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There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare.

"Very fast mare running at incredible hihg speed (into your heart)" edition

Old thread: >>37724295

Ongoing greens:

Dreams to Dream by Stabbythesnowman (NMM)
https://ponepaste.org/4197 (part 2)
https://ponepaste.org/5562 (part 3)

Shape Your Home by PoneGreen
https://ponepaste.org/477 (Part 1)
https://ponepaste.org/478 (Part 2)
https://ponepaste.org/479 (Part 3)
https://ponepaste.org/480 (Part 4)
https://ponepaste.org/4581 (Part 5)
https://ponepaste.org/4466 (April Fools' interlude)

Completed/on hiatus/ded greens:

The Recruiter (epilogue) by pentapony

Hallmark Dream-a by lmone6

Stories by Pentapony

Carl's Hardened Heart by Reggiesomething

"Fleetfooted" by SadBoy

Stories by Aftercase

Stories by AnthonyC4

Stories by Horse Story Anon

Stories by YukkuriPalehorse

Rainbow Dash and the Ghosts of Hearts & Hooves Day by Lonesome Rider

Stories by Trandhal: https://ponepaste.org/user/trandhal

Rocks out of the Quarry: https://poneb.in/aX2C686i

Stories by Tsar Anon: https://poneb.in/BnjZqwM3

Stories by Angry Wino: tinyurl dot com slash vskmqfx

Stories by Crabs of Steam: https://poneb.in/u/Crabs_of_steam

The Broken Carousel (Part 1): https://ponepaste.org/1541
(Twilight Sparkle Interlude 1): https://ponepaste.org/1543
(Part 2): https://ponepaste.org/1542
(Twilight Sparkle Interlude 2): https://ponepaste.org/1544

This Heart That Fears


Low Self-Esteem AJ

All I want from christmas

Couch Surfing

A collection of misc. green since the 1st thread
First for best pony
File: brush the mare.png (3.15 MB, 4000x4000)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB PNG
You have ONE MINUTE to get to Equestria and brush the pony. If you miss your chance, you're doomed to a life of never brushing cute pony ever again.
You cut it close anon but you made it. Now you have a league of mares that want you to brush them.
File: 1637022532733.png (136 KB, 617x544)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
>pic related
Heaven. I'll start as soon as possible.
Who are you quoting?
File: floral mare.jpg (200 KB, 1300x1558)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Sorry anon, it closed. Only that one guy above made it through, and right now I'm pretty sure he's brushing like 3 mares at once. I was told that the next one is going to open somewhere in Ohio, but I wasn't told when.
File: rainbows_end_lelelel.png (341 KB, 600x894)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
you have no idea how much i want to inseminate her fertile horse pussy
Why is it blue? Do they know?
>3 mares at once
>with 2 arms
That's a challenge.
duct tape a brush to my elbow, I'm ready
Got here a smaller green I'm working on. This one is going to skip in time a bit to try and explore some stuff not usually seen on this thread, so hopefully it still works

>You finally find your seat.
>A plack on the short bench reads "B-12".
>You take another look at the piece of paper given to you by your "matchmaker", (That word still makes you uncomfortable, as if you're just some stock to be married off) the paper reads "B-12", so you take your seat.
>You sit still and quietly, looking around the large room.
>This place is the most, well, magical thing you've ever seen.
>The huge circular columns reaching up to archways holding the ceiling up far above you, the magnificent stained-glass windows, you'd feel like you're in some old great castle, if it wasn't for all the purple.
>There are dozens of other benches, some occupied already, most not.
>The room is bustling with both humans and ponies.
>Most of the ponies look official and confident, directing others and making sure everything goes smoothly; then there are what you guess must be the "matches", who look gitty and excited, joking around and blushing with friends.
>The humans, you do your best to avoid looking at.
>Whenever you ran into another one when you first got here, you were overcome with some strange feeling of embarrassment.
>There was a mutual understanding of why you were both here, and so, a mutual understanding of your failures back on Earth.
>It's been about a week since you've been here, but you still can't seem to look another man in the eye.
>The ponies, though, seem all too eager to.
>You have to have met dozens of ponies in your short time here.
>You couldn't even remember more than three or four of their names, but they all waved and said "Hey, Anonymous!" when you passed them in the halls.
>You wonder if they're trying to make you feel like a loser on purpose.
>But of course not, the standards here must just be way higher than you're used to.
>Your growing feeling of insignificance is interrupted when a pony who was walking past stopped abruptly, looking at the bench, then at you, "Um, could you scoot over?" she said without any particular tone or intonation.
>Her voice was warm and sweet, in a way that perfectly matched her appearance.
>She has a warm brown coat, with a mane made up of different deep yellows.
"Oh uh yeah sorry," you stammer out, quickly moving over to the right side of the bench to make room.
>"Thanks," she says, sitting next to you.
>You glance at her as she sits, but then keep you head and gaze fixed straight forward.
>She does the same.
>You're heart rate immediately shoots up, and you notice your breath quicken.
>In a few seconds your quiet thinking has turned into a panicked mess.
>You glance down at your piece of paper and see the name that's written on it under the bench name, just to make sure you have it correct.
>"Honey Comb"
>"Yeah, that makes sense," you think as you see her out of the corner of your eye.
>Your stupid quip actually makes the corner of your mouth turn up in a smile, and a sudden rush of courage takes ahold and forces you to act.
"You're Honey Comb, right?" you say, turning your head to look at her.
>"Yeah, but you can just call me Honey," she says without turning her head to you, instead she scans the room, eyes lingering on any nearby ponies.
"So... are you from around here."
>"Nah, I'm from Ponyville," she says, still in her rather empty tone.
"Oh, cool."
>A moment of silence passes.
>You can't tell if she's as nervous as you are, or simply uninterested.
>She still hasn't looked at you, still looking rapidly from pony to pony.
"This place is pretty packed, huh," you say as more of a statement than a question as you scan the room again yourself.
>"Yeah, I'd certainly say so," she says, finally with some feeling.
>You accidentally catch another mans eyes and instantly look away, back at Honey.
>You find yourself face to face with her.
>Her big blue eyes look at you with a hint of hesitance, but after a moment, it turns into something else; you're not sure what it is, but for some reason you like it.
>"You wanna ditch?" she asks out of nowhere.
"Uh, is that allowed?"
>"Why shouldn't it be? It's not like they can keep us here."
>You're sure she's right about her, but you, being something of a guest or visitor in this world, aren't quite sure what the rules are.
>"Come on," she says hopping off the bench, "I can show you around the city."
>Without another thought, you stand up.
>You look around the room again and suddenly feel as if now everyone is watching you.
>After a second, you look back at Honey and see a small smile on her face; then everyone else in the room doesn't seem to matter so much.
>Honey turns and starts for the door, "Sweet," she says as she does.
>You follow her.
>You notice an official looking pony watching you two.
>She looks down at her clipboard and writes something down with a smile, then ignores you.
>After a few minutes of Honey leading you, you find yourself outside.
>"Oh man," she sighs, looking up at the clouds, "That's better."
"Don't like people too much?" you find yourself saying without thinking about how inappropriate it might be to ask a stranger something like that.
>But she doesn't seem to care.
>You can tell something is different with this pony; the fact she wasn't immediately social and talkative gave that away.
>"Nah people are fine, just needed some fresh air is all," she says as she turns to look at you, "So, what do you want to do first?"
"I thought you were the one showing me around?" you say playfully.
>"Aw shoot yeah. Hm, well, follow me then," she says looking thoughtful, then turns to keep walking.

>"This spot here might be my favorite, though," Honey Comb says in her up beat, without-care kind of tone you've grown used to in the past hour, as you both sit on a bench gazing at the view in front of you.
>She spent the last hour bringing you not to the usual touristy type of stuff you expected, but to various balconies and overlooks.
>The city seems to be packed full of places like that, which makes sense since its built on the side of a mountain.
>Having never left the castle before, you never really grasped how beautiful this place is.
>Honey made it clear that being up high might be her favorite thing in this world.
>You couldn't say anything for sure though, the only talking the two of you have done is basic surface stuff that seemed uninteresting to both of you, though neither knew quite how to get at something deeper.
>After being able to spend some time together with more privacy, you both grew a little more comfortable with each other.
>Even still, it seemed impossible to even touch the topic of why you two met and are now spending time with each other in the first place.
>Some of the ponies who first talked to you about this process said there's no reason to be embarrassed or hesitant; but now, actually being with and talking to the pony who is supposed to be your "soul mate", it seems you can find an endless amount of reasons to keep your mouth shut about it all.
>And the same seemed to be the case for Honey.
"It's amazing," you said, voice still full of wonder at the landscape far below you, "I've never seen anything like this back on Earth."
>"Say, Anonymous, what IS it like on Earth?"
>You struggle to find an answer.
>You could tell her just how wonderful a place it is, go on and on about the great places and people that exist there.
>Or, you could tell her about the Earth YOU lived, but such a dark topic just felt wrong to bring up with such a colorful mare.
"Sort of like Equestria , actually, just with humans," you settle for a cheap statement, "With lots more technology though."
>"What do you mean?"
"Well humans don't have any magic, so I guess we found different ways of doing things."
>"No magic?!" Honey exclaims, clearly a hard subject for her to wrap her head around.
>You nod, "Mhm. we've just got our boring hands."
>She looks down at you hands.
>"Those do look pretty useful though."
"Well, I'd certainly rather them than hooves."
>"Oh yeah?" she smiles, and playfully hits you not softly on the chest with one of her hooves "I'll show you just what I can do with hooves, monkey-boy."
>You fain regret, "Oh I'm so sorry, please don't use those soft little clubs to beat me up or anything."
>She smirks and gives you a look, but you swear you could see a hint of pink on her cheeks.
>You yourself feel your face get warm all of a sudden, and start berating yourself mentally for calling her soft.
"So why's this spot your favorite?" you ask, trying to move on from the moment.
>Honey looks out at the view in front of you both, "This is the one spot where you can really lose yourself," she says, sounding surprising thoughtful, "No buildings to block the wind, no busy streets, plenty of privacy, just you and the wide world out there. And we're so high up here, everything looks so small, so peaceful and easy. It's so easy to think when you're in a place like this, it's like it was made for it."
>You stare at her, but she doesn't seem to notice.
"What do you think about?" you ask lightly.
>You get the feeling that you're both on the edge of talking about something important, so you try to push her in that direction.
>"Myself," she says slightly quieter than before.
>She sounds like she wants to say more, but doesn't.
>You push a little more, aware how inappropriate it might be.
"What about yourself?"
>She pauses for a moment, not taking her eyes off the fields and hills below.
>"About.. my faults, and... what I'm missing."
"That's exactly what I wish I could get myself to stop thinking about," you say, matching her solemn tone.
>You understand you'll have to open up a little bit in return if you want her too.
>You yourself now turn to look straight ahead, not focused on anything in particular, just letting the feeling of wonder do what it will with you.
"I hate it. It feels like I'm constantly being reminded by what I wish I could just ignore. I just feel that all I need is..." you pause, not sure how to say that what it is you really need might be sitting right next to you.
>Honey shifts nervously on the bench, turning ever slightly towards you.
>You hear the faintest sound of a gulp, then Honey says exactly what you couldn't, "But, Anonymous, you know... This whole... situation, with you, I think is what I'm missing," she finishes, looking up into your eyes.
>You look down at her intensely.
>"I-I mean..." she worriedly stammers, "I just mean-"
"No-no, don't worry," you can't help but smile, "I feel the same way."
>Honey is there when you get home, sitting on the new couch that just got here yesterday.
>She pops her head up rapidly as you walk through the door, as if she's been waiting for you.
>You smile when you see her; truthfully you've been waiting all day to see her.
>Ever since you left in the morning for your new job, she kept popping up in your mind, and once there, it was hard to kick her out of it again.
"Home early?"
>She nods, watching you take your jacket off and put your stuff down at the door.
>There's something in her eyes you recognize, and something you're always relieved and overjoyed to see.
>You quickly finish your business and walk over to Honey, now seeing barely restrained excitement in her eyes, and a huge smile to boot.
>You get to the couch and instead of sitting next to her, you scoop her up, sit where she was and lay her on top of you.
>She doesn't resist an ounce as you do, letting herself be taken by you wholeheartedly.
>You instinctually start petting her back, her fur bristling as you do.
>She looks up at you for a moment, then leans in for a kiss.
>You do you same.
>It's only a peck, but it excites you both.
>"How was work?" she asks quickly to change the atmosphere.
"Pretty good today. I think I'm finally starting to settle into things there."
>"I'm glad," she smiles so sincerely at you, you almost don't believe it.
>Things like that keep happening, little moments where life doesn't feel real, moments that make you realize you've actually found someone who cares for you, and someone to care for.
>You can't quite bring yourself to say the L word; you have some strange fear that as soon as you say it, you'll pop back to Earth and you'll finally wake up from this wild dream.
>"I mean you've only been working there a couple weeks. Things can only get easier from now on right?"
>You nod, "Yeah, I'm not worried about it, plus my coworkers seem like cools guys."
>"That's good, it's about time you make some new friends."
>That thought almost scares you when it first pops into your head.
>You can't remember the last time you made a friend; of course you've met plenty of people, but on a deep enough level with which you'd actually use the term friend? That was something different.
>You feel a growing excitement and anxiety as you consider the new, legitimate possibility of finding people you can belong with.
>After all, friendship is magic here, how hard can it be?
"You're right, maybe I'll try talking to some of them more tomorrow."
>"You should!"
>You let out a deep sigh, and feel content.
>You look around the room, reminded again of how happy things are turning out.
>One of your main worries after coming to this new world was where you were going to live, and how you were going to make a living; luckily, the ponies in charge of bringing humans here for lonely mares help out with that stuff too.
"You like the new couch?" you say casually.
>"Oh yeah! It's super comfy and plenty big. Maybe even too big, can't have you getting away from me after all," she says playfully.
>You wrap your arms around her and hug her tight and put on a mock serious expression, "Yeah? Your the one who seems pretty constrained right now to me."
>She squirms and struggles under you grip, trying her best to get out, but at the angle she's at she never has a chance.
>She notices the sly smile on your face as you watch her try to escape, "What?" she says, trying her best to look mean; you just think she looks adorable, so you smile, which makes her try even harder.
>She tries what she can to disarm you, which is another kiss.
>It works, making you loosen your grip as she holds it for a few seconds.
>She gets free, and hops up to her hooves on your lap and stares down at you.
>Back to your senses, you're determined to come out on top.
>You grab her again, but instead of trying to hold her into you, you lift her up, along with yourself off the couch and lean to one side only to come back down a moment later, now with you on top of her, pinning her helpless.
>She looks up at you with now half-lidded eyes.
>You take a moment to admire her, but you can only last a moment before you dive in for another kiss, then another, then another.
Wait, this is cute
File: 1620812029626.png (485 KB, 900x900)
485 KB
485 KB PNG
I like thing!
It feels like my brain is mush. I need to write something, otherwise I’m gonna go insane. I dunno when it’s gonna be posted. It’ll probably be a one shot. Be on the lookout.

Also obligatory I’m not dead post.
good shit
Uh, I forgot my ponepaste password lol. And I can't remember where I saved it or the recovery code. Ah, this is so shit. I have the username and the email, but the password ain't working. Maybe this is because I didn't do anything when the database leaked. Damn.
Can't you just have them email you a new recovery code?
I dunno. I'll ask in the alt site thread.
The best neet horse.
File: 1628374702180.png (349 KB, 580x1024)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
File: Shocked flubber.jpg (719 KB, 2208x1847)
719 KB
719 KB JPG
File: 924110_postable.png (3.43 MB, 1726x1595)
3.43 MB
3.43 MB PNG
File: 1623892292719.png (69 KB, 264x264)
69 KB
Wish I was there too.
Nice update, thanks!
Pretty sweet, thanks! This whole soulmate idea sounds nice, you get a pony you know you can trust from the start.
File: mare oooing at a cloud.png (441 KB, 3200x2400)
441 KB
441 KB PNG
>POV: You are OOOing ag a mare
"A unicorn growing up in Canterlot and attending Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns" would have made a lovely one or two season show.
File: 1631260850700.png (298 KB, 1356x1633)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
I love her so fucking much.
imagine the smell
File: The smell.webm (1.29 MB, 592x588)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB WEBM
She brought you a cloud!
File: 1630215269077.png (897 KB, 1116x1200)
897 KB
897 KB PNG
You can't convince me there's anything even remotely close to the smell of a mare. They must smell heavenly.
File: 1609433165072.png (95 KB, 1243x968)
95 KB
this is really good
File: z222051.png (224 KB, 500x439)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
It's never to late...
File: 4752.jpg (567 KB, 1086x1674)
567 KB
567 KB JPG
But on another note, I'm finally going back through Dreams to Dream and doing some writing and updates to some of the older sections that needed it.
I'll get out another update (or two) before Christmas come around.
>and doing some writing and updates to some of the older sections that needed it.
>Mare on page 10
Not on my watch, friends.
Email is refusing to go through to the admin. I might just have to make a new ponepaste account at this rate.
Why is the board so inactive lately? It’s not just this thread, a lot of other threads seem so slow. Yet threads are falling down to page 10. Where is everyone?
>Moon Moon and Anon are building their house on top of an ancient alicorn burial ground that's packed to the rafters with the restless shades of that antique race
>also Anon's leg is broken
Oh dear. Definitely looking forward to seeing where things go from here.
Can't speak for everyone, but I'm still around and working on my texts. Couldn't do much during the last days though.
They got nabbed. We got left behind.
>tfw missed the horse rapture
JewJab killed them all.
why do mutts insist on pushing topics like these in seemingly random places? take the vaxx or don't, nobody cares.
File: 1914039.png (883 KB, 999x787)
883 KB
883 KB PNG
happy mare
What's blowing her hair back? She's on a treadmill...
Dash wants the extra challenge. The treadmill was installed in a wind tunnel.
Her hooves are pushing the air backward so fast she is creating her own wind tunnel.
Are you suggesting that a pegasus on a treadmill wouldn't eventually take off?
Fire mare.
File: 1547297.png (1.93 MB, 2000x1185)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB PNG
How do you handle it anons?
handle it?
I don't handle it.
u hold with both hands
like hamburger
I simply live with the pain.
She's hot.
She's got that aura of a true professional around her.
Also nice double dubs.
It's a shame how she gets depicted in the show.
Yeah, the Wonderbolts as a whole were treated badly. It looks like the show staff had no idea how an organization like theirs works.
Can you imagine if actual mares suddenly decided that they wanted human dick? There would be no stopping them. It would be terrifying.
Like all media leftists, they despise the military and everyone in it.
File: 428170.png (149 KB, 1983x1517)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
File: apple.jpg (665 KB, 998x1000)
665 KB
665 KB JPG
>he slipped out from underneath the possessive foreleg
This is cruelty!
>It also woke up Nýrmáni.
Waking up to soon to be ready food is great.
>”...Don’ call me that...” ”M’not cute.”
>“You just shortened my name.”
Took her long enough.
>spat out a loose feather
Hey, stop making a mess!
>less-than professional language lessons
Soon(ish) there will be 4 who can speak that language.
>rarely went anywhere without it now
I have a feeling that this will come useful regarding other things.
Since more than a week passed what's happening in Equestria?
>“But what about me?”
She will leave him to freeze and die. Oh wait, that's another green.
>magicked everything together
That was I was expecting for most larger scale work which does not require fine work.
>still nervous about overdoing something magically
Well, she sure throws around mountains sometimes.
>trees we need for the roof cut down
Trees need to dry a year before using them to avoid warping. But I'm going to let this slip.
>bent her legs slightly
Big hors.
>slightly smaller
Huge pony then.
>an hour of gentle flight
That mountain is not close.
>legs still shaky from his brief moment of terror
Nýrmáni not noticing this nearly immediately is a bad sign.
>”This... place....”
Let me guess, its one where the alicorns used to live.
Nailed it. Also fuck Luna & Celestia, this place was deliberately chosenm so she finds this place.
>didn’t stop no matter how many times Anon called out for her to
Leaving Anon behind? I smell a trap.
>his vision had returned to normal, despite the lances of cold that shot through his face
And now he isn't where he thinks he is.
>He was alone.
Well, that's not going to be a short walk back to the camp/house. Considering it took an hour of flying, plus mountains.
>black pit that had opened up beneath him
This was unexpected. A leftover trap from the wars?
>”W-what is this?” She tried to say, only she couldn’t
Seems like a memory. And Anon managed to draw the shorter stick.
>If she could only just-
>That wasn’t good.
At least he is not impaled on a spike.
>“Light, I n-need light.”
He was hauling some survival stuff with him right?
>LED headlamp
>he had been allowed to bring with him to Equestria
Ah ok.
>fifteen feet
Funny how as a kid falling from 2-3m is like nothing, but as an adult landing from 1,5m is hard, and from 2m I'm sure I would break a bone.
>It was cold, way colder than it had been before.
In the cave? That means there is an exit somewhere. And it's higher than the hole if air is coming from the hole he fell through, instead of venting out.
>collapsed at some point directly opposite him
Unstable roofing is never a good sign.
>A fight had happened here.
Hopefully that's what caused the collapse and the roof is stable.

>tiny twinkling in the dark
Hm despite the hole bringing in fresh air, ist's not covered in dust?
Hopefully not a cursed one, or stuck here due to a curse.
>It was getting so cold…
That's not a good sign. I hope he is not sleepy.
>How he had made it this far was a mystery to her.
Well, she was surprised by him how long can he go during their first intercourse so...
>”A-are you there?”
She said ”Anonymous? Are you there?” from Anon's pov.
>Nearly throwing herself on top of him
Well, this is the second time today that she does something without thinking.
>attempting to unbury it’s own skeleton
Maybe if they would have another ~1500 or so years they would succeeded.
>back to their tent soon...
Now that portal will come in handy. I hope the ghosts won't follow them.
>work for a temporary splint
First that bone has to be set.
>edge of something she didn’t want to consider
The transition of Anon from fully conscious ("look ghosts") to basically knocked out and having hypothermia happened in an instant. There was no "i'm cold" or delirious state.
>“You must rest.”
She will get an earful later.

Thanks for the update!
...I don’t undertand
haha yeah, that would be awful
File: 1555702767093.jpg (395 KB, 1050x970)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
File: Apple wearing an apple.png (222 KB, 1280x858)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
File: 1623148488027.png (2.65 MB, 1800x1600)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB PNG
File: 1443555207557.png (502 KB, 1280x720)
502 KB
502 KB PNG
very princess
Much pretty. That's a very nice picture.
File: 1596382499277.png (2.06 MB, 2224x1668)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
File: 1636219148673.png (264 KB, 611x1292)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
Side story update. If you're wondering why there are so many of those and none of the actual main story, don't worry, I haven't forgotten the main one and will work on that as well of course. It's just that working on one at a time helps since I don't have to split my focus. And since the plot of the main story is currently at a turning point, it's easier to pause there for a while and pick it up at a later date. That being said, this is what I plan to do next.
Do you know any Human×pony romance stroies when the pony in question hates/doesn't trust the human at first, but with time her attitude slowly changes? Kinda like this one
Sorry, but I can’t think of any at the moment.
That's okay anon, i'm not in a hurry. But if you recall some please link them here.
File: Wipe your face.jpg (80 KB, 443x500)
80 KB
messy eaters
Would you Cadance's finest matchmaker who stopped believing love existed?
Roadblock mare.
File: 1575398small.png (986 KB, 914x917)
986 KB
986 KB PNG
What is the most possible cutest thing a mare could do?
While the assumption is that anything mare does is cute, there is still a baseline, a baseline from which she can do something else that is even cuter. Ascended cuteness.
What about stretching? A mare stretch. Or maybe I'm overlooking the fundamentals, perhaps the most heart-attack-inducing thing a mare can do is simply just look up at you with love & care in her eyes. Is it even a question that's possible to answer?
File: CUTE MARE.jpg (249 KB, 390x390)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
They operate on a scale incomprehensible to the minds of man. They are the very heart and soul of cute.
File: 1627014800318.png (578 KB, 900x700)
578 KB
578 KB PNG
One day, Anons.
One day.
Wake you up by whispering your name and touching noses with you...
File: 1637271689762.jpg (55 KB, 500x500)
55 KB
Mare can give you a lot. But what can (You) give mare in return?
File: 1621633405020.png (159 KB, 945x945)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
>Condense opens the portal
>hfw some """people""" can't even fit through
how can you get to this point without realizing that something went wrong?
The highly-coveted "unexpected mare sneeze."
>"Anon? Anon?"
>You hear Honey saying your name and lightly shaking, still half conscious from your sleep.
"Mm," you moan sleepily.
>"Anonymous!" she says more forcefully, "Anonymous I asked you to clean the downstairs before I got back."
>You finally open your eyes, realizing what's going on.
>You see Honey standing over you, looking frustrated.
>You remember that you were supposed to clean up the downstairs so Honey could start setting things up for the guests that were coming over later tonight.
"Relax," you mutter out, still sleepy, "We've got plenty of time. I'll go start now."
>"Anon it's already sundown," Honey says, visibly growing more agitated by the second.
>"Oh crap," you think to yourself.
"What on earth took you so long?" you say accusingly, sitting up and rubbing your eyes.
>"The store didn't have what we needed so I had to try a couple more. Anon I told you to nap after you cleaned so this wouldn't happen," she says, matching your tone, and adding in some disapproval for good measure.
>Your mood already isn't doing good by being woken so awfully, and now Honey's words are just making it worse.
"Alright alright, I'll go tidy things up. The house is pretty darn clean anyway."
>Honey sighs indignantly, and walks away to start getting herself ready at the small table across the room.
"What? I'm sorry okay?"
>"Anon," she sighs again, the sound filled annoyance.
"Yeah?" you say, tired anger clouding your judgment.
>She looks back at you, and the irritated judgment in her eyes makes you feel even worse.
>You can tell she's debating on what exactly to say, so you give her an expectant look to help her along.
>"I just," she turns back to the mirror on the table, and starts brushing her hair, "I just can't leave you one thing, can I," there's no hint of question in her voice.
"I said I was sorry," you get to your feet raise your arms in a questioning manner, "I was tired. I worked late last night. The house is fine as is-"
>"Maybe by your standards. I asked something from you and you ignored me. And stop acting like this is the first time this has happened."
"I take a nap like once a month!" you retort, your voice growing louder.
>Honey shoots a glare at you, "You know that's not what I meant."
"Then what-"
>"Anon how many times have you forgotten to get groceries on your way home? How many times have I had to repeat myself because you don't listen? How many times am I going to have to remind you what my favorite damn color is?! It's like you don't even care," she finishes, her anger tapering off into a feeling of insignificance.
"I'm the one who doesn't care? How the hell do you figure that? Maybe the reason I'm a little forgetful sometimes is because you make it so easy."
>"What in the world do you mean?"
"You try being one-hundred percent attentive to someone who can't even greet you when you get home. When's the last time you asked me how my day was and actually cared? You know, I'd love to talk about something other than your stupid drama," you're surprised by the resentful edge in your voice, "God damn, Honey, just a little affection would make you worth listening to."
>She looks back at you, tears starting to well up in her eyes, "You're the one who doesn't get affection? When is the last time we held hooves, or you called me pretty, or kissed me? I..." she pauses for a short moment, wiping her eyes, "I thought you were starting to hate me."
"Of course I don't hate you, I love you. I thought you were starting to hate me!" you say, voice still full of anger.
>Only after a moment does your brain finally catch up to your words, and instantly you feel the tension within you start to dissolve.
"Of course I don't hate you," you say again, your voice much softer, but still with an edge.
>You look into Honey's teary eyes and are overcome with feelings of shame.
>You notice the hostility in her go away as she looks back at you.
>She sits down to wipe her eyes.
>You walk over to her and kneel down in front of her to get on eye-level with her.
>She finishes drying her eyes and open them again to see you right in front of her.
>She looks at your face for a moment, then throws herself on you in a hug, starting to cry again.
>You hug her back, tight.
>"I-I've been s-so s-scared of losing you," she croaks out while in your arms.
>You start gently petting her head to help calm her down.
"I was scared too," you say quietly, "I'm sorry, Honey. You're right, I am forgetful, and distant. I'm still learning how to do this, and sometimes I get overwhelmed with it all, but I want to get better for you, I'm just gonna need your help."
>She pushes herself tighter, "Me too, Anon. I'm so sorry I made it seem like I didn't care about you. I'll make sure to give you a huge kiss every time you get home from now on," she leans back and smiles teary eyed up at you as she finishes.
>You smile too, "I'd love that."
>You both look at each other, humbled, and full of new found feeling for each other.
>You both hold it for a moment, simply enjoying the figure in front of you.
>Then, with one mind, you both lean in for a kiss, a long one.
>After finally breaking away, you instantly remember what time it is.
"Oh man, I don't think we'll have time to get ready. Should we just try and reschedule?"
>"No, no, I'm sure it'll be fine," Honey says, eyeing you greedily, "But afterwards... you're all mine," she says sweetly.
>You lay on the couch, Honey snuggled close to you.
>You, reading some comic you found at the store on your way home from work yesterday, Honey, reading a book about bees or something.
>It's a boring Saturday afternoon, like usual.
>Neither of you had any plans, or much drive to make any.
>You both enjoy you're quiet time together, not quite interacting, but not quite alone.
>The only communication between you two at times like these are short bursts of whatever pops into your head's that you feel like sharing.
>You lay your comic down on your chest and look around the room, bored.
>You peer out the window, gazing lackadaisically at the scenery outside.
>You spy a group of young fillies and colts playing on the street near your house.
>Now that you're not absorbed in your own reading, you hear the faint laughs and hollers of their playing.
>Your mind starts to wonder.
>"Whatchya' looking at?" Honey asks, now with her book down as well.
>She follows your eyes and looks at the group of kids herself.
>"What?" she asks again before you have time to find an answer for her, "Don't tell me you're feeling..."
"What?" you ask, looking to her.
>"I don't know, fatherly," she says with a certain teasing intonation in the word "fatherly".
"No no I was just... looking around."
>"Don't lie to me, I can see it in your eyes-"
"You can not," you retort, sounding indignant.
>Honey smiles widely at you and readjusts herself to get more in your face.
>She stays there for a moment, just looking at you.
>You feel your cheeks flush, and look away.
"I was just thinking about when I was that young, that's all."
>"Mmm," she moans, not believing you, "You know of course it's ok if you are feeling that way; I kinda' like to see it in you."
>She nods, "I'm not going to lie, I may have had similar feelings."
"I don't know how good of a father you'd be, though."
>She hits your chest lightly at the joke.
>"I'm serious," she says, though smiling.
>After a moment you see her face change from the playful teasing she was handling the subject with before, to something more serious.
"I mean, we have been together for more than a year now..." she says carefully, watching you for your reaction, looking almost worried what you might say.
>You look back at her with matching intensity.
>You suddenly feel a rush of emotions, but the only one you can name is fear.
"Is that something you want?"
>"Well, eventually. It kinda' feels inevitable."
>She starts absent-mindedly rubbing your chest with her hoof, "... Because I love you so much."
>As she said there was something in her that made you understand exactly how she felt, that made you feel the same way.
"Do you think you want it.. soon?"
>"Soon enough," she says confidently, but quickly changes pace, "I-I don't want to force you into anything or something-"
"No no. I uh, may have had similar feelings," you give her a sly smile.

It's been a bit since I've been here, is Ponepaste where all the greens go now instead of pastebin?
Shit, the line breaks didn't paste
>"No, no, I'm sure it'll be fine," Honey says, eyeing you greedily, "But afterwards... you're all mine," she says sweetly.
>You lay on the couch, Honey snuggled close to you.
There is a scene change between these two lines.
Yeah, ponepaste is where greens go now. This is a cutie green, thanks for sharing
Grump mare slowly warming up.
but she's already hot af
File: 1628174309285.png (174 KB, 648x1024)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
There's warm, and then there's heartwarm.
File: 2488702.jpg (131 KB, 1297x1509)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
I want to hug this cutie.
Derpy a cute in spite of that incredibly cursed art style.
File: 1627728168763.gif (563 KB, 576x324)
563 KB
563 KB GIF
Mares in training.
How do they do it? How do they lift their entire body on just their tiny wings?
Pegasi power. Usually called magic.
Man I hope Wisconsin Anon is doing okay. I hope his probation expired without issue.
he's... probably fine.
File: 1623626879325.jpg (1.41 MB, 1746x1050)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
Maybe he got husbando hunted (tm) and is finally united with his mare?
Probably got picked up as a repeat offender within a week after they took the ankle tracker off of him.
by hugging you and telling you that she loves you. and that no matter what she is always their for you
hopping fences
hopping state lines
hopping dimensional borders
nothing can stop Wisconsin Man
Bumping my request
I'm thankful for the idea of mare, and I'll be even more thankful when I have the real thing.
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.
>Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.
Happy Thanksgiving, friend
File: 222.png (1.31 MB, 1500x1594)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Nice follow-up, thanks anon.
You know what they say about mares with strong wings. they give the best hugs
people say that about all mares though
they're right
Small idea that I had while over on the RGRE thread.
Heart songs are a way of finding ones soul mate. It's a duet that has to either be sung, danced, or played on instruments.
So my idea based on that:
>The princesses hold a small heart song event after every Grand Galloping Gala where ponies (or anyone) can come to attempt to play a heart song with the princesses.
>originally it was thought that princesses are immune to it and can't even have soul mates until Shining tried it one year and Cadance sung back, prompting them to get married shortly afterwards.
>Anon drops into Equestria and is living in the castle due to being the only one of his species in Equestria.
>he gets invited to the Gala and also attends the heart song event, though he didn't learn what a heart song even is and just assumes it's an event to play/sing something for entertainment.
>When its Anon's turn he starts to sing something from his world and find that he can hit the notes pretty perfectly somehow...
>Everyone in the room noticed to their shock that Princess [...] started to sing along as well
And that's all I got, this can probably be made into a full green but in don't have the writing consistency for that, sorry.
Though I also got another alternative take on the whole "crystal heart chooses soul mates to earth" thing if anyone wants to hear it.
>if anyone wants to hear it
A good prompt is always welcome.
>>though he didn't learn what a heart song even is and just assumes it's an event to play/sing something for entertainment
>He start singing the Macarena
>Magic of Love goes "eh, good enough"
Security mare caught you on page 10.
we'd almost gotten away into equestria proper, dang.
If it only were so easy.
The Macarena has lyrics?
File: 1516760055505.jpg (107 KB, 1000x1255)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Security Saves Ponies
>mare sneaks out of the house to go shopping the day after your anniversary because she forgot to get anything and she's going to use time travel to solve her minor relationship problem
>It goes wrong as always
>"Time travel, you say?"
It's about a thot telling you to come dance & fuck her, so it's even half on topic.
>to solve her minor relationship problem
Mare shouldn't break the space-continuum for something I probably also forgot anyway.
File: big rdmare wings.jpg (258 KB, 1033x736)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
Strong wings mean strong mare. The stronger the wings on your pegasauce wife, the stronger the love she can emit. Except for the cases where that isn't true, but for the cases where it's true, it's true. Strong wings are like alpha radiation; they are deadly. Except instead of skin cancer, they strike directly at the heart and cause acute a-cuteness disorder, a disorder which is known amongst 89% of all men who have a pegasig sauer wife. This is due to the strong wings; they deliver unto man the urge to preen them, and cuddle, and be hugged by the wings. A single strong winghug along with the utterance of 'I love you' can make a-cuteness disorder a disease, which reroutes and infects the man double-over, causing acuteitis. It spreads via looking at mare, who I love; I love mares. I love pegasum of the root the most though, honestly. Like if regular mare love exceeds, y'know, I just really like pegasi. I don't know why. I like their wings, I think it adds a new dimension of intimacy. I don't mean that in a sexual way, I hate the wing-clit shit, but I mean like a new dimension of hug, preening by the fireplace. All that. I want to touch my wife's wings and stroke her mane. God, why must I suffer with this incredible want but without the mare to impart my love. As Stanza 95 of Havamal says, "Only you know what dwells in your heart when you are alone; but nothing is worse for a wise person than to have nothing to love."
I love my nondescript pegasus wife but I cannot love her at the same time. God help me, God help me through this. God does not care for the pleas of men, nor would he, but I just want mare.
File: 1615877090409.jpg (480 KB, 1279x1920)
480 KB
480 KB JPG
File: y-you too to burger mare.png (291 KB, 1080x1480)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
>fast food waitress mare is crushing on you
>you eventually hook up, and find her shrine, and spaghetti spills out of her saddlebags in torrents that burst out the windows into the streets
That's perfect for an all you can eat restaurant.
Hey how would a mare react after finding out her husbando had emotional turmoil over his mother resenting him for stuff he can't control.
....asking for a friend.
not sure what to tell you, we'd probably all end up dealing with that at some point unless you have an incredibly liberal mother.
I hear you. They'd never believe it would be possible to found a family with one.
File: 2754558.jpg (629 KB, 3641x4096)
629 KB
629 KB JPG
Dreams to Dream update dropping this week most likely, it may be the last one before Christmas, but we'll see how things turn out.
File: 2861508.gif (131 KB, 300x300)
131 KB
131 KB GIF
brushy brushy
We'll get you yet, Flutterrape Anon.
Why not a hand?
>Teleports using portal gun
>Gently Brushes the Mare with great care
>Cuddles the Mare Afterward
File: 1634687243693.png (437 KB, 671x970)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
That's one handsome Anon.
>this week
Its Sunday.
File: very happy mare in autumn.jpg (338 KB, 1500x2000)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
>weird, quasi-religious cult-like mentality they all seem to have over there
Something I'm rather proud to be apart of. Mare love is serious business, you know.
That's a really cute mare.
Depending on where you live Sunday is considered the first day of the week.
File: 2754233.png (611 KB, 2708x2268)
611 KB
611 KB PNG
I meant that it will be (hopefully) dropping sometime this the coming week.
File: IMG_3736.jpg (39 KB, 1280x720)
39 KB
This mare will molest you with her tongue, and other appendages.
That sounds very cursed to be honest...
>unless you have an incredibly liberal mother.
Found the libtard with the libtarded mom.
Hello lovely and sis.
Sunday being the first day of the week is the default option in America, the only country that matters. Having the week start in the middle of the weekend is suboptimal, but it can't be helped.
As an American, fuck calendars. Monday is the first day of the week.
Even if they call them "weekends" because they act like bookends for the week.
You wankers lost the measurement system, axcepted 24h format and were taught to use commas, you'll get to proper calendar too
File: sitmare 3.png (118 KB, 530x820)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
Imagine you're sitting on a park bench, then a mare sits next to you and makes small talk. Nothing weird or awkward happens, you just make friendly small talk with mare.
File: 1630876961861.png (143 KB, 328x421)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
She's cute, what's her name?
>Nothing weird or awkward happens
immersion broken, weird stuff always happens in ponyland.
File: 6085226.jpg (62 KB, 1064x904)
62 KB
Lucky Charm
What if man and a mare have a burning passionate hatred[\spoiler] for each other?
File: 1638044109203.png (87 KB, 310x327)
87 KB
nice spoiler tag
Can’t always be love at first sight, besides, love and hate are very similar to each other
File: Ogre.jpg (286 KB, 1034x1596)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
No, I mean the fact that you managed to spoilee an incorrect spoiler tag.
>"The weather team's done a lovely job today, haven't they?"
File: Ogre.jpg (52 KB, 780x439)
52 KB
Naw, that ain't Ogre.
THIS is Ogre.
File: 533168.png (798 KB, 724x1024)
798 KB
798 KB PNG
Mare of the northern star.
Not sure why the picked Glimmer as our representative, she is pretty much never used here.
... I do want a lewd story involving Roseluck & foodplay now tho.
Yeah, pretty much what would happen.
omae wa mou aideiru
File: 1625698749633.png (122 KB, 345x405)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
big maregravity energy
>Not sure why the picked Glimmer as our representative, she is pretty much never used here.
I needed a character with a track record of fucking things up, and Glimmer fit the bill.
But that's every character, even (especially) the protagonist
Mares are very attractive.
Have to agree with that.
File: On the couch.png (69 KB, 568x532)
69 KB
File: 644681.png (52 KB, 600x631)
52 KB
By hook or by crook, Dreams to Dream update Friday morning.

File: 1406249.png (329 KB, 499x716)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
File: 518206.png (2.86 MB, 1272x1800)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB PNG
Because she's painfully autistic.
File: Dating_teacherpone.png (444 KB, 750x679)
444 KB
444 KB PNG
pat the thread to lower page numbers
There will be more mare in the thread soon.
File: 1565921119382.png (359 KB, 1280x1280)
359 KB
359 KB PNG
Ponyville's most eligible bachelorette
File: 1617858261032.gif (498 KB, 432x432)
498 KB
498 KB GIF
I meant painfully by regular standards.
She'd have to be several levels deeper to be painfully autistic by mare standards.
File: 2514379.png (657 KB, 1306x896)
657 KB
657 KB PNG
>good with foals
>wide hips
>almost always cheerful attitude
I'm down
It's a crime for a pony like her not to have foals.
File: z586230.png (44 KB, 1243x968)
44 KB
Going over final proofreading for this Dreams to Dream update. It's not as long as the last one, so it shouldn't take long. Then I'm going to cook some breakfast then I'll post it, but it looks like Ponepaste is down so I'll update it there when it comes back online.
her life is suffering
File: 958491.png (1.22 MB, 1600x1200)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
A little shorter this time, but comfy.

>Waking up for Anon was almost like mist slowly disappearing in the light of a rising sun.
>The first thing he could feel was a dull, thumping pain from his left leg.
>Gradually, as the time began to pass, his other senses began to return to him.
>It was almost like he had forgotten how to move; his limbs simply refused to respond to the weak signals his brain feebly sent them.
>He was lying down on his back, and could feel the warmth of blankets over his naked body.
>Finally, slowly, he managed to open his eyes.
>The fabric roof of their tent greeted him, moving slightly from the wind outside.
>A gentle, dancing yellow light originated from his left side, most likely from their fireplace/stove, filling the inside of their tent home with warm light and a soothing heat that radiated through the layers of blankets that covered him.
>He tried to open his mouth, but found it hard to even blink his eyes, much less trying to attempt to speak.
>The quiet crackling of wood on the fire graced his ears, and an impossibly soft voice humming what almost sounded like a lullaby, the unknown words and strange yet calming melody made his body relax even further.
>Vaguely, Anon tried to recall what had happened that had caused him to end up like this, but the memories danced out of his reach. The last thing he could recall was a dark, snowy forest, then a cave…
>”You are awake?”
>A very soft voice came from his right side, along with several soft hoofsteps, then a face appeared over his; large, slitted cyan eyes filled with both concern and joy met his.
>The sight of Nýrmáni, and the concern and love that radiated from her made his heart leap in his chest; his eyes opened wider, his limbs grew more responsive underneath the warm sea of cloth.
>The alicorn bent her head down to him, her lips grazing his cheek, the fur on her muzzle tickling him slightly.
>”How are you feeling?”
“W-water.” He managed to whisper, his mouth and throat felt dry and rough as desert sand as the words passed through his barely opened lips.
>Nýrmáni’s horn began to glow, and without her eyes leaving his a cup floated in from out of his sight and to his lips.
>He drank carefully, slowly, the cold water sending small chills down his body as it went down his throat.
>Slowly licking his lips, he looked around, slowly turning his head as his awareness began to come back to him.
>The fire from their stove was directly to his left, and Nýrmáni lay directly opposite him on his right, one wing resting over the sea of blankets that he was wrapped in.
>Judging from the lack of light coming through the tent fabric, it was either early morning or late evening, the whistling wind outside barely audible over the crackling fire.
“What happened?” He tried to sit up, but his back was so stiff he barely made it an inch off the ground before giving up.
>Nýrmáni’s wing also applied a gentle, yet firm downward pressure on his chest as she nuzzled his cheek again.
>”You need to rest, Beloved.”
>He blinked his eyes several times, one arm sluggish making its way to rub his exhausted face.
“How… How long have I been asleep?”
>Nýrmáni’s cheeks went slightly pink, and for the first time Anon saw the worry lines across her cheeks, the bags under her softly glowing eyes, and how absolutely exhausted the alicorn looked.
>”Um, well, you see-”
>”It’s been three days. Congratulations on pulling through, you’re tougher than you look.”
>The voice was female, familiar, and one he had not expected to hear at all.
>There was the sound of what sounded like a pot or pan being rattled, then hoofsteps, and seconds later another, slightly smaller equine appeared in his vision.
>Light brown coat, dull blond mane and tail, dark blue eyes, wings folded primly at her sides…
“Tea Leaf?”
>The pegasus mare nodded, a small grin spreading on her muzzle as she sat down next to him and began to check his temperature.
>”The one and only. After your condition worsened on the first day your marefriend finally pulled her head out of her flank and messaged the Princesses for some professional help.”
>Nýrmáni squeaked in half-hearted outrage as Tea Leaf looked at the reading, nodded to herself, and pulled out a stethoscope from under one wing.
>”Since I’ve had the most experience with Nýrmáni, and a decent bit with humans thanks to your time at Princess Twilight’s castle, here I am.” She gave him a big smile as she gently pulled the sheets back from his upper body and placed the device on his chest.
>She suddenly laughed. ”Another reason I came is because I treated her, and now I’ve treated you, I decided that I might as well go for the full coltfriend-marefriend medical treatment package.”
>She paused for a moment and looked Anon in the eyes, smiling warmly.
>“The Princesses are letting me use the spare teleportation charm, that’s how I got here in case you’re curious.
“Three days?” He asked, the meaning of her first words finally registering to him as his eyes grew wider.
>”Yup, you had severe hypothermia, compounded with that nasty break in your leg, plus the fever and the cold you got from being freezing and wet. Good thing that Nýrmáni had done some basic reading and managed to get on top of your symptoms early or we wouldn’t be talking right now.”
>Anon looked away from Tea Leaf and to Nýrmáni, who was still laying next to him, her face just inches from his.
>The beginnings of tears were forming in her wide, teal eyes, and her head fell at his gaze.
>”We… We were so afraid… You were so… W-We couldn’t help…”
>That wouldn’t do at all.
>Slowly, calmly he reached his right hand up and cupped her chin, gently scratching the fur there as Nýrmáni closed her eyes, sighing as she finally lowered her head to the blankets at his side with a soft whimper, rolling her head slightly to allow him more space to scratch.
>A tear still slid from underneath her one exposed and closed eye.
>Tea Leaf’s smug expression faded at Nýrmáni’s silent grief, and her voice became much softer.
>”She did good considering her lack of medical experience, and refused to sleep until she knew that you would wake up alright, despite how much I pleaded or threatened.”
>Anon let out a soft chuckle at the thought of the average-sized pegasus trying to threaten the large, intimidating, godlike alicorn.
“I’m okay Sweetie, you can rest now, I’m okay...”
>The large alicorn didn’t even respond to his snark as her body seemed to lose all its tension, her wings and legs relaxing as she seemed to instantly fall asleep, head still resting on his hand as it messaged her grief away.
>He could see Tea Leaf smiling at the adorable sight before she sat up and walked to the other side of the tent, apparently to retrieve another medical instrument.
>”She pretty much refused to leave your side, you know?” Tea Leaf told him quietly as she rummaged around in a large brown canvas bag, which looked much more worn and traveled than it had any right to be.
>Her cutie mark, along with an equally worn white and red medic cross were sewn on its side.
>He could hear the pegasus sigh softly. “Luckily she quickly realized she was out of her depth, medically speaking at least, when your condition got worse. Magic can only fix so much before it does more harm than good, not that it stopped her worrying.”
>”I haven’t seen her eat, She only drank when I forced her to; she’d lost enough water from all her crying that I was starting to grow worried. That mare has it bad for you, really bad. The mere thought of you potentially dying was enough to almost send her into a panic attack.”
“She is a little clingy.” Anon whispered as he gently freed his hand and continued stroking the sleeping alicorn’s cheek softly.
>Tea Leaf snorted out a laugh, returning to him with some kind of magic device that she strapped around his wrist.
>”Yeah, I can smell it. On you, on her, on these sheets, and most of your clothes.”
“Oh.” He could feel the heat blooming on his face as the pegasus snickered again at his plight, the device on his wrist tightening as Tea Leaf looked at the reading on the device’s face and compared it to the watch he could see strapped to her left fetlock.
>”Yeah, whatever spell she uses to clean the sheets gets them physically clean, but you’re going to have to figure something out for the smell. Sorry Anon, somepony had to tell you.”
>Eager to change topics and stop the pegasus from giggling any further, he decided he’d ask about the worst of it.
“How’s my leg?”
>Tea Leaf disconnected the device from his wrist, then pulled the sheet off of his left leg.
>”Well, to quote a griffon I used to serve with in the Foreign Legion, you broke the shit out of it. Luckily it was a clean break and Nýrmáni set it pretty good until I got here. I’ve got a real hospital splint and a couple of pre-charged healing charms on it.”
>”Give it a week or so to give those charms time to work and you’ll be right as spring rain, as long as you don’t move it, hit it, strain it, or do anything to it other than letting it heal, got it?”
>Each of her directives was followed by a gentle yet firm hoof-poke into his side. “I’m being serious about that. If I have to come back up here because you messed yourself up by not following doctor's orders I’m going to be mad.”
“I won’t, I promise.” Carefully, and as slow as a sloth he sat up, groaning slightly as his back popped several times.
>His right hand went immediately back to Nýrmáni’s side as the alicorn shifted slightly, humming in her sleep as her source of scratches vanished.
>After asking for and receiving more water, he quietly drank as Tea Leaf did several other tests on him.
>Thankfully the blankets stayed covering his privates, so he didn’t have to worry about that kind of inspection.
“How is Thunder doing?” He asked after finishing his second cup.
>Tea Leaf smiled and actually blushed a small bit at the question. “He’s perfectly fine now. In fact, we’ve been on a couple of actual dates together. It’s been nice, really nice.”
“Good for you both, I think you’d be a cute couple.”
>Tea Leaf hid her tomato-red muzzle behind one hoof as she pretended to straighten out her mane, mumbling all the while.
>”Well, we’d be doing more stuff together, but since the arrests last week things have been hectic in Canterlot for the Royal Guard an-”
“Wait, what arrests?” Anon interrupted, eyes narrowing in surprise.
>”That’s right, you wouldn’t know out here. Apparently there was some kind of corruption probe conducted by Celestia the day after Nýrmáni’s ‘trial’.” Tea Leaf snorted angrily at the word ‘trial’ as she went back to her bag.
>”A bunch of Royal Guard regulars and several high ranking officers apparently had ordered lax security on purpose during the escort you both had that day and for the crowds, because of bribes they also took from several as of yet unnamed ponies.”
“Really?” Anon’s curiosity grew as he accepted another glass of water from the pegasus.
>”Yeah, apparently it wasn’t just for you two though. They’ve been providing the same security ‘gaps’ for other individuals that they apparently disagreed with over the last couple of years. So most of them got arrested by the Night Guard and there has been some major restructuring of the Royal Guard since then.”
>”So basically, it’s been a complete rollercoaster ride for the Royal Guard since you both have left, and Thunder got a promotion from it apparently so he’s been swamped with stuff to do…”
>Tea Leaf sighed, shaking her head as she zipped her bag shut.
>”Suffice to say that I’ve been busy too, but nothing is more important than helping my friends, especially you two.”
>Anon opened his mouth, then shut it again.
“Well, I don’t really know what to say.”
>”There’s nothing you really need to say, other than ‘thanks for patching me up so I didn’t die and leave my marefriend a sobbing wreck’.”
>Anon finally chuckled, his chest hurting slightly at the movements.
“I’ll try to avoid nearly dying from now on.”
>Tea Leaf laughed, a cheerful sound that made Anon smile. ”Good, cause if you don’t I’m going to start charging you every time I have to fix you or her; At the rate you’re both going I could retire in a year or two.”
“Maybe.” He responded, looking over to Nýrmáni again.
>He hadn’t noticed it at first because it was almost the same shade of black as her fur, but the alicorn had somehow fit one of his t-shirts over her body and the arm holes onto her forelegs.
>It was bunched up a bit on her back where her wings prevented it from going any further down her barrel, otherwise it fit decently well on her.
>”Yeah, I don't know what a ‘Metallica’ is, but she somehow got it on herself the day before yesterday and refused to talk about it to me. When I finally asked about it she threatened to pull all of the blood vessels out of my body one by one.”
>Anon shook his head at the ridiculous thought.
“Was she being serious?”
>”Nah, she was teetering on the edge of complete panic at that point, I think she was desperate to have your scent close to her since I wouldn’t let her near you while I was putting you back together. I’ve heard of that happening sometimes between very close couples.”
>Anon swallowed the last bit of water and hummed in thought, his free hand still running down Nýrmáni’s cheek and neck as she soundly slept.
“She really didn’t sleep?”
>Tea Leaf shook her head, trotting up to him and sitting down.
>”Not that I saw, I’ve only gotten a couple hours of sleep myself since I got here but I’m used to that sort of thing. She’d always still be awake whenever I woke up, watching you like you were the only thing left in the world.”
>Anon was quiet for several moments, lost in thought.
“I honestly thought that she’d at least get some sleep, once you got here.”
>”So did I, but apparently you’re more important to her than she is to herself. I had her help me a bit just to give her something to do other than watch me patch you up and sniffle.”
>”Like I said, she loves you more than anything, maybe even herself, neglecting her own wellbeing and putting you before herself.”
>”That’s a rare thing, to love so completely, so selflessly that she would disregard her own health and safety to ensure yours. I’d treasure that over any boon, any material gift that I could be offered.”
“I already do.” His words were barely audible as he gazed at Nýrmáni’s sleeping face.
>She looked so peaceful now, compared to the nervous and scared alicorn of just minutes ago.
>Pledge to protect, indeed.
>”Good, because that’s all the philosophical relationship advice I’ve got for you. I’ll have to ask Princess Celestia for some more for when I inevitably end up coming back here to fix you or her again.”
>Anon laughed quietly in an effort to not wake his sleeping lover up.
>Not that he thought he could; she looked like she’d sleep through an artillery bombardment.
>Tea Leaf sighed again, looking around the tent. “You want me to cook you some food? I don’t know a lot but I can whip something simple up quick, I bet you’re famished.”
>At the mention of food, Anon’s stomach rumbled like thunder inside his belly, making him turn pink in embarrassment.
“That would be nice, now that you mention it.”
>Minutes later, Anon and Tea Leaf were sitting down with scrambled eggs filling their respective plates, discussing what had happened since he and Nýrmáni had left between mouthfuls.
>He listened attentively as Tea Leaf talked about Thunder’s new promotion and how it put him in Canterlot closer to her, and their budding relationship.
>It was nice to see that Tea Leaf was getting new love in her life after everything she had been through.
>”-and other than Princess Cadence still telling the Equestrian Economic Committee to, err, buzz off, since they haven’t come up with an acceptable apology yet, nothing else has been happening that you would find interesting.”
>Tea Leaf set her plate on the ground off to the side and looked at Anon expectantly.
>”So, what have you two troublemakers been up to up here? Nýrmáni wasn’t really in a talkative mood.”
>Anon stretched his arms over his head, yawning as he looked down at the last bit of food on his plate.
“Well, not much to be honest. We’ve been working on a permanent home for about a week, that’s the main thing.”
>”Yeah I saw it for a couple seconds when I first teleported in. How close are you two to finishing it?”
“Give or take a couple weeks, at least, that was before this happened.” He looked down at his left leg, which was completely wrapped in white medical tape and held unmovable with metal splints fitted to his leg.
>”So,” Tea Leaf glanced at the softly snoring Nýrmáni, then quickly back to Anon, “She didn’t tell me much, between her babbling, but how did you actually break your leg?”
>Anon sighed, laying back down on the ground next to Nýrmáni, who snorted in her sleep and pulled herself to his side once again.
“Well, I don’t remember much myself. What did she tell you?”
>”She said something about you falling into a cave through some snow, then she just kept repeating ‘it’s my fault’, until she started crying.”
>Anon rubbed his head with one hand, struggling to remember the specifics, his heart heavy at Tea Leaf’s admission.
“We had decided to take a break from the construction, it was going well. We decided to go explore the local area.”
“Yeah, we hadn’t really looked outside of this fjord here until then, we were still getting settled in. So we just decided to go further inland and look around until we found something interesting.”
>”Well, did you?” Tea Leaf leaned forward, seemingly hanging on his every word.
“We… She sensed something. We went down to this clearing in this forest by a mountain… There was a stone with writing on it…”
>Anon rubbed his face again, struggling to remember what had happened.
>But it was all a blur, filled with cold and darkness and shadow...
“I think there was a shadow, but a pony, and then the room I fell into.”
“I think it was a ruin. After that I don’t remember anything until I woke up here. It’s all blurry.”
>Tea Leaf sat back, her expression one of puzzlement and concern.
>”That’s strange, your memory loss could be a combination of your hypothermia and the trauma of your leg breaking. Traumatic accidents can rattle ponies, and there are cases of memory loss relating to the incident, especially if there is a head injury.”
“Do I have one?”
>”Not that I could tell. You conked yourself pretty good when you fell apparently but you didn’t break anything up there, in case you’re wondering.” She said, smiling innocently at him despite the sarcasm in her tone.
“Thanks for the reassurance, Tea Leaf.” Anon wisecracked back.
>”You should be, I checked your noggin out of the kindness of my heart.”
>The two of them laughed for a moment.
“But yeah, that’s all I can really remember. If you want the whole story you’ll have to ask Nýrmáni when she wakes up, whenever that is.”
>Tea Leaf raised her hoof and looked at her watch. “I technically have another two days to help before I have to use the charm to teleport back, I’m sure she’ll be awake before I have to go.”
“What time is it anyway?” Anon could feel sleep coming, especially after all the talking, the warm eggs currently settling in his stomach, and the fire-heated blankets resting over half his body.
>Not to mention the alicorn currently trying to slide under those warm blankets in her sleep to cuddle closer to him.
File: z210408.png (61 KB, 964x662)
61 KB
>”Right now it’s about 5:20 in the evening, kinda weird that it looks like midnight outside already, it must be because we’re so much closer to the top of the world here.”
>Anon hummed in acknowledgement as Nýrmáni finally found him, mumbling nonsense as she rested her head and one hoof on his chest.
>Tea Leaf chuckled again at the sight, then stood and trotted over.
>”I’ll get things cleaned up a bit while you two sleep it off, Celestia knows you both need it.”
>Using one wing, she gently pulled the blankets up over them both before trotting to the fire and adding several logs to it in a small burst of sparks.
>”Don’t you worry, you’ll be awake before you know it.”
>But Anon didn’t even hear Tea Leaf’s final cheerful words, he was already asleep.

Looks like Anon's got bedrest for a bit. What's he going to do?
Updated Ponepaste here:https://ponepaste.org/5562#1490
I may have another similar-sized update out before Christmas, but no promises on that one.
As usual, fell free to share your thoughts.
He’s gonna love that Moonie, obviously. This was a nice little update, thanks!
I liked it. There's some awkward phrasing here:
>“Wait, what arrests?” Anon interrupted, eyes narrowing in surprise.
Seems like it should be widening.
Nah that’s fine. Narrowing in surprise isn’t unheard of
I think narrowing is supposed to convey more of a sudden suspicion.
it's gonna be rough when Anon's 50 and starts having "the talk" with her about her outliving him by a good margin.
He'll be very disappointed in her if she comes chasing after him before her time's up.
>implying he won't become eternally young by then
I mean, he's probably going to start asking questions after he turns 60 and still looks 30.
with pinchable derriere
Nice update.
Ponies wearing human clothes is always an adorable thought.
Mani continues to be more adorable than she ever had the right to be.
Good to see Tea Leaf again. I was starting to miss the rest of the cast.
It does look like Anon is the only thing in the world that she treasures. Would be wise of him to help her make some real friends.
Perhaps a dumb question, but do horses have a compartmentalised lung system, i.e. two independently working segments like humans, or is it one singular unit, similar to the respiratory system of a dog?
Because I want to know whether it's correct to write 'from a pony's lungs' or not.
Quick search tells me they have two massive lungs worked by a diaphragm, so like humans but with more air.
They're also apparently obligate nose-breathers because a soft palette separates the esophagus and trachea, meaning they can't breathe through their mouths.
>three days
And Nýrmáni did not enter Anon's dream?
>on the first day
So Tea Leaf is staying with them in the tent in the last 2 days?
>coltfriend-marefriend medical treatment package
And how is her coltfriend?
>that’s how I got here
So she is here instead of Nýrmáni and Anon going to canterlot.
>Good thing that Nýrmáni had..
But Nýrmáni got him into this mess in the first place.
>tears were forming
Happy tears? Oh its not.
>refused to sleep
Or she was unable to. Been there done that.
>I’m okay Sweetie
Fighting sadhappiness (or whatever this is) with a tiny rage spike?
>I haven’t seen her eat, ...
She was definitely stressed.
>Yeah, I can smell it.
>somepony had to tell you
Well, they haven't had much visitors in this place, and the first one just bluntly said it.
>several high ranking officers
That's bad.
>apparently it wasn’t just for you two though
That's worse.
>alicorn had somehow fit one of his t-shirts over her body
>refused to talk about it to me
Hm, she could have told her its a music band but nothing more.
>threatened to...
She needs to learn control.
>she was desperate to have your scent close
Isn't it everywhere in the tent?
>since I wouldn’t let her near you
At least she obeyed that.
>neglecting her own wellbeing and putting you before herself
She certainly failed at this in the forest.
>inevitably end up coming back here
Hey, that's not too optimistic!
>kept repeating ‘it’s my fault’
Not to blame her, but she got that aspect right. Also she can't change that anymore so just avoid dragging and leaving Anon in a dangerous place alone.
>before I have to use the charm to teleport back
What is this Sliders? Does it display a countdown too?
>alicorn currently trying to slide under those warm blankets in her sleep to cuddle closer to him
Those instincts sure developed fast!
>Nýrmáni finally found him
She must have used her mane to find him similar to cat whiskers!

Thanks for the update!
That'll do. Thanks!
>And Nýrmáni did not enter Anon's dream?
Magic was probably not a good idea for Anon's well being right then.
that, and her mental state probably wasn't in any shape for going in there quietly.
Can you imagine someone busting into your head practically screaming their concern for you? Be like getting caught in a storm at sea.
File: 1631601406037.png (172 KB, 572x597)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
would I get arrested for marenapping a mare just for like a minute off the street and forcibly brushing her mane?
Probably. You'd at least get called a pervert.
File: 1630790498832.png (3.72 MB, 2000x1800)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB PNG
>Trying to nap a snow mare
Good luck with that.
File: nicemaremoon.png (1.21 MB, 1280x796)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
Cute stuff, thanks anon. I was pleasantly surprised that I remembered the one disadvantage of magic cleaning that she discovered some time ago.
>He'll be very disappointed in her if she comes chasing after him before her time's up.

>If anon dies he forces Nyrmani to swear not to kill herself
>despite the pain of his loss she keeps her word
>throws herself into helping other ponies for a century
>then decides that she might as well deal with Equestria's most dangerous threats seeing as she no longer fears death
>and putting herself in dangerous situations isn't technically suicide
>whenever a conqueror invades or a monster attacks a Midnight Alicorn always race in to confront them
>a maniacal grin on her face accentuated by her sharp teeth
>every time she beats the shit out of them, ponies can always see she's a bit disappointed.
she's gonna be in for SUCH a scolding when she finally bites off more than she can chew and gets what she "wants."
>Nyrmani does nothing to make Anon eternally young
File: 1631966945730.jpg (728 KB, 1440x1152)
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728 KB JPG
What if one just naps with a snow mare?
something seems fishy about this
It's basically a marriage proposal.
Snow mares catch the largest fish they can find to give it to the one they like the most.
File: 1630863386072.jpg (396 KB, 4096x3263)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
She's just a nice pony, anon. Don't question it. Don't question the circlet you're supposed to wear on your wrists either, just put it on. She just wears one that looks similar on a foreleg for fashion's sake. Don't question why she's moving into your house either, she's just a really close friend.
File: 675874.png (1.85 MB, 1303x1330)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
might go back and edit that part, I was unsure of the phrasing as I was writing.
No spoilers, but this topic may come up in the future.
>No spoilers, but this topic may come up in the future.
You better not fuck it up. I seriously hope you will not fuck it up like many, many before you did and still do.
File: 895904.png (272 KB, 750x750)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
>You better not fuck it up.
This is a pretty broad statement, what do you mean by 'fuck it up'?
But I have been putting thought into this since I started writing this thing to be honest, it is a very hard topic to go over without being either very cliché or very cringe. Like I said, no spoilers.
>This is a pretty broad statement, what do you mean by 'fuck it up'?
Not making him eternally young/ageless/immortal. That is the key part writers keep doing wrong. There are few fics to my knowledge that do not commit that mistake. I hope your green will be one of the few that will do it right.
Not him but I fail to see how that’s inherently wrong
Then again your prose marks you as the resident thread sperg so I’m not surprised lol
If you fail to see how that's wrong, then can you really you love ponies if all you want is to see them suffer?
File: 1638639744346.png (99 KB, 1000x832)
99 KB
>This is a pretty broad statement, what do you mean by 'fuck it up'?
Not him, but:
>happy fic
>happy ending
>20 lines of shitty epilogue where anon is old/dead and his partner grieves over it
It's so fucking retarded
File: 1635683940718.jpg (2.91 MB, 4000x4100)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB JPG
You nailed it, have a cute mare
Update coming soon-ish. It feels like I've spent way too much time on the side story whilst not touching this one.
that tends to happen when you get a surprise surge of motivation/inspiration. But it should have served as a good palette cleanser to take a fresh whack at the main story.
It kinda did, yeah. And the drafts for the next chapters are already more or less set. All it takes now is to chisel the details.
File: kinda sleep cute mare.jpg (449 KB, 1942x1826)
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449 KB JPG
The time for sleep approaches. I hope I dream of mares.
File: SnoozingDerpy.gif (141 KB, 450x450)
141 KB
141 KB GIF
mare hopes she dreams of you too, I'm sure.
File: She sleep.jpg (420 KB, 3300x2760)
420 KB
420 KB JPG
File: 1630674219307.png (3.15 MB, 2508x1764)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB PNG
>moving away from their communal hut
I don't know, these things look pretty comfy.
File: Wedding carry for Dash.jpg (509 KB, 950x629)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
Is she embarrassed that someone took a photo of her?
She just met that morning. They both knew they had to get married immediately, but even the speedster was not prepared for how fast everything happened that day.
What a nice mare.
Dashie is for gentle teasing
File: 1633575193903.jpg (2.92 MB, 2348x3125)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB JPG
ive just finished doing the math
a mare would completely obliterate a man's peepee
im so sorry :(
File: 1420647954762.png (228 KB, 653x574)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
don't trouble us with your fancy mathematics
until it's time moderate teasing which leads to aggressive cuddling
File: A man's job.jpg (8 KB, 301x167)
8 KB
I wouldn't want to go out any other way.
File: Spoiler Image (39 KB, 396x558)
39 KB
File: 1618951630509.gif (731 KB, 328x464)
731 KB
731 KB GIF
File: 1623996908013.gif (1.19 MB, 720x720)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB GIF
Have a sunny mare until content arrives.
File: 1638539433493.gif (195 KB, 300x167)
195 KB
195 KB GIF
>until content arrives
what content?
File: 427678.jpg (353 KB, 2560x1440)
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353 KB JPG
sunhoers a cute
An update.
And here is the first update of what I consider the second half of the story, where things begin to finally move along properly. It is incidentally also the first chapter I upload as a quasi-neet, since I'm practically a pariah in virtually all spheres of life now, but oh well. The writing was on the wall for a very long time, so fuck all of that. It only means more time for pony, and that is a good thing. The rest can go to hell for all I care at this point. Anyway, rant time over, now to the interesting things.
Main story:
Side story:
(Ignore the update notification on this one, I just corrected a formatting mistake.)
Have fun.

>From an ancient scroll:

>The following is a tale as old as known time.
>A tale of you, and a tale of me.
>Of life, and all there is.
>From Origin, to Trinity, to Diarchy, to Harmony.

>Once upon a time, there was a world unlike any other.
>Far away from any other known lands.
>It was so far away that no one from the outside knew it existed.
>So it was left undisturbed for many untold years.
>And as it so happened, it was the home of three different pony tribes.
>None of the ponies could say with certainty where they came from.
>Yet they have always lived there for as long as they can remember.
>And for them, there could be no better place.
>The land was fertile.
>Blessed with many grasslands and forests.
>And all ponies could find enough food with some effort.
>They lived without hardship, yet they did not prosper.
>But the land was not to blame for this.
>Every tribe had unique special talents which they used to make a living.
>The first tribe was that of the Earth Ponies.
>Strong mares and stallions who had a fine sense for all plants, rocks, the soil, and nature itself.
>They were the best in dealing with a raw and untamed environment.
>The second: The Unicorns.
>Ponies with a natural talent for the unseen, often also called magic.
>Unicorns learned to use their unique horns to weave their magic powers into spells as they pleased.
>Everything from simple magic tricks up to powerful incantations were theirs to command.
>And the third: The Pegasi.
>Winged ponies who could soar into the blue heights and control the weather.
>Pegasi moved faster and wider than any other tribe.
>And unlike the other two, their mastery of the air allowed them to live on clouds.
>The sky eventually became their home, and the clouds turned into their cities.
>In these early days, all three tribes mainly lived to fend for their own kin, utilising the abilities they had been blessed with.
>They wandered in small groups and lived in small communities, mostly unaware of the other two.
>And while their singular talents were enough to provide for themselves, it was not an easy task.
>Scavenging and working for their next meal became a manageable, albeit daily chore.
>Starting anew with each coming dawn.
>Life was not opulent, but it was fair.
>The Earth ponies were sturdy and easily found and cultivated food.
>But they were dependant on the moody weather.
>The Unicorns used their spells to find what they needed.
>But they were inexperienced in farming and also endured the weather.
>The Pegasi could drench the ground to ease plant growth and ward off storms.
>But they too were no farmers and could store nothing in the clouds.
>Inexplicably to all of them, every foal of every tribe received a Mark at a certain age.
>It blessed the ponies with individual talents in which they developed an excellence beyond comparison.
>Even within their own tribes.
>Nopony understood where the Marks came from, but they had always been a part of their nature.
>Just like the ponies had always been a part of this land.
>It was a boon.
>Maybe from nature, or perhaps even from life itself.
>Yet one thing they knew without a doubt.
>Every new blessing was a miracle of fate.
>And although no pony was ever able to fully grasp the ways of fate, it always showed itself in the right place at the right time.
>This was the time of Origin.
>The age of which there was no predecessor.

>In a dimly lit tunnel, far beneath the surface of Equestria.
>The sounds of hooves stepping on solid metal can be heard as a lone figure marches through the seemingly endless subterranean labyrinth.
>It is your Pegasus proxy.
>You pilot it remotely as #deca.mare and you fly around the planet in a stable orbit.
>Only the day prior to today, you have decided to transfer the pony shell from the mother ship down to the planet.
>For there is something happening underneath the world for which you want to show up in person.
>Or at least as close to that as technically possible without moving your cryo pod or severing your connection to #deca.mare and the rest of the network.
>At this moment, you are on your way to partake in that special event.
>So you let your proxy trot through the long hallways with a moderate pace, and witness the underground deeds that both of you have done along the way.
>And even though you know exactly what the tunnels look like, due to the excessive time you have invested to help creating them, today they appear unusual for another reason.
>After all, this is the first time you get to experience the actual terraformer tunnels of Equestria from the perspective of a "living" organism outside of a simulation.
>Up to this point, you have only ever seen it through the camera lenses of several units, or as digital recreations that were based on the original blueprints.
>But right now, you get the chance to witness the real deal in the way how a pony would see it, if given the chance to.
>And that is something very different.
>At least from an emotional point of view.
>Incidentally, it is also the reason why you declined #deca.mare's offer to bring your proxy to your destination with another unit.
>You want to see it all for yourself, and in the pace you deem appropriate.
>After a while, you begin to chuckle.
"Heh, isn't it strange to feel like a tourist at the place you've built yourself?"
>"Perhaps under different circumstances, Anon. But I assume it is safe to say that this situation is everything but commonplace."
"With all the things happening around this planet, yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a first in history."
>#deca.mare laughs lightly too.
>"Which is yet more of a justification to feel elated."
>A short pause.
>"If it makes you feel better, let me say that I share your sentiment, Anon. Should this make us strange, we are at least strange together."
>You grin.
"That's good to hear."
>You check the map of the tunnel system.
>Still about five hundred metres left to walk.
>Enough for a little pleasure flight.
>The architecture may only exhibit utilitarian and monotonous metal walls on all sides, but at least they are special monotonous metal walls.
>That is what you like to think anyway.
>And you are sure that #deca.mare agrees with you on that.
>You spread the wings of your proxy and take off.
>The tunnel provides enough space for you to navigate and glide fairly safely.
>And the mostly straight structure means that you do not have to take any sharp turns or try other difficult tricks either.
>All you have to do is to keep the Pegasus steady.
>Plus, you know exactly what to expect, given that you have the exact plan at hand and can rely on it at a moment's notice.
>Nevertheless, you alternatively sway lightly to both sides now and then, to add a little bit extra excitement to the experience.
>And when you feel like it, you also ascend a little bit or let your proxy drop for half a metre or so.
>Nothing extraordinarily dangerous for the proxy at your passable speed.
>Though if you had done something like this with a ship in a station dock, back when you were an enlisted fighter pilot, you would have been booted within a day.
>And while you would also never do such a thing with a unit on board of your mother ship, since it could needlessly damage some of your assets, none of these concerns apply down here.
>The worst thing you could do now is to damage the proxy.
>But for that to happen, you really have to fly like an idiot.
>So you enjoy your opportunity for a tunnel flight as you watch the walls move past everywhere around you.
>There is only you, the surrounding corridor, and the somewhat dim open space right in front of you.
>Even without any notable wind down here, you still get a little rush out of the experience.
>Heh, who knew what terraformer maintenance tunnels could be good for.
>Aside their actual functions, of course.
>You check the remaining distance again.
>Two hundred metres.
>#deca.mare gives you a signal over the comm.
>"Beware, there is a general purpose unit coming your way. Shall I stop it?"
"No need to. I can deal with that."
>And only a few moments later, you can indeed make out the shapes of something fairly big and bulky right in front of you.
>The outlines of the machine quickly get much clearer as you move towards each other.
>You slow down your proxy to about half your previous speed and fly close to the tunnel ceiling.
>Then you carefully maintain this height as you observe the approaching automaton.
>The heavy machine on tracks drives by without reacting to your presence, and follows its own route as its powerful engine merrily hums along with a few low key sounds.
>If you had not known beforehand, you would be perturbed by the low volume that a machine of this type emits when it drives somewhere.
>More than a ton of metal and other components are not supposed to be this quiet.
>And if it were not for the tracks making some sounds as they make contact with the hard floor, one would barely notice its approach in the first place.
>Still, for someone like you who has learned to work with this machine, it has become a normal experience.
>Besides, this thing is not nearly as scary as #deca.mare's little prank on your first excursion with your proxy.
>Once the unit has moved on, you resume your central position inside the corridor and speed up again.
>You pass the last couple of metres with casual gliding, and without any real obstacles.
>Then you spot the place you are looking for.
>A mesh door appears on the left side.
>And on the right, at the exact same spot, a second pathway meets the one you are currently on.
>This is the crossing.
>With the place now in sight, you controllably decrease your speed to come to a stop right in front of the barrier.
>You land near the large gate and face it directly.
>The thing is almost as high and wide as the tunnel you have been flying through so far, and you can see that a corridor of equal proportions awaits you on the other side.
>A simple design choice, but easy to work with.
>Standardised sizes do have their uses, after all.
"Okay. I'm in position. Please unlock the gate, #deca."
>And the request does lead to the desired effect.
>You hear some faint clicking and clunking noises coming from the door mechanism.
>Then you watch as the mesh quickly slides aside and disappears into one of the walls.
>Unlike the heavier blast door variants for the most vital areas, these ones involve far less rumbling and are much faster to open and close respectively.
>With the way ahead now free to tread, you strut forwards into the next segment.
>After you have passed about a dozen metres, you hear the door locking itself again behind your back.
>But knowing in advance that this would happen, you do not look back to check what is going on.
>Instead, you rather focus your mind of what lies ahead.
>About another dozen metres or two, you spot another pony figure in front of you, standing right in the centre of the walkway.
>#deca.mare has been waiting for you.
>You quickly trot closer until you have finally reached her idling proxy.
>She greets you with a friendly smile and a hug.
>"Welcome, Anon."
>You chuckle.
"Hey, it's not like I've never been here in the past."
>"You said it yourself though, it is not the same as before."
"Fair point. Shall we then?"
>"Of course."
>You part again and begin to walk side by side.
"I suspect the status is still the same, right?"
>"It is. Everything is unchanged and stable. And we have no reason to hurry."
>You nod.
"Good. We've got a lot of work ahead of us."
>The two of you follow the tunnel further.
>Until you catch a glimpse of an opening in the distance.
>A threshold where the corridor nearly seamlessly turns into a cavity.
>And that is not all.
>The room you are about to enter emits a vibrant emerald sheen that completely outshines the otherwise rather dim standard lighting of the tunnels.
>Once you see it with your, more or less, own eyes, you stop for a brief moment and take a deep breath.
>"Do you need some time?"
>You shake your head.
"No. But I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't nervous."
>#deca.mare looks at the green light of the opening in front of you as well.
>"Me too, Anon. This is probably the biggest step of our entire project for a reason."
>You feel tempted to remind her that pointing out the obvious does not necessarily relieve your nervousness, but you realise this is entirely redundant.
>Because you can read in her whole demeanour that #deca.mare feels the exact same thing.
>Her remark is just her own way to deal with it.
>Well, you figure the best thing you can do is to dive in quickly.
>Because the earlier you begin, the faster you are done.
>So you take heart, exhale calmly, and give #deca.mare a reaffirming pat on the back.
"Let's go. We'll work it all out. Promise."
>She nods.
>You continue your walk towards the seemingly glowing chamber.
>Both of you fully know what to expect of course.
>After all, there is nothing happening in these tunnels without your knowledge.
>But still, you nevertheless have a strange feeling of treading entirely new and wholly unknown grounds.
>And in a way, you actually do precisely that.
>#deca.mare and you reach the threshold.
>The inside of the room is laid bare before your eyes.
>It is an underground storage site, designed like the ones you have on board your mother ship, albeit partially adapted to take regular planetary gravity into account.
>However, this one does not store mere resources or processed goods.
>No, its shelves contain something much more valuable than mere ores, building material, or tools.
>You look at rows upon rows of shelved, yet active pods.
>Dozens of them, neatly ordered and safely stacked.
>Although you have not properly entered the room yet, you can already hear the subtle sounds of their integrated machinery.
>And now that you are here with the proxy, you believe that you spot very subtle nuances between the individual pods.
>Minimal variations that almost sound like a strange form of melody to you.
>But variation or not, the units are kept operational at their peak performance.
>Plus, you have a good number of automatons assigned to monitor the status of all pods simultaneously.
>If some values were outside the normal parameters, you would have been alerted already.
>And for a very good reason at that.
>You take another breath as you inspect the shelves from afar.
"So, where do we start?
>"I suggest we approach one group at a time."
"Shelf by shelf then."
>"It is the easiest strategy. And considering that we have four other halls to tend to..."
>You nod to tell her that you understand.
"Yeah, working methodically makes sense."
>"If it takes too long for you, we could reduce the required time by not doing this with our proxies, Anon."
>You sigh.
"That's easier and faster for sure. But also far less... personal."
>You still look at the pods.
"But this isn't about efficiency or time, #deca. It's something we've got to do ourselves."
>#deca.mare agrees after a short moment of consideration.
>"You are right."
>You slowly walk up to the first shelf, with #deca.mare following you closely.
>And on your way to the construct, you spot a transporter unit entering the hall from the other end.
>It drives towards the two of you and the shelf.
>You stop shortly before the first row of pods, and leave enough room for the unit to place itself between you and the pods.
>The automaton stops precisely there and aligns itself to face the first row.
>Its adjustable pairs of clamps automatically bring themselves in position and grab the nearest pod.
>Once it has the unit is firmly in its grasp, the pod detaches itself from the planetary energy grid and switches over to battery mode.
>You are technically on the clock from now on, as its embedded energy cell can only support the system for a limited time without a refill.
>Still, the pods are designed to work for a couple of hours on their own.
>So it should not become a pressing matter unless you tarry needlessly.
>The transporter unit carefully retracts its clamps from the shelf, carrying the heavy unit with it, and lowers it almost onto the ground level.
>Then the automaton switches into idle mode and waits for new commands.
>But before you can give those, there is something that #deca.mare and you have to do first.
>You walk up to the pod and look through the transparent canopy at its top.
>The unit is filled with a warm liquid, and illuminated by a gentle emerald light.
>It is vivid enough for a fraction to shine through the upper layer, yet not dazzling enough to be glaring to the naked eye.
>Inside the fluid and the light swims a young Earth pony mare nearing her prime.
>Her eyes are closed, the muzzle covered by a respirator, and her limbs are kept in place by carefully placed restraints.
>She is unconscious, artificially held in a deep, near comatose slumber, and kept from randomly swimming around in the pod.
>The latter is meant to prevent her from loosely floating around and accidentally hurting herself or causing damage to the unit by sheer random chance.
>But a small screen at the side of the pod tells you that her vitals are strong and stable.
>The mare is resting soundly and shows no signs of stress.
>You take a long quiet moment to simply look at the sleeping pony inside the pod.
>You try to remember her name without looking it up at the screen.
>After all, #deca.mare and you have personally named every single one of the ponies in the five sleeping halls.
>You could simply have left this part to Harmony and let it decide the names of the first generation of ponies.
>It would have created a list of monikers based on the ponies' latent talents you have bestowed upon them when you began to "conceive" them.
>But instead of doing this, you insisted that both #deca.mare and you also have a say in the matter as well.
>Because since you are technically somewhat of a father to them, it is only appropriate and courteous to also give them a name yourself.
>And #deca.mare's maternal side wholeheartedly agreed.
>On the flipside, however, it is not exactly easy for you to remember several hundred names and to associate those with the correct pony by heart.
>So you now feel slightly embarrassed as you have to think for a while to remember the name of your daughter of sorts who lies sleeping in a pod right in front of your proxy's face.
>Sure, she does not look anything like you and would certainly not pass a genetic relationship test by any stretch of the imagination, but that is completely beside the point.
>Fact of the matter is, this pony would not exist without you or #deca.mare.
>Which makes the two of you her de facto parents for all intents and purposes.
>And to a certain extent, the same status applies to Harmony as well.
>Though that aspect is another can of philosophical worms, considering that a little bit of Harmony is embodied inside these ponies.
>And vice versa, every single one of those ponies is a small part of Harmony too.
>You have no idea how to depict that on a family tree.
>In any case, you are sure it is safe to say that your family bonds are quite unusual to say the least.
>Eventually, you actually manage to recall her name.
>Whether you will be able to hit a perfect score in all five halls is another matter, however.
>Yet that will not deter you from trying your best.
"Hello, Ash Seedling. This will be your great day."
>The mare inside the pod remains motionless.
>Of course, she could not hear a single word of what you have just said.
>But deep down you like to think that a subconscious part of her understands you nevertheless.
>Or at the very least you hope she will understand your motivations when she learns the truth about the two of you in a very distant future.
>#deca.mare approaches the pod from the other side to eye its dormant occupant.
>As she looks at Ash Seedling's still form, she sighs.
>"I cannot wait to release them. It does not feel right to see them all restrained like this."
>The rational side of her is of course aware of the fact that you have only fixed them in this pose to ensure they remain safe and sound inside their pods until the day of their "birth".
>And that their pod stage will be effectively over very soon.
>But still, you can also sympathise with her emotional side which feels for these ponies.
>She wants to see them free, so that they can begin to live their lives on the surface as soon as possible.
>And to finally end their sedated existence inside a gestation unit.
"Yeah, me too."
>You carefully tap on the canopy and focus on Ash Seedling's face.
"Don't worry, Ash. It won't be much longer until you see the light of the sun."
>Again, no reaction from the mare.
>As expected.
>Yet it does not change much.
>For you nevertheless feel obligated to address each and every pony in here personally before you release them.
>Even when they have no recall of the words you spoke, or that you are technically their parents for that matter, you owe them this much personal attention.
>You keep observing the floating mare for a few more seconds before you take a couple of steps away from the unit with the pod in its grasp.
>You turn your head to #deca.mare.
>She nods in agreement.
>Then you give the next order to the automaton.
>The machine turns towards the entrance from whence #deca.mare and you have come, and starts to roll away.
>And even without looking at the automaton and what it is doing, you know what is happening next.
>The unit drives into the corridor and towards the mesh.
>When it is there, the automaton will meet up with a larger transporter machine that has just arrived at the crossing.
>This machine can harbour the pods of up to two fully stacked shelves.
>And in the case of an emergency, it can also connect the units to its main energy cell and regulate the pods' activities on its own until either #deca.mare or you can step in.
>But to be extra sure that it does not even come to this situation, you have parked a second smaller transporter automaton behind the big transporter, filled to the brim with replacement energy cells and other spare parts.
>Nobody shall say that you take the wellbeing of the ponies under your care lightly.
>The whole process will take a couple of minutes.
>Though you will not idle while the automaton is en-route.
>For a second smaller transport unit appears in the hall, automatically heading for the same shelf as the first automaton.
>Like the other unit, it reaches for the nearest available pod to pick it up.
>The automaton repeats the procedure of the first and presents the next dormant pony to the two of you.
>#deca.mare and you approach it like the previous one.
>The body of a slumbering Earth pony stallion lies within the unit.
>He is of the same age as Ash Seedling.
>Though this is not much of a surprise to you, as all of the first generation ponies are roughly of the same age.
>And this is a deliberate choice of both of you.
>Since you are already forced to let the first generation skip their foalhood entirely, given that the pony society has to start somewhere, the two of you have agreed to let them mature to a state where they are not quite fully adults yet, but developed sufficiently to be able to rely on their own skills.
>It is the youngest age range that both of you were comfortable with.
>That way they do not miss that many years of their life in comparison to newborn foals, and still have most of their best years to look forward to.
>For while you have given them some "memories" of their happy foalhood and a sense of identity to start out with, it still is not really a fair exchange.
>And at the end of day, it is a fake.
>A fake made with good intentions, but a deception nonetheless.
>Something you will apologise for when you can talk freely to them about this matter.
>In who knows how many years in the future.
>Yet you can already tell that you will not be excited to have that conversation, as it will be awkward at best, and rough at worst.
>Either way though, these are the responsibilities you have accepted to face when you proposed to #deca.mare to finally realise this project in the first place.
>So you will not complain about that to anyone.
>This was your personal decision, and you will live it now, no matter what.
>Really, it is not so different from conventional parenthood if you think about it.
>Only the scales vary significantly.
>Once more, you rummage through your mind to remember the stallion's name.
>#deca.mare attempts to help you out, but you refuse her assistance.
>You want to try it yourself.
>And it finally makes click.
>So you raise your voice again for the second greeting.
>If one can call it that.
>"The moment has come, Crag Grinder. Soon you'll get the chance to show the world what you've got in store."
>Another short while of silence before you step back and let the automaton carry the second pod to the crossing as well.
>By that time, the first transporter is already on its way back to the hall, ready to pick up the third pod of the day.
>And so it goes on.
>Pod after pod.
>Pony after pony.
>You wish every single one of them well before they are brought to the tunnel.
>Of course, you will still look after them and help them with all the tools you have at your disposal.
>But once they are out of the pods and exploring the "wilderness", you need to let them try out things on their own.
>So if there is a moment for some final friendly words before the next big era of Equestria is about to commence, it is now.
>And you do not let that opportunity slip.
>After the first shelf has been cleared of gestation units, you let #deca.mare see off the other half of the Earth ponies who are about to get "shipped out" with a few friendly comments.
>The two of you have arranged that even split beforehand.
>You originally had the idea to let both of you speak to every single pony prior to being moved, but you quickly reconsidered this approach as #deca.mare has calculated for you how long it would take you to cover all five halls with this longer procedure.
>So you mutually agreed to settle for a more abridged version of the ritual to save some time.
>But even with this fair split, it takes the better part of two hours for you to fill the large machine at the crossing.
>The effort was worth it though, as you want to form a stronger mental bond to each and every one of those mares and stallions.
>It will become impossible for you in the long run of course, as their numbers will eventually surpass your mental faculties to grasp them and to differentiate between all the individuals.
>But you will be damned if you do not try to remember as many as humanly possible.
>#deca.mare really has an advantage over you in that regard.
>You watch as the last unit of the first two shelves is carried out of the hall.
>Then you turn around to observe the still remaining shelves.
>You notice that the collective emerald aura in the room has dimmed somewhat, especially in the corner of the chamber that you are currently standing in.
>Though you will still have to return a couple of times to release the rest of the dormant lot in this room alone.
>Not to mention the other four halls of equal size with a similar amount of occupants.
>Well, you have your work cut out for you.
>But nobody ever said that it is easy to colonise a planet.
>You turn to #deca.mare.
"Okay, that's it for now. Shall we go?"
>And she nods.
>"Hmhm. Ready when you are."
>You leave the hall together and tread the same path that you have used to enter.
>Since you have a time limit of sorts, you walk in a moderate, albeit steady pace and reach the mesh door in due time.
>Even from the distance, you can see the lively emerald light of the pods shine through the iron grid.
>If it were not for the fact that you know what is going on, you might have gotten the impression that the source of this sheen must be otherworldly.
>The mesh door unlocks itself automatically as the two of you draw near, revealing both the fully loaded large transporter and the three smaller units.
>The pair of transporter units you have used parked themselves in front of the more massive construct.
>Which causes it to form the centre of your little formation, whilst the spare part storage forms the rear.
>So far, so good.
>Shortly after you have passed the door, #deca.mare gives you a signal to help her.
>Already knowing what she wants you to do, you step closer to assist her in an attempt to climb onto the top of one of the spearhead units.
>And you get her up there without much of a hassle.
>Then you take flight and land on the top of the other unit.
>Both of you align yourselves to face the tunnel in front of you.
>"Ready for departure. And you?"
"Same. Let's make it roll."
>Without further ado, the two spearhead automatons begin to accelerate gently.
>The heavy transporter does the same with a delay of a few seconds.
>And so does the depot of spare parts behind it.
>Your humble caravan of four drives through the subterranean network with a clear destination in mind.
>You are heading for one of the surface exits that is hidden inside a small hill cave at the surface world.
>This is the place where you will set this group of Earth ponies free.
>For it is the perfect location for them to start.
>Shielded from the weather and wind, not high enough to count as a proper mountain cave, and relatively close to the nearest forest and the grassy lowlands.
>During an early spring season.
>Water, food, and wood will be around to be gathered in abundance.
>Plus, you have also donated a generous starter pack of those resources too.
>A gift they will find in the cave when they wake up.
>This, combined with the versatile set of inherent talents and skills that this group of ponies possesses, should ensure that they will quickly find themselves in a position in which they can live fairly comfortably.
>After all, you have made sure that there are a few ponies of all trades in the groups you have picked.
>Farmers, craftsponies, explorers and gatherers.
>Everything they need to found a stable settlement.
>The rest is up to them.
>#deca.mare and you will only intervene in the foundation process if things appear to go awry.
>Or when the settlement finds itself in need of some help from someone outside their own community.
>But you did everything in your power to reduce the risk of such an occurrence.
>It would take a major incisive event to disturb the balance that you have created so carefully.
>All those things rush through your mind as you ride the automaton through the tunnels at a fairly high speed.
>The ponies under your protection know none of these things.
>For as far as they will be concerned, they are going to wake up and greet a normal new day.
>One of many uncountable days to come.
>But also a day like all the others they have lived through so far.
>A big, albeit sweet lie.
>Yet also one with a silver lining.
>After all, the shadow of this lie will shrink just a tiny bit of a sliver with the light of every new dawn.
>#deca.mare is confident that, by the distant point in time at which the two of you will reveal the initial lie to the world, you will be able to bear the burden of the remaining shadow together.
>And then, over time, banish it outright.
>Together with your protégés.
>Your home.
>And if the inhabitants of Equestria are willing to embrace you as friends on an equal footing, your family.
>But until then, you have a task to tend to.
>Accepting the terms you have chosen for yourself, #deca.mare and you look optimistically into the dim tunnel before you, eagerly waiting for the first rays of light to shine on your faces.
Done. And on a related note, the first two paragraphs of this chapter, i.e. the .1 segment, are two of the sixteen posts about the foundation of Equestria that I have written a while back. They've been announced a long time ago and were sitting on my drives for ages, and now can finally be integrated into the story properly. The rest will now gradually come with the subsequent updates. It is also a bit funny that the now kind of old text passages which deal with the ancient times of Equestria are written in the old /mlp/ format with the two thousand characters limit. So I kept it because I found it thematically fitting and a neat throwback for old time's sake.
Having them in there really does make it feel like another "book" in the history of your equestria.
Thought the same thing while going through these again. And the shorter format also changes the experience of the reading a bit. I don't know how to put it exactly, but to me they feel somewhat different. Kind of sleeker in a way, if you see what I mean.
Very nice update.
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Anyone else using Novel AI or the other writing softwares that /aids/ use?
Is that like a markov chain thing or what
I don't know what that even is.
Mares of Harmony.
Good joke
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From the /aids/ thread post on /vg/:
>AI Dynamic Storytellers are games that use text-prediction models to create limitless, open-ended, interactive fiction.
My answer: Remember those text-based games from the time before graphics were a thing? Here's the evolution of that, but now there's the addition of "AI" that generate text based on a number of parameters and modules that can be edited to whatever effect you want. In the 2 or so years this has been a thing Anons have used these "games" for coom material mainly, myself included.
Yes, there is a MLP lorebook, but NAI is a paid subscription. /aids/ has other free alternatives.
night time is the right time
Who do you think wielded elements before MarySue6?
Yes, and before she yeeted her sister to the moon they wielded the Elements together for hundreds of years
Thanks. Glad you liked it.

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