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Previous Thread: >>37553798


>What is this thread about?
This thread is dedicated to stories that have clear dominate and submissive roles; both with and without consent.

>What exactly is welcome in this thread?
A wide variety of stories are welcomed here; from non-consent and sexual slavery, to abusive manipulation and psychological domination, to maids and extortion, and even healthy consensual relationships with BDSM role-play elements.

A few topics that are discouraged are NTR, vore, scat, and other similar themes.

Less old Pastebin list of all stories: https://poneb.in/f8f09HB4
Old Pastebin list of all stories: https://poneb.in/778zgnJ5
(Both outdated.)

>archive of SiM wiki page:


Historical Note:

This thread was originally founded to support the “Submission is Mandatory” story by MrNameless. While the story has gone on hiatus, it’s content is referred to by a number of stories in this thread.

Submission is Mandatory by MrNameless (Recommended)
Nightmare Moon summons Anon to defeat the EoH. In return, she grants him ownership of the Mane 6.

(Non-Canon SiM Expanded Universe Stories)
Octavia POV (Recommended) https://poneb.in/Y2AahdQp
Other Stories - https://poneb.in/3AFdqxvs


Remember not to save anything of value on pastebin.
Have a broken pastebin link? Replace pastebin.com with poneb.in


Active stories (updated in the last thread):

>Unnamed Gilda story

>Unnamed Sunset story
Wizzard Anon uses Sunset as a magic battery/source.
Part 1: >>37322337
Part 2: >>37410250

>The Carat and Stick by RapeApe !l9yPPXi1cE !VVgKIKP70Y !bwwXn5Gx.o
Cadance forces Rarity onto medifag Anon.
End of the last update >>37531323

>Megalomania by ⸸ !PENTAponY.
Psychologist Anon experiments with pony companions.
End of the last update >>37450712
Did you know that pharmacology is really boring? It's true!

>Your return trip was pretty uneventful.
>Rarity and you went your separate ways, with you going to the clinic and her meeting up with her friends.
>You’re currently carrying her choker in one of your interior pockets, saving her the embarrassment of being seen with the article.
>Not that you don’t want to embarrass her, quite the contrary.
>Just that it’s currently off limits.
>You take a moment to appreciate the irony of how this relationship has progressed.
>In the beginning you were free to do whatever you wished to her.
>But somehow, now that she’s a willing participant, you have less control.
>Life was simpler when you relied more on force.
>But when you saw the look of pure joy on Rarity’s face- on your slave’s face- when she swore to serve you for at least a month, you knew you’d made the right choice.
>There’s something strangely satisfying about owning not just her body, but her heart too.
>You’re looking forward to your next session with her.
>But it shall have to wait.
>Duty calls.
>You head to the basement first to check on the changeling.
>He’s still in pony form, no surprise there.
>What is a bit surprising is that he’s sitting up.
“How are you holding up?”
>He snaps to attention and stares at you wide eyed.
>But he says nothing.
“Any adverse reactions from the medication? Trouble breathing?”
>He slowly shakes his head.
“Alright, hold still. I’m gonna take your temperature. Let’s see… normal, I think.”
>You have to remember this is NOT a pony.
>When the one was pretending to be Dash their body temperature seemed normal.
>But you can’t yet be certain that it’s optimal for them.
“Any confusion? Trouble thinking straight or memory loss?”
>He shakes his head again.
>You take a look at his bandages.
>They seem clean, but you can see the rash around them.
>It doesn’t look like it’s spread, but it hasn’t clearly receded either.
“This is going to feel funny, but try to hold still. I’m going to trace the rash with a marker so we can see if it grows or shrinks.”
>It looks pretty bad.
>But there’s no sign of organ dysfunction yet.
>It should clear up pretty fast once it goes into remission.
>If he responds well to treatment, he’ll be out in 3 days.
>5 is more likely though.
>”Why are you helping me?”
>Oh, so he CAN talk!
“Would you prefer it if I didn’t?”
>”After you gave me those pills I started to feel better. Why did you do that?”
“Oh, that? Those are just to alleviate symptoms so you’re more comfortable. Being sick is no fun after all, but don’t worry. We’ll fix the underlying issue.”
>You know full well what his question meant.
>You’re just stalling because you don’t want to answer.
>”But why help ME?”
“Because you needed help?”
>”I was going to kill you. You know that, you have to.”
>You didn’t know that.
>A chill runs down your spine.
>”But you’re helping me.”
“Uhh, yeah. It’s what I do.”
>You try to act as though everything’s normal.
>But you can’t help but keep a little extra distance between the two of you.
>”I thought those pills were going to be poison or something. But I feel better. I don’t hurt as much, and I’m not dizzy.”
“Why would you take pills if you thought they were poison?”
>”The queen told me to take anything you gave me.”
>Now THAT is obedience.
>Rarity should take notes.
>”The queen didn’t promise you a reward. She hadn’t even promised to leave you alone until after you said you’d help me. What’s in it for you?”
“What choice did I have?”
>”You could have poisoned me, or turned me in to the militia, or just done nothing.”
“Hold still, this will probably sting.”
>You use a syringe to harvest some of the infected blood.
>Just a small amount.
>You’ll culture it to try and narrow down what kind of infection it is so you can treat it more specifically.
>It’s probably not necessary, but you’re eager to have this thing out of here.
>If you can hasten the process, you will.
>”Please tell me. I have to know. Why are you helping me?”
>You don’t want to tell him.
>You REALLY don’t.
>You’re responsible for what he does when you release him.
>At least in part.
>Maybe if he understood, he’d be less murderous?
>If nothing else, you could convince the changelings they can count on you.
>And then maybe they’ll be less likely to off you.
>You have to talk.
>But if you do…
>Just don’t cry in front of the bug monster.
“You want to know why I’m helping you… tell me. Have you ever killed anyone?”
>”No. I mean, I tried, but it didn't work.”
>It’s a bit chilling how lackadaisical he is in saying that.
>He’s not ashamed at all.
>He talks of murder like it’s the weather.
“Good. I feel much less conflicted about healing you if you’ve never killed anyone. Thing is… I have.”
>His expression remains unchanged for several seconds as he processes what you just said.
>After a brief flash of realization comes fear.
“You’re lucky you failed. Trust me, the guilt is crippling. You have to spend every day for the rest of your life burdened with the knowledge that you ruined not only one life, but dozens. Maybe more. Heartbroken spouses and parents, orphaned children, ruined hopes and dreams.”
>Damn it all.
“I haven’t lost many patients. But I’ve lost a few, and it haunts me.”
>”Oh. So you killed them by accident?”
>Your eyes are watering up.
>Hold it together, you sissy!
“It’s a weird feeling at first. I’d done plenty of operations before I lost my first patient, and you sorta get used to the gore. You get used to death too. In med school they make you dissect corpses of your own species for practice. They make you face it right away, before you’re under pressure. Helps to keep you from freezing up in an emergency. Maybe I got a little TOO used to it, because the first time it happened, I wasn’t sad. I was angry. They brought me an older male who’d been in a terrible traffic accident. Poor bastard was barely recognizable as a human by the time I saw him. I tried, I really did, but I just couldn’t put him back together fast enough.”
>”Why were you angry?”
“I was upset because my perfect record had been ruined. Horrible, isn’t it? I was more upset that his death had inconvenienced me than about all the other consequences. It’s not that I didn’t know something terrible had happened, but by then I had done so many operations… part of you eventually forgets that it’s a living person on your table. They just sorta became piles of meat.”
>Truth be told, that’s still true.
>You’re not sure you’d be able to focus otherwise.
“I’m good at what I do, but it’s not an easy job and everyone makes mistakes. Do enough operations and you’re going to lose a patient.”
>”How many have you lost?”
“Four. Three of them from-”
>You idiot.
>Don’t tell them to target the brain!
“Well, never mind that. Four out of eight hundred and some, can’t remember exactly how many. The first three I didn’t have much trouble moving on. The fourth one, though, I had to face the people they left behind.”
>You’ll never forget them.
>No matter how hard you try.
“I’d totally isolated myself from the reality of my job. I had to, couldn’t handle the pressure otherwise. But when that barrier came down, it got a little too… real. That kind of thing changes you.”
>”What does any of that have to do with me?”
“You were definitely going to die without help. If I refused to do anything, I’d be responsible. Doesn’t matter that you’re a changeling, I can’t do that again.”
>There’s nothing more you can do for the bug right now.
>Honestly, you finished up after the blood draw.
>But you can’t leave yet.
>Because you spilled your guts for a reason.
“So I’ll help you changelings if you get sick or hurt, even if I don’t think it’s a good idea. Please, I’m begging you, don’t make me regret it.”
>He remains silent as you show yourself out.
>You take a few minutes to collect yourself before moving on.
>You REALLY don’t like thinking about your mistakes.
>The fact that you were talking to a changeling only makes things worse.
>Those things are freaky.
>And dangerous to boot
>The queen promised you she’d leave you and Rarity alone.
>But you’re not nearly stupid enough to take her at her word.
>Will she be thankful for your help?
>Maybe your sob story will actually reach them.
>Or maybe she’ll just dispose of you the moment she no longer needs you.
>You need some kind of insurance.
>But what?
>Her drone?
>Maybe if she thought he needed life support going forward.
>You could pretend his heart was damaged and he needed a miracle drug called Placebo to stay alive.
>Then she’d still need you, if only to secure more of it from Earth.
>Would she fall for it?
>You should probably name a real drug instead of Placebo though.
>And maybe if you started setting up the lie early.
>It’s decided.
>You’ll tell him he’s going to need medication for life next time you go in.
>Even so, you have to tell Shining about him.
>Partially to protect yourself, sure.
>But also to protect others.
>You don’t want to release a murderous psychopath to the public.
>But what will he do if he finds out this is the one who stabbed his sister?
>Can you trust Shining not to put the changeling right back into your clinic?
>Or worse?
>You’ll have to tread carefully there too.
>You take a moment and place a bit of the blood in a petri dish, which goes straight in the incubator.
>You’re not equipped to determine the exact strains of pathogens, but you can at least do a Gram test.
>You also think to run a blood type test on it.
>You place blood and reagents into a few vials, then as an afterthought put a control vial in the centrifuge.
>It makes a worrying grinding noise as it spins.
>In some ways you shouldn’t be surprised, given you got it from a police auction.
>But it still catches you off guard.
>Just one more piece of equipment that will fail at any minute.
>You spend a few minutes trying to figure out what you’ll do when it breaks, but quickly put it out of mind.
>Because the results of the test are much more interesting than grim hypotheticals.
>You were expecting a yellowing plasma at the top of the vial and viscous red solids at the bottom.
>You got neither.
>What you got back was just what you put in.
>A vial full of a homogeneous red liquid.
>Wait, no.
>Upon closer inspection there’s a tiny white layer near the bottom.
>Immune cells?
>So the solids DID separate out.
>But there’s no sign of red cells.
>Which actually makes sense in a strange way.
>If they eat love, they’re not reliant on chemical energy.
>Which means they shouldn’t need oxygen either.
>And if you don’t need oxygen, there’s not much value in erythrocytes.
>Do they really not need to breathe?
>And is the plasma red to help their disguise?
>More questions for the bugs.
>They’re just so alien.
>The fact that they’re not mammals is bad enough, but this whole arcanovore thing just makes things worse.
>Honestly, anything you do for them will be as reliant on luck as actual knowledge.
>Even adapting to ponies was tricky, you doubt you’ll ever be comfortable with changelings.
>Speaking of ponies, Twilight is waiting.
>You’re not looking forward to being vetted by her guards.
>It’s always such a hassle.
>Still, you’re glad they’re there, especially given how freely the Queen seems to be able to move about.
>You make your way to her room.
>And are accosted by Shining Armor.
>”Hold still, bug!”
“Hi, Shining.”
>You don’t resist as he fumbles with his glucometer.
>It takes WAY longer than it should for him to get the test strip in.
>Little wonder why, what with the sunken and unfocused eyes.
>Poor guy’s clearly beyond tired.
“You need to slow down, man. You’re working too hard.”
>”That’s exactly what a changeling would say.”
“Pass it here, I’ll do the test.”
>”No! I got this- just… hah!”
“Can I draw my own blood at least?”
>”That’s mighty suspicious. Why?”
“Because I don’t trust that you’ve been sanitizing that lancette properly.”
>You TOLD them!
>Well, there’s not much bloodborne disease out here.
>It’s probably fine.
>You’re still expecting a spike in dermal infections.
>You prick yourself and offer your finger.
>The machine beeps at you a few seconds later.
>And the prince nods sleepily.
“Rough day?”
>”Yeah. Can we talk for a bit in your office?”
“Of course.”
>The two of you make your way past reception.
>You can’t help but furrow your brow at the sight of all the armed ponies.
>Shining seems to have brought a task force of some kind with him.
>And you can tell at a glance that this is no ordinary force.
>Each of them is proudly displaying a firearm of some sort.
>You’re no soldier, but you’re pretty sure those are high caliber pistols.
“Uh, should I be worried?”
>You’re suddenly not certain you want to go to your office with him.
“Am I being detained?”
>He shoves you into your office and marches in.
>You’re pretty sure he’s trying for a stern affectation, but it’s being ruined since he keeps almost nodding off.
>”You’re in trouble.”
“I swear I didn’t do it.”
>”Didn’t do what?”
>”What are you hiding?”
“Nothing! Last time you came in like this you hit me in the face and tried to arrest me. Isn’t that what’s happening this time?”
>You’ve always been a quick thinker.
>But you’ve never been a good actor.
>Thankfully the prince is worn out.
>He might just buy your lie.
>Unless he already knows.
>He DID come here with an armed force after all.
“So why am I in trouble again?”
>”We’re pretty sure the changelings are after you.”
>THAT kind of trouble.
>What a relief!
>You were worried he’d already figured you out.
>This is probably WAY worse.
“Why? What happened?”
>”We had a jailbreak. The changeling you helped us catch is gone.”
“Why would they be after me tho- oh fuck.”
>That changeling knows about the glucometers.
>They know that the ponies can identify changelings from a quick blood test.
>And worse, they know that YOU’RE the one who made it possible.
>”I’m sorry, man. I have no idea how it happened. We can’t find any signs of forced entry, none of the guards were hurt, no sounds were made, nothing. The cell is just empty.”
“You’re sure they’re gone? Maybe they changed into something innocuous and they’re hiding.”
>”Yes. We’re sure.”
>That’s going to make it harder to keep Chrysalis off your back.
>You ruined their best weapon.
>Will her drone’s life be enough to temper her wrath?
>You can only hope.
>Wait a minute!
>If you turn over the wounded changeling, will it escape too?
>And if you turn it in, the queen will know she can’t trust you to keep her drones hidden.
>She’d DEFINITELY come after you then!
>You might not be able to turn it in!
>”I’m dedicating a small force to guard you around the clock. You won’t be able to move around much until things calm down, hope you like your office.”
>That is a HUGE relief.
>At least there’ll be something tangible between you and Chrysalis.
>”We’ll let you out at scheduled hours to deal with your patients and use the washroom. Guests need to be tested AND be approved by yourself or me.”
“Thank you. I have to admit, they’ve had me pretty worried. But what about you? You look terrible. When was the last time you slept?”
>”Uh… 5,6, carry the two… When did we find Rainbow Dash?”
“Dude! That was THREE DAYS AGO!”
>”So about four and a half days ago.”
“You have to stop! Your body’s going to give out, man!”
>”I can’t! I don’t know how many of them there are, where they’re going to strike next, what their plan is- I don’t know anything. And somehow, they keep slipping through our dragnet.”
“Yeah, I’ve been meaning to ask about that. I would have thought they’d be stuck with all the roadblocks. Have you really not caught any of them?”
>”Not a single one. We’ve found a few abandoned nests, we even had one we think was abandoned only a few minutes before we raided it! But we haven’t found any actual changelings.”
“Can they fly?”
“Well, have-”
>”They’re not flying. We’d have seen them by now.”
>He seemed pretty confident about that.
“Can they change to be really small?”
>”Well, yeah? But also no.”
>Thanks for clarifying.
“That’s not a very useful answer.”
>”We don’t really know. A powerful and skilled magic user could probably manage a shrinking spell for a short time, we’re not sure if they can though.”
“So they’re changing into mice or something and just walking by!”
>”No, they’re not. You have no idea how much magic it takes to do that. If they were shrinking every time they had to move they’d have starved to death by now.”
>They’re arcanovores.
>Magic, more specifically the magic of love, is food for them.
>Does that mean that casting a spell makes them hungry?
>It almost has to, that energy can’t come from nowhere.
>Is that why he’s running around town trying to hunt them down?
>He’s trying to wear them out.
>Like a persistence predator, running its quarry ragged over a long chase until their body chemistry starts to break down.
>If he forced them to shrink over and over again, he’d win.
>But from the sounds of it, it wasn’t working.
“So how much magic do they have access to?”
>”Not much, I don’t think. Not without their prisoners, and not while they’re always on the move.”
>That sounded like a good thing.
>But he didn’t sound happy.
“Which means they don’t NEED much magic to give you the slip for days on end.”
>”Either that or they’re somehow finding time to feed. Either way they have some other trick we don’t know about.”
>Well, that was discouraging.
>If the magical ponies don’t know what Changelings are capable of, what chance does the non-magical alien have?
>You’re totally at their mercy, and totally dependent on the ponies to figure things out.
>Unless, of course, your silver tongue works on changelings.
>But wait, doesn’t this also mean you CAN’T count on the ponies to resolve things?
>They’ve been dealing with these things for years, maybe even generations!
>And STILL they haven’t shown all their cards.
“Is there any way I can-”
>”No, you’re not joining the search. We can’t risk losing our medical team.”
“That’s not what I was going to ask. Is there any way I can talk you into taking a nap? You’ll probably be able to think more clearly afterwards.”
>”No time, I gotta get going!”
“No, you don’t. You have to sleep eventually. I don’t even know how you’re still awake!”
>”I drank a lot of coffee!”
“That doesn’t make it better! I’m warning you, this is going to bite you in the ass if you don’t slow down!”
>He completely ignores you and trots out of your office.
>And walks into the front door of the clinic.
“Get back here right now! You are in no condition to-”
>You try to walk out of your office and are immediately blocked by his lackeys.
“Let me go! The prince is going to hurt himself!”
>You struggle against the guards for a moment before one of them reminds you that they’re MUCH stronger than you.
>You’re just glad they didn’t actually hit you.
>The two of them scowl at you after your failed escape attempt.
“Look, I think we got off on the wrong hoof. I have something important to tell the prince.”
>”Oh. Well, it’ll have to wait.”
“Why? It’s urgent.”
>”Because he’s already gone.
>Damn it all!
>You look around them and find the front door swinging in the wind.
>You yell after him, but nothing comes of it.
>He’s working WAY too hard.
>And worse, you didn’t tell him about the changeling!
“Is there any way you can get a message to him?”
>”He’ll check back in later tonight.”
>It’ll have to do.
“So… does he always push himself this hard?”
“He does know it’s unhealthy, right?”
>They shrug at you in unison.
>Does he need an intervention?
>You’ll have to talk it over with his family.
>Speaking of.
“You’re going to escort me to purple now, right?”
>They both nod in the affirmative.
>One of them steps in front of you, barring the doorway.
>The other sidles up by the wall, making his way to the door.
>He jumps around the corner, firearm at the ready.
>The pony in front of you cautiously steps forward and moves into the lobby.
>He takes the time to knock every single chair over, and upend the tables.
>Seemingly satisfied that nothing was hiding under the furniture, he plants himself in front of the corridor, blocking access to the inner rooms.
>”Clear. Bring the VIP.”
“This is going to get really tiresome, isn’t it?”
>You’re instructed to enter the hallway.
>Once there, you have a pony on either side of you, blocking the path.
>The three of you creep toward the recovery room at an irritatingly slow pace, approaching a burly stallion with oversized sunglasses who now stands before the door.
>The pony in front of you exchanges words with him for a moment, and the door eventually opens allowing you in.
>There is yet ANOTHER armed guard on either side of Twilight’s bed.
>One of them scrambles to attention when the door opens, seemingly pretending he wasn’t asleep.
>You step in, and the door is immediately closed behind you.
>All three ponies in the room are watching you intently.
>Two, clearly looking for any signs of hostility.
>One, clearly dreading what comes next.
>”Hi, doctor. Are you here to clean my wounds again?”
>Hopefully not.
>With all your good painkillers gone, this whole experience has been pretty tortuous for Twilight.
>You’ve done what you can to suppress the pain.
>But her liver can only handle so much acetaminophen, and you don’t have many alternatives.
>You even considered putting a neural block in her, but it was just too dangerous.
>With those wounds so close to the heart, you’d be at risk of paralyzing her heart as well.
>She’s just had to tough it out for the most part.
>And every time the pain finally fades, you’ve had to come around and agitate her injuries.
>It had to be done.
>But it still breaks your heart to hear her suppressed cries of pain and to see her watery eyes.
“Maybe. That depends on how they’re doing.”
>You can see her chewing on her lip as you approach.
>Sadly, it’s not the lewd kind of lip bite.
>You make a point of being gentle as you unwrap her bandages.
>There’s no visible blood or pus on them.
>”What are you doing?”
>She has her curiosity back.
>Or she’s just scared.
>Either way, it’s a good sign.
>She didn’t have that much energy when she first woke up.
“Well, as I’m sure you know you had a deep incisional surgical site infection. I tried to prevent this, but it was pretty much inevitable given how you wound up here. And, like I said, I gave you broad spectrum antibiotics not knowing what kind of infection it was.”
>”I thought you said it was Stapillocookis.”
>It’s sorta charming how she tries to speak in Human tongues when communicating proper nouns.
>Charming, but also worrying.
>Is that what your accent sounds like to them?
>It’s hard to take somebody seriously when they can’t even speak properly.
“I said it was PROBABLY Staphylococcus. But I took a cotton swab to your wound, cut off the tip in a small dish full of agar, and put it in a warm place overnight.”
>”You explained how cultures work. Umm… could I see mine?”
>Strange request.
>But this IS Twilight.
“I don’t see why not. The bacteria inside should be non-viable by now, but I’d still suggest you act like it could make you sick. Anyway, it turns out it was Clostridioides Difficile.”
>You don’t have confirmation yet, but you’re betting that’s what the changeling has too.
>They were wounded at the same place and time, albeit with different weapons.
>You’ve already started treating for it, but you still want the culture just to be sure.
>”Is that a bad one?”
“C. Difficile?”
>Once upon a time it would have been terrible.
>But thankfully for her, there’s a silver bullet for that one.
“Could be worse.”
>”Doesn’t Deffy Seal mean difficult in Freensh?”
“Yes, actually. It was extremely hard to isolate and incubate at first because it doesn’t grow when exposed to air. You remember how I chose not to close your wounds all the way? I had to put the last few stitches in a few days later.”
>Truth be told it was so you could clean them easier.
>When you were finishing up you knew this would be a case of infection control, not prevention.
>But you’re going to take credit even if it was just serendipity.
“If I’d stitched them up right away the infection would have spread much faster. Anyway, now that I know for a fact what you’ve got I started giving you Fidaxomicin. It was developed to treat gastric C. Difficile infections, but it works extremely well for surgical wounds too.”
>”This is usually a gastric infection?”
>Yeah. Not a hugely common one, but it’s out there. Hard to say exactly how common though, since it’s easy to mistake for Norovirus.”
>Wait a second.
>Weren’t you dealing with a Norovirus outbreak before the changelings started stabbing ponies?
>Is that a coincidence, or…
>”How does this drug work?”
“Hm? Oh! It binds to the switch region of bacterial RNA polymerase, the enzyme that is made to copy DNA. With the switch region disrupted it can’t unravel DNA to copy it, so the cells can’t reproduce.”
>”Oh wow. But won’t that do the same thing to my cells?”
“Naa. Polymerase is, as the name implies, made of multiple subunits. Different types of cells have different polymerase structures, and this was designed specifically to react with one possible sub-unit. You’re immune. As is pretty much everything else in existence, including most other bacteria.”
>You have to admit, it took some research to pick that one out.
>Nothing heavy, only 15 minutes of reading or so.
>But it SHOULD have come to mind immediately.
>You bought it for a reason, after all.
>But there’s a reason why you went into surgery and didn’t become a general practitioner.
>And that’s because the endless memorization of drugs and their effects was enough to drive you mad.
>You’re trying to learn, because sooner or later this weakness will cause trouble.
>Not this time, though, the treatment was working marvelously.
>Her wounds honestly don’t look that bad.
>They’re infected, sure.
>But they’re healing at a good rate.
>The incisions are less swollen, and visibly shorter.
>They’re also pretty dry.
>At this point, the risks from agitating them outweigh the risks of leaving them alone.
“You’ll be glad to hear I don’t think these need to be cleaned today.”
>She nearly jumps out of the bed as she cheers.
>”Oh, ow. Ouchie ouch!”
>You can’t help but roll your eyes.
“Any dizziness or confusion? Difficulty seeing?”
>”Nope. Nor numbness in my extremities nor excessive thirst.”
>She knew what you were getting at.
>You put a pressure cuff around her leg anyway and start to inflate it.
>Best to make sure.
>Aaand it’s actually a bit high.
>Does that run in the family?
>You’ll bring it up with her if this persists.
“Well, it’s not low. That tells me there’s no internal bleeding. With the infection receding we just need to wait until your wounds have healed enough that you can move around safely. We’ll probably have you out of here within 4 days.”
>The smile on her face is just a little bit too big.
“Looks like you got away with it. But still, as your doctor, I have to advise you not to get stabbed in the future.”
>”I’ll take it under advisement.”
“And it’s going to take you a while to get your strength back, I’m sorry to say. Probably quite a while.”
>Probably years.
“It’s going to be hard, but if you ever want to recover you should try not to lean on your magic. Move as much as you can without hurting yourself, and try to get light exercise multiple times per day.”
>”Light by which standard?”
>You’re not a physiotherapist.
“I’ll get back to you on that one. You don’t need to worry about that for a few days yet anyway. I’ll be back later tonight with more meds. You just rest up for now.”
>”Wait, before you go I have one last question. Where does Deefy Seal come from?”
>”You said that Stapillocookis was almost everywhere and it was normal to have it on our skin, right? Where does Deefy Seal come from?”
“Uh… it’s mostly found in the, erm, byproducts of someone who’s been infected.”
>”WHAT? Eww!”
“Yeah. There’s a good reason why we find such things gross.”
>”Why would THAT be on a spear?”
>That was actually a very good question.
>It felt like it meant something.
>But what could-
“Twiggy, can you zap your brother here?”
>”Is it urgent?”
“Yes! I have very important information for him!”
>”Why not use your pager to contact Cadence?”
“Great idea!”
>You quickly locate your pager in your many pockets.
>Hopefully she responds sooner than last time...

This update felt a bit clumsy. It reads to me like there are three updates glued into one rather than it being one fluid scene. That might be because that's what it is.
I eventually decided it was an acceptable sacrifice given the alternative seems to be having three tiny fragmented scenes, but I could probably be convinced it was the wrong call.
bump till I read it
Quick bump before work, I'll finish reading when I get back.
File: 1600867850673.png (231 KB, 1200x1500)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
Now I'm curious, what is the "rape with flowers"?
This was very technical, but Anon's conversation with Twily made it worth it all. She's such an adorable little nerd, and she was so cute how she was so excited not to have her wounds cleaned! Poor Twiggy. :(

I am excited to see what happens next!
Did the changelings have something to do with poisoning the water? I don't know what's going on but I'm excited and scared to find out...
No die
I agree
I still sometimes wonder if you are a medical student
Why he seems like he knows he hates he is talking about
p10? not on my watch
>But he says nothing.
Its still odd that the guards did not even bat an eye.
>Any adverse reactions
Now Anon has a changeling to experiment on.
>”Why are you helping me?”
Is he even allowed to ask this question? Won't Chrysalis punish him?
>Now THAT is obedience.
And a chance for experiments.
>I tried, but it didn't work.
We need the back story why are they trying to kill the m6. Spoken out loud. (Or maybe I just forgot that this was already discussed, dunno.)
>You’re lucky you failed.
He assumes that changeling work the same. Maybe killing someone is something considered as a good thing and brings glory.
>I can’t do that again
And not a single thanks from the changeling.
>Then she’d still need you
Well Chrysalis shown that she cares about a single drone, so that can be definitely used as leverage. But Anon also shown how weak he is, that he can be forced to do things.
>You got neither.
One more way to identify them.
>Which means they shouldn’t need oxygen either.
Does this mean, that in theory they can have their operation's base underwater? Is this where they are hiding?
>You TOLD them!
But based on how little they know about these things they probably failed to even remotely grasp the concept.
>“I swear I didn’t do it.”
>We had a jailbreak.
That just shows how poor their guards are doing their jobs.
>We’d have seen them by now.
Based on the track record, if they crash half of the city the guards would not even notice.
>You’ll probably be able to think more clearly afterwards.
If Anon would have some balls, then a quick sedative disguised as "here this will keep you awake" could be given to Shining.
>“He does know it’s unhealthy, right?”
Probably not.
>There is yet ANOTHER armed guard
Finally taking it seriously.
>this whole experience has been pretty tortuous for Twilight
Poor thing.
>But this IS Twilight.
I'm surprised that she did not request Anon to keep her company.
>Is that a coincidence, or…
Now we have a few open/new plot elements. The changeling's lack of red blood cells, Shining and the no sleep thing, and this virus.
>But won’t that do the same thing to my cells?
Someone is paying attention, and also understands what Anon says.
>”Oh, ow. Ouchie ouch!”
At least without the painkillers she won't accidentally damage herself.
>Probably quite a while.
Based on how quickly she is recovering, it won't take that long.
>”Why would THAT be on a spear?”
Maybe it was used for hunting? And an infected animal or something got stabbed with it in the guts?

>This update felt a bit clumsy.
Nah, this was good. Maybe a tiny bit too cramped, one "scene" continued immediately after the other without much transition. But it works.

Thanks for the update!
I want to give poor Twiggy a hug but it'll just hurt her. :(
Glad to see purplesmart will soon be back on her hooves
But even with the new established consensual slavery of rara, I feel like we are still missing that certain something. Its just too tame overall or at least lacking that inescapable aspect we had earlier for her
The guys will work hard to make her fail. Multiple times. Or just pump and dump her.
premature bump
Dashie is for mindbreaking and tomboytaming. I want to see her dressed in some frilly gothlolita dress with bondagegear underneath and toys buzzing away to keep her weak
I love the dichotomy between Anon's giving a shit about the other poners, but when it comes to Rarity, she is just for spanking, punishment, and sex slavery. It is kind of hilarious.
I mean anon does care about rarity
keep this alive while i sleep
I hope the same. These greens are too good to die
That is because rara is for slavery. Her perfect coat, mane and tail demand to be threatened by ropes, whips and anything else you can come up with and it is her duty to remain as pretty and perfect as she can even with all the punishments and predicaments you put her through.
And that is just on the outside! Her mental torment is equally conflicting and important for her
I really really want my own rara to play with
This is the way
Twily after her injuries have healed
File: 1662079.jpg (369 KB, 1441x880)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
and it is the only way for her
gee anon, two slaves?
File: mlemm.png (282 KB, 800x800)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
Are there any good Celesticord bdsm or rape fics?
File: 2388388.png (3.37 MB, 3840x2160)
3.37 MB
3.37 MB PNG
Its nice how this manages to connect in parallel with what happened in the series.
That tie down is not really good, but she is a good girl and knows not to "escape".
the hindlegs are secured well enough to prevent instinctive bucking. that said, even with them secured, any attempt to get whatever is behind her kicked away should result in even more spanking and perhaps even more restraints in the future. i think her mane and tail could be tied together for example, which in turn will give her
yet more to take care of after her sessions to attempt to look "normal" again.
failure to look presentable will lead to more restrictions ofcourse...
File: twibooru_2480491_edit.png (1.17 MB, 1270x1386)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
no, not her horn!
She is missing her wings too.
im all for bodymods but removing wings goes a bit too far for me. besides, why remove something if it also removes another area to attack on your slave? no more pulling feathers, no more clipping wings... now you are stuck with a unicorn and even that is debatable with that horn
>besides, why remove something if it also removes another area to attack on your slave?
Earth pone worst pone confirmed!
i wouldnt say worse. they make for the best drafthorses for example, but you dont always want to use a slave for what they are best at. after all, where is the fun in that? i want to see ponies struggle with the tasks they are given:
>make smol pones clean hard to reach places
>make clumsy mares do things like sewing or have them carry the good china on their back
>make prude/tomboyish mares wear revealing, slutty clothes and service guests that way
the list could go on forever. what matters is that nothing should ever be certain for a slave. dont ever let them get comfortable with a predictable daily chores (relatively speaking).
and most importantly, dont ever let rarity miss out on her spanking!
File: 2719132.jpg (508 KB, 1280x1208)
508 KB
508 KB JPG
>nothing should ever be certain for a slave
>dont ever let rarity miss out on her spanking!

On a more serious note though.
> what matters is that nothing should ever be certain for a slave
I don't think I like this idea. I want my slaves to have certainties in their life, and I want that to be me.
I want them to be certain that if they do a good job they will be rewarded. I want them to be certain that if they misbehave they will be punished. I want them to be certain that they are mine and I am their master.

I want them to think about being punished for disobedience the same way they think about putting their hoof in a fire and getting burned. When one of them oversleeps and shows up late, I don't want the other mares to be like "oooh that one's gonna hurt when master finds out" I want them to be like "haha you dumb bitch, why would you do something so stupid?"

That said I'm not opposed to the idea of challenging my slaves by assigning them to unfitting jobs. I'm assuming that "getting the job done" is something critical in this case. Like making sure the floor is spotless is what I want, but it's only an inconvenience (not a problem) for me if it's not. In cases like this the educational value of the job is higher than the job itself.

If the punishment for a poorly done job is certain, and getting an unfitting job is more likely to make them fail... then being assigned to a fitting job is in itself already a reward. Let Rarity to do your gardening, and Dash to fill out your paperwork a few times, and they'll be outright GRATEFUL to serve as your maid and delivery mare respectively.
File: 2712798.png (1.82 MB, 5000x3334)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
Perfect belting position!
File: 2715963.png (1.47 MB, 1640x2360)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
>using a ballgag and letting yoru slave drool all over the place
hard pass from me

>>nothing should ever be certain for a slave
>>dont ever let rarity miss out on her spanking!
im retarded, what else i new?
i just want to bully pones, make them cry and then explain why they should be happy that they got a caring master despite all their failings.
What did she do?
Dark magic
That’s good we need a slave that can cast dark magic
>You catch little Twilight reading in her bed after you told her she had to go to sleep.
How do you make sure it doesn't happens gain?

>hard mode
No spanking.
Pick her up and use her as a pillow from now on
File: 1627177856396.jpg (273 KB, 1574x2048)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
What is the ultimate form of non life threatening punishment?
Cutting her cutie mark out to take her identity?
File: 2711461.jpg (79 KB, 1000x750)
79 KB
>What is the ultimate form of non life threatening punishment?
thats a tough one and i think depends on the pony in question. im sure removing the ability to fly would hit rainbow dash ahrder than almost anything else for example, same cant be done to others or simply wouldnt hurt them as much, see fluttershy.
>Cutting her cutie mark out to take her identity?
identitytheft is a strong move but again propably not suitable for every sub. you could also see it as bodymodification to which the same would apply.

hit us with a scenario and who did it

whip them both!
It's not theft if you own them.
File: 1061215.png (2.26 MB, 2250x1933)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB PNG
File: 1327927.png (309 KB, 1045x915)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
>What is the ultimate form of non life threatening punishment?
That obviously depends on the pony in question. As the cruelest punishment must focus on destroying what the pony values.

She values her beauty, so the obvious answer would be any form of disfigurement. Any type of acid attack would be ideal for this. Just splash some of it on her coat. Make ugly in a way that she can't fix or hide.

>Rainbow Dash
Braking her wings and stuff is boringly overdone. Instead I'd focus on abusing her sense of loyalty. First, let her get raped by a non-pegasi, until she gets pregnant (if you want to hurt her more, you can make this a public rape as well, but I feel like one-on-one breeding would be crueler.) Pregnancy will ruin her athletic career, but more importantly, once the child is born and she find out it's flightless... her loyalty won't let her abandon her child, and it will ground her like an anchor. The fact that she is still physically capable of flight but can not do it because of her loyalties will have much stronger effect that simple breaking of her wings would.

That's the kind of stuff I would go for, but thinking about it makes me feel edgy and I don't like how it's making me feel.

I'd be much more interested in remolding the ponies into something I like rather than just breaking them down. Have them do something uncomfortable that'll make them moan complain or blush, and then cuddle them at the end of the day and telling them what a great job they did... then scare them with what "horrible" things I'll have them do tomorrow.
File: 1080108.jpg (2.37 MB, 3810x2547)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB JPG
Cheeselegs are good for tie down.
Who made this
>I'd be much more interested in remolding the ponies into something I like rather than just breaking them down. Have them do something uncomfortable that'll make them moan complain or blush, and then cuddle them at the end of the day and telling them what a great job they did... then scare them with what "horrible" things I'll have them do tomorrow.
This is why I like bodymodification so much when combined with certain settings. It can turn and ugly duckling into a pretty princess, fix a few minor imperfections or simply ruin a whole body and turn it into a caricature of what the slave initially wanted out of it.
File: 2056731.png (3.84 MB, 4000x4000)
3.84 MB
3.84 MB PNG
File: 901041.png (938 KB, 1500x936)
938 KB
938 KB PNG
The question is, where should I grab her to lift her up?
File: 2665732.png (2.17 MB, 1810x1720)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
Anyone know what happened to wizard anon
File: 2347728.png (2.2 MB, 1199x1556)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB PNG
but what if pone is bigger?
seconding this question
File: 812694.png (221 KB, 1280x624)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Wizard Anon here.

I'm still in the process of moving to a new apartment. The next update is coming, but the new place still doesn't have an internet connection, window blinds, and until today it didn't have any gas or kitchen desk either. Also, one of the heaters doesn't work, two rooms are missing lights, and the balcony is so heavily rusted there's a hole in it. I'm handing over the the old apartment this Friday, I need to replace all my IDs, and I don't even know when the furniture I ordered is going to show up.

I apologize for the wait, but I'm really having a major case of real life right now and... please be patient... I'm barely holding together now, and I can't dedicate any of my time and effort to entertainment or any other non-essential pursuits.

I apologize for my blogpost, but you asked, and it feels good to complain about stuff.
>I apologize for the wait
We are happy if once a while you f̶a̶r̶t̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶g̶e̶n̶e̶r̶a̶l̶ ̶d̶i̶r̶e̶c̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ stop by and say that you are not dead. Its more than enough if there are months between updates.
File: 1627060258014.png (1.46 MB, 869x2667)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
That all sucks I recently moved into a new place with bad blinds to fix them I just used those stick plastic things for portable hook and attached a spare blanket to the top of the window you could also use duck tape.
This only works if you want the blinds closed all the time.

Also I hope things get better
If you want to complain you are always welcome to
i really want to put a leash on sonata now
File: 1677814.jpg (89 KB, 1200x1020)
89 KB
File: 2305660.jpg (358 KB, 885x1452)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
>Every time she comes to feed on your love, she has to show you a new piercing.
A clit piercing worth 3 feedings. A dock one is 2.
I want to dominate Equestrias most deadliest predators and turn them into my personal cock sheaths.
Good luck fucking a timberwolf.
luna is the perfect latexslut
Let me reiterate. I want to dominate Equestrias most deadliest sapient predators and turn them into my personal cock sheaths, such as dragons, griffons, the chimera sisters, Minotaurs and diamond dogs if they count, and any other sapient predatory creatures that exist in Equestria.
What about changlings and well not predators alicorns are super deadly imagine nmm or daybreaker
I'm fine with ponies, thanks.
File: 2686248.png (300 KB, 981x738)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
>The regime does not discriminate when hiring its military forces, those who fail to pass the strict fitness standards for frontline service can always be reassigned to fill support roles, and serve by other means.
File: 1583436248651.png (365 KB, 2231x2265)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
do NOT bully the weak colts and stallions!
Weak colts and stallions should be:
>pulled by the tail
>given mare's clothes
>given a feminine nickname
>told they're cute
>made to use perfume
>taken out on a "joke" date
>complimented on their mane
>bought delicious flowers
>given free drinks
>taken upstairs
>pushed on their back
>mocked for the size of their cock
>locked in chastity
>never allowed to cum again
Changelings are fine too, I suppose. Alicorns on the other hand, don't have quite the same power dynamic that you can have with "true" predatory creatures, but I guess all the same when you boil it down.
File: shining fag.jpg (121 KB, 800x800)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
but thats mean, anon

also, is there an SiM themed fic out there for cadence and shining? dont really care who is the sub in that relationship
File: 2281293.png (1.7 MB, 1280x991)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
opinions on stealthy bondage in public?
also how can this be applied to pone?
Meh. I pick the remote controlled vibrator instead.
>don't have quite the same power dynamic

Nightmare moon and daybreaker am I a joke to you
I will NEVER lose hope, he will come back, one day. im sure of it
A man can hope.
He apparently did commissions for a while
I think there is one with sombra with sombra cucking shinning armour and Him enjoying it a lot
File: 2535634.jpg (154 KB, 698x918)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
>When you call her your good girl, in front of her friends.
File: 852081.jpg (1.09 MB, 1810x1280)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
>What about changlings
Changelings are good. New body parts to touch, tease, use, and abuse ever day. I wonder how piercings and injuries interact with shape shifting. Could something like predicament bondage be used to lock a changeling in a specific form?

>imagine nmm
NMM would be great. Traumatized, self-conscious, and desperate to be loved. Every night (you know what I mean) I'd blindfold her and tie her up. Then cuddle with her while talking about lovey-dovey stuff, or fall silent and let her go until she called for me to come back, pleaded for me to stay with her, and begged me not to leave her alone.

I really like the idea of NMM actually being afraid of the dark.

>is there an SiM themed fic out there for cadence and shining
Escapade tried to run a femdom Cadance CYOA a long time ago, but I don't think it went anywhere.

>dont really care who is the sub in that relationship
That's what's so great about Cadance, she works perfectly well in both roles.

>stealthy bondage in public
>take pet out for a walk wearing nothing but a trench coat
>sit down on a bench
>cuff her hand to the railing
>come back 30 minutes later with two cups of coffee
File: 50875.png (241 KB, 3893x2833)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
File: 2541480.png (386 KB, 5000x3600)
386 KB
386 KB PNG
>>stealthy bondage in public
>>take pet out for a walk wearing nothing but a trench coat
>>sit down on a bench
>>cuff her hand to the railing
>>come back 30 minutes later with two cups of coffee
i want to do this to rarity or luna or preferably both with them somehow being made to hold hands/hooves, both work for me
Thats a good pet.
File: 2570480.gif (2.23 MB, 640x360)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB GIF
File: bridecrop.jpg (84 KB, 624x845)
84 KB
this thread needs more statues and figurines
what did i miss?

Depends on how you define ultimate. I mean if you just go for cruel, the boring answer is just intense physical pain.

Beyond that, what has already been said. Attack whatever it is that makes them special.

Personally I like the dynamic where they've got an actual choice (and not "or the beatings will continue"), but choose to submit in exchange for some measure of comfort or out of fear. The kind of "you chose this" head game.

I really wish nxzc made more along these lines, I find the whole concept hot af.
File: 1005400.png (1.22 MB, 2030x1925)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
Use the archives...

Vapor is a good girl
File: 2210758.png (268 KB, 840x951)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
Rarity needs her punishment
she already got it, kind of.
that said, she still needs alot of punishment
File: 1201218.png (833 KB, 1280x859)
833 KB
833 KB PNG
>Friends help each other.
Tavi needs more lewds.
Twilight is finally behaving like a good princess pet
How is the moving going
Is twilight wearing a chastity belt of some kind under there that only her owner has the key to
File: 1595923158887.png (422 KB, 790x790)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
perhaps, although it would be better if she wore it over the suit and as an integrated part so she cant take of the suit
i like the broken/unbroken-slave-dynamic and its perfect for those two pones.
>fluttershy has been broken months or perhaps years ago and is now allowed a relatively comfy slavelife
>meanwhile her friend rarity gets whipped through everything she has been through and then some due to her trying to resist
>to add insult to injury, rarity is forced to make dressed (for fluttershy) and bondagegear (for herself), both designed to contrast each other
That's one sexy Shy.
File: rarimaid.png (558 KB, 1243x1024)
558 KB
558 KB PNG
well, she was a good girl and therefor earned that makeover and outfit. her new task is to make sure her new co-slave understand this as well, even if its hard sometimes.
maidoutfits are cheating to increase the cuteness factor
File: 1634582147651.gif (2.4 MB, 387x576)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB GIF
appearently she likes her "punishment"
what do?
Use that fact to make her feel like she wants to be your slave if she is still resisting try to use that she enjoys the punishments as humiliation to get her to question if she even wants to be free like rainbow dash in SIM.
Then make it a reward and try and get to ask for it
Then change her punishment for next infractions
File: 1486594026393.png (993 KB, 2199x1945)
993 KB
993 KB PNG
>jar sized
uh oh
File: 2412009.png (193 KB, 1401x1177)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
Look at that frazzled mane and coat. Her last owner must have failed to teach her to take care of herself
Maybe she' been a bad girl and doesn't deserve to look pretty?
Maybe her mane and tail looks the way it is because she was just used for a session.
File: full.gif (2.09 MB, 520x293)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB GIF
torture the slave
File: 2715988.png (1017 KB, 1189x959)
1017 KB
1017 KB PNG
>Mixed sex prisons.
Soon, if Celestia wills it.
File: 2724791.png (2.71 MB, 2500x2500)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB PNG
There is a nicely cut + zoomed webm of the scene.
rarity is a cumdumpster
now without me posting the captcha in the regular window
How would you gag your slave?
File: gag.png (1.32 MB, 4900x2007)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
dildogag with a mouthmask. make sure the nostrils are always open, intubate if you have to. perhaps make sure the slave can never quiet get enough air if you are into breathplay. it wouldnt be nice or comfortable but why would anyone care about that?
jokes aside, breathplay is pretty hard stuff and i would prefer if the slave were into it as well
Muzzles for casual use, bit-gags for eye-candy and looks, ring-gags for playtime, and "put your head down and you will suffocate" sized penis-gags for punishment.
I like you.
File: 2691549.png (1.05 MB, 2269x1474)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
We need more hypno
Any good consensual slave play
I was think of a story where a pony gets anon to dom them but as time goes on they become increasingly more depraved and eventually start to target others forcing them into submission
File: 2431871.jpg (134 KB, 1600x1200)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>Please do.
File: 1388957.png (2.16 MB, 2400x2400)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB PNG
>She didn't think you'd let her have any, after this long.
File: 1618753216929.gif (3.47 MB, 640x480)
3.47 MB
3.47 MB GIF
File: 1616528919902.png (141 KB, 375x600)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
I know not the actual intended context of that pic just based on artists other stuff, but damn if it doesn't fit. Well played good sir.
Twilight is a major sub with a hypno fetish

one day either on purpose or by accident she hypnotizes herself anon takes advantage and slowly ramps up his control of twilight until she cannot even think about being a bad girl.
Then proceed to mock her saying that even if you could somehow get free the old you wouldn’t want to all she would want to do is accept her new role in life as that was always her fantasy
File: 1933139.png (388 KB, 1497x705)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
So... how big is your ideal harem?
File: fillybed.png (9 KB, 769x605)
9 KB
As usual, the filename is image ID on derpibooru.
File: 2453089.jpg (803 KB, 1200x1280)
803 KB
803 KB JPG
File: 1610422138482.png (678 KB, 960x720)
678 KB
678 KB PNG
pairs are always a solid choice
no thanks
the only one i tolerate is a dock piercing
File: 1683561.png (670 KB, 3449x3101)
670 KB
670 KB PNG
File: 2032506.png (472 KB, 1600x2120)
472 KB
472 KB PNG
Bump for Rarity punish
Can't help ya this time. But the good news is that we won't be hearing from the actual storyline for a little while, so we've got a chance to mess with her.

>You’ve been in your office for a long time now.
>Or at least it FEELS like a long time.
>If the clock on your wall is to be believed, it’s been about half an hour.
>And despite your most sincere hopes, the ceiling has failed to provide quality entertainment.
>It’s remarkable how slowly time moves when you’ve got no distractions.
>Or rather, no PLEASANT distractions.
>Myriad unbidden thoughts assail your mind as the seconds agonizingly tick away.
>What will the changelings do to you when they don’t need you anymore?
>If you’re lucky you’ll never have to find out.
>But then, what will Shining Armor do to you when he finds out you were harboring one of them?
>You have to tell him, the alternative is just too dangerous.
>And yet, you know he’s far more temperamental than he lets on.
>You rub your bruised cheek, feeling where he struck you when you were framed.
>A gentle beating for one thought to be a murderer.
>But still, it was retribution without warning.
>A vicious strike against a defenceless target.
>The look of rage in his eyes is ineffably burned into your mind.
>There is absolutely no doubt in your mind that, had you not convinced him he was mistaken, the beating would have continued.
>You consider him a friend.
>And you’re convinced his heart is in the right place.
>But how deeply does his hatred of changelings run?
>How passionate will he be in his abhorrence for the wretch who stabbed his sister?
>And how much of his wrath are you about to invite upon yourself?
>Perhaps it’s for the best that you’re contacting Cadence instead.
>There’s a knocking upon your door.
“Speak of Tirek and he doth appear. Come in!”
>As expected, princess Cadence makes her way into your office.
>”Hi Anon! You, err, why are you lying on the floor?”
“Boredom, mostly.”
>You’re honestly pretty sleepy too.
>But you couldn’t take a nap until after talking to Cadence.
>And it seems unlikely your disquit mind will allow for sleep regardless.
“I’m glad you’re here. We need to talk.”
>You get up from the floor and quickly dust yourself off before making your way to your office chair.
>Cadence elects to stay standing.
>”Is there a problem?”
“Several. When was the last time your husband slept?”
>”I’m not sure, actually. I haven’t seen much of him since Twilight got hurt. This whole mess has been really hard on him.”
“I noticed.”
>Hard to blame the guy when his own sister winds up getting stabbed by a shapeshifting monster.
“His sister will recover from this ordeal, given time. If he keeps pushing himself like this, he won’t.”
>”Why wouldn’t Shiny be okay? Did he get hurt too?”
>”Oh my goodness! Where is he? Is he going to be okay? Who hurt him?”
“Whoa there. He’s not hurt.”
>”Are you sure?”
“Yes. Well, I mean, he was fine when I saw him.”
>That could have changed.
>But it probably hasn’t.
“Last time I saw him, he admitted to not having slept in several days. The visit prior, he was clearly having a hypertensive episode.”
>You still feel guilty about letting him leave.
>He was in no condition to be standing up, much less playing hero.
>But unfortunately, he had a point.
>The captives needed his help.
>Loathe as you are to admit it, he probably did the right thing going out there.
>This last time, though…
>If he doesn’t make time for rest, he’ll soon make time for sickness.
“I assume he hasn’t been taking the medication I gave him.”
>”You gave him medication?”
>Of course he hasn’t.
>He’s stubborn to a fault, and he insists on working way too hard.
>And now you’re pretty sure hypertension runs in the family.
>At least he’s in decent shape...
“Remember when I accused you of fucking him to death? I owe you an apology. The problem runs deeper than that.”
>”Does that mean-”
“You should still try to give him a break.”
>”No, does that mean that he’s still sick?”
>You might have misread that a bit.
“We need to get his blood pressure in check and make sure he sleeps. If we can do that he should be fine.”
>”And if we don’t?”
“Ehhh… it’s probably best if we don’t get into that.”
>Partially because you don’t want to upset her that much.
>And partially because it would WAY take too long to explain.
>It’s amazing how many things can go wrong from hypertension.
“The first step is to get him to sleep a bit. I was hoping you’d be able to track him down and drug him for me.”
>”You got it!”
“I was expecting you to argue with me for a bit on that. Maybe suggest we try talking to him first or something.”
“Well, it’s just that drugging somepony without telling them is usually seen as… bad.”
>”But it’s for his own good, right?”
>Still feels wrong.
>But you’re just going to lean into it.
“I’m going to give you some rohypnol. Give him ONE tablet per day at most, and only when trying to knock him out. Should be enough to knock him out no matter how much coffee he drinks.”
>Better drive home the ONE tablet part.
“Remember. ONE tablet. EXACTLY one. Now, ideally he won’t know you gave it to him. We don’t want him getting angry at you.”
>”He won’t. Shiny is really understanding. Too understanding.”
>Yeah, that might qualify as too understanding.
>Somehow you doubt he’d feel the same way if anyone else were to pull this stunt.
>Even so…
“If he DOES find out, blame me. I’ll take the fall.”
>You don’t want to be responsible for them fighting.
>”Oh, that’s so sweet of you. But no, this is my responsibility. Plus, it might be neat if he gets angry. Oh! Do you think he’ll hit me?”
>She sounded WAY too happy when she asked that.
“I wouldn’t count on it.”
>You say, painfully conscious of your bruised face.
>That colt can really kick.
“He probably won’t remember anyway, this stuff messes with your memory for a while.”
>”Just a while though, right?”
“Yeah, a few hours give or take. You usually don’t remember what happened while under the effects, but once it wears off that oes away.”
>”You can’t remember what happened after taking it? Weird. Oh! But how am I supposed to get him to take it?”
“It dissolves really easily in water. Kinda bitter though, might want to put it in his coffee.”
>”Oh, that sounds easy!”
>What’s happening?
>Her eyes are unfocused, like she’s lost in thought.
>And she’s drooling a little bit...
“What’s going on?”
>”Can ponies still cum while on this?”
>You were hoping she wouldn’t put it together that quickly.
>But in retrospect, you should have known Cadence would invent roofies.
“I am giving you ONE tablet.”
“These chemicals aren’t toys.”
>”And why not?”
>You really weren’t expecting that answer.
“Well, they’re dangerous.”
>”Then just give me the ones that aren’t.”
“AND! And I have a limited supply.”
>”Then we’ll get a bunch next time the portal opens. That’s not that far away you know.”
“AND! AND! And… I could get in trouble?”
>”With whom? I write the laws around here.”
>She raises a point.
>”There has to be SOME drugs that we could use to make the Empire a bit more fun, right? ”
>Vile temptress.
“I have to be honest, I’m uncomfortable with this conversation.”
>”Oh, relax. We’re all friends here. And you’d LOVE to help a friend make her dreams come true, right?”
>You’re not entirely certain what dream she’s talking about.
>But it’s not hard to guess that it involves sex.
>Even so, you’d best ask for clarification.
>Just in case she’s getting REALLY weird about it.
“What did you have in mind?”
>”Got any aphrodisiacs?”
>Yeah, that’s about what you’d expected.
“I don’t know if I can support you with this one. It’s reckless.”
>”Do you REALLY mean to tell me you’ve never drugged Rarity?”
>A few times.
>But there’s no chance Cadence would be careful enough to be trusted with those drugs.
>Your knowledge of medicine is pretty narrow.
>You know emergency procedures, basic remedies, and whatever you’ve picked up since setting up shop here.
>Maybe, just maybe, you might be able to arrange something fun.
>You’ll have to do some reading.
>And some reflecting.
“No. We have more important issues to worry about. But… maybe someday.”
>She lets out a quick squeal of delight.
>”Thank you, Anon! I knew I could count on you. I’d better get going and find Shiny before he does anything… silly.”
>She stands up.
“Wait! I’ve got something else to tell you.”
>”Oh? What’s up?”
“I know how the changelings are evading capture.”
>”REALLY? Why didn’t you OPEN with that?”
>The gaiety of a moment ago has vanished without a trace.
>She’s not just upset, she’s pissed.
“Well, I was worried about your husband.”
>”Well, YEAH! But think for a minute! If we can catch the roaches, he won’t HAVE to work himself so hard!”
>That had occurred to you.
“I want him to get a bit of rest before he learns this. We’re going to have one chance to surprise them before they know their hiding spot is compromised, and if he rushes in while half asleep he might blow it.”
>”That- okay. Okay. Alright. That makes sense. I won’t tell him until after he’s had a bit of a sleep.”
“Wait for a few hours after he wakes up if you can. He might still be a bit woozy.”
>”Alright. So… what’s the secret?”
“Not yet. I need to confirm you’re not a changeling first.”
>Maybe shoulda done that a bit sooner.
>You were counting on the guards to screen them out, but…
>Can’t be too safe this time.
“Alright. You’re a pony. Changelings don’t breathe.”
>Looks like she’s figured out what that means.
>”They could do fantastic blowjobs then.”
>That might be true.
>”But that also means… Do you think they’re hiding underwater?”
“Yeah. Remember when the water in the aqueducts was tainted a little while back? There’s a very good chance it’s the same disease as I found in Purple’s wounds, which could be a disease found in wastewater.”
>”Huh. So they hide in the drains and in the aqueducts. The water gets dirty, their spears get dirty. But they can just swim past all the roadblocks without ever being noticed! I think you might be onto something! But…”
>There’s always a but.
>”What makes you think they don’t need to breathe?”
>Well, here it is.
>You’d already decided you were going to do this.
>Not like you have much choice in the matter.
>Don’t back out now.
“Look, I want you to know I wasn’t trying to keep this a secret from you. I just didn’t have a good opportunity to tell you until just now.”
>”Anon? What did you do?”
“Uh, the other day I was approached by a changeling.”
>She’s staring at you with an intensity you’ve never before seen from Cadence.
“One of them was dying, and they demanded I treat them.”
>”You… you what?”
“And while I was running a test I noticed their blood can’t carry oxygen, so-”
>”You’re HEALING them?”
“He was dying. I had to.”
>”You- AUGH! I thought I could trust you.”
>She marches out of the office in a huff.
>”GUARDS! He is NOT allowed to leave that room until further notice!”
>”Your majesty, the prince already gave us that order!”
>”Oh. Well, good!”
>You hear something being smashed.
>And then there’s silence.

That was a lot shorter than expected. How did it take so long to write? I must be in a rut.
Maybe writing about rutting would end the rut.

Anyway, we're going to play with Rarity next time. Thank you for your patience.
>>She marches out of the office in a huff.
>>”GUARDS! He is NOT allowed to leave that room until further notice!”
what a bitch
its good to have you back
Argument for why we should heal them is fairly simple. If they can kidnap us and the ponies can't yet seal their borders well enough to protect us, that was the only choice that wouldn't result in the immediate loss of their doctor. No amount of security will ever be better for us than simply disincentivizing the changelings from sabotaging our clinic.

Ruts are as fickle and stubborn as a breeze in a house. Stick to your layout and the weather has its way. Change the conditions, and they may vanish. Sometimes you've got a job you simply must do, a point you must make, a scene you must set. Somewhere in your head there's a totally different path the words would simply flood from.

Picking which product is worth making is on you. Sometimes it's right to slog through rut for a vision. Sometimes your own interest exists elsewhere for a reason.

Consider chaos, if predictability becomes chore.
Cady sure is a fickle mare sometimes! I guess she hates changelings too much... can't blame her! I wonder if poners have a Hippocratic oath of their own?
>The Changelings are poisoning the water

This is a plot twist I did not see coming
File: 2570847.png (1.37 MB, 2377x2221)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
What a horny little bug
>not shaping herself to be even more sexy
wasted opportunity
I didn’t even realize that until you pointed it out
File: 1465545199038.png (1.16 MB, 3000x4200)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
That's real fucking cute
Thoughts on forcing mares into prostitution, and pimping them out for money.
>planned to have a kinky evening with candyass
>notice it isnt her so you up your game
>heavy bondage, ponutplay, magicjamming so she cant chicken out and change, lots and lots of whipping
>queen bug keeps coming back to you every month or so, each time in a different form with her previous victims being released once she had her fill
tell me why this shouldnt happen
its only hot if its a mix between reluctance-being kind of into it-with a bit of humiliation fetish
I prefer to use the merchandise only myself.
File: 1628810410651.png (2.54 MB, 4096x4096)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB PNG
mares for me, stallions for the guests
I can't decide if that's a mare or a sissy.
>square muzzle
well idk anon!
but obviously that means it was money well spend on the training and potions
Its still a male if it does not born with female reproductive organs.
And I'm not gay.
>when they don’t need you anymore?
And this is why Anon needs to implement some leverage.
>how deeply does his hatred of changelings run?
Considering they just tried to murder her sister and he is a soldier its pretty deep.
>I haven’t seen much of him since Twilight got hurt
A sex crazy one gone without sex for days?
>Oh my goodness!
She truly cares.
>”You got it!”
I think its not the first time she did something against his will.
>neat if he gets angry. Oh! Do you think he’ll hit me?
Oh wow. Heh.
>”Can ponies still cum while on this?”
Immediately thinks about sex. This is why I wonder how she gone without it for days.
>“AND! AND! And… I could get in trouble?”
Why don't he says that drug miss use can kill?
>make the Empire a bit more fun, right?
I don't really follow how did she arrive at the thought of those types of drugs.
>”Got any aphrodisiacs?”
Really? The princess of love needs that?
>he won’t HAVE to work himself so hard
Cadende will work him hard.
>I need to confirm you’re not a changeling first.
After telling her that he just want to "betray" the changelings? Its too late. And also no changeling can have this many sex related thoughts.
>”They could do fantastic blowjobs then.”
>“He was dying. I had to.”
Wrong answer. Should have said he is studying them.

>play with Rarity next time
A few more of these stunts from Anon and he wont have an opportunity for a while.

Thanks for the update!
If you're straight, that means anything that makes your dick hard is female.
Problem solved.
Do it.
Only thing what would make this more based if he would be T posing.
>A rusty sign has moved a little and clanged several times, responding to the door beneath it opening.
>Two tall, bipedal creatures have walked through the fenced-off corridor, greeting the guards at the watchtowers saluting them.
>Their green jackets and white overcoats were almost absolutely clean, providing a stark contrast to the depressing landscape around.
>The main building wasn't that outstanding, too; just a brick rectangle with communication antennas and machine gun nests poking out here and there.
>"REFORM THROUGH LABOR" was painted across the front wall, and a smaller bronze plaque next to the sturdy door has been informing everyone that this is, in fact, the Concentration Center No. 5, under the Special Labor Reserves Bureau of the Ministry of Order.
>The door has opened, with two guards checking the visitors' documents, saluting and escorting them to the top floor of the building.

>Be Anon, or - more officially - "lieutenant colonel Nito", a reserve officer who hasn't served a single day in his life.
>But your documents can open a lot of doors, and nobody is asking about your service history.
>So, you (with some assistance of a friend) again use your privileges - this time to acquire yourself a slave.
>When the April riots started, the MO started to send relatives of those who were arrested for mass rioting to concentration centers.
>...and the mid-rank officers can take some of them as personal property. A cruel thing to do towards the unsuspecting ponies, but it's not your fault that this decision was made, after all.
>You finally reach the commandant's cabinet, and a loud "COME IN!" is heard after several knocks.
>There he is, colonel Spark, with boots on top of his desk, not paying much attention to two of you.
>"Ah, Acron! That's you. What's the deal?"
>"This is Lt Colonel Nito, just promoted."
>"And we need a pony or a couple for him. The A-class, you know."
>"Ah, this! I'll round them up, if you need to have a general look."
>He pointed to something; you walked closer and saw a pony in uniform peacefully sleeping on his knees.
>"Can't disturb her. I'll send a couple of officers as assistance to you."
>He quietly lifted a phone's handset and dialed a short number.
>"This is Spark. Send two officers to my room, ASAP."
>Only a couple minutes later, two unicorns in bleak grey-and-green uniforms run in, panting.
>"Arrived, sir!"
>"Escort these two humans to the main living area and round the A-class up for them to have a general look. Then, after they choose who do they need, escort them out."
>"Yes, sir."
dubs kek

>As you descend through a heavily guarded staircase and enter the main prison yard, you feel prompted to ask a question.
"Hey, officer."
"Walls of this center aren't even that high. How are pegasi not escaping? Do you bind their wings or something?"
>He starts to laugh, but then quickly interrupts himself.
>"You see, convincing them that there is no point to run away is one of the easiest tasks. Oh! Look here!"
>He points to a pegasus who has managed to run fast enough to start to fly.
>"But he can't run away. Or fly."
>Screeching alarm sirens blast your head with noise from every direction, and you hardly pinpoint the AA gun located near the wall.
>Bam! Bam! Bam!
>Several rapid bursts follow, and an unlucky pegasus literally explodes in the sky, torn apart by 23-millimeter HE shells and showering feathers all over the yard.
>"Is it? He was probably a generic criminal, thrown in here by mistake. The rioters and the filtrated don't try to run away. Hey, gather them in the middle!"
>The last sentence was aimed at some of the lesser officers, who have quickly rounded up the prisoners in the center of the yard.
>"So. You're all gathered here for these fine humans to pick one or several of you as their servants."
>"It's their...right, after all. And those taken SHOULD consider themselves lucky, since human will definitely feed and treat you better than we do and you deserve."
>After finishing this short address, ponies start to cheer up a little.
>"Pick 'em, sir."
>Most of the prisoners look fairly depressed, some are even sobbing, but you find one with a particularly angry gaze aimed directly at you.
>You're no sadist, of course, but "mindbreaking" her without the excessive use of physical force will be a great pastime.
>It's worth having her absent from maid's work for a week or something like that.
>You point at her, and two guards immediately rush forward.
>She's encircled and escorted into the prison garage, while prison officer leads you into the archives to find her personal record, then recites it.
>"Suri Polomare. Registered in Manehattan, born in year 977. Arrested for alleged ties with participants of the April Riots, no cooperation with administration. Not likely to commit a run."
"Got that."
>"She's kind of angry. Beware of that and buy some restraints."
"Oh, don't worry, I'll deal with that."
>"The car is waiting for you down in the garage, sir. Good luck and goodbye."
"Goodbye, officer."
>After this, he returns to his duties, and you two head for the prison garage.
>"You're gonna have to "persuade" her a lot to obey you."
"Yeah, I know. That's kind of intriguing, isn't it?"
>"If you don't mind some broken glass."
"Won't be an issue at all."
>"I have some business to do with colonel Spark, so I'll have to leave you with her. Godspeed, Incognito."
>Finishing this sentence, he turns around, and you reach the garage, then getting inside of a weary military 4x4.
>"Where to?"
>"Yes, sir."
Can't own slaves on page 9, y'know.
Owning them on page 10 wasn't the solution
But you'd think they'd be discounted on page 10.
I'd like to have some discounted ones please.
File: 2301122.jpg (151 KB, 1200x1300)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
So, what kind of stuff would have to be wrong with a slave for you to demand a discount? Too many previous owners? Mental trauma? Lack of training? Scars?
Lack of will to live. Lack of courage to end it.
File: 2477044.png (421 KB, 3886x3982)
421 KB
421 KB PNG
File: 1625881340162.jpg (2.18 MB, 2600x3700)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB JPG
>no blindfold
File: coco.png (1.07 MB, 1104x1024)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
well, give us something to talk about

>>So, what kind of stuff would have to be wrong with a slave for you to demand a discount? Too many previous owners? Mental trauma? Lack of training? Scars?
>not being a cute mare
>irreversable bodymodifications
>other irreversable damage, be it mental or physical
>low energy
>both of the above because the slave wont work at 100% without her partner
there can be many reasons and when talking to saddle arabians about buying one of their slaves, they propably expact your to haggle
That's a well trained one!
I understand your reluctance, but you have to realize the whores in your employment are nothing more than objects meant to make you profit, and it's up to you to keep them in line. But if you wanted, you could still keep one or two of them exclusively for your own personal use.

Aren't those elements a given with these kinds of stories. They start off doing it out of desperation or to pay off debts, but become a custom to the life as a whore, and get off to being used and abused to a point they ever leave the profession.
File: 2575987.png (322 KB, 1000x1000)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
>When see sees you pick up the cord instead of the paddle.
>chest fluff
>big eyes
>one lifted hoof
She knows how to manipulate.
File: 2156457.jpg (674 KB, 1288x1365)
674 KB
674 KB JPG
I regret that I had to get rid of my Rarity color fleshlight.
Yes, Starlight. You were a very, VERY bad girl. I'm going to put you over my lap, and use this cable to whip and whip your naughty little tushy while you beg and plead. You can kick your hoofies and squeal for mercy aaaall you want, but nothing will stop this cable from lashing your defenseless little bottom until Master is satisfied with your punishment.
gotta bamp for Solaria and Carat
File: 2734010.jpg (83 KB, 1080x1102)
83 KB
File: 2730617.png (3.41 MB, 3922x3908)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB PNG
File: good girl.jpg (85 KB, 847x1024)
85 KB
public shaming helps to keep the pones in check
I rather have this >>37752971 than this >>37753941
File: 2699509.png (105 KB, 640x630)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
>Date marble pie.
>Make her happy.
>Rub it in Limestone's face.
>Wait for her to get envious.
>Make her earn the same treatment.
File: 2694338.jpg (730 KB, 2039x1988)
730 KB
730 KB JPG
I want to fuck the gay outta Rainbow Dash and her mare friend.
>not being a cute mare
Always remember to punish your colt slaves for this.
File: 2028077.png (839 KB, 1020x792)
839 KB
839 KB PNG
Wizard Anon here.

Ladies, gentlemen, my Anonymous friends, my nightmare is finally over. After two more weeks of arguing, and threatening to disconnect the apartment from the electric grid, I have managed get back my safety deposit and return the apartment to my landlord's hands. All paperwork is done, and I'm getting the last of my furniture tomorrow. The only remaining problem is the balcony, but that can't be fixed until after the winter, so for all intents and purposes it is, as I said, over.

The story of our magically gifted protagonist will resume next weekend, and should continue at irregular intervals until February, when I expect my free time to be absolutely slaughtered by this semester's finals.

Thank you once again for your patience and moral support. I could do it without you, but knowing that you understand why I couldn't update as soon and as often as I wanted made all the other stress noticeably more bearable.
Okay good to hear anon and sorry about your balcony
File: 1579759396114.png (1.64 MB, 2000x2000)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
File: 2716816.png (1.19 MB, 2200x2200)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
what would you recommend?
What is it that ponies like both salt and sugar?
File: 2687794.jpg (105 KB, 1440x1787)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Reminder that Rarity is for spanking. Rarity is a bad girl who needs spankings on a weekly basis MINIMUM in order to behave.
Doesent she start to treat spanking as a reward after a while?
I want a cuddle slave.
Not yet
god i wish that were me
Not the way I spank her
File: 2737154.png (3.67 MB, 4000x2800)
3.67 MB
3.67 MB PNG
Here you go. She works hard and when she comes home she needs lots of rest. Physically active mares are the best cuddlers because it's so special to them.

It's so relaxing when she can get out of the uniform and stop pretending to be all tough and mighty and just be someone's living pillow.
I take her, thanks!
File: 1580014084991.png (2.3 MB, 2000x2000)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB PNG
File: 2737996.png (2.61 MB, 3072x2048)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB PNG
File: 2728072.png (1.37 MB, 1426x1166)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
File: 2321227.jpg (2.12 MB, 2700x2082)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB JPG
That is a very soft and squishable tummy.
imagine being invited over to some other anons place and this is the "mare" you are presented with to keep you entertained
what other conclusion could one come to other that seeing it as a whipping/painslave?
File: 1858148.png (1.24 MB, 2553x2083)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
>Rewarding slaves my making other slaves worship them.
Need a continuation to that dash transfixed green.
She's crying, but she also appears to be unbelievably turned on. Just getting very into a roleplay?
Could be tears of pain.
Slave that was previously used sexually. I don't need sloppy seconds
File: 649701.gif (462 KB, 1258x1300)
462 KB
462 KB GIF
This is the greatest punishment.
File: 2715612.jpg (312 KB, 2484x2556)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
Maidstone pie!
Rarity needs punish still
File: 2739210.jpg (504 KB, 3829x2738)
504 KB
504 KB JPG
She needs her butt to be paddled HARD. Rarity is for spanking. Bad girls get their bottoms thoroughly punished.
File: 1298495.png (3.49 MB, 2558x2478)
3.49 MB
3.49 MB PNG
File: excited_marshmallow.gif (709 KB, 428x428)
709 KB
709 KB GIF
she loves it!
File: 2559586.jpg (125 KB, 1500x1200)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
File: pillowshy.jpg (355 KB, 1206x1024)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
mare knows her place
Submission is mandatory. Even if it costs your pet's life.
Just had to euthanize my cat.
Sorry to hear that
I hate drivers who do not adhere to the speed limit.
What does that have to do with the other comment
I'm sorry for your loss.

Not that Anon, but I assume their cat had been hit by a reckless driver.
>Not that Anon, but I assume their cat had been hit by a reckless driver.
Spot on.
Suburb with a speed limit of 30kph (~18mph) and people are going 70-80kph, 100m after a turn and across road junctions without stopping.
Carat or Solaria

Wizard or doctor also please
This is fucking so cute
File: 2665560 crop.png (289 KB, 995x1498)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
When she learns to love the riding crop
File: 2740117.jpg (264 KB, 1495x957)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
File: 2715516.png (326 KB, 750x1000)
326 KB
326 KB PNG
I would call her failed QA any day.
File: 1635972743178.jpg (1.71 MB, 4096x4096)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG
I'm not gay I swear.
That's great, except her ass needs to be bared

Rarity is for spanking
Anon still needs to punish Rarity's naughty flanks for her unacceptable behavior. And her butthole.
File: 1579762985442.png (1.47 MB, 2000x2000)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
When you said next weekend did you mean this upcoming weekend as in a few days.
Checking because I thought you meant last weekend and i don’t know
bump for Rarara rump
File: 1579769172097.png (2.1 MB, 2000x2000)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB PNG
Just out of curiosity can I expect wizard anon this weekend
She looks so happy.

We'll see how long her smile lasts when I bring out the PADDLE
What do you mean
I am just going to assume that means yes
Okay what are you talking about
File: 1616616937167.png (2.89 MB, 2000x2000)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB PNG
File: 01_1020164.jpg (151 KB, 1000x1200)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
"I'll help." You shrugged, feeling good about yourself being a good friend.
>The games could have been fun, but would not have gotten you anywhere, and you were in no particular rush to be earning extra bits for yourself.
>Helping one of your friends was definitely the most moral way to act.
>Your ulterior motives notwithstanding.
>Soon, all of you have finished your meals and gone your separate ways.
>Or, in your case, followed Shining to the library.
>The campus, on which you were, and on which ninety-nine percent of your life was now taking place, was expansive and incorporated a lot more than just the dormitories and the classrooms themselves.
>Workshops, cafes, parks and gardens... a gym, a cinema, and a spa... stadium, hospital and even a prison... the list went on and on.
>Rightly, It was less of a school, and more of a small, independent, city within a city.
>Encompassing all that its many resident students could need, or have to learn how to operate.
>All within a 'walking distance' of everything else... though this last claim was often contested.
>Everything to provide you with whatever you could possibly need... and to isolate you from the outside world as much as possible.
>For the protection of all those within and those without, of course.
"So... how's Twilight doing anyway?" You asked Shining as you walked.
"Actually... wait, no... WHERE is Twilight anyway?"
>You tried to think to the last time you actually saw his sister.
>She didn't have the same classes as you, so it wasn't weird not to see her in school.
>But you couldn't recall her anywhere else on the campus either.
"I feel like I haven't seen her since... the start of the semester?"
>You furrowed your brow at the poignant mystery.
"You used to bring her along..." you murmured, "...is she okay?"
>"Nnnh... yeah... I don't think she's been going out too much ever since I let her start living at the library."
"Oh... I can't say I'm all that surprised... she loooooooves books."
>"She sure does..." Shining ever so slightly sighed.
File: 02_1008907.png (235 KB, 1200x1200)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
>"Holed up inside and reading all day, every day... it can't be good for her."
>"I know, I know... she's always been like that, but now she does it even more."
"You're worried she'll burn herself out on reading?"
>"Twilight?" he chuckled, genuine, but not amused "Get bored of reading? The hell will thaw before that happens."
>"No, I just wish she had other interests as well."
">Twily knows books, she LOVES books, she's the expertiest book expert to have ever experted... at books."
>"But... who's going to want a girl that can only read?"
>"She's talented and smart, but who's going to take her in?"
>You realized what had Shining worried.
>She might have been happy, but her market value was low.
>He likely would not have used those words, but it was what it was.
>"She doesn't meet that many people, doesn't have that many friends."
>"I've even talked about it with Cadance."
>Shining paused to stop himself from complaining too much.
>"I'd be a lot happier if she was doing other things as well, like gardening, or sewing, or baking, or sports..."
"Never put all of your eggs in a single basket," you nodded along.
>If no one were looking for a librarian at the time of her graduation, her chances of having a good life after she left the school were practically zero.
"You're saying it like she's got a choice," you shrugged.
>"I'm not going to kick her out of the library, Anon." He said definitively, anger rising in his voice.
>Incensed that you would have entertained the idea of treating his sister with force.
"Just tell her to go out more?" You quickly offered a more propitious interpretation.
"You're her big brother. She'll listen if you talk to her."
>You put your hand on his shoulder, but he brushed it away.
>Perhaps not wanting to seem weak, perhaps guilty that he thought you were implying some other solution... which, in all honesty, you were.
>She didn't have a place at the library, he did, and he could tell her to... go make some friends, or something... and evict her if she didn't.
>"I didn't give her the place at the library as a gift."
>"She's worked hard for it too. It's her reward. I can't tell her she shouldn't be enjoying it."
File: 03_2651964.png (324 KB, 1280x720)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
>Eventually, the two of you have made it to your destination, ignored the 'temporarily closed' sign on the front door, and entered inside.
>The library was one of the oldest buildings on the campus.
>A former monastery, convent, or something of that kind, repurposed for the modern age.
>The ceilings were high and vaulted or made out of wood.
>The door frames were low, painted with black and yellow stripes, and a constant danger to everyone's foreheads.
>The hallways were lit by brass sconces holding electric candles, and the uneven wooden floors were covered by scrappy red carpets made out of synthetic fiber.
>The whole building felt like some sort of a reverse museum... or a regular museum... or something between the two.
>Where space allowed, the walls were covered, barricaded, with bookshelves, and interspersed with tables and chairs for quiet, independent study, making the place feel quite welcoming...
>...except that it was also a disorienting, multi-level, maze of corridors, passes, and stairways, making the library a notoriously easy place to get lost in.
>And it happened more than once, that someone had been locked inside over the night by accident.
>Snuck away in one of the far-away corners, too engrossed in their readings that they didn't notice the place had already closed until the lights went off.
>Today, however, the normally quiet hallways were even quieter than usual.
>And instead of students, the tables were besieged with seemingly random books or loose papers.
>Twilight and Cadance should already be somewhere around here.
>And though you yourself could sometimes still lose your way, Shining knew the building well, and you managed to find the gentler half of your team relatively soon, even without having to call for them out loud.
>Which still felt like a sacrilege even if the library was currently closed.
File: 04_2458598.jpg (444 KB, 2000x1916)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
>"Shining!" Twilight excitedly jumped in her brother's arms and greeted him with a big hug.
>He responded in kind and took the opportunity to also pet her head.
>"Master." Cadance offered Shining a deep bow, much more controlled, but no less enthusiastic to see him.
>"It's always good to see you Twilight, Cadance..." Shining let go and took a step back.
>"You knew I wouldn't leave you, girls, at it alone... and I brought reinforcements with me as well!"
>The two girls greeted you formally, with a curtsy and lowered heads.
>In theory, presenting themselves for your inspection, and waiting for your permission to resume their business.
>Twilight's greeting felt modest and genuine, proud to show off her form and proper manners.
>She wore a normal study uniform, pleated skirt, shirt, vest, and a tie, that covered her from her knees to her neck.
>It hid most of her features, giving her a feminine figure, and her flattened chest a smooth convex shape.
>She had her hair in a bun, and her face was framed with thick-rimmed glasses.
>Cadance's form was... different.
>She too wore a west, but one with deep cleavage, and absolutely nothing underneath, allowing her considerable breasts to heave, jiggle and sway.
>Spilling both from the middle and the sides as she leaned forward.
>And were anyone standing behind her, her short, tight-fitting business skirt would have given them an obscene view.
>It would be easy to imagine, just reaching out and... groping her, or tearing her out of her clothes, with a single swipe of your arm, exposing her for everyone to see... were it not for the last piece of her wardrobe.
>A harvester collar with Shining's seal front and center, right above her collar bone.
>She could have been the textbook definition of a trophy slave.
File: 05_2654469.jpg (242 KB, 1242x1747)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
"Just 'Anon' is fine." you accepted and acknowledged them with a simple nod.
>Twilight then turned her attention back to Shining, while Cadance seemed to be more interested in you.
>"Anon, it's SO nice of you to be here... how are things between you and Sunset?"
>She asked directly, speaking with a warm and pleasant tone.
"Umm... fine, I guess?"
>This was never going to not be awkward.
>As a teacher and a counselor, she was supposed to be a figure of authority.
>As a slave, she was someone to be... not 'disrespected' but... 'patronized' would have been fair to say.
>You could never decide which of the two was the right way to approach her.
>"Has she been disobedient or defensive?"
>"Don't be afraid to tell me, or come see me in my office, if she starts giving you any trouble, and I'll help you work things out with her."
>"Have you had trouble seducing any other girls?"
>"Have you been getting enough sex?"
>With every question she asked, you were growing slightly more concerned.
>"I could help you find a girl you'd be happy with, or teach her a few tricks."
"No thanks, I think I'm good right now."
"Also, I don't think that..."
>"Shiny doesn't mind!" She interrupted you.
>"He knew what my duties were when he put his collar on me, and he wants me to succeed."
>"All of my help would have been strictly professional."
>You nodded, pondering, not sure how to feel about her offer.
>You'd prefer to keep your relationship problems between you and the girls you were with, if possible.
>And maybe you'd first talk to Shining about the last one, though you doubted that she'd lie to you about him.
>Not while he was just two meters away, even if he wasn't paying attention at the moment.
>You had no doubts about Cadance's experience, but asking someone to help you out with training your slaves felt like admitting failure.
>"Any time!" she added with a whisper.
File: 06_1003012.png (602 KB, 900x1300)
602 KB
602 KB PNG
"ER, ERHMMM..." you loudly faked clearing your throat.
"Something about books?" You saved yourself from being asked any more uncomfortable questions.
>"We're here to help out with fixing the library. Twilight, tell us what you need us to do." Shining directed the conversation.
>Twilight took two papers from a nearby table and started talking.
>"Every book has a specific place where it should be, the library sorts them by type, topic..."
>You mentally fast-forwarded past most of her explanation.
>"... I TRY to keep everything in order but it's too much work for me to do alone, so..."
>The gist of it was that some people put some books in the wrong places, and it had to be fixed.
>"... I made a list of what we need to do."
>She showed you the first of her papers.
>"Cadance and I, have already finished steps one through three, close the library, print the catalog, and distribute the pages to each respective section."
>She showed you the other paper, which identified one of the bookcases by number, and listed which titles should be inside, shelf-by-shelf.
>"We've also started with sub-steps of number four, check shelves for books that shouldn't be there, and take them out on the tables, which I HOPE we'll be able to finish off today."
>"So that I can start with step five tomorrow, making a list of books that were in the wrong place..."
>Twilight's to-do list continued but wasn't relevant to you right now.
>"A-any questions?" Twilight stood nervously with her hands behind her back, as she finished her presentation.
>"None, I think you've done a very good job explaining it, Twilight."
"Things will be easier if we work in pairs."
>"That's a great idea! Right master?" Cadance grabbed one of Shining's hands in both of hers, calling her dibs.
>"Anon, will you take Twilight?"
>You agreed and beamed Twilight a smile... though she seemed to have preferred to be with her brother as well.
>The four of you then split and started to work.
File: 07_932841.jpg (1.28 MB, 1000x1414)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
>It wasn't hard, but it was slow, and there was a lot of it.
>The library had books about other things than magic, and even then, much more than just what was taught in the classes.
>Entire sections were dedicated to topics that were never mentioned, or summed up and brushed over in a single lecture.
>Magical creatures, though well documented, were rare and equally rarely mentioned.
>History, while taught, was never part of the practice exams, and so deprioritized in favor of other, actually usable skills.
>Medicine, while instrumental, was too advanced to be taught in a non-specialized academy, beyond the absolute basics.
>It was good then, that you did not have to work alone, and you and Twilight managed to settle into a comfortable tempo.
>You read the titles on the shelves, climbing up a step-ladder where necessary, and Twilight listened, checking if the books were on the list, and notifying you whenever one of them was missing, or out of place.
"Hittite Rituals."
"Mummification and suspended animation in the Old Kingdom."
>You read the titles on the shelf.
"On Human Sacrifice: what to do with a beating heart."
>Twilight responded automatically, without taking her eyes off the paper.
>You pulled the book out of the shelf and put it into her waiting hand to be added to the steadily growing pile on the table.
"On the rituals of ancient Sumer."
"On the rituals of ancient Minoa."
"On the rituals of ancient Canaan... aaaaand that's it."
>"Mmhmm!" Twilight hummed affirmatively and made another check mark on her list.
>You climbed down and looked at the pile on the table.
>"That's sixteen books in the wrong place and thirteen missing."
>She was probably talking to herself, but you responded to her anyway.
"That's a lot more than I'd expect."
>"Yes, unfortunately..." Twilight nodded.
>"Some people don't seem to THINK when putting things back in their place."
>"Either don't think, or don't care, or don't do it right and only make it worse."
>She vented, still mostly to herself, sounding irate but not in a serious way.
>"Let's just move to the next section and see if it's any better."
>You packed the ladder and followed after Twilight, chatting with her along the way.
>"Thanks again for your help. It's been a long time since I had an assistant this good."
"It's not a bad job..." you huffed, doing your best not to hit anything, or kill yourself on the stairs, carrying the ladder under your arm.
"Not a particularly exciting one, but..." you thought about how to compliment what you were doing without having to outright lie.
File: 08_2002297.png (1.85 MB, 7000x7800)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
"It's a, uh... very educational."
"I'm discovering books that I had no idea even existed!"
>"Oh, you're interested in that?" Twilight chippered up.
>"The library has tons of books that no one seems to know about or bothers to read."
>"Well... no one except me at least." She gritted through her teeth.
>"Most people only come here for their textbooks, or to do their research for a specific project."
>"Few people care to learn about astronomy, or geography or weather."
>As you were well aware, being one of them.
>"Are you up to something?"
"Who? Me? Why would I be up to something?"
>Twilight turned to you and brushed her hair out of the way.
>"Sorry, I didn't mean to say that you were doing anything wrong."
>"I wanted to ask if you had any project you were working on, anything interesting?"
>"I'd recommend you something that could be useful to you if you'd like."
"I can't say that I am, but I'll keep that in mind if I think of something, thanks."
>Can't say, being the operative phrase.
"How about you? Are YOU working on anything interesting?"
"Shining mentioned you've been doing worrying amounts of reading lately."
>"Did he?" She tilted her head, looking a bit surprised, confused.
>"But... it's difficult not to! There's so much for me to learn here!"
>She waved her hand, vaguely gesturing in the general direction of... uhh... the building you were in?
>"And it's all so fascinating!" She ran off a few meters, without missing a breath.
>"Every book is a mystery, hiding in plain sight, lost and waiting to be re-discovered, just because nobody bothers to try and look!"
>"It's also kind of sad."
>She stopped for a moment, looking, searching.
>"Here!" She pulled one of the books out and ran back to you to show you something.
>"One of Loew Bezalel's works. Not one of the original manuscripts, obviously, but see the notes under the line?" She pointed them out to you.
>"He was always leaving his personal notes on the margins of his pages."
>"Things he needed to do, jokes, random thoughts, grudges he had against his neighbors..."
>"Most translations don't have them, since they're not part of the official text, but this one DOES!" She explained excitedly.
>"And some of them are really fun to read!"
>"Here! He complains about his bedsheets smelling like dog-barf and cat-piss after drying them out in the open, because the owner of the house across the street was throwing nibbled-off bones out of the window, and it attracted some strays."
File: 09_931684.png (1.96 MB, 1224x1008)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB PNG
>"It's so specific, and personal, and tells you how his life was really like!"
>"And when you start reading them, it's like you're building a connection to someone with whom you're hundreds of years and thousands of miles apart."
>"Sometimes I imagine... I wonder how it would be like to actually live there. A whole new world to explore. The sights, the sounds, the smells..."
"You mean the dog-barf and cat-piss?"
>"Okay, maybe I could do without the dog-barf and cat-piss... but doesn't the whole idea just excite you? How it would be like to be a completely different person, living a completely different life!"
>Living in a different world?
"Yes... it does."
>Then you and Twilight made it to the next section on her list and resumed work.
>It was a bit strange to be taking instructions from a girl but... eeeh...
>Not every interaction between a boy and a girl had to be a domination-submission thing.
>And the two of you had SOME things in common... and when she started talking, her enthusiasm was kind of infectious...
>You climbed the ladder and started reading the titles again, while Twilight was checking if the books were on the list, again, just like before.
>And it was... nyyeeeeeh... nothing to write home about.
>At least until, out of the corner of your eye, you saw an interesting thing on the next shelf.
>'Time, space and dimension: How to find your way, wherever, whenever, whoever you're going.'
>You looked down to check on Twilight.
>Her head was down, and she wasn't paying attention to you, still busy with her papers.
>And she hasn't been double-checking your work at all today.
>You had a choice to make.
>Though it hurt you to admit, and despite the strength of your desire, you actually knew woefully little about how exactly you were going to make it to Equestria.
>All the secrecy and precautions around spellcasting of that level meant that even basic specifics on interdimensional travel were hard to come by.
>At least besides the ubiquitous "It's possible, it's dangerous, magic is involved, don't do it."
>This relatively small book, less than two hundred pages by the look of it, could have been your way in.
>A quick and easy way to start, or at least something that would have pointed you in the right direction, without having to ask someone and raise suspicion.
File: 10_986993.png (796 KB, 1813x6359)
796 KB
796 KB PNG
>Your first option would have been to steal the book.
>You could simply 'overlook' or 'forget to mention' the book while reading what was on the shelf and have Twilight mark it as missing.
>Twilight would not have noticed a thing, and even if she did, which she wouldn't, you could say it was a simple mistake.
>Then you could simply take the book with you later on your way out and study it at home at your leisure.
>And if you were quick, you could even put it back, literally anywhere else in the library, and it would have been lost among the hundreds of other books randomly misplaced by other people, with no one except you being the wiser.
>Either way, just knowing that this book existed and where it was, had already been a small victory that made volunteering for a day of unpaid labor at the library worth it.
>After all, you could always come back for it later... though you were unlikely to ever get another opportunity to steal it as easily as this.
>Your second option would have been to NOT steal the book, and borrow something different and less suspicious.
>Like... take Twilight up on her offer and ask her for a book about regular teleportation instead.
>Though you could obviously not know for sure, your B- educated guess was that at least the basics of regular and inter-dimensional teleportation were going to be the same.
>A hint on what kind of issues you could expect, and of course, serve you as useful, and un-suspicious, practice in its own right.
>Your third option would have been to simply forget about it for now, and ask Twilight for one of her own recommendations instead.
>Whatever she gave you likely wouldn't be of any practical use to you, but you felt like it would have made her happy that someone had shown interest in the same things as she did.
>Getting the librarian girl on your side would have certainly made looking for other obscure knowledge faster.
>IF she could have been trusted.
>If she found out too much about your plans and decided to tell on you... your quest would have been over.
>Lastly, you could have also done some combination of the above... but reading took time, and borrowing books without reading them was kind of rude.
>And though she might have been the only one, Twilight seemed like the type that would care.
>Well? What were you going to do?
File: 11_2612545.png (217 KB, 987x887)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
Thank you all for waiting for me for so long. As I mentioned earlier (>>37760598) My move to a new apartment had been finished, and I'm happy to be back for real.

>If girls are just batteries, then how come she turn into a devil&stuff?
>>I think the devil stuff means is like what happens when you give a battery to much energy it tries to escape and the devil thing was the same principle.
Not being able to control magic is not the same as being unaffected by it.

>Now that ponepaste is back online, will you post it there too?
As soon as it will allow me to sign in.

I have read your feedback.

>Also how does twilight see the whole slavery thing?
You'll find out in the story itself.

>Can a guy get more than one harvester collar?

Thanks, I don't want to complain about m personal life but... just thanks.

>I really want to put a leash on sonata now.
I make no promises.

>When you said next weekend did you mean this upcoming weekend as in a few days?
A wizard is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.

>Just out of curiosity can I expect wizard anon this weekend?
I hoped to be able to give you a confident 'Yes' on this one, but I guess it depends on your time-zone?
>new GREEN

I will have to read later... but YEEEESSSS
Hmm I would recommend asking twilight for a recommendation if twilight and shinning are the only people living at the library it would be well to get twilight on your side once she is on your slave you will have an excuse to go to the library and should have access to a record of where all the books are worst case you pick the book up and return it in a different place or it’s intended place in a few days as this seems to be a common thing
>"Sometimes I imagine... I wonder how it would be like to actually live there. A whole new world to explore. The sights, the sounds, the smells..."
"You mean the dog-barf and cat-piss?"
>"Okay, maybe I could do without the dog-barf and cat-piss... but doesn't the whole idea just excite you? How it would be like to be a completely different person, living a completely different life!"
>Living in a different world?

Part of me thinks this could be her not wanting to be a slave but it could also be that she just wants to learn so it’s not conclusive

Also she is very respectful so ya it’s possible she is only acting that way because it is expected but I don’t think that is it
What does everyone else think me remembers it’s super late
Also do girls have to be slaves for a certain amount of time each amount of time like we know sunset is being a slave but what is motivating her to be anons slave instead of just doing her own thing is there a set amount of time or orgasms or something
File: 1579772110466.png (1.9 MB, 2000x2000)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB PNG
File: latexity.jpg (172 KB, 1348x1524)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
somewhat related green if you are into latex
this rarity also needs to be punished
Cadence's display of obedience was sure something. Especially in front of one of her student.

Book: why not just ask to borrow it? "Hey I found something interesting, mind if I borrow it?". Or don't Anon knows some spell to copy the book? Stealing it will just leave a bad impression in him.
Twilight will definitely not suggest this specific book, I don't think she remembers all books about this topic.
Even if there are no copy spells, libraries usually have some equipment to copy pages. Don't remember the tech level (there were computers right?) but if Anon has a phone he can just take a photo of each page. 200 pages takes less than 10-15 minutes.
>IF she could have been trusted.
Well, distract her. Make her not even think about it. Make her focus on serving Anon somehow and not how/what she is asked to do.
File: 1579764802487.png (2.08 MB, 2000x2000)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB PNG
Ya I agree once we get make twilight ours do not tell her our goals outright maybe eventually but not for a very long time.

The reason why anon doesn’t want to ask is probably because if people find out he is looking into interdimensional travel they will stop him so he doesn’t want anyone to get suspicious.

I think he should ask twilight about a book that is similar to it that could help him but not arouse suspicion and since we are asking twilight we might be able to bond with her more.

Also remember where that is so that we can get it later
Black latex makes a good contrast to Rarity's coat.
Threw it on ponepaste too for preservation https://ponepaste.org/6087
oh nice, didnt think of that...
it does indeed, and it would be very difficult to hide under a dress. she better put in alot of work into a disguise or others will notice
Indeed. She'd probably need to wear thick socks all day long, too, since there's no way she can avoid ever having her hooves visible while working the Boutique. It might come off as lewd or even borderline scandalous, but it's that or be seen in fetish wear
File: 1458013.png (652 KB, 1000x900)
652 KB
652 KB PNG
and thats just with her being stuck in socks/stockings
now imagine how much she would have to overdress if she were stuck in a nice oncepiece or leotard, kept in place by a collar and dockring
i think there is lots of potential in combinations for "societal restriction", hidden clothes/toys and good old BDSM to think up some nice scenarios.
>victorian ponies stuck in tight saddles instead of corsets and impractical dresses
>veiled saddle arabian pones with elaborate bondage gear under their clothes
>modern day ponies looking for a kick or perhaps being made to by their masters and ending up with risque underwear like rarity above which they now have to hide to prevent public shaming with rising stakes
>something named "dignified bondage" on a /d/ thread where nobles would actually be expected to be visibly restrained so they had to rely on maids or slaves. this could just be cuffs and chains to restrict their stride all the way to blinding them so they have to be lead around like a horse on a leash
My peeeenis
File: rararub.png (2 MB, 1257x1024)
2 MB
that is a very low quality bump anon. at least post your waifu
>anon posts his penis
>you tell him it's very low quality
Wow, harsh
>that cameltoe

Go apply paddle then
I just want to lock her in a suit that only leaves her head uncovered, forcing her to be constantly dressed in the most beautiful gowns while she totally overheats underneath with toys teasing her bits
Just finished reading Penta's story. It's pretty good work, I like it a lot.
Last update was more than two weeks ago, right? Do we have any info about how the story is doing?
>more than two weeks ago
More like 2 months ago.
File: maidideas.jpg (144 KB, 1280x780)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
how wouldyou dress your slaves? or would you dress them at all?
I'd definitely focus on denial. Now, chastity belts are big and clunky, and while some people like the aesthetic personally I prefer it when the restriction is much more sleek. A moderately-thick rubber garment could do the trick as somewhat discussed above, for example. Not really "dressing" but I'm a fan of piercings for this, especially since they work really well for longer-term denial; they feel much more secure too, where release isn't just a simple matter of "alright I guess I'll unlock you", but a much more involved - and uncomfortable! - procedure that is definitely not meant to happen frequently, and really has to be earned for special occasions.

In terms of other clothes or accessories, I'm not sure. One option would be to mandate a poofy maid dress as a constant uniform, just to hammer in the slave's place by ensuring that this is what they have to appear as at any time of day. Though that's mostly if they're a maid of some sort.
Alternatively there's appeal in a more minimal look, with just some restraints here and there: a ring gag just to keep her drooling and deprive her of any speech all day long (and make sure she watches herself, leaving drool on the floor is punishable!). I'm a big fan of those that integrate a tongue piercing to immobilise that too, just to give them absolutely zero control about what's going on in their mouth: not only is it locked open, but they can't even use their tongue to push something out, nor can they try to use it to manage their drool. Plus having it constantly exposed and sticking out adds to the discomfort and humiliation.

Another idea that I'm a big fan of is blackout contact lenses. Much more inconspicous than a blindfold, the slave looks unrestricted, but they can't see a thing. This would need dedication, though: you'd need to train a slave to navigate and perform tasks while blind. Possible to a degree, but definitely a longer-term goal.
File: 1952633.jpg (271 KB, 1638x1638)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
>A moderately-thick rubber garment could do the trick as somewhat discussed above, for example. Not really "dressing" but I'm a fan of piercings for this, especially since they work really well for longer-term denial
based and controlpilled
these little ponies cant be trusted to take care of their bodies, let alone manage to live up to expectations without guidance, so taking control of their most primal needs is a good start although the rest shouldnt be left out. i personally still like the idea of a plainly visible chastity belt although integrating it with piercings doesnt seem like a bad idea at all

>One option would be to mandate a poofy maid dress as a constant uniform
>minimalist approach with bits, gags and restraints
i would combine those with regular clothes as much as possible. a lockable collar hidden under some fabric at he throath. saddles, laces, stays or corsets keeping the dress in place and very formfitting at the waist and some sort of locking mechanism at the rear as well. not because i expect them to take it off, that would mean a failure of breaking them in. simply because i can and ideally hammered into their heads in such a way, they actually ask to be locked

>Another idea that I'm a big fan of is blackout contact lenses.
unf yes! take control of every sense once i a while to let them know how lucky they are. blind them, deafen them, completely restrain them and lock them in a way too small box, edge them for days. eventually, they will grow to love it!
>i would combine those with regular clothes as much as possible.
You know, going back to the latex idea above, I think this could work great as an "under-clothes restraint". If moderately thick, it makes all movement harder. It also feels tight and restrictive. And of course, being impermeable, at the end of a long day it'd get hot, uncomfortable, and bothered.
Make the standard uniform a full thick latex suit, with a submissive maid dress on top. Lock the whole thing on - in fact, mandate that your slave lock themselves on in the morning as they get dressed; you then unlock them personally in the evening before they go to sleep (or when they have to be washed, etc). They have to lock themselves in else they get severely punished, and then they spend the whole day every day trapped in the outfit.
From the outside, they're just a maid servant. But inside, every move they make has to fight against the resistance of the rubber, and they're getting hot and sweaty, but they can't show it as they keep going about their daily chores and serve you with a smile. And they spend every day trapped like that by their own hoof. (Of course in the interests of safety there's gotta be plentiful hydration available and the climate can't be too hot, yada yada - you're not trying kill your slaves with heatstroke, just make them really uncomfortable and bothered. That or anti-heatstroke magic/enchantments to sidestep the issue.)

>unf yes! take control of every sense once i a while to let them know how lucky they are. blind them, deafen them, completely restrain them and lock them...
Oh yes, definitely. On this topic, actually, I wouldn't make this a punishment. I'd keep punishment to physical pain. Deprivation like this I'd make just normal routine, and try to associate it with pleasure; praise the slaves, and congratulate them on the honour of getting to spend time like that. Eventually, I want them to learn to consider it a reward; to work and put in effort for a chance to be allowed to experience it.

But with the blackout lenses, I meant really a more long-term thing. "You are now my blind servant; on top of your uniform, put on these contacts every morning." From then on they have to do all their tasks and chores without sight; and I get to watch as they methodically feel things out, acting by touch and hearing to orient themselves, struggling to complete tasks which to a sighted slave would take minimal effort.
After she becomes more proficient at navigating and working blind, occasionally add in not quite deafening plugs but something muffling in the ears, as a special treat. Assuming she hasn't learned to use echolocation to navigate and instead relies on touch and memory, that shouldn't hamper her maid work too much; but it'll make her totally unaware of her surroundings, and completely susceptible to getting groped out of nowhere with no way to anticipate it. And again, from the outside, one wouldn't even be able to tell she was so restricted.
>But with the blackout lenses, I meant really a more long-term thing.
thats just so mean and devilish please continue
>please continue
I mean, I think I've put most of my thoughts down already. Short of writing a green (and I'm not a writefag unfortunately), I'm not sure how much more there is to elaborate. The idea is really just to order a slave to blind themselves, while expecting them to continue serving me and performing all their tasks and chores.
I mean at first there'd be a ton of leniency in their performance, of course. The point isn't to be purely sadistic and cruel for no reason; a pony who's been sighted their entire life will be significantly less effective when blinded, and so they'll be given time to adjust. But as they practice and learn, expectations on performance will rise back up; maybe they might not get back to being as fast and efficient as before (at least not until they have several years of practice), but after a while they'd certainly be expected to not bumble about, learn to navigate confidently and practice common tasks well enough. One doesn't need sight to set a table if one knows the layout of the kitchen and dining room, and is proficient at feeling out for obstacles in front of them (like misplaced chairs or mingling guests).
Contact lenses are superior to blindfolds in my opinion because it's both more convenient and more inconspicuous. A blindfold can slip off or get tugged off, a contact lens will stay in unless you specifically work to get it out. A blindfold is also a huge "HELLO THIS SLAVE CAN'T SEE" bondage implement, while a contact lens just blends in seamlessly in the eye. The slave is restricted and deprived of a core sense, but doesn't even look bound or restricted; a guest might not even be able to tell that a practiced slave is a blinded one, not without studying them for long enough to deduce it from their movement patterns and behaviour.

At the same time I'm, again, not cruel, and would not want to permanently cripple or disfigure any good slaves. Contact lenses provide temporary blindness, but are completely reversible. I might grant the slave "days off" where they'd get to see for the entire day, for example.

Also, I just looked things up. I thought lenses generally had to be removed and cleaned every night, hence I imagined it as part of the "daily uniform" where the slave would take them off in the evening to clean and let the eyes rest, sleep sighted, and put them on in the morning before duty. Apparently though contact lenses that can be worn for a week are normal, and new types can even be worn for a month at a time. This really opens up exciting possibilities for making a slave actually live blind 24/7.
>"I mean, I think I've put most of my thoughts down already."
>proceed to write almost to character limit
File: 1616353803217.png (2.19 MB, 3879x3176)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB PNG
>At the same time I'm, again, not cruel, and would not want to permanently cripple or disfigure any good slaves
i wouldnt take it that far either, its just something very unusual but with lots of potential and room to play with, if not in a green at least for some mindgames.
>make slave wear contacts for a week and promise a reward at the end of it if she does well enough
>slave actually manages not to break anything and the times she slowly stumbled into objects you may or may not have put in her way have been within reason as well
>weekend arrives and for once, your slave actually approaches you to ask for her reward
>"ok you asked for it"
>tell ehr she can remove the contacts in ONE, TWO, THREE...
>for some reason, she still cant see
>"enjoy your free weekend with your eyesight to do whatever you want to do"
>turns out her reward was a "no contacts weekend" in a pitchblack room. there is a bed, a treadmill and hygiene facilities in the spots she is now used to. and if she looks in the right places, she may even find some toys to play with even if real release is still VERBOTEN
not overly sadistic or evil, just a bit of mindfuckery for the slave. obviously you cant keep a slave blind forever without damages but some RL rules in those fics are there to be broken like pastelhorses being able to speak in the first place

on another note, I WANT TO BE MEAN TO A MAIDPONY
>obviously you cant keep a slave blind forever without damages
Actually you bring up a good point, things like the infeasibility of long-term bondage are well known but now that you mention it, I have no idea whether long-term darkness will degrade the eyes any. Like, if you wear blackouts and live completely blind for a month, will there be any long-term effects on eyesight (obviously once you slowly readjust to light again)? What about a year? Multiple years?
If yes, would occasional sight breaks help?
I genuinely have no idea. For all I know, spending a week in darkness could start degrading your sight, or alternatively you could wear them for years on end with no long-term effects once you take them off.
File: 2355589.png (711 KB, 1000x1050)
711 KB
711 KB PNG
if you are dedicated and resourceful enough, you could just feed your pone knockoutpills/potion each evening and take care of that body to keep it in the kind of bondage you require.
>stimulate those muscles which are barely used through out the day anymore with light shocks or whatever
>light therapy for the eyes while the pone is knocked out will still do the job i imagine
>clean the body that is normally covered under layers of latex, metal and fabric
>do other more indepth checkups too like dental care or tattoo/piercing maintainence
im sure there is a way for all of it if you think long enough. and ofcourse it fucks with the slaves mind again as well.
>"why do i feel so refreshed this morning?"
>"is that buttplug bigger than yesterday?"
>"what did i do yesterday to have that muscleache?"
>"my hindleg heels feel higher before... i rump must be on display for everyone behind me even under this maiddress"
>"my ponut feels funny, did master do something to it?"

and writing about all of this, what always makes it more interesting is a positive interest by the slave itself. yes bullying and all that is fun on paper but its even better if the slave enjoys it too, even if it needs to be taught from time to time
>but its even better if the slave enjoys it too
Oh yeah definitely. Slaves should enjoy the attention and pleasure, and be happy to serve their master. They might not like every single aspect, but the role of a slave is to obey, and they're obedient enough to conform to my whims even if it might not be their preference. But most of the time, it would come without coercion. A happy slave is a good slave, and a good master is one who keeps his slaves happy.
Even for "bullying", ultimately if slaves are submissive enough to enjoy servitude for servitude's sake, taking unusual or restricting requests in stride would come with the satisfaction of knowing that you're pleasing master. And things like being forced to parade humiliating and restraining maid uniforms in front of guests or visitors would be a point of pride an honour, a chance to show off how obedient you are to master, and how much master likes you and pays attention to you. Why yes, I do fantasize about being the slave at least as much as I do about being the master, what gave it away?

>knockoutpills/potion each evening and take care of that body
That could work, but I feel like ensuring that kind of artificial stimulation keeps the body as healthy as real activity would still require quite a bit of handwaving, and at that point there's no shame is saying "magic". Especially if it's not some fantastical overpowered cop-out effect, but just something minor like a 'do-not-atrophy-muscles' spell, or an 'irritation-and-sores-proof-healthy-skin' spell, or a 'preserve-eyesight-even-when-in-longterm-darkness' spell.

Nightly checkups/modifications to surprise a slave on wakeup still definitely sound fun.
>hindleg heels
Good call too. These get brought up every now and then, love that concept.
Though taking what you're saying to its logical conclusion - are you imagining slaves that spend every waking moment locked in their uniforms, waking up in full gear then going back to sleep in full gear? That's actually incredibly hot, too. It's one thing for a slave maid to wake up in the morning, lock on all her gear, work the whole day and then get released at night just before bed, but then it's a whole other level if literally every waking moment is spent locked in because "maintenance" only happens at night during magically deep sleep. And then slaves expereince their entire lives in full uniform and gear, possibly for months or even years on end.
File: 6193297.png (712 KB, 2000x1500)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
>Why yes, I do fantasize about being the slave at least as much as I do about being the master, what gave it away?
i dont know man, i think you need to be able to put yourself in the subs place mentally from time to time for a "vibecheck" you dont have to be an actual switch but a good master knows what goes on in a subs mind. this applies to IRL and for fics
>hindleg heels
>Good call too. These get brought up every now and then, love that concept.
im a bit suprised noone managed to properly ponify highheels before pic related. hooves dont work when angled neither do feet if we are honest but whatever, its my fetish
anyway, heels put the wearer in a certain posture and make them move in a certain way and so would these. the perfect way to make a slave always "present" without too much training required.

i wish i would have been a more active poster when SiM was still more active itself
Yeah, it makes the slave present, it also serves as a restraining device by preventing running and in general making walking and even standing more tiring. Like in your pic related, sending a slave out for errands in high heels would certainly be a tiring exercise. Now add on the full latex suit + elaborate maid dress as discussed above, and the slave is really going to have to work hard for their master even when doing something as simple as fetching a few groceries.

>I wish i would have been a more active poster when SiM was still more active itself
Yeah iktf but no use pining over it, I feel. I get that for /mlp/ as a whole too since I'm a late-2014 newfag, right after the "golden age" ended. (And incidentally, /sim/ really started dying in early 2015 iirc, and within a few months of me getting on the ride it disappeared for years.)
Honestly the modern revival of /sim/ is something I didn't even hope for, especially since multiple attempts over the years had failed before suddenly the threads managed to start up again and actually gain traction. But now we're here in modern /sim/, and it's as active as we make it.
(For example, I might try to take up writefagging for some short fetish one-shots when inspiration strikes; our discussion was pretty inspiring right now, for example. I've practically never written before through so no promises, but I've seriously thought about it, if I'm less tired one of these days.)
new to this thread, any stories with anon as the sub? and aside from that any stories to recommend reading?
That would have been the pony supremacy thread. Maybe it'll be back one day
File: 2489592.png (308 KB, 844x637)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
have another maidmare working hard to please her master for your based posts
File: 2330984.png (2.84 MB, 2894x3305)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB PNG
>ring gag... I'm a big fan of those that integrate a tongue piercing to immobilise that too
These are absolutely magnificent, exactly for the reasons you mentioned.

I think that taste-play doesn't get nearly as much attention as it should. Punishments are nearly always about overloading, or denying the slaves some senses... so why does almost everybody ignore one of the five basic senses? I love the idea of punishing them by making them taste (not eat, just taste) a spoonful of salt, or instant coffee, or black pepper, or lemon juice... unable to swallow or spit, to make it stop, run from it, or beg (though I'd love to see them try!), all those overwhelming sensations going straight into and frying their brain! And it makes for equally amazing rewards too! Imagine slaves used to nothing but hay and barley, rewarded with a cube of sugar. She'd be sitting on the floor, her warm wet breath moistening our fingers... you put the cube down, and even though she's never felt anything like it, her body knows what it wants, the sweetness is pure pleasure. She wants to lick it, but can't because her tongue is tied... and can't do but wait as the cube slowly melts on her tongue... hoping that master might move the cube instead, sliding it around her mouth to cover more of her eager tongue in the sticky sweet sludge of saliva and sugar. A few minutes of heaven where seconds will feel like hours, but in retrospect will feel like a fraction of a single moment, it will be over. It will be such a powerful memory, an unbearable longing to feel the same thing again. Not knowing what she could do to make her master reward her like this again, but striving with all her might to impress him, just for the chance that maybe, one day he might!

>obligatory pic
Very nice, thank you anon.

Oh wow, you're absolutely right, I'd never even considered what you're describing. I'll definitely be considering it now.

>obligatory pic
I'm surprised just how rare this concept is. I know of, like, 3-4 different pics with this type of gag?
Each of them is great, your pic I think being my favourite among them, but come on, 4 images total for the fetish.
File: 2573680.png (1.01 MB, 2048x1860)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
>mandate that your slave lock themselves on in the morning as they get dressed; you then unlock them personally in the evening before they go to sleep
She is the source of her own suffering peril, master is the source of a absolution and relief. I love it.

This is a wonderful idea as well. Personally I'm big on the concept of "personal god" type of a master. Where the slave doesn't understand what, or why master does but has to model her life around his commandments.

>Where does warm food come from when she's hungry? One of master's many miracles.
>Why do we always wear socks all day? Masters holy book says that hooves are profane, and may be seen only by one's lover, or master himself.
>What is that black ring with little red light underneath? That is one of Master's many eyes! (How does master have so many eyes? Nopony knows!) It is said he keeps watch over us all day every day.
>Master always listens, but rarely answers, and only to those that earn his favor.
>There is no pursuit greater than the prosecution of heretics, so if you see his commandments being broken, speak up, and reject those who commit those sinful acts, or share in their sin of existence.
>Bow and pray before underneath master's image, each night before you go to bed, and confess your sins to him so that you may be forgiven.
>Master knows all, and forgives our sins only to those who confess, regret, and make amends before he manifests his wrath.
>If you do not... believe, young pony, believe! You shall not wake up in your bed in the morning, but be cast into the freezing pits of Janak! A dark, hopeless void, where neither the his guiding light nor warming heat does reach, walls are made of spikes, and the air echoes with your own cries of heresy repeating over and over, and so loud you can not escape your guilt even with sleep. Do not hate the master, for he does not punish you... he merely shows how world looks like without his miracles. If you ever find yourself in this place, beg and pray. Beg and pray, scream your regret out loud until your voice is horse, and even then, as you feel your strength leaving you and, exhausted, you feel the death's freezing tightening grip, whisper your pleas through your quivering lips. For it is written that if your cries of regret and devotion drown out the sound of your sins, and you die whispering master's name with your last breath, he may still forgive you, and you may be returned to life.
File: 2007772.png (2 MB, 2651x2438)
2 MB
>blackout contact lenses
For some reason, I imagine a hotel staffed by ponies (a ponel?) who are all blind, to protect the anonymity of the clients, and make them feel safer around the "pacified" ponies. I like the idea of them always hearing new voices, not knowing who they are, only that they must be obeyed. Just those few extra seconds of not knowing when someone is approaching you before they speak to you... not knowing how many people are in the group that's talking to you. Not knowing which way did they go when they leave. Not seeing if they look angry or happy or tired before they're already confronting you. And most importantly... never knowing if they are truly alone. What if the walls of her room are made out of glass?

Bat ponies are criminally under-utilized in this thread. I think that lots of ear-related lewdness that is usually done with elves could be applied to bat-ponies as well.
>Personally I'm big on the concept of "personal god" type of a master.
Fascinating. Would that be achieved by extensive conditioning and indoctrination, or by picking up simple-minded ponies with technologial pomp and marvel to get them to believe in your divinity? Because some of this goes far enough that a "normal" pony would probably have trouble immersing themselves in that kind of belief.
I can easily see a slightly less extreme version of this being much simpler to achieve, though. One where the slaves don't believe the master is actually physically a divine being, but nevertheless accept him as their personal god and treat him as such. Where they know they needn't concern themselves with his comings and goings because their place is to serve. Where they "confess their sins" not because they believe master is divine and will know it, but because they are aware that there are listening systems letting master hear them, and they are devoted enough that they strive for complete honesty and transparency and thus willing bare their thoughts every evening (or whenever).

>I imagine a hotel staffed by ponies (a ponel?) who are all blind, to protect the anonymity of the clients, and make them feel safer around the "pacified" ponies. I like the idea of them always hearing new voices, not knowing who they are, only that they must be obeyed.
Ooh, that's amazing. That would be scary, too: if you serve one master and live in his home, and he makes you blind, you still trust him and you're still in familiar territory. On the other hand, if you're blinded and then placed to work in a totally unfamiliar place (like you said, what if their rooms are made of glass?), and your job involves serving a stream of strangers - new people you've never met before, have no idea what they look like and likely never will, coming in every single day - now that, would be terrifying. And so very exciting.

I didn't actually have bats in mind; allegedly, blind people can learn to echolocate to help with obtaining their surroundings. Of course it'd need a lot of practice, as in years spent being blind, and not everyone bothers (or maybe even is able to). But the idea was, assuming the slave has learned to navigate and do chores and hasn't mastered echolocation (and therefore doesn't rely on hearing for the above), then deafening them will not severely impact their ability to work, but it will absolutely kill all situational awareness. Hence, you could walk up to them and grope them at any time - or stroke them and pet them, or just grab them away from their task and put them in your lap, etc. - and take them by complete surprise, as they would have absolutely no way to anticipate it.
Now combine that last bit with the hotel idea. Have a rotating role of the "deaf slave", where, every now and then, one of the blind attendants gets their ears plugged too. They'd be assigned tasks for the day that don't need customer interaction, obviously, like cleaning well-defined areas, moving some pre-prepared things, room cleaning (where the guests are expected to vacate the room beforehand), etc. And then they'd be set on their day blind and deaf, with chores to complete but absolutely no awareness of their surroundings. Obviously a prerequisite of working in the hotel would be sufficient skill in navigating blind, so they'd rely on that to methodically complete the assigned tasks anyway, but all the while they'd be surrounded by strangers and people and be completely helpless and unaware of anything they might be doing around.
Imagine a slave on deaf duty feeling out their way to a room they've been assigned to clean, but the guests are still there for some unforeseen reason. The slave closes the door behind them after hanging the "cleaning in progress" sign and starts cleaning, convinced she's now in the room alone, and then suddenly she gets a boop on the nose out of nowhere, then gets lifted up and placed outside the room.

>bat ponies
Good point there too, definitely underutilized. Part of that might be that bat pony headcanons are so varied, and often it's "literally just pegasi but nocturnal, with bat wings, fangs and slit eyes". On the other hand, if bat ponies have poor eyesight and heavily rely on echolocation, deafening them (but leaving them sighted) could leave them almost as disoriented as a blinded normal pony, but in a totally different way. In contrast to a blind pony unable to see in front of them but hyper-focused on hearing what's going on around them, a deaf bat would go about their day constantly squinting and hyper-focused on trying to make out what's in front of them while being totally oblivious to their surroundings.
File: 72.png (735 KB, 1257x1455)
735 KB
735 KB PNG
>Obviously a prerequisite of working in the hotel would be sufficient skill in navigating blind.
There could be bumps or indents in Braille on the door frames of each room, at knee-high, for the ponies to touch and orient themselves with. Or different types of tiles and carpets to identify each section of the hotel. This is a shared/public guest area. This is an individual/private guest area. This is the services/maintenance area. This is a restricted area. These are the master's personal quarters.

I want the ponies to use their touch as much as their hearing. It's similar in concept but. Making them rely on it, would be increasing their sensitivity, but give them even less of a warning than hearing!

>The slave closes the door behind them after hanging the "cleaning in progress" sign and starts cleaning, convinced she's now in the room alone, and then suddenly she gets a boop on the nose out of nowhere, then gets lifted up and placed outside the room.
Cute! Of course, the ponies would be trained to never argue or try to defy a human hand. She'd hang limply and simply accept her fate. But... she still has her tasks! She still needs to clean the room! She'd have to go about her business cleaning the other room and then return to this one later before her shift is over.

It's one thing if she has a plan and a routine she can follow to the letter. It could even be comforting. If she simply accepts that there are things that can get in her way that she has no control over, like... we humans accept that we might get a heart attack, or a stroke or get hit by lightning or meteorite at any time of the day. It's something so unknowable unstoppable and unpredictable we don't even think about it until it happens so it doesn't bother us at all.

But if you disrupt those plans? Ooooh boy! Of course, she knows her way from room 1 to room 2 to 3 to 4 and so on... but does she know her way back from room 92 to 37? Will she be able to go there directly or finish her route and then go again from the start? And you know what? Maybe don't mark and number the rooms in this case! I hope she remembers which room still needs to get cleaned, and is good at counting the doors she walks past! Cleaning room 38 twice instead of 37 once would be so embarrassing, and no doubt severely punished! I also hope this only happens to her once, and she doesn't get deported from five different rooms at once. That's lots of numbers to count and keep track of. Was it room 37 and 48 or 38 and 47? Wait, was it room 18 or, eighteen doors from the previous one? Master will NOT accept slackers that leave any rooms uncleaned!
File: 1280155.gif (289 KB, 598x508)
289 KB
289 KB GIF

And all of that is assuming that the hands will do only that, boop and carry. She's a cute pony in a frilly maid outfit after all. What if the human decides to cuddle or rock her in their arms? Can she stay focused? And worse of all... what if they DON'T put them in front of the door? Oh, poor pony, you must be lost... I'll put you back to the common room with your friends! Oh, I so love the idea of the pony being completely disoriented after she's put down and trying to feel around herself and find anything that would help her tell what room she's in. Having her own mental map temporarily turned completely useless by not knowing which way she was facing did the human put her down. That little moment of panic and helplessness, caused not by malic but misguided kindness or plain misfortune.

And to expand on the idea of the hotel having different sections... each one of them could have different rules. Never speak in the areas with guests, never eat or drink outside of the staff areas unless being hand-fed. Always keep the tail raised in master's quarters, and lowered everywhere else! You could scare the ponies just by putting them on a different surface! These rules would be so ingrained in them they would panic and recoil back when touching something they don't understand! That they don't know how to behave on!

Imagine that you have a special type of floor, let's say cracked cobblestones, in your dungeon where all the punishments are taking place. You could "fence" the areas they are allowed to be in, just with flooring without any walls at all! Do you know those photos of useless gates blocking a road, but with no fences next to it? You could actually pen your ponies like that. A wall-less room with a single entrance barred by the gate, and walls made of half a meter of cracked cobblestone for walls, they dare not enter because "This is the hurty floor! Nope! Bad! Abort! RETREAT!"
File: 1966661.png (330 KB, 909x940)
330 KB
330 KB PNG

You could also have "personal assistants" (and for once I don't mean it in a lewd way). Imagine rows of ponies sitting on their haunches and waiting for someone to pick them up and have them carry their luggage or refill their drinks. All of them blind, some of them deaf, sitting in a little circle of the normal floor, surrounded by a step-width of cobblestone. With no way out and no choice but to wait for someone to suddenly pick them up and carry them to an unknown place to serve them any way demanded. Not knowing how many of the other ponies are left around them, how many guests there are, and who's watching. Or, if they haven't been deafened, hearing that ARE people and hearing them pick between them. "This one looks cute! How about that one? She looks a bit tired. Can that one hear us? Do you know if we can have her deafened? I want one that's deaf, they're better for cuddles." Not knowing who they're talking about until she's lifted off the ground. Hearing the guests ask questions or voice their misconceptions but not being allowed to correct them or answer. Being passed for another pony because the guest got something wrong and wanting to scream out loud but... not being able to. Or being talked to like a dog, nodding head and wagging tail, to try and communicate. Oh, the embarrassment of going through all that if/when the guest is actually talking to someone else!

Oh, oh oh! And imagine master testing you by being one of the guests! You don't know who's touching you. You might know his voice, but you probably won't know his ouch from a simple boop on the snoot! Imagine a pony protesting or getting pissy about being removed from a room. Or, if you're allowed to talk, failing to apologize after bumping into someone in the common guest rooms, because you were trying to remember so many things and numbers and not wanting to lose your focus and get distracted. So instead of bowing and going through the whole "apology" ritual you just scoot to the wall for a few seconds to let whatever dumbass guest bumped into you to pass, so you can get back to work. But as you're leaving you just hear "EXCUSE ME?" In the most overwhelming master's voice and cold sweat runs down your coat. Not only were you so careless to bump into someone, but it was your master, and you haven't apologized to him either! That's two infractions in the span of five seconds! And there's no way you'll weasel your way out of this one. He saw you with his own eyes and felt you with his own shins!
File: 1817591.jpg (88 KB, 1128x873)
88 KB

And then you just feel a leash getting attached to your collar, and he leads you, you know where. And you want to apologize, but you can't because you're still in the guest area and you're not allowed to speak here. And... for some reason, he's not taking you straight to the dungeon, but just drags you along with him because he's got more important business than to punish you RIGHT NOW.. and you're so afraid on focused on how guilty you are you forget where the hell you even are, and you now you can't even go around feeling stuff, because you don't know what's going on and might get in his way again!

And then you don't even feel any floor. He's just picked you up and you're even more lost than before, and you're hoping... hey maybe he forgot! or forgave you or... maybe just cares for you to get the job done more than to have you punished. And he saw how sorry and dejected you were knowing that you messed up (twice!). But then you heard the creaky wooden floor that leads to the lower level and you know that no... it was a forlorn hope and he's taking you to the dungeon. And now you start begging and apologizing but, he's already made up his mind. You ARE getting punished, and you can only imagine how!

Hmm... I wonder what punishments would rhyme well with the "you don't know what's there until you touch it" theme. Maybe instead of regular stuff like tickling or spanking... how about he puts you in a maze! A place that you don't know very well (or at all, if you've been a good pony until now), that's full of traps and hidden dangers. A place full of trap doors, narrow walkways, dull but painful caltrops, random metal bars just pointing out of the floor or sticking out of the walls at head height, or being set up randomly at odd angles. There are stairs that lead to solid walls or thin air. Spring-loaded traps that will knock you off your hooves without a warning. There are pits of cold water. Or sticky sugary syrup, or slippery oil. making your hooves sticky, or slip of everything. Messing up your delicately fine-tuned hooves. You have no idea where you are or where the exit is... you've stepped into a syrup puddle a few minutes ago and... oh god is that SAND? I hope you remember where the freezing water was to wash it off!
File: 1451418.png (1.15 MB, 1280x1317)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG

But the most horrifying thing is you don't know what to do or where to go! All you know is that being here is your punishment and you have to get out on your own. There is a rope hanging off the ceiling... are you supposed to climb it or will something spill on your head as soon as you pull on it with all your weight? Maybe it's both? Did he even leave you a "safe" way out? Are you supposed to avoid the spikes? Or was he so mad at you HAVE to go over the spikes to get out? Is that a door with a lock? Okay, this must be the way our you just need to find the key, right? Okay, back over the narrow ledge over the puddle of sludge again (it took you six tries just to find out what was on this side, including that one time you got knocked over by the large pendulum, and that one foot-wide part of the ledge that seems solid but gives away when you put more than half of your weight on it). You finally find the key and... make your way back to the door and... the key doesn't fit? Is... is the maze full of fake keys? Are you going to go search for another one and climb back here every time, or should you rather go searching for more keys at the time and only try to get back here only once? You have no idea if you're done or how close to the solution you are. If Master is being cruel or if you're just dumb. Maybe all the keys are fake, or maybe you're just not searching thoroughly enough. And so, reluctantly but desperately you dive yourself into the pools of sludge. Maybe the real key is in one of the corners at the bottom of the pool, or maybe, you try waiving your hooves in the air. Maybe the real key is right next to the door! Hanging on a thin strand right above your head! You have no way to tell!

Hmmm... I'm heavily inspired by the feeling of getting lost in the old shooters like Doom. You think you've been everywhere, all the enemies you could find are dead... but still the exist is locked behind a colored door that required a card you don't have! So you run around the level, humping the walls, searching the same rooms over and over, hoping to find that one switch that you must have missed somewhere. It gets so frustrating so quickly! Now imagine that except it's not a videogame. You can't quit, there is no guide in which you could look. You don't know what the rules actually are, and every time you try something and fail, it actually hurts!
File: 1364959.jpg (220 KB, 861x1127)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
>Why yes, I do fantasize about being the slave at least as much as I do about being the master, what gave it away?
I don't, but I do enjoy seeing situations described from the slave's perspective. It always seems more intense.

>I wish i would have been a more active poster when SiM was still more active itself

You have no idea how happy the moderns SiM revival has made me. I have been here since day one and tried settling in other places after the thread died, but no other places ever felt like home, like SiM does.

There's just something special in being able to call something your own. I think that everyone who wished they had a pony slave knows that.

>I've practically never written before through
Neither did I... until I did.

>Not really "dressing" but I'm a fan of piercings for this, especially since they work really well for longer-term denial; they feel much more secure too,
>i personally still like the idea of a plainly visible chastity belt although integrating it with piercings doesnt seem like a bad idea at all
100% agreed. The best thing about securing things piercings is that they "punish" you for moving around too much or trying to mess with them. The extra layer of "I need to be careful here" is physically-minimalist mental bondage.

>Imagine human Dash.
>Imagine her doing sports.
>Now imagine nipple piercings that go THROUGH her shirt.
>Now imagine the same dash doing the same sports again.
See the difference?

On a similar note. One of the hottest things to do is setting slaves up for failure by making them struggle against a hidden disadvantage. Especially if nobody else is allowed to know about it. The blinding lenses and earplugs discussed earlier could be a common thing, "fair" when compared to the other equally disadvantaged ponies. But what if she also has to deal with something else? A low-humming vibrator? An uncomfortable piercing? Or maybe she just didn't get the opportunity to use the toiled in the morning like everypony else?

And it could be even funnier if she doesn't know about her disadvantage either! What better way to mess with a too-confident cocky pony than to make sure she fails "because she got too overconfident"? How could that be? Imagine there is an event and every pony needs to wear a butt plug the entire evening. What if hers is larger? She has no idea what plugs the other ponies are wearing, and it would be naturals to assume that everpony wears the same. So if she has trouble running as fast as the other slaves, or bowing as deep as them... it must be her own fault then.

On third thought... being knowingly and openly disadvantaged is also hot as hell. Specifically, if everyone acknowledges the handicap bud denies that it's unfair.
>Can't jump that high? It's your own fault you're so short!
I was also quite fond of the "colts are just disobedient fillies" discussion from a few threads back.
Oh, that's fun. I like the idea of training touch by emphasizing that hearing is a privilege, not a right. Of course hearing would still be mostly allowed just for practical reasons (a totally disoriented and helpless slave is fun, but the hotel still has to be ran effectively), but any slave could have their hearing taken away at any time for a while.
Except the slaves assigned to customer care duty, of course. But that comes with the responsibility of serving unknown, unseen patrons to the best of your ability, as discussed above. Is it better to get cleaning/backrooms duty, with a chance of having to navigate blind and deaf? Or know that you'll have your hearing for the day, but get put in the common rooms?

>Oh, poor pony, you must be lost... I'll put you back to the common room with your friends!
Oh, I love that so much. Especially if it's not obvious that they're deaf. Imagine the human doting on the "lost" pony, telling them how cute they are, then bringing them to some landmark or common place and explaining to them exactly where they are and where they're facing in order to make things easier for the blind servant. All the while she can't hear a thing and now she's totally disoriented and has no idea where she is and is panicking because she knows she has to complete her tasks and has no idea how to find her way back now.

>never speak in the areas with guests
This one's great. Makes sure the poor disoriented pony isn't able to ask for help, and ensures the well-meaning humans won't find it weird when the pony they're carrying doesn't respond to anything they're saying.
>A wall-less room with [...] walls made of half a meter of cracked cobblestone for walls
Now wait a second. Does the room have walls or not?
Or do you mean a half-meter of cobblestone on the floor around the room? Right. That's fantastic.

>Imagine rows of ponies sitting on their haunches and waiting for someone to pick them up and have them carry their luggage or refill their drinks. All of them blind, some of them deaf, sitting in a little circle of the normal floor, surrounded by a step-width of cobblestone.
>"Can that one hear us? Do you know if we can have her deafened? I want one that's deaf, they're better for cuddles."
I love everything about this.

>maze punishment
I got called away before finishing typing but I typed most of my reply as you were still posting, and I'd keep reading your post, typing a reply, and then you'd post another "(cont.)" and every single post is better than the last.
Aaand one more just to prove the point further.

I love love love this maze punishment idea. It gets rearranged regularly, so nothing's ever in the same place (unless you're really get punishment multiple times in quick succession, in which case you have bigger things to worry about than leaning the maze layout). After you get dropped off the door behind you locks and you have to find your way out.
Oh but you still have your tasks to complete for today; if you don't, then the more long-term punishments kick in: no goodnight pettings from master. Sleeping alone, no cuddling with your fellow slaves. Extra teasing down there, and the next allowed release gets pushed back a week. No cooked meals, then no fruit or vegetables, then not even sweet oats or barley grain and just rough hay. That kind of stuff. You don't want to lose your pettings and your cuddles! Perhaps worst of all, you don't want to disappoint master more than you already have! You need to get out, you'll be late already of course but you want to at least try to complete some of your remaining tasks!

So you can't just slowly inch forward, instead you break into a canter trying to feel out the walls, and bonk into a metal bar. Or step full-speed onto the dull spiked floor. Or you barrel right onto the oil floor, then in your rising panic keep crumpling into walls when feeling a corner in front of you and being unable to stop in time. Ooh, and sand on the hooves is really gonna mess up your sense of touch - you might step on a small key on the floor and not even feel it! Better wash it off... Oh no. Oh NO. Looks like you found the liquid latex pool, and your hoof effortlessly sunk through the thin top solidifed layer and knee-deep into the liquid beneath. You try to shake it off but the thin layer coating both your front hooves dries quickly, and now they're sealed sealed in a layer of rubber that dulls everything and makes texture impossible to discern. It's seeped into your fur so peeling it off is going to be painful and time-consuming. And of course the sand is still embedded inside, chafing against your sensitive hooves.
It's probably evening by now, and curfew soon. Most of your tasks are likely already forfeit; you're looking at at least two or three days without master's pettings, and a whole night - even two if you're unlucky - sleeping alone.

>Is... is the maze full of fake keys? Are you going to go search for another one and climb back here every time, or should you rather go searching for more keys at the time and only try to get back here only once?
Or maybe you just found your way back to the entrance door through a different path. The one that got locked after you were dropped off, and isn't meant to be opened from the inside. There is no key. How long are you going to try to puzzle it out, until you find another door or a different way to exit? Maybe the keys are all fake, and the exit isn't a locked door at all. Maybe you have to find the stairs up, except they're missing until just above head level, so you'd have to jump and pull yourself up but if you're just walking normally you'll go right under them without even noticing.
And if you don't figure it out, you'll spend the night here, not just "without cuddles" but utterly alone, not just "with hay for dinner" but skipping dinner outright.
Of course it's not like you have any way to tell the time - maybe it's only late afternoon and if you miraculously got out you could even get a few chores done yet, or maybe it's already past midnight and if you do get out, you'd better be really quiet lest you accidentally wake someone since you didn't realise it's the middle of the night. That would be bad.
You'll get picked up in the morning of course, and brought out in shame. The walls in the maze are probably waste-high, insurmountable for a submissive pony but giving easy survey to any human wanting to check up on whoever's being punished. If you can't make your way out on your own and they have to do that, then it's no cuddles for a week, at least, and you'll probably have your next chastity release pushed back by a month at least - if master is feeling generous.
>Hmmm... I'm heavily inspired by the feeling of getting lost in the old shooters like Doom [...]
Yeah makes sense. Except that rather than killing enemies making the level easier here instead you walk into more traps making things only harder with time. And of course you're blind, you don't know what colour card the door needs, you don't even know if you need a card or if there even is a door.

Man I'm kinda sorry for anyone catching up to the thread if they're not quite into the same things as us and get greeted by these walls of text. But your ideas are amazing and this brainstorming has resulted in one of the best fantasy scenarios I've ever imagined.
What wouldn't I give to at least be a guest in a hotel like this, and get to pick up blind and deaf mares and rub their belly and cuddle, then drop them in a random room and watch them nervously try to ascertain their surroundings and make their way back. Let alone of course being the master to design all this and command the adoration and devotion of a full crew of slave mares, depriving them of their senses as I please and setting them to tasks or punishments in that vulnerable state. (Or, as mentioned, yes even to be a maid in such a hotel. If that was the option, I'd take it in a heartbeat too.)
>no other places ever felt like home, like SiM does.
True, true. There's just no other thread that tackles the same kind of subject matter.

>The best thing about securing things piercings is that they "punish" you for moving around too much or trying to mess with them. The extra layer of "I need to be careful here"
This reminds me of this wonderful tag - "shared piercing". It has five images total, three of which are b&thro, but the other two are masterpieces. The fluttershy one especially. The need to be careful because it's literally anchored in your flesh is something you don't really find in almost any other kind of bindings.

>One of the hottest things to do is setting slaves up for failure by making them struggle against a hidden disadvantage.
Absolutely. Actually the blackout lenses and even the earplugs were partly meant like that at first, before the whole "hotel with fully blind pony staff" idea was brought up. If you have mostly sighed slaves, you'd then blind one and set them to perform the exact same slave duties everypony else has. The point being exactly that, a "hidden" disadvantage while she's forced to try to compensate.
Of course it'd be less hidden if you actually observe the slave hoofing at things to feel them out, navigating by holding walls, etc., and their fellow slaves would likely be aware of what's going on, but if e.g. there are guests or visitors just casually glancing they might not pick up on that.
Or consider the slave hotel idea, and as much as I adore the blind slave hotel consider instead one where most of the staff is sighted. So a guest comes in, and a slave gets a trolley with their belongings and follows them to their room. They think nothing of it, but meanwhile the slave is straining to pick out their footsteps and closely follow them since losing them will cause a bunch of embarassement and of course some punishment, and fully relying on a mental map of the building to navigate along, because she can't see a single thing.

On the more general topic of "hidden disadvantage", this is why I specifically brought up lenses instead of blindfolds to make it less conspicuous. And this is the same reason I prefer something like a labial piercing to a chastity belt - maybe most slaves get regular relief, but this one hasn't orgasmed for months. But there's no big clunky chastity belt to signal that; she's just slightly more aroused at all times, and has to deal with that without anypony noticing.
>Or maybe she just didn't get the opportunity to use the toiled in the morning like everypony else?
This one's very underrated too. Bladder restrictions can be extremely humiliating and debilitating, but 99.9% of the content on the subject is just for watersports. Its use for bondage and as a restraint gets mentioned once in a blue moon at best.
Since the topic was brought up, let me pour down more autism. So imagine a catheter, but wide enough for three separate passages. One just leads to the bladder like a catheter, though it's thin so with very restricted flow. Another is used to inflate a tiny but rigid balloon; when inflated, this serves as an anchor and prevents the device from being removed. And the final one allows inflating a soft but stretchier balloon, that can fill the entire bladder.
The openings of the first two tubes can be sealed or unsealed as desired. Presumably the one for the anchor balloon would be sealed semi-permanently, so the slave isn't getting the device out any time soon. The catheter could have a locking and unlocking mechanism; maybe it'd be connected to a lockable piercing which would squeeze the tube shut.
And finally, the tube for the large, bladder-filling balloon would be connected to a tiny pressure-control valve, that would maintain the balloon inflated to a light pressure but would allow it to deflate very gradually.

So you fit the device, sealing it in with the anchor. Then you lock the catheter for the day: no relief until master says so. And then you inflate the large balloon, and now the slave immediately feels pressure down there. From the very start, even when their bladder's "empty", they really really have to go.
Over the course of the day, as their bladder fills, the valve very slowly lets the big balloon deflate. This lets them actually safely go about their day (bladder rupture isn't pleasant), they can actually realistically go for most of the day without physically needing to pee... but from the moment the big balloon is inflated, they feel a constant need for which there's no relief.
Then by the evening their bladder is actually full, and by that time the big balloon has deflated more or less entirely and takes up almost no space. Then and only then - though maybe not quite soon enough; maybe there are more chores to be done even then before they earn release. But after that - finally the catheter is unlocked. And then they can relieve themselves, and finally feel comfort and relaxation after a day of non-stop desperation.

And then the big balloon gets reinflated, and they have to go really badly again even though their bladder's empty.
File: thisiswhatiwant.jpg (198 KB, 723x1024)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
>Why yes, I do fantasize about being the slave at least as much as I do about being the master, what gave it away?
I do aswell, except I definitely do it more than being the master depending on the character. For instance
I want so bad for me to be Shim's Slave, especially if shes tall/muscular
What the fuck happened why is there so much text
Now I am not complaining but what the fuck
File: 2639941.png (687 KB, 1920x1078)
687 KB
687 KB PNG
>Now wait a second. Does the room have walls or not?
I was imagining a large room like a banquet hall (with actual walls) containing a smaller "room" with "walls" made of cobblestone flooring. Humans can go when and where they please, but from the ponies' perspective they're "locked" in the small room and the humans can phase through its "walls".

>Oh but you still have your tasks to complete for today
>So you can't just slowly inch forward...
Yes! The maze needs time pressure as well. Personally, I was thinking of a more desperate and dramatic "make it out or starve down here", but your interpretation is much better. Much more playful and not as unnecessarily edgy.

The maze doesn't need to be that hard, but knowing that solving it is eating up your "free time" and when you're out of that you'll be AWOL from your "work time" is absolutely fantastic. The stakes are low but rapidly rising... and you don't even know how fast!

>you'd better be really quiet lest you accidentally wake someone since you didn't realise it's the middle of the night.
That's right! Time disorientation is another delectable layer of confusion to toss in!

Imagine you go to sleep at 9 PM. you have to be up and ready by 6 AM. Except... there is no clock in your room. Actually, there is not a single room in the entire hotel that TELLS you the time. Oh, there's plenty of clocks that SHOW the time, but neither you nor any of the other ponies can see! And you can't ask any of the guests either.

so you always walk around with your ears peaked, and then randomly overhear "half-past four?" but because you were paying attention to so many other things you don't know if it's the current time, or if they're planning to do something at that time, or how accurate they're speaking. It could be five minutes early or too late! And you have to sync up your internal mental clock with what little you get to know each time. Doubting if you were wrong or if the guest just didn't care to be accurate.

And don't think that just because you don't know what time it is, you have any excuse to be late! I wonder how much time you'd spend just idly sitting in front of doors, coming five, fifteen, fifty minutes early, not to miss something.

>then the more long-term punishments kick in: no goodnight pettings from master. Sleeping alone, no cuddling with your fellow slaves.
Good-night pettings and cuddles with Master are delivered between 20:30 and 20:55. You would not presume to blame Master that you weren't there for them, right?

Similarly with meals and such.
File: 2393347.png (998 KB, 1277x1806)
998 KB
998 KB PNG

>The walls in the maze are probably waste-high, insurmountable for a submissive pony but giving easy survey to any human wanting to check up on whoever's being punished.
I was thinking of more of a theater setup. With the maze (and the unfortunate pony) on the bottom floor, and people walking and freely observing from the second. I imagine it would be quite a popular hangout for the guests. Kind of like a cross between a reality show, Takeshi's Castle, Wipeout, and the Squid Game... except instead of winning money or dying... it's your lunch break and Master's opinion of you that's on the line.

>Sleeping alone, no cuddling with your fellow slaves.
Oooh, I like it. Being all blind and sometimes deaf, and not being allowed to talk most of the time, I imagine all the ponies would have become very cuddly. The natural instinct is to seek safety in the numbers of the herd. And even with any of the "real" life-threatening dangers eliminated. Loneliness would still mean danger. It's not just you who has breakfast between 7:30 and 7:40, you ALL do. You don't need to keep track of time if you go when every pony else is going. You don't need to know the layout of the building if you just follow in the footsteps of the herd.

Who will wake you up on time if you're sleeping alone?

>Man I'm kinda sorry for anyone catching up to the thread if they're not quite into the same things as us and get greeted by these walls of text.
Meh, let them suffer, they're missing out on a good thing!

>Or, as mentioned, yes even to be a maid in such a hotel. If that was the option, I'd take it in a heartbeat too.
Imagine being a pony and applying for a job. You've never seen the inside of the hotel and the interview was dine off-site through some hiring agency. You want to get a "job" as a slave because you're into it, the pay is good, and the anti-abuse laws where you live are great, and you get free food, housing, and healthcare. You're told the basic rules (never speak, never resist, always obey,...)

But no one ever explains to you the rest. You wake up, blind, somewhere in the hotel. You call out and someone's hoof immediately covers your mouth. The others know you are new (you wouldn't do something so stupid if you weren't) and they want you to help not get punished. But from your point of view, you're being swarmed and pinned down by a mom of unknown assailants. You start fighting back but you can't see anything and there's so many of them! You get swarmed and pinned down. Hyperventilating and crying as you think of the worst.

But they just wait for you to calm down, and let you go. You try to make another sound, still scared but now also confused. And immediately another hoof plugs your mouth again. Then somepony else grabs your head and slowly non-violently turns your head from side to side, signifying "no". You think for a moment and then nod. Then they let your mouth go free and hug you instead.
File: 1530449.png (275 KB, 855x668)
275 KB
275 KB PNG

You don't know who they are, and they don't know you either, you will never learn their faces, their names, or their cutie marks, but you're part of the herd now. You're family, friends, and a harem all at the same time... You don't even know how many of you here are, and it will be months before you'll be able to guess so. But they try to help you as best as they can. Maybe not because you're in this together, but because master sees, and he likes well-behaved slaves. Getting you to behave will make him happy and who knows... maybe he'll be so impressed with her, that she taught you how to be good, that he'll reward her in some way!

>your next chastity release pushed back by a month at least
I'm thinking of more of a schedule for releases? Let's say, Once on your birthday, once on your name day (the name that Master gave you, not the one that you used to be calling yourself with you silly!), once for every holiday, and once for every X-th day of the month (depends on when you were hired, different for every pony) except in Locktober, No-Nut November and Denial December. So... about 22 orgasms a year? (Depending on where you live.) Once every two to three weeks on average? I think that's generous and fair.

Though remember, it's your own fault if you miss your opportunity and you're not sitting prepared ready in front of your master's bedroom when your time slot comes up.

Imagine how exciting thanksgivings would be when the hotel is full of guests, there's more traffic, way more work than usual, and the consequences of messing up (and missing upon your rare autumn release as a result) are so much more severe!

And how would you learn when your release day is, anyway? By sitting in front of his door and listening to the other mares panting and moaning (he allows that in his room), smelling their juices. Making a puddle of your own juices, unable to bear the olfactory and auditory teasing, but also unwilling to leave.. in case it IS your release day and it's just not your turn yet. Not knowing if you'll finally be swimming in pleasure today, or leaving more pent up and frustrated again.

>On the more general topic of "hidden disadvantage", this is why I specifically brought up lenses instead of blindfolds to make it less conspicuous. And this is the same reason I prefer something like a labial piercing to a chastity belt
How about finding a strip of loose Velcro on the underside of your uniforms? Is this normal? Are you the only one? To whom would you complain? You're not gonna try to rip it off and destroy the uniform right? Master would NOT be happy about that! And you don't know what the other mares are going through either! Is this a test? A warning-level punishment? Does master even know that it's there?
File: 2745805.jpg (2.3 MB, 3000x3000)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG

>This reminds me of this wonderful tag - "shared piercing". It has five images total, three of which are b&thro, but the other two are masterpieces. The fluttershy one especially.
I hate, love, and am also proud of myself, that I know for a fact exactly which pictures you're talking about without having to look them up.

But I don't like the Fluttershy one. I like subby pony mares and dominant human males. (Subby feminized stallions are also okay.) And think that both people sharing the piercing are the subs. Similarly with something like neck-leash connecting to a cock right. It looks fun but... I don't want to get my dick ripped off if she starts choking!

The best use of shared piercing is for teaching slaves that hate each other how to cooperate.
>Have two slaves (not blinded this time).
>They argue instead of working.
>Get angry.
>Remove their tongue piercings.
>Replace them with a shared padlock.
>Slap one slave and send her crashing into the other.
>They roll on the ground screaming, yelping, and cursing at each other.
>"Asses in the air!" You shout and swish your cane through the air.
>The immediately obey.
>Every second spent delaying is one extra stroke!
>Spank them both a few times.
>Go to your kitchen.
>Come back with a bottle of lemon juice.
>Splash a few drops on their tongues.
>They're unable to neither spit nor swallow.
>They recoil from in their own way only hurting themselves worse.
>"I'm going out for three hours, and when I get back you will have a dinner waiting for me."
>"I don't know how you're going to do it, or how you'll decide what you're going to make."
>"But if there's not a dinner when I get back, you'll be drinking the whole bottle of THIS!"
>Splash them with the lemon juice again.
>Refuse to elaborate further.

>Bladder restrictions can be extremely humiliating and debilitating, but 99.9% of the content on the subject is just for watersports.
Yea, I'm not into watersports myself (either?), but I love the control aspect of it.

>Since the topic was brought up, let me pour down more autism
You are a beautiful person and your autism is lovely. An incessant need with no possible relief, other than at the hands of the Master. The exact same principle as orgasm control, but applied to other bodily functions. Imagine controlling your slaves to a degree where "not inflating your pressure balloon" and being allowed to have a day (at least the start of it) without the need to pee as a reward! Or, to bully the slave a bit, letting her think she got off easy by only inflating her balloon halfway, but setting the pressure valve higher than usual so as the day goes on, not only will it get worse, but much worse than she could imagine!... And having to work in pain, knowing that if she doesn't do her job exactly right, Master might be even harsher next time! The start of her day was relatively easy... what if he'll inflate the balloon to this level of pressure right away?!
i started it with >>37842591
you cna propably folder it under "autism" and it shouldnt be any other way
long live SiM
>And don't think that just because you don't know what time it is, you have any excuse to be late!
>Good-night pettings and cuddles with Master are delivered between 20:30 and 20:55. You would not presume to blame Master that you weren't there for them, right?
Ooh, that's downright evil.
I think that with time, the slaves will hone their sense of time, just like they'll learn to navigate almost-confidently, clean efficiently while blind, etc. Innate timekeeping can be pretty accurate: many people who live on a schedule frequently wake up at the usual alarm time even on weekends/days off, and that's without having to learn to rely on it entirely, just incidentally.

But for the first few months? Ouch. They'll be utterly dependent on the herd for things like waking up, meal times, etc. Hopefully they learn to identify the herd moving to queue up for goodnight pettings sooner rather than later.
And if they're punished and have to sleep alone? Yeah, good luck. You better be extra attentive and on your absolute best behaviour to avoid a vicious spiral of being punished more and more, ending up disoriented more and more, and thus failing more and more.

>I was thinking of more of a theater setup [for the maze].
See I think there's two ways to look at it. One is that the slaves are objects, just there for entertainment, and to generate profit for master by making his hotel very unique. Oh they can be treated well, anti-abuse laws and all plus ponies are cute so master's goodnight pettings are genuine, but there's no real individual love or relationship. And then making a show of the punishment maze can be a great attraction for guests and is a no-brainer.
Another perspective is that the slaves are there because they willingly want to serve master. Sure they may not have foreseen all the details, so master still gets to have his fun, and of course a willingly blind and deaf pony is not much less disoriented than one who didn't sign up for that; but the slaves all know master personally, and he loves each and every one of them, and the goodnight cuddles aren't just a ritual for positive reinforcement and to pet good ponies but a genuine show of affection of a loving master to his loyal slaves.
I myself did consider also mentioning the maze could be public, but I'm a proponent of the latter case, and in that interpretation punishment isn't just some negative reinforcement for psychological conditioning, but a much more emotionally significant: "you disappointed your master; you have to atone". The slaves would want to get out, not just because it's unpleasant and due to the time pressure, but they'd be genuinely devastated at having disappointed the master they love so much and would be scrambling to make things right.
In this kind of arrangement, I think the maze would be best kept private. It's ultimately an intimate relationship between slave and master, not a public spectacle. Publicly humiliating displays come when master orders them,
and slaves would perform them with pride that they get to serve master. But this isn't an assignment or a scheme from master, this is a punishment for misbehaving; this isn't the time or place for strangers to gawk at the funny slave struggling through the punishment.

Eh I dunno, maybe I'm getting too philosophical or emotional here.

>that job signup
Love the scenario, though it does kind of conflict with my idea of "intimate individual relationship with master".
On the other hand, they might come to build that kind of relationship with time anyway. It'd be trickier, certainly, but nevertheless possible. It'd just take time.
>You don't know who they are, and they don't know you either, you will never learn their faces, their names, or their cutie marks, but you're part of the herd now.
Harsh. I love it. Truly just servant slaves. Never even getting to know what your fellow slaves look like really highlights the level of restriction and helplesness they're in.

>I'm thinking of more of a schedule for releases?
I was thinking more at regular intervals than on specific dates. Like, not on the Xths of every month, but like every 4 weeks or so.
And if you're really bad, then this getting extended is a possible punishment. Maybe it's just an extra week. Or two weeks. Or a whole extra month, basically skipping an orgasm.

Special feast-day release opportunities are a great idea, though. Since it coincides with extra workload, it just adds so much excitement and such stakes to it. If you blunder in all the traffic and get punished just before release day, you might miss out on the chance entirely, so everypone would be on their absolute best behaviour in the run-up. Then on the day itself, good luck juggling your frantic tasks with the apppointed time for release (you DID learn to accurately keep track of time by now, right?) all while handling the ever-present risk of copping a last-minute punishment disqualifying you... Holidays will be a VERY tiring and stressful time for the slaves.

>shared piercings
>But I don't like the Fluttershy one
Eh I always imagined the stallion was a dom. It's a bit weird definitely, and now that you mentioned it does make sense for him to be a sub, but I hadn't even considered that till now. I always took it as "your tongue is now chained to my dick, slave". Yeah, I do realise the logistics of that would be questionable.

>the two slaves
Fantastic. I love it so much.

>Imagine controlling your slaves to a degree where "not inflating your pressure balloon" and being allowed to have a day (at least the start of it) without the need to pee is a reward!
Oh yes, exactly. So many possibilities to use this for control in different ways, I hadn't even considered them.

Call it crippling debilitating autism. Me and I think one or two other anons accidentally discovered we have very similar views and fetishes around control and denial, and now we're stuck in a loop building on each other's ideas.
File: 6173064.png (815 KB, 2550x3300)
815 KB
815 KB PNG
since we are talking about slavescenarios:
>forced kissing of blinded slaves so they dont know if it is their best friend they are currently making out with or that cute stallion master bought recently.
>as to how they are forced, there are many ways: a short chain between their collars, a double-latexmask, piercings connected with a little padlock or simply them being told to continue kissing until told to stop
>if you want to dial it up a bit, forced sexual acts but always short of what should only be the masters privilege. after all, actual penetration and orgasms are something that belong to master alone
>if slaves still need training, it can also be made "pelasureable" to them. they like kissing? let them share a doubleended dildo so they can get better at deepthroating while maybe even managing to still have their tongues meet in the middle!

i also still really want to boy a cute kirinboy and feminize his ass
There's something sublimely hot about kissing over a double deepthroated dildo. Both slaves pushing to the limit, enduring the gagging and the lack of breathing, just to be able to reach the other and hold a sloppy, drooly attempt at a kiss. Where they can't really move away either, except by carefully both moving straight back to extract the dildo from their throats.
This could also result in breathplay. With the airpipe blocked by the deep dildo, one slave could start running out of air while the other is insisting on holding the kiss and pushing down. It takes two to pull out, and of course by definition they're both quite effectively gagged. If we're talking about blinded slaves, the one pushing might not even realise that the one trying to pull away is desperately trying to breathe.
File: 1616109718911.png (3.38 MB, 3346x3016)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB PNG
>This could also result in breathplay.
talking about breathplay
>have two slaves who end up in love with each other
>decide to "help them out" by making them do everything together
>same shifts, same responisbilities, same uniforms
>the goal being to really make them work as one
>being the sadistic fuck you are, you decide they should also "breathe as one"
>both slaves have a latexmask put over their head with breathingtube connecting to a Y-connecter
>said Y-piece leads to one of those "regular breathing bags"
>the slaves now have to breathe in at the same time or one of them breathes in what the other just put out
now add some more regular bondage so the slaves are constantly "hugging" each other, put them under a blanket and let those two lovebirds enjoy each other
i think it would make for a very pretty picture, perhaps good enough to put it in a frame over their shared bed to always remind them of their connection
Oh yes, that's very nice.
>being the sadistic fuck you are
That's not sadistic, that's very romantic! I'm sure they can figure out synchronised breathing pretty quickly. Do this regularly for a little while and condition the slaves to just naturally breathe at the same rate, and automatically synchronise whenever they're together, even when unrestricted. Think about how cute that would be.

Of course if you use one of those rebreather bags it also needs careful breathing control to allow breathing in at all, but they can probably figure that out too. It's not all that hard, at least if there's nothing that could cause uncontrolled or shaky breathing - you know, like a toy vigorously stimulating them, or sharp pain from a spank or whip, or physical exertion (whether from a difficult chore, or maybe some kind of predicament bondage?). As long as none of that happens to them, it should be downright easy and comfortable for the slaves!
File: 2197092.png (219 KB, 290x421)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
>predicament bondage
eternally underrated imo

on another note, opinions on ponyplay with both ponies and/or humans?
anon, read the filename.
Screencap from a comic iirc. I'll post the others tomorrow
File: 1848315.png (615 KB, 1280x927)
615 KB
615 KB PNG
Been busier than ever before. I'm working on an update now— won't make myself beholden to a deadline I can't guarantee— but my interest in continuing is very much alive. If you want to see more of a particular pony let me know, the cast is so big that running everyone's character arcs in parallel is nigh impossible, at least with my time constraints.
File: more pets.png (396 KB, 800x849)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
Oh nice. I was the anon that asked about your story. You don't have to provide a deadline or anything like that, but knowing that the interest in the story is still alive provides some form of comfort.

I would like to more about Anon and Trixie's relationship. Will he get her to submit completely or will she continue to keep that fire of hers alive through all the hardships she's had to endure so far?

Thank you for the story Penta.
File: 1127923.png (843 KB, 975x1800)
843 KB
843 KB PNG
>that Coco

What a QT.
File: 2264868.jpg (100 KB, 1365x1141)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
she is always a QT and exists to be dressed up in the outfits you force her to make
File: 2665893.png (1.26 MB, 1968x2345)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
Good girl.
File: 2522661.png (3.73 MB, 1879x2337)
3.73 MB
3.73 MB PNG
What's your favourite gag type and why? Discuss at length.
If I had to pick one, a dildogag
>comes in different sizes for different occasions
>small with just the head not only simply mutes your slave, but also trains it where to put that tongue to use.
>mediumlength that does not yet reach the throat is I think a good way to get a slave used to ar least have its mouth filled. Perhaps you want sleep with a pone strapped to your crotch all night... this would be the best training
>deepthroatgags are good for punishing as well as last stretch of training left. Leave a breathingtube in the middle and longtermuse should also be possible with the right motivation
>honorable mentions go to all the sharable gags so slaves can show their love for each other as well as gags hidden under breathingmasks when in public
File: 1497387553523.png (362 KB, 900x1050)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
>"now hold that pose for the next hour and there will be no spankings for the entire staff for the next week!"
When she inevitably falls... you can blame her for all the spankings. UNFFF
Fuck that's so good. I'd love to watch her strain, give it her absolute all in keeping this unforgiving pose, until her muscles start shaking, pushing through with force of will, until finally her leg physically gives out and she collapses.
Best part about this is that this isn't an order where she wants to comply to avoid punishment, as during normal tasks. In fact there's no punishment at all for failing (at least no stated punishment - if spankings coincidentally become a lot stricter and more common in the next week, who's gonna prove the connection?).
You just give her the option, and it's entirely her own free choice to decide to attempt it anyway. And then you get to watch as, purely out of the goodness of her heart, she pours her all into this impossible challenge, enduring the torturous strain until her muscles physically can't take it anymore and give out. Watch her spirit shatter with the realisation that she failed, that she wasn't strong enough to give a reprieve to all her fellow slaves, watch her be as broken as if you had condemned her to the lower dungeons despite the fact that she's free to continue about her day with no consequences just the same as if you'd never made the offer. Watch her wallow in shame and avoid meeting her fellow slaves, knowing that for a moment they had hope - and then she failed them, and dashed that hope.
The other slaves obviously wouldn't begrudge her, but Twilight seems like the kind of pony who would take this kind of responsibility far to seriously and would be unable to forgive herself.
Also, a thought I had after posting this: this would be even better if Twilight was generally treated preferentially, against her wishes. She'd be the "royal slave", mostly used for cuddles and looking pretty and rarely spanked or punished severely. The other slaves would be work slaves, set to do the actual chores and punished much more strictly.
Twilight would hate and resent this kind of dynamic, but she'd have no say in it. And then this challenge would be an opportunity for her to "repay" the lower slaves normally forced to serve even her, and then failure would sting even worse. Especially if she herself got absolutely no consequences and continued to be pampered, and had to watch as all the other slaves got spanked extra strictly for the rest of the week.
File: 2244275.png (1.71 MB, 2550x3300)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
it is very similair to the "transfixed"-tag where pones are being held in place by a magic pedestal. only that this time there is no magic "aid" to keep them in place, just their willpower and perhaps fear or punishment afterwards by who or whatever caught the slave failing.
the appeal for me is just in turning a living, feeling, breathing being into "thing". a figurine, a statue, a doll or whatever you want to come up with and to do whatever you want with it. what use is a very pretty ponyslave if you cant admire its beauty like one would painting?
a delightfully devilish scenario and with it dynamic. a slave that was bought for the sole purpose of being soft, inviting and pretty and only used for that role... and then the slave that has to pull heavy carts, do all the cleaning and housework and is ready to fell into its bed at the end of its shift each day.
File: 2669912.jpg (609 KB, 1648x2680)
609 KB
609 KB JPG
File: long live SiM.png (597 KB, 1080x1080)
597 KB
597 KB PNG
Let this moment be forever remembered as one of SiM's finest!
File: 36255.png (544 KB, 1280x1024)
544 KB
544 KB PNG

>many people who live on a schedule frequently wake up at the usual alarm time even on weekends/days off
Yes, yes and I absolutely hate it.

>See I think there's two ways to look at it.
It's exactly as you described, and it's something I struggle with as well. I think my problem is the scale.

I WANT my slaves to be special to me and love them dearly and give them my full undivided attention. To be patronizing and domineering, and sometimes be mean, but never mean-spirited. I want to make them struggle and strain, but never despair and break. I want to live for them just as they live for me... only in a different way.

But with how many of them can I do that? One? absolutely! Two to three? As mall herd? I think so! A dozen? I'm not so sure about that. I would liken it to having children. I think I could fully love all my children if there were a few of them (not in a lewd way you sickos!)... but if I was one of those medieval lords that had fifty bastards? Eeeeh who cares that one of them died of cholera, I'll make another next month.

What I'm afraid of, is that the hotel would require so many ponies I couldn't keep track of them, emotionally I mean. I'm sure I could know their names (or cheat by giving the uniforms with name tags! They'd never know, hehe!) But could I keep track of their doctor's appointments? I know it sounds silly, but I think that's roughly the degree of knowledge equivalent to knowing someone as a person. If I have to hire someone else to keep track of these things (perhaps elevate one of the slaves to a role like this), then I've just created a middle management in my herd/harem... They're no longer pets working to make me happy, now they're employees working to do a job.

If they were pets, of course I'd keep the maze private, with no one but me being there to watch... Master should always be keeping an eye on his slaves, especially when they're in a position where they can easily hurt themselves more seriously than intended. You were also right about picking them up from the maze if things go too bad. The ideal time to pick them up would be when they've suffered just a tiny bit harder than they can take and fallen to anxiety and fear but not outright despair. Ideally, the slave should be ready, willing, and enthusiastic to apologize when you end their punishment. They should learn their lesson, not become catatonic.

But if they were employees? Entertaining the guest by stumbling in the maze would be just another job (from Master's point of view at least). It would be less of a proper punishment and more of like... one of those "bad" jobs that someone needs to do, but no one wants to be doing, like cleaning the toilets in public restrooms.
my fucking sides
it's a beautiful moment though
Wait, this isn't every thread?
File: 2223582.jpg (2.17 MB, 2512x1678)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB JPG

>I was thinking more at regular intervals than on specific dates. Like, not on the Xths of every month, but like every 4 weeks or so.
That's ummm... pretty much the exact same thing? But I like my idea better because not every month is the lame length. It adds another ingredient into the mix of disorientation and uncertainty. Counting the exact same number of days every time is easy. But, imagine sitting in front of your master's bedroom, hearing the other ponies cry sigh, and moan... and then when you're all needy and ready to finally get your turn, hear Master just walking away without even acknowledging your existence.

D-Did you mess up? Are you a day early? What if you really messed up and you're a day LATE, and have to wait another whole month! (Minus one day! You better not make the same mistake again!)

Would you care to guess how many ponies would miss one of their monthly orgasms, because they forgot that this was a leap year and February had one day extra this time?

Also, I really think that Ponies should have to "ask" for their orgasm by being at their appointment, instead of just getting picked up and having orgasms given to them. It just lacks that "please use me Master" flavor that having to show up and wait their turn does.

On second thought, Master should never be dependent on his slave's willingness/ability to show up on time so... maybe I wouldn't apply the rule to having sex as a whole but just getting to cum. Ooooh boy, can you imagine the embarrassment of showing up in front of Master's door, getting picked up for some group loving, spending an entire evening cuddling and kissing and licking, only to find out that you got the date wrong, this isn't your day, and you won't be getting anything back?.. Then again, you would still be getting kisses and cuddles so I'm sure some ponies would be doing it on purpose. Some sluts might even be not-keeping the tracks of day and showing up every day on purpose, to make master happy and keep all of their "lucky" days a surprise!

Special feast-day release opportunities are a great idea, though.
Thanks! If I'm expecting my slaves to be working extra hard, I should also have prepared for them some extra rewards!

Originally, I also wanted to suggest orgasms as rewards for being the best slave of the week or winning some other types of competitions (slaves who got the most positive ratings from the guests, or winning multi-round competitive maze-solving tournaments) but... then I thought about it I didn't like it because it created the competitive setting and undermines what I love about the hotel... being part of the loving herd, and relying on every pony else, never competing, always cooperating, where being singled out and straying too far ahead or getting left behind is in itself already a pseudo-punishment.
>it is very similair to the "transfixed"-tag
In a way yes, in another way no.
Don't get me wrong, I love the transfixed tag, pretty much exactly for the reasons you described. Also it's one of the most restrictive forms of bondage imaginable: how many other kinds of bondage go so far as to freeze your facial expression, down to where you're looking? It's complete and utter helplesness and lack of control. Well actually inanimate TF exists I guess, but "transfixed" is different because you're not "cheating" by literally making the pony into some inanimate object; instead you're making the still living and breathing pony INTO an object. They're still alive and unchanged, there's no transformation in any way, but their identity is essentially made into an object.

But anyway the point I wanted to make is that that post with Twilight really struck me as a different dynamic, by being voluntary. That's huge. In a way yes it also results in Twilight being made into an object, but here she's doing it voluntarily. She's going, "yes, I am going to just be an object for now, I need to do this". And putting in incredible effort to maintain this (and not just agreeing to be transfixed, for example - actually actively maintaining it all on her own).
Add in the torture and strain of keeping up a pose like that through sheer muscle power, and it's a very interesting concept. Much more short-term than a typical transfixed statue, but very intense psychologically.
File: 1837295.png (3.29 MB, 3665x2485)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB PNG

>forced kissing of blinded slaves
Oh my, Oh no... No but YES!

Not knowing who is who in the herd would be forcing every pony to be true to themselves. It's hard to hold grudges or have favorites when every pony is just as anonymous as you. And no reason for you to pretend or be embarrassed in front of others if they don't know who you are. Hmm... no wonder I like the idea, I think I just described the physical manifestation of 4chan.

Except you know, there's Master, who knows exactly who you are and can hold you responsible for your misdeeds. Kind of like a mod, except [REDACTED].

>making out with or that cute stallion master bought recently.
>i also still really want to boy a cute kirinboy and feminize his ass
Imagine BEING the cute kirinboy! Master keeps you caged and frustrated. You went from never having too much luck with the mares to kissing and cuddling with them every night. You wake up to the smell of horny mares in the morning and it barely ever goes away. You're even dressing with them and taking showers together. It's been like this for weeks upon weeks and not only you can't touch yourself, you couldn't even get a peek at them. Because Master also keeps everypony blind. Your vivid imagination had been driving you crazy and swimming with the lewdest ideas you ever had.

And to make things worse you're the only one he's keeping caged! some of the mares have cute little piercings in their clit or labia, but none of them are wearing belts. You're the only one that can feel themselves throbbing in their own little private prison that NEVER goes away. Even when it's time for you to cum, master either fucks you in the ass or teases you with a little vibrating egg. Sometimes using it to vibrate your cage, flooding you with confusing, humiliating pleasure without any feeling of friction or feeling your cock getting pressed or milked, sucked, or even pressed any different than what you feel each and every day. Sometimes putting the egg in your but, securing it with a plug, and then letting it dance against your prostate until you leak. Sometimes he ties you to his bed and hangs the vibrator in the air, forcing you to keep your hips in the air and making the stimulation come and go as you twitch or start to get tired.

He made you give cunnilingus to other mares many times, sometimes even using you to give them their full reward and letting them finish on your face. But you've never had any of them fellate you back. Because the cage ever goes away. Master even got you a piercing, same as the mares, but your goes through your cockhead and is yet another way of securing your cage. And it's just big enough to rub and tug on your tip unnecessarily when it gets caught on your underwear.
File: 2608760.png (3.32 MB, 3304x4348)
3.32 MB
3.32 MB PNG

Master has you wearing the same frilly uniform as all the mares. You know it's true because he told you so. And all the guests always think and assume you are a mare as well. When master lets you use your ears, you hear them telling you you're a good girl and calling you by your girl's name that master gave you. But sometimes when they pick you up they find out that something's wrong, that you're a colt and then they act all surprised. They put you down and peek under your uniform, and you have to just stand there and let them do it because you're not allowed to resist or try to leave.

And then they call other guests to come and take a look as well, it's so embarrassing! And then they see you turning red and tease you about it, because they think you're enjoying it! They say that your cage is twitching and then start asking you the most humiliating questions, even when they know you can't answer any of them. And then even when they let you go, you hear them talking about it. But you need to be doing your tasks, and it's so hard for you to focus on that instead of thinking about being caged and how much you need to cum.

And then, now, Master has you training fellatio on a double-ended dildo with another mare. Because he still uses your throat even though you're a colt. And you're coughing and choking and doing your best, because you know that neither of you will be going anywhere until you've spent at least a minute of uninterrupted kissing in the middle. And then after thirty minutes of choking and trying you finally feel each other's lips and can taste your tongues. And you hug each other to celebrate that you made master happy and managed to do it. And you feel and hear a little ding as your cock cages collide with each other.

And then you hear Master chuckle as you start rubbing your cages on each other, because you know that the colt you've been kissing with is just as horny as you are, and this is giving you more stimulation than you could ever hope to get by rubbing your caged cock on the smooth slit of some mare.
File: 1904584.jpg (46 KB, 600x550)
46 KB

>have two slaves who end up in love with each other
Shipping your slaves with each other is the best. Why wait for them to fuss about it for months to finally confess their feelings, when you can have them do each other for your own sake. Personally, I'd let them get used to doing things with each other (and doing each other) and then pull them apart pretending I didn't notice. Then wait for them to get anxious and start missing each other, until they both show up to my room, bow to me, and confess their feeling for each other to me, asking me for my permission to let them be/put them back together.

It gives me that traditional feeling of asking a maiden's father for her hand in marriage, kind of vibe. And I also wonder how it would affect their duties if I had them working in the blind hotel, but, to make sure they can always find each other, linked their collar together with a few meters of some light-weight chain, so they can never leave each other. They would still have their duties of course. though they would be doing the same jobs, and share the same punishments and rewards.

But to be honest, even leaving the blind ponel idea behind, any kind of relationship is a good enough excuse for shipping. Enemies? Make up angry sex! Friends? They might as well already a couple! Siblings? Ohohohoho, let's see what's better, having more experience or being the newer model? Pretty much anything except indifference works, really. And I would expect the slaves in my herd to love each other almost as much as I love them and they love me.

>breathe as one
I've seen a few pics with forced confinement like that, but there's rarely a breath play involved. Very creative! Sadly, it doesn't really do it for me because I can't imagine myself as one of the subs, and from doms perspective, there's not really much for me to see.
File: 914186.gif (1.28 MB, 500x500)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB GIF

>rebreather bags
>predicament bondage
I've mostly thought about these as punishments. For example, I'd chain slave to a chair, then put one of those gasmasks with a long breathing hose on them, connect a rebreather bag on the end of it... and then secure that, on their seat. Every time they want to breathe they need to use their leg muscles to lift themselves up for a few seconds. Plus they might have to develop some sort of a two-phased breathing method, where (starting with lungs full) they have to stand up, breath out into the bag, sit down while holding their breath with empty lungs (quite uncomfortable if you ask me) to get the air out of the bag, then (still holding their breath) stand up again so the bag can fill with fresh air, and only then they can finally breathe in again.

Putting some five seconds of de-facto choking at the end of every breath, I think, would be much crueler than letting them have a constant supply of party-reused air all the time. You need to have ups and down to keep things interesting. Maybe also add a dildo on top of the bag, so they can't breathe without fucking themselves slowly, and can't fuck themselves fast without holding their breath and running out of their already hard-to-come-by air.

Also, back on the idea of blind slaves, breath play, and bondage. One idea I had was to put slaves that are being punished into vacuum beds on the floor and breathe through those long-hosed gas masks again. And then let other blind slaves walk over them. For example, putting the "punishment floor" in one of the hallways that the staff needs to frequent. Let's say in front of the toilets. (Assuming we're not doing the bladder control again... geez there really had been so many good ideas in this thread lately, I love it!)

The ponies walking the hallway would of course know that someone might be there and they would walk extra slow and careful, but wouldn't know where and couldn't do anything to try and avoid until they literally step on them. And if you're one of the ponies on the floor. You never know when someone might step on you or your breathing hose!
File: 1495776.png (1.84 MB, 1916x3776)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB PNG

>What's your favourite gag type and why? Discuss at length.
I'm not sure if it would work on ponies, but one time I saw an absolutely beautiful ring and penis gag combo. The way it works is that first, you equip your slave with a ring gag, with two buckles on the sides. Then you take a penis gag, bight enough to fit just right in the front of their mouth, with another little buckle at its base. Then you take a leash, tie it to the buckle on one side of the ring gag, then run the leash through the buckle at the bottom of the penis gag, and then run it through the buckle on the other side of the ring gag, and then tie a knot on the leash so it can't slip back. Then you take the slave for a walk.

If you measure things right, then, as long as the leash is hanging loose, they've got just the tip of the dildo in their mouth, and they can breathe while fighting with it with their tongue and drooling all over the place. However, if the leash is pulled taut... it will slip through the buckles and mercilessly RAM the dildo right down their defenseless throat. Perfect for teaching slaves to always pay attention and stay close. Or taking a newly acquired and still disobedient slaves somewhere they don't want to go, for example, a stroll in public. Do they want to be seen resisting, but choking and getting their throat repeatedly, forcefully, helplessly violated? Or do they want to be seen as a good, obedient slave, happily trotting at their master's side while suckling on a cock in their mouth? Hard choice.

Now that I think about it, I guess this also counts as predicament bondage?

>gags hidden under breathingmasks when in public
Oh yes, these past two years have been very kind to us mask fetishists, believe me.
File: 2416908.png (25 KB, 771x1155)
25 KB

I generally don't like the idea of singling slaves out and setting them to grief each other like that, but I do like the idea of collective rewards. (Okay, I kinda do, but that's in different scenarios and I've been in a bit of a sappy mood lately.) Imagine you tell all your slaves to put one of their legs up like in (>>37855606) pic related, and for every pony that's still standing after three hours, every pony gets one orgasm next month.

Every pony has a self-interested reason to keep trying, every pony has an altruistic reason to keep trying. When some pony fails they still have a reason to "stay in the game" and cheer the others on. Though touching each other would propping them up would be strictly forbidden.

I might even put a few heaters in the room, to get the temperature really high and get everyone sweating, and let the fallen slaves weave the standing ones to cool them off and bring them refreshments, to make the whole thing a serious team effort.

Every pony wants every pony to succeed. Those who fall can't blame others for failing as well, and those who are still standing can't blame them either since they likely wouldn't have made it themselves without their help.

It's really making me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Maybe make it a different challenge each month, so every pony can feel like a champ each time? Maybe organize an egg hunt in the gardens. Or give them a palet full of empty cardboard boxes, and tell them to stack them up as high as they can. (Though this one could end up with one pony accidentally toppling their collective tower/chimney/pyramid and feeling guilty about it, so on second thought, I'd need to come up with something else?) Or give every pony a bucket and tell them to bring as much water as they can from that stream over there, every drop counts and helps everyone!
>I think my problem is the scale.
Yeah, that's true. That's definitely an issue.
I see two solutions here. One, make the hotel small-scale. Have your dozen slaves, and maybe like 10-20 rooms and that's it. The downside here is that this loses a lot of potential for disorientation - a 10-20 room small hotel building is much easier to learn to navigate, cleaning 20 rooms (or even less, if assignments are split) is easy to keep track of even if you get thrown off-track midway, things like the "pets to-go circle" become a lot less lively when you have a couple slaves manning (ponying?) the reception, a couple on cleaning duties, maybe 4-5 on various backroom tasks like cooking, inventory, accounts, and there's only 3-4 free slaves to sit in the circle.
On the bright side, you still get plenty of disorientation - your slaves still basically have to run the entire hotel blind. Now it might take a couple weeks to learn the building plan confidently rather than a couple months, but the end result is likely nearly the same. And you get the benefit of having a large but not unmanageable number of slaves.

The other solution I see is to compromise. Say you have staff of like 50 slaves. You can treat them as your flock of pets, where you might not know off-hand the intricacies of each and every one of them, but you love them all as your pets and treat them as such. Like, if some wayward pet bumps into you and refuses to apologise and you then carry her into the punishment maze, you might take a moment to remember her name and you might not be able to recall much about her personality off-hand nor know when her next health check-up is due, but you'd still treat her like a pet to be punished rather than like an employee assigned to the job of being "the clown stumbling through the maze". You'd still keep track of her, etc.
And you'd probably hire like a butler or something (most likely human) to actually keep track of stuff like the ponies' health, particular needs, appointments, etc. You might not be able to keep it all in your head, but if you are told that "one of your slaves" has some problem and needs master's help for some reason, you'd consult her file and check with your butler to get up to speed on her and then treat her like a loved pet rather than a disposable employee.

>That's ummm... pretty much the exact same thing?
Well pretty much, main difference being that in an interval-based system you can "push back" the next due date as a punishment.
>But I like my idea better because not every month is the lame length. It adds another ingredient into the mix of disorientation and uncertainty.
True, I like that. I think the date can still be pushed back here, and then the new date would carry over into future months.
It'd make it even harder to keep track; you got punished for a week last month, so you just overheard people saying it's your usual orgasm date, but now you gotta remember it's not anymore and it's gonna be in a week now! The only thing this loses is the "anniversary of joining the hotel" or other similar association, if the date can be moved around arbitrarily.

Very nice. Love the kirin-boy writeup.
>neither of you will be going anywhere until you've spent at least a minute of uninterrupted kissing in the middle
That's gonna be rough; not only do they have to hilt down their throats, but then spend a minute focusing on kissing while their air passages are completely cut off! Definitely exciting. And not impossible by any means, so no excuses, and they better give it their all if they want to pass the assignment.

>Shipping your slaves with each other is the best.
>It gives me that traditional feeling of asking a maiden's father for her hand in marriage, kind of vibe.
Oh yeah, definitely. If you see your slaves are showing feelings for each other, you're very much in a position to force the issue in all manner of teasing ways. Your scheme to "accidentally" set them up together for a while before suddenly separating them to force them to acknowledge their feelings is a fantastic one, for example.
And of course we all want our slaves to be happy, and lovebirds can get very happy. You could then officiate a slave marriage and all your slaves would attend to celebrate the new couple. Moreover, being able to set up your slaves into love and even family like that just goes to show and enforce the sheer level of control exerted over the entirety of their lives.

>breathe as one
>Sadly, it doesn't really do it for me because [...] from doms perspective, there's not really much for me to see.
Well, at first you'd definitely see the usual breathplay, as they panic and struggle for air while learning how to breathe together.
Afterwards I think you'd be able to observe their measured breathing in sync. You'd need to pay attention to that but it should definitely be easy to spot. Especially if a rebreather or even just the hose or whatever makes it harder to breath and causes them to take strong, deep breaths.
And like I said, imagine conditioning a pair of slaves in love to literally breathe in sync by default. Most of the time it wouldn't be noticeable, but in cases where it might be, maybe it's just me but I feel like it would be incredibly cute and even romantic. Like having their chests rise and fall in sync as they're falling asleep together, or even just lying down somewhere resting. Or if they're in front of some glass or something, seeing it fog up in front of their muzzles in perfect sync.
>rebreather bags
>sit down [...] to get the air out of the bag,
I've never used one of these so correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that normal operation generally calls for the bag to remain inflated. As you exhale, air you push out flows out of the bag; then if you inhale slowly enough, new air flows in from the opening in the front of the bag, and you breathe it in (eventually, hopefully, depending on how long the hose is really). The "stale" air in the bag gets circulated in and out eventually, and doesn't make up a big portion of your breathing volume anyway.
The "trick" in rebreather bags is that if you breathe in too fast, the bag collapses, and my understanding is that the bag collapsing basically prevents fresh air from entering. Kinda like if you pinch your nose closed and then try to breathe in really hard and release it, the suction from your breathing in can actually hold your nostrils stuck closed and prevent breathing in. Except the seal is likely garbage and they'll quickly come unstuck and you'll breathe in anyway, but the bag operates on the same principle except much better.
So tl;dr I don't think sitting on the bag to empty it would be desirable, or at least not necessary.

On the other hand the predicament still works of course. It'd probably just involve sitting down after an inhale, then re-inflating the bag with your exhale once you raise yourself. The inhaling back in (slowly, so as not to recollapse the bag), then sitting down to rest a bit while holding a full breath.
Of course it's questionable whether constantly bobbing up and down is really that much easier than holding a position. This has the potential to become a really tortuous predicament very very quickly. Even just 15 minutes of this might leave most slaves absolutely exhaused in the legs and thoroughly short on breath, any longer would likely be reserved for either extremely fit slaves or as truly severe torture.

> put slaves that are being punished into vacuum beds on the floor... and let other blind slaves walk over them
Interesting, especially the "walk over other slaves" bit. It would certainly be a physical punishment to have to get walked on, though I might even be worried about concerns like broken ribs if some blind slave happens to mis-step and accidentally puts a lot of weight on the wrong hoof at the wrong time.
File: lunabagged.gif (1.31 MB, 500x500)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB GIF
>>37857090 (cont.)
On the other hand, having air tubes lead across the floor is a neat idea. Especially if it's either a high-traffic corridor where momentary cuts in air supply are going to be happening constantly, or if the ponies walking can be made unaware of what they're stepping on. Like, during a normal walk a hoof on a hose would probably only block air for a second or two, but if this is set up in a major corridor, the bound slaves might end up actually only being able to breathe in and out maybe like half the time. Blocked for 1-2 seconds by a step, then free for maybe 2-3 seconds, then another pony passing pinches the hose (or maybe the rear hoof of the first pony). Repeat this for hours.
Alternatively imagine having your air hose extend under the corridor leading to the toilets like you mentioned, except it's cleverly covered so slaves passing by don't really feel anything amiss even when standing on one. Traffic might not be so high as to constantly pinch it, but - what if there's a queue? Most of the time you can breathe normally. Sometimes your supply hiccups with no warning whatsoever due to somepony passing by. And then suddenly it cuts out and doesn't get restored: somepony moved up in the queue and put their hoof on your air tube. How long until either the queue moves up again, or they decide to shift their weight and release your air supply? Maybe just dozen seconds? Maybe a minute? Two minutes? Can you last two minutes with no air - did you even breathe in before this happened, or are you stuck with empty lungs?
This would need a safety valve of course just in case, but it'd be set to only activate far past the comfort zone of the slave, so really as a "anti-fatality" measure rather than any sort of relief or mercy.

By the way, for >>37856941 pic related, apparently the artist intended for a fast frantic animation but his gif software only allowed a relatively high interval between frames so it came out slow. Here's a sped up version I made, which gives off a much more frantic out-of-breath feeling as allegedly originally intended.

Everything about this is just so great and wholesome. I really really want to see a whole herd of slaves all working together as one to achieve something to try to earn a collective reward (or maybe avoid a collective punishment? preferably not as a cruel game, but maybe as a "get out of jail" type thing if enough slaves have already earned a deferred punishment).

There's definitely a huge variety of challenges that can be set. Like a blind obstacle course designed for the whole herd, and they have to prop each other up, support each other, pull each other from mud pits etc. - do you pull your fellow slave out of the mud to try to increase the amount that can finish and thus the reward, or do you leave them to avoid getting muddy and lowering your odds of finishing yourself? The best ones will require collaboration even from those who "failed", too, just like in your leg-up challenge.
File: 1586190.png (1.04 MB, 1233x1232)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
Also, might as well take this opportunity to discuss gags. For me, it's the ring gag, just because it keeps the slave's mouth totally accessible. You might not even intend to use it, but you can stick a finger inside and just flick their tongue or tickle their palate and they can't do anything to stop that. In the hotel scenario, hotel guests would also have the same access - so the slave could be standing there trying to maybe scrub a floor or rearranging some supplies, and a cheeky guest might reach it and pull their tongue out for a laugh.
And of course their mouth is wide open to constantly drool, which can be humiliating and also inconvenient if they're supposed to be working on some task.

Dildo gags come at a close second, though. Especially deep ones I love how uncomfortable they can be; and also just how "thoroughly" they gag the slave, since inserting them in and out takes a couple seconds to avoid being too rough, unlike most "surface" gags which can essentially be instantaneously removed once unbuckled. Plus, a wide enough dildo gag absolutely thoroughly immobilises the whole lenght of the tongue, which few other gags do (maybe unflatable butterfly gags if they're deep enough).
They do lose out on the penetrability of ring gags. A compromise between the two would be a penetrable dildo gag, which is something that barely exists but might just be the closest thing to a perfect gag in nearly every way for my personal tastes. It doesn't quite give access to the actual tongue and mouth, but it's the next best thing

Oh and also honourable mention to muzzle gags. I don't think they're the best technically, but I do think they can be some of the most aesthetic gags. If you want to show off your slave as being definitely "seen and not heard", a thick muzzle gag giving a smooth mouthless look makes that statement better than any other, I'd say.

I think I've seen this concept, it's pretty great too. Really combines the helplessness of the ring gag opening up the throat for violation with the deepthroat action of a dildo gag, and even mechanises the whole "violate the mouth through the ring gag" aspect. Not something for general wear, but rather for situations like you described where you're going to be leading a slave on a leash and have reason to believe they might try to pull - whether they're a new rebellious slave, or a loyal one that's just a bit too prone in forgetting their heel training and trying to run around excitedly at the limit of their leash.
You need Jesus, lmfaooooo

So much detail
You will get an indepth reply once im back too
I love all you fags
File: 1890691.png (294 KB, 1042x950)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
File: 2573393.png (1.78 MB, 2500x3500)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
Ring gags really are the best.
File: 1621918424469.png (647 KB, 1200x1200)
647 KB
647 KB PNG
well, lets keep this rolling...
>Imagine BEING the cute kirinboy!
what a fag!
jk, its nice that someone also gets the appeal from the other side. i honestly didnt think about the blinding contacts at this point anymore but its good that you brought it up.
imagine how emberassing it must be to be greeted by the little herd of other maids and them finding out whats going on between those hindlegs and and that that male smell isnt coming from master marking his new posession but much rather the new slave itself
not sure if you were lurkign when people were discussing stallions and calts a few weeks/months ago but the general consensus seemed to be that stallions are either for hard work, or for being feminized and remain fakemares. no matter how hard they would try, in the end they would always be inferior to the mares around them. ofcourse thats not true but would hopefully motivate them enough to make up for their shortcomings!
>Shipping your slaves with each other is the best
ikr? and with a bit of creativity, you can have them blushing, sharing salvia and more even on their first day!
like i said before, its very hard to do right.
some scenarios i like:
>shared rebreatherbags to sync their breathing and later, even more. the goal would be to sync them up like the spa-twins
>small nostrilopenings to reduce a slaves maximum mobility. lets say you have a overly energetic pegasus that keeps flying around when it shouldnt
>a collar that is just tight enough for a choking feeling can be added too. all you need to do know is let the slave know that it should connect that feeling with its masters love for it
>burialfetish combined with breathplay. obviously used for very rarely for only the worst slavebehavior
File: 584653.jpg (410 KB, 900x600)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
pony wears the saddle
File: 1617748690684.png (1.45 MB, 3000x3185)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
File: 1495992.png (2.56 MB, 2196x2002)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB PNG
File: 1863228.png (256 KB, 800x800)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
promote acting
File: 2495445.png (3.93 MB, 4360x3839)
3.93 MB
3.93 MB PNG
there have been a few greens about this before, but how would you control your slaves which just so happen to be the princesses of equestria?
Orgasm denial
ok but how exactly? some magic inhibitorring slipped over the clits? belts? potions? ??? ?
Just pulling out.
File: 37725.png (117 KB, 600x450)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
Use hypnogear to condition her so that she can't climax and doesn't know why.
This one sounds really interesting. Anyone know any stories about slave hypnosis/mind manipulation?
Not that I know off
Hypnosis is a neglected subject in SiM. It's basically bondage for the mind.
Ya it’s very hot
File: 2493159.png (2.22 MB, 2300x1604)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
thats a TINY princess!
File: Spoiler Image (263 KB, 966x1150)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
>small nostrilopenings to reduce a slaves maximum mobility.
This is very underrated. Probably because it's hard to communicate in art (especially given how many artists provide minimal detail to nostrils, it'd be very hard to distinguish between "small nose holes" and "just stylised lol"), and stories involving breathplay are very few and far between.
It's a great idea though, as it can really capture the gasping and choking feeling of not having enough air, while still always providing enough of a trickle that there's no danger of actually asphyxiating. As such, it can be used long-term (or, well, much longer term than full breathplay). At the same time it applies a pretty unique type of control over a slave's movement: they're not physically bound, their range of motion is unrestricted, but rather the effort they can expend is severely limited. Make the nose holes tiny enough and the slave might not even be able to climb stares.
Imagine picking up a slave like that - they'd go limp to avoid exerting unnecessary effort, and of course resisting or fighting back wouldn't even be remotely in the realm of possibility. Then drop them off somewhere far away from where they need to be. They'd be forced to catch their breath briefly, then try to figure out their surroundings. Then slowly, demurely walk back. Walking through a couple of corridors might leave them out of breath - and what if they happen to need to go down a flight of stairs? They'd either practically collapse at the bottom and spend several minutes catching their breath, or they'd need to pause after every step to bring their breathing under control.

>burialfetish combined with breathplay. obviously used for very rarely for only the worst slavebehavior
You mean like buried alive type stuff? How do you imagine this working - would you have an airhose that can be blocked off at will?
Alternatively, you could use one of those "magically provide oxygen while still maintaining a constant feeling of suffocation" spells. (Realistically, I'm not sure if sustaining suffocation levels of CO2 for a while would have any unhealthy side effects, but let's assume the spell also protects against any kind of CO2 poisoning, and only allows the suffocation reflex to kick in.) This is squarely in the realm of fantasy but it sounds pretty intense, and definitely not something every slave would be able to handle. I do wonder whether it would lead to habituation after a little while, or whether it would actually maintain a feeling of panicked struggling for minutes and hours on end; I kind of suspect it would be the former, but it's not like there's a way to find out.
>stage plays with your slaves
>they're all really lewd
>some involve degrading and humiliating displays, basically an excuse for a live-action bondage porn show
>match up slaves that get off on humiliation with those that have a hidden dominant or sadistic streak to give both an outlet, or swap the roles around to get all actors thoroughly uncomfortable for your amusement
>others are just wholesome romantic plots with a happy ending and lots of lewd making out and teasing
>for these, pick out slaves who think they're secretly crushing on each other, and force them to sloppily kiss in front of you and all their fellow slaves in the audience
>or again alternatively just pick out slaves with a strong angry grude against each other for the same purpose
On one hand yes, on the other hand hypnosis is pretty hard to get to stick on an unwilling subject. It'd need to be a pretty devious sequence, first focusing on getting the slave to feel good, focusing them on trusting the hypnosis, then convincing them that they want whatever you want to impose upon them - and then finally, only after they're primed to willingly accept it and even eager for it, can you get the actual hypnosis you wanted to stick. But for any of that to work you need the slave's mind to work with you, so it needs to be thoroughly convinced that it actually wants that.
The alternative is just magical mind control/brainwashing (which incidentally is also sometimes labelled "hypnosis" in porn, but hypnosis is a real thing that exists, magical mind control isn't). That sidesteps all those issues, of course; but there's an argument to be made that hypnotising the slave's own mind to work against them is much more satisfying than just slapping on a spell that does all the work whether they want it or not.
Personally, I like a middle ground. Magical mind control that a strong-willed slave can be aware of and try to resist, but that will take control of them if their will falters and can be used to implant commands in their mind that they'll obey unwillingly afterward. That way, you get the element of having to put in an effort, but you can also do it to an unwilling subject.
>You mean like buried alive type stuff? How do you imagine this working
yeah thats what i meant.
i didnt think of it as its shown/described in many fics but more as a bigger term. i was thinking of a punishment that is the last thing before bodily harm or worse.
>slave behaves badly
>slave gets put in a box
>inside that box, there is a foam-mold and several straps to tie it down
>once strapped in, the slave gets conencted to a lifesupportsystem, breathing, eating, waste are all automatically taken care off with no way for the slave to resist
>boxlid with the other half of the mold gets locked in place. the slave is already unable to see or hear anything anymore
>now, you dont have to dig a hole and bury the slave in there. what if you had a cutout on your basementfloor, a slot in a wall or a drawer with the perfect measurements of that box now?
>just slide it in, connect the hoses and leave the slave in its complete isolation for a week or so. it cant scream for help, struggle and hurt itself or disobey any more commands
>if you feel creative or mean enough, what if you made the slave wear VR goggles or headphones before locking it in? force it to listen to its master fucking the other pones, maybe there is some FPV footage for how to behave like the perfect slave to show to the slave again and again...
>and to make sure the other slaves learn what happens if they disobey, let them walk past the box in its slot/hole or perform some sort of ritual.
Ah yes, long term isolation and confinment. That's always fun, but it's also very cruel. I'd never want to do that to any of my loyal slaves, not even if they make some pretty bad mistakes - it would only be reserved to actively malicious slaves who intentionally try to act against me, and prove themselves incorrigible.
In those cases, the good thing about this system is that once the life support and everything is hooked up, there's no real upper limit on the punishment. A day would probably be hard to withstand. A week would be very cruel. A month might start to drive anypony insane - especially in isolation; if there's VR available, then communication and external stimulation would be possible to somewhat remind them of reality, maybe. But physically, there's nothing stopping a slave from being locked there for a year. Ten years?
Imagine that as punishment for slaves that do something truly criminal. Like, let's say a premeditated, intentional attempt on master's life. If caught and deemed guilty, they get sentenced to being "boxed". They get a thorough tour of the facilities so they know what fate awaits the. Then they get locked in a moulded cutout in a solid metal box with life support systems just like you described; the box gets locked or even welded shut, then lowered into a cutout in the basement which is then sealed. As far as they know, they're never getting out.

But, while good for a sadistic streak, again this is never something I'd subject any slave to that wasn't proven to be irredeemably traitorous. No loyal slave should suffer something like this.
File: 1623073020634.png (1.7 MB, 1740x1440)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
>But, while good for a sadistic streak, again this is never something I'd subject any slave to that wasn't proven to be irredeemably traitorous. No loyal slave should suffer something like this.
if we are talking IRL, then i'd agree 100%. there simply are limits to the mind and body. but thats the good thing about fiction and 2D horsies in pastelcolours, there are no real limits apart from what one wants there to be. but i will find a way to apply this "2 piece mold"-bondage somehow. maybe it just becomes rarity's bed for a few nights where is is locked in the pose of pic related without any way for her to move. eventually, she will remember that pose and always greet me like that!
File: 2535578.jpg (95 KB, 1194x1493)
95 KB
pet the pony
File: 1517898535411.png (564 KB, 3000x3000)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
or good master doesnt even need to control his, or dare i say her slaves
What if she's into that?
Page 10 emergency
Just dropping in to say I'm back, expect green soon. Got hit by a natural disaster and had some troubles, but I'm safe again and things are settling down.
What natural disaster and I am sorry to hear that

I tried to draw a "100" out of a whip, a ball gag and a ring gag but I'm not a drawfag. And it turned out to be so shitty I did not even used it as the op.
Fuuuck man. I am so sorry to hear that. I am glad you are safe!
What with writefags and floods and tornados and shit. Just live somewhere else!

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