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File: 1118856934593.png (736 KB, 1360x1360)
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Previous thread: >>37699286
Archive Link:
- https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/37699286/

>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies getting bathed and pet.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.

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> It was late in the afternoon by the time the nomad females decided to go back. As the day had progressed, Mayor's burden had increased until she was carrying a significant supply of yams, roots and berries, all the things the group had found.
> She had tried asking for a part of that for herself and Rainy Day, but her broken, lacking language and hoof-gesturing didn't come across and no answers were to be had.
> Mayor Mare hoped Salki would be more receptive and would intercede on her behalf. Somehow the youth understood her better than the rest of his people. Perhaps because he had known her the longest?
> Well, known her as a person the longest, at least. She didn't consider Willow's capture of her and Rainy Day as actually 'knowing' them.
> The sacks she was carrying weren't heavy, but Mayor still breathed a sigh or relief when the camp appeared on the horizon. The females began to walk faster and Mayor matched their pace subconsciously. She was looking forward to seeing Rainy Day and bringing some of this new food to her.
> Mayor herself was relatively well fed, at least for the day. As they had browsed and dug, she had seen the nomads pop the occasional root or berry into their own mouths, so she did the same. Here and there she grazed on a tuft or two of grass, if it looked particularly tender.
> It was perhaps the most well-fed she had been in the entire time with these people. Even if they didn't let her have any of the day's haul, she would bring Rainy Day along the next time and they would fill out their diet.
> Now if she could only find some salt...
> A few of the children ran to their mothers and sisters when they spotted them and there was a small commotion of greetings and hugs. Several of the females in her group came over to Mayor and rummaged in one of the sacks on her back. She stood still while they searched.
> The children squealed in delight when they were given some of those tasty berries. Mayor couldn't quite identify them, but they mostly reminded her of raspberries. In no time at all the young nomads had red stains all over their hands and faces, much to the dismay of some of their mothers.
> Even the mare couldn't help grinning at the sight. If Salki didn't prove it, these youth did. Children were more or less universal. These reminded her of pony foals in more ways than one.
> Too bad they grew up into nomads, Mayor thought to herself.
> Once all the greetings were done, the females moved on and the one who held Mayor's leading rope gave it a gentle tug as they headed for the camp once more.
> Once they were near enough there were more greetings, and some general interest among the rest of the people, but for the most part the group was ignored.

> In the center of the settlement, or as near as Mayor could tell, she was stopped and the nomads came to retrieve their bags of roots and tubers. She looked around anxiously for her only ally in the whole camp.
> Well, her only ally among the nomads. She didn't consider herself and Rainy Day as members of the tribe.
> Luck! Salki came running over, having apparently somehow heard about the return of the gathering party. He hurried to Mayor and put his hand on her forehead. He asked something and Mayor caught 'walk' and 'yam'. She made an educated guess.
"It was fine, Salki. [Walk, dig, yam, roots. Thank you.]"
> That brought her to the important question. She gave him as pleading a look as she could manage and let her ears splay out.
"[Please, yam, root, Mayor Mare, Rainy Day? Pony eat, please?]"
> His brow furrowed for a moment, but then he understood. He addressed the older female which was still holding Mayor's rope and exchanged some words with her.
> The mare couldn't follow their conversation, but she had a pretty good idea what it was, and she recognized the odd word here and there.
> "[Pony?]" the older nomad eventually concluded and gave Mayor a long, appraising look. The mare tried smiling and nodded, just once.
> She knew the case was won when Salki grinned, even before the female gave him the rope and went to untie one of the sacks. She inspected the contents for a while, then moved a few yams out of it into another bag.
> What was left she held out to the youth, and he said: "[Thank you.]"
"[Thank you!]" Mayor added herself.
> It was not nearly as full as she would have liked, but if Mayor took into account the food already in her belly it would do for a few days.
"[Salki? Food yam walk?] Uh..."
> She had no way of asking when the next excursion would be, but she tried to string some things together anyway.
"[Sleep, sleep, walk yam roots?]"
> It clicked and he said two words, but it wasn't ones Mayor knew.
> He held out his forepaw and extended three of his claws. "[Three,]" he repeated, then pointed into the distance. She followed the direction, but it was just the sun. He said 'three' again and followed it with a new word.
> She tried to mimic the pronunciation as she gave him another quizzical look. Salki nodded and pointed at the sunset again. He shifted his claw to the other side of the sky and said: "[Good morning!]"
> Then he traced an ark across the sky with his forepaw, ending on the orange glow once more. "[Sleep]," he said. "[Good morning, sleep, day.]"
> It was most likely what he had meant - 'day' - so Mayor tried very hard to remember the word. It was a useful one. Maybe she could test it out.
"[Three day, walk yam roots?]"
> "Yes."

> She felt a bit proud of herself for the deduction. The other nomads around them were ignoring the pair and by that time the females had finished unloading their gathered food. One of them came over to pat Mayor's mane and say something, before hurrying off with her bag of yams.
> Salki laughed at whatever had been said and tugged at a few strands of her mane. He spoke some more, but Mayor wasn't able to catch any of his words. She just shrugged and smiled at the young nomad.
> Then he called her: "Meyermer, [come]!" and set off across the camp. She guessed he was taking her back to Intor and Rainy Day, so Mayor gladly followed.
> It wasn't too far and pretty soon they came to the familiar camp and tent. The other mare was curled up on the ground next to the fire, but jumped to her hooves when she spotted them.
> "Mayor! You're back! I was worried!"
"Sorry. I didn't know it would take this long. Um, I brought something back, anyway!"
> Salki still held the sack with her... Mayor decided to call it 'pay'. She held out her hoof and he silently passed it to her.
> At that time Gol came out of the tent and exclaimed when she saw the mare. She hurried over and patted her muzzle, all the while jabbering something too quickly to be intelligible, even if Mayor had known more words.
> Salki explained some things, luckily, so the mare could focus entirely on her friend. She smiled and pulled out a large yam.
"Here! You can eat them raw. Go ahead."
> Gol's tone of voice reminded Mayor Mare of the children who had rushed forward to meet the returning females. Her eyes were almost glittering with delight and she stared fixedly at the bag. She called her mother.
> Something about the exchange felt wrong and Mayor's worry was reinforced when she saw Salki's face darken. The young nomad said some things, but Gol scowled at him and answered with a statement which sounded angry as she pointed to the mare.
> Intor came out of the tent at that moment and came over. The two youngsters argued for a bit longer, then the old female simply plucked the sack out of Mayor's hooves. She looked inside, then smiled to herself.
> They-
> They were going to take it!
> It looked as if Intor would simply ignore her. The nomads considered the ponies their property, so if either Mayor or Rainy Day brought something useful, they would just take it for themselves.
> Mayor stomped her hoof in irritation and her eyes narrowed.
"Intor! [Yam food pony! Yam Mayor Mare, Rainy Day!]"
> The old female wasn't going to take her seriously. Intor just snorted in amusement and turned to walk to the tent.

> Rage filled Mayor's heart and she took a step forward, intent on kicking some manners into the insolent nomad. Salki's paw gripped her mane painfully and she twirled, snarling at him as well in her righteous indignation.
> The young nomad looked angry too, but he shook his head. "[No,]" he said quietly. He added some more things, but even if Mayor could understand them she was beyond caring.
> She nearly tore free from the youth and went to bite Intor's hand until she relinquished what rightfully belonged to the ponies, but Willow stepped out of the tent and placed himself between his mother and the mare.
> He had his spear clutched in his forepaw and his expression was eager, expectant. If she attacked, he would kill her.
> Almost, almost Mayor didn't care. She snorted her breath out and it made two small clouds of steam in the cooling air. Her forehoof scraped the ground.
> Salki put his other forepaw on her muzzle and forced her to face him again. "[No, please!]" he told her.
> He began talking some more and gestured with his claws toward the center of the camp. He mentioned Mayor a few times and she caught the word 'yam' more than once.
> Only his paw on her face stayed her from charging. Willow might stick her with his spear, but she would break their legs! She pictured it vividly, but Salki's words kept intruding on the image.
> She couldn't quite guess what he was saying, but Intor had stopped and turned back to listen. Her face was still hard, but the smirk was gone. Eventually she murmured something to Willow and the tall hunter grunted something and relaxed.
> He still held his spear, but he didn't look eager anymore, just sullen.
> Salki put forth another argument and pointed at the sack Intor was still holding. When he was done, the two of them watched each other in silence. The only sound in the stalemate was Mayor's laboured breathing.
> At long last the female came back. Mayor forced her own muzzle to relax from its angry scrunch. Maybe they could reach some kind of an agreement. Maybe it had just been a misunderstanding.
> Intor put her paw into the sack and rooted around. She took out two biggest yams and held them out.
> That was it?!
> That- nag! She was still going to take Mayor's hard-earned food and all she would give them were a couple of measly yams?! The mare felt the scrunch coming back, the anger flaring up again, but Salki put his paw in her mane again.
> "[Please. Yam food ponies,]" he urged her.
> The fight drained out of Mayor. She couldn't win that confrontation. If she fought, she would be left with nothing. If she fought harder, Willow would kill her and probably Rainy Day too.

> That last part was what really swayed her. Even if she was angry enough to throw her life away on a futile gesture, she couldn't do the same to her pegasus friend.
> The rage drained away and was replaced by bleak despair. She sagged a little and closed her eyes so she didn't have to see the pittance Intor was giving her.
> She had allowed herself to hope, to think of herself as more than what she was. What the nomads saw her as. She was learning their language. She was helping them, voluntarily. She had thought she was becoming something more to them.
> Not so. She was just property to these people. Beast of burden. Animal. A resource to be exploited.
> Mayor decided never to bring any food home, or at least not openly. Whatever she could hide, she would give to Rainy Day. What she couldn't, she would eat.
> Intor was better than Willow, but neither of them deserved a single scrap from the ponies!
> Maybe Salki would be willing to hide the food for her. Mayor shook her head and filed that thought away for later. It made sense, but at the moment she hated every one of them. She sat on her haunches and grabbed the two yams she was being grudgingly given.
> Yes, they were the largest, but they still represented less than a quarter of the weight of what she'd brought.
> Three days, she thought to herself. She would do things differently next time.
> Her ears were folded back as she hugged the tubers to her chest. She glared at Intor, daring her to try anything else, but the old female just shrugged and went to the tent. She gave Gol some orders, then she was inside.
> The younger nomad seemed uncomfortable, especially when Salki gave her the rope. The young male leaned closer to Mayor's ear and whispered: "[Sorry.]" Then he was gone.
> Mayor switched her glare to Gol, who almost flinched at the expression, then jerked her head back. The rope slid out of the nomad's paw, but she made no motion to retrieve it.
> If only she could leave. Anywhere else in the camp would be worse, Mayor knew, except with Salki and his mother. She wishes she could take Rainy Day and go there, but the nomads seemed to agree she and Rainy Day belonged to Intor and Willow.
> Even Salki obviously thought that. He would send them back and it would be worse. Doubtless Willow would see it as another escape attempt.
> They were stuck, at least until she could talk well enough to negotiate something better with Darga, Salki's mother.
> There was nothing else to do but lead Rainy Day to the fire, settle down, and have her eat both yams. Mayor was still quite full from the day's browsing and the mouthfuls she had snatched while searching.
"Here. They are both for you."
> "No, you have one," Rainy Day replied.
"You need them. I ate plenty today while we were out looking for these."

> "I hid the other one."
> Rainy Day looked down, as if she felt guilty, and rustled her undamaged wing. "When you started arguing, nopony was looking. I took the yam you gave me and hid it under my wing. You all seemed to forget about it."
> Mayor nearly face-hooved, but then a tiny smile came on her lips. It wasn't much, but it was a small victory. Good old Rainy Day. Even if the nomads let her down, her friend would be there for her. She could always rely on another Equestrian in this strange, cruel world.
"That was brilliant!" she praised. "Okay, you have these two right now. We can put them in the fire to cook for a bit. We'll keep the big one hidden and we'll each have half in the morning, okay?"
> Rainy Day licked her lips as she watched the two yams between Mayor's forelegs. "Deal."
> It wasn't until later that Mayor Mare realized Rainy Day's appetite was coming back, which was a very good sign for her illness.
> They still had to figure out their sleeping situation, and with the spat they'd had she doubted Intor would allow them in the tent, but maybe Gol would give them a few animal skins to keep warm.
> The young nomad obviously felt guilty for what had happened, even if it had been her mother who had taken the food away from the mares. Gol might listen if Mayor forgave her and asked for blankets.
> That, and the fire, would keep them nice and warm. She could see the bundle of sticks the family had gathered as fuel and Mayor felt no compunctions about using them. After all, they had stolen her food, it would be basic justice if she took their fuel.
> They would undoubtedly make her go with them when they went to gather some more. After all, she was nothing but a beast of burden.
> She closed her eyes and worked on letting go of her anger. She still had to live with those people. She could enjoy the warmth and her full belly for an hour before she had to interact with Gol for the blankets.

Who else would like to see Mayor go totally, mare-shit insane and deliver a well-deserved stomping? no promises, but maybe someday!

Paste: https://ponepaste.org/5389

I delivered!
File: xHRRXYv.png (469 KB, 1336x1133)
469 KB
469 KB PNG
Hi, how are you doing?
I would like a unicorn mare please.
Name tag? Nah thanks, ill take only a collar with her.
So, how much for the pone?
File: 1556455403092.jpg (98 KB, 703x590)
98 KB
File: 1117793269220.jpg (1.27 MB, 1593x1500)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
Are you sure you want a unicorn maid? They require extensive behavioral training.
Pegasi are much easier to handle for first timers.
File: 1235855.png (806 KB, 1616x1306)
806 KB
806 KB PNG
That would be great... but the ass flogging she'd get would make it not worth it, probably.
File: 1118824589923.png (432 KB, 890x565)
432 KB
432 KB PNG
>Perhaps because he had known her the longest?
Or because it seems he is the only one who has any interest. The others barely recognize their existence.
>was relatively well fed
Thats a first.
>find some salt...
Maybe the nomads have some.
>one who held Mayor's leading rope gave it a gentle tug
Perfect example of 0 care/interest. They just spent a considerable amount of time with her, noone noticed that she understands them, can respond to commands, respond to questions, learn, etc?
>She gave him as pleading a look
He might be the only one who this works on.
>It clicked
I would have definitely failed to put it together.
>I was worried!
Poor thing has nothing to do all day.
>She hurried over and patted her muzzle
Seems like someone else is developing a bond too.
>Gol scowled at him
This is new.
>angry as she pointed to the mare
Probably a "don't take her away without asking".
>Intor just snorted in amusement and turned to walk to the tent.
She is between the lines of considering them as intelligent and considering as animals.
>but he shook his head. "[No,]" he said quietly
Guy is a mind reader. It's obvious what Mayor thinks about but still using the actions of the others to judge them he is extremely intelligent.
>she would break their legs
Mayor thinks a lot about solving things with violence. Eg when thinking about the first escape, she considered fighting.
>Not so. She was just
Well, expect Salki everyone treats them as animals.
>never to bring any food home
That was my idea too earlier. Or just give it to Salki.
>willing to hide the food
>the nomads seemed to agree she and Rainy Day belonged
I wonder why.
>Salki's mother
Btw, where are the males? There is no father figure to be seen anywhere so far.
>"I hid the other one."
First smart move from her!
>doubted Intor would allow them in the tent
Not because of the spat. She clearly shown she thinks about them as animals. She takes away what she was carrying thinking that Mayor would immediately forget that she had it. Just like you unload a horse.
>After all, she was nothing but a beast of burden.
So far it seems.

Thanks for the update!
File: 1637342086740.png (3.15 MB, 4000x4000)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB PNG
I want Mayor to absolutely FUCK Willow up. Dunno if it'll happen, but that dickhead needs a stomping man.
File: 1538147006755.gif (383 KB, 917x866)
383 KB
383 KB GIF
>its that time of year again
Hey what is cyos
Any good twilight clop
Choose Your Own Slaventure, where a plantation/factory owner buys Cadence to act as a middle manager. Long running cyoa, might be a better read here https://www.anonpone.com/quest/slaveventure/ where you can see some of the responses and discussion.

Staying out of Trouble by Vega has a fair bit of it. Started as a spankfag smutfic that eventually developed a plot and stuff.
File: 1501983893594.png (118 KB, 700x520)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
what does this have to do with slavery faggot
Your pone wants to play
Stop being a stuffy nerd and go for a walk
File: 1662079.jpg (369 KB, 1441x880)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
its a badly trained slave. perhaps you should teach it a lesson
File: 1366363.gif (491 KB, 907x907)
491 KB
491 KB GIF
Goodnight poner
Lazy horse!
File: 111626992452.jpg (3.12 MB, 2646x2646)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB JPG
>gas prices are high
>grass is free
Make the swap today.
File: 1519442570209.png (976 KB, 1000x667)
976 KB
976 KB PNG
Shes not lazy
She got all her chores done early and is taking a mid-day nap.
That's a good pon. She gets her sleep in a sunbeam (although I might be irresistably drawn to joining her).
Shes done with work early and wants to be well rested for when master comes home.
File: 1119818987675.jpg (45 KB, 650x616)
45 KB
Sneakypone is gonna spoil her dinner and there's nothing master can do to stop it!
Because he's holding the rope off-camera
>do nothing
>why you hate me master?
>do something
>why you lewd me in my most vulnerable time?
Any solution for this dilemma?
File: 1628462069326.png (1.15 MB, 1920x1357)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
If slave reacts bad to both, then might as well fuck her quivering pussy
File: 18521.jpg (237 KB, 768x1024)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
ah pegasi? but what if it just fly away? Although those wings do look quite useful....
Tell you what, if you give me another good reason to get one instead of a unicorn then im sold.
File: 1538941415859.png (346 KB, 1500x1500)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
>landscape never ever
are there any greens considered "canon" to the setting of slave ponies?
File: 1116345347.png (1.59 MB, 1300x1300)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
Not really, it's mostly a 'writefag does whatever they feel like' situation. Slavery law would likely vary on the local level so anything that doesnt contradict another story may as well be in a shared setting.
The popular stories bin includes most of the older and more influential greens which influenced the concept quite a bit.
File: 2468737.png (1.29 MB, 2500x3000)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
I have no idea why theres so much pet rose but its pretty fucking cute
because rose is the epitome of a good girl that all mares should aspire to
File: 6199905.png (823 KB, 2048x1590)
823 KB
823 KB PNG
File: 883966.jpg (891 KB, 2000x2000)
891 KB
891 KB JPG
I miss her
File: 1545527460643.jpg (266 KB, 1267x1431)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
File: 1635253.jpg (92 KB, 900x754)
92 KB
Scrub a dub dub, princess in the tub
File: Celestia bully.jpg (410 KB, 1036x971)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
File: 1635084811715.png (2.48 MB, 2550x3016)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB PNG
Excessively cute comfortmares
File: 1629566132444.png (306 KB, 1616x1260)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
Pone gets lonely when you're at work
>in some states, ponies are required to wear clothing when outside
>more legislation pushed by some screeching jealous Karen that can't even get any glances while wearing yoga pants anymore.
File: 11782618718.png (3.4 MB, 1750x2604)
3.4 MB
3.4 MB PNG
>ponies infiltrating twitter and facebook and instagram and shit, on a coordinated demoralization campaign
>getting progressively smugger as time goes on and more and more humans pair off with ponies
They keep track of their progress on secret pony websites. The password is hooman is for cuddles
Are there any greens of ponies and humans not able to understand each other, so ponies are kind of in a tom and jerry or rugrats kind of situation?
I need a pic of Anon handing a devistated Rainbow Dash a freshly baked cookie that's in the shape of Scootaloo.
Vega's homewrecker has a language barrier and a fair bit of shenanigans like that. Expect spankings of course though.
Not a green, but Ask Futashy had that
For as much potential as it has, barely anybody uses it.
Your Human and You tried but gave up like a third of the way through the story, and so did the plot.
Unironically, this is one of the biggest regrets that I didn't do when writing my green. Too late now, though.
File: 1926258.png (738 KB, 3000x3000)
738 KB
738 KB PNG
Freakin bird horses keep breaking my stuff
I gotta get a scarecrow or something
Cover her up on your stinky clothing!
File: 1619458188223.jpg (496 KB, 4096x3514)
496 KB
496 KB JPG
You fool
Thats exactly what she wants
They want your scent

I don't care if this sounds weird, but all greens that emphasize pony's sense of smell and how it plays a role in their daily lives (AWF greens and CYOS come to mind) really get a leg up for me. There's something so endearing and cute about it. Does that make me a weird ass?
File: 1617721158036.png (537 KB, 1103x841)
537 KB
537 KB PNG
>greens that emphasize pony's sense of smell and how it plays a role in their daily lives
Any particularly good examples?
clear skies.
i dont know if "plays a role in their daily life" fits since a whole lot of nothing happens, but its wholesome and sweet that she finds comfort in her human's scent.
File: pink and yellow fuzz.jpg (395 KB, 2000x2000)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
Poni needs brushies
Someone help her
File: 1571287928073.png (894 KB, 1094x1024)
894 KB
894 KB PNG
Pet the pone
She loves it
File: 1630040867186.png (703 KB, 1080x1080)
703 KB
703 KB PNG
Bugg when
>sticking any part of your body in that mouth for any length of time for any reason
does Anon have a fetish for having his flesh ripped apart?
File: 118855334.png (898 KB, 1312x1823)
898 KB
898 KB PNG
Vega never ever.
Buggo is a good girl even though she pretends she isn't.
Love nips only.
Anon buys a slave pone, turns out its Milky, what happens?
File: 1638022951934.png (152 KB, 520x366)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Compulsory upsies
>Put dick in Bugg mouth.
>She vigorously sucks and schlurps away.
>Feel her fangs and teeth scrape against your shaft every couple seconds.
>The adrenaline of knowing she can clamp down at any time but probably won't makes the nut so much better.
Theres a short green about that but its AJ
Cute poner but a very suspect cm
File: 1798612.gif (124 KB, 1024x658)
124 KB
124 KB GIF
keep technology out of reach
Pony maids!
Dash makes a good maid!
File: the_maid_by_kqaii_desegen.jpg (243 KB, 1564x1476)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Coco is fine too.
File: 111989843427.jpg (155 KB, 395x463)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Horses make good maids.
That closet thing is a total lie though, they'll always end up with cuddles.
File: 2586530.png (2.05 MB, 2000x2610)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB PNG
Employment when
File: 2489592.png (308 KB, 844x637)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
File: 1634006960710.jpg (278 KB, 1207x2215)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
Aww how cute, pet thinks it's a person
She's an anal slut
Imagine how terrified poor Coco will be when she accidentally destroys the curtains... her old master was a big fan of the cane.
Well, I will punish her by making her watch Citizen Kane instead.
File: large.png (927 KB, 858x1024)
927 KB
927 KB PNG
good girl teaching the new girl
Has anyone done a story where the humans are kinda weirded out, cause the ponies are forcing themselves as slaves to the humans, rather than the humans enslaving the ponies? Kind of as a parody of the theme?
It comes up every so often but I dont think any green has used it.
>maretalk and scrubbing
>very quickly goes from chores and scheduling to what the owner is like
>new pone fresh from the auction house, first time not being owned by a business
>increasingly confused hoers noises
File: 1470930.png (728 KB, 750x750)
728 KB
728 KB PNG
Early morning safetybump
Just finished staying out of trouble act 7
Is there anything after

Staying out of Trouble" Swibble Scribbles ~canon epilogue
>in ancient Rome, a slave could cost as much as a car
How much would she be worth?
The Chase, and the spitfire green last thread.
File: Pone Bandeirante.png (2.86 MB, 2452x2078)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB PNG
This Paulista Pone just captured Kuruminha and is taking her to the Slave Market.
Any bids?

> The mares were woken up by shouting. For Mayor Mare that meant an instant of confusion and then regret that she couldn't keep dreaming. She opened her eyes to the sight of Intor apparently complaining about the sticks of wood they had used for the fire during the night.
> Mayor grimaced in annoyance. She had been sure to leave enough for the nomad to have fire in the morning until they could fetch more. Intor had no reason to yell.
> Rainy Day also jerked awake and sat up, which made the blankets slide off and expose both mares to the morning chill.
> Pretty soon Gol and Willow came out of the tent. The younger female was uneasy and cringed away from her mother's anger, but Willow looked eager. He flexed his claws and stretched his forelegs above his head.
> Mayor could read the brutish nomad like a book. He thought he would get to punish them and was looking forward to it. She still didn't understand why he was so intent on subjugating them, even though he knew they could talk and think.
> Maybe he was just a bully, in a civilization of bullies which rewarded bullying. It was as good an explanation as Mayor could come up with that early in the morning.
> Really early, since the sun was not yet up and the world was still covered by a thin, white mist.
"Sheesh, enough already!" she jabbed irritably.
> Intor fell silent at that out of sheer surprise and Mayor used the opportunity to get words in edgewise.
"[Sorry sticks fire. Mayor Mare, Gol walk sticks.]"
> She watched intently to see whether the female would understand. Just in case, she beckoned to Gol with a hoof.
"[Gol. Come walk sticks.]"
> The younger nomad looked to her mother, who gave a curt nod. She still wasn't happy, but she apparently understood and agreed with Mayor's offer. She gave her own orders to her daughter, then vanished into the tent.
"Come with us, Rainy Day. We'll probably go by the stream so we can drink and we both need breakfast."
> "We still have the yam," Rainy Day reminded her.
"Oh, right. Let's eat that quick before Gol sees it, then we can have some grass to top it off."
> It wasn't the most appetizing solution, but it would fill their belies.
"Oh, before I forget-" Mayor murmured to herself, "[Gol, rope. Rope. Please.]"
> There was a moment of confusion and then the young nomad came over to grab the loop of string around Mayor Mare's neck.
"[No, no. Rope.]"
> She didn't have enough words yet to explain she wanted more rope so they could tie down bundles of sticks on her back and bring back a larger load. Gol still didn't understand, so Mayor rolled her eyes and went to poke her head in the tent.
"[Intor? Rope please. Rope sticks.]"

> The interior was gloomy, but not enough to miss a slightly disappointed glower from Willow. Mayor remembered the first day he had brought them. He had enjoyed her crude 'training'.
> She was all too happy to deny him opportunities by mingling with the chieftain's family. Her only fear was that he would start on Rainy Day during the time Mayor was away. For that reason she had to start involving the other mare in her activities more.
> Which was exactly what she was doing by taking her with them to gather wood.
> Luckily Intor was cleverer than her daughter and quickly understood what the mare wanted. She reached into one of her bags of their belongings and took out a coiled length of rope.
"[Yes! Thank you.]"
> Mayor took it with her mouth even though it stank a little of nomad sweat. Then she pulled back and let the tent flap fall closed. Rainy Day was stretching her legs and Gol was waiting patiently, with her lead rope in her paw.
"[Go. Walk. Sticks,]" Mayor directed and held her own string up for the young nomad to take.
> She fell in step beside her and looked around for Rainy Day, who took the opportunity when no eyes were on them to fetch the yam from under her wing and take a big bite. She passed what was left over to Mayor, who just stuffed it in her own mouth.
> They walked in silence until they both had swallowed their morsel, then Mayor spoke up.
"How are you feeling?"
> The other mare thought for a moment, then her ears perked up and she shrugged with a tiny smile. "Better, actually. Cooked yams were a nice treat yesterday."
"Good. We'll go foraging again in, um two days I think. You should come with us. I'll explain to Salki that you shouldn't carry stuff, but you can help us find it."
> "Um. Okay."
> Mayor caught the note of unease in her friend's voice and the sudden splaying of her ears.
"Relax, it's not free labor. You can take a bite every now and then. Roots, tubers, even berries. The nomad women know where to find them and it's good eating."
> "Oh. Sure!" Rainy Day brightened up. "For a second I thought you'd gone native, Mayor."
"No, but it doesn't hurt to lend a helping hoof every now and then. It looks like diplomacy will be our only way home, so I got to get in their good graces."
> She looked back at Intor's tent, which was becoming lost in the crowd.
"Well, at least their chieftain's good graces. Salki is the chieftain's son."
> Rainy Day whistled in surprise. "You never said!"
"I only found out the other day. Um, when they brought us back, remember? That female with feathers and the staff?"
> "Oh. I- think so?"

> Rainy Day had been pretty much out of it during their return. The exhaustion, fear, and sheer effort they had gone through had made her fever flare back up and she had been nearly out cold when they came into the camp.
"Anyway, I'm picking up the language so I can bargain to take us home. We can pay with gold. I think they like shiny metal."
> The pegasus glanced around them. "Their knives and spears are made from stone. What's it called, that black stuff?"
"Obsidian. I think it's volcanic."
> "Yeah, I watched one of them work on it the other day. Um, by the next tent over. I dunno what he did, but he gave one of those stones a quick tap and a flake of it came off."
> Rainy Day nodded eagerly. "Yeah, like a thin sliver of rock. Mayor, you wouldn't believe how sharp it was! The nomad used it to shave off his beard!"
> That particular word reminded Mayor and she glanced up. She had been delaying a visit to the hairdresser before she had been foalnapped and the problem was getting more and more noticeable.
> Her mane was losing its shape and becoming unruly and bothersome. It kept going in her eyes, or sliding down her muzzle if she lowered her head.
"Maybe I can get Salki to cut some of my mane off. It's starting to bother me."
> "Maybe it would be a good idea. It's definitely going pink at the roots, Mayor."
> She had known that, but had pushed it out of her mind. It hadn't seemed important.
"I know. No hair dye. I guess I'll just have to live with it."
> Rainy Day gave her a smile. "I think it'll suit you," she said. "As soon as it grows out enough. Your tail will take longer."
> At those words Mayor Mare twisted around and saw that indeed, the very base of her tail was definitely pink.
> It couldn't be helped.
> The three of them were already out of the camp. Mayor wondered where they would find wood for their fire, but Gol obviously knew which way to go. They were heading toward the little stream in any case, proving true Mayor's guess that they would get a drink of water before working.
> Having talked about it with Rainy Day made Mayor very aware of her mane, and she blew an unruly strand out of her face. If her friend was right about how sharp those stone flakes were, maybe Salki really could cut it.
> She wouldn't trust any other nomad to wield a blade around her head.

> ~~~~

> It had taken some explaining and hoof-waving, but in the end Mayor Mare had managed to convince Gol that Rainy Day was not yet ready to carry a burden. Part of it was because there was no way to tie bundles of sticks to the pegasus without putting pressure on her injured wing, and another part was that she wasn't feeling well.

> Even the relatively short walk to where Gol found firewood had left Rainy Day breathing heavily and trembling with effort. She had been able to lie in the grass and rest while they gathered up the wood, but then it was time to go back.
> Unfortunately she had to walk that way by herself as well, because Mayor was hauling all the dead branches and twigs they had found.
> There had been surprisingly many, more than Mayor Mare would have guessed. Gol had taken them to a patch of shrubbery and bare trees and they found plenty of fuel for at least a couple of days.
> In the end Mayor had to bear the brunt of the weight, but Gol also tied up a few more bushels and slung them around her own shoulders. Her willingness to work and put in her fair share of effort had slightly raised the esteem both mares felt for the young nomad.
> More than once Mayor had caught Gol staring sadly at her. A few times she had opened her mouth as if to say something, but then changed her mind. Her best guess was that Gol felt bad about the incident with the yams the previous night.
> Perhaps it was just wishful thinking, but during their walk Gol had found a bush with a few remaining berries, which she offered to the mares first, before putting the last few in her own mouth. Mayor had chosen to read the gesture as an attempt at atonement.
> The way back was significantly slower and the sun was already on its way down by the time the tents came into view. Rainy Day looked just about ready to fall over and Mayor herself would be glad to be done with the haul. Her heart lifted a little at the sight of the nomad settlement.
> Salki would be there, and Rainy Day could rest.
"[Gol? Rainy Day ill. Skins Rainy Day? Fire, skins rest?]"
> The upwards inflection at the end made it a question and this one was easy to grasp. The nomad nodded. "[Yes. Raine-de rest.]"
> It was obvious they were talking about her, since Mayor had used her name and Gol had imitated it as best as her tongue would allow. The pegasus looked up and lifted her ears. "What are you two saying? I'll make it! We're nearly there!"
> The perceived slight made the mare perk up and move her hooves a little faster.
"No, no, nothing like that. I just told Gol you need a few skins to wrap up beside the fire and rest."
> "Oh. Yeah, thanks. What about you?"
> Part of her wanted to stay with her only real friend in this entire land, but some things were more important, so Mayor sighed.
"I'll find Salki. I need to learn more of their language and get in good with the chieftain. I'll see if I can take them a few bushels of sticks for their fire, like a gift."

> It had only just then occurred to her, but Mayor thought the gesture might be appreciated. Salki and his mother deserved the fruits of her labor a lot more than Intor and Willow in any case!
> Mayor thought for a way to phrase her question as they made their way past tents. Many of them were cooking their evening meal and Rainy Day spotted something which surprised her. "What the- Mayor, look over there!"
> She did so and saw what her friend had seen. There was a crude tripod of sticks built above one of the fires, their ends stuck into the ground around the firepit and their tips tied together with string. Hanging in the middle was an animal skin which formed a kind of crude bowl shape.
> Something liquid simmered in it.
"Weird. Why doesn't it burn?" Mayor asked, just as bewildered as her friend.
> "Can we ask Gol?"
"I don't think I know enough words to ask her how that works. Maybe they do something weird to the skin? Maybe a coat of some weird material?"
> They watched the strange contraption until it was out of sight. Even Mayor, with her blurry vision, could tell that the liquid was boiling. They were cooking soup, or broth in a pot made out of animal skin.
> She would try and ask Salki about it. Maybe it was some type of nomad magic?
> They made it to Intor and Gol's tent, and Mayor Mare stood patiently while the young nomad untied her burdens and unloaded the fuel next to the fire. After a minute or so her mother came out of the tent and nodded at them in approval.
> The female paused and looked at her.
> Mayor pulled one of the nearby bushels to her and kept her hoof on it.
"[Sticks Salki.] Understand? [Mayor Mare sticks Salki.]"
> She obviously didn't quite get it and her brow furrowed in confusion. She even looked around to see if the mentioned nomad was around.
"[No,]" Mayor tried again and hefted up the bundle. "[Sticks. Mayor Mare sticks walk Salki.]"
> Luckily Intor got it first and explained it to her daughter. Mayor thought she caught the new word she used and decided it meant either 'carry' or 'gift'. She would ask Salki about it.
> Ultimately the decision came down to Intor, of course, who gave it some thought. She looked over the large pile of fuel they had brought, then graciously nodded. "[Yes, sticks gift Salki,]" she said, or at least that was what Mayor understood.
> Most of her load was gone, but a couple of bushels were left, which was perfect. She pulled away from Gol's paw and pointed a hoof in the roughly correct direction.
"[Mayor Mare go Salki.]"
> There didn't seem to be any objection, so she gave Rainy Day a smile.
"Bundle up and get some rest, okay? You're still weak from the fever. If I get anything in return for these I'll bring you it."

> "Okay. Just- Mayor, be careful. You know how dangerous these people are."
"I know. I'll be careful. I trust Salki, though."
> All she got in reply was a nod, then Gol began explaining about skins to Intor and she pointed at the mare by the firepit. She would see to it that Rainy Day was kept warm.
> In any case, it was time to go visit her nomad friend and his mother, and this time she was bringing gifts. She was sure the chieftain would appreciate it.
> She was probably important enough for the other members of their tribe to give her the needful. Perhaps there was even a kind of primitive tax and maybe that was why Intor had let her go.
> Still, getting something useful without even having to ask for it would be well-received, she was sure of it.

A bit of a short-filler-ish update this time, but the next one has Action! Adventure! Sexy Mares! Blackjack!
Big stuff planned for the end of this part and I didn't want a cliffhanger in the middle of it. (I'll try not to make one anyway, promise!)

Paste: https://ponepaste.org/5389
>Big stuff planned for the end of this part
Uh oh
File: 1162328.png (381 KB, 1291x1500)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
Also is swibble scribbles supposed to be only 300 lines long
File: 1635367827846.png (232 KB, 1600x1200)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
> She was probably important enough for the other members of their tribe to give her the needful
Please Mayor Mare do the needful
Wait but the spitfire green was made by Lurkernon not Vega

And I don’t remember twilight being a princess in it
"Twilight, come on. It's time for your horn draining."
>"Do we have to?" Twilight whines from the next room.
"Yeah. You know you have to, Twi, otherwise you get all swollen and bloated."
>Grumbling to herself, Twilight slips off the couch and follows you down the stairs.
>She hops up onto the restrainment bench all on her own, and you give her a scratch around the ears for being such a cooperative pony.
>Twilight just rolls her eyes.
>"I know, I know. I'm being a big baby. But c'mon, it's just... it takes forever to get the smell out!"
"Yeah, but it's for your own good and you know it."
>"Yeah, yeah."
"Hey, I'll make sure to scrub you extra hard when we're done."
>"Thanks, Master." She nuzzles hips, and then holds still to let you finish strapping her down.
>First the leg shackles, of course, and then the broad belts over her back and neck.
>Lastly, the vicelike clamps which held her head firmly in place.
"Now, be a good girl, and I'll even get you a treat afterward."
>"'Course, Master."
>Selecting the horn splitter, you slip the slender metal cuff on the end of its tool arm over Twilight's horn and twister the fixing bolts until it is firmly in place.
>You double-check it has the right blade, and squeeze the trigger.
>Instantly a grinding, shrieking whine fills the room - the cutters bladed edge carving into her horn, little bits of purple grit being sprayed against your smock.
>"Guh" gurgles Twilight, her eyes going crossed.
"Oh, come on. It's not that bad, I know it. You've told me it doesn't get that bad until... ah, here we go."
>As the spitter cuts, it slowly sinks further down onto her horn; guide arms carefully guide the four quarters back.
>A slight dribble of clear fluid, thick and turgid, drips down from the horn onto her muzzle.
"Wow, look at all that already. It's a good thing we did this now, Twilight. You're really full today."
>"O-Oh Celestia, I c-c-can feel it already, it all wants o-out-"
"I know, Twilight. Shhhhh. Be a good pony; just a minute mote and I can get the tap in."
>"M-Maaaake i-it..."
"Yes, you will make it."
>The splitter is almost at the base of her horn now, the four quarters splitting back like a blooming flower's petals.
>It halts with a click when it reaches her forehead, and you slip it off - carefully pulling the horn-quarters back before they can begin to re-join.
"Okay, Twilight. I know you're a tough girl, but we're about to begin. So take a deep breath..."
>The spigot is a metal tube, hollow and tapered, perhaps three inches long.
>Inserted into the hollow interior of Twilight's peeled-back horn, you wiggle it back and forth searching for the right place in the gently-yielding gummy pressure inside.
>Ahah; there it is.
>Seating the spigot firmly in place, you place both hands' worth of fingertips on either side of Twilight's forehead and gently squeeze unti-
>Three things happen at once:
>There's a sort of a distorted, hollow pop from the spigot.
>Twilight makes a noise that resembles somewhere between a violent gag and a hiccup
>And a sputtering gout of thick, plaquey fluid erupts from the center of Twilight's forehead."Oh, shit!"
>This mare wasn't just full, she was under pressure!
>Your smock is ruined, but it's way too late to go back now.
>Gathering your strength and desperately trying to ignore the rotten-vegetable scent now pervading the room (and your clothes, and your mare!) you press down on Twilight's forehead again.
>Twilight's legs are trembling, her eyes beginning to roll back in her head.
>Another fountain of thick, rancid pus erupts from the spigot.>Gritting your teeth, you press again and expel more of the stuff.
>By now Twilight is leaking from both legs - her haunches coated in her own arousal as her body is wracked by unfathomable sensations.
>Once Twilight had told you that it was like getting an itch she couldn't ever quite relieve scratched; given the... intensity of her reactions, you have to believe her.
>Speaking of which...
>"Ooooohhhh Celestia yes harder!"
>You oblige; by now Twilight's own muzzle is thorough drenched by her mess.
>To say nothing of the floor, which is liberally coated in something resembling a mix of mayonnaise and maple syrup dotted with chunks of unidentifiable solids.
>"Haaaaaarder, God, yes! Yes! YES!"
>A little spurt erupts from Twilight's marehood; her coat seems to stand on end for moment before her muscles relax.
>The first orgasm already?
>Damn, this was going to be a long evening.
>Another press, another putrid spray of sludge deposited on the floor.
>"Ooooh, waait, I'm still coming down off the last one-"
>You press again, and Twilight's moans reach a new crescendo.
>Eventually there's not much left to press out, and you're forced to try the second method.
>Hence the need for the spigot.
>Grasping the unpeeled base of her horn, you slowly squeeze up its remaining length.
>No longer quite as violent, the dribbles of filth that emerge are no less pungent, though by now a little less viscous.
>Milking her horn like this is torture for the already-overstimulated mare; within a few strokes, another ripple runs through her fur as she climaxes again.
>By the time you are done, she's well beyond speech - four or five spine-arching orgasms having torn through her body.
>Her eyes have rolled entirely back in her head, and her tongue lolls out heedless of the mess dribbling onto her muzzle.
"Just a little longer, Twilight. We have to do the final clean-up..."
>The bore snake was a little harder to get into position, but at least easier to feed into her once you'd plucked the spigot out from its spot wedged into her peeled-back horn.
>Feeding the snake's gleaming auger and the flexible tube it was hooked to in just far enough to keep it from falling out, you pause to give Twilight a few strokes down her neck.
"You've been a really good girl, Twi. Just brace yourself now..."

>She gives a sort of low, wet gurgle, maybe a vague affirmative, but if she was recovering from her experience at all then it wasn't enough for speech to return to her.
>The bore snake's power switch has a bit of a snap to it, but the sudden noise is quickly followed by the motor's whine.
>Twilight goes rigid as the snake's auger begins to turn, scraping the congealing remnants of goop from inside her horn-base - and further down, as you begin to feed it further into her.
>Working with this bit is always a little tricky; you're effectively operating by touch alone, and even that remotely:
>Wiggling the auger back and forth inside the fleshy pocket, feeling for where it wasn't bumping the edges but semi-solid goop that it could break free and toss out on its tube.
>Twilight's half-howled, half-sobbed expression of joy perfectly concides with another spasmodic twitch of her hindlegs and spurt from beneath her tail.
>You sigh; that was why you had to shackle her down for this.
>No matter how many times she promised this time would be different, within a minute of turning on the auger Twilight would inevitably be cumming like a virgin tied to a vibrator.
>Yeah, it's probably a bad idea to indulge her mindless demands.
>But you'd already buried half a foot of coil inside of her head; you couldn't very well pull the tube out now.
>Not when each turn of the auger was ejecting rubbery, mucosal fragments to fall to the floor.
>And given how much pressure she'd been under, Twilight probably had a pound more at least waiting to be loosened up.
>Gritting your teeth, you double down and try to hold Twilight's head in place better.
"Just a little longer, Twilight."

>When it was all done, when the auger had been withdrawn and putt away, you folded her horn back up to its natural cone and lined the insides with the natural glue to make sure it stuck.
>With time, her horn would absorb the glue and re-fuse together.>Until the next time.
>Speaking of which...
>You shift in the tub; Twilight, sprawled on your chest after her thorough cleaning, makes a sleepy and satisfied noise.
"Hey. Hey Twilight."
"I think we're going to have to move you up to three times a week instead of two. You were under way too much pressure back there."
>"Awww, c'mon..."
"Nope. No arguing about this. You were really backed up, and I think I practically blanked your mind cleaning you out."
>"Trust me, Master. I know."
>Twilight giggles, nuzzling back down against your collarbone.
>"I can still feel it in my back."
"So. Like I said. Three times a week from now on, unless you want to risk a blowout in public."
>"You know, Master, none of this would happen if you'd let ponies use their magic. It wouldn't congeal like this if we were expending it naturally."
>You boop Twilight on the nose, then again on the tip of her horn.
>The first makes her go crosseyed and flick an ear, the second makes her gasp huskily.
"Nope. You know the law as well as me. No magic. You'll just have to settle for cumming your brains out every couple days when I drain you."
>"Y'know, Master..."
>"You could always join in a bit. Fuck my horn-hole a little. I bet it'd feel great."
"Hey, if I do that I think I might never get you back to normal."
>"Awww, just try it. Fill my head up with your baby batter. Before you drain me, so I can feel you cumming in me as my magic is coming out. Plus, I'm even self-lubricating!"
"Fine, fine."
>You kiss her on the forehead.
"Next time."
Is there more
File: 1626908350431.gif (25 KB, 500x500)
25 KB
Have faith anon
>all these celestia stories
>none of them updating
Life is suffering
Thanks for making this anon this slave twilight is super hot
File: V4J68GtrNtY.jpg (76 KB, 883x1080)
76 KB
I kinda want to see a side story about this in the Vega universe
What do you mean what
Want another for the pile?
Morning bump
I can see that happening
Hi yes, if you could like, never post again? That'd be great. Thanks.
File: 2417585.png (167 KB, 538x611)
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167 KB PNG
Bully the pone for internet points
Please either post green or gtfo
File: 6144171.jpg (202 KB, 1280x1147)
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202 KB JPG
Why is restoration of equestria on the spg green list it is not pony slavery
File: 11176723882.jpg (215 KB, 1280x1737)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
File: 15037367.jpg (16 KB, 300x300)
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>only $800
i'll take three. so long as they're not broken that's a steal
Does anyone know any good slave twilight greens with clop
Staying Out of Trouble by Vega
Though the porn comes along a bit slower than you'd expect.

You better have three closets prepared.
i've got a walk in so they can share. ponies sleep in piles right?
File: 1635761506763.png (136 KB, 609x697)
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136 KB PNG
scoot = scute
File: RAPID_PETTING.gif (407 KB, 1500x1500)
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407 KB GIF
Good pones get pets
Ya I know I just finished the staying out of trouble fic

Is there any more like it
Or something with twilight and anon
File: 111637596749897.jpg (604 KB, 1024x1024)
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604 KB JPG
Ya especially since humans are better lovers and with the ending where the ponies already started an Internet campaign
File: 1528506470763.png (293 KB, 1308x1502)
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293 KB PNG
Time for snuggs
>come home
>see this
>expect none of her chores got done
>turns out they were all done half an hour ago
>she even took the initiative and cleaned the gutters
what a good girl
"Buying a Bookhorse", but that's much more drama and cute with Twilight and Anon than lewd.
That's why she's got that smug look. She knows damn well that she's finished her work, and is going to have a nice chill evening with your fingers running through her coat while she gives happy little nickers at her comfy reward.
Ya buying a book horse is great

Is the sequel any good
is pretty good
File: caged.jpg (113 KB, 734x901)
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113 KB JPG
>uncooperative, rebellious, sassy, nonviolent
>goal oriented and praise motivated - ideal worker pony
>not recommended for first time owners
File: 1615440157081.gif (521 KB, 629x540)
521 KB
521 KB GIF
>not recommended for first time owners
Don't tell me how to live my life.
Also good but also the author wrote like the very first bit and then gave up and fucked off to write Spitfire.
I can't tell you what to do, I'm not your mom.
But if you buy the purple one she's gonna call you a meanie and a butt so you better be prepared to deal with that.
Remember to spank your Rarity at least once per week. Rarity is only a good girl when she has a sore red bottom to remind her not to be so huffy.

Rarity is for spanking.
File: 1632146465077.png (2.6 MB, 1089x833)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB PNG
File: 1617933323343.png (1.27 MB, 7000x7000)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
Rainbow Dash cleaning kit: chisel, metal-bristled brush, grease.
File: 1627271253657.jpg (325 KB, 1200x1130)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
I feel like that's an easy way to accidentally get bucked by Dash.
I think you mean teeth, tongue, and spit.
File: Roseicorn.jpg (249 KB, 1000x750)
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249 KB JPG
>cuddlebuddy ascends mid-snuggle
>guys, my earth-line pony suddenly grew a horn and wings. is she sick?? please I don't want to lose her help me out here
>woken up by shouting
That ain't good.
>complaining about the sticks of wood
Well, that's not bad.
>"Sheesh, enough already!"
Sorry for living...
>"[Gol. Come walk sticks.]"
Mayor needs to learn the word for "collect".
>Come with us, Rainy Day
Finally, she won't be "alone" (not being able to communicate).
>Gol still didn't understand
Well, Mayor sure not expressed herself good.
>it's not free labor
>cut some of my mane off
Short mane Mayor coming right up!
>how sharp those stone flakes were
Hm, so far there was no mention of the nomad's hair length/style and stuff.
>Rainy Day breathing heavily and trembling with effort
Well, this isn't good. Not eaten enough?
>Mayor was hauling all the dead branches and twigs
Hm, not any larger logs?
>Her willingness to work
Did she felt this as some kind of punishment? After all Mayor kinda forced this on her.
>but then changed her mind
Why didn't Mayor tried to ease her up or something?
>"[Yes. Raine-de rest.]"
At least they know that Rainy can't be exploited and they are not forcing her.
>like a gift
Interesting choice
>Why doesn't it burn?
Because there is the soup on the other side and its thin.
>nomad magic
The skin was beaten to submission and does not obey the fire gods anymore.
>"[Yes, sticks gift Salki,]"
I'm expecting anybody else than Salki to use a much larger vocabulary than what Mayor understands when speaking to her. Not realizing that there is a line between not being able to speak and fully understanding their language. Since they never saw anyone who can speak but not their language.
>"Okay. Just- Mayor, be careful.
The life instinct is back in this one!

Thanks for the update!
File: 1700682.png (1.44 MB, 1200x1441)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
File: 1117257239.jpg (160 KB, 1280x1387)
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160 KB JPG
Its just so cute I cant stand it
File: 6307087.jpg (136 KB, 1280x1280)
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136 KB JPG
File: getting ready.png (629 KB, 1145x1200)
629 KB
629 KB PNG
So this is how the stallion get ready to turn into the relief pony of the other worker stallions? I guess master don't even want to be merciful and use a mare for that
Shouldn't have been sassy with master.
>"Goddammit, [stallion]! Why are you always such an asshole?!"
>>"Because I hate you! I've dedicated my existence to be the best, biggest asshole possible just to make you pay for what you did to us!"
>"... best and biggest asshole, uh ? Interesting ..."
The real question will be if the other stallions will use him to satiate their carnal needs or will stay loyal to the most rebellious stallion of the group, this would be their only chance to finally satiate their carnal desires after years of nothing, who know? maybe master will allow them to use him again if they work extra hard, like a monthly/weekly price for the stallions.
But everything will be reduced if they will stay loyal to the level or just take the prize with the cost of breaking the unique straw of rebellion of the herd
But some mare in estrus pheromones and spray his rear in it.
File: Spoiler Image (90 KB, 999x799)
90 KB
page 10 holy fuck
I will just make this really generic and make that rebellious stallion shining armor, also I will force Cadence to watch the whole show but make sure that shining don't know that cadence is watching this shameful show.
Well if that's all, I think I can handle her. Just so long as it's not at the same time.
What is Sunksi story called
Black Honey
File: 1618391403557.png (354 KB, 1137x932)
354 KB
354 KB PNG
>neighbor pony keeps getting into your flower garden
>TFW we never actually got good art of Mocha Cream
Best maid absolutely deserved some cute art of her all done up in a nice uniform
File: 1544514796559.png (391 KB, 4000x2286)
391 KB
391 KB PNG
File: time for cuddles.png (105 KB, 1147x880)
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105 KB PNG
>"Stop arguing on the internet and come to bed, master. Staying up late isn't healthy for you."
File: 1623073020634.png (1.7 MB, 1740x1440)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
Vega come back
>tfw no filly bodypillow to hug to sleep
Someone gonna led me 799$ plus shipping?
>Verification not required.
Perfect spanking position for the most spank-worthy mare of all time
>spanking as reward instead on punishment
>spank exposed vagiber
No silly, that is for Twilight
The master know what will happen if he goes to the bed and cuddle the bedfilly.
File: 11165796876847.png (1.59 MB, 1500x2016)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
what does she want? cake? that new sparkly collar? proteinshakes?
I want to enslave Hitch Trailblazer and make him my personal cuddlestud.
so has there been anything with a similar flavor to skittles? as in, anon takes care of a super fucked pony?
Little bits and pieces but nothing quite the same. That's a rather old trend, the past couple years we've been getting even softer and cuddlier.
Only if he can call you Daddy.
File: 111724627772.png (952 KB, 1280x1706)
952 KB
952 KB PNG
Pet the kirin
They're just as cuddly as ponies, but they're even warmer
>inb4 burn ointment
gosh how I'd cuddle that filly
Time to snug
File: 1630513781323.png (2.17 MB, 1270x1386)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
File: 6321169.png (189 KB, 1200x1200)
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189 KB PNG
File: 1416919618427.jpg (100 KB, 827x590)
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100 KB JPG
>RIP ihlaoy, mirta, phys, shitcunt, sunksi, and tgn
>sunnybuns was too much mare to handle
File: 1638546690206.jpg (2.87 MB, 1838x2000)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB JPG
Its true
She's a big girl
I want soft and cuddly, but also nursing a broken mare back to mental health.
File: 1535108317827.png (488 KB, 720x800)
488 KB
488 KB PNG
I'll return soon, once I turn in the last of this year's work this week and have a day or two to recover from being overworked.
File: 6288695.jpg (496 KB, 2560x2070)
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496 KB JPG
Its time for brushies
for you
I was very lazy once more, and this big update is not quite there yet. I'll take another day or so on it. It's an important one, too!
Groom that horse
:( :)
Bath time?
File: pony missing butt hair.png (227 KB, 596x542)
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227 KB PNG
>when your need to punish your stallion slave and take the whipping too far
It's either that or the suffering increases
Are there any greens about a mare slave who is completely un aware of the reality of the situation, and thinks her owner is her new roommate, like some kind of transfer student situation?
File: 1598793693631.png (526 KB, 1200x1121)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
identify yourself
>landscape appul has turned to a life of crime
How depressing
File: 11162363248.gif (310 KB, 437x440)
310 KB
310 KB GIF
Poner finds this frustrating.
File: 1409263130078.png (315 KB, 1081x1398)
315 KB
315 KB PNG

> Mayor Mare came across a problem she had not anticipated. In hindsight it had always been a possibility, but she still didn't know quite what to do. Neither Salki nor his mother were in their tent. She had tried calling them, thinking they were inside, but when nothing happened and she poked her head in, she saw that it was empty.
> She stood there, a bit embarrassed, while she thought about what to do next. She still had some of her load of firewood and didn't much feel like carrying it all over the camp while she looked for her friend.
> The first problem was taking it off with hooves. Gol had done a good job and had tied the burden on her back quite firmly so it wouldn't fall. Mayor could just about reach the knot, but it was one of those special nomad inventions which needed dexterous claws to undo.
> She couldn't get her head near enough to bite through the rope either, so her only hope was to somehow hook a hoof under it and snap it through sheer strength. That was easier thought than done. The loop was just too far for her hind hoof and the angle was all wrong for her forehooves.
> She looked around and saw a couple of nomad children watching her with curiosity. That could be the solution, she realized.
"[You. Come! Come! Please,]" she called and beckoned with her foreleg.
> The youth, a male approximately Salki's age as best Mayor was able to estimate, looked uncertain but took a hesitant step. She smiled at him in encouragement and called again.
> Once he was near enough she turned to present her side to him and patted a bundle of sticks with a hoof.
"[Rope, please. Uh, rope sticks Salki?]"
> She really should have learned the words for 'tie' and 'untie' by that point, Mayor thought, but it was too late. She had to rely on the ingenuity of the young nomad.
> To demonstrate, she tried to hook her hoof under the crude harness.
"[Please? Rope.]"
> It wasn't too difficult a prospect and the nomad said something in his language. Mayor filed it away to ask Salki later, and stood stock still while he reached uncertain forepaws to her.
> His warm palm stroked her side first, as if the youth was trying to reassure himself that she was real and wouldn't hurt him. Mayor turned on her best, most-winning smile.
"[Yes, rope. Thank you.]"
> That encouraged him and the nomad slid his paws to the rope. His small, deft claws made short work of the knot and her bundles of sticks slid to the ground.
> His job done, the young nomad stood there uncertainly, not quite knowing what to do next while Mayor picked up the wood in her hooves and just pushed it into the tent.
"[Wood Salki, Darga,]" she explained.

> That just left the rope and after a few seconds' thought Mayor put that into the tent as well. She could retrieve it later. Intor would probably want it back.
> With her task done, at least for the moment, Mayor sat on her haunches and faced the new child. She gave him another of her trademark smiles and tapped her own barrel with a hoof.
"Mayor Mare," she enunciated carefully.
> Then she held her hoof out to him and raised an eyebrow in the universal sign of a question.
> He got it and replied: "Buygra."
"[Thank you, Buygra!]"
> Her next question was easier, since she knew the useful words. It was probably bad grammar, but as long as the nomads understood it was good enough for the moment.
"[Where Salki please?]" she asked him.
> She didn't quite catch the answer, which Mayor had expected, but she knew all nomads used their forepaws a lot of communicating and Buygra was no exception. He turned slightly and pointed in some direction. That gave her a start, at least.
"[Mayor Mare Buygra walk Salki please?]"
> That one was pretty easy too, and the young nomad gave her a nod. He waved and spoke something to his friends, who had kept their distance and watched the little display with child-like wonder, then he started off in the direction he had indicated.
> Mayor caught up and fell in step just behind Buygra.

> ~~~~

> It was only a short walk away and her companion brought Mayor Mare to a small clearing in the tents. There was a slightly larger fireplace there and a lot of nomads were gathering. The air almost had a festive quality and she watched the proceedings with interest.
> Salki was the first to spot her and she didn't see him in the mass of people until he called her name and hurried to her. He and Buygra exchanged some words and Mayor felt like she should add something.
"[Salki! Thank you Buygra rope!]"
> Her friend was a bit uncertain about her wording, but when Buygra explained some more Salki grinned and patted the other nomad's shoulder. Then his expression changed to puzzlement and asked: "[Why Meyermer ... sticks ... tent]?"
> She missed some of the words, but she got the gist of it.
"[Gift. Sticks gift Salki Darga.]"
> That made him grin widely and he reached his paw into her mane to scratch her ears, something he knew she secretly loved but wouldn't admit.
> Mayor allowed herself to indulge the comfort for a moment, then shook him free and looked around again. Buygra was standing next to them, watching their antics with rapt attention, and a small smile was playing on his lips. Maybe she would soon have another ally in the camp.
> She sat on her haunches to free her hoof and swept it in a wide ark to indicate the hubbub.
"[Salki? What...]," she began, but had no way to finish the question. "[Um, what?]"

> Luckily he could read her broken nomad language pretty well by that time and he explained. The only problem was that Mayor only got about one word in five and couldn't form any kind of a mental image from his reply.
"[Sorry. What?]"
> Salki rolled his eyes and replied: "[Wait ... see.]"
> She decided to do just that, except they seemed to be in the way of people making whatever the preparations were for. After a few seconds Salki tapped her withers and beckoned with his claw, and she followed him to a group of other young nomads.
> The chatter in the group lulled for a few moments, but then it picked up again. Mayor tried listening to the conversations, but they were somewhat beyond her ability. She settled down next to Salki, who had sat on a tree log, and watched the proceedings.
> After a short while it all began to make sense! The nomads were having a festival of some kind! It had clicked for Mayor when she spotted one of them carrying some kind of drums.
> That, and the amount of meat sizzling on the large, central fire, and the general atmosphere of joy and laughter proved it.
> She wondered for a moment whether she should fetch Rainy Day, but with how tired the mare had been after their morning walk Mayor decided against it. It looked like they were mainly cooking meat, which wasn't a particularly pleasant sight.
> If they started roasting any vegetables she would snatch a few and take them to her friend.
> The nomads didn't seem to find it strange that a pony was sitting among them and apparently enjoying the festivities. Word about Mayor Mare and Rainy Day had apparently spread, although Mayor caught a few fearful or calculating glances here and there.
> The majority of the people were determined to simply ignore the strange creatures, some of them were still wary, and a few of them probably wondered if they could be used somehow.
> She would have enough time to worry about all those groups in the future. For the moment Mayor did her best to tune out the odd looks and simply watched what the nomads were doing.
> Off to one side she saw that a batch of meat was apparently ready and a few adults were taking it off the fire. Others crowded near and reached for pieces, sometimes with whole bones still poking out of the lumps.
> It made her stomach feel decidedly queasy and Mayor looked away. She couldn't keep her ears from folding back, but she quickly brought them under control again.
> A few children from Salki's group had managed to grab some meat and they hurried over with it. She would have preferred not to smell it, but Mayor didn't want to wander away from the only nomad she really trusted.
> She glanced around to see if she could spot Gol, or Intor, or even Willow, but she could find none of them in the mass of bodies.

> There was some excited jabbering beside her as the food was divided and passed around, and then a strange sight caught her eye. One of the older females in the group of youths had a leather bag with some gray powder inside. The other nomads who had pieces of meat were dipping it in the substance, then eating it with every sigh of relish.
> At first glance it looked like ground up rock.
"[Salki? What?]" she asked and pointed a hoof.
> He gave her the word, but it didn't make any sense to her.
"[Mayor Mare see please?]"
> He understood and called to the female with the bag. She came over, watching the mare warily, and listened to Salki in bewilderment. He had to repeat his request several times before the nomad carefully lowered her prize for Mayor to smell.
> Despite the strong odour of burned meat, the scent was instantly recognizable and Mayor couldn't stop her muzzle from dipping automatically into the bag.
> Rock salt!
> It melted along her tongue and made her moan in pleasure, even as the nomad yelped and drew the thing away. Mayor was dimly aware that Salki was getting scolded, but he just laughed it off and put his hand in her mane.
> After a few moments the mare regained control over herself and blushed in embarrassment.
"Oh, goodness, I- I'm really sorry," she began, then realized they couldn't understand her.
> She offered Salki and the female nomad one of her best, apologetic grins.
"[Sorry! Mayor Mare sorry!]"
> All the reply she got was a scowl, but Mayor was already thinking ahead.
"[Salki? What?]"
> "Salt," he repeated. He'd told her the word before, but now she knew what it meant. It was an important one.
"[Salki please salt gift Mayor Mare, Rainy Day!]" she pleaded.
> He looked doubtful, but she poured on the 'sad pony' charm and it worked. Her friend began to speak at length with the female, who argued and shook her head at the proposal.
> It went on for a short while and Mayor was so anxious about the result that she bit her lip.
> Eventually the other nomad grumbled something and nodded. Mayor beamed and held out her hooves, but the female jerked her bag away. It made the mare very confused and she looked at Salki.
> He shook his head and tried to explain, but she got none of it and just shrugged helplessly. He tried again: "[Meyermer salt ... day.]" He held up one claw as he said it and Mayor made the inference.
["Oh, one day,]" she repeated. "Tomorrow?"
> She couldn't fathom their reasoning and her best guess was that the nomads wanted to use the salt for their meat. They would let her have what was left the following day. It wasn't ideal, but she was not in a position to argue so Mayor just accepted it.

> Her tongue worked to gather the last vestiges of that delicious salt in her mouth, then she settled back down to enjoy the spectacle of a nomad feast.
> It looked like there would be music, at least some sort, and she wondered idly what that would sound like.
> Perhaps she should bring Rainy Day, too, Mayor thought to herself for the second time. It was a night to relax and forget their worries for a bit. It would mingle them with the nomads and despite the fact she disliked many of them and absolutely hated their way of life, she was stuck with them and needed to build some bridges if she were to have any luck convincing them to take the mares back.
"[Salki? Mayor Mare walk, Rainy Day here.]" she told him. "Understand?"
> At first he glanced around for the other mare, then he understood what she was trying to say and gave her a nod. That just left one question.
"[Salki? Rainy Day where?]"
> He pointed out a direction and she set off. Once she was near enough Intor's tent she would undoubtedly recognize it. Not to mention that the mare herself was quite unmistakable.
> Mayor smacked her lips again at the remembered taste of the rock salt, then went in search of her friend. Maybe if they did roast some vegetables she could get another taste, and some for Rainy Day as well.

> ~~~~

> The rest of the camp felt a bit deserted to Mayor Mare and she guessed it was because of the festivities. It made it harder to find her way, especially with those nomad tents looking quite alike.
> Eventually she recognized the fireplace and the pile of sticks she and Gol had brought earlier, but there was no sign of a pony.
> That was unusual and Mayor Mare went to poke her head in the tent to see if she was in there.
> It was empty. Intor and Gol were nowhere to be seen, and neither was Willow. The latter suited Mayor just fine, but she would have liked to find her friend.
> The only possible explanation was that the nomad females had gone to the party and had taken Rainy Day with them. It would have been uncharacteristically nice of Intor, but maybe not of her daughter.
> It was also possible that one of the nomads had taken Rainy Day out to eat some grass, or get some water.
> Mayor decided to return to the big fire and look for those familiar faces around there. She could go and look for Rainy Day again later, or she could simply take some food and bring it to the other mare. Provided the nomads cooked anything except meat, that was.
> At least the way back was easy, because nomads had apparently started their music. It sounded like drums and maybe some kind of rattles, but most of it was just singing. Male baritone voices in a repetitive chant and some females as sopranos holding the melody.

> It was at the same time familiar and utterly alien. In some ways it reminded Mayor of Zebrican music, but it sounded a lot less refined.
> The people couldn't afford to lug complicated and heavy instruments around, she supposed, not when they had to carry their entire livelihood. Maybe if they invented wheels and built some wagons.
> That thought made Mayor Mare pause with her hoof in the air.
> Could she introduce that kind of technology to these people? It would certainly raise her esteem in the camp and possibly win her and Rainy Day some luxuries. It would go a long way to getting in the nomads' good graces so she could ask them to take them back home.
> On the other hoof, it would give these brutish, savage people quite an advantage. A tribe which could afford to carry that much more stuff would become powerful. Their strength could mean that they would take over their neighbors.
> How long before they forged a powerful empire and began to threaten Equestria?
> She shook her head. Equestria would be safe. She would tell the Princesses and they would find a way to seal that rift between worlds.
> Still, could Mayor Mare take the presumption of disturbing the balance of power in the land to such an extent? It felt like too much responsibility and that was saying something for the mare who had spent most of her adult life as a mayor.
> It was a decision she could make later, Mayor decided. It looked like this day would be a time of festivity and joy. However alien nomad culture was, such events always meant abundant food.
> She could afford to let her mane down and experience some of the local culture, such as it was. She was allowed to relax and have a bit of fun every now and then.
> Mayor wondered if there would be dancing and if Salki would be willing. How would it even work with her a pony and him a nomad?
> Perhaps they could work something out.
> Her troubles would still be waiting for her in the morning.

> ~~~~

> As the sun slid down the western horizon the people became more and more lively. Mayor Mare kept near Salki, but she watched the festivities with interest and with an occasional smile on her muzzle.
> They kept up the steady sizzling of meat, but here and there one of the nomads tossed a yam near the fire. She was waiting to see if she could get some of that.
> The music started and stopped several times, but there didn't seem to be any dancing as yet so Mayor Mare decided not to be the first to try it. For all she knew it could be an insult or very inappropriate to dance at this particular festivity.
> All that if the nomads even knew how to dance. Perhaps it was exclusively an Equestrian activity.

> She kept her eye out for any familiar faces, Rainy Day in particular, but also Intor and Gol. She hadn't spotted any of them so far. Then again, the mass of people and the atmosphere of frantic merriment could have easily hidden them from her gaze.
> The night soon began to descend, but to her amazement it wasn't nearly as cold as the previous ones. It was most likely because of the large fire, which a group of nomads kept feeding with fresh wood, but there was also a mass of bodies around them and that made it seem less chilly.
> Their noise was almost overwhelming, especially to her sensitive pony ears. There was shouting and laughing, boisterous tales of heroism on their hunts, or what sounded like jokes which had some of the nomads rolling on the ground with laughter.
> Here and there Mayor understood enough words in a particular telling that she could guess at the meaning of the whole, but for the most part the people spoke quickly and it was hard to parse their speech.
> The most interesting thing happened when it was fully dark. Salki moved away from her side, which jolted Mayor out of her reverie. She had been half-dreaming about a particular Pinkie party back in Ponyville some years back. It had been held in the summer, but the atmosphere had been remarkably similar to this nomad festivity.
> She looked at the youth who was beckoning her with his paw and she slid from the log they had occupied as their own for the majority of the evening. The other children Salki's age got up as well, but the really young ones stayed put with dour expressions.
> Mayor wondered why that was as she followed the group, but she soon found out when a scent, both familiar and exotic, tickled her nostrils.
> Beer!
> It didn't make any sense. The nomads didn't farm, they didn't have wheat or barley or any kind of grain. How could they have brewed beer?!
> Yet there it was, two burly females with several grim-faced men standing around to ward off the overenthusiastic crowd. They had casks!
> For a few moments all Mayor could do was stand and stare, her jaw dangerously slack.
> The nomads didn't work wood, except from the spears they made and the supports for their tents!
> These also looked a little different than the people Mayor had become used to. They didn't wear animals skins but rather something which looked like leather. They had bronze bangles around their forearms, paint on their faces, and the females had bits of metal stuck in their faces.
> Mayor winced in sympathy. That didn't look too comfortable, especially the pieces going straight through their ears. They really were a strange people.
> She nudged Salki from behind and when he looked she pointed a hoof.
"[Salki? What? What? Water?]"

> He gave her the word: "[Beer!]". This one she was absolutely certain about because he grinned widely when he said it and almost jumped a little in place with joy.
"[Beer. Who woman? Who man?]" she asked and indicated the guards again.
> His reply didn't make sense to her. She caught something about going, and it felt like a long distance. Maybe they were the kind of nomad who travelled far away and brought back things the others couldn't get or make in the area?
> She hadn't seen any fields at all during they migration, so she had guessed the people did not farm at all. Maybe other people, a far way away, did.
> There was no more time to think of it because they were next in line. Salki spoke at some length with the female custodian of the beer, and she obviously didn't like what he was saying. It took some convincing, but eventually she accepted whatever it was Salki was explaining.
> Mayor had caught his mother's name, 'Darga' several times in his speech. She guessed he was bringing his authority as the chieftain's son to bear on the negotiation, if that was what it was.
> Finally the female seemed to agree and jerked her head to the others. They produced clay bowls and two of the males lifted up a cask. Dark, frothy, yellowish liquid poured out and Salki watched it with considerable delight and anticipation. The smell of beer became stronger.
> It was a different type of beer, Mayor guessed. It didn't look fizzy, like some of Equestria's finest ones, but she hadn't had anything even remotely resembling a civilized drink in so long that she involuntarily licked her lips.
> Soon Salki's friends were reaching over to take their bowls and hurried back to the log. Eventually only he and Mayor were left and the grownups poured one last bowl, then set the barrel down.
> Mayor, horrified, realized they weren't going to give her any! She quickly poked her muzzle at Salki's bare midriff, because it was the nearest body part she could reach. He looked down in surprise and she gave him her best, splay-eared, round-eyed look.
"[Please? Mayor Mare beer?]"
> It worked and he motioned to the other nomads to pour another one. They were too busy staring at the talking pony, though. Mayor guessed they really weren't from that camp if they didn't know about her and Rainy Day.
> The thought of the other mare made Mayor feel a bit guilty and she resolved to get her some beer as well, as soon as she could be found.
> The next explanation took some time and Salki had to go through much of her story, at least as he understood it, before the new nomads accepted it. They kept asking questions and at some point Salki just shrugged and turned to the mare.
> "[Mayor Mare, speak,]" he told her.

> They apparently wanted another demonstration. She sat on her haunches, put on her best smile and enunciated as properly as she knew how. She didn't know a single word of greeting other than 'good morning', so she improvised a little.
"[Please,]" she began and inclined her head, "[beer Mayor Mare drink.]"
> While they stared, she hurriedly added:
"[Mayor Mare walk wood fire. Thirsty. Please drink.]"
> That got her a round of uncertain chuckles, but the atmosphere lightened, especially after Salki clarified what she meant. Another bowl was produced and poured and her nomad friend kindly took both in his paws.
> She could easily have balanced it on her back, but she felt Salki still didn't fully believe her abilities in that respect.
> No matter. They both hurried back to the log, where Salki had to dislodge a younger nomad to regain their place. They sat and Mayor accepted her precious drink into her hooves. The others were already working to empty theirs and Salki didn't wait either.
> Sweet Celestia, it was strongly alcoholic! Mayor could taste it the moment she dipped her tongue in. It would feel *good* to get a little tipsy for a change!

> ~~~~

> The young nomad seemed reluctant, but Mayor Mare was certain. Everypo- everyone else was doing it, why shouldn't she?!
> Around them, the party had gotten into full swing as the atmosphere, combined with potent beer, took hold. The drums were playing incessantly, as were the rattles. The nomads were singing, and others were dancing by the fire.
> It wasn't any sort of dance Mayor had seen before, but it looked pretty easy. At first glance it was just jumping randomly around in rhythm with the music. Each dancer was alone, but she had spotted some couples hopping and twirling next to each other.
"[Come! Come! Salki, come!]" she repeated.
> At long last, and to some chuckles and laughter from the other young nomads, he stood up. She had her wrist hooked around his forepaw and tugged him forward, up to the roaring fire.
> Aside from its flickering light, the night was completely black. Even the stars were invisible with the powerful fire. The people were just vague shapes in the air, mostly above Mayor, but a few of them were sitting down.
> She pulled Salki to a clear spot near the other dancers and studied their moves for a moment longer.
"[Go! Salki,]" she encouraged, but didn't know the correct word. "Uh, [walk?] Eh, close enough. [Go!]"
> Besides, he knew very well what she wanted. She'd pointed out the nomads having fun in the middle and he'd told her what it was called. The only problem was that her head was spinning from the strong beer and she couldn't remember the word.

> It didn't matter. It was a night to forget her problems for a while and simply let loose. Mayor shuffled her hooves, caught the beat, and began to hop in place.
> The others were also doing something with their forelegs, but Mayor wasn't feeling too stable on her hooves so she did not have that luxury. It was still fine. Her mane flew all around her face and she twirled her tail to help keep her balance.
> She jumped in place, but then she saw Salki wasn't doing it.
"[Salki! Walk- uh, *dance*!] Yeah, that was it! [Dance!]"
> He rolled his eyes, but then he began to smile and when she started moving again he followed suit. It took them a few hops to synchronize, then they were moving in unison with each other, if not exactly with the other dancers around the fire.
> Mayor tried turning a little, nearly stumbled, then recovered beautifully and kept up her bouncing. It was doing strange things to her insides and was making the world spin even worse than before, but it also made her feel free and alive and light as a feather.
> Was that how pegasi felt when they flew?
> Rainy Day would be sorry if she missed this, Mayor thought to herself. She would have to wait however long before the nomads decided to have a festival again.
> She wondered idly what the occasion was, but then put it out of her mind.
> The firelight, the night sky, nomad voices, the drums, even the alcohol - it all mingled and set her blood burning. This part of their culture she liked!
> Mayor Mare and Salki were gasping for breath by the time they stumbled back to the youngsters' log. She had to fight for breath amidst her giggles. Salki was grinning too and his hand he had put on her back to keep his balance was slick with sweat.
> Once back, the mare looked for her bowl of beer, but of course it was empty. She had drained it before joining the dance. It was a bit hard to remember.
> Luckily, one of the other females, about Salki's age, still had some. She was holding the bowl in her forepaws and took a sip every now and then.
"[Sorry,]" Mayor apologized in advance. "[Sorry! Drink. Mayor Mare thirsty!]"
> She just nudged the nomad's paw away and dunked her muzzle in. Before the female, whoever she was, could react, Mayor had drained most of the beer.
"[Thank you!]"
> She got a glare in reply, along with a string of what she assumed were curses, but Mayor was in too good a mood to care about that. She flopped right down on the ground on her back and let her legs sprawl. It was quite okay, the big fire had warmed the ground even this far out.
> Salki had to apologize to his friend, who was now deprived of her beer, but eventually he managed and sat down on the log next to Mayor. He told her a few things which sounded harsh.

> He was probably berating her for her behaviour, but Mayor could see he was smiling so that was okay. She smiled back as she scrambled back up to her hooves.
> She sat on her haunches beside him and nuzzled into his paw. When he didn't immediately relinquish it, she gripped it carefully with her forehooves and turned it around.
> It really wasn't like a paw at all. The nails didn't retract, like some of the feline species, nor were they talons, like with most birds and griffins.
> Most of the appendage was just that soft, supple flesh. Those- what she had called 'claws', were actually made of several segments and could bend in very intricate fashion.
"[Salki? What?]"
> She looked at him and patted his forepaw with her hoof a few times as she repeated the question.
> "[Hand,]" he told her. She whispered the word to herself to make sure she would remember it. There wasn't anything like it in the Equestrian language, so she would just have to use the nomad word for it.
"[Thank you. Hand,]" she repeated, then carefully curled one of his 'claws' away from the rest. "[Salki, what? Hand, what?]"
> He understood and told her: "[Finger]"
> She manipulated his... hand and his fingers a little.
"[Hand. Finger. Thank you.]"
> When she let it slip out of her grasp, Salki obliged her by putting it in her mane and giving her ears a scratch.
> Only one thing was missing to make the night perfect.
"[Rainy Day! Come. Walk. Rainy Day beer!]"
> The pegasus also deserved to forget for a night, especially with her injury and recent illness. A night of fun would do her good!
> Salki didn't resist as Mayor took his hand right with her mouth, since she needed all four hooves on the ground to keep steady. She let it drop for a moment to repeat:
"[Salki, Mayor Mare go Rainy Day. Rainy Day beer, food, dance!]"
> Then she took his fingers with her teeth again, gently of course, so she wouldn't hurt him, and tugged him after herself. She knew the way to the tent.
> It took some finding in the dark and Mayor hadn't thought to bring a torch or anything. The moon, still about half-full was light enough, but only once they had gone far enough from the large fire and their eyes had adapted to the dark.
> She took a few wrong turns, but that wasn't her fault. The whole world was still swimming in her vision and her legs were none too steady.
> Luckily Salki seemed better able to hold his alcohol and brought them back on track each time.
> Soon they found the correct tent. The fire was dark. There were no sounds nearby. Every nomad was at the party.
"Rainy Day?! Where are yooooou? Come have some fun with us!"

> There was no answer to her call. Mayor looked around again, but the grass around the fire pit was empty. There were no blankets under which the pegasus might have been lying, cuddled up.
> Maybe she was in the tent? With the nomads gone, Rainy Day could have tried to seek out some warmth.
> It was a good guess and Mayor went to the tent flap. She pushed it aside with a hoof and looked inside.
"Rainy Day?"
> The tent was completely silent. Parts of it were covered by black shadows, so Mayor Mare walked inside. Salki held the flap open even without her having to tell him. He knew what she was looking for.
> She walked all over the tent, hoping to trip over the sleeping pegasus even if she could not see her, but there was nothing. Some blankets were spread on the ground for Intor, Gol and Willow, some bags with their belongings, even some clay pots, but no mare.
> Mayor went outside again and looked blankly at Salki.
"[No Rainy Day.]"
> He shrugged and let the tent flap fall so he could point at the fire some distance away. "[Raine-de ... fire? Intor ... dance ... Gol?]"
> She didn't get all of it, but she got the gist. Maybe Intor and the others had gone to the festival and had taken the mare with them so she wouldn't escape.
> There were a lot of people at the fire, it was definitely possible that she had missed them all. She still couldn't help worrying. It had been most of the day since Mayor had seen her friend and she didn't like that fact. Maybe Rainy Day had tried running away again? Cold worry began to grip Mayor's heart and it cleared the alcoholic fog from her mind.
> Still, there was nothing better to do and Mayor follow Salki back to the festivities. This time she would actively look for her friend, rather than just sit on a log and watch the people.
> "[Intor!]" Salki suddenly said. Mayor looked up in time to see the familiar nomad coming toward them from the general direction of the festivities. She stopped and cast a confused look at Mayor Mare. She jabbered something urgent to Salki and took a step toward the mare, but Mayor stepped back and pinned her ears.
> She didn't like the eager, hungry look on Intor's face.
> Being denied didn't sit well with the old female, so she directed her anger toward Salki. She grumbled and yelled and shook her fist at him, all the while the youth stood his ground.
> She seemed to be threatening him.
"[Salki? Rainy Day? Where Rainy Day?]" she reminded him.
> He asked about that, she heard the name. Intor explained and that made Salki give a small, little gasp of shock. He stepped closer to the mare and put his hand on her back.
> His reaction to the answer felt like a ball of ice in the pit of Mayor Mare's stomach. Something had happened to her friend.
> They had done something!

> A low growl was emanating from her throat.
"[Intor! Where Rainy Day! WHERE?!]" she all but shouted.
> She couldn't understand the reply. Salki also tried to explain, but even with the few words she could catch in his speech she couldn't make heads nor tails of it.
> Besides, did she dare to know? What if they had simply slaughtered her for meat, having decided at last that she was more trouble than she was worth?
"[Salki? Go, walk Rainy Day. Salki, Mayor Mare walk Rainy Day! Please!]"
> He looked down at her for a while the pity in his eyes making the mare tremble in cold terror. Then he shook his head.
> "[No. No ... walk Rainy Day. No.]"
"You- You *bitch*!" Mayor growled.
> She would have lunged at Intor, but Salki desperately threw his arms around her neck and pulled her down. They fell in a tumble.
> Mayor kicked and fought to get free and deliver a well-deserved bucking to the other nomad, but Salki was nimble and stronger than she had guessed. She bit him a few times and landed a glancing blow on his flank, both of which made him shout in pain.
> A moment later Intor kicked at her, also yelling.
> More nomads came to investigate the sound and soon one of them had a hold of her rope. The cursed rope she had managed to forget for a while!
> It choked her as they pulled her away and one of the burly hunters flipped her on her back. Salki was still yelling something, but they weren't listening to him.
> Two of the beasts held her down while one of them pulled out his stone knife.
> This was it.
> Mayor went limp and gave in. They had already killed Rainy Day, what was the use fighting them any longer? At least the nightmare would be over.
> There was a dull thump and a few seconds later the nomad with the weapon yelled. The knife slapped her barrel as it fell, but it didn't pierce her skin.
> When Mayor opened her eyes she saw that the hunter was holding his arm, which was bleeding. Salki had bitten him! A short distance away Intor had both hands on her face.
> The younger nomad pushed the older male, and out of sheer surprise and outrage the hunter moved. Mayor was free.
> She was still numb, shocked, not understanding. She had been ready to go, but the killing blow hadn't struck.
> Salki kept shouting, invoking his mother's name like a shield while the bitten hunter looked like he was about to kill him. Luckily the authority of the chieftain held and the others held back their murderous friend.
> Then the youth knelt down next to Mayor. "[Meyermer. Come ... Salki. Walk ... Darga ...]"
> She didn't get much of that, but it looked like she would live, at least a while longer. Salki took hold of her rope and pulled her up. Mayor obeyed numbly.
> She followed when the youth led her away. She didn't even care where he was leading her.

> Rainy Day was gone. Their captors were nothing more than savages. She shouldn't have let her guard down, not even for a minute. She should have been with Rainy Day.
> At least they would have died together. Mayor Mare had no doubt Intor had been about to do to her the same as they had already done to her friend. There was no doubt that Willow had finally convinced his mother that the mares were too much trouble.
> Maybe Salki had just saved her life, twice over. First from the slaughter and second from being put down for attacking Intor.
> He had fought the larger and stronger hunter to keep her alive. Maybe that was a glimmer of Equestrian friendship? Maybe that was why she had followed him?
> It was good that he kept his hand in her mane, because Mayor couldn't see where they were going. The world, always blurry to her, was completely awash with the tears which flowed freely from her eyes.
> Behind, Intor was loudly complaining about something, but one of the hunters barked something back. It had the words 'Darga' and 'Salki' in it.
> If only she'd introduced Rainy Day to them. Perhaps she could have extended the protection of the chieftain's family to her friend, if only she'd thought to try!
> In a very real way, Mayor Mare blamed herself for her friend's death. She had been responsible for Rainy Day's well-being. It had been her duty and the moment there was some fun to be had Mayor had gone to the festivities and left her friend alone. She had had a responsibility to Rainy Day, and to her parents back home.
> Now, she had nothing.
> Only one purpose remained. She had to get away and return home, in any way possible.
> She had to warn the ponies of the nomad menace.

Wew, that was an incredibly fun segment to write. I hope it was worth the wait, tho!
Everything changes after this point. We'll be going into "Part Two" next week.

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>Rainy Day is gone

.........you fuck
She isn't dead most likely. She was probably traded away for the beer and some other shit.
>TFW she was probably traded to an abusive caveman who will mistreat her terribly

I wanna die now
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Don't worry Mayor, help is on the way
Drunk meyer mare having fun for once! Aaaaaaand it's ruined
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