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Previous thread: >>37829091

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>ywn find her in the woods
>swn proceed to comment on your ass and kiss you deeply assuming you are a hallucination
>swn widen her eyes in shock as she realizes that you are full of emotion, and thus real
>swn stammer and apologize for kissing you without taking you out at least once
I choose to believe that LaP will return to us in this thread to finish out his 40k story. I choose to believe this.
40k + rgre, that's some densely condensed autism. Link?
File: link.png (735 KB, 598x801)
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735 KB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (1.66 MB, 3511x2343)
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1.66 MB JPG
If nobody has any good prompts, here's one from last year that was pretty interesting. It's better to start the thread off with something rather than quickly devolving into shitposts. Again.
>pretty interesting
Not really.
You got a better prompt?
File: Garden singing.jpg (209 KB, 1229x1024)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
>Sweetie belle's night time walks become a regular occurrence.
>Whenever she couldn't sleep, got a little homesick or simply needed to clear her head, she'd walk through the gardens.
>Sometimes she'd sing softly to herself, sometimes she'd merely hum an indistinct melody, unaware of her slowly gathered audience.
>The nightguards on the rooftops taking a small break to listen in, the young prince listening from his bedroom window and after her return the Luna princess herself, the young filly stumbling across the Princess relaxing on a garden blanket one evening.
>Heartened to see a pony enjoying 'her' time, the Princess nonetheless questioned her reasons, it was quite odd to be wandering so late
>Hearing that the filly was using the time to relax and unwind, Luna saw an opportunity to ease her way back into the public eye and a guiding role, so offered her services as a music tutor.
>She was mare enough to admit that having a student of her own to brag to her sister was a small part of her reasoning, but also saw that the young pony was in need of a hobby, and learning an instrument would complement her singing nicely.
>And that's how Sweetie belle earned her first political enemies in the canterlot music society, for being "The bloomin' country bumpkin that lucked 'er way into learnin' from the fakin' Princess wile the chuffin' rest o' us worked ar fuckin' socks off until ar 'ooves bled."
>she's not laughing
>she's chirping like a cicada shut up I know its their wings just go with it
>in the ancient language of the changelings, she is repeating the ancient mating calls
>"U want sum fuk?"
File: 1631714464361.png (38 KB, 470x389)
38 KB
>"Chrysalis, are you having a seizure?"
File: 1605044367297.gif (968 KB, 850x850)
968 KB
968 KB GIF
>Kirin mate for life
>When two kirin mate, they are bonded by magic
>Their flames, an extension of their raw emotion and the most basic and pure expression of their magic, can never hurt their mate.
>It's part safety mechanism (useful for when young kirin are just learning fire magic; it's nice when they don't accidentally scorch mommy and daddy), and part subconscious deliberate avoidance on their part
>A desire not to hurt their lover
>This is common knowledge among the kirin
>But after all those years of living in a village where everybody knows everybody else (what with it being a secret and insular community), some kirin have to be reminded that there's plenty of knowledge (typically shared non-verbally in the form of hoof language or horse code) that can be taken for granted
>"Outsiders" are such an alien concept to a kirin that they sometimes forget that that means you can't make assumptions about what they know, like you can in a community where literally nobody comes in or goes out
>Pic related is your kirin waifu reacting to you asking nervously if her flames can hurt you
>Of course they can't. She loves you.
Slow day, huh?
so how far does a pony's cutie mark talent extend? just a small boost to things that are related or support the main special talent or what?
Augh my heart
>Anon asks "will the fire hurt me"
>Fire cannot hurt a kirin's love
>This is akin to asking "do you love me"
No wonder she looks sad.
>be Dicey Hearts
>Meet a stallion on my dorm's neighcord
>he draws and I draw
>as a thank you he wanted to pay back with some cookies
>message him that he can leave on my door
>you leave some dice you made at your front door as a thank you gift
>he messaged you back asking why you gave him some dice
>forgot that you got tipsy with the gals
>oh mare why did you do that

happened to me irl, thought that it'd make for a good prompt idk i'M dunrk
Why dice?
I kinda like the direction the one Anon was going with an Evil Dead take with it.

And the Ash thing. That was a little funny. Like, imagine if a one handed ape thing landed in your backyard and was mumbling about zombies and skinwalkers.
she apparently has them for dnd stuff and likes collecting them
>Cutie mark talent
>Main special talent
Same thing.
Well you'd have base traits of a pony that indicate their talent, but they're not always the actual talant.
To use Rarity as an example, she's good at making dresses, but her cutie mark isnt dress related.
Pre-cutie mark it's something she wanted to do and was good at, but something was missing.
She really wanted to make something pretty, to turn bland fabric into something spectacular.
Her magic reacted and dragged her over to a source of pretty, but didnt realise what had happened until the rainboom broke the geode.
Her cutie mark appeared after her work was displayed.
Her talent is finding diamonds in the rough, which is reflected in her skills and her own personality of refinement compared to her parents who are far more...rural.
The cutie mark itself doesn't give any sort of boost, it's simply the representational symbol of the pony finding their place and purpose in life and it's why the mane6 do the things they do when their marks got switched around.
Their symbol and their actual purpose became misaligned on a fundamental level and they couldn't figure out why the square peg wasn't going in the round hole because along with some implied memory problems, the idea of their cutie mark being "wrong" is just so utterly alien.

Sweetie belle's talent involves singing, but what does that actually entail, she's got a good vocal range for one thing and seems able to come up with lyrics effortlessly.
Why does she sing? Her voice cracks HARD when emotional, maybe that's related?
She has trouble with long term planning (i think), maybe her talent is more directly tied to her emotions with the singing just how she expresses them?
She takes the initiative and has the most lines in the "Perfect stallion" song.
She's an absurdly terrible cook and not very good when it comes to craftsmanship despite having rarity as a sister and practicing quite a bit.
In the crusaders she's the more easy going and voice of reason in the group, but also tends to be the slowest on the uptake for things that seem logical.

In short, she's good at communicating from the heart, easily able to understand things on an emotional level, and singing is a much more direct way of broadcasting your emotions than simple language.
Unfortunately the ease with which she understands things like that leads to her having problems with non-emotional things, as she has to put forth more effort than she's used to.
That'll be mitigated somewhat as she gets older, but she might struggle with more academic side of things her whole life.

Her cutie mark outside of CMC influence would likely be a musical note within a heart, or possibly a Treble and Bass clef arranged like pic related.
On a related note the stereotypical Anon ? mark could represent 'Potential' as in he has the capacity to be good at anything he practices, Anons circumstances of being a human reincarnated as an alicorn virgin birth making his talent return 'null' in the grand scheme of things but a pony cant have NO talent, so reality breaks a little (Draconequus laughter here) and results in the special talent of having no talent, which effectively translates into his stats being set to 0 across the board rather than +1 / -1 here and there.

>Captain of the guard attempts assassination of the Princess using her son as the murder weapon.
>"Too cute!" she cried, clutching her chest as she collapsed.
>Multiple guards were also injured in the attack, as the concerned prince moved to his mother and started pushing her side, asking why she's being so silly.
>The offender's fortitude in the face of such displays is later to be revealed in confession to be a result of his 'LSBFF' performing similar acts during their 'playtime'.
>This organisation must run far deeper than previously thought, Canterlot's finest will have to
"Princess, i have those reports for you to si- Is that a shadow spade hat underneath your crown?"
>"Would it help if i said it wasn't?"
"No. No it would not."
>"Then yes, it is."
"Okay then."
>"I assumed there would be a greater reaction to such silliness,"
"How you choose to relieve stress is no concern of mine until it impacts your schedule, and i fear i am becoming numb to these shenanigans."
>"That a girl, we'll have you in a silly hat of seriousness in no time."
"Fear increasing."
File: Serious hat.png (440 KB, 1271x1440)
440 KB
440 KB PNG
>silly hat of seriousness
So he can basically level up anything he wants and get good at everything given enough practice and he is immortal and I thought twilight was op
Jack of all trades, master of none? It fits with how Anonicorn is seen as 'broken'.

An average Alicorn that cannot master anything while other Alicorn's are known as being masters of their respective domains.
>silly hat of seriousness
sounds like something Rolf would wear
works for me. there is a /very/ big difference between competence and mastery
just look at the poor fags that are too good in their local group for sports, vidya, or whatever, but just don't have what it takes compared to their competitors to do their thing on a professional level
>Anonicorn is Pretty Decent at most things. Not a pro, obviously, but show him a hobby or craft and he can make something...Passable. It's not bad or horrid but it's also not Expert Mastery levels either.
>It's just Good Enough.
>But Good Enough is not usually a term used for an Alicorn of all things. An Alicorn is meant to be PERFECT in whatever they specialize in, or at least that's what the general populace thinks.
>Hell, most ponies in general are expected to at least be Very Damn Good at whatever they specialize in.
>But Anonicorn? It seemed like he didn't specialize in anything at ALL despite the cutie mark.
>Just what was up with Celestia's "precious baby boy"?
>The Nobles would laugh that the crown prince seemingly had a "useless" cutiemark.
>It became less funny when it turned out he could "Passably" do their very jobs.
File: grin2532.jpg (19 KB, 413x395)
19 KB
>>It became less funny when it turned out he could "Passably" do their very jobs.
At start of little Anonicorn life it'll be seen like a defect but given his immortality he will soon be known for having an answer for everything.

Swiss army knife with wings.
>Swiss Army Knife With Wings
That's a helluva line and a half right there.
I'm trying to think of some positives that would come with Anonicorn's Jack of All Trades mark.

Anonicorn being 'Good Enough' with various magics could accompany his Aunt Luna in the dream realm and keep her company.

He could even assist his mother with the raising of the Sun. It wouldn't be perfect (obviously) but it would be 'Good Enough'.

Even Twilight, if Anonicorn dabbles in 'Good Enough' magic knowledge, could at the very least not get immediately lost in all her nerd babble and just bounce little ideas off of each other.
File: 1634389274175.jpg (1.86 MB, 2048x2048)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
Have a prompt that I can't get anywhere with, because I don't know enough about Canada.

>Sombra summons Anon as an outlet for his sodomitical urges.
>Anon isn't interested and beats the shit out of Sombra.
>Sombra chucks Anon through the Mirror of Garbage Disposal.
>Anon gets a horsecock in the process.
>Anon finds himself in the horse-girl Maritimes. Decides to buy a bottle of whiskey and drink down by the ocean.
>Gets drunk and sings Blackbriar's "Arms of the Ocean."
(I've always thought this song would work better as a male-female duet.)
>Horsewomen go "whoa, that's really depressing," and avoid him.
>Anon attracts thirsty sirens by virtue of being a lone man singing next to the sea.
>Sonata sounds like a Newfoundlander.
>"Luh, Aria. Yon streel has a right pretty voice."
>Aria and Adagio sound a bit more normal.
>Anon thinks Sonata and Aria are attractive, but shuns Adagio.
>Dagi is miffed.
He is also good enough at jobs that no one currently can do or has ever done
>>Gets drunk and sings Blackbriar's "Arms of the Ocean."
Cicadas don't use their wings,
They have specialized organs on their back specifically to make that noise.
It's technically diaphragms like what you use to speak. So she might be able to make a similar noise just not for nearly as long.
Not the same anon but I did enjoy the sperg luna one in the same thread:
Luna being adorablely shy is my fetish apparently
Equestrian body positivity psa for those poor human stallions
I wonder who would first figure this out, Twilight tutors him in magic but he'd need to be learning multiple things for his talent to be noticed, so she would likely think he's either dumb or just average.
Maybe he gets frustrated by still being a blank flank in his teen years and goes CMC tier "TRY EVERYTHING" while his childhood friend Sweetie belle helps him out.
>Attempting to CMC his way to a Cutie Mark
>With a bit of practice, he learns fast enough to become passably good at everything he tries, but none of it speaks to him
Or, perhaps instead of none of it speaking to him:
>He enjoys becoming competent in each new thing more than the things themselves
So he can just become a passable assassin specializing in accidents? A passable antimatter physicist? A passable sex god?
Anonicorn is like the seemingly useless weapon at the start of the game that can be modified to being stronger than the best late game items.
Could Anonicorn be a passable mare ?
Filly Anon is its own thread already. Take it there.
File: 1619752484128.gif (335 KB, 358x375)
335 KB
335 KB GIF
>Derpy was raised in a traditional pegasus household
>The rules for being the ideal pegasus were simple:
>"Hold yourself to a high standard, maintain dignity and honor in everything you do, and ALWAYS defend those incapable of defending themselves."
>Also, "Foreigners have no rights in pegasus-controlled cities", but that's a very old pre-unification law that no pegasus judge in the world would ever try to enforce.
>Derpy tries very hard to live up to the ideals of her society
>This is why she's a successful flier and mail-mare despite her eyes pointing in two different directions; pure effort and willpower.
>So when she sees Anon being pursued by a few earth pony mares who are clearly ignoring the signs that he's not interested in him, she sees no other option than to step in and defend the defenseless.
>She's a bit like Batman, except for all the ways she's not similar to Batman.
>Now, there's an interesting fact about the way pegasi challenge each other to fights.
>Wing-language (flaring wings to intimidate others) is usually not used, since a Proper Pegasus is in the air most of the time
>Same with a warning buck that purposefully misses; in the air, even a good flier might get tangled up in their opponent and fall out of the sky.
>So, the only part of their bodies left to intimidate their opponent is their heads
>Derpy plants herself firmly between Anon and the mares
>Glares at them
>One eye glares over their shoulder at a nearby tree
>And does pic related.
>The earth pony mares are confused, but a nearby pegasus drops what she's doing and fucking BOLTS
>Because when a traditionally-raised pegasus is about to start a fight on behalf of the defenseless, a smart pony flees to safety.
File: Filly popcorn.gif (538 KB, 500x281)
538 KB
538 KB GIF
>The earth pony mares are confused, but a nearby pegasus drops what she's doing and fucking BOLTS

>Comes back a moments later with a cloud seat and some popcorn she popped using a storm cloud she keeps nearby for popcorn emergencies.
>Rainbow dash has never claimed to be a smart pony, and she wouldn't miss Derpy (no homo) putting her cloud kickers (seriously no homo) to good use against some idiots (maybe a little homo) who think she's just a clumsy airhead (seriously her flank broke a BUILDING)
>(seriously her flank broke a BUILDING)
>"How many times do I have to do that before you stop thinking it was unintentional?"
>Derpi is a secret badass
No. It was barely tolerable when Xenophilia turned Lyra into an unstoppable martial arts master. Derpi the action hero is just retarded.
Ah Xenophilia. Talk about a pioneer that does not hold up today.
Who said anything about her being an action hero? That's just pegasus culture, it could have been any sufficiently motivated pegasus. Fuck, mentally replace 'derpy' with 'cloudkicker' and problem solved.
File: 1500172377730.jpg (24 KB, 960x422)
24 KB
>this unrelated character in a story I didn't like was intolerable because she was out of character and inexplicably the most dangerous pony in town
>this means that some other character in a different story in a different universe being more competent than "completely useless" and standing up for a colt is also intolerable
>All this talk about pegasi kicking ass
>None about how earth ponies have a real kickin' ass
Get it? It's a pun.
If I could, I'd hit that with a 100
Pretty much. Although it’s much more readable when you figure out that Rainbow, not Lero, is the author SI.
Rainbow's personality and character was very well done. A shame he dumped all his creative talent into her and left Lero out to dry.
Fair point on Rainbow, but I disagree on Lero. Lero is exactly what he’s meant to be: a bland anime-style husbando. He’s a perfect gender flip of the useless but supportive anime waifu. His whole raison d’etre is Rainbow, and that’s why he doesn’t need and in fact would be less useful to the story if he had more depth. He’s the bland af rice to balance out the spicy flavorful curry.
>"Anonymous, I want you to kick my ass. Only with your penis instead of your foot."
File: 1537358624283.png (1.69 MB, 1920x1149)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
All this talk about jack or all trades Alicorn Anon made me write some green.

>You are Twilight Sparkle, and you can't understand what is happening.
>Prince Anonymous, who you've known almost your whole life, came to Ponyville with his mother Princess Celestia.
>It was a lovely visit until the talks somehow came to Cutie Marks, and how you got yours and what they all mean.
>Despite knowing Prince Anonymous his whole life and most of yours, you never really knew how he got his mark.
>It turns out he got it one night when Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were in another one of their disputes and they forgot to move the sun and moon.
>He didn't want to disturb them so he did it himself.
>It wasn't perfect, but he was also a child moving the heavenly bodies by himself!
>You knew he could move them himself, but never knew that was how he got his cutie mark.
>His Cutie Mark looks like a Sun and a Crescent Moon with a part of each overlapping eachother.
>Still, Princess Celestia and Luna move the Sun and Moon themselves most days.
>When you asked why, he said 'because he's not that good at it as them.'
>A modest answer but also a true one.
>You've seen him raise the Sun and Moon before, and it never looked as smooth or as fluid as when one of the princesses did it.
>In school with him, he always got solid B's.
>You always thought it was odd since you got A's and he was the son of a Princess and should be the best.
>At first you thought it was because he was a colt and didn't have the head for school and fillies were just better.
>You NOW know that is a sexist way of thinking, but suspected it was because he was so preoccupied with other royal duties.
>It didn't stop you from rubbing it in his face when you both were younger.
>The conversation took a turn when it was discovered he helped dream walk with Princess Luna most nights.
>Again, no where near as good as her but still better than you probably could.
>It seems he does a lot of jobs at the castle and for the princesses that normally a team of ponies would need to do.
>So you arranged a few tests around your library.
>Tests he all passed.
>Jobs you knew he's done and some he never tried before.
>You had him do some of your duties and he could do them, just not as well as you could.
>Then you had him do some of Spike's, and again the same result.
>He could do whatever was asked of him, not perfectly, but pretty well.
>You had to expand your tests.
>So you asked your friends for help.
>He's been with them all day while you went over the results from this morning again for the fifth time.
"This doesn't make any sense!"
>"What doesn't?"
>Spike walks in with some snacks and a drink.
"No matter what I've asked him to do, he's able to do it."
"So? SO!? There shouldn't be any way a pony could just pick up something they've never done before after being told or seeing how it was done once. ONCE!"
>You levitate a cookie from the plate and eat it.
"Something different about your cookies?"
>"Oh, Anon made them. I told him about my special recipe and he got it almost perfect on the first try."
"See!? That is what I'm talking about! No pony should be able to just pick up a skill that quickly, especially one that isn't related to their Cutie Mark."
>There has to be something he can't do right.
>The door to the library opens and your friends walk in.
>Time to see the results of these tests.
"So, how did he do?"
>You look behind them and dont see Prince Anonymous at all.
"And where is he."
>"He's with Apple Bloom and her friends, trying out different talents."
>"And he did marvelous for a first time darling. Everything from sewing, dyeing fabrics, to organizing my stock. Why he even was able to predict the next season's trend based on seeing the previous season's."
>"Rarity, did you just have him work in your shop for free all day?"
>Applejack asks.
>"Of course not, I was simply testing his abilities like Twilight asked. Though I wouldn't mind him working for me, not just for the prestige of having royalty work for me. He really is quite knowledge and a good worker."
>"Wow, that's just what Mr. And Mrs. Cake said! He was able to take orders, work the till, make cakes or cookies, you name it he could do it."
>"And Ah swear if Ah didn't know better, Ah'd say he has Apple blood in him. Colt took to buckin' like a fish to water."
>"He took to what!?"
>"Calm down Rarity, I meant apple buckin'."
>That makes you feel better at least.
"How about you Rainbow Dash? Did he do well on the weather team?"
>"Are you sure he never did that before? Because he was a natural. I barely had to correct him."
"And what about you Fluttershy? What did you have him do with you?"
>"Oh, well, I tried to have him speak with the animals with me."
>"He pretty much got it. It certainly surprised Angel."
"UGHHH! This doesn't male any sense!"
>There is no way that anypony should be able to master ANY skill.
>Well, he didn't master it, he was good at everything you asked him to-
"Did he master everything you showed him, or was he just pretty good at them?
>Your friends look at eachother and then to you.
>"Well, darling, he was good. But I dont think he could do everything I do to run the Boutique. He would make an incredible manager at least. But it was just his first day."
>"And he would give me a solid run for my bits for employee of the month. But of I wanted to, I could leave him in the dust."
>Pinkie interjects.
>"And he was a good worker on the farm, but Ah could tell there were some intricate details he missed. Just comes from years of practice."
>"And he'd make a great weather team member, just not sure he'd ever be as good as me. I mean, come on, look at me."
>"And he did miss some of the words the animals said. But similar to having a heavy accent that isn't understood."
"So he was good at everything he tried, but not a master of them?"
>"Well of course. You couldn't expect him to master anything in one day."
"But he isn't a master, he is just really good at everything but a master of none of them! That has to be it!"
>"Uh Twilight? You okay sugarcube?"
"It's been that way since we were foals. He could do anything well but never mastered any skill. But why? What kind of skill is that."
>At that time Prince Anonymous opens the door and comes into the library.
>"I'm more surprised those three don't have their cutie marks in something by this time."
>The prince says to everypony.
>"So I figure this whole day has something to do with an experiment Twilight asked you all to help with involving me. Did you get what you needed Twi?"
"Not really, but it did confirm some things. You are just good at things, but haven't ever mastered any skill have you?"
"But WHY!? There is no way anypony should be this good at so many things?"
>"But that is my special talent."
>He presents his rump and points at his Cutie Mark.
>You notice your friends take a good long look.
>The pervs.
>You look at his mark of the sun and moon overlapping each other.
>He points to the overlapping section of them.
"What am I looking at?"
>"Something you probably see in one of your books nerd.
>Rainbow says.
>The cunt.
>"Thay right there. My mother and aunt are the most important ponies in my life. So I decided a long time ago to be anything they needed me to be. If I could make their lives or even day a little bit easier, then I did my job. I'm not perfect, but I cam get the job done."
>How did you miss that?
>He is the overlapping part of the sun and the moon!
>He is whatever they need, which is why he is so good at everything.
>Which explains why he NEEDS to be good at everything, because he never knows what they would need him to be.
>"Well, I hoped that helped. I really should be getting back to Camterlot. It was great seeing you again Spike, Twilight."
>He says with his eyes lingering on you.
>"Oh- A-and the rest of you too. Please feel free to come to the castle the next time you're in Canterlot. Well good bye."
>Your friends bid him farewell as he flies away.
>"I have to apologize for staring at your special somepony's Cutie Mark Twilight, darling. It was just right there and he was just throwing it in our faces. You're a lucky mare."
>"Yeah, if you weren't one of my bestest friends ever, I'd try to steal him away from you."
>Pinkie says.
"I simply can't figure out how you make long distant relationships work."
"What are you talking about?"
>"You are a couple right? The way he was talking about you all day I figured you were."
"We're not dating."
>The room is silent.
>"You're an idiot."
>Spike says.
"Go to your room!"
>"Okay, okay. I'll be along in my room like you are in love, because you're so dense."
>He says before leaving.
>"Sooo.... he's single then?"
>This fucking cunt Raindbow Dash.
Good green, I liked it. A few typos, and I'm not a writefag and am drinking so I can't offer much in the way of criticism. Thanks for the content, solid 7/10.
You took a weird idea and made it pretty Passable (pun not intended), so good job!
Not bad. The dialogue got a little robotic when the whole crew was together near the end imho but I know all too well how hard it is to balance dialogue with that many characters at once. Not bad at all. My only real criticism is in that, if you were to do anything longform to continue this, maybe reign in him being good a little bit. Something like he gets the general idea first try, spot on. But still needs some pointers on the finer details.
>Alicorn Anon
I sleep
>maybe reign in him being good a little bit. Something like he gets the general idea first try, spot on.
This, instantly 'good' at everything was just a tiny bit too much, getting the general idea and becoming passable in it quickly is enough, with actual Good coming after some more practice.
Easily fixed by saying the mane6 were overselling him there, or just that ponies trying to do things that isnt related to their talant are just SO SHIT that 'passable' looks 'great'.
File: tarehzksrjs.jpg (32 KB, 743x521)
32 KB
>all this talk about anon being not great yet not terrible
Could Anonicorn with the "good enought" mark go ride the pussy carousel and still be passable as not a slut ?
>Anon being just good enough in saving the world multiple times
>Ponies ask what Anon's special talent is
>Anon mimes jerking his dick
pretty good.
>anonicorns qt mark comes in
>it's a coat of arms with a hand and an infinity symbol
>as soon as he gets it, anon remembers he once was human
>now he can become a polymath like all great humans
>he's never the best at everything, but he's 2nd best at so many things he can overpower any mare
>refuses to take power, because autocracy is for cucks
>ponies reverently start calling him master of all because of his competence
>story skips ahead
>anon is standing on the bridge of the ship he built that's being piloted by ponies
>they're approaching a familiar green blue planet
>he's going to show humanity the magic of friendship
>no matter what
>Maybe he gets frustrated by still being a blank flank in his teen years
I thought the idea was that he technically already has a cutiemark (the question mark), and that's what makes them average at everything he tries?
Let's add to the mystery by having his cutiemark appear out of the blue for no apparent reason, because Fate itself had a breakdown over the sudden existence of Anon in pony form and after recovering from that she just went "fuck it", slapped a question mark on his ass and called it a day.
>Fate literally appears out of nowhere one day, screams "FUCK IT" and slaps Pony Anon right on the flank as hard as she can.
>Cue confused and shocked princesses as Fate leaves and Anon now has a glowy question mark on his ass.
"What the fuck?"
>>now he can become a polymath like all great humans
>mares are confused and aroused by anonicorns abilities
>he starts laying pipe all through equestria
>dozens and dozens of foals
>anonicorns descendants are marked by their ability to master multiple talents
>start cultural revolution where monotalented individuals are looked down on
File: Cupcake Scrunch.gif (2.45 MB, 540x299)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB GIF
power-wank/10, see me after class.

The cutie mark doesn't GIVE them the talent, they are innate to the pony even when they're a blank flank.
The mark simply appears once they figure out what their talent is.
The most comedic way imo is that the mark appears in the midst of him trying a bunch of stuff, maybe a passing thought that "at least he's getting good at this other stuff while looking for his talent" and he + Sweetie belle don't notice until much later because he's covered in dirt or something.
>Cue mother of all scrunches.
Anonicorn has been about power wank from the beginning. Seethe.
No Anon, you see you're looking at it the wrong way. Don't take it as power wank; go Donut Steel levels of power wank. Or better yet, make it so that Anonicorn is only good at things when he does it ironically.
>make it so that Anonicorn is only good at things when he does it ironically
Nice. Ponies run on Harmony and humans run on Irony. So Anon's quips and canned contrarianism give him real power in Equestria, but it also runs contra to ponies and harmony. It's also not chaotic, so Discord wouldn't know what to do with him either. Anon could set himself up as a power equal but separate to the royal sisters and Discord.
>Anonicorn has been about power wank from the beginning.
this is literaly the first anonicorn iterations where he is arguably op and he having some disability (real or perceived) is not a factor
>Anon is only good at things he does as a goof or things he believes to be unimportant.
>If bakes a cake just to fill with laxatives as a joke it'll be a damn good cake, but if he tries to repeat it now knowing he was a good baker he will fail.
>He will never find his time fulfilling or meaningful
>Everything good he's ever done has been a joke
>His life is just one big joke
Wow this is actually horrible and seems more like an old school divine punishment than anything else.
>this is literaly the first anonicorn iterations where he is arguably op
nah, the doomstar shit and his ability to use more magic than anyone else have been part of anonicorn canon since the beginning. fuck off with your revisionism.
Not exactly sure if that was "part of the canon"-per se. Felt more like some shitters ran with an idea and drove it so deep into the ground that no one wanted to around it for a time.

That said, some folks here should be careful with the "Jack of All Trades" cutiemark before it too just becomes a "AND HE CAN DO EVERYTHING AND GET ALL THE BITCHES" thing that no one likes.

Could play the "disability" thing into it and make it that Harmony felt bad and just said "fuck it, if he can even stand up and do it, he'll be kinda OK at it".
>his ability to use more magic than anyone else
he never had that ability, in fact one of the points is that he was shit with magic and could barely use it

> the doomstar shit
not overpower in the least, in the cannon it was simply the accumulated magic that he discharged over the palace, magic that accumulated and gave him head aces because he wasn't able to use it
The doomstar stuff was weird, but that came AFTER Anonicorn's first concept.

At it's core it was about a depressed Anon being reincarnated into Celestia's child. With a body he struggled to control and magic he couldn't understand.
this "Jack of All Trades" cutiemark already became a master of everything by technicality cutie mark
File: Nephew with Aunt Luna.png (268 KB, 1200x1000)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
>muh Doomstar.
Given that you're the only one that mentions it it's getting to the point where i think you're the guy that came up with that and are just mad it never took off, let it go man.

As the guy who came up with it ITT >>37853008 i imagined it like
>other ponies have a +10 boost to their talent and a -10 in everything else.
>Anon is +0 across the board because reality had a fart when he came into existence, his origin being Discord yeeting him into Celly belly.
>He's a product of chaos so he doesn't have a destined talent, but EVERY PONY has a talent, so his talent is simultaneously 'nothing' and 'everything' because of a reality glitch.
You're the revisionist. All you're doing is latching on to a single thing you can use to dismiss a much larger topic, acting like all that other stuff never happened.
Nobody fucking cares about the fucking doomstar.
It was bullshitted up by retards who didn't know when to quit.
Everyone hated it, it was shit then, it's still shit. Shut up about it.

But long before the doomstar ruined everything (damn you autistic fuckers to hell for that), Anonicorn was many things, including Luna's adorable favorite nephew and also a disabled colt whose best friend was the adorable, card-playing Spergity. Those facts won't change just because you need the concept to fit into your particular box so that you can justify throwing it away. Fuck. You.
The entire concept of an average alicorn being considered OP by some of you is hilarious.
If you were around right when everyone was typing that, you'd know as well as I that people made the Doomstar stupidly OP and then just stupid. It was a cute idea at first, where he just fired his magic off and there were tiny orbs about but then it just got silly.

To be fair here, it's described as literally "he isn't a master, just passable." That's why I was warning for people not to go nuts with it like they did with the Doomstar, otherwise people would just keep hating the Anonicorn idea and go further away from the idea that>>37855833
is talking about. I don't mind the cutie mark as long as it plays into the fact Anonicorn is meant to be seen as "disabled/special" by pony standards and that if he can even get his body to move right, he isn't horrible at doing a certain skill. Not perfect or even super great but decent-ish.

And what this guy said.
>know as well as I that people made the Doomstar stupidly OP
and you would know that that shitpost were immediately rejected
Fair point, I remember it being shat on as soon as it was gearing that way. Even today, a mere mention gets the RGREEEEEEE going so I'm surprised other anons act like it's "totally canon" when it was so outright disliked.
to be fair the original doonstar idea was not that bad, but it went to shit when start eating villains and then transform into Anon's daughteru/stand
Problem is, if you look at the math involved, this Anon has way, waaaaay more skill points than everyone else.

I don't like the concept, really. It just seems like an excuse to make him special, but with the claim that he's "Not OP," even though that claim doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Someone who can get a silver medal in every single Olympic event is undeniably superior to any person who can get a single gold.
File: lilanonicorn.png (239 KB, 600x400)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
Before we progress with the autism, heres the official Anonicorn """canon""" tiers:

1° Tier – Core defining elements, not optional
>Celestia son from an immaculate conception
>Being a male alicorn, possibly the first male alicorn
>Have to deal with some sort of handicap, developmental problem or drawn back, at least during infancy and early teens
>Slightly autistic (actually being or being view as) as a minimum
>Have insecurity problems and a low self-esteem due frequently comparing himself to extraordinary/genius pones (like Twilight, Cadence, Shining Armor, Celestia…) in their pics
>Not being very skilled with magic and flying from the start
2° Tier – Very common elements across greens/continuities, but still optional – alter with care
>Being the same or close age to the M6
>Spergity, as a romantic pair or close friend
>Luna coming back early and being won over by his love and affection
>Fear of being replaced by Twilight
>His only friends his age Blueblood and Spergity
>Worked in the royal archives when a foal/early teen and developing a childhood crush on Raven
>Luna being very traditional and overprotective
3° Tier – Other Common optional themes and elements
>Celestia being busy and not really giving Anon the attention he craves, though she does try
>Not having a good relationship with Twilight or disliking her
>Got involved in the starlight cult and (almost) being molested/seduced by her
>Being rescued by Cadence and spend a period on the Crystal Empire, learning to deal with his problems and powers
>Being a reincarnated Human
>Having the memories and Knowledge of his past life
>Restoring the castle of the two sisters and moving in with Rarity
>Having an ability with/talent for metamagic
>Getting into Rarity card games and other autistic/nerdy hobbies
>Getting along with Twilight Canterlot “friends” (Moondancer, Minuet…) and being bros with Spike
4° Tier – Madness from the original promp series – Use only after careful consideration
>Discharging his magic in the sky above the palace
>Cult believing him as elder god from beyond the stars
>He being actually retarded
>The doomstar being/acting as a stand
>Doonstar gaining sentience and being his de facto daughter
>Twilight actually being a antagonistic jerk to him on purpose
>Twilight being retarded when dealing with Anon
>Being a Emo fag
>Using anon in world pony name instead of anon
Yep, calling Tier 4 "madness" definitely fits.
Jack of All Trades, MASTER OF NONE. Do I need to spell out the last part?

"Oh no! Anonicorn can do my taxes and cast an average level spell!? It's all over. Pack your bags Grogar. Anonicorn is just too strong. Power fetishist win again."
File: Anonicorn_MothersDay.png (1.87 MB, 1500x1000)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
Power creep is an easy mistake to make, "That's cool" is a hell of a drug.

Could easily just have him take the metaphorical -10 modifier in everything if "0" is still too strong in peoples eyes, with his talent still technically being 'null' and it's his perseverance to make his mother proud that makes him somewhat competent in everything because he's working hard despite the skill point handicap.
Timescales are also important to remember, i imagined the "jack of all trades" thing would only start showing in his teens after literal years of practice in particular things.
For a regular pony that'd be pretty hellish existence, never being truly good at anything until you're old and grey.
But for a quasi-immortal alicorn that's just a kinda rough childhood.
I imagine JoAT as an everyday man with a bunch of tutorials crammed in his head.
He knows how to do shit and is physically able to do shit, no experience means that he won't excel, but step-by-step instructions mean that he wont screw up too bad.
>wanted to start a new thread without shit flinging, maybe get some quality greens
>Anonicorn is brought up
How many threads have died because of this? Why don't you fags ever learn?
And yet you join the shitflinging instead of making a post.
As soon as someone make a descent Anonicorn green thing will calm down as the anons loose interest in an idea once it becomes good
>It's RGRE, but the only difference is that Anon has a Sam Elliott style mustache
>Anon invents the term "mustache ride"
>Neckbeard Flurryheart introduce Anonicorn to Hyperspace hyperwars
>He obviously pick brothers of combat
>Get surprised that is moderately good on it... for a colt
>>Using anon in world pony name instead of anon
what was it ?
File: 1545086921740.png (1.9 MB, 3000x3000)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB PNG
Have any of you considered this?
Light Bringer
aren't very pregnant ponies very wide?
I dunno, maybe. Then again, foals are very small.
The fact that anonicornfags don't know the difference between descent and decent reaffirms my belief that there will never be a decent anonicorn story.
yes, they look like two barrels strapped side-by-side, its funny and cute
File: VeryPregnant.webm (1.28 MB, 582x432)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB WEBM
has the thread just been anonicorn shit recently?

I heard that Engie was doing an anonicorn story but that seems to have dropped
My God, its adorable
>ears fold back at the end
she knows what (You) are doing and she is not amused
>Anon got into a car crash causing shrapnel of broken metal and glass to get lodged into his head
>Every doctor who reads about it calls it impossible or a miracle
>Anon doesn't see it as either when he finds himself blind after coming out of the surgery
>To remove the smallest fragments they had to disconnect Anon's eyes
>They reckoned being blind was better than being dead
>Anon doesn't reckon so
>Often gets himself into dangerous situations to prove that losing his eyes didn't make him fragile
>Anon stumbles into Equestria cause blind reasons
>Ponies are able to give him magical eyes however
>Mad-Eye Moody 2.0
>Twilight asks Anon to teach lessons at her school
>She really wants to add a colt's touch to the curriculum
>She can't help but wonder what he'll teach
>Meanwhile in the classroom
"Anon. Y. Mous. Ex-Resident of Earth, Society Malcontent, and your new Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher. I am here because Twilight Sparkle requested it of me, end of story, goodbye, the end. Any questions?"
>"Sir what are the Dark Arts exactly?"
>"Probably when his coupons for the spa expire"
"Actually Mr. Smoulder the Dark Arts are your mother's fat arse"
>"The hell did you say monkey man?"
"Oh I'm sorry are you a actually a Miss Smoulder I couldn't tell?"
>"Wh- what? why I ought to-"
"What you ought to do is sit down so I can tell you about the number of creatures that could eat you whole you scaled brat. When it comes to the Dark Arts I believe in a practical approach. But first, who among you can tell me how many indigenous creatures dwell in the Everfree?"
>"Um there are 73 sir"
"Excellent Miss Ocellus, 73 different animals that can and will slaughter you if you give them the chance. Which is why I am here, so that I can teach you not to give them that chance."
>"Sir I'm sorry but what does this have to do with friendship?"
"Because some of the fuckers in there are clever little bastards and you will have to use teamwork to kill them before they kill you. Now the teachers would say you're too young to learn about these creatures, I say different. You need to know what you're up against, you need to be prepared and you need to find a better place to put your gum besides the underside of your desk Mr. Gallus"
>Twilight doesn't even begin to wonder what she's unleashed until a few weeks later when she accidentally gets handed in one of the assignments from Anonymous' course
>Titled "All 22 Weaknesses of the Ursa Family and how to Exploit Them"
File: 1594684121982.png (287 KB, 1300x806)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
We can go bigger.
lmao, poor mare-loaf
>Ponies are able to give him magical eyes however
I always hate sentences like this, condenses down a potential fuck ton of story into nothing.
This made me laugh
Any good stories where anon is not good at magic no matter how hard he tries.
But one day starts looking into other forms of magic that ponies dislike and is a prodigy at them

Things like dark magic chaos magic
And wizard stuff where you need components

Like maybe for dark magic he found a way to squeeze the magic out of living things killing it hurting them but he is able to use them in complex spells
>Twilight's latest questionable seeming medical breakthrough can final return his vision
>unfortunately they must pour pure marecum into his eyes to do it
>instead of mana based magicks, like most life forms use, Anon learns rune based alchemical magic.
>It operates on a similar standing to electrical engineering and a bit of computer science, with a bit of arcane soul stuff to make it a bit more interesting
>Anon takes to it like a fish to water, and even ends us creating a golem assistant.
>Sure, he isn't the brightest assistant, but the upside is that he can improve his brain as he learns more rune symbols
None of this is RGRE. This is just autistic power fantasy anime shit. Fuck off and make your own thread.
who are speaking with you silly colt ?
>Of course, because this is RGRE, no mare wants to help him with his "eccentric" research.
>Even when he DOES prove that he's able to do rune stuff, it's disregarded as pure luck or that he got a mare to do it for him.
>Some ponies even act like his precious golem is a bit dimwitted but "fitting for a colt". Which, while true on the dimwitted part, is kind of insulting considering this was literally his greatest achievement (for now).
>Fueled with spite, Anon continues on with his rune tinkering as a certain Purple Smart catches wind.
Just realized the previous post was reacting to Prince Anonicorn stuff but fuck it. Celestia's prince being shit at magic but decent at runes could be ruled as "a special boy's special interest" to run with the idea of "Anonicorn is considered mentally...elsewhere".
He's clearly hysterical. Someone find Nurse Redheart and tell her to heat up the cock sleeve.
Damn man, this is awesome, i didnt know i needed Mad-Eye Anon until now
Are you going to write more
Well I didn't realize it was anonicorn anyways. my eyes sort of glazed over the discussion. But the idea of Anon being decent at alternative magic is interesting. Especially in an RGRE context where it could be seen as a colt learning inferior magic because he couldn't cut it with maresculine mana based magic.
>Magic is just a mares club! I don't need mana anyway!
It can work, it was part of the basis for a previous "Anon is pony" prompt before people power-creeped the concept into "Anon is literally Thor"

>Anonicorn is pretty average if not worse at most magic but is very interested with rune magic, which most ponies find eccentric at best, a waste of time at worse.
>Why draw a picture that can levitate one thing for a short while in one spot when any unicorn can do the same thing with but a thought?
>Twilight thinks he's wasting his time and should study more, an opinion Celestia very privately shares but allows her son to go at his own pace.
>Sweetie belle thinks it's a good hobby even if other ponies think it's silly, some of the drawings look very nice.
>Luna quietly supports her nephew, knowing full well the power of runes when applied properly but doesnt want to overstep her bounds with his mother and tutor.
>It's hard to maintain a spell while asleep after all, and a freshly charged dream catcher would prevent even her from dream walking, let alone the nightmares she normally deals with.
>She feels it's such a shame that the art quietly died out during her banishment, and hopes Anons interest will hopefully inspire others once he proves it's worth.
>One of Anon's first projects after a long period of study and many carving attempts are a set of self-inking quills for his friend, teacher and family members, each quill able to hold an entire pot of ink.
>Twilight breaks hers within a day from over use, picks up another quill without missing a beat.
>Celestia's rests on her desk for so long it loses it's charge of mana, treating it as a gift rather than a tool.
>Sweetie belle uses hers frequently, accidently breaks it one day while sharpening it and asks Anon for a replacement.
>Luna uses hers for special occasions, keeping it as a momento of her nephews first serious project.
>Anon for his part keeps on with his practice and improvements, the replacement he makes for sweetie belle being far more durable and the engravings far less crude.
Maybe not me but maybe >>37856669
can. Or >>37856720
>"Anon is literally Thor"
If anon is the child of a deity it makes complete sense for him to be a deity too. That's how that fucking works, you mong.
You know what, I'm just gonna shave off the carcinogenic Anonicorn stuff and build on the prompt in a vacuum.

>Anon closed the book he was reading with a deep sigh, sending dust mites flying through the air.
>Runes were seen as inferior, so out of some fringe mechanical uses like for gears and heavy machinery, there weren't exactly many options for learning.
>It was exceptionally lucky that he had connections to the Royal Canterlot Library from his friendship with Twilight Spergle and the reigning diarchs.
>So long as he could stomach the laughs that his studies brought, he was rather self-sufficient in his education.
>Pushing out his chair, Anon slowly arose to his full height, with all the popping and cracking from his back to accompany him.
>He quietly placed the book in its designated spot on the book shelf, before turning to the entrance to the library, where his pride and joy stood waiting for him.
>Standing in the light was a small golem, roughly Spike's height, though far more stout due to the heavy balls of clay making up his limbs and body.
>Totally self automated, and capable of the full range of body motion like a human would be; this was the result of several sleepless weeks of work.
>Well, if you excuse the stout legs and the fact that he waddles more than walks, but progress is progress.
>"Iiissss it timmme?"
>The golem spoke slowly, sounding out each syllable and stretching them out.
>Truth be told, it was a bit of a dunce, barely able to comprehend things more complex than the passage of time, but that was what you had tasked yourself with fixing.
"Yup, let's get back home."
>Squatting down, you wrapped your arms around the little figure before lifting it up with a grunt.
>It was a lot heavier than you'd think.
>Or maybe you were out of shape.
"Yes, bedtime."
>"Okieee dokieee."
>And thus you began the long trek back home.
It's shit.
File: 215123.gif (2.55 MB, 498x280)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB GIF
GG Anonicornfags. Way to ruin yet another thread.
You did a pretty damn good job here, dude.
Twilight waved her horn and chanted "occulum repairo."
Bippidy boppity boo, new eyeballs.
Consider the following.
Fuck off I liked it

Keep it up
>Anon was friend with the cmc
>Then puberty hits
If I had the time and energy to go and write something with alicorn anon I'd have him Anonicorn being something like the Alicorn of Courage, it takes a really brave lad to go out and face down an alicorn corrupted by their own magic with nothing more than gumption and a hug.

Sure it might have been lil Anon not knowing any better, but damn if he doesn't try anyway.
File: 1442643927748.png (29 KB, 1235x692)
29 KB
>Fluttershy waifu
i disagree
This is good
This is shit
This is bait
File: 1586316230010.png (894 KB, 950x1293)
894 KB
894 KB PNG
>"Anon, it was cute the first time but I'm not gonna give you another anima gem--"
"And why not? I don't see you building any golems. God forbid I actually advance the technological capabilities of Equestria."
>Twilight raises an eyebrow.
>"You call that little clay tot "advancement"? Anon, it's barely capable of higher thought!"
>You sigh in exasperation.
"No shit, Spergle. It has a tiny brain. But I'm well underway into making a far more capable brain. One that needs a bigger body, which in turn needs--"
>"Another anima gem."
"A bigger one than last time, preferably."
"Alright, if you value our friendship so little that you won't even entertain my intellectual pursuits -- some "stallionist" you are -- then I'll buy it off you. How much do you want?"
>"Even if I was selling it, which I'm not, you wouldn't be able to afford it."
>The hallway grew silent for a while.
>Eventually, however, the silence was broken with a sigh.
"...What if I offered.. alternative forms of payment?"
>Twilight snapped to attention with a lusty grin on her face.
>"Then I'd reconsider."
>The things you'd do for this fucking golem....

>As you returned home, covered in the stench of shame and other foul odors that may or may not smell kinda like Twilight, you find yourself thankful that your little golem lacks a sense of smell.
>And a sense of touch.
>And also a name.
>Hadn't really thought that far yet.
>But that would all change.
>With one hand dripping with juices that weren't your own, and the other tightly clutching an anima gem, you had everything you needed to complete the little clay tyke's upgraded body and brain.
>Maybe then these mares would recognize your talents and the golem's worth.
>You hoped.
"I'm home!"
>The sound of your little creation echoed from the far side of the house.
>It was a shame that you couldn't make its legs longer so that it could properly walk, but the size of the anima gem wouldn't allow it.
>It's brain was too much of an energy draw to allow for the costs of homeostasis for a larger body.
>As a result, your golem was heavily reliant on you to traverse distances long or fast.
>A lesson it learned rather unfortunately, after having a nasty fall upon hearing your return home one day, very nearly fracturing its body.
>It was so eager to greet you that its body was incapable of meeting demand.
>It has since learned to wait for you to come to it instead, though this was a lesson it was very unhappy to learn.
>You placed your coat on the rack, and after quickly washing your hands, you entered your den, where the golem awaited you.
>As you approached, it raised its arms up; a universal sign of wanting upsies.
>Reaching down, you hoisted it up into your arms, before sitting down in your comfy chair and resting it on your lap.
Thats not a counter argument, that's a compromise
File: 1481895871199.png (1.6 MB, 2820x1707)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
New chapter of J'dore just dropped
oh SHIT nigga! Is this writefag my absent father? Because he's dropping presents like he's trying to make up for every christmas and birthday he ever missed!
File: 1637471062371.jpg (39 KB, 480x270)
39 KB
>O-Oh thats so wonderful!
>Here, you should uhhh, take these pre-natal horse vitamins
You should be hanged.
File: DeliciousVitamin.webm (2.86 MB, 634x536)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB WEBM
I eat horse vitamins all the time.
File: Spoiler Image (212 KB, 1031x759)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
Rather have my life drained out in seconds than slowly over 18 years
>in the rgre thread
>acting like he would be the one to pay child support of shit went south
Just don't be a whore, Anon.
>implying the financial aspect is the only part thats concerning
Science can't explain this.
Pictured: mare-schizo finally taking her pills
This is honestly cute and really good. Interesting to see a prompt expanded upon but without some of the original bits. Really what folks ought to do with other prompts, too.
Wait what are those
File: 1622063697525.png (136 KB, 609x697)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
Consider Scootaloo? Don't mind if I do.
At the very least, maybe there'd be less teasing or gossip about Baby Anonicorn if it was known he was partly why Nightmare Moon didn't lose cause much mischief.
Pop a pill, have a miscarriage. Only good if taken early enough. And it's not plan B
how very twisted
no u ^:(
Applejack lives up to nearly every redneck stereotype. But God help you, she'll want to make an honest man out of you.
File: 1627966900485.png (77 KB, 200x347)
77 KB
>she'll want to make an honest man out of you
This shit is top tier
So how would your waifu take if you came home with ticks after hiking or hunting?
This is what Anonicorn needs instead of BS like the Doomstar and great at everything but master of none dribble.
Aw damn, this is cute.
I hope you will continue writing this.
It's not
>skipping right over to an already created golem.
>making it child-like
I feel like you're exploiting our coltish tendencies here.
Also kinda sad you made Twilight into someone who would accept 'alternative payment' rather than realising this project means a lot Anon.
Friends dont do that, and i dont imagine HER friends being happy with her if it ever gets out.
Spike probably heard the whole thing.
Imagine her shock when she learns she took anons virginity

I imagine that she already feels very guilty but did it because she had a major crush on anon and was a massive spurg
In before it turns out he only helped her exercise or some other dumb thing.
File: 1611843058562.png (478 KB, 2161x2508)
478 KB
478 KB PNG
>it's just like my hentais!
I think him being the one to bring it up is what made her willing to take something like that as a form of payment. It probably made it seem like much less of a big deal to him than it actually was.
But yeah, in a more proper story that's probably something that should be done away with. And obviously there'd also be a much longer period of learning and trial and error. I'd like the golem to be more robotic as well. Maybe farther down the line a much more advanced one could start to have a bit of personality. Basic ones should really just be magical automatons that execute simple programs and tasks.
I think this incident could happen before the show when Twilight isn't learning the magic of friendship (or any basic social skills)
>Anon does Twilight a 'favor'
>Either that favor is lewd or otherwise is up to you guys
>Fast forward a few years where Twilight is tries to mend bonds with the prince
>Anon forgives her because he's not a dick, and the golem tells the lengths he took to pursue his career in rune-based magic and help him gain sapience
>The rest of the cast listen on to Anon's project while the two reconcile in a separate room
>They go back to where the rest of the Mane6 are and they look at her with disgust and horror, while Rainbow giving her a proud look

I don't know how the rest would turn out but I think >>37858008 is right for not letting this blow out of proportion

But then again, there is the interesting scenario where Celestia learns that her Ray of Sunshine lost his 'purity'
>rune based magic
Now I'm imagining Anon taking a bunch of little chips of stone, programming basic boolean logic into them, arranging them as a table, and making a magical computer that can just do conway's game of life.
And I'm also imagining Twilight becoming absolutely enamored with something that's just a table of stones that can glow.
>conway's game of life.
Fluttershy starts crying because she saw a glider commit suicide by crashing into the edge of the table.

I really like the idea of Computer science or Electrical engineering Anon getting into runecrafting, because I'm a fucking nerd who enjoys stuff like that.
But it can easily go into "ponies go woah" territory and would probably fit better into a Magic+Tech thread.
I don’t think this one was anonicorn

But it would be interesting if I
Because celestia did not want to fund his magic he did this

Fast forward a few years where celestia is super proud of and feels a lot of guilt about not supporting her son earlier
Then she finds out the lengths he went to
Celestia would obliterate Twilight from existance if that scenario happened to her son.
File: 1615087621468.png (113 KB, 969x1024)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
"Pony goes woah" is fine as long as there's "human goes woah" balancing it out. And with Anon doing runic magic and being able to make magical constructs that function like computers there's plenty of opportunity for it. Just so long as the writefag isn't so shit that they actively ignore all of said opportunities, of course. Maybe there's also magical mares talking down to him and/or his studies and he chocks it up wholly to sexism only to find out that they aren't entirely wrong, just perhaps unnecessarily rude.
Yeah, I think she'd be less than pleased to find out her star pupil made her beloved son prostitute himself to her in exchange for some magical doodad just because she didn't think he deserved to have it otherwise.
Sunset 'bout to get a new roommate
It's even RGRE
Anon you're missing the point. They don't want to read /a/ story about the subject; they want someone to write /their/ story on the subject. What you're witnessing is "idea men" in action. Idea men or idea guys are the type of people who have all these great ideas but are forever unwilling to do the work to bring those ideas to fruition. Why? Because they're the idea guys. They come up with these brilliant, """brilliant""", ideas and think they've done something. As if the idea is the hard part.

So don't bother posting pre existing examples of what they're talking about. That's not what this is about.
Anon you're witnessing people posting about things they think would be cool.
This is like saying that someone who posts about wanting to fuck Celestia is just an idea guy because he's not making a VR game where you can fuck Celestia.
Not everything's that serious.
>sunset is the one that attempted to /ss/ anonicorn.
>keyword attempted, because his night bodyguard's shock at the mares audacity only lasted a moment before they sprang into action.
>celestias protege or not, most ponies cant handle the sudden shock of a bat-guards tactical REEEEEEEEEat close range.
>The prince was unfortunately caught in the crossfire but reported that it was 'cool' after his ears stopped ringing and later tried to replicate it using his runes.
>attempted to /ss/ anonicorn.
Giving the age gap between her and the prince, wouldn't that an 'ara-ara' move ?
Isn't the two pretty much synonymous?
ara-ara imply an age gap and a little boy while /ss/ is more general
I'm not a fuckin' weeb, but I don't know if that'd really apply since Sunset would be at most a teenager
Eqg timeline is weird.
She's a high school senior(?) during the first movie and was there for years.
She should definitely be older than Twilight by a margin, and a common thread in the prince anon stories is that Twilight is either the same age or slightly older.

Plus i like the idea of Sunset being Twilights role model / tutor until she gets banished, which then drives Twilight into her weird hero worship/fear of disappointing Celestia.
>anonicorn shows humans friendship-powered ship
>humans go woah
>anonicorn makes the first runic rapewhistle
Canterlot tabloids would have a field day.
File: 1636056833552.jpg (283 KB, 569x802)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
Really amazing
>tfw flashforward
>human-like Goliath golem has to carry old man anon around
Imagine the feels
I've tried to wrap my head why Anonicorn is such a sperg induced bomb on threads. Like taking all these concepts (minus the tier 4 insanity) and you'd have a decent little royal family sperg RGRE green that's harmless.

-Anon's relationship with Celestia, the 'mother of Equestria' who is struggling to be an ACTUAL mother.
-Anon's cute little moment with his equally awkward overprotective Aunt Luna as they both tackle the strange world they find themselves in together.
-Anon's childhood moments with Spergity (Spergity is a gem no matter how you twist it).
-Anon's, self-imposed?, rivalry with Twilight Sparkle and being stuck in her big purple shadow.
-Etc. Etc.

Is it JUST because Anon is an alicorn? I feel like if this same concept was born up with Anion just being one of the three pony tribes, and it wouldn't be met with such pushback and raging autism.
make your own anonicorn thread if its such a good idea
you won't because you know you can't sustain it and none of you will ever write it
so you just bring up this elaborate shitpost topic again and again
It's because, as with all subjects, RGRE has 3 factions involved.
Faction 1- tasteless retards who can't let an opportunity go by to turn every decent idea into something shitty
Faction 2- autistic REEEtards who will never, ever, ever stop bitching about faction 1, even when they're not involved, because REEEing makes them feel powerful
Faction 3- disappointed bystanders
>being stuck in her big purple shadow.
I can see Luna watching that and seeing a reflection of her and Celestia relation pre-NMM incident
I imagine that it would make try her hardest to feel loved and sift his attention to other, better things, fearing that her nephew will end up going the same dark path she went
Anonicorn is gay and usually ends with the non-productive sort of autism. Pic some other scenario if you want a Poneanon.
For foundation:
>Anon is reborn as Mysterious Gleam, the unicorn middle child of the Sparkle family.
>Anon is reborn as an alicorn in a far-flung region away from Equestria proper, and uses his powers for his people.
>Anon, a former jet-pilot, is reborn as a pegasus and dreams of dominating the sky once more.

For flavor, add:
>Anon retains nothing but his personality and some quirks from his past life.
>Anon has the feeling that he is forgetting something important about himself, realizing something is amiss but isn't fully cognizant of his rebirth. Searches for the answers to these questions about himself.
>Anon is vaguely aware of his reincarnation, as the hazy memories slowly return to him as he grows up. Might suffer from an identity crisis.
>Anon 100% remembers his past life as a man, his (maybe traumatic) death included. Might suffer from PTSD.
>Or any level in between, or even none, he's just a normal pone.

As some optional spice, add:
>Anon grows larger than normal/grows canine teeth/has funny human mannerisms/etc, marking him as different from his peers.
>Anon's talents are bolstered or hindered by whatever level of his past life he recalls.
>Anon's talent relates to something he did in his old life, which may be revolutionary or utterly useless in Equestria.
>Anon encounters (main character/side character here) and becomes close friends with him, tying him to the storyline.
>Anon is born as a mare, which may be troubling depending on how much he remembers or was attached to his male identity as a human.
>Anon decides to fit into his role as a stallion without fuss or rebel against it.
If Anon didn't want a perverted mare spying on him and popping into his bedroom, then maybe he should have locked his window. God, I bet he wanted this to happen. Fucking sluts.
Sorry, I fell asleep after posting.

I did it mostly because I felt that if I didn't play up the RGRE part, people would complain. I could go back and do a more developed take on the origin of the golem, but that might tread too deep into magictech rather than RGRE.

Also this is very much human Anon. Anonicorn is a prompt that could potentially tell interesting greens, but is only ever paraded around by bottom feeders who lack the inventiveness to come up with such interesting stories, nor have they the patience to appreciate such prompts when they randomly appear.
File: Crying butter.gif (566 KB, 1280x720)
566 KB
566 KB GIF
Standard "Alicorn OC" sperging despite most people that write it try to keep it cute and 'power level' to a minimum, along with a dash of "Ew TF"
>tfw you want a comfy story of being son of Celestia that also deals with the resulting butterfly effect it would have on the timeline.
>tfw you cant write anything more than single one-two post scenes.
>tfw i have no words but i must write.
I really liked the worldbuilding and prompt of Anon being an ancient wizard who created the crystal ponies
>>tfw you cant write anything more than single one-two post scenes.
just throw some ideas on a promp
best case someone runs with it and you get a green
worst case nothing happens
then you will get autists reeeeing about how someone is trying to 'steal' anonicorn from RGRE
Bitching about a situation that hasn't even occurred yet has got to be the absolute pinnacle of faggotry. The fact that you have the nerve to call someone else a reeeing autist while doing so is truly amazing.
The recent ones with Anonicorn and Sweetie Bell were adorable.
File: 1612427461002.jpg (403 KB, 1280x916)
403 KB
403 KB JPG
>ywn receive zero sympathy after being spied on by perverted mares
>ywn be told that if you hate all the attention, then maybe you should stop dressing up like you're asking for some
>Anon's level of reading comprehension
File: file.png (626 KB, 1024x1024)
626 KB
626 KB PNG
>Have no time to be a shitposter because of your marefriend
File: file.png (445 KB, 1000x887)
445 KB
445 KB PNG
>Online friends begin to worry when you don't log in everyday.
>One of them does some digging and is shocked by what she finds.
>A new Muzzlebook account with your name.
>And on it? A picture of you and your marefriend
>She realizes that you were a guy the whole time, and that you're being converted into a normie by your Stacy marefriend.
>A lot of raging was done when she returned back to everyone else with what she found.
File: 1627825051228.png (533 KB, 2048x1171)
533 KB
533 KB PNG
>Anon thinks Sonata and Aria are attractive, but shuns Adagio
What the fuck man?
>they stage an intervention
Is that Windy Whistle? Hmm. Well, even if it's not, this pic is quite nice.
File: #1Lovers.jpg (195 KB, 986x1000)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Daily reminder that Rainbow dashes parents would be the BEST in-laws.
Fuck off with that shit. Threads spin off all the time.
>You married Rainbow Dash and Windy Whistles is your mother in law.
>She really does act like a mother to you (in the tomboyish way mares do)
>You had no idea how much emotional baggage was still weighing you down until she and Bow began treating you like one of their own.
>You finally broke down during a private moment with Windy and admitted how much you miss your own parents, your own mother. To your silent relief, she listened and held nothing against you.
>"Shhhh, it's okay sweetie." Windy's smile is subdued as she rubs a wing across your back. "You don't have to hold these things in. I can't ever replace the mare who gave birth to you, and the Mister can't replace the stallion who sired you, but we'll love you like you're one of our own. You made our daughter the happiest mare in the world, so you're owed everything we can give and then some. That's a promise."
>You left after that visit feeling lighter than ever.
Its literally just fags bitching
File: 1566897614002.jpg (68 KB, 683x683)
68 KB
>yfw you're sitting all alone in your dark bedroom reading this

I think she's ugly.

The only fun times I'd be interested in having with her would involve holding her down and shaving her bald.
he had a whoapost-tier YT link. you're expecting good taste from him?
File: 1541100489338.gif (1.81 MB, 1920x1080)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB GIF
Look at this asshole. What's even her problem?
>>Anon, a former jet-pilot, is reborn as a pegasus and dreams of dominating the sky once more.
>jet pilot scrub
>Not being a chad propeller plane pilot
Wonder what would spitfire would think of the plane named after her
Why weren't all of the Wonderbolts named after WWII era fighters/planes?
That could have been rad desu
>Earth Ponies are constantly low-key grumpy because they lack both the capabilities of flight and the biology necessary for the manipulation of magic
>tfw no retired grandpappy wonderbolt named Stuka
File: 1546217097045.png (267 KB, 614x614)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
I propose that ponies are an amorphic semi-fluid.
Like, single cell or just flat out living slimes?
Living slimes. Their cores are non-Newtonian, so they can harden the interiors of their "limbs" and other relevant areas to simulate a skeleton.
Guess Anon "Totally Not a Living Slime" Y. Mouse would probably freak them out a little.

>"What do you MEAN you can't just reshape your hair to be longer? It has to GROW? What?"
"...I don't know what to tell you Rares but that's how it's always worked."
>he made a siren noice everytime he made a dive entrance
>He do if when he flys to catch his grandsons from adove and get nuzzled
>His grandsons call it the nuzzle siren
>Rarity styles her mane by pushing her purple head-substance through a Play-Doh press
>tfw you wrote both of those.
Two ideas i couldn't get out of prompt stage / not RGREenough were
>Sunburst finding the guy's journals / old spellbooks and becoming his apprentice (also learns sewing, because the guy's addled enough mentally by now that spellweaving and thread weaving have melted together)

>Thorax showing up triggers some residual 'My creation is broken, must fix' instincts in the guy due to the common golem ancestry, either makes him a full set of clothing or bandages up all his holes.
After taking them off later Thorax realises that not only is he not as hungry but that his holes have filled in a little.
A cute idea or at least the start of one might be something like Celestia is in a panic and begins to lift the castle up into the air and starts to shake it about trying to find her son. The capital itself is being ripped from the foundation as no one can recall where they last saw the prince.

Cue Anon and Raven or Anon and Twilight returning from a two day vacation thing with soivinier that they got from the deep south of Equestria with all the sands, Anon and friends wound up inside an acient tomb, solved the puzzle and even got a really pretty necklace for his mom.

Celestia meanwhile is torn between melting from the cuteness of her son and the guilt of forgetting about giving permission for the Sparkle family to take her son on a vacation.

Now there might be a plot hole in something along the lines of why didn't the guard be informed, but that could be swept under the rug as easily as the Sparkle family comes and goes rather easily in the castle so it didn't really perk up as a threat that needed to be taken into account or whatever.

I like the idea that Anonicorn follows some of the same trends of demigods from myths, maybe not to the extent of Heracles bashing some snakes in that were trying to eat him, but little things that showed some of his future potential as an adult when he comes into his own.

Oh shit that reminded me, I did write something with Anonicorn I just forgot that I had it, but I ran into slight issue in where to take it beyond family shenagins.
File: Twilot.png (450 KB, 1100x977)
450 KB
450 KB PNG
This horse wants to teach you about special friendship.
So uh just to let everyone know, someone decided to viewbot The Long and Short of It on ponepaste. I have have no idea what's going to come of this so uh, if something happens to my ponepaste in the next few days, you all know why.
I heard that a lot of people from the momlestia threads would try and wiggle their way into anonicorn talks for a little bit, so that might have something to do with it
Please god let your ponepaste be fine
Anonicorn's very concept can be green in the Momlestia thread. Yet from what I've seen the Anon in question is almost always a human child and any attempt to use a Poneanon variant is almost always shot down.
File: Capture.png (93 KB, 1327x629)
93 KB
Hm, I could see Raven having time off due to Celestia's insistence, and then due to that kindness, Celestia finds herself buried in extra work.

What follows is wacky miscommunication and a sleep-deprived panic-induced Celestia nearly turning Canterlot over to find her son.
Between posting that and now, Part 1 has gone up another 70 "views"
Probably doesn't have anything to do with it but next time there's a giant thread long off topic shit storm maybe you shouldn't weigh in with your trip on and specifically involve your story in it
That might have been a bad idea
If that's actually what set some schizo off I'll gladly go down with that ship.
File: 1606863386938.png (103 KB, 383x386)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
Every time she goes to Hoersmart, some absolute piece of SHIT keeps stocking the spot that's for gumdrops with nasty-ass, boot-tough spice drops.
Where is the momlestia thread anyway
Gone. Reduced to atoms.
File: 1611717140296.png (300 KB, 900x800)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
It's because people just (rightly) hate anonicorn (as they should).
File: .png (299 KB, 500x375)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
>He says while posting an Anonfilly image
File: 1611291875015.png (194 KB, 1360x1188)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
anon good
anonfilly good
anonmare okay
anoncolt meh
anonicorn very bad
File: h.png (41 KB, 126x164)
41 KB
File: 1609927429397.jpg (10 KB, 230x219)
10 KB
>liking anonicorn
>hating anon
>not wanting to fuck anonfilly
I shiggiously diggity don't.
File: i.png (14 KB, 77x95)
14 KB
File: Spoiler Image (35 KB, 481x637)
35 KB
>sleep-deprived panic-induced Celestia nearly turning Canterlot over to find her son.

>not literally cartoon-physics-ripping it from the foundations and shaking it upside down while everyone in canterlot think a monster is attacking.
>ends up with a small pile of stuff and everypony in the castle except for a still sleeping Luna, whose magically secured herself and her bed due to so many pranks.
File: file.png (456 KB, 531x679)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
>Anon is a practitioner of magic in the modern era.
>He's little more than a self-taught hedge mage, as he's had no official schooling. Most schools won't even look his way due to his mundane heritage.
>He hears about a secret war in Japan where the prize is a Wish, and how every few decades mages will team up with Heroic Spirits and duke it out over the prize.
>A real, no-rules wish... Maybe he can be more than just a hedge mage after all.
>He gathers the supplies to summon a Hero, then boards a plane and leaves.
>...Unfortunately for Anon, someone thought his plane was carrying another, higher-profile competitor and had it bombed.
>Anon doesn't notice the whirling, kaleidoscope-like portal the old man in the seat next to him makes and pushes him into a moment the bomb goes off, saving Anon from certain death.
>He comes to in a forest, groggy, injured, and alarmed from all the mana in the air.
>Frightened, he pulls his summoning catalyst, a bundle of old horsehair out, and tries to summon his hero Servant to help him out.
>Little does he know, he's not on earth, so he's not getting an earthly hero, especially not with a horsehair catalyst.
>In a flash of light, an Equestrian Heroic Spirit is reborn before him.
>The Servant blinks the stars from her eyes and sees her injured and frightened Master before her, and near-instantly any thoughts of rebellion are gone. She won't leave a colt to his fate out here.
>Bewildered, Anon lets his fretting Servant lead him to the nearest town.
>...A town populated by more ponies...
>And they run right into Twilight Sparkle, who gasps and instantly recognizes the historical figure standing defensively before the real-life human.
"Maybe I should have stayed home..." Anon mutters.
For you weebs yes it's Fate.
dammit I need more greens!
More please
File: 1521975977312.png (111 KB, 631x682)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
Would mares try to force their way into a herd, and if so would such a "tactic" be at all respected?
File: 1611020244797.png (17 KB, 770x599)
17 KB
What do you mean by force?
Like "shotgun wedding" force?
And probably not.
mainly seducing the stallion away from the rest of the mares as her "in" and asserting that she's one of them now, as opposed to the presumably normal way of everyone in the herd being involved in a bit of a sit-down affair first
File: 1627039720454.png (892 KB, 1600x1400)
892 KB
892 KB PNG
So just going about it behind their backs and not involving them in the process? I can imagine that they'd be more than a bit peeved that the mare was isolating their stallion and trying to make the decision wholly up to him.
Goddamn, this is intriguing, added up with that armor-clad waifu-pone, I think I'm hooked!
Too bad there will be no more of this, as usual, oh well.
You are not entitled to content. Be more thankful for what you get and less demanding.
I am not I am not demanding I am asking there is a difference
Why did you chain my comment to that? Is my resignation somehow reads as demanding things?
Jesus, I knew the reading comprehension of the thread's REEEtards was shit, but this is a new low, I'm actually kinda impressed.
>be anon
>be passive aggressive and entitled
>get called out on it
>”why is everyone retards”
Every time.
Who is Anon's Servant?
fuck it i say clover the clever
File: 1631166269484.jpg (90 KB, 500x657)
90 KB
>when there's not more
Don't talk to it. He was here last thread and said the same thing under identical circumstances. It's 2021, everybody knows "moar pls" is not a hostile, entitled demand that the potential writefag put aside all life's responsibilities and devote the next 4 days to writing for our shallow amusement. This guy's just being an ass.
Alright, whatever you say, here have a (You).
>Oh shit that reminded me, I did write something with Anonicorn I just forgot that I had it
Post it please

>but I ran into slight issue in where to take it beyond family shenagins.
Keep it arround cute familly shenanigans, they are fun
Someone doesn’t know how Fate works.
>Every time.
This "you aren't entitled to a writefag's writefagging" has happened literally twice. This time, and the one time it's happened last thread. There is no "every time", this entire "u r entitled callout" niggerbusiness only started happening in this thread like 2 days ago.
correct. i saw "heroic spirit" into "horsehair messed with summoning to bring an equestrian heroic spirit" and just assumed it summoned an ancient hero from equestria
how far off the mark was I?
File: 1630056205644.png (1.89 MB, 1920x1080)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB PNG
Look at all those fillies.
Imagine a herd of Anon and all of his anonfillies.
That would be like cocaine for Discord.
>Sure Steel is a legendary unicorn swordsmare.
>A bandit who was press-ganged into service during the height of the conflicts between the three tribes, she was forced to become a true warrior on the field lest she become a faceless casualty.
>Normally a unicorn can only use one sword at once, and it's difficult then. Normally a unicorn grips things in their telekinesis by enveloping the whole object, but that prevents the edge from striking with a sword, so they grip the handle and are forced to cope with the awkward handling.
>Swinging, angling the edge correctly, and modulating the power of the telekinesis makes for a trying endeavor in combat, which is why Sure Steel is remembered for using NINE swords at once.
>She turned every battlefield into a no-mares-land filled with bloody snow, as she was the pony equivalent to a walking blender. She cut down swathes of pegasi and earth ponies, and a legend grew around her, saying there was no defense that her efficient brutality can't overwhelm. Arrows and lightning bolts sent her way would be deflected, then she would impale or cut down her foe from an absurd distance for telekinesis.
>Her legend said that she was more monster than mare, feared even by other unicorns.
>All but one, that is.
>The husband of Princess Platinum.
>The gentle stallion saw a tragic beauty to Steel, and the raw danger she embodied drew him in like a moth to flame.
>Steel, still bitter over her forced service, gladly took the prince's affection and laid with him just to spite Platinum.
>The Princess didn't take the offence laying down.
>Steel found herself ambushed by Platinum's finest troops, and although caught off guard, fought back furiously.
>In the end, she felled over 100 elite unicorns, then finally submitted to her injuries and died, bitter until the end.
>Unknown to most, losing so many powerful troops was the tipping point for Platinum to enter peace talks with the pegasi and earth ponies. She knew her position was precarious before, but now she was at a clear disadvantage with so many elites gone.
>So went the legend of Sure Steel, a mare who died a tragic death.
It seems to me that there are one or two total shitheads lurking around, taking every opportunity they have to try to boss everyone around and act like their shit don't stink. Truly despicable autists, blind to their own faults, intoxicated by the illusion of their own superiority. The downfall of every society, large and small.
File: 8c4.png (775 KB, 1042x663)
775 KB
775 KB PNG
>A bandit who was press-ganged into service
File: 1614543531665.png (235 KB, 1684x945)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
because pic related
File: raugh.gif (1.9 MB, 320x200)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
>one or two total shitheads lurking around
>one or two
There's a lot of situations where being passably good enough at everything would far outstrip being a specialist at one thing.

For example, being stranded in the middle of a jungle with no help coming, your only option to get to civilization yourself, and having an injury that requires immediate medical treatment.

You might not be the best surgeon, but you'll live.
You might not be the best botanist, but you can identify enough stuff to tell what can be passably used for surgical tools and temporary sutures.
You might not be an expert at water purification, but you know the basics.
You might not be the best survivalist, but you know enough to survive.
Shut the fuck up you faggot
t. writefag
Put on your trip and tell us what you've written.
ignore him, it's just poor quality bait
I refuse. You can still kill yourself at your earliest convenience though.
So you haven't written anything. As I thought.
Keep cryin fag.
File: 6NdGEuc.jpg (18 KB, 600x600)
18 KB
Do not.
I love these lore buildings. Exposition of a single character but then, so much more!
I wonder how Sure Steel would feel about being the best warrior for the next literally thousand years after her death, since weaponry didn't advance in this past millenia, at all.
Jeez, imagine the feeling of superiority!
>Anonicorn chaperoned at a nobles party by his older cousin blueblood.
>Said colt has his hooves full running interference against all the daughters trying to get the Prince's attention.
>Fortunately there's a large cake in the room and he inherited his mothers sweet tooth so that's dominating his attention at the moment.
>Just have to cause a few 'accidents' for the mares smart enough to try bringing him a slice.
>Twilight might be Celestia's official student for all things magical, but the princess had more knowledge to share than simple magic.
>Blue blood sipped his fruit juice, not even paying attention as the next confident courtier seemingly fell over her own hooves and caused her carried confection to splatter against her own face with a muffled yelp.
>Much more.
>Blueblood being prankmaster celestia's apprentice.
Love it, no one would suspect a thing.
ha ha what do you think Pinkie Pie would do if like, you grabbed her and pinned her down ha ha and just started slurping on her butthole like it was a hard candy oh jeez ha ha

what a funny joke that would be
>Nonny what the BUCK ARE YOU DOING!?
>"So you're telling me the only pony that came close to what I did that isn't a princess is a bucking seamstress?"
Awesome. I love that little Prince Anon inherited Celestia's sweet tooth. Plus any idea that doesn't just default to Blueblood being a bland jerk is always welcome.
>Just lie back and accept it, Ponk! The Ponice will never believe you! And look how hard you're winking, you want this as much as I do!
How would Blue blood react to Anon trying to offer a hoof help the clumsy mare ?
File: Kaos 4.png (217 KB, 913x1024)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
>Jokes on you Nonny
>You can't rape the willing
File: 1558655879760.png (246 KB, 1186x954)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
Funny you should mention that.
Damn you all i've already jacked it to mares today. Fucking faggots
Probably freak out and try to make the mare look extra bad and humiliate her

Also how would blueblood react to anon and twilight flirting especially if twilight was a massive sperg
>Sure Steel chews her ‘hayburger’ slowly, blue eyes scanning diligently for danger in the crowded restaurant.
>Twilight Sparkle, a distant sister of hers, insisted on getting to know Steel and her Master once she wheetled out just how Steel’s Master summoned her.
>Sister Rarity, one of Twilight’s friends is pleasant enough for a bliatant homosexual. How unfortunate for them to associate with mudponies and pigeons, though.
>Apparently the modern era can't get enough of this ‘tolerance’ nonsense.
>Imagine her surprise when she, a mare branded a traitor by Platinum, ascended to the Throne of Heros after her death.
>Then she was summoned back to the world of the living as a Heroic Spirit, and by a Master most unusual.
>The unicorn eyes her Master, who has barely touched his food as he struggles to keep up with the chatter of the pink mudpony. He notices Steel staring and offers her a shy smile.
>Steel grins back.
>Ha! This hyuman colt is an adorable thing, and for an untaught spellcaster, he has more than enough mana to sustain Steel’s connection to the world of the living. If not bound by the chivalrous curse that bitch Platinum forced on her, Steel might have held him down and sent him to nirvana and back in thanks, just like she would have back in her days as an outlaw.
>Just the thought makes a phantom pain tingle in the back of Steel’s skull, a foul reminder of the geas forced on her and the rest of the press-ganged rabble to keep them in line.
>’Platinum, enjoy your stay in the lowest pits of tartarus.’
>...Alas, Steel can win her Master with displays and words as well as she can force, so it’s no problem. The colt deserves more than a few nights with a proper unicorn for bringing her back.
>”So, Steel, was it?”
Steel swallows her bite and turns to that colorful pigeon, Rainbow Dash. “Hmm?”
>The pigeon grins. “So, if you and Commander Hurricane fought, who w-”
“Me,” Steel casually interrupts as she takes another bite of her burger. “Hurricane was all hot air.”
>Rainbow blinks, nonplussed. “Oh, uh. What about Hexus the six wing-”
“Me again,” Steel sniffs. “Your history books might not say it, but I’ve crossed blades with Hexus and sent her running like the unweaned thin-blood she is.”
>”W-Well,” The pigeon begins to look flustered and even a little upset. “There’s no way you could take on Radiant Spear, the White Vanguard.”
Steel smirks. “Of course not. She was killed by a mudpony squire during the Hoof Steppe campaign. The only way it could have been more embarrassing is if she fell on her own spear like other bird-brains are prone to.”
>The pink one stops chattering and the farmer turns to give Steel an ugly glare. Rainbow’s face slowly flushes an angry red.
>”Steel,” The mare stills as her master reaches a hand across the table and squeezes her hoof. “Easy with the insults, okay? We’re not out here to make enemies.”
Steel sucks in a deep breath and sighs. “Very well.”
>Euh. Her Master is already making her soft. Such is life under the command of a colt...
>"And even then she was only capable of doing so because she used... Needles. Sewing needles."
>She takes a big breath, holds it in for a few moments, then exhales, a hoof slowly finding its way to her face.
>"I... I'm not even mad, I'm actually kind of impressed. So much time lost and yet nothing changed. I also want to meet this seamstress."
I could see Twilight getting interested or developing a crush on Anon but giving that Twilight was one source of little Anonicorn inferiority complex that saw her as a rival for Celestia's attention and that they didn't have a good relationship, I don't see Anon reciprocating her

Twilight trying to figure out why Anon doesn't like her while trying to make emends and swaying his heart might make for a good green thought
Oh, that casual racism, the feeling of actually being better than anything these modern parodies of a real mare could do, it's delicious.
Though I didn't expect Steel to take Anon for a pansy, perhaps it's time for his HMD to meet her HMD! ^:)
File: eatit.jpg (149 KB, 1019x373)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
>"Oh, Ponk. I don't just want to eat it. I want to sharply slap my swollen sex sausage between the plush posterior pillows of some plucky pony. I want to piston my prodigious pleasure pike against her pouty puckering ponut until the pungent perfume of our procreative pantomime fills the air, and with a powerful primal howl, paint her perfectly plump rump and puffy pink pony pussy with pints of boiling baby batter."
>tries to impress him by studying extra hard and showing off her magical skills.
>Is very confused when this makes things worse.
>Cadence would try to help but Anon had made her promise not to tell anyone about his feelings of inadequacy after he confided in her one day.
>All she can offer Twilight are vague hints about not showing off as much, just b urself, and 'get to know him as a pony'.
>Pinkie Pie grew up on an isolated farm
>Never knew how to act around a colt she likes
>Mostly because she was never around colts to like until she moved out
>Is essentially at the level of emotional maturity (at least when those confusing feelings are concerned) of a 4th grader
>Verbal barbs, good-natured teasing, and tends to go just a little bit too far
>You think she's a normal mare giving you shit for being the soft gender
>In reality, she's barely keeping it together and is screaming internally the entire time she interacts with you
It's a compromise between "l-lewdest ponk ever" and "innocent babbu who doesn't know what a penis is". She's as lewd as any other mare (who only want one fucking thing and it's disgusting), but she's not sure how to express her feelings around you.
File: Bon Disaproves.gif (100 KB, 630x398)
100 KB
100 KB GIF
>"But you're a candymare, why do you need to buy candy at hoersmart?"
"Doesn't a pony get a day off? Sometimes a mare just needs her sugar and she needs it NOW."
>"A chef gets sick of cooking, now quick riding my flank."
I recently saw a pony warhammer post and was wondering what would happen if Anon ends up in rgre enters into a herd with the main 6 and maybe the sisters everything is perfect for them.

>one day space pony space marines Arrive and see their beloved primarchs and maybe the empress fawning over a xeno colt what happens
File: 1608673082105.webm (2.89 MB, 400x400)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB WEBM
>space pony space marines
Jesus, fuck, ever heard of punctuation?
I thought I was having a stroke reading this nonesense, bloody hell. Also,
>pone goes woah
File: 1617216938265.png (589 KB, 1000x1000)
589 KB
589 KB PNG
>A mare who just comes out of nowhere and attempts to seduce a taken stallion is seen as a homewrecker.
>A mare needs the approval of at least one of the herdmares to get the wheels in motion.
>A whirlwind romance is something for single ponies.
>Courting a herded stallion is a much more drawn out and time consuming affair. Largely because you aren't JUST courting the stallion, but also all of the mares already in the herd.
>Compatibility between all the members of a herd is key, and overlooking that is the number one cause of herd dysfunction and breakup.
i would fucking love to read a story told from the perspective of Sure Steel
it's refreshing to have a pony with ye olde perspective on ponies and life that isn't luna

NOF, please don't stretch yourself too thin.
File: fillies will be fillies.png (50 KB, 1953x1483)
50 KB
>my ham candle has a girth certificate and i'm gonna stretch out your brap chapel with it
>Anon, a brave entrepreneur who tried to combine a scented candle shop with a kosher deli, doesn't know that "Baptist" is spelled without an "r" as he tries to hit on a local Mare of God
Yeah, for as fun as NOFs little one shots are I'd rather have more Game of Pones than a dozen little one shots.
On the subject of recent greens, I hope Horse Anon returns.
I hope he stays gone. His misanthropic shit is what eventually brought the HFYfags out of the woodwork.
Ignore the REEEtard
Why waste time with shit that doesn't matter?
>A herd of Anons/Anonfillies.
>Discord thinks it's chaotic heaven at first but eventually learns that it's just shitposting hell.
>It's not like he can control any of them to do anything of worth and if he did try, they'd either call him a faggot or manage to do something else.
>Admittedly, that second option can be just as funny but he'd rather not risk constantly being called a faggot.
>>-which is why Sure Steel is remembered for using NINE swords at once.
>Clearly an inspiration for Luna's own weapon swinging tactics in "Honorable Duels".
>And Rarity's, funny enough which makes the Lunar Princess's visits to the boutique extra interesting.
>Nothing quite like watching a Seamstress and a Princess of the Night "practice sparring" with Sewing Needles and Crescent Moon Halberds.
>All while over tea and while comparing dresses, of all things.
>The Seamstress and the Princess look up from their sparring match, exchanging glances, an incredulous expression on Rarity's face.
>"Darling, were you never taught that interrupting the grown-ups, especially in such an abrupt and uncouth manner is rude? Why, up until 300 years ago it was grounds for a Duel of Honor!" As she speaks Rarity's collection of needles all line up above her head, pointy end threateningly aimed at the interrupter.
>"My well mannered sparring partner is correct. Which leads us to a question to be asked." Luna joins in, her crescent moon blades taking the same, albeit much more threatening position above her head.
>The mare, realizing her mistake, quickly decides to leg it.
>"Tell us darling, why do you feel the need to share with us your sexual orientation?" Rarity calls out as she gives chase, keeping her voice cultured despite bearing a shit-eating grin.
>"Explain to us the reason for your sudden decision of galopping away from your own challenge!" Luna adds, following suit, her face also adored with a similar grin.
>The onlooker ponies are unsure about just what is happening, however the yelling soon devolves into something more obvious to understand.
>"Why are you running!?" Yells Luna, her Royal Canterlot Voice barely contained.
>"Why are you gay, darling?!" Adds Rarity, almost unable to hold back her hysterical laughter.
>And the offending mare screams and runs for her life.

>Sure Steel snorts as she watches the scene unfold, turning into one of comedy.
>Anon and her were sitting in a 'café', trying out these strange, energizing drinks when the sparring nearby was interrupted.
"Maybe this new princess is not a pansy, after all." She comments idly as she takes another sip of this tongue-burning brew.
>"Princess Luna is over a thousand years old." Anon replies, not even looking up from the newspaper he's been trying to read.
"I'm still older." Sure responds, smirking as the trio of yelling mare's run past by them again.
>"For better or worse..." Anon mutters, rolling his eyes.
Yeah I agree, though I wouldn't mind a continuation of that celly horse short he contributed to.
Speaking of which did anyone achieve that?
The mere mental image of Luna and Rarity chasing some mare, screaming "Y R U GAE" has my sides crippled, this is a good one my fine fellow.
No, that's pretty much it.
Fate has like 6 millions spinoff and variants that are somehow supposed to all be canon, so whatever you do there will always be at least one autist complaining that it's not following all the canon rules.
File: Whut.png (70 KB, 466x604)
70 KB
>RGRE herd of Anonfillies
On one side it would make any stallion flee, on the other they would be hunting mares anyway.
Wonder how well that would go. Touching little colts is an auto-lynch in RGRE, but when it's a filly begging for it? Do they just get told to fuck off and deal with their urges themselves with a shrug, even by mares with a propensity for clam fiesta? Or do they become the town's secondary bicycle for mares too wimpy to ask the town's *stallion* bicycle?
File: Book of thing.png (106 KB, 700x700)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
>Before becoming Celestia's student, Twilight was used to sleeping in the same room as her brother.
>To help her acclimatise to living in the castle, she briefly had her and Anon share a bedroom.
>They took turns reading bedtime stories.
>Anon read a bit slower than her because he was about a year younger but he was much better at putting on the voices.
>This brief month or so of time together forms the seed of her attraction, even if she's long forgotten that period by the time she's aware of her crush.
>She's not sure why "Do you want to read together?" received the most positive response from him ( 'Sure'), nor why his acceptance made her so happy, but she's not going to complain.
>For Anons part, he doesn't DISLIKE Twilight, only her ability to excel at everything he, well, doesn't.
>Some quiet time simply reading together in the library and talking about the book topics, the warmth of another close by, the faint memory of turning pages by horn-glow and whispering under blankets.
>It's nice.
>she briefly had her and Anon share a bedroom.
*Celestia had Twilight and Anon
>old timey marely mare dropped in the middle of (for her) kinderquestria
Ohh this is so cute
I really want a green with twilight and anon as children and then cut to the grand galloping gala in a few years where prince anon and spurg twilight have a dance
Elements bearers go woah
Did that tuftbeard Flurry story ever come back?
Well, it would be nice if it did.
>Blueblood tries to run his customary interference.
>Spergity monopolises his time and he cant get rid of her.
>Anon, Celestia and Twilight greeting ponies as they enter, which was going quite nicely, albiet boring.
>It was the brief periods where they were alone that was a bit of a...concern.
>"So uh...nice night, isnt it?"
>Between her students crashing attempts at small talk and her sons unusual reticence the princess could cut the awkwardness with one of her cake knives.
>Maybe a little careful manuvering would help matters.
>"There aren't many ponies left on the guest list, why dont the two of you go find my sister so that we can all four of us join the party together?"
>Even one year less experience in her 1000 year reign would not have prevented a flinch from the look of betrayal her son shot her in that moment.
>As it were, her smile grew slightly wooden as her son gave a quiet sigh and gestured for Twilight to follow him.
Someone else take the wheel i can write neither teen, cringe nor one sided romance
File: 1580870495346.png (424 KB, 636x600)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
I want to be the victim of sexual harassment from a powerful mare who has a public image of being kind and totally not a huge pervert.
File: 1609258499316.jpg (202 KB, 945x945)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
So molestia but for rgre?
My brain is mush. I want to continue this, but the words don't flow even when I know what I want to do with them. It's like the propeller has lobotomized me. All those years of letting my head rest on the bus window and enjoying the vibrations has finally caught up to me.
Witch mares would be Celestia approved to try court Anonicorn ?
Celestia would certainly not approve witch mares, those devil worshipers would never make it within fifty feet of her son.
Inkwell if the age gap isnt too big.
The cake chef.
Whomsoever beats her in a weight lifting contest.
File: xpony greenie.png (109 KB, 385x439)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
What about Luna
File: 1637595240962.gif (3.87 MB, 800x450)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB GIF
>Luna is Celestia's sister
>Anon is Celestia's kid
>Luna is Anon's aunt
This would likely require Anon not being properly genetically related to Celestia as well as him growing up in the time shortly before Luna's return (or really just not growing up around Luna) in order for Celestia to even consider it.
File: JFHRBcB.jpg (57 KB, 327x327)
57 KB
>Celestia rips open reality to pull in a version of her and her sister that are JUST genetically different enough that it doesn't count as incest to be with Anon
>If there's no mare good enough for her little greenbean in this reality, she'll damn well get her from ANOTHER REALITY
>by the sun she WILL have grandfoals!

>years later this event will be looked on as a possible explanation for the ever so rare single mother quantum whimsy phenomena
File: 1626310455089.png (143 KB, 800x516)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
Is having a son the ultimate cuckoldry?

I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than having a son. Honestly, think about it rationally. You are feeding, clothing, raising and rearing a colt for at least 18 years solely so he can go and get ravaged by another mare. All the hard work you put into your beautiful little colt - reading him stories at bedtime, making him go to sports practice, making sure he had a healthy diet, educating him, playing with him. All of it has one simple result: his body is more enjoyable for the mares that he will eventually fuck in every hole.

Raised the perfect colt? Great. Who benefits? If you're lucky, a random mare who had nothing to do with the way he grew up, who marries him. She gets to fuck him every night. She gets the benefits of his kind and sweet personality that came from the way you raised him.

As a mare who has a son, you are LITERALLY dedicating at least 20 years of your life simply to raise a colt for another mare to enjoy. It is the ULTIMATE AND FINAL cuck. Think about it logically.

I think we all know the solution.
File: 1545010650531.png (29 KB, 1000x1000)
29 KB
>A portal opens in the middle of another Celestia's court
>Momlestia pokes her thread through, teeth bared and horn lit
>strangely familiar magic descends on the stunned diarch
>"W-wha? What's going on, who are you?"
>that catches her attention, though she's still terribly confused
>"Is Luna okay, did something happen to her?"
>and with a pop they both vanished in a golden light, presumably off to go grab the sleeping Luna
silly ponies
But Anon, the royal blood must be kept pure
Are we going to go an entire thread without real green?
File: FXy2KyGX.jpg (19 KB, 279x400)
19 KB
Anon, be the change you want to see
>if the age gap isnt too big
But that's what makes it good
>Hoofsteps echo down the corridor as a pair of ponies walk in silence, a purple mouth opening and closing, words dying in her throat each time.
>Until they didnt.
"I'm sorry!"
>Green hooves stop as eyes the same almost-glowing amethyst of his mothers look back her in confusion.
>"...For what?"
"I dont know! And that's just it! I've tried and i've tried but i just cant think of anything i've done to upset you but even i can tell that you're mad at me over something and mom always said i should apologise if i ever make a colt mad ESPECIALLY when i dont know the reason and i thought that would work but it obviously didnt because you're not a typical airhead colt who gets mad over nothing you're intelligent you think logically you havegoodtasteinbooksyou'rehans-mhmmhmhhm."
>"Twilight. I'm going to put my hoof down, and you're going to breathe, okay?"
>Gasping as she catches her breath, the both of them ignore the watery edges of her eyes, obviously from oxygen deprivation.
>Not looking at her, the stallion speaks simply.
>"I'm not mad at you Twilight, you've Never done Anything wrong."
>Something about that sentence bothered her, but she's not sure what.
"Are you sure? I know i may not have expressed it...at all, heh, but i consider you a friend, and i've realised recently how important Friendship is."
>A hoof touches his withers as he turns away, freezing the stallion in place.
"I'd never do anything to hurt you, okay? I promise. Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my ARGH!"
>Turning to look at her again, the prince stares dumbfounded as the mare rubs at her eye.
"Every bucking time, if i didnt know any better i'd swear pinkie cursed me with that..."
>Looking at him with that curious expression, one eye noticeably red, broke the flood gates.
>"Y-you just, just BWAHAHAHAHA!"
>Twilight sparkle, five time consecutive winner of the Junior mage of the year award, personal student to the Princess of equestria and someone more learned than anyone of her generation and below combined, just poked herself in the eye by accident.
"Hey! I'm being serious! Stop laughing!"
>The sight of her scrunch and the faint blush on her cheeks spawned a new wave of laughter as the stallion fell on his rump, one hoof holding him upright as another pointed at his face. pointed to her, than back to him.
>Scrunch relaxing as she watched him laugh, the mare chuckled ruefully to herself as she sat next to him.
"Yeah, i suppose it is pretty funny to see, maybe Pinkie was onto something when she came up with that."
>Looking out of a nearby window into the night sky as she waited for him to calm down, she continued.
"Y'know, the day she taught me that she also told me that 'losing a friend's trust is the fastest way to lose a friend forever!' Although she said it more like For-EV-er!, she's funny like that."
>She keeps looking out the window as her friends laughter slowly subsides.
"But, funny or not, she's right, and i don't ever want to lose your trust, and I want you to know that you have mine, even if you're mad at me."
"I wont ask you to tell me why if you don't want to tell me, i just want you to know that I'm honestly truly and completely sorry for it, whatever it is that i did, and i promise to make it up to you, cupcake and all."
>A hoof lightly touches her closed eye in the silence, before dropping back down to the floor with a single clop.
"...We should get going, Princess Luna is going to miss the whole party at this rate."
>A wing draping across her back stops her from rising as she turns to the stallion at her side.
>A small smile on his face makes her stomach start doing backflips like Rainbow trying to impress the wonderbolts.
>He looks her in the eye as he speaks next, his wing curled around her in a hug.
>"I'm not mad at you."
>She believes him, and the small smile on her face matches his own as they simply sit there in the moonlight.
>A slam ringing down the hall startles them both to their hooves, both standing unconsciously standing closer to each other against the chill of the castle stone as they hear rapid hoofsteps accompanied by a voice.
>The pair of ponies look at each other sheepishly as they suddenly remember why they were walking though the corridors alone.
>"Huzzah! We shall go forth as a group! Mayhap our- darn, we must remember that the language has changed, please tell me if we-I slip back into more familiar vernacular."
>"Anyway, hopefully our sister has not eaten all of the confectionary yet, onward!"
>Striding purposely ahead, the trio head back to the gala, the two smaller ponies glancing at each other a few times as they walk, the tension between them not fully dissipated, but now much less cold.
This made me smile
I love how cute twilight and anon are
Very premium
>twilight still has issues pinkie promising
kek, and aww
Premium mixture of cuteness and comedy. A+ effort!
Premium Awww's

Good Green, Anon.
File: 1579486980717.png (158 KB, 1080x1920)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
You didn't give your number to Luna.
Capitalize your I's dammit.
fine by me, after all that poor mare just needs some love after being trapped on the moon for a thousand years :(
>Arrive in Equestria shortly after Luna reappears
>Hang out in the castle while Celestia determines whether or not you're a danger
>Meanwhile, you've put your shit on backwards, again.
>It's cool to reference other, funnier posts, right?
>Can't sleep
>Wander around the castle
>Wander into the gardens
>Luna's there
>Looks like this small soft horse could use a hug
>Act on the spontaneous urge
>Try to disengage the hug
>Luna denies your request
>You now have a horse with 1000 years of skin-hunger that needs to be dealt with
>You fall asleep leaning against Luna, because she won't let go of you
i sense the possibility of shenanigans.
>tfw you come across your sister attached to an Alien like a tick
>tfw you aren't the one attached to him
Oh, I like this one.

>The nightly visits repeat and turn into a habit.
>Everyday you stray further away from Celestia's light, just so you can spend more time with the dark blue, crescent-moon-butt horsie you totally just forgot to ask the name of, yes, silly you...
>As days pass and turn into weeks, you build a relationship with her.
>Day by day, you crave more and more to see her face light up in a smile upon seeing you approach, brighter than the previous time.
>Then come one day when Princess Celestia finally reaches the end of the lengthy process of determining your true nature and find you... Just fine.
>Your weeks of waiting within the castle grounds is over just like that, you can leave the next morning!
>Happy to share this news with your cuddle-buddy you visit and talk with every night, you go to the usual spot way before the evening, waiting for her to appear.
>Except... she doesn't.
>You wait there until day break, but she doesn't show up.
>Feeling heart broken, you grab your few belongings and go to leave, not knowing how to find your only friend here, since you forgot to, uh, ask her name... for weeks... Yeah, you are not a smart man.
>Before long, you are waiting for a train that will bring you to some small, peaceful settlement where you can get a new life started
>However, right as the train arrives, you hear the voice of your friend call out your name, searching for you!
>You... also forgot to tell her your name, you really are forgetful.
>So how does she know it now?
>Yelling back an "I'm here!" the flapping of large wings quickly becomes audible, and before you can react, you are swooped down upon and grabbed by your friend, lifted off and away from the train platform.
>"Please don't leave me!" Your teary eyed friend begs you as she holds onto you, and you are sure she holds you this tight not to avoid dropping you but to avoid losing you.
>You hug her back tightly, you haven't seen her this sad since the first day you met her.
"I... I'm not leaving. I couldn't find you yesternight, I've been waiting at our spot so I could tell you the good news but you didn't show up." You explain as she lands, on a rooftop of all places.
>"And I have been waiting in your quarters to share the celebrations of your approval of Equestrian citizenship!.." She replies, then both of your eyes go wide in realization.
>Both of you forgot to tell the other about some very important information.
"So uhh... You are..." You begin, motioning at the crescent moon adored royal regalia your friend is wearing now.
>"And you are..." She replies, looking you up and down.
"I'm an alien."
>"I'm a princess."
>The two of you say in the same time, then share a laugh.
>Your brain finally working, you realize to do an important thing.
"Soooo... Let me introduce myself. I'm Anon, your friendly neighbourhood alien." You say awkwardly, holding out your right for a hand shake.
>And I am Princess Luna of Equestria, younger sister of Princess Celestia." She replies and places her right forehoof in your open palm.
>Then immediately blushes, as if the two of you didn't spend weeks cuddling.
>"H-hoof holding wi-with a colt..." She mutters to herself, and you almost miss that, since you are so busy thinking about how you are cuddle-buddies with an actual princess!
>Your brain comprehending her reaction and realizing your mistake, you remember the lesson your father taught you.
>"Remember son, dying is gay!"
>Wait, what, that wasn-
>"Does this mean that we are now... dating?" Luna asks you, interrupting your thoughts, her hopeful, adorable voice filling your heart with glee.
"Yes, it does." You smile and hug her, happy to feel her velvety soft fur on your skin.
>Then the shutters of dozens of cameras sound up, ruining the moment.
>Fucking paparazzi, you could have kissed an alien princess!
>Said alien princess must have similar thoughts, she immediately shields you with her wings.
>"Let us leave this place and return to our spot, shall we?" She asks and you couldn't agree more.
>Thus, tomorrow's newspapers are filled to the brim with angry mares making angry articles about how this new princess just snatched up the alien colt.
>And in the castle, sitting on her throne, Princess Celestia laughs to herself as she reads the papers.
>"All according to keikaku!"
Based chessmaster Celestia
Darn It, I always have a problem wIth that, my browser spellchecker doesnt catch It, will fInd a new one. Thanks for poIntIng It out.
File: 1587170300358.jpg (131 KB, 600x600)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
This is funny
That deam amazon sunset, cheeky bastard aint her?
>"I'm an alien."
How the fuck did Luna miss this tiny detail, did she have her eyes closed the whole time?
It's more along the lines of that she was gone for 1k years so about everything is new to her.
In fact, Celestia had to explain this detail to Luna, just as she began to look for Anon and asked her sister about him.
Imagine how much explanation about a furry would be required, if you wanted to introduce a Crusader Knight to the present world. It's wild.
Because autism.
>Luna /Nightmare moon came early.
>Twilight was still sent down to ponyville for the SSC, but mainly for a year long work experience, since she's spent all her life in academia.
>"Oh do try to make some friends while you're down there Twilight. I expect weekly reports! Haha!"
>The last part was meant as a joke on Celestia's part, referencing Twilights tendency to make a detailed report on all her assignments.
>Twilight took it seriously, making the leap of logic that reports must mean it's an official assignment.
>Entirety of season 1 (minus the first two episodes) happens, with Twilight's realisation on the magic of friendship taking a bit more of a natural course.
>Elements of harmony are still in the old castle, mane six have to go through a chaos mangled everfree in order to reach them.
>Tree of harmony unbeknowsnt to them, hides them from Discord somewhat, giving them a fighting chance.
>Anonicorn is turned into 3 (earth,pegasi and unicorn) small fillies with tourettes because 'lmao' and scattered across Canterlot with Celestia and Luna scrambling to find 'him'
>Elements of harmony are still in the old castle, when Discord emerges.
File: 1030610.png (252 KB, 465x523)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
>>Anonicorn is turned into 3 (earth,pegasi and unicorn) small fillies with tourettes because 'lmao' and scattered across Canterlot with Celestia and Luna scrambling to find 'him'
not strictly related to your post but I fucking hate it when gods of madness/chaos/lolrandomshit are depicted as having power/knowledge/omnipotence they really shouldn't have
One examply was in an Elder Scrolls/Familiar of Zero crossover where they had Sheogorath be the McGuffin that allowed the dragonborn or whoever it was get summoned by redirecting the spell away from Earth to Mundus
Even though, you know, the Daedra are just as and even more trapped by the Godhead as any mortal

thats my autist posting out of the way, have an hoers for your various turkeyday related needs
speaking of, how hilariously would mares fail at cooking a thanksgiving dinner?
>Allowed to cook
That's never a good idea
Why do you think Anon and Shining are the only members of the royal family the royal chef allowed in the kitchens ?
King, your cock is huge and I appreciate you weighing in to dab on how fruity people write chaos gods.
Would it have appeased your autism if it was the Amaranth and not Sheogorath? Anon, it just sounds like you have a problem with McGuffins.
not really, since that's still in The Dream
its just a dream in a dream at that point
That's fair, i struggled to think of a thing discord would do to fuck with Celestia, Luna and Anon, anonfilly seemed appropriately shitposty.
Ponies goes "woah"
I'm sorry but I can't get over how the top right panel make it look like she's preening herself and that is just adorable.

Just imagine you become close friends with the princesses that you sometimes just casually chill with them in their chambers, and one evening with luna you notice her wings being a bit out of shape. Your monkey brain tells you to groom the horse, so you do.
First she stiffens at the contact but then melts in your hands.
While you do your work she starts thinking about who to invite to the wedding and what to name the foals.
>Be BuisnessAnon
>That's not actually your name but you and the other five men had agreed to call each other by profession after it came to light that your own names had escaped you.
>In fact many things about your life before the bright searing light had brought you here seemed to be forgotten.
>The others had said similar things with various more passionate phrasing.
>Amongst the 6 of your was yourself, CowboyAnon, CrusaderAnon, DorkAnon, BasketballAnon, and Sumarian-Anon.
>Keeping the lot of you from wondering off and dying was one Fluttershy.
>She found you all wondering the forrest together and had your little fellowship of retards brought to her small home outside her village.
>Honestly the idea that your surrounded by 3 people that by all accounts should be dead of old age was superseded by the colorful horses and magic that seemed to be everywhere you looked.
>Now if only DorkAnon will stop trying to explain the "furry fandom" to the others.
>I think we should have called him faggot anon.
Fucking kek, me lad.
Maybe CrusaderAnon will make the faggotry of DorkAnon right, kek
Aside from Cadance, Crysalis being the type to go shopping for a wedding cake on the first date seems pretty on point
File: 1633350086030.jpg (1.31 MB, 2872x1961)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
>BusinessAnon, CowboyAnon, CrusaderAnon, DorkAnon, BasketballAnon, and Sumarian-Anon
This group wouldn't even make it out of the forest before murdering at least three of their group.

>Arrive in Equestria, sort of
>Land in shithole Yak country
>Everything sucks
>It smells like shit
>Everyone is loud
>Life sucks
>Then, heavenly crusaders come
>And I get the pun, but they are also literally crusaders
>Tiny horses all wearing tiny horse armor
>All the yaks are chased off or killed
>You're brought home as the spoils of war
>Shit's way better in horse lands
>Learn the ways of the house-husband
>Live a much better life than you ever had in yak country
>Good end
anon wears far too many clothes. this is her "i am undressing the slutty colt in my mind" face
>polices enthusiasm
>reees at people for showing gratitude
i despise you. mcfucking kill yourself yesterday
literally no one cares about your weebshit
>nebraskanon and iowanon plopped innaquestria
>each convinced their corn crop is the best and low key feuding
who do they waifu or herd with and how do the mares keep them under control?
the iowan is the superior cornfag in case it wasn't obvious
hi, lap
And yet it was a story about weebshit. What now, faggot?
>iwoan is the superior cornfag
You wish.
File: 1582528513264.png (3.73 MB, 3063x2879)
3.73 MB
3.73 MB PNG
>"Ah- *sniff* ah just want a filly ah can pass the farm onto when it's mah time to go. And *sniff* if that makes me a bad pony then I don't wanna be a good pony!"
>Applejack, for the rape of Anonymous, you will serve fifteen years at Manehatten Penitentiary.
>If your rape of the poor man bears fruit, custody will be taken from you and given to the human.
>Your estate will fund the costs of child support throughout your incarceration, and you will not be released until it is deemed that you are no longer a threat to stallions.
>Your position as the Element of Honesty can no longer save you; Anon is an endangered and protected species, and this crime has reached the ears of the public.
>Even Celestia herself can’t save you now.
Boo, hiss!
>Anon charges in shouting, "OBJECTION! Rape is only defined as not having consent!"
>Drops the briefcase in front of Applejack, the case opens and a fancy bridle gleams in the courtroom lights as the crowd gasps and murmurs!
>"ORDER! ORDER! I WILL HAVE ORDER! Mister Anoymous what are you trying to say here?!"
>"Quite simple your horseness!"
>Anon takes a knee and offers the necklace to the tearful mare on the stand.
"Applejack, would ya do me the honors of making an honest man outta me?"
>"And that's how your papa proposed, it was a mite- unconventional, but I wouldn't change a thing."
>And that, kids, is how I met your father.
Jesus Christ, those soulless, empty eyes, eugh.
Hey, anyone remember that one car racing green?
Where anon had to pretend to be female to be part of races, and luna fears shes becoming a dyke by falling for anon.
What happend to it? I would've loved to see Luna's reaction to anon being male
Dead, Jim.
Did anyone else felt the J'adore last two chapters to be a bit pointless ?
May the poor souls tasked with turkey day cooking duty find a peaceful rest
I'm just happy it's updating again after the enormous hiatus.
>The number of poor stallions admitted to hospital for stress related injuries.
Share the workload mares.
Sad :(
>No greentext tackling the issue of Equestria having the same air as Earth, the same languages as Earth, how Anon doesn't get sick from alien pathogens, how trees with green leaves exist, and how the apples that grow from those trees are apples that we recognize as apples, and so on an so forth
If I ever landed in Equestria, the gender roles wouldn't bother me. I'd be too busy freaking my shit over how either I rolled a natural 20 on a 10-billion sided die and landed in a world more or less identical to my own, or that something grabbed me and made the conscious decision to land me in a world where I had the best chance of survival.
Wow sounds really boring.
>solving the mystery of why you're here is boring
You sound retarded.
>couldn't even properly link the post
I think you've lost the right to judge intellect
File: 132651193846.jpg (88 KB, 1021x1080)
88 KB
>or that something grabbed me and made the conscious decision to land me in a world where I had the best chance of survival.
Discord did it.
Because he thought it'd be funny.
Any more questions?
>thinking that Equestria operate by irl physics rules and not by harmony magic rules
>Also ignoring that alien pathogen likely wouldn't be able to infect humans due vastly different biology, the same way plant pathogens can't infect humans
>I'm just happy it's updating again after the enormous hiatus.
THIS. We're getting solid updates with some minor plot relevance, and hopefully the RGRE elements will get more prevalent as the story goes on.
I imagine he would just pull you into Equestria for a gag about hairless/weird creatures and when he throws you off screen rather than popping back into your home or exploding into confetti you just stick around
Yeah. Discord's been acting pretty retarded from start to finish. Still has no idea what his original plan was.
I don't get the point of the Discord chapters, other than to serve as a vessel for the shard stuff. Still, if it's just confined to these two or three short chapters I won't complain.

>t. anon who is reading a needlessly bloated story that is impressing on him the value of tight storytelling
>natural 20 on a 10-billion sided die
>the liquid water autist rears his pedantic head again

>>Also ignoring that alien pathogen likely wouldn't be able to infect humans due vastly different biology, the same way plant pathogens can't infect humans
Always makes me laugh that sciencebro autists always fuck that one up.
>"Magic" makes Anon's distinctly non-magical immune system run into full defcon-1 as it tries to interact with his cells, resulting in a severe fever upon first arrival.
>After he eventually gets over it, it's discovered that he's resistant to magic.
>Paradoxically, "Magic" adapted to him by augmenting his immune system itself, meaning any spell cast upon him almost immediately fizzles as his body immediately detects the intrusion on a cellular level and simply matches it.
>As it's a completely instinctive and natural reaction, nothing short of a complete overwhelming force or quantity of spells could possibly hope to overcome it in the short term, whilst long term spell effects would, like any long term sickness, drain him eventually.
>Thankfully, the sun itself, alongside light, gives off enough excess "magic" that a few hours outside per day to allow his body to absorb it is usually enough to keep him healthy.
>tfw you have white-mage blood cells and they turn your skin green to help photosynthesis.
I'm liking this character building. please continue.
That's not character building.
>a vessel for the shard stuff.
yeah, but that could have been handled much more smoothly if Luke decided to take a few steps back from the relationship front and search some information about it or press Fleur to tell him, having him wanting to know what he is getting into
I also find wierd that Luke gave zero fucks about the possibility of re-encountering his family and friends, and went to obsessively wanting to return to Equestria
Would work much better if was just a illusion and Discord just gave show Fleur him back on earth and happy to be with his family once again and gave her the key to "bring him back", with discord implying that doing so could make Luke resent her, just giving Fluer something to really be apprehensive for that isn't "muh dark and mysterious past"
It literally explains why Anon is magic resistant AND green. How is that not two main pillars of the most often used character traits of an anon, eh?
>How is that not two main pillars of the most often used character traits of an anon, eh?
because being magic resistant and green are not fundamental character traits for anon ?
Yes and no about the family thing. If he's all in on the Fleur train, and he is, then it makes sense for him to prioritize doing what he can to get back to her. Luke had an okay life back on Earth, material wise, but he's never spoken about having any real connections. In Equestria he has those connections, plus an even greater life, material wise, than his life on Earth. By a really simple pro and con analysis, doing what you can to get back to Fleur makes complete sense.

Hell, I love my family but if you gave me the opportunity for health, wealth, and real fulfilling romance in Equestria? I'd trade what I have for that. I do it and not even think twice about it. Though with all HiE stories, I always wonder where the human is getting his toilet paper from.
None of that says anything about motivation, goals, flaws, or anything else that's at all interesting when you're talking about a character. "Wears yellow and blue spandex and shoots eyebeams that come from a dimension of pure force," is a rough description of Cyclops from the X-Men. No one with any sense what so ever would call that character building, though.
File: 1489272421047-1.jpg (119 KB, 1378x999)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>Be Sunset Shimmer.
>There is this stupid human Holliday tomorrow.
>The plus side is you get Thursday and Friday off.
>Maybe you could convince Anon to stay overnight.
>There he is now.
>"Oh hey Sunset."
>He leans in and kisses your cheek.
>This little cutie here.
>"So any plans for Thanksgiving?"
>Is that what it's called?
"Well, I was hoping you might come over tomorrow and if you want stay the night."
>"That sounds great. You going to do a Thanksgiving meal at all?"
>A what?
"Uh, yeah. Totally, of course!"
>"Really? Because you don't need to if it's just us and-"
"Don't worry about it. I'm all about this Thanks-meal-giving."
>He raises an eyebrow.
>"Okay, if you're sure. So you want me over around lunch or dinner tomorrow?"
"The sooner the better babe."
>You stand on your toes and kiss him on his cheek.
>You're confident enough in your maresculenity to not have a problem dating a tall guy.
"See you tomorrow."
>You smile and wave, looking at his ass as he walks.
>You are going to charm your way into those pants tomorrow for sure.
>Colts love a mare who cam cook.
>Now let's see what this whole Thanks-whatever thing is all about.
>You take your phone out and search the internet.
>It shouldn't be that hard... to...
>How in the name of Celestia's white tears are you going to pull all this off?
>No, you are Sunset Shimmer!
>You are a hero who saved the world a few times over.
>How hard can making a turkey and... everything else be?
>You see Pinkie walking down the hall towards you and decide to flag her down.
"Hey Pinkie."
>"Hey Sunset what's up?"
"So I'm going to be making a Thanks-something meal tomorrow for the first time. It isn't hard or anything is it?"
>She just looks at you, and slowly her face starts to change.
>First it was wide eyed, then a smile started to appear, it then got wider and wider until she was laughing.
>Her cackling is filling the hallway.
>"Oh Sunset, that's a good one."
>This can't be good.
Character building = "Anon the alicorn is frustrated with his own skills due to Twilight constantly being better than him, occasionally colours his interactions with her."
Character trait = "Anon the human is magic resistant"
An example of explaining a character trait = >>37876059
Character Traits are the 'what'
Explaining the above is the 'how'
Character Building is the 'why'

Terminology issue, thats all
That being said I've no plan to move that anywhere, i just have a tendency to throw my ideas at the wall when my muse stabs me with them and the threads pretty slow anyway due to turkey day.
Could work in a SCP-anon story or one where he works as a nurse in a magical-mishaps ward of a horsepital since he's essentially a walking counterspell.
>he's never spoken about having any real connections.
that is one thing that felt really artificial about his character, how disconected he is from any family or friends

>I do it and not even think twice about it
so you don't really love your familly if you wouldn't even get a little hung up or conflicted about abandoning them forever and effectively cutting all ties
the problem wasn't just that he wanted to go back, but how immediately obsessive he was about it and how little weight it had as a decision
>Discord meant to pull a vaguely Bill Clinton in The 90s looking human out of nowhere for a joke about sex addicted losers or other general weirdos but he accidentally pulls out an Anon.
>Doesn't matter, joke works anyway and he just shrugs it off as he tries to throw a flailing Anon back to his world.
>Except it doesn't work.
>Even the master of chaos is confused about that.
Honestly, the "Working at a Nursery/as a Babysitter for young foals" thing could be fun to read about. Hell, might be what lands him to babysit Flurry or something.

>Giant, fuck off spell from a tantrum goes to hit Anon.
>It just becomes pretty lights and butterflies when it hits.
"I think someone needs a nap."
Flurry heart struggles to randomly teleport while being held by Anon, making her unable to flee nap time.

Silly stuff like that would make a fun green.
File: 1626856167169.png (1.07 MB, 1085x2709)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
Weapons grade lunar autism.
Not that that's a bad thing.
Good edition, but you're still a faggot.
Fuck you!!!
>It's just a jump to the left
just to finish the thread in a round number
File: 1577100348116.jpg (812 KB, 1200x1500)
812 KB
812 KB JPG
File: 1587186005205.png (380 KB, 963x943)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
Way too early, even for Early Thread Fag.
Come on, at least spam this thread to bump limit.
File: 1739517.jpg (2.91 MB, 3840x2160)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB JPG
Uh... That wasn't me.
File: 1695672.gif (753 KB, 466x410)
753 KB
753 KB GIF
Anon you give me back the sides you stole right now!
File: 1741855.png (2.73 MB, 1946x1576)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB PNG
think I give a shit nigga?
File: 1925230.png (234 KB, 845x579)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
Now kiss
>Be Sheogorath in Equestria, on the fourty second day of Karlsmarch in the fourth era.
>Your masterful plan to secure yourself a vacation has gone off without a hitch.
>The escaped prisoner who put on that show at Kvach thinks you've become him and that he's become you.
"That absolute madlad."
>Everyone else thinks he's right too, which is the best part.
>It took a little favor from ol' Haemeras Mora but he owes you quite a few from all the times you didn't invade his realm to give his library a surprise redecoration.
>It only takes some "reluctant explainations" from him a few and leaving phenomenal cosmic power in the hands of a mortal to make them
>They'll never figure out that you sneezed yourself out of the godhead with a pot of pepper from the inn.
>This world of miniature horses looks like a good place to hitch your wagon and stretch your feet for a while.
>And if not, you can just make it so.
"That's the great thing about being the Prince of Madness, I don't have to make sense."
>Oh look at that, there's a human of some sort.
>Maybe you'll turn his insides to moss.
>Yes, that sounds like a great way to greet the locals and show them you mean no harm.
File: 1755096.jpg (1.79 MB, 1280x1864)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB JPG
>Incog is a candy maker, a professional one at that. One that puts any other in Equestria to shame.
>That being said, instead of working in a huge shop in Canterlot Incognito chooses to run a small shop in Ponyville that's only open on Fridays and weekends.
>Being nice to his brother, Incog hires Anon on as his 'professional taster.'
>It's a cushy gig; choose if you want to work and get paid to try a piece of candy from each batch Incog makes.
>Anon isn't thrilled about the job, but loves hamming it up when BonBon comes in to buy something with Lyra.
"Oh, all this candy is so delicious! Nothing else can compare! I can't believe I get to eat it as a job!"
>Lyra is salivating with jealousy, yet BonBon is undeterred.
>She buys some candy, chats with Incog for a while and has to drag Lyra out of the store before trying to convince Incognito to hire her as a backup-taster.
>Anon is determined to get some sort of reaction out of BonBon, but Incog is just happy to see his brother socializing.
Another one
Bites the dust...?
Who are them?

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