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>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies getting bathed and pet.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.

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Pony is not for enslaving.
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Poni is best at slave
Hell, they're the ones that came up with the idea
Btw, just to have some idle discussion:
What if we change the OP format a bit? Or not the OP format, but an immediate first post.
I think it would be nice if there were an "extract" from the last thread in the OP or the first post. Listing all the new, updated greens with post links what was posted in the last thread.
Corona a good girl.
It's fine. Get some rest and take care of yourself, Anon.

> Salki turned out to be a bit more cognizant of their privacy, but not by much. He let them both go into the bushes to do their business, but he kept hold of their ropes which meant he was pretty close by.
> It was undoubtedly the result of Willow's berating earlier, Mayor Mare thought. He was afraid to let them far out of his sight, even if he was inclined to trust them slightly.
> Not as jaded as the older nomads, at least that was how it seemed. She was beginning to understand a little.
> These people lived without much comfort and worked more or less constantly just to survive. This land was hard and unforgiving, which in turn made them even harder.
> It still wasn't fair, but Mayor understood a little bit. Seeing the other creature's point of view was part of diplomacy, after all.
> Her musing was interrupted when they finally made it to the river. Given the chill in the air, Salki opted to stand on the shore while the two mares waded in a little bit to get at the non-muddy water.
> With the sun nearly gone and twilight on the way the water felt even colder than she remembered and Mayor wanted to be out of it as soon as possible. She drank quickly, then returned to the shore.
> Rainy Day, however, stayed in the river, deep enough for it to splash against her belly every now and then.
"Are you okay?"
> The other mare wasn't drinking, even though her head was hanging low and her muzzle was nearly touching the water. She flicked an ear in Mayor's direction, but didn't look. "Give- give me a minute. I need to catch my breath."
> She sounded particularly defeated and it sparked a nagging worry in Mayor Mare.
"Isn't it chilly? Come on, drink and get out before you catch a cold or something," Mayor pleaded.
> "Yeah. It feels-" Rainy Day began, but lost her train of thought and took a sip. "It's nice."
> That sounded extra worrying and Mayor made a decision. She plunged back, gritting her teeth to keep them from clattering, and waded out to Rainy Day. She was a little shorter than the other mare and that meant her belly was thoroughly soaked by the time she reached her.
> The icy cold of the river felt like knives plunging into her flesh.
"Come on!"
> Lacking any other options, she grabbed Rainy Day's rope in her teeth and gave it a gentle pull. Just an encouragement.
"Come! Let's get out!"
> "No, no," Rainy Day said dreamily. "Just a minute longer. I need to cool off!"
> Mayor grimaced and stepped closer so she could press her muzzle against Rainy Day's. The poor thing was burning up!
"You've got a fever. We need to get you out and keep you warm. Come, please!"

> Unfortunately her friend wasn't listening. She'd lowered her head once more to take another sip, but now her legs were buckling and she simply laid down in the river. A sigh of relief escaped her.
"No! Get up!"
> Mayor had lost the rope and it was now under water. It was too dark to see it, so she just went around Rainy Day and tried to nudge her upright. She heard Salki calling from the bank, but she ignored him for now.
"Get up! Up! On your hooves and out of here!"
> Even her most commanding tone did nothing. She couldn't physically lift Rainy Day, not with her hooves alternatively sticking and slipping on the muddy riverbed.
"Salki! Salki! Pull us out! Pull! Um, uh-"
> Mayor sought for a combination of words which may add up to what she needed to tell him. Maybe if she told him to come and go at the same time, and threw 'rope' in there as well? Surely he'd figure out what she wanted, because he probably wanted the same thing.
"Um, irekh, yavak, ols!"
> His quick reply was obviously a confused question, probably asking her if she lost her mind. In desperation, Mayor stood up and lifted her own rope on a hoof.
"Pull us in! Ols, irekh! Make us come with the rope! Come on, you're not stupid!"
> Finally something clicked and Salki called out: "Tatakh?"
> He didn't wait for her confirmation and dug his feet into the sand. The pressure around her neck was suddenly very welcome and Mayor scrambled with her hooves in the river mud to help push her friend too.
> It nearly toppled Rainy Day into the water completely, but the pegasus instinctively stood to stay upright. "Hey!"
"Come on. We're going out!"
> After the water Mayor winced as the faint breeze in the air cut through her sodden coat. She was shivering and she could hardly feel her hooves, but she kept one leg around her friend to guide her.
> Salki's pulling on the rope really helped, especially with Rainy Day, who had let her head hang down once more and didn't seem to much care what was happening to her. At least, Mayor thought, she kept walking.
> Pretty soon they were on the bank and now they were both shivering.
"B-B-Buck... we need to g-g-go back! Um..."
> She didn't know the word for fire, nor one for warmth, but surely Salki could see the state they were in?
"Salki? Yavak, yavak! We need to go!"
> He answered with something, but began to move. It took a bit of pulling on her lead rope and a few gentle prods to her rear to get Rainy Day to move, but eventually she did.
> Mayor stayed at her side and nuzzled her every now and then to get her moving, even as her mind raced.
> If she had a fever that bad it could be one of two things: her broken wing was getting infected, or she'd caught some strange, new disease from this unfamiliar world.

> The later was unlikely, since they'd been through pretty much the same things and Mayor felt fine. Maybe her earth pony constitution was to thank for that, but she didn't think so.
> Her wing was the more likely culprit and the realization sent fresh chills down her spine, chills which had nothing to do with her wet coat and biting wind.
> Rainy Day needed a doctor. A proper medical professional. The nomads' magic was obviously ineffective, at least on ponies. Her friend needed a hospital.
"Buck, this is b-b-bad..."
> She clamped her mouth shut to keep her teeth from chattering. At minimum, she needed help and right now there was only one person who could give it.
"S-Sa-Salki? What was that word you used? Um, before. Tak-tak? Ols, tak-tak?"
> He chuckled and said: "Tatakh." To prove his point he gave her rope a little demonstrative tug.
"Ah, tatakh. Okay. Got it."
> Each new word was useful, but this one not immediately so. She needed to ask for blankets and a fire, but didn't know how. She didn't even know how to tell him they were cold.
> Hopefully, he saw. If not, if he still thought of them as animals, maybe he wouldn't immediately give them over to Willow when they reached the camp. Perhaps she could mime it to him.
> Mayor Mare tried to think up some gestures to convey what they needed even as she kept nudging Rainy Day along. Each touch of her muzzle on the other mare made her worry a little bit more. She was burning up despite her wet coat.

> ~~~~

> Eventually, through great effort, Mayor Mare got her friend back to the nomad camp and the place they had spent the previous night.
> The air kept gradually cooling and both of them were shivering violently by the time Salki tied their rope to what appeared to be a new stake hammered into the ground.
> Much to her relief, Mayor couldn't see Willow anywhere and the rest of the people were mostly ignoring her. Very few of them were out of their tents anyway.
> It was promising and if Rainy Day weren't so weak this would have been the perfect opportunity to escape. Mayor still considered it, but a single glance at her friend disabused her of that notion.
> Rainy Day was sitting on her haunches, with her good wing wrapped as far around her as it would go, but to no avail. She was trembling and pressing against Mayor Mare's side.
> Salki stopped and looked back.
"Please. You have to give us something. Blankets? Fire? We're freezing to death!"
> If only they had some warmth for a short while, Mayor thought, so their coats could dry off. Their fur would protect them, even if it wouldn't be very comfortable. Rainy Day's delirium in the river might have cost them their lives.

> The young nomad didn't understand her words and his reply was mostly unintelligible to her. She caught 'nam gum', but it wasn't a phrase she knew.
> Then Salki left them alone, ignoring when she called after him. It felt like a betrayal and Mayor had to remind herself that he wasn't their friend. He was one of their captors.
> She shouldn't let herself get blinded by small kindness when they'd foalnapped them and dragged them off to this chilly world. Even if he was the nicest of the nomads, he was still one of them.
> There was nothing else to do; Mayor put her hooves around Rainy Day and tried to keep the other mare warm with her body. Their wet fur meshed together unpleasantly, but she endured, hoping it would dry out before they died.
> "It's c-c-c-old," the other mare complained as she sought around Mayor Mare's neck with her muzzle. "Oh, Celestia, it's cold!"
"I know. I'm sorry, but we'll just have to endure."
> The sun was well under the horizon now and the shadows were deepening. Mayor thought she could see stars beginning to show above, but it was hard to tell with her blurry vision.
> Night would be long and dangerous. She looked around for any grass or hey, or something to cover them at least a little. There was nothing. What little grass there was, it had been cropped short by the donkeys.
> The donkeys!
> Maybe they could mingle with them and get some warmth! It was rude, awkward and distasteful, but perhaps it was their only chance. They might get kicked, or bitten, but she was willing to take her chances.
> Unless...
> Mayor Mare looked around at the rest of the nomad camp. Most of their fires were going out, untended as the people retreated to their tents, but she could see faint glows of dying embers.
> Maybe those would last long enough for their fur to dry?
> She inspected the stake to which they were tied, but it was much like the one in the field. A young tree trunk with a groove cut into it for the rope and hammered into the tough, packed dirt.
> With her normal strength she could probably pull it out, but her legs still hurt from the unaccustomed exercise and she was feeling weak from the poor fodder they were given.
> It'd be easier to chew through the rope. All she needed was for some more of the nomads to go to sleep. Soon. There might be punishment in the morning when Willow found what she'd done, but at least they'd make it till then.
"Just hold on for an hour, Rainy Day. I'll get us some warmth when they've gone to bed, okay?"
> She couldn't tell if her friend nodded, or if it was just her shivering, but whether Rainy Day had heard or not, there was nothing they could do until the camp quietened down some more.
> Mayor closed her eyes and tried to relax. The shivering wasn't doing her poor muscles much good.

> A nearby rustle made her lift her head and look. A shadow was approaching them, but it was smaller than most of the nomads. Mayor sought around for the scent and almost smiled when she realized who it was.
> The youth was coming back and the reason she hadn't recognized his outline was because he was carrying something big in his forelegs.
> He came to them and deposited his burden on the ground beside them. As she inspected it, Mayor's relief withered away and she almost gagged.
> Animal skins, somehow treated so they didn't rot, but still stinking of death and dried blood.
"What? Why did you bring this?"
> Rather than answering a question he probably didn't understand, Salki picked up one of the pieces from the pile and spread it out. It was grotesque with the flaps which must have been legs at some point and a stub of a tail.
> Donkey, Mayor thought in horror and revulsion. If she had been able to lie to herself up to now, this would have disproved it. These people ate animals and used their skins as clothing.
> Rainy Day looked up and her breath caught as she gagged. For a moment Mayor was worried she might throw up, but luckily it didn't come. The other mare focused her eyes on the ground and swallowed a few times as she tried to keep control of her stomach.
> Salki was saying something as he brought the thing closer and both ponies shot to their hooves to get away. This reaction seemed to surprise him and he stopped.
"Look, I know what you're- gah!"
> She'd forgotten her belly was still completely wet and pressing it against the ground had actually managed to warm it a bit. Now, the night air cut like a steel knife, making both mares draw air through their teeth.
> "Buck that's cold!"
> Maybe they didn't have a choice? Her stomach nearly turned, but Mayor let her head drop.
"We have to..." she murmured.
> "What?"
"We don't have a choice. We might die if it gets much colder, Rainy Day. We're wet and we're not drying out fast enough."
> The other mare pulled away and exposed another bit of wet fur to the elements, which only served to reinforce Mayor's determination. "You're crazy! That's somepony's skin! They killed a donkey and *took their skin off*!"
> Mayor Mare swallowed a lump at the unfortunately vivid image in her mind. She was starting to shiver badly once again and Rainy Day didn't look much better off. Her pegasus fluff and feathers didn't help now that she was wet.
"It's either that or we die too."
> That shut Rainy Day up and she stared at Mayor in abject terror. "D-Die?"
"You're sick, Rainy Day. I think your wing is infected. You have a fever and you're soaking wet, and it's night. It feels like winter."
> She drew a deep breath and then said the hard truth:
"If you don't do this, you'll probably die before morning."

> Mayor Mare suddenly realized she'd said 'you', not 'we'. Was it true? She focused inward, on her own body. It was shivering, but she wasn't quite as wet as Rainy Day. She hadn't wallowed in the river, so it was mostly her legs and belly.
> It would be cold as Tartarus and she'd be miserable, but she'd probably live. She'd likely catch a horrible cold, which might eventually turn to pneumonia. Untreated, left in this cold every night, Mayor didn't like her own chances over the long term either.
> Rainy Day already had a bad fever and her broken bone was probably infected. She was in serious danger if she didn't get warm soon. Mayor could see that even without being any sort of a doctor.
"I know it's gross and wrong, but we don't have a choice. Come on."
> There was no reply, but Rainy Day slumped a little and Mayor saw it for what it was. Defeat. She'd go along.
> When she approached Salki, her friend came with her.
> He grinned at them and nodded in encouragement. He placed the skin on the ground, fur side up, then patted it for them to walk on it.
> It felt incredibly wrong, but Mayor put a hoof on the awful thing. It was eerie, feeling fur very similar to that of ponies, except rougher, but no warmth. It felt like touching a corpse.
> She made herself walk forward and gave Rainy Day an encouraging smile.
"Think of it like a weird rug, okay?"
> The other mare nodded, closed her eyes, and walked forward. They stood, shivering from a mixture of cold and disgust, until Salki patted the skin again and spoke something.
> "Za! kevtekh, za!" he replied and patted the ground a few more times. He sat, completely unconcerned with the macabre nature of his impromptu carpet.
"That's probably 'sit', or 'lie down'. I'll try to remember."
> She doubted she would, not preoccupied like this, but committing a new word to memory was a welcome distraction and Mayor repeated it to herself a few times.
> Rainy Day whispered: "I'm sorry," and simply folded down. After a moment Mayor realized she must have been talking to the previous owner of the skin. Both of them were still shivering and she tried to follow her friend's example.
> She couldn't quite make herself lie, but she sat, pressing as close to Rainy Day as she could.
> In moments Salki was back with another skin, which he swung and draped around them. Mayor's own flesh felt as if it was trying to crawl away from touching it, but she made herself sit still.
> Very soon their cover trapped some heat and she felt a lot warmer. As her limbs woke up from their cold-induced numbness she began to shiver in earnest.
> Rainy Day wasn't doing any better and finally Mayor folded down to cuddle her ill friend as best she could.

> Weird how, after a few minutes, after the warmth started to creep in, the disgust faded. She still hated what they were doing, but she no longer wanted to throw up.
> Salki was saying something, but Mayor couldn't focus well anymore. She was concentrating on keeping herself as still as possible, so her shaking didn't lift the- the 'blanket', she decided to call it, and let in cold air.
> The skin pulled up and she reached with a foreleg, thinking the wind had picked up. It was only Salki and he settled down with them. His foreleg went around her barrel and he gasped as her wet fur pressed against bare skin.
> He persisted though, and soon his warmth began to penetrate to her freezing core. Mayor couldn't hold back a sigh of relief.
> She turned her head so she could look at her nomad saviour, but it was dark and all she could see was the lump of his head and the mess of his mane.
"T-T-Thank y-you."
> He replied something and she pushed her nose to touch his.
> One more day of rest, she decided. No river before bed. If the nomads left them alone with that flimsy rope and hasty stake, she'd get them free in a snap and they'd sneak away the next night.
"Rainy Day?"
> "Mm?"
"Rest and try to get well. We're in no shape to escape tonight, but it looks like they won't guard us. We can get away tomorrow night, okay?"
> "'kay. What about him?"
> Mayor thought about it. Would she be able to kick Salki down? Knock him out, maybe kill him? In exchange for her freedom?
> Maybe it wouldn't come to that.
"He only came back tonight because he saw we were suffering. He'll leave us alone tomorrow too. We're just novelty and they are already growing bored of us. Business as usual."
> "I h-hope you're right."
"Me too."
> What Mayor didn't talk about was her fear. Maybe Salki had come back because Willow had set him to watch the ponies overnight. She was also aware of a few other nomads walking around the camp, even though it was dark now.
> Did they post guards? Given their warrior-like nature, it wouldn't be much of a stretch.
> Maybe they seemed complacent because they were sure they'd catch them in an escape attempt. After all, the donkeys weren't really guarded and from what Mayor had seen, they weren't even tied down.
> She'd keep her eyes open. The important thing was that Rainy Day got better. With luck, her fever would break and her body would fight off the infection. She had to, or else there was no way she could walk all the way back to the portal and then cross the Everfree forest to Ponyville.
> Once again she thought about leaving her behind. Maybe if she ran away alone, she could bring back help in time?
> Only as a last resort, Mayor Mare decided. She closed her eyes and sought sleep. She'd need her strength in the coming days.

You know what they say - when it rains it pours. In cases when it doesn't, Rainy Day goes and dunks her butt in the river in the middle of Asian tundra, in winter. Not looking so good, but maybe they've made a friend or something?

Ponepaste is still not up, one of these days I'll upload this thing to one of those temporary file hosting things again, just so people don't have to search archives for the whole green.
good shit
Oh man. If Rainy Day goes much more with this fever it's... ohhh shit. I just realized something... was Rainy Day included in the intro..? I'm scared, Anons!
That sounds pretty good actually
I'll start keeping a list for next thread
Salki is the only one who even likes them enough to keep them from dying, good lord. Rainy Day needs warm hugs and cuddles, and a doctor. :( This one is a tough one to read, you weren't kidding AWF. Poor abused mare... mares.
File: 1956098.png (1.02 MB, 1200x1175)
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1.02 MB PNG
That's a silly bug!
Yo, im back.
Im finishing the next few batches of the luna green with more attention to grammar this time.
Ploblem is, i never did a No. reply from another thread, how do i do that?
File: 2283252.png (710 KB, 680x680)
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710 KB PNG
Lurk moar newfag.
The same way you do within threads: two meme arrows followed by the post number. Only difference is that you can't just click on the post number and have to copypaste it or type it in by hand.
Same way as any other. >>1
Huh, i didt thought it was the same shit. well, thx anyway.
File: 1185645687.png (440 KB, 600x600)
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440 KB PNG
A good girl!
She deserves all the headpats
This might feel a bit different from my other review, we will see. Not in the best shape now.
>cognizant of their privacy
The "you can't see me" is a prettly low level of privacy, but at least its something. I hope they got to wipe this time.
>sounded extra worrying
Hm, for me it sounded like Rainy Day is trying to relax for a minute.
>The poor thing was burning up!
Hm, then how did she not feel super uncomfortable in the cold? If I get a fever, then everything is cold and I need like 5 layers of clothing/blanket to not feel cold.
>A sigh of relief escaped her.
Huh. This is a bad sign if her cognitive abilities are slipping away / she starts to faint. Maybe the best course of action here is actually to bring her body temperature down a bit.
>"Um, irekh, yavak, ols!"
Mayor Mare learns fast. And I need to start a dictionary. Just checked how long the dictionary is for the other story I'm reading and its 46 pages. It's annoying especially that nearly every second or third spoken sentence is in this made up language or contains words from it.
>Salki's pulling on the rope really helped
At least this guy understands situations.
>She was burning up despite her wet coat.
At the end she might not even need to dye her mane, it will turn gray on its own.
>but it wasn't a phrase she knew
But that means that he is trying to figure out what they want and is using simple words/combinations.
>but we'll just have to endure
Sad. Maybe they can move around a bit. I also failed to see they trying to shake off as much water as possible. Not literally shake off, but just wipe it off with their hooves/legs or something.
>It was grotesque
I can imagine how this would feel to someone not seeing skin before.
>We might die if it gets much colder
Was it this cold yesterday? Or just the evaporation + wet fur adds this much to it.
And dying is a tiny bit of an exaggeration imho.
>*took their skin off*
Heh. At least she is back to being not delusional.
Well she is not a 100%, since its the second time MM mentions dying. And she only picked up the second one.
>suddenly realized she'd said 'you', not 'we'
And I did too.
>Was it true?
I don't think its that cold. She will feel super uncomfortable but not freeze to death.
>weird rug

Hm, wierd. Usually the word for "sit" is a sort one in most languages. A single vowel and one or two consonant.
>His foreleg went around her barrel and he gasped as her wet fur pressed against bare skin.
Cuddle time! And the fact that he understood that they are cold is outstanding. He will get punished in the morning IMHO. Willow will feel jealous that the ponies "obey" and friendly with Salki, while he is a stupid one.
>He only came back tonight because
And this shows that Salki treats them as prisoner "humans" more or less.
>Business as usual.
I wonder when will her optimism stop.
>Only as a last resort
Didn't she had these thoughts the first time when they met Salki?
>need her strength
So far its not working out and she is more and more tired each day.

Thanks for the update!
ponepaste is back!
File: Celly Business.png (311 KB, 541x600)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
hallelujah! Update coming tonight after work in ~7-8 hours.
File: 1597206990220.gif (964 KB, 439x318)
964 KB
964 KB GIF
File: 2646166.png (861 KB, 2048x2022)
861 KB
861 KB PNG
Hello, everyone! First of all, with Ponepaste now being fully restored to service I was able to get in and change the password. So, thankfully, even if the passwords are ever cracked our stories are safe.

On a related note, I've updated the bin to include AWF's new story, since I was able to find a link for that. But I'm missing a couple of the newer stories, so - if ScarecrowBiker and the Gilda writer would like to provide bins, I can add you as well. Glad to be back!
Raven a good girl!
Very hard worker.
Please update AnonymousWritefag's stuff so I can finally remove the "additional stories" from the OP. And most links to the stories in pastebin are 404. I update the links to point to https://ponepaste.org/user/AnonymousWritefag .
File: 1629055639396.jpg (136 KB, 1200x1000)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Poni is for preening
>Jack scream was strong enough to make you flintch your phone away of your ear, it was better not to ignore it again, either way you planned to respond since you got part of your memory back.
"Im here... Sorry."
>You tried to sound calm as to not alarm Jack anymore.
>"Something Happened? Youre acting pretty weird dude....Must have been one hell of a fall, eh?."
>Hearing him this worried and agitated was also something out of character of Jack, but you decided not to point it out, you gained nothing antagonizing a friend.
>"Youre not the type of being careless on the road, besides you sound pretty... relaxed to someone who just had a crash... Not to mention the fact that you are in StarHill right now"
>Jack had a point, maybe the fall unscrewed some of your bolts, having a memory loss is no minor injury, or whats left of the adrenaline rush you had is messing with your sence of self, but in the end the fact is that since you woke up you didt stop to feel weird things.
>The only thing you didt undestand was Jack persistance that being on Starhill was a bad thing, either way he didt need to know about the memory loss, it would only waste more time in this call.
>"plus you having a pony is completly out of your style."
"The pony is not mine Jack..."
>This conversation started to be tirering, and your voice made it clear.
"It just appeared out of nowhere, and now its dying on my knees, can you please just get your ass over here already?"
>you didt mean to sound like a asshole, but time was agaisnt you.
>"No need to bark, ive been on the road since the moment you said you were on Starhill. Im bringing my kit and other tools with me, on the mean time, keep the pony awake."
>"its pass out, isnt it?"
>Jack sighed stressfully.
"yeah, she collapsed just before i could check how was she."
>"Okay, look, take some water and sphash it on her face if shes not hurt there, or wake her any way you can. Other thing, you said she had a cut right? Nothing else?"
"Right, a large cut in her torso. Luckly i dont see other injurys, if she has one it must be internally."
>"Apply Preasure to--"
"Dont worry, i already have it covered."
>"Great, ill be there shorty, keep it awake"
>Before you could say anything jack ended the call.
>You never heard him like that before, it was unsetelling even. Its impressive how seriously he takes his job, seriously enough to sound like another person completly.
>Putting you cellphone back into your jacket pocket you return to the Unicorn, whos still out but at least appears to be stable.
>Before having to wake her up you took the opportunity to insure that the wing was heavly press against the cut so to not rish anymore blood loss.
>At first you found yourself a bit lost of ideas, you didt want to press her wing constatly with your hands as to keep them free to wake her up or answer the phone if jack called, but at the same time you didt had bandagues on you, so you had to improvised.
>Taking the scarf off your the neck you figured to wrap her wing firmly against her body so to keep her tucked wing pressed even harder. Although you had to rip the scarf since it wasent long enough to go around her torso.
>Once the lenght was right you slowly placed the middle of the scarf on her wing as to make the ends met on the other side. There was just one but big ploblem: she was laying on her side.
>Now it came to the hard part, you had to move her up, a thought that gave you goosebumps since: 1. You still didt know if she had something broken inside, so moving her could end up being a bad idea. 2. the idea of hurtin her more was really not something you looked up for.
>You started to debate whether or not moving her was a good idea after all, just to soon be cut off by a new groan of pain letted out in her sleep, hearing that got you determined on the idea that doing nothing was even worst of a outcome.
>With almost cirugical precission you placed one of yours hands below her body, praying in whispers and begging that her bones werent broken. Cold sweat started to pour out of your forehead and you could fell the similar yet rapsy sensation of grass and fur against your hand.
>it was almost like dissarming a bomb that was about to explode, difference being that the live lost woundt be yours, but of someone else. With every centimeter you covered the image of touching a broken bone or a flesh wound was so vivid it almost felt real.
>Saying that your heart was in your mouth was a understatement, you could swear that if that hell went on for a bit longer you would end up pucking out of stress.
>But before you could it was finally over. Your hand and part of your forearm were completly under her, no broken bones, no wounds, and just like that your fears dissapeared, your sweat stoped and your free hand stoped shanking.
>the sign of relief you letted out felt like a injection of morfine right though your whole body, damn that felt good, but you werent sure if it was worth the trouble.
>the rest of it was a breeze in comparation of placing your hand into the unknown. Lifting her body was a bit scary, but since no bones were broken nothing bad happened.
>You quickly placed the end of the scarf below her and with care you let her body down once more, grabing both ends on the other side you tied them up fimly and ensure that her wing pressed with the right amount of preasure against her injury.
>Now than that was over, it was actual time to wake her. You coundt denied that waking her was a bit scary, after all you are a human, the species that slaved and killd then with no remorse. Seeing one as soon you woke up screamed for disaster.
>Whats worse? That as soon she woke up she tried to escape probably resulting in her injurys getting worse, or that she tried to fight you, making both of you even more beated up.
>Either way you had to wake her, so... exept for the worse hope for the best, you guessed. Really, everthing up to the moment you got a sence of yourself was a cluster fuck of unexpected events.
>You didt had water, well, actually you had, but now its burning up with rest of your bike. Mud sure wasent a good substitute, it would only dirty her up. So you had to wake her the old fashioned way.
>You drag yourself from her torso to her face, and leaning closer to it you gently put both your hands on her cheeks, having the lower hand serving as a pillow.
>for some reason it was hard to move up words to your mouth, your lips dried up and your thoath glup up as your eyes coundt stop looking at her.
>She was beatiful, her dark coat felt so smooth in your hands, her large eyelashes stayed untounched even on her state and her mane... goddamnt it her mane, it looked like plasma before, but upclose you could clearly see each hairline floating around like she was under water, and it slowy faded away into the transparent "Space window" it made, giving away at the countless stars.
>It felt just like having the manifestation of the night in your hands and before your eyes, it hyponitized you completly, your heart felt way heavier that before and your breathing started to accelerate, on a time like this you cound only think one thing.
"I have to save her"
>Determined by this weird feelings you decided to question later on you stregnth up the grip on her cheeks, and spoke up while wiggliling a bit her head.
"Hey, Wake up! Please wake up! Come on, come on..."
>It didt look to make any effect, her eyes were unmoved and her breathing stayed consistant but agitated, each second wasted away felt like a dagger in your soul and you started to panic again.
"Wake up! You gotta wake up! Dont Die, please dont die, dont die!"
>You started to tap her cheek with hurry, begging for any kind of sign of awareness. Panic transformed into stress, and stress into frustration.
>you dont know if it was your words, or by a miracle, but suddenly her breath took a sudden stop, and her eyes opened up darting dirrecly into yours.
File: luna.jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
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Thats all for today people, this time i took the propper care of grammar. If you still catch some please let me know about it.
Next Time we will finally get some Luna interactions, yay!
Wrote this oneshot for the spanking thread.

>but since no bones were broken nothing bad happened
You can maybe detect 1% of broken bones by just touching it. And also internal organ damage is almost undetectable at first glance.
But I'll let these slip.
File: 1622746185957.png (549 KB, 2048x2048)
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549 KB PNG
Poner gonna get supergrounded
File: 2681334.jpg (674 KB, 3000x1800)
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674 KB JPG
Poner is helping master with anatomy studies
I wonder if her crotchboobs have freckles on them.
yes. she like it when master traces a finger to each one during her milking sessions. alicorn milk is a hot, if very rare commodity after all
she likes it even more when master kisses them
File: 1628439727472.jpg (1.79 MB, 3664x3808)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB JPG
What better use for a slave than dressing her up in cute clothes for your amusement?
Taking off those clothes later on. Unless banging her with them still on is your thing!
File: 1874412.jpg (962 KB, 1650x1275)
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962 KB JPG
you think that milky way might get jealous of a new pony, ex-princess or not, threatening her position as head milkmare?
>they get really competitive about it
>milky has volume and experience
>moony has scarcity and branding
>diets are specialized
>independent auditors are hired
>professional trainers are found for their master-husbands
File: 6240930.png (1.08 MB, 6800x4900)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
File: 118565459943.png (1.71 MB, 2560x2048)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
My heart couldn't handle it.
File: princess luna mailmare.jpg (121 KB, 739x1024)
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you and me both, brother
File: 118745233478.png (345 KB, 1024x1024)
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345 KB PNG
>you can pet the delivery girl
>but you're only getting half your order
Just get an extra pizza and bam problem solved.
bad peetzer poner
File: 2329408.jpg (733 KB, 2000x2796)
733 KB
733 KB JPG
What a troublemaker
She needs BELT
Still wouldn't be able to stay upset at her. Just look at that pony!
That's a paddlin!
She's got that regal cuteness
I think just a snap of the belt would be enough to put the fear of God into a pony and set them straight.
Mares are for spanking
Her punishment is no treats for a week!
Nah, she has to bake the most delicious cake imaginable and then can't have any. In fact, she has to watch master eat it and he doesn't even like cake that much so it's wasted on him!
Well now you're just being overly cruel.
I miss Clear Skies.
This would literally be worse punishment than a full belting for Celly.
Whatever happened to Interstellar Celly? I just binged the 2 parts on ponepaste and it kinda kills me to not be able to find out if they ever find Luna and what the deal with Edward is...
You Writefags have way too much power by leaving stories like that... especially with some of them doing the Avatar and just straight up disappear for months or longer.
File: 116798184.jpg (868 KB, 1898x1190)
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868 KB JPG
Ded green.
We bug him to write more every day, but it's been so long he might be a retired writefag.
File: 6237562.png (91 KB, 553x416)
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>tfw no fantasy green where necromancer anon reanimates a qt lil poner servant
between you, me, and a tree i'm not going to waifu a mare where the phrase "dislocating a jaw" turns into a fucking scavenger hunt
File: dd.jpg (250 KB, 1889x1889)
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250 KB JPG
Well you could go with another delivery company, but that's probably gonna be more expensive than including snackies for your delivery pone.
File: 1624156607341.png (602 KB, 1952x1344)
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602 KB PNG
Poner cafe story when?
File: 115276574.jpg (226 KB, 597x513)
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226 KB JPG
>go pony hunting
>while readying your traps, a whole pack of them wandered up and climbed into your car
Well that was easy.
File: iguess.png (46 KB, 1200x1314)
46 KB
>spent at least 2.5k on elaborate, nigh-rube goldberg tier traps
>they trap themselves because you left some $2 crackers and peanut butter in your van for lunch
>now you have 6 ponies, but no lunch
Master-slave relationship in a nutshell. Get ready bud!
well it did look like it was going to rain
At least I immediately have one to give away to bribe the nosy officer.
You mean 7 ponies
File: 1603160495163.png (892 KB, 1600x1400)
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892 KB PNG
>tfw no cuddlebuddy to cheer you up when you're feeling worn out and motivate you throughout the day
8 ponies? where the fuck did this tenth pony come from?! i can't believe i have to take care of thirteen ponies now!
>pony wears the saddle
>pony pulls the cart
>pony eats master's lunch when he's busy doing other stuff
>pony forgets she did, and has a second lunch an hour later
>pony starts to get fat
Doesn't have quite the same ring to it.
File: 1576867114598.gif (14 KB, 220x171)
14 KB
File: bedmare is very needy.png (754 KB, 920x1025)
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754 KB PNG
File: 2627796.png (705 KB, 1900x1473)
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705 KB PNG
If they're eating twice the lunch then you just need to make them pull twice the saddles.
don't let your poner get away with everything
poni wears the pants

> Mayor Mare woke up with a small gasp as cold air intruded into her little bubble of warmth between Rainy Day and Salki. She reached blindly for the covers and found nothing.
> She had to blink her eyes a few times to clear her vision, but then she saw what was happening. The young nomad had slid away. He was sitting on the edge of their... carpet and stretching out his arms.
> He reached out a forepaw and patted her muzzle. She didn't understand what he was saying, but she understood there was some urgency in his tone. He pointed at her, then at Rainy Day and gestured with his arms.
"What is it?"
> Eventually he got an idea to grab the edge of the hide under them and tug it, still talking in hushed tones. He jumped to his feet, extended his arms and kept on talking.
"Slow down, I don't understand you!"
> That much was clear to him and he dropped back to his knees beside her. He tucked his claws under her head and tried to lift her up. This she understood. They had to get up, even if she didn't know why.
"Fine. What was that word? Bos?"
> He nodded emphatically and jabbered some more, but he also repeated the word. "Bos! Bos! Nam gum! Bos!" All the while he kept gesturing up with his arms.
> Mayor turned a little and got her hooves under her. She braced herself for more cold air, but her coat was dry and it wasn't too bad, even in the pre-dawn chill.
> She sought out her friend with her muzzle and gave Rainy Day a good nudge.
"Wake up. Something's happening. Rainy Day?"
> The other mare didn't even stir. A momentary spike of panic leadened Mayor's limbs, but she saw her chest rise and gave a gasp of relief. For an instant she had been afraid Rainy Day had died in her sleep.
"Wake up! Come on!"
> More cold air enveloped them both as Salki simply lifted their blanket. He crudely folded it a couple of times and dropped it on the short, dew-laden grass next to them.
> At long last Rainy Day stirred, but all she did was flick her ear and groan. Mayor pressed her muzzle to her friend's.
"Dear Celestia, you still have a fever. Buck, we need a doctor. What do I do?"
> Dark despair threatened to overwhelm her and for a moment Mayor Mare was ready to give up. Things just kept going wrong and getting worse.
> She sat on her haunches next to her friend and let her head hang down.
> Salki's tug on her mane brought her out. "Bos!" he said, followed by something she didn't get, then a word she knew: "yavak!"
> He wanted them up and away. Her breath caught. Was he getting them to escape?!
"Yavak?" she repeated.
> Salki spoke and gestured some more and her heart sank.
"Oh, *you* have to go away."

> It was probably a good idea. He didn't want Willow to find him, or see that he had helped the ponies through the night. She couldn't understand why Willow was so intent on proving he could be heartless, but that was how it was.
> If she wanted to keep getting Salki's help, she'd have to return the favor and keep him from getting caught.
> There was still the problem of Rainy Day's fever. An irrational hope gripped her and Mayor took Salki's arm with her hooves.
"Here. Feel. Here."
> She pulled him closer and he didn't fight her as she laid his palm on Rainy Day's head.
"Feel that? Damn it, I don't know the word for hot. Here, now come here!"
> He remained passive as she shifted his touch to her own muzzle.
"Feel the difference?"
> She moved his paw between them a few times to make sure he would notice the difference, then pointed at Rainy Day and mimed coughing.
> A look of sympathy crossed Salki's features and Mayor Mare knew he understood.
"Yes! She's ill. We have to do something!"
> The silver lining of the moment was that the other mare was roused from her deep sleep by all the touching and prodding. She opened one eye and sought around until she focused on her friend.
> "M-Mayor? I'm c-cold..."
> She was already shivering and Mayor lay down to press her flank against her friend's. It wasn't much, but it was the best they could do.
"Sun will be up soon. It'll get warmer. Come on, you have to stand. Salki needs to take the- the blankets."
> Rainy Day looked down on the surface underneath her. She blinked and her breath caught as she recognized it, but then she sagged. "Oh. Yes. I remember."
> Her disgust probably helped and she struggled up to her hooves. She wasn't too steady, but with Mayor supporting her she was able to make those few steps. Her legs trembled a little, but she was stable.
> "Mayor? I'm- I'm sorry," she began, but Mayor shushed her up.
"It's not your fault! You have a broken wing and it's probably infected. If anything, I'm sorry. I don't know how to help."
> Rainy Day shook her head, but that nearly unbalanced her and she froze. "No, no... not that. I'm- mmmph!"
> That last was a sigh of relief, followed by splashing of liquid on grass. It was coming from behind Rainy Day and Mayor suddenly understood. Her face heated up a little, but she couldn't find very much embarrassment.
"It's fine. Don't worry about it."
> Despite her encouragement, Rainy Day kept on talking: "I c-couldn't hold it. I don't think I could make it to the bushes. I'm... Mayor, I'm tired."
> It was probably the fever. Thankfully, the stream stopped soon after. Even more importantly, it missed the blanket which Salki had picked up and folded with the other.

> He already had the bundle in his arms and was telling them something, but Mayor didn't understand so she just nodded at him.
> It was enough and the young nomad left in a brisk walk.
> As he was leaving, Rainy Day let her head hang down until her muzzle nearly touched the ground. It looked as if she would simply fold back down.
> The good news was that they were both dry and day wasn't too far off. The better news was that there was no dew on the grass which had been covered with the blanket, so lying there would be uncomfortable but no longer dangerous.
"No, not here. It's wet!" Mayor reminded her.
> She led Rainy Day a few steps away and picked a patch of what looked like slightly thicker grass which was still dry. They didn't have a lot of range with the rope around their necks, but there was some choice at least.
"Here. Lie down. Rest. We'll explain to Willow you can't work today. Maybe they'll call their doctor back."
> "The- the one with the rattle?"
"Yeah. It wasn't too effective, but maybe he has some other stuff he can try."
> Rainy Day twisted her neck to look more closely at her wing. "He gave me a leaf," she mumbled.
"I saw. I guess it didn't do the job. Maybe their magic doesn't work on ponies or something."
> Her friend didn't have a response to that and just went to lay her head down on her forelegs, but she paused and scrunched her muzzle in concentration. She was staring directly at Mayor Mare.
> Rainy Day blinked, then shook her head. "Nothing. It's just- it's not important."
"Tell me."
> Making her talk was waking Rainy Day up. She seemed more lucid by the minute and Mayor wanted to keep it up. With luck, her friend would feel well enough to walk to the river for a drink and maybe to crop some grass.
> She needed to keep her strength up and it would take a lot of that low-quality food.
> "I guess the Foal Free Press was right. You do dye your mane."
> Rainy Day shook her head again, but now there was a small smile on her lips. "Your roots are showing, Mayor. I guess you'll go back to your natural color."
> She'd completely forgotten in the bustle! Mayor tried to cover her head with her hooves, but of course there was no use.
> She remembered the previous day when their nomad doctor and Willow were so interested in her mane. They must have seen it too!
> Mayor was mortified. Nopony had seen her with her natural mane color in years! It was such a vivid color, too! Completely unbehooving a government official!
> She closed her eyes and forced herself to take a deep breath. It didn't matter. She wasn't in Ponyville and she didn't really care that much what her foalnappers thought. Why was this so embarrassing?

> "It's okay. It doesn't matter," Rainy Day was going on. "Actually, I think pink would look good on you. It'd go well with your eyes. You should consider keeping it when we get back."
> Mayor Mare let her breath out and slumped.
"You're right. It doesn't matter."
> She still blushed a little while Rainy Day kept looking. She was about to say something, but Salki came hurrying back.
> He mumbled something and waved. He didn't have his bundle of skins, but Mayor saw he had more on his body. He obviously felt the cold more keenly than them.
> She watched as he sat on the ground near them and settled down for what looked like a long wait.
"Why are you here? I thought you didn't want Willow to find you."
> Of course he didn't understand and just stared at her blankly for a moment. Then he said: "Ay aw you?"
> It didn't sound like the nomads' speech and Mayor leaned her head to one side in curiosity. What was he trying to say?
> Salki shook his head and repeated: "Wai ar you?"
> She suddenly realized he was trying to imitate her own words! That was interesting, but unfortunately she had no way yet to explain pronouns and a question like 'why'.
"No, no. Um, ugu. Let's try something else."
> Rainy Day talking about her mane had reminded her and she decided to get the words for a few body parts. It might come in useful later.
> She sat up, held out one leg and tapped her free hoof against it.
"Leg," she said as clearly as she could pronounce it.
> "Lek?"
> "Leg."
> She smiled and nodded, then gave him what she hoped was a questioning look. She tapped her hoof against her leg again, but this time didn't speak.
> Salki understood. He said: "Khol".
"Za! Leg. Khol. Good!"
> A vocabulary would help. Mayor didn't care if her grammar was completely crap. If she knew enough nouns, she could communicate with them. Salki was willing to both teach her and learn her own language, which was an added bonus.
> She was still tired from all the activity over the past few days and her muscles still ached with fatigue, but her excitement masked all the discomfort.
> Beside her Rainy Day murmured: "Wake me up when we have to go."
"Sure. Rest. Hopefully your fever will break."
> Then she looked at Salki again and lifted both hooves to the sides of her head.

> ~~~~

> The good news was that Willow didn't intend any training that day. In fact, to Mayor Mare's surprise, the young hunter seemed almost pleasant to Salki when he came to check on them that morning.
> He even smiled and said some things which sounded downright encouraging. In response, Salki jabbered something back, bowed his head, flashed the ponies a grin and ran off. It was confusing until Mayor realized he'd probably been set to watch them all night by himself.

> After that Willow spent a bit of time fussing around Rainy Day, during which he prodded at her wing. When she whimpered and drew away he stopped, obviously giving up on it.
> There was no punishment, though. If anything, he seemed excited and preoccupied, which was why Mayor had worried he had some weird new training in mind for them.
> She had been wrong. Willow took them to the river to drink, then to the patch of grass to feed. He stood nearby, at ease, while he waited.
> Once or twice Mayor tried getting him to teach her a new word or two, but despite showing some slight surprise that she knew a few words of his language, he didn't seem inclined to help her out.
> Mayor couldn't spend a lot of time on that anyway. The all-grass diet was starting to hit her and she felt lethargic and depressed. She'd have to eat a whole lot of it to make up for the rich, Ponyville diet to which her body was used.
> Worryingly, Rainy Day didn't seem hungry at all. She nibbled at some of the softer-looking grass, but it wasn't nearly enough for what her body needed, especially with her fever.
> Rainy Day simply said she was tired and wasn't hungry. She lay down in the sun to rest and ignored Mayor's urging to eat. It wasn't good, but other than asking Willow to force feed her friend, or doing it herself, Mayor didn't see any way to make her.
> She put that notion aside as a last resort and focused on herself. She filled her belly as best she could and tried to ignore the slightly bitter taste of old grass.
> That took about an hour and more than once Mayor Mare wondered why Willow was being so patient with them.
> Only when the sun was a hoofs-width above the horizon did the nomad untie them from the stake, shouldered his spear and led them back to the camp. Mayor Mare wondered idly what would go wrong that day. So far it hadn't been too bad.
> Her intuition proved correct when they drew nearer to the tents and she saw the bustle of activity.
"Huh? Why are they taking them down?"
> Rainy Day looked up and blinked in surprise. "What's happening?"
> Mayor glanced at Willow, but he didn't seem surprised by what the people were doing. He'd obviously known about it. She glanced around and saw a sight which instantly made her uncomfortable.
"They've tied the donkeys together and they're loading them up!"
> The harness of the previous day was starting to make sense. Mayor even began to understand why Willow had rushed so quickly with their 'training'. He must have known they would move.
> They passed groups of nomads dismantling their tents and Mayor Mare's step faltered. She'd caught glimpses of the inside before, but the white things she had assumed were some kind of wood weren't all wood.

> She was sure some of those curved pieces were ribs, although the animal they came from must have been huge!
> Hopefully Rainy Day wasn't paying close attention. She was still very uneasy about the skins, even after last night, so learning about this new horror was something Mayor wanted to spare her friend, at least for now.
> Willow led them to the back of the line of donkeys and got some youngsters to hold their ropes while he left, presumably to see to his own tent.
> This gave Mayor some time to observe. The nomads, their name seeming more and more appropriate, built tents out of slim branches and bones to provide structure, and leather or animal skins as the main material.
> The inside was relatively simple, with a pit dug in the middle and surrounded by stones for the fire. There was an opening in the roof directly above so the smoke could go out.
> Other than that, the tents were cluttered with various items - stone and bone tools, pieces of hide and leather, and weapons. The beds, as far as Mayor could see, were just animal skins, sometimes with some dry grass underneath to make them more comfortable.
> Coming from a civilized place like Equestria, the conditions seemed like utmost squalor to her.
> The important fact about their lifestyle was that it was simple to pack up and go. Seeing how they lived, their meat diet and the fact that they used animal skins and bones, Mayor guessed they had to move often to follow the wild herds of whatever it was they hunted. Some of it was pretty large, too.
> She wondered for a few moments why the animals didn't simply band together and put a stop to this nomad menace, but then she remembered the donkeys. Maybe all the animals on this world were mindless?
> Another thought occurred to Mayor. She'd have to keep watch on their surroundings and remember the way back. Chances were the nomads would move in a direction away from the portal and she had to be able to find their way back home.
> On the plus side, maybe the general confusion and commotion of the big move would enable them to slip away more easily. She turned to Rainy Day and brought her face closer.
"How are you feeling?"
> Her friend didn't reply immediately, maybe taking stock of her own body and the fever. Then she shook her head. "I'm tired, Mayor. So tired. My wing hurts bad. I'm sorry."
"Nothing to be sorry for," Mayor reassured her. "Maybe we'll be able to slip away in the confusion. It looks like the nomads are moving house."
> Rainy Day glanced around the rapidly vanishing camp and nodded. "I'll try. I'm with you. If I can't- just leave me and go, okay? Save yourself."
> It was a noble gesture, but Mayor firmly put the thought out of her head.
"No. We're going together or not at all. We're both going to make it, Rainy Day. I promise."

> She got a grateful smile in return and a quick nuzzle. "Thanks. I don't wanna die. I think- maybe I'm getting better. The fever isn't as bad as last night."
> If so, it was good news, but Mayor wasn't too sure. It was hard to tell without a thermometer, but Rainy Day felt about as hot as last night. At least she wasn't delirious, so maybe that was a good sign.
> The main reason she felt better was most likely because the day was warmer.
> Their time for talking was over, because Willow was back and he had plans for them. He took the ropes and tied Rainy Day's to the loop around Mayor's neck. That meant he only had to hold the one in order to lead both mares deeper into the bustling camp.
> Mayor noticed that most of the curiosity about them was gone, especially with how busy they all were. Even the children were set to work, untying the ropes which held tent struts together, or folding skins, or packing various small items into leather bags.
> Most of the crude dwellings were already reduced to small piles of material. All that was left was trampled, muddy ground, dotted with fire pits. She noted that the encircling rocks were left behind.
> It made sense. There was no real reason to haul heavy stones across the land if they were easy to find. Maybe the nomads would return here, or another group would, and they would just use the same stones again. Maybe even the same pits.
> Willow stopped them in front of a torn-down tent and she saw two other nomads working on the materials. Both of them were female, but one of them was older and the other about Salki's age.
> The older one was probably Willow's mother, or maybe his grandmother. Most likely not wife, Mayor decided. The younger one might have been his sister or his daughter, although if that was so, there were no signs of her mother, Willow's wife.
> Guessing at these nomads' ages was hard. The older female didn't yet have any white in her hair, but her face was hard and wrinkled. Maybe past her middle years, but not yet a grandmother. The younger one was smooth-faced, thin and about as tall as Salki.
> Mayor Mare watched as the three of them spoke and then the child began tying their bundle of skins together with rope. Willow went to gather up the wooden sticks and the bones which made up the framework for their tent, while the older female finished packing strips of what looked like dried meat.
> Both mares grimaced at that, but none of the nomads seemed to notice.
> Pretty soon Willow dug out the same harness Mayor had practiced with the previous day and brought it over to her. It was a small relief to see that he only had the one. He wasn't going to make Rainy Day carry a load, not with her broken wing.

> She caught a few glances Willow cast at the other mare and if she had to put an emotion to them, Mayor would call them 'cross'. He wasn't too pleased that one of his beasts of burden wasn't able to work.
> Unfortunately Mayor didn't yet have enough of their language to apologize on Rainy Day's behalf, so she just stood there and waited as calmly as she was able while the young hunter wrapped the leather around her and tied it together.
> Soon she was harnessed and all three nomads began to load their gear on her back. The bundle of sticks came first and they spent quite some time to make sure it was balanced and secure.
> After that came the bones and it was at that point Rainy Day noticed and whinnied in alarm. "Are those... Mayor, those are rib bones! Mayor!"
"Hush. I know. It's okay."
> Unfortunately Rainy Day couldn't calm down and she kept backing away until her rope went taut and jerked Mayor's head to the side. That made her sidestep to keep her balance, but a bundle of skins wasn't yet tied securely and flopped to the ground.
"Stop! For Celestia's sake, stop panicking!"
> It was too late. The slight mishap brought out Willow's anger at Rainy Day's broken wing and he grabbed the first thing he could find; a thin strip of leather.
> "No! Wait! What's he doing? Stop! AAH!"
> A slap sounded as Willow hit the mare on the rump and several of the nearby nomads glanced over at the noise. None of them seemed particularly interested and they went back to their work.
> Rainy Day was trying to back away some more, but that was dragging Mayor aside. In the end she simply had to dig her hooves in and stop.
"Rainy Day!" she called out to her panicking friend. "Stop or it's going to get worse! Just- stop."
> Willow hurried around to the other side and delivered another good smack with the leather. It had the desired effect and Rainy Day scurried away from him and ran to Mayor's side.
> She wanted to catch her friend in her hooves and comfort her, but if she sat her burden might slip and that would earn them both further beating. The best Mayor could do was press her side to her friend's and nuzzle her, much as a mother would her foal.
"Hush. It's okay. Just relax. I know, they use bones and skins and eat animals. It's bad, but panicking won't help!"
> It finally got through to her and Rainy Day sagged a little. Unfortunately Willow was on his way and he still had that angry look in his eye.
"He'll hit you again. Just- take it, okay? If you fight back or try to run, you'll just make it worse!"
> Rainy Day tensed up and her ears went completely flat, but she gave Mayor a nod as she braced herself.

> Luckily Willow just wanted to land one last slap, which elicited a quiet whinny from the mare, then he was satisfied. He grumbled something and his mother answered, then they went on with the business of loading Mayor Mare with their possessions.
> There was too much stuff for her, so they divided some of it up between themselves. It looked practiced and they were used to carrying all their belongings like that. Mayor guessed that was how they did it before Willow had captured her and Rainy Day.
> Maybe they were too poor to have donkeys? A quick glance around showed that many of the people had to carry their stuff on their backs.
> There weren't enough beasts of burden for them all, it seemed. Maybe that was why they had invaded Equestria. Would they go back for more ponies?
> Mayor Mare's throat constricted. She didn't want any more of her people taken like that!
> The problem was that she had no way of stopping it, other than to escape and go warn them. It made it all the more important for them to get free.
> It also made her think once more about the decision to leave Rainy Day behind. With how jittery and panicky the other mare was, it would only be a matter of time before Willow killed her in a fit of rage.
> Was Mayor Mare willing to abandon one of her ponies to death so she could save others?
> The decision was too much for her. She couldn't make that call! She needed an alicorn.
> Unfortunately there wasn't one, not on this whole world probably. It was up to her.
> Maybe Rainy Day's fever would get better during the day. Maybe they'd be able to slip away that night.
> She had to remember the way back.
> Mayor looked around and committed the landmarks to memory. Those hills, lightly covered by forest were the way to the portal. The river marking the other side of the flat valley. The firepit-dotted ground where the nomad camp stood.
> She had to remember which way they left. Mayor glanced at the sun, which was on its way up. It was still near the spot it had risen from. That way was East. She fixed the direction in her mind.
"Rainy Day?"
> She spoke as quietly as she dared, but the other mare was standing a few steps away, pushed there as the nomads were loading Mayor up. "Yes?"
"Look around. Remember the landmarks. When we escape, we have to remember the way back. I know where to go from here to the portal, but I'll need your help. Okay?"
> To her relief, Rainy Day began looking around the horizon with a look of concentration on her muzzle. "Okay, I think I got it."
"Good. Keep looking. Remember the direction we're travelling. We'll need that famous pegasus orientation to get back."
> "Okay, okay. I'm on it."

> It seemed that giving her something to do was a good thing. This way Rainy Day had things to focus on; useful things, rather than her fears and worries.
> The loading was nearly done and there was nothing left on the ground. The younger female took Mayor's leading rope and she peered curiously in her eyes when she came near. Mayor Mare tried to give her a smile and the child grinned back.
> Maybe she was more like Salki than Willow. Maybe she'd talk with her when they stopped to rest.
> Most of the nomads were already underway and Willow's family joined the procession. They didn't move very fast, which was a relief, but Mayor knew first-hoof they could keep going for a long time. The burden wasn't too heavy, but it would wear her strength down over hours and hours.
"We're getting away tonight," Mayor promised herself quietly.
> It would be their best opportunity in the chaos of setting up their tents back up, especially if the nomads didn't have some assigned order to their camp. There would be some confusion, she knew that from her years of experience organizing events.

Could this be their chance to sneak away in the post-move confusion? Could it? Maybe. Is it a good idea? Maybe.

On the other hoof, paste is back, so here's the whole thing again: https://ponepaste.org/5389
File: 1116745443.png (2.14 MB, 1890x1417)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB PNG
>She reached blindly for the covers and found nothing.
Maybe its better than finding leather.
>This she understood.
I like how the little guy tries to communicate.
>The other mare didn't even stir.
Please no.
>What do I do?
I like how she tries to be in control of the situation yet manages nothing.
>was ready to give up
Well, the constant "we will get our chance later" had to end sometime.
>Was he getting them to escape?!
So long for loosing hope, here is some.
>and he didn't fight her
He starts to trust them. Well, sleeping with them was a huge step in trust so this is not that much more but still.
>touching and prodding
Good thing none of it was sexual.
> "M-Mayor? I'm c-cold..."
At least she is not too hot to fall into a feaver induced coma.
>"No, no... not that. I'm- mmmph!"
I was expecting that she already pissed herself, not that she does it right now. Caught me unprepared!
>it missed the blanket
At least the leather did not end up as a pissrag.
>maybe to crop some grass
Oh, yea they did not eat that much yesterday. Nor the day before that. And only grass.
>keeping it when we get back
Good thing that she is still not given up.
>bundle of skins
Thats one way to say it.
>Let's try something else
Good thing that he is open to learn.
>A vocabulary would help
At this rate I will have to start one too.
>he stopped
Literally his first moment when he sympathized a tiny bit with the ponies.
>he didn't seem inclined
Or smart enough.
>The all-grass diet..
Called it.
>old grass
How can it be old when its literally freshly cut?
>why Willow was being so patient with them
Because he has nothing to do? Not like they have much entertainment. Watching them eat is probably enough entertainment for him.
>He must have known they would move.
Well, this was unexpected, but understandable. Nomads moved a lot.
>assumed were some kind of wood weren't all wood
>must have been huge
>Hopefully Rainy Day wasn't paying close attention
Don't think she has the mental capacity now.
>learning about this new horror
Soon they will be carrying it.
>leather or animal skins as the main material
That must stink!
>stones for the fire
Oh yes, indoor fires. Best way to silently suffocate. Even with proper ventilation.
>Coming from a civilized place like Equestria
Its funny how these guys decided to kidnap ponies instead of items to examine.
>why the animals didn't simply band together
Heh. And protest too huh?
>Save yourself.
Ohshit. She has given up.
>It was a noble gesture
Or a desperate one.
>most of the curiosity about them was gone
It never really existed.
>He wasn't going to make Rainy Day carry a load
Thank god.
>apologize on Rainy Day's behalf
Apologize? What for? Not being a good prisoner/slave?

>hit the mare on the rump
Thang god its not the wings.
>None of them seemed particularly interested
Probably they know the guy already...
>just wanted to land one last slap
Don't know what prevents the guy from killing them at this point. He takes enjoyment in beating them.
>Maybe that was why they had invaded Equestria
Well it will be interesting to find out why they kidnapped them in the first place.
>matter of time before Willow killed her in a fit of rage
>She had to remember which way they left
Another whole day of walking to memorize.
>"We're getting away tonight,"
We heard this a few times already.

Thanks for the update!
File: 2647764.jpg (894 KB, 2048x2048)
894 KB
894 KB JPG
Lil pone is putting her allowance towards a simple but fun hobby.
She makes sure not to get paint on the floor, but needs you to carry her to the tub afterwards.
File: 1629222209393.jpg (450 KB, 800x1600)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
>An all powerful sun goddess
>Or rather you used to be
>Typically you go by Tia or Celly now.
>A slave to your human but only in the loosest possible terms
>You could almost call him the slave sometimes
>Back to the problem at hand
>At this moment one of your arch nemesis is making you breakfast
>She didn't even have to be hit with a orbital friendship cannon
>While you have no trust in her, Nonny does.
>Sometimes you feel like that boy would trust a toddler with a gun
>Nonetheless she helped patch up your relationship with Anon a little...maybe a single chance couldn't hurt.
>Worst case you can squish her like the petulant bug she is
>On the other hoof maybe she could even be useful as servant of your own
>You can feel a smirk spread across your face
>Delightfully devilish Celestia
>You levitate the remote over and flip through the channels aimlessly
>Unsurprisingly nothing good is on
>As if there ever is
>Even with so much time on earth you have to wonder how human entertainment is so tasteless
>Well, shows like Jerry Springer and Dr.Phil can be hilarious
>But CAN is really the operative word there
>Hopefully Anon wakes up soon so you can get back to wooing him with your irresistible feminine wiles.
>Unconsciously you poof your chest out a little
>It's only a matter of time till that boy is all yours again
>You chuckle to yourself
>Its surprising he's not up already
>Usually he’s the one to drag you out of bed much to your chagrin
>It's not like you have anywhere to be besides the couch or your bed
>You get up and stroll over to his room and peak in
>He’s passed out and curled up like a baby
>His bed is a mess and his covers are flung around the room like a hurricane hit
>You walk over, place the blankets on him and tuck him back in before planting a kiss on his forehead
>He’s so precious and handsome
>Even if he makes you sad sometimes
>His soft relaxed face makes you feel just a little flushed in the cheeks
>Oh what you wouldn't give to hop in there with him right now, but he deserves his rest
>You really hope me meant what he said last night
>You may not be a perfect marefriend, but who is?
>Plus you definitely have a lot more to offer than Queen stick bug
>Or do you?
>She's definitely filled out disturbingly quickly for the amount of time she's been here.
>What did Anon do with her?
>Really gotta hammer home that the human is yours and yours alone
>You look back at your royal rump which admittedly is not as full as it once was.
>This being rejected thing has hit you a little harder than you'd like to admit, but nonetheless you've got the inch on her
>Maybe if he sat you down and talked it out like an adult you'd be less hurt by it all
>But he didn't
>And here you are
>Who wouldn't wanna be special someponies with THE Celestia
>You’ve only been a single mare for….well, always
>Not that its your fault
>You chase out the sad thoughts with ones of him accepting you back with open arms
>The thought of his warm, soft skin against your fur sends a shiver down your spine
>With a renewed constitution to get back the only thing you have left in this world, you trot back out into the living room
>You watch as Chrysalis sits your plate down onto the coffee table and takes her place on the floor next to the couch
>You stare at the plate
>It’s piled high with pancakes and littered with various fruits and whip cream
>You're slightly taken aback
>It's missing the pony motif but it's definitely your favorite breakfast to a T ingredient wise
>Rather suspicious but it's no surprise that she'd have spies so close to you.
>Clearly she's trying to win you over so she can claim your prize
>Aha there will be none of that my little insect
>She notices your stunned face and smirks
>”Surprised, are we?”
>A look of smug satisfaction blatantly plasters itself across her face
>You could reduce her to ash right here and now
>You won't
>But oooo you sure could
“Lucky guess.”
>Your reply only emboldens that stupid smugness
>You take your seat on the couch and dig in
>Damn her
>It's good
>Like, really good
>If you close your eyes for a moment you could almost believe you’re back home
>Ushering your exhausted sister to the table for her dinner
>She was always far more worn out at the end of her 'day' than you were but she always indulged in your antics and mediocre cooking
>That first and last hour of your day, when the two of you could just be happy normal sisters really kept you grounded for all those years
>You open your eyes and blink away the strange blurriness
>With a deep inhale you calm your stuttering breath
“You're an adequate cook."
>"Only adequate?"
>You give her a deadpan stare as you shovel another bite into your mouth
>She should count herself lucky to see any praise from you at all.
>Smug ass bug
>You are Anon
>And you have just returned to the land of the living after a long day and equally long night
>Or at least it felt long
>You pick up your phone and are greeted by the usual old image of you with your arm wrapped around Tia
>You see it a million times every day but something about it makes you feel a little different for once
>Not sure if its a good or bad feeling
>But it's a feeling
>You could also just be hungry
>Looking at the time shows it's far later than you'd like it to be
>Stupid late nights
>The girls are probably awake
>Hopefully you don't find a corpse in the living room
>You doubt you will, Tia is well behaved enough
>Yeahhhh it's fiiiine probably
>You get up and make your way out of your room
>You double take as they're both watching TV
>Well this is….a development
>Chrys is sitting on the floor and Tia on the couch
>Looking around it seems like you missed breakfast
>There's a few utensils and dishes left out
>Tia probably made herself something
>But back to the more pressing matter
>Those two mares are a mere foot or so apart and aren't fighting
>Clearly you're still asleep
"I must be dreaming."
>The girls both look over at you and smile
>Oh god you could get used to see both of those bright smiles every morning
>Chrys is the first to speak up.
>"Good morning. Did you sleep well mast- Anon?"
"Yeah I slept just fine. You two are...getting along?"
>They look at each other for a moment before looking back at you
"I see. Celestia, are you bullying the poor girl?"
>"Is it reeeeeally bullying if it's deserved?"
>She scoffs and pouts
>"I haven't done anything to the bug"
>She looks mildly offended as she turns back to the TV
>Chrys speaks up again
>"Are you hungry?"
>Her voice is rather earnest and sweet sounding
>Why can't Tia be this nice and sweet all the time?
"Ah, so you’re the one that did the cooking?"
>She gives you a prideful look with her chest puffed out
>"I did, and even the princess here couldnt resist my talents."
>She gestures towards Tia with a hoof
>Celestia gives her a look that you've seen many times before
>It's like the horse equivalent of a middle finger
>If Chrysalis notices she doesn't show it, rather she just sports a pleased yet mischievous grin
"I’d hate to have you dirty up all the pots and pans again."
>She canters over to the kitchen gives you her best puppy dog eyes
>"I don't mind honestly."
>Critical hit right to the vital organs
>A look like that could stop a weaker man’s heart
>Hmmm, maybe you've been single for too long
>Or maybe you just have a really cute bug in your house
>Either way you can feel Tia’s gaze burning a hole through you
>Or she actually is burning a hole through you
>There are worse sights to see in the moments before your demise
>After a few seconds you fail to notice any new burn marks or holes in your body so she must be merciful today
"Alrighty then. I'm not super picky so whatever you make is fine."
>She gives you a smile and a nod before pooling together what she needs.
>You turn your gaze to the ever attention starved Celestia and take a seat next to her.
"And how are you?"
>She's quick to squirm her way into a comfortable sitting position on your lap with her chest against yours.
>"Better now that you're awake."
>It's a little early in the day for intimate contact like this
>God it's not heat season is it?
>It's like april
"Damn, isn't it a little early in the year for you to be this feisty?"
>She gives you a sly smile
>"I'm a princess not a cat."
>You laugh and give her a hug
"Yeah, a cat wouldn't be trying to get in my pants this early or at all really."
>The gift of gab was not bestowed to you upon your birth
>She pretends to be hurt and lazily falls off your lap
>She might as well be a giant cat
>If cats could harness the power of the sun
>It's probably for the best they can’t
>You scratch at the floof on her chest
>Much like her mane it's a knotted mess
>You should really give her a once over
"Hey Tia?"
>"Mmm Yeah?"
>She looks up at you and her smile fades a little when she sees the disappointed look on your face.
"Lemme see a wing."
>She shamefully avoids eye contact
>Please don't make this hard
>You hold out your hand expectantly and she reluctantly complies
>They're arguably worse
>Feathers are bent awkward angles and some fall out if picked at lightly
>You sigh
>This week seems to really be messing with her particularly hard this year
>Although you're sure you have a hand in this
>She shrinks into herself a little at your tone
"Seriously? Tia, when's the last time you've preened, or cleaned yourself at all really?"
>She looks pretty dejected
>"It's been a bit…"
"Just 'a bit'?"
>More nervous squirming
"Since we…?"
>She nods
>Internally you groan
>You thought maybe if you just never brought it up she'd just let it lie
>But it's not like you've ever broken up with anyone before so you really weren’t sure how to even go about it
>You look over at Chrys who appears to have your breakfast ready but didn't want to interrupt
>She stays silent
"I've gotta take care of something with Tia really quick. Just uh...just sit it on the table for now and thank you."
>She nods with a curious look on her face
>You pick up the white mare, make your way to the bathroom and close the door behind you.
>She tightly clings to you as you carry her
>That’s the Tia you know
>You sit her down on the tile and you take a seat on the brim of the tub
" Still mad at me?"
>She sighs and scrunches her mouth
>You reach over and turn the water on”
>She gives a long dejected exhale
>You rub her mane and stare into her eyes for a few seconds
>She pulls away from your light grasp and climbs into the shower before messing with the knobs till the water is to her liking
>You take off your shirt and throw it in a far corner in hopes it doesn't get wet
>You figure you might as well start at the top and work your way down
>With a generous dollop of her shampoo you lather up her mane and get to work
>It's a good thing you already brushed a good chunk of the knots out or this would take forever
>"You know, this reminds me of when you brought me home for the first time."
>You scrub down her sides and forelimbs
>What an adventure that was.
"You're not gonna give me a black eye again are you?"
>You share a snicker
>"As much as I want to, I think I'll refrain. Although, I should ask you the same."
>A cheeky smile hides the frown she's been maintaining
"Thank you oh great one. Wings up please."
>She obliges your request and lifts her wings up and out so you can get her sides better
"And that wasn't my fault, you made me drop the shower head."
>You both laugh at the somewhat dark yet fond memories of her first few months.
>Despite the scars and trouble you'd do it again in a heartbeat
>She takes a deep inhale and give an even deeper sigh
“What's up girly?”
>You carefully scrub down her back, avoiding her wings
>You can see her tilt her head curiously out of your periphery
>"You know, you never gave me a real answer Anon…"
>Oh boy you are in shitsville USA now
>As you should be
>Taking the easy way out is always the hardest in the end
>You regret it but it's a little late to say sorry
>She deserves an answer
>How do you word this...tactfully?
>Is there a way to say ‘You smothered me and ruined every semblance of a relationship I’ve had in the span of a year or so’ tactfully?
>Probably not
>But you give it your best
“Tia you’re…. A lot to handle.”
>She furrows her brow and scrunches her mouth to the side
>”Are you calling me fat?”
>There’s no way that’s all she got from that
>She gives you a pitiful smile at her bad joke
>You cup her face in your sudsy hands
“Tia... I really do love you but you're just too…”
>”Beautiful? Loving?”
>Her smug face tells you she’s pleased with her interruption
>Her smirk disappears
File: Dash anon's room.gif (352 KB, 600x600)
352 KB
352 KB GIF
Poner's curiosity is gonna get her grounded
still a long ways to go between to two, makes me feel a psychology is needed more than just advice.
What if I let her get away with most things but not everything?
Seems like Tia can't decide what course of action to take. Hate the bug or actively try to love Anon (not just being "passive" and hope that Anon will initiate).
More detailed feedback to come, but I love this story so far AWF. LOVE it
Why does slave pony archivist hates AnonymousWritefag?
huh, your right
the bin is missing most of his work
File: petting mare.gif (1.14 MB, 479x545)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB GIF
Very important skill all masters need to develop.
Watch closely.
File: 1117434237.png (1.59 MB, 1500x2016)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
File: fuck the police.gif (1.23 MB, 678x382)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB GIF
Poner isn't allowed on the couch and now she's entering her rebellious phase.
If poner stops peeing on the couch then she can sit on it again
File: 1117552.gif (2.05 MB, 498x498)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB GIF
File: 6207003.png (322 KB, 1423x1048)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
It's not pee
She gets very excited about snuggling up to master

This is too precious, especially the bughorse reactions. Don't stop.
Bad. Girl.
Fun update as usual, Aspie. I hope the nomads don't eat the bird horse for being useless.
File: master is home early!.jpg (130 KB, 768x1024)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
File: 1111745324773.png (2.95 MB, 1500x2000)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB PNG
More sun when?
Sunbutt is going to need a wake up call and I hope you follow through on that. Loving the bug dynamic regardless.
To ded to write? Wat do?
File: 1600334914253.jpg (1.66 MB, 1830x1531)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB JPG
File: 2539238.jpg (362 KB, 901x1300)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
There's something so cute about Celly mouth-holding stuff. This big ol' dignified princess with a horn full of magic, and she's just grabbing stuff and carrying it around with her mouth.
Okay maybe not that soon.
I'm really out of practice.
She's at her best when she looks like a cute dork
Poner meets hoers
Would pet all of them.
File: 11657852224657.png (1.37 MB, 3072x3083)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
File: 1534089718155.jpg (37 KB, 679x807)
37 KB
Celly is just a big little pony.
File: 1594683429667.png (581 KB, 1434x2261)
581 KB
581 KB PNG
Holy shit page 10 bump.
I'm just terrified of what is going to happen when they try to escape...
Nice peetzer
That's the best way of putting it. Big ol' princess, just a little pony in the end.
File: 1173434672.png (296 KB, 700x700)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
AWF alternates between happy stories and sad stories
And before this one he wrote a happy story for /NEET/
File: 1416032936644.jpg (861 KB, 1077x1148)
861 KB
861 KB JPG
File: 1519442570209.png (976 KB, 1000x667)
976 KB
976 KB PNG
While master is at work, poner is the master of the house.
File: 1461110969663.gif (204 KB, 480x270)
204 KB
204 KB GIF
Too ded to write bumb.
File: 1506375447241.png (250 KB, 1284x1010)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
Pony feeling rebelious, what do?
File: 1499293220234.png (935 KB, 1080x6480)
935 KB
935 KB PNG
Prompts, anyone?
Are you asking because you want to write some or are you asking for some prompts to write a green about?
I want to write a green, yep

There was one about Flutterbutter who, after seeing how animals are treated/live on Earth goes a bit weird in the head and starts behaving increasingly strangely, ultimately creeping Anon out so badly he runs away to a hotel one evening. It could go one of two ways - Flutters had been going around killing critters to "save" them from such a horrible life (the horror-movie-style green) or it had all just been a misunderstanding and comedy ensues (the funny green).
Imagine the scene where Anon gets a call from the front desk about a deranged, rain-soaked yellow pony who had been screaming for him before they threatened her with animal control. A moment later there's knocking on the window in his room on the 8th floor.
she gets the paddle
I think thats one of my favorite images to ever come out of the fandom
Its just so saccharin and comfy
I repeat my typical suggestion that anything not modern, present-day Earth is good to go. Doubleplusgood if your story has someone buying the pony to do actual work, not just "I feel bad for them" / "I just wanted a pony, I guess".
File: 1955555.png (795 KB, 1011x1200)
795 KB
795 KB PNG
>even when napping, poner assumes the optimal pillow position
Skipping out on a modern earth setting is a lot of work though
Yeah it can be really interesting but it can also crash and burn
>She keeps her eyes forward on the road or to the side watching the trees go by.
>Looking anywhere but towards her new "master".
>He seems content enough with the silence, sitting behind the wheel with a easy smile.
>He said some hogwash when he purchased her about how lucky she was and that she was in for a big surprise.
>It nearly made her sick.
>Either he thinks she's a dog who will be content with head pats and regualr meals, or the "big surprise" was him trying to be clever about his undercarriage.
>It doesn't matter, though, she's learned that now.
>All she can ever do is grit her teeth and bare it.
>And so she sits quietly, trying not to wonder too hard on what fresh Tartarus awaits her and instead enjoy the scenery and silence while she can.
>He lives a ways out from other humans, it seems.
>A few times he makes comments.
>He says he was looking for a pony with her skills.
>Says he expects her too do a good job.
>Says it's a big team effort, and she and the other ponies have to work together to earn their keep.
>That has her ears perking up.
>At least she won't be completely alone, then.
>Wonder what work he has for them.
>She prays it's not a brothel.
>She almost doesn't notice the sign as they whiz by.
>Little Equestria, Fifteen Miles.
>What is that supposed to mean?
>A few other signs, some bearing smiling pony faces appear on the side of the road.
>Then eventually, a large gate with toll booths and what looks like a fenced0-in community.
>The large, stylized sign says the name once more: Little Equestra.
>And beyond, the mare can hardly believe her eyes.
>Equestrian architecture just like she remembers seeing back home.
>And ponies walking the streets.
>She can't keep her mouth from falling slightly agape as the vehicle is allowed entry by the toll booth operator- another pony.
>"That's the look I like seeing," the human says with a grin. "Like a little slice of home, I bet, right? At least, I hope it is, since that's what we're charging visitors to experience."
"W-what is this?"
>"Think of it like a theme park, and you're the newest employee. A bakery, candy store, farmer's market, toy store, games and attractions, all run and stocked by you ponies to let people experience what life was like on another world."
"W-what? Why?"
>"Well, I'm an entrepreneur, for one, and a bit sympathetic towards you lot, so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone, and, well, here we are. You ready to meet your new coworkers?"

What do guys think of this as a setup?
Figure the place runs kind of like those places where the employees are paid in vouchers that can only be redeemed at company stores, but they get room, board, and let to their own devices during closing hours.
I imagine it's a sweet setup, but feels like you're kind of in a zoo and, for the ones running the businesses, like they have to follow the "Customer's always right" motto more than ever before, seeing as how they're still slaves serving humans.
Also, the pony lead isn't decided.
>Pones magnetic hoof magic doesn't work on earth. So now they need help doing simple things like feeding themselves and opening doors...
>What do guys think of this as a setup?
I like it. Though I'm not sure what kind of story you could make of it. Something action/drama oriented, like ponies trying to revolt? A comedy/romance of the ponies life in there?
>I imagine it's a sweet setup, but feels like you're kind of in a zoo
I don't get that feel. More of like a theme park/circus from what you wrote.
>Also, the pony lead isn't decided
Definitely some active pone like Dash. The internal monologue sounds like her already. Though it's just a suggestion, depends on what story you want to go for.
Has some potential. Lurkernon's Slaventure was similar, only with much more of a darker tone and the camp was only there to produce products not for visitors.
Here this Anon will not only has to make the poners work but he also needs to keep them happy as they are the face of the operation.
id give it a shot if it was written, though it feels like major conflicts will be hard to come by.
too tired to care bump
ironic, isn't it?
I want to raspberry her tummy
Holy shit write this

Write this
File: 1568597217755.png (2.91 MB, 2918x2937)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB PNG
Pet the mare
She's a good pone
you got my interest
Do not raspberry a snoozy poner
They have a kicking reflex when startled
Argh! I was just about to post the new part, and I accidently closed the window! Damn it!
Fuck, that killed it.
It was going to be Bon Bon, by the way.
She was going to be paired up with a teenage Twist to run a candy store.
Anon was going to name it Twist and Pout Candies because Bon Bon wouldn't smile.
Bruh why the fuck are you writing green directly on the site?
Always write in a text editor like Notepad++ so you can easily save and edit it.
Echoing the other anon - try not to write directly on the page if you can. But the idea sounds interesting enough, and that combination sounds kind of good. Please keep writing this!
File: 1173462343467.jpg (304 KB, 928x754)
304 KB
304 KB JPG

> The weight piled on her back wasn't too heavy, Mayor Mare thought, but the trip was still nightmarish. There was no road to speak of, so the ground was uneven and full of hidden rocks and holes.
> In some places there was mud, which sucked at her hooves and threatened to topple her if she wasn't paying attention. The sun,which had started pleasantly warm was now too hot and she was getting unbearably thirsty.
> Alongside all those difficulties, there was Willow walking near her with the whip always at the ready in his paw. If ever she stumbled or slowed down, he was quick with a sharp command or a smack.
> The younger female, who Mayor Mare was convinced was Willow's sister, had her lead rope but she was no problem at all. While not exactly pleasant, the walk would have been a lot less aggravating with just the two females.
> Her hoof found a hidden stone in the grass and Mayor had to shift her weight quickly to keep her balance.
> *swish* *thwack*
"I swear to Celestia, smack me again for tripping on a rock and I'll buck your knee, consequences be damned!"
> She kept grumbling for a bit longer, but quietly so Willow wouldn't hear. He wouldn't understand the words, but he would surely pick up on her tone, especially with how she held her ears pinned down and had a permanent scrunch in her muzzle.
> Mayor kept her head down and plodded on, waiting for the trip to be over. She hoped it wasn't too much farther.
> She kept her eye on Rainy Day, who was walking beside her and was apparently lost in her own little world. The mare wasn't doing all that well, even without any burdens, and she had felt Willow's whip more than once when she failed to notice they'd changed direction.
"You still okay?" Mayor asked.
> Rainy Day didn't respond. She kept her eyes on the ground in front of her hooves and trundled on.
"Rainy Day?"
> "Huh?" she looked up after hearing her name and focused on Mayor. "What was that?"
"I asked if you are okay."
> There was a moment of silence, then Rainy day gave a slight nod. "I'm fine. You have the stuff. I'm not carrying anything except myself," she said, but she didn't sound completely convinced.
"You've got an infected break. How's the fever?"
> Once again Rainy Day had to think about it and her ears focused back where Willow was laughing over something with one of the other hunters. "Fine, I think. Walking helps."
"Good. You tell me if gets worse, and I'll-"
> There was the slightest hesitation in Mayor's words and Rainy Day smoothly cut in: "You'll nothing, Mayor. They don't exactly listen to us, remember?"
"I'll think of something..." she muttered.
> "I'll be fine. We're getting out tonight, right?"

> Rainy Day gave her an approving nod, then went back to staring at the ground. She had been doing that quite a lot and Mayor worried that finding the way back would fall entirely on her, with her earth-pony's sense of direction and blurry vision.
"You remember the way back, right?"
> At that, the other mare snapped her head up and peered around them. She glanced up to gauge where the sun was and her good wing twitched at the sight of open sky.
> "Yeah, I got it. I know which way we're going," Rainy Day assured her.
"Thanks. I didn't see any forests, so we'll be out in the open. We'll have to hurry."
> Her friend shook her head and lifted a hoof to point. "There were some thickets East of us about an hour ago. I'll keep an eye out for others in case we need to hide."
"Good plan."
> That little bit of encouragement was enough to put a spring in Rainy Day's step and she began to pay closer attention to the landscape. Mayor nodded to herself in satisfaction. Having something to focus on would take her friend out of her misery, at least a little.
> She glanced at the sun as well and estimated it was just past noon. Despite the chill she was sweating, but it wasn't too bad. The slow walk was actually helping with her muscle fatigue.
> Were it not for the fact that they were captives and Rainy Day was injured, and her burden was slightly less, it would have been a pleasant day.
> There was a swish and a brief flash of pain on her flank. Mayor realized that Willow's sister had angled them slightly to walk around a group of slower nomads, something she hadn't noticed during her discussion with Rainy Day.
> Of course she'd never walk into other people, but that dummy Willow obviously thought she needed constant correction. She gave him a brief glare and went back to quiet muttering.
> It *would* have been a pleasant day, were it not for their captivity, Rainy Day's injury *and* Willow's whip, Mayor thought to herself.
> She glanced back again, but the young hunter was once more in conversation with one of his friends. There was nothing else to do, so she tried listening in. It was good practice.

> ~~~~

> By the time the sun was going down the horizon Rainy Day's strength began flagging. At first it was hardly noticeable and Mayor Mare didn't think much about it until Willow swished his stick around and said: "Yavak!"Yavak!"
> 'Go.'
> At that point she looked more closely at her friend and became very worried. Once again Rainy Day was walking with her head held low, but she wasn't paying much attention to the way and she dragged her hooves.
> Her sides were heaving with laboured breath and her good wing occasionally slipped and brushed the ground before Rainy Day brought it under control again.
"Don't give up," Mayor urged quietly, "it's not much further!"

> She got a narrow-eyed look in response. "That's a lie."
"It's getting late in the day, they have to stop for the night."
> The other mare didn't have an argument for that and she kept up for a few minutes, but then she stumbled and nearly fell. Mayor stopped at her side even if it risked Willow's ire. The hunter simply had to see Rainy Day was in no state to go on.
> Of course his first solution was the whip, and it worked to make Rainy Day move for another few minutes, but then her hind legs simply folded up and she sat on the ground. "I'm- I'm sorry. It's too hard. I can't. I can't," she said, partly to Mayor and partly to Willow, even though he couldn't understand. "I- I need a minute."
> The entire family stopped at this and both females came back to check what was happening. Willow was already raising his arm to deliver a good whipping, but his mother stepped up and took his wrist.
> She spoke something which made him tighten his grip on the stick, but he didn't hit Rainy Day. He argued back, at which his mother sighed and the plucked the whip right out of his paw. She said something which sounded pretty final and Willow visibly wilted.
> In the meantime, the younger nomad was checking Rainy Day. She peered into her eyes and felt around her muzzle, murmuring to herself. After her discussion with Willow, her mother joined and they spoke in hushed tones.
> Mayor thought she caught the words for 'head' and 'leg' and 'sit down', but their speech was rapid and it was hard to distinguish the alien sounds.
> The older nomad went to feel around Rainy Day's bound up wing, which finally got a reaction out of the mare. She whinnied and slid away, but the female would take no nonsense and pulled her head back by an ear.
> "Ow! Ow! No let me go!"
> Mayor would have wagered that both females understood the gist of that, even if they didn't know any of the words, but they didn't relent in their examination. The younger one took Rainy Day's muzzle and scratched the fluff on her cheeks while she murmured something which sounded soothing.
> Her mother untied Rainy Day's wing and plucked away the leaf their nomad doctor had pressed there. She inspected the herb, then crushed it in her claw and scoffed.
> She obviously didn't think much of the doctor's cure, Mayor guessed.
> Then the nomad carefully felt around the break, making the poor mare whimper and whine, and shift her hooves. The daughter held her firmly enough while her mother finished her examination.
> Mayor considered drawing their attention to give Rainy Day some relief, but the nomad was being gentle enough as far as she could see. She wasn't hurting the mare intentionally.
"It's okay, they're trying to help."
> "It bucking hurts!"
"I know. Hold on, please?"

> The older female let the wing go and took Rainy Day's rope from her daughter. She gave some orders and the youth dashed away. Mayor Mare wondered what that was about. Maybe she had sent her to fetch something?
> While they waited, the mother spoke with Willow again, who had stood by and watched all this. Mayor could almost have called it 'sulking'.
> Now he gestured some more, pointed at the ponies, then his chest, and even smacked the ground with his whip in what looked like impotent rage. He was asserting his authority over the pair.
> It seemed like he couldn't argue with his mother, because eventually she raised her voice, after which Willow threw his spear down in disgust and stomped off, sent on some other errand. Mayor was starting to feel respect for the old female, who obviously knew how to keep her children in line.
> Much to her surprise, the nomad began to untying Mayor's burdens and stacking them to the side. The rest of the nomads simply flowed around them, most glancing at the little spectacle, but not one of them interfering.
> Willow came back first, leading Salki and some other youths. Mayor Mare's heart lifted at the sight of the only nomad she considered anything close to a friend and she smiled at him.
> Salki waved back, but then looked at the older female who was pointing at the bags and bundles and giving some instructions. Some of the children looked doubtful, but Salki spoke to them and they seemed to reluctantly agree.
> Mayor was still wondering what was happening, but then the youngsters began to pick up her load and slung it around their shoulders and she understood.
> Well, she got the 'what' but not the 'why. Why would Willow's mother ask the children to carry Mayor Mare's burden? It was the other pony who had a problem, and she wasn't carrying anything.
"What are you doing?" Mayor asked the mother.
> Something in her expression must have translated, because the nomad answered something and patted her head. It didn't help, but it was encouraging to have her intelligence acknowledged.
> The reason for Willow's anger soon became apparent when he picked up some of their belongings and stomped off after the people. Most of the nomads had already passed them by and only a few stragglers were left.
> Most of the children went with him, but Salki stayed behind, apparently preferring to remain with the ponies.
> Willow's sister came back then with a piece of wood held in her forepaw. Mayor wondered what that was for, while the mother took it and brought it to Rainy Day's muzzle.
> "Wha- mhp! Bleh!" The mare spat the dirty wood out of her mouth. "What are you- mmph!"

> The nomad just forced the stick back into her muzzle and clamped it here. She said something which sounded like a command and her daughter came to hold the mare.
> "Mmph?!"
> Mayor didn't understand either, but she found she somewhat trusted that female. She seemed competent and sure in her actions.
"Just go along with it. I think she knows what she's doing."
> That helped and Rainy Day stopped trying to spit the wood out. At that, the mother nodded to herself and put her hands on the broken wing again. Suddenly Mayor understood.
"Rainy Day! Bite down on the wood! Do it!"
> It was just in time and the poor mare set out a muffled roar of pain as her broken limb was twisted.
> Mayor could only watch with horror. Her first assumption was that they were simply going to tear it off, since it was causing Rainy Day such problems. Maybe that would work, but the resulting wound could easily kill the weakened pegasus.
> The nomad female pulled, which made Rainy Day's scream rise in pitch. The mare shook her head, but the wood was lodged firmly between her teeth. She tried to tear free, but she didn't have the strength and the younger female and Salki easily kept her still.
> It just went on. The sound made Mayor's hackles rise in fear and she couldn't tear her eyes away from Rainy Day's tear-stricken, wide-eyed expression of horror.
> Only about a minute later - a minute which felt like a small eternity even to Mayor Mare - the old nomad relaxed and the scream tapered off, replaced by a mixture of panting and sobbing.
> Snot dripped from Rainy Day's muzzle as she drew lungful after lungful of air through her nose, each breath punctuated by a moan.
> The mother picked up the stick from the ground, the same one Mayor had bitten off back in the Everfree forest what seemed like a lifetime ago. She pressed it against Rainy Day's wing bone, making the poor mare whine louder, and tied it down.
> She wasn't going to tear it off, Mayor realized even as relief flooded her and her legs sagged. She'd just set the bone so it could heal properly.
> The whole procedure looked practiced. This wasn't the first broken limb that female had dealt with. She'd even known to put something in the mare's teeth to stop her from hurting herself or biting her own tongue off.
> There was just one problem left. When she was released, Rainy Day had simply folded to the ground, trying to curl up into a ball and whimpering in residual pain. There was no way she'd be able to walk any significant distance.
> Mayor wondered if they would simply camp where they are, but the older female spoke some commands to the youngsters and all three of them grabbed the injured mare.

> Rainy Day whimpered more loudly when they jostled her wing, but they carried her the few steps to Mayor and slung her over her back.
> Mayor Mare was so stunned she barely remembered to lock her knees in place before she collapsed under the weight of her friend. She began to understand the rest of it.
> The mother had gotten Willow and some of the children to take Mayor's burden so that Mayor would be free to carry her friend.
> It was perhaps the most considerate thing any of these nomads had done for them, except maybe for Salki. Mayor gave her pegasus friend a nuzzle and stood still while the nomads used her harness to tie Rainy Day securely in place.
"It's gonna be fine. I'll carry you. Just rest, okay?"
> If the mare understood she gave no sign, but the piece of wood dropped from her mouth. There were teethmarks on it and in two places the stick was nearly bitten through.
> Mayor shuffled her feet and twisted a little to settle the load into a more comfortable position for them both. Then she waited until the two children finished tying their ropes.
> They needn't have bothered, but apparently they didn't realize just how good earth ponies' balance was. Mayor didn't mind. She wouldn't have to concentrate as hard, freeing her to keep track of the scenery and the way they were going.
> Soon it was done and the nomads went to pick up the remaining bags on the ground. It wasn't a light burden, Mayor knew that first-hoof, but they didn't complain as they hefted it to their shoulders.
> The younger female picked up Mayor's rope again and said: "Yavakh!"
> It was a simple one: 'go'. She was only too happy to oblige. Their little group had fallen behind the rest of the nomads, but it wasn't hard to follow the trampled grass and occasional bit of refuse.
> The mother set a faster pace than before to catch up, but that was fine. Rainy Day was actually lighter than her previous load.
> Salki fell in step beside her and reached over to scratch Mayor Mare's ear.
"Thank you!"
> "Thank you!"
> Mayor chuckled at his repetition and shook her head.
"No. Ugu. Thank you - you're welcome. That's what you say. Okay? Thank you - you're welcome."
> He seemed to understand, so she tried again.
"Thank you."
> "You're elhom?"
"Close enough. Good. Uh, sain. Good."
> "Goot?"
"Za. Sain."
> The youth smiled at her and they walked in silence for a few steps. Then Mayor Mare looked up ahead where the two females were talking softly and she got an idea. It depended on whether she could explain it to Salki without falling behind, but it was worth a shot.
> He looked over.
"Mayor Mare," she said and stopped so she could pat her own chest with a hoof.
> Then she touched Rainy Day's leg, which was slung over her shoulder.
"Rainy Day."
> She pointed at him.

> Then the moment of truth. She swung her hoof toward the younger of the two females and gave Salki a questioning look.
> He understood. "Gol," he said and pointed at the daughter. Then he switched his claw to the mother and said: "Intor."
> It was helpful to be able to put names to the two. Mayor repeated them silently to herself as she put her leg down and hurried after the pair.
"Okay. So maybe they aren't all jerks. It was just my luck with Willow."

And there we are, with our regularly scheduled update into how MM is doing.

Hopefully things will be turning up for RD now that she met someone even slightly competent, right?

Paste: https://ponepaste.org/5389
Nice! New green!
Well, besides some cute stuff between Bon Bon and twist forming a mother/daughter bond, I did have another idea.
>Bon Bon doesn't like humans and isn't 100% okay with the setup.
>Her best friend and sister in all but blood, however, is.
>Lyra is one of the ponies living in Little Equestria, and she's pretty much Anon's eyes and ears in the town, keeping him informed of how things are going and what ponies are talking about.
>She plays music in a gazebo in the park with other musically talented ponies for guests during opening hours.
>Bon Bon talks poorly of humans and tries to stir up rebellion, and Lyra butts heads with her over it.

Speaking of, if any writefag is looking for an idea, I have something loosely related to my current green, which would work perfect it it were being posted at the same time. It's the same universe, too. I'd be willing to edit, if that helps.

I'm thinking (eventual) sequel, if no takers.
Rainy Day needs to be cuddled softly and fed lots of ice cream. Poor girl is getting the worst of it. :(

Willow is a fucking bastard. I wouldn't be surprised if he "visits" them both in the night with his whip in hand...
>master is staying up late to argue on the internet
>when he should be snuggling you right now
>not having a lap filly for shitposting time
>letting the filly sit in the lap
sounds like a good way to get raped
the little succubi are clever little shits, and since you own them they don't even need the windowless van
File: 1628557498117.gif (129 KB, 652x450)
129 KB
129 KB GIF
Damn that's hot.
Any stories where the slave ponies take advantage of their master, knowing that he won't do anything to them because he just feels too bad for them being slaves?
File: 1301595.png (1010 KB, 920x1188)
1010 KB
1010 KB PNG
I can think of one, but that's not exactly what you're looking for...
How so?
Corona "took advantage of" her master by siphoning his bank account into shell companies, crippling him so she can manipulate the situation easier, and later killing him and fleeing to another state.
File: 1607164076807.png (161 KB, 964x1024)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
Yeah, she's the ultimate bad girl.
Wait is that frol Corona and Shiny? Jesus I haven't read it in a while but I don't remember that happening in it... the Anon seemed pretty nice to them.
>Have meetings in the local park with other "slave" ponies around the area.
>One day Lyra joins and just constantly blathers on about how wonderful it is to be so close to her human.
>The next meeting was held in a new location and Lyra was not informed.
File: 1628272514525.png (1.17 MB, 1270x1386)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
Hey, that pic is a spoiler to the next thread's OP!
luna becomes a milkmare competing with milky way?
Can someone link a Hive Directory list please?
>>37467147 (You)
Ups I noticed that this is not the SiM thread. Well its a spoiler for that one so don't tell them. I know they already know.
No. The harness is to attach a carry handle don't you see?
>pony disciplining master
boop slave(s)
File: 2690272.png (943 KB, 2046x1332)
943 KB
943 KB PNG
Pegamare is very unmotivated. How do you cheer her up/motivate her?
That harness. Wew, lad.
File: 1304474.jpg (307 KB, 759x938)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
Poner dislikes punishment.
Uses temptation instead.
That's one clean-ass battlestation. Is it yours?
Master in danger!
Danger of cuddles!
File: PONER UNDER ATTACK.png (589 KB, 913x597)
589 KB
589 KB PNG
>that rod thingy
Is she lying on a vacuum?
Well there's one way to get her up.
Vacuum cleaners are a known natural predators of ponies.
File: sneak attack.webm (2.93 MB, 502x854)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB WEBM
Little do the poners know, that the vacuums are merely a distraction from the true threat
File: 1527483122993.jpg (98 KB, 430x350)
98 KB
>sunnybuns rehab story updates after years
>and then back to being ded
And we were promised 4 updates which are already done and ready to post and only got two!
>full of hidden rocks
Good thing she has hooves.
>whip always at the ready
The guy is not leaving it to only luck and the ponies being smart.
>he was quick with a sharp command or a smack
Long way to say asshole.
>he would surely pick up on her tone
Based on that he hits them for tripping on a rock I don't think he is smart enough to pick up tones.
>when she failed to notice they'd changed direction
Don't think she will remember the path.
>"I'll think of something..."
That worked fine so far..
>We're getting out tonight
Hm I have heard this a few times already.
>I know which way we're going
I doubt it.
>muscle fatigue
There won't be any escape attempts tonight.
>"That's a lie."
>his first solution was the whip
I look forward to when the guy gets punished.
>"I know. Hold on, please?"
Strong girl. Not screaming, shouting.
>Salki spoke to them
Little guy just asked/convinced them to carry the bags didn't he?
>he picked up some of their belongings and stomped off
Well thats some punishment but I'm not satisfied.
>wood out of her mouth
Ohshit I know where this is going.
>Just go along with it.
All Mayor Mare did so far is always tell Rainy Day to go along with whatever. I bet if they started raping them she would also say go along with it.
>could only watch with horror
Yea this is gone exactly how I imagined it.
>simply going to tear it off
Wtf. Why would she think that? We have not seen anyone so far with a missing limb.
>It just went on.
Poor girl.
>expression of horror
I don't think she will ever trust these humans ever.
>set the bone
I'm not going to question it how does she know to do this.
>slung her over her back
Um that works. I expecting them to make a makeshift stretcher.
>stick was nearly bitten through
Poor girl.
>whether she could explain it to Salki
Didn't she already taught their names to him?
>Then the moment of truth
>So maybe they aren't all jerks.
Well, they are still keeping them captive so there is that.

>things will be turning up for RD
Based on her fever its worse than a simple broken bone.

Thanks for the update!
File: bumpthread.gif (832 KB, 400x225)
832 KB
832 KB GIF
Please do not scare the pone
They have very weak hearts!
File: Sweetie belly bed.png (172 KB, 396x620)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
File: Celly Belly.jpg (11 KB, 298x169)
11 KB
>Man your back hurts.
>Like god damn did you slip a disk or something?
>Feels like you’ve had a session with an over-eager physiotherapist who enjoys his job a little too much.
>Which would make sense considering you’re lying on the concrete of the medical barn floor.
>What doesn’t make sense is the heavy, warm duvet covering you and making you sweat like a pig in the summer night-time heat.
>A duvet that moves.
>Sneaking a glance out a half opened eye, you panic when you find yourself covered in young ponies.
>They fidget in their sleep, but appear rather peaceful.
>One of the colts on your mid-section suddenly snorts, and kicks out blindly with a hoof.
>It collides cleanly with his neighbour’s muzzle, making the filly's eyes flicker open.
>A scowl crosses her face before she gently drifts back to sleep again.
>Seems like your back is going to suffer.
>Though before you can resign yourself to fate-
>-A deep thud reverberates through the shed wall.
>Followed by a low groan.
>While everyone’s sleeping?
>You get they might be happy to see Celestia again, but seriously...
>Taking care not to disturb the sleeping kids - you start working your way out from under them, carefully moving their hooves and heads while ignoring their weak whines of protest.
>Propping yourself up against a nearby wall, you get a better look at the source of the disturbance.
>The movie long since over - faint artificial light still spills out across the room from the projector, bathing all of the sleeping ponies of Emily’s practice in a faint blue glow.
>Most ponies of the herd are sleeping soundly.
>Three familiar ponies are not.
>”I’ll try again, just… Give me a second.”
>Crumpled against the wall, his chest heaving with every breath - Coal is struggling to keep his large hooves steady under himself.
>With concerted effort, the stallion pushes away from the wall with shaky legs and barely manages to get his large frame fully upright, but the usually sturdy pony wobbles where he stands.
>A smaller unicorn quickly rushes to his side.
>Though as he leans on her for support, her legs start buckling and she gives out a grunt of effort.
>”C’mon. Let's -ngh- get you up the hill, Coal.”
>The couple slowly turn towards the exit, with another unicorn… Limping behind them?
>No, he’s just walking on three hooves, with the fourth held to his head.
>As much as you don’t want to disturb the young fillies and colts still using your legs as a human mattress, you can’t leave the trio alone.

>The small creatures let out weak whines of protest as you move them, but they soon settle down - some of them latching onto their neighbours for warmth instead - and return to slumbering peacefully.
>Ever so slowly, you stand up and carve a path through the maze of sleeping ponies.
>Careful not to make the slightest sound with your footfalls as you slip out through the open door of the barn.
>Once you’re outside, it doesn’t take long before you spot the trio making their way up the gentle slope toward the main house.
>You're thankful for the full moon tonight as it grants you barely enough light to see and follow them at a steady pace.
>You pick up speed though as they drastically slow down part way up the slope.
>But before you can catch up - Velvet’s hoof slips on the grass, and the couple are forced to stop.
>Stint moves in to support the Earth pony’s other side, but it’s no use.
>The larger stallion’s legs shaking violently as he sucks in huge lungfuls of air.
“God damn, are you ok, Coal?”
>”...Shit!” he yells out as his legs buckle and give out under him.
>He crumbles to the ground with a painful thud, and Velvet and Stint are left swaying where they stand.
”Jesus… Did you three tap into the spirits while I was sleeping?”
>Stint snorts as he sees you approaching.
>”We haven’t been drinking, Dumbass.”
>Choosing to sit down, he gives you a dirty look while massaging the base of his horn with his hooves.
>”It’s magic intolerance, Anon.” Velvet follows up, one of her eyelids spasming in a pain filled wince.
“Intolerance? But I thought it took a week or two to get this bad? You guys have only stopped taking your drugs for one day.”
>”Intolerance, Anon.” Coal growls breathlessly from the ground.
“... Am I missing something?”
>You sincerely look to them for help.
>Stint groans. “Intolerance, stupid. Means our bodies can’t tolerate the magic building up in them. The medicine was made mainly to treat magic deficiency by shutting down our body's magic processing functions. Remember the Princess’s little lecture?”
“Then what about Tinder? I thought Celestia said he was having a bad reaction to the medicine?”
>”Princesses help me… He is, Anon. It doesn’t matter whether there’s no magic or enough magic to fill all of Tartarus. He would still be suffering the same side effects.”
“Oh… Shit…”

>The other two might be able to make it on their own, but watching Coal grunt in frustration as he tries rising to his hooves again, you don’t like the odds of him making it up to the house anytime soon.
“Help him back down the hill. I’ll be back in a second”
>Short of options, the two unicorns shrug and start sliding the guardstallion back down the grassy slope despite his barely contained shame.
>It hardly takes you more than a minute to run up to the front of the practice and bring your car back down.
>By the time you return; Coal, Stint, and Velvet are all sitting at the bottom of the dark slope.
>Their coats glistening with sweat in the dull moonlight.
>Artificial tints of red and white from your car’s lights sweep and scatter across them and the nighttime rural expanse of Emily’s backyard, as you pull up alongside the slope and hop out.
>Opening a door on the side facing the hill, the ashen coated stallion quickly catches on and gives you a threatening glare.
>”I hope, *wheeze*, that you’re not thinking of trying to pick me up, Anon.”
“Mate, I haven’t even taken you out to dinner yet. Now hop in.”
>His wary expression relaxes, and Coal rounds the car and eyes up the back seat before raising his front half up in one swift movement.
>You didn’t think that the stallion still had so much strength left, but after only a few moments of having his front hooves resting on the car seat, his hind legs begin trembling violently.
>Swaying back and forth towards your car, he makes a few half-hearted attempts before finally committing and launching the rest of his body into the back seat.
>His apple sized hooves smack the bottom of your door’s frame along the way, making a dent and cleaving away a noticeable chunk of paint.
>You swear to god, these fucking ponies and their wanton vehicle damage.
>Before you can complain, Coal lets out a string of swears as a hind hoof slips off the edge of the seat and he starts falling out of the car.
>Without thinking, you reach out and grab his flanks.
>A surprised whinny escapes his muzzle, and he weakly kicks out at you.
“Easy, Mate.” you grunt, hefting the heavy backside of the fully grown and fed Earth stallion.
>Though it feels more like you’re lifting a pallet of bricks.
>Something twinges dangerously in your back, so you quickly readjust and brace your core.
>Heaving with all your might, you deadlift Coal’s rear end and barely get him high enough for both his hind hooves to find a perch on the seat again.
>He collapses onto the back seat - his chest heaving with each breath.

”God damn. And I thought Celestia was heavy.” You take a step back and twist your torso, slightly concerned you might have injured yourself.
>”I’ve never felt this before.” Velvet says as she carefully walks around you and climbs into the back seat. “Feels like a horseshoe being hammered through my head.”
>”No kidding.” Stint agrees, still swaying where he stands.
>”At least- *huff* at least you two can still walk!” Coal yells out from inside the car.
“C’mon, Stint. Let's just get you three back up there and get you some medicine.”
>”You really aren’t the brightest Human. Are ya?”
>He gives you a disappointed look and shakes his head.
>”We’re not taking the medicine, Idiot.”
“C’mon, don’t be ridiculous, Stint. Something’s clearly not normal here.”
>“Doesn’t matter. We’re going to get help from Match Stick.”
“Match Stick? Are you kidding me? Match Stick doesn’t look like she’s slept in weeks.”
>”She still managed to do quite a number on you.”
”I’m not the only one worse for wear, Mate.”
>You eye the swollen and bruised lump on his forehead as he tenderly rubs it with his hoof.
“And you’re counting on her to fix, what, rapid onset magic sickness? Mind explaining that one to me?”
>He looks to Velvet and Coal, who both nod at him from inside the car.
>”Celestia’s orders.”
>Pushing past you with a victorious smirk, he starts clambering into the back seat.
“Look I know you guys want to help out, but if we wait a few more days until Match Stick has rested...”
>None of them pay any heed to your words as Stint hoists himself up.
>His hooves also smack a little more deliberately against the door frame, taking off some more paint.
>These fucking ponies man.
“This is ridiculous. A few more days isn’t gonna-!”
>”It’s our choice to make, Anon. ” Velvet interrupts you with an apologetic smile. “And that’s been a pretty rare thing these past few years.”
>She’s taken a seat against the far door, Coal’s head resting against her thigh as he lays sprawled across the back seat.
>Her hoof gently running through his messy mane.
>The black stallion giving a very pleased hum of approval in return as he nuzzles against her gray fur.
>His bliss is short lived though, as a bumbling Stint tries to squeeze into what little space remains on the back seat by shoving against the bigger stallion’s butt with his own blue behind.
>“Stint.” Coal growls.
>”I can’t fit,” he says. “If you could just-”
>”There’s a front seat.”
>That wasn’t a suggestion.
>Trying to look anywhere but at Coal, the blue pony awkwardly clambers over the larger stallion and into the passenger seat.

“You’re all really gonna do this, aren’t you?”
>”There’s only one pony who can help us now, Anon. And she’s up in that house.” Velvet finishes with a sincere smile.
>A few ‘what if’ scenarios cross your mind, and a few arguments float across your tongue, but from the looks on their faces - you may as well be asking them for a million dollars each.
>Letting out a great big sigh - you hop into the driver’s seat, and soon you’re all up the hill and in front of the main house.
>When you park outside the front door, Stint and Velvet quickly open the doors with their mouths and hop out.
>Even if they struggle to do so as elegantly as they normally would.
>Coal is a different story - the large black pony standing perched on the edge of the car seat, breathing heavily.
“Do you need any-?”
>”Don’t you dare.” he growls back, warding you off with a leg.
>He eyes the dimly lit ground.
>Carefully repositions himself.
>Has a few false starts like a newborn pup.
>And leaps!
>You bear witness to his athletic feat as he leaps gracefully down from the seat, and immediately cringe as his legs buckle under his bulky frame.
>”Damnit!” he yells out as his legs crumple upon landing, sending him tumbling across the dusty ground.
>You’re tempted with making some kind of smart-ass comment, but the look of pure humiliation plastered on the proud pony’s face as he flails on the ground stays your tongue.
>You step toward the stallion and squat down.
>”No! I told you to-” he snarls.
“-Would you give it a fucking rest, alright? Celestia is at least enough of a stallion to accept my help.”
>He goes quiet.
>His lips pulled back along his muzzle, baring his teeth; and his sharp blue eyes digging a shameful hole in the ground.
>Hooking your hands under his barrel and shoulder, you brace again and lift for all you’re worth.
>With an audible grunt, you raise the stallion high enough so that he can get his scrambling hooves underneath himself and quickly let him go.
>Velvet quickly steps into his side to support him, and he takes a few ragged breaths.
“If it makes you feel any better, you’re heavier than Celestia.”
>He gives a dismissive grunt and leans heavily into Velvet, not even looking at you.
>Too tired to duke it out with the old horse, you move past him to open the front door for the trio, and they follow you into the living room.

>Thankfully, your belongings have been cleaned up.
>Considering the cluttered room for a moment, you briskly haul some of the ridiculous horse paraphernalia out of one of the far corners to make space for them.
>And after helping Coal gently down to the floor, the other two ponies lie down a respectable distance away on either side of him.
>They seem to be getting worse though.
>Velvet is still for barely a second before she shuffles closer and buries her head in Coal’s midsection - both of her eyes squeezed shut.
>Meanwhile, Stint is grasping the base of his horn with both of his hooves and as he gradually curls up into a ball.
>Coal’s exhausted eyes meet yours as you survey them, but he quickly looks away.
>There appears to be nothing more you can do for them.
“I hope you three are right about her.”
>So you’re off to the spare bedroom to fetch Match Stick.
>It’s only when you step into the hallway that you realize that there are no sounds coming from the other end of the house.
>No tortured screams.
>No cries for help.
>You’re thankful for the brief reprieve in this situation, and although curiosity calls, you push down the urge to put your ear against the door to Emily’s room and instead stop in front of the spare bedroom.
>You put your hand on the doorknob, but freeze when you hear it.
>That chiming.
>Just the sound of it makes the hair stand on the back of your neck.
>What’s worse is that you have no idea what Match Stick could be doing with her magic.
>Mindful of the trio struggling in the living room, you don’t really have a choice here.
>Taking a deep breath, you gently turn the door knob.
>And open the door to find an alarming scene.

>Tinder is lying at the base of the bed, a trail of flecked blood staining the sheets in a gruesome path from the pillow the small grey colt was sleeping on to where he currently rests.
>Match Stick sits next to him - her eyes clenched shut and her horn blazing with magic as she brandishes it at him.
>And as for what she’s doing, you can barely comprehend the bizarre sight.
>The very colour of Tinder’s entire body looks like it’s being sucked away from him as if he were a water-based painting, pulled across the space between the ponies in a spiralling vortex that terminates at the tip of Match Stick’s horn.
>You now understand why you got that taboo feeling from the other ponies when Celestia discussed draining magic.
>It honestly looks as though Match Stick is sucking out her little brother’s soul.
>But isn’t this what she needs to be doing?
>You want to stop her.
>You want to encourage her.
>You want to wait and see what happens.
>Before you can decide though, the chiming cuts out, and the remaining ‘essence’ that has already detached from Tinder is sucked into the tip of Match Stick’s horn with a faint *phwoop*.
>The maroon mare suddenly sucks in a sharp breath.
>Her eyes shooting wide open with a delirious excitement.
>She giggles for a moment, before catching her composure and looking down at her brother - whose body has returned to normal and is no longer being stretched ethereally like the tortured work of some esoteric artist.
>Letting out a sigh, Match Stick carefully reaches a hoof down to his face and brushes a sweaty clump of mane out of his eyes.
“Is he okay?”
>”Eep!” springing half a metre into the air, Match Stick levitates her brother with her magic and hides him behind her back in an instant.
>You’re momentarily astounded.
>He floated through the air.
>Well, her telltale orange magic aura was wrapped around him.
>But still!
>For the first time, you’re not panicking, and that’s when it really hits you.
>Honest to god, abrakadabra magic!
>“He’s fine!” She says, avoiding your stare.
“Wait a minute!”
>Her amber eyes go wide.
>“I-I can explain!”
“Hey, think quick!”
>She barely reacts in time as you pull your keys out and gently toss them in her direction.
>Her horn flares to life, and sure enough, your keys suddenly stop in the middle of the air between you, suspended in that blazing orange aura.
>The maroon mare gives you a frown, but you’re too distracted to care.
>Gingerly reaching out with a finger, you playfully poke at the suspended metal.
>The keys drift a short distance away, and the orange light around them flares with intensity for an instant before going back to normal.
>”Having fun?”
>You look up and find Match Stick scowling back.

>Awareness hits you like a brick; and you snatch your keys out of the air and return them to your pocket.
>She flinches and quickly shuts off her magic before giving you another dirty look.
“Sorry. Got a bit carried away. I mean… It sorta hit me. In a good way! Like, uh, ‘Hey! Magic!’”
>”Please… Levitation is one of the first things Unicorns learn to do when we’re kids.” She says, almost bored.
>You’re a bit beside yourself though.
>What happened there?
>When you tossed the keys at her.
>No deep contemplation of your moment to moment movement.
>No careful consideration and reading of the room to determine a good course of action.
>You just… Did it.
>When was the last time you did that?
>Running a hand through your hair, you spot Tinder’s tail poking out from behind Match Stick.
”Um, how is he?”
>Your glance at the trail of blood on the bed.
>”Oh! Right!”
>She quickly spins where she sits and looks over her little brother again.
>You lean around the relatively small pony and appraise her sibling.
>His chest steadily rises and falls.
>His breathing is still a little raspy.
>But other than that, he seems…
>Although the gray fur on his mouth and chest is stained with blood.
>He wasn’t this bad the last time you saw him.
>Reaching into your pocket, you pull out your handkerchief and offer it.
>The mare hesitates for a moment, before she reaches for it with a hoof.
>On impulse, you lean away from her.
>She raises an eyebrow, and gives you a confused look, before slowly igniting her horn and wrapping the handkerchief in her magic.
>This time, you let her grab it out of the air freely.
“Sorry… Now that I’m getting used to it, I feel like seeing how it works.”
>She gives you a weird look and turns back to her brother, carefully floating the cloth down to his face and rubbing some of the drying blood out of his fur.
>As she tends to him, you get distracted watching the way the handkerchief moves seemingly effortlessly through his fur.
>Her head leaning to and fro in sync with the motion of the cloth as it scrubs back and forth.
>Sometimes the brightness of the disembodied orange aura intensifies around the handkerchief and her horn brightens in sync, accompanied by a louder chiming as the handkerchief scrubs roughly against a particularly stubborn section of dried blood.
>The aura soon dims again, and after this process repeats a few more times, Match Stick decides she has cleaned up all she can and turns back to you.

>”Thanks…” She mumbles as she levitates the blood stained cloth back in your direction.
“That’s ok. Keep it” You politely decline.
>She nods with a half smile, looks around a bit, shrugs her shoulders, neatly folds the handkerchief, and stuffs it into her bird’s nest of a mane.
>You shake your head.
>Of course.
>Where else could she put it?
>She has no pockets on account of not wearing any clothes, dumbass.
>”I think he’s ok. His breathing is a lot better than it was.”
“Is that because of the, uh-”
>You imitate the sound of her magic and pantomime the spiral of ‘essence’ being sucked into your imaginary horn.
>She rolls her eyes and giggles, her hoof tracing a small circle on the bed.
>Her energy catches you off guard.
>Just a few hours ago she was a dead-tired, skittish, shy pony with bags under her eyes.
>Now her face is noticeably cleaner, her features filled with more colour, and she bristles with an energy that says she might actually be able to help the other three in the living room.
>You chalk it up to weird magic stuff that you don’t understand yet as she starts rambling again.
>”Yea, I think so. I mean, Miss Celestia only taught me so much, so I don’t know if I got it right but, I mean, I think I did it right because she said I had to focus on the-”
“Match Stick.” You cut her off.
>She sheepishly hides behind her mane again and looks up at you.
“I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’m not really a magic expert-”
>A snicker escapes her lips.
“-so I’m gonna defer to your expertise.”
>She sits up a bit straighter.
“Now, was that the drain magic thingy that Celestia was talking about?”
>”I dunno-” she starts going again. “I think it was. But only because, ah, because Miss Cele-”
>You hold up a hand for her to stop.
>She catches herself and hides more of her face behind her mane.
“Yes, or No?”
>”Yes… I think…”
“Good enough.”
>You reach out a hand and brush her mane out of the way so that you can see both of her eyes.
>She recoils slightly, but stops herself.
“You did good.”
>Match Stick gives you a weak smile, but her amber eyes struggle to meet yours.
“Do you think you can do it again?”
>”Maybe, but…”
>The mare looks back at her brother.
>”I think I got all the magic out of him already...”
“I didn’t have him in mind.” you say.
>She tilts her head to the side and raises an eyebrow.
“You’ll see. They’re out in the living room.”
>”Who is?”
>Giving her a secretive grin, you lean over her and scoop up Tinder in a hand.

>”Hey, give him back!”
>An orange aura wraps around your wrist.
>You notice your heart rate quicken.
>But you bat those feelings away before they can get rolling.
>Despite her feeble protest, you lift the small colt up and perch him on your shoulder while keeping him steady there with your hand.
>Her magic offers up some small resistance, but it honestly feels like a small child trying to arm wrestle you at worst.
“He’ll be alright. I think it might do him some good to get out of this room though.”
>You look over the blood stained bed again.
“It’s getting a bit unsanitary if you ask me.”
>”But, but, where will he sleep?”
“On the couch of course.”
>Match Stick double takes.
>”W-what about sheets? He’s sick and he needs to stay warm!”
>That makes you turn around and hit her with a deadpan look.
”Match Stick, it’s the middle of summer. There’s a sheet out on the couch, and if he starts shivering - I’ll wrap him up in some of my clothes.”
>She sits on the bed, panicky and grasping for words.
>Her brow furrows slightly, but as you pay no heed to her concerts, she lets out a great big huff and hops off the bed.
>”Can I at least carry him?”
>Small pony hanging over your shoulder, you lead her out of the room.
>A small internal cheer sounding in your head when you hear an irritated grunt followed by the telltale sounds of her hooves tapping against the hardwood floor in your wake.
“So, not to repeat myself, but are you sure you can do the drain magic thing again?” you ask in a low voice so as your voice doesn’t inadvertently carry down the hallway.
>Wouldn’t want to disturb a certain pony.
>”I don’t know if I’m doing it right. But whatever it is, I can definitely do it again.”
>There’s a certain enthusiasm in her voice that throws you off, but there’s no point worrying about it now.
>Back in the living room, you quickly grab two shirts from your bag before parking yourself on the couch.
>So as to ease Match Stick’s concerns, you wrap Tinder up in your shirt and lay the other on the couch.
>Gently resting his head against a cushion emblazoned with dozens of horses, the young colt doesn’t even stir as you lay him down and try to tuck him in as best you can.
>”You gonna stand there all day?” Stint’s impatient voice calls out.
>Match Stick seems to have frozen in the wide entryway to the living room.
>Her frightened amber eyes looking to you for help.
>”Gonna need you to start doing your thing, Filly. Feels like my head is about to split open.”
>She mouths the word ‘help’..
“Just do what you did with Tinder and try your best.”
>”B-but this is too fast! It took me days before I got this bad!”

>She retreats.
>”I need more time to practice. Maybe if I can-”
>Coal's deep voice cuts through the air, making Match Stick’s head instantly lower and her tail tuck tightly between her legs.
>”No. No, no, no, no, no, no.” He weakly slams a hoof into the floor.
>You stay silent as he takes a laboured breath.
>”Wake up. Watch the herd. Take your meds. Go to sleep. Wake up. Watch the herd. Take your meds. Go to sleep. Wake up. Try to tell some other damned fool that it isn’t hopeless. Watch the herd. Take your meds. Go to sleep. Wake up. Stare at the road. Try not to think about everything you were. Take your meds. Go to sleep. Wake up. Watch the herd. Take your meds. Go to sleep. Wake up. Try not to think about it. Watch the Herd. Take your meds. Go to Sleep.”
>”Coal…” Velvet croaks, the mare clearly struggling more than the other two as her whole body shudders.
>”Every day I see more and more ponies come in. More rescues that we’ve brought back from the brink. But there’s no happiness. No hope. Only a long trail of... Broken ponies and broken dreams. Emily and Stint patch them up and give them enough medicine so that they can struggle along a little longer. But you can see it in their eyes.”
>With a great grunt of effort, Coal raises his head so that he can look you directly in the eyes.
>”It’s like we’re all waiting to die.”
>His blue eyes rage like a blizzard, with a cold fury that chills you to the core.
>”I’m sick of this life.” he continues. “This way of living each day as if I’m buying myself another day.”
>”But not anymore.” he looks back at Match Stick, the young mare looking down at her hooves..
>”We need to do this. Not for us, but for them. All of them out there who don’t know yet. Who don’t understand yet.”
>Match Stick ears rise, and she lifts her head to meet Coal's demanding gaze.
>”Celestia’s found us. And she’s going to take care of us. She’s going to look after us and guide us. Like she always has. And she always will.”
>His strength finally fails him, and his head falls back to the ground with a thunk.
>”We’re going to be alright.” His voice finally wavers. “We’re all going to be fine.”
>”I think what he means is, give it your best, Dear.” Velvet follows despite her struggles. “That’s all we can ask.”
>”Well, I can do a bit more than ask-”
“Stint. Just don’t.”
>With a huff, the blue coated stallion rolls his eyes and goes back to cradling his head.

“Like you said, Big Red. You can definitely do it again. So stop waiting for yourself and get to it. Start with Stint, he’s earned it.”
>”Hey wait a minute!-”
“If you can get your magic back first then we’ll have two unicorns who can drain magic. Two is better than one.”
>Looking a bit nervous, his chestnut brown eyes wander over to Velvet.
>”What about-”
>“While I'm sure she would be happy to volunteer, who do you think is better at medicine?” Coal answers, having calmed down a bit.
>Stint gives him a filthy look for so easily stoking his pride.
>But he doesn’t think long before he looks back at Match Stick.
>”Do what you gotta do.”
>Taking a big gulp, the young mare cautiously walks over to Stint, each step as light as if she were stepping on glass.
>Sitting down next to him, she levels her horn directly at the veterinary pony and takes a few deep breaths before closing her eyes.
>You keenly watch on from the couch as her horn lights up with her magic, and that now familiar chiming rings throughout the living room.
>A small point of light sparks to life at the tip of her horn and begins drifting through the air, slowly snaking its way in a spiral through the air and connecting with Stint.
>The moment it makes contact with his body, a small crackle of static electricity bounces across his fur, and he yelps.
>Match Stick jolts and cuts off her magic.
>”Celestia, damn it! That hurts!” Stint yells at full volume before quickly covering his mouth with his hooves.
>You all hold your breath and listen closely.
>The silence lingers for a few more moments before you all collectively sigh with relief.
>Thankfully, it doesn’t sound like his outburst disturbed anyone at the other end of the house.
>Leaving Tinder on the couch and grabbing a sock from your bag, you swiftly stride across the room.
>The shocked stallion is too slow to realize what you’re planning, but he still kicks up a futile resistance as you squeeze his cheeks open and shove the fabric between his teeth.
>Not the first time you’ve wrangeld a protesting pony.
“I’ll pull it out once she’s done.” Is all you say to the brown eyes staring daggers back at you.
”Hey Match Stick,” you turn to the visibly shaken pony. “You hear that?”
>She can barely look at you.
>Hell, she looks like she wishes she were anywhere else but in this room.
“Hey, I asked if you hear that?”
>”Hear what?”
“The sound of your brother not coughing up his lungs every twenty seconds.”
>Match Stick flicks an ear, and listens closely for a few moments before rubbing her eyes with a leg.
“It sounds like this thing will hurt a bit. But that’s what they all signed up for. Do what you gotta do and get it done quickly. I’ll make sure they don’t kick up too much of a fuss, and I’ll let you know if it’s hurting too much.”

>To emphasise the point, you place a hand on Stint’s neck and another on his shoulder.
>You can feel the mother of all glares being levelled at you right now, but you ignore it for Match Stick’s sake.
>Wiping her face, the maroon mare looks down at the angry stallion, takes a few deep breaths and closes her eyes.
>Again, the small point of light floats out from her horn and spirals down to Stint.
>The instant it makes contact with his fur, an orange wave of energy washes over his body.
>Stint instantly reacts, his hooves twitching while he whimpers and groans around the sock in his mouth.
>The wave of energy finishes encircling the stallion, and suddenly, the colour from all the blue fur in his body starts bleeding past your hands and into the air .
>Just like before with Tinder, it spirals towards Match Stick’s horn where it finally terminates in an orange light at the tip.
>”Whoa!” her eyes open wide as the spiral starts pulling more and more magic from the poor stallion.
>It only lasts for a few moments before the colour being pulled from Stint starts getting thinner.
>Match Stick’s breathing quickens, and she licks her lips.
>The pain groaning coming from the blue stallion intensifies, and he starts struggling against you.
>There’s a real pain and desperation now in his eyes.
“I think that’s enough, Big Red.”
>But she doesn’t stop.
>Instead, she grins, and the aura around her horn intensifies.
>Stint immediately thrashes against you.
>His hooves flailing wildly and smashing against your arms as you struggle keeping him pinned against the floor.
“I said that’s enough, Match Stick!”
>The mare ignores your order and sustains the spell.
>”Anon, stop her!” Coal barks out.
>Taking your hand of Stint’s neck, you reach over and jab Match Stick in the base of the horn with your knuckle.
>Now it’s her turn to yelp as her eyes bug out and she grabs for her horn.
>The spell instantly cuts off as the last of Stint’s magical essence is vacuumed up.
>Letting the stallion go, you carefully pull the sock from his mouth.
“You alright, Stint?”
>His eyes slowly regain focus, and he wearily looks up at you.
“You okay, Champ?”
>”I better get my magic back from all of this.” he raises his hooves to his temples. “And when I do, I’m gonna see how you like getting held down against your will.”
“Don’t threaten me with a good time.” you say as you help him sit up. “How’s your head?”
>He tilts his head at you, then his eyes light up.
>”It’s… Not good. Not bad either. The pressure has almost completely disappeared. But...”
>He turns to Match Stick.

>Still nursing her horn between her hooves, she keeps her head lowered.
>”I’m talking to you, Match Stick.”
>Slowly, she raises her head and meets his glare.
>”I know this isn’t your forté, but you’ve gotta stop when the magic starts running dry.”
>He shakes his head.
>”You drained too much, and now I can feel the magic deficiency creeping in.”
>Without responding she looks back to the ground.
>”How long did that last?” Stint turns back to you.
“I dunno, barely 20 seconds. I wasn’t really counting.”
>Stint looks up at the ceiling and sighs.
>”Probably 5 seconds too long. We’re probably going to have to do that a few more times before this is over as well. And I'm really not looking forward to doing that again.”
“What does it feel like?”
>The incredulous stare he gives you almost makes you feel embarrassed that you asked.
“Hey, it's just… It looks really weird, and I don’t know much about magic. Humour me.”
>Giving you a disapproving look, the stallion rolls his eyes.
>”You’re on the same level as a damned unicorn colt, I swear.”
>His gaze wanders over to Velvet and Coal, who are looking a little less eager to have their magic drained than a few minutes ago.
>”I’m not gonna lie, it’s not pleasant.”
>He turns towards them and sits down.
>“It starts off feeling like a bunch of thin needles pushing under your skin all over your body.”
>His whole body shivers.
>”Then, it’s as if all of them start drawing blood at the same time.”
>Velvet’s gray complexion immediately pales.
>”You can tell the moment you run out of magic. It’s like all those needles run dry, so they start scratching and scraping under your skin for more. It gets really bad and real painful, real quick.”
>Stint stands up and stretches his legs.
>”Can’t argue with the results though. Even if Little Miss Glutton over here did guzzle down a bit too much of my magic.”
“Lay off her, Stint, she’s trying her best.”
>He considers Match Stick for a few moments - the mare still hanging her head while she carefully rubs the bruised base of her horn - then looks back at you.
>You nod insistently in her direction.
>Sighing as loudly as he can, Stint shuffles over and puts a hoof on her shoulder.
>”Look, I know that I can be a bit… Abrasive? Something Emily says a lot.”
>”How about: ‘arrogant’, or ‘know-it-all’, or ‘selfish jackass’.” Coal cheerfully chimes in.
>”Thank you for your valued contribution, Coal... Anyway.” He looks around for the right words. “I’m a bit irritated because you really did go a bit too far. But hey, it’s a learning process.”

>Pulling his hoof away from her shoulder to scratch awkwardly at the back of his neck, a genuine smile creeps across Stint’s face.
>”But hey, you know what matters most?”
>Finally, Match Stick questioningly looks up at him.
>”It works. You did good.”
>He pauses.
>”It works…”
>Looks down at his hooves.
>”... I’m gonna get my magic back.”
>Stint mutters the phrase a few more times. Rolling it around on his tongue to see how it tastes.
>Then he looks up at Coal and Velvet. Some tears skirmishing at the corners of his eyes.
>”I’m gonna get my magic back!”
>Turning back to Match Stick, he slams both of his hooves against the floor in celebration.
>”Shhhh!” all of you collectively admonish him.
>He lowers his head and flattens his ears back apologetically, but the words still dance across his tongue.
>”I’m gonna get my magic back…”
>Not in the last three years since they showed up in this world have you ever seen a pony smile the way Stint is now.
>”Alright.” he shakes his head. “I’ve got a decent idea on what to look for now, so I'm gonna do my best to help you the rest of the way, Big Red. Deal?”
>A relieved look in her eyes, Match Stick nods.
>”Right then. What are we waiting for-” he turns with a wicked grin. “-Well, Coal?”
>The guardstallion gives him a grin.
>”That’s a good look on your face, Stint. Anon, can you help Velvet up?”
>Quickly helping the poor mare move, you sit a short distance away with her as this time Stint eagerly walks up to Coal.
>”You realise you're dead if you put a hoof on me.” Coal growls.
>”That bluff didn’t work on me when we first brought you in, and it’s not gonna work now.”
>Coal shares a surprised look with you as you try not to laugh.
>Suddenly the tables are turned, and now the stalwart ashen stallion is looking a bit fidgety as a newly confident Stint sits down behind him.
>Mimicking you, he puts one hoof on Coal’s neck and the other on his shoulder
>”If you would, Match Stick?” he nods at her.
>But she won’t come any closer.
>”M-Maybe if I do Miss Velvet first?” She looks to the older mare for help.
>”Look, I’m not gonna hit you again.” Coal grunts.
>”He better not.” Velvet quips from your side.
>His ears splaying back like a dog who got scolded by its owner, Coal tries his best to smile at Match Stick.
“It’s ok, Big Red. He can barely stand as it is. He couldn’t hurt a fly right now.”
>”... If you say so.”
>She walks over and sits down a few feet away from him.
>”Uh, sure you can cast the spell from there?” he raises an eyebrow.
>”Yup. Very sure.”
>”Let’s get this show on the road. I wanna get a front row seat on how that spell works.” Stint eagerly insists.

>Rolling her eyes, Match Stick refocuses; and once again, the tiny point of light forms at her horn and spirals down to Coal.
>He watches the point of light the whole way, until it hits his fur.
>The orange light flares, and electricity shoots across the guardstallion’s fur.
>But he doesn’t yelp or cry out.
>He just gives Stint a bored look as the colour starts draining from his body.
>”H-hurts, doesn’t it, Coal?”
>”I’ve had worse.”
>Taking his hooves off the scarred Guardstallion, Stint sheepishly steps back and monitors Match Stick.
>The stallion’s magic has to travel a bit further to get to Match Stick’s horn, but still, something is different.
“This is taking a bit long, isn’t it?”
>Stint was sucked dry in 15 seconds.
>Coal has been going on for 30 seconds now.
>Speak of the devil, as shortly after you speak up, the stallion’s whole body spasms.
>Match Stick seems to be a bit more observant this time though, and she instantly cancels the spell.
>Though as the last of Coal’s essence is sucked into her horn, you notice the maroon mare shivering with a dopey grin on her face.
“You doing alright, Coal? Match Stick?”
>”Wha-?” Match stick half answers, gazing off into space while intermittently flicking her tail from one side to the other.
>”Yeah, I’m fine.”
>The bulky Earth pony rolls onto his stomach and puts his hooves under himself.
>”Better than fine, actually.”
>He strains his hooves against the ground a couple of times, then lets out a loud grunt as he pushes himself upright in one swift motion.
>”No magic yet, but still, I can hardly believe it.” he says, inspecting his body for any surprise defects.
>”I know right? Do you understand what I’m talking about now?” Stint smirks.
>Coal furrows his brow, then quickly lowers himself to the ground and does a few of those pony push-ups Emily recommended for Celestia.
>The difference between their forms is clear as night and day as he swiftly knocks out a set of five with the practiced precision you would expect of a member of the guard.
>Seeing how it should be done, you make a mental note to run through the other exercises with Coal before you leave.
>Before you can follow that trail of thought, Coal finishes his mini-workout with an explosive push-off from the ground, launching his bulky frame into the air and confidently landing on all fours.

>He gives Stint a nod - to the veterinary stallion’s immense joy - before he looks over at you and Velvet.
>”Ready to start galloping down the road to getting your magic back, Velvet?”
>”Don’t mind little old me over here.” the mare in question winces. “Feels like a bug is crawling under my horn is all.”
>Match Stick, who throughout Coal’s exercises had been staring off into eternity, suddenly snaps out of her stupor and practically gallops over to Velvet.
>”Miss Velvet, is the base of your horn getting super itchy?”
>”Yes, Dear. It…” She squints her eyes shut and shakes her head a few times. “It feels like it’s about to pop.”
>The colour drains from Match Stick’s face, and her horn instantly lights up.
>”No no! Wait!” Velvet protests, waving her hooves at the young mare.
>Interestingly, Match Stick extinguishes her horn and looks pleadingly into the blue eyes of the older mare.
>”I need to drain your magic right now, or something really bad might happen.”
>Velvet wilts under Match Stick insistence, and paws at the ground with a hoof.
>”Promise you won’t laugh…?
>Everybody nods.
>”I’ve... Always hated needles.”
>”Pfft Ha-”
>”Stint!” Coal barks.
>The blue coated stallion snaps his mouth shut and innocently looks away.
>”Don’t worry about what that idiot said.” Coal says as he walks over.
>”It’s more like having a dead leg because you slept on it wrong. And it looks like the little lady here is getting used to the spell now, aren’t you?”
>”Yes, yes Sir. I am, Sir!” She nods insistently, noticeably leaning as far away as she can from him as he approaches.
>You quickly get out of the way and hop up on the couch with the still sleeping Tinder, and he gives you a thankful nod.
>Looking nervously between the two, Velvet hesitates for a few more seconds before giving up.
>”Alright. Just… Make it quick.”
>As soon as the words leave her lips, Match Stick’s horn blazes to life.
>Faster than all the times before, that small point of light rips through the air and hits Velvet's body.
>Coal secures her in a tight hug as the spell races over across her form, and magic begins bleeding from her.
>She steadily whimpers and fidgets throughout, but with Coal holding her in place, she’s not going anywhere anytime soon.
>You start counting the seconds.
>5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40.
>You share a nervous look with Stint as Velvet squirms more and more.
>It’s only as you count past a minute does Velvet start thrashing her head from side to side.

>Match Stick immediately cuts the spell, and the poor older mare takes a few very desperate breaths.
>”I thought *huff* I said to make it *huff* make it quick.”
>”It’s alright now. You did good, Velvet.” Coal says.
>The two ponies cuddling as Velvet shivers.
>You’re glad that things appear to be going well, but not everything is as it should be.
>Match Stick visibly glows - her mane now perfectly clean and tidy while her face is as fresh as spring morning rain.
>The pace of the young mare’s breathing is fast, and wild amber eyes dart drunkenly around the room.
“You ok, Match Stick?”
>Her eyes instantly zero in on you. And she watches you warily like a wild animal before her buggy irises finally return to normal.
>”I need to use the little mare's room.” she bleats out and immediately bolts into the hallway and out of sight.
>You hear her hooves galloping down the hallway before another door slams shut.
“Is she alright, Stint?”
>He looks at you and hesitates for a second.
>”I… Don’t know.” he admits. “Magic deficiency and intolerance were such insanely rare conditions that they’d normally be treated at research hospitals. And we always had other alternatives. If the Princess wasn’t… Well... the Princess, I would have called horse-apples on her when she talked about ‘draining magic’.” He air quotes the last words with his hooves.
>”I’ve never heard of it either.” Coal says as he reluctantly lets go of Velvet.
>The older mare slumping to her hooves and leaning gratefully against him.
>“Not once in all my years in the royal regiment.”
“Wouldn’t a guard need to know about something like that? I mean, if someone went around sucking magic out of everyone, and if it caused a lot of pain if they took too much....”
>”I get what you’re saying. But still, never seen or heard of it. The closest thing that comes to mind is changelings.”
>You wrack your brain, but ‘changeling’ doesn’t come up in your ‘list of equestrian creatures’ folder.
>”Nasty bugs. They can change their outer appearance to look like ponies or any other creature, and they feed on love and affection.”
>The bulky stallion shivers at the thought.
>A strange creature mixed between the alien from Alien, and those screaming creatures from Invasion of the Body Snatchers comes to mind.
>Pushing aside questions of changelings, Match Stick still worries you.
>There’s not much you know about magic though, so you’d better keep an eye on her over the next few days.
“Are you all feeling alright now?”
>”Much better.” Velvet sighs and gives you a smile. “Though I’ll be a horse’s aunt if it doesn’t feel like the cure is worse than the disease.”

>”It’s worth it though.” Stint says. “Just think, a couple of days from now… we’ll have our magic back. What are you gonna do first, Coal?”
>”Well, there’s this big outcropping of rocks a fair way into the woods out the back of the practice. I haven’t done much prospecting since before we left Equestria, so it’ll be nice to see if I can find something worth diggin up. Plus it’ll be good to have my old strength back. How about you, Stint?”
>Wait, what? His old strength?
>”I’m not gonna be able to just cut someone up and go to town, but it’ll be nice to tinker again. Plus the medical devices I’ve read up on in this world seem like something from a fevered dream a delirious med student would have had back home.”
>Stint’s eyes fall slightly.
>”Though up until now, I’ve sort of been avoiding learning about anything I’d need my magic to use. Didn’t feel right, y’know?”
>”Yea, I know what you mean.”
>”I haven’t written anything in so long.” Velvet wistfully joins in. “Always felt like I’d be ruining it if I didn’t have my magic.”
>The other two nod in agreement.
“Should be exciting times.” you awkwardly chime in.
>All three of them give you an apologetic smile but you waive it away.
“Don’t worry about me. I know all of you have been waiting for a day like this for a long time. Don’t let me get in the way.”
>”Get in the way? You’re my first test dummy for cooking!” Stint beams.
>”I’ll be praying for you, Anon.”
>”S-Shut up, Coal. I’ll have you know I'm not too shabby when it comes to brunch.”
>”I’m sure we’ll all enjoy having some of your cooking, Sweetey.”
>You laugh with the others at the indigent look on Stint’s face, but the laugh slowly dies down into tired infectious yawns.
>Match Stick still isn’t back from the bathroom, but quite frankly, you’re way too tired from today.
>You’ve done your part, you got them up the hill, and you got Match Stick to drain your magic.
>If she’s in trouble, one of the others can help her out.
>Quickly checking that her sleeping brother is still okay, you grab a pillow and lie down on the floor.
>You say goodnight to the three ponies, and they respond in kind before continuing to chatter away about their magic as you doze off.
>But as you drift away, you can’t help but picture Celestia cooking something for you.
>Her horn blazing purple as pots and pans fly around the kitchen.
>The smile on her face as she announces she’s done.
>And what does she put on your plate?
>It kind of looks like a… Sort of a... like a kind of…
File: Celly sleeping.jpg (54 KB, 1010x792)
54 KB
There we go. biggest update in this stories history.

Pastebin here:

Sorry dudes. I satrted tinkering with an update while ponypaste was down, and it started blowing out of proportion once I realised how much I needed to add. Hopefully the story is better for it.

As always, feedback is more than welcome. The final pieces are in place for this act now, and the end is in sight. Hope you enjoyed reading.
File: r3cpwGA.jpg (64 KB, 631x630)
64 KB
>and the end is in sight
pic related

Haven't even read it yet but thank you once again.
File: 1618522293261.gif (224 KB, 515x682)
224 KB
224 KB GIF
I wonder if the time that it takes for the magic to drain correlate with how powerful the pony's magic is, and if that is the case, I wonder how long it will take to drain Celestia's magic.
>The final pieces are in place for this act now, and the end is in sight.
Fucking can't wait man. Undrugged, full powered Celly is gonna knock Anon's socks off. I hope we have some more comfy and sexy stuff too. Can't wait for the next.
File: 1630412477574.jpg (276 KB, 800x800)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
Thanks for the update! Really enjoy your storytelling, especially the characters.
Please put the link to the story at the start instead of the end.
Having it just start like that made me think it was a completely new story or one-shot instead of an update, and it really confused me...
hopefull boop
File: 1630419327644.jpg (305 KB, 1024x738)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
How to have energy?
Wow that was one big update.
I'm scared of what it could possibly look like
File: she_by_psfmer_denluzu.jpg (2.66 MB, 3840x2160)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB JPG
File: bitch.png (499 KB, 1280x1257)
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499 KB PNG
It was a good update. If I had one complaint it's that anon has gotten over his fear of Matchstick and near death experience a bit fast, but if it needs be. then it needs be. still a good update.
Slaves are made for playing dress up
>playing dress up
Its not playing when its necessary.
File: 118563346.png (227 KB, 600x600)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
File: 6251468.jpg (160 KB, 1280x1387)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Pony wears the uniform
>What doesn’t make sense is the heavy, warm duvet covering you
Ahh somepony cares for him!
>A duvet that moves.
Well that's different. And not Ahhh but Dawww.
>covered in young ponies
Even better.
I kinda sorta forgot about this already. It was a while ago. I hope they have painkillers or something.
>Match Stick
I don't exactly know what they are planning to do. Drain the magic or something?
>Celestia is at least enough of a stallion to accept my help
>both of her eyes squeezed shut,gradually curls up into a ball
Poor ponies.
Hide the evidence! By using more evidence!
>“Hey, think quick!”
And then he drops her brother.
>You reach out a hand and brush her mane
Considering he became momentary frightened by her just a minute ago this is an interesting move.
>you quickly grab two shirts from your bag
Sooner than later Anon will run out of clothes.
>Like she always has. And she always will.
About that... But at least she gave them hope.
>”I think what he means is, give it your best, Dear.
Heh. Difference between the pessimistic (depressive) way of communicating it and the optimistic way.
>The shocked stallion is too slow to realize what you’re planning
Heh. And also, as I said Anon will run out of clothes soon.
>“Don’t threaten me with a good time.”
>you’ve gotta stop when the magic starts running dry
No wonder why this spell was not widely known.
>same level as a damned unicorn colt
Well no shit. This day is the first time that he sees/experiences magic.
>looking a little less eager to have their magic drained
Hopefully Match Stick won't get full. Or greedy.
>Coal cheerfully chimes in
Even being in this bad shape he does not let his mind go blank.
>good look on your face, Stint
Hey, he's just happy that he can watch someone being tortured on purpose and for a good thing.
>His ears splaying back like a dog who got scolded by its owner
>I wanna get a front row seat
Yep, this just confirms it.
>couple of days from now… we’ll have our magic back
And hopefully this intolerance will dissapear too.
>“Should be exciting times."
All of them look super cheerful and happy!
>you grab a pillow and lie down on the floor
No pony pillow now? Sad times.

>biggest update
Yea its not a short one that's for sure.
>the end is in sight
Of this act or the story?

I remember responding to your posts back before the hiatus, but I don't remember if I used this format or not. Probably not. Oh well.

Thanks for the update!
File: 6144171.jpg (202 KB, 1280x1147)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
I empathize with this statement
You havent cleaned anything yet
You took a 2 and half hour nap on the couch after you put the putfit on
>she gets so good at her duties she literally makes master cum in her sleep
those vaginal muscles aren't just for show
File: 118345745882.jpg (603 KB, 2544x2160)
603 KB
603 KB JPG
Because you haven't earned it my little poner. Tell you what, you get 1 free cuddle now but you have to work for the rest!
File: 1599991110406.webm (245 KB, 500x409)
245 KB
What a semen demon. That's one succubus I just wouldn't be able to resist.
Sweetie KNOWS she has the best bubble butt.
File: 1393995792279.jpg (241 KB, 1053x1024)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
Reminder that the CMC come into a pack, if you want one CMC as bedfilly you will need to buy the other two without exception.
What if instead of buying the CMC as a pack, they just end up close to each other? Same neighborhood for example.
Just imagine how weird would be the interaction between the CMC when they discover what sweetie belle do with her master everynight
File: Spoiler Image (90 KB, 621x422)
90 KB
bubble bum
Is this cropped?
The fillies will want to try the same thing with their own master and everyone will be happy.
Can I see it?
File: 1558538124968.gif (367 KB, 468x480)
367 KB
367 KB GIF
Why are these so disappointing every time
File: 11185474622.jpg (11 KB, 237x182)
11 KB
Thats not an aurora borealis...
I've always been confused by that weird reverse reference thing...
>>this: 37476174<<.#
Is it just you who is doing that?
and if so, why?
>just you
I wasn't the first to use it, I copied it from some other Anon.
Part of a "signature", instead of name fagging. I post here (and in other places) a lot besides the "commentary" type stuff, this way I don't forget to take out the name. Currently there are 3-5 (depending on what I'm replying to) distinctive thing in a post besides the reverse link. The reverse link and ending in "Thanks for the update!" pokes your eye out, but the other ones are harder to notice.
File: 1629566132444.png (306 KB, 1616x1260)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
Because poni is pure
File: 1441752277723.jpg (108 KB, 500x635)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
You're a strange man, anon,
But you crop a good filly
What I mean is, Derpi is still littered with foalcon from people who know from which end to hold the pencil, and all these small boorus that claim to hoard the have like 80 pages of meh-quality art. Walls of some indie artists, all boring. Who do they even target, it's shit.
Now this is a premium bedfilly that will drain her master everynight
File: rarity_by_alcor90_da68o9x.jpg (2.6 MB, 1520x2542)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB JPG
vega when?
File: Satisfied Celly.jpg (27 KB, 406x434)
27 KB
Glad you enjoyed.

Sorry dude. I don't know why I didn't do it this time, but I'll make sure to do it going forward.

Fair enough. I could have done a bit more work into developing their relationship, but this in story day has lasted way too long and I needed to move on.

Thanks for the commentary man. it was fun to read through.
Whats up people? Im back! Sorry for keeping you wanting, today ill upload the next update for the luna green, no exeptions.
RL stuff really been up my tail these last days so i finally can spend some time doing some writefuggary.
File: 2694608.png (606 KB, 1280x720)
606 KB
606 KB PNG
So. Expedition to the far north to enslave some of these fuzzballs when?
>viking anon and his packhorse
File: 1630635513553.png (963 KB, 1300x1000)
963 KB
963 KB PNG
>an anon from a very warm part of the world has to move to a very cold part for his job
>company assigns him a company car and a company pony as a perk
>picks the floofiest one to help him stay warm
Super comfy story detected
>"Alright, Anon. Time to bunk down for the night. We're going to have to sleep cuddled close up to conserve warmth."
"But this hotel has a heater."
>"Shhhh. Don't worry. I have enough floof for both of us to stay warm."
"Why are you opening the window?!"
>"Shhhhhhh. It's okay. You're not going to freeze."
"S-Stop turning off the lights!"
"You're th-the slave here, you have to-"
>In the darkness, northpone is only identifiable by the fuzzy blob now filling your vision
File: 1623802584687.gif (1.67 MB, 370x292)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB GIF
Bumping for more Nightmares.
Fund it.
File: 1599598707484.png (132 KB, 693x843)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
File: bug bullying.jpg (410 KB, 1036x971)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
Oh wow: Drug Celly updated! Some parts of that story never quite made sense, like the human conspiracy to kill her failing so easily, but I've always thought it had something to say. Good to see you back, Shitcunt!
File: 1628622584135.png (865 KB, 5912x4900)
865 KB
865 KB PNG
Floof battle?
>floof for high altitude cold
>against floof for omnipresent cold
no contest; the latter wins with zero effort
Oh I just remembered its Tuesday! And you know what happens on Tuesday? AWF update! That's right, More Mayor Mare Madness!

> The slog eventually came to an end as their little group caught up to the rest of the nomads. A makeshift camp was already established, but Mayor Mare could see that many of the people didn't bother with tents and simply set down animal skins around fires.
> The going had been easier after they changed her burden for Rainy Day and Mayor felt less tired than she'd been expecting. Her friend was also doing better.
> For the past hour or so, after the pain had faded a little, Rainy Day had come out of her personal shell of misery and began talking quietly with Mayor. She had apologized more than once for her weakness, but Mayor shushed her each time and told her to rest.
> That night would be their best chance of escape. As she'd predicted, the move was disorganized and chaotic, the nomads didn't know who was where and she saw more than one instance of what looked like arguments over locations.
> Even more importantly, the people were tired after lugging the whole camp all this way and they would probably sleep more soundly than on any other night.
"How are you feeling?" Mayor whispered. "I say we sneak away tonight. You think you can manage that?"
> There was a moment of silence from the mare on her back, but then Rainy Day spoke in a firm voice: "Yes. Let's do it. I don't care if you have to leave me along the way, let's bucking get out of here!"
> She nearly snarled that last part.
"I'm not leaving you-"
> "Yes you are! If I can't keep going, you're leaving me and going home, got it?"
"I'll carry you first!"
> The pegasus gave an exasperated growl, but then she took a breath to calm herself down. "It's gonna be fine. I rested and my wing feels a lot better. I'll keep up."
> That sounded better and Mayor made up her mind that they would escape. Whatever it took.
> She glanced at the sunset, where about half of the sun was still visible above the distant horizon. Another half hour until twilight, she guessed, but it was hard to tell exactly. The land was incredibly flat and were her eyes better she could see for miles and miles.
> As best as she could discern, Mayor Mare could see no forests anywhere on that vast plain. Their best chance of finding cover were the few patches behind them. It wasn't the best plan, since the nomads would likely guess which way they had gone, but maybe they could get far enough away to lose them by morning.
"Okay. Hopefully we have time to eat a little."
> She fell silent as Gol and Intor stopped up ahead. Since they had fallen back and arrived late, it looked like their camp would be on the outskirts. It suited Mayor just fine and the hope of their escape grew a bit stronger.
> Things were aligning for them. This was their chance, she knew it.

> The females came back and called Salki over to help unload Rainy Day. They began unstrapping her, but then the mare simply slid off by herself and stood on hooves which were only slightly unsteady.
> Mayor saw how Intor smiled to herself in satisfaction even as her daughter patted and scratched Rainy Day's head.
> Salki took the opportunity to approach Mayor and began untying her harness.
"Thanks," she whispered to him.
> "You elhom," he replied smoothly.
> The process was easier than harnessing her and soon Mayor was freed from the bundle of leather straps and rope, except for the one around her neck. She stretched out her legs, trying to gauge how tired she was, but it felt mostly fine.
> Either she was growing used to this much work, or the almost leisurely stroll through the afternoon had helped rest her. The effort had been enough to keep her blood flowing, but not too strenuous; a perfect combination.
> She was feeling positively optimistic when Willow came back from somewhere and dumped his burden of sacks and bundles on the ground. He spared a glare for the two mares, who unconsciously stepped closer together, then he barked a few words to his mother.
> The reply came in a sour tone, but the way the older female waved her paw made Mayor think she was giving some kind of permission, or blessing.
> Indeed, the young hunter hurried off and Mayor Mare turned to look where he was going. There was a group of other nomads, all approximately his age, who greeted him with laughter and slaps on his back.
> A sleepover, or something, Mayor guessed. Stallions' night out, if she was lucky. They'd go in the other direction than her escape if she was extra fortunate.
> She turned her attention to the rest of Willow's family, but the younger female was already gone while the mother was searching for things among their belongings.
> The youth looked at her. He didn't seem in any kind of hurry to leave, which was just as well.
"Gol. Where is she? Where Gol?"
> He frowned in confusion, then pointed at the older nomad and said: "Intor."
"No, I know her name. Um...", Mayor tried to think of a way to put it with the words she knew in his language.
> It would probably sound horribly wrong, but maybe she could get her question across.
"Okay. Yavakh Gol," she said and swept her hoof around to indicate the mentioned nomad wasn't around. "Yavahk. Where?"
> The word meant 'go' or 'move', as near as she could tell. She was hoping that pointing out the young female was gone would get Salki to explain.
> He glanced around and asked: "Gol?"
"Za! Gol, yavah, where?"
> She didn't catch most of his speech, but he repeated two particular words a couple of times.
> Mayor did her best to enunciate them the same way he did.

"Chulu Gal? Is that some sort of conjugation?"
> Of course there was no way she could ask him that, even if he knew what conjugation meant. She was still curious, though.
"Gol? Gal? Gol?"
> This made the young nomad burst out laughing and he shook his head. "Ugu," he said, then got an idea and dashed away. Mayor sat down on her haunches to wait and Rainy Day came over to sit beside her.
> "What was that all about?"
"I tried to ask him where the young female went- Intor's daughter, I think. I guess I said something nonsensical, the way he laughed."
> Luckily the young nomad was back soon and he had a couple of items in his forepaws. He held up a splinter of wood and said: "Gal."
> Mayor noted that the end of it was smoking, as if he'd plucked a burning sliver of wood from a fire. Then he lifted up the other thing and she saw it was a smooth, round stone. "Chulu," he said.
"Okay, that second thing is probably 'stone', but I don't know if 'Gal' means wood, or splinter or what."
> Luckily the youth was not done. He mimed putting the stone down, then lifted it and dropped it again. Mayor looked blankly as he apparently beat the grass down.
"Mulching?" she ventured.
> "No," Rainy Day pointed out. "He's making a circle, see? I think it means fire-pit or something."
> Mayor Mare still didn't know what any of this had to do with the daughter, but she kept watching. Salki put the stone down a few more times and said: "Chulu. Chulu," each time. Then he dropped the smoking splinter in the middle of his imaginary circle and said: "Gal!"
> It suddenly clicked.
"Yeah, firepit. Stones - chulu in a circle, then Gal is the fire in the middle, right?"
> Mayor pointed with a hoof and rain it in a circle. "Chulu?"
> Salki nodded, excited about the little lesson. He picked up the bit of wood again, but it had gone out and was no longer smoking. Despite that, he put it back in the middle.
"Gal. Okay, I understand. Um, thank you. But what has that got to do with Gol? Um, Gol, yavakh?"
> Once again the youth hefted up the stone and repeated his phrase. It had all three words in it: 'Gol', 'Chulu' and 'Gal'.
"Oh! She went to fetch stones for the fire pit. At least that's what I think it means."
> "I guess we'll see," Rainy Day muttered. She was sitting with her tail curled around her hooves and seemed better than earlier that day.
"Here, let me feel you."
> Mayor leaned over and pressed her muzzle against Rainy Day's.
"You still have a fever. How do you feel?"
> The other mare shook her head. "Like dung, but I can deal with it. I think it's better. I think that one set the bone in my wing," she said and pointed a hoof at Intor.
"It's still infected, probably. You still need a proper doctor."

> "Yeah, yeah, but it's better than it was. I'll manage. We're escaping." She looked down at the ground and her ears fell. "I just hope it's soon enough so they can save my wing. Set or not, I won't ever fly again if I leave it like this. At best it'll keep me from dying."
> She shook her head and looked up with a look of determination. Her eyes nearly sparkled in the dying light as she glared at Mayor. "All the more reason to escape!"
> Perhaps it was just the hope of freedom and going home which gave Rainy Day this energy, but Mayor was still glad for it. If optimism helped them escape, she would use it and hope it lasted long enough.
> They fell silent as a group of youngsters came forward, but Mayor relaxed when she saw it was just their impromptu haulers. They brought back the stuff Intor had had them carry and placed it all in the pile under the older female's watchful gaze.
> When she was satisfied that everything was back, she spoke to them in what sounded like grateful tones, then rummaged in one of the sacks and took out a few strips of something.
> She passed those around and the children quickly stuck them in their mouths. Some kind of a treat or something, Mayor guessed. Everyone of the youngsters got one, including Salki.
> The children jabbered something, Intor replied and they dispersed. She didn't look too happy about handing out her store of food and there was a frown on her face as she looked at the ponies.
> They'd better be worth it, her gaze seemed to say.
> Despite herself, Mayor felt her ears splay out and her head bow. This nomad had been fair with them and they were planning to run away. It was only a minor tinge of guilt before her rational mind took over once more.
> These people had taken them as slaves, or worse - livestock. Of course running away at their earliest opportunity was the right thing to do! If they stayed the best they could look forward to was a life of hard work, followed by slaughter when they were no longer useful.
> Salki came back to them, chewing on the piece of whatever the female had given him.
"Salki? Can I see?"
> Mayor pointed a hoof at his paw and he held it out for her to inspect. One sniff was enough.
"Eugh! No. Gah- bleh!"
> "What? What is it?" Rainy Day asked even as she preemptively leaned away from the thing.
"Meat," Mayor choked out. "Dried or something. Ugh."
> Salki chuckled at their expressions even as he stuck the loathsome thing back in his mouth. Then he reached over his free forepaw and patted her head and went away. Probably to find his own family, Mayor thought.
> She worked on getting that awful stench out of her nose when the younger female, Gol, came back, panting and huffing.
> "You were right, it seems," Rainy Day commented.

> When Mayor looked up she agreed. The young nomad had her arms full of stones which she dumped on the ground near them. She exchanged a few words with her mother and then began placing them in a rough circle.
> She didn't seem to notice that one of the rocks had been there before, the one Salki had left behind.
> Soon the firepit was ready and after talking with her mother again Gol left once more.
"Probably getting the firewood," Mayor made an educated guess.
> In the meantime, the older nomad had found bundles of animal skins and she was laying them down around the fire. It looked like she wouldn't bother with a tent. Very few people did, Mayor noted. They mostly relied on the fire and their unpleasant blankets to keep them warm.
> She wondered briefly where they would sleep, but didn't really care. Intor's fire was near the edge of the camp, facing the way they had come. It suited Mayor very well and as long as they didn't make too much noise she thought they could sneak away undetected.
> An idea occurred to her, making her blush at the brashness and crudeness.
> Rainy Day looked up. "What?"
"Um, do you have to go?"
> "Go where?"
"No. Go, as in- um, number two? Like that- go?"
> "What?! Why?" the other mare drew away in disgust. "Do you?!"
"Maybe. I hope so."
> This didn't make much sense to Rainy Day and she scrunched her face up in distaste. "You *hope* so?" She peered at Mayor's face more closely. "You sure you don't have a fever too, Mayor?"
"Hear me out. I'm thinking if we- well, do it here, they might not like that and move us a bit further away. It'll make it easier to escape."
> Rainy Day blinked in shock, opened her mouth to argue against it, but had to admit the logic of the suggestion. In the end she settled on: "That's still gross."
"If it helps us escape more easily?"
> The other mare lowered her ears and looked at the ground. "I- I suppose. Uh, b-but I don't think I can. I wasn't- wasn't hungry."
> She was right. With her fever and her wing, Rainy Day had hardly eaten over the past few days. It wasn't a good sign.
"Tartarus," Mayor swore. "Okay, okay, you have to eat, Rainy Day. You'll need your strength! You have to eat before we do anything else. There won't be time when we're running!"
> Luckily the plain was covered with thick grass and it wasn't hard to find a patch which the nomads hadn't yet trampled. She prodded Rainy Day in that direction.
"Eat! You have to."
> "You too."
> That was a fair point and Mayor was suddenly aware of her own empty belly. They'd both need all the strength they could get, whatever little plain grass could provide.

"Okay, okay. We'll both eat while we wait for them to sleep. I guess they want to tie us up or something, we'll see how that goes. Deal? Oh, and we'll- um, go, but only if they try to keep us near the fire."
> "Deal."
> Intor looked when they stood and she tensed up, preparing to chase after them. Mayor held up a hoof.
"We're just going to feed a little, alright?"
> She kept her eyes on the nomad and bowed her head down to bite a tuft of grass. She straightened back up as she chewed. Next to her Rainy Day followed her lead.
> This made Intor relax and she walked over to them. She found both their ropes, which were still tied around their necks and led the two mares to some taller, unsullied grass.
> Once there, the nomad sat down where she could keep an eye on her little camp. She left plenty of slack in the rope for the two mares to browse.
"I guess this is as far as she's going to trust us right now. I wonder what she'll do when they go to sleep."
> Mayor was hoping Intor wouldn't set some kind of a rotating watch on them. The best outcome would be to tie them to something, like a tree stump or a stake in the ground.
> Even if she tied their hooves together, like that first night, Mayor was pretty certain she could escape with a bit of time.
> What if she really did set someone to watch them? One of the younglings maybe, or Willow. If it were Willow, Mayor didn't think she'd have a problem kicking him unconscious. That one richly deserved it.
> Others, though... Salki, in particular...
> Her face set in determination and her ears pinned back.
> She would. Whatever it took. Even Salki, if he couldn't be convinced otherwise. Mayor took one glance at Rainy Day, who was forcing herself to eat the tasteless grass, and made her decision.
> They were getting out. This night would be the best opportunity they might ever have and she intended to take it.
> These people had foalnapped them right out of Ponyville outskirts. They were brutal and ate the flesh of animals. If she didn't escape and bring warning to the Princesses, they might go after ponies again.
> Mayor Mare closed her eyes and took several deep breaths to steady her resolve. She *would* do whatever it took to escape.
> Still, she hoped it wouldn't be necessary.

There we go. I wanted to include the actual escape yes, there is one in this update, it it's totally not ready and needs some editing love. I apologize profusely about this horrible lack of efficiency.

Paste: https://ponepaste.org/5389
I'll be honest ive slacked off hard. Shouldnt be too much longer. By the end of this week i swear!
Dont rush it, I'd rather have a quality update than a fast update
>personal shell of misery
Cocoon of pain.
>I say we sneak away tonight.
They will fall asleep too. Again. I can feel it. Or Salki will sleep on top of them preventing them from moving.
>you're leaving me and going home, got it?
Btw, if one escapes that can lead back a search party/patrol/whatever.
>The land was incredibly flat
Thats a disadvantage. The humans probably outrun them, not by speed but by stamina.
>only slightly unsteady
That run isn't going to happen. Maybe adrenaline will do its magic but not for long.
Hm he recognized "Thanks" while earlier "Thank you" was said.
>still didn't know what any of this had to do with the daughter
Went for wood or something.
>At least that's what I think it means.
Took a bit longer than me.
>her store of food
I don't think food is "personal property" here.
They just found the missing parts of yesterday's weird rugs!
>empty belly
Grass is not known as a sudden high energy food. If they eat that they just going to be even slower for a while.
>led the two mares to some taller, unsullied grass
This one will trust them sooner than later.
>didn't think she'd have a problem kicking him unconscious
>She *would* do whatever it took to escape.
And that probably will be just waiting for an opportunity which never comes.

Thanks for the update!


>Coco drew a sharp breath as her ears perked upright and she froze in spot.
>She relaxed the instant she realized the ghastly howl was just the wind.
>The rest of the group, seated on the floor around a game board – apart Luna, who was both held upright and had her pieces moved by Anon – glanced at her and then the window.
>A hint of red rose to earth pony's cheeks as she reached for the board and pushed a pieces from her storage to the border of Ann's territory.
>The woman bit her lower lip as she stared at the piece while Coco moved the appropriate resources into the bank.
>”That's... aggressive of you.”
>Her fingers found one of her spare pieces, picked it up, and rolled it back and forth as she stared at the board.
>She was the only one who didn't glance at the window when a sudden bout of rain whooshed down.
>The rain turning to a crash of hail was what made her twitch and draw a short gasp.
>The whole group, sitting on the floor around the game board, fell silent.
>Nobody made a noise.
>Not before the soft hum of rain returned some thirty seconds later.
>”I think you staying was the right call.”
>Anon glanced at Ann, then stroked Luna's velvety shoulder with the same hand he held her with.

>The ponies' room suddenly plunged into total darkness.
>The roar of thunder followed a mere second later.
>A faint golden light revealed faces of concern as Celestia lit up the tip of her horn.
>She felt like something cold dribbled down the back of her neck and her wings were completely numb.
“And here I thought things were going a little too well.”
>The light was too dim to read with and shadows danced on the board every time she moved her head.
>She could've made it brighter – at the cost of blinding herself.
>Which would be fine if she weren't playing.

>Soarin did his best to shrink as much as he could by pressing his wings into his sides.
>”What do we do now? Keep playing?”
>He glanced at Ann, taking advantage of the one benefit his status brought.
>The woman bit her lower lip as she took a good look at the board and the players around it.
>She sucked in some air through the gap between her teeth as she paused for a second at Anon.
>”It's going to be tough to play like this and there's no knowing how long this'll last. Can you make the light any brighter?”
>Celestia shook her head.
“Not if I want to see something myself. I could make something else glow and have it float overhead, but that's two much more complex spells so I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the game at the same time.”
>Ann glanced at Anon again.
>She dug out her phone to check the time.
>”It's still a bit early, but I guess we could just go to sleep. We'll finish this tomorrow, assuming it isn't fixed by the time we've eaten.”


>A soft lump pressed on Celestia's back.
>It was either Coco or Soarin – she hadn't bothered checking.
>The reason for that was that she herself had her muzzle tucked between Luna's wing and barrel.
>Celestia was a little too warm, tucked between two ponies like that, but she'd found the comfortable position.
>The only reason she was still awake was that she couldn't quite ignore the howling wind.
>It wasn't right.
>It also wasn't her problem.
>Somepony in the pile shifted a little, drew a sharp breath, and let it out slow.
>That was enough of a distraction to let Celestia slip into sleep.

>Celestia's hoof hit a plush carpet covering a stone floor.
>She became aware of her own dream, and realized she'd just sprang into existence in the middle of her sister's bedchamber.
>”Unusual day.”
>Luna stared out of the window at the lights of Canterlot, holding the curtain open with a hoof.
>She let the curtain fall back into place before turning around and trotting to her bed.
>”Most unusual.”
>The bedsprings made the quietest creak as she hopped on and patted the spot next to her.
>”You are stressed. I can tell. Come.”
>A bejeweled silver brush, wreathed in a night blue glow, floated out of Luna's drawer as Celestia laid down on the bed.
“I wish I could just let someone else take care of it, but I'm the only one who can.”
>Soft, soft bristles brushed her back.
>”Are you truly?”
“Who else would it be, then?”
>Luna had a knowing smile on her lips as Celestia glanced at her.
>”Are you not a good enough judge of chh- person to know?”
>The entire dreamscape flickered as Luna had to find an alternate word.
>The brush stopped mid-stroke for a second.
>”It's fine. He is too greedy and will con- con... eat himself. I know. No lasting harm.”
>Flicker, flicker.
>Celestia wanted to roll onto her back, wrap her hooves around her sister, and pull her into a hug.
>But, Luna was too proud to admit she needed or wanted it.
“Can you guarantee it?”
>The brush continued its slow, deliberate strokes.
>Celestia drew breath, held it for a bit, then let it out without saying anything.
>She shifted her hooves and felt her tail flick.
>”I see. It will be wasted effort. You will see. You will see.”

>It was pitch black when Celestia woke up.
>Her throat was as dry as a desert.
>Cold air assaulted her muzzle as she pulled it from beneath her sister's wing.
>The lump resting against her back let out a quiet moan as she got up.
>Coco, no doubt.
>Hopefully neither woke up.

>A very faint light shone from the kitchen.
>Celestia's brow furrowed as she pulled the door closed behind herself.
>The power definitely wasn't back on since the streetlights weren't visible through the curtain.
>She sneaked up as quiet as she could – which, by human standards, wasn't very – to take a peek.
>Ann sat at the table, with the light coming from her phone's screen.
>The woman paid no attention to Celestia.
”You're up late.”
>That earned her a glance, and a shrug.
>The mare padded closer, pulling open a cabinet and floating a glass from it as she passed by.
>A scent she'd never smelled before hung in the air
>One that kind of reminded her of fish, but there was no mistaking it.
>It was that of arousal and passion.
“Can't sleep?”
>She positioned her glass under the tap and pulled it open just a bit to keep it quiet.
>”They missed him by minutes.”
>Ann sounded tense.
“Missed who?”
>Celestia lifted the glass to her lips and gulped down a cool, wonderful mouthful of water.
>”Mr.- Right, you don't know his name. The one who's responsible for your and your sister's treatment.”
>The next mouthful nearly got spat out.
>It took a second for the mare to calm down.
“What, so- how do you know that?”
>Was that what Luna was talking about?
>Had she misjudged the situation?
>Could she find the man and put and end to it?
>Ann nodded and pointed at the chair opposite from her.
>”I don't see why I can't tell you.”

>The chair creaked as Celestia planted her weight on it.
>She went stiff and her ears perked up at the sound.
>It hadn't woken them up, right?
>”Right. So, he's been a very wanted man after your... display. I'm not sure what you hoped to accomplish with it, but it definitely made the issue the number one priority of just about everyone I'm in touch with.”
>Celestia nodded to show she listened.
>”It didn't take long at all to track him down, not with permission to use any means necessary. His charges were nowhere near severe enough for that to be possible, but they added high treason and a few others to the list. Not exactly a due process, but there wasn't time for that.”
>Ann paused for a bit to tap and swipe at her phone.
>”But they decided to wait for the night, hoping to catch him in his sleep. And they did. He'd be behind bars now had he not had help. Help from a foreign intelligence agency, no less.”
>That couldn't be good.
>Celestia felt herself tense up.
>”I'm not sure what he's promised them, but they're using everything they have. No fear of exposing operatives or their operations.”
>One idiot would never make anything of what he had, but a coordinated research effort?
>”That won't make a difference, though. Not when his location has been narrowed down this much. It'll be over before sunrise.”
>Sure, humans lacked any ability to focus magic and stealing a pony's focus would kill said pony, unless they were blessed with the fortitude of an earth pony.
>Which unicorns, the only ones who had something that could be stolen, obviously lacked.
>And a focus of something dead was useless.
>”Hey, I said it'll be over before sunrise. Over. Done with.”
>Ann's words replayed in Celestia's mind.
“Oh. Good, good.”
>How could she be sure about that, though?

>Wait, but...
“How do you know all this?”
>Ann flashed a smile and let out a quiet chuckle.
>”Long story. Long story short, I used to work for a certain organization and let's say you can't fully leave despite resigning.”
>She glanced at Celestia's glass, now lying forgotten on the table.
>”So, now that you know everything's handled, you can go back to sleep.”
“As if I can sleep now.”
>Ann slipped off the chair without moving it and stood up.
>”I thought so too, but a certain someone very close to you promised a little help for us both. I fell asleep for a moment before checking in on the situation.”
>She hit a button on her phone and the room plunged into complete darkness.
>The phone's screen lit up again with a quiet click of the button, providing just enough light to see.
>”Well, good night. Or actually.”
>Instead of finishing her sentence, Ann tiptoed to the cabinet Celestia pulled a glass from.

>Coco let out a quiet groan as Celestia squeezed back in between her and Luna.
>Two warm hooves wrapped around the alicorn's barrel, shortly followed by Coco's head finding a soft spot on a sun.
>A quiet, satisfied moan followed.
>Celestia nuzzled around to find the exact spot where she'd been, only to find that Luna had that wing spread.
>It folded atop her muzzle as soon as it was in position.
“Thank you.”
>Her words were so quiet they were more thought than sound.
>She found herself asleep a moment later, not troubled in the slightest by what she'd just heard.

To be continued.

That's one shitty very low pay job with a way too long commute done with. I'll actually have some time now.
>I'll actually have some time now.
Nice! Looking forward to seeing more from you now (no pressure kek)
File: 20210907_130805_1.jpg (1.43 MB, 3096x3897)
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1.43 MB JPG
In the event of pony enslavement, many stores would start stocking pony supplies. Other products might be repurchased.
Would you buy the mare magic?
>end the nightmare with mare magic
>they mean that literally
>it blocks nightmare moon's effects and lets poners get a good night's sleep during the full moon
File: pet the Dash.png (32 KB, 1101x952)
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Wait, is that JUST raspberry leaf?
File: 2639768.gif (381 KB, 1500x1500)
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381 KB GIF
A good girl
File: 2350186 small.png (854 KB, 782x1024)
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854 KB PNG
Beware the pegamares
File: 11684557345.png (539 KB, 2000x1500)
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539 KB PNG
Poner says she's taking a staycation
Master has to do the cooking and cleaning for the next week
Only ponies who actually work get vacations
>Giving your hardworking little pon a week to relax on her terms
I like this idea. It's sweet.
File: 2659578.png (2.93 MB, 2232x2232)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB PNG
>its not ded
Aw yiss
I was getting worried for a bit
File: 2628656.png (133 KB, 1247x1191)
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133 KB PNG
Well there's this one but she's owned by an old lady so she sneaks into her neighbor's house a couple times a week.
>implying poni does any chores, ever
She's a very expensive house cat and she knows it
Snowpone thread is just daring us to visit their little fluffballs with collars in hand. We can't let this go unchallenged now, can we?
I'm so fuckin scared, bruh..... I'm waitijg for the hammer to drop.....
I'm pretty sure Rainy Day will have a bad ending.
File: 1624070187955.png (729 KB, 1231x899)
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729 KB PNG
AWF's stories alternate between good end and bad end
And the last story had a good end
File: 1600395838557.png (24 KB, 1000x938)
24 KB
Fuck I hate unfinished stories.
I don't wanna sit around waiting for the Celestia and Chrysalis story to update, I just wanna read it all right now.
Was there any truly bad ending in any of AWF's greens? There were a few neutral slice of life kind of endings, but never a tragedy.
Don't forget AWF said that this one will have a darker tone.

Thats a big pone and a big bug!
File: 1765027 small.jpg (379 KB, 1280x960)
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379 KB JPG
That was an interesting read.
To be honest I'm mostly on here for the pony x human stuff so I'm obviously biased... And Princess slave stories are already rare, so it was really weird to have hints at something forming between celestia and anon at the start, only for her to do a sudden 180 and fuck the first stallion she meets in the bathtub while anon is away.
Like, what the fuck just happend?
I know there was a bit more build up to it in the story but that's what it felt like reading it.
But besides that slap to the face the writing style is pleasant, and I like the concept of a story-critical pony being (hopefully temporarily) crippled beyond the regular "horn/wings/magic don't work" trope.
Oh well, good luck with future updates! I'll just wait for Sunksi to update again so I can get my big pone on human fix.
I really need to find a better source for stories...
File: horsie_is_stuck.png (2.49 MB, 1080x803)
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2.49 MB PNG
that reminds me of pic related.
pone knows she's not actually tied to the post, but is so obedient that she can't bring herself to move anyways.
Red Sky is generally considered to have a Bad End in that nobody really grows, they just go their separate, dysfunctional ways. Factory is just straightup grimdark, no good in sight.
My definition of a bad end and your definition of it differs it seems.
I think Red Sky definitely did not have a good end, but it was not a bad one. It was a mix of the two. Nobody truly won, neither lost. As you said both of them gone to their dysfunctional direction. If Anon did not pick that mare up at the end then at least it would have been a bad end for him.
Factory: it started as bad, did not get worse. If Lyra died at the end or gave up I would say that's a bad end. But she did not truly gave up, she choose to live another day, however bad it will be.
So a bad end for me is when the protagonist loses some positive thing which plays a major role that he/she either had at the beginning (not in a flashback) or acquired during the story and got nothing in exchange.

Rainy Day dying would definitely tilt the story's ending to bad by a lot. So if she dies there is no way this can end good, but I still consider a neutral ending if something good comes out of this whole thing. Like the Mayor gaining control over them and somehow manage to convince them to join Equestria or something. From the initial chapter we saw that this was definitely not the case, she seemed like she changed "sides". And Rainy Day was not among them so...
File: 1385587.png (886 KB, 833x1359)
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886 KB PNG
Sorry its taking so long. I promise you arent missing much
Also bump
>Her playful demeanor deflates a little
>"I'm not overbearing."
>You can almost hear the wounded pride in her voice
>You pat her gently on the back
"I'm not trying to mean Tia, but you are. When's the last time you've seen or let me talk to anyone but you?"
>You can see a tinge of regret? Or maybe its desperation in her eyes
>You feel bad laying it out
>”But despite that, you still wanna try right? You said you would.”
>Wellllll you never said it with total certainty
“I said I would think about it, Tia.”
>That came out a little harsher than you wanted it to and her face reflects that.
“It's not a definite ‘no’.”
>You try to recover your fumble but it's too late
>She sighs and leans against the cold tile as your hand is batted away by a winged appendage
>Words have never been your strong suit
>She's leaning too far away for you to keep cleaning, plus it would probably be inappropriate to continue.
>She’s hurt, you're hurt. Dropping it is probably the easiest option
>She flips her mane out of her eyes
>"You know you're supposed to let a mare down easy right?"
>You suck your teeth and sigh
>She levitates the soapy rag out of your hand and sits it on the side of the tub
>You stay silent at the risk of making things worse.
>Any thoughts or comments you had prepared disappear against her scrutiny
>What is there to say?
>"I just...didn't want to lose all I had left you know?"
>She loudly huffs
"I was never going anywhere Tia."
>"It doesn't feel like that."
>A jolt of guilt shoots through your heart
"What does that mean?"
>Her mouth and brow scrunch as she takes in a deep hitched breath.
>She looks around at anything that's not you
>"I dont know."
>You can see in her downcast eyes that she knows but no reason to push it
"I just figured it'd be for the best of both of us if I cut things off."
>" Master always knows best."
>Once again a pang of guilt forces its way through your heart
"Don't be like that. Look I'm sorry Celestia, I really am."
>"Are you sorry for real or just because you feel bad?"
>Harsh but she's got you there
>You do feel bad
>Both that it had to happen and that you don't have a way to make it easier for either of you
>The short silences between this cold conversation feels like ages
>If you could stuff those words back in your gullet you would
>She gives you a weary stare out of the corner of her eye
>"I think I can get it from here."
>She maintains the sad yet scornful side eye, enforcing her request
>Might as well grant her wish and leave
>You dry off and quickly throw on your shirt
>You stop as you get to the door and look back
"I still-"
>"Save it, you've done enough for now Anon."
>You step outside and close the door behind you
>You dramatically throw your head back and accidentally bust it on the door
>It certainly doesn't feel good
"Agh, fuck."
>Unsure if the tears welling up are from the pain or the mess you caused, you wipe your eyes and make your way to the couch
>You plop down and lean back as far as you can
>Your appetite is absolutely ruined.
>How are you going to fix this?
>You're in too deep to just relent at this point
>Meanwhile standing your ground is just as bad of an idea.
>You look at the stack of pancakes sitting on the table and pick up the fork neatly placed next to it.
>Might as well eat something
>Being hungry isn't gonna help anyone
>You dig in and despite getting a little cold, it's still some of the breakfast you've ever had
>What the hell is she putting in this stuff?
>Whatever it is, hopefully she keeps it up.
>Speaking of Chrys, you look around and see no trace of her
>You swear she was just here
>Finishing off breakfast takes no time at all and you're left by your lonesome.
>You get up and place your dishes in the sink before returning to a puddle-like position on the couch.
>As you do you can hear the bathroom door open, and a few seconds later you see Celestia slinking out from the hall
>She stops and stares you down with a weary gaze
>Is this the part where you say something profound and fix your relationship?
>Her horn glows softly and with a small flash produces a collection of small pills on the table
>They quickly segregate themselves into two neat piles
>One for each of you
>A bottle of water pops into existence within her magical grasp before she walks out the back door
>You can see her through the window as she finds a nice comfortable place to bask/pout in the noon sun
>How exactly do you even process what just happened?
>If anything thinking about it just makes you feel worse
>You grab your phone and begin the Ye Olde coping mechanism of listening to sad music
>Opening up YouTube you see the song you were listening to with Chrys yesterday
>You shrug and tap play before softly tossing your phone next to you on the couch.
>Shame that today is already a bust and you've hardly been up an hour
>After the song loops a time or two you hear a door creak open.
>You look over to see Chrysalis peeking out of her room with her ears perked up
>"Hey Chrys."
>You give her a limp wave.
>For once misery would prefer to not have company.
>Sha makes her way over to the couch and hops up next to you
>"You seem rather...morose."
>You don't have the energy for big words currently
>She covers her mouth with a hoof and chuckles
>You know what that one means but you puff up your cheeks in a playful annoyance
>You get a smile and eye roll in response
>"You look sad."
"Eh, it happens a lot."
>Her silky mane glides through your fingers.
>Wait, when did you start petting her?
>Whatever, the cool strands feel really nice in your hand.
>”Is that so?”
>You shrug in response and rub her ears,she lowers her head a bit, letting it rest just above your lap.
>Looking down you can see a collection of scars and gray hairs.
>Thinking about it you haven't really given her a closer look till now.
>Situating your hand under her chin, you raise up her head a little bit.
>Her horn is in pretty terrible condition for starters
>The material that makes it up looks rather brittle
>It reminds you of when you used to chew your nails
>Looking a little closer you can see it’s actually grown around the magic dampening ring slightly
>That can’t feel good
“Hey, I gotta ask. Does it hurt?”
>With your free hand you very lightly you poke her horn, causing a few little black flecks to shed from it
>You can see an emerald eye trying to focus on what you're doing.
>”My horn?”
>She lets out a deep sigh
>”Just my pride mostly.”
>You give her a pity scratch under her chin
>"How is your hand?"
>Oh right you forgot about that
>Looking at your hand you notice the lack of a bandage
>Must've fallen off while you were asleep.
>Now that you're aware of the scab, your hand itches like crazy
>It sucks
"Itchy but I've had worse."
>You chuckle and rub her back
>The quiet peacefulness doesn't last long as Chrys decides to lick your hand leaving a long dark smear across the back
>You'd almost be turned on if you weren't so confused and kinda grossed out
>What the hell was that?
>She jumps slightly
>"I apologize. I probably should have explained first."
>You pick at it lightly but it's on there rather good, and the itching has stopped
>"Don't pick at it. It will help it heal better."
>Her voice is a little snappy but
"Uh huh?"
>At a bit of a loss for words here
>It's not everyday someone just licks you without permission
>Let alone leaves behind a weird blackish green trail when they do
"So uh...how exactly does that work?"
>She lightly lays her head against the outer side of your leg
>Weird, but cool!
"How come you aren't covered in this stuff yourself?"
>She lightly laughs
>"Changelings are able to heal themselves, albeit slowly with the same love they'd use to keep themself sustained. On the other hoof, say we...I wish to assist others I would normally just use magic…"
>Her voice trails off near the end
>"But without it, food may be converted into necessary materials."
>Kinda gross but still neat
>You flex your hand a couple times
It feels weird but not in a bad way
"Thank you?"
>Giving her a scratch between her shoulder blades earns you her wings buzzing in response
>You bump the music’s volume down abit and just relax
>A small bit of warmth permeates in your chest as you just relax next to your big bug
>It's a lot like when you and Tia were together
>Not that you're head over heels for the mare or anything
>Just something about being around her feels nice
>You're not falling for the bug horse mid messy fight with your ex
>Absolutely not
“So uh...Is there anything you wanted to do, or anything you wanna talk about?”
>Her head lifts off your leg ever so slightly as she hums and rolls her head back and forth
>Eventually she lays her head back down and shrugs
>”I’m not sure, I've never had the autonomy to pick before.”
>Another round of scratches where her neck meets her back brings back her signature chirping
“Well, let's change that.”
Ponebin updated
Finally got a few things I wanted in place and hopefully the story should schmoove a little bit better from here on out
That's fair; people have different definitions of "bad end". I was going for "anything that leaves the reader with a sour taste in their mouth". I can't say if this story will meet either of our "bad end" definitions yet, although I do admit there are some convincing arguments out there about Rainy not making it.
Sneaky buggo gonna steal Tia's prey.
File: 2379435 cropped.png (890 KB, 937x1228)
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890 KB PNG
Shes gonna steal Tia too
But thats gonna take longer
File: 2697551.png (3.81 MB, 2500x1800)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB PNG
dumping unwanted ponies in the middle of the road far away from the nearest settlement is a bad thing
Tis a sad update. I really wish to see things go well for them.
Poner is probably not going to be sad about that but happy to get away.
>Someone ditch a pony
How fucking bad should be a pony to be dumped? At this point the unique ones that would take her would be a brothel or a forced labor camp.
>Assuming its the pony's fault
Probably just a shitty owner that dumped her off cause she was too expensive to upkeep or they got bored of the pony
File: 6249330.jpg (111 KB, 1280x700)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Poner takes someone else for walkies
Poner does not enjoy the experience
Would take abandoned poner and gently hold her in a warm blanket.
Considering some people dump their own children, not that bad.
File: 1538674094500.png (699 KB, 1089x1089)
699 KB
699 KB PNG
Poor Celly
It was probably the second before the first.
Probably because the bat pone can't see shit outside in the sun.
File: 111846228.jpg (405 KB, 4096x1856)
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405 KB JPG
>making your pony do the viral trend of the week to farm sweet, sweet upvotes
File: 1540776313322.jpg (70 KB, 720x602)
70 KB
it's amazing. every time i think zoomers have hit bottom and can't make me loathe their existence further they go and do shit like this
File: 1647870.png (286 KB, 1000x1000)
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286 KB PNG
The jacko pose is really tame.
You remember when they were eating tide pods?
Pony was worried, but you decided to make her cosplay instead.
You want those upvotes, but the only one that really matters is your pony's upvote.
File: 111967656823989.png (1.17 MB, 1440x1787)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
File: princess of burgers.png (1.16 MB, 2561x2617)
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1.16 MB PNG
Some ponies adapt to a human diet more easily than others.
I want to pinch the belly
File: 1952633.jpg (271 KB, 1638x1638)
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271 KB JPG
Poni works hard to make master's life easier
Poni is a good girl!
That is a Goddamn adorable Coco and I need to hold her gently in my arms.
File: 1603773537409.jpg (249 KB, 1202x2399)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
>Pony has bad diet
>Pony gets fat
>Have to help pony get fit
>Accidentally get fit as well
Thank you tubby pony!
File: 1629092570108.jpg (103 KB, 854x599)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Poni only gets fit enough to stay healthy, but keeps a soft pudge
Master gets rigorous exercise every night and gets health anyway
Icecream everyday
File: 925490.png (70 KB, 730x700)
70 KB
Poni belli is soft, squishy, and made for touching
File: 1840565.png (1.64 MB, 3000x3000)
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1.64 MB PNG
It is time
For brushies
i wanna brush a pone
monkey brain goes brrrr
File: 1591694086588.jpg (414 KB, 1865x2048)
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414 KB JPG
They know what they've got.
They know how to get what they want.
Stay hydrated.
File: 1613359952435.gif (309 KB, 506x506)
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309 KB GIF
tricksy little buggitses

Is this the place where I can apply for a refund on my pony? She destroyed my computer because I didn't cuddle her enough and I have no idea how to train her. I am currently hiding in the closet so help fast please I think she can smell me
>She destroyed my computer because I didn't cuddle her enough
you have noone to blame but yourself
No refunds. Try selling it to your local equine aggregator. They'll gouge you a bit for taking in a recent sale, but at least you'll get something.
File: 1089378.png (22 KB, 1000x764)
22 KB
Is gilda anon dead?
So far we did not had any Gilda stories finished. Also isn't the one you thinking of moved to SiM? There are no updates there either but IIRC the last update to it was only posted to SiM.
File: 2573715.jpg (541 KB, 1200x759)
541 KB
541 KB JPG
She has to start taking this seriously if she wants to keep her cuddlehuman.

> The night started out pretty badly for Mayor Mare and Rainy day. After their feeding, Intor brought them right back to their camp, gestured at a patch of grass near her fire, and spoke, but it was too quick for Mayor to pick up anything.
> She didn't need the words to understand what the nomad wanted. The gestures of her paws were surprisingly clear, especially the way she waved up and down, as if patting the air.
> Mayor was proven correct when she sat down and Intor seemed satisfied. She whispered to Rainy Day to do the same and then they watched what the nomad was doing.
> There was no sign of Gol yet. They'd seen her from a distance as she brought the firewood and lit the fire, but then she grabbed a few of the bags from the pile and left once more. Intor didn't seem surprised, so Mayor guessed that the daughter had some further instructions to fulfill.
> Intor kept hold of their lines, but it barely reached the pile of her belongings. It looked a little awkward for her to rummage with one paw only, but she found what she was looking for and came back to the ponies with a new length of rope.
> Almost instantly and entirely without her conscious control Mayor's ears fell as she guessed the nomad's intention. They were to be tied up, fore- and hind leg like their first night to keep them from escaping.
> Mayor was certain she could get out of that, so she forced herself to relax as Intor came and began tugging at the rope around her neck.
> She glanced at Rainy Day, thinking to preemptively warn her to stay calm and quiet, but the other mare didn't look afraid. They shared a glance and Rainy Day lifted an eyebrow, to which Mayor gave a single nod.
> They understood each other: no fuss, no drawing attention. Their escape was still on. If there weren't a nervous twitch in Rainy Day's ears, Mayor would have thought her friend completely unfazed. It was still excellent self-control, especially considering her recent episodes.
> The loop around her neck fell away and for a brief moment Mayor Mare felt free. She hadn't even realized just how much of a weight that crude collar had been. She took a deep breath, but the sensation didn't last because Intor tied the new rope just under her jawline.
> It was tighter than the last one, but aside from a little discomfort it didn't interfere with her breathing, so Mayor just bore it as stoically as she could. She watched the old nomad, wondering how she'll tell her to roll on her back.
> Will had simply yanked her legs from under her, but his mother was more considerate.
> The exclamation escaped Mayor when Intor simply stood up and went over to Rainy Day. She had been expecting a prod to her side, or some words and gestures, so the nomad doing none of that came as a bit of a shock.

> She watched closely as Intor repeated the procedure on her friend. She untied her rope and replaced it with a new one, looped higher on her neck and tighter than before. Then she inspected Rainy Day's wing, pulling it open a little and feeling the break, both of which made the mare whimper.
> It didn't seem too bad, but the nomad pursed her lips and frowned a little at what she found. When she let the limb go, she murmured something soft and almost gentle, and patted Rainy Day on the head.
> Affectionately, Mayor was surprised to note!
> Then Intor went back to where she had prepared the simple cots for herself and her two children, and sat down beside the fire. Both ponies watched her in confusion.
> "So," Rainy Day said at last, quietly enough to keep Intor from hearing it, "she's not going to tie us up? I thought she would."
"Yeah, me too. I hope she doesn't plan on watching us all night."
> Unfortunately it looked like that was exactly Intor's intention. She stirred the fire, rummaged among her sacks and bundles until she found a strip of meat, then began industriously chewing it while keeping her eyes one the ponies.
> Mayor tried giving her a smile, one of her most reassuring, but the nomad didn't even react to it.
"She has to sleep sometime!" she murmured.
> They watched each other for a bit longer, then Mayor Mare made a decision.
"I'm going to do it. Maybe she'll move us further away."
> "What?" Rainy Day was confused for a moment, then she remembered their earlier conversation. "Oh. Really? Right here, in front of everypony?"
> It wasn't a pleasant thought and Mayor already felt her muzzle heating up with embarrassment, but she was determined to get away and if this was what it took, it would be a small price to pay.
"Needs must. Can you go too?"
> Rainy Day's gaze glassed over for a moment as she focused inward, then her ears folded down and she shook her head. "No. At least not, um that. I- I think I can pee."
"Good enough. Get up."
> They both climbed to their hooves and Intor stopped eating. She quickly put her strip of meat back in the pile and braced her forepaw on the ground. She looked ready to spring if they tried anything.
> It went against everything Mayor had been taught, and against her instincts, but she turned around so she was facing away from the nomad. Then she concentrated and lifted her tail.
> Maybe it was easier not looking at Intor's face. Beside her, Rainy Day took a breath, held it as she focused, then let it out in a rush along with a stream of liquid.
> Both of them avoided each other's eye, even after it was done.

> Mayor wished she had a means of wiping, but there was nothing around except for grass, which would just mean her hoof got dirty. She was almost painfully aware of the slight dampness under her tail as she lowered it back down.
> Needs must.
> They turned back slowly, muzzles burning in shame.
> "What the-?" Rainy Day began, then growled in annoyance. "These people are crazy!"
> Intor was still watching them intently and it looked like she hadn't even glanced away while they were doing their business. She also had her strip of meat once again and was chewing once more.
"Buck me..."
> Rainy Day shuffled away from the damp patch of grass. Luckily the rope was long enough for that. "What now?"
> Mayor couldn't think for a moment. She couldn't come up with a good plan. Rainy Day was right, the nomads were either insane, or completely shameless.
"I- uh, M-Maybe we just wait. She'll have to sleep sometime."
> "And if not?"
"We lure her here and I'll buck her. We're getting out tonight, no matter what!"
> That statement brought a grim, but determined smile to Rainy Day's muzzle. She gave Mayor a nod and settled down on a dry patch of grass, as far away from their 'business' as the rope would allow.
> Intor didn't seem to mind them moving further away, so Mayor joined her. Her own rope was slightly longer, but she laid down next to Rainy Day's good wing and leaned against her friend to share some body warmth.
> The night didn't feel quite as freezing cold as the previous one, but this time they weren't wet which probably helped.
> Mayor glanced at the sky, where the first stars were just starting to poke through. The sun had set and most of the light now came from nomads' fires.
> They unconsciously shuffled a little closer to each other and settled down to wait.

> ~~~~

> About an hour later, as near as Mayor could judge, Gol came back from wherever she had been sent, apparently struggling with carrying her burden. She had what Mayor had thought were sacks, tied up in pairs and slung over her shoulders and back.
> Now that she was closer, she could see how the things bulged and hear the sloshing of liquid inside.
> Gol had been sent to fetch water and the realization reminded Mayor of how thirsty she was after the day's walk. Their fresh grass meal had helped a little, but she still looked at the water sacks longingly and licked her lips.
> The sound of dribbling and Intor loudly swallowing just served to exacerbate the problem and Mayor was seriously considering approaching them and asking for some water.
> She was about to do it, but after the older female had had her fill she gestured to the mares and her daughter came over. It wasn't hard to guess, she was to water the ponies.
> "Thank Celestia," Rainy Day murmured.

> Gol approached them with a sewn-together skin, bulging with water and Mayor mentally prepared herself for the meat stink. It was just water, she reminded herself.
> The young nomad grabbed the sack under her forearm and tilted it forward. The water splashed into her cupped forepaw, which she held steady just in front of Mayor's muzzle.
> She quickly understood. It felt a bit strange and gross to lap up water from a nomad's paw like that, but Mayor was too thirsty to give it much thought.
> Gol's skin was a bit salty, but the water quickly washed that away. It stank of death from the sack, but it wasn't that powerful and she could ignore it.
> Some of the water escaped, but Mayor Mare did her best to lap up all of it, knowing that Gol must have walked quite far to get it judging by how long she was gone.
> At one point she looked up and saw that the young nomad was smiling in a mixture of excitement and pride at the way she was providing for her 'pets'. It caused Mayor to stop in embarrassment for a moment, but the water running down her chin and neck reminded her and she quickly licked Gol's paw once again.
> Soon she was done and moved her muzzle away, which the young nomad understood and stopped pouring. She went over to Rainy Day next.
"It's okay. Her forepaw is clean- well, now it is, at any rate. The bag stinks a little, but the water is good," she reassured her friend.
> Rainy Day didn't lose any time and put her muzzle in Gol's palm even before she began pouring. Mayor did her best to ignore the lapping and slurping sound, which seemed to go on and on forever.
> The dribble of water finally stopped, but the other mare kept licking Gol's forepaw to get the last drops.
> When Mayor looked, she saw that the skin was empty.
"Was it enough? We can try and ask them for more."
> Rainy Day shook her head. "It's okay. I'm good. We'll drink on the way home anyway."
> The young nomad reached down to pat Rainy Day's head, then moved her paw around to scratch her chin. She murmured something and smiled, then went back to sit beside her mother.
> Intor gave a satisfied nod and spoke. Mayor caught 'us' - water, and 'kevtekh' - lie down, but the rest was unknown to her. She watched as the younger nomad grabbed a full skin and drank from it, then went to one of the other cots and lay down.
> She wrapped herself up in a bundle of animal skins and rested her head on her foreleg. She stared at the fire and at the ponies, but eventually her eyes began to droop and Mayor knew she would fall asleep soon.
> On the other side Intor took a stick and poked at the embers before tossing a few more pieces of wood in. She was sitting and it looked like she intended to keep it up.

> Mayor Mare gave herself about two hours to see if Intor would nod off, otherwise she'd start working on a plan to knock her out.
> She could slowly sidle up to the female, perhaps pretending to be a pet who wants some scratches. Then, once she was close enough-
> Whatever it took.
"You try and get some sleep. I'll stay up and wake you when it's time," she told Rainy Day.

> ~~~~

> Mayor Mare was having some trouble staying awake. The nomad camp was quiet and Intor's fire kept away the worst of the chill. She was almost comfortable on a patch of lush grass, pressed against Rainy Day.
> The work of the past few days was catching up to her and her eyelids threatened to close. More than once her head nodded and Mayor jerked awake with a start.
> If Intor was wondering why the mare refused to sleep, she didn't show it. The nomad herself didn't have any such issues. She had things to do with her claws which kept her occupied and wakeful.
> For a while Mayor watched her weave some kind of long plant stems into the crude rope the nomads used. Even with her blurry visions she could see how delicate and precise the movements of her claws were. The weaving was surely as intricate as only the best unicorns could manage and watching her work was almost hypnotic.
> Eventually she had to look away and Mayor transferred her gaze to Gol, who was fast asleep. She flicked her eyes between mother and daughter and thought she could see some resemblance there. It proved that they really were related and that nomad genetics worked pretty much like pony ones, at least superficially.
> The young female was lying on her side and her mouth was slightly parted. She was resting her head on her foreleg and used her other paw to hold her skin blanket closed around her neck.
> Here and there Mayor thought Gol's eyes were moving, but she decided it was just the dancing shadows from the flickering firelight. She wasn't close enough to confirm either way without her glasses.
> Eventually Mayor was having real trouble keeping her eyelids open and her head up. She was about to wake up Rainy Day when she heard a rustle to one side. Her ears focused on the spot and she tried to see, but she'd been looking at the fire and her eyes weren't adapted for the dark.
> Intor looked up with a small start as Willow came to the campsite. He looked slick with sweat and if Mayor was any judge of nomad facial expressions yet, pleased with himself.
> He and his mother held a whispered conversation, which sounded as if it was getting heated until Intor pointed at Gol and hissed something which sounded final.

> The hunter turned around to look at the ponies, but his eyes held almost none of his earlier hostility. Mayor returned his gaze calmly, hoping he wouldn't try to take out his grievances of the day on them.
> Intor stood up and untied their ropes from her foreleg in the meantime. She murmured something else to her son and passed the lines to him. He shrugged and nodded, accepting the duty so his mother could sleep.
> Mayor held her breath, almost not daring to hope. If one of the nomads was going to get a buck to the head, she'd much prefer to do it to him.
> Yes! Intor went around the firepit and paused to drop a few more branches in it before taking the cot next to her daughter's. She was soon bundled up, but Mayor noticed the old nomad slept facing away from the fire.
> Maybe she liked her back warm.
> Willow sat down in the same place his mother had been and stared at the fire. It didn't look like he would do anything else, which gave Mayor hope that he might nod off.
> Her own heart was beating faster in excitement and all traces of sleep were gone from her mind. He was exactly the person who overestimated his abilities. Intor had known she had to keep busy to stay awake, but Willow apparently thought he could do it through will alone.
> He glanced at the mares every now and then, but dismissed them as unimportant. He hadn't even tied their ropes around his foreleg like his mother had done. He'd just draped them across his lap.
> As Mayor watched what he would do, the young hunter returned his gaze to the fire and his his face relaxed in an inward smile.
> It was confusing, until she saw him slide his paw down his belly and under his animal skin clothes. He let out a sigh and closed his eyes, even as his grin widened.
> Suddenly it clicked. He'd gone away in the evening and came back late, sweaty, but pleased with himself. Now he was remembering something and smiling to himself, even as he touched down between his legs.
> He had a special nomad out there, one he'd visited that night.
> Mayor smiled to herself, not because it sounded cute, but because she knew stallions tended to get extra sleepy after sex. Having him watch them was the best possible outcome!
> She didn't have to wait long before Willow began yawning and stretching. He shifted his position every few minutes, but his eyes kept closing and he had to shake his head each time to wake himself up.
> It wouldn't be long now. Her own tiredness had washed away with the expectation and Mayor was fully alert and focused on the nomad. She didn't doubt it; he would fall asleep any moment now.

> Willow managed to stave off unconsciousness for a few more minutes when he got up to feed the fire again, but then he had nothing more to do. He glanced at the ponies a few more times, but they hadn't moved so he looked back in the fire.
> Not long after that he yawned, stretched and lay down on his cot.
> This was it!
> The young dummy still hadn't tied the ropes to his limb, but kept them in his forepaw, pressed to his chest! It wouldn't have made a difference anyway. He still underestimated their intelligence, which would give them the opportunity.
> Mayor Mare almost couldn't believe her luck. She watched Willow closely, until his breathing was nice and regular. He was probably already out, but she decided to wait a little longer just in case.
> Her patience was rewarded when the hunter stirred a few minutes later and his foreleg shot out, seeking. He found a bundle of skins and pulled them over himself to ward off the chill in the air.
> Mayor couldn't help grinning to herself. It really was that easy!
> She waited another fifteen minutes, as best as she could judge, but their little camp was completely still and quiet, other than occasional soft snoring from Willow.
> It was time.
> A quick nuzzle woke up her friend, who lifted up her head and stared at the fire in confusion for a while. She had to blink her eyes a few times, then she sought out what had woken her up.
> "Mayor?"
"It's time. They're all asleep."
> The other mare stiffened for a moment, then nodded. "I understand. What do we do?"
> Mayor examined the ropes leading from them and under Willow's blanket. He was probably holding them, even in his sleep. She didn't dare risk tugging them.
"Hold on."
> She rose smoothly to her hooves and came a bit closer to give the line enough slack. Then she stepped on it, so it wouldn't move and alert the young hunter. She examined the crude rope and saw it was exactly like the one Intor had been weaving earlier. Dried plant fibers, probably flax or some local equivalent.
> It would prove no difficulty. Mayor took the rope in her mouth and simply bit through it. Earth pony strength came to her aid.
> Her teeth ached after that, but she ignored the discomfort and looked for Rainy Day's line as well. Another quick bite and that was also severed.
"There. Quietly, now," she whispered.
> They moved their hooves cautiously and kept to the thickest grass. There was slight rustling as they walked, but it was lost in the background noise of the night.
> At first Mayor kept a close eye on the fire and the nomads around it, but soon her blurry vision betrayed them.
"Rainy Day? Look back. Watch them. Let me know if they move, okay? I can't see without my glasses."
> "On it!"

> They kept moving, away from the pinpricks of light which was the main nomad camp. Mayor kept her ears focused to catch any noise, any movement. Maybe the nomads had posted guards, she reasoned.
> There was a place where they had to pass between two nearby fires, but they were down to mere embers and didn't cast too much light. Mayor still stopped them and listened.
> She caught an occasional snore, or a sigh, but nothing which would tell her if some of the nomads were sitting awake and watching the night.
"Rainy? This way- do you see any of them awake?"
> She tapped her friend with a hoof, then gently nuzzled her head in the right direction. She had to wait while Rainy Day observed.
> "Hmm..."
> Rainy Day sounded worried. "I see five of them asleep around the fires, but there's one empty cot.
"Buck. They probably have guards. Do you see anyone walking around?"
> More silence, then Mayor felt her friend shake her head. "Sorry."
"Okay, quietly. Nice and easy. Keep your ears open."
> The crept forward, staying as far from both fires as possible, painfully aware that they were visible to anyone with good eyesight. Mayor didn't like the feeling of being that exposed so she hastened her steps, even if it made slightly more noise.
> After a few steps, Rainy Day caught up beside her, but she didn't comment on the change of speed.
> They hurried away from the camps, grateful for the deeper shadows out there.
> "Hold!" Rainy Day hissed and pressed her head against Mayor's side. They both froze and held their breath to hear better.
> Mayor felt her friend nuzzle her and turn her in a specific direction. "There," she said in a whisper right into her ear.
> There it was. Footsteps in the grass. As she continued to listen, Mayor was sure she heard breathing.
"Is it coming this way?"
> Rainy Day wrapped a wing around her, probably to keep her still. "No, stay here. It will pass in front of us."
> They tracked the progress of the nomad as he slowly circled the camp. It was probably a he, Mayor thought. She'd noticed that most of the hunting and fighting was done by the males in the camp, while the females cooked and cared for the children.
> The footsteps receded into the night and the mares allowed themselves to breathe a bit more deeply once again. Mayor lifted a hoof, but the wing around her tightened. "Not yet," Rainy Day warned.
> Mayor obediently froze in place and kept listening for the guard. Once again Rainy Day nuzzled her head, but this time she turned her back to the camp. "There. See?"
"Sorry, I don- oh."
> It was still a blur, but Mayor saw the blob of shadow moving. The guard was going back to the campfires, probably to check if everything was okay. A terrifying thought occurred to her.
"He might notice us gone!"
> "Okay, let's go!"

> The two hurried as best they could in the dark without making noise. Their hoofsteps were muffled by the grass, but there was still an occasional stone they hit with a dull clop.
> She kept glancing back, but the nomad camp was receding into the darkness, the dim fires merging into a faint patch of light.
> The night was extremely dark and there was no moon to be seen. Mayor nearly stumbled a step in shock.
> Moon? Did this world have a moon as well? She searched her memories, but couldn't really recall. She hadn't been paying attention.
"Rainy Day? Did this world have a moon?"
> There was silence for a few hoofsteps, then her friend answered: "I think it does. I saw it the other day. I think I did, at least."
"Piece of luck it's not up yet. I wonder who raises it here. I guess they aren't as diligent as Luna?"
> "Probably. You're right, it's lucky."
> The stars alone gave off hardly any light, but now they were away from the firelight, Mayor found her eyes adapting some more. She began to see the general shape of the land. It was mostly flat, but she thought she detected some hills in the distance in front of them.
"Are we going the right way?"
> Rainy Day slowed down and stopped so she could look around. "I- I think so. Hold on."
> Mayor sat on her haunches to rest for a moment while her friend twirled in place. She even rose up on her hind hooves, using her good wing for balance, to get a better vantage point.
"Need me to lift you up?"
> "No, it's fine. Yes, I see the trail. It's this way."
> As far as Mayor was aware, this world didn't have roads, not even dirt ones. She didn't remember anything like that from their walk earlier on the day.
> "Trampled grass, mostly. It's a bit messy, but most of them walked in a clump. That leaves a trail."
> It made sense and once again Mayor had to marvel at pegasi eyes. Even were her own eyesight perfect, she probably wouldn't be able to spot something like that in the night.
"Ah. Okay, lead the way."
> So far Rainy Day was doing well. She had rested and seemed perfectly fine. Mayor remained hopeful her strength would last until the morning, or at least until they found some kind of shelter.
> She followed the swift pegasus and soon they came upon the wide track left after the nomads' passage. Up close she could see it too, a swathe of land trampled by the passage of many feet and hooves.
> This close she could smell the lingering stink of unwashed bodies and animal hides.
> "This way," Rainy Day said and headed off. "We have to make it to one of those forests."
> Maybe the moon would yet make an appearance, once its keeper realized it wasn't up? Mayor was grateful for its lack earlier, which aided their escape, but now it would be useful to help them see.
> She didn't mind too much. They'd had a series of incredible luck that night.
> The important thing was that they were free. They still had the loops of rope around their necks, but those could wait until they stopped for rest.
> They were out of the nomads' captivity and running for home!

Weird, that last bit of pasting was odd so I deleted and reposted the last bit. Anyway, they did escape, and you didn't believe me it would happen! So There!
Paste: https://ponepaste.org/5389
>grabbed a few of the bags from the pile and left once more
>new length of rope
>Mayor's ears fell
This one won't be that stupid to tie them to basically nothing. She knows they are smart.
>They were to be tied up
Hopefully not.
>made the mare whimper
I don't know who are you torturing at this point. Rainy Day or us.
>I thought she would.
Me too. But I guess she knows that if they want to bolt then they have to drag the rope after themselves and that makes an easy target. Someone just steps on it and immediately the loop around their neck tightens.
>She has to sleep sometime!
Until she does not see the ponies asleep, she won't sleep either.
>not looking at Intor's face
Dunno which is worse. Looking at they pooping or smirking with a "job well done" expression.
>"These people are crazy!"
Heh. As I said earlier horse pee was used as a sanitizer for some reason IIRC...
>water the ponies
Or they won't grow nice and strong!
>splashed into her cupped forepaw
Umm dunno, seems stupid. A pony/horse drinks much much more than that.
>judging by how long she was gone
Or she just had to search for it.
>well, now it is
>rested her head on her foreleg
That will be useful. Intor will have to decide to either wake her up or let the ponies walk a few steps further and further.
>I'll stay up and wake you when it's time
How well did this worked last time?
>passed the lines to him
Hopefully he's not that smart to tie the ropes to himself or something. If he does then the fire will be useful.
>He had a special nomad out there, one he'd visited that night.
Heh. Or they just fuck whoever bends the lowest.
>but she decided to wait a little longer just in case
Hopefully not just a little.
>simply bit through it
I was expecting her to toss it into the fire.
>but there's one empty cot
Smart girl.
>It will pass in front of us.
Or they can just pretend to be tied up and asleep.
>That leaves a trail.
I'm cheering for them to escape. Or at least Rainy Day escaping.
>They were out of the nomads' captivity and running for home!
Yay! They will have to get as far away as possible until first light. Hopefully the nomads are not good at tracking them down. But I guess its inevitable, they left a lot of hoof prints when they escaped then it just joins the trail. Sooner than later they will have to leave the trail, and jump into the river or something to mask their trail. Other option is that they can't stop. Or walk backwards for a while?

Thanks for the update!
File: apple loaf.png (1.4 MB, 3070x2362)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
Bedfilly has grown up into a fine young poner and has completed her bedmare training course.
And now, she's ready to be bread
whats up with the Luna story?
> More Gilda
> More Space!Luna
> More Bakery Slaves
> More everything
I'd say more STCT but he actually posted lately, so he gets off the hook.
Witch one?
File: 1631459929246.png (77 KB, 250x250)
77 KB
File: 1627848974957.jpg (111 KB, 540x763)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
This >>37414028 one
File: 118654323335.png (1.24 MB, 3555x2873)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
File: cookie.jpg (104 KB, 740x1024)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Good poner gets snackies
>> More Gilda
File: 81Z4pAcPcnL.jpg (368 KB, 1991x2560)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
Community colleges start offering classes on human-pony cooperation in the workplace.
Do you sign up?
depends. if they're offering pegasus courses i'd sign up in a heartbeat because cloud manipulation is cool
earth pony is ok and might be useful with artisan projects
unicorns i'd stay the hell away from because they always seem to be able to slip a cantrip or two past their inhibitors
File: 11854344547.png (323 KB, 2119x2327)
323 KB
323 KB PNG
File: Bedfilly want a master.png (670 KB, 1200x1200)
670 KB
670 KB PNG
File: 1611836807992.jpg (27 KB, 606x314)
27 KB
Do I sign up for an additional horse mind course you mean?
File: 1615774458961.png (1.3 MB, 2000x1324)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
What sort of plane does Anon pilot in Fire and Sky?
I've been reading the black honey green, and i have to say it is a supremely fucked situation for celestia. Even excluding being a slave, it is still an immensly bad time. Even just trying to try to explain how fucked it is in human terms is hard to capture. Just to preface, I like big bug, but Chrysalis is a terrorist leader. Now being forced to "room" with someone who wants to destroy your entire way of life is gonna be hard, but Celestia isnt some random citizen the terrorist attacked. She is the literally leader of the entire society they want to destroy. The closest i can compare would be being the leader of your country, and your favorite/hometown is attacked by terrorists. Not only that, but you learn that your niece and surrogate daughter/niece-in-law were injured in the attack. As well as your nephew-in-law, was being used by the terrorist group to collect funds and weapons. Out of your family of six, three were harmed. This is all on top of you being directly injured by the terrorist leader as well.
This is so grand an offence that i cant even begin to comprehend explaining this to an alien who knows almost nothing about your origins. Nor would i know how to even begin to write characters with this premise.
In conclusion, its a good green that i am enjoy, but it do make my head hurty. Also did anyone else think about this, or am i being extra autistic today?
They seem to like reforming villans.
Discord, Starlight, Nmm,...
Reading this has given me far to big of an ego boost
I'm happy you're enjoying it

>Nor would i know how to even begin to write characters with this premise.
Here's the secret: Niether do I!
I feel power bottom vibes from her
All the human males belong to the bedfillies
File: 1530154.png (136 KB, 609x697)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
Gathering ideas bump
Still gathering and refining bump
Writing is easy. Writing something good is hard.
I try to aim for sweet and comfy, it's not too difficult and the results are usually pretty good.

I still have that project related to my current green for any interested writefags.
Scoots is a good pony
File: maxresdefault.jpg (51 KB, 1080x720)
51 KB
An old Catalina if I remember right
File: 887235.png (285 KB, 600x900)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
File: mlem ambush.gif (136 KB, 800x505)
136 KB
136 KB GIF
We need more kirin in this thread.
The winter months are approaching and they make good spaceheaters.
No. Pony is for baths and cuddles. And liberatin.
Tummy rubs
>last page
Should we bump it up to wait for writefags to continue or should we do a new thread?
Stall it out. Got another 50 posts so maybe they can fit another short in
For how many days has this thread lasted? I have the feeling this one is lasting way more that usual
File: F&SArt 2.jpg (616 KB, 2732x2048)
616 KB
616 KB JPG
Confirming, in F&S 1 it's meant to be a PBY Catalina.
I liked that story.
I liked it too.

I wish I could bring myself to write more of it.
File: 117862284.jpg (284 KB, 1700x1600)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
I know the feel of that feel. Busy with life for so long that you can't even get into the proper headspace anymore.
It's worth it to keep trying. Maybe one day you'll find it again.
File: 1628764544827.png (2.15 MB, 1780x1234)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB PNG
Remember to reward your mare with field trips and affection and not just spanking!
File: 1613548003318.png (1.81 MB, 3000x2000)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
Must rub that belly
Yeah i think its time for new thread unless a writefag says they are alive to post today.
OHHH SHIT. This cannot end well... I'm so scared for Rainy Day, especially. I'm afraid she's gonna injure her poor wing in the escape and they'll do something awful to her...

Also cracked up at the "doing your business" scene... I doubt that little fiasco is gonna make the humans any more likely to view them as more than animals, too. Good thing the poners are escaping!
>making a new thread with nothing in it close to the G5 premiere
Nah dude, that would kill this general. If we gonna to be a bumpfest better be one with an already used thread than a new one
File: 1628984605999.jpg (604 KB, 1024x1024)
604 KB
604 KB JPG
Lazy horse
File: 6234821.png (57 KB, 524x419)
57 KB
Pet the guard
File: 1622186844772.png (1.01 MB, 1331x1931)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
and i'm a lazy master
she's perfect i'll take her
does she come with a grooming kit or do i have to get that myself?
>"Oh no, he's a good hugger"
>"Equestria is doomed"
>Buy pony
>Big ol' lazy pony
>She takes up your entire couch
>But that's okay, because she also doesn't mind if you take the rest of the couch while she's on it.
i will, good poners deserve good pets
File: 2232534.png (1.39 MB, 2649x2162)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
Thats actually a pretty good point.
Forget what i said.
File: 11734234.jpg (99 KB, 630x484)
99 KB
Sometimes we just can't, don't beat yourself up.
File: Rarity butt up.png (1.14 MB, 2564x2653)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
dammit vega
File: 1365184.png (2.18 MB, 2250x2520)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB PNG
Board's busy being disappointed by G5, I guess. Pity we can't enslave the execs and force them to make an actually good series.
kys boomer
>responding to a week old post
am I being baited?
This is the only major pony forum that isn't having g5 leak stuff getting voluntarily taken down by its staff. We're the only one not in Hasbro's pocket.
There's all sorts of folks showing up, some new, some returning.
I can only presume that's also why thread is so dead. People are off ranting over G5 stuff.
Better than the alternative
>page 10
Time to activate M A X I M U M DUMP
By I only have like 200 words...
>But as you drift away, you can’t help but picture Celestia cooking something for you.
>Her horn blazing purple as pots and pans fly around the kitchen.
>horn blazing purple
She cooks so fast that the red shift occurs
How to get more writing done? Set a shedule?
That does help, but sometimes even with a schedule I just can't find my muse and its just time wasted. If you get stuck like that, find some random image and start writing a single post oneshot about it. Sometimes that can get the gears turning.
File: 1632146465077.png (2.6 MB, 1089x833)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB PNG
I've had good results by using the "2 minute rule". Basically, when you have time to do an activity and can't get motivated, just go do it for 2 minutes and then you can stop. It's a small enough commitment that it's easier to do it. Often you then kinda 'fall' into the process and do more, but even if you don't, your story now has two or three sentences it didn't have before.
File: 1545932855649.png (257 KB, 420x530)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
Beware the pegamares
Is sunny gonna have to make sure her humie knows who the boss is?
Or is buggy gonna get her butt touched?
I already opened it. All I found was this ride and I'm unable to hop off.
New thread soon.
Slave Pony Archivist, get your shit together and finally fix the all stories list.
I'll create the new thread in ~1h.
Bad pony!
Vega when
At least give an explanation fagtron. Or are you from then new bunch or jannies? Power feels good isnt it?
>broken horn
i think /SiM/ is more your speed
Slave fillies aren't for sexual

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