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Previous thread: >>37125258
Archive Link:
- https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/37125258

>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies getting bathed and pet.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.

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File: 1545527460643.jpg (266 KB, 1267x1431)
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266 KB JPG
p0ny needs a bath
I want to _ be _ a slavepony.
Be my slave pony
You WILL play Minecraft
You WILL play with Me
File: 1635253.jpg (92 KB, 900x754)
92 KB
This is actually kind of satisfying to look at and think about.
File: 1182434237.png (728 KB, 750x750)
728 KB
728 KB PNG
I do like that this thread is 70% giving ponies a bath, but unfortunately all the bins are kill for the foreseeable future.
Monkey brain like brushie brushie pretty pony
Scrub a dub dub tiny horse in a tub.
This is like an ASMR video with those skritchy scratchy sounds.
"hey Twilight can you get me some more water"
>"I don't feel like it"
"Excuse me?"
>She looks a bit afraid
"*Sigh* ok I'm sorry I don't mean it like that"
>"It's ok Anon you know I'm always here for you"
"Then why not get me water?"
>She states are you blankly
>"You know why"
"The magic thing not working? Use your mouth"
>"No it's not that, Anon you know why and you know why you shouldn't ask"
"Twilight c'mon I'm thirsty it's just water"
>"Anon you don't want to do this again, I know you understand"
"Damn it twilight get me the water! It's not funny"
>"I'm sorry Anon.. but I can't"
>"You don't want to know even though you know"
"The fuck does that mean"
>"First, be nice and second.. you don't want to keep going on with this"
"You do nothing but sit there all day just get me the fucking water you out purple horse!"
>"Anon, I can't.. I'm not real"
"What do you mean you're.. not.."
>You are staring at the corner of the room
>Empty never touched dog bed you bought
>Ponies aren't real
>You're real Anon
>You are alone
>You go back to looking at your screen
>Don't cry Anon. You may be alone.. but ponies real or not are always there. You just have to believe
I really hope this one is a mare
Uh, I have good news and bad news...
Wow anon, you really dont ask much of your ponies for all you will be doing for them.
That's very kind.
Deep. like it!
Im sad now
damn, this hit harder than I imagined
File: 1541613515283.png (260 KB, 455x570)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
You mean like Anonpone. If that's the case, what kinda slave would you be? Would you do hard labor, be a butler and clean up masters house, or would a desperate femanon buy you to use you as a sex slave?
File: 1616200578046.jpg (541 KB, 1200x759)
541 KB
541 KB JPG
mandatory slaveuniforms
File: 11863443445.jpg (128 KB, 728x495)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
>the last few threads
Sunnybuns a good horse
Well... with a chastity cage he can be good like a bedmare, even with the lack of one hole
>If that's the case, what kinda slave would you be?
Wouldn't be my place to say, I'd just want a fair and loving master who properly cares for me. If they were a proper master they would leave me wanting for little and they would have my gratitude for that, so I'd do what was asked of me and be glad to know I could repay them like that. I suppose I'd like something cushy, being a butler or intimate companion for my master would be nice for me and let me demonstrate my gratitude for their kindness.
File: smooshies.png (520 KB, 1280x1383)
520 KB
520 KB PNG
Yes she is! Yes indeed she is!
Coffee Cream is a cute stallion.
File: 1481159947693.gif (2.75 MB, 2000x2000)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB GIF
Too tired to write. Send help.
File: 1172332488345.png (425 KB, 2549x3300)
425 KB
425 KB PNG
What you need is a pony assistant.
And I will make them cuddle me as I sleep. They may be crushed by me rolling over
If pony could just do simple chores like take care of buying/making food and a little cleaning so that I can focus on work/writing. 2h of work per day tops.
>not wanting your good boy penis bouncing while you pound his ponut and stimulate his prostate
Come on, nothing better than a good boy that can only get erected while he's being penetrated

> It was late in the night and Mayor was beginning to flag. Her legs felt like they were made of lead and for the past half-hour she had let her head hang, not much interested in her surroundings.
> Her mouth was as dry as Saddle Arabia and her tongue felt like sandpaper. She feared if her captors didn't give her some water soon she would collapse.
> There was a tug of tension on the rope around her neck, but it wasn't coming from Willow. Mayor Mare looked behind and slowed her steps to wait for Rainy Day.
> The other pony was standing still and looked about ready to fall over. How much further were these creatures going to drag them? A quick glance ahead showed Mayor that her captors hadn't noticed that she'd stopped.
> There was still a bit of slack in the rope, but pretty soon Willow was going to yank on that damned thing again. Already her neck was chafed and the loop of string felt like it was cutting off her breathing.
"Come... on," she gasped to Rainy Day. "Just a little further."
> The pegasus shook her head, but didn't want to spare any air for answering. She stood on trembling legs, her nose very nearly resting on the ground. Her breathing was labored and droplets of foam were dripping from her open mouth as she panted.
"Come on, just a few more steps and then we'll be on the top of the hill. It's nice and downward from here on."
> This time there was no response.
> Mayor felt a tug at the rope and she glanced back up to see Willow looking back at them. He jerked on his end of the string as she watched, a wordless command to follow.
> She wasn't going to leave her friend behind. A few hours ago she would have offered to carry the other mare, but that was no longer a possibility. Mayor wasn't entirely confident her legs could hold her own weight, let alone that of Rainy Day.
> There was only one thing she could do, however detestable. She grabbed a bit of rope in her teeth and pulled. The sudden jerk made Rainy Day stumble and look up in surprise.
"I won't ask you again! Keep moving!"
> It was too dark to see faces, but Mayor didn't need light to perceive the hurt in Rainy Day's eyes. It went straight to her heart, but she didn't have any choice.
> She had thought she was completely numb, but there were still a few fresh tears which ran down her cheeks like twin lines of fire.
"Move it!"
> Her voice was harsher than she had expected, but it did the trick. Rainy Day lowered her head again and took a tentative step, followed by another.
> Shortly she was caught up, but didn't look at Mayor Mare.

> The important thing was that she was moving and Mayor fell in step with her. That placated Willow and he turned back to look over the hilltop. At least he wasn't immediately moving away, Mayor found a bit of gratitude in her heart for that.
> She hadn't understood any more of their captors' language, but she thought he had been telling the others to slow down through the afternoon. Without that, perhaps, the ponies would have proven too much of a burden to the older hunters and who knew what they would have done.
> A few more laborious steps took them to the top of the hill and Mayor glanced over the crest at whatever Willow was looking at. She stumbled and nearly fell before she caught herself.
> There were lights. Campfires, so many of them!
> She could see blurry shapes around the flames and it took only a few seconds to make sense of the scene. It was a large camp of the same creatures that had captured them.
> "It's their nest," Rainy Day said dejectedly. "We're never getting out of there..."
"We'll find a way," Mayor replied, even though she couldn't drum up a lot of conviction for her words.
> "Yavak!" Willow barked in what sounded like a command, which he accompanied by a slap across her rump with the rope. The meaning was pretty clear. He wanted them to keep moving.
> Mayor took a deep breath and started walking again. At least she hadn't lied to Rainy Day when she said it would all be downhill.
"Looks like about a mile."
> "Mile and a half," the pegasus corrected. Of course, she had better eyesight and an innate ability to gauge distance.
"We can do it. Then we'll rest."
> Rainy Day snorted and swished her tail, but she didn't voice her thought. Instead the pegasus let her head hang again and began walking. Maybe the end being in sight gave her her second wind. Or third wind.
> Whichever wind it was by that point, Mayor steeled her resolve and followed her friend. A moment later the hunter began moving as well and quickly overtook them. He apparently wanted to be up in front.
> Mayor began to whisper a prayer to Celestia they weren't walking the last stretch to their own cook pots.

> ~~~~

> There was a lot of commotion in the camp when the ponies arrived, mostly from the children who came to point and jabber in their strange language. Many small claws grabbed for Mayor's mane, but Willow slapped them away and led them deeper into the camp.
> It was a small mercy after foalnapping them and dragging them to another world like animals, but Mayor was nevertheless grateful for it.
> Many of the adults also stared, but they seemed to control themselves a little better. A few mothers gathered their children close, or pushed them into a tent.

> Mayor had almost no energy left for curiosity, but she forced herself to look. If they were going to escape, she'd need every detail.
> The people lived in tents made of some thick, brown fabric, held upright by gleaming white wood. It had been polished pretty smooth, but Mayor Mare didn't get more than quick glimpses through tent flaps.
> The whole place stank, that was the most powerful impression. She could identify the same pervading milk and sweat stench from the hunters, but there were also less savory ones. Excrement and urine, but also the smell of rotting meat, wood smoke and a few she couldn't identify.
> Buried underneath it all was the occasional whiff of boiling vegetables, but even those were tainted by the meat smell. It looked as if the people ate stew with dead flesh as an ingredient.
> Any hunger Mayor might have felt from their long walk quickly evaporated and it was all she could do not to heave. There was nothing inside her and her last meal of the few rapidly stripped leaves of that hazelnut branch was long gone. She still felt like throwing up.
> The people themselves were dirty, with grime and mud smeared on their bodies and their animal skin clothing, such as they wore. Most of the children were naked and some of the younger adults were severely under-dressed, especially for the night's chill. Although, they offset that by huddling around the fires or sitting in their tents with the flaps nearly closed.
> Willow and his two captives traversed most of the camp and it looked like all the people lived in this strange squalor. Mayor was glancing around for perhaps a larger tent, or maybe even a building. If she could identify the people's leader - provided they even had one - she could start working on some diplomacy.
> That was her secondary plan if escape proved impossible. The language barrier would make it very unlikely to succeed, but she wasn't about to give up on a task just because it seemed hard.
> She wasn't able to see anyone who might be a leader and another new scent caught her off-guard as she searched.
> Manure! It smelled like a farm, which was a very welcome change from the stench of the hunter-people. There were ponies, or maybe one of the other equestrian races there!
> "Hey! Help! Can you help us! Please!" Rainy Day cried out.
> Her voice caused many of the nearby people to look over in shock and there were signs of agitation.
"Hush!" Mayor hissed.
> She didn't want the mass of hunters to turn on them like they had in the forest. Apparently hearing them talk was causing the people significant distress and they needed some time to get used to the idea.

> Pretty soon she spotted why Rainy Day had yelled, though. There were Equestrians in front of them! Donkeys, but Mayor had never been so glad to see those permanently grumpy faces! They stared at the newcomers with dull, disinterested eyes.
> Something felt wrong and Mayor suddenly didn't want to be there.
> The donkeys were filthy and they stank. They kept staring, but there was no glimmer of recognition, no word of greeting, not so much as a smile or a nod.
> They almost seemed like...
"They're dumb..."
> It was barely a whisper, but enough for Rainy Day to hear and whimper in sudden fear.
> How was it possible? Every creature in Equestria could talk, or at least understand pony speech. These were either completely apathetic, or somehow reduced to even less than animals.
> The herd lost interest in the new arrivals and some of them bent down to try and crop the last bits of grass under their hooves. As Mayor watched she saw one of the jennies casually lift her tail and let out a stream of thick yellow urine.
> It splashed not a hoofstep away from another donkey, but neither of them seemed bothered by that fact.
> As she watched the little scene unfold Willow dragged her past the group. She came within touching distance of a jack and dug her hooves in to stop for a moment.
> She peered into his face from up close, where the lack of glasses didn't impede her vision.
"Can you understand me? Come on, there has to be something left!"
> The eyes that looked back were dim, uncomprehending. Her heart skipped when he opened his mouth, but all that came out was a faint, grass-smelling burp. Then the jack bent down to try and get at some more greenery.
> There was no intelligence there and barely any sentience.
> A slap on her rump brought her out of shock and Mayor stumbled forward. Willow was holding the makeshift rope collar on her neck and dragging her off to a nearby patch of grass.
> She glanced back, wondering why the donkeys haven't moved to eat the fresh grass, but saw that they all had rope around their necks. Tied up like animals and lacking even the intelligence to free themselves from something that simple.
> For a moment all she could feel for those miserable creatures was scorn, but then there was a glimmer of hope. If they tried to do the same to her and Rainy Day, they'd be out before the morning!
> They could sneak away while the people slept. It had looked as if they were heading into their tents and she could hear the voices of the females, presumably calling their children and the males to bed.
> Escape might actually be easy, Mayor thought to herself with renewed hope. She gave a silent thank you to the donkeys.

> Another of the hunters joined Willow in the small grass clearing and she thought she recognized him as one of the pack that had captured her. They exchanged some words and the newcomer lifted up a coil of rope in his claw. He held a misshapen bag in his other, but he simply dropped that on the ground and Mayor paid no more attention to it.
> They really were going to just tie them to something. Mayor nearly laughed with relief.
> Her joy suddenly withered when Willow bent down and grabbed her legs. Before she could really react, he hauled and sent her falling to her side. The sudden move made her squeal in fright and caused Rainy Day to jump sideways in alarm before the other hunter did the same to her.
> "Oof! No! Wait! Don't-"
> Her words were interrupted by a smack, followed by a pained whinny as the fall jolted her injured wing.
> Surely they weren't about to butcher them now?! Mayor scanned their claws, but they didn't have any of those stone knives.
> She thought about struggling, but by then Willow was deftly sitting on her belly and she couldn't get any real purchase on the ground with her hooves. He tried to grab around her fetlocks and she yanked her legs free, but that just resulted in a strong slap to her muzzle.
> "Nam gum!" he growled and lifted up a bunched fist. It was a threat and Mayor forced her limbs to stillness. That allowed the young hunter to grab her fetlocks and bring them together. He began looping the rope around them and suddenly Mayor understood.
> Her heart sank. Of course they had seen she could manipulate rope. They weren't stupid. They were going to tie them up fore- and hind-legs to keep them from escaping.
> Willow pulled the rope tight, then lifted himself and grabbed her hind fetlocks.
> Pretty soon all her limbs were tied together and she could barely move them at all. When the hunter let her go, she flopped to her side, breathing heavily after the ordeal. She saw that Rainy Day was in no better shape. The only small mercy was that she wasn't lying on her injured wing.
> Perhaps the only small mercy was that Willow had untied the rope around her neck. It felt good to be able to breathe normally once again. Beside her, Rainy Day got the exact same treatment.
> They looked at one another in disbelief as the two hunters stood up. The older hunter walked away, but Willow only went a few paces and rummaged in the grass. He lifted up the strange bag from before and approached them once more.
> Mayor watched him with a mixture of pure loathing and fear as he fiddled with the thing in his claws. There was a dribble and she smelled water.
"Wa-" she choked, but her throat was too dry and she coughed.

> The young hunter knelt beside her head and poked his strange bag at her muzzle. She realized with horror that it was just some animal skins, sewn together and filled with water. It stank of death and stale water and mold, and she turned her head away in disgust.
> Willow wouldn't have any of it and his free claw gripped her muzzle. She should have been able to fight him off, even bound as she was, but a day of walking and hunger and thirst had made her weak.
> He tilted his dead bag and a trickle of water splashed into her mouth.
> It was warm and stale, and it stank of old meat, but it was also the most refreshing and delicious thing she had ever tasted. Despite her revulsion, Mayor stopped struggling and opened her mouth wide.
> Swallowing in that position, on her back, was tricky and she drank more air than water, but she persisted. Mayor closed her eyes and gulped as Willow trickled the life-giving fluid into her mouth.
> It stopped too soon and she followed it with her head as he lifted the bag away. She was about to beg for more, but heard the urgent whimpering of Rainy Day and remembered that she wasn't the only pony in distress.
> "Plea-h, water..." the pegasus was mumbling and trying to wiggle closer to them. Luckily Willow went to her and knelt down.
> Rainy Day gagged and Mayor remembered her own reaction.
"It's okay! It stinks, but the water is good!"
> A moment later there came the slurping and swallowing as the hunter watered the other mare. It didn't take long and when he stood up the bag looked empty. He slung it across his shoulder and walked a few paces away while they recovered.
> Mayor wiggled across the grass until she could lean her side against Rainy Day's. Her head was free, but all she could manage was a weak nuzzle.
"You okay?"
> "My wing hurts, but it's not too bad. Uh, thanks for binding it up. I think that helped..."
"I don't know if I set it right. I'm not a doctor. I'm sorry if it never- if you-"
> She couldn't say it out loud, but Rainy Day understood. "It's okay. It's not your fault. I just hope we make it out of this alive."
"We will!"
> Mayor looked around to see if the people were annoyed with them talking, but there was only Willow, sitting on the ground a short distance away and staring at them.
> He was going to watch them to make sure they couldn't free themselves.
> Fresh, hot tears dribbled down Mayor Mare's cheeks as she realized they weren't going to escape, at least not soon. Not until the people grew complacent. Having had that hope snatched away really stung.
> She squeezed her eyes shut and silently promised herself she would never again underestimate these people.
> There was a sniffle and a moment later Rainy Day's whisper: "They aren't coming, are they Mayor?"

> "The Elements. You lied. They'll never find us here."
"They m-might. Pegasi can fly to the Frozen North."
> The other mare just shook her head. "You still don't get it, do you?"
"Get what?!"
> Rainy Day took a deep breath, then turned her head away to look at the stars. "I don't recognize the stars. Not *any* of them, Mayor. When I said we're not in Equestria anymore..."
> Her heart sank as Mayor Mare anticipated her friend's words. Were they even further away from home than she thought? Clear on the other side of the world?
"Princess Luna will-"
> "No. Mayor, we're not in Equestria anymore. We're not even on our world, do you understand?! Whatever this place is, nopony can find us here."
"We'll just have to escape ourselves. Don't give up!"
> Rainy Day didn't say anything, so Mayor sough to give her more hope.
"I kept looking back. I know the way back to that portal or whatever it is. We just have to keep our heads down until they grow bored and complacent, then we'll sneak away and go home, okay? We can do this, just don't give up!"
> There was no reply, but after a few seconds Rainy Day closed her eyes. Mayor did the same. They were both exhausted by the walk and the ordeal. She listened to the noise of the camp around her - people talking, an occasional shout or laughter, or a fart from the nearby donkeys. The crackle of fire.
> It didn't seem as if she would be able to sleep in all the cacophony, but it wasn't long before she drifted off.
> Her last thought was that she would only sleep a few hours. Surely Willow couldn't watch over them the whole night. They might be able to escape if they woke before dawn.

> ~~~~

> Mayor Mare felt incredibly stiff as she was waking up. The air was very cold and her muscles were on fire. She wondered for a moment if she was coming down with a fever or something and tried to find the blanket to wrap herself up more tightly.
> Her legs didn't work, which was the first shock. Straining brought on the ache of muscle fatigue.
> She opened her eyes and let out a small, involuntary groan. Her breath caught when she realized that she was outside and lying on some damp grass.
> "Mayor?" came a voice from beside her.
> Another body was pressed against her side and it felt like the only source of warmth in the entire world.
"So it wasn't a dream?" Mayor asked as memory rushed back.
> Their capture and the forced march to this place. This... not-Equestria. The world of tall, hairless hunters.
> Rather than answering her, Rainy Day just drew in a deep breath and let it slowly out. She didn't have to say anything.
> All her legs were still tied firmly together, but at least the rope hadn't cut off her circulation, Mayor thought. Maybe she could free herself.

> It was near dawn, but the camp was still pretty quiet. As Mayor Mare looked around she spotted a shadowy figure moving around here and there, but Willow was gone and none of the creatures seemed to be watching them.
> Stupid, she thought to herself. Their first night, while the hunters were still wary of them and didn't come close had been the best chance of escape. Maybe she could still make it.
> Some struggling let Mayor flop over, but she couldn't bend enough to reach the rope with her teeth. All four legs tied together was apparently extremely crippling to a pony.
> At least a slightly pudgy, unfit earth pony who spent most of her time in an office.
"Rainy Day, can you get yourself free?"
> "I can't bend!" her friend complained. "My wing hurts if I try."
> Maybe there was another way.
"Can you untie my legs?"
> Mayor wiggled closer and, ignoring the chill dew soaking into her fur, brought the bundle of rope around her ankles close to Rainy Day's face. She waited patiently as the pegasus picked and tugged at her restraint.
> It seemed to go on for a while, then Rainy Day groaned. "It's no use! The rope is too thin and I don't understand this knot. It's too small!"
"Keep trying! We don't have a lot of time!"
> She kept still, even though her legs ached as she held them up in the air so Rainy Day could work. Would they even be able to walk? She glanced around to find a good direction with fewer tents and maybe some cover nearby, but the land was almost perfectly flat and from what she could see Mayor assumed they were in the middle of this makeshift village.
> Any direction would be as bad as the next. They'd just have to sneak out and hope none of the people spotted them. They both had plain colors, so that should help.
> To one side the sky seemed a little lighter and Mayor guessed it was the East with its impending sunrise. How long before it popped up?
> Did this world have a sun princess too? Maybe she looked more like these bipedal creatures.
> "Ugh!" Rainy Day groaned again in frustration.
"Just bite through!"
> "I'm trying!"
> Her bound legs jerked this way and that with more force as Rainy Day tugged and nibbled at the rope. There was a slight pop and some of the pressure around her ankles released.
"Yes! You're doing it!"
> Mayor could move her legs a bit more freely, but she didn't try to rip them free while Rainy Day was still working on the rope. She only needed to weaken the rope enough and Mayor, being an earth pony, would be able to snap it.
> The leverage wasn't quite right and the muscles she could bring into play like this weren't her strongest, but it should still work.
> Perhaps it would have worked, but she spotted a familiar hunter coming their way and her heart sank.

"Stop!" she hissed urgently and pulled away. "Stop! Pretend you're asleep!"
> Maybe they wouldn't notice the bite marks on the rope? They shouldn't have tried this when they knew they didn't have enough time!
> Mayor swore under her breath and flopped over so she could hide her legs beneath her. Maybe Willow would check on them and leave, and they could finish escaping.
> Rainy Day spotted the young hunter as well and grunted under her breath. "I think you can break the ropes. Do it Mayor and kick him, he won't be expecting it! We can escape!"
> For an instant she was tempted, but Mayor wasn't sure her legs would obey her fast enough. She was incredibly sore and she'd seen how strong and fast these people were. Trying to escape and failing would probably end badly. They might still decide it's less trouble to just butcher and eat them.
"No, we're both still tired. We'll pretend we're asleep tonight and then we have more time!"
> Rainy Day closed her eyes, but she gave Mayor a nod. She'd defer to her leadership.
> Willow was standing above them and watching for a few seconds, then he crouched down and reached his claw carefully toward the ponies.
> The gesture didn't look threatening, but Mayor still tensed, ready to bite him hard if he tried anything violent. She was expecting him to grab her, or maybe hit her if he noticed the damaged rope and she glared back in challenge.
> It didn't come and his claws brushed carefully, almost gently down her nose. "Taivan, taivan," he murmured, "taivan mori."
> Mayor didn't think he was speaking to them. His tone felt more like he was talking to himself, but it was a good opportunity. She was a diplomat, so maybe it was time to let her cutie mark lead the way.
"Yes," she cooed quietly. "That's right. Taivan."
> The young hunter froze and stared at her. Maybe he'd forgotten they could talk? Mayor seized the opportunity and dredged her memory for all she could remember.
"Um, ols! Ols mori! We're tied down, see? We didn't escape, you should trust us!"
> He talked at her then, but the words came out too quickly and Mayor couldn't be sure she caught any of them. She listened intently, but it was just a bunch of nonsense to her.
"Slow down. I can't understand you, slow down!"
> They watched each other without any glimmer of comprehension, then Willow just pushed her to her side and grabbed her legs. Mayor froze, hoping against hope he wouldn't figure out they'd fiddled with the ropes.
> She needed to distract him while his claws did the work!
"Yori, no- yari! That's another one. Ols yari mori, um, taivan! That's what you said, right?"

> It was working, even if Mayor couldn't be sure what she'd just said. It was probably wrong, but Willow's mouth quirked up in a smile. Pretty soon he had the knot untied and he just let the rope slip to the ground.
> Good, he hadn't noticed the damage! As soon as he let her go, Mayor rolled to her belly and concealed the piece of string under herself.
"Thanks! Thank you! It was pretty uncomfortable."
> The words almost made her grimace in distaste. Thanking him for releasing her after he had been the one to tie her up in the first place. She couldn't let any of her anger or disgust show.
> It was way too fast, but maybe these people weren't sophisticated enough. Maybe they'd believe she and Rainy Day had given in this quickly. If so, perhaps they wouldn't tie them up as strongly the next day.
> She had to get them to trust her, at least a little, so Mayor didn't make any sudden moves. She got her legs on the ground under her and started to slowly lift herself up.
> Willow's hand slapped down on her rump and he barked: "Doosh!"
> It'd be best to stay still, but the moment was lost. Willow had been about to untie Rainy Day, but now he reached under Mayor and searched for the piece of rope. He found it and pulled it out.
> Mayor held her breath, hoping against hope, but this time there was no missing it. Part of the knot was still holding it together, but the string was clearly broken.
> "Urakh," he murmured to himself and Mayor guessed it meant that the rope was torn. She nearly panicked and glanced for a way to run, but then a sudden flash of inspiration struck her.
> The stupid thing had been in her ribs the whole night, maybe it could be useful now.
"Yes! It got torn- see?"
> She shuffled and fished under herself with a hoof until she dragged out a large stone. It wasn't one of the sharp ones the hunters used on their spears, but it was irregular and might explain how the rope got torn.
"I must have rolled around on it when I slept, see?"
> Mayor tried to mime this, sticking her legs together and wiggling around on the ground.
"See? Urakh ols, right? It got torn. It's not my fault!"
> "He's never going to buy that, Mayor," Rainy Day commented. The pegasus was watching the whole scene with some interest, but didn't seem overly optimistic it'd work.
> Except it was working, Mayor was sure of it. She gave Willow her biggest, most innocent grin as he picked up the stone and rubbed the rope against it.
"Yes! That's it! Urakh, urakh!"
> He shrugged to himself and tossed the stone away. Then he let the shorter length of rope fall and reached once more for Mayor. She stiffened, but all he did was loop the string around her neck the same way he'd done the previous day.

> The other end remained firmly in his hand and only then did Willow move on to Rainy Day. He obviously didn't want them running away, even if they were in the middle of a dense camp. The sky was getting bright and the people around them were waking up.
> Already children were crying, youngsters were shouting and laughing as they played and the males were yelling as they looked for their fellows. Trying to run would get them pierced by spears within a few hoofsteps.
> Rainy Day grunted as Willow tugged on the rope around her own legs, but Mayor held up a hoof.
"Just go along with it. They gotta think we're okay with this, right? Maybe they'll be less vigilant tonight."
> The pegasus seemed doubtful, but she didn't struggle and kept quiet as her own rope was tied around her neck. Pretty soon Willow had them both tied and began walking. There was nothing to do but follow him.
> Mayor found herself hoping they weren't going to a cooking pot after all.

Things aren't as bleak as they seemed, right? It could still turn out to be almost fine, no? Mayor should keep her chin up!
Thanks for the update
>didn't give her some water soon she would collapse
They are walking continuously for almost a day now, and the humans don't think to gave them some water? Did the ponies see them drink? They could have gesticulated for water or something.
>"Just a little further."
They are super obedient.
>"Move it!"
That was harsh. And uncalled for, Willow would have made them move sooner than later.
>"We can do it. Then we'll rest."
Still keeping the hope up huh? First "someone will hear us", then "we will escape soon", "learn the way back" etc.
>Many small claws grabbed for Mayor's mane
Wow. They (humans) are letting children come close? Maybe this is not the first time they kidnapped ponies.
>glimpses through tent flaps
Ohgod. I just remembered that we (many hundreds of years ago) used horse piss to "sterilize" the floor of the houses.
Google is not the friend of me now, I cant even come up with what I should even search for. But I clearly remember this piss floors were a thing.
>were naked
Hm. Interesting that she calls out on this. Being naked herself all the time, even in winter.
>she could start working on some diplomacy
Those hopes are still up high. They don't even have a common language. Gesticulation won't get her far either.
>neither of them seemed bothered by that fact
Nothing says "non intelligent" more than getting pissed on and not caring the slightest.
>If they tried to do the same to her
After Mayor showed them that they are smarter than they think they will be chained down. If chains not yet exists it will be invented in the following minutes.
>the fall jolted her injured wing
The way they don't care even a tiny bit about them makes me feel bad.
>Of course they had seen she could manipulate rope.
Called it.
>The only small mercy was
Or luck.
>she smelled water
Finally. These humans are stupid. Not giving them any water for a day...
>Swallowing in that position, on her back, was tricky
This just shows that these humans are fucking stupid.
>It stinks, but the water is good!
That's a lie. And maybe they didn't give them water to make them thirsty? Maybe the other ponies refused to drink at first during the journey as they were not desperate enough?
>They might be able to
Mayor Mare is super optimistic.
>It's too small!
Chew through it you stupid horse!
>he won't be expecting it! We can escape!
Yea and 10 more immediately coming their way. Good plan.
>dragged out a large stone
And next time there won't be any. Good job.
>they weren't going to a cooking pot
Nah, its the glue pot.

Thanks for the update!
File: 1626798842321.png (60 KB, 1000x1414)
60 KB
Where exactly could one read the beginning of this (or any story on this thread)?
Since ponepaste is still dead and all.
>beginning of this
Previous thread.
>or any story on this thread
People still don't know about ponebin?
Also the main page of ponepaste literally links to the temporary archive.
File: 1476679006464.png (730 KB, 900x1580)
730 KB
730 KB PNG
It's gonna be a bit rough until the site is back up.
Ponepaste is in archive mode, everything should still be accessible but in an awkward way. You'll have to use the All Stories bin to find the author name, and then go there through the archive folder.

Or you can use the older pastebin archive, but because they decided to go full retard there's a bunch of stories missing. For anything pastebin has removed, change the pastebin.com part of the link to poneb.in

And AWF's new green starts here https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/37125258/#37190086

It's unfortunate, but hopefully it'll be back up soon. If it takes much longer I'll look into putting this green temporarily somewhere else until ponepaste is up.
I did know of ponebin but It didn't cross my mind to check it as well as I usually prefer ponepaste over it.

Btw ponebin is also down now for some reason (getting error 522), so rip me trying to find something to read for the night.
>horsewords archive down for repairs
>backup horsewords archive on fire from the increased traffic
>fimfic so clogged with trash you cant find the good stories
Oh, she is "that" type of bedfilly.
File: 1626683751366.png (265 KB, 1024x768)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
File: 1626197585760.png (768 KB, 1280x720)
768 KB
768 KB PNG
File: 118643534585.jpg (78 KB, 942x848)
78 KB
Hooves don't work very well with touch screens.
Make sure to get your poner a stylus.
In rome children of slaves or even slaves themselves could attain citizenship and even become members of the senate. Does this apply to pones?
>pone joins military and kills sandpeople for 2 years
>becomes citizen
>buys other slaves
Hybrids count as people, not pets.
File: 1754702.png (289 KB, 480x640)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
I don't know what she's not allowed to do according to those instructions but I think I can guess.
>master comes home from work
>checks their non-work phone they left at home
>opens web browser, goes to open youtube
>search suggestions come up
>Recent Searches: Astalllio, Stalio, Hot Stalionn, Hot pony astalion, Xxx pomy stalio, Big mac, Big mac pony, Big mac pomy xxx, Big mac pony xxx feral, Pony stalllionn no athro nno huma
File: 2198023.png (3.23 MB, 4131x3845)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB PNG
Sounds like Rosie is having a rough season
Reminder that this mare will always cuck her master, get pregnant and demand the master to raise the foal.
File: 11854457745.png (151 KB, 1000x750)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
Only in grimdark realities.
In normal ones she discovers the magic of fingers and owes Lyra 20 bits
>demand the master to raise the foal.
Joke on her, that only mean a new bedfilly in my house and when the foal don't need her milk anymore she will go the fuck up, maybe she will like to end in a brothel.
God Tavi is such a cutie.

You guys think G5 will bring any new ponies worth enslaving?
File: 1626882129430.png (549 KB, 1122x890)
549 KB
549 KB PNG
Freakin tiny horse keeps getting into my house through the cat door
There's already been a few qt background pones in some kind of advent calendar merch thing.
And I think zipp would be a cuddlebug when you're alone
Zipp a cute
Ewww, toothpaste hair pon. But that's also pretty cute, tsundere slaves the best
File: 1609050613239.png (2.18 MB, 2250x2520)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB PNG
Pony wears the bridle
File: 11845447734.png (629 KB, 1145x1200)
629 KB
629 KB PNG
Remember, putting on tack is difficult for ponies. You can speed up your morning routine by getting a second pony so they can help each other get ready for work.
But the hate the bridle!
mentally disconected bump
File: 6217188.png (1.41 MB, 5000x4904)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
Bad girl. Paddle time.
why is this so unf
File: 1214707.jpg (158 KB, 1280x823)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
>Tack is unf
>ponies playing with each other is unf
>ponies submitting to each other is unf
So here we have ponies playing with each other, one submitting to the tack. Mathematically, that's like Unf^3.
>TFW we never got to see pic related in Slaveventure
File: 1477943956556.png (892 KB, 1600x1400)
892 KB
892 KB PNG
>portable cuddlehorse
>(extra fluffy)
File: 1621018454812.png (436 KB, 903x1095)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
Pone is ready for master
File: 1620559751539.jpg (190 KB, 1913x2000)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
>bedfilly/bedmare poster still hasn't shown up
>pony got grounded from the computer?
>Master lets pony have phone access
>Master getting into streaming, streams videogames
>Master gets a small audience, finally picking up viewers and retaining them
>Pony finds Master's stream
>Pony embarrasses Master all stream by being way too overbearing with love and support in chat
>Pony practically worshipping Master in chat
>Master treats pony for being good but has to limit their phone time while they're streaming so they don't scare off new viewers with their aggressive cheerleading
Maybe the bedfilly it's in a heavy cuddling duty with master
I will do it for him
Bedfillies are better than bedmares
What a weird way to say that the bedfilly it's in heat and master it's enjoying every second of this
>I will do it for him
What I think you mean: I will post this in the stead of bedfilly poster.
What I thought you meant the first time I read that: I will keep posting this for "him" (Master).
h-ha ha yeah thats totally what i meant
t. normal human poster
File: 1393995623821.png (476 KB, 1280x936)
476 KB
476 KB PNG
Perfect number of bedfillies
I'm fine if I only get the one with wings.
File: 11566436537.png (681 KB, 790x879)
681 KB
681 KB PNG
File: 6189389.png (1.77 MB, 1850x2587)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
>portal finally opened
>they're too small to do any work
Well we would've treated them like pets either way.
>Not using ponies as disaster relief specialists
>Not having them repair equipment in small spaces without disassembling it for them
>Not giving them teensy tiny scalpels for small-scale precision surgery
>Not using them as tiny astronauts with minimal life-support requirements
You got a weird definition of 'too small to work'.
>Gets computer access
>Spends all day posting about being their master's bedmate
What a good bedfilly.
You'd have to wonder even as a slave what's so good about their owner that they post all day about them.
File: deluxe bedfilly.png (1.2 MB, 2000x1800)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
File: 1117856445.jpg (99 KB, 630x484)
99 KB
That one is very demanding
Bedfillies are for snugs and hugs
But they aren't just for bed!
They don't like being left alone so you best be taking that filly with you to cuddle around the house or get them company.
File: Spoiler Image (97 KB, 369x558)
97 KB
This is worse than the cone of shame
File: Pandemonica4Drink.png (163 KB, 550x700)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
>"Good pony."
Is this story still being updated?
I accentically binged the whole thing and the cliffhanger is killing me.
AWF already completed that green. Also have you read the previous one (Off Duty)? The untitled one (actual title is Back On Duty) is the continuation of it.

Seems like I need to spoonfeed newfags how to use 4chan.
Step 1:
Take one of the last unique looking line from the green.
Step 2:
Search for it in one of the 4chan archives, eg desuarchive.
Step 3:
Click on the post to go to the thread
Step 4:
Look for the next post from the writefag, go to the next thread if there is none. The next thread's link is usually the last post in a thread.
Step 5:
??? Profit ???
File: too_damn_smart.jpg (114 KB, 1080x1130)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
>on my way to educate some niggas
File: background cuddles.png (310 KB, 3316x2037)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
Remember to get two ponies so they're not lonely when you're at work.
Yes, two.
File: 1444672601657.jpg (1.58 MB, 2000x2841)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
I like bedmares better.
Sorry about that, pastebin cracked down on 'unsuitable content' and it seems my bin was among those nuked. I put everything on 'ponepaste', but they are also having trouble right now.
If you are on spg discord poke me and I'll send you the file directly, otherwise I'll look into a temporary place to host these until ponepaste is back.
Yes I read the previous green, I used the "all stories" ponebi.n to read them all in order. And the one I linked didn't say "completed" next to it. So I assumed it was still being worked on.
And thanks for the rundown of how to use desuarchive, I've rarely been on there.
Does ponebi.n only achieve from pastebin? I thought people were able to directly upload and update pastes on it as well, like with ponepaste.
Wouldn't fimfic be a useable alternative for the time being?
Please read what ponebin is. Its literally says on the main page that its an archive. No updates, no login/register, etc. And it also says on every page when the given paste you are looking at was archived. For the all spg stories it say its archived it on 2020.12.22 06:10:26 UTC.

Does not allow greentext.
you the man!
>energetic filly
>alicorn stamina
For the filly her master it's just actually her bedhuman.
File: 118563457734.jpg (72 KB, 430x318)
72 KB

Such a troublemaker.
She's lucky she's so cute.
File: Well deserved icecream.jpg (113 KB, 850x441)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Fuck. Sorry, I feel dumb for missing all this obvious information.
I though fimfic would be an option since over on RGRE someone is posting their story on 4chan and then converts it from greentext to then post it on fimfic.
Welp, to the archives it is.
I intend to edit the green into something appropriate for fimfic, but time is short and right now I'm focusing on writing new green.
Here: https://ufile.io/iz9nz1zw
it promises to be up for 30 days, hopefully ponepaste is back by then. The zip password is 'ponywearsthesaddle'.
My filing system is a bit odd and these have internal names, not titles, so you'll have to check around to find the correct green.
>Finally, December rolls around
>and that means it's time for the most important holiday of the year:
>And by Saturnalian lisence, your slavepony is now to be the head of your household!
>They are permitted to disrespect their master as much as they please, even gamble and attend public events!
>And of course, the tradition of holding a banquet in their honour.
What would your pony want to do with all the power of that role reversal? What kind of meal would they have prepared? What would they have to say about you and would you hold it against them after the festivities?
File: 1624870316868.png (1.26 MB, 2584x2896)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
>be altruistic owner
>poner loves you and is fiercely loyal of her own initiative
>Saturnalia arrives
>you pressure her to do SOMETHING rebellious
>the most harsh and authoritative thing she can come up with is letting her have a triple-XL ice cream serving all to herself at her favorite dairy joint
>she blushes at you from behind her mane for the entire date

I'm so fucking ready.
Sorry for delay, been busy.

>You take a deep breath between the blurring of the siren.
>The setting summer sun dyes the houses in a warm orange.
>In the distance you can see your destination. The brick towers.
>Fifteen stories of dark orange and shadows with a few yellow light coming out of the apartments.
>As the vehicle hits another pothole you hear all the equipment being rocked back and forth.
>The shrill sound of the siren comes back to life.
"I hate this part of the city."
>"You need to let it go, man. Shit like that happens."
"Kicking a child of the balcony of the 8th floor, yeah shit like that happens."
>"Probably just a blackout drunk this time."
"When have they ever called us for some drunkard?"
"You know last time Andy and Mike were here they stole all the supplies out of the ambulance once they went inside?"
>"Look at the bright side," he says as you turn into the driveway, "just the third floor."
>The ambulance stops and both of you step out.
>You open the the side door and take out the scoop stretcher and your backpacks and head inside the building.
>Stale air fills your nostrils as you head inside the dimly lit gray hallway and up the dirty stairs.
>Even fewer lights than last time work and you hear the echo of laughter, shouting and crying of children through the staircase.
>You drag your heavy boots up the stairs and march down the corridor until you see an open door on your left.
>The apartment is dark, the only light coming from two of the rooms.
>You hear a man cursing.
>As you enter you take a quick look around. This place a mess. Trash bags are on the floor and there are beer cans and bottles everywhere. The ashtrays are filled to the brink. There is one rectangular spot in the kitchen which must have been cleaned moments ago.
"Probable D-Problem," you hiss backwards to your colleague.
>You follow the voice and notice that it is spanish.
"Sir, you called 911? What is the problem?"
>Before you is a young man wearing an undershirt and shorts, he has a below-knee prothesis.
>He flails his arms and mutters some spanish and then points into another room.
>You head into the direction he pointed in and see a figure lying on the floor.
>Your feet carry you towards the person.
>It is a pony.
"We got one!"
>Your partner and you get on your knees next to the patient.
>The pony stinks of urine.
>"No blood here."
"Safe here."
>The guy in his underwear shouts keeps on with his erratic ranting. You can make out the words "puta" and "demonio".
>You see the ponies chest rise and fall but check hair airways anyways.
"Air is good."
>Pushing your finger into the fur of her neck you feel for her pulse.
"Circulation is good."
>"Load her up?"
>You give the creature a good look and check for hidden injures. Oedema, hematoma, second degree burns.
>"You take the vitals, I talk to him."
File: pone.jpg (391 KB, 999x730)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
>While your partner works on further diagnostics you get up and turn to the guy behind you.
Taking out your clipboard you ask "What happened?"
>"I dunno, man! I went to sleep and then I found her like this!"
>Behind him you see military memorabilia on the wall.
"You just found her like this after you woke up?"
>He babbles some more lies and curses as you take some notes.
>"What now?
"The pony is stable. We'll take her to central hospital. You we'll give you a call once you can visit. Mr?"
>"San-", his eyes dart to the pony and then back to you, "Smith."
>Exhaling sharply through your nose you take down the last infos.
"Okay mister *Smith* please write down your phone number and sign on the dotted line."
>You hand him the clipboard.
>He signs and you and your partner scoop up the pony on the stretcher and carry it through the staircase down to the ambulance.
>"Lucky us, she is in stable condition!"
"Fuck off and get to driving, man."

>In the light of the ambulance you take a good look at the pony.
>A mare with a beige coat and blue hair with a green streak.
>Her butt stamp is an egg in a nest and a binoculars.
>She looks more like the loser of a bar brawl than an abuse victim.
>You clear a spot on her foreleg to place a venous access to fix her hydration.
>This is one of the worst things about ponies, you always have to shave off some of the coat to get some clean injection.
>Not that you have to deal with them a lot, most are either treated good or not now worth the call.
>You check the IV and her vitals.
>Taking out your pocket flashlight you get to her face.
>As you push open the eyelid you feel her head move.
>Her green eyes try to focus you?
"You are safe here. Can you tell me your name?"
>"...tas," she says before she consciousness faints again.
>Well, good enough.
>You turn around to give the back of the drivers cabin some knocks and the motor roars to life.
>Be Anon, employee of the month at Friendly Williams's Pet Paradise
>Actually you didn't receive the title in quite some while since it is no longer handed out but you are the last one to ever receive it.
>Actually you are the only employee left, you aren't even a real employee but just a part-timer who works full-time for reasons you don't really understand yourself.
>Actually you don't sell pets, you sell slaves.
>And finally there is William.
>A fat jolly old boomer, the only hair on this round head of his being a gray mustache.
>Also a two-faced cunt. His favorite past time activities are exploitation and suing people, to relax from the long and tiring days of selling slaves.
>You started working here to cover your college degree back when he was selling pets.
>Feels like ages ago.
>He kicked out all the expensive workers and talked you into "pitching in".
>Now you are in a video call with your fellow students.
>"So we had this exam and suddenly everything went dark."
>"And the fucking prof used that as an excuse to let me fail! Not that half the city suddenly went dark or anything..."
>>>"Prof Cupp?"
>"Yes, that cunt."
"Why go into education if you hate people?"
>>"So he ruin as many peoples lives as possible?"
>>>"85% failing rate, you might be on to something here."
>"Anyways he says that if it is not on paper it didn't happen so I need proof. Who cares if there is a giant anomaly tearing apart streets? Now I got to call the national guard or homeland security or the fucking marines or whomever is responsible to send me a fucking document that I had a fucking blackout on tuesday from 9:42 to 17:00!"
"Wow, dude! Glad I don't have to deal with this weirdo again."
>>>>"You know he fucked that bitch Stephany?"
"Imagine sinking so low. That guy is like 150 years old."
>"Should have died of a heart attack banging her..."
>>"If you can call that banging."
>The sound of the doorbell makes you look up from the screen.
"Gotta go guys, customer!"
>You close the the lid of your laptop and look up.
>Through the door stomps an angry middle aged man in T-shirt and shorts and scratches and bandaids in his face.
"Mr. ...Miller? How can I help you?"
>"I want my money back," he shouts as he drags someone on a leash behind him.
>"Come here you little shit," he yells behind him and yanks of the leash with all his might.
>In falls a very familiar face.
You raise a hand and wave, "Hi, Gilda. Back so soon?"
>She raises her head from the ground to look at you.
>A black eye and much less feathers than when she left three days ago.
>"Shut up, dweeb."
>"My money!"
>He gives the leash a strong yank for emphasis.
>"I want it back!"
"I am sorry to inform you that Friendly Williams's Pet Paradise does no refunds on discount merchandise."
>You hear both Gilda and Mr. Miller both groan.
>"But I paid 175$ for this thing!"
>You take a look at his angry and messed up face.
>Fucking hell...
>You take a deep breath.
"As goodwill of the company I can offer you an annulment of the contract."
>You open satans drawer, take out the paper and hold it in front of him.
"Please read the paper *carefully*, put in your name, account data and sign on the dotted line."
>He whips the paper out of you hand and signs it.
>"Done! Money!"
>You take paper and step back a step.
"We will calculate the fees and send you the rest with a couple of days."
>With his mouth hanging agape he looks at you.
"You have damaged the merchandise (Gilda groans in the background), and the company insists on compensation."
>"You, *YOU!"
>The leash comes flying.
>God, you hate this fucking job.
>"FUCK YOU! YOU'LL HEAR FROM MY LAWYER!" he shouts as he rushes out.
"*Friendly* William will get me killed one day."
>"Sure hope so," Gilda says.
>You sigh.
"Shit like this makes me wonder if business administration was a good choice."
>"Poor you, selling slaves must be such a hard job."
>You walk around the counter and take the leash of the big bird.
"Three days is a new record. What happened?"
>"He asked me to entertain his spawns and I told him to bite me."
>"He asked me if I could catch the mice in his yard."
>You smirk at her.
>"I told him to climb a tree and bring me some bananas."
>She looks down and touches her black eye.
>"Might have kicked the shed he was building a little."
"That's the Gilda I know."
>Both of you look at the ground for a moment.
"You want some ice-packs?"
>She looks away.
>"Yes... dweeb."
>You let the leash sink to the floor and and get to the back to get some ice-packs and two cups of coffee sugar with yours and pure black for G.
>When you return you find Gilda her resting her back against the front of the counter.
>You sit down next to her and hand her both the pack and the coffee.
>"Coffee day?"
>You take a sip
"Kinda is."
>She takes a sip and presses the pack against her black eye.
>"Kinda is" - she takes a sip - "Where is the fat potato?"
"Dunno, some business thing maybe. Something about an acquisition but I'm the last to know."
>"You're the only one to know, dumbass."
>Can't help but chuckle.
"Actually I get most of my info from customers, delivery guys or other businesses."
>You take a look at the big carefully sipping her coffee.
"Hey, that collar..."
>"Pretty isn't it?
"That's not the one you left with."
>"You sure know your merchandise."
"Hold still", you say as you reach for her neck.
>"HEY! If I spill my coffee I'll spill it on you!"
"Yes, yes."
>You work your finger between her messy neck feathers and pull on the leash.
>A prong collar comes to light.
>Between the feathers you see hints of red.
"Should have taken his eyes."
>"Tried, dweeb."
>You unclip the leash and remove the collar.
"You're welcome."
>Both of you enjoy your coffee slouched against the front of the counter for a minute.
"Hey Gilda, I thought of something."
>"Wonders do happen."
"We need to make you really expensive, like a hundred grand."
>"If you sell me for a million he will still give you 10 bucks an hour."
>You wave your hand.
"See some of the guys at my college are sons and daughters by profesion."
>Gilda groans.
"Do you know how I treat my car?"
>A confused catbird stares at you.
"I treat my car like trash. I don't give a fuck. But they! If you just lean on their car they go crazy! The are like /oh noo you can't lean on my car because dust particles and fibres will leave tiny scratches in the coating!/"
>"So if you make me expensive I'll get treated better?"
"I hope so."
>Bird-girl sets down the cup of coffee, "sorry to burst your bubble", she says as she gives you a slight punch on the shoulder.
>"They just want to parade you around and and lock you away. Honestly I prefer the cages here."
"You have been around, huh?"
>"Please shut up and let me have this moment."
>She closes her eyes and rest her head against your shoulder.
>"You know the one redeeming factor about your species is how weak and soft you are."
"Thanks, G. I love you too."
>"Shut it."
>Well she had a rough day.
>On the other hand...
"You know your only redeeming factor is that you look kinda cute when you shut your mouth."
>She pulls her head away puts and her feathers are standing up.
>Got her good.
>You try to press your weight away from her as the and avian tries to pegs your arm.
>You flinch as her attacks hit.
>"I. *peg* Told. *peg* You. *peg* To. *peg* Shut. *peg* Up!"
>>"What's going on here!?"
>Ohh fuck!
"Mr William, sir!"
Bless your kind soul, anon.
Underrated post.
slavish bump
File: Spoiler Image (3.34 MB, 575x364)
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green prompt
What if ponies were captured once they crossed the portal and through selective breeding only the most obedient ones were kept then when the medical sciences advanced to be able to clone only the most obedient ones were kept. Basically when you walk into a "maid store" you have a few choices, but these choices are the same everywhere you go.
The story starts with a pony who's not a completely successful clone, but eg it's coat color differs from what it is supposed to be. Its kept as a secret, not grown up in the educational system designed for ponies, but secretly raised by the scientists or something, never learning "how to be a perfect slave". Then its caretaker dies or something and this is where the real story starts.
Sounds like you've got yourself a story. Might want to start writing it!
Why did you repost the earlier parts?

I'm not a writefag.
Don't worry friend, we're all dumb here.

You're not a writefag, yet.
It's never too late to give it a try.
I wanna order room service from my slave then fuck a woman while making her watch
y-you too...!
What happened to the Chrysalis green?
Seems dropped, unfortunately... the fate of so many.
>Please prove me wrong, writer!
>Why did you repost the earlier parts?
some fixes + autism
I noticed. They weren’t story killing errors but you tightened that prose a bit.
Maybe I should let the green simmer a bit before I serve it.
Next part is tricky.
I bet. You’ve set the stage, introduced the main characters, now set up some conflict that will drive the plot forward. It is traditional here at /SPG/ to have a bath scene early in the story, use that to develop the relationship between the pony and our perspective character.
>It is traditional here at /SPG/ to have a bath scene early in the story,
Well... I don't want to spoil but I might be a teensy bit untraditional, not too much though.
File: 6208419.jpg (769 KB, 1200x1200)
769 KB
769 KB JPG
Pone is for petting
>”untraditional” bath scene
File: E7QU86eXoAUBzSG.jpg (603 KB, 1200x1200)
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603 KB JPG
File: 1622958888061.png (413 KB, 630x600)
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413 KB PNG
Pone is for gentle cuddles, with light nuzzling.
File: 2617242.jpg (756 KB, 3765x4096)
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756 KB JPG
Sound like sweetiebelle is writing more fics about her being lewded by her master again, I wonder how many of these ones she have hidden?
File: Celestia bully.jpg (410 KB, 1036x971)
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410 KB JPG
Im super sorry, the worst fucking case of writers block ive ever had hit me pretty hard but ive got a decent sized update coming should be a little over 6 posts
File: 2044761.webm (2.98 MB, 1280x720)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB WEBM
Put your mare to work!
You good bruh
File: 2663519.jpg (3.18 MB, 2800x2000)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB JPG
No, you won't get any more cookies. You already had 2 boxes each.

> Mayor Mare shared an apprehensive look with Rainy Day as they were being led through the camp and onward. On the one hoof, they didn't know what Willow planned to do with them, but on the other if they went sufficiently far there would only be the one hunter to deal with.
> She glanced back to see if any of the others were following, but it was hard to tell. The camp was quite chaotic and there was a lot of noise and activity now that everyone was waking up.
> A few of the younger members of the tribe were doing something with the group of donkeys and there was a lot of braying and snorting, but other than their activities were inscrutable to Mayor. For all she knew, this was what regular life looked like for these people.
> Already fires were being lit and some of the children were put to work carrying things. A few groups of older males had gathered and were laughing uproariously at something.
> Mayor stumbled and nearly fell, which reminded her that she was being dragged by a rope around her neck. She faced forward again and watched the ground in front of her hooves, but she kept her ears turned to the camp behind them.
> "Where do you think he's taking us?" Rainy Day asked in a quiet voice. Her wing seemed to be giving her fewer problems this day, but maybe that was just because she'd gotten used to the pain.
> Other than still being tied firmly to her side, Mayor couldn't see any change in the appendage. Maybe, if they had some time to themselves she could untie it and see how it felt.
"I don't know, but I hope it's not another whole day of walking."
> "Me too."
> There was another problem developing and Mayor Mare lowered her head, determined to keep it to herself. Unfortunately Rainy Day had sharp eyesight and asked: "What's wrong?"
> She thought about refusing to answer, but all it would do was worry the other mare.
"I need to- to go to the little fillies' room."
> "What- now?"
> All Mayor could do was nod.
> "Okay, just go. I'll walk in front. I know we've both done it yesterday."
> Once again Mayor Mare nearly stumbled, but this time in shock.
"You saw?! B-But you don't understand! This time it's number two!"
> "Oh." Rainy Day was thoughtful, then looked ahead and jerked her head that way. "We're almost there, I think. Just hold it a little longer."
"Almost where? How do you know?"
> She gazed up ahead and saw a blue-green blur and a line of trees. She soon recognized it.
"A river!"
> Rainy Day smiled. "Mhm! I guess hauling water for us is a lot of work, so why not lead us to the river so we can drink?"
"Good thinking."
> They fell silent as Willow glanced back and gave their ropes a quick jerk to make them move faster. This time Mayor was only too glad to oblige and after a rest Rainy Day could keep up with ease.

> A few more minutes brought them to the bank of the river where the young hunter approached what looked like a dried-out tree trunk. There were no branches and the trunk was stripped of bark and had deep grooves cut into it.
> Before Mayor could figure out what it was for, Willow looped her lead rope around the thing and tied it. The groove made sure it couldn't slip over the top.
> Unfortunately the rope wasn't long enough for her to reach any of the nearby bushes to do her business.
"Hey! No, you can't just- look, I need to go. I'll be right back, okay?!"
> Of course he couldn't understand her and by now he was used to them speaking so he simply ignored it. Instead, he was leading a startled Rainy Day to the river.
> The other mare dug in her hooves and looked back. "Mayor?! What is he doing with us?"
> It didn't help for long. Willow braced himself against the ground and pulled on the rope. A pegasus couldn't resist that kind of strength and Rainy Day was forced to take a step.
> Her ears were flat and she looked like she was choking on the rope. "Hel- Mayor! Help!" she gasped out.
> She'd injure herself, or the young hunter would do something drastic if she didn't calm down. Mayor was sorry for her own panic which had started this whole thing.
"Relax!" she commanded. "He's not gonna drown you, Rainy Day! He just wants you to drink!"
> Mayor hoped with all her heart she wasn't lying. Rainy Day gave her a wide-eyed look and she nodded with as much of a smile as she could muster. She couldn't help noticing that Willow had stopped hauling on the rope when she'd spoken to the pegasus.
> He grinned to himself when Rainy Day took a tentative step closer. When she hesitated he gave the string a tug and the mare allowed herself to be led away.
> They both waded into the water until it reached Rainy Day's belly, then Willow just stopped, watching her expectantly.
> She quickly figured out what he wanted and it was something she needed to do anyway, so Rainy Day lowered her muzzle into the water and drank.
> Just watching it was both making Mayor's mouth water and the pressure in her bladder increase.
"Hurry up, for Celestia's sake," she grumbled to herself, stepping from hoof to hoof.
> It was quiet enough so that not even Rainy Day could hear.
> A new sound pressed upon her consciousness and she became aware of the growling, snorting and braying mass of donkeys approaching from the camp. Obviously they were going to be watered as well.
> She looked back and saw that several of the older children were leading the group. They didn't have rope, like her and Rainy Day, but the bipeds had long, supple whips in their forepaws.

> Whenever one of the donkeys started to stray from the group a youngster was there to administer a quick strike and drive the beast back.
> The beast, Mayor thought to herself. It was appropriate, even if it pained her to admit it. In this land, she, Rainy Day and the hunters were the thinking creatures and the donkeys were the animals. Perhaps even less than animals.
> Soon enough the herd was on the beach and rushed to the river to drink their fill. They pushed and jostled each other and Mayor could see that their young didn't get any special treatment. They were either ignored, or outright shoved away.
> One particular foal tried to nurse as Mayor watched and its mother just pushed it away so she could drink in peace.
> No thought there.
> Luckily it seemed the children, all of whom were younger than Willow and seemed to hold him in awe, kept their herd away from the two ponies. Even better, perhaps, was the fact that they took station downriver.
> When it was her turn to drink Mayor wouldn't have to taste donkey in the water.
> Rainy Day had had her fill and was coming back out of the water. Willow didn't have to drag her this time and she hurried until she was at Mayor Mare's side again.
> They waited while he tied her to the stump and untied the other rope, but then Mayor resisted his tug.
"Sorry. I need to use the bush, okay? I'll be back right away."
> She tried to walk in that direction, but the rope tightened and she stopped. She gave the hunter a pleading look.
"Please? I'll just be a minute! Understand? Uh, poop. I need to poop!"
> The only way to make him understand, however embarrassing it felt, was to demonstrate. She crouched a little with her hind legs and lifted up her tail.
"See? Poop. I need to do it and I need some privacy!"
> He tried to understand, Mayor could see that. He leaned his head to one side and frowned in concentration. She mimed her position again and gave him a hopeful smile, then pointed a hoof at the bush.
"Poop," she repeated.
> "Poop?" he mimicked her word.
"Yes! Exactly! Come on!"
> She tugged on the rope on her side and it worked! The hunter walked after her and followed her the short distance to the bushes. It gave Mayor Mare hope that they might yet come to reach some understanding in time.
> The shrubbery rustled as she pushed her way in and then shook wildly as Willow followed. Mayor stopped and held up a hoof.
"No, you wait here!"
> She mimed pushing him away, but he only gave her a blank stare. When she took another step in the bush he went right along with her.
"Come on, the rope is long enough! Ols. You have enough ols to wait out there!"

> The pressure was almost unbearable and the hunter didn't understand what she needed. Mayor felt like growling in frustration, but he might take it the wrong way and hit her, fearing an attack.
"Please? Just a little privacy?"
> It came out as a whine, but of course he didn't understand her words.
> There was no more choice. She swiveled her rear away, took a step back and crouched. Her ears went flat and her muzzle colored deep red at the ensuing sounds as her business plopped on the ground behind her.
> By pure luck she had gotten her tail out of the way in time.
> A moment later, unable to be stopped, a stream joined the noise.
> Perhaps the only mercy was that Willow just stood there and didn't follow any further. He finally understood what she was doing and was waiting patiently for her to finish.
> It didn't take long and Mayor looked around for a large leaf or something to clean herself. Unfortunately as soon as she relaxed the young hunter turned and tugged on her rope.
"Wait, I didn't- gah!"
> That was all the patience he was willing to afford her, it seemed. In her embarrassment Mayor didn't think to fight him and just followed as he dragged her rope to the river.
> She'd have to clean herself later, it seemed. For now she suddenly realized just how dry her throat was and hurried after Willow to get her drink.
> Surely if they were watering her and Rainy Day that meant they wanted to keep them alive. They weren't going to kill and eat them. What they wanted them for was still a question, but at least it didn't seem like it was food.
> Mayor Mare relaxed a little and lowered her muzzle to the water. It was very cold, but also clear and fresh. A lot better than the stale mess they had poured down her throat the previous night.

> ~~~~

> The next part of their captivity was a little confusing at first. By the time Mayor had had her fill of water, Willow shouted something and one of the younger creatures ran up from the donkey herd and gave him his switch.
"What are you-"
> "Hyah!" Willow shouted and flicked the thin branch across her rear. It didn't really hurt, but it stung and the surprise of it made Mayor jump away.
"Ow! Hey! You can't- eep!"
> The second flick also caught her by surprise and she backed away as far as the rope would allow her. She faced the hunter with her ears pinned back and an angry twist to her lips.
"Stop that! I'm not your beast of burden!"
> Of course he didn't understand her words and he had a different plan. One wherein, Mayor Mare feared, what she thought or wanted didn't count for much. The whip whistled as it narrowly missed her muzzle and she flinched back.

> There was only one choice if she didn't want that thing to hit her right in the eye and Mayor walked backward out of the water. Willow kept pace with her, occasionally swishing his branch to her left or right to direct her careful retreat.
> He was controlling her by the means of a rope and a switch and the shame of it all was quickly driving Mayor to her limit. She bared her teeth at the insolent hunter and reared up to flick her forehooves at him.
> Of course he was too far for her to connect, but it did stop him for a few seconds and he eyed her warily.
> "Ugu!" he yelled and brandished his whip at her. He feigned a lunge and swished the branch through the air, but Mayor was past caring. She charged at him, intending to either bite him or give him a swift kick to the gut.
> Nothing lethal, just something to make him stop and regret his actions for a bit. To her dismay Willow was laughing as she jumped for him. He found this *fun*?!
> Before that fact had time to fully register, the whip came around and slashed a line of fire across her shoulder and back. She flinched away and it was enough to miss her bite.
> Willow was ready for that too and jumped out of her way, then hauled on the rope. The loop around her neck tightened painfully and Mayor fell to her side with a painful grunt.
> While her vision swam the whip came down twice in quick succession across her flank.
> She struggled to her hooves and turned to Willow again, red rage flooding her vision. She barely heard Rainy Day yelling something to her as she charged again.
> This time she was aiming her head to Willow's midriff. If she could knock him down he'd be prone to a well-placed stomp.
> Her mistake was lowering her head too much so she didn't see Willow's face. Mayor braced her neck for the collision, but it didn't come. Something slapped the top of her head and she realized the hunter had *jumped*.
> She reared up to get at least one good kick in at his legs, but the creature was too fast and already out of reach. Even as he landed lightly back on his feet behind her, Willow was hauling on the rope and Mayor nearly did a somersault.
> This time she landed on her back and the whip came down on her belly, just once but infinitely more painful on the soft flesh there. She squealed in agony and rolled to protected her vulnerable spots.
> Willow was still laughing and delivered another couple of lashes to her rear while she was scrambling to her hooves. By this point she hardly even felt the sting. Once again Mayor charged and this time she wasn't holding back anymore.

> Her fear and anger and hatred of these people, these *monsters* who had tied them up and dragged them to this miserable world, came bursting out. She screamed her defiance at Willow, since he was the nearest target of her frustrations, and her breath came out with flying spittle.
> This time she was watching his eyes and saw a flick to his right. He was about to sidestep and Mayor almost grinned to herself. She planted her forehooves firmly in the ground and flicked her entire body to the left.
> Her hind hooves shot out at chest height with deadly, crushing force.
> All she hit was air. Her only warning was a blur on her right as she flew through the air. She had overextended herself, fully expecting an impact which didn't come. There was no recovery from that and Mayor fell down her belly, hard.
> The air was driven from her lungs and her muzzle impacted the ground with enough force to make her vision swim. All she could do for the next couple of seconds was lie there and focus on getting her breath back.
> It was then the whipping really started. Somehow, Mayor didn't know how, Willow had dodged left instead of right. It had been a feint and he was unharmed, laughing as he beat her.
> Each time there was a swish of air, followed by another line of bright fire across her back. For the first few all Mayor could do was choke, but then she finally managed to breathe in, only to squeal in agony.
> She tried to roll away from the blows, but that just enabled Willow to whip her belly a few times and she quickly turned back. Pretty soon she was curled up in a ball of misery as she sought to minimise the amount of hide Willow could hit.
> There was no stopping her sobbing screams now.
"Stop! AH! No! Please! I'm sorry! PLE- GAH! OW!"
> It went on for long minutes and she was reduced to incoherent babbling, but the whipping ceased and Mayor was left alone to cry. She was grateful that it was over, but she hated that it happened. She absolutely despised the ease with which this young hunter had defeated her.
> Maybe a pegasus could match his reflexes, but not his strength. It'd have to be a very athletic pegasus, too.
> Mayor closed her eyes and wept in sheer frustration and impotence. Until now she'd been counting on her strength to beat down her captors if there weren't many of them, but that notion was now thoroughly dispelled.
> The rope around her neck tightened and Mayor opened her eyes in surprise. Willow was still grinning to himself, proud of his achievement. He still held the whip and now he was jerking her rope, wanting her to stand.
> She refused and put her muzzle firmly down in the sand.

> A single lash blossomed across her rump, making all her previous strikes flare with fresh pain. She choked off a squeal, but not before it escaped her lips.
> The rope jerked again, stronger this time and when Mayor looked she saw Willow raising his arm for another strike.
> He'd just keep beating her until she obeyed, Mayor realized with a sinking feeling in her gut. He wanted something and he was going to get it from her one way or another. She placed a forehoof down and pushed. The lash didn't come, but Willow kept his whip up as he barked some unknown command at her.
> Another tug on the rope made it clear. He wanted her up on her hooves and so Mayor obeyed. She stood on shaking legs and her breath caught as she pulled at her tender skin. It didn't feel broken, but she would certainly have bruises.
"There! I'm up! Buck you!"
> Willow clicked his tongue and tugged on the rope. She didn't know what he wanted, but the young hunter landed a light slap of the whip on her rump and Mayor took a step.
> He kept up that clicking noise and tugged at her rope again and she began to walk. It wasn't clear where he wanted her to go, but Mayor didn't want another beating so she walked.
> Pretty soon she reached the limit of the rope and slowed, but a tap of the whip on her rump made her pick up her pace once more. Since there was no other option, she angled herself and ran in a circle around Willow. It was as far as the rope would allow her.
> That seemed to be the right answer and Willow shouted something which didn't sound as angry. Realizing that he was probably encouraging her made Mayor flush with fresh embarrassment, but she kept up her slow canter.
> After a few rounds willow clicked his tongue again and swished the stick through the air. Mayor instinctively sped up, which turned out to be the right answer.
> It was a thoroughly stupid and demeaning exercise, but there wasn't much choice if she wanted to avoid further whipping. Mayor kept her head down and ran in that Celestia-damned circle while Willow laughed and shouted more encouragement.

It's going to be tricky, but I can do a bath scene even under these circumstances, just you wait! Coming up in the next update!
File: 1556455403092.jpg (98 KB, 703x590)
98 KB
Gonna read shortly!
This was tough to read... I mean that in a good way, though! Poor Mayor... they really view her as chattle, and they're obviously trying to break her like a regular horse. Rainy Day is prolly going to have an even harder time, too...
Mayor is being trained now, apparently... you did a masterful job conveying her desperation m8. I feel really bad for her
Page 10 wtf
File: 1548968290574.jpg (34 KB, 640x640)
34 KB
>buy a pony for the sole purpose of bullying it (like picrelated) to farm upvotes
File: 1436854.png (687 KB, 750x750)
687 KB
687 KB PNG
>bullying the pony

>Sweetheart unicorn sweeps with her mouth even though she has magic
>pony slaves, but in Rome
fund it.
File: 1832480.png (1.16 MB, 1101x1252)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Pone wears the sweater!
She will get used to it eventually.
>She will get used to it eventually.
Just imagine a pony that get used to the clothes being undressed, a new whole sensation for the good girl
>dialup modem sound plays
I like ponies acting like pet animals. Supee cute.
They are going to bathe in the blood of Mr. Potato Man.
>Well...at least she’s not being openly hostile
>And damn this pasta is good
"Where'd you learn to cook?"
>"Changelings are nothing if not adaptable, not to mention it being a necessity with some of my previous owners."
>As good as an answer as any
>You shrug and continue stuffing your face
>The three of you sit in relative silence, enjoying the food
>Or in Chrys’ case enjoying others enjoying your food
>The quiet lasts until you get fed up and turn the TV on
>Quickly flipping past all the news channels celebrating, trying to find literally anything worthwhile
>To no one's surprise there's nothing interesting so you just put on some music.
>Why do you pay for cable again?
>You shovel more of the premium pasta into your mouth
>"Hey Chrys, is cooking something you enjoy?"
>She rubs a hoof against her chin as she thinks about it
>As her eyes squint and dart around, you can almost see the gears turning.
>"May I ask you a question first?"
>You nod
>"Is my cooking something you enjoy?"
>Tia groans as you pat both of your ponies on the head
"You don't have to do something just because I enjoy it, but yeah it's pretty good."
>Chrysalis gives you a sweet smile and a short buzz of her wings.
>"Then I would be happy to continue, if that's alright.”
>She aims the last part at Celestia, who raises an eyebrow but ultimately says nothing
>Eventually you both finish your food and Tia teleports the bowls into the sink
>She lays her head on your lap and makes herself comfortable
>Her mane slowly shifts from its typical ethereal shape into a more traditional tricolored one
>You run your fingers through her mane
“How are you tired? You haven't done anything all day.”
>She looks up at you and her horn lights up.
>"It's the kind of tired sleep won't fix."
>A few seconds later you see a honey colored glow out of the corner of your eye.
>You turn towards the fluorescence and put your hand up to catch the slowly approaching brush.
"Is there something you want me to do with this?"
>She gives you a blank stare
>"I made my mane nice and normal and gave you a brush. So clearly I want you to put it in my butt Anon."
>You shrug and give her a mischievous grin
"Wouldn't be the first time."
>Out of the corner of your eye you can see Chrysalis trying and failing to keep it together.
>Tia blushes visibly beneath her fur
>You pat her barrel
"I dont think I’ve ever seen you embarrassed before."
>"I'm not one for public performances."
>Smooth recovery
>You squirm into a more snug position and oblige Tia’s request
>Her mane is unbelievably knotted and you can barely get the brush through it
“Tia, when’s the last time you brushed your hair?”
>”The last time I took a shower.”
“And when was that?”
>All you get in reply is an incoherent mumble
"Have you showered this week at all?"
>"Define 'this week"."
>You sigh as you hit another pocket of matted hair
"Take care of yourself more Tia."
>"I have you to do that for me."
"I can't take care of you forever Tia."
>She stretches out her legs and lets out a groan
>"We'll see about that."
>You laugh and poke her in the ribs making her squirm and giggle.
"You keep saying that, yet I'm still getting older. Listen, if you're gonna make me immortal please do it before I'm out of my prime."
>"Maybe I like my men a little more distinguished with a little gray to their hair."
" You've given me enough gray hairs as it is."
>You rake through another patch of knots as gently as you can and Tia winces a little
>"That may be true but you still love me."
>Such a pompous brat
>You look over at Chrysalis who's been quiet this entire time
>She's watching the brush intently, as it combs through the step above a rat's nest that is Tia's mane.
"Celly, I mildly tolerate you."
>Your voice causes Chrysalis to look up at you
>As soon as her eyes catch yours she looks away with an embarrassed expression
"Enjoying the show, Miss Chrysalis?"
>She jumps slightly and blushes even deeper
>"I- um just thought it looked very saccharine and peaceful."
>Tia huffs
>"It was."
"Hush, you."
>Tia squirms around to make herself more comfortable
>”What time is it?”
>You check your phone
“A little after nine.”
>She yawns
>You yawn
>Chrysalis yawns
>You yawn again
“God dammit guys quit it.”
>It happens again
>The girls both snicker which makes you smile
>Looks like they CAN agree on something
“Alright we gotta do something about this, I'm not letting today be a total bust.”
>Tia squirms in your lap
>”Yeah but I'm tired and my hair is still messy, can’t we do whatever it is tomorrow? Plus everyone is probably y'know, out celebrating."
>She lets out a deep sigh and rolls on her back
>Think Anon think
>There's gotta be something to salvage today
>"Don't think too hard."
>Tia taps you on the bottom of your chin with a hoof.
"You're insufferable."
>Chrysalis’ light humming makes you look over
>She gives you an innocent smile
>”You two are very interesting.”
>”How so?”
>Tia’s voice has a measure of genuine curiosity for once, but a some smugness still remains
>You can see panic on Chrysalis’ face for a moment but she steels herself
>”Well um...you two have both assured me you aren't in a relationship, yet-”
>She pauses for a moment to read your faces before continuing
>”You two seem much closer than you say.”
>Tia gives you a pouty face
>”Yeah Anon, why is that?”
>Oh no they're ganging up on you
"You girls wanna watch a movie?"
>Supreme deflection
>They both quietly stare at you
>You quietly stare back
"I uh, it's...it's nothing."
>"Really, it's nothing?"
>Tia sits up from your lap
>"I'm sorry, I pried into something I shouldn't have."
>You slide down into the couch and scratch Chrys on the chin
"You're fine
>Her somber expression lifts a little
>You try to do the same to Tia but she lazily ducks your hand.
"Really, you're that mad?"
>"I'm not mad."
"You're acting like you are."
>She blows a few loose strands out of her face
>"I think I'm gonna go to bed."
"Did I say something wrong?"
>With a dim flash she disappears
>You look over at Chrysalis
"What did I say?"
>She clambers onto the couch and pats you on the back
”Welp, anything you wanna do?”
>”I’m fine just sitting here and, um... sorry for ruining the night.”
“You’re fine, she’s just huffy cause of what today is.”
>You rustle her mane which makes her grin
>”You should probably go talk to her.”
“And get myself in more trouble?”
>She gives you a half hearted smile
“It's probably better if I just leave it and apologize tomorrow when she’s less upset.”
>Chrys stays quiet with a neutral expression
“Okay okay fine.”
>You get up and make your way to Tia’s door
>You knock a few times and get no reply
“Hey, I know you're not asleep already.”
>No reply
>You wait a little but but still no reply so you open the door
“Hey I-”
>She’s not in there
>Let's not panic just yet
>You check your room next
>No sun horse either
>Panic time?
“Yeah, it’s panic time.”
>Wait, did you say that last part out loud?
>”Something wrong Anon?”
“Ummm, Tia is gone?”
>Chrys gives you a very confused look
>”W-what do you mean she’s gone?”
“She's not in my room or her room.”
>You open Chry’s room and peak in
>No such luck
“Hey Chrys, ever seen a panic attack before?”
>”No but I don't think I want to.”
>Come on dont think just move Anon
>You quickly run over to the door and grab your keys
“Come on, we're leaving.”
>She quickly trots outside with you
>You slam the door behind the two of you and help Chrys into the car as fast as you can
>And the search begins
>A couple laps around the neighborhood prove fruitless
>Come on Tia
>You swing by the shopping center from earlier.
"See anything Chrys?"
>"Hmmmm no. Is there somewhere important to her that she could've gone to?
"Not that I can think of. What did I even do for her to pull a stunt like this?"
>Why would she even do something like this?
>"You two were once an item right?
"Yeah, but that was a while ago and things are complicated now. What's it got to do with this?"
>You pull off to the side of the road and put the car in park
>"Well, you kinda sorta implied your current relationship is nothing to you."
>You bend forward and rest your forehead on the steering wheel
"I'm a dumbass aren't I?"
>You sigh and sink into your seat a little
>A couple fireworks explode in your peripheral vision, off in the distance
>"I've only known you for just over a day so I can't really say... but I think you mean well."
"Pfff, thanks. God, where the hell is she?"
>"Don't most ponies have tracking chip implants?"
>You're an idiot
>To your credit youve never had to use the app before so you completely forgot you even had it
>You quietly slide your phone out of your pocket
>She's at a nearby park
"I could kiss you right now Chrys."
>She lets out a small giggle.
>"I appreciate the sentiment but I'd rather not get you in any more trouble."
>You can't help but return a laugh
"Yeah that's fair."
>You put the car back in drive and use the speed signs as mere suggestions
>It doesn't take long to arrive at the park
>You see a few groups of people scattered around watching the fireworks
"There's way to many people here for Celestia to just be hanging around unnoticed."
>Chrysalis hums in agreement
>"She doesnt have her ring on right?"
"No, I took it off before dinner. Why?"
>You pull into the closest parking spot and continue looking.
>"Well, Celestia is no fool. I don't think she'd waltz around as a pony."
"Your point?….oh"
>Right as it clicks you see a lithe young woman sitting on a fence looking opposite of the rest of the crowed.
>She's not very far so you can easily make out her rosy pink hair and the little bit of ambient light gives you a clear enough view of her face
"Found her."
>Chrys follows your gaze to your target
>"What are you going to say?"
>You think for a moment as you lean back and close your eyes
>Really what can you say?
>Well besides 'sorry' and 'please come back'
>What if you can't convince her?
>You can't drag her kicking and screaming
>"Are you alright?"
>You look over at chrysalis who is lightly tapping you on the shoulder and has her head cocked to the side slightly.
>A half hearted laugh escapes from you.
"Yeah... yeah. I think I'm just gonna wing it."
>You open the car door
"Uh, stay here and uh, enjoy the fireworks I guess"
>She gives you and affirmative nod
>"Good luck."
"I need it."
>You shut and lock the door before casually strolling over to Tia from her blind side
>You feel like you're visibly sweating
>Once you're about a yard or two away you take a seat against the fence
>Prismatic flashes illuminate behind you every few seconds
>You look up at Tia, you dont think she's noticed you but if she has she hasn't said anything
>She probably doesn't have anything to say to you anyway.
>She just stares up at the increasingly hard to see moon thanks to the firework smoke and intermittent clouds
"Kinda getting hard to see it huh?"
>Your conversational skills are unmatched
"Still mad?"
>She sighs and swings her feet.
>"I'm not mad."

"What do you mean you're not mad? You ran away like... like an upset teenager."
>She hops down from her perch but maintains her line of sight on the celestial body in the sky
>"I mean exactly what I said Anon, I'm not mad. I'm just...I dunno, hurt? Disappointed?"
>You shimmy a little closer along the fence line
>"And I didn't 'run away' I had- er, have every intention of going back home."
>The timing between the fireworks gets a little shorter
"Then why'd you up and disappear without saying anything?"
>"I didnt think youd notice, you're a 'leave it till tomorrow' kinda guy so I figured I could just go. As for why, I just wanted to be alone for a bit."
>You feel a pang in your chest when she says the first part because she's absolutely right
"And you couldn't be alone in your room?"
>She visibly tenses up for a moment before relaxing and pointing up at the sliver of a moon hanging in the sky
>"I can't see it from my room, and the street lights muddle the sky too much to appreciate it."
>Tia puts her back against the fence and slides down to a sitting position
>She finally looks over at you
>Her soft pink eyes are a little puffy and slightly bloodshot.
"I'm sorry Tia."
>"Do you know what you're sorry for or are you just saying it?"
>You start to scoot a little closer but she scoots back an equal amount
"I'm sorry for...implying that whatever the hell our current relationship is, is nothing."
>She looks up at the sky for a few seconds before looking back at you.
>"She told you why I was upset didn't she?"
>Really hitting all the nails on the head tonight
"No! I looked deep in my heart and after some soul searching….yeah, yeah she did."
>You give her a half smile and she gives you a little one back.
>She makes her way over to you and sits between your legs
>"I guess while we're throwing out apologies then I'm sorry for earlier today."
"I'm not the one to apologize to."
>She gives you a low pouty groan.
>Baby steps
>It's been a long time since you've last been in this situation
>She pushes her back against you
>" I want a kiss."
>Here we go
"Request denied."
>"Just one?"
>As fun as it could be you have to steel yourself
>"Why not?"
>You try to scoot back but she's pinned you between herself and the fence
"This is why."
>She lets out a loud huff
>"Why do you hate me so much?"
>Her voice starts to tremble a little
>You wrap your arms around her shoulders and close your eyes
>Sometimes you forget how warm she is
>You’re heartbeat quickens a little
"You know I don't hate you Tia, quit being dramatic."
>She sighs
>"I know…"
>You both sit there quietly for a moment as the finale starts
>Neither of you turn to look as you'd rather focus on the moment.
>"Hey, do you think we uh...could try again sometime?"
>Well she's nothing if not persistent
"Ask me again when I'm not so upset with you."
>You can almost hear her smirk
>"You didn't say no."
"I know exactly what I said."
>You ruffle the top of her hair
“C’mon, let's get back home. Plus Chrys is in the car and I don't want her to accidentally put it in drive and mow down an innocent bystander.”
>“Ugh you brought her?”
“Hey, I wouldn't have found you without her.”
>”Fine, fine.”
“No complaining, now come here alley-oop.”
>You pick her up and throw her over your shoulder causing her to squeal with laughter
>You chuckle to yourself as you carry her to the car
>You're just happy she's safe and sound
>You set her down and she makes her way over to the passenger side
>Much to your surprise she doesn't react when she sees Chrysalis in the passenger seat and hops in the back
>Maybe she’s had the smallest change of heart
>Baby steps are important
Welp, sorry again that took so long
Hopefully this doesnt become a frequent issue

Finally got a better grasp on how i want things to go so fingers crossed
Also do we have a new place to temporarily plop updates since Ponepaste is down?
that was great apart from the >nohooves part.
It makes sense a changeling would be able to give some good relationship advice if they wanted to.
File: 6223218.png (319 KB, 3000x3000)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
Aww yiss it's bug time
I like how Tia's jealousy of not being Anon's only one makes her reconsider their relationship.
>I hope it's not another whole day of walking
That would definitely suck.
>You saw?!
>it's number two
Random scattered around shit smell town here we go!
>so we can drink?
From how advanced these people are its not going to be a bath.
>look, I need to go
If she can keep it a tiny bit longer it will show (again) that they are not stupid.
>What is he doing with us?
Dunno why Rainy Day was unsure what the guy is doing, it was pretty obvious.
>donkeys approaching from the camp
And this ends the sorta private(ish) times.
>She gave the hunter a pleading look.
That won't work. These guys have 0 empathy.
>I need some privacy
That's not going to happen.
>There was no more choice.
The humiliation! Also Rainy Day will have to do nr2 sooner than later.
>By pure luck she had gotten her tail out of the way in time.
Is she doing it the first time or what?
>"Wait, I didn't- gah!"
Again 0 empathy that its another sentient creature, and a much more advanced one at that.
Btw, they lucked out with these two. If it were two unicorns this won't have gone the way this is gone.
>gave him his switch
I never heard "switch" in this context. I hade to look it up and turns out it does translates to "a long and thin stick" in my language too.
>The second flick
He treats them like animals still. All the cooperation will have to come from the ponies, I don't even know what these humans want with them.
>the shame of it all was quickly driving Mayor to her limit
>She charged at him
From how quickly the guy was able to evade shows that they were not in deep waters.
>There was no stopping her sobbing screams now.
Poor girl.
These quys seem super stupid btw. They have two other sentient creatures. Ok there is a language barrier, but so far none tried to gesticulate, or to communicate at all.
>He'd just keep beating her until she obeyed
That he will do how stupid he is.
>ran in that Celestia-damned circle
Dunno if I should consider this proper "communication" or not. He treated her as an animal, he did not try to "teach" a common language, nor said any control words which Mayor can maybe pick up. He just wanted to have his fun basically.

>but I can do a bath scene even under these circumstances
Well, you are not far from it. Just get them dirty, like really really dirty, then let the guy drag them further into the river.
Hm or does the bath scene involve an actual bath and the human cleaning the pony? Both will be tricky, they are definitely too stupid to have a concept of what a bath, and from what you shown us so far they don't really care about the ponies.

Thanks for the update!
I'm not sure what kind of humongously retarded faggot Anon is to *not* want Celly.
Please provide backstory because at this point it's getting suspension-of-disbelief breaking.
File: derpy is best maid.jpg (61 KB, 700x733)
61 KB
Have we ever had a green where pony slaves weren't a common thing, but a pony is just so obsessed with the REGALITY and DIGNITY of the idea of being a maid that she forces anon to essentially take her on as one?
Would such a green even fit in with this thread?
I just watched Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid and it kinda inspired me a bit
Well, there was Coffie in the boat green.
damn, I don't know that one. Do you know when ponepaste will be back? Or what the specific title of this green might be, that I might search for it on desu?
File: Spoiler Image (129 KB, 522x934)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
>sunny still likes him after all the retardation
When is buggy gonna do the thing?
File: 1559429094903.jpg (30 KB, 403x403)
30 KB
>Do you know when ponepaste will be back?
How the fuck would I know? Read the fan site alt thread.
thank you for bug
i enjoy bug
File: 2560082.png (188 KB, 1080x1080)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
it seems I've posted my captcha
File: sipp.jpg (102 KB, 563x600)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Its okay
We're all dumb here
File: 1523487174749.png (1.61 MB, 1500x2016)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
File: 210593.png (885 KB, 2522x3450)
885 KB
885 KB PNG
File: discomfort.png (295 KB, 827x621)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
I want to wash the pony.
File: 1587256455412.png (471 KB, 880x1024)
471 KB
471 KB PNG
This week fucking killed me. Green tomorrow I hope.
>"You ready for a pony ride?"
>suggestive eyebrow waggling
Poner is gonna get her internet access filtered. Can't have her corrupting the young master.
File: 2502398.png (310 KB, 1246x1418)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
Young master is already corrupted
Have him punish the pone for corrupting him
File: 2593055.png (1.72 MB, 2000x1647)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
A good girl!
File: 1626729270793.jpg (418 KB, 3000x3000)
418 KB
418 KB JPG
Humans cant resist this fluff
That's why she's getting so many stories
File: 1626035800132.gif (89 KB, 428x428)
89 KB
File: Ez2QcO6XIAc-N1F.png (398 KB, 1836x1368)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
Humans arent the only ones
File: 1592530503093.png (1.02 MB, 2000x1600)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
File: 11643223445.jpg (261 KB, 2232x2121)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
where can I find the start of this story and what is it about
Gonna need to be more specific friend
We've got 200+ stories here https://poneb.in/cqLCYveb
If you're new to the thread, pick something in the popular stories bin to start you off: https://poneb.in/vsnYXKba
Fire and Sky is a good first green
File: 2604399.jpg (103 KB, 1324x1174)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>taking a bath after the first round
Novice mistake, you're supposed to take the bath with your master in case of a second round, at least you can get clean and the master will lovely wash the bedfilly after the second round and remember with human stamina a third round can happen
Very important chart
File: 1626636462314.jpg (191 KB, 660x744)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
I have my doubts I'll succeed, but I'm trying to work up the nerve to write a story of some substance. If you are so inclined, would some of you reply to this post with characters and premises and settings that haven't been used yet? Might help.
File: spitfire_infograph.jpg (195 KB, 1200x958)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
daily reminder that pegasi are the lewdest ponies
a story from the perspective of fleetfoot being adopted as anon's third pony
the other two are RD and Spitfire
Spitfire is either resigned to the situation or happy anon is a 'good master'
RD acknowledges anon's ok, but loathes that anon won't let her go (she'll just be recaptured) and hates living in a cage
fleetfoot needs to decide whether or not she lets her two squadmates' opinions color her own of anon and her situation or to make her own judgement
fleetfoot is pretty much a blank slate regarding characterization, so go wild with whatever you want
Luna as a slave. There was one promising green which was abandoned, and one in progress shitty one.
There was not many Aj, Rainbow, Pinkie, Rarity ones either. 99% is some background pony, oc or Twilight.
Ponies intentionally got enslaved. Reasons for why they did that are up to you. Maybe they did to take over humanity from the inside using their charming appearance. Luna or Cadence could be one of the main characters. Hell, it would be great to see more Luna or Cadence-focused /spg/ greens.
smol update

>You stare down at Gilda, mouthing a 'shut up' and face fat Will.
>He slowly waddles past you.
>>"Lock it up and see me in my office."
"Alright, sir, I will bring /her/ to back."
>He leaves the room without giving you another look.
"You heard the man, Gilda."
>"Yeah it is clearly him that is the man, dweeb."
>Taking the cups and the collar into your hands you sit up.
>She is still sitting on the floor.
>Fuck it.
>You walk to the entrance, lock it up and walk past catbird.
"I'll check what he wants."
>You set her cup on the counter and leave the room.

>Just past the broom closet you knock on the office door and enter the room.
>"How do I start?"
>You know exactly how you are gonna start.
>"When you came here I gave you a chance," he rests his head on his hands, "I wanted to show you the ropes."
>Talk faster!
>"But this display..."
>"You are supposed to sell the goods and not play with them."
>"Sales have been going down. And now that chimera is back. Why is it back?"
"Mr. Miller returned her earlier."
>"No refu-"
"We annulled the contract."
>"He damaged /it/?"
"That is why I gave her an icepack."
>His hand brushes through his mustache.
>"You took photos?"
>"Of the damage."
>"This is what I am talking about. The first thing you do is documentation and ice-packs aren't free, neither is coffee."
"It is my coffee."
>"Is it your water and your electricity?"
>He presses himself back into his leather chair.
>"I wasted enough money feeding this creature."
>He just looks at you and you scratch the back of your neck.
"Mr. Miller said you are going to hear from his lawyer."
>He takes out a small camera from one of his drawers and puts it on the desk.
>"The photos. I'm going to have a friend assess the damage."
>One mail to one of his doctor buddies and 150$.
>You step forward and take the camera.
"And Anon, please clean up the place we are closing early today. Unlike you I have been busy."
>When was the last time you sold anything?
>You take a long deep breath.
>"You can go once you are done and please come in early tomorrow, you got an errand to run."
>You look at the clock on the wall.
>It is one hour until you close normally. The means you'll be home 30 early.
>Unusually generous of him.
>"You are a good kid, Anon. I know you can do better."
>Oh come on.
"I'll take the photos then."
Thank you", he says as he turns back to the his computer.
>You turn around and leave his office.
>Then you check your watch.
>You get behind the display cases and open the latches.
"Alright girls, day is over!"
>The ponies wander out of the displays one by one and start eagerly chatting with each other.
>Some of them look and you and giggle.
>A group of ponies assembles behind you and you lead them to the old lunch room.
>Since there are no more employees that use it it is now some kind of recreation room for the ponies with a TV that shows the human-equestrian-friendship channel non-stop.
>10 hours a day there are pictures of happy groups of humans and ponies and success stories of them working together.
>Five by five yards with barred windows, a sink, some furniture and a bare minimum of things to keep them somewhat occupied.
>Note to self: Get new paper and crayons.
>Gilda is already sitting on the couch and the ponies swarm her, asking her how she is and how she was, there laughter and giggles and hugs.
>Guess ponies can even turn griffons to social creatures.
>You turn off the television and the whole gang looks at you.
"Were closing early today so have a nice evening, girls."
>"What is going on?"
"I have no fucking idea."
>"But it's so early!"
"You can just play some board games."
>>"That's boring! Silky Rose wins all the time!"
>>>"I rust read the rules!"
>>>>"Bet you cheat!"
>>>"Do not!"
>>>>"Do too!"
"Girls! Girls! Listen I have an appointment tomorrow so just do me a solid here. I'll take you out this weekend okay?"
>There are some "YAY"s to be heard.
>You take out the camera and get over to Gilda an the couch.
"Hey Beak, time for a photoshooting."
>The big ball of fur and feathers groans at you.
"Hey, it's no big deal just one two pictures and we're done."
>She groans again.
"Look at the bright side, we do this to make Mr. Miller pay."
>You see her eyes dart to the top left.
>"Let' get it over with, dweeb."
>You take two pictures of her full size, then a couple of her black eye, the bruised spots.
>Pushing your fingers between the featers of her neck she bark "hurry up, creep."
>She clenches her mouth shut and her eyes are locked on a spot on the ceiling.
>You take a picture of the pressure marks and comb hair feathers back down.
"Good girl."
>She whips her tail at you and turns back to the couch without another word.
>You wish your ponies a nice day and turn around to leave the room and lock it up.
>Your feet carry you to the sales room and you start cleaning up.
>Gilda's collar is still on the ground but her cup is on the counter.
>You put it drawer of the counter and start cleaning up.
"Fuck this job," you say to yourself.
File: 1626275054625.png (715 KB, 731x1024)
715 KB
715 KB PNG
The notion of multiple slaves having conflicting relationships with their owner never occurred to me before. Yes, I'll certainly take that into account.

I was just thinking that I missed that one Luna green that ended up going kaput. Luna it is.

Yes, I like this. Thank you, all of you.
i have a feeling that Gilda will either join as an "employee" selling ponies or Anon will take her in
>shift is over
>qt mares off their displays, chatting and giggling
>break room complete with coloring books and board games
Fucking adorable
It's a little bit hard to name the exact pony/circumstance combinations we haven't had by this point; now that Ponepaste is back, you can skim our master story list for names and see which aren't there. But I'd also say one enormous gap in our roster are stories where they aren't slaves on modern-day Earth: Out of 200-ish stories, I can only think of maybe 6-8 that aren't that (including AWF's caveman thing he's writing now). So any stories which:
>Aren't set on Earth, particularly ones set on Equestria
>Take place in historical or future times, rather than just near-present-day
>Don't involve Earth whatsoever, or just have humans existing on the pony world
>Some combination of the above
- are pretty good bets for putting you on good 'original' ground. Be inventive with your settings: Do humans have magic to? If it's historical, how do ponies

I'd also especially say consider ideas where someone buys a pony who can actually do meaningful work for them, not just the stereotypical 'feels bad for them' or 'to clean up around the house': A middle-ages farmer gets himself a nice sturdy erfpon. Pegasi serving as messengers to some warlord-king who conquered some part of Equestria. Unicorns as high-tech zero-G repairsponies in space.
File: 1174534346.jpg (1.08 MB, 1280x720)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
Don't worry.
We found a very reliable pony to raise him.
Anon is a retard who can't talk to people then his family gives him slave pony. What happen?
Something like this
File: 1624647341966.jpg (484 KB, 1652x1905)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
>poner maid cafe
Maybe the weebs were onto something here
File: 2421506.png (97 KB, 518x604)
97 KB
All equestrians are required by law to wear clothing while in public.
she isn't wearing pants.. LEWD
I can see windsprint being really lovely with young master, but not being the one starting being lewd with him. I see her more teaching about sex-ed when she catch her young master masturbating.
File: goodbedfilly.png (998 KB, 2605x3582)
998 KB
998 KB PNG
do panties count
Damn what I wouldn’t give to pound that maid mare’s ponut
Not actually if
>He fell for it
>bait on the bait
File: 1840576.png (890 KB, 2000x2409)
890 KB
890 KB PNG
>falling for it
Theres nothing wrong with making love with a qt little mare. Especially when shes such a good girl.
File: 1116345347.png (1.59 MB, 1300x1300)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
A cute!
File: qt_socks.png (1.45 MB, 1565x1853)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
File: Petting.jpg (748 KB, 2425x1649)
748 KB
748 KB JPG
File: medium (2).png (305 KB, 800x523)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
Gotta put socks on your pone in winter.
Winters on earth are colder than in Equestria.
You know, out of all the times I've seen this image I've never noticed she has earrings before.
>Would you let pony get piercings?
>Winters on earth are colder than in Equestria.
>inb4 we have a chronic windigo infestation
It would explain some things, wouldn't it?

Sure, why not? At least as long as it isn't excessive and at least somewhat tasteful.
>>”Yeah but I'm tired and my hair is still messy, can’t we do whatever it is tomorrow? Plus everyone is probably y'know, out celebrating."
Celebrating what?
>inb4 pony/human relationships destroy the windigos in our world
>inb4 that was pony master plan all along
somehow looks male
Out celebrating the anniversary of Equestria's surrender, sorry if i didn't make that clear
Dammit, just realized i was supposed to post Mayor Mare, but I'm already in bed. First thing tomorrow morning. Yesterday was a holiday so today kinda feels like Monday...
Stay in the bed
*shows whip in hand*
>Pony stares at you, jaw dropped and wide-eyed.
>"You mean... you can't hear them? Their howling?"
"I mean, the wind can get pretty wild..."
>"B-But - the hatred. They feed on hatred. How could your civilization ever exist..."
"Weeell, we're not exactly 24/7 peaceful, but we manage."
>"You should all be freezing to death!"
"Oh, yeah. Well, that used to happen. But we got really good at keeping warm, you know?"
>Pony wonders what kind of eldritch horrors she has just been enslaved by that they can just shrug off Windigos.
you good fampai

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