave and voluntarily (and vehemently) reject any opportunities to be "freed".
Especially if you go about it gently, laying down ground rules from the start but enforcing them lovingly so she has the chance to really immerse herself into the fantasy of being a slave while enjoying herself all the while, and only ramp up in strictness once she's internalized the concept of well and truly belonging to you as a piece of property.
Alternatively going strict on her from the start would likely make for a more interesting story plot, as she deals with the shock of reality and then is eventually brought to understand that this is her new life, and this is even more or less what she asked for and in fact wanted, and eventually still molding her into an obedient slave.
I had an idea that was similar in which because magic shinning thinks he wants to be feminized and humiliated cadence also finds this hot and wants to support her husband after anon has fucked shinning and cadence serval times all the while cadence saying how much better anon is anon revels to shinning that his original desire to be humiliated and enslaved happened because of magic and that he intends to enslaved and train cadence and flurry to be his sex slaves like he has done with the rest of alicorns.
After that anon hands shinning a vial and says it’s his cum and tells shinning if he ever wants anons dick inside him again that he is going to have to get his daughter to drink this. Right before shinning can do it have cadence catch him and explain everything that happened to further humiliate him cadence starts yelling and genuinely getting mad at shinning for the first time. After she leaves make shinning do it again except this time have him suck anons dick and instead of drinking the cum make his baby daughter drink it to humiliate him
Not true celestia says there is no wrong way to fantasize
Does anyone know what happened to wizard anon he said he would be free until February and it’s almost February
thinking along the lines of a show, twiggie would propably overestimate her abilities to be a sub a bit too much:
>"oh no anon, no safeword for me. i want to have the real deal and tell celestia all about it!"
sure, being such an innocent mare i would try to treat her well but some things she propably also imagined to be different as well. how was she to expect her new master enjoyed modifying her body that much?
That's the thing, I think there's two ways to go about it. And I think my preferred one is the soft path, where you ease her into being your slave until she's really genuinely enthusiastic about being your property - not as in "I want to try this experience and learn what it's like!" but genuinely as in "I want this to be my purpose in life, permanently". And then you do whatever, like bodymods even, permanent marks that ensure she'll never be able to live a normal life even if freed, everything applied with enthusiasm and implied consent from her side.

I also think that Twilight is smart enough that, if she genuinely went in for a temporary arrangement, while she might insist on no safeword she'd probably think to also insist on "no permanent damage". She's intelligent, and while she can get tunnel vision or just be a sperg, it'd be really air-headed of her to go into an arrangement meant to be temporary and implicitly agree to modifications that will force her into remaining permanently.

However, another scenario might be if Twilight, just from reading books or whatever, in a fit of either autism or lust decides she genuinely wants to just become a slave from now on - not as a learning experience, not as a temporary arrangement, but really as a permanent thing. Then it might be interesting to go all-in and shock her with the reality - since it's not like it will harm her long-term, she wanted to be a slave anyway. That's an interesting path.
File: 1545528827504.png (1.21 MB, 2684x2616)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
>However, another scenario might be if Twilight, just from reading books or whatever, in a fit of either autism or lust decides she genuinely wants to just become a slave from now on - not as a learning experience, not as a temporary arrangement, but really as a permanent thing. Then it might be interesting to go all-in and shock her with the reality - since it's not like it will harm her long-term, she wanted to be a slave anyway. That's an interesting path.
i like this one the most. its the most "twilight-thing" she can do. read about, get obsessed about it and then go all in on it and maybe talk her friends into it as well.
other things i just thought about her turning alicorn mid slavery and ehr owner not liking those wings lel, so he ends up just binding them down tightly to her body. even years later she still wouldnt know how to fly and only ever unfurls them for preening or punishment
>i like this one the most.
Yeah, thinking about it, me too. In general I really like the idea of ponies voluntarily giving up their freedom - and then having to learn to live their new lives, no take-backsies.

>other things i just thought about her turning alicorn mid slavery and ehr owner not liking those wings lel, so he ends up just binding them down tightly to her body. even years later she still wouldnt know how to fly and only ever unfurls them for preening or punishment
That's really great, love this idea. (A big question for this is how would she ascend as a slave? Presmuably her duties would no longer involve being a star student of magic, and I'm not sure if Harmony would consider slavery-bound interactions to be "friendship" even if all of the M6 end up in the same situation.) But if she does ascend, this makes perfect sense.
A slave has no need to fly, after all. After all, her body belongs to her Master, just like everything else about her does. Now she already knows how to use magic, and has mastery of her normal pony body (limbs etc.), but her wings being new is an opportunity to truly deny her selfish use of them for their intended purpose, and keep them entirely as instruments for her master's pleasure or entertainment. Appendages that exist, not to give her the ability to fly, but to give her the ability to perform wingjobs, to give master extra anchor points to grab her, and extra sensitivity zones for everything from teasing to pain to punishment. Two limbs on her body entirely dedicated to serving master, with no possible use she can gain out of them for herself.
Love it.
File: 1634582147651.gif (2.4 MB, 387x576)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB GIF
the sudden appearend of wings is also somewhat similair with the "lore" SiM now seems to have with colts and stallions simply not being as good as mares either due to having parts that arent desired. you bought her, accepted her because she was a cute, petite unicorn mare, not some winged airhead. she will now need to perform twice as hard to make up for it and even then you will let her know this change to her body wouldnt have happened if it were up to you. maybe even make her beg for other mods to be done to her like teatimplants or a hornstretching however that would work, just coming up with ideas here.
another idea i had was this:
there are armbinders for humans so there would propably be wingbinders for ponies too. now integrate those binders into dresses like you can find for armbinders and make it look like those appendages never existed in the first place. it will ofcourse be very uncomfortable but if twilight is still as dedicated as she was on day one, im sure she will manage
The type I most often see drawn/used just involves pockets for the wings. Since wings are meant to be used by unfurling them, this would likely be very effective even without actually binding them to the body, just by binding them shut. However, a belt around the barrel could also pin them to the body.
Integrating wingbindings like that into all her dresses and uniforms is definitely a must. If she's naked those pockets would definitely be visible, but if she's wearing something with a bit of poof or volume they would easily be hidden.
Incidentally, something tight-fitting like a latex suit would also clearly show the presence of the wings, even if tightly bound underneath. If you do a good enough job of instilling just how undesired they are, that alone could be an extra element of humiliation for her - when forced to wear a skimpy or skin-tight outfit, "revealing her wings" would make her feel as much or even more self-conscious than being forced to e.g. expose her genitals.

And here's an extreme thought I just had right before posting: I wonder if there's a way to thread a piercing through the limb so as to literally bind it closed through the skin.
New green, hoping the writer moves here because it's really not gonna be received well on their side of the wall.
can a passfag repost it here?
Eh, sure. Reposting for him:

“So, miss… Applejack.”
> She snorts at you, any further protest halted by the thick steel bit pressing across her tongue.
“Applejack, yes. That’s right. Element of Honesty. Family mare, from what I’m told.”
> You flip through the loose sheaf of papers in your hands, the text on the dossier already familiar to you.
> Pointedly ignoring the acidic looks she is spearing you with.
“Applejack the honest. Survivor of the Battle of Canterlot, persistently disobedient, and - if what I’ve been told is right - leader of the Malus’ Malice terrorist ring.”
> Tossing the papers aside, you drag a chair over and seat yourself in front of her, reaching out to unclip the bit and let her spit it aside.
> Even though the heavily-woven bridle held her head perfectly in place, you were still wary of those broad, flat crushing teeth.
> As the bit clinks aside, Applejack spits again (though she doesn’t quite manage to hit you this time).
“So, Applejack. Let’s talk about the Maluses, why don’t we.”
> Ever so slowly, Applejack lowers her head, hucks up a mass of something unspeakable, and spits it out onto the floor in front of her.
> “I ain’t gonna tell you cow-shit, slaver.”
> If she could have done more, she undoubtedly would have; the mare was shackled down to a broad table, legs held spread apart by the unrelenting, unshifting chains and cuffs to force her belly to the table’s surface.
> The bridle, too, was clipped to the table’s surface - preventing her from turning her head aside, and only giving her the barest room to look up or down.
> Not only did it keep the mare from inflicting whatever revenge she desired, it also left her well-sculpted musculature on full display.
> Cords and swells of muscle and tendon stood out, ridging her barrel and curling about her legs.
> Ah, if you’d really had time you’d have worked on that olympian body first:
> Explored each and every way you could turn the farmmare’s strength against her.
> But now was not the time for that; now you were just here to get her to talk.
“Now, now, Applejack. That was just rude. And rude ponies don’t get rewarded.”
> You’re sure to keep a wide, beatific smile on your face even as you sweep a lock of mane out of her face.
> Bright green eyes again skewer you with burning hatred.
“I ain’t anyone’s slave! Ain’t never gonna be. Don’t matter what you do to me; I ain’t gonna sing for ya.”
> Oh, you question that.
> Give her some time with the hoof vice, a hot iron or two…
> Any pony could be made to talk, eventually.
> But again, not your job right now.
“I think you misunderstand, Applejack. You are going to talk. You are going to tell me everything.”
> From under the table you produce a button - really, just a button.
> It protrudes from a little metal case, and trails a small wire, but overall it’s just… a button, like something a contestant would slap on a game show.

“When you’re ready to talk, you just push this button. Press it down.”
> “Y’can starve me ‘long as you want. I’m not gonna talk. I’d rather die than sell out my ponies and have food in m’belly.”
“I’m not expecting to starve you, Applejack. I think… you’ll probably push that button in an hour, maybe two.”
> “Liar.”
> You stand - calm, beatific smile still plastered over your face - and turn for the cell’s door.
> Outside, you find just what you’d expected; chains clink lightly as you walk back into the room, another mare following behind you.
> Applejack’s eyebrows rise in confusion when she lays eyes on the trembling, cream-coated pony.
“Applejack, meet Coco Pommel. Coco, this is Applejack. She’s the leader of some terrorists, and I need her to tell me some important things.”
> “O-Oh…”
> Coco could not be more of a greater opposite to Applejack if she tried; where the farmmare had a rough and scarred body from years of labor, Coco’s coat was lush and velvety; while Applejack was restrained by harsh metal, Coco wore only rope hobbles and her collar; and while Applejack heaved against the chains binding her making them creak alarmingly at times, Coco only trembled.
> You squat down in front of her, slipping a hand beneath the terrified pony’s chin.
“Tell me, Coco. Have you ever been part of any resistance? Have you been a bad girl?”
> “N-No, Master. I-I’ve been obedient. I swear!”
> You shoot Applejack a sickly-saccharine-sweet smile as you loom over the smaller mare, one hand running through her velvety cheek fluff and drawing little whimpers from Coco’s throat.
“You know she’s telling the truth, don’t you Applejack? That’s your gift. Your true-sight. You know she’s perfectly innocent. Coco, what happens to good, obedient girls?”
> “They are rewarded, M-Master?”
“Very good, Coco. Let’s go, then.”
> Again you lead the mare straight back out into the hallway beyond.
> Instead of going further, though, you turn into the darkened doorway next to Applejack’s cell.
> Coco’s whimpers fill the darkness as you lead her in and shut the door; you paw at the wall until you find the light switch.
> The second the harsh spot lamps snap on, Coco shrinks back against the now-locked cell door.
> Their pools of light focused on the center of the room’s floor, casting harsh shadows from the twin bars of wood bolted securely to the floor - planks, really, no more than a few inches wide - and the multitude of straps that fell from them.
“You’re going to get up on those, Coco. I’ll show you how. Unless you’d prefer I did it for you.”
> Leaning down, you whisper into her ear - the fuzzy tips brushing against your lips:
“Some ponies, I’ve heard, enjoy being forced…”
> With a terrified squeak, Coco forces herself forward to the bars:
> Lifting a leg up onto each of them under your guidance, and settling on her haunches.

> She wobbled unsteadily atop the bars, clearly without a gymnast’s precision in her precariously balanced position.
> You, on the other hand, work with long-practiced precision:
> Pulling the straps up and over her hindlegs, tightening them in place and setting the buckles before giving one last heave to bring each leather strip as tight as possible against her coat.
> More than just the nervousness of being bound so unsteadily, Coco was also undoubtedly aware of the utter vulnerability of her position:
> Seated on her haunches, one on each bar, she was also left with her hindlegs spread:
> Exposing both her rump from below and belly from in front.
> On the wall she faced, a mirror stretched across - giving Coco every ability to see just how vulnerable she was.
> From Applejack’s cell, the recalcitrant mare would also share that view:
> Granted not only view through the one-way mirror, but every whimper, squeal, and soon scream that Coco would make through the microphone embedded into the floor.
> So while Coco might only see the fiendish grin splashed across your face as a reflection in the mirror - a promise of the agony sure to come - Applejack would see it as a promise to herself as well:
> ‘This was your fault.’
> Gently guiding Coco’s forehooves up into the air, you bring the shackles that held them to the snap clip hanging from the chain above her head.
> She flinched sharply as each hooves’ links were snapped firmly into the clip, a low whine escaping her throat as the ratcheting handle turned and the chain drew her hooves up tight.
> So tight, in fact, that her body was not merely drawn upright but slowly pulled taut:
> Drawn out until she was bursting with tension and her flanks bulged around the unrelenting breadth of the leather straps securing them to the bars.
> Slipping your hand beneath Coco’s chin, you tilt her head back until it faces you.
“Tell me, Coco: Do you know what I’m going to do to you?”
> “Y-You’re going t-t-to punish me, M-Master!”
“Very close, Coco. But not quite right. Only disobedient ponies get punished, and you’ve been good. So, what am I going to do to you?”
> “You’re - You’re -”
> A tear wanders down her cheek, words dissolving into whimpers.
> “-g-g-going to t-torture meeeee!”
“Yes, Coco. I’m going to torture you.”
> Your hand slips through her velvety cheek-fuzz, a beatific smile on your lips as you savor her fearful anticipation.
> Coco was already breathing heavily as you left her side; even so she starts as the room is abruptly filled with the low rumble of hard plastic wheels on concrete.
> She twists and turns frantically until she catches sight of the cart you are pushing towards her - of the coils of black cable neatly piled on it, of the array of gleaming brass jaws and tools, and the large black box with its crank-handle stick resting at the center of it all.
> “Oh… oh, no. No, please Master - please not that - not that, please!”

> Refusing her a reply, you leave the cart a few feet out; a small dollop of gel is squirted into your fingertips from a tube, and you slip back to her side.
> Circling your arms around her from behind, you let your hands find their way down her belly until your palms encounter a pair of subtle, meaty nubs beneath them.
> There your fingers go to work:
> Massaging and teasing, rolling the rapidly-swelling buds of her teats between fingers and thumbs, draws a fresh round of low whimpering from the painfully-stretched mare.
> She cannot help herself from growing firm and bud-like beneath your deceptively stimulating touch as the slick, moist gel is worked into her sensitive flesh.
> Did she know what this was going to do?
> How the gel you were so deftly anointing her with would also improve the conductivity of her skin and coat to electricity?
> If so, Coco had far more important matters on her mind.
> Especially when one of your hands searches even lower, slipping between her haunches to allow a pair of fingers to seek out her most sensitive opening.
> Oh, she gasps at that!
> Trembles, too - her body twisting and shaking at your unwanted digits dancing within her.
> A fresh dampness, apart from that of the conductive gel but equally horrible for the poor mare, wetted your hand.
“That’s my good little girl…”
> “Celestia, please… please, I’m begging you Master! I haven’t done anything wrong, please don’t do that to me-”
> Releasing her, you return to the cart.
> A towel serves to wipe your hands clean, and then it’s back to the mare.
> You lift two of the cables up, gripping the little alligator-like clips on the end of them - holding them wide open to allow Coco to see their gleaming jaws and the wickedly-serrated little teeth lining them.
> Letting her imagine how much they are going to hurt when bit deep into her so-very-sensitive flesh.
> Beyond words now, Coco just shakes her head in abject terror, her mane flapping back and forth wildly.
> But she shakes it even harder when you draw close, cables playing out behind you, and lower the clamps to her teats.
> Each stood cleanly out from her belly now, no longer a barely-visible nub but a perfect target.
> Her soft, near-sobbing cries grow in pace as you settle one of the toothed jaws over her, carefully adjust it, and…
> “Nnnaaaaaahhhh! Take it off! Please, please, take it off Master I can’t it hurtssomuch-”
> There’s still another to place, after all.
> Coco watches with bulged eyes as the gleaming brass clamp grows ever nearer to its target.
> Not closing them or looking away even when you release your thumb and let the teeth sink deeply into her tender bud.
> “Eeaarrgh!”
> Her scream this time was nearly twice as raw, her teats transformed into twin stars of white-hot pain by the heavy, dangling clamps.

> You cup each in a hand, feeling their subtle weight against your palm and eyeing the way the clamps dangled from them.
“Not quite done yet, Coco dear…”
> Standing, you return to the cart one last time.
“See, by sheer coincidence, Coco, we tend to use power that comes in three phases. And - you know - ponies are very unlucky…”
> Turning back to face her, you find Coco’s eyes laser-locked on the last clamp as you draw close to her.
> The question surely in her mind is obvious:
> Where will this instrument of torture go?
“...in humans, you don’t want to put anything electric across the nipples. Very dangerous. There’s this thing called the heart in the way; it’s kind of important. In fact, it’s risky to even go from a nipple to anywhere - lower. But ponies…”
> You drop to a knee before her, and Coco’s face manages to blanche even though her manila coat as she understands the significance of your earlier molestation of her marehood.
“...ponies aren’t so lucky at all.”
> “Y-You can’t be - you wouldn’t-”
> Again slipping a finger into her, you probe her tender lips until you find a slightly bulging bud at the lower end of them.
> With slow, teasing strokes you tease the little mare’s clit out of its hiding place; she had begun to mutter low beneath her breath as you worked-
> “No. No, not that. Not that; nonononononoonono-”
> -and let the jaws close, straight over the single most sensitive place on her body.
> The effect is immediate, dramatic, and many times even that of when you’d worked on her teats.
> Coco Pommel’s body twitches and writhes, raw howls filling the air as she bucked and heaved as if trying to throw the tormenting little clamp off its agonizing hold.
“Shhhh, shh. Calm yourself down, Coco. We haven’t even gotten started yet.”
> Despite the savage, biting pain consuming her mind, Coco grows still as your words clamp her mind in a fresh vice of terror.
> She watches in stock-still, wide-eyed silence as you step to the cart - hands settling on the gleaming handle of the crank emerging from the magneto box.
“Just a taste at first, then…”
> The room is, for just a moment, in total silence.
> Then you begin to turn the handle.
> First comes the low whir of the magneto, the meshing of gears that send its little magnets whirling around.
> A mere whisper, though, compared to the shrieking howl ripped from Coco’s throat:
> In spite of how tightly you’d already stretched her, Coco’s body seems to leap up:
> Warped into a strained, bowed curve that seemed ready to snap at any moment as she howled into the spotlight’s unrelenting glare.
> The shock only lasts a moment, but for Coco it must seem to be an agonized eternity.

> When you bring the handle still, she slumps back down into her bonds - ribs and belly heaving heavily as the little mare struggles to catch her breath from the shock.
> The magneto’s low whir gives her just a half-second of warning; even so you see her eyes shoot wide in that fraction of a moment before she begins to howl again.
> Again Coco bucks against her bonds, the wide leather straps that hold her haunches to the wooden bars creaking as they strain against the mare’s frenzied struggles.
> Abruptly you drag the handle to a halt; Coco sags back down against her shackles.
> A thin sheen of lather already gleams on her pale coat, a forewarning of what will come later.
“Now Coco, can you tell me why you’re here?”
> “I d-d-don’t knoooOOOOWWAAAAAAAARGH!”
> Barely had Coco begun to answer when you threw the handle into motion again - the magneto’s whine being drowned beneath her animalistic screams.
> Coco screamed until the last breath had left her lungs, and then a bit more:
> A frenzied, animalistic scream that wavered with the maddened spasming of her body under the current.
> This time you didn’t give the mare any enduring relief, and slowed the handle’s turning only just long enough to let her draw another tortured breath before resuming again.
> The screams torn from her throat by the electricity’s sizzling touch were increasingly raw and ragged as you flayed away layers of her consciousness with the magneto’s relentless turning.
> You could only imagine what it was like for her - that scorching, sizzling touch snapping through her body from three of the most sensitive places on it.
> By the time you finally let the handle slow to a halt, Coco was already retreating into herself.
> Her eyes stared dully towards the one-way mirror and she breathed in sudden, shallow spurts as though afraid any deeper lungfuls of air would reinvite the shocks to return.
“Coco? Coco, look at me, dear…”
> Somehow she manages, in spite of the fog you had shocked into her mind.
> Wordless and whimpering, yes - but she looks.
“Tell me again, Coco, why are you here?”
> “I - I - I don’t - can’t - I don’t - I-I’ve been g-good I promise and oh no no no no, please Celestia don’t-”
> She had begun to shudder and shiver as you laid your hand on the magneto’s crank again.
> A light touch nudged the handle back and forth, drawing yet more panicked pleading from the mare as tears spilled down her cheeks and lathered sweat stained her sides.
> “-can’t say I don’t know please don’t hurt me I’ve been good I don’t know why I’m here-”
> Chuckling, you drop your hand from the magneto and saunter over to Coco.

> In spite of all she’s been through, the mare somehow still finds the wits to realize she is not going to be tortured - not any further.
> Not right now, anyhow.
> Still she leans her head back as you slip your fingers beneath her chin, though, and can barely bring herself to meet your eyes as you caress her sweat-soaked mane.
> Coco mumbled frantic, half-incoherent pleas beneath her breath, eyes unfocused and slightly rolled-up as your hands caress her body.
> That ended when your hands found one of the heavy clip, twisting it - and the teat its teeth so cruelly dug into - to savagely drag Coco back to reality.
“Of course it does, Coco.”
> She whimpers again as you let the clamp go, freeing it to hang dangling from her agonized flesh.
> That whimpering doesn’t stop even when you kiss her forehead, little desperate pants emerging from her raw throat.
“But you know, Coco, I’m not the one you need to be telling.”
> Stepping back, you raise one finger to the mirror on the wall - and the pony hidden behind it.
“Why don’t you let Applejack know? She’s the one who really needs to-”
> “A-Applejack please, oh Celestia please tell him, tell him do anything for him let him know please please please please please...”
> As her babbling again sank back down into incoherence, your fingers brush the clamp still savagely biting into the tender, nerve-laden bean at the head of her marehood.
> Even that small touch was enough to send Coco into a fresh round of whimpering as its swinging, tugging weight re-awoke every nerve the electricity had broken.
“So, okay. No more electricity now. That’s what you wanted, isn’t it, Coco?”
> “Y-Y-Yes, p-pleeeease; no m-more ele-e-”
> Coco freezes stock-still as she hears your pants hit the interrogation room’s floor.
> Flinches at the sound of the lube bottle’s lid popping open, and whimpers when she feels you slip into her from behind.
> A side advantage of having her restrained on these elevated bars:
> If you squatted down a bit, her marehood was just as available for your pleasure as it was for her punishment.
> And the long minutes spasming under the current had left her quite pliant to your desires.
> Whines, long and keening, are drawn from Coco’s throat as you enter her.
> But this is a humiliation she is familiar with - and compared to the torment you had inflicted on her earlier, the sensation of your filling her up with each thrust was downright benevolent by comparison.
> What else it inflicted on her, though…
> “M-Master, take them off… take them off, I’m begging you!”
> You lean forward, your hands slipping around Coco’s throat.
> Feeling how slender, soft, and vulnerable it was - how you could feel the thrumming of her heartbeat pulsing just beneath the velvety layer of her coat.
“Take what off, Coco?”
> “The c-c-clamps, Master! They hurt! Please, I-I’ve been goood!”

> Of course they hurt.
> Each thrust sent the cruel little metal jaws - and the cables that hung from them - swinging wildly:
> Tugging, pulling, and twisting the so-recently-tortured little nubs of nerve-ridden flesh they bit in to.
“You mean I should take these off, Coco?”
> Your fingers find their way to one of the clamps, adding your own little tugs to the already painfully-pulled flesh.
> “AAAAAAH! No, please! Please don’t touch them!”
> The little creamy mare convulses under your touch, and you feel a prickling race across your skin as she grinds against you.
> Have to slow down; if you kept going at this rate, you’d finish far too quickly...
“No…? But I thought you just told me I should…”
> “M-Maaaaasteeeer!”
“No, then. That’s fine. Maybe it was this one you wanted off?”
> Letting that first clamp fall free - and deliver one last tortuous tug to the teat trapped between its toothed jaws - you let your fingers roam down to find the clip entrapping the mare’s clit.
> It stands, strangely projected by how you fill her marehood, and is an easy target for your fingers.
> Coco opens her mouth to protest again, but no words are produced before they are cut off by a sudden, shrill shrieking as you give that clamp a firm tug.
“No? It doesn’t sound like you want that one off either.”
> Lost in her world of pain and violation, Coco has let her eyes roll back up into her head again.
> Her tongue lolls free, her raw throat still producing occasional whimpers as you pump into her.
> If this were to go on for that much longer, you think it quite likely that she might just collapse into the blissful relief of unconsciousness.
> You can’t have that, of course; slowing yourself, you grind your hips against her rump and slip a hand beneath her muzzle - drawing her head back between her suspended forelegs.
“Coco? Listen to my voice. Can you hear me, Coco?”
> “Y-Y-Y-Yeeee....”
> It’s not really an answer, but it’s enough; you hilt yourself in her again and relish the warm, trembling tightness wrapping your shaft.
> “A-Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!”
> Coco squeaks out one last whine, and you are pushed over the edge:
> Driving yourself balls-deep into her one final time and letting loose - prickles erupting over your skin as you pump your seed into her marehood.
> Coco barely whimpers as you draw your softening shaft from her, too lost in her own private hell to really think about what had just happened.
> In the midst of this, a new and entirely different sound reaches your ears:
> The insistent, regular dinging of a bell.
> Ah, Applejack.
> Broken already?
> Just a bit too late, unfortunately.
> Stepping back, you admire Coco’s broken form, hanging limply in her chains as she drifts in a sea of agony and violation.
> Even for this soft, gentle mare, cords and lines of muscle stood out on her coat.

> You give her a few minutes longer to recovery before stepping back to the cart; at the first low whirring of the magneto, she jerks upright with wide, frenzied eyes.
> In the distance, Applejack’s bell dings merrily away.
> “Nononono, no more, no more!”
“No more, hmm? Well, I’ll take two of the clips off. How does that sound, Coco?”
> “Yes! Oh Celestia yes, please take them off, I’ll be good I promise please please pelase!”
> Chuckling, you select a rounded, swollen-looking plug from the cart.
> Going to kneel by the tormented mare, you hold it up in front of her - letting her see its gleaming, black, rubbery girth.
“Open your mouth, Coco. Open your mouth and take this in; get it nice and good and wet with your tongue and I’ll take two of the clips off.
> She complies eagerly through her half-conscious haze of pain, spreading her lips painfully wide to accept the plug’s girth.
> In exchange, you keep your word - though Coco squeals around the plug when you take the toothed clips from her teats.
> You knew exactly how bad it would be for her now, especially when the return of blood to those tortured little nubs turned them into white-hot points of pounding, thuddeing pain.
> Holding your hand out beneath her jaw gives her enough of a hint; she spits the offending object into your palm.
> “T-Thank you, Master. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank y-”
> Coco freezes as the plug’s tip teases the crinkled bud beneath her tail.
> “-no, no wait Master PLEASE!”
> Protests unheeded, Coro stiffens as fingers press the plug through her muscled ring - reluctance to disobey wrestling with the instinctual desire to force an intruder out.
> Barely paying attention when you had her suckling on it, she had not noticed the strips of conductive plastic on the plug’s skin, nor the little brass pin projecting from its hilt.
> But she definitely does notice when the widest point of the plug slips past her entrance to lodge firmly within her:
> Stretching her passage wide, and almost seeming to painfully spread her hips.
> And she notices when you anchor one of the clips you had only just removed from her teats to that plug,
> In the next room, Applejack’s bell rings furiously.
“Open your mouth, Coco. And tongue out.”
> You hold up the other free alligator clip.
> Coco whimpers, ears pinned flat and eyes crossed as she stares down her muzzle at the hateful thing.
> Even your warning tone fails to budge her; her jaws remain firmly wedged together by the stark fear of what you are about to do to her.
> With a sigh you grip her jawbone in your hand, wedging fingers into her cheek to pry it open.
> Coco’s tongue - so pink, and so wet - darts about furiously as if to avoid the coming agony, but it has only so far it can go and you are able to catch it between the clamp’s jagged teeth.

> Howling with agony, Coco stiffens against you; despite just emptying yourself into her, you feel a fresh twitch between your legs.
“Now, since you refused to open up for me when I ordered you…”
> “Nooooph, ‘leashe-”
> Pleading cuts off as you take the handle and give the magneto a good spin.
> Instantly Coco has seized against her chains, eyes rolling up into her head as a feral, animalistic scream erupts from her throat - torn from her body by the current surging from muzzle to rump.
> Breath runs out, but Coco’s mouth stays open in a soundless scream until you let the handle halt.
> She sags against the chains again, fresh tears wetting her cheeks.
> Smiling, you turn to the one-way mirror - and the mare strapped down just beyond it.
“Now Applejack, here’s how we’re going to do this. I’m going to ask simple questions. You’re going to answer with that bell - one ring for no, two for yes. And if you don’t answer fast enough or I’m not satisfied, I’m going to fry Coco’s brains out again. Understand?”
> For a moment there is silence.
> You lay a hand on the magneto’s handle; Coco heaves in a fresh sob and distantly, faintly, the bell rings twice.
“Good pony, Applejack. Now, let’s start. First, is any of the rest of your family involved…”
Noe this is some peak SiM content. Will there be more or a background for the resistance AJ comes from
Also coco is best girl
Fantastic. Peak SiM indeed.
I hope Coco gets rewarded very generously later for being such a good girl here (well out of sight of Applejack, of course).
File: 2209390.png (230 KB, 640x900)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
how would you reward her? some icecream? bubblebath? a new dress?
Also what happened to the other elements and princesses if you really want to hurt apple I would recommend having one of her friends helping the humans maybe someone like twilight then brutalize her well twilight cries out in ecstasy the shock and horror she would feel would be quite interesting
File: 1353947.png (614 KB, 3400x3200)
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614 KB PNG
talking about rewards, what are some good slaverewards anyway?
Ignoring the bell was a nice touch.
The best choice would be pinkie and would be nice to give applejack a lot of fear if you reduce pinkie into some kind of painslut or just an slut for everyone in the facility. The once most positive pony it's now a slave that isn't only slave of humanity but also slave of her own carnal pleasure and would give applejack a message of what gonna to happen to her and her friends an family(of course, this would work better if they show the slutty pinkie after applejack talk just to add even more guilt to her mind)
I think the key here is that this is not a punishment, this was a task, an assignment. She keeps insisting she's done nothing wrong, and that's true, because, and this bears repeating because of how important it is, it's not a punishment - exactly as Anon told Coco when he first strapped her down.

And she's being a very good girl at completing her task. (Minor details like not opening her mouth notwithstanding - ultimately, that's not really detrimental to the purpose of breaking Applejack, so while in the moment it's deserving of being chided for, ultimately I don't think it's a mark against the quality of her service.) So the reward should focus on emphasizing that; specifically, on making it absolutely crystal clear that you KNOW she's a good girl, that you're very happy with her, that you love her, and that you're proud of how well she did. Given how cruel her task is, I think that letting her know that it really is nothing more than a task, and that we're NOT just cruel with her for no reason or "punishing" her on a whim - that's key.

So I think an essential part of the reward would be some pampering. Just cuddles, petting, hold her close while she calms down and make sure to tell her how much of a good girl she was and how helpful she was. Brush her, pet her, give her some time off to just be comfortable, pampered and relaxed - noticeably more than a slave would normally be entitled to - as repayment for the agony she's suffered.

Depending on how often tasks of this caliber arise, I might even go so far as to gift her a special commemorative collar. Assuming you're not a cruel master, this may well have been one of the most hellish experiences in her life, and deserving of a trophy of some sort to again signify how well she served you. An engraved collar as a sign of honour would likely make everything she went through worth it and more (assuming she's a good slave and values your approval, and would properly appreciate such a status symbol).
But then again I'd be a sap of a master. If this kind of stuff is routine in how you break your slaves, and torture like this happens all the time and is something slaves are expected to be able to endure as a matter of course, then a special status symbol would likely not be worth the hassle. Also, ouch, that'd be one tough household to be a slave in.
make the "trophy" something ironic. a shockcollar that obviously doesnt always zap her but will still remind her of that event. if you want to make it visually pleasing, im sure there are some enchanted gemstones to do the zapping or you could make it just a really tight collar that always gives her the ever so slight feeling of being strangled.
whatever it is, i kind of like ironic rwards as mucha s ironic punishments

but i also know what you mean by this whole ordeal wasnt a punishment but a task. still, i feel like even after a exhausting task or whatever you want to frame it, some R&R is required. not too much ofcourse or the slaves will end up using it against their master but you get the idea

as for pampering coco, why not make it ironic as well?
>"coco, as a reward for today, ill allow you to sleep in the same bed with me tonight"
little does she know that she will be the pillow bound in place, or placed under the mattres with her muzzle facing through a cutout to recieve masters cock over the night as well any fluids that might be released from it
I guess it depends on whether you want to treat your slaves as toys to be sadistic with if you feel like it, or as loyal servants beholden to your whims. Personally I tend towards the latter, and I would value honesty, with clear ground rules: if you're a good girl, if you do your utmost to serve me and obey me unconditionally not out of fear of some punishment but because you genuinely know that the purpose of your existence is to serve me - then that will be appreciated and rewarded. Ironic punishments don't really fit into that, unless you make sure it's good natured and still a genuine reward.
For instance, if Coco is a good slave and knows her place, then even a tight constricting collar that's emblazoned with a mark signifying her achievement of serving in Master's interrogation(s) would still be a symbol of great pride and honour, and I'd expect she'd want to wear it over any other collar voluntarily. But on the other extreme, if the "reward" is just a randomised shock collar with no visible status symbol, that'd just be cruel. A ceremonial collar that is also a shock collar is a middle ground, personally I wouldn't go for it though.

>not too much ofcourse or the slaves will end up using it against their master
Not sure this is really a concern, how would a slave use R&R/TLC like that against their master? Only way I can see it is if they start volunteering for more and more extreme tasks just to get pampered afterwards. But if that actually happens, I'd call that a feature, not an issue: you now have a slave that's so hungry for your touch and affection that they'll go to any length and endure any agony just to get to feel it again.
For anything else - like the duration of the reward - the slave should have no say or control anyway, so I don't see how they could possibly exploit any part of it.

>>"coco, as a reward for today, ill allow you to sleep in the same bed with me tonight"
>little does she know that she will be the pillow bound in place, or placed under the mattres with her muzzle facing through a cutout to recieve masters cock
If Coco is properly broken, those would both be positions of honour and genuine rewards, I'd imagine. If not, I'm not sure about that: I'd focus on breaking her first until either of those prospects sound genuinely exciting to her, rather than potentially souring the experience by forcing her into such a "reward" before she can properly appreciate it.
>Not sure this is really a concern, how would a slave use R&R/TLC like that against their master?
slaves could pretend to be me exhausted than they actually are and a weak master could fall for it. just something like that and no more
>If Coco is properly broken, those would both be positions of honour and genuine rewards, I'd imagine.
so it it would be suitable as a reward, even if it may sometimes be scary with her throat completely filled by masters cock unleashing his morning urine and ehr not able to breathe until her is done
>slaves could pretend to be me exhausted than they actually are and a weak master could fall for it.
True. But I think that's a pitfall that's likely to come up all the time when owning slaves, as long as you are not a completely uncaring and entirely cruel and sadistic master just working your slaves to death. If there's any room for leniency, rest, and reward, then there's room for slaves to try to abuse it, and you as master must know how to moderate it appropriately.
In theory, ideally, you'd know each slave's limit and decree appropriate rewards and rest accordingly, mostly unheeding of what the slave is trying to say (while paying attention to their health in case they actually have some sort of problem). Maybe very trusted and extremely well trained slaves could actually have more freedom for this, if they're subservient enough that the thought of abusing it or taking more than they deserve doesn't even risk entering their mind.

>so it it would be suitable as a reward
Exactly! Again, assuming she's broken and well trained enough.
By the way, I especially like the pillow bondage. It could be combined with a more general TLC reward to make sure it really feels rewarding to her. Pamper her and brush her, have her follow you around for most of the evening while periodically petting and praising her, once it's bedtime cuddle her a bit, then inform her of the honour of being your pillow and gently bind her, tell her one last time how well she did today and how proud you are, bid her good night and go to sleep on her. Really emphasizing how much of a reward it is and how good it is to be in such a position, to make sure she's inherently psychologically inclined to associate it with honour and reward, even if it's uncomfortable and even if it even hurts after a while, to still perceive it as a great reward after she did earlier.
has fornphilia ever been explored ITT? what would be some good furniture ponies could serve as? anything they can do humans couldnt specifically?
This was great. Built up the scene well enough then got right into it without pulling any punches.

>Originally posted in SPG
They must have loved it.

Seriously hope whoever wrote this comes here. Would love to see more of this kinda stuff.
Ohhh that is a good idea I thought twilight at first because twilight was something of the leader of the group who for the most part always knew how to fix things. It would be horrifying if twilight was not only enjoying it but also trying to help enslave her own race but that might be hard to make believable. Perhaps it doesn’t have to be that bad.
Ya same and they did love it I would recommend going to that thread to see the shit storm
>It's applebloom turn to turn into a slut
>applejack complain that she is just a filly and this is going really far
>the trainer give her a proposition and tell her that applebloom life can't be miserable if they apply a really strong aphrodisiac
>but it's the same one they used for pinkie
>now applejack will have to choose if her sister life should be miserable and full or pain or being a "happy" one filled with pleasure but with turning her into a trained pinkie 2.0
>the trainer will use the drug anyway like he did with all the other foals
Bad girl bump.
Ya and I even thought of a way to incorporate twilight into this senecio in this story the reason applejack got captured was because of twilight or another element of harmony.
>the elements is in a happy relationship with anon think staying out of trouble by Vega Or something similar.
>applejack finds out the location of not only her former Friend but also the personal student Or former student to celestia depends on if she is an alicorn.
>applejack and her band attack the house in an attempt to *free twilight* even though twilight is happy here things get out of control and apple feels betrayed because twilight was protecting anon instead of trying to free herself and the commotion is what got the authority’s alerted to her position and captured
If she said no you should have a scene where applebloom see applejack and is mad that applejack tried to stop her from having the time of her life. But apple is not super mad just the amount of mad when a child is denied their favourite toy. Also have applebloom tell applejack that she should try it as well
>Also have applebloom tell applejack that she should try it as well
That would be the perfect moment were applejack finally break and just accept to convert into another pinkie. She just learn with that line that she already lost, that there's no way out and the unique thing that she can do is just at least try to make her new role pleasurable.
I had an idea for a fic like that with rarity.
Well most ponies are enslaved there are a small few that are not and some that even own business they are beckons of hope for pony kind however they have all been broken by humanity and all know that pony kind both cannot and should not be free from humanity rebel groups often try and get in contact with these free ponies only for the free ponies to enslave the rebel groups themselves
Fantasizing about inflicting suffering and deriving sexual pleasure from it is evil.
Why is it evil we are not hurting anyone
File: 1641919772149.jpg (204 KB, 2452x1710)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
i want to molest a featureless flutterslave
To be honest this would actually be another creative way of chastity.
this is too cute
pony pussies don't come out unless they are alone with their special someponies
She's still got a mouth
File: 2247934.png (131 KB, 693x785)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
>tease and peasure flutterbutter until near orgasm
>cast the "featureless spell" on her
>she is now kept at peak arousal with no way for release
Hah, that could actually be a fun green.
>genital stasis
This has to be a thing.
It could be done in many ways too imo:
>just a simple spell that makes them dissapear
>so sort of enchanted chastitybelt, preferably with a seethrough plexyglass cover for the whole area that puts the only the genitals in a kindvof stasis. The loss of bladdercontrol would ofcourse require some action there as well
>numbingpotions and lotions
>some good old portalmagic with the slave not even knowing where the other end is. Could be fun for some remote public humiliation
Is wizard going to post before February
Did you know that tomorrow is the one year anniversary of Megalomania
File: 1642255373388.png (1.82 MB, 3000x1373)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
i need to hire a bumpslave
That's not how slaves work
File: 1641953668457.png (53 KB, 601x302)
53 KB
dont tell anyone
File: 1639003954332.png (547 KB, 1056x1047)
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547 KB PNG
pony is for dressing up!
More of a personal question than contentrelated:
>in greens or when thinking about it, do you selfinsert as the dom or as the sub or even as a invisible observer? Do they have a especial appeal to you?
T. Switch enjoying all three
I'd say both master and slave, but probably not invisible observer - I'd just get super jealous (and I can already be an observer through porn, stories and imagination; I want to actually participate, not just watch).
Any news from any writer
Punishment has been cancelled
Slaves have been set free
Whips have dissapeared
sub pov, which makes it kind of dependant on if whatever happens to it, is to my liking
How would you all ride celestia into town
If you could ride celestia into ponyvile how would you do it assume you are trying to humiliate her as much as possible and that this is consensual
File: cellyhorse.jpg (197 KB, 1024x1024)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
i would horse her up as hard as possible
>heavy and loud horseshoes
>every belt as tight as it can be
>the bit as large as possible
>maybe even plug her ears too and blind her with contacts as well so she can only react to the reigns and whip
>heavy toys in her rear holes too that move each time she does
>strap her down infront of a heavy carriage and have her pull it into the center of the city
>she wont know where she is taken, nor who sees her
>after i am done parading her around take her back home and release her
>she will attempt to hide the whipe marks and where the belts dug into her skin
>but its all futire because eventually she will see a picture of herself in the press. her life as a princess in now over, so she may as well totally give in to her bodily and clearly also psychological desires
>stop up my game even further in the future and totally "horse-fy" her, whatever that could mean
File: 2840558.png (931 KB, 2850x2780)
931 KB
931 KB PNG
Sensory deprived humiliation makes me DIAMONDS.
A similar scenario is dressing Twilight up in a similar way and then leading her to see the Princesses. She'd have no way of knowing what's going on, and in the meantime, while she's lost in the darkness and the tightness of her tack, the pleasure and the pain - unbenknownst to her, she'd be being paraded in front of her idle and mentor, forever shattering Celestia's image of her innocent bookish student who was still practically a filly just some years ago.

I like your scenario with Celestia a lot, though. Especially if combined with the post above specifying it's consensual. Imagine Celestia, bored and wanting to spice up her life, agrees on some absolutely zero-limits play with you. After a while of wheedling, she remains adamant for no safeword, and no limits, except maybe a time one (e.g. you have to free her and end the session in a week at the latest). Alicorns are truly immortal after all, there's nothing you could do to her that could seriously harm her, and she's BORED.
But then instead of some sadistic play, you start dressing her up in tack. And then taking away her senses. And then the last thing she hears before you remove her hearing is a whisper that you'll take her for a walk in her gardens; and then, disoriented and sense-deprived, she spends the next few hours nervously sweating bullets hoping nopony catches a glance of you riding her in her private garden. What a revelation it will be to learn, once the day is over, that it was in fact a metaphor for the Crown's land holdings in Equestria as a whole, which incidentally include both central Canterlot and much of Ponyville.
im not sure yet if she should be told she is being paraded around infront of her own little ponies, or if she should be lied to and find out herself one day after she starts being treated differently.
its also an interesting alternative to the show in how she could "retire". so instead of stepping down, she is simply being chased off, gets considered a fallen idol or something along that line. only a few important friends or family would know where to find her after this and even fewer would even want to see her in her new stables unable to communicate anymore

since im more of a man for things, i want to specify her bindings and perhaps those of some other ponies in her service as well: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/95113131 AYY LMAO warning

what if you locked your mare into her tack like pic related? not like she can reach any of the buckles in the first place but why not add some extra heavy and hard to ignore locks? every time she moves she would be reminded of them. every time you pull one belt tight, its place get sealed with an audible *click*. just to get in and out of her little outfit would take up to an hour if you manage to find the right key each time
>im not sure yet if she should be told she is being paraded around infront of her own little ponies, or if she should be lied to and find out herself one day after she starts being treated differently.
I'm all for the latter. Hence I went for the half-truth route in my post: make her think she's in a secluded garden, both so there's an actual explanation as to why she can feel e.g. wind and sun and why there's so much walking that wouldn't be possible indoors; and also so she still has to worry in the moment, hoping she doesn't get "caught". Of course being helpless to prevent being "caught" in any way. But still, her hope would then be that whatever gardener they stumble upon, could later be buttered up to keep things silent - even if that conversation would be very humiliating, and for that matter tracking any potential witnesses down with no knowledge of what happened during the walk would be extremely tricky.
That way you keep the thrill of the moment, but you leave out for later the bombshell that actually literally everypony saw her and knows and there's no way to cover this up.

>its also an interesting alternative to the show in how she could "retire". so instead of stepping down, she is simply being chased off, gets considered a fallen idol or something along that line. only a few important friends or family would know where to find her after this and even fewer would even want to see her in her new stables unable to communicate anymore
Interesting. I think there's value in her keeping her position, but still being reminded at all times while she's holding court from then on that every pony present has seen her being ridden, in hard tack, with humiliating toys and bondage, deprived of senses and at the complete mercy of a master. Everypony would be too reverant to actually mount a coup over this, but all relations with her subjects would be awkward for years, if not a couple of generations.
I can see the retirement angle, too. Utterly destroying Celestia from the ruler of the most prosperous country to a stable mare that doesn't dare show her face outside unless Master has need for his work horse. That's good, anon.

>what if you locked your mare into her tack like pic related?
Yes, yes, yes. Absolutely. The harder gear is to take off, the better.
Keep her in it for days at at time, since it takes so long to set up so you can't be bothered to free her every single time. "Time to put on tack" wouldn't mean just "let's get dressed and ride you", it would mean "time to spend an hour or two locking dozens of locks around you to cement your image as a servant horse", followed by the prospect of being restrained in the full tack getup for hours and hours or even days, unable to escape either the discomfort or even pain nor the humiliation, ready to be used and ridden at a moment's notice.
File: 733409.png (254 KB, 1280x800)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
>Yes, yes, yes. Absolutely. The harder gear is to take off, the better.
another man of culture
File: rarimaid.png (558 KB, 1243x1024)
558 KB
558 KB PNG
and now a non memereply:
>Yes, yes, yes. Absolutely. The harder gear is to take off, the better.
>Keep her in it for days at at time, since it takes so long to set up so you can't be bothered to free her every single time.
i dont see why my slaves shouldnt be wearing something i bought/had designed for them at all times. do they hate those clothes? well they better not...
this also combines great with the different roles we talked about a few threads ago. the designated maid for the week gets locked in a heavy duty maidoutfit. she can shower in it, she can sleep in it and she can work in it. what other roles are there? the designated "pillow" or bedslave could be locked in a compact bondagesuit making it impossible to move with all the buckles and locks on one side for a better sleepingexpirience for the master
any other ideas?
Stallion is for chastity cage and feminization.
Damn right
Dashie is such a fucking subbie, it's unbelievable
>i dont see why my slaves shouldnt be wearing something i bought/had designed for them at all times.
True, but then I mean specifically like exceptional bondage scenarios, the kind that would be far too restrictive and straining to keep up permanently. The kind that would leave one tired and sore after a day, and leave a slave exhausted after a true test of endurance after being locked in for 2-3 days.
Otherwise I like your idea, of course the outfits can be restraining but would generally have to be mild enough to be suitable as permanent wear. You don't want your slaves cramping and/or collapsing because they're kept in strict bondage day in day out until their joints give out or something.

>any other ideas?
To get the obvious out of the way, various staff with different uniforms. You could have categories of maids, dusters, washers, window cleaners, etc. Also kitchen staff: cook slaves, kitchen maid slaves. Otherwise...

A petting slave gets total sensory deprivation. Their job is to be cute as well as totally disoriented all week long. Everyone and everypony is encouraged to give pets, cuddles, as well as gropes and other kinds of stimulation, any time and at will. No pain, though - their fate is unexpected touching, not actual punishment.

Decoration slaves. Outfits would be designed to be flashy and tacky. Their job would be to either stand around in hallways, or strut displaying themselves. A must would be a clear chastity belt keeping their parts smushed always in full display, of course; if aphrodisiacs or arousal spells are a thing, they would complement this perfectly, and you'd get to see them constantly dripping through the clear belt. Maybe some could be more mobile than others - on the extreme end some could be hitched into statue positions for extended periods of time (though probably not more than a few hours, unless the statue is a very relaxed pose), others could just be hobbled and be expected to mostly keep to a pose but still move around, others would be mobile and expected to strut and show off all day.

You could have toiletslaves with equipment to service others walking around. (Think Mel Brooks' piss-boy. But, you know, with ponies, slavery, bondage and probably a ring gag.)
>weeb site with account wall
I can't be arsed to register and yet I'm curious, could you reupload on smutty or something?
Since you started it you'll have to go into more detail too
>do you just not want a stallion or do you just like the idea of turning a stallion into a mare because you can?
>do you just want him to dress up differently or also change the behavior?
>would you consider "her" a real mare at the end or always as some kind of freak that will forever have to try extra hard to live up to the expectations?
>do you consider other changes to the body or bodymods to reach that goal?

>too restrictive scenarios
Please specify
Interesting idea. Perhaps a pony doesnt get bound with leather straps for once but expensive silk and satin ones instead that are nicer to touch. Just put them in the "catloaf" postion with the legs folded below their bodies have them blindfolded as well while you are at it to reduce stimuli and have them concentrate on the touches. Where would I keep it so its accessable for me and the other slaves? Hard to say. Maybe on a stand near the entrance with a sign "pet me!" next to it
And yes, maybe the slaves fight amongst each other as well or have little rivalries so they ever so slightly manipulate the bindings. Perhaps a strap that was supposed to hold the head in one position gets moved and now the pettingslave has to arch its neck and stare at the ceiling ... if it could see
I like the idea of living mannequins like: >>38093615 so why not? Have them dolled up in jard to remove makeup and impractical and sometimes even uncomfortable dresses just for you and your guests to look at. Maybe not only keep them on stands in your mansions but also in glassboxes or more elaborate displays like as a chandelier or part of something seasonal like "fruitbasket" in autumn with a few other slaves (like the outfits in the eqg episode which were actually kinda cute). To keep them on their hooves, random edging and other sexual stimulation should do the trick, especially if an outfit just guides the attention to the bits. So why not make them wink wildly against the plexyglass of the chastitybelt that uses a little vacuum seal to puff up thise bits even more. Or use the time to train other openings on their body like a slowly growing buttplug!

Make sure the slave's coat is white so you see any spilling

Will do
File: Spoiler Image (333 KB, 939x1000)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
nevermind here it is. its SFW and threadrelated
if someone knows a drawfag who could ponify it, please tell him to
File: 584653.jpg (410 KB, 900x600)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
File: gag.png (1.32 MB, 4900x2007)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
equine anatomy makes them obligate nasal breathers, they are literally incapable of breathing through their mouths
The thing is the heads and muzzles of ponies are possibly the most un-horse-like part of their bodies, so while I'm all for equine realism in most cases, here I'm not sure how much that applies. Tell me more, what part of the equine breathing system causes that? Would it still apply with the extremely shortened pony muzzles?

Of course that gag works not by blocking the mouth but the pharynx, directly blocking the trachea from all outside air. Would that not work in a horse? I think there's a very good chance that would still work on a pony.

it pretends to ask for you to join their website, but wont, you can download the pdf without it
How would you go about making the villains your slaves after they have been defeated and captured by equestria
Assuming slavery isn't really a thing in Equestria?
Option 1: promise to befriend and reform them using "human methods". Cart them off to a secluded estate, train them using normal methods, once they're loyal parade how well-behaved they are but maintain that you're such close friends now that they want to permanently live with you and don't care much for public appearances (obviously they must back this up themselves too).
Option 2: get the villains stoned, either steal, buy, or embezzle the statue, and obtain appropriate de-stoning magic. Would probably need a decoy statue and must keep the slaves hidden, then.
Depends on the villain. Trixie, starlight and cozy would all be so much fun to break and turn into maids to be sold to their former enemies.
>trixie, the ome so stuck up and full of herself magician has all her magic privileges revoked and will learn to serve her superiors
>starlight has to understand what she did to all those ponies in her home village and what better use could she be to them than to serve as a "reliefvalve" for all their anger, frustration or lust
>cozy just makes for a perfect bedfilly and fuckdoll, I dont even care what she did anymore. I would keep her for myself, doll and dress her up, tease her whenever I feel like it and teach her how to serve
Slavery is not a real thing in equestria.
But you somehow got permission from the government assume you are very well liked around the country and are really good friends with at least one princess you could also be dating or someone.
Anyway just assume you have a lot of authority in the government
Mare is for air!

When training cozy I was would first leave her in tartarus or something else horrible for about a month and make sure she receives terrible treatment then after that time is up I would go in and take her to a better residence where her *rehabilitation* will begin at this point I was thinking of doing the same thing as rapeape by which I mean have something connected to her nether regions which she doesn’t know about that rewards her when certain criteria is met I was thinking of having it on a medium setting every time I am touching her as well as when we are putting on her bondage gear I am going to try and get her to think she enjoys this.
>then one day I am going to put her over my lap and start spanking the hell out of her and the while the magical thing is going on Max.
>as I slap her cute little ass she starts leaking And moaning.
“Wow cozy are you enjoying this I knew you where depraved but I didn’t think you were a masochist slut.”
>as my hand slaps her soft behind again leaving a small red handprint.
>Cozy moans and says in scared voice “I don’t know what you are talking about I hate this please stop.”
>taking advantage of her now lubricated cunt I slip My index finger inside and begin to prove the walls of her marehood.
>she moans out in surprise at the sudden intrusion
“Anon please stop” cozy pleads
>anon then starts groping her flank with the rest of her hand.
“Shh cozy this is your reward for being a good filly all through your rehabilitation”
>you start stroking her clit
>she moans “Oh anon”
>You can feel she is getting close so you pull your finger out of her love hole.
>And for the first time since her rehabilitation started you fully turn of the machine teasing her genitals.
>”cozy you have made a lot of progress so I wanted to give you a reward but I can now see that even if you did enjoy it you still didn’t know how to feel about it so I decided to stop for now.
>cozy looks at you with desire and lust in her eyes but still determined to keep her pride she just nods and walks away
How would you train nightmare and chrysalis
It would be nice when she can't handle anymore and about to accept anything for her release you can say her that was never a rehabilitation and that you were just testing her so you can buy her and then ask her if she really wants her this to be her life, teasing and pleasure.
Who would I buy her from
File: evo_Trixie.png (1.64 MB, 2000x2000)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
>initial breaking with sleepdeprivation as some sort of ironic punishment
>I like her looks and think she is a sexy mare but dont that used against me so she would always be dressed in non-bodyhugging dresses. Think something victorian with tight corsets and saddles, poofy skirts that limit her mobility and tight and tall collars
>she needs to understand she isnt above everything but her talent as a possible mistress cannot be denie - I want her to take care of my slaves for me eventually once she can be trusted. They would still be my slaves but she would be in charge for them. Mistakes by them mean punishment for her

I honestly dont know
File: 1616109718911.png (3.38 MB, 3346x3016)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB PNG
taking inspiration from the trad wife thread, i think it could be interesting to make your slave a kind of walking timemachine. combine that with restrictive clothing like some kind of retro saddles or tack and it could be some kind of larp while also public bondage and humiliation
if you press hard enough there will be a hole.
File: evo_Rarity.png (2.1 MB, 2000x2000)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB PNG
How are we already 250 posts in? Am I really that slow?

>You’ve been cooped up here for a few days now.
>The guards have been bringing you bread and water, and have been escorting you to your patients and the washroom.
>One might think the intrigue and sex would be enough to keep you entertained.
>One might be wrong.
>You haven’t heard anything about the changelings since Cadence was last here, and apparently Rarity couldn’t be here at all hours for you to torment.
>Not without alerting her friends that something was wrong, at least.
>And your work hasn’t been interesting either.
>The bug’s infection is almost totally gone, and Twilight is ready to discharge.
>Honestly, you’d wanted to let her out two days ago, but you haven’t been able to.
>Because you haven’t heard from either the prince nor the princess ever since!
>Normally that would be no problem, but with all her security you need them to sign off on her transfer.
>So you’re stuck in a tiny room with nothing to do, and only the essentials for food.
>It’s not a prison.
>Not quite.
>Still, time has started to lose meaning, and somehow you’re always tired despite having nothing to do but rest.
>You’d known this would happen.
>You’ve long known that boredom and isolation make for an exhausting combination; it was no accident when you’d left Rarity cooped up in the basement for days on end.
>And you’d thought that this knowledge would protect you.
>That you were mentally prepared.
>You were wrong.
>You’re irritable, slow witted, and FED UP WITH THAT DAMN CLOCK!
>The incessant ticking has become beyond grating, it’s just a constant reminder of how long you’ve been here.
>You’re sorely tempted to smash it against the floor.
>But then you wouldn’t know what time it was, and you’d be even MORE isolated.
>All you’ve got to do is sit in your office chair and spin.
>Wait for the dizziness to fade.
>Spin again…
>It was during a spin session that the door swung open wide, and without warning.
>”Anon! What in the hay are you doing?”
>You’re a bit too disoriented to see who it is, but it sounded like Shining Armor.
>Not your friend Shining Armor, the no-nonsense military minded prince Shining Armor.
“It’s amazing what boredom will do to a man.”
>”You drugged me.”
>He sounded pissed.
>You’d known this was coming, and you’re actually kinda relieved it’s finally here.
>Partially because you won’t have to worry about it anymore.
>But mostly because it gives you something to do.
“I sure did.”
“I drugged you. And I’d do it again.”
>”Wait, you’re ADMITTING it?”
“Were you expecting me to deny it?”
>”YES! That’s second degree assault, it’s a FELONY you bastard!”
“Felony, eh? So I’m going to be locked up. Wonder what that’s like.”
>That snide comment felt really good, even though it was very stupid.
>”You don’t like being stuck here? Fine! I’ll just feed you to the CHANGELINGS!”
>He has a point.
>You’re being an ass.
“Look, I’m sorry. I’m just in a really bad mood from being cooped up. I appreciate you trying to protect me, really. Thank you.”
>”That’s what you’re apologizing for? Not the FELONY?”
>He mad.
>And you made it worse.
“You were going to kill yourself if you kept it up.”
>”You’re starting to sound like my wife.”
“She’s a clever mare.”
>”I mean that I’m FINE!”
“You haven’t been taking your blood pressure meds.”
>The anger on his face vanishes and is replaced by surprise.
>It only lasts a second before going back to anger, but you caught it.
>”Don’t try to change the subject!”
“When you came here all buzzed out, you were clearly having a hypertensive episode. Whether you believe it or not, you’re unwell.”
>”For the last time, I am FINE!”
“My years of study disagree. Overly high blood pressure damages your circulatory system and blows out delicate organs. It’s especially nasty because you feel okay until it’s too late. You can be going about your day all full of energy then BAM! You’re blind for life.”
>”You didn’t know that was going to happen.”
“No. I didn’t. Nothing is certain until it actually happens, but you were an extremely high risk.”
>”So you DRUGGED me because there was a CHANCE something bad would happen?”
“Huh. When you say it like that it sounds kinda bad.”
>”KINDA bad?”
>Slow down and think, idiot!
>He doesn’t get where you’re coming from, make the situation a bit more relatable.
“How would you feel about sending out a soldier knowing there was a high risk they’d be wounded?”
>He glares at you, but his posture starts to slacken.
>He sits down in the guest chair opposite you, and you can’t help but notice he’s avoiding eye contact.
>Looks like you’re on the right track here.
>”I’d probably change their order.”
“And if they went out anyway?”
>”I’d order them to stand down.”
“And if, after telling them repeatedly that they were going to hurt themselves, they continued to-”
>”I wouldn’t drug them if that’s what you’re getting at.”
“A week ago, I’d have probably said the same thing. But when I saw you half dead stumbling around, I couldn’t think of any other other way.”
>”What about, I don’t know, minding your own damn business?”
“Your health IS my business. I have a duty to my patients. You of all ponies should understand duty.”
>”Of course. I have plenty of duties to worry about, things that you STOPPED me from tending to with your drugs!”
>That backfired.
>You maintain that you did the right thing.
>Still, you can’t help but feel pretty low.
>This is the kind of thing you could lose your license for back on Earth.
>Well, maybe not YOU, but someone could.
>”I need you to swear to me you’ll never do that again.”
“We’ll talk this over once you’ve calmed down.”
>Your door disagrees.
>Or more accurately, the hole that he put in your wall by opening it too hard.
>He’s really starting to scare you.
>There’s hardly a trace of your buddy left in that mass of rage.
>Maybe you actually DID go too far this time…
“Shining- prince Armor. I’m sorry. I thought I was acting in your best interests, but I clearly crossed a line. Can you forgive me?”
>”FORGIVE you? Maybe. Maybe if that was the ONLY thing you’d done.”
>”Did you REALLY think I wouldn’t find out you were harboring those things?”
>You bite your tongue.
>Your attempts to talk your way out of this have all gone terribly, you’d best not push it any further.
>”Is it healthy enough for prison?”
“Uhh… it should be fine.”
>”How about interrogation? He might know where Chrysalis is.”
>Shining Armor’s vengeful aura vanished in the blink of an eye.
>He stared wide-eyed at you for just an instant before recovering from whatever had shocked him.
>You hear him shout something, but can’t make it out over the sound of your face being smashed into your desk by an unseen assailant.
>It takes a little longer than you care to admit to recover from the attack, and by the time you do you find yourself lying face up on the floor.
>Looking up at Chrysalis.
>Watching as she pries your jaw open and shoves the barrel of a rifle into your mouth.
>”Looking for me?”
>You can’t help but make some decidedly undignified noises and reflexively try to scoot away.
>It is, of course, pointless.
>”Alright, LISTEN UP! This is an M270 light machine gun! It can sustain fire at over 200 rounds per minute, and will punch through steel. Anyone feeling stupid?”
>Those words meant something, but you couldn’t process them.
>Not right now.
>”Stand down, everypony.”
>Shining Armor sounded much less frightened than he had any right to be.
>”We are willing to release the prisoners, just don’t shoot anyone.”
>”Did I just hear a condition? You’re in no position to be making demands, my dear.”
>”You’re surrounded. The instant you fire that weapon, your fate is sealed.”
>”I have a machine gun. You can’t match that.”
>”Wanna bet?”
>The manic thoughts in your head have completely drowned out all irrelevant information, such as language.
>Fortunately, you’ve always been a fast thinker.
>UNFORTUNATELY, no matter how fast you think there don’t seem to be many options.
>You’re completely at the mercy of a maniacal bug!
>A bug that just removed the barrel from your mouth.
>You take the opportunity to cough furiously from the agitation.
>”Get up.”
>Chrysalis doesn’t yell, but somehow the words seem extremely forceful.
>Your legs tremble and your knees nearly fail you as you pull away and struggle to your feet.
>”I said MOVE.”
>The gun is once again aimed at you, though mercifully it is no longer inside you.
>Shining Armor steps in front of the weapon, only to have it club him over the head.
>He falls to the ground with a cry of pain.
>You see blood trickling down the side of his head from near the base of his horn.
>But before the first drop can hit the floor, he recovers enough to speak.
>”The doctor is the only creature on the entire planet who was willing to help you.”
>”Get moving, monkey! You’re my hostage today.”
>”You owe him, Chrysalis! You owe him a life!”
>The queen fires a single round, punching a hole straight through the wall not far from your head.
>You’re not sure if that was a warning, or if she just missed.
>Either way, it’s enough to kick your legs into motion, and you walk out the front door with your hands up.
>”For every guard I see in that lobby, you’re getting an extra pair of breathing holes.”
>The soldiers seemingly hear her and scurry away.
>”Alright, we’re moving out! Drop your disguises and rendez-vous at mark 14. You have ONE HOUR. If a single changeling doesn’t make it on time, the chimp dies. If I see any ponies following us, the chimp DIES!”
>Something hits you in the back hard enough to send you to your knees.
>”Oh, and if you don’t keep up with me, well…”
>Chrysalis walks ahead of you at an uncomfortably swift pace.
>You can hardly believe your luck.
>Her back is turned!
>You could-
>”You heard the queen, doc.”
>You know that voice.
>It’s the changeling you were taking care of.
>You turn your head to see him in his bug form, pointing a carbine rifle at your head.
>”Please. I don’t want to hurt you. Please get up.”
“Why are you doing this?”
>”You crossed the hive. There are rules. Please get moving, you don’t have to die. She’ll let you go, just… please.”
>You trust him.
>Granted, you’ve little choice.
>It takes a little longer than you’d like to stand up from your bruised knees, and you stumble for your first few steps.
>You’re already lagging well behind the queen, who to your surprise already has five changelings in tow.
>Only the two of them seem to be armed.
>You don’t turn to look at your patient, fearing what might happen if you break your stride.
“I helped you.”
>”That’s why she’s going to let you go.”
>You nearly object further, but manage to bite your tongue.
>They’ve promised your safety.
>And while you’re not sure how much that promise is worth, you don’t want to push your luck.
>Your non-consensual hike eventually leads you to the city limits.
>And much to your dismay, Chrysalis leaves the city’s protective bubble.
“I can’t go out there.”
>”You don’t have a choice.”
>Your patient sounds almost…
“But it’s snowing.”
>He presses the gun into your back yet again.
>You step toward the bubble, already shivering.
>And walk through.
>Your lab coat does nothing to temper the biting winds, and your shoes fill with snow within a few steps.
“I’m going to freeze to death!”
>You hear a quick burst of gunfire right behind you, and are smart enough to take the hint.
>You’ve got somewhere around 15 minutes to live in this weather.
>That’s a lot longer than you’d last if they actually shot you.
>You press onward as fast as you’re able, knee deep in snow.
>Your toes are already numb, your terror sweat has started to freeze to your face, and your limbs feel incredibly heavy.
>Time seems to drag on forever.
>It feels like you’ve been in this cold for hours, yet you know it can only have been a few minutes.
“Ish it mush furter?”
“Mush furter?”
>”I don’t understand what you’re saying.”
>Must be something wrong with his ears.
>You’re directed to a burrow in a particularly large snowdrift.
>It’s really hard to crouch down low enough to get in, but after lying in the snow for a while you manage to make your way.
>And there’s a big bunch of fluffy white critters in here.
>The big one nods in approval as you crawl in.
>”Finally. I heard gunfire, did he give you trouble?”
“Hello fluffy lady.”
>”That’s, uh, that’s a new one. Did he give you trouble? Report!”
>”He was reluctant to leave the city, mentioned the snow.”
>”Why did it take so long? I thought something had gone wrong.”
>”He’s having a lot of trouble walking. I think it’s too cold for him.”
>”Figures. Anyway, you’re the last ones here.”
>The fluffy lady marches up to you and kicks you in the ribs.
>You collapse in the snow.
>She’s mean.
>”So, you figured out we don’t need to breathe. That-”
>Another kick.
>You don’t move.
>You’re just too tired.
>”Was a very useful secret that you ruined. And then to make it worse, you ratted out my poor boy here.”
>For some reason you have the feeling that you’re in danger.
>That you have to do something.
>But you just can’t seem to remember what it is.
>”I ought to rip your head off for that, or at least let the cold claim you.”
>What’s she talking about?
>It’s only a little chilly here.
>”I pay my debts.”
>Her head starts to glow.
>A small circle of snow near you starts to melt, then boil.
>It’s way too hot here.
>You start pulling off your clothes to try and cool down, but it’s hard so you give up after your shirt and coat.
>”That heat will buy him some time. They were tailing us, he should last long enough for them to find him.”
>”My queen, I saw nopony-”
>”I did. They’re not far out, we have to move.”
>The fluffy lady and the smaller bunnies start walking away really quickly.
>Why are you out here again?
>You have to go back or you’ll be late for class.
>But then, maybe a quick nap first would be okay.
>It’s so peaceful out here.
>Something’s keeping you awake.
>”Stay with me, buddy. We got you.”
>Why can’t it just let you sleep?
>”Help me get him off the ground. Warm the torso, not the limbs.”
>So tired.
>So hot…

That should be the last we see of the changelings for a while. While there is stuff to discuss about their activities What was their goal? How were they so well armed? If they had that firepower why not just blow everyone away etc. they have left the city and the immediate threat is gone. Which means we'll be free to move about again, including punishing Rarity for trashing the place

Some of you have been waiting way too long for that so I'm making a promise here. I'm going to explain the planned punishment next time, and if it pleases the thread the following update will be devoted entirely to punishment.
I think we are a bit more active then usual
Guys I think wizard anon has left the ride or is dead or something or far more likely taking a break
The propeller got him, didn't it?
> Anonymous 01/20/22(Thu)14:35:28 No.38107507▶
>I think we are a bit more active then usual
> Anonymous 01/20/22(Thu)17:46:04 No.38108277▶>>38109101
>Guys I think wizard anon has left the ride or is dead or something or far more likely taking a break
What propeller
How do you anons feel about branding a slave on their cutie mark would that slap their destiny or something
File: rararub.png (2 MB, 1257x1024)
2 MB
is it me or is shining just waaaay to pissed? maybe we should sneak soemthing in his drinks to calm the fuck down. what a bitch
>What was their goal? How were they so well armed? If they had that firepower why not just blow everyone away etc. they have left the city and the immediate threat is gone.
interesting. do we have soemthing lorerelated as to why they could maybe try to frame the only hooman in town? maybe have them kicked out of the kingdom and take him for themselfes
>Which means we'll be free to move about again, including punishing Rarity for trashing the place
it didnt have to be this way. she could have just been good girl instead
Shinning gets mad you are drugging him decide to drug him more
Slavers should get to know who their slaves once were. If I knew celestia was a princess, it would impact how I would treat her! ……

She would be constantly humbled and Made to be lower than my other slaves, they would have to learn to dom her a bit as well. Giving some of their chores to her if I allow it. Stuff like that
What about the opposite? Imagine training her to be responsible for other slaves, until she's proud of having earned your trust and being worthy of being put in charge of part of your household. And then in a moment of clarity she suddenly realises how proud she is of "achieving" rulership over some aspect of one household, when she used to rule a nation, and realises just how thoroughly broken she is.

Also, being an "overslave" would bring a lot of opportunity for unique challenges and punishments, too. How does she handle things when Master lays down strict rules or difficult work, and it comes down to her to convince the slaves to cooperate and obey, knowing what awaits them if they don't?
Or what happens if one particular slave is very rebellious and won't listen to reason? If you let them run amok, it's your hide on the line. Would Celestia have the guts to punish that slave? Now imagine she tries to be gentle at first, but the rebel pushes things to the limit and she's forced to act harshly, like sentencing the slave to heavy whipping followed by solitary bondage for a while, under pain of having herself and all her other slaves - even well-behaved ones - punished for that one slave's misdeeds if she can't rein him in (ha). And then she finds that that act, of dispensing a harsh and merciless punishment, shattered her image among the other slaves as a "kind mistress" that was "shielding" them from harsh and strict Master. How does she cope? When her titanic efforts to try to please Master while trying to ensure the slaves have as soft and easy life as she can go unappreciated, how quickly does she backslide into just being what they make her out to be and acting like Master's right hand pawn?

Of course, maybe Celestia would prefer actually just being the lowest ranking slave instead, just to get away from the responsibility. Bring on the pain, the humiliation and the hard work, as long as all she has to do is follow orders and her actions don't determine the well-being of other ponies. In that sense, "demoting" her could in fact be a reward. I wonder if she could be brought to ask for that voluntarily?
File: 1517246226686.png (317 KB, 608x476)
317 KB
317 KB PNG
well, isnt that half the fun? using your slaves memories and expiriences against it? sure you maybe sometimes want to turn it into a blank canvas but thats just "different"
emergency latexbump
fast board
also, stallions are for feminization
Stallion are only allowed to cum by prostate stimulation
would you make it enjoyable for him or just fast and souldless, like with electrostimulation?
putting a former leader in charge of a few others slaves and be made repsonsible to train and break them would be a real blow to a ponies ego. once she protected them, now she hurts them.
similairly, if they were made bottomslave they could just be used by the others. her former subjects would hate how their leader has let them down and put them in this place. its only fair if they have some revenge

also, opinions of deepthroattraining? would you make it a permanent thing for your ponies or more of a punishment?
now with pic
He need to learn that he can only get pleasure for a human or anything than the human order to fuck him. He need to learn that he will never get pleasure from another pony ever again.
She would want to be in charge to help stop it from happening , a diplomat if she’s at the bottom she doesn’t get a say, and soon the others learn for their safety they have to be rough on her. Keeping her down, if she gets up, she could cause revolution, so they break slaves enough to keep them down by their own fear.
File: 557161.png (304 KB, 1100x1100)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
Colts too
>Filly training the colt to be a good girl for master
File: 1654008.png (1.34 MB, 1570x1767)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
File: 1598746230836.png (274 KB, 1536x2048)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
god why is rumble so cute?!
also, what filly would be the best colttrainer?
also doesnt have to be a filly, maybe a fillyfiddling mare with a hate for colts who knows what to pay attention to could do the job
File: 465019.png (919 KB, 1440x815)
919 KB
919 KB PNG
>also, what filly would be the best colttrainer?
To be honest when I see a filly training someone I always see Cozy Glow or a filly Flurry Heart
>maybe a fillyfiddling mare with a hate for colts who knows what to pay attention to could do the job
To be honest I never got to see a mare in the show with an attitude that would fit both. For filly fiddling we can always go for Twilight, maybe training a colt for master would be a new experience for her.
And for a mare that would hate colts, I would see pic related fit because colts already ruined her name one time, maybe these colts would be better with the role of a filly, with their cock totally locked behind a chastity cage and the key destroyed right in front their eyes
>To be honest when I see a filly training someone I always see Cozy Glow or a filly Flurry Heart
flurry doesnt have a canon personality yet so dunno, but cozy could be turned into a get slave and then given a cold to train to prove her dedication
>For filly fiddling we can always go for Twilight, maybe training a colt for master would be a new experience for her.
make it similiar to cozy but this time with a much more obidient and willing mare. teach her how colts and stallions, her brother included really have no point in a future slavesociety other than being spermdonors. fast forward a few months and she will have gone full "twilight" again with the colt you gave her. (obviously you supervised her from the backlines so your property doesnt get damaged, nor her going offtopic)
>And for a mare that would hate colts, I would see pic related fit because colts already ruined her name one time, maybe these colts would be better with the role of a filly, with their cock totally locked behind a chastity cage and the key destroyed right in front their eyes
again, make sure this is a reward for her, not you trying to "buy" her trust or loyalty. but once she knows her place, i think she would be a real good colttrainer. maybe allow her some use of magic again so she can slowly shrink the cages and grow the colts plugs. she'll be creative no doubt
>snips and snails
If trixie choose these ugly colts for my bed she will totally get punished, really fucking hard if she believe these ugly things would be enough to please me while I praise >>38113135 for making a good colt selection.
just have snips and snails snipped and sent away
tell trixie to try again after a good whipping
I wish there was a green where anon receives a mail order colt by mistake.
>He begs to stay, if he gets sent back again they'll put him down.
OK, but you need to fulfil the duties I ordered the filly for.
>Training commences.
File: coltmaid.png (439 KB, 1170x1024)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
>colt is happy to have a new master and not live in a little cage anymore
>the clothes are comfy, if a bit too girly for his taste
>the shampoo master cleans him with each night before going to bed smells nice too
>master sometimes has him wear VR goggles but he always forgets what was playing after they are taken off. it doesnt matter though because he is happy
either that ot its some hard breaking and reeducation but i like this "soft and happy" approach for small colts and fillies. an ugly stallion wouldnt get that chance from me
>If trixie choose these ugly colts
Ugly colts and stallion are for snipping and then to the forced labor camp. The cute ones belong to master bed and breeding centers(only the most cute, girly and submissive are allowed to pass his genes to the next generation).
There's any green about selective breeding?
>femcolt breedingfarms
fund it
What was playing on the crystal goggles
"filly" hypnosis
lots of hearts, feminine shapes and suggestive poses
on the headphones it was lots of voices talking over each other... who knows what they were saying?
Nice hypnosis is so hot

I was thinking of a fic in which twilight and anon were working together to turn shinning into a sissy slave
since we dont have a green, how would you have it done? subliminal or forceful reeducation? would you leave the body as is, or have magic, potions or speels change it? what about cadence?
>since we dont have a green, how would you have it done?
I would choose one of the ponies to help me to do it. Of course, my two choices would be Twilight or Cadence
>subliminal or forceful reeducation?
Subliminal = Twilight
Forceful = Cadence
>would you leave the body as is, or have magic, potions or speels change it?
Twilight really love her brother so I can see her trying to keep him by how he look, just slowly change his mind with the training to love his new master in a really subby way.
Cadence believe that she will love Shining don't matter her body so she would not mind to use magic and potions to change her husband body and make it more girly for master.
Twilight: She actually believe that master would keep shining in the mansion so she can have her BFF inside too but master just wanted to train a really subby stallion so he can use him as reward for the stallions in the forced labor facility(filled with royal guards), if these stallions know that they will get any kind of release even if that means fucking their old captain they will try harder and at the same time have in their mind what would happen to anyone of them.
Cadence: She was a really good trainer, maybe a really good one for her own sake. Now Shining is the favorite of master. His new body, his mentality, his lust. Shining become the perfect bedpony and she was reassigned to a training facility to create more stallions like shining, getting less time with master and satiate herself. But she will not stop, she is a good girl and it's about to get ready for the next stallions to train, Blue Blood.
Two good pair of fillies
Well in the senecio twilight is already anons slave and she as well as serval others love it. My plan would be start with subliminals and magic towards shinning make want to be humiliated enslaved cucked and turned into a mare. Make him dream about it and enjoy it eventually have him tell cadence about his fantasy she is also having these dreams but to a lesser extent she loving her husband more than anything agrees to try it but is very worried. Twilight finds out about this due to a random scenario which we create to give an excuse she suggests anon who is her *boyfriend* and says it’s because she knows anon can keep this secret and twilight trusts him. The first night is something simple Cadence puts shinning in some make up and gives him some spa treatments after an hour or two he is in feminine clothes and dolled up shinning and cadence enter the room To see anon by himself
cadence sits down to watch the show
>anon takes off his pants and shirt
>shinning starts to ask anon how he plans to do this Blushing the entire time.
>before he can finish anon shushes him
>before he can finish anon shushes him
That will show him that he isn't still a good girl. He will learn eventually that he need to cum when anon cum inside inside him to show that he enjoyed it.
Of course, he will fail and cum before anon and that will give the excuse to apply the chastity cage but that's part of the plan
>>Subliminal = Twilight
>twilight just starts putting her underwear in her brothers drawer. at first he will return it to twilight but eventually he will get curious propably because he heard twilight speaking on how comfy they are and how she wished more stallions would wear them
>twily's underwear will be replaced by some new one just for him
>continue with this until she takes him shopping. nothign for him ofcourse, she will just model in some dresses but lets him decide which ones just to buy them later when he isnt around and repeat the trick of the underwear
no idea how to do the bahaviorchange
>Forceful = Cadence
i can see this work with some roleplay and costumes for when they are in bed and then escalate from there on
>Now Shining is the favorite of master. His new body, his mentality, his lust. Shining become the perfect bedpony and she was reassigned to a training facility to create more stallions like shining, getting less time with master and satiate herself
cadence would propably sense a change in the kind of love originating from both shining and master, letting her know she did well. she isnt a changeling but it still used to be her job
>cooped up here for a few days now
Time to drug the guards too!
>keep you entertained
I would sure have played with Rares all day.
>you’d be even MORE isolated
Why can't he talk with Twilight?
>He sounded pissed.
This always end us with Anon being hurt in some way.
>you’re ADMITTING it?
Well, he also (almost) immediately told Candyass that he is healing a changeling.
>Wonder what that’s like.
>”Don’t try to change the subject!”
He quickly caught it.
>How would you feel about
Anon knows how to turn Shining's anger to conflict with his own logic.
>That backfired.
And here is where he should have said that the world won't collapse in 2 days without him.
>Your door disagrees.
>Is it healthy enough
Worst case Anon checks the bug a few more times.
Also Shining is sure bad at recognizing the opportunity for Anon to examine the changeling and uncover some more secrets.
>an unseen assailant
And the guards are useless. Again. Not even a warning.
>It can sustain
The bug is a gunfag.
>”I have a machine gun. You can’t match that.”
If this is the case then there is a huge power inbalance.
Taking Anon? Hm for what purpose? Another bug got hurt or what? Or as security?
>”Oh, and if you don’t keep up with me, well…”
But she promised...
>”Please. I don’t want to hurt you. Please get up.”
At least that bug feels some regret.
>somewhere around 15 minutes to live in this weather
Just how fucking cold is it out there?
This is not how hypothermia works. But oh well.
>“Hello fluffy lady.”
Fluffle Puff!
>we don’t need to breathe
Not Fluffle Puff then.
>then boil
Powerful one.
>”I did. They’re not far out, we have to move.”
No surprise her. But the guards have to work on their hiding skills.
>”Stay with me, buddy. We got you.”
At least he is not sleep deprived to act quick and in an effective manner.

Thanks for the update!
>No discord
Ah wonderful, the based version of /spg/
There is a discord, but it's so dead we don't bother putting it in the op anymore.
/spg/ is the same but they haven't removed the link yet
Would anyone want to help try to revive it? I’m down.
spg or sim?
the problem always is that discords take people away from threads and elt them die. upside would be for thread related but nsfw content
Could also be fun for roleplays, and more named regulars, even if it’s on an alt account as mine normally is for kink stuff.

And sim preferably
File: 1628036863675.png (1.15 MB, 1280x1317)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
This but with Shining Armor
the name is gleaming shield now
>changing his name
>allowing him to get another identity
>instead of keeping his name so he will always remember that even if his name used to be the name of the prince of the crystal empire it's now the name of the biggest anal slut of the mansion
>not making everyone to call by his name, so he will never forget that
As much that other name would be his exclusive name when he is in the bed with master.
While he is outside the bed he is shining armor, the failure of prince that got captured, the failure of captain of royal guard that doomed her own kind, but not in the bed, in the bed he is the master favorite, Gleaming Shield and with that name he will only know about pleasure and know that he is the best in bed duties.
With that you keep that useless stallion happy even if everyone in the mansion hate him, he will be more than happy to have these bed session with you, don't matter how much you degrade him.
if i wanted a good bedslave i would get a filly or a mare. colts and stallions wouldnt make it to bed with me. i would have them listen or watch me having fun with mare and allow them to clean us later but no more than that.
once done cleaning, i would fold him into a small package, and slide him into his drawer under the bed. down there he can listen to me and the mare have some fun some more until we fall asleep
Then what would you choose to humiliate shining, her wife or daughter(filly age)?
Then I would go with the twilight ending in this >>38116396 . Shining will be a maid and the onahole for the stallions in the forced labor facility.
i want shining and cadence locked into chastitybelts and have them both watch me have fun with other mares. outside of workhours they can touch, kiss and hug each other as much as they want. when im feelingmean, i would have a special game for them to play.
>both get blindfolded and deafed with a full headmask that gets locked on
>after that, shining gets a strapon tied to his crotch while cadence has a fleshlight stuffed up are pussy
>all they were told before is that they will get some special time together now
>both will think its a reward for their former partner so they'll play along. noone will feel any pleasure... shining will hump cadence from behidn with as much power as he can while cadence pushed back against the her former husband
>after half an hour, they'll be seperated, told not to talk about ever again and reunited for the regular slave duties

any other games one could play with them apart form this fakesex?
encourage slaves training each other
You could conditioning him for 1 like give him rewards for putting on feminine clothes after that you could repeat the process after you could get him to act feminine maybe say things like a stallion should be more comfortable in their marely side and things like that to make him think mares like stallions like that
Another thing you could do would be take him out for a night on the town pretending both twilight and shinning are mares
We don't have any concrete information about why they wanted to frame the human, though I just wrote a scene about someone speculating.

>How cold
Mentioned in the next scene. It's about -40c, though Anon overestimates and thinks it's -50. The discrepancy is to give myself wiggle room since I haven't studied hypothermia as extensively as some other conditions.

And the part about speaking poorly was supposed to imply he had reverted to a human tongue due to panic and confusion, though looking back I convey that poorly.
Ya I kinda think he should or could have talked to twilight or at least check if she was okay

What does everyone think about this Clop fic
>Anon starts to remove the blue skirt Shining is wearing
>Shining tenses up
>Anon takes one of his hands and strokes Shining'sShining's face
>he then uses the other to touch the blue skirt and starts to pull it off
>anon pulls the skirt down so that it is off Shining's person and around his hind legs.
>this leaves Shining only in a pair of tight pink
>panties that barely cover his flank and present a massive bulge which could only be his erection.
"Someone looks excited, don't they"
>Shining Looks to you and Cadence Blushing but says nothing.
>after Shining says nothing, you realize this is an opportunity to introduce him to basic punishment.
>you take the opportunity to wind up your hand and slap his cutie mark with a lot of force.
>you notice shinning gasp in pain, but you also see his cock twitch And him feeling the pleasure of the slap
>it looks like Twilight managed to cast that spell on him that gives you pleasure equivalent to the pain you received without him Or Cadence finding out.
I wrote more and planned to write more tonight but I didn’t want to lose my progress so I submitted it then deleted and reposted it I think 4-6 times
>shining not locked in tiny cage
this needs to changed ASAP
File: evo_Applejack.png (2.64 MB, 2000x2000)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB PNG
File: loveslave.png (283 KB, 683x800)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
there are lots of "enhancements" for human bodies but what would you modify on your ponies? both to humiliate them, punish them or you could be interested in. soemthign creative or unusual?
Y'all niggas is gay.
File: 1451884928205.png (568 KB, 1280x902)
568 KB
568 KB PNG
Aside from the standard collar, gags, various bondage straps and restraints that can be kept on for some time, but other than that, a tail wrap for extra grip.
For a more permanent sort of body mod, piercings are always a nice choice. Nipple and clit piercings particularly. Extra points if they can be strung together on some sort of leash. Using a restraint and attaching that restraint to one of their piercings would give a good choice to a slave. Sure, they can probably escape their restraints and make a getaway attempt, but is it really worth the pain? I'd like to see an imagining of a hostile/combative slave have to choose between willingly remaining in captivity, or making an escape attempt at the cost of a nipple or clit piercing. I'd equally like to see piercings like that used as some sort of rank marker or badge of honor, to show that said slave is especially close with their master, or is especially valued.
Chastitybelts kept in place by one or more piercings has always been a fantasy of mine. Pther things could be a bridle anchored in place by a tonguepiercing or a teatshield/bra by the same measures. You could step up the security with thicker rings, heavier shields and ultimately, soldering the rings shut and making them permanent. Not only would the lucky slave always feel their weight and movement, but also hear the metal clank on other metal. Also:
I like the idea of leash anchorpoints, either for when you take them with you outside, to keep them in place

Some more twisted stuff that I think I mentioned before:
I want to randomly feed a mare some knockoutpills and have things changed. Sometime its small changes like piercings, other times its her lips being puffed up or having makeup permanently tattoo'd on. I want to keep escalating it ... lengthen her tongue, make it so she cant fully open her eyes anymore and always has that bedroom look with some more permanent makeup. I dont want it to be slutty either but classy instead. A ponyfied dita von teese.
Maybe have her start wearing tight saddle and corsets, not because I tie her down each morning, but because she needs the support.
I could go on forever until the "bad end" where the slave doesnt recognize itself anymore
I started up that irc chatroom way back when because we were having a ton of somewhat off-topic discussion, and I thought that the chatting was removing the focus from the thread. We were going through 3-4 threads a day back then, so it made more sense for me. I kind of regret what I started, but I do think it's nice that there's a more static place to go to to get messages to thread regulars and co-ordinate when a good time to start another thread is. Maybe one of the issue with the Discord is that I generally prefer to not be running it, for reasons of privacy and being distracted.

I've never really spent time in spg. They seemed more like a white knight general that wants to "rescue" poor, impoverished minority ponies that wound up in Earth somehow. It seemed slimy and creepy to me, like an unironic version of "you have to eat all the eggs". In contrast, this thread's always felt more like worldbuilding those bad alternate future timelines. It's far more about the internal journey the various characters take than a performative "look how I'm a nice person" of spg, or how many other threads can seem like the viewpoint character lacks agency and is just along for the ride while various events happen. I like the internal journeys, crafting a scene, and that sort of feeling when the movie characters just suddenly realize that the monster is standing right behind them.

Here's that discord link, by the way: https :// discord [dot] gg/TdnFsfg7
Teat and clit piercings are the obvious ones - there's lots of fun things you can do with those to keep her constantly stimulated. Dock piercings similarly, or you can use dock+clit piercing to anchor a sort of chastity cover in place like >>38125563 suggested.

Besides that, I've always like the idea of inserting a ring at the third (wrist) wing joint. Not actually penetrating the joint, just the skin around it. You could use that to control how far pony can move their wings - lock them down to the floor, or chain the piercings to a harness and prevent them from spreading all the way.
Those seem like a lot of changes. Are you imagining magically induced changes, piercings, or outright surgery for them?

I don't think I'm quite getting what you're saying here. You're almost wanting to make these changes a non-event, with how they're done while the character is unconscious and can't have an opinion on them one way or the other due to the surprise of when they'll take the knock-out drug. Are you into any form of transformation fetish? I'm only asking because I can't quite see where the appeal of this stuff is. It's getting a little body horror-y towards the end.

Generally, the idea of transitory restraints/modifications has more appeal to me. It's almost musical. There are most normal days where they're not used and the permanent ones like the piercings might be barely noticeable, and then there are the times where they're actively impacting the character's life. I like the variety, and the difference in how severe the changes are to the pony's life. It allows for more scenes in the story and more different ways for the various characters to treat each other.
remember shining thinks this is his idea
>Shining, I asked you a question why didn't you answer it"
>Shining Armour pauses for a moment before answering.
>" umm, you said not to talk"
>Shining says meekly, Almost embarrassed to answer.
"Shining, you can talk when I ask you a question."
>shining nods
>" Yes, I am excited."
> Shining again says meekly and in a low voice
"come on, put some more feeling into it. I am going to fuck your feminine colt pussy well your wife watches. Cadence says she found out about this almost a month ago, and you have been talking about it ever since, and now that the time has come, all you can muster is a quiet I am excited you really are pathetic if that's all you can say I may as well fuck a real mare Cadence come over here."
>with your rant finished, you take a deep breath and wait for Cadence to approach
>as his wife walks towards you and him, Shining's face changes to a look of Both horror and arousal.
"Would you enjoy it more if I fucked your wife first, or do you want that honor."
>before shinning can answer, I move a hand down and grab cadence cutie mark
>ponies are extra sensitive there
>she gasps in surprise.
>before I go any further Shinning answers, almost yelling
>" Master, please fuck my colt pussy, please, your superior human cock to turn me into a cum stained drooling bitch; well, Cadence watch's please show her that I am nothing more than a submissive cuck that is addicted to cock.
>shinning makes a relieved sigh
> Cadence is just staring at her husband In pure shock.
"It feels go to finally say it after being ashamed of this for so long, doesn't it."
>shining nods "ya, that felt so good; you don't know how long I have been hiding how I feel. Thanks for making me say it."
"Your welcome shining"
File: 1671073.png (2.01 MB, 3000x3000)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB PNG
>Those seem like a lot of changes. Are you imagining magically induced changes, piercings, or outright surgery for them?
anything goes
>I don't think I'm quite getting what you're saying here. You're almost wanting to make these changes a non-event, with how they're done while the character is unconscious and can't have an opinion on them one way or the other due to the surprise of when they'll take the knock-out drug. Are you into any form of transformation fetish? I'm only asking because I can't quite see where the appeal of this stuff is. It's getting a little body horror-y towards the end.
its not so much about the changes but what the slave has to deal with afterwards. things like piercings can be hidden under clothes but what about permanent lipstick? how would lets say rarity defend that infront of her friends? ok so she found a way, now she got some longer eyelashes and strong makeup for her eyes she can only alter, but not remove. eacht day she will have to dress like some highclass escort or as if she were on ehr way to the opera. this goes on and on until no excuse, no costume can hide that she is used as a canvas, a doll or a manequin by someone else and that she likes it.
for that scenario, the pain inflicted would only be psychological and the real challenge would be to have her like it!
its a bit like the "raricow"-scenario but humiliating in a different way.
Does she like being slapped in the face by herself?
i want to do things to that smug colt
Knowing how slutty is Rumble he will be more than happy to accept any order from his master.
>Knowing how slutty is Rumble
what are your sources?
His training >>38115247 >>38115493
all me
Keep being a good trainer, all the colts of equestria need that training so they accept faster their new role and make the cutest and submissive ones candidates for the breeding facility when they stop being colts. >>38115401
how would you do the breeding? just milk them and artificial insemination of breedingmares?
would you just keep milking the colts and stallions all day or do they get to walk free sometimes?
>just milk them and artificial insemination of breedingmares?
That sound like the perfect method. Keeping both away, 0 contact with anyone of their own kinds. The future generation need to learn that they don't need other pony, they need a human.
>would you just keep milking the colts and stallions all day or do they get to walk free sometimes?
If they got in the training facility that means they're the best of their own kind, they need to stay healthy so they can create good seeds.
They were good boys and girls for years, so I believe this should be their fist genuine reward.
Imagine after a generation, ponies that don't even know another gender exists. They have only ever seen ponies that look like themselves and have no idea where new ponies come from.
Watching a pony alone without collar or a human with him/her would make the new generation of ponies enter in confusion or just feel bad for the previous generation of ponies that have to deal with the terror of having to take their own decision, to not have anyone to serve.
Now this make me wonder. Celestia deserve to be trained or would you keep her alive, powerless and magicless for generation just to see how her ponies ended. Maybe after showing how tame is the new generation you can finally break her.
That would be so hot
i wouldnt spin it in a bad way though, i would instead tell her that she just made a mistake in resisting and how she and her ponies are better off now. she just needs to admit it. once she does, the spanking will turn into petting and the teasing and edging maybe even into orgasms
>keep celestia unbroken for this moment
So the other princesses are avaible? I would love to train one specially flurry heart
Oh that would be great have flurry grow up in slavery among mares and after she has lived her whole life in slavery and pleasure finally is introduced to her still defiant mother by her master as cadence yells and screams at Anon and flurry all flurry feels to cadence is pity and it’s that look that her daughter gives that finally breaks her or plays a role in it
I am not going to write this today as I was busy
File: evo_Pinkie Pie.png (1.9 MB, 2000x2000)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB PNG
I've seen so many of these, they could be NFT templates
She have potential to be a really good girl
Now here, let's fix that link for you Anon.

File: 408671.jpg (73 KB, 600x600)
73 KB
>Cadence is always forced to see you lewding her daugther
>The worst part it's not that Flurry is still a filly while she is being lewded or that she look genuinely happy and always enjoying and asking for more
>The worst thing is that she's starting to getting aroused
Time for the deal. If she want to keep watching her favorite show everynight she will need to teach or perfectly explain how to replicate her love magic. That specific magic it's just pretty valuable for the humanity
File: maid.png (15 KB, 588x625)
15 KB
punish all stallions
reward all mares
File: evo_Kirin.png (2.08 MB, 2000x2000)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB PNG
File: evo_Marble Pie.png (2.3 MB, 2000x2000)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB PNG
>bumping without content
I hate you fags

I'll take inspiration from the recently deceased trad-wife thread again then and ask, if you could emforce a global fetish or mindset ehat would it be? What if all mares wore restrictive dresses at all times again like a 1000 years ago? Nothing lewd, just things changing on the surface that would then trickle down to other aspects of life for those little ponies

Are there other things that wouldnt be just slavery, that could have a deep impact on society? Maybe some overblown RGRE sexism with stallions having no rights
>It would be a mistake to say you woke up.
>The truth is you never actually lost consciousness.
>And yet, it wouldn’t be right to say you were awake either.
>You’ve been lying here for who knows how long, trying and failing to think through the mental haze.
>What had happened?
>The information is right there at the fore of your mind, but you just can’t think clearly enough to put it together.
>You have to clear your head.
>Focus on your breathing, be aware of the sensation of the air passing through your nostrils.
>Do not control your breath.
>Merely observe.
>It doesn’t take long for half formed thoughts and memories to start circulating again.
>Your memories of the ordeal are hazy and confusing, and you’re almost certain some of them aren’t real.
>But some of them are more vivid than others.
>A gun… a big one at that.
>You were taken hostage.
>It was really cold.
>Fluffy lady of the magical fire bunnies?
>That one might have been a hallucination.
>The cold on the other hand was certainly real.
>But you don’t feel cold right now.
>So that raises the question, have you made it to safety somehow?
>Or are you deep enough into hypothermia to start feeling warm?
>You eventually manage to crack your eyes open just a little bit.
>There’s a roof over your head, so that’s promising.
>Under ordinary circumstances, looking at a blank ceiling wouldn’t give you much information to work with.
>But in the Empire, electrical lighting narrows things down quite a bit.
>You’re in the clinic, more specifically in recovery.
>Someone has taped an IV drip to your arm for some reason.
>But they seem to have neglected to put in a needle.
>Saline drips pointlessly on the floor at a slow and steady rate.
>You can’t help but crack a smile despite the tearing sensation around your dried out lips.
>Someone tried to take care of you despite not knowing what they were doing.
>You shift your weight a bit trying to look around only to be punished by a searing pain in your feet and hands.
>Oshit, your feet and hands!
>You remember feeling warm while lying in the snow, that’s a sign of stage 3 hypothermia!
>Do you have frostbite?
>You clumsily raise your right hand to take a quick look at it.
>”You’re awake!”
“Yeah. How long have I been here?”
>”I’m not certain.”
“Just a guess is good.”
>”I don’t know when they brought you in. I came as soon as I heard! But I had no clue you were even in trouble!”
>Well, you can’t blame her for that, you suppose.
>Your hand is swollen and discoloured.
>The skin looks waxy and stretched thin.
>You can move your fingers, though not with any real dexterity.
>Hard to say for sure, but they’re probably going to be fine.
“Help me sit up, I need to check on my feet.”
>”I would gladly do so, but…”
“But what?”
>”How am I supposed to assist you?”
>No magic.
“The bed has a control panel on the side. Buttons closer to my head move the top, the ones closer to my feet control my feet. I’d do it myself, but I can barely control my fingers. Fowler’s position, please.”
“Sorry, I'm still not thinking very well. I want my head up at an angle of about 50 degrees.”
>She understood that one.
>It takes a little effort to kick the blankets off your feet.
>You sorta wish you hadn’t.
>Your toes are discoloured either an angry red or worse, a pale blue.
>”Are they supposed to look like that?”
“No. They are not.”
>”Are you going to be okay?”
>To a certain standard of okay, yes.
>Your toes might not be though.
“I’ll recover. How’s my face?”
>Rarity trots away for just a moment before returning with a makeup compact.
>You have many questions about this thing.
>What’s the point in such a mirror if one doesn’t carry a purse?
>And where did she pull this from?
>You’re probably overlooking something obvious.
>Your clumsy fingers can’t quite hold the mirror steady, but you can see minor damage on your nose and ears.
>That’s a relief.
>You get enough weird looks as is, no need to have your nose fall off.
>Looks like you survived the ordeal.
“I probably shouldn’t walk on these feet just yet. Would you be willing to fetch a few things for me?”
>”Of course! What did you need?”
“Uh, lemme think a second.”
>The haze in your head is clearing, but it’s still far from gone.
>Airways, good. Heat, stabilising. Circulation’s shot.
>No obvious internal or external bleeding.
>Thrombolytics have been shown to help with frostbite recovery, best get some TPA.
>And a vasodilator would help too, so you’ll get some Iloprost.
>Rarity can’t read English as far as you’re aware.
>No point in telling her drug names.
“In the storage room next to where you stowed your hats. On the shelf there’s a bunch of pills. I need the white round ones. And in the icebox there’s a yellow needle, uh, I can’t remember what colour the writing is. Just bring one of each of the yellow ones. Oh! And a thermometer.”
>”What’s the needle for?”
“Might help my feet heal faster.”
>Should you tell her?
>Maybe not right now.
>Maybe it’s the near death experience talking, but you’re feeling pretty gentle.
>She’s had enough stress lately, no need to make a big deal out of little things.
“Don’t worry too much about it though. I’ll live, that’s not a worry. But, uh, the sooner I get that stuff the better.”
>”Of course!”
>She practically gallops to the door and swings it open, eliciting a pained yell.
>”I am ever so sorry!”
>She doesn’t break her stride to speak.
>Shining Armour comes in a few seconds later with a slightly flat face.
>You also notice a bandage wrapped around his head, probably from where he was clubbed.
>He sounds scared.
“Good to see you. You pulled me out of the snow?”
>”Y-yeah. How did you know?”
“Good guess. Thank you, I owe you big.”
>”Maybe. But I don’t want to know how much I owe you, so let’s not keep track.”
>He certainly seems to have cheered up.
>”You gave us quite the scare there.”
“Yeah. It’s pretty cold out there. How long have I been here anyway?”
>”Anon… it’s been three years.”
>THREE years?
>How is that even possible?
>Shining Armour fails to suppress his laugh.
“Oh very funny.”
>”You’ve been here for maybe half an hour.”
“Oh. That’s actually not so bad.”
>”How did we do with warming you up?”
“Not great, I’m afraid. You have to heat people up slowly and evenly. I’ve probably only got a few days left- I’m taking this joke too far.”
>”Maybe a bit, but hay, so did I.”
“You seem to have done a very good job for a pony with no medical background. The IV is pointless though.”
>”So what’s the damage?”
>Oh boy.
>What do you tell him?
>He’s always on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
>If you’re blunt, would he blame himself?
“I, er, I don’t know yet.”
>”Please don’t lie. I know what cold can do to a pony, and I can’t imagine you’re that much different.”
>Well, fuck.
>Makes sense that residents of this place would know to fear the cold.
>Still, you didn’t want to burden him with this.
“When you get cold your body constricts its blood vessels to restrict flow and preserve heat. If you get way too cold, your body sorta stops worrying about long term prospects and takes extreme action. Cuts off flow to the extremities almost entirely, sacrificing them to try and stay warm. I might lose parts of my feet.”
>”I- oh no. I’m sorry, man.”
“It’s not your fault.”
>”It IS though! I’m supposed to protect you from monsters! I’m supposed to protect everypony! And I failed.”
>This ordeal is really getting to him.
>The worst part is, he’s not wrong.
>That IS his job.
>And he DID fail.
>But even so, you don’t blame him.
>As far as you’re concerned, he did a fantastic job despite falling just short.
“I owe you big. If you hadn’t been there, I’d be frozen solid by now. It’s, like, 50 below out there.”
>”Closer to 40.”
“Well, still! Or maybe I’d have been torn in half by a machine gun if you hadn’t tried to talk her down.”
>That doesn’t seem to have cheered him up much.
>Maybe you should change the subject from you to something else.
“Everyone else okay?”
>Wait, no!
>That was stupid!
>What if someone else got hurt?
>”The drones went quietly when we did our sting, caught them hiding underwater in an aqueduct. A lot of good that did us, they’re all gone again. Thanks, by the way. Your tip was good.”
“Shush! They might be here!”
>You can’t let the changelings know you helped catch them!
>”Dude, they already know.”
>”Did you not notice where she was hiding?”
>You hadn’t.
“I was more focused on the gun at the time.”
>”Oh, right. And your back was turned too. She was the bookshelf.”
>You blink a few times, wondering if you misheard.
>”She was the bookshelf in your office. We haven’t found the real one yet, but we haven’t really been looking that hard.”
“The fuck?”
>”She didn’t sneak past our guard, she was already in there. Probably ever since you took that drone in.”
>You can remember hearing Chrysalis talk to you after apparently vanishing back then.
>Still, this seems very hard to believe.
>”She saw and heard everything that happened in your office ever since.”
>Including what you did with Rarity.
>You feel violated.
>And public humiliation is supposed to be for the mare, not the master!
>Speaking of mares, Rarity barges back into the room with a tastefully embroidered bag in her mouth.
>She drops it on your lap and sits down at your bedside looking up.
>Something about her posture reminds you of a puppy.
“Thank you.”
>You pick up the needle and reach into your labcoat-
>You aren’t wearing it.
>Where did it go?”
>”If you’re looking for your labcoat, we took it off since it was wet.”
“Oh. Thanks, Shining. There should be some square packages in the drawer over there. Could one of you fetch one?”
>Rarity springs into action, much to your amusement.
>The choice of the word fetch was an accident, but a fitting one.
>You accept the offered alcohol swabs before setting to work on yourself.
“Thanks. These things haven’t been stored properly without the cooler, so they might not work well. Still, better than nothing. So what do we do next? Like, the changelings escaped and they’re surprisingly well armed.”
>Shining Armour lets out a long, dejected sigh.
>Seems you can’t help but make him depressed.
>At least you’re not pissing him off this time.
>”We return to normal.”
>”Yeah. City’s officially on low alert.”
“But the bugs escaped!”
>”Exactly. They escaped. The trail went cold about a mile out.”
“But they could come back at any moment!”
>”Believe me, I don’t like it either! But we can’t stay on high alert forever, the militia will get sloppy and lazy eventually.”
“Okay, but calling it off NOW of all times? The same day as a serious attack?”
>”Yeah. Changelings are going to be at the forefront of everypony’s mind, they’ll be looking for softer targets to regroup and feed.”
“So we just wait for them to come back and gun everyone down?”
>”I don’t think they will. Changelings don’t usually kill since they can’t feed off of us then. This is, well, it’s unprecedented. Besides, if their goal was bloodshed they were well equipped to do it.”
>No denying that.
“So what WERE they after? Why attack anyone?”
>”Not sure. But it might have been a misdirect.”
>A misdirect.
“Multiple attempted murders… just to DISTRACT you?”
>”Maybe. It could have just been petty revenge. But again, she had better tools to kill with if that was her goal. And they were well established in the palace before the attacks started. Why would they establish themselves in the Empire if their plan was to kill ponies that live in Ponyville? I think when Twilight and company showed up and formed a search party, Chrysalis thought we were onto her.”
>”Pardon me, do you mean to say this was all a misunderstanding?”
>”Partially. They were doing something before then, and no doubt it was bad. But it might have escalated because of a misunderstanding. Targeting you and your friends the way they did meant we would either be distracted looking for murderous ponies, or humans in the case of the fentanyl thing. You’ll notice they made a point of framing others, or even being seen attacking in pony form.”
“Framing someone makes you less likely to be caught.”
>”True. It might just be that simple, but if murder was the goal why did Rainbow Dash survive?”
>”I might be reading too much into this, or maybe it’s just wishful thinking. But I bet that the attacks weren’t the goal. And if I’m right, they won’t attack when they come back because they won’t want to attract attention.”
>That would be nice.
>Still, you can’t help but worry about that bigger goal.
>”All we can really do is try to be ready, and hope for the best.”
>This really doesn’t sound much like him.
“Shining Armour is a ball of stress, he’d be freaking out over this.”
>”Nothing to be stressed about right now. It’s over.”
“You’re a changeling!”
>”Feel free to do the test.”
“Alright, I will!”
>You swing your feet out of the bed and place one on the ground, then immediately recoil in pain.
“Ah! That might take a bit of getting used to.”
>”I’ve got a test kit on me if you want it.”
“Did you change the needle?”
>”You can change the needles?”
>You TOLD him that he could, and that he had to!
>Granted, the prince has a habit of ignoring your medical advice.
>He’s already pricked himself, much to your disgust.
>You accept the offered glucometer, already suspecting he’s the real prince.
“You’re going to make somepony very sick if you don’t follow basic sanitation, you know.”
>Sure enough, a non-zero reading.
>In fact it’s almost exactly in the middle of a normal reading.
“Huh. My bad.”
>”Can’t blame you for being suspicious. You’ve been through a lot.”
“We all have, especially your sister. I can’t help but notice this is her bed. Where is she?”
>”Moved back to the palace. That should be okay, right?”
“Yeah. Just make sure she takes it easy for a while, she’s still in a fragile state.”
>”You’re telling me. We had to carry her half the way.”
>Poor girl.
>As much as you fear the changelings, they chose to spare you.
>She’s the one on their actual list; if they come back for round two she’s the one in real danger.
>There’s a knock on the door.
>”Are you almost done there? I need to talk to the doctor in private.”
>”Begon, harlot!”
>”Just a second honey.”
“Good to see we’re all in agreement. I’d better talk to her for a bit, we’ve got some stuff to clear up.”
>Rarity marches away in a huff, before realising the only exit is right by the princess.
>She pauses by the door thinking through her options before apparently realising she has no recourse, and trots past Cadence, blowing a raspberry on the way.
>Shining Armour just shakes his head.
>”I probably don’t want to know. Whatever, I need to ask you something. Now that you know who the changelings are, what they’ll do to you, how cruel they are- now that you understand those things, would you still help them?”
>”Wow. I was expecting you to say that, but you didn’t even stop to think about it.”
“There’s nothing to think about. If someone’s sick, I’ll try to help them. It’s… I dunno, it’s just what I have to do. I don’t think I can explain it.”
>”It’s duty.”
“Yeah, something like that.”
>”Well, I’m not going to stop you. But please. Tell us next time.”
“I did.”
“I told your wife what I was doing. That’s how she found out.”
>”Honey, did Anon tell you about the changeling, or did you find out on your own?”
>”He told me.”
>”Oh. I might have jumped to a bad conclusion. Again. I seem to be doing a lot of that lately…”
>He has been.
>You get it.
>You understand what it’s like to have a high stakes job while being short on time.
>Sometimes a bad decision now is better than a good decision in five minutes.
“Don’t worry about it. We’re still good.”
>The sadness in his voice betrays his true feelings.
>Shining Armour doesn’t believe you.
>And there’s nothing you can do to convince him you’ve forgiven him.
>At least, not right now.
>You let the once proud stallion walk away, hunched over with his tail between his legs.
>Poor bastard.
>You can barely overhear him and Cadence talking with each other from behind the door, but not clearly enough to understand what they’re saying.
>Though by the tone they sound almost happy.
>Sure, there’s tension and regret.
>But there’s also hope and relief.
>Optimism about the future.
>They don’t like how things turned out, but know that they could have been far worse.
>And the confidence that whatever comes next, they can handle it.
>Or maybe they’re just exchanging pleasantries and you’re reading way too much into this, who knows?
>Either way, Cadence eventually enters and closes the door behind her.
>The two of you are alone.
>”Hi, Anon.”
>Her usual cheer and energy are totally absent.
>She corrects her posture, walks up next to your bed, looks you in the eye…
>Then hangs her head in shame.
>”I’m sorry.”
“We all are.”
>”I overreacted. You did what you had to do, and I threw a tantrum.”
“It’s okay. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes too.”
>”I just… they scare me.”
“Is it because they abducted you?”
>Her breath catches in her throat.
>You’re pretty sure she’s trying to hide behind her mane.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t know about that when you were here last time. I would have handled it differently if I had.”
>”You… know about that?”
“I don’t know what they did to you, but I know it was bad.”
>”I don’t like to talk about it.”
“You don’t have to. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, ask your husband. But if he’s busy I’m here for you.”
>She forces out a quick chuckle.
>”Honestly, I’d rather not think about it.”
>That might be the right strategy.
>Whatever happened, it’s over.
>She has to move on with her life eventually.
“Let’s talk about something else then. How’s Flurry?”
>”We’ve started weaning her.”
>”She really hates oats. Can you believe it?”
“I’ve never known a pony to dislike oats. What have you been feeding her?”
>”She really likes her clover and alfalfa.”
“Oh, she has molars?”
>”Not all of them, but a few. They grow up so fast. How’s Rarity coming along?”
>You aren’t comfortable saying right now, given she might still be nearby.
“What do you mean?”
>”Does she put out yet? Or do you still have to take it?”
>”Oh! Don’t worry, she’s not here. I made sure.”
“Oh, good. She’s actually coming along really well.”
“I’m trying to ease her into the idea that she should train a slave for me.”
>”Oh wow, that’s hot! Who are you going to pick?”
“I don’t know. Right now I’m leaning toward letting her pick so that she’s more involved. The more she does, the less likely she is to decide it’s wrong. Or at least that’s the idea.”
>”Oh, but you’re supposed to take charge.”
“I know, but the rebelliousness is still there, just under the surface. She hates the idea of being socially beneath anyone, hates the label of slave, and on some level I think she still hates me.”
>”Really? I saw the way she looked at you.”
“I’ve seen it too. But she hasn’t forgotten about the things I’ve done to her, and she hasn’t decided it was for the best. She likes me just a bit more than she hates me. If I pick out somepony and start whipping them, it might be enough to shift the balance.”
>”But if she does the whipping, not only are your hooves clean but she might decide it’s not so wrong. Clever.”
“I try.”
>”But it’s going to be hard to convince her to go along with it.”
“I was going to bribe her with fancy soaps and stuff.”
>”That won’t work.”
>Fancy soap won’t work on Rarity?
>That’s a surprise.
>”She’s not selfish enough to do that kind of thing. If Rarity thinks being a slave is bad, she won’t push it on anypony else no matter how much you pay her.”
>Well, your plan’s shot.
“We have to convince her that it’s in somepony else’s best interests then. But how?”
>”By pointing out how it’s been in HER best interests. If I may.”
“Go ahead.”
>”She’s not in prison because of her status.”
“Oh, right!”
>”What she did is extremely illegal, and would have caused the death of an important pony had you not been such a quick thinker.”
“Even then, it was certainly bad for Twilight’s chances.”
>”We could argue accessory to attempted regicide.”
“That seems a bit harsh, doesn’t it? She wasn’t TRYING to kill Twilight.”
>”No, but Mens Rea applies to acting knowingly, not just purposely. She knew what she was destroying was life saving equipment. Now, she could argue that she didn’t know Twilight of all ponies would be the one who needed it, but she knew changelings were attacking and that your services could be needed at any time.”
“Whoa, hold on. She had no way of knowing what would be needed, nor when. You can’t possibly argue she was trying to help the bugs!”
>”I’m not saying we charge her for that, I’m saying we argue for that.”
>You can’t see it, but you’re certain there’s a blank expression on your face.
>”We arrest her on the murder thing. Leave her to stew for a while, then come back and tell her YOU talked us down to reckless endangerment.”
“Oh. OH!”
>For a sex addicted goofball, she was pretty clever!
>”Reckless endangerment causing bodily harm is still pretty serious, plus there’s the fines for the stuff she smashed. But we commute her sentence to a few years of probation and some amount of community service, releasing her into your care.”
“I like it, I LOVE it!”
>”Plus, one of the terms of her probation could be that she can’t leave the empire without permission.”
>You were already sold on this.
>But if she wants to sweeten the deal further, you won’t complain.
“I assume you had something in mind for community service.”
>”A good old fashioned face fucking. Or rather, a few hundred of them.”
“I mean-”
>”With flogging, of course. It’s hardly even a punishment otherwise! I want to reward the militia for their service with a gloryhole, free access to everypony who’s single or can get permission from their partner.”
“She’ll never go for it. She’d plead guilty for the murder thing before being seen doing something like that.”
>”Do you not know what a glory hole is? Oh, you poor thing. It’s anonymous, like you! Nopony will know who’s there except the pony or person flogging her.”
>On the one hand, it’s a fitting punishment for a sex slave.
>Plus she might learn a thing or two while she’s at it.
>On the other hand, you don’t really like sharing when you’ve only got the one slave.
“It’s JUST her mouth, right?”
>”I promise.”
“I’ll think about it, can you get back to me tomorrow?”
>”Well, alright. But just a fair warning, she’s getting flogged either way. Slave or no, the laws still apply.”
>You’re surprised by her parting words.
>They seemed a lot more vindictive than you’ve come to expect from Cadence.
>But you’re sure she has her reasons.
>The princess leaves without saying bye, and you’re left alone to heal.

Alright, there's my plan. She's LONG overdue for some comeuppance, and this is my proposal. Objections? Suggestions?
Please remember that we can punish her ourselves for some of the lesser transgressions, so this is far from being our only opportunity.
I just wanted to say something
Wow, 10/10 something!
>gloryholepunishment for rarara
“I like it, I LOVE it!”
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