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File: 1542947926539.png (1.15 MB, 1800x1990)
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A Special Promise to Your Cousin Edition

Previous thread: >>37639637

General Pastebin: https://ponepaste.org/541

General Archive: https://ponepaste.org/1318
Is anon still working on this or should we assume the worst?
>"Fuck bro, I thought you said this would just be a quickie"
>"Hurry up I have wonder bolt practice to get back to"
The hell are his legs connected to?
Sorry for mobile posting. I’m about to go to work. But hear me out. Goth rainbow sis story
Fund it
Ha cocaч, быдлo
why are all the threads slow today
hahahaha that would be grand.
>"I just wanted to try out a different teen culture, okay?"
"You thought there'd be fighting, didn't you."
>"WHY DO THEY DRESS SO BADASS IF THEY DONT GET INTO FIGHTS? I thought they were like a cool biker gang.."
>Then you introduce her to heavy metal or even death metal
>Mosh pits are exactly what she's looking for
>Pinkie is the first to complain back
>"I'm not too young to love big bro! I love him I love him I love hiiiim!"
>She's so cute
"Awwwww, I love you too~!"
>You respond before head patting her
>"Don't encourage her!"
>Limestone scolds you before Mom cuts in
>"They're not too young. It's modern society that has it wrong. I'm actually proud to see they're actually interested in this at their age."
>Mom thinks of something else to add after
>"Also you should stop ordering him around like that since he's the man of the house now."
>The idea of ordering her around is tempting, but also the idea of trying to is frightening
>"A wife can order her husband around!"
>Limestone quickly retorts
>Mom and Limestone become locked in a staring contest for a bit
>Then you feel your pants get pulled down
>Maud did it and stares at your dick for a moment as it quickly rises to attention
>Your whole family is staring in fact with varying levels of excitement or embarrassment
>Though Maud simply grabs the base of your shaft like it's a normal thing to do, and takes it into her mouth
"Hey now! Don't just go and do that!"
>You say once your mind catches up to what's happening
>Maud takes it out of her mouth to respond while still holding the base
>"You heard Mom. I'm not too young."
>Though Mom has a clarification for her
>"I said that, but don't do stuff like that out in the open! Take it somewhere private!"
>Maud grumbles before letting go and pulling your pants back up
>"Besides, I think Marble should be first. Her motherly form is going to waste without a baby in her."
>Marble blushes a deep crimson
>"A... A baby?!"
>She says in a startled and surprisingly loud voice
>"I-I'm not sure I'm ready for that..."
>Marble says adorably while clinging to you tightly
>"Nonsense, girl. In fact you should have had one years ago, or more. You might have developed even better then."
>Limestone fumes a little
>"Developed even better?! Isn't she over developed enough as it is?!"
>"No such thing, and you could have done better with your own children."
>Limestone then gets a determined look on her face
>Turning to you as you think you know what she's going to say
>"I demand you put a baby in me, pronto!"
>Mom nods in approval before coming closer to Marble
>Nudging her from the back like pushing her forward
>Encouraging her to do like Limestone
>"If... If it's you... Then I suppose that's okay..."
>Marble tells you nervously before burying her face into your side
>She's such an adorable big sis you can hardly stand it
>Despite what she's basically asking of you
>Though it looks like you're going to have to at least try to be the voice of reason here a little
"You can't really expect me to get my own sisters pregnant, can you?"
>Mostly directed at Mom
>"Oh, yes I can. Think of it as 'taking care of them'. You have a responsibility to do that, and you promised Dad, didn't you?
"Is that taking care of them though?"
>"I say it is. Would you like me to ask him?"
"No... No."
Anon is a weird spiderpony
File: Spoiler Image (60 KB, 1200x1200)
60 KB
Fund it
Good shit Dude. Can't wait to see the girls pestering Anon throughout the day. Trying to convince him on why THEY should be the one he impregnates first and not their sisters. If that's the route you wanna go down. Or if it's just gonna dive straight into banging, that's fine too. Either way, keep up the good work.
I want to cuddle with sonata sis
Fuck your rainbow sis before every public event to make sure she’s on her A+ game
That'd make a good anthology
And then one day she finds out she's pregnant
Has your sister always been this…mean?
I wish that rebellious big sister Gilda who wants to make her parents upset by fucking her little brother story would resume.
>TFW when youre the only person in Gilda’s life (family or otherwise) that she’s close to these days
>this translates into her developing a sort of crush on you
Which weeaboo sister would wheedle your parents into taking you on vacation to neighporn
and then accidentally get you signed up for one of those incest penalty game shows
I'll allow it.
Twilight Sparkle, Moon Dancer, or Minuette.
Cute pic, who's the artist?
> “What are you doing bro? Take your pants off”
File: 1577407298516.png (807 KB, 1392x2216)
807 KB
807 KB PNG
>TFW when your friends say they come over to watch anime with you, but they always seem to be interacting with your little brother instead
>"ugh...can you fucking skanks go 1 day without trying to talk to anon, honestly you girls are creeps."
>I want pinkie sis to groom me into being her husband
>her excuse is just making sure your dick hasn't gone weird or anything. Dickweird can happen in a flash.
gotta sink your claws into the brother BEFORE you bring girls over.
>Grooming her vulnerable little brother at the most impressionable time in his life
>Teenage years
>A time when Boys are just starting to loose their childhood bodies and grow in weird and awkward ways
>Pinkie coming up with something as silly as "Weird Penis" would totally affect young Anon
>And just like that Pinkie has her future husband, lock and key
>teenage years
>just starting
aww anon's a late bloomer huh
why do you think Pinkie took such an interest in her younger brother. She knows Anon would get eaten alive by high school thots. Only she can truly love her younger bro.
>She wants her shota teen brother
9's no place to be.
Is sonata really innocent, or is she hiding her lewd side until she has her brother in her clutches?
>None of that sounds good
>You wouldn't want a prison visiting hours check in to be spent asking him a question like that
>You wouldn't want a question like that asked at a prison
>Everything else about it really
>"So that settles it."
>Mom says smugly
>"Though before that, let's try to get some actual work done today."
>After that she pushes you all to go do your rock farm work
>You have a lot more on your plate to do than you're used to
>Also Pinkie and Maud are with you
>You'd want them to help, but they're mostly here to play around
>Especially Pinkie
>Though you'd normally think Maud would help more, but after earlier she just wants to be a sex pest
>Staring at your crotch and asking if she can suck you off now, or if you want to fuck her
>At one point you get sick of her asking
"If you actually help me get my work done I'll do what you want, okay?"
>She nods before really helping
>In fact she's a lot stronger than she looks, and is working faster than you
>It actually kind of makes you worried about how strong she'll be as an adult
>You almost don't want to get finished with everything before quitting time, but with Maud's help it happens
>Once she knew it was done because you stopped, and looked around idly she pushed you to the ground onto your back
>Then got on top of you while looking down at you with her usual expression
>She then undid your pants casually
>Taking out your dick without a care in the world
>"Let me ride him after you, Maud!"
>Pinkie shouts from the sidelines while cheering Maud on
>Maud the lifted her frock only enough for it to not get in the way of her squatting before sitting on your dick
>You could feel it go right in her tight pussy as if she wasn't wearing any panties
>"I normally don't wear panties."
>Maud tells you shamelessly before starting to bounce her hips on you
>Her little sister pussy gripping you when she slammed her hips down on you so hard your worried it might get torn off
>Well, you're pretty sure that wouldn't happen, but still...
>"Does it feel good?"
>Maud asks you while just doing as she pleases
>You feel like you have to hold onto something, and grab her hips
"Of... Of course!"
>Responding because you doubt she's asking rhetorically
>You think you see what almost looks like a bit of a smile on her face
>Before she started moving her hips faster and harder
>It makes you move your own hips a little because you're body just reacts to it
>After that you blew your load without warning
>Actually you could feel it coming, but Maud made sure to pin you when it happened
>Ensuring you came inside
>You really don't think you should have came in your little sister, but you couldn't do anything about it
>Your body trembling from the overwhelming sensations of it
>Then you saw some of your mixed fluids leak from her
>"Good, we'll pick back up where we left off later."
>She says like it's a performance review before getting off of you
>Pinkie runs up and pulls you up to your feet
>"Now do me!"
Is nayaa even browsing this board anymore or decided to move on?
This is great, I love this story
Fluttersis with a side of bitchy is kino
>Fluttersis realizes that her brother is starting to like girls
>she resents him for looking at women other than her
>thus her recent mean streak
Which one of Anon's sisters is having this argument with?

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zv-XNlE1s8E
>Hard Mode: No Twilight
that did have a rather nice ending didnt it
He is kill

Which is a shame because I loved his art style.
It really did
TFW no jealous neet groomer sister
Wing covering the joint, I think.
>You’ve always liked your auntie cadence, she’s really nice and pretty, and she always spends time with you
You could also spank her with that.
A good brother has to do that sometimes.
mom/auntdance is amazing potential
What would definitely be fun there is if you ask her something that she interprets as a date when you didn't mean it that way. Then absolutely refuses to let you correct her about it.
Cadance tiddy
>Celestia and Luna fighting over your attention meanwhile cadance is seducing you from the sidelines
>“What the hell are you doing in my brothers room?! I told you he’s off-limits! Wait a minute, did you sleep with him?!”
>When Fluttershy realized anon's fetish was incest all along
going for flutters when dash is your sister
> “Why are you looking at me like that anonymous? Could it be you’re overcome with lust for me?”
Fluttershy I came all the way out here because you called me about a flat tire. Now I’m here only to find you in your skimpiest dress trying to seduce me, again.
> “Well would it have worked if I was your sister Dash?”
Who do you think I am some kind of white trash perv?!
> “Well the other night in your room…”
Fluttershy what happened in the room was a mistake. It was dark. And I thought you were Dash looking to cuddle.
> “But you groped me”
Once again it was a mistake!
> Ah ah Ah Ah Ah! I’m your sister! I’m your sister!
Ohhhhhh You’re my sister!!!!
>Sir, do you know how fast you were humping?
It's been ages since I heard a Joe Dirt reference. Well done!
>fucking your sister in the back of your truck
Based, Fund it
About 6' 1" officer
>Inb4 being raised with Dash, but then after fucking Hootershy finding out she's your real sister

>Or the same except mom
>With being raised by Dashie, and fucking Hootershy only to find out she's your real mom
>Pinkie clings to your side while looking up at you with a smug and lewd look on her face
>You never would have imagined both of them would be like this once the idea of sex was even brought up
>You could imagine it with Pinkie
>She's always been the more outrageous sister, and you'd heard her make sex jokes even before she left
>The cute little ballerina like dress and plain whit leggings still make her look innocent, but she's definitely not
>You feel like you should rest a little before doing what she wants
>If you're even going to
"At least give me a second to recuperate..."
>She simply chuckles before grabbing your still exposed cock and stroking it a little
>"I know my big bro can keep going~. You can and will fuck me rough till I can't walk anymore, and then fuck me some more~! I know you want to~."
>Her stroking and words practically force you to get hard again
>That girl is way more lewd than any little sister has any right to be
>Though Pinkie would have to wait because Limestone arrives on to the scene, and is not happy about the scene she arrives to
>Then again when is she happy about anything?
>"Really?! Why are you messing around with those two! You should pay more attention to me!"
>She emphasizes her chest before continuing
>"I'm a full grown woman, and they're kids!"
>Maud has a quick response to that
>"I got what I wanted because I had the drive and motivation to take it."
>Pinkie jumps in after that
>"Besides! You're interrupting! He was about to fuck me senseless!"
>Limestone forces your pants up before grabbing your hand
>"Not anymore he's not! It's quitting time, and time for dinner!"
>"You're not the boss anymore, Anon is!"
>Pinkie complains while prompting you to argue with Limestone
"Well, she's actually right. It is time to go back to the house."
>Pinkie fumed about it adorably
>You patted her head
"It's not like this is the only opportunity to spend time together. Just have a little patience."
>Patting her head calms her down, and her smile is back
>"Pat my head too."
>Maud tells you, and of course you oblige her
>She never reacts as much as Pinkie, but you know it makes her happy
>Then finally you all went back to the house
>Mom beckoned all four of your sisters into the kitchen
>No doubt deciding they all needed to know how to cook now
>Also it wouldn't be surprising if they talked about a lot more than cooking among themselves
>Though you could only guess because you just had to basically wait for dinner to be ready
>You still feel a bit drained from earlier, and you're also entirely sure that it's only the beginning
>With four sisters, and probably even mom having 'certain expectations' of you...
>It's a man's dream, but also some very high expectations
>So you take this opportunity with nothing going on to relax your body and recuperate
>Once your family is back they have something that should help
>It's a massive feast of dense high energy food
>They also present it with knowing looks
This is great, pinkie would absolutely be a little semen demon
Damn your cousin grew up!
Kek, I got the reference
Pg9 bump
That is one sexy Scoots.
The more things change, the more things stay the same.
Holy fuck pinkie has cake like a bakery
Which is better
Innocent young sister who doesn’t know the weight of her actions
Jaded older sister who simultaneously wants to keep you for herself and let you go since she knows you can’t be together
Younger or older sister who knows the weight of her actions and wants it
Top kek.
they have their appeal but I prefer the younger sister, even/especially if she is actually very mature and jaded in some ways if not just full-on goth
File: 1579397639814.jpg (166 KB, 700x785)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
> "Do you know what an Oedipus Complex is my boy??
>Ask Empress Mom if it's like that pythagorean theorem she taught you in your studies
>She smiles and says no but it could end in multiplication if you should so please
How about a sarcastic/bratty little sister who loves you but knows a lot more than she lets on?
> “Was this your milkshake? Sorry~”
File: Flutterjelly 1.jpg (945 KB, 2550x3300)
945 KB
945 KB JPG
>"Don't make a girl a promise if you know you can't keep it."
She'd do it, too
>The fuck, you're going to backwash in it, goddamnit..
>"Hush bro, besides, we *share* things in this family~"
"We don't share fluids, dammit!"
>"Challenge accepted!"
> “ Hey this is Pinkie Pie from jackass, and I’m going to be fucking my brother up all day today”
>Your other 3 sisters join in but their pranks and nature of pranks greatly differs from Pinkie's usual loud and zany antics
>Pinkie had put saran wrap across the upper half of the doorway and guffawed when Anon walked into it and deadpanned at her
>Maud just waited on the other side of the door, knelt down, and muffled out 'Haha, your penis walked into my mouth, Anonymous.'
>Pinkie uber spiced up your food and erupted with laughter as you downed a glass of milk
>Marble turned very red as this happened because it was her milk, "P-Pranked! Mhmm.."
can't think of one for sourpuss I mean limey rn lol
File: 2719724.png (365 KB, 2675x2911)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
Limestone punches you in the gut then, while you're doubled over, shoves your face into her crotch
>Pie mom rescues you for the moment
>"He's still a boy, Limestone, gently!"
>Based momma looking out for her baby b-
>"-Besides there's a definite hierarchy here and I am clearly first to be tended to by our communal husband."
>Cloudy shoves your face into her crotch now
>"Mmmmph yeah..get a faceful of that silver thatch, boy.."
This is the cutest Bloom.
Bloom is absolutely the secret offspring of AJ and Mac
>. “ I… I just want to see how far in it goes. Is that all right?”
Sorry Flutters but sharing my dragon dildo with you is just weird, you're gonna have to buy your own.
Well look Fluttershy, I can't put it ALL in
But for those digits, how's the tip sound?
this picture with that text.. makes me think you just woke up to her riding you and she feels a little bad about it and didn't expect you to wake up.
>this picture with that text.. makes me think you just woke up to her riding you and she feels a little bad about it and didn't expect you to wake up.
That sounds hot.
File: 100% shred.jpg (41 KB, 640x475)
41 KB
>yfw it's son-day and you tell your mom not to bother with breakfast since she's your meal
groom your mother by flirting with her
>mom usually blushes or feigns some kind of surprise
>"You'd better watch it, mister." She quips trying not to smile
>only a matter of time before she's possessively touching your shoulders and kissing your cheek in public in front of other girls and women
not 9
>They're giving you a lot of food for energy, and not for rock farm work...
>They spend most of dinner crowded around you
>Trying to make you eat as much as you possibly can
>You practically feel like you're in some kind of eating competition
>By the time they stop you feel like you could explode
>You're given a bit of time to let the food settle while they focus more on feeding themselves
>Then after dinner is done they all definitely want to decide among themselves who 'gets you' now
>Mom immediately wins out without even saying a word
>Though she takes both you and Marble with her
>Marble has a deep blush because she basically knows what Mom is planning there, and it's not hard for you to guess either
>Inside her room she strips both you and Marble down before having both of you join her on the bed
>Marbles soft and motherly figure is exposed to you as she tries to cover herself up as much as she can
>Though she doesn't do very well
>"Now let's make sure Marble can actually be a mother. She basically looks like one, and she should be one."
>Mom says before gently pushing Marble onto her back by her shoulder
>Then spreading her legs, and lastly pushing your back to make you mount her
>Her chest cushions your landing on her as her breasts squish into your chest
>It's not long before you slide into her
>Marble's legs instinctively lock around you even as she covers her face with her hands like she's embarrassed
>She's tight around you, but Mom urges you to thrust
>You start moving though Mom just tells you to go faster
>Going faster and faster only encouraged Mom to demand you go faster
>All while Marble gave muffled moans through her hands
>Even when you were pounding Marble as fast and hard as you could Mom kept pushing you
>As if she's really just seeing how hard you can go
>You could feel yourself about to cum, but you didn't dare try to pull out
>Marble's legs ensured you were as deep in her as possible when you exploded inside her
>Filling her up as she kept her hands firmly over her face
>Once the last spurts came out she took her hands off her face and embraced you
>Starting to make out with you lovingly
>Which made it clear to you how she felt about what happened
>You returned her affection gladly and kissed her as much as you could
>After a bit you both stop for air
>"D-do you love me?"
>She asks nervously
>You stroke her hair and head pat her
"Of course I do. You're the cutest and sweetest big sister I could possibly ask for~."
>Saying even while still inside her
>She smiles gently
>"Then I'll bear your children!"
>Responding in an unusually confident and loud voice for her
"Children? As in plural?"
>"Well, duh. You don't think she'd stop at one, do you?"
>Mom says as you know it should be obvious
>You just balked at the idea because multiple children with her when they all expect you to have children with them...
>Do they all expect multiple children?...
>Of course they would
>Oh man...
Great update, I’m liking this redux so far
>Tfw your playful advances on your mother result in a huge moral and ethical crisis for her
Why not be a mysterious burglar and rape her? She gets tagged by son with none of the guilt
>Neglectful mom tries to connect with son after years of ignoring/not really giving a shit about him
>AbrahamAnon siring the twelve tribes of Ponyville
she shouldn't fight it it's natural
>not hiring a friend to act as an intruder who 'forces' you two to do it
that way she knows she likes it, and you can just be like 'oh well, damage is done'
File: 2011564.png (79 KB, 301x245)
79 KB
>trauma bonding
>anon gives his mom a chance and it (d)evolves into “you neglected me and now I want to plow you cause of mommy issues”
i dunno it can be good sometimes, you've gotta be careful with it.
the very first thing that tugged me into these threads was scootaloo helping twin bro anon get over trauma induced by kidnappers cuttin his dang finger off, after it got reattached.
Mommy Vinyl spent most of Anon's childhood partying, absent father, was taken care of by neighbor but lives at home thanks to his mom's DJ career exploding before he was born.
>Anon grew up a lot like both his parents; absent mothers or fathers and raised by pseudo-family
>Never gets too close to anyone or he could risk being hurt
>Suddenly his mom is back in his life
>Knows enough about addicts to realize she's just at a temporary low point (broke) and thats the only reason she's around
>Anon has worked hard and saved money since he was legally able to (and before then)
>Tells his deadbeat mom he'll front her the cash for her rent
>But she'll have to do something in return
>Vinyl has a son under unknown circumstances during her DJ career
>She's hardly ever home because she prefers to stay out partying
>He's more raised by her roommate Octavia
>Octavia being more of a straight laced musician spends a lot more time relaxing and practicing her music at home
>Anon comes to see Octavia as more like being his mom, and Vinyl as some sexy bitch who lounges around in skimpy clothing every once in a great while
>He comes to lust after her because of how distanced he is combined with her provocative behavior when she finally comes home to rest
>Then at some point circumstance line up for the two to end up in a lewd situation
Inb4 her not even realizing it's him when it happens because of how little she interacts with him in addition to being drunk or high in the moment
>By which he means cooking and laundry of course
This is the best version of the prompt I've seen
This is one dead thread.
> “ Just do it! Satisfy this sick freak’s desire. Shove your cock into me so he’ll leave! I won’t hold it against you. You’ll always be my sunshine.”
Mom he just wants our cash and jewels.
> “And our dignity! This shall forever remain a secret between us. Just give it over with. Bend me over this couch and commit this horrendous act!”
Uh lady? I just want the combination to the safe. I didn’t ask fo-
> “Because I won’t youve forced us to copulate, you fiend! You may take force our body! But you’ll never taint our love!”
>Aggressively coming on to the burglar by pretending you don't want to be raped
Bold move Celestia, lets see how it plays out
no she's coming on to YOU so the burglar will leave
what if (you) are the burglar?
Breaking into your own home cause you forgot your keys. It's too dark so you mom can't see you too well and starts raving about how "You may take her body, but she will never lose her dignity" and all that.
I want my sperm to commit breaking and entering with my moms eggs
it's not breaking in if she left the door open
Does anyone know that one story where it was Anon with Celestia mom but Celestia mom was bad at being a mom and Luna was his defacto mom and they were about to do stuff in the story?
hm I remember one that I think was the reverse of that, and anon mostly just lived in Luna's room like a pet
That one also sounds fun and interesting to read, link?
i did not saaave i'm sorry.
i hope people keep all of these things linked in the OP ponepastes
I like stories like those because mommy issues are fun to read, obv not fun to experience but yeah.
Fuck i wanna read that so bad, and I cant even find it easily because the batwiki thing died.
intimomcy is a lot of fun if done right, and having a lazy Misato-esque mom can be sexy as hell as she just slinks around like a cat and gives less than zero fucks
but yeah one has to be careful not to make it a depressing state of affairs more like, oh, say, the Urameshi household. where the mom is a drunken piece of shit, the son is a delinquent as a result, and the house is full of garbage. but as depressing as that is, it can still be really, really funny. e.g. the trashy mom from Ten-Year-Old Tom
Dunno what any of those are, care to elaborate?
Evangelion, Yu Yu Hakusho, and the last one is a cheapo hilarious cartoon on HBO
File: 1626498901600.png (264 KB, 540x540)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
Wish there was gentle-mommy dom here, with all this talk of mommy issues and such.
to be honest that weirds me out the most, but i getttt it.
Misato-style has its appeal, ngl
> “Son, You pushed me~. How dare you”
I'm not sure who that's supposed to be.
Younger this
Do you barbieniggers ever write anything about ponies? You know, what this board is meant for?
What are you? A 16 year old twitter user? Are there any incestuous PONIES here or not, faggot?
Just ignore the bait. If he'd ever been here before he'd know there are a few pony stories in the archives.
I'm not going to spend a goddamn hour sifting through barbieshit to find the one pony story you faggots created.
Thanks Anon
>A. Cry Harder
>B. Write something yourself
>C. Get over it
Do you faggots even LIKE ponies? Why are you here? Fuck off to /trash/.
File: 2486256.png (3.14 MB, 2887x5366)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB PNG
I don't like them because they're ponies, I like their characters. Cry all you want, since it's just easier for humans to write self inserts about being human rather than write about being a horse.
I said shoo! Git!
> “Hot damn I thought it was you cuz! What you doing out this side of Equestria?”
on occasion. Check through the archives, you will find a couple you enjoy.
Theres a link to em on the ponepaste of the pony incest, if that gets you to shut the fuck up. Its literally labeled pony or horse incest stories on the archive if i remember correctly.
mommy issues bump
Make me, tranny
But this is literally the best kind of bonding
File: vinyl.png (519 KB, 839x1024)
519 KB
519 KB PNG
>you hear a bump
>groggily, you check your phone
>there's another bump
>recognition dawns on you and adrenaline clears the fog of sleep
>someone is in your house
>as quietly as you can, you get out of bed and grab the bat you keep nearby
>you run through the options of who it could be
>you know for a fact that Octavia is out for the weekend
>gone to Manehatten for some recital
>that leaves two options and you're not sure which one you'd prefer
>you sneak downstairs to the livingroom
>just in time to see a figure trip and fall over the cough
>you hear girlish giggling
>you sigh and turn on the light
>as you suspected, it's your "mom"
>Vinyl scratch
>as far as you're concerned, she's just the person who brought you into the world
>after she gave birth to you, she returned to her lifestyle of partying
>Octavia, her roommate/girlfriend, has more of the title to mother than she
>Octavia basically raised you herself
>taking you to school and doctors appointments and attending your own recitals, inspired by her as you were to pick up the violin
>meanwhile, Vinyl spent her time sleeping during the day and partying during the night
>just a stranger who shares the same house as you and Octavia
>A slurred voice interupts your musings and you look down
>Vinyl is a tangled mess of arms and legs on the couch
>she's looking up at you with blootshot, unfocused eyes
>Faust, how high or drunk is she? You briefly wonder what happened to her trademark glasses
"Guess" you reply dryly
>she just giggles again
>"doublllle diiamonndd?"
>you sigh at her response
>this "double diamond" must've been the latest in a long line of men who tried (and sometimes succeeded) at getting into your mom's pants
>pushing that thought aside, you pull her upright off the couch
"c'mon lets get you to bed" you mutter
>you wrap your arms around her for support
>immediately she presses into you
>"mmmmm diamondy yoursshuch a gemtelmnn."
>she rubs her head against your neck. You can still smell the berry conditioner she used over the vodka on her breath
>her own hands snake lowly around your waist
>you look down and realize that was a mistake
>shes wearing a white tank top 3 sizes too small for her and booty shorts that would've been considered underwear two generations ago
>from the two nubs sticking out from her chest you don't think she's wearing a bra either
>her state of dress reignites a line of thought you've been struggling with lately
>Vinyl Scratch has never acted remotely like she's your mother so you don't see her as such
>unfortunately, that means your brain has started to associate her as just another woman in your life
>and her "casual" attire she usually wears around the house doesn't help much
>the most she tends to wear is an oversized shirt and skin hugging booty shorts
>occassionally she'll strut around in nothing but a bra and thong panties
>at least until Octavia chides her into wearing something thicker than a gum wrapper
>you don't want to call it fantasizing, but when you daydream about attractive women, you mind inevitably reaches an image of Vinyl
>you stumble through the hall, half-dragging your mother
>she switches between giggling and mumbling unitelligibly
>and, unfortunately, she's getting handsy too
>more than once you've felt her breath on your collarbone or a thumb trace your waistline
>you wish you had put on pants because the only thing separating your package from the world is a pair of boxers
>Vinyl suddenly licks your neck and you nearly fall from shock
>"diiiaaamonndd i'unno how you got ere ffrom za club buut m kinda gladu did" she moans into your ear
>you feel her grind her crotch against your thigh
>"aahh kno youu were eye fukin meee allll nighttt" somehow Vinyl has managed to pin you against the hallway wall
>her hands roam down your chest and abdomin until they finally reach your south pole
>little you is rearing to go and pressing against your boxers
>Vinyl grabs it through the cloth and looks up at you with a drunken, lecherous grin
>"looooookss liike yuu want moor thana eyefuck"
>in a flash, she smashes her lips against yours
>you feel her tongue shoot into your mouth and begin to run riot. meanwhile shes grinding her body against yours while still gripping your package
>after a few moments of shock, you force your arms up and push her away by her shoulders
"V-Vinyl, we can't-I mean you're-" you stutter as your mind races to catch up. "You're my mom!" You finally exclaim
File: vinyl2.jpg (134 KB, 1000x1000)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>Vinyl stares at you unblinking for a moment. She displays a look of absolute confusion
>Then something else spreads across her face
>her eyes narrow and the lecherous look from earlier reappears
>"mmmm of course i'm yur mommey" she practically moans "now why don't you come to bed so mommy can show you a thing or two"
>with more strength than you realize, she grabs you by your wrist and pulls you down the hall to her room
>with a lurch, she stumbles inside, taking you with her
>she lets you go and flops onto her bed
>you look behind your shoulder at the open door
>you should leave. shes drunk or high and you should really really leave and let her sleep this off
>you turn back around and your jaw drops
>Vinyl is kneeling on her bed, naked except for a pair of black panties pulled halfway down her thighs
>you've always wondered if her electric blue hair was natural
>unless she also dyes her neatly trimmed carpet, you doubt it
>Vinyl pats the bed and sways her chest
>there's not much there to be honest. Vinyl probably had B cups
>but it's not like you've seen a lot of breasts in person
>she pats the bed again
>"diamooonndd-" she moans out "-don't keep me waiting"
>her voice is like a siren song. your feet move you closer without your authorization
>the second your legs touched her mattress, Vinyl pounced
>suddenly you were on your back, Vinyl pinning you to her bed
>"c'mon diamondd, stop playing around..." Vinyl flattened her naked body against you "...and fuck me"
>it was the straw that broke the camels back
>the person lying on you wasn't your biological mother
>she was just a desperate, needy whore. And you would satisfy her desires
>swiftly, you grab her hair and force her head down
>there's no resistance and her lips yet again crash against yours

I'll type up the rest tomorrow probably
a little on the sad side, but hot.
Hoped to the last moment Octavia would have plans for him as well
Lord, forgive me for what I’m about to do to my sister
She was too busy filming it.
> “How could you? You just… held me down, your own sister, and violated me. You barbarian. To think my own blood would be capable of such…animalistic lust. Could you truly not help yourself? And to top it all off you left this vile seed in my womb. Look, look how little escaped to my bruised body. No doubt it’s now tunneling its way deeper. Searching, to commit the final act of violation.”
Well to be fair I didn’t really have to force you. I’m pretty sure you leg locked before I could even take my pants off.
> “Don’t ruin my moment! This was just like one of my novels and you’re ruining it! Slap me a little! Threaten me to silence! Blackmail me to commit more sexual acts!
Fukkin' kek
She wants to be this so freaking bad
Rarity Edit?
If Rarity had a brother, would she be more or less likely than Twilight to try to fuck her sibling?
Rarity doesn’t fuck her brother. He fucks her. She’s a lady after all. As such she doesn’t seek out such taboos.

However, if her big, strong, devilishly handsome, prone unstoppable fits of lust brother enters her private bedchamber and forces himself upon her soft, delicate form. Well of course she’d have no choice but to submit to his will and endure whatever based horrible acts he commits upon her person.After all, if she doesn’t satisfy his lusty cravings he might turn his attention to his youngest sister or worst, another woman entirely! Think of shame that would be brought upon the family

Truly hers is a horrible lot
Truly, fate has dealt no crueler a hand than hers.
bump for more
File: 1446659665640.png (242 KB, 909x909)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
bump for more Dazzling stories, both the one where Anon is the eldest sibling taking care of his sisters, and the one where Anon is Adagio's son.

That's right, I know you're still reading, checking in from time to time. I haven't forgotten you owe me a story, I'm calling you out.
> “This cant go on”
> “ You can’t keep doing this to me”
Having a change of heart my beloved?
> “ I never agree to this and I’m not your beloved.Don’t you see what you’ve done? What you been doing?”
All I’ve been doing is loving the woman that I love.
> “ This isn’t love. This is abuse. You raped me. You held me down and you raped me.How can you call this love?”
How can I rape for you when you put up no resistance?
> “Only because I’m afraid of what you might do, who else you might hurt if I refused your… Advances”
Are you talking about sweetie Belle? I have no interest in her. Or anyone for that matter. You alone captured my heart. Set aflame my soul. I can’t be without you I won’t be.
> “ And one of my heart? What of my soul? Must I endure this torment for the rest of my days? To be your slave?What of my suitors?”
*chuckles* what suitors?
> “The ones you chased away. I could’ve been married to a Duke, maybe even a prince. But no, you’ve stolen my chastity and made me no better than a common harlot. Who will want me now?”
Don’t I treat you as my queen? Don’t I grant every request? Your jewelry,The rarest in the land. All of your gowns. One-of-a-kind pieces. All very expensive. All I have done so that you may love me as I love you.
> “I will never love you”
In my love. In time. When I take you as my wife.
> “You’ve gone mad. Mother and father will never approve of this. If they found out what you do to me. If anyone found out. The shame that would be brought upon our house. Can’t you see how terrible you’re being?”
I care not for our parents approval. My love for you transcends any perceived shame you could think of. You are my muse. My beloved.
> “You’re deranged”
It’s amazing isn’t it. What we men are capable of when we are in fear of our women leaving us
And of course it's merely a coincidence that she just so happens to sleep in lingerie. And leaves certain "things" in Anon's room.
And of course when Anon comes home from a long night of working at his shit job, he sees her things. But he is a gentleman, he's related to rarity after all. So he returns them to her room. While she sleeps. Without covers to keep her warm.
Truly the fates played a cruel trick on Rarity. Woe is her.
I'm liking this.
Also Anon could I trouble you for a full sized version of your pic?


Dont tell anyone where you got this
This could apply to at least 3 different writefags, but I’m assuming your talking about motherfuckeranon
If so, I second this
File: vinyljohnjoseco.jpg (153 KB, 774x1032)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>Vinyl's tongue shoots into your mouth
>you try to pin it with your own but hers is surprisingly dexterous
>it runs along your teeth and gum line and along your cheeks
>meanwhile her hands grope and trace along your chest
>Vinyl grips your t-shirt and slowly pulls it up
>your lip lock breaks as the shirt comes between you
>instead of returning to your face, Vinyl begins to lick and kiss your bare chest
>you shudder as she drags her tongue around and down your body
>far too quickly she reaches your boxers
>for a brief moment, she buries her head in your crotch and breaths deeply through the fabric
>then her fingers hook around the elastic band
>in a smooth, swift motion, your underwear is gone
>your cock springs upright mere centimeters from Vinyl's face
>you didn't think your heart could race any faster but now it's pounding like a jackhammer
>the appendage twitches slightly with every beat
>Vinyl looks cross-eyed as she focuses on the dick in front of her
>"oooohhh yeaaah come to momma..." she moans out
>Vinyl raises her head, and for the briefest of moments, makes eye contact with you
>she flashes a grin that reeked of lewdness
>then her head went down
>your whole body seizes as foreign sensations bombard your mind
>you had a few girlfriends in the past but none of them ever really went past the groping stage
>this is a whole new level
>a loud groan escapes your mouth as her lips slide up and down your shaft while her tongue dances across it
>you grip the bed sheets until your knuckles are white
>the sensation in your nethers is building and you know it won't be long before the pressure blows
"m-ma- Vinyl-" you barely stop yourself from saying 'mom' "-Vinyl I'm gonna come..."
>Vinyl just redoubles her efforts
>a bolt of pleasure runs up your spine and your whole body stiffens
>you feel your jizz burst out inside her warm mouth
>four, five, six ropes paint Vinyl's throat white
>only when you go soft does she cease her ministrations
>she pulls her lips off your flaccid cock and you suppress a whimper as the blissful sensation ends
>Vinyl crawls her way back up to your head
>you feel her nipples drag across your skin
>when the two of you are face to face, she opens her mouth
>it's dark so you can't really see inside, but you know you pumped enough in that it would be dripping out if she hadn't swallowed it all
>Vinyl closes her mouth and grins at you
>"mmmm I've been doin all tha work so far Diiaamond...time for you to pitch in a bit"
>she sits up on her knees and straddles your head between her thighs
>they aren't thick but they are lean and firm
>Vinyl lowers herself down until shes resting on you
>her slit is right on your lips and you feel dampness
>you can see her blue bush of hair
>the faint tang of old urine mixed in with the scent of her juices assaults your nose
>"weellll?" She calls down "iiii'mm waiittiing...get to woork!" Vinyl lightly slaps your forhead
>you need no further motivation and dive in
>>That pic

>student body president Rarity.
>Always prim and proper without coming off condescending but perhaps just a bit cold.
>Voted most beautiful multiple years in a row, in fact, her beauty just increases each year.
>Every girl looks up to her as the pinnacle.
>Renowned for turning down over 200 boys.
>The very picture of a model student.
>But nobody must ever know that this perfect girl carries a secret incestuous torch for her brother, who sees her as just Rarity, his little sister.
File: vinyl3.jpg (129 KB, 700x1000)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
>your tongue spears forward into her folds
>Vinyl immediately yelps in delight
>you can feel her inner muscles begin to flex around your tongue
>moisture begins to dribble into your mouth
>your mother begins to gyrate her crotch against your face
>so much so that she might just slide off
>you grip both her hips in your hands and press down, keeping her in place
>for endless minutes, you tongue simply explores Vinyl's tunnel
>you do your best to press it into every fold and crevice
>above you, Vinyl alternates between moaning and saying "fuck yes"
>a few seconds later she screeches and presses her pussy against your face
>"RIGHT THERE! RIGHT THERE!" She pleads. Her hands grip the back of your head and press you even tighter to her snatch
>you retrace your tongue's path
>moments later she erupts in another cry of esctasy
>you direct all your attention on that spot, lashing it mercilessly with your tongue
>meanwhile, you release one of her thighs and use your free hand to gently prod and twist her clit
>Vinyl's cries become louder and more colorful as she begs you to keep up your assaults'
>her body is writhing around like a reed in a wind storm and you tighten your one-handed grip on her thighs
>all at once, she freezes up
>her thighs and hands all squeeze your face as closely as possible to her cunt
>"FUUUUCCKKK YEESSSSSSS" Came the half-shout/half-screech
>wetness flooded your mouth
>since she didn't stop when you orgasmed, you figure it only fair that you keep lashing her folds with your tongue
>eventually Vinyl relaxed and bonelessly flopped onto your chest
>her legs splayed out to either side of your head
>you get a great view of her pussy as you look down your chin
>the two of you just lay there, breathing heavily
>it feels....perfect
>then Vinyl giggles again and looks at you
>"soomebodddy'ss ready foor rouund two" She says with a smirk
>she reaches behind her back and you feel her hand grasp your dick
>its pressed down between your thighs by her back but its rock solid again
>"mmmm main event tiiime" Vinyl coos
>she rolls her body and sits up
>even though the room is dim, you can see her perfectly
>you beg your brain to etch this sight into your memory
>her thighs are straddling your waist and her slit is just inches above your cock
>your eyes travel upwards and you see a pair of breasts that you've been neglecting
>finally, your eyes meet hers. You can see eagerness and lust glint in those pink eyes
>there's something else too, but you can't quite make it out
>she doesn't give you a chance to think about it as she descends on your body
>you both groan as you enter her
>the sensation feels somewhat similar to when she was giving you a blowjob
>but there are differences
>her tongue is replaced with the warm, twitching embrace of her inner walls
>for a moment, the two of you hold still, savoring the feeling
>then the two of you begin to move
>Vinyl begins to gyrate like when she was on your face
>in turn, you thrust upward
>your hands grab her waist and pushes down in time with your humping
>the two of you start syncronize your movements
>Vinyl grinds down while you thrust up
>both of you are grunting and moaning like animals in heat
>your mother leans forward and places one hand on your chest while the other begins to play with her nipples
>you focus on her face
>pleasure is written on every inch of her visage
>her mouth hangs open limp as she pants heavily
>her eyes roll in the back of her head and her eyelids flutter
>you're not sure what you look like but it's probably a close match
>your attention is split between enjoying the marvelous sensations of her cunt, keeping the rhythm going, and clenching down on your semen
>it felt like you were ready to burst ages ago but you don't want this to stop
>unfortunately no matter how hard you try to hold it, you can feel the pressure rising
"Vinyl...I-I'm about to come again" you pant out
>as much as you desperately want to explode inside her, a small part of you recalls that this is your own mother you're balls deep in
>not to mention Vinyl might not be a big fan of being nutted inside either
>when you look at her for direction, she simply smiles and begins to rock harder
>you groan as the tempo increases
>your pleasure skyrockets but so does the pressure
>it won't be long now
>Vinyl is panting frantically now
>her free hand has left her tits in favor of groping her clit
"Vinyl, I'm seriously about to-" you start
>"IN ME! DO IT IN ME!" She begs, cutting you off
>as if on cue, you release
>your orgasm this times feels a magnitude stronger than your last one
>every nerve in your body is alight with esctacy
>Vinyl shrieks as her own orgasm grips her
>her pussy clamps down on your cock even as she continues to gyrate atop you
>you're not sure how much you pumped into her depths, but your balls feel completely drained by the time you're done
>the two of you eventually slow to a halt as a panting, shuddering mess
>you watch, semi-hypnotized, as Vinyl's heaving chest lifts her breasts up and down in the air
>eventually, she leaned forward and flopped to your side
>her arms curled around your chest
>"fuuuck me that was onna the best fucks i've had inna while" she muttered in your ear
>Vinyl snuggled up to your side, pressing her body against yours
>she wrapped one leg over your waist
>you feel something warm and gooey leaking out of her slit
>you reach an arm around her shoulders and rest it on her side
>the two of you simply lay there, breathing quietly
>in a matter of minutes, the pair of you drift off to sleep
I'll finish up the last bit tomorrow
is hawt
Based greenposter. You are appreciated
“God you’re such a pain.”

Her older brother is a burnout that barely passed the bar but does nothing with his law degree. He instead focuses on his band, much to the chagrin of his family. Expect his youngest sister Sweetie Belle who absolutely adores her big bro and attends all his back door, under a bridge, out in the middle of nowhere concerts. To show his appreciation his dotes on her which she just eats up.

However he constantly butts heads with the prim and proper Rarity. She constantly criticizes him about his life choices whereas their parents all but disowned him.

> “ You an underachiever that lives in this dump of an apartment that I have to constantly clean up!”
No one asks you to come here Rarity! Don’t you have another boy’s heart to break somewhere. You know AWAY from me?!

She just can’t understand why someone as successful as he could be.
He can’t understand why she can’t just let them live his life

>“How could you live like this? Don’t you see how much potential you’re wasting”
“God you’re such a pain why do you care so much?”
> “…..I love you……”
It's not that weird for family to say that though, so it'd take something extra to make that into an inappropriate sentiment.
“ My sister and I’s relationship is strictly professional. Harshwhinny is a wonderful woman and I’m proud to be her sibling. I will not have your insidious assumptions tarnish her flawless reputation of honesty, integrity, and professionalism. In summation, your accusations denote a lack of intellectual honesty. It is my belief that matter would best be resolved with fisticuffs.”
i miss him
File: 1524639252423.gif (1.99 MB, 627x720)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
She's saint, taking this burden on herself.
Why is this gif so hot?
I need more
Same, dude
> *swish * “Get up, scum”
“Hmmm? Good morning my love”
> “ You wretch”
“You have a dangerous look in your eye.”
> “One that is well deserved. Pack your things.”
“ Am I going somewhere?”
> “We are. We have to move, now”
> “Because you’ve cursed me! You’ve cursed me to beat your wretched spawn you disgusting-“”
“You’re pregnant?!”
> “A little louder please I don’t think all of our neighbors heard you”
“My darling this is-*slap*”
> “Don’t you dare call me that. Ever. You wanted my hand? You have it. You wanted my chastity? You stole it. And now you’ve committed the final atrocities against me. I will Carry this wretched thing within me. The constant reminder of your sins. And you will bear witness to all that follows because of it. We are moving. Just you and I. If I must flee my home then so will you. I will preserve our family name even if you wont. We Will move to a far away place. A place where no one knows us. Ponyville perhaps. And you will provide for me and this horrible thing within me for the rest of your days. And if at any point you falter, I will kill you.”
this is so hot
This is more entertaining than it has any right to be.
>you wake up a few hours later
>for a second you think you just had the most wild dream of your life
>then you look around and realize this isn't your room
>a glance to your side reveals the naked form of your mother, curled up in a ball
>a mix of emotions flood through your mind as you realize it wasn't some crazy wet dream
>shame was definitely a strong one. But for some reason you don't feel disgusted with yourself
>as you continue to gaze at Vinyl, another thought creeps into your mind
>why not continue where last night left off?
>you banish the idea as hard as you can
>slowly and quietly, you move to extricate yourself from your mother's bed
>once off, you stealthily grab your shirt and boxers Vinyl had thrown around her room
>just as you were about to leave, you hear her mumble
>you freeze and look over your shoulder
>her eyes are still closed and she's still curled up
>but her arms and legs are tucked close to her chest
>she looks cold
>hoping you don't regret this, you tiptoe back over
>you pick up a blanket from the floor and gingerly drape it over Vinyl
>she begins to visibly relax
>with that job finished, you silently scurry out of her room
>A warm shower washes away the evidence of the nights activities
>you throw your old clothes into a hamper and get dressing in a tshirt and jeans
>normally you would pick something like gym shorts but after what happened you don't want to risk tenting when your mom walks by
>after a bit more personal hygine, you head downstairs to the kitchen
>you forgo an easy meal of cereal in favor of a self-made omelet
>you're halfway into making it when Vinyl stumbles in
>it's a bit shocking as she almost never gets up before 12 noon. Especially when she gets back late from partying
>you notice her attire: An oversized black t-shirt that goes down to mid-thigh
>it covers everything but you also can't tell if she's wearing pants
>that she might be going full commando causes your junk to stir and you're suddenly glad you wore jeans
>Vinyl shuffles her way over to you
>she looks exhausted and a bit hung over
>"that'a omlette?" she askes. You nod. "Can I get one?" You nod again
>Vinyl drags herself over to the table and plops down into a chair with an audible sigh
>"damn, last night was crazy." She mutters. "Can't even remember how I got home."
>you nod as you put the omlette on a plate
>"you didn't happen to hear anyone come in with me or leave after I got here, did you?" she asks
"Nah, I think I heard you get home but nobody came in with you. One of your friends must've dropped you off" you reply
>you put the plate in front of her, along with a fork, and set to work making another for yourself
>you don't hear her getting up from her seat, but you definitely feel it when she wraps her arms around your waist and presses her chest against your back
>you freeze, omlette making forgotten
>"you know-" she whispers into your ear "-I don't remember much from last night. But I do remember staring down at you while you rawdogged me senseless"
>one of her hands trailed down to grab at your crotch
>a mix between a grunt and a whimper escape your lips
>"That was a very naughty thing you did last night. And you left such a mess." Vinyl continues
>"After breakfast you must come back to my room so mommy can give you a fitting punishment"
>her hand pulls yours to under her shirt and presses it against her groin
>you feel nothing but hot skin and bush hair
"...after breakfast..." you mutter in a stunned haze
>"After breakfast." Vinyl repeats "Celestia knows you'll need some fuel for today's...bonding session"
>she grinds her slit against your hand and gives your crotch a squeeze
"oh boy" the words escape your mouth like a giddy whimper

That's it. I might an alternate ending tomorrow but maybe not
File: 1395162790868.png (311 KB, 1000x772)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
Not bad at all, I had a feeling Vinyl wasn't quite as confused in the moment as she was acting.
hehehe nice. I was expecting something like 'heyy waiiit, was that you?' and you sweat briefly and she's all 'that was greaaat!'
Unf. How'd Octavia eventually take it when she found out, though?
File: 1345615224507.gif (108 KB, 420x360)
108 KB
108 KB GIF
She was a little horse
Thanks for the vinyl green
This is great, vinyl is underrated
This is probably the best I've seen her used in these stories
Make a part 2, where anon fucks octavia
Thanks for the green and hope that you make more
Based as fuck
>Vinyl's fantasized about a son getting her pregnant since she was a teenager
>So much so that she got pregnant at 17 just so she could live out that fantasy
>15 years later, she made her fantasy real
She reminds me of Clarissa
I don't know, I kinda wish it was a dirty secret that Anon would have to keep.
"Does Vinyl know? Sometimes she let's on that maybe she does."
Something like that would be great, maybe have her coming home "high" be a recurring thing.
And Anon gets used to 'putting her to bed' every time. Then one night she gets home and Anon helps her to bed but she's actually lucid and realises what he's been doing.
Hell yeah, can this be the alternate ending?
thats a lovely idea
Honestly it just sounds creepy and gross. Reminds me way too much of Chris Chan
people with physical and mental fitness are not gross.
Forcing one's self onto their incapable of consent family members is gross.
You're gross
everyone is capable and nobody is capable. consent is a neologism.
File: vinyl_tarntad0.jpg (98 KB, 1024x887)
98 KB
Coming back to post that alternate ending.

>"you didn't happen to hear anyone come in with me or leave after I got here, did you?" she asks
"Nah, I think I heard you get home but nobody came in with you. One of your friends must've dropped you off" you reply
>you put the plate in front of her, along with a fork, and set to work making another for yourself

>while you ready your own omelet, you glance over at your mom a few times
>for the most part shes just poking at her food
>you finish cooking your breakfast and sit down across the table from her
>she looks uncharacteristically serious and contemplative
>you feel a weight settle in your stomach
>finally vinyl looks up from her meal and straight into your eyes
>"A-anon...." she hesitates and breaths in deep
>"Anon, did we..." You know what she wants to ask and your feel uncertainty and fear creep up your back
>"Anon, last night did we...did we..." After a final moment of indecision she slams her hand on the table
>"Faust dammit anon, last night did we fuck?" she finally spits out the question
>the kitchen suddenly feels stuffy and oppressive
>you gather your nerve and decide to face things like a man
"Yeah....yeah we did" you confirm. The admission hangs in the air like a storm cloud.
>Vinyl buries her hands into her palms "ooohhhh fucking sweet celestia..."
>you start hearing noises come from her
>it's a muffled sound but you can see her shoulders and chest begin to shake
>you're suddenly overcome with worry
>you stand up and walk over to her
"Mom?" You ask, concern thick in your voice as you reach to grab her shoulders
>"Don't touch me!" She hisses as she jerks away
>She practically leaps out of the chair and strides to the fair side of the kitchen
>your stomach drops
>you fucked your mom and now she despises you
>the realization catches the breath in your lungs
>a part of you is already panicking about how you're about to be thrown out onto the street as a pariah, your life ruined
>but front and center is the thought that Vinyl Scratch hates you
>your body begins to tremble and you prepare to bolt to your room

Don't worry I'm not done yet
jeez anon feels pretty bad considering she basically took advantage of him. which is a trick when you're the one that's drunk.
But no one's saying that
I'm fine with some non-con pony incest.
in the same way that crazy feminists kind of have a point (not really but you can see how they feel) when they talk about something retroactively being rape because they changed their mind,
sensible people since the beginning of fiction have always enjoyed stories where it's okay to do whatever because afterwards she changed her mind and now she liked it.
Anon is still a teen. He doesn't have the life experience to understand the deep nuances of the situation.
>then you hear your mom whisper something
>"Faust I'm a terrible parent"
>A large part of you still wants to flee, but you can see shes holding her self and fighting back sobs
"Mom...what do you mean?" You carefully ask
>Vinyl gives you an indecipherable look
>"What do you think it means, Anon? We had sex last night. I fucked you! I fucked my son!" She blurts out
>she stumbles back, like her own words are physical blows to herself
>eventually she backs up to the wall and her legs seem to give out
>you catch her before she can fall
>both of you end up in a sitting position
>she feebly tries to push you away
>"don't touch me, I'm a monster." She whimpers
>your heart breaks
"That's not true" your earlier thoughts are forgotten as you try to console your mother
>Vinyl barks out a harsh laugh. It sounds so alien considering her normal giggle
>"Anon, even if you discount what we did last night, even you know I'm not mom-of-the-year material" She mutters, not meeting your eyes
>"I can't remember the last thing I've done for you. Things a mother should do for her son." Vinyl sniffs and rubs her nose
>"Hell, Octavia basically raised you. She's got more right to the title of mom than I ever will. All I've done is party and fuck like a-"
>Vinyl's voice catches in her thoat
>"-like a whore" she whispers the last part
>"I don't blame you for last night. Any normal teenage male would've done the same thing if some drunk slut had stumbled into their house and begged to be fu-"
>you grab one of her hands and turn her face towards you, interrupting her
"If you're a bad mom then I'm a bad son. I was sober. You were drunk. I should've dumped you on your bed and left. I'm to blame as well" You interject.
>You see something flicker in her eyes, but she pulls away from you with a sigh
>"maybe...but this never would've happened in the first place if I had acted like the mother I should've" Vinyl retorted. She rubbed her face with her hands.
>Both of you stay silent for a long time
"So, what happens now?" you ask.
>You mother exhales long and slowly
>"Short term?....nothing. I'm on the pill so you don't have to worry about a little brother. Long term?"
>Vinyl looks up and stares at the wall
>"We...can't just forget it happened." She glances back to you
>A trembling hand reaches out and rests against your cheek. You flush instinctively
>"But...we can't..." Vinyl struggles for words "...we can't -MUST NEVER- do anything like that again"
>You feel a ball of complex emotions roil inside your gut
"But..." You want to interject and say something. You can't find the right words
>Vinyl shakes her head. "Anon, no." She leans her head back and looks at the ceiling this time
>"I may not remember everything. But I remember enough." She admits. You see her flush
>"It felt good...It felt real good." A weak smile flashes across her face
>"But it was wrong. On too many levels in too many ways. For both our sakes, it can't happen again."
sure, but an independent one who's been taking care of himself due to his mom.. if this was anything other than sex he'd probably be eager to just tell her off for causing her own problems.
ah okay this is a good dynamic they have <3
File: vinyl_5.jpg (160 KB, 1467x1242)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
>A paradox blossoms in your soul. You feel simultaneously relieved and devastated
>you breath out a heavy sigh
"I guess that's that then..." You mutter
>You start to stand up when Vinyl grabs your wrist
>"Anon wait, please!" You look down and see fear and anxiety in her eyes
>slowly you sit back down
"What is it?" You ask cautiously
>"We can't...do what we did last night." Vinyl says, looking away for a moment at that last part
>"It did open my eyes though. It made me realize...that you don't see me as your mother."
>you open your mouth to protest but she holds up a hand
>"I won't let you lie to me, Anon. We both know I've been a terrible mother. I'm practically a stranger in your life. Faust knows what would've happened to you if Octavia hadn't been there to be the parent I wasn't."
>You want to protest her words. But now isn't the time to tell comforting lies.
>it's true. Octavia had been more of a mother than her
>now that you thought about it, a flicker of anger and resentment flashed through your heart
>the woman who had given birth to you had spent your youth partying and ignoring you
>while her on-again/off-again girlfriend raised you like her own son
>something must've flashed on your face because you see Vinyl wince
>"Look, I know it's a little late to try and apologize for being AWOL your entire childhood" Vinyl sighed and looked into your eyes
>"do you...think you could forgive me anyway?"
>You almost immediately say yes, but something stops you
>Vinyl tenses at your pause and you can see despair begin to cloud her face
"Mom, its...a lot to forgive" you reply
>Vinyl's face falls even further. Her entire body seems to droop
"What I mean is-" you hurriedly rush out "-I don't want things to go back to normal"
>She must've thought you were talking about the sex because she looks like she's about to protest
"I don't mean like last night" you quickly explain. "I mean going forward"
>You grab her hands again
"We both missed out on a lot. But if I've learned anything from this, its that I want my mom to be a part of my life. And I want to be a part of hers"
>part of you winces at yourself. This isn't a fucking hallmark movie. Still, you continue on
"Mom, I forgive you right here and right now."
>you see her posture straighten as if a burden has been pushed off her shoulders
"But I want us to be a real family. I'm willing to do my share and put in the work for it to happen...Will you?" you ask Vinyl
>Vinyl pauses for a moment
>"Yes" she whispers out. Another moment drags on
>then the two of you are embraced in a hug
>there's nothing sexual or lusty about it
>its filled with a pure, simple, love of two people reconnecting and making a commitment to each other's lives
>it feels like the two of you stay that way for a long time
>eventually though, your mom gives you a final squeeze and releases you
>both of you sniff and wipe away tears
>you hadn't realized you were crying
"So...what now?" You ask, your voice hoarse
>Vinyl looks around and runs her hands through her hair
>"I guess-" she catches sight of the forgotten food "-breakfast first." The two of you share a giggle
>She looks down at her attire
>"Then I suppose it's time for a little clothes shopping" Vinyl remarks
>you blush and look away. Her current selection leaves little to the imagination and your memory can fill in the rest from last night
>you're pretty sure your cheeks can't get any redder
>Vinyl giggles at your discomfort before sobering. Clearly she's thinking along the same lines
>"I'll...go borrow something from Octavia. I know that girl has a pair of jeans hidden under all those dress pants"
>Your mother departs and you make a conscious effort to avert your gaze from her backside
>you busy yourself re-heating the now cold omletets in the microwave
>a whirlwind of emotions caused by last night and just now suddenly leave you feeling drained
>but beyond the mental exhaustion is a sense of contentment and hope
>you still aren't sure if you want to characterize what happened last night as something bad or even good
>but if it's the catalyst for a true relationship between you and your mother, you'll be glad it happened

Good grief this was supposed to be a short little alternate ending. This thing is almost as long as the original story itself. Hope it didn't come off as too sappy and that yall enjoyed it. Though I might just come back to it again. >>37819396 and >>37822665 sparked a bit of inspiration. We'll see.
I admire your commitment to coming back and writing a whole second ending, it was a fun read.

Personally, I was hoping we would get an ending somewhere between the two extremes though. Something like
>Anon and Vinyl sit down to breakfast
>Vinyl: So, tell me the truth. Did we fuck or what?
>Anon: Yeah...
>Vinyl: HA! You horny little mother-fucker, I sure hope you weren't punching your v-card either, or else that's super lame
>Anon:Y-you too...
>Vinyl: We need to work on getting you a real girlfriend right away, oh yeah and I'll drive you to the clinic to get some anti-fungal mouthwash and antibotics... for reasons.
we could all use a dose of sweet sap once in a while. I mean we all make fun of it now, but we all WATCHED Full House.
yeah I was halfway through when I realized maybe "super cereal" doesn't vibe well with vinyl's character. But by that time I was already committed so I finished it up
That would be nice
File: blushy_smug.png (383 KB, 723x723)
383 KB
383 KB PNG
Now write the "Anon and vinyl decide to fix their mother-son relationship AND keep having sex 'alternate ending' " that's over 500 times longer than the original story and takes multiple ponepaste files to fit
Damn, I don't envy you all that extra work, but double-dubs have spoken
I'm >>37828844
I'll write the continuation meself
>I'll write the continuation meself
File: large.png (956 KB, 1196x1024)
956 KB
956 KB PNG
>Fine, I'll do it myself
>You know Anon, I've been away on my adventures for so long that I never noticed what a...handsome young man you've become
work like that demands quads
good prompt, though that would be implying Daring would actually know who her son is and what he looks like, she definitely is the type to leave as soon as she gives birth.
She has no idea he's becoming an evil scientist with that backstory fueling him
File: large (4).png (148 KB, 874x1024)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
She's the type to not even know that she did give birth
>Be Anon.
>Forced to go to an anime convention with your older sister.
>She already picked a costume for you.
>Your 15 and already know this convention is going to be lame.
>Your sister and you have been going to the same anime convention for about like 7 years now.
>It was always the same thing.
>You thought she would be tired of it by now.
>She hogs the hotel room all to herself to put on her new cosplay.
>It's probably some sort of new cringe anime like Sword Art Online or Goblin Slayer.
>You knock on the door.
"Can I come in now?"
>"Oh yes Anon you may."
"Finally you mutter to yourself."
>You enter the hotel room to see your sister wearing....
"What the hell is this?"
>Your sister blushes and acts shyly.
>Fucking hell she's trying to act like her character.
"Who are you supposed to be sis?"
>She taps her feet quietly on the floor.
>"I'm... I'm Fluttershy."
"What anime is she from?"
>"She's not from an anime... she's from MLP."
>"My Little Pony."
>You stare at your sister for a bit.
"You're cosplaying as a pony from a little girl's show?"
>You sigh.
>This has got to be the crigiest thing she has ever done.
>"Oh and here is your costume. I thought you would love it."
>Your sister then hands you a dragon onesey.
"A dragon?"
>"Not just any dragon. Spike the Dragon. He's my favorite. I thought you make a good Spike."
>You sigh.
"Fine, I'll be your stupid dragon."
>"Thank you so much."
>She said as she hugged you.
>You roll your eyes in annoyance.
>But at least it makes her happy.
hnng.. yes.. i would do it
but i would quickly look up the characters and suggest being the minotaur or something instead.
And when she's not looking - charge and poke people with fake horns and pretend to be Spyro.
File: medium.png (181 KB, 464x600)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
>You were quick to put on that onesey.
>Perfect match.
>You wonder why it had two set of zippers though.
>Kind of weird.
>You both then enter the hotel lobby.
>You were greeted by many anime cosplayers.
>Ranging from the usual fat fucks, to the actually talented people, to the ladies that barely wore anything.
>You wish your weren't a part of these costumed freaks.
>You wish she didn't drag you to be a part of it.
>Everyone wanted photos of you and your sister together.
>They were talking about how adorable you two were.
>Especially with photos of you two hugging.
>There were many requests for that.
>Some of them felt... a bit sexual though.
>With every photo you had to be in you gave out a huge fake smile because you didn't want to risk having the people asking you for another photo.
>No matter how awkward the pose was.
>You walked around for a couple of hours.
>Stopping every now and then for the occasional photo.
>Until it became lunch time.
>There you both sat in the food court eating some of the food the hotel had to offer via food trucks.
>You're not sure what to make of this food truck pizza you got but it's better than nothing.
>You both eat your lunch.
>"Thank you again for coming with me on such a short notice."
>Your sister blurts out.
"It's fine. I'm fine with helping you out and all. But you should really start finding other people who take cosplaying as a hobby."
>You take a bite out of your food truck pizza, tasting the gooey stuffed crust and spicey Pepperonis.
>You then swallow.
"I don't know about you but I am clearly getting too old for it."
>"That's understandable Spike."
"I mean you should have like a boyfriend to do this kind of stuff an-..."
>You notice two things.
>One she agreed with you.
>and two...
>Did she just call you Spike?
>"I know you're getting a bit tired playing dress up with your older sister. But I'm hoping to find some friends at 10:00 PM tonight. Wish me luck."
"Umm... OK. Just be careful. I'll be at the hotel room while you are doing that."
>"I will Spike. Remember to be a good boy while you are in there."
File: Lewd.webm (408 KB, 1920x1080)
408 KB
I'm pretty sure the original writefag is European so I hope he won't mind me co-opting his green when he wakes up.

>you wake up a few hours later
>for a second you think you just had the wildest dream of your life
>then you look around and the realization hits that this isn't your room
>a glance to your side reveals the naked form of your mother, curled up in a ball
>the dawning glimmers of light creep up along her nape and on the small of her back
>and stop at her supple looking rear
>looking at her in all her splendor, a wave of emotions hits you as you realize last night wasn't some crazy wet dream
>shame was the predominant emotion, but for some reason you don't feel disgusted with yourself
>it's mostly anxiety and... lust? Another flash of guilt passes through your mind, but you can't help it, last night was the hottest thing you'd ever experienced
>as you continue to gaze at Vinyl, another thought creeps into your mind
>why not continue where last night left off?
>you feel your member harden in approval as you fantasize about it
>was last night just a fluke? a dirty secret that you will hold onto until your grave
>is that really how you want to end things?
"mhm Diamond." Vinyl moans out before turning over onto her front
>her naked form presents itself, as the small blanket she had left falls to the side
>with every breath her small, pliable breasts rise and fall
>and as you shift your gaze down below
>there it is, exposed and bare for the world to see, the place where you came from, and the place you came inside of last night
>Vinyl's labia still sticky with the mix of your's and your mothers shameful deed last night
>just looking at it gets you harder than you thought possible
>your heart begins thumping loudly in your chest
>are you really going to do this? you can probably pass off last night and get away with it
>no you know you can, your 'mother' is just the type of person to ignore the fucking semen steeping out of her pussy
>but are you really satisfied with just one night? you've already crossed a sacred line, there's no coming back from that. Even if no one else finds out, you'll know the truth
File: 1841552.gif (2.45 MB, 500x281)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB GIF
>the truth that you fucked your whore of a mother while she was high off her mind
>you get set on the the idea of going another round
>slowly and quietly, you move over to your mother's side of the bed
>once there, you stealthily grab her left breast with your hand
>Vinyl just slowly moans as you knead her surprisingly plump melon in your hand
>you didn’t notice it last night due to the low light but she's actually got some perky tits
>so far Vinyl seems content to sleep and so you move over to straddle her
>your rock hard cock touching her stomach
"hehe no don’t pour syrup Double, not today"
>the pounding in your chest is overwhelming now, you're suprised she isn't waking up just from hearing it
>then again your pretty sure she's too wasted even wake up before noon
>"Ok Vinyl this is it, I'm going to stick it in, if you don’t wake up now then I can't be blamed for this."
>just as you press your cock near her entrance, you hear her mumble
>you freeze and look up at her face
>her eyes are still closed and she's still snoring
>but her arms and legs have lost what little energy they had before
>she's out cold, you guess she must have entered into deep sleep
>with that out of the way you take your right hand and grasp your penis and press the tip to her vagina
>up and down, over and over, you have your dick trace the contours of her cunt
>"ah fuck, Vinyl this is so god damn hot." you whisper out
>dear old mom of course doesn't respond
>as you keep a rhythm going both your genitals slowly get more and more wet, until at last a welching sound starts to echo through the room
>it drives you wild and makes you decide to go all the way
>hoping you don't regret this, you stop your movements and position yourself to her opening
>you push your cock forward and feel the tip enter her
>the feeling is undescribable, the warmth, the pressure the tightness
>slowly, maddeningly slowly you push more of your cock inside
>finally you reach your base and take a second to look at Vinyl's face
>she doesn't seem to feel anything and actually looks visibly relaxed
>you then start to thrust backwards and forward as gently as you can
>it's a different experience than last night as everytime you pull out, you feel her inner walls almost suck you back in
>to support your pace you also grab on to Vinyl's soft doughy thighs and slightly lift up her lower body
>with a better position you begin to press all the way into her cervix each time you shove your dick inside
>it feels as if your dickhead is being kissed and sucked by her womb
>you accelerate your pace and soon find yourself about to cum
>you pull all the way out of Vinyl and slam your cock in as hard and as far back as you can
>"Take it you god damn slut!" you shout at Vinyl, furiously grabbing on to her thighs and pulling her lower body closer
>burst after burst of your seed stains her walls until her vagina is filled
>with one final splurt you finally pull out and survey what you've done
File: 951168.png (347 KB, 720x718)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
>Vinyl's freshly fucked cunt dripping with your semen
>you only wish you had your phone, instead you try as hard as you can to etch this sight into your memory
>as you look over her the realization of what you've done begins to hit
>the guilt and shame are the first thing to hit you but they're mixed with a sick sense of pleasure
>you send a quick prayer up above to whatever spaghetti monster in the sky is out there for forgiveness
>then you begin to think on all the consequences of your actions
>you dread to even look away from her pussy in fear of looking up and finding Vinyl's red eyes staring back at you
>but you look up anyway and find no such thing happening
>instead Vinyl's face is one of calmness
>her breast rising slowly as it becomes clear that she slept through the whole damn thing
>instead of calming your nerves this only makes you more anxious
>will she remember what happened?
>you decide to put on your boxers and pick up the rest of your clothes, you'll have to wash them if you have any hope of getting away with this
>with that decided, you silently scurry out of her room
>a quick visit to the washing machine is the first thing you do, you take of your boxers and put your clothes in there before setting the cycle
>your next stop is your room to grab some fresh clothes
>while you're in there you notice your phones LED light is on
>a message from your mom- from Octavia (you correct yourself) is there
"Sorry Anon, but looks like my recital is going to take an extra day I'll be home on Monday, probably in the afternoon. There's money in my purse, order yourself a pizza, and DON'T let Vinyl see you grab it. Make sure to go to school on Monday young man, I'll be home soon."
"Love you."
>a smile spreads across your face as you read the message
>while she may not have birthed you, you love her as if she was your real mother
>you decide to respond later after a quick shower
>as you head out to the bathroom an idea pops into your head, if Vinyl does remember last night, than you at least want something as a reminder of earlier this morning
>you grab onto the doorknob and prepare yourself, if you get caught you already have an excuse
>you slowly open the door and peek inside
>there she is, Vinyl Scratch still naked and passed out
>you slowly approach, being careful not to put to much weight on your feet
>you reach her side and move your hands in front of her face, trying to see if she's close to waking
>with nothing but snores being her response you decide to go ahead with your plan
>you look on your 'mother' and see that she's curled up on her side, fortunately for you she's still naked
>unfortunately she's also moved her legs up along with her, blocking you from looking at the promised land
>you grab your phone and angle yourself to at least get some nice ass shots
>you also grab a video depicting her petite breasts moving up and down
>all this staring is starting to get your member hard again
File: 1173307.png (610 KB, 2257x2745)
610 KB
610 KB PNG
>but this time you control yourself as the the sun is beginning to actually rise
>you don't fancy your chances on not getting caught this time, hell you're still nervous that Vinyl will remember something from last night
>grabbing your phone you decide to get an entire shot Vinyl's body, face included
>you also satisfy yourself by grabbing a squishy handful of musician ass
>with that out of the way you decide to head out when you're stopped by a sudden groan
>you freeze as fear grips your heart at the sound of your mom's voice
"Fugg it's cold" she mumbles out
>you're stuck waiting in place for the other shoe to drop
>surprisingly it doesn't as it appears that Vinyl goes back to sleep
>you thank you're lucky stars and decide to go with your backup plan just in case Vinyl remembers you were in her room
>grabbing onto the blanket on the floor you drape it over the curled up form of your mother
>"Sweet dreams."
>all you get in response is more murmurs but Vinyl grabs the blanket harder as turns over in her sleep
>with that done you head on over to the shower and make sure to keep you phone on you as you lock the door to the bath
>you'll have to download an image hiding app later
>the last thing you need is managing to get away with this only to later get caught by your mother being nosy and looking through you phone
>ideas and fantasies race through your mind at the thought of the videos
>for now though you need to get yourself clean
>A warm shower washes away the evidence of your sins
>you get dressed in a tshirt and jeans
>normally you would pick something like gym shorts but after everything that's happened you don't want to risk tenting when Vinyl walks by
>after a bit more personal hygine and a quick download of a hide it app, you head downstairs to the kitchen
>you forgo an easy meal of cereal in favor of a self-made omelet
>you finish making it and and wait for the inevitable awakening of your mother
>by now it's nearly 9 in the morning
>you can't help but wonder what fate has in store for you
>you're halfway through your omelet when Vinyl stumbles in
>it's a bit shocking as she almost never gets up before 12 noon. Especially when she gets back late from partying
>you notice her attire: An oversized black t-shirt that goes down to mid-thigh
>it covers everything but you also can't tell if she's wearing pants
>that she might be going full commando causes your junk to stir and you're suddenly glad you wore jeans
>Vinyl shuffles her way over to you
>this is it, the moment of truth
>she looks exhausted and a bit hung over, a good sign
"that'a omlette?" she askes. You nod. "Can I get that one?"
>before you can respond she grabs your plate and slides it over to herself
>Vinyl plops down into a chair with an audible sigh
"damn, last night was crazy." She mutters.
>you gasp and hope she doesn't notice
"Can't even remember how I got home."
>you nod as you put a new omlette on a new plate
File: 2387833.png (376 KB, 2952x2952)
376 KB
376 KB PNG
"you didn't happen to hear anyone come in with me or leave after I got here, did you?" she asks
>Does that mean she doesn't remember anything?!
>if that's true than how much does she even know of what happened last night?
>your heart starts beating like crazy as you start formulating a plan to see just how much she remembers
>"No, sorry Vinyl but I wasn't even home last night."
>if she believes that lie than you're in the clear, if she doesn't...
"Really why?" she murmurs out through a mouthful of omelet
>a grin then appears on her face
"Don't tell me you got a girlfriend or something?" she teases
>a girlfriend? you can't believe you're luck, does she really not know what happened?
>"Yeah I guess you could say that Ma. I spent the night with my girlfriend." you say with a smile
>will she take the bait?
"Oh look at you, such a playboy that's my guy." as she says this she steps up and gives you a hug
>you can feel her breasts touching your arm and your junk starts to stir
"You'll have to introduce her to me and Tavi sometime." she speaks into your face
>oh if only she knew
>"Yeah sure thing Ma. I bet you'd like her, you two share a lot in common."
"Really? I hope not too much." she laughs
"Anyway don't worry kid I'll try to keep Tavi from grilling her too hard if you want to invite her over for dinner."
>"Ha, thanks but she's the shy and quiet type I doubt I can convince her to come over this early in our relationship."
>you can't believe it, you're actually getting away with it, there really must be someone looking out for you
"Well just give it a shot Anon. Also I... hmm how do I say this? I'm just gonna be blunt kid, did you two... you know? Have sex?"
>ah shit
>what are you supposed to say to that?
"I'm asking since you spent last night over at her house."
>"Yes." you stammer out
"Did you use protection? Cause Anon I'm too young to be a grandma yet."
>oh fuck, protection!
>how could you be so fucking stupid! you forget to use a condom!
>and after all the trouble you went through to get a box discreetly
>and the more expensive desensitized ones as well! you really wanted to try one out.
"So guessing by that look on your face that the answer is no. Listen I'm on the pill so if you need it I can spare a few for your girlfriend."
>well that takes care of that problem
>"Sure, thanks you really saved my fucking ass Ma"
"Watch your language Anon, the last thing I need is Tavi on my case about teaching you foul language."
>you really have to bite down a response to that, seeing as how in your early years she was the one that introduced curse words into your vocabulary
>"Sorry won't happen again."
>with that done she finishes up her (your) omelet and places the tray in the dishwasher
"Ahh," Vinyl yawns out "Man what day is it anyways?
>"Sunday Ma. Why?"
>"Ah shit I got a gig to do later then, I'll go get you those pills for your girlfriend and then head back to sleep. You need anything else kid?"
"No Ma, just the pills."
File: Spoiler Image (803 KB, 1280x1229)
803 KB
803 KB PNG
"Good, Tavi will be back by sundown then. If you need anything ask her when she comes back."
>ah yeah, that reminds you about sending back a text message to your mom-
>to Octavia letting her know your doing alright
>"Actually Ma, she's not coming back until tomorrow. Something about her recital running late."
"Oh shit really?! Hell yeah that's whats up, tonight I'm gonna get royally fucked up."
>and there's the cursing
"Woo Momma is gonna have fun tonight. Don't stay up too late then Anon tomorrow's a school day after all. Hahaha."
>another night of partying?
>Vinyl stops her celebrating and turns to you, wearing an expression you can't recognize
"Ah shit, wait that means you'll be on your own right kid?"
"Yes?" you wonder what she's getting at
"Hmm" she looks at you before heading back up the stairs
"Wait there Anon."
>you wonder what that was all about
>a few minutes later Vinyl comes back down holding a bag in her hand
"Ok sport look here" she reaches into her bag and pulls out a bottle of pill.
"Tell you're girlfriend to take one of these a day to prevent pregnancy, she's a nerd right?"
"She should know what to do with these, but if she doesn't the instructions are on the back."
>"Yeah no worries I'll tell her."
"Ok Anon, make sure she takes one today."
>as she passes the bottle over to you she also reaches back into her bag
"Hey tell ya what kid, since I'm such a cool Mom, if you want to bring your girlfriend over to the house when I leave, I won't tell Tavi."
>wow you never thought you would be getting permission to bring a girl over. If only you had one in the first place
"Hell there's some things I got that might spice things up."
>she finally finds what she's looking for and pulls out a box of condoms
>what the hell
"Listen Anon, these ones are apparently the best in the biz, supposedly it's like the real thing."
"I'm giving them to you cause I don't want you catching anything ok?"
>"Sure Ma, thanks."
>she reaches back in and pulls out some sort of lotion?
"This is lube"
>for fucks sake
"Listen you're just gonna have to trust me that this is the good shit."
>oh god
"Alrighty sport, I'm gonna get some more aspirin and then go back to bed, try not to cause too much noise please."
>"Sure thing Ma."
>Vinyl grabs her bag and starts heading back up the stairs
"Oh and try to have your girlfriend gone by midnight cause I'm going to be coming back all kinds of fucked up, I wouldn't want to scare the girl off."
>and with that she begins to go back up
>and as she reaches the final step her shirt hikes up a little
>her ass is on display as she makes her way out of your sight
>so tonight she's going to be coming back all fucked up eh?
>well now you know your not going to be able to sleep early
>your dick isn't going to let you, not when you're going to be waiting to use the lube your dear old mother gave you
>it would be impolite, not to

File: 2231953.png (537 KB, 2068x2064)
537 KB
537 KB PNG
There, now there are 3 different alternative endings and if that aryanne guy delivers it will be 4.
I also decided to go with the idea that Vinyl was actually high/drunk of her mind instead of just pretending.
I really hope the original author doesn't get mad I basically hijacked his green. No disrespect intended bro, I love Europe and your green was fucking hot as hell. Also I'm pretty sure some grammar and spelling mistakes slipped through, my bad.
File: medium (5).png (172 KB, 800x388)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
"After all these years, I'm gonna make you pay for abandoning me, mother!"
>"I would've stuck around if I knew how hot you'd become"
"Wait, what?"
> When the Princesses decide that your son would make the perfect consort
>When the Princesses decide that their sons would make the perfect consorts
> When the Princesses decide that your son would make the perfect consort for you.
Fund them
Also bum
Does this still count as incest if they are cosplaying as characters not related?
Anon they are still brother and sister.
Mom, where are your pants?
> “where are YOUR pants?”
….clever girl…..
I miss the momlestia threads
same anon, same.
I prefer auntie luna
Wish there was gentle/mommy dom Celestia stuff on here. Could work with a good lot of characters too.
Original green here. Shit's good. Frankly I'm flattered I did such a good job someone was inspired to continue it.
good 'tude. I think I'd feel pretty similarly if anyone ran with something I wrote.
>Trixie has seen the way you look at her, dear brother.
>No need to be ashamed, few can resist the Great and Powerful Trixie's charms, even fewer can resist her body.
How the hell did I miss this? It was breddy good
File: 1345275182528.png (214 KB, 720x720)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
>This is Trixie's way of saying that her traveling magician business has gone broke... again
>But she'd rather be an incestous whore for her degenerate brother than lower herself to asking for help
>fluttershy has a katana
Imagine breeding your Weeb/neet mom fluttershy
Choose your relative
>>Weeb/neet mom
>Looks up a bunch of cartoons kids like to see if they're good for her boy.
>Discovers the anime rabbit hole.
Timid, quiet fluttermom can only express her excited anime feelings with her son as he's really the only one around her that "gets" anime
> “Dangit bro! Why you gotta be so freaking cool!”
this is by far the hottest rara has ever been
I would say the ugliest, like it does not fit her AT ALL
You have no taste and she is hot, but Applejack is still hotter
Also a fun idea with Flutter weeb mom
>Flutters likes super cute and innocent anime like Hamtaro
>Finds out her son likes anime too
>Then finds out he likes the kind of anime focused on huge anime titties...
>She's shocked and becomes self conscious of the fact that she has big melons herself
that is so Flutter-accurate
I'm more into Hiroko and Kana. what if your flat little rainbow sister thinks you're a dumb weeaboo but then watches some shows and sees you like cute hamster shows with cute girls in
>Little tomboy sister who thinks anime is dumb discovers you like loli
Yes, but also another idea with a milf weeb mom
>Similar to the previous one except she finds out her son is watching anime with lolis, and thinks she needs to 'correct' him on what he should be attracted to
Though that doesn't feel very Flutters, and would probably be better with a different weeb mom.
>Windy Whistles
(or correction the other way around)
>>Windy Whistles
>Sunset Shimmer
all work
>After the deed is done and brother has left, Trixie stares at the wad of cash on her nightstand before crying herself to sleep
Too much of a bummer.
Then why am I so hard right now?
File: 1345267857826.png (101 KB, 512x512)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
>Though that doesn't feel very Flutters, and would probably be better with a different weeb mom.
Are you kidding? As a cultured mare, Flutters would be the first to chew Anon out over his shit taste, especially when he's lucky enough to have a hot MILF like herself around.
File: Spoiler Image (2 MB, 1929x3000)
2 MB

Guess who's back

>be Vinyl Scratch
>have a secret
>a deep dark, life ending secret
>you want to have a son who's also your mate
>not just a fuck buddy who will screw you like a wild animal
>but also a husband who love and care for you
>in started when you were in your teens
>you had just broken up with a boyfriend
>you were at a friends house moping around
>when you saw how your friend's mother bossed around her son
>an idea struck you
>a son must listen to his mother and obey her
>a son and a mother already share an intimate bond
>a son and a mother love and trust each other
>a son would be the perfect partner
>you initially dismiss the thought
>but eventually it grows on you
>you put together a plan that must start as soon as possible
>you find a guy who's more interested in sex than a relationship
>after a few weeks, he impregnates you
>you were already a wild child, so being a teen mom dismays your parents but they don't shun you for it
>at the age of 17 you give birth
>your son is beautiful, and you're already imagining the life you're going to have with him
>then you get a divine wrench in your plans
>Octavia enters your life
>despite being total opposites, you and Octavia bond and become close
>eventually you move in with each other
>as the years go by, you notice Octavia becoming more and more invested in your son
>you feel a bit of jealousy but realize you can use this to your advantage
>Octavia begins treating your son like her own while you continue to step back
>by the time he begins school Octavia has practically taken over the roll
>you remain close enough to avoid being a stranger, but you start using your budding career as a DJ to make space
>you will be a presence in your son's life, but he will not see you as his mother
>you encourage this mindset
>when he is young you act like a close family friend, but nothing more
>only the fact that you live in Octavia's house and pay the bills keeps you in his life
>you wait some time until he begins to mature before you start putting the next phase of your plan into action
>after he turns 14, your wardrobe begins to shrink in size
>by the time he's 16, you're wearing t-shirts and underwear around him
>Octavia will reprimand you when you get too risque but she's often at performances these days
>you'd strut around naked if you could and the idea of parading your bare body infront of your child makes your horny to no end
>you begin leaving underwear soiled with your juices in conspicuous places for him to find
>the bathroom, laundry room, and hallway in front of your room are all common spots
>eventually you begin to find them in your son's room with his own markings on them
>you can barely contain yourself
>eventually the opportunity appears
>Octavia will be gone for the weekend
>she thinks you'll be out performing shows and clubbing
>your son will be home alone
>you take off in the late afternoon to convince him you'll be gone for a while
>but instead of a club you head to a cheap motel
>you catch some sleep until your alarm wakes you in the early morng
>a cab takes you home and you swig from a bottle of vodka a few times to get your breath smelling right
>and to calm your racing heart and jumpy nerves
>your "drunken stumble" isn't quite so fake when you stumble into your house
>you make enough noise bumbling to the couch to wake the dead, much less your son
>you flop onto the living room sofa and wait
>after what feels like an agonizing eternity, you hear him
>then you see him
>just a tshirt and boxers
>your heart is pounding like a jackhammer as your imagination runs wild
>he calls to you and you ham up the drunken party girl routine
>you call out the name of some jerk you met a month ago to really sell it
>he seems annoyed and resigned
>then he pulls you up with his hands and wraps those big strong arms of his around you
>this is just like how all your lewd fantasies start
>tonight you make those fantasies a reality
>you begin rubbing up against him and murmuring in his ear
>as you fake being out of it, you catch him eyeing your clothes
>or lack thereof
>going bra-less had been a fantastic idea
>as the two of you get closer, you let your hands roam
>you caress his shoulders and paw at his chest
>moment of truth
>you lick his neck
>he freezes
>you call out to "diamond" and rub your groin against his body
>even through the fabric the touch lights your neithers aflame
>your head spins but you press on and grab at his crotch
>only thin cloth separates you from your son's wonderous cock
>that he's becoming erect fuels your advances
>you mutter lecherous things before going for the kill
>his lips meet yours and your tongue goes to work
>there's still a slight aftertaste of toothpaste on his breath
>you grope and grind mercilessly
>you'd fuck him right here and now if you had your way
>alas, he rebuffs your advances and pushes you off him
>"you're my mom!" you hear him stutter out
>mentally you scream
>you're too damn close to be stopped now. you need to come up with an idea
>suddenly it comes to you in a flash of genius
"of course i'm yur mommey" you moan out, as though you're still drunk and don't know where you are or who you're groping
>still pretending, you call him to join you in bed
>before he can resist again, you grab and drag him to your room
>you'd strut around naked if you could
you certainly can in your house.. why didnt she just start things off that way? I guess this maintains the taboo and allows for titillation which would suit her purpose.
File: 1636774654939.jpg (374 KB, 1600x1600)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
>your little sis scootaloo has been your shadow for as long as you can remember
>everything you do she does
>sometimes its a drag but she's pretty cool most of the time
>as you get older she starts getting more...clingy? affectionate for sure
>whatever she's still cool and manages to avoid being a pain
>one day you come home and find her holding your laptop
>she looks visibly upset
>what the hell?
>"anon what the hell is on your computer?!"
>you're absolutely baffled
>she opens the screen and it reveals hentai pic of a busty milf groping herself
>inwardly you groan and kick yourself for not adding a password
>"C'mon scoots, it's just porn. I know you're not *that* naïve."
>you try to play it off as no big deal
>"I don't care you jerk off to porn, dummy!" she stamps her feet
>"I care that you're jerking off to disgusting fat cow udders!"
>"is that really what you like?" tears are forming in her eyes and she slaps her chest
>her very flat chest, you suddenly realize
>"Uh...scoots, what's this about?"
fuckin adorable. clingy scoots is the best scoots.
I still like that prompt where she's got zero boundaries and is always hanging around your room in various states of undress and your parents just laugh it off as cute behavior
File: aDgq5j9_460s.jpg (35 KB, 460x300)
35 KB
Thats 4, CAN WE GET 5?!
Am I putting this under one bin? If so, can get a name, or are we keeping this anonymous?

Care to catalog this?
Five what?
Off 9 please.
Here's a paste for it, and I've been working on the next part. Though slowly, mainly because I'm working retail when Christmas stuff is coming in and stuff like the build up to Black Friday. So that's keeping me pretty busy.
If nobody's taken the name clipclock on this board you can put them down under that. I'm these stories:
Original Vinylmom/anon
Serious alternate ending
Also working on vinylmom POV
>Also working on vinylmom POV
5 alternate endings.
2 were made by the original writer
then someone else >>37828844 said they were going to make a 3rd alternative continuation
Then someone made a 4th version>>37832146
So now this is number 5 >>37840622
Four things have actually been written, hence the image asking when the 5th one will be made
>you practically throw yourself to the bed with a flop
>in a single motion, you strip down to your panties
>thumbs catch the thin waistband and you drag them down to your thighs
>your snatch is bare for all the world to see
>but this show is for one audience member only
>your son turns away from the door and sees you on the bed
>inwardly you cheer as you watch his jaw drop while his eyes roam up and down your body
>you call him over
>you want to say his name, but for the sake of the act, you use "diamond" again
>he marches almost robotically to you
>in a blur, you grab him, toss him on the bed, and lie on him
"c'mon diamondd" you slur a bit and beg your son to fuck you
>you can see hunger and lust wash over his face
>your cunt throbs as you realize you've won
>he grabs the back of your head and drags it to his
>you reply in kind, your tongue exploring every crevice in his mouth
>your hands do the same to his body
>it takes all your willpower not to shred his clothes like a wild beast
>instead you force yourself to take it slow and drag his shirt off him
>you begin licking his chest, savoring the taste
>but the real treat lies further south
>you reach his groin and plant your nose on top his package, inhaling deeply
>the scent alone almost makes you cum
>you quickly remove the barrier between you and your treat
>his dick springs up and you moan as you see it
>your eyes focus on it and you can make out every throb and twitch
"come to momma" you mutter
>you briefly glance at your son
>his face is a mask of desparate, eager lust
>you flash him a grin and then descend
>his taste and musk overpowers your senses
>you feel lightheaded but power through
>your tongue lashes up and down and around his shaft while you suck on it like a lollipop
>somehow his body is both stiff and trembling, like a solid wooden board that was just struck
>you feel a flash of personal pride when he moans out he's about to cum
>you redouble your efforts
>he grunts just as a hearty wave of jizz sprays into your mouth
>the flavor is rich and intoxicating
>you've given head to a couple guys before, but they always smelled terrible and tasted bitter
>this was a fountain you could drink from forever
>you gulp his seed down greedily, but all to soon the spurts end and his member goes soft
>you hear your son wimper as you release it from your mouth
>now it's your turn for some fun, you think
>you drag yourself up his chest until you're face to face
>lips part and you reveal your open mouth, proving to him that you did indeed drink his sperm
>then you scoot up and wrap your knees around his head
>you chide him for letting you do all the work so far, then invite him to pitch in
>your crotch lowers on his face
>a scream pleasure bursts from your throat as you feel his tongue enter your folds
>you can feel it writhing inside you, caressing your most sensitive parts

gonna try and get one more post in
>what feels like electricity begins to pool in your nethers and you begin to grind your cunt against his lips
>his hands come up and grip your thights before you can accidentally shake yourself off his face
>at this point you're practically writhing in ecstasy
>and that was before he found your g-spot
"RIGHT THERE!" you screech
>you can feel his tongue retracing his steps and begin its assault anew
>indescribable pleasure radiates from your cunt
>dimly you're aware that one of his hands has begun playing with your clit
>it only adds to the tsunami of bliss you're feeling
>your body is shaking like a leaf on the wind
>your cries fill the room as you beg your son for more like a cheap whore in heat
>the pleasure building in your core is the only thing you're focused on
>then the dam bursts, and the sensation freezes your body with dumbstruck euphoria
>your orgasm rattles your very bones
>you feel liquid gush from your cunt and a small part of you wonders if some of it is pee
>your son laps it all up regardless
>despite your clearly audible orgasm, he continues to eat you out
>an eternity passes as you remain frozen in place, basking in the afterglow
>eventually, your body relaxes
>you flop down backwards on his chest
>hopefully he gets a good eyeful of your dripping pussy on display in front of his face
>the both of you simply lie there and catch your breath
>until you feel his boner prodding your back
>you grin
>you sit back up, only this time your slit hovers above his cock
>you see his face and shiver in delight
>for over sixteen years you've been waiting for this moment
>now it to finally make anon yours
>no more will you be mother and son
>from this night onward, the two of you will be lovers
>you descend
>the two of you merge and become one
cute little sisters
in your lap!
This is NOT how she expected this rape to go
I bet sunset has a perfect, soft ass
That's Adagio
Jealous Sonata > Adagio
If you’re looking for sunset, I got one here who doesn’t mind getting dirty with her big strong relative. Out here, in the forest where no one will hear her scream
i miss when this artist was sane
Imma need some context
Menage a 3
but it's a webcomic so that should really tell you all you need to know.
Sunset does more for me than the Dazzlings, honestly.
Wouldn't it be nice?
>a blissful cry escapes your lips as Anon enters you
>you've been preparing for this moment since he was born
>despite popular opinion, you never slept around
>you've had a few partners since you gave birth to your son
>but whenever you really needed your itch scratched, you turned to Octavia
>if you could've given your son your virginity, you would
>as it is, you hope you've taken his
>his initial penetration is enhanced by the still lingering afterglow of your last orgasm
>and you begin to rock your body up and down on his poll
>you gasp as you feel him begin to thrust in time with your own movements
>he grabs your hips and begins to push down
>if you had to describe the sensation you'd call it utopian
>with him pinning your thighs down, your hands are free to play with your nipples
>every one of his thrusts sends a bolt of lighting up your spine
>you moan and yelp like the bitch you are
>pleasure like you've never known before engulfs every cell in your body
>through your joyous haze, you hear him call out
>"I'm about to come" he grunts
>the mere thought nearly sends you over the edge yourself
>you increase your writhing
>his cock is slamming into you like a jackhammer
>"I'm seriously about to-" you interrupt him before he can finish
"IN ME! DO IT IN ME!" You plead
>and just like that, the seed of your son paints the walls of your cunt
>estacy rolls over your body like a freight train as you join Anon in orgasming
>hot, sticky bliss shoots into your womb and you shudder and shake atop him
>this is it. you've finally achieved your lewd, demented, perverted dream
>and it feels better than you could have ever imagined
>finally, your orgasm subsides
>for the second time that night, you melt onto his body
>you stifle a whimper as you feel his sticky cock slide out of your messy cunt
>juices and jizz dribble out onto your thighs
>you curl around him and whisper praises into his ear
>basking in the heat of his body and your own afterglow, you slowly drift off to sleep
>the next morning you sense him stir
>you pretend to stay asleep and wait to see what he does
>part of you hopes he'll continue where he left off last night
>instead he picks up his clothes and makes for the door
>you mutter loud enough for him to hear and wrap your arms around yourself, still feigning sleep
>he comes back over and puts a blanket over your still form
>both you body and heart is warmed by the action
>you wait until you hear him get into the shower before you get up
>the first thing you do is paw at your crotch
>your fingers return with strands of his cum and your juices
>you suck the mixture off your fingers, savoring the taste
>again the process is repeated until nothing of him is left
>you feel mildly disappointed until you realize there's more where that came from
>sounds from the kitchen tell you he's preparing breakfast
>you get yourself ready
>what that means is putting on an oversized black tshirt and nothing else
>you slink down the hall towards Anon
>when you get to the kitchen you make a show of groggily stumbling in
>you pretend you don't notice him ogling your figure and look at what he's making
>omelets appear to be on the menu and you ask for one
>he agrees and gives you the one he was almost done with
>you feel a little guilty for taking his breakfast
>but you plan on making it up to him
>trying to keep a straight face, you ask if he saw anyone bring you home last night
>he denies everything and deliberately focuses on his meal prep
>a grin cracks your face
>you silently sneak up while his back is turned and hug him
>quietly, you whisper into his ear that you remember everything
>you grope Anon's cock through his jeans
>his whimper causes your pussy to clench
"After breakfast you must come back to my room so mommy can give you a fitting punishment"
>you say, as you guide one of his hands onto your bare cunt
>"after breakfast" he agrees with a murmur
>you grind against his hand while molesting his package
>you can hardly wait
>your future with Anon starts today
Nice, she even looks slightly older
She looks like an auntie that’s had enough of your shit/wants you to go all the way
Have a repost of an old prompt

>Sonata Dusk is autistic
>Not the meme autistic that’s constantly being thrown around here. She would legitimately be on the spectrum if she was tested. Key word being tested.
>Sonata is high functioning enough that she’s aware of her own weirdness, even if she doesn’t know what exactly it is, so she compensates by imitating normal people to blend in.
>Most of her family and close friends just think she’s a bit ditzy.
>Now like most autists, she has a fixation. Hers is anime.
>Sonata typically ends up imitating what she sees in her current favorite anime for a few months, before moving onto the next show.
>Her family and friends just think she’s a weeaboo.
>Her online friends recommend a new anime to her about a little sister who tries to seduce her older brother out of jealousy towards his new girlfriend.
>Sonata naturally gets hooked on it, and her older brother Anon starts noticing his underwear going missing.
Page 10 and would like a sonata story
Sonata > Adagio > Aria
we need more stories where emergency conditions force you and your sister to share a room and shenanigans ensue.
we need more stories where emergency conditions force you and your sister to share a bed and shenanigans ensue.
I do like that formula.
well yeah that's what i meant
like it's a motel or motor home or something, no space.
>House is being fumigated
>Mom is off on a business trip
>Dad's been AWOL for years
>You and your sister are stuck sharing a cramped camper with one bed, a tiny shower, and one shower's worth of hot water.
well, that gets my pot kettling. the question is.. which sister.
I definitely think that's a good candidate. but it might work better if it's someone who'd be a little less comfortable with big brother seeing her naked. Most versions of Scoots would give so few fucks
File: octavia_nearval.png (272 KB, 516x1024)
272 KB
272 KB PNG

last follow up. Includes Octavia

>Octavia is suspicious
>something is going on between Anon and Vinyl
>they're acting close
>too close
>one might think it crazy to think a mom and son being close was unusual
>but Octavia had spent the past 16+ years raising Anon like her own
>meanwhile Vinyl partied and DJ'ed, completely ignoring the boy she birthed
>now though...
>it's like they were suddenly inseparable
>a few weeks have gone by since she got back from her recital in manehattten
>it was like someone had flipped a switch while she was gone
>the two were practically inseparable now
>Vinyl would take Anon to school and drive him around town
>Anon would help her get ready for her sets at nearby clubs
>they showered each other with hugs and compliments
>Anon even made her omelets for breakfast
>when she asked, they just laughed like it was an inside joke
>she was even finding their laundry mixed in with each other
>something had happened between the two, and Octavia was determined to find out what
>the next upcoming Saturday, she told them she had some errands to run and would be gone for the afternoon
>after waiting in up the street for about twenty minutes, Octavia circled around
>she quietly snuck back into the house
>noises could be heard coming from Vinyl's room
>creeping down the hallway, she reached the bedroom door
>it was ajar and she peeked inside
>her mind froze
File: Spoiler Image (3.35 MB, 2800x3036)
3.35 MB
3.35 MB PNG
>as she peered from the hallway, Octavia couldn't believe her eyes
>Vinyl was atop Anon in a reverse cowgirl style
>the DJ was facing the door, but she was looking upwards
>her pink eyes were rolled in the top of her head and her tongue lolled out
>Octavia couldn't see much of Anon besides his legs
>but she had a feeling he was just as naked as Vinyl
>Vinyl bounced in the air, propelled by Anon's thrusts
>her perky tits bobbed along with her chest
>Octavia could make out Anon's hands
>pinning her waist to his groin as he thrust upward
>Vinyl moaned and gasped with every bounce
>the angle she was looking at prevented Octavia from seeing Anon's dick
>but she imagined it was slick with lube and Vinyl's juices
>any doubts that it might be another man railing Vinyl were banished when Anon moaned out his mother's name
>Octavia couldn't believe what she was seeing
>Vinyl was fucking her own son
>she stumbled back from the door
>in a daze, she rushed to her room and shut the door
>automatically, she walked over to her bed and flopped down
>conflicting emotions raced through her head as she lay there
>shock, disgust, and horror all battled for supremacy
>and something else
>how dare Vinyl claim Anon like that
>he was Octavia's
>the thought sprang to her mind before she realized
>but once there, a tide of other thoughts sprange up
>SHE was the one who had raised Anon
>SHE was the one who taught him to speak and read
>SHE was the one who had brought him to his first day of school
>SHE was the one who dried his tears and cleaned up his scraps and bruises
>SHE had raised him and by Faust if anyone deserved to be fucked senseless by Anon it was HER
>Vinyl was some partying DJ slut who had contributed next to nothing and she deserved nothing
>and even that disgusting little slut should've known better than to fuck her own blood related son
File: Spoiler Image (679 KB, 925x1000)
679 KB
679 KB PNG
>Octavia suddenly arrested her thoughts and emotions
>she wasn't sure where this possessiveness of Anon had come from
>or this angry jealousy of Vinyl
>Vinyl's blissful expression as Anon railed her flashed through Octavia's mind
>Octavia had obstained from thinking about Anon as anything other than a surrogate child
>but now that he was apparently on the menu, she wanted him
>Octavia suddenly realized how hot she felt
>she quickly removed her garments
>only a tasteful set of black underwear with purple stitching remained on her body
>Octavia tried to push everything out of her mind and focus laying on her bed
>another image of Vinyl flashed through her head
>this time, it was one of Vinyl looking up while she ate out Octavia's clit
>the musician attempted to banish it, but another one cropped up immediately
>Vinyl's backside shook as Octavia slammed a strapon into her slit
>Octavia grabbed a pillow off her bed, pressed it over her face, and screamed in frustration
>what the hell was wrong with her?
>she should be calling CPS
>not fantasizing about Anon or remembering all the times she and Vinyl fucked
>she heard a noise and threw the pillow off
>to her shock, standing in front of her was Vinyl and Anon
>they were both still naked
>she sat up and covered her breasts and privates with her arms
>Octavia could clearly see white goop oozing out of Vinyl's cunt
>Anon's dick, though flaccid, still glistened with her juices
>Vinyl had the worlds biggest shit eating grin
>Anon looked embarrassed and a little worried
>somehow, Octavia managed to collect her thoughts
>"Vinyl what the HELL do you think you're doing?! Fucking your own son! Are you INSANE?!"
>The DJ's grin only became wider
>"If I'm insane it's because Anon's dick drives me crazy"
>Anon blushed and looked away
>"Vinyl I'm serious!" Octavia snapped "Both of you could get in real trouble for this! You could go to jail and Anon's life could be ruined!"
>It had came out harsher than Octavia expected, and Vinyl's grin faltered
>"you're right..." she muttered
>for a moment Octavia hoped some sense had finally penetrated Vinyl's skull
>"we'll need to be very careful about keeping a secret"
>Octavia resisted the urge to facepalm
>Vinyl's grin returned as she looked Octavia up and down
>"and we'll need to make sure you won't say anything either."
>Octavia was suddenly nervous
>before she could react, Vinyl hopped onto her bed and wrapped her arms around Octavia
>the musician struggled against her occasional girlfriend
>"Vinyl what the hell are you doing?" she demanded
>instead of answering, Vinyl stuck her hand down Octavia's panties
based and mommypilled
Mommy milkers
>Sunset Shimmer
>Moon Dancer
Flat is fine too
help your daughter grow her boobies using the dubious methods she read about online, or convince her flat is fine?
Cute daughters and cute little sisters
and nieces and cousins.
And that rare treat: the younger-aunt.
But Anon, no matter how she fills out, she's perfect just the way she is.
File: Spoiler Image (615 KB, 768x1024)
615 KB
615 KB PNG
>She froze as Vinyl's fingers wormed their way down her crotch and into her slit
>"feeling a bit damp down here, Octy" Vinyl teased
>"don't tell me you got wet watching momma Vinyl get slammed by her own son?"
>Octavia's breath hitched as Vinyl tweaked her clit to punctuate her lecharous words
>"I know what your problem is" the DJ continued as her fingers worked "you're jealous"
>Octavia wanted to protest, but Vinyl kept going
>"after all, you basically raised Anon. If anyone should get first dibs on that wonderful cock of his, it should be you"
>cold air brushed across Octavia's nipples as Vinyl pulled off her bra
>"why don't you just lie back and let Anon say thanks by fucking you til you can't think straight?"
>with her free hand, Vinyl gestured Anon forward
>Octavia's eyes widened as she gazed on Anon's erect, twitching penis
>"see something you like?" Vinyl asked, as she plunged another finger into Octavia's snatch
>the musician whimpered but said nothing
>Vinyl paused, then shrugged
>she pulled her hand free, glistening with sticky juices
>"if you don't want it, that's fine. Nobody is gonna force you."
>she glanced at Anon
>"C'mon son, Octavia isn't into it so lets leave her alone."
>the DJ moved to get up when Octavia suddenly grabbed her wrist
>Vinyl raised an eyebrow
>"got something you want to say?" she asked
>"why? what do you want?"
>Octavia licked her lips and gave a jerky nod to Anon
>"I...I want it" she said
>"what 'it' do you want?" Vinyl asked with a smirk
>Octavia inhaled deeply
>"I want Anon...I want him inside me" she answered
>Vinyl's smirk blossomed into a smile from ear to ear
>"what part of Anon do you want inside you?" The DJ teased
>Octavia shot her a dirty glare for a moment
>"I want Anon's dick inside me...I want him to fuck me like he fucks you" she said
>Vinyl nodded
>with one hand, she pulled black panties out of the way
>with the other, she spread Octavia's pink pussy for Anon to see
>"Ok Son, you heard her. Don't keep a lady waiting" Vinyl giggled
>Octavia watched as Anon smiled and nodded
>he grabbed her thighs and spread them
>meanwhile Vinyl had begun groping Octavia's breasts and kissing her neck
>the musician watched as Anon positioned the tip of his dick against the entrance of her pussy
>he leaned in close
>"thanks for everything Octy. I love you."
>then he slammed his cock into her
that's what I think, she shouldn't feel any kind of negativity if she's lagging behind the other girls.
So if we're not going to do silly home remedies for breast increase, should we do something to help her appreciate her chest just the way it is?
my god, i'll pray for you
>"Don't mind your mother Anon, she's just keeping your spot warm you, now lay down and take a deep breath"
>Enjoying herself
Sweet lovin' when?
Where is everybody?
it's monday people gotta work I guess
I guess...
I don't think its work, Anon.
I mean, I'm working 10 hours a day 6 days a week until further notice with only thanksgiving and christmas off so
that bling blong blows dude. can't you find another person and split it, so you each work 5 hour days and each take half the pay? seems like if we all did that we could solve this economy thing.
Busy with personal shit, had to get a new fridge today, took the whole damn day.
that's mad, I can't even imagine what it would be like to replace something so huge. wouldn't it like, only just barely fit through the door? meaning you can't hold it on its sides because your hands would be in the way..
god, and I just realized bigger fridges exist. how the HELL do they get in? i guess people with that kind of money have big roomy patio doors.
There's this green I read in one of these threads a long time ago and I can't find it. It's about Anon doing anal with momma Applejack and cooming in her butt. Ring any bells?
10's no place to be.
don't use words like that. have some self-respect.
Would you help your zecora mom by breeding her?
I salute your imminent demise for posting b&thro With looks like that, it'd be hard to say no
Zecora is underrated/underused, are there any stories with her?
A very small number.
File: Spoiler Image (1.05 MB, 1280x1288)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
>Octavia felt stars explode behind her eyes
>she cried out as Anon penatrated her
>the pull and tug on her nipples from Vinyl sent additional bolts of ecstacy into her brain
>Anon drove deep
>but it wasn't hard or fast
>he was taking his time
>each stroke was an exquisite pleasure running up her spine
>Octavia moaned
>she could feel her walls grip his dick
>Anon grunted and huffed with each thrust
>"that's it son, take your time" Vinyl cooed "Octy is a lesbian by trade. She's not use to real cock. You need to break her in gently"
>Anon merely nodded shakily
>Octavia felt a flash of annoyance at Vinyl's words
>the DJ knew better than anyone the types of toys Octavia used on herself
>and on Vinyl
>truth be told, many of them were bigger and girthier than Anon
>not that he was small, but Anon wasn't rocking a pornstar penis either
>average size was a good description
>but there was something about the situation that made him feel so much better than any plastic or silicone toy
>maybe it was the heat from his cock
>maybe it was the taboo nature of the act
>maybe it was Vinyl slobbering over her tits and chest
>whatever the reason, it felt great
>and Octavia didn't want it to stop
>then, moments later, Vinyl pushed her down on the bed
>the movement caused Anon to pause as his dick slid out
>Octavia involuntarily murmured at the empty feeling
>"Sorry Octy, but I'm feeling a bit left out" Vinyl said as she crawled over her girlfriend
>the DJ positioned herself face-to-face with Octavia
>her ass was at chest hight for Anon
>"C'mon, dear. Don't leave momma hanging." she called back
>"uh, you're a bit high up" Anon said, sounding apologetic
>Vinyl huffed and rolled her eyes
>"I'm fine with a couple knuckle deep fingers, dear." Vinyl said with exaggerated annoyance
>"oh...right" Anon muttered to himself
>Octavia felt one hand release her thigh
>then Vinyl's face contorted in pleasure
>"Fuck yes just like that!" the DJ yelped out
>Octavia suddenly wished she had a better view
>then Anon repositioned himself and plunged back in
Very nice
None that I can think of. Though I'd say that's mostly because her rhyming makes her difficult to write for. It'd take a special kind of writer to actually keep up with having her rhyme everything she says for a whole green.
So upper class has incest to 'keep the bloodline pure'
Why do hicks have incest?
Lust? stupidity?
Hey guys. Seems you’re on pg 9 and it’s about time for the annual kirko bangz appearance. How’re you motherfuckerz?
Yes, I am once again shilling my own unfinished greens. Please, take this empty provider to continue it as penance.
You've literally written all the buildup, why stop before the actual sex?
Back when I first wrote it I was about to get to that, then life got in ye way
Well, you're here now, and a continuation would be welcome
Local dialect
lack of options
I'd say it's more stuff like isolation from living way out in the middle of nowhere, alienation from the rest of society culturally, and some good old lust added on.
File: Spoiler Image (2.65 MB, 2480x3507)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB PNG
>a mix between a groan and a shriek escaped Octavia's lips
>Anon slid in like he had used an entire bottle of lube
>but in truth Octavia was just that wet
>she could feel her juices track down her thighs
>most dropped onto the sheets
>but a few trailed along her asscrack
>the sensation was a delightful drop in the sea of euphoria she was feeling
>above her, Octavia could see waves of bliss crash across Vinyl's face
>the DJ's tongue lolled out and her body writhed and rocked
>she looked like she was trying to wiggle her whole body onto Anon's hands
>Octavia decided to follow her lead
>straightening her legs, the musician suddenly wrapped them around Anon's waist
>his steady pumping faltered for a moment
>until Octavia began flexing the limbs rhythmically, pushing his body towards her
>she was practically fucking herself using Anon as a human dildo
>until Anon gripped her waist in his free hand and began thrusting in time
>Octavia groaned
>this felt like paradise
>Anon's steady measured thrusts felt like they were churning her womb
>heat and ecstasy pulsed from her nethers
>she could feel the pressure building
>unconsciously, her legs began rocking Anon into her harder and harder
>"don't stop! mommy's getting close!" Vinyl moaned
>"So am I" Octavia breathed out
>Anon merely grunted and increased his speed
>Octavia could hear the rapid "shlick shlick shlick" as he pumped his fingers in and out of his mother's snatch
>at the same time, his cock was pounding away ever faster and harder
>"fuck! I-I'm about to-" Anon cut himself off with another grunt
>she could practically feel it twitching and throbbing as he struggled to hold back his load
>the thought of Anon spraying his seed inside her filled Octavia with an unspeakable need
>"Don't hold back" she pleaded "come inside me!"
>with a bestial growl, Anon did as he was bid
>warmth filled Octavia
>her legs wrapped tighter around Anon and her back arched
>she sighed as waves of orgasmic bliss rolled over her
>even though he was close to spent, Anon continued to hammer her cunt
>aftershocks of pleasure radiated across her body
>above her, Vinyl joined them
>she shouted something incoherent and shuddered
>Octavia felt juices from the DJ splatter her groin and thighs
>Vinyl stiffened, and then slumped onto Octavia
File: vinyl_n_octty.png (506 KB, 900x900)
506 KB
506 KB PNG
>the blue haired woman wrapped an arm over Octavia's chest and panted into her neck
>Anon flopped onto the bed a minute later, fully spent
>he lay behind his mother, an arm drapped over her side
>almost absentmindedly, he began playing with the DJ's tits
>Vinyl smirked and wiggled her butt, gently grinding it against Anon's crotch
>Octavia raised an eyebrow
>"you two just finished rutting like animals and now you're ready for another go?"
>Vinyl smirked "Kid's got energy to burn"
>"Well since he's so inexhaustible, I hope you don't mind sharing from now on." Octavia said teasingly
>"as long as I get first dibs" Vinyl answered wtih a smirk
>"I think I can live with that" chuckled Octavia
>the musician let her body relax on the bed
>the excitement and physical activity of the day left her feeling content but exhausted
>the warmth of her girlfriend was a soothing presence
>Anon had reached over and begun to stroke her long black hair
>Octavia felt her eyes grow heavy
>the last of her mental energy was spent on a brief introspection
>she had certainly jumped feet first into this can of worms
>if word of this ever got out somehow, the life of everyone in this room would be ruined
>but Octavia found she wasn't really worried about that
>besides, who here was going to say something?
>as sleep overtook her, Octavia found herself looking forward to what the future may hold

Aaanddd that's that. Never expected it to take this long or be so expansive. Hope yall enjoyed it
Thanksgiving, a time for celebration.
A time to be with family.
A time to sneak off and have quickies with your little cousin while no one else is looking.
Dick status: Muh. Good show.
Can't incest on page 10
You think if you make a good enough Thanksgiving dinner, your daughter will let you go all the way?
Don't be silly, Anon. She was planning on going all the way anyway.
aw man she passed out from too much food. can't pork when you're painfully full.
>They have a go at it
>Its uncomfortable
>One of them almost barfs
>They end up laughing it off and just cuddle
File: 1590420261880.png (2.96 MB, 4000x2579)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB PNG
>"Looks like we got the house all to ourselves Anon"
>"We should make the best of the time we have together, before mom and dad get back"
>Pony-non and Pony-Dash
I'd read it, can't have too much AB.
Me too
Like their parents wouldn't cheer both of them on if they found out.
>Little cousin often comes over
>Is very affectionate
>Often lays on top of you and kisses you
>You don't take it seriously and think she's just playing
>Then she finds out you like loli
>Now makes sure you know how serious she is about her advances and such
I can see either Sweetie Bell or Cozy Glow doing this.
Nobody expects little cousin Dinky
It definitely would make sense to not take little Dinky very seriously.
>If you have Dinky then Derpy would surely also be part of the story
Miss all the old sunset greens.
Is the general pastebin up to date, or is it missing everything?
That Dash is really hot. Nice
File: Thread.png (205 KB, 669x642)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
Needs more necromancy
>Inb4 actual incest story involving necromancy
>If you bring a dead relative back using necromancy, and they come back a nymphomaniac all over your dick
>Though probably either having more like actual resurrection or like a ghost or something
I mean, if someone actually wants to fuck a skeleton or a zombie that's their business, but I'd rather not
what if it's done like one of those cute anime zombies where she's basically normal just a little pale
and your imouto's arm occasionally falls off and you have to stick it back on while assuring her she didn't embarrass you and you're really lucky to have her as your girlfriend
I haven't added Clipclock's story yet, otherwise, most of the stories are documented.
File: satanism for dummies.png (431 KB, 811x1034)
431 KB
431 KB PNG
>it's another clingy sibling episode
>except this time Anon's the clingy one
>after losing both parents his sister was the only family he had left
>losing her as well drove him off the deep end and into the forbidden wing of royal archives
>they really need to upgrade their security, he practically waltzed in
>anyway, the tomes on forbidden tomes of forbidden dark magic of forbidden necromancy
>fuck you Celestia and your hate of the dark arts, I hope your son finds himself a mare to plow, instead of plowing you
>Plastic tubes and pots and pans, bits and pieces and the magic from my horn will make… Black Magic!
>…one very lame musical number later, the body of his beloved sister shakes and starts to move
>faint sickly green glow wraps the rotting flesh, washing away the signs of decomposition and patching any damage with ghostly-looking substance
>the head slowly rises, eyes fluttering open, scanning their surroundings until the find him
>the cloudy dead eyes brighten and then promptly go wide
"Ahhnnooohhnn…" wheezes out the pony zombie
>his response is dropping everything and hugging the life out of his sister
>not literally of course, he spent the bulk of last few days putting it back inside her
"Bro, I'm happy to see you too. You won't believe the dream I had…"
>he mutters something back
"I dreamt I died in that cart crash."
>he says she did, he then tells her how he snuck into the not-so-secret wing of Sun Horse's library and stole a book on necromancy
>he expected her to freak out, or at least be shocked by either of those revelations
>instead she hugged him tighter and apologized for leaving him
>she lets out a quiet cheer
>Anon thought she was just happy they were back together
>and while that was true, his sister was also happy she got a second chance to protect and take care of her silly baby brother, as she swore to after their parents died
>he's still just as pure, cute and innocent, it was the grief that made him do all these things to bring her back
>it was fate that she was to come back to the land of the living
>this time she WILL protect her brother
>from the ponice that will undoubtedly start searching for him soon
>from the loneliness that gripped his big but oh-so-fragile heart
>and from the other mares that only ever looked at him like a meat popsicle to use and toss away when he's spent
>it's time to be the world's best big sister
>maybe then he would finally realize that she is the only mare he ever needed

Have a little something.
Bump your mothers ass with your crotch
more more more

>>Plastic tubes and pots and pans, bits and pieces and the magic from my horn will make… Black Magic!
Imagine your pinkie sis unwittingly grooms you into having a crush on her and then she proceeds to “take responsibility” for seducing you
that is a pretty horse.
vamp/sorta zombie twi is a cute
more little brother anon is needed
>tfw no curvy and overbearing big sis
>Who never leaves you alone and constantly holds her lewd body against you
I won’t. I want your sister
“My love please it’s just labor pains.”
> “*Huff * Huff* I will rain down every agony, every violation imaginable, upon you... I will parade your cold body from every corner, of every realm, and feed your soul to the vilest filth in Tartarus, that is my promise!”

“Ma’am…….isn’t he your husband?”
> “HE STOLE EVERYTHING FROM ME *silently sobs*! everything”
“You are beautiful”
> “Shut up, don’t ruin this”
“Finally coming around are you?”
> “I would never come around to your thinking”
“My love, your circumstances could be a lot worse“
> “Oh? What are you going to lock me in a Dungeon? Chain me to the wall? Leave me in filth only to come to satisfy your urges?”
“It would’ve been a nice dungeon”
> “You just keep giving me reasons to never want this “
“yet here you are, my wife, my love, and the mother of my child”
> *sigh*
“Have i truly been so terrible do you? Have we truly been so impoverished since we left our familial home?”
> “Well, apart from the semi-frequent rape, forcing me to sleep in the same bed, and the huge number of unwanted PDA’s; I will… Admit that your company has been tolerable.”
“That’s the Rarity I know. Never a straightforward compliment”
> “ I just decided i’m going to make the best of the hell you have forced me into. I have my boutique, a decent size clientele, and I guess I really don’t want for anything. You know, apart from never wanting this to begin with “
“ well my darling, if you truly think I have plunged you into hell. All I can say is better the devil you know“
Tsundere sucks. Fight me.
File: 1553653860255.png (842 KB, 1518x1080)
842 KB
842 KB PNG
>Rarity curses beyond any acceptable level for a lady in her labor
She didn’t curse a single time. She’s a lady after all
File: image.png (767 KB, 1280x720)
767 KB
767 KB PNG
> and the huge number of unwanted PDA’s
A fucking what's?
Public Display of Affection, shit that got you into trouble in middle school
god i would have gotten so much affection if it had been forbidden in my day. I would have rebelled too, fuck those cunts. you're a government agency, you can't stop us from pursuing happiness any more than you can tell us what religion to follow. which you have been doing, you just claim yours doesn't count.
File: 1638122158974.png (379 KB, 800x1103)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
Incest queen
>Vinyl travels the land putting on shows while her bro Anon helps out
>Anon is a roadie, drives the van, runs social media, negotiations with club managers, gets food, etc.
>spending so much time together causes Anon to develop "unusual" feelings for his sis
>things come to a head when, while at a hotel, Vinyl leaves the bathroom naked after taking a shower
>She saw him staring
>She got ideas
I love me a bit of exhibitionism between siblings/cousins
it truly is the best. Mixes in the elements of different homelife standards, the unique way family is closer than strangers.. especially with the extra wrinkle of cousins/aunts/nieces who don't live with you normally, but now do.. and one or the other plays up how chill they are with nudity so as to soft pressure the other to go with the flow i this house since you have to stay there..
>Anon and his sister have a strained relationship.
>While Anon is more reserved, the sister can be quite abrasive towards him. This in-turn has caused him to somewhat resent his sister, much to her displeasure.
>Seeing as how she enjoys teasing her little brother, she pranks him at school a lot; though she can go overboard.
"Hey, come on! I was just kidding."
>"I don't care that was mean, and hurtful. Why would you pull down my pants in front of my crush?"
"Because it's funny! Wasn't it?"
>"It was humiliating!"
"Well, maybe you shouldn't be dating some prissy pansy in the first place? You should look for someone more reliable. Like me!"
>"Like I would date someone like you. I'd be miserable."
>Cue the sister forcing herself on her brother, or having to prove that she isn't a complete horses ass.
I wonder who could be behind this post?
Find it
404: incest story not found
10's a bad spot
Sorry I meant to say fund it, but auto correct changed it
Also bump
What's better than having a little sister?
Having TWIN little sisters.
It would be hard not to play favorites when one is a gigantic geek and the other's an incurable little normie. It's just like those loud house twins
>Anon actually does have a favorite
>But the other twin-light wants to bang him too
>A scheme for switching places is born...
File: twi tongues sci.jpg (170 KB, 1521x2048)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Yes this!
3-way with nerdy little twin sisters when?
Is everyone okay with me starting a new thread? Since it seems like we're just waiting for this one to die?
If there's new green that's waiting for a new thread.
I mean if you want. But I’m just chillin
We make new greens when the old one autosages or dies. That is the way.
Yes, make a new thread
Might as well, this one wants to die.

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