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Wholesome Dad Day Edition

Previous thread: >>36975616

General Pastebin: https://ponepaste.org/541

General Archive: https://ponepaste.org/1318
nice pedopic
Yeah I like it too!
post updates
Anon’s just really tall
this but unironically
File: silvermom.png (163 KB, 660x660)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
>"He's myyy nephew, don't I get a turn to take care of him?"
>'Diamond, you just took him on an island vacation for his graduation from middle school. Where I'm *sure* you took care of him plenty.'
>"..I just want a chance to-"
>'I've deferred to you on a lot throughout our time together, haven't I?'
>'Motherhood is mine, Di, sorry.'
>'Anonymous, son? I'm coming in with some food and when you're done I'll run us a bath.'
>the last post of the previous thread
So is this all shitty anon self inserted as a relative and shitty OCs or do you have some actual canoncest too?
Nah we're purposely not making any content you like, how we doing?
I have no idea, I need to have a proper look first. I'll leave and go back to Canterslut if all you have is garbage.
Yeah pretty nice pic indeed. We need more little sister content
Good, go back, bet your unironic ERP bros are missing you over there
Found some stories from old threads that weren't archived. Feel free to take a look.

mostly anon. i would appreciate more canon myself but that's very limiting due to the rampant 21st century casual misandry inherent to the show.
I would also appreciate OCs being involved, which is almost never. especially Floor Bored, I want to incest her so hard.
Just have Shining Dom his family members like any reasonable person does
shining x lewdolescent flurry is definitely good if you play it up like she has a huge Chibiusa-tier dadcrush on him..
shining x twilight writes itself..
and of course cake twins is great but we dont know what their personalities will be when they are no longer babies, and personalities matter most. personally I want to see them stay with their Grunkle Stampede up in the Horsific Horsewest.
> I ain’t even did nothing!
Oh god, the small Adagio in glasses is so cute. I just want to hug her.
I was going to point out his mother, then I remembered 'Twilight' encapsulates both of them.

There is also princest to be had, and piecest and applecest and Sunburst fucking that most glorious piece of milfiness that birthed him.
And Apllecest, Piecest, and Sunburst with his glorious milf.
Thought jannies had deleted my other message because it wasn't loading, God knows why.
There's some weird shit going on lately with stray posts not showing up, might be caused by 4chanx. Try forcing it to update.
In the spirit of the Father's day theme, a prompt I remember

>Daughter Moondancer being a shut in
>Dad wants her to go out and be independent
>Without realizing she wants to stay for him and already tries to play a wife like role with him
yes, this expands dong.
All the wonderful fathers already in mlp and you just have to propose some self insert. Disgusting.
do you know where and when was this one written?
Thanks for the daily delivery of tears.

written a year ago, any chance of seeing a continuation from Peaches?
Almost none. You can pick it up if you like.
File: ladh.png (452 KB, 785x1024)
452 KB
452 KB PNG
>gamer aunt luna
>can't be assed to put on clothes
>wears hoodies and long shirts with no underwear
K I did this part someone else do all the wording stuff
That part's been done already!
and we got the beginning of a green about it, she was intensely clingy and anon was living as basically her sex pet
File: 1561850499152 sunset.png (334 KB, 900x600)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
>No cute little sister who steals your old, beat-up t-shirts and wears them like nightgowns, usually with nothing underneath
hnngg her smiling face beaming up at you from your lap every time you sit down, she's there.
>Right Time Monthly: The publication for gentlemen with an oedipus complex
Birthday ideas: Remember, she's always turning 21 again
>We also cover balancing out the mother-son dynamic with the man-woman dynamic
>You'll always be her child, show her you're her man too
>oedipus complex
honestly, oedipus complex is a terrible name, like wtf just read the story

"Oedipus solved the riddle, and the Sphinx killed herself. In reward, he received the throne of Thebes and the hand of the widowed queen, his mother, Jocasta. They had four children: Eteocles, Polyneices, Antigone, and Ismene. Later, when the truth became known, Jocasta committed suicide, and Oedipus (according to another version), after blinding himself, went into exile, accompanied by Antigone and Ismene, leaving his brother-in-law Creon as regent."
from: https://www.britannica.com/topic/Oedipus-Greek-mythology

where's the incestuous love?
It's just like calling native americans indians
it fucking triggers me
Freud was a dumbass, yes, this is well documented and accepted. He was nevertheless historically significant and influential, and like it or not the name has stuck.
File: 1620781130918.png (336 KB, 1082x1024)
336 KB
336 KB PNG
I don't make the fucking rules or the gorillion year old greek myths, dude
File: 389967.png (380 KB, 650x800)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
Oh no Hercunonymous, looks like your final 'labor' is to marry and impregnate your mom
File: 3e1.jpg (33 KB, 769x409)
33 KB
>After conquering your demi-goddess mother your elder god horsemom flies down from Mt. Equestrius
>"..You didn't think it'd be that easy, did you?"
>Anon has to impregnate the physical embodiment of the universe in order to spawn a new generation of gods
that'd be pretty par for the course for Greek mythology, actually
just because oedipus wasn't cool with his oedipus complex doesn't mean it wasn't one.
it's more like genetic sexual attraction, unexpected first meeting as adults between closely related individuals
oedipus complex only applies if you already know who your mother and/or father is

but I mean, this is all pseudoscience so kinda useless arguing about the strict meaning
Actually, there's a different name when it's the daughter wanting to fuck the father, based on a different Greek myth. Elektra or some shit like that.
freud was a moron but he was accurate in saying like, the shit you obsess over as part of your childhood development (being urged not to shit yourself with value being attached, etc) does stick with you, and that people get a special attachment to opposite sex parents that can also reflect their earliest developing sexuality.
that's the one
and when you find out you stab yourself in the eyes with sai instead
the and/or in my comment was related to the second part of oedipus complex as it also involves unconsciously competing with the other parent but that's right, girls have the electra complex and surprisingly this theory is not only not from Freud but Freud didn't accept the term

Freud had some hot fantasies and wrote a few science papers about it, and to back it up he mixed in some actual science to make it legit
your fantasies are legit even if you're only one guy. just saying. dude had lots of problems but it does no good to misrepresent what those are.
thaat one.. is less common but does happen. I think more often you get the 'the other parent isn't treating my favored one right, I want to replace that role in his/her life'
I forgot how how hot casual nudity + bottomless was.
we reallly need more 'sister comes into your room in her towel every time she showers' art/stories. it's so clear in my head how it would go..
Can't blame if no one want to be in this thread. It's filled with a lot of pedo shit, we should put in the OP that every character in a green or pics should be +18 to be here.
Zephyr had it lucky.
>we should put in the OP that every character in a green or pics should be +18 to be here
And kill the thread like that?
why would you reply to a post like that?
when you see a grannyfucker reeing, you just hide the post. these people need to stop getting attention.
>thinking removing the only active people would magically save the thread
>thinking writefags are scared away by the pedo stuff and not by the fact that the 'incest relationships' thread is just a shit anon self insert humanised thread instead of being about actual incest
>just hide the post
Hiding posts is for weak little bitches who can't stomach seeing the whole truth.
pls delet
I don't like this comment
> You want to Jam my clam? I’m not stupid anonymous I know what that means and I’m telling mom
>you want her to join? I don't mind
>washing your dishes is for weak little bitches who can't stomach eating the entire garbage can
it's more like taking the effort to not pass through the meat section as a vegan
not defending the guy, you just didn't use an accurate analogy imo
okay but my original point still stands using your better metaphor. a vegan has no business going to the meat section and yelling at the meat

also given the subject at hand, it would make more sense reversed. a normal person scowling at the vegan section. which I do, every time. and i would just hide that section if I could. I mean I literally can't stand going to the hippie store, I swear for people who constantly talk about 'triggers' they sure raise my ire with every sign on every surface of the place. telling you not to use pronouns with their employees.. fucking joint has rotten food anyway.
>every sign on every surface of the place. telling you not to use pronouns with their employees
holy shit, wtf
thank god I live nowhere close to places and people like that
>I could hide that section if I could
Weak. Imagine being unable to exist. Imagine being triggered this hard. Imagine needing your hugbox irl. Weak.
File: hot curry mom.png (465 KB, 695x900)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
>Mmm..please my son, do the needful to mother~
The worst part is these people think they're so special for having unisex bathrooms and have to virtue signal it on the door with their 'gender neutral' neologism.
unisex bathrooms have always been around, you just put the man and woman symbol on them. and the little guy in a wheelchair too while you're at it. Nobody should give a fuck who's around when they pee. maybe if we got more up close and personal with natural processes we wouldn't have so many people trying to violate nature.
it's hard going through over 3 decades of life and never being allowed to voice your opinion while the opposition always is, and still claims oppression on their part. The people who whine about triggers while they literally upheave society are the little bitches. This is legitimate sociological isolation and ostracization.
>This is legitimate sociological isolation and ostracization
I'm not legally allowed to marry. Tell me about how oppressed having to see the vegan isle at the store makes you.
> What? Of course I sleep with my son. I’m his mother, why shouldn’t I. He gets so scared at night when it rains~
File: full.gif (61 KB, 600x600)
61 KB
What are the chances that Rambler will return?
I still pour out a 40oz for jeff now and then
Don't know, but god I hope he does.
Remember to give your mommies a good morning kiss!
Always do. Her and grandma are the only women who love me.
File: 2038838.png (791 KB, 848x1200)
791 KB
791 KB PNG
Oh, no! Your little sister is going through a goth phase! What are you going to do about this?
File: 1622227888461.png (159 KB, 945x945)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
>I'm not legally allowed to marry
I must have gotten the wrong thread. I was told there would be incest here, but I don't see any.
We have sporadic writers and one faggot who always makes sure to tell us what he wants to see but never does anything about it, enjoy your stay
Fucking his daughters?
Two or three writers are long gone, and every other writer is an attention whore waiting for someone to say they miss them before coming back, but they're too pussy to samefag.
what the fuck country are you from? i guarantee you have a better shot of getting married than a guy like me with viewpoints that mean i literally can't have a job
>viewpoints that mean i literally can't have a job
Just keep your mouth shut.
i can't keep my mouth shut around the dangerously insane. That's a hostile work environment. If you don't sit through their passive-aggressive little meetings about protected classes that get special treatment, you're fired. I got in trouble just for questioning having those meetings.
Find a different job then.
I did!
Good talk, Anon.
Good. Now make rainbows out of yourself.
I will do no such thing. the only colors that come outta me are red, white, yellow, and brown. and once in a while green, but that's not a desirable state.
>no blue
Wow, kinda worthless. Do we use this one for the battery?
i don't know
>When your mom is an extremely adorable and very thicc gamer
Can you repeat the question
You're not the boss of me, now!
File: Gilda 1529659269216.png (690 KB, 1400x1154)
690 KB
690 KB PNG
>"I am while you're living under MY roof, eating MY food and sleeping in MY bed, rent-free mind you, little nephew."
>Living with your aunt
>She brings up living under her roof and eating her food and stuff like that
>You expect it to shift to pushing you to get a job and pay rent
>Instead she rips off your clothes
>She expects you to pay for letting you stay an entirely different way than money
I'd show up on her stream, look right at the camera, kiss her on the lips and tell her thank you for all the stuff she buys me with her simp bux.
>"Hands up, hottie!"
>'No funny business now, Cousin..'
Sugar's pedo stuff is so hot. Way hotter than Sundown's.
cause sundown is shit
Let it die.
no u
I like girls that are a bit more bottom-heavy as much as the next guy, but his shit is just grotesque
This is really fucked up onii. Dad and daughter incest is the norm here but those are children. We’re not pedophiles man. I can’t participate in this thread guys. The inference is too obvious. I’ll drop my marble green next thread hopefully
I was hoping the title would be enough to dissuade people from making comments like that and that they'd see past the surface, but I guess I thought too highly of you guys.
In hindsight, I should have just looked for a better image on derpibooru.
It’s okay onii. You’ve fucked up on the past when making threads. No reason to change now
there is no better image. they are the perfect age. don't let people shame them for being young
Who would be the best incestuous stalker girlfriend?
Your mom
Loli is based, the problem are the greenskins.
Do you mean the "watches you while you sleep" kind of stalker, or the "cheeki breeki" kind of stalker?
Nah you're fine dude don't trip
flutts maybe. twilight or twilight's nerd friend. maaauuud
Definitely Flutters or Maud.
File: 1180345.jpg (612 KB, 2480x3418)
612 KB
612 KB JPG
>Anon tries to start an alternative rock band
>His Aunt won't have it, thinks it's low class trash
>Anon has to sneak out at night to go practice with his band
>Eventually gets discovered by his cousin Diamond Tiara
>Begs her not to say anything to her mother
>Promises to do anything to get her to stay silent
"Anything? Oh dear Anon, there is something I had in mind that only you can do... "
I'm confused, do I have to sexually please Diamond Tiara or her mom or both
File: those fics.gif (723 KB, 800x450)
723 KB
723 KB GIF
>"..'This brave new life we've began together. Where my son satisfies my female instincts and my pride as a parent.'.."
>"'He isn't afraid to say how he feels and is impetuous to the point where I wondered 'where'd he learn *that*?'.."
>"'Such a man already. I'm so-'"
>'Good morning, Principal Celestia!'
>"-*AHEM* Y-Yes, to you as well, Twilight..I'm getting drilled-, I mean, I'm hammering out your schedule changes right now, heh."
Watches you while you sleep, takes things like underwear, and has no respect for your privacy. That kind of stuff.
the correct answer to both of those could easily be Trixie
>Sister Trixie
>Constantly kept you close to her and made you be her assistant with her magic acts
>Parents divorce and you're separated
>Trixie missing you and her wanting to rebel against mom forbidding her from interacting with you combine to take her up to stalker levels of obsession with her brother
>Sneaks out at night to break into his room
>Steals things that smell like him and watches him sleep
>Spends every moment with him that she actually can
>All that good stuff
Yeah, next time try to not pander the pedophiles. You really fucked up this time
I don't know why I like this so much. I've never been that fond of Trixie but just imagining her as this vulnerable, rebellious girl is very cute
What're you going to do, fag, cancel the thread
>After NMM is purified by the elements she reverts to a her much younger self
>She's the same age as her nephew Anon
>"Mom, d-didn't you say you acclimated Aunt Luna to like..the current year and stuff?"
>'Oh Anonymous, her manner of speech may still be a bit antiquated but she'll catch up in time.'
>"That's not what I meant.."
>mom/sister/aunt finds your chinese nudie comics
>decides to try some of the lines out on you
>"D-Does Anonymous-kun's naughty penis need to be tamed by m-my obscene pussy?"
>I guess I thought too highly of you guys.
Oh don't be an ass just because of one samefag.
Nobody that actually spends time here gives a fuck, if not actively enjoys it.
You ought to know that by now, so don't pretend you don't know where you are and that we don't love it.
i dunno about you but my chinese nudie comics don't use that goofy-ass talk. none of those ahegaos either. they say cute things like onii-chan and dokidoki
File: 97c.png (436 KB, 650x1120)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
Ok first of all Marble.
But second of all
>Moondancer is her normal neet self. Spending all her time in her room, doing classes online, and otherwise being an anti-social nerd.
>The only bright spot in her daily routine is spending inordinate amounts of time cyberstalking her little brother, Anon.
>They haven't talked much since their parents separated and even less since she moved out of the house, but despite her social anxiety keeping her from showing him often, Moondancer has always been quite fond of her big little brother, and thanks to technology, she was never truly away from him at all.
>The only thing that gets Moondancer's head out of her studies is her almost compulsive need to check all of her brother's social media accounts.
>She's even gone as far as to hack into his phone and computer to spy on him and would listen to him as she went about her day.
>The sounds of him chatting and making crude jokes with his friends fill her with vicarious joy.
>The sounds of him working out to his silly little anime songs, pumps her up for her own day of study.
>The sounds of his light snores put her own mind at ease and helps her to rest after a long evening.
>And on the chance that her name ever leaves his mouth, her heart would soar to the pinnacle of ecstasy.
>Her brother living his life, is better than any chill-hop mix she could find.
>It's the sweetest music to her ears.
>What she's not fond of, however, are all the little tramps that seem to cling to him like her soaked panties after her "me time" sessions.
>Why did Anon have to become so handsome as he got older?
>Back when he was a gangly geek, she could at least know that she could have him all to herself.
>Not that she wasn't incredibly happy he was doing well for himself.
>But it upset the girl to no end that he's been drawing in the attention of doxies like flies to an open soda.
>And as time goes on it seemed to be getting worse.
>He's even had a few girlfriends at this point, none of them serious, thank god, but still something that sent her into a deep depression.
>The agony of listening to HER Anon, become intimate with the braindead whores that use his body and heart without care was exquisite.
>The audio of the near-daily coupling would send her into spiraling dread as she masturbated to the sounds of her beloved pleasuring women that weren't herself.
>It was when Anon broke up with his latest high school floozy that Moondancer decided enough was enough.
>It was time for her to take matters into her own hands, and reclaim Anon's body and heart for herself once in for all!
>...but first she'd probably need a shower.
yes, yes, this expands the dong.
she gonna sneak a camera into his shower?
I don't know man, I haven't thought that far ahead.
I'm a long-winded idea man, not an actual writer.
Think of this as a springboard to do with whatever you want.
My only request is whoever takes over from here make sure to write about the glory of Moondancer's bush.
me too.
and me too. and pits too
File: E0jGf2PVkAsP5eB.jpg (162 KB, 1024x576)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
it's not like you'll get cancelled
as shitty as 4chan is, it's not cancerous
the OP is perfect, you even got salty (You)s
>Painfully innocent Fluttermom imitating anime without realizing stuff she's imitating would make her son awkwardly turned on by it
>Especially if she imitated his anime waifu and stumbled upon the anime waifu's best traits according to her son
Stop struggling. I wouldn’t have to keep doing this if you would learn
>Pander to the pedophiles
Onii is and has always been an open pedophile. This is a thread for him and his discord buddies
What a scumbag. I bet they've just left their filthy discord link lying around for ANYONE to join... would you happen to have that?
Maybe she's doing it on purpose 'cause she knows how you'll react.
Always a fun kind of scenario
>Sister does something she's not supposed to
>Gets fucked
>Decides to do it more because she wants to get fucked again

Isn’t that a futa picture?
Something chill and comfy
>Lethargic weekend afternoon with momma Tree Hugger
>Cuddling with her as she holds you close on the couch
>You could practically fall asleep
>In fact you might have already dozed off at least once
>Suddenly you're caught off guard by the feeling of lips pressed against yours
>You're pretty sure she just kissed you
>Not a quick casual kiss either
>A deep one
>The feeling lingering as she did it like she wasn't thinking
>A jolt sends you fully awake as she notices you tense up
>"Don't worry... Just relax."
>She tells you as she strokes your hair
>Maybe it was an accident or she did it while asleep in a nap
>You wind back down as you nuzzle into her soft body
>Yet a little while later it happens again
>Kissing you in a way that is passionate no matter how you look at it
"Moooom! What do you think you're doing?!"
>You ask at the first opportunity
>"Don't be so tense, my child. Just go with the flow."
>Now you know it's on purpose, and it makes you wonder where 'flow' is supposed to go
>If she even does have a plan for that
>It wouldn't surprise you if she didn't and is acting purely on impulse
When does the chill and comfy part start
well i liked it. 'my child' seems like more of something Zecora would say though. but maybe TH is drunk.
huh.. TH.. you don't think she's secretly the Thnikkaman do you?
I was thinking of her saying it the way a hippy would say it. I was considering something like star child, but decided on the short and simple 'my child'.
I would have thought it'd be like "my guy" or "child o' mine" or a leftover nickname like "little dude" that you don't particularly like ever since you were first taller than her but she says it anyway and messes up your hair..
'Child o' mine' sounds plenty like something she'd say.
>Though really the main idea is mainly lounging with a very laid back mom who casually turns up the heat with no real thought about what she's doing or why
It’s just a heavy handed way of saying “we’re related”. I think that’s what took me out of it
Maybe the whole comfy cuddling and casual lewd would work better with an aunt.
>Free wheeling aunt who didn't have to deal with the responsibility of child rearing seems more likely to act on lewd impulse without any regard for consequences or anything
Except Anon Knows when she’s being disingenuous

> Oh look I’m wearing provocative clothes~ what are you gonna do about that?
Nothing, Because I can tell when you’re just doing it for attention. Now I’m gonna lock you out of the house for the day.
> W-wait? You can’t lock me outside like this!
You want attention right? Well you’re about to get a lot of it.
> I’m sorry I’m sorry! I’ll be good I promise!
Fuck off and never come back moralnormalfag
You did fine, let the fucking Redditors leave. Place will be better for it.
>child o mine
>no grunge mom who can't stop making 90's songs references
>"Anonymous, careful, or you're gonna scrape your SHANANANANANA KNEEES KNEEEES."
>"Mwaaah..I..I don't wanna watch you bleed."
>it was in '87
wow that was written a lot later than I thought. guns n' roses fucking rules.
>you find the lyricality a little silly but the way she clenches the vag when you quote Bohemian Rhapsody to her makes it all worth it.
Yeah. So much better, struggling to stay off of pg 10. Stop being a enabling yes man faggot and call someone out on their fucking errors, loser
your judgmentality is a minor flaw, but your complete reversal of good and bad make it worse.
Are you slow? The fact Onii gave that response he did indicates he thought the problem we’re having now would come up, and used the image anyway. He’s either a troll or he’s a dumbass. Either way he clearly doesn’t give two shits about the thread to willingly open us up to more shitposting
You think there are only those two possibilities? I could think of five more without even trying.
I choose to believe his intent was to defy you, and see if he could minimize trouble while he was at it. Because that's what a sane person would do, and hopefully will do, until inevitably the moderation changes and we're driven out completely. So since you're going to win anyway, maybe just shut up and wait?
I really hope you’re trolling. That’s some of the most insane, unrealistic and unreasonable chain of logic I’ve been cursed to witness. Are you onii’s lover? That’s the only way I could rationalize it. In any this is my last (you) or maybe not. I don’t think you’re worth a proper acknowledgment at this point. I’ll do like the others and come back next thread and hope it’s not a fucking bullseye as the op image
wow, retards are really this mad about a cute picture?
I mean if it was a loli in a string two piece, it'd be almost reasonable
you're just fuming over an implication
if you're the man of the house now that dad's gone, do you get the fathers day treatment?
you know, all that good stuff like the honey-do list and clearing out the rain gutters?
> My sweet boy will you please put on some sunscreen. You don’t want to end up as your poor old mother do you?
Such a lovely day for a trip to the beach with dear old PonkaMom
What do you mean end up like y-
>These aren't gloves, darling
Surprised it's not a nude beach
maybe that's her undies and she's about to take them off too.. Ponk WOULD wear underwear. dumb broad.
Anon should help his potential cat-farmer aunt marble; she's too quiet
Wow you two…
what? don't tell me you think swimsuits or underwear are acceptable
>Lonely, adorable, and curvy aunt Marble
>Always ever so happy to see her nephew maybe a little too happy
Relax mother a little sun never hurt anyone
yeah, shut up kid
My idea of a good incest mom is one who’s soft and gentle, not a vapid slut is allx
so you don't like Ponk, that's fine. not sure how there's sluttery going on here but Ponka is definitely bicycular, so
Well going to a nude beach to show off her nude body to everyone there is primo sluttery. The proper ponk mom would only show it to (you) while trying to teach you about the birds and the bees in a fun way
>being comfortable with nudity means you're a vapid slut
cringe take
So you think a nude beach is a place where people go to show off, and that showing off is promiscuous
I feel like you're not familiar with either of those concepts, but maybe a different Pie mom would be more in line with this sort of muslim thinking
A prompt I thought of because aunt Marble
>Having no privacy Maud mom
>When Maud goes off on a long/way out there geology expedition she leaves her son with aunt Marble
>Marble loves it when her nephew is over
>She takes advantage of the fact that he's used to no privacy to stick very close to him and maybe get a little handsy
>Her nephew is getting older and she thinks girls are starting to notice him
>She she feels pressured to make a more serious move the next time he stays with her
>Going to a nude beach to show off your body to complete strangers and sexually arouse them isn’t sluttery! It just means she’s comfortable with nudity!
Not sure if autism or simple stupidity. Probably both, and if this what incest has been reduced to-a recolored canterslut thread- I can’t stay here. Enjoy it you brain dead, coomers
ohh it was a troll
very subtle, got me this time.
There's a lot of potential for amusing conflicts here, if like Marble is decidedly not of nearly such a free and open persuasion, but is aware that's their lifestyle and is all flustery about it and trying to act like it's fine, while anon is oblivious
>Oblivious Anon
>"..Man, Aunt Marble keeps wanting to take baths together.."
>"Ah well, I guess it wouldn't hurt, it's probably for water conservation anyway."
File: nervous.png (7 KB, 225x224)
7 KB
>and she thinks girls are starting to notice him
y-yea. what sort of loser would i be with zero female attention?
like, Maud bathes with him, so he thinks nothing of Marble doing the same.
But meanwhile Marble is like "Sh-should I wash your back?" and Anon's like "I can do it, but that sounds nice, thanks!" and then internally Marble is running down the list of parts she wants to wash, crosschecking against what she can bring herself to even say out loud, and what she thinks he'll be cool with, and...
Also something that could be funny
>Marble can get away with way more physical intimacy than she thinks she could
>Yet because Maud often doesn't express her feelings openly her nephew would think it's weird if she said something like "I love you"
>Even if she said it in a clearly innocent way
imagine being this much of a coomer that all you think of when you see pinkie is 'slut' why dont you fuck off back to the canterslut then?
You sound like someone that need a fic of the loli dazzlings draining their dad balls in celebration of Father's day
File: Dazzlings 1529772877111.jpg (558 KB, 1366x1651)
558 KB
558 KB JPG
>Fathers belong to their daughters
>Maud can read the situation clearly
>Asks her sister out to lunch one day
>"T-Thanks for the invite, Maud..Pinkie and Limey are always busy wi-"
>'Marble, do you want to have an intimate relationship with Anonymous?'
>'Also, when the waiter comes by could you ask for some sugar.'
File: 1619324582904.jpg (442 KB, 1280x1606)
442 KB
442 KB JPG
And now for something completely different.


> Your talks with Tempest after the incident weren't very fruitful. She was too embarrassed at the time to ask any questions of a personal nature. Primarily because of your accidental experience with her. You did get her to promise to apologize, but that was it.
> Later that night, you stood waiting along the sidewalk, patiently. Biding your time, you purchase a caffeinated drink from a machine to help build up energy.
> "There he is. What's good, man?" Thunderlane asks.
"Nothing. And you're late. Again."
> "If I'm late so much, I'd say I'm right on time. How's your back doing?"
> He attempts to slap your lower back, but you block it with your hand in a makeshift high-five.
"Fine. Thanks for asking. Now, are you ready to go?"
> "Can't sit still for one second, can you?"
"We have people waiting for us, and I know you all have other things you'd rather be doing. I feel the same way."
> The two of you start walking, but Thunderlane jumps ahead of you with a puzzled look on his face.
> "You've got places to be? First time I'm hearing it."
"What can I say. I've changed over the past few months; in more ways than one."
> "But you're still a bitch momma's boy."
"Least MY mother respects me?"
> He doesn't offer a retort, and his face grows more and more perplexed.
> "You don't seem that different. What do you got going on after this anyway? Another mission?"
"A date."
> "Wiiiiiith?"
"My girlfriend."
> Thunderlane's reaction made you think his head was going to explode when you said that.
> "Get the fuck outta here. What bitch would be desperate enough to bang you?"
> You always hated your interactions with Thunderlane. Most other gang members were smart enough not to talk down to you; because you outranked them. But since Thunderlane was your equal, he made it a point to show everybody what a stiff you were.
"A bitch smart enough not hang around street trash like you."
> "Where'd you meet her? At the hospital? Some old hag of a nurse jerk you off, even though you couldn't feel it?"
"I met her doing a job, and I saved her life. Now, she thinks I'm her guardian angel."
> The last thing you needed to tell him was that she was a joytoy. You'd never hear the end of it if he found out.
> "So, she's acting like a princess who thinks some knight in shining armor has come to sweep her off her feet? Boy, is she going to be disappointed."
"Still not as thick as you, Blunderlane."
> The two of you continue to bicker and quip at each other until you reach your destination.
File: cyberpunk-wallpaper.jpg (2.07 MB, 3840x2160)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB JPG

> When you get there, a small group of hustle awaited you in a back alley. Your objective for today, collect protection fees while investigating a shopping plaza for tampering or espionage.
> Your group roles out like a convoy and parks on the sidewalk when you arrive. Doing so gives you some cover in case of an ambush and is a show of force saying that you own the place.
> Any and all potential customers make themselves scarce when you showed up, making your job much easier.
"Fan out. You see anything suspicious; you holler, understood?"
> The men take up positions around the perimeter while you and Thunderlane begin the process of shaking down the store owners.
> He would do the talking while you scanned the stalls.
> A few stands in, one of the managers was bold enough to start talking back.
> "Why are you doing this? You're making it impossible to make your payments when you scare our customers away like that!"
> "We're not that scary. Besides, we're offering an essential service here. We came all this way to make sure you all were safe. The least you could do is show a little gratitude."
> "It's BECAUSE OF YOU that we AREN'T safe."
> Thunderlane kicks over a moveable table and looms over the distraught man.
> "That's a really mean thing to say. You hurt my feelings. And when my feelings get hurt, I lash out."
> Thunderlane takes a clothes rack and chucks it out onto the sidewalk.
> "I think you should apologize."
> "Thunderlane. Anon. We got trouble." One of your underlings communicates to you via phone.
"What is it?"
> "Someone called the badges, and they were stupid enough to show up."
"Keep them busy we're on our way. In the meantime, make sure no one leaves the area, we're not done yet."
> As it turns out, only a single patrol car was present at the entrance. One of the deputies was talking to one of your men, and the other was speaking into his radio at their vehicle.
> "What seems to be the problem, officers?" Thunderlane says casually.
> "We received a report of a public disturbance in this area, and all of you here are in violation of us conducting an investigation."
> "Well, somebody is lying to you. Besides, I'm a free man, blue. I pay my taxes. Which means I can go where I want. So why don't you go on your way and help some little old lady cross the street."
> "I'm your better civilian. And you will show me the respect I deserve."
> The two proud men approach each other with hostile intent. If you didn't step in, things were going to get nasty. You needed to defuse the situation and fast.
"THUNDERLANE!" You shout. Stopping him dead in his tracks.
"Stand down."
> "I don't take orders from you. Especially, those coming from-"
> As you step forward, you draw your pistol and aim right between his eyes. Cutting him off before he could finish his sentence.
> Everyone else also draws their weapons, but otherwise, don't say or do anything.

"You're lucky I don't blow you away for being the most despicable piece of shit alive. Now, finish up what we were doing, and I'll handle this."
> Reluctantly, he submits and makes his way back to the marketplace with one of your men.
"Sorry about that. My colleague is a dumbass and doesn't know how to properly talk to people."
> With both their iron still drawn, he answers you.
> "Regardless of what he said, you're all still interfering with the law."
"Do you know about the mysterious explosions that have been happening?"
> "How do you know about those?" The man asks, bewildered by the sudden change in topic.
"They're caused by nanomachines created by Militech. We believe that the Storm Rulers are in league with them. Using the munitions on their enemies. That is why me and my 'friends' are patrolling the area for potential targets."
> "That doesn't..."
> "I still need to know-"
"No, you don't. Unless this is your first day, you should know how this works. You don't interfere with business, except when someone dies. Everything up until then is not your concern."
"Besides, you two are alone, and I don't want to have to kill you. And you don't want to have to fill out a bunch of paperwork. So let's leave at that and continue living our lives without all that hassle."
> "You got a name, son?"
> "Well, Anon. It's your lucky day. I'm going to let this little incident slide, but just this once. Don't make me regret it."
> He finally holsters his gun and turns to make his way back to his car.
"Have a good night, officers."
> As the two policemen enter the vehicle, you scan their faces to make note of who they were.
> Their ICE blocked you from getting their names, but you had their faces locked in.
> As you were doing so, you notice a strange liquid pooled around one of their tires. You were sure it wasn't there a minute ago, and there was too much it to be from the exhaust. Then, how did it get there? The fact that any water was present on the street baffled you even more.
> It hadn't rained in weeks, and you were nowhere near any sewage spouts to create runoff. That's when you thought you noticed it move.
> (BOOM)
> The car explodes with enough force to knock you off your feet. You cover your face as you are hurled towards the ground.
> Shrapnel digs into your clothes and skin, but nothing pierces your flesh.
> Quickly scrambling to your feet, you survey the area. As far as you could tell, no one was around, and no more of that substance was present.
File: QC1HaCy.jpg (281 KB, 1700x1000)
281 KB
281 KB JPG

> "What happened!?" Thunderlane yells while running onto the scene.
> "Motherfucker, did you kill those pigs!? I wanted to do that."
"No, but their backup won't know that, and when they get here, they won't be asking questions. We have to disperse."
> "You afraid of a few fuzz. I say, let'em come. We'll be waiting."
"Our job is to patrol and collect our cut, not get into shootouts with the law."
> "And I say, we show everyone here who owns this turf. And we do it loud and proud."
"That car exploded because our enemies are nearby. If we cause a scene, we'll be like fish in a barrel."
> "Is this what you do every time something happens? Turn tail and run home? Because a REAL Black Shadow stands and fights when trouble comes knocking. So you're either with us or against us."
> You look around, and everyone else seems to be siding with Thunderlane. Not that you're surprised.
"Fine, you do what you want, but I'm not going to be a part of it. Any last words to your brother before you go and get yourself killed?"
> "Yeah, don't be a bitch, like Anon."
"I'm sure that'll be some great comfort to him when they write that on your gravestone."
> And like that, you storm off.
> In the heat of the moment, you nearly forgot that someone had to be controlling those nanomachines. A Storm Ruler, most likely, but where?
> You weren't sure how far the range was on these things, but you figured that the operator had to be within line of sight to be effective.
> A netrunner could use surveillance cameras, but they'd have to hack into the city mainframe to see in real-time. Unless they were hooked up to a local terminal to avoid getting traced.
> You look up and don't see any cameras aside from the ones hanging from traffic lights, and those couldn't move.
> Meaning...
> (BOOM)
> As soon as you left the area, you hear the marketplace roar like a clap of thunder as the air erupts into a small mushroom cloud of flames.
> Overlooking a ledge, you survey the damage. The convoy was destroyed, and all that was left was the blown-out husks of their frames.
> Charred pieces of your squadmates littered the ground like overdone steak. You would have said a few words in their honor if you felt like they deserved it, but they didn't, so you don't.
> As you scour the wreckage, you notice a figure skulking in the shadows above you. Once you take notice of him, he darts up the fire escape like a frightened kitten.
> You give chase, but without your grappling hook, you decide to stay streetside. Following him to the more urban areas, he attempts to leap from one rooftop to the next.
> He misjudges the distance and slams face-first into the metal wall. You watch as he desperately tries to get back up, only to fail and begin ping-ponging down at least six stories.
File: 1618494974774.jpg (307 KB, 1280x999)
307 KB
307 KB JPG

> With your weapon drawn, you close in and prep for a close encounter, only to be disappointed when you reached him.
> A bloody smear on the ground oozed out from a part of his face that caved in during his fall, not to mention his neck was twisted much further than was possible.
> The bastard was dead, which meant you couldn't interrogate him for information. Hopefully, he was carrying something that could tell you where he was going and how he got those nanomachines.
> Holstering your gun, you prop him up and begin taking stock of his possessions. Aside from a few weapons, he wasn't holding anything that would give you a clue.
> That is until you pulled out a data shard from his neck. It looked a little worse for wear because of the fall, but you slot it in easily enough.
> Inside, it contained a list of locations. Storehouses, areas of interest along the borders of rival gangs, and a map of the sewage tunnels. Some of the data had been corrupted, but you could tell where he was going.
> A storage locker a couple blocks up the road, time to see if you hit paydirt.
> Scouting the area, you find no signs of traps or gangbangers to contend with. Only a single security camera overlooking the entrance.
> Taking no chances, you give Grubber a call for extra backup.
> "Yello?"
"Grubber, I need you to hack into the Kowalski Lockers on Judith and 12th."
> "Alright, might I ask why?"
"I think the Storm Rulers are using one of the lockers as an armory. Can you hack the mainframe and see if it's being monitored?"
> "Can do."
> You wait a minute as he does his thing before he offers a response.
> "Doesn't look like it, from what I can tell."
"Then, can you shut off the cameras while you're in there?"
> "Done."
> Wasting no time, you enter the building and locate the unit in question.
> "Say, how'd you find out about this place?"
"Picked it off the corpse of a guy who killed my squad."
> "Your squad? You mean the group you and Thunderlane were leading?"
"Yeah, they're all dead. The guy used nanomachines to do it. With any luck, I'll find some here and return the favor."
> You open the garage door and quickly close it behind you. When you flipped the lights on, you do a double-take to make sure you weren't hallucinating.
> Militech. The whole thing was filled with the stuff. Crates of all shapes and sizes filled the little metal box with everything you could imagine. You let out a short whistle of amazement.
> "What do ya got?"
"What don't I have? Rocket launchers, rifles, mines, armor, medical equipment, the whole nine yards."
> "Better get that stuff out of there quick. Who knows who will show up to take inventory. I'll send a team your way. In the meantime, you hang back and keep watch."
"I've got a better idea. You do that while I go give our neighbors a thank you present."
> "Kid, we've done this once before. Don't go looking for a fight you can't win."
"You worry too much. I'm older and wiser now."
File: 2633831.jpg (313 KB, 540x666)
313 KB
313 KB JPG

"Besides, I've got the perfect weapon now, and the perfect target."
> Grubber just sighs in resignation.
> "Why do I even bother."
"One last thing, I flicking you the detes I found earlier. See if you can rally the troops to these locations while I'm running my errands. If we're lucky, we'll put the Storm Rulers back on the defensive after tonight."
> "Wow. You really hit the jackpot, kid. If this map is accurate, I've got a lot of calls to make. I'll talk to you later."
> He hangs up, and you find a particular container in the corner with exactly what you were looking for.
> Grabbing what you can carry, you summon your car to your location and throw what you could carry into the trunk. Time for some payback.
> "Maelstrom Tower, this is Kathleen. How can I help you?"
"Yes, can you connect me to the Storm King?"
> "I'm sorry, Mr. King isn't taking any calls right now."
"This can't wait. Tell him it's an urgent message from his son."
> "Okay, one moment, please."
> You sit patiently in your car as you await a response.
> "Son! How's your back doing?"
"Fine, thanks for asking."
> "Good to hear. I look forward to breaking it again the next time we meet."
"Do you recall what you said to me back at The Arena? You said that the Black Shadows were nothing but a thorn in your side. An ant on the side of the road for you to step on when the mood struck you."
> "Yeah, I remember that. I still can-"
"No, you can't. Not anymore."
> "Someone's feeling even bigger in their britches now. You better watch yourself, or else I might just have to pay you a visit."
"In the flesh, or would you send more of your nanomachines after me."
> There's a slight pause as he doesn't offer a rebuttal.
"Yeah, I know about those. And I also know you're sucking off Militech to get them. I knew you were scum, but working for corporations is sad, even for you."
> "So you think you've got it all figured out, do you?"
"Enough to know how to take you down."
> "Man, how does someone of my genes end so stupid? I don't know how you learned about the nanomachines, but you're in over your head if you think you can stop me from acquiring and using them to my heart's content."
"And how would you use them? Like this?"
> You enter a command into your metal gauntlet and trigger an explosion that rocks Maelstrom Tower.
"That was the parkade, and by my estimates, should have weakened the structural integrity of your beloved skyscraper. Leaving it compromised."
"Which means you'll have to find somewhere else to perch your nest for the time being."
> "Now, you listen here-"
"No, YOU listen, you piece of worthless shit. Consider this an act of war. No longer will the Black Shadows be just 'a thorn in your side.' We are equals that will fight tooth and nail for every inch of this city."
"So keep that in mind the next time you decide to take that ugly mug on the streets because the brighter the light, the darker the shadow."
File: 1514664929919.jpg (1.22 MB, 3029x2171)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG

> Satisfied with your work, you hang up and get out of your car.
> With that done, you decide to look over what goodies you swiped.
> The rocket launcher was a nice score. With the conflict to come, you were going to need superior firepower.
> A bulletproof vest. Good for soldiers, but not for someone who relied on mobility during combat. You'd probably give it to one of your mother's captains.
> And lastly, a medkit. You weren't an expert in medicine, but even you could tell the stuff inside was insanely valuable.
> You rummage through the various vials and bandages and read a particularly interesting drug. You couldn't pronounce the name of it, but under the description, it was labeled a painkiller.
> Neuroblockers, said to dampen the signals the nervous system sends when under duress.
> Curious about its effects, you ingest one of the pills and wait. What you were expecting was not even close to what happened.
> A sudden tingling sensation reverberates through your whole body. The same type of feeling you'd get if it were to 'fall asleep.'
> The shallow pain from the injuries you gained earlier that night vanished. You tap your arm and almost don't feel it.
"Wow," is all you could say.
> Feeling confident in its impact, you begin to test your abilities by performing a series of acrobatic feats. Ones that you had been unable to manage with your back pain.
> And you were elated to find that none of them posed a significant challenge.
> You felt like a million eddies. Like you could take on the world and laugh in its face. As much as the thought excited you, you had another idea of how to spend your time.

> "Welcome back, good lookin. Here to see your girl?"
"Yep, she here?"
> "Sure is. Go on in."
> Thinking you'd find her downstairs, you were flabbergasted to see her working a pole.
> "Oh, hey, Anon. I know I said I'd give up working here, but Adagio said I have to work the floor until my new career takes off."
> Makes sense; however, that didn't concern you at the moment. Stepping onto the platform, you swing Sonata around into a romantic pose and makeout with her.
> She doesn't resist; in fact, she goes on the offensive. Snaking her tongue into your mouth, which you happily reciprocate.
> "That was nice and all, but I'm on the clock."
"Then we better put you to work."
> Picking her up, you jump off the stage and begin carrying her to one of the club's luxury suites.
> "Wow, Anon. I thought your back was bothering you."
"I got better, and I'm going to show you how much better."
> Sonata giggles playfully as you enter the plush living space. Prepared to give her a night she won't forget.
File: 1554119238305.jpg (94 KB, 800x800)
94 KB
There, a little something to maintain the illusion that we're still alive. Wanted to get this update out on Father's Day, but just couldn't swing it.

As always, feedback is appreciated.
File: BpPIrwTLZnw.jpg (36 KB, 300x300)
36 KB
>Struggling to stay off page 10
Yeah, that's definitely because of little girls in the op picture and not the fact that the last time anyone actually wrote and fucking incest green ITT was over a year ago
File: Spoiler Image (121 KB, 640x640)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
>officer I swear they're 12,000!
This count?
>"A-And this is the face I made when he said h-he wanted us to be closer.."
>"Quibble is dumb and gross and I only love you, daddy!"
File: 2057954.png (362 KB, 1000x800)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
Gee Bill, three wives?
>Stern but pent up Momma Celly
>Introverted and needy Luna aunt
>Air headed and attention craving sister
File: 1617143752371.png (185 KB, 608x679)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
>Why yes officer, you will find that they are indeed a mere 13 earth years old. However, more important is the fact that they are 2-dimensional, and therefore not real
Actual lolichads don't need to hide behind "muh 400 year old dragon" bullshit, we call it what it is and stand proud
You're literally posting the worst kind of incest. Pedophilia and father/daughter incest.
No wonder no one come here anymore, this general was suddenly invaded by pedophiles
We heard you say you're offended the first time. Either get over yourself or go back to twitter. We don't need the whole thread filled to the brim with broken record player level bitching about being triggered.
> Rarity I don’t think this is such a good idea.
> Nonsense darling. With your brother in the big house for the next year he needs a little something to get them through those, cold winter nights.
> But I’m his sister!
> Please, his bunk mate won’t know that. Besides, you owe him for taking the wrap for a little incident with the school lab blowing up.
> Then why don’t you do since you’re so concerned?!
> Not my brother, not my debt.
> Eww so youre saying you’d happily do this is Anon was your brother.
> Darling if he was MY brother and he did that for ME?. Let’s just say a picture isn’t going to be the only thing he gets especially once he’s out~
> I think you’ve been reading those European novels too much Rarity
Unf, fuck this is great.
hehe, super nice.
File: 2455031.png (1.6 MB, 1109x1187)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
>father/daughter incest
Get some taste please
>Third person encouraging incest
Yes, it's great when that happens. Sure it's not exactly realistic, but it's just for fun and I say the more purposely absurd it is the better.
yeah that's one of the best premises ever.
funny how often it's rara doing that.
I could also see Zecora filling that role.
>People go to her with a problem when they're desperate for a solution, and are willing to try out what she says even if it's out there
>spoiled milk it's a fucking bitch both with her daughter and her husband
This incest scenario between both look really possible and wholesome
Double feature of premises with Zecora encouraging mother/son incest

>Fluttermom is at wits end trying to help her son get a girlfriend
>Goes to Zecora for advice
>She's sure her son is the kindest and sweetest boy alive
>Talks Zecora's ear off until she can't take it anymore
>Perhaps half sarcastically suggests Fluttershy be his girlfriend if she thinks he's so wonderful
>Fluttermom takes it at face value

>Raramom is constantly tired and is sure she's sick with something
>Can't figure out what though and normal doctor's tell her she's not sick and just overworking herself
>Decides she'd rather go see Zecora for help because she's sure it's an illness
>Zecora diagnoses her and suggests drinking son cum as the cure
>Of course she wouldn't question Zecora on it given her track record
>If you think he is so top-shelf,
>Why don't you marry him yourself?
GOSH Zecora, that's a GREAT idea!

>It's plain to see the cure you need:
>Ingest your favorite offspring's seed.
If.. if you're sure, darling..
>About my craft, I never joke.
>Just relax your throat so you don't choke.
Then imagine either mom trying to explain Zecora's advice to her son and trying to get him to go along with it.
>Or maybe he's there and can react to the advice in real time
Nice work, man.

It's a luttle sad that Sonata won't be the center of the story someday, she's cute in her own way.
"Mom, what in the actual fuck?"
>"It sounded really convincing when it rhymed..."
>Zecora didn't score any for years and got her ears ringed off from her friends about their "perfect" sons
>Gets ass-mad and give them worse and ridiculous advices
>Which work
>Gets mad even more
>If all six of the mane six had sons and had this happen
Flutters and Rarity were the easiest to imagine a 'problem' and 'solution' for. Though I sure the rest could also have scenarios without too much trouble.
>Rainbow Dash
>Wants a new training regiment
>Vigorous sex with son suggested
>"No training is more rigorous than when lovers join, and no better training partner than the fruit of your on loin."

>Wants more kids but her husband left
>Son is mate now
>"What the father leaves undone, the son must continue until it is done."

>Pinkie Pie
>Wants an idea for a new ingredient to put in her sweets she bakes for herself
>How could it be anything but son's?
>"If you in need of an ultimate treat, then you must look to your son for such a feat."

>Opposite of Fluttershy
>Wants a romantic partner for herself who's like her son
>Gets told to actually date her son
>"If it is one like your son to pass your regiments, then only your son will fulfil your requirements."

Did some myself, and did my best to add some rhyming despite not being good at rhyming.
I approve of this
File: 1622744392087.png (272 KB, 578x476)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
>be on other board
>topic of incest is brought up
>hear stories about those who chanced it
It just never seems to work out though. Like, almost never.
That's why people find the idea of a functional incestuous relationship so attractive
Twilight's problem is "has a crush on her son"
Applejack's problem is "son keeps peeping on her"
It all comes to a head one night in the barn

> This ain’t right I’m your momma.
Ma I just can’t help it! When I look at you. I’ll see what I want in a wife and I can’t control myself anymore. I got ta have ya!
> Wait! Son! Put on a condom! If you gotta have me! I can’t get pregnant from ya please!
he pulls out a condom. Jackie smacks it outta his hand
>Condom? Ah didn't raise no sissy!
>no condom
must be why his Aunt Fritter has 8 kids
b r e e d i n h i p s
In fact
>Inb4 Applejack hates condoms, and only mentioned them initially cause she panicked in the heat of the moment before remembering how she really feels about them
>Also I just really like the idea of Applejack being told her son should take of the baby making mantle of his father
>Then jumping on that idea way too eagerly
>Like so eagerly you'd think she'd already been thinking about it and Zecora telling her it only gave her the push she needed to act on it
AJ exactly the kind of mom who would make some remark about condoms and then, when you get one, tease you. because she's hilarious
>Be AJ who has only one child, her son
>Wishes she'd had way more children except her husband left after her son was born
>Seeks advice from the most wise person she knows
>So she heads to Zecora's hut
>The tribal wise woman has seemed rather crabby as of late, but AJ hopes she'll still help
>Zecora looks up from her cauldron with a world weary expression
"I know it might be asking a lot, but can Y'all help me with something? I've always wanted more kids, but it's just so dang hard to find a good farming man these days."
>Zecora's expression goes from weary to angry
>Maybe it wasn't so good to ask her that when she's always been single
>If she knew the solution to this she probably would have done it herself
>After a moment Zecora takes a deep breath before calming down
>She really does have the patience of a saint
>"What the father leaves undone, the son must continue until it is done."
>You quickly thank her and leave while what she said was going through your head
>You felt too anxious to stay because on a sub-conscious level you already knew
>Making more children with your son
>He's a good looking and strong farming man
>A very fine one at that
>You've caught him peeping on you and watching you with lustful eyes
>You were too embarrassed to confront him about it
>Though thinking about it made you have impure thoughts of your own
>You'd shamefully already thought about what Zecora proposed
>Your heart races the more you think about it
>If Zecora said it then it's not so shamefull...
>Next time you catch him peeping on you you'll do it
>He's about to be on the hook for way more than he could have imagined
>If he complains he should have thought about that before peeping on his own mother
>Soon he'll have to face the consequences
>"What the father leaves undone, the son must continue until it is done."
you had a great rhyme brewing there, and you just didn't quite stick the landing. I'm gonna pretend you said "must be continued by the son" because you deserve a break
Also I realized after posting I messed up on perspective some near the start when I referred to AJ in the third person after establishing her as the viewpoint. I'm gonna blame unusually hot weather getting to my head.
>Be Anon
>Applejack's son who farms with his mom on her own apple farm
>After mom went on an unexplained trip she's been jumpy and weird
>A hard day of work passes and you notice mom is taking an outdoor bath
>As you often do you sneak closer to get a look
>She may be your mom but she's got a very firm and perfectly sized ass
>Forget bouncing a quarter off it, you're certain a horseshoe would bounce off that ass it's so firm
>Plus it's the only way or time you'd get a chance to see something of any woman
>Remembering she's been jumpy you approach extra carefully to avoid being caught
>Yet even doing your best the very moment a low thud from your foot echoes out she jumps out of the bath immediately
>Almost like there was a snake or a bomb in it
>Then while you were still trying to comprehend her reacting to such a small sound she hones in on you
>Fear like you'd never felt before fills you as she starts sprinting at you with such force it'd put the quarterback of your school's football team to shame
>You want to move but in all this your feet feel like they're anchored to the ground and won't move
>Mom tackles you and the world spins as you're taken to the ground
>Can't even breathe because the wind's been knocked out of you
>She starts wresting you and it's only now you remember she's naked
>When you start to breathe again you start wresting to get free
>You want to get away but it's no use
>It feels like when were a kid and she'd wrestle you into submission because you misbehaved
>You're much bigger now of course but it feels no different because your mom's a beast
"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I surrender!"
>You say hoping she'd let up
>You're sure you're in big trouble
>"I know y'all have been peeping on me!"
>She says accusing you and you know you're guilty
>"I'm sure I don't have to tell you, but you're in a world of trouble! However! You're not going to be punished in any way I'm sure you'd think!"
>She tightens a headlock on you while you get confused
>What could she mean by that?
>"I'm gonna make you take responsibility for your lust and put it to good use!"
>Uhhhhh what?
>"In place of your father, you're going to give me the children I didn't get to have when I should have!"
>Dear lord
>She can't be serious can she?
>"You've got a lot of lost time to make up for young man, and you'd better have some virile seed in those mom craving balls of yers!"
>You think she really might be serious
"What in tarnation ma! That's crazy! How am I supposed to get my own ma pregnant?! Do you even hear yourself?!"
>"Come now, we've talked about the birds and the bees! Plus, Zecora said it's the best way!"
>She pins you down harder to make sure you don't try to flee again
>"Besides, you should have thought about that before you peeped on me! A perverted man like you who looked at me that way has no right to complain!"
>Of course you didn't expect anything to come of taking a peak
>Much less going that far
For whatever reason I'm a little stuck trying to decide how exactly she's going to wring his cock out directly into her womb, but in the meantime... This
>Rarity mom and her thing
>She decides to try sucking him off while he's sleeping to get her 'medicine'
>Gets caught because he wakes up
>He cums in her mouth before he right away
>She somehow convinces him to let her do it more
>Rara mom starts to feel like he owes her a dinner date if she's sucking him off
>Then she starts to get jealous of other women being around him and before you know it she's acting like they're in an official relationship
Nah. The problem are the fucking greenskins. I'll be making a canon characters only inceet thread sometime so we don't have to deal with these idiots.
I think you're looking for fimfiction.
File: 1452956945689.png (476 KB, 1098x933)
476 KB
476 KB PNG
Poor zebra would be mad beyond any possible patience borders
>inb4 with one of them like the last one she tries to say she should get with their son
>Only for the mom to actually disregard that part and go incest too anyway
what do you mean 'only for' that suggests something different, but 'get with their son' = 'incest too anyway'
I mean Zecora being like 'if you want your son to be free, then he should do me.'. Trying to have one of these sons for herself. Then the mom is like, 'nah, I'm going to do my son.'
Oh the second 'she' was zecora. got it.
english sucks.
The day her bro gets out of prison
Though now that I think about it. I wonder which mane six son would be the most likely to be 'targeted' by Zecora? First to come to mind is Flutterson because he'd be seen as the pushover among the sons, but maybe Zecora would be more drawn to one of the others?
flutterson probably has one of the strongest wills since he has to make up for his mom, but he's still a good target because flutts is the least likely to fight back and keep him
When I imagine something like a son for any of the mane six usually I picture them sharing their mom's most notable personality traits. Maybe because that's how it often works in fiction, or maybe because that makes it simpler to try and imagine how each of their sons would handle situations.
>Also maybe Zecora would actually make at least an attempt with all of them

>With Flutters she could initially do the whole 'if you think he's so top shelf, when why don't you date him yourself' thing
>Then change her mind after realizing she could have said herself and kicking herself for not saying that after Flutters listens to her advice

>With Dash if her son needed help 'keeping up' with his mom's 'level of exercise' perhaps Zecora would offer her own help to catch him up to speed
>Doing the same kind of 'exercise' of course

>With AJ it could be AJ insisting it's just about breeding and not meant to be a committed relationship
>Then Zecora challenging it by saying if she really feels that way then she shouldn't mind Zecora dating him

As examples
must just be my relationships and examples from fiction but I seem to see sons filling in for moms' shortcomings, since no dads ever stay married or alive, and a woman needs a man to fix and complete her. A mom teaches you how not to be.
I guess you do have a point, though it could also depend on the mom. Like it's easy imagining a more serious and responsible Pinkie son because he had to go over the fine details she skims over and remember things she forgets to do. While on the other hand AJ's son would like be more like her or any other Apple since being raised on a farm by Apples really just molds you a specific way.
>Pinkie mom asks Zecora why her son nags her
>Zecora is annoyed and answers sarcastically
>"While I solve everyone's problems without getting paid, perhaps he needs to get paid."
>Pinkie perks up
"That makes perfect sense! I'll keep you posted!"
>She says before running off
>Zecora gets her hopes up thinking that means Pinkie will get him laid with her
>Then the 'update' comes
>She rode him till he was drained dry any time he tried to get her to do something she didn't want to, and it worked perfectly
*laid and not paid in the second part
Autocorrect is one of the worst things modern technology has to offer.
Yeah you're right, it would vary a lot. A Ponk son would at least know how to laugh, and a twilight son might be a ton like her. but then remember AJ tried moving away from home, so I wonder if her son would be like her by being not like her.. and then come back after a while.
but unlike a lot of garbage modern tech, it can be turned off.
Though in terms of not being like their mom it is fun imagining if Twilight's son was an athlete and Dash's son was a nerd.
that would go well with the semi-common (and I think already used in these threads?) framework about moms falling for each other's sons, only to find out they were switched at birth and they've been banging their own. a classic.
Yeah, didn't you do something like that with Chrysalis, Celestia, and their sons recently? Either way they wouldn't be in the same stories in this case.
>Just Twilight having a biological son who's more into sports even if he'd still be smarter than most jocks
>Perhaps like he more took after his uncle Shinning armor

>While Dash having a biological son where it's like you distilled her 'egghead' aspect of being super into Daring Doo almost exclusively into her kid
makes me think about what kind of guys they married :>
Hey, yeah

>Inb4 Twilight's son is an incest baby


>Dash's baby daddy is Quibble
>Enough said, at that point you don't need any special explanation about why they aren't still together
I may not support appledash but i sure as fuck don't accept dash with remy
I definitely don't support it as serious thing either. Though one hate fuck and done that leaves her with a kid is certainly one way for her to be a single mom.
>no little sister that shakes her cute little ass to her favorite songs (and she has a lot of favorite songs)
>"I like big butts and I cannot lie!"
"Silver, turn that shit down! Don't make me come up there!"

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