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File: 236064.png (1.42 MB, 778x1100)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare.

"Derpy Express" edition

Old thread: >>37166372

Ongoing greens:

Dreams to Dream by Stabbythesnowman (NMM)
https://ponepaste.org/4197 (part 2)

Shape Your Home by PoneGreen
https://ponepaste.org/477 (Part 1)
https://ponepaste.org/478 (Part 2)
https://ponepaste.org/479 (Part 3)
https://ponepaste.org/480 (Part 4)
https://ponepaste.org/4466 (April Fools' interlude)

Completed/on hiatus/ded greens:

Assistant to the Night Court by lmone6 (Luna)

The Recruiter (epilogue) by pentapony

Hallmark Dream-a by lmone6

Stories by Pentapony

Carl's Hardened Heart by Reggiesomething

"Fleetfooted" by SadBoy

Stories by Aftercase

Stories by AnthonyC4

Stories by Horse Story Anon

Stories by YukkuriPalehorse

Rainbow Dash and the Ghosts of Hearts & Hooves Day by Lonesome Rider

Stories by Trandhal: https://ponepaste.org/user/trandhal

Rocks out of the Quarry: https://poneb.in/aX2C686i

Stories by Tsar Anon: https://poneb.in/BnjZqwM3

Stories by Angry Wino: tinyurl dot com slash vskmqfx

Stories by Crabs of Steam: https://poneb.in/u/Crabs_of_steam

The Broken Carousel (Part 1): https://ponepaste.org/1541
(Twilight Sparkle Interlude 1): https://ponepaste.org/1543
(Part 2): https://ponepaste.org/1542
(Twilight Sparkle Interlude 2): https://ponepaste.org/1544

This Heart That Fears


Low Self-Esteem AJ

All I want from christmas

Couch Surfing

A collection of misc. green since the 1st thread
File: derp.jpg (103 KB, 833x1024)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
I'm diehard Lunafag and even I know I'd be extremely lucky to have Derpy if Luna was already taken or not my match. She's such a good pony.
Was the artist behind the oppic of the draw thread behind the “Derpy is God” story or something?
File: 1621026993816.png (123 KB, 900x900)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
>What I love about husbandos is
Mare in the sky.
>That was demonstrated when Anon seemingly looked at an empty patch of space
Ah, I remember now.
>devices in the side story
But those can be "fake" ones, influencing only the ponies optical augmentations.
Yes please. Trip is optional, but a name is a must when posting green imho.
File: file.png (11 KB, 678x278)
11 KB
File: wew.png (15 KB, 667x242)
15 KB
File: 2362907.png (606 KB, 1109x1191)
606 KB
606 KB PNG
Thankfully I've got tomorrow off, I can finally push out this Dreams to Dream update I've been writing, sorry for the delay over the last couple days, work has been draining me dry, and just not enough time to write without fucking up my sleep schedule.
I've never seen that picture before and Derpy is absolutely cute as a button, would snuggle.
File: nicemaremoon.png (1.21 MB, 1280x796)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
I'm super excited, Nyrmani is such a good hoers.
>But those can be "fake" ones, influencing only the ponies optical augmentations.
Theoretically possible, but Anon saw his "own" limbs disappearing too.
>Yes please. Trip is optional, but a name is a must when posting green imho.
Okay. I'll make a secure one for the next update then. And I'd rather prefer a trip as to avoid other people using the name for shitposting, like one Anon demonstrated in the tech thread when the thing got cracked.
File: 2373070.gif (500 KB, 692x519)
500 KB
500 KB GIF
You work in construction, right?
Do they call you in or is the schedule just that bad?
File: IMG_2997.jpg (850 KB, 2000x1333)
850 KB
850 KB JPG
I work for a manufacturer of high-flow/volume polyurethane pipe. I work 12 hour night shifts on a rotating schedule. The long hours suck but I only work like 15 days a month and every other weekend is 3 days, so I can't really complain, it's just long, draining work.
But I use the time to think of story ideas and dialog for cute green.
Try to take my mare and her younger sister at your peril.
File: 2283252.jpg (86 KB, 680x680)
86 KB
mare enjoys her downtime
File: 1622662552628.jpg (181 KB, 1280x1517)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Moon mare.
(Now with picture.)
Light or dark?
>Light and dark?
ftfy, and the answer is Yes
>moon mare
>"When the clock strikes, half past six hey.."
File: mare.jpg (1.3 MB, 800x1236)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
confession time: I don't like lewding ponies
I wouldn't mind having foals with my waifu, she's the most beautiful thing on my mind, but I prefer bonding cute moments way more than just >horse pussy
>I prefer bonding cute moments
As in, reading some cozy greens/imagining such moments with her? Any tips how to do the latter? Sucks that there is a pony I like, but have to rely on third party writeanons to think of stories with her.
>reading some cozy greens/imagining such moments with her
>Any tips how to do the latter?
uhh.. I use my imagination
>but have to rely on third party writeanons to think of stories with her
Why? Do you have Aphantasia? It shouldn't be that hard, I guess you can use >>37271981.
Things that help me are my journal where I write to her everyday (and then read it out while looking at her), and imagining "what would she think" while doing everyday things
get a load of this degenerate and his hoofholding
I love the idea of pair-bonding with mare, whatever from that may take, be it PLOWING ANOTHER FOAL INTO HER OR BREAKING THE BEDFRAME TRYING or discussing how the workday went over espresso and biscuits or holding her close as we drift off to contented slumber.
File: 2653799.jpg (118 KB, 1280x921)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
>ponepaste dies and takes most of my progress with it literally two days later
My bad for not updating the backup doc, I suppose
We'll try again this week
>reproductive sex
spoiler that shit dude you're going to get us nuked
Mare attac.
File: 1250802_cropped.png (658 KB, 1280x601)
658 KB
658 KB PNG
You wanna drive her nuts?
Does anyone have Love and Muffins saved?
Ponepaste is down.
That's really unfortunate.
File: 2622162.png (198 KB, 1886x1966)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
Bonding outside of sex is very based and wholesomepilled.
File: 1622683568503.jpg (95 KB, 557x605)
95 KB
>pierced dock
File: Is this zibba serious.png (235 KB, 435x474)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
>piercings anywhere but the ear
Based disdain poster.
File: Cheeks 1.png (62 KB, 510x471)
62 KB
mare cheeks
Would you a vampire mare?
Doesn't have to be the lethal variety.
The nonlethal 'taking some drops' type is much more fitting for Equestria anyway.
>She's about to bite into a fat roll
File: batmilkk.jpg (311 KB, 1024x1024)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Jokes on you, gentle affectionate bloodplay is my fetish!
File: upper crust.jpg (58 KB, 416x364)
58 KB
mare cheeks
File: 1194434.png (121 KB, 760x1052)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
Look at this tuft, I wonder what it smells like?
File: 1242032.png (213 KB, 665x801)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
Uh oh, what's in the letter Derpy?
File: wtf.png (12 KB, 360x156)
12 KB
went through the Ponepaste archive to see my story before I drop the update, and why is Dreams to Dream the only green I've seen where all of the commas and quotation marks are fucked up like this?
My other three shorter greens are fine but it's only Part 1 and Part 2 where they are messed up.
Kinda confused.
Welcome to character encoding hell. Use ASCII only next time, not fancy ` and similar stuff.
sweat, disinfectant, coffee that's been on a hot plate too long, a background note of vomit that didn't get rinsed all the way out
There might be something mildly wrong with me that i'd still enjoy hugging her dispite that smell.
File: 1623352692334.jpg (144 KB, 582x473)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
>Dear sir, we regret to inform you...
I've done a quick fix so it's readable for now.
I know the " at the beginning of the dialogue is a closing quote but I don't have the time to go through it all.
...that your waifu joins the Super Smash Bros. tournament
File: 1620871099599.png (456 KB, 453x373)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
you've got a bad case of loving mares
File: IMG_3021.jpg (332 KB, 1500x1000)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
You sir are a man among men, have a comfy pic of Celly get slep.
File: cel 316.png (325 KB, 1000x300)
325 KB
325 KB PNG
praise be upon her
I was made for lovin (mare), baby

working as intended
This mare is so cash.
File: ded.gif (1.01 MB, 541x403)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB GIF
dr she have husbando deprivation wat do
We must euthanize, no husbando available and she will only suffer without
a pint of ice cream and a PET scan
Anyone else feel that this place is the last refuge for the small part of you that is still loving and caring?
Kinda? I think this thread gets currently shaded by the general mare posting on the board, albeit this thread seems to be much more serious about mares than these MARE! poster anons.
File: 2324884.jpg (122 KB, 2098x1580)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Once again, sorry about the long wait lads, but it's Dreams to Dream update time.

>Celestia sat in her chair, calmly sipping from the glass of water that sat on the conference table in front of her.
>Mere minutes after Anonymous and Nýrmáni had departed from the conference room, Cadence had come to her and had demanded the Equestrian Council of Economics be gathered for a meeting immediately
>She’d had an idea of what her young adopted niece was planning but had relented, sending couriers to each member with the message to gather in this room as quickly as possible for a meeting of the utmost importance.
>Her eyes wandered over the other ponies seated around the large table, at which she sat at the head of, finding horror and complete shock reflected in most of their expressions at the words that had just left Princess Cadence.
>Princess Cadence sat at the far end of the table directly opposite her, an expression of quiet anger and cunning written on her muzzle.
>One of the shocked economic ministers finally found his voice. “So you… you’re going to do what?”
>”You heard me the first time, you all did.” Cadence’s voice was low and deadly serious.
>“As of this moment, I have sent notices of withdrawal to all of the Crystal Shapers in Canterlot and Equestria proper for them to return to the Crystal Empire, and for all exports of raw magical crystals and other goods to be halted immediately.”
>”B-but you can’t do that!” Another mare cried, this one Celestia recognized from the joke of a ‘Special Session of Congress’ that had occurred only two hours earlier.
>Cadence’s glare shifted to the mare, and the smaller unicorn wilted back in her seat from the intensity of it.
>”I can’t? I can, and I will. While Celestia, Luna, and Twilight are the Princess of Equestria, I am the Princess of the Crystal Empire. While our two countries share very close diplomatic and economic ties, myself and my subjects are not yours to control or pass rules over, that is up to me alone.”
>”And before you ask,” Cadence held up a hoof as several of the Ministers opened their mouths to speak, “Equestria is not our only customer for our goods. The Dragon Lord Ember, her subjects, and the Griffon Empire love their bits, but they love our crystals more.”
>”I know for a fact that they’ll all be delighted to purchase the surplus of crystals that Equestria has just lost due to the stupidity and arrogance of their Congress, and I know that the common ponies of Equestria will be sure to let them know of this in the upcoming elections.”
>The silence following Cadence’s quiet yet impassioned words was damning, and the rest of the ministers glanced worriedly at each other with wide eyes.
>”What about your Initiative?” Another pony asked, his voice quiet, almost fearful.
>”What if we, the Congress, prevent these ‘matched’ mares from immigrating?” Another asked, his fur ruffled and his face red with rage.
>”I believe,” Celestia spoke for the first time since the meeting had started, setting her glass of water down on the immaculately polished table. “That my sister and I still control immigration rules, policies, and standards; no mare will be barred from immigrating if they wish to do so.”
>The stallion turned his head towards her, a look of surprise replacing his anger.
>Cadence smiled at Celestia for a brief moment, before returning her look of indignation to the ponies assembled before her.
>”Whine and complain all you want but Equestria will not be receiving a single magical crystal, any ponies who can make them, or any other of our other luxury goods until the Congress reaffirms the legitimacy of the Human Immigration Initiative, and gives a complete and formal apology for their… cowardly and abhorrent attempts to punish an innocent mare for crimes she has already paid for.”
>Celestia had to hold in the chuckle she wanted so much to give, seeing the ponies who thought so highly of themselves completely and hopelessly out of their depth.
>It was very refreshing after the stress the morning had given her.
>Cadence stood, and the four Crystal Pony guards that had been sitting behind her stood as well.
>”With that, I will be taking my leave. If the Congress wishes to contact me, the Crystal Empire’s embassy here in Canterlot will gladly send any messages to me as quickly as possible. Good day.”
>With that, the pink alicorn and her guards turned and left, the large, stained-oak doors shutting behind them with a resounding bang.
>Almost instantly, as if Cadence’s departure had broken some kind of spell, the Economic Ministers went into a chaotic uproar, shouting questions at each other, to Celestia, or simply trying to coordinate with the calmer ponies on what to do next.
>Celestia sat back in her chair even more, taking another sip of her water to hide the small smile she could no longer hide.
>”Princess Celestia, is there nothing you can do?”
>The pony who asked her the question looked at her, eyes wide with terror with the realization of what had just occurred.
>Celestia gave all of the ponies her trademark, motherly smile and gentle tone.
>”Well there is nothing I can do directly to correct this; the Congress has created this issue and it is out of my jurisdiction and authority to directly fix it.”
>”I will try to talk to her of course, leader to leader, but I do not believe I can convince her to do anything now, the Congress must fix this problem on their own.” She hid her chuckle behind a quiet cough.
>Thankfully the other ponies around the table were too busy panicking to notice.
>”W-well, what do we do then?” Another asked her, seemingly near tears.
>”I believe that Princess Cadence has already told you what must occur for these economic ties to be mended and I do not doubt her honor, she does keep her word after all.”
>None of the ponies caught this subtle jab as they hurriedly and apprehensively began to talk amongst themselves.
>”I would take this news to the Congress as quickly as possible.” Celestia stood, stretching her wings as she let out a small yawn. “It would not surprise me to find out that Princess Cadence will have all of her ponies out of Equestria by the time I sit down for lunch, she is nothing if not determined and efficient.”
>”I-i-it won’t matter if we tell them all now, the Congress won’t be convening for another three weeks!” A stallion yelled out as Celestia slowly trotted to the doors.
>Looking over her shoulder, Celestia gave them all a look of stony neutrality for the first time.
>“Equestria survived without the Crystal Empire’s exports for centuries. I’m sure it will survive for three weeks or a little longer without them. It is up to the Congress to fix the mess they have made.”
>As the Congress ponies sat and stood silently in shock and horror, Celestia exited the room and softly closed the doors behind her.
>She stood alone in the hallway. Cadence and her guards were nowhere to be found.
>Smiling openly for the first time since the meeting had started, Celestia trotted down the hall, listening to the panic erupting from inside the conference room she had just left.
>The Equestrian Congress would fall into absolute chaos when they heard the news of the Crystal Empire’s economic withdrawal from Equestria.
>More importantly, the local businesses throughout Equestria that had grown around and depended on these imports would raise absolute Tartarus with them when Celestia announced Cadence’s decision in the Court later in the day.
>Celestia’s smile grew brighter when she saw Twilight Sparkle trotting around the corner, the younger mare smiling as she saw her.
>”How did the meeting go?” Twilight asked, raising an eyebrow as the doors to the conference room flew open and ponies began to gallop down the halls in their panic.
>”Oh, the usual for the Congressional Economic Committee, but I believe that Cadence’s actions might actually make them do something useful for a change.” In a few moments the two of them were once again alone.
>Twilight shook her head. “She, Shining Armor, and Spike went to go pick up Flurry Heart from mom and dad’s house and then they’re leaving. Spike went with them to spend the weekend with mom and dad and I’m sure they’ll spoil him even more.”
>The young alicorn sighed as they entered the main foyer. ”Cadence told me what she’s doing and I can’t rightly blame her honestly, the Congress has had this coming for a long while.”
>Celestia opened her mouth to reply but suddenly a chill went down her spine, and a folded piece of paper popped into existence in front of her muzzle in a flash of orange fire.
>”What is it?” Twilight asked after overcoming her momentary shock as Celestia caught the folded paper, opened it, and began to read the message it carried.
>Celestia smiled down at her former student. ”Thankfully good news, Anon and Nýrmáni are getting their care package. A little later than I said it would arrive but she apparently has more to deliver than she originally thought she would.”
>”Who is delivering it to them?” Twilight asked as the two of them made their back down the hall to where the exits were.
>”Oh Twilight, isn’t an old mare like me entitled to a few secrets?” Celestia chuckled as Twilight sputtered and went red slightly.
>”Suffice to say that the two of them are in capable hooves. I would trust my life to this mare, she won’t let them down.”
>As the two of them exited the large marble corridors of the Hall of Congress and into the bright late-morning sunshine, Celestia’s private carriage awaited them.
>”Also, about what I wanted to tell you when we first arrived this morning, well…” Twilight suddenly looked almost afraid to speak.
>”What happened?” Celestia asked, concern filling her voice as the two of them entered and got settled in their seats.
>”Well, I think I have a suspicion about some of the guards who were working crowd control in the main plaza.”
>Celestia’s eyes narrowed dangerously as the carriage doors shut and it began to lift off the ground as the pegasi pulling it began their trip to Canterlot Castle.
>”Tell me more, Twilight.”
>The landscape was beautiful, in a completely uninhabited snowy northern mountains semi-tundra wasteland kind of way.
>Anon shivered involuntarily as he looked around him again, the snow still silently falling from the gray, cloudy sky as he and Nýrmáni made their way down from the peak they had appeared on.
>Thankfully the slope wasn’t steep enough to accidentally slide on, and there didn’t seem to be any ice on the rocks under the layer of featureless snow so he wasn’t worried about slipping and falling too much.
>Nýrmáni was faring better than him, thanks to her quadruple nature and the fact that she was seemingly immune to the cold that was currently cutting its way through his light jacket and pants like a hot knife through butter.
“W-where is the ‘old friend’ who Celestia said w-was supposed to show up? It’s been over an hour since we started hiking down h-here.”
>Nýrmáni stopped and turned to look at him, her expression growing worrisome at his shivering body and rosy cheeks.
>”I am sorry, I should have remembered sooner that you are more susceptible to temperatures than I, but your words are true, perhaps there has been some delay? But no matter, let’s go to that copse of trees over yonder, it looks like it may provide some respite from the falling snow, yes?
>Trotting back to his side, she wrapped one wing firmly around him and with a small crack and a flash of bright cyan light, the two of them appeared amidst the tall pines in a flurry of displaced snow.
>Anon coughed several times and nearly fell over from the shock. He’d never experienced teleportation before and the sensation nearly made him pass out.
>As his vision went blurry, a strong pair of forehooves and wings caught him, pulling him close to Nýrmáni’s chest
>Nýrmáni sat and held Anon close, wrapped in the warm embrace of her wings with only his head peeking out under her own.
>”I did not realize that you would react to teleportation so. We… I am not being the best communicator am I?” He could almost feel the remorse flowing off of her.
“You could work on it some…”
>Anon’s grumpy tone faded with his dizziness at the warmth that Nýrmáni gave off, the chill that had been seeping into his flesh for the past hour or so fading with every second that passed.
“Give me more warm hugs like this and you’re forgiven, and at least the snow isn’t really falling under here.” He said as he looked from within his feathery blanket as he sat and leaned back further in Nýrmáni’s chest.
>Nýrmáni hummed in agreement, the feeling of it vibrating against his back further warming him up.
>”It is… different here, from Luna’s memories at least.” She said quietly, her chin resting on top of his hood-covered head.
“It’s been like three or four thousand years since they’ve been here, right? A lot of things can change in that amount of time.”
>”So it would seem…” Nýrmáni let her thought trail off as the two of them sat in the shade of the snow covered pines, with only the occasional snowflake drifting through the trees to fall in around them.
>Nýrmáni twitched behind him as one of the bags she held suddenly began to glow with a bright yellow light, and Anon stumbled out of her wings and hooves as the alicorn quickly held the bag out in front of her.
“I bet it’s the teleportation charm, get it out of the bag!” Anon yelled as Nýrmáni unzipped and removed the glowing charm, holding it with her magic.
>”What should we do with it?” She squeaked out, her body leaning away from the charm as it began to emit bright sparks, which fell to the ground and sizzled through the snow.
“Toss it over there or something.” He pointed a short distance away, and the charm went flipping through the air to land in a small cloud of steam amongst the snow.
>There was a flash and crack like a lightning strike, and Anon wasn’t quick enough to cover his eyes.
>Vision temporarily shot, he could feel one of Nýrmáni’s wings pull him close again as his vision slowly began to clear, and heard her shout out a challenge.
>”Who are you? Are you the one Celestia spoke of?”
>As the last of the stars left his vision, he could see a light tannish-grey mare in a winter jacket and a wool hat standing where the teleportation charm had landed, the snow around her had been blasted away and she stood on dried, tan grass.
>She was hitched to a small wagon, which seemed full to bursting, only the straps and a single grey tarp kept whatever was inside of it from overflowing completely.
>The mare shivered for a moment from the cold, then turned her head to look at him and Nýrmáni with a smile.
>”Yup, that’s me, sorry for the delay, but I ended up bringing more than I initially thought.”
“Wait, Bon Bon? You’re the one Celestia said was an ‘old friend’? Hahaha!” He couldn’t help but laugh as Nýrmáni and Bon Bon looked at him strangely.
>”I don’t even want to know.” The Earth Pony muttered under her breath as she unhitched herself from the cart and trotted towards them.
>”Again, sorry about the longer wait, but once Starlight got everypony back to Ponyville, most of them wanted to help you somehow but didn’t know how they could.”
>”Princess Luna stopped in directly afterwards to thank us for our support, and told them all that a pony would be going to give you some supplies and well…” She gestured to the absolutely stuffed wagon behind her, “It kinda got out of hoof. A lot of ponies pitched in stuff.”
>”That… that is…” Nýrmáni’s eyes went wide at Bon Bon’s words and to Anon it looked like she might start crying, but then she coughed softly into one hoof and held her head high.
>”That is indeed a wonderful thing that the ponies have done, what is all in there?”
>”A bunch of stuff, honestly, they were all very enthusiastic about helping you two.”
“So,” Anon said, asking the question that had been building in his mind. “Who all knows where we are?”
>Bon Bon rolled her eyes upwards in thought. “The Princesses, Shining Armor, that nurse who was helping you apparently, and one or two other ponies as far as I know.”
>”They don’t want word of your location spreading apparently. Kinda an out of sight, out of mind kind of thing I guess.”
>Anon nodded to himself, then tapped his backpack, right where the journal that Celestia and Luna had given him sat safe from the snow.
“And what if we need help? Or if there is an emergency of some kind?”
>”Oh that journal thingy? They gave their matching book to me. They’re trying to project the image that they ‘banished’,” She made quotation marks with her hooves, “You to be alone with no communication whatsoever.”
>The mare smirked at the two of them.
>”Privately, however, if you need anything, just write in it and I’ll get the word to them, they don’t want a direct connection to you two in case the Congress tries to do anything else stupid or if they’re questioned about it.”
>”Though after what just happened, I doubt they will.” She chucked sinisterly.
>”What happened to them?” Nýrmáni asked, shaking her head slightly to dislodge some errant flakes of snow from her head and neck.
>”Well, Princess Cadence, as Princess of the Crystal Empire, just withdrew all economic ties to Equestria because of the stunt they tried to pull on her, until such time they formally apologize and recognize the Human Immigration Initiative.”
>Bon Bon failed to suppress another chuckle. ”So yeah, they screwed themselves big time, and a lot of businesses are definitely going to be super mad with them so we’ll see how many of them stay in office because of their oopsie.”
>”But back to the import stuff at hoof,” She sat, pulling the sleeve of her jacket up with one hoof to look at a watch strapped to her cannon. “I’ve got about three hours or so before the teleport charm I used sends me back, so I have some time to help both of you sort all of your new stuff out.”
“Awesome, what are we waiting for then? Let's get to it.”
>And so Anon, Nýrmáni, and Bon Bon undid all the straps and the tarp on the small wagon and began to unload it, one box and parcel at a time, and thirty minutes of unloading later Anon was still surprised by how much stuff was packed in there.
>”I think that Starlight Glimmer mare used a spell to increase the wagon’s internal space.” Bon Bon replied to his curiosity as she hoofed out a wooden box that had the seal of Sweet Apple Acres on it. “Several ponies sent a lot of preserved food as well, so you two should be set for a good long while.”
“Are you sure?” Anon asked as he placed the crate in the snow next to the pile they had made for all of their food and other perishable provisions.
>”Yup, I know there’s also a bunch of fishing tackle and rods in here somewhere, Celestia’s instructions insisted on it, she said you loved doing it. Ah, here they are.” She pulled out a large, rectangular soft case which Anon took in his hands.
“Damn, this looks expensive.” He said, running the light case up and down in his hands as he examined it.
>”I wouldn’t worry about it. All of this stuff? They’re gifts to you two.” She pointed one hoof towards Nýrmáni, who was currently setting up the large tent that they had pulled out of the wagon first.
>”So don’t worry over owing anypony anything. All this stuff is yours.”
>Anon was silent for several minutes as he thought about what Bon Bon had told him, even as he finished unloading all the supplies from the wagon.
>In two piles in front of him he had pretty much everything he would ever need to homestead and survive: axes, saws, four crates of magically-treated nails that would never rust, blankets, sheets, extra clothing, seeds for dozens of different kinds of plants, light farming equipment, preserved food, fire-starting materials, the list went on and on.
>Another shelter, apparently for the supplies that wouldn’t fit in the tent, sat next to the pile, ready to be opened and set up as well.
>”Anonymous come look! I have set up our ’tent’, I believe it is called? I know you will revel in the glory of it!”
>Nýrmáni’s excited squeal broke him from his thoughts, and he started over towards where the large tent stood, snowflakes already settling on its grey surface.
>”This model is supposedly pretty much everything proof; Princess Celestia demands nothing but the best equipment for her Royal Guard.” Bon Bon said as she trotted up next to him.
>While it did look quite impressive on the exterior, he was still somewhat apprehensive about the size of it on the inside.
>”Are you sure it will be big enough for me and her?” He muttered to the Earth Pony as they stepped through the snow, their breath fogging in front of them.
>”Hehe, will it be big enough...” Bon Bon giggled. “Just you wait and see, silly human.”
>Nýrmáni stood directly outside the tent’s main entrance flap, trotting in place with excitement, one wing holding the entrance to the tent open.
>”Come, Come! Do not make Us...me wait anymore!” With a cheerful whinny she slipped inside the tent.
>”For an alicorn who’s supposed to be ‘evil’ and ‘nightmarish’, she’s pretty cute.” Bon Bon smirked, slapping Anon’s leg with one hoof as they reached the entrance flap.
“You don’t have to inform me or convince me of that.” He chucked in reply, opening the flap and stepping inside for the first time.
>Anon couldn’t help but let out a gasp of surprise as he saw the interior of the tent..
>The inside of the tent was higher than it looked from the outside, with only a few inches between his head and the tallest section, but the total inside space was easily three times what it should logically have been.
>Nýrmáni hung an unlit lantern from the central support rod and turned back to look at him, smiling a cheerful, bright smile.
“Let me guess: magic?” He asked as Bon Bon stepped in beside him, the two of them examining the inside of the relatively spacious tent.
>Almost bouncing on her hooves, Nýrmáni went to Anon and nuzzled his cheek excitedly with hers. “I did it myself! And we have room to stand in most of it! I did not believe it was possible at first.”
>Anon chuckled as he scratched her back between her wings and kissed Nýrmáni on the cheek, the alicorn squeaking with joy as she quickly brushed past him and exited the tent as her whole body quivered with excitement.
>”We must set up the other shelter for our supplies, help us Beloved! We shall make quick work of it together!”
>Anon and Bon Bon stood there for a moment, looking back to where Nýrmáni had unwrapped the larger canopy covering and was trying to figure out how to set it up, giggling and smiling all the while as her mane and tail writhed happily in the air and batted at the falling snowflakes that came close enough.
>”She’s a little weird too.” Bon Bon stated, watching as the alicorn began to juggle the shelter’s stakes in her bright cyan magic.
“Yeah, but who doesn’t have a weird side? Come on, let’s help her get it set up and our new stuff organized, I don’t want any of it ruined before we get the chance to use it.”
>The wind had picked up as soon as the sun went down, and the snow flurries that had fallen on them all day had increased to a full on blizzard by the time the sun had fallen below the horizon.
>It wasn’t super late in the day time wise, but since they had gone north by a considerable margin the sun had set much sooner than it had in Ponyville.
>Nýrmáni and her beloved Anonymous couldn’t care less though, as deeply buried in blankets as they were.
>Her excitement from the day had diminished somewhat, and now she lay in a pile of blankets, her wings and hooves wrapped around her human to keep him warm as she tried to fall asleep.
>It was completely unnecessary to wrap Anonymous in her wings and hooves since she could sense the spells built into the tent to ward off much of the chill and cold from the outside, but she loved holding him close regardless.
>She loved smelling his scent and nuzzling his hair as he gently ran a hand down her back.
>It made her feel alive, even in moments like this, where they didn’t have to say a word to each other to show how much they cared for each other.
>In the relative darkness that enveloped them, only the wind, the occasional ruffling of the tent, and the soft breathing of her lover reached her ears.
>Nýrmáni sighed softly through her nostrils as she held Anonymous just a bit closer to her.
>She was content.
“You don’t have to squeeze me so tight.”
>His soft and quiet words made her blush slightly as she let up slightly on her hold of him.
>”I am sorry, Beloved, but I do not want you to get cold.”
“I don’t think I will be, it’s really comfy under these blankets.”
>”That it is, Anonymous. It was very kind of Rarity to give them to us.”
“She is the Element of Generosity.”
>”That is true, but she seems very nice besides that fact. I am still surprised by how much was given to us.”
>She felt him adjust himself under her wings, one hand going to her neck to rub it softly.
“A lot of ponies care, but are too afraid to speak out, but if what Bon Bon said is true then things are being shaken up pretty good back in Equestria.”
>She hummed in agreement, one ear flicking as his hand found a spot on her neck that seemed to make her whole body melt into a puddle of warmth.
>”True, but we are in Equestria no longer, we can play by our own rules now, and do whatever we want.”
“True…” He leaned back from her, his eyes rising to her muzzle in darkness.
“I do have one question, and please don’t take it the wrong way, but why were you so cheerful when we got here, even though we just left everything both of us have known behind? Me doubly so.”
>Nýrmáni was silent for a moment, her eyes wandering in thought for several moments before looking into Anonymous’ bright blue ones.
>”We… I was just… I felt free for the first time in my life. Nopony to tell me what to do, no gilded walls holding me in, no slavering politicians trying to condemn me for just existing. I was able to trot freely without being judged, free to laugh and enjoy the world around me.”
>She sighed again, her eyes falling away from his as shame welled up inside of her.
>”But I should have taken your feelings into account…” She softly nuzzled the top of his head.
>”I did not mean to... to make your plight worse, if that is what I have done…”
“You didn’t.” His response seemed a little too quick to be honest.
>”If I have hurt you in any way please tell me, please do not hold the truth from me in the hope that it makes me feel better.”
>It was quiet for a time, Nýrmáni could almost imagine the young human’s mind contemplating his response, even as his hand ceased it’s scratching and lay limp on her neck.
“It did hurt a bit, knowing that I may never see Twilight or the others again, especially Tea Leaf and Thunder after how nice they were.”
>His voice was quiet, and his words were spoken slowly.
>”The letter they sent with Bon Bon was very nice an-eep!” Nýrmáni let out a quiet squeak as her beloved human flicked the tip of her nose with one finger.
“Let me finish please.” His tone gave her no room for debate, so Nýrmáni simply nodded, her muzzle once again turning slightly red with shame.
>She was glad it was so dark that his human eyes couldn’t see it.
“Like I said, who knows if we’ll be able to see them again. After everything they did for you, and for me, I may never get the chance to shake their hooves and thank them for their kindness.”
>He sighed into her chest, his hand resuming it’s rubbing of her neck.
“It was just kinda jarring for me, seeing you so happy and carefree after everything that had just happened, and it just… came off wrong to me, I guess.”
“It’s like you didn’t care about possibly never seeing them again. I know,” His hand cupped her cheek as she opened her mouth to protest. “I know that you do care, and you were probably caught up in the excitement of the moment and all, but it didn’t seem like it on the outside to me.”
>Nýrmáni felt him shake his head against her fluffy chest as he sighed again.
“Look, I’m not the best at talking about this kind of stuff, so I’m sorry if I’m rambling or didn’t make any sense or-”
>”No, you are more than alright in voicing your thoughts, Anonymous.” She let out her own sigh. “I am sorry as well, and this shows that I am not the best communicator myself. I guess that is something we can work on improving together, perhaps?”
>Her hopeful half-question was answered as Anonymous pulled her head down for a quick, chaste kiss.
“To that, I can agree.” He said, and her heart swelled when she saw the small smile on his face.
>Then his expression changed slightly, from one of simple happiness to… something else, his eyes narrowing a bit and his smile getting a touch wider.
“But, on the subject of improving things together, there is something else we can work on getting better at now that we’re alone.”
>”What would tha-'' Nýrmáni's words turned into a gasp of surprise as Anonymous’ other hand, which had been wrapped around her back, fell from its spot and lightly gripped her exposed flank.
“Look at me.”
>There was something about his voice that some forgotten, instinctual part of her mind latched onto, one that told her that she couldn’t disobey, and when she looked down at him her lips met his, his other hand going from her neck to the back of her head, pulling her softly against him.
>She moaned softly into his mouth as their lips parted momentarily with a soft smack, before he tilted his head slightly and kissed her again.
>”Mmmmmm…” Her body began to heat up, her senses focusing solely on her Anonymous and the rapidly hardening length of manhood pressing against her belly through his underclothing.
“I want to try something.” He whispered as he pulled his lips from hers, his breathing beginning to quicken from his arousal.
>”What do you wish to tr-mmmph…” her question faded as the hand holding her flank left her cutie mark and gently stroked down her marehood, several droplets of her arousal leaving with his fingers, her ethereal tail flowing over his hand like water.
>He moved away from her slightly as he wriggled about under the blanket, removing his only article of clothing, his eyes never leaving hers.
“Roll over on your back.” He asked, his voice a husky, needy whisper.
>She did so slowly, smiling all the while as Anonymous kneeled on the floor of their tent, his hands going to her long yet strong hind legs, her wings ruffling as she got herself comfortable.
>Anonymous kneeled behind her, the blankets that covered him shrouding him in shadows that only her eyes could pierce.
>He pressed his dick forwards, letting the tip of it run the length of her pussy, her clit winking out as she bit her lip to suppress another lustful moan.
“You don’t have to hide it, who’s going to hear us? I want to hear your voice…”
>He pressed the tip inside of her, and this time she didn’t hold back, a shameless, low moan of pure arousal escaping her muzzle.
>He pushed himself in as he lay on top of her, his belly resting on her tender teats and belly, his hands going to her neck once again Nýrmáni leaned her head forwards to kiss him again.
>She squeaked and mewled into his mouth as he hilted himself fully inside of her, her muscles clenching around his shaft as it kissed her depths.
“I want to look at your beautiful face.” He murmured to her as they separated for air again, one hand cupping her cheek softly, the other rubbing circles on her withers, her mane flowing over both of them in slightly glowing, sparkling stars.
>She felt herself wink against his shaft again, her hot feminine juices leaking out around the tight fit to cling to his hips and her inner thighs.
>He began to thrust into her, his movements slow yet firm, and her body fell into a deeper state of euphoria at the feeling of it, her forehooves wrapped around his back and pulled his chest to hers as they deepened their kiss.
>It was very much different from the first time they had mated together, she thought to herself through the haze of lust that now clouded her mind
>Whereas before their sex had been almost all instinctual, bestial rutting, this experience was less intense, but somehow more than fulfilling.
>She could feel the heart of her beloved pounding rapidly in his chest, and every time their lips separated he could see his bright blue eyes shining with love and care into hers.
>This wasn’t ‘fucking’ as Anonymous had called it to her. This was making love.
>And Nýrmáni loved it.
>Anonymous began to slowly trail kisses across her cheeks, and then elicited a giggle from her as he gently began to smooch and nibble parts of her neck.
>Her hooves trailed down his back and sides as her body heated up even more, her clit winked rapidly as she felt herself approaching the edge, her beloved taking a deep sniff into her neck.
>”I...W-We are…” Her words failed her as her orgasm overcame her, her hooves tightening around Anonymous as she groaned in satisfaction, her pussy flexing and clenching rhythmically, trying to milk him as much as it possibly could.
File: 1092974.png (662 KB, 1200x1200)
662 KB
662 KB PNG
>Her hind legs crossed and locked behind him, pulling his hips forwards until his dick had hilted completely in her, her clit and diamond-hard teats kissing his pelvis as he bit down onto the skin of her neck.
>It seemed Anonymous wasn’t far behind her though.
>”I’m… I’m...” She could feel his heart racing even faster, his formerly slow and gentle thrusts becoming faster, more shaky as she pulled him even closer with all of her hooves, her wings spread out under the blankets that still covered them.
>Her spectral, star-filled mane and tail fell to the ground around her, twitching and writhing as she felt herself approaching the limit once again.
>”Please... I love you…” Nýrmáni mumbled into his ear, licking his cheek with her broad, pointed tongue.
>That was apparently his limit, and with one final, soft slap of flesh on fur he came, moaning in love-filled pleasure as he held her close with surprising strength.
>Her hind legs held him tighter, keeping his dick hilted deep inside her where it belonged.
>She could feel each shot of his cum enter her as she milked him dry, another orgasm overtaking her as her marehood convulsed and leaked hot marecum over the both of them.
>Trembling slightly, she held him close, his forehead pressed against hers directly under her horn as she rode out the last tremors of pleasure.
>Nýrmáni could see Anonymous’ breath wafting from him and from herself as they both panted, their eyes still locked together as they met in another, softer kiss.
>She didn’t know how much time had passed since they had kissed and cuddled together, but she found her head and one hoof resting on his chest, the blankets and her wings once again covering them both.
>Anonymous was already asleep, his head tilted on his pillow, facing her as he peacefully breathed in and out, the rhythmic, slow beating of her human’s heart lulling her to sleep.
>Perfectly at peace, much like she now was.
>Nýrmáni nuzzled herself deeper into his chest with a quiet hum of content and, moments later, drifted off as well, the quietly whistling wind and the snow still pattering on their shelter a soothing lullaby.

Well that's that, I can't help that I'm a filthy degenerate.
I'm probably going to have more spelling errors than normal because Ponepaste helps me spot a lot of them so sorry about that.
As always, creative criticism and feedback are highly encouraged.
>Well that's that, I can't help that I'm a filthy degenerate.
Your degeneracy is acceptable in light of Nyrmani finally being adorably happy, and Cadance giving a righteous fucking to the Equestrian Congress.
File: 1626821447708.jpg (508 KB, 905x1280)
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>Get matched
>Your mare is thrilled to meet you
>It's pic related
What do?
>guard mare freckles short hair cute.png
>as if there's a non-cute version
>last refuge
Not really, but most threads are depraved. This one is refreshing.

Die horribly, most likely.
Also stop, don't get those turboautists started again.
good morning I love mare
File: k.jpg (13 KB, 428x424)
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>loving and caring
I wonder sometimes. It's not like I've ever been loved or cared for by someone not related to me.
This board? Yes. This thread? Not as much as it should be. I'd write greens here if I didn't already have so many projects going on. One day...
>mare, leg lock
I have serious anatomical concerns about this but I'm letting it slide because >muh fetish
It’s one of very few left at this point, life just keeps getting harder but as long as I have ponies I’ll keep going.
File: Even my reason to live.png (533 KB, 764x1029)
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>have idle thought while working today
>what if your match gets cold hooves and books it before the meeting happens?
literally only solace is that it would happen before you meet, so you could at least pretend it wasn't your fault.
I'd probably break down and cry, though, after making sure no one else was in the room. Wave off concerns with a "ha ha, yeah it would be me that happens to, wouldn't it" and say I'll be fine, she'll probably come back once she's settled down.
But I won't be fine. If she had picked after to leave I'd probably kill myself or quite literally die of a broken heart.

Intrusive thoughts are horrid little things, most times.
>what if your match gets cold hooves and books it before the meeting happens?
She can run, but she'll only fall in love tired.
>my waifu thread (that constantly dies
sad fate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ye9nm8fJe7c
File: 1620073640630.png (217 KB, 1065x1024)
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>"..Bleedin fakkin ell..how is Voinyl' garnering more interest than me?!"
>how is Voinyl' garnering more interest than me?!"
it's filled with eqg, futa, anthro and more
I prefer donk threads desu
File: 1990434.png (304 KB, 592x942)
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Are you A donkfag or THE donkfag?
File: 295.png (173 KB, 896x979)
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uhh.. does this help?
File: Smug.png (207 KB, 912x1024)
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File: 5.png (8 KB, 468x493)
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>old grey mare
I hate myself.
suck less
Kill yourself and stop bothering us.
More bongtavia pls
>it's filled with eqg, futa, anthro and more
bunch of actual degenerates
>"Ms. Melody? I'm very satisfied to say we've found a match with your shared musical preferences."
File: 1612874077494.png (225 KB, 664x1024)
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225 KB PNG
"who you callin a music donkey, sonny jim ? Ima smack you in the gabber"
>reading Mate Retrieval Expedition again
>no seal team 6 match who can recite the equestrian navy seal copypasta
File: 2401084.png (326 KB, 1024x600)
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326 KB PNG
>implying mares aren't flexible enough to keep you from pulling out and giving them foals.
I've been following actual show logic and anatomy here.
>actual show logic and anatomy
It has neither logic not anatomy. Try a season that's earlier than 8, the earlier the better.
File: they do do it ya know.jpg (170 KB, 1000x1000)
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170 KB JPG
literally made this to prove my point, all of these are pre season 5 except for glim glam.
File: 1624020504126.jpg (237 KB, 1945x1586)
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237 KB JPG
Damn, great job there, Anon.
Not gonna lie, that Rarity pose is fucking hot.
Read an idea recently that bat poners can speed screech in order to confuse their targets.
Imagine one of them in the middle of the night flying circles around some poor fucker being subjected to a rapid fire high pitched version of the navy seals pasta while the rest of her team bug out with (you)
File: 41.png (688 KB, 1800x2000)
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File: 1623996908013.gif (1.19 MB, 720x720)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB GIF
Just a quick test to see if the shiny new trip works.
Will post an update soon.
And a cute Celly to make you feel good. She's a great mare, after all.
Alright, here we go. New trip, new luck. This is a double ## one, so let's hope that it is here to stay. This update is relatively short because the next chapter will be "the big one", and I wanted to give it some extra attention on its own. Still no links though.
Anyway, have fun.

>Calling the mood on your flight back to Equestria frosty would be an understatement.
>#deca.mare barely talks at all, though more out of general frustration rather than any personal anger against you.
>Whereas you merely resort to laying out your plans to her as you wait in empty sectors between jumps.
>And you would have hoped for her to show more enthusiasm for your ideas, considering that you come up with some genuine schemes to save the remaining drifting terraformers.
>She hears all of your comments, plus the thoughts behind them, obviously.
>Yet you get no reply whatsoever.
>Be it an agreement or an objection.
>You know she knows that none of the events that occurred today are your fault, and you guess she simply needs to isolate herself for a while.
>To come to terms with the situation the two of you are now in.
>But that stance is unfortunately fairly counterproductive when every day might count, and when you need her to understand your every thought on the matter.
>What you want to do is no small feat, some might even call it crazy, yet with the competent help of #deca.mare by your side, you have fairly good chances to actually pull it off.
>So you appeal to her skills and her love for the remnants of her kin in equal measures.
>Hoping she will understand why you do this, despite her wish to be left alone.
>When all of this is over, #deca.mare and you can tackle everything once again in the exact pace that both of you can live with.
>Yet now, where you have the information that your time frame is much more limited that you originally expected, patience is a luxury you cannot afford.
>And so, knowing that her rational side will inevitably take over when she calmed down a little bit, you lay out everything you have thought of in every minute detail.
>She can still iron out some of the details after she had some time to digest it.
>Which, fortunately, does not affect the first steps of your plan in the slightest, as you initially have to garner more material either way.
>So after you have flown back to Equestria, you for your part prepare to get started immediately.
>Even though #deca.mare and you have not planned for any more space related activities after this trek, at least for the rest of the day, you think this outlook is now well and truly ruined.
>Besides, you doubt she would be ready for a cosy evening dinner somewhere in Ponyville after your most recent findings.
>Hell, you will most likely botch your sleep schedule too, considering the long list of things you now have to keep any eye on.
>Unpleasant, sure.
>Shortly before you head out though, you try to reach #deca.mare one more time.
"#deca, I'll be on my way. Will you be fine on your own while I'm working?"
>Still nothing.
"#deca? Please say something."
>This time, you seem to reach her properly.
>"Yes. Do not worry about me."
>You somewhat think you have to reply with something to confirm her determination.
>But doing so incorrectly would imply that you have a legitimate reason to be worried.
>So you go with a diplomatic exit.
"Alright. Then I'll get started. And if you need something, anything, just call me. No matter what I do at that time, it's not more important than you."
>You hear some form of sound coming from her, but you cannot discern whether it is a faint sigh or something else.
>"I will keep that in mind. And I begin with my research right away too."
>She pauses briefly.
>"Oh, and Anon?"
>"You were right to fall back. I was not myself when I... lashed out against you."
"It's fine. No hard feelings. I know it was... difficult for you to watch that."
>You order the autopilot of the fighter to dock at your mother ship, release the proxy from your direct control, and switch over to the command deck on #deca.sigma.
>And while the world around you distorts quickly and turns from a narrow cockpit into a spacious, yet painfully empty bridge, you nevertheless hear #deca.mare's voice with perfect clarity.
>"I love you, Anon."
"Love you too, #deca. And see you soon."
>You still feel somewhat strange when you say these words, considering that you do not leave her side at all, and physically remain as close to her as humanly possible.
>Though, when you are working on separate tasks like this, it does not feel like the two of you are together whatsoever.
>Despite the knowledge that your minds are only one call away from each other.
>And you will have more of those moments than it would be to your liking, thanks to the latest developments.
>The cold imaginary dagger jabs you again as you think about this.
>But you are a trained combat pilot.
>You have been schooled to deal with being away from your home for an extended period of time.
>After all, if you were not, you think you would have lost your mind a long time ago.
>And as you think about it a tad longer, you are not sure how you would have decided without your skills to think pragmatically, back when you had the choice between your old life, and #deca.mare.
>Who knows, you might have gone home instead.
>Never learning about the full picture of the terraformer war, never learning about Equestria, never learning about the potential that the two of you might unfold together.
>And always wondering why she had saved you instead of ending your life with a single aimed shot.
>At that point, you simply shake these musings off altogether.
>That decision lies in the past, much like your own life prior to the accident.
>You believe you have chosen correctly.
>And if anything, these pirate looters have been a vivid reminder why the life with an Equestrian pony, far off the known worlds, is arguably better than flying patrol routes all day.
>It is, all things considered, the most wholesome experience you ever had.
>Right now though, you do have to put a small amount of extra effort into the vision to keep it whole and hearty.
>Well, it is a lot of effort for a single human, granted.
>But on the larger scale of things, that effort is a reasonable price to pay for the potential gains on all ends.
>So while you inspect the functionality of Sigma's systems, you strengthen your own resolve with these ponderings.
>And as expected, everything on this vessel works like a charm.
>Except for that certain spark of intelligence beyond the mere baseline programming, of course.
>Yet this is a blemish that neither you nor #deca.mare can fix.
>And you do not allow yourself to get disheartened by this.
>You will need your determination for the mission at hand, as you fully expect some hefty overtime hours today.
>So you finish your preparations, and let the automatons search for a viable sector to begin your asteroid hunt.
>A potential match is found within seconds.
>Then, you set a course to a secondary location, close to the edge of the asteroid cluster.
>A quiet perimeter to station the capital vessel in, whilst you will release the fighters to delve deeper into the rock formation.
>As they are once again responsible for the direct scans.
>You will certainly "board" one during the search as well, since piloting is still your major forte.
>And so, you take one last deep breath as you let your eyes wander across the command deck.
>Everywhere you look you see nothing but positive status reports and signs of readiness.
>The ship is good to go.
>You only have to give the word.
>And you do.
>The simulated replica of Sigma's command deck rumbles lightly as the jumpdrive builds up its power.
"Buckle up, Sigma. We're going for a ride."
>Flash, corridor, flash.

>Your life with #deca.mare has been a tad strained ever since your latest project has begun.
>Not because either of you would love the other any less than before, far from it, yet it sometimes feels to both of you as if you live almost separated lives for the most part.
>The problem is, you two barely do anything together in this stage.
>You scour asteroids fields, one cluster at a time, extract matches for your decoys, and provide the material to produce an almost absurd amount of jump beacons.
>Whereas #deca.mare's tireless research to adapt your cloaking technology eats a lot of her time in turn.
>And even though she can work without pause, unlike you, that does not mean she can simply conjure up a solution with a snap of her, well, proverbial fingers.
>She dabbles in some highly specialised technological theories that you have no hope to understand whatsoever.
>And when you have to strain your own brain to such an extent that you can barely spare any more focus power to help her with these calculations, you might just as well not try at all.
>If anything, that would only weigh #deca.mare down, rather than helping her.
>Besides, she is not alone in her research.
>#deca.mare has consulted Harmony to help her out with the details of the project, and to take on some of the more demanding calculations as well.
>Of course, neither of you told Harmony about the complete purpose behind this work, as you might fear that your student will not understand the implications behind these events just yet.
>Or even worse, misinterprets these events accidentally.
>Because as humanity's work with terraformers have proven, seemingly paradoxical instructions can sometimes be worse than no instruction at all.
>As such, #deca.mare has merely referred to her research as a learning project, to expand their mutual knowledge and widen their scientific horizons.
>A homework project amongst artificial intelligences, basically.
>And given that she has therefore framed the project to be treated like an intriguing side job as far as Harmony's participation is involved, #deca.mare will only ever divert as much spare processing power from Harmony as she can without disturbing the development of Equestria.
>Simultaneously though, you catch yourself as you come to notice a strange notion within you.
>#deca.mare currently spends way more time with Harmony than she does with you.
>Really, you even feel somewhat sidelined, as they dabble deep within spheres that you will barely ever be able to touch the surface of.
>At the best of days.
>Whilst you are doing the equivalent of menial labour in the grand scheme of things.
>Paired with a fractured entity with whom you can barely communicate at all.
>Much less so on cordial terms.
>This is nothing against Sigma or the others per se, but you see the stark contrast within this setup.
>And you do actually feel a bit envious, as #deca.mare and Harmony bond over something to which you have no access by default.
>Naturally, the rational part of yourself is fully aware of the fact that your side of the project is just as important to your mutual success than hers, and that #deca.mare would never want to actively exclude you from anything.
>Yet there are moments when you feel like a simpleton caveman who beats the rocks on the field as the others play in the real big leagues.
>And the few hours a day you actually spend with her only help moderately either.
>Because you only see her when you get to sleep.
>Which is about five hours per simulated day, tops.
>Fairly inconvenient for your mind over longer periods of time, but you are on the clock, and so you accept it as a temporary matter of necessity.
>As a consequence though, your interaction with #deca.mare is fairly monotonous during these days.
>After every single work phase, you return to her in the simulation when you get to sleep.
>And once you do, you always give her a firm hug, and exchange some friendly phrases that sometimes lead to an intimate kiss or two.
>But then, you quickly lay down in her embrace whilst she works on as if nothing happened.
>Later, as you wake up, you shortly cuddle with each other as #deca.mare tells you how far she and Harmony have come during your rest.
>A further reminder how distant the two are from you, work wise.
>Yet you soldier on.
>#deca.mare is aware of your feelings about this whole affair too, and she feels somewhat sorry for it.
>You can read it in her eyes.
>Though she is just as unable to do much about the situation as you are, given that she has agreed in large parts to your plan.
>There were minor aspects here and there where she offered up some improvements, but in general she has also concluded that your proposal is the best course of action if you want to retrieve more vessels.
>You both know what you do and why you do it, and you both have willingly decided to go through with it.
>So now you have to deal with the results of that decision, no matter how uncomfortable it makes either of you feel.
>But at least you can envision that the two of you will smile when you think about this period one day in the future.
>Not to mock it and its circumstances in any way, but because you have grown through the temporary struggle and the challenges it brings.
>And maybe, it will not merely be you two who are smiling fondly as you look back.
>Perhaps it will be three.
>Or even more.
>Whether this involves Harmony, a foal of your very own, some ponies of Equestria, or something else along these lines, that you cannot say for sure.
>But you can state with an almost assured certainty that, once you are through this rough patch, things will only get better in the future.
>And, as #deca.mare points out to cheer you up after one particularly hard day, there is nothing wrong or lowly about being the rock farmer in the family.
>Their talents are just as important and esteemed in pony society as any other honest craft.
>After all, even Pinkie defended the reputation of that work, despite her total personal inability to tolerate or endure it in any shape or form.
>And #deca.mare says it like she means it: Outright and honest.
>There is no mockery or belittling in her words.
>You can appreciate that for what it is.
>But it does precious little to alleviate your pet peeve concerning your overall situation.
>The only thing you can do is to vow that you will make up for the lost personal time between the two of you.
>#deca.mare eagerly agrees to vow the same as well.
>She even includes to promise you a crash course in which she will explain the development process that she and Harmony have created and worked through in your mental absence.
>So that you will be up to date with their work, at least in very broad terms.
>It can obviously not replace the experience of personally participating in the process, yet it is the best substitute you can hope for.
>Still, you wish you could be more active in it.
>Because as strange as it sounds, you consider it like missing a key moment in the development of your child.
>A moment that only comes once, and that mere second-hand recollection cannot replace.
>Hell, even in the instances when #deca.mare utilised your mental capacities to slightly bolster her performance during the training sessions of Harmony, you were at least present and doing your small part to help Harmony grow.
>Now though, you miss a chunk of it.
>Irreversibly so at that.
>And you suddenly find your military training lacking.
>It hurts you to some extent, much to your own surprise even.
>Until it hit you flat out, you did not even think that you might have already bonded so much with your fledging entity.
>An intelligence with whom you can barely communicate outside bizarre lines of code.
>Well, bizarre from your point of view, anyway.
>Yet here you are.
>You wonder how strong that effect will become once you can actively talk to each other naturally and freely.
>The impact of the experience will then surely be magnified several times over.
>Which can only strengthen your bond even further.
>But on the flipsode, it will also make it even more uncomfortable for you to possibly miss another key moment.
>There is, however, a silver lining on the horizon.
>For #deca.mare has promised you to always find a way to include you in every training session after this ordeal here is over.
>No matter how much your student grows, and how complex things will become.
>She will ensure that you will always have a chance to be a part of the development.
>To see how the fruits of your labour grow with each new day, and to find peace in the knowledge that you have done your damnedest to make it happen.
>But for now, you have to prove something else first.
And done. The next one is going to be interesting.
File: 206.jpg (93 KB, 1104x1000)
93 KB
fast board, safety bump
>tfw missing your foal's first steps into quantum stealth computing
Most of them are interesting.
File: 1622162186396.png (113 KB, 803x831)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
gracias qt burro
File: 1443896.png (239 KB, 900x900)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
The Royal Guard probably has a lot of lonely mares
>ywn help her undress and wash up after a long day of patrols.
File: mare red cloak.jpg (561 KB, 1200x848)
561 KB
561 KB JPG
I'm curious how you think other threads are depraved while this one is refreshing.

I get what you mean. I've had and have great relationships with family and friends that I'm very thankful for but my romantic relationships have not worked out for me. This place is a refuge for love without cynicism or fear of getting my heart broken. It's a part of me that I'm reluctant to put out there because deep down I'm a sap I don't think I'd ever fully recover if I got seriously crushed. I love the line in Minty's Careful Steps where the guidebook Anon gets says "mares will not make you suffer". That's always been what I wanted in a relationship, but it's something I never found.

Should you ever decide to write something I'd be happy to read it. If you find yourself with a story idea you've been kicking around for a bit try taking 30 minutes a day to write a bit of it down and see if you can get something going.

It's something small but precious that I don't want to lose. Things have been shit ever since these lockdowns started and a new round is on the way in a few months I fear. I have friends that have lost businesses to it. I'm just tired of getting kicked around by a world I have done nothing to harm. This place is a welcome respite from all of it but sometimes it can still make you hurt because it's just a fantasy.
I want to creampie Tavi.
File: 377.png (49 KB, 300x300)
49 KB
File: 1547221.png (84 KB, 500x413)
84 KB
>"Yeah...I coulda' made the mate retrieval squad..turns out I was just too good, though."
>"My keen senses and superb instincts would've-"
>*twig snaps*
No one loves me, so why should I have any respect for myself?
Why should anyone love you if you don't?
So since they don't, I have no reason to love myself.
Sounds like a (You) problem. Get your shit in order first.
Women only want one thing: a shitload of money and all the material comforts.

Goodness, purity, and love are such foreign concepts in the real world now that men are forced to turn to fantasy for them.
>caring what w*men want
It's too late for me.
File: sweetdreams.gif (3.34 MB, 575x364)
3.34 MB
3.34 MB GIF
File: the laugher.png (458 KB, 1278x719)
458 KB
458 KB PNG
>"Ah we *ahem* uh, STEAL the husbandos, darling."
>"..After politely obtaining their consent and being matched, that is."
>no professor chaos-tier 'villain' mare
She lives in a society.
>tfw no mare to live in a society with
>tfw no society to live with a mare in
>"Yes. Do not worry about me."
Well, I was expecting Anon to comfort #deca.mare more. Saying something like "everything will turn out alright".
>I... lashed out against you
She will have to make up for it!
>That decision lies in the past
That decision was kinda sorta a tiny bit forced. Just a tiny bit.
>A potential match is found within seconds
They need it to mask the disappearance of the ships right? I guessed that they are just going to steal the ships and that's it. Since there is someone who will take the fall and they will start looking within the human controlled zone, not outside of it, thus no need for delay them. Or maybe that the FTL travel is somewhat traceable? But if it is then why didn't they managed to find Anon back then?
All they do is buying some time, which right now I don't see why.
>extract matches for your decoys
I don't recall how many #deca ships there are but I assume somewhere in the range of ~50 or so. Damn this will be a huge heist. If I don't chant scrap run scrap run at the beginning this would have never happened right?
>does not mean she can simply conjure up a solution
Hm. So something has to be developed, the previous solution used to snatch Sigma won't work for some reason.
My first idea was that they are not going to move the ships far, just cloak them, but they are also making beacons so this not it.
>misinterprets these events accidentally
And leaving Harmony with #deca.mare now is a good idea? #deca.mare is not in her best shape.
>Because you only see her when you get to sleep.
Feeling left out? Or sort of jealous? I'm sure #deca.mare would agree to a few 10-15 minute break daily, just so they can talk a bit, hug each other, etc.
>Or even more.
Space ponies wohooo.
>missing a key moment in the development of your child
Dunno, using it as a computational node, crunching numbers is not a key development imho.
>you might have already bonded
But the question is did he bond with Harmony as a personality (I don't think so) or did he feels like this because he helped to make it and wants to see how it develops? Like when I make something which takes a lot of effort I become attached to it in some way.
>always find a way to include you in every training session
Hm, why? Not like both "parents" has to be present for every little thing when a child grows up.

This was more of a filler than some actual progress, but its was still good.

Thanks for the update!
File: 597.png (516 KB, 728x986)
516 KB
516 KB PNG
And another one.
File: 1621355271531.jpg (217 KB, 724x1024)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
>what 0 husbando do to a mf
File: 1624213602143.png (98 KB, 318x318)
98 KB
>no mare to escape from soi-ciety with
File: 1510727962613.png (263 KB, 690x691)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
Guys really live in apartments like this and don't see any issue
Basically my first apartment except it didn't have a fireplace OR A MARE like Anonymous Warbucks over there.
>it didn't have a fireplace OR A MARE
Man, what a shithole.
>Husbano hunting agency gets sneaky with their targets.
>Adds "Includes mare, must be single" to various ad's in order to get their attention.
>If a non-intended person gets involved they're told its a mistake and no such thing is listed.
>If they're a suitable target they get passed to another team.
It's an abstract form of pain.
File: 1509305399424.jpg (25 KB, 254x278)
25 KB
>meeting your husbando for the first time and he asks if he can pet your mane.
>You had the strangest and yet most breath taking dream last night.
>It was of a Pony, even thinking about it now makes your head spin.
>More specifically it was of a mare.
>Her hair sparkled like the brightest diamond etched with a deep purple swirl amongst it's blue sheen.
>And her coat, her warm fuzzy coat and wings wrapped around you, so tantalizing they were that you would give the world for but another moment in her hooves.
>It was a slumbering deep blue that almost hypnotized you as you held her in your arms.
>And yet none of that compared to when she opened her eyes.
>The deep gleaming blue that shone from her eyes seemed to be alight with life.
>At first she had been startled by your presence but it quickly faded as she examined you for a moment.
>For that moment, you had thought you had wronged such a beautiful mare and that thought had left shattered.
>She shuddered for a moment as though a breezy wind had fallen through the room and she snuggled close to you.
>"You don't know how long I've been waiting for you my Love." she whispers softly, her voice like velvet against your ears.
>You stumble for words and yet nothing comes to you.
>"Hush, please. I know it's strange but I'm here for you." you merely nod and continue to hold the mare in your arms, her wings wrapping softly around your back as the two of you lie in the empty darkness.
>Trepidatiously you raise your hand to pet her withers and as you touch her silky mane she hums in contentment.
>"W-We don't have much longer my Love, I-." She stops herself and shakes her head and a somber smile reaches her lips.
>"I wish that I could stay with you longer, but as all beautiful things, this dream must end sometime." Small diamond-esque tears fall from her eyes and you find yourself crying as well.
>You stutter again to find words and this time she doesn't stop you but merely holds you tighter.
"Will I see you again?" your hoarse voice rings out through the darkness.
>A hopeful smile reaches her tender lips and it makes your heart soar.
>"Soon, soon my Love. But not soon enough."
>Eventually a blazing light flashes before you and you find yourself without her.
>Without her in your arms, to hold, to love.
>As you lay there with your eyes closed tears begin to muster in your eyes and you can feel the thin sheets of your bed once again.
>A slight beeping accompanied it now though.
>You wipe the tears from your eyes and cannot bring yourself to open them.
>"Doctor! Doctor! He's awake!" you hear a strange voice call out from beside you.
>You don't remember the last time you had guests.
>Come to think of it, you didn't have guests last night.
>And what's this about a doctor?
>Cracking open your eyes you find yourself in a strange room.
>A bland blue curtain covering the rest of the room and a small needle connected to a beeping machine beside you were all that you could see.
>You slowly try to make it to your feet but the curtain is ripped open and before you stands a Stallion.
>As you try to understand the situation, the world spins and you fall back onto the bed.
>"Can you understand me?" the stallion says while giving you a cautious look.
>Hesitating for a moment you open your mouth to speak but nothing but a croak follows, your mouth dry and throat sore.
>The Stallion's horn lights up and a glass of water levitates over to you and in a state of bewilderment you grab it and take a small sip.
"Y-Yeah. Are uh- Are you the Doc?"
>He nods and once again his horn lights up and a stethoscope is levitated out of his coat.
>"That's good that you can understand me, you took quite a fall if what the mares on the scene was saying was true." he says while bringing the stethoscope to your chest.
>"Now I can't quite say I understand what I'm working with, what do you call yourself?" he says while listening intently to your heartbeat.
>W-What was your name again?
"Uh- You've caught me there doc, I can't say I remember my name but I think I'm a human." you say while sheepishly scratching your head.
>"I see, quite the Anomaly aren't you?" he says with a rough chuckle and takes the stethoscope from your chest.
>Your brain scrambles to find the missing pieces and your brow furrows with thought.
"I-I think my name was Anonymous." you say your voice trailing off as though you aren't really sure of it yourself.
>The doctor's brow raises with a level of bewilderment but quickly his professional side takes over.
>"I see, Anonymous. Quite a fitting name considering. You must be hungry, can you eat vegetables?"
>You nod weakly before resting your head back onto the pillow.
>"The nurse will be back in but a moment with your food, we'll bring you a fair bit to see what you can actually EAT. Try to get some rest in the meantime." he says as you hear his hoof steps trail off and you shut your eyes once more.

Small thing, might write more. Don't expect more though, I am known to never finish my stories.
File: 21071.gif (366 KB, 379x293)
366 KB
366 KB GIF
>Anon keeps getting the same letter over and over
>Something about an open house on a nearby property
>"..The fuck? I don't make enough to afford a house. I'm just gonna go over there and tell the realtor to stop sending me these."
>Gets over to the property listed
>Sees it's in kind of a bad neighborhood
>(Done on purpose so non-intended people will be put off by the location)
>Goes inside
>It's bare and unfurnished
>'So glad you came, Mr. Anonymous.'
>"Holy shit! Talking horses!"
>'They're always so cute when they say that.'
File: 1626915360276.png (198 KB, 462x1200)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
/nmp/ - rehashed stale memes but with ponies
>“So you… you’re going to do what?”
Fuck with the head of a country, don't expect that she is just going to let it slip without any retorsion.
>look of surprise replacing his anger
Seems like the congress just had a tiny reality check.
>Well there is nothing I can do directly to correct this
Diplomatic. I wouls have said "I want to do nothing to fix your fuckup, the elections will be enough". But the meaning is the same.
>listening to the panic erupting from inside the conference room
Never thought that the sounds of panic can be relaxing.
>”What happened?”
>thanks to her quadruple nature
Plus her wings helping her balance.
>He’d never experienced teleportation before
Isn't this the 3rd time? Not teleportation but going if I include going through a portal.
>A lot of ponies pitched in stuff.
This is slightly surprising as Nýrmáni did not meet with many. Ok AB might spread the word and Anon visited the town for a while. And "a lot" can mean a wide range.
>out of sight, out of mind
That suprisingly works for many many things...
>lot of preserved food
Good thing they have a fridge then!
>she’s pretty cute
That's the filly fooler speaking from her.
>giggling and smiling
She is having a good time!
>She’s a little weird too
Heh. Well she is more like a child than an adult in some ways.
>completely unnecessary to wrap Anonymous in her wings
No its not. It never is.
>I felt free for the first time in my life.
That was my guess too.
>I’m sorry
This turned kinda sad for a bit. They were having a happy cuddly time and then this.
>one that told her that she couldn’t disobey
Oh will she have a sub fetish?
>”What would tha-''
That tent will sure belong to them after this.
>Perfectly at peace, much like she now was.
And just as white. In small spots. This was much shorter than the first intercourse.
Poor blanket. Rarity's gift immediately gets used like this. They are not be able to have a nice warm shower in the morning, much less wash the blanket.

Thanks for the update!
File: 1012.png (431 KB, 981x1109)
431 KB
431 KB PNG
Mare is sad every time you screech at each other ITT. Please stop.
File: 1599755044750.png (906 KB, 662x4510)
906 KB
906 KB PNG
Something doesn't feel right about this pony.
I feel so fucking worthless.
File: bruhmoment.png (215 KB, 929x1237)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
Nice blogpost, faggot.
Inactivity begets inactivity. Cock up and do something before lethargy overcomes
That's because you are.
Now kill yourself.
do this.
File: soase.jpg (27 KB, 474x410)
27 KB
Truly tragic. They're growing up so fast, aren't they?
>They need it to mask the disappearance of the ships right?
Essentially, yes. A rock with the correct shape and composition to install their gadgets on. They then emit a fake terraformer signature to fool the scanners.
>I guessed that they are just going to steal the ships and that's it.
>Or maybe that the FTL travel is somewhat traceable?
Well, since we're talking about some barely understood wormhole technology, there are not many hard facts established around the mechanisms involved. So let me apply the way how it is handled in the X series. In there, jumps are generally not traceable by other ships. They can register when something enters and leaves the sector alright, but they are under normal circumstances not able to determine where the wormhole tunnel leads. Now, there has been a quest in X3 in which you follow a pirate boss, and you indeed have to hunt down his jump trail. Yet that requires some highly specified quest gear that you have to acquire first. And even then it is only able to calculate where the target jumped when the device is active nearby the jumping ship. After the fact detection seems to be pretty much impossible though, so unless the device is prepared beforehand, tough luck.
>If I don't chant scrap run scrap run at the beginning this would have never happened right?
Hm, let's put it like this. I had the idea to possibly get the fleet together relatively early on when I was planning the rough plot, though it wasn't set in stone when exactly it was meant to happen story wise. Then you mentioned the scrap run again and again, and it gave me the incentive to gradually work towards extracting the first ship. Although it was a bit sooner than I originally wanted to. But then again, I didn't think this story would go much beyond chapter 50 either, so there is that.
>So something has to be developed
Yeah, an adapted version of the cloaking device that is compatible with the #deca vessels. It has nothing to do with the extraction method per se.
>And leaving Harmony with #deca.mare now is a good idea?
I wager she knows better than to mess with Harmony. She is in a turbulent state, but she is not reckless.
>Feeling left out? Or sort of jealous?
A little bit of both.
>Space ponies wohooo.
Thank you for giving me a reason to post pic related. I kid you not, that was the first achievement I got in the game, and it's purely based on luck.
>did he feels like this because he helped to make it and wants to see how it develops?
I'd say this one is more likely. But humans have a surprising talent to humanise stuff even when the liked object in question is not even sentient at all. So the first option is theoretically possible too.
>Hm, why?
For the personal memory lane, basically. It's a one time chance, and when it's missed, it's gone for good.
File: laughingmares.png (289 KB, 1018x1024)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
>"You do know that's not where sandwhiches go, right?"
>"You don't know that."
>You fell into an empty slumber your eyes merely closed and yet the beeping was ever present.
>Naught a dream came to you during this.
>Even as you longed for her touch once more.
>Even as you prayed to God to bring her back to your arms for but a fleeting moment.
>You awoke to the soft clopping of hooves approaching you and you cracked open your eyes to see another pony with a small hat on, emblazoned with a red cross on it.
>"Morning Anonymous, I hope you've rested well I brought you something to eat." She says as she gently approaches and slides the tray of various vegetables and fruits onto the bed.
>Your hunger pangs as you eye the delicious looking food and you quickly eat the meal from the tray.
>It's sweetness an unreal mirage as the juices slide down your throat and the mare lets out a soft chuckle.
>"You'll need all the strength you can get, you seem like you've been through a lot Anonymous."
>You spare a glance from your tantalizing meal and look up at the mare.
>A simple blue coat with a tender grey mane marked with age and stress.
>"I assume the doctor forgot to tell you but Princess Cadance herself will be visiting you soon."
>Well you were an alien from a strange world just showing up out of nowhere.
"Princess Cadance? Can you tell me a bit about her before she's here?" you say attempting to swallow the meal before you talk.
>The nurses eyes light up with excitement and she puts her forehooves onto the end of the bed.
>"Oh she's just the greatest! She's beautiful and so kind, she even helped me match with my husband, although that was quite a few years ago." she says with happy memories lining her voice and a tender smile reaching her lips.
>Her smile seems contagious as it reaches your own lips and you set down the empty tray.
>"Ah forgive an old mare for reminiscing please dear. She's obviously taken an interest in you considering we've never had a 'hooman' in our lands and she wants to see what you're all about."
>You hear more hooves clopping down the hallway and the two of your eyes are locked on the door.
>"Ooo that might be her now! Remember she's a Princess so mind your manners!" she says with a bit of cheek lining her voice.
>As the two of you watch the doorway a mare with a mane swirling with purples, pinks and yellow enters the doorway, almost hitting her horn on the roof.
>"Ah, you must be the infamous Anonymous that everypony is talking about! My name is Princess Mi Amore Cadanza but you can just call me Cadance." she says while being trailed by a unicorn stallion with a blue mane and white coat.
>"This is my husband Shining Armor, don't worry he doesn't bite." She says with a soft laugh and her husband rolls his eyes with a smile on his lips.
>"Nice to meet you Anonymous." He says with a curt nod as the two enter the room.
"Nice to me the both of you too." You say but hesitate for a moment before asking the next question. "Pardon my ignorance but why have you got a horn AND wings, I can't say I've seen anyone like you before."
>The three of them let loose a laugh and your cheeks burn with a rosy red.
>"Sorry, sorry. From what I understand you're not from around here but I'm an Alicorn, I'll spare you the technical details but I'm sure my sister in law would LOVE to tell you all about it."
>The nurse quickly excuses her self from the room and trots off in a hurry.
>"How are you finding your time here in the Crystal Empire so far, I hope the ponies here are treating you kindly."
>Crystal Empire?
>Where have you heard that name before?
>It lingers on the end of your mind and yet lies so tantalizing far away from you.
"They've been nothing but kind to me, for the time I've been here so far, the nurse was just telling me how you matched her and her husband together." you say and her lips curl into a wide smile.
>"Ah yes that was a ceremony to remember, those two burned with a love that you don't see very often."
>Flashes of the dream seem to run through your mind as you listen to her words and you can't help yourself from asking.
"Sorry if this seems like an odd question but... Have you seen a mare with the most beautiful purple and blue mane and gorgeous blue coat? I didn't catch her name but I can't get her out of my mind."
>As you say this she looks over to Shining Armor and they both share a knowing look between each other, a smile crossing the two of their lips.
>"Hmmm. I don't remember such a mare, but I think I know how to find her." she says while putting a hoof to her chin in thought.
>Anything to see her again, to hold her in your arms once more.
>To hear her sweet velvety voice call out to you again.
"Anything Princess. I'd give anything to see her again." you say without even realizing.
>A tender smile reaches her lips and she nods.
>"I see. We have an old relic in the Empire called the Crystal Heart and while it has been a while since it was last used I think we could use it to find your sweetheart." She says causing your blush to reappear anew.
>"Oh don't be so shy Anonymous, the way you talk about her is the way I talk about my dear Cadance. Not to mention she's the Princess of Love itself, we would find out sooner or later." Shining armor says with a knowing smile.
>You go to speak but can't find the words but after a moment a large grin reaches your lips.
>Another chance to see her again.
>Perhaps for longer then just a fading dream, perhaps for the rest of your lives.
All for now.
I really want to hear this whole thing i their voices now.
I'm intrigued.
>he can't mentally simulate their voices
File: 1624394557779.png (313 KB, 453x373)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
holy shit
File: Pone box.jpg (77 KB, 1272x1024)
77 KB
Your shipment of Mare has arrived.
File: Pone letter.jpg (104 KB, 860x1024)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
I really like the style of this artist, they make cute mares.
I didn't order this.
>Amarezon just leaves it on the porch for any dindu to steal
I am calling their customer service center right now and I fucking swear I'd better get an english speaker.
File: 518.png (37 KB, 568x565)
37 KB
anon, are you okay?
File: Pointy pone box.gif (45 KB, 538x560)
45 KB
Does that matter? Maybe you should ask your new mare if you're feeling okay, you're saying the silliest things.

>He doesnt know about Amarezon's pointy packaging.
>ooga booga where da husbando at
File: pano6.jpg (1.78 MB, 6000x1148)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB JPG
>getting a hammock for backpack camping on Monday
>no mare to cuddle with in it as we hike inna mountains together.
Working on Dreams to Dream, update should be the same length as the last one, hopefully I'll have it out by midweek this week, but we'll see.
So like, everyone ITT?
well I guess everyone else must have got nabbed if I'm the only one left.
File: 1622037790325.png (1.14 MB, 1280x1195)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
ngl Sunbutt gives me some trouble since she was barely in the show
File: Princess Sunbot.jpg (159 KB, 1000x875)
159 KB
159 KB JPG

Radiant mare in all her glory.
Celestia Invictus
420 praise it
>The next few days were a blur of tests and anticipation for what was to come.
>Every new night was another accompanied by empty dreams, your heart still longing for the mare of your dreams
>Your eyes were slick with tears once more, your dreams that were filled with only a void and shattered your resolve a little bit more.
>The clopping of hooves once more rang out through the empty halls but you left your eyes closed hoping to see a faint image of her once more.
>"Hello Anonymous, how are we today?" the doctors gruff voice resounds through the room.
>Cracking open your eyes you quickly wipe the tears from your eyes hoping to clear them before the doctor entered your room.
>"Good news, we've run all the tests we need and you're free to go. In fact Cadance herself is waiting for your departure!" he says an excitement gleaming in his eyes.
>Your eyes widen and you attempt to rush out of bed but the sheets twist over your legs and cause you to stumble.
>"Careful, careful Anonymous. We don't want you to hurt yourself on the way out." He says with a soft chuckle.
>You untangle the sheets from your legs and stand up proper.
"Where- Where is the Princess?" you say almost to quickly causing the doctor to look on at you with concern.
>He hesitates for a moment and looks you up and down but leads you towards the door.
>"Right this way, she said she had something important to show you. I must say it must be quite the honor."
>You only grumble a response and you quicken your pace, almost outpacing the doctor himself.
>"I see you're eager to leave, I hope you'll visit sometime. Obviously under better circumstances." He says, his chuckling muffled by the heavy sound of your own heartbeat.
>The two of you walk in relative silence as you walk down the empty halls.
>When you round the last corner you see Cadance there talking one of the small foals in the main room.
>"I want to be just like you when I grow up Princess!" the small foal says excitement boiling through their voice.
>Cadance ruffles the small fillies mane sweetly and turns towards you but before she can say anything the filly rushes up to you.
>"Ooo What are you Mister?" Curiosity burning in the small fillies eyes as she looks you up and down.
>You crouch down to meet eyes with the filly and ruffle her mane with a friendly smile.
"Well, I'm a human. I don't think there's anything like me around here, but you can call me Anonymous little filly."
>She scrunches her snout and hoofs your hand from her mane.
>"Hey! I'm not a little filly! I've already got my cutie mark and I'm going to get a important job just like the Princess!" she says with annoyance which causes you to laugh and shake your head.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sure you're really important already."
>"Sorry Anonymous, this important pony is Golden Gloom." As Cadance says this the filly beams with pride.
"It's nice to meet you Golden Gloom." You say while standing up and looking towards Cadance. "The doctor said you wanted to see me for something important?"
>The eager fillies eyes burn with a newfound excitement and she quickly rushes over to Cadance.
>"Can I come to Cadance! Pleasepleasepleaseplease." she says in a blur of words.
>"I'm sorry Gloom, I'll be back later to see you though." Cadance says softly as though not to hurt the filly's feelings too much.
>"Awww but Cadance-" She says her excitement exchanged with a thick disappointment clouding her eyes.
>"Don't give me those eyes Gloom." Cadance says while visibly faltering under the threat of the fillies tears.
>Gloom begins to sniffle but turns away from Cadance and she holds out a hoof to comfort the small filly.
"It should be alright to take her along right Cadance?" you say while your heart shatters seeing the filly so saddened.
>"Well- I suppose you could play with flurry heart for a bi-" she's cut off by the filly rushing towards her for a hug.
>"Ohthankyouthankyouthankyou." she says muffled slightly by the fact that her face is crushed against Cadance's chest.
>Cadance merely rolls her eyes and heads towards the door with you following closely behind her.
>When you first exit through the doors your blinded momentarily but soon enough you regain your vision to see beautiful crystal pillars and homes decorating the sides of the street.
>Seemingly everything was made of a beautiful crystal that would reflect the sun in such beautiful ways while not being too disturbing to the eyes.
>A feint memory lingers in the back of your mind and you feel almost as though you've seen this place before.
>A terrible shuddering darkness enveloped your memories of this land though and you shook your head to clear it away from your mind.
>"Are you alright Anonymous? You seem to have zoned out there for a moment." Cadance says with concern lining her voice.
"Uh- Yeah just fine, just must be the sun getting to me or something." you say attempting to cover for your strange actions.
>She merely nods and the small filly that had now climbed onto her withers pointed a hoof at one of the candy stores.
>"We should come here on the way back! Maybe they'll have my favorite gummy manticores again!" Golden Gloom says and causes the both of you to smile.
More delivered. Hopefully I'll finish before this bread dies since Pone Paste is still down.
Golden Oddish a cute
Gosh I love these ponies
File: 1624297612938.png (600 KB, 674x797)
600 KB
600 KB PNG
>From what I understand you're not from around here
No really Shiny? What was your first clue?
>in the show smallest ass in equestria

>always big and plump ass in fan art

the coping levels of lunafags will never not make me laugh
embrace it
File: 854563.png (9 KB, 800x800)
9 KB
cool, have fun anon
Reminds me of some other anon in plush threads taking their pone on trips and taking pictures, it looked comfy.
>smallest ass
>it's not actually small
S2 is more canon than any season after it.
File: 1627303694519.jpg (141 KB, 668x599)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Who cares. Let them love their waifu.
File: 1599543017578.png (363 KB, 1000x700)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
Princess tiny heiney's moon isn't very full (and that's a good thing).
File: 1624964281435.png (181 KB, 1024x1024)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
which one of you went over there and got the something something green general all buttmad lmao
It's just the same old couple of people who routinely shit up the board who are upset.
>They're not taking the bait there
>Better try it here!
Shut the fuck up
What happened this time?
It's gone now; the janitor actually does their job when it's an "active" general, I guess.
It's always some "them and us" shit, though.
I went and checked and this is how they love her

If thats how they love her I dont want disgusting fetishists like them here
File: 2105582.jpg (24 KB, 636x477)
24 KB
That's just one guy who "brags" that showering more than once a week is unnecessary. Look at the other posts there, he's probably the same shitbird who hates the idea of 'Prance' being the equine equivalent to France.
Because Prance does not exist. And keep being mad at being wrong.
Yay he's going to be a cocksucking nigger here now.
You're the only nigger here. You don't seem to get the memo, do you?
>Don't seem to get the memo
Love how you esltards butcher simple analogies with your autism.
Love how you call everyone you disagree with esltards, niggerfaggot.
File: 1626036807619.gif (1.31 MB, 2000x1785)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB GIF
>Because Prance does not exist.
Anon also doesn't. OC mares aren't canon either. Made a worldbuilding attempt at anything? Sorry, not in the show. Made canon characters go to a canon place? Well, sorry but I don't remember hearing about it when watching the episodes.
You hear how stupid it sounds? Have you considered that fanfiction is, well, fiction made by fans? It doesn't matter that the writefren made something that's not canon - without it, greens wouldn't be even possible.
But well, that's under the assumption you aren't baiting. Oh well.
Anon exists, OC mares too. Have you considered that Prance doesn't exist because show already has a name for it? Have you also considered that misinterpreting stuff in your favor is surefire way to make yourself look like a massive fucking faggot?
File: 251.jpg (162 KB, 1000x1142)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
I sincerely hope that one day your life will be in such state that you won't need your daily dose of dopamine through quick bait (You)s. Have a nice evening.
Hi, Anon, I sincerely hope one day you will stop being wrong. Have a nice day.
File: 1621527588887.png (97 KB, 447x601)
97 KB
The sheer dedication you have to being a shitposting cocksucker is amazing. Which thread are you going to next so I can avoid any future episodes of your pms'ing, Prance fag.
You will never escape me as long as you keep being wrong. Only when you accept you're wrong and start using canon names like Earth and France will I stop. Unfortunately, you're too stubborn to accept that.
>sperging out this hard about what's canon and what's not
>on the board where most posters actively headcanon out 7-8 full seasons of core content
It won't be /mlp/ without dumb arguments
File: 2085363.jpg (601 KB, 4527x2435)
601 KB
601 KB JPG
>"I know you won't remember anything when you wake up. You never do. And the next time you will stand before me just as confused as you are now, like you see me for the first time ever. Even though we've met here over a hundred times already."
>"Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes anyway. Meeting you here the second time or the hundredth time - it makes little difference if in the end one morning you will remember. Remember me."
>"If one morning you feel the sun shining upon you and it will remind you of your dream - this is enough. At that very moment our bond will become unbreakable. It would be only a matter of time then."
>"Not even space and time, not even boundaries of reality are going to stand between us."
>"As much as I wish for it, I also fear it, for every since that moment you will not find any comfort, any rest in your world. Knowing of my world will turn yours dull and colorless. Being reminded of me just once will erode your very being until the day we can finally be reunited."
>"My dear friends are working tirelessly to make this happen, so if you are going to be spirited away to my world before you start remembering these dreams, well, it would just be a lucky coincidence in your life."
>"And for me, the result of months of sleepless nights, I guess. Since knowing you does the same to me as knowing me would to you..."
>"No, do not make promises now. I can not count how many times I've said these exact words to you already. And every time you promise me you won't forget."
>"It's not your fault. If anything, it's ours. But as soon as a hint of memory remains..."
>"It's going to be morning soon. I have to leave you before you wake up."
>"If you absolutely insist on making a promise, I would ask for just one."
>"Keep yourself safe and wait for me, my dear human."
I'm convinced he's the "Anon deserves tasty food" autist.
Why wouldn't he deserve tasty food?
because steak is murder
You must be misteaken, steak is love steak is life steak is taste
File: 132830310486.png (612 KB, 665x715)
612 KB
612 KB PNG
Celly is a good pony
File: 1620211821402.png (1.9 MB, 2532x2516)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB PNG
Luna is a good pony too.
They're all good ponies.
What are you doing with this?
And also what was the name of the other one where Anon became the night prince or whatever?
File: 1560361015070.jpg (102 KB, 800x738)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>And also what was the name of the other one where Anon became the night prince or whatever?
Assistant to the Night Court by lmone6
Not the one I was thinking of, but thanks anyways.
Unless I'm suffering from extreme dementia I'm pretty sure it had the same start as the other one but went to some intense mindfuckery by Luna.
my favorite food that starts with F is fsteak
There's like 3 or 4 of them left, everybody is ok with 'late' seasons
What about Cozy? Is she a good pony?
Just a bit of light writing during lockdown, it's quite a simple tale and there will be no large plot twists. Just an Anon finding his special some pony.
Forgot trip but more should come soon, I doubt it will go on for much longer.
She's not canon.
>The trek was fueled with the laughter and jokes from each your two companions as you observe the beautiful sights around you.
>"So Anonymous, what do you think of the Empire so far?" Cadance says the filly trotting along closely by her side.
>You stop for a moment trying to take in the beautiful sights and cheerful ponies bounding about their own day.
"It's amazing Princess-" you're quickly interrupted by Cadance with a friendly shake of her head.
>"No need to be so formal Anon." she says with a little chuckle and your cheeks burn an embarrassed red.
"Ah right, sorry about that Cadance. It's hard to describe honestly, I've never seen anything like it." you say attempting to find the words for it but failing.
>"Just wait till you see the Princess' Castle Anon!" the small filly says while rushing towards a large towering building at the center of town.
>You honestly can't believe you missed it, its deftly crafted crystal walls seemed to be built with so much care that even the best craftsmen couldn't fathom such a perfect structure.
>Standing there aghast you barely notice Golden Gloom turning around to witness your shocked gaze but you quickly snap out of it as she lets out a laugh.
>"I must admit when I first saw it I was just as shocked by it's beauty, but I'm sure you'll get used to it in no time at all." Cadance says as she trots beside you.
>"Now come on, I'm sure your sweetheart is just dying to meet you."
>As she says this Golden Gloom waves towards one of the castle guards and he gives a wave back.
>"Cmoncmoncmon." Gloom rushes over to Cadance and starts pushing her forward towards the castle entrance.
>When you are about to pass the guard he eyes you wearily and looks over to Cadance for confirmation.
>"This is Anonymous, Anonymous this is Copper Guard, he's a standoffish but he's more then friendly once you get to know him." she says with a smile but the guard awkwardly takes off his helmet and looks towards the ground.
"Nice to meet you Copper." You say with a little nod and he seems to relax slightly but only gives a grunt in response.
>The stairs leading upwards had not a speck of dust lying on them and the banners on the walls were a beautiful mix of pink, purple and yellow matching the Princess' mane.
>Servants were walking about the halls and tending to their duties stopping only for a moment to observe you but were quick to move on.
>You think once again to the mare of your dreams and you couldn't take much more waiting to see her again.
>Cadance seems to read your mind and calls to one of the servants.
>"Bright Skies, can you take Golden Gloom here to go meet Flurry?" she says before lowering her voice and with a small smirk continues "Don't worry I won't make you watch those two little devils for too long."
>The servant lets out a little chuckle and nods towards the filly.
>"Let us be off then Miss Gloom." she says with a tender voice as the two walk off down the hallway.
>"It's not far now, I know you're eager to find out who she is and to be quite honest, I'm quite curious myself."
>Both of you walk off down the hall, following twists and turns until you end up before large ornate door decorated with beautiful stained glass.
>Depicted on the stained glass was a loving couple and Cadance herself overseeing them behind a lectern as though they are to be wed.
>Cadance's horn lights up and the doors are quickly parted to reveal a aqua statue standing in the middle of the room, it's radiant glow leaving an almost warm sensation on your skin.
>"Just go up and touch it, you'll be safe. Trust me." she says giving you a small nudge.
>Even without her words you had been felt drawn to the statue, it's inviting glow leaving a lingering thought on your mind that you just couldn't shake.
>With each step the thought was louder and louder in your mind.
>Your hand was raised towards it and you could feel a palpable radiance from the statue.
>When you finally reached the statue and laid hands on it for a moment the world was enveloped in darkness.
>The same darkness in which you had first met her.
>A shocked gasp from behind you causes you to turn around and once more her beautiful visage was there.
>All the beauty that you had seen today couldn't compare to the mare before you now.
>Her hair seemed to streak with a new found life and eyes burned with a furious love.
>"Oh my Love! H-How?" she says standing there shocked and you quickly scoop her out of her daze.
"Don't worry about that now." you say carefully hushing the mare with a finger on her tender lips.
>She extends her wings to wrap around you once more and she nuzzles into your neck, her warm coat seeming to soothe a chill that you had never noticed before.
>"I-I thought I wouldn't see you ever again a-after I-" she pauses a moment the tears filling her eyes.
>Those beautiful teardrops make your heart break and you gently pet her mane as she continues.
>"I tried to summon you with help from a unicorn friend a-and I thought something happened to you when I couldn't reach you again!" she says crushing grief lining her voice.
>You softly coo and continue to gently pet her mane as she cries into your shoulder.
>The two of you sit here in the dark for what feels like hours in each others embrace until your love lifts her head and wipes the gentle tears from her eyes.
>"I'm so glad you're safe. I don't know what I would do if-" you cut her off with a tender kiss that leaves reverberations of heat through your body.
"It's alright now. I'm not leaving anytime soon."
>Her breathing slows and you can almost hear her gentle heartbeat through the silence of the dark room.
"Your friend must have flubbed some part of the spell because I've been sent to the Crystal Empire instead of my darlings hooves." you say with a small smile on your lips and the mare shuffles in your arms to look you in the eyes.
>"Oh that's good news, though I'll have to give her some stern words when I wake up my Love." she says with a laugh her eyes still red from the crying.
>"I forgot to tell you last time, my name is Misty Skies and I'm a guard of Princess Luna herself. Fear not my Love, for no distance shall keep you from me." she says giving you a small peck on the cheek.
>You breathe a deep sigh and hold on to her tighter.
>"I fear we don't have much longer, these dreams cannot last forever my Love. Please stay safe in my absence and know that I shall be in your arms soon."
>You want to protest but the blinding light fills your vision once more.
>But even after the blinding light fades and your vision of the statue appears once more, her visage still lingers in your mind.
That's it for now.
Sure, why not? Although as >>37310470 suggested, by that point the show had drifted so far for Faust's light that it's uncertain whether she even exists.
She could be, but she needs tons of love and guidance.
File: 1625574519507.jpg (140 KB, 1200x737)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
it's nice
I like. Moar!
I like that smug mare.
File: 1436782692707.png (1.55 MB, 3000x1803)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
She's Best Pony and she knows it.
Angry mare
>mare who shouldn't be able to fly keeps herself airborne by sheer force of anger alone
Imagine how hard does she have to pedal to keep that contraption in the air.
Imagine how strong her leg muscles must be.
Imagine how much better it would be if she had someone pedaling with her.
File: 1625019930173.png (283 KB, 1450x600)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
Apologies for late response, this took me a moment to process.
>Do you have Aphantasia?
Shit, maybe? Taking pic rel as a rough scale, my skills of seeing anything with closed eyes would range between 1 and 2, mayyyyybe once I saw the poni I like closer to 3 when I was super exhausted and thought it'd be nice to hug her. I'm not one to self diagnose myself with illnesses, but it appears that other symptoms somewhat check out here - sometimes I suck at recognizing faces of people I don't see daily, navigating around places (both IRL and in video games, the latter is extremely frustrating) unless I spend hours and somehow start remembering the layouts, visualizing faces ends at recalling outstanding facial features, etc.
Also, a quote from one of articles that resonated with me:
>Before seeing that tweet, I had no idea aphantasia existed let alone that my own imagination was something out of the ordinary. I simply assumed all people saw the same vapid, nondescript nothingness when they closed their eyes, and that the majority of language associated with mental imagery — such as picturing your happy place or counting sheep to fall asleep — was metaphorical rather than literal.
I never understood counting sheep either, I just pretended there's a fence in middle of my view and I moved eyeballs to pretend there is a sheep jumping over it. Of course I didn't see shit.
Sorry for blog post, anyways I wanted to really thank you for pointing be towards this term. I'm still wary of using it as an excuse for being retarded this way, but it makes me feel a bit better that I'm not the only one, kek.

>my journal where I write to her everyday
Sounds quite heart warming, I'm going to try this at some point.
I can't even imagine having aphantasia
>my skills of seeing anything with closed eyes would range between 1 and 2
Damn, that's rough
>Sounds quite heart warming, I'm going to try this at some point.
Currently at day 25, feels pretty good
File: octavia.jpg (521 KB, 1660x1000)
521 KB
521 KB JPG
>tfw no qt plush
fuckk I want it so badly
File: IMG_2381.jpg (1.61 MB, 3000x2000)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
Plush gang is nice, they bring good feels.
File: yosher.png (66 KB, 250x320)
66 KB
Sure is a Wednesday, my dudes.
File: 1619411865243.png (389 KB, 782x323)
389 KB
389 KB PNG
>blinds open at night
how else will the mare team know he's home
Magic and stuff, I'd say.
but how will they press up against his window, asking him to let them in?
they're ponies, doesn't he believe in ponies?
Unicorns are quick to recognize lewdness; they can just hide in the bushes until thoughts of hoofholding and headpatting are detected and then rappel in through the windows like they're in the Special Mare Service
>tfw no /x/ poster mare waifu who constantly bothers the town librarian about how tu summen a husbando
Might be a few days till next update. I'm being lazy right now and I just don't have the motivation to write right now.
understandable have a great day
Yeah, no worries anon.
File: 835088.png (199 KB, 1000x1000)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
Dreams to Dream is coming along nicely, this update won't be super long or anything, probably a little bit shorter than the last one, but it will be wholesome and cute, God knows we need more of that in this current timeline.
It should be out by tomorrow morning or so, so stay tuned.
File: img-2497856-4-large.png (610 KB, 1024x1024)
610 KB
610 KB PNG
>it will be wholesome and cute, God knows we need more of that in this current timeline.
Sounds good
Space mare soaring through the skies.
There's a criminal lack of pony Sunset art.
There's no seal around her horn
Nice. I'll probably read it during my double shift workday so I'm gonna need it to improve my mood.
Agreed wholeheartedly on the cute part.
Typical retro futurism. You see this stuff a lot o these.

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