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File: 1625006157408.png (733 KB, 1270x1035)
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Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. New stories and art welcome!
Any type of transformation into ponies, dragons, gryphons, changelings, draconequus, etc., whether OC or canonical, & Anonponies of all shapes and sizes.
Want to be the little pony? This is the thread for you.

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Unrated TF image dump thread:

Below are some suggested writing prompts.

>Discord's Paw: Your wish is granted, and you finally get to be turned into a pony. That said it comes with some kind of consequence you didn't intend.

>Collared: your boss offers you a paid vacation in the place of your dreams, but you soon find out while having fun that he's in the market for a new pet and you're in his sights.

>Intersection: they made you into one of them. Hiding under beds and in closets, you strike when sleep takes them. The lucky ones get off with a stopped heart, the rest are dragged back to the sprawling complexes to be turned into more of you.

>Stray: you find out the hard way that there's a price for laughing at people when a deranged scientist breaks into your house and you awaken in a grimy alley with no food, no direction, and considerably fewer fingers. Making it out of the city seems hopeless, but maybe you can find someone nice to take care of you while you figure things out?

Chat in https://discord.gg/tfAjenN

Previous Thread:
>Be anon
>Kinda hungry, and smells fresh cookies from the kitchen
>Finds Twilight putting the rest inside a jar
>Stupid book horse says to wait until after dinner to have one
>Waits for her to leave and grabs jar
>Jar seemed rather small at first.
>Opening it, you realize that only a filly could fit their hoof inside.
"Fuck it"
>You try anyways, they smelled delicious.
>Strangely enough, when you reached inside, your hoof fits perfectly.
>Wait, hoof? You could had sworn you didn't have hooves.
>Before you can think to much about it, you nom the cookie.
>Warm and chewy, you happily eat away.
>After your first, no second, no... Fourth cookie Twilight walks in.
"Silly filly. Did you get into the cookie jar again?"
>You shake your head and hide the jar behind you.
>To bad Mommy can see the crumbs falling from your muzzle
By Celestia's meaty flanks I wish that was me
New Prompts okay?

>You're down on your luck, face it, these days who isn't but you see a help wanted ad from a new restaurant that's supposed to be opening soon called hoofers.
>thinking nothing of it you apply and get an email back saying your training would be on sunday for your first shift on monday.

thus leading to TF and being a mare waiting tables.
do you TF whilst on shift and go back to normal off shift?
is it your uniform that TFs you?
who knows
Based on this, which one speaks the most to you and resembles who you are as a person? If this is roughly how Pony type is determined upon metamorphosis, which one do you think you'd be?
>All three in different but roughly equal degrees.
So does this mean i'm a shitty alicorn OC or do i get to pick?
I'd like to be a bat, i lean ever so slightly more towards pegasi and unicorn traits according to this.
Yeah, let's all just be bat ponies. All bat ponies are former humans who tried to become pegasi.
Apparently I'd be a unicorn which is a shame, as I generally like pegasi more. Oh well
>The blinding light of the evening sun kicks you back into consciousness.
>Your head hurts, everything's spinning, and your breath reeks of puke and alcohol.
>You passed out from too much vodka again.
>And fucking Anon is sleeping next to you, drooling all over the bed. Stark naked.
>The implications disgust you. You scream to the heavens, causing your high bubbly voice to startle you even further.
>You flail around in horror, only now noticing your hands are gone and your arms are covered in soft pale gray fur.
>Fear and anxiety takes over, you desperately try to make sense of the situation.
>Anon has been woken up by your screams, but he's just staring at you in disbelief.
>Nausea overhwelms you before you can make a move, causing you to hurl up all over the floor and the bed making a horrible mess in the process.
>Anger, fear, shame, and distress is all you can feel at the moment.
>"What the fuck did you do to me last night?!" You ask in desperation, but you get no response.
>Memories are hazy but you try your best to recall.
>You were fucking smashed, you two were playing drinking games, and he had offered you another drink to "end the night in a bang".
>Motherfucker spiked your drink with those fucking horsepills.
>You try to face Anon again, but he just keeps looking at you like he just murdered someone.
>It didn't take long for you to put two and two together.
>The sickening taste of vomit begins to overwhelm your mouth again.
>You hoped it was just a hangover.
bad green fgt
>Quick to melancholy

Makes me a unicorn I suppose
I will commit sudoku to repent for my shame.
>Dash goes to dyke out with the new mare
Sounds about right.
Threadly reminder to go back to your discord and stop shitting up my board, you God forsaken misanthrope niggers. You will never be a pony.
What if I’m equal between two of them or all three? Would the laws of the MLP-verse just kill me or would they turn me into some horrific beast with many heads, tails, and wings?
Make me
>kidnapped by pony tf cult
>they feed you their pony fluids, causing you to become an pony
>body slowly changing
>after a threshold, your body produces pony fluids that can tf other people
>swallowing your own saliva is enough to continue the transformation
>rescued by anti-tf coalition
>rushed to the hospital
>to stop the runaway transformation, they hang you upside down with a gag ring so you don't swallow any more of your own saliva
>all your sustenance comes from an iv bag
>the length of this intervention necessitates the use of an internal catheter
>pee bag is an tf hazard
>after a few days, your transformation reverses just enough that you can safely come down from your gag ring suspension
>in order to fully revert to human, you would need to hang like that for a few weeks at least
>you at least don't need to worry about losing your hands
>but you can't hide your semi-permanent pony features
>horse legs and ass
>a short, fuzzy tail
>crotch nips
>pp is still basically human though
>released from the hospital
>doctor explains that when you're mentally ready to fully revert, you can schedule your next, extended, stay
>on your way out, you smuggle your pee bag with you
>you tell yourself it's because it's embarrassing for someone else to have to dump that out
>you tell yourself you don't really know why you grabbed it
>you tell yourself it's not really necessary to refrigerate it, since urine is sterile
>leave it in the fridge anyway
>spend a few days mentally processing things
>try to rejoin society, go back to work, and live a normal life
>people are more or less polite, but you can never not notice their stares
>tell your bossman you need more time off to fully revert
>hide in your room some more
>it's the middle of the night
>you're holding that disgusting, yellow pee bag
>the menacing biohazard symbol dominates the whole surface
>said symbol features two bright red letters in the center
>you pour an glass of pee
>the smell reminds you of summer camp, visiting a stable
>your heart's beating in your throat
>it's gross
>nothing happens
>you retrieve an packet of koolaid from the pantry
>concoct a pitcher of pony piss tf-aid
>a little sugar helps hide the piss taste
>stay up all night and drink the whole thing
>wake up nauseous, late the next day
>an feeling in your belly
>those cultists words bubble up in your mind
>you're feeling your guts changing, specifically your colon
>it's getting larger to allow for hind gut fermentation, which is how herbivores digest fiber
>you learned more than you cared to during capture
>you burp, then rush to the bathroom to upchuck
>nothing comes out, and you dry heave a few times
>you burp again, and a stream of koolaid jumps out of your mouth
>you spit, then grind your teeth
>after you throw up, your whole mouth gets coated in stomach acid, and you can taste this and feel it on your teeth
>this, you learned from booze, not cultists
>but that feeling was absent this time
>your stomach ph is higher, less acidic, further indicating you're an herbivore again
>you wash your face, and look in the mirror
>a usual case of puffy, teary eyes, from throwing up
>but your mouth and nose stick out just a little farther than normal
>a stranger probably wouldn't notice, but you, so familiar with yourself, see it clearly
>you shamble back to bed and pass out
>it's dark out when you wake up
>you don't grab any of your things
>you don't get a glass of water
>you don't lock your door
>you just leave
>you're not sure where to go to find them, but you're sure at least that they'll find you
Added to the story archive.
Dude, imagine a pony tf EAS like this https://youtu.be/Jfm2jHF9tyI
We're trying our best to get the shitcord link out of the OP, the trannies have bots and autism on their side.
You're goddamn right I hate humans and anthros.
File: zeph.png (861 KB, 2048x1590)
861 KB
861 KB PNG
>unicorns never do healing magic ever
>unicorns are healing
Could try to get rid of the D*scord server itself instead of just references to it. Not sure how that would be accomplished.
>“We interrupt our programming. This is a national emergency.”
>“At 4:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time on December 31st, 2019, a virus has been detected in large portions of water supplies in the United States. This virus has the capacity to spread very rapidly and turn whomever it comes in contact with into a small, pastel-colored pony with a rear-end tattoo, along with a unique color pattern and a pair of wings, a horn, both, or neither.”
>“Several hundreds of victims have been identified, especially in the Seattle and San Francisco areas. Further victims have been identified throughout the nation, as this virus is known to survive wastewater treatment.”
>“All Americans are advised to purchase water filters for their faucets and wear face masks in public spaces, especially in scenarios where distancing oneself by six feet or more from others is not possible.”
>“If you have been in contact with anyone who has turned into a creature of the previously stated description within the last 14 days, quarantine yourself in your own home and isolate yourself from others in order to avoid spreading the disease.”
>“Repeat, the virus will turn those it comes into contact with into small, pastel-colored ponies with unique color patterns and tattoos, plus a horn, wings, both, or neither.”
>“All Americans are advised to follow the precautions stated earlier and that there is no reason to panic. Your government is doing what it can to keep you safe. The President of the United States will speak on all lines shortly.”
^“My fellow Americans, the time is grim and we have a national pandemic on our hands. It is unfortunate, but I have declared a state of national emergency just a few moments ago.”
^“But think of all of the great things we’ll be able to do now. We will build a big, beautiful wall on the California coast and at the border of Washington State to keep the virus at bay... and to keep further strains leaking out of whatever Chinese labs they came from!”
^“We will put an additional 25% tariff on Chinese steel and aluminum and make sure they know exactly how badly they are damaging our country!”
^“We will place a complete travel ban on those coming from China, as well as those of severely affected states. There are some very fine people on all sides, but we ultimately must do what is safe for the country. We must put our own mask on first before helping others!”
^“I realize that now is not the best time for everyone to be out here, but for those of you watching me now, as well as those of you staying safely at home, I want you all to stay home and stay safe and we can together make America great again!”
<“Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!...”
File: 1606875449203.png (1.57 MB, 1445x1724)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
Friendly Reminder to do your duty to remove and report discordniggers in the OP

Report for shilling and/or automated spam bot, submit a feedback form asking the mods to get OP's with discord links b&
>Your heart is singing and you want to thank him so badly, but the most you can do is reach over and put a hoof on his leg.
>Finally, you have a name.
>Real pets have those, and you're one of those now.
>The whole scenario still feels like a dream, but you've tried all of your old lucid dreaming techniques from before you were a pony and none of them have worked yet.
>So, this is real.
>"It's going to be a little while before we get there, you can take a nap if you want to."
>You pull back the seat belt a bit with a hoof.
>"You want me to release it?"
>You nod, making sure to wait for a red light.
>"If there's an accident I really don't want you to get hurt, that stays on girl. Sorry."
>Oh well, he'll probably have something more comfortable than a car seat to sleep on when he gets you back to where he lives anyways.
>Where he lives...
>Images flash through your mind, everything from cramped apartments to massive mansions.
>Well, probably not the higher-end sort of thing considering what he said earlier about being outbid on you so to speak...
>Still, you don't need much room and anything will be better than living in that box most of the time.
>You pass the time by trying to recognize landmarks, get any sort of indication for where exactly in the country you ended up after...
>Huh, you suppose that's one other thing you can't remember...
>You feel a bit stupid for not having thought about it much before now, but you have no idea how you went from being a human to a pony.
>The last thing you remember was a flash of light, but that could've been anything really...
>"Alright, we're here!"
>The car comes to a stop and he gets out, walking around to your side.
>He jiggles the handle, frowns, then goes back over to the drivers side and opens the door.
>After a button press and a mechanical clunk, he repeats the failed motion from a few moments prior and opens your side of the car.
>"Sorry about that, I don't usually have passengers."
>He unbuckles your seatbelt and picks you up under your forelegs.
>"Do you want to walk or would you rather I carry you?"
>You stare at him.
>"Oh, right. Do you want to walk?"
>You nod and he sets you down on the asphalt.
>There are a few other houses in the neighborhood, but each one is a healthy distance away from the one before you.
>It looks rather nice, at least from the outside.
>None of that weird over-pretentions architect crap, just a plain rather large house with what looks to be a pretty good view of the mountains.
>You wonder what your owner does for work to afford a place like this, maybe he was playing modest earlier when he mentioned-
>Okay, this is two times you've analyzed the same statement in under an hour.
>Time to let it go Cherry.
>You trot next to him like a dog that's just been asked to heel as he walks up to the door and fumbles around in his jacket for the keys.
>"Sorry if I came off like a bit of a tard, I promise it's just the lack of sleep. And well... I think I'll be sleeping a bit better with you next to- ah! There we are."
>The lock squeaks a bit as he turns the key and you fold back your sensitive ears.
>"Oh crap, sorry. I'll get some WD-40 in that sucker."
>You step into the house and immediately feel very soft carpet brush against your frogs.
>You let out a low, contented neigh.
>"Oh, you haven't seen the best part. Come check this out."
>He walks you through a roomy hallway to a living room with a decent amount of windows, a sizable television, and...
>Oh wow, that looks comfy.
>You look to him for approval and once he nods, you walk over to the pet bed and begin your first of three pre-lay circles.
>You don't feel a compulsive need to do them or anything, but you figured it would be a cute touch and he certainly seems to think so.
>The bed is amazingly even more soft and inviting than the carpeted floor is, and it's just the right size for you; with the plush walls snugly brushing up against the arch of your back.
>Oh god...
>"Like it?"
>You nod enthusiastically.
>"I ordered it a bit back when I first heard about the... appearances. It was a bit of a long shot, but hey at least the time it took to finally get you gave me some time to give it a good wash to get all of the factory funk off. Unfortunately, I'm afraid I don't really have any other gifts to give you at the moment. I'll try to come up with something soon."
>You hop up and affectionately rub your muzzle against his calf before looking at his face and giving him a big smile.
>You'd throw in a bit of tail wagging, but you're not exactly sure how to get that to work just yet.
>A small yawn escapes your lips and he nods knowingly.
>"Want to see how good that bed is for napping?"
>This time, you get the pleasure of being scooped up and set down in the same position as earlier.
>As your eyelids droop, you see /your/ owner watching you.
>Feeling more than sufficiently content, you let them close completely and accept whatever comes next.
File: wuah.png (654 KB, 1082x580)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
>escapist as all hell
Yep, that's a Unicorn for me.
File: _.png (772 KB, 1250x752)
772 KB
772 KB PNG
File: _.png (190 KB, 541x716)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
File: _.png (248 KB, 784x848)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
Is there any way to filter out the "volontary transformations"? I like the greens where anon is turned INTO a filly and dropped in equestria somewhere by some unknown force (or discord).
The whole "undergoing procedure" stuff really unsettles me, it's treated in text like tranny surgery and reminds me of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nX5hmh2_bTI
>it's treated in text like tranny surgery
As someone who hates trannies at least as much as you do, this is another level of obsessed. The tranny procedures out there wouldn't be called tranny procedures if they worked, and trannies wouldn't be called trannies if they looked like women. In stories, the procedures are always perfected to the point where humans can seamlessly take the forms of ponies. In my opinion the most important part is being a pony, and as long as you actually become a pony the process generally doesn't matter. I do agree that some stories are tranny bait in disguise though, for instance that story about Anon going to Equestria because of a get and turning into a human woman before he turned into a mare made me want to fucking vomit.
File: Dee.png (530 KB, 725x1000)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
The reason why I don't like them isnt because of that, it's just an easy comparison to make if you understand what I mean? Just the whole thing makes me uncomfortable, watched too much med-stuff in school and keep imagining things that are less than comfy
File: _.png (117 KB, 1600x1200)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
Yeah you discord nigger, that's the story I spoke of.
Now I want a surgical body horror pony transformation. You're gonna be Frankenpony and no you don't have a choice. Yes I know Frankenstein is the scientist shut up
Body horror is a really nice genre for tf
File: 1613201.png (103 KB, 934x832)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
>Yeah, sure I'll let you into Equestria... but only if you agree to let me turn you into a pony permanently! Hehehe-
>Wait. You're okay with that?
>Uh! Well you also have to be a girl.
>Y... you're fine with that too?
>Okay! Well, uh! You gotta also give up all your rights and be my personal slave forever! Ha! I bet-
>You prefer it like that?!
>Okay... okay you win. You can come to Equestria. Geeze.
new captcha might be our chance. old bots won't work.
>no (You)s for an entire day
That's criminal.
I read it early in the morning and then rushed off to have a busy day so I couldn't reply earlier. However, this is unironically the best-feeling green I've read in a long, long time.
What a win
It isn't a bot its one determined autist who wants to harvest users for his server
Will he try to convince me I'm trans or to try and induce multiple personality disorder in myself? Cause those are the two main gaslighting problems I run into.
File: _.jpg (112 KB, 875x789)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
But that results in more time trying to solve them. Eventually, fewer people may post here overall, since it may be more worth it to post on /mlpol/ if they don’t have anything like this and it is more convenient.
new captcha is way more convenient than the old one. i don't know what you're talking about.
I say it is far more difficult to read and find the letters and numbers, but I’d like to hand it over to a man named James Rolfe to explain it for me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sM28zVrk8tw&t=6m7s
What are some of the best MLPtf stories for Brainwashing / Identity changes?
Made a paste: [Anonfilly Emotionally Rapes Futa Moon Dancer]
Isn't explicit art like this banned on /mlp/? I like your stories so really don't want to see you get in trouble.

Conspiracy part of me is wondering if this is some ploy by the Discord. Have all the prominent writefags do stuff like this to get banned on /mlp/ so the only way to continue reading most the stories is to go to the Discord.
take ur pills schizo
File: uhhhh.png (6 KB, 769x316)
6 KB
For some reason it says "I can't delete a post this old. Hoping the jannies will just delete the file only.
That's beautiful.
File: E5lb4n8WQAI6naP.jpg (68 KB, 1050x600)
68 KB
>capturing humans giving them nothing to eat except pony milk
>at first they all drink then they see the changes
>some hunger to death others dose it and some go all in
>after the transformation they produce milk themself
>at the start of the capture they wonder why there is hay but they start like the smell after first exposure
File: 1439834383177-1.png (190 KB, 739x622)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
That would imply that the stories even get posted to the discord.

Well, at least you tried to do it yourself. You could also get the problem where it's too NEW to delete too. I think the time window for deleting just the file is larger, but shiggy diggy. Thanks, Hiroshimoot :/

Also, if you some how ended up as a cute pony and couldn't adapt to the changes quick enough, what's your favourite thing?
File: 1631951.png (89 KB, 500x704)
89 KB
I forgot to put this in my previous post, but things like clothes being too big, stumbling about while relearning how to walk, that kinda shit.
To suddenly become a pony would be rather jarring.
In theory, the image captchas could have been easier than a text captcha like this. Unfortunately, Google went out of their way to make their captcha as impossibly annoying as possible. Pretty much anything that doesn't stutter the page on load, have a 10-50% chance (depending on the day) of slow-fading, or show you multiple captchas in a row would be an improvement. And this is it: one no-bullshit text prompt that loads instantly, doesn't run any heavy scripts, you just type it and go. My success rate is about as good as with the google captchas (which I also didn't always get correctly, especially when it shows you like a fucking slanted traffic light that takes up 8 squares you have to click, and has maybe three pixels poking out into a 9th square and it's a 50/50 whether they want you to click that). And it's vastly more convenient to type it out with the keyboard. And it doesn't have fuckhuge scripts that, in some cases, literally stuttered on my laptop (for a fucking captcha).

The one thing I can concede is that if you got lucky, the peak time to finish a google captcha could be faster than the time to type out this one. If you got like a 2 square traffic light, no fading, and only a single captcha to fill out, or when you got those rare ones that didn't even show a challenge, it was fine. But on average, the text captcha is way faster than my average time to solve a recaptcha - and it's also consistent, which is just nicer because I don't have to dread every time I click the captcha button wondering whether it'll be merciful or whether I'll be stuck for 20 seconds.
File: 1502903947025.png (1.34 MB, 1158x651)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
Everything's gonna be alright, anons
Gotta throw out all those old human clothes first.
>wake up
>see you turned into an mare
hell yea, id start masturbing myself instantly
Hm, really? I actually don't think I would - I'd probably take a little bit to just appreciate my body in general. Clop my hooves, trot around, flick my ears. Go find a mirror and get a good look at my new muzzle, flick my ears some more in the mirror. Play with my mane and tail. Spend some more time trotting, and just stretching my new body around. Roll and prance around in the joy of having hooves.
Then I'd probably masturbate, yeah.
yea thats what i got in mind first, but after that id touch ma horse big Bussy
File: 2650394.jpg (155 KB, 2000x1600)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
File: hooters.jpg (763 KB, 2480x3507)
763 KB
763 KB JPG
This is a good story idea.
>TF is permanent
>Instead of going home there's an optional apartment complex underneath the restaurant for no extra cost
>Try to drive home your first night and after totaling your car your supervisor picks you up from the hospital and gently suggests that maybe you should live in the apartments
>You sob profusely at your loss if independence, but agree to let him get you set up there
>Your roommate is a super accommodating mare who's been wanting somepony to live with for years
>Helps you learn how to get around your shortcomings with hooves and snuggles up with you every night
>Start to not hate the constant catcalling of overweight men as much since you have a hot shower and a snuggly pony to look forward to
>Only thing you really need to pay for is food so you start saving up for little gifts for her
Etc. Etc.
Muh heart
File: 1267614.gif (402 KB, 236x286)
402 KB
402 KB GIF
>Alright, I'm willing to sponsor your immigration into Equestria.
>You'll get to transform into a pony and move in with me right away, but you know the price. You'll be my indentured servant for five years.
>Once that's up you'll be made into a full citizen of Equestria with all the rights and privileges that entails. Provided you don't break any laws before then, that is.
>Sounds like a fair price to me.
“When I heard of this eCommerce site development and data analytics internship, I saw nothing of what you described in the job description. I saw a starting salary of between 560K-640K bits per year and nothing about turning into a pony.”
File: 2324651.png (1.32 MB, 1920x1080)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
>And how much do you think ponification, moving to Equestria and Equestrian citizenship cost? Hm? You're much better off with this deal.
“It actually costs about 20K bits overall, though hiring an immigration lawyer could cost about 40K bits. Either way, it’s still roughly a tenth of what I’d make in a year according to the job description on the site. Sweet Apple Acres will be willing to pay me just the same and they’re probably going to need me for operations all across the world.”
File: Buttpillow.png (50 KB, 437x265)
50 KB
I would give quite a lot to be in that situation.
Having a TF buddy is the optimal scenario.
This probably isn't the best way to get a mare girlfriend but it works.
Any pony tf greentexts involving featureless/orgasm denial
File: 1462138228400.png (293 KB, 1024x1024)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
>featureless/orgasm denial
but anon, this breaks the pony
Eh, I've always had an idea like this
>guy or girl thinks pony porn and horsefuckers are disgusting
>maybe has a horsefucker roommate
>somehow gets sent to equestria as a mare
>equestria is tv y7 is approved which means no naughty parts for the poor fella
>unlike other pones, she still has sexual feelings and constantly wants in a world that prevents her from doing so
>roommate eventually gets sent to equestria too, though still as a human
>the poor mare is in heat and just wants to get off by any means necessary, pretty much take his pants and goes to town on him
>all revealed to be a trick by discord in the end
What a strange story.
File: 2247934.png (131 KB, 693x785)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
and thats how we get to the real question
>is the are where the bits should be still as sensitive?
>is comicpregnancy still possible? would it be cause by kissing?
That other guy is an autist, I'll gladly take this
>>is the are where the bits should be still as sensitive?
Of course, that’s the best part
>>is comicpregnancy still possible? would it be cause by kissing?
Yeah, sure, why not
The parts where the bits should be would most likely be just as sensitive but wouldn’t allow for an orgasm so it’d just keep them blueballed
>wouldn’t allow for an orgasm
You're evil.
Yeah, and?
>Implying Rara has any sort of magical prowess and isn't just a dumb dressmaking slut
But any unicorn can transfigure. Remember when Trixie did it?
>but wouldn’t allow for an orgasm
T-then how would she get an orgasm?
Have you never had a dry orgasm when you were a kid?
Trixie was under the influence of an amulet, you fucking braindead autist.
But not when she turned pottery into teacups.
Transfiguration magic isn't easy; we saw how hard Twilight found it to be in Season 3. Trixie only managed to learn it because she has a lot of innate talent she never bothered to apply before Starlight Glimmer started tutoring her.
Who’s to say that not all ponies do?
File: 1863228.png (256 KB, 800x800)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
>get turned into a kirin
>forced to perform lewd roles on stage while in heat
>never ever find release
Any TF stories with cuckholding?
File: _.gif (2.48 MB, 746x600)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB GIF
No. You need to go back.
I really want a tf greentext like this, maybe ponk keeps poking and tickling a tf’d mare in her special spot not realizing what she’s doing to her
she knows whats up, dont ask why, but does it anyway. and ponk being ponk, propably also tells all her friends that the new pony in town, really likes the feeling of being booped down there. maybe she will even throw a boop-themed party
That’d be the last thing the mare would want
but ponks pinkiesense tells her it feels nice, and it has never been wrong before
File: 1484086574375.png (551 KB, 800x1260)
551 KB
551 KB PNG
>"whats a this "blueballs"-thing you keep stammering around about?"
now what? she doesnt even know what that means
Mmm comfy.
The virus was too cute to contain.
File: _.png (135 KB, 1797x1080)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
File: _.gif (803 KB, 774x464)
803 KB
803 KB GIF
Would you even nee the job at that point?
>earth pony as hell
>quick to melancholy though
Im definitely earth pony regardless. If I want to fly, I'll ask a pegasus friend for a ride or maybe pay Twilight for a pair of wings for a while.
I’d be a unicorn for certain, I have some earth pony and Pegasi traits but pretty much all unicorn traits fit me. Perfect, just what I’d want.
What's the catch?
File: 140086.png (381 KB, 3000x3882)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
>Oh, I was trying to make a catch!
>But now you monkeys are suddenly lined up for the 'service' and I'm making a killing on transforming humans into pony servants for natural born ponies.
>Everypony in Ponyville has their own ex-human servant now and all the other towns are wanting in. I'm gonna have to take back all the bad things I said about you all at this rate.
>Be Anonfilly.
>You decide to wander in the Canterlot Library looking for Moon Dancer.
>You're already acquainted with her and proceed to go find her to discuss about research on humans.
>You don't see Moon Dancer at her usual spot. Strange.
"Moon Dancer? Where are you?"
>Your ears perk up to hear a furious schlicking sound. One that is vaguely familiar.
>Turning around the corner you see Moon Dancer sitting against a bookshelf with a throbbing wet cock in hoof.
>"G-Green?! I swear it's not what it looks like-"
"You have a cock?!"
>"It was an accident!"
"Since when was having a cock an accident!?"
>The smell is a little intoxicating. Both from the musk of her not properly showering in what you assume days and her leaking protruding member.
>"I-It's from a spell I found, that I used a while back."
"A while back?"
>"I-I may have used it... and wasn't able to undo it."
"That thing is permanent?"
>"N-Not exactly..."
"...What do you mean?"
>You take notice of the stream of precum leaking out of her member's flat surface.
>"W-Well... it's an ancient spell. Used for reproduction when times were tough and there weren't any stallions around... and it doesn't go away until the caster c-cu.... ejaculates inside a mare..."
"......Does it matter where inside the mare you have to ejaculate?"
>"I-I don't know. I've never..."
>Moon Dancer's eyes widened upon the realization.
>"Wait, you're not offering..."
"It's just a hypothetical. And wow, what kind of sicko would think that a filly like me would offer that?"
>"I wasn't... I didn't mean to assume."
"Hah. I'm just pulling your leg. But still hypothetically, does it have to be a mare?"
"Yes. Hypothetically."
>"Well, life expectancy wasn't exactly long back during those times. So it may be possible for a filly to... fulfill that role."
"Huh... well good luck with that."
>You proceed to leave, figuring to come back to ask about how research is going later.
>You pause in your tracks, turning around with a null expression.
>"I-It's just that... I had this problem for years... a-and every time I get close to a stallion they're weirded out or see me just as a friend. And whenever I get close to a mare, they get scared off, thinking I want to be more than just friends."
>Moon Dancer fidgets in place, standing against the bookshelf with both hooves trying to pull her sweater down.
>"It's hard..."
>Your eyes wander again to her protruding member, still leaking precum from her initial session.
"Yeah I can see that. What does this have to do with me though?"
>"It's just that... maybe you could..."
"That was a hypothetical. Besides this sounds like a 'you' issue, not mine."
>"Please don't make me beg."
"I'm not going to make you do anything. I don't want any part of this. You're on your own."
>As you walk away, your ears perk up as you hear a faint quiet sobbing from behind.
>You turn your neck back to see Moon Dancer sobbing quietly into her hooves.
"Are you seriously fucking crying?"
>"I-I'm sorry... I'm sorry..."
"Oh my god. You're crying."
>"W-What's god?"
"Somepony who shouldn't have allowed you to exist. I mean seriously. You used a spell you knew was pseudo-permanent. You didn't go to a doctor to ask for professional help. And now you're asking a filly to take care of a problem for you. How pathetic can you get?"
>You hear a quiet whimper from her as she tries to cover her eyes with her forehooves.
>"I-I'm sorry..."
>As she sobs, her erection is still throbbing consistently. It's even twitching a bit.
"Wait..... are you getting off to this?"
>"W-What? N-No I'm not..."
"Oh my god you are."
>"I-I'm not..."
>You let out a laugh, her cock twitches more so as Moon Dancer lowers her ears and covers her eyes in shame.
"That's so pathetic. Not only did you fuck up massively, consider on doing something that would get you on a sex-offender registry, but you're also enjoying it."
>Moon Dancer sniffs as she wipes her tears under her wet glasses.
>"N-No I-I'm n-not..."
"Then explain why you're so horny."
>You casually point to her member that's leaking even more precum, without even touching it.
>"N-No... I'm not like that. I c-can't."
"You can't help it can you? Your cock is just begging for a release. I can tell."
>"I-I don't..."
>You smirk as you lay against the ground next to her.
"Well? Aren't you going to take care of it? That's what you were doing before weren't you?"
"Do it."
>Moon Dancer sniffs before wiping her eyes again, her hoof already soaked in salty tears as she slides down against the bookcase. She reluctantly wraps her forehoof, soaked in salty liquids, around her throbbing member.
>You hear long strokes as she schlicks her throbbing cock back and forth. The liquid streaming from the tip becoming its own lubricant as it mixes with her tears.
>You could hear panting moans in between her sobs as she obediently strokes herself.
"Do it."
>Her legs twitched in response as you urged her further. Her ears dropped down as she sniffed again, stroking it even faster.
"Come on. Show me how pathetic you are. To cum in front of a filly. Not even inside her, just wasting it all on the floor where it belongs. Show me what you've done multiple times before alone by yourself."
>Faint wet sobs are heard as Moon Dancer's hips trusted up in response. Her panting increasing further as tears continue streaming down her eyes.
>Eventually her entire body flexed itself as her hooves curled up, her hips rocking upwards. Her balls tensed as the flare tip flared up as a long stream of pouring shame erupted from the base.
>Much of the thick white liquid splattered shamefully on the floor tiles in front of her. Small waves of semen continuously bursted forth into a small dribble dripping from her member.
>Heavy panting came from Moon Dancer as you smirked, satisfied with seeing it all.
"Clean yourself up. You don't want anypony finding out what a mess you made."
>You turn to leave towards the door, only taking a small glance back at Moon Dancer, looking back at you with hazy eyes, longing for you.
>You snorted as you turned back to close the door behind you.
File: holy crap.png (123 KB, 700x700)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
>the ‘service’
So will Anon only become a citizen of Equestria after a period of military service or will he also be able to work in the private sector?
File: 1625696506922.png (142 KB, 1280x1150)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
That's shiny.
any time someone transforms into Cadence I guess
I wanna be dah poner
File: _.jpg (22 KB, 577x366)
22 KB
File: _.jpg (117 KB, 900x1800)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
File: 2651434.png (93 KB, 803x472)
93 KB
File: _.png (592 KB, 1937x1419)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
File: 2651747.png (688 KB, 1250x750)
688 KB
688 KB PNG
File: wuah.png (584 KB, 1045x550)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
File: DuowOF-WkAEWINK.png (567 KB, 744x1200)
567 KB
567 KB PNG
>A shriveled young green filly walks the through the forest. Great, I finally made it to Equestria, but everyone hates me to hell and back. They say I smell like a changeling, bullshit!
>All my waifus hate me and worst of all... I find them disgusting whenever I think something sexual of them!! Damn you filly body, damn you to hell!! Uggh so hungry.. I'm not going back to Zecora a. I can't... Hey... these white mushrooms are just like those back on Earth. Even has the same meaty spicy taste. Gotta shake it off of bugs though.
>Sweet. That's weird, mushrooms don't taste sweet.
>Anonfilly collapses in the forest then wakes up.
>Uhh I feel even hungrier than before. Stupid magic fantasy mushrooms.
>She throws one at the tree and it ricochets off her head like a tire.
>Great, I ate rubber. Ooh stupid Equestrian shrooms.
>Fuck this, I'll go beg in Ponyville.

>Dancing for food plox...
>I'm new here, can I haz cheeseburger?
>A little runt like you, I don't... -smells her-
>Rarity: Ara ara(Oh me oh my) aren't you the cutest colt I've ever seen.
>Colt? I'm a filly, but technically... -eep!-
>Anonfilly wakes up collared with Rarity feeding her cupcakes on command.
>Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?
>I am not a boy -Rarity stops feeding her.- Okay I'm a boy! Nom nom nom.
>Now how about you give me some sugar, love? She gestures down.
>Lady I'm a filly andd waahh! What the hell! Suddenly an 8inch horsecock grows. Well... guess I'm a bloody tranny now you bloody bastards.
>Rarity pulls on the leash, forces her to climb up the sofa and starts jerking her off.
>My what a cute little horsecock.
>Doesn't matter, still a filly, I feel nothing but disgust.
>Uh huh... whatever you say -she gets in dog position and pulls on the leash for Anonfilly to mount her. Rarity gives her a look that would murder.
>She mounts her and thrusts rapidly and out of sync then slows down to rhythmic thrusts.
>She cums and is already spent, horses don't last long.
>Keep going or else, darling.
>She keeps going and she feels her horsecock grow inch by inch as she goes on.
>Ah ah ah yess! Keep going. Fuck me hard, darling.
>She thrusts her 14 inches inside Rarity.
>OOHHH mmmffuck me
>As anonfilly grows she transforms into a muscular stallion. He neighs and gets on top of Rarity, biting her ear as he pummels into her.
>He has a growth spurt to 16 inches.
>Aaahhh momma's cummin oooh ohh
>Anon's cock grows to 18 inches.
>Ooooohhh ohhh mmmhm
>Then to 20 inches as he keeps thrusting.
> stop... I SAID STOP -yells Rarity as she feels a 24 inch horsecock thrusting in and out of her.
>Anon grows a double horse cock and a bunch of tentacles as he turns into Slederpony.
>He flips the table so to speak and gives Rarity more than she bargained for as he fucks her all afternoon and night in a puddle of cum and tears, her makeup sliding off her face.
>The next day...
>"Who's a good girl? Who's a good girl?
>I am! Whoof whoof!
>Yes you are.
>Anonfilly feeds Rarity a cupcake while Rarity is collared. Anonfilly pulls on the leash.
>Who's my waifu?
>I'm your waifu!
>Good now go make me pancakes like a good waifu mommy combo. Mmmhhm things are looking bright after all. Hehe.

(Deleted alternate scene)

>Rarity grabs her and starts bathing her back at her place.
>Oi, lady! Enough with the kisses and bathing. Gimme something to eat, I'm starving.
>There'll be plenty of time for that. Mmmm -smooches-
>She cleans her off and puts Sweetie Belle's bathrobe on her. "Follow me my little colt."
>Are you blind? I'm a filly! Whatever. Tell me you made pancakes.
>AnonFilly walks into a dark room with the sun rays falling on a bowl of fruit, whip cream and cupcakes.
>Eh it's not the chicken nuggies I had home, but with this fantasy horse body I don't think i could even digest those.
>She eats one of the cupcakes and she hears the door lock.
>Errr? Lady? I mean Rarity?
>Mmmm hello darling~
>What the hell are you wearing?!!?!
>She adorned a red and black saddle, socks and she had extra black eyeliner and blue eyeshadow on with natural white lipstick.
>She approaches the filly.
>You're not allowed to leave until you eat all the cupcakes.
>Err, that's fine by me-
>Oh no, not like that. -she takes a bite out of the cupcake and shows it on her tongue.
>Uhh I don't get it-oh God!!!
>Rarity french kisses Anonfilly-
>Umrmrhhhhhfff eww. I did not agree to this you unicorn bastard!! Pffbttt
>Mmm ooh yeah and now~
>Dear God no.
>She shoves anonfilly down her snatch to eat her out and lick the cream off her.
>dhshashfgfuckmylifeshadmanabloobloofeelspepe BLAARGH...
>Oh yeah~ was it as good as it was for me? C'mon darling I'm ready for your cock.
>NO!! I am a filly, you're a mare. I find you disgusting, I don't have the natural hormones needed in this body to find you appealing you disgusting whore. -A specific black breath comes out of Anonfilly-
>That's interesting darling because all I see and smell is a cute little colt, with a sheath between his legs.
>Lady I don't know what chemical poisoning you've had, but I'm a filly and this isn't happening.
>Rarity's heart eyes suddenly turn to black cat pupils. "Oh my, how unfortunate that is for you." She slaps the living shit out of her.
>Uhh what's going?!?
>Listen you little runt you're only staying at my place if you give me certain favors.
>This is filly abuse, I am calling Celestia.
>Call Equestria, darling. They can't unrape you! Oui!
>I thought you were dumb, but you're just crazy.
>Rarity holds her down with her heavy /fit/ weight and bites her neck and whispers in a sociopathic daze "Everything will be alright, momma will love you good."
>God just kill me... Please!! I never asked for this!
>Rarity bites her neck and humps her.
>Anonfilly starts crying , but suddenly she grows a horse cock.
Threadly reminder that you belong dead in a gutter.
>"its just the threadly post", he said
File: oeid.png (343 KB, 829x1283)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
Worth it.
File: scoot.png (322 KB, 1060x992)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
File: _.jpg (337 KB, 1920x1280)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
>Turn into a cute mare in the middle of a convention
>People take turns passing you around and petting you
>Wake up the next morning in a warm bed with no evidence of sex dressed in somebody's extra bathrobe for warmth
File: E5y2pzaVIAYYMtk.jpg (128 KB, 1280x1280)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
File: _.jpg (650 KB, 2112x2816)
650 KB
650 KB JPG
File: 2652220.png (23 KB, 278x235)
23 KB
File: _.png (1.46 MB, 1280x1004)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
smol mare, would wash
File: _.png (1.25 MB, 1280x1760)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
Take her to the spa for a makeover.
File: coco.png (167 KB, 1106x540)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
I mean, imagine that shitposter anon turning into Coco. One moment he was a self-satisfied faggot shitting up the board, the next moment he's a soft-spoken, shy, demure and submissive pastel mare. He's gonna be utterly confused and disoriented.
And suddenly he will feel anon dick in his brand new marepussy - which he might not even had realised he had yet. Barely able to process what's going on, he's going to be a far cry from being able to resist in any way. But the sensations - the feeling of being penetrated, the sheer pleasure of having his completely brand new horsepussy pleasured, an utterly unfamiliar yet indescribable feeling - will leave him absolutely overwhelmed and short-circuiting.
And as anon settles into a rythm, maybe the new Coco starts slowly processing what's happening, thoughts working at a glacial pace amid the sensory overload of unfamiliar but overwhelming pleasure. And yet, perhaps she will even subconsciously start sticking to character, playing the part of the submissive, shy mare that she is like a good girl. After all, our appearance can influence our behaviour; looking unkempt can make one unhappier and more uncaring, looking prim and proper can actually be beneficial for motivation, and, well, if you look like Coco Pommel, then maybe the natural course of action is to breathe out "T-thank you, sir..." when anon has finished fucking your brains out and you're left laying in a puddle of your juices, mind completely melted from the experience, floating in a hazy bliss.
File: _.png (81 KB, 525x611)
81 KB
File: booptf.gif (81 KB, 800x1200)
81 KB
File: 1.png (1.12 MB, 1280x1680)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
File: 2.png (971 KB, 1065x1920)
971 KB
971 KB PNG
File: 3.png (2.03 MB, 1753x2460)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB PNG
File: 2652629.jpg (1.96 MB, 1276x1847)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
File: 1891922.png (73 KB, 383x503)
73 KB
"From the moment I understood the weakness of my flesh, it disgusted me."
>"Anon, I don't need another speech on how you don't like being a filly. Starlight already apologized enough."
"I craved the strength and certainty of steel. I aspired to the purity of the blessed machine."
"Your kind cling to your flesh as if it will not decay and fail you. One day the crude biomass you call a temple will wither and you will beg my kind to save you. But I am already saved. For the Machine is Immortal."
>"Waitaminute... ANON! Put those paper towels back on those rolls! They're three bits a roll!"
"Fuck you Purple! I do what I want!"
>"And how do you keep coming up with those strange and unnerving speeches?!"
File: _.jpg (229 KB, 1730x1316)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
> Anonfilly is living in "double amputee" hoof Equestria, and it sucks
> stupid worthless stumps can't do anything
> how do these mud ponies tolerate this hell
> Sees spike, feels envy
> Some months pass, slipping into major depression
> Serious monster attack occurs, terrible damage, horrific injuries to many ponies, anon included
> Anon in the hospital sees another pony, their hoof is almost completely severed, only holding on by a flap of skin
> Doctor wraps hoof in strange bandages that emit a faint glow
> Several weeks later, Anon sees said pony walking around town, not even a hint of damage from what should have been a life changing injury
> Anon is surprised at first but then remembers they live in a land of magical bullshit
> Some time later some bird niggers arrive in Ponyville, god they smell terrible
> Sees talons hands, more envy
> filthy bird niggers open a shop in Ponyville selling ethnic shit, stupid purple friendship bullshit
> One day when Anon was fuming over the bird-niggers and their undeserved talon hands, he has an idea
> Those magical bandages can basically reattach a severed limb, maybe they could attach another creatures limb as well
> Breaks in hospital and steals magic bandages and some scalpels
> Horrific experiments were performed on Fluttershy's animals, and it turns out, yes this magical bullshit does not care in the slightest that the limb came from another creature.
> The murder was on, Anon enjoyed every second carving up those disgusting bird-niggers after breaking their backs, at least earth pony strength has some use.
> The next part was less than pleasant
> When anon finally emerged from his catatonic state brought on by agonizing pain and blood loss, he looked down, and in the place of those disgusting stumps were two beautiful talon hands.
> A tear of joy was shed when we moved his finger and it responded
> The aftermath was an absolute mess
> A foal convicted of a grisly murder
> It was then discovered that this foal was unknown to the state
> Anon was unable to answer questions of his origin due to mental blocks that had been placed in his mind by twilight
> A mental probe was performed due to the seriousness of the crime, and the truth was uncovered
> Twilight was found responsible for everything that happened and encased in stone
> After hearing what Anon had done, something awoke in the minds of the earth ponies
> Turns out Earth ponies hated their worthless stumps, but had never quite realized it until now
> Things were getting serious, many griffins had gone missing across Equestria, and War was looking likely
> Celestia was forced to return early from her 100 year sabbatical, and was shocked to hear what Twilight had done,
> Friendship with other races, Mass immigration, she had failed to teach her student, and it had nearly destroyed Equestria.
> But now there was a way to set things right, her Earth ponies were hurting, and the solution was just over the border, she
> She donned her battle dress, and raised up her armies
> There was bird-nigger flesh that was in need of harvest
File: IMG_20210709_145106269.jpg (2.98 MB, 2499x3851)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB JPG
This is gonna result in romance.
Sure, I'll model dresses for her.
Congratulations. You've been promoted.
File: _.png (1.87 MB, 1334x777)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
File: _.jpg (325 KB, 1920x1200)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
At least there you could be a good housewife for your stallion. It wouldn't take much to make him happy, after all. Fuck, just imagine him smiling when he sees you've made him dinner. The place is nice and clean, well kept, he can come home and relax knowing he doesn't have to bust his cute ass doing all of it himself. Maybe he'd give you a little peck before sitting down to dinner with you. Rub his hind legs against yours under the table, not really caring that the food is both overcooked in parts and undercooked in others. Or that you're still figuring out how to properly take care of a home that's weirdly now also your own. But it's okay because when he touches you like that and he smiles and he reaches over the table to take one of your hooves in his own, it makes you forget that you're still bettering yourself.

It doesn't matter because you make him happy and that makes you happy. It's like every day is another little reminder of wedding him, the pain and confusion of wondering what the fucking hell you're doing and the absolute nihilistic resignation of realising that this is the absolute best you can ever hope for. And then you look at him holding you as you rest yourself against him and you remember why all of that doesn't matter. He didn't press you into anything on your honeymoon. Sure, he was disappointed but he was a real gentlecolt. It was the first thing you felt you'd done right in your life, deciding to get involved with him. The fact that he'd just cuddle with you in bed only proved you right. The way he'd held you when you broke down in tears, confessing that you didn't even know if you could ever have sex with him, it's just so confusing and weird, it screws up your stomach but leaves you feeling warm and happy and terrified and pained.

Then he'd kiss you. And for the first time in your miserable, excruciating life there you'd mean it when you kiss him back. You'd fucking throw yourself into it and onto him, pushing him down against the bed because you know this has been what's missing. Sharing your life with him, sharing yourself with him. Baring yourself before him and finally finding someone who doesn't just accept you for who you are but loves you for it. That's why he married you, isn't it? That's why he asked you to marry him, as if you were doing him the favour. That's why when you wake up, first thing in the morning, and feel him with his body pressed tight to yours and his hooves wrapped around you, you don't feel like you need to lie there, trying to find some reason to stay awake.

That's why, when you're sitting at the table with him, and he tells you that you're still the most beautiful little mare he's ever seen, you can't find the wherewithal to call him a dirty faggot for it. It's why you blush and every word dies on your lips. Except to say you love him too.

Your stallion's out there, Anon. You just gotta find him.
File: _.png (331 KB, 1326x922)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
File: _.png (973 KB, 1109x1002)
973 KB
973 KB PNG
>Twilight attempts to send Anonfilly to a pocket dimension for timeout because Anonfilly always walks out of the timeout corner
>Fails miserably, Anonfilly is now on Earth
>Anonfilly tries talking to people
>They treat him like a normal horse and act like he's not speaking
>Picked up by animal control and dropped off at a petting zoo
>Timeout finally expires and Anonfilly returns to Equestria, but not before Mrs. Geller's preschool field trip learns a bunch of new words
>Nobody knows how 4-year old kids learned to call people things like "creampie-cunt slut" over the span of a single afternoon
Transformed ponies helping each other out is one of the absolute best types of TF story.
>ywn be overcome with guilt when you find used tissues in the trashcan, and realize that your husband's been "relieving" himself
>ywn resolve, for his sake, to quash your own disgust for the feminine side of sex
>ywn stand near the door, blushing and stammering in your new socks, as he arrives home from work
>ywn see him take on a blush of his own, and watch as his horsecock slowly unsheathes and slaps against his belly
>ywn nervously walk towards the bedroom, occasionally looking back to check that he's following
>ywn brace yourself against the bed, and shudder as he drapes himself along your back, forelegs locked around your barrel
>ywn whimper as he penetrates you, and reassure him with a kiss on the chin when he asks if you really want to do this
>ywn force yourself to keep going because you love him
>ywn let the pleasure beat your misgivings over the head, and realize what you've been missing this entire time
>ywn feel him finish inside you, and hear your own juices splash against his waist
>ywn collapse into a limp, sweaty pile on the floor
>ywn barely register that your husband's picked you up and put you on the bed, and wrapped himself around you under the covers
>ywn rub your tummy as you feel his foals growing inside you
I'm not sure if that's a good idea. Knowing me, I'd fuck being a mother up somehow.
That's why your stallion will be there for you, to help you every step of the way!
>two anons get tf'd into a mare and stallion.
Its not homo if only one of you has a dick.
But I'm afraid of losing my dick. That's the shit that trannies do.
File: E56PrO1UcAMS1PU.jpg (77 KB, 878x879)
77 KB
> Wake up as pony in the middle of the night
> Hear voice calling out "Anon, Anon"
> Chase the voice into the night when a portal appears in sight moving fast away from you.
> Run faster and faster but stumble over your own new hooves
> Wake up, the morning dawns and you are a human. A small note next to you states "We only take the fastest"
>Become the little pony
>Your partner wasn't always as big of a fan of ponies as you
>Understandably you're more obsessed: you're the one who became the pony
>they're into it at first then they can't deal with the social fallout
>"horsefucker", "degenerate", human x pony can't reproduce and certainly not human crotchgoblins
>After a few months breaks it off with you
>For the best, really, didn't want to be horse with you
>But now, on your own, you realize just how much you relied on them for basic tasks
>You can wash yourself and drying is a bitch but anything like cooking and cleaning is extra exhausting
>Even stuff like putting on clothes just to go out ("No shoes, no shirt, no service") and then grocery shopping itself...
>Everything just takes longer
>Reluctantly get a roommate, they're young and need a cheap place so you knock some of their rent off and they become your 'helper'
>Kitchen assistant, more chores, helping you get dressed
>One night you feel particularly helpless because your pony accessbility software isn't working
>it's the straw that broke the camel's back: you can't even shitpost
>you start crying, thinking you made a terrible life decision
>they come knocking on your bedroom door
>"Anon, are you alright?"
"No. I'm made myself a handicapped freak and everyone stares at me when I go out and no one likes me."
>"...I like you."
"You're paid to like me!"
>"No. I'm paid to help you out. I like you for free."
>Crying in frustration, this person's just saying things
>Roommate hugs you
>Then holds you
>they just kept petting your mane and rubbing your back
>and you clung to them as your rock among your raging sea of emotions
>You must have kept crying for another fifteen minutes
>but finally you're too tired to feel sad anymore, you're just numb
>"Feel better?"
"No. Just... tired."
>"Do you want me to hold you in bed?"
>You look up at this idiot
>They'res not especially attractive or fit
>They're kind of an idiot and like really stupid anime
>But they're a friend
>You quietly nod
>They smile and pick you up to put you in bed
>Then ruffle your mane before they go get their pillow
>They return and hold you to their chest all night
>Friendship is magic
It's not fair!
>t. Gary Sánchez
File: 1578796657624.jpg (104 KB, 524x400)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>Have to work with Tim Locastro now
>He starts showing up to games as a pony
It's not fair!
File: _.png (159 KB, 1280x893)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
>Welcome to hell.
>It's vivziepop's hell.
>And you're a bicorn.
>A basic minature horse with two horns aligned vertically on your forehead.
>You try to make friends, but literally everyone here is an asshole.
>Deaths are common and no one gives a fuck about you.
>You can't even get a proper job since you can't do shit with your hooves.
>You see some poor guy getting ran over by a truck.
>His body flies and impacts into a wall next to you as his wallet conveniently lands in front of your hooves.
>Fuck it.
>You use the money to dye your coat white and your mane and tail shades of blue.
>Wear red eye contacts and purple shades and get an ass tattoo.
>Go to a local rave.
>Everyone starts turning heads and some instantly recognize you.
>Some utter the words "Ew brony" while others scream "Vinyl Scratch!"
>Suddenly faggots give a fuck about you and offers you some drinks.
>You had a blast and you even met someone who could rent you an apartment.

>Start doing magic.
>"Borrow" some rave equipment to start off making terrible music by blending random samples of other obscure music.
>You play it at your local rave pub and praise you for it anyways because it's Vinyl Scratch's music and dub-step is dead.
>Eventually learn to practice dubstep more and more as you start producing music in your apartment.
>Your songs are considered lit and played at all the local raves.
>You're a local popstar using the alias of everyone's favorite and hated pony show.

>Become a club mascot and music performer.
>Get all the attention, fans, music, booze, pussy, and dicks you want.
>You're also protected by the company's security.
>All you have to do is walk around all cute and mix multiple samples in a blender and people assume it's good music.
>Life is good.

>Years later and you're depressed.
>You can't tell if you're yourself anymore.
>You even cut off one of your horns to be the genuine article.
>People love you for being Vinyl Scratch, but not you for being you.
>Before then, you're random nobody that no one cared about.
>Now you're somebody, but you're not you.
I'm not afraid of losing my dick if I get to be a mare but I also wouldn't mind keeping it at all (as a futa or stallion heh heh)
File: unknown.png (90 KB, 525x622)
90 KB
>tf'd humans are usually seen as sluts because of their tendency to wear more clothes.
File: q.png (124 KB, 839x584)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
File: _.png (668 KB, 1280x1476)
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668 KB PNG
>ywn be overcome with guilt when you find used tissues in the trashcan, and realize that your husband's been "relieving" himself
>ywn resolve, for his sake, to quash your own disgust for the feminine side of sex
>ywn stand near the door, blushing and stammering in your new socks, as he arrives home from work
>ywn see him take on a blush of his own, and watch as his horsecock slowly unsheathes and slaps against his belly
>ywn nervously walk towards the bedroom, occasionally looking back to check that he's following
>ywn brace yourself against the bed, and shudder as he drapes himself along your back, forelegs locked around your barrel
>ywn whimper as he penetrates you, and reassure him with a kiss on the chin when he asks if you really want to do this
>ywn force yourself to keep going because you love him
>ywn let the pleasure beat your misgivings over the head, and realize what you've been missing this entire time
>ywn feel him finish inside you, and hear your own juices splash against his waist
>ywn collapse into a limp, sweaty pile on the floor
>ywn barely register that your husband's picked you up and put you on the bed, and wrapped himself around you under the covers
>ywn rub your tummy as you feel his foals growing inside you
Months later, you're gravid and heavy. Your legs hurt more than they did when you were just carrying your own excessive weight. You're tired and angry and crying and fretful, all the time. You want to kiss him. You want to kick him. But he never leaves you unless he absolutely has to. It makes you cry harder, when he lies next to you, stroking your stomach idly and humming some little tune you've never heard. And he's always careful not to let his hooves wander too low, to touch parts of you that're so sensitive you have try and keep your own hind legs from rubbing against them. Always.

You wish he would, though. You miss him touching you like that, with hunger in his eyes and your name whispered hotly in your ear. In one of your more pathetic outbursts, you beg him to promise you that he won't keep his hooves off you forever. That there'll come a time again where he can make you wet just with a few words and make you shudder in delight with just a few touches. And he'd lie there next to you, a warm smile playing on his face, and rub the tips of his hooves against yours. Fuck, you don't deserve someone like him in your life. You'd never felt so loved, or loved at all you might say, until he came along. You never felt like you had purpose or meaning until he helped you see it.

And now here you are, asking him for even more. Even with you on the verge of tears again, his smile never falters. He promises that he'll make you feel as loved as you do him, until the day you retire together to Elysium. After all, wouldn't it be good practice for all the time you'll have there? You laugh through your sobbing and rub your wet eyes and cheeks and mucous-stained nose and mouth against his coat. He just holds you until you finish and then kisses you again. Because he does love you, he says, he's loved you more than anypony else from the moment he first laid eyes on you. Because he saw what no other could: that you were hurt and scared and broken and dying. That nopony who was so angry and bitter, who lashed out so viciously at anypony that dared help them, did so because they hated anything or anypony but themselves.

The memory stings. As does thinking of what you'd called him, how much you'd meant those words. Remembering that he'd never once retreated helps, though. As does the gentle kiss he plants upon your forehead. The one on your cheek. The third, slow but tender, upon your lips. How he scooches himself a little closer until you feel the warmth of his body against your swollen belly. How feeling his sheath press against you makes you start dampening, thinking of how much you've missed it.

Then you feel a little kick and he along with you. You laugh. He laughs. You hold each other and he tells you that you're going to be the most amazing mother. You kiss him and admit your hope that it won't be the last time you'll bear his foals.
>Discord follows up this prank with another based on giving every pony extra genitals.
You could interpret that as mental/emotional/spiritual healing as opposed to physical healing. If could consider every single other thing on this list you'll find that none of it is referring to anything truly physical.

A better word to use would probably be resilience. When you consider that they are termed to be quick to melancholy, it might be in reference for their ability to cope with that and recover from that melancholy.
Thank you but also fuck you for making me feel these emotions, goddamn.
File: _.png (391 KB, 800x600)
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391 KB PNG
File: _.png (173 KB, 757x348)
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173 KB PNG
File: _.png (2.5 MB, 5019x3289)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB PNG
She has the power to make you a dress, and to make it fit.
File: _.jpg (111 KB, 1190x937)
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111 KB JPG
>eventually learn that kirin can only orgasm in nirik form.
File: 351564.gif (183 KB, 614x503)
183 KB
183 KB GIF
This is a nice feel. Hurts just right.
File: rr.png (248 KB, 1024x976)
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248 KB PNG
Why so sad?
bc pp gone
File: PSFix_20210713_003408.jpg (58 KB, 800x1055)
58 KB
I'm starting to think this is the only trope this thread is about.
Could be an interesting story.
>this story
And I thought Trust Once Lost was slow, damn
File: 2645845.png (503 KB, 3000x3000)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
I want to be short.
I like the idea of becoming a stallion i just cant put that into words and live vocariously through green, prompts or stories like >>37242914 where i can mental judoflip myself into the other perspective.
But that's a good thing.
he doesnt know how to appreciate it
I'd be your mare and take you as my stallion anon
>and take you as my stallion
Careful now, you've got me thinking of a cute mare breaking into my bedroom during the dead of night and 'taking' me as her stallion.
I mean, if that's what you're into!
File: FillyWithFork2.png (662 KB, 2277x1584)
662 KB
662 KB PNG
File: Delta_vee_Sleep well.png (780 KB, 1403x932)
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780 KB PNG
>Dream of a mare creeping into your bed late at night and climbing on top of you, your arms naturally curling around the warm softness.
>Say's she's been watching you for a little while and that she thinks you're the perfect choice to be her stallion before giving your nose a little lick, leaving a pleasant tingling sensation in it's wake.
>She giggles lightly as you lean up to kiss her, her larger tongue briefly dominating yours before they begin entwining in earnest, your entire head beginning to buzz pleasantly.
>Breaking the kiss with a soft gasp, she playfully nibbles both of your ears, her warm breath sending tingles down your spine before she begins wiggling backwards in your embrace, planting kisses along your chest before sitting up on your crotch.
>The warmth beginning to spread throughout your whole body must have distracted you for a moment, because you suddenly feel an wonderful warmth sliding along your shaft, the mare gently rocking her hips as she looks down at you with a loving expression.
>Hooves planted on your chest, she stops her movements with a sudden flicker of uncertainty in her eyes.
>"Last chance to back out, are you sure you want to be my stallion?"
>In response, you move your oddly stiff arms to grab her by the cutie marks and align yourself to her entrance, feeling the intense heat of her marehood at your tip as you hold yourself steady, looking up at her with a smile even as your lower half burns with need.
>She laughs in mixed relief and excitement before dropping her hips with a moan, taking you to the hilt in one swift motion and making your toes curl in pleasure as you feel your entire body heating up in warmth.
>You both take a moment to catch your breath before looking into her eyes, twin hearts softly shining within her pupils, or was that just a trick of the moonlight?
>The thought, along with any others you might have had are banished from your mind as she raises her hips and slams them back down, earning a grunt of pleasure from you both and rocking the bedframe.
>It would rock quite a few more times before the night was done.

>Wake up bleary eyed the following morning, the memories of the dream still fresh in your mind bringing a smile to your face even as you raise an arm to wipe your eyes.
>Confused at how soft your arm feels against your face, you move it back to get a better look and immediately notice a few things.
>Your vision seems a lot wider than before you went to bed last night.
>Your nose appears to have migrated and gained a non-insignificant amount of mass, at least if you're correct about the the indistinct shape dominating a portion of your vision.
>Oh, and you are looking at a hoof, your hoof apparently.
>You feel an ear twitch as a familar voice softly greets you, the mare from your dream laying beside you.
>Panic would be acceptable here but that can be done later, for now you simply match her content smile as she throws her hooves around you for some cuddling.
Apologies for the low-quality smut writing, dont usually write that kind of thing but inspiration demanded it.
That's nice.
>You're becoming the pony!
>...within 8-10 years
>Turns out TF is a slow process
>thank god you live with someone who can not only toleate you but swears to stick by you through thick and thin

>>Four months in you're getting dressed and notice your first bit of your new coat
>You can tell because your vellus hairs are starting to come in pink
"Oh fuck! I don't wanna be pink! I'm going to look so fucking gay..."
>Pout and be miserable for like a week
>Your handler (roommate for now) can tell something crawled up your ass and it's not your tail otherwise you would have showed it to them
>Lift up your shirt and show them the coat spreading
>"You don't like the color?"
"Pink?? Really???"
"Your favorite color is blue, isn't it? You'll look great in it."
>How fucking dare you cheer me up, you asshole.
File: %22.png (605 KB, 800x800)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
File: _.png (1.45 MB, 3000x2500)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
File: 2736238.png (96 KB, 722x664)
96 KB
>ywn wake up feeling the warmth and soft body of AnonMare against yours
>ywn feel her press her body tight in against you as you put your arm over her and hold her
>ywn slip your hand onto her chest and feel her steady heartbeat
>ywn smile at the way she giggles when you stroke your other hand against her pudgy stomach
>ywn then take her hoof in your hand and give it a light squeeze
>ywn feel her squeeze you back
>ywn kiss at her mane and then her ear
>ywn struggle not to laugh when it flicks back against you and tickles your nose
>ywn hear her gently chide you for thinking you could get away with it
>ywn hear her more quietly remind you what happened last night when kissing her ear turned to nibbling it
>ywn tell her that you won't do that this morning
>ywn lay your head down against hers
>ywn snort when she says you're still a fag anyway
>ywn remind her that she was the one who begged you
>ywn know that her cheeks start burning when you say that
>ywn smile wider when she stutteringly calls you a faggot again
>ywn move your hand down to her hip when she wiggles her rump back against you anyway
>ywn quietly insist that she doesn't have to do anything this morning, or today
>ywn wait until she asks if you don't have to get to work
>ywn take the greatest pleasure in telling her it's a long weekend
>ywn take even more pleasure in suggesting you might just stay in bed with her for all of it
>ywn look down into her beautiful green eyes when she turns around to look up at you
>ywn kiss her back when she kisses you
>ywn kiss her again when she asks if you're serious about that
>ywn draw her close to her body and ask if she'd really like that
>ywn never spend the rest of the morning, into late afternoon, right there in bed with her
>ywn get up later to get something to eat with her, only to go back to bed and cuddle
>ywn tell the fat bastard that you're going to take her to the gym every day of the long weekend so you can be seen in public with her
File: _.png (67 KB, 589x479)
67 KB
File: FilterFish.png (692 KB, 2000x2000)
692 KB
692 KB PNG
>You're not exactly sure if you're still alive.
>The sort of tiredness you normally feel has been replaced with something else.
>It's a bit hard to describe exactly what it is, but it's somewhere in the neighborhood of exhaustion.
>You rub your eyes as you stare into the blinding lights.
>You think something like them bothered you at some point, but you're not sure now.
>You look down at your hooves.
>Did you always have those?
>A mare stands before you in the light.
>She's laying down, and though there's nothing to lay down on for ever and ever she doesn't look to be uncomfortable.
>"Hi. Welcome to the void. Come lay down with me. Let's go to sleep."
>You feel little reason to disobey, and you are oh so very tired.
>You think.
>You get down on your haunches and slide into her embrace, her fuzzy fetlocks brushing against your pink body.
>You close your eyes, unsure of what's to come.
File: filly anon.min.jpg (2.51 MB, 4634x3279)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB JPG
I'm going to repost an old story from another thread.
>You stare at the perfect sphere before you and run your hoof over the wooden frame. This ball has come to be known to you simply as, “Earth”. It is a great blue marble that sits in the infinite void of space, always spinning around the sun in some cosmic dance the likes of which have no clear meaning. You place your hooves on one side and lightly brush against the raised lettering. This globe is both a foreign object and your adopted home. Your hooves trace through the continents and, for the moment, you are swept across wide oceans, rocky mountains, and arctic plains. The ball rotates easily on its pedestal until you come upon the continent you reside. This land is full of strange ponies and stranger humans who have all come together in their best attempt at a functioning society. As your hoof pinpoints the city you currently inhabit, you pause for the moment and admire just how small it is in the grand scheme of things. So many lives, you think, so many untold stories that you may never hear of. How easy it is to hold your hoof there on the small world before you. You imagine this sort of power could drive a pony mad.

>“Noteworthy? Are you spinning that globe again?”

You snap out of your trance for the moment, “What? Oh, um, yeah! The bumps feel funny. Also, I think this one is broken.”

>“Note, we’ve been over this,” Anon sighs lightly for the moment, “We do not have the same type of magical globes like in Equestria.”

>“I know, I remember!” You stare intently at the continents, “But, they are so much more fun! You know you could even use them to look into the streets of towns and see ponies walking around?”

>Anon chuckles, “Yes, you have told me before.”

“Puts Google Maps to shame, I say, to shame,” You simply cross your forelegs and shake your head disappointingly.

>“Well, I do have good news for you today.”
>You smile widely with the idea that there is good news.

>“Princess Celestia has requested us to meet with her royal courier to retrieve a package.”

“Ooh~, what are we getting?”

>“The Princess has sent some simple Equestrian jewels and gold as a token of appreciation. We’re to deliver them to a local museum in town.”

You scratch your chin for the moment, “Anon… That doesn’t sound like an adventure. Trust me; I’m an expert on the subject.”

>Anon puts up his hand to silence you, “Then, we can go to the new ice cream sandwich shop they built next door to the museum.”

You bounce on your hooves for the moment, “Now -that’s- my kind of adventure! Still, I can’t help but wonder why Princess Celestia is going to have us do such a simple thing. You’d think she’d send some of her guards to do this.”

>“I’ll be honest with you, Note, even I was told to simply accept and not ask a lot of questions.”

“Anon!” You gasp and scrunch your face, “Language! You always ask lots of questions! That’s Journalism 101!”

>You wave your notepad about frantically to illustrate how very serious this issue is. He lightly dismisses your efforts before too long and you sulk a bit. Questions are really good things to ask! In fact, questions are all about asking, you confirm.

>“We will be leaving soon. Please be ready.”
>You salute Anon before trotting off to your room. Today feels like a green skirt kind of day as you squeeze yourself into your slightly narrower attire. Placing your hooves to your hips, you smooth out the sides and hang your tail neatly. You turn about in the mirror twice to make sure you have enough twirl before deciding on a white top. Covering up with clothing in the human world is seen as necessity, though quite a few ponies you remember back home always had their quirks of a scarf or saddle. You wonder if humans ever wear saddles before an image of Anon on all fours with a bit in his mouth forms in your head.

“Oh my…”

>You blush and giggle for the moment until you hear a knock at your door. You open it to see Anon himself.

>“Alright, let’s go.”

>It is a fairly quick trip by car and the usual traffic causes the usual anger in Anonymous.

“Why don’t we turn on the radio?”

>He scowls at the road before giving you a nod.

>You press the button as the lights glow across the immaculate face of the device. Human radios can play music in many more ways than that of the ones from your home. You never even have to listen to commercials if you choose, but you still do in case something great happens. You press the buttons a few times until the radio reads, “Best of the 80’s.” Anon particularly enjoys this type of music and you turn the sound up just a pinch. You don’t recognize the song playing, but Anon smiles and begins to bob his head.

“What’s this one called?”

>“Will you recognize me? Call my name or…” he stops for the moment and looks to you, “Oh, Don’t You Forget About Me. I remember it from a movie.”
>Anonymous has this misty, glassy look to him for the moment. It is the look of somep0ny deep in thought about some time long since pasted.

>“It’s an OK song.”

>You listen to the lyrics as the car comes to a halt. Traffic seems to congregate around this part of the city no matter what time you are here. You have deduced that humans enjoy getting stuck at intersections because it allows them to share banter for the moment. They are often quite helpful to each other and deeply concerned if the person ahead has trouble seeing or driving in general.

>“We’ll take an exit to a parking garage and make the next two blocks on foot.”

>You simply nod in agreement with Anon. While the car is fast, too fast, you would be more than happy to hoof it. It takes a bit of fancy driving, the kind that bounces you around in your seat, but you make it to your stop. Anon parks and you look around at the many vehicles beside you. The smell hits your nose almost immediately as you step down from your seat. You can’t place it entirely, but it is like motor oil vitriol and the fairest hint of urine. Anon takes a deep breath as you walk from the dank garage.

>“Good day to be outside, yes?”

You clamp you nose in your magic, “Yeah… Great.”

>The walk goes by quickly as you pass all manners of humans and ponies on the street. It is always a sight to see the dull shades of humans against the flamboyance of ponies. Not to say that humans are always gloomy, some even shine brighter than the most gilded of ponies! A large building comes into view and you admire the size.

>“Here we are,” Anon waves his hand through the air, “Now to find that courier.”

“What’d they look like?”

>“Supposed to be wearing royal regalia with lots of Sun symbols on them… Probably a hat of some kind.”

>You keep your eyes peeled for any suspicious looking pony. Nothing comes out immediately and you grow bored.
>You gasp lightly into your hoof at the thought of it all. Anon hurries into the building with you at his heels. While there are plenty of ponies, nothing matches Anon’s description. Anon insists that you have a seat while he goes to chat up one of the human employees. You do as he asks despite how increasingly anxious you feel. Scoping the crowd, you take out your notepad and jot down whatever you can find. A sudden movement catches you from the corner of your eye and you follow it. A large, shadowy figure moves from a wall to a side door and disappears out into an alleyway. Stuffing your notepad away, you hop to your hooves and rush to Anon.

“Anon! Anon! I saw something suspicious!”

>Anon turns away from the person he was speaking with and looks to you.

“I saw something leave out of the side door!”

>“Was it the pony we are looking for?” Anon looks around quickly.

>You shrug, “Maybe, it was weird.”

>Anon seems a little curious as the two of your head out the side door. Stepping out into the sunlight, you quickly check around. There is a dumpster and a human sleeping beside it, so nothing too extraordinary.

>“Are you sure you saw something?” Anon frowns lightly with you.

You nod, “Of course! I just don’t know what it was!”

>“OK, well, I’ll go check out front again. Wait inside for just a few moments, OK?”

>Defeated for the moment, you simply sigh and turn back into the building. You play the scene in your mind as you take a seat near the exit. Surely you weren’t imagining things and somepony had to see the door open up. You puzzle yourself until your puzzler is sore and ultimately drop the idea. Reclining in your seat, you keep your eyes on the front door for Anonymous. A human enters, a few more leave, and some ponies come and go between his absence. A rather powerful voice suddenly calls your attention and you turn to see the courier you had been searching for.
“Noteworthy, I presume?”

“Oh, oh! Yes, that’s me!”

He holds a package before you, “On behalf of the Princesses, we are honored to bestow upon you and the human Anonymous…” He looks around for the moment, “Where is the human?”

You place your hoof to your chin, “Probably the bathroom.”

The royal unicorn huffs, “Fine, we are honored to bestow upon you this gift of friendship. May your days be long and your nights filled with stars.”

He performs some sort of salute that you have never seen and you awkward try to return the sentiment.

“Just - Just take the package.”

You do so with a silly grin on your face and wave him off. Anon would have been so pleased with how well you represented him just then. You think to yourself that it has been a long time now and decide to find Anonymous on your own. Gingerly heading towards the door with the package secured in your magic, you smile and hum to yourself. A commotion begins to stir outside and you hear somepony yelling. The voice sounds rather familiar to you as you get closer. Within moments, the voice grows in volume as a green pony with a jet black mane barrels through the door.

“Noteworthy! We have a problem!”

“I’ll say, we just met and you know me, but I don’t know you!” A smile crosses your face as you extend a hoof.

“What? Noteworthy, it’s me!”

You ponder, “Me? That’s a strange name for a pony, but I suppose I did know a ‘Freeway’ in grade school. Though she never did learn how to pull a cart, so I guess her name was a little…”

The green pony places his hooves to your shoulders and shakes you quickly, “Noteworthy! I need you to pay attention!”

“OK, no need to get so rough, Me.”

“My name’s not ‘Me’! I’m Anonymous!”

You beam, “I have a friend by that name too! Small, multi-dimensional world, huh?”
>The pony looks at you with a great amount of frustration in his eyes the likes of which you have seen in only one other person.

“A-Anon? Did you… What?”

>“No time to explain, we need to get going!”

You look over Anon carefully, “Well, I’ll be happy to get going, but you’ll really need to explain on the way.”

>In a moment, you are chasing after your friend and, to his credit, he has gotten a lot faster. He races to a pile of clothing just slightly by the entrance and grabs them in his mouth.

>“Werf heading to da ca’!”

>He bolts off and you give chase as best you can. You have never seen Anon so worked up or as a pony and you are sure both of these things cannot be a good combination. The few blocks pass by in a near blur as Anon pushes through people and ponies alike until the familiar smell of the parking garage hits your nose. Anon stops at the entrance way quickly and you see him look around. He spits his clothing to the ground again and begins cursing the air.

>“Did you see it?!”

“See what?”

>“It just appeared from thin air and started talking to me. Something… unexplainable!”

“I see lots of unexplainable things, Anon. Like how you are a pony right now and putting mayo and mustard on a hotdog. I mean, what’s the deal with that?”

>“Firstly, you eat pizza with ranch dressing. Second, why are you so calm about this!?” Anon’s yelling nearly blows your mane back.
You shrug once before sighing, “Obviously, something casted a spell on you, you can smell the magic residue in the air and all over your mane. I mean, they must be really powerful to achieve such a transformation. I’m sure they’ll turn you back.”

>“That is why we are here! They said they would turn me back if I could find them by sundown today!”

“Why would they be at the garage?” You move closer to inspect Anon’s new tail and mane.

>He fidgets about, “Well, they said they would be waiting where my ‘journey’ began.”

“Wow, Anon, you are so bad at riddles.”

>His tail whaps back and forth as he gets angry, “Thanks, this is exactly what I needed to help me.”

>He begins to calm down as you poke at his neck and flank. This is some solid transformation if ever you have seen one. No seams, no discoloration, not even a zipper!

>“So, tell me, what does the riddle mean?”

“Well, even I’m not totally sure, but I guess they could mean when you got the letter?”

>Anon nods for the moment, “Yes, I received the letter when I was at work. Maybe they are at the hospital?”

“Sounds plausible! Where do you go?”

>“Just a moment, Note, I want to put my clothes safely away.”

>You scoop up Anon’s belongings and toss them onto his back. He seems a bit confused for the moment, but adjusts quickly enough. He walks briskly ahead of you and you take the moment to get a good view of his backside for posterity. You make it to the car quickly enough and stand by for the moment. Anon rummages through his pockets, getting his snout stuck and wiggling furiously back out. His keys dangle in his mouth as he works his teeth around the black dangling bit. You hear a sharp beep and Anon smiles widely at his work.

>“OK, thash not sho ba’.”
>Anon carefully pushes his hoof against the door and under the handle. You never considered it before, but human doors are certainly complicated. The door finally pops open after much deliberation and a few swear words. He carefully tosses all his belongings inside and slams the door closed. A hoof shaped imprint sits squarely on the panel that he pushed and you see Anon’s brow furrow. The two of you move briskly to the main streets before Anon breaks his silence.

>“I still don’t understand how this could happen,” He looks to you quickly, “What do you know about this kind of magic.”

You bounce your eyes lightly, “Well, I never went to the College for Gifted Unicorns or anything…” Anon doesn’t react and you explain how that is a very prestigious school in Equestria. “Anyhow, I can’t tell you much other than that this is some strong magic!”

>“But, magic does not work on humans.”

You smirk, “How would you know?”

>“We’ve done… Extensive testing on this subject” Anon turns his face from you.

>It is a rather quiet for the rest of the trot, but the faces you pass keep you occupied. Arriving at the hospital, you stare up at the massive structure. For creatures that do not have magic, the marvels of their ability to engineer such colossal buildings boggles your mind. You begin walking towards the door, eager to see where Anon works for the first time, when you feel something yank at your tail. You turn your head to see Anon holding you back with a strange look on his face.

>“Note, I just realized something.”

You look to him with concern, “What is it?”

>“I’m a pony,” Anon hangs his head slightly.

“Wait, I thought you realized that like 30 minutes ago?”

>He looks back up at you, “No, I mean, how do I go inside like this?”

You smile and try to alleviate Anon’s fears, “I like using the front door, myself.”

>“No, I mean, like this!”
>Anon waves his hooves up and down himself and you notice his chest and forelegs are rather well-muscled.

“I-it’s no problem…”

>He scowls, “Are you drooling?”

“H’wha’?” You wipe the trickle of slobber from your face, “I mean, no, you’ll be fine! Honestly, no one will even know! That’s what you want, right?”

>After a moment of thinking, Anon nods and you both head inside. The interior is cold to you, not just in temperature, but in design. The walls are white with blue stripes every few feet and the rug is a simple grey and blue squared arrangement. Silver desks and odd terminals make way for benches and chairs for the sick and tired to rest on. Anon stands still and sniffs deeply at the air. A smile crosses his features and you see this sense of belonging in his eyes.

>“Alright, Note, the woman at the desk there, her name’s, ‘Alison’ and you are going to distract her.”

“Why do I want to distract her?”

>Anon looks around before closing the gap between you, “I need to get to the mailroom which is off limits to the public.”

“Ohhh, so this is a mission,” You tap your hooves together excitedly.

You saunter up to the human at the front desk and smile widely, “Good day, ma’am. I’m looking to medicine today and I have many questions.”

>Anon slips out from the corner of your eye and heads towards the mailroom. The woman before you has a mildly nasal tone to her voice as she questions you.

>“OK, do you have insurance?”

You lean on the counter in your most undaunted of poses, “I have no idea what that is.”

>“Are you a citizen or just a tourist?”

“Partial citizen in training. I can name all the states and I know which side to place a salad fork on my plate,” You beam proudly.
>Alison looks to you with a bit of a displeased glower, “Miss, this is a very busy establishment and, if you’re not currently having a heart-attack, please have a seat and I will gather some paperwork to fill out.”

>You stumble towards a bench as you keep your eyes peeled for Anon’s return. It is not more than a minute before you see the familiar green stallion bolting towards the door.

>“Note, move, quick, run, now!”

>Another human appears from the mailroom and shouts, “Stop that thief!”

>You don’t know where the thief went, but you sure don’t want to get caught up in legal nonsense! Sprinting after Anon, you hear a bit more yelling before you end up outside in the fading light of the warm sun.

“Did you find the pony that did this, Anon?!” You shout as you give chase.

>He breaks into a full gallop and disappears around an alleyway. You rush to his location only to be caught and dragged against some pony. Looking up, you see it is Anon with a terrified expression on his face. There is a long pause between his breaths until he finally speaks.

>“I don’t hear sirens…”

You whisper for some reason, “Did you find the pony that did this to you?”

>Anon releases you from his sturdy grip a little sooner than you wanted, “No, nothing.”

>He slumps down onto his backside and looks terribly defeated. You try your best to console him with a hug and a smile.

“Buck up, Anon, I’m sure we’ll bump into whoever you’re looking for.” You think for the moment before you nuzzle Anon, “What did this pony look like anyways?”

>A drawn out sigh escapes Anon, “He looked like nothing I’ve ever seen. The head of a pony, but a serpent-like body.”

You raise an eyebrow, “What?”

>“I am serious! With a lion’s paw and a snake tail and everything. Its body was just a jumbled mess of parts like some sort of… Like some discordance in nature.”
“Discordance?” The word rolls around your mouth, “Hmm, where have I heard that before?”

>You had probably read it in some magazine or in the news. Reading is strange like that sometimes! Regardless, you have never heard of such a thing like Anonymous described, but you have never not heard of it either. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, you pat his back and reassure him that all will be well.

“Come on, let’s think of another place your monster could have been talking about.”

>“Where my journey began… Gah! I can’t think and the sun’s already going down” Anon looks to you with sad eyes.

>You think and puzzle and ponder as hard as you can before you come up with a journalistic idea.

“Anon!” You squeeze him tight, “What if it’s not a riddle and your monster is really back at your house?!”

>“What? No, that would be stupid… Oh my god, he’s probably at my house.”

>With renewed faith in being human, Anon leaps to his hooves and beckons you to follow him. With daylight fading, you move quickly through the streets that never seem to sleep. You never just walk with Anon outside like this and it is kind of nice even if he feels some impending doom.

“Uh, so, today was pretty fun, Anon.”

>He smiles and shakes his head, “I’m glad it wasn’t a total waste. Oh, did you ever find the package.”

“Oh, yes! I put it with your stuff in the car.”
>At the edge of the block stands Anon’s house shining and proud against the setting sun. Moving up the driveway and to the door, Anon pauses briefly.

>“Damn it, I don’t have my keys! Can you magic the lock open?”

You shake your head quickly, “I’ve never picked a lock before.”

>Anon presses his ear to the door and scowls, “I can hear the television. I swear…”

>Within an instant, Anonymous smiles widely and looks to his hooves. He lines himself up to the door and raises his muscular back leg. With two swift kicks, the door snaps open and you shiver a bit from the show of force. You know Earth ponies are strong, but this is just showboating. Anon quickly hurries inside and you peak your head around the splintered door frame. Inside is a yellow Pegasus with a long, pink mane and some amazing assortment of parts that fits Anon’s description. They seem to be watching a movie on the Netflix with a large bucket of popcorn.

>“What the [Not Safe For Pony] are you doing in my house?!”

>The little yellow pony immediately jumps out of her chair and cowers in fear behind the sofa. The monster, on the other hoof, turns casually about with a strange grin on his face.

>“Well, if it isn’t Anonymous!” He pulls a large clock out from thin air, “And just in time too! You can only watch so much Vin Diesel before it all starts sounding the same.”

>He snaps his fingers and the television turns off. The scared little pony carefully crawls out of hiding and looks to the monster.

>She wipes her mouth on her foreleg before speaking, “D-Discord? What’s g-going on?”

>“Nothing, my dear, just a little hiccup in our movie night.”
>Anon grinds his teeth and stomps his way towards Discord, “I found you! Now, change me back so I may report you to the police for breaking and entering!”

>Discord simply smiles and pats Anon on the head, “Take it easy, Rambo, we’re just on our way out. Come on, Fluttershy, it’s getting late in Equestria.”

>“Like hell you’re leaving! Turn me back!” Anon puffs out his chest and desperately tries to make himself taller.

>“Who are these ponies, Discord?”

>“No one important.”

>“Your friend here turned me into a pony for no reason!”

>Anon’s yelling startles Fluttershy and makes you a little nervous as well.

>“Oh, I’m sorry. Discord sometimes gets a little carried away with his pranks. What little critter are you supposed to be?”

>Anon scowls at the baby-talk before announcing that he is a human. Fluttershy looks a bit confused at this before Discord snaps his claws again. In a moment, Anon distorts and reemerges as his old self, albeit more naked. He covers up as best he can, but you still saw a lot of all the things. For the moment, you hold onto the nice image in your head until the yellow pony starts drooling a bit.

“OK!” You shout quickly, “I say this is no harm, no foul!”

>You hastily push Fluttershy out of the house and Discord follows her. He smirks to you and waves.

>“What kind of critter is that?” Fluttershy looks as close as she can without falling over.

You glare, “The kind who is very likely to eat winged ponies.”

>She lets out a frightened gasp as you gnash your teeth and make a ripping sound. Discord just looks you over before chuckling into his paw.


>With a snap of his claw, the two of them disappear without a trace. You step back through the shattered door frame and find Anon with a towel around him.
>“Today was exceptionally stupid.”

You nod quickly, “I agree! What was the point of watching TV? This seemed like an awful lot of trouble for someone to go through.”

>A smile creeps over your face at all the questions brewing in your mind. You definitely must find that pony and her friend again!

>Anon sighs, “I’m just happy to be me again. I have to rescue my car tomorrow and then we’ll put the valuables in the hands of the museum.”

“I bet it’ll make for a great exhibit. ‘Princess Celestia’s Family Jewels’! I can see it now.”

>“Eh, let the curator name the exhibits, Note.”

>Anon shakes his head for the moment, but you think the name summarizes what customers would be getting themselves into. Does Anon even write? Moving towards the downed door, Anon hefts it up and gingerly places it against the frame. He shrugs and looks to you.

>“I am sorry about the ice cream, but what if we break into a bottle of Port?”

>Nodding solemnly, you agree that you have earned some delicious wine. You hope that Anon does not put pants back on until after the wine for you feel like you have earned that too.

File: S.jpg (1.82 MB, 1866x1389)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
That’s why you gotta practice quadrupedal walking
I just feel bad for Moon Dancer.
>Get a guy drunk and take him back to your place
>He doesn't even notice you have hooves he's so fucking plastered
>Convince him to fuck you
>When he tries to sneak out in the morning he falls on his new muzzle
>Hoist her back into bed for round two
File: _.png (1.11 MB, 2388x1668)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
>You fade slowly back into consciousness after the end of a pleasant dream.
>You recall having it recur quite a few times when you were younger, you're on a pristine sandy beach with not a soul around and you're throwing a frisbee for your old hound dog to catch.
>This time though, you're the one chasing the frisbee through the foaming surf and you can't tell who's throwing it with your focus on catching it every time.
>Just before you woke up, the frisbee landed perfectly on top of some sort of marking in the sand.
>Your eyes open to a view of your hind legs very close to your face.
>It's not flexibility as much as it is physiology of course, but you never had the opportunity to explore the possibilities of this until you were offered a bed that made you curl up like this.
>You give the top of your hoof an experimental lick and hear suppressed laughter.
>You whirl your head around to see your owner on the couch with a book in his lap, watching you.
>You avert your eyes but there's a clear smile on your face.
>"Are you hungry?"
>You nod shyly, wanting to thank him for asking but not really having any way in your current position.
>Oh, right.
>You get to your hooves and trot over to the couch, rubbing the side of your head affectionately against his leg.
>In turn he reaches down and runs his fingers through your mane.
>You stand there for a few minutes of bliss before he removes his hand and gets up, leading you further into the house.
>"I'm not entirely sure what you all eat, most of the information online was contradictory. I'm going to prepare a few different samples of meals for you, and after a bite or two tell me what you think."
>He lifts you up onto a stool and sets down a bluetooth speaker in front of you.
>Once it's connected to his phone, it begins to play low-tempo instrumentals of an unknown origin.
>You sit patiently while he plugs in a variety of appliances and begins to work his magic.
>You don't recognize a few of them, but then again your idea of a gourmet meal back when you still cooked for yourself was adding cold cuts to your ramen noodles.
>You watch in awe as at least three different types of batter and dough are prepared near simultaneously.
>As sauce and cheese are spread onto one dough, two gas burners are flicked on and batter is poured into them.
>What you now recognize as a miniature pizza and some sort of dough pocket are placed into the oven to cook seconds after if finishes preheating.
>The pancake is ready first, and you eye it with considerable interest as he drizzles some sort of pinkish syrup on it and cuts it into suitable pieces for you to pick up in your mouth.
>You brush your mane back with a hoof and then lean carefully toward the treat, grabbing a small bite between your teeth and managing not to get any sticky stuff on your muzzle.
>As you bite down you feel something burst in your mouth and taste heaven.
>Nobody had given you the opportunity to try much of anything sweet, but the sweet mix of what your advanced tongue and nose tell you are blueberries and raspberry syrup nearly make you cum on the spot.
>You chew the bite slowly, savoring it before swallowing and eagerly reaching for another.
>And another.
>Before you know it, the miniature pancake has vanished and all that's left is a happy pony with a slightly sticky muzzle.
>He chuckles as he grabs a dish towel and wets it before putting a small amount of liquid soap on it, apparently having anticipated your eagerness.
>"Well, at least I won't have any problem figuring out what to get you for breakfast."
>He moves your cleared plate out of the way and sets down a bowl of freshly washed lettuce and carrots in front of you.
>"Hopefully this will occupy you until everything else is done cooking."
>The carrots do taste quite a bit nicer than you remember them being, and the lettuce is a familiar sight to even your pony eyes, but you understand it wouldn't be a good idea to have you eating sweet things all the time.
>At the very least it's filling, and your flatter equine teeth make short work of the carrots in record time.
>As you polish off the last of it you find yourself just looking at him.
>He takes note and grins back at you.
>You've ruled out meat completely, he prepared small cuts of quite a few different types and most of them made you want to throw up.
>After the first one he didn't seem to want you to continue, but it seemed rude not to and you wanted to know.
>Pizza is good, and calzones (the smaller lump of dough you saw him place in the oven alongside it) are about the same, but a bit easier to eat without having to be fed carefully.
>Cereal seems to be fine as well, which hopefully will make his mornings easier if he has to go to work or something.
>You hope he doesn't, but realistically speaking...
>Well, better enjoy him while you can.
>After cleaning up all of the dishes for you (god you're glad you're not longer capable of helping with those) he picks you up and takes you back into the living room.
>You're a bit curious about what the rest of the house looks like, but you figure you'll have plenty of time to figure that out later.
>He sets you down in his lap and begins to look for something to watch on some streaming platform, you're really more interested in the idle stroking he's giving your back.
>Settling on something, he grabs a small blanket and drapes it over you.
>You're a bit confused as to why he'd cover up his primary petting spot, but then his wonderful fingers begin to knead your scalp.
>Ohh yeah, even if he put on a fucking Warhol movie this is going to be a good time.
Cute. I liked it! Wouldn't mind reading more.
Very comfy. Will the story have conflict and resolution at all? It may be fine either way.
We've already had foreshadowing
I love this idea so much, just the thought of a brush going through my relatively new mane and just turning my brain to mush.
File: _.png (147 KB, 922x400)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
File: _.jpg (323 KB, 1200x1200)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
How to get infinite souls 101
>Demon offers Brony a pony TF for their soul
>Brony takes the deal
>Easiest deal in a while
>Demon tries it again and it works
>Demon tries it again and again and again and is raking up legendary numbers of souls
>Lets his secret slip to another demon by mistake
>Demons all over start a feeding frenzy of souls as they all go out to find more bronies to deal with
>All Bronies become ponies
>Demons eagerly wait for them to die
>Ponies start arriving in hell as usual, but they're still ponies
>Ponies are immune to regular torture and are always happy and cheerful
>Ponies start climbing the ranks and reorganizing things
>Satan's feel when Hell turns into New Equestria
File: tsduucfi.gif (310 KB, 437x440)
310 KB
310 KB GIF
>Twilight tries to help Anonfilly adapt to her new body and culture.
>Decides to take her to see others that often find themselves adapting to strange new bodies and situations.
>It's a field trip to the Changeling Hive.
>Anonfilly is annoyed about being dragged to see stupid love eating bugs in the middle of nowhere who are too stupid to invent farming.
>Anonfilly while bored on the hot air balloon thinks of games to play. She thinks of what games Changelings play and gets a wicked idea.
>They arrive and meet a few bigwig bugs. Anonfilly takes the first chance to run off with some younger bugs.
>Anonfilly teaches them a new game.

>Twilight finishes her conversation with King Thorax and goes to fetch Anonfilly.
>She can't find her. She can't find any Changelings either. Just weird two legged creatures.
>Twilight tries to make contact with a small group.
>"Hello? Do you kno-" she tries to ask.
"SUS!" One shouts, interrupting her. The others repeat the phrase even more loudly.
>Twilight backs up, but the sound has attracted more, and she's surrounded by the creatures on every side, each of a different color.
>"Among us," they say, "Amungus! Amungus! Amungus!..." they shout continuously, never stopping or slowing.
>What has Anonfilly done this time?
File: fillyfwap.png (315 KB, 1246x1418)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
File: _.png (47 KB, 1044x778)
47 KB
File: NonConFren.png (1.42 MB, 3000x3000)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
File: the prisoner.png (337 KB, 1771x1133)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
File: _.png (108 KB, 700x600)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
File: 2656333.png (101 KB, 2000x1414)
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101 KB PNG
>Get yeeted into equestria as a foal by discord shortly before he's sealed.
>Stuck in the orphanage system, a not entirely uncommon situation given discords unrestrained antics, the occasional humanism or odd behavior is also not exactly rare in the current time.
>What IS uncommon is the degree of chaos magic still lingering on them months later.
>Makes prospective parents really uncomfortable when simply holding the foal feels like holding a heavy can of coke that's just been through a paintmixer.
>Especially since none of them can accurately describe what 'coke' is, aside from the foal feeling like a can of one thats about to burst.
>Even contacting the princesses to use the elements of harmony didnt help, as they revealed they dont so much control them as 'direct' them, and theres no telling what could happen should they be used on somepony that feels so chaotic.
>Resigned to being an orphan till reaching maturity, Anon makes a game of coming up with the siliest reasons to ask ponies to be their new parent.
>Never expects them to agree since who would want to adopt a chaos spawn when there are perfectly healthy fillies and colts also in need of a home.
>Until one Fathers day the stallion they were perched on said "Sure, i'll be your dad." and Anon suddenly doesnt know what to do.
At least its' a happy ending.
I never start a story with an ending in mind, but conflict is a pillar of story writing so of course it has to exist in some form.
She wouldn’t
>You're a doctor
>Go in for normal treatment
>Got to work fast
>Patient is still yelling, not even anesthetized yet
>"Don't worry just pu-"
>There's a pop and flash
>A foal flies out of the confused pony mother
>You catch the foal just in time
File: 5.png (114 KB, 1280x1249)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
File: _.png (920 KB, 1232x1024)
920 KB
920 KB PNG
File: _.png (3.09 MB, 6000x7500)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB PNG
>You have no SO or friends
>Get tfed into a mare
>It's a little better being a pony, but you still have nobody to share it with and are a miserable NEET
>Things are still miserable
>Decide to reach out one last time before offing yourself

>Drive to a pony convention, barely managing to operate your vehicle with hooves
>Arrive to see all the ugly degenerates
>You're not expecting much
>Step out of the car
>Nearest people shout, stare, and point
>This is gonna suck
>You trot inside, not bothering with the line
>Wall of Anons are waiting to get in, guards are asking for tickets
>Anons crowding you have started petting you
>Fuck it, you have enough practice to get around this as least
>Magic yourself into the air and above everyone's heads, onto the convention floor
>Pandemonium breaks out as they see what you did
>Fuck. This is all you can do now, isn't it?
>You are now the center of attention.
>Boop orgy almost ensues until a few Anons protect you by forcing everyone to give you space
>"Hello?" You tell them.
>Anons cheer, and start asking questions.
>You answer.
>They all want to be your friend!
>Talk for hours, even let a few brush and pet you.
>You're getting tired, and the rest of the convention is closing.
>There's still a crowd of Anons who weren't about to leave the actual pony.

>It's nice, but you tell them you want to go to sleep, and you are happy to have new friends.
>Guardanons get near you and escort you outside.
>You point out your car for them to take you to, but the Guardanons around you continue straight.
>You complain about it.
>Suddenly yelling. You feel hand grab your horn.
>Your magic isn't working to get it off.
>Before you can resist, another arm picks you up. They are running with you.
>Something goes over your snout and you feel very sleepy.

>Wake up in dark room.
>Notice collar on neck chaining you to wall.
>Cry out.
>Guardanon hears you and comes in.
>Yell at him.
>He smiles as he removes his clothes.
>You're suddenly aware of how naked you are.
>Oh no.
>He makes you a mare as you cry out in pain and then pleasure.
>Lay on the bare ground exhausted after what he did to you.
>He smiles as he leaves, saying he was lucky to be first, and says you'll have a lot of foals here.
>What? First? Foals?!
>Another Anon walks in as Guardanon leaves.
>The process repeats the rest of the day, and every one after.
>Anons tell you all kind of lies, but one thing was true: you would have a lot of foals.
File: _.png (90 KB, 2427x2137)
90 KB
File: bigjb.jpg (24 KB, 390x390)
24 KB
File: giwtwm.png (1.07 MB, 1587x2619)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
Good, a transformed mare should show gratitude.
File: _.png (926 KB, 909x686)
926 KB
926 KB PNG
File: _.jpg (332 KB, 1920x1200)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
File: _.png (187 KB, 513x413)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
>Master decided to punish you by turning you back into a human.
>It's been less than a couple of hours, and yet transforming back has felt far more traumatic than your first transformation should've felt like
>Everything felt so cold, you already missed your coat of fur. Sounds felt muffled, colors were muted. It's like if life itself had been sucked out of your surroundings.
>Knowing it was temporary didn't give you much comfort.
>You hated seeing the world larger, you cried at being unable to fit in your favorite bed.
>You wanted to cry harder but you couldn't stand listening to those sounds coming out of you. That wasn't your voice.
>You promised to yourself you would never be a bad girl to your master ever again.
what is going on here?
Seems to be from the "Five score" story, where it's Shining armor and Rarity + their human selves.
Was never really a fan of that story for the way it played with memories and the concept of self, seemed to be all over the place depending on the authors whims.
Ouch. Can't say I'm uncomfortable in my human body or anything right now, but if I actually got to be a pony and then was forced to go back to being human, it'd definitely feel like body horror and make me break down.
File: ps.jpg (228 KB, 1022x1169)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
Humans are introduced to ponies via portal, and diplomatic ties and trade are established
It quickly becomes clear how awful humans are compared to innocent Equestrians, and restrictions are put into place for everycreature's safety.
Recently though, humans have been asking for asylum in Equestria, citing the very restrictions as the basis of their claims Earth is awful and they don't want to live there.
The Princesses aren't willing to reject the requests, especially since they're correct, but are struggling to find the proper solution since letting them immigrate will pollute Equestria with humans
A pilot program is put into place to turn humans into ponies instead to smooth their transition.
It's been calm and peaceful so far, but with one major problem
Formerly human mares are enormous sluts, and are fucking their way across Equestria
Social services are being overwhelmed with the number of foals, and the new mares only seem eager for more
The female on the left - Rachel, I think - turned back into Shining Armor, and her boyfriend, whose name I forget, turned back into Rarity.
Oh, I just remembered. The name of the guy who was Rarity in his past life is Tom.
File: Illustration408.png (531 KB, 2420x2298)
531 KB
531 KB PNG
File: _.png (299 KB, 1600x1200)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
>It quickly becomes clear how awful humans are compared to innocent Equestrians, and restrictions are put into place for everycreature's safety.
Shit trope
>Social services are being overwhelmed with the number of foals
>transformed mares not even taking care of their own children
Even shittier trope
File: _.jpg (3.41 MB, 5544x5088)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB JPG
File: _.png (400 KB, 744x789)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
Good facial expression there.
File: _.png (67 KB, 800x800)
67 KB
What a great roommate.
is wallmixer still around in some form or did he get himself snuffed in his subby pursuits?
File: Sleepyponi.png (366 KB, 717x923)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
>Be Anon
>Died and went to Equestria
>Didn't become a horse but hey at least you made it to Equestria, shits bitchn
>That being said when you woke up there was a mare lounged in your lap, green with a question mark for her cutie mark and messy bushy long mane and tail
>Kinda cute really
>Turns out she(he) got lucky enough to become a pony though the poor guy lost his junk in the process, he bragged about having a mare puss and would often tease you with it
>You kinda suspected the nigga was gay but he never let you hit it so you could't be sure
>At night you'd ponder if it was gay to get turned on by this but hey it's a mare body and that's whats getting Anon jr. excited so as far as you're concerned your're in the clear in terms of being a fag
>Years have past and the two of you decided the best way to survive in this new world was to bro it up and stick together no matter what
>The two of you got jobs and bought a house it wasn't anything fancy but hell it was better than what you had going on back on earth plus your room mate was as autistic as you were
>Though the down side was Anonmare was kinda a worthless slob
>You were never great but you took enough care to keep your living space clean and your body maintained
>Anonmare on the other hoof let herself go a fair bit
>She would shower maybe once a week and would have to be bitched at to do anything around the house
>She was cool and all but pretty useless as a room mate besides ponying up rent
>The two of you found an odd balance in that you were easy going enough to be happy with bitching at her once in awhile or just stepping around messes that were made
>Still you were starting to feel kinda bad for her
>You could go out and hit up mares, most didn't really go for the human thing but you could occasionally find some lonely mare willing to get her freak on with the town ape and you were social enough to make friends
>Anon mare had piss poor social skills and while fun with you was unable to stop being a sperg long enough to make friends despite your constant attempts
>On top of that the poor mare couldn't hook up with any pony
>No one willing to be a lesbian and Mare refused to sleep with buck because "I ain't no fag bro''
>It didn't help she had put on weight as well, she had the shape and look of a greasy old potato and smelled about as well
>You could imagine back on earth she probably looked the same
>All of this lead up to today
>It was 2am and you had finished up a late shift
>You were hungry, tired as fuck and you hadn't been having any luck with the mares in well you'd rather not say
>Opening the door you found Mare sobbing on the worn out old couch the two of you rescued from a trash pile when you first moved in
>Not sure what to do and not wanting to attempt to deal with what ever the fuck this was you tried to slip away
>Your foot found a beer bottle and sent your sleepy ass to the floor arousing Mare to your presence
File: 1622922726450.jpg (3.77 MB, 4032x3024)
3.77 MB
3.77 MB JPG
>O-oh Anon, I didn't think you would be home tonight.I thought you were out fucking some hot mare or something. Some pony way hotter than me, i'm just a fat ugly useless worthless piece of shit good for nothing fagot fuck."
>From all the empty bottles it was pretty clear this mare was fucking plastered and now sobbing
>Letting out a sigh, realizing there's no chance of getting to bed you crawl over and take a seat in a shitty squeaky recliner an look over at her
"Ay come on now, you're not that fat don't be like this dude."
>Being a good friend was never really your strong suit, you were a loner by nature and had no idea what to say but you guess it was wrong because Mare was crying harder than before and starting to blubber
"A-ah shit dude i'm sorry uh, you can like go for a run with me or whatever in the morning if you're that broken up about it."
>You rub the back of your neck and wish you were out with some other mare instead of here with the potato
>"You don't understand I'm a fat fucking loser man, when I got to Equestria I was fucking excited. It was my ticket to a better life and I had a pretty cute body too. I mean I miss my dick but it's not like I was using it back on earth anyway. I couldn't even bring myself to go outside. Here I could, I was more confident than I ever was but now look at me, i'm at square one all over again and I have nothing to show for it but a gut and a messy room."
>You decided it would be best not to mention that the reason the rest of the house was messy was also on her though honestly this was getting old fast
"Well shit man you really put yourself in this situation. You need a hobby or something hell maybe a friend besides me would do you some good."
>Looking around you see an unopened bottle of beer and popped the cap, you didn't like to drink before bed but something told you sleep was far away
>"I've tried all that, you've seen how well that works. I'm just a fuck up that can't talk to anyone. I feel like some sorta retard and with these hooves I can still only do basic stuff."
>Mare burps and hiccups a little, trying to grab another beer and instead rolling off the couch into a pile of old cloths and wiggling helplessly
>It was pretty pathetic
>You sigh and get up, trying your best to help the puddgy green mare back onto the couch and in the process getting a good wiff of her
"Damn bro when was the last time you showered? You smell like fuckin ass.
>The mare squirmed in your grasp, she was pretty greasy as well and after putting her down you wiped your hands off on your work pants
>She had stopped crying but now fresh tears were back on her cheeks
>"Why does it even matter? It's not like I'm trying to impress anypony. I may as well just not even bother. I'm not like you, I can't get with who ever I wan't and make friends super easy like you can. I'm a failure."
>You take a long pull on the bottle and rub your worn out eyes
File: 1623005334149.png (291 KB, 1000x566)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
"Jeez bro you need to just fuckin man up or mare up or what ever. You're making me out to be some kinda chad. I'm not any better I just don't give up after a week of half assing things."
>Mare sniffles and looks over to you, her lip trembles and you can't help but look away and finish off your beer, picking up another
"All I'm trying to say is you can't get all pouty if you aren't gonna try to improve. Don't give me any of that "I tried" crap either. We live together I know you. The only reason I get with any one or have friends besides you is because I keep trying night after night. You just sit at home and do what ever it is you do or drink. Get a grip dude. You know what fuck you, get over here."
>Mare looks startled as you chug the rest of your beer and quickly stand and sweep her up
"I'm gonna fuckin bathe you myself and we are going for a damn walk. I'm gonna drag you kicking and screaming if I have to I'm sick of your shit dude."
>There is protest as Mare struggles in your arms but you hold your breath and tighten your grip on her pudge, hefting her to the bathroom and locking the door
>Kicking on the shower as Mare paws at the door you make sure the water is a decent temperature and fill the tub, taking your shirt off as well
"Alright bitch, it's fuckin bath time. I out weigh you and I've got thumbs. You arn't going anywhere till you've had a bath."
>There's a scuffle but Mare is soon out of breath and hefted into the tub, bitch is heavier than she looks
>"Fuck you bro I don't need a bath, i'll fight you just give me a sec the room is spinning. quit touching me you homo. Why did you take off your shirt I already told you I'm not gonna let you fuck me either!"
>You ignore the pathetic cries as you start to scrub at her body, her fur slowly returning to a brighter color
>She tries once more to bolt but slips and falls back into the tub, splashing you in the process
"Hold still you little green retard. I'm gonna get you laid come hell or high water and no bitch wants a dirty carpet to munch on."
>The whole process is like pulling teeth and you start to question if dunking your room mate in the tub and giving her a bath was the best course of action but Mom Anon didn't raise a quitter and you scrubbed that mare for all you were worth
>At some point Mare just sat there and let you work, looking extremely miserable the whole time but at least she wasn't crying or greasy any more
"Aight, turn around and show me your ass. I don't trust you to clean yourself."
>"Fuck you dude no way, you're just gonna molest me. I can do that much myself"
>You give Mare a look
"Come on dude, you're not that hot."
>It was almost 4:30 and this bitch had kept you up, the time for being nice was long gone and you didn't feel like pulling punches anymore
>The look she gives you almost makes you regret what you said but you hold firm and glare at her
>With out another word she turns and lifts her soaking wet tail, exposing her flanks to you
File: fillyissafe.jpg (177 KB, 880x771)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
>There is shame somewhere deep inside you as Anon Jr. gets a rather sad half chub from the dirty mare's flanks
>This is no deterrent and you try to think unsexy thoughts as Mare wiggles at your touch making soft little whimpering noises that do nothing to stop your chub from twitching
"Can you shut up dude, you're making this weird as hell."
>"Oh well excuse me, who was the one that wanted to wash my ass? Yeah this isn't great for me either so hurry up before I puke."
>She gives a snort and although you've smashed better that little comment hurt
>You prided yourself on having good fingers and never had any complaints not that you want Mare to be enjoying this
>With a huff you rinse off her now clean rump and drain the disgustingly filthy bath water, going over Mare once more to make sure she is soap free
"See that wasn't so bad was it? Now maybe we can get some bitches on your well."
>You pause and try to rethink your word choice but it's too late in the night for your brain to work and just settle on hauling the soaking wet mare out of the tub and drying her off
>It takes a dick load of towels but the now fluffy mare is several shades cleaner and looking better for it
>"Whats next homo? You wanna brush my mane too? Gonna put bows in my hair and put a dress on me?"
"Well I might if you keep pissing me off, faggot. You know what, fuck you I'm brushing your mane."
>You hold the damp mare close and surprisingly she doesn't fight you but presses close
>Too close, you get a good nostril full of the lavender shampoo you used on her and once more you have to fight to keep your focus and start to brush the tangles from Mare's mane and tail
>How long had it been since you had last seen her clean and well groomed, who could really say but it was nice seeing her like that
>She almost looked kinda cute it you ignored the pudge
>The soft snoring let you know the little drunk had passed out, her body weight pressed against you as she nuzzled your chest
"Well shit"
>For the last time you hefted up the large mare and carried her from the bathroom to her bed room
>Standing in the door in disgust you shut the door on the trash heap that was Mare's room and carried her to yours
>Tucking her in and patting her head you slipped off down stairs to get some rest as well, tomorrow you'd make that fat ass run her ass off
>Be Anon, your slumber is deep
>Your shit head room mate decided to have a mental break down and you got involved
>Currently you're deep in sleep and having a rather lovely dream of a cute mare in nothing but an apron cooking you breakfast
>She's some pretty pink unicorn you've seen a couple of times at the bar and right now her rump looks more delicious than what ever she's making
>Slowly you creep up behind her and grab two handfuls of dat ass
>She turns to you but her face has changed, she's gained weight in all the wrong places and her mane has grown long and greasy
>Her coat green and a black cutie mark on either flank
>"come on bro I told you I wasn't gonna let you hit this, don't be gay."
>The room starts spinning as what ever was cooking bursts into flames and fills the room with black smoke
>You take a step back and trip, falling through beer bottles and empty bags of chips
>Waking up is harsh as you jolt up
>Smoke is seeping in from the kitchen and the sounds of panic can be heard
>Rolling, stumbling and falling to your face you scramble your way into the kitchen to see a crying mare in the corner as a pot flames on the stove
"What the fuck did you do? Why is it on fire?"
>Your sleep addled mind makes speech near impossible as it struggles to read the situation
>Mare isn't helping in the slightest as she babbles and gestures widely between sobs, shes a wreck
>Noticing the oil it all comes together, dumb horse probably tried to cook something and started a fire
>You sprint to the cupboard and grab a thing of salt and a lid for the pot, dumping salt in then covering up the fire
>"Don't be mad don't be mad don't be mad don't be mad I'm sorry I'm sorry."
>The panicked mare attempts to make her as small as possible as you slump down in front of her
>At this point you start to notice how greasy you are
>Still in yesterday's clothes and with out a shower, hopefully you had some time before work to clean up
>You sigh and use two fingers to rub at your eyes
"I'm not mad just, what the fuck were you trying to do?"
>She cringes from your harsh words and looks like she wants to melt into the floor
>"I just wanted to make you breakfast. You know... as a thank you for caring for me last night."
File: 1621355956676.jpg (182 KB, 757x788)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
>You're stunned
>Honestly what are you supposed to say in that kinda situation
>letting your body relax you can see Mare uncurl from her ball a bit in response
>The two of you just kind of look at each other, the room falling silent
>Out of nowhere you find yourself getting rather lost in Mare's eyes
>She needs a hair cut and to lose weight but her eyes seem a bit more alive, more color to them
>coughing slightly to break the silence and the heavy air of awkward and burnt breakfast you find your voice
"Sooooo, what were you attempting there anyway?"
>Mare's lip trembles and she looks down at her newly cleaned hooves
>This chick really managed to fuck up oatmeal of all things
"Have you ever made anything before? I know I do a bulk of the cooking but surely back on earth you would make stuff yourself right? I mean, how did you feed yourself?"
>Your line of questions seems to be making things worse but you don't back off, there's no way Mare has never cooked before
>Hell any poor fuck on his own has at least made ramen before, was it even possible to go through life with out knowing how to cook
>"My mom did it all for me. The only thing I could do was work a microwave or pick up fast food."
>Silence once more
"Man you didn't lie when you said you were pathetic hu?"
>You curse yourself for being so blunt but how the hell do you respond to something like that
>Mare sniffles as fresh tears start to appear in her eyes
"Ah fuck dude I'm sorry, that was really uncool of me um...good first attempt i guess? I appreciate the thought but maybe we should leave the cooking to me, I'd be happy to teach you though."
>Your green lump of a room mate perks up a bit at that but soon is slumped again
>"Don't bother wasting your time, I'm useless in the kitchen as well as everywhere else in life. I'm stupid for even trying I fail at everything. I'm not like you at all."
"There you go again, beating yourself down and you only took one shot. This is why you suck dude. I couldn't cook for shit my first time, I set my arm on fire trying to impress this chick I was banging. She had taught me a lot about how to cook. What you see is years of practice and patience in failure. Hell I still suck at a lot of things but I don't throw in the towel because I sucked."
>Mare scoffs but looks away quickly
>You take the time to look at a clock, you've got just enough time to either eat or shower before work but not both
>Giving yourself a test sniff you quickly decide a shower is more important than a missed meal
"I gotta get ready for work but from now on your fat ass is gonna be helping with every meal I make untill you can cook better than I can. I'm not gonna let you coast through life any more. This whole being pathetic thing ends now even if i have to drag your ass across the finish line."
>With your hand played you turn to go shower
>As you walk upstairs you hear Mare choke out a thank you and you can't help but smile
>Maybe there is hopeforherafter all
>Work was slow and tedious
>Mare was on your mind the whole shift and your boss noticed
>She was an old grouchy mare burnt out from working as a fast food manager her entire life
>You couldn't understand why she didn't just move somewhere else
>Maybe it was the hayburger on her flank, you found that rather like having a mcdonalds cutie mark and pitied her
>Needless to say she chewed you out as you fucked up a 5th batch of hay fries telling you to get out of her kitchen and go home for the day
>On top of that she expected you to maje up the rest of your shift the next day
>The old hag was cruel but it was days like this that reminded you she cared
>You really needed sleep but Mare needed your help and Celestia damn you if she got worse under your care
>Covering a yawn as you unlock the door to your place you're stunned by how almost clean the living room is
>Most of the take out and beer bottles have been cleaned up
>Mud scrubbed from the carpet in several places
>Hell the place didn't smell like a stale fart for a change and there were a few candles on the trash free coffee table
>"W-welcome home Anon! You're home early, I was kinda hoping to surprise you and have the whole house cleaned but the place was worse than I thought. D-do you like it?"
>Words fail you as your eyes look into Mare's hopeful shining ones
>She tied her mane back into a pony tail and was wearing a white bandana to keep sweat out of her eyes
>You hate to say it but she looked adorable
"Damn dude good job, it's defiantly a start anyway. Hell let me rest my eyes for a second and I'll give you a hoof er hand or whatever, you know what I mean."
>Mare chuckles just a bit but quickly stops you as you try to move into the house
>She makes you take off your shoes at the door
>complying, just happy to be off you flop down onto the much cleaner ratty couch
>It smells like it's been scrubbed with some kinda soap
>As you get comfy and prop your feet up, mare drapes a blanket over you and gives you a smile as you whisper a thank you and pass out
Not bad.
A nice fantasy.
File: _.png (366 KB, 1100x899)
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366 KB PNG
File: 1439261283845.jpg (37 KB, 433x495)
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More stories need to experiment with changes in size between a human and smol poner.
File: E6et51bXsAMB4Uq.png (404 KB, 811x937)
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404 KB PNG
File: E6euNp_XEAMPxmH.png (430 KB, 758x937)
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430 KB PNG
File: 2513263.png (1.25 MB, 4000x3915)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
File: _.jpg (75 KB, 552x588)
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Thanks Satan
File: E6dgHLNVgAE9Ro2.jpg (48 KB, 1151x978)
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File: _.png (1.67 MB, 2368x2508)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
File: shitpost.png (76 KB, 500x500)
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File: _.png (1020 KB, 960x1200)
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god i wish that were me
remember, you only get one shot at making a cute post-tf reaction face. be sure it’s a good one and you’ll be a happy pony!
i promise ill try to look as cute as possible, now tf me
gosh you’re needy. of course, the easiest way to nail that initial look of shock and cuddliness is not to expect a tf at all! it’s gotta be a /surprise/ anon. i’ll be back in 2 days to 15 years (hope you haven’t started a family by then, haha that’d be pretty embarrassing for you) to give you hooves. til then, try to be a good pony, ok? and switch out your doorknobs.
Dunno, but that dude always seemed like the type who'd masturbate to Hogg, so I wouldn't be surprised.
She left PTFG so she could transition in peace without distractions, autism, or drama. She’s been dead in the thread for longer than she was dead on discord.
File: _.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1136)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
Dead on Discord sounds like it could be the title fo an American Psycho for a new generation. Consider the name taken.
What is the correct way to appreciate it?
Next one will be the cyoa, I promise.
>You didn't catch the title of the movie, but it's pretty fun.
>Some cyborg is trying to save his girlfriend from a psychic Russian guy.
>You think he might be Russian too, but he doesn't speak.
>Even though you'd probably normally be more inclined to sleep after a meal, you feel fairly awake due to your recent nap.
>He raises his hand discretely at a point when he thinks you won't see it and smells it.
>"You smell pretty nice."
>You nod, shivering slightly at the memory of your tri-weekly hose-downs with shampoo and cold water.
>"You don't like being clean?"
>You tilt your head slightly, since answering that question either way could lead to him misinterpreting your answer.
>He looks at you for about ten seconds before realizing what you're getting at and rephrasing.
>"Sorry. Do you like being clean?"
>You nod.
>"I'll make sure to give you nice, warm baths. I know you probably weren't exactly given a luxury experience back at the store."
>You respond by pressing your muzzle into his shirt and rubbing it back and forth.
>You think the kids are calling that 'nuzzling' these days.
>His shirt smells nice.
>It's clear he works out by his definition and the way he scoops you up almost effortlessly, but whatever detergent he uses adequately eliminates the odor from his clothes.
>"Enjoying yourself?"
>You pull back and feel your cheeks warming up a bit.
>Oh god you didn't want to come off as some sort of weirdo.
>What if he doesn't want to talk to you now?
>"Hey, don't feel bad. Some things smell nice, and I'm glad you think I'm one of them."
>He chuckles and winds your white mane around a finger before releasing it and letting it unfurl back into place.
>Oh yeah, you do like that.
>Well, so far you've liked pretty much everything he's done.
>He's quiet for a long time as the two of you just enjoy each other's company and various affections.
>At some point he flips you over and starts petting your belly.
>Your tongue lolls out a bit embarrassingly, but he just thinks it's cute.
>Hell, at this point you could probably perform ritualistic killings for some sort of dark God and you'd look cute doing it.
>Something about that thought sticks in your mind annoyingly.
>You eventually manage to push it out during the frenzied climax of the film.
>He's got you in an almost human sitting position by draping your forelegs over his arms, and gently hoisting you up to his chest.
>Your dock is resting right against his crotch now.
>Oh god...
>You try to push... those thoughts out of your mind.
>As the credits start to roll, he ruffles your mane.
>"Did you like it, Cherry?"
>You nod enthusiastically.
>Even though he was amazing, you do think you would've enjoyed the film back when you were a human.
>Alone, in your room...
>You give him a lick on the cheek.
>You're so glad you're his pet.
>"Alright, I need to get a bit of work done. I'll be more than willing to let you hang out in my office in the future, but I need to do a bit more cleaning before it's presentable. Do you have enough to entertain yourself with?"
>You nod. He left you a few pet toys that must've belonged to a dog at some point based on the bite marks, but what you're most excited about right now is the pet bed.
>You're pretty sure now that it's your body and not the food now that's making you tire so easily, but it's not like much demanding is expected of you so you're less disappointed than you thought you might've been.
>You grab a fluffy hedgehog with a spiked rubber back in your mouth and give his knee a little head rub before trotting back over to the bed and laying down.
>Sleep takes you after around an hour of idle thought.
>You reach down and pick up the frisbee.
>Oh no.
>No no no no no.
>You try to run, but the landscape dissolves before you until all that's left is blackness.
>"You found yourself a keeper."
>You don't look at the thing.
>Maybe it won't have power over you if you don't lock eyes with it.
>The voice is somehow familiar, but the tone less so.
>Something about it seems wrong, it sounds angry.
>You don't answer, in fact you don't believe you can answer.
>"Oh yes, where are my manners..."
>Something shifts inside your mouth.
>Your tongue feels numb, and you try a few sample vowels to see if you can make sounds that aren't horse noises.
>"As I intend to uphold the contract, your tongue will only be unlocked in my presence, and only in dreams."
"H-hooarrr... hooarr... who are you?"
>"You really don't remember me?"
>You shake your head, already finding it to be a more comfortable default than using your words.
>"I suppose that's more evidence that other forces have tampered with our contract. It's a tale as old as time, you offer some poor sap exactly what they wants with a catch."
>You just stare at him.
>He sighs.
>"You were a lot more talkative last time. You weren't supposed to get out of that store, 'Cherry'. You were supposed to live there until you died, for my amusement."
>If he has the power to turn you into a pony, why doesn't he just put you back there?
>"You think I won't hear you just because you're 'whispering'. I like to think myself the sporting type."
>So why are you here?
>He snorts, spewing a purple gas that fills the room with the smell of grapes.
>"There's something only you can do. Chaos magic is easy to identify based off of its signature... for most that is. I need you to identify the source, it's one of the few things I cannot do."
>And why should I if you don't intend to lay a finger on me?
>"The other mare's natural path will kill her. I have seen it, and it isn't a pleasant or merciful death. Help me and I'll shift the cosmic breeze, ensure the currents push the danger away from her."
>You feel a bit sick to your stomach, but you nod.
>What should I look for?
>"You'll know far better than I will. Anything out of the ordinary."
>A pilot program is put into place to turn humans into ponies instead to smooth their transition.
But how would turning humans into ponies give them different thought patterns? This seems somewhat racist in a way.
>You TF into a pony, but you emerge in France during the 1930’s.
>The next few years of your life are very pleasant and you successfully are able to find a place and become integrated into the French society of the time.
>You even meet some people who are dead in 2021 and converse with some celebrities of the time.
>You find a group of ponies in the open and you start to associate with them.
>They end up becoming your closest friends in this “new life” of yours.
>But soon enough, 1940 rolls around and the Nazis begin to invade France, who surrenders.
>The new Vichy government begins to find and round up “undesirables” who are either people of a multitude of ethnic minorities or enemies to the new regime.
>When the news of how close your group of friends is now has gotten to Herr Hitler, he orders a task force to find and round up the ponies living in the Reich and its occupied territories.
Wat do?
what's with your obsession with ww2, anyway, question autist? did you have a relative who lived through it?
Why are you calling me a question autist? All I asked was “Wat do?”.
i forget sometimes that we have multiple. I guess you're "ww2 autist" now
>Next one will be the cyoa, I promise.
I can tell you I'm definitely not complaining either way
Who says there aren’t multiple of them?

And I’m not sure whether I have relatives who are Holocaust survivors, since one side of the family is a mix of several ancestries. I was, however, raised in a Catholic family and have a degree in computer science, complete with two massive “man caves” to hide the Jewish and Slavic friends I have, so I would probably be on Hitler’s hit list.
I think the obvious course of action is to simp for hitler to make sure we become "honourary". If they had honourary jews, surely they can tolerate some ponies.

I may have missed something, but I haven't seen any significant ww2 autism. Doesn't look out of place to me.
I mean, Hitler loved animals, he'd adore ponies. Animals that can talk? Awesome! Finally, he can see what they have to say about him. Just make sure it's something good.
>Hitler loved animals
Except for humans.
>Finally, he can see what they have to say about him.
But these sorts of “anomalies” are exactly whom he would want to experiment on to study more. Have you ever heard before of the “Twins Experiment?
>I think the obvious course of action is to simp for hitler to make sure we become "honourary".
And leave the others in the dust? Plus, I think the story said something along the lines of pony friendship being too powerful for Hitler to want to allow.
File: _.jpg (311 KB, 2048x1533)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
File: _.jpg (1.53 MB, 2850x5198)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
It was good. Write more of that kind of thing!
You are the question autist, then. Also I believe you are the very same faggot who gets off to fat women and unironically enjoys Steven Jewniverse.
Humans are only really animals from a purely technical standpoint. As a whole they have few redeeming qualities.
Yeah, Hitler would almost certainly pass some sort of law dictating the protection of ponies if not outright adopting a few himself.
>You are the question autist, then.
Please see >>37270092. There are multiple of them.
>Also I believe you are the very same faggot who gets off to fat women and unironically enjoys Steven Jewniverse.
Even if that were true, so what? Have you ever seen a fat woman IRL or the show you mentioned? I dare you to tell me that you don’t like either one.
>Yeah, Hitler would almost certainly pass some sort of law dictating the protection of ponies if not outright adopting a few himself.
Maybe if it meant “protecting” them in one of his camps and/or having the SS perform invasive experiments on them. Also, what would you think of the opinion that he would want to axe ponies since they get along too well?
>Earth and Equestria make contact.
>After the initial pains of first contact, the two worlds begin to open up to each other, with things like tourism and immigration spinning up. Both worlds are eager to see their backwards counterparts.
>Twilight and Cadence work together on many research projects involving their new cosmic neighbors and find a number of interesting things.
>Against all odds, mares and men are sexually compatible. The alicorn princesses had the distinct pleasure of following the progress of a few mares impregnated by men.
>Of the cases they observed, ALL of the hybrid foals were carried to term and born healthy.
>Naturally, it's a no-brainer to greenlight the immigration of productive human males. Janefillies are rather popular in Equestria, so they should thrive easily.
>The opposite, however doesn't seem to work quite as well.
>The number of stallions who found relationships with women is small, only a fraction of their counterparts. Of those relationships, no offspring has been produced.
>After asking for some samples from a few volunteers, Twilight discovers why.
>Compatibility is simply too low. Stallion sperm simply won't take in a human egg. Even if it did, the possibility of a stillbirth or harm to the mother is almost guaranteed.
>The last thing Equestria needs is more females, especially females who cannot produce foals considering Equestria's slowly stagnating population growth, so most women, barring those with exceptional talents, are refused entry.
>This instantly causes an outcry about discrimination, never mind that Equestria is a matriarchy.
>While pondering about what to do over this scandal, the pair of mares freeze when they hear a suggestion from Shining.
>"If it's not safe for them as humans, then why not bring them in as mares?"
>Can it really be that simple? Were they overthinking at this whole time? Cadence gladly rushes in to kiss her husband for the idea.
>Sometimes all you need is stallion's simple outlook.
>Thus, a new stipulation stops quite a bit of the protesting on Earth.
>Women are welcome to immigrate to Equestria... but they'll do so as mares. They need to agree to a transformation spell before anything can be finalized.

>A woman-turned-mare is mortified with herself when she ends up in the herd of a man she rejected on earth.
>A matriarchal world and new lease on life isn't all that it's cracked up to be, apparently. Competition for love is so fierce that she's been snubbed more than once, and it hurts.
>Her new boyfriend has no idea who she was, and she debates on telling him or just keeping quiet.
>Arguing with retards bent on sucking hitler's dick
Why do you bother?
>Have you ever seen a fat woman IRL or the show you mentioned?
I have, I'm a jew and I hate both. If it's really directed by jews it's a disgrace.
File: _.png (217 KB, 1200x1200)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
File: _.png (320 KB, 1280x1083)
320 KB
320 KB PNG
File: _.png (102 KB, 901x546)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
>Why do you bother?
The QA never gives up. By replying we've all lost already. The only way to win is not to play. I'm sorry for replying to his post.
You just stop flapping.
>The QA never gives up.
>implying there is only one QA
>tf into a pony
>except you become a juden pony
>cutie mark is a promissory note
>special talent is usury
>however! ponies' muzzles don't have nearly enough variations to adequately capture the jewish nose
>as a result nobody suspects a thing
>proceed to establish central banking in equestria with impunity
>outside of /b/
t. The single question autist
File: _.jpg (116 KB, 836x600)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
t. The one and only question autist
File: 2658997.png (126 KB, 629x435)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
File: 2659001.png (386 KB, 540x787)
386 KB
386 KB PNG
File: _.png (595 KB, 1868x1668)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
Thank Celestia for Quality Assurance, saving us from the fate of substandard pony transformations.
File: _.png (461 KB, 752x622)
461 KB
461 KB PNG
File: E6ocBjqX0AA-xck.png (20 KB, 1000x1000)
20 KB
File: _.jpg (133 KB, 1091x1280)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Love this one, i can heavily empathise with the idea of taking that first flight.
But why?
File: _.png (193 KB, 1200x1200)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
File: keyboardmasher.png (428 KB, 888x787)
428 KB
428 KB PNG
File: _.png (133 KB, 636x831)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
File: _.png (379 KB, 898x669)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
File: _.jpg (56 KB, 604x582)
56 KB
Thing I wrote drunk the other day

>A sharp jolt brought you out of your sleep, trembling and on the verge of tears. The room was pitch black, and the only sound you could hear was your partner still sleeping soundly next to you.
>Quick swipes of your phone confirmed your suspicions. 2:13 AM.
>The nightmares were getting worse and more intense.
>Blaming the pills was easy, but you knew years and years of trauma and abuse had caught up with you.
>You were pathetic and miserable. Your smile was just a facade that always broke with enough time and pressure.
>Venting, therapy, relationships, material things, alcoholism, substances.
>While everything brought moments of clarity among the fog, you still returned to the void you wanted so hard to get away from.
>You'd come close to overdosing several times before. Always backing away at the last minute or deciding to down your pain away with whatever other substance you had available.
>And yet by all accounts you were better off than some. You had a life to look forward to, a shitty job that despite the stress paid the bills and allowed you to keep your addiction and hobbies going, You had people that definitely loved and cared about you, who would beg you to carry on and reconsider.
>You were worth more than you thought, yet it mattered little to you.
>The pain was just too much to bear. You just wanted a quick and easy escape. You were very, very selfish.
>You just wanted to be her in the end.
>She was everything you wanted to be. Charismatic, hopeful, sociable, carefree.
>You loved the attention you received as her, to be released from the stress you had to deal with every day, receiving all the love and comfort you could ask for, feeling that sensation you missed since youth where life was so full of meaning and excitement.
>And she was cuter than you in every way. Trotting with an smug and confident sway that seemed to care little about not being the same species anymore. Her fluffy raspberry mane gave Pinkie a run for her money. You envied the way she wore that white and gold collar with pride, the same one you had bought a long time ago for kinky shit that you felt so awkward to even dare attempting.
>Often you wondered if she was really the same person as you.
>You wished she took your place once and for all, since she was better at everything you always struggled with.
>All it took was just two pills, laying inside the bottle on your nightstand.
>Yet you still tried to find a reason not to give in.
>The rational part of your mind always tried to convince you, reminding you of the situation you'd have to deal with if you went ahead with it.
>There was a lot of stigma to those who had overdosed. Whether they were still persons in the eye of the law was still something held in contempt in your shithole country.
>At least they couldn't take you away, you thought.
>It would be difficult for the two of you to keep your lifestyle going with just half of the income, but worst case scenario you could at least make some money either as a therapy pet or selling pictures of your ponut for other thirsty degenerates to lust at.
>Wouldn't be the first time you've done it either.
>No normal person presented a desire to leave everything behind and just become a tiny cartoon horse to escape from their life. It was known to be a behaviour seen in addicts like you. Everyone would blame the pills. You wanted to blame the pills.
>Then again normal people would probably end up just killing themselves if they were as miserable as you. At least you had another way out. Not everyone agreed with you if it was any better though.
>You've burned so many bridges before, a few more didn't make any difference to you.
>The only person, the only thing in this world that could make you reconsider in the end was your partner. But even they knew and understood your pain. Every time you laid your suffering bare to them felt awful. You just didn't want to leave them the burden of having to care for you while providing little in return.
>It seemed that even your selfishness had its limits in the end.
>You pondered for what seemed like hours in your bed, holding your love close while you fought your impulses once more.
>Every night you thought back of that dream, the last time you had a comforting sleep in what seemed like ages. You just wished they would embrace you in their wings while you nuzzled in what seemed like an endless field of grass and flowers.
>If only there was a way the two of you could escape away.
>You arrive in Equestria and are rejected by all of the mares.
>However, one unicorn mare named Lyra Heartstrings has an affinity for humans and she takes you with open forelegs tightly enveloping your entire torso.
>When you two get in bed, she explains that she has a fetish for being human and doing human things.
>However, she says she has to turn you into a pony in order for you to cast the spell to turn her into a human so that she can be turned back into a pony.
Wat do?
File: E6r_M4WWYAYgIF1.png (1.48 MB, 4000x3100)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
>You're a human
>I'm so sorry
>Go to bed crying
>Mommy gently nuzzles you awake, tells you you were having a nightmare
>Holds you close under her wings
>She doesn't understand the horrors you speak of: 'humans'? 'hands'? 'PTFG'?
>"No more chocolate before bed."
File: 1626729682174.png (87 KB, 1000x1414)
87 KB
Seems unlikely but the author has several other (non-TF) stories about Anon and Noteworthy.
I’d probably just fall back asleep. I don’t know how I’d personally picture my own mother with Pegasus wings, let alone how she (or I) would be narrow enough to fit through the staircase that leads to my room at her house. Though if she would have a default pony form in Equestria, then I’m not sure. But it would be nightmarish to find a reality where I’m the only human and everyone has turned into ponies... and somebody was giving BOOZE to these G*ddamn things!
You can have a different pony mother and a different life as a foal. You were never human, it was all just a nightmare.
I swear to Celestia if I see this image posted one more fucking time I'm going to make sure you never become a pony
If you have that power can you make sure I will become a pony? (Not the same poster btw)
And I’d still be living with my parents in “reality”? Who says the nightmare would end?
If Pon-E were a thing i'd 100% be in this guys shoes, minus the partner though.
Like, goddamn, it'd be a constant struggle not to overdose before i'd tied up loose ends or found a commune, especially if i ended up as a pegasus / bat, the allure of flying is so fucking strong.
You're really overthinking it.
>I'll be more than willing to let you hang out in my office in the future, but I need to do a bit more cleaning before it's presentable.
Does the human know the pony is a person in a gender reassigned pony body? Or is it one of those things like where couples kick the pets out of the room before getting frisky, not wanting to go through the shame and judgement of unspeaking eyes?
I'm liking this one.
It’s a joke, though I do have mommy and daddy issues IRL.
Fucking this.
I would absolutely have to not touch a single pill until I was completely ready to OD, because if I took one, I'd be just as likely to immediately pop a second one as soon as I experienced being the pony. Failing that, it'd be a matter of days before I snapped.
What if you tried founding your own community, but then the FAA wanted you guys all to stop flying?
Convince all the birds to shit on their cars.
I dont know what the FAA is, assume they deal with the air space laws in the US?
File: unknown.png (135 KB, 487x409)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
Fedreal Aviation Administration. Basically, they regulate anything in the sky, including tiny drones. They'd want to regulate pegasi so they don't interfere with aircraft. For safety.
They don't regulate birds now do they?
I mean I could easily see safety restrictions like keeping out of airport airspace (civil and military). But if they try to enforce like height limits or something, I doubt that would fly.
Try these two stories for a perspective on how the FAA deals with pegasi:

As a bonus, one of them is about transformation.
There are indeed laws in the US that disallow changing the weather without government permission. Under normal circumstances, this applies to spraying chemicals into the air to perform something known as “cloud seeding”, but I could see how it could apply to Pegasi. Plus, I doubt the FAA would want to allow sapient Pegasi flying over very restricted airspace and finding out what’s really inside of Area 51. In short, don’t necessarily hope for a Pegasus TF, since your flying may be limited or regulated and your weather-changing is nonexistent.
Air travel and airports are canon within MLP:FiM. How would their equivalent manage Pegasi and flight paths? Would all flight paths need to be made public so they could stay out of the way? Would Pegasi have to be given the right of way and aircraft pilots would need to be taught several evasive maneuvers? Or would planes have to fly at altitudes high enough for Pegasi to be unable to even breathe at? (The latter is the most likely, but I’m certain that there’d still be some strange, old law on the books that would not get enforced very well because it never would apply.)
That one's great. IIRC, the ultimate outcome was a semi-lawless society with pony enclaves, though.

Some restricted airspace does make sense. Again, airports and military installations would be quite-obviously off-limits, and I'd imagine this would be the case just from airport/aircraft and military regulations for basic safety, without even needing a universal flight regulation authority.
Weather manipulation on a large scale seems to be government-controlled even in Equestria. I doubt some pegasus just up and creating a thunderstorm over a city would be looked at kindly. However, for localised "weather magic", like creating a cloud over your garden and squeezing it to water your vegetable patches, or just blowing a bunch of wind in your backyard etc. - I doubt that would fall under "weather manipulation". Maybe some legal technicality would prevent that, but the thing is, if we're imagining a semi-dystopic scenario where the government is trying to seriously restrict ponies, I doubt existing laws would be the limit at which they stop. So it's more helpful to imagine a reasonable interpretation, where they don't go around mass-arresting every single pegasus who changes the airflow in their garden.

>Air travel and airports are canon within MLP:FiM
Wait, really? I don't remember that. I'm guessing it's in the background of some manehattan episode or something like that?
In any case, the most logical solution seems like it would be to have known takeoff corridors where flight is restricted, after which planes fly too high for most pegasi. I imagine right of way would be on airplanes, since you generally can't maneuvre very well on a plane, whereas pegasi are extremely agile.
The fact that pegasi exist would also probably make small recreational planes completely unnecessary, so you can limit air travel to purely commercial jets.

An interesting question would be about stuff like Cherry Berry's helicopter. Or is Twilight's balloon regulated? But I think the most reasonable answer would be that they're not, no more than say a carriage being pulled on a road is, and ponies are just expected to have common sense.
>I'm guessing it's in the background of some manehattan episode or something like that?
It was in “Once Upon a Zeppelin”. In addition, the Wonderbolts HQ and Rainbow Falls both seem to have what look like artificial runways for aircraft to land on and take off from.
>The fact that pegasi exist would also probably make small recreational planes completely unnecessary, so you can limit air travel to purely commercial jets.
But unicorns and Earth ponies would not be able to fly. Pinkie Pie had to lift herself up with balloons in order to get to Cloudsdale.
>But I think the most reasonable answer would be that they're not, no more than say a carriage being pulled on a road is, and ponies are just expected to have common sense.
Though one lesson to be learned from driving is that common sense doesn’t necessarily apply on the road, especially when getting a driving license is as easy as starting one’s car or making a series of hand gestures followed by stepping onto a scale in some countries. Maybe a better analogy could be akin to walking or cycling, since some laws would still apply which pedestrians and cyclists can be ticketed for violating.
I assume Pegasus would be regulated like those motorized hand gliders or parachutes. As long as they fly within a permissible speed and lower elevation and avoid air restricted areas they're fine.
They may need to carry a radio in a saddlebag and a headset with them above treetops.
File: Dress Machine.webm (1.69 MB, 1920x1080)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB WEBM
Dare you enter the marification machine?
The FAA only regulates powered flight, and flying crafts, no? As far as I know, you can hang glide all you want (within reason (don't try gliding into area 51...)), But you're actually just falling with style at that point, not flying. A pegasus would be flying under it's own power and natural ability, so the only real governance that can be enforced on them would be keeping them out of private and restricted airspace, I'd imagine.

New laws would come about, creating penalties for willfully and knowingly interfering with lawful air traffic that is governed and regulated by the FAA in efforts to close off any loopholes and technicalities being a pegasus may provide. But that'd be about it, probably. Sure other, more restrictive and unfair laws might be drafted, but pegasus supporters would be able to shoot them each down with ease.
>The FAA only regulates powered flight, and flying crafts, no?
IIRC the guy who accidentally flew on his garden chair with a bunch of helium balloons got fined by the FAA
They make me a mare AND give a nice dress?
and that's why all the ponies moved to Mexico, where they were no longer bound by the laws or grasp of the United States. ponies and transformers, aparrently.
But wouldn’t even ICAO rules apply in all countries?
>but pegasus supporters would be able to shoot them each down with ease
That implies that more Americans would sympathize with their cause. Though it could be declared either unconstitutional or in conflict with the 1964 Civil Rights Act, though it may only conflict with the latter if it bars Pegasi from even setting hoof in airports.
>ICAO rules
I don't even know what that is, so it only exists to me as a drawing in a child's picturebook.
Fuck it, lets make like the british and colonise austraila, its not like pony terraforming could possibly make that place worse and if we manage to ally with the emu nobody would even think of fucking with New-Equestria.
File: 1626798842321.png (60 KB, 1000x1414)
60 KB
>You tried to avoid the crowds of people that formed at this hour. The subway station felt like a maze, you were half asleep and tired.
>You just wanted to go home and start your well deserved weekend.
>One of the people close to you begins to collapse in pain. Your first reaction is to try and go get help, but a quick glance also shows you dozens of people also writhing in agony.
>Strange theories quickly pass through your mind, but you're jolted back as the crowd's confused gasps turn into a sea of screams.
>You're seeing people transform into technicolor cartoon horses, leaving an equal amount of people horrified.
>You rush out of the station, pushing as much people away among the cacophony of noise.
>Masses of people and ponies in tattered clothes clutter the streets, confused and horrified. Several cars crushed and slammed through every wall and surface, the result of unfortunate drivers who became unable to operate their vehicles with hooves.
>You try to go on your phone for any information you could muster.
>No signal. The network is collapsed from the amount of traffic.
>Trying to use the radio app is of little recourse either.
>Confused reporters in a handful of stations were just as puzzled as you, other stations were running playlists of unoffensive muzak, and most of them were dead air. The silence felt deafening among the noise around you.
>You're entering into panic as you're unable to comprehend the bizarre nightmare playing in front of you.
>You didn't pay attention to the planes that were falling from the sky.
File: _.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1693)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
How unspeakably cruel.
>You bought a lot of pon-e
>sometimes it was legit, sometimes it was slightly off
>And sometimes it doesn't seem to work
>after waiting over an hour you're sure you just bought some empty capsules
>ripped off, you go to the store to buy some alcohol and drink your night away in disappointment
>Of course, you're walking down the aisle at the store when you feel it kick in
>like you just got gut punched
>people stop what they're doing to look at you
>what happened? Are you having a seizure?
>people shouting for help, they crowd around you to figure out what's wrong
>try to stand up and flee but you topple back to the ground
>your clothes are too baggy, your shoes fall off
>someone sees your forming hoof and screams
>the crowd gathered around you is staring: in wonder, in horror, in shock
>your digits begin slipping away, your hands elongating into horrible psuedo-hooves
>everyone is watching you lose your humanity, becoming an animal
>tying to crawl away from the forming crowd but your limbs slip in size and you feel your hips swell with muscle and fat
>your pants are dragging behind you, slipping away from your disappearing ankles
>"look at its ears!"
>you just about get back onto two legs when you feel your spine pull and you collapse back onto the floor with a loud thud
>you can't stand, only on four malformed limbs
>"don't let it touch you!"
>everyone stays away from you and the monster you're becoming
>they see the fur and think you're infectious to the touch
>you feel your shrinking body yanking itself into two directions:
>Like your jaw is trying to rip itself from your face
>And your spine is trying to escape down your pelvis
>you black out from the pain at the grocery store
>you wake up restrained!
>"There there, little pony. Don't panic, cutie."
>You're swaddled in a blanket and being held.
>You look up at your captor
>It's a sweet woman a little older than you
"You'll be okay, girl."
>You recognize this person now, she saw it all
>Your pants sliding off your shrinking body
>your hips fill out and your marehood forming right in front of her eyes
"Oh god I''m in so much trouble. I didn't mean to turn into a horse!"
>"Oh I know you're a pone. A cute one too."
"I'm sorry! I need to go! Where are my clothes??"
>You're in some small office, the manager's office?
>"Sssh. Sssh. You've been through so much. It's okay, you're not in trouble, little mare."
>Feel her petting your back, your coat is so smooth
>Feel your ears swiveling in alertness
>She sees your wide-eyed expression as you feel your ears and mane and your muzzle
>She boops you right on the muzzle you were looking at
>Looking up at her
"I... how did this happen? I need to change back..."
>"Why would you want to do that? You're such a cutie now."
>her fingers find themselves in your mane
>Oh gawd, right behind the ears feels so tender, those fingers are heavenly
>It's like she's working the worry right out through the top of your head
>...maybe you'll stay a little longer.
File: %22.jpg (42 KB, 250x245)
42 KB
File: cloud angel scootaloo.gif (730 KB, 463x463)
730 KB
730 KB GIF
Every pony pic is a TF pic if you believe hard enough~.
Sure! Just send me your address and I'll be seeing you soon.
>Wake up as a pony
>Still in your old life
>Everyone remembers you always being a pony
>No physical proof you were ever human
>...guess you got to still go to work?
>Work has pony accommodations for you
>This is... acceptable!
>Try to find others in your situation on the Internet
>There are other ponies but only RPing about turning into them
>everyone else only remembers always being ponies and ponies always being around
>Weeks pass, it's frightening how quick you get used to it
>Overall though, you're a bit more happy, after all: you're a pony!
>One day you meet another pony in person
>Interrogate them
>They have no idea what the fuck you're talking about
>You start to wonder if you were just... always a pony??
Shared feeling
Even more so when it's a an image that goes with a story from this thread.
File: thdiu.jpg (119 KB, 912x1024)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
That's basically what Silver Glow does in one of the stories I linked.
>Air travel and airports are canon within MLP:FiM.
No they're not. One cutaway gag during a Discord song (basically the only Discord song?) showed a security checkpoint, but no planes, and ponies would not have any use for aircraft more advanced than a hot-air balloon or pedalcopter, so it's unlikely they'd ever invent and industrialize such a thing.

Unless you have other evidence I'm not aware of?
See “Once Upon a Zeppelin”.
That's a big airship, related to a blimp, not an airplane or a jet. Much slower and not as much of a hazard for pegasi, like human-built planes would be.
File: cum.png (539 KB, 3032x1928)
539 KB
539 KB PNG
File: _.png (748 KB, 2388x1668)
748 KB
748 KB PNG
File: _.jpg (316 KB, 1280x1829)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
File: oae.png (1.21 MB, 3453x1668)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
holly a shit
File: eq.png (498 KB, 2388x1668)
498 KB
498 KB PNG
Needs to stop drawing ugly fucking goblins and get back to ponies
Added to the story archive.
This isn’t even TF. Mods 404 this thread
Yes it is. You didn't look closely enough at the title of the book.
I was looking for a specific TF story I once saw on FimFiction. I wasn't able to find it, but I know sometimes artists nuke their stuff, so I went onto FimFetch. And... something's changed since I last went there. You used to be able to search for specific sentences in a story, so the one I'm looking for had rubber TFs. I would have been able to use keys like "New rubber tail" or "shiny skin" or "plastic hooves". But I've been doing testing and it now looks like FimFetch no longer searches the story. It doesn't even return hits for the description. It only checks titles. When did this happen? It makes it almost useless for searching for specific content.

There are dozens of old TF stories that I remember browsing, but didn't bookmark properly. I'm so used to browsing for them via search engine it was never necessary to actual organize them (to say nothing of saving them for offline use). Is there an alternative out there to FimFetch that isn't... crippled?
You think all ponies are Equestrians? Fucking statist.
>Getting used to being a mare in Equestria
>You catch yourself eyeballing stallions on occasion, especially when they unsheathe in public
>They're massive
>But your mare friend is super cute and you had no idea she was into mares until she asked you out
>Barely make it home before she pushes you over onto your living room rug
>She kisses your muzzle, then your neck and leaves a trail of kisses all the way down your tummy to the sweet spot
>That little pony tongue is magical
>She definitely knows what she's doing
>Never felt this hot or horny before
>You keep moaning her name and awkwardly thanking her
>Eventually she lets up, a sheen of your juices on her muzzle
>Worried you fucked up
>See there's a glimmer in her eye before she turns around
>She lifts her tail up and plops her soaking wet marehood right onto your muzzle
>"Put that mouth to good use~"
>She says before she goes lapping like crazy at your clit and bits again
How small can a pony reasonably be?
Please expand and continue
Isn’t a pony less than 4 hands tall?
You can download fimarchive and do a full text search yourself there.
I'm intrigued so I might just do that later.
File: _.png (712 KB, 923x738)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
File: prettygay.png (88 KB, 621x338)
88 KB
File: 1528322933232.png (178 KB, 369x539)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
I absolutely do yes
File: Illustration413.png (2.92 MB, 2420x4160)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB PNG
File: _.png (332 KB, 1600x1200)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
That should work, especially since there are old archives that should (in theory) contain stories pre-nuking. Thanks!
If you do get around to it before I do then do let me know what the story was
We seem to share similar interests and I'm quite familiar with the pain of having 90% of relevant artists be furfags that almost exclusively draw anthro instead of pony, but I say this for your own good: delete this
File: _.gif (1.77 MB, 1000x1000)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB GIF
>>Some cyborg is trying to save his girlfriend from a psychic Russian guy.
Hardcore Henry? Another mute protagonist. Nice touch.

>He left you a few pet toys that must've belonged to a dog at some point based on the bite marks
I'd be almost insulted.
What if the Russian guy was Hitch Trailblazer?
Who's voicing that character?
That's deep.
I'll go along with her plan.
That's so weird.
Why do I feel like you would orgasm every step?
i love this person's art, it always seems like an LSD trip
>You barely manage to gallop onto an empty bathroom stall as you feel the changes overcome you once more.
>God, every time it happens it doesn't get any easier. The sounds and sensations of your bones popping makes you squeamish.
>You take a quick look of your surroundings, making sure the coast is clear before approaching the mirror dreading to see what changed for good this time.
>Your ears have migrated to the top of your head, permanently stuck in an equine form and partially coated in the same strawberry color as the patches of fur on your chest.
>It's going to be a hassle covering that one.
>But more importantly, How the fuck do you get out of here without any clothes?
File: supporthorse.png (39 KB, 1420x1080)
39 KB
That's pleasant, even if it is just a dream.
>Become mare
>Test out new body
>Woah, did you just...
>Wink again, as hard as you can.
>"Yes!" you shout as you quiver in place.
>Continue winking furiously.
>You cum moments later.
>You are a strong independent mare that doesn't need no stallion!

>Anonfilly learns how to wink-cum.
>Does it constantly, everywhere.
>Mellows out massively and isn't such a spaz anymore.
>Other ponies notice her new personality and congratulate her on being a mare now instead of acting like a stallion. They know what changed, they tell her by closing one eye.
>Wait a minute...
>Is this why stallions aren't reliable and mares are in charge of everything?
Why? What's wrong with it?
>Get tfed into a stallion
>All the /ptfg/ mares start screeching
>qt3.14 native mares start mirin'
Good day all around
Congratulations on your successful upload [User name data corrupted]! Seeing as this is your first
successful boot sequence since [December 31st, 1969], we here at Hassenfield Brothers Robotics and Artificial Intelligence have opted to get you used to your new mechanised Pony body!

As a Pegasus class frame, You'll take to the clouds and bring pony based robotics up to the heavens! The sky's the limit for you, [Local Unit Designation Not Set]!
What if the /ptfg/ mares start mirin?
Mares be mirin' you, bro. Don't matter whether they were before they became mares. It's a win, champ
>all those mares staring.
>tfw s1 fluttershy tier social anxiety and also a sperg on top of that.
Haha i'm going to die, hope i get my preference of being a bat so theres less ponies to deal with.
Bats are exotic and exciting to mares

Ok but seriously if I get to be a mare and there's a fellow anon who's become a stallion, I'm gonna be an utter faggot and do my best to help you get over your post-tf sperginess and adjust to being an outgoing stallion, if you let me suck yuur horsecock.
FUCK you're right i forgot about that, i'm going to need to hide in the shadows all the time and maybe wear an edgy cloak, do you think theres a Hot Trotic in equestria?

Bro that seems pretty gay, you gotta be more careful when talking about sucking horsecock or it might get a little homoerotic.
>Bro that seems pretty gay, you gotta be more careful when talking about sucking horsecock or it might get a little homoerotic.
It's ok, I'm talking about sucking horsecock as a mare, that's completely straight.
File: lol.png (86 KB, 574x560)
86 KB
Is that why you're a smooth as a barbie doll down there?
shittiest post in this tranny thread by far
File: Cloud present.png (225 KB, 1024x1024)
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225 KB PNG
That's a great idea, but what happens if you fall asleep in a comfy cloud and you get swept up by accident?
>implying wingchad mares don't exist
File: Cloud.png (188 KB, 933x1024)
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188 KB PNG
>One variant of courtship ritual amongst winged poners is a game of cloud and seek, where prospective partners show off their evasion, cloud control and flight capabilities.
>tfw you're just shy because you're new to this "Being a pony" thing and accidently make yourself look 10/10
That sounds very cute and funny.
Though you can't be that good at hiding if you get a reputation for it.
File: Beep Beep.png (903 KB, 2000x2000)
903 KB
903 KB PNG
>Fall asleep in a cloud because they're comfy and you're a bat in the middle of the day.
>Get startled awake when a pony moves it and finds you by accident, your shyness making you haul ass to another one.
>Half-awake panic makes you fly harder and faster than most and the combination of suprising them means they almost immediately lose you.
>Feel tired afterwards and decide to rest a bit inside your new cloud.
>Get startled awake when another pony finds you.
Repeat a few times and soon enough you have a story about the uncatchable bat who's waiting for the right mare to find and catch him.
Which turns out to be Derpy, who just straight up falls on top of him by accident, spraining each others wing as they flail together in a tangle, having to go to the hospital together and striking up a friendship (And possibly the start of something more) along the way.
New thread!

New new thread!

New thread without discord link:
(Remember to report and sage discordfags)
We've used the same OP template for years, there was no reason to change it.
>(Remember to report and sage discordfags)

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