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File: 2622821.png (438 KB, 1280x1600)
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438 KB PNG
You forgot all the blocky shit that goes on the thread

Fallout Equestria, a story that bleeds two franchises together to build something magical. On one side, you have death, destruction, decay, and misery - on the other, you have ponies. Doesn't sound like it should mix? You'd be surprised. When the world around you is wasteland, all you're left with is hope, and as we all know, ponies can do spectacular things with just a little hope.
Previous thread: >>36990366

Read Fallout Equestria by Kkat to appreciate the setting that many writers have then lent upon after being so captivated by the wonders.

The original story which spawned its own fandom can be found here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/119190/

These next four stories comprise the rest of what is considered "the big 5", alongside the original. They were biggest hitters early in the fandom, be it for having started before many others, their length, or overall quality.

Project Horizons:

Pink Eyes:

Murky Number Seven:


Though, a reminder; just because these are the most well known, that isn't to say that there aren't other stories out there! There are many hidden gems that simply don't get the love they deserve purely because people don't give them the chance. Why not open your heart and try to find a new favorite? Anons are absolutely welcomed and encouraged to return with fic discussion of even the most obscure fics!

Fan games:

Fallout Equestria: Remains is a Fallout Equestria Rouge like. It is the best thing to come of the fandom recently. Seriously go play it https://foe-remains.gitlab.io/main_en.html

Balefire Blues is a Hearts of Iron IV mod. In it you take control over various FoE factions seeking to conquer the wasteland. steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2307988796

Ashes Town is a derivative of Pony Town in the Fallout Equestria universe.
Copypasted from the other thread. Because that other thread was made by a faggot.
Excellent, everything's back on track now.
Now where the fuck are you, you big, dumb, lovable bird?
bird brains are idiots.
If someone played Balefire Blues, please tell me how to win as the Enclave. The NCR keeps raping me to death
File: 1512126279277.jpg (78 KB, 587x618)
78 KB
Yes, she is.
I want Calamity to cum inside Pip
Truly the tragedy of our time.
that it didn't happen, yes.
paguina nueve
I want to Calamity inside Littlepip.
Don't overextend and make more babies.
True. The wasteland needs more foals.
babies are neat.
>The NCR keeps raping me to death
>government based off democracy
>it's headed from california of all places
The NCR really is the gayest faction in all of fallout.
It's an alternate timeline where McCarthy won, California was fucking based in the Fallout universe.
Don't forget they're led by a half blind griffon too.
I want to braid the raider mares hair
File: 1067113.png (341 KB, 800x800)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
She's begging for it.
File: 1599835674782.jpg (59 KB, 681x680)
59 KB
>that belly
>them thighs
>dos HIPS
where are my raider mares!
Are raider mares still fertile?
oh course they are, and even if they aren't they still deserve love.
Depends on how long they've been going with chems as a food replacement.
Some are, Some aren't. Wonder if Grisly is.
Making foals with a reformed rider mare
A terrifying beast!
Calamitypip is the true end boss.
no u all unicorns are by default faggots. Earth pony mares are built for dick unicorns are too small.
The X-47 Calamitypip: shows up, beats within an inch of death then disappears again.
File: 1622149355374.jpg (30 KB, 287x383)
30 KB
That's based as fuck.


>raider mares
this meme is really gaining speed.
this raider mare
m e m e
needs to die in a ditch.
People romanticize evil. Especially when it's reformed.
People wanna fuck a hot badass evil chick and hold her when she cries about all the evil shit she used to do. Let em' have it.
File: 1658083.png (694 KB, 1501x1203)
694 KB
694 KB PNG
best pony
File: poni lewd reee.gif (228 KB, 1000x1000)
228 KB
228 KB GIF
she needs to be fucked gently and tenderly. With lots of snoot to snoot booping and hoof holding action.
worst foe fic
Thank you for your vigilance.
Oh, fuck, that would be a mess. We've already got enough problems, "don't have a miscarriage" isn't something we need to tack on top.
Based beyond belief.
I've played Fallout Equestria: Remains and I gotta say, it looks really similar to UnEpic. Also, the artwork is adorable. I just wanna hug this silly Pip horse.
File: 2605695.png (14 KB, 887x690)
14 KB
>Thread is very dead
this is so sad. can we have enclave mares?
Jesus, is there a better quality version of this image?
Original Link is alive, but I don't think same image better than this one exists.
It isn't. The vector is somehow fucked up.
Been dealing with IRL crap, Bloody Talons will be back online soon.
nice, don't die and stuff
Take care, fren
File: 54705.jpg (67 KB, 500x500)
67 KB
An 18-carat run of bad luck.
take your time fren.
Truth of the matter is, the game was rigged from the start.
File: best Pip.png (144 KB, 676x694)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
Threadly reminder that bi Pip is best Pip
I was beginning to worry you weren't going to show up
Earth Ponies > dirty hornheads
You're worse than Barney.
Fair enough. Hope it's not too serious (or at least that you can manage), see you when you've got the time.
But that's gay.
there he is
It’s only half gay
File: 2564620.png (279 KB, 1280x720)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
Just finished reading it. Spent nearly 5 months on it. Knowing what I do, it feels like I'll never be able to read it again. Do other people have that same feeling after finishing for the first time?

And yet on the other hoof, I immediately want to start all over again. Damn what a good story it is.
No, you see anon homos are gay and woman are really gay therefor lesbians are double gay. However fucking guys is only half gay because your bros are always cool as shit and never gay. And since your doing gay shit without gays it's only halfway gay.
File: 2621102.png (736 KB, 1862x1600)
736 KB
736 KB PNG
So how gay would you say is wanting to suck his cock?
Fucking a horse automatically halves it's gayness. Sucking the dick double the homo activity levels but since he's a bro you'd do cool bro shit together that makes it not gay. All in all it's 1.25x the baseline homosexual tension.
...in the goddamn?
He deserves to feel good for some time, besides, it's not gay if the dicks don't touch.
The only non gay sexual thing you can do to stallions is fucking them like mares. Sorry
Now read Project Horizons
File: 1617780659423.png (827 KB, 2400x2000)
827 KB
827 KB PNG
Welcome (or welcome back) to Bloody Talons! A CYOA about a buff young griffiness, former raider warlord, and all around killing machine who has realized how empty and pointless her life has been, and has left her life as a raider behind in order to find a real purpose in life.

We're the mysterious voices in the back of her head, so we're in this ride together with our heroic(?) protagonist, for better or worse. She is us and we are her, (try not to think about it too much, it makes our head hurt, just roll with it).

Our story exists in an AU where LittlePip got her brains blown out by the bridge on her first night out of the stable, and we looted her PipBuck off her.

We're at a Crossroads in our life, and it's up to us to figure out what we make of ourselves as we search for our purpose in this dead world.

Archive: (Will be posted eventually)

Past threads:
Name: Grisly "Grissy" Storm (Reaper)
Age: ~20
Sex: Female
Species: Griffin
Color: Grey body, navy blue head/chest, pale purple highlights, gold eyes with mildly bloodshot/off white sclera, ivory white claws/beak.

We're a young, larger Griffiness with an olympian body covered in dense, defined, powerful muscle, including a chisled six pack of abs. Our head is squarer, with our head feathers kept short along the sides and our bangs long (we'd be Gilda's doppelganger if our colors were different). Our talons are honed and sharp after a lifetime of fighting with them, making them more effective at cutting through soft armor and dense flesh/hide. Our body has a dozen scars spread over various places, with our most notable ones being three cuts across our right cheek, four deep cuts diagonally across our otherwise fluffy chest, and one cut across the right side of our neck; and we have dozens of whipping scars across our back. We also have a couple thin, but deep scars left over from our crucifixion: over the top and bottom of both wrists, and the top and bottom of our paws.

Our eyes are wild, predatory, sleepless, untamed, and aggressive in nature.

S 9
P 2
E 9
C 2
I 2
A 9
L 7

Tagged Skills:
-Small Guns (Shotguns/Pistols)

-Built to Destroy

-Cleithrophobic Frenzy
-Shotgun Surgeon

We're currently wearing an old turnout coat tied around our waist by the sleeves to act as a skirt, heavily faded and patched up with leather squares in a few spots. Loosely sashed over our jacket/skirt, around our waist, is a looped belt of shotgun shells. Worn over our forehead is a pair of flight goggles. We have black cloth wraps secured around our paws and claws. We also wear a full set of knee and elbow pads.

For armor, we wear some beat up, scratched up talon light combat armor plating covering our upper chest, upper back, and our shoulders, with the talon logo painted on the shoulders and over our heart. We wear some light metal guards over our shins and left forearm.

Secured to our right forearm, just above the wrist, is a PipBuck 3000.

Layered over our body armor is a bandolier lined with pouches, with a holster attached for a pistol, and any grenades we have are clipped on to it.

We also carry an old Equestrian mail service messenger bag for carrying miscellaneous things. We own a light cloth duffel bag we use to store loot, and keep rolled up and tucked in our messenger bag when not in use.

We're armed with a 12 guage O/U skeet shotgun, a 44 magnum revolver, and our talons.
Caps: 2,173

Notable Items:
-Stable 2 Canteen
-Flip Lighter
-Needle Nose Pliers
-Guns and Bullets Magazine
-Wasteland Survival Guide

-Healing Potions x2
-Roll of healing bandages x10 uses
-Dash Doses x5
-Med-X Doses x4
-Whiskey x2
-Shotgun Shells (Buckshot) x24
-Shotgun Shells (Slugs) x8
-44 magnum cartridges x17
-Frag Grenades x4

Current Quests:
--Hero's(?) Journey:
-Find a Purpose in Life
-Meet DJ Pony
-Meet Red Eye
-Find the place where you were enslaved for most of your childhood (Optional)
-Check out the town from your late childhood (Optional)

--The Wasteland Survival Guide (2nd Edition):
-Talk to Ditzy Doo about helping improve the Wasteland Survival Guide (Complete!)
-Write a chapter on Raiders (Complete)
-Download the Weapon Schematics from the Ironshod Firearms Mainframe OR Secure the Ironshod Firearms building (Complete)
-Convince Calamity to set aside a lot of time and effort to help Derpy write a high quality chapter on Gunsmithing (Optional)

--The Root of the problem
-Recruit the tech Specialist from the New Appleloosa jail to assist in raiding Ironshod Firearms successfully (Complete)
-Secure Ironshod Firearms, and turn over control of the robots within to Root (Complete)
-Inform Railright that the weapon production equipment and weapons stockpiles within Ironshod Firearms are available for recovery. (Complete)
-Assist Root in acquiring a PipBuck 3000 OR cut her loose.

--The Fear of Gawd
-Do some contracts with Reggie so she can judge your potential as a Talon
-Meet Gawdnya Grimfeathers

--Lost Little Bird:
-Try to open Stable 2 (CMC3BFF)
-Ask about Velvet Remedy (Optional)
-Ask about LittlePip (Optional)
-Find Velvet Remedy

--A Wing and a Feather
-Clear out the Police Station gang (Optional) (Complete)
-Wait for Calamity's response
-Free Silver Rush from Slavery

>We mulled it over a bit
>Fuck, this was a lot to take in...
>First the questions:

>"What about everyone on the train? If you're planning to just kill them all, you can go fuck yourself. They're not Red Eye's people, they're New Appleloosa's people, our people, MY people", we said.
>Calamity held up his hooves, his eyes going wide as he said quickly, "What!? No, ah don't want to do that at all! Ah don't have a plan for the train itself yet, that's why ah'm talking to ya'll about it first: so we can do this together, this is me giving you a fair shake. Ah'm just talking about getting you on board the general idea, we can hash out the details once ah know we're in cahoots on this"
>"so we're just spit balling here? Alright", we said, crossing our arms while we thought aloud, "IF, I say yes, we're not killing any of our own people, and I'm freeing any slaves on board the train, especially Silver Rush. I feel dirty about how she ended up where she is, regardless of my part in it. As for the other slaves, we might as well save them too, I'm not gonna slaughter them if we're really trying to be heroes here, and be better than Red Eye"
>We then pressed, "Listen, the more I think about it, the more I think about how I got my raider clan going: When my clan was building up its strength, we needed to build up as much strength as we could before a bigger, tougher group could come along and push us down into the dirt. We needed to become strong enough for other bigger, but not as big groups under the big fuckers to see us as someone worth taking seriously. We needed to become as strong as possible before any bigger groups realized what we were up to, and figure out which smaller groups wanted to see a change of regime, either on the sidelines or under the current big shots. When the big shots caught wind of what we were up to, we needed to already have a bunch of other groups ready to back us up when the time came, and make anyone who was caught off guard question who was really gonna win, because everyone wants to back the winners, and no one wants to back the losers"

>Yeah... the more I think about it, this is the exact sorta thing we used to deal with as we became a raider Warlord. We could actually do this!
>Thinking about it made us feel excited, could this really be it? Could building some sorta nation be the purpose we're looking for?
>But... what would our nation actually stand for? Building up our strength and taking control, that I know, I know that really well. But I wouldn't have a clue how to start up and run a faction instead of a raider clan.
>We'll have to keep searching for the answers to that question.
>We don't have our purpose just yet, not fully, but this is definitely a bug step in the right direction.
>We're gonna do it
>"So... we need to hold off on making actual enemies with Red Eye for as long as we can, get as strong as we can before that point, we need to make a few friends to back us, and then...?", Calamity mused.
>We shrugged, and smirked confidently, "and then we fight a fucking war, and we fight to win. Im convinced, I'm in"
>Calamity smiled, excited, "Great! Now we-"
>We cut him off, and said with a frown, "But we're gonna do it RIGHT. That means I'm in charge of this show. I actually have some experience in this sorta thing, I became a Warlord by fighting my way to the top like we're gonna, and I managed to STAY on top for a decent while, long enough to fend off a few half decent challengers to Big Momma and her Clan's throne of power. The scale is... bigger, and there's parts I don't quite have figured out yet, but I got a plan to figure them out"
>Calamity nodded, and said, "so what do we need to do?"
>We blew a raspberry, and thought aloud, leaning our head back against our seat as we looked up at the ceiling, "Well, first, we gotta make that shipment of weapons dissappear, you're right. That shipment is gonna draw Red Eye's attention, and we can't have that this early. We gotta do it clean though, and this being me: the plan's gotta too simple to fuck up. So that's our first problem. Then there's Root: I won't say why, but trust me when I say we'll need her going forward. You need to help Railright, Derpy, and Dogmeat convince the town to forgive what she did to that shopkeep"
>Calamity grimaced, "that's a tall order, but ah'll do my best ta make it happen. What'll you do?"

>We groaned, "I need to come up with a plan to make that shipment not happen, one way or another, without hurting our own or pissing off Red Eye by doing something stupid like wiping out Old Appleloosa like the one woman army I am. Then I'm gonna meet Reggie's mom, maybe see if I can impress her enough to throw in with us, and then keep going on my way to meet DJ Pony and Red Eye"
>Calamity balked, "You wanna MEET Red Eye!? Why!?"
>We rolled our eyes, and huffed, "Because I gotta! Yeah, he's an asshole, and a megalomaniac! But he's got good ideas! And he's built up what he's built somehow. I gotta... I gotta figure out how he ticks, what went right, what's going wrong. I built a raider clan before, not a faction looking to make the world a... better place, or whatever. Plus, y'know, if I could take Red Eye's neck, the neck of his number two, and the necks of a few members of his inner circle before the war even starts, we'll pretty much have won already. And I could totally make that happen, I'm a fucking badass!"
File: 1617477448106.png (169 KB, 900x817)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
>Calamity sighed, "I guess that makes sense... and DJ Pony?"
>We sighed, "DJ Pony is the one that got me wanting to play hero in the first place, fight the good fight and whatever. I need to figure out... me, what I wanna stand for, what I want our faction to really stand for. Playing hero, I feel... I feel right, like I'm tapping into a part of myself I tried to block out until now, like I'm stretching a muscle for the first time. I'm a fucking mess Calamity, and if there's anyone who can help sort me out, it's him"
>We added, "Plus, DJ Pony is in Tenpony Tower, right? He's in the know about all sorts of things going on across the wasteland. If anyone knows who's got a bone to pick with Red Eye, or has the connections to help us make a few buddies, it's him too"

>Calamity was quiet for a minute, taking that all in, then sighed, "so do you got any ideas on how to make that weapons shipment to Old Appleloosa not happen?"
Security at Tenpony might not want to let you in, they're worse at second chances than Calamity.

If the shipment is after the townhall could try explaining to the town members why it's a bad idea. Supposed to be run through votes, so if we could convince enough ponies it's a bad idea it should be stopped. Slaves are more complicated than the guns are.
Well, Railright might be over for dinner, so option one is "talk to him". Shit's going to go a lot smoother if we have him on our side from the outset. Alternatively, there are a number of options for sabotage that don't involve a bloodbath. This town probably has enough rust hanging around to put together a few pounds of thermite...

They seem to have a pretty wide margin for executive action. If I'm understanding right, it wouldn't be a vote to not hand off the guns, it'd be "don't hand off the guns, or we'll hold a vote of no confidence and get a mayor that won't"
If we talk to the town, they tell us to fuck off, and then the train goes missing. It won't be to much of a leap to think that the thick skulled, beef cake of a griffon undermined the towns authority. If we're gonna talk we either need to 100% convince them or have a damn good alibi for when this goes down.
I know Grissy is stronk but I don't think she could just fly away with a train, mate.
Cuddling to keep both of you warm is gay?
nah I need a bit of a breather before that. or a second reread
lay you abs upon the train tracks and derail it.
Aha, so Calamity doesn't have a plan. Then we better stop the train in a way that will buy us as much time as possible. We'll need is a scapegoat. Who other than us may try to sabotage Appleloosa's peace offering and how can we make it look like it was them? Railright's political rivals, perhaps? But then Red Eye may decide to wipe out the town anyway just for causing him headache. Perhaps some of Red Eye's own enemies? Does he even have enemies whom he doesn't control yet? How about the Enclave? A small team of Enclave agents was sent to stall the expansion of Red Eye's empire by stopping trains and such - does it sound plausible?
If we're going technical, make Root join the discussion.
>But I wouldn't have a clue how to start up and run a faction instead of a raider clan.
You and every other politician in observable history. Look, I don't want to be a defeatist or to dissuade you from trying, but building factions with the intent of making them in any way better than a raider gang may be a bit of a fool's errand. Be careful not to put all your hopes in one basket.
Remember, safety first.
It's a slow day, huh?
Dug up a green almost 1-year old, title is "Stable 2 Adventures of Colt Anon and Littlepip": https://pastebin.com/aPxiCfqC
Seems writefag tried to deliver but gave up on this one.
So, what do you anons think about this prompt, being a colt in stable 2 and growing with Littlepip?
would (YOU) stopped Littlepip from being a dyke?
No; Pip's GOAT exam - whatever it was called in the story - indicated to Stable 2's staff that she'd be fitting for either PipBuck repair, or security officer. Considering the types of people who'd be offered such jobs in a small location like an underground bunker, she's probably an actual sociopath.
Don't stick your dick in crazyhorse.
>Don't stick your dick in crazyhorse.
That sentence does not belong in this thread. Everyone here wants to fuck raider mares, merc mares, pip, BJ, Rampage and so on.

He might be the one that made her a dyke to begin with.
>Everyone here wants to fuck
Do muties count as crazy?
File: 1611563736953.png (955 KB, 2200x1600)
955 KB
955 KB PNG
Everyone in the wasteland is crazy in some way or another.
IIRC in Stable 2 you get the job that 'fits' your CM the most.
Lilpip got a PipBuck as her CM therefore got assigned as PipBuck repair pony.
>or security officer
>she's probably an actual sociopath
You called?
I will always bump the thread when I can to keep it from dying. I hate having to make a new one or see some faggot do it wrong.
It's "Stable Loyalty Inspector", but yeah. Her talents are computers and violence, and as such it was either PipBuck repair or cop.

On a related note, it's funny whenever the story insists she's some sort of paragon of Stable culture, since she's an antisocial misfit.
I should note that the explanation about how a pony's cutie mark determines their work assignment sits really uneasily next to her mother being the stable's drunken whore.
I am still sad that green was left behind. But I understand writefag felt like the story wouldn't go anywhere
Does Littlepip actually repair a PipBuck at any point? I don't remember.
She tries to once, and she fixes some powere armor, It's implied she did before she left the stable but it was super rare.
What if we arranged an escape for Silver and any other slaves aboard? They can break out on the ride over, take control of the train, unload the weapons, and run for the hills. We give Silver somewhere we can meet up and talk afterward, so we can come to an agreement that doesn't end in us unleashing a new raider gang, and the problem stays at the level of "who's the dumb fuck who didn't check the restraints?"
File: 1494206.gif (274 KB, 500x549)
274 KB
274 KB GIF
It's a plan, but I don't see how they can sustain themselves without banditism. At least at first. Farming requires time, safety, stability and, if soil and water are bad, supplies. Will anybody want to trade with stolen property? Will they be hunted and forced to run all the time? We can't get them to join Calamity's alliance until it exists. And what are we going to do with the weapons? They may keep some guns, but we'll paint an even bigger target on their backs by letting them take the whole strategically important shipment. Most of it still should be destroyed.
How many slaves are we talking about, anyway?
I don't know, and that's going to play a big factor. If its less than 10 (which I'd wager towards), they can probably make a living scavenging for themselves, but they probably won't have much carrying capacity for the weapons. We're probably going to have to blow most of it, but even a modest stockpile we can dig up when we need it would be handy. If they go further afield, they can set up or integrate into a town with less likelihood of being pursued, but that will make it harder to link back up with them.
If it's a big group, then yeah, logistics become a real issue. I wonder how many of them are or could become fighters? Maybe Silver is willing to run a guerrilla campaign against Red Eye to sustain them? Setting a mare with a history of running off to be a raider lose is just the price we're going to have to pay if we do this, but at least we're proof that such a thing might not end poorly.
bedtime bump
You guys are forgetting there's a weapons factory literally next door. "Borrow" some drums and oil, load the guns into them, and bury them until needed. Keeps the weapons with us, hides them from random scavers, and keeps them out of circulation until we need them.
We’d need to get the guns off the train first and move them to somewhere where we could dump them, which requires wagons, which in turn would be a pretty dead giveaway that this wasn’t a spontaneous escape.
Could we find out from where slaves are being loaded? I imagine passing shivs or small arms to slaves and letting them deal with it would be easier than taking a train on our own. Hell if they break themselves out then we have free reign to slaughter everyone else on board and deal with the weapons at our own pace with no witnesses.
Honestly, we're better off with witnesses. "The slaves got loose, stopped the train, looted the guns, burned what they couldn't carry, and ran for it" begs fewer questions than "we found the train abandoned, everyone onboard dead, and the guns were missing".
That said, yes, this is something we shouldn't directly participate in. At minimum, Silver's going to need a screwdriver and some bobby pins: shank the guard, get control of the detonator for the collars they're going to be wearing, get the cuffs off and/or doors open, and take over. More gear would give them better odds, but giving them too much both increases the odds of them getting found out, and that people start wondering where they got that shit from.
If you're born and stuck down there in the post apocalypse setting anyway, it would be criminal not to prevent her from becoming one.
>"we found the train abandoned, everyone onboard dead, and the guns were missing".
Sounds like raiders did it.
> "The slaves got loose, stopped the train, looted the guns, burned what they couldn't carry, and ran for it" begs fewer questions than "we found the train abandoned, everyone onboard dead, and the guns were missing".
Slave revolt
Either way it's a win win, but I'd rather have no one left around to see what happens to the guns, I doubt the slaves could carry them all off on their own and leaving them there would lead to trouble. Better if we kept them instead of someone else.
She is pure, not crazy.
A raider raid would leave dead raiders, a lack of them would be suspicious. We're absolutely not leaving the guns to be recovered, but I don't think we're going to be able to make off with the lot of them.
More to the point of where I'm trying to go with this, a slave revolt with eyewitnesses to report it is a more open-and-shut case than having to hope that they assume it was raiders. It does a better job of spoon-feeding them the conclusion we want them to arrive at, precisely because we want them to arrive at a conclusion that is 95% of the truth, rather than the 0% true raider story.
I know, but I'm asking how do we deal with whatever left over guns are there and keep witnesses without them knowing that a gray beefy as fuck griffon covered in scars was there, and if we aren't there to deal with the cargo then who are we sending instead of us to secure it. I'm not opposed to witnesses I just want to hammer out that detail because it's important that no one associates us with the attack.
Speaking of raiders, I wonder if our good friend Jawbreaker would be willing to hit the train on our behalf, almost definitely not for free, but it would be a way to be there without actually being there.
We don't be there. We give Silver the tools she needs to break herself and the others out, along with instructions on what to do. Most of it they'd do on their own anyway (get out, stop the train, loot, get away), the only thing we need to specifically tell her to do is to destroy what she can't take, probably by setting the car containing the guns on fire.

As for the raider approach, if we're going to go that route, we need to do it the right way. The problem with trying to mask a slave revolt as a raid is that it's too clean: not enough spent rounds, not enough damage to the train. Only way a bunch of ground-pounders are stopping a train dead is to derail it. We pull out a section of rail, set up shop nearby, wait for the train to go splat, assault it, kill anything still moving, mutilate the corpses, have Root's army play delivery service again to get the guns out, and then maybe set everything on fire for good measure. If we want to sell "raiders did it", we need to make it look like raiders did it.
I'm just saying if we can stash the guns rather than torch them it would be in our interest to do so. That's a whole lot of capital to be wasted.
And I'm saying that we absolutely should take what we can, even if it means entrusting it to Silver either temporarily or in perpetuity, but I'm not seeing an option that saves the slaves, gets all the guns, and covers our asses. It's going to have to be a 2 of 3, and I'm leaning towards the one that saves the slaves.
What if we were to try to arm the slaves, blow the track, and instead of staging a raider attack, got some of those raiders we already know to attack it. Slaves get free, train gets fucked, any guards will either die or run off back to redeye and tell them raider's attacked the train, and we can get "Ms. Meglomania von Bat pussy" to get those robot friends of hers to drag back all those nice guns so we can bury them somewhere. Badda-bing badda-boom 3/3.
I see five problems:
1-If the slaves are still onboard when the train goes over, well, I'm not confident in their survival.
2-Jumping off of a moving train is only marginally better.
3-The timing would have to be precise to get the slaves off the train before it crashes, but not so early that the train stops and the guards hunt them down, and even if precision was our thing, we'd need a way to coordinate between Jawbreaker and Silver to make it work.
4-A prison break perfectly timed to happen before a train crash says "this was not just random raider bullshit, somebody planned this."
5-Even if we kill everyone else, if the slaves are the only ones unaccounted for, that's fishy.
>1-If the slaves are still onboard when the train goes over, well, I'm not confident in their survival.
>2-Jumping off of a moving train is only marginally better.
Is the train pony pulled or actually fueled? If it's pony pulled killing the pullers won't hurt anyone inside the train and If it's engine powered we could blow the track early forcing them to stop the train rather than actually derailing it.
>3-The timing would have to be precise to get the slaves off the train before it crashes, but not so early that the train stops and the guards hunt them down, and even if precision was our thing, we'd need a way to coordinate between Jawbreaker and Silver to make it work.
If we can pass them weapons we can pass them a note, something like "When the train stops start shooting/stabbing/running."
>4-A prison break perfectly timed to happen before a train crash says "this was not just random raider bullshit, somebody planned this."
Somebody plans raids, someone plans prison breaks, there's always a plan and it's very seldom random. As long our name never comes up it won't matter because nobody will have any clue we were ever involved unless we do something stupid like signing the note ourselves.
>5-Even if we kill everyone else, if the slaves are the only ones unaccounted for, that's fishy.
A prison break is already mad fishy. If they consistently run slave trains without regular breakouts there will be some kind of investigation into why these prisoners were able to escape rather than any other. There will be questions regardless of what happens or how it happens we just have to leave little to no answers to those questions.
This whole thing is risky to the point of comedy, but as long as our name never comes up, our face is never seen, and we don't talk to anyone on that train face to face there's nothing to point it back to us or the town.
I don’t know, actually. Probably worth a double-check. For a fueled train, these things pack some serious inertia. It might be possible, but it’s gonna take someone smarter than us to gauge the timing. For pony-pulled, that raises a question. Hey, Grissy, how many people are we willing to kill in the name of “wrong place, wrong time, sucks to be you”?

Allow me to rephrase. It means that this wasn’t “raiders got lucky”. That level of coordination means that they knew what was on the train, namely Red Eye’s shit. The fact that they saved the slaves is then proof that this wasn’t the raiders’ plan: they wouldn’t give a fuck about the slaves. Therefore, somebody with connections to raiders, yes possessed of sufficient moral scruples to not kill slaves for being in the way, AND was in New Appleoosa at some point after Railright decided to send the guns is playing fuck-fuck games with Red Eye. Even worse is the possibility that they could get an ID on the Cooks, in which case if I were in his position, I’d have Talons with “capture and interrogate” orders crawling out of Jawbreaker’s ass by the end of the week.

A fair enough point, but the smaller the scale of weird shit that happens, the easier it is to come to the conclusion that it wasn’t deliberate action against Red Eye.
That's if they ID them. A raider gang less than 2 weeks old is pretty unknown. Hell go in with a mask on no cutiemark no flags rule. We plan on a near slaughter so there's enough time to secure the guns, so leaving our own dead to be possibly identified is null. The whole point of using proxies is that it's harder to lead back to us.
I mean imagine you a raider were gonna hit a train, a train you know will have to come down the track no need to guess the route, just waiting on it to stroll on by. It's usually loaded with supplies, slaves, or both all profit. You and your friends blow the rails early to keep the goods from being damaged in a crash. You slaughter everyone on board using their, now your, slaves to haul away the gear leading them away never to be seen again.
That sounds like classic banditry to me. It's a known supply pipeline and my first guess wouldn't be freed slaves but instead "re-appropriated" slaves. Even if it sounds fishy it's in the realm of possibility and wonton violence and theft sounds more probable than some wannabe hero saving the day.
It makes more sense that this was a theft complicated by slaves than a slave bust followed by theft.
Yes, they’re a gang that came the fuck out of nowhere to overthrow the long-standing top gang of an area, what, a day south of here? That’s news. Yes, it’s unlikely, but taking a needless risk because it’s unlikely to bite us in the ass is just asking for it. The problem with “taking” the slaves is that it isn’t just a cargo train, it also carries passengers. So unless we plan to kidnap them as well, then why are we taking the slaves but killing the perfectly enslavable passengers?
This is the problem with your plan; every moving piece creates another question that we have to hope they answer the way we want them to. Like I said, you have to spoon-feed them the conclusion you want them to reach. Hell, this might just all be academic anyway. Grissy seemed pretty adamant that raiders are targets now, and Calamity’s going to blow a fucking gasket at the very notion of working with raiders. But fine, IF we’re going to be so fucking obsessed with the loot that we start acting like Root to get it, IF Grissy is up for working with raiders again, IF Jawbreaker is willing and able to get troops up here in time, and IF Calamity doesn’t just fucking shoot us (especially if we’re paying them in guns), then maybe we can at least have some redundancy.
We set up our ambush along the line, but let Silver and company make their attempt well before. If they take the train, they kick everyone off and ride on. We give them a means to signal us if they pulled it off, and we unpack, pay the Cooks, load up the bots, and torch the train. If they don’t signal, then they failed and we go full fucking raider on it. At least then we have a half-decent cover for each outcome. Silver winning will be a bit more questionable than the “take what you can, burn the rest” option, but the second doesn’t leave loose ends hanging around (assuming they don’t have a radio onboard to report a failed slave riot).
Good night bump.

>Let's not involve the town in this, especially if we decide to wait on clueing Railright in on the plan early.
>We have a lead tongue, and our more charismatic allies are gonna have their hooves full getting the town to forgive Root.
>I'd rather avoid a bloodbath if we could help it though, that is a good point: the ponies on the train are still our people, but... shit, some of them are gonna get hurt no matter what, which churns our stomach, but we'll make it up to them and the town, even if they don't realize we'll owe them for it.

>As hilarious and fun as that sounds, I'd rather not have us end up cleaved in half when that inevitably failed.

>From what it sounds like, there's lots of guns the town is already holding onto for themselves and our defense pact, the amount getting sent to Red Eye is only gonna be a fraction of the full stockpile, so I'm not as worried about losing guns.
>As for framing someone... nah, that's outside our area of expertise.
>Let's not involve Jawbreaker either. There's a couple reason why, but a big one is that, frankly, we're on different sides now. We're throwing in with townies and civilized folk, starting up our own faction, that means we're probably gonna have to fight Jawbreaker's group one day. They're a decent distance away, but... they're not that far away either.

>Plus, even if I wanted to ask for her help, her hooves are probably full dealing with the power vacuum left with Harvester's death, Reaper's disappearance, anyone from Harvester's personal inner circle looking to salvage the Brigade, a few of her own underlings may be trying to stab her in the back, and the town itself might pick up on the shit show in the raider world and decide to strike themselves, like how we said a group in their position should in that chapter we wrote for Derpy (I am so happy with how that turned out, considering where it's got us so far from the few folks who read it)
There's no doubt in my mind, we left a complete shit show behind us after we killed Harvester. It's why I wanted us to bail the moment after we killed her, because we'd get swept right back into things if we kept even a toe dipped into that situation.
>The other ideas though... those could work, they just need momma's touch to turn them from a Root Style, grand complex and spectacular plan, into a Grisly Style, too simple to fuck up and brutally effective plan
>We asked Calamity, "How many slaves are gonna be on that train?"
>He grunted, a bit disgusted, "about a dozen, dozen and a half. Ah don't care if they're technically criminals or debters or whatever, they don't deserve a life in chains"
>We smirked, "That's actually better for us, we're gonna set them up with everything they need to escape. I know how desperate slaves can be when the chance to get their freedom pops up, these ponies are probably pretty soft compared to more seasoned slaves, but they'll still feel the pull. We just need to give them the chance"
>Calamity asked, "How're you gonna deal with the Collars?"
>We shrugged, "We'll throw Root at that problem, she'll come up with something". We then asked, "What we need is a place for them to go after, so they don't end up Raiders, especially with all the guns they'll loot. Know of anywhere nearby that'll take escaped slaves?"
>Calamity shook his head, "nope"

>Reggie piped up from down the stairs, "Shattered Hoof Correctional Facility"
>Calamity's eyes popped wide, and her spun around to face Reggie as she came up the stairs. "How much of that did ya'll hear!?", he demanded.
>Reggie smirked, "everything, and what I didn't Root filled me in on". She took the other seat in front of our desk, and complimented, "nice desk"
>Root popped her head up from the stairwell, and asked, "What sorta collars do they use? Are they the nice Pre-war type I'm wearing?"
>Calamity frowned at Root, "nah, they're some cheap ones bought from Red Eye's Army"
>Root smiled confidently, "Oh, I could setup a skeleton key for those easy"
>We smiled to Reggie, "Thanks, I like the feeling of sitting behind it. Although I can't lie, I miss my throne from my old Raider Clan's base"
>Reggie chuckled, "You had a throne? Seriously?"
>We laughed, "fuck yeah I did! It was an old leather recliner in great shape, with some animal pelts laid across it from shit we killed along the edge of Everfree. I had tables on either side for my shit, an old hot plate that took spark batteries so I could bring a prepped stew pot or soup pot over to cook while I dealt with bullshit or hung out, and it was all on this raised platform we put together with old cinder blocks. Ooh, and we had a banner hung up above it we grabbed from the Old Firewatch Base in Everfree where we got the rest of our firefighter gear It was fucking great"
>"Ladies, focus", Calamity said.
>We sighed, "right, right. So we'll give Silver Rush the stuff she needs to pop the collars, start a slave revolt, they take control of the train with the guns on board, we tell Silver to burn what they don't take, and then Silver leads them to Shattered Hoof. The only pony who knows of our involvement is Silver, and she'll be desperate, which means she'll play ball"
>Reggie nodded, "Not a bad plan, not at all. Except for one thing: You need an excuse not to be on the train. There's too many witnesses for you to just run off, if you fight back faking it you'll get killed by all the slaves who aren't in on the plan or it'll be obvious you're pulling your punches, or you fight back for real and, let's face it, you'd kill them all or get killed"
Ride? The train? Like, with a ticket? That we'd have to pay for? Oh, that's fucking rich! We ain't paying for shit, we're flying over!

Oh, and before we forget, we still need meat for the stew. Fucking storm fucking up the schedule.
>An excuse not to be on the train.
Were we set to be on the train? Because we get train sick and should definitely not be on the train. We'll puke up bad. Mmhmm yes sir real bad train sickness no can do on the train ride. We'll make it up to you some other way.
>You are addicted to Sparkle-Cola
If we'll have a chance to talk with Root in private, I'd like to know what she thinks about the new input. Calamity's idea is not exactly mutually exclusive with her own plan, but some of the possible combinations of the two are more demented than others.
Now i'm not saying this plan is insane and a giant risk to our mental and physical well being, but I am saying that this could be pretty fucking dope if we pull it off and super not cool if we fuck it up. So use that pigeon brain of yours Grissy and it'll all go good.
All told, it's about as safe as we're going to get. We can't give Silver freedom, but we can give her the means and know-how to acquire it. And if it goes horribly fucking wrong, well, then they died on their feet, and the enemy has no reason to suspect what the real objective was.
>so they don't end up Raiders
>Shattered Hoof
Come again?
Technically, we can give her freedom. We just prefer not to.
It may be better for our sanity if we'll ask Silver what she'd like more, to be bought and released in a safe and predictable way or to have given means to fight for herself and for others. If she'll give the wrong answer, well, sucks to be her.
File: 1587952703209.jpg (247 KB, 768x1024)
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Stupid Sexy Littlepip
File: 2552820.jpg (174 KB, 1600x1200)
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File: 1605006740903.jpg (2.09 MB, 2500x2500)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB JPG
bedtime bump
She didn't deserve it bros
uh next time try being american thank you sweaty
Did we ever get a version of THINK, MARK with Glory and Blackjack?
But she dyked for BJ.
That's like, bad.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Glory was so dull that her most dramatic storyline was when she was worried that she was literally turning into a more interesting character.
Best wasteland mare coming through.
So, since this is the first time we've mad a plan that doesn't immediately kill us if it goes wrong, maybe we should put some thought into a plan B? At the very least, if we wing it to Old Appleoosa like >>37106585 said, and the train rolls in on time with the guns still aboard, do we take the L or do something drastic?
File: 1532136.png (2.29 MB, 1250x1650)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB PNG
Would you escape with her?
No, she'd scream at me for shooting some cannibal rapist who ran at me with a knife. Her shrill bitching would attract every molerat in a 20 mile radius and we'd be eaten alive.
No, but I'd escape with Pip when she goes after her so that has to count for something
checked, based, and freedompilled
That was 3pm for me.
Man I remember fapping a whole bunch to this picture before I had ever read Fallout Equestria and I wasn't aware of the reference. I've since read the book and now I fap to it even more

>We pulled our paws back off our desk, leaned forward in our chair, and popped our wings out, while pointing at them with a thumb and giving our buddies a 'are fucking kidding me?' scowl
>"ah, right, yeah, should've guessed", Reggie scoffed.
>We then asked Calamity, "what do we do if the train shows up, and Silver didn't pull through? Do we just take the L or what?"
>Calamity cooked his head, a tad confused, "L?"
>We sighed, and corrected ourself, "Loss, do we just take the loss or do we do something drastic?"
>Calamity thought for a second, then suggested, "Maybe you get some nearby raiders to attack the place? You were a raider Warlord after all"
>We hesitated, then groaned, "...that's a shit idea for so many reasons... look, if it comes to it, I'll improvise a Plan B"

>We turned to Reggie, now curious, "what's the deal with Shattered Hoof Correctional?"
>Reggie shrugged, "Raider clan, but one that's at the point you talked about where they aren't raiding randomly, they're running protection racketeering"
>Calamity groaned, "Fuck, right, I was gonna confront ya'll on that"
>We replied, suprised, "Reggie, that's, like, the opposite of what I wanted!"
>Reggie held up a claw, and said, "now just hold on a second: there's a lot of escaped slaves among them, and most aren't even bad people, the ones that don't want to raid mine gems instead for the boss. They're organized, and their leader, Mr Topaz, he's reasonable enough that my mom, Gawd, agreed to work a long term contract for him, handling security for the facility itself. We're going there anyways, so if you take a look around and don't like what you see, well... you can worry about that once my mom's judged whether or not you got what it takes to be a real Talon"
>We took a breath, and leaned back in our chair, letting our wings hang off the sides, "Fine... but you're gonna help me clean the mess up at that point if I don't like what I see"
>Reggie nodded, "As long as it doesn't put me against my mother, and I know you got my back if I ever need it"
>We nodded back, "deal"

>We stood up and stretched, letting out a groan, before telling Calamity, "Alright man, it's been great talking, I'm glad we could start over"
>Calamity nodded, stood up, and said, "yeah... well, let's just hope this all works out"
>We chuckled, and scowled, "You serious? This is gonna build into a shit show, and then we're gonna have to fight to get on top and stay on top once the tensions snap. It isn't just gonna 'work out' unless we make it work", we then smirked, "but hey, I know how to make it work, at least that far, it's what comes after that I gotta figure out. We can't build up something bigger than a little gang without some sorta theme, or in this case, what we stand for"
>Calamity took that in for a minute, before saying, "Ah'm gonna get some air, there's a caravan headed out soon I need to see off anyways"
>We thought of one last thing, and asked Calamity, "hey, you need to write that Gunsmithing chapter for Derpy! For the book, the Survival Guide!"
>Calamity smirked, and replied, "She's gonna have to write a whole separate book with how much ah'm gonna give her after this. How else am I gonna teach New Appleloosa to use those Gunsmithing tools? Ah'm not gonna have our brand new faction armed with ramshackle pieces of crap that'll blow up on them, after all, especially once the stockpile from Ironshod starts to run low"
>We froze for a moment, shocked, before finding the words, "th-thanks!"
>Okay, maybe not the most elegant response, but it got the job done
>He'd head out through our balcony door, and we'd wave as he left.

>Now alone with Root and Reggie, we asked Regina, "So... how'd the shopping go?"
>Reggie grinned, getting that greedy sparkle in her eye again, "It's down in the kitchen. I got three frying pans, two pots, a meat cleaver, a knife, a sack of fresh potatoes, and a sack of fresh carrots, all coming in at 92 caps. Which if we're going off the budget of 130... 38 caps saved... 15 percent... ah bullshit, that's like 5 caps! I deserve more!"
>We shrugged, "A deal's a deal, Talon rules"
>Reggie facepalmed and growled in disgust, "Stupid!"
>We let the moment pass, then chuckled, "I'm just fucking with you, girl. Tell ya what, let's adjust the deal: 15 percent is the MINIMUM cut you get, but I can throw a bit more your way when you do a good job"
>Reggie brightened up, "Really!?"
>We smirked, "...nah"
>Reggie recoiled in disgust
>Before she could say anything though, we burst out laughing, "You should see your fucking face! Of course I'm serious! I just couldn't pass up the chance to mess with you, ha!"
>Reggie stammered some things, disgusted, and frustrated, but also relived, as we got out the full 130 cap budget and gave it over to her.
>Reggie found her words, and said, suprised, "Uh... you miscounted, this is the full budget"
>We shook our head, "nah, I didn't miscount, just take all of it, you got me everything I needed, and that's what counts. Besides, I'm rich right now"
>Reggie shook her head, "You really are wired different...", she then smiled a little smile, tucking away the caps, "thanks though"

>Reggie asked, "What now?"
>We glanced at our PipBuck after receiving new alerts:

--The Wasteland Survival Guide (2nd Edition):

--A Wing and a Feather
-Clear out the Police Station gang (Optional) (Complete)
-Wait for Calamity's response (Complete)
-Free Silver Rush from Slavery
-Setup Silver Rush to save herself and the other slaves, and destroy the weapon's shipment to Red Eye's forces

>We switched on the DJ Pony station to play some music, then answered Reggie, "I need to get meat for the stew, and we gotta set things in motion with Silver"
>"We also need to swing by the Stable you found!", Root chimed in in a cheery tone, "You promised! We gotta find me a PipBuck, or this whole thing between us gets a lot more complicated, and neither of us want that, do we?"
>We nodded, "right, that too. So our options are getting meat, setting up the slave revolt, and visiting Stable 2"
>We took a sip from our Stable 2 canteen.
>What do we want to do first?
Meant to say
>...giving our buddies a 'are you fucking kidding me?' scowl
Reg needs to relax a little, also she was forgetting that some of the prepared meal could be considered payment as well as the caps. Payment doesn't always need to be in caps.

Stable 2 isn't going anywhere Root, it'll be there for 30 more years at least. The train however is.
We can multitask. Our more... omniscient members say that there's a second pip-buck on the loose out there. Those things have tags, so ponies wearing them can find each other, so maybe we could go see what became of it, and do some hunting on the way. In the meantime, Root can get to work on that skeleton key for the collars, and they might need something for picking conventional locks. Arming the slaves is tricky, we don't know if or how thoroughly they're going to be searched before getting on the train, so I'd suggest nothing that can't fit in a prison pocket if need be. We should see if Dogmeat's up for going on the hunting excursion with us, and we can fill him in while doing that.
Cooking dinner, robbing a train, and extorting stable ponies sounds like a nice full to do list honestly.
The dumb bat is being dumb again, I see. The plan was to put Velvet Remedy in a bag and trade her for a pipbuck. Velvet Remedy should be in Old App by now. If the dumb bat wants to visit the entrance of Stable 2 without a bag full of pony and just sorta gnaw at its impenetrable door, she can do it in her own free time.
Fuck, I don't know what's more insulting: how she undermines our authority by pubically threatening us or how she believes that we can just forget about her needs. Where's our laser gun, anyway?
>she can do it in her own free time
Root has free time? When did we give her free time?
Obviously, she'll have to deserve it first.
Hold off on the laser shotgun for now. Now that we're on decent terms with Calamity, maybe we can get him to work with Root. Think about it: over/under shotgun, lasers on the top for the semi-auto spam and conventional on bottom for a slug.
The wasteland needs more adventurous mares that realize being a mom isn't so bad.
I want to be a companion of adventuring mare and settle down with foals.
>Those things have tags, so ponies wearing them can find each other, so maybe we could go see what became of it
Wait, why we haven't done it before?
Because we're retarded. Why do you think.
Because we had more pressing things to do the last time the topic came up. Also, because >>37113916, so Grissy probably needs to be shown where the option is.
>Discharge shotgun shell.
>Energy components become damaged.
I'm not saying this design wouldn't work, only that it would be incredibility unreliable.
Also energy guns? Really? I thought we said those were fucking EVIL.
Yeah, then we got to use one.
File: rampage_v2.png (1012 KB, 1000x1000)
1012 KB
1012 KB PNG
File: _foe__bj.jpg (662 KB, 968x1080)
662 KB
662 KB JPG
That's probably a matter that can at least be mitigated by build quality. Just bolting a shotgun barrel to Root's thing is probably a bad fucking idea, but Calamity seems to know his shit.
>build quality.
Shooting the shotgun is going to knock the gas tube for the laser beam around, disconcerting the beam and potentially burning the gas inside. 'Mitigating' this issue would be fastening it to its barrel, but then it could get cracked due to the recoil. One way I see would be separating the barrels completely, but then why not just have two separate guns? We have two hands, let's use em!
I say we find ourselves a nice, reliable pump action shotgun and a laser rifle to back it up. We should search the crates on that train, there's bound to be something there.
>he doesn't know you can put lasers on guns
Anon I don't want to hurt your feeling but people have been putting lasers on guns for a long time. It's just that but backwards.
File: waitingforupdates.png (145 KB, 700x724)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
>ywn have a bubbly gasoline bath with a mare
To be more serious about this, is it feasible for you to do 24-hour updates on the weekends, V? The pace has definitely been slowing down, and the weekend seems like the best time for all of us if we wanted to pick things up.
File: 1618855821641.png (2.6 MB, 2000x2000)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB PNG

>Reggie is fine, she was just excited for a chance to make some caps on the side, and was disappointed with the cut. If anything, it's refreshing to know even a "real", deal making Talon can make bad deals on occasion.
>Then we fucked with her a bit, which, y'know, it's fair she felt the way she did.

>It's a fun to do list too, can't forget that.
>Definitely the sort of to do list I can get behind us having.
>As nice as it feels to be a part of a bigger group again, to be a part of a community, a part of a town... I can't lie, it still feels like we're out of our element. Our place is out there, in the wastes, getting into the shit. Not town hall meetings and... interpersonal drama.
>I'm actually finding myself looking forward to us meeting Gawd and getting into shit at Shattered Hoof, I got a feeling it should be exciting.
>And if that isn't exciting enough, we've got our trek to meet DJ Faggot, and all the action we'll get along the way doing that.

>Damn it! I knew we had another thing to ask Calamity!
>We'll ask Calamity about it on our way out of town.
>As for energy weapons being EVIL: they are, but like 86 said, we got a chance to actually try one, and now I want us to have one.
>We aren't some pussy or saint all of a sudden just because we're playing hero now: we can still have the fun toys if we can get our mitts on them.

>whoa whoa whoa whoa, hold up a second. You're telling me I can just plug in some number and my PipBuck can point me right to the other one LittlePip had on her!?
>Fuck, that would've been great to know!

>We fiddled with our PipBuck for a minute, and found a note in our PipBuck: it was some sorta... "Help Ticket"? It mentioned putting new padding on the inside of Velvet Remedy's PipBuck, and included a tag number.
>After some more fiddling, we found the function in the map to input the tag code, and was given a tracking marker that blipped somewhere in Ponyville, perfect.
>We might not even need to go hunting for Velvet, although... we'd probably still get a sick reward if we did.
>Shit, wait, no, we still need to head for Old Appleloosa in case the train actually shows up.

>We turned to Reggie and Root, and said, "Here's the plan: Root, you're gonna stay here and get a device put together to pop the slave collars on that train, something Silver could hide under her tail. Reggie, foal sit her. I'm gonna grab Dogmeat and go hunting for both meat and that PipBuck for Root. When I get back, I'll get food cooking and go visit Silver Rush to get our plan going for the train"
>We managed to find Calamity before we left, and told him about our desire to have our own custom gun, preferably either a custom break action shotgun or a fancy energy shotgun.
>Calamity said both sounded like interesting ideas, and agreed to workshop some sorta design out at the feast tonight.
>Oh yeah, we invited him to the feast too, now that we'd buried the hatchet.

>As for Dogmeat, once we were clear of town, we filled him in on everything, especially what went down with Calamity, as we flew towards Ponyville. It was still raining outside as we flew, but it was nothing we couldn't fly through thanks to our brute strength.
>Afted we finished filling him in, Dogmeat said with a shake of his head, "That's... ambitious, I don't know what else to say"
>We smirked, "Well, I'm an ambitious kinda gal. Plus, it just... feels right. I mean, I'm loving this hero stuff, my skills as a raider seem to carry over to it really well, so... might as well lean in on that, right? It's just a... logical next step"
>Dogmeat asked, "what will this new faction even stand for though? You and Calamity only have a plan for how to build yourselves up and take control of the Wasteland, but after that, you've got nothing"
>We grimaced, and sighed, "Yeah, well, that's why it's still important I find my purpose in life: then I can base our faction's purpose around that. But just because I haven't found my purpose yet, doesn't mean I can't start getting ready to fight for that purpose early, right?"
>Dogmeat shrugged, "I guess so..."
>After a bit more flying, we spotted a cistern with a bunch of Radigators around it.
>We found a nice, elevated position, and landed.
>Dogmeat had brought along a hunting rifle, which he used to shoot us some gators.
>Once things seemed clear, Dogmeat trotted over to begin butchering our better kill.
>We stayed on the hill to keep watch.
>All seemed clear, until a sprite bot floated on up to watch us from a few paces away.
>It was silent, that was weird. Didn't one of you guys mention keeping our eyes out for a silent Sprite Bot?

>We put our claws on our hips, and chuckled with a smirk, "what's wrong, buddy? You lose your voice?"
>"On the contrary", a male voice replied through the speaker.
>We jumped a little, suprised, holding up our barred talons, and grunting, "the fuck!?"
>The voice immediately exclaimed, "Whoa! Easy! I just want to talk for a moment! I'm... something of a fan of your work"
>We lowered our Talons, and asked, "Uh... I take it you listen to DJ Pony?"
>He chuckled, "You could say that"
My personal schedule has been a mess for the past month, and I've been trying to fix it.

I also realize I have been slowing down, and I don't like it. I'm trying to commit to at least an update a day, but I'm hoping to increase the number to two a day, maybe three on the weekends. However, it takes a good 40 minutes to write an average bloody talons update, so if my personal affairs start to get extra hectic, then 1 a day is the best I can do, sadly.

Thanks for the support though you guys, it makes it worth all the time it takes to run Bloody Talons, and I thoroughly enjoy every moment of it.
Huh, so they weren't joking. A talking spritebot, go figure. What are we dealing with here? AI? Remote comms link? Scout from Root's cyber-dystopia? Looks like it just wants to chat for now, so let's see what it has to say.

I get that. Here's hoping thing work out for you.
>Queen Grisly First of Her Line will never raise your taxes to 30% of your grain harvest.
What's the point bros?
Invite him to the dinner.
>Fuck, that would've been great to know!
Like I said, last time we brought it up, we had more pressing shit, like getting a battered little girl home.
File: 1604879852331.png (1.45 MB, 1280x720)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
She deserved better.
>Littlepip kills Red Eye like a bitch

I was honestly expecting something more... cinematographic, but I'm happy.
It gets better: He killed himself, because the goop he jumped into didn't work.

It's really hilarious how little importance Littlepip has in the story's climax.
File: 1896496.png (195 KB, 1280x681)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
As I've said before, I am convinced Red's would've made the dumb-dumbs.
Bros... we are getting destroyed...
I'm retarded what is going on.
Anyone who refers to Anons as "bros" should be immediately disregarded.
Somebody on /mlpol/ doing a book review, and apparently he doesn't really like it. Whatever.
Who cares what edgyreddit thinks?
So, I decided to check the front page of Fimfiction, and an FoE fic called Borderlands just updated. Given that it clocks in at 118 chapters and a million words, can anyone vouch for this before I dive in?
Welp, there goes that title.
Can you post a link to it?
>the goop he jumped into didn't work.
Wasn't the original problem that he isn't a Unicorn? If I recall correctly, the original IMP could only transform Unicorns because of the limited template made by Twilight et al. Which is also the reason why it can only create female muties even when a stallion is exposed to it.
Red Eye, being an Earth pony, tried to circumvent this by fusing himself with Pip and the Enclave guy to create a new God made equally of all three tribes. But that failed when Pip refused his offer and saved the other Unicorns that Red Eye kept hostage in the cages above the vat. So when he fell into the goop alone, he died because the agent wasn't able to mutate him correctly.
File: 2633419.png (1.85 MB, 1920x1080)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
"Anon, have you ever run even a mile?"
He did offer to let Pip and What's-his-name join him, but no, his ultimate plan seriously was to try to recreate a particular batch of a finicky substance that had once caused a single pony to mutate in a specific way centuries ago under unique conditions, then cannonball into a vat of it and hope he got it right and that it'd do the same to him.
the best use of fimfic is getting drunk, picking a completely random story, and reading it out loud with friends.

Previously on Fallout Equestria: Landing Zone (working title)

A plane bound to Iran crashes in a mysterious fashion smack in the middle of a decimated wasteland!
Our hero awakens on the plane, completely alone with no trace of the other passengers around him. After relieving himself and stealing a bunch of shit he doesn't have any right to take, he goes on to shoot a completely innocent wall!
>Approaching wall.
"Wall, what can you tell us about this 'hero' of ours?"
"Absolutely shockingly, revoltingly, heart wrenchingly, pants shittingly terrifying."
After freeing a bunch of dogs or whatever, he follows them to a town built within a sinkhole –is that right? He followed them to… wow, really? That's strategically retarded, why would you build inside a…? Oh… but they don't know that yet, right? Oh okay.
It's nothing like Megaton, don't worry.
Anyway, in this town he finds David and Muhammad, two terrorists from the organization 'Mum', a radical sect of chickpea worshipers who believe they can save the world by force feeding everyone hummus (Yes, women and children too). Witnessing their dispute over which taste of Gazoz is the best, our hero approaches them to help settle their disagreement.
Unfortunately, he horribly fails when attempting to cross the bridge on to where the two are standing, snagging on a random jacket that was hung up to dry on the cables. The guards quickly notice the man with the jacket stuck to his face, and make the assumption that he is trying to steal it. With no one wanting to take responsibility for the dangerously hung jacket, they let our hero keep it when they kick all three of them out of the town.
In the middle of the night.
With the zombies outside.


>I'm scared.
>"Here is what we do." David starts through chattering teeth. "First we need to get a sense of direction. I know the gate we came in through is that way." He points to the pile of rubble on my left. "So the tail of the plane has to be that way as well. It's just a matter of finding it."
>I look at the rubble.
"So, east of here?"
>David pulls up his phone, tapping the screen a few times. "Ke, east. We go all the way to the end of this street until we stop seeing so much rubble and buildings, then go east and then north."
>The way he says north makes me chuckle. It's like there's something in his throat: 'noRRRth'.
>Muhammad puts down the sack, opening it and digging around. "How do we know how far to go?"
>"We'll have to guess, but I'm sure the crash left signs like destroyed buildings and such…" He scratches his head. "Man, I wish we had a map."
>Didn't my watch have a map?

World Map

>The sink is massive, taking up half the screen.
>Muhammad takes out the machete and molotovs. "We also need more bags."
>Mess around with it for a bit. Manage to zoom out.
>There's a little square icon, and a big square reticle-looking thing that follows wherever I point my eyes like those eye-tracker gizmos.
>I look at the little square and a label pops under it:
The Sink
>Zoom out some more and scroll to the right. There's another icon.
Plane Rudder
"Hey, I think I found it."
>Muhammad holsters the machete on his belt. "Shoo?"
"Look, here."
>They come around to look at my screen.
>David leans over my shoulder. "Is that a map?"
"Yep. This fancy watch has a google maps app. No street-view® though."
>David looks at it confused for a moment. "Where did you find it?"
"It was taking a nap on some terrorist's bed."
>"What terrorist?"
"The hummus raiders."
>David breaks into laughter and falls to the ground.
"What, I'm serious!"
>He keeps laughing. "Oh! Shodedei HaKhummus!"
>Muhammad chuckles behind me. "Habibi, let me put this in the bag one moment." He opens my backpack and puts some stuff in it, then zips it closed.
"What did you put in there?"
>"The bottles, we don't have fire to light them with."
"Oh, right."
>He crouches down and pulls more stuff out of the sack.
>David finally composes himself and gets up. "Hey, did you find any hummus while you were there?"
"Um… I didn't think to look. They had hostages and they were going to rape and murder them too, so I had to find some keys and get them out of there."
>David looks impressed. "You saved hostages? Walla, what are you, a soldier or something?"
"I wish, but no. The recruiters said I can't serve in combat roles because of my disability."
>David raises a brow. "What disability?"
>I sigh heavily, I hate talking about this.
>Muhammad pulls out the cans with the wires on the top. "These have um… shathaya inside, they explode and shoot it everywhere."
>David looks at him. "So, like grenades basically?"
>Muhammad nods. "Not so bad, but very dangerous."
>He walks up to me, and puts them in the side pockets of my backpack. "Here, we can use them quickly if we must."
>Finally he gets the metal apple and the cardboard box with the decoys. He tosses the grenade to David and the box to me before discarding the sack.
>There are only six decoys in here. "Umm… do you guys want to share these?"
>David puts the grenade in his pocket. "Sure, two for each?"
>Muhammad raises a brow. "What are they, like qunbula'ton sawti'a?"
>David shows him one of the decoys. "These make like an illusion of someone standing where they land."
>"Ah, they make iilha..." He nods. "Yes okay, give here."
>I give each of them two and strap the remaining pair to my belt before tossing the box behind me. It lands on the rubble with a funny noise.
>Some popping sounds in the distance grab our attention.
>Muhammad puffs. "It sounds like they are shooting."
>David nods. "We can avoid them. Let me see the map."
>We look at my watch again.
"I guess we should go south, past the mountains of rubble here, and then go up this zigzag looking street to the east."
>David licks his lips. "I don't know, that looks like a place you could have a base in."
>I raise a brow.
>He points at the center of the zigzag pattern, where there's a small rectangle between the streets. "Right here, it's a defensible place with a lot of cover and bottlenecks. I think raiders have a base there."
"Oh… you're smart."
>He looks at the map some more. "I say we make an ykuph, go around it. Open area isn't great, but it's better than getting stuck in there."
>I scroll a bit further down.
>"Here, that's where we go." He points at a wide street further south.
"The main street?"
>"Yes. They will not see us in this darkness if we don't make noise."
>Muhammad looks at the darkness ahead. "If they are shooting, they can see."
>David nods. "We can stay out of their lights and avoid them if we hear them. Besides, they could be shooting those zombies that glow in the dark."
>Muhammad nods. "Sih, I forgot."
>David rubs his hands together and blows on them. "Right, we all ready?"
"I guess so."
>"Nam, hayaa bina. We should find it fast and get back before sabah."
>David chuckles. "He means 'before morning'. Yalla, let's go."
>We start walking towards the darkness. It looks like it's… undulating. Like a living thing.
"That darkness looks really funky."
>David turns his head to me. "Sometimes when we were training at night, there was a lot of fog. It looks like this in winter sometimes."
"Oh, so this is normal?"
>As we reach the end of where the floodlights illuminate, David taps the screen of his phone and turns its light on. "Yep."
>Muhammad pulls out his phone and does the same.
>Their lights only shine a short distance ahead. The pavement is filled with cracks, holes and all manner of debris.
>David shines his light on one chunk of concrete along my path. "Careful from this."
>I sidestep it and pull out my phone.
Battery low – Turn On Power Saving Mode
>I grunt.
"C'mon, of all the times I could run out of battery it has to be NOW?"
>Muhammad lights my path with his phone. "Don't worry, you are with us."
"Oh cool, thanks."
>We proceed walking close to each other for a short while.
>Occasionally one of them shivers. The cold is starting to get to me too, despite the jacket.
>It's cold and dark and I'm scared.
>Cold + Scared = need to pee
>Good thing I already peed.
>The puppy face is back in the corner of my vision.
:< Turn on your Pip-buck light
>David turns to me. "What, did you hear something?"
"No, this puppy face is telling me to turn on my Pip-buck light."
>David is visibly confused. I can tell because Muhammad is shining his light on him.
>"Muhammad, you're blinding me."
>"Asaf." He turns his light away.
>David walks closer to me. "What is a pip-buck?"
"I dunno, the watch maybe?"
>I raise the watch and look at it. Under the light of David's phone I can see an inscription in bold yellow letters at the top left of the device:
Pip-Buck 3000
"This thing has a light? How do I turn it on?"
>The puppy face is back
:D Hold down any of the menu buttons.
>Press and hold STS.
>Immediately regret this as the screen lights up brighter than a spotlight, blinding all three of us simultaneously.
>I recoil and point it forwards.
>Muhammad looks over my shoulder. "Walla, you have a light now."
"Yeah, too bad I'm blinded and can't see."
>David holds my shoulder. "It's alright, I'll help you until it passes."
"Oh, cool."
>We walk for a little while, David pushes or pulls me around obstacles for a bit before my sight goes back to normal.
"All better now."
>He releases my shoulder. "Good. See if there is something you can do about the brightness. This could give us away."
>The puppy is back.
:< Adjust the Light brightness with the scroll wheel.
>I scroll down and the brightness reduces accordingly. I keep going until it's about the same as their phones.
"There we go."
>Muhammad chuckles. "I should find me one like that."
>"Yeah, me too. It's way better than the G-Shock I had in the army."
>I gasp.
"You were in the army?"
>He nods. "I did my service, it's mandatory."
>"Were you in a combat unit?"
>He chuckles. "Yeah, Giva'ty."
>Holy Shit! He was a soldier! A real soldier!
"Dude that's awesome! What did you do?"
>"I was a combat medic, but we never did any real combat. It was mostly switching lines, patrols, training and sometimes standing next to a tank or the Iron Dome and pretending to be doing something important."
>Muhammad scoffs. "That's a lie. Your army is always doing something."
>David turns to him. "That doesn’t mean all of us are a part of it. It's usually the special forces or the air force doing stuff to prevent terrorists like the Islamic Jihad or Hamas from tunneling into Ashdod."
>"So you did nothing?" He asks, incredulous.
>"I did a lot of training. I know how treat bullet wounds, shock, broken bones and concussions."
"Heh, that would've been useful a while ago."
>They ignore me. "You also know how to shoot, I bet."
>"Yes, obviously that too. You can't be a combat medic if you can't shoot." He turns away, but then snaps back and adds: "Also I had the shortest Tavor in my squad."
>Muhammad blinks. "What does it matter?"
>"Eh… nevermind."
>Muhammad continues. "I still don't understand how you can kill civilians like that."
>David puffs. "No one is targeting the civilians, Muhammad. You saw it yourself, Hamas operate from the buildings, from houses, from tunnels dug under A'za's streets. They start launching rockets on our cities, of course we have to do something about it."
>"But you kill two-hundred civilians!"
>"And if we didn't have the Iron Dome, how many would you have killed? You ever think about that? You launched more than two-thousand rockets!"
>Oh my god, not this again.
>"Alright, I understand, you do self-defense, fine. But why with bombs? Why aren't soldiers coming in to deal with Hamas, why do you have to use bombs that kill so many people?"
>David runs a hand along his hair. "Last time we used soldiers and just as many people died. Besides, Hamas use civilians to bomb soldiers and tanks, and they send kids out to throw grenades at our task force. How are we supposed to deal with that? Shoot the kids? We can't do that, no one is going to put a kid al ha kavenet and pull the trigger."
>I shiver, but I don't know if it's from the thought of shooting children who throw grenades or just the cold.
>"Ah, so from the plane it's easy, you don't have to look at the kid when you kill him."
>Decide I don't want to hear all this shit and put on my earbuds.
>"We give an order to evacuate in advance. We call them a hundred times asking them to please leave their homes because Hamas targets are there and we need to bomb the building. We even drop warning shells a few minutes before the bombs to scare them out."
>Start looking for music to listen to. I still need to hear my surroundings, so I look for something quiet.
>David looks at Muhammad in the eyes. "Civilians are always warned. If they don't evacuate it’s either because they don't want to, or Hamas is holding them hostage so they can use their deaths for PR."
>Muhammad straightens up and swallows. "Fine, if you say. But I still think you can do this better."
>"This is the best we can, Muhammad. Last time we went in on foot, we had twice the amount of casualties."
>I listen to their argument as I sift through my 2,000 songs to find something fitting.
>"For fifty days! You killed all the civilians that you killed in fifty days last time, in only ten days!"
>David's expression turns somber and he sighs. "They should have evacuated. Also, maybe try to stop Hamas from using Hisballah tactics on their own civilians."
>"Khisb Allah?"
>"Yeah, those assholes. They did the same thing in Leva'non, forcing civilians to stay in their houses while hiding their weapons and bombs in the buildings."
"Wait, why not just clear the buildings instead of bombing them?"
>"We tried, but they blow the building up with the civilians inside after our soldiers go in. Then they go to the media and say 'the IDF blows up civilians for absolutely no reason'."
>Muhammad bites his lip. "But you do that."
>David grunts. "Not in that instance. Besides, we always have a reason. There are terrorists hiding among them and we need to remove the threat. The civilians are NEVER the target."
>There's a loud as fuck growl in the distance. Sounds like a dinosaur.
>We freeze.
>I feel like my bowls just dropped something.
"What the fuck man?"
>That comes out way more shaky than I intend.
>Suddenly there's a lot of popping sounds, distant gunfire. The growl comes back again.
>We stand still for a short while, the shooting stops.
>There's another growl.
>We stand in silence for a long moment. It's so quiet I can hear the darkness moving around me and see its tendrils dart through the feint light of our phones and my watch.
>"Shit…" David exhales. "I hope whoever was shooting were raiders, and whatever was making that noise isn't hungry anymore."
>"Allah yasmaeuk, habibi."
>David takes a deep breath. "We should stop making so much noise and just focus on the mission. When we come back to the town we can argue all we want."
>Muhammad gulps. "Yes, I agree."
>We slowly resume our walk.
>Finally find something to listen to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-gbsL_t1cM
>It's bleak but fitting, and quiet enough that I can hear my own footsteps.
>We pass the end of the rubble piles outside the gates. To our sides are the husks of buildings, and there's less dust and rubble on the street here.
>David shines his light on one of those weird cars. "What's dis?"
>Muhammad looks too. "Ea'rabaton?"
>I look at it too, why not.
>Notice the front has two beams with a harness that can be attached to something to drag it.
"Oh, it's like a wagon."
>David tilts his head. "Makes sense, they are ponies, they use wagons. But why is it so big and made of metal?"
>Muhammad walks closer to it. "Does it have engine inside?"
>He crouches down near its side and looks under it. "Wa'alla, there is machine parts here."
>I feel a surge run up my spine.
"Why are we looking at this thing? Shouldn't we be going before that monster gets us?"
>David licks his lips. "He is right Muhammad, we need to move."
>He gets up and walks around the back of the wagon. "One second."
>We each raise a brow.
>He pops the back open and we walk around to see what he's doing.
>Messing around with some wires and tubes, he rips out a few rectangular components and a set of wires.
>David crosses his arms. "What are you doing?"
>"We can make fire with this." He holds the wires against the top of one of the rectangles and touches them to each other, unleashing a small shower of sparks.
"Oh, cool!"
>"Nice, we could keep that for later."
>"Yes, here." He gives David a couple of wires and a small pink rectangle, which I assume is some kind of battery. I mean, it'd have to be a battery if it's attached to cables, right?
>He gives me one as well, along with a short pair of wires. "Here, take. We can make them better later, so we don't have to touch the wires."
>I pocket the battery and cables and we continue our walk down the road.
>David stops me. "Where are we on the map?"
>Pull up watch.
>Get blinded.
>Press DAT.


World Map

>We are a bit before the turn into the zigzag street.
>David quietly calls out. "Muhammad, stop one second."
>He stops.
>"We need to stay hidden and quiet. Lower the brightness of your lights as much as possible and sneak forward. Stay close together and don't make noise, okay?"
>Ooh stealthy!
"You got it."
>Muhammad nods, tapping the screen of his phone to reduce the brightness.
>Scroll down. Nothing happens.
"I think my pip-buck light is as dim as it gets."
>"Den turn it off, I'll light your way."
>I hold a button and the light goes out.
>David starts walking forward slowly and quietly, and we follow in the same manner.
>The bits of rubble crunch under our feet as we advance, and it takes effort to mitigate the noise, slowing us down.
>David stops me, and Muhammad behind me stops too upon noticing. "Shhh… listen."
>We hold still for a bit.
>Some guy in the distance is shouting. "Oh, yeah! Like that, bitch?"
>There's a response. "Yeah, harder!"
>I know those sounds, those are sex sounds!
>"Those are probably raiders. If those two are busy, there are probably guards around. Don't make any noise and let's keep moving."
>We continue, walking carefully on the rubble and past more rusted car-wagons.
>I can hear moaning.
>David whispers again. "I hope she doesn't stop yelling until we are out of range."
"What? Bro, that's gross."
>He turns to me. "No, dummy, because it helps us get an idea of how far we are."
>He sure makes me feel stupid sometimes-
>Suddenly I hear a rock tumble as he trips.
>He hisses. "Shit, Get behind this wagon."
>We crouch beside a wagon that's nearby.
>No talking, no movement, no sound (except sex noises).
>David quietly sighs in relief. "Let's keep moving, stay low."
>We obey and continue our advance, but this time crouched.
>Muhammad puffs. "Da-vid this is not very easy in jeans you know."
>David nods.
>We sneak between another pair of wagons as the sound gets more distant.
>My thighs are burning.
>We get pretty far from the noises, following David's lead. Finally he straightens up. "Alright, I don't think there are any more here. We can walk normal, but stay alert."
>I get up, my thighs burn for a little longer. That's a leg workout right there.
>Muhammad stretches his back as he rises with a stifled grunt. "This commando thing is not for me."
>David chuckles. "We can come back through the gate on the east so we don't have to do it again." He turns to me. "Show me the map again?"
>Pull it up for him.


World Map

>We're some distance past the raiders.
>"Alright, let's make up some time and move a little faster down this street. Keep an eye out and stay close to cover. Okay?"
>I nod firmly, Muhammad does the same.
Long one incoming

>Queen Grisly Storm
>Can't lie, that has a nice ring to it
>But I dunno how the others we're working with would feel about it.

>Oh, right, I guess you did bring it up, and I just forgot
>I'm retarded, big shocker there
>We should check up on that kid, find out how she's doing.

>We asked the sprite bot, "So... you got a name?"
>He responded, "Call me Watcher"
>We nodded, "Cool, cool, now, don't take this the wrong way: but are you a bot from Root's Cyber-dystopia? The fuck did she call it...? The machine commune? If so, I got a few questions, and a few insults on how you raise children"
>Watcher chuckled, "what? No, I'm not from a place like that at all! There's a 'machine commune' out there?"
>We chuckled, "Yeah, apparently it's run by a bunch of self aware machines all linked together to make some sorta techno-commie commune built around some sorta Non-Aggression principle or whatever. They're responsible for raising one of the biggest narcissists I've ever met in my life, and I've met some real solid contenders for the title". Harvester came to mind when thinking of other contenders.
>"Well, once again I'm reminded of the fact that I've never seen everything there is to see...", Watcher mused, before saying, "But, I feel I should clarify: I'm not the sprite bot, I just hack into these things in order to see what's going on in the Wasteland"
>We raised an eyebrow, suprised, "Wait, you can spy on people with those things? How'd you make it so you could do that?"
>Watcher chuckled, "It's actually what they were originally designed to do by the Ministry of Morale. They have their own node based, independent remote network where they all chain their own signals together to send data and-"
>He paused when we tilted our head, and he realized he'd lost us.
>So the sprite bots are DESIGNED to spy on people? Holy shit, I always thought they were just annoying flying radios that could defend themselves.
>Watcher cleared his throat, and said, "Back to the point: I've been watching you for quite a while, and I have to say, I'm really impressed with what you've been able to do so far since arriving in Ponyville a few nights back"
>We smiled, "Well thanks, nice to know I'm appreciated"
>Watcher agreed, "Yep, especially considering where you came from"
>Our smile faded, and we asked, "Uh... what does that mean?"
>Watcher replied, "Well, the first few times I ever saw you, you were the leader of a raider clan called the Brigade, and then the last time I saw you before you arrived in Ponyville was lashed up on a cross. So when you showed up in Ponyville helping people, and calling yourself a Talon, it definitely caught my attention"
>Our eyes popped wide, "wait, you've been watching me for that long! H-how much do you know about me?"
>Watcher admitted, "Not much, the first time I really noticed you was when you killed a group of other ponies I was keeping my eye on. After that I didn't pay you much attention, but that's where I learned your face and name, Reaper. Then I took notice when you were crucified up on that cross. But it wasn't until Ponyville I started actively following your exploits"
>We winced, "Oh... could you, like, not tell anyone else about that? I'm trying to quit being a raider, and I'm trying to let Reaper die back where I came from"
>Watcher replied, "Your secret is safe with me, I for one appreciate the new path you've chosen to walk in life. Celestia knows we need more heroes in this world"
>We shrugged, "Well, I'm trying my best, but I'm still trying to figure it out. I need to find my purpose in life, something to drive me to become something more, to build something in this world, something that will make it so that when I die, I know my life had some sorta meaning in the end. I'm hoping to chat with DJ Pony a bit to help me figure out what I want to stand for, what my purpose should be in life, and I'm hoping to figure out Red Eye managed to buck the trend and be successful playing hero, and then figure out where it all got fucked up. Once I find my purpose, I'd rather not have it die with me, y'know?"
>Watcher actually sounded a bit excited, as he responded, "Y-yes, yes! That's something I can actually help you with!"
>We replied, suprised, "Wait, really! How?"
>Watcher responded, "Friendships and Virtue, that's a great place to start. Friendships and bonds with others are what give our lives meaning in general. Form strong bonds with more people, join communities, or make your own, and you'll be well on your way to finding a true purpose"
>We nodded, taking the advice in, "Yeah, yeah, I definitely get what you mean, the worst times in my life have always been when I was alone. Shit, being alone is what pushed me to become a raider. Being alone sucks"
>We shivered as we thought back to that week we were on those meds, when I didn't have all of you voices in here with me. In the time between when we were crucified, when the others on crosses finally passed away, and when you guys came back into our head, that was truly, honestly, the worst experience of my life: just hanging up on a cross, feeling death's embrace tightening around us, and being completely, utterly, alone in what was very likely our final moments. I... damnit, I don't want to think about it.
>Watcher continued, "Good good, you're off to a great start. But there's a second thing you need to consider: Virtue"
>"Virtue?", we asked
>Watcher replied, "Yes, Virtue! If you discover your Virtue, and you keep forming friends and connections, your purpose should be much easier to find The greatest heroes of Equestria, ponies with lifelong bonds of unbreakable friendship and strength, were each known for exemplifying one of the great virtues of ponykind. Kindness, honesty, laughter, Generosity, loyalty and magic. They really didn’t know themselves, or each other, until one pony came to realize that her friends represented these virtues, and together they grew to live by them. Now, I’m not saying those are theonlyvirtues, they are just a…” Now the bot paused as if searching for words. “…particularly important set. I’m just saying that perhaps if you learn to recognize the dominant virtue in your own heart, you will find yourself"
>We nodded, "Huh... well loyalty sounds like a good fit"
>Watcher sounded even more excited, "You really think so! You sure?"
>We nodded with a smirk, "Oh absolutely, trust me, loyalty and strength are kinda my things"
>Watcher replied, ecstatic, "That's- that's spectacular! You should be proud, that's a strong virtue!"

>We paused for a moment, then asked plainly, "...Wanna come to this feast I got going back at my place? We could talk more, and you could meet my new friends yourself"
>"Uh... thanks, but no thanks", Watcher replied, "I'd rather keep what goes on between you and me between you and me, for now anyways"
>We rolled our eyes, "Oh I get it: you don't want anyone spilling the big secret you can spy on people using those Sprite Bots. You know Root probably already knows your big secret"
>That actually got Watcher to start laughing.
>Which started to turn a bit hysterical for a moment.
>He managed to calm himself down, and said, amused, "Trust me, she doesn't know any of my secrets worth knowing. Just knowing who I am is a secret, so I'm hoping you can understand how much it means that I'm revealing myself to you"
>We shrugged, "I guess? Well uh... I guess I'll be seeing you?"
>He replied, "not really, but I'll be seeing you plenty. We'll talk later"
>With that, Watcher's voice cut out and the sprite bot began to play patriotic music from Red Eye's station again, flying off.

>Virtues huh?
>Loyalty fits us, right? Unless you guys think we fit one of the other ones better? Or maybe we're something else?
>Eh, Loyalty is a good start at least.
>What kinda Virtue is laughter anyways?
lol, I'm pretty sure >>37120930 missed the part where we invited Calamity over, and was saying we should do that.

Anyway, virtues, huh? Loyalty, I can see the case for it, but I'm not sold yet. If you ask me, Laughter is something of a misnomer. Optimism would be a better fit, maybe even Resilience; the ability to go through the most horrendous shit and still be in high spirits, the one that the rest of the group clings to for hope that they're going to make it out.
Laughter is a painkiller and helps to mitigate fear in social animals it also improves bonds.
What he was talking about could also be called "Positivity" always looking on the bright side of life. Reggie might be compatible. In another time and place, Ditzy was compatible with Laughter.

There's a way to purge the radiation and taint from Equestria using them, that's why he is looking for those particular ones.
Oh, fine, just read her the whole fuckin' book, why don't you?
Not recently...
I don't get this crap about "the embodiment of Loyalty". Loyalty is great and useful when you have at least two mutually loyal parties, esp. under high uncertainty, when normal reciprocity doesn't work and betrayal seems to ve the best strategy. But what's the point of being the only loyal person in the room? Doesn't it defeat the purpose?
Skipped to a few random parts out of curiosity.
First I see them complain that FoE just "copypastes" from Fallout. Then I see them complain about alicorns because apparently the fact that they are stronger/have different powers than supermutants means the author was trying to "one up" Fallout. Pure retardation.
Really the fact that he goes paragraph by paragraph should tell you this person is an autist and not worth listening to.
ANON! That's supposed to be a secret! If we tell her all the cool stuff then how is she gonna learn about it on her own. What if she spills the beans to Red Eye on accident, you know how her lead tongue is.
>Angry mutiecorn glimmy
File: eye exam.gif (934 KB, 312x234)
934 KB
934 KB GIF
Don't worry, I can fix this. Grissy, please look right here.
>jew listens in on animal fucking
that sounds about right lmao.
Definitely to some degree , but remember that virtues aren't just personalities. Strength and leadership are virtues as well and you exemplify both. Maybe give it some thought at dinner. Ask your friends if you want because no one can give you a clearer answer without your own self-bias.
Personally, I don't have anything against the paragraph-by-paragraph format. The real problem is that they aren't paying enough attention to even understand what the characters are supposed to be doing at any point. If you're going to go over a story with a fine-toothed comb you should be thinking about it as much as possible, not as little.
nighty night bumperino.
Is it just me, or are we really bad at burying our past?
Give us a break man, we just started like a few days ago.
File: 2090825.png (1.93 MB, 3000x3000)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB PNG
the persepective makes it look like littlepip has weirdly gigantic hooves
>ywn jack off to a statue of your friends grandma
this is the end of me.
Wasn't sweetie belle her ancestor? That would make her grandaunt
File: 1615728401018.jpg (46 KB, 900x580)
46 KB
I wonder if Glimglam got mutiecorn'd in the FoE universe
I shudder to think there's a Starlight mutie out there. If she'd been around when FOE was written, she would have been the Goddess instead.
IMP would give her desire for equality the perfect tool to enforce sameness in the wastelands.One master. One race.
Of course not, Glimmer was never born in the FoE universe. That's why Equestria never prospered.
File: littleSoyPip.jpg (399 KB, 1000x800)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
She killed dozens..
She's the Tabitha stand-in, isn't she?
File: 1896501.png (334 KB, 1280x1037)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
With her robot friend "Sunburst"

>We grimaced, hard.
>Damnit, no, it's not just you 64, we genuinely are awful at burying our past.
>Our mannerisms, attitude, fucked up sleep depraved eyes, and so much else gives us away as a raider.
>I was hoping that our talon armor and regularly bathing would let us sell the cover story that we're a grizzled merc who's seen some serious shit to cover those red flags up, and to be fair, it's worked.
>But... between our lead tongue and the rock in our head we call a brain, that cover story falls apart the moment we grow close to someone, and we can't just threaten or intimidate them when they ask serious questions, or we need to lean on our experience as a raider.
>We've been lucky that the merry band of misfits we've built our gang out of are willing to overlook our rougher parts and our past to see our better parts, but... it's a trend that'll get us in trouble eventually.
>What really scares me is the thought of what happens if we're recognized as Reaper, or our past comes back to haunt us more directly. Watcher recognized us, after all.
>Do we just... keep forming bonds with others, build communities and all that crap, and hope like hell it all holds up when our past slams into it all like a sledgehammer?

>I dunno about optimism, we're just not afraid of much, confident, and we don't know how to quit. Maybe confidence is our Virtue?
>Nah, that still doesn't feel as right as Loyalty does
>Resilience? Strength? Leadership? Maybe... but Loyalty still feels equally as good
>That's a pretty good point, 41, Laughter is positivity, maybe Laughter and optimism are interchangeable, and laughter ended up being the official label for that really powerful Virtue because some nerd in a library wanted to feel all smart and controversial.
>Ugh, it was always annoying when Harvester insisted on using some weird term or word from a book to describe something just to sound smarter. A gun is a gun, not a "weapons platform" or whatever.
>Also, ha, nice try 41, but if you're gonna fuck with me, you gotta make it more convincing. Like the guy that suggested we invite Watcher, the robot to dinner, I honestly can't tell if that was a joke or not in hindsight

>Loyalty is a two way street, 93. You show a lottle loyalty to others, and look to see if they show it to you back. If someone shows you a little Loyalty, you make sure you return the favor. Being a loyal person doesn't mean blindly trusting everyone, it means knowing how to walk that two way street, and not get stabbed in the back.
>It also means being able and willing to punish those who take advantage of your loyalty and betray you.
>Our blood boiled just a little as the memory of Harvester was fresh in our head... fucking bitch. Everything we did before we let Reaper die? Building up that gang to put the Brigade's downfall into motion, the rage we felt when those two Brigade members shot one of their own in the back to save their own hides, all the effort that went into hunting down Harvester and taking her neck? That all stemmed from how much I value loyalty, and we'll devote just as much energy to tearing down any rat fuck bastard that would betray our own loyalty.

>"Uh... you okay, Grissy?", Dogmeat asked, trotting back up towards us with bulging saddlebags and bloody hooves.
>We jumped, quickly coming back to reality, as we replied, "Uh... yeah, why do you ask?"
>Dogmeat glanced towards where we'd been looking, "Because you look like you wanna murder that busted toaster over there"
>We glanced back at where we'd been looking, and sure enough, there was a busted toaster just sitting there among the rocks.
>We stepped over and shoved it in our bag, grunting, "Don't worry about it, you ready to go?"
>Dogmeat nodded, "We should have plenty for the stew, and then some. Next is getting that PipBuck, right?"
>We nodded, "right"
>We let Dogmeat get onto our back, and then took off, flying towards Ponyville.
>Sunburst leaves
>She breaks
>Finds work at the M.A.S. being the powerhouse she is
>At Maripony when the bombs fall
>Gets dunked
>Likes Unity
>Dyke blows up Goddess
>Wants Unity back
The Watcher isn't a robot, he just told you that. He accesses the spritebots to interact with ponies and try to find a group with the virtues he is looking for. He also can't leave his post or the enclave will blow up or disassemble the thing I was talking about... It would've been nice to invite him anyways, even if you know he wouldn't be able to attend.

We've got to introduce Root to him, it'd be fun to watch and completely harmless.
Mmm, radgator stew, now them's good eatin'.

>Do we just... keep forming bonds with others, build communities and all that crap, and hope like hell it all holds up when our past slams into it all like a sledgehammer?
Anyway, yeah, I'm not seeing much of an alternative, unless we want to cut all ties now and just go live in some run-down cottage in the middle of nowhere. Our best bet is probably to have as big a collection of friends and good deeds under our belt as we can before that comes down.

In other news, anyone else hope we get to do something violent when we find the pip-buck? I know today is supposed to be our day off, but fuck, it feels like it's been a month and a half since we killed something.

My personal headcanon with Glimmer is.

>She realizes Equestria is going to hell too late.
>All her friends either die or get missed
>Spends her last moments alive in a memory machine, trying to relive the good moments of her life.
>Somehow gets "frozen" in time
>200 years later.
>Some random unicorn finds the "Equality Manifesto" and decides to larp as Starlight to establish equality in the wasteland.
>Eventually the unicorn meets the real Starlight
>file image
That doesn't end well.
File: nuts.jpg (15 KB, 300x168)
15 KB
that's an interesting premise for a foe story featuring communist propaganda.

>"me name fish."
"Do yuO WAnNA bE m-"
>"NO. You fat asian fuck, show me your nuts."
"Oh..." *unzips dick*
>"...that's disgusting." *unzips baton*
We’re in dragon claw territory, fucko
>that's disgusting
Code word for she isn't drunk enough. She fucks everything when she's got enough booze in her blood.
>We keep walking. They occasionally rub their arms or hands, shivering in the cold.
>It hurts to bend my fingers, so I can only imagine how bad they have it.
>I peek at the map here and there.
>We're walking around in the middle of the night, sneaking around (literally) fucking raiders, it's freezing cold and on top of that the darkness is really starting to get to me.
>This is really iffy. I hate it.
>Trip over a chunk of rubble and almost fall.
"Ugh, shit…"
>Muhammad walks beside me. "You should turn on your light."
"Oh, right."
>Press and hold INV, the light returns.
>Can still see the shadows of tendril looking things across my vision.
"Hey, David?"
>He turns to me. "Yeh, what's up?"
"What are these spaghetti looking shadows?"
>He focuses on my light for a moment. "Sta'm, Fog, it catches the light a little and it looks like this."
"Oh okay."
>We finally reach the intersection with the main street. Turning left, we walk past rubble, wagons and a concrete separation barrier that runs down the middle.
>David puffs. "I don't see anything. I think we should jog this part."
>I like running.
"Sure, let's go."
>Muhammad sighs. "Faster we get there, faster we get back."
>We all break into a light jog, David in front and me in the middle.
>The cold air bites my face and snakes into my ears and nostrils.
>The backpack weighs on me hard and it's not long before my legs are in agony.
>It only takes a couple minutes before I stop, sweating and panting.
"Okay, guys… I need a moment."
>David isn't even remotely winded, neither is Muhammad.
>He walks past me. "You okay?"
>The cold air freezes and dries my throat.
"My head hurts and my throat is sore."
>David walks over to us. "We can walk until you catch your breath, but don't stop."
>I nod and we start walking again.
>After a little while, David comes next to me points at the watch.
>Bring up map.
>We're somewhere at the half way up this street.
>"I think we should jog a little further and turn north eh…" He points to a left turn somewhere ahead. "Here."
"Dude, I can't jog all that way."
>"Of course you can, it's good for you."
>I frown.
"Easy for you to say, you don't have a ten pound backpack weighing you down."
>"Give me, I'll carry it for you."
"Sure, here."
>I pass him the backpack and he puts it on. "Now we can speed up a bit, right?"
>Not that I want to, but being out here in the cold and darkness isn't very fun. Muhammad is right, faster this is done, faster we get back.
>I sigh.
"Yes, alright."
>We all break into a light jog again. My legs feel like a ton has been lifted off of them.
>Jog for about a minute. This is way easier without the bag.
>Suddenly David stops and I bump into him by mistake.
"What happened?"
>"Shh." He pulls me down by the shoulder and we crouch.
>Muhammad does the same behind us. "What's wrong?"
>"Those lights up ahead." David points at a wagon.
"That's a wagon."
>"Behind it, gao'n."
>There's a raspy growl of something ahead. It sounds close, very close.
"Shit, what was that?"
>My whisper comes out shaky.
>"Lights off."
>We turn off all our lights. I can't see my hand in front of my face.
>I hear movement around me. David's voice comes from somewhere in front. "Come here, look."
>I try to move up behind him, but in this pitch blackness I have to use my hands to feel around the ground.
>Finally make it and lean behind him.
>There are two ponies, like the ones before, except these ones are glowing brightly from openings in their hide. One is blue, the other pink.
>I can only see David by the feint reflection of their lights on his glasses. "Akhi, I think they are eating someone."
>I look closer. In their lights, the body of a human is just barely visible.
"Oh god, oh fuck man… that's disgusting. What do we do?"
>He keeps looking. "There's a gun next to the body, we need it."
>Yes, we do need guns.
"How are you planning to get it?"
>"Remember it for tomorrow, I guess. They're distracted now, we can just-"
>There's a raspy growl from somewhere behind us. We whirl around to see a bright orange pony with torn hide and no coat standing atop a wagon, rasping death at us from a glowing maw.
>It pounces on Muhammad. He gets knocked to the ground, but rolls on top of the creature and pins it down while it screeches at him and tries to bite his arms and kick him off.
"Kill that fucking thing!"
>David runs up and grabs Muhammad's machete, kicking the creature in the face and stabbing the knife through its eye socket before kicking it again.
>Muhammad takes the knife and they both back away from it as it convulses a little and stops.
"Is it dead?"
>I… I'm shaking.
>Muhammad wipes the blade on the creature's leg. "Think so."
>David recoils as a blue one pounces from above me. The pink one follows suit, leaping at Muhammad.
>Neither succeeds, as both of them dodge. The blue one rears up to kick David, but he grabs it and throws it to the ground. The pink one attempts to buck Muhammad with its hindlegs, but he steps aside and slices it with his machete, prompting a wail of pain from the creature.
>Neither creature is deterred by the fight they are putting up. Quickly rolling back up when they're thrown and shrugging off any damage they take.
>Finally Muhammad slices deep into the skull of one creature and it goes still. David throws the other against a wagon with a loud metal thud before bringing his heel down on its head and crushing it, splattering fluorescent blood and brains all over the ground.
>David pants. "Fuck, everyone okay?"
>Muhammad spits on the corpse of the one he killed. "Stupid dogs."
>He chuckles. "Are you hurt?"
>"La'a, I'm fine."
>He looks at me. "You?"
>I did nothing.
>I did nothing to help the whole time and just watched these two fend off creatures twice their size without taking a scratch.
"I feel like shit but I'm not injured."
>"Alright, get up and walk it off."
>I shake my head and rise to my feet.
>David turns his light on again and we follow him.
>Walk around the wagon and over to the corpse the two creatures were eating before.
>Lying face down on the asphalt is a half-eaten human corpse. I'm nauseated at the sight of the legs which are stripped to the bone at parts, there's a pool of dried blood beneath it. It's completely bloodied, but a blue Kevlar vest and uniform are apparent.
>David walks over near the head of the body and picks up the gun.
>"Holy shit, an original Uzi!" He inspects the weapon. The black paint has fallen off in some parts and there are scratches all over it. The folding stock is halfway extended.
"Cool, can we go before any more of them show up?"
>"Wait, maybe he has ammo."
>He gets down near the corpse and starts digging through its pockets and vest. "Yesh! Two extended magazines!"
>He starts taking off the Kevlar vest. "I hope we can sell this. Who wants to wear it for now?" He holds it up. On the back, SECURITY is written in bold yellow letters.
>Muhammad cringes at the bloodied vest. "La'a."
>Realize my earbuds are still on.
>Bring up phone to see what's playing: Soft Static ASMR - 2 Hour Version.
"Why do I even have this?"
>"Okay, I'll wear it then." He puts down the backpack and straps on the vest.
>Tap options -> delete.
>STRAFE® Plague immediately starts playing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD4SG-TvbWE
>Before I can switch it, Muhammad grabs the bag. "We need to go."
>David raises a brow before an expression of terror etches on his face as he looks behind me.
>I turn.
>More of the glowing ponies are sitting on top of the nearby wagons or amidst the rubble, staring at us, a faintly glowing liquid drooling from their mouths.
>I freeze. My legs tense up so hard it feels like they're turning to stone.
>Suddenly I feel David grab my hand. "RUN!" He pulls me and the three of us bolt.
>I hear a series of rasped screeches as the zombies give chase.
>I never ran this fast in my life. Despite the music, I can hear their screams as their hooves pound the pavement behind us, their glow reflecting on the road ahead.
>David calls out. "CHECK THE MAP!"
>It's not easy, but I manage to press the button between my running and flailing.
>It sounds like I'm about to cry, but I don't care. We're not likely to survive this anyway.
>The fucking what?
>He vaults the concrete separator without slowing at all.
>Muhammad slows down a bit before it, but also vaults it without an issue.
>I can't do parkour.
>Stop almost completely as I reach it and climb over it. I don't make it over entirely before one catches up and pounces. It knocks me to the pavement, bruising me hard and landing on top of me.
>I look into its glowing features, an iridescent, livid face of purple. It growls at me, its face inches from mine.
>This is how it ends then? I always hoped it would be a bullet, quick, if painful. But this… this is beyond cruel. To be EATEN ALIVE? SERIOUSLY?!
>God doesn’t exist, if he did shit like this wouldn't happen.
>Suddenly there's the sound of a building getting demolished and the creature swivels its head around to look.
>Time slows. This is my chance!
>Reach for my knife. As the creature turns back to face me I jab the blade into its eye, it lets out a shriek before I push it further, making it go limp.
>As I get up, I notice what made the noise. A tremendous creature, similar in shape to the ponies, towers over the street glowing multiple colors from its body. The glow is bright enough to illuminate its surroundings, the husks of buildings are visible to each of its sides, and it stands as tall as their second floors.
>Its head has no face, it has no hide, it… it's just an amalgam. It's a bunch of these glowing zombies shoved together into the vague shape of a much larger one.
>It has so many eyes all over, on its legs, torso and head. I can see legs jutting from its form, kicking out seemingly at random. Maws across its form snap and bite, oozing with glowing saliva.
>It's looking at me. With that many eyes, how could it not be?
>"BRO, LET'S GO!" David grabs my shoulder and pulls me, Muhammad does the same on my other side. "RUN!"
>We run up the street, the creature behind us erupts in a cacophony of rasping calls that forms into a thunderous roar.
>I hear rubble being crushed as it gives chase. The street gradually brightens as its body illuminates it from behind us.
>"Muhammad!" David calls out. "I have an Idea!"
>"What?" Muhammad shouts.
>"Give me an explosive, quick!"
>Muhammad, without stopping, takes off the backpack and pulls out one of the cans. Strapping it back on, he tosses the can to David.
>Suddenly the sound of an explosion deafens us as the whole street is engulfed in a pink light.
>I throw a glace back to see the massive creature shrieking, one of its legs catching fire briefly.
>David looks too. "He stepped on a wagon! So they do explode!"
>We keep running a bit further, but suddenly David stops near a wagon and opens the back of it.
>The creature has recovered and is continuing towards us, albeit a bit slower.
"David, c'mon! It's coming, man!"
>He messes with the wires a bit. "How do you arm this?"
>Muhammad rushes to his side. "Here, twist the wires like this. Put it here!" They slam the back of the wagon shut before rushing to my side.
>We keep running.
>"C'mon, c'mon!" David exclaims.
>We reach an intersection blocked on all sides by rubble. A single wagon sits on one side. Dead end, we couldn't climb over this if we were ninjas.
"SHIT! What now?"
>David turns around. "Pray."
>Muhammad puffs. "Allah Akbar."
>Nothing happens (not big surprise).
>The creature skirts around the rigged wagon.
Blackjack = Jack Harkness
>"Allah Akbar!" He shouts, and this time the wagon explodes. The fire catches the creature in the rump, prompting a gradual buildup of raspy screeches that soon form into another deafening roar.
>A building that was near the wagon collapses, cutting off our last venue of escape, the exact same street we came from.
>We're blocked in here with that thing.
>The next song starts playing without my input. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G5VvQpEZeI
>David straightens out the stock of the Uzi. "Well, shit! Muhammad, rig that wagon! We got ten seconds before it goes off, when it does, we gotta make sure the creature is on top of it. GO!"
>Muhammad bolts in the direction of the wagon as David opens fire on the towering monster.
>Some of its mouths screech as the bullets hit it.
>He only shoots two or three bullets every second. The creature, completely undeterred, starts pacing towards us and we maneuver to avoid it.
"Dude, just mag-dump into that thing!"
>"Bullets don't hurt it, I'm just distracting it!" Suddenly he stops as the gun makes a loud empty *chck*.
>"Shit, I gotta reload! Give me some cover!"
>I holster my knife and pull out my handgun.
>Running off to one side, I open fire on it to get its attention.
>I feel like I'm about to vomit, and it takes all I got to aim despite my shaking hands, but the target is thankfully hard to miss.
>The creature paces towards me. I back away when I suddenly trip over a chunk of concrete, landing on my ass.
>The creature's maws growl as Muhammad runs at it, machete in hand. He slices at the limbs jutting from its hindleg, prompting another slow building maelstrom of screeches that makes my bowls weaken.
>It tries to kick Muhammad, but he runs just out of reach in the nick of time. "Come here kalb ungabiu'n!"
>It turns to him as I rise to my feet.
"Careful, it's pissed!"
>Somehow it manages to jump over to where Muhammad is, landing with a thunderous slam and making the ground shake beneath us. Muhammad falls and places his hands over his head as the wagon explodes right under the belly of the creature.
>All its mouths roar in unison as flames lick its belly, the shockwave and shrapnel send chunks of it splattering across the ground and nearby rubble, painting them with multiple colors of glowing viscera.
"Yeah, take that, you walking epilepsy trigger!"
>It throws itself to the side, rolls on the ground and gets back on its massive 'hooves', the flames die almost instantly. It roars angrily, its numerous eyes glaring at all three of us at once.
>No, nononono NO! That was the only wagon here!
>David opens fire on it from the other side, Muhammad uses the opportunity to get up and run to me.
>"Quick, we need idea!"
"What can we do?"
>"Explosion did damage, but he is not dead. Maybe we can hurt him more!"
>"More explosions!"
"But that was the only wagon here, and that was our last IED!"
Not really. Didn't she diddle a filly in Speak?
Not yet. The author was playing will-they-won’t they until the last couple chapters, and she’s currently in a coma.
>Muhammad looks at the creature and his eyes go wide. "He's killing David! Quick, shoot him!"
"WHAT?! Why would I shoot David?"
>I open fire again and the creature rears up and whirls around, landing with a pair of stomps that make the ground quake and some of the rubble from above come tumbling down behind us.
>The slide locks open.
>I pull out the magazine and put it in my pocket, pulling out the fresh one. Before I can load it the creature is almost on top of me.
>I sprint between its legs and away from it. Muhammad does the same in another direction.
>Load mag.
>There's a weird icon next to the ammo counter, but I ignore it.
>David is standing off to one side, gun pointed forwards.
>He doesn't move at all.
>Nothing. He must be frozen with fear.
>I run over to him and try to grab him, shake him out of it.
>My hands go through him as if he was thin air.
>I freeze. He doesn't blink, or move, or anything really.
"D- david?"
>Muhammad hits my shoulder. "Look!"
>I turn to see the creature, its many legs kicking and maws snapping as David scales up the side of its hindleg.
>"No idea, habibi, He's insane!"
>I shoot at the creature's head, hoping to distract it. It works and it turns towards us, but the limbs upon its back still try to kick David off of it as he makes his way toward its neck.
>As it slowly moves to close the distance between us, Muhammad puts down the backpack and kneels beside it, before pulling out a Molotov.
"Are you going to burn it?"
>He fidgets with the battery and wires. "No, I am going to burn them."
>I look around me. I hadn't noticed, but we drew an audience. All atop the surrounding rubble stand more of the glowing zombies, snarling and rasping at us.
>Why aren't they just coming down to attack?
>Muhammad ignites the rag and throws the bottle. It lands on a jagged bit of concrete and breaks with a loud sound before a puddle of flames ignites upon the rubble. Two of them catch fire and the rest recoil or outright run away.
>I turn to look at the creature again just as David forces his arm into a mouth on its neck. He pulls his hand out and a chunk of the creature explodes, showering David with glowing blood.
>The creature shrikes in protest before shaking itself violently, sending David down to the ground like a ragdoll. He lands on his back on the rubble and rolls down with a cloud of dust trailing behind him.
>The creature makes one last deafening roar and bolts, kicking an entire wall of rubble clear out of the road as it runs away, its maws still screaming in protest.
>The rest of them disperse as well, along with all the light they cast.
>The suffocating darkness and deafening silence are back in an instant, as my earbuds fell out of my ears at some point during the fight. All I can hear is ringing from the noises.
>I turn my light on and we quickly run to him.
>He struggles to rise with a loud grunt. "Kus-emek, that's going to hurt tomorrow."
>Muhammad kneels beside him and lifts him up. "I have no words for what you did just now."
>David laughs. "Me neither."
"Well I do."
>They both look at me as I count them off.
"Awesome, Brave, Stupid and Suicidal; especially the last one."
>He laughs again. "I was hoping to hit something important with that grenade."
>Muhammad chuckles. "That was very dangerous, but it did work. Good job."
>David takes a few shaky steps forward. "Okay, let's find that plane."
"Are you sure you're okay?"
>"Keh, I'll walk it off, don't worry."
>I won't lie, I wish I was half as awesome as either of them, but at least I did something this time. Speaking of…
"Should we check the map?"
>"Yes, let's do that."
What would happen if you put two on? What would happen if you put one on each leg? We should try that before we give it to Root.
Assuming nothing interesting like spell field overlap causing an explosion, they can either detect it and only one will function, or they can't and we get Z-fighting HUD elements.
Inventory spells overlap causing all your items to disappear into the void.
Finally, someone who else who is getting annoyed by that.
>someone who else who
File: 1616823754853.png (662 KB, 1080x1053)
662 KB
662 KB PNG
damn bro tat's pretty wild
BJ never diddled a foal.
Where did this meme come from?
It's a sequel by another other, but the author of PH edits for it.
In essence, it's "Blackjack and her 14-year-old therapist take a road trip to Pony Portland". As of where the story is, no diddling has occurred, but, well, Blackjack is Blackjack.
To her jilling herself off to Scotch Tape banging grown stallions somewhere in the last few chapters.
>A fanicfic about a fanfic of a fanfic.
Someone write a spinoff about the sequel of the side story of the crossover!
That deserves one more layer, given G4 is just Faust's canonized fanfic.
File: 1445817131176.png (75 KB, 520x221)
75 KB
>Fallout Equestria Project Horizons Sparks is a fanfiction of Fallout Equestria Project Horizons which is a fanfiction of Fallout Equestria which is a crossover fanfiction of the Fallout game series, originally an homage to Interplay's "Wasteland", and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, the brainchild of a fan of the original My Little Pony Series.
So not only are we 4 layers deep into pure fanfiction but on top of that we have a crossover of two properties created as "sanctioned fanfiction"
And don't forget that Fallout itself is a mosaic of two different creative visions too. FO 1 and 2 vs 3 and 4 are like night and day.
I'm pretty sure that Scotch was fucking Crusaders, and mostly girls (something about a rubber-handled screwdriver). When she did try a grown-ass stallion on for size, the only reason Blackjack didn't murder him on the spot was because Scotch was on top.
bedtime boop

>We'll have to give it a try
>More of a good thing is always better, right?

>Yeah, I figured that would be the nice thing to do too, that's why I went along with it either way.
>I wouldn't exactly call us a nice person, but... I'm trying not to act like an asshole unless someone tries to flex on us or threaten us or whatever.
>and I knew he wasn't a robot by that point, I'm not that dense, but I figured he'd show up with a bot since that's how he was talking to us in the first place.
>Unless he lives in Old Appleloosa... huh, well I THINK we would've asked about that if he accepted, which he didn't, so whatever.
>We'll have to listen for Watcher's voice while traveling around.

Current Quests:
--Hero's(?) Journey:
-Find a Purpose in Life
-Meet DJ Pony
-Meet Red Eye
-Find the place where you were enslaved for most of your childhood (Optional)
-Check out the town from your late childhood (Optional)
-Figure out your Virtue (Optional)
-Meet Watcher (Optional)

>Oh cool, thanks PipBuck, way to keep our priorities arbitrarily straight.
>We fiddled with the buttons a bit
>Oh, shit, we can actually edit the quest entries, make some manually, and turn off "automatic tracking"
>We stared at the quest screen for a second, before shrugging and switching off the screen for now.
>We'll just let the PipBuck do it's thing for quest tracking, it's done good so far.

>I'd kinda like some action too, not gonna lie.
>Talons crossed
>Thankfully, the dark rain clouds made it much darker despite it being day, so we could stealthily fly over Ponyville as we tracked down our target.
>We would find said target inside an old pub in the town. It was a two story building on a street corner deeper within town. A fire barrel burned out front, with three small fry raiders hanging out around it, and a fourth wearing a different getup, definitely raider, but hard to make out from where we were up in the air above. Around back a small fry raider mare was playing with a pack of several dogs, rolling around in the dirt with them. There was also a balcony on the left side of the second floor, with two guards hanging out on it, but luckily it had a awning, so they didn't see us directly above. The pub had a cellar entrance out back, as well as a back door, and of course the front and balcony doors. All the windows are boarded up.

>Dogmeat said, "Let me deal with the dogs, okay?"
>We grunted, "I don't even have a plan yet, man"
>Dogmeat pressed, "I don't care, let me deal with the dogs"
>We raised an eyebrow, glancing back at him, "What? You don't like dogs or something?"
>He actually looked a little offended at our question, but shrugged it off, "The opposite, actually. I love animals, I'm something of an animal whisperer, I got the cutie mark and everything to prove it"
>His cutiemark IS a wolf's fang, so...
>We nodded, "alright, I'll try to give you a chance to... whisper to the dogs, or whatever, in whatever plan I come up with"

>Plan... plan...
>Preferably, I'd like for us to get a glance around at what's inside the pub before we start kicking ass and taking necks, so keep that in mind.
>Otherwise, let's enjoy ourselves a good, FUN kinda fight!
To the south of Ponyville there's a mountain that breaches the clouds, he lives there. It might have a name, don't remember.

The one wearing a different getup might be a leader or a hostage.
Think throwing a rock will get them to go investigate?
Hmmm. Exactly how good is Dogmeat with dogs? "Stay here and kill everything that comes out that door" good? How much time does he need, and can the guards on the balcony see the pen?
It explains why we like Dogmeat so much, raiders allegedly being wild animals and all that.
Does he want his colleague, the dog mare, too, or she's ours to play? It's hard to tell from your description, but it sounds vaguelly like she's alone. So if Dogmeat can control the dogs, nobody will notice if we'll capture and interrogate her .
What do you think about a diplomatic solution? Like you did with Jawbreaker's group: kill the stupid ones, intimidate the clever ones, take what we need and walk away. Would it be it more or less safe than a more direct approach?
What explosives do we have?
Just the grenades, 4 of 'em, as I recall. If we can get Dogmeat into position safely, I think we should make a flyby of the balcony and drop one off with them on our way to the front. Or, if we don't mind finding out who the odd mare out is from her corpse instead of asking, we could set Dogmeat down on the blind wall, get up to the roof, drop some grenades on the gang out front, and close-quarters assault the balcony.

I feel like we're short-hooved for this one: two ground-level doors, the balcony, and the cellar makes for a lot of directions people can come from. Guess we'll just have to move fast and keep the momentum before they figure out what the fuck's going on.
Yeah, I think this is as good as we're going to get, unless somebody else is seeing something I'm not.
>If we can get to the dog pen undetected, grab the raider and get her talking while Dogmeat makes some friends. If not, drop him off around the corner.
>Fly up to roof, drop a pair of grenades out front, blast Dogmeat's queue to hit the dog pen and do his thing.
>Guards on balcony will be looking towards the front, drop in behind them and sneaky beaky birdy their throats.
After that, I'm torn. Do we want to do a 2-point above/below breach like the police station, or one of us covers one door while the other assaults to catch anybody that tries to run for it?
Have you ever fucked a dog, Grissy? And I'm not talking about Dogmeat. The real thing?
>If we can get to the dog pen undetected, grab the raider and get her talking while Dogmeat makes some friends.
Would be nice to see if they have some loot stashed away where we wouldn't normally find it just tossing the place.
We are one classy schizophrenic case.
Still a step up from dead kids.
>Preferably, I'd like for us to get a glance around at what's inside the pub before we start kicking ass and taking necks

No chance we can just walk in and order a drink, is there?
It’s stupid, but it might be possible. We can pull off the look of a Talon that doesn’t give a fuck if she’s not getting paid. Walk up, not openly hostile but definitely not to be fucked with, and ask if the bar’s open. Good odds the other raider is from whatever clan runs these parts, so she ought to be able to wrangle any tards among them.
Still risky, but as long as we make ourselves not worth the trouble of picking a fight with, we might be able to make it work.
I'm confused if you think fucking dogs is a step above killing kids, or if nonconsensual cuddling is. Also what brought up dead kids?
Oh, you're new here. Odd, didn't know we could do that. We had a, eh, debate last time we were in Ponyville.
Not gonna lie I completely forgot that half of this schizo democratic brain hemorrhage wanted to fuck Pip's corpse.
We've really come a long way, huh? Almost working like a real team, fighting the Good Fight, having sensible sex with an absolute stud.
I'm not an expert on ethics or comparative axiology, but, corner cases aside, killing kids makes one party dead, consensual cuddling makes one party unhappy, and fucking dogs leaves both parties alive, happy, satisfied and bonded. The ordering seems clear.
What would you guys say are the most baffling things in the original fic? The things that leave you scratching your head and wondering what they added to the story, or why Kkat felt they needed to be included. (The porn chapter doesn't count.)
File: whattheytookfromyou.png (653 KB, 2900x2100)
653 KB
653 KB PNG
Pip's lesbianism.
Maybe i wouldn't dislike FoE so much if it were true.
But no, we are not allowed to have good things.
Velvet not dying
Bitch had it coming.
The whole soul jar and soul thing. It's basically established that there's some innate powers inside living beings that's referred to as souls asmd that it can be manipulated, but that's where the plot point is left hanging. I would have hoped there's something like a confirmed afterlife in the original story.
My guy that's all backwards. Killing kids makes one party happy, consensual cuddling makes all sides content, and fucking dogs tenderizes the meat.

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