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File: Get well soon.png (3.95 MB, 1202x1045)
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3.95 MB PNG
Don't die on us edition

Previous >>37841350
Bunker https://nhnb.org/fim/res/3505.html

Welcome to the wild west of copycats & copyright infringement! Here in the bargain bin there's a ton of freedom where things aren't quite right... but a bootleg waifu might still be for you. Bootleg can be many things or cover many genres, but we specialize in knockoffs with tons of heart and soul whether its OCs, or knockoffs of canon. Get ready for feels or fun where they can win you over despite of their inherent flaws.

Newly binned or continuing shorts/stories
>[AJ, Twilight, OC] Jacky Part 10 (Blondie)- https://ponepaste.org/5740
>[NMM] Midnight Part 2 (AutoPony) - https://ponepaste.org/5610
>[Pies] Rosie Rock (FortuneFavors) - https://ponepaste.org/4579
>[Cadence] Condense (ReggieSomething) - https://ponepaste.org/4168
>[OC] Shadow (AutoPony) - https://ponepaste.org/6144
>[Cozy] Demon Filly - >>37781579

On a recent hiatus
>[Twilight] Twill Shorts - https://ponepaste.org/5703
>[Luna] Zooma (ReggieSomething) - https://ponepaste.org/5304
>[Dim Sum, Cricket, Thun and Co] House of Boots - https://ponepaste.org/5794

>[OC] Tinny the Tinfoil Conspiracy Pony (NHanon) - https://ponepaste.org/3979
>[Marble] Minky (NHanon) - https://ponepaste.org/211
>[Flutter] SilentFriend (Nebulus) - https://ponepaste.org/4464

Now finished stories
>[OC] Angel Cake's Quest (Blondie) - https://ponepaste.org/5251

See the new FULL archive for everything /boot/ with many more shorts and stories the reworked bin https://ponepaste.org/5786
>Sorted by author, synopsis with tags. Includes a link to the picture archive. Now working on our first FAQ and recommended reading by type for newfrens
Just an observation that not a lot of people like Gilda and trying to spur conversation so the thread doesn't die in my sleep
RIP Blondie's car
>Gilda and trying to spur conversation so the thread doesn't die in my sleep
>thread dies in your sleep
sad day
Sorry anon
its okay you tried, joke aside hope blondie recovers though
This is such a cute pic
thanks, may not be an 'action' scene like >>37890347 wants but babysteps towards it
Personally i like this kind of pics that look like a window into characters life
thats the idea, but in this case not from the green just topical
File: TiffRosieRock.png (657 KB, 1358x882)
657 KB
657 KB PNG
major storm tonight, anyone affected?
I appreciate it. Thank you.
There's a Missy Pie joke here somewhere.
>"Gee Blondie, how come you get two bootlegs?"
>"Picture on the screen~"
>tfw no Missie Cheez
Windstorm ripped through the midwest kicking up tornadoes and tons of power outages. Just got gusts here but still was enough to send tens of thousands into blackouts. I heard some had an entire tree fall over onto their house from the gusts.
rest up blond, the gang will be here when you get back

>It's rather early the next morning when you initially wake up.
>On the couch.
>With as hard as the alcohol hit her last night, you put Midnight in your bed.
>She settled down on the drive home, saying very little as the adrenaline wore off and the intoxication began to make her overall more fatigued and sluggish in every way.
>By the time you got home, she was on the precipice of sleep.
>Like leaving the restaurant, you carried her in - and just took her straight to bed.
>You didn't last much longer.
>Now, at six in the morning, your phone dings.
>Awfully early to be getting messages...
>It makes sense once you grab your phone and wearily glance at the illuminated screen.
>'Memory Full - Video Capture Stopped'
>You never shut off the recording of Midnight's performance.
>To be fair, your concern when grabbing the phone was Middie's well-being and getting her home.
>Still, you feel like a dumbass.
>Straight up deleting it is not an option - that spectacle was too good to not remain in video format for future viewing pleasures.
>Hell, you could probably blackmail her with that.
>Why you would is up for debate.
>Regardless, it was cute as fuck.
>You're gonna have to figure out how to cut that shit down.
>Now, you aren't completely retarded when it comes to technology and computers...
>But video editing is something you have never considered.
>Oh well, maybe after just a few more minutes of sleep, you'll look into it...
>The next time you open your eyes, sunlight is streaming through the one window that offers a view outside from your living room, behind your head.
>Another glance at your phone...
>9 AM.
>Good timing.
>Sitting up, you're surprised that you don't have any noticeable aches.
>The couch is old as hell, and really doesn't offer much in terms of support.
>Maybe it was just luck.
>But your next thought is to check on Midnight.
>She's probably still asleep, but just to be sure...
>You lazily shuffle across your carpet to your bedroom door.
>You push it open as quietly as possible, though the hinges still creak just a bit.
>That sound, even though slight, garners an accompanying quiet groan from your bed.
>A mass lays under the covers, huddled up and hidden away from the world.
"Midnight?" you quietly call.
>Another groan, this one a bit louder as you see movement.
"Not feeling too good this morning, I'm guessing."
>"Death would be a welcome gift," she croaks quietly. "Where the hell am I, and what time is it?"
"I slept on the couch, you slept in my bed last night," you explain, pushing the door open just enough to slip through and wander over to your ailing friend. "It's nine in the morning - you apparently decided to cocoon yourself under the covers."
"But I wouldn't recommend-"
>Before you can complete your sentence, Midnight tosses the covers off of her head with one sharp movement, her eyes already open.
>It takes less than a second for her to instantly regret her decision, once the sunlight hits her pupils.

>She lets out a pained cry as her hooves quickly cover her face.
"I should have spoken a bit faster."
>"Why does everything suck this morning?" she whines, her voice muffled from the bed she lays upon as well as her hooves.
"Hangover. I figured today was going to be rough for you," you say, reaching over and lightly patting her blanketed back.
>She recoils a bit but settles back down.
>"How long am I going to feel like this? It feels like the worst case of illness I've ever had," she says, pausing a moment. "Or the day after a 'procedure'."
"Probably a fair bit of today. Sorry, Middie - no work for you."
>"What am I supposed to do?"
"Sleep, rest, and hydrate. I'll be fine on my own for one day, I think."
>"I do still feel a bit tired..."
"What do you remember from last night?" you ask, curious to hear her side of the expedition.
>"Well... I remember going in and having that awful drink," she slowly replies. "I sorta remember having dinner and talking about... stuff? I don't know. I do remember being told to quiet down a couple of times."
"You got a little loud a couple of times - otherwise, you were fine," you reassure her. "I have to say, you're quite the giggly chatterbox when you've had a stiff drink."
>"Yeah, the end result is *really* worth it," she grumbles. "Sounds like you enjoyed me making an idiot of myself."
"No, I enjoyed seeing you enjoy yourself," you clarify. "The idiotic behavior was a boon - but anything else you remember?"
>Midnight is silent as you quietly stand up and move over to the window, closing the blinds.
>The room falls into shadows before you sit back down.
"Sun is gone."
>Midnight cautiously moves her hooves away from her face, ensuring your words are not a cruel prank before gingerly raising her head.
>Her face betrays a feeling of utter confusion.
>"Did we... dance last night?" she asks hesitantly.
"I didn't, you... sorta did."
>"I feel like there's more to it than that."
"Very long story - might be better left until later. But anything after that?"
>You shouldn't be pushing on.
>It's a selfish reason that you keep asking.
>But you have to know - does she remember the discussion in the truck?
>What she said to you?
>As much as you want to be patient about this...
>Your stomach is in a knot.
>You need to know.
>"I remember being in the truck... maybe talking? It's all just a blurred mess after the meal, Anon. Why?"
>The wind instantly goes out of your sails in that instant.
>At least internally - you make sure to keep as stone-cold as possible on the outside, for fear of making Midnight concerned.
>It really isn't something she should be worried about.
>You will get over it.
"Curiosity. You were pretty smashed, so I'm not surprised that your memory just ends there - thank goodness you didn't down that whole glass. Half a glass fucked you up more than enough."
>"Don't remind me, asshat."
>She lays her head back down on the mattress and closes her eyes.

"Sorry. You know I really didn't mean for that to happen."
>"You didn't do anything wrong, Anon. It was that stupid fucking waiter."
"I know - still, doesn't mean I can't feel bad for the wicked hangover you're fighting, right?"
>"I suppose - thanks."
>You give her another light pat before getting up.
"Anything you want before I go downstairs and open up shop? Some water, possibly something light to eat?"
>"Ugh, I don't think my guts can handle anything other than water."
"I'll fill a big thermos or something with cold water and set it on the table there."
>You head out into the kitchen, fumbling through the cupboards for the largest drinking vessel you have.
>Some shitty oversized plastic mug is what you come up with fairly quickly, and after a generous amount of ice, you fill the rest with water and bring it back to Midnight.
"Get some rest. If you need anything, just give me a holler, okay?"
>"Your bedside manners are a lot better than mine were when you were ill," she comments quietly.
>Almost sounding a bit guilty.
"Eh, you've learned a lot since then. No worries."
>With that, you ease your way back out of the room, leaving the door slightly ajar.
>Time to officially start your day - without your copilot.
>So odd to think that way when you consider how things started out.
>You've both come a long way.
>The business has come a long way.
>And yet...
>You still do yearn for more.
>perhaps that's selfish.
>But you can't lie to yourself about it.
>Last night was magical - but it wasn't real.
>You're glad you at least seize the moment and take advantage of her, especially since she doesn't remember shit.
>You did the right thing.
>But to hear what she said last night, how it felt right to say those things and then have no clue the next day...
>It's like reaching the summit of a mountain, only for the clouds to clear and show you've only come to an outcropping at the base of the peak.
>All you can do is push on as friends - which is still good.
>Just not what you had hoped.
>At some point, you're going to have to show Midnight the video of her dancing and singing, though.
>She deserves to know you took that.
>Oh, it will be glorious.
>And perhaps result in a missing finger or two.
>Worth it.

>forgot to stop recording
>was still recording at 6AM
Can't wait to find out what Midnight did in the middle of the night ^:)
>>You're glad you at least seize the moment and take advantage of her, especially since she doesn't remember shit.
typo right? he didn't take advantage of her. but she's taking her first time drinking not so bad, didn't even have to puke up anything due to being such a lightweight
Whoops, good catch on that screw up - clearly I didn't proofread too very well.
>too very well
Alright, it's time to stop posting.
Have you been drinkin' some of that firewater too? ^:)
No, just retarded, I think.
Gonna try rewriting the start of the next part of Rosie Rock, I've hit a brick wall and wondering if starting from scratch can let me get further.
Do you write in silence? I like to do stuff with music on and the background noise lets me unfocus and ironically focus more. maybe you can remember back how you were in the zone
Speaking of writing. It's been a while but I' finally got some time to update the demon boot
forgot to crosspost this little demon

>Without a word more you stood up from the table with your arm hooked under her barrel and head off with your pocket-sized pony in tow.
>It was time to go punch down on some encrusted keys after firing up your PC.
>"Put me down! I can move on my own!"
"Cozy Girl, I've only known you for less than a day but if I know my Golly like I know my Golly she'd follow around like a puppy."
>"Hey! I'm not a puppy, I'm a pony!" she protested proudly, plushy or not.
"I know, but I'd leave you alone in the kitchen, be sitting in my chair... then hear the pitter patter of little hooves..."
"You come in."
"Then the trap would be sprung"
"And like a villain, I'd make a fancy scene out of it"
>She hung silently before you swung her up over your shoulder for a nice perch.
"Figure that since since we're all being upfront about our feelings and everything I'd just cut straight to the chase."
>That was enough to get a little quip out of her "You? You're a villain?" *Snrk*
"Psh oh yes, stick around kid and we'll have some fun tomorrow night."
>You wink a super cheesy and obvious wink.
>It could only be cheesier if you narrated it out-loud.
"Count on it"
>"Well, I'll guess I can think about it.." Tapping her chin while a tiny smile blossomed while the little gears began to work in her little head.
>"You so sure make it sound good, and I could give you some tips on your villainy."
"That's the spirit!"
>The night inches on.
>Despite your earlier bonding and proposition for future funtimes, Miss Glow had chosen to sit down on your night table to the side.
>Once you sat down the filly had struggled and squirmed right out of your hands, keeping her distance and guard up while you shitposted away.
>You know what's going on, she was just far enough away to be out of arms length.
>But now with a groan it seems like your newest patient couldn't really decide on what kind of treatment she wanted.
>"Anon you've been at this for so long, what are you doing and why can't I see?"
>You know better than to let impressionable young minds get corrupted by the deepdarkest web.
>You glanced over seeing her her hooves buried into her muzzle.
>But more importantly, has it really been that that long?
>You swing your chair back to face her.
>You just smile with your hands on your knees leaning forward.
"Has it really been that long...?"
>"Yes, it's been a really long-"
>Your brain had tuned out her complaining fading away into happy thoughts as your dimples creeped up, ready to spring
"I haven't given you some upsies!?"
>Really caught her off guard with that one, you watched her stumbled back on her hooves in shock a step or two
>Hooves went up defensively "W-Wait hold on mister!"
>You reached for her but it was too late, the best you could do was call her as she tumbled over the edge.
"G.G. NO!"
>There was a painful pause, you are almost scared to go see.
>A moment later a ruffled mane peeked out from behind the wooden corner to your relief
"Oof. You okay girl? That was quite a spill."
>"Uohhh" The only response was a dizzy one.
>You cursed yourself for being to slow.
>And damn gravity for existing.
>Sure it's useful most of the time...
>But in the ONE moment that it could hurt your Golly, it shouldn't have.
>"Uhhgh no thanks"
"No... upsies?"
>Weighing your options here as she nodded. "No... upsies... No more upsies..."
>Seems like something was making her a little nauseous, cringing holding back a gag.
>But that doesn't sound right.
>For the first time you had a frown on
>She must still be dizzy, and not thinking right.
>You stood up slow and make your way over to lift her up out of her daze before you froze in place.
"Hold that thought, Golly!"
>Your hands went straight for your head and gripped it your temples, keeling over
>"Oh golly what's happening now??"
>You're now crawling on the ground towards her with one hand cupped around your prized icecream.
"The dreaded... BRAIN FREEEZE"
>"Well stop eating it, what's wrong with you?!"
>You couldn't bare parting with your sweet treat anymore than you can part with your bittersweet Golly.
>You managed to muster up a silver hedgehog quote, appropriate for the situation.
"It's no use!"
"There's only one thing you can do for BRAIN FREEZE before it takes over.."
>"Well what is it? Hurry up Anon, and tell me I didn't mean for this to happen"
"It's company!"
>Her mouth opens to comment, but you slipped a big spoonful right into her mouth before she got even one more syllable out.
>Well she did react, almost instantly too, but that's not the kind you hoped for.
>She won't reply just keeps on scrunching and turned away, it looks like the disease was getting worse for your poor Golly girl.
>She might have a case of the Tsunderes
>You sigh defeated for the moment.
"Yeah, maybe rocky road isn't your thing..."
File: nope.png (417 KB, 606x659)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
>You had taken a break from furiously typingaway for who knows how long, and abruptly stopped with an explosive end.
"Aha! I got it!"
>You had sat the girl down off to the side, and while still in dazed your outburst caused her to jerk up.
>Snapping your fingers, finally an epiphany had hit you!
"Definitely a mint fan, might even say..."
>You rub your stubble with a sly smile.
"A minty one."
"You wanted to know right? What I was up to."
>That got her to perk up a bit more attentive, but skeptical
>Who ever said you can't get horse to drink after being lead to water never met any ponies.
"Are you sure?"
"You know what they say right, curiosity killed the cat"
>"Well I'm not your pet puppy." recalling your earlier comparison "And I'm not a kitty with only nine lives either" "I'm a pony, so it'll be okay!"
>You nod your head sideways
"Almost right, you look more like..."
>Studying the smol pegasus and giving her a once over, you narrated your thoughts out-loud.
"-A filly!"
>You boop her nose and watch her head spring back into place.
"The cuyutest filly in the whole world."
"Cute fwuffy wings"
"Cute wittle bow"
"Cute big bwight eyes"
>"-Would you q-quit saying that word before everything, and quit saying stuff like you're talking to a baby"
"Hmm? what word"
>"You. know. what. word. Gee I mean I know how I look but-"
>Her daze now fully shaken off, what returned back was the full-form pout-attack.
>Now it was at double power with the extra blow to your heart she has turned away, the dreaded cold-shoulder might come next unless you do something about it NOW.
>Thankfully you had planned ahead a full five minutes for that crisis to be avoided, wew
"/Do/ you know how you look?"
>The little pony looks over her tiny shoulder with morbid curiosity and squeaky voice "Uhh... what do you mean?"
>You tilted the screen toward her and leaned back into your chair so she can soak it all in.
>It's hard to tell with all the wrestling facial movement of expressions she went through, but you guess it ends for her in confusion.
>On the screen you had typed in one of your frequently overused URLs and pulled up a pony, of course what else?
>But not just any pony... the bringer of socks.
"Minty Glow."
>Her ears snapped back in an instant and her heart fell on the floor, mouth agape.
>The Scrunch™ now taken over by a deep frown etched into her plush snout.
"I think it's a it's a pretty sweet name"
>"No sirree, no how, that's not me."
"Why not? Minty had a lot of fans and she was one of the big waifus back in the day."
>She scoffs and recoils "But that IS the problem!"
>"Gee whizz Anon, a-are you blind?"
>Aww how cute, she just needs to warm up to filling a bigpony's horseshoes... must be super shy
>A hoof slaps her soft haunches in an effort to gain your attention "Look!"
"Your... but?"
>Her eyes dart to the side "No, no! Not that, what's on it dummy."
"Oh! your cutiemark of course, what about it?"
File: MG Demon Filly.png (101 KB, 1502x862)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
>"You don't see anything you know... weird about it, like it's-?"
"You want me to get a closer look at a filly's stuffed plot?"
>Flustered puffed up cheeks, she shoves your face away with tiny-plushy-power "Golly, will you stop saying stuff like that! I'm right here!"
>You laugh it off but scratch your neck, it looked a little off but nothing too serious. Just the neck of the rook was a little thinner than usual, making it look more like a blunt fork.
"Sorry Gee, never paid much attention to fillybutt."
>Sighing "Gee whilikers Anon, don't you know anything? would you look at me?"
"OK, OK, let me put on my thinking cap..."
>You mime an invisible hat onto your head and pick up the filly, arms under her hooves.
>For once Cute Cozy doesn't protest or say anything, just waiting for your brain cells to finally clock in for work.
>You think hard giving the little filly a once over, and cross referencing everything everything in your head while you stare into space.
>The suspense was murder for both of you, what will Anon come up with?
>You finally come to the climax at long last.
>Of course! It's the only thing that makes sense it had been staring you right in the face all this time.
>You gently bring her in close,
>So close...
>Almost booping noses close!
"You are..."
>Seeing her blue eyes staring back at you, it's clear now.
>The light of hope fully extinguished that You could muster more than one train of thought as you swung her back at full arms length.
>She lost the staring contest you didn't know you were having until this very minute with several blinks.
>A loss for words with that brain-shock.
"A bright redhead with a blue colored dress? That sounds like Raggedy Ann, a pure classic everyone loved, and you said you weren't tailor made for cuddle sessions."
>"And where did you got that from?"
"All thanks to my thinking cap!"
>"And what was with your face? Sticking your tongue out at a vulnerable filly... Golly, I thought you were going to do something else with it!"
"Secret technique, helps you think" you winked.
>"Well... You didn't even put anything on, you just faked it."
"Hey just because you can't see something doesn't mean it's not there"
>She didn't have a retort for that, finally clamming up while you beamed and the implication shock-wave caused her nose to crinkle up hard,
>But she still finally fought back your point with pouty denial "Well I'm not."
"OK I'll admit the difference IS quite striking..."
>You leaned on your elbow and stretched out your hand.
"I would have thought such a cutie would love to get complimented."
>She tore her eyes away from the monitor, that iconic green horse still burned into her
>"C-come on mister, a bright red? You need to get your eyes checked. My coats' all mangy, and dirty, and dull."
>"And my mane's ragged and not that colorful so I cant look anything like Raggedy Anne, o-or that green mare" she quickly added at the end
I knew the last update left on a too good to be true note - their relationship would've been developing too fast if the result of that stuck. That didn't soften the blow that was the revelation that Midnight doesn't remember a thing. Oh well, at least they're both ok, if in a bit of pain (physical for Middie, heartache for Anon).
I wouldn't bet on Middie doing anything during the night. She was pretty exhausted on the way back and is still in bad condition in the morning.
What I do hope end up on that recording and that might come up later is their talk in the car, especially Midnight's thoughts on the song. She'd had to discover the recording herself though. If Anon showed that part to her it would make him kind of a douche.
I always listen to something when I write, usually music. Otherwise it's too quiet to work.
Goddammit auto now im gonna be thinking about it until the next update
Yes, we shall see where their story leads - whenever I write the next update. I got all week off due to work slowdowns between company ownership changing, and my focus is getting carpet laid down in my car with that time. So, not trying to torture you guys - but also being honest. Historically don't get much writing done at home, but I'll try my best.
anyone want to see more sweetbox poni?
Yes please
File: Jasmine.png (409 KB, 1596x635)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
>leaving Midnight hungover for a week or more
You're a monster.
File: Lily.png (474 KB, 1599x643)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
alright, so what shall we do or talk about in the week ahead? blonds down for the count, so that means we have no active writefagging that posts every day
If it helps I haven't done daily posting for a while now. Both due to the Part going on, and outside factors.
Stop pressuring me or I'll cry.
On a serious note, it is going to be tricky to write the next scene or two and balance everything out - I am at least actively thinking about how to proceed.
Also, hypothetically, what is the opinion on lewd? Should I put that in its own separate paste, or just lay it out in the green like normal?
I'm sure there are some people here that want to leave Midnight in a certain state impregnated
I keep my lewd greens to other types of greens like The Wish Granter or Steamy Magic. If it's something to add, you really gotta make sure you want it included or else it'll be a shadow that hangs overhead. Jack has gotten a bit more lewd from Day One to now but it's never been all that overt or explicit.
>second spoiler
How would that work? Are we talking about an AU where it happens and the main fic remains pure? Or it's canon and the difference is that the main fic mentions that it happened and the separate paste deals with the actual scene?
Canon, but only hinted at like a fade out at the end of an update - happening in between updates.
there have been more than one boot looded but there are some people who don't like it and have a kind of puritan view of bootleg for comfy and for feels. you could split it into another paste but it's really up to you
Having it in the fic, without resorting to look for it in another paste is certainly more convenient. And it's not like the story is innocent "friends only" status on their relationship. I'd say put it in the main fic.
btw Am I missing something or will this be your first lewd scene?
>there are some people who don't like it and have a kind of puritan view of bootleg for comfy and for feels
What about implied and graphic violence? Condense's world is a brutal, unforgiving place, one that she's going to have to face head-on.
Spoilers but I'd just view it the same as clop. If there's no real purpose of it then might be brushed off as being an edgefag, like how fluffies turned from comfy and cute to abuse heavy targets.
For Condense I'm sure people can tell the difference, real abuse has been done like the Starlight bootleg but it's typically not the normal 'comfort food' .
I'm not into abusing pones. That said, shit's gonna get real in all three story arcs.
I don't imagine people are, dark can be emotional when you do it right but will it be as dark as The Ranch?
It would be indeed. What I have written is actually a dream that I had with Midnight. So that's why this is even a consideration.
I actually haven't read that one, so I can't say.
I haven't read it either but I remember people getting nervous when I mentioned a ranch in Golly Gee when I first started talking about her. Also I have to go into the office tomorrow so maybe I'll be able to write some more in the tiny notebook, signal there is terrible though so I'll try and bump the thread if I can get some reception
And speaking of pony abuse, I didn’t have the heart to write Golly Gee getting abused by the guy that got her.
Thats alright, I don't know what you had planned for a bootleg cozy but its a heavy pill to swallow
File: Earth.png (309 KB, 1558x612)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
say goodnight earth
Essentially the guy who had her previously would beat and insult her for being a bootleg Cozy and not being a scheming little demon.
>tiger jumpsuit
Wait, how many different 'families' sweet ponies have?
So far there were planets, flowers, sweets and maybe other I already forgot.
>bootleg Cozy and not being a scheming little demon.
Just gotta comment that while that's sad it's also funny this is the opposite of the other bootleg cozy who is a demon but gets love and hugs
Funny how that turned out
File: Sweet Box Pony Crystal.png (1.2 MB, 1177x879)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
Maybe you're thinking of their crystal ponies?
How would you classify bootlegs?
>integrity: mostly the same, some minor detail in appearance such as hue
>physiology: part is different, changed or missing
>personality: acquired or lost quirck, priorities aren't the same such as a hobby
I'd normally save it for our meetups but well worth listening to when it comes to not just writing but drawing as well. Good show and good points brought up.
What are you asking for?
Oh right, I completely forgot about the wiki
Someone needs to remind me to do that wiki stuff for the dorks and other gals.
Getting close to Christmas, I gotta work on my little present(s) so they'll be ready by then.
If I remember and you don't die on us I'll remind you.
File: Midnight and Starla.png (1.69 MB, 1280x988)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
Beautiful new art from the bunker.
super qt
God damn, Starla is a knockout.
This is really fucking cute
File: 1635516389444.png (1.19 MB, 5000x5000)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
>"his movies have a clear artistic vision, even if his ability to execute them may be flawed"
>tfw I can relate
I know the stories I want to tell, but constantly doubt whether I can do the concepts justice as I feel limited by my own abilities.
>Starla is a knockout
Now that's a very odd way of spelling Middie's name. ^:)
Shadow Starlight Sparkle [spoiler
I want to write a little something
What's stopping you, friend? Follow your dreams.
I want to draw something
File: 1612625187043.jpg (16 KB, 680x383)
16 KB
I want to I'm not telling you before Christmas, no peeking.
Give us a hint, at least.
File: Real Frens.png (3.18 MB, 3750x2000)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB PNG
It will be insightful.
Not gonna give Jacky a white Christmas?
Oh. Don't you worry. White will be everywhere.
File: Riker.gif (1.98 MB, 220x220)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB GIF
>implied cum everywhere
IWTCIN confirmed.
Calm down or you're getting the hose again.
>he went to one route and ignored the harem route
I'm glad he at least isn't thinking of that. Imagine.
Bring it on.
>ignored the harem route
The harem is a given. Pic related.
Man, it is really hard to get going with an update when the star of the show and my heart isn't appearing/is out of commission. I have at least gotten a fair ways, but it's still felt like a slog.
Maybe I'll fix the error I saw on my pic of Rosie after I get off of work.
>no Middie in the next update
Sooo that means no more Midnight till next year?
I wouldn't go that far - but my idea for this update keeps shifting a bit. Trying to figure out the best way to connect the dots.
With some recent TNG news I was reminded of a meme and now have an idea for another Sparking Shine shitpost.
>recent TNG news
What news
The guy who played Geordi called the writers of the show racist because Geordi never scored. Then later denied that he said that.
File: Spoiler Image (71 KB, 720x635)
71 KB
I just realized you could probably use those matter replicator things to make bootlegs
Interesting idea
>Bootleg, now with aliens
File: Angel_Cake_TiffEdit.png (635 KB, 1000x800)
635 KB
635 KB PNG
File: Shine_never_lose.png (521 KB, 800x1200)
521 KB
521 KB PNG
I always welcome more of our resident gutter queen.
This is the older one but the new one will be similar
So what's everyone up to today?
File: 1120154.png (12 KB, 911x624)
12 KB
Getting ready for a four hour sleep after spending two hours continuing to fit carpet in my car. Estimated three hour job my ass, considering I spend two hours yesterday and still ain't done. Get some writing done before light's out - maybe have something to post by the end of this weekend? We shall see.
Nice, I got that box of cards I ordered and pulled a 60 dollar card out of it, after work I'm gonna start work on the new Shine shitpost.
I'm gonna hold you to that.
>Gotta run errands first
Been pre-gaming with the booze but it's Friday and the last weekend we'll have before Christmas. And Christmas surprises.
File: dash.png (350 KB, 1434x1153)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
beta testing a game, so wont be available to hang out
File: Shine_never_score.png (241 KB, 1200x800)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
Basic lineart done
whats on the headstone?
Nothing yet, but it’ll say “Here Lies Shine. She Never Scored.”
kek nice
a classic
File: Zooma.png (989 KB, 1200x800)
989 KB
989 KB PNG
I miss her.

>You are retarded.
>At least when it comes to doing anything with computers.
>That weakness is rearing its ugly head now as you try to figure out how to trim down the video from last night.
>Oh sure, the internet says it's easy- just download this free program!
>Then hit the goddamn paywall when actually trying to use the software.
>With the solitude afforded by the standard slow day, you've been piddling around on your shop PC.
>Now, it isn't terribly outdated - but your laptop would be better.
>It just runs so much faster, and there are some compatibility issues with some of this shit.
>But that is a dangerous proposition, as that is basically Midnight's property now.
>You don't know if you can get this done today, and you can't leave that on the computer.
>Of course, you are going to show it to her at some point anyway...
>Maybe you're just overthinking things?
>Midnight could help you.
>One thing is certain out of this whole day thus far.
>She really is the highlight of your otherwise dull life.
>This would just be an otherwise ordinary day before her, and would not have batted an eye at the quiet solitude you're sitting through now.
>But now?
>This is torture.
>Even on her worst days, Midnight was a good distraction.
>Of course, you both get along better, so there is plenty of actual discussions, debates, banter...
>Just her being there off to the side, in what you've just come to dub 'Middie's Corner' is a comforting feeling, a feeling of solidarity.
>But not today.
>You have forced yourself to not check on her - it's a hangover, after all.
>Being disturbed while going through that the next day sucks.
>You still worry a bit.
>However, you also find yourself wondering about her actions and demeanor when drunk.
>it was quite the startling change.
>Giddy, excitable, chatty, and open to trying new things.
>And perhaps a little dimwitted.
>Almost makes you curious if that's how she used to be.
>The memories of the before times, when she wasn't cybernetically enhanced.
>It doesn't really matter - but it's an intriguing idea to consider.
>Not that you would want to probe her mind.
>Who knows what all she's seen and forgotten.
>Out of sheer boredom and having made no progress in video editing, you just start playing the video from last night for a chuckle.
>Honestly, you lucked out on how quickly you were able to set up your phone.
>At almost the perfect angle, no less.
>The video really did turn out great despite it coming from your rather dated phone.
>One thing you can't help but focus on now - Midnight really knows how to swing that thing...
>Her voice still sounds just as good as it did to you last night.
>You never took her for a singer.
>But she has pleasantly surprised you.
>Then again, that's sort of been her thing this whole time, hasn't it?
>Midnight is full of surprises, once that tough exterior she wore has been allowed to relax.
>Obviously last night, this was aided by substance.
>"Hey, dude?"

>You quickly close out of the video as you look up at your guest.
> It's a guy in probably his 20s, with long hair.
>You can't help but take note of his rather his slovenly look and overly relaxed facial expression.
>As well as the pungent odor of marijuana coming off of him as he steps up to the counter.
>Holy shit, did he smoke a whole fucking plant before coming in here?
"Sorry, can I help you?"
>It takes a moment for your greeting to make the connection in his brain.
>Fucking burnout.
>"Yeah, yeah. Hey, I'm looking for a hood and front bumper for cheap?"
"Depending on the condition and car, we can go pretty cheap. What car are you needing parts for?" you ask, bringing up your catalog on the computer.
>"A Cobalt, I think? Chevy, right?"
"Sorry, this is a junkyard for classic and older cars, I don't do newer stuff like that.
>"No, it's not new, man," he says with a slight laugh. "It's like ten years old or somewhere around there. I hit a car in a parking lot, messed up the hood and stuff."
"Yeah, when I say old, I'm talking pre-nineties cars."
>"Holy shit, that's like ancient shit, dude."
>God damn...
"Regardless, I don't have anything like that out back. Sorry."
>"Could you at least have someone look? No offense, but you're just the counter guy - they probably put the newbies here, yeah?"
>Despite a poor attempt at a chuckle toward the end, this jackass just touched a nerve with you.
"I OWN this place, *dude*. I'm the only employee here, and I know my yard like the back of my hand. I can't help you - have a nice day."
>You admittedly lay the sarcasm on just a bit at the end, and dipshit takes notice.
>"Well you don't have to be rude about it, asshole. I'm a paying customer."
"You don't have to waste my time, but here you are. And you haven't bought shit - you don't even know what the fuck this place sells."
>"Fuck you dude."
>"Get out of here before I make you regret stepping foot in this garage."
>Both of you jump as Midnight's voice growls out a warning.
>You turn and crane your neck, finding Midnight at the top of the landing, leering at your "customer."
>She still doesn't look very steady.
>"Really? You're one of those creepy dudes that keeps ponies? I feel bad for you, loser," the young man snickers.
>Quick as a whip, Midnight snaps her wings open, leaping and gliding down to the floor near the guy, her eyes glowing brightly.
>Astonished by either her speed or her looks, the burnout backs up several steps.
>"Get. The. Fuck. Out," Midnight snarls, taking a calculated step forward with each word.
>That's all it takes for the idiot to scramble off and around the corner with his tail between his legs.
>Midnight exhales deeply, closing her eyes and grimacing.
"You know you didn't need to do that."
>"No, but I was headed down here anyway, and I didn't see any reason for that little pissing contest to drag on longer, Anon," she explains.

"Middie, I got it under control - you don't need to be down here," you console her as she steps up to the counter. "Just rest."
>"Oh no, I'm not down here to work," she retorts, her eyes narrowing with suspicion.
"What's wrong?"
>"A curious thing happened as I woke from a nap and decided to fetch my laptop from the living room," she says, beginning to pace in front of you. "I would have sworn - before hearing your little squabble, mind you - that I heard my own voice from somewhere down here. Care to explain that odd occurrence?"
"You... heard that?" you ask, ashamed and unnerved by her challenge.
>"It isn't like your home is soundproof - what else is there to make noise upstairs if I'm trying to nap and relax in peace?"
"I guess when you put it that way-"
>"Stop bullshitting me, Anon. I have a pounding headache still antagonizing me and I'm in no mood to dance around a fucking answer," she coldly interrupts, her eyes beginning to glow again as her ire builds. "What was that? What happened last night? A short and concise answer here would serve you well."
>The jig is up - you were hoping to just show her because it would be...
>Would it be any better to see it than explain it?
>You took a video of your friend completely smashed and singing and dancing in front of an audience.
>It sounds worse now when you really think about it.
"You got drunk last night, and when we were trying to leave, the bartender suggested karaoke to you, which is singing along with a song. And you really wanted to do it."
>"So you tell me no, how hard is that? Are you really that spineless?"
"You just - I just wanted you to enjoy yourself, Middie."
>She rears up and plants her hooves on the counter across from you, narrowing the gap between you and her.
>"So me enjoying myself in a compromised state also includes videotaping me for future laughs?"
"Well, you sort of embarrassed me when you mentioned the song that came on was the one I sing in the shower occasionally, so I just decided to get back at you a bit. I had no intentions of sharing it with anyone else, and I still don't."
>"And why are you watching it down here?"
"I'm trying to trim it down to just the singing and dancing. Left it recording all night because I was in a rush to get you home."
"Because you tripped and fell, and I was worried."
>Midnight is silent as her questioning ceases - but she doesn't dare to take an eye off of you.
"Midnight, I just-"
>"Shut up, Anon. Just shut the fuck up before you spout something else retarded," she warns, her voice full of hurt and betrayal. "I don't know whether I should believe that's all there is to it. If I were you, I would leave that video as is, and we will watch it tonight. I feel like it will be pretty obvious if you've fucked with it - unless you already started deleting shit."
"I haven't gotten that far. Can't seem to find a program for free that will do-"
>"Leave it, Anon."

>You just nod your head silently as her bright blue eyes begin to return to normal.
>She drops back down to the floor without another word, making her way back to the stairs.
"Midnight, I'm sorry," you apologize as she starts to climb her way back up to your living space.
>"Are you really? Or just getting caught?" Midnight inquires, keeping her eyes fixated on the door at the top as she doesn't hesitate her movements.
>"That's about the smartest answer you could have had," she replies emotionlessly. "I'm going back to bed, and I hope you don't have any other secret pieces of media to peruse because I'm keeping an eye and ear open now."
"That's all there is. I swear."
>Midnight looks down at you as she reaches the landing above, her muzzle creased with a deep frown as she leers in disapproval.
>"Perhaps try focusing on being constructive with your job rather than fuck around with stupid shit, Anon," she suggests, before the door behind her opens and she slips inside.
>Nice work, dumbass.
>You really touched a nerve and hurt her with this stupid stunt.
>You don't have anyone to blame but yourself.
>Suddenly, the amusement of that video isn't very palatable to you.
>But, you will heed her advice and leave it alone.
>It is just garbage at the end, so that's not really a worry.
>But you hope that somehow, you can smooth things over with her tonight.
>And regain her trust.
>You are retarded.

>Cadance flag
Not like they have a Zooma flag
Also my fucking car shit itself today, had to spend 300 on a tow truck because I couldn't get it to move and jumping it did nothing
i really need to work on my photoshop skills, im nt even sure who the original artist is.
For next time, if you're in the US, AAA is extraordinarily worth it. It costs like $100 a year but the first time you're stranded between towns it pays for itself. They'll bring you gas or a new battery too if you need it.
that was under the assumption it was another certain caddyflag carrier
I think it'd be good to have her full name on it.
I still dig it. And I'm still wondering how she got a hoodie on to begin with.
Pretty sure I'm the only one in this thread that posts under Candy's flag. What's up?
thats the point, its just kind of silly how the author says they miss them when they have the power to bring it back
To be fair, he has a lot of other greens on his plate. That's the reason Zooma went on hiatus - he wanted to focus on projects that had been pushed aside outside of this general.
That's not to say your comment lacks merit, as I've seen what you are referring to a number of times. It just happens that circumstances are different in this case.
Yeah, it could be worse, he could be me.
I really want to know whats on that video
File: Jacky_plots_a_course.png (227 KB, 1000x800)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
I just hope Midnights gets to hear the conversation in the car - Anon's insistence to stop thinking about the song and sleep it off might save his ass.
The tl;dr version of my impression of this update is that I agree with Anon with his opening and closing thoughts.
First, instead of waiting for Midnight's condition (and more importantly - mood) to improve, he decided to mess with the video himself. Then he got busted by some high as fuck punk and then once again by a hungover horse. At least he's smart enough to be honest and tell the truth to Midnight - that's like the one consistent thing she can rely on him to do. As rocky as this update was at least it opened up opportunities, like Midnight discovering what she did with a more sober mind (and without a head splitting migraine), or us discovering if anything happened during the night like that one Anon suggested. Thanks for working on this despite your distractions.
Hands going to be tied up, but have a bmp. how are you guys doing this weekend?
File: Spoiler Image (174 KB, 1200x800)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Thanks anon, I'll be sure to use it wisely
Doing good. Being a complete degenerate in other threads, which is always fun. How are you?
Won't blog much but sleeps going to probably be fucked up for a bit needing to stay up, doing ok other than that, and waking up with a migraine. Just started taking some nuetraciticals/nootropics so it'll hopefully help.
Hope you feel better soon. Did you see the email I sent you Wednesday?
I haven't been able to bring myself to work on anything since yesterday and so I feel like shit.
Try writing a shitpost and see if that doesn't jump start your creativity. It's what I do sometimes if I'm really struggling.
blast yourself with cold water shower, then relax with hot water. not an insant panacea but helps
Mainly sleep 'shifts' thats the killer, feeling better for now until the next day. not really the best at keeping up on emails but I did get it.
Good. Between focusing on some things, there hasn't been a lot bringing me here outside of thoughts I want to do for writing.
Have a blood blister the size of a dime on the palm of one hand, a blood blister under the middle fingernail of my other hand, and cuts on the back of both hands. Also a sore upper back from laying on a corner drilling out a broken bolt for 45 min.
But that's the price of progress. Also happy I was able to get an update out last night, and trying to scheme the next one. Admittedly, I'm struggling with that a bit. I'm trying to figure out of the two ideas, which is the best path to take. Gonna take some time to sort that out - that and work on the savvy Javvy is going to delay the next Midnight update, unless things sort of clear themselves out quickly - which I have had happen on more than one occasion, thanks to dreams.
>That last sentence
Fuck me sideways, I knew I downed my drink rather quickly. What a fucking mess that is.
Anyway, I got two paths laid out in front of me regarding the next update, and I've not decided which is best, or at least "feels" right to me.
I'm guessing you got the boils from trying to put in that carpet?
My palm got between a socket and a hammer while trying to get seated on a rusted bolt in an awkward spot. I don't even remember what in the goddamn I did to my finger. All in the process of getting carpeting in, aside from the cut up hands. That was from fumbling with the shifter cable.
Full length headers sound cool and flow great, but they make everything underneath miserable to work on.
>work on the savvy Javvy is going to delay the next Midnight update
Well that's got a mixed reaction from me. I'm sad about delays with Middy's story but at the same time happy that your pet project finally moves forward.
Also, you can gauge how dead tired I am when I tell you that I spent a few good minutes wondering what story does Javvy come from and why haven't I heard of this story until now. Only after a moment I realized you were talking about that bloody Javelin. God, I hate morning shifts on Mondays (don't tell Luna).
>Boolet's cousin Javvy
There's a lot of different names I've called that thing since I've had it - everything I own ends up getting a name. Evelyn, Violent Violet, Purple People Eater, Savvy Javvy - all the same car.
That being said, I have issues, and I'm good with it.
I actually intend on getting started on the next update before sleepytime this afternoon. I think perhaps delayed is a bad term to use, but it will be a bit before I get everything sorted out with where I intend to go with the next piece - which is Middie and Anon watching the video that evening. Don't get me wrong, I know *what* I want to do, I just don't know where the line is to end the scene. That's where I might get stuck.
>Purple People Eater
kek, loving this one
I ain't rushing you - do it at your pace. I can imagine that for a writefag one of the worst feelings must be having a brilliant idea for a piece they're writing pop in their head a second after they posted the damned thing. Don't want to cause that to happen to you.
>im nt even sure who the original artist is.
An old friend. RIP nobby
gone but not forgotten
What's the story on him?
You're fine. Honestly, the amount of interest and praise I've gotten from this green has been overwhelming to me, and quite the pleasant surprise. So while I contend that I write for myself, to see others looking forward to the next update and the story in general is quite the motivator, and I'm glad so many people are enjoying it.
But the newest pic is from a week ago
will try to read green tomorrow. have a goodnight before the morning thun comes
No, that was the upload date. The link in the description leads to the desuarchive of a thread dating back to 2014.
That being said, I don't know the story of the artist, either.
File: Missy_Pie.png (737 KB, 800x800)
737 KB
737 KB PNG
>The link in the description leads to the desuarchive of a thread dating back to 2014.
and it took that long to upload that pic?
commence emergency upsies
File: tired.jpg (26 KB, 400x288)
26 KB
File: Midnight.png (336 KB, 1003x841)
336 KB
336 KB PNG
Don't look at me, I'm just passing on the info.
wakey wakey
File: Twilightmorning.jpg (107 KB, 1010x1130)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
thats an interesting style
Imagine Shine with glasses
I bet she'd wear them a lot if Anon even hinted that they looked good on her.
Classification. Categorization. Quality assessment.
>QA in bootleg
Blondie if you're still alive: remember the wiki
are you asking for a reason, maybe a con related one?
Alright, should be getting back to the Shinepost tomorrow after work, gonna try something different with brushes to see if I can make it feel less lifeless Also finally got my car back, something about a valve flap not opening and closing properly preventing it from shifting properly
bootleg, also known as the car graveyard.
What are your plans for Christmas, /bootleg/?
File: 1632854867897.png (1.95 MB, 1536x1319)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB PNG
In that case, Midnight will be your tour guide. Don't mind her moodiness.
Fuck, of course I see this after I make a post.
Anyway - probably sitting at home playing vidya games or something tomorrow evening. Going to the casino on Christmas day.
Going to be hanging out with my cousins again, don't know what else.
Gonna visit my old man, my brother my come too.
File: Jackys french omlet.png (835 KB, 1236x943)
835 KB
835 KB PNG
I'll probably be by myself. But I'm working on that present, among other things.
Jacky's gonna discover she's pregnant, isn't she?
You know full well I can't answer that. But it will be very important.
File: 1622268830525.png (711 KB, 1200x918)
711 KB
711 KB PNG
In the mean time, I finally updated Part Ten. And here I started it back at the end of September. And it passed 31k words by itself.
Pulling back on the curtain, it has always been a little awkward to write from Jack's perspective. Not only due to how much she does or doesn't think or do, but it also can show just how the days really do melt by to her. She's never had that great a grasp on time, and she's certainly content with idle chatter and just laying around. It hasn't felt like two years to her but she's sure had a lot of fun and has genuinely reached a point in her life where she feels whole. And it isn't because she needs Anon. It's because of what he has given her and helped her get to. I still personally think they got intimate far too early and not necessarily for the right reasons but I think they've made the best of what they could and have done their best to keep going ahead.
This last quarter of the year, it's been a lot more introspective for her. Not only nestling into her role, but her friends also getting into that genuinely comfort zone where they can really start to expand their skills and interests. Her dreams about her past have also been draining, along with the sinking feeling that maybe they might not even be genuine. Because now that Shine has successfully messed with her heads and her dreams, how much can those honestly be trusted now? It may have been a sort of neat trip to take but it has really shaken just how much she can even trust what she thinks she remembers. She has a lot now, there's no doubt. But it is now hard to even genuinely claim that she had a real past. I guess the question is if that sort of thing matters. Of course it's important but it's not anything she can change. Like so many other choices in her life that were made for her.
I know I prefer to stay secretive about characters and would rather show what's going on rather than to let people see the inner guts but this Part has been pretty important for her. Rough, too, but it's hard to see that when we don't get to see what Anon sees. Or the other two. Or what I see.
Writing Jack over the last two years has been really something. I'm glad that I started and I'll be glad to continue to see how the end of the Part ends. Bootleg writing in general has led to me adopting a wide variety of writing styles and mindsets to help portray characters to the most true vision. While it won't be all that big a deal I probably will start writing fimfiction in normal format for stories that would benefit from it. There are at least a few mares I know some guys would like to see more of in ways we haven't seen yet.
>spoiler 2
Beyond hanging out with parents, not really sure. I'd like to do something but sleep has been an issue the past few days which puts a dent in flow
Some in-progress to bump the thread tonight.
her dead dreams are coming along. what program do you use again?
Krita, since it's free and I'm stingy
nice trips
Cant wait Blondie, im sure is gonna be awesome
File: 1640355724269.jpg (204 KB, 1248x936)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
File: Very funny.png (55 KB, 157x146)
55 KB
I laugh.
They are indeed very cute piny. So odd how Rarity is so vastly different in design - and Berry Punch is basically left alone, aside from lacking cutie mark.
>aside from lacking cutie mark
New thread is up for the anon who signed up for the bootleg waifu history panel
Confirmation email was also sent.
https://ponepaste.org/4398 I've been focusing on it and I think it has become bigger than I thought; Year Two of the girls' songs. It really is wild to imagine how much has changed since then and how much has remained the same. Still have four playlists left to add but compare Year One to Year Two and you'll notice where some things have shifted.
I hadn't even thought of that for a while since it seemed the thread died. No one really replied to any questions/comments so I focused on other things. I suppose there are two weeks to see if it should still happen.
What does the thread think? We have been reviving our archives and searching back on our roots.
>Year Two of the girls' songs
Based and Men I Trust-pilled
>What does the thread think? We have been reviving our archives and searching back on our roots.
I think it'd be cool if you still did the panel and introduced other Anons to the charm of bootleg. Hell, there are guys that lurk here that have barely read any of the greens to come out of this thread. Lemon, I'm looking in your general direction.
>Mares I Trust
>Berry is left alone
berry-o-vision when she's smashed
roll for beryr bootlegs fortune
To be fair, they are Mares I Trust. And they can say that Anon is a Man They Trust.

Your fortune: The poster above you has been very very naughty!
Ha, almost looks like Prism is wearing a Christmas hat. At least she's in the spirit.
>no poners to come spread the holiday spirit to hospitalized patients
but you already do, it wasnt timeskipped
>cool enough to get namedropped in a thread I’ve produced literally no content for
Moving up in the world baby hell yeah

Your fortune: Blessed Yule!
I meant what was recorded while Anon slept
You might be disappointed then.
>Rosie will never know about Christmas because my writing schedule is atrocious
Bruh, you gotta stop posting about your lack of progress and just get after it. Even if it's just one line a day or something - and even if it's just a placeholder. It will snowball from there.
I mean, I could have tried writing today instead of losing $65 on slots at the casino - but that was fun. And I did get some done on the trip there and now heading back.
Take the moonfag's advice. I think you've written more about how much you have or have not written than actually added on to your story. Start typing. You can always edit.
No, don't edit. Don't even think about it. Just do it. If it turns out a hot mess, then it turns out a genuine hot mess.
reject time and submit your own. demon golly still hasnt had her candy hunt
merry christmas /bootleg/ almost to the new year
Bump. Hope to have the next Midnight update out sometime next week - got through a major hurdle this evening and started flowing well. Still not quite sure which path I'm going to take of that (likely) part 3 ending, though. I may have to consult outside help with that.
You guys are right.
It wouldn't fit in to where the story is right now.
Thanks, Anon. Hope you had a good Christmas.
Watching a movie this time. After that, who knows? https://w2g.tv/2jxbli5kodrkdu34pb
File: amber waves.png (955 KB, 1257x917)
955 KB
955 KB PNG
>I'm going to take of that (likely) part 3 ending, though.
am i reading this wrong or is midnight going to be ending?
I'd be freaking out if it did.
I'm sure he just meant "ending of part 3".
>I'm sure he just meant "ending of part 3."
Indeed. My brain sometimes doesn't like to put words in the best positions. Sorry about that.
File: 1640487418458.jpg (784 KB, 2000x1500)
784 KB
784 KB JPG
darkest ponka
>blackie pie
>is midnight going to be ending?
Only thing Midnight's going to be ending is Anon's life once she sees on video what he let her drunk ass do.
And you're absolutely sure of that? ^:)
More like she'll be ending his virginity
looks like shed smell like the peppermint yorks or fillyscout cookies
why not both?
It's got to the point where I don't even know if you're messing with me or a drastic change for the worse in their relationship is a serious possibility.
We shall find out soon(ish). Sent what I have out for another pair of eyes to gander at it, once I hear back and possibly make some changes, I'll post it.
>We shall find out soon(ish)
It is ultimately up to you. I can ask you a few questions in this thread and I am sure people will ask questions in the /Mare/con thread.
Check the thread and your email asap
Getting a little bit of writing done at the office.
Holding off on updating - likely do it tomorrow. I've got some things to adjust after feedback and my own change of heart with how it ties off part 3.
no sense in rushing, will be waiting around.
what exactly were you planning to do with the marecon panel anyways? do you even have an idea for screen recording?
got your pocket notebook with you?
Yeah, I did.

>Today was a miserable drag.
>After the confrontation with Midnight, all you could think about was how to make things right.
>How to apologize enough for your fuckup.
>What she's most upset about is unclear.
>Should you have declined her wish to try karaoke?
>Does the video bother her?
>Does she feel like you are trying to hide it all from her?
>Obviously it's a combination of all points put forth.
>Why try to split hairs at this point?
>You told yourself that repeatedly, as well as reiterating that there was nothing to be done at this point in time.
>That didn't help.
>But now, both of you sit at the kitchen island, across from one another as you finish eating dinner.
>Beef stroganoff Hamburger Helper.
"Well, what did you think of that one?"
>Midnight mulls her answer while finishing up the last few bites on her plate.
>"Not bad. I wouldn't say it is a favorite of mine, but I don't dislike it," she finally responds.
>At least she doesn't seem to be actively holding earlier events against you too harshly.
>Though discussion has been difficult to muster.
>She is clearly feeling better though - especially considering she has an appetite.
"So... should we confront the elephant in the room now?" you finally suggest.
>"Personally, I didn't think you were that fat, but if that's how you feel..."
>Midnight trails off with nothing else but a smarmy grin to offer, fangs and all.
"Well, that's better than wanting to tear me limb from limb."
>"I'm still not very happy with you, Anon - I will admit to that," she says, returning to a more serious demeanor. "It's pretty damn insulting to find out someone you trust took advantage of the situation at hand for a few laughs."
"I didn't really see it that way, I guess," you admit, slumping your shoulders. "I don't know - I don't really have an excuse, Middie. I felt a bit insulted that you mentioned I sing in the shower in front of everyone there, so I guess that was retribution in my mind."
>"Wait, what song was it?" she asks cautiously.
"The ABBA song."
>"Oh for fuck's sake - why that one?!" she exclaims.
"The bartender picked it out - hoping to help our 'strained relationship.'"
>"Are you fucking kidding me?"
"Midnight, I'm not making any jokes about this situation or what happened. I swear on it."
>She groans in response.
>"I really don't get society. Is pony and person relationships more common than I was led to believe?"
"Teddy is the only one I know of - believe me, I was surprised by that bullshit she fed to me."
>Midnight doesn't seem particularly thrilled with your response but has no argument.
"So, should we watch it now, or later?"
>"Now - preferably on either the laptop or the tv, if possible," she replies. "Just get this over with. I suppose I have a sort of macabre interest in this, to see how much of an ass I made of myself."
>Midnight turns and slides out of her seat, trotting over to the couch and opening up the laptop on the coffee table.

>You quickly fetch the empty dishes on the counter and place them in the sink, giving them a passive rinse.
>Circling around to the couch, you take your normal seat, right beside Midnight.
>It takes a few moments after hooking up your phone to download the video onto the laptop because it's such a massive file thanks to your stupidity.
>Those few minutes are tense, even with Midnight's surprisingly mellow attitude tonight.
>You would ask why she's not so upset as earlier, but the outcome of that is not something you feel would be positive.
>The migraine and general unwellness she felt earlier is your best guess.
>"So, why is this such a big video, and what were you trying to do with it?" Midnight inquires toward the end of the transfer.
"It kept running after you took a tumble and I got us out of there and headed home. I just quickly picked up my phone off the table - I never thought to stop it. So it ran until around 6 this morning."
>"That was intelligent."
"My focus was on your well-being, you asshat," you shoot back without a thought.
>Midnight is taken aback by your shot across her bow, eyes widening just a bit.
>But she hesitates for a moment before offering any sort of response.
>"Touche," she finally comments, relaxing as her vision returns to the laptop's screen.
>Man, Midnight is getting harder and harder to read as her edges have smoothed out.
>You never really know what you're going to get in terms of attitude.
>Of course, that is a step up from total hostility.
>It just makes for some unsettling moments - especially when you blurt out the first thing that comes to mind.
"Now, before I start this, will you promise me one thing?"
>Midnight gives you a look of pure skepticism but stays silent once again.
"Warn me before you try to assault me."
>She scoffs.
>"If I get that mad, I'm just going outside for a while."
"Fair enough. You just want to watch it on the laptop?"
>Without a word, you see a cable snaking its way along the floor toward the coffee table, before arching up and plugging into the side of the computer.
>"If you're going to leave HDMI cables laying out, you could at least use them once in a while," she sasses.
"I forget about that thing."
>"Except when you trip over it."
>Grabbing the remote and flipping on the power, the tv screen lights up, and you begin cycling through the inputs.
"Any idea which input it is?"
>"The one with the laptop screen on it."
"Very helpful, thank you."
>"Always happy to lend a hoof, stupid."
>You turn to her, unable to leave this alone any longer.
"You're in a chipper mood tonight despite this potentially upsetting media - you were pretty angry earlier. What changed, Middie?"
>She looks a little uncomfortable with the question, averting her eyes from you.
>"I don't really know... I guess I just sort of decided it wasn't worth brooding over?"
"Are you telling me, or asking me?"
>"I - just be thankful," she replies curtly, her wings ruffling with discomfort.

"I am. It's just been a surprise," you say, patting her back.
>Rather than jump just a bit like normal, she sort of leans back into the motion.
"So, you ready then?"
>"I suppose. I swear, if you share this with anyone else-"
"Who the hell am I going to share it with?"
>Midnight doesn't respond, merely motioning with her hoof to get this rolling.
>Reaching over to the touchpad, you move the cursor over to the file and open the video.
>It starts playing right away, picking up just as the tempo picks up at the beginning.
>Next to you, Midnight cringes at her drunken swaying form on the screen.
"Relax. It gets better."
>"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"
"You're a pretty damn good singer if I'm to be completely honest with you."
>Midnight has nothing to say to that comment, though her slumping form and her ears laying flat against her head says all you need.
>Again, you reach over and pat her for reassurance, just as she starts to sing on the video.
>'And I'm possessive, it isn't nice!'
>A few whoops caught by your phone in the background gets a groan from Midnight.
>At this point, you feel it's best to just leave her alone.
>Meaning you can just enjoy the show.
>And what a show it is.
>She does as well as you remember, both with the moves as well as the voice.
>Once again, it gets a rise out of you...
>Thank god for pillows.
>Midnight takes notice of that though.
>"Seriously?" she asks, unenthused.
"Hey, I can't help it. You were sort of being a tease."
>She rolls her eyes but has no rebuttal.
>As it goes on, you note how Midnight herself seems somewhat captivated by the performance.
>She doesn't glance over at you anymore, merely soaking in the sights and sounds from the camera lens of a phone.
>Is she...
>Midnight is mouthing the words as it goes on.
> It's very subtle, but there's no denying she remembers the words.
>At least she doesn't seem so embarrassed anymore.
>But of course, the time comes where Midnight takes her spill off of the stage.
>You have to grimace with empathy as you watch the tumble again.
>"I guess that's why my chin hurt a bit today," Midnight muses.
"Yeah, I'm sorry I let you get that carried away. You don't remember any of it?"
>"Maybe a little bit now," she admits quietly. "That was... something, wasn't it?"
"As I said, I was impressed."
>"And apparently turned on, pervert."
"I wasn't the one swinging my derriere around, Middie. I can't help that."
>She fidgets nervously at that, her eyes returning to the black TV screen after you've jammed the phone into your pocket.
"That's it though. My dumb ass just never turned off the phone, so it just kept recording."
>'Was this a date?'
>You go to stop the video - well, audio, but Midnight slaps your hand away with a hoof.
'No, I told you it wasn't.'
"Midnight, this is just drunken rambling now, this was what I wanted to delete."
>"I want to hear it."

> It's your turn to feel uncomfortable, but you sit there and deal with it as the conversation goes on awkwardly.
>'Starla said something about how I act. Like being around you triggers incest.'
'You wanna try that one again?'
>'Insects - no, instincts!'
'Midnight, you're still drunk, whether you want to admit it or not.'
>The aforementioned mare sits next to you, staring down at the coffee table, focusing on the words.
>'I know. But maybe she's right. Maybe I don't realize it, but that song felt good to sing. It felt right.'
>Hearing this the second time, you really notice the wistful desire in her voice.
>Midnight does as well, as she slumps just a bit more in shame.
'Why don't we go home, sleep this shit off, and see what tomorrow brings, yeah?'
>The drop of that line instantly draws Midnight's eyes over to you.
"What?" you ask, unsure of her thoughts.
>"You didn't... you just ended it there?" she asks, sounding lost and confused.
"Well yeah. What the fuck was I supposed to do, turn on the charm and take advantage of your compromised position?"
>"You... probably could have..."
"Absolutely not. I respect you more than that, Middie," you tell her sternly.
>She doesn't say anything, her attention going back to the laptop.
>Without a word, she starts skipping around through the rest of the time bar.
"Middie, that's it. It's just us coming home and going to sleep."
>'This couch is more comfortable than I remember.'
> Midnight's drunken and fatigued voice on the video stops you or her from saying anything else.
'That's because you're sleeping in my bed. You need it with as awful as you're probably going to feel tomorrow.'
>'It smells... nice,' her voice coos, inhaling deeply.
>Both you and Midnight share awkward glances at that.
"I told you that it was just drunken rambling, Middie..."
>'Where are you going?'
'Sleeping on the couch.'
>'But this is your bed. You don't want to sleep here...?'
'Get some sleep, Middie. I'll be fine on the couch.'
>The door can be heard closing, then a brief bit of light as the phone gets taken from your pocket, then sat on the coffee table.
'That mare is gonna be the death of me if she gets drunk and tries that again. Holy Jesus.'
>With that line, the video abruptly halts under Midnight's control, who turns away and stares into the kitchen.
"Midnight, I wasn't trying to embarrass you. I'm sorry for taking that video."
"If you need some time to think, I can leave for a bit."
> It's a firm command, though her voice is... odd.
>"Anon, I'm smart, but there are things I cannot understand."
"Well... Midnight, no one knows everything," you console her, albeit cautiously and more than a little perplexed.
>"I know that."
>Neither of you move.
"Is there something you want me to do?"
>She rises up from her seat, dropping down to the floor and ambling away.

>"I'm going to get some fresh air outside, it's too stuffy in here," she laments monotonously as the door to the shop floor opens.
>You watch as she slips out the door in the kitchen, the latch barely making a sound behind her as the door eases shut.
>You don't really know what she's thinking, and it makes you uneasy.
>You should have just deleted the damn video - there is no reason for it to exist.
>Hell, you should have never recorded the fucking thing.
>Well, now what?
>What is she trying to understand?
>what is she thinking now?
>As much as you hate to face the fact, you will have to wait to get the answer from her.
>Man, you've really fucked this whole thing up.
>Hopefully, it's not a permanent fuckup.

Well, this part went the way I was hoping it would go - Midnight saw and heard how Anon refused to take advantage od her and generally acted as a textbook example of a best friend. My guess is it's her own actions while under the influence of alcohol that are the thing she needs to think about.
I was worried this update would push things forward too fast in their relationship so I'm happy that (so far) this is not the case.
I would tone in. I love board history projects
>drd grounded so hard now her friends are getting grounded too
>I was worried this update would push things forward too fast
Funny you say that - my initial draft of this update did just that. I have to thank Reggie for looking it over and setting me straight. It is odd - I am trying not to self insert with this Anon and be more open to different things, but sticking with my gut would have been better. Though admittedly, this story has become very strange for me to write. Midnight's personality and mannerisms have become akin to looking in a mirror for me. I don't wish to be the pretty mare, but god damn, it is like looking at myself as of late.
Man the board's been moving pretty fast recently
Yea /Mare/con got moving again and that /tas/ thread is on it's 2nd thread.
Thank him for me too. As much as I would want Middie and Anon to become a couple, Midnight going from "this is wrong" to "let's get married tomorrow and have twelve foals!!!1" after hearing her drunk ramblings feels wrong and rushed to me. It also robs us of a chapter dedicated to a proper date and Anon's attempts of wooing her.
Considering you have a crush on her I have no idea how you ended up there and where will it take you. Please don't go (more) crazy, man.
>/tas/ thread
tool-assisted speedrun?
The way I worded it wasn't the best, as usual. It's strange to write, because she's very similar to me in attitude, but it makes it sort of easier, as I understand that pessimism and reluctance to connect with others.

Maybe that's why I love her so much. I just get her. It's easier to be an asshole and drive people away than it is to open up and interact.
Two anons said that /bootleg/ has resources for Cytube. Is it possible for those /bootleg/ anons to assist with /Mare/con's Cytube since the OP of /Mare/con knows fuck all about the site
La Mare
I don't think anyone here has any experience in cytube, there's a different cytube bootleg stream not related to this bread
pass on tas, give me pas.
Got Friday off, so hopefully I can get some more writing done.
Got any plans for new year's eve? What about goals for 2022?
>New Year's Eve
Same as Christmas, probably vidya games, maybe try to figure out gauge cluster of the car.
>Goals for 2022
Lol, no.
>Got any plans for new year's eve?
Try to recover from a nasty cold I got from working outside in the last week ("""thanks""" boss).
>What about goals for 2022?
Same as fellow Lunafag above.
>gauge cluster of the car.
Project car. Fuel gauge hasn't worked since I got the car, found the ground was broke off the fuel sending unit at the tank. Thought that was it, dropped the tank and took it out but even grounding it out of the car, the gauge won't work. Seems like it isn't getting voltage, so I have to figure that out.
Fuck my ass.
>It's snowing
>It's been snowing
>The patio has been shoveled mostly clean and a blanket has been set down
>Every morning we shake it free of snow that fell over the night and make sure it's good for sitting
>It's just me and Dashie
>We don't say anything though
>It kinda reminds me of how things used to be, just me and her
>Without the troublemaker Sparking Shine
>Without that grey unicorn
>Without Anonymous
>It was just us, against the world
"Did we ever used to have snow?"
>I finally break the silence
>She looks at me
>She looks so happy
"It's just... you know. don't remember."
>"I think we did."
>That's all she has to say about it
>Ever since that... shared dream
>I haven't been talking to Anon much
>I haven't spoken to Sparking Shine either
>I did forgive her
>But I don't want to talk to her
>At least a half hour has passed already
>I can hear video games playing
>They've been spending an awful lot of time together lately
>Or maybe it's just because I haven't been wanting to be around either of them
"I miss him."
>Dashie giggles
>"Do you really? Why?"
"Because we haven't been around each other enough."
>"Didn't I see you two in the bathroom a few days ago?"
>Whether or not either of us would ever openly admit it, he was in a rush and I had to go to the bathroom
"...no, that wasn't me."
>"I'm pretty sure it was you, you even started to-"
"Oh... shush, you."
>She isn't afraid to say things out in the open like that
"...so we aren't actually that far away... but it just feels awkward sometimes."
>"Why? Every time I see you look at each other, there's hardly any sort of remorse or suspicion going around."
>I shake my head
>I got my mane in twin tails again
>I'm kinda surprised I'm the only one who likes to try out different styles
"Because... he saw inside my dreams. He saw what I remembered. What I think I remembered. What might not even be what really happened..."
>That's the real reason for the distance
>Without my past, who am I?
>I know full well of where I am now
>I know that all of this isn't going anywhere
>Maybe it really is ok if I just popped up out of a box and had no real past to me
>What if all of that really did happen?
>What if I was at risk of forgetting everything that made me who I am now?
"...you wanna know something funny?"
>The snow is starting to come down thick
>It's kinda cool to see my breath come out so visibly
"I told Anon my name was Lemon Pepper."
>She giggles
>"That sort of name would suit you, wouldn't it?"
>I grin
>It sounded so silly at the time
>I had no genuine clue why I said it
"I guess so. Do you think I should make that my name?"
>"What's wrong with Jacky?"
>Jacky isn't a real name
>Not like Sparking Shine
>Or Faint Prism
>It is only even barely similarly sounding to Applejack
>I still have my doll of her somewhere
>I still love her
"...I want to say it's so Anon has something special to call me."
>"What he calls you already isn't enough?
>Is a good point actually
"...well I guess, yeah."
>"I'm serious, that man has a fetish for finding new ways to identify you."
>This time I giggle
"He has his favorites but he really hasn't run out of names, has he..."
>"Personally. I think those names are quite special."
"I guess they really are. I want to say that having a real, appropriate name might also make me feel more... I don't know. Normal?"
>Another joyous laugh
>"I'm sorry dear but I have never once seen you act normal in my life. You've only gotten weirder since Anon!"
>I squint at her and puff out my cheeks
"And what do you think you mean about that?"
>"Singing? Dancing? Sudden interests that you never had and even talking about family? You may want to disguise it as 'maturity' but you're certainly an oddball that has only turned more into an odd ball."
>I roll my eyes at her
"Don't even try, who's the one who put on a little song and pony show that last time...?"
>She clears her throat
>"I, my dear little sister, have always been a performance artist."
"Performing my butt, sure..."
>No matter how much we bicker or fight, it never goes beyond a certain level
>I wouldn't change it for anything
>She flaps her wings once, pushing the snow off of her wings
>I... actually feel decently warm, still
>Must be the winter coat
>Or I'm thinking of warm thoughts
"It's almost a new year here, Dashie... this is going to be my third year here. In this crazy human world."
>She nods at my astonishment
>"It certainly will. And it's getting close to the same time for me too. And only until rather recently, it feels like just yesterday that I woke up."
"Tell me about it..."
>Us getting Sparky
>Us getting Dashie
>Waking up and having that first night of alcohol with Anon
>Watching all of those movies together
>Helping Anon when he would come in and just lay on the floor for a few hours without even taking off his boots
>Trying to cheer him up when he told me he really had no family left
>Failing to cheer him up
>Being with him through as many steps as I could
>Our first time being... intimate
>It all feels like things that happened mere hours ago but I know that I could forget about them just as easily
"I think I'm getting to the point that I remember so much that I don't even remember what I forgot at times... that's kinda weird, isn't it?"
>"I think it's just a sign that you're getting older."
>I wish I had a real birthday to go by
>I can only really go by the years I've been with Anon
"I'm not worried about getting older, Dashie."
>"I'm glad you aren't, Jacky. I don't think I'm worried, either."
"I... I worry about something though."
>"What's that?"
"Anon used to talk about his friends a lot."
>The thought has been bubbling in my gut for the last month
>It's almost too scary to even speak of
>But it's more scary to let it come true
"...we aren't gonna end up like that, are we? We're gonna stay sisters. Right?"
>Dashie looks at me
>She gives me a gentle headbutt with the side of her face
>"Bonk. Of course we are, don't be silly. What we went through together... the things I've done, both to help us and what ended up..."
>She trails off, audibly struggling to vomit out the right words
>"..what ended up costing you. I would really give up what little I have left for you, to keep us together. That will never change."
>Her lips flicker between a frown and a smile for just a moment
>"And I can only truly hope that you really do feel the same."
>The smile wins the battle
>"And when it comes to our little runt. Our little red-headed step-sister..."
>She grins
>I can't help but grin too
>It sounds too accurate
>"She's along for the ride too. Every step of the way. And I would give up just enough to keep her with us too."
>She doesn't answer immediately
>"...ok. I would give 99% of what I would give for you, for her. But don't let her know that."
>We both laugh
>It's one of those laughs that just feel too good to stop
>The sort where it just sounds embarrassing to hear
>By the time it fades, we're both left much warmer and relaxed
"How do I get over this hump, Dashie? Help me out, come on."
>She shrugs
>"My first instinct is to say 'I have no clue'... but if I had to take a stab in the dark? Embrace the intimacy. You two are already two peas in a pod. If you aren't around me, you're around him. And if he isn't around you, he's either around Sparky, at work, or sleeping... in which case I've seen both of you at least hang around his body."
>'Like a pair of freaking cats!', I can immediately hear in his voice
"I guess... it just felt too invasive."
>"I know. And you should still probably talk to him about that. But aside from the privacy issue... I'm pretty sure you two don't have many secrets from each other as is. And not because you two are always asking silly questions."
"No, we do that too."
>She rolls her eyes
>"I mean real questions, Jacky. Not which five-set movie collection you would bring on a deserted zombie island with no internet and you had to kiss each other for water or whatever it is you two make up."
"H-hey! I take offense to that!"
>She leers at me
>With a smile
>It is a little bit judgmental
>"Good. I can say this with confidence because it's not like I can escape it all the time."
"Ok, sheesh... some of those hypotheticals really are important though..."
>"No they aren't."
>She just doesn't get it
>She's the first one that zombies would crowd around and pluck all of her feathers off
"...think I can go in there and steal him away for a bit?"
>"You're asking me?"
>Dashie leans close to me
>Her voice is hard and hushed
>"Between you and me, I see where he stares when you walk by. If you can't use your words, use your actions."
>I wasn't expecting that
>"I know what I'm talking about. Now skip to, and pretend that you're freezing and that you need strong Anon hands to warm you up."
>Who is this mare and where is my Dashie
"...that sounds like something I may have already done at least once."
>That's right...
>That's right!
>I'm obviously Anon's mare!
>I'm the one calling the shots!
>Well, sometimes
>The mood sorta does kinda pop up more often since it has given positive results
>I shake my head to clear my mind
"Alright, I'm going in. It sounds like Tekken so he's gonna be fired up."
>"You go get him, champ."
>Watch out, Anon
>He's gonna watch me dethrone an Empress
The end of this year is gonna be quite the bash.
Goals for 2022 is generally being healthier and giving a fuck you to the way the world is turning
Merry New Year's bootleg
>"Between you and me, I see where he stares when you walk by. If you can't use your words, use your actions."
"I read Jacky for the plot."
Be lucky I can't draw, otherwise comic Jacky through Anon's eyes would be quite something.
Never too late to learn
Just the confy i needed.
>"You go get him, champ."
I have trouble imagining Prism saying that line.
>He's gonna watch me dethrone an Empress
I can't be the only one that thought "threesome" when reading that.
Gonna get a hold of that "royal sceptre".
I'm sure it was more for Jack's support than anything else.
This isn't a flaremare thing. As far as you know.
I mean more like she's gonna get Anon's dick, because we all know that Shine would want him as a consort.
Also goddammit, I've been listening to Eastover Wives all day
Back to work for me this week. Not really sure at this point, but hoping to get back into a rhythm with updates to Midnight once again. The next one should tie off part 3 and set the stage for the next chapter of Anon and Middie's escapades.
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396 KB PNG
We've had bootleg imports before with mexijack, what other stuff do you guys think youd like to see
The compassionate side of me feels sorry for you and wishes you a safe and calm environment back at work.
The selfish part of me squeals with joy because that means the frequency of updates will most likely increase.
Ruskie Rare is a qt
Rhodesian Fluttershy.
I like this idea
I could also go for an Indian Rainbow Dash that just wants to be a Bollywood action star so she can hoof flick a truck and send it flying for miles.
Thought I'd take a break from writing and doing nothing to get some more work done on this.
das it mane
It's probably for the best I head back. Not been particularly productive at home on shit the past few days, and run into some hurdles that have been frustrating.
I just don't know what work is going to be like as ownership changes and new parts are introduced for production. It's why I can't say for certain if I'll go back to my old ways right away. Got my anxiety going a bit, too.
Fuck it, I have tomorrow off.
>Verification not required.
Hopefully it will turn out ok for you.
Hopefully soon because Jesus Christ they're taking their sweet fucking time with that whole damn ownership change.
In good mood, gonna try and see if I can finish this today after getting something to eat Got my money's worth on those boxes I ordered
That's something I'd normally suspect government entities of, not two private companies.
It's a matter of our previous owner and their customer wanting to wring out of us as many parts as possible before letting us go, and the new owners wanting to be rid of all the previous parts before full scale rolling out their parts.
Also retooling all the machines for specific parts, writing new programs to cut em, etc.
Starting to realize I blogpost a lot here, I'll try to not do that so much. I did get some written last night though, but not a lot.
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1014 KB PNG
God I am atrocious at backgrounds
I dunno, I think it looks good. Though with it raining, it should be seen on/distort everything, not just show in the background. But I'm not going to be a stickler about a meme.
That's the thing, it's not supposed to be raining, I just tried to make the background not a solid color
Well I like the idea of it raining in that pic, so channel your inner Bob Ross and call it a happy accident.
Also, bump.
Before work bump
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Where is everyone
Bump. Update in the morning, most likely. About had it done last night, but figured I'd give it at least another day.
Just been busy with things and distracted I suppose. There isn't too much conversation here keeping my attention to be honest.
Well, there really hasn't been much discussion, to be quite honest. Not that I'm trying to cast anyone or the thread in general in a negative light - lulls just happen.
It really doesn't help that there hasn't been a whole lot of green posted, but that's the holidays for you. Everyone gets busy, or in my case, lazy. Perhaps things will pick back up again soon. I know I'm already considering starting the next update tonight after having perused this morning's upcoming one and making some minor edits.
Gonna try and transfer what I have in the tiny notebook to a word doc to edit it and see if it's a good start, don't want to make any promises because I might have a lot on my plate tomorrow.

>You awaken to an awful cramp in your back...
>It takes a moment before you realize you fell asleep on the couch in an awkward position.
>Smooth move.
>Arching your back to get the muscles stretched out, you jump as the moonlight filtering in through the window illuminates Midnight's form sitting just a couple of feet away on the floor.
"What the fuck?"
>The exclamation brings just a bit more light into the living room as Midnight's luminescent eyes creep open to focus upon you.
>"You're in my spot," she says numbly.
"So you just decided to sit there and watch me sleep like some sort of weirdo?"
>"Shut up," she replies gruffly, turning her nose up at the accusation. "Why are you sleeping on the couch, anyway?"
>You take a moment to sit up and gain your bearings before answering.
>Actually, why are you sleeping on the couch?
>You remember watching Midnight leaving, feeling nervous and uncomfortable about the whole situation...
>And then you just fell asleep?
>It was a long day...
"I just drifted off, I guess. Waiting for you to come back and... well, here I am now."
>"What, you didn't think I was going to return?"
"No, I was just worried. You left pretty abruptly, and without much explanation."
>Midnight brushes past you to take a seat on the couch.
>"Was there something I was supposed to say before excusing myself?"
>You have to just shrug, not really having any sort of response for that question.
>"I needed time to digest... all of that."
"I'll say it again - I'm sorry I recorded you. I wasn't trying to be an asshole, I just... well, I don't know what I was trying to accomplish."
>"I would say I'm mad at you for that, but... I'm really not bothered by it, Anon. Obviously, I was at first, but I sort of got over that."
"Isn't that why you went out, because you were miffed at me?"
>In the light of the moon, you can see Midnight shake her head.
"So... where do we stand? On all of this? Because I'm shit at reading the situation."
>"I don't know," she says hesitantly.
"Then where is your mindset on all of this? Obviously, you feel something."
>"I'm trying to understand that myself. In a way, I'm - well, I'm glad you took the video because I see you aren't trying to take advantage or force something... between us."
>She fidgets a bit with the uncertainty of those last words.
"I told you that I wasn't gonna try anything funny after our discussion regarding how I felt about you."
>"There were still doubts in the back of my mind," she sighs rather forlornly. "It's not so much a lack of trust specifically toward you, it's just a result of everything I've been through."
"I get that."
>With your agreement, the room falls silent.
>The clock ticking away on the wall is the only sound that reaches your ears.
>"I was very drunk, Anon."
>The statement sounds more like an attempt to convince herself than reiterate the situation to you again.
"I carried you to the truck. I know you were absolutely shit-faced. Don't worry about what happened."

>"I'm not worried about it. But I can't pretend it didn't happen, and there were things that I said when I was drunk."
"Most everyone starts saying dumb shit when they get alcohol in em. Been there, done that myself."
>"Have you ever had a moment of clarity while drunk?"
"I... not that I remember. But I'm not sure I understand what you mean, Middie."
>Again, Midnight squirms in her seat.
>"I mean I don't remember everything that happened after our food arrived, but watching that video, listening to my dumb ass sing and skip around, and then the short discussion in the truck... I can't just say that was nothing. I can't sit here and deny that everything was just the result of a drink. Because it wasn't."
>You wait patiently for your friend to collect her thoughts, trying not to draw early conclusions yourself.
>"Anon, you are someone I feel attached to, that much is obvious. I've not had any friends that I remember, so this has all been new to me. Understanding connections. Trust. It's still something that I find somewhat foreign. My mind wants to put everything into a concise and understandable form - and I just get angry and irritated when I can't do that."
>She suddenly lets out a chuckle, an odd mixture of light-hearted and bitter tones.
>"And then that song. That goddamn song I've heard you sing on multiple occasions in the shower - because apparently, you think I'm deaf."
"Hey, you could have told me any time that you heard me and I would have been embarrassed enough to stop then and there," you correct her.
>Even in the dim room, you see the smirk that's formed on Midnight's face.
>"I found it amusing, to be honest. Such an odd song for you - a man - to be singing. A single man, might I add."
"Is there a point to this, or are you just trying to make me want to crawl under a rock and never come out again?"
>"Stop being a fucking baby. Yes, I have a point," she curtly replies, letting some of her normal attitude slip in.
"Then what?"
>She stares at you for a moment without a word.
>"I was very drunk that night, Anon. But I can't lie that hearing that song, me singing it, and what I said in the truck... there's some truth to it. As much as I try laughing off the notion that I could ever consider a... thing - between us, that Starla could be right about how and why I act around you... I can't really just live in denial."
>You just have to stare back at her incredulously while your mind tries to wrap itself around her explanation.
>Is she serious?
>Is this just a joke to get back at you?
>It doesn't seem like it...
>"Will you fucking say something?" she pleads quietly, clearly feeling the pressure of the silence in the room now.
"I... don't really know what to say, Midnight. What should I say about that?"
>"I don't know... I figured - well, I don't know what I expected. But silence wasn't it."
"This is just all from reliving the video?"
>"It's... mostly that," she hesitantly replies.
"What's the other part?"

>"...I'd rather not say."
>You both sit there on the worn couch, waiting for the other to speak up.
>The timepiece on the wall continues to tick the seconds away.
"So, with all of this out there... what does it mean? With us, I mean?"
>Midnight takes a deep breath, holding it for a spell.
>"It means as weird as I still think it may be, there might be something between us," she says in a quick exhale.
"Are you fucking with me right now?" you ask, unable to help being a bit skeptical.
>"What? Fuck no, why would I be screwing around about this?! You think that was easy for me to say?!"
>Midnight's voice abruptly reveals how flustered she really is underneath, if her ears pinned back against her head weren't already a decent indicator.
>It took a lot for her to say that.
"Sorry, I guess I'm just - well, it's surprising to hear," you reassure her. "I really am just at a loss for words."
>She doesn't sound particularly convinced or is still just feeling the stress of spilling her guts to you.
> It's hard to tell.
>Still, she really needs a bit more than words...
>Ever so slowly, you reach around her back with your right arm and gently pull her a bit closer to you.
"You're fine, Midnight. Remember, we're both kind of in an awkward position. So pardon me for being a little quiet."
> It's another short answer, but you can tell there is a hint of relief.
>Hell, she already knew how you felt.
>Was she seriously this worked up about how you would react?
>"...you aren't going to try to kiss me or anything like that, are you?"
>You pause before answering that.
"Not unless you want me to. In my mind, I'm playing to your limits, if you're serious about actually... well, working toward what Teddy and Starla have."
>"A relationship."
"You said it, not me."
>You garner a snort from Midnight as she leans into you and bumps you with her shoulder.
>"How did we go from hating each other to even considering this?"
"To be fair, I never hated you."
>"Alright - barely tolerating each other's presence. How about that, smartass?"
"The phrasing doesn't really matter - I still don't have an answer for you."
>"You're just being a jackass now, aren't you?"
"Remember what you told me the night after Starla and Teddy's visit? 'Be Anon.' So I'm living up to that promise."
>"Uh-huh. And what if I choose to 'be Midnight'?" she challenges in a teasing manner. "What if I make you work for this despite what I've said tonight?"
"I wouldn't have it any other way and you know it, Middie. Keep those fangs."
>The air in the room feels so much lighter than it did when you woke up.
>Physically, nothing has changed.
>But you feel like you've fallen into a new reality.
>One that you relish exploring...
>At Midnight's pace, of course.
"You know, as much as I'd love to just stay up and chat, we probably should get some sleep. Or at least I should. But you gotta work tomorrow, too."

>So today wasn't fun for either of you.
>With that, you slowly get up off the couch and shuffle off toward bed.
>"Where are you going?"
>You turn to look at Midnight, who sits expectantly at attention.
"My bed? I fell asleep by accident on the couch, and my back isn't very happy about it."
>"Yeah, your bed is more comfortable..."
>You narrow your eyes at her, knowing she can see the face you're making in the dark.
"Are you agreeing with me, or hinting at something else?"
>"Sh-shut up," she says defiantly, turning her head away from you. "I'm just saying your bed is better than the couch."
"...did you want to sleep in bed with me?"
>"It sounds weird when you say it like that."
"Would you like to sleep on the same bed as me, as friends with space in between and no funny business?"
>"...I guess I could do that," she replies after a moment of hesitance.
>Despite the act, she's all too eager to drop back to the floor and plod to your side.
"You really are going to be a pain in the ass, aren't you?" you joke.
>"You want me to be me, don't you?"
"Can I take back what I said?"
"Well, that's bullshit."
>"Enough with the bickering - I thought you said you needed your beauty sleep?"
"I said I needed to get some sleep. That isn't going to help me look any better."
>You watch Midnight's eyes scan you up and down for a moment in the darkness before disappearing as she turns and heads into your room.
>"Eh, you look good enough," she says quietly.


And with that, we come to the conclusion of part 3.
This is about as good an outcome that we could hope for after everything that's happened. Glad to see both characters be true to nature, but I'm even happier to see Midnight take a risk and make herself emotionally vulnerable.
>"You're in my spot," she says numbly.
Anon proceeds to lean further into the couch and pat the spot next to him "Go ahead, take a seat."
>"Are you agreeing with me, or hinting at something else?"
>"Sh-shut up"
Tsunmoon is such a qt.
Night bump
Morning bump
Overall, I share Cadance poster's opinion on this update. Happy how it turned out and the possibilities it opened.

>"This is just all from reliving the video?"
>"It's... mostly that," she hesitantly replies.
>"What's the other part?"
>"...I'd rather not say."
Now I'm genuinely curious about this other reason.
Anon's gonna spank that flank, just you wait.
Midnight is THIRSTY for that HMD
>Human stamina
I could tell you, but Midnight herself already did in the update previous to this one. ^:)
There's one criticism of Midnight that my autism will not allow me keep to myself any longer- her laptop would be ruined if she tried moving it with her electromagnetism.
>being around you triggers incest
Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that
Then I hope you won't start to analyze how much energy would Middie need to levitate and move around things as heavy as car engines using only electromagnetism.
Undress her everywhere
She could hold it by hinges and couple of front bolts. Some just have metal case
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What's everyone doing this weekend?
pretty zooma
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Alright, who's the biggest winglet of the bootlegs?
good morning sir
Uncultured retard here. what makes for a Rhodesian?
Miss Ronapona has paid an unexpected visit the family
File: 1604006773307.png (1.62 MB, 1481x2483)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
Pegashield is proof.
It's just fun to think of a well-cultured Fluttershy that is used to fighting in the bush.
I guess "biggest winglet" is a double negative
I mean who has the smallest wings
File: Rosie_Rock.png (880 KB, 800x800)
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880 KB PNG
scootaloo but shes not a bootleg
>scoota/boot/ that gets shipped with wings way too large for her body
>Bootaloo, still cant fly
this isnt a shitpost prompt, i really have been forcefully spending time with her
>Reminded that I still haven't finished the Yandeer picture
Also I spent most of the afternoon and all of the night taking my PC apart and cleaning the dust out because the GPU shit itself twice in the span of an hour
This is why my paranoid ass cleans out my PC on average of once a month. Doesn't take that long with a can of compressed air - but I also have a behemoth of a case, so it's a lot easier than some.
Also, two cits make it a bit more important. Lot of hair that can block the screens.
Paranoia goes a long way with things
never had hardware choking from dust but from overuse. i do occasionally blast it with air though
Only learned about how to open the thing up yesterday
holy hell, how long have you had it for?
About 5 or 6 years
File: fear.png (12 KB, 234x200)
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where is this from
File: shrug.png (453 KB, 894x894)
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453 KB PNG
To be fair, before I moved to video gaming on PC and built my own rig, I hadn't ever bothered to open up a pc I owned. But I'm talking about $300-$400 prebuilt pieces of shit from box stores that didn't do anything other than basic tasks. Basically like the old Toyota Corollas of PCs - they're built knowing full well their owner is probably going to be neglectful, lol.
This is a gaming pc
i missed marecon due to rona, did we have a panel?
Nope. I wonder if it'd be worth trying to have a panel for /mlp/con though.
Every cheap piece of shit deserves some love, anon, where's the spirit of pushing cheap crap to its limits, don't you remember school and the old handmedown box you cherished sp much?
I've had my old rig for around... 8 years now? I'm not retiring her but I'm sure enjoying my new rig. Gotta open her up and give a good blow every now and again.
No, sorry. Getting knocked around at the start of December really threw me off on a lot of things and planning for the con was half-assed at best because there just wasn't much communication that it was still a thing. All the same, it's my fuckup for wanting to make it happen but not being able to deliver.
Maybe, depending on when it is. There's been a lot of work in the general to look into the history of boots and there has been a lot of work put in to make everything easier to search and digest so anyone even generally interested can find a really ergonomic option.
>Getting knocked around at the start of December really threw me off on a lot of things
thats ok, couldn't have predicted it
sounds like something we could do, when is /mlp/con?
>when is /mlp/con?
that should be plenty o time, if we're still around
>New Year's Eve
>That means another year of this goofy life
>Of these goofy mares
>"You're gonna eat my snake sword, and then my ass, in that order."
"I'll shove your snake sword up your ass. How's that grab ya?"
>You really don't think your relationship with Jacky has been strained
>It was... quite something, to be in her dream
>You still aren't completely sure, yourself, if it should have happened
>You spent some time talking to Shine about it
>You spent a lot of time talking to Shine about it
>You believe that she did it out of good will
>But you still can't help but wonder
>"Oh you suck, you can't just keep timing my recovery!"
"Then recover another way, dipstick."
>Jacky hasn't really wanted to talk to you for... a while
>She still sneaks into bed with you, if she doesn't just outright lay at your side when you're tired
>If you set up a movie, she'll go in
>It really has gotten to be genuinely uncomfortable
>But she doesn't really want to talk about it
>You can't force it
>At least Shine has been there for you
>Prism too
>To an extent
>You've decided to try to just focus on your daily life until then
>"Oh, COME ON!"
>Shine gives a loud, throaty "UGH" and throws herself over your lap in a dramatic fashion
>You've won, best of three across three characters
>Your Siegfried beat her Kilik
>Her Nightmare demolished your Maxi
>Your Tira destroyed her Ivy
"Heh... nothing personnel, kid."
>You're quite proud of yourself
>Even if it was a close call on that third set
>You poke the side of your phone
>It's getting pretty close to midnight
>You part the side of Shine's chest
>Hollow like a drum
>Kinda like Jack, but a different tone
"We got a little bit of time left before the end of the new year. What do you wanna do next?"
>Shine rolls onto her back, her controller held in the air by her weird pony-based kinesis magic
>"Beat you to a pulp for playing dirty."
"All's fair in love and war, can't blame me for your loss."
>She smiles
>"I guess you are right, there... very right."
>She inhales hard and lets out a drawn out sigh
>"Speaking of love, how are you and Jacky getting along? Anything change?"
>You shake your head
>She isn't paying attention so you switch to the arcade mode so you can just do a run solo
"No... not really. She still kinda looks at me differently."
>"And how did she look at you before?"
"I don't know. Like I was a friend, I guess."
>You adamantly believe that it's just a short-term thing
>But you're starting to worry
>"Well... it's not like you're someone different. You're still the Anon you've always been. You just have some better insight on her. And you had a taste of magic. Maybe to her you look like a wizard or something now?"
"That's goofy. My eyes don't glow or anything."
>"Would you like them to glow? I bet I could do that?"
whats 'fighting in the bush' mean? remember, i am a retard
night bump
Kinda like innawoods except for notwoods.
Guerrilla warfare in the general biome of Rhodesia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bushland
It wasn't so much neglecting my PC on purpose - cleaning it out never crossed my mind. These were bare bones PCs that never had any hope of playing games more complicated than solitaire. Also didn't have anything better than dial-up until 2007, so never watched videos online, lol. So none of that shit was ever taxed.
I'm hoping to have the next part of Midnight started and posted by the end of the week- probably do better than that, but imma hedge my bets due to circumstances.
"Nope, no. To be honest, I think you've gotten a little too comfy with using magic on others. This sort of thing should really be taken carefully. Documented."
>"Researched. And what better research is there than direct experience?"
"If we had a monkey or chimpozo, I'd agree. But we don't."
>"You're technically a monkey, aren't you?"
"Technically humans are ape-adjacent."
>"Personally? I think it sounds like an excuse to me."
>She stretches, her front and back legs shooting up in the air
"You're an excuse to me."
>Her legs go slack
>"...how dare you."
>You pause on your first death of the run...
>Gotta love games that have bullshit AI
"Ah... damn it."
>You turn your neck both ways to pop it
>You can see Jack in your doorway
>She looks
>Or some sort of nervous
>Your eyes lock
"Hey Jack."
>Her eyes break from yours, to Shine on your lap and then back to you
>"That's my seat."
>Shine scoffs
>"Should'a got in it first."
>You shake your head
"Sorry Red, but the lady's got a point."
>You unceremoniously push her forward
>She shouts with an unflattering "WAGH" after being rolled off your lap
"I'm all yours, Jackaholic"
>"This is just wrong..."
>The unicorn remains laying on the mattress in front of you, crestfallen
>Without saying anything more, Jacky climbs into your lap and sits on her butt
>With a practiced shove of her front hooves, she's perfectly balanced on your lap with her back to your front
>It is nice to have her on you
"What's up?"
>"I dethroned an empress."
"That's... nice?"
>Apparently you're a throne now
>Shine rolls onto her hooves and blows a stray strand of mane out of her eyes
>"Yeah well this empress knows a few tricks. Get ready for another round, loser, I'm going to refuel."
"You go and do that. What's up, Jack?"
>Shine trots off, mumbling to herself about games and thrones
>No answer
>It's just you and her, at least for the moment
>Not a giggle
"...Lemon Pepper."
>That gets a response
>She rolls her head up and back, to the point that you can see her upside-down face
>Without warning, a hand goes to her throat and your lips go to hers
>You were never an aggressive kisser
>You devour this mare
>She's been so close by for the last month but it feels like she's been gone for almost all of it
>It was maddening, to be honest
>It still is
>Because she has a month to make up for her absences
>By the time the kiss ends, she's huffing and grinning
>"Me... meow."
"That... is the good stuff."
>You let go of her and she nuzzles her head into your chest
>Now she feels more relaxed
>It's something hard to explain but you can just tell
>"Sheesh, you guys certainly don't waste any time. Is that what I get when I get to reclaim my throne?"
>"Dream on, nerd. I win."
>"Anooooon, Jacky called me a neeeeeerd..."
>Shine trots back onto the mattress, giving her most apathetic whine
>"You can keep his lap. I'm taking his head."
>You and the yellow mare share a quizzical squint
>Until you feel the weight of pony on your shoulders
>Shine's hind legs drape themselves over your shoulder, with her back presumably up against the wall
>Your neck feels a bit funny
"What are you doing?"
>"Getting a better view of the TV so we can play another round."
>Given the red glow around her hind legs, she's probably using magic to keep herself anchored to you
>So thrashing around and making her fall probably won't work
>And it would disrupt Jack
"... well played, red horse."
>Her controller glows in red aura and lifts up
"Well, I guess we got another set going, Jack. Wanna cheer me on?"
>"Sure. What do I get when my cheering leads to you winning?"
"Sure. What do you want?"
>"To rub it in."
>The way she smiles and her tone
>You're not sure exactly what to expect from that
"Fair deal. Shiner, what are our stakes? Since I beat you like a schoolyard bully and took your soda money, let's make this the final round."
>You poke at your phone again
>Maybe ten minutes left to end the year
>That's probably enough for more than just a set of three
"One character, we keep playing until the new year."
>"What do I want when I win because you're too distracted to cheat?"
"That's right."
>"I. Am going to be the one to rub it in."
>Uh oh
>Not only does it not sound clear as to what she means but Jacky is too quick to answer
>"You won't get it even with good luck."
>"I don't need luck, Jacky. I, unlike you, have mad skill."
"I'm getting the feeling that I'm not getting anything when I win."
>"You get me."
>You hear those words in stereo
"Whatever. I win, both of you either duke it out or freakin' kiss and make up already."
>With your best friend and best mare, you begin the final round of the year
>Your Siegfried to her Nightmare
"I fear nothing... I will face my darkness."
>"I shall share with you... MY darkness!"
>Stakes were declared
>The autistic quotes are shared
>Virtual swords are bared
>With all of this, you three enter the new year prepared
I remember the old pictures of dusty as hell computer innards. I think what helps a lot is the environment they're kept in, not a ton of people think of all of the dust and crap that can settle inside of a metal box.
Also, I do believe that this might be the end of Part Ten. I'm sorry it took this long to do and had so many long pauses in between. It really is disgraceful from back when I'd do at least two to three hours a night writing here three to five days a week. As is customary, there will probably be a fairly long gap before Part Eleven is a thing, if and when it is. But nothing to worry about, I haven't stopped writing. It just hasn't been pone-related.
I've also been thinking of another bootleg story that might really be fun to do, so I guess see how that might turn out.
Take as much time as you need Blondie your story is worth the wait
I had to reread that first section because I thought she was sitting face down ass up at first
Board seems faster since the new year, or is it just me? Anyways will finally be able to get back to the bootleg reading soon
If she could get away with it, she would. I really wonder what her true aim with that dream thing was.
Finally caught up on midnight, these two chucklefuckheads have come a long way. And so we see another side of bootleg to the bed, while Jacky had no qualms about being a pillowmare Middie is going to make it out to be the whole time how much she doesnt want it but does anyways
To be fair, Jacky didn't get lewd or anything for a while. She didn't view sleeping near and around Anon as lewd and he didn't push it. Though I suppose they did end up an item and it became more of a thing.
meanwhile midnight could /only/ see sleeping in the bed with implications.
I found a Watch2Gether alternative that seems a lot more free and open so I'll be testing it out tonight. If anyone wants to pop in, feel free. No account required to join a room but I made an account to make a room.
Says you gotta send the invite link and not the URL
https://hyperbeam.com/i/KtAWb8aq This work better?
That works.
so what can you do with this compared?
Well on W2G we were limited to YouTube videos, and even then, not all videos on there were available. This alternative is basically sharing a browser so anything can be watched; can bring back movie nights and then some, watch whatever comes up.

> It's been a few days since your midnight heart-to-heart.
>Honestly, things haven't changed too much.
>Not to say that's a bad thing - quite the opposite, in fact.
>But there really hasn't been any further discussions about it.
>Though Midnight has occasionally used your shoulder or leg to rest her head.
>And on one occasion, you fucked with her mane when she was being particularly fussy about something.
>You got a glare for that one that could have cut through steel.
>... she didn't yell or say anything, so maybe that's part of the game?
>Nevertheless, you didn't want things to be turned upside down overnight, so the constants remain nice.
>But the few changes are nice, such as waking up next to her.
>Well, not *right* next to her.
>That would just be weird, wouldn't it?
>Her words, not yours.
>Though wasn't that the point of the whole breakthrough?
>Being closer?
>Ah well.
>Midnight actually is next to you this morning.
>She's sprawled out on her side facing you, with one hoof laying on your arm.
>You twist just enough to get a look at her face...
>She's still soundly asleep.
>God damn is she cute.
>As soon as she wakes up, you know you'll hear an excuse for why this happened.
>That's alright.
>Being able to gaze upon her and marvel at her up close is worth it.
>As much as she's been through and all the tests and experiments, she still looks gorgeous, with no hint that some of her features are synthetic.
>But just her features she was born with...
>How the hell did they get those colors?
>As much as you enjoy looking into her eyes, her mane is quite something in itself.
>After all, blue with violet streaks is not a particularly common hair color...
>Well, other than crazy people.
>You've only messed with it twice, and honestly, you could easily lose your hands in it without realizing it.
>It's that silky smooth.
>And she's got quite the bed head this morning.
>The wildly mussed hair only makes the sight even more adorable.
>Whether it be by chance or a slight movement you made, you spy Midnight's eyelids slowly fluttering open to let the morning light in.
>Still somewhat glazed over with sleep, her eyes lazily peek around, before honing in on your own eyes.
>At that point, they get a little wider.
>"What are you doing?" she mumbles, trying to put a bit of gruff in her voice.
>It falls rather flat.
"Laying in my bed. What are you doing?"
>"Wondering why you're laying so close to me."
"I'm not, though."
>"Bullshit you aren't," she says, retracting her hoof away from your arm and using it to poke you in the side.
"Do I need to put down tape lines to mark boundaries and prove you wrong?"
>Midnight raises her head sluggishly, looking over you to your side of the bed.
>She has to straighten her body to gander behind to her own side of the bed.
>Then her focus returns to you.
>"What the fuck?"
"Told you."
>She scooches over to put space between the two of you again.

"What, you're afraid I'm gonna bite now?" you joke. "You seemed content enough to be beside me while you were sleeping..."
>"...I must have gotten a bit cold last night," she muses quietly.
"Probably. It did get down to a chilly seventy degrees last night," you comment with a shit-eating grin crossing your face.
>Midnight's face twists as you catch her out, while you practically hear the gears twirling in her head as she comes up with the next best excuse.
>Yeah, not gonna happen.
"You know I'm not judging you, right?"
>"Why would you be judging me for a mere coincidence?" she suggests.
"Relax. Isn't shit like this the reason we talked a few nights ago?"
>Midnight mulls that question for a moment while you take the opportunity to comb some of her mane with your fingers.
>Initially, she tenses up at your gesture...
>But the hesitance fades quickly enough.
>"I don't like feeling... weak," she says slowly.
>You have to hold yourself back from scoffing at that, reminding yourself this is a genuine issue for her.
>Even after months, she's fighting with the idea of letting someone else in.
>Rather than reply with some sort of inane comment about understanding, you continue your ministrations with her hair.
>"What time is it, anyway?" she asks after a short spell.
"Early enough to not worry about getting up yet. Just think, another week or two, and our focus is spending the day pulling parts, rather than stand around."
>"How will you cope with having to actually work all day?"
"You're right - you might have to do most of it," you jokingly threaten.
>"I figured you were going to answer with something like that."
"Hey, I'm just doing my part."
>"Oh, being my personal hairdresser?" Midnight quips, finally alluding to your fascination.
"You got it all fucked up, Middie," you say, sarcastically scolding her. "Were you just rolling around on the bed all night? Is that why I woke up before you did?"
>"Yeah, well..." Midnight trails off, trying to think of a comeback.
>Or anything in response.
"Remember what you told me about how you overthink things and it ends up riling you up?"
>"...I need to stop rationalizing everything."
>While she answered the question for herself, Midnight's face still scrunches up in mild irritation.
>"I don't think you realize how difficult that is for me."
"I have a vague idea. But when it comes down to it, what's really bad about this? What are you trying to rationalize?"
>You feel the mattress shift underneath you just a bit as Midnight merely offers a shrug to you.
"Don't be coy. I'm trying to help you."
>"Playing twenty questions is your way of helping me?" she responds, raising an eyebrow.
>You stop fiddling with her hair, pulling your hand back far enough to hone in on her snout, booping her right between the nostrils.
>She snorts and recoils a bit at that.
"I'm trying to help us both understand why you're so... well, uptight."

>"You want me to be your concubine?" Midnight retorts, an edge to her voice.
"No. I want you to not be so adamant in keeping to yourself. Lean on me - metaphorically and literally."
>"Ugh, you keep pushing that," she grumbles, rolling her eyes as she pushes away from you a bit.
"I am. But I'm curious - do you feel better or worse about life since the day we first met?"
>"Do I even need to answer that?"
"No, but that proves my point, doesn't it?"
>Midnight studies you for a moment, before shuffling back to a position closer to you.
>"I hate you," she mutters.
>You can practically feel the heat radiating from her face as she blushes underneath that midnight blue fur.
>Rather than respond with a snappy comment, you reach over her form with your left arm and gingerly rest it upon her side, your hand itself finding an area of her back between her wings to tend.
"I know you do."
>"...you don't take me seriously anymore, do you?"
"I do. But I refuse to hate you."
>"I meant my threats."
"Oh. Not really, no."
>"I feel like you're making me lose my edge."
>There it is.
>The pinch of worry in her voice combined with the frown of uncertainty chiseled into her muzzle makes it clear this is a major sticking point for her.
"Midnight, you know we've been around each other for a while now, right?"
>"Yeah, I can't get rid of your clingy ass. I don't want you rubbing off on me."
"I'm serious, Midnight."
>Midnight shuts down any other remarks she has in store.
"Midnight, I've been around you long enough to feel comfortable around you. So no, I don't have this fear you're going to harm me or you're dangerous because I know you give a shit about my well-being, as I care about yours. But that's me we are talking about - you scared the shit out of that stoner a few days ago."
>She doesn't seem particularly convinced by what you've told her thus far, but she remains quiet, sensing you aren't done explaining.
"Midnight, you don't need to act like a hardass all the time. I understand that's how you've managed to come this far to where you are now, but... well, is that all you want out of life? An image?"
>"You really know how to say that in a demeaning and shallow way," she huffs.
"All I'm saying is I know you well and you know me. There's no shame in letting that tough mare relax a bit in private. While I realize that night we went out you got drunk, it let another side of you come out that I've never seen. The macho mare is still renowned in the public eye and as much as I love the snappy back-and-forth interactions we have, I want to get to know the mare behind that. Does that make sense?"
>As she agrees with your reasoning, you feel the taut muscles in her back practically melt away.

"Consider this a new chapter in your life, Middie. You got a home, you got someone to talk to and cares - you don't have to fight 24/7. Just like how I can act like a retard, I can be serious and display a fair amount of intelligence. I'm still the same person, just different facets of me and different moods for different situations. You said you couldn't deny that what you said that night - what about how you acted? All alcohol does is wash away inhibitions, Middie."
>"You can act retarded and you can be serious, but I'm going to call bullshit on the last one," she remarks with a smirk.
>While you would normally go along with it, this conversation has become heavy for you.
>You bite your tongue, keeping a stoic face to show this conversation is serious business.
>You don't want her hiding behind shallow jokes to avoid this.
>You want to see her be able to relax.
>To have fun.
>To feel love.
>"I'm not going to just sit back and be this happy-go-lucky bubbly mare, either," she warns before her hardened face softens up a bit. "But I don't know. I do have more than I expected to have at any point in my life. It's an actual life now, not just... living. But it's hard to just... let go of that mindset too, you know?"
"You'll get there. I'm not asking you to change yourself. I'm trying to help you find yourself," you explain, moving your hand back to her hair. "The fact that you're willing to acknowledge what I'm saying means a lot."
>"Maybe you aren't as stupid as you seem sometimes," she says quietly. "But now what? Are we gonna get up, or just lay here all morning?"
"We can get up. You're gonna have to pull me up, though."
>"I gotta do everything around here."
"Because you're good at getting shit done."
>"I suppose you're good at being a sap."
"And someday, you'll learn to be sappy, too."
>"I think you just need to stop talking now."
>That wasn't a no.
>For now, you enjoy this morning's small victory.


I loved this update Midnight was so cute

>ywn wake up next to Midnight and play with her mane
File: 1635794896808.gif (349 KB, 281x281)
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349 KB GIF
Going to do something new this year, a /bootleg/ waifu is for _____

Fill in the blank
File: Panka Po.png (223 KB, 716x1477)
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223 KB PNG
acceptable, but can you distill boots into a couple words?
How do you mean? A lot of words would fit a lot of types or boots but I suppose it depends.
Hey Blondie, this is your reminder for the wiki if you didn't already remember
il post something a little later as an example
File: derpyfine.png (295 KB, 606x586)
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295 KB PNG
What about pony-produced bootlegs created to appease their new human trading partners.
Cloning magic is canon after all.
Could you throw me the link?
technology isnt magic is magic?
File: hardmode.png (852 KB, 1013x988)
852 KB
852 KB PNG
need to re-un-rust for 2022, so here's a thing to start
I think this was it
File: Twilit Starsky.png (280 KB, 1200x900)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
>Another day done at work
>Another drive home
"Hey guys, I'm home."
>You say to an empty house
>It isn't barren, the living room is comfy and furnished
>The dining room has an heirloom table and chairs that have been around since the late 1800s
>The upstairs bedrooms are clean with made beds and clothes tucked away
>It really is quite a place
>Just as he left it
>You slip off your coat and hat and set it on the couch and go to the other set of stairs
>Toward the basement
>You tend to never leave the basement
>It may as well be your own little home
>You have your posters set up
>A snack fridge
>An old, broken down couch and a pair of loveseats
>Even a full bathroom
>You remember when you used to help set up the sheetrock to insulate the place and sweep up
>Helping haul down the toilet sucked five flavors of ass but it works like a dream
>Even better, the bathroom has it's own window for steam to escape
>You plop down on the couch
>You used to sleep on it when you were just a kid
>And you still do now
>Without much to do or think, you turn on the TV
>After a few hours of rewatching sitcoms like Third Rock From The Sun and Scrubs, you decide it's time to eat
>You only stock the basement fridge with drinks and smaller snacks so you trudge upstairs and to the kitchen
>Today's menu: steak with some heavy dashing of garlic and onion powder
>Once you safely pass the territory of medium rare yo-
>You hear knocking on the door
>That's odd
>The kitchen door leads to the backyard
>You only go to the backyard to mow the grass if it gets too high
>You don't see anyone so it's probably a prank
>You open it anyway
>"Heeey man. You wouldn't happen to be able to spare a couple eggs or somethin', would'ja?"
>What in the God damn
>You look down
>You see a royal blue horse with a purple mane
>With a streak of bright red going from the straight-cut bangs down all the way to nearly the ground
>"Yeah, man. My friend and I are... you know. Hungry? And she thought it would be great if we could have an omelet but we moved into the neighborhood recently and we're seriously strapped for cash."
>She has this calm croak in her voice and a comfortable gleam in her eye that makes you think she could fall asleep any second now
>At least she smells like lemons
>So you suppose that's nice
"Uh... sure... alright. Lemme check real quick."
File: Twilit Starsky2.png (251 KB, 1200x900)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
>You've seen ponies like that before
>Not that often but you suppose they're just growing to be more popular these days
>Nudging what you've called The Door Rock into the corner of the back door, you flip your steak before zipping to the fridge
"I got... six eggs for you. And I got a third a bag of shredded cheese if you want that too?"
>It has only a week left before expiration and you really don't have any plans on cheesing it up
>"Dude, really? That would be sweet."
>You take the half occupied carton and the bag...
>If she and whoever moved in recently and have an empty fridge, you could probably afford to give just more than some cast off items
>You mumble to yourself about the weight of such generosity out of nowhere but it ends up with you filling a paper bag with the eggs, the cheese, an unopened pack of bologna and your loaf of oatmeal bread
>You really only bought that loaf yesterday
>But your apparent new neighbor could probably use it more than you
>It's not like you have rent or a mortgage to pay
"Alright... so I got some bread and bologna with it. It's not a ton but it's good for a few sandwiches or something, right?"
>You hold out the bag... to what would have been a human-sized target
>The pony is still looking up at you, nonplussed by the faux pas
>"Bro, you're awesome! You're like, a big bro. I'm serious."
>You shrug and set the bag down on the floor
"Nah, don't worry about it. I don't want to be rude and give you too much or whatever. And you gotta have more than just one meal available, right?"
>You consider the deal done and go back to tending to your meat
>You expected the pony to take the bag and wander off
>But she's still just sitting there
>She looks around the kitchen, and into what little she can of the living room
>"Bruh... you got a really nice house."
"Thanks. It's not mine though."
>"Ooh. House sittin' then?"
>"Who for?"
>You slice a little bit off of your steak and taste test it
>It's edible
>More so, it's good
>Maybe give it another minute and you can just eat it off the skillet
"Eh. My dad. He's really the one who populated the place, I just helped set it up a few years back."
>"Oh... cool. Real cool."
>You can see her nodding to herself
>That red streak really stands out
>You've seen the ponies come out in all sorts of tones and colors so it isn't that...
>Is "unrealistic" the word, given what you're talking to?
>"Where is he, traveling the world or somethin'?"
>You had a feeling that question would come up
>You prepare yourself with a deep inhale
"He's... uh. On the book shelf. With his mom. And my mom too. And his older brother, though he was always off doing his own thing anyway."
>"Heh, well that's silly, what are th..."
>The pony trails off
>To be fair, it is a pretty esoteric way to put it
>"Oh... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."
>That almost surfer chick tone melts into something far more...
File: Twilit Starsky3.png (265 KB, 1200x900)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
>Before she can apologize more, you wave it away with the shake of your tongs
"Nah, you're alright. I promise. Around last year was when it happened. And we both knew it was going to happen. It's just... you know. One of those things."
>If you weren't focusing on your steak, you'd probably be more vulnerable to it
>If you hadn't already focused on it for months
>"I'm sorry, still. For this food, are you really sure it's ok?"
"Yeah, I don't mind it. But next time, if I give you more, can you whip up a share for me?"
>You honestly don't expect to see this pony again except in passing
>But it's nice to at least talk like it could happen
>She doesn't answer immediately
>When she does, part of her surfer voice comes back
>"Y... yeah, dude! Definitely! You're the man, man."
>You see her reach out to bite down on the bag but she stops
>"Oh yeah. Could I get your name, Mr. Neighbor?"
"Yeah, it's Anonymous. Same as my dad, but you can just stick with Anon. Or A. Or anything that starts with A."
>She laughs
>It sounds like even she didn't expect to have that reaction
>"Alright, Mr. A! Mr. Awesome. Alouicious..."
>She sounds happy with that
>"I'm Twilit Starsky. I moved here with my bro, Lizzie. I mean, she's not my brother-bro. More like... a sister? But she's a total bro. You'd like her."
>She grab the bag and holds her head up high and proud
>She says something through closed teeth that you think sounds like 'thanks again, Mr. A' and trots off
>Well that was a thing
>If it was maybe a half hour later you wouldn't have even seen her if it wasn't for that streak
>You go back to focusing on your steak, keeping the backyard door open
>The fresh air mixed with meat and seasoning helps you think
"Ah... crap."
>The only issue is that by the time you realize what's what, the steak had ended up a charred bit of leather
>And the sun had set
"...sorry. I think I botched your recipe."
>Well, as he said, you can fail with food but it's not that bad a failure if you can still eat it
https://ponepaste.org/6750 So I started sooner than I thought. I guess it's just been too much on my mind and I want to go back to writing more here. New year, no shit-tier events having happened yet, let's aim for revving up to at least four nights a week again. I also wanted to use that pony maker thing another shot to help give a more solid visual.
Das it mane. Shine's a hardcore player and she only has eyes for a hardcore Anon.
I'd also say a /bootleg/ waifu is for movie marathons.
Groovy. I've put it off for long enough, about time I get started on actually doing it.
>I'd also say a /bootleg/ waifu is for movie marathons.
now you're getting it
/bootleg/ mares are for overcoming trauma together. >>37980717
Curious new beginning, any gnarly waves near by for this surfer mare?
/bootleg/ mare is for care
Finding someone perhaps even more special than the pony she's supposed to be.
very cute indeed
Danger bump and new mare
pretty wordy, think you could trim it down?
Fucking awesome, cant never get enough Shine.
Also bootleg is for deep emotional connections
The colors are cute and thhe personality seems fun to tease cant wait for more.
Our Empress truly is a great one. The pizza is a really nice touch. I don't know who will like her but I like her already.
The only wave she surfs is the internet, man. Where everyone is surfing the information super highway. Also something about spiders.
Also, what are some basic formatting tips and such?
I don't know, I actually haven't edited anything on the site, you can tell as much from Rosie's page.
This Saturday or so I'll have to make it my day project. I'm not really too sure on how I'll format it but I suppose starting with basic information and a more objective personality synopsis would be helpful since it's meant more to inform and all that. inb4 reg complaining on no Nona page giving her body measurements
File: 1635550363817.png (922 KB, 894x894)
922 KB
922 KB PNG
Speak of the devil and he shall appear.
Don't you worry, I know exactly how she's built. Daddy likes
You can just copy paste some html code from another page and then rewrite it in the basic editor. worked for me
Do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
morning bump
is that a metaspider ref? is this an 80s green?
someone gets it
reminder to post this to nhnb since its not on part 10
Posted. Since this is a new gal, I may make more of an effort to update there as well as here.
File: Omichan.png (1.23 MB, 1280x1355)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
If viral pone was made in a lab does that make her a bootleg virus?
>nameplate covers the teats.
Why must you tease me so?
>Bootlegs that due to a flaw in their creation constantly mutate
Yes, especially if she was supposed to spread agony and thugs but instead spreads happiness and hugs.
bold of you to assume thats where they would be
>mutated horse tiddies
Sign me the fuck up
The /tg/ waifu, roll for mutation of the day
File: comfy athena.png (3.85 MB, 2299x1756)
3.85 MB
3.85 MB PNG
What are you think of when you think of mutated horse booba?
Wonder what happened to it, haven't heard anything in a while
Omnichan a cute
A lot of /d/ qualities.
>Despite Saturday being a day you don't work, you still wake up at roughly the same time
>Just as well, you were thirsty too
>Maybe you just woke up because you needed a drink
>You trudge up stairs and refill your thermos
>It keeps cold water cold for hours
>For breakfast, maybe you co-
>tap tap tap
>You hear more tapping
>It's coming from the door to the backyard
>"Dude! Let me in! I'm a pony!"
>That voice sounds familiar
>You open the door just a crack
>It's that Starsky pony
>She beams at you through the opening
>"Don't you believe in ponies?"
>You never felt like you needed to, honestly
>All the same you open the door more
"Good morning, Starsky. Where's Hutch?"
>"She's watching the car, man."
>She trots in, her mane and tail so long it's just barely touching the ground
>That can't be easy to maintain
>"Thanks for letting me in, Mr. A. You remember when you gave me the eggs and the cheese and the other stuff?"
>Of course you remember
>You still wistfully think about how delicious that bread would have been
"Yeah. How'd it turn out?"
>"Well... it turns out Lizzy was a little bit more wild than I thought."
>What does that mean?
>"Ha ha... yeah, man... she kinda thought I somehow found them from, like, a real chicken coop? So she kinda freaked out and... you know. Kinda tossed them out."
>She's doing her best to keep that lazy smile but her eyes are down
>"But... she really digs the bread! And the cold cuts, for sure. So we've been doing that."
>You're a little disappointed that the eggs were wasted
>Not that you particularly care
>But it's a tiny needle that just pokes into your head
"A bit more wild, huh... she drink or something?"
>Since you're having this conversation now, you may as well put the kettle on
>A little hot tea and oatmeal sounds nice
>You're not even in your 30s yet but you couldn't be more of an old man today
>"Oh dude, party animal!"
>Starsky nods to herself
>"And some other stuff. Man, she's wild..."
>Her tone shifts ever so slightly from the airy, comfortable aura of slackerdom...
>And drops off just a little
>"...kinda thought she'd mellow out by now, actually."
>Your new neighbor isn't even a pot head but some party animal
>At least her... talking purple pony is sober
>That thought stupefies and amazes you, all at once
>You shake your head with lifted eyebrows to clear your mind
"That... yeah, I guess everyone has that phase, huh? She a, what, college student and moved in with someone here?"
>She shakes her head with a giggle
>"Naaaaah, Mr. A it ain't like that. She's already finished it!"
>Well that sounds more respectful
"Cool. What does she do?"
>"She works at the skate park like a half hour from here. She's been going there for yeaaaaaaars now, for real."
>Somehow that sounds about right to you
>You were never a skater though you have stepped on a friend's board at least twice
"Nice. Well, at least you guys are getting along alright."
>You already have your bowl set up, and a nice blend of packets
>Two apple cinnamon
>Two gingerbread spice
>"Yeah... but... uh."
>Her head leans back and forth
>"You know how sometimes you get so excited and sometimes do something without telling someone? Yeah, she kinda... did that with me. And that half hour? Dude, even by car that's a suuuper long distance. And I kinda don't know where we are."
>She's asking for a ride, isn't she
>You really don't want to go outside today, much less drive
>Much less drive an hour round trip
"You wanna go hang out with her?"
>She answers almost too quickly
>"No way, hombre!"
>You look at each other like you both realized she said that a little too readily
>"I mean... nah, bro. Skating's fun and all but... you know. Sometimes I just want to just chill and land."
>Who is she, the protector of the emerald and gems?
>...you're not sure why that's what you thought
>The way she said it, it reminded you of that one song
>You don't immediately answer
>That makes everything feel that much more awkward
>"...is it ok if I just, like, chill with you for a bit, Mr. A? I mean, only until Lizzy comes back. Or I guess, until you wanna send me home. It's totes cool, we got this... like, doggy door? And I can just go in, it's awesome. I don't even gotta have a key. We could even hang out there too, you know?"
>She's overselling herself pretty hard
>You really don't have it in you to just send her off
>Especially since she doesn't seem to like being alone like this
"I'll have you know I'm not answering yet because I'm thinking really hard on something."
>"...oh. Gonna have a brain blast?"
>Screw it, it's a Saturday
"What type of oatmeal you like?"
>That question brings such a genuine smile to her face
>"Bro, you got types?? Well lay it on me, senpai!"
>You show her the variety packs you have
>Far too many variety packs, honestly
>But you were raised to always keep a healthy stockpile of what you like, and oatmeal fit in pretty well with your peanut butter supply
>You still haven't yet tried to put peanut butter in the oatmeal
>You've heard it could win awards
>She decides on banana walnut
>"Bro, I could eat a banana so quick you'd swear I was a third spider monkey or something. I don't know where the spider comes in? But definitely spider monkey."
>At least she didn't say howler monkey
>Since she's officially your guest now, you use what water was in the kettle to mix up her bowl
>You refill the kettle and set it on
"I feel weird just putting it on the floor. I... normally don't use it, but you alright with eating on the couch in the living room?"
>You kinda don't want her in the basement
>And to be honest, you really can't keep isolating yourself in there
>It makes the house feel that much more depressing
>"Mr. A, you're awesome! Yeah, I mean nah, you can just set the bowl down yonder and I'll be happy but being able to sit all comfy-like and eat? That would be the best."
"Sounds like a plan then."
Nothing. Some things just take time. And that's okay.
>The only worry that you have is that the little twig at the end of her tail might contain more than just a twig and most likely some dirt
>But screw it, it's Saturday
>Once the kettle sounds off, you mix your packets in
>With both bowls primed, yours with spoon, you head to the living room couch
"Hey Star, you mind closing the door? I don't usually leave it open."
>"You got it, Mr. A!"
>You were half expecting her to just kick the door but a short glance back reveals that she just nudges it with her shoulder until it closes
>She's pretty well mannered
>You plop down on the living room couch and immediately feel relief
>He was so excited to buy this goofy couch
>Electric settings to adjust three points, the leg rests come out so far that you could effectively turn your seat into a one-man bed
>And it even comes with USB ports for phone charging
>You reckon it's your couch
>You still wish it wasn't
>You see the seat on the opposite end of the couch whirr to life
>The leg rest goes up maybe halfway
>Starsky, rather than jumping up, uses the leg rest as a ramp to walk up
>She really seems to be as mellow as she talks
>"Hope you don't mind me switching on your couch, dude. Lizzy's first boyfriend's dad's living room's couch was kinda like this one. Made it super comfy. Does it even have like, the heated seats and all that?"
>You have no clue what she said in that middle part but you understood exactly what she meant
"Heating? Not that I remember. Honestly, I haven't messed with all that much out here for a while."
>"Yeah, man... don't worry, I get it. You're cool in my books."
>You set her bowl down where it will be most stable and reach for...
>Oh God damn it
>Your old man had such a hard on for new tech that he was all too proud to show off that he had four remote controls
>You only need one to turn the TV on
>"It's the Toshiba one, Mr. A. That's the TV brand and the speakers and the Blu-Ray player you got over there are different brands. And that fourth one looks like a universal remote so maybe that might work too? I don't know how it's all set up."
>You really didn't expect that
"That's... insightful."
>You follow her advice and sure enough, it turns on
"That was too good to be an idle guess. You a tech guru or something?"
>Starsky giggles again, bobbing her head front to back
>"Nah man, I'm just, like, really good with stuff like gadgets. It speaks to me, you know? Plus Lizzy really doesn't know how to work a toaster so I kinda gotta step in and stuff."
>Fair enough
>Neat skillset to have, as surprising as the package may be
"Well, since you saved the day, what do you wanna watch?"
>"Saturday morning cartoons, man! I used to watch that stuff all the time when I was a little billy of a filly."
"Sounds good to me."
>You're starting to think that this pony really is like this and it isn't just some sort of quirky way to get access into strangers' homes
Saturday morning bumptoons
Still in production, understandable
It's all just the effort one one madman like most projects here, Shawn would probably be shitposting with us on the board in another timeline.
>ywn have a mellowed moochmare as a neighbor
why live?
She isn't a mooch. She just asks for stuff for basically nothing in return.
>You didn't have anything better to do with your day but you still ended up just... watching cartoons with the pony
>Every now and again she'll laugh and speak the lines
>Some of these things really crack her up
>You'll admit, some of those jokes have aged flawlessly
>Only when you notice the sun is going down do you realize she spent the entire day here with you
>And you even skipped lunch
>You wait until the end of a Scooby Doo episode before speaking
"Man, we spent all day just kinda hanging out."
>"We sure did, Mr. A. Some of those things, I haven't watched in soooo long."
"Yeah... so, you think Lizzy finally came back home?"
>Starsky gave a slow, winding 'ehhhhh'
>"She probably is, if she didn't shack up with her guy."
"What, her boyfriend?"
>"Nahhh, she is more the free love sort of thing, you dig?"
>Not really
>If anything, it makes you think that you should be a little more cautious if and when you meet her
"I guess. Wanna head over there and see if she's home? If nothing else, I can't let you go home alone now it's dark. Not like I did last time, anyway."
>Starsky giggles
>"Woah, you're such a gentleman. That's a really cool thing to do. Would you really be alright with it?"
>You stand, stretching out your arms and giving a loud yawn
"I don't see why not. I know this neighborhood well enough, it's not like there's any real risk to it."
>She stands up and gingerly trots down the angled leg rest until she lands on the hardwood floor with a clop
>She stretches as well, pushing her front down and hiking her behind up
>Thankfully her overgrown tail stops the motion from being... obscene
"So which house are you?"
>"Mm? Juuuuuuuust a second, dude. Alllllllmost..."
>She swishes her hips back and forth, arching her back and her neck in various ways
>It wasn't like you were watching but the tail moved just enough for it to no longer be in the way
>You shouldn't be caught off guard but you are
>It suffices to say that if these things were ever robots, they were at least built down to the finest detail
>She bounces upright and looks behind her shoulder to you
>"I'm trusting you to not get lost, Mr. A. It's a big world out there, right?"
>She smiles at seeing your face
>You can't imagine why
>You grab your keys on the way out and lock the back door before going into the back yard
>You do have a big privacy wall
>And it apparently has a big gap in the gate
>The gate is large enough to allow you to park your car in the backyard if you needed to
>Your dad used to bring his old rust bucket in at least once a month to change the oil and tweak other things
>What was that saying?
>'Never drive a mechanic's car'?
>He wasn't even a mechanic
>You end up going through the gate and in the back alley
"So you guys moved here recently, huh?"
>"Totally. I mean, we're not new to the town? But I guess this part of town, yeah. She said she used to grow up here before moving out, but now she doesn't want to go back home. Like, weird, right? What's wrong with having a place that has free food and no rent?"
>You get the feeling she appreciates the free food especially
>"I mean imagine... you have your old room, just the way you left it. You have all of your books, your movies, your board games. You really don't want much more in life when you got all of that stuff. Right, Mr. A?"
>You didn't expect that sort of answer out of her
>You really aren't sure what to expect of her
>That speaks more about you than it does her
"Yeah... I guess you got a point there. My room is... ah. It's still the way I left it too. But so much time had passed, it feels like going back in time. But if I go back in time, I may forget that my family isn't really here anymore."
>"That's harsh, man... can it really be hard to forget something that big?"
"As embarrassing as it is to say... yeah. I'm starting to get a few grey hairs, but you know, I don't feel older. I really don't. Put me back in that room and I'm in highschool all over."
>You can't help it
>One time you swore someone was calling your name for dinner
>Maybe that's why you've just been sticking with the TV in the basement and little else for so long
>Maybe one day
>You noticed you haven't yet found the house in question
>More so, you're pretty sure you're walking back to your house
"...uh, Starsky? Why are we circling back around? You lost?"
>"Me? Nah, man. I have the memory of a broken Etch A Sketch. Shake all you like, nothing's slipping by."
>You can't say you're against the idea of shaking her just a little
>You stop at a back yard with the normal chain fencing
>The gate is open
>"Well, this is the place. See? The lights are on so... she's probably home. Wanna check with me, in case Mr. Gentleman wants to stop like, a burglary?"
>Since she put it that way, you kinda have to do a wellness check now
>The house must be hers since there is a doggy door in sight
>The backyard is a little unkempt and empty, but you can't expect anything from someone who's so new
>Starsky ducks into the doggy door and after a few seconds you hear the door click
>Some pony's dexterous
"Alright, coming in now. Don't shoot, I'm just a neighbor."
>By the time you enter the kitchen, Starsky is out of sight
>"Hey, Lizzy! Check it out, Mr. A's here! I told you all about him, come on get up!"
>Sounds like she's in the living room
>Both the kitchen and living room lights are on so at least there's no surprises to be had
>The kitchen is... as empty as you thought it would be
>You see the remains of your beloved loaf of bread
>This Lizzy hadn't even put it away properly
>It's probably going to go stale after another day unless it's taken care of properly
>At least there's a big step-ladder, presumably for Starsky to... climb onto the counter...?
>That can't be hygienic
>Oh well
>You transfer your mortal shell to the living room to see what is indeed a human woman
>Wrapped up in a few blankets and with a flat blanket under her head
>She's out like a light
>Something smells wrong
>Like something was on fire or burning
>"Hey, Lizzy man, wake up! Mr. A's here to check out our lair!"
>She turns her head to you and gives an awkward smile
>"S-sorry, Mr. A. She's a bit of a heavy sleeper at times, you know?"
>Outside of the blankets and pillow there is literally nothing in the entirety of the room
>It isn't a two-story like your house, apparently, but surely they have furniture or something elsewhere
>Remember Anon, you're a guest
>No thinking bad thoughts
>After a few moments of Starsky putting her front hooves on the woman's shoulder and rocking onto her, she flails her arms out
>"Fucking STOP IT! I'm tryna sleep... fuckin'..."
>The tone of this woman hit you like nails on a chalkboard
>Starsky recoils back
>"O-oh. Ok. Sure thing, Lizz biz."
>She gives an uncharacteristically sheepish smile
>"S-sorry about that, Mr. A. I guess she's kinda... wiped. She's a deep sleeper, you know. Totally deep, like that one movie with the spinning top."
"Yeah... you know, I've still never watched that all the way through. For all I know, I'm still dreaming from when I fell asleep while watching it."
>That little bit makes her laugh
>"Ha, no way man. That would be wild..."
>You can't help but feel like an intruder
>This really is not something you should be sticking around for
"So... I... suppose you're home now. Safe and sound too, right?"
>You can tell that Starsky is trying to keep up a smile
>"Yeah... sure am."
>Don't say much else more
>Bid her a good night and vacate
>Do it
>Do it you fool
"Hey... can I talk to you in the kitchen real quick?"
>"The kitchen? Sure, you wanna talk shop, pork chop?"
>She doesn't seem to get your goal but she follows you into the kitchen, out of sight of the apparent sleeping Lizzy
"Listen, I'm gonna... probably be too honest here. You gonna be alright if I leave here? Are you gonna be able to fix dinner for yourself and all that?"
>Your line of questioning hits her
>It hits her hard enough to where she looks you said something embarrassing
>"I... w-well yeah! Totally! I mean come on, it's like I have a little obstacle course going on. I gotta keep the legs flexible, right?"
>Somehow, you don't buy it
"I'm gonna probably catch some flak for this..."
>You rub your eyes with your thumb and index finger
>Now that you've said this much, you may as well keep going
"You wanna do dinner at my place? I can't just... you know, give away any furniture or blankets or stuff. But if you wanna sleep over and-"
>"Dude, seriously!?"
>You don't think you could ever see a happier pony
>In fact, you don't think you've ever seen another pony
>If you had, you must have overlooked them
>"Yeah! Please! Yeah, please! I mean, I saw the way you were cooking that steak like a chef. I bet you even do that 'BAM!' thing like that one Italian guy."
>She rocks her head back and forth like she found her groove again
>"I mean, if he's Italian. I don't really remember what he does."
>You can't help but squint
"...I'll be honest, I haven't seen that guy in years."
>"Total mystery, right? Like, where even is he..."
>This is getting a little silly
"Alright, then... well. Before we go, do you need anything?"
>Starsky shakes her head
>"No way, ho-may. I got nothin' here, and Lizzy just has like... some changes of clothes and stuff. I'm good to go, I'm hot to trot."
>Somehow that last bit sounds like it wasn't meant for casual conversation
>You admit, you feel like you're stalling
>And you kinda are
>You just don't want to get involved in... whatever this is
"Sounds good. But regarding Lizzy and you just. Up and vanishing. Is she really alright with this?"
>"Definitely! Yeah, man, yeah. It's... she won't mind. I promise."
>The vague feeling of your head spinning is telling you that this absolutely is a real situation
>God damn your bleeding hippy heart
"In that case... let's keep talking and head back. I'll go out first, make sure you lock the door before coming with, ok?"
>"Will do, Mr. Auspicious!"
>Now to get the hell out of here so you can be in a more familiar setting
>Funny enough, you don't actually see any sort of string or... manner that a pony can effectively lock and unlock a door
>Whatever, this day has been weird enough
>You wait in the back yard for Starsky to come out
>It takes
>You get the feeling that you should just start walking back home but you instead end up straining your ears to pick up on anything
>Anything at all
>You don't hear any shouting or crap
>That has to be good
>Eventually Starsky scrambles out from the doggy door and into the fresh, open air
>"Alright! Three cheers for Mr. A!"
"Nah, that's alright, you don-"
"Alright, cool, let-"
"I get it, Sta-"
>She pops into the air with the final cheer, galloping past you into the alleyway
>"Bro, it's gonna be so wicked. We can have like, popcorn and stuff and watch cartoons and in the morning we can check out my favorite little farmer's market thing and then we can go to the library and..."
>She rattles off a hundred things, trotting around you while you walk to your property
>Ah crap
>Now you've done it
>You have no clue if you've technically kidnapped a pony now or what
>Is it even kidnapping?
>You did lure her with the promise of food
>God damn it
>You unlock the door to the kitchen and nearly avoid Starsky whizzing past your legs like a purple tracer bullet
>"Mr. A, you really got a heart of gold, you know that? What's for dinner? What do we got for munchaaaage?"
>Now that you're relatively, sound, and in the privacy of your own home, you glance around the kitchen
>It was very well stocked when your dad was still well and going to the stores
>Of course most everything is still there and probably safe for at least another year or so, depending
"Well, you mentioned popcorn..."
>You trail off and go to one of the shelves that are almost too tall for even you
>The old timer was a freaking giant and he sure enjoyed putting his favorite things up high
>With some struggling you grab a box of popcorn
>Not only does it taste good, but it has it's own golden packet of buttery oil
>The true blue movie experience
>You show the side of the wrapped up bag with the golden packet to the mare
>"Duuuuuuuude, salty, melty but-ter! Pop it in man, let's chow down to China Town and watch some Mystery Machine action! I know that channel too, it plays stuff almost 24/7!"
>She trots in place, her head bobbing and weaving
>You can't help but smile
>She's infectiously happy
"Alright, alright. You set us up with the TV, I'll grab a few blankets, and then I got a big bowl for this too. I'll even let you tell me where to put the butter too."
>"You're on, Mr. All-Melted-Butter!"
>And just like that, she's off
>You really shouldn't be glad to just make off with someone's talking purple pony
>But it's not like you dragged her away
>And this way she's getting dinner
>You know she's gonna be able to sleep fine this way
>You aren't a bad guy here
Getting a bit of Twill from her saving face, glad that she got out of that dump for the night but Lizzy probably wont be happy
This story is gonna have the feels isnt it?
I wasn't thinking much of Twill but I suppose it might be natural if she's in mind somehow.
You know me, am I the sort to give feels?
>You feel warm
>You feel really warm
>It must be the extra blankets
>It feels nice to sleep on the fancier couch
>Your eyes refuse to open but they do
>The TV is still on
>You can't move your left arm
>Why can't you?
>You bring your right hand up to rub your eyes
>Much better
>You half-expected to see popcorn everywhere but the bowl is empty and on the floor
>Starsky is still asleep
>And laying with her head on your torso
>You don't think whether or not she often gets this level of rest
>You nudge your arm to help wake her up
"Hey, Star. It's morning."
>"Mmm. It's Sundayyyyyyy..."
>She sounds like a deflating balloon
>It is kinda funny to hear her like that
"What, not a Sunday funday party machine?"
>Given the state of Lizzy, you can't help but think that the mare is also just as hardcore
>Another balloon deflation
>"I don't even, like... like parties. They're too loud. Too many rowdy rabble-rousers. For reaaaaaaaaal..."
>She finally lifts her head up
>A warm smile spreads on her face when she sees you
>"Heeeeeeeey Mr. A. Guh-morning. What're you doin' in a place like this?"
>She looks half-asleep
"Oh, not much. I live here, believe it or not."
>"For real? Awww man... luckyyyyy..."
>She plops her head back on you
>"I wish I lived here..."
"Ehh... you got your place though."
>"Sure... but. Like, it ain't home. This feels like home."
>She exhales and nuzzles against you
>She is not getting up at all
>You aren't getting up either
>So it's either more cartoons or head back to sleep
>You can't say you mind this all that much
At least we have some cute comfy in between the feels
File: file.png (823 KB, 1022x679)
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injecting some feels into thread like old times
File: 1642361931952.png (597 KB, 754x682)
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597 KB PNG
Starsky might be like Twill in the same way that they downplay the hurt but I think if it were another timeline of Twill in Lizzy's home she would have turned Anon down, tragically.
I didn't really think of it that way. I mostly have a central question I have in mind that we saw Jack answer already.
File: 1640799698361.png (139 KB, 800x780)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
and what's that question?
You'll see once we get her answer.
https://fanponies.fandom.com/wiki/Jacky So what does thread think about the wiki page for Jack? I've kept it mostly spoiler free, though that has led to some details being missed out on.
i dont think this ones a bootleg anon
will check it out later and report back
Skimmed through it, seems like it's a solid debriefing. Spoilers being spoiled are usually a thing on every wiki, but you do you. Will you expand on the Jackyverse section of the wiki with more characters?
Good to see you sort of coming back to form with frequent updates, particularly as I've stalled out in recent weeks for multiple reasons.
The new character is interesting, as is this Anon's history - but I'm also quite worried about the Lizzie chick and what kind of insanity she may bring to the table.
To some extent, I'm struggling a bit with writing in terms of not jumping ahead too far too quickly. So my writing has stalled out while I sort of find my feet with part 4 and how to tackle the growing relationship, as well as finding the time to write. That being said, I'll have an update this week, probably sooner rather than later.
the writefaggods giveth and taketh away, but we have more than one so take your time.
new thread when
bread has been baked >>38091465

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