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Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. New stories and art welcome!
Any type of transformation into ponies, dragons, gryphons, changelings, draconequus, etc., whether OC or canonical, & Anonponies of all shapes and sizes.
Want to be the little pony? This is the thread for you.

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Archive of over 555 stories, as well as additional links and materials:
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Below are some suggested writing prompts.

>Hoofers: You're down on your luck, face it, these days who isn't but you see a help wanted ad from a new restaurant that's supposed to be opening soon called hoofers. Thinking nothing of it you apply and get an email back saying your training would be on sunday for your first shift on monday.

>Discord's Paw: Your wish is granted, and you finally get to be turned into a pony. That said it comes with some kind of consequence you didn't intend.

>Collared: your boss offers you a paid vacation in the place of your dreams, but you soon find out while having fun that he's in the market for a new pet and you're in his sights.

>Intersection: they made you into one of them. Hiding under beds and in closets, you strike when sleep takes them. The lucky ones get off with a stopped heart, the rest are dragged back to the sprawling complexes to be turned into more of you.

>Stray: you find out the hard way that there's a price for laughing at people when a deranged scientist breaks into your house and you awaken in a grimy alley with no food, no direction, and considerably fewer fingers. Making it out of the city seems hopeless, but maybe you can find someone nice to take care of you while you figure things out?

Previous Thread:
File: 20211108_175943.png (60 KB, 881x1414)
60 KB
File: AJ Disapoint.jpg (10 KB, 194x195)
10 KB
>tfw wake up as Pony
>No horn or wings
File: 1622566854119.gif (295 KB, 300x297)
295 KB
295 KB GIF
>tfw wake up as Kirin
>cute, fluffy and magic at the same time
>become badass when angry, literaly on fire
File: unknown.png (198 KB, 540x725)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
It's natural to want to check how complete the transformation was.
File: Love nibbles.png (275 KB, 1024x1024)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
>tfw wake up as Changeling
>Chitterchitter in your shiny new chitin.
>Can fly, shoot lasers, bzz, and fwoosh into other things
>Feed the entire hive with my own love for being a bug and maybe a little bit for bug butt unless that's considered weird.
File: 1617928282461.gif (1.57 MB, 1920x1080)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB GIF
>wake up as pony
>no horn or wings
>wake up as a PONY
Thank fucking goodness! The misery is over, the future is hooves.
File: unknown.png (155 KB, 1116x720)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
>chance of burning down my place when i rage at games
kirin are for pets, not being
>He rages at games
>Not in perfect zen state
Yeah might be a problem for you. I only get mad at retards on 4chan who think differently from me.
File: 6047955.png (268 KB, 1932x3333)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
i used to be way worse, now i just quit when i get mad. a bit annoying for friends i play with but i usually just log back in when i took a short walk across my place
in the past i was "angry german kid" tier though, keyboard smashing included
lead by example :3
I don't but I can make one soon. I'll be honest, I got caught up in a longer writing project I'm more passionate about, but I can finish this and make it something short and sweet, I've just been busy with the other story as well as /ss/ and real life.
Here's the animated version
Great job, Anon.
Thank you! I'm glad I could keep the cute tone of the original intact.
File: 1636246257.lukaryo_jan_18.png (991 KB, 2566x2278)
991 KB
991 KB PNG
So what stories cover the “species swap” concept, where human becomes pony and pony becomes human?
At least you’d be able to run at breakneck speeds and cause potential earthquakes in groups.
The eyes are a really good way to convey change
>Demons offer to convert people into ponies.
>People are skeptical about the deal. What are the Demons asking for in return? Their souls?
>It's not like that, they claim. Yes, they do take your soul in the process, but not all of it!
>They take the evil part of the soul, which is perfect for fueling their magic.
>Their conversion is very efficient, leaving only a sparkling snowpity behind on the new mare.
Only Allah can grant such gifts, these demons must be struck from the land.
This is not good art. Stop posting it.
Demons are never to be trusted, they are creatures born of lies and deceit. They may claim they only take the evil part of the soul, but either there's gonna be a terrible catch, or it could just be a bold faced lie.
It sounds like a great deal but I'm worried what the demons would do with all of our pure evil, wouldn't an inherently evil being want to deceive too?
I worry empowering evil beings so much just to get what I want wish would be an evil act and that maybe the carrying the burden of my evil would be the truly good thing to do. At least a deal to become a pony wouldn't be a moral dillema, but I guess that's just to sweeten their evil harvesting deal?
>wouldn't an inherently evil being want to deceive too?
It depends on the sort of evil we're talking about. If we're dealing with a stupid sort of evil, they might screw with you just for the sake of it. A more intelligent evil might execute on the deal exactly as presented, recognizing that it's in their own self interest.
>I'm worried what the demons would do with all of our pure evil
If you take a look at the world around us, you can see what they've been doing with it.
>If you take a look at the world around us, you can see what they've been doing with it.
So the demons are left-leaning? Ew.
>If you take a look at the world around us, you can see what they've been doing with it.
Then why in the world would I want to add my evil to that?! Worldly evil is bad enough as it is, I just want to be a pony but I also want everyone to be happy and those two things shouldn't be in opposition. The choice itself is evil, one way or the other I will walk away with haunting regret.
>Give pet poner monk-e as a punishment
>She's gotta work a 9-5 for the week it takes the drug to wear off
>By 3 days in she's a worn out husk barely functioning
>It hurts you more as a punishment because you watch the light in her eyes die just like it did for you years ago
>Ain't life great
File: large.jpg (231 KB, 801x1061)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
Why did you post that? You didn't have to press enter.
It isn't nice reading stuff like that at first but I feel like people write things like this to vent about how they feel.
Maybe that anon feels like the fact they aren't a pet pony right now is some kind of punishment, one they really wish was over for the sake of everyone involved, and needed to get that off their chest.
"The good news is I can give you Equestrian citizenship. The bad news is it'll take a while."
>Celestia's tone is somewhat ominous.
"How long, exactly?"
>After a moment of hesitation, Celestia answers with a question of her own.
"How old are you, Anonymous?"
"T...Twenty-three years old."
>Celestia nods.
"Assuming that's counting from your birth, then it'll take that long, plus the human gestation period for my body to regress you to the single-cell phase, when your genome can be edited. And then another eleven months for you to be born."
>24 years and 20 months in Celestia's womb, really? All just to emigrate to Equestria?
"Fuck it. Sign me up."
25+ years in celestia's womb sounds like a dream come true
i think i'd want to be either a dragon or a pegasus
File: Adorable.jpg (204 KB, 1024x1024)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
>Get Celestia as a mom.
>Become pone.
>Peetzer horse would be a shit but also a cool foalsitter who gets you peetzer so you cant stay mad at her fuck
i dont even care about what happens afterwards, i just want to be inside celestia's pussy for a quarter of a century and know that im impeding her princess duties because she's pregnant with me
“Your Highness, you can simply use a transformation spell to turn me into a pony if that is what you truly want. Plus, CRISPR Cas9 gene editing can be used. I would possibly have to wait until my father dies until what you suggest could happen. Plus, I need to know about renunciation, residency, language, etc. requirements.”
There was a story being posted here, a courrier of sorts being transformed or maybe it was the people around him. Human discord or Q wanted the elements of harmony, some mafia kinda stuff... Did that ever complete? Was it a CYOA? Last I read, the characters were on a road trip to find other ponies that might can help or provide information.
That was this story https://ponepaste.org/4186
It's not complete and the author moved on to another story but he's still here from time to time so I hope there's a chance it'll get finished.
File: 1604381868051.png (271 KB, 457x445)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
>Be Anon
>Hoomin adventurer from the ape world
>It took a long time, but you finally talked Celestia into some weird shit
"Alright, fine, if you won't shut up about it."
>With her sinister horse magic she beams you into her womb
>It freaks you out for a few moments
>Maybe this was a mistake?
>But it's okay when the placenta connects to your bloodstream and Celestia begins nourishing you with her body

>11 months pass, you riding under Celestia's heart and viscera
>Unaware of the outside world, yet superconscious of her own chemistry
>You feel yourself getting stronger
>The day approaches
>At last, Celestia's womb begins contracting, and you are slowly guided out to the cold air
>Slimy and naked, you slide out onto the floor of Canterlot Castle
>This is weird, because you were not naked when you went in
>Can't remember if slimy...it was 11 months ago
>Celestia dips her head to sniff you
>She gently bites thru your umbilical cord
>At last, you hear her lovely voice;
"There, ya happy, you fucking weirdo?"
>You nod and smile
>but something feels wrong with your face
>you look down at your body and do not recognize it at all
"Wait, what the.."
>your limbs are a horrible morph of the horse and human form
>carrying marks of both, but incapable of working properly because of their incompatible inner workings
>interlaced areas of fur and human skin make you look like a sewn-together Pinkamena abomination
"What's wrong non, don't like your new look?"
>you touch your face and feel your jaws protruding outwards
>someone finally brings a mirror
>still sitting on the floor, you look at the grotesque thing you became
>the lower half of your face morphed to form a pony snout
>your legs asymmetrically shift between human and pony on their way down
>your left leg has a back bend to it
>the other leg ends with a half-foot that twists into a black hoof thing on one side
>tears start veiling up your eyes
>Princess Celestia cancels her transformation spell
>as the cloud of magic aura disperses you see your human form again
>she bursts out laughing
>still in shock, your are speechless
"Sorry anon, I could not resist the chance"
File: 1636255215.lukaryo_nov_24.png (1.35 MB, 3193x2019)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
How do you cope with it all, ptfg?
we don't cope, we simply live with the pain
The pain of not being a pony, the pain of people being cunts, the pain of etc etc whatever?
Right now I cope with those by the fact my fucking headache is so much worse than any emotional problems and I cope with my headache by it being temporary
Solve your emotional problems by inflicting physical pain on yourself, simple.
Have you tried writing?
File: mdzhgdykcgg.png (1.59 MB, 5000x3000)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
File: wuah.png (654 KB, 1082x580)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
shut up abbo
File: _.png (666 KB, 2031x1225)
666 KB
666 KB PNG
File: Tell me about it.png (629 KB, 1744x1719)
629 KB
629 KB PNG
File: _.jpg (228 KB, 1022x1169)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
File: _.png (133 KB, 636x831)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
File: 1474499023071.png (16 KB, 420x511)
16 KB
>Anon's dream of getting to Equestria is finally achieved
>except it's not quite like he pictured it would be
>namely, he didn't picture being an "imaginary friend" of some filly, in whose head he is currently existing
>sure, he's happy he made it here, but the novelty will wear off soon, and as weird but not entirely unfun as being a tiny horse may be, he finds himself growing increasingly frustrated at his predicament
>it doesn't help that he isn't alone in there either
>rather, the filly's got a whole gaggle of friends that she goes on "adventures" with
>Anon can tell that they're just figments of her imagination, as they tend to change and adjust by filly's subconscious to fit her current "adventure"
>words cannot express the Anon's relief when he realized he's not getting "adjusted" alongside them, existential nightmare and identity crisis successfully dodged
>…or so he thinks for the sake of what little sanity he has left
>at first he only really "existed" when filly paid attention to him, since being a silent observer can hardly qualify as existing
>cogito ergo sum my ass
>recently, he found he could think a thought hard enough and it would surface in filly's mind
>the joy was short-lasting, however, as filly proceeded with her own take on "LET ME OUT LITTLE HORSE!" and released her pet goldfish into the nearby lake
>…it's not like he knew it was an ocean-dwelling variety, but at least it got her shrink to lay off the imaginary friend thing for a while
This is nice. I hope he gets a comfy pony life.
A normal filly dies, family is distraught as expected.
They bury her up the ol' pet cemetery, hearing of resurrection properties.
She returns to them in full health, but she didn't come back the same.
She didn't have her cutie mark, but what's more is she acts strangely, she finds it hard to use her hooves and she swears as much as a sailor.
No, it wasn't their little filly that came back, something much worse had taken her body.
An Anon!
File: _.png (366 KB, 1100x899)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
"Heya, Twiggy Piggy, I got a real important question for ya."
>A long, exasperated sigh comes from the purple mare
>It's not like the last few times you wanted a "real important" question answered were COMPLETELY asinine.
>Just mostly.
>You have no idea what her problem is.
>"Anon, if this isn't an actual question, I'm going to go and drink all of the chocolate milk. Every bit of it. And I'm not going to get you more."
"It's a real question, Purple."
>Her eyes narrow with suspicion
"Aren't I an adult mare, or something? I mean, I have my cutie mark."
>The look Twilight gives you is similar to the look you'd give a retarded child after you pushed their wheelchair into a pile of snow - fake pity.
>"Physically, Anon, you're fourteen Celestial years old. Ponies are considered 'adults' at twenty-five."
>"And that type of language sounds like 'I didn't want chocolate milk for the rest of the week, anyway, Twilight.' I do have a copy of Equestrian legal code here, if you'd like to look it up."
>Eleven more years of Twilight?
>No chocolate milk, the glorious lifeblood that keeps you sane, for a week?
>You feel a deep, primal urge bubble from within
>The call of autists past, present, future, and beyond
>Your only response to this situation
>Everything fades in a flash of white
File: 1636247166.lukaryo_feb_8.png (1.15 MB, 2223x2081)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
In your head canon, what would happen to people who were above the age of majority where they came from, but below the age of majority in Equestria?
File: _.png (592 KB, 1937x1419)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
Retreat to the house, check on the ponies and investigate the recovered tissue.
File: 1464582628380.gif (439 KB, 841x463)
439 KB
439 KB GIF
Your pet pony will eventually be in a situation so cute that you might be in danger. Take care of yourself, Anon
File: anonfilly.png (13 KB, 370x320)
13 KB
What if Twilight got Anonfilly instead of Spike at her entrance exam?

They wheel up Anon in a cage, ask her to turn him into a pony, expecting him to die, a passing mark is if at the end his corpse has hooves or some other equine feature.
But against all odds, she does make him a pony.
Thus Twi has to raise anon, but they're both fillies.
That is an exceptional idea.
File: _.jpg (133 KB, 1091x1280)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
File: IMG_9882.jpg (303 KB, 1284x1259)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
This is ptfg you fat retard. PONY transformation general.
File: sn.png (588 KB, 1400x1400)
588 KB
588 KB PNG
Nigger. Kill yourself. Nobody watches the show for dragons.
File: anondragoness.png (326 KB, 800x802)
326 KB
326 KB PNG
>Nobody watches the show for dragons
Are you sure? Because it seems like coomer retards do.
Saying that coomer retards are people is a stretch though
File: cum.png (539 KB, 3032x1928)
539 KB
539 KB PNG
What a cutie
File: anonfilly in catsuit edit.png (219 KB, 2500x2500)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
Point taken.
That's a great changeling TF.
>Twilight says that because we're Earth humans we have to become earth ponies.
Can I cry till I get upgraded?
So what would qualify one to be a sky human or a magic human?
Why would you want to? You could wallop your foes with one blow, run away at blisteringly fast speeds, and then pound your family’s apple tree once to harvest all of the apples on it.
File: 1615450192195.png (68 KB, 480x774)
68 KB
Excellent, I can't wait to be able to have the strength and stamina to buck the better part of an apple orchard in a day and punch boulders to pieces.
File: Anonfrilly latex.png (226 KB, 1011x1182)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
>tail wrap
whew lad
God speed, Anon.
>Sky human
A pilot

>magic human
Idk maybe science
No anon, wizards are magic humans.
Everyone that has remained a virgin up until 30 gets TFd into a unicorn.
So would an “earth human” perhaps be a farmer, miner, or paleontologist?
but i want to be a pegasus
Pilots who manage to never get sex get tfed into breezies
that's incredibly lewd
Just a thought
A scenario where every human on earth gets turned into a pony BUT the horsiness needed to do so was magically taken from actual horses leaving them as a race of domesticated human-alike beings who possess all the physical faculties of humans but still have the minds of horses.
Oh lord thats coot
Yeh, its sexy

I have a thing for latex, plus the design is too cute not to lewd a little
I draw and immerse myself in my fantasies anon
It's very nice, thank you anon
Now lewd it a little more
m o r e
>tail bow
WHEW lad
>sem titulo
portugal or monkey portugal?
File: _.png (1.25 MB, 730x789)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
why's she balancing two large eggs
File: 2743627.png (44 KB, 1000x7000)
44 KB
You have to eat both the eggs to become a pony.
File: Anonfrilly arse.png (216 KB, 1200x1017)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
Like this?
Good art. That's definitely how I'd dress if I were a mare.
File: 1628443400003.jpg (23 KB, 472x588)
23 KB
Thanks anon
glad you enjoyed it
Hi folks. I'm alive. Deployment is going well. I've got some update for ya, but I'm...

well, it's a lot of writing so this might take a bit.
Alycorn! I can't wait to see it.
Yay, so good to hear from you! Today is a good day.
Not enough. Even more!
File: 1545417963_col.png (1.12 MB, 1893x1400)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
Gee anon, be gentle with the poor filly
Goop TF is always welcome
File: Wdtp0SS_shad_col.png (3.61 MB, 1039x910)
3.61 MB
3.61 MB PNG
Hot dog it's good to hear you are alive and well! One of my favorite writefags so you better get home safe.
File: OdYbWXE_wip_col.png (3.03 MB, 619x1279)
3.03 MB
3.03 MB PNG
Why is turning into Ponk always appealing?
File: fillyspin.gif (101 KB, 500x500)
101 KB
101 KB GIF
Alright, 'ere we go, PLUS ULTRA!

Izuku gets All for One!
Ranma gets more people in the know!
Recovery Girl is scary!
And Ranma answered a door!
Your recap... IS HERE! https://ponepaste.org/4186


“Hell... oh. Bakago.” My smile is immediately turned into a hard frown as I stare down the explosive Pomeranian... Hmm, bomberanian? Yes, we'll go with that. Bomberanian. “Oh great, the fairy.” He growls, staring me down as I cross my arms. “What do you want Bakago? Last I checked you sure as shit weren't on the guest list.”

It's pretty obvious we're setting up for a party, and Bakugo is staring me down as hard as I'm staring him down, his hands clenched tightly as his eyes narrow and his face twists into a snarl. “I don't fucking care what you think fairy-extra, I'm here to talk to the nerd.” “Well, maybe we don't want you talking to him, Bakago.” I fire back, using my extra height over him to lean in. “The fuck you going to to do to stop me? I can talk to the damn nerd if I fucking want to!” Bakugo snaps at me, which just makes me grit my teeth in annoyance.

“First off, he isn't even here, because he's training WITH HIS QUIRK.” I snort at the explosive quirk boy, uncrossing my arms. “Second, in case you forgot, NOBODY HERE LIKES YOU BAKAGO. You attacked Izuku for years, you've been a menace, and I bet you're here to pick a fight like the asshole you are. Fuck off and out of here, no one gives a damn about your side show.”

My flank zaps me a bit as the Elements comment their displeasure for my reaction to the bomberanian, and I have no doubt it's because they're trying to remind me that everyone deserves someone to be friendly to them but at this moment I'm ignoring them as I keep from flinching and continue to stare him down, making him gnash his teeth for a second. Oh yeah, he didn't like that at all. “Fuck you you fucking fairy faggot! I'm going to show that fucking pebble quirk or no quirk he's still fucking Deku!”
[No harddrive, excuse my lack of pictures]

My hand snaps to the doorframe as I literally hold myself back from hauling off and trying to put my fist through his face, and he seems to realize it too as we stare down, my eyes narrowing as I instinctively paw the ground with one foot, the only warning Bakugo is going to get before we fight. “He. Is NOT. Worthless.”

The stareoff continues for a moment before Ms. Midoriya ends our staredown. “Oh! Katsuki-kun! Are you looking for Izuku?” She asks, giving him a warm smile as both me and Bakugo freeze up, dopping our aggression.

I really have no idea how any person could be as kind and understanding as Izuku or Mommadoriya, because she still seems to hold onto the idea that Izuku and Bakugo are friends. The Bomberanian and I hold our staredown for a moment longer before he breaks it off to focus his attention to Ms. Midoriya. “Hello, my mom made me bring this over.” He says, offering a small wrapped box to Ms. Midoriya. “I've got things to do so I'm not staying.”

“Oh, how kind of you Katsuki-kun, I'm sure Izuku will be thrilled. Do you want some cake or a small snack for the road?” She asks, giving him a warm smile as she accepts the box. Bakugo shakes his head and, in a move that almost drops my jaw, gives Mommadoriya a polite bow before he slouch-walks off, hands stuffed in his pocket even as he snarls at me before he goes.

Damn it, fucker got in the last word. Oh well, whatever.
“Well that was nice. I'm so glad that Katsuki-kun and Izuku are getting along again.” Mommadoriya says with a warm smile as she turns back inside. “Come on Ranma-kun, we need to finish setting up before anyone else arrives.” She comments as I grip the door frame before forcing myself to let go and gently close the door to the apartment, still feeling the Elements sparking and tingling on my flank.

“Of course Mommadoriya.”


“To Izuku!”


We all cheer as the cinnamon roll himself blushes and curls in on himself a bit from the volume, though he's got a massive smile on his face at the same time as we celebrate. All of his friends are here, that is to say, myself, Pony, Eiji, and Mina. Mommadoryia insisted on including is the entirety of our parentage... that is to say, Mina's mom, Eiji's mom, and Mom... TAUREN, are all here, All Might already made his appearance and announced Izuku's 'Apprenticeship' and his sponsorship, though now Yagi is currently hanging out and telling a joke that is making Mommadoriya laugh... hmmmmm.

Doc is here as well, and Recovery Girl even stopped by to take a quick glance at Izuku to make sure he was healing right and snag a piece of cake, which has gone to rave reviews at this point, and Eiji and Mina's moms asked me for the recipe. Guess I picked up a few things after all! I resist the urge to toss my head to fan out my mane and to prance around a bit to show off. Where that instinct comes from? Hell if I know, but it's there.

As the night quickly moves on and winds down, Izuku has opened the small set of presents brought to him by myself, Pony, Eiji, and Mina. His gifts include a gift card to the local cards and comic shop (which also happens to be the biggest rare/collectible hero merchandise dealer outlet in town, go figure) from Tauren and Pony, new boxing hand-wraps from me, Eiji got him a Crimson Riot poster that Izuku didn't have, and Mina got him a novelty Teeshirt with a Cinnamon Roll on it, much to my and everyone else's amusement.
Mitsuki, or rather, Ms. Bakugo's gift was also quite thoughtful- a small book reading 'The Stockpiler's Guide to Energy'. I vowed to snag a copy of it for myself after just a short bit of reading. It was all about carb loading and how to maximize feeding your body on top of feeding your quirk, which both myself and Izuku proved to be a necessary thing to learn.

One For All burns bodyfat like nobody's business. Seriously, just turning it on and off burns two-hundred some calories, according to Doc, where as transforming like I do burns a lot off as well. Funny enough, much like an actual Equestrian Pony, my diet does include a large amount of sugar and sweets, and it's mostly because my transformation burns up the empty calories to use as the energy for swapping between forms.

Somewhere, a cake-loving Alicorn Princess who happens to be the avatar of the Sun is smiling on me. I literally can eat all the cake I want and I'll never get fat because my lifestyle just burns it away before it can even approach my fat reserves.

Izuku can do the same, and then some. It's nuts, we're consuming top-level professional athlete levels of food and calories every day and our bodies occasionally ask for -more-. I know Yagi is helping Izuku and Mommadoriya with meal plans and actually affording the amount of food he eats, and Tauren told me, quote, “I'm well off brat, and the government stipend for fostering you goes directly into your stomach, you're not gonna eat me and Pony out of house and home yet!”


Nothing in particular happened during the party, and eventually I found myself standing on the roof of my home, staring up at the stars that I could see. It's kind of fascinating really, how many you can see still even with the light pollution.
I stand there, contemplating the stars, when I notice someone sit next to me. I continue to look up. “... Hello Eris.”

“Hiya cutie, no hug? I figured you were pretty excited about everything you've done so far.”

Sure enough, the draconequuis is next to me, staring up at the stars, humming warmly as I cross my arms. “I haven't even done anything yet...”

“No? You made friends with four major characters, including the big hero himself, discovered your own power and trained it to the best of your abilities and then got a trainer and took it even further, and now you're on the eve of battle. A week left now, right?” She prods, literally, with a lion's paw finger to my flank.

“I guess. But... I dunno, call it a hunch, but things just seem to easy so far. And if I know anything about super heroes and comics, it's that things never stay easy for long.” I sigh, my tail flicking and smacking her hand gently. Eris giggles, and honks my rear with a full paw, making me yelp and scamper to the side a bit as she laughs.

“Oi! Sexual Harassment!”

“Maybe a little bit. That Hardening girl is lucky, you've got a nice butt.” Eris giggles, smirking at me a bit before she stands up and looks at me. “Relax ponyboy, you're doing great so far. And frankly, no duh it's gonna get harder! Come on, you've read about this series, even if you haven't read or watched the whole way through yourself. You know how hard it gets.”

She turns to me, giving me a teasing grin. “The point is that you... are Here!” She says, pointing at me.
I sigh, incapable of stopping the chuckle that escapes me as she laughs warmly. “Yes! You are Here, which means a lot! Things change, Ranma, that's what Chaos is all about! Things have changed so much already, and things will get harder, but you're a smart guy, and you're best friends with someone who is not only incredibly smart but is finally coming out of their shell and -showing- that intelligence.”

The Chaos Being gently jumps into the air, coiling about as she takes off. “I'll see ya later Ranma. Stick to your principles and remember one thing for me, yeah?”

I uncross my arms as I look at her, before I blink as she boops my nose. “Save -everyone-. Not just the beautiful people, but the ugly, unwashed masses too. Everyone deserves a hero.”

With that, she's gone, as if she was never here, and I'm left a bit startled.

“... Not the message I was expecting from a Chaos Goddess, not gonna lie.” I murmur to myself as I contemplate her words, and think on what being a Hero really means.

[And that's it for the moment, I've got to get ready to go out, so I'll be back soon/eventually with more! Seriously, I have a loooot left to post]
I think you got the wrong link there https://ponepaste.org/4819
Whooops, you're right, grabbed pawn by accident...

More update shortly. Nowhere really caught my interest so I decided to drink in my hotel room instead and avoid getting in trouble out in town.
File: Filly doesn't want up.png (54 KB, 1583x2000)
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>used to be able to have comfy fantasies about being a pony
>Now I'm incapable of fantasizing about anything pony related for some reason, all of my "fantasies" are centered around future prospects either ridiculous power fantasies or realistic goals as an artist, all of them heavily involving conflict because I guess it's more interesting?
>Don't even enjoy them but fantasize habitually
Do I need to put effort in to reprogram myself to have comfy horse fantasies? Even the pony related stuff is just me thinking about future writing projects or similar. I feel like I'm incapable of having fantasies that aren't heavily conflict-driven, which is good for an aspiring writer but also bad because I want to be able to have comfy fantasies. I'm a bit drunk so idk if I got my point across but it's just strange why I can't even fathom having fantasies that don't have enough conflict to spice them up right now, but I'm also pretty fucked in the head so it checks out, just wish I could return to pony-dom
I've never really talked about this because it's super fucking autistic but I have the same problem, or probably even worse. All my fantasies have been shitty power fantasies or otherwise similarly conflict-driven for as long as I can remember. I'm not even a writer and even if I was the absolute schlock that my daydream fantasies would be utterly unsuitable for putting onto paper, but it's like the only thing I know how to fantasize at this point.
Yeah I have the exact same problem. Might actually be autism. I feel really bad about it because on an intellectual and spiritual(?) level I really appreciate pony transformation but I just can't fantasize about it anymore, my brain is fucked. However in contrast to your worries I think my writing actually is pretty decent because I'm able to focus on writing good narratives instead of copying fantasies from my head to the page. For me I think a lot of it is my compulsive self-analysis which I sort of use conflict-driven fantasy scenarios to expedite, which itself was developed as an autistic way to cope with natural social maladaption, but I'm going into wacky armchair-freud tier analysis there. Don't worry Anon, you're not the only one with this autistic niche issue.
>Have more fantasies about striving and failing to gain/tragically achieving ponedom than about ponedom itself
Weird fucking feel.
File: Okay.png (750 KB, 841x1024)
750 KB
750 KB PNG
There is absolutely nothing wrong with having cringy powerwank fantasies, it's an output for your creative juices and a lot of the time your brain wants the equivalent of fast food because it's exciting.
Your comfy fantasies are still there, but it's precisely BECAUSE they're comfy that they're harder to reach unless you're in the right mindset, your brain wants excitement like "Become an alicorn prince with bat wings that fucks all the mane 6 and blows up the earth and is red and black for some reason" is weird stimulating vs "Had a cup of tea, went down to the market and got groceries."
What if a pegasus grabbed her and flew up high?
longfilly is long
>downsides: you're mute
Always look on the bright side of pony life.
>ywn send your Kirin pet to burn down your opponent while raging at a game.
File: napalm.png (143 KB, 675x743)
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143 KB PNG
Hello, author here:

No, Pawn isn't finished yet, I've hit a writing roadblock so I started writing Stampede Ultra.

I've been trying to work on it while deployed, still having issues. Pawn will continue eventually, it's just a question of me breaking through my mental block.
DIY Nirik TF
File: 1636842389232.png (157 KB, 2400x7000)
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157 KB PNG
Now pull her to the moon
Transformation into the little space elevator.
For fucks sake I'm LATE.

I skid around two kids that aren't walking nearly fast enough before taking off in a full gallop as I dash towards UA.

It's the big day, the Entrance Exam, and of course the girls, Izuku, and I all agreed to meet up before hand and somehow, SOMEHOW, I'm the only one that's late!

Actually, I know how. See, Pony and Tauren left early together, to have some mother-daughter time and a long talk before the Entrance Exam, leaving me on my own to go to UA. By the power of Anime, I of course slept through my normal wakeup time, which is ENGRANED INTO MY FUCKING SOUL AT THIS POINT IN TIME, and destroyed my alarm clock with a burst of magic, so I woke up to my phone alarm, which I set for fifteen minutes before we were all supposed to meet up at UA.

What? I was planning on getting breakfast out in town and when I eat I -eat-. Sometimes I need something to knock me into focus again so I remember to finish up the meal. Good food is something worth giving all your attention to, and when you eat it in the quantities that me and Izuku do...

Either way, we're close enough that I'm able to make it to UA at a run, after snagging several muffins and eating them on the run after throwing my gym clothing into a bag and throwing on my Aldera school uniform as quickly as possible. My mane and tail banner in the wind as I run, thankfully I've got extra hair-ties and scrunchies so it should be pretty simple for me to quickly put them up for combat but at the moment I'm full on pretty-boy with my long mane dripping off to one side.

I skid to a halt at the entrance for the exam, and see a laughing group of girls surrounding one floating Izuku.

I trot up fairly quickly, Pony spotting me first and gasping happily. “There he is! Raaaaaanmaaaaa! Over here!” She calls, bouncing from hoof to hoof and waving excitedly at me. I wave back with a wry look on my face as Mina bounces from foot to foot.
Eiji turns to greet me only to stop dead and blush brightly as I brush my mane out of my face. “Yeah, it was a pretty unfortunate morning for me. Apparently my body forgot what 'wake up before Celestia does' means.” I sigh. Eiji just continues to blush as Pony and Mina giggle and pull Izuku back to the ground.


I'm drawn to the new voice and the next member of our little group as the girl turns to look at me and gasps. “Oh my gosh he's so pretty!”

Et tu, Uraraka?

“Yeah he is! Hi big brother!” Pony glomps me, and I laugh a bit as I hug her back before fishing out the hair ties and giving myself a quick-and-dirty ponytail to keep my hair up and out of the way. “There we go, that'll do for now.” I murmur before focusing in on Uraraka who claps her hands together as Izuku pulls himself together.

“I just caught your friend from falling! It's bad luck to trip on the first day, don't you think?” She chatters warmly. “Yeah, I'm with you on that.” I nod in agreement even as I glance at the path. Sure enough, there is a single brick that is sticking up just slightly... only it suddenly dips back to flat like it wasn't up before. What the fu-


Ah, yes, Bakago. The ray of sunshine shoulders past me, growling and glaring as he walks by, obviously intent on making his way into the exam. “Oh! We should get going! Tripping is bad but being late is worse! Good luck all of you!” Uraraka says as she waves goodbye.

We all stand together for a moment before I look over at Izuku, who looks a little dazed. “Uh... you good buddy?”

“... I talked to a girl that you didn't introduce me to.” He says, sounding in awe of himself as we all sweatdrop as I lean over to Mina and whisper quietly, “He didn't say anything, did he?”


“... Tease him about it later?”


I gesture with my hands and Mina takes Izuku and Eiji's arms as she guides the two slightly stunned members of our group inside as I finish doing up my ponytail and give Pony another hug before we follow after.

Time to debut, we're going to be heroes!

By. Epona's. Grace.

Fuck written exams. Just... no.

I don't care that I speak and read fluent Japanese now. That exam was -brutal-. And I went through college!

Finally we're all gathered into a large auditorium. Seating is by your test seat, so I'm split away from the girls but right next to Izuku and Bakago as we wait for Present Mic to start the briefing for the practical portion of the exam.

“AAAAAAAAAALRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!” Mic booms, his voice blasting across the auditorium as he cries out, leaping onto stage, how else, heroically! The man poses in front of us all, one hand out as he looks out at all of us. “HEELLLLLOOOO LITTLE LISTENERS! IT IS I, YOUR SCHOOL DJ, PRESENT MIC! MAKE SOME NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOISE!”

“YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *SNORT*!” I cry out in perfect imitation of Snowflake, flexing strongly and actually making my school uniform top rip off.

No one else said a god damn thing. Not even Izuku was muttering yet, but there I am, standing up and proud, wearing my uniform pants and my unicorn-printed muscle shirt.

As I'm stared down by the rest of the UA hopefuls, I stare directly at Present Mic, a big grin on my face as I wait for him to respond. He looks dumbfounded as he stares back at me, hand hanging limply from his wrist as he stares at me before his fist clenches and he trembles in some kind of suppressed emotion, drawing everyone's attention again as he moves...

And pumps both fists in the air in a cry of joy. “YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!” He snaps and points at me with a gleeful grin on his face. “YOU ARE MY NEW FAVORITE EXAMINEE #2169!”

I sit back down with a savage smirk on my face, continuing to sparkle as normal, and enjoy the envious looks. I hope Mic appreciates that, I know that no one responded to him at all in the Anime and I bet they don't normally respond to him during the examination days. Probably too intimidated. Izuku is flushed and hiding his head even as he hits up a mutter storm, excited about Present Mic and talking about his radio show even as he squeaks in embarrassment over his best friend doing that -in public-.

Bakago snorts and elbows Izuku hard. “Shut the fuck up nerd.”

The last thing I hear before everyone gives Mic their full attention is a 'Mon deu! I will not be out-sparkled!', which almost sets me off howling in laughter as I regain my poise and continue to sparkle, mostly to forcefully bleed out the emotions I'm picking up.
When you cram several hundred anxious and extremely nervous teenagers into a single room it doesn't really matter how good your filter is if you're a magical, emotion-into-magic-making unicorn-boy. The emotions are going to overwhelm you unless you do something, hence my little show-offy routine which I used to disguise myself discharging a bunch of excess mana.

After all, most of the people in this room aren't my classmates. No free hints for what I'm going to do during the exam!

Mic is most of the way through his animated presentation, which is honestly so much cooler than I remember it being considering I'm seeing it in person, and... yep, there goes Iida. The script follows, Iida asking about the fourth robot in the booklet we were given, and then he goes off scrip. “And -you-! How dare you make a mockery of this institution and all of us here! Are you taking this seriously? If you aren't, please leave!” He says, pointing at me directly.

I snort, leaning forwards a bit to stare Iida down. I love the guy to bits, honestly. He's a great meme, but more importantly, he really is going to be a great hero... if someone can pull the stick out of his ass without him deciding to remove it himself and trying to use it to beat Stain to death. But right now, he's just another kid in the crowd. “I'm not taking this seriously? Present Mic is clearly not done with his presentation and you've interrupted him to ask a question about something he hasn't covered yet. If he had moved on without talking about the fourth bot, WHICH IS CLEARLY MARKED IN THE BOOKLET AS ZERO POINTS, then it would have been fine to ask a question!” I say firmly. “Further, he -asked- for us to give him some noise! It's not my fault that ya'll can't follow instructions!”


Mic gives us all a big, excited grin, pumping both fists in the air before bringing them down and gripping the podium, leaning forwards. “NOW, BEFORE WE BEGIN, I'M GONNA HIT YOU WITH A TASTE OF OUR SCHOOL MOTTO! AS THE GREAT HERO GENERAL NAPOLION BONAVARD ONCE SAID- 'A TRUE HERO IS ONE WHO OVERCOMES LIFE'S MISFORTUNES!'”

The tension in the room skyrockets as Izuku clenches his fists and I lean forwards in excitement as the mood in the room swings immediately towards excited tension and determination. Oh yeah, this is my jam right here!
>>“YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *SNORT*!” I cry out in perfect imitation of Snowflake, flexing strongly and actually making my school uniform top rip off.

My sides were obliterated just like his shirt.

I jump to my feet, Izuku right behind me, and I see Mina, Pony, Eiji, and many others follow us to our feet as I pump my fist forwards to Mic and we roar in unison. “PLUS ULTRA!”



Me, Izuku, Pony, Mina, and Eiji all meet up outside of the auditorium, Eiji staring at me a bit and blushing, Mina and Pony are jumping from foot to foot in excitement, and Izuku is clenching his fists in anxiety.

“Good luck guys.” I say warmly, giving everyone a hug even as Pony leaps in and hugs me around the waist, looking very excited that I'm wearing the muscle-shirt she gave me. “We've got this. We've trained, we've prepped, and we're going to -destroy- this test!”

“Heck yeah! Gimmi five horn-buddy!” Mina crows as we slap high-fives.

Izuku sighs. “We're all in separate testing centers, which is... a good thing, if I'm honest with myself. It'll let us all show off our individual talents to the best of our abilities without having to team up and it -is- a competition and mutter mutter mutter mutter-” As Izuku dazes off into his mutters, I finish stripping off my now ruined school uniform and idly toss it in the trash, where it belongs.

I've got a spare at home, but if you think I give a damn about Aldera, you've got another thing coming.

“Alright guys and girls, this is where we part ways. Remember, everyone meet up at the front gate. Last one to the front gate buys!” I say, giving them all a warm grin before we all hug again, Eiji gently squeezing my shoulders a bit as she pushes her head against mine for a moment before breaking away with a big smirking grin, flexing a bit. “We've got this!”

We all cheer again and split off to our separate buses, and soon we're underway.

My ride to testing center D doesn't take very long, and as we stand in front of the gate, I take my time to start warming up, doing jumping jacks and running in place as I stretch and prep myself. I note a lot of the other examinees are staring at me, and several are muttering to one another.

“It's the weirdo who yelled out at the briefing.” “Piff, what a show off, I bet he doesn't have any real power.” “See how he sparkles? I bet he couldn't beat up a teddy bear!”

“Oh well, one less opponent.” Was the collective thought from the extras... and boy doesn't -that- make me sound like Bakago.

Good, let them underestimate me. The real contenders aren't even looking my way, or paying attention to the rest of the group. That's how you know they're the real deal. Kendo is part of my group, the hand-size changing martial artist warming up just like me even as I finish my jumping jacks and running in place and start stretching to get nice and limber. I also spy a few other UA hopefuls and... is that the grape pervert?

Sure enough, it is, Mineta is doing his best to hype himself up while looking extremely nervous, and even while he's doing -that- he's perving on every girl in the general view. Then I notice he's staring at me for a few moments before turning away, slapping himself and suddenly looking really depressed.

… Ewwwwwwwwww. I do -not- want to know what that's about.

I try to regain my mental focus before I suddenly hear a shout. “BEGIN!”

I go from zero-to-pegasus in ten seconds flat as I blast through the pack of people standing at the gate looking confused, bursting between them at full sprint before I leap forwards, a flare of light envelops me, and my wings take over as I rocket forwards, magic flaring from my wings as I leave a blue-and-white trail behind me.


And with that, I know the rest of the crowd is following. But I don't even see them as my wings pump and my speed increases as I roar through the air like a small air-to-ground missile, streaking through the city streets till I see my first group of villain-bots.

I flip over mid air, my transformation flash enveloping me as I shift from pegasus to earth pony in a flash, whipping one muscled leg around in a screaming axe kick. “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAWWWWWW!”
Impact! I bring my hoof down and -through- a two pointer, and the street craters as I unleash the magical surge through the robot, obliterating it and scattering the pieces I just made and sending the other two pointers, one pointers, and three pointer bouncing into the air before I bounce from one to another in rapid succession, bucking through them all in a free-flowing combo of spinning across the ground before jumping into my human form and out of the crater before I take off running, a wild grin on my face.

Mom absolutely was right, it really is a blast to get to let loose!


“Who is that?”

“Examinee #2169, Takashi Ranma.”

“My new favorite, YE-OOF”

“Hiashi if you yell in here I swear-”
“Settle down, settle down. My word, what a remarkable quirk.”

“Complicated stockpiler with aberrations. Fascinating. Quite the switch-hitter when it comes to combat styles. Speedster, Bruiser, Striker, Master, and-”

“Oh my God he can teleport.”

“Mover. At minimum.”

The teachers all murmur to one another as they stare at Ranma through the screens, contemplating what is being presented to them all.

“And that's not all. There's a little listener that looked to be my favorite's friend and classmate considering they were one-after-another for the registry who's a Speedster and a Bruiser who is crushing it right now!”

The teachers watch the green-haired boy who looked so nervous and timid at the start of the exam smash his way through a group of one-pointers, even ripping off the arm of one and using it as a projectile to take out a two-pointer that was threatening another student.

“Good tactical brain as well, look at how well he's looking after his fellow examinees!”

“And then there's the kid in site A- what a combat monster, his quirk is perfectly suited towards this.”

“The potential on display is fantastic! Shame we have to narrow it down so much, but this is probably the best bumper-crop of hopefuls we've had in years.”

All Might leans forwards, and the other teachers shift to look at him as he idly flips up a glass cover over the big red button labeled 'YUKARI SWITCH'. “Perhaps... but it's time to see who our hopefuls REALLY are!”

His finger depresses the button, and all at once, each exam center is thrown into Chaos.

“Holy shit...”

I'm awestruck at the -size- of the damned thing as I look up at the monsterous Zero-Pointer.

I don't think I can properly describe the scale of this thing. It's massive, truly, absolutely -massive-. It towers over the skyscrapers in the testing area, and I have to keep myself focused on taking out the group of villain-bots I dropped into as a blast of fear hits me from all sides and almost makes me stumble.

Ok, note to self, work with the teachers and explain the shit out of my quirk, because if this much fear from just a group of students taking a test can almost make me stumble when I'm juiced up on determination, then what about a whole city block worth of civilians?

What about people crying in loss, in fear, in pain, in anguish? If it catches me off guard in a crucial moment during a fight, it could take me out!

The realization is sobering, even as I finish my full rotation of the flip I threw myself into as a Earth Pony, snapping into my human form for the extra reach as I finish my moonsault and slam yet another axe-kick down through another one-pointer's head and bury the bot into the concrete. Unsurprisingly, gravity-assisted kicks with a muscle-enhanced start-up and finish have proven to be the most effective way to destroy the villain-bots, and my hardened 'hoof like' feet mean I'm not taking any real damage, even when I'm not in a pony form.

I honestly lost count of how many bots I've destroyed at this point, and we've been running around for quite a while. I'm dripping with sweat and I can actually feel my mana slowly starting to run out. I just haven't had time to recharge my emotional stockpile and there hasn't been any positive emotions to stockpile near by. Ten plus minutes of fighting is no joke!

Even then, I take the time to slow my breathing and stare at the massive villain bot as it punches through a building for a moment before a spike of fear that increases greatly runs up my spine, and my ears flick towards the building the bot punched as two screams rend the sky, one laced with pain.

Someone is in danger. Serious danger!

I'm running before I can even consider my actions as I leap into the air again my wings snap open, catching the sky as I zip through the air at high speed and try to hone-in on where the fear spike came from. And moments later I find Mineta and... are those floating gloves? Oh, it's the invisible girl! Um... shoot, I don't remember her name!
Either way, Mineta is trying his best to keep a few villain bots away from the two of them. They're hemmed in, and it appears that a piece of building the zero-pointer knocked down hit the invisible girl as her gloves tug and pull on a piece of concrete. “It's got my leg! It's got my leeeeeeeeeg!” She cries out, one hand smacking the concrete in a futile attempt to get it move, her fear spiking to greater heights as she starts to be become hysterical.

Mineta is crying vicious tears as he throws grape-ball after grape-ball at several of the bots, finally immobilizing several that shut down even as a three pointer he didn't see rumbles closer. Unfortunately, so is the Zero-Pointer, it's treads rolling ever closer to the hero-hopefuls.

“I didn't even get to touch any cute girls! It's over!” Mineta cries out, blood starting to trail from his head. Guess he overdid it. The three pointer aims, and the invisible girl cries out a warning to Mineta, even as they turn. It's too late... Until it's not, as I drop out of the sky and goomba-stomp the three-pointer in Earth Pony form in a repeat of my earlier feat at the start of the exam, this time without cratering the surrounding area.
Just the area directly under me and the now flattened three-pointer.

“W-wha... a p-pony? A earth pony?” Mineta stumbles in confusion, the last grape he grabbed from his head dropping out of his head as my ears flick towards him. He knows what a Earth Pony is? … Right, questions for later.

I leap off the hoof-imprinted and flattened robot, flipping over and transforming back to human form as I run over to him and the invisible girl. “Good job, you kept them off of her. Help me lift this up!” I call out, Mineta looking at me in confusion. “You're the really hot... wait...” He looks super dazed, and I sigh before I reach out and gently smack him, getting his attention on me. “Hey, we're not done yet! She still needs help!”

Mineta refocuses as I lift the concrete with a grunt, and the grape-haired boy reaches and takes the gloved hands of the invisible girl. “Aaa-ah! Ow-ow-owies, it huuuuurts.” She cries.

“Don't worry, help is coming. Can you help her get out of here?” I ask Mineta, looking him dead in the eye. “Y-yes!” He squeaks, looking surprised that a girl is touching him, even if he can't see her. Heck, she's actively putting most of her weight on him because she can't walk. “Awesome, take her that way-” I point down an alley way off to the side. “As quickly as you can, that way you're out of the zero-pointer's path. I'm going to try to knock it down or at least keep it distracted.”

“What?! B-but it's worth nothing!” Mineta cries out in surprise. I scoff at that and shake my head. “It doesn't matter how much it's worth, we're all in danger while that thing is moving around unimpeded! Besides...”
I leap into the air again, my wings snapping open as I return to pegasus form, even as I feel my mana levels flag. Whoof, I'm really on my last legs here. “I refuse to let that big piece of scrap metal hurt anyone else! We're lucky it just hurt her leg, and we can't see how bad it is! Stop arguing and GET MOVING!”

With that, I'm gone, not looking back to see if Mineta listened to me as I streak towards the Zero Pointer, which immediately focuses on me as I start blitzing around it's head. I'm no where near as fast as I was at the start of the exam, but I'm still fast enough to avoid this thing. Just like in a fighting game, the big bastard has a major tell every time it tries to hit me, which makes it really easy to dodge.

Just got to keep one step ahead and be consistently aware of the fact that even it's lightest swings got a hitbox the size of a building, and I don't need to get bitch-slapped out of the air by a fucking wall if I can help it.

If I had conserved more mana, I'm pretty sure I could take it down honestly. I'm not Izuku levels of strong, but a full-speed Pegasus charge into a momentum-boosted Earth Pony Buck would be enough to knock this bastard down.

As it is, I'm pulling every aerial maneuver I can think of out of it's box and bouncing off the bot's head like a manic moth against a laamp, bucking and battering it's many camera eyes to keep it distracted. “COME ON, FOCUS ON ME BIG GUY!”

The bot lets out a roar that shakes me, similar to the deep growl of a Reaper from Mass Effect, and it's big hand once again swings towards me. The shake threw me a bit and I lost some of the air but I think I have enough mana left to-
BLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT A massive airhorn blast fills the air and the bot freezes in place entirely. “AND THAT'S IT! THE EXAMINATION IS OVER!” Present Mic's voice booms across the testing zone even as the hand freezes and I mentally note that unless I burnt the last of my mana and dropped my transformation, I wasn't going to be able to dodge the last swing. Sobering moment indeed.

I let out a relieved sigh even as I turn a victory loop-de-loop in the air, pumping a hoof up and letting out a tired cheer as I turn around and streak back towards the ground, keeping an eye out for Mineta and the invisible girl. Thankfully purple-hair is pretty easy to spot and I soon find myself back-flapping in front of them to show off just a little bit.

The invisible girl lets out a little squeal of excitement as she sees me. She's sitting on a stable-looking raised platform made out of a torn sheet on top of Mineta's hairballs, which actually appears to be pretty cushy. She's wearing just her gloves still, and I hear a pained huff escape her as she shifts. “Oh my gosh I wasn't just imagining it you're so cuuuuuuuuute!” She coos, and Mineta gently rubs his eyes.

“Nope, I wasn't imagining things. But you were a Earth Pony before?” He says, looking confused before I flap one more time to bring myself up a bit higher before transforming back to 'human' and landing on my two feet, letting out a relieved sigh as I stretch. “I was. I'm Ranma... wait, uh, I'm Takashi Ranma. I keep forgetting how to introduce myself in Japanese.” I grumble to myself for a moment before I give them both a smile.

“Ah, Mineta Minoru.” The grape-haired hero-hopeful says, and the gloved hand waves, “Hagakure Toru, Takashi-kun, but you can call me Toru!”

I blink at the immediate familiarity, even as she turns and pokes Mineta. “You too, you helped save me, thank you!” Mineta looks shocked, and can only blink blankly even as Toru returns her attention to me. “I hope we'll be good friends! I feel like I did really well on the test after I found the off-switches on the robots! Muuu, even if the building kinda slowed me down...”

She lets out a little pained whimper as I kneel down next to where I see the depression of her legs in the hairball mattress. “Mineta, did you make this?” I ask rhetorically. Eris had a point after all, and this was the first time I even met the kid... even if he -did- stare at me and the girls earlier, just... give him a chance Ranma, give him a chance...

“Oh, yeah! My grape-balls are really springy and sticky, so if you got a sheet of some kind you can make a decent pad out of them for someone to sit on!” He says, standing tall for the moment. “Good call, I'm sure this is much more comfortable for Toru than sitting on the ground.” I comment, noting that he's still looking at me kinda weird.

“... Ok, no offense meant, but are you a guy or a girl? Because you are way too pretty and turn into ponies-”
Not too much longer, and Recovery Girl appears, and sighs as she looks at me. “Hmmph. I hope you haven't attempted anything without training yet boy.” She growls, poking me with the end of her syringe cane as she inspects the cushion Mineta made. “No ma'am, practical first-aid only, no quirk use. I promised.” I say firmly. “Toru had part of a building land on her. She's invisible so it's hard to get a direct look, but I was able to gently touch the area and from what I can tell she's just badly bruised.”

“I've gotten pretty good at self-inspection as well, comes with being invisible. No broken anything here Miss Recovery Girl!” Toru says, sounding much calmer now that she's had time to sit and recover. Mineta, sporting a bump from where I smacked him for his question, chimes up as well, “We've kept her leg suspended and off the ground, and we only moved her from the area she was injured because the Z-z-zero pointer was rolling our way.”

She nods firmly, and glances at Mineta's head, and the bit of blood dried there from his overuse of his quirk. She hums, and then her lips stretch out as she kisses Toru's forehead, somehow, and kisses Mineta's too, and the two slump a bit in exhaustion. “W-wow, I feel great! But so tired...” Toru whines. Mineta isn't nearly as exhausted but he does need to shake his head a bit. “My quirk heals you with your own stamina, but you both should be just fine. Have some gummies.” She hands all of us some vitamin/stamina boosting gummies, and makes her rounds.

I offer my hand to Toru, who takes it as I help her up to her feet, blushing in realization that she ISN'T WEARNING ANYTHING BUT GLOVES but soon enough she's picked up a tracksuit that floats for a moment before it's put onto a invisible body. “Hehe, thank you kindly good sir~” She coos. The tracksuit leans towards me before a pair of lips 'smooch' off my cheek, and then the tracksuit moves towards Mineta and does the same, making the grape-headed pervert freeze and mumble in embarrassed shock. “It was nice to meet you two! I hope to see you in class, even if you don't -see- me! Hehehe!”

With that, the invisible girl is walking off back to the bus, leaving me and Mineta standing there. He can only blink wildly a few times before he looks up to me. “... If we got in she's gonna be in our class, right?”

I can only snort in amusement as I grin at the short boy. “Wouldn't surprise me at all.”
“Ok, I got to ask...” He starts, flinching as my fist comes up. “No-no-no not a insensitive question this time, you just caught me off guard at first!” He says, waving his hands. “No, serious question, is your quirk that you turn in My Little Ponies?”

I can only stare at him as he crosses his arms defiantly. “What? I'm a collector, and it's one of the few -good- girly American Anime.” He says. “I used to do babysitting jobs around my neighborhood for extra cash, and if I didn't want to watch girly anime or at least watch something tolerable My Little Pony was always a good pick.”

“Honestly, I'm more surprised you have any of it.” I say, rubbing the back of my head. “My quirk is related to the gen4 ponies? As far as I can tell anyway. It's complicated.”

“Dude, you transformed from a unicorn-pretty-boy into a pegasus, into a earth pony, and I bet you're able to be a unicorn as well, and I saw you casting magic. Complicated is the simplest way to start describing your quirk.” He says flatly.

I laugh, leading the way out of the examination site and back towards the bus, slowing my walk a bit so Mineta doesn't have to scramble to keep up. “Tell you what, I'll trade ya. You explain yours and I'll explain mine, but lets get back to the gate first, because you got to meet my best bud, he's a bit of a Quirk Otaku...”

And that was how I made friends with Mineta Minoru. Yeah. I didn't expect it either.


“Wonderful! Wonderful! Oh, the potential is palpable!”

“Of course Sir, I'm pleased that you agree.”

“All Might, I'll need your assistance for this. Perhaps we could have you recording for the results messages this year...”

“Why of course! It would be my pleasure to let these zygotes know their results!”

“Especially your protege I assume?”


“You picked a good one Yagi. He went so far for someone he just met...”

“... Yes I did, sir. I can't wait to see how far he and his friends go.”

The small principle of the school gently pats Yagi's hand before he walks out of the viewing center, leaving the skinny man staring at the two blown up images of Izuku and Ranma, the symbol of peace smiling as he considers the young men on screen.

Oh yes, the future was looking bright indeed.

[And I'll update moar later. For now, here ya go]
I live to serve. Glad you got a kek out of it.

File: Shark.png (203 KB, 576x1024)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
>then what about a whole city block worth of civilians?
>What about people crying in loss, in fear, in pain, in anguish? If it catches me off guard in a crucial moment during a fight, it could take me out!
Huh, i never even considered that aspect, that is a great limiter.

>slowing my walk a bit so Mineta doesn't have to scramble to keep up.
For some reason this made me compare him to Spike and i'm now imagining him with Spikes voice, you did this to me.
First off- that picture is fucking adorable, stolen.

Second- Thank you! Honestly, I was very, very seriously wondering if I was just going to end up with 'OP Self Insert' and then I thought about it and remembered 'oh yeah, I based this on emotions and shit, so the possibility of seriously fucking my character over by the emotions available or around him is a distinct possibility.'

Small tangent: Discord is a fucking hack. If he really wanted to beat the Elements of Harmony in the first encounter with Twi and the girls? Fuck making them 'opposite'. No, no, crank their main nature and trait to 11. But I think I've done this rant before so I'll stop here.

Third: Keep that mental picture, it'll be important later.

Also, I'm honestly surprised I even bothered to keep Mineta in the fic. But I read a different fic that he was a MLP fan and gave him a reasonable background story and characterization that wasn't just 'Standard Japanese Pervert Humor Background Character' that I decided 'yep, gonna put that in the story'.
400% chance to secure bug waifu to feed the hive
File: IMG_1622.jpg (557 KB, 1694x1666)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
File: True form.png (230 KB, 887x878)
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230 KB PNG
Neuro draws very cute pictures.
>wondering if I was just going to end up with 'OP Self Insert'
Your reference material is a Shonen anime about super heroes, every single villain and protagonist is an OP self insert in the right circumstances and if worst comes to worse and you accidently write yourself into a corner you've got Eris watching over everything and able to say "Nah, this is boring" and give things a nudge in the appropriate direction (Good or bad for the protagonists).
You seem to be writing things well enough so far that I wouldn't worry too much about power scales, hell if All-might is around doing his thing then Ranma basically has a +200 morale bonus anyway.

>If he really wanted to beat the Elements of Harmony in the first encounter with Twi and the girls?
He could have also just tossed them into space or something, but that'd make his victory certain which would be boring and logical, so there's no chance in a million years that he'd do that.
He's egotistical enough to play a game with them because while there was always the chance they'd figure it out, he also assumed (rightly so) that he could easily handle them when they didnt actually have the elements.
It's why the encounter with Fluttershy so greatly pissed him off, he had to handle her the 'boring' way because she wasn't going along with his game.

>No, no, crank their main nature and trait to 11.
To be fair he kind of did do that with Rainbow, he made her hyper-focus on Cloudsdale being in trouble and make her think it was a tiny cloud.
>Third: Keep that mental picture, it'll be important later.
Possible manga spoilers
I heard the manga made him gay/bi, which makes his "Are you a girl/boy?" question here funny to me.
>Proactively dated (Kidnapped) by changelings.
>Get podded and turn into a bug.
>Another bug crawls into your pod and fucks your brains out.
>Afterglow + pod effects + post-TF high means the bug just used the konami code on your heart and she's your waifu now.
>Become a love battery for the hive.
I fantasise about this sort of idea more often than i should
I mean, it would have worked on Fluttershy too if he went with the natural traits to 11 thing, and still been 'in game' instead of him having to do it the boring way.

Turn Kindness into Mothering into Smothering. It would require a little bit of creative thought but I could see it being done fairly easily with Fluttershy and just turning her into the ultimate wet blanket.

>The Spoiler

Yyyyeeeeeeeeah, considering that 惚れる has several different wordings I'm going to take it as extreme but ultimately platonic adoration. Don't get me wrong, cool if he is, but based on his entire characterization up to this point, very likely not.

I'm going to be ignoring it unless direct clarification comes out from Kohei Horikoshi. Mineta's thing here was more that... well, Ranma is, to my personal amusement, super androgynous until he opens his mouth and starts talking, and being a unicorn, naturally 'effeminate'.

I'm pretty sure during his character description I talk about the Equestrian Musculature that carried over into his human form, which gave him some bangin' hips and thighs in the 'HEY LOOK AT THAT HIGH WAISTED MAN HE'S GOT FEMINEN HIPS'
https://youtu.be/oiBAR8vaAHk for reference.

I was very androgynous when I was younger and up through till about my sophomore year in highschool, so I find it hilarious and love playing that up, much how Ranma (the actual Ranma of Ranma 1/2) will play up being female when he's 'Ranko'. It's fun and funny to me.
Nice fantasy anon, i guess my fantasy would be being a hive princess though i dont know how it all works due to parachuting in the fandom now
Any good long stories dealing with anon being absolutely understandably horrified of what he’s become and doesn’t just get over it in a day?
Sir, this is a wish-fulfillment general.
No, it isn't. We have all sorts of stories.
first pony view is just that. (egads, what a chore)
File: FEHuTq_XwAA62vO.png (58 KB, 399x328)
58 KB
Anon there's an uncountable wealth of stories about the main character being absolutely understandably horrified at their life, their will and spirit broken as they are forced to accept what they are. So many tales of how they are robbed of agency and live in a body, despite feeling fundamentally and sickeningly alien to them, that they must pretend to love and are required to maintain: a cage where the task of gilding it is foisted upon its ever trapped occupant.
Simply pick any good PTF story, just stop reading it as soon as it gets to the part where anon starts turning into a pony.
>resolution is to large to upload
>So what stories cover the “species swap” concept, where human becomes pony and pony becomes human?
Look for the body swap tag on the story archive. This one's very comfy, https://pastebin.com/GwnuVZwq
Some of the others - Royal Duties and a couple of stories involving Lyra or Trixie - feature the pony stealing the human's body for their own ends and not playing much further part in the story.
That sounds like my experience as a human male
File: 2744598.png (129 KB, 558x768)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
..That's the joke the fillyflaggot was making.
Wow, so tall.
File: 2735571.jpg (576 KB, 3507x2481)
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576 KB JPG
Last tiime this was asked, Lab Grade Lily was recommended
It's ancient and dead, but what has been written of it is pretty darn good
Wonderful snakepones
Seconding this
Chuckled, good post. Byt I might have been unclear, I like stories where anon actually realistically adapts and slowly heals emotionally due to the love of his peers. Not just sadbox sob stories. If I wanted to think about anon’s absolutely miserable life before he TFs I’d look in the mirror: I’m stuck in the first part of every tf green
I can't think of any which specifically deal with love + friendship helping Anon overcome his shitty life/issues with the transformation, I'm afraid. But if it helps you feel hopeful, there might be some stories featuring those themes eventually(TM), a little bird told me.
I'm really glad to hear it's not dead
File: _.jpg (111 KB, 1190x937)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
File: _.png (294 KB, 856x636)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
I THINK Our Town might have elements of that? I really need to read it myself because I kind of dropped off near the very start for no reason at all and never got around to catching up. But the few bits I do remember, had Anon basically get force-TFed out of nowhere, and then, with insubordinance being heavily punished, he had to slowly accept his life using fellow ponies as emotional support, and eventually came to terms with things and even started a family IIRC.
File: 727086697272004.jpg (556 KB, 1362x2043)
556 KB
556 KB JPG

We all cheered as we met with hugs, fist-bumps and hand shakes, laughing together as we compared notes about the exams in an excited chatter. Mineta looked seriously overwhelmed at first (and was drooling over Pony, Mina and Eiji) but was quickly drawn into a quirk-discussion with Izuku as the two went from the basics of his quirk to a rather complicated one as Mineta could only look at Izuku in awe as the quirk otaku did his thing and started analyzing this shit out of Mineta's hairballs.

I was currently squished between Eiji and Pony in a hug as we all laughed. “I totally scored more points than you did Ranma!” Pony squeals, making me snort in laughter as I boop her nose. “Absolutely not, I outscored you Pony, and the letter will prove it!”

We all start moving way from the gate as a group, warm discussion following us. It feels great to be part of a group of friends and before we know it we're already splitting off, Izuku, Mina, and Eiji all waving goodbye as they go into the train station, and myself, Pony, and Mineta walking on. Funny enough, Mineta needs to get on a different station that's near my and Pony's house.

“So your Mom is Cow Lady? That's wild, she's so seeeeensational!” Mineta realigns himself quickly as I glare at him over Pony's head and slowly shake my head. I'm honestly kind of surprised he's tamping down so hard on his perverted tendencies. It's kinda weird, and I'm wondering if something's up.

“Yeah, Momma is really special! She's such a great Hero!” Pony says in the way that only a child who truly loves their parents can. “Come on, you should stop by our house, she won't mind!”

“Ah... no, I really got to get home.” Mineta says as he rubs the back of head nervously. “I gotta see if my Dad is home yet and if he isn't I need to figure out dinner for myself...”

“Aww, ok. Fine, but you gotta give us your number before you go!”

Soon enough phone numbers are exchanged and Mineta has split off from us, looked dazed as he walks away. I hum contemplatively before I let Pony sweep me away, chattering excitedly about the exam as she basically starts laying out what she did step-by-step.

I'm sure I'll be hearing it a lot once we get home.

-----/ One Week Later

Yeah. I heard it a lot when we got home.

And again the next day.

And the day after.

And that's not even getting into how much I got hounded over it. Eventually I took to hiding in my room rather anti-socially, leading to Pony standing out by my door and doing a rendition of 'do you want to build a snowman' when it snowed mid-week, and even started calling me 'Twilight'.

Cheeky bint.

Finally, the letters arrived. Super late in the day too, which makes me wonder if the teachers deliver them. I bet they do, considering that Cow Lady doesn't even look surprised at the time they're delivered at, and the fact that there's no postage stamp or return address on them.
On one hand- a little creepy that they know exactly where we live. But on the other hand, that makes perfect sense considering we live in a world of super humans. I mean, if something goes wrong or if someone has to take a sick day it's a much bigger deal considering that villains are running around free at all hours of the day.

… Nope, I'm not gonna think deeper on that.

I give Tauren and Pony a smile as I take my envelope and quietly excuse myself. Pony puffs her cheeks and moves to intercept me but she's restrained by her mother who shakes her head softly and murmurs to the horn-launching girl as I walk away.


“But he should share, he knows I will!”

“I know baby, but this... it's important to Ranma.”

“Isn't it important to everyone?”

“... Sweetie, remember that I promised I'd tell you more about what we know about Ranma's parents when you made it into UA? Frankly, the fact you're holding the letter is good enough for me...”



“Hullo All Might.” I muse, staring at the man I've gotten to know, wearing a tacky yellow suit and looking like the worlds strongest game-show host.


“Oh fuck off All Might!” I laugh, surprised he was able to get away with that on an official recording from UA.



All Might gestures as the shadowy panel of teachers is shown holding up their score placards. “FOR YOUR WORTHY ACTIONS ASSISTING THESE TWO, AND A FEW OTHERS, YOU'VE BEEN AWARDED FOURTY-FIVE RESCUE POINTS! PUTTING YOU- HERE!”

I blink as I look at my name... below another? Wait, is that... I squint for a moment before gasping. Holy shit Izuku what did you DO?!

“WITH 88 POINTS, YOU CLEANLY HOLD SECOND PLACE IN THE EXAMINATION! MY LITTLE PONY-” All Might holds out his hand, a bright grin on his face as I can feel my heart clench slightly as a emotion I didn't realize was bubbling up hits me.




Tauren lets out a pleased sigh as she hears Ranma cry out in celebration... mixed in with a few sobs as well as he finally lets his emotions run free.

“There ya go sugarcube. One foot in front of the other, ye' hear me?”

She knows he doesn't, but she knows that he'll do it all the same.


“Izuku you bastard.” I growl, marching up the beach. It's laaaaaaate late late in the afternoon and the sun is setting, even as I roll up my sleeve.

“Aaaahahahaha, H-hi-Hi-hiiiii Ranma...” Izuku stutters.

“Don't you -hi- me Izuku, what the hell did you do that earned you SEVENTY RESCUE POINTS?”
“I uh... w-w-well, I've gotten pretty good with full cowling and I maybe kinda saved a girl from some rubble?” He laughs nervously, backing up from me a bit as I stalk closer to him, pausing for a moment as I contemplate what he just said.

“Wait, you were Full Cowling the whole time? That's awesome dude!” I say, sounding much more excited for him and relaxing my stance enough that he stops prepping to run away from me. He gives me a tentative smile. “Y-yeah! Well, no, I was only running on Full Cowl for a-about six minutes. M-most of the time was just throwing one-or-two percent punches.” He says, rubbing the back of his head.

I nod before I suddenly dart up to him and smack his forehead, making him whine and put both hands over it. “Ow! Raaaaanmaaaaaaaaa!”

“Don't you -Ranma- me! You did something stupidly heroic again, didn't you you damned white knight?!”

“... I-it might have been Uraraka-san? A-and I might have... used... 100%.”

I groan in pain as I palm-face. “Izuku...”

“S-she was trapped under a large block of concrete! I-I couldn't just let the bot crush her!”



We stare at one another after yelling before we break down laughing, and I pull the cinnamon roll into a manly bro-hug, patting his back. “Stupid, self-sacrificing jerk. I bet you didn't tell your mom about that either.”

“Uhhhhhh...” He feezes mid-hugging me back and I step back, staring at him skeptically. “Oh by EPONA Izuku I was fucking joking!”

“I... didn't want to worry her?”

Double-Facepalm achieved. I groan in physical and emotional pain even as Izuku laughs in 'boy I just fucked up'. Of course, this is how Yagi comes across the two of us, looking from me sighing and holding my head to Izuku approaching breakdown and just shrugs it off, like a hero.

“GOOD TO SEE YOU BOYS!” He calls out, snapping me out of my anguish over self-destructing hero-to-be standing next to me and Izuku out of his increasingly nervous laughter. “All Might!” Izuku cries out, making me and Yagi freeze up as a couple admiring the coastline perk up.

“All Might?” “Did he say that All Might is here!”

I panic, my horn sparking up as I make an illusion, making All Might stand before the three of us and flex. “Y-yeah, Haha! Told you I could make an All Might illusion!” I call out loudly, fingers crossed. Please buy it, please buy it, please buy it-

“Oh, it's just a guy showing off.” “Awwww... cool quirk though, and oh my gosh he -sparkles-!”

The three of us let out a relieved sigh as the couple wave at me and I smile and wave back before they turn their attention back to the horizon... and I dope-smack Izuku roughly, glaring at him. “Izuku!” “I'm sorry!” “Dude, it's been -months-, how are you this bad at this?”
“Oh relax Young Ranma, I'm sure we'll break Young Midoriya of his bad habits soon enough!” Yagi laughs, messing his hand through my mane. “That being said, Young Midoriya, just so that you're aware, I was not a member of the panel of Judges of the Evaluations, so do not fear that there was any bias in your scores! Your achievements were -earned-, you zygotes!”

Izuku tears up almost immediately and gives Yagi a hug, who smiles and pats Izuku on the back even as I put my hands behind my head and lean back with a grin. “And lets not forget you Young Ranma! Your mastery of your body and momentum has made you quite the force to be reckoned with! When you made that first bombing run, you really made a impression!”

My grin brightens and I know that I'm sparkling brighter as I soak in the positive emotions. “Thanks Yagi-san, I'm damn proud of what I've accomplished. Though I kinda want another crack at that Zero-Pointer when I'm not running on dregs.” I muse, leaning back. “I need to figure out something more efficient for long-running battles. Either pick one form and stick with it, or keep the transformations down to just jumping from human to pony and back, because switching from pony-to-pony like that, while powerful, was burning up my mana pool way too quickly.”

Yagi nods in agreement, even as Izuku finally breaks off the hug. “Either way boys, I wanted to let you know that I am, to quote Ranma, Damn Proud of both of you. Your Hero Academia starts now, and I can say how excited I am to see how powerful the next generation becomes!”

[Alright, that's it for now. Next update will either come from the boat somehow, or from my next port call.]
What if they were demon mares who wanted to turn you into a demon pone?
Still no. There are few things I would turn down on my quest to become a pone, but creatures of evil and lies are probably the one thing I would not accept a deal from. It's basically guaranteed that you'd get nothing good from a deal with them - even if you can't see any obvious loopholes, it's practically always safe to assume that anything you agree to will only be to your detriment, no matter how enticing the deal seems.
That far in the future, you could get Flurry Heart as your foalsitter.
>Anon grows up to be Twilight's #42069 assistant.
Yeah I'd say Our Town has that. One of my favorite ptfg stories and my only real gripes is Anon adapting a little too fast when it comes to becoming a mare and just a personal thing for me but wasn't too fond of the lewd bits. They aren't bad by any means and won't begrudge anyone for liking it but it's got my favorite stuff for building a family and community after accepting they are stuck in Equestria.

Had a really neat cliff hanger to so if the author is still out there I'm crossing my hooves they'll continue. Adjustments is another good one as well. Slow tf and spends much of the story with the main character trying to adapt to her new life and situation. That one you can find on FIMFiction and the author has some good tf stories.
File: upsies2.png (291 KB, 1500x5143)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
Hey, they did it!
File: gg.png (29 KB, 382x220)
29 KB
Does anyone have a backup of this fucking story. The author yanked it.
That'd be one hell of a horror story.
That gives me an idea actually.
>Twialicorn is a thing that happens
>The show finale ends, her rule begins in earnest
>One dark and stormy night a little green filly in a basket is found at the gates to Canterlot palace
>Twilight may have her protege already picked out, but with nopony else willing to take on the job she adopts the little one herself
>Soon the foal grows up to be the filly we all know and love, mentally advanced beyond her age, the memory-retaining reincarnation of an anon
>They live their life together, but over the course of time Twilight realizes that while her adopted daughter will age and mature physically, she shall remain immortal
>Eventually age claims Nonny, a mare who lived the full and happy life, and Twilight mourns her loss just as she had mourned her other less immortal friends.

>The next day heralds a dark and stormy night, one not planned by the weather team, one just like the day Nonny was found
>And just like that first night, a basket with a baby is found and brought to the princess
>Just as green, just as cute, except this one was clearly different being a baby colt for a start
>Twilight anticipates anoncolt's advanced mental fauclties and when he eventually had the brain development to do it, asked him questions
>Turns out that it's a completely different anon this time, with a different story, different past
>He grows up in the Princess's care, a happy life, the time comes again, he passes away
>A dark and stormy night proceeds his burial
>And a new anonpony after that

>It seemed now that the Princess's charge was the care of every last one of these odd green ponies
>Through them she got to learn so much about that otherworld
>And through her, each of them got to enjoy life as a pony, even if it wasn't quite the one they'd anticipated
>Through them too was the memory of the Mane 6 preserved, each Anon knowing well their tales where even immortals may struggle to remember
>And through Twilight too did the anons get a second chance, to resolve their issues, to come to peace with themselves

>But the anons were finite and eventually the last anon was delivered
>Anon #42069 (nice)
>Not that anypony knew such was the case, but maybe for the better
>They are treated just as well as every other anon was, enjoy a life equally fruitful, die just as contentedly
>Twilight, long since retired from her throne, was now lifted of this burden and her place in the order of Canterlot
>And even with the wisened age of one who had seen whole eras come and pass, she was not quite sure how to feel about that
Aw, that's nice
Aaand now I have another change I want to make to The last of my PonE trilogy… guess now I need to pencil that in after dinner with myself (can’t skip that again.)
Woo, Eris is back. Or she was.
Good stuff, looking forward to the next part.
Anyone have the sauce for this story?
File: _.jpg (154 KB, 1461x1440)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
File: unknown.png (223 KB, 1551x908)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
Is this AI-generated?
File: file.png (76 KB, 422x487)
76 KB
File: _.png (668 KB, 1280x1476)
668 KB
668 KB PNG
File: 1637018847318.png (31 KB, 1000x872)
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one day, in a world like this, there was a mass serial killer, he did terrorist attacks, he killed his own family and children and other people's children, he sometimes ate people and sold them without anyone else knowing they were people and not only got sexual pleasure from it but overall liked it as well, he raped his sister when he was just a kid at the start of puberty and managed to blame it on her, eventually after running away so long, a bounty hunter got him and he made fun of the judge and made jokes and laughed about the people he killed and raped, especially the children when he thought or the best of it all, especially the babies and the newborns and that he killed everyone with a smile, and usually tortured them before they died if you could and kidnap them to do so, in front of all their loved ones and the entire world on television, and he thought it was the best and funniest thing ever, even when they gave him the death penalty and he broke the record for life sentences, he was proud of how much damage he could do in such a short time, he went on death row as soon as possible, and everyone beyond hated him and he made everyone hate him even more, every time he was in that cell and someone was there, even for a few seconds, loving every single second of it, like it was his own insane paradise, and then right before he asked for his last meal, he suddenly disappeared and transformed into a little filly and sent to the real equestria,
no older than 4 years old and a half, and there was no mind control or manipulation or anything, just his own free will and thinking, at first he was extremely confused and then he got extremely mad and confused again, he wanted to kill and hurt something so bad but it kept on hurting him for some reason, and when another pony went up to her that wanted to know what was wrong, she was in so much extreme pain that she just wanted to cry and cry and cry even if crying was weak and dumb, and that just made her cry even more for a hour and a half as a pony crowd gathers around her, the mare asked her where her parents are and she just says nothing not even able to look at her and respond, eventually the mare takes her home, and then to the hospital because she wasn't eating and drinking anything and refusing to talk at all, just staring into space, eventually, over the course of the week, she heals, and starts talking, but never complains, if anything happens that she thinks it's her fault then she goes into a meltdown and stops talking for about a week, eventually, over a month, she tells the truth,
crying over the course of the entire week after that because she thinks that every time somepony sees her, or is even near her, then she starts crying and gets extremely depressed again and keeps on telling herself that she's the worst pony ever and that she deserves to be in hell, every single night she has nightmares about her old self killing other people and doing horrible things to them, and crying and crying and begging him to stop, and refusing to even acknowledge that he was ever what she was now, she would rather be a demon than this, a million times over from what It felt like, Princess Luna always came to save her but then she kept on telling her she didn't deserve it, she didn't deserve anything, she was supposed to be dead forever, and the fact that she couldn't deny that the spiritual world existed and she probably wouldn't die forever even if she did die makes her feel even worse, eventually after a year and a half she gets out of the hospital and starts learning and being the great filly she is now, right after she turns into a teenager, she stops ageing even though she will still live the same amount of time, even if she didn't, but she doesn't care, she never goes back to being human ever again, and she never goes to a human world ever again, even after she dies from that point on, almost never being male again either, even if it was important for everything involved.
File: _.png (190 KB, 739x622)
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190 KB PNG
>two pills
ah, the cure, thanks doc
File: _.jpg (311 KB, 2048x1533)
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File: _.jpg (134 KB, 1280x799)
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File: _.png (45 KB, 900x480)
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I think the prescription might be off, but thanks doc
File: _.png (228 KB, 800x800)
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Oh my god yes. I love you.
Someone please continue or write more about this fic. Capitulation had my favorite power dynamic presented for petplay. It's so uncommon. A mistress in general, really.
>Wake up in Equestria
>It's like right before Season 1 starts
>Get to be yourself as a pony, but as a background pony
>You become fast friends with your fellow ponies
>One fateful Summer Sun Celebration, you see Twilight show up and everything
>The events transpire slightly differently... you think 'maybe this is just more realistic and fleshed out'?
>But as soon as Trixie shows up you know something's not right
>There's a weird sexual chemistry with Trixie and Twilight on stage
>Trixie isn't totally ran off at the end of where the episode should have ended
>Uh oh?
>Worry you being there caused some weird butterfly effect and is now changing the series
>How did you cause Trixie to stay longer in Ponyville though?
>Later that day Trixie shows up inside your house, unannounced
>Trixie saw how you were staring at her, you weren't in awe or jealous, you were confused
>She tells you that this isn't your fault
>In actuality you're just an extra in someone's alt Twixie-based Equestria
>This is Trixie's alt universe and she needed extra people inside of it.
>She thanks you for indirectly helping flesh out the background ponies of Ponyville before her arrival
>She explains this universe is generated around the real people in it, but she needs extras to keep things dynamic and interesting for her, there's a lot of content to flesh out
>You didn't think ponies acted TOO weird when you got to Ponyville, but the townsfolk certainly opened up to you after a while...
>You ask Trixie who she is, she just gives you a knowing grin
>"Trixie is Trixie."
>She gives you a bag of bits and... a ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala?
>"Trixie needs you to go visit Canterlot soon. Go meet some rich snobs Trixie can show up at the Gala at the end of the season."
"Y-Yes, ma'am!"
So that would be like a simulation or dream world thingy? That's creepy.
There's often talk about wanting an immersive VR world to roleplay as a pony, but generally it's recognised that this would only be a substitute, a roleplay. "Getting to Equestria" only for it to turn out you're stuck in some partially-simulated world with subpar NPC AI would be quite existentially horrifying.
It... actually would be. Especially if all the friends you made weren't "real". I assumed the AI is fine but Trixie wanted to make sure things were "different" maybe from a previous run?

Maybe the simulation idea is too far. Ending up in someone's alternate Equestria where they can act out their favorite ship is kind of funny though. You think you're in one Equestria then realize you're in a slightly different universe than what you were hoping for.
>Ending up in someone's alternate Equestria where they can act out their favorite ship is kind of funny though.
Yeah, that one would make more sense. I'd hope the background ponies would be actual living breathing ponies though, it'd just happen to be the particular multiverse where a specific ship happens, while otherwise being a perfectly real universe in every respect.
Absolutely. I was trying to flesh out the idea and went too far. I was just trying to figure out why Trixie brought you into this world and you making sure things were "lived in" kind of made sense before you pointed out the horrific ramifications.

I could probably come up with something along the same lines if I thought about it harder. Maybe the universe is real but it was branched off the main timeline via magic? And Trixie needs more ponies aware of the main timeline to alter things so that the universes don't try to realign and collapse back together? Like your intervention prevents some kind of Mandela effect.

Your reward for helping of course is getting to be a pony in Equestria. Just in her vision.
File: _.png (535 KB, 2000x2000)
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535 KB PNG
File: FEVHPLKWUAgAonV.png (505 KB, 680x680)
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505 KB PNG
I kinda read it as they start as NPC's but interacting with somone 'real' helps them grow into being real themselves, which would cause a cascade effect as they interact with each other and other 'npcs'.
I like this. This is a cute end.
You missed a sentence at the end of this post.
It was a fun chapter though.
What book is that?
File: 1628255753778.jpg (75 KB, 750x737)
75 KB
Well it's not Polish but it's gotta be something similar, I'm guessing maybe Hungarian or something
Please make it happen, Anon
File: IMG_1797.jpg (376 KB, 1600x1297)
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376 KB JPG
File: StillLearning2Paint1.png (1.01 MB, 1047x1354)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
File: ptfg.png (998 KB, 1080x1080)
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If only.
More like this.
>Want to be a pony
>Only the pet form is available and you're too impatient
>you get really small and there's lots of extra biology. So much so you're not sure what to turn off so you leave most of it in there for your transformation
>turns out your whole body basically becomes one big erogenous zone
>the way the muzzle rubs make you feel like you're going to sneeze and instead of sneezing your face flushes
>the way legs being rubbed makes your tail unconsciously raise
>the way the dock rubbing drives you wild and makes you unable to stop your tail erecting and flagging to the side
>the way a hand running down your spine makes you arch your back
>the way the spot on your head right behind your ears is basically a serotonin button when it's scritched
>the way a hand rubbing against your cutie mark is utterly erotic
>the first time your partner gave you a belly rub and he thought your moans were "so cute" so he wouldn't stop... and you came all over his lap
>Not to mention your almost overengineered petpony vagina
>Or how you thought you liked sucking cock before, but now you basically turn into a faucet when you smell them
>Your mas- partner! doesn't seem to mind that you didn't wait for a non-pet body.
Thank you, Alycorn
File: ZephyrEdit.png (429 KB, 756x960)
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429 KB PNG
Both gay.
I love your image, much more hopeful than mine, the pony being led offscreen is an excellent touch.
It's the image I would have made, but sadly Zephyr's Tale has yet to make me as much of a petpony in body as it very much has in mind.
If reading ZT has turned you into an IRL pet pony with a loving master: please specify how, possibly in the form of step by step instructions.
it hurts so much bros
1984 ninetee-neighthy-four
It's funny because it's true.
Kek, saved
Four legs good, two legs bad
File: 6nd.png (418 KB, 579x1200)
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418 KB PNG
File: _.png (102 KB, 646x583)
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102 KB PNG
File: _.png (676 KB, 1008x944)
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676 KB PNG
All of Thatguywiththeface's greens are gone.
Anonymous in Celestia
1: https://poneb.in/GzC2VR09
2: http://pastebin.com/VG9GiS1V
3: http://pastebin.com/6R4gEVwh
4: http://pastebin.com/S12rzr7e
5A: http://pastebin.com/7pQ0hvKW
5C: http://pastebin.com/yZ2g1JSU
AiC 1

>You're laying on your couch watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
>Suddenly, there is a blindingly bright flash of light behind you
>"Hello, Anon."
>You turn around slowly, and as your eyes adjust you can make out Princess Celestia
>She stands with her head bowed to fit under the ceiling, but if she were to stand up to her full height she would stand at least 8 or 9 feet tall.
>Her white coat shimmers and her mane and tail blow in the solar wind.
>"Can you talk?" she asks with a giggle.
>You realize you've been blankly staring at her for several seconds.
>"You're real?" you ask in disbelief.
>Celestia smiles. "It would seem that way, yes."
>"But you're fictional. You were made up by Lauren Faust!"
>"There are an infinite number of worlds in which you are fictional." she explains. "I'd love to discuss the finer details of the multiverse, but I came here for a reason. I have a proposition for you."
>"What is it?"
>"Would you like to come to Equestria?"
>Celestia pauses. "The exact reasons are… complicated, but suffice it to say that it is part of an transdimensional outreach program. Please keep in mind that this is entirely optional; you are free to stay here if you want to."
>"Well, this is all a lot to take in."
>"Take your time," Celestia says, "but don't take too long. I will be needed back in Equestria, and I almost certainly won't be able to find your world again."
>"'Almost'?" you ask.
>"The odds are infinity to one." she clarifies.
>Not wanting to turn down this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you ask if you can leave a note for your family and friends.
>"Of course." she answers with a grin. "Why not?"
>You write your note, and then turn back to Celestia. "Okay, now what?" you ask, eager to get going before you change your mind.
>Celestia takes a deep breath. "Well, this next part may seem unusual, and will probably be the most awkward, so I'll just say it. You'll need to climb into my vagina."
>"What? Why? How?"
>Celestia sighs. "Two reasons, really. First of all, there is no way you'd survive a trip through the Void Between Worlds unprotected. Secondly, so you won't attract undue attention in Equestria I will have to transform you into a pony. That's a very high-level transformation spell, and it will require very long close-range exposure to a high-level source of magical energy. Carrying you with me in my womb will kill two birds with one stone."
>"For how long?"
>"Somewhere around eleven months. If you're uncomfortable with this part, you of course still have the option of backing out."
>You shake you head. "No, it's weird, but it's not a deal-breaker. I just have two questions."
>She nods her head.
>"First, what kind of pony will I be? Second, how am I supposed to survive inside you for almost a year?"
>Celestia thinks for a moment. "I can't answer your first question for certain. The spell will work off of your subconscious to make sure the form you take fits you as closely as possible, taking into account your skills, personality, and so on. As far as your second question, I'll be carrying you in my womb, an organ designed exclusively for nurturing another organism. You'll be fine. Anyway, if that's all, we should probably get started."
>"Uh huh."
>Celestia turns around and lifts her tail, folding her legs under her.
>"You'll need to take those clothes off." she points out to you.
>"Oh… yeah." You strip down to your birthday suit, and kneel down behind her, examining her pearly vulva.
>"Will I even fit?" you ask.
>"Of course you will. Equestrian life is much more elastic than life in your world."
>As you tentatively place your hands to her marehood, she interrupts you. "You should probably go in the other way around, so the spell has a chance to attach you before your head goes in."
>You nod, and turn around, laying on your back and placing your feet against her netherlips.
>"Are you sure I won't be too much of a burden to you?" you ask.
>Celestia chuckles. "I've raised and lowered the sun for thousands of years, and the moon as well for a millennium. I think I can handle it."
>She scoots back a bit, and your feet slip inside her.
>You decide that it's now or never, and start to push yourself deeper into her waiting womb.
>Pushing against the floor, you slide your heels and then your ankles into her soft, warm tunnel.
>Once your shins have slipped inside, you feel gentle yet powerful contractions working to pull you in deeper still, but they aren't speeding you up much with so little to grip and so much to pull in.
>As you slip deeper inside of her, she begins to secrete natural lubricant to help you slide inside.
>As your toe bumps up against her cervix, it immediately yields to let you pass through, gripping tightly around your feet and later your ankles.
>As you straighten your knees to let them slide inside as well, Celestia calls back to you. "Are you doing okay back there?"
>"Yeah," you say, as her marehood stretches around your thighs, "I'm fine. Are you?"
>She nods. "To be honest, you're a little cold, but as I said before the stretching isn't a problem at all."
>When she reaches your waist, you can feel that her vaginal muscles have really gotten a good grip on you by now, and are pulling you in faster.
>Once your knees have slipped past her cervix, you start to bend them to make room as more of your body slips in to her warm, safe womb.
>As your navel slips past her outer lips, Celestia's horn glows and you can feel a warm, tingling sensation, and you can see a warm golden glow from above your stomach as a shimmering tendril of magical energy emerges from your navel to her womb.
>You slip your hands in at your sides, and can feel a cord growing from your midsection, connecting you to her.
>By now, you aren't pushing at all; all the work is being done by Celestia.
>As you slip farther in, her vagina constricts around your chest, but you don't feel short of breath.
>You bend your knees fully, and press your arms firmly against your sides as her soft warmth covers you up to your shoulders.
>Once your shoulders slip in and her marehood shrinks to fit around your neck, your entry pauses.
>"Hold on a minute." she says, panting. "This doesn't hurt, but it's hard work. I'm going to take a break."
>"Okay." You aren't really in any position to argue, after all.
>"So…" you say after a few moments to break the silence, "aren't ponies going to notice you've suddenly become very, very, very pregnant?"
>Celestia takes a deep breath. "A simple illusion spell should take care of that. Anyway, was there anything else you wanted to say to me? This will be your last chance for quite some time."
>You give it some thought, and ask your question.
>"Uh, what will I do to pass the time?"
>Celestia pauses for a moment before responding.
>"Well, you can't bring a chess set or a record player for obvious reasons, but I see you point. At least once a day, I'll read you a story or play you some music, if following me around all day doesn't prove stimulating enough. Are you ready?"
>"As I'll ever be."
>Celestia nods, and the contractions resume, pulling your chin inside her now very well-lubricated royal passage.
>You glance out for your last look at your couch, before you shut your eyes as her vulva closes behind you, and you are surrounded be darkness.
>Finally, your shoulders and then your head slip past her cervix, and you curl up in the fetal position, finally fully inside of Celestia, sun princess of the magical land of Equestria.
>You open your eyes, blinking a few times to adjust to the amniotic fluid.
>As they adjust to the darkness, you can make out a web of glowing yellow threads, knitting together around you before going dim.
>Feeling around, you discover that you are now surrounded by a thin amniotic sac, and attached to her by an umbilical cord, just like an unborn foal would be.
>Through her steady heartbeat you can make out Celestia's voice, muffled but still clearly audible.
>"Are you all set in there, Anon?"
>There is a pause.
>"Oh, right." she says, embarrassed.
>"Kick once for 'yes' or twice for 'no'."
>You kick once.
>"Good. Here we go!"
>You feel a tingling envelop your body, and there is a brief but intense flash of light.
>Several minutes later, there is another flash, and you hear Celestia's voice again.
>"Well, we made it. I have plenty of royal duties to attend to, so feel free to go to sleep if you wish. Are you comfortable?"
>You give one firm, long kick.
>"Very comfortable. Gotcha. I'm glad you've adjusted so quickly. I have to admit, it feels pretty nice for me. I'm not sure if I'll want to let you out when the time comes.
>You start frantically kicking.
>Celestia chuckles.
>"I'm just kidding, Anon."
>"…or am I?"
AiC 2

>You slowly drift out of sleep, and reflexively start to stretch.
>You are quickly reminded of where you are when you realize the small size of your temporary home.
>You compromise by focusing on each joint individually, stretching them as well as you can in the fetal position.
>A warm chuckle drifts through the steady, constant sound of Celestia's heartbeat.
>"So, sleepypants, you're finally awake again."
>Celestia's voice is muffled, but still clear enough to make out.
>"I've cast a simple illusion spell on myself, so you're my little secret. I've only told my sister Luna and my most faithful student, Twilight Sparkle. They would've easily seen through the spell anyway."
>This probably was to be expected; it fit with the goal of not drawing attention.
>However, you can't help the niggling thought that this makes it even more likely that she could get away with not letting you out when the time comes.

>"Hopefully nop0ny notices that my appetite has suddenly doubled. At least now I have an excuse.
>"Anyway…" Celestia says, after a pause.
>"Would you be interested in communicating with me through more than answering yes-or-no questions?"
>You kick once.
>"Great. Unfortunately, a telepathy spell isn't an option; I'm pretty taxed as it is with the transformation spell, the illusion spell, and just supporting you biologically. I could go through the alphabet and stop when you kick, but that would take forever. So, do you know Horse Code?"
>You smirk at the pun, but kick twice.
>Celestia let's out a small sigh.
>"Well, Anonymous, would you like to learn?"

>Weeks pass, and you slowly but surely get the hang of communicating with the mare you call home.
>The first several nights, after she lowers the sun, she reads off the code for each letter, and has you repeat them back.
>Eventually, you could kick the alphabet in your sleep.
>One evening, as she retires to her chambers after a long day of royal duties, you decide to surprise her.
>Kick kick kick kick. Kick. Kick KICK kick kick. Kick KICK kick kick. KICK KICK KICK.
>Kick KICK KICK. KICK KICK KICK. Kick KICK kick. Kick KICK kick kick. KICK kick kick.
>Celestia giggles. "H… E… L… L… O… W… O… R… L… D…"
>"Very clever, Anonymous."

>Having sent your first message, you start anew.
>Celestia interrupts you.
>"Oh, there's more? Can it wait until I can get to my bed?"
>You kick once.
>"'E'?" she asks, with what you can only imagine is her trademark trickster smile. "I'm afraid I don't know what you mean by 'E'."
>You roll your eyes. Trollestia at her finest.
>KICK kick KICK. Kick. Kick kick kick.
>"Y-E-S." She says slowly, as if figuring out your message for the first time. "Well, why didn't you just kick so in the first place?"

>The amniotic fluid surrounding you acts as an inertial damper, but your sense of balance tells you when she walks, turns, and eventually settles down.

>Celestia yawned and curled up on her mattress.
>She hadn't been entirely honest with Anon; while it was technically true that a telepathy spell would be taxing, the whole truth, as it usually is, was more complicated.
>A constant telepathic link would no doubt result in a very close, almost familial bond between the two of them, and Anon was to integrate into Equestrian society as your run-of-the-mill citizen.
>While it was inevitable that she would hold a great deal of affection towards him, she tried to make sure it didn't surpass the level of affection she held toward every one of her subjects.
>Celestia already had to constantly remind herself that she was simply the vessel by which Anonymous was entering her world, a mantra she found less and less convincing with every passing day.
>She tried to rationalize this by telling herself that in a way, all of Equestria's citizens were her children. However, she had told herself this so many times throughout the millennia that it had lost almost all meaning to her, reduced to a mere platitude.
>It was best for her to avoid getting too close as well. While becoming a pony would more than triple his life expectancy, it still wouldn't come close to the 4.8 billion years she figured she had left. It already broke her heart that her subjects had to pass on to Hades after a few short centuries, where she was forbidden to tread; she didn't want to get closer to a mortal than she had to.
>This was all moot, however, as there was yet a third reason telepathy was an unworkable solution. The transformation spell would naturally make him pliable and susceptible to magical influences.
>By keeping their minds distinct, she could ensure that the form he ended up with would be the one that best suited him, and more importantly, that his mind (including the knowledge, mindsets, and ideologies he carried from his world) would remain unalt–
>A fluttering within her broke her reverie, reminding her of yet another reason for her to not link their thoughts.
>She'd take any excuse she could get to feel him move around inside of her.
>Kick KICK kick. Kick kick KICK. KICK KICK KICK. KICK kick KICK.
>Somewhat exhausted, you start abbreviating to spare your leg the unnecessary workout.
>"Ruok"? Asks Celestia, her tone indicating a raised eyebrow. "I'm guessing you meant to ask if I'm okay?"
>You indicate the affirmative.
>"Getting a little lazy in there already, eh?" she teases.
>You sigh, and in doing so realize that while you were sleeping you'd inhaled some of the amniotic fluid. You know enough about embryology to deduce that this is probably normal, and good for your lungs, but it still grosses you out a little.
>"Come on, lazybones!" Celestia cheers. "Do you want your new muscles to be all noodly and atrophied? Shake away that sleepiness; there's no 'Z' in 'exercise'!"
Wait, there isn't? That's stupid.
>Rolling your eyes, you kick out your rebuttal.
>"I'm afraid neither 'gtfo' nor 'stfu' are words I'm familiar with, Anonymous." Celestia says. "They're barely even pronounceable."
>Oh, right. Steampunk-level technology.
>You don't respond, and Celestia infers that it mustn't've been that important.
>"Yeah, Anon, I'm fine. It took some getting used to at first, but now I have an excuse when Luna scolds me for eating so much."

>"I really do love the evenings where I can just curl up on my bed and speak to you. You've been with me through all the humdrum of my daily responsibilities, and through all my private moments. You've literally seen inside me."
>She chuckles at her own pun.
>Being a princess can be lonely at times. I'm glad Luna is back, but–"
>She trails off as if interrupted.
>You faintly hear Luna's voice, though you can't make out anything more than her inquisitive tone through the assorted hums and thumps and gurgles of Celestia's body. From her heartbeat, Celestia seems nervous, or at least startled.
>"Hello, Luna. I was just talking to Anonymous about how lonely it can be to be a princess. Come here; I'm sure he'd like to hear from you as well."
>There is a pause, and then you feel Celestia shift.
>"Hello, Anonymous. Art thou enjoying thy stay inside my sister?"
>You kick once, and Celestia translates your affirmation.
>"We are certainly looking forward to seeing how you turn out. Ten months is a long time to wait."
>Wait, has it been a whole month already?
>"Yes, as am I"
>Luna redirects the conversation. "Thou wast speaking of me, sister?"
>Celestia sighs. "Yes. I am overjoyed to have you back after a thousand years, but something's… missing, or at least different."
>There is a pause, and then Luna speaks, sounding almost aghast. "Sister! What art thou saying‽ Art thou replacing me?"
>Celestia sounds hurt. "Lulu, no, I–"
>"And stop calling me Lulu!" Luna snaps. "I'm not 800 anymore!"
>"It's not as if I haven't called you worse things last week, at your request, 'Mistress Selena'." Celestia retorts lasciviously.
>Luna stammers. "Sister! I beg thy pardon, but to be so blunt around someone else about our… private matters?"
>"Do you mean our sexy fun times?"
>Celestia pauses, then continues, audibly chuckling. "Lighten up, Lulu. Mores have evolved a lot over the past millennium. I have to admit I find your prudishness quite adorable at times."
>Luna mutters something you can't quite make out, and Celestia continues.
>"Besides, it's not like I spilled the beans. I didn't mention anything Anon wasn't there for."
>Seemingly desperate to change the subject, Princess Luna backpedals. "So, 'Helia', what were you saying about me before? Not only am I a prude, but also not good enough for you as a sister? As a friend?"
>"No!" insists Celestia, kindly but perhaps a bit too loudly, before catching herself and lowering her voice. "That's not what I meant."

>"I love you more than anything on this world or in the heavens above, or the underworld below. The time you were Nightmare Moon was the worst millennium of my life. Nopony could ever replace you, and you know that."
>Luna seems upset. "Then what did you mean when you–"
>"Luna, before you fell, the two of us worked in perfect harmony. We were two pieces of a puzzle; you were the yin to my yang. But since we've been apart for so long, and I've ruled alone for so long…"
>"Oh." Luna seems concerned, her indignation evaporating as her sister starts to tear up.
>"Luna, it's not your fault. I don't know if you've changed, or if you stayed the same over the past thousand years while I and everything else changed. Maybe we both did." Celestia sniffles, and continues. "All those centuries, every night when I raised the moon, I had to look up at the Mare in the Moon, a constant reminder of the day I failed to save you. Every year I bought a new calendar, on the front, in a huge, elaborate font, was the number of years you'd been gone."
>"Celestia, we…"
>"It was like the Equestrian calendar system was one big sick joke, mocking me, counting the years from that fateful night. Every night I'd stare at the moon for hours and think 'I want my old Luna back!', and maybe I did. But it's like my wish was granted by a genie; I got back the old Luna, not the one I would have today if none of this had ever happened, and I'm not the old Celestia anymore!"
>"Celestia, we are so sorry. We were foolish, and we let our emotions get the best of us. If only we had seen that by sleeping our subjects weren't shunning our night, but embracing it. That the frolicking they did in their dreams was just as enjoyable."
>"Luna, I told you it wasn't your fault. You weren't yourself; your emotions were exaggerated by dark magic."
>"Yes, Sister, and whose foalish jealousy was it that allowed that dark force to take hold, to corrupt us? If we hadn't been so blind, if–"
>"Shh…" Celestia shushes. "Let's not dwell on the past. What's done is done, and no amount of magic can rewrite history. But we can change the future."
>"What dost thou mean, 'Tia?"
>"We can get things back to how they were. It may not be quick, but it will be worth it. To start, I want you by my side at as many royal events as possible, when I sleep at night, you will handle royal affairs, and vice versa when you sleep at day."
>"'During the day'." corrects Luna. "And what does that have to d–"
>"It was an intentional literary device to emphasize the complementarity of our roles. And I ask this of you because since your return, I feel that the old status quo has not returned. We're co-princesses, Luna, but now you're more of a Vice Princess. So many times I have heard ponies call me 'the Princess', and every time I have to hold my tongue to not remind them that I am *a* princess, that you and I are equals."
>"Thank thee, Sister. It means so much to us to know that thou thinkest of us as equals."
>"Of course, my dear, sweet, Luna. Both day and night are needed in balance for the land to run smoothly. Why do you think the Equinoxes are so celebrated?"
>"We suppose thou art correct, Sister. We apologize for being so rash with thee earlier."
>"Apology accepted, but I don't mind having somepony to point out if they think I've made a mistake. One of the perils of power is a lack of constructive criticism."
>"We shall keep that in mind, Celestia. Dost thou mind if we stay with you for the moment?"
>"Don't you mean 'with thee'?" Celestia kids.
>"No, you. Plural. Anonymous and thou. We shall never understand why Equestria dropped the singular second person pronoun; it seems such a change would cause quite a deal of confusion."
>"The Equestrian language, like everything, evolves with time. It is counterintuitive, but you'll have to learn to accept change if things are to return to normal."
>"We see thy… er, I see 'your' point, Celestia. It shall take some getting used to."
>"Good. And yes, curl up here if you wish. I'm sure Anon would enjoy the company."
>You kick in the affirmative.
AiC 3

>You yawn, rolling your neck and stretching your joints one by one. As you do so, you notice some of your joints are stiffer than you remember.
>"Oh, he's awake!" you hear Celestia chirp.
>Before you can speculate about whom she's addressing, Twilight's voice answers.
>"Oh wow, he is‽ This is so fascinating; we're dealing with so many firsts here. Celestia, how long exactly has he been asleep?"
>Celestia's answer of 12 days doesn't seem unreasonable to you anymore. You've grown accustomed to taking extremely long naps.
>Twilight continues her excited rambling. "There are so many questions I'd like to ask him about where he comes from!"
>"Of course, Twilight. Just remember he's not just a specimen to be poked at."
> "Oh, sure, right. Though I couldn't resist doing a quick scan of his anatomy. The transformation spell has already begun, but extrapolating back two months I can deduce what his original form was. I'm actually quite shocked at how similar his anatomy is to ours! Apart from an extra bone across his withers, our skeletons are homologous, just with different proportions."
>That vaguely sounds like something you learned in high school.
>"Can he hear me?" Twilight asks.

>You kick, and Celestia relays your response with a "mhmm".
>"Oh, wow. I can't believe I'm talking to a real live alien. Um, how are you feeling in there? I never imagined that foaling could be a two-way process. Are you comfortable?"
>You think for a moment, and answer.
>Celestia giggles. "He says he feels cramped."
>After a pause, Twilight addresses you directly. "Cramped? Anon, you don't *have* to stay bunched up like that. I don't know much about your world, but I doubt you could stretch yourself far enough to do any damage to Celestia."
>Celestia had mentioned to you at the start that Equestrian life was more elastic when you'd brought up fitting inside her, but you'd assumed that to be the limit.
>Timidly, you start to extend one of your legs, noticing as you do so that your foot seems to have gotten longer.
>As your leg extends, Celestia's flesh offers resistance, but you don't seem to be reaching any kind of limit.
>You start to stretch out fully, but find that you still can't get all the way, as Celestia's womb pulls inwards like a stretched rubber band.
>Nevertheless, you get the best stretch you've had in… months? Has it been two months already?
>With that out of the way, you feel amazing. At the moment, you can't imagine why you'd ever want to leave the safe comfort of the Sun Princess's womb.
>In Celestia's womb, you feel safer than you can remember ever feeling before.
>Her warm, soft flesh cradles you securely, but not tightly, hugging you from all angles.
>Her steady heartbeat comforts you and grants you a sense of stability.
>Celestia is directly providing for all of your physical needs, so you don't have to worry about eating, drinking, or even breathing. You are faintly aware of the changes that have been occurring to your body, but you've mostly stopped noticing your body altogether.
>You realize that once you are born, as a normal citizen of Equestria, you will hardly ever get to see Celestia in person (in pony?).
>In addition, you will have to constantly worry about supporting yourself, while you also try to blend in to Equestrian society.
>Celestia's joke about not letting you out is seeming more appealing by the day.


>Celestia stands in Twilight Sparkle's basement laboratory, hooked up to miscellaneous sensors, mostly on her expanded midsection.
>Being alone apart from her student, she had dropped her illusion spell, revealing her full pregnant form.
>Due to her size compared to the human, her belly actually doesn't seem much bigger than a slightly overdue mare's.
>Despite her stretched proportions, she keeps her regal looks. The curve of her belly joins smoothly into her frame, and she holds herself with the same grace and poise that seems to come as second nature to her.
>As she stands still to let Twilight take her readings, her mind wanders to the subject of her student's fascination.
>She had originally planned to give birth to him after his transformation completed, but she realizes that she had grown accustomed to having a constant companion, someone to share her life with.
>The feeling of having another living creature nestled safe and protected inside her womb was a very satisfying one for the motherly princess, and she certainly wasn't looking forward to it ending.
>Perhaps instead of her releasing him into Equestria, his outsider's perspective would be most useful directly available to her.
>Of course, this justification was a transparent one, even to her. But the fact remained that she was starting to consider not giving birth to him. She didn't want to hold him captive, but at the same time she didn't want this to end.
>In any case, it doesn't matter. Mares don't initiate labor; their foals do.
>Once the transformation is complete and Anon is ready, labor will begin automatically.
>Celestia makes a mental note to ask him about this when they are alone.
>"What are you thinking about, Princess?" Twilight asks curiously.
>Celestia blushes, and quickly comes up with a cover story. "Oh, I was just admiring how you can look at any situation from a scientific perspective."
>This seems to satisfy Twilight. "Of course. I think more ponies ought to think more scientifically. If somepony is curious about something, the best thing to do is study it. If somepony isn't curious about anything, I feel sorry for them." She ends with an adorkably small giggle at her own quip, before turning back to her instruments.

>"This is really very fascinating magic. There's nothing too high-level or powerful about it, but it's incredibly precise and nuanced. It's actually hard to tell how much is magical and how much is biological."
>Celestia beams proudly at her faithful student. "Yes, the line is rather fuzzy, and it takes a keen mind and horn to discern that."
>Twilight nods. "It's actually hard appreciate a lot of it, because it's very low-level, not very far above the ambient magikon density. If you don't mind, I'd like to take more measurements at regular intervals."
>Celestia nuzzles her most faithful student. "Of course, Twilight. You stand to learn a lot from studying this. How strong a unicorn is often pales in importance compared with how well she knows how to use her power. A magikon, a single quantum of magic, applied by an expert magicist can do amazing things."

>Twilight thought for a moment, and then approached Celestia and asked another question.
>"Um, Princess? Something just occurred to me. Anonymous has an entirely unique perspective on gestation and foaling. I can only just barely remember my birth, and my time in utero is almost entirely a blur. I certainly wasn't making scientific observations at the time."
>Celestia playfully poked at Twilight's shoulder. "I'm afraid you'll have to wait your turn, okay?" she teased.
>Twilight Sparkle blushed beet red. "No, nonono. That's not what I meant. I just wanted to know if I could… interview him every once and a while."
>Celestia thought for a moment. "I'd be happy to bring him to you every so often, but I'm afraid your interviews couldn't go too in-depth. We've been getting by on Horse code because there's not much he needs, but that wouldn't be practical for writing a thesis."
>"Ah, yes. And a telepathy spell would be a bad idea for obvious reasons. I'm sure I can think of something. Give me a week, and I'll've figured it out."
AiC 4

>Dear Princess Celestia,

>You will be happy to know that I have come up with a solution for our problem of communicating efficiently with Anonymous. Unfortunately, it will be some time before it will be fully developed and implemented.

>Obviously, verbal communication from him is out of the question. For a short period, I toyed with the idea of using written communication, but on top of the obvious problem of how we'd safely get the necessary tools to where he could use them, his hands have already transformed enough that they would be useless for holding anything, and he has no experience whatsoever writing with his mouth.

>It quickly became clear that some form of telepathic communication would be necessary, but a direct link would obviously be less than ideal for reasons you are already aware of. I think all of these issues would be ameliorated by the use of an artifact to intermediate the link, ensuring that it the link is omnidirectional.

>I am therefore currently working on a device, temporarily named the gestational unidirectional psychephone, or GUP. I have included a schematic of the artifact, in case you are interested. Currently, I am focusing on fine-tuning the spells for the magical portion, specifically filtering out background thoughts, and translating verbal thoughts into audible speech. I'm sure Anonymous doesn't want everything he thinks to be broadcast, so you will understand why I am putting so much care into this project.

>By my current estimate, the GUP should be ready in two to four weeks.

>Your faithful student,
>Twilight Sparkle

- – — – -
>"Anon, we're here!" Celestia announces.
>Celestia had apparently received a letter from Spike that Twilight's gadget was finished, so she'd taken the closest opportunity to pay the Ponyville library a visit.
>"It's so nice to see you, Celestia!" called Twilight's voice, perky enough to be made out at her distance.
>"Likewise." said Princess Celestia. "I'm eager to see this GUP of yours. It will be so nice to get to speak with my little Anonymous after all these months."
>You can't make out Twilight's response, but soon enough you feel the gentle rocking of Celestia's footsteps as she presumably follows Celestia into Twilight's laboratory.
>"Are you ready to speak, Anon?" Celestia coos.
>Wow, are you ever. You still won't be using your vocal cords, but it's good enough.
>Suddenly, it dawns on you that you'd given up quite a lot during your stay in Celestia. Not only can't you talk, but you realize that you haven't smelled or tasted anything in months.
>You suppose you technically could masturbate, but you don't really like the idea of breathing your own sperm for the next few months.
>You kick to signal you're ready.
>You feel some pokes and hear some beeps and ticks, and infer Twilight is setting up the machine. It seems complicated.
>"Done!" exclaims Twilight Sparkle proudly.
>"Now, Anonymous, once I turn on the GUP, your words will be the first words spoken from and extraterrestrial being in Equestria, as well as the first words spoken from the womb. Do you have any words for this momentous occasion?" she asks with exaggerated grandeur.

>"No pressure…" she adds awkwardly, flipping the switch.
>"Gee, thanks for putting me on the spot." you think, rolling your eyes.
>As soon as you think it, you hear your voice say "Gee, thanks for putting me on the spot.".
>You jump a little as you hear your own voice from outside Celestia's womb. Interestingly, the voice that came out wasn't the higher, more nasally one in recordings.
>"Wow, this is really weird."
>"Why is his voice low like that?" asked Celestia, curiously. "That's not how he sounded when we first met."
>Twilight thought for a moment. "If I were to hazard a guess, this is how Anonymous imagines his voice. When we talk, sound travels through the air to somep0ny else's ears, but when we hear ourselves we also hear the sound waves that our transmitted through our bones. You can hear the difference for yourself if you record your own voice with a phonograph."
>"Ah, that makes sense." Celestia says. "It's fascinating, and slightly disconcerting."
>"Anyway…" Twilight changed the topic. "Are you ready for your interview, Anonymous?"
>"Oh dear!" you snark. "I'm afraid I'm not wearing the proper attire for an interview."
>Celestia giggles. "Oh, Anon can be such a smartass at times. He's ready."
>"Okay…" says Twilight, right up against Celestia's belly. "How are you feeling in there, Anonymous?"
>"I'm feeling great, actually. At first I felt really tired, but I feel a lot better now. I've really gotten used to living in utero."
>"Mm-hmm…" mumbles Twilight. "If I'm not mistaken, humans are omnivorous by nature. The fatigue you experienced may have been from not getting 100% of the nutrients you needed. Fortunately, the transformation spell seems to have progressed to the point where you can thrive on the same nutrients as any other pony. You should be more alert from here on out."
>You consider this plausible, as you had felt vaguely hungry at times. "I guess. But it's still really relaxing in here. It's not hard to drift to sleep, even when I'm not tired."
>Twilight mutters to herself, presumably taking notes. She then directs her attention back to you. "Okay, how is the transformation progressing?"

>"I haven't really noticed it that much, to be honest." you admit.
>"Oh, really?" asks Twilight, suddenly intrigued.
>"Yeah… my body isn't something I've really had to worry about, or be able to use, so a lot of the time it's like I forget I have one. I have noticed my hands and feet have gotten really long, though."
>"That's really interesting." she says. "I'll have to do some more interviews to study the psychological effects of your gestation. As far as your hands and feet, that is to be expected. One of the most fascinating facts about human anatomy is that your skeletons are almost perfectly homologous to ours. The bones that make up your hands and feet are growing to become the bones of your lower legs."
>That sounds vaguely familiar to you from some textbook. "Could this gizmo be taken back to the Palace? I'd love to be able to talk to Celestia like this."
>"Uhhh…" Twilight says, thinking. "I know you can't see it, but it's not exactly portable. However, I should be able to dismantle it when we're done, and reassemble it in Celestia's bedchambers."

>"So, Anonymous, Celestia tells me a human's coat is much sparser than a pony's, or really any mammal. Have you noticed yours getting thicker?"
>Your coat? Oh, right, body hair. You run your… handhooves across your shins, and sure enough they're covered in short, but thick and dense, hairs. "Yeah, I seem to be growing some fur."
>Twilight asked you several more questions about the transformation and how you were feeling, until finally she was done.
>"Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, Anonymous. You gave me some fascinating data."
>"You're welcome." you respond. "I'm glad I could fit you into my incredibly busy schedule."

CYOA time! Read 5A to be born, or 5C to stay.
AiC 5A

>The months pass uneventfully, and you give Twilight regular updates on your transformation.
>As your body grows accustomed to using the nutrients your bearer supplies to you, you find yourself spending much more time awake.
>While you enjoy the carefree existence you have been living, and being swaddled by warmth, love, and safety that can only be provided in utero, you are ready to be born.
>You've been looking forward to being able to see Equestria through your own two eyes for the first time.
>Therefore, when Twilight and Celestia inform you that the transformation has completed, you are ecstatic.
>You still want to clearly remember your time inside Celestia, so you spend the next few weeks carefully savoring and memorizing every sensation available to you. As to do this, you subconsciously begin to orient your head towards Celestia's birth canal.
>Celestia doesn't seem to mind you taking your time coming out.

>Finally, you decide you're ready. An hour or so after you decide this, you're startled by a rippling around you as Celestia starts to go into contractions.
>Suddenly, the amniotic sac enveloping you bursts, and you are held more tightly by the walls of Celestia's womb as her water breaks the cushioning fluid around you leaks out.
>Slowly, your whole body is squeezed and massaged as you are pushed towards Celestia's cervix.
>Already dilated, you feel little resistance as your head slides through. You fold your forelegs against your chest to ease them through, and after several minutes they do slip into the birth canal.
>As your legs slip all the way out of her womb, you have to squint your eyes. A sliver of light slips through her widening vagina, and your eyes, having not been used in almost a whole year, need time to adjust before you can process it as anything more than a harsh white blur.

>You almost consider crawling back in to escape the light, but you're too far out for that. Instead, you shut your eyes against its glare and focus on helping Celestia deliver you.
>You begin to crown, and suddenly your head and ears feel freezing cold as moisture evaporates off of them.
>Everything sounds eerily quiet now that Celestia's steady heartbeat isn't constantly filling your ears.
>Your snout passes out into the open air, and her opening relaxes, wrapping around your neck.
>Celestia pauses, panting, and your progress halts for a moment.
>You hope she isn't in pain. She had done so much for you over the past year, given you everything you needed you can't stand to think that you could be causing her the pain of childbirth.
>As if reading your mind, Celestia pants out, in as comforting a tone as she can manage, "I'm fine, Anon. Childbirth pain in humans is anomalous. It's to be expected with those bipedal hips. Just let me catch my breath.
>You continue to be pushed along, albeit more slowly, by involuntary contractions, until, sure enough, she starts pushing again.
>As she pushes and your shoulders clear her netherlips, you begin to work your forelegs out.
>"Not yet, Anon." Celestia says between breaths. "I know you want to help, but I'm a big filly. I can do this by myself. At least wait until you're further out."
>You squeeze your forelegs against your chest to make yourself into a smaller package. Slowly but surely, you slip out to the point that you can remove your forelegs easily.
>They stay mostly folded up close to you, having been bunched up for so long.
>You try to pull yourself out further with your forelegs, but find that they're stiffer than you'd anticipated.
>As your belly squeezes through her cervix, you can feel your umbilical cord pressed up against your fur, and that reminds me you should probably get ready to start breathing.
>You extend your rear legs as far as they will go, and manage to push off the back of Celestia's womb to get your belly outside.
>Celestia gasps. "You sure are eager to get out!" she says with a gentle chuckle. "Was I not doing a good enough job carrying you?" she asks in mock disappointment.
>You roll your eyes behind your closed eyelids as gravity starts to take over and your legs slide out more quickly than the rest of you, until you're finally all the way out of her, laying on a hard tile floor.

- – — – -

>Celestia takes deep breaths and lays on the floor next to Anon, letting the both of them rest as she waits to deliver the afterbirth.
>She looks over at Anon, fully equinized, and curled up on the floor, shivering.
>Slowly, Celestia makes her way closer to him and begins to lick him clean.
>Anonymous doesn't respond, probably still adjusting.
>After she finishes licking him off, she focuses her attention on his legs, massaging the joints to relieve the stiffness and allow him to extend them.
>Slowly, one by one, he stretches out his legs.
>"You should start breathing soon." she notifies the stallion laying in front of her. "You'll be disconnecting pretty soon."

>Sure enough, she finishes delivering the afterbirth, and Anon starts to cough the fluid out of his lungs.
>"Don't rush yourself too much, Anon." she says in a motherly tone. "There's still plenty of oxygen in your placenta."
>Still, Anon continues, and is soon breathing on his own.

- – — – -
>You take in the first breath of air, and let it fill your lungs.
>It feels strange and unfamiliar. For a few minutes, you focus on getting used to breathing again, until it is second nature again.
>You clear your throat and begin to hum, checking your vocal cords. They appear to be working just fine. "Happy Birthday!" you mumble to yourself.
>"Can you stand?" Celestia asks, gently nuzzling you.
>Carefully, you get up on your hooves, wobbling slightly.
>"Good. I'll darken the room so you can open your eyes."
>Through your eyelids, you see the harsh glare of lights dim, and sure enough you can comfortably open your eyes.
>The first thing you see is Celestia's proud smile as she looks down at you.
>"Would you like some milk?" she asks, gesturing back with her head.

>Now that she mentions it, you are a little hungry. She lays on her left side to allow you easy access to her swollen teats.
>You make your way over to her on wobbly legs. Somehow, you already know how to walk on four legs.
>Once you make it over to her, you fold your legs under her and wrap your lips around her right teat.
>It barely takes any suction at all before your mouth is flooded with the sweet taste of mare's milk. It could be because it's the first thing you've tasted in almost a year, but it tastes DELICIOUS. You eagerly gulp it down, but quickly find yourself feeling full.
>You notice the stub of your umbilical cord dangling under you, cut cleanly and clamped presumably with magic.
>"Where's the rest of it?" you ask.
>"Hmm? Oh, the afterbirth?"
>You nod.
>"I ate it." she states matter-of-factly.
>"What‽" you ask incredulously.
>Celestia sighs. "Humans are weird. You know that, right?" She shakes her head slowly. "Rest assured that it is a perfectly natural part of the process."
>You take her word for it, but you're still pretty squicked by the idea.
>"Feel free to walk around for a while and get used to using your new body. I'll slowly brighten the room."

>As you pace the room, mumbling to yourself to practice talking, the room comes into better focus as it is lit gradually enough for your eyes to adjust.
>You blink several times. The room isn't one you recognize from the show, but you quickly deduce that it is the Royal Pony Sisters' bedchambers.
>Having quickly got a handle on walking and talking, you approach Celestia in the now fully lit room. What now?" you ask.
>"Follow me to a mirror. You must be dying to see how the transformation turned out."
AiC 5C

>The months pass uneventfully, and you give Twilight regular updates on your transformation.
>As your body grows accustomed to using the nutrients your bearer supplies to you, you find yourself spending much more time awake.
>While you enjoy the carefree existence you have been living, and being swaddled by warmth, love, and safety that can only be provided in utero, you are ready to be born.
>You've been looking forward to being able to see Equestria through your own two eyes for the first time.
>Therefore, when Twilight and Celestia inform you that the transformation has completed, you are ecstatic.
>You still want to clearly remember your time inside Celestia, so you spend the next few weeks carefully savoring and memorizing every sensation available to you. As to do this, you subconsciously begin to orient your head towards Celestia's birth canal.
>Celestia doesn't seem to mind you taking your time coming out.

>Finally, you decide you're ready. You'd assumed that this would be enough to trigger your birth, but nothing happens.
>Getting impatient, and knowing the GUP isn't hooked up, you start to kick.
>KICK KICK KICK. Kick kick KICK. KICK. Kick kick KICK KICK kick kick.
>"Oh, you'll be born soon enough, Anon." she assures you. "Be patient."
>You do wait, but several hours later, still nothing.
>"'Now'?" repeats Celestia. "Oh, Anonymous, I was kidding. I'm not going to give birth to you."
>Wait, what‽ No, seriously, what the fuck?
>Kick KICK KICK. Kick kick kick kick. Kick KICK. KICK.
>"I've decided to continue carrying you. It has been quite enjoyable for me, and you can better fulfill your duty if I have you with me at all times. Luna and Twilight have been informed that you have opted to stay in the safety of my womb. It wasn't hard for them to believe, given how content you made yourself sound."
>She can't be serious. This wasn't part of the deal. She can't just keep you inside her indefinitely. Can she?
>Uh oh. This is bad. Nop0ny else even knows you're inside Celestia.
>Suddenly, all at once, her womb isn't your home, but your prison. The elasticity of the walls isn't liberating for letting you stretch and move, but restrictive as it pushes back against you.
>Okay. Calm down. There has to be a way out. She can't just carry you indefinitely.
>You try to tear at the sac around you, but have trouble gripping it with your hooves. Eventually, you get it to your mouth, and find you can't bite through it.
>It feels thin and slippery, and responds like flesh, but it seems to have been strengthened magically.
>Come on. Where there's a will, there's a way. You can't just give up and let her keep you captive in her womb.
>You start to kick wildly, but this only evokes a contented moan from your bearer.
>"Mmm, that feels so good, Anon. Keep squirming around in there." she teases you.
>"I admire how strong-willed you are, but you're not getting out. You should be grateful that I'm allowing you to remain connected to me; I will keep you young, and you will get to live as long as me."
>Oh HELL no!
>"In case you're wondering, Anon," she explains, "I am connected with the sun, and I shall not perish until it does, in a few billion years."
>She had better be joking. You signed up for less than one year, not eons upon eons.
>"You can fight it if you want, or you can relax and enjoy the ride."
>You direct your attention to your umbilical cord. It's drastic, but it is an "out" of sorts.
>You wrap it around your right hoof, but no matter how much you try, you can't even kink it. It bends and flexes freely and stretches slightly, but it refuses to be pinched or kinked at all. Even a complete fold leaves the corner completely open.
>Fuck, you really are stuck. Well, that's a bummer. You decide to give up and try looking at your predicament in a more positive light. Maybe some time in the next millennium, somep0ny will discover Celestia's secret, and you will be freed.
>Until then, you will be Anonymous in Celestia.
File: _.png (694 KB, 855x1062)
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694 KB PNG
>You stumble into the room with the qt mare you met at the bar
>Both giggling with lewd intentions
>But first things first some snuggles as you both crash onto the fresh hotel bed
>The sheets smell of lavender
>She smells of a combination of liquorish and summer flowers
>You bury your muzzle deep into her chest floof, enjoying the moment
>Eventually working your way up until your mouths meet and press into each other passionately
>Life is bliss.exe

>A flash of greens surrounds her body
>You get turned into a broodmare
>the end
>Covid vaccine is going to be in pill form.
>It essentially works by forcing the virus to so rapidly mutate that it collapses from decay.
>Ponid-21 and Pon-e are slightly closer to reality.
Reality is weird.
Wait, is that a prompt or news? Your last line makes it sound like you're saying they're actually gonna make pill vaccines
Bet Anon wishes he had a nice mare butt.
The antiviral pill is an actual thing that is happening. It'll be reserved for the sickest people foremost though.
I wouldn't have known either were it not for me being in a place where other people watch the news. It's mostly miserable stuff I can go without even passing exposure to still, better you hear it second hand than have a bunch of miserable non pony things pushed on your mind.
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File: _.png (217 KB, 1200x1200)
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That never got any additional parts, did it
File: |.jpg (157 KB, 1280x848)
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File: filly.png (7 KB, 591x337)
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>people are STILL getting cover art from mix-up
I genuinely want an explanation of what makes someone look at this guy's "artstyle" and go 'yep, I want this as the big picture that represents my entire fic'
File: _.png (397 KB, 785x892)
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File: _.png (772 KB, 1250x752)
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772 KB PNG

>Day 3 of pregnancy.
>Listened in on a royal meeting today, it turns out that a colt known as Blue-blood has declared himself your honorary uncle.
>You also discovered that Celestia can somehow sense your mental state, as she shortly thereafter attempts to calm your terrified whimpering with some gentle singing.
>Soothed by her soft voice, you decide that a short nap is in order...

>Day 50(?) of pregnancy
>It's becoming harder to keep track of the day's that pass inside your mo- Celestia's, womb, due to your increasingly longer naps throughout the day.
>You speculate that this might be a side-effect to the transformation spell, as you imagine something like that would normally leave you in excruciating pain due to the radical changes taking place.
>But instead of pain, there is only a warm sense of comfort enveloping your entire being, the constant presence of Celestia's heartbeat, and her soothing voice as she starts singing a new lullaby...

>Day ??? of pregnancy.
>You lost count of the days a long time ago.
>Your frequent naps coupled with mother's own infrequent sleep pattern was a major cause of this.
>You dont mind though, in fact, you dont mind much of anything anymore.
>You think the spell may have done something to your mind, but you lose that train of thought as mother starts singing again...

>Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump. Hush Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump.
>Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump. now.. Thum-Thump.
>Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump.
>Quiet Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump.
>Thum-Thump. now.. Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump.
>Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump.It's time to Thum-Thump. Thum-Thump...

>Day 290 of pregnancy.
>"lay your sleepy head..."
>As you sing your newest lullaby to your child-to-be and feel him drift into slumber, you make a mental note to thank young Fluttershy for teaching it to you.
>Philomena has been feeling lonely lately... so you might be able to hit two stones with one bird, so to speak.
>You dont know exactly when you began to refer to Anon as your actual child rather than the dimensional traveler that he is, but you suspect it is a product of the spell you cast.
>No matter, you came to terms with that small revelation several day's ago and are now looking quite forward to putting your so called 'mothering', as dear Luna described it, nature to use as an actual mother.
>If nothing else, it will certainly be quite the experience for both you and Anon
>You suddenly have a craving for chocolate cake covered in pickles.
>Odd, but you decide to trust your instincts and spearhead an assault on the royal kitchens.
>Day 320 of Pregnancy
>It has become increasingly difficult to move around the palace, so today i decided to let Luna take the reins of the kingdom for a short while.
>I shall still help with the day to day tasks of course, it would certainly be foalish of me to let Miss ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE loose onto the nobility without a chaperone.
>"We'd have a public hanging within the week and a crusade within the month, i swear my sister is the most stubborn mare in all of equestria when it comes to new concepts."
>Giggling like a young filly, you look towards your precious cargo.
>"Oh, do you agree with me anon?"
"Well then, by an unanimous vote i guess it's official."
>Still giggling, you carefully stand up and head for the door of your bedchamber's.
>"Let's go find your auntie and inform her of her new title, shall we?"

>Day 335 of pregnancy
>If the spell worked as intended, tomorrow will be Anon's first day in Equestria!
>Oh i can barely contain my excitement!
>I'll be able to teach him so many new things!
>Although, it will be a shame to not be physically carrying him anymore, it seems i have become quite attached to this intimate feeling.
>...I wonder if he would object to a new brother or sister?

>Day 337
>Well Celestia, you have good news and bad news.

>The good news is that the birth was a complete success and you are now the proud mother of a precious little foal.

>The bad news is that you are now the proud mother of a precious little foal.
>The spell used to begin this process was also supposed to rapidly increase Anon's physical and mental growth upon birth until he reached the equivalent age of his previous species.
>As you are currently levitating a small plush sun around your new 1 day old son(Ohheavensthisissoadorable), it is readily apparent that this has not happened.
>Okay, you have two options.

>Try and research a way to finish the spells purpose and try to bring back the original Anon.
>Raise your new foal as nature intended and hope that at least some part of the original Anon reveals himself.

>And you just realized you have been talking to yourself for the past 5 minutes and Anon is looking ever so adorably confused.
>This mothering thing may be slightly more stressful than you thought.
>You are a little bit too stressed out to be making such life-changing decisions, so you decide to blow off some steam by playing a harmless prank on your sister.
>After safely securing Anon in his little booster saddle, you head for The Royal Bedchamber's of The Moon Princess.
>"Luna dear, i just received this letter from a zebra tribe that dates back to over 1000 years ago."
>"Truly? Pray tell, what does the missi- I mean, what does the letter say?"
>"It say's they wish to throw a feast in your honor, to make amends for the way they slandered your name after the, 'ahem', incident."
>"Very well, we shall grace them with our presence post haste! Farewell sister! And farewell to you too little anon." Luna say's with passing boop to Anon's snout before setting off from her balcony.
>"I wish i could see the look on her face when she finds out those tribals worshiped me as a god and and reviled her as a devil."
>"I hope she doesn't do anything too drastic to any of their descendants."
>"You're right anon, i'm sure your aunt wouldn't hold a grudge like that."

>Now that your fun time is over, time to go back to business.
>What do you do, raise Anon as your own, or try to make him remember his original self?
That's a really interesting idea.
If this situation happened to me i would be okay with being remembered as the 'father' to small foal-me.
Comfy childhood with Celestia is something to be cherished by both mother and foal, and adult faculties would make it weird.
Have memories start coming back slowly as he gets closer to his original age, but not overwrite the pony that grew up in Equestria.
Reposting response to a prompt in Anonfilly thread.

>You've consumed enough Japanese media to be sure of at least 2 things
>One, you should never show your back to anything with tentacles
>Two, only people who die a tragic --and probably painful-- death get isekaied.
>You consider yourself lucky you can't remember the details.
(Sure hope it doesn't bleed from your subconscious into your dreams while you sleep or anything. Probably best to stay off Princess Narcolepstia's radar)
>But that's all you consider yourself lucky for.
>Because everything else about this sucks.
>You weren't reborn as the hero of this story.
>No exciting, world saving, adventure for you.
>You didn't even get the main character desk in class!
>No, instead the Gods--
>Not the fakes who pretend to move planets. The real ones you now had no choice but to acknowledge the existence of after this shit
>--They decided to spawn you in as a horse.
>A Female horse.
>A young, puke tinted, female horse.
>And it's going about as well as you'd expect.
>You were picked up off the streets by the ponice on night one.
>They questioned you ALL NIGHT.
>At first they were "not mad, just disappointed" with you for breaking curfew.
>After asking you the same questions for FU-CKING HOURS, they came to the conclusion you were abandoned by, or escaped from, an abusive family.
>They rationalized that you were either too traumatized to tell them what happened or that you've repressed all memory of it and couldn't recall.
>Just wanting to get out of there, you rolled with it.

>Big mistake
>Now you're stuck at some friendships boarding school.
>Somehow this world is pure enough as to have no need for orphanages.
>Guess that's something else to consider yourself lucky for.
>A grown man.
>Forced to talk to a bunch of giddy couples, oozing excitement over the prospect of starting a family.
>Them considering if you'd be the perfect filly to bring into their lives.
>The puzzle piece to complete the picture.
>And sacrifice your autonomy? Over your re-dead body.
>You value your independence.
>They also have you meeting with this psych/counselor pony.
>It didn't seem so bad at first
>Once a week you'd show up, and the objectively adorable mare would give you snacks and ask about your social life.
>She wanted to make sure you were applying the Friendship lessons outside of class.
"Friendship really is magic, Anon. I wouldn't be the pony I am today if it weren't for my friends. Friendship has the power to heal the wounds nopony can see. Celestia only knows where I'd be now if it weren't for Twilight... She showed me kindness when I showed anything but. She taught me that the only way to help fight the darkness in another is to offer them the light you hold within."
>"Oh, yeah! I know what you mean. Like when you're about to have a smoke but don't have a light, and a stranger lets you butt fuck. And after that, you're bros the rest of the night!"
"Uhhhh... I dont think I followed all that... Can we go back to the part about...-"

>Slowly the conversations started to change though.
>The questions took on a more serious tone and were getting increasingly more invasive.
>It was obvious where she was going with them.
>She was trying to get you to "remember" your past.
>For a while you tried making shit up.
>It was entertaining.
>Good for a few laughs.
>But when she tried to ask about or reference a past story, you couldn't recall.
>So, she thought you were relapsing.
>That you were repressing recent memories to try and distance yourself from reality.
>And so she doubled your weekly appointments.
>After that, you decided to try ponifying your actual memories so you could keep the story straight.
>But damn if she isn't attentive.
>She'd picks up on the smallest inconsistencies.
>Bits of information that don't fit with reality.
>A slip of the tongue about some technology.
>A pop culture reference that doesn't exist.
>She thinks its all made up...
>If this keeps up, you're seriously worried she's going to have you committed.
>If you try to convince her you're fine, you're in denial!
>If you try to be honest, you're lying!
>The only way to make "progress" in her eyes is to "admit" it's all fake!

>Even if she didn't think you were crazy, its not like she'd ever believe the truth.
>Nopony would.
>Because what's more likely?
>That you're a monkey from a magicless techno world?
>Or that you're actually just a filly.
>An ordinary filly who's not strong enough to be the hero.
>Who's not special enough to be a main character.
>Just an ordinary filly with an ugly, puke colored, coat that was discarded by her family.
>And so you made it all up.
>Who's to say what's true.
>Are you really a salty, jaded, dimension hopper, given a second chance at life?
>Or are you really just a little filly.
>A little filly who just can't accept how little she really matters
Sucks for Anon. Good shit though.
>Like when you're about to have a smoke but don't have a light, and a stranger lets you butt fuck.
shit dude... I haven't used or thought about that term for lighting a cigarette with another lit cigarette in fucking years!
Maybe multiple ponified Anons are vying for control over the plot direction that the version of Equestria which they all happen to share will take.
If you were meant to be the librarian pony then you would already know.
That's hot. Worth the extra cleaning.
File: Illustration8-1.png (236 KB, 1091x1200)
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File: Ican peel my gingers.png (331 KB, 1326x922)
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File: discord_super_crown.png (1.44 MB, 1920x1280)
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Damn I forgot about that fic
>New ponies get their first heat.
>"I'm a little horny? Is this it?"
>That was it.
>Humans are already sex demons that are horny all the time.
>Mating season feels no different from a normal day of being human.
>No sex drive at all outside heat.
>Ponies are still cute though.
>You always want to cuddle and snuggle them.
>As you think about cuddling a particularly cute pony one day, you make the connection.
>This is why Equestrian beauty standards are based around cuteness.
>Cuties are the ones you're already cuddling with in mating season and actually bother to fuck.
File: 2748579.png (3.7 MB, 3840x2160)
3.7 MB
3.7 MB PNG
It suits him. What if Discord gave Anon a princess pony TF crown?
So the cutest ponies are the most promiscuous and lewd hmm? I'm not sure but I can absolutely see the sense in the be cuddled strategy.
He'd quickly find out that he's not the only one who can shitpost their way to chaos and insanity
That design for a twilight draconeques is so fucking bad.
>Creature thats all about chaos.
>Make her symmetrical and no mismatched parts.
File: _.png (296 KB, 1600x1200)
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296 KB PNG
File: _.png (1.46 MB, 1280x1004)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
File: unknown.png (712 KB, 1288x778)
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712 KB PNG
omg, she turned into a pony!
File: 1637435361098.png (52 KB, 1600x700)
52 KB
To be fair there's literally no lore on draconequii. Discord is personally the Lord of Chaos, of course, which is why he's so chaotic and mismatched. He also happens to be the only known draconequus.
So what's a draconequus then? That's entirely and completely up to headcanon. Maybe a draconequus is a mythical creature with divine powers, and Discord is the only one in existence currently. Think "Alicorn", except there are two of those (and ONLY TWO reeeee). Or maybe a draconequii are a normal-ish race, and Discord just happens to be special because he's a god of chaos. Think about saying e.g. "Celestia is a pony", where the alicorns have both wings and a horn and are much taller, but normal ponies aren't like that at all.
Or maybe they are a chaotic mismatched race, sure, and Discord is just the most powerful of them all. But it's really just one option.

There's also the possibility that draconequii are gods, since Discord is far and away the most powerful being in the universe. (Except when he gets tricked - but in direct confrontation, no being can stand against him.) The EoH can defeat him, but that's about it - not even alicorns are a match for him. So maybe he's "the draconequus of Chaos", and if Harmony had a similar avatar it's be "the draconequus of Harmony" except that Harmony chose to be represented by a set of artifacts instead. Now granted this is a bit more of a reach than the others, but technically none of this contradicts the show either, and it could work if properly justified with sufficient context.
Twilight doesn't get how to chaos properly.
>Pony turned human complains about the unending heat
>Begs you to fuck them
Sorry, I only fuck ponies
>be Anon
>be inna Equestria by authorial fiat
>get bitten by radioactive filly
>become Anonfilly
>oh shit
>nobody understands you
>the Princess wanted you to make friends
>and you just found out about something called the "Mirror Pool"
>you're going to make friends
>all the friends
>half an hour later
>there are now hundreds of you
>but instead of light-hearted shenanigans
>they're all standing around calling each other "faggot"
File: FEqhu7NWQAIHii2.jpg (927 KB, 3000x3000)
927 KB
927 KB JPG
>Ponies warn anon that "the season" is coming up soon
>Anon boasts that when they were human that was how they felt all the time, that they're basically immune
>Ponies conclude that while it is a weird flex on Anon's part, it's also okay
>Mating season rolls around
>Anon realizes that after months of clear-minded reprieve and a whole new body
>And finds themselves as flustered and horny as the rest
>But, in order to try and save face Anon just pretends that everything is normal
>Doing their best to look at the floor rather than the parts of other ponies
>Clumsily masturbating in what few toilets there are in Equestria in the midday to try and ease the tension
>But Anon can't keep the facade up forever
>One day they're queuing up at sugarcube corner to get a donut
>The line moves forward but Anon misjudges their step, ending up with a face full of the pony ahead's plot
>The pony turns around to apologize only to see Anon stark still
>-before Anon lurches over
>And collapses in a heap in the middle of the bakery furiously masturbating
And that's how Pinkie got blackmail photos of Anon.
Anon should have remember that he was a huge pervert as a human, obviously that carries over to pony form.
File: _.png (973 KB, 1000x1400)
973 KB
973 KB PNG

>You’re anon.
>It is the middle of the night, and you’re fast asleep, having a dream where you’re some brown haired man, and you take on an old man in a sniper fight in the middle of the jungle.
>Pretty weird dream, he dies of old age during the fight.
>You’re enjoying your dream, when you feel a tugging at your shoulder.
>Somecunt thought it would be fun to disturb you in the middle of the damn night, if better not be fucking Fluttershy asking what you’re fetish is.
>With anger, your eyes snap open and you look around, Princess Celestia is next to you.
>Fucking cunt horse.
‘Princess? What are you doing here so late?’
>’Anon, I came to speak to you away from the castle. I hope you don’t mind.’
>Damn right you mind, it’s like two in the morning.
>You rise upwards, you ass bent 90 degrees so you’re facing up straight.
>‘Anon, I’ve got a problem, and well...’
>’Well I can only ask you.’
>You look at the Princess Dumbfoundead.
‘What do you mean ’Well I can only ask you.’ isn’t Twilight around?’
>’Ah, see Anon, although I trust my dear student. It is personal.’
‘Fine, what can I help you with?’
>’Anon, I want to unbirth you? I want you to climb into my womb and stay there.’
>’Anon, please, I want to feel something inside my womb, please do this… for me? I know it is your fetish.’
‘How do you…. I mean...’
>’Dear Anonymous, our sister knows a lot about ponies dark desires in the dreamworld, you’re no different.’
>’No, it’s odd and even if it is my fetish [] fetishes aren’t meant to be acted on.’
>‘Anon, I’m sorry, but if you don’t do this, I’ll force you into my womb, weather you like it or not.’
’So, I have to do this then? Fine, how long will I be in there.’
>’Only for a day’
>A day wasn’t so bad, safely inside of Celestia’s warm, womb, and either way you had no choice.
‘What do you want me to do?’
>Take your cloths off, and move to my marehood.
>You do as asked, but as Celestia watches you undress, you give her the ‘disapproving stare’
>You remove your trousers, and shirt and fold them neatly on the bed.
>Moving over to Celestia’s marehood, you see that she had well toned muscles, and quite a large slit.
>Her flak was chiseled, and all round, she was a fit mare that could be said.
>Her ass bulged ever so slightly out and was covered in her solar cutie mark.
>’All Right anon, climb through, and don’t hold anything over your belly button.’
>You pushed your hand deep into Celestia’s sex, and could clearly feel it was wet.
>Celestia let out a soft moan as you entered her. Her eyes rolled up ever so slightly.
>You forced your shoulder past, and were now touching her cervix.
>You pushed your second hand it, and tried to push forward.
>’S...S top, stop, let me take it from here’,
>Celestia used her magic to lift your abdomen up until you were aimed at an off angle to her.
>She bent down with her muzzle touching the floor and rested their.
>Pushing you in, her magic forced first your head.
>You could see inside of Celestia’s dark damn cervix, it was a slight shade of pink.
>Your hands were inside of her womb, and were encase in something, it seemed like flesh.
>Celestia couldn’t help herself, and let out three throaty moans in a row while pushing you in.
>Your head was now on her womb, and it was pitch black, nothing could be seen, although it did feel very warm and secure.
>The princess continued to push, your abdomen cleared her womb, then your knees, and finally your feet.
>You could see a slither of light for a moment from where your feet came, then it was gone, the hole closed, and you were inside of Celestia’s womb.
>Celestia was breathing heavily outside, she had just pushed anon into her womb, and she felt great.
>Her figure to to her increase sized over a normal pony meant her belly didn’t stick out more than a normal pregnant mare, and she felt comfort knowing that anon was in there.
>Placing herself down on her left side, she began to rub her belly and close her eyes, then she remembered what she said to anon, she needed to make the in utero connection.
>She fired up her horn.
>While inside the womb, the place was damn and warm, but a little restricted, curiously, you pushed your hand out to try and investigate the elasticity of your temporary home
>There was a slight bulge in it, but you were pretty muched constricted.
>‘Anon, if you can here, me, please stay still in there.’
’What why?’
>’I’m sorry anon, I can’t hear you, please stay still.’
>There was a slight wiggling as something moved by your leg.
>It moved up close and fast to your belly button, you got your hand around it, but it was too strong, it stabbed into your navel.
>As you felt it stab you, you realized what it was. It was an Umbilical Cord, Celestia had moved it so she could feed you and keep you alive.
>Celestia smiled, she was connected to anon, and she felt comfortable nurturing something inside of her.
>She rubbed her belly even faster, and began the last part of the unbirthing.
>Inside her womb began to fill with a thick liquid, you felt it rise, first to your legs, the abdomen.
‘Quiet my child, you will be all right.’
>This didn’t really help and you continued to flail about, much to Celestia’s pleasure.
>From her moans you could tell she enjoyed you moving about.
>The liquid was rising, and it was at your throat now, you suck in as much air as you can, as you can.
>Now fully submerged, you’re still kicking out, moving about as much as you can.
>Celestia lets out her most sensual moan yet.
>’Anon, it’s fine, just let go, you’ll be fine.’
>You don’t listen to her.
>You’re running out of breath.
>Three minutes go past, and you stop kicking.
>You’re out of luck, bad end,
>The breath escapes you, but something happens.
>You seem to have oxygen in your lungs.
>You’re alive!?
>It was relief.
>Now that you weren’t fighting for breath, you had a feel around.
>You did feel quite safe in Celestia’s womb.
>’Anon, get some sleep, we’ve got a big day tomorrow.’
>You wake up, in the morning, and stretch your arms, or at least try to before you realise where you are.
>You look around, and realise for the second time where you are.
>‘Ah, anon, you’re awake...’
>You try and speak but something is wrong, you can’t?
>‘There is no point, Anon. You’re far too underdeveloped to do anything now.’
‘While, you were in my womb last night, I regressed you back to a fetus, you’re a little more than a clump of cells not fit to leave my womb.’
‘What the fuck!?’
>You try to moved about buy nothing happened, you can’t…
>’Nopony knows you’re there, you’re there, I’m barely pregnant, and you can’t leave my womb without death, so settle down, you’ll be in there for a long time anon, make the most of it.’
>’There’s nothing you can do, now settle down, I’ll birth you in a few months, don’t worry.’
>You weren’t in any position to argue here, so you agree.
>There’s nothing to do attached to the solar god, so you do the one thing that comes naturally to you.
>Celestia smiled, she could feel through the mental bond she had in your umbilical cord that you had settled down.
>Everything went better than expected, you were not causing too much fuss in her womb.
>And she could nurture, feed and grow you, all in the safety of her body.
>And the creme on top, she would be a mother soon.
>The solar princess couldn’t help but smile, she rubbed her belly, and walked off to the shops on canterlot.
>She was going to need to buy clothes for the newest aliron, and she’d need to buy bottles, diapers a bed.
>Celestia couldn’t contain herself, and broke out in a gallop.
>You opened your eyes, and took a look around, black, so nothing had changed.
>’Good morning, sweetie.
’Good morning, momm… Celestia… Wait, how long was I out for?’
>’You’ve been asleep inside me for a little over four months. Which reminds me, can you check yourself?’
>Four months, what the fuck? That long… Must be her. You did as instructed and felt around, eveything was alright, until you got to your legs, they felt furry?
>For the second time today, what the actual fuck?
’Uh, Celestia, why do I feel fur?’
>’Oh, silly that is your fur, your body is being rewritten into my foal.’
>You didn’t say anything, you just grabbed at the life giving cord that was chaining you to her and started to pull.
>Celestia let out a slight gasp.
>The cord didn’t budge, you tried to pull it out harder and Celestia let out a quiet scream.
>No matter how much you twisted, bent or pulled nothing, only Celestia’s pain.
>She had to stop you.
>Celestia had better control over her body than most other beings, as evident by her magic ability, and on occasion she used this to stop other ponies.
>You were now one of those.
>She forced the placenta to that connected to you to change from making blood, to making sleep serum.
>A large liquid ball of the the stuff was made, and began to travel down the cord, you felt this.
>Putting your hands over the cord, and trying to squeeze to stop it did nothing, as it brushed right past.
>You frantically tried to squeeze it back up, but this also was in vain.
<>The ball pushed past your navel and directly into you, which set your nerves on fire and caused you to moan.
>You instantly felt sleepy, and keeping your eyes open was such a task.
>Better to let go and close them… just...for..a...little..bit.
>Your eyes were now shut, the drug had knocked you out, Celestia sighed, you were gating to frisky in her womb.
>Celestia tried to put herself in your shoes, you were in the safest place in Equestria, in her womb.
>You had all of your needs catered for, Celestia ate, breathed and took care of you.
>Sure, you were anchored, to her, as that cord was linked to your body’s vital organs but that wasn’t bad, she knew what was good for you, and that included what does, and doesn't go into your body.
>The womb was peaceful place, and she had gotten used to the weight of you over the last 9 months.
>You were there to remind her (of who she really is), your were at her mercy, and were dependant on her cord to nurture you, and Celestia took pleasure in that.
>The Princess was used to control, but never like this, she had your life in her hooves, your body on her cord.
>She owned you.
>You were a slave in her womb.
>And the umbilical cord, was your chain.
>She used her powers, to send a small bursts of serotonin down into your navel to calm you, and decided to hit the hay, tomorrow was a big day.
>You awoke in a flash, your eyes, were wide open
>Something was happening, your home was being destroyed.
>You put your hoof up to your eyes to shield, them.
>Your liquid bed, that had supported your life for the last however long was leaving.
>Shit, was mommy evicting you. Didn’t she love you anymore.
>You grabbed on to the life giving cord, and prated mommy would leave you in your sleep for longer.
>There was a hole near your legs, that was pulling you out, your back hooves were already out, and you were slipping fast.
>Pushing your forehooves out, you stopped yourself as you were nearly almost outside of the womb, you could see where you came from and were trying frantically to crawl back in, it was too warm to give up.
‘Mommy, mommy! Mommy help me!’
>You were wasting all of your energy trying to settle in Mommy’s womb again, but it was useless, you fell out, and were falling.
>In freight, you pushed your hooves out to soften the blow, but you fell onto silk.
>Your small underdeveloped heart was beating a mile a moment, you could have died in that fall but were saved.
>Looking around you saw your superman.
>The Princess started to lick the remaining amniotic fluid off you.
>Underneath was a solid white coat, that was a shade lighter than Mommy’s due to your age.
>You had Magenta eyes just like Mommy, and a light orange mane.
>You were just like Mommy and this filled you with Joy.
>Celestia observed her foal, she did resemble her save for the mane, but the metaphorical ‘peas in a pod’ would have to wait.
>His cord and placenta were attached and he wouldn’t live long if they were suddenly removed.
>Levitating him up, you wrapped your son in the silk blanket, leaving the placenta around his back, and took the cocoon you just constructed to your bed chambers.
>You placed your bundle of jpy on your pillow, and pulled the covers up.
>Putting your back hooves in first, you slipped in, and levitated your son over to you.
>It would be about a day before you could remove the placenta, but for now, it was giving your son life.
>You did what came natural to you, and pulled your son tight.
‘I love you, mommy.’
>’And I love you, my little anonymous, more than the sun at day.’
>You close your eyes, and head off to dream world.
>Opening your eyes in a flash, you are content.
>The first thing you see in your mommy there, she has you on her hooves, and you feel safe, even if you weren’t in her anymore.
>Thinking nothing of it, you use your small hoof, and start to push your mommy’s snout.
>You just cause her to jeer her lip up, as if she is about to sneeze.
>You try again, and the same thing.
>This time you use two hooves, and push down hard, while saying
‘Mommy!? Wake up!’
>Celestia’s eyes snap open, and she scans the room for her dearest sister.
>’Luna, you bett...’’
>Her eyes snap down to her son, who is giggling in his cover.
>You can’t help but get a small laugh out of it, so you put your hoof up to hide it..
>When you got the laugh out, you ruffled your son’s mane and pulled him close nuzzling you.
>When he is this close to you, you can even hear his heart beat, but this isn’t the only thing coming from him.
>Rubles can be hear from his stomach, as it as been nearly a year since he ate or drank anything.
>’Oh, my little colt is hungry, better brew him something’
>You lie down on your back, and spread your legs far, far apart across the majestic bed, exposing your enlarged tits.
>You place your sun over, and remove the silk from him and the placenta.
>Anon, I need you to suckle the small pink things you see on mommy, suckle and drink eveything that comes out.
>Not wanting to disobey your mother, you kneel down, and put the small nub in your mouth.
>A small bit of liquid comes out onto your tongue, it is sweet, and warm. It tastes like liquefied sugar
>You can’t help yourself at this point and suckle frantically, the milk flows into your stomach at a smoothpase, just like in the womb, you’re chained to the thing that gives you like, the cord is now the flow.
>And the flow doesn’t look like it is going to be stopping soon.
>You keep on getting filled up by your mother, who is looking at you with half lidded eyes, your stomach is becoming bloated but you still have room. Your mommy’s right nipple runs dry and soon enough you move to the left, suckling the milk of life from it.
>Your stomach is becoming visibly bloated, and is forced out.
>All of mommy’s milk is causing you to feel sleepy despite your long slumber, you take the nipple out of your mouth and mommy levitates you, and the funny thing connected to you over.
>She begins to coo you, and rubs your belly.
>’Oh, my little colt drank so much, you’re going to be big and strong.’
>Mommy’s rubbing causes the milk to settle in a comfortable position in your stomach, and without arning, you fall asleep.
>Celestia didn’t want to admit it, but she enjoyed feeding her son.
>It felt like when he was in the womb
>She was providing for him, and making sure she knew what was going into his body.
>Mommy knew best, and she knew best for her foal.
>Celestia darted over, and saw her sleeping foal.
>She dragged him closer, and put her muzzle on him.
>’Goodnight little one.’
File: c.png (391 KB, 800x600)
391 KB
391 KB PNG
What if Zephyrina was Zephyr this whole time and someone turned into her? Though it would (likely) mean that a particular Anon’s head canon of Zipp speaking in a Slavic accent would not be true.
Who is Zephyrina?
Pic related.
Thanks for bringing us the news, Anon. In the near future perhaps all TV news will be read by ponies. A good kind of work for transformees as it makes use of their cuteness and doesn't rely on hands.
I don't think that anyone would suspect that she was the beloved pet pony.
Would the other pony in that story have been a better fit to Zipp’s personality?
Is the show style TF guy still drawing?
File: SilverstreamTF_ShowStyle.png (1011 KB, 1030x1204)
1011 KB
1011 KB PNG
Finna astral project into the homes of all the discord dwellers i can be arsed to remember to check on their living situation.
See you real soon.
How do i learn this power?
You know, I never thought I'd say this about one of the student six, but here I want to concur with >>37859871.
The friendship school lessons are really kicking in!
>Lyra tells you about humans
>You're in shock, just staring and blinking at her
>Tell her you used to be human
>She thinks you're making fun of her
>She asks how many wars you fought in
>You tell her none
>Now she "knows" you're lying
>go to Equestria as Anon
>you're everyone's favourite foul-mouthed shitposter with a green ? face
>Twilight sets about to educating you in being more pony-like
>take lessons in the Friendship School, interact more with other ponies, generally learn to be more kind and caring and pure, and far less selfish and impulsive and apathetic
>and then one day, you suddenly find yourself going native
>Harmony has judged that you are now harmonic enough to enbody the spirit of Equestria and have earned the right to be a true citizen
>You don't talk much
>Some days you say literally nothing at all
>Being a quiet loner into MLP, you naturally gravitated towards online channels
>All your socializing is on there
>One day, you finally say too much online and get kidnapped
>Zephyr'd into the pet pony
>This is the best possible thing
>The guy who did it apparently tweaked you into extroverted, thinking that'd be more marketable
>He thinks you're still kind of reserved, figures maybe you really were that quiet
>A buyer pops up and you're so well-behaved he sells you immediately, you seem like a perfect match
>Your new master buys you and takes you home
>He thinks from your description you'd be quiet
>...actually it just took you another week for everything to settle
>You're an absolute chatterbox now
>You're just so happy and excited about being a pony and this being your life now!
>...It's been three months
>You keep talking over Master in discussion
>You're oblivious to his displeasure at your interruptions
>He tells you to stop though, and feel bad, you do! But it keeps happening
>Suddenly he gets up and you squeak in surprise as a tight nylon muzzle is put over your mouth shutting you up
>At first you're in shock and feel ashamed for being so 'bad'
>Then you realize how horny you are from being disciplined like this
>You try to ask for sex by presenting yourself
>"Get off the desk. I'm working."
>Jokes on him, that's your fetish
>He realizes you're really horny
>He has no time right at this minute and after seeing you grinding against some furniture puts you in horny jail so you "don't accidentally hurt yourself"
>Literally kenneled for horny like a cat in heat
>He noticed your reaction though
>The muzzle comes on at bedtime now
>Not just because it turns you on, but because otherwise your pillow-talk goes until 3 am and he wants to sleep after sex, you weirdo
>All you can make when he asks rhetorically how you like it when he's fucking you sideways is grunts, whinnies and snorts
>Jokes on you, this is his fetish now
>He fucks you harder, like you're his property to abuse
>You can't tell him he's fucking you "too hard"
>Even if you could he doesn't care
>He's always gentler the next day
>Which is usually one of his day's off, so the muzzle can stay off all day.

After you put that newly freed mouth to good use, of course.
File: 1620422720153.png (352 KB, 1338x1520)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
Master is happy, pet is happy, all is right in world, 10/10 excellent green.
File: filly cave adventure.png (1.08 MB, 2574x828)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Better declare war on her.
Why not tell her about the differences between human and pony culture? What about explaining that humans don’t sell booze on rickshaws out in the open like how Berry Punch does, or at least not where I’m from?
Such a noble achievement that we can all learn from.
This is cute enough for a pet story, good work!
File: _.jpg (1.65 MB, 3264x2448)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG
File: keyboardmasher.png (428 KB, 888x787)
428 KB
428 KB PNG
File: tw.jpg (22 KB, 253x383)
22 KB
>Changeling TF
>Chrysalis finds a bunch of half-starved very weak changelings who can barely shapeshift.
>But they're loyal and would rather starve than betray her.
>Spends a while nursing them back to health until they have enough energy to go out on their own again.
>When she gets kidnapped by Discord for the grogar thing the bugs are left behind.
>Adventure across Equestria to get their queen back.
<be a sad, lonely human nea
<you always wanted to be a pet pony, but it just wasn't possible here
<so you go on a occult server with a bunch of weirdos
<most of them are fake and make fun of you, but one person dm's you out of nowhere
<they say that they can turn you into a pet pony pegasus mare
<you ask them what they want excitedly, but still with a lot of doubt
<that's impossible, isn't it?
<you're just a dumb human with too much hope
<they tell you they want nothing and the ritual to do it is a experiment
<you are the happiest you have ever been
<you get to be the pet pony you always wanted to be
<they tell you it would take a few hours and to wait
<what's taking so long, you ask yourself with more doubt
<what if he's just trying to trick me and make me feel bad
<after about 3 and 1/2 hours of waiting he responds with done
<you feel horrible now that you were tricked and ask him why he would do such a thing to you
<he just says wait with a smiley face and a heart emoji
<you then go about your day and do chores around the house since you don't have work today
<you decide to tell the server the funny story in general chat, and some are worried about you, but others are making a joke out of it
<but then you suddenly want to roleplay as a petpony
<you message someone you want to play with and start playing
<it starts to feel more real than your dreams somehow
<you start thinking more and more of pet things and less skilled things like working
<what pony pets need to work anyway
<definitely not me
<I be cute for master and that's it
<after about an hour of playing, your ears move up your head and turn into cute fluffy pony ears with fluffy fur on them
<you don't notice it because playing is just so much fun
<and getting more real by the second
<your partner doesn't want to play anymore, so you go find another one as fast as possible and you do
<your tail comes in and both your hair, tail and eyes change color to what their pony counterpart would have, but you still don't notice because playing is so real and so fun
<almost like you are a real pet pony, even for a little bit
<it makes you feel beyond amazing
<you start to scratch your ears but you don't find them as you wings come in
<you stop
<it can't be that, can it
<you investigate further as your back hooves come in and your legs start turning into pony legs with pony colored fluffy fur on them
<you keep on going until you find them on your head and they're very furry and fluffy
<you scratch them
<it feels absolutely amazing and it just keeps on getting better
<your head fills with just pet pony thoughts as the bottom half of you turns completely pony
<you look down to your new hooves, cute tail and and new female marehood
<you're so happy, you can't even make human like sounds anymore, even if you have the ability too
<you keep on making pony sounds as well as cute human sounds
<as the transformation reaches your neck
<then your head
<then your eyes as your mouth pushes out into a cute little mare snout
<your boobs are now tits and your belly button is nowhere to be seen
<you are a pony
<a cute, small, pegasus pet pony mare
<all you want to do now is help everyone that you can
<friendship is the meaning of life
<you think humans are dumb because of that
<and very silly
<but you still want a master to take care of you now
<you are a pet pony after all
<you can't take care of yourself now anymore silly
<that would be real torture
<you take a picture of yourself and a video and post it in general chat
<they can't believe their eyes and congratulate you
<they give you a special role that tells them that you are a real pet pony
<you don't have to pretend anymore
<never again
<no stupid human things or thoughts
<just a master and a pet pony together forever
<you are such a good pet pony
<they try to play with you but you can't really respond very well anymore
<that doesn't matter anymore, your new master can help with that
<your new master messages you and asked you if it's real
<you get into a video call with him and then he tells you that he's going to pick you up in a few hours as fast as he can
<such a nice master
<always looking out for me
<you're so excited for your master to come get you home
<you never liked this place much anyway
<you think for hours until your master arrives
<you think about all of the cute things your master is going to buy you to make you look even cuter
<you think about the scratches and the pets
<you think about the treats he could give you and the cute clothes he could make you wear
<you think about cuddling and being pet for hours with him until you both fall asleep together
<it's beyond heaven
<even god couldn't make you feel something like this
<he comes and then you two quickly pack up your things and he carries you to the car where he takes you home
<you're finally going home with master
<it's your dream come true
<then he asked you if you are still nea
<of course you are
<did the silly human forget already
<he asked you about your old human life
<why would he ever care about that
<you're so much better now
<he begs you and then starts to cry
<you feel sad
<you don't want to hurt your master anymore
<that's the last thing you want
<so you tell him everything
<even the things that you wouldn't tell anyone when you were a poor human
<he gets happy and then tells you everything will be alright
<of course it will be
<I'm a good pony
<he keeps on driving with a smile and pats you on the head
<I'm such a good pony
<he keeps on driving and telling you everything that will happen from now on
<it's exactly what you wanted to hear, so you make cute pony sounds in delight
<that just makes your master even happier
<you are such a good pony
<you think about your life ahead with your master
<it's exactly what you always wanted
<you smile
the end of chapter one(if I decide to make more, I probably won't, sadly.)
A very nice, cute petpony TF story!
I feel like the want of being a pet definitely comes through in the story, which makes it very nice and heartfelt. It also goes to show that having friends, even online, that can understand the longing to be a petpony can help you feel like one and that's good and special.
File: 1637426737114.png (704 KB, 1024x1200)
704 KB
704 KB PNG
>reborn as changeling
>get magic transformation powers restored
>transform immediately into a human
>refuse to change back
Would serve my queen
>be small little mare
>see big strong human walking around
>seduce that man immediately
>he's taking you from behind
>he's laying eggs in you?

yeah pass on the egg laying anon sorry
Congratulations, you have passed the pony captcha.
File: _.png (1.57 MB, 1445x1724)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
I assume this is Starlight that Anon's talking to. The story has got potential.
File: _.png (179 KB, 700x700)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
Into the trash it goes.
>to save face rather than having to admit that he was wrong about being able to handle heat, Anon goes and gets pregnant to make the feeling go away.
>"You don't GET IT, I need you to fuck this flaming, inescapable horny cunt of mine! I need you to fill me up with so much cum that DAY IN and DAY OUT I don't end up looking at stallions like YOU thinking how -wonderful- it'd be to publically present myself and beg for their foals! I swear to God, Celestia, and Pinkie Pie herself if you do not leave my fuckhole filled to the fucking brim I will rape you and kill you and the two will NOT be mutually exclusive!"
File: croptool.png (2.3 MB, 2713x1856)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB PNG
File: 1618875043813.jpg (258 KB, 2303x2115)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
Yay, more pet content!
I do wonder why people make their pet stories so horny, and then I remember that ZT was also had a lot of lewd content.
It almost seems like a bit of a far-fetched assumption at times that a master would want to have sex with their pony pet(s), that it'd be a niche yet intimate/special thing if they did.
I keep that in mind so if/when the day comes I won't be as sad when Master says they don't love me quite like that. Wanting to be taken like that by and wonderful good master is instinctual: it's a pet's brain identifying all the features of an ideal partner and compelling them to do the sane thing, to offer themselves up to them. But if a master doesn't want to have sex with their pet that should be respected.
File: medium.jpg (95 KB, 579x600)
95 KB
This is probably my favourite piece of anonhorse art ever. In fact, I used to be unhealthily obsessed with it.
I not only wanted to be anon/"cumbank", i needed to be her. I walked around at work in a stupor, imagining myself transformed into her. How would my coworkers react?
Sometimes I almost reached the state hypnofags talk about when they say that they can feel their tail etc.
Then, one day, the obsession stopped. Now it's just an image that I like from an artistic perspective and because of the backstory that is being hinted at.
But from time to time I still wonder what it was about this picture that prompted such an extreme reaction, and why it went away just as suddenly as it came.
I think we should rename the thread because even if they have the same end and start and some people love both, transformation and post-transformation are totally different flavours.

Because clearly this thread is for post-transformation and the majority doesn't enjoy reading or watching the transformation process with their middle part that of the "gross" human turning into a pony that is a totally different fetish
That's not pet content. And it's not "more" in fact it's the first bit of content that PTFG ever got.
You can't expect newfags and tourists to know that, anon. They are barely sentient.
>wake up as a filly
>It was all a nightmare
>You have to stop listening to Lyra's stories at lunch time
Hopefully this isn't about getting stuck as a hybird... right? You better make me a proper bloody changeling, queenie
I can't say I was ever quite as obssessed with it, but it's definitely always struck me as a very very compelling image. I never gave it much more than a few moment's thought, but conversely I always give it at least a few moment's thought every single time I see it.

I think it's the implications of a rich backstory. Anonfilly (now no longer really a filly) and Spike have nicknames for each other, so Anonfilly has clearly spent a long while in Equestria and is leading a normal life integrated there. They're also both quite happy bantering, so life seems to be pretty good. That alone would be enough to make the situation appealing, but then Spike's nickname for Anonfilly - "cumbank" - also indicates that filly has been leading a happily lewd life. So you get lots of horse sex; but then don't forget the previous elements: you haven't just been living as a pony whore or useless neet, you're happy with your life - AND you're also still great friends with Spike (close enough to banter happily), so despite your reputation you're clearly a well received citizen of Ponyville (and, again not some ostracized neet whore) since Twilight's own assistant has no qualms about chatting with you like that.
And of course, the final element worth mentioning is: "Happy 18th Birthday". This just confirms that you've spend a long while in Equestria by now, probably several years, but it's not just that. Anonfilly is a filly, so the implication is that you arrived as a filly - and now you're all grown up. In other words, you got your second childhood and you got to grow up all the way to a fully fledged mare in Ponyville. While getting to be as lewd as you want, AND maintaining a happy life and good standing.

It's the best ending to the Anonfilly saga. Usually, Anonfilly is all about going to Equestria as a filly, and people say "muh second childhood" but really there's very little content treating how Anonfilly actually grows up. So as a result there's always a question mark hanging over filly's future (no puns intended) - will she integrate into pony society? Will she become a sad failure of a pony, will she be ostracized for being too lewd and/or too much of a shitposter/"unfriendly"? Will she push everypony away from her with her harsh attitude? And even if not, growing up and getting a good place in life may not necessarily be easy (maybe even in Equestria), will Anonfilly get a good life when she grows up?
This picture shows a grown-up Anonfilly, and answers "yes, you grow up to have a great life, good friends, you're happy and you're lewd and everything is good". You grew up from a filly all the way to a mare in Equestria - I don't think there's a better way to integrate into pony society than literally spending your childhood growing up in it, and it all turned out great. And now you're strolling around Ponyville on your 18th birthday happily bantering with Spike, and life is good as a pony in Equestria.

That's why it's such a great picture.
Was Crop Tool really the start of PTFG? I've seen it before but I'd never realise it may be the first ptf content, ever. That's really neat, and doesn't get nearly enough recognition if so.
I always thought Zephyr was what kick-started these threads, but it makes sense that the Zephyr writefag would have something to be inspired by before launching into his multi-chapter saga. (I think he even said he originally wrote it to give some content to the general and keep it alive during a slow period, in which yeah case there must obviously have already been a thread before his story.)
Croptool starts here at the start of the first thread, https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/2633725/#2634041
Zephyr starts in the second thread here, https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/2690641/#2718600
Learning that the story elements I at this point associate with pet stories were actually taken from the first pony tf green would have been neat if it wasn't in the format of a "um ASKHSULLY".
Relative to this thread it's more, not relative to every PTFG thread ever, like I didn't imagine someone would fabricate a collage of 4chan posts in Photoshop dated for 2012 just to post a green here.
And of all the pedantic shit to correct someone on too.
>Learning that the story elements I at this point associate with pet stories were actually taken from the first pony tf green would have been neat if it wasn't in the format of a "um ASKHSULLY".
Lurk moar then. Or if you don't lurk, accept that you're gonna make a fool out of yourself on occasion. Either be humble about it (see for example >>37867633 who admitted they didn't know either and got good-natured clarification in response) or take it in stride when people get annoyed at your newfaggotry.
Newfaggotry? I should have lurked more because I should know off by heart that 8 years ago that was the first petpony story lest I make a "fool out my myself" and that when someone holds that against me like knowing trivia about the thread I should be like "oh wisened one I should have known better" instead of just telling them to maybe fuck off a bit.
No, fuck off.
>he wasn't here 8 years ago
You are an unapologetic newfag and you should fuck off. I'm not being ironic, if you genuinely think having joined after the threads begun is something to be proud of and parade around, you do not belong on this website.
I've felt exactly like that with certain images... before for me it was the end of denial. I had avoided this board for the longest time trying to convince myself that I wasn't a horsefucker, that I didn't enjoy ponies that much, but the day I finally caved and this became my home board was the day I started looking at allof those old cute anonfilly images. She was so amazing and unlike anything I had seen before for the longest time, and I wanted to be her so bad. Eventually the obsession calmed down a little bit, and now anonfilly images are just cute to me. I want to be a mare, not a filly after all.
Post some examples of what you were obssessed with
>I want to be a mare, not a filly after all
To be honest I wouldn't mind being a filly that will grow up into a mare. Of course that's very rarely actually depicted but that's why I think that particular pic related is so great, as I talked about at length above it actually shows that happening in a very compelling way
Astral project to a pony body in Equestria.
File: 1613845934905.png (203 KB, 1716x1248)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
That's how Anon became Tempest Anon.
File: FE4977BXEAw9xJ_.jpg (131 KB, 1568x854)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
File: DaringDoTF_ShowStyle.png (745 KB, 1680x1034)
745 KB
745 KB PNG
Thank you!
Very cute~
Have you done an Izzy TF yet? I don't remember seeing one. I think it would be super cute, since Izzy is best pony of MLPNG
Awesome, a pony TF adventure
>anon works in purely G4 show style
>let's ask for a tf of a non-G4 character!
welp tf-anon better learn blender
It's called drawing a 3D character in 2D.
That's a comfy little green
File: GlueFilly.png (106 KB, 500x750)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
This fucking image, damn...
Something about it just did it for me. The cute and rather unassuming position coupled with a hoof soaked in ones on "glue" is just incredibly fucking hot. I totally wanted experiment as the filly at the time, nowadays that feels less at home in my mind because there are weird questions about pedophilia, but back then I was still a kid (and before you get on my ass about underageb& I only lurked at the time) and it just appealed to me like nothing else did.
Sweet little story. They have a comfy future ahead of them.
More for the rest of us.
Big Mac must have been really traumatised after meeting the first few Anons-turned-mares.
Oh just one, for every pair of desperate pony anons in Equestria is a problem that solves itself.
I think there was a story like that a while ago.
Yeah, is Gnisha still around?
File: _.png (159 KB, 1280x893)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
Checking the archives, it seems like they have neither posted nor updated anything for about half a year.
File: z.jpg (230 KB, 1594x1409)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
Doesn't that say 180th birthday?
I assume it one of those ponies live much longer than human head cannons
It definitely doesn't say "180th birthday". It might actually say "180 birthday", but I think the closest thing would be "18° birthday" (i.e. "18 degrees"). Which is retarded but probably some sort of shorthand for "18th".
Likely a Spanish speaking artist. 18o is the Spanish version of 18th.
>Tell lyra that I've actually never been in a war because humans got so strong they refused to fight anymore because entire cities were destroyed in one magic beam
>And that's why being a human is so lame, we got too powerful and were TOO good at war
File: _.png (200 KB, 778x685)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
>Anonpone says they got too good at war because they invented the best magic ever and it makes war pointless
>Lyra says Anon should do a little one just to prove that it can be done
>Anon says there's no such thing as a small one
>Lyra balks, says she won't believe anon until she sees it

>A year of the application of Equestria's finest scientific and magical minds helmed by one crazy green pony later
>Against the pleading of multiple ethical committees for such a thing to not even be tested, for fear of Cloudsdale being engulfed in an atmosphere spanning inferno, for fear of all the desert critters, for fear of the future
>The first atomic weapon in Equestrian history is tested on the desolate sands spanning below Las Pegasus
>Anon's forewarnings at least afforded all observers a redundant level of safety that human scientists did not once know to afford themselves
>Lyra, observing all this, pops a raging metaphorical boner for the humanity of a largely nonmagical weapon which was evidence enough in the majesty of its destruction

>As Equestria enters the atomic age, the quarantined area of the test is soon bypassed
>Not by ponies, but by Chrysalis's rogue changeling hive, afforded protection from the radioactive aftermath by their unique biology
>Changeling insurgent activists try to infiltrate the society of southern Equestira by masquerading as Zebrican tourists
>Anonpony insists that the changeling zebras can be detected by their radioactive glowing in the dark
fuck, this got me
File: _.jpg (1.67 MB, 2592x1944)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
That head cannon is a heavendamn fact, friend, that was researched by OGs at the dawn of time, along with maps of Ponyville and such.
File: _.png (295 KB, 776x1200)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
You'll be the cumbank one day, Anon. Never lose hope.
FTM hoss?
File: 1618013625328.png (2.79 MB, 3628x3000)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB PNG
Seconding this!
Wishing you all vivid fantasies followed by a timely transformation into whatever kind of pony you wish to be.
File: 2752149.jpg (82 KB, 574x1078)
82 KB
File: _.png (311 KB, 704x864)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
File: IzzyMoonbowTF_ShowStyle.png (507 KB, 1106x1185)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
Thanks! I haven't drawn any of the G5 characters 'til now. We may have different favorite ponies from the new movie but I think we're in full agreement that Izzy is positively adorable.
Thank you kindly!
File: IzzyMoonbowTF_MovieStyle.png (1.49 MB, 1107x1130)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
blender's easy desu
That mid-transformation frog is adorable.
Huh, neat. Just blending the skin texture i can understand, but I wouldn't have expected details like that handhoof to be "easy desu"
File: 20211125074825_1.jpg (284 KB, 1920x1080)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
>playing analog horror game called "pony island"
>games asks me for a name
>call myself pony
>the evil thing inside the game forces me to say "yes master"
Was it any good? I have been in the mood for some canon tf lately.
Aww, I won't spoil the game but if only it was just some misguided attempt at making being a pet pony sound creepy.
>"Hahaha! Now you are mine, pony."
>"Yes master!"
>"And now you must do my bidding."
>"Yes master! Thank you master!"
>"... I feel like this is backfiring somehow."
Look at the fetlocks on her.
File: FFDxzlKWQAALFG7.jpg (515 KB, 2560x1600)
515 KB
515 KB JPG
You should be ashamed
File: blackshirtboy.png (651 KB, 800x2353)
651 KB
651 KB PNG
I am.
File: 2752640.png (2.34 MB, 2128x1421)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB PNG

Yeah, I'd say so
You've transcended dimensions, Anon!
Good joke Anon
File: _.png (337 KB, 1771x1133)
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337 KB PNG
File: 2752911.png (94 KB, 462x743)
94 KB
File: 2752912.png (65 KB, 419x469)
65 KB
File: _.png (90 KB, 2427x2137)
90 KB
Aww Satan I don't have 36 its, just 3 bits.
File: _.png (216 KB, 816x800)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
An idea for a story
>you get into Equestria
>humans, not belonging to this universe and lacking connection to the all-encompassing Equestrian magical field are incredibly susceptible to all forms of magic, including transformation magic
>one day your oblivious unicorn friends pull out a prank on you, turning you into a mare
>it turns out after transforming into a pony you acquired a pony's level of magical resistance, which means transformation spells cannot be used on you and you'll have to live in this body
oh noooo how horrible
gee how absolutely terribly wrong this prank went
>anonicorns qt mark comes in
>it's a coat of arms with a hand and an infinity symbol
>as soon as he gets it, anon remembers he once was human
>now he can become a polymath like all great humans
>he's never the best at everything, but he's 2nd best at so many things he can overpower any mare
>refuses to take power, because autocracy is for cucks
>ponies reverently start calling him master of all because of his competence
>story skips ahead
>anon is standing on the bridge of the ship he built that's being piloted by ponies
>they're approaching a familiar green blue planet
>he's going to show humanity the magic of friendship
>no matter what
Prank gone wrong, gone mare, gone sexual

It's not a bad idea, but one might nitpick that ponies are seen transforming on the show. You can probably find a way around that if you write it though.
Kys question autist
Question autist is incapable of making interesting prompts. If that was the question autists you'd have gotten 3,000 characters of detailed HFY. Anonicorn would have probably shifted to human form too in the middle of it.
File: _.jpg (509 KB, 1600x1575)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
File: _.png (1.14 MB, 2096x3376)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
File: 1616526894811.gif (156 KB, 1088x1099)
156 KB
156 KB GIF
>Nonnytaur throws a manchild tantrum
>6 hooves kicking in all directions
They should have banned weapons like this in the geneva protocol
File: _.png (926 KB, 909x686)
926 KB
926 KB PNG
Magic~ , but in all seriousness, probably something to do with leaked assets helps a shit ton in making fast art.
but damn, that's some good ass shit, anon!
So that retard is still around? Zamn.
File: FFNYA5jXEAQFAAW.jpg (216 KB, 1920x1280)
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216 KB JPG
File: FFNYBQ4XsAoEuxu.jpg (235 KB, 1920x1280)
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235 KB JPG
File: FFNYBdRWUAM5eeg.jpg (217 KB, 1920x1280)
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217 KB JPG
File: _.png (29 KB, 1073x613)
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File: _.png (169 KB, 848x585)
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