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File: day692.png (533 KB, 2000x2000)
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Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. New stories and art welcome!
Any type of transformation into ponies, dragons, gryphons, changelings, draconequus, etc., whether OC or canonical, & Anonponies of all shapes and sizes.
Want to be the little pony? This is the thread for you.

Recently updated stories:

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PTFG Thread TF by Ponefluff:

Archive of over 555 stories, as well as additional links and materials:
Past threads index:
Unrated TF image dump thread:

Below are some suggested writing prompts.

>Hoofers: You're down on your luck, face it, these days who isn't but you see a help wanted ad from a new restaurant that's supposed to be opening soon called hoofers. Thinking nothing of it you apply and get an email back saying your training would be on sunday for your first shift on monday.

>Discord's Paw: Your wish is granted, and you finally get to be turned into a pony. That said it comes with some kind of consequence you didn't intend.

>Collared: your boss offers you a paid vacation in the place of your dreams, but you soon find out while having fun that he's in the market for a new pet and you're in his sights.

>Intersection: they made you into one of them. Hiding under beds and in closets, you strike when sleep takes them. The lucky ones get off with a stopped heart, the rest are dragged back to the sprawling complexes to be turned into more of you.

>Stray: you find out the hard way that there's a price for laughing at people when a deranged scientist breaks into your house and you awaken in a grimy alley with no food, no direction, and considerably fewer fingers. Making it out of the city seems hopeless, but maybe you can find someone nice to take care of you while you figure things out?

Previous Thread:
File: surrounded_by_snowpity_17.png (3.18 MB, 3102x1745)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB PNG
How's everyone's ptfg writing projects and shit been going? Mine's sorta fizzled out a bit
I’m writing
I’ll probably post this week
Still here... stile pone
File: 1628796508735.png (212 KB, 595x587)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
File: Consent.png (245 KB, 1152x591)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
>Where are my tits
God first the "And I'm finally a girl too" anonfilly image and now this. How many fucking times will you faggots shoehorn human tranny shit into my pony wish fulfillment thread? I'm fucking tired of it.
Combined with "where are my hands", this looks to be femanon tf into (flat-chested) pone, not tranny shit.
It's obviously a transformation from female human to female pony, retard.
File: StreamlineTF_ShowStyle1.png (595 KB, 1521x1147)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
dios mio...
cute, but what the hell is that?
File: 1632702611827.png (463 KB, 536x829)
463 KB
463 KB PNG
how hard is to create a 1rst person vr experience that only changes the body of the user?, could it be made with the pipp model?
Even doe I'm not usually into non-pony TF, this is quite endeering.

Looks like some sort of pegadeer, which I gotta agree is quite unusual.
>how hard is to create a 1rst person vr experience that only changes the body of the user?
You mean have like the 1st person viewmodel be a pony? There's no technical barrier for this, but I honestly have no idea what pre-existing solutions are out there. It could be as easy as importing a model into some freely available stock 1st person VR demo/game.
The biggest issue is that you'd need it be in a humanoid pose, unless you're gonna play on your hands and knees. That, or you make the body invisible and just display the forehooves around the controller tracking.

I think the real breakthrough that willl come in the near future will be high-quality AR. This basically depends on good enough cameras, good enough screens, good enough tracking, and good enough rendering to power all that. None of this needs groundbreaking tech, it's just a matter of things that already exist getting better. And already now there are enterprise headsets that are allegedly almost good enough, except that they cost like $10k and also need a $5k PC to run them. Give it 10-15 years and lifelike AR will be available on the consumer level.
And the reason I think this will be a game changer is because, allegedly, good enough AR can induce phantom sensations. So with willingness and some practice, it can essentially be used to "cheat" and get extremely immersed into the experience without needing true full dive VR that overwrites your nervous system (which, currently, is a pipe dream that could be 50 to 200+ years away - and when it does come, full-body cybernetics will arrive around the same time, too).

It's a similar path to hypnosis, which can give illusion of pony TF with sufficient practice, but high-quality VR/AR has the potential to enhance that to an incredible degree by giving you partial sensory feedback on the imposed pony body - namely, visual and auditory at least. I think the two would complement each other extremely well. If normies report phantom sensations from trying out those enterprise VR kits, imagine how immersed one could get if one also had previous practice with sensory imposition.

It's just a matter of taking all the issues current headsets have (main one being not-true-to-life resolution: a screen where you can't see the pixels is an absolute must) and engineering them away through incremental improvements. Again, give it 5-15 years.
File: wuah.png (654 KB, 1082x580)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
File: _.png (117 KB, 1600x1200)
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117 KB PNG
File: NegaFilly.png (34 KB, 1674x878)
34 KB
Well, what's this suppose to be?
What are you writing, Anon?
How much do I gotta pay ZephyrWritefag to make them write more of zephyr.

I’ll fucking do it.
The issue with this plan is that for all we know it could have been lightning in a bottle. They wrote it literal years ago, nowadays they might have a different writing style, different views on ponies and pets, different interests, etc. Would a continuation necessarily live up to the original? I have my doubts, and I'm afraid of the perfection of the original being marred. This goes double if he isn't actually interested in writing, but takes the deal because of greed (especially if, hypothetically, you were try pushing with some really high offers to help convince him; but not even necessarily, even at normal rates this might happen, if he's the kind of person to be prone to avarice, or if he's starved for cash, or if he's just bored and decides to get some free money for minimal effort). In all of these cases, if you use money to convince him where he otherwise wouldn't have wanted to do it, you risk him putting in the bare minimum effort to get passable writing and get paid, and essentially lacking any actual artistic soul.

The other question to ask is, what is there even left to write about Zephyr? Even back then, the writefag ended up spending a lot of time near the end of the story focusing more on Opal instead. I feel like Zephyr's Tale ends at a really good time; most of the interesting parts are covered, we witness the entire transition from spergy guy to a loving, loyal pony pet, and get some extra slice of life at the end to get an idea of what her life is going to be from now on. The only two options I see is to just write interminable slice of life - which personally I don't see much point in, at this point I'm happy indulging in just my own mind's fantasy of what it would be like to live as a pet. The other option is to tack on more adventure and excitement in order to conjure up a plot, but that would be gay and ruin the current "and they lived comfily ever after" ending.
I mean.. fuck you're right.
It's weird that the wings are almost G5-like.
do me next please!!! ive never gotten art of my oc!
File: 1632419785997.jpg (141 KB, 559x590)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
File: 1633403862285.png (83 KB, 1000x1122)
83 KB
File: 2716452.png (272 KB, 1280x1280)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
File: surrounded_by_snowpity_18.png (3.22 MB, 3102x1745)
3.22 MB
3.22 MB PNG
clear skies
What a lovely and wholesome OC.
I really like her name.
Clear cuties
File: prof.png (595 KB, 1868x1668)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
File: _.png (102 KB, 901x546)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
You guys do realize there's a sorta official continuation of the story, right?
What are you talking about specifically? I've read all the Zephyr and Opal chapters from tfanon that I'm aware of. Do you mean Remastering? It's great, but it's a completely different feel, tone, atmosphere and essentially even genre compared to the original. Or is there something else I've completely missed?
File: _.png (605 KB, 800x800)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
File: _.png (712 KB, 923x738)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
File: 1633464108092.png (1.29 MB, 756x913)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
Sir, are you aware you're a pony?
I was talking about Remastering, since it has been acknowledged by the original writefag and he seems to enjoy it. I suppose it has somewhat of a different feel, but it can still be pretty comfy at times if you insert yourself as one of the pet characters instead of the protagonist.
Zephyr broadcasting service! Zephyr Broadcasting Service!
File: unknown_9.png (86 KB, 808x581)
86 KB
Cute fly-filly
File: 1631156311798.png (56 KB, 386x356)
56 KB
god what I'd give to hug her fluffy feathery body
we 3D now
>A few contingency plans pass through your mind, one of them so incredibly batshit insane that you give it barely a moment of consideration.
>You pull out your phone, considering your options on who to call.
>You don't have the direct numbers to any of Cunt's contacts in the police on-file, just the non-emergency number and the emergency one.
>You consider trying to lead him away from the area with a call about suspicious activity, but honestly you're not sure what a few police officers with Glocks and maybe a shotgun loaded with slugs if you're lucky are going to do against something with skin that thick.
>You know at the very least you can trust the Russian technology held in your hands to bring down bears and moose.
"Friendly, I'm going to put your ear protection on now. If something happens to me I want you to run as far as you fucking can, okay girl?"
>She nods, looking at you with clear fear on her face as you move the muffs up and make sure they're secured tightly before doing the same for yourself.
>You wish you had the RN-50, but you don't.
>You trust this gun though, and you trust your shooting.
>You pull back the bolt and slide it into place.
>Lock the enhancer in place and zero in on his head, accounting for bullet drop-off and wind.
>You're aiming for the left eye socket.
>The telltale blast sound is punctuated with the shrill sound of metal hitting metal.
>He's instantly on the ground.
>He's still moving, and before he can get up you put another round right under the chin, through the neck.
>You motion for Friendly to stay behind as you grab the HK and put the Mosin on your back, running towards the man with the HK held firmly in your hands.
>He's not moving, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's dead or deactivated.
>You cautiously approach.
>With a moment of adrenaline, you rush towards him, grab the rifle on top of him, and throw it into the brush a bit away.
>The snow is bright red around him.
>You can't see if his chest is rising and falling under the coat he's wearing.
>You don't want to get close enough to check a pulse.
>You hear an unnatural noise from the cold, and you jump to turn to it before you realize it's just an earpiece with the volume turned up way too fucking loud.
>You power the laser optic Friendly had attached to the HK on and shine it into his remaining eye.
>No dilation.
>He's a damn good faker if he's not dead at this point, you take a momentary risk and reach down to retrieve the earpiece.
>You hear a familiar voice once you slide it into your ear.
>"You have twenty seconds to report you are still engaged in the mission. This is your final warning before I initiate automatic cleanup and find someone else."
>Your old colleague.
>What will you do?
It's been a few fucking minutes, hasn't it? Sorry it's a bit short.
It's OK. Glad you're back.
Stalled because I suck.
have some more ya filthy animals, now with the main character unable to even function like a normal person cause they are just such a faggot

Oliver had managed to drag himself to class the next day despite a throbbing headache. The lecture hall echoed the professor’s words into daggers as they reverberated around in his head. He felt like he was a few seconds from throwing up. With one arm he propped his head up, and with the other he dutifully wrote down abridged notes. Most of the other students were simply capturing the lecture on handheld recorders.

He felt silly for even being there, surrounded by real people working towards bettering their lives. He was scum for taking a seat which could have been given to an actual student with actual prospects and hopes and dreams. He couldn’t stop thinking about killing himself, even as the lecture was passing through the front of his mind.

The reality is that you are worthless every moment you are alive you soak up attention and energy and time that could have been given to another the longer you shirk away from the responsibility you have to remove yourself from the world the worse of a person you become

He shut his eyes and tried to slow his breathing, calming himself. Pain from his headache shot across his head and he doubled over in his seat for a moment. Tears were forming in the corners of his eyes for no reason. The knowledge he was falling apart from literally no external stress made his heart sink even more.

Through gritted teeth he whispered to himself.

“Nothing has even happened today, fucking sit up.”
His body obeyed, despite the protestations from his chest. It felt like his heart and lungs were in a vice, desperately working themselves into a frenzy to avoid being crushed. The notes he was taking were rapidly degenerating into scrawl as he struggled to keep his hand from shaking. The professor cleared his voice and directed the lecture hall’s attention to a projected diagram of a quaternary protein structure. Oliver felt his eyes sink into their sockets as he stared at the image. The words of the professor slid out of his brain a moment after they entered, crowded out by the internal screaming he was utterly failing to reign in.

A moment of lucidity flashed across his mind. Unlike the catastrophizing slew of suicidal ideation he couldn’t dismiss it or even disagree with its statement.

You don’t belong here when you are in this state of mind.

The catastrophizing slew of thought reformed around this accurate assessment of himself.

You can’t do this You can’t even get yourself through a class before you fall apart and start crying You are wasting everyone’s time by being here You are eating up resources meant for genuine human beings Fuck you. It would have been better for everyone involved if you had actually managed to kill yourself any of the times you failed You can’t even kill yourself how can you expect to fufill your academic obligations Only a retard or a fucking insane person would think you even had a chance of doing this Kill yourself promptly so you can free everyone from the burden of being in your presence Fuck you Kill yourself

Oliver pulled his right hand away from the paper, and impaled his left hand with the pen he was holding. It sunk half an inch into his hand. Blood started pooling up around the puncture.

He felt his lungs tighten into a vice, and after a moment of pause he carefully exhaled as slow as he could manage. The girl sitting a foot next to him must have seen because she scooched herself a foot or so further away from him. Never mind the residual spotty colouring across his scalp, he must have looked like a crazy person. But the sharp pain which screeched from Oliver's hand cleared his head. There was lovely silence for once. He felt tremors shake his body from the pain but he inhaled and exhaled, savouring the clarity it had provided. His face softened out of the snarling rictus it had been stuck in for the past few minutes. He swallowed, before pulling the pen out of his hand and wiping it off on his shirt. He left his left hand laying flat on the desk, and returned to taking notes with his right hand.

He smiled in satisfaction.
The lecture only continued for another fifteen minutes, after which Oliver headed back to his dorm. He kept his left hand stuffed in his pant pocket the way back, not wanting anyone to see his self-inflicted injury. Everything was quiet and serene. Even his head.

The snow from a few days ago had melted, and a warm autumn breeze was accompanying Oliver through the campus. It was probably the last warm breeze of the entire year. Absentmindedly he wondered what it would feel like on his wings if he was a pony right now. As he came up to his dorm the despair from earlier was kept at bay through an internal promise. He knew exactly what he was going to allow himself the moment he was back in his room. As he opened the door to his and Tyler’s dorm Tyler called out to him.

“How did class go?”

“It went pretty okay. I think I’m gonna chill for a minute and then go for a walk.” Oliver said with a practiced felicity.

“Sounds healthy!”

Tyler approved of the cardio apparently. He probably wouldn’t if he knew Oliver intended to have hooves while he did it, but what Tyler didn’t know wouldn’t bother him. Oliver slid into his room and locked his door behind him. He quickly threw off his clothes and popped a couple of the pills from the bottle of M4re. He waited until the euphoria and sensation of comfort began to take effect, before opening his bedroom window. It was only a four foot drop out of it onto the ground. The same breeze from earlier gently swept through his bedroom. He could already imagine how it would feel on his coat, on his little horse face.

The transformation probably took four minutes from start to finish but to Oliver it felt instantaneous. When he opened his eyes the embers of the transformation were fluttering in the breeze. The open window was calling to him, and every ounce of his tiny body glittered with anticipation.

His wings gave a few testing flaps before fanning out. With a short run, he leaped towards the window off his bed and gave as hard of a flap of his wings as he could manage. He ducked his head down to miss the top of the window frame, and for a glorious moment he was flying in the afternoon sun. He inhaled the fresh air and his big eyes marveled at the sky before him. If he had been less overcome by the beauty of the world he might have remembered to try flapping his wings more than once. The feeling of weightlessness was quickly replaced by the sinking inevitability of gravity. Oliver plummeted the short fall downward into a convenient pile of leaves one of the groundskeepers must have raked. A screech of fear was soon followed by delighted giggles as he poked his head up and out of the pile of leaves.

Tyler took another swig from his can of monster and slumped forward as his fingers danced across the keyboard. He had gotten into a groove with his work, and the caffeine was fueling a fevered pace. He might end up finishing his work a couple hours earlier than planned. It had been easy with how quiet things had been.

Tyler paused and gave a glance to Oliver’s door, taking a moment to listen.

Oliver had been very quiet ever since he got back to the apartment. Tyler couldn’t tell if he had gone for a run yet or not. He hadn’t heard him leave. Still, run or not, it was good Oliver seemed to be doing better. The M4re stuff might actually be a good way for him to relax and get his mind off- whatever it is that had been bothering him. If being a pony for a night let Oliver blow off some steam and focus on his studies the rest of the time, then it was probably worth it.

He hummed and turned back to his work, typing out the final page. With a satisfying final tap of a period, Tyler finished his writeup. As he pulled up another document, his phone dinged with a notification. He ignored it. A second notification. Then a third. Exasperation gave way to curiosity and he finally checked the phone. Multiple of his group chats were lighting up, as was his snap chat.

Tyler’s eyes widened and his expression morphed into a grimace. “Holy fucking shit, that rotten fucking depressed junkie.”
Oliver galloped as fast as his little hooves could carry him, ducking back and forth between young trees which had recently been planted in the greenspace behind his dorm. Surprise and pride filled his heart as he realized just how much more agile he had become since his first time.
With a leap and a flap of his wings he easily cleared another of the leaf piles. The momentum of the jump was harder to control than he expected and he skidded on a pathway that cut through the greenspace. He looked behind him at the distance he had just raced and gave a whinny of excitement, followed by a celebratory little trot in place.

“Woah what's that?”

His ears swiveled to locate the sound and he turned his head to see two girls farther up the pathway pointing at him. They were calling out to him, patting their legs and waving him towards them. Somewhere inside of his head he heard a voice screaming to run away and get out of sight, but it went unheeded.

Oliver instead found himself trotting towards the two girls. He thought he might have recognized one of them from somewhere, but he couldn’t place it. As he got closer, any apprehension he might have felt melted away. All he could think about was how good it would feel to get some scritches from them. When he was finally a few feet away from them he stopped. The taller of the two reached out with a hand and said something warm sounding. Oliver couldn’t make it out, but he didn’t really care. His eyes were too busy staring at the outstretched hand. He was quite a bit smaller than them—he only came up to their knees.

“Psspsspss. Come here little pony,” one of the girls said as they crouched and reached out.

A final threshold in his head was crossed and he pressed himself into the open palm of the taller girl. She giggled in delight and gave a few testing pets before reaching out with her other hand and scratching behind Oliver’s ears. She turned and beamed at her friend.

“Oh my gosh she likes me! Ellie, get a picture!”

Something about the statement perturbed Oliver, but he couldn’t understand beyond a vague feeling. That too melted away when the girl began scritching under his chin.

“Aaaaaaa she’s just like a kitten look at her! Look at the lil pony-wony!”

The snapping of a few photos went almost unnoticed by Oliver, too wrapped up in the sensations of petting that were quickly unraveling his mind. The other girl kneeled down next to him and began petting and brushing his mane with her fingers.

“She’s just like the ones on youtube right?” the one named Ellie said.
“Oh no, she’s much better behaved! Aren’t you~ Aren’t you just the sweetest little pony there is!” the tall one said in an intoxicating baby voice. She held Oliver’s head in both of her hands and gave little scritches with her fingers as she continued

“Who's a good pony? Who's a good pony?”

Oliver felt a welling up of excitement and joy. Again something inside of him screamed, but it was smothered under the torrent of pleasure from the pettings.

“I am! I am a good pony!”

At least that is what Oliver had *tried* to say. What the two girls heard was a singsong whinny of excitement. This was more than enough for them though.

“Oh my gosh she can speak! Speak, c’mon speak more!”

Oliver again uttered something between a song and a whinny, unaware that the two girls couldn’t understand him. They both looked like they were going to melt from the cuteness.

“I have to get a video, give me a sec,” Ellie said while pulling out a phone. She handed it to her friend and then scooted around so that she was sitting next to Oliver on the ground. She reached around and picked Oliver up from under his forhooves and pulled him over onto her lap. Instead of protesting, Oliver went limp and felt a sort of comfortable helplessness lull him into acquiescence. For nearly half an hour Oliver continued absorbing all the pets he could from the two girls. Near the end he had even started to pose and model for their pictures, loving the attention. Eventually though, the taller one started to try and drag Ellie away from the little pony they had found in the park.

“Can’t we keeeeeep her?”

“No, pets aren’t allowed in our dorms.”

A strange sadness grazed Oliver as he watched the two girls jog off back to their dorms. It was quickly put out of mind though when a falling leaf grabbed his attention. He poked at it with his snoot as it danced in the wind. Pretty soon the whole interaction with the girls was out of mind as he returned to racing around the greenspace. After another hour or so of running around like a dog off its leash, Oliver finally made his way back to the open window to his bedroom. With a loud clattering, Oliver clipped his legs on the bottom of the window and corkscrewed through the air before making a relatively safe landing on his mattress. He whinnied in delight as he stood up on his mattress. Everything had gone *mostly* perfect! He trotted around in celebration. He was so happy that for a few seconds he didn’t even notice the loud banging on his door. Tyler was angry about something.


Another set of loud bangs made Oliver flinch back. More screams followed.

With a scramble Oliver jumped off his bed and called out to Tyler.

“I’ll unlock the door. Just give me a second okay.”

That is what he tried to say at least. He didn’t notice, but again his speech had become the singsong nonsense and pony noises from before. Either way it at least got Tyler to stop screaming. He raised up on his rear legs and twisted the lock with his forhoof. It took a moment but he managed to get it. He called out again to Tyler in an unintelligible speech. The door opened dreadfully slowly, and suddenly, Oliver was filled with a fear that wasn’t there a moment before. He resisted the urge to scurry under his bed and hide from his roommate. Instead he simply sat upright, trying not to look terrified. Tyler entered the room, his eyes jumping from the open window to the little blue mare on the ground. His face was deathly serious.

“Oliver, we need to have a talk.”

Oliver quivered, a heavy feeling settling in his gut.
“You barely go to your classes, you barely manage to feed yourself,” his voice grew dire.

“And now you’ve fucking wandered around the campus while high off your ass on a HIGHLY ILLEGAL drug. Those dumb fuck girls didn’t know that you were just some student on M4re, but cops will. Feds will know. Half the fucking campus is shit posting about the little pony that was found in the park. And I don’t know if you’ve heard, but M4re users have been getting fucking tracked down and abducted to who knows where.”

He paused for a moment, and Oliver felt the pit in his stomach grow three times over.

“We need to get rid of the M4re. I’ll let you have an ounce of weed or something in exchange, but we need to flush the M4re.”

The little mare at his feet stared at Tyler in a stunned silence, before exploding into more of the unintelligible babble from before.

“What? What the fuck are you saying Oliver. Fucking speak clearly.”

Oliver continued with more and more of the singsong babble. Tyler ground his teeth.


Oliver looked confused for a moment. He tried to ask what Tyler meant, but as he did he realized Tyler wouldn’t understand that either. Piercing pain rolled through his head, and a blaring ring filled his ears. After a moment it stopped, and he tried again to speak. His voice was unsure and alien sounding to him, but he could tell he was speaking English again.

“I… I just needed a bit of a run outside. You don’t know how it feels. It's so amazing being—”

“I don’t need to know how amazing it is Oliver. You fucking put both of our fucking educations at stake. If they find out that fucking horse was YOU, they’ll definitely end up searching our apartments. Do you even know if anyone else saw you? What if someone was filming when you went back to your room?”

Oliver felt his ears flatten against his head.

“N-no one saw me, I don’t think,” he said.
“You mean you don’t know?You could have just fucking gotten both of us kicked out or arrested. I’m not going to let you fucking ruin my degree. The best thing to do now is to flush the M4re—”

“NO” Oliver screamed.

“Oliver, listen to me. We need to make sure this doesn’t get back to either of us okay?”

“NO” Oliver screamed again, getting more frantic.



Tyler fell silent. His chest rose and fell once before he continued to speak.

“What would you like me to call you?”

Oliver’s face softened, and a sunny disposition filled his little horse features.

“Seafoam, um.. please”

Tyler’s eyes squinted and he looked Oliver over, measuring him up.

“You aren’t taking this seriously enough, Oliver-”

Oliver gave a small huff and a rotten look. Tyler paused again.

“Do you really expect me to call you Seafoam?” Tyler said.

Oliver looked down at himself. When he spoke, his voice was lowered almost to a whisper.

“Tyler, you don’t know what it's like. It feels weird for you to call me Oliver when I’m…”

Tyler rolled his eyes.

“Oliver, You really need to listen to me and understand this drug isn’t doing good things for you. It’s messing around with your head like this. You have responsibilities for school, and you are endangering both of our education and freedom if you keep using this shit.”

“It's doing great things actually. If you tried some you’d understand”

“That is never fucking happening.” Tyler said authoritatively.

“You would really like being a pony I bet-” Oliver started

“If I could trust you to only use it while in the fucking dorm them maybe it would be okay with you to keep the fucking M4re, but you are straight up delusional right now. We need to get rid of it.”

Oliver screamed.

“Tyler no! We, we can do something else c’mon I need this. You don’t know how good this is for me.”
The little mare just wouldn’t shut up, and Tyler had already spent his patience. He spotted the bottle of M4re on Oliver’s desk and stepped forward reaching out for it. Oliver responded by jumping up against Tyler trying to push him back. His little pony body wasn’t much of an obstacle and Tyler easily pushed him away. He swiped the M4re and quickly turned around heading for the washroom. Oliver jumped forward at Tyler’s leg, biting down as hard as he could.

“FUCK,” Tyler exclaimed.

He dropped the bottle of M4re and the little blue pills spilled out all over the floor of Oliver’s room. With a hard kick Tyler sent Oliver flying backward into his bed frame.


Oliver could barely hear Tyler’s screaming over the ringing in his ears from the impact with the bedframe.


Tyler stopped as he felt blood trickling down his leg from the bite. His eyes went wide with rage.


Tyler screamed while clutching at his leg, the pain of the bite really setting in.


Oliver crawled under his bed as his roommate continued screaming. Everything felt wrong and bad. He reeled in trying to process what had just happened.

Tyler is only acting this way because he doesn’t know what it’s like to be a pony

Oliver curled up and felt tears filling the corners of his eyes.

If Tyler could only try it once, he would understand everything

From under the bed Oliver watched as Tyler stomped out of the room.

He would understand that you are meant to be this

Tyler’s mutterings eventually faded.

He would know that you were both meant to be this

Hey there Seafoam!

I saw the video of you in the park with those two girls on youtube btw! It was very cute, and made me want to get out and stretch my hooves. Normally I stay cooped up in my apartment while ponified ^w^

After your last couple emails I asked around and a few other ponies have also experienced the speech symptoms you discussed. They all had used M4re more frequently than recommended or in higher dosages. It seems to be a later stage symptom. Moon told me it is something called “Equestrian” but she refuses to elaborate, as usual.

As for your specific questions on dosages you really shouldn’t use more than 5 or 6 pills at once, depending on your weight. The body can have difficulties re-manifesting. Speaking of extreme dosages, I was unable to contact the pony I told you about before, and with the increased fervor that the police are hunting down M4re distributors and users I am starting to fear the worst. For this reason I am going to urge you to lay low for the next few weeks and avoid going out in public.

Moon has been getting antsy. She says that the authorities are getting scared. I don’t know how she gets her information but she has never been wrong.

Take great care in these trying times, and may the Sisters protect.

Good shit, and i'm glad you're back in the saddle, so to speak.
Stumbled upon that fic through the porn tag, skim read it looking for those scenes, didn't find it but what I did read was interesting, I'll read it in full later.
File: 1618883057664.png (423 KB, 1280x427)
423 KB
423 KB PNG
File: day710.png (535 KB, 2000x2000)
535 KB
535 KB PNG
File: 1570983642031.png (405 KB, 1057x1536)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
I am not up to speed but it seems like our old pal modified himself some goons and is ready to send in a new team
Ok this is definitely femanon tf, only a w*man would still think she doesn't look good enough even after becoming a mare.
File: _.png (98 KB, 1207x615)
98 KB
Utterly terrifying.
File: _.png (1020 KB, 960x1200)
1020 KB
1020 KB PNG
I'm just starting to plot out an idea I had. I'm an overly ambitious autist so I'm committed to making something big.
>Anonfilly suddenly has PTSD flashbacks to 4chan and her old life at the mention that "the ride is over"
>"N-No! It'll never be over, right?! The board's still alive!"
>Celestia smiles, "Cope."
I'm flattered but while my writing style is still close enough I think (Was the anniversary bit recognizably close?) and I still like me some small horses and pets I also agree with the anon's point about how basically I could write happy slice-of-life forever or, worse, develop sequelitis and ruin it.

I've had off-and-on thoughts about writing different horse stuff for a while now but sort of struggle with the idea that I maybe peaked on that last go-around? I'unno.
File: surrounded_by_snowpity_19.png (3.25 MB, 3102x1745)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB PNG
Wew, hot stuff.
I almost rebuked myself for missing a day that you added one of my favorite mares, but then I remembered that every day is a day that you add one of my favorite mares. Keep up the good work, Clear Skies a cute!
Not sure if I missed any earlier parts but first time seeing this story and really liking it so far. Hope to see more!
You could add Sunshine Smiles, Moonlight Raven's sister, next.
File: surrounded_by_snowpity_20.png (3.27 MB, 3102x1745)
3.27 MB
3.27 MB PNG
Toffee Swirl
Poor mare has no art of her.
Already on my mare list.
>or, worse, develop sequelitis and ruin it.
>sort of struggle with the idea that I maybe peaked on that last go-around?
I think the way I see it, Zephyr's story peaked with what you've already written, and indeed trying to tack on more stuff to it would just be sequelitis.

However, I would love to see you write some new stuff. Even if you've actually peaked, I think the peak was high enough that it's not a reason to be discouraged: you might still write some fantastic stories.
One idea might be to actually write under a different name, that way you can be sure that Zephyr's reputation won't overshadow whatever you make, and that people won't directly compare them to judge. You'd lose some initial recognition, but the thread's slow enough that it's not like if you started posting a green, people would skip reading it just because they don't know your name.
It's good that the little known mares are getting some love.
That doesn't look like a good time.
>Be Celestia
>Saved humans from their own destruction via conversion
>The newfoals don't quite fit in while smiles are plastered on their faces they obey any order that directly or indirectly originates from you
>They're also unphased by violence, a fact proven by a legion of them defending a town against timberwolves together with countless bar fights every friday
>Massive recruitment campaign started for the Royal Guard calling upon newfoals to join their ranks
>Form well drilled shock regiments and use the newfoals engineering knowledge to start ordinance development
>Within a few years Equestria wields an industrial army with all the bells and whistles
>Soon the entire planet shalt bow before your grace
File: _.jpg (111 KB, 1190x937)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
File: _.png (147 KB, 3080x1887)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
File: _.png (328 KB, 1127x904)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
Once a pony
Always a pony
So they say
Become a pony today

You lurk and lark
Seeking to make your own mark
Til' you come upon
A little conversion center

You were a plumber
Contracts were a bummer
You sat and you waited
And often debated

Was it worth it?
This life you were living?
For all its misgivings
Becoming a pony wouldnt have abated

Your possibilities in career
To become one of many steered
You into a direction left unsolved
Yet you were left absolved

Of all worries or cares
In Equestria it was quite fair
To perform magic you may ask?
Well no, it wasn't an easy task

But learned you did
And yet you couldnt kid
The assurance that was provided
That your insurance was provided

Of a home, a way of means
So it seemed
A better way of life
One free of strife

Of ache or struggle
Free of the shame of bills
And still your doubts smuggled
Into your mind, yet still

But you need not worry
It was just a flurry
Of those human distractions
Which now had abstraction

In your new home
Your humble existence
As a new mage borne
Fareing over more than subsistence
Anon's antipony. If they meet then they are mutually annihilated.
>you wake up the same as you always do
>your little pet bed
>it feels unfamiliar though
>you can't quite put your hoof on it
>you've been a pony for almost a year at this point
>or at least you think?
>time feels weird when you're having a good time
>you trot downstairs, eager to meet your Master and your life mate
>you've felt odd the past week or so, but you're fine!
>... you think
>you manage to make your way down the stairs
>Master is sitting next to your sister on the couch
>you can't get a read on his expression, but she looks... happy?
>you take another tentative step forward
>this situation feels... oddly familiar to you
>you didn't even see it coming
>you make your way up to the couch
>Master asks you to tilt your little head up for him
>expecting those chin scritches you love, you eagerly comply
>the feeling never comes
>it's replaced with the sensation of the breeze on a part of your neck that hadn't felt it in ages
>your eyes open
>Master's holding your collar
>it's... not around your neck anymore...
>you can't even think of the words to say, the lump in your throat is too much to deal with
>he picks you up
>m-maybe he's just going to give you a bath...?
>he opens the front door and sets you outside, the sensation of the rain hitting your muzzle jolting you out of your train of focus
>you turn around to speak
>the door's already shut, and you hear the lock click
>the sounds of his footfalls grow quieter
>it's... just the rain
>you're not crying
>your collar was sat on the ground next to you
>you lightly poke it with a hoof, turning it over
>you never found out what was on the back of your tag
>you nor your sister couldn't turn it around to make it out
>but you can right now
>"MASTER'S PET" is written on the front
>"FOREVER AND ALWAYS" on the back
>you look through the blinds to the best of your ability
>they're on the couch, laughing as she watches him play a game
>judging by the sounds, it's the one he always showed you
>he doesn't notice you, but it's clear she does
>she lifts her head up, showing her collar, playfully jingling it for him
>just like you used to
>he thought you were so cute when you did that
>you pick the collar up off the front step, and start walking down the street
>the sounds of their voices grow quieter, a stinging in your chest as you realise that's the last you'll ever hear them
>"forever and always"
File: 6163703.jpg (379 KB, 1089x1000)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
But why though.
I'm watching. What's the source for this?
Check ponerpics
So there's no follow-up where Trixie delivers on her threat?
Dunno I didn't see anything but I didn't look too thoroughly
File: 4.png (584 KB, 1045x550)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
I don't understand. Why would Master do this? Why just take your pet and throw them out of the door, with no forewarning? Worse, why is the "sister" happy, even mocking?

This sounds like it must have been a really, really messed up household, for something like this to happen. The love in Master was severely, catastrophically misplaced, if he's the kind of guy to do something like this. Unless I'm somehow reading this wrong, because I still have trouble comprehending this setup.
i wonder if the cleanup is a nanite bomb
It's obviously a nightmare brought about by overhearing stories of abuse.
They're going to wake up in their bed next to their sister and have a slightly tearful cuddle with her and their master.
Oh that makes a lot of sense actually. It's even surreal enough to work really well as a nightmare sequence.
What a horrible nightmare, though. Imagine waking up after that.
Can you degenerates AR LEAST keep your fucking tards wrangled?
File: _.jpg (1.27 MB, 2151x2244)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
>Be anon
>You're hopelessly in debt after a venture gone bad
>The banks are about to foreclose and even then you'll still be in debt
>Read a newspaper, an advert offering freedom from all financial duties
>Oddly simple, only an address in the old rundown industrial part of town
>That night you go up to the door of the stated address
>It opens just as you raise your hand to knock on it
>Nobody is in sight but you walk through the old door into a pleasant yellowy-beige room with some seats and a selection of magazines
>After waiting for what you assumed to be around half an hour a woman comes into the room bearing a clipboard
"You're anon yes? Please follow me"
>Her voice is with a thick eastern European accent
>You get up and follow her down a tight corridor until you reach a desk with a battered wooden seat on your side
>A middle aged man sits at the desk, dressed in a old 1980's looking suit
"Hello Anon, we've been expecting you. Please read this paperwork before we proceed and sign on the line when you're ready"
>The piece of paper affixed to a clipboard is a contract, essentially offering you freedom from all your debts if you.... sign yourselves over to these people to be sold as a pet?
>You're not sure what this means exactly but the only other option is an inevitable noose around your neck
>You sign your name onto the form and hand it back to the man
>He smiles at you and gives a slight knod to someone behind you, who before you can turn to see who it is you feel the sharp sting of a needle entering your neck as your vision fades to black
>You awake feeling groggy, your body feeling odd
>As you open your eyes you notice a green hoof sprawled out infront of you
>You try to scramble away only to trip over yourself as you realise the hoof is coming with you, its attached to you.
You can't fucking tease me with a pet premise like that and not deliver.
File: _.png (973 KB, 1109x1002)
973 KB
973 KB PNG
File: keyboardmasher.png (428 KB, 888x787)
428 KB
428 KB PNG
File: _.png (592 KB, 1937x1419)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
File: _.png (332 KB, 1600x1200)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
File: pet.jpg (80 KB, 640x400)
80 KB
>Zephyr Broadcasting Service!
We need to broadcast Zephyr to everyone in the world.
Would you give up your hands? She's gonna bite 'em off.
I'd love to read new stories by you if you're feeling it. I'm sure you'd do just as good a job as the last story.
If you're feeling up for throwing down horse words, I am not going to be the one to stop you from saddling up.
File: FBOkKzCVcAI1q-r.jpg (501 KB, 2048x1366)
501 KB
501 KB JPG
Even if it's not as good as the classic story, I'd love to see you write something new.
>Would you give up your hands?
bro this is /ptfg/
>Be Kluunii Almuunii, a prisoner of a Nazi concentration camp that is being run on the territory of your former nation of Poland.
>As a result of Nazi experimentation, you have been transformed into a talking unicorn with wings and have no idea as to how to escape the harassment and torture your captors have brought upon you.
>You wake up one morning of your own volition, for once, and you meet a human who looks like he is dressed in a Soviet army outfit.
^“Everyone, de Soviet Union has officially declared you all free. You may now go about your business and search for your own free lives.”
>You leave the camp, but you quickly realize you are a member of a herd species that desires companionship and physical affection.

>A short time passes and you receive a knock at your door.
>“Mr. Almuunii, zis is Agent Mnij of the KGB. Ve have heard of your work prior to de Nazi occupation of Poland and ve have come to give you job... with us.”
>What? Didn’t that other guy just say you were able to go about your business and lead your own life?
>You try to get away, but the guy’s bodyguards quickly capture you.
“HEY! What gives? I was told I was a free person!”
>They quickly put you in a cage and bring you to some office building while you bounce around in the back of a blacked-out van for several hours.

>You arrive in what appears to be an office building in Warsaw.
>“So, Mr. Almuunii, ve haff gathered intelligence suggesting you were mathematician prior to ze beginning of war, yes?”
>What do you say? Do you answer yes and let them know of what you’ve done? Or do you hide the truth and let them torture you?
>“Ve haff rumors to suggest zat de United States of America is building a nuclear arsenal strong enough to obliterate all of Eastern Europe. It is of de utmost importance zat ve do not have technology gap and zat ve haff warning system for potential ssreats.”
>You were appalled by his wording. Weren’t the USA the good guys who liberated France and helped the Soviets occupy Germany?
>“NOW! Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to help design a system dat vill not only help detect American missiles coming over ze pole, but also a system zat can fire our missiles should anything not be optimal.”
>Wait. So Poland has nukes now?
>“Ze Soviet Union is already providing much of Eastern Europe vith protection against nukes from de imperialist capitalist pigs. It is up to you to help save us.”
>“Oh. And you are not going back home after today, no matter what happens, since ze Party has expropriated your property.”

>You’re now faced with a troubling choice. This job offer will give you the affection you need to live as a pony and will put a roof over your head. On the other hand, Western rumors of Soviet occupiers suggest that you’d only be enabling a government that’s as authoritarian as the Nazis before them and their official language is not Russian, but rather bullet.

Wat do?
File: surrounded_by_snowpity_21.png (3.3 MB, 3102x1745)
3.3 MB
3.3 MB PNG
What would you do if you were turned into a pony, but found yourself in the >no hooves-verse?
>Wat do?
kill myself cuz im a shitty alicorn oc
File: _.png (433 KB, 1000x676)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
What are some abandoned stories you hope to see completed one day?
Flee to a safe distance.
That one story of a witch-mare summoning her bat-husbando and the former human being reasonably miffed about it
I felt Unexpected Red could have kept going.
>he had even started to pose and model for their pictures

>the police are hunting down M4re distributors and users
This is the worst kind of oppression.

If only Oliver were less of a wretch. It sounds like more difficulties lie ahead for him. I hope that he can make it through.
The Way by Elephant In The Room
You can do it, Anon. I believe in you.
I hope they have internet in Equestria. I'd hate to think that this thread is going and not be able to tell everyone of my success or share the secret of the portal.
You're looking at chapter 3 there. Previous chapters were in the previous thread.
File: 0068DizFoleyRainbowDash.png (427 KB, 1200x900)
427 KB
427 KB PNG
>Be anon
>Read >>37649834
>Decide to start following up every shady lead and dealing possible
>Your first venture leads you to a warehouse
>Turns out someone just needed you to shift a lot of drugs
>Dissapointed but too deep in, helps with the job
>A rival gang busts in, it's a raid!
>Barely escape with your life
>Reconsider life choices
>But if you don't follow up these shadowy offers you'll never find the pet pony tf conspiracy
>Never get to be with master!
>You push on
>Become embroiled in the criminal underworld
>Become a streetwise, toughened badass with connections all over the country
>Do things you regret to get there, but you're driven, you do what you have to do
>Inadvertently become a crime lord trying to become a tiny pony
>One day someone just posts an open invitation in ptfg to people to become petponies, invalidating the whole plan
>It sucks, but getting to be a pet with a master is overriding exciting
>Become the little horse with loving good master, life is good
>But also still be the king of an empire of crime on the side, despite gladly bequeathing all your material goods to master because master is good
>Master doesn't wholly approve of you still using your connections to the criminal underworld but you use it for good, secretly pulling strings to make sure your master's life is happy
>Master is suspicious why his mean boss is suddenly acting really nice, and why the coffee he buys is always free now, and to which mysterious benefactor got him an unregistered light machinegun in an unmarked package for his birthday
>You promise to tone it down a bit, but you're glad you can repay the kind goodness of master who looks after you and makes your life worth living
So it goes
I just want to be a pet pony with my master so very badly, I want to make them happy because even the thought of being their pet and pony fills me with a sad nostalgia for events that have yet to happen. I miss you Master and I hope I meet you one day. Fuck.
File: 284869.png (215 KB, 678x501)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
>Okay, I'll level with you.
>I have a MASSIVE fetish for turning humans into ponies. I get off so much on the thought of you guys giving up your humanity and becoming ponies.
>Every time I masturbate or have sex, I'm thinking about a human getting turned into a pony. I NEED this, okay? It is my one and only fetish.
>But it's okay, because you're all into it too, right? Hehe!
>So here's the deal! I'll permanently turn you into a pony for free and even help set you up in pony society afterwards! I can help you a lot, you know?
>The only catch is you have to let me furiously masturbate while I slowly transform you into a pony. Or we can have sex once you finish changing. Either one is good for me!
>A-and if you tell all your human friends how great being a pony is afterwards, hehe, that'd be great!
>Oh, geeze, I'm already getting off!
>Come on! I know you want to be a pony, right? Please?

What do?
>Damn Twilight you should take a break from porn for a little while.
HA! No way fag
Rub/scrape the communications device and cough or maybe do a few breathy sounds. That could buy a few seconds while you do a quick patdown for a wallet and anything usable like special weapons or other tools, grab it and run for cover in case of explosion. Could we cut a small flesh sample to study and determine any man-made modifications and what kind or anything useful?

Make sure Friendly is safe, see if she detects anything else in the area. It might be time to wake Cunt and see what backup plans or fortification his place there has.

We may need to consider going on the offensive to get this problem taken care of sooner than later.
Here is Chapter 4! Your yous have fueled me to start writing Chapter 5, hope you all read it you sick fucks <3

The apartment dorm had been quiet the last couple of days. Oliver barely left his room, much less made it to class. Tyler didn’t bother trying to coax him out. No point in trying to help a lost cause. As a way to pacify Oliver he had agreed to simply hide the M4re in one of his locked drawers rather than throw it away. He was meeting with his “guy” later this week and could probably make back some cash by selling it back to him. Until then the keys to his room and the drawer never left his pocket. Tyler felt them jingle around in his pocket as he stepped into the kitchen. During a cram week it was nothing but ramen and canned soup.

As Tyler set the kettle to boil and pulled open the ramen package, Oliver’s door swung open, soon followed by a pair of beady sunken eyes. Oliver shambled out of his room and over to the kitchen, before pulling up a chair to the countertop. He did this all while avoiding Tyler’s gaze, which was transfixed on the top of his head. His hair had apparently struggled to return to its proper human form, and now hung down to his shoulders in messy seafoam coloured tresses.

“How’s the studying going?” Oliver asked in a groggy voice

“Well enough.” Tyler said

Tyler considered asking when was the last time Oliver had gone to class, but he decided against it when he suspected it would devolve into another argument about M4re. It seemed to be the only thing they talked about these days. Instead, he picked up another packet of ramen and offered it to his roommate.

“You want some?”


Tyler emptied the kettle into his bowl, dropped his brick of noodles inside, and then refilled it from the sink and set it to boil again. When he turned back to his ramen he pressed the noodles down with his fork, before stirring in the flavour packet. His mind strained to think of something to fill the awkward silence.
“So uhh…. I see that video of you behind our dorm went sort of viral. How does celebrity feel?”

Oliver shifted around and gave Tyler a strange look as he began to eat his ramen.

“Yeah um, all the online circles and stuff around that sort of thing see me as like… a folk hero? It became the new exciting thing to do when you are on M4re, go out and lure randos into giving you pets and stuff.”

Tyler couldn’t help but chortle a bit at that.

“What a bunch of adrenaline junkies. Does getting pet really feel that good that people are risking being out in public just for some action?”

“Well… yeah pretty much.”

Oliver paused for a moment and looked like he was considering saying something else. Tyler guessed he was probably weighing if he could proselytize the pony thing some more. He apparently decided it was not worth the trouble and instead just let the conversation peter off into silence. As the kettle began to boil again Oliver got up and fixed himself his own bowl of ramen. As the two of them ate Tyler’s initial anxiety over Oliver seemed to fade. He was always a strange sort of guy, those strange looks he was giving him were probably just a nervous tick or something. That’s how nervous ticks work right? Oh well, it didn’t matter.

Everything was going to be fine.

Woah woah what… something feels off

Tyler looked around, twisting his neck and trying to locate the source of the strange feeling. What probably should have been fear was softened into a docile curiosity.

“Do you feel that? It's so strange-”

Tyler felt his stomach drop as he turned and looked at Oliver. His eyes were locked on him, his mouth pulled into a wide smile. Tyler looked down at his bowl of ramen, almost completely empty, and then back at Oliver. His lungs began to race, fighting against the encroaching passivity the M4re was forcing on him. Oliver reached a hand forward, his eyes betraying what he had done.

“It’ll be okay, everything is okay Tyler, I promise.”

Tyler jerked backwards and swatted Oliver’s hand away. Terror too great for the drugs to smother shot through his body.

Oliver smiled warmly.

“You’ll understand now! Everything is going to be better in just a few minutes.”

His hands balling up into fists he strode forward ready to kill Oliver. The whelp scuttled backwards, realizing Tyler still had a few minutes to make him pay. Tyler’s knuckles were so tight it felt like they would break through his skin. The calmness of the M4re was mixing with the outpouring of rage into a clinical sort of detachment. Oliver was sputtering trying to convince Tyler not to hurt him. It only bolstered Tyler’s resolve.

He put his whole weight into a haymaker, and Oliver took it straight to his temple. He went limp and hit his head on the side of the counter before collapsing to the floor in a heap.


He knelt on top of Oliver’s chest and punched him in the face again. Blood came pouring out of Oliver’s nose. Tyler felt the sting on his knuckles and the impact of each hit traveled up his arm and into his shoulder. He landed a third and a fourth and a fifth hit. The back of Oliver’s head bounced off the tile underneath it from each strike. Blood coated Tyler’s hands. It was wet and warm, and left an imprint of his fist after each hit to Oliver’s face. He flailed his arms to try and block Tyler’s onslaught, but the first punch and drop had dazed him too much.


Each word was followed with a punch. Tyler raised his hand for another, but stopped as he realized little embers were burning painlessly through the tips of his fingers. He yelped and fell backwards, watching as the first motes of flesh peeled off of his hands and floated upward on an unfelt breeze. Oliver rolled onto his side and groaned in pain. His eyes were almost swollen shut and he couldn’t hear anything above the blaring ringing in his ears, but he felt a sense of victory. He just had to wait for Tyler to finish transforming and then no one could stop him. This was his shot and it worked. Tyler had missed one of the M4re pills when he had combed through Oliver’s room cleaning them out. He coughed and felt a tooth come loose. He pulled it out with a wince and flicked it over on the ground. Soon everything would be fixed.
Tyler was panting in fear as his body slowly burned away. The exertion and adrenaline apparently overpowering the secondary calmness the M4re provided. Although he was slowing down as he clutched at his disintegrating body.

Hopefully he would be docile enough to enjoy the transformation after it was complete.

As Tyler burned away, Oliver felt the shock from the pummeling fade. He rose as fast as he could and walked to the front door of their apartment, careful to give the transforming Tyler as wide a berth as possible. He locked the door before pulling a chair over and jamming it under the doorknob. He brushed his long hair out of his face and turned back to Tyler.

His limbs were almost completely transformed, and the flicking embers of the transformation were now making their way into his chest. His coat was as white as fresh snow and his hair had grown into a beautiful pastel blue mane. Tyler it seemed was getting more and more resigned to the helpless situation, keeping his eyes shut and his face in a grimace, clearly wishing for it to be over. Oliver stepped forward, and retrieved Tyler’s jeans which had fallen off of his tiny pony frame. After digging through the pocket for a moment he retrieved the keychain. If Tyler noticed, he didn’t bother saying anything.

As Oliver unlocked and disappeared into his room, Tyler’s transformation crept up his neck. With a horrifyingly feminine voice he begged for it to stop.

By the time Oliver reappeared with the bottle of M4re Tyler had fully completed his transformation. He laid on the ground exhausted. As Oliver grew closer Tyler shuddered and glared at his roommate.

“How could you do this to me?”

Oliver smiled before opening the bottle and swallowing a dozen of the pills.

“Nothing I wouldn’t do to myself.”

He set the bottle of M4re on the coffee table before sitting down on the couch, waiting for the effects to set in. Tyler felt disgust well up inside him alongside the anger already festering when he saw the look on Oliver’s face. There was no word for it other than contentment.
“You’re going to fucking jail for doing this-"

Tyler faltered for a moment at the sound of his own voice, but pushed through a moment later.

“-for doing this to me. You’ll be locked away for years.”

“For poisoning the drug dealer with his own product? Are you really going to try to pull that? You’ll be put away for longer than me when they find ketamine and molly in your room.”

Oliver’s voice was smug and self assured. How long had he been planning this, how long had he waited for an opportunity to fucking dose him? Tyler couldn’t tell. With nothing more to say Tyler curled up.

On the couch Oliver rolled his head around, starting to feel the onset of the M4re. He threw his head back and shuddered from the magnitude of the dose. The embers of the transformation were more like a ravenous fire, consuming his body in a matter of seconds. As his pony body came in he stretched out holding all his limbs erect. It had been so long since his last transformation it was really beginning to affect his mental state.

With a satisfied exhale Seafoam stood where Oliver had sat a moment previously. She stepped out of her pants and pulled her tee shirt off before stretching out her wings and savouring the sensations of her real body.

Thank the Sisters I’m back

Below her Tyler was struggling to sit upright, barely able to balance his upper body on his two front hooves. It was so cute watching him fumbling around with his new body.

Was I ever like that?

Seafoam gave a confident hop off of the couch and trotted around Tyler as he continued to wobble and shake. Tyler tried to keep his eyes on her but his body was too alien to follow through. She passed out of his line of sight and he felt his coat stand up on the back of his neck. It was as though his roommate was a predator circling injured prey. Considering the circumstances that analogy might be closer to reality than not. His body locked up as he felt a warm breath on his neck. A moment later and a shocking yet cruelly pleasurable sensation brushed along the side of his neck. A yelp of surprise and a moan of indulgence blurred together and Tyler felt his eyes cross. The circumstances and situation he was caught in melted away. The barely constrained rage forgotten. There was only an infinite “now” filled solely with pristine bliss.
Seafoam continued nuzzling into the neck of her roommate, thoroughly enjoying the sounds dribbling out of his mouth. As she began to speak she was careful to sound as warm and comforting as possible.

“This good feeling can go on for hours and hours. You don’t need to pull away from it, just try to absorb as much as you can.”

Tyler drew in a breath like he was about to say something, but threw his head back and exhaled a moment later, whatever the thought was having been promptly expunged. Seafoam laid a wing out over Tyler’s curled up body before laying down next to him and positioning herself just behind his head. She placed a hoof on his mane and gently scritched in circles. The tiny shudder which reverberated through Tyler’s body pushed her onward, making clear that it felt as good as she guessed it would.

The pure white coat was a beautiful contrast to her own colour scheme. Something about this appealed to an aesthetic taste Seafoam hadn’t noticed in herself before. Tyler’s left ear trembled for a moment, catching her eye.

Perhaps an involuntary reaction to the affection?

Seafoam leaned forward and dragged her tongue across the ear before playfully nipping at it. Tyler again shuddered and tried to mumble something, but nothing comprehensible made it out of his mouth.

Poor thing, she’s probably so wound up from all that unpleasantness earlier. She deserves to relax a little and indulge

“Awww doesn’t it feel so good? Who’s a good little pony, who’s a good little pony?”

The words felt as sweet as caramel as they trickled out of Seafoam’s mouth. She felt a strange pang of longing for someone to pull this whole routine on her. Perhaps in the future. For now she needed to focus on doing the best she could for her roommate.

Tyler was apparently at a loss for words as Seafoam performed her ministrations.

“C’mon, let that pretty voice of yours out a bit more. The little that I have heard of it is making me pretty jealous.”

Tyler murmured something quietly, but with her enhanced hearing Seafoam could make out the gist of it.

“Its… w-what is… w-where is this? Was… w-who are you?”

As she realized how frazzled the affection was making Tyler, Seafoam couldn’t help but giggle. This was going so much better than expected. She nestled her head right against Tyler’s, being sure to continue the onslaught of sensation.

“My name is Seafoam, I’m a mare just like you. It feels so great doesn’t it? I wanted you to know how amazing it felt firsthand, so that you could understand.”
The words slithered out between laboured panting. An energy was building up inside of the both of them, Seafoam could feel it. She shifted herself around and was surprised at the wetness behind her. From the smell it seemed Tyler was also feeling… roused.

“Let yourself relax okay, I’ll take care of everything~”

Seafoam felt herself being pushed onward by a wave of desire, crashing over her and into her, overpowering anything but the most immediate of impulses. Drunk with lust she couldn’t help but let a cute little moan work its way up her throat. She could feel Tyler leaning into her, seeking more from her hooves and mouth. Dutifully obliging her roommate she quickened her pace, licking and petting with a fervor unknown to her.

Tyler struggled for words.

“This… this is so… so good… Seafoam… Sea-”

Tyler’s whole body froze. He could feel his chest tightened into a vice, the pleasure and delirium of a moment prior being replaced with a paralyzing terror. He turned his head and met Seafoam’s eyes for the first time since the acts began.


He paused after saying the name. Inside his head associations finally connected and he snapped into lucidity. His eyes widening in disgust and horror he tried to push himself away from the thing eagerly nestling into his coat.

“Get- Get away from me Oliver.”

He said the name with venom, and felt his panic grow when Oliver had no visible reaction. Instead, Oliver was staring at him, keeping within a few feet of him as he desperately tried to drag himself away.

“You aren’t used to your body yet. Let me help you. Let's get you acquainted with yourself. It felt so good didn’t it? I know you want more, I can see it in you.”

Oliver’s pony eyes glittered with a frightful hunger.

“It’ll be so easy, I promise. I promise you it feels so good when you just give in.”
Tyler’s hooves clattered on the kitchen tile as he tried in vain to pull himself away from Oliver. He flailed his back legs out, trying to kick at Oliver as he followed just a foot away from him, trotting effortlessly.


“My name is Seafoam.” She said as she pinned him to the ground with a hoof.

Tyler tried to buck at her as she pinned him, but there was no strength or coordination in his hooves. His helplessness only fully struck him when she stepped forward and pinned his two forelegs to the ground with her own. She lowered herself onto his chest before bringing her head down and nestling into his chest fluff. Tyler tried to push her off of him, but he could barely move. Tears began to form in the corners of his eyes as more of the sensations from before flooded back.

“P-please stop, g-get off me. Please, Seafoam.”

His voice crackled through the tears. Seafoam felt bad for her roommate, but assured herself she had to press onward, for his sake and for hers.

“It’ll get better I promise. You’ll have more fun if you stop struggling.”

With that she nestled into Tyler’s chest again, eagerly brushing and kissing his white coat. She shut her eyes and focused on the closeness. Now that she was on top of Tyler she could feel her teats pressing into his. It urged her onward, even as Tyler’s protestations grew more frantic.

“S-Seafoam I know that… I know that you-”

Each time Tyler tried to speak, he felt his body seize up from the sensations Seafoam was forcing onto him. He bit back the disgust welling up in his gut. Most of it wasn’t even directed at Seafoam, most of it was at himself for not being stronger.

“I know you, you’ve been- You YOU NEED TO GET OFF ME-”

Every little sensation of pleasure came with another bolt of horror and disgust at himself for feeling it. He tried to tell himself it was just the drugs.

“W-we are both men, we’re both guys you can’t do this we’re both straight-”

Seafoam cut him off.

“We’re both mares Tyler, Look at yourself. You’re a mare.”

Her voice was intoxicating. Tyler felt the floor fall out from under him as he realized the physical absence of his dick, and the wetness growing in its place.

“We were men, and we will be again as soon as this is over!”

Seafoam tilted her head, dragging her hoof across his chest as she spoke.

“Doesn’t that all feel so far away? So unimportant? Can you even remember what your human self looks like?”
He reached out and tried to push her off of him, but there was no strength in his hoof. As he helplessly pushed he felt his head roll backwards onto the floor, tears now coming unbidden. Pleasure was pouring in, stressing his fraying mental state way past its limits. He whimpered for Seafoam to stop. It was all he could do.

He’s still resisting, he needs something to kick him over the line

The weight of Seafoam’s body lessened and for a moment Tyler thought she was going to stop. When he felt what she was actually doing, his back involuntarily arched and his hips bucked up, smushing her face into his own marehood. Another lick and it was like he was being shocked with a defibrillator.

Seafoam pushed her muzzle into Tyler, her wide tongue lapping and caressing the soft folds of his vagina. It smelled like heaven to her. Over her own heavy breathing she could hear Tyler stuttering and failing to say anything coherent. Tyler’s new body had become quite excited in the minutes since his transformation, and it clearly craved more. As Seafoam worked, Tyler’s back legs locked around her head. She drifted away from any thoughts as her head bobbed in and out. Each lick was making such pretty sounds come from Tyler. After a minute or two of listening to Tyler unspool, she flicked his clit with her tongue before gently sucking on it.

Tyler’s entire body convulsed, his thighs forcing Seafoam’s muzzle deeper into him as the orgasm swept through his body. She continued lapping at his folds, the sensations all melting alongside her own inhibitions.

Heaven, this was heaven. If Moon and Glitter were right about things then this must-

Her head shot back half a foot, and her neck reeled from… the impact?

W-what just happened?

A heavy pain began to soak its way through her face. Her mind raced to piece together what had happened through the haze. The sight in front of her finally came into focus and she realized what had happened. Tyler’s right hoof was fully pulled back, coiled like a snake about to lunge forward. He was now pulling the rest of himself against the wall, as far from Seafoam as he could manage. She opened her mouth to say something but he cut her off.

“You are g-going to back away from me, and never fucking touch me again.”

Why didn’t… w-why didn’t it work? It should have worked

Tyler repeated himself, his voice growing colder.

“You are going to back away from me. Never, ever touch me again.”

It should have worked why… It… It would have worked-

Seafoam stumbled backwards. She didn’t notice, but she slipped out of english and into singsong “equestrian”.

“I.. w-wasn’t .. didn’t you like… I… I’m w-what is-”

It would have worked on me
Tyler stared daggers at the rapist in front of him. He was thinking nothing save for a blistering hate for it. His breathing had slowed to a steady pace, and he kept his back hoof poised, ready to deliver another buck to the face.

He’s not like you, he never was

The world around them grew silent, and the sound of the two ponies breathing wasn’t enough to blot out the terrible ringing in both of their heads.

They will take you away, put you in jail

The thing which used to be Oliver grimaced, then shook its head and trotted back to the living room coffee table. It was muttering something to itself that Tyler couldn’t make out.

You deserve it you monster

Tyler lowered his hoof to the ground and wiped the dried tears from his coat. It seemed it was over. He eased his immediate rage with the knowledge Oliver was going to end up in the back of a cruiser the moment the drugs wore off. Prisons aren’t kind to rapists, especially soft weak pathetic faggot ponyfucker… assuming he didn’t just hang himself the first chance he got. With a clumsy brush of a hoof he pulled the sweat and tear soaked mane away from his face. Everything had been getting harder and harder to keep under control. He had managed to get into university, maybe it was time to swear off dealing. Too many sob stories, too many complications. And every once in a while a junkie would go ahead and just try to take his head off, or pin him to the ground and eat his pussy out.

Tyler held his head in his hooves as he tried to think of anything else other than what just happened. He felt cold. Physically cold on the inside. It was creeping up his gut and through his chest, like a hole had just been opened up inside and was eating away at him. His pulse thundered through his head and the back of his eyes. He just wanted to wake up in his bed and find out the last couple of weeks had been a nightmare. It was such a bad idea to try dealing with M4re. Never again.

Suddenly an ear splitting hiss filled the room. Tyler recoiled and a bright red light bathed the entire apartment in a malevolent glow. He scooted his pony body over a few feet and found the source. Oliver’s body was burning like a road flare. Next to him the M4re bottle was on the floor, empty. From the burning form Tyler thought he could hear a high pitched screech. The ignition wasn’t burning Oliver’s pony body but rather something invisible around it. Something inside of Tyler could tell what was happening had a thread of finality to it. At the very least, it looked extremely painful.


Seafoam stirred from unconsciousness somewhere dark and cold. There was a pressure on the back of her neck, and a swaying of her whole body. She couldn’t remember where she was, or what was happening. The last thing she could recall was a terrible red light.

As her eyes began to adapt to the dark she realized she was being carried along a dimly lit street. She struggled a bit, but her hooves couldn’t reach the ground or behind her to whatever was holding her. A strange exhaustion was sapping her energy even if they could have. A gruff voice she recalled hearing somewhere before cut through the brisk night air.

“Don’t bother trying anything, the overdose really did a number on you.”

She tried to raise her voice to ask the man something but her voice crackled without producing more than a murmur. Her eyelids felt so heavy. She could probably go limp and fall back into unconsciousness even while being carried. The man continued walking for a few minutes before stopping at a street corner. He pulled out a phone and dialed a short number. Seafoam couldn’t hear what he was saying. After speaking for less than a minute he put his phone back into his pocket.

“You really should not try to move, just conserve your energy until the ambulance gets here. Wherever you end up, never come back.”

With that, Seafoam felt herself swing briefly in one direction, before being thrown in the opposite. She clattered and slid across the sidewalk until she came to a stop against the side of a building. Her eyes struggled to get a good look at the man who threw her before he disappeared out of her view.

W-where am I, what is… why is it so cold

Seafoam curled into a ball. Warmth bled off her into the cold ground below. She stared at the light from the convenience store across the street, even as her vision faded. Every breath drew in more of the frigid air from the night. She felt a final spike of panicked energy shoot through her and she called out into the night.

“Help, s-someone help please.”

Oh Celestia please I just need… I just need some warmth

Snot and tears froze against her face as she tried to summon up enough energy to call out again, but the cold ground beneath her was paralyzing. Her head went limp as the energy to hold it up drained out of her. Her eyes drooped shut and the world grew silent, save for the distant blaring of a siren.
“If I let you do that, I’m probably turning you into a human.”
I'm into it.
Okay, now you seriously have my attention. This story is hitting my biggest fetishes and fantasies.
I'll be back after six months of total isolation, where I do nothing but write and eat stale bread. Your luck is appreciated.
>i'm not in the petpony business, I'm in the empire business
Yeah, this story was so good.
Cant wait!
File: high flyer.jpg (42 KB, 250x245)
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All of them. Particularly High Flyer.
What the fuck would you even do without hands? I couldn’t even kill myself if I woke up as a fucking horse because I have no fingers.
I like to think that if anon were ever transported to equestria that you'd become a pony. You'd draw way too much attention being a human and everypony would be hysterical over the foreign sight of you.

"Why do you walk so funny, anon? You're stumbling as if you've never stood on all four legs before!"
Mint hooves typed this post.
Life would be a little more complicated in that regard, sure. At the very least I could use my mouth to manipulate a lot of things, but I'd inevitably have to be in the care of a human companion to live in a world made for humans as a pony. This happens to work out just fine for me however.
If I ended up as a pony in Equestria? Either the inherent magic of the world or cartoon logic would let me manipulate things just fine, never mind it being a pony-centric world.
I'd probably miss hands, hands can be pretty cool, but hooves are also pretty cool. There's gonna be sacrifices if you're turning into a tiny cute horse but you'll know in yourself if they're worth it for you or not.
Funny idea, Anon.
That's not Rainbow Dash at all.
I want to do Pon-E and acid together. I feel like that would be a good time and definitely not such a euphoric and perfect night that I become dysmythic,disenfranchised with normal life and want nothing more than to return to that state and stay there for the rest of my life.
>Parent wishes they had a pony growing up
>They grow up, get married, have 2.5 kids
>One of them becomes a pony
>Pony child moves back in with them for a while
>Get to take care of your child again who became the cutest pony ever
>Worry about their future though
>Their childhood friend wants to take care of them, they live somewhere more private, you trust them
>know they'll be safe now but they're sad
>Pony child moves away, go visit after a few months
>Some interesting news: she's pregnant
>Child and friend fell in love
>Human friend got pony preggers somehow
>One hush-hushed ultrasound later confirmed it:
>They're going to have grandfoals
Kek. This could make a good story.
Aw, cute
File: 2021-10-11 (1).png (1.08 MB, 3775x4000)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Me on the left
>His hair had apparently struggled to return to its proper human form, and now hung down to his shoulders in messy seafoam coloured tresses.
I really like his mane.

>Why didn’t… w-why didn’t it work? It should have worked
Oliver's been reading too much Zephyr. It was a good try at corrupting Tyler though. Obviously inspired by certain Autumn/Zephyr and Zephyr/Opal interactions.

I guess it just became permanent. I wonder what the hospital will make of the poor pony.
Also I neglected to say it but cute story anon, I can only really handle the feelgood stuff right now and this was very nice.
How does one have a have child
As someone who, to say the very least, very much enjoyed Zephyr's Tale: probably try something new instead of just appending more stuff to the end of ZT.
My reasoning is that while part of me would gladly take a bible thick book of utterly inconsequential slice of life interactions between the Master household (and likely assign it similar theological significance) it's like ZT itself is kind of crystalized into exactly what it needs to be. As you and anon say you wouldn't want to marr the original by dragging it out forever, I say better to let it exist as it is and, with respect to your evident abilities as a writer, there's no chance of retroactively ruining the beloved original and no concern for that happening.

Maybe you want to write more pet related stuff? Sure, but wiping the slate clean means you can play by different rules: for example if pets were human brains transplanted into robot bodies, or the experience was all in some fulldive virtual reality as is occasionally discussed on the thread, how might those things prevent issues to navigate and ideas to explore?
I feel like other petpony related media on here is too deep in thriller territory with masters and ponies alike always in horrible, distressing situations. It's not that ZP didn't have the same but it wasn't anywhere near as constant, not like Re Mastering which while being a perfectly good and well-written story always seems to end its posts on something tense or sad whenever I read a random post. I'm sure it has downtime but I come here to cope, not to mope.

Maybe you don't want to do petpony stuff? Fair, don't sweat the peaking thing: everyone can peak multiple times just not always in exactly the same way. Maybe you have a really good anonfilly story in you somewhere, or maybe you want to write the kind of action-packed tension-filled adventure of a PTF story I just spent a solid paragraph crying about, whatever your muse may be. I say go for it.

Maybe you actually really do on some level want to do Zephyr's Tale 2: Tokyo Drift? I think in this case I'd say lean into the fact that it'll be inherently different from the original. Opal had a markedly different life than Zephyr with different character dynamics and that was still interesting and I was fine with that. Beyond that if you really feel you're a different style of writer now maybe lean into that instead of fighting it like you're writing a fan spinoff of your own work, weird as it might be to put your own unique spin on your own work I think it's fair.

Really, even as likely one of the weirdest and obsessed fans of your work I'd still rather you write what you're passionate about above all else. I'd rather you don't retroactively mess up ZP somehow but, you know what, fuck it, you do whatever you want to do because that's how we got ZP in the first place and it's just as much about you enjoying what you create as the context and audience surrounding it. Thank you.
File: FBTuASyXMAIBl-v.jpg (143 KB, 1202x1340)
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143 KB JPG
File: Mario QPU.png (838 KB, 1221x1920)
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838 KB PNG
This all happened to several families so it's averaged
>I feel like other petpony related media on here is too deep in thriller territory with masters and ponies alike always in horrible, distressing situations. It's not that ZP didn't have the same but it wasn't anywhere near as constant, not like Re Mastering which while being a perfectly good and well-written story always seems to end its posts on something tense or sad whenever I read a random post. I'm sure it has downtime but I come here to cope, not to mope.
I really don't get the distaste for Remastering among petfags. I liked Zephyr and I like Remastering fine, it's not exactly the same type of story but it still involves pets and that's what's important.
Yeah but now in having a child you either floor or ceil it. Are there 2 or 3 kids?
Well, lfor me it's like he said
>but I come here to cope, not to mope.
The occasional drama and tension and sadness is fine, stories need those.
Unfortunately i'm a weirdo where my favorite scenarios are very low stakes and the characters cant get physically hurt much and that doesnt make for good long stories.
Its definitely a good story, just not for me, and trying to accomodate that wouldnt be nice to others or the story, so i just dont say anything.
>I really don't get the distaste for Remastering among petfags
I wouldn't go as far as to say so many petfags, the ones enjoying the story don't make a big deal out of their distaste for it after all, but to make up for the supposed crying paragraph on my part:
As an enormous petfag I go to petpony stories as an escapist fantasy, I view it as a world I'd rather be in, hope to eventually be in even. The thing is that with ReMastering even in the intro the tumult comes in thick and fast. I kind of expect a break from it sooner or later in the story but even then the underlying tensions surrounding everything are still there, it's what makes the story fun and different for many people.
I, however, am pretty clearly projecting myself and my emotions onto all these characters. My interest in the thrilling elements of the story is overridden by my pangs of sadness for seeing masters and pets in such distressing scenarios and that's the point at which I feel the desire to drop the story.
Again, this kind of feeling isn't even exempt from ZT, big parts of the story hinge on emotional and tense moments like these and the strong emotions they inspire make for some of the best parts of the story, parts where pet and master alike are faced with a tough situation that test their relationship and whatnot. They're great but I personally feel they aren't as frequent as in ReMastering and so I can tolerate them a little better.
All this being said, maybe if I just muster the courage, for lack of a better word, to push though the more tumultuous sections of ReMastering maybe it has a lot of petpony heartwarming gold of comparable quality to ZT, I just honestly can't make it that far in without wishing I was reading the story where the biggest concern was just accepting one is a pet at all.
Maybe, however, these stories where things are always going wrong are a kind of vent for people like me? There's that one especially sadistic story >>37647108 that has people going "why would you write that or enjoy it, that's awful" and honestly I kind of agree but also maybe people pained by the fact they aren't pet ponies kind of feel like this in the abstract and it helps them to get it out or see it written out, it's relatable and cathartic in its own way.
This is basically a TL;DR of my post, very agreed.
File: unknown-5.png (77 KB, 467x465)
77 KB
How about a more sinister take on this tale?

>Be Igmyeong Ui, a resident of the Korean Peninsula who’s also a pastel-colored pony out of a little girl’s show.
>The year is 1945 and the Soviets have taken control over your half of the peninsula from the Japanese, with the Americans taking control of the other half.
>You were guaranteed a free and democratic election, but for some reason, the Soviets appointed a man named Kim Il-Sung to govern your part of the newly freed Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
>Not to worry, since you were free from the Japanese, at least.

>The year 1950 rolled around.
>You saw American troops crossing into your hometown and waging war.
>Why would the Americans and Soviets fight? Weren’t they allies?
>But this occupation was short-lived, since the Soviets and Chinese were together able to help retake your hometown.
>You wondered what all of the hubbub was.

>You receive a knock at your door.
>“Greetings. Zis is Agent Cheol of ze KGB. Ve haff come for mathematician who has lived here since Japanese colonial era.”
“Uhh... I don’t know anything you’re talking about.”
>“Right... your file indicates you ARE mathematician and you VILL be working for KGB now, whezzer you like it or not!”
>This is bad. If the two halves of Korea are at war, who guarantees your work won’t be used to fuel the war machine?
“I’m not going and that’s final.”
>“Oh, zis vun ssinks he can just decide vich job he wants like imperialist capitalist PIG!”
>So the southern half is actually the better one? Wow. That is a gigantic revelation right there.
>“But don’t vorry, my little pony. If you don’t like zis job, I can put you in for position at ozzer job as horse sashimi at de restaurant down ze corner.”

>So you are basically left with two options.
>Join the war machine and fight against the better government or else you will be eaten.

Wat do?
what's with all these weird WWII related prompts
they're too detailed to be just a prompt, but not detailed enough to be a CYOA
and they barely have anything to do with being a pony
Earth angel, earth angel, will you be mine
File: 6231481.png (301 KB, 1730x1963)
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301 KB PNG
File: Fillypout.gif (457 KB, 600x600)
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457 KB GIF
Well given none of the other kid visit, it doesn't matter
>genderbender bad
cope and seethe
They're written by the question autist, our resident jew-loving, chubby-chasing, mathematics and computer science major who won't shut the fuck up about either. He has fantasies of saving the semites from the concentration camps, and someone actually giving him a job instead of immediately rejecting him at the interview because they can tell he's a fucking sped. He is to be either ignored or laughed at.
What’s the ponepaste for this, I’m interested in it
It's on fimfiction because the author is a faggot.
Okay what’s the fimfiction link
It is in the OP.
Killing yourself is the last thing you'd want to do as a horse.
you'd become glue and then get vored by a schoolchild
File: 1633981494006.jpg (92 KB, 1200x260)
92 KB
>turns you into a fucking horse
It's simply a law of nature. If a human enters Equestria they become a pony. It could be instant or gradual, but it must happen.
File: 1226464.png (1.51 MB, 1331x1920)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
There are conceivable ways around it.
>The Rainbow Bridge was trapped by Starswirl the Bearded into a mirror! No human should pass through it as a human! It was done to protect them and us! If there's a human here it must be from the ancient spheres. Which should be impossible, it would take a literal god to manifest a body for one out of thin air.
I wrote at least one of them on the threads and I wrote it to explore the darker side of pony TF. I wondered what would happen if one turned into a pony, but that gave one something to fear rather than something to admire.
It’s bold of you to assume they’re all written by the same person. And if you read the second one carefully, you’ll realize that in Soviet Russia, interview conduct YOU!
Why did you delete your post thrice anon
I can't even notice a difference
File: 2721890_.gif (3.95 MB, 640x360)
3.95 MB
3.95 MB GIF
To correct grammatical errors and to remove excessive pound signs.
She will not be yours.
what the FUCK IS THAT abomination
>I wrote it to explore the darker side of pony TF. I wondered what would happen if one turned into a pony, but that gave one something to fear rather than something to admire.
There's nothing wrong with that, but here's a tip, if you want to write a prompt leave it generic so people can expand on it if they thing it's interesting. For example

>you become a pony
>in a mad scientist's lab
>you escape your restraints but now you're lost in his mad science mansion and can't find a way out, while he's surely coming after you
>wat do?

Your posts come off weird because it's practically a fully detailed prologue to a story, so people will only bother replying if they're interested in your exact story. But most people would just expect you to keep writing that story in that case.

>It’s bold of you to assume they’re all written by the same person.
Ah ok you're definitely the question autist, good to know
The cat? Catrina, from G1. The comic? "Anon's Pie Adventure", by Pencils, well-known on /mlp/ I thought.

This page: https://derpibooru.org/1226464
I have never been one for censorship but she should be whipped from all records
File: someone came with her.png (811 KB, 1920x1080)
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Though Zephyr's Tale and ReMastering share the same general subject matter of petponies, masters, and nanomachines, they are not at all similar in the types of stories they're telling. ReMastering is literally a CYOA crime thriller. At the end of every update, it asks its readers to navigate the protagonist through dangerous and frightening situations. The last thing a petfag is looking for is to take on the role of the master in a gun fight with the fucking terminator. ReMastering is a good story in its own right, and asking why it doesn't specifically interest petfags is doing it a disservice. The fact that both stories contain pets is not "what's important".
Under A Violet Moon by PoneFluff
This is the third in a series of Pon-E stories. Posted here per request of the author.
Chapter 1
A Princess' Duty (Luna)

High in the sky, the moon already shone through the cloudless night. I had to fight off a yawn as I struggled up the stairs. Today had been unpleasantly long at work, and I didn’t have time to go pony to relax. Emily wouldn’t have allowed it even if I tried to, She’d demand I let her go pony as well, and I knew she still had those fucking pictures of me she’d taken. The battle to climb the stairs was finally over, and my destination in sight, through the open door into my bedroom, I could see it. Dark blue sheets and pristine white pillows, all freshly washed this morning before my shift at work. The siren song of sleep played in my ears as I unceremoniously stripped off the red and orange work shirt. Tossing my name tag to the side with a flick of my wrist before my legs gave out, and I crumpled into bed. A sigh of relief escaped my lips as I almost immediately felt the welcome darkness of sleep overtake me.

Sleep had become rather strange since I turned into the Princess of the night. Like always, I seemed to be in pony form in my dreams. My four hooves stood on the surface of an almost glasslike ocean, stretching as far as my eyes could see. The only light was provided by the stars above me and by what appeared to be coloured dots on the horizon. With a sigh, I settled down and adjusted my wings to get comfortable. It was a lesson I’d learnt the first few nights after I went pony initially. No matter how far I travelled in my dream, I could never reach the lights on the horizon.

There were more than there had been before, the horizon covered in bright colours that blurred together at such a distance. I sighed; on the bright side, I always felt refreshed in the morning. However, these dreams were painfully dull and seemed to match real-time, so I could practically count the minutes until morning. Looking up, I couldn’t help but smile. Even if my nights had become tortuously slow, it wasn’t without its benefits. Above me was an utterly stunning starfield, utterly alien to any that I’d ever seen before. Vast swirling nebulas and galaxies moved in the heavens above me whilst the soft twinkle of the stars gave me light to see. Even with the abundance of light in the distance, there wasn’t any light pollution, granting me an unfettered view of the cosmos. Of all the side effects of taking Pon-E, I couldn’t help but enjoy that part a little. A portion of me wondered if anypony else would experience this, or if it was just because I turned into Luna?
A sudden flash on the horizon snapped me from my thoughts as I squinted to try and make out what had caused the burst of light. In the distance, the usual multicolour blur of lights brightened as I watched a shimmering pink orb burst into life, far closer than the smear of coloured lights in the distance. Steadily it grew in size as it hurtled towards me, a wake forming beneath it as the glassy ocean I stood on was stirred up by the orb. Only for it to slow to a halt a short distance away as I sat in shock. The rough rules I had figured for whatever my dreams had become had been shattered, all the times before they had remained a constant. Now? If my dreams were changing, could that mean this wasn’t just my dream?

“That’s… .that’s not happened before,” I muttered. The only sound amidst the near-total silence was my voice as it echoed out through the vast emptiness around me. The pink orb had stopped moving, allowing the previous stillness to return as the water beneath it returned to its glassy state. Tentatively I stood, my hooves touching the surface of the water, sending tiny ripples outwards from me. I wasn’t sure how much time I spent lost in thought, trying to understand what had just happened. Eventually, I started to move towards the shimmering orb, a soft tugging sensation at my core, as if it was calling out to me.

I wasn’t sure how but I knew this had to be the gateway to a pony’s dream. Which meant that this wasn’t my dream; the fact that I was in the dreamscape didn’t phase me as much as it probably should have. It was something I had suspected almost immediately, but this actually confirmed it. As I drew closer to the orb, I could see a practically black aura wafting from it; the growing blackness threatened to smother the light given off from the sphere. That I could only guess meant that whoever the pony was, they were having a nightmare. Despite my growing concern at the realisation where I was, I wouldn’t let somepony suffer when I was able to help them.

As I leaned forward to touch my horn to the orb, I stopped. Muscle memory and instinct told me this was the right way to enter a dream when I was here. The fact that I had muscle memory in this body raised warnings in my mind. Maybe turning into Luna was leaving more side effects than I’d noticed. I shook my head, now was not the time to get distracted. One of my ponies was suffering, and I would not allow that to continue. My horn touched the glowing orb just as I realised what I’d just thought. Before I could address that, a wave of magic flowed over me as my stomach twisted into a knot, and a surge of pink light forced me to screw my eyes shut.
When I finally opened my eyes, the whole space had changed. Gone was my familiar dreamscape. The dark star-filled sky had been replaced by what appeared to be a modest two-story house, dozens of colts and fillies sprinting around as their laughter filled the air. I couldn’t help but shudder, this whole experience felt like I was invading someone’s privacy, yet at the same time, I knew this was the right course of action. I wouldn’t forgive myself because somepony suffered when it was within my power to help them.

Casting my gaze across the room revealed some peculiar details; a large banner hung from the ceiling, proclaiming “Happy 6th Birthday Freddy!” It wasn’t hard to guess that the birthday boy...birthday colt? Whatever the correct term was. I could tell that Freddy was the two-tone brown earth pony colt currently sat surrounded by a mound of gifts with a few other foals gathered around him. It was rather weird, in all honesty. The colts and fillies sprinting around barely came halfway up my leg as I stood in the corner of the room.

My ears flicked when I thought I heard what sounded like a sniffle, but from what I could see, none of the foals were upset. Moments later, I caught another sniffle and what could have been a small sob. The sob pushed me to start trying to weave my way through the veritable ocean of party going youngsters, my height and size allowing me to cut a path through the constantly changing tide. The room itself was more extensive than I’d first thought. A small alcove poked out with a large bay window surrounding it. Lying on a pillow in the nook and staring out through the bay window at a different house was a bright pink mare, her mane a tangled mess that reminded me of cotton candy. However, what caught my attention was her eyes, bloodshot and red around the edges, watery trails leading down her cheeks as she watched the other house.

As I drew closer, I could see that the lights in the other house were on, illuminating a much different scene. Humans, older than me, were having some kind of party. I swore I almost could hear the pulsing bass from their music as I saw men and women dancing, drinking and partying. I looked down at the pink mare to try and see what she was looking at specifically, following her eyes to a brown leather couch by the other house’s window. On it, a man and a woman sat, practically intertwining their bodies together. At a guess, I’d say they were roughly in their mid-30s. Beside me, the pink mare’s ears folded against her head as I heard her mutter something I couldn’t make out. Another look at the human’s revealed what had set her off. The woman had just been thrown a small bag of something.
“Enough of this,” I growled, charging my horn to try and dispel the dream. I’d seen Luna do it in the show, so I knew I should be able to do it. The tug of magic in my horn pulsed as I tried to force the dream into something more positive, or at least to prevent what I suspected was about to happen. My horn flashed as I unleashed the magic, trusting it would reshape the dream. Instead, the pink mare’s ears lifted as her head snapped over to me, shuffling away in panic.

“W-what the buck are you! W-where am I!” She practically screamed, quickly drowning out the happy laughter of the foals. I froze, realising that I’d not dispelled the dream at all. Instead, I was guessing that I’d just “woke” her up in the dream. By the time I’d gathered my thoughts, the pink mare looked like she was on the verge of a heart attack based on the pinprick sized pupils and how hard she fought for breath.

“We beseech thee, be still, thou art dreaming.” I started as I gently reached a hoof out to try and calm the mare. Suddenly regretting my size advantage over her, it probably wasn’t helping me avoid freaking her out. Then again, I suspected the old ponish wasn’t helping either, for that matter. “We art Luna, Guardian of dreams. We sensed thine turmoil and refused to allow thine suffering to continue.”

“L-luna? Like Princess Celestia’s sister?” the mare said, seemingly not believing who I was. Whilst her words left me reeling, Who was this mare? Was it possible she was an actual Equestrian? How would someone be taking Pon-E without knowing what Luna looked like for most of the show? “B-but I saw her after she was cleansed by the elements of harmony. She’s small and has a blue mane, not tall like you.”

“Thou hath seen her after the elements’ power? During the first season premiere, correct?” I asked, internally at war with myself. If she didn’t know what I was talking about, that would mean the mare was a true equestrian. Did that mean that I had stolen a princess’ body? What had actually gone into making the Pon-E? Suppose I hadn’t stolen a Princess’ body and just got lucky being turned into an alicorn. Could I be arrested for impersonating royalty? I didn’t want to consider the potential that Equestria was actually real because that just raised more questions. The rapidly building panic attack was thankfully stopped when the mare nodded.

“Yeah, my son and his friend showed me the first two episodes, I think? It gets a little messy after that.” She said, rubbing a hoof against her temple as she spoke, wincing slightly in pain. I guessed by getting a little messy, she probably had fallen asleep, which would explain why she couldn’t remember. If I remembered correctly, episode three was the ticket master, and I couldn’t really blame her for falling asleep during that one. “Oh! My name’s Limelight; I should have probably said that earlier. It’s a pleasure to meet you, your majesty.”
“Truly, a pleasure to meet thee Limelight. We must admit some trepidation about entering thine dream.” I admitted with a soft shrug of my wings. “This the first time we hath attempted such a feat, thine dream appeared near to us in what we believe to be the dreamscape. When we became aware of a presence to thine dream that was not thine own, we were spurred to act. Pray tell, what might be the source of this discomfort?”

Limelight’s jaw dropped as she listened to me speak, looking around at the still ongoing party with utter confusion. The moment her gaze returned to the window, I saw her ears fold against her head once more. “I-i think I can tell why you felt something was wrong with my dream….”

She paused for a moment, taking a shaky breath as I looked out the window. I elected to let her decide when to speak, merely moving so that I was sat next to her. My sheer size quickly provided her support in my most literal sense. I’d seen ponies do this before in the show, particularly Celestia comforting a distraught twilight. So trusting that it would have the desired effect, I reached a wing out to drape over the mare’s side. A small smile crept onto my muzzle as Limelight leaned against my side, using a hoof to pull the wing tighter as she shuddered.

“Do you see the two humans on that couch?” She started, drawing my attention once more to the man and woman. The woman seemed thoroughly out of it. I guessed she’d taken whatever was in the bag. “That’s me, the guy on the left.” Limelight said her voice barely above a whisper. I hadn’t anticipated that she was a man whilst not on Pon-E. It was nice to know I wasn’t the only one flipping gender when on the drug. Although I was unable to stop, a soft chuckle escaping me.

“We art male as a human as well, tis certainly an...interesting change to say the least,” I commented, hoping she wouldn’t take offence at my chuckle. A glance down revealed the remnants of glare on her face fading as she sighed and shook her head.

“That party was the night of our son’s sixth birthday. So maybe that’s what the mess behind us is supposed to be?” We both turned to look at the party behind us, the foals all having descended on the cake I had spotted before, leaving only a few crumbs on the now empty plate. Limelight definitely had seen children on a sugar rush first hand. I had to suppress a shudder at the memory of my sister’s 8th birthday when I’d been asked to help run it. “See the brown colt over there?”
“He showed me a picture of what he looks like as a pony, and well, it seems that my subconscious decided to make this dream accurate.” I looked over to the one that I’d guessed was Freddy earlier. The same foals were with him before; Two pegasi, a blue coat and a green filly, as well as a green unicorn filly. “Those foals with him are his friends right now; his actual sixth birthday wasn’t with them, we had it with everypon- Everyone from his class. That night, my wife and I were invited to an old friend’s party.”

Limelight turned back to look through the window, prompting me to follow her gaze. The scene across from us had taken a turn for the worst. The man Limelight had identified as herself was shaking the woman on the sofa. I could see the woman’s eyes had glazed over, and aside from the occasional twitch, she wasn’t responding. Despite the unfolding scene, the rest of the human partygoers hadn’t seemed to notice, or if they had, they simply didn’t care.

“We were tired from the party, and I suppose the easiest way to put it is that things got out of hand that night.” The pink mare said, her voice weak and shaking as we watched the man lift his wife over his shoulder and stagger for the door. The sound of muffled yelling barely made it past the window, but I could still hear it. “We both had a past with that kind of thing, you know? I suppose we were both too drunk to really know what Kerry was doing. I-i”

I simply tightened the hold my wing had on her as I felt the mare shudder in my embrace. The sound of sniffling grew louder as I felt a wet muzzle pressed into my side. Out of the window, I noticed motion and watched as a car roared off down the street, driven by the human Limelight. Filling in the blanks from there wasn’t exactly difficult. Hopefully, it would spare Limelight the pain of having to say it out loud at the very least.

The sound of the party behind us continued as the world outside the window faded to black. The house opposite us vanished into the oncoming void, leaving us face to face with our reflections. My mane floated lazily in the air, its gentle motion the only reminder that time was still passing. At my side, Limelight remained motionless, sheltering under my wing with her face hidden in my coat. I was at a loss. From what I could understand, Limelight’s wife had suffered some sort of overdose. Limelight had driven her to the hospital whilst drunk. I did my best to hide my face with my mane as I paled; the uncomfortable possibility was that they had been in an accident on the way to the hospital.
Agreed with this. I guess I could bare to stand reading a story from a master's perspective but it feels kind of weird, and uncomfortable on top of that when it's always about navigating adveristy. I also have a sort of idea in my head that all masters are good and kind people so when ReMastering immediately pits one against another that's kind of distressing too, master people I feel should always be safe to be around or so my immediate thoughts tell me.

If anyone here is the kind of person who would be a master I hope you are having a good time in general and I hope things go well for you. You're good and I believe in you, for whatever that might be worth.
I couldn’t bring myself to speak, concerned that if I interrupted her, she’d not start again. The brightly decorated room all around us was almost mocking Limelight’s suffering with its cheerful appearance. I could only curse my failure at controlling this dream. The mare sobbing at my side made my heart ache with guilt. Adjusting my wing to shield her from our surroundings, hoping to give her some peace and quiet. Moments passed in silence, the sound of childish joy contrasted by the muffled wailing from beneath my wing, the wetness of Limelight’s tears slowly moved down my side.

“S-she was the love of my life, and” She finally muttered, barely loud enough for me to hear. I remained silent to allow Limelight to speak, my wing giving her what I hoped was a reassuring squeeze. “And it’s my fault she’s gone… after I lost her, it was all I could do to hold it all together. I know that Freddy thinks that I don’t care, but I do; it’s a nightmare to try and express it.”

Limelight once more fell into silence, leaving me to reflect on what she said as I looked at the dream around us. Could the party mean more than just the day that she lost her wife? Part of my mind started to try and dissect the dream more. The colours of the pony dominated area seemed brighter and more inviting, whilst once Limelight and her wife had driven off, that entire human section of the dream had collapsed. My eyebrows shot up as the pieces fell into place. The stray thought that perhaps this intuition was also coming from my transformation into Luna. Regardless I had a potential path to assist Limelight, and Princess or not, I wasn’t going to let a pony suffer like she had.

“Pray tell, what does thee see when thou look behind us?” I ventured, lifting my wing from the mare as she turned. Absentmindedly I noted how her mane wobbled slightly with her movement. I watched as her pink eyes traced over the room, only stopping to linger on the colt version of her son.

“I-i don’t know, some sort of weird version of my son’s birthday? The last time we really had a relationship, if I’m honest.”

“We do not intend to impose but, perchance this could thine subconscious trying to present a change of course? A new chance to reform parental bonds with thy child through this new experience?” Limelight nodded along as I spoke, practically clinging to my every word. Admittedly, this wasn’t the most revolutionary idea possible. Still, perhaps an external suggestion was what she needed as a push in the right direction. Before I could continue, the mare burst out laughing. She looked up to me, her previously almost hollow looking eyes now glinting with genuine cheer.

“So, princess, your advice is” She was forced to stop and snort back a bout of laughter that threatened to overwhelm her. “Your advice... is to not look a gift horse in the mouth.”
Silence fell between the two of us as Limelight grinned, the tear stains down her cheeks seemingly forgotten as her mood almost completely flipped. “Thou art certain thou are not Pinkamena?”

With a dismissive wave of her hoof, Limelight giggled before turning her gaze back to the colt surrounded by his friends across the room. The gleam in her eyes shifted. It was honestly fascinating to watch her; she was undoubtedly the most expressive pony I had ever seen. Although, I admitted to myself that she was the only other pony I had met in person. If this could even be considered in person. Regardless, I watched as she thought. The subtle twitches of her ears or muzzle suggested she was debating something.

“You know Luna, I suppose as a parent, our task is to make sure our kid is happy, healthy and safe. After I lost Kerry, I lost sight of that task as well. I shut myself off from Freddy when he needed me and failed to connect with him whenever I tried. If what it takes to get my son back is taking a drug to turn myself into a magic pony, then that’s a price I’m willing to pay.” I was a little taken aback as she spoke. Her tone was more akin to a declaration of war than discussing a self-discovery. Limelight looked up at me, a fire practically burning in her eyes.

“Thou art aware that a declaration of intent in a dream is not enough? Actions must back up these words Limelight.”

“Well, yeah, I’m not just going to blow hot air out my ass.” She retorted with a pointed glare at me before hopping to her hooves and looking back at me. “Come on then, let’s go have a look at this party. I wanna see what my brain thinks a party is.”

I remained silent as I followed her, my size advantage allowing me to easily carve a path through the foals whilst Limelight was barely a few inches taller than them. I wondered if she was that size in real life, it would be awkward if her son as a pony was bigger than her, although if he was an earth pony, that wouldn’t surprise me. Our progress was steady, between my measured steps and Limelight’s bobbing and weaving as she practically swam through the ocean of foals with a surprising level of grace. The unsteady course she led seemed to be avoiding the dream version of her son, instead directing us towards a wall lined with photographs. “That is freaky.”

I cocked my head to the side before noticing what she meant. The photographs showed her, another mare and the colt I recognised as her son. All of the photos clearly had been of humans at one time or another, from what appeared to be a trip to Disneyland to a photograph of this party. The glimpses into her past were, in all honesty, bizarre. “Verily, thine subconscious truly has a twisted sense of humour.”

“Say, Luna, have you ever hung out with other ponies in the real world?” Limelight asked as we both shuffled away from the ponified portraits on the wall. I could only sigh at that question.
“We have desired to. However, circumstances beyond our control prevented such an undertaking. Further compounding our troubles is our little sister has an agreement out of us that we would bring her along the next time we go pony.” As I spoke, I lowered myself down, folding my legs how I’d practised in an attempt to be at eye level with Limelight. My height was getting annoying, although if Emily turned into Celestia, at least I’d have someone my size. Then again, Celestia was larger than me in the show, and I was roughly 6 feet tall, over 6 feet counting my horn. Sweet mother of Faust, I wouldn’t want to try to smuggle Emily out of the house if she wound up my size. At least my coat was dark enough to hide in shadows.

“Princess? Hello?” I was snapped from my thoughts by a pink hoof waving in front of my muzzle and a worried-looking Limelight. “You just sat down and stared off into space. Literally, your mane was all over the place. You alright? Worried about your sister? Although I thought you were meant to be the little sister and Celestia was the older sister?”

“We art the elder sister, primarily because whilst we may look like and use the name, we art not the princess Luna from the show. Our name is Neil as a human. Our little sister Emily caught us the first time we used Pon-E.” I sighed and shook my head. “Twas our fault. We weren’t careful enough. However, Emily desires to come with us the next time we go pony, and we art worried for her safety.”

Limelight gently patted my shoulder with a hoof, giving me a look that instantly suggested I was preaching to the choir. It kind of made sense a parent would be used to worrying about someone under their care. The moment lasted for a second before it was broken by the pink mare practically bouncing on her hooves.

“IDEA! Why not bring her to my son’s pony group? They have a meeting this weekend! It’s Tuesday, right? So you’ve got a few days to figure out how to get there. I’ll tell them I’ve invited a friend and you can bring your sister as your plus one! She gets to go pony, in a group environment, so no matter what she turns into, there’ll be somepony to look after her! I’ve already met a couple of my son’s friends, and they were really nice.”

“...Tis an appealing prospect, art thou sure they would not object to our presence? We hath had a somewhat mixed response online when we posted about ourselves.” The urge to jump around and celebrate was almost overwhelming, I’d seen videos of pony get-togethers, and they looked like an absolute blast. Although if I gatecrashed one, I’d hardly be making the best first impression.

“It’ll be alright, don’t worry! How should I contact you with the location and time? I don’t suppose you’ve got an email? PrincessLuna@Moon.Equs?” Limelight was met with a deadpan glare from me. I could barely hold that glare for more than a second before I chuckled and wanted to slap myself for doing so.
“We have an email that thou can reach us at. We beseech thee, do not laugh, tis an account we made before turning into Luna.” Across from me, the pink mare was slowly leaning forward, a grin plastered across her lips in excitement. “This Moonbutt@gmail.com”

“Oh… I was expecting something more dramatic, to be honest.” Before I could reply, I felt the whole dream shake, my horn lighting as I tried to stabilise the dream around us. The party full of foals behind us flickered and faded one by one, the dense crowd disappearing in an instant as the room gradually started to lose the details. Furniture and wall decorations simply vanished in an instant. My magic was barely able to slow down the collapse. My horn burned as if I was trying to lift a building using it.

“What’s happening?!?” The pink mare yelled as she watched the far wall fade and reveal the black void beyond. The foal versions of her son and his friends were next to go. Their tiny bodies collapsing to dust along with the decorations for the party. Limelight looked at me, and for the first time, I saw first-hoof what sheer terror looked like on a pony. Her eyes were watering, her ears folded against her skull, and her coat seemed to slowly be losing its bright pink colour. “Princess?”

“Our time appears to be at an end”, I surmised, the burning in my horn only growing as the room around us fell apart. The small section of wooden floor beneath the both of us was all that remained now, floating amidst an endless black void. In the distance, I swore I could see stars blinking into life as if in response to my presence. As I felt my grip on the dream slipping further, I turned to look at the mare. “Remember to email us the details for the address and time, and we shall see thee and thy son there. Do not be afraid Limelight, this is merely thy mind waking from the dream. We shall not allow anything to hurt thee whilst in our domain.”
Having said my piece, I released the magic in my horn, sending out a pulse of light and practically blinding myself for a moment. When the spots faded from my eyes, I was back in the dreamscape, the water beneath My hooves rippling as I looked around. The pink orb that had been Limelight’s dream was gone. I guessed that meant she must have woken up.

“Did we really just claim this as our domain?” I asked aloud, looking across the now calm waters and admiring the soft twinkle of the stars above me. The lights in the distance were flickering as, one by one, they disappeared, and new ones started to fade in. It was strange to think of this as mine, but part of me thought it was the right thing. I may not be the Princess from the show, but tonight had proven I could enter the dreams of others. Great power comes with great responsibility, it’s cliche, but I felt it was apt in this situation.

“Very well, we suppose this dreamscape is ours then, hardly likely for anypony else to claim it,” I announced to myself as I charged my horn. Gathering magic from myself and pulling it through the dreamscape as the waters around me started to flow away. The lights in the distance gleamed and shone as their colours reflected on the water around me. I could feel the magic building throughout my body, begging to be released. I took one final look around the dreamscape before unleashing the spell and letting the flash of magic flow over me.
But seriously, what would you do if you were transformed into a pony and someone wanted to eat you?
Chapter 2
Pillars of Creation (Luna)
“You actually managed to dreamwalk last night!” Emily practically yelled at me, loud enough I reflexively went to check that I’d actually shut the door to my room. Recounting my adventure last night certainly had been a challenge as she kept interrupting me at every opportunity. It wasn’t like I could hold it against her. It was pretty damn exciting, although I had yet to get to the two biggest bombshells of my tale.

“If you’d let me speak, I’d tell you what happened when I did it.” Across from me, Emily’s smile grew ever more prominent. Her giddiness was almost infectious as I smiled in response. With a shaky hand, she gestured for me to get on with it, and so I launched into my tale. I had never considered myself much of a storyteller. However, as I recounted my meeting with the pink mare, I was reminded of when we were younger. Practising my reading skills by reading bedtime stories to my baby sister.

Emily practically hung on my every word as I spoke, doing my best to do the dreamscape justice. Its otherworldly appearance was almost impossible to convey despite my best efforts. Even with my best bardic skill, I knew I couldn’t fully capture the practically manic energy possessed by the pink mare. Regardless, my sister was thoroughly enraptured by the story, only for her eyebrows to furrow in thought as I reached the events in the opposite house. “So, Limelight is a mare, but when she is a human, she’s a man?”

“From what she said and what I saw in her memory, yeah. At least it isn’t just me having to deal with that, I suppose.” my words trailed off in a half-hearted chuckle. Deep down, the idea of repeatedly turning myself into a mare was...unsettling. I didn’t really want to spend much time addressing the thought in my head if I could avoid it. The questions of what that made me, why I didn’t feel comfortable in my human body anymore or just why it felt right to have wings pressed against my sides. The more I thought about it, the more questions were raised, and if I could avoid having to confront those, I would. A snort of laughter pulled me from my thoughts, revealing a shit-eating grin plastered across my little sister’s face.

“Well, it isn’t just you then, Big Sis!” The building storm in my head dissipated as, despite my wishes, I found myself chuckling. Em was good like that. “So, you said it wasn’t just the dreamwalk?”

“Yeah, well, I suppose I noticed the other thing this morning when I got up.” This was probably the most awkward part. It definitely wasn’t there when I woke up, and it was pretty damn hard to miss. “Now, this is gonna look a little weird. Just try not to freak out, okay?”
“Alright, my brother who turns into a magic-wielding, dream walking, alicorn princess. I’ll try not to freak out that much. Just a little freak-out, maybe a four out of ten, if that’s an acceptable level of freak out, Your Highness?” Emily deadpanned across from me. In response, I offered a shrug and stood, reaching for the waistband of my jeans. She’d said she wouldn’t freak out so.

The brief noise of protest from her died as soon as my waistband slid down to reveal the sizeable black splodge on my hip. Sliding my jeans down as far as I dared, only to expose the tip of a large pure white crescent moon, perfectly highlighted against the black splodge on my Caucasian skin.

“Not where I expected this to go...is that?” Her voice trailed off as I felt a finger gently prod the darkened skin. “Jesus, there’s no texture difference.”

“That’s Luna’s...or I suppose it’s also my cutiemark, yes,” I answered before pulling my jeans back up and sitting down once more. Emily’s face looked like she was sucking on a particularly sour lemon as she digested the fact I had a full-on cutiemark, only for her lips to creep upwards as if a lightbulb had appeared above her head. “Do not make that reference. I know what you’re thinking.”

“All I’m going to say is if you start turning into her now. Without taking Pon-E, we at least have a few dozen books we can reference and at least three good ones.” Emily said with a shrug. Before I could respond, there was a yell from downstairs, drawing our attention. After a wholly dignified and orderly scramble for the door, we were greeted by our mother waiting on the upstairs landing.

“If you two would actually listen, we’ve got to take the car in for service. The suspension is apparently shot to shit somehow, and your father suggested we take care of this week’s shopping whilst we’re out. Should we bring something home for dinner? We thought maybe Chinese, but there’s a new Korean place that’s opened up recently.” She said, an eyebrow raised at the fact we’d both just emerged from my room.

“I’m good with whatever,” I answered, supported by a nod from Emily. I could guess she just wanted to be rid of our parents as fast as possible. Our mom just shrugged, turning and disappearing back downstairs as we retreated back to my room. Remaining silent until we heard the soft rumble of our parent’s Cadillac Escalade’s engine as it was roused to life. We waited in silence until I was sure our parents had left. I let out a shaky breath I hadn’t realised I was holding in before heading for the small black container hidden in my desk. As I slid a single one of the red and white capsules from the container, I heard Emily gasp from behind me.

“Is that the stuff? Wait! Does this mean I’m gonna be going pony?!” She practically squealed in excitement from behind me.
“Yup, we should hopefully be getting an invite to a party this weekend, ponies only. So you need to get a set of hooves and figure out how to walk.” I answered before tossing the pill across to my sister, sitting back in my desk chair to give her space. If the maths I’d read in one of the threads a few days ago, she would likely be about a third of my size when we were both transformed, which should allow me to carry her and fly at the same time.

“Will this hurt?” Emily asked as she held the pill between her and the light, examining the fluid inside. I couldn’t really blame her, I’d popped one by accident, and the substance inside was just plain bizarre. It smelt vaguely earthy, but I couldn’t tell what made it fizz or actually do what it did.

“It won’t hurt; you pass out after a few seconds. I’ve never actually seen someone transform, so I’m a bit curious what happens.” Emily looked at me before in one fluid motion. She tossed the pill in the air and swallowed it, only for me to chuckle at her shocked reaction to the drug. “Yeah, it fizzes, weird, right?”

My chuckles grew louder as Emily gave me a half nod, a sort of gurgle coming from her throat. I guessed she was trying to speak, but the Pon-E was already starting to kick in. Her eyes slowly glazed over, and in a moment of impressive reactions, if I do say so myself, I had to lunge forwards and catch her from falling off my bed.

As carefully as I could, I placed her back on the bed and moved back to a safe distance. At a glance, Emily seemed to be fast asleep. Still, the subtle twitches from her nose and eyes suggested that something else was going on.

One of the first things I noticed was her hair. Her meticulously straightened, sandy brown hair was already starting to curl at the tips and grow in volume. I watched it becoming thicker and denser as it travelled up to the root of her ponytail. I was in awe as the elastic of the cheap band stretched. I could already tell it wasn’t going to be able to restrain her growing mane.

My attention was pulled away from her hair by a sudden gasp as she arched her back. A series of cracks filled the room as she moved. I could see that Emily’s spine had just shortened. Her ribcage rounding out and stretching the faded T-Shirt she’d been wearing. I could easily hear the difference. Her breathing was deeper now, revealing just how short and shallow she’d been before. I could only guess that the real reason someone on Pon-E passed out was oxygen deprivation as their organs changed.
I slumped back in my chair, practically hypnotised by the steady rise and fall of my sister’s barrel. The transformation kept time with her breathing. With each intake of air, I watched her nose and mouth push out more, merging together into a muzzle with the faintest hints of a blue coat starting to sprout.

The blue coat began to spread like wildfire. First covering Em’s muzzle as it continued to grow before the coat started to cover her face. I looked at the colour and tried to compare it to what my coat usually looked like.

My thoughts were interrupted by another cacophony of cracks. Emily’s head had just changed. Its entire shape was more ponylike, the roots of her bushy mane starting to take on a bright blue colour. I watched her eyebrows scrunch up as her coat continued to spread down, disappearing underneath her shirt.

The light blue spread further and further up her mane. I thought that the curls were growing larger only to realise that her body was shrinking as it transformed. Before I could even digest that information, my eyes were drawn to her hands.

The middle finger of her left hand was growing. Widening as it absorbed the other fingers, creating a fleshy stump with a large nail at the bottom. A shudder passed through me as I watched the newly formed hoof soon grow its covering of soft blue fur. Her other arm followed suit. The creaking of fabric suggested her legs were changing as well. With a thrust of her hips, I watched as a bright blue tail burst free of Emily’s jeans. Barely five minutes had passed, and now Emily was seemingly fully transformed.

She was seemingly fast asleep. Her tiny blue barrel rising and falling gradually as I heard a soft murmur. The light blue curls of her mane shifted as she moved her head, revealing a spiralling horn proudly adorning her forehead. Without even realising it, I had a smile of pure pride on my face. I was going to be able to teach her magic! All I needed to do was wait for her to wake up. Hadn’t taken me more than ten minutes when I transformed, so how long could it take?

As it turned out, it took almost twenty minutes. The first noise from Emily was a sleepy yawn from behind me. I spun the desk chair around to look at my younger sister with a flick of my leg. Two bright cyan eyes were lazily opening as she stretched. The whole movement was incredibly catlike, making me wonder if that’s what I looked like when I stretched? “Welcome back to the land of the living, sis.”

She hardly dignified my comment with a response, instead showing off her new pony neck as she looked over her body. Any vestiges of tiredness disappeared and were replaced by a giddy grin when she saw the curled blue tail draped over the bed.

It was hard not to laugh watching her. The blue filly struggled and wiggled to free herself of the now loose and baggy human clothes. Her mane flopped to the side as she finally wiggled free, allowing me to get a clear look at her horn. There had been a short little document in /Pon-E/ general talking about appraising a unicorn’s horn. I could see the spirals, which was a good sign. If they were too large, it would be challenging to contain magic when casting spells, but it was hard to channel magic if they were too small. From what I could see, her horn was perfectly formed, unlike some unfortunate folks in the thread.

Now free from her clothes, Emily was enthralled by her own body. Her head tracked side to side as she wagged her tail experimentally. I cleared my throat and watched as her ears perked up and swivelled to face me. The sudden motion prompted a squeak of surprise from the filly.

“What do you think then? Feels comfy, doesn’t it?” I asked, sitting down next to her as she continued to look herself up and down.

“I’m really blue.” was all she could say in response, and honestly, she wasn’t wrong. A slightly curled light blue mane and tail that had already given me a few ideas for how to style them. Complimented by an indigo coat, even in my room’s flat lighting, her coat had a lustrous sheen to it. I had to wonder if I looked that good as a pony, I’d never really sat down and examined my coat before. I felt a small hoof press against my leg as two bright cyan eyes looked up at me. “What now?”

Emily raised a good question, I realised. I needed to teach her how to walk and ideally how to use her magic, nothing fancy, just telekinesis. Those plans were knocked down the priorities when I heard her blowing at her mane to keep it out of her face. It really was long now that I looked at it, easily dangling around what I think were her shoulders. “Let’s get that mane sorted out, shall we? I’ve got an idea that could look cute.”
“Really? Do you expect me to let my brother style my new mane? You used to have frosted tips!” Emily protested, unable to really stop me from lifting her up. Admittedly she was right. My previous dress sense was pretty bad, Hawaiian shirts, anyone? However, I’d done a good bit of reading on the subject. Who’d have expected turning into a pony brings out your inner Rarity?

Despite the protest from the squirming filly under my arm, we navigated to the bathroom. Gently standing her up on the sink countertop gave me pause for thought. “How do you want to style it? You’ve got a lot of mane to work with. I don’t really have this problem, but I did get some extra strength hair bands.”

“More curls,” Emily said, making use of the mirror to glare at me. I simply nodded, reaching into the draws to fish out the curling iron. Despite her small size, I really didn’t want to piss her off. I’d seen the damage a filly bucking a metal sheet could do. Suffice to say, I wasn’t enthusiastic to see what hooves could do to my ribcage.

As I stood there, adding more curls to my sister’s mane, it gave me plenty of time to think. I was convinced her colour scheme was familiar, at least the eyes and mane, but I couldn’t quite place it. Emily was at least enjoying the attention; in between adding curls, she’d taken a few experimental steps once she was used to standing up. I was rather proud at how she’d taken to the whole idea of walking on four legs like a duck to water. Although the stairs would be her first real test.

Just as I was about to put the curling iron away. The reason why Emily’s appearance was familiar clicked in the back of my head. I knew exactly where I’d seen that shade of blue for a mane before, on the floor before my mane had turned into a starfield. Another look at Emily confirmed what I’d been thinking, sending me on a brief googling spree to try and find a picture of Princess Luna as a filly.

“What are you doing?” She asked only to have her question fall on deaf ears as I showed her my phone. The match wasn’t exact. For one, she lacked wings, and her coat was indigo instead of dark blue. However, aside from that, her eyes were the same as Luna’s...or mine, I supposed, and her mane was the same colour as Princess Luna’s from season one.
“Just confirming a little theory”, I replied before showing her the artwork. Her mouth opened to respond before slowly closing as she just glared at me.

“So, I don’t get to be an Alicorn, and I look like a mini Luna?” The filly raged, stomping her hooves against the counter. I assumed it was meant to be a little intimidating or at least evoke some emotion other than the urge I had to proclaim that it was the cutest thing I’d ever seen. Thankfully, I could resist that urge.

Before I could reply, she tossed her mane to the side and hopped down from the counter. The soft clop of tiny hooves on the floor filled the room as she attempted to storm out. The result was far too adorable to describe, especially once I noticed how her curls bounced with each step.

“How about we start trying to teach you magic?” I called out, trying to regain her attention. As soon as I’d said magic, Emily stopped, snapping her head around to look at me with a giddy grin.

“Oh buck, I forgot I had a horn! Come on then!” She exclaimed and galloped off towards my room. I scratched my head and tried to comprehend the 180 she’d just done, from angry to excited. I knew ponies were more emotional; recalling my almost Rarity level exclamations the first time I went pony confirmed that idea for sure.

As I walked back into my room, I was greeted by the sight of Emily literally bouncing up and down in excitement. Her enthusiasm was admirable. Now all I had to do was explain how magic worked...how hard could it be?

With a frustrated breath, Emily put her hooves together and exhaled. To be blunt, it was going poorly. As it turned out, I had a much more significant power advantage than I’d expected. Our rough estimate was hundreds of times more powerful. Within minutes of transforming, I was lifting clothing or my phone. Whilst Emily struggled to even lift a marble.

“Are we sure this isn’t because I’m a filly? Maybe I’m just not able to control my magic until I’m bigger?” I reached over as she spoke and started to gently scratch her ear.

“I know this is hard, run me through what you’re doing again, and we can try to tweak your technique.” I offered, continuing to gently scratch her head as Emily leaned into my hand. The relaxed sigh from her suggested that being pet felt about as good people..or I suppose ponies in the thread had said it did.

“I’m focusing my magic on my horn, then putting out a kind of beam of magic to surround the marble. Once it’s surrounded, I move the magic, and the marble should go with it.” She said, igniting her horn again before demonstrating what she meant. A light blue beam flowed from her horn to form an orb around the marble with a few tendrils of magic back to her horn.

I watched silently, observing as best I could. When my magic was in use, it seemed far more straightforward, just surrounding the item, and I’d lift it. Maybe there was more technique involved to control it properly?

Emily seemed to be thinking as well. Her muzzle had scrunched up as she squinted at the marble. The flickering tendrils of magic linking her horn and the orb slowly started to trail off, flowing into the sphere. Silence had fallen over us both, two pairs of eyes fixed on the marble as the only sound in the room was the soft hum of my sister’s magic.
As the tendrils flowed into the orb, the edges started to solidify. Where they’d been rough and blurred before, it was taking shape like you’d see in the show. An outer border formed around the swirling light blue magic as the marble wobbled. Beside me, Emily gasped as the marble lifted from the bed, floating in her magic without a single issue before she released her hold. “I...I did it! I’ve got magic!”

With a proud smile fixed on my lips, I spread my arms to offer a congratulatory hug. Emily responded by slamming into my chest hard enough to knock the air from my lungs, hugging her hooves around my neck. I couldn’t even make out what she was saying as I gasped for air, and she cheered in celebration.

“Could you run that by me a second time?” I panted, rubbing the slightly sore section of my side where Emily had squeezed me. How the hell were ponies that strong? If a unicorn could produce what felt like a nearly lethal hug, what was an earth pony capable of? It was a sobering thought to consider that earth ponies could probably buck a door clean off its hinges without breaking a sweat.

“I said that it must be hard fitting this much awesome in such a small package.” Emily reiterated with a cocky smirk that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a certain cyan pegasus. The smirk almost immediately disappeared as she dissolved into a fit of giggling. Soon enough, the two of us were laughing at her antics, it wasn’t particularly funny, but I couldn’t help but join in.

“I-is this safe?” The blue filly whimpered as she stared down the stairs, I was already down them, ready to catch her if she fell, so in theory, it should be perfectly safe. If anything, I was in the most danger of having a small horned animal stab me as she fell down the stairs. Emily made a great show as she took a deep breath before making her move. Speaking from experience, putting one hoof in front of each other wasn’t tricky. The difficulty came when you were putting one hoof onto a step about six inches below you. This was made worse when you weren’t a six-foot-tall alicorn with rear-mounted padding, but instead, you were a roughly two-foot-tall unicorn filly.

Emily’s blue hoof stretched out into the abyss ahead of her as she tipped forward, trying to find her footing on the step below. Gradually she leaned forward, her foreleg reunited with the ground as she started to move her hind leg to go down. The entire process was painfully slow. Every movement she made was measured and deliberate as if a single careless action could send her plummeting down the stairs. Which, in all honesty, it probably could.

“You’re doing good, nearly there.” I tried to encourage her as she passed the halfway point of the stairs. Gradually as she descended another step, I edged onto the staircase myself, just so if she fell, I could catch her before she even hit the step below. Was I a tad paranoid? Maybe, but I wasn’t going to let my sister hurt herself if I could help it.

“Catch me!” I heard the yelp as a blue blob flung itself at me, nearly startling me enough that I missed her. Emily cushioned herself as she landed against my chest, her ears folded against her head as she looked back at the stairs. “Sorry, I missed the step and kind of jumped.”

Before I could even open my mouth to reply, our moment of relief was interrupted by the sensation of moving backwards. I felt Emily curl up tightly on herself from her position in my arms as we fell down the stairs. In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have been standing straight with both feet on the same step. As we fell backwards, I shielded Emily as best I could with my arms before I screwed my eyes shut and hoped it wouldn’t hurt too badly when we hit the floor.

The tape measure clicked in my hands as it retracted; after recovering from our fall, Emily asked me to measure her to figure out exactly how tall she was. So, I picked her up and carried her over to the kitchen counter before finding the tape measure that dad kept under the sink. I quickly noted down the final height onto a notepad before putting down the tape and pencil.

“2 foot tall exactly, just under 2 feet from muzzle to flanks,” I informed the blue filly as she glared at me, one hoof attempting to restore her curls that had been flattened by the tape measure. I have to admit I felt a little guilty about her mane, but now we knew for sure she was small enough to carry her on my back. Although I’d probably need to figure out some sort of harness to hold her safely on my back when we flew...perhaps Mom’s old baby carrier would work?

A blue hoof prodded me in the chest, snapping me out of my musings to see Emily peek over the edge of the kitchen counter. Her ears folded back against her skull as she shuffled back away from that precipice. I swore I could see her shaking slightly as she looked back at me. “C-could you help me down?”

As I lowered her to the floor, Emily sprung from my arms and landed on the wooden floor. To her credit, she only stumbled a little but recovered before she could fall over. The proud smile on her muzzle, and she turned around to grin at me. “What now?”

“Watch the show with some snacks? It is way more fun than it sounds. Being able to sing the songs with damn near perfect pitch is great.”

The raised eyebrow I got in response from Emily was a little hurtful before her confused expression gave way to a burst of giggling. “I forget you’re way more into the show than me, bro.”
I merely rolled my eyes as we both headed towards the lounge. A comfortable silence formed between us, only broken by the soft clip-clop of Emily’s hooves against the floor. I was still waiting for some kind of message from Limelight, which hopefully would arrive soon. For lack of a better term, the possibility of a pony party probably would have Emily bouncing off the walls in excitement. I sure as hell would be, although I guess I undersold the potential invite.

With Emily trotting along behind me, we quickly headed over to the couch as I queued up Season 2 on Netflix. Once that was done, I looked over to my side, confused for a second where Emily was until a decidedly frustrated sounding cough drew my attention to the floor.

“Give a filly a hand?” She asked, gesturing with a hoof at the sofa. The peak of her curls barely coming to the bottom of the couch cushion. I’ll admit, I probably should have realised that and lifted her up, and chuckling before dashing off to get a small step for her wasn’t exactly helpful, but still. A few moments later, Emily had made herself comfortable in my lap, curled up like a cat, ready to watch some pony show.

“Before we start, think it’s worth me picking a new name for myself?” Emily asked, sitting up to put us a little closer to seeing eye to eye. “Just feels a little...disappointing to call me Emily like this.”

“If you want to. Any ideas?” I asked, watching as a confident grin spread across my little sister’s muzzle.

“Call me, Starbright!”
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Weren't you the same person who earlier in the thread wrote a story about a druglord becoming a petpony and not giving up her drug empire? Wouldn't that be a far, far more distressing scenario for a soft pet pony than anything seen in the parts of Remastering you tried to read? Wouldn't a pony who maintained that sort of life be willingly not only putting herself in danger but her master? After all, the best way to get to someone who's seemingly untouchable is through those that they love.
>Weren't you the one who
>Wouldn't that be
Nope, not on subject matter alone. It creates an interesting premise that could be written as "master and pony live day in day out keeping one step ahead of the concequences of the pet's precious life of crime catching up" but it also could be written as "pet lives double life as master's pet and crime lord who secretly illicitly runs whole world from the shadows haha funny". It's another anon that said despite the fact both ReMastering and ZT contain petponies, nanites, etc that they aren't the same story because they are practically of different genres, perspectives and tones, and I'd think the same applies here. Hell, I was trying to conjour up an image of a petpony who is disproportionately respected and feared by the criminal underworld, who is practically immune to the issues in ReMastering by extension, and who is mildly reprimanded by their master for using fear and influence to have their master live a pampered life at the expense of others.
to me that came off as just a lighthearted joke/comedy one-shot. while you're right in objective terms, the tone is different enough that you can laugh about "haha drug kingping pet" vs remastering where the story really has a serious tone throughout
File: unknown.png (360 KB, 671x553)
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File: _.png (190 KB, 739x622)
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190 KB PNG
As well, Remastering is still in its early stages. It's started, but there's a lot more to go, and you anons are going to have to work to get the security for comfy petpone shenanigans. You just stole from one of the most powerful men on the planet, in fact threatening that power by attempting to create competition; There's bound to be retaliation.
File: 1576491475712.jpg (120 KB, 1440x1812)
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File: Ea2JfZDOgq8.jpg (282 KB, 1846x1846)
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Did you liked fine print?
I really loved it, honestly one of my favourite stories around.
Which makes me absolutely seethe at how subpar the ending is, because I love everything else so much and it's a giant stain marring this otherwise excellent story. Specifically, Tracy's spontaneous transformation forcing him to escape from Earth and basically sealing his fate in Equestria.
Like for fuck's sake, there was this whole setup about the "difficult choice" he was going to have to make at the end of the year when the lease expired. Oh no, whatever shall he pick! His budding romance in an alien world? His Earthly loyalties? I mean the outcome was kind of obvious, but the writing is good enough that Tracy felt like a genuine, relatable character, and so the choice would have been very meaningful even if from a narrative perspective the outcome was obvious. Except! Except everything goes to shit and we get a car chase scene and a thriller police escape and then bam Tracy is in Equestria and the choice has been completely taken from him.
It severely hurts Tracy's character development, it severely hurts the romantic aspect of the plot (you don't get the moment of "giving up his former life to live with his love", because he never gets to actually give up anything, it's all forcefully wrenched away from him). And no, Discord's line about "oooh you chose to drink the potion so it's your fault!" is bullshit, that wasn't an informed decision, it was a conjunction of circumstances. To this day I am still utterly baffled as to what the fuck Starscribe was thinking.
I will forever be mad.
Still bought the print run, though.
Lavender Sky
File: _.png (371 KB, 1000x1000)
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File: unknown.png (312 KB, 680x407)
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This just fucking screams twitter retard.
>Free of capitalisum
Rarity literally opens shops
and in that trade ya episode, don't forget you can enslave your friends to material gain
File: Rainbow smol Coloured.png (828 KB, 1234x1024)
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828 KB PNG
>don't forget you can enslave your friends to material gain
Nigga i will convince Celestia to banish you to the eqg dimension if you keep spreading this dumb shit.
Fluttershy is the one who agreed to do that, Rainbow wasn't paying attention to the details and IMMEDIATELY tried to reverse it once her brain caught up.
File: Loaf.png (652 KB, 1277x1058)
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652 KB PNG
Alright, fluttershy agreed to it, but legaly it was sound, it only got reversed cause the other mare felt bad.
>Alright, fluttershy agreed to it, but legaly it was sound
I doubt slavery would stand under “everycreature” policies.
So what if I’m TF’d into a pony only to be sold as someone’s workhorse or as food?
File: Anonfilly.jpg (50 KB, 601x309)
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File: ThunderDashTF_ShowStyle.png (509 KB, 1237x1411)
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509 KB PNG
One day ponies are going to demand to know WTF all those masters and pony pet owners were doing, and have them answer for their crimes.
So my question now is whether they’d make enemies with all humans, including those who support their cause and those who have nothing to do with any of it. But let me ask you two questions:

1) If you were TF’d into a pony and heard about other ponies being eaten or forced to perform hard labor by humans, would you adopt a “four legs good, two legs bad”-style policy and go after all humans you see?

2) If you’re still a human by the time that happens, would you support ponies being eaten and made to work? Would you advocate for their civil liberties? Or would you not care? And what would you do if you were in the latter two camps, but a pony still tried to attack you?
Pretty sure it's a parody image since no one who actually believed the shit on the right would know PTFG exists
1) If I was a pony and knew that shit was happening, whomever was responsible would be riding the lightning until they're very VERY well done. After all, most humans can show sympathy and empathy, and those who cannot learn to live and love each other as equals deserves none of that.

2) I wouldn't eat ponies on purpose regularly, so unless something catastrophic had happened I wouldn't be eating them then either. Eating them out with consent is on the table.

As for being made to work; if the pony wants to apply themselves to bucking apples, tending to fields, wrangling clouds, changing weather, or doing fine detail work with their magic. Consent is very important still, let them live their lives peacefully.

As for the civil liberties part, Ponykind would be able to prove itself in the courts of the land, and if you saw a talking, thinking pony that can comprehend their situation, they should be allowed their rights.

If I get attacked by a pony, i'm pretty sure we'll be able to talk it out, or I did something so outrageously stupid that I deserved a solid pair o' hooves to my abdomen
>tf into a pony
>but it's a donut steel blood red OC
the horror
You forget that we have a prasitic discord attached to the thread, which keeps dumping their garbage in here.

Please don't reply to the question autist, he feeds off of attention and will never leave as long as you provide (You)s
>don't reply to the question autist
What do you mean? There are multiple of these people here, since transformation would likely raise more questions than answers. Plus, the format of this prompt looks drastically different than the others. He’s probably just some newfriend who’s interested in this genre.
>There are multiple of these people here
动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Chubby Chasing 六四天安門事件 The Pony Meat Schizophrenia of 2021 天安門大屠殺 (((God's Chosen People))) 反右派鬥爭 Computer Science Major 大躍進政策 All Women are Queens Anon 文化大革命 Alicorn OC 人權 Pony Rights 民運 Anti-petpony Rhetoric 自由 Autism 獨立 My Fat Fuck Friend is Very Attractive 多黨制 Mathematics Major 台灣 臺灣 Grandiose Visions of Self 中華民國 Humorless Bastard 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Family Guy 達賴喇嘛 Alycorn 法輪功 Incessant and Retarded Questions 新疆維吾爾自治區 Firebird 諾貝爾和平獎 劉暁波 Hatred of Nazi Germany 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 "There are multiple I swear" 劉曉波动态网自由门
>The piece of paper affixed to a clipboard is a contract, essentially offering you freedom from all your debts if you.... sign yourselves over to these people to be sold as a pet?
>You sign your name onto the form and hand it back to the man
Damn, Anon sure is taking a little too extreme measures to get rid of that debt.
You forgot princess peach dreams
これらが複数の人々の間で共通の特徴ではないことをどうやって知っていますか? または、それぞれに取りつかれている「自閉症の質問」が1つもないことをどうやって知っていますか?
You shut your whore mouth, this is everything I've ever wanted.
I did, thank you.
动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Chubby Chasing 六四天安門事件 The Pony Meat Schizophrenia of 2021 天安門大屠殺 (((God's Chosen People))) 反右派鬥爭 Computer Science and Mathematics Major 大躍進政策 All Women are Queens Anon 文化大革命 Alicorn OC 人權 Pony Rights 民運 Anti-petpony Rhetoric 自由 Autism 獨立 My Fat Fuck Friend is Very Attractive 多黨制 Princess Peach Dreams 台灣 臺灣 Grandiose Visions of Self 中華民國 Humorless Bastard 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Family Guy 達賴喇嘛 Alycorn 法輪功 Incessant and Retarded Questions 新疆維吾爾自治區 Firebird 諾貝爾和平獎 劉暁波 Hatred of Nazi Germany 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 "There are multiple I swear" 劉曉波动态网自由门
Shut up question autist.
Uh, what the fuck just happened here?
File: ChungusControl.jpg (23 KB, 500x500)
23 KB
File: S.png (400 KB, 744x789)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
>no satan trips
What a waste
>Being this new
File: surrounded_by_snowpity_22.png (3.33 MB, 3102x1745)
3.33 MB
3.33 MB PNG
Another newfag here, am also confused can someone explain it to me please
You decided to become a pet pony but didn't have any particular form in mind. Reluctantly, after an evaluation you agreed wings and being pretty would be nice.
Hearing a clean slate was available, your new owner snapped your case up and turned you into her special little Dashie~.

You were sure you were going to be put with a guy, all things considered, so when the woman showed up and you saw you were "the rainbow one", you were sure she was wanting you to be her little alpha tomboy. Instead, you became her pretty pony.
She would dress you up, always in pink, and brush your coat and polish your hooves.
She would use her old toys on you, because she said she "doesn't need them anymore" because you're her "new toy now". And she uses you like one.
Every morning after her workout and when she gets home from work she uses you to blow off steam. Then later that night she gets you off if you've been her good girl. - and you're always her good girl, because you're hopelessly addicted to her attention.

You let her carry you around like a baby.
Get placed on her lap and obediently stay, even after her arm gets tired from petting you. You let her idly fiddle with your hair and wings, even when you're trying to sleep. You obediently help her put the outfits on you she picked out, just for you. You tolerate all the pictures she takes and posts on her social media, calling you her "pretty little rainbow" all over it. She enjoys watching you squirm and blush as she shows all the compliments on her social media you get, reading out loud all the comments about how precious and cute you look.

Her favorite part of all of this is seeing that you get aroused by it. You thought you'd get used to it after a while, but the way she idly fingers you when you show any signs of getting flustered and aroused keeps you hopelessly aroused by association.

>You thought you were going to get dicked for the rest of your life
>You thought you'd have a lazy life of sleeping all day and getting fucked all night
>Instead all she needs to get you off is her finger
>one finger
>Sometimes if you ask nicely, beg, really, she'll use the pink vibrator she keeps on a high shelf.
>But only once a week and only if you've been a good girl~
>But you're always a good girl!
>Her good girl
>Instead of sleeping all day, you find yourself trying to clean up around the home while she's away
>You don't want her distracted from spending more time with you
>You find yourself grooming yourself before she gets home so you can be waiting by the door for her, tail wagging, all prim and pretty for her so you can beg her for "upsies"

>You are her little attention whorse and she's your drug
You see? These
suggest that this complaining is getting in the way of us being able to enjoy content, especially with a limited number of posts per thread.
File: image0.png (209 KB, 600x600)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
This one's nice
I'd like to be a good pet for mistress
Relax, like four posts were spent on that exchange. It's still fewer posts than the question autist has in this thread.
>especially with a limited number of posts per thread.
Anon... You do know we have unlimited threads, right?
>Instead of sleeping all day, you find yourself trying to clean up around the home while she's away
>You don't want her distracted from spending more time with you
>You find yourself grooming yourself before she gets home so you can be waiting by the door for her, tail wagging, all prim and pretty for her so you can beg her for "upsies"

10/10 pet and a nice, feelgood story anon, short and sweet. Thank you!
Nooo! You can't fill up general threads with bantering or random bullshit! How else will the thread get to page 10 if people post things other than stories?!
File: unknown_12.png (378 KB, 1600x1300)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
Being Dash is a little strange, but you love to see it.
Has anyone made a version of this meme from the waifu's POV? Asking for a friend.
I think I remember someone made a version where you were from the "waifu" POV but the person on the other side was a pony and the joke was about you being her husbando, but don't know if there's any like I first described.
>Wake up from a long night of sleep
>Notice you're rubbing your eyes with a purple hoof rather than your hand.
>Look at your hooves in shock, trip up while getting out of bed
>Rush to a nearby mirror
>You are none other than Twilight Sparkle
>You distinctly remember who you were in Earth, but even your personality, mannerisms, and magical knowledge seem to be affected, mirroring those of Twilight's
What would you do?
>personality changed
Probably atleast try to study it, maybe ask Luna about strange dreams. If you had her memories it would be really easy to dismiss as a dream, and if not, as a weird magical thing that induced amnesia.
I don’t know. My personality pretty much exactly lines up with hers, so I doubt people would be able to tell the difference. But this may imply that her soul is using my body, though people still may be unable to tell the difference.
File: _.jpg (17 KB, 426x310)
17 KB
Request prompt completion using OpenAI's GPT-3 models. Bold text is the input.
What will your cutie mark be, /ptfg/?
File: _.png (363 KB, 1714x948)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
IWTCIRD but with (you) in her place.
File: _.png (426 KB, 776x1200)
426 KB
426 KB PNG
>even your personality
I don't like these kinds of premises, because at that point it's not "what would you do". No, it's "what would Twilight Sparkle do if she woke up one day with your memories out of nowhere".
So basically see >>37680280.

This would be a much more interesting question if I gained say Twilight's knowledge - and maybe memories, without losing my own - but otherwise remained myself. I'd have to either pretend to be Twilight and try to figure out what happened, or freak everyone out by announcing I'm not Twilight and hope they all help me figure it out. (Assuming the real Twilight is nowhere to be found.)
>A New Kind of Pet
dammit, now someone has to write that
I'm out of the loop, did they finally get the stick out of their arse and release it? I remember GPT-3 wasn't publicly accessible at first.
File: tentative lurking.png (81 KB, 439x208)
81 KB
>(Assuming the real Twilight is nowhere to be found.)
In a situation like that i would IMMEDIATELY try to contact Celestia / Luna and try to get the real Twilight back because it's a very high chance she's in my former body and i wouldn't wish this hell on my worst enemy, let alone a nice pony like Twilight.
Best case scenario Twilight now has her own clone, although i might look into gender spells so i can upgrade to "Twin brother."
Worst case, we switch back and I'm stuck here again dealing with the consequences of Twilight doing whatever she did.
A better scenario would be Twilight being stuck in my (her?) mind. Then we'd just need to somehow construct another body for me to inhabit and give Twilight back her own. At least she wouldn't be stuck on Earth during this time.
File: Pretty pony.gif (529 KB, 840x470)
529 KB
529 KB GIF
>Wake up in a summoning circle.
>Hear a groggy voice say "Ow. Well i guess that didnt work."
>Blink and look around the source.
>It's the same voice but coming out of your mouth.
>Look down and realise you're in a purple pony body.
>Hear "Oh f/buck me" in stereo.

>Later on you get distracted in the motions of brushing 'your' mane, as Twilight talks you through how to do it, her voice and the feel of the hairbrush is relaxing as hell.
>Absently think about how pretty Twilight is without noticing.
>Also don't notice the faint blush come to your cheeks or ''your' magic wobble for a moment before the brush continues.
My question is why I’d end up in a summoning circle to begin with. I’m pretty sure that people would rather summon Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Alan Turing, Donald Knuth, or one of my university professors who just so happens to be the best instructor for any course I’ve ever had.
>A new kind of pet
One can only imagine...
What about a pet with a harem of masters?
You've heard of a master with multiple pets, but what about a pet with multiple masters (and/or mistresses)! The pet would have to make extra time to make sure all their masters are happy, but it would be worth it because masters are good and so maybe they get rewarded by being petted by multiple pairs of hands at once while another master feeds the pet hand peeled cherry tomatoes or something. I suppose this might just be what being a family pet would be like, which in of itself would make for a lovely story, but I'm sure you understand I'm referring to the Zephyr's Tale flavour of master in this case.
I thought about a scenario, where every pony in ponyvill wakes up with my mind.
So they each get up, come to terms with suddenly being a pony, and meet each other and it might take a while before they realise they have all the same memories.
I'd call it Human turned ponyvill
Being a family pet would be interesting, and I don't think it's ever been properly covered. Now I want to read this.
>I'm sure you understand I'm referring to the Zephyr's Tale flavour of master in this case
I don't really see these as incompatible. Maybe it'd be slightly more like Opal than like Zephyr if you're in a lively family, though even then there's nothing preventing a family from being strict in disciplining their pets. Just about the only thing that would be not "kid-friendly" would be "training" a pet from zero, so you'd need one that was already trained or one that was willing from the start. As in Autumn or late chapter Zephyr, rather than early chapter Zephyr or Opal.
>"Okay, how about IWTCIAF?"
"I want to cut it into myself."
"No, silly! You have to get it from doing something you love!"

See >>37683314

pic related
That could be interesting.
Wow, that really did deliver on two stories about a new kind of pet!
I like both of them, and the AI is clearly aware of the premium experience that is petting too, though I'd say I like the idea it came up with for a more autonomous pet pony. Maybe her hometown is a pony town, or maybe it's just where the ponpet works on whatever apple farm that she brings the apple for her master from?
I do like the idea that a pet could go out and do some work to help their master financially, or just the idea of having more freedom as a petpony while still comfortably knowing you can always come home to a loving master. The idea of going out and doing a little work for, or with, master proves that the want to be a pet is not just for the shirking of previous human responsibilities and general laziness but for love of being a pet and for the love of one's master, and that's good.
The funny thing is that you go from being surrounded by strangers to alone just by perspective.
File: _.png (187 KB, 513x413)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
can you keep this shit on your board
we have enogh shit on /tttt/ as is
File: ShiftTF_ShowStyle.png (382 KB, 1308x1073)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
Sweet, a horn.
kek what was it, I don't know what archives lgbt
Someone posted the OP post on /lgbt/ basically
>Get arrested by Equestrian Royal Guard
>Get sentenced to 30 years of labor for your countless scams and thefts
>You despair as they transport you to your new home
>It's actually a home. Literally just a house in Ponyville.
>Oh, the Equestrian justice is as soft as their fur. You can probably survive this.
>What work will they assign you though? It must be something ponies don't want to do.
>You walk into the house.
>"Just one more thing, Anon," says the unicorn guard stallion as he closes the lockless door.
>You see his spell hits you and your vision skips frames.
>You fall over, throwing out your arms as you catch yourself with a clop.
>You feel weird. You're soft and furry all over and you have HOOVES?!
>You frantically look yourself over, realizing what happened.
>You're- "A mare, yes." The guard explains, you're expressions easier to read than ever.
>"Now for the rest of your sentence."
>What rest of the sentence? They said they would leave you here and get back to you. What else is-
>The knees of your forelegs collapse and your muzzle slides on the ground as a wave of sensation hits you from behind.
>Indescribable pleasure and rising heat radiate from your flank as the stallion mounting you gets into a rhythm.
>By the time he slows, you're quivering uncontrollably, but just barely cognizant enough to realize the misunderstanding.
>The trickle down your leg and buldge of warmth still deep inside he deposited at his peak made it clear.
>You weren't sentenced to 30 years of hard labor.
>You were sentenced to 30 years of _hard labor_.
File: 1634257349718.png (234 KB, 1000x631)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
File: _.jpg (196 KB, 1080x809)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Late reply but
>Being a family pet would be interesting, and I don't think it's ever been properly covered. Now I want to read this.
>Being a family pet would be interesting, and I don't think it's ever been properly covered. Now I want to read this.
You pretty much highlighted all the differences I had in mind when I did, namely it'd be kind of weird if some cereal box standard family had groping the family talking pony pet as a passtime. Har har.
That being said of course the master-pet relationship is founded on more than lewd stuff, not that a pet giving themselves over carnally to their masters isn't a wonderful thing too, but I'd go as far as to say you could even "break in" a pet without using the fairly lewd methods observed in ZT.
After all, consider how many anons were broken in by reading Zephyr's Tale. I myself had kind of forgot about discipline as part of the dynamic because the disobedience it is consequent of just didn't cross my mind, though I suppose now I see that in ZT the use of lewd punishments was nice because instead of Zeph being made sad for being bad, she was shown that it was good to relinquish and be a good pet which was nice. I suppose lewd punishments, while fetish-y, are more pleasing to read than a pet getting shunned until they apologize or even being made to sit in a cage alone which would just be kind of sad even with the catharsis of the pet doing the right thing after.
An interesting part of this too is that a pet in a family would have no one master to singularly and wholly devote themselves to. Masters can devote themselves to multiple pets so surely a pet could do likewise, but I also suppose that'd be the relationship explored in this supposed family pet story. It certainly has me thinking.
>You sorta expected to fall back asleep in the car ride home, but to your surprise you manage to make it all the way through the door before your eyes begin to droop and your hooves begin to drag.
>This is a bit pathetic, you know you slept a lot back at the store, but you woke up from a nap not...
>Time is hard.
>Your owner takes notice of your fatigue and scoops you up.
>But you're not Daisy, you're Cherry!
>You give him an affectionate lick either way, and get your mane ruffled in turn.
>"Do you think you'd be able to fall asleep if I took you to bed right now?"
>You let out a small yawn and then nod.
>The pet bed is very comfortable, and you're looking forward to getting back on it and catching some more Zs.
>Is this the path to the pet bed? You still don't know the house that well...
>He opens the door to a room yet unseen.
>The walls are lined with various posters of mares, most of them of Fluttershy, Twilight, and various background mares.
>You spot a very very nice looking life-size Twilight plush on the neatly-made bed.
>Well, almost life-size.
>She's a little bit smaller than you are, but not by much.
>Her faux fur looks incredibly soft.
>He sets you down on the bed and gingerly lifts the plush, moving her over to the armchair that rests next to a bookshelf and an end table.
>"Sorry Twiggy, I think somepony else is getting the bed with me tonight."
>He opens a door and reveals a cozy if small bathroom.
>"But first..."
>He lets you follow him in before picking you up and setting your butt on the toilet seat.
>"Knock on the wall three times when you've finished with your business. Oh, and take your time."
>You do so, and he goes through a slightly humiliating process of checking to make sure there's no residue of any kind before proceeding to the parts of being in the bathroom that aren't just a chore.
>"Open wide, let me see all of those pretty pony teeth."
>He's gentle, but thorough.
>Not like an oral hygienist at all, he's less about business and more about making sure that the experience is as comfortable as possible for you.
>He even bought you a bubblegum flavored toothpaste, which you think is both really funny and a bit embarrassing.
>After he makes sure that your mouth is cleaned out and fresh, he removes a brush from inside the cabinet and...
>Ohhhhhhhhhhh god...
>You moan a bit through no choice of your own, and find a few more tears making their way down your face.
>At the store you might've lived your entire natural life without feeling this joy.
>The detangling...
>The straightening...
>First the mane, then the tail, and finally your coat.
>You experimentally sway your butt back and forth a bit, getting aaaaalmost the desired result of tail wagging you intend to.
>His next question all but confirms you did adequately.
>"Aww, you hated it; didn't you?"
>You grin at him and then stick out your tongue.
>"Don't worry, there's a lot more where that came from. But for now..."
>He carries you over to the bed, folding back a corner and revealing soft looking dark red sheets.
>A mare could get used to this...
>You don't have a pillow at first in his embrace, but he quickly remedies that by putting a few throw pillows under your head.
>You give him a sleepy nod as he hugs you close to his chest.
>Everything is so warm...
>So soft...
>The last thing you remember before falling asleep is his fingers snapping and the lights going dark moments after.
How do you like my new trip? I made it myself.
I probably won't use it for anything but the occasional shitpost but I feel like I have to justify the processing power it took to get somehow.
I actually wrote this update the same night I wrote the last CYOA update, I just sorta neglected to post it what with school and everything; and of course I've been keeping up with the pet discussion in the thread. If any fellow petfags are uncomfortable with anything that takes place in the Zephyr spin-off, the story I just updated is a bit mellower and can be caught up with here: https://ponepaste.org/5446
Hope everyone is doing well tonight. ReMastering will update at some point this weekend if the stars align.
File: 1602459113584.png (990 KB, 1660x2185)
990 KB
990 KB PNG
Please take caution while being hugged by ponies, lest you become a soft, adorable equine lunatic wanting nothing more than to feel a tight embrace and a long slow nuzzle
I would like to be hugged by pinkie and come up from my cotten candy with a soft equine body.
This is precious. Thanks for giving me the comfy pony feels that keep me addicted to this genre/fantasy.
What if I become a pony and find somepony willing to be transformed into a human? Are there any precautions to be taken when being snuggled by a human?
Yes. You need to trust your little human to not eat you. Ponies are partners, not provisions.
In Equestria, you transform into pony.
In Soviet Ponyland, pony transform into YOU!
I just chanced upon reading the update and it was really nice. My immediate worry is that my posts made you think you need to change your story tonally instead of writing from the heart, though I trust you wouldn't just swerve your whole narrative to cater to the likes of me. I just know you're good at writing what you write and I wouldn't want to have ruined it for others. Maybe this happens more in your story than I think and my ignorance is showing, alas.
That aside I really did enjoy that excript! I don't usually think too much about things such as how a pet might observe oral hygiene and yet it's really nice seeing a master help a pet in brushing their teeth (with bubblegum flavour no less, fine taste). It must be an effort on a master's part to know how gently yet comprehensively they must brush their pet's teeth, so having it be gentle and comforting like that is nice to imagine and shows how masters are good and put in a lot of effort for their pets. Obviously there's more to this part of the story than just that, but that care and consideration comes through and that makes me feel happy, thank you.
File: _.jpg (244 KB, 1137x702)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
File: unknown.png (42 KB, 420x445)
42 KB
I must say that Cherry's story is probably one of my favourite, if not the favourite, ongoing green right now. Maybe even one of the best I've read in the last couple of years.
File: image0.jpg (55 KB, 300x298)
55 KB
How the fuck do you piss like that proper with a vagina, standing erect like that? The physics of that shit shouldn't even be possible
It's not piss, she's holding a flower to her crotch, you can see the grass around the base of the stem.
File: unknown.png (78 KB, 374x434)
78 KB
It's a special talent.
pegafilly's flanks are always a nice sight
File: unknown.png (96 KB, 330x551)
96 KB
Only one cutie mark?
Can someone give me some recommendations for first person/pony pov fics where you get mounted by stallions, fucked silly, and end up liking it enough to want more?
File: 2725168.gif (14 KB, 288x288)
14 KB
File: _.png (217 KB, 1200x1200)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
I don't like the weird fetish stuff, romance, or the wish fulfillment. Any recommendations



All hot as fuck
Just finished it yesterday, interesting premise and solid work building assuming you haven’t read it.
Also check starscribe stories
Seconding Pandemic. Most of the stuff you'll find around here is going to be wish fulfillment just by the very nature of this general, but Pandemic is more of a general appeal story that just happens to have transformation as its core plot point.
As other stories with less fetishy aspects and a more "normal" plot I would also recommend Fine Print, but that has romance as a big part of the plot. I'm not normally a big fan of romance either but I liked it anyway so I thought I'd mention it just in case.
Aw poor mare.
File: _.png (555 KB, 1280x1080)
555 KB
555 KB PNG
Aren't these the exact opposite of what he wanted?
File: 2725573.jpg (170 KB, 2048x2048)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
File: mspaintfilly.png (58 KB, 832x390)
58 KB
Retarded Anonfilly a cute
Anyone know the best way to find those old Anonfilly abuse stories? Idk how to find them in the archive or if they're all there
With a funnel.
Bullshit it hasnt got the velocity required for that range
Timber woo farts.
Glad you're enjoying it, thank /you/ Anon.
I try to focus on the details, and I'm a firm believer in the philosophy of everything being better as a pony. Glad you enjoyed it, there's more if you're interested but not too terribly much.
High praise, not sure if I deserve it but thank you in any case!
>I'm a firm believer in the philosophy of everything being better as a pony
On account of being a pony at least, that'd definitely make everything just a little more bearable, though I suppose that's from a ptfg perspective har har.
>Glad you enjoyed it, there's more if you're interested but not too terribly much.
Thanks again, I really do think you're good at writing and I hope I can get into your story one day.
File: _.jpg (337 KB, 1920x1280)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
File: anonfilly BG.jpg (416 KB, 1000x1000)
416 KB
416 KB JPG
File: unknown.png (54 KB, 332x537)
54 KB
File: unknown.png (87 KB, 262x292)
87 KB
unknown indeed
Holy cannoli
File: _.png (543 KB, 1600x1200)
543 KB
543 KB PNG
File: anonfilly.jpg (1.39 MB, 2577x2333)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
>Be Anon
>Turned into filly
>You were a human once so you got the human stare
>You love using it to scare the ponies
>The feel your eyes on them
>Your method goes as follows
>Hide where no pony can see you
>Look into your victim, and mentally think of all the ways you could catch them, even if they ran
>The’ll feel like they’re being watched, get uneasy and start making all sorts of mistakes
>You leave your hiding spot without worry of being visible and walk to your victim
>gaze occasionally to keep them on edge>Then yell at the top of your lungs
>They’re always gasping for air afterwards
>You’re currently trying this with Fluttershy
>You only need to yell now
>A little closer
>Ha! She peed herself
>Why is it slimy?
File: _.jpg (131 KB, 1280x796)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Just narrow the funnel, don't you remember physics class Anon?
So they've read Five Score, eh?

It was a very cute chapter about learning to pony.
Have any of you dreamed of becoming a pony? If so, how did it go?
File: FAvIBURUYAED_6f.jpg (133 KB, 911x1217)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
File: _.png (288 KB, 1600x1600)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
I didn't even read it but I like the art for it.
File: unknown.png (1.23 MB, 921x897)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
In this thread we enslave our friends and make them our pet ponies.
Don't be silly, it's not slavery if they're a pet because pets and masters want to be together and do things for each other.
Yes, it was a lot of fun flapping around as a pegasus.
Why not? Legally, pets and slaves are pretty much the same thing.
I don't think whatever legal definitions are out there for slaves or pets accurately describe the difference between being a pet and a slave. I will agree that there is definitely a parallel between a slave and a pet, but I would say that a slave is made to live as they do without giving their consent while pets are not only happy, but eager to be their master's pet. I wish there was a similar distinction between a pet's master and a slave's master, because a pet's master takes care of their pet and enjoys a mutual love or respect with them whereas a slave master is by no means obligated to show any compassion and likely treats their slaves badly.
A pet would choose to stay with their master even if offered release, feeling more comfortable and happy loving and being loved by their master, being good for their master and the care their master shows for them is what they wish for. A slave would typically wish to be released, though there might be some circumstance where one is happily a slave, it's typically understood that a slave wants freedom from their slavery to live the life they want to live.
One could say an unwilling pet is a slave, if not just a victim, though I'm not sure if a willing slave is a pet because they don't have to cherish their master to wish to be a slave.

For a pet, freedom is being with their master. For a slave, freedom is not having a master.
Granted that's a blatantly personal take on my part, legal and dictionary definitions will give an arguably more broadly agreed-upon definition. My definition does extend beyond my ptfg petfaggotry though: just think of housepets like dogs and cats who were domesticated over time and came to live in tandem with human masters as opposed to when humans have enslaved other humans and even in cases where slaves were treated relatively well (and especially in ones where they weren't) the slaves would generally prefer freedom rather than the slavery they were bound to. This isn't an all-encompassing example of course, someone's pet fish could hardly be said to be willing and domesticated pets over just living in a habitat in their home, but I think it illustrates my point well enough.
But if a pet tries to leave his master, animal control would get involved to try and return the pet to said master. Though I have wanted to work on a story where a massive pony TF event occurs in the US and states disagree on whether ponies keep the citizenships they have as humans, potentially with a pet pony character who’s always cherished the lavish lifestyle of his master and a runaway pony who’s en route to the “free” states.
While I absolutely agree with you on a personal level, legally, I don't think there is much fundamental distinction. As unpleasant as it might be, consider for instance abused pets who were never properly brought up or trained, and might want nothing more than to escape from their "masters". Or even an unabused but independent pet - cats (especially very outdoorsy ones who don't spend much time inside their owner's house, if at all) are known to just migrate around and shift their territory, living almost independently, but if they move too far out (or try to get inside somebody else's home to mooch off food, for example), legally they can be brought back to their owners.

I guess the main legal difference comes in terms of responses to abuse: many modern countries have strict animal abuse laws, which, on top of penalties (fines, jail time) for the abuser, also provide provisions for removing pets from their possession. However, there's nothing inherent to the concept of slavery that says abuse must be allowed; there's absolutely nothing preventing a chattel system where it's legal to own another person against their will, but basic wellbeing must be respected and direct abuse can be punished.

So while again you are absolutely right on the differences from the pet's perspective, I think the other anon has a point that legally there's not much difference.

Nice, that sounds like an extremely interesting story with a lot of potential. I'd love to read that.
From a wish fulfillment perspective, the ideal solution would probably be human rights by default, with a provision to allow ponies to legally renounce those rights and switch to a "pet" status and essentially get the same legal protections as a normal housepet. There'd probably be a huge roll of red tape to get past to ensure people don't get coerced into signing away their life (and provisions to legally void the process at any later time if new evidence comes up that it wasn't fully free consent), but for those that are in fact willing, it'd be a great way to enjoy being truly owned.

Now I'm thinking about the social dynamics that would emerge if, say, a collar becomes a symbol much like a wedding ring is, declaring your status to everyone. Imagine proudly wearing your collar while out on errands for your Master, while any free ponies around look on with emotions ranging from disdain to jealousy.
Anon, that's the question autist. Don't waste your time trying to convince him.
>atleast it happened fast
Don't tell Anonymous he'll get mad at poof-tf.
Convince whom what?
The first post wasn't. The second probably was now that you mention it, but in this (extremely rare) case I think it actually raised an interesting discussion.
File: _.png (772 KB, 3000x2000)
772 KB
772 KB PNG
File: _.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1136)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
>if a pet tries to leave his master, animal control would get involved to try and return the pet to said master
I'm not especially familiar with US animal control, but I'd assume this is more about returning lost pets to their owners rather than just making sure they can't willingly escape. It certainly makes for an interesting premise that they'd become the bad pet police but I imagine even within a world where animal control is like that having the petponies be able to talk would change things a bit. If a petpony appeared to be running away from their master, was caught, but then testified that their master was cruel and abusive it'd hopefully start an investigation into if that master should be allowed pets at all.
Do keep working on your own story idea though anon! If anything I imagine the tension created by an animal control worker doing their job trying their best to shun the literal pastel pony sobbing in the back about how miserable their life is would create some real tension, granted exactly the kind that'd make me too uncomfortable to read that but I am a huge petfag so don't mind me too much.
Otherwise this made me think of a petpony who has a propensity for getting lost and has got the animal control van as a taxi home so much they're friends with the whole animal control team.
>If a petpony appeared to be running away from their master, was caught, but then testified that their master was cruel and abusive it'd hopefully start an investigation into if that master should be allowed pets at all.
Right, but if there was no abuse and the petpony was just being a rebellious bad pet, then what? I'd imagine, if it was verified that the owner was in fact loving and caring and there was no abuse whatsoever, the owner's legal property would simply be restored (i.e. the pet would be returned home).
Again, there's a distinction between willingness/unwillingness, and abuse situations. A slave is assumed to be unwilling, and a pet to be willing, but that's not material to their legal status: a willing slave might as well be a pet, and an unwilling pet might as well be a slave. Abuse laws are, again, independent: abuse of slaves can be outlawed just as much as abuse of pets.
>While I absolutely agree with you on a personal level
Based and petpilled
>legally, I don't think there is much fundamental distinction.
>As unpleasant as it might be, consider for instance abused pets who were never properly brought up or trained, and might want nothing more than to escape from their "masters".
That would make them a bad master even by non-ponypet reckoning though right? I suppose legally they would be the pet's master but also legally they'd be animal abusers and preventing them from holding the title of "master" over any living thing would be the aim of animal abuse laws, or so I assume. That's all to say I wouldn't say those people are actually "masters" any more so than parents that don't love and abuse their children are "parents", they're someone using their role as the guardian of another being to be cruel to the vulnerable.
>Or even an unabused but independent pet - cats (especially very outdoorsy ones who don't spend much time inside their owner's house, if at all) are known to just migrate around and shift their territory, living almost independently, but if they move too far out (or try to get inside somebody else's home to mooch off food, for example), legally they can be brought back to their owners.
I've thought about this one for a bit and I keep getting drawn to the answer that petponies and regular housepets would end up legally distinct, but aside from that: I suppose so? I think the operative statement in that is that they can legally be returned to their owners, presumably regardless of the consent of the pet. In this case, I assume the pet is running away from home for a reason that isn't reasonable and is returned to their master. I suppose that's not too bad unless the master is a bad master that shouldn't be a master and then the pet should sooner ask to go to the police which hopefully a kindly person would oblige, solving the problem the pet has be it imagined or real.

Really I know nothing about this legal stuff so it's all assumptions on my part, I think you could say that pets and slaves are similar legally, sure. That being said, a more legalistic approach to the difference between a pet and a slave ignores the importance of the pet/master relationship itself. It's definitely been a fun discussion trying to figure out what kind of rights a petpony would have in our societies but I'd definitely put my personal definition ahead of any legal one. Were a petpony afforded all, or none, of the legal rights in the world they'd want to be a good pet for their master, and their master would be a good master for their pet, laws be damned.
>Abuse laws are, again, independent: abuse of slaves can be outlawed just as much as abuse of pets.
I suppose so, there have been times in history where people have made slavery legal in other ways. Renaming and rebranding it or making it a temporary affair with the promise of pay at the end, which again brings us back to the Trade Ya episode in a funny way.
Again, I think such a legalistic approach ignores a lot of the nuance of the pet/master relationship understood in these threads. Were that to become some kind of social norm, the law would have to change assuming that law was intended to protect the people (and small talking horses) it governs over.
That being said, the law isn't always the best gauge of these things, sometimes laws can be arbitrary and stupid as they fail to reflect the reality of a situation over being the supposedly least worst compromise for an issue nobody with enough power and influence could come up with a good response to, maybe the law should sooner conform to our definition of what a ponypet/master relationship is than we should conform it its definition.
File: FB-Y6XoWQAE3vRv.jpg (73 KB, 1115x627)
73 KB
File: _.png (123 KB, 700x700)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
Rainbow Dash always dresses in style. Also that was hot.
>A New Kind of Pet by ElusiveDreamer - New
Damn, doesn't exist.
File: a month.png (112 KB, 713x551)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
That would be fun actually
>weird disease thingamajig turns you into a pony
>get checked out by doctors, to everyone's surprise there's a clear diagnosis
>no "this is scientifically impossible", no getting vivisected in area 51, no being called a demon or an alien - you just have some weird condition that was probably engineered in some wuhan lab or something
>and apparently you'll be back to normal, but only in a month
>now have full freedom to experience a month as a pony, with zero worries about stuff like social stigma, human rights of transformees, what your family will say or whatever, because you literally have a doctor's note about your condition
I can't lie, as much as a pon-e overdose, random magical awakening, trans-dimensional spellcast, or smuggled nanomachines sound appealing, part of me is quite terrified of just turning into a pony IRL. Like, if I legit woke up tomorrow morning as a pony, first thing I'd do is probably kiss my hooves in joy, and second thing I'd do is have a panic attack because what the fuck will my job say, how will I even do my job, what will my family say, what will society say when I have to order groceries, etc. etc.

Going to Equestria is an obvious solution, but assuming that's not an option, then a scenario like pic related where you can just shrug and tell everyone "s'not my fault, I gotta wait a month, oooh it suuuucks I can't waaaaait" just takes all the pressure off.
Could be very cool. Twilight's consciousness has help Anon learn how to handle her magic so that he can undo her fuck up. But Anon may have other ideas.
>An orgy ensues nonetheless.
File: 1615748361919.png (219 KB, 1024x1196)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
>for a month...?
File: 1631951.png (89 KB, 500x704)
89 KB
>Good news, my little pony!
>You made it, but there's a catch
>You're smol af
File: _.jpg (72 KB, 989x658)
72 KB
What if some people on Earth don’t want to become ponies?
fuck them
File: 2725672.png (626 KB, 1159x1159)
626 KB
626 KB PNG
Just in time for Halloween.
Rumors of a tape arise. If you watch it, you get a phone call telling you you have seven days left.
At the end of the seven days, a pony will emerge from your television and turn you into a pony as well. Already there's a small population of ponies doting the nation.
The only way to stop ponification after you've watched the tape is to show it to at least 2 other people, who in turn will have to show it to 2 each.
You happen to stumble on a copy of this tape.
What do?
If you show it to 2 people, can you then re-watch the tape again to still get ponified?
If not, then I'd have to watch it and then choose exactly one person to show it to. Question would be whether I show it to someone who doesn't want to be a pony, and would help propagate it exponentially, or someone who does and will actually benefit from it but will then only pass it down to one extra person too.

Oh, wait, I'm retarded. I could just wait a week and then show it to as many people as I wanted.
File: full (2).gif (181 KB, 600x600)
181 KB
181 KB GIF
Passing the tape to 2 people only protects you until you see the tape again. Though obviously, someone who doesn't want to be a pony would be more guarded after the first time.

But yes, there's no limit to how you can copy it or how many people you show it to.
Nobody said they'd be forced to become ponies, but the option's there if they want it.
File: 779.png (818 KB, 900x1080)
818 KB
818 KB PNG
Why are these guys so paranoid about ponification?

You're free to go stay in human land with the other humans and talk about human stuff. I want to go pony to get away from all the human stuff.
File: 2727580.jpg (66 KB, 1280x623)
66 KB
File: _.png (407 KB, 1440x1080)
407 KB
407 KB PNG
What a great pet to bring the apples.
File: _.png (294 KB, 856x636)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
File: large (7).jpg (183 KB, 1280x853)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Upload it to the internet, pay a bunch of influencers to react on it and bend the algorithm so that everyone WILL see it, whether we not wanted it or not, and solve the world's problems with humanity by removing the humanity and replacing it with snowpity.

The only problem is that you can't make blind people see it, so having a unicorn psionically project it into their mind will have to do once we get a unicorn capable of doing so
Sounds like mental illness.
File: _.jpg (325 KB, 1920x1200)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
File: surrounded_by_snowpity_23.png (3.35 MB, 3102x1745)
3.35 MB
3.35 MB PNG
File: squidward-reaction.gif (1.6 MB, 280x224)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB GIF
This thread would be cool without the fag fetish art
People don't like furries for a reason
Extra small is extra cute.
Really when becoming a pony is your terminal goal this kind of starts and finishes at watching the tape once, I'm more worried about getting a VHS player.
Assuming it's the curse of beholding an event that an ethereal force wishes to be shared then converting it to a video should retain its ponification properties, and with that I was thinking of maybe putting it up on a paywalled site and say the payment is for proof of age, consent to watch and site maintenance and probably still make a small fortune. Problem with that being there are people with copies of the tape who could ruin my plan, I'd have to get them on board somehow but it sounds like more than a little circle of people so I guess even that wouldn't work.
A plan for on the spot global ponification would be too dangerous, people would need prior warning to prepare for the impact being ponies will have on our human-centric world. I don't want any reactor meltdowns or massive power outages because we didn't plan ahead, and I'm fine with people being human especially if I get nice scratches and pettings.
I assume my master would want to stay a human but I'm perfectly okay with them being a pony too. I'd just be happy I'm finally a pony and that would make Master happy too and I could properly be their pet, though I suppose this changes circumstances greatly: finding my master may be more proactive on my part than the mystery mail kidnapping fast track service.
File: 485890205.png (387 KB, 1136x1017)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
Don't you judt love it when you find a good book?
Is this another OC, or some Canterlot background unicorn? I genuinely can't tell (though I can't remember any blue background unicorns so I'm guessing probably OC).
Its an OC, goes by the name Star Gazer
>Tf into cozy mare while reading a really engrossing piece of fiction
>The spell is reversable, but only for the first four hours after you've transformed.
>You lift up the remaining pages with your hooves.
>Only 600 more, you could go another few chapters, right?
>Before you know it night has fallen.
>human skin
Well that's kind of inevitable when you start out as a human, up until the transformation is complete.
Looks pretty gross tbbqh
>human-to-pony transformation thread
>"human is gross don't draw that"
You might be in the wrong thread tbqhfampai
Yes human is something we all want to leave in the past, but the reality is that we're all humans right now. Again, the only way to avoid it is if you were born a pony, in which case why are you still posting here
That drawing in particular is gross
Then again, so is most of transformation art
I mean that's fair, transformation art is an odd kind of niche and borders on body horror in many cases.
Personally I don't actually like lots of tf art either, but these show-accurate ones are particularly cute and nice compared to a lot of the other styles out there
File: anonfilly cop.png (1.52 MB, 1812x3916)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
At least the worst she'll get is juvy
>"Did you steal that ID?"
"What? No! This is my-"
>It strikes you that you aren't a lean, green sexy beast of a man.
>Not any more.
>Your ID doesn't reflect your change of state
>Making you IDless
>While you're talking to Copper Top
>Near the border
>Shit, you're about to be deported
"I can explain."
>"Sure you can, kid. Where're your parents?"
"Well, Twilight was just-"
>She's laughing.
>She's laughing at you.
>"Oh, that's a good one, kid. Now, go back over there before you become more paperwork. I know you wanna see the princess, but sneaking over the border isn't the way to do it."
"See her? No, I'm gonna toss her like a ragdoll! She's the reason I'm a filly in the first place!"
>Copper Top's expression reverts back to "unamused, and slightly defeated."
>"See, now you're making threats against high Equestrian officials. While illegally crossing the border. You've just become more paperwork, kid."
>Normally, this is where you'd swear vengeance unending like an anime villain
>But this time, a more primal sense has invaded your being
>The moment Copper Top takes a step towards you, you let loose the ancient cry of greens of old
>Unphased by your sonic assault, she picks you up with ease and carries you to jail
>Where Purple's waiting, thankfully
>Your first act, of course, is to try to leap out of Copper's reach to Twilight's throat in a fit of rage
>A nearby unicorn cop shoots you 37 times in the chest (in self-defense)
>You die
>You wake up on Earth, as a filly
>Huh, so that's how that works.
>Mission End
>Rank F
>Status: Fucked
So would I be sent to Room 101 until I want to become a pony?
File: _.png (248 KB, 784x848)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
Orion? Does he have another pony?
gee im intrigued about the results
Watching your body contort and shift while you desperately try not to fall over. Something impossible with your shifting stance. The swelling of your ass and growing of your tail puts your pants and underwear out of commission with a loud rip. Everyone can see your nipples move to rest above your crotch between your splayed hind hooves. You become visibility and embarrassingly erect the whole time. Your face flush with shame and arousal. You can only gasp when your cock looses a few jets of watery seed begins a final retreat into your growing feminine depths. Mane, coat, horn, and muzzle follow suit as you writhe on the floor too aroused to now be embarrassed. All you can do is squeal effeminately lying in the pile of your torn and loose male clothes. You orgasm as a mare for the first time in front of these people. Only after coming down from that high do you see the man who's pants you just stained with sexual fluids and you remove your hoof from your snatch. You cover your sex with your tail reflexively and blush.
Thank you for the help, Derpy.
File: boop.gif (81 KB, 800x1200)
81 KB
There is nothing wrong with poof TF.
Traditionally if you find a basket of filly on your doorstep you're supposed to adopt them.
Adopt or devour. Either one.
So how would you react if you TF’d into a pony and some human tried to eat you?
Temporary ponification disease has a lot of story potential. For most people it'd suck, for some it turns out to be a more pleasant experience than expected, for Anon it's a month long holiday from his usual concerns. Some would be trying to catch it, some might be spreading it deliberately. There are endless possibilities.
You only need one when you become a g5 pony.
What if PoNID-19 had mixed effects, so it was asymptomatic in some, turned others into ponies, and left some unfortunate folk stuck halfway through the transformation?
File: _.png (45 KB, 1672x1119)
45 KB
File: unknown.png (374 KB, 565x601)
374 KB
374 KB PNG
File: 1498734810801.png (324 KB, 647x474)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
>Twilight finally gives in and turns you into a pony
>You excitedly undergo the transformation
>Once it is done you slowly open your eyes
>wait what?
>Everything looks different
>It all looks to grey
"What's the matter Anon?"
File: _.jpg (344 KB, 2000x1211)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
worth it
>not being able to see the beautiful world of equestria as it is
personal hell this is
Rarity looks fine. Nothing else matters.
File: _.png (296 KB, 1600x1200)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
Horrifying. It's gotta be all or nothing.
File: Comfy moon.jpg (225 KB, 1280x964)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
Everything is designed with this colour range in mind, so things would still look nice, if weird at first.
Secondly, you could absolutely blow Luna's mind by dreaming in a different colour spectrum.
“I need to recover from the light from your horn for a few minutes. I can’t see any red, but I am familiar with this effect because it has happened to me on an airplane once. Just let me have a few minutes for my sight to recover.”
>"Aaah I can't see the colour red! "
>"What do you mean, you can't see shades of grey?"
>"No! There's no red!"
>Twilight, confused, enlists the help of Fluttershy to discover exactly what colour Anon is missing
>Between biology textbooks and in-monkey interviews they discover that Anon was missing the crucial colour red
>After a day in the basement of golden oaks, Twilight emerges with 7 sets of magically embued if plain glasses
>Rarity, while admitting they're in line with Twilight's style, tries to politely inform her that coke bottle glasses weren't exactly in season
>Though, at Twilight's insistence, each of the ponies puts them on and with a delighted gasp discover a world filled with new colour seeing things as Anon once did
>Anon's excitement came readily too as they rediscovered the Equestria they'd always wished to be in
>Antics ensue, of course
>Rarity made a push for the mass distribution of these glasses after seeing the beauty of the world, and her work, in a whole new light
>But between them essentially being terribly expensive and fretting over just how many new colours the world needs, she learns a lesson in keeping things simple
>Rainbow Dash asks if the glasses could "do more new colours", Twilight informs that the number of colours is hypothetically infinite spanning the entire electromagnetothaumic spectrum
>Rainbow dash demands "all the colours"
>Twilight, after fair warning, provides
>RD has a Space Odyssey moment, sees forever
>RD turns queazy, hurls the glasses off and the hurls in the toilet
>All in all it's a fun time for everypony, some couldn't live without them and others found them a little too much
>Anon keeps their original pair, and dare I say, looks very cute wearing them
But don’t forget about Apple Bloom’s red mane and the red barn her family has. Plus, don’t they need to tell apart the red and green apples to make apple pie?
If ponies have never even heard of the color red before, then that would imply that they’re bichromates. Those glasses work by exploiting subtle differences in the red and green cones and are meant for trichromatic humans.
File: gaybabyjail.png (23 KB, 250x139)
23 KB
why is this horse in the OP image MY horse?
Upload it to youtube and start a thread on /mlp/.
What if these glasses work on magical bullshit instead
1. They have heard of the colour red but they view it as a shades of grey as stated in the start of the story.
2. The glasses are magical and a pair is made that lets RD see the whole electromagnetic and magical spectrum as distinct colours
3. Why did you decide of all things on the internet this is what you'd skim over and go WELL AKSHUALLY IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT
I know you might have just been bringing it up because you thought it was interesting but really
The best book is the one that tells you how to become a pony.
File: i.png (69 KB, 810x581)
69 KB
The right decision was made.
File: 1631547380400.png (82 KB, 2400x1600)
82 KB

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