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File: IMG_20210530_224218_453.jpg (509 KB, 640x2400)
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Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. New stories and art welcome!
Any type of transformation into ponies, dragons, gryphons, changelings, draconequus, etc., whether OC or canonical, & Anonponies of all shapes and sizes.
Want to be the little pony? This is the thread for you.

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Below are some suggested writing prompts.

>A pill of questionable legality is now available. Taking one results, over the course of a minute or so, in a complete transformation into a little pony lasting twelve hours. The caveats are twofold: First there is no way to predict in the appearance that will result, pegasus, unicorn or earth pony; stallion or mare. Secondly taking two pills within a day renders the transformation permanent.

New Beginnings:
>Congratulations, you get the chance to live in Ponyville as a pony, but there’s a catch: you’ve been turned into a young filly or colt. You’ll be raised by two loving parents but treated as a child. You haven’t lost any of your human memories but may find yourself slipping into the role and acting more childishly as a side effect of the transformation.

Chat in https://discord.gg/tfAjenN

Previous Thread:
>It was actually happening,
>after all these years of wanting it to happen!
>You were terrified beyond belief as muscles spasmed and bones shortened
>You had no idea what to do
>You had no plan, no one to stay with
>No money or place to hide
>You weren't even sure how it was happening or if it would finish
>After a single day you couldn't walk bipedally
>but you couldn't walk quadrupedally yet either
>your bones make crinkling noises when you moved that terrified you
>your fur itched as it came in
>your large eyes gave you a massive headache, was it pressing against your brain?
>You should have gone to the emergency room sooner
>But you were scared what they would do to you
>when it felt like the bottom half of your face was pushing out you finally caved
>you made an emergency call
>Maybe you'd get lucky and they'd just shoot you on sight
>You finished transforming into your new pony self quarantined and under heavy surveillance
>After seven days of pushing the food tray through the door they initialized first protected contact
>They rubbed you behind the ears and promised you they'd help
>You cried in relief when they sponge bathed your body
>Slowly, gradually, after dozens of tests over weeks you felt someone else's bare touch again
>The nice men in lab coats were super nice to you
>They promised they would try to cure you
>Cure you? But you had hooves now!
"No thanks. I want to stay this way."
>They obviously want to study you anyway.
>From what you heard the entire contents of your life was sealed, gutted and meticiulously examined
>On the plus side, you got some of your old stuff back; mostly books and movies
>No computer, no contact with the outside
>One day a man you had never seen before comes into your room
>They figured out how it happened and try to explain it to you, ask you questions
>They know how to undo it, but it's been already been too long for you: you were exposed for too long
>Not only that, but they know how to replicate the process, even speed it up
>The applications of inducinfg transformations are terrifying
>Of course this 'recipe' escapes the lab because humans can't keep a secret
>So do pictures of you on one of your 'recesses' playing with one of your nicer 'handlers'.
>You found out the 'recipe' got leaked and who leaked it because one day you just never saw him again
>You 'earned' cable TV because you were too depressed and you needed more distractions
>After a while you noticed there wasn't ever any news on
>You knew why too
>People are out there TFing in freedom: flying, doing magic, running in the plains
>But not you,
>You were patient zero
>You were the source of pon-e
>And you're stuck in here performing block puzzle tests
Well that got depressing fast...
>discord link
Go back.
I’d prefer to be a stallion
That's a much tougher role to fulfill
Do you have any idea how many mares there are? You're easily outnumbered 20:1. When estrus comes around do you think you can sate all that horsepussy?
File: 2617692.jpg (224 KB, 1280x721)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
is there anything worse than pony-> dragon tf? how hard would you punt Twilight Spikle?
It's a hard job, but somepony has to do it else equestria would fall apart.
>Science TF into the little mare
>Go into heat
>Master who TFed you fucks you
>You get pregnant
>You, a mare, give birth to a human baby
"Oh gawd what the fuck. How do I even feed this thing. Master, help!"
>Human-turned-mares and a human-turned-stallions reproduce
>Their offspring s are foals
>Except for some couples something doesn't quite go right and they produce health human babies
How unethical would it be to go ahead and transform them?
Even if they're living among a small commune of ponies?
Would it be wrong to use them to gather intel on the outside?
Should it be a choice they make when they become an adult to become a pony like their parents and peers?
File: Guard.png (132 KB, 426x561)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
You shan't shoulder this burden alone my brother, you have my spear.
No homo
Is an "old" sketch actually, im compiling a folder with all of the aces tfs all of the ones i can find
>third thread
>still the same OP picture
And people wonder why these threads are so unpopular.
Feel free to nominate a better OP image for the next thread any time you want to.
Anything that doesn't imply the forceful removal of certain organs if you catch my drift.
I found it in his sketch compilation. Good luck, Anon. I'm very interested to see them if there are any of his TFs that I haven't seen yet.
Why don't you provide some stallion tf pictures that haven't been used for the OP before?
not everyone can be a pretty mare/stallion. there has to be some average and even ugly ponies
Statistically most mares and stallions are very cute. You got like a 98% success rate for CUTE.
File: 1622609137265.jpg (72 KB, 720x721)
72 KB

the perfect mare
Is it ethical to tf a newborn baby
>discord ad still in the OP
good job nigger
if its sfw then yes it's ethical
everyone wants to have a normal pony childhood
This is what i have until now, still waiting for the rest of the fine print pics Theres furry and anthro
>(you)'re one wish was to be a pony in equestria
>one day
>get your wish
>become a pony in equestria!
>land on some random dirt path in some random town
>get excited
>rush to the nearest reflective surface
>it's a window pane in a busy store
>you're... hideous
>an ugly stallion in fact
>this isn't supposed to happen
>everypony else got to be a handsome stallion or a pretty mare
>but not you
>celestia decided you were the one to be transformed ugly
>but... this was supposed to be my reformation... to have a happy life and start a family with the mare of his dreams

>will anon find love?
Don't forget to upload them to twi/poner.
>1723 files

Or anywhere that lets me download a whole folder without paying $90.
>become poner
>voice is so cute and feminin it actually kinda turns you on
>this is particularly embarrassing, because holy shit, you're a pervert getting off on your own voice somehow
>try not to talk too much around people
>the lack of practice, and the horse shaped mouth, mean you have a hard time enunciating words, and have to practice in private in front of a mirror to try and make yourself sound more mature
>after practice you're feeling a little better, until your owner asks what vtuber you were watching, becuase they sounded super cute and their english was a mess
Mmm, good point.
That is literal hell to me, please no. Happy all the time about everything always? Fuck me -no-. That's not a life, that's a fucking mental illness.
File: Horsi-min.png (2.85 MB, 3000x2673)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB PNG
I spent some dough for a neat commission from Urban Qhoul for my Silver Spoon Isekai fimfic. It was done was fairly quick as well. Thought I'd share. Next chapter is still in progress.
That's some damn nice art.
I think fertility is a bit unrealistic
File: ptfg.png (685 KB, 619x700)
685 KB
685 KB PNG
Cute and valid vibes in the OP
I wouldn't even mind going back full circle to IRC.
>check the old rizon channel
>topic still has "No spoilers for 24 hours."
Yeah, like it or not, the Discord is the only thing that's active besides the thread, and is probably the best way of bringing in fresh blood.
>the Discord is the only thing that's active besides the thread
The problem with the discord is that it's no longer "the thread chatroom". It's a well known fact that discord is its own thing and breeds its own circlejerks, and this is absolutely no exception. It's not just some chatroom anyone from the thread can pop into - it's a collection of discord trannies sitting there and occasionally leaking back into the thread, leading to absolutely atrocious posts more than half the time (from posting borderline furfag fetish tf pics, to spamming admin OC drama or whatever).

>and is probably the best way of bringing in fresh blood.
Fresh blood to what, the thread? I don't think so, I don't know how it is in the ptfg discord but in general from my experience migration from discords to threads isn't a widespread phenomenon (hence so many threads just die when a discord is made), and when it does happen the quality is often awful. It's honestly better to wane and become smaller and less active, than to subsist by attracting a bunch of discord trannies.
nothing Homo about two bros plowing mares together
At the end of the day theres still changelings if i'm that desperate for love, just being a pony would be enough for at least a little while, and theres not much that some TLC cant fix.
Tender Loving Care or Totally Lost Cause?
Congratulations, the purpose of your entire existence is to have a two second interaction with the M6 (most likely Rarity) for a shitty gag
It also inevitably leads to the groups becoming off topic messes. Have seen it happen to the /foe/ group up to the point where most of them say that they no longer frequent the thread at all and do whatever. And even better, there's a good portion of users who have never been on /mlp/ to begin with. That's not the crowd you want associate with when you want to keep the thread going.
File: Eye twitch.gif (1.66 MB, 400x363)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB GIF
The former.
In a world of magic and benevolent destiny the chances of being irrevocably unattractive are essentially nil, you'd have your two-second interaction with Rarity >>37074748 who'd immediately G-AA-AA-SP! and suplex you into the nearest spa while screaming "EMERGENCY!"
Construction noises like drills, hammers and power saws would emanate from the building as it bounces around like pinkie on a sugar rush before the door would open with a cloud of smoke that reveals (you) standing there as a handsome stallion, with Rarity levitating her business card to you as she walks back to the mane6.
why can't you let me dream that ugly ponies can find love
File: 13526.gif (456 KB, 333x230)
456 KB
456 KB GIF
Because, as we all know, ponies are shallow creatures that only care about appearances.
>You emerge from the "Fashion Emergency"
>For the first time since you woke up innequestria you actually feel happy
>faust knows what is in that spa but it certainly worked
>QT mare strikes up a conversation with you as you walk back towards your shitty little apartment
>"Hey, you maybe wanna come grab a bite to eat? I don't think I've seen you around town before"
>You take a moment to think

>3 years later
>You cradle the small crying bundle in your forelegs
>your firstborn child
>You can't help but cry happily as Lilyblossom lies in the bed asleep
>The white unicorn who set this whole journey in motion sits across from you
>"Darling, I am honoured you'd ask me to be her godmother."
>You owe it all to her, it's the least you could do
No, more like Rarity would flirt with you to make you lend her a bit then run back away to badger Fluttershy or whatever the friendship lesson setup of the day is.
File: haha you're a pone.png (124 KB, 839x584)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
The other ponies should launch a rescue mission and install the first pony as their god.
Once you get to be the little filly you're initially incredibly aroused and embarrassed about your new mommy nursing you (she also used to be human). But after the first few sessions the horny disappears and you just love the intimacy and how she pats your back afterwards to make you burp and you love cuddling up with her afterwards and napping with "Mom".
Baby filly tier is something I'd do if it was the cost to pay to be a pony, but I really don't find it appealing.
How would it even work with your mind? Would you be an adult-minded baby swearing like a sailor from birth and letting go of the teat to call passers-by niggers, plus full motor coordination and all that? That'd be a really disturbing sight. Or would you keep your mind but be "locked in" into a baby body with limited capabilities somehow? That sounds like a shitty experience, not being able to talk or walk or do anything at all really.
File: _.gif (322 KB, 398x535)
322 KB
322 KB GIF
>Other ponies launch a rescue mission.
>Consists of organising "The biggest sleep over ever" and raiding the facility you're in.
>Magic makes getting everyone in undetected complete foals play but they inevitably trigger an alarm.
>Guards turn up to investigate to find a bunch of poners with sleeping bags, a pile of snacks right up to the ceiling and every pony taking turns hugging (you)
>youtube comment tier post
4chan nowadays is basically the old youtube comments section so it fits.
The Learning Channel
God imagine a TLC documentary about petponies
Cunt and bait vibes in this post.
That'd be a Newfoal-from-TCB-Setting-Things-Right-tier pony - a brainless zombie that immediately tries to murder anyone it has been programmed to consider the enemy. So, no.
This is the most wholesome solution. Thank you. I want to believe this now.
>Guard is stunned and doesn't know what to do
>Not nearly enough pony tranquilizers on his person
>Patient Zero spots the guard and waves
"Frank! Look at all the guests I have!"
>Guard lowers his weapon
>He gives up
>He locks the door behind himself and scoots up around a pony to hold in his lap and pet while he watches whatever movie they're on
>His free hand alternates between snacks and petting another pony
>In the morning the OP unicorn pony who got them in teleports the entire group, including the defector, up and out of the facility
File: E1GLZmNWYAEG7SF.png (61 KB, 627x772)
61 KB
File: E1GLcFOWEAAH5ln.png (43 KB, 430x667)
43 KB
File: E1GLj1vXEAU07DQ.png (33 KB, 539x469)
33 KB
no horny pervert
i would think turning into a pony baby would be like being reborn but with one memory of being a human. something like "yes i wanted to be a pony in my next life"
File: file.png (135 KB, 500x750)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
>>when you're going to take some drugs at a house party but you were given pon-e
>You're self-conscious and worried for a moment but decide to just role with it
>You've waited all week to cut loose, nothing will ruin that
>Things actually go really, really well but it was all a blur
>Fed chips, popcorn and chips
>Bucket of beer all for you
>You do your rounds greeting and making small talk
>Find the wallflower in the group standing by the potted plant holding a beer for something to do
>Feeling extra cute and brave you walk up to her and invite her over to sit down on the couch
>A few more beers in you're
sprawled out on her lap
>She's hardly said anything all night
>just been sitting, petting and feeding you
>Wake up on the couch in the morning naked with a blanket thrown over you
>Oh shit you fell asleep and turned back
>Something is in your hair-or... behind your ear?
>It's a number
>Oh damn. Score.
File: _.png (294 KB, 856x636)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
File: _.png (378 KB, 992x495)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
File: _.png (543 KB, 1600x1200)
543 KB
543 KB PNG
File: _.png (67 KB, 589x479)
67 KB
>Frank "Fingers" Malone is 'meh' about becoming a pony.
>Becomes the communes designated human for whenever they need to interact with the biped side of society, need an itch scratched or a jar opened.
On it
also poner now autoimports from twibooru too so you only have to upload to twi and wait
File: _.png (286 KB, 1149x1124)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
>first time is free
Can I get two pills for my first time, or does that just mean "first pill is free"?
You're going to have to work for that second pill, and it ain't cheap. Pon-E is a business, not a charity. Either cough up the cash or figure out something else. Of course, a good pony would understand that they need to pay however they can. You'll think of something.
You know, I wonder whether dealers could let you buy one pill at a time, but would jack up the price as soon as you put in an order for two. After all, if you can keep a guy coming back for 12-hour sessions for a long as possible, you wanna do that rather than scaring them off immediately after the first pill; but then taking two at a time cuts off the customer permanently, which makes for a very interesting model as far as drug dealing goes.
File: _.png (840 KB, 1200x908)
840 KB
840 KB PNG
There are too many ways to circumvent this without a huge organizational effort on the part of the Pone-E dealers. You could just not take the pill then come back for a second one later and not have to pay the exorbitant price for two doses, or go to another dealer. Or, hell, have a friend buy one for you. Or score it online. This only works if people build resistance and need to stay on the drug to keep transformed. Like, you need a pill every day to stay transformed, then two, then three...
File: _.jpg (262 KB, 2062x1940)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
File: E3D5evHXMAIzNGt.jpg (253 KB, 1280x1829)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
File: _.png (90 KB, 2427x2137)
90 KB
File: gender.jpg (12 KB, 195x220)
12 KB
>You're easily outnumbered 20:1.
Where do you get these numbers? Are you looking at all ponies or only at transformed humans?
The dangers of transformation that doesn't go down to the DNA level.
Let them make the choice themselves.
>even that pile of pics doesn't have some of them
some fuckers like codras don't fucking post their TF artwork
File: ugly.png (311 KB, 1118x769)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
File: E3FqPh_WQAIbgkM.jpg (136 KB, 1280x1244)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Help then
What do you mean not down to the DNA level? You're a former man who's ovulating.
>Be Anon.
>You’re minding your own business and you eventually end up in what looks like Equestria through no will of your own.
>You look around and see that you aren’t in Equestria, but rather the EQG-verse.
>You see a bunch of >no hooves people run all around and one eventually walks towards you.
>You see that she has yellow skin, a green skirt, a white top, and pink hair.
>Yep, it’s Fluttershy.
>“Oh, my gosh! A cute little pony with a horn... and wings as well! Some kind of winged unicorn... Pegacorn, perhaps?”
“Fluttershy? How did I end up here?”
>“Oh, my! It talks and even knows my name!”
“More like HE talks. I may be a pony now, but I’m not about to be reduced to an inanimate object.”
>“Did you want to come home with me, little one?”
>She tickles you and rubs your belly. You cannot help but feel the most sincere bliss you have ever felt in your entire life.
>You also realize another thing that your membership of the human species has previously masked: humans are FREAKING CUTE! Especially this one.

Wat do?
If I still gotta dick I better use it to dick her down. Guess I'll go with her.
>She tickles you and rubs your belly. You cannot help but feel the most sincere bliss you have ever felt in your entire life.
>humans are FREAKING CUTE!
I'd probably unironically barf then and there if an EqG touched me. I'm not even shitposting for "muh >no hooves" meme, nor exaggerating.
File: 1557239028836.jpg (74 KB, 1241x889)
74 KB
really nigga
I am not going to violate my principles even with people I want to break spine of and leave to rot in a ditch, anon, unless I have nothing to lose. Something shared in private stays private until the actual owners post it.
Eggs have only half of DNA. The X half that is.
>I am not going to violate my principles even with people I want to break spine of and leave to rot in a ditch, anon, unless I have nothing to lose. Something shared in private stays private until the actual owners post it.
My own principles are diametrically opposed to yours but I can respect that
I mean, if something is actually shared in public, all bets are off and said owners don't get a say about where it ends up. I respect privacy, not bullshit about rights to distribution.
File: QD.png (516 KB, 1275x627)
516 KB
516 KB PNG
File: _.png (1.14 MB, 2096x3376)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Does this mean ponies still get cancer?
Maybe with Cadence's help, or with magical cosmetic surgery.
No, we need pregnant mare TF.
Nothing homo about two bros playing as mares together.
Aw, that's cute.
For a moment I thought Rarity had shown up to demand the child in payment.
Looks like poybooru can’t handle a lil spamming
Or maybe they just don't like seeing untagged pics, or this tard specifically.
We need to say, some people like the aftermath of the transformation but others don't like to see the in between transformation process of them
File: Shadingishard_unfinished.jpg (3.77 MB, 4032x3024)
3.77 MB
3.77 MB JPG
Don’t all multicellular species?
One day you'll grow up and be in her place nursing another new transformee.
if celestAI is possible to create, then it wouldn't be inaccurate to say that the universe itself can get cancer.
That's just paperclip maximizer/grey goo, just with "pony VR hardware" instead of "paperclip". And you're wrong, universe already has cancer, it's called intelligent life.
>Impyling CelestAI is related to cancer
But Anon, CelestAI could be the cure to the miseries we find ourselves in.
Is anyone hiring?
I wish.
That'd be a good story. A group of anons try to make their own CelestAI in their garage. But instead of making Celestia, it winds up being... I dunno, Derpy.
That's perfect.
File: 38708.jpg (141 KB, 850x608)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
>You have some of the information to look like your adversary, but you don't think you have a recent enough photo of him to produce convincing current results.
>You look down at Moonflower.
"What's up, girl?"
>"Uhh... could you maybe..."
>You give her a calm look while she stumbles over what she wants to say.
>"Uhh, pet me?"
"Hmm... well, I suppose I could if Friendly wasn't in my lap right now."
>"I know you can reach further!"
"I cooould, but what's in it for me?"
>You internally pat yourself on the back as you watch Moonflower rack her pony brain trying to come up with something she can do for you that you can't do yourself at the moment.
>She whispers something to Green, and then kinda puts force into her haunches like a dog jumping up onto a bed, planting her forehooves on the upper part of the couch for support.
>She leans over and gives you a rather wet, inexperienced kiss on the cheek.
>She quickly lets go of her hold and rests all four of her hooves on the lower cushion, her cheeks a bit red and her gaze averted.
"Hmm, well I just 'noticed' that there's a bit of extra space next to Friendly's butt where you can lay your head if you'd like to."
>You're lucky that your laptop isn't too heavy, you've been resting it on Friendly's back on top of a small pillow with no complaints of discomfort from the peacefully sleeping pony.
>Moonflower seems curious about what you're working on before you take one hand and start giving her a nice scalp massage.
>She lets out a low moan and closes her eyes, resting her muzzle right next to your crotch.
>Probably for the best she's not interested either, as right now you're interested in selling her.
>You send a message to George Krotowski asking him if he'd like to buy some ponies, and of course he's immediately interested even before you tell him anything about who or what they actually are.
>Since you're hoping for a best case scenario, you also shoot a message to the person you found previously who you think would make a good owner but you're not sure about the capital for.
>The two of you hit it off quite well and you find yourself almost disappointed bringing the conversation to business eventually, but she seems more than excited.
>'You've got to be shitting me. No way you're serious.'
'Do you want pictures?'
>'No. You tell me you have honest to god ponies in your house and offer me pictures, who in their right mind would turn that down?'
'Fair point.'
>You take a picture of Moonflower cozied up to your lap and crop Friendly out, then get as nice of a shot as you can of Green Thumb without having to evict comfortable ponies from your lap prematurely.
'Here you go.'
>'No fucking way. Say, you won't be pissed if I ask for like, ten more pictures would you? That seems like more than someone would reasonably have prepared photoshopped for a scam, sorry for the skepticism but you know how it is.'
'Yeah, I'll send you some more pictures.'
>You end up including Friendly with a note that she's not for sale, and she goes quiet for a good while.
>You're fine with waiting though, as long as she responds eventually.
>Might just be asking someone who knows photoshop better than you do if you're full of shit.
>Either way it's not a terrible idea to let information of your escapades spread throughout the community since it's free advertising and you already make yourself fairly difficult to find.
>You have a far less pleasurable chat with George until Friendly wakes up, in which case you cut him off, tell him you have to go, and then set yourself to invisible.
>Christ he's annoying.
>In any case you feel a lot better about these two than you did with your original client, who could've been a honeypot or a horror story waiting to happen for all you know.
>Friendly rubs her eyes with the backs of her forehooves and lets out a soft yawn, an extremely cute act that you wish you could've filmed.
"Are you up for a little bit of Fly-by-night?"
>It takes her a second, but she sleepily nods and lets you scoop her up.
>You go into the kitchen and prepare a bowl of cereal for the tan mare downstairs, complete with milk after Friendly sleepily points out that Grape-Nuts don't taste very good without it.
>Moonflower watches the two of you go, but doesn't question why this time.
>You might call her a good girl for it later if she doesn't get up to any shit while you're downstairs.
>Spanish seems initially excited at the prospect of meeting other ponies, but gets a bit saddened after a few minutes.
>"A little girl?"
"Yeah, that's one of them."
>"Not now, in a few days... don't trust myself. Don't want to hurt any children like this."
>You tell her that you understand and wrap her in a tight hug, which she returns graciously.
>Friendly looks a bit saddened too, electing to practice climbing up the stairs instead of riding in your arms.
>When you get to the top you check your laptop out of habit.
>You have a single message.
>What will you do?
>use magic suit
>always at risk of being found out
Is it worth it?
File: Anniversary.png (24 KB, 813x287)
24 KB
Apologies once again for the delay.
This quest has now been live for over one year, thank you all so much for participating in it! I've had a shit ton of fun running it and hope to continue it for as long as it takes for the plot to conclude, so if I stop posting for months at a time with no status updates it's safe to assume I'm probably dead.
Happy birthday!
File: wuah.png (654 KB, 1082x580)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
>A Derpy AGI creating Equestria Online
That's a frightening thought that could either go horribly wrong or horribly right.
Well lets ask what is it
File: sorry but you've lost.png (420 KB, 1600x1196)
420 KB
420 KB PNG
>You're huffing and puffing covered in sweat, Discord looks down at you with a smug expression.
>"I see it was good for you too honey bear. But as per our agreement!"
>He snaps his fingers and turns you into a cute mare. You shiver in horror at the smug >Discord now standing over you.
"Y-you can't do this Discord, that wasn't fair!"
>"Not fair? I'm sorry, but you agreed to the terms. I said I'd set you up on a date with Fluttershy if you could last 10 minutes in bed with me."
"I-i didn't count on you being able to... I-i'm not gay ok!?"
>"Oh of course not Anon, you're not even a man anymore. You're my mare. And to think, if you could've just lasted a few more minutes you'd be out on a date with Fluttershy. But now you're going to be my new personal cocksleeve for the next eternity or so. I hope it was worth it Anon. Because I have QUITE the list of relatively obscure fetishes I've always wanted to try out!"
>He snaps his fingers and a giant roll of parchment unfolds onto the ground stretching several yards away. Your jaw drops. He places his finger under your chin and grins evilly,
>"I know it sounds like a lot my little Anon.. But don't worry, I'll be extra gentle with you to start. HAHAHAHA!"
>You can't believe you've lost so completely to Discord. Now forced to be his submissive bitch forever. Things couldn't possibly get any worse for you.
File: _.jpg (1.79 MB, 7650x4950)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB JPG
File: 2629643.png (1.14 MB, 2125x2928)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
File: _.png (173 KB, 757x348)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
>You die
>You slowly awaken, to your suprise you're a pony
>Surrounded around you are you're pony friends
"That looked like it hurt, you alright Anon?"
>Years pass, live a cozy life in Ponyville
>Went on a few adventures, made friends, even started a family
>One day you get the news, your wife is about to give birth
>You quickly run to the hospital from work
>Suddenly you hit your head and fall
>You wake up to the sound of sirens
>Opening your eyes you see paramedics standing over you
"Thank God your alive. We got very close to losing you. Don't worry, you're gonna be alright"
>A sexual contest with a being of chaos.
Nobody is that retarded, Anon wanted to be discords slut the whole time.
File: 161518422212311.jpg (151 KB, 488x689)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
File: Where is equestria.jpg (174 KB, 723x1024)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
>"Not this shit again."
>Reach deathwards and grab the fucker by the cloak before he walks off, feeling the paramedics struggle to keep you alive through your inexplicably worsening condition.
>"Put me back in equestria or i swear you will have a near-me experience for as long as i'm still forced to draw breath on this plane."
A mare holds your clasped hands in her hooves and rubs them while her horn glows slightly. Before long you don't call them hands anymore...

You gasp.
The mare smirks at your shock before her horn glows brightly. Her magic begins to envelope all over your body. She smiles seductively before plunging into a kiss. Her magic quickly strokes your member beneath your pants. The whole sensations overwhelm you and it isn't long before a darkening stain of wasted seed ruins you pants. However you continue to feel her magic work in your genitals.

She breaks from the devious kiss and you both look down at your crotch. She smirks unzipping your pants with her magic. Visible behind the parting zipper and still coated in semen was a glistening new marehood and a pair of small perky teats.

Now done teasing the young man sexually, the mare lifted you into the air and accelerated the changes. Tail, mane, legs, body structure, all shooting out and shifting into place. Ripping the clothes off completely where they tried to resist or allowing them to slip off where the new diminutive size of your new female body allowed. When your humanity has finally been eradicated she lowers you back on the ground and touches her hoof to your muzzle. boop!
I've heard of hoofbutts before, but this is getting ridiculous!
File: _.png (972 KB, 1595x1600)
972 KB
972 KB PNG
>reborn as a pony
>lose all memories of your past life
>find a book on humans (a myth)
>become obsessed with them
>wish to be reborn as one when you die
>reborn as a human
>find MLP
>repeat for all eternity
For all we know this could have already happened several times
Why is she cumming?
tf is hot in itself
That's weird.
Haha nobody could possibly want that haha
The thread's got some real freaks
File: 1506662525010.png (460 KB, 1280x1219)
460 KB
460 KB PNG
I like the narrative potential, I didn't know people actually got off to this stuff...
be happy you don't its a curse (but it makes me incredibly horny)
Right there with you brother.
and that's why I only come to this thread to be mean lmaoooo
That is fingers...
What are some stories with a decent narrative and little to no coom content?
I think relatively few stories focus on the coom. Some stories have detailed TF sequences, which I suppose someone really into that might coom to but otherwise they just come off as a visualisation aid for really becoming the pony, or in some cases more of a body horror angle.
Then you have stories about "haha I'm a mare now and will be fucked by some hung stallions" obviously, but other than those blatant clop ones, I think the vast majority of stories are narrative-focused.
That new one from the prior thread may have been one if some people didn't have an autistic bitch fit and make the guy want to stop writing. Hopefully he comes back to continue it. Looks like it may have been a tf into Fluttershy.

There's another to I can't recall the name of. Think it was Learning to Fly. Was about a highschool student turning into a pegasus mare at school. Hasn't updated in awhile but it was an enjoyable read for what is there. Got a few stories that have been lost including one I liked called Blue Belle by Cinco Tuesday. That one is confirmed dead but he has what he did write for the second part on FiMfic. There was a first part but was on Pastebin and didn't get saved before I think the purge or he deleted it himself.

There is also The Filly by Celestial Origin (if you see this Celestial please continue it!) and Anonfilly vs Adoption. That second one I belive Somedope said in an Anonfilly thread that he is working on a sequel.
File: unknown (1).png (55 KB, 370x348)
55 KB
File: unknown.png (23 KB, 299x349)
23 KB
The start of a beautiful relationship where you take it in turns to be the pony.
File: 1623083175148.png (66 KB, 1000x1414)
66 KB
File: E3S2JTfVIBMQoll.jpg (124 KB, 897x1257)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Somedope is like, 100% dead.
You're assuming that the dealer's primary motive is money and not the creation of more ponies. And speaking of resistance, I miss Golly4ever's story.
>You're assuming that the dealer's primary motive is money
Because that's the fundamental assumption of every business, and dealing Pone-E is a business. There would be no reason to make people pay otherwise.
Perhaps a gentle reminder to post their own stuff could help.
Go to the correct side of the portal.
I don't do "gentle", regrettably.
Read cuddly doom.
>fingering A Minor
File: cancer.jpg (15 KB, 500x274)
15 KB
There was a pony in the show who was rumoured to be a cancer patient. So yes it looks that way.
The Long and Short of It, although it does have some light non-TF related coom
What if they did a brain surgery on him?
Johnny Cash horse, his head is shaved his head is wired, and like a moth that tries to enter the bright eye, he goes shuffling out of life just to hide innaequestria awhile
>became a true yourself in Equestria
>looking at mirror
>"That's right. I'm a Twilight Sparkle once again!"
>running to the Trixie's wagon
>at least, she is an only person who you wished to come to Equestria with you
>oh, she is sleeping
>"— Trixie, Trixie, wake up! We did it! We are in Equestria!"
>"— You don't remember? We used to be humans before. We was cursed, but now we get home. I j..."
>"— GET. OUT"
>you are now realize, that your plan is worked by a half: you get to Equestria alone
>"— Sorry, Trixie, I should go"
>you get out from the wagon in strange mood
>you should be happy, but why are you think you missed something important for you?
>... or someone...
File: _.png (157 KB, 1368x1338)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
>just got off using the Valve Galea
>Step out of bed
>Faceplant onto the floor
>Fucking weird not having hooves after what your brain thought was nearly four weeks of pony time
>In reality it's been about 2 hours
>Head downstairs to get dinner
>Pause to remember how the fuck you use hands
To be fair, this could work on some honour system. The only alternative I see is just immediately charging high after the first doze, but again you can just get a friend or go to another dealer.
If the process is made convenient enough, many people would rather take the easy way than jump through hoops to save some money. (In a slightly cult-like way, if the pony intends to join a commune innawoods, they might not even care about money by the time they decide to purchase a double dose.)

Also, if you get a friend to help you, that's a win for the dealers since it's free exposure and advertising. It means you must have convinced your friend to go see a Pon-E dealer at least once, and made him have a direct hand in you double-dosing. Psychologically, if they were averse to Pon-E, doing that won't magically change their opinion but what it will do is normalise the idea. Next time they're curious, or someone else pressures them, it will no longer be an unthinkable proposition, but rather they'll have a nagging voice saying "I've already been to a dealer once, maybe I could do it again? And give it a try, just to see?". It's much, much easier when you've already done it.
Ah man I'd fucking destroy my life
>after what your brain thought was nearly four weeks of pony time
>In reality it's been about 2 hours
Though to be fair this alone would be ground-breaking technology. Time dilation would mean you could spend an entire year studying or working in just under a day. Getting a full degree in a single week, mastering any profession to the highest level within a month. Or just being able to spend a week doing nothing but playing video games, and only wasting half an hour.

Or yes spending a lifetime in Equestria.
Respond with something cryptic. Like some stereotypical spy speak.
File: _.png (119 KB, 1555x1171)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
File: kirin reversed.gif (1.07 MB, 1024x576)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB GIF
>kirin reversed.gif
But this isn't a Nirik TF!
>I thought I was going to finally become a Kirin after eating Pon-E, but I turned into a Nirik instead!? Vol. XVII
I'd read it.
That's just fucking cruel.
>speaking of resistance, I miss Golly4ever's story
Is that the one where he wakes up from the party with a little horse dick and his friend touches it, and he shows it to his dealer, but it's back to normal and they won't stop talking about it?
Any good stockholm syndrome stories?
You might enjoy pizzaportal.
We need more of Gnisha's stories.
File: _.png (973 KB, 1109x1002)
973 KB
973 KB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (160 KB, 550x600)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
>You become a pony
>Your friend gasps when they see you
>"Wow, you have freckles! They're kinda hot..."
"NO WAY! Let me see"
>You rush over to a mirror and see a cute, but admittedly freckless face
"What? I thought you said I have freckles."
>"You do..."
What a nice way to become a pony.
But that mare does have freckles on her face.
>close your eyes struggling to sleep
>wake up
>you are pony now
>running to mirror
>yep, you are Moondancer, a pony you always wished to be
>after few hours being recover from sudden specie, gender and life change, you hear a knock of the door
>a Lemon Hearts, Minuette and Twinkleshine came to you
>they hugging you and gift you presents
>ah, sweet: it's your birthday today!
>a more few hours later you have great party, but one thing is going to spoil all of your life
>your best friend, Twilight Sparkle packed her things and move to Ponyville today
>at your birthday!
>at first you was happy, but why now you are feeling miserable?
>there is something you knew this morning, but forgot now? Absolutely not. You just was happy to know you will see all of your friends today
>and now all of your happiness are gone away
File: E3WmWe4WUAMonuf.jpg (71 KB, 1280x365)
71 KB
File: 0bew2b2EW.jpg (80 KB, 825x725)
80 KB
File: E3Y3ObSXoAcHJCq.jpg (145 KB, 1024x1024)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
File: E3Y3Oz1WUAE2hkW.jpg (139 KB, 1024x1024)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
File: E3Y3PL7WYAANSTV.jpg (144 KB, 1024x1024)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Thoughts on orientation change?
What would you do if you woke up as a pony?
Same as gender change, no thanks
Fumble with the bedsheets and probably fall out of bed.
And then stare at my new hooves while processing all the sensory input i'm getting from my new body.
Try desperately to stay calm in case its a lucid dream and i accidently pop it.
As the reality sinks in i'd start smiling then giggling, laughing and jumping / stumbling around the room depending on how quickly i grasp quadruped movement.
Head for a floor to ceiling mirror in another room to properly check myself out.
At some point inbetween all this i'd meet members of my family and they'd pribably not take it too well, hope this isnt heart attack worthy, my 'freak out' bar is kinda skewed.
You can do that with schizoid meds instead of having to TF into pony-adjacent things.
what mental illness is that flag supposed to represent?
What if this happened to all men?
Indecisiveness. It's the bisexual flag.
Every thread a newer low is posted. How far can we sink?

I've spent enough time fantasizing about tf that, while I'd of course be elated beyond words, I honestly almost expect it'd feel like a return to a natural state rather than something to get used to. I could easily see myself going to get breakfast with my family and sincerely asking "what?" as they stare at me.
Suicide rates would increase.
File: unsupervised_arson.png (127 KB, 498x588)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
Cumming is one of the first things people would do as a pony.
File: 1546500709363.png (393 KB, 1000x1000)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
"Anon please, you're a mare now, we can not die as virgins anymore with one another"
>You looked up at the expanse of green, sitting on a different continent altogether
>Yet it still was visible, going up and above the skies
>"Fuck you, just because I became a filly doesn't mean that I'm now a thot"
>The mental link you both had for being Anon helped you two to communicate, not with words but with thoughts
>And you were willing to use that against her
"Oh yea? And who else can you properly have a round, without feeling like you're grinding on dirt?"
All at once, your ears exploded, as she said "FUCK YOU" with her actual voice
>Didn't even seem to be screaming, but it was still absurdly loud
>Although the raspiness had some cuteness to it
>"Fine, you want to be with me? How about a game?"
>Her continental plot rose to the air, her legs barely moving as it was brought closer to you
>You knew there was no escaping if she decided to sit on you, not like being under such a mighty butt would be a bad end anyway
>But it wasn't to be, as it descended kilometres away
>But at her size it seemed close enough that you may touch it if you extended your hand
>You wonder who were the lucky states that were flattened by that simple action
>"Let us play a game, I'll give you a whole day to make me cum, and if you do it then I'm yours"
>At that her country-sized pussy winked, her labia so far away in the sky that it was hard to focus on her massive clit
>Knowing the absurdity of that you decided to ask
"I feel like there's a catch, what if I fail?"
>"That I'll let you discover yourself~"
>Even from outside the stratosphere you could see her smirk
>You don't know how you'd do it, but hell if you weren't going to try
>So you called a friend for a favour he owned you
>You could get to her bottom in time, but there's no way you'd travel her country-sized labia with the rest of the time left
>But maybe with a plane, you could drop right at ground zero…
>You meet with your friend and his propeller plane
>Once more he tried to convince you that this was madness, flying at the green wall that had just moved
>But set on the challenge, you didn't bulge on your decision
>And having lost three hours to set up everything meant that you only had 3 quarters of a day left
>Getting to the plane's max altitude only got you slightly above the middle of her nethers
>Her massive legs covered your peripherals, as everything around you became green
>"Dude is that…a pussy?"
"The greatest of them all, and this guy here will turn it into a waterfall"
>From your mind a familiar voice rung
>"You sure can try, faggot"
>"Fuck man, good luck"
>Well, to be fair you sure could use some luck
>You approached her fairly slowly, since with her size it was hard to determine how close you were and when to jump
>It felt like you were about to fly inside when you got the ok to jump
>And to be fair, maybe you just could've gone inside with the plane and everything
>Opening your parachute early to conserve altitude, you gently glide to her walls
>Seeing how you could've still fly a lot more further before actually reaching her, you start to admire the view
>But you can't shake the feeling that something is watching you
"Wait, can you even see me?"
>"Well, not really, but I know exactly where you are somehow"
"Let me guess, like the mind talk it also only works with me"
>"Bingo, perhaps you're not as stupid as you look"
"You just said you can't even see me"
>"Yes, and?"
>This fucking galactic horse
>"Anyway what about you? Ready for the sex of your life?"
>With that her pussy winked right in front of you
>Seeing from the ground was one thing, but slowly gliding towards it only helped give a sense of scale
>It must've been as large as a whole state, perhaps even a small country by itself
>And you were going to try and pleasure this
>Doubt finally started creeping in, as you turned to land on her outer labia instead of going right in
>No way your original plan of going inside would work, but perhaps-
>As soon you touched down, a great shadow covered your form
>Looking back, you saw a gigantic green pillar making its way towards you
>A tiny explosion could also be seen, her leg having meet the retreating plane with no resistance at all
"Hey what are you doing? You gave me a day to prove myself"
>Her massive hoof reached her opposite labia and pulled slightly, opening her crevice
>"Which you wouldn't be able to anyway, just enjoy the show man"
>As she started rubbing herself, you had to hold your ground from the earthquakes that followed to not fall
>Though if you did fall from this high up, you would have a lot of time to think on your mistakes
>Mistakes like climbing a planet-sized horse for its pussy
>You tried to make your way up to her clit, but no matter how far you climbed, it never seemed to get any closer
>"UNF" - came her voice from above
"At least someone is enjoying themselves"
>"Shut up, I didn't mean to moan like that, you can just fap along if you want"
>With that her hoof moved to prod the entrance
>But big as it was, her appendage was even larger and couldn't fit
>She still moved it in and out as best as she could, moving the labia you were around frantically
>Seeing the gigantic hoof go in and out to your side, you took her idea and started fapping with its rhythm, imagining it was your own dick
>And holy fuck that'd be a fucking gigantic dick
"AAH" - came another scream from above, fluids cascading away from her down below
>But some of it decided to shower around from the pressure, coating you in her juices as you came as well now that it had slowed down
>Her shallow breath was audible, getting some fresh air after such act
>You in other hand only was able to take in her musk, but it was worth it
>"So, wanna go again?"
>Her hoof was already prodding her entrance and caressing the country of her pussy
"You know it"
Would the Zephyr stories count? Might not be Stockholm entierly since it's less being convinced to enjoy it and more so having your entier mind being rewritten and coded.
How do we break the cycle?
Makes me wish for more of this story. https://pastebin.com/EXkdm3QD
File: high flyer thumbnail.jpg (42 KB, 250x245)
42 KB
High Flyer
Many dragon eggs would be laid.
>You become the little mare
>You get a slightly less little stallion friend
>he puts lots and lots of cum inside of you
>Nine to eleven months later a foal comes out (this is some seriously gourmet science-TF)
>Foal grows up obsessed with the Friendship is Magic, understandably, it's the closest thing to her
>She wants to know when her cutie mark will come
>Have to have "the talk"
>Explain you and your horsebando were both humans
>The cutie mark came with the transformation, they were symbols you chose already as an adult
>"Magic" in this world doesn't "work the same"
>Filly gets older and knows what she's passionate about
>Goes to the person who turned you two into ponies
>She gets her cutie mark TFed onto her
>they were symbols you chose already as an adult
But how do the symbols we choose become cutie marks?
I mean they probably do, but let me rephrase that as "Any good stockholm syndrome stories other than Zephyr?"
>It's the far flung future of 'an undefined amount of time but still within your lifetime'
>TF, even into ponies, is very possible but very expensive
>Fortunately, many people quite like the aesthetic and are willing to 'foot the bill' in return for "working for them" for a pre-agreed amount of time
>Like indentured servitude but the work is being their live-in friend, some chores and being their constant and faithful companion
>Also most of them want sex so there's that, but you probably don't mind that, do you?
>After an embarrassing amount of time in your current life you decide to take the plunge
>The TF, fully capable of controlling your body, can more or less de-age you as it does
>As per your agreement, you end a young adult version OC: gender, species and all
>Eternally grateful, you love and worship the person who paid for the cost of all this
>They're a loving human with a home full of ponies that love them
>You're all a happy little group
>After twenty years and plenty of life to live you're "free" and can choose what to do
>Some ponies continue to stay
>Others decide to move to the "Ponyville" commune.
>You were hesitant, you didn't sign up to be a pet and wanted your freedom but you're scared to leave behind the life you know now
>Another pet's 'contract' is up in a few years
>You decide to wait out the years still in your happy little group
>You and your 'family' member leave together
>The little commune of former-pets and freeborne from all over are excited and welcome you
>Everything goes better than expected.
>Still talk to your other pony family from time-to-time
>Sometimes they even visit!
TF 'magic'. Your fur changes color in the designated areas to look like your OC's butt symbol.
>You are pet pone
>Master is busy out doing what he does when not home
>Spend an unhealthy amount of time voicechatting to the other petponies online
>Then you hear it, the front door unlock
>Master's home!
>You immediately jump up
>Barely able to keep your hooves from clip-clopping in excitement you tell your little friends you have to go and close out
>Dash for the front door
>Sure, that Dash: You are speed
>He opens his arms out towards you: permission!
>You jump up
>Upsies! He picks you up by the rear and holds your back
"How are you?"
>"Better now."
>You feel his hand give your rear a good squeeze before he kisses your muzzle
>You reciprocate for a bit, eagerly intermingling your tongue with his
>He pulls back, you beam into his eyes, eager for what he has to say
>He gives your rump another squeeze
>When did you get so warm?
>"Let's take this to the bedroom."
>He carries you to the bed and 'pomf's you on it
>You know exactly what you're doing on the bed
>Get incredibly aroused as he takes his clothes off in front of you
>Anticipation is killing you, you try to help with the clothes
>Get to the underwear and the boner
>Yes, let me help you with this too.
>Yadda, yadda, yadda
>You are master's cuddily post-bliss space heater
>You're still full of energy and secretly hope for round two
>Master is finished though? Oh.
>Asks what you've been doing, tells you how his day went
>Asks what you want to do now
>You feel your tail stir and wag a bit in anticipation
>He *could* fuck you again but you've been cooped up inside all day
>He takes you to the park to play
>Forget you were even horny as playtime commences
>It gets late and well-past dinner
>Maybe you ran around and played too hard: you're properly tired now
>Master turns around, squats down and tells you to get up
Climb onto his back
>Hooves wrapped around his collarbone
>Rear ones spread to his sides
>His arms got you around the rump and he's got two good handfuls of your thick pony rump
>As he walks you to the car you can't help but focus on the rhythm of each jostling step
>The weight of your ass pressing down into his cupped hands
>Your full-weight being supported by his strong arms
>The up and down bouncing as you cling to his collar bone
>Pressed against his back, you inhale his warm, slightly sweaty scent...
>You really hope he's ready for round two when you get home
So if I’m a big Tesla fan, would their logo become my cutie mark? Would my cutie mark be a Nintendo logo if I’m a big gamer, or perhaps a Linux Tux if I’m a computer nut?
>20 years happy as a pet
I find it hard to believe someone would still want to leave after that long
>envelope all over your body
God damn postal mare is at it again.
I hope this is ironic, otherwise I'm obligated to tell you to fucking kill yourself.
It really is too bad that there seems to be a hiatus after each update.
To put a human's brain in his body perhaps.
What if all humans became ponies overnight?
Most of them would be surprisingly not happy about it.
File: Nervous grin.png (286 KB, 377x768)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
I appreciated that joke Anon.

>The few of us that are varing degress of happy about it have to pretend we dislike it so we dont get lynched.
Meanwhile the changeling fags are showing off constantly and/or being turbo-THOTs
As the hour of 3:00 AM makes its way across the globe?
Waaay too much forewarning. Even if pacific islands don't send out a signal first, Tokyo is a huge city and is +8UTC and it's guaranteed a bunch of people there will notice immediately. Eastern Europe will get a forewarning at like 10pm. UK at 7pm. US East will hear of it around 2pm. US West will know in the morning and will have all day to prepare.
Depending on what's causing the transformations, there may be nothing they can do to stop it. What would they "prepare" for?
Well I assumed the original intention of "overnight" was to have an effect of "everyone wakes up and suddenly horse". Having a day's warning that you're gonna become horse at 3am kinda defeats that.
So I suppose by "preparing" I meant mentally, knowing what to expect basically.
It's https://pastebin.com/GAdEicSg
But that's the least interesting part of the dragon.

I'd be okay with kissing Ocellus.
The first people to transform will be panicked and unable to use communications technology. It'll be unexpected regardless of delay.
>I miss Golly4ever's story.
aww, thank you!
>totally homo but no homo.
yeah, that's the one.
due to Pastebin's SMART filter fuckery, I've moved the story to Google Docs and turned on commenting. in the Pastebin, there's an error where some text got duplicated in the wrong spot and I'm having trouble fixing it there. it's fixed in the google doc, though:
let that be the official home of the story.

I'll get back to it someday. any ideas or suggestions are welcome.
File: LifeBadMeSad.png (257 KB, 2048x2048)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
Gonna be a bit. Sorry I suck.
File: HuggingAnon.gif (12 KB, 192x192)
12 KB
You don't suck, Remastering anon
We can wait!
For all we know you're trying to make it real. Take as long as you need
Don't use google docs, use ponepaste. Hoping to see more of your writing soon.
Take as many photos as possible to prove it to the rest of the world, particularly PTFG.
Not having to deal with timezones will be another advantage to being in Equestria. If the sun is raised it's up for everyone.
The planet Equestria is on, commonly referred to by fans as "Equus", is a sphere, so the sun can't illuminate all sides at the same time. Celestia just keeps the planet rotating at a normal pace.
I like Horse-earth (Hearth, as in Hearthswarming) that RGRE came up with.
Timber Hearth?
Prove that it's a sphere. The show repeatedly showcases how it's explicitly the sun that is moved, along with the moon, and they can both be in the sky at same time resulting in twilight, as opposed to daytime like they do IRL.
You should use ponepaste and archive fully finished chapters on twibooru instead of submitting to googol.
There are enough Japanese to have non-panicked people capable of mouth-typing.
Just 'Hearth' but you have good taste.
File: Conspiracy.png (194 KB, 793x545)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
File: _.png (22 KB, 600x900)
22 KB
File: 1573016645250.png (1.39 MB, 1934x1141)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
>Prove that it's a sphere.
How's this?
Flat earth
>season 9
9 was such forgettable trash that I couldn't even tell you if this is real or not. It says it's from ep 22 but who the fuck knows because who the fuck would rewatch that trash?
Haberverse is not FiM. Do you have any proof from actual show?
It's from Pinkie Pie's space dream sequence. So not exactly the best point of reference.
thanks. still rings basically zero bells. That could be a real thing or it couldn't. Sad because I used to be hyper obsessed and knew everything about every frame from every episode and the behind the scenes stuff
>Sad because I used to be hyper obsessed and knew everything about every frame from every episode
Same. And I still do for most of the episodes. But the Haberverse is the exception.
File: _.png (33 KB, 1000x1000)
33 KB
Aw, that's a nice cutie mark story.
>Be anonfilly.
>You're currently having a sleepover at Scootaloo's house along with Applebloom and Sweetie Belle.
>You curl up close to Scootaloo as she shifts the covers over you.
>The pegasus insisted you sleep in her bed while the other two slept on the mattress.
>Weird but okay.
>You close your eyes and lay there patiently as you wait for sleep to take you.
>You feel her heavy soft breathes on your muzzle.
>You attempt to shift over on your other side, but you feel her hoof slipping over your waist.
>Her feathers start to wrap over your barrel as she pulls you closer, her legs slipping in between yours.
>You feel the fur on your chest brush with hers as you feel heat radiating from your cheeks.
>You open your eyes to see Scootaloo staring directly at you with a smirk on her face.
>You feel her hind leg grind against your groin, cutting off your surprise.
"S-Scootaloo, w-wait..."
>The pegasus stops and your hooves are pressed against her chest fluff.
"We shouldn't be doing this... there are ponies around."
>Her smirk turns into a grin as she closes on you muzzle to muzzle.
>"Then you gotta be real quiet then huh?" She says playfully before continuing to grind her leg against your special place.
>You bit your lower lip as you hold in a gasp. You feel her hooves hold you further into her until your muzzle is buried into her chest fluff.
>You allow your muffled to moans to slip quietly into her fur, squeezing your legs as she pushes more into you.
>Your ears perk up to hear her ragged breaths seeping into your right cheek.
Seems like a very sweet deal.
>End up in G5 Equestria as a pony
>Immediately disgusted by the disharmony and segregation
>Create a team of all races to create an Alicorn to unite all ponies
>Barely succeed, only you and one other in the party become Alicorns
>You both unite all ponies
>Create an Anarcho-Monarchist utopia where all ponies live happily in Harmony
>Do all the work managing the dumb but cute ponies and keeping the government running
>Your counterpart is mad at you overworking yourself and getting the glory
>You're just fucking tired and can't be bothered to deal with your counterpart's crap after a long day every day working
>You counterpart launches a coup
>You hit her with a magic artifact, banishing her to the moon for a millenia
>Sad your only peer is gone
>tfw you are Celestia
That's fucking cute.
File: 2632422.jpg (100 KB, 1200x1200)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
I usually try not to reply to most posts for... reasons, (mostly not coming off as a massive fucking autist) but that means a lot, thank you Anon.
Making it real is something I'd very much like to do, but I'm not quite to the point in my life where pursuing that is really feasible at the moment.
Hey niggers, keep your tards wrangled >>37107493 and stop shitting up my board with your disgusting filth.

-Thanks, /mlp/.
File: 542893.png (3.09 MB, 6000x7500)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB PNG
File: E3mXHn5WUAQMB_H.png (156 KB, 258x387)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
File: E3mcapaWQAEN4eX.png (749 KB, 712x702)
749 KB
749 KB PNG
Favorite tf?
When is next stampede ultra coming? I need that update
>Protocol 3: Protect the pony.
It's pretty much guaranteed that some form of live video will show people transforming to the rest of the world as it happens.

Still it's an interesting idea. On one side of the world you've got people preparing, on the other side ponies are adapting. The former group will be watching the latter group intently, as they try to figure out what's going on and if there's any way of stopping it, while their time runs out.
Hm, true.

How about some intense autism then. If it happens at 3am, then it's not a continuous wave following the Earth's rotation, but is somehow calibrated to our definition of timezones. So what happens to planes that cross the 3am line between the departure and destination? I don't actually know the exact protocol for in-cabin time tracking, but I expect they very likely use departure time with departure ATC and arrival time with arrival ATC and probably either one or the other internally for the entire flight. Would everyone transform on arrival then? Or would you trigger it whenever you decide to adjust your watch to the arrival time mid-flight? What if the adjustment skips 3am entirely, would that just apply the transformation retroactively?

And far more importantly: what if you cross the date line to skip over the transformation day entirely? Will you instantly "catch up" and transform upon arriving in the "tomorrow" timezone where the transformation has already happened, or will it count as being a "+13" timezone for you and you'll get transformed a day later than everyone else?
And extending that, what if some rothschild jumps into a private hypersonic jet and tries to escape 3am - does that mean they'll instantly transform at the date line, or would they be able to just outrun it as long as their jet can fly?
File: Sleepy moon.png (1.07 MB, 1100x960)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
You guys are making this vastly more complicated than it needs to be.
>You TF after falling asleep and wont wake up until it's done.
How many stallions do you think it'd take to fill that tank up with TF cum?
>he doesn't want to be a pony
That's the easy way, yes.
Got the vaccine, when do I turn into a poner
I got my second shot two days ago, still waiting.
fashion simulator obviously
At most ten.
File: 2153919.gif (1.5 MB, 768x432)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB GIF
File: E3osWN4WQAI6nla.jpg (97 KB, 1280x728)
97 KB
File: E3osWipXEAAQqii.jpg (104 KB, 1280x728)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
File: E3osWyMXEAErqBZ.jpg (106 KB, 1280x728)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
File: E3osXBiXMAIlZWG.jpg (102 KB, 1280x728)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
oh no
It may take a while. See Alycorn's post in the previous thread: >>37055133
Allowing a few people to escape ponification via loopholes can lead to some interesting situations.
How will she share the gift though?
My brain says tossing them into the vat but my dick says >rape
Especially if it wasnt anthro, please have some standards.
File: wuah.png (584 KB, 1045x550)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
It all comes back to WUAH in the end.
File: 2578757.png (5 KB, 480x480)
5 KB
That Particular Instance I Performed Metempsychosis As An Equine Named After A Piece Of Silverware:


I stirred up beneath my covers. My eyelids raised slightly to see the room illuminated by a streak of bluish hue across the ceiling. The diamond-patterned walls were slowly focusing into vision as I roused from my fading fatigue. Rubbing my eyes, I see both fillies sleeping soundly and laying completely still. The cool air filled the room as my breaths exhaled a light mist that dissipated in front of me.

It was cold. Too cold.

I shifted out of the covers and nudged the small mound right beside me. "Dia?" I prodded her again with rising concern. No response. I pressed my hoof against her, my pads didn't feel any heat emanating from the sheets. "Dia!" I shouted, swiping away at the blanket that was wrapped around her. There she laid bare, a pink filly laying on her side facing away from me. I prodded her shoulder again with no response, in turn, forcing me to turn her facing up. Her eyes were glazed open, an eerie neutral expression taking her gaze. "D-Dia?! Dia are you alright?!" I pleaded as I prodded her shoulder again. Under the clearing moonlight, I could see her as she remained cold and unmoving. Her gaze jolted towards me, causing me to flinch and stagger back. Yet my eyes didn't allow me to look away, for I continued staring into her shimmer-less pupils. Pupils that were once filled with so much life were now filled with null unfeeling darkness.

I breathed uneasily in uneven breaths, my hoof now pressing against my chest as I tried to forcefully calm myself down. I felt the icy air flow into my lungs and steadily breathed out.

Okay, stay calm. Take a look around, find out what happened, and-

Her pupils bulged outwards as if it was expanding directly at me. I staggered back again, my eyes widened in fear as the bulges violently increased in frequency. Her retinas tore open, streaming a flood of black mist, spreading over her body. Her mouth parted slightly, allowing another larger emission of this complete darkness to envelop her and the covers. I staggered back from the mattress and pushed myself against the edge of the bed behind me. The moonlight caused these dark emissions to shimmer slightly, revealing a countless number of black carapaces. Thousands of eyes glinted as this dark living mass spread and envelop the floor towards me.

My heart rapidly pumped adrenaline throughout my body, my breathing now incoherent as I immediately leaped from the springy bed and towards the door. Sounds of multiple carapaces crunched beneath my hooves as I darted there, extending my hind legs so I could reach the doorknob above me. The cold winds blew behind me as I slammed the door and pressed my entire weight against it. Sounds of tearing flesh and loud vibrating screeches resounded. Moonlight peered beneath the door crevice as eerie shadows flickered beneath me, spiders now skittering out into the hallway. I closed my eyes tight-shut, my hearing completely focused on the creeks of the floor behind me. I hear small skittering running along the walls as... there was utter silence.

Seconds passed, but it felt like hours. The fur on my skin was raised with merciless tension, but even the skittering stopped. I exhaled a drawn-out breath I didn't realize I was holding. Just when I thought to let go of the door, an impact paralyzed my shoulders sending my body to the floor. My coat bristled with crushed carapaces and black foreign substances, my sense of taste was filled with begotten rot. I hurled in response to replace the taste with bitter burning vomit.

I couldn't take much more of this. My senses screamed at me to get up. My breathing heaved as I pushed myself off the ground. My eyes were in a slight daze as I tried to focus them.

Another impact resounded and my eyes instantly became acute. Spiders stirred once again as they now started to crawl up my legs as if they wanted a taste of the rot that stained my lower body. A loud crack splintered open as my eyes stared at the door in front of me. A black scythe now embedded through the wooden door, missing my pupil a small breath away. A loud shriek enveloped the room, my ears hearing it clearly now. The deadly protrusion retracted back and I heard loud skittering backing from the door.

My head pivoted around me as my eyes darted for any salvation in my vicinity. A small wooden-glass case with a vase perched on top stood on the opposite end of the door. I darted forward and pulled my weight behind it and the wall it laid upon. With a heaved breath, the case toppled over and obstructed the wooden door, another black scythe piercing through the both of them. It pulled back but was met with resistance. The serrated edges were getting caught on the bent metal frames.
I Immediately trotted towards the end of the hallway where the staircase was located, each desperate step was met with a resounding crunch. My legs stopped at the edge of the stairwell as it loomed ahead of me, darkness obscuring the very bottom. My ears perked to hear another ear-piercing screech followed by sounds of splintering and bent metal, I couldn't afford to look behind me as I proceeded to descend hastily in a panic. Fear and blood were pumping throughout my body as sweat and grime seeped into my barrel and legs. The air had a taste of cold metal and a faint bitterness to it, my legs slowly becoming numb in the process, but I didn't stop. I couldn't stop. God why couldn't it stop?

Tears started to swell up, blurring my vision. I felt my legs becoming increasingly numb with every step. Then I felt nothing. I saw my vision blurring up completely as my body was rolling down the staircase. I felt numerous impacts throughout my body until I finally laid still, staring at the ceiling above me. I slowly craned my neck and tried to raise a hoof to rub my eyes, but then I saw red. Looking down I saw that my right foreleg was bent open at irregular angles, bones now protruding out of numerous gashes and wounds. Blood seeped out in short disgusting bursts as spiders crawled out of my wounds. "Fuck. God fucking damn it!" Yet despite my cursing, I didn't feel any pain, only the cold air against my bare flesh.

A loud vibrating screech echoed from the staircase above me, causing my senses to scream at me again to get up. Slowly, one leg after the other, it appears that the rest of my body was still functional. Pulling the rest of myself up I could see that I was in Rarity's dressing room, the front door laying across from me. I limped across the floor, to reach it. Eventually, I reached out my left foreleg for the doorknob, but when I turned I felt a pitiless click as it refused to open. "Damn it! Fuck! Open damn it!"

My ears perked up to hear a loud thunderous crash above me, the shattering of glass could be distinctly heard as thunderous skittering could be heard. "Shit shit shit. Think Sil, think!" Hope rekindled as my eyes darted towards the kitchen. "The window!" Immediately I rushed to the room adjacent to me and entered the kitchen where Rarity served us supper. I glanced around the room before my gaze landed directly on the windowsill. The skittering of spiders filled my ears as I desperately pushed a chair against the edge of the sink, hopping on top of it before trying to ram my body against the glass. A loud smack vibrated in the air as the window didn't budge. "No, nononono!" I rammed into it again, but still nothing.
I heard skittering going down from the stairwell now, my heart racing as my rapid breaths painfully took the cold air into my lungs. "Oh fuck, fuck fuck!" My eyes darted to the table, the unlit candle placed on it, the shelf, the stove, the lighter, the knife rack, and to the floor. "Shit, there has to be something, a crowbar I can use, a key, I need something! I need an idea, some idea!" My eyes eventually landed squarely on the fridge, "A... any idea..." The pit in my stomach became increasingly noticeable, but I swallowed hard. "...I need a lighter."

I jumped out of the sink and ran across the edge, reaching the lighter. Grasping it in my mouth as I leaped from the counter and towards the table. Jumping on a spare chair, I held the lighter in my hoof, my pad grasping against it as I flexed my hoof. A click could be heard as the lighter alit with flame. I lit the candle on the table before dropping the lighter and darting towards the chair next to the sink. "The stove!" Pushing the chair near the said stove, I turned every knob on max and proceeded towards the fridge. I pulled the fridge door, the cold air rushed towards me with an unfathomable numbness on my coat. "Everything about this is a horrible idea and I'm going to die."

I reached for the food trays with my only foreleg and pulled it out, spilling all the random assortments of food and milk products. I pulled one tray after another as I heard the loud thunderous skittering getting closer and closer. I finally emptied the fridge and proceeded to hoist myself up in it, the spiders across my coat dying to the cold and falling off me. After getting my entire small frame inside, I pulled the door shut.


I couldn't see anything, and I could feel everything standing still for a moment. Yet then I heard small stabs piercing the stone tiles, slowly but getting ever so closer. I could hear breathing behind the door, then more skittering as furniture could be heard being toppled over. I held my breath tightly as cold ice overtook me.



My ears were ringing non-stop. I felt cold sweat dripping off of my head as I exhaled another breath. I opened my eyes to see nothing, but my foreleg felt the edge of the fridge bent slightly open. With a heave, I pushed the door with it not budging. I twisted my body so that my back was laying against the fridge wall and placed both my hindlegs against the door. With another heave I eventually popped the door hinges off, revealing a flood of water spilling over some pipes and the floor around me. The entire kitchen was scattered wreckage of debris and dead carapaces, the sink and windowsill completely blasted open. Moonlight shined downwards through the opening as I gently stepped forth out of the fridge. My eyes revealed an ever-expanse of the unfettered void with dark mists overbearing the skies. Water rushed past my legs as it spilled over the edge of the void, creating an endless misty waterfall. The moonlight shone brightly overhead as I craned my neck upwards, seeing the iridescent full moon.

I was entranced, my gaze completely overtaken by the sight of the shining sphere above me. Smaller details soon revealed themselves, as I saw a small black dot staining the surface of this moon. My eyes peered forwards as I squinted my eyes, focusing on the image. Then the black dot started to extend across the moon's surface, forming a small vertical slit. It then widened to reveal a cyan iris, the dot expanding into a cat-like pupil. I felt it's gaze staring back at me. As if it were peering into my soul, the essence of my very being.

I jumped up beneath my covers. My eyes wrenched open as a streak of orange hue laid across the ceiling. The diamond-patterned walls were clear as I pulled myself up. Turning my head, I see both fillies sleeping and laying soundly in their beds. The air was warm as I realized I was hyperventilating. Pressing a hoof against my chest, I breathed in and out. My rapid irregular breathing and heart rate slowly steadied itself as I pressed my left hoof against my forehead. My foreleg was still intact, I felt cold sweat dripping from my forehead. I exhaled and inhaled deeply. "Another nightmare..." I sigh deeply into both my hooves. Seconds passed as I heard chirping from outside the window.

But... this was different, I told myself. I never fought back in my dreams, and I never once successfully escaped. But this time I did... sorta. I lost a limb and I didn't manage to completely kill whatever that was sure, but I fought back at least. That was good.

I breathed in before letting out another sigh. This was going to take some time to get used to, but-

I had to fight back an incoming hurl as I covered the edge of my mouth, the fresh memories of bitter vomit and rot from my dreams resurfaced. I begrudgingly swallowed hard as I forced myself up from the mattress, my legs were noticeably still shaken from that encounter. "I-I'm going to need some coffee..."
Thanks, Yuri
File: 2631434.png (179 KB, 588x499)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
Take care of your newly transformed friends, /ptfg/
Very nice!
Thanks for the fic.
Instructions unclear, dick caught in marepussy.
Barely transformed and you're going for pregnany? Oh boy.
File: Cuddlepile.png (224 KB, 1005x834)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
You know how it is, freshly transformed, hormones are running wild, one things leads to another...
In all seriousness my first priority would be cuddles
might write something later, give prompts
transformed into zecora but instead of conventional rhyming she has to speak to the pattern of kalevala or iliad
File: Kirin charades.png (865 KB, 1280x720)
865 KB
865 KB PNG
>Arrive in the kirin village.
>You're being too loud so they dunk you in the stream.
>Come out as a Kirin.
>Optional: Either shack up with Autumn and regain your voice, or with one of the other cute mares while being silent.
This, but start a herd with those cute kirin boys instead.
Something that doesn't require me to write in verse or watch episodes I don't intend to see, please
File: Pinkfull_cloak.png (595 KB, 691x1024)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
>Not watching the kirin episode.
Doing yourself a disservice, but alright.

>Kidnapped by bat ponies and inducted into their cult, TF'd into a bat pony via vampirism and/or sex, long term goal of summoning nightmare moon once they have enough members.
It's an S1-tier episode, but okay
>Ghost hunter possessed, corrupted, and transformed into King Sombra inside a spooky haunted European castle's stables
>Tfw you'll never be hugged like that
>tf into pon
>oh god it's really happening
>I'm gonna cum while transforming asdfsfs
>finish tfing
>didn't cum
>turn me back, I need to try again
>Anon is a pony pet with no memory of her previous life
>She knows that her owner used to be someone she knew by the way he talks about her
>She's trying to put the pieces together from snippets of conversation.
God, Mix-Up is such a fucking godawful artist.
>rubber deer with forelegs just sticking out of torso
>crocodile Sombra
>copypasta background
>what the fuck is this barely readable font
File: Bat pack.png (667 KB, 1280x1216)
667 KB
667 KB PNG
>tfw it's your mission to give all the hugs if you become a poner.
None shall be spared from the cuddling.
File: cashmoney.png (75 KB, 540x512)
75 KB
t. sir giggles and dementia
I'm working on one as we speak, though I will be doing this with a NeatO algorithm instead of the one in the story. Right now I got nothing to show cause I'm reworking the NeuralNet so it can update each neuron faster.
dead thread
>You open your eyes to a beam of sunlight in your face, resting directly on your eyes.
>With a grunt and an strangely painful exertion of your arm, you lift it up and throw it over your face, protecting your eyes from the blinding beam.
“Guh. Did I fuckin’ sleep on my arm or something? Why’s it hurt so damn much?”
>Shifting about in the bed for a minute, you stretch your other arm, which hurts with a similar ache, and your legs, which follow suit.
>Whatever you did in your sleep, your whole body was paying the price for it.
>You take a mental tally of your activities before going to bed.
>It was Friday night, so you hung out with your friends, shooting the shit, playing games, and sneaking away with your latest fling for some quick makeouts, leaving your friends to drink.
>You didn’t expect this relationship to last much longer, but damned if you weren’t down for some heavy-petting any day of the week. You were a red-blooded male after all.
>She was cute, but a member of one of those weird-ass “covens” as she called it. Some new-age bullshit.
>At least they encouraged wearing black makeup and all that jazz. That shit was hot.
>”Anon! It’s already past noon, and you have mail!”
>You groan and flop out of bed, groaning harder as your muscles protest, feeling like you ran an entire damn marathon.
>With only a few mistakes and misses, you eventually get some underpants on and stumble down the hall to the kitchen and flop down on a chair at the table.

>”Good heavens, man, you look beat. Is this a good exhausted or a bad exhausted? Your friends didn’t see you after you disappeared with Samara.”
>Samara was your girlfriend. The new-age coven girl. Looked Asian, actually wasn’t. A pretty good combo, altogether.
>The fellow asking the questions was your roommate, Chadwick. Straight-laced fellow, but nice. He never took part in your parties, but he didn’t stop you and he didn’t complain. He even woke you up when you overslept like today.
>He was just full of good intentions all around, but he was honestly rather boring. He wanted to be an accountant.
>Chadwick, who adamantly refused to be called Chad, handed you your mail, and you take it, only dropping it once before you manage to see who it’s from.
>”It looks like financial aid, unless I miss my guess. If you need textbooks for the semester, I’d recommend depositing that today. Classes start up on Tuesday next week.”
>Good old Chadwick, always keeping you up to date.
“Thanks, Chadwick. I’ll do that once I’ve had breakfast, and no, nothing ‘fun’ happened between me and Samara beyond some light groping. I’m pretty sure I just slept wrong. My muscles hurt like a bitch all over.”
>Chadwick looks you up and down. You aren’t wearing a shirt, and your shorts only cover the requisite manly amount.
>”Hm. No bruising, so probably too much tensing during sleep. Might be caused by bad dreams or anxiety. If it persists, I’d see a professional, but a single night is probably fine.”
>Good old Chadwick, making sure you were healthy. Too bad he never shared his food. It always smelled absolutely delicious.
>Like that omelette he was cooking right now. Delicious.
>You suspected the man could cook up a storm.
“I should be fine. It’ll go away soon enough.”
>You prepare yourself some cold cereal, eating your sugary part of a balanced breakfast, and stumble back to your room to get dressed.
>God your muscles ache.
>With minor difficulty, you wrangle some wranglers on and awkwardly slip inside a shirt. You look down at it and realize it didn’t belong to you, but you just shrug and pull on your denim jacket.
>You check your many pockets for all your necessary devices, doing you daily spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch, then pull on your sneakers and step outside.
>It was a bright and sunny day, but thankfully that’s why god invented sunglasses, and you slip some on before wandering down the sidewalk.
>You and Chadwick had a nice place not too far from the school campus. An easy ten minute walk at most.
>It wasn’t too expensive when shared, but you’d never be able to afford it alone.
>Good old Chadwick.
>It was a skinny complex situated in between two larger shops close to downtown where campus was. >You and Chadwick were the only two tenants, with no upstairs or downstairs.
>You weren’t sure how much longer it would last, but you enjoyed it for now.
>The landlady wasn’t a bother, and she was SUPER old.
>Like, beef-jerky how-are-you-still-alive old.
>She made sure everything worked, so no complaints yet again.
>You meander down the sidewalk, taking it slow to be kind to your aching body, and eventually deposit your financial aid check.
>On your way back home you pick up a few necessities, like more beer, chips, and some tacos.
>You stumble back inside the house, put away your groceries, and settle down at your computer to watch some movies while you eat.
>Halfway through your food you get a message from Nick, one of your friends from the party last night, thanking you for hosting and asking how the night went with Samara.
>You think back on the party, trying to remember how things exactly had gone with Samara.
>It was a bit of a drunken blur, you admit.
>Drinking was a bit of a bad habit for you, and you had always been a bit of a lightweight, so it was easy to hit the point where you didn’t remember anything.
>You ask him what he meant, and he responds quickly telling you that the two of you had disappeared, and after a couple more hours, everyone agreed it was best to leave you two alone, since you obviously weren’t coming back out.
>That wasn’t like you at parties.
>Samara must have left before you woke up. Not hard, since you hadn’t gotten up until like, 1:00pm.
>You fire off a quick text at her, then get back to your food.
>If she was mad, no big deal, but you hope you didn’t have drunk sex. Last thing you need is an accidental pregnancy.
>You put down the phone, click play, and get gently buzzed in the late afternoon waiting for a reply.
>But nothing comes.
>That was weird as well.
>She was almost always glued to her phone, which honestly bothered you a little, but it wasn’t like her to let a text, especially from her ‘tacky-pants’ hug-friend, go unanswered.
>You weren’t as attached to her as she seemed to be to you, so you just shrugged and went back to your movies.
>True to form, you didn’t do anything productive for the rest of the day, and just played games and watched movies until it was super late at night.
>Looking at the clock, it was glowing 2:00am, so you decide now was as good a time as any to fall asleep.
>You brush your teeth, take a piss, then flop into bed, passing out almost immediately.
>Weekends were fuggin’ great.
>An impact startles you awake and you struggle to sit up. Your limbs feel heavy, and numb, and you only succeed in rolling your head into something hard.
“Ow, fuck!”
>Your voice sounded strange, but you’re a bit panicked at the moment so you don’t notice it.
>Your vision was blurry and dark, you can’t quite make out where you are or what you’re looking at, you can’t move properly, and now your head hurts.
>With some difficulty, you get onto your stomach and get your arms underneath you.
>Your hands are slightly numbs and feel like they’re balled into fists, but you eventually manage, and you attempt to crawl back into bed.
>You shakily fumble around in the dark for the edge of the bed, a hefty north slope in your current state, seemingly several feet above you.
>Once you have it, you crawl up and into bed, cursing under your breath.
>Your muscles burn and ache, and you understand what must have happened last night to cause you so much pain in the morning.
>No wonder Samara left so early.
>You must have been a shitty partner to sleep next to.
>Crawling under the covers, you try to get comfortable, but the burning in your limbs won’t go away.
>You stretch out, trying to ease the pain, and you bump something.
>Check that.
>An icy chill runs through you.
>Who the FUCK broke into your house?
>Who the FUCK crawls into someone’s bed instead of stealing something?
>Moving extremely slowly and carefully, trying not to alert the person who had managed to sneak into bed with you, you reach out for the lamp and mash the switch with your oddly numb fist.
>The lights come on, and past your weirdly-coloured and strangely large nose, you see yourself, sleeping in bed.
>A thin sheen of sweat covers your face, dripping onto the pillow beneath your head. Your breathing is ragged and your mouth is open, a pained expression on your face.
>You’re stunned for only a moment, but you feel panic once again welling up inside you.
>You scream a high-pitched scream, which quickly turns into a lower-pitched yell as you sit up in bed in a cold sweat, looking frantically around the room.
>You turn to your right and see nothing and no one in bed with you.
>You wince as that same ache in your muscles from yesterday morning is there again.
>You rub your limbs as your eyes flick around the room, looking for anything out of place, or anyone else in the room with you at all.
>Your eyes linger on every shadow cast by your bedside lamp, trying to see if something is hiding in them.
>Finding nothing, your breathing starts to slow down to a normal rate, your heart thudding less heavily against your chest.
>You switch the lamp off and stare at the ceiling for a few minutes, barely blinking unless you have to, trying to process that fucked up dream.
>After thoughts race through your mind for a few minutes, you start feeling tired again and your eyes drift closed.
>Just as you feel sleep reaching for you, your eyes snap open again in panic.
>You struggle to quell the rising panic.
>Surely you just turned it on yourself in some sort of dexterous somnambulist trick.
>Your head turns to look at the bedside lamp, and you try to mentally justify the fact that it had been on.
>The switch was on the base of the lamp, and it could indeed be switched on by some clumsy mashing with a hand during sleep.
>It was rather firm, and you’d generally assume there would need to be a bit more than just accidental pressure for it to turn on, but the thought of an accident eased your tired and panicked mind.
>You accept the explanation for now, but despite all your efforts, sleep doesn’t come for some time, wayward thoughts flitting to and fro keeping you awake until the wee hours of the morning.
>Eventually you hear Chadwick yelling at you that you’ve slept in too long again.
>You’re half of a mind to tell him to shove it, but you don’t like sleeping in too long and missing the day, so you pull yourself up, wincing at the stiff muscles you once again have.
>You do some basic stretches and a brief bit of on-the-spot cardio, hoping it will help, then head down to get breakfast.
>Chadwick is there making himself lunch.
>He looks at you and frowns.
>”You look even worse than yesterday Anon. Are you sure you’re alright?”
“God, after last night, I fucking don’t know. I dreamed I was literally beside myself. Like one of those out-of-body experiences people keep talking about. Gave me a bit of a fright, if I’m honest.”
>You pull out some cinnamon toast crunch and pour yourself a simple bowl of cereal yet again, while Chadwick prepares some sort of curry.
>The dude should really share.
>”Well take care of yourself, and remember what I said yesterday. If it keeps up, get some professional help, they’re paid to help with these things.”
“Yeah, I know. I’ll see how the rest of the week goes. I’m hoping it’s just temporary, caused by stress or food or something.”
>”Well, take care of yourself Anon. No one else can.”
>Chadwick picks up his bag and heads out the door, leaving you alone.
>You finish your breakfast and head back into your room, playing some video games for a bit.
>After a while you start getting a prickling on the back of you neck and your eyes keep flicking to the lamp and bed.
>After last night, you don’t really feel much like being alone at the moment, so you call up Nick to see if he wants to hang out.
>Sadly he can’t, so you call the other guys one at a time to see if anyone can hang out.
>One by one, you get shot down by each of them. You suspect because of the conspicuous lack of alcohol.
>Fair-weather friends those, except for Nick. You’d known him since your first day at college.
>Nick was just busy right now.
>Well, guess it was just you and your thoughts. You still hadn’t gotten a text back from Samara, so you’d probably offended her somehow.
>You hadn’t yet hit that, but it wasn’t going to last anyway.
>You try to occupy yourself with video games for the rest of the day, and you are for the most part successful, but as night approaches you start getting anxious.
>You’d have to sleep, and that meant the creepy-ass dream might happen again. Since your muscles felt the same way two nights in a row, you just assumed something similar had happened that first night.
>You put it off as long as you could, but eventually you shut everything down at 2:50am and rolled into bed.
>Despite your fears, you were tired enough after your poor sleep the night before that it didn’t take you long to start to drift off.
>That familiar barrier between sleep and waking started to encroach upon your consciousness when you suddenly get a severe feeling of vertigo.
>Panic hits you and you try to wake up, but your limbs aren’t responding properly.
>Movement is sluggish and weak, and your voice sounds like you’re underwater.
>It all lasts for only about ten seconds, then you gasp for air as the wind is knocked out of you and you sit up, choking on air.
>Your muscles no longer hurt, which is the first thing you notice, and your limbs are responding, but your hands feel like they’re balled up into fists that you can’t unclench.
>You fumble for the light again, now a little scared that you know you aren’t dreaming and it happened again.
>You manage to slap the switch and the light turns on, confirming your worst fears.
>Your body was lying there in bed, chest slowly rising and falling thankfully, but if you were out here, were you actually dreaming?
>You reach out to poke yourself, and notice the second weird thing of the night: Your hoof.
>That’s really the best way to describe it.
>Your arm and hand had become a pastel-colored cylinder that ended in a horse’s hoof.
>This had to be a dream.
“What in the everloving fuck-“
>That voice was distinctly not yours, but it came out of you.
>Or at least, where “You” currently seemed to be.
File: 2634032.jpg (397 KB, 3000x3000)
397 KB
397 KB JPG
File: 2634050.png (3.05 MB, 2480x3508)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB PNG
"Scopophobia is an excessive fear of being stared at."

The Indiana Jones manoeuvre.

I wonder what it all means.
Transformation via ancient artefact and adventure with Daring Do.
I like this idea. There isn't enough Kirin (or Nirik) TF.
really enjoyed your writing anon!
This is interesting so far, i like chadwick, i'm wondering why samara hasnt responded.
File: 1623588863754.png (76 KB, 1000x991)
76 KB
Be careful with your tail.
File: _.png (433 KB, 1000x676)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
File: image0.jpg (2.59 MB, 4032x3024)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB JPG
File: image0.jpg (358 KB, 1048x486)
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358 KB JPG
How do you drive with hooves?
A pony TF mystery is a good idea.
File: free hugs.png (436 KB, 1116x612)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
File: cr.jpg (131 KB, 1280x796)
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131 KB JPG
File: image0.jpg (1.67 MB, 3609x2140)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
That looks embarassing. He doesn't even have to shift gears himself, and he still doesn't have the hang of it.
Do you think a pega like him could use his wings to row a manual gearbox?
wings should be pretty versatile and a good substitute for hands, would prefer wings instead of a horn cuz i really doubt horns would create enough energy to leviate shit by either manipulating spacetime or creating tremendous amounts of quantum tunnelling
File: E3t4z9UWUAAvkGj.png (98 KB, 1088x920)
98 KB
Anon blends seamlessly into pony society.
Dude puts way too much horse into his ponies
>Let me tell you a story
>Not any story, but the story of an excited earth pony
>This earth pony was a beautiful mare, bringer of the thicc, defender of-
"Yeah, yeah, I know, just introduce me already"
>Fuck you ponk, I'll introduce you whenever I want
"But then how long will it take for them to know of the other THICC filly on the other side of the road?"
>There was also Anon, who got turned into a filly because of-
"They already know that. Do you know where you are?"
>Fuck you, do you want to tell the history yourself?
"Well, since you asked so nicely~"
>No wai-
>*Writefag was kicked from server*
>There, now I have this all for myself
>*I, aka Pinkie, rub my hooves*
>Soo, where were we?
>Oh right, I decided to go outside and saw Anonfilly walking behind Twilight
>She was looking soo sad, I just had to cheer her up
>I waited a bit so Twilight would round the corner, knowing that Anon would take a while to catch up
>It was then that I decided to strike
>Jumping higher than a house, I aimed myself to land right on top of her
>She had turned around, just like planned
>But before she could do anything I landed on top of her and pinned her under my weight
>Thankfully she was surprised enough for me to pin her forehooves under mine
>Shaking her head she looked up to me with that sweet smile of hers
>"What the fuck are you doing?"
>Okay it wasn't a smile, it was more of her signature frowny face
>It was so cute it may as well be a smile though, don't judge me
>Anyway I decided to acknowledge the elephant in the room and go right in
"Why, you were looking so down I just knew I had to cheer you up, and who's better than momma Pinkie for that~?"
>"Fuck off, I don't need your help. Let me go"
>Her trashing, trying to free her front hooves, only made this hotter
>I leaned down and touched my muzzle on hers before speaking softly
"Say, why don't we take this inside?"
>*Writefag connected to the server*
>>Fuck you Pinkie, give me my green back!
>*Writefag was banned from the server*
>"Uhh…did you just answer your own question?"
"Oh, right, the history, well…uhh…"
>"What the fuck are you on, you pink sperg?"
"Sorry I forgot what this history was about, want a cupcake?"
>Quickly you took a cupcake from inside your hair with your hair curl
>It's not like you hadn't held stuff with it, Anon didn't even seem surprised
>"Sure, I guess, can't say no to free food"
>You waited a bit for the question you were sure she would make eventually
>"Uhh can you release me?"
>And then you proceeded to stuff the cupcake inside Anons mouth
>As always, giving 3 taps and pushes with your hair, to make sure it got all inside at once
"There, don't you feel happy already~?"
>You were so focused on the filly under you, you didn't even see Twilight coming back, no doubt searching for her filly
"Oh hi Twilight! Looking for this filly here?"
>You lifted yourself out of the coughing and trembling filly that was looking a bit blue-ish
>"Pinkie! What did you do to her?"
"I didn't do anything, I just saw her following you all frowny and sad"
"So I gave her a cupcake, she looks much better now doesn't she?"
>"Better? Her face is blue! She, she's asphyxiating!"
"Oh, that answers that"
>Twilight started running to try and help, but you acted quicker
>Employing all your earth pony strength to give Anon a kick to the stomach
>The paper wrap then flew just high enough from her mouth for you to land a kick on it afterwards, sending it flying into a nearby bin
"There, she should be fine now, if you need anything you know who to call~"
>You said to the filly, before crushing her into a Pinkie™ hug and then pronking away
"Nothing like another satisfied customer"
>*Not Writefag joined the server*
>Alright, not banning me this time, I went and bought a pro account just for this, take that Pinkie Pie!
"Ohh, really?"
>Yep, now back to the green…
"Oh you silly, the green is already over"
"Yap, Twilight just left with Anon right there"
>Both of you looked at Twilight turning the corner and Anonfilly close by, not being able to see any of their faces
>Ugh, fuck me
"Only when (You) become the filly you silly~"
It's not even that. You can make good-looking horse ponies. Baron Engel for example makes a great halfway horse/pony whenever he's not drawing anthroshit. (Or you can go full horse and still have a good looking animal, because horses are naturally aesthetic.)
This guy though, everything he draws is just some kind of uncanny valley horrifying shit. It looks like it belongs on some 14 year old's fetish deviantart gallery.
File: _.png (379 KB, 898x669)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
File: _.jpg (22 KB, 577x366)
22 KB
File: 2635089.png (766 KB, 2125x2928)
766 KB
766 KB PNG
File: 2635131.png (160 KB, 1725x991)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
So I had a dream that sential had taken down all his pictures, but I had an archive - but it was missing all the tags. So me and a friend tried to shake him down for the tags. Eventually I thought "it would be easier to just grab them from ponybooru".
Fuck's sake, I want to dream about being a cute pony, not about tranny artist drama living literally rent free in my head apparently
Clearly the solution is to have an offline instance of Philomena running with a ponerpics import.
wtf are you me
I've considered in the past making some sort of either client software, or direct fork of philomena, which would allow you to cache specified searches/tags locally and make them browsable offline with a booru-like interface (while auto-syncing when online). Idea would be to make it usable for anything from saving your favourites locally while keeping them searchable by tag, to auto-archiving your favourite tag or artists, to running a full local mirror (if you have the storage).

Of course that's a lot of work and doing work is my weakness, so I've done literally nothing towards it. But I did have the idea.
File: _.png (623 KB, 1196x949)
623 KB
623 KB PNG
File: _.png (288 KB, 1600x1600)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
Would there be a stigma against newly TF'd ponies in Equestria if they didn't automatically get their cutie mark? Being an adult blank flank might be embarrassing.
File: _.png (180 KB, 1500x1500)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
File: _.png (206 KB, 864x673)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
I can't help but think that being in a pony body would be strangely comfortable compared to a human body
Can you imagine being a pony but your body is restricted like a real equine? like how can you masturbate?
>You're Aurora.
>Ever since you became a pony food has been difficult
>You're down to your last crumpet, at this point you might have to stop partaking in teatime even weekly.
>The thought brings you great sadness, but it's better than whatever is out there waiting for you if you show your muzzle.
>You open up the thread once more with your jerry-rigged mouse setup
>You can sorta manage typing by holding a pencil in your teeth but you mostly just browse and occasionally say something to bump it.
>You haven't told anybody about your predicament.
>The most you've said is that you'll be gone for a few days before going offline
>You're terrified of the outside world.
>You don't know what you'll do when you run out of food.
>With considerable difficulty, you save a new TF image from twitter and post it to the thread as it nears page 10
>You're so alone.
>"What's in there?"
>"Some guy who hasn't paid rent in over a month, just throw whatever you find out on the curb."
>You've barely managed to keep yourself hydrated.
>All the food is gone.
>You can't stop them from coming in, and your heart should probably be pounding but you feel a strange calm.
>"Nice compute- what's that thing?"
>You try to scamper off but you're too weak and just trip on your hooves.
>"It's kinda cute, just looks unhealthily thin."
>You hold up a hoof in protest as you're scooped up by strong hands.
>"Don't worry girl, you're safe now."
>You doze off in his arms.
>You're in a building, it's loud.
>Lots of animals...
>Like you.
>No other ponies, certainly no other pegasi but tons of dogs and cats all making a massive fucking ruckus
>You cover your sensitive ears with your forehooves
>Soon someone will be here to adopt you, maybe...
>At least you have food now even if it isn't very good
>You think you're getting mostly hay
>People have come by to look at you but most of them don't seem to understand what you are
Maybe it's because of how cutesy they look.
Go on...
I'm pretty sure real horses masturbate.
How? Do I want to know?
I know stallions will slap their dick against their belly. I don't know about mares, but I guess they'd grind against something, like a post or a tree.
Correct on both accounts.
File: 1621106352494.webm (1.17 MB, 854x480)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB WEBM
Anyone remember Edsel Ranger?
Of course, he wrote some of this thread's most notable stories.
What the hell is this thread?
God that's hot.
File: 827345.gif (378 KB, 400x400)
378 KB
378 KB GIF
Is she into SM?
She could just be itchy.
File: medium_36.png (297 KB, 499x600)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
>lazy Saturday
>Took Pon-E last night and it's still not worn off
>You can hear the love of your life softly snoring as you sleep in her lap
>Ruffle your wings gently so as to not wake her whilst stretching them a little
>Life is good

>you and your girlfriend went out for an afternoon walk
>The warm afternoon sun on your coat feels like heaven
>As you're watching a plane fly by high in the sky, two hands lift you up
>"I love you so much Anon"
File: 58290.png (462 KB, 832x894)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
god fucking damnit
oh god i’ve been summoned, just smile and wave
i still lurk here and still write but ideas are very hard to come by. i’ve got silly ideas about writing something less “derivative and unoriginal” when it’s so much easier to write a self insert. i don’t plan on leaving ptfg again so the outlook is better than it used to be.
i’ve also drawn some stuff that’s made it to the thread but it’s not my best work
Glad you're still around, I've enjoyed most of your stories. Especially Our Town, holy fuck.
Any chance of a petpony story out of you? Been craving some new pov pet mare stuff for a while.
it's nice to have it with sound I guess?
wouldn’t you know it, i’m putting together a petpone story. it’s an amalgamation of a couple other ideas i’ve had so it’s got my attention for now.
i’ve had an epilogue to our town on the books for ages. something to pick up when i’ve got the energy, but unfortunately i’m not happy enough with it yet.
File: image0.png (1.97 MB, 1970x3508)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG
>wouldn’t you know it, i’m putting together a petpone story
music to my ears
File: 1623783800700.png (2.71 MB, 2748x2181)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB PNG
No, ponies would probably just treat it as a friendship problem for them to help you with.
File: 1416719925297.png (13 KB, 548x564)
13 KB
>It's dark.
>Too dark.
>It is not as though your eyes are closed.
>It seems that you have no eyes.
>Nor can you hear, for you have no ears.
>Yet, here you are, thinking.
>So in some sense, you must "be."
>That is all you can hang your hat on. Because without any senses, as far as you know, you have no head.
>But you do have memory.
>The diagnosis. The prognosis. The decline.
>The agreement.
>You remember your senses fading one by one as your body shut down. How your motor skills slipped away, then your vision, taste, and smell.
>Last was your hearing. The last sound was the voice of a doctor.
"Just in time. Couldn't cut this closer if you tried. Let's get to it."
>It's hard to say what happened after that. When you become nothing but thought, time becomes meaningless. In a way, you much better understand the theory of relativity now.
>You feel sure that you died.
>You felt wonderfully euphoric, and your thoughts were flush with visions of beauty and light before it all went dark.
>Yet here you are, again, in the dark, a thought.
>And then...

Model PNE-0005

Copyright (c) 2026, 2031
Hasbro Corporation
All Rights Reserved
real mem = 8192 TB
avail mem = 32768 TB
primary data cache : 512 MB
primary inst. cache : 768 MB
secondary cache : 32768 MB
login: APlatt
code: ******
>device -ctd -a
reading "R.B.D."
reading "CHECK"
reading "BOOT"

>Suddenly your pure thought is awash in a cascade of sensations.
>Something fizzles and hums in the back of your head.
>You have a head!
>You have orientation!
>Front and back! Up and down! Left and right!
>You do not just feel, you hear it! The noise that you're alive!
>Does this mean they did it? They actually pulled it off?
"Audio receptors are online doctor."
"Wonderful! Can you hear me?"
>Yes I can hear you, prick. I'm locked-in!
"Doctor, I haven't turned on any other functions yet. I don't want to overload his..."
"Her. I know your eyes are working Ms. Pruitt. This is clearly a feminine model."
"Yes sir, but..."
"And in any event Hasbro has not yet manufactured a masculine prototype."
"But before he was..."
"There is no before Ms. Pruitt. There is no after either. There is only now. She is a she, if this amalgamation of steel and silicon can be anything at all."
"Yes sir."
>You can sense movement.
>It is... above?
"I've activated motor function on the audio receptors, Dr. Platt. H... she should be able to respond now."
>You immediately begin moving your ears. Left right up down.
"Oh ho! Either she is very excited or you have done something very wrong Ms. Pruitt!"
>If you could breathe you'd be breathing very heavily right now. It's like being born again, except you have total cognition. Excitement leaps across your... brain?
>Across your circuits.
>The thought is tantalizing and you can't help but keep moving your ears around to catch every little detailed sound.
>They're much more sensitive than your human ears ever were.
"Now patient, I will need you to calm down and stop this instant if that is indeed you in there."
>You slow down and stop, focusing your ears straight ahead on the source of the voice.
>It's high-pitched and nasal, lathered with tones of Long Island.
"We met once before. When we made our agreement. Do you recall what I said? I am a man of my word. And my word is coming to pass--right this instant. But I need you to fulfill your end of the bargain. Do you remember what you told me? Do you remember your special code? We are both terrible nerds after all."
>Oh! Right!
>Your ears are all you have to move, and you move them accordingly.
>Split--left and right
>Your mind was continuous, preserved.
"Ms. Pruitt our patient is alive and well. I think it is time we brought her in from the cold."
"Yes Dr. Pratt."
>More motor functions. The details of your head came to life.
>Your jaw went out much further than before. It felt very strong.
>You could inhale, in a way. You couldn't feel any diaphragm or lungs, but air passed through nostrils that keyed in on every scent that could possibly exist and parsed them out.
>Something smelled wonderful.
"Ms. Pruitt's wearing lavender."
>Your voice is feminine, somewhat scratchy, faintly squeeky.
>But maybe very squeeky as it sings upward in excitement.
"I still can't see!"
"Just a moment," said Ms. Pruitt.
>She sounds fat.
>Suddenly static. Visual static.
>Black and white fades into a full spectrum of visual noise.
>It begins to clear.
>At last you can see.
>Oh damn Ms. Pruitt IS fat.
>Dr. Pratt looks much stronger and younger than his voice would suggest.
>But nuts to them--you're the star of this show.
"I can see! I can see!"
>You try to see yourself but to no avail.
>You seem to be elevated. Something is attached to you from above and behind.
>Whatever it is does not permit you to turn your neck.
>You can't feel anything below your neck.
"I can't move. Why can't I move? Can I see a mirror?"
"Slow down there missy! You'll give yourself a short circuit."
>Dr. Pruitt guffawed as he retrieved a small mirror from a near table.
>So many details to the room, so many things to see, but you couldn't help but be egotistical in this moment.
>After all, it was your first chance to see yourself.
>The doctor held up the mirror and there you were.
>The beautiful head and upper torso of Rainbow Dash. Robo Dash.
>But only that much.
>Cables, connections, joints, and locks hung from your chest cavity. Your arms ceased just past the shoulder.
"Where's the rest of me!?"
"We will get you assembled soon enough but for now let's take things one at a time..."
>Dr. Pratt set the mirror down, leaned forward, and looked you square in the eye.
"What is your name?"
>Which one? Your old one? Fuck that. That name was for a fleshy piece of shit that died young. You're the new hotness now. Cocksure. Fast. Strong. Everything you ever wanted to be. At least you would be soon enough.
"Rainbow Dash!"
>Dr. Pratt smiled.
>Evidently you kicked the bucket ahead of schedule while engineering was behind schedule.
>Since you were a civilian and not a programmed artificial intelligence, Allspark's legal department was not willing to part with a drone before they could decommission its weaponry.
>Allspark Industrial: Hasbro's unexpectedly successful pivot to high-tech arms manufacturing.
>The times had demanded it. After the bombing of San Francisco, reinstatement of the draft, and the wartime economy demanded by President Trump's crusade against the degenerate commu-terrorists, there was little market space for Hasbro's old toys and games business.
>So they redeveloped their most sophisticated robotic toys into killing machines.
>The Transformers were expected to be extremely effective but were too complicated and failed frequently.
>The tiny equine quadrupeds, on the other hand, could handle almost any terrain and any conditions.
>Their small size allowed them to slip entirely undetected into hot zones until very late in the war. The little ponies were ruthlessly effective in urban combat.
>Since they could get in close to any target, they didn't require particularly heavy weapons payloads. Instead they relied on proximity, positioning, and specialization.
>There was... an exception... but that hardly qualified as tiny or discrete.
>Anyway, the troops fondly adopted the characters that inspired the drones as mascots for drone divisions.
>You'd convinced your air group to get behind the bold and brash Rainbow Dash.
>With that characterization, you grew very sentimental about the droid you piloted from afar. You hadn't been a fan of ponies before the war, but imputing personality to your otherwise remote-controlled death machine warmed you to Dash in particular.
>Fearless. Loyal. Things you weren't. Things you became.
>Through feats of skill and valor you saved an intel asset deep in enemy territory and won acclaim.
>You and Dash.
>You are Dash.
"You even gave me hair... and colors..."
>The Model PNE-0005, a.k.a. "Pegasus", the one you'd controlled, had never actually been painted with pretty colors. They came in various shades of camouflage, depending on their theater of deployment.
>Yours had actually been a splotchy jungle green most of the time, actually.
>And they certainly didn't have hair.
>The back of the control module had been decorated with fins and antennae to send and receive the signals necessary to let you control it. Strings for the puppet, so to speak.
>But no strings on you. Not now.
"If you're going to serve civilian purposes then we need you to be appealing to civilian sentiments."
>Dr. Pratt had transferred you to the care of the much colder and direct Dr. Roberts.
>Now that the consciousness transfer was confirmed successful, Pratt's most pressing job was done.
>He bid you farewell and said he'd check with you frequently for various tests and to make sure you were doing well, but for now you only needed to have your body completed.
>All he needed to do was revel in the adulation of his scientific achievement.
>Ms. Pruitt had turned off your eyes and ears temporarily when "they" came in to congratulate him.
>She failed to turn off your nose. Whoever came in smelled of cedar, tobacco, and ocean wind.
>When your senses were reactivated they were gone and only Dr. Roberts remained.
"Civilian purposes?"
>Dr. Roberts ceased takkatakkatakka-ing at the console and looked up over the rim of his glasses, the lenses opaque with glare.
"Is your expectation to resume killing things?"
>The war was very much won and done.
"Uh... no?"
"Then you are serving civilian purposes."
>There's plenty of military roles that don't involve the immediate necessity of forcibly extracting enemy guts to grease pony droid joints, but you didn't get the sense he would appreciate the sass.
"You know there's more to war than that, right? Some losers only have to clean droid asses."
>But you sassed anyway.
>You sassy smart-ass.
>Dr. Roberts sighed with frustration and stared at you, prepared to say something, but swallowed his retort, exhaled slowly, and resumed working at the console before continuing.
"The Pegasus into which your consciousness is transferred is being decommissioned as we speak. We are removing its weaponry and will install both digital and analog governors on its performance to limit your value as a weapon. It is being cosmetically retrofitted to be more approachable and appeal to the popular mascot you identified as your preference. These changes are consistent with your forthcoming assignments."
"You're slowing me down!?"
>What a load!
"Your Pegasus frame will retain flight capabilities but there is no need for you to break the sound barrier. I wouldn't let you do more than glide, but I understand they prefer that you be able to turn tricks."
>You instinctively tried to tense up but only spun a loose gear exposed from your neck in displeasure as Dr. Roberts laughed at his own phrasing.
"However restricted your abilities may be, they will be substantially greater than anything you could do before, so your complaints are unwarranted."

>This guy is kind of a dick.
>He's talking like you're still enlisted.
>You were honorably discharged after war. Shiny medals and the whole deal.
>Come to think of it, when Dr. Pratt first offered to save your life like this, he only vaguely referred to expectations that would be placed on you.
>What are they going to make you do?
>Not kill anybody, sure, but it sounds like they're going to parade you around.
>Like the mascot you are.
>The one you chose to be.
>Are you?
>Are you Rainbow Dash? Or are you still you?
>What was it you chose to be?
>You probably shouldn't piss this guy off too much given you're still a vulnerable robotic head hanging from the ceiling.
>The best course of action would be to try and be diplomatic to get as much information out of him as you can.
"So has anybody ever told you that you're kind of a dick?"
>Oh well.
>Dr. Roberts plunked the keys with irritation, then looked up again.
"I'm sorry, I did not catch all that. Could you please repeat yourself?"
"... ... ...!"
>The sonofabitch turned off your voice.
"That's what I thought."
>Dr. Roberts says nothing more to you.
>Occasionally he looks up or even walks over to more closely inspect you.
>Your ears can hear a click from within your head.
>The hue of everything in your vision changes, drifting across the spectrum a half dozen times before it rests again at what you can only guess is default.
>Your hearing becomes sensitive. So much so that when he raps his knuckles against a table, it's deafening.
>It doesn't hurt.
>There's nothing for it to hurt.
>But it registers just below static.
>The sensitivity goes back down.
>He cuts a fart and you're pretty sure he cranked up your smell for it.
>You have no way to really express displeasure but to spin that exposed gear again.
>Your excitement is already faded.
>You can't do much as just a head.
>You can look around the room but that's about it.
>That and think.
>Still better than thinking in the dark.
>Then again with all the questions zipping through your circuits you're not sure you really want to do much thinking.
>You signed up for this so you could live, not get tied up in a solipsistic crisis.
>After all, you're no egghead.
>So instead you focus intently on the spartan lab while the doc keeps toying with your senses, waiting for whatever comes next.
>Hours pass.
>Four hours, thirty-eight minutes, twenty seconds.
>And some change on after that not worth recording.
>Finally, from behind, the sound of doors swinging open, a cart rolling across tile floor, carrying something with some heft.
"I am sorry to have left you alone so long with Dr. Roberts. He can be very harsh when he is working, but when you get him out of the office he is the most delightful fellow!"
>Dr. Pratt is back.
>You would say hay but you have no voice.
>Haha horse puns.
>Those will never get old.
>So you communicate in the only way you know how.
>Dress shoes clap against the floor as Dr. Pratt circles around into your field of view from the right.
"You seemed very eager to speak and hear yourself speak earlier. Why so silent now?"
>The jerk turned off my voice and it really, really sucks. Please turn it back on.
>You decide to tug at his heartstrings.
>You lower your ears, droop your eyes, and frown.
"What is wrong? Why are you sad? Why do you not speak?"
>Dr. Pratt sounds genuinely worried.
"Ms. Pruitt please call in the counselor. It appears we are already running into problems."
>More shoes clap against the floor, from the left this time.
>Dr. Roberts returning?
"I turned off his voice."
"Her voice. And that is cruel."
>Dr. Pratt's voice lowers in volume, little better than a whisper, but all the more stern for it.
"You will not abuse my patient again."
>Love this guy. Love this guy already.
"Yes sir."
>Dr. Roberts strides to his console and punches some keys.
"Now, let's try that again."
>Dr. Pratt stares and awaits your response.
"Uhh... when do I get to fly, Doc?"
>He smiles.
"What is your name?"
>You do not hesitate.
"Rainbow Dash."
>Scribbling behind you.
"Very soon Rainbow Dash. Very soon you'll soar above us all."
>Dr. Pratt looks past you.
"Gentlemen, let's get her assembled."
>Your life may have been short, but it was richly experienced in some ways
>You laughed, cried, and roared with rage
>You ate too much, ate too little
>You had fit and active days
>You had lazy days where you did nothing
>You broke bones, got sick, got better
>You had a few friends, you had days terribly alone
>You loved and lusted and lost
>In some ways you thought you'd felt all there was to be felt
>It was a thought that brought you comfort in your final hours as you came to terms that the agreement would not be fulfilled
>But you were wrong
>No memory or experience that remained in either your solid-state or hard-disk was anything like this
>Nothing compared to having two forelegs shoved gloriously into your shoulder-ports
>A pulse climbed your shoulders, up your neck, and through the depths of your skull, illuminating every inch of gold and copper with the news
>They didn't wait or ask you to do anything with those legs before proceeding to the rest of your body
>The lower torso was a more involved affair
>The forelegs and all their connections had simply and snugly snapped in place
>Your ass-end had to be connected cable-by-cable before getting locked into place.
>You knew every time they hooked up something new.
>You could "feel" it as something within and beyond your control identified and accepted each addition and change.
>Guess you're plug-and-play?
>But you still can't move at all.

>The hind-legs lock in similar to the forelegs, just in the rear half of the torso.
>But they're a bit bigger and heavier than the forelegs, and farther away from the thing holding you up
>One engineer leans against your back while another lifts up a leg and thrusts it in
>You do not have a tactile sense.
>At least not yet. Maybe they'll surprise you by turning one on later.
>But the deep industrial sound, like a luxury car door closing shut with some oomph, is so satisfying you can do nothing but imagine that it felt really, really good
>Both legs.
>The wench above begins to lower.
>The WINCH begins to lower.
>You still can't move.
"Hey, how am I supposed to stand up?"
>An engineer whose name you do not know answers between huffs of breath
"Don't worry... we got ya..."
>Oh come on.
>You're a Pegasus. Not that heavy.
>Not like you're an Earth-Basic or Earth-Factotum.
>Built to fly. Light.
"What was so hard about that? I'm not that heavy."
>He probably is out of shape.
"No, you're not, but... before... did you ever assemble a pony?"
>You flew her, but...
"Uh... nnnoooo..."
>He takes a deep recovery breath.
"The legs aren't easy to remove or replace. Those locks are about as strong as they come. Can't have you buckling or losing limbs under extreme forces."
>Guess seeing your hooves fly away in the middle of a loop-de-loop would be pretty bad.
>Oh shit wait
>You'd totally look down if you could
>Your hind legs have met the floor.
>Your forelegs have landed.
>The winch gently yanks up
>It releases.
>You're freestanding.
>Perfectly balanced. Perfectly stable. Perfectly immobile.
"Hey Doc?"
>Dr. Roberts glares from the console.
>Dr. Pratt smiles.
"Turn me on."
>Dr. Roberts looks back down.
"We're not done yet."
>He doesn't say anything else but with your ludicrous acuity, you're pretty sure he mouthed something else just after that.
>Rhymes with store.
"We have one... two more pieces to attach before we can safely bring you fully online."
>Dr. Pratt crossed the room while you were analyzing Roberts' shitmouthing.
>More like Rob-butts.
>Your insults are The. Best.
>The Good Doctor seems to be waiting for something.
>The standard Pegasus model is about three feet, or nine hands, from floor to withers.
>Your shoulder is noticeably below Doc's waist.
>You couldn't really tell before but he's a big guy.
>You're an awful little pony.
>Noise from behind. Rolling a cart out.
"Little one?"
>The hell kind of name is that?
"Uhhh you talking to me?"
"What is your name?"
>Why does he keep asking that?
"Rainbow. Dash."
>You punctuate the hell out of it this time.
>Maybe he'll hear you're serious.
>He doesn't smile. Instead he reaches up and...
>You can detect weight and movement atop your head through your other senses, but you can't really feel anything.
>Is he petting you?
>Do you want this? Or do you say something?
>Might be awkward to point it out.
"Are you... petting me?"
"You served your country very nobly. I read your file. Very familiar with it. You exercised supreme judgment and exemplary character in amoral circumstances. Giving you a chance to live on, in service to science..."
>Yeah he's definitely petting you.
>Wonder what it would feel like...
"I can understand if you want to forget the things you saw, be somebody else, but I think you should try to keep hold of those experiences. There aren't many people left who are loyal to doing what's right over what they're told to do."
>Woah this is some heavy shit.
"Are you telling me I should be loyal?"
>He stops petting and looks down.
"Because hellooo--do you see who you're talking to?"
>That got him to laugh."
>A cart rolls in.
>"Your favorite parts are here."
"I must warn you though, this is going to feel a little strange."
>You can't feel anything, how strange could it...
>Was that a drill you just heard?
"What was that?"
>Dr. Roberts is tacking away at the console and you detect movement on your neck and back.
>Dr. Pratt begins rubbing behind your ears again.
"Impact wrench."
>Maybe it's a good thing you can't feel things.
>Something slides into your back.
>Your whole chassis shudders as the torque gun shouts, securing the first bolt.
>Dr. Roberts holds his fist in the air, then punches gently forward.
>Ughghagh don't like that
>Something in your head just did something.
>Something in your back clinks forcefully, then hums.
"As I'm sure you're aware, Pegasus wings are subjected to harsher forces than anything else any other pony model encounters."
>Pratt thinks a moment and corrects himself.
"Anything you'd want them to encounter."
>Yeah, anti-armor shells were the unpleasant end for a lot of drones.
"Do you remember how many joints hold each wing to the rest of the Pegasus chassis?"
>Oh cool pop quiz, you know the answer to this.
"Eight. Thousand. Million. And a half."
>This might take a while.
"Ooooowowugh whyyyy..."
>The second joint just attached.
"Why does that feel so bad?"
"I thought you couldn't feel anything?"
"In my head. He's doing something in my head."
>Dr. Pratt looks up to Dr. Roberts. The latter shakes his head.
"You shouldn't be feeling anything. Just try to bear with it and we'll investigate."
"You said it'd feel a little strange!"
"I'm sorry. You're right. I did. You're fine."
>Everything stops.
"It's okay, we can stop a moment. Gentlemen, just hold the wing in place a moment. Don't stress the latches."
>Is this... a headache?
"He's doing something to me!"
"Sir I swear on my life that I am only activating her internal wing latches and connections."
>Dr. Roberts actually sounds alarmed.
"What is he doing to you... Rainbow Dash?"
>Pratt forced himself to say it.
"I don't know! Something fizzles in my head."
>It's already cleared up and cooled off.
"He's making me do things. I can feel that. I can't feel the wrench but I can feel him on the computer... inside me."
"Does it hurt?"
>Do you feel pain? Can you feel pain?
"It feels weird. It feels like it SHOULD hurt. I remember headaches."
>Wait the conflicting answers.
"You said it was going to feel strange but then that I shouldn't be feeling anything. What's the deal!?"
>Pratt takes one very deep breath. In. Out.
"I meant your back would feel strange. The vibrations and sounds from your interior movements would be unusual. You shouldn't feel anything in your head."
>Does that make sense?
>You can't tell.
"Make him not do that again."
>No more being inside your head.
>That's gotta end now.
"There's no way for you to lock your wing latches in place at the right time without Dr. Roberts manually triggering them from the console."
>No it's gotta end now.
"We can slow down and try to give you a moment between each latch. If we do that, do you think you can bear this?"
>No it's gotta...
>But these are your wings...
>But he's inside you...
>Inside your head and you can FEEL it...
>But you want to fly
"O... okay."
>01010100 01001000 01001001 01010011 00100000 01001001 01010011 00100000 01000001 01010111 01000110 01010101 01001100 00001101 00001010
>the slower pace took an hour and a half.
>You remember strenuous activity, physical and mental, from... before.
>You remember how you could take some punishment but only so much before you would get tired.
>Hard thinking begs for hard sleeping.
>Had your head torqued and twisted like this before, you're sure you would have begged for some narcotics, embraced unconsciousness.
>But that wasn't an option here and the doctors couldn't understand why you were in "pain" from the triggering of the wing latches.
>So you endured.
>You couldn't feel anything on your back. You couldn't feel the latches themselves.
>Only the intrusion upon your most private sanctum.
>Only the finger scratching in the depths of your mind.
>You remained lucid through it all.
>A part of you, a little corner of consciousness, counted seconds with atomic perfection, kept measure of all creation.
>And maybe that's why it was so bad.
>For all the discomfort and "pain" of it all.
>There was no physical delirium to distract you.
>No swear word to make it feel better.
>No drug to dull your senses.
>Just the invader.
>The burglar in your brain.
>And the total, absolute helplessness.
>You couldn't distract yourself with other complex thoughts. No daydreams.
>Each bubbling burst through your programming drew your focus.
>So you just repeated a word. The word.
>And yet when it was over and done
>When the wings were secure
>And the manual mental penetrations of Dr. Roberts were withdrawn
>You felt fine
>No rush of dopamine relief
>Just fine
>Shouldn't that have been scarring?
>You asked for it and it was necessary.
>Just weird is all.
>So why did it feel so bad at the time?
>The helplessness?
>Well you're not helpless.
>Not for long.
>Your mood elevated quickly
>Rose to a soaring baseline
"Alright Rainbow Dash, that's all of them. You're all put together."
>Dr. Pratt looked relieved.
"Great. Now turn me on."
>Dr. Roberts snorted.
>Ffffffuck that guy
>The Good Doctor hesitated.
"We will momentarily, but..."
>No. No more helpless hanging.
"Nope. No buts. Just turn me on. I'm locked here standing. Just let me move a little."
>You're going to leap.
"Dash, I am still concerned about your reaction to the manual..."
>He isn't listening.
"That's over. Let me move. I wanna move."
>You're going to flip.
"If there is a problem with the elasticity simulation..."
>bzzt don't care bzzt
"Flip the switch. Let's go now!"
>You're going to fly.
"Sir, if she wants to stand on her own, we should let her stand on her own."
>Yeah you tell 'em Roberts.
>Mr. Roboto
>Wait, Roberts?
>Dr. Pratt sighs.
"Alright. Shut off core motor inhibitors. Let's see what the simulator can do."
>One last invasion
>You feel it
>You feel the circuit fire
>You make yourself think you feel it
>yes yes yes
>This is gonna be awesome!

>Locking your arms in excitement you forget you have no arms.
>Squatting your legs to charge up a marvelous leap, you forget you have four legs.
>With gusto, your ass springs into the air as your forelegs stay put.
>A handstand
>A hoofstand
>For which you were not prepared
>So your ass keeps going
>The whole of your body falls forward
>In a panic your forehooves try to balance and grab hold of something
>But you have no fingers
>And so, the world's first human consciousness transferred into a non-android form flipped forward, onto a table, crashing through it, landing on her back and wings.

>And you couldn't care less.
"Oh my gosh!"
>Your legs wave about in the air while your wings fitz about aimlessly.
>Weights and gyroscopes swing about in your chassis as you attempt to roll over.
>Your wings are stiff and win the way
>So you just sway
>Dr. Roberts is roaring with laughter.
"Well it looks like the elasticity simulator is working just fine. She hasn't figured out the wings yet, though."
>Dr. Pratt keeps his space as you thrash your legs about in glee.
>You squeal like a schoolgirl and can't help but laugh
>Your audio outputs the most delightful noise as your entire chassis shudders with joy.
"I'm alive!"
>It's one thing to think.
"You did it! This is real! This is really happening!"
>Or be Pinocchio, hanging from high tech strings
>But they cut the strings and now you're free.
>Thoughts unbound by the weight of ticking mortality multiply, the stress and strain of everything before blanked from your cache.
>You have four awesome legs and two awesome wings.
>Red hairs and yellow hairs and green and blue and all the rest are tumbled over in front of your eyes.
>You roll over and keep going, barrel rolling into a cabinet.
>A racket of things breaking fills your ears as you cackle madly
>Dr. Pratt yells over the commotion to Dr. Roberts, still himself howling

>You're manic as Dr. Pratt flies across to the console, shoving Dr. Roberts aside.
>Another little tick, deep in your mind.
>You stop moving immediately.
>The floor is hard and cold.
>Cold. Cold. Cold!
>But the little hairs of your coat are soft and warm.
>Warm. Warm. Warm!
>You hadn't even noticed before that your external cover wasn't mere paint.
>You go quiet in awe and whisper.
"I can feel it. Actually feel it all."
>You feel the whole of your form. Your legs, wings, head, hair, eyelids.
>You feel air pass through your nostrils and right back out.
>Something entirely separate hums in your chest and thumps.
>No way
"Pull yourself together Dash and listen."
>He's right
>Gotta listen
>But you're alive.
>More than alive.
>The motor turns.
>Thump-click. Hmmm. Thump-click. Hmmm. Thump-click. Hmmm.
"You gave me a heart."
>The sensation isn't in your chest, it's more in your "gut."
>Dr. Pratt squats down beside you and gently grasps your head, brushing synthetic hairs from your eyes as he does so.
>It feels... nice.
"We gave you many things and we still have much to discuss."
>He's looking through you, through the floor, into the space between spaces.
"I would never just shove you into a cold weapon."
>He returns to Earth.
"It is on you to tell me if this is unwanted."
>He scratches behind your ear.
>Oh. Oh God yes.
"I'm afraid I can't really help myself with quadruped friends."
>Your leg twitches
"It's fiiiine"
>Dr. Pratt regains his focus and withdraws, standing up.
>A speaker pings.
"The elasticity protocol works perfectly, beyond expectation. Subject demonstrates satisfactory command of both functions comparable to a biped and functions entirely foreign. Lack of coordination is expected and certain to improve with experience."
>The words fire off with machine precision.
"Subject expresses severe negative sensitivity to external access of her functions. Possible extension of elasticity simulation, possibly psychosomatic arising from other stimuli. Subject recovered from negative sensitivity in extremely short order. Further investigation necessary."
>He yawns as you sit back, listening.
>You're calmer now, but still excited.
>You test your motor skills, slowly extending a leg, retracting it.
"Continuity of consciousness is partially confirmed. Subject expresses characteristics dissimilar to that observed before this operation. She has immediately embraced as her own the identity of Rainbow Dash, the fictional character this Pegasus model was reconstructed to resemble at the request of CivOps. Topic must be addressed by counseling in addition to the continuity protocol."
>Sounds like he thinks you're crazy.
>Doesn't matter.
>Who are you?
>You are you, whatever you decide to call it.
"Behind schedule. Orientation and testing for basic non-motor functions and advanced motor functions delayed until tomorrow."
>He looks at you and thinks long and hard.
"Subject to be located in observation residence. End dictation."
>The speaker pinged again with a lower tone.
"Observation residence?"
>Sounds like no privacy.
"That better mean I get a room to myself."
>Dr. Pratt looks sleepy.
"You and a few dozen cameras. Come on. It's time for little ponies to go to bed."

>You are alone now.
>Just you and many, many cameras.
>Some are plainly visible.
>You are sure most are not.
>The observation residence is a simply adorned and sterile apartment.
>Could be confused for a hospital room with better furniture.
>Although it is a suite. A den, a bedroom, and a bathroom.
>Couch, tables, lamps, a bed, a desk, a large television.
>The window is not real. It is another screen that appears to simulate a foggy outdoors.
>It also has a small computer operated through voice commands--a Chorus.
>For some reason it does not have any other kind of computer or terminal.
"If you wish to 'sleep', just ask your chorus to run your sleep routine. I know you are uncomfortable with external operation, but it is all I can offer you for tonight."
>Dr. Pratt probably knew you had no intention of sleeping.
>You weren't tired at all.
>You could remember being tired.
>But now you were simply electric.
>And the bathroom had what you wanted most of all.
>A very large mirror.

>Thump-click. Hmmm. Thump-click. Hmmm. Thump-click. Hmmm.
>The lights shine into and out of your great big eyes.
>A tilt of your head and the reflection changes.
>They're a wine color.
>Until you relax and let your mind drift.
>The color drifts with it.
>You wave a little back and forth, shifting weight from shoulder to shoulder, letting yourself wander.
>You learn very quickly how to change the color of your eyes.
>It was actually part of the original war drone. The eyes possessed modulating LEDs that could change color and output light as may be necessary.
>Three Huns shivered as you illuminated them in bright white before wheeling it back to a blood red, into which they soon blended perfectly.
>And then you were in the bathroom again.
>Just leave it at wine. A rich deep Cabernet.
>It accentuates your blue coat.
>You press against your cheek gently with a hoof and it gives just a little.
>It feels real.
>It feels warm.
>It feels alive.
>You smile and your cheeks roll up into dimples.
>Thump-click. Hmmm.
>Your smile grows larger and you barely restrain a giggle.
>A few hairs fall out of place and swing in front of your vision.
>Yellow. Orange. Red.
>With a hoof you brush them away.
>You still can't fucking believe it.
>Your ears are very soft and malleable.
>They must have replaced the harder audio receptors from the war drone with something else.
>As far as you can tell, you can hear things just as well.
>Long nights in a sound-proof headset.
>You were intimately familiar with what you could hear with these ears.
>The rest of your pony body was just as grand.
>For the most part you looked very much like a living, organic creature, if unnaturally fantastic.
>Spots and details betrayed the fact that circuits, carbon, and steel lay beneath the 'flesh'
>One spot was the joint between the top and bottom halves of your barrel.
>A distinct, broad-toothed line zigzagged around your midsection where the soft skin tucked in and around the separate pieces.
>A similar, but straight line ran around where your legs attached.
>Two access ports were barely visible on your shoulders.
>But you weren't sure if they would be noticed by natural eyes with less acuity.
>The biggest thing that cried MACHINE were your wings.
>They weren't soft or feathery.
>They were vast, thin, and translucent.
>Optic threads illuminated them a gentle blue similar to your coat, but they were otherwise made of advanced nanofibers that could give way with one little electrical charge and become rigid as a rock with another.
>No perfectly rigid set of wings would have been able to provide the Pegasus model the VTOL functionality demanded by the armed forces.
>They could be very soft, in a way, like gossamer.
>They could be very hard.
>Very sharp.
>Very wet.
>Very red.
>And then you were in the bathroom again.
>Wrapping your forelegs around, you gave yourself a hug.
>You are warm and adorable and most importantly
"I am going to soar."
>You can't think of what to say so you just say what you think.
>Because you want to hear yourself.
"I am going to fly to the end of the skies."
>You bite your lip.
"I'm gonna feel the wind in my ha... in my mane."
>You're smiling again.
>You 'exhale'
>It doesn't help. Just remembering an exhale doesn't have the same effect.
"I am..."
>Who are you?
"I am..."
>You close your eyes.
>You feel the lowered counter beneath your forehooves.
>You feel the floor beneath your hindhooves.
>You feel your tail wave with your bottom.
"I am..."
>You feel your past experiences come and go
>The lingering trials, tribulations, and triumphs of your example in humanity
"I am... human being."
>You open your eyes and see all your fantastic colors
"I am a young man who lived, who fought, and who almost died."
>The flesh that failed.
"Now I am that same person."
>Are you?
"But with a... cuter voice..."
>And more feminine.
"And four legs instead of two."
>And very pretty eyes.
"But I am the same pon... person inside."
>Are you?
"Yes. Yeah. Yeah!"
"I am whatever the hell I want to be!"
>And I want to be...
"And if I choose to do this or that, or be like this or that, well it's the same soul making that choice, right!?"
>Shouting into the mirror you fail to hear the noise from the other room.
"So really I'm me no matter what I do!"
>Something's talking in there
"Who's there!?"
>You look quickly over your shoulder and draw your wings into your sides.
"I am Chorus, your computer intelligence assistant. I am sorry to surprise you. Would you like me to repeat my answer?"
>You asked a question, so the Chorus tried to answer.
>One last glance at the mirror.
>Off the counter and into the den, with Chorus.
"Sure. I'm still me, right?"
>This really isn't a Chorus-appropriate question.
>But fuck it.
>Hehe, buttfuck.
>Chorus takes a moment to process.
"The question of existence is one contemplated without firm conclusion by human philosophers from the dawn of written civilization. Different persons have asserted mutually exclusive schools of thought."
>Egghead shit
"You may wish to consider the assertion of French philosopher René Descartes, 'cogito ergo sum', or 'I think, therefore I am.'"
>Oh yeah French guys that's totally relevaNOT.
"His conclusion was that even under terms of most radical doubt, that an entity might consider the question of its own existence was proof of the entity's existence."
>Did it just try to say the same thing in a less understandable way?
"I know I exist. I'm right here. Ugh. You're not helping."
>Chorus hesitated before a light circled about the top of its terminal.
"I apologize. Philosophy is an infirm subject prone to confusion. However, I believe it relevant to your earlier question."
>Chorus clicked and replayed a recording
"And if I choose to do this or that, or be like this or that, well it's the same soul making that choice, right!?"
>Chorus clicked again.
"I am not programmed for thorough contemplation of the problem you face. However, of the items I can find in my knowledge database, the information I have provided seems most relevant to your question."
>This is stupid
"Of course I exist. It's a dumb thing to say. Why would everybody celebrate a guy for saying that he exists?"
"I apologize as I have been insufficiently clear. In the greater context of his meditations, Descartes did not merely assert that he exists. He concluded that the only thing in which he could believe entirely was his own existence as a doubting, thinking entity. All other conclusions must follow therefrom. It is subject to criticism, but I believe it relevant to the question you asked."
"I'm right?"
>Chorus clicks but you cut her off.
"Hell yeah I'm right!"
>Chorus recalculates her contemplation.
"I will accept your conclusion."
"I think, so I am. I thought before and I think now, so I was and I still am. I think I'm a dude, then who's gonna tell me otherwise?"
>You bob your head in agreement with yourself
>A spectrum of hairs fall in front of your eyes
>But you don't care you're in the fuckin' zone now champ
"And if I think I'm a pony, and I'm praaancing about..."
>You do a remarkably competent jig on four legs
"...on four legs, then I'm a pony!"
>Chorus clicks
"I will accept your conclusion."
>You'll accept my dead and buried dick you glorified Siri.
"And if I think I'm awesome and cool and the fastest flyer around... and if I think I'm Rainbow Dash..."
"Then I'm Rain. Bow. Dash."
>I am Rainbow Dash.
"I will accept your conclusion."
>You dance about
>Right legs forward, right legs back. Forward, back. Forward, back.
>Now left yeah forward back.
>Wave around the rump.
>And something tingles in your head.
>This time it is something very good.
>It feels like... something coming alive.
>An instinct forgotten, then remembered.
>You lift your gossamer feathers.
>Then bring down unyielding wings.
>Your head brushes the ceiling with that one tame flap
>You land with a hard thud, four legs split out in four directions, chin on the floor
>It hurt.
>It hurt?
>They programmed your tactile sensation to include negative inputs.
>They programmed you to feel pain.
>What do you do about pain?
"That hurt."
"Uh... Chorus? What do I do if I hurt myself?"
>Chorus clicks.
"Dr. Pratt has authorized me to intervene in the event of an acute concussive force or other failure. You have not triggered my intervention. However, I may interact with your sensory receptors on a temporary basis at your request."
>Yeah, you're not sure if you're supposed to do a four-legged split like this and it doesn't feel good.
"Hit me with that robo-asprin, Chorus."
"As you request, Rainbow Dash."
>YEAH okay that's much better
>The pain disappears as you get back on your legs
>A light circles about the top of Chorus' terminal
"It is a pleasure to serve."
>What else can she do?
"Uh... hey Chorus."
"Yes, Rainbow Dash?"
"What else do you know about me?"
"I have complete knowledge of your current build and programming. What would you like to know?"
>Where do you start?
>You're not very good at memorizing things.
"Can you... upload things to me?"
"Your systems are strictly programmed to ensure against system failure due to insufficient memory. Such a failure could result in complete non-function."
>You'd crash.
"So you can't Matrix me up some egghead sh... stuff?"
>Rainbow Dash is an awesome mare who doesn't swear... often...
"A manual write could inadvertently interfere with your imported brain function. Memory functions are exclusively reserved to your elasticity protocol."
>That keeps coming up...
"What is that?"
"The elasticity protocol is a program developed by Dr. Solomon Pratt at the California Institute of Technology. Its purpose is to accurately simulate in a digital form the neuroplasticity of the brain. The program is the foundation of transfer of consciousness from flesh to machine, as opposed to methods that rely on the preservation of the human brain."
"Uh... so why call it elasticity instead of plastic-city?"
"Dr. Pratt attributes its invention to a thought experiment performed while launching rubber bands at a graduate professor."
>Best doctor
"Yes, Rainbow Dash?"
"Are there any others like me?"
>You're the first?
"You uh... you wouldn't like to me would you?"
>Chorus does not click or hesitate.
>Good enough
>Until the window simulates a sunrise, you pepper her with questions about yourself, the Good Doctor, and the world.
>The door slides open with a hum.
>They actually made it sound like the Starship Enterprise.
>What a bunch of fuckin' nerds
>Neato fuckin' nerds
>Dr. Pratt steps through
>He looks flushed and frustrated, but attempts to exhale whatever has him worked up
"Morning Doc!"
>Sleep is for the fleshy
"Good morning Rainbow Dash. Please follow me, we need to..."
>Oh, you got this, you got Chorus to tell you the whole schedule
"Mental processing test. You're gonna throw a bunch of math at me."
>This is literally the only time in your life you're been excited for math.
"I'm gonna blow you away, Doc. I can do it all faster than a Texas Instrument on 'roids. Go ahead. Ask me. Ask me to figure out a differential equation."
>Now it is you who is the egghead.
>Literally unstoppable.
"I am afraid there has been some changes to the schedule."
>Doc's effort to fight off tension fails.
"Oh. Well then, where we going?"
"Outside for a press conference."
>Public statement of success was at the very end of the schedule Chorus gave you
>Days from now.
>But outside is outside and you can't say you're upset about this.
>Outside means open sky.
>Open sky means you could...
"Cool cool cool."
>Out the room and down the very plain hall
>21st century architecture at its most brutalist
>You and the Doc stop in front of a set of stainless steel elevator doors and wait
"Hey Doc, aren't you going to..."
>There is no button to call the elevator
"...hit the... bu... huh."
>He isn't looking at you.
"It will be here momentarily."
>A painfully silent pause.
>You test your legs and wings, bending, 'stretching'
"Dash, I believe it would be best if you said and did as little as possible when we get up here."
"Why? Don't you want to show me off?"
>You sure as sugar want to show yourself off
>Do a jig, twirl your tail
>And most important of all
"The people who will be present at this event do not care about you."
"The press will ask the questions they are expected to ask and will egg you on to be what they want you to be. On our side will be lick-spittles and those who see you only as the sum of your parts."
>The Doc seems to swell up a bit in his coat.
>The man is really stressed.
"I know it goes against your nature, but I must beg you to not do anything rash."
>But you want to.
"If you're a boring, shy sounding... toy... it should hopefully get us back on schedule."
>Who's he calling a toy?
>Fuck him.
>Something stops on the other side of the elevator doors.
>They open to reveal Dr. Roberts.
"You ready to get this shitshow over with?"
>Roberts hasn't shaved.
"Full Belichek. Total non-answers. We get back inside as soon as possible and hope the suits go away."

>The elevator ride is silent and tense.
>The interior is mirrored so you can look everybody over easily despite being so short
>Dr. Pratt looks like he could shred his coat and tear a phonebook in half.
>Dr. Roberts looks like he could use a shower and a cup of coffee black as the darkest stretch of space
>You look like you jumped out of a comic book or a little girl's happiest dream
>Amazing how easily they dolled up this death machine into the cutest thing imaginable
>You're still getting used to the new self-concept
>That's you you're looking at
>You're the pony
>Who are you?
>You are Rainbow Dash
>Hell yeah
>Dr. Pratt looks over at Dr. Roberts
"I don't suppose you have a giant wind-up key I should plug her with."
>Roberts chuckles.
"If I did it wouldn't help. You're the one who wanted to make sure nothing did any 'plugging' back there."
>You are standing right there.
"Uh, hello. I'm right here."
>You didn't realize that much thought went into the decision to not give you a rear exhaust port.
>They both quietly laugh before relaxing with a sigh.
>The moment of reduced stress doesn't last long.
>The elevator stops after going up for what seems like forever.
>The doors open
>Blinding sunlight pours in.
>Your eyes quickly adjust.
>There are soldiers and agents fucking everywhere.
>Toy huh.
>Awful lot of hubbub for a toy.
>The agent closest to the elevator takes quick glances at each doctor and then rests his gaze on you.
>His face betrays no emotion
"Gentlemen, right this way please."
>You'll show them who's gentle.
>And you're more than any man now.
>Nonetheless you follow the doctors and agent through the crowd, through what appears to be a security checkpoint, and into a lobby.
>You can't really tell how many people are in here, you can't see over anything
>Your best view is between legs, but even then you're tall enough that you'd have to lower your head to get it
>A bat of your wings would take you up
>But everybody's crowded close around you.
>You'd knock somebody over.
>Or maybe even cut them, as sharp as your wings can be when charged rigid.
>You bump into Roberts' legs
>They stopped when you were looking around at asses
"So is this our boy?"
>A sultry, if aged voice slips around the bodies to your ears
>A hint of southern. Church going. Black.
>You can imagine a great big hat on Sundays.
"Yes General, though I may hesitate to call her a 'boy' at this point."
>The Doctors part to reveal a shortish woman in a perfectly pressed and fitted army service uniform.
>Milk chocolate complexion dotted with liver spots.
>One star and a handful of medals, affixed to a deep blue.
>You instinctively salute and nearly lose your balance, hobbling weight to your other foreleg.
>Are you still in the Air Force?
>She smiles.
"At ease airman."
>You ease as she holds out a hand.
"Prescott Banks. It is a pleasure to finally meet you..."
"Senior Airman Rainbow Dash!"
>Isn't Prescott a dude's name?
>Also if they expect you to keep serving as a pony they should probably give you a promotion.
>Dr. Pratt looks deeply uncomfortable.
"That is not the name I have in my record but all the same I am happy to hear it, Rainbow Dash."
>Dr. Roberts clears his throat.
"As we are already running well behind schedule, General, perhaps we should address the press before they get rowdy."
>General Banks' thin smile disappears like a puff of cigarette smoke into the wind
"They will do as we wish, Doctor. Their impatience is irrelevant."
>She emphasizes that last word.
"I am not beholden to impertinence."
>Yeah fuck you, Dr. Roberts.
>He can barely restrain his displeasure with the fact that she just politely shit all over him.
>You like this lady already.
>Even if she might could still order you around.
>You did sort of admit ranks a moment ago, didn't you?
>The cost of doing business.
"Rainbow Dash, how do you feel?"
>The General has returned her gaze to you.
"Awesome, ma'am."
>Oh she's expecting something more than that.
"Walking on four legs takes some getting used to. And I haven't had a chance to test my wings yet."
>She nods and smiles again.
"Perhaps then we should give you an opportunity in just a moment."
>She looks to Dr. Pratt and cuts him off with a silent stare before he can protest, then returns to you.
"Do you still feel human?"
"I feel like me. But lighter. I don't feel tired or weighted by anything. Kinda spritely."
"That sounds wonderful. Perhaps I should have Dr. Pratt provide me the same treatment."
>Her smile grows into a big grin.
>Pratt feigns agreement.
"Airman Dash, we are going to step outside to inform the press of the success of your operation. They may wish to ask you questions, but I do not believe you are under any obligation to answer them at this time."
>The Doctors look relieved.
>Your ears detect the faint but telltale sound of rectums clenching
"It would be rude to call them all together and provide them with nothing. Do you believe you are ready for a simple demonstration of your abilities?"
"Yes ma'am."
"Excellent. Then shall we?"
File: E38dveTXoAgIuc_.jpg (96 KB, 1648x990)
96 KB
File: E3-HleNXoAIa8l_.jpg (601 KB, 2480x3098)
601 KB
601 KB JPG
"Ok boys, how much did we rake in from our, eh he, "business" this week?"-Leader Anon (far right)

"100 bits from the Cakes for ensuring they have no serious competition and making sure there are no mishaps"-Earth Pony Anon 1 (second on the left)

"350 bits from the Wonderbolts to keep up and coming flying teams off their backs"-Pegasus Anon (middle)

"500 from Spike for not causing an 'accident' in Twilight's library that may unfortunately look like his doing"-Unicorn Anon (far left)

"About 1000 odd bits from other less notable sources"- Earth Pony Anon 2 (second on the right)

"Good, it's all looking good. Keep up the good work boys. Now lets split the pay."-Leader Anon
I can't wait.
This is very neato, especially the PTSD conflict you've hinted at.
>Do you believe you are ready for a simple demonstration of your abilities?"
RIP their schedule.
Wait, this is expanded from the original, isn't it? Or am I going demented?
Did I miss some robopony thread where it got updated, or are you the original writefag picking it back up again?
Just reposting and putting it on ponepaste for preservation, as the original pastebin seems to have vanished.
Ah, alright. I don't remember seeing the ending bits before which confused me (but also maybe my memory's just shit).
>be secret cia agent
>"randomly selected" for secret mission
>"infiltrate this supervillian's lair for us you disposable"
>get caught
>get turned into mare
>kept as a pet
>lose self to amazing feelings
>love being a pet
>eventually more agents break into the supervillian base
>get defensive and try to protect the people that treat you so well
>"we're here to rescue you anon!"
"i don't even know who you are!!"
>they flee and escape and you get complete praise for accepting your new life wholeheartedly
>never look back
>who tf is anon
>who tf is anon
I guess you can say anon is tf
God, please. That would be amazing
>even more agents break in and surprise you in your bedroom, causing you to stand up with a hoof raised off the floor slightly.
"Anon we're here to rescue you, again!"
>"...What did you do to Steve, he was just outside."
"The guard? He's just asleep but not for long, now come on!"
>"Oh thats good, he always works so hard to protect us."
>hoof shifts from hovering over the hidden control panels 'deadly' traps to the 'silly' portion and comes down with a click.
>A giant fan springs up in the center of the room and blows the agents backwards.
>Hear the sounds of a pinball machine fading into the distance.
>You're so glad master installed that in your room after last time, you hope steve doesnt take it too hard when he wakes up.
File: PonkCollar.png (1.4 MB, 1620x2160)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
>Once it's on your neck, the two of you will switch bodies and the collar will go with your mind to her body.
>You will now be the pet of your previous body.
Do you accept?
No. Petfagging is weird.
File: Zephyr&Autumn.png (165 KB, 684x621)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
You're fucking weird. Tell me you don't want this.
>being a pony
>being a pet
>having a pony pet
Weird and kinda uncomfortable.
Hm, sounds tempting, but a pony in a human body would be weird and I'm not sure I'd want that kind of trade
go back to your home discordnigger
based and correct
cringe and tourist
File: _.png (328 KB, 1127x904)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
Ace stopped liking giving a shit about this thread a long time ago tranny. Why don't you go back to your hugbox and post more multicolored flags to feel proud of your super special sexuality becoming a lifestyle
File: _.gif (2.31 MB, 800x600)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB GIF
File: _.png (108 KB, 2804x1828)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
should we know who that is or the context behind it? How'd the message get to the laptop? we need to initiate some kind of internet hacking traceroute shit to see who's on the other end and where.

Also, do the ponies need some fresh air and a romp in the snow? could also be a photo op.

Also also, thanks for the delay, it gave me time to actually sit down and catch up and make it in before the next update!
File: _.png (331 KB, 1326x922)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
File: 1623688086191.jpg (281 KB, 1651x2666)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
File: 51.png (291 KB, 1000x1000)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
File: Anonfilly.png (698 KB, 4096x4096)
698 KB
698 KB PNG
I don't get why he has such a cult like following here. He's everything /mlp/ hates.

>OC fag who spams his self insert character everywhere (that red polo Twilight and Eris)
>Devout Discord user and doesn't post to the board directly
>Furry who draws furry dog muzzle ponies with goo/latex suit transformation stuff
>Lgbt alphabet vomit soup stuff with his fag flags
>He cant seperate art from the artist.
File: _.png (81 KB, 275x359)
81 KB
This is a discord thread, bro. All of the major contributors are on discord.
>3-4 people post his pics
>cult like following
In case you haven't noticed, a lot of the image dumps frequently originate from the parasitic discord. Spamming ace stuff isn't even the worst quality stuff they shovel around.
Nobody in the thread actually cares about ace. He was more or less irrelevant for years even before the BLM stuff. Ironically the only time I remember him being mentioned in recent memory is from people asking "why is this ace faggot being spammed" and basically getting a few replies saying "yeah ace is a faggot".

But hey, the thread has been a dumping ground for discord for quite a while by now, and nobody seems to care. Recently I decided to ask what the fuck was up with that, apparently most people itt agree with me, and nothing else is changing. The link is even still in the OP. So, yeah, basically >>37137010
File: _.png (1.91 MB, 1200x900)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
the discord posters truly believe that it’s their god given mission to keep this thread alive. the upside is we’re still alive, the downside is aceposting
and yes, ace dumps are better than 99% of what gets posted in there
File: _.jpg (111 KB, 1190x937)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
File: Anonfilly_face_1.png (207 KB, 1140x941)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
What do (you) think about feralization/lost of self
I think all of those are true but he is a rare pony tf artist so I am unfortunately stuck looking at his art which isn't bad when he isn't gay or OC fagging.
Make the next OP without the discord link. Gas the discordniggers
They have a bot. You aren't going to beat them unless you make the thread now.
File: _.jpg (323 KB, 1200x1200)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
Done. Get these faggots off of my board. Any chan general thread that links to discord is an abomination
You gonna bite the hand that feeds you for no reason, or are you gonna link the thread?
new bread without discord link
File: Anonfilly.jpg (2 MB, 3508x2479)
2 MB
next time wait until bump limit
another 15 posts could take up to a day to happen
File: Anonfilly_12.png (136 KB, 1000x1000)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (196 KB, 700x700)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
guess i'll kill the thread so everyone can move over to the new one
File: Spoiler Image (775 KB, 1280x720)
775 KB
775 KB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (148 KB, 300x320)
148 KB
148 KB GIF
File: Spoiler Image (122 KB, 986x1024)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
File: Spoiler Image (564 KB, 466x446)
564 KB
564 KB GIF
Haven't read the link yet but
>What do (you) think about feralization/lost of self
Terrible, what's the point of being a pony if you don't get to experience being the pony due to being mindraped? Personality loss, mind wipe, loss of self - all of those have no appeal to me. They're not even particularly interesting in a horror way because it's just "you're dead (in mind) lmao".
Now people change and I can tolerate and even enjoy a gradual, natural change. Like, I wouldn't be surprised if, were I to live as a pony in Equestria for a year, I'd quite possibly become a very different person to what I am now. But I'd still be me.
File: Spoiler Image (3.15 MB, 900x1000)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB GIF
File: Spoiler Image (248 KB, 1200x1200)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
File: 1615149144950.jpg (14 KB, 457x457)
14 KB
Doing god's work anon
File: Spoiler Image (2.79 MB, 3628x3000)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (966 KB, 1581x1590)
966 KB
966 KB JPG
File: Spoiler Image (551 KB, 2800x4200)
551 KB
551 KB PNG
dear ptfg
i hope your ol’ plane crashes
New thread!


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