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File: anonfilly ride 04.webm (2.54 MB, 1280x720)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB WEBM
Thanksgiving hiatus edition

>What is this about?
Chinese mass produced pony plushies. (mainly 12 inches Olyfactory plushies)
This thread project aims to create unique plushies at the lowest cost possible for /mlp/ anons. (some restrictions apply)

>Aren't cheap plushies shitty?

>So what plushies are we doing now?
Currently they're producing Nasapone while working on the prototype for Aryanne. (will update in Anchor post)
No pre-orders available at the moment.

>What's the next plush being planned?

>What can I do?
• Spread awareness about this project within /mlp/ community. Help explain to confused anons if needed. Stop spreading FUD. (You're doing PR support for free)
• Design - feel free to provide any ideas & suggestions for the new plushies! (if you designed any pattern, we'll submit to Olyfactory to try it out)
• Feedback - by providing critical information and opinions, you can make a difference and help improve things.
• Based Department LLC - To further extend the project's pipeline and supercharging the blueprint, we may need to form a company, but there are many pros and cons for establishing this. Currently we're not familiar with this and it's only still an idea. Any lawfag or bizfag are welcomed to discuss and give /adv/ice!
• HYP squad - help create unique ads and propaganda materials.
• BUMP team - create fun content with the plushies, have fun!
• BUY THE PLUSHIES goyim. Whether if it's buying for yourself, or doing a grand giveaway, as long as we can reach at least 300 pcs for each plushies we can continue on with the project.
Thank (You) for all the time, effort & money (You) put into supporting this project. Give yourself a pat /)

>any alternatives?
if you have any feel free to share your ideas here.
>I don't like your stupid idea, I disagree with...
if you have better methods post it here, contributions are encouraged!
>I have very serious and important sensitive questions for all the preorder organizers, how to contact?
http://support.mppp.horse/ or email us at info@mppp.horse

Previous thread:
File: Anchor.jpg (112 KB, 1080x1440)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
for important updates

Public Survey Spreadsheet for future plushies:
You can also try the new Newsletter signup feature on:

Questions regarding to previous plushie runs:

>I still haven't gotten my Anonfilly plushie [Dec 2020 - Apr 2021] (1st batch & 2nd batch):
Please fill in a this form http://support.mppp.horse/ or email us at info@mppp.horse to let us know.

>I still haven't gotten my Anonfilly rerun plushie [July 2021 - Sep 2021]:
Apologies for the delays, but it is very likely that your plushie may still be stuck in transit, as international shipping may take up to 3+ months. If you still haven't receive your plushies by December 2021, please let us know.
File: ordering process.jpg (601 KB, 1848x3663)
601 KB
601 KB JPG
Questions related to current (Nasapone) plushie run:

>I don't know if I did my Nasapone preorder correctly or not.
You can email us or contact one of the preorder organizers to check your submission.

>I want to edit my preorder submission but i don't have access to edit my response.
Contact any preorder organizers to help with this issue.

>When am i supposed to get Nasapone preorder confirmation mail?
You should already received an email summarizing your order (not the actual invoices yet). If you didn't, please contact us at info@mppp.horse

>When am i supposed to pay for Nasapone?
Currently we do not have a confirmed date. [pic related] is the full procedure.
Right now Olyfactory is still making plushies, it will take them around 1+ month to complete it. Once they complete it they will start send out PayPal invoices. So do expect receiving any PayPal invoices in between late December 2021 till January 2022.

>How long is the payment phase?
It's around 2 weeks from the time the PayPal invoices are being sent out. We will notify anons that still haven't completed the payment several times with different email addresses just in case if any emails are missed.

>When will the plushies be send out?
During or the moment after the payment phase ended. Olyfactory will ship out the plushies to those that have completed the payment.

>When will I get my tracking number?
It'll take some time after the payment phase ended, as we are in the process of sending out automation emails to all anons at once.

>Will i get doxxed?
hopefully not.

>How many Nasapone sold?

>Any sales data for the plushies yet?
is this south pole station?
File: 20211125_135019.jpg (2.55 MB, 4032x2268)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB JPG
Filly wants to play some Puzzle Bobble.
File: 20210808_200244.jpg (1.73 MB, 2576x1932)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG
Mine is playing Genesis
Stupid faggot is rotated
Their tails are very delicate and easy to rip, so be careful with them.
File: DHW21.jpg (2.06 MB, 2736x1824)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB JPG
No it's Dreamhack Winter, at the opposite part of the world.
Where is the other 3?
God I really need to make it to next dreamhack in 2022
File: crimmus_filly.jpg (1.67 MB, 4032x3024)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
Over here >>37871636 (those aren't my fillers though).

Mine seem happy with their recent handiwork, I'll just have to watch them with that hammer. One of them has taken to wearing a discarded sock as a hat.
Oh my god no fucking way I'd love to play at a lab tournament with this guy
What is skin cube filly hiding?
Looks like a computer to me
File: Become computer.jpg (3.2 MB, 2549x1824)
3.2 MB
3.2 MB JPG
Filly became the computer
>le equality faec
File: 582.png (2.28 MB, 1754x1291)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB PNG
we need filly plush of this
God don't remind me of fumos I thought it was impossible to get such a big wave of secondaries again.
But you're right it'd look funny as an ad.
>I thought it was impossible to get such a big wave of secondaries again.
what does this mean?
It's offboard speak for fans of the fandom. Specifically those who haven't consumed at least a part of the official content. Like Warhammer 40k fags who don't know their all of their lore but still interact with the fagdom. According to desu some offboarders have started using this term on /mlp/ this year, almost entirely in the popular threads. Miss /mlp/ in particular has had several people using it.
In other word, it's a term that conveniently highlights offboarders.
It's not an interchangeable term, doesn't even make sense to use it here with so many bashing you for watching the show past S2 except in this very specific case where Touhou was brought up.
I fucking love this
File: 1628214805521.png (33 KB, 909x524)
33 KB
>hi anon
>I hope you don't mind that I used your plushie body as my fucktoy
>not that you could protest it anyway
>since you are an inanimate plushie now
>you have no say if I want you in my arms or sliding on my cock until I cum
>I think I want a cuddle now
>good thing I made sure not to get any cum on you
>this time
This provided it's not a shit pony like Trixie.
still no response from Oly with the prototype or Nasapone production pic, bump.
Aryanne plush when ?
I think some anons said that it might be a no-go because of the authoritarian symbols involved and that this could cause problems with the Chinese based manufacturers and the government
That was only for the windmill cutie mark - Aryanne herself is ok given otherwise she's just a white horse with a blonde mane and blue eyes.
Hoping that when Aryanne comes out I can find some good hook and loop to make her cutie mark complete.
Cozy glow plush when?
probably not so soon (or ever)
>Copyrighted character (unless some anon here have a legit company that obtained MLP licence)
>too low demand
Okay, who did this?
I can hear her ree through the picture, Jesus...
Captcha: Parkr - did Spiderman, that menace do it?
Filly is for innocent.
Checked. There's far too little anonfilly content on lyra.
File: FClM0QLXoAITms3.jpg (779 KB, 1600x900)
779 KB
779 KB JPG
Mines are hackers
Based collection
File: [pinking_intensifies].gif (1.78 MB, 500x290)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB GIF
File: GoodbyeHorses.jpg (3 MB, 2507x1675)
3 MB
Fillies have left
>just gib us, 4chan horesefucker mafia, all your personal info
Why should you be trusted after what happened to Felix?
File: 20210703_080615.jpg (108 KB, 1200x1200)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Jesus fuck, that's legit horrifying.
Based on a true story we all got to hear during secret santa last year.
Just want to make sure I understand completely: orders for Nasapone are closed?
Remember to always take good care of your cumdump fillies, anons. Give them lots of love and keep them clean and well groomed.
Yes. But you can always try to get one from anons after the plushies are delivered.
File: h3456grth4j63t5.png (1.6 MB, 1125x938)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG


File: 2518705.png (1011 KB, 1535x1365)
1011 KB
1011 KB PNG
>no spoiler
great job ruining the thread cunt
one filly per table
But what if Filly BECOMES the table?
one table per filly
I have been lurking this thread since its conception and I don't remember that.
Sure, I wasn't paying it too much attention, but still. I think for the better, now.
Spoonfeed me. I need to know.
I am not willing to dig and find the thread, but an anon did a repair on his cum plushies that he'd left under his bed unwashed and loaded for years.
>Spoonfeed me
Poor choice of words
File: 1609719465054.jpg (2.46 MB, 1928x6021)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB JPG
You mean this one?
No, that was b8/keks. There was a separate thread for the redemption of this anon. May have taken place in the old plush / merch thread. Fixed up his three plushies.
File: mlp_another_plush_thread.jpg (1.25 MB, 1907x3349)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
Was it this one?
Yep, that's the one. He eventually repaired all of 'em.
still no update
>tappatappatappatappatappa WE'RE IN
Filly has access to the FBI mainframe
What does she do?
She treats the server like a personal naughty pictures stash
File: 1617985420326.png (360 KB, 1494x2219)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
Inform them on their homosexuality.
>almost at the bottom of page 10
Friend of one of the main /mppp/ bumpfags here, the guy has gotten himself a 3 day vacation. Don't let the thread die for the next couple days.
Since now we're still stuck in only making non copyrighted characters. Want to make a legal mlp pony plush for mppp.
Did any anon know how does Hasbro IP licencing works? what's the process to apply permission to make and sell mlp ponies (something like Symbiote did)? and the fees/rates they charge based on different scale of business... Don't know where to start looking.

As for the company, I think LLC is still very challenging to setup & maintain for now especially it relates with international transactions and the current scale of this project and all that paperwork. I was thinking of doing this simpler.
Retard here without any business knowledge, just wanting to ask, in order to even have the chance to apply licence to Hasbro for making pony plushies, there must be some sort of company/business/trade name to represent right? If yes, then would a Sole Proprietorship business in a 3rd world country can ask Hasbro for licence to start a pony plush business?

I been looking at Sole Proprietorships in my country, I haven't really consult with professionals yet so still have no idea how that works, but I think it would be possible but also riskier for whoever is the owner, it should be easier since I don't have to file much paperwork and all that complicated things other than paying income tax from the profits made... maybe I could be the middle man/mule (basically doing what Datte doing before), as long as some sort of business is established so we could use it to represent to Hasbro to get licence/approval?
Only downside for sole proprietorship is that on paper it's only a one man team (if he dies the project basically resets to square one at least for the licencing from Hasbro part i think), and the owner will basically risk his life for this project/business for lawsuits (if there's any).
What do you anons think? if this is a good idea?

Also, this is just some early discussion/brainstorming I have in mind, do not talk about this project to Hasbro or public yet, just asking if any biz anons know things, interested in doing some research.

>Wouldn't the plushies be more expensive then?
Yeah, probably, cause need to pay double the PayPal taxes, expenses for the business/company, and licencing fees for Hasbro, but in return the project should be safer and secure now in the long run. Plus we can make ponies from the show.

>Why don't Olyfactory just apply licence from Hasbro themselves directly?
I haven't really asked them why they haven't do it before this though, maybe there's some shady reason behind it. (so far they just explained that they're not interested in taking charge of international sales/promotion anymore other than just making the plush)
File: 1568940570743.gif (301 KB, 202x242)
301 KB
301 KB GIF
What did the fillies do to get so dirty that they needed washing?
Instead of a LLC, setup a sole proprietorships company/business for this project.
Owner of the business just needs to do what Datte did before (but legal).
The main purpose of setting up a business/company now is just to have a representation to try apply/ask details about licencing MLP IP from Hasbro for pony plushies. If successful, then we can continue on, if rejected, we can just close the business and continue with how we're doing now.

so Datte, you wanna do this? make this as your own business?
if not, then maybe other anons (including me) can volunteer.
and what do other anons think about this approach?

my thoughts are:

>less paperwork, simpler to manage irl for anon.
>easier taxes? lesser fees probably.
>suitable for small scale operations like what we're currently doing.
>we can have a chance to apply licence from Hasbro? so its safer?
>no more PayPal fuckery from tax collector because it's already registered and taxes are paid?

>one person risk his life for this (might get sued?)
>one person will be in charge for all the canon ponies (has many powers)
>once approved by Hasbro, canon pony plushies will be more expensive (because licence fee, taxes...)
I feel like there's a strong chance that Hasbro will consider only money in their licensing, and that, without promises of specific profits, they will not grant anything. After all, giving a license means they have to ensure we won't be doing things that would tarnish Hasbro's reputation, and that means expenses on the legal side to do the checks and ensure everything in order; and there's always a risk that something goes wrong anyway. Being as incredibly risk-averse as Hasbro is, they would likely not be satisfied with just us covering any costs, but they would want to see promises of sufficient profit to justify the risks - otherwise, they would have no reason whatsoever to bother. And no, there's likely no amount that we could pay out of pocket to make it "worth their while" - even like $50k cash would probably be a drop in the ocean that they wouldn't even notice.
And with runs of like ~1000 plushies and minimal profit margins (since we don't actually want to be profitable, we want plushies to be as cheap as possible), I don't think our chances of licensing are good.

Worth a try though. Would be epic if it worked.
I've brought it up before, so I'll do it again - try reaching out to some third parties who make Transformers figures like Mastermind Creations. MMC has made dozens of figures that are quite obviously supposed to be licensed Hasbro characters, particularly from the IDW comics run, where the only thing differentiating them from official Hasbro product is the branding and the lack of any copyrighted imagery like the Autobot/Decepticon logos.

Alternatively, maybe contact Symbiote themselves and ask how that worked out for them. If we're doing official characters, obviously I feel we'd be in a position to do the side characters Hasbro has no interest in making official product for like Cozy, what with low production numbers and as you say we're not looking to make a profit here. Making official characters is what got OlyFactory in trouble during the whole Snowdrop debacle and while it only resulted in an initial C&D, as shown by their unwillingness to do the windmill for Aryanne they're (reasonably) trying to avoid any legal drama whatsoever.
Yes, the money for licensing fees is the real business consideration from Hasbro's side.
For limited run collectors or novelty items that are officially licensed, they usually are sold much higher than cost and are intended to make a profit, so they pay a decent amount for licensing (think like an officially licensed collectors item that they only make 2000 of, but they sell it for $50 and it only actually cost $8 to make. For that kind of deal, they may pay Hasbro $50000 to be allowed to license the character for the project, which still leaves the licensor with $34000 after production costs.).
While it would be really cool, it would be difficult for this project since this project is 1. Made to order; 2. Sold at [near] cost. So we're looking at the very low limited production of 300-2000 pieces each (300 minimum to do a production run, and anonfillies did 1000 pieces each for two runs so 2000 assumed upper limit), but instead of selling for 6x production costs we are selling for like 1.07x production costs. Even if we were to double prices and sell them for $28 instead of $14 so we can give $14 each for licensing fees, that's only like $4000 - $14000 for licensing, AND it's un-doing some of the purpose of this project by making them no longer be super-cheap at-cost plushies.
ok so just asked Oly if they have ever attempted to apply for a copyright licence from Hasbro, this is the summary of the conversation roughly translated:

Q: "Regarding to your previous MLP plushies, have you actually tried applying for MLP IP licence from Hasbro? Did it get rejected? that's why you have to secretly produce it?"
>"Never applied before, they will never sell the licence to us. Because they have their own toy production.:
>"If you guys managed to buy it, we can give you copyright fees for production and sales"
>"or other ways to cooperate"
>"We can work together to buy the copyright/licence, if there's anything you need us to cooperate we'll try our best to cooperate.

Q: "understood, right now we're still figuring out how to apply for licence. It's still in early discussion. Will you be interested if we ask Hasbro for licencing details for MLP, and you guys just own it under your company name instead? referencing your company name to them?"
>"Don't use our company name, because in China these copyright trademarks have other considerations/complications. We can be a production partner, but not suitable to operate as a copyright company. Copyright authorization also often has geographical restrictions. For example, you can only buy copyrights of a certain country and Chinese companies can only buy copyrights that only applies in China."

So basically, reason why Olyfactory didn't attempt to even try apply for licence is because they assumed that since Hasbro itself is a toy manufacturer so it's probably impossible for them to get any licence.
As for now, if we're planning to get licence for making certain MLP plush like symbiote or 4de, especially for background G4 characters that wouldn't compete with Hasbro's toy lines. They are still not interested to own copyrights for their own company because it's just complicated to do and negotiate.
So ye it's up to us to get more info on licencing and negotiate if the deal is possible.
>without promises of specific profits, they will not grant anything
>And with runs of like ~1000 plushies and minimal profit margins (since we don't actually want to be profitable, we want plushies to be as cheap as possible)
So we might have to make it big enough (mainly targeting all brony collectors) which means really mass production at large scale (5k-10k maybe if lucky) to make up for money for licence?
I think if 4DE or Symbiote managed to sell their plush at $25 maybe its possible?
>but they would want to see promises of sufficient profit to justify the risks
guess there's finally a reason to finally profit (at least for the canon mares) and use that money for /mlp/ shenanigans instead of paying to CTO wolvan (he still does it for free) kek.
>even like $50k cash would probably be a drop in the ocean that they wouldn't even notice.
tru, still not sure what's their licencing policy if they are even interested in small mom and pop establishments. I hope they care for little startup companies.

noted, don't know much about MMC
>Alternatively, maybe contact Symbiote themselves and ask how that worked out for them
i have a feeling they wouldn't share this with us, why would they?
>If we're doing official characters, obviously I feel we'd be in a position to do the side characters Hasbro has no interest in making official product for like Cozy
Yeah mostly just redoing the background mares that no one else wants to, that way we're not really competing with them so hopefully there wont be any problems and I hope that that's a higher chance to get approval.

>officially licensed collectors item that they only make 2000 of, but they sell it for $50 and it only actually cost $8 to make.
i see, if we can have sales up to 4k a plush at $25 + shipping each then it would be good enough too?
I think symbiote sold at least 10k for twi and 10k for rainbow? or is it 10k for their first pony sales?
I think we really need to supercharge the blueprint if we're gonna make canon mares with help of outside sales.
>it's un-doing some of the purpose of this project by making them no longer be super-cheap at-cost plushies.
True, while we're still doing the non canon characters for cheap, being able to make canon mares would be a great opportunity to expand (at least the licenced producet). Some mares are just more expensive than others. Perhaps should branch out the project into 2 category.

Now with info from >>37898674
there's a new concern. Licencing restrictions in different countries.
Since licencing might only apply for certain countries. I wonder if our business model even have a chance or not, since it's mostly an online business and it ships worldwide, so would we have to consider getting licence in America? so meaning must have a company in America? or maybe any country would do?

I think we really need to know ask Hasbro for MLP IP licence and see the options available. any thoughts? should "a random guy" ask?
>i see, if we can have sales up to 4k a plush at $25 + shipping each then it would be good enough too?
Keep in mind those numbers were just made up for demonstration, to analyze what the business concerns are in low-volume collector / novelty licensing.
The point is that Hasbro is a company, so Hasbro wants value, either now or in the future. So when they make a business deal with someone, they are trying to generate value while avoiding risk.
Licensing is just a way to realize value from a brand. Some businesspeople describe it as a "withdrawal" from a brand's value.
A license to manufacture and/or distribute in a certain country is something they will trade you if you can trade them something valuable in return.
Value comes from:
>Increase value of brand, which is realized as: 1. How much they will be able to charge for licensing in the future; 2. How much volume they will be able to license in the future; 3. How much volume of their own products they will be able to sell in the future
Risk comes from:
>Decrease value of the brand, which is realized as the opposite of increased value mentioned above, but caused by: 1. Poor quality products in the market; 2. "Bad press", such as associations with "problematic" people, platforms, or events
>Competition against their brand. For example, if they let OlyFactory make a licensed Twilight Sparkle, then even if they don't let them do other characters, customers may say, "Hey, OlyFactory made that really good Twilight Sparkle...you know, they also have a totally-not-Coco and a totally-not-Rarity that they sell; I think that I will go buy more from them [instead of from Hasbro]". Also there is more risk of bootlegs every time you let someone make something official. If you let someone make a licensed toy mold or soft toy pattern, then it makes it easy for them (or other factories) to use that to make more, even if they are not allowed to. From a business perspective, they have to be pragmatic about that and realize that there will be bootleggers, so it's not just about legally preventing people from doing stuff but sometimes it's also about just not making it easy or cheap for bootleggers.
>Direct costs ("negative cash" - overhead costs of managing the license deal, making sure that you are not breaking it, making sure that you are not doing something with the license that will increase the above risks, etc.)

There are two patterns for licensing low-volume collectors / novelty items:
1. Hasbro identifies an opportunity to increase value of their brand and approaches collectors / novelty item producer to request that they produce a licensed item. Hasbro's value focus is more on increasing brand value and risk is low. This is generally more favorable for the producer in terms of how much licensing fees, etc. will be.
2. Producer identifies a market opportunity to sell licensed merch and approaches Hasbro to acquire a license. Hasbro's value focus is more on cash and risk is high.
One thing I just realized that could possibly be another obstacle to consider is what Hasbro wants to do with the continuity. G5 after all is in the same timeline as G4 and the Mane 6 appear early on - moreover, this could pose a problem if G5 ultimately plans to have the big three villains become unstoned which means Cozy Glow in G5 as a villain.
Thanks for the breakdown anon, yeah it makes sense, odds of getting approved is very hard, project had to be very good and useful enough to them
>There are two patterns for licensing low-volume collectors / novelty items:
i see that we're probably on the 2nd pattern then, so even if they going to accept they will probably charge very high licence...
if there's even a chance to discuss with Hasbro with this, maybe we can come up with a more detailed list of characters (like, here's the list of plushies we plan to produce for this year etc...) and then discuss about the licence.

I have no idea how they charge licencing fees, is it like they charge x amount if you going to produce certain merchandise using certain characters? or they just gonna charge the entire thing as one IP (MLP) and specific characters does not matter.
>so even if they going to accept they will probably charge very high licence...
Right. I like thinking about this point
>Some businesspeople describe it as a "withdrawal" from a brand's value.
Why don't they just give licenses to absolutely everyone in the world that ever wants to make any pony product for fun? Because it is indeed a "withdrawal" and every time they give someone a license, it reduces the value that is still "left in the brand".
What if everyone in the whole world had a license to make any pony merch that they wanted? Then getting a pony license would not be worth very much. It's like simple supply-and-demand of Economics 101, except for licenses it is special because supply is can be unlimited and has to have an artificial limit placed on it. Hasbro wants to place that artificial limit such that they get the maximum revenue = demand x price. So whenever they do give someone a license, they want to get however much that optimal price is, which they are trying to keep not low...
I'd expect this would be flexible. Of course the flexibility would vary depending on your bargaining power, so if we're just barely worth their time and they don't just tell us a big fat "no chance" outright, we might end up saddles with whatever terms they choose with no bargaining power. I'm guessing they would then pick a strict license for specific characters, maybe explicitly forbidding stuff like M6, etc.

Actually though I just thought, is it possible some of their other licensees could cause trouble? Like maybe the other plush producers like Symbiote might have licenses for the whole IP, and giving us a license for even some small secondary characters might make those guys mad. Even if they weren't planning on making such characters, they might not appreciate the competition anyway. And Hasbro might value business relations with established commercial manufacturers more than any deal with a tiny ultra-low-volume hobbyist group.

But anyway, all of this is speculation. I think there's nothing to it but ask. However, I expect asking to have a cost in itself since they'd to run it by legal - only an immediate 'no' from a PR clerk would be "free"; I wonder how to handle this.
Filly is silly
Some fillies are bigger than others
File: 1572066642473.png (184 KB, 835x676)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
We're okay, she can't pull the trigger!
I'm one of those sentimentalist fags who gets legitimately unnerved by people mistreating inanimate objects. It makes me sad to see plushies defiled.
Ditto. I think all of us deep down apply a little Toy Story logic to our possessions.
My autism for anthropomorphizing nonsense and feeling bad for plush falling on the floor pre-dates toy story. Fagets are to be taken care of, not abused.
File: there can be only one.jpg (2.5 MB, 3210x2780)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB JPG
so... none of this, then?
I think that mad scientist recapitated that filly so it's fine. Can't be too traumatic for the li'l shit if it's reversible.
well, he did close the wound nice and clean, at least.
Yeah, but >>37903767 is them being used for exactly what they are supposed to. It's letting them actually live, acting out funny scenarios and stuff instead of just sitting inanimately on a shelf in order to be kept "safe". It's just that, for faggots like Anonfilly, funny scenarios inevitably result in hapless damage to herself or others. Fillies being cartoonishly decapitated by another filly, cut open and lose their stuffing and have to rely on the totally-not-incompetent surgical fillies to rescue them, etc. are different than those soft toy destruction threads.
that Dashie in the background.
"Shh! Don't make a move. Just hide!!"
No, I'm not particularly fond of that.
Same. For me, I have this thing about objects and images that I consider nice or good. For instance, I never liked those pancakes you could get at restaurants where they'd make a smiley face on them. I didn't want to hurt the smile.
based morrisseyposter
Modular fetish is top-tier
Boop the filly
File: unknown.png (22 KB, 996x190)
22 KB
Wow. Three months and counting, what in hell did that Filly do in China?
ur mum
Cute what just one little rubber band can do
Little shit looks like an adventurer now
Why yes anon, I will accidentally reply to you. I'll do it twice in fact
File: IMG_20211203_073115.jpg (3.81 MB, 4032x3016)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB JPG
>Let's not contact NASA, it will only cause problems
>Let's contact Hasbro instead, it's not like their usual response is Cease & Desist
Did you get a jab or there are other ways to lose IQ so fast?
We're currently not doing anything they could C&D; we haven't done any copyrighted characters. Oly doesn't want to make unlicensed bootlegs, if we don't contact Hasbro we're never getting canon ponies, and if we do contact Hasbro the absolute worst they can do is reject us and C&D us... meaning we will never get canon ponies. Literally no downside.

On the other hand we did use a copyrighted NASA logo (or something close to it). That's why people were worried.
>if we do contact Hasbro the absolute worst they can do is reject us and C&D us... meaning we will never get canon ponies
The worst they can do is to reject you from making all plushies that resemble their design. Would you have the balls to go to court over it and spend dozens of thousands of dollars to prove them wrong in this case?
Would THEY go to court with a chinese manufacturer who is clearly not violating copyright?
It's only in the US that "sue first to assert dominance even when you literally don't have a case" is a valid strategy.
>Would THEY go to court with a chinese manufacturer who is clearly not violating copyright?
Yes, their lawyers' budget is vast and they couldn't care less if the case is lost.
They don't just send those C&D's, going to court is the crucial part of fearmongering.
File: mmexport1638532170937.jpg (170 KB, 1080x1440)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
alright, before any of (You) start screaming. Yes, they are aware that this is the WRONG COLOUR.
They mentioned that for the actual colours of the fabric, they currently do not have it and they need to place a new custom order in bulk for the specific dye. Thus, they mentioned that they will order it once production starts.
For the final prototype version, it will be the version before the actual mass production, so you can see the true colours.

full quote:

Currently what we need to do:
>Check to see if anons are satisfied with the general shape and mane design of the prototype before we move to the next phase.
If there's no problem, then we can proceed to start making the final prototype
(this means with the eye details and cutie mark)
File: mmexport1638532175224.jpg (132 KB, 1080x1440)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
File: mmexport1638532841245.jpg (169 KB, 1080x1440)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
File: mmexport1638532843680.jpg (135 KB, 1080x1440)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
whoops, i asked them about the back side and they gave me this instead, will post the back side later
File: sundaze.png (1.76 MB, 1072x1440)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
Still cute. I'm stealing that design for an OC now.
>Show us back side
Oh, bottom side?
>No, back side
Really back side? Just tail and butt on back side. Least important part of toy. Why would want to see that?
>We're fucking horny. We cum on your tiny horse soft toys.
Looks great for the pattern, don't think we'll need so many revisions like what happened with Nasapone.
Send this guy that prototype when Oly is done with it, "Sundaze" is just too cute.
Only comment I would have is on the mane; it's supposed to be a slightly unkempt Dash-style mane, but this one looks rather too stiff jutting out forward, and really only has one big lock rather than a few smaller locks. I feel like it should lie flatter and have a more evenly jagged edge so to speak, rather than one big spike in the center and a couple of corners to the sides of it.
File: 20211203_215446.jpg (139 KB, 1024x576)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
not related to mppp, it's symbiote plushies

reality (mass produced) vs expectations (prototype)
big difference because skill difference.
This is the exact same plush, NK used the existing mass produced plush based on his prototype and did some fixed and it ended up looking like the prototype.
File: mmexport1638540207645.jpg (199 KB, 1080x1440)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
well i asked for the back looks, guy said shift already ended so they'll come back tomorrow to take picture for the back side. Then somehow just got this, thank you to whoever went back to office to take pics.

Anyways any comments with the back part of her mane design?
im glad that this time they can finally fluff up the mane part, since previous they're unable to do so because limitations of mass production. but i think its kinda hard to really make her mane look as good like the other custom plush.

thank you anon.
>slightly unkempt Dash-style mane
sorry am a bit too retarded. don't really get this specific point.
>too stiff
so for her front mane, you mean something that looked more like >>37907401 pic this right?
>locks and jagged edges
got it, well we did have the same issue with anonfilly last time but they can't managed to add more because its too complicated for mass production. ill see what they can do, cant promise anything for now.

originally we did send reference to them that Aryanne mane is basically same as rainbow dash so they can refer the mane to pic rel. (becuase we dont really have an existing 3d plushie with permission to use for reference so we can only suggest one of their existing plushie as reference)
File: anonfilly ride 06.webm (2.12 MB, 1280x720)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB WEBM
meanwhile... Anonfillies are training for the space program to let Nasapone feel more at home whenever she finally arrives.

it didn't go so well for one of them.
File: dashplushhairline.png (9 KB, 1000x1000)
9 KB
The back mane looks too straight, is there a way they can get it to curve more? Specifically the right edge (on this picture).
Yeah on this image basically the orange spike is WAY too big. It's almost like she's got a quiff or something.
I don't think it's about adding more spikes, but rather about rearranging them. Actually I think I just had an epiphany about what the problem is; it's about the hairline. I made a terrible ms paint drawing to illustrate what I mean; Dash is supposed to have normal hair, just with a jagged edge. This giant orange spike makes it look like she has a pompadour or quiff or something, and also a couple of locks hanging off to the sides.

Side of the back mane looks good on Dash by the way (so if Aryanne is identical, my criticism about being "too straight" really only applies to the back of the back mane). Tail is good too.
Haha benis
WAIT am I too late?
Yeah, orders closed over a month ago. Subscribe to the newsletter to ensure you are kept up to date when order periods open and close.
>i asked them about the back side
>>awkward laughter
I wish I wasn't pretty much afk from both life and internet for the last couple years D:
https://www.mppp.horse website looks very professional.
Thanks, I didn't totally shit it together in half an hour.
I ordered 20, I'm sure I can send you one when I have them.
Then I'll open a crowdfunding campaign to actually send a nasa up to space/into earth orbit sometime next year, just you wait
File: backside.png (1.43 MB, 1174x641)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
I talked to NK about this project and he agrees to use pics of his plush for mane reference.
>but rather about rearranging them
so I'll mostly refer the fixes of the front mane for Aryanne with this instead >>37907401 can? I think so far its the best example so far.
File: curved edge.png (252 KB, 401x356)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
>is there a way they can get it to curve more? Specifically the right edg
whoops, wrong image, you mean like [pic related] right?
File: mspaint.jpg (337 KB, 1080x1440)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
Kind of but no, I'm not always great at explaining - here's an image of what I mean. Mainly the slope above looks far too straight, I'd have expected it to curve more naturally down.
The corner is kind of part of it but what bothers me more is the straight edge leading to the corner.
>I ordered 20, I'm sure I can send you one when I have them.
Thanks :D
File: Neuron Activation.jpg (36 KB, 720x765)
36 KB
File: curve.png (718 KB, 586x605)
718 KB
718 KB PNG
i think i get the picture, but now im also a bit confuse because from the looks of different angle such as >>37907164 & >>37907168
made it seemed like its a different part, like it's there to cover the back mane? it does slope slightly to the left side of the plush. For the right part of the mane i think it's curve enough? or u mean pic rel (red part)?
File: backmane.jpg (331 KB, 1080x1440)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
The side view looked fine to me but now that you mention it I think the red outline you drew would be even better yeah.

I actually feel like there's an entire piece of the mane that shouldn't be there. It just sticks out a lot and if this bit was trimmed, I think the mane would follow a nice curve around the neck and back down.
And correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure show-style there aren't really any loose locks on the neck, it goes relatively smoothly down around and then is jagged on the front edge only.

Anyway would also be good to hear the opinions of other anons to see if anyone agrees or disagrees with me on all this.
>I actually feel like there's an entire piece of the mane that shouldn't be there
Yeah, i think if I remember correctly its because the previous plushies we wanted it to look decent from all sides and i think we did ask them to fix the back too, so maybe this time they attempted to cover the awkward bald spot.
>correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure show-style there aren't really any loose locks on the neck
you're right, the show style is like that, the problem is converting 2D into 3D is a bit weird, like some of the previous oly plushies they do not care about the behind neck part because they only want it to look good on the one side, sacrificing the other side (if you look at some of the plush for the other side, like sunset, rainbow etc... you realize that the other side is kinda empty). But for the previous plushies we tried to do some compromises to make all side looked decent so its gonna have weird part from every angle i think...

Or maybe we need a more detailed pic from different angle, maybe even a closer up shot to see the thickness and the exact angle? Might ask for more pics this time.

>Anyway would also be good to hear the opinions of other anons to see if anyone agrees or disagrees with me on all this.
Seconding, would like to hear other opinions too
File: A783.webm (2.82 MB, 1152x480)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB WEBM
I'm as far away from hand craft as I could be be but
Would increasing complexity of the plushie negatively impact it's durability?
I'm not implying videorelated, I just like to sleep and cuddle with plush toys in my bed because I'm a creepy looking lonely man in my 30's who loves cartoons
More simple designs just don't rip and survive wash (stuffing aside which can be easily replaced).
Yeah this makes sense. But Anonfilly is supposed to have a poofy mane all around, while Rainbow has mostly straight hair that goes flat down in front and also straight down the side, and is just not carefully brushed so the edges are jagged.
>if you look at some of the plush for the other side, like sunset, rainbow etc... you realize that the other side is kinda empty
Hm, maybe. But right now that part is sticking out so it looks weird even from the side as well (as you can see from my sideview redlining in >>37907886). Maybe if it followed the curvature of the head closer it could look better.
Still, I think I'd honestly prioritise the back+above view over one side view. That bit of mane only matters across a few relatively narrow angles anyway; turn the plushie too far away from you and the "back view" becomes more important, turn it too far towards you and the head hides the mane behind it anyway. Whereas the back part of the mane is visible across a wide variety of angles at eye level, and is also almost always visible in a top-down view.
>Would increasing complexity of the plushie negatively impact it's durability?
Yes, it will severely decrease the plush quality/consistency.
Olyfactory's workers skills are limited. Luckily we won't really face issues symbiote experienced because when we're doing the prototype its being handled by their oly themselves so they know what's best for it.
The first thing the designer would consider is weather or not the average factory workers can even produce that design so the decision making priority is based on the limitations of the factory, that's why the prototype isn't exactly as promising from the start.
Previously we have quite a number of nice designs/suggestions for fixes, but oly have to rejected it because they are just not capable to do.
such as >>37907988
>Anonfilly is supposed to have a poofy mane all around
we did tried to ask them to do that multiple times after revisions, still can't because with their current mane design its just too hard for the workers to fill in the mane. I think the only way to do is to take a lot of time and redesign the entire mane from scratch again.
>while Rainbow has mostly straight hair that goes flat down in front and also straight down the side
While their rainbow dash do have poofy hair, looking from the side its the closest thing they can achieve based on 2D. Note that they're not the most advanced factory, or they're a professional plush making company, so this is like the best they can do economically and practically at their scale.

some anons might get upset that we're not listening to plushmaker's advice, sometimes it's not that we dont listen, it's just that it's not practical or even possible for them to mass produce.

Of course we'll still try to suggest the fixes to them, but ultimately they have the power to approve or deny the requests.

> But right now that part is sticking out so it looks weird even from the side as well
true, i think i really need a better look from slightly different angles, idk it just feels like the different angles is tricking my eyes. Then again im not really good at looking at things, might need more comments.
For manufacturing quality (not colloquial "how good something is" but "occurrence of products free from defects vs. the intended design"), yes increasing complexity has a negative impact.
For durability, no these changes would not make it less durable to handle cuddles / washes (though note that, in addition to not machine washing medium/large soft toys in general, the regular oly designs shouldn't be machine washed due to how the mane and tails are attached anyway).
i think oly used to have some ponies with accessories, like vinyl and her plastic glasses, or spitfire's uniform.
Those things may effect the durability i think.
>>Anonfilly is supposed to have a poofy mane all around
>we did tried to ask them to do that multiple times after revisions,
What I meant is, Anonfilly is supposed to have a visible mane from all sides.
Whereas Dash is supposed to have a mane that hangs down the side of her neck, so it's much less bad if one side has very little mane visible.

I think in the show her mane teleports between the left and right side as the shot requires to keep things aesthetic, but obviously on a real plush it has to be fixed to one side, so that's just how it's gonna be.

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