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File: removechangeling.png (1023 KB, 800x831)
1023 KB
1023 KB PNG
My mom is a war criminal edition!

>Ponymom masterbin:

>Momlestia masterbin (not updated):

>Crimson Tinged Sun:

>thread music
File: 1626517414870.png (185 KB, 764x678)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
>"Sweetie, don't forget to make a wish when you blow out your candles"
File: ShootForTheMoonSon.png (405 KB, 692x679)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
File: 1630594636639.png (2.61 MB, 4093x2894)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB PNG
Snowmare moms?
Oh, moms back? Or is it another thread made too early?
No threads used to be made on the first of every month but no one posted green last one.
So should weuse this one or let it die for now?
>every month but no one posted green last one
When the Momlestia threads were around, we discussed that a new thread should be created every other month, this carried over into mom pone thread as well since they're the same thread now.
The thread last month was made too early, so no one posted green in it. Having the time between threads like this allows most of us to think up content and stuff to discuss to keep /mom/ alive until the next thread.

Let it live since this is the "official" Momlestia/Pone moms thread, with the last official one being posted two months ago there https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/37198885
Oh alright, might post a super short green i made later. Dont expect anything good but its an idea i had for a little while i wanted to share.
Oh shit we back?
File: 1625163828036.jpg (633 KB, 1057x1551)
633 KB
633 KB JPG
File: luna'skid.jpg (473 KB, 1024x768)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
>"Sigh.. Nightsong what art thou doing."
>Incognito stops to look at his mother's tired face
his arm already jammed into the bookshelf after throwing half the books to the floor
>he freezes his hair blowing in the non existent breeze, his rapier about to fall off from sheer awkardness
>"Nightsong, thou art a big boy please use thy words to explain why thou engages in such silliness."
>Incognito looks around nervously before lowering his head in shame
>"I-I am interested in this."
>he removes his arm from the shelf before handing a book into his mother's aural grasp
>"...what... is... a man? 100 Secrets and lies about growing up."
>she shakes her head with a soft smile
>"Oh nightsong, thou merely had to ask."
File: 1725970.png (298 KB, 442x621)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
>"Anon, you're almost 30. It's long past time you moved out and found yourself a nice mare to settle down with. Even your brother, Celestia bless his soul, has been living on his own for a while now, but you, I don't think you've even talked with another mare besides me let alone dated one. Wait, you're not...gay, are you?"
>"I swear, between the two of you, I'm never getting grandfoals."
File: 71774.png (381 KB, 1500x1100)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
That could be interesting. Since we are on the snowmare craze.
How did that start anyways?
>Be princess Luna, you and your sister Celestia, are relaxing in the living room with her new son Anon.....
>Well to be fair he IS your son too.Something about him needing two vessels for his body and soul, along with other complicated stuff. ""Damn it Faust, you and your cryptic horse dug.""
>You see, Anon is not really ""normal"".From what you and Celestia found, he's a being from some old pony tale.
>The old pony tribes called these beings Angels
>Now, at first, you thought he was going to look like just the normal bright light Alicorn with halos you saw in old arts.
>But nooooo he's part of some higher order called ""human"" and to your surprise they don't look like ponies at all!
>Or really anything else in equestria. If anything, they look like if you took a centaur's upper half and attach some long primate like legs to the lower half.
>The old arts made the look kind of intimidating Though......
Your train of thought is interrupted by a loud prffff sound and giggles as celestia gives little Anon's tummy a raspberry.
>Your ((son))here looks more like some chubby dumpling with limbs than the scary looking guardian of Faust you saw in paintings.
>From the info you gathered most angels are good but some of them are said to be fallen. Darker evil beings that only wants to inflict pain and suffering to all others.
>You are 100% sure that Anon here is one of them. They can apparently take any form, so why would he choose to be born looking like.....that! And not take the form of a pony?
You look over at Celestia, she's cuddling him like some stuff animal.
>Unlike your sister you are not fooled!
Celestia lets go of the little demon and his head turn to you.
>Looking into his eyes you can see intelligence behind them, something greater than any normal foal should have........
>Well ok, Flurry hearts was also smarter than normal for her age due to being an alicorn and all. And he does technically carry your alicorn blood in him, but still!
>He is not to be trusted. Who knows what he could be planning in that tiny little head of his.
You see Anon start crawling towards you, your sister just smiling as he does.
You carefully watch him, see what the tiny devil wants with you.
He stops his little adventure in front of you and just stares you in the eyes curiously.
After a minute or two of this, you are about to say something when he lets out a small sneeze.
Your vision is assaulted by a bright light.
As it dissipates you blink your eyes to readjust your vision from this ""attack"".
But when your sight returns, you see a small alicorn foal in front of you.
You look at your sister and see she's just as surprised as yourself. Suddenly you hear another sneeze and once again your vision is assaulted by a blinding light.
When your vision returns, you see Anon back in his normal form, just smiling and giggling.
His arms in the air, hands opened towards you. You sigh and say.
>Fine, I guess that was cute
And pick him up for a hug.
File: AqAAVGi.png (425 KB, 450x905)
425 KB
425 KB PNG
If you are wondering, I have this idea that real humans could be seen as angels/gods in equestria since ""we"" did create their world. Also i was thinking of biblically accurate angels for some reason, so I thought why not reference that and make babnon's birth be a bit weird since most gods in mythos have weird births sometimes. Also, I was not sure who I wanted the mom to be so i decided, fuck it, make it be both, you don't see a lot of Luna mom in the thread.
Hope you enjoyed the tsuderemom luna.Might try to do more if people likeit and i get some idea.
File: bestathugs.png (140 KB, 858x805)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
We need more Lunamom.
Reminds me of a prompt I posted last thread

>Luna had a kid before she went Nightmare
>Abandoned him may have even hurt him in her initial rage
>After a bit on the moon it's one of the few things she regrets
>makes a promise that when she gets back she'll be the best mother a little boy could have
>when she gets back either she gets back earlier or Anon was put in suspended animation
>but he's no longer a little boy, he's a grown ass man with a fair amount of resentment towards her.
>it doesn't help that Nightmare is unhinged, yandere and refuses to treat him as an adult.
Sunset shim sham mom please thread its the one thing I havent found here yet and Its the one thing ive wanted
File: sunpreg.png (302 KB, 613x1024)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
You sure? I could swear we had a sunsetmom story. No one in her thread or in any eqg threads wants to make one?
theres a good few in the Incest thread, and a lot of sister ones too, one aunt but no wholesome momset from this thread
File: 1622514278867.png (114 KB, 1080x1080)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
>Baja Mali Knindza music
WTF I love this thread
>"I love you sunshine."
File: arty.png (302 KB, 907x1023)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
R63 shit with Effeminate Uncle Artemis

>After enough teasing from dad Uncle Artemis decides to prove he's manly and not a wet blanket
>he took you to a strip club, and then proceeded to constantly pester you that you were wearing the condoms he gave you before spending the rest of the night hyperventilating
>he took you fishing,
>well it was guided by somepony else
>he was actually brought on as a chef but his Lemon Garlic Tilapia was fucking amazing
>he also fenced a ghost pirate to a standstill but he lost some points after making sure his hair was intact
>one thing that you were always curious about with him is how he seemed to attract goth mares like crazy
>apparently he headlined a band
>he said he was one of the bands that kickstarted the Grogaric panic in the neighties
>oh shit he was in a metal band
>he levitates a black record with the title "Nightmare Moon." on it
>Is it death, thrash, orchestral?
>as you look down from the title you see your uncle
>there he is, flock of seagulls manecut, hoof under his muzzle with black eyeliner in tight clothing.
>he puts the song on while clapping his hooves
>"We were the lead singer and writer!"
Since snowpones are taking all the attention i suggest remaking this thread in a week or two.
loved this one, continue it.
Also is the r63 dad and uncle stuff with a femanon? I feel like thatd be a nice touch.
was there one? If so can you ssend a link?
Need to check but have you taken a look at the sunset thread pastebin? Must have at least one story in there.
more of this please im begging you
Might make more if i can get a good idea.
I'm trying to figure out more senerios i could do with this.
That's a big mom.
File: 2524365.png (2.98 MB, 2384x1300)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB PNG
>>thread music
My mom is a war criminal x2

you'd fucking bust a gut trying to accurse her x2
nobody has the balls to restrain her x2

my mom used to conquer half the Griffonstone x2

you'd fucking bust a gut trying to accurse her x2
nobody has the balls to restrain her x2

my old mare is fierce and brutal x2

you'd fucking bust a gut trying to accurse her x2
nobody has the balls to restrain her x2
what war crimes did mom commit? what nation or people did she commit them against?
nobody survived to tell the tale, anon
File: twilight_sparkle___smooch.png (110 KB, 1800x1080)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
>Good night kiss
>"Sweet dreams, my little bookworm"
I just checked, havent found any non-incest Sunset mom stories yet, kinda just want a comfy one personally
File: 963981.jpg (866 KB, 2000x2000)
866 KB
866 KB JPG
>you shift your legs as you look up at her gentle ruby eyes
>moving just far enough from her tuft to see her face which previously shielded you
>a single fang poking out from her content then curious smile
>"Vhat is it my little bat?"
>she asks in that lilting drawn out accent before nuzzle your head
Why do other ponies not like us?
>her eyes go wide and her expression becomes sad
>you didn't like seeing mom sad but you had to ask
>"But nonny, the ponies in the castle like us."
>that's true but you weren't talking about them
>especially because they all looked like mommy, were see through or skeletons
>you saw how ponies in the village acted when they met with her
>last week a mob came with torches
>why did they not like her
>she was the world's best mom?
>a soft velvety wings pulls you close allowing her to nuzzle your head
>"Anon, I.. mommy is different from other ponies."
Like how you don't show up in mirrors? Or why you don't like going out at daytime?
>"Exactly... and other... more important things. Ponies as you know... they fear vhat they cannot understand.. now more than ever."
>she gets up to look out the windows her hair flows like a blood waterfall
>"My kind vere gods once, worshipped and feared by the masses."
>her wings flare casting an impossibly large shadow over the room
>"I had led empires to greatness and plunged more into ruin."
>her voice is more intense as an uneven stone is crushed into a fine powder by her hoof
>"Ours was the hoof that guided civilization since the dawn of time."
>"But now... now ve are monsters.. hunted down and exterminated by those ve helped to create!"
>"I Ningal Shapsu, Helia Philomator, Celestia invictus! Bringer of light, creator of writing and sacker of cities am forced to live on the outskirts! As a mere countess!"
>her voice is bitter, almost hateful
>her teeth seem longer
>as much as you love her she's a bit scary like this
>so scary you begin to involuntarily shiver
>mom stops
>she turns around with a sigh her eyes softening and a fragile smile returning to her face as she approached you
>"But you know vhat? I do not wish to go back to those days."
"Because, soare, even the joy of of holding the world in my hooves is nothing compared to the joy I feel getting to raise you."

(She calls him Sunshine in Romanian because he reminds her of vague memories of going into it as a mortal when it warmed her instead of weakened her.)
I love vamp mom Celestia so much.
4 U
File: BLEH!.jpg (507 KB, 1382x1041)
507 KB
507 KB JPG
>I love vamp mom Celestia so much.

She loves you too.
Vamp mom celestia is an interesting concept. Makes you question what made her this way.
File: topcute.png (831 KB, 1280x905)
831 KB
831 KB PNG
Probably ancient magic or another vampire. Also comfy lovingly lewd consensual blood drinking.
File: 1429477721141.jpg (115 KB, 597x612)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
>"Are you enjoying our picnic sunshine?"
File: 1418071272428.png (360 KB, 1000x1509)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
>Nightmare Moon Mom but she's more like Doofenshmirtz than a serious villain
>only actively malicious against "my sister Celestia'
>everything else is a petty revenge scheme for minor annoyances
>she's still an incredibly loving if embarrassing mom
>"Behold Angel Bunny! Our time-freeze-inator! Soon no Resturaunt will be closed when we want to use it!"
>You sure your mom won’t mind I’m here?
File: 2746116.jpg (146 KB, 704x472)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>Haha your butt is huge mom.
I once told my mom this and she cried.
So, anyone here got something planed or in the works?
File: 1571697331504.png (515 KB, 1125x1530)
515 KB
515 KB PNG
File: iwantthis2.png (195 KB, 348x954)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
This but shim mom, I want bacon sun horse mom stuff
Doupt you will get anything thread is pretty much dead.
Damn, I love the concept sunsetmom, the incest thread did a good job doing it but I want her nonlewd.
Why not try writting up something yourself?
Fair, might try my hand at it, gotta finish some greens for other threads first though.
Uhhhhhh Anon....
File: 1460044454668.gif (392 KB, 970x1080)
392 KB
392 KB GIF
You should get your eyes checked Anon, because that's a full grown dragoness right there.
The only issue here is mom wondering why you'd choose a dragon instead of a pony as a girlfriend, and mom trying her best to not make any racist remarks towards her.
>I bet prince Anon doesn’t have these problems
File: 2169153.png (124 KB, 1111x892)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
Sunset as a mom would probably inadvertently embarrass her kid. What with thinking she is a great video game player and streamer when she hasn't touched a newer system in two generations of it. And asking if her kid wants to be on her stream too.
Flurry you are a walking natural disaster.
>Come join us Anon!
>Water's fine!
>"Baaarb? What in Solaris's name are you doing with that leg extension spell?"
>"Uhhh nothing dusk.."
These are very cute
Low key kinda miss the incest stuff, but wholesome is fine too.
Is there not a incest thread right now?
True. I can definitely se that happening. I'd love to see that happen in a story.
Thought of an idea, so kinda going through a Greek God phase so yall know how the greeks kinda just dipped after having their kids right? Yeah so I thought of Goddess shim randomly showing up during one of your birthdays, and she babies you because something along the lines of (your only like 13/18 thats baby years in immortal years!)
Heres an interesting question. Assuming Anon is human would Celestia or any other mom be ok with twilight doing some test and experiment on him? One one hand its not seen really well but in the other it might help them figure more about his biology and such. What do you guys think?
Yes, but it’s full of barbie shit.
is it?
Damn thats a shame.Oh well.
>eating corn syrup jew trash cereal
>not making steak and eggs like a proper man
The Virgin Daybreaker
>Is evil for the sake of being evil
>hates her sister
>only cares about herself
>would be a generic evil ruler
>might not even exist
>btfo by normal Celestia and admits defeat
>sane enough to act logically
>weak motivation
>plays with those weaker than her like a coward
>"W-who needs inhibitions?"

The Stacy Nightmare Star
>becomes a villain out of rage and grief after an incredibly traumatic experience
>loves those closest to her so much, she'll burn the world to ashes to protect them
>ruling doesn't matter, cities are razed as she puts them out of her misery
>absolutely fucking insane and unreasonable
>sympathetic and compelling even though she has a kill count to rival most soviet leaders
>blindly attacks anything in her sight
>"I will make Anon safe. If the world burns because of that, then so be it. My sunshine and I will roast marshmallows."
>Sunshine sunshine! You will not believe who stopped in to see me! My old college buddy Palutena! Oh the things we used to do together!
>So this is the man that’s been keeping you face down on your pillow?
>Oh Palutena, you and your jokes. I could never!
>Mhm,I’m just saying. I had a man like your son around, he wouldn’t even have to ask. Oh wait, I do~
>Palutena you didn’t! He’s just a boy!
>Nothing ‘boy’ about him~
File: Toomanymoma.png (805 KB, 1280x640)
805 KB
805 KB PNG
whos the other sunhorse that daybreaker is arguing with? And whos the one with grey hair next to evil tia?
The one Daybreaker is arguing with is Nightmare Star. AFAIK she's from a TCG and served as the evil counterpart before Daybreaker existed.
The one next to Evil Celestia is Molestia I assume.
>*Sniff* Once again our nephew has delivered a spectacular performance
Nightmare star and molestia.
File: 2092280.png (1.05 MB, 1000x3000)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
File: Compassion.jpg (500 KB, 1040x1600)
500 KB
500 KB JPG
>Orphan kidanon is summoned into Pony of Shadows victory timeline
>he wanted something 'from the line of Williams' to use as a weapon
>he expects this
>Daybreaker is unimpressed by him
>Nightmare's moral conflict is intensified now that she realizes that it's a human foal
>Daybreaker and Nightmare are put in charge of breaking him like they were before him
>Daybreaker does fine, but Nightmare can't bring herself to do it.
>she grows closer and closer to anon, at first as his only friend and then a maternal figure
>one night after a particularly vicious 'training session' he's subjected to Nightmare has enough
>she has to fight the pony of shadows and save her sister's soul
>kidanon is ushered through the mirror to Normal Equestria in the middle of the night
>Nightmare tells him to find a pony with her cutie mark
>now Luna wonders why this naked ape child is following her around and calling her Aunt Moon.
Interesting idea but
>'from the line of Williams'
A drawing on the draw thread
I misread what you were trying to say and for a moment thought he was 2 anons.
>for some reason anon needed two bodies when he was summoned
>now there are two anons
>they are technically the same person and look exactly the same
>Celestia and luna took one under their care each
>being the same person doesnt mean acting the same, after a while differences started to appear, that being from the different experiences or teaching the mares are giving to anon or perhaps something deeper like being different parts of the same soul
>there is a problem though, they fight, a lot
>Celestia's anon started taking her mom's ways but in a totally wrong way, he became the popular one amongst ponies
>he isn't evil by any means and he loves hid mom and aunt dearly
>only Luna's anon seem to be the victim of his self righteousness, thinking lunanon isn't up to the task of being worthy
>lunanon on the other hand started to act more like her mom before becoming nightmare moon
>He was becoming more and more isolated, sleeping most of the day and lurking in the night
>At first Luna was happy to have his son by her side, some nights can be rather lonely, but she knew that it wasnt healthy for him and that he needed more friends his age to play and socialize
>Celestia and luna started thinking something to do before anything bad happens between Celianon and lunanon
>they decided to take a couple of days off and go in s camping trip so they can have some quality bonding time between brothers (they more or less brothers now).
>funny stuff happens and maybe feels
they learn to love eachother and become good brothers, after that something hsppens and now there is only one anon, two sides of the same coin finally together.

I just watched that movie of lindsay lohan where she has a twin sister and got an idea of the anons playing pranks of their moms by pretending to be the other one
masterbin gives 502 error, is there a fix for that?
File: NotLuna.png (325 KB, 400x678)
325 KB
325 KB PNG
File: 1570184318790.jpg (1.32 MB, 6000x2000)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
Did the drawthread make any more of these?
File: 1621799842722.png (143 KB, 800x516)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
File: Blueflamemommy.png (653 KB, 1280x759)
653 KB
653 KB PNG
>Anon dies or gets seriously injured and is sent into a coma.
>Celestia falls into despair and sadness only to turn into a blazing anger.
>Taps into her daybreaker persona but this is not enough she needs more power if she wants to get her little sunshine back.
>Manages to find the remnants of the nightmare moon energy/entity
>Traps it in a small pearl and literally consumes it to force 'Nightmare moon' to bond with her.
>She got more power but she is much more agressive and heartless than before.
>Though some would say this is a fusion of daybreaker and nightmare star she only calls herself...
I want to breed this mare so bad
He still posts ponifyed pics of his mom from time to time, but that's the only comic style pic he made so far.
So does Nightmare Star have a story?
Not really, she was made for the card game.
Based grandma.
What kinds of lessons and teaching of wisdom would mom bestow upon you that she wouldn't teach to her students?
"Hey, Mom, you look different today. New manecut?"
Will try to do more tsudere Lunamom green.
If any of you has any idea feel free to post them.
I'm too burned out to write anything
She looks like a bean which makes this pic even cuter
YO this zigga look like a bean!
Not even for tiny little greens?
Any prompts
How about we just take a story from antiquity and remake it with momlestia characteristics?
Like for example the Odyssey, from the perspective of a young Anon.
He believes he's on this great journey to get back home, but in reality it's just him having to walk across the street after he spent the afternoon with a friend.
Youngnon tries to sneak into work with mom.
Isn't that just plagiarism?
File: Anonicorn_MothersDay.png (1.87 MB, 1500x1000)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
What does /mom/ think about Celestia being a mom to Alicorn Anon?

>The guard stationed in the hall containing the royal chambers stifled a yawn as he shifted in place.
>The unfairness of the punishment aside (It's not like he WANTS to be late to work all the time), he's pretty sure that it's outside the DAY-guards job description to be on duty before the sun rises.
>And if it isn't, it should be, the night is for sleeping and not for standing in hallways watching the Royal prince slowly walk down the hall with a tray on his back.
>Wait what.
>Rubbing his eyes with a hoof, the guard looks again as the little prince slowly puts one hoof in front of the other, his wings fully extended to balance the tray of breakfast and his head pointed down to the floor in obvious concentration.
>Keeping silent so as not to startle the little colt, he simply looks on as the prince makes his way to the Princesses door, quietly jiggles the handle open with his magic and makes his way inside before softly swinging it shut behind him.
>The guard scrunches his muzzle as he wonders if he's hallucinating, before shaking his head and filing the incident under "Royal business, don't get involved"

>Magenta eyes gradually flicker open, the consciousness behind them slowly coming online as they spot a small figure curled up next to them on the bed.
>Smiling softly, a pair of hooves reach out from under the covers to pull him into an embrace, her bundle of sunshine murmuring slightly in his sleep.
>She hopes this wasn't another nightmare, but she cannot deny the fact she loved holding her son like this, no expectations or decorum involved, just a mother and her foal.
>A twitch of the royal nose has Celestia look over to the bedside table, and the small stack of pancakes perched on top of a tray.
>A few of the discs are burned, the chopped berries are all irregular sizes and the pile of cream has congealed with the syrup into a sickly sweet looking mess and on top of that the whole thing looks cold.
>All of that being true, it was still set to be one of the best breakfasts she's ever had due to the simple addition of a small card.
>"Happy Mother's Day."
The Simpsons did it
I'm ok with it.
More content is more good
File: 1559118080793.png (410 KB, 1047x1024)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
I want more Fausticorn pictures like this
>Celestia is hesitant about Anon meeting his grandmother for the first time.
>She was tough on her all while growing up and is afraid she will be too tough on her son.
>She is dumbfounded when she spoils him rotten instead of any think close to the firm hoof she had as a filly.
>Luna also sees the difference and has a similar reaction.
>When asked about it, their mother simply responds by saying "Oh I was tough because I was your mother. But now I'm a grandma so I get to enjoy it."
>"Oh I was tough because I was your mother. But now I'm a grandma so I get to enjoy it."
heh, grandmas do be like that.
just remove the RGRE elements
Wondering if we should let this thread die and try again next month.
File: ohshitttt.jpg (247 KB, 1280x1023)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
>replace Twiggles with anon

Any prompts?
File: 1621236708407.png (139 KB, 1024x576)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
>replace Twiggles with anon
>Any prompts?
Wish granted.
>young Twilight buried in her studies
>explores all manner of magics
>even as much as she believes that all fields of magic hold value, she can't deny that some call to her much more than others
>one such field is the study of dimensions
>mathematically it is fairly straightforward
>it simply deals with different forms the world may take on
>some interesting things can happen when mixing different dimensional levels together, or when concerning time
>aside from that, not much
>magically, on the other hoof, it is a deep, roiling, endless expanse beyond all comprehension
>it houses any number of possibilities of anything
>*literally any* number of possibilities
>even the most basic is the aforementioned mixing of dimensional levels and manipulation of time
>very high level spells such as teleportation and time travel are barely even trivialities amongst the labyrinth of dimensional magics
>anything more requires a born prodigy or the dedication of a sage, oft times both
>to Twilight, this was not only the ultimate in magical study, but the zenith of any and all things any creature could ever hope to engage with
>this was what she lived and breathed for, the thing which consumed all plans for the future of her life
>this was something which no restraints or warnings could dissuade her from
>this much was made evident from her frequent temporary theft from the forbidden archives
>dimensional magics was something which would require every possible bolster of her abilities that she could get
>years of obsessive study and countless nights spent poring over her research
>this was what it took
>this was what she needed to make her very first attempt at a legitimate interdimensional spell
>not any foal's play like manipulating a higher dimension for instantaneous travel in the third or stepping through time
>no, this would be an excursion to another world
>as far as she could tell, the first to ever be performed in any capacity
>several hours of final preparation to ready the spell
>who knows how many double, triple, quadruple checks
>eventually Twilight was finally ready
>this spell would make history (when she'd be in a position to tell it, at least)
>something basic to start her off, let her explore a whole other world for a bit as well as give her crucial experience for further experiments
>the whole world seemed to go dark as the spell began lighting up in tandem with her horn
>the glow ever stronger as it charged
>eventually Twilight has to close her eyes and simply trust
>its hum dies in an instant as a flash blasts out
>there Twilight stands no longer
>soon hurried hooves are bolting down the hallway
>the doors slam open as Celestia rushes in
>the magic on the ground is still warm
>despite the horror, she is kept standing by one other thing alone: confusion
>in Twilight's place there is not nothing
>instead, there rests a strange little boy, sound asleep against the cold stone floor
are there any faustmom greens?
What's the coziest mommy-celestia green you've ever read? I'm in a /comfy/ mood
Probably Frostybox's Trixie green. Though he deleted his pastebin a long time ago
I think he was looking for something else no?
That drawing is based on an already popular painting that i forgot the name of
It was a man and his dead son and i think the other anon wanted something like that, maybe?
Also, since celestia is on her solarflare form my bet is that the drawing wanted to convey the fact that she did something harmful to twi but then realized what she has done
The work is variously referred to as Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan, with or without the date, or Ivan the Terrible Killing His Son. The picture portrays a grief-stricken Ivan the Terrible cradling his mortally wounded son, the Tsarevich Ivan Ivanovich. The elder Ivan himself is believed to have dealt the fatal blow to his son.
I know. I decided to fuse two unrelated pieces of his post together because I thought it would be interesting to do.
And I'm also well aware of the painting that was referencing, but I decided not to do anything with that.

Oh ok
im not trying to be condescending, its just that i have seen a lot of anons really consumed by the mares and dont know anything else
Original poster here, my idea was that she killed him in a fit of rage only to realize what she did when it was too late. Anyways the only question is , does she let herself be taken down because she has nothing left to live for, or does she go on a suicidal rampage against the world for turning her boy against her?
I thought there was a backup of all his greens?
Fluttermom short.

>you are Fluttershy, element of Kindness and more importantly mother of Anonymous shy
>you remember finding him a couple years back
>even though you didn't know what he was it broke your heart to see a poor, frightened creature shivering in the cold
>especially when you learned he was a child
>you fed him, nurtured him,
>comforted him when he missed home
>your friends were a bit hesitant at first
>you remember Rainbow said "You know hydras, and manticores are cute when their babies too right?"
>but thank Harmony you didn't listen to her
>no Anon was perfect
>sweet, well behaved, and always courteous
>you hope part of that was you but it might just be natural
>no the only problem you could think of was the questions
>"Mom if Ponies are like people are Horses like monkeys?"
>"Who raised the sun before Celestia?"
>"How come you have doorknobs if nobody has hands?"
>"Is Mayor, mayor mare's actual name?"
>curiosity was fine, and it was never ill intentioned
>but it could be... a lot
>right now he was getting his measurements taken by Raritly.
>you're so lucky she was element of generosity because you didn't know if you could afford clothing a growing colt from an unknown species
>"Miss Rarity?"
>"Yes darling?"
>she asks masterfully through gritted teeth
>"How come some ponies wear clothes all the time and other ponies are naked?"
>"Why don't you have a last name?"
Anyone wanna see stories based on this idea?

>Luna and Celestia aren't Alicorns just two very tall Unicorns/Pegasus
>Neither are princesses either
>Luna's talent is atronomy, Celestia's sun is a metaphor for brightening other's lives somehow
>maybe a minor position in politics
>Live in a decently large house, mom and you sleep on the bottom floor, for the most part Luna gets the top
>she has a bunch of telescopes and stuff up there, it's also really dark and she's up late.
>Mane 6 are older than Anon, know him through Celestia
>or they're all imaginary besides Twilight who's Celestia's aid or something
>either way she's over a lot
>series, and the few good fan works and comics are stories mom and aunt Luna tell little anon
>with the elements being a neat way of teaching him to be a good person
>NMM is really just that when Anon was really young Luna had a falling out with Celestia, and an alcohol problem
>basically a taller delta vee
>Blueblood is a an amalgam of every bad date Celestia ever had
>Trixie is based on someone Luna personally detests at the University/Lab she works at
>Discord was inspired by a surrealist statue that anon used to be afraid of but started to find funny
>which explains his reformation as time went on
>Cadance and Shining are family friends
>Shining is teaching anon how to play O&O and Sombra is the boss
>Queen Chrysalis was created when he heard someone say Cadance experienced "Identity theft" and got confused
>Luna's dream powers come from the fact that irl she's up late and is usually available in case Anon had a nightmare and needs comfort
>Starlight Glimmer is a politician that Celestia disagrees with, anon misinterprets her as a villain
>the reason the show gets worse and worse is that as anon older, he gets more involved until it's basically Axe Cop
Anon is too curious for his own good.
I feel this from the PPP thread fits.
File: IMG_7903.jpg (322 KB, 800x566)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
Luna sneaks you out of the castle to take you to Woodstock
New mare at school sure looks a lot like mom...
>it's another mom gets overly worried and transforms into a kid to infiltrate the class episode
File: IMG_8418.jpg (32 KB, 450x563)
32 KB
You really wish mom would stop trying to marry you off to one of the Elements
File: JJKV5663.jpg (119 KB, 500x759)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
File: Woonasthestrongestluna.png (1.36 MB, 1276x1024)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
The most powerful of the Luna personas.
File: Weirdnewgirlsatschool.png (443 KB, 1280x960)
443 KB
443 KB PNG
Oh this gave me an idea. A really good idea indeed.Can't say if its going to be done today but i have a feeling you guys will love what I have in mind.

I only need help with a few things.
How tall are foals?
How tall would Celestia and Luna filly be?
How tall is a 4/5 year old boy?
>How tall are foals?
The model is about half of an adult isn't it?
>How tall would Celestia and Luna filly be?
I'd say same as normal foals of their age.
>How tall is a 4/5 year old boy?
about 1 meter
Damn, so even the youngest kid would be the size of a full grown mare.
same height but not size.
Oh wait yeah, still I bet the teacher would be suprise to find that one of her student can literally look her in the eyes.
I think it's something we humans tend to struggle with wrapping our heads around that ponies (if they were composed like an earth animal) would weigh as much as an human adult even at their smol adorable size.
I was going to say i doupt most ponies weigh as much as a adult but then i remembered some dogs weigh much more than a full grown man so...
>"Also, he isn't being a little shit."
Holy fug
Something about "The shota has evolved" always cracks me up.
Too many words
File: wLess Words.png (673 KB, 1043x725)
673 KB
673 KB PNG
I'd praise that sun every day.
fuck still cracks me up how ridiculous this looks i love it
This is the way
File: 1514243497668.png (1.99 MB, 1746x1496)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB PNG
God damn mom looks so thicc. Fuuuuck.
File: THICC.jpg (212 KB, 792x1024)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Because she is, she let's her sunshine use her butt as a pillow.
Isn't there an incest thread?
See >>37506373 and /mom/ had better incest anyways because you aren’t actually related to her, and the focus is on Celestia for the most part so that works out for me as a sunfag with a mommy fetish.
File: 1622838653186.png (583 KB, 2971x1759)
583 KB
583 KB PNG
Would you guys be cool with a hypothetical lewd green? Or are we just doing wholesome only now? Just curious.
File: mlp timeline 20.jpg (303 KB, 1920x1080)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
Either. Green is always good.
I'm fine with lewd greens and stories of mom here or there, just as long as the thread isn't just about fucking mom the whole time, so go for it Anon.
File: 1592158941015.png (2.05 MB, 2000x2000)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB PNG
Mom you can't say that, you're white.
chill. variety is fine, think the autism from a while ago over incest was that there was "too much"
it's okay she's from a different millenium
File: 1493955378581.png (164 KB, 600x600)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
I'm not cool with it because I don't want this to turn into /irt/ lite. Again.
But I'll just ignore the green if you make it.
I've had a big writing boner (that has been conflicting with irl commitments and responsibilities) recently, so maybe I will write one when I get some free time. I like wholesome shit too, so maybe just don't read the lewd bit.
File: 1631917536406.png (762 KB, 1200x750)
762 KB
762 KB PNG
Celestia edit?
What is love
Is the mulpwiki link down? it gives me a bad gateway error
It is. Rome took over hosting when the previous owner got off the ride, and he's in the middle of replacing servers.
File: 1437529978823.png (132 KB, 700x700)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
Baby don't hurt me
Don't hurt me
no more
File: 1813148.jpg (2.21 MB, 1186x1800)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB JPG
File: 1590208152968.png (2.12 MB, 6000x3375)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB PNG
Momma makes the best flapjacks.
If i can get some good motivation to finish i will post a short green i've been working on.
File: 1612712447890.png (348 KB, 1061x1024)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
Damn, mom sure knows how to bust a move.
File: 1592829378420.png (2.06 MB, 2224x1668)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
>"You know when you were a child, I used to bring you up to this balcony every evening and we would watch the sun go down together before I would take you back to your room and tuck you in for bed."
>"I miss those days, but I would never trade who my son is now for anyone else. I'm so proud of you, son."
>"Would you like to share a sunset with your dear old mother, my sunshine? For old time's sake?"
What song?
It’s high time that the moon holds dominion over the sun mother!
>Ah! Sunshine this isn’t you! Pull it out! Your cock drips with the influence of your aunts lips!
She has open my eyes! And now I will open your colon! Feel the wrath of the night!
>pull my arm around her neck and give her rubs because she is a god momhoers.
File: 1598814353442.jpg (1.73 MB, 3300x2400)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG
>"I'm glad you could finally come see your mother, Anon. Things have been... slow around here without you, Cadance and Twilight running the halls."
>"Back when you were young, everything seemed so exciting. Twilight taught you about experimental magic spells she had learned from 'the princess' that a unicorn even twice her age wouldn't be able to perform. Cadance would try to keep a lid on things to the best of her abilities, but I know she was just as rowdy back then as the two of you, which resulted in quite a bit of trouble."
>"You all grew so fast."
>"First Cadance left to pursue her dreams and get married. Then Twilight went to ponyville and has adventures with her new friends. A princess of her own now."
>"She... doesn't write as often as she used to..."
>"And you Anon. It feels like I haven't seen you in ages since you moved out."
>"I... I got a bit nostalgic this evening and uncovered one of these dusty puzzles that the three of you used to entertain yourselves with."
>Her blanket drapes outward over a now outstretched wing.
>"Why don't you come and sit with me for a little while? I'll let you have some wine now that you're old enough to drink it."
>"I've missed you, son."
>Do you really think he will donate to my shelter?
>Of course Fluttershy just make sure to jiggle the girls a bit while you’re in front of him. The Prince loves that.
File: lonely.png (1.02 MB, 1280x828)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
Need to spend more time with her.
no I refuse to think about dying before momlestia
Any good greens where celestia does not approve of her sons lover bonus points if it’s twilight
I feel like that might almost feel like incest to her.
Just thought about Anon being adopted by Celestia in https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7f4PIYCaINYwlhNdS9JEjA Equestria. I think they'd have a complex and strained relationship but still clearly love each other.
>Be Twilight Sparkle, right after getting your wings.
>You are officially a princess.
> Which means one thing, you are finally good enough for him.
>Prince Anonymous.
>It was unthinkable for a Prince and yourself to be together before, but all that has changed now.
>"Why hello Princess Twilight, what brings you to the castle?"
>Princess Celestia smiles warmly at you.
"Actually, it's about Prince Anonymous."
>Her smile fades quickly.
>"Twilight... we've been over this before."
"I know, but now that I'm a princess, I just thought-"
>"That now you're good enough for him?"
>She gets right to the point, just like she always does when she's talking about him.
>She gets up from the throne and walks up to you.
>"Let me tell you now, Princess Twilight Sparkle..."
>She bends down and looks right into your eyes.
>"You will never be good enough for him. Ever."
>You wince at her words.
>You remember growing up with Prince Anonymous, and how he always insisted you just call him Anon.
>How you played house and pretended to be married.
>Princess Celestia even thought it was cute, until you both got older.
>She eventually gave you an apartment downtown with its own library in it, and she said she would come over to teach you so you didn't need to go to the castle anymore.
>Just then Prince Anonymous came into the room.
>"Hey mom I- oh Twilight, it's good to see you again. Did you just get here?"
>You are about to speak but are cut off.
>"Unfortunately, the princess was just about to leave. Isn't that right Twilight?"
>You sneak a quick glance at him before lowering your head.
"Y-yes I was. It was good to see you two again though..."
What’s she keeping him for herself for? Man’s got needs mom, you better be able to provide when the time comes.
Thanks will there be more of this

Also I found another green that is on going in the marital problems thread about anon having a celestia mom


Could be a lot of things maybe she is worried twilight will not treat him right and if she doesn’t she is worried she could go day breaker
Maybe she is afraid anon will leave her if he gets a mare friend and is super worried because he got her to open up when she was all alone without family
Or maybe she still thinks twilight is still not good enough for him
Does anyone know what happened to the story where Luna was teaching anon magic
>she is afraid anon will leave her if he gets a mare friend and is super worried because he got her to open up when she was all alone without family
This seems the most likely. The others seem a little out of character to me.

>Celestia realized how fickle life was after Luna's banishment broke her heart.
>Hundreds of years are spent alone, busy with work and politics.
>She is reminded of her mistake every time she raises the sun.
>Something that she used to love doing so much turns her to tears on a nearly nightly basis.
>Although she keeps her distance emotionally, she loves her subjects like a mother and an alarming orphan rate in Canterlot is answered by creating orphanage at the castle, personally run by the staff and her.
>One day, Anon is brought in off the street and taken in.
>An abandoned child from another planet, and an older one at that, he clearly did not belong and none of the other children would have anything to do with him.
>They were a bit snobby as they are Canterlot children after all.
>Celestia begins to form a personal connection with little Anon, she would come and play with him almost everyday after she was done being 'the princess'.
>Eventually, she informally adopts him, and he comes to live in the castle proper.
>He even begins to call her "mom"
>As the years went on, teenager Anon realized that he doesn't spend much time around other ponies much at all.
>Celestia home schooled him, obviously. She loves teaching.
>As teenagers do, Anon begins to question authority and rebelling slightly.
>Things become a bit tense around mom, although she still loves him as her own son, he does things that constantly irritate her.
>Finally they break down and talk, Anon expresses his dislike of being sheltered.
>Celestia tells him the story about how she came to lose Luna, by keeping her at a distance and neglecting her.
>She breaks down into tears thinking that Anon hates her now, the same as Luna, and thinks that she has failed him.
>Obviously this not being the case, Anon holds mom close and tells her that he loves her in a platonic way, we're not there yet
>Life moves on and Anon and Celestia are even closer than ever before, but Anon continues to wonder what it would be like to have a few of his own friends.
>Enter Twilight Sparkle.
Sees not there yet implying that we might be there later
>You are Prince Anonymous, Anon to your friends.
>You're currently enjoying the annual costume party your aunt throws every year.
>It's always nice to get a chance to dress up and see people do the same.
>"Um... excuse me?"
>You turn and see Fluttershy, one of Twilight's friends meekly looking at you.
>And damn if she isn't filling out that dress in the right ways.
>You didn't get a chance to look before but now you definitely are able to get an eyeful.
"Hello Fluttershy."
>"Oh my, how did you know it was me?"
"We met in passing when you first came in."
>"Of course we did. I'm sorry I forgot. Wait before I loose my nerve, would you be willing to donate to my rescue shelter?"
"Of course. It's the least I could do for everything you and your friends-"
>"Hold on, I just need to do something really quick."
>She says cutting you off and walks off.
>She returns a moment later with two girls.
>One came with Rarity and the other with Applejack.
>She picks them up and starts to shake them.
"W-what are you doing?"
>Rarity said you would help if I jiggled the girls when I asked. So will you consider a donation?"
>You see Rarity looking embarrassed and trying to hide from your view.
I had an idea for a green
Tell me if there is anything like this
Celestia does not want anon to date anyone she occasionally catch him playing around with mares and she punishes them.
Celestia has said no to ever potential suitors always finding some flaw even her former student twilight sparkle who is very devoted to him.

>later she bans twilight from even being in the same room as anon without celestia to be there to observe them

>the reasons for these actions are twofold.
She does think every suitor is unworthy but she is also very worried that anon will leave her.

Celestia does feel really guilty about this but cannot imagine life without anon

One day celestia gets back from a meeting a few days early and goes to check on anon hears moaning from his room.

>gets pissed that he is with some whorse bash the door open and there is anon and twilight sucking him off her wings massaging his testicals

>words cannot describes how angry you are in this moment at seeing your former student betray you

>enter daybreaker due to a mix of hatred of the whores trying to steal anon away from celestia and self hatred comes out.

>daybreaker is a lot more confident then celestia. She thinks that if twilight wants to have sex with and be with her son then she shall just not in the way she expects

>makes twilight anons property tells her that one day she could maybe maybe have a chance at being one of anons slave wife’s she would never be the main one of course that honour would go to the new empress of the equestria and later the world

Celestia kidnaps and magically enslaves any creature you show even the slightest bit oh interest in
File: 1599201212297.jpg (89 KB, 1173x681)
89 KB
Bumpin b4 bed.
I bet ponies would be the kindest mothers.
I want what she's having

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