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File: 1547875511626.png (1.52 MB, 2133x1280)
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Give Mommy What She Wants On Her Special Day Edition

Previous thread: >>36841590

General Pastebin: https://ponepaste.org/541

General Archive: https://ponepaste.org/1318
>In light of recent events, it appears a display of power is in order.
>"Dona Celestia, please, w-we don't need to see your son take you on the table again."
oh hey look ponies, something you faggots never write about in this shit thread
Oops, looks like in your buttmad anger you accidentally saged.
why would you reply to something like that
Glorious new thread on a wonderful day deserves something a little different. Have an appul mom.
File: 1564003.png (2.08 MB, 1024x1066)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB PNG


> You wake up sometime later, startled, and instantly wish that you hadn't. Every part of your body screamed in agony.
> While you were out, someone did a half-ass job of bandaging your arms, as well as attaching some type of metal frame to your legs and lower back.
> You try to stand up but realize that you couldn't. Not because the weight of the metal skeleton was too heavy, but because you couldn't feel your legs at all.
> You slap your thigh a few times to see if it had fallen asleep; unfortunately, it had not.
> He did it. He really did it. It was all over now.
> You slump back to the floor and stare, dumbfounded, at the ceiling.
> What were you supposed to do now? Your father turned out to be exactly who your mother made him out to be, and now you were paralyzed from the waist down. Waiting to fight another death match, you had no chance of winning.
> Your mother was probably out there somewhere looking for you, but would she even want you back, especially in this state?
> You disobeyed orders, threatened her best man, and lost several valuable items entrusted to you.
> No, she wouldn't bother. The moment you stormed Maelstrom Tower, you were dead to her, and by extension, The Black Shadows.
> You had no one.
> All there was left for you to do, was die.
> So there you sat, waiting. Powerless to do anything. A proverbial tumbleweed in the wind.
> Reaching for your knife, which you had somehow reacquired, you hold it out in front of you and stare at your reflection in the blade.
> A tool made to do one thing. Serving no other additional purpose. One was whole, and the other was broken. And broken tools needed to be discarded.
> Adjusting your grip, you take both hands and place the dagger over your heart.
> If you were going to go out, it would be on your terms, not anyone else's.
> Just before you do the deed, you think of all the people you've met and focus on the one who meant the most to you.
"Mother. I'm sorry that I let you down. That I couldn't be what you wanted me to be. I tried my best. I really did." You say with tears in your eyes.
"You deserved a better son. One that could have made you happy. One that you could be proud of. And even though we never really got along. I'm going to miss you. I hope you'll find what you're looking for one day."
> With nothing left on the table, you follow through.
File: 1567769.png (3.12 MB, 1217x1380)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB PNG

> You attempted to thrust the shank into your chest but stopped just short. Not because you didn't want to but because you couldn't.
> This feeling. You remembered it from not too long ago. The complete loss of control when a Netrunner takes over your systems.
> But how? Who was watching you, and from where?
> You scan the room and quickly find a security camera watching over you from the corner.
"Let me go! Let me die!"
> A door opens, and two men walk in and take the shiv away from you, as well as place a large metal gauntlet over your right arm. Once the invisible grip released you, you try to get up and go after them, only to stumble and fall from the clunky machinery attached to you.
> Pathetic. Some assassin you were. You couldn't even kill yourself.
> As you lay there, unmoving, all of your thoughts grind to a halt. Waiting for the end. In whatever form it took.
> You paid no attention to the mechanical whirling sounds your exoskeleton made, nor gave it much thought as it forced you to stand up.
> Gradually, it guided you to the gate leading to The Arena. Where you waited for the door to open.
> When it did, a thunderous roar filled the air as you were propelled forward.
> The announcer shouted various things over the loudspeaker as you entered, none of which registered with you.
> As you finally came to a stop, three men stood before you, all with different weapons.
> They said nothing to you, and you said nothing to them. They desired to kill you, and you were more than willing to oblige them.
> Once the battle began, your legs gave out from beneath you as you crumpled to the ground.
> The gladiators hesitated, unsure if you were trying to trick them into attacking. Cautiously, they decided to spread out as a means of surrounding you.
> When they successfully formed a triangle around you, they tentatively inched closer.
> You closed your eyes and waited. For it would all be over soon.
> That sound.
> It couldn't be.
> Suddenly, your body shoots up as you try to pinpoint the origin of the noise. Your sudden movement causes your foes to back off as you searched the crowd.
> Where? Where was it?
> Suddenly, one of the gated entrances flies open, and a crimson streak fires out of it.
> In the blink of an eye, your three assailants are cut down. As a familiar motorcycle parked itself right next to you, with its passenger extending her hand out.
File: Stellar.png (813 KB, 1280x720)
813 KB
813 KB PNG
>You just know
File: Untitled-design-2-2.png (1.24 MB, 1400x700)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG

> "Get on!"
"Boss! What are you doing here? How'd you find me?"
> "We'll talk later. Get on, quickly."
"You shouldn't have come. Leave me."
> "I'm giving you an order, soldier. Get on the bike."
"I CAN'T!" You scream.
"He broke me."
> She puts down the kickstand and dismounts before she begins to feel your lower back. You could faintly feel the touch of your mother's hand as she inspected the vertebrae in your spine.
> "That bastard."
> "Give me your arm."
"Why? I'm useless to you now."
> "That damage can be undone, lieutenant. Now, give me your arm."
> You refuse, but she wasn't having any of it. Letting out a frustrated groan, she lifts you and places you on the back of her bike.
> By that time, a group of armed goons had made their way inside The Arena. Each one of them armed to the teeth with the barrels of their guns pointed directly at you.
> "Wait here a moment."
> Tempest steps away from her bike and begins walking steadily to the exit, and as the thugs opened fire, your mother disappears.
> A second later, she reenters your vision running through her attackers. Her arms expanded, and the flesh pulled back to reveal mantis blades.
> A weapon only the most skilled and feared in Night City wielded.
> With her super speed and cutting-edge technology, the gunmen didn't last a minute against her.
> When she finished her work, her twin swords retracted back into her forearms as she walked back to you. Giving no thought to the carnage she just unleashed.
> "We're leaving, together. NOW."
> You knew better than to try and talk her out of something once she was in one of her 'moods.' Resigning yourself to your fate, you lay on top of her ride and stare solemnly at the ground.
> As she got on, she stole a glance at a particular suite above the stands.
> You couldn't see it, but their eyes met. One filled with fire. The other with self-righteousness.
> "Next time we meet, it'll be your last." She said.
> Revving the engine, Tempest spun her wheels before taking off like a rocket.
> You don't remember much after that. Only that there were several intervals of gunfire mixed with terrified yells and screams. After that, things quieted down.
> Even though you hadn't done anything, you felt exhausted. Your eyelids, becoming too heavy to keep open before finally relenting to your fatigue as you cruised the city streets.
File: 1624955.png (1.95 MB, 2000x2784)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB PNG

> A soft beeping noise was the first thing you heard upon waking up. You were in bed, but not just any bed. Your bed. You were home.
> Hooked up to an IV drip and heart monitor.
> As the haze in your eyes began to fade, you take notice of a dark figure in the corner.
> It was your mother. Armor still on but slumped over in a chair. Sleeping.
> How long have you been out, and did she wait the whole time for you to wake up?
"Hey. Rise and shine."
> Ever the light sleeper, your words coax her from her slumber. You watch as she stirs before snapping upright.
> "You're awake."
"Yeah, kind of wish I wasn't."
> "How are you feeling?"
"Does it really matter?"
> "Anon, I know things have happened between us, but I need you to listen."
"To what? More scolding? Why did you even bother rescuing me anyway? After everything I've done and all the things I lost, you should have left me to die."
"Look at me. I'm nothing."
"A broken tool."
"No use to anyone."
"Especially you."
> "Anon."
> She says, before taking a seat on the bed and removing her helmet.
> "Son."
> She places a hand on your cheek and forces you to look at her.
> What she does next utterly floors you.
> She hugs you. With no reservations, she embraces you fully. You sit there stunned as you feel the comforting warmth of her body envelope you.
> Before parting and gazing deep into your eyes.
> "I've been too hard on you, and for that, I apologize. I never knew how to show love to others, least of all you. That's why I distanced myself and appeared to be indifferent."
> "When I look at you, all I could see was him. And even though his blood runs through you, he's not a part of your life, I am."
> "It's a mother's job to nurture and take care of their sons, and I failed to do that. I just couldn't muster the courage to open my heart to anyone. It felt like if I did, it would leave me vulnerable."
> "Never once did I consider what you must be going through."
> Her eyes grow dark as she stands up to look out the window.
> "It's true what Grubber told you. I never wanted a child, especially one born of 'his' volition. And though I had intended to force you into the gang one day, when you volunteered and pledged yourself to me. I can honestly say it was the happiest day of my life."
> "No longer were you just a device for my selfish revenge. You were Anon. A man who I was proud to call my son."
File: 1638183.jpg (120 KB, 602x759)
120 KB
120 KB JPG

> She had to be.
"I don't know who you are, but my boss isn't as soft and forgiving as you are. She's fearless and doesn't take shit from anyone. Least of all me."
"I have to set an example for the rest of the gang. If I don't, everything falls apart. If I fail, she fails, and that can't happen, EVER!"
> "That's what I trained you to believe, but what do you want? You've spent almost a decade trying to bring me the one thing I wanted most, but at what cost?"
> "Look at you. Can you honestly say you're happy with the decisions you've made? The decisions I forced you to make?"
> It's true, you weren't happy. For the longest time, you accepted that fact as a part of living, especially in Night City.
> But you couldn't ignore the honest truth, that most of it stemmed from being part of the Black Shadows. From the things you've done to people, innocent or no, would haunt a normal person's nightmares.
> "I'm telling you that what you've done is wrong. I was wrong. I placed that burden squarely on your shoulders. And even though you were willing to bear it, I shouldn't have done that to you."
> "From this day forward, I promise to treat you as an equal. To talk and listen to your needs. To show you the love and respect you deserve."
> Her words were genuine enough, but you didn't want to believe it. After everything that's happened, she was willing to forgive you? You look at your legs and feel like you were about to cry.
"No, it's too late for that. Even if I believed you, no one else would accept that decision. I went against your orders and ended up like this. I'm nothing but a liability now."
> "Son, I didn't become the leader of an infamous gang because I lack the authority to do so. If I say something, then there is no arguing it. Besides, Cranky can fix you up."
> "I may not be a ripperdoc, but depending on how bad your injuries are, he may only have to replace a few vertebrae instead of giving you a whole new spine."
"And you're willing to pay for that for a traitor like me?"
> "You've never betrayed me, son. You've done more for me than anyone else ever has. I realize that now. So it's time I returned the favor."
> She leans over and plants a soft, tender, motherly kiss on your lips. You couldn't even remember the last time she's done that.
> "Now, get some rest. We'll be going in tomorrow to get you evaluated."
> She moves to the doorway to leave but stops for a moment to look back at you. Appearing to have more to say.
> "And..." She starts sheepishly.
> "I love you."
> She closes the door, and the flood gates open.
File: 1575633.png (1.44 MB, 1479x1911)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
There you go. Was hoping this update would be a little longer, but this seemed to be a good cutoff point. Look forward to more.

As for everyone else, I hope you all either called your moms or even spent the day with them because they're worth it.
>Finally getting toward the incest

But for real though, great story, great update, what else is there to say?
File: alex droog.jpg (37 KB, 580x450)
37 KB
>spent the day with your mom
Yeah, we went over to my brothersf for breakfast with him and his wifewhere mom and grandma spent the whole time going batshit over his dog, and him and I just drank at the table.
You're doing great.
dayly reminder that sunset has neither mother nor father.
Pretty reasonable amount of time
Great work.
File: big vamp mom.jpg (106 KB, 717x1024)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>"My, MY..."
>"Where were *you* about to run off too, hmm, my sunshine?"
>"Hungry? Thirsty?
>"Your mother has all the sustenance you need. Right. Here."
>"Sister...are you really doing the vampire thing again? I've told you, he's not into that."
>"Shut up, Luna! My baby loves it!"
The wait is worth it, but maybe it would be interesting see thing from the point of view of Tempest
was a slow day today huh
recovering from the crushed pelves from yesterday no doubt
i ˢᵗiˡˡ ᶜᵃn'ᵗ ᶠᵉᵉˡ ᵐʸ ˡᵉᵍˢ
C'mon, Rarity, I've seen her ask you that like a dozen times by now. Just do it already!
File: 1493863682707.jpg (234 KB, 1024x1223)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
worship love and respect thy mother
It's mostly >no hooves, but great nonetheless.
Only if she worships, loves, and respects me too.
OP that thumbnail...
>mommy's face when you rub her belly
File: Diamond Tiara's boyfriend.png (1.41 MB, 1920x1920)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
>"But Diamond, I'm your brother! I can't be your boyfriend"
Not with that attitude you can't.
This. I like this kink and the only thing people here write about is "[character] is your [family member]!" shit. I would be willing to forgive this if it wasn't also all >no hooves garbage.
Something tells me DT wants a bit more than just a "boyfriend".
>Celestia as Lady Dimitrescu
>not Luna when she’s literally affiliated with the night

You had ONE JOB
I got one job for her alright
Because nobody wants to be a horse here.
yeah i'm okay with being a horse once in a while, I can kind of identify and get behind being some kind of powerful huge-donged animal, but generally I'd still rather be human and have a cute human sister that just has the personality and themes of a cute pony.
I can't speak for everyone, but although pones are cute I don't necessarily want to hear details about horse anatomy when it comes time to be lewd. Kind of ruins the cute factor of small magical talking horses for me.
or at LEAST be tasteful with it.
Damn,mom thread got killed.
I noticed too. Sucks.
>You never call, you never post. I might as well not have threads at all.
Though one thing is that at least for me it starts to get less clear which I think is better when it comes to supernatural stuff.
>If you really want there to be magic it might be more convenient if it's pones so it can just be shit like unicorns rather than something like mages
>Though one major downfall when it comes to pone centered is with stuff like Celstia mom is the idea of the main character being a much dreaded alicorn OC
there's nothing wrong with an alicorn OC in incest porn green
Just something theoretical

>Be Alicorn Prince Anon and son of Celestia
>You're not entirely sure what being an alicorn means, but you guess not many have both a horn and wings
>In fact so few the only other ones in the whole kingdom are your mom and aunt
>There's two more in the next kingdom over, but you've hardly seen them at all
>You often lounge with your mom in the castle
>Sometimes your Aunt too, but usually just your mom
>She often tells you that you should only marry an alicorn like yourself
>At first you assumed you're supposed to find a female alicorn somewhere
>Yet you sometimes wonder if she might actually mean herself
>Especially since she never lets you go out into the world and explore
>Which you'd need to do if her goal was for you to find an alicorn to marry
I fucking love this premise. Does anybody have the green where they bail him out of jail and Sunsun tackles him the parking lot?
File: 1795341.png (3.36 MB, 3749x3331)
3.36 MB
3.36 MB PNG
There's a couple of greens we've had that tried that, but either didn't gain much traction or had a quick smut scene and then called it quits.

It's almost like the characters being ponies isn't exclusively the reason why we like them.

If 90% of the writers chose that as their premise it's because that's what works, or they're creating a hypothetical scenario they wish was real for themselves.

Untrue. It can be done, but the problem is when >>36987316 comes around it not always easy to write or enjoyable to read.

When it comes to stories that people want to tell this >>36987055 is what takes precedence.
As a couple of things to add to >>36988234 (Don't you just hate it when you think of something more only after making the post?)
>Characters like Twilicorn or Chrysalis in disguise make an appearance
>They seem like the kind of female Alicorn Celestia would want him to marry
>Then Celestia has to come up with an excuse to stop it or otherwise break it up in order to keep her son to herself
>Inb4 she'd told him that he had to marry an alicorn assuming one outside the family would never show up and he could just stay hers forever
>When one does show up she has to do something without saying the real reason why she doesn't want her son hook up with them
not on 9
File: DJrmQ8yV4AA9JjX.jpg (32 KB, 612x387)
32 KB
so i only recently came back to lurking on here, and decided to read some of the pastes, specifically Tutankhanon's Curse. whew boy! that's some good shit. legitimately thought at one point because of the title of the story that it was gonna turn into a really dark tragedy.
But moooooooooom, i'm busy sometimes.
File: 1491854155227.jpg (75 KB, 651x555)
75 KB
Is that the one where his mom, aunt-wife and daughter are all immortal but not him.
File: 1522197542547.png (50 KB, 1355x532)
50 KB
Nah, that's just DT way of staking her claim of her brother ColtAnon, she wants the CMC and other mares to know Anon's her's.
That ending sucked.
Not the good kind of sucking, I presume?
File: 1496032199874.gif (106 KB, 250x250)
106 KB
106 KB GIF
>the first woman most of us ever held hands with is our mom's
File: 1611184397698.png (7 KB, 1135x804)
7 KB
no death
think of the mothers!
Just something silly
>Chrysalis' son that gets separated from her ends up adopted by Cadance
>Chrysalis doesn't know about this
>Later on when he's more grown Chrysalis snags him as a move against Cadance
>Tries bragging to Cadance about it
>"Ha! Your son calls me 'mommy' too!"
>"You idiot! He IS your son!"
>"That's even better."
Why not make them sisters?
I'd rather have Aunt Chryssie whisk me away once a month to her penthouse in the city, using me to release all of her pent-up stress from her job.
Eh, the whole joke was just to have Chrysalis pull the whole 'he calls me mommy too' thing without knowing that he actually was her son. Then after finding out deciding she's likes that even better.
I know what the joke was, I was just adding something on because
Though I guess the idea of Chrysalis and Cadance being sisters does sound interesting.
>Feuding sisters in an incest story
>They've always been constantly fighting each other and Anon becomes the latest thing to fight over
>Maybe it doesn't start lewd, but once one of them starts giving him the 'wrong' kind of affection one upsmanship causes it to spiral out of control
I concur with this anon. This thread could be good if it actually had ponies. It's the same thing with the lesbian thread. I like ponies being happy with each other, but they have to be ponies in order for it to work.

>It's almost like the characters being ponies isn't exclusively the reason why we like them.
It's not mine either, but being ponies is intrinsic to these characters. They are inseparable. Them as humans or eqg or otherwise changes them to much for them to be enjoyable for me. They dont feel like the chsracters, just cheap copies or imitations transplanted into different, foreign bodies.

>the only thing people here write about is "[character] is your [family member]!" shit
That's a damn shame if true, not all of it should have to be self-insert garbage, but I guess that's what the thread's formed around by now. Where's my crackship Rarity x her parents or messy love triangle with Twilight, Shining, and Cadance?
Why are you such an enormous faggot? I bet of your sister were to strip down and slam herself down on your dick, you'd still refuse because
>hurr hurr no hooves, fag

If you were any more massive of a dick-slurping fuckhole, you'd collapse into a singularity of faggotry that would put Slaanesh to shame.
>not being used to it by now
It always complains and never does anything.
>resorts to namecalling and not seeing that maybe their thread would have more interest if they broadened their horizons just a little bit

>thinking Im the same person as those other anons
keep deluding yourself if that's the only way you can manage. I dont think Ive ever posted in here before.
File: spoon.jpg (101 KB, 574x800)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
breed your sister
Breed your aunt
Breed your overworked mother (She probably needs it most of all)
>I don't necessarily want to hear details about horse anatomy when it comes time to be lewd
So what you're telling me is you wouldn't want to read a green/story where you plow your pone moms ass with your big fat horse cock. Wow, you sound like an actual faggot.
One of each, please!
File: eatin for two.jpg (9 KB, 300x168)
9 KB
>dammit Anon, now we're all pregnant! What are you gonna do about it?
File: 1325449705482.png (5 KB, 493x402)
5 KB
>spoiled milkers
mmm nurse gurl
>Inb4 nurse gurl relative is especially aware that the actual impact of incest on genetics within the first instance of it are minimal if noticeable at all
pregnant sex seems like a good place to start
holy fuck. i never really thought much about incest despite seeing this thread but i read all of clopficsinthecomments apojet fics in like 2 days and holy fuck i came so many times i actually cannot stop were you guys right all along
told you
it's the purest true love that makes it so great. nobody ever has the incest without the gushiest romantic bits. the relatedness makes you examine who they are as people and what they really mean to each other.
>tfw no lonely horny cougar aunt to be 'stuck' with for a weekend
File: 2235828.jpg (160 KB, 823x687)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
It all starts with little brother seeing something he shouldn't see...
Which is better: watching by accident, or watching out of innocent, youthful curiosity?
Is there any desire at all for a green where the female family member is younger than the MC?
first the former, then the latter kicks in
the majority of pitches and interest i think, just not the majority of what gets written in long chapters.
Of course. Little sisters always need more love.
and daughters! especially when they love their dads really much
This anon has the right idea.
> What am I supposed to tell my boyfriend Anon? You got me pregnant!
you wouldn't leave your young daughtersister unfucked, would you?
sitting there all frustrated, leaking all over the couch, nobody to satisfy her needs. She's not a cactus, she needs love and care and attention!
Tell him it wasn't you
>Nonny, he's gonna figure out it was me when my belly gets all big!
>Pinkie, i thought I was your boyfriend!
>Ha ha, made you say it!
>inb4 that 'boyfriend' was never real and it was all to make you jealous
"Of course you can, Sweetie. Come snuggle up between me and Rarity."
>we'll never make Aunt Coco happy and have lightsaber fights with her again
File: concerned horse.png (385 KB, 1280x1677)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
>Anon, your daughter is OVULATING! Aren't you going to do something about that?
its almost like you only think in terms of superficiality to inject your fetish. there's no different than this thread being incest with Steven Universe characters. you are so shallow that you even remove something like tempest's horn injury which is a crucial part of the character
Anondad put that on his list after fixing the garage door and cleaning the gutters
Man, flu season really hit these pony moms hard. They all look so sick. I hope they feel better soon.
if daughter is smart she will offer to help with those chores so dad will have more time to pound her resilient pubescent pelvis into jelly.
> Are you sure you don’t wanna come home? So many of my new friends want to meet you. I’ve told them… All about what a sweet boy you are. They said they could just eat, you, up.
God dammit
DAD! mom got turned into a vampire again. Probably picked up some cute bat and let it bite her. We've gotta go kill the head vampire. fuckin sixth one this year.
They obviously haven't been getting enough vitamin D.
File: Rainbow Dash Comic 1.png (807 KB, 1600x1300)
807 KB
807 KB PNG
You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. If you had read my story you would know that I HAVE incorporated Tempest losing her horn, and equated it to her losing an arm during a very traumatic event.

Some people here enjoy this fetish purely due to the taboo nature of the fantasy, but there are those of us who believe it's more than that.

Incest is the ultimate test of trust between family members. An act that will change the relationship between those we treasure most.

You may say that changing the characters into humans rather than keeping them as ponies muddles the experience, and you would be right if we were writers for Hasbro. But we aren't.

For us, Twilight is Twilight. Wings or not. Human or pony. The character is well defined within the narrative and everyone knows what she's like. Especially more than those idiots who made the MLP movie.
“C’mon you stupid-”
>The digi-stream breaks before you could finish the download.
“DAMN IT. You stupid dino I am going to DL the hell out of you!”
>You move the menu over to try another DL attempt when you hear the lock on the front door rattling.
>You glance over at the clock on the living room wall, 11:20pm.
>Mom’s home a little early tonight, good thing it’s the weekend or she’d probably be ready to kick your butt for staying up this late playing games.
>The lock clicks and the front door begins to swing open.
“Wait a sec…”
>Is it the weekend though?
>”Anon?” Mom calls out to you, you can her hear setting her bag down and putting her coat and shoes away in the closet by the door.
“Y-yeah, mom?”
>You hear the soft shuffle of her walking into the living room in her slippers.
>She rounds the side of the couch, her hands are up above her head fiddling with the tight bun her hair is tied up in.
>Still wearing her uniform, still so crisply white even after this long of a shift that it almost glows under the light of the ceiling.
>”Did you eat the leftovers I put in the fridge?”
>You had braced yourself to be dunked on for still being up but before you can even answer her unexpected question, mom lets out a big yawn.
“Uh, yeah, I finished the spaghetti. You didn’t want any did you?”
>She lowers her arms at the same time as her bright pink locks begin to tumble down and drape over her shoulders.
>Mom lets out a contented sigh followed by another big yawn.
>You notice how slumped her shoulders are as she walks closer to you.
>”No honey, I was hoping you were gonna finish the rest.”
>She tiredly motions for you to scoot over from the middle of the couch and you do.
>Mom sits in the middle right where you were and lets out a low moan of relief.
>She leans back into the couch and lets her slippers drop.
>You can see her spread her toes in those dark stockings she wears as she does a full body stretch, groaning softly as she does so.
>Mom lets out another breathy sigh and begins to slide down over to you.
>You brace your core some as her tired head comes to rest on your shoulder.
“Did you have a long day at work mom?”
>She hums in acknowledgement, from your angle you can tell that she’s got her eyes closed.
>”When do I not?” she says with a soft chuckle, “And how about you? How was school?”
>You shrug which causes her to sink a little more into you.
“It was okay, Oh, we’ve got a field trip coming up to go to the Natural History museum. I left the form on the kitchen table for you.”
>You can feel her breathing getting deeper and slower, “Mmhmm” she says softly after a long pause.
>Mom didn’t used to be so touchy like this.
>A hug and a kiss on the cheek before leaving for the day was usually fine but ever since dad passed away…
>It not like you mind though, Mom works super hard.
>In fact you kind of…
>You look down, Mom had undone the top button of her uniform so you can see some of her bust, rising and falling as she relaxes against you.
>Really don’t mind this at all.
>You feel her shift her weight and start to slip down your front.
>You are too startled to react faster but realize as she catches herself that she moved on purpose.
>The back of her head rests on your lap and she looks up at you with those crystal blue pools she has for eyes.
>You can see the tired bags in them now that she’s looking right up at you.
>Mom raises a hand gently to your cheek.
>”You okay sweetie?” mom asks with concern in her voice.
>You can feel her thumb rub your jawline and it’s only then that you realize you’d been clenching it.
“You look tired, mom” you respond back.
>She giggles, “I think that’s pretty warranted, y’know?”
>You let out a small chuckle of your own but can feel your brow furrow again.
“I mean, I don’t like that you’re having to work so hard…”
>You don’t mention dad as the reason but you didn’t have to, you can see her bottom lip quiver for a moment before her lips set firm, “I know honey… thank you for worrying about me~” she coos softly.
>Her hand travels up along your cheek and she grabs a handful of your hair, ruffling it playfully.
>You match your mom’s weak smile.
>”Say, what day is that field trip? Maybe I can request that day off and come chaperone, give us a day to spend more time together hmm?”
>You instinctively cringe at the thought of having mom chaperone you but you remember that chaperone’s get a free pass and food and stuff so it’s basically a paid vacation day for her.
“I uh, yeah. I’d like that mom.”
>Mom smile up at you then pinches your cheek roughly.
>”I heard that hesitation young man” she scolds playfully then sticks her tongue up at you.
>Mom’s hand travels down to your chest which she begins to rub her hand across absentmindedly as she closes her eyes and lets out another sigh.
>Your heart quickens in your chest as you take in the sight before you.
>Each pass of her hand sends tingles down your spine.
>You’ve got your legs firmly held tight to keep yourself in check but you’re not sure if you can keep that up for very long.
“Uh, mom?”
>She hums.
“I’ve got to get ready for bed.”
>You hate to end this time with her but you can feel your thighs starting to cramp.
>She opens her eyes slowly, “Oh that’s right it’s Thursday!”
>She turns her head over to the t.v.
>”Nonny, you’re not supposed to be playing this late on a school night” she huffs while sitting herself up.
“I know, I uh, kinda forgot it was Thursday too.”
>Mom rolls her eyes, clearly not believing you.
>She waves you away with one hand, shooing you to your room, while rubbing her shoulder with the other, “Suuuure, since you thought it was Friday you also already took out the trash right?”
>You perk up at this.
“Actually I did.”
>Mom looks up at you with a surprised expression on her face, “Huh, fair enough. Go get ready for bed then, sorry for keeping you up like that baby.”
>You feel somewhat vindicated for the honest mistake.
“It’s okay, uh… I like talking with you when you get home” you admit sheepishly.
>Mom seems somewhat taken aback by this judging by the bemused expression on her face, it gradually shifts into a content smile and she holds her arms up for a hug.
>You lean down and she first plants her soft lips to your forehead before nuzzling your cheek with hers in a firm hug, “I like it too, sweetie… but I like you getting a full night's sleep better. There’s not enough coffee in this house for both of us” she says with another airy chuckle.
>You pull back and head up to your room.
>The smell of her, natural scent mixed with faded perfume and a bit of latex, lingers in your head as you close the bedroom door behind you.

>Anon thumps up the stairs to his room and you let your head sink below your shoulders.
>What a good boy you have.
>You touch a hand to your chest, your heart is still pounding.
>He’s got his father’s eyes and god help you, you were so tired today that laying there and stroking his chest felt sooooooo good…
>You catch yourself biting your lip and shake away your more unsavory thoughts.
>A break sounds like just the thing you need, you get up and go to the living room to see when Anon’s field trip is scheduled for...

Just brushing off a lot of dust, hope I'm not too rusty
not bad at all! super cozy. has the mood and feel just right.
Damm boi, me mum is in meds too, and I just can feel all of this. Please, don't leave it be in a abandon promts museum.
super cozy! please, may we have some more?
File: 516228.png (644 KB, 1200x1500)
644 KB
644 KB PNG
So many pastebins have been 404'd since I last checked. Anyone know if this Harshwinny one got updated or is that all there is?

Replace pastebin.com with poneb.in or search the MEGA archive
t. Late 2020
>Going to stay with an aunt you haven't met before
>When you show up she makes an assumption about you like being a tinder date (with her having never successfully snagged one)
>She fucks you without giving you an opportunity to say you're her nephew
>After finding out you're staying with her she takes it as you wanting a serious relationship instead of a cheap fling
>Is delighted to not only get some, but also find a boy who wants to settle down
File: 1571696019260.jpg (84 KB, 701x623)
84 KB
> pic related

I'd ask Frosty if he plans on continuing that story since he wrote it. Otherwise, yeah that's as far as the story got.

What's your favorite incest pairing?
File: 2600693.jpg (3.3 MB, 2857x3288)
3.3 MB
3.3 MB JPG
i'm a royalfag, so anything with mother celestia and auntie luna, or vice versa. though i have been wanting to see anything with "summer solstice" the background character that looks remarkably like she's celestia's daughter, but actually isn't; to the writers anyway.
apple bloom or scootaloo with a twin brother anon
if it has to be canon characters though then the cake twins followed by twilight and shining
I'll take Pinkie anyday, as long as she's the same age or older than Anon. Big sister, cousin, mom, aunt, any of it is fine. Mind you, out of all the stories on the ponepaste right now my favorites are Jeff's aunt Coco story and his Mama Pinkie story, CopAnon's big sister Rarity story, and AnalPluganon's little sister Scootaloo story.
You wouldn't happen to have a link to the Rarity story would you?
Thanks anon.
Sister Rarity, preferably younger.
Aunt Solar Flare.
Momlestia, for sure. And Sislestia too.
File: hcl.png (945 KB, 620x1024)
945 KB
945 KB PNG
MOMMY and Auntie
I'd thought that was a flashback and it was just a younger Celestia. Though then again I'd never actually watched the thing that's from.
>Though I had been thinking about the idea of a clingy but troublesome cousin Summer Solstice
It was a one shot story that doesn't really have anywhere to go after that ending so that was all I'd ever planned to do with it.
that's frosty fookin' lannister...
Your younger sister has always been, strange.
In fact... Wasn't there a similar background character who was like a younger Luna?
>inb4 expansive royal harem
>Mom Luna and aunt Celestia
>Cousin Summer Solstice and little sister Winter Solstice (not sure if the little Luna lookalike has a fan nickname but Winter Solstice fits thematically)
>Grandma elder godess
Anyone remember that Ponk mom story where she was fucking Anon on a livestream? Whatever happened to that one?
Was it also where she was being yandere? I think I also remember one like that. Don't think the writer had a name or anything so there's no telling if they left or they're still here or anything, and it just kind of just got dropped if I'm not mistaken.
I know she had lied to him about his dad being a guard or maybe it was that she lied about being married to him.
>Anon must claim every one of them to become the new God-Emperor
I'd read it
is it just me or is mom extra thicc in the spring and summer?
Mommies expand when they get hotter. It's basic mommy physics.
>Celestia's thiccness is affected by the season and is more thicc when the sun is stronger
>Luna would then have an inverse affect too
>thicc tan mom
I'm putting privacy hedges in the backyard and maybe a sunscreen up. That's MY woman.
Though it's fun imagining Celestia being extra smug about her extra thiccness during the summer, and Luna becoming more smug when she's more thicc in Winter while Celestia becomes more reserved then.
Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
putting a little on when it's cold is just nature, putting weight on when it's hot is torture.
Being thiccer in summer isn't torture when you're royal goddess Celestia and powered by the sun.
>Also a couple other things
>Did the grandma goddess have a name? I forgot
>I'm thinking if the little Luna (Winter Solstace) was a character maybe she'd be a super adorable shy little sister who craves bro cock
Good shit
So many good greens in this thread, bros. Haven't made one since November, but y'all got me motivated to put an idea for a overprotective sun horse mom out.
yes! more sun horse mom, please. especially if she's overprotective
Overprotective moms are great. Especially when their logic in turning that to incest is absurd and she's 'protecting' her son against something that's not actually a threat.
that kinda story prompt reminds me of the /mom/ thread a long time ago where a few anons were talking about celestia trying to "protect" anon from twilight and sunset's advances. was some good shit iirc
>Something like Celestia's son and Twilight having a pure and normal friendship
>Though maybe just a hint of liking each other more than that
>Mom Celestia overreacts like they're already having sex
>She must sheathe his dick in herself because it can't be inside Twilight's snatch if it's already in hers (or some other crazy logic)
File: 2678499.jpg (100 KB, 1544x869)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>"Mom, c'mon, you'll love her! She's polite, well-read, great sense of humor, she even loves theatre. You both would get along so well, I just know it."
>At this day's end, my lovely son reminds me of the company he'll be recieving tomorrow.
>Like clockwork, he's insistent on me to make time in my schedule.
>If it were just for him, I would have no problem aligning the stars and my sun to make that a reality.
>Anything for my one and only child.
>But for a mare, whom seemed to appear out of thin air, whom also seeks courtship with *my* son?
"Anonymous, how do you know this mare?"
>"We met when Twilight was bringing potential interns for the royal library last month. We got a bite to eat afterward, and you know, clicked."
"How many times have I told you, ponies we know through connections will only want your audience to further their own means. Why do you think I kept the nobles away from you all these years?"
>I could feel my brow fold into a furrow.
>It was bound to happen eventually, he is an adult after all.
>I'll have to make to restrictions on these field trips of Twilights', despite all the measures I make *of course* it would be her folly to sink fangs into my heart.
>Shifting his weight against the frame of the door, his gentle eyes dimmed slightly, disappointed.
>"She's not like that, she doesn't ask or talk about you unless I tell her something."
>His digits sway in calculated form, articulately expressing his division between her and the nobles I just accused her of being.
>The way he does that, I've always found it enchanting.
"I was raised better than to be manipulated so easily, I really think you should give her a chance before making judgements."
>The determination in his eyes, he's not going to give up is he?
>Adjusting the blankets, and removing my royal adornments, I might as well get comfortable while he doesn't take no for an answer.
>Hehe, such a man, I'd be lying if I didn't say I enjoyed being denied something for once.
"My dear son, for you, I will make an audience with your... friend. On a sole condition."
>That smile, brighter than my own star, shines.
>"Of course Mom! Anything for you."
>Anything for me...
>It weighs a different meaning, coming from him.
>Despite hearing that from all my servants, companions, friends; when he says that, I truly feel bliss.
>However, with the intrusion of this mare, that'll change.
"Answer me this. Have I not been enough for you?"
>I can't help but feel a wing press against my chest, my heart tightening.
>"Is my love alone not enough for you? As your mother, have I not been a worthy companion?"
>He doesn't seem to understand, lifting himself off the frame to take a seat on the edge of the bed, eyes filled with concern.
>"Mom, me finding a partner isn't going to change how I feel about you. I know we haven't talked about it much, but it's time that I seek options."
"What if it does? She'll take you away from these walls, put distance between us."
>He chuckled, shaking his head.
>"I'll figure out how to spit fire like Spike and send you letters every day."
>A silence filled the room, keeping my eyes averted to the window, watching the starlight dance in the stained glass as I failed to imagine my world without him by my side.
>Warm digits coiled themselves around my hoof, as I turn to meet his eyes.
>A tingle down my spine, my face heated up.
>"I'll always love you, no matter what. No being on Equus could change that. You've given me everything I could ask for, mother. But, as my mother, you know as an adult I have needs that only another could fulfill."
>Heart sinks farther than Tartarus.
>My mouth opens, almost slipping out something that I would surely regret.
>His thumb reassures me with it's strokes on my hoof, clearing my mind as another silence fills the room.
"You're right, my son. I shouldn't make judgements until I meet her, I'm sorry to be so prude."
>Breaking our shared glance, I remove my hoof, lifting the lavender bedsheets in a golden glow as I cacooned myself in their embrace.
"I must sleep now, inform anypony staffing the entrance when you go to pick her up, and I'll make time."
>He remained still, but I could feel his stare as I hid beneath the thin barrier between us.
>"A-alright. Goodnight, mom, I'll see you tomorrow."
>A brief, gentle stroke along my wing, with a door shutting afterwards, it's click echoeing agianst the marble flooring.
>Needs that only another could fulfill...
>Sunshine, must I show you how wrong you are?
File: 1398628_(1).jpg (178 KB, 742x1091)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Quick Prompt:
Celestia gets drunk and gets aggressively flirty with her son. He says no, but his boner says yes.
good so far.

might just be me, but so far reminds of that one green where Celestia and Luna wish they could be with him. the one where anon sings the one song from the hunchback of Notre-Dame.
Imaging saying "no" to any version of Celestia, just with flimsy justification "I'm your son"
In the same boat, but made me laugh too 10/10
it's surprisingly hard. I havent done any in ages. dont feel bad.
Something not even remotely serious for shits and giggles

>Be Prince Anon
>Son of Luna
>Just because you're a prince many girls will throw themselves at you
>Though both your mom and aunt insist you find a princess
>Not just any princess either, but one with divine power too
>There don't seem to any you aren't related to
>You're sitting in your room wishing you had a girlfriend
>It's impossible to even get porn around this shithole castle
>The game some noble gave you sucks too
"This is anal sauce!!!"
>You yell before throwing it to the ground
>Shattering it to pieces
>You sit there mad after taking your sexual frustration out on the shitty game
>Why do your mom and aunt have to be hot too?
>A servant comes and tells you something is happening in the throne room that needs your attention
>You sigh with frustration before heading over
>You sit down on your little throne off to the side
>It's like that because you're aunt is mainly in charge, and your mom is second in command
>Your actual position is barely better than being a noble
>At least you are considered royal
>There's some woman petitioning something it looks like
>The more you look at her the more she looks like a princess
>"I am...Princess Chryssi, and I'm from..."
>Pausing weirdly like she has trouble remembering
>"From Fucksuckistan."
>What kind of name is that?
>Who in their right mind would name their kingdom something like that?
>Your aunt is pretty insulted
>"That's not a real place! Fuck off!"
>The nobles murmur like they don't agree
>The leader among them speaks up
>You never bothered to remember his name
>"She's the only actual princess to ever show up hoping for the prince's hand in marriage. Her divine power is confirmed. I know sounds like a high retard came up with it, but just give her a chance."
>Aunty isn't having any of it
>"Hell no! Tell her to take a long walk..."
>You're waiting for her to say 'off a short pier'
>"Up her own ass!"
>Chryssi speaks up again
>"You've been insulting me quite a bit, but can't I just try to court the young prince?"
>You didn't pay her much mind up to this point, but now you notice she looks older than you
>Like maybe barely younger than your mom if not in the same age range
>"Yeah, just let her try talking to him. What's the worst that could happen? If he doesn't like her we throw her out."
>The noble states almost like he's on her side but still sounding insulting
>You kind of get what he's saying
"I guess, like as far as I know she's the only god damn princess on the whole planet I'm not related to. Though why me? Isn't the age gap a bit much?"
>You ask her as she has a quick response
>"Well, I have a could of reasons."
>She says before crossing her arms in a way the pushes up her chest
>A rather fine chest you have to admit
>Looking down her ass is more than decent too
"Fair enough."
>Neither your mom or aunt are on board still
>"I still don't think she's a real princess! This has to be a trick!"
>Mom says first
>She shows a glowing royal crest on her right shoulder
>Which proves she's a divine ruler of somewhere
>Regardless of if 'Fucksuckistan' is actually the place or not
>Mom fumes and Aunty grinds her teeth as they try to think of a new reason to throw her out
>"Fine! One week, and that's it! If you can't convince him in that time, or my agents I'll send out come back saying your so called kingdom isn't a real place... Your ass is grass!"
>Finally, maybe you'll actually get somewhere with a woman for once
>"Thank you, I assure you my options are rather limited as well."
>Which makes sense, and does explain why she didn't just turn right around and leave once the shit talking started
>"So you're settling for him?"
>Mom asks sounding insulted herself
>"No, settling would be just finding some rich guy. Anon really is an actually good and handsome prince. I come from a long distance and had only heard of your kingdom recently."
>"Maybe you'd be better off doing that. I'm going to give up my one prince so easily."
>Your Mom's trademark difficultly to please that chased off other women that might have come close to being good enough
>Even if it was for political reasons
>Just something to get you laid would have been good enough for you
>"Of course I don't expect you to 'give him up' easily. In fact I would prefer to stay here with him if things work out rather than go back home with him."
>Isn't how that typically works anyway?
>With the princess going to the prince's castle?
>At least you'd heard
>A royal wedding hasn't actually happened in your lifetime as far as you know
>Your cousin in the next kingdom over was married for a while, but to a royal guard captain rather than a prince
>So not even that really counts
>Mom just gives a huff and stops talking
>"So, what now?"
>Chryssi asks
>"I don't know what your plans for today are, or how things work around here."
>You guess you could answer
I wasn't doing anything important. We could just hang out or something."
>She nods and follows as you lead her to your room
>Only after getting there you realize Mom has followed as well
>Once she notices you staring she explains herself
>"I'm not letting her be alone with you! She could be an assassin!"
>Or you could get past first base
>Is she purposely being a cockblocker?
>Nah, you really need to get your mind out of the gutter
>It'd be crazy to expect to go all the way so soon
>You give Chryssi a tour of your room
>Showing her all the things and games you entertain yourself with
>At least the ones that don't suck ass
>She picks a terrible one to play
>She actually starts commenting on how bad it is
>You go back and forth talking smack about it
>You're actually having a bit of fun now
>After the game is over she seems to want to lean in for a kiss
>When you almost lean in as well Mom reminds you she's there
>"I think that's enough. Come with me, Anon."
>You really don't want to, but ignoring her always goes very bad
>Chryssi accepts you have to listen to her and moves out of the way
>You sigh wearily as you go with Mom
>She takes you to her own room before motioning for you to sit on her bed with her
>When you sit down she leans on you before starting talking
>"My precious boy... Why are you doing this?"
>Does she really expect an answer
"Come on Mom, I'm not a kid anymore. I can't stay single forever. I need to find someone."
>She just looks upset hearing that
>"Don't I provide everything for you? Whatever you were planning on doing with her, I'll do with you instead."
>She can't possibly be serious
"Mom! That's ridiculous! I want to get laid some time in my life!"
>She looks angry now
>"Oh, so it's like that is it? You want to leave me just to have sex with some slut?"
>Mom huffs with rage
>"Fine! I'll have sex with you!"
>While you were still trying to process what she said she pounces on you
>Tearing off your pants and moving her panties under her dress to the side before hilting herself on you
>The shock and pleasure of it tear through your body
>You reflexively grab her hips just to hold on to something even though you feel like you should push her off
"Mooom! What the hell?!"
>She pumps her hips up and down on you as the bed creaks
>"I have needs too! Why didn't you tell me before this was what you wanted?!"
>Your body shakes and it feels like electric jolts erratically flow through your body and prevent you from moving the way you want
"This isn't what I wanted! You're my mom! Why can't you just let me have a girlfriend?!"
>She slams her hips down on you harder
>"Because you're mine damn it!"
>She grabs your face while more and more aggressively riding your cock
>Forcing you to look into her eyes while your dick is inside her
>"You've always been mine, and I don't intend to let you go for anything or anyone!"
>You feel yourself throb and know what's coming
>"After this, tell that woman to take a hike! I'll take care of your needs! So just stay mine!"
>Even though you want to say something about being about to blow all that comes out is strained grunts
>With that you explode inside her and the look on her face says she not only expected that but wanted it too
>As you both wind down Mom has more to say
>"Tonight you come here, understand? I don't want that whore sneaking into your bed!"
>The life drains from your body and you don't have the energy to argue
>She twirls her hips on your shaft while still staying on you
>Her flowing dark blue hair has a particular glow to it as she keeps you pinned under her
>She actually looks especially beautiful right now, but there is one problem with her 'plan'
"What would you tell the nobles though?"
>Mom tries to think like she hadn't already thought it through
>"I'll come up with a real reason to boot her ass out later, but no funny business with her! Got it mister?!"
>She says sternly as she moves her face close to yours
>Still holding your face by the cheeks
I kinda hoped Anon and Chryssi would spend all this week together, even with Celestia as the tail, would've been a great opportunity for shenanigans
She's not going anywhere just yet. Luna just jumped the gun on saying she wants Chryssi gone without having an actual plan to make it happen.
>Beyond just telling the world "I'm marrying my son instead!" and just expecting that to go smooth
>You can't of anything to do but nod
>Then a knock comes at the large heavy doors to the room
>"I know you hate intrusions, but your guest is wondering if the young master can join her soon as she is quite bored."
>Mom obviously just considers telling them off
>"Just a couple more minutes!"
>She tells them before turning back to you
>Giving you a couple kisses
>"Nothing with her, I'm dead serious, okay?"
>You think she might actually give you some space if you say 'yes'
>"Yes, of course."
>Nothing this serious would have happened anyway even without her intervention
>With that she gets off you and allows you to try to make yourself decent
>Then Mom stays in her room as you head out to find Chryssi
>Back in your room you find her playing a different game from your collection
"I thought you said you were bored."
>"I am, I can't be entertained just by playing someone else's games. I need you here."
>You sit next to her and start playing too
>Though after a bit you start talking more
"So, what's your home actually like anyway?"
>"It sucks."
>She says flatly before explaining further
>"I'm the only royal and all my subjects are idiots. It's like I'm the only competent person in the whole kingdom, and it's poor as shit too."
>That does sound terrible
>You doubted if she was honest before, but this sounds like genuine anger from the heart
>"What about you? What's it like to be the most eligible bachelor, and the only crown prince of royal blood practically on the whole continent?"
"It sucks, it sucks baaaad...."
>You say as she seems confused
"Sure plenty girls want me, but I've never been able to able do anything with any of them. Can't have a girlfriend, can't wander around outside, can't do this, can't do that, practically can't do anything."
>You inhale sharply through your nose
"All I've really got that I can do is this, and a lot of the games I have suck a big one too."
>She seems to understand a little better, but doesn't entirely agree
>"I think you're being a bit too hard on them because you're frustrated. They're not that bad. I wish I had this many games."
>She did mention her kingdom being poor
>Maybe she does have a different perspective on it because of that
>After that you played together till nightfall without much more personal talk
>She yawns loudly
>"Oh right, I never asked where the guest rooms were."
"Just ask any servant and they can tell you which room would be best. I've never been to that wing of the castle much myself."
>You know the castle pretty well, but you don't want to look stupid if you do get momentarily lost
>"Okay, I'll see you in the morning, and I had fun."
>She says with a smile before getting up and leaving
>Though turning around and giving you a very quick peck on the cheek before really leaving
>You hold your hand to that cheek while hoping very hard that nobody else saw that to report it to your mom or aunt
>Then you remember you'd promised to go stay with Mom tonight and head over
>"Hey, baby." *hic* "Come here often?"
"Mom, this is our living room."
File: 1418797600348.png (186 KB, 571x464)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
>I'm going to give up my one prince so easily
Glad the situation was resolved without further conflict and Anon can continue to enjoy a normal sexual relationship with his new gf and a normal family relationship with his mom
File: costanza pie.jpg (103 KB, 1280x720)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Oh. I get it, heh.
easily the best mom/son pairing
actually starting to like this story a bit. you're a good writermans.
File: 1584344.png (654 KB, 1360x768)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
Short Prompt:
>Anon gets into a random monkey's paw situation where he wished to get laid all the time, possibly with an actual monkey's pay
>He notices something's wrong when his mother and aunts start giving him frequent hugs, kisses, and weirdly intimate looks
>The straining in his pants tells him that he's not entirely unwelcoming to this...
Any writefags wanna take this and run with it?
>Or inb4 a genie

>"What is your wish"
"I wish I could get laid every day."
>"Granted, you will now have sex with your mom and aunts every day."
"Uhmmm... You added a detail there I didn't ask for, but okay I guess."
I dunno; sounds weird. Not sure many people would go for that.
Sleep on it.
File: 2065314.jpg (156 KB, 800x1000)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
I want to fuck my little sister Cozy
Good choice for a little sister.
Mine would definitely be Silver.
I choose Apogee. Mostly because a big brother could easily be wrote in, and they are canon incestuals
wait, is it really canon? as in actually part of the story?
I think coffee mugs are a great just-because gift.
Mom's could say "Happiness is being a mother", and Anon's could say "Happiness is being inside a mother".
cute loli
Yes. Apogee has sex with both her parents
So a baby?
Bless your heart for trying.
Happiness is being inside a mother. A baby
File: 1538516082995.jpg (67 KB, 625x626)
67 KB
Yes, that's the only time one could ever be inside a mother. How are you stuck posting here and not making big brain dollars with your wit.
File: 2580174.png (1.24 MB, 3508x2480)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
Short Prompt:
>You are the first royal changeling male in ages, birthed to none other than Queen Chrysalis
>It was Changeling tradition for a Queen to take such a unique presence in the hive as a consort once they became of age
>Wanting to sire an entire royal family of powerful changelings, Chrysalis wasted no time in grooming you into her perfect husband ever since you first hatched
>The Queen molded her body to suit your tastes so your eyes would only be on her, widening her hips to carry a thicker, fatter rear for her son's enjoyment
>Once it was time to properly consummate your transition from mother and son to entwined lovers, you were nervous, yet excited to experience your eager mother for the first time
>You couldn't contain yourself any longer once the both of you were in her satin bed, and Chrysalis shook her plump onyx plot
>You mounted her, charged with a mix of love and lust that Chrysalis could taste in the air, and rammed yourself in to her sizable backside
>The air reeked of sweat and sex before long, you breeding your mother Chrysalis and making certain her fertile ovipostr was bloated with seed
how's there gonna be any of her left for a bro?
man we need more kirin green. every good kirin mom knows her son needs relief while he's studying
File: 1890252.png (101 KB, 468x394)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
I hate you guys so much. Arch rivalry with Jews canceled, now Incestuous Relations is main enemy. It's for information to all.

I've taken screencaps of you guys talking about how you don't even want ponies and don't have them in your tread in your thread so that when I look at them I can always remember why I hate you and have absolute proof of your faggotry. I hate you guys. I really, really, hate you guys.
>"Cool, maybe you should try your hand at it then."
how many threads do you do this in, in one day
THAT'S her dad? jeeez I can't get into this candy corn crew cut weird stubble tie-wearin crumbum. I expected a cool kinda Michio Kaku lookin guy who works at the world's last 1 hour photo booth or draws manga or something
>can't be the chad crewcut dad
>has to be the 'eccentric quirky' dad
no man who's willing to castrate himself like that is anything remotely resembling a chad. nor is anyone who uses the term chad.
i'm sorry your dad was boring. i'm sure he felt he needed to to make you money. but mine was fun and silly and rock n' roll
that's super, bet his van down by the river is always done up nice for visits
man my dad would have had a fucking awesome van down by the river if he had a van or a river. but he did have a good truck and he kept marrying ladies and buying houses to live in them with. always too far away, those houses.
>tfw not having a dad who moves on to a new woman far away after you're born
>Then your mom deciding without dad you are her new lover

>tfw no Chrysallis mom who decides you're on the hook for creating as many children as possible with her after dad clocked out after making just one
To OniChanFables, A big thanks for binning some of my greens I wrote for this thread on ponepaste.
If you ever have a personal request, then I, PervAnon, will take it up.
Chrysalis stands out to me as a mom who'd be crazy about making babies, but who's a less common mom who'd be big on breeding?
Apple Fritter
I forget, but did she have much of a canon personality?
>Though any Apple family woman is likely candidate
>Dad is unable to live up to Apple family breeding standards
>Son is expected to step up tp the plate
Little Strongheart
Has to increase the population
File: brah.gif (1.06 MB, 370x406)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB GIF
I don't think she even had a single line dude
Tree Hugger probably.
just a mess o' babies.
Maud probably wants lots of offspring as well
Well damn, I was hoping there was something about her I wasn't remembering that'd make her especially gung ho about making babies among the Apple family.

>Native tribe mom
>Mates with son to keep the bloodline pure
>Inb4 actually having tradition/rules that demand you breed your mom
Tree Hugger seems more like someone who'd just end up with a lot of babies because of irresponsibility, and not because she specifically went out of her way to have a lot on purpose.
>We're just growin the loove, branch of my tree. those pills disrupt all the natural energy a yoni absorbs from Luna every month, making a fertile fiiield for your seed.
>Hippie mumbo jumbo to make excuses for it
>"Periods are mother nature punishing a woman and reminding them of potential for new life they're wasting. The only natural way to prevent it is to be pregnant, and the most lovely way is to receive the seed of my own brood. Come back to me as an expression of their appreciation and love."
Any chance of archiving this?

Thank you.

It was my pleasure.
Also, that's mighty kind of you to ask I'd love to see you contribute another banger.
Let me give it some thought. Most of the stories I've wanted to see I've written myself, or are too obscure for me to make a comprehensive story out of.

Fluttershy, because of animals.
>Fluttershy, because of animals.
>"Anon! Angel and I have a wager, and if I don't have more babies than he does, I'll have to give him all of our savings!"
"Mom. He's a rabbit. and he's MALE. He can screw every female rabbit you own and sire more buns in a month than you could in a lifetime..."
>"Well then we'd better get started!"
"And you only have maybe 20 fertile years left ma- and you're already on my dick. Fine. This is a fine plan."
I basically just spur of the moment wanted to write a thing where they say outrageous stuff for a laugh. Then got stuck after the jokes were done. I'm not sure how many people would actually want a paste for it, but I guess I could make one if people really want one.
Good shit. Would love me some more bug mom greens.
>only cares about herself
>thinks youre disposable as the rest of her gorillion kids
hmm, anon why don't you tell me about your real mom, I'd like to test something lmao
Shall I write out a lewd stimulating story of how anon is struggling to “keep it in the family” like his mom, sister and father do? Could you handle such a story, Anon? A story of trials and tribulations-of sons plowing their drunk half-naked mothers-of hammering their little sisters tight...
You get the idea.
This sounds bad.
Alright. Never mind then
>Faggot is still alive
Oh, mr quality control?
The whom any and every bit of possible content needs to be screened for?
Why would he ever stop being a faggot?
I just had hoped he matured after seeing out fallout 4 settlement of a thread
Sounds good to me.
Huh? Sounds what?
These fuckin headphones I swear, can't hear shit, hold on oh wait those aren't my headphones at all!
Yeah i could enjoy that.
Le Bump
>Giving your life savings to a rabbit if you can't outbreed it
>Never mind what a rabbit would even do with money
Well, hopefully it's not serious or they better hope they can get by without money.
Angel's a really really good negotiator.
File: pc1.png (523 KB, 944x744)
523 KB
523 KB PNG
>friday night in with mom
Though it's also funny to imagine if it was a sentient Angel bunny, and it was all an elaborate way to get control of the finances into capable hands. Like Angel actually does care about Flutters and has good intentions, but Flutters is very bad with money and they'd all just be better off with Angel taking the reigns. The very fact that she'd take a bet like that proves she's bad with money.
I was actually thinking that might be part of the plot, you taking more control of her life since she's obviously a bit of a dumb bunny. I'm a big fan of dominating the mom in a loving way, but that is pretty rare.
wish i had an amazonian mother like celestia.
File: 1571734.png (199 KB, 1100x618)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
>When you proposition your mother at school, but she doesn't say no.
File: 2562400.png (741 KB, 1007x1500)
741 KB
741 KB PNG
Would you marry your sister, Fluttershy?
> Although she would never voice her compliance and unbeknownst to all, excitement at the the actions her own son took against her. Nevertheless she resisted or pretended to resist him as he forced over her own desk and took her like a rabbit dog. The rocking of the pristine mahogany desk that was given to her upon her successful ascension to the rank of Principal along with the hot breath of the Incestuous assailant on the back of her neck as he broke into the very first place he called home. Sent shockwaves through her core, causing her to cry out through the rag he stuffed in her mouth. No one would hear her. No one would bear witness to the sick......*sigh* “Do you need something Ms.Sparkle?”
Fluttershy x Zephyr is hot
Also AJ Big Mac and Applebloom threesomes with Granny watching.
>Fluttershy x Zephyr
I've never been able to imagine those two together in anything but a femdom/malesub relationship. Zephyr's too much of a pussy to take a dominant role.
I'm not Fluttershy
Would you marry your sister *If she was Fluttershy?
You know, I've been thinking of a new part of my Cozy Glow story, and I'm tempted to write it.
I just need enough time to do it and will-power after long hours of work to write.
Well, she bought the dress and everything.. I guess.
only the power of sweet flutternectar could convince zeph to man up
File: ladh.png (452 KB, 785x1024)
452 KB
452 KB PNG
>"Luna, please, you wont lose 'cool auntie points' for insisting he eat his vegetables and cut down on sugary drinks."
>"Now this evenings PTA meeting may run a little late so I need to be able to trust you that he'll be in bed at a reasonable time."
>"Luna, can you do that?"
>'Honestly sister we are not far behind you in age and yet you still talk down to us as though we ar-'
"Rawr Auntie Luna! Underwear and chocolate sauce fight! First one with an empty bottle gets to lick off the other- Oh crap..h-hey mom.."
My apologies to those of you waiting for more Apple Bottom Dreams. I tried to make the next chapter too long when I should have just broken it up and posted the first part days ago. It should be up tomorrow though.
Nine naked moms just walking down the road would cause a heap of trouble for all concerned!
9 lucky sons
anyone else tell their mom they wanted to marry her when they were a little kid?
Shining can't marry his mother! He has a little sister to marry!
then how will she marry her grandson
>"Ahh ah f-fuck, grandma, fuck!"
>'Ah ah ah~ w-what'd I say about that language, buster?'
Uh..okay.I had a different thing in mind, but there’s no wrong way to fantasize
I’d rather have a long, well put together green vs generic anon jumping into sex with X after 2 paragraphs.
I have a pretty good one about grandma velvet, but this thread is too inactive for it
I like this prompt
>thread needs content to be worthy of content
guess we'll just have to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, then
we're halfway there with that boomer talk
let's keep it to the grindstone and pound that pavement, bros
if both of you knew just how badly you're screwing everything up
You're coming off as pretty fuckin pretentious, I don't give a fuck if you did want to write now
i'm not the velvet guy. the thing keeping me from writing is being too tired. I just hate the way you talk and use the word boomer
>mother and sister fighting over you again
wat do?
finger them both until they stop fighting and start double-teaming your dick
the more loving option
the other way if you're feeling angrier at them is to just skeet on them while they're distracted with fighting, and they realize that's a nut of yours they won't get to enjoy and now you're out of the mood and have to recharge and they fucked it up.. and then HOPEFULLY they work together, rather than blame each other even harder.
File: Spoiler Image (855 KB, 1200x1200)
855 KB
855 KB PNG
>"A-Anon, sweetie! Th-that's not helping m-mommy get u-unstuck!"
File: Thread.png (205 KB, 669x642)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
>mom and sisters fighting over you
Is Anon Prince Zuko?
Kinda based
I've been working on an update, and it's going to be a lengthy one. That being said, I'm still a few days away from unveiling it.
What are the legal consequences for sibling incest? Vague idea for a prompt.
Do it. I believe in you.


In Equestria none.
In real life, social ridicule and ostracization.
Can't officially marry close relative outside of France, but second cousin is legal
Last few seconds before I woke up I had a dream. It was a nudist Fluttershy verse where she couldn't sleep without her brother's dick inside of her. And she sees nothing sexual in it, just another way to bond - sticking her butt in the air and jokingly waving it. And there was nothing weird about it, actually moving and having sex is
I mean like, can people go to jail for it? Obviously in the case of adults and children that’s clear statutory rape charges but between two siblings around the same age?
reminds me of that one DIY porn lady who does mainly POV videos of her just lazing around with her brother and being all innocent and hippiestyles about her sexy.
this is like people who thought the gay murridge was 'illegal'
nobody's going to go to jail because someone would have to prove you're doing it, which would involve illegally spying on you. they just don't recognize it.
Gay marriage was indeed historically "illegal" in many countries in the sense that it was not recognized in the same way as normal marriages were. I think you're referring to homosexuality in general, which, while being illegal in many countries, did fall into the category of "victimless crimes", which are generally hard to identify and punish, as you said.
so you didn't read my post, or..
*rereads own post*
fuck I left a lot out of that post. Basically what you said. that people think 'illegal' means you were going to get hauled off to jail for calling yourself married, when all it meant was you don't get free money for giving each other aids.
oh and I also realize the way I was phrasing it was confusing.
first sentence was meant to be disconnected from the rest. it's "like" that in the same way that it involves a lot of base misconceptions.
the rest of the post was about incest, not the gay. sometimes I don't communicate the best.
You mean Prance.
Who is Beauty Mark? Not familiar with this one.
OC by the same guy who draws Golden Brooch I think.
That is a based man.
Emergency bump.
>Zecora uses a dark ritual to revive her brother whom she has found she can no longer live without.
>Things work better than she expected, her brother coming back, not only looking mostly alive, but with his whole mind intact.
>Even better, since he's officially dead and everyone believes as such, no one will question when he and Zecora get married.
>After all, how can she be marrying her brother if he's dead?
>This must just be a man who happens to look like him, but a bit more pale and funny smelling.
I know many care not what I say but where’s her tongue? Why’s her inner mouth gray?
Legal, you nitwit. It’s against the law
Mommy and son edit?
Is this pony?
that's from Stand Apone Complex isn't it?
lel, shut up you
Isn't that basically the premise of Corpse Bride?
>"Mmm..I was worried things in your room would start gathering dust since we've slept in my room most of this week. Let's sleep in yours tonight, sweetheart."
If you're still willing Perv, I got a prompt for you.
It's not exactly original, but it's a short story I've considered writing but never pulled the trigger on.

> Have Anon
> Older Brother to (insert character of the main cast here)
> Said character has a sleepover with everyone
> Anon gets roped into the fray because the other girls think he's hot
> Main character gets jealous
> Start playing spin the bottle or some video game where there are stakes
> After some flirting and groping, the main character dares Anon to do something with them
> Reluctantly does it
> Night goes on and things continue to escalate from there
Not even close, go rewatch it, it's good
I can do that.
Maybe Fluttershy sister, and AJ brought hard cider.
She gets more daring with her brother the more sudsy liqued courage she drinks.
Sound good?
I like it.
Any one got the fluttermom green from last the last thread
File: Spoiler Image (54 KB, 476x427)
54 KB
Short Prompt:
>You're the magical lesbian spawn of two Twilights, one from Equestria and the other from the human world
>Because of this, you essentially look like a male version of them, complete with social awkwardness and propensity for science
>Both love you very much, though it gets to a competitive degree at times
>Now, your moms want to know which looks better in their bikini, despite they and their swimwear looking almost identical
You mean this one?
Why is Fluttershy wearing such a lewd outfit?
Sauce of pic please? I tried reverse searching, but it being a crop isn't working out
>someone snitched
Now big brother chan will never do an alternate take on compartment #deux.
>Fluttershy is a bit of a mess right now, but is doing an admirable job of containing it as her friends laugh around her, sitting in a circle on her bedroom's carpet.
>They no doubt attributed what internal turmoil did show in her expressions as worry for her younger brother, who was currently in the hospital getting stitches and an MRI, and they'd be partially right.
>Zephyr had spiked his blonde hair up into exaggerated points after watching an iconic episode of Wyvern Orb X in imitation of the main character's epic transformation, then proceeded to jump through the doorway of the bathroom and smash is head on the frame above.
>And so her parents rushed the dazed and bleeding boy to the hospital, leaving her and her older brother alone in the house, which is why her friends decided to come by and have a sleepover to keep her company.
>After all, her older brother Anon is a cool college student visiting for the weekend, so of course he wouldn't want to comfort his little sister right now.
>Fluttershy is as annoyed by their assumption as she is by her inability to correct them, and now she lost a perfectly good opportunity to spend some alone time with her beloved big brother all because she couldn't speak up and tell her friends that they didn't need to keep her company.
>For where they saw Anon as the star athlete of their school before going off to college on a football scholarship, she saw the young man who would watch anime with his little siblings every night before bed.
>And where they saw an aloof, handsome man who radiated a silent coolness, she knew he was just shy and shared her same social anxieties when it came to holding conversations with strangers.
>In the comfort of their own home where prying eyes couldn't see, Anon was a caring, doting brother who always made Fluttershy feel like the center of the world, and not at all nervous from the attention.
>In fact, since his return after being away for nearly a whole semester, when her big brother looked at her with his kind eyes full of affection, she only felt a fluttering in her tummy and a slight weakening in her knees.
>She had selfishly hoped to experience those feelings in full while Zephyr and her parents were gone and couldn't divert Anon's attention away from her, something she feels quite guilty about since she's had time to brood on it.
>"No way! You actually got some?" Dash asks excitedly as Applejack pulls her duffle bag over between her legs and proudly started pulling out bottles.
>"Yer darn tootin'," she replied with a grin. "We just finished up the first batch for the season, and Ah figured ya'll wouldn't be apposed ta bein' the testers."
>"Heck no we won't!" Dash exclaims snatching a bottle right out of AJ's hand before popping the cap off with a carbonated hiss and taking a slam of the amber liquid.
>Applejack frowns at the other girl, mumbling under her breath about manners as she distributes bottles to the rest of them.
File: Spoiler Image (45 KB, 1280x720)
45 KB
is.. is that their period?
Where did their shoes go?
good setup. awaiting tipsy good times.
It looks like the blood gems things from Fullmetal Alchemist
Wearing shoes is unbecoming of young ladies
Philosophers stones
File: Feel Poster 1.jpg (195 KB, 960x523)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Little sister missing her big brother while he's at college.
> mfw I knew that feel.
Sorry it's not the most thrilling start. I don't get a lot of time to write, so until I get to the exciting stuff, it'll probably only be a one or two posts a day.
Plus Monster Hunter Rise just updated, so there's that.
Nerf Anon
File: 2038672.jpg (304 KB, 2048x1535)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
Eh, wake me when Flutters is spending time with mommy.
When are the Moondancer stories getting done, bros?
I CRAVE big eyebrow neet content!
File: dkango unchained.gif (2.32 MB, 404x347)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB GIF
>when you miss retarded shit your sister used to do
>"Stop eating off my plate, damnit!"
File: Spoiler Image (11 KB, 276x183)
11 KB
>When you and your sister used to mutually masturbate each other.
>That one time you accidentally shot onto her vagina, and she slowly touched it with her fingers.
>Then watching as she exhausted you chuckles looking at your goop and touches her fingers to her tongue.

I’ve never been able to love another woman since
Oh, boo hoo. At least you had a sister to love.
Fluttercest is top tier

Why would I be jealous of 3dpd?
>Fluttershy looks down at the bottle in her hand with dread, knowing what it represents.
>Peer pressure.
>Fluttershy has never been able to hold her liquor very well, and always ended up doing the most embarrassing things once a few drops got past her lips.
>But if she doesn't drink, she'll be teased by Dash, then the other girls will follow her lead, and she'll end up drinking if only to fend off the shameful tears.
>"Um, I don't know, girls. You didn't say there'd be alcohol involved," Twilight speaks up hesitantly. "You know this is bad for developing cognitive functions, right? Not to mention illegal."
>"Oh come on, egghead, live a little!" Dash says with a burp. "What? are you afraid of a little hard cider? It's barely even that strong."
>"I just don't want to risk getting into any legal trouble, is all," the bespectacled girl defends. "I won't be able to get into an ivy league with a record."
>"You're being ridiculous, Twilight," Sunset pipes in with a roll of her eyes. "No one's going to find out. Live a little!"
>The rest of the girls chime in with their agreement, and Fluttershy feels resigned as Twilight caves and opens her bottle.
>She hoped that if they let Twilight get away with not drinking, then she'd be able to manage it to, but no such luck.
>Instead, she pops the cap off her own bottle and nurses it between her palms, hoping to go as long as possible without taking a sip.
>Luckily, despite their claim of being their for her benefit, they were more than happy to let her sit quietly as they all talked about this, that, and the other.
>She's used to this kind of thing.
>Of just sort of fading into the background as her friends socialized around her.
>It's calming sometimes, to just know you're accepted without being expected to participate, still, it's nothing compared to her brother's company.
>A small, wistful smile pulls at her lips as her thoughts once again turn to Anon, and how, instead of just a fixture on the wall, he could make her feel like she's center stage and not at all nervous about that fact.
>How she wishes he was here with her right now.
>"Is that you, Nonners?!" Pinkie Pie suddenly shouts, springing up and over to the door in two bounds in response to the sound of footsteps from the hall.
>Sure enough, there's Anonymous behind the flung open door, standing like a deer caught in the headlights with a single-serving bag of chips and a glass of water in hand.
>"Oh, ah, hey girls, sorry to bother your little get-together," he says awkwardly. "Was just grabbing a snack and going back to my room, so-"
>"Don't be silly! Come on and join us!" Pinkie declares, grabbing Anon by the bicep, giving the muscle a subtle squeeze in the process, Fluttershy's keen eyes notes with annoyance.
>"Really, I don't want to intrude on any, like, girl talk or whatever. I can just go," he explains as Pinkie drags him towards their circle.
>"You don't have to worry about that. The more the merrier, right girls?"
reminds me of the first time my sister and I drank; told her if she kept smelling every bottle she wouldn't wanna drink it
File: 1622207608129.png (91 KB, 453x373)
91 KB
>nearly all cousins close to my age and cute as fuck
>all married or have bf's
File: 1606823.jpg (625 KB, 1414x2000)
625 KB
625 KB JPG
>"Here's your mail, bro!"
> Noooo not my mail slot bro!
return to sender
nuh uh
6 years I waited for a sequel to this fic https://www.fimfiction.net/story/204170/cuori-intrecciati
If anyone can make a fic like this let alone a sequel i will read it
File: celestia no lipstick.png (213 KB, 954x1024)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
>You are Anon, your best friend is Incog.
>Not only are you two the best of friends, like, your whole lives, you were both born in the same hospital, and share a birthday!
>If that wasn't enough, your mom Chrysalis knew Incog's mom Celestia when they were in highschool together. Although back then they were in different circles, they've since become good friends as they love to catch up together.
>You both became best friends early and have been friends ever since.
>Incog also lives a few streets away from you!
>The best friends who do everything together, share everything...
>Even your porn mags
>One day not long ago whilst you were in Incog's room 'discretely' watching a porn with Milfs, you let slip an off-handed comment about how hot Incog's mom was.
>Celestia was serious smoking hot, curvy, busty, thick in the right places. Everything you liked in a milf.
>Incog, initially weirded out also confessed that he took a particular fancy to your mom Chrysalis, and her thin petite frame, small bust and tight hips.
>You both joked how good it would be to have sex with each other's mothers....
>Then one it happened.
>Today actually.
>It was weird, when you came over Incog quickly excused himself, but before he left, he told Celestia
>"Mom, Anon's got the hots for you. It jerks off thinking about you every night!" and quickly ran out the door, leaving you shocked and embarrassed.
>You're not sure what happened, but Celestia is now riding your cock. Hard.
>She pulled you into her bed, ripped your clothes off and felated you like you wouldn't believe.
>She was basically an animal and before you could resist she had taken your virginity.
>She, like your mom, had divorced shortly after you were both born and as such she hasn't had a man in years.
"Oh god Celestia, I'm g-gonna~" The pleasure from your dick becoming too much for you to finish your sentence.
>"Go ahead! Do it inside me~!" She begins moving faster trying to increase both your pleasures ten fold just before you release.
>You both moan loudly as she succeeds in making you explode inside her.
>She collapses onto your chest, still holding her hands from when she pinned you down.
>You both enjoy the after glow as she rolls over onto your side, tucking herself into your underarm as you drape your arm around her shoulders, pulling her close to you.
"W-wow Celestia... that was...amazing."
>"Mmm~" Celestia giggles happily and satisfied. "That was really good for your first time, Anon." She pecks your cheek with a kiss, then lays her head down on your bare chest.
>You're about to fall asleep when Celestia says something.
>"Anon? What's that?" Pointing at your birth mark just behind your nipple. It's more on your rib than chest so many don't notice it.
"Oh, that's some birth mark I've had since I was born."
>Celestia says nothing more but looks at it for a few more moments before laying back down on you and soon you both fall asleep.
A good green idea.
>Luna turns into Nightmare Moon and goes to confront Celestia after she comes back from yet another ball in her honor.
>When she arrives in her sister's chambers, the solar mare is more than a little tipsy, and fails to recognize the now taller and darker mare as her sister.
>Instead, she's immediately stricken by this other, new alicorn's gothic beauty and intense, draconic gaze, and says as much out loud, the alcohol loosening her lips.
>Nightmare Moon trips over herself, not at all expecting to be called tall, dark, and sexy by her treacherous sister.
>She accuses Celestia of merely playing mind games, yet Celestia insists it's the truth.
>She's never seen another creature as alluring as the one who has slipped into her bed chambers this night, and has to ask what it is she's come for.
>Though she has some ideas, and is happy to share her hypothesis.
>For being an alicorn is a lonely fate, and having to watch as lovers grow old and die never becomes easy.
>So Nightmare must be there for the very same thing Celestia has always secretly wanted.
>An immortal to warm her bed who will never leave her.
>Before now, she admits, the desire had started to become so prevalent that she even had such depraved fantasies about her own little sister, and was distancing herself from her precious and pure Lulu out of shame and so she would not be tempted to do something she'd regret.
>But now, with this new mare here, she goes on to say as she slinks towards a flabbergasted Nightmare Moon, she can have what she's always wanted without guilt or shame.
>Before Nightmare can shout that she is in fact Luna, Celestia lunges and locks lips with her, muffling her words with a moan.
>Perhaps her plans of domination can be delayed for a bit.
>After all, the night is still young and will last forever.
File: Pacha.jpg (176 KB, 1038x584)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
>A few days later you catch up with Incog. Man does he looks worn out.
"Hey man, how's things?"
>"Duuude..." He exhales. "Your mom is a freak!"
>You chuckle heartily.
>You did to Incog what he had done to you that day and left him with your mom as you went to ravage Celestia so more.
>"So, how was mom?"
"Dude... everything I dreamed of. And more."
>"Yeah man, I get that." He fist bumps you. "Man... your mom... mm-mm" He makes gesture and you chuckle as well.
>You make it back to your home and are surprised to see another car in the driveway.
>Waiting for you are both your moms in the living room, sharing tea and they stop and welcome you both home.
>"Welcome home boys." Celestia greets you both casually.
>Mom walks up and gives you a hug and kiss on the cheek, then gives Incog a kiss on the lips.
>Celestia comes up and pulls you into a hug burying your face in her cleavage before she slips her tongue into your mouth for a deep french welcome kiss.
>They look at each other and nod.
>"Boys, have a seat." They say in unison.
>You both look at each other confused, but oddly sexually aroused.
>Incog's face says the same thing you're thinking.
>'Orgy?' Telepathically you say to him.
>'Dude... maybe!' He replies.
>You both sit on the sofa and the ladies approach you.
>"Boys, take off your shirts."
>Yes this is it! Orgy time!
>You both couldn't take your shirts off fast enough and are now standing topless in the living room to the admiration of two hot older women, one of whom is your mom.
>Celestia examines Incog closely as mom does for you. Both not saying anything.
>You and Incog just stand there, not sure what's going on.
>Mom and Celestia go back to standing in front of you both.
>"What do you think Chryssy?"
>"I think you may be right Celly."
"What's going on? What are you talking about?"
You and Incog ask
>The ladies take a breath and sigh.
>"Boys... We think there may be a problem." Mom says cupping her cheeks.
>Celeastia nods.
>"Mom?! Did we do something bad? Is it about having sex-"
>"No honey, it's not about that. The sex was amazing." Celestia glances your way and licks her lips as she quickly eyes you up and down before continuing. "As I'm sure Chryssy has told you numerous times."
>Mom blushes deeply at that remark.
>"Sweetie, we're happy to be having sex again, but we think maybe we need to stop."
"Mom, if it's about us being friends, we're alright with each other dating you guys! We want you to be happy and we both love you two dearly!"
>Incog nods his head
>"No, this is far more serious. We think there may have been a mix up, so we're going to the hospital. Together."
>You and Incog look at each other.
"Oh shit, you're not pregnant are you?! C-can you even tell this early?"
>"Language young man!" Mom chews you out.
>Incog was thinking the same thing with that expression of his.

>All four of you are at the hospital now. Mom and Celestia have been in consultation with the doctor for a little while now.
>You and Incog are sat in the waiting room nervously and anxiously trying to distract yourselves with your phones, magazines, and even the TV in the corner, but nothing helps.
>You tap your foot nervously as Incog jitters in his seat.
>"Dude, what do you think they meant by 'mistake'?" he whispers to you.
"I don't know man. Did we fuck up? Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all?"
>Incog buries his face into his hands, shaking.
>"Man we fucked up! We shouldn't have done it! What if they're pregnant?! What the hell are we gonna do?!"
>Just then mom's voice echoes through the quiet room
>"Boys, come with us."
>Both of you obey without a sound and follow mom and Celestia and a doctor to another room.
>Every one sits.
>Celestia sits next to you as mom sits next to Incog.
>She /is/ your girlfriend now... you guess. You'll have to clear that up after this whole ordeal is over.
>The doctor is explaining a few things about needles and blood, you're not listening as you're being distracted by Celestia putting her hand on your thigh and massaging it in various spots.
>That's gotta be a good sign she's not mad at you, right?
>Her hands wanders about your leg as she doesn't break her concentration on what the doctor is saying.
>Her hand finally finds your and you both instinctively interlock fingers and hold hands.
>A quick glance at Incog and it looks like he's having the same thing happen to him.
>"- So, if there are no further questions, we'll get started."
>Start what? The doctor leaves the room and just as the door closes Celestia pounces on you, giving you a deep intimate wet kiss.
>Seems mom had the same idea with Incog.
>A moment later the door clicks and quickly mom and Celestia go back to their sitting positions as if nothing had happened.
>A nurse wheels in a table with some needles and sample jars amongst other things.
>"What's going on?" Incog asks nervously.
>"We're just going to take blood samples from all of you." The nurse kindly answers.
>Everyone does as instructed and the nurse collects blood samples from all of you, then sends you all on your way.
>You're riding in the car with Celestia, sitting in her passenger seat holding her hand.
>Incog is in mom's car presumably doing the same thing.
>Celestia occasionally glances at you, giving you a cute smile.
>Both cars park outside a diner and you all take a seat at a table.
>It was an awkward dinner but after it was over mom started to talk.
>"Anon, sweetie, tonight you'll be staying with Celestia, and Incog will be staying with me."
>She looks a little sheepish saying that.
"W-what? Why?" Incog reacted the same way.
>"Don't you want to stay with me?" Celestia teases you, making you blush. "Hehe. We both know how much you two love us, and since we're technically 'dating' we should get to know each other a little better, don't you think?"
>Mom nods.
>"So we thought we'd like to get to know you two a little...better." Celestia eyes you again and this time bites her lip.
>"And what better way than to start spending time together?" Mom adds
>"Exactly! So this weekend you'll be staying with me~"
>You and Incog look at each other surprised, but go along with it. After all you're both young and sex is still sex, right?
>"So... you're both not mad then..?" Incog nervously asks.
>They both just laugh. "Mad? Heavens no! We couldn't be mad at our little studs."
>It was getting late and everyone agreed it was time to go.
>You hugged mom and kissed her cheek, whispering "I love you, mom." as you broke the hug. Incog did the same to Celestia.
>You and Incog say your goodbyes as you get into Celestia's car.
>On the ride back to her house, you two talked about a few things.
>As soon as you got to her place, Celestia wasted no time 'getting to know you'.
>She ushered you both into the bathroom and insisted you bathed together.
>You'd be lying if you didn't enjoy it. You enjoyed it a LOT.
>Seeing Celestia's full curvy figure right in front of you, spooning her in the bath time as you talked about yourselves.
>It was really nice and romantic, especially considering you never even had a girlfriend before.
>You both make it to her bed and crawl in.
>Celestia disrobes and crawls in next to you, hugging your side.
>Her smooth skin and warmth was just so nice and felt so good you couldn't help but get hard down there.
>She giggles and her hand begins stroking you. You look down at her beautiful eyes and see hunger in her eyes.
"Celly, what're you-Oh man!"
>She keeps looking at you with that innocence yet seductive look as she feigns ignorance.
>"What's the matter Anon? Want me to stop?" She teases you further.
"No, don't stop. It feels sooo good!"
>"Then... how about this?"
>Suddenly you feel a wetness you're well accustomed to. Her mouth slowly takes your length. She stops at you head to swirl her tongue around your tip and glans.
>Slowly teasing you with her tongue as she takes you slowly deeper into her mouth.
"Oh Celly!" You thrust hard into her mouth making her gag, but she powers through it and keeps sucking.
>You start to finger her and she positions herself over your face.
>"I wanna feel good too!" She practically begs.
>And you oblige your girlfriend.
>You bury your mouth in her sopping wet slit and lap all her juices with your tongue.
>You gently bite, nibble, lick suck and tug at her folds with your mouth.
>Each action making her moan loudly.
>Not to be out done, she ups her game and does amazing things to you.
>Very quickly it becomes a power struggle as you both vie for dominance with your mouths.
>You would eat her out til she started working you harder, making you stop to catch your breath, and vice versa.
>You were both pushing each other to the edge. The loser would be the first to cum.
File: celestia eaten out.gif (402 KB, 460x460)
402 KB
402 KB GIF
>Celly was good. She was a pro. Her techniques felt amazing and you could feel yourself tensing down there.
>You were going to come soon unless you upped your game.
>You spread her pussy open with your fingers and slid your tongue in as far as you could go.
>"AAnnH~" She slid your dick out of her mouth to moan as you continued to tongue her.
>As she became a moaning mess you flicked at her clit, fingered her and ate her out like your life depended on it.
>She all but stopped working on you, instead too focused on the pleasure you were giving her. She did try to suckle on your shaft or balls but you were relentless.
>"ANon~ Please! Too much!" She mews between moans, but you ignore her.
>She taps your thighs as you feel her lower body tense up. She must be on the edge.
>Just a little more.
>You work your tongue harder and fight through the strain on it and your jaw. You won't lose damnit!
>Erratically your tongue does what ever elicits the loudest moans from her.
>Celly stops tying to make you stop and goes back to sucking you off, her technique becoming sloppy and her frequent stops means she's losing herself in the pleasure.
>Just... a little...more
>You plant your lips on her clit and suck as hard as you can, constantly swirling and flicking her love bean with your tongue.
>"ANON!!" She screams as she tenses up and starts spraying all over your mouth and face. Her body spasming uncontrollably.
>You don't stop though, swallowing what you can and licking her clean after she had already collapsed onto your body, breathing heavily.
>After a moment to catch her breath she turns back around and gives you the deepest kiss as her hand goes back to stroking you.
>"That was amazing Anon"
>"Now it's your turn~" She jerks you hard and fast, then slow and softly. Alternating between different speeds and grip pressures to tease you.
>It works. Every time you feel ready to cum she slows down or backs off completely, leaving you wanting release.
>She get back into position between your legs and starts to suckle at your balls.
>The sensation of her using just enough jaw strength to feel good but not hurt is just expert
and you throw your head back into her bed.
>She continues to stroke and suck you until you can't take it anymore.
>When you tell her you're about to cum she increases in speed and suction. Almost to the point that it hurts, but it doesn't. It just feels incredibly good.
>Your eyes are about to roll back into your skull as she brings you closer and closer.
>She bobs her head faster and faster, her hand keeping pace.
>She takes you into her throat and that's when you tense completely and groan as you shoot deep into her throat.
>She tries to slide off but you hold her head down as you try to thrust deeper into her throat.
>She sucks harder now, almost making you pass out from the pleasure.
>Your body goes limp as you finally empty your balls.
>Celly swallows loudly so you can hear it then shows you her clean mouth before kissing you.
>She lays down next to you as you both pant heavily.
"Wow... you're so good Celly." You pull her closer. "It felt REALLY amazing."
>"Hehe" She giggles like a school girl. "I've never came like that either Anon."
>Both of you just stare into each other's eyes for a while, when you notice a little sadness in her eyes.
"Oh, I've been wondering, why did we have to do the blood test today?"
>Celestia sits up and faces away from you.
"What's the matter Celly?"
>"Nothing. It's nothing." She wipes a tear away.
"You can tell me."
>After a little hugging and cuddling you finally persuade her to tell you.
>"Is what we're doing.... are you okay with this? With me?"
>"Of course I am." You instantly answer. "I love you, Celly. You're everything I want in a woman."
>"But... our age gap..."
>Pulling her closer to you you spoon her and whisper into her ear.
"I wanted you Celly. I chose you and I haven't turned you down once, have I?"
>She holds your hands wrapped around her closer to her chest as she whispers something.
>"How long have you been in love with me?"
>It takes a moment of thinking for you to answer.
"I guess, for a while now. Although I always thought you were cool it wasn't until recently I started to think about you in different ways."
"Yeah, really. What about you?"
>"Same. Lately when you come over I've been thinking about how manly you've become from that little boy to such a fine man."
>Celly wipes away another tear.
"What's the matter?"
>"Do you think... you'd stop loving me?"
"Of course not! What are you talking about?"
>"It's just... if things changed between us... would you still...love me?"
>Hearing her ask this pains your heart and you hug her tightly to you.
"I will always love you, Celly." You lean over to her and kiss her cheek.
>She curls into a ball and soon stops crying. The feeling of being protected in your embrace putting her thoughts at ease.
>At this moment you are wondering if Incog is doing the same thing with your mom, knowing how much he loves her.
>"I love you Anon... I've fallen in love with you. I can't see you as that little boy anymore."
"I love you too Celly."
>She fell asleep first, leaving you to wonder what's going on. Maybe you shouldn't ask about the blood test again if it makes her so insecure.

>Time flies and it's already been a few months since you and Celly officially started dating.
>And Incog and your mom dating too.
>You've really gotten to know her well, and been on double dates with Incog.
>Honestly seeing mom so happy makes you happy, a notion shared by Incog.
>You've been to movies, dinner dates and even the beach and many places together.
>Your love for Celly surely is blooming.
>Everything is going well.

>"We're terribly sorry."
>The doctor informs all four of you.
>"How could this happen?!" Mom slams her hands on the table furiously.
>You've never seen her this angry.
>Celly tries to calm her down.
>"I'm terribly sorry. It seems there was a mix up."
>"What do you mean?!"
>"There's no easy way to say it, so I'll just say it. You're not related to your son." He takes a deep breath. "Both of you..."
>Those words hit hard. You feel the blood drain from your face. Your heart hurts.
>The atmosphere in the room drops as no one makes a sound
>Mom and Celly sit down and start crying
>Both you and Incog you quickly hug them to reassure them.
"What do you mean? She raised me my whole life!" You raise your voice.
>"It appears there was a mix up. Shortly after you were born you were placed in the nursery after your mothers went to sleep, as was normal practice. Now, we're not sure what happened but somehow the name cards got switched."
>"So then..." Incog starts. "Does that mean we're not related to them at all? Then who are we related to?"
>"Well... by some miracle, you're actually related to each other."
>"Look at these results. The doctor fans out the results on the table.
>"Anon, your DNA matches Celestia's. And Incog, yours matches Chrysalis's."
>"It's just as you suspected, Celly." Mom says quietly.
>"Yeah, I was hoping I was wrong though." Celly wipes away her tears.
"Mom... I still love you!" You hug mom and she hugs you tightly in return.
>"Yeah mom, just because we were switched doesn't change that you're still my mom!"
>You hug mom tightly reassuring her that she'll always be your mom, as Incog does for Celestia.
>"Geez, these boys... right Chryssy?"
>"Yeah, these sweet good boys of ours."

>It's been almost a year since you found out your girlfriend was really your biological mother.
>The silver lining being that your mother was really your best friends' biological mother as well.
>You and Celly are still dating, as are Incog and mom.
>At first it was confusing and emotionally stressful to work through, but both your families worked together and after a few months things started to come together.
>Celly and mom threatened legal action against the hospital, but settled out of court for a small payout.
>They won't tell you how much, but it was enough to buy a big house down by the beach for all of you to live in, as well as set you and Incog up for life and both mom and Celly to not work as much, leaving more time for them to spend with you.
>You ane Incog are playing games on the massive flatscreen TV.
>Man, this is the life!
>You're kicking his ass when both mom and Celly block your views.
>Mom turns the system off and you both complain. "Boys, honestly now. That's enough playing video games."
>They share a devilish glance before looking at you two.
>"Wouldn't you rather play with us instead?"
>They open their bathrobes and let them drop to the floor, then slowly walk towards you both on the sofa in the lingerie.
>You feel yourself get tighter in your pants and Celly certainly notices, by the way she licks and bites her lips.
>You look at Incog who's sporting the biggest grin on his face.
>You high-five him before opening your arms to hug your girlfriend Celestia.

~The end.
>tfw was also writing a story about an older brother to Flutttershy stuck at a sleepover
Do it anyway. I want moar.
There are now too many parallels I need to go through now though. Apparently I am less original than I thought.
Darn, once again posted in the middle of a green dump.
I can just imagine Luna reverting back to herself in this, confused on what she wants now, but still turning into Nightmare Moon every night wish a disguised cutie mark so that she can sleep with Celestia.
make it a different horse woman
great green. very lovely.
are you blind?
I wasn't suggesting I don't know the difference between blood and little red crystals, my point was "being strange fish creatures, is that stuff what they have for a period?"
Fixed a few errors and mistakes.

First time writing a green in a long time, it honestly just happened.
It was originally going to be a Chrysalis nurse kidnapped baby Anon and raised him, then he fell in love with Celestia, his real mother, but that idea didn't seem to plausible.

Glad you guys enjoyed it.

I am considering writing a scene with an orgy or Anon and Incog swap partners.
Who knows?
hospitals switching babbu is the modern folklore equiv of the classic changeling story, it works.
love this image
To the top
Good save.
Thanks anon
Applebottom dreams updated, for anyone reading that. Also bump
I eagerly await more.

You can never love your family too much. The more the merrier.

Great story man. Good to see another familiar face. Any chance you might pick up your Applejack cousin story again?

And for those who are going to ask, yes I'm still writing. Hoping to get my next update out soon.
>I am considering writing a scene with an orgy or Anon and Incog swap partners.
biological and adopted incest are both great, nice for a story to have both.
File: 2617354.png (294 KB, 1024x1168)
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New headcannon: It's an open secret that incest makes a more powerful unicorn.
In ancient times, powerful wizard families would practice incest in order to keep their magic bloodlines pure.
>"Don't mind your auntie sweetie she's just keeping your place warm. Now son, lay down and take a deep breath."
>mommy and auntie taking turns smothering you with their fat asses and making you worship their pony pussies
yes please
File: 2361469.png (715 KB, 800x1365)
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715 KB PNG
>"It's such a hot day, cuz. Why don't you come take a dip with me?"
Short Prompt:
>Sunset lusts after her son Anon, but does her best to repress it
>One day however, her repressed lust consumes her, and she turns back into Sunset Satan
>With her sinister powers back, she makes a beeline for Anon and whisks him away to someplace private to fulfill her deepest, darkest wish
>Hidden away from public eye, Sunset shows him just how much he loves her "special little man"
Liquid Pride is one of my fav fics, even though it kinda shits the bed
>"Good. Because she's mine. Not yours."
Never read it. QRD?
Incest story turns into incest conspiracy and nobody's happy.
>Hardon for
I think I have a thing for pink ponies and pony people.

> C’mon quit it~ you know we can’t anymore~ in engaged~
> Oh~ you always know just what to say to moisten me up~ Ok this is the last time. I mean it this time ok?

You’ll always have a place in your cousin’s heart. And her bed
I think my favorite use of Cadence in incest stories is when she's aware of Twilight and Shining Armor and is super into it.
for some reason I thought that said ~in england~
Damn those anglos, always trying to stand in the way of pure love!
She's the princess of love. Do you really think she'd try to stop her man from claiming his dorky little sister?
People write it less often than I'd like.
File: 2271606.png (444 KB, 1099x1803)
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444 KB PNG
>"Sweetie, Mommy had a long day at the office. She needs her boy-toy now."
File: 638665.jpg (115 KB, 960x540)
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115 KB JPG
Do you think Cadance likes to RP as the middle child when she and Shining fuck Twilight?
She'd probably try it at least once.
I think Shining and Cadence RP as Twilight's parents. Twi calls her brother "daddy".
that's a hat on a hat!
File: 2221894.png (713 KB, 706x1000)
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713 KB PNG
Spending the day at the beach with your sister!
Only after we’ve made up. I’m still angry our parents ignored me over her. My secretary blueberry cake convinced me to go home for the holidays
If it was that easy, these threads wouldn't be so damn slow.
I really wish this story would pick up where it left off. It never actually got close to the IRT part.
I wish the Casually Nude Cousin Ponk and Babs in the Shower scene greens would continue too
yeah those are all good
Sister Scoot's a tanned and cute, but every time we go to the beach she insists on wearing just trunks. And she always neglects her sunscreen so I have to do it for her.
>If it was that easy, these threads wouldn't be so damn slow.
Well...maybe when it’s closer to the holiday? I know the writer still lurks and drops oneshots in random threads.
Nein 9
I haven't forgotten you guys trust me. It's just that my next update is a rather long sequence that would be cruel of me to publish without completing the thought.
It also has smut, so look forward to that.
> It also has smut, so look forward to that.
That took a while. Smut, or incestuous smut?
This is why the thread is dying. The green just isn’t stimulating or engaging enough. This is all we can look forward to. The smut. Only the smut. Smut with the same adjectives over and over again. Forgive me guys. I don’t mean to come off as a faggot, and I know this take will be met with hostility and opposite opinions but I love this thread and the discussion we once had, but now it’s like we social distance online too
You have diagnosed and accepted the existence of the problem.
What are your solutions?
Not him, but sirens were awesome green and shadowrun is cool too. We expect a hint of handholding by the end of 2025, if we're lucky, but these are still fun to read
Man, I'm surprised anyone else still remember's that Bab's green. Maybe I should go back and actually finish it...
>Maybe I should go back and actually finish it...
If you do, that will be fantastic!
File: 2486256.png (3.14 MB, 2887x5366)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB PNG
i love when the english is so close to being good enough to hide the foreignitude of the artist.
This is good, i assume there's a nudier version?
On Maxhooves' patreon, yeah.
eh, I won't begrudge a man trying to make a profit
Nor I, just letting Anons know where they need to look for nude versions of that image.
Kimono party
File: 1614845262147.png (356 KB, 930x1024)
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356 KB PNG
>"Hey, bro! What are you lyin' around for? Come play with me!"
oh yeah I could always go there.
I *still* don't get it and you're just speaking Fancy now.
Those tits may be impossibly perky, but damn if they aren't great.
Tommorow for sure.
File: Spoiler Image (748 KB, 2200x1600)
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748 KB JPG
In order from left to right;
Cousin, twin sisters, and mother
how the turnfables have... turned..
They're all so thick! What have they been eating?
gimme that mom all day bruh
File: 1567787.png (287 KB, 682x1050)
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287 KB PNG
Last time, on Dragonball Z...


> When you got the surgery, you expected the downtime to be considerable, but you weren't expecting to be out of commission for multiple months.
> Every day, you went to rehab, and every day it was torture. The process of struggling to put one foot in front of the other, the need for someone to cart you around in a wheelchair, was humiliating.
> However, it wasn't all bad. Your mother took it personally upon herself to help you recover.
> The two of you would talk for hours at a time, something that never would have happened before your injury. Slowly but surely, she opened up to you, which in turn, made you more honest about your feelings as well.
> She told you about her service in the war and how she lost many comrades in battle. That she had no family before the service and how losing one she just made tore her apart.
> She also explained how she met your father. How he gave her purpose after losing what little meaning she had left in life. It seemed hard to believe, but you remember that you were nearly ensnared in his trap as well.
> You shared your hopes for the future with her and asked if you could spend more time together as a family.
> She welcomed the idea, even though she had no idea how to do that. In truth, you didn't know either, but you at least wanted to try.
> One afternoon, the two of you were walking home from rehab when you suggested relaxing in the park.
> "That sounds lovely, son."
> The two of you meander for a bit before finding a relatively clean spot in the shade to sit.
> "So... What now?"
"We could talk about work. I think I'm strong enough to go out on patrols now."
> "I think so too. Although, I'd prefer if you started collecting protection fees first. They are less likely to lead to violence, and even if they do, it would be against civilians who have never fired a gun in their life."
"Speaking of, you haven't told me much about how things are on the frontlines. How are we doing in that regard?"
> She thinks for a moment before giving you an answer.
> "I won't lie. Things have been more difficult since you've been out of commission. The Storm Rulers are constantly pushing against us, and the Hivemind has tried hacking our network multiple times since we stole those nanomachines from them."
"I can understand the Hivemind being a difficult enemy for us to fight, but the Storm Rulers are almost all muscle and no brain. How are we losing to them?"
> "Because they're getting smarter. Those nanomachines I mentioned are becoming more and more frequently used in their attacks."
> "They'll plant them at a street corner, a convenience store under our protection, or a major pipeline. Anything to disrupt our day-to-day routine and keep us guessing."
> "When that happens, they'll swoop in and take advantage of the chaos. Even our best troops are having a hard time focusing when anything around them could explode for no reason."
File: 1738485.png (952 KB, 1024x1059)
952 KB
952 KB PNG

"Didn't you say you had someone in the NCPD that was going to stem that problem?"
> "I did, but even so. The frequency in which these attacks are happening leaves me to believe one of two things. That he's either created a significant backlog of the stuff, or he has a workshop under his direct control."
> This news didn't sit well with you. Thinking back to the last time you saw him, you rehash your father's words aloud.
"I can crush The Black Shadows anytime I want to. Seems like he wasn't bluffing."
> "Don't exaggerate. We're far from the end of our rope. Once we can both commit all of our time to our work, we can make up any ground we've lost."
"Still, if we don't do something about those nanomachines we're going to be ice-skating uphill."
> "I agree, which is why I've tasked Grubber to locate the source. If he could do it once, he can do it again."
> "But we've spent enough time sitting here. Sunset is approaching, and we both have places to be."
"You finally going to let me spar with you again?"
> "As much as I'd like that, you should save your strength for work tonight."
> She stands up and helps you do the same.
> "Carry on, son."
> You offer a quick salute before parting ways. You were still getting used to the idea of her calling you son, the same as you were referring to her as your mother.
> You welcomed the change, but that didn't make it any less weird. Speaking of change, you needed to suit up before going to work. You thought about heading home but decided to make an alternate stop instead.
> Summoning your old clunker, you drive through the crowded streets until you reach a familiar local in the suburbs.
> You reach your destination just as night began to fall. Parking alongside the road, you enter through the back entrance as you punch a code into a keypad.
> Finding your locker, you open it and adorn your usual gear, but before heading out, you decide to pay someone a visit.
> Taking the elevator down, you find the man exactly where he should be.
"Grubber, got a minute?"
> "Aaa..."
"Relax, I'm not going to harass you this time."
> "I guess."
> He takes off his headgear as he adjusts himself to talk to you from his Netrunner chair.
"I wanted to talk to you about that, actually. I never apologized for how I treated you back then. I was frustrated, and I took it out on you, and you didn't deserve that."
"If there's some way I can make it up to you, I'd be happy to do it."
> Surprisingly, he gets up from his chair and places a hand on your shoulder.
> "Ah, don't sweat it, kid. I've dealt with worse. Besides, you had every reason to be mad. I told Tempest what she was doing was wrong, but she didn't listen to me. I'm just glad things worked out in the end."
"At a cost, one that could have been avoided had I confronted her directly."

> "That's where your wrong, kiddo. Tempest doesn't budge on things she believes in; unless drastic measures are taken. What you did may not have been right, but it was the only solution."
"I'm glad to hear you say that, but I still feel like I should do something for you to make up for past grievances."
> "Then why don't we go for an ice cream run?"
"Really? That's it?"
> "What can I say. I'm a simple man with simple needs."
"If that's all, where to then?"
> "We'll go to Sugarcube Corner. It's at the edge of our territory, but it's well worth the trip."
"If you say so."
> You end up ordering an ordinary vanilla cone while Grubber requests a bucket of triple-scoop birthday cake ice cream.
> Finishing your dessert well before him, the two of you don't talk much as you sit in relative silence.
> While waiting for him to finish, you notice a group of degenerates slinking around the streets. You didn't recognize them, and they weren't wearing your gang's colors.
> They could have been some street rats looking for scraps, or possibly some rival gang smart enough not to paint a target on their backs. Either way, you didn't like it.
"I'm going to go check something." You say, getting up from the table.
> Grubber responds with a thumbs up before digging back into his frozen treat.
> You follow the thugs to a small parking lot, where you find about a dozen of them loitering around. With vehicles painted with the Storm Rulers banner.
> Some people were feeling big in their britches. Guess it was up to you to knock them down a peg.
> Normally, you'd use this opportunity for some target practice. However, that changed when you heard a cry for help.
> "Please don't hurt me. I was just looking for a friend."
> "I'll be your friend, baby. Hell, I'll be more than a friend." One of them snickers.
> "I don't want anything to do with you meanies."
> An audible slap caught your ear as you stole a peek around a corner.
> "You don't get to decide what you want around here. This is our turf, and that means you have to do what we say."
> You couldn't see who was being interrogated from this angle, but you did see one of them break off from the group. He walked down a separate alleyway and fiddled with his pants to relieve himself. An easy target.
> Staying in the shadows, you crept up behind him and locked your arms around his neck. Before he could muster any response, you twist your arms in opposite directions and snap his neck.
> Catching him as he fell, you pulled at his jacket as you dragged him into the darkness.
File: wp2707059.jpg (1.27 MB, 3840x2160)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG

> Once you pulled him into the shadows, you pull out your twin pistols and attach a silencer to each.
> "What's taking him so long?" One of them asks.
> "Maybe he found some homeless guy to beat up." Another one remarks.
> "I'm going to go check on him."
> Another foolish soul wanders alone into the depths to find his friend. Only to find a single bullet waiting for him.
> Now was the time to strike. Very soon, the cattle would grow wise to your actions, so you had to act while you still had the element of surprise.
> Using your unique vision, you scout out your remaining victims. In the process of doing so, you also find the civilian. They had her pinned against a wall in a compromising position.
> It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what they were going to do next. Too bad you weren't going to give them a chance to do it.
> "Hey, fat ass. Where do you think you're going?"
> "T-to my car."
> That voice. Grubber, what was he doing?
> Peeking around the corner, you notice all the thugs' attention was placed squarely on him.
> A perfect opening, one that you did not hesitate to take.
> Focusing on one group at a time, you neutralize the targets around the innocent bystander and notice it was Sonata.
> That fact, however, doesn't distract you from your work. Dispatching the goons around her, you swiftly but silently pop each thug you see in the face.
> By the time you got to the gunmen heckling Grubber, he had taken notice of your work and used his netrunning skills to hack and disable their retinas and weapons. Making them blind and defenseless.
> With nothing stopping you, you quickly dispose of them all.
> Surveying the carnage, you double-tap a few of the bodies to be safe.
> "ANON!" Your ears ring.
> "You saved me. I was so w-
"What the hell were you doing?" You interject.
"Do you have any idea how dangerous these few blocks are? At least a dozen people die around here every night. You might as well be walking into a war zone."
> "You know this bitch?" Grubber asks.
> "You saved my sister's life, Anon. And when you didn't call back, I came to find you. Sis told me that you'd call, but you never did."
"Does Adagio even know you're here?"
> She looks away. Her legs, fidgeting.
"Of course not. Go home, Sonata. I appreciate your concern, but these streets aren't safe. If it wasn't for me, you'd have been violated and dead in a gutter."
"Come on, let's go." You tell Grubber.
> "Right behind you, kid."
File: 1514836723456.jpg (315 KB, 1200x913)
315 KB
315 KB JPG

> "Wait! You just said these streets were dangerous. You can't leave me alone."
"Then call a cab. I'm not a charity, Sonata. Despite what you think of me, I only helped your family because they promised to pay me. You should know nothing is free in this city."
> You turn to leave, but she stops you again.
> "Okay, I'll give you a reward. Just, please don't leave me."
> You let out an annoyed sigh. You know you were going to regret this.
"Fine, let's go. I've got a car waiting."
> "Wait, wait, hold up." Grubber interrupts.
> "I need to get back to work protecting our servers. I can't be taking field trips around town with you and this joytoy. Especially in the middle of The Sirens' territory. I bruise easy."
"Don't you have a car?"
> "No! Why would I? I never go anywhere. If I get food, I order delivery."
"So what do you suggest?"
> "Anon could walk me home. My apartment isn't too far from here." Sonata says.
> You didn't like it, but if you were getting paid, you suppose you could suck it up.
"Lead the way." You say half-heartedly.
> "Yay!" Sonata cheers.
> You toss Grubber your keys and begin your arduous journey.
> As you coast the streets, Sonata talks your ear off by giving you her whole life's story. Talking about everything from her favorite color to how she grew up and everything in-between.
> She practically ran circles around you with the amount of energy she told her tales. Just watching her was exhausting.
> "We're here!" She says, standing in front of a tall concrete skyscraper.
"Great. Now, pay up."
> "Not here, silly. Your prize is waiting upstairs."
"You're meaning to tell me, you asked for my protection without a single eddie to your name?"
> "Don't worry, I've got something better than eddies to give you."
> You doubt that, but you've come this far, and you can't leave empty-handed now.
"You better."
> Following her to the elevator, she stops just short with a worried look on her face.
"Something wrong?"
> "I forgot. Our floor is being flagellated today."
> "One of our neighbors had bedbugs, and they plan on extra mining them today."
> You pinch the bridge of your nose and groan.
"That's not- God, you're killing me, Sonata."
> "Yeah, sorry, I totally forgot."
"So, what are we supposed to do?"
> "We can go to The Silent Serenade. I'll give an even bigger reward there."
"Sonata, that's almost another dozen blocks from here. You're running up a really big tab with me. Are you sure your sister will be okay with you wasting this much time and money?"
> "No, but she's going to yell at me anyway. Besides, I want to make it up to you."
> Under any other circumstances, you would have cut your losses by now and headed back home. Yet, Sonata's childlike behavior and innocence were crushing your ironclad demeanor.
File: Sonata (Human) 1.jpg (74 KB, 500x600)
74 KB

"I don't know why I'm doing this."
> "Thank you!" She screams before hugging you.
> "Good guys like you are hard to come by in this city."
"I already told you I'm NOT a good guy."
> "Deny it all you want, but I've got a sixth sense when it comes to judging people."
"I doubt that, highly. Now, can we please get a move on? We're burning moonlight."
> "First things first. You need to hold my hand."
> "W-why?" She says like she's going to cry.
"I need both my hands at the ready to react to potential dangers. If someone tries to mug us, I can't have you weighing me down."
> "But it'll make me feel safer."
"I don't care."
> She pouts a little but otherwise doesn't raise any further objections.
> As you continue walking, your curiosity gets the better of you.
"Say, Sonata. Why are you so happy and bubbly all the time?"
> "What do you mean?"
"You're a hooker, and yet you have this unrealistic view of everything. I'm a trained killer, and you think I'm some kind of saint."
"You walk the city streets alone at night and don't think anything bad is going to happen. How? Did your parents spoil you or something?"
> She stops and ponders this for a second.
> "I never really knew my parents. They both died when I was young, so if they spoiled me, I don't remember it."
"I'm sorry."
> "Don't be. I've never really known another life, but that's okay. My sisters are all the family I need. We've been through everything together."
> "That's why, when you brought Aria back I-"
> "I was overjoyed." She struggled to say.
> "If I lost her. I don't know what I would do."
> Crazy to think people like her still existed in Night City. Living here one night is usually enough to turn the sweetest of hearts black and bitter.
"Well, I'm glad it worked out then."
> "Me too." She says, trying to sound chipper.
"How is your sister, by the way? Were there any complications after her; experience?"
> "Nope. Aria is tough as nails, so she bounced back like it was nothing."
"Good to hear."
> An hour later, you finally reach your destination.
> "Sonata, where you been? The boss was getting worried about you." One of the bouncers said.
> "I know. She's been calling me nonstop, but I couldn't tell her where I've been."
"What? We walked half the city because you were embarrassed to tell Adagio you were alone in enemy territory."
> "You what! Sonata! What were you thinking!?"
> "I know! But I had to. I was looking for him."
> "Him? Why? Wait, you look familiar?"
> "He's the one who saved Aria."
> "Oh, so you found your knight in shining armor. Confess to him yet?"
File: Sonata (Human) 4.jpg (346 KB, 788x838)
346 KB
346 KB JPG

"Confess? What is she talking about?"
> Sonata pulls her hair over her face. Embarrassed to make eye contact.
> The bouncer laughs as she watches her companion squirm.
> "Forget I said anything. The boss is waiting for you two inside."
> Tentatively, you both enter. Unexpectedly, you didn't have to give up your weapons this time, so you both go straight downstairs.
> "Why were you dodging my calls!?" Adagio exclaims.
> "I can explain Dagi!"
> "I already know why you were out, but that doesn't excuse you from failing to check in with me first!"
"Sorry to break up your family squabble, but Sonata promised me compensation for my efforts."
> "Yeah, can't we do that first?" Sonata pleads.
> "He wants to get paid, Sonata. He doesn't want 'that.'" Adagio remarks.
> "But all guys want that, and I'm really good at it."
> In the back of your mind, a few gears were beginning to turn.
"Wait. You were planning to pay me with sex?"
> "Of course."
"But I don't want that."
> "Seriously." Aria chimes in.
> "Why not? I'm pretty, aren't I? Plus, I'm the best out of everyone in this club at doing it."
"That's not the issue here."
> "Then, maybe you'd like to do it with all three of us."
> Of all the things she could have followed up with, that was the last thing you were expecting.
> "That's not up to you to decide." Adagio interjects.
> "Why not? The three of us haven't done it together in such a long time, and he's perfect for it."
> "Perfect for you, maybe." Aria adds.
> "The only reason we do that is when we get a customer who's willing to pay for it. That's not something we offer for free."
> "But I thought you liked it when we spent time together having sex."
> "I do, but not enough if it means I'm not making money." She answers reluctantly.
> "I'm with her. If we can pay him eddies, I'm fine with leaving it there." Aria replies.
> "But that's not what I want. Can't we give him a big discount? For saving mine and Aria's lives?"
"Sonata, it's not about the sex. I appreciate the offer, but I can't afford to be selfish right now. Besides, I couldn't handle the three of you anyway."
> "Why? Are you a virgin?" Aria asks.
"That's not- Well..."
> Shit, why did you say that.
File: 1513861642765.png (679 KB, 800x970)
679 KB
679 KB PNG

> Adagio and Aria try to stifle their laughter, but you could still hear both of them giggling over their covered mouths.
> "For realsies?"
"Yes, but that's not the point. What I was going to say is. I'm still on the mend from an injury the Storm King gave me. Hell, I just gained the strength to walk on my own a few weeks ago."
> "It's okay, Anon. I can teach you how to please a woman."
> There was just no winning with her.
"Why are you being so nice to me? We're from rival gangs. If anything, you should despise me."
> "Wow, no wonder you're a virgin. You're clueless when it comes to women." Aria mocks.
"What's that supposed to mean."
> "It means she's-"
> "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Sonata shouts.
> Everyone was taken aback by her sudden outburst. You didn't think she was even capable of swearing.
> "Anon." She starts timidly. Looking deep into your eyes as she straddles your lap.
> "I know you think I'm kind of weird and that I can be a bit of an airhead sometimes."
> "Sometimes?" Aria whispers under her breath. Only for Sonata to shoot daggers at her.
> "But the reason I'm like that is; because I want to make other people smile. Everything in my life kind of sucks, so I try to make other people feel better to make me feel better."
> "Especially, when it comes to my family. But that's why I want you to be part of my family."
> Wait, what is she asking?
> "Anon, w-will you be my boyfriend?"
> The whole room grows silent as everyone waits for you to answer.
> You NEED to tell her no, but for some reason, you couldn't. It would never work between you. Anyone with eyes could see that this would only end in tears. And yet.
> Even though she was the polar opposite of you in nearly every way. There was something strangely attractive about that. Like two ends of a magnet.
> As you look at her, she desperately needed you to tell her something, anything. Realizing you've been sitting there completely gobsmacked, you speak up.
"I don't know what to say. I really don't."
> "I do. Turn her down." Adagio says.
> "Adagio, I may put up with a lot of things, but this is not one of them."
> "You put up with them because I'm the leader."
> "You can't tell me who I can and can't love."
> "I CAN, and I WILL. Have you thought about this at all?"
"Yeah, Sonata. Even if I said yes, I wouldn't want you to continue doing 'this.'"
> "See!"
> "I can make money doing other stuff."
> "Yeah, like what?"
> "I can sing. I can make money doing that."
> "Not nearly as much as you do now."
> You needed to stop this. It was against your better judgment, but you'd be damned if you didn't get a say in this.
"Adagio, do you trust your sister?"
File: 2364444.png (1.74 MB, 3168x2893)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG

> "That's a loaded question, and you know it." She replies sternly.
"A question that needs an answer."
> She mumbles and grumbles a little before replying.
> "Yes, even though I shouldn't."
"So you trust she can make her own decisions."
> "With my permission."
"Well, I'm in favor of dating your sister, and you can't tell me what to do. So how about it?"
> "Ugh, fine. Here's your fee for bringing her back. Now leave me alone. All of you."
> "Yay, I win."
> Aria didn't need to hear it twice before vanishing. While Sonata immediately turns to you and gives you a passionate kiss. You were caught off-guard by her sudden boldness but quickly adapt to her movements.
> "I so happy, Anon. I can't wait to show you my appreciation." She teases in a sultry voice.
> "Not here you're not. If you're not on the clock, I'm not letting you use one of our suites."
> "Can't I do it with him right here?"
> "No! I need to work, and I can't do that while watching you."
> "You could always join, Dagi. I don't mind."
> "We've been over this." She says with growing frustration.
> "Ohh." Sonata says suddenly.
> "Looks like someone likes that idea." She muses while looking and touching a certain part of you.
> Things were moving so quickly you didn't notice. You attribute it to hormones, but then again, she did offer both of her sisters to you. Multiple times.
> "Since we're both in the mood, let's go home and do magical things together."
"We can't. Remember?"
> "Darn it, you're right!"
> "Just go to the alleyway out back or whatever. The faster you're out of here, the better." Adagio complains.
> "That's gross, Dagi. I'm not some curbside whore. Plus, I want Anon's first time to be special."
"We could always go to my place. Although, we're going to have to call a cab."
> "Take my car. Get out. Now!" Adagio commands while throwing her keys."
> "I'll drive. Come on, boyfriend. Our chariot awaits."
> She pulls you up and rushes you out the door. Struggling to contain her excitement.
> "Thank god," Adagio huffs. Before reaching into her desk and grabbing her favorite toy.
> "Fucking horny animals."
> Adagio's wheels were a significant step up from your ride. Not that you were surprised.
> A Herrera Outlaw GTS with a custom paint job. Primarily black with orange hotrod flames on the front.
> Once you were both in, Sonata puts the keys in the ignition but doesn't turn the car on.
> "You know. No one will bother us here if we lock the doors." She suggests while leaning towards you.
"As much as I relish the idea. I don't think we'd be able to get the stains out afterward."
> The mental image makes her shiver, but she mentally shrugs it off.
> "Fuck, you really know how to get a girl going." She laments before peeling out of the parking lot.
File: 971822.jpg (348 KB, 1078x1000)
348 KB
348 KB JPG

> Next thing you knew, you were home. Carrying Sonata to your bedroom as she clings to you like a monkey. On top of giving her smooches all the way there.
> She tries to pull you down onto the bed, but a sharp pain shoots down your back as she does this, causing you to yelp from the shock and tumble into the sheets.
> "Are you okay."
"Yeah," you exhale. "Hand me my painkillers; they're in the nightstand."
> She hands you the container, and you pop a few pills.
"Got to be careful with my back. I still haven't healed yet."
> "But Anon, you need your back for what we're going to do."
"I know. Just don't surprise me like that again, and we'll be good."
> "Which begs the question. What should we do first?"
"I don't know. You're the expert. How do you normally..."
"Start." You ask, embarrassed.
> "I don't know either. I just do what I get paid to do. There's almost never any in-between So I'll let you decide. Since this is my way of thanking you after all."
"Then, we should start slow. Would you mind giving me a strip-tease?"
> "Sure thing."
> You get comfy near the headboard while Sonata gets off and begins her task at the foot of the bed.
> It was almost hard to believe. Only a few hours ago you saved her life, and now this cute and curvy temptress was now under your complete control.
> She starts to dance a little, similarly to the way she did the first time you met.
> Swinging her chest around, allowing it to bob and bounce inside her tight-fitting shirt.
> Shaking her hips at you, as her skirt barely contains her butt.
> The sight makes you lick your lips in anticipation. You felt like a kid looking through the window at a toy store. Desperately wanting to touch and play with everything.
> Sonata playfully tugs at the edges of her clothes as her hands caress her feminine features.
> The shirt is first to go. Agonizingly, you watch as she lifts the cloth, ogling her tits as they escape from their fabric prison.
> They were perfect. Not too big, not too small, and firm with no sag to speak of.
> She giggles, as she jostles them together to demonstrate their springiness.
> "You like my boobs, Anon?"
"Like doesn't even come close to how I would describe those."
> "Then, you'll love this too."
> She turns around and shimmies out of her miniskirt. Giving you a perfect view as she shakes her ass for you.
> You didn't realize until now, but she wasn't wearing any underwear. Top or bottom.
> "Now what?"
> You simply raise a finger and beckon her closer.
> Wearing nothing but a smile, she crawls leisurely up the bed.
> Taking the time to tease you, as the tips of her nipples grazed gently against your pants. A surge of lust fires up your leg and takes hold of your crotch. Causing it to pulse and leak ever so slightly.
File: 1559695823588.png (699 KB, 1216x983)
699 KB
699 KB PNG

> She was now only a foot away, and you could see the growing hunger in her eyes.
> "Here I am. What's next?"
"Kiss me."
> Wasting no time, she cups your cheeks with her hands and smothers your face. With your hands free, you explore the smooth valley of her back before taking hold of her plump butt.
> She moans into your mouth as you knead her cheeks like dough and lets out a short yip when you give her a playful spank.
> "Anon, I don't think I've ever been this horny in my life. Tell me to do something sexy. Anything. I need you. I need you NOW!"
> You wanted her too. Every fiber of your being wanted to pin her down and force her to take everything you had. But your training superseded it. Helping you to keep your composure.
> You were in command, not her. At this moment, she would do anything for you, and she would do it happily.
"If you're that eager to do something. Why don't you suck my dick?"
> She quickly withdraws to your waist, where she wastes no time fishing out your dick.
> "Oh." She says unexpectedly.
"What is it?"
> "Your cock is so normal."
> "Yeah, guys I do it with usually have some type of mods done to them. Crazy length enhancements, added bumps, or at least some piercings."
> "But yours seems so natural by comparison."
"Do you think I should get those things done?" Suddenly feeling subconscious.
> "No way. Every time I did it with one of those jerks, it hurt like hell, and it's not because they didn't soften me up with some foreplay first. I'm pretty sure their monster dicks would hurt no matter what they did."
> "Besides, it's not the size of the tool; it's how you use it. Right, Anon?"
> "Now, where was I?" She knowingly muses.
> Softly holding your manhood with the tips of her finger, she drags her wet tongue along the underside of your cock from the base all the way to the top.
> Once there, she stops for a second to taste the cum trickling out of your urethra.
> Smattering your tip with kisses, you shudder as your glands adjust to these new sensations. All the while, never breaking eye contact.
> Testing the waters of your endurance and probing certain spots for weaknesses.
> An expert of her craft, making sure to leave no stone unturned. Or, in this case, no surface unsucked.
> Not satisfied with pleasing you alone, she uses her free hand to entertain herself as well. Taking several of her fingers and shoving them inside her love tunnel to stave off her growing desire.
> You lose track of time, as Sonata begins to hastily deepthroat your cock with wild abandon. Eager to finish her appetizer and move on to the main course.
> Sensing the end was near, she lets go of your length with her lips and deliberately strokes your girth to keep up the growing tension.
> "Where do you want it?"
"Inside. Take it all." You answer under long, labored breaths.
File: 1515113872126.jpg (97 KB, 720x720)
97 KB

> More than happy to oblige you, she resumes her prior task of vacuuming out your sinful essence.
> As the pleasure you feel skyrockets, all you could do in response was moan louder and louder until you reached the point of no return.
> Never, had you ever, felt such pure bliss. Every instinct culminated at that moment to raw orgasmic ecstasy. A feeling that Sonata was all too happy to prolong and enjoy.
> You didn't know how she did it, but somehow she was able to chug every ounce of lifeblood you had discharged into her.
> More than satisfied with her work, she licks her lips and asks you a devilish question.
> "Tasty. Can I have more?"
"You can have as much as you want." You say, excited for more.
> "Good, cause I'm really close, and I want you to finish me off before we start playing for real."
> Ascending to the top of the mattress, she straddles your face and instructs you to suck her clit. You do as your told, and not a minute later, she's drowning you with a flood of her nectar.
> Not content with one climax, Sonata flips over and spreads her pussy with one hand. Urging you to make her yours while resting against the headboard.
> With no lingering doubts, you take it and complete your journey into manhood.
> The two of you scream in happiness as you push in and out of her restrictive walls. You didn't believe your peers when they said that sex was the best thing ever.
> You thought they were exaggerating their stories as a means of increasing their social status; how wrong you were.
> Sonata locks her legs around you to keep you close. While you lean over and grab the bed frame for added leverage.
> Looking down at her, you watch as every thrust sends waves of pleasure through her body, causing her breasts to bounce and jiggle enticingly in front of you.
> Giving in to temptation, you pick her up and pin her against the wall. Lifting her up and down gradually as you attempt to suck on her tits.
> Finding it difficult to perform both tasks, you throw her back onto the bed. Placing your hands on her shoulders, you hold her in place while your lower half hammers away and your mouth clamps down on her breasts.
> With the inability to stop or slow your pace, Sonata quickly becomes a blubbering mess of words and fluids. Not even the bed helped soften blows your dick were giving her cervix.
> Realizing your climax was fast approaching, you redouble your already extreme efforts to hasten your inevitable finisher.
> If Sonata objected, you couldn't tell, not that you would have stopped for her anyway. The sensation of fucking her brains out was just too good.
> With a few more hard thrusts, you cum inside her. Having sensitive nerve endings following your second ejaculation, you gently wane your thrusts to ride out the high.
File: 1559237520296.png (489 KB, 1600x1344)
489 KB
489 KB PNG

> With your stamina depleted, you plump down on the bed next to her, trying to catch your breath.
> It wasn't until you hit the bed did you realize that you may have pushed yourself too far. Even lying there, completely still, your back was starting to act up again.
> "Anon. That was amazing. Can you do that again?" She says. Her voice, quivering ever so slightly.
"I'd love to, but I don't think I can."
> "Well, this guy seems like he's ready for more." She states while holding your still erect cock in hand.
"I mean my back. I think I'm going to have to lie here for a minute."
> "You mean we're done already?"
> You'd hate for it to end like this. It was your first time, after all, and you wanted more, but your body wasn't having it.
"Sonata, there's nothing I'd like more than to keep going, but If you want more, then you're going to take charge."
> "Hmm, I think I can do that."
> Sitting up, she straddles your waist and begins rubbing her entrance against your still hard rod.
> "Are you sure you can handle it? I can be pretty wild when I want to be."
"Babe, if I can't walk for a month after this, it'll be worth it."
> "That's the spirit!"
> Needing no more confirmation, she quickly impales herself on you and begins riding you like a bucking bronco. She wasn't kidding when she said she liked to go hard.

> Nearly an hour later, and several low effort positions on your part, later Sonata was ready to call it quits. The sex itself was great, but you couldn't help but feel like you would have enjoyed it more had you been a more active participant.
> As the two of you cuddled in bed, Sonata started asking questions about you. Since all she ever talked about in the short time you've known each other is herself.
> "I noticed you have a lot of scars, Anon. Where'd you get them all?"
"Dogfights in skirmishes against other gangs mostly. I remember almost all of them. Want to hear them?"
> "Sure."
"Pick one."
> "This one." She chooses, touching your right hamstring.
"Car explosion when I was fourteen years old. We were raiding a Storm Ruler stronghold when a guy walked out carrying a Gatling gun."
"He reduced the car I was using as cover to swiss cheese, and when it exploded, it nearly killed me. Luckily, the shrapnel lodged itself into my femur, so they were able to save my leg."
> The look on Sonata's face was one of disbelief. Mostly shocked and somewhat horrified.
"Most of them are stories of that caliber. Want to hear more?"
> "No. I'm good."
> Sensing you had somehow soured the mood, you inquire further.
"Did I say something wrong?"
> "That sounds really scary. Weren't you afraid you were gonna die?"
"Of course. I could die at any time, for any number of reasons, but if I do, it'll be for something I chose. Not everyone can say that."
> "And what did you choose?"
File: Sonata 1.jpg (473 KB, 978x1364)
473 KB
473 KB JPG

"To live and die for someone else's happiness. And that meant I had to become a criminal, to fight and grow stronger every day."
"For years, I was miserable, and all I thought about was what I'd do if I could quit. That is, until recently."
"My mother acknowledged my suffering and shared it with me. Thanks to that, I found meaning and purpose in my work. Now, I feel like I couldn't stop even if I wanted to."
> "Would you do it if I asked?" She pleads.
"She's my mother. I've known her my whole life. You, I've met twice. Having sex doesn't change that."
> "I know, but this city is dangerous. If we had enough money, we could leave and live somewhere safer."
"You're right, but that's not the life for me. You're part of The Sirens, and I'm part of the Black Shadows. It may sound crazy, but being part of a gang is the safest option in this town."
"Your sisters will protect you, and now so will I."
> She smiles and gives you a soft kiss.
> "I'm going to hold you to that."
> Finding comfort in your words, she rests her head against your chest and wanders off to dreamland. You were feeling pretty tired too. It was a little early for you to be calling it a day, but with Sonata glued to you, you weren't going anywhere.

> The next thing you hear is some sounds emanating from the kitchen. Looking over at your clock, you see it's just past noon. A few hours before you normally got up, but that's not what you were worried about.
> If your mother saw you like this, she might do something drastic. Sneaking out from under Sonata, you throw on some casual shorts and a wifebeater before heading to the kitchen.
> "Good morning. You're up early." Your mother greets you.
"Yeah, went to bed early too."
> "You feeling alright? Back acting up at all?"
"A little, yeah. Say, can we talk?"
> "Sure. Here." She says, handing you a cup of coffee.
"I met someone the other day."
> "Someone I know?"
"No, her name's Sonata. Really cute and bubbly. She's with The Sirens, but she herself is relatively harmless."
> "The Sirens aren't harmless, son. Whatever notions you have about this woman are wrong. Most of them may work as strippers and joytoys, but the second you let your guard down, they'll slit your throat."
"Not this one. She's more of a victim of circumstance, like any civilian. I'd like you to meet her?"
> "Why? What does she have to offer us if she's a victim."
"Personal fulfillment."
> "If you're suggesting we help some hooker down on her luck, you should know what my answer will be."
"I do, but that's not what I'm asking."
> As you take a sip of your drink, the door to your room swings open. Seeing Tempest tense up, you knew exactly what was going to happen. In the blink of an eye, your mother reaches for the knife block and throws a single dagger.
> Having no time to stop her, you throw your mug and intercept the deadly blade in midair. Causing coffee to spill everywhere.
File: 2416311.jpg (285 KB, 1024x1886)
285 KB
285 KB JPG

> Completely oblivious to what just happened, Sonata offers a humble 'good morning.'
> "Why did you do that? Who are you? How did you get in here?"
> Before your mother could throw another knife, you stand up and shield Sonata.
"Mom, relax. This is Sonata, my girlfriend."
> "Hi." She says flatly. Still in the process of waking up.
> "Girlfriend? You just said she's with The Sirens. Why are you conspiring with the enemy? How long has this been going on?"
"We just made it official yesterday. And it's not like that."
> "So you're saying that you didn't sleep with her. Even though she just came out of your room wearing nothing but your jacket."
"I'm not saying that. I'm saying I'm not conspiring against you."
> "Then explain why you slept with this hussy."
"She offered, and I like her. What was I going to say, no?"
> "Yes. I trained you better than to be seduced by some streetworker's feminine whiles. Now get her out."
"Mom, calm down. I know I just sprang this on you, but don't exacerbate the situation."
> "We'll talk about this later, but for now, she needs to leave."
> "Did I miss something?" Sonata inquires.
"She's staying."
> "No, she's not."
> She walks towards you, and you step in front of her. She attempts to push you aside, but you grab hold of her wrist before it makes contact.
"Let it go."
> Without making eye contact, Tempest moves to counter your grapple, but you spin her around and grab her other arm. Crossing her arms and locking them against her chest.
"Why are you being so difficult about this?"
> Still not answering, Tempest's body begins to violently fluctuate. Loosening your grip little by little until she breaks free.
> She jabs you with her right elbow before swing her left into the side of your head. You stumble but swing your fist at her face as you regain your balance.
> She ducks underneath your attack and marches towards Sonata with hostile intent.
> Being too focused on her target, you slip behind her and put her in a full nelson.
> "Can't we talk about this?" Sonata begs.
"You can't reason with her when she's like this. We'll talk later, but for now, run! I'll hold her off."
> Sonata darts for the door as Tempest struggles to loosen your hold on her. She manages to pull you towards the spilled coffee on the floor. Making you lose your footing.
> She swings her legs up and locks her thighs around your head. She pulls at you with all her strength, and judo flips you onto the ground.
> Now, free of your grasp, Tempest tries to pursue Sonata, but you grab her ankle as she runs by you. She slips and falls, but catches herself just before her face kisses the floorboards.
> Yanking her back, she spins her legs for a roundhouse kick, but you catch her attack with your other hand.
> Having both limbs in hand, you whip her back into the kitchen, where she rolls and lands on her hind legs.
File: 1557497.png (1.25 MB, 1068x1511)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG

> You had never seen her this angry. It was rare enough to see any emotion on her face, but it was even more unusual to see her so worked up about something pertaining to you.
> She makes her way to the loveseat and tosses it at you as if it were tissue paper.
> Not thinking, you lash out your monowire and cut the furniture in half as the pieces of it fly past you.
> Distracted by the debris, Tempest charges you and shoulder tackles you into the couch, leaving you stunned. Thinking she's won, she gets up and attempts to make a break for it.
> Shaking off the impact, you lunge at her again and grapple her from behind. Pulling her into a bear hug, you roll around on the rug as she squirms desperately to get free.
> Once on your back, you wrap your legs around hers to prevent her from kicking out.
> "W-wait, Anon." She pleads.
> You tighten your grip around her, and you can feel the resistance she's putting up begin to fade.
> "N-no, stop."
> She lets out a small moan, but you thought nothing of it. Putting all your power into holding her tight.
> "Ah, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." This time, her screams come through loud and clear. They weren't ones of pain or agony, however, but far more guttural.
> Realizing what was happening, you release her in an instant. The two of you roll onto your sides and steadily stand up. Too embarrassed to say anything.
> "I told you to stop."
"I know. I just didn't think you meant..." You say, unsure of how you wanted to finish that sentence.
> "That's why I wear armor. To protect them from rubbing up against something."
"Have you... calmed down now?"
> "I'm still angry, but forget about that for now. I'm going to shower up. Then, we'll discuss what to do about your 'situation.'"
> As she makes her way towards her room, the adrenaline coursing through your veins begins to fade. And the discomfort in your back starts to surge like a tsunami.
> You couldn't help be let out a short howl of distress as you plant yourself on the couch.
> "What's wrong? Are you alright?"
"Just some muscle spasms. It'll pass."
> "I'm sorry. I got you all worked up. It's my fault. I'll go get your meds."
> She brings you the bottle, and you inhale one of the capsules.
> "I think we should skip your rehab today."
"I think so too."
> "Need anything else?"
"I'm fine. I'll wait for you here."
> Content with your answer, she retreats to her chambers to freshen up.
> Not exactly how you planned to resolve your predicament, but you suppose it could have been worse.
File: 1596672.png (1.03 MB, 1000x1333)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Wow, 16 straight posts. That's an academy record.

No, but seriously. Hope you guys can forgive the long wait. I felt it would have been criminal to stop this update anywhere short of where it is now.

That being said, The next update won't be nearly as long, and hopefully, that means you won't have to wait a month to get it.
Proud of ya, son.
Frostybox! Great to see ya!. I just popped in after an extended absence and find you wrote a little something. I do hope you continue!

So what have I missed folks?
Oh thank god.
Thank you for this blessed gift.
Good to see you still writing too Onii Chan. I'll throw this story's paste on my reading list so can catch up.
Lots of potential here. I hope you continue.
Good shit Onii Chan, I really like the update and hope you can make more soon.
Fukken unf
First time I don't skip your greens
Man, I feel dumb for doing it now
>Finally teasing incest after 16 million years of story
>Anon loses his virginity to an unrelated slut
sadly based
You know, suddenly changing things are hardly believable, even if you write "a fuckton of a time passed". It just don't work like that.
What does work, tho, is a spring of old habits and behavior, like Tempest's outrage in the end(even if the reason is obvious) and Anon's cluelessness and "fucking pay me for favors". That was something pleasing to read. Around your established Night City's everyone's bitching, sharp change to good personalities looks odd. Sex scene was mediocre, even more so. With Sonata on a board you can do better. He'll, with three of Sirens too.
But 16 posts - that's something I can respect.
That's fine, but you're going to regret it later when the fuckfighting starts.

I could have made Tempest's transition from overbearing parent to supportive mother a little longer yes, but I didn't want to drag out what was already a long process to get them even talking as equals. As for everyone else, I felt like they were decently consistent.

I made the sex scene with Sonata a bit short, because, I know that's not what people want. It's not what I want either. The reason I put it in there at all was to establish a future love triangle.

And the rest of your post wasn't in decipherable English, so that's all I got.
>you're going to regret it later when the fuckfighting starts
I'll be dead and decomposed by then
File: E2H4kdbWEAMZ_eB.jpg (146 KB, 1302x1232)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>You're the son of Dragon Lord Ember
>Despite only having you, she already has a huge pair of "egg-laying hips"
>You keep getting distracted whenever she turns around
>What do?

>You and your mother Ember are really close
>So close in fact, that there's currently a suspicious number of eggs with both your scale patterns
>Ember always denies this with a fluster and a shake of her wide hips
>You just feel proud
what kind of dreams do you think spike was having when he was woken up by twilight and disappointedly remarked 'you're not Mommy'
we need more male characters on this show so they can be shipped with their sisters.
ponebin pls

Starswirl, if you're here. I really like the turn your story has taken and eagerly await more.
Thanks, man
File: 1498629905575.jpg (742 KB, 1455x1521)
742 KB
742 KB JPG
>older sister Starlight is the CEO of her own startup
>she takes pity on your neet ass and gives you a job as her secretary
>turns out, she only did it so she could sexually harass you all day and keep you away from other women
>Inb4 cousin Moondancer living with you because reasons
>Being a neet in your room
>She could have her own room but she just stays in yours
>Also having older twin sisters
>Both of them named Twilight
>You don't get how that'd happen, but the one with glasses is nicknamed SciTwi because she way more into science stuff
>Then you have your mom Twilight Velevet
>No dad or brother in the picture (because reasons)
>They're all thicc and it makes you hyper aware that you're the only boy in the house
File: Chrysalis Cadance.png (665 KB, 1473x834)
665 KB
665 KB PNG
I like the idea, but with
>pic related
>office is short-staffed, so Anon has to be both of their secretaries at once
>Mommy Chrysalis and Cousin Cadance compete to see who can seduce him first
File: 2284440.png (1.22 MB, 1875x1235)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
Sweetie Belle has a better chance than their brother Anon for two good reasons.
>implying that slut Rarity could be satisfied with just one of them
To the anon behind Apple Bottom Dreams, just want to say you're putting in a lot of great work.
Thanks, friend. I really appreciate it.
>When asked how he managed to get straight As all throughout high school, Anon proudly proclaimed that he did it all for his mother.
>9 9 9
Damn, this lit up like a Christmas tree. I got so much shit to read, but it'll have to wait until after I get some sleep. Have an appu plus a diamond to tide you over.
>Applejack and Rarity discover they are distant cousins
it could happen
Going to make the next thread father-based.
Was thinking something like, Oh No, Your Dad's a Chad Edition.
Any suggestions to the contrary?
I don't want to fuck my dad though.
>dad is a chad
>not (You) being the chad dad
c'mon, man
It was just a suggestion. I'm workshopping it by running it by you guys.
Besides, father's day is coming up, and I'm sure there's at least a few femanons in this thread.
>I'm sure there's at least a few femanons in this thread
(X) Doubt
You IDIOTS. Clearly, a father based thread would be centered around making sure you, a loving father, tends to your daughter's needs. No matter what they might be.
Basically just frosty. That's it.
I'm fine with it. It's at least something different to what we usually get
particularly if it's doctor's orders. we need more of a perverted twilight sparkle instructing families in how to bond better. that way it's not just 'oops we incested' but people still have an excuse to go further than they normally would without repercussions.
This. I doubt any femanons delve into this.


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