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Previous thread: >>37867989
Archive Link:
- https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/37867989/

>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies getting bathed and pet.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.

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I'd like to buy 1 (one) slave pony please.
Buy one get one deal for you. One time offer only, act fast.
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613 KB JPG
File: 1530154.png (136 KB, 609x697)
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136 KB PNG
Scoot Hugging Simulator when?
File: 1639728754036.gif (816 KB, 720x1320)
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816 KB GIF
Bug when.
Nah, that's how they get you, the real cost is in the food and other upkeep costs.
File: 34235496542765.png (1.48 MB, 1800x2400)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
Pet the poner
File: 1580635211664.jpg (111 KB, 733x800)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Scrub the poner
File: 1629253764215.png (990 KB, 1296x1000)
990 KB
990 KB PNG
Hold the poner
Yes, yes and yes.
I love this picture so much
File: 1607905869634.png (81 KB, 390x389)
81 KB
Berry slave when?
I want Meyermer to wash my stinky fur clothes and then fall asleep in my bed
The story is autobiographical, so it depends on how much he suffers.
File: 1453107412012.png (361 KB, 1600x1200)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
junkyard employee when
the tides have turned, now pony washes the master
File: 1616353803217.png (2.19 MB, 3879x3176)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB PNG
I love maidponies
File: 1584845813585.png (3.18 MB, 2426x1696)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB PNG
Are ponipets afraid of fireworks?
We're gonna find out tonight.
Uh oh, looks like someone is getting punished
with a penis
File: 2828982.png (799 KB, 1000x1146)
799 KB
799 KB PNG
we all do
File: 1611741917180.jpg (243 KB, 1564x1476)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
I think ponies in general are scared of fireworks.
Or maybe they just like to use it as an excuse for cuddles.
No Coco. You are a bad girl. The baddest girl.
Wow, rude.
File: 2715436.png (3.62 MB, 5000x3823)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB PNG
Progress is being made. It's slow because I'm out of practice, but I can promise something for next week. Probably towards the end because I work Sunday to Wednesday.
File: 1117856445.jpg (99 KB, 630x484)
99 KB
Pet her god damn it
File: 1528506470763.png (293 KB, 1308x1502)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
Comfy, warm, and ready for cuddles.
She would totally be fine with anything lewd if you're gentle if I remember correctly. So that means that she want a lot of cuddles and kisses
Do not lewd the spoon.
Spoon is pure.
File: 1626060920168.jpg (22 KB, 640x627)
22 KB
yes how much for this broodfilly
File: 1618892061180.png (506 KB, 1809x1517)
506 KB
506 KB PNG
Fillies are for fucking.
Your thread is here:
File: 1615011165925.png (1.78 MB, 3000x3000)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
Yep. I am in there too.
File: 1638167814286.jpg (155 KB, 395x463)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
File: 1615740164396.png (943 KB, 1802x2200)
943 KB
943 KB PNG
Stories where poner is treated like live-in maid rather than slave?
Then take all your lewd bedfillies to that thread, this is only for wholesome.
I want Meyermer to wash my stinky fur clothes and then fall asleep in my bed
This is for both for wholesome and lewds
Gentle master + lovely bedfilly is the purest pair in the earth.
File: 1610442408174.jpg (264 KB, 1920x1080)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
See >>38027333
Trips confirm.
File: 111757288824.jpg (108 KB, 912x697)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
>living the dream
>And do you know WHY we use the cozy for the remotes?
>Because it keeps them in pla-, correct.
>What does dad always say?
>"A place for everything and everything in it's place." Good girl.
File: 1670765.jpg (526 KB, 1000x894)
526 KB
526 KB JPG
>you have three bedfillies
>that means three bellies to rub
>you only have two hands
You did a mistake, the best number will always be two
The third can rub my belly
The third belly is your pillow, anon.
feeling their soft bellies rising and falling to the rhythm of their breathing... hnggg
File: 1165776519687773.png (1.37 MB, 1206x1024)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
Is there more to something at least
Then the line > It's something, at least.

Please tell me there more
Nope, its supposed to be open ended from there.
There is a sequel but it's much shorter.
What’s the sequel called
Are slave soldiers allowed?
Its literally called Sequel to something (SPG). And there is Twilight Halloween special 2019 (SPG) too.
File: 11173457882.jpg (91 KB, 1218x1060)
91 KB
Someone needs to ponify this
File: iamberryangry.png (624 KB, 2972x2017)
624 KB
624 KB PNG
>We have a Discord server!
Why do we have a discord server?
Because IRC was awkward and we need a place to share porn.
Don't worry, it's basically dead.
Post it. If people start sperging then you'll know.
We've had stories about slave soldiers before (RIP A Matter of Honor), so I'd say go for it.
File: 117753256882.png (2.32 MB, 2083x2237)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB PNG
File: 2045787.png (7 KB, 465x525)
7 KB
>buy poner incredibly cheap from shady website
>this arrives in the mail
I got a bad feeling about this
on it. I'll see if you have an autistic breakdown if the thread is still up in a few hours or so.
File: 1165765744.jpg (136 KB, 1280x1280)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Sell her back or just exchange her for some hours in some random filly brothel
Maidiest horse.
She's too powerful. Nobody could outmaid that.
bumping for applebloom pic.
File: 103753.jpg (892 KB, 1539x1131)
892 KB
892 KB JPG
Oh, I think I know a competitor...
File: 113676753224.jpg (484 KB, 1652x1905)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
Maid battle?
Maid battle.
Buttershush seems like the kind of pony that had her own saddle before the invasion.

> Mayor Mare drifted somewhere in that warm, comfortable place between sleep and wakefulness. Soon she would have to get up and take on another gruelling, dismal day with the nomad tribe, but for a few more moments she could rest and pretend everything was going to be okay.
> Some mornings she almost believed the lie that her captivity had just been a bizarre nightmare and the dream was the reality. This time she wavered between Ponyville and some official function in Canterlot. Those had been boring and tiring, but now she would welcome something so mundane.
"Mmmhm, d'you know what I really miss?"
> A familiar voice, right by her ear, spoke up: "What you say?"
> She recognized both Salki and the reason why her back was so warm.
"You know what I miss? From Ponyville- no, actually from Canterlot. Ponyville doesn't have the right kind of streets."
> There was a moment of silence, then Salki's hand brushed her muzzle. His fingers stank of meat, but Mayor had gotten accustomed to that particular scent and didn't mind it as much.
> "What?" Salki asked. He most likely didn't understand her, but Mayor still wanted to say it, if only for her own benefit.
"I miss the clop of hooves on pavement. There's something... industrious about a pony walking with a bounce in her step on the Canterlot streets."
> After a few moments of silence Mayor opened her eyes and wiggled so she was lying on her back. Salki had a faintly puzzled look on his face. "Sorry, no understand."
"I know. It's not important," she told him. "Uh, [no important.]"
> The events of the previous day flooded into Mayor's memory at the same time as she realized that she was lying in Salki's cot.
"Oh. [I wash clothes. Cold. Why your bed? Why not wake me?]"
> The young nomad gave her a brilliant smile and put his hand on her barrel. "[You're warm. Nights are cold. That's why.]"
> It took Mayor some time to decide exactly how she felt about that. Was Salki trying to do something more, or was warmth all there was to it? Was she angry that he'd slept in the same bed?
> She thought back to when she and Rainy Day would often cuddle under the blankets, and those few times Intor's daughter, Gol, slept with them. There had been nothing romantic about it. Then again, Gol had been female, Salki was male.
> Still, she didn't want to deal with that particular nest of vipers anytime soon, so Mayor shrugged away from the young nomad and slipped out of the bed.
> The air in the tent was chilly, but some lingering warmth from the firepit remained and her fur did the rest.
> She thought Salki looked disappointed when she left, so she tried to fill the air with talking to take both their minds off their complicated relationship.
"[I will cook today. Stew. I bring more water.]"

> This news seemed to surprise the young man. "[Huh? I thought you were going with Xuan and the women.]"
> It took Mayor a second or two to remember.
"[Oh! Yes. We go gather yams and roots.]"
> She had almost forgotten it was that day. Was it already too late? The tent hole in the middle only showed a patch of gray sky, so Mayor went to the flap and pushed her head out.
> The sun was a faint outline through the clouds, but it was barely above the horizon and the mare relaxed a bit. She had a few minutes before the women would be expecting her.
> She saw her water pots and the pole where she had left them outside. Salki's clothes were gone and she guessed either he or his mother had picked them up. If it were Darga, she was liable to give Mayor an earful about leaving the things outside.
> Her ears splayed even at the imagined tongue-lashing. The woman could tan hides just by yelling at them. It was no wonder she had managed to cling to the chieftain's mantle after her husband had died.
> It was another chilly day, so Mayor pulled her head back into the tent. Salki was still in his cot and was watching her curiously.
"[I take cloak. Bring yams and tubers. Make stew later,]" she explained.
> The young nomad just shrugged, accepting her decision without any fuss. He kept his eyes on the mare as she rummaged around the tent until she found her animal fur cloak.
> Odd, she thought as she held it in her hooves for a reflective moment, how she was not in the least bit disgusted by the thing. It was the skin of another creature worked into a piece of clothing with some thread sown into the neck area. That way she could tie it around her withers to keep it from blowing away in a wind.
> It would keep her warm in the brutal nomad winter, even if it stank with a variation of what Mayor had come to call the 'stale meat stench'. Despite that, it didn't rot.
> She didn't know the exact process the nomads used to achieve that, but it seemed to work well. The skins reeked after it, but she was forced to admit that a bad small couldn't kill her, while a sudden blizzard away from the camp could.
> Mayor pushed the thought aside and slipped the garment on. The knot gave her some issues, but it always did. Even for a pony she wasn't good with rope.
> "[Here. Come here,]" Salki said and beckoned with a hand.
> Mayor gratefully walked over and sat on her haunches at the side of his cot. Salki laid on his back to free both arms and reached up for the strings of her coat. He tugged them closed, then paused. "[Too tight?]"
"[It is okay.]"
> Only after her confirmation did he finish tying the knot with sure, strong fingers. Mayor knew from experience that it wouldn't come undone, not until she tugged at the loose bit of string he always left for her.

> He was good with knots and Mayor was proud of him for that. He had been the one who tied her water pots to the pole and they had not once come undone.
> As a finishing touch he gave her muzzle a quick pat. "[It looks good on you.]"
> That was a definitive compliment and the mare froze for a moment. Did it mean Salki liked her, perhaps more than one would a friend?
> Mayor wondered whether she should say something else, then decided against it. She could sit Salki down later that evening, when they ate her stew, and carefully explore the topic of their relationship.
> She left the tent before the moment could turn even more awkward. Once outside, she remembered what she had forgotten and went back inside with her ears flattened.
"[Forgot bag,]" she murmured without looking at Salki.
> Perhaps he was amused at how flustered she had gotten from a simple compliment? Mayor imagined that he was probably laughing silently to himself. The mental image made her blush, which would just make Salki laugh harder in her imagination.
> She found an empty bag and a piece of rope, both of which she slung quickly over her back and made her escape.
> Once outside she paused, closed her eyes, and took a deep, calming breath.
> Did she even find nomads attractive, physically? Most of them were weird, hairless and oddly-proportioned. She still didn't know how they could balance on their hind legs all the time.
> Their culture was at the same time depressing, gruesome, scary and inspiring, the last when she considered their world and how difficult survival was for them.
> It would have to wait, Mayor decided firmly. Today was likely her last chance at finding some edible vegetables until spring, so she had to make the most of it.
> At least now that she was attached to the chieftain's household the other nomads wouldn't try to steal the food she gathered. She'd have to share a bit with Salki and Darga, of course, but most of it she could keep in a sack by her cot and supplement the tasteless grass of her diet.
> Luckily there was no significant wind, which would blow her empty sack away and Mayor was able to step lively to the center of the camp. The women would gather there before they left and one of them could help Mayor tie the sack down.

> ~~~~

> Xuan was already waiting, which was a welcome sight. Mayor's tentative friendship with Buygra had extended to his special somenomad. Not all the women of the camp liked Mayor Mare, even though the mare often couldn't figure out exactly why.
> Some of it probably had to do with Intor and Willow, who had caused some stir when Darga had proclaimed that Mayor now belonged to her and Salki, and for others the best guess was that Mayor was something foreign.

> The nomads disliked and distrusted foreigners. The traders were barely tolerated because they brought essential goods, but from what little she had gotten out of Salki and Buygra, almost everyone else was usually killed on sight.
> That sort of mindset was pretty much the opposite of how ponies viewed others and perhaps rumour of that had gone around, which made some of the people extra distrustful of Mayor Mare.
> Maybe they feared she was going to corrupt their chieftain or her son with her soft pony ways?
> Dislike or not, they tolerated her presence and readily allowed Mayor to carry their full bags back to the camp. That was good enough. She needed the women to show her where to forage for food and she paid for that information with some light work.
> The arrangement worked but having a friendly face with her did help.
"[Hi, Xuan!]" Mayor trilled as she walked up to the young woman.
> The nomad girl smiled widely and leaned down to give the mare a quick hug. "[Good morning!]"
"[Help me, tie sack please?]"
> Xuan picked up the rope and was about to loop it under Mayor's back, but paused. Instead she took the sack and stuffed both items into a pack she wore on her side under her arm.
> "[I'll take the bags on the way out and you take them on the way back?]" she offered.
> Mayor stuck out her tongue in mock annoyance.
"[No fair! Bag heavy on the way back!]"
> Xuan giggled at the joke and Mayor joined her after a moment.
> They stood in silence for a moment as they waited for the others to show up. A few nomad women were already around, but not nearly enough. From Mayor's past experience she knew approximately who would join them, some only by face and others by name.
> She stretched out her hind legs, one at a time, then yawned the last vestiges of sleep away.
> "[Buygra said he will sleep with a spear instead of me. He said you told him this,]" Xuan suddenly spoke, chatting to pass the time.
"[Huh? No, did not say that.]"
> The young woman looked confused, then repeated: "[No, he said Mayor Mare told him to sleep with his spear. Safer.]"
> That reminded Mayor about the joke she had shared with Xuan's young man the previous day.
"[Oh! Yes. Buygra said you and him tent together. I said Xuan father very fierce, Buygra keep spear near his hand when sleep.]"
> That cleared things up and Xuan laughed heartily. "[I understand! Yes. Buygra is a good boy, but not too clever sometimes. I knew he didn't remember it right.]"
> Mayor chuckled too, wondering just what kind of a strange idea Buygra had left with the other day.
"[It same in Equestria. Colts not too bright, mares have to do all the thinking.]"
> "[I'm not worried. I'll train him soon enough.]"
> Some jokes, it seemed to Mayor, translated nicely even across their cultures.

"[Buygra said you find tent together soon?]"
> That question was the more interesting one and despite her situation Mayor didn't mind an occasional bit of gossip. She didn't have that many friends to share it with, but it helped her feel normal.
> Xuan leaned down and lowered her voice. "[Do not tell my parents, but yes. Soon...]" she replied, then put a hand over her belly. Mayor was confused for an instant and then understanding made her gasp a little.
"[Oh! You and Buygra-]"
> The young woman's hand clamped over her muzzle to keep her from blurting it out. Xuan looked around to see if any of the other women had heard, then waggled a finger at Mayor Mare. "[Don't tell anyone! Only me and Buygra know. I don't know how to tell Mother and Father.]"
"[Sorry. I won't tell,]" Mayor promised. She continued in a near whisper: "[When you... uh, when time? How long you know?]"
> Once again Xuan glanced around to make sure they had some privacy. "[I think autumn. It is six weeks since my last bleeding.]"
> Mayor Mare didn't know how she had that knowledge, but she knew from somewhere that nomad pregnancies lasted nine months, rather than the eleven mares went through. She inclined her head to Xuan.
"[Autumn is nice. Congratulations.]"
> Despite the predicament this likely put both Xuan and Buygra in, the girl smiled back. "[Thanks.]"
"[Please tell me if - um... I help. Okay? I can help. Please ask.]"
> That earned her a grateful nod and another quick hug which left Mayor feeling even more conflicted.
> Yes, the people were merciless and their way of life brutal, but Mayor couldn't hate them, at least not all of them. Xuan hunted and butchered and ate meat, just like Salki and Buygra, and Gol for that matter, but they weren't *bad* people. It was all very confusing.
> Despite that, she meant her offer of help. Like them or not, Mayor was stuck with this tribe and she needed friends and allies.
> "[Looks like we're ready to go,]" Xuan said and straightened up. "[I don't think we will find much, but you can have mine.]"
> On the one hoof the offer made Mayor uneasy, especially since she knew about Xuan's pregnancy, but on the other her very life might depend on these vegetables they found. The nomads seemed perfectly able to live on meat and donkey milk.
"[Thank you.]"
> Maybe there would be enough for them both, Mayor thought. If not, maybe they could cook together and share a little. With luck there would be another trading caravan soon.
> The group set off and Mayor took her place next to Xuan at the back of the line. They'd have to guard their tongues, but they could chat about other, unimportant things on the way and that would make the trip seem shorter.

> ~~~~

> The haul was meager and further diminished by the old nomad woman's insistence that they leave some of the yams in the ground as seed for the next year. Watching that had made Mayor Mare extra hungry, but she understood why it had to be done, so she left some of them alone.
> One or two she had eaten outright, unable to stand the empty hole in her belly, but most of what they had found was now in the various sacks on her back.
> It was better than the nothing she had been fearing, but it was less than she had been hoping. She would cook it in one of those strange, leather pots the nomads used and perhaps it would make for a couple of meals.
> She still had some of the beer left, but that left her with no real food for the rest of the winter.
> However unsavoury it felt, she would have to ask Darga and Salki for help. Mayor didn't like the thought about being even more indebted to the two nomads, but it would be better than starving.
> Maybe she should have had a bit more optimism, Mayor thought to herself, but she was sore and tired, and her legs were numb from the cold. She couldn't lift herself out of the bleak mood as they plodded back to the camp.
> Perhaps when she sat at the fire with a belly full of hot stew she would feel better, but for the moment the mare was disheartened. Even Xuan had caught her despair and didn't even try to talk to Mayor on the way back.
> Mayor was walking with her head bowed, only paying enough attention to stay in the furrow made by the women in front. She suddenly became aware of excited chatter coming from that direction and she lifted her head.
> They were nearly at the camp and some of the older children had run to meet their mothers. There was obviously some exciting news and Mayor looked up at Xuan, who was paying close attention.
"[What happening?]"
> The nomad girl glanced down for a moment but quickly returned her gaze to the excitement up ahead. "[They caught... ]" Xuan murmured. "[The hunters, they...]"
> Unfortunately Mayor Mare didn't recognize the words.
"[Caught what? Animal? Big animal? Wolf?]"
> It must have been something significant, judging from the outright gleeful expressions on the faces Mayor was able to glimpse. Whatever it was, it apparently meant great riches, or at least a lot of food.
> None if it would benefit her, of course, since she couldn't eat meat, but perhaps the abundance would allow her to buy more vegetables from the nomads. Perhaps it wasn't all bad.
> The women in the group jabbered excitedly and a few of them called for Mayor to walk faster before hurrying into the camp. Xuan also wanted to go see, but held herself back to stay with the mare.
> A large fire was burning and Mayor edged her way closer to it. Only then did she look around for this great 'catch'.

> She saw that the nomads were milling around something wooden.
> A wagon! A trading wagon!
> Her heart skipped a beat and Mayor thought about Rainy Day. Maybe they were the same traders who had taken her friend away! Maybe she was still with them and Mayor could get her back!
> She ignored the angry shouts of the women who were trying to get their bags of yams and roots and simply walked off. She had to push some of the nomads away to get close enough.
> Horses!
> The sight made Mayor stop in her tracks. It wasn't the traders she knew, who exclusively used donkeys, just like the nomads in her camp. These were new. The creatures were tall and robust, and for a moment Mayor was elated to see equine creatures.
> Unfortunately she quickly saw that the horses were dumb, just like the donkeys. They were little more than beasts.
> Something strange was happening, though. The two mares were trembling in fear and shuffling their hooves. Every now and then they whinnied or nickered as they shied away from a nomad's grabbing hand.
> Several camp members were examining the creatures, while others were apparently swarming over the wagons. Willow was prominent as he stood on one of the large wheels, laughing and handing out items.
> Mayor saw that someone else was inside and was passing things through the window to Willow, who was giving them to whomever was nearest. Nomads who had gotten something clutched it to their chests and hurried away.
> Small boxes, bags, water skins, pieces of cloth.
> It didn't look like any kind of trade Mayor had ever seen before.
> She jumped a little when a hand landed on her withers, but it was only Xuan. The young woman was staring eagerly at the action, but she couldn't go yet. "[Come back. The women want their yams. You just walked off!]"
"[Sorry. I want to see.]"
> Xuan patted her and pointed in a direction. "[Go. Give them their yams then come back. I'll grab something for you.]"
> Mayor didn't understand, but Xuan was right. She should not have simply walked off with the women's haul. If they stopped trusting her, they might no longer take her with them when they went foraging.
> She made her way back to the group of women and waited patiently as they untied their sacks, all the while grumbling about how she was making them late for whatever was happening.
> They used a specific word - 'olz'. It sounded almost like 'ols' - 'rope', but it was not it. When Mayor tried to ask them about it, they ignored the mare and just hurried off with their bags.
> The mare wished she would find Salki. He would be able to understand what was going on and how to explain it to her.
> Soon there was only her own and Xuan's bag left and Mayor pushed her way to the wagon once more.

> She froze to the spot when she saw some of the young hunters lead off two people tied with ropes. A young boy and a girl, both looked stunned and the boy had a large bruise on his face.
"[What? What is happening?]" Mayor asked loudly.
> No one near her deigned to answer as the nomads jeered at the sight. She had a very bad feeling about what she was seeing.
> Mayor hurried to where she had last seen Xuan and soon found the woman, who was clutching a couple of small jars. She grinned proudly when she saw the mare. "[Here! Salt and spice. Which one do you want?]"
> The smells were unmistakable. What Xuan called 'spice' was in fact pepper, apparently already ground.
"[Xuan, what is this? Why you take things? Who are boy and girl?]"
> The word sent fresh chills down Mayor's spine. She knew the word, all too well, because it applied to her. "[Captives. Slaves,]" Xuan explained calmly, as if she were discussing the weather.
"[Slaves?! Why?]" she asked, horrified. "[Traders! No slaves traders!]"
> Salki had been very adamant about that point. Traders were inviolate. No nomad would harm one of the traders, because word would get around and they might refuse to come into their land.
> Xuan shrugged. "[They aren't our traders. They don't speak our language.]"
"What?! That doesn't give you the right to attack and imprison them!"
> In her shock Mayor had slipped back into Equestrian, but all that did was earn her a confused glance from Xuan. She spread her arms, still holding the two jars in her hands. "[They aren't our traders. They're foreigners.]"
> Mayor hung her head in defeat. It had already happened and she certainly couldn't change the nomads' minds. They had enslaved her and Rainy Day, after all, why should she be surprised they would do it to their own kind as well?
> "[You want spice or not?]"
> Mayor looked up. The salt would go a long way to supplement her diet. She had learned she needed a lot more of it than the nomads. With that, she would surely survive the winter, even if she found nothing but grass until spring.
> It was a highly valued good. She knew for a fact that some nomads had bits of salt here and there, but she hadn't been able to trade for more than a pinch at a time. A jar that size would keep until summer, at the least, and she could trade some of it for vegetables.
> That small, clay container could very well be the difference between her survival or death in the coming months.
> She looked at the wagon as she thought about it. The deed had already been done. Not by her, and she would never condone it. She had had no way of preventing it. Could she take the plunder?

> Mayor saw that Willow's spear, held in a holder on his back, was tipped with red. The two slaves were children and she quickly guessed what had happened to their parents, or any other grownups in the group. From the size of the wagon she judged it was a single family, travelling across this dangerous land.
> Most of them were dead. She couldn't guess what would happen to the children. She hadn't seen nomad slaves before, so all she had to go on was herself and Rainy Day.
> It didn't bode well.
> Maybe she could use her pull with Salki and Darga to make sure the youngsters were treated well. At the very least, that they weren't killed outright.
> Her gaze went back to the pot Xuan was holding before her muzzle.
"[The salt, please.]" she said in a low, broken voice.
> Survival first. She could square it away with her conscience later.

There we go. We are resuming our regularly scheduled programme of Meyermer and her ancient history boys. See the full series here: https://ponepaste.org/5389
Awesome. Just wanted to say I'm enjoying this story, you got me invested.
>it's just my style
>Salki complimenting Mayor

Ohhhh shit. I didn't even consider this a possibility... holy shit man
>tfw no poorly drawn maid pone
File: Filly Fan 2.gif (493 KB, 1200x960)
493 KB
493 KB GIF
Poner is doing the thing.
It makes her giggle at her funny voice.
/spg/-/bootleg/ crossover when?
File: 1618999279050.jpg (192 KB, 760x596)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
I want to compliment Meyrmer and watch her blush
I want Meyrmer to bump her side against me in an affectionate way.
File: pet the bat.jpg (748 KB, 2425x1649)
748 KB
748 KB JPG
This is a scam, isn't it? The horse isn't going to be up to snuff and he'll claim some innocuous shit you did was The Thing, so no refunds, nerd.
I want Meyrmer to teach me a ponish swear word
File: applebrushie.jpg (108 KB, 624x1024)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
>>38036024 (just so get a you here)

I finally finished The Dark City. Its well written on one hand, on the other its too long and boring.
Nothing is happening in the first half basically then the "action" parts are too frequent and short. I could not connect to any of the characters for some reason.
As a horror/scary story: You try to make fearful scenes but it just does not work. I didn't had a "oh but when will I be scared" moment the whole length. There was not much uncertainty.
As an adventure, there isn't any mystery stuff, traps, etc. Eclipses and dead ponies on repeat basically.
As a survival one, again there isn't much. They did not even had to properly ration.
The romance stuff was just unnecessary. Like you have not decided to make that into a focus enough to be "one of the main thing", and at the same time it was too prominent. So either more or less would have been better.
On the same note descriptions of *stuff*: you described how the ponies look, and at the same time did nothing with it. You could have left the entire looks of the characters up to the reader (besides the scars on Gustaf), it would have not made any difference. And to the description of places: I had trouble "drawing a mental map" the whole time. Sometimes they were in corridors, other times in huge open spaces with houses. But sometimes you say they are houses, but they are only caves in the corridor. And all underground. I had trouble following it.
And still on the same note: description of actions/happenings. These are well written, easy to follow. I guess its because nothing is happening in parallel, and its from the same eyes the whole time.
And at the end I don't get why the princesses did not properly erase/hide the cave, eg blowing up the door. But oh well, somehow this all has to start.
IMHO none of these would be any problem if it were like only 1/3 of the length.
I had to powered through it,I spent like 7-8 hours reading it (it should have been 3-5 based on the word count and my average speed). It won't be a memorable story for me. Overall its not bad bad, but its just not good. (Previous Halloween green of yours was so much better.)
Regardless, thanks!
File: 1626558103924.png (219 KB, 633x475)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
>the propaganda books are a massive success
File: Punished_Him_Severely.gif (208 KB, 728x408)
208 KB
208 KB GIF
Of course they were. They were written by ponies for ponies, and extol all the virtues of being a slave to humans.
3 meals a day
Constant pets and cuddles
Guaranteed housing and work
some will even give you a small salary for the work you do
It's truly a wonder ponykind even got this far without humans.
File: 1157766198777.png (715 KB, 731x1024)
715 KB
715 KB PNG
>doomed to a life of servitude
Its so sad, that ponies have fallen to the human menace
>the chapter of human stamina
That one is the last nail in the coffin.
File: 111745992.png (126 KB, 387x443)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
The author and her hooman are taking a tour of equestria to spread the word.
At the book signing events they also give out pamphlets on how to get caught in human-occupied territory.
The princesses are not amused.
File: 1629092570108.jpg (103 KB, 854x599)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Professional bedwarmer.
She's very good at it.
Is weekend write time?
File: lovebites.jpg (162 KB, 1898x1399)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
I hope so.
I'm always so busy with the holiday season and I hate it.
I just want to make horse words.
File: 1474176854379.gif (3 KB, 32x32)
3 KB
If it was just holidays...
Getting real sick and tired of my life falling to pieces and patching things back up with all these stories clogging up my mind and not enough energy to write them down.
What an absolute mind-boggling take.
How can someone be in this general and have this mindset?

Sorry to hear it didn't appeal to you, but I'm still grateful you took the trouble not only to finish it, but to let me know your take on it. I'll take the feedback on board.

I had a lot of fun writing it, so perhaps it's a difference in taste, or I'm just biased. Thank you regardless!
On the idea of ponies buying household help years after the end of her story:

>Be mare
>Your Sunday started with you and your coltfriernd taking a little trip around the bed
>Not the most adventurous or athletic trip
>But you came twice then finished him off in your mouth
>Assuring his attentiveness and compliance for the next few hours
>Which is good because you intend to suggest something you know he'll disapprove of
>After that you went to get some goodies at the Chinese bakery
>A couple of pork buns and a hot dog bun you brought home to have with your second cup of coffee
>The two of you maintain a mostly vegetarian diet, but Sunday is cheat day
>Actually that's not quite a thing
>Any day could be cheat day, it's just usually Sunday
>Sitting across the small kitchen table from your coltfriend you take a sip of coffee and sigh louder than you intended to
>"What's that about?," he asks
"Oh... You know... in spite of the mixed feelings I'm glad it's over"
>"What? Blinders?"
"Yeah. I'm grateful I had the opportunity... and I appreciate all the fans who watched..."
>"The paychecks weren't so bad either"
"No doubt. And I like to think the show had a positive effect, but that last season..."
>"There was a lot of arguing"
"And talki9ng over each other. That's what drove me nuts. It was like we all stopped listening to each other"
>"To be honest I didn't even bother watching much of the last season"
"I think it was pretty obvious I didn't want to be there anymore. Getting cancelled was more of a relief than a let down"
>"Five seasons is still a good run"
"Four would have been better, but yeah, whatever"
>"It left us pretty much set for life"
"We were nearly there anyways"
>"True. When the place is paid off and your indulgences are shit like this"
>He holds up his half eaten pork bun
>"It's kinda hard to spend all of your money if you've done well. And we have"
"Yeah, I mean, we COULD travel, but it seems like we don't have to because the world comes here"
>"If you want to travel we can go to Queens. Much less of a pain in the ass when you have a car"
>You laugh
"I know there's a whole big world out there to see, but... is it overly smug of me to say we can see most of it without leaving Brooklyn?"
"Brooklyn has become a thing. When I was growing up it was definitely second fiddle to Manhattan"
>He takes another bite of his pork bun
>"But now? Williamsbug, Bushwick, Bed-Stuy? To the kids today those places are what the East Village was back in my day"
"I don't know if I've ever even been to the East Village"
>"Not much to see there now - it's all NYU students and expensive restaurants. But back in the day?"
>Now it's his turn to sigh
>"I ran into Joey Ramone on the sidewalk more than once"
>He's played you the Ramones
>Every song is like, two minutes long, but a lot of them were catchy
"Must have been fun"
>"It was a different time. Going out meant seeing a loud band play in a dive bar. Lots of them sucked, but some were great"
"But the bars were crappy?"
>"Yeah. The bathroom at CBGB was legendary"
>OK. There's your opening
>Here you go
"Speaking of bathrooms... neither one of us is all that big on cleaning, and this place, particularly the bathroom is getting a little..."
>"Lived in?"
"You could put it that way"
>"So you want to hire a cleaning pony? Why not? We can afford it"
"I was thinking something along those lines, but you have to promise to hear me out and not just shut me down"
>"I don't like the sound of that"
>"Yeah, OK"
"I was thinking more of a live in help situation. We take all the crap out of the front closet and that's a room for a pony"
>"That sounds expensive, and we're not that old yet"
"By the time we hit the break even point on the initial investment we will be"
>"Initial investment? You're not talking about..."
>Shit, now he looks horrified!
"I know you're an abolitionist. It's like Skydancer said, new converts are always among the most zealous, but hear me out"
>"You ARE talking about..."
"Look. You know there are plenty of mares out there who are not that good looking, not that bright and destined for..."
>Come up with some good examples
"Life in a sweatshop or agriculture or... worse"
>"That's why we're fighting for freedom!"
"But we're not there yet, and it's not happening tomorrow, is it?"
>"So that's an excuse to do something morally reprehensible?"
"Is it reprehensible to give a good, easy life to a mare destined for a hard, crappy one?"
>"Still, owning another sentient being is just plain wrong"
"If I could wave a magic wand and change things I would have done it a while ago. You KNOW that"
>"But we're working toward that change. You've been a part of it"
"I talked about it on TV for years. There have been marches. How many laws have been passed as a result?"
>"We're gaining momentum"
"If we are it's happening very slowly. I agree the system stinks. But we're in a position to use that system to give one mare a better life"
>"Cleaning our bathroom?"
"Cleaning the place, cooking the meals, doing the shopping, the laundry... and when we get to the point where we need live in help..."
>"We'll already have it. Damn, you thought this through"
"You sound disgusted"
>"I am, a little. But I haven't lived this. You have. So I can't just discount your thoughts on the matter"
"If you want we could write it into our wills that she gets emancipated upon our deaths with enough inheritance to live off"
>"Oh my god, are you serious?"
"Sure, but she can't know that. Might give her ideas. I'm saying if you can't change things then use your position to do some good"
>It doesn't sound entirely altruistic to me"
"It isn't. It's a calculation. A calculation where everyone benefits"
>"And you're not worried the media will have a field day with this?"
"Some nutjobs on social media might. But let's be honest, my fifteen minutes of fame were over before Blinders was even cancelled"
>"And you're not worried about those nutjobs?"
"As far as I can tell the dangerous nutjobs are likely to see it as vindication, not an affront"
>"You're probably right"
"Roseluck will lose her shit, but I don't care. I've heard enough of her opinions to last a lifetime. The only opinion I care about here is yours"
>His silence speaks volumes
>After a while he says, "This is a lot to take in"
"I'm not asking for a decision right now. I'm just saying it's worth thinking about for the future"
Been a little while. Lots of crazy shit going on. Just had a moment and wanted to offer a snapshot into mare's day to day in her current situation. She's damaged but happy.

For those who don't know me the read order is:
Give My Love to Rose
Filly Brothel
Blinders Off
She Ain't What She Used to Be

Violet Lightning and Dayzee fall around the end of those. Forty Seven's Baby Momma as well.

See y'all later. Best to all of you. I've got to be nearly done because I needed reading glasses to type the Captha!

File: Mocha.jpg (582 KB, 2280x3507)
582 KB
582 KB JPG
And here's something some of you old schollers may appreciate (if any are still around):
Who is the author is it a princess a member of the main 6 twilight or is a pony we don’t know
File: 1640859173240.jpg (173 KB, 1633x1356)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
File: 2421506.png (97 KB, 518x604)
97 KB
Pony must wear clothing when going outside.
It's the law.
>Can you elaborate more?
>Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery.
>pony wears the virgin killer sweater when outside
Its a win.
File: brush the mare.png (3.15 MB, 4000x4000)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB PNG
File: 6328774.jpg (410 KB, 2015x2160)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
File: 11723572822.jpg (39 KB, 448x593)
39 KB
Look at this floofer
Oh really nice to see an update. It would be great to see how the whole blinders off got cancelled, what generated that final spark.
Maybe if you even return to roseluck it would be a good theme to touch. Anyway, I just wish mare a good life with her husband and to be honest I can totally see her getting that.
File: 116576544472.png (304 KB, 942x1024)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
That fluff is for rubbing
File: Spitfire dress.png (434 KB, 686x600)
434 KB
434 KB PNG
Sequel when
File: 1616084722559.png (772 KB, 1296x1000)
772 KB
772 KB PNG
File: 1328440.jpg (508 KB, 2560x2143)
508 KB
508 KB JPG
File: Buck.png (329 KB, 736x960)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
You know you are too deep when in a rewatch of the first few episodes you wonder why the ponies are free and then you remember that they aren't slave ponies.
Are there any good greentexts where Anon isn't a moralfag? I hate when I read a story and Anon is the only person in the world that thinks that ponies shouldn't be slaves. I prefer if he slowly starts to realize that it's bad, or is just fine with slavery the whole time.
It's a miracle they got that far without humans to take care of them.
File: 1729033.png (419 KB, 747x750)
419 KB
419 KB PNG
She's gonna get that dot
File: meyrmeer.jpg (547 KB, 1000x1000)
547 KB
547 KB JPG
I want Meyrmeer to protect me from the barbarians.
File: 6322228.png (2.55 MB, 4000x2250)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB PNG
naughty mare
one bump and its over
File: 2159101.png (937 KB, 2088x1300)
937 KB
937 KB PNG
File: pat the horse.gif (468 KB, 861x1200)
468 KB
468 KB GIF
File: 1885030.png (262 KB, 983x934)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
Cute horse.
Good job anon.

I love it. Did you draw it? Inspired by my green? If so, that is incredibly flattering! If not, still a very cute image and quite appropriate.
I would like to order two mares for my apple plantation.
Donkey Shawn!
It's fresh, yes. You're welcome, friend.
Also did a little shilling and put links to the story in the image description on the boorus.
>but now she would welcome something so mundane
There is nothing more mundane than completely brainless living.
>"What you say?"
They are learning Equestrian fast.
>That's why.
And for some other reasons...
>Was it already too late?
They need to get a rooster.
>The woman could tan hides just by yelling at them
I heard such thing IRL one time. Its terrifying.
>accepting her decision without any fuss
Mayor will have a full day.
>"[It looks good on you.]"
Someone is coming onto Mayor!
>The nomads disliked and distrusted foreigners
>The traders were barely tolerated because...
Ah ok.
>they tolerated her presence
I'm sure she tried to befriend them.
>soft pony ways
She has a few of those.
>stuck out her tongue
Some things are universal.
>but not too clever sometimes
Mayjor has a few more friends it seems, since she can joke around freely.
>understanding made her gasp a little
And she entrusts her with this info too! Also naughty boy.
Hm, they have a concept for months?
>leave some of the yams in the ground
Maybe Mayor needs to plant some. But that means planning for long term, and the Nomads move around time to time.
>buy more vegetables
This is not the supermarket!
>She ignored the angry shouts of the women
Thats some negative social score for Mayor.
And now Mayor realizes how small she is compared to horses.
>They were little more than beasts.
She treats animals as "animals" now.
>two people tied with ropes
Trade offerings?
>That doesn't give you the right
Well, she is a slave so...
>"[You want spice or not?]"
Its funny how casually she treats this event.
>what had happened to their parents
Well, that's sad. Do they just kill whatever comes across their land, instead of turning them around?
>what would happen to the children
I have a hunch that Mayor will have some say in this.
>Survival first.
Oh, she abandoned her pony ways of helping others first. That's what a long and tough situation did to her.

Thanks for the update!
File: 118563346.png (227 KB, 600x600)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
>then finished him off
Mare is doing good job.
>cheat day
Cmon, she really made him mostly vegetarian? Pussy eating does not count.
>it's over
Sad. But John will sure do something with the mares. Some other show. "Talent" never goes to waste, they will come up with an idea for any one off gig show if need to.
>"There was a lot of arguing"
The moderator did a bad job.
>neither one of us is all that big on cleaning
But they are big at making a mess!
>cleaning pony
>closet and that's a room for a pony
Ummm, isn't this a big house? Mare really want's to treat the pony as a "utility" slave? Tuck it away into the closet when not needed?
>But we're not there yet
Mare presented this idea quite badly.
>give one mare a better life
Living in a closet might not be that.
Time to hire the guards again! And/Or make one of them a maid.
>I'm not asking for a decision right now.
She seems pretty decided.

Ponebin link is broken. And please switch all of your pastes' formatting to green.

Thanks for the update!
File: 11123624882.png (1.24 MB, 3555x2873)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
don't give your pone beetus
File: 1617883436217.png (326 KB, 1500x1300)
326 KB
326 KB PNG
bug when
File: 111657657954.png (1.29 MB, 3049x2520)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
Such a sweety. Makes me smile whenever I see her.
File: 1119854.png (1.91 MB, 2500x2100)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
File: 1621408367522.jpg (132 KB, 1210x1396)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
File: 1622958888061.png (413 KB, 630x600)
413 KB
413 KB PNG
Hold the pone gently
File: 11684557345.png (539 KB, 2000x1500)
539 KB
539 KB PNG
Pony says she's taking a staycation.
For the next week master has to do the chores.
The last time I checked out this thread there were fillies getting raped or something, which pretty much turned me off you guys for good. So, credit where it is due:
Much thanks to >>38051743/>>38054691 for his shilling your Barbarian green. I'd have never found it otherwise, and dear God would I be missing out. Now I'm going to have to poke my head into this hellhole every few weeks to see if there's been an update!
Ribbing aside, I binged the whole thing last night and wanted to leave a well-deserved (You). It really ticks off a lot of my favorite boxes, especially with the language barrier and Mayor Mare struggling to balance the luxury of morals with the base needs of survival in a mostly hostile, foreign society. Very cool stuff, all that.
With Rainy Day gone she's lost a significant barrier to going native/motivation to continue, so seeing Mare teaching Equestrian and adapting to the changing circumstances is neat as hell, and seeing how changing conditions pressure her moral code in different ways. I dunno, it's just a good, solid green, and I look forward to more.
Is there any greens where anon orders a mail order bedfilly but receives a colt who begs not to be sent back?
Anon eventually cums round to the idea.
>last time I checked out this thread
Bad luck then, this thread has been a thing for a little over six years and you stumbled in during our one and only grimdark green.
Check out the recommended stories bin in the op, we have a ton of quality green that might interest you.
Any recs in particular?
Fire & Sky, Employment is Mandatory, Off Duty, and Clear Skies a Cute.
You'll get a pretty good cross-section of the thread from those stories.
File: 1628272514525.png (1.17 MB, 1270x1386)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
Welcome to the Meyermer appreciation club.
On the topic of these: >>38060040
I haven't read the first one, but Employment is mandatory is a pretty silly, if sad, fic; and the last two are downright comfy. No filly brothels here. They are all in a modern setting however.

Off duty is by our boy AspiringWritefag, bringer of Meyermer. it's about Celestia fake-selling herself into indentured servitude to just hecking relax for a bit.

Oh my, thank you! I've been sitting on the idea for this particular green for a while and it's extremely fun to write, even if it is challenging.

If you prefer, you can just check ponepaste every Tuesday evening (GMT), when I update, but as >>38060040 said, those are some quality greens. In particular I would recommend Fire & Sky, and the sequel. If you want a bit of comedy mixed in with tragedy, then Employment is Mandatory is a very good one.
File: EXCITE.jpg (285 KB, 1200x1200)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
>Tuesday evening (GMT)
>Meyermer soon
Excite. Need Meyermer.

>Welcome to the Meyermer appreciation club.
You cheeky bastard, you.
>Filly Brothel
Of course that would be the title.
Comfy sounds good to me, I'll give those a shot first. If I'm feeling lucky I'll try the others, but I'm not big on angst trains at the moment. Thanks again!

It's some good green, and I appreciate good green! So thank you for writing it! Also thank you for the recs, but I think I'll give Off Duty a look first.
File: 1641153970224.png (268 KB, 623x629)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
>finally decide to start reading Barbarians
>pony doesn't know what hands are
>it's not even ten lines in
It's important for later.
It doesn't make sense though. I'm certainly not gonna let it dissuade me, but it does activate my almonds.
File: belleeeeeeerub.png (2.61 MB, 2628x2176)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB PNG
Pony shouldn't know what hands are, or at most know that's like the soft, flexible paws monkeys have.
Also, minotaurs shouldn't have hands, they should have spicy forehooves instead. And dragon and griffin clawed feet don't count.
They're close enough that our hands shouldn't be so alien that the very concept of them seems novel. Human hands are just a better version of things they've already seen on numerous species in Equestria. Also it doesn't matter what minotaurs should or shouldn't have, only what they do have.
Oy vey.
>Also it doesn't matter what minotaurs should or shouldn't have, only what they do have.
Careful with that logic, or season 9 becomes real.
>They're close enough that our hands shouldn't be so alien that the very concept of them seems novel.
>> To her left and right were her new people, a sort of strange, furless, two-legged apes. That was wrong, though. They had four legs, but their forepaws were unsuitable for walking. They called them 'hands'.
>> These hands allowed the people to manipulate objects with incredible accuracy, which could only be matched by the most skilled unicorns. They didn't have magic, nor writing, yet the dexterity of their 'fingers' allowed them to make useful tools and thrive in lands far less hospitable than Equestria.
I get your activation, but this doesn't sound too bad. Consider this:
Meyermer clearly knows what grasping, manipulating paws are, since she knows apes. However now she has seen the next level of handling, and understands why this is notable.
Imagine someone seeing a kangaroo for the first time. The form is familiar, everyone has hindlegs, and they are usually bigger than the forelegs, but these 'things' that the kangs (as they call themselves) have are something else. It's like the pinnacle of hindlegs, and with the airtime they get you could almost say they fly. They of course correct you that they merely 'jump good', and they have a special word for them legs.

Captcha GRASP implies that hands are a big deal.
File: 1591694086588.jpg (414 KB, 1865x2048)
414 KB
414 KB JPG
File: 1163765749.jpg (204 KB, 1280x1009)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
batt is ready for snuggs
File: 11743587388923.png (348 KB, 800x1119)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
File: 2779351.jpg (441 KB, 3450x3653)
441 KB
441 KB JPG
Pony is drinking my diet coke again! Damn you, pony!
And some more I hope!
>Squeeze the bat firmly until squeaks
Gently fuck her until she eeees.
File: large (21).png (201 KB, 1209x1024)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
Need Meyermer. Verification not required.

I deliver!

> True to her word, Mayor Mare had made a stew from her new vegetables which she liberally salted. In fact, she made two separate stews, one of them light on vegetables and with meat in it.
> It turned out to be more of a meat-based soup, but Salki seemed to like it a lot. Her own was a proper stew, which was a good way to stretch her vegetables with water and warm her belly at the same time.
> She had her clay bowl grasped firmly in her forelegs, so that the heat radiated out through her entire upper body. It was a bit of extra weight to carry, but well worth it for the ease of eating.
> Salki could use fingers to scoop out morsels and didn't care if he spilled most of his meal down his chin, but Mayor still tried to keep to her Equestrian manners. Above all she had to remember that she was a pony.
> "[There will be more in the wagons. Potatoes, beans, grain,]" Salki commented with his mouth full.
> Once again Mayor Mare was torn between decency and survival. The sight of the forlorn children being led away from the wagon kept coming back to haunt her.
"[Salki, what happen to children? Where people? Wagon people, what happen?]"
> He glanced at her, as if to gauge her reaction, then said quite blundly: "[Killed. They should have known before coming in our lands. Only traders who speak our language are allowed.]"
> The mare closed her eyes and lowered her head in a moment of silence for the people.
"[Is not right,]" she said sullenly. "[Why kill? Why no talk and- and tell 'go away'?]"
> The young man just shrugged. That was just how things were, it seemed.
"[What happen to children?]"
> He appeared thoughtful for a moment. "[I think they belong to Hisein.]"
> It took Mayor a few moments to remember the name, then her face fell. He was Willow's close friend and more than a match in casual cruelty. It was better than the two children becoming Willow's property, like herself and Rainy Day had done, but only just.
"[Why?]" she asked. "[Why not Willow?]"
> Salki looked at her in surprise. The answer was so obvious to him that he had trouble remembering that Mayor Mare was a foreigner and didn't grow up in his culture. "[Hisein saw the wagon first and killed the man with his spear. He had first choice.]"
"[What will happen to them now?]"
> Despite how horrified Mayor Mare felt about these casual atrocities, she wanted to know. It was like a bad tooth. She knew everything she learned would trouble her, creep into her nightmares, that it was all rotten to the core, but she simply couldn't leave it alone.
> "[They will learn our language. They will work and they will serve. If they don't...]" Salki didn't finish the thought, but Mayor understood perfectly well. If they resisted, they would simply be killed. Too much trouble to be worth keeping.

"[But- but Salki, they Nomads. The children Nomads! Serve- your own people?!]"
> She could almost understand that the nomads saw her and Rainy Day a animals, since they resembled their donkeys and horses and, presumably, ponies, if there were any on this world. Using them as livestock, to carry their burdens could perhaps make some kind of sense, but to enslave their own kind was simply too monstrous!
> Salki didn't seem to understand her bewilderment. "[So? Now they are slaves. If they obey, they will live. They will be fed.]"
> All she could do for a while was to open and close her mouth helplessly. She entertained a wild notion of helping the two captives escape, but quickly dismissed it. Where could they even go in the dismal, snow-covered landscape? How could they escape predators, or the nomad hunters who would surely go after them?
> Despite that, she had to try. As an equestrian citizen, she had to. More than that, as a pony there was no real choice.
"[Please, Salki. Take the children? Darga, Salki-]" she swallowed a lump, but forced the next word out: "[-owners? Take children Salki owner?]"
> At least with him she knew they wouldn't be killed. They would work, like she worked, but they wouldn't be treated unfairly, or with callous cruelty like Willow and his friends were liable to do.
> Salki appeared thoughtful for a moment, but then he shook his head. "[No. Mother said there was trouble when she took you. She can't do it again. Sorry.]"
> It felt like a blow.
"[Please, buy them? Cut my hair. Salt! I have salt! Beer. Buy them from Willow?]"
> "[Hisein,]" Salki corrected, then shrugged. "[Not enough. Maybe enough for the boy, but he is young and looks strong. Not enough for the girl.]"
> Mayor leaned her head to one side in confusion.
"[Why enough for boy but not enough for...]"
> Her words trailed off as realization dawned. Her ears went flat and her stomach lurched at the merest hint of the idea.
> Salki looked uncomfortable for the first time during that whole exchange and normally that would have given Mayor Mare a sliver of hope that he might do something. Not this time. It took all her effort of will not to imagine.
> She shot to her hooves and took a shaky step back. Her clay bowl clattered on the ground and spilled its contents. She paid it no mind.
> "[Where are you going?]" Salki asked.
> Mayor didn't answer him. Tears blurred her sight and she spun around. The tent flap was in front of her and she pushed out into the crystal cold night air.
> Monsters. The thought forced its way into her mind. That was all they were. Not only Willow and Hisein for doing this, but all the nomads for allowing it.

> There was no longer a choice about the whole thing. She had to do something. She had to free the children and take them somewhere.
> Maybe they'd find their way to Equestria, or maybe they'd find some other people in this vast, frozen land.
> Deep down Mayor knew both of those were almost impossible, but even if they died in the snow, it would be a more merciful fate, surely.
> Salki called out after her, but she paid him no mind as she headed off into the darkness. She didn't have any provisions, not even a cloak, but she didn't want to go back and face Salki for long enough to take them.
> He would instantly know what she was going to do and he would stop her.
> She headed in the general direction she remembred seeing Willow and Intor a few times, on the grounds that his lackeys would place their tents nearby. It was a bit annoying to have to keep mental track of where everyone was after each migration, but the nomads themselves seemed to find their way with enviable ease.
> After some searching Mayor was pretty sure she was in the right place. She saw Gol, sitting at one of the fires, which made that tent definitely Willow and Intor's. All she had to do now was to search the surrounding camps until she saw either Hisein or the captives.
> It was pure luck that the day was nearly over and shadows began to stretch between the tents. Most of the nomads wouldn't comment on Mayor Mare walking around the camp and would simply assume she was on an errand for either Darga or Salki, but these people, with whom Mayor had past, would be sure to note her presence.
> Who knew, maybe Willow would even take the opportunity for some revenge, consequences be damned.
> The mare kept herself to shadows and did her best to control her breathing. She was beginning to shiver in the cold and had to fight off serious second thoughts. No one had noticed her, she could still go back to Salki and tell him she had simply needed a walk.
> She could rescue the captives the next day. She would prepare better, gather what food she could find, clothes, water skins. She could carry quite a lot. Maybe she and the children could even get one of their horses. It would make their search a lot easier and faster.
> The idea was still stupid, but less so than what Mayor was doing right now. No plan, no food, no water, no warm clothes.
> At the very least she would find where they were being kept, Mayor decided. She would look in on them and make sure they were okay. Then she would go back.
> It felt like a defeat, but the cold stabbing past her fur was more powerful. She tried not to think about her betrayal of Rainy Day.
> The camp was growing quieter, so Mayor Mare held her breath and listened. She knew that her pony ears were far better than a nomad's.
> There!

> Faint whimpering, definitely a child!
> It wasn't very far away; Mayor's guess had been good. She kept to the shadows and swiveled her ears around for approaching footsteps as she made her way to the tent.
> There was no one outside and the fire pit looked dead. A quick glance showed a stream of smoke, black against the darkening sky and Mayor felt a tiny bit better. At least the children were warm inside the tent.
> She stayed near the back and listened for the noises inside. She couldn't be sure whether the captives were alone.
> Hisein lived alone, she remembered. He had made his own tent with a young wife, Salki had told her, and they had moved out of their parents' tents, but the girl had died in childbirth. Both she and the baby. Hisein had lived alone ever since.
> Mayor Mare guessed she would be more sad about the story if the nomad wasn't such a good friend of Willow's.
> There! She caught a faint snore from the tent. It meant the hunter was inside and fast asleep. With luck she could take a look inside and make sure both captives were alive and unharmed. It was the best she could do for the moment.
> She crept around the side of the tent, placing her hooves carefully so the snow wouldn't shift or creak. Mayor also had to grind her teeth together to keep them from chattering.
> Luckily there was no one about in the frigid night and she came safely to the tent flap. That was the moment of truth. Mayor held her breath and nuzzled the flap aside so she could put her head in.
> The interior was dim and the only light was coming from the remnants of the fire in the middle. Mayor saw the outline of Hisein, covered by blankets and facing away from the center.
> That made her feel a little bolder and she pushed further into the tent. The children were easy to find because they were crying softly. Mayor couldn't see much, but the awkward way they were trying to huddle together told her their hands and feet were bound.
> She took another step, which only left her tail outside of the tent and she saw that the two youths had their wrists tied behind their backs. The girl was mostly covered by a skin and there was another such blanket on the ground next to the boy.
> He would take it when the temperature dropped. It might be a bit of a struggle to pull it over himself, but it could be done. Mayor didn't dare go in and help him.
> The sight of her might cause the children to cry out, which would wake Hisein. She would have to find a way to get to them when they were alone.
> She couldn't see their faces, but they didn't look seriously hurt, just frightened and sad. Mayor's heart went out to them, but she didn't dare to try and comfort them with the hunter only hoofsteps away.

"I'll get you out of this, promise," she mouthed the words soundlessly to herself.
> That was about the best she could do without a better plan. Mayor was about to back out of the tent when someone grabbed her tail and yanked her forcefully out.
> "[What the fuck are *you* doing here?!]" roared Willow's voice.
> There was instant pandemonium in the tent as both captives began to wail and clamor in fear, and Hisein jumped out of his cot with a shout.
> Mayor scrabbled on the frozen ground with her hooves, but the painful grip on her tail was unrelenting and dragged her back. Willow held it in his fist and she saw, with some relief, that he didn't have a weapon.
> In desperation she kicked at his legs and her hoof glanced off his shin. The vice-grip on her tail loosened for just a moment, but it was enough for Mayor to get free.
> She stumbled and fell with her muzzle in the snow, which gave Willow the second her needed to throw himself on her.
> His arms went around her neck and Mayor bucked in urgent panic to get the nomad off. She missed, but the sudden jump made Willow almost slide off and he landed on his side with a grunt.
> Mayor wiggled around to escape his grasp before Hisein could find his feet and come to help. She panted with the effort, but didn't waste any of her breath on screaming. This part of the camp was mostly unfriendly to her and they were likely to help the hunters rather than her.
> She heard Willow growling curses at her, but she didn't spend the effort to mentally translate them. Her hind hoof found his knee and she pushed with all her might. Nomad skin was slippery and they were wet from melting snow, so it slid off without doing any serious damage, but it made the young hunter grunt in pain and it pushed Mayor almost out of his grasp.
> Now he held her around her waist and Mayor twisted to her back. If she could get just one good kick at his face, Willow would be out of the fight. Permanently.
> She managed to turn around and brought her hoof to bear. All she had to do was kick with her earth pony strength.
> It would kill him. There was no doubt in Mayor's mind. She would shatter his face.
> She hesitated. She had never killed anyone before. It screamed against all her instincts as a pony, and against her upbringing in Equestria.
> The delay proved too long. Hisein had come out of the tent, saw what was happening and swiftly kicked Mayor right in the muzzle. Her head reeled from the blow and her vision swam.
> She tried to deliver on her kick, but the split second had been enough for Willow to get out of the way. His grip around her midriff tightened.
"No! No! Let me go!"

> Even if they could understand her, they wouldn't listen, but Mayor was beginning to panic. Hisein was grabbing for her head and she was barely able to fend him of with her forehooves. Meanwhile Willow was trying to wrestle her hind legs to the ground.
> A shout off to one side made all three of them pause for a moment. The voice was perhaps the sweetest thing Mayor had heard.
> Salki!
> Why or how he was there she didn't know, but he would save her.
"[Salki! Help! They hold me!]"
> He didn't pay her any mind and took a step closer. He had a spear in one hand and a stone axe in the other. With his inexperience and Willow and Hisein's raw strength it wasn't enough to ensure his victory, but the weapons gave the other two pause.
> More onlookers were gathering around, but all Mayor could see were shadows. She only knew Salki by his voice.
> "[Let her go. Now!]" he commanded.
> There was some reluctance, but Willow released Mayor's legs and she scrambled away from him. Hisein twitched, as if he wanted to grab her, but a small shake of Salki's spear dissuaded him of that notion.
> She scurried to stand beside her friend, ears flat and heart pounding in residual fear and adrenaline. She looked up, but couldn't quite see his expression in the darkness.
> He would be angry, she had no doubt, but at least he had come to help her. She would make it up to him.
> "[So, what now, momma's boy?]" Willow sneered.
> There was a pause as Salki thought. Even with her shaky grasp on camp politics, Mayor knew he couldn't use those weapons on the other two. Even threatening them would cause dissent between Darga Intor's factions.
> "[No one got hurt. Let's call it even and we'll leave,]" Salki proposed.
> At first it looked like Willow would argue, but Hisein put a hand on his shoulder and murmured something in his ear. At long last the hunter spat on the ground. "[Go. Run home like the pussy you are. You'll be hearing about this tomorrow!]"
> Salki's sigh was quiet enough so that nobody but Mayor Mare could possibly have heard it, but it made her hang her head a little. Willow was right. This would cause problems even if it went no further.
> "[Come on, let's go,]" Salki muttered to her and bent a little so he could grasp her mane. Mayor didn't resist as he dragged her back across the camp.

Uh oh, it looks like Mayor Mare's pony sensibilities are causing trouble. Will she abandon them, or stick by her Equestrian values? What will it do to her relationship with Salki?

I guess we'll find out!
Paste: https://ponepaste.org/5389
I've got this feeling that Salki is PISSED at Mayor Mare. I wouldn't be surprised if he punishes her as a way to cover his own ass and save face in the camp. Dragging her back to his tent... yeah, he is not happy.

The situation with the kids is harrowing as fuck. Slaves of a fucking psychopathic serial killer... horrifying.

Thanks for the update. Damn, though...
I imagine that if she had caved in Willow's skull, she would have been turned into soup. First the puny sensibilities lead you into trouble, then they save your life
they ain't gonna save her from an ass whooping from Salki, tho

“You know, back home I'd make a pupil out of you.”
>If it was his own power and not stolen, that is.
>He paid no attention to her, instead holding his hand on the suitcase with a look of deep focus on his face.
>Magic flowed into him at a rather leisurely pace.
>Celestia resisted an urge to roll her eyes.
“Try envisioning the spell you want to cast in your mind instead of just gathering magic.”
>She glanced at the man who'd bumped into her barrier.
>He was-
>She saw something at the kitchen window at the very edge of her vision.
>But, on a closer look, there was nothing there.
>She could've sworn she saw something twinkling move.

>A deep rumble drew her attention back to the situation at hoof.
>She swung her horn to reshape her barrier just as a blinding blue beam shot at her.
>A loud roar deafened her.
>Golden ripples marked where the beam hit her barrier and bounced directly upwards.
>It lasted for half a second, but soon the only sign of it was the line of darker pavement where the frost had evaporated.
>Celestia was a bit disappointed at how easy it was to redirect.
>The beam was like that of a foal.
>Plenty of power but neither the will nor finesse to direct it.
“I've seen worse for first time. You have the makings of a good magician.”
>Which was not all that amazing considering he commanded an alicorn's magic.
>More importantly, he'd either listen and they could talk it out, or it'd enrage him and make him less attentive.
>He'd refused to talk the first time and they almost never started afterwards, but she had to take the chance, however slim.

>The man did not respond.
>He muttered something under his breath as he channeled more magic into his suitcase.
>His spellweaving was slow enough to leave Celestia with plenty of time to think over her reaction.
>She'd deflect the beam again, of course, but where to?
>Straight back at him would get things over with, but had a high chance of damaging the suitcase's contents.
>Somewhere nearby would let him see how absurd amounts of raw power he was swinging around and make him reconsider, but there'd be some collateral damage.
>Or she could counter his spell with her own and strike back.
>That wouldn't make him learn from his mistakes, but perhaps the situation was severe enough to justify it.
>She'd try talking one more time.

>The beam was even louder and brighter than last time.
>But just like last time, Celestia's gold did not even flicker as it sent the night blue up into the sky.
“What are you even trying to accomplish with all this?”
>He froze in spot for a fraction of a second before looking at her.
>”A mere pony wouldn't understand.”
>Of course.
>What was she even expecting?
“I am very wise for a pony.”
>His eyes narrowed as he took his first good look at Celestia.
>”I'm opening up an entirely new avenue of science with limitless potential. The impossible will be made possible. New opportunities everywhere, from...”
>Well, that explained why he was willing to listen.
>The 'doing the world a service' types always were.
>Anger flashed on his face as he got interrupted.
>But, he did listen.
“You may not feel it because what you use is stolen, but magic is very much limited. You can only use so much before running out.”
>Her words got no reaction out of him.
>He was still looking at her and was listening to what she said.
>The magic aura around him shifted and morphed as he pieced together a spell at the same time, though.
“It's not too different from physical labor. There's a certain amount you can use before you need to rest, or you will overexert yourself. It's no more revolutionary than hu-”
>From the left!

>Celestia's snap reaction barrier refocus went to waste.
>A bright blue beam curved towards her side.
>A beam that only moved at a brisk walking pace.
“I didn't know you could make a magic beam that slow. How'd you do that?”
>The slow beam, just like the ones before, deflected upwards off Celestia's barrier.
>The deflection made it move at normal speed.
“Curious. You know, I'm kind of impressed you managed to curve a beam.”
>Well, he wasn't going to let himself be talked out of it.
>Not when he let out a frustrated grunt and began gathering a frightening amount of raw magic.
>Enough to send shivers down Celestia's spine, even through the barrier.
>Should she step in and stop him form doing whatever dumb thing he was about to do?
>There was no way he could control it all.
>On the other hoof, she could let him learn his lesson and just contain whatever damage he'd cause.

>It was quiet.
>Everyone watched the showdown without as much as a rustle of cloth.
>Celestia's mane and tail were blown back by a gale of overflowing magic.
>One of the other men noticed that.
>He had just enough time to point at her and open his mouth before a wave of dark purple fog burst forth and covered him.
>A strong wing beat propelled Celestia up into the air just before the fog reached her.
>It wasn't blown away by the airflow from her wings.
>She glanced around herself.
>The fog reached up to the knees of the people around her after the initial wave.
>They'd be fine.
>The fog alone was no threat.
>Its source, on the other hoof?
>He held his suitcase in front of his face, staring at the hard plastic surface while utterly oblivious to what just happened.

>Celestia let her barrier down as she fluttered towards the man in the middle of the expanding ring of fog.
>His lips moved as he mouthed silent words and his eyes followed something only he could see.
>Four white hooves sunk into the fog near him before thumping onto the pavement beneath.
“Its offer carries a heavy cost. It's not too late to let go.”
>Her voice was soft and quiet.
“Come. I'll guide you out.”
>Her lips curled into a mellow smile as she stuck a hoof out at him.
>The man wrenched his gaze away from the suitcase to look at her.
>”...didn't mean...”
>The fog swirled and rose up as a pillar to cover Celestia.
>She stood still and kept her hoof out, despite the overwhelming feeling of hatred and rage the cloud brought with it.
>A tiny bit of magic flowed into her horn.
>Just enough to make the tip light up.
>She could neither see nor hear as the fog muffled any sounds and covered her sight.
>Had she made the right choice, or was he beyond aid?
>She hoped she was right.


>Celestia's hoofsteps echoed up the stairwell.
>Luna laid still, wedged between Ann and Anon.
>She didn't like keeping secrets from her sister, but there was no way Celestia would've accepted the plan.
>A sudden crack of magic carried from downstairs.
>Her ears perked up.
>She shifted towards Anon and pressed her forehead onto his.
>His forehead felt a little cool as she focused her mind and pulled him from his dream.
>He twitched and sputtered.
“Ssh. Quiet.”
>They stared at each other for a few seconds.
>”I don't think I'm ever going to get used to that.”
>Luna flashed him a smile before shuffling onto her other side to face Ann.
“Few do.”
>As with Anon, she pressed her forehead onto the woman's and focused her mind.
>Ann twitched and drew a sharp breath.
>She let it out slow.
>”I had a dream about getting jumped in my sleep.”
>Warm hands wrapped around the alicorn's withers and pulled her in.
>Ann buried her face in Luna's chest.
>”Mmm. Can't we just stay here let her handle it?”
“Who was it again that insisted humans take care of manmade crises?”
>Ann's face nuzzled Luna's chest one more time before she let go.
>”Fine. But you're going to sleep with me once this is done with.”

>The room having no light whatsoever did not stop Luna from seeing where to set her hooves.
>She padded to the pile of two ponies on the floor.
>Coco's ears twitched before the alicorn could get to her.
>”It's going to be okay, right?”
>Luna bent down to nuzzle the side of her neck.
“But of course. We have been through far worse and prevailed. This time is no different.”
>The little mare hopped onto her hooves, threw a hoof around Luna's withers, and pulled in to a hug.
>”You won't mind if I stay a bit closer, would you?”
>Coco's words were so quiet a whisper and her shivering so tiny only Luna could hear and feel them.
>She wrapped a hoof around the earth pony.
“If it brings you any... If it makes you feel better.”
>A flash of heat rose to Luna's cheeks.
>Why did she have to be so helpless, even in her own realm?


“As far as I can tell, they're all here.”
>Luna trod into the kitchen, careful to not thump her hooves any louder than she had to.
>A gunshot rang out.
>Coco, walking right beside her, twitched and shivered as she leaned against Luna's side.
>”As far as you can tell?”
>Ann followed right behind the pair.
>They both kept their voices low.
“My senses are a bit limited due to the... due to how things are.”
>No, no, no.
>She knew better than this, but the words she needed just refused to come out.
>It was like they were cut out of her memory.

>She glanced at the microwave as she passed by.
>Its digital clock display was blank, but she immediately became aware it was the small hours and not long before dawn.
>”I hope you're right and they all are here because I don't think your request to 'not touch anyone before they move' will be honored otherwise. And I'm not sure it will be even if they are.”
>Luna reached the window and peeked out.
>Once again she could see everything perfectly despite the near total darkness.
>Celestia stood alone in the middle of the parking lot.
>They – bunch of shifty looking men – a car and-
>There he stood.
>With it in his hands.
>Hidden in a suitcase.
>It'd been close enough for her to feel it for a while now, but only now did she see it.
>What was taken from her.
>Luna muttered a curse and-
>-ducked as Celestia glanced her way.
>She hadn't seen, right?
>Celestia couldn't question her reality now.
>She mustn't realize.
>A long, agonizing instant passed in total silence.
>Until a loud roar and a blinding flash of blue ended it.
>Despite its brightness, the flash didn't actually blind Luna, just left her feeling like it did.
>At least that gave Celestia something else to think about.
“'tis no longer important what your allies do to the others. And I think they won't be able to wake him even if the tried, now. The dice have been cast, as I believe your kind tends to say.”

To be continued.

Welp, linked the wrong post in the first one. I hope you can forgive me.
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>it returns
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I wish to hug the crossbreed daughter
Hell yeah Ive been waiting for this update. Thanks man
Oh sheeeeet, junkyard celly!
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Pone is feeling rebellious.
Damn does that look snug.
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bugg when
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She likes it but she'll never admit it.
Blue dog is going to get in trouble
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As long as she can't get to the blini everything will be okay.
>on seinop
what did they mean by this?
Any chance of getting have it buying a second book horse return
Maybe but dont get your hopes up. Writefag said he forgot where he was going to take the story and it's basically abandoned.
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Fight the power, little blue.
Reminds me of road tripping with friends, when a couple people fell asleep, and if the road was clear, I'd count down from 5 and on 1, I'd rip a handbrake skid and everyone awake would scream bloody murder.
>Above all she had to remember that she was a pony
Now that the belly is full.
>Potatoes, beans, grain
Save some of them so she can plant it. Especially the potatoes.
>Is not right
Like they have any "laws".
So he's called Willow now? Isn't Mayor come up with that name?
>If they don't...
Dunno why can't they be used for trade. Also what's up with the horses? Where ever they came from must have facilities to keep them fed.
>Take the children? Darga
Time to invent tax!
>realization dawned
Dunno why this is a surprise. And in these early times people didn't lived long. Once the girls was able to get pregnant they knocked her up.
>Her clay bowl clattered on the ground and spilled its contents
Seems like her impulsive behavior won again. Also she just wasted food when she most needs it.
> Deep down Mayor knew both of those were almost impossible
But her rage fuels her.
>Willow would even take the opportunity for some revenge
>when someone grabbed her tail and yanked her forcefully out
Welp we did not had to wait long.
>roared Willow's voice
Guy is truly taking every opportunity to hurt Mayor Mare.
> She hesitated.
Dunno which would have been more problematic. Being beaten up or "killing" (more like majorly hurting (no pun intended)) him. Maybe killing him would have earned her some respect?
>She had never killed anyone before.
Just the hopes and dreams of many.
>Salki! Help!
Guy is a fucking guardian angel.
>so he could grasp her mane
Btw, she deserved it.
But also Willow is a fucking idiot. What if Hisein and Major were talking peacefully? Because from my point of view Major did nothing wrong, just tried to speak with Hisein.

Thanks for the update!
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Its just that easy.
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Pony does the data entry
How much is that pony in the window? *neigh neigh*
The one with the cute swishy tail? *neigh neigh*
How much is that pony in the window? *neigh neigh*
Oh I do hope that pony's for sale!
*neigh neigh*
>trying to do this with voice ai but it turns out im retarded and cant even get it sounding close to right
Life is suffering.
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She doesn't actually need help with the report.
She just wants an excuse to spend time with you.
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office mare
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Dammit vega get back here
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>its back
i was getting worried
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>young meyermer
she's a cutie
File: 1640980687726.gif (1.38 MB, 289x289)
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Hes not coming back, is he?
File: 1640986275255.png (125 KB, 357x235)
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We just need to find a way to lure him back.
That's the dream right there
File: 1433180648296.gif (143 KB, 600x520)
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File: how to pet the hoers.png (323 KB, 1328x780)
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323 KB PNG
Any /spg/ greens involving the G5 ponies yet?
>gonna be gonna be gonna be my slave!
Not yet. There was some talk right after the movie, but nothing proper yet. There's one idea on my to do list but that has to wait until my life calms down.
>tfw you'll never ride Hitch hard like a wild bronco and turn him into master's little faggot
Don't forget the gooey chocolate cookie kisses!
File: very pregnant mare.png (191 KB, 800x658)
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191 KB PNG
File: 1566856560333.png (870 KB, 1024x1024)
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870 KB PNG
>"Stop shitposting and play with me!"
File: 1642433134208.png (264 KB, 550x550)
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264 KB PNG
Whoever this guy is I don't trust him with a poner.
File: 2288380.png (287 KB, 1968x1861)
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287 KB PNG
Playing with you is shitposting!
File: 1470930.png (728 KB, 750x750)
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728 KB PNG
bat is for bath
I have no idea what this green is about
File: 2050467.jpg (142 KB, 2112x1675)
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142 KB JPG
Wash Bats
What is barbarans
File: 1630288390874.png (77 KB, 800x824)
77 KB
>All Stories [201]: https://ponepaste.org/1590
Absolute QTs. Re-stating our severe need for batslaves.
File: 2782943.png (105 KB, 1200x1468)
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105 KB PNG
In futurequestria, law breaking ponies get sold to pay off the damage they caused.
I given it a bit of thought and the only way it would work well enough to actually be implemented is institutionalized 'rent-a-slave' program where the prisoners are sold at reduced prices to the highest bidder for a month with money going directly towards fixing the damage they caused.
Is sequel to something good and does it have clop
I have read the Halloween special and something at least in that order
Yes and a little bit.
What confuses you?
File: 1165765749.jpg (864 KB, 1400x1250)
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864 KB JPG
Batto takes her job very seriously. Not a spot of dirt is allowed in this house.
More Meyermer lateness. This segment is proving a bit challenging and my laziness isn't helping. I'm moving it to Thu for this week, sorry everyone.

Forgot trip on that one..
File: ponkmaid.gif (2.72 MB, 248x404)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB GIF
Meermeer is always in our hearts, we will wait till the end of times
good girl
File: 2647098.jpg (331 KB, 3357x2045)
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331 KB JPG
I love maidpones
File: 1642437486830.png (214 KB, 587x551)
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214 KB PNG
Pony is for petting.
Smoosh her horsey cheeks.
This is "care about pon" kind of thread, not "abuse the pon" kind of thread, can you at least read the OP?
File: 2692554.jpg (160 KB, 1280x1387)
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160 KB JPG
File: 117546345774.png (492 KB, 1952x1344)
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492 KB PNG
Poner Cafe, owned and operated by real ponies.
How much more would you pay for pony coffee?
God that's cute. Cheerilee is such an underrated pony.
File: Spoiler Image (129 KB, 1163x1552)
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129 KB JPG
She's also an unexpectedly talented maid.
uh extra filly milk, please
I mean extra filly milk
File: HeadpatsForTheFilly.png (202 KB, 808x829)
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202 KB PNG
Whatever they ask.
Dayum. Now that's a VERY good girl.
File: 111844582489.png (4 MB, 3200x3500)
4 MB
>not hoof made equestrian coffee but one from a machine with large enough buttons for a pony to press
I hope the service is what's unique.
Source ?
File: 1640901305628.png (806 KB, 890x1080)
806 KB
806 KB PNG
That pic was made a while ago in this "edit thread" >>38011101 check out the thread you might want to save some pics well your there.
>that outfit
>my sides
Hey mare, I think you got the wrong thread, /SiM/ is two pages down.
File: 1506375447241.png (250 KB, 1284x1010)
250 KB
250 KB PNG

> "[What were you thinking?!]" Salki shouted once they were safely back in the tent. "[Were you even thinking?]"
> Mayor Mare didn't say anything. She had been expecting anger and Salki had technically saved her skin. Who knew what Willow would have done if the fight had gone on any longer?
> "[Stupid. What was the goal there? Even if you could free the children, what would you do next?]"
> Her eyes slid down to her forehooves and Mayor mumbled something unintelligible.
> "[What was that?]"
"[Take them to Equestria.]"
> This was more of a plan than Salki had been expecting and he didn't have to know that she had just come up with it that minute. "[Do you even know which way?]"
> She didn't, but Mayor lifted up her head defiantly and gave a single nod anyway.
> "[What about wolves and other beasts?]" Salki insisted.
> This time all she could do was shrug. He was right in that she would have probably led those two youngsters to their deaths in the wild.
"[Better that. Better than- what will Hisein do. The girl,]" she pointed out.
> Salki let out his breath and sat down on his cot. He used one arm to prop himself upright and reached out his other to Mayor. He wanted to touch her, but she was not in the mood for that and jerked away.
> "[He won't,]" the young nomad said at last.
"[How you know?]"
> He shrugged and let his hand fall into his lap. "[He won't because the girl is worth more unspoiled.]"
> Mayor's muzzle scrunched up in distaste.
"[Worth more?]" she repeated.
> "[He will sell the girl when traders come. She is not our people, too soft to work.]"
"[And the boy?]"
> Salki didn't seem perturbed when he replied: "[He'll learn, or he'll die.]"
> Mayor let out a frustrated groan and turned away. She couldn't believe the nonchalance even Salki displayed at the idea of slavery, or trading with their own people.
"[How are you like this?]" she demanded. "[They are people, not animals!]"
> There was no reply and when she glanced back the nomad was looking at her with a blank expression. It was just a fact of life for him, but she didn't have the luxury of having grown up with their culture.
> Eventually Salki softened his voice and said: "[You ponies are too kind. That doesn't work here. We must be harsher than the winter. Ruthless like the wolves, or we will all die.]"
> There was a grain of truth in that, but Mayor was convinced there had to be a middle way. She wanted to talk to Salki, convince him, but her vocabulary was not quite up to the task just yet. Philosophy and ethics would have to wait a bit longer.
> Still, she couldn't just give up.
"[We must do something. Is not right! Maybe- buy the children?]"
> At this Salki barked a laugh. "[Buy them? With what?]"

> Mayor Mare thought about all the things she owned or could get her hooves on. Beside her mane, all she had was food or drink and she needed that to survive winter. Would she starve herself to death for a couple of nomad children?
> More than once she opened her mouth to say so, but each time she closed it. Already she was no stranger to hunger and dying of it would be an unbelievably horrible death.
> What might happen to the children was also horrible, but it wasn't certain. Not if she believed Salki. There was always a chance the traders would take good care of the girl and she would end up somewhere better.
> The boy- he would have to work hard, but it would probably be no worse a life than she could expect for herself. Better, perhaps, since he was at least the same species as his captors. In time he might earn his freedom.
> She didn't know them. Her life was not worth sacrificing for a maybe, not for people she didn't even know.
> Mayor sat down on her own cot and stared unblinkingly at her forehooves. She didn't look at Salki out of fear he was staring back at her with a knowing smirk on his face.
> It really was out of her hooves, the whole thing. She had absolutely no power, political or otherwise, among the nomads. Some of them tolerated her when she could be useful, perhaps a few liked her, but to the majority of them she was just a clever animal.
> She would have to work hard to change that perception.
> First, she had to prove that she was a thinking being.
"[I'm sorry,]" she said, words like ashes in her mouth.
> There was no reply, so she went on.
"[Sorry I gone. I know Hisein will be trouble. My fault Willow hates you now.]"
> Salki just gave a grunt in lieu of a reply. She finally glanced at him and his face appeared thoughtful. Then he shrugged to himself. "[Maybe, maybe not. Willow is not stupid, despite what you think. He wants to be chieftain someday.]"
> She had always put the hunter down as nothing more than a bully. She was about to say so, but then she closed her eyes as understanding dawned. It probably wasn't Willow's desire, at least not originally. More than likely it had been Intor who had put that idea into her son's mind.
> It was a lot easier to understand, especially now that Mayor had had both the chance and the vocabulary to listen to Darga's conversations with Salki. The political currents were easy to see for someone with a cutie mark like hers.
> Intor was sowing dissent and splintering the camp to prove that Darga was an ineffectual leader. As far as Mayor understood, women could not become leaders, except in the extremely unusual case of Darga herself, who had managed to retain the title after her husband's death.

> Perhaps that precedent had given Intor the idea she could do something similar herself, except through her son instead of a husband?
> It certainly helped that Willow was one of the best, and most regarded hunters of the camp.
"[You no train with Willow any more,]" she told Salki.
> He jerked in surprise, uncertain where this had come from. "[What? Why?!]"
> It was hard to explain and the primitive and brutal way these nomads engaged in what could loosely be called 'politics' was foreign to Mayor, but her instincts had been honed over many years in Ponyville.
"[He try to kill you. Soon, maybe. Like an accident. He kill you, but people think accident.]"
> Salki still didn't understand and spread his arms in a show of confusion. "[Why would he do that? You're not making sense.]"
"[Shut up and listen! Intor want chieftain, okay? Women no chieftain, but Darga chiftain because Salki father dead. Intor want the same. She want you dead, then Darga sad and step away!]"
> The young nomad was watching her with his mouth open in amazement. He kept shaking his head and starting to talk, but Mayor just plowed right through him.
"[Believe me! Back home, in Equestria, I was leader! I know how- how to be leader! Okay? Intor want chieftain so Willow will make accident.]"
> He didn't want to believe her and Mayor almost growled in frustration. She would have to take it to Darga and try to explain to her instead. The woman had led the camp for a long while and had managed to retain her tenuous position, so she would probably understand.
> "[Why are you saying all these things?]" Salki asked her, growing a bit angry at the accusations against Willow, whom he apparently still admired at least a little. "[You are just angry because Willow caught you stealing the children!]"
> Before she could say anything, however, the tent flap pulled aside and Darga strode in. One glance at her face was enough for Mayor to 'eep' quietly and hurry to hide behind Salki.
> He saw it too and put his arm around her withers, a gesture for which Mayor was immensely grateful.
> The chieftain stood up to her full height and stared at the pair. "[Want to explain what the ... pony was doing with Hisein's ...?]"
> Mayor didn't understand all the words there, but she was pretty sure a lot of them were swears.
> "[She just went to check what Hisein was doing with them. She wanted to make sure he was not ...,]" Salki replied as calmly as he could.
> Darga closed her eyes and took a deep, calming breath. Unfortunately it didn't work and she took a quick step forward. Her hand shot out and a resounding slap sounded. Salki yelped and put both hands on his face to protect it.
> "[Fucking idiot boy and his idiot pony!]" the woman roared. "[Now Intor is saying that ... beast attacked her son!]"

> Both Mayor and Salki gasped at that and looked at each other. Salki quickly argued: "[That's not true! Meyermer didn't-]"
> He didn't get to finish because Darga began shouting again. "[Didn't?! She didn't?! Do you want to go and look at Willow's bruises?]"
"[Bruises?!]" Mayor squeaked in shock.
> "[Yes! He has bruises on his legs and face! He says you kicked him in the head! That you attacked him!]"
> He was lying! Mayor distinctly remembered the opportunity to crush Willow's face, but she hadn't been able to bring herself to do it.
"[That not possible! I not kick his face!]"
> Darga leaned closer and her voice dropped to a growl: "[He has bruises and Hisein says you did it!]"
> They were both lying, but Mayor knew it was useless to argue. Even if the chieftain didn't completely like Willow, he was still probably one of her best hunters. Even aside from that, Intor was politically too strong for Darga to simply accuse her son of such a lie, at least not without solid proof.
> Unfortunately the word of a pony wouldn't be nearly enough. Salki could back her, but there were already uncomfortable rumours flying around the camp about the fact that he had no mate and spent so much of his time with Mayor.
> Salki didn't quite grasp the nuances yet, not even with this new information. He shot up to his feet. "[Those are lies!]" he insisted loudly. "[I saw it all! Meyermer was checking to make sure the children are alright and Willow attacked her!]"
> If Darga was taken aback by her son arguing with her, she didn't show it. "[You saw nothing! You're lucky Willow is not saying you attacked him too!]"
> "[Well, they're lying!]" Salki repeated and his fists bunched up. "[I'll go and teach that ... not to lie about Meyermer!]"
> He really would have stormed out but his mother grabbed him around the wrist. She was shorter than Salki, but there was wiry strength in the chieftain and he couldn't break free. "[Idiot!]" she repeated. "[What will you do? Start another fight? With half the camp on their side?!]"
> Salki subsided a little and his shoulders sagged. "[We can't just let them say that! Meyermer was doing nothing wrong!]"
> His mother replied in a quieter tone as well: "[That's what they're saying and that's what the people believe.]" She sighed and looked away. "[They are saying you're treating Meyermer like a pet.]"
> They were all silent while Salki returned to his cot and sat down beside Mayor again. "[What will we do?]" he asked quietly. He put his arm around Mayor again now that it seemed his mother wouldn't try and hit him anymore.
> Darga huffed and spun around to pace the tent. It wasn't far and after no more than two steps she had to turn back. "[I'm fucked if I know!]" she replied. "[They want me to give them the pony!]"
> "[No!]"

"[No, please!]"
> They both said at the same time and Mayor found her hooves wrapping around Salki almost of their own volition. Going back to Intor and Willow would mean punishment. Beatings, at the minimum.
> Maybe they wouldn't kill her, but only because she was worth something in trade, but her life would become decidedly uncomfortable.
> "[I don't have much choice,]" Darga said as she continued to pace to and fro. "[She's your pet but she's not pulling her weight! People are saying you are going soft like that fantasy she keeps telling! They're saying I'm soft too!]"
> Mayor Mare knew that accusations of softness were a serious matter among the nomads. If they didn't see Darga as a capable leader they would simply depose her. Salki had told her that would probably mean execution for her and him, but Mayor hadn't quite believed that.
> She was starting to believe it now.
> At long last it seemed that Darga had reached a decision. She pointed a finger at Mayor. "[You will work for Intor and Willow.]"
> Salki was about to yell too, but Darga roared over them both: "[SHUT UP!]" she shouted. "[I said work! We're not giving Meyermer to Intor. You'll work whatever job they give you for a month. No, two months. That way people will see you are not soft!]"
> Mayor Mare's heart sank. She would have to go back to the people who hated her most in this world.
"[They will beat me.]"
> "[Good,]" Darga said with an approving nod. "[That will show the people Salki isn't fucking a pony.]"
> The implication gave Mayor pause. She hadn't even considered that the nomads might be thinking something like that. She looked at the young man from the corner of her eye and saw that he was just as red in the face as herself.
> She had wondered about it, hadn't she? Had Salki thought about something like that too?
> There was no more time to think. Darga crouched in front of Salki and Mayor. "[You still belong to me and Intor will know that. She can beat you, but no permanent damage. I will make her swear it.]"
> The mare swallowed a lump, but gave a tentative nod. Her ears could not go flatter and she knew her eyes must have been like pinpricks in her fear.
> She was a little relieved when the chieftain stood up and took a step to the tent flap. "[I have to go tell them my decision.]" She was gone before either Salki or Mayor could say anything more. They both let out a relieved breath.
> It could have gone a lot worse, Mayor realized. If Willow had faked an injury and claimed she had kicked him the nomads might decide she was dangerous and demand her to be put down.
> Still, she was grateful that Salki had his arm around her withers. "[Look on the bright side,]" he told her.
"[What bright side?!]"

> "[You will be close to watch the children are alright.]"
> That much of it was true, but it didn't bring her any consolation.

> ~~~~

> Late at night Mayor Mare was still lying on her cot, awake. She worried about what Willow and Intor would do to her and what kinds of work they would set her. She didn't mind the latter, not particularly, but she worried it would be especially dirty and gruelling.
> She envied the other two a little, both of whom seemed perfectly able to sleep. Salki had been a bit sad about her punishment, but had quickly shrugged it off. Mayor guessed that told her just how little he really emphasized with her.
> The attempt was useless. There couldn't be much more than a few hours of darkness left and Mayor made a snap decision to stop trying. She could find something else to do with her time and she would just have to deal with being tired and sleepy the next day.
> She sat up, stretched, then looked at the remnants of the fire. She could see the grease stain where Darga had cooked her and Salki's dinner. It had been meat and the smell of it still permeated the tent, but it still made Mayor think about food, which was making her hungry.
> Perhaps it was as good a time as any, she thought, and walked quietly over to the side of the tent.
> It wasn't the most brilliant of hiding spots, but Mayor knew Salki would never dig through his mother's things, and Darga had said it was okay.
> The beer, what was left of it, was in two large water skins. A barrel, such as the traders used would be far too conspicuous and Mayor had traded it early for a bit of grain.
> She dug out one of the skins and sat down so she could hold it steady between her hind legs while she worked to untie it. The effort took both her forehooves and teeth, but she managed eventually.
> Then she lifted the thing up.
> Nomad beer was bitter and didn't fizz, but it was a lot stronger than what she was used to in Equestria. It was still the nearest thing to grain she had, so it would give her a bit of strength before she had to start with Intor and Willow.
> She swallowed a few mouthfuls, then paused to let it settle. Too much at once would quickly make her sick.
> The strong smell of alcohol stung her nose when she breathed out, but Mayor paid it no mind. She raised the bag again and took another sip.
> She had to finish it before leaving, she told herself. Darga had hinted that Intor and Willow might want to keep Mayor in their tent while she served them, which meant that Salki might find her stash.
> It was best to drink it and gain whatever nutrition she could from it, rather than let the silly boy have it and just get drunk with no benefit.

> A small burp worked its way up her throat and brought with it the almost sour taste of old nomad beer. It was a lot better on the way down and she raised her water skin again to wash her mouth.
> The strange part was that it had no effect. After how much she had already drunk on a mostly empty stomach, Mayor had been expecting her head to start spinning or something. It should have happened.
> Maybe nomad alcohol lost its potency if left for a while?
> She brought the skin back up to her lips and poured a little more into her mouth. It wasn't as foul as before, she thought. Maybe it was an acquired taste? She swallowed a few more times from the bag, but had to pause to burp again. Drinking from water skins meant she swallowed an awful lot of air along with any liquid.
> There wasn't much left, but she felt pretty full so Mayor lowered the bag back down in her lap. She remembered just in time to hold the opening, otherwise it would have spilled all over her legs.
> At least the buzz she was starting to feel took the edge off her misery. She thought briefly at the tragic fate of those nomad children Willow had captured, but it wasn't quite as sad.
> Even the prospect of her having to work for Intor didn't sound as bad as before. She was okay with work and this way she would be near the woman and could keep her eye on her.
> If Intor really was planning a coup or something maybe Mayor Mare could find proof of it and bring it to Darga. Then she'd prove her worth, yes!
> After that the chieftain would believe her word and let her teach her son! Salki, with an Equestrian education, or as much of it as she could give him, would become a wise and powerful ruler. Maybe he could even found a city or something.
> That was it, Mayor thought to herself! A plan!
> She couldn't go back to civilization, not without the nomads' help, but she could bring civilization to them! Surely once they learned about houses they'd give up their tent-based lifestyle.
> Mayor Mare was no construction pony, but she could probably find her way to building a basic wooden cottage. Then she would teach them about hot water, and baths, and food other than meat.
> She was an earth pony and that meant, despite her cutie mark, she could plant and grow food. She would bring agriculture to them! If the nomads didn't have to keep moving around after their prey animals maybe they would stop being so brutal!
> Mayor wasn't wholly aware that she had lifted the skin with beer again, but she suddenly realized it was empty and she was trying to suck out the last few dregs.
> The world was a more pleasant place, even if the tent was swimming gently around her. It was a good feeling and she wanted it to last.

> She reached for her other bag and began untying the neck. The knot was a lot tighter than the last one, but she persevered until it was done. In her hurry she had torn the water skin a little, but that just meant she could get at the beer faster.
> Maybe the other one had been bad or something, Mayor thought as she swallowed, because this one tasted markedly better.
> The evening had been awful, but at least she was getting a good meal out of the night. It would leave her entirely without any kind of food, liquid or not, but that was okay. Mayor would think of something. She always did.
> Maybe the traders would come back soon and she'd be able to sell more of her mane. The pink color, it seemed, was very popular with these people.
> She shivered at the sudden cold and realized that the embers had died out. Her cot called to her, but there was still beer left.
> Mayor considered taking the skin with her, but she understood in a dim way that she would spill it all over herself.
> Best to finish it quickly and then get back in bed.
> The cot would have gone cold by now.
> Her eyes landed on Salki and she smiled to herself. He was warm enough and he didn't mind sharing.
> It sounded like a plan. She'd drink the rest of her beer - it was more like liquid grain, really - to shore up her strength for the hard work next morning.
> Mayor blinked a few times in confusion as she tried to recall exactly what she had to do the next day. She knew something about work, but not what the task was.
> She shook her head, but stopped when the spinning tent made her stomach feel weird. She would figure it out tomorrow, or someone would tell her.
> For the moment she had to finish her drink and then get in Salki's bed. She would table the turns on him this time! A small revenge for the previous night!
> That last thought made her giggle a little in excitement, but she suppressed it so she wouldn't wake him.
> Maybe nomads had *some* use as bed- warm- warm-bedders, at least!
> The skin slid from her hooves, but that was okay since it was almost empty. She could probably get another mouthful out of it in the morning to help her wake up.
> It took her a few attempts to get all four hooves under her and even then Mayor Mare wasn't too steady.
> She was suddenly full of energy and didn't really feel like sleeping, but she was still cold so a nice cuddle would be welcome.
> An awkwardly placed hoof nearly made her tumble into the- into the-
> Hot place. She felt the heat radiating from it, even if there were no more glowy things. It would be bad to fall on that, she knew, but she didn't, so that was fine.
> Her target was right in front of her. Salki was bundled up in a bunch of blankets. Skins. Blanket skins.
> How do you skin a blanket?

> The mare shrugged to herself and lowered her head to lift the edge. The young nomad shivered and turned away from the cold, but she quickly slid in to fill the gap.
> Tried, to, at least. She had forgotten which leg to use, so Mayor stumbled and landed on her side. The thump and her 'oof' woke Salki up.
> "[What? Who is it? What- Meyermer?]"
> She twirled in place to try and get the blanket completely over her, then pushed with her hooves to slide back against Salki.
> "[What are you doing?]"
"[Sssshhhh!]" she drawled. "[Cold... Warm.]"
> Perhaps he understood, but even if he didn't the poor nomad had no choice. She wrapped her legs around his arm, which made Salki hiss at how cold her hooves and fur was.
> That was good! He should know just how chilly Mayor was and warm her up! She rubbed her muzzle against his chest, which made Salki gasp and push her away with the palm of his hand.
> Mayor took no notice and just gave his hand a good lick.
"[Pleaaase, warm!]"
> Her begging worked and Salki sighed. He grumbled something to himself, but stopped trying to dislodge her. As thanks she reached out with her head and have his face a grateful nuzzle.
> "[Are you- how are you drunk?!]" he asked, bewildered. "[Where did you get beer?]"
"[s' gone!]" she replied triumphantly. "[I et it all!]"
> Salki was quiet for a while, but his hand found her muzzle and reached further until he could play with her ear. Mayor closed her eyes and pushed against that delightful scratching.
> "[Okay, okay. Stupid pony. You can sleep in my bed.]"
> It was music to her ears and she quickly rolled on her back. She clumsily gripped his hand between her forehooves and pushed it down to her belly.
> After a moment Salki obeyed and his fingers began to play with her soft fur down there.
> "[Go to sleep. You're drunk.]"

More apologies for this week's delay. I stumbled a bit with that scene, hope it came out alright.

Paste: https://ponepaste.org/5389
File: daisy.gif (72 KB, 853x480)
72 KB
Poor naïve Meermeer, can't help but get in more and more trouble.
Dayum Coco. You got good taste.
File: 2464965.png (239 KB, 1024x1024)
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239 KB PNG
File: 2594001.png (1.69 MB, 3156x3816)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
>"This is some bullshit, master."
File: Celestia_bully.jpg (410 KB, 1036x971)
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410 KB JPG
buggy green never ever
File: 2690342.png (160 KB, 700x840)
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160 KB PNG
>grow up in a jungle village
>wander into a trap
>get good food, constant cuddles, and the wonders of technology
Wait until she finds the angle grinder
File: 1866298.png (598 KB, 740x628)
598 KB
598 KB PNG
This looks animated to me by looking at the thumbnail, but expanding it reveals its not. And it still looks like it should be animated but I know its not. Mindfuck.
Tiny kirin a cutie.
10/10 would pet
Kirin are supposed to bring good luck and belong to people with good judgment.
Why can't drunk meermeer invade my bed?
>Mayor mumbled something unintelligible
Or in Equestrian!
>She didn't
What? She knew it (mostly) before!
>Better that.
Well she forgets quick. It comes with age I guess.
>worth more unspoiled
There is always another hole.
>sell the girl when traders come
And when is that? Until then they are a burden.
>That doesn't work here.
Clearly. They just slaughtered someones who lost their way.
>With what?
With Mayor!
>Willow is not stupid
I beg to differ.
>Intor want the same
I don't quite follow, why can she/he claim the role? Blood is everything.
>what the ... pony was doing
Not calling her by name.
>a resounding slap sounded
Heh. And its not even his doing.
At least he got hurt. Its a super short term win for Mayor!
>That you attacked him!
What do they try to achieve?
>Willow is not saying you attacked him too
Dunno, by this logic they can fabricate a lie too. Beat Salki up a bit to make it more believable.
>They want me to give them the pony!
Oh they were deeply hurt that their prized punchbag was taken away.
>she's not pulling her weight
What? She goes around to collect stuff. She produces valuable hair which a lot of people wear, etc.
You mean moon?
>That will show the people Salki isn't fucking a pony.
How exactly?
>I will make her swear it.
Like that will do anything..
>Look on the bright side
There isn't many.. Mayor needs to come up with a plan.
>was in two large water skins
That will taste shitty.
>gain whatever nutrition she could from it
Heh. Liquid bread.
>It should have happened.
Seems like she built up some tolerance.
>There wasn't much left
She will be super drunk in the morning.
>A plan!
Drunk brain solves everything.
>She reached for her other bag
>He was warm enough and he didn't mind sharing.
Drunk logic!
>it was more like liquid grain, really
Clearly not.
"I'm not a pet! But scratch me."

Thanks for the update!
File: 11657657.png (295 KB, 1574x1192)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
Ponies, much like cats, are a liquid.
File: 11257959395.png (394 KB, 1024x768)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
>tfw no submissive pleasure stallion begging for your dick in his ass and your lash on his back
File: 1620674000822.jpg (45 KB, 1000x1080)
45 KB
File: 1545527460643.jpg (266 KB, 1267x1431)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
File: 1635253.jpg (92 KB, 900x754)
92 KB
File: 10516.png (2.75 MB, 3072x2304)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB PNG
File: 111263424588.png (1 MB, 2715x1896)
1 MB
lil poner has poor self control sometimes
make sure she gets to bed at a reasonable hour
its important for her health
File: 1765027 small.jpg (379 KB, 1280x960)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
File: 2754904.png (3.8 MB, 2408x1593)
3.8 MB
3.8 MB PNG
That's a cute sparkle horse. Remember, lingerie is a pony right, not luxury.
Thank you for linking this
>hes not dead
need Swibble herd induction
It’s great your not ded
File: 1641934622164.png (437 KB, 736x736)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
F for bug
She never got laid
File: meermeer.jpg (242 KB, 1000x1000)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
I want Meyermer to gather wild tubers for me and make me stew.
>more qt art
You're on a roll, friend
>no horn ridges
Kirinfilly? a cute and we need green of her? being adorable.
Page 8 and I still hate you.
I absolutely love it.
>wake up
>see this
absolute bliss
God, the things I would do to that mare. Things like kiss every single one of her little freckles. Every. One.
File: 440651.jpg (393 KB, 2100x2850)
393 KB
393 KB JPG

Rarity Belle
>Dear sweet Twillight remains hot on your tail as you turn the corner.
>You absolutely adore the angel of a purple unicorn, but sometimes when she gets an idea in that head of hers…
>"I'm telling you Rarity, the numbers don't lie! Several countries and businesses have been piloting 4 day work week programs and the results are really promising! Better employee mental health, no loss of productivity, heck BETTER productivity in most cases! I'm just saying, with your 'influence' it might be a good thing to champion. Maybe we could even show it off ourselves, kinda like Celestia's plan."
>Huh, she even summoned a pair of phantom magical hands to do the air quotes for 'influence'.
>Since when did she pick up such human mannerisms?
>Perhaps, it was only a matter of time. Or perhaps you just hadn't noticed before now since you're usually looking down at actual work while she prattles on.
>No, bad Rarity. That's not a kind way to think of your friend.
>"Maybe we could - ah!"
>You stop so suddenly she has to swerve to miss you, resulting in the walking tangle of unicorn limbs tripping over her own hooves.
>Of course you catch her in a combination of magic and hooves, grasp her firmly by the shoulders and sit the both of you down right there in the middle of the hall.
"Two things darling. First, I know you aren't exactly sold on influencers nor social media in general, but there ARE complex strategies to it. I can't simply shift my message, my brand, on a whim. You understand?"
>She opens her mouth to protest, only for you to cover it with a hoof and a tsk tsk.
"I said two things. Patient please."
File: 2144211.png (1.31 MB, 1191x1470)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
>She rolls her eyes but doesn't try to interrupt again.
>It's no big deal, really. She isn't Sweetie.
>You'll just file it away as an excuse to scold her the next time she's due for a good long chastisement.
>That was probably her plan anyway…
"Secondly… Do you actually work?"
>The taken aback Sparkle stammers.
>"W-what? O-of course I do! I... I'm a uhh, you know, an emotional support mare?"
>Diplomatic phrasing, but it does sound more respectable than the truth.
"Yes, yes of course. I do seem to recall a form or two on the subject. So then, that being as it were, on these theoretical extra days off, if we were to set an example, you would be... no longer supporting Anon and myself? Are you sure that's what sweetheart? Because the last time we let you go more than half a week without dragging you to bed by the collar you greeted us in the kitchen with your plot bent over the- "
>A more colorful recounting is cut off when the tables turn and it's her hooves frantically attempting to cover your mouth!
>"La la la la la! That never happened and you can't prove it in a human or Equestrian court of law! Forget I brought it up! Forget I brought anything up! I'm just gonna go, uhh…"
>With a pop of magic, the time-off-seeking mare vanishes to rooms unknown.
>4 day work week indeed…
>Why, back at your old company most ponies worked 6!
>Sometimes 7!
>Perhaps your little antiwork advocate needs a bit of overtime with Master Anon and Mistress Rarity to remind her just how fun working can be!

Silly idea I threw together from a chat. I'll throw it in my misc bin.
File: vegathewurst.png (319 KB, 600x600)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
Lazy ponies get the spank.
>>"La la la la la! That never happened and you can't prove it in a human or Equestrian court of law! Forget I brought it up! Forget I brought anything up! I'm just gonna go, uhh…"
I fucking love the Twilight that may dish it, but absolutely can't take it. The little pervert.
>Since when did she pick up such human mannerisms?
Since the Great Spank Depression. Too many flanks. Not enough hands. Blisters.

>No, bad Rarity. That's not a kind way to think of your friend.
The close her mouth with a kiss.

>It's no big deal, really. She isn't Sweetie.
Sweetie Belle the bedfilly when

"Secondly… Do you actually work?"
pic related
File: Sweetie belly bed.png (172 KB, 396x620)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
Pony has assumed the pillow position.
Its time for bed, master.
>Sweetie Belle the bedfilly when
Not really a filly anymore though, no?
Just a young (good) mare that needs to be told that all will be okay.
And I must confess I love poor naïve Meyermer. Would [scratch].
>sweetie belle lost her bedfilly credential
I feel bad for anon, or maybe I can understand anon. Imagine getting promised to get a bedfilly just to get a "bedfilly"(mare)
File: 1613586631843.png (1.38 MB, 5315x5315)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
File: 116767779.gif (381 KB, 1500x1500)
381 KB
381 KB GIF
Pet the pone
I'll pet her rump with my dressage whip.
She likes that too.
Just not in public.
File: 1382802.png (2.67 MB, 2500x2800)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB PNG
File: 1462979448391.png (154 KB, 593x1000)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
Yup, that is a "cuddles only" size of bedfilly.
File: 1417695.png (1.15 MB, 1280x714)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
File: 1304474.jpg (307 KB, 759x938)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
Master's Little Faggot when?
Too early, time for tickles.
>Buy bat for squeaky snugs
>Reading through this
>Author claims anon is an open character and choices will change if his personality
>Posters choose cruel option and author railroads to moralfagging anon
every fucking time
File: 1638609173949.png (1.32 MB, 2904x2656)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
Just read Staying out of Trouble" Afterstory ~Non canon epilogue

Is there more
The "cruel" options were overwhelmingly trolling shitposters. Fuck off to SiM if you want edgy horseshit. We're not about hurting ponies here.
File: 6244602.png (2.59 MB, 2000x2000)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB PNG
Yeah, now we wait 6 months for the next update
Lunch break bump
Welp, before this becomes even more or a meme, I think I'll move my green postings permanently to Thursdays.
I actually have a believable-sounding reason! I've gotten back into gamedev and I tend to spend large chunks of my weekends doing that, which leaves me with no update come Monday. I then tend to work on my green bit by bit during the week, but it usually isn't quite ready by Tuesday (either written and not edited, or half of an update is written and edited, but half still missing). Sometimes that results in me rushing the update out on Tue evening which is possibly even worse.

Sorry for the inconvenience, everyone!
Post horse once implemented
what type of game are you working on?

Hardcore space sim. It's not pony-related. It's still in early stages and I might eventually lose interest, since nothing is making me work on it and I'm going at it solo, but for now it's fun.
Am I being honest?
>Hardcore space sim.
Sounds like my kind of autism, hopefully it will run on my potato.
That's a cat
File: 1592893581661.png (592 KB, 1360x990)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
Squeaks too much to be a cat
File: 2350186 small.png (854 KB, 782x1024)
854 KB
854 KB PNG
File: 1576900001857.png (203 KB, 730x680)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
I like the foofy bits. Want to pet.
It's nothing but floofy bits, anon.
>page 9
I still hate you.
They're all floofy bits.
Its floof all the way down.
File: 655243.png (492 KB, 1024x939)
492 KB
492 KB PNG
File: 2655287.jpg (620 KB, 3583x3960)
620 KB
620 KB JPG
All the more reason to get one.
File: 2340318.jpg (52 KB, 733x942)
52 KB
Fuzzums are for touching. Extra-soft cuddles.
File: 117463454346.png (41 KB, 815x1072)
41 KB
Why is she allowed to wear a tiara? She clearly doesn't look like to be a princess of submission.
She's totally a princess in the bed
File: 2269638.jpg (614 KB, 1946x2000)
614 KB
614 KB JPG
A cute!
Why are there so many space autists on /mlp/? Also do you mean like KSP type or something else?
File: 11657657144.png (256 KB, 1142x910)
256 KB
256 KB PNG

Actually, I'm planning something lonely and desolate, inspired a bit by Duskers but I wanted it to be more technical - more simulation-y.
It's basically a game I'd like to play myself but doesn't exist, so I'll see if I can make it.

> For Mayor Mare waking up was a mixture of pain and comfort. Her belly felt like a cold bag of acid and her brain was pounding as if Big Mac himself was dancing a jig on her head, but the rest of her was quite comfortable.
> Mostly she felt warm. That had been such a rare thing so far in this nomad winter that when a cold draft ruffled the fur on her muzzle, she grunted and pressed her face more tightly against the warm surface.
> Sleep was out of the question, but if she kept her eyes closed and her limbs perfectly still the pain in her head was slightly less. In a few more minutes she would need to go outside and pee, but for the moment she could still put it off.
> "[Why is the pony in your bed?]" the question came in a harsh, woman's voice.
> Mayor was determined to ignore it, at least for a while longer, but the surface she was resting on rose and fell as Salki sighed. She heard his voice boom and echo through his ribs and realized she had her ear pressed right against his chest.
> "[I don't know, she got drunk last night or something. I don't even know where she got the beer.]"
> Rather than replying, Darga just grunted and looked around. There was a wet thwack and she complained: "[She tore the skin up. Damn. See if Darkhan can mend it.]"
> Perhaps Mayor could have ignored the conversation a bit longer, but Salki lifted his arm and put his hand on her muzzle. It was probably an unintentional gesture to reassure her, or gently wake her up, but it blocked her nose.
> She jerked her head up, gasped for air and made the mistake of opening her eyes.
"Ow! Ow ow ow! Buck- bucking- ow!"
> The headache was like a wooden splinter right through her brain.
> Her swearing was in a tongue the other two couldn't really understand, but pained mewling was probably a universal language.
> "[Get up,]" Darga said, again in that shrill, grating voice of hers, "[Intor is waiting for you. Move it!]"
> Mayor focused her pleading gaze on Salki, but he just shrugged a little. There was no help there. He obeyed his mother in most things, mainly because she was still strong and fast enough to grab him and give him a well-deserved smacking if he crossed her.
> Nomads had a very physical child upbringing, it seemed.
> If she dallied any longer Darga would grow impatient and pull her up by her mane. That wasn't something Mayor was prepared to experience, so she slid off Salki with a low groan. He clutched at the blanket and pulled it back, and Mayor was exposed to the cold air.
> Maybe it helped a little with her head, but the movement was making her sick.
"Buck. [Wait- I need to- urk!]"

> She rushed for the tent entrance and luckily Darga was quick enough to pull the flap open. Mayor managed a few steps to the side, then her stomach turned a somersault and she spilled a foul mixture of bile and what was left of stale beer.
> All her insides twisted and the heaving was making her headache worse, but there was no stopping it until she was completely empty.
> Before her was a patch of brown and yellow stained snow, already melting a little.
> She needed to wash the horrible taste from her tongue, but there was no water in sight. Out of sheer desperation Mayor took a bit of clean-looking snow in her mouth and chewed it while she waited for the wave of dizziness to pass.
> There was still the matter of her bladder, but that was easy to solve. She simply turned around, moved her tail out of the way and let it go. The snow was already dirty, a little more wouldn't hurt it.
> Normally she would prefer to walk somewhere more private, but Mayor didn't feel up to the task that morning. It would have to do, and it wasn't as if any of the nomads were even paying attention.
> In this respect she was still seen more like an animal than a person and displays like that weren't helping her case.
> She filed the problem under 'another day' and returned to the warmth of the tent.
> Darga immediately frowned. "[Why are you waiting? Go!]"
> Her ears flicked back in annoyance, but Mayor worked to keep her tone civil.
"[Yes! Yes. I need things. Cloak. Pots.]"
> She found her stick with the two clay pots and the animal skin coat she usually wore. She didn't bother tying it around her neck for the short journey and simply tossed it over her back and weighed it down with the pole.
> Undoubtedly Intor would want her to fetch water, among other things. Even if not, Mayor would fetch water for her own use.
"[Darga? I stay with Intor Gol Willow? Where sleep?]"
> She thought she knew the answer, but perhaps-
> "[With them. You'll stay with them until you are done. You better behave yourself, or I'll make it longer!]"
> Her ears wilted at the unwelcome news, however much she had been expecting exactly that.
"[W-What if they beat me? Kill me?]"
> Salki made a small sound in his throat, but Darga paid him no mind. "[They won't if you stay quiet and work. If they do, Intor will have to pay me.]"
> That didn't help Mayor any! She was about to ask just what her life was worth, but thought better of it and shook her head, mainly to herself.
> "[Mother!]" Salki finally found his voice. "[Don't let them kill Meyermer!]"
> The woman rounded on him. "[I said they won't!]" she barked, but then her voice softened. "[You check in on Meyermer every day. You will still train with Willow to become a hunter.]"

> That was at least a small mercy, Mayor thought to herself. If they mistreated her too badly, Salki would see and tell his mother. Darga might see the mare as nothing but a slave, but she wouldn't want her property damaged.
> It was the best she could hope for. Mayor remembered why she had to suffer like that and a part of her wished she had had the courage to really kick Willow when she had the chance. It would have gone even worse for her, but maybe it would have been worth it.
> Darga was starting to look impatient again and Mayor began moving before she earned herself a slap on the rump.
> She slowed a little to share a look with Salki, then folded her ears back in determination and pushed out of the tent. At least she would be close to Hisein and could keep an eye on how he was treating his new slaves.
> If he so much as looked at the girl the wrong way Mayor would buck him in half, consequences be damned!
> It helped to think of it that way and she headed off at a brisk trot. After emptying it her stomach felt better and the fresh air helped a bit with her headache. What she needed more than anything was water, though.
> Hopefully Intor would agree to Mayor going to the spring with her pots as the first task.
> The residual hangover and the looming servitude to that Willow blackened Mayor's mood enough to simply ignore all the other nomads she met, whether she knew them or not. Those who liked her would recognize that she didn't want to talk and those who didn't wouldn't care.

> ~~~~

> Mayor Mare stood in front of Intor and Willow's tent for several minutes before she worked up the nerve to go in. She had absolutely no idea what to expect.
> At long last she took a deep breath and pushed inside. Conversation stopped immediately and three nomad faces turned to her.
> On one side there was Intor, who just looked smugly pleased. Mayor wasn't afraid of her, at least not physically and not yet. If Intor gained enough power to overthrow Darga the situation might change.
> Beside his mother, Willow looked sullen an unhappy at seeing the mare. This was a surprise for Mayor, since she had expected the hunter to welcome a chance to hurt her and make her work.
> Did this mean her being there was entirely Intor's doing? Perhaps Mayor should reconsider her concern about the woman.
> Off to the other side there was Gol, but she just looked uncomfortable and didn't meet Mayor's gaze. She would be perhaps her only ally in that household. Or tent-hold, as it may be.
> "[You're late!]" Intor spoke first.
> There was no meaningful reply Mayor could give, so she just shrugged a little.
"[What you want I do?]" Mayor asked, then immediately tried to elicit an answer she wanted: "[I go bring water?"]

> Intor looked thoughtful, but only for a moment. Her gaze strayed to the pole across Mayor's back and the clay pots hanging from it, then she nodded. "[Yes. Go. Gol, go with her and make sure she doesn't run away.]"
> It took an effort of will for Mayor to hold her sigh back. They knew very well that Mayor, even if she had inclinations to run away, had nowhere to go and no way to survive outside of the camp. She had been to fetch water by herself nearly every day and had always come back.
> It didn't matter, Gol was better company than Willow, so Mayor acquiesced with a slight nod before she walked backward out through the flap.
> Once outside she had a few moments to look around, but Hisein's tent was quiet and she couldn't see any sign of his captives. Hopefully she would see them later and make sure they were alright.
> She waited for the few seconds it took Gol to clamber out into the open, then set off toward the little stream the nomads used for their drinking and washing needs. It wasn't very far.
> At first Mayor had wondered why they didn't build their camp nearer the water, or perhaps right on top of it. Having the stream closer would cut down on that daily chore.
> Then again, she saw how little nomads cared about where they tossed their refuse and - she herself was guilty of that too - relieved themselves. Any water running through the camp would quickly become undrinkable.
> Perhaps that was the reason they moved around that much? It would give their campsites time to recover.
> "[I'm sorry about Mother and Willow,]" Gol suddenly said. She finally met Mayor's eye, but quickly blushed and looked away. "[I know you don't want to be here but Mother insisted.]"
> Mayor Mare almost said that it was fine, but changed her mind. Gol was right, she didn't want to work for Intor. She did, however, file that little tidbit away. She had guessed as much when she saw Willow, but Intor was the one who wanted the mare near. She wondered why.
"[It is how it is. What work do you need? You and Intor and Willow?]"
> There was a bit of silence while Gol considered, then she said: "[I don't know. Getting water and firewood. Maybe getting food and tending the fire. Um...]"
> None of that sounded too problematic, so Mayor walked in silence until they were out of the camp. Only then, when there was no danger of someone overhearing, she asked what she really wanted to know.
"[Tell me of Hisein and his, uh, slave?]"
> Despite her best effort to appear nonchalant, Mayor's ears splayed at the topic and she watched Gol's face closely to see if she was overstepping some boundary. It didn't seem so and the girl relaxed.
> "[Oh that? I guess he and Willow divided the loot that way.]"
"[What will he do with them?]"

> It didn't seem to be a taboo subject and Gol answered easily: "[He'll sell the girl when the traders come in the spring. Maybe the boy, too, it depends if he can work.]"
"[Work what?]"
> Gol shrugged and waved her arms in dismissal. "[I don't know, this and that. Chopping wood, carrying things. Anything Hisein doesn't want to do himself.]"
> It didn't sound too bad, but then the girl continued: "[He will probably use him in hunting, too.]"
> The wording was concerning and Mayor wanted to make sure she understood it correctly.
"[Use him? What you mean? How use?]"
> "[I don't know. He'll go on hunts with the men and carry back the catch. Or he might have to go in front if things look dangerous. Sometimes the hunters send slaves to drive the animals in front of them into a trap.]"
> They were going to use the boy as bait?! Mayor's step faltered and Gol walked a few more paces before she stopped. "[Are you okay?]"
> Mayor shook her head, but began moving once more.
"[No. You no understand what they doing is wrong?]"
> At this Gol seemed confused. "[Why is it wrong? The boy and the girl aren't our people.]"
"[It doesn't matter! Why that matter? They are nomad, you are nomad! Same people!]"
> It didn't seem to go through and Gol shook her head. "[They aren't nomads. They are different people.]"
> Mayor Mare growled and stomped her hoof in frustration. Even without conscious thought her tail flicked this way and that.
"[No, they same people! Boy and girl- they have hands, legs, head, skin. You have hands, legs, skin. You same! I different people, but boy and girl same!]"
> They went on and the young nomad considered this in quiet. "[I think I understand, but that's not how we see things. The camp, the group is what matters. Everyone else are outsiders. Traders are tolerated because they bring necessary things, but everyone else is killed.]"
> Before Mayor could respond Gol thought up another thing and went on: "[Outsiders are killed, the boy and the girl are lucky they're worth more alive. They can be taught because they are young. The parents were too old.]"
> Once again Mayor came to understand just how alien, how different the nomad culture was from Equestrian values. She wasn't getting anywhere and she needed time to collect her thoughts and her head to stop hurting.
> Maybe she could eventually explain it to Gol. Salki was almost coming around, after all.
> She didn't reply and the two reached the stream in silence. By that time Mayor was feeling the chill quite heavily and she slipped the pole off her back. She had tossed her coat over herself, but hadn't tied it and it hardly kept any warmth as she moved.
"[Here. Help please.]"

> Her hooves were deft enough to wrap the animal skin around herself, but tying the strings together was still beyond her. Luckily Gol understood and crouched down so she could fasten Mayor's coat around her neck and belly.
> She shivered a bit, but already the air caught under the garment was starting to warm up.
> That done, Mayor left her pots and went to the stream to drink first.

> ~~~~

> The two didn't speak on the way back, which was just as well. Mayor Mare was lost in thought as she tried to come up with a way to convince Gol that her entire culture was wrong and she should ignore her upbringing.
> It wouldn't be easy, but at least with Gol it might be possible, especially if Salki was any indication. No such hope with Willow and Intor.
> Well, if Mayor was being honest with herself, she hadn't really changed Salki's mind, not yet. She was confident she could, though.
> Soon enough they were back at the tent and Gol went inside to get further instructions from her mother while Mayor carefully unloaded her burden outside. She crouched until both clay pots were resting on the ground and then slipped from under the wooden pole.
> Willow came out, followed closely by the two females. Mayor stepped aside to let them drink and went to stand next to Gol.
> She looked around at Hisein's tent, trying to ignore the sounds of loud slurping as Intor and Willow dipped their hands into the water and brought it up to their lips.
> It went on for a while, then there was a loud splash and Mayor's head snapped back. Willow's pot was overturned and the water was already turning the ground into mud.
> At first she thought he must have tripped over the vessel, but his insolent grin told Mayor he had done it on purpose.
"[What?! Why you do that?]"
> Before she could get an answer, Intor pushed hers over as well.
"[Why you do this?!]"
> The older woman answered quite calmly: "[You'll need the pots for milk, so we emptied them.]"
"[What milk?!]"
> Intor ignored her and addressed her instructions to her daughter, who looked decidedly uneasy at this senseless waste. "[Gol, go and milk the herd. The pony will help you.]"
> The prospect was mortifying. Mayor Mare knew that the nomads used the donkeys' milk and she had even gotten some of the soft cheese they made from it, but so far she had stayed away when they were milking the jennies.
> It felt like an invasion of privacy, even if they were just dumb animals.
> She took refuge in her anger about the water.
"[Why you told me go fetch water? You knew we use pots for milk! Why?]"
> Intor just shrugged a little and Willow burst out laughing. "[Just to see the look on your face!]" he chortled.

> Mayor pressed her lips together to keep herself from saying something nasty. She knew plenty of nomad swear words, but it wouldn't do. Apparently they were going to act petty, and the mare told herself it was better than the alternatives.
> If they wanted to mock her, and have her do useless labor, that was better than beating her. She just had to swallow her pride for a while and get through it.
> Despite that knowledge, Mayor grumbled quietly to herself as she went to fetch the clay pots. Her hooves sank into the mud, but she just ignored it and pushed through.
> "[Make sure you don't spill any!]" Willow said, still laughing. He leaned closer and slapped her rump with his palm, which made Mayor jump and squeak in surprise.
> She gave him the stink eye, but the young hunter wasn't paying attention any longer. He went back into the tent while his mother headed deeper into the camp.
> "[Let's go,]" Gol said quietly and put a hand on Mayor's head. "[I don't know why they did this.]"
> There had to be a reason, but as Mayor's anger drained away it was replaced by weariness and a headache. She couldn't think clearly.
"Let's just get this over with!"
> The girl gave her a blank stare and Mayor repeated as closely as she could translate:
"[Let us go do it. Quick.]"
> She effortlessly lifted the pole with the empty pots over her head and balanced it on her back.
> At least, she thought to herself, she might get a bit of milk out of this. It wasn't her preferred drink, and she had never thought about any other type of milk except cow before her time with the nomads, but needs must and it would nourish her.
> She just had to think of the jennies as unthinking beasts. They didn't seem embarrassed about the whole thing, so why should she be?
> It was part of the normal for them.
> Despite that, Mayor couldn't keep a tint of red from her face.

Such petty people. Then again, if childish pranks and insults are all Meyermer has to worry about, that isn't so bad, right?

Paste: https://ponepaste.org/5389
>a game I'd like to play myself but doesn't exist
That's a feel that hits me deep down in the soul.
Very nice, thanks writefag!

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