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There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare.

"Very fast mare running at incredible hihg speed (into your heart)" edition

Old thread: >>37724295

Ongoing greens:

Dreams to Dream by Stabbythesnowman (NMM)
https://ponepaste.org/4197 (part 2)
https://ponepaste.org/5562 (part 3)

Shape Your Home by PoneGreen
https://ponepaste.org/477 (Part 1)
https://ponepaste.org/478 (Part 2)
https://ponepaste.org/479 (Part 3)
https://ponepaste.org/480 (Part 4)
https://ponepaste.org/4581 (Part 5)
https://ponepaste.org/4466 (April Fools' interlude)

Completed/on hiatus/ded greens:

The Recruiter (epilogue) by pentapony

Hallmark Dream-a by lmone6

Stories by Pentapony

Carl's Hardened Heart by Reggiesomething

"Fleetfooted" by SadBoy

Stories by Aftercase

Stories by AnthonyC4

Stories by Horse Story Anon

Stories by YukkuriPalehorse

Rainbow Dash and the Ghosts of Hearts & Hooves Day by Lonesome Rider

Stories by Trandhal: https://ponepaste.org/user/trandhal

Rocks out of the Quarry: https://poneb.in/aX2C686i

Stories by Tsar Anon: https://poneb.in/BnjZqwM3

Stories by Angry Wino: tinyurl dot com slash vskmqfx

Stories by Crabs of Steam: https://poneb.in/u/Crabs_of_steam

The Broken Carousel (Part 1): https://ponepaste.org/1541
(Twilight Sparkle Interlude 1): https://ponepaste.org/1543
(Part 2): https://ponepaste.org/1542
(Twilight Sparkle Interlude 2): https://ponepaste.org/1544

This Heart That Fears


Low Self-Esteem AJ

All I want from christmas

Couch Surfing

A collection of misc. green since the 1st thread
First for best pony
File: brush the mare.png (3.15 MB, 4000x4000)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB PNG
You have ONE MINUTE to get to Equestria and brush the pony. If you miss your chance, you're doomed to a life of never brushing cute pony ever again.
You cut it close anon but you made it. Now you have a league of mares that want you to brush them.
File: 1637022532733.png (136 KB, 617x544)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
>pic related
Heaven. I'll start as soon as possible.
Who are you quoting?
File: floral mare.jpg (200 KB, 1300x1558)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Sorry anon, it closed. Only that one guy above made it through, and right now I'm pretty sure he's brushing like 3 mares at once. I was told that the next one is going to open somewhere in Ohio, but I wasn't told when.
File: rainbows_end_lelelel.png (341 KB, 600x894)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
you have no idea how much i want to inseminate her fertile horse pussy
Why is it blue? Do they know?
>3 mares at once
>with 2 arms
That's a challenge.
duct tape a brush to my elbow, I'm ready
Got here a smaller green I'm working on. This one is going to skip in time a bit to try and explore some stuff not usually seen on this thread, so hopefully it still works

>You finally find your seat.
>A plack on the short bench reads "B-12".
>You take another look at the piece of paper given to you by your "matchmaker", (That word still makes you uncomfortable, as if you're just some stock to be married off) the paper reads "B-12", so you take your seat.
>You sit still and quietly, looking around the large room.
>This place is the most, well, magical thing you've ever seen.
>The huge circular columns reaching up to archways holding the ceiling up far above you, the magnificent stained-glass windows, you'd feel like you're in some old great castle, if it wasn't for all the purple.
>There are dozens of other benches, some occupied already, most not.
>The room is bustling with both humans and ponies.
>Most of the ponies look official and confident, directing others and making sure everything goes smoothly; then there are what you guess must be the "matches", who look gitty and excited, joking around and blushing with friends.
>The humans, you do your best to avoid looking at.
>Whenever you ran into another one when you first got here, you were overcome with some strange feeling of embarrassment.
>There was a mutual understanding of why you were both here, and so, a mutual understanding of your failures back on Earth.
>It's been about a week since you've been here, but you still can't seem to look another man in the eye.
>The ponies, though, seem all too eager to.
>You have to have met dozens of ponies in your short time here.
>You couldn't even remember more than three or four of their names, but they all waved and said "Hey, Anonymous!" when you passed them in the halls.
>You wonder if they're trying to make you feel like a loser on purpose.
>But of course not, the standards here must just be way higher than you're used to.
>Your growing feeling of insignificance is interrupted when a pony who was walking past stopped abruptly, looking at the bench, then at you, "Um, could you scoot over?" she said without any particular tone or intonation.
>Her voice was warm and sweet, in a way that perfectly matched her appearance.
>She has a warm brown coat, with a mane made up of different deep yellows.
"Oh uh yeah sorry," you stammer out, quickly moving over to the right side of the bench to make room.
>"Thanks," she says, sitting next to you.
>You glance at her as she sits, but then keep you head and gaze fixed straight forward.
>She does the same.
>You're heart rate immediately shoots up, and you notice your breath quicken.
>In a few seconds your quiet thinking has turned into a panicked mess.
>You glance down at your piece of paper and see the name that's written on it under the bench name, just to make sure you have it correct.
>"Honey Comb"
>"Yeah, that makes sense," you think as you see her out of the corner of your eye.
>Your stupid quip actually makes the corner of your mouth turn up in a smile, and a sudden rush of courage takes ahold and forces you to act.
"You're Honey Comb, right?" you say, turning your head to look at her.
>"Yeah, but you can just call me Honey," she says without turning her head to you, instead she scans the room, eyes lingering on any nearby ponies.
"So... are you from around here."
>"Nah, I'm from Ponyville," she says, still in her rather empty tone.
"Oh, cool."
>A moment of silence passes.
>You can't tell if she's as nervous as you are, or simply uninterested.
>She still hasn't looked at you, still looking rapidly from pony to pony.
"This place is pretty packed, huh," you say as more of a statement than a question as you scan the room again yourself.
>"Yeah, I'd certainly say so," she says, finally with some feeling.
>You accidentally catch another mans eyes and instantly look away, back at Honey.
>You find yourself face to face with her.
>Her big blue eyes look at you with a hint of hesitance, but after a moment, it turns into something else; you're not sure what it is, but for some reason you like it.
>"You wanna ditch?" she asks out of nowhere.
"Uh, is that allowed?"
>"Why shouldn't it be? It's not like they can keep us here."
>You're sure she's right about her, but you, being something of a guest or visitor in this world, aren't quite sure what the rules are.
>"Come on," she says hopping off the bench, "I can show you around the city."
>Without another thought, you stand up.
>You look around the room again and suddenly feel as if now everyone is watching you.
>After a second, you look back at Honey and see a small smile on her face; then everyone else in the room doesn't seem to matter so much.
>Honey turns and starts for the door, "Sweet," she says as she does.
>You follow her.
>You notice an official looking pony watching you two.
>She looks down at her clipboard and writes something down with a smile, then ignores you.
>After a few minutes of Honey leading you, you find yourself outside.
>"Oh man," she sighs, looking up at the clouds, "That's better."
"Don't like people too much?" you find yourself saying without thinking about how inappropriate it might be to ask a stranger something like that.
>But she doesn't seem to care.
>You can tell something is different with this pony; the fact she wasn't immediately social and talkative gave that away.
>"Nah people are fine, just needed some fresh air is all," she says as she turns to look at you, "So, what do you want to do first?"
"I thought you were the one showing me around?" you say playfully.
>"Aw shoot yeah. Hm, well, follow me then," she says looking thoughtful, then turns to keep walking.

>"This spot here might be my favorite, though," Honey Comb says in her up beat, without-care kind of tone you've grown used to in the past hour, as you both sit on a bench gazing at the view in front of you.
>She spent the last hour bringing you not to the usual touristy type of stuff you expected, but to various balconies and overlooks.
>The city seems to be packed full of places like that, which makes sense since its built on the side of a mountain.
>Having never left the castle before, you never really grasped how beautiful this place is.
>Honey made it clear that being up high might be her favorite thing in this world.
>You couldn't say anything for sure though, the only talking the two of you have done is basic surface stuff that seemed uninteresting to both of you, though neither knew quite how to get at something deeper.
>After being able to spend some time together with more privacy, you both grew a little more comfortable with each other.
>Even still, it seemed impossible to even touch the topic of why you two met and are now spending time with each other in the first place.
>Some of the ponies who first talked to you about this process said there's no reason to be embarrassed or hesitant; but now, actually being with and talking to the pony who is supposed to be your "soul mate", it seems you can find an endless amount of reasons to keep your mouth shut about it all.
>And the same seemed to be the case for Honey.
"It's amazing," you said, voice still full of wonder at the landscape far below you, "I've never seen anything like this back on Earth."
>"Say, Anonymous, what IS it like on Earth?"
>You struggle to find an answer.
>You could tell her just how wonderful a place it is, go on and on about the great places and people that exist there.
>Or, you could tell her about the Earth YOU lived, but such a dark topic just felt wrong to bring up with such a colorful mare.
"Sort of like Equestria , actually, just with humans," you settle for a cheap statement, "With lots more technology though."
>"What do you mean?"
"Well humans don't have any magic, so I guess we found different ways of doing things."
>"No magic?!" Honey exclaims, clearly a hard subject for her to wrap her head around.
>You nod, "Mhm. we've just got our boring hands."
>She looks down at you hands.
>"Those do look pretty useful though."
"Well, I'd certainly rather them than hooves."
>"Oh yeah?" she smiles, and playfully hits you not softly on the chest with one of her hooves "I'll show you just what I can do with hooves, monkey-boy."
>You fain regret, "Oh I'm so sorry, please don't use those soft little clubs to beat me up or anything."
>She smirks and gives you a look, but you swear you could see a hint of pink on her cheeks.
>You yourself feel your face get warm all of a sudden, and start berating yourself mentally for calling her soft.
"So why's this spot your favorite?" you ask, trying to move on from the moment.
>Honey looks out at the view in front of you both, "This is the one spot where you can really lose yourself," she says, sounding surprising thoughtful, "No buildings to block the wind, no busy streets, plenty of privacy, just you and the wide world out there. And we're so high up here, everything looks so small, so peaceful and easy. It's so easy to think when you're in a place like this, it's like it was made for it."
>You stare at her, but she doesn't seem to notice.
"What do you think about?" you ask lightly.
>You get the feeling that you're both on the edge of talking about something important, so you try to push her in that direction.
>"Myself," she says slightly quieter than before.
>She sounds like she wants to say more, but doesn't.
>You push a little more, aware how inappropriate it might be.
"What about yourself?"
>She pauses for a moment, not taking her eyes off the fields and hills below.
>"About.. my faults, and... what I'm missing."
"That's exactly what I wish I could get myself to stop thinking about," you say, matching her solemn tone.
>You understand you'll have to open up a little bit in return if you want her too.
>You yourself now turn to look straight ahead, not focused on anything in particular, just letting the feeling of wonder do what it will with you.
"I hate it. It feels like I'm constantly being reminded by what I wish I could just ignore. I just feel that all I need is..." you pause, not sure how to say that what it is you really need might be sitting right next to you.
>Honey shifts nervously on the bench, turning ever slightly towards you.
>You hear the faintest sound of a gulp, then Honey says exactly what you couldn't, "But, Anonymous, you know... This whole... situation, with you, I think is what I'm missing," she finishes, looking up into your eyes.
>You look down at her intensely.
>"I-I mean..." she worriedly stammers, "I just mean-"
"No-no, don't worry," you can't help but smile, "I feel the same way."
>Honey is there when you get home, sitting on the new couch that just got here yesterday.
>She pops her head up rapidly as you walk through the door, as if she's been waiting for you.
>You smile when you see her; truthfully you've been waiting all day to see her.
>Ever since you left in the morning for your new job, she kept popping up in your mind, and once there, it was hard to kick her out of it again.
"Home early?"
>She nods, watching you take your jacket off and put your stuff down at the door.
>There's something in her eyes you recognize, and something you're always relieved and overjoyed to see.
>You quickly finish your business and walk over to Honey, now seeing barely restrained excitement in her eyes, and a huge smile to boot.
>You get to the couch and instead of sitting next to her, you scoop her up, sit where she was and lay her on top of you.
>She doesn't resist an ounce as you do, letting herself be taken by you wholeheartedly.
>You instinctually start petting her back, her fur bristling as you do.
>She looks up at you for a moment, then leans in for a kiss.
>You do you same.
>It's only a peck, but it excites you both.
>"How was work?" she asks quickly to change the atmosphere.
"Pretty good today. I think I'm finally starting to settle into things there."
>"I'm glad," she smiles so sincerely at you, you almost don't believe it.
>Things like that keep happening, little moments where life doesn't feel real, moments that make you realize you've actually found someone who cares for you, and someone to care for.
>You can't quite bring yourself to say the L word; you have some strange fear that as soon as you say it, you'll pop back to Earth and you'll finally wake up from this wild dream.
>"I mean you've only been working there a couple weeks. Things can only get easier from now on right?"
>You nod, "Yeah, I'm not worried about it, plus my coworkers seem like cools guys."
>"That's good, it's about time you make some new friends."
>That thought almost scares you when it first pops into your head.
>You can't remember the last time you made a friend; of course you've met plenty of people, but on a deep enough level with which you'd actually use the term friend? That was something different.
>You feel a growing excitement and anxiety as you consider the new, legitimate possibility of finding people you can belong with.
>After all, friendship is magic here, how hard can it be?
"You're right, maybe I'll try talking to some of them more tomorrow."
>"You should!"
>You let out a deep sigh, and feel content.
>You look around the room, reminded again of how happy things are turning out.
>One of your main worries after coming to this new world was where you were going to live, and how you were going to make a living; luckily, the ponies in charge of bringing humans here for lonely mares help out with that stuff too.
"You like the new couch?" you say casually.
>"Oh yeah! It's super comfy and plenty big. Maybe even too big, can't have you getting away from me after all," she says playfully.
>You wrap your arms around her and hug her tight and put on a mock serious expression, "Yeah? Your the one who seems pretty constrained right now to me."
>She squirms and struggles under you grip, trying her best to get out, but at the angle she's at she never has a chance.
>She notices the sly smile on your face as you watch her try to escape, "What?" she says, trying her best to look mean; you just think she looks adorable, so you smile, which makes her try even harder.
>She tries what she can to disarm you, which is another kiss.
>It works, making you loosen your grip as she holds it for a few seconds.
>She gets free, and hops up to her hooves on your lap and stares down at you.
>Back to your senses, you're determined to come out on top.
>You grab her again, but instead of trying to hold her into you, you lift her up, along with yourself off the couch and lean to one side only to come back down a moment later, now with you on top of her, pinning her helpless.
>She looks up at you with now half-lidded eyes.
>You take a moment to admire her, but you can only last a moment before you dive in for another kiss, then another, then another.
Wait, this is cute
File: 1620812029626.png (485 KB, 900x900)
485 KB
485 KB PNG
I like thing!
It feels like my brain is mush. I need to write something, otherwise I’m gonna go insane. I dunno when it’s gonna be posted. It’ll probably be a one shot. Be on the lookout.

Also obligatory I’m not dead post.
good shit
Uh, I forgot my ponepaste password lol. And I can't remember where I saved it or the recovery code. Ah, this is so shit. I have the username and the email, but the password ain't working. Maybe this is because I didn't do anything when the database leaked. Damn.
Can't you just have them email you a new recovery code?
I dunno. I'll ask in the alt site thread.
The best neet horse.
File: 1628374702180.png (349 KB, 580x1024)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
File: Shocked flubber.jpg (719 KB, 2208x1847)
719 KB
719 KB JPG
File: 924110_postable.png (3.43 MB, 1726x1595)
3.43 MB
3.43 MB PNG
File: 1623892292719.png (69 KB, 264x264)
69 KB
Wish I was there too.
Nice update, thanks!
Pretty sweet, thanks! This whole soulmate idea sounds nice, you get a pony you know you can trust from the start.
File: mare oooing at a cloud.png (441 KB, 3200x2400)
441 KB
441 KB PNG
>POV: You are OOOing ag a mare
"A unicorn growing up in Canterlot and attending Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns" would have made a lovely one or two season show.
File: 1631260850700.png (298 KB, 1356x1633)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
I love her so fucking much.
imagine the smell
File: The smell.webm (1.29 MB, 592x588)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB WEBM
She brought you a cloud!
File: 1630215269077.png (897 KB, 1116x1200)
897 KB
897 KB PNG
You can't convince me there's anything even remotely close to the smell of a mare. They must smell heavenly.
File: 1609433165072.png (95 KB, 1243x968)
95 KB
this is really good
File: z222051.png (224 KB, 500x439)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
It's never to late...
File: 4752.jpg (567 KB, 1086x1674)
567 KB
567 KB JPG
But on another note, I'm finally going back through Dreams to Dream and doing some writing and updates to some of the older sections that needed it.
I'll get out another update (or two) before Christmas come around.
>and doing some writing and updates to some of the older sections that needed it.
>Mare on page 10
Not on my watch, friends.
Email is refusing to go through to the admin. I might just have to make a new ponepaste account at this rate.
Why is the board so inactive lately? It’s not just this thread, a lot of other threads seem so slow. Yet threads are falling down to page 10. Where is everyone?
>Moon Moon and Anon are building their house on top of an ancient alicorn burial ground that's packed to the rafters with the restless shades of that antique race
>also Anon's leg is broken
Oh dear. Definitely looking forward to seeing where things go from here.
Can't speak for everyone, but I'm still around and working on my texts. Couldn't do much during the last days though.
They got nabbed. We got left behind.
>tfw missed the horse rapture
JewJab killed them all.
why do mutts insist on pushing topics like these in seemingly random places? take the vaxx or don't, nobody cares.
File: 1914039.png (883 KB, 999x787)
883 KB
883 KB PNG
happy mare
What's blowing her hair back? She's on a treadmill...
Dash wants the extra challenge. The treadmill was installed in a wind tunnel.
Her hooves are pushing the air backward so fast she is creating her own wind tunnel.
Are you suggesting that a pegasus on a treadmill wouldn't eventually take off?
Fire mare.
File: 1547297.png (1.93 MB, 2000x1185)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB PNG
How do you handle it anons?
handle it?
I don't handle it.
u hold with both hands
like hamburger
I simply live with the pain.
She's hot.
She's got that aura of a true professional around her.
Also nice double dubs.
It's a shame how she gets depicted in the show.
Yeah, the Wonderbolts as a whole were treated badly. It looks like the show staff had no idea how an organization like theirs works.
Can you imagine if actual mares suddenly decided that they wanted human dick? There would be no stopping them. It would be terrifying.
Like all media leftists, they despise the military and everyone in it.
File: 428170.png (149 KB, 1983x1517)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
File: apple.jpg (665 KB, 998x1000)
665 KB
665 KB JPG
>he slipped out from underneath the possessive foreleg
This is cruelty!
>It also woke up Nýrmáni.
Waking up to soon to be ready food is great.
>”...Don’ call me that...” ”M’not cute.”
>“You just shortened my name.”
Took her long enough.
>spat out a loose feather
Hey, stop making a mess!
>less-than professional language lessons
Soon(ish) there will be 4 who can speak that language.
>rarely went anywhere without it now
I have a feeling that this will come useful regarding other things.
Since more than a week passed what's happening in Equestria?
>“But what about me?”
She will leave him to freeze and die. Oh wait, that's another green.
>magicked everything together
That was I was expecting for most larger scale work which does not require fine work.
>still nervous about overdoing something magically
Well, she sure throws around mountains sometimes.
>trees we need for the roof cut down
Trees need to dry a year before using them to avoid warping. But I'm going to let this slip.
>bent her legs slightly
Big hors.
>slightly smaller
Huge pony then.
>an hour of gentle flight
That mountain is not close.
>legs still shaky from his brief moment of terror
Nýrmáni not noticing this nearly immediately is a bad sign.
>”This... place....”
Let me guess, its one where the alicorns used to live.
Nailed it. Also fuck Luna & Celestia, this place was deliberately chosenm so she finds this place.
>didn’t stop no matter how many times Anon called out for her to
Leaving Anon behind? I smell a trap.
>his vision had returned to normal, despite the lances of cold that shot through his face
And now he isn't where he thinks he is.
>He was alone.
Well, that's not going to be a short walk back to the camp/house. Considering it took an hour of flying, plus mountains.
>black pit that had opened up beneath him
This was unexpected. A leftover trap from the wars?
>”W-what is this?” She tried to say, only she couldn’t
Seems like a memory. And Anon managed to draw the shorter stick.
>If she could only just-
>That wasn’t good.
At least he is not impaled on a spike.
>“Light, I n-need light.”
He was hauling some survival stuff with him right?
>LED headlamp
>he had been allowed to bring with him to Equestria
Ah ok.
>fifteen feet
Funny how as a kid falling from 2-3m is like nothing, but as an adult landing from 1,5m is hard, and from 2m I'm sure I would break a bone.
>It was cold, way colder than it had been before.
In the cave? That means there is an exit somewhere. And it's higher than the hole if air is coming from the hole he fell through, instead of venting out.
>collapsed at some point directly opposite him
Unstable roofing is never a good sign.
>A fight had happened here.
Hopefully that's what caused the collapse and the roof is stable.

>tiny twinkling in the dark
Hm despite the hole bringing in fresh air, ist's not covered in dust?
Hopefully not a cursed one, or stuck here due to a curse.
>It was getting so cold…
That's not a good sign. I hope he is not sleepy.
>How he had made it this far was a mystery to her.
Well, she was surprised by him how long can he go during their first intercourse so...
>”A-are you there?”
She said ”Anonymous? Are you there?” from Anon's pov.
>Nearly throwing herself on top of him
Well, this is the second time today that she does something without thinking.
>attempting to unbury it’s own skeleton
Maybe if they would have another ~1500 or so years they would succeeded.
>back to their tent soon...
Now that portal will come in handy. I hope the ghosts won't follow them.
>work for a temporary splint
First that bone has to be set.
>edge of something she didn’t want to consider
The transition of Anon from fully conscious ("look ghosts") to basically knocked out and having hypothermia happened in an instant. There was no "i'm cold" or delirious state.
>“You must rest.”
She will get an earful later.

Thanks for the update!
...I don’t undertand
haha yeah, that would be awful
File: 1555702767093.jpg (395 KB, 1050x970)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
File: Apple wearing an apple.png (222 KB, 1280x858)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
File: 1623148488027.png (2.65 MB, 1800x1600)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB PNG
File: 1443555207557.png (502 KB, 1280x720)
502 KB
502 KB PNG
very princess
Much pretty. That's a very nice picture.
File: 1596382499277.png (2.06 MB, 2224x1668)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
File: 1636219148673.png (264 KB, 611x1292)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
Side story update. If you're wondering why there are so many of those and none of the actual main story, don't worry, I haven't forgotten the main one and will work on that as well of course. It's just that working on one at a time helps since I don't have to split my focus. And since the plot of the main story is currently at a turning point, it's easier to pause there for a while and pick it up at a later date. That being said, this is what I plan to do next.
Do you know any Human×pony romance stroies when the pony in question hates/doesn't trust the human at first, but with time her attitude slowly changes? Kinda like this one
Sorry, but I can’t think of any at the moment.
That's okay anon, i'm not in a hurry. But if you recall some please link them here.
File: Wipe your face.jpg (80 KB, 443x500)
80 KB
messy eaters
Would you Cadance's finest matchmaker who stopped believing love existed?
Roadblock mare.
File: 1575398small.png (986 KB, 914x917)
986 KB
986 KB PNG
What is the most possible cutest thing a mare could do?
While the assumption is that anything mare does is cute, there is still a baseline, a baseline from which she can do something else that is even cuter. Ascended cuteness.
What about stretching? A mare stretch. Or maybe I'm overlooking the fundamentals, perhaps the most heart-attack-inducing thing a mare can do is simply just look up at you with love & care in her eyes. Is it even a question that's possible to answer?
File: CUTE MARE.jpg (249 KB, 390x390)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
They operate on a scale incomprehensible to the minds of man. They are the very heart and soul of cute.
File: 1627014800318.png (578 KB, 900x700)
578 KB
578 KB PNG
One day, Anons.
One day.
Wake you up by whispering your name and touching noses with you...
File: 1637271689762.jpg (55 KB, 500x500)
55 KB
Mare can give you a lot. But what can (You) give mare in return?
File: 1621633405020.png (159 KB, 945x945)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
>Condense opens the portal
>hfw some """people""" can't even fit through
how can you get to this point without realizing that something went wrong?
The highly-coveted "unexpected mare sneeze."
>"Anon? Anon?"
>You hear Honey saying your name and lightly shaking, still half conscious from your sleep.
"Mm," you moan sleepily.
>"Anonymous!" she says more forcefully, "Anonymous I asked you to clean the downstairs before I got back."
>You finally open your eyes, realizing what's going on.
>You see Honey standing over you, looking frustrated.
>You remember that you were supposed to clean up the downstairs so Honey could start setting things up for the guests that were coming over later tonight.
"Relax," you mutter out, still sleepy, "We've got plenty of time. I'll go start now."
>"Anon it's already sundown," Honey says, visibly growing more agitated by the second.
>"Oh crap," you think to yourself.
"What on earth took you so long?" you say accusingly, sitting up and rubbing your eyes.
>"The store didn't have what we needed so I had to try a couple more. Anon I told you to nap after you cleaned so this wouldn't happen," she says, matching your tone, and adding in some disapproval for good measure.
>Your mood already isn't doing good by being woken so awfully, and now Honey's words are just making it worse.
"Alright alright, I'll go tidy things up. The house is pretty darn clean anyway."
>Honey sighs indignantly, and walks away to start getting herself ready at the small table across the room.
"What? I'm sorry okay?"
>"Anon," she sighs again, the sound filled annoyance.
"Yeah?" you say, tired anger clouding your judgment.
>She looks back at you, and the irritated judgment in her eyes makes you feel even worse.
>You can tell she's debating on what exactly to say, so you give her an expectant look to help her along.
>"I just," she turns back to the mirror on the table, and starts brushing her hair, "I just can't leave you one thing, can I," there's no hint of question in her voice.
"I said I was sorry," you get to your feet raise your arms in a questioning manner, "I was tired. I worked late last night. The house is fine as is-"
>"Maybe by your standards. I asked something from you and you ignored me. And stop acting like this is the first time this has happened."
"I take a nap like once a month!" you retort, your voice growing louder.
>Honey shoots a glare at you, "You know that's not what I meant."
"Then what-"
>"Anon how many times have you forgotten to get groceries on your way home? How many times have I had to repeat myself because you don't listen? How many times am I going to have to remind you what my favorite damn color is?! It's like you don't even care," she finishes, her anger tapering off into a feeling of insignificance.
"I'm the one who doesn't care? How the hell do you figure that? Maybe the reason I'm a little forgetful sometimes is because you make it so easy."
>"What in the world do you mean?"
"You try being one-hundred percent attentive to someone who can't even greet you when you get home. When's the last time you asked me how my day was and actually cared? You know, I'd love to talk about something other than your stupid drama," you're surprised by the resentful edge in your voice, "God damn, Honey, just a little affection would make you worth listening to."
>She looks back at you, tears starting to well up in her eyes, "You're the one who doesn't get affection? When is the last time we held hooves, or you called me pretty, or kissed me? I..." she pauses for a short moment, wiping her eyes, "I thought you were starting to hate me."
"Of course I don't hate you, I love you. I thought you were starting to hate me!" you say, voice still full of anger.
>Only after a moment does your brain finally catch up to your words, and instantly you feel the tension within you start to dissolve.
"Of course I don't hate you," you say again, your voice much softer, but still with an edge.
>You look into Honey's teary eyes and are overcome with feelings of shame.
>You notice the hostility in her go away as she looks back at you.
>She sits down to wipe her eyes.
>You walk over to her and kneel down in front of her to get on eye-level with her.
>She finishes drying her eyes and open them again to see you right in front of her.
>She looks at your face for a moment, then throws herself on you in a hug, starting to cry again.
>You hug her back, tight.
>"I-I've been s-so s-scared of losing you," she croaks out while in your arms.
>You start gently petting her head to help calm her down.
"I was scared too," you say quietly, "I'm sorry, Honey. You're right, I am forgetful, and distant. I'm still learning how to do this, and sometimes I get overwhelmed with it all, but I want to get better for you, I'm just gonna need your help."
>She pushes herself tighter, "Me too, Anon. I'm so sorry I made it seem like I didn't care about you. I'll make sure to give you a huge kiss every time you get home from now on," she leans back and smiles teary eyed up at you as she finishes.
>You smile too, "I'd love that."
>You both look at each other, humbled, and full of new found feeling for each other.
>You both hold it for a moment, simply enjoying the figure in front of you.
>Then, with one mind, you both lean in for a kiss, a long one.
>After finally breaking away, you instantly remember what time it is.
"Oh man, I don't think we'll have time to get ready. Should we just try and reschedule?"
>"No, no, I'm sure it'll be fine," Honey says, eyeing you greedily, "But afterwards... you're all mine," she says sweetly.
>You lay on the couch, Honey snuggled close to you.
>You, reading some comic you found at the store on your way home from work yesterday, Honey, reading a book about bees or something.
>It's a boring Saturday afternoon, like usual.
>Neither of you had any plans, or much drive to make any.
>You both enjoy you're quiet time together, not quite interacting, but not quite alone.
>The only communication between you two at times like these are short bursts of whatever pops into your head's that you feel like sharing.
>You lay your comic down on your chest and look around the room, bored.
>You peer out the window, gazing lackadaisically at the scenery outside.
>You spy a group of young fillies and colts playing on the street near your house.
>Now that you're not absorbed in your own reading, you hear the faint laughs and hollers of their playing.
>Your mind starts to wonder.
>"Whatchya' looking at?" Honey asks, now with her book down as well.
>She follows your eyes and looks at the group of kids herself.
>"What?" she asks again before you have time to find an answer for her, "Don't tell me you're feeling..."
"What?" you ask, looking to her.
>"I don't know, fatherly," she says with a certain teasing intonation in the word "fatherly".
"No no I was just... looking around."
>"Don't lie to me, I can see it in your eyes-"
"You can not," you retort, sounding indignant.
>Honey smiles widely at you and readjusts herself to get more in your face.
>She stays there for a moment, just looking at you.
>You feel your cheeks flush, and look away.
"I was just thinking about when I was that young, that's all."
>"Mmm," she moans, not believing you, "You know of course it's ok if you are feeling that way; I kinda' like to see it in you."
>She nods, "I'm not going to lie, I may have had similar feelings."
"I don't know how good of a father you'd be, though."
>She hits your chest lightly at the joke.
>"I'm serious," she says, though smiling.
>After a moment you see her face change from the playful teasing she was handling the subject with before, to something more serious.
"I mean, we have been together for more than a year now..." she says carefully, watching you for your reaction, looking almost worried what you might say.
>You look back at her with matching intensity.
>You suddenly feel a rush of emotions, but the only one you can name is fear.
"Is that something you want?"
>"Well, eventually. It kinda' feels inevitable."
>She starts absent-mindedly rubbing your chest with her hoof, "... Because I love you so much."
>As she said there was something in her that made you understand exactly how she felt, that made you feel the same way.
"Do you think you want it.. soon?"
>"Soon enough," she says confidently, but quickly changes pace, "I-I don't want to force you into anything or something-"
"No no. I uh, may have had similar feelings," you give her a sly smile.

It's been a bit since I've been here, is Ponepaste where all the greens go now instead of pastebin?
Shit, the line breaks didn't paste
>"No, no, I'm sure it'll be fine," Honey says, eyeing you greedily, "But afterwards... you're all mine," she says sweetly.
>You lay on the couch, Honey snuggled close to you.
There is a scene change between these two lines.
Yeah, ponepaste is where greens go now. This is a cutie green, thanks for sharing
Grump mare slowly warming up.
but she's already hot af
File: 1628174309285.png (174 KB, 648x1024)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
There's warm, and then there's heartwarm.
File: 2488702.jpg (131 KB, 1297x1509)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
I want to hug this cutie.
Derpy a cute in spite of that incredibly cursed art style.
File: 1627728168763.gif (563 KB, 576x324)
563 KB
563 KB GIF
Mares in training.
How do they do it? How do they lift their entire body on just their tiny wings?
Pegasi power. Usually called magic.
Man I hope Wisconsin Anon is doing okay. I hope his probation expired without issue.
he's... probably fine.
File: 1623626879325.jpg (1.41 MB, 1746x1050)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
Maybe he got husbando hunted (tm) and is finally united with his mare?
Probably got picked up as a repeat offender within a week after they took the ankle tracker off of him.
by hugging you and telling you that she loves you. and that no matter what she is always their for you
hopping fences
hopping state lines
hopping dimensional borders
nothing can stop Wisconsin Man
Bumping my request
I'm thankful for the idea of mare, and I'll be even more thankful when I have the real thing.
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.
>Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.
Happy Thanksgiving, friend
File: 222.png (1.31 MB, 1500x1594)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Nice follow-up, thanks anon.
You know what they say about mares with strong wings. they give the best hugs
people say that about all mares though
they're right
Small idea that I had while over on the RGRE thread.
Heart songs are a way of finding ones soul mate. It's a duet that has to either be sung, danced, or played on instruments.
So my idea based on that:
>The princesses hold a small heart song event after every Grand Galloping Gala where ponies (or anyone) can come to attempt to play a heart song with the princesses.
>originally it was thought that princesses are immune to it and can't even have soul mates until Shining tried it one year and Cadance sung back, prompting them to get married shortly afterwards.
>Anon drops into Equestria and is living in the castle due to being the only one of his species in Equestria.
>he gets invited to the Gala and also attends the heart song event, though he didn't learn what a heart song even is and just assumes it's an event to play/sing something for entertainment.
>When its Anon's turn he starts to sing something from his world and find that he can hit the notes pretty perfectly somehow...
>Everyone in the room noticed to their shock that Princess [...] started to sing along as well
And that's all I got, this can probably be made into a full green but in don't have the writing consistency for that, sorry.
Though I also got another alternative take on the whole "crystal heart chooses soul mates to earth" thing if anyone wants to hear it.
>if anyone wants to hear it
A good prompt is always welcome.
>>though he didn't learn what a heart song even is and just assumes it's an event to play/sing something for entertainment
>He start singing the Macarena
>Magic of Love goes "eh, good enough"
Security mare caught you on page 10.
we'd almost gotten away into equestria proper, dang.
If it only were so easy.
The Macarena has lyrics?
File: 1516760055505.jpg (107 KB, 1000x1255)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Security Saves Ponies
>mare sneaks out of the house to go shopping the day after your anniversary because she forgot to get anything and she's going to use time travel to solve her minor relationship problem
>It goes wrong as always
>"Time travel, you say?"
It's about a thot telling you to come dance & fuck her, so it's even half on topic.
>to solve her minor relationship problem
Mare shouldn't break the space-continuum for something I probably also forgot anyway.
File: big rdmare wings.jpg (258 KB, 1033x736)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
Strong wings mean strong mare. The stronger the wings on your pegasauce wife, the stronger the love she can emit. Except for the cases where that isn't true, but for the cases where it's true, it's true. Strong wings are like alpha radiation; they are deadly. Except instead of skin cancer, they strike directly at the heart and cause acute a-cuteness disorder, a disorder which is known amongst 89% of all men who have a pegasig sauer wife. This is due to the strong wings; they deliver unto man the urge to preen them, and cuddle, and be hugged by the wings. A single strong winghug along with the utterance of 'I love you' can make a-cuteness disorder a disease, which reroutes and infects the man double-over, causing acuteitis. It spreads via looking at mare, who I love; I love mares. I love pegasum of the root the most though, honestly. Like if regular mare love exceeds, y'know, I just really like pegasi. I don't know why. I like their wings, I think it adds a new dimension of intimacy. I don't mean that in a sexual way, I hate the wing-clit shit, but I mean like a new dimension of hug, preening by the fireplace. All that. I want to touch my wife's wings and stroke her mane. God, why must I suffer with this incredible want but without the mare to impart my love. As Stanza 95 of Havamal says, "Only you know what dwells in your heart when you are alone; but nothing is worse for a wise person than to have nothing to love."
I love my nondescript pegasus wife but I cannot love her at the same time. God help me, God help me through this. God does not care for the pleas of men, nor would he, but I just want mare.
File: 1615877090409.jpg (480 KB, 1279x1920)
480 KB
480 KB JPG
File: y-you too to burger mare.png (291 KB, 1080x1480)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
>fast food waitress mare is crushing on you
>you eventually hook up, and find her shrine, and spaghetti spills out of her saddlebags in torrents that burst out the windows into the streets
That's perfect for an all you can eat restaurant.
Hey how would a mare react after finding out her husbando had emotional turmoil over his mother resenting him for stuff he can't control.
....asking for a friend.
not sure what to tell you, we'd probably all end up dealing with that at some point unless you have an incredibly liberal mother.
I hear you. They'd never believe it would be possible to found a family with one.
File: 2754558.jpg (629 KB, 3641x4096)
629 KB
629 KB JPG
Dreams to Dream update dropping this week most likely, it may be the last one before Christmas, but we'll see how things turn out.
File: 2861508.gif (131 KB, 300x300)
131 KB
131 KB GIF
brushy brushy
We'll get you yet, Flutterrape Anon.
Why not a hand?
>Teleports using portal gun
>Gently Brushes the Mare with great care
>Cuddles the Mare Afterward
File: 1634687243693.png (437 KB, 671x970)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
That's one handsome Anon.
>this week
Its Sunday.
File: very happy mare in autumn.jpg (338 KB, 1500x2000)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
>weird, quasi-religious cult-like mentality they all seem to have over there
Something I'm rather proud to be apart of. Mare love is serious business, you know.
That's a really cute mare.
Depending on where you live Sunday is considered the first day of the week.
File: 2754233.png (611 KB, 2708x2268)
611 KB
611 KB PNG
I meant that it will be (hopefully) dropping sometime this the coming week.
File: IMG_3736.jpg (39 KB, 1280x720)
39 KB
This mare will molest you with her tongue, and other appendages.
That sounds very cursed to be honest...
>unless you have an incredibly liberal mother.
Found the libtard with the libtarded mom.
Hello lovely and sis.
Sunday being the first day of the week is the default option in America, the only country that matters. Having the week start in the middle of the weekend is suboptimal, but it can't be helped.
As an American, fuck calendars. Monday is the first day of the week.
Even if they call them "weekends" because they act like bookends for the week.
You wankers lost the measurement system, axcepted 24h format and were taught to use commas, you'll get to proper calendar too
File: sitmare 3.png (118 KB, 530x820)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
Imagine you're sitting on a park bench, then a mare sits next to you and makes small talk. Nothing weird or awkward happens, you just make friendly small talk with mare.
File: 1630876961861.png (143 KB, 328x421)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
She's cute, what's her name?
>Nothing weird or awkward happens
immersion broken, weird stuff always happens in ponyland.
File: 6085226.jpg (62 KB, 1064x904)
62 KB
Lucky Charm
What if man and a mare have a burning passionate hatred[\spoiler] for each other?
File: 1638044109203.png (87 KB, 310x327)
87 KB
nice spoiler tag
Can’t always be love at first sight, besides, love and hate are very similar to each other
File: Ogre.jpg (286 KB, 1034x1596)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
No, I mean the fact that you managed to spoilee an incorrect spoiler tag.
>"The weather team's done a lovely job today, haven't they?"
File: Ogre.jpg (52 KB, 780x439)
52 KB
Naw, that ain't Ogre.
THIS is Ogre.
File: 533168.png (798 KB, 724x1024)
798 KB
798 KB PNG
Mare of the northern star.
Not sure why the picked Glimmer as our representative, she is pretty much never used here.
... I do want a lewd story involving Roseluck & foodplay now tho.
Yeah, pretty much what would happen.
omae wa mou aideiru
File: 1625698749633.png (122 KB, 345x405)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
big maregravity energy
>Not sure why the picked Glimmer as our representative, she is pretty much never used here.
I needed a character with a track record of fucking things up, and Glimmer fit the bill.
But that's every character, even (especially) the protagonist
Mares are very attractive.
Have to agree with that.
File: On the couch.png (69 KB, 568x532)
69 KB

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