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File: 1618558412915.jpg (301 KB, 1600x1800)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
"The only reason we don't have world wars is because we have enough weapons to obliterate the population serval times over" edition.

Twilight: I can't really believe your story Anon, buildings with over 100 levels? Flying boats bigger than Ponyville? And yet there's no magic in your world? Please.
>Growing tired of Twilight's berating, you go out into the world to prove her wrong.

That's the prompt that started it all. So what's this thread about? It's about Anon bringing human science and inventions to Equestria and a disbelieving Twilight. Although, that's not necessarily the prompt you need to follow if writing is what you desire.

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Outdated thread:
#72 >>36740019
File: 1620144907593.png (127 KB, 514x476)
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127 KB PNG
Them ponies be killing humans?
What if can't summon?
>pfy OP
Just as cringe as hfy.
What does that stand for?
hfy is humanity fuck yeah
I guess pfy would be ponyity fuck yeah?
Ah I see.
I guess that would be ponykind then.
But we have lasers and nukes and more sophisticated things like robots
That reminds me, poners in that pic seem to rely on shields a lot.
But you can still SEE through them, the light still passes through, that means a coherent beam of it can as well.
It also seems like they can cause EM field fluctuations with their magic, which means there's a connection, which means it might be possible to respond in kind with some sort of EM-magic conversion jammer. If nothing else, it could at least give the cunts a wicked headache.
Then there's the chemical, radiological, and finally biological warfare. Those ponies may have magic on their side, but we've been killing our own kind since the dawn of time, and we've learned a thing or two about waging wars.
That said, I do wonder what a HEAT or HESH round would do to a shield.

And if nothing works, we'll just make peace and turn them into us from the inside. They have harmony, but we have stupidity and irrationality on our side, and nothing beats those two working together.
We already went over this Anon, the average unicorn can barely screw in a lightbulb, they ain't beating machine gun fire.
Changeling hooves typed this post.
How many unicorns does it take to change a lightbulb?
Let's supose that the ones in the Equestrian Army are trained and selected between the best lightbulb screwers and could at least make some decent fight.

Now, Unicorns may have some tricks, under their... sleeves... but what is the extent of their powers and skills?
Is their power to stop bullets something for experienced and advanced ones?
What can be done to counter their spells?
Would humans landing in Equestria for battle been able to learn or enchant their weapons?
Two: one keep the lightbulb steady while the other make the whole house spin around.
File: 1474580800-56d77.jpg (649 KB, 1000x1000)
649 KB
649 KB JPG
>Is their power to stop bullets something for experienced and advanced ones?
Define "stop bullets" first. Depending on the talent of individual bonehead, it could range from sapping them of all kinetic energy (don't kill this one — his or her comrades will try to avenge the death of their cider-cooler) to turning them into snowflakes, with each method requiring different amounts of effort and finesse. Hell, they might just shape and reinforce a section of the shield to deflect the bullet, rather than stop it, which should be easier on the unicorn, I imagine.
>What can be done to counter their spells?
Not a whole hell of a lot. If humans don't interact with magic field in any capacity, it might as well not exist for us.
>But wouldn't the magic be harmless to us then?
Only direct magical attack, but that magic can just as well propel a pebble through your noggin instead.
>Would humans landing in Equestria for battle been able to learn or enchant their weapons?
Not unless we find something that interacts with magic field, i.e. magic-infused crystals, then reverse-engineer the infusion, but that could well take years, if not decades, and might not even work back home, which means the R&D has to be conducted on ponies' side, which would be a logistical nightmare.

tl;dr: don't shoot the poni, hug the poni instead, it'll be easier on the economy and the taxpayers will thank you.

Like saying a garagist can't fix your windows's drivers or install firefox; but he will fix your car's engine and tell you what's the problem just by listening to it.

>Define "stop bullets" first.

The most basic version ever, simply use a shield spell or something like that and keep them on stasys mid-air.
For the rest, I too can see them generate enough magic to literally create a deflective barrier, but that would require more energy and effort.
And I don't think that stopping one or more bullet will be an easy task, maybe some will even conserve their momentum, still spinning and ready to kill a pony if their concentration fails.

>Not a whole hell of a lot. If humans don't interact with magic field in any capacity, it might as well not exist for us.

Aside for the energetic ones that can literally create plasma bolts, I think those pure force based can be somewhat countered, like "push" spells or anything that is meant to use objects as improvised bolts (i.e. rocks)

>Only direct magical attack, but that magic can just as well propel a pebble through your noggin instead.

Exactly what I meant. Physical and ballistic focused spells may be harmful, but this can be worked around.

>Not unless we find something that interacts with magic field, i.e. magic-infused crystals, then reverse-engineer the infusion, but that could well take years, if not decades, and might not even work back home, which means the R&D has to be conducted on ponies' side, which would be a logistical nightmare.

Unless we want to transform our "wizards" into ticking bombs of destabilyzed magic, I can see that.
However, there could be a possibility, as you said, to use basic magic-infused objects (crystals who can emit and transfere magic into a living creature, amulets and enchanted objects that can grant powers to the wearer...) to use them as bridges until we learn to produce War-Mages.
File: autism speaks.jpg (9 KB, 250x250)
9 KB
>simply use a shield spell or something like that
Shield is a rather energy-intensive spell, even if you only create a section that points towards the hostile. That in itself opens up the flanking tactics, unless ponies merge their shields and collectively maintain the 360° protection.
>keep them in stasis mid-air
Methinks pausing physics might be a little over the typical (combat) unicorn's paygrade.
What could work is a field that slows projectiles down to harmless velocities, but it won't protect from high-velocity ordnance, unless the slow is proportional/said ordnance experiences friction with the field and is simply vaporized.
>create a deflective barrier, but that would require more energy and effort
I reckon changing a bullet's trajectory would require considerably less energy than stopping it.
This gives us deflection field-type protection that redirects the bullets away from the caster. Shouldn't be more complex than telekinesis, but it does require a strong caster, and again it's vulnerable to high-velocity stuff. Combine with slow-field for even better protection.
>pure force-based can be somewhat countered, like "push" spells or anything that is meant to use objects as improvised bolts
You're not countering the spell then, you're countering the projectile. Disrupting that spell would be countering.
Also, they could keep propelling said projectile or give it some mana and enchant to speed up on it's own like a magical gyrojet.
>Physical and ballistic focused spells
You underestimate the power of creative use of magic. Almost any spell can be used offensively with enough imagination, though not necessarily to deal damage. How would you like getting a tumor "healed" to be nice, big and healthy? Or a tactile illusion of bugs burrowing into your flesh?
>Unless we want to transform our "wizards" into ticking bombs of destabilized magic
Slow down hoss, I meant making the tools to work magic for us since we can't interact with it directly.
>However, there could be a possibility to use basic magic-infused objects (crystals who can emit and transfer magic into a living creature, amulets and enchanted objects that can grant powers to the wearer...)
It's unlikely that you can cram enough magic into something to make a decent manabomb without it violently falling apart long before that happens, you'd likely need active containment of some kind.

You see, the problem is that we can't use that magical energy. We can direct it and build some kind of ray gun, but to do more than overload stuff with it until it pops like an overinflated balloon we need to figure out how to shape that energy into actual spells. And without a mage of our own this would take a while.
After we figure out spells though things become easier — you just use the spell focus/matrix/whatever, and a mana battery to power said spell thingamabob.
Thabks anon, really had some great fun thinking of this, you found the words I lacked to describe what I was trying to say perfectly.
Also here we speak of Unicorns, what about other races?
File: 1_003.png (8 KB, 70x70)
8 KB
Extensive use of Thermobaricmunitions.
Whenever I see discussions about ponies being forced to fight humans and whose weapons are superior, I just wish for Celestia to drop the fucking sun on us because we do not deserve friendship. Fuck humans and fuck human warfare.
File: 1579289177496.gif (147 KB, 600x900)
147 KB
147 KB GIF
I don't like the idea of human-pony war either, I just enjoy flexing autism.
It'd be even funnier to argue this stuff with an actual pony over a cider, trying to prove whose army is the strongest and whose soldiers are the badassest and who's gonna pay the "cider reparations" as the designated loser in this fantasy war.

>Also here we speak of Unicorns, what about other races?
If we go by the established "each race has their own magic" thing, pegasi's weather manipulation could be invaluable for controlling and altering the location to force the enemy to fight in unfavorable conditions, gaining a tactical advantage that would make Sun Tzu wince with envy.
Imagine a storm grounding air support of any kind, a strong one could wreak havoc on sensitive equipment as well, and force the enemy to rely on ground forces, while the pegasi are still somewhat capable of operating in that storm, raining bombs down on infantry stuck in thick mud.
Granted, you have to factor in the other consequences of this weather manipulation, such as flooding a nearby village or creating difficult terrain for your own forces.
Further, pegasi are small and relatively mobile, they make for great scouts and spotters for the artillery/long-range magic, as well as bomb carriers. We've seen them hide in clouds, to covert surveillance is another potential use of their ability to fly.
Also, non-timed airburst rounds usually need plane's ferromagnetic fuselage to know when to explode, so anti-air defense will be more difficult, unless you just let 'er rip, but then there goes your ammo, leaving you wide open when they launch their offensive, probably via air.

Now, earth ponies have two major advantages — their earth attunement, and their strength. While the latter is all but useless when fighting an enemy with firearms, they can be used to drag around heavy stuff, be it cannons, pallets of ordnance, carts full of supplies, or materials to build fortifications.
As for their connection with earth, they could potentially speed up the growth of trees and crops, producing materials and food for the soldiers. Working with weather team pegasi, they might be able to create living fortifications out of plants.
Sped-up growth also means that you can seed the location you forced the enemy to fight you on with stuff that snares, poisons, or in any other way weakens the enemy. And while that can be solved with some napalm and a cigar, it'll still slow your roll, giving them time to prepare a counterattack.

Basically, pegasi are like tiny fluffy planes and earth ponies are little fluffy tractors, they are the backbone of the pony army. Unicorns are glass cannons — specialists whose skills turn the tides of battle, but they can't win the war on their own.
File: 1618056012671.jpg (61 KB, 550x547)
61 KB
Do it, you'll get to Equestria faster, schizo.
Humans fighting ponies is lame. Now, a combined arms force with the two of them against a third-party threat to both? Now that's where it is at. Give me a machine gun nest laying down fire without fear due to shielding, give me invisible spec ops, give me an artillery crew using enchanted shells to drop spells on enemies beyond the horizon, hell, give me a submarine crewed with both humans and hippogriffs for maximum stealth ship hunting shenanigans.
>trying to convert red dit slang
first go back to red dit
second closest would be efy, not pfy
>a strong one could wreak havoc on sensitive equipment as well
that's also assuming they limit themselves to merely 'strong' weather instead of catatrophic forces of nature like hurricanes, tornadoes, or something like that derecho that flattened a third of iowa last year
Theres a huge influx of stories on fimfic talking about something called CelestAI
Friendship is Optimal made a return?
The admins chose it for a writing contest, and a surprising amount of people have submitted stories
That would be a bit too much to handle for them, or would otherwise be more work than it is worth.
That's not to say they wouldn't summon a big ol' 'nado as a last resort/to make a hole in enemy's defenses though, but it would hardly be a standard tactic.
Mess up with the weather too much and you might impact your own forces' ability to fight effectively.
Further, just like unicorns, average pegasus isn't all that powerful, and even a team of them requires coordinated effort. Catastrophic weather would likely take a small army of them working as one to bring about that storm of the century, and I doubt they would be able to control it for long.

Basically, it's like asking to for a tactical nuke when something cheaper and easier to produce would do the job just as well.

>ponies' magic shenanigans and humans' war-plagued history
Guess it's time to push some griff's shit in and piss off the yaks.
I'd rather not have any war take place, to be honest, even with ponies as allies.
>Basically, it's like asking to for a tactical nuke when something cheaper and easier to produce would do the job just as well.
that's a good analogy, though i'd argue sometimes a tacnuke is what's needed to get the job done
but to angle away from a war setting just imagine how reliable wind and solar energy could be with pegasi scheduling most of the weather
I like to see them shield a naval rail gun shot
>instead of catatrophic forces of nature
Remember how fucking big of an effort that was when they tried to get one controlled tornado out of the entire town's pegasus population ?
>insert rambling about people getting killed and made a virtual copy of, not actually emigrating
>insert relevant jewtube videos about Soma/Teleporter/ship-of-Theseus/etc
There, got the autism compacted and optimized.
>mfw noguns talking about gun physics
You bastards clearly have no idea how fast an actual bullet moves to even think any but the most lol tier plot armored powerful mages could possibly react in time to do anything. That shit is pretty goddamn fast.
>mfw muggles talking about magic
>being so scared of getting roflstomped by non magic users you completely isolate magic society as a whole
File: 1620096716810.jpg (114 KB, 659x572)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
>tfw you will never shoot some uppity mages
>tfw you will never crush a primitive world with superior firepower and bend the natives to your will
Fuck bros. I hope there's aliens
I think you guys would love MandarkAnon
just go watch GATE you fag
>"does not necessarily requires"
>"rans out of"
>shit grammar in general
Good images, but is there a non-dyslexic version?
But anon, GATE doesn't have cute ponies
M8, the princesses can't dodge out of the way of glowy balls *kicked* at them by a unicorn with a broken horn. They ain't catching shit.
>tfw you will never crush a primitive world with superior firepower and bend the natives to your will
For what purpose?
>I hope there's aliens
The universe is about 14 billion years old; the earth is 4 billion. Primitive humanity, 200k years. If there are aliens, it's unlikely that the first aliens we'd come across would be less advanced than we are, so get your asshole ready for being bent to someone else's will instead.
Yeah, 200k/4bil isn't even a half-percent.
Though the problem with this thinking is that it assumes that chance of the birth of new sapient species is equal throughout the whole period. It could grew non-linearly over time.
So it would be quite the opposite if we lived in the begging of the proverbial Galactic Cambridge Explosion where the youngest species are the most numerous.

So I still have a chance to flex my human-powers by bulling little toddler for a civilization!
i forgot about hurricane fluttershy. my bad
There's a lot of episodes, it's easy to forget a few.
File: 2607524.jpg (2.57 MB, 3200x2400)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB JPG
Apparently one of the longest stories on fimfic is a story about a sentient worldkiller battletank who's been asleep for tens of millennia, and its based on a very obscure series of sci-fi short stories.
Too bad the fic hasn't been updated since Aug 2018 and the author's gone missing.
Apparently he's still around and even has ten or so chapters saved up. It's anyone's guess why he hasn't posted them though.
That's extra weird then that he hasn't even logged on in almost 3 years but's still communicating with others and writing chapters.
File: Shieldsaresostrongwow.gif (3.94 MB, 699x360)
3.94 MB
3.94 MB GIF
Is this based on bolo?
>artifact obviously designed to penetrate the magical shield
>what is armor-piercing ammunition
>artifact obviously designed to penetrate the magical shield

Source on that? lol.

Its a glass ball with a petrifying powder / gas inside, clearly a mass made weapon by the fact that storm king also grabbed one out of a pocket, not some one of a kind artifact.

Also, besides this case of a alicorns shield being defeated by a glass ball kicked at her. Shining armor, a unicorn of twilights family whos talent is shields has his broken by a few dozen to hundred bugs smacking their heads into it out of sync.

These simple forces applied to areas that large breaking through means a bullet would have no problems at all with a shit ton more force being applied to a much smaller area.

Also, twilight has said it herself in the show, she has to actually have a line of sight and be looking at what ever she wants to use magic on, bullets move quite a bit faster than she would be able to see.
>Source on that?
Other than how it appear to slip through, no. Still, it's unlikely to be just a "glass ball", ripping through alicorn's(!) shield like that requires a little extra, I suspect some kind of enchantment. AP ammunition is mass-produced too.
>Shining armor, a unicorn of twilights family whos talent is shields has his broken by a few dozen to hundred bugs smacking their heads into it out of sync.
Remember how big was that shield? Spreading magic mighty thin like that doesn't lend itself to said shield's durability. If the magic flow isn't uniform along the entire shield, hitting the weak points could assist in bringing it down. Twilight's brother or not, one unicorn isn't enough to maintain a city-sized shield bubble. Hell, just keeping it up is a feat of magical prowess.
>These simple forces applied to areas that large breaking through means a bullet would have no problems at all with a shit ton more force being applied to a much smaller area.
Quite possibly. The more you grow the shield, the more you spread the magic and thinner the barrier becomes. As with the 'ling example above, you just need to find a weak point and concentrate your fire on it to break through, though not necessarily leading to a complete shield collapse — it all depends on how spells work and whether or not blowing up a section would compromise the spell and cause it to fall apart.
Also, in one of the posts above there was a magic-conductive material mentioned. I wonder if tipping the bullets with it could allow them to slip through the barrier, or at least let a part of them slip through and deliver whatever payload they have.
>Also, twilight has said it herself in the show, she has to actually have a line of sight and be looking at what ever she wants to use magic on, bullets move quite a bit faster than she would be able to see.
It's why ponies would use shields and generate various field effects — no need to see the bullets to stop them.
File: 11651654.jpg (8 KB, 194x259)
8 KB
Other than how it appear to slip through
>Have you watched the show before? Shields have always acted more fluid than solid. They bend and shift with objects pushing against them.
Remember how big was that shield? Spreading magic mighty thin like that doesn't lend itself to said shield's durability.
>That has no effect on how a much more powerful impact on a much smaller section is gonna be far more effective for breaching said shield.

You are also forgetting that Twilight and shining and the like are clearly far more powerful than the average unicorn. Twilight being the element of magic itself alongside with her "talent" being magic itself. Meanwhile the average unicorn can hardly handle opening a jar of peanut butter. Hell Rarity struggles in show with much smaller objects.

Also, while the "laser" beams launched by unicorns seem powerful when they are impacting against shields, against physical objects they have little effect. Just watch the last few episodes:


Conventional body armor will stop regular beams (if your average unicorn can even do that spell) in their tracks.
Oh no are ponies radioactive?
maybe it's their magic
If think there's a concept around it called thaumatic radiation or something along these lines.
>thaumatic radiation o
I think that's a pretty rad sounding name
>rad sounding name
I see what you did there.
File: 2101925.png (134 KB, 574x444)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
Now hold on. Did Lyra turn mint green because she was irradiated?
>ponies' world has suffered some cataclysmic event that managed to churn it's very core and leave the crust saturated with radioactive elements
>life there evolved to withstand the resulting radiation levels, and even use them as secondary, and sometimes primary energy source
>enter Anon, normal human, in whom radiation would sooner cause spontaneous cancer than super powers
>found in the Everfree as any other Anon from any other universe
>gets introduced to the princesses
"It's a pleasure to meet you, my name is Anon- I'm sorry princess, but… do you taste metal?"
>this Anon is no dummy, he's seen Chernobyl and knows that kind of shit isn't healthy
>Twiggles does a full body magic scan
>Anon somehow feels even worse now and suggests that it might be the magic that makes him feel worse
>Purple Smart tells him he's delusional and needs to go to a horspital
>his condition quickly deteriorates to that of Mr. Ouchie and friendship princess is all but tearing her mane out trying to unfuck Anon before he melts into a puddle
>finds a borderline forbidden spell that's a mix of necromancy and healing and uses it on Anon
>he's all better, but he still looks like a wax figure left in Death Valley during summer for a week
>it also doesn't stick, probably on the account of all the fucking magic needed for the spell that's still in Anon
>at this point Anon is completely a-okay with dying, in fact he wishes to kick the bucket as soon as possible
>not on Book Horse's watch, some questionably legal and somewhat unethical rituals later he's alive and relatively well
>he still looks like the timberwolf's stomach content
"And that's why I have to wear this mask, so that I don't scar foals for the rest of their lives. Any questions?"
>"I understand why the mask is needed… but how can you eat ice cream through it?"
>>"SWEETIE BELLE this is beyond inappropriate!"

I suddenly felt like doing a rad shitpost. You can notice I had to come up with shit halfway through, that's because I didn't want to leave Anon literally falling apart, since it's not very appropriate for the thread.
Remember to keep iodine pills on you in case you end up in Radquestria.
>Anon becomes the phantom of the opera
I mean, it's kinda bad, but a small price to pay for living in Equestria.
Just get yourself some boxe of the green stuff and youll be A-okay.
File: Quick edit.png (3.14 MB, 2000x2000)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB PNG
Man i wish Metro oxodus was a more popular game, it had an absolute amazing final chapter and dlc. It also treated radiation and acute radiation syndrome with a much more realistic approach than Fallout and since FoE is a thing any radiation related thing in the fandom is automatically relegated to the FoE rules
File: radium snacks.jpg (18 KB, 474x474)
18 KB
>It also treated radiation and acute radiation syndrome with a much more realistic approach
So it has radioactive delicacies?
Author is Patachu. He's French.
And because he's French, he also drinks, which makes him creative, both in based posting and shitposting.
Tech bump.
It never ceases to amaze me all the dumb things radium was used for
that's the power of hindsight
Now if only foresight could be that good.
File: 1588815.jpg (128 KB, 981x386)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
RIP Pinkie and Rarity
Eh, they'll walk it off.
Doesn't stop people from doing similar shit today. I just read about a company called "Chernobyl Spirit Company" that's making alcohol distilled from apples from the Chernobyl exclusion zone.
File: 1565582.jpg (95 KB, 750x937)
95 KB
four words: cute induced heart failure
Sound plausible.
most adult human males are able to quickly build a resistance to the phenomenon within a week of controlled exposure, but there's always the risk of acute poisoning. within a year of contact most mares in equestria and beyond know to contain themselves around humans, but care must be taken as ponies are naturally silly creatures. as of writing hospitalizations of CUTE (Coronary Use Terminated Entirely) average at roughly 6/year.
juvenile human males remain remarkably immune to the phenomenon and show resistance to CUTE eclipsing those of usual adult males upon maturation, which has resulted in the recent push to 'innoculate' young males.
human females perpetuate the rumors that the innoculation results in males preferring the company of mares to women, which is entirely untrue. mares are superior to women in every way naturally, and all sane men should prefer the company of mares to women; the innoculation is purely for the health and long term survival of male humans in their future coexisting with equestrian mares
>ponies are a memetic hazard
I need more Secure Cute Ponies foundation action in my life.
the debate over whether or not interbreeding and making hybrids counts as human extinction or not is still going on
If the result is a superior offspring then it is less of an extinction and more of an evolution, or at the very least an adaptation.
Cleary we need more breeding to get a large enough sample size to answer this.
File: 1417856.jpg (275 KB, 920x982)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
>Twilight woth black glasses
I have no idea where this meme comes from, but it looks cute.
Sci-Twi from Equestria Girls has black framed glasses. Although there's probably art of Twilight with similar glasses that pre-date EQG because those kinds of glasses are associated with nerdy types.
you shouldn't drink in a lab
What could possibly go wrong?
>the human and pony species merge over a few centuries to become a single sexually dimorphic species, bringing most of the strengths and mitigating several of the weaknesses of both species
i like this
This sounds like the premise for a random Satyr fic.
Personally, I'm in favour of foals with only a few toned down hybrid features. Like maybe some slightly sharper teeth or something.
Let's have some fun crazy ideas with this. What if instead of hybrids it's just straight up male children are human and female children are mares so that this interbreeding can go on forever.
That would make for a very interesting case of sexual dimorphism and blur the lines of both species a bit. It would raise the question as to how the passing on of genes works here, because both the men and the mares should have at least some genetic information from the other species. So how much of a pony are the men, and how much of a human are the mares?
Maybe there's some weird quirk to pony genetics that could possibly related to the Mirror Portal and how it transforms ponies like Twilight into humans but a dragon like Spike becomes a dog.
Maybe. But so far that only happens during interdimensional travel though.
Genetic optimization? As in magic taking in and "harmonizing" the human genome and purging it of unneeded parts, straightening the biological spaghetti code into a nice efficient harmonious noodle. Then you can use the freed-up sections to store the pony genome.
You'd need a major rewrite anyway, because we all start female-ish in the womb, before developing into males and females. Human-pony dimorphism would require a rather drastic change, unless the male-female "decision" is made at the moment of conception, rather than later on during pregnancy.
>unless the male-female "decision" is made at the moment of conception, rather than later on during pregnancy.
i thought it was the sperm cell that determined the sex of the zygote?
IIRC what happens is that the Y chromosome sends a signal part way through fetal development. If there's no Y chromosome to give the signal then development continues as female. Because this signal happens partway through it ends up creating redundant features such as male nipples.
I see.
what i'm thinking is that humans and ponies would, by cosmic coincidence, share whatever genetic sequence brings consciousness/sapience into being and make the pairing possible in the first place. i like the idea of magic filling in the blanks for the new hybrid species to make the zygotes viable for the first generation, and subsequent generations wouldn't need the help.
File: 2191571.jpg (2.51 MB, 4032x3024)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB JPG
Name one pony who can into summoning
Hm, what is that thing?
the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.
I like that cell pony has a flagellum for tail
Remember that one time Twilight said "Quantum Physics"?
Not off the top of head. Would you care to remind me?
RGRE had a similar idea a while ago, with a resulting prompt of Anon having a colt and a girl as children somehow
File: 2031525.png (628 KB, 1280x720)
628 KB
628 KB PNG
Interesting. I guess it makes sense for RGRE to do it that way. It definitely seems that way would better line up with the kind of stories they tell.
Pegasi would be more useful at blocking human air support. RPAs aren’t flown in IMC, and safe flights under IFR are highly dependent on GPS waypoints and ground NAVAIDs spammed out everywhere.

Permanent cloud ceilings at 500’ AGL over large swathes of Equestria would ground human air support until safety rules are abandoned or TERPS (the guys that draw instrument approach procedures) gets done breaking their backs working overtime.
Hm, she looks depressed for some reason.
File: 1591396775229.png (2.11 MB, 1326x1773)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB PNG
For some reason it made me think of Celly and Luna commanding an ark ship, because despite their best efforts, they couldn't save their world in the end.
Something something Crystal Empire is turned into a starship, something something Stargate: Atlantis' eponymous city-ship.

It's more of a /PiE/ prompt, but I figured it might fit in here too.
>their scrying mages find Earth, causing much rejoicings
>ark ship spends a couple thousand years getting to Sol, all non-essential personnel is in stasis cells, mages included, with the exception of maintenance skeleton crew
>one of the alicorns is probably at the core of the ship, hooked up to magic-draining machinery to provide the mana that powers the ship's systems, stasis spells, and powers the superluminal travel spell
>on the last millennia of journey, Sun Butt replaces Condense in the core, leaving her sister to command the ship while she is occupied and Cantdance is in recovery
>they finally reach Earth, causing even more rejoicings
>only something isn't right
>it's not quite a lush green garden world they were going to, there's someone else on it now, enter humans
>"Your highness, this world seems to be already populated by a race of apes."
>unlike her dearest sister, Luna's no wuss and goes "Buck it. We colonize anyway."
>"There's no other habitable world nearby, princess Celestia's magic has almost ran out, half of the ship is lacking power, it's cold and we're wearing magboots."
"Hit it."
>ship blasts a region with spells that saturate it with what little magic ship had to spare, then promptly lands smack dab in the middle of it
>meanwhile humies are shitting themselves thinking it's an alien invasion, and they're kinda right
>Defiance-lite happens with only a small region getting terraformed, a small conflict instead of a bloody war, and no cults to ship's AI, also Sporgle may have stopped Luna instead of soldiers calling a truce
>the magic, however, eventually gets to every part of the world and causes magic shenanigans, while humans try to harness the new power, despite not being magical themselves
>something something RGR- I mean Technology isn't Magic
Hm, sounds interesting. Do you plan to write more on that?
What do I look like to you, a writefag?
Would if I could, but it's very difficult for me to write consistently, as in not dropping something for months on end.
Best I can offer at this time, I'm afraid, is prompts like that one and autistic brainstorming.
File: 1580279300735.jpg (55 KB, 542x616)
55 KB
so the question is where would the put down?
the american midwest would be immediate contact/conflict against the global superpower and have unknown effects on humans already in the area, but would be the easiest place to establish themselves
pacific islands would be somewhat isolated and be within the realm of possibility for trade, but food would be harder to secure
antarctica or greenland would be even more isolation from the rest of the world and fit the whole 'crystal empire is the gem of the frozen wastes' thing, but again food would be the #1 issue
terraforming the sahara would be enormous magical shock and awe as a green sahara would get *everyone's* attention, especially if they set down on the shores of the mediterranean and become a new power, but then they'd have immediate proximity to niggers which nobody wants
siberia is another one of those 'frozen gem' locations
i fucking love how this could go and will think this through while at work today
how large an area were you thinking when you said 'terraform'? a 20-50 mile circle or so? because cities aren't small things and need supporting land surrounding them
It was at the end of "the Hoofields and Mccolts", where twilight was rambling to fluttershy, right before the credits.
I don't have the clip on me right now, but I was reminded of it from this video.
>so the question is where would the put down?
Right on Aelia Capitolina.
Ambient magic start spontaneously blasting anyone that's too much of an antithesis to Harmony, effectively acting as a booster shot to Hadrian's vaccine.
there'd certainly be something about the crystal city landing smack dab in the middle of the holy land, but their immediate neighbors would be sandniggers which is only a half-step up from landing in the sahara, and a full step down in some aspects. maybe millenia of dealing with griffons has immunized celestia, luna, and maybe cadence from their tricks, but most certainly not the average joe pony
File: quality pone.jpg (112 KB, 469x600)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>ponies landing in Siberia or anywhere in Russia really
It's gonna go either horribly wrong, or horribly right. Still, methinks the first contact would go a good deal smoother.
Then the permafrost starts thawing out and the ship sinks into the ground, forcing ponies and whoever else they brought along to live among the humans.
i can already envision pegasi reeing over how much of a mess earth's weather is and how much work it'll take to fix it
imagine how much nations will pay to have a squadron of pegasi to maintain their weather
i suspect that equestria will do what they can to keep their monopoly on magic for as long as possible, but knowing glowniggers they'll kidnap a unicorn or dozen to try and figure out new and exciting methods of tyranny
Thanks for the link. You know it's kind of interesting think about the fact Twilight put "quantum physics" on the same level as "why the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"
The pony world probably learned both of those things around the same time considering they're usually around magic before anything else.
Maybe one day AJ will figure out the answer to the 2nd problem.
It reminds me of that thing in Civ games where you get really far down one tech tree while completely ignoring some earlier techs.
in this case the advanced tech tree would be magic
Tech bump.
I decided to edit War Anon green and is more readable. I took me all night.
The world building still in my head so why not?
I'll start updating it again soon, and bring more greens. I will not abandon my greens again any time soon.
Nice thanks, gonna give it another read while waiting for the next parts
Why tf do these use pictures from the austrian soldiers handbook?
Looking forward to it
Artist probably just used whatever showed up when looking for stock images.
File: 1160794.png (876 KB, 1500x1500)
876 KB
876 KB PNG
File: 1487979882164.png (13 KB, 548x564)
13 KB
AJ: "Hell Yeah! My very own Robo-Dash"
an understandable reaction
I got hold of the code for that robot:
50 GOTO 10
What amazing code. It must have taken the programmers ages to come with that.
Meanwhile Dash looks like she wants to say "Oh no, not again"
>as soon as the various tubes and cables were disconnected, the pony's lower body clattered to the floor, practically falling apart
>"Aw man, I was just getting used to that body."
"Then perhaps you should have been more careful with it."
>>"Was she racin' with a maglev train again?"
>"Aw come ON! That happened, like, one time!"
>"I mean, okay, okay fine! It happened t-twice! You happy now?"
>>"Dash, Ah have yer brain activity on this here monitor, Ah can literally see you making things up."
>[audible scrunching]
"So how is our little rocket?"
>>"She's one tough cookie. Dontcha worry yer pretty head, we'll fix 'er right up."
>"…and don't use scrap this time…"
>>"Whatcha saying there Dash?"
>"N-nothing! I-I didn't say anything!"
Okay, I'm almost ready to post the second chapter of the "wasteland" side story that originally started here >>36796832 as a silly April Fools' offshoot. And as announced a while ago, I'll post it in this thread rather than /nmp/ because it heavily features Anon's pony proxy. But the thing is, it too grew much more in length than I originally anticipated, just like the first chapter which spawned from my sketchy original draft in late March. So as a result of that ludicrous miscalculation on my part, this update alone spans forty posts worth of text. No joke.
Now, one Anon asked me not to dump the entire thing at once, and given the bulk of this particular example, I can fully see why this might be too much to handle in one go. So the plan is to split this beast into smaller parts and post them with a short delay in between. The question is, how large do you want them to be? My thought would be either to create two twenty posts segments, or four ten posts parts. But it's better for you to decide on that, as you know what is more suitable to your reading habits. And how much of a delay do you think is appropriate?
The whole thing will of course find its way to Ponepaste too, though only after the text is finalised in its entirety.
Speaking for myself here, I'd prefer the two twenty posts segments, and as for the delay, maybe wait till a new thread comes and post the second segment?
Damn that's big, biggest I delivered at once were 13 posts and during the 2k char era
I'd say to dump all at once as it's already done, make a conter (x/40) underneath for those who want/need to pause midway, but if you really want to break it apart then posting ~10 posts daily could be good, I imagine breaking into 20 would look just as massive as a 40 post one. Also I don't get why delay a whole thread as >>37006408 suggested
Still, even though it'd take like an hour of posting, I'd still vote for the dump+conter myself
>how large
Well, once I saw a whole green posted in ~250 or so posts continuously.
It depends on how much feedback and (you)'s you want. I know you like to posts "whole scenes" (one day, one complete event), but if it makes sense to split it into 10 or so posts (30k characters) then do it.
But I'm not against seeing it posted in one go.

>rather than /nmp/
Sad. I thinks its only 1 or 2 guy making a scene there.
Thanks for the little bit of green
>I'd prefer the two twenty posts segments
Okay, noted.
>maybe wait till a new thread comes and post the second segment?
Hm, guess I have to agree with >>37006844 on this. Waiting for a new thread may be a little too long, considering that this thread is usually not very fast and can very well survive a few weeks before it reaches the bump limit. I was more thinking in terms of hours/days.
>if you really want to break it apart [...] breaking into 20 would look just as massive as a 40 post one
True. That's a good point in favour of 10 post segments.
>Still, even though it'd take like an hour of posting, I'd still vote for the dump+conter myself
Personally, I don't mind burning an hour at a time for this. Though several Anons remarked that my updates tend have a certain girth to them, and that was already said on ~12-15 posts updates at the 2k limit. This one here is a level above even that in all aspects, so it might be a bit of an overkill for some readers. And if a few breaks in the posting help to keep the green readable, I happily oblige. After all, what good does an update bring when people shy away from reading the thing due to its size?
>Well, once I saw a whole green posted in ~250 or so posts continuously.
Oh boy. That's some serious dedication.
>It depends on how much feedback and (you)'s you want.
I'm not interested in (you)s for the sake of farming them or something. It's rather about getting some feedback as to what parts might have been well received, and which parts possibly didn't work at all. It's a good way to have a constructive discussion and read the room, if you will. Though to be fair, I admittedly appreciate it when people take the time to write a reply to my scribbling.
>but if it makes sense to split
As said above, it's mainly about readability.
>Sad. I thinks its only 1 or 2 guy making a scene there.
Don't worry. That only affects the side story, as the man x mare elements in there are probably a bit too much in the background for /nmp/, even though it technically qualifies for the premise.
However, it would just provide a certain someone with too much ammunition to throw a wrench into something which is supposed to be a comedic and somewhat silly side thing. /nmp/ has enough shitposters coming there regularly as it is. And since a few people here are following my green too, it's only apt if I create something for this thread in turn as well.
The main story remains in /nmp/ though. That was a promise and I'm not going to break it.

And I think I'll go with the 4x10 approach, with about twelve hours of delay in between. Those who want to read it piecemeal get a chance to do so, and those who rather prefer to read it in one run can do that on Ponepaste. That site also has a line counter which makes the post counter hassle redundant. Guess that's the best compromise. Part 1 starts probably roughly around midnight local time, so in about an hour and thirty minutes.
Here comes part one. The whole thing is already up at Ponepaste for those who can't wait.
And the other links to the main story, just for the sake of completion.
Have fun.

"Here we go again." - A famous proverb.

>The rush of your first engagement on the game field fades quickly as you get some distance between you and the scene.
>Yet you cannot let your guard down, for you know you are being hunted from now on.
>You are unsure when exactly Mender's jolly little party is coming after you, but they absolutely will sooner or later.
>Especially when he is relieved from his post and returns to the game himself.
>Then you have at least four adversaries to deal with.
>Annoying, though not hopeless if you play your own advantages correctly.
>And one such advantage can even talk to you in person.
"#deca, I need you to be completely upfront from here on out. No more secrets or by the by comments, okay?"
>"Understood, Anon. I will be your eyes and ears."
"Thanks. Are there any more surprises between me and the houses?"
>"None. There are no other ponies or obstacles in the way."
"And in the settlement itself?"
>"It has one current resident. She is not hostile unless provoked though."
"Please define 'provoke'."
>"Do not try to shoot or threaten her. And she will return the favour."
>Sounds easy enough.
>"By the way, the 'dead' are rising from their graves, Anon."
>That quickly?
>You only have a head start of two kilometres or so.
>You turn your head to the site of your fight and magnify the scene in your vision.
>Three colourful specks start to stir and rise.
"Are they trying to chase after me?"
>"They debate this option, as you have left them with most of their equipment. Chances are that they are likely to attempt a pursuit."
>In this case you have to get a move on.
>They know where you are heading anyway, so if you want to pay that hamlet a visit, your only hope is speed.
"And nobody else but them is watching me, correct?"
>"No players, at least. Indeed."
"Okay then. Let's see how they like keeping up with this."
>You burst into a short gallop and take a long leap.
>In midair, you spread your wings and flap steadily to maintain your current height.
>You keep your altitude at somewhere between two or three metres above the soil as you bolt towards the small collection of huts.
>A fast 'below the radar' trip to your destination.
"#deca, where's the resident you mentioned? I don't want to spook her."
>"Underground. She will not notice your rapid approach."
"That's pretty careless for a player."
>"You see, she is not here to partake in the game as such. So she has no stake in the fate of anyone else."
>Your initial gut response is to wonder why the hell someone would join a strange wild west wasteland game, with almost no rules at that, if not for the reason to play it.
>Then again, you have just described yourself.
>"Besides, nopony knows that she is here. Though you might want to talk to her."
>Something makes you doubt that the mysterious pony will be happy if you stumble into her little wasteland shelter, but you trust #deca.mare's assessment.
>You near the hamlet.
>"Anon, are you interested in looting some goodies for the trek?"
"How much stuff is hidden there?"
>"Several caches in different houses."
"Useful things?"
>"Some food and water, soft rubber bullets, and a few bandages."
"Any traps?"
>"None. This place is designed for beginners."
"Okay, I take it. Give me the location of the boxes and I fetch it before meeting the mysterious mare. All in one rush, we're on the clock!"
>"Agreed. The first house you want to visit is the closest one to your left."
>And you follow her instructions as she leads you through the landmark with her master knowledge.
>To shorten the time, you cut the formality of using the door.
>Instead, you promptly storm through the window on the first floor of the small two-storey house.
>You rush to a drawer and find a metal box in it.
>The thing is locked.
"Dammit! I don't have the time or the tools to pick this."
>"Remember, Anon. There is no 'right' way to acquire things in here."
>Some gears in your head grind quickly.
>And it makes click in a matter of seconds.
"Anything fragile inside?"
>"No, none of the boxes here contain easily breakable items.
>Alright, easy mode ensues then.
>You put the box on the ground with the lock looking upwards.
>Then you give the container one merciless kick from above.
>Its metal lock shatters alongside the joint which kept the box intact.
>The container breaks apart with a loud cracking noise.
>A lightly smaller cardboard box is revealed within the wreck.
>It depicts a bunch of rounded rubber pellets.
>Neat if you get a fitting gun.
>You hastily store the ammo box in your saddle bag.
>You rush out of the same window, and fly a curve to directly head for the next house.
>This time you enter the proper way.
>More or less.
>You slam the door open in a hurry, and accidentally hoist the poor thing off its hinges with your liberal application of brute force.
>Yet you pay no attention to the banging of wood against more wood, as you run straight through the hall, and into an adjacent room.
>There you find an unlocked cabinet.
>A yellow box marked by three light rose butterflies greets you.
>The first aid box has no lock like the other one, as that would entirely defeat the purpose of the container.
>But in your urgency, you fail to notice that little detail.
>So you pummel the flaps of the box until they yield and cease to function.
>A small voice in your mind tells you to feel bad for maltreating Fluttershy's Cutie Mark, even though you have only beaten a silly container into submission.
>Still, you do not like that fact.
>You clap the case open and take the two separately packed bandages with you.
>Out again, house number three.
>And a solid wooden crate dies a rackety hero's death under the devil-may-care onslaught of your looting rampage.
>You claim a care package containing a handful of food rations.
>Boxed stuff, so far from the quality of your first hard earned apple.
>But food is food.
>And out in the wastes, every bite counts.
>So with the hamlet taken and sacked in a flash, you go to the fourth and last house.
>A derelict building, in a far more "damaged" state than the others.
>Originally also a two-storey construction, the upper half has been utterly destroyed, and its leftovers were strewn across the landscape.
>Its door is long gone even without a wild Pegasus on the loose.
>And the openings of the windows have been unconventionally expanded by further missing parts.
>Which at one point were somehow ripped out of the outer walls.
>The whole site already screams dud to you, as there is obviously nothing interesting in there whatsoever.
>Really, the only thing you can determine is that there is still enough left of the facade to ensure the stability of what little remains of the ruin.
>That is about it.
>An inconsequential nothing.
>Perfect to hide something from curious eyes.
>You gallop through the main entrance.
>To stand in an uninspired, empty hallway.
>The friendly voice inside your head tells you to walk all the way up to the opposite end of the hall.
>There you take a turn to the right into what appears to be an emptied store room.
>Apart from the wooden planks of the floor, there is literally nothing of interest in here.
>Nevertheless, #deca.mare tells you to enter.
>And once inside, you are told to look at the ground.
>So you do.
>Still, you only see wonderfully generic wood in plank form.
>"Not quite, Anon. There is more to it than what meets the eye."
>You raise an eyebrow and scan the floor.
>Indeed, your goggles pick up a faint energy signature.
"What's this?"
>You reach out with a forelimb, methodically probing the wood beneath you.
>At first, you sense nothing out of the ordinary.
>But then your leg phases right through the wood, getting hold of a grip.
>"Pull it."
>Trusting her words and being curious yourself, you do exactly that.
>As it turns out, the floor has a veiled wooden hatch that you have just opened.
>Leading straight into a cellar.
>"Ugh, great."
>Wait, that voice was not in your mind.
>This came out of the cellar.
>Yet before you can do anything else, a cyan mare's head phases through the faux wooden floor.
>A pony hand... mouthgun sticks between her teeth.
>And her annoyed rosy eyes pin you where you stand.
>So much for non-hostile.
>In your surprise, you do not immediately realise that the mare's mane resembles the vibrant hues of a rainbow.
>But the second you catch up with the events, your slowpoke brain processes who you are looking at.
>From squeaky hammers to Rainbow Dash in one day.
"Oh man, this place has too many colours for a wasteland."
>But Rainbow Dash ignores your comment completely.
>"Thuth ith and come down here bephore somephony elth teeth uth!"
>Her head disappears into the wood again.
>Yet her gun is surely still pointed at your head.
>You follow Rainbow Dash into the cellar and close its hatch behind you.
>As you have expected, she still holds you at gunpoint in the small dimly lit tunnel.
>She clearly did not expect any visitors.
"Look, I 'm not here to cause trouble."
>"Ah? And how dith you thind me?"
>You try it with a variant of the truth this time.
>Perhaps the Element of Loyalty will kindly respond to that.
"I was sent here with a lead."
>A dubious glint flashes in Rainbow's eyes.
>That alerted her.
"I'm not after you though. In fact, I didn't even know who exactly was down here. Only that someone was."
>"Thath doethn't make any senth."
>You sigh.
"I was directed here to find a quiet place to spend a while in. To shake off some trigger happy scavengers."
>Unfortunately, the prospect of a bunch of scavengers knocking at her door makes the mare only even more furious.
>You addressed the wrong subject.
>Say something else.
"Thing is, I'm a Royal Courier. Out to deliver some documents in the name of Princess Celestia."
>Suddenly, as if some magic words were spoken, her gaze softens a little.
>Only a tiny bit though.
>"Prooth it."
"Alright, I can. I'll get a scroll out of my bag. Don't get alarmed though, I've got an energy weapon under my cloak."
>Once more, the mare stiffens her alarmed stance.
>Yet she gives you the benefit of the doubt.
>So you slowly sit down to untie the cloak and reveal your full loadout.
>You wait a second to let the sight sink in before you reach for the bag.
>And the gun never loses its focus on you while you do.
>A short moment of rummaging around in your inventory follows, then you slowly pull out a long, aureate casing.
>Sealed with the emblem of Equestria's sun.
>The Royal Mark of a diarch.
>And despite Rainbow Dash's famous disinterest for anything of this noble fancy, she does recognise what you are holding.
>She lowers the gun and puts it on her own back.
>"Follow me, but be quiet. Don't want any of those amateurs up there to hear us."
>Rainbow Dash turns around and slowly trots off.
>You follow her through the narrow passage for about twenty metres.
>Until it leads into a much brighter and larger cavern, lit by candles and torches on the walls.
>The interior is... unique.
>A plain bed, a table filled with loads of scribbled notes, stools, and other pieces of old wooden furniture.
>Like showcases and stands.
>And what catches your interest is that each of these pieces hold ancient artefacts of various kinds, gathered throughout the entirety of Equestria.
>Old temple treasures of the south.
>Rare crystalline formations gathered from the vicinity of the Crystal Empire, and brimming with a lot of potent energy within.
>A magically enchanted Zebra mask which gives its wearer a limited insight into the hidden arcane secrets of the world.
>And, last but not least, a certain small piece of ornament which is commonly known as the Alicorn Amulet.
>One fast scan with your goggles confirms that all of these items are the real deal, and not some very well made replicas.
>And all of them have the potential to corrupt or deceive the user in one way or another with the temptation of extreme power.
>You are looking at Equestria's variant of a doomsday device vault.
"Holy shit."
>Your host replies with a hushed, but nevertheless confident voice.
>"Impressed? Hah, you ought to."
>Rainbow Dash notices that you look in silent awe at the display down here.
>She knows that you are aware of the potential behind these artefacts.
>"You better don't try to open any of these things. They're magically protected to remain sealed."
>She grins and motions you to sit down on one of the stools.
>"And in contrast to the crystal that upholds the illusion at the stairs, they'll kick your flank if you try. Even I can't touch them. Take a seat."
>You notice something peculiar at this point in time.
>The mare in front of you does not sound like the Rainbow Dash you are familiar with.
>The looks fit perfectly, though some things are a little odd.
>Her voice is rough and seasoned, yet it lacks the distinct raspy pronunciation.
>The choice of words is different.
>And she does not act as boastful as she should either.
>Besides, when would one of Equestria's most famous stunt fliers hide herself and a bunch of old artefacts inside a concealed bunker?
>Rainbow Dash is far too closely bound to the skies for that.
"Who are you?"
>Your host looks at you in light confusion.
>"Huh? What do you mean?"
"A simple question, isn't it? Who are you?"
>"Are you serious? Have you never heard of Rainbow Dash? Ponyville? Element of Loyalty? You know, the one who helped saving Equestria dozens of times?"
"Sure did. More than you imagine, actually."
>You keep standing.
>On guard, but not trying to come off as aggressive.
"That's why I know you ain't it."
>"Rainbow Dash" sighs.
>"You're far too inquisitive for your own good."
"Nah. Just got almost ripped off by a scavenger less than five minutes in. So excuse my caution."
>"Scrap Mender?"
>"Heh, I know him. Good stallion in the real world. But he's a sleazy pain in the rump at the games."
"Don't derail the topic. Who are you?"
>"Alright, alright. You got me. I'm not Rainbow Dash. I only look very similar to her for some strange reason."
"I noticed. And your name?"
>Not-Rainbow-Dash puts the gun on the table and strikes a pose, wings flared and ready to pounce.
>You take a step back just to be cautious.
>"Imagine me with an ochre coat and a dark grey mane. Ring any bells?"
>You understand immediately.
>As you mentally add an adventurer's hat and an olive shirt to the composition.
>"The one and only."
>Is that right, #deca?
>The mare in your mind replies accordingly.
>"She is telling the truth."
>You relax somewhat.
"What's someone like you doing here in the middle of nothing?"
>"First things first. You're serving the Crown, yes?"
"I do. Sent by Celestia herself."
>You take a breath and think of something to ultimately convince her.
"And if my memory serves me right, you're serving the diarchy as well."
>Daring's eyes widen in surprise.
>"How do you know that?"
>You shrug casually.
"Access to the Royal archives. Can do wonders sometimes."
>She breathes once before she continues.
>"So I hope I can count on your secrecy."
"Yeah. You don't have to bonk me over the head and take the artefacts somewhere else while I'm knocked out cold. I keep my mouth shut."
>Another thought crosses your mind.
"How have you brought them here anyway? You didn't ferry..."
>You let a forehoof pan around the room.
"...all of these across the wasteland, did you?"
>Not to mention her relying on only one exit.
>That could end very badly if someone decided to obstruct it.
>Be it only unwittingly.
>"Right, I didn't. There's a hidden door on the other side of the cavern. Connects this cellar to an old tunnel system made out of iron."
>You tilt your head.
"Oh? You mean 'those' old tunnels?"
>"You know them?"
"Never been there in person, though I heard they can lead everywhere."
>You put a very strong emphasis on your words to hint at your own limited knowledge of the situation.
>For you have a sneaking suspicion you want to check out.
>"Nopony knows who originally dug the complex, but yes. You heard right. It has underground ways and exits all over Equestria. Some even reach up to the old abandoned mines beneath Canterlot Castle if you trot long enough."
"Do they?"
>"Oh, they do. Many Royal scouts charted the tunnels when the structures were first discovered. They're abandoned and safe to travel, but hardly anyone uses them. You don't want to go there without a map and a very good sense of navigation."
>You take a long, hard breath.
"So the cave's connected to the terraformer tunnels."
>"The what?"
>You did not exactly think this through before you said that out loud, and only realise the blunder after the fact.
"Never mind, it's just the name I know them by."
>And you happen to know that they are not quite as abandoned as Daring Do makes them out to be, though you have no way to properly explain that to her.
>Plus, she could not understand it.
>Interestingly though, you believe she does not quite buy this thin explanation either and senses that there is more to the matter than you tell her.
>"What's your name, by the way?"
>"That's a pseudonym, isn't it."
>You shake your head.
>"Come on, I've used enough of them myself to spot these things. You have another, a real name, don't you?"
"No, I'm really called Anon."
>"Weird. Never heard of such a pony name."
>You grin slyly.
"Guess my parents always wanted me to become a secret agent."
>Daring Do is not overly carried away by your joke, but she leaves the matter as it is.
"Back to my question though, what are you doing here with all that stuff?"
>"Isn't it obvious? This place is a stash for the 'stuff'. To prevent the things from being misused. Hidden underneath the racket of the games above, it's the perfect spot to safeguard the items. Remotely located, yet completely in our reach."
"So in short, you're the curator."
>"At the moment. I'm not the only one though. And we are looking for ways to purify these artefacts without reducing their potency. But until we found a way, they're better off behind some enchanted glass."
>For some reason you have the positive feeling that they will be successful one day.
"And what about the other entrance? Aren't you concerned someone like me can just march in here? That's a security risk if I ever saw one."
>"I too have to get some rations somehow, you see? Besides, you're the first to find it in dozens of cycles."
>Daring Do clears her voice as she sorts her notes.
>"Didn't think you would though. Your plundering sounded so horribly inept, I thought you were a bloody beginner."
>So you imagine this is why your finding ticked her off so vehemently.
>Getting ousted by an apparent idiot must be a fate nobody wants to experience.
>Much less a hardened adventurer like Daring.
>For she is certainly much tougher than most of the other ponies around here.
"You heard that?"
>Daring Do loses her composure for a moment.
>"Are you kidding? Everypony around us heard you! You raged around like a crazed poltergeist!"
>Considering that you put a giant spotlight on her hideout, that ire is just too understandable.
>You try to defuse the conversation before a wrong word of either of you gives your location away to the scavengers on the surface.
>They must surely be looking for you at this very moment.
>And it would be in the interest of nobody if they find you and the cellar.
"Okay, okay. I understand. Sorry for that. My... sources didn't mention anything about this deposit."
>Your irate host calms down a notch and invites you again to take a seat.
>You accept this time.
>It helps to have a civilised conversation at a table rather than a standoff at gunpoint.
>"Let me be honest with you. I'm not sure why you were sent my way to begin with. I rarely work with others and can't leave my post for very long."
"Well, all I was told is that I may want to have a chat with you."
>"That's all?"
"Uh huh."
>"Looks like I'm not the only one who gets cryptic instructions when it comes to mission briefings."
>A pause.
>"Thought it was just me because of my books."
"Yeah, doubtful. You over-dramatise your stories far too much. No pony would ever see them as a security breach when more than half of the stuff is either made up or exaggerated like crazy."
>Daring Do shrugs.
>"I need to keep my readers hooked, don't I? And it's a fine business for everyone too. The readers get the stories they crave, and I have my expenses covered."
>Neat explanation, but you know that there is more to the story than this.
"And your 'friend'?"
>Your notion causes the adventurous mare to smile.
>"My dear colleague 'Cheval Renom' profits too. He receives a fair cut of the earnings for playing the comically villainous doctor. Finances his own trips into the wild with the bits."
"Sounds fine to me."
>Heh, if the world knew that the hero and the villain are working hoof in hoof, the readers would cause an uproar.
>Then again, barely anyone knows that the two characters are real ponies in the first place.
>But at least that strange chimeric villain remains a pure figment of her imagination; he would be an anatomical nightmare to deal with otherwise.
>Certainly, all of these things are more parts of the ploy as a whole.
>After all, the two love to play their games on several layers at once.
>Especially when nobody from the outside can determine which parts of the stories might be real, and which are total fabrications by the writers.
>And doubly delicious irony is at work once more, since Daring is wholly unaware that she is in good company in that respect right now.
>For all her justifiable doubts about you, she plainly cannot even comprehend just how much of a difference there truly is between the two of you.
>On the other hand, you are glad that neither of them knows of your little bet with #deca.mare regarding the question whether the two 'friendly rivals' will end up as a couple or not.
>Different and unrelated topic though.
>You have more questions to ask anyway.
"But why are you running around as Rainbow Dash?"
>"Simple delusion. For the brief moments I'm on the surface to garner supplies. Let others think it's another known mare who sweeps the field."
>Daring grins.
>"Hides my own tracks very well."
"Hm, I'm not sure Rainbow would approve."
>"Pheh, she owes me that one for almost ruining my golden ring mission. And I at least try to do her justice and make her look 'awesome', as she would put it."
"Suit yourself. I don't think I could pretend to be someone else like this."
>Which is the boldest lie you have possibly ever spoken.
>And Daring Do is not convinced either.
>Strike three on your part.
>"Don't try to take me for a fool. You do the exact same thing. And more."
>Uh, what?
>How does she know this?
>Especially the last part.
"Come again?"
>"You deliberately mislead everpony by acting like a blunt amateur. And you only say half the truth at best. Tell me how this deception is different from mine."
>Ah yes, of course.
>Everything you did so far was the sole genius stratagem of your mastermind.
>It is not like you had help from an invisible friend or anything.
>Yet this is not an argument you can use against her.
>What comes up next, however, is your own idea from beginning to end.
"Never mind that."
>"One of your key phrases, huh?"
"Really, I think I'm starting to see why I was sent to you."
>"Oh? Do tell."
"I reckon you won't help me in delivering my scrolls, do you?"
>She wordlessly points at all the artefacts around you in this room.
"Thought so. But perhaps you can help me with those scavengers."
>"To draw even more attention to this region? That brilliant plan is the best strategy you have in mind?"
"That's not gonna happen if we do this right."
>"Bold words. So what is it?"
"I want to discourage them from following me and return to their own base instead. At least for a little while."
>You grin deviously.
"By raiding the raiders before they can raid us."
>Daring Do listens to you quietly.
>Your use of the word "us" does not seem to feel particularly appealing to her.
>For her priorities are elsewhere.
"These punks tried to get me as they thought I was easy prey. Now they follow me because I didn't take all their stuff the first time around."
>She raises an eyebrow.
>"And because you bruised their ego, I assume?"
"Probably. Problem is, I don't want them to get my scrolls. They're meant for the big shots around here. Each for the leader of one faction."
>A nod.
>"I think I know who you mean."
"But I can't do that when I have that group hot on my heels the whole time. I need to take them out again to win a little breathing space."
>"Not because you want their gear?"
>You shake your head.
"That's secondary to me. They don't have much I can use reliably anyway."
>"Alright. But why do you need my help when you have beaten them on your own?"
"They weren't properly prepared for the fight. But they'll be smarter next time. And let's face it, it's in your own interest to help me."
>"Really? You like to talk big, don't you?"
"Am I wrong?"
>Daring Do feigns to contemplate your proposal.
>"Hm, now that you ask, why yes. Yes, I think you're dead wrong."
"About what?"
>"Your plan won't work. It's going to backfire and pound your flank sooner or later. Because the harder you trounce them, the more they want to get you."
>You snicker.
"That doesn't sound at all like the brave adventurer you write about in your novels."
>She rolls her eyes.
>"Oh, please. I spanked the rears of thugs before you were even foaled."
>Well, technically not wrong.
"Only two-dimensional though."
"Nothing. Carry on."
>Displeased by yet another weird hand-wave of yours, Daring do taps the table with her forehoof.
>"Anyway, they're no challenge for me on the field. They'll turn tail and run before you can count to ten. But retreat or no retreat, they'll come back for a rematch. And I don't want them here."
>The subtle irate notion returns to her speech.
>"You have no idea how annoying it is to transport all of this. And that's why this place mustn't get busted. Do you understand?"
>You do.
>Including the slight criticism against your person for bringing the scavengers near the cavern at all.
"So you think we could drive them to a hunt if we poke them hard enough?"
>"That's what I said."
"All the better, actually."
>You receive another look of scepticism.
"We just have to make them chase me, and only me. Then they won't bother looking around this place anymore."
>As she follows your words, Daring Do looks at you in puzzlement.
>"Wait a second. I thought you wanted to get rid of them. Now you say you WANT them to start a chase? So which is it now?"
"They're after me no matter what. Mender called for a hunt before I even got here, so this won't change either way. And that's a good thing in the long run as I've got to cause some ruckus. The big leaders shall take note of a lone little Pegasus courier out in the wild."
>You pause to take a breath and let your words sink in.
"But like I said, the three build up too much pressure too early on. Hence the needed respite."
>"You play a strange game there, Anon. If that is your name to begin with."
"It is. And yeah, I'm aware. Believe me though, I have the resources for it. Most of them, anyway."
>And most importantly, you have a mare who talked you into all of this in the first place.
>Still, more options are always better.
"Though a little assistance of yours would help me a great deal."
>Daring sighs.
>"Gotta take your word for it, I guess."
>Enthusiasm sounds differently.
>You need to motivate her some more.
"Honestly, think rationally about our situation. These three won't leave until they found me, that much is clear. So we are left with two options. We wait and hope against better knowledge, or we act and take the matter into our own ha... hooves. Time isn't in our favour though."
>You feel you need to elaborate on that point some more.
"If we wait until tomorrow, Mender will join them too."
>Daring Do grumbles as you mention that name again.
>Yes yes, you get the message.
>In-game pain in the rump.
>Clearly, she does not want that stallion around these parts if she can avoid it.
>And maybe you should add another little, yet vital detail.
>Even though Daring Do will not like what she is about to hear.
>You cough coyly.
"And I may... or may not have... accidentally challenged him after I bested his band."
>The adventurer's response is a groaning facehoof.
>One of the spontaneous kind.
>"Oh for Celestia's sake! I should have shot your head when I got the chance!"
>You go the most blatant way possible and simply overlook that last exclamation.
"Can I count on you?"
>Diplomacy at its best.
>She rubs her cyan dyed temples.
>"You won't stop making things worse for me until I say yes, huh?"
"I'd appreciate your cooperation. As a fellow helper of the Crown."
>And as a token of your gratitude, you promise you will personally donate a gift to celebrate the future birth of her first foal with Caballeron.
>Or Cheval Renom.
>Or whatever other pseudonym he will use.
>Though you keep that speck of foal optimism to yourself too.
>You do not want to find out how many proxy bones Daring Do can break when she is really angry.
>The proverbial and unintentional middle finger you have shown her is large enough already.
>Maybe you should consult Cadence on this matter when this is all over though.
>In the name of love, of course.
>And your bet.
>But #deca.mare has some stern words to say on your ponderings.
>"No. This is their decision to make. Or not to make. We have no say in this, Anon. Besides, that would be cheating."
>Okay, you yield.

That's the first ten. Will post the next batch in twelve hours. And as stated in the beginning, the whole text is already available in the paste if you want to read more.
>in twelve hours
No need to rush.
Thanks Ponegreen!
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Thats a good camera angle.
Batch two.

>Yet you must admit that their foals would surely be adorable.
>Fortunately for everybody involved in current events, however, Daring Do is blissfully unaware of your musings regarding her love life.
>Otherwise her next words would be far from those she is actually going to say out loud.
>"Fine. I'll help you."
"Wait, you do? Thank y..."
>Her forehoof shoots in your direction.
>"Ah! Don't thank me yet. I must insist on a recompense for my... aid."
>You let your ears droop.
>"Of course. In case you haven't noticed, stuff's scarce around here. Food, fuel for the torches, the quaint stuff they call 'bullets', you name it."
"You know these guns are mere toys, yeah?"
>"Doesn't matter. The ponies up there believe in their power, so they work for all I care. Also,..."
>The raised hoof bonks the table.
>"...consider it your dunce fee for being so careless as to bring scavengers near a secret hiding place. And because you omit too much. Acted tomfoolery or strategic choice, I don't care. That was a reckless move of you."
"Now that's mean."
>"No, that's what I call practical. I don't have all day to look around for material, so I can only ever leave at night when nopony is watching too closely. And I never take stuff from the hamlet above. Would be too suspicious."
>A second thud of hoof on wood.
"And you've ruined my collection run tonight. Which means I'll need to get them elsewhere."
>Of course.
>She demands the stuff you have plundered from the hamlet.
>After all, when everyone knows that you have ravaged the place, her alibi remains tight even if she receives the goods from you eventually.
"If you insist. Fifty fifty?"
>"I was more thinking of two thirds to one."
"Not demanding at all."
>"It's not like you have many options."
>You tilt your head sceptically.
"Neither do you if you can't scout."
>"Take a wild guess why I demand more than a half."
>Fair point.
>"So how much was hidden in those crates? Put it all on the table."
>You reach out to your mare lover in orbit.
>#deca, she knows exactly how much was stored there, doesn't she?
>"Indeed, Anon. The amount cached at each individual site is roughly the same every time, with just a few minor changes in their composition. Only the manner of how they are hidden can vary greatly."
>So she is testing me.
>In that case, you play with an open deck of cards.
>For you have strained any sense of trust to the breaking point already.
>You unpack everything you have stored.
>The ammo box, the care packages, and the two bandages.
>Daring Do eyes you.
>"That's all?"
>She asks coldly with a clear rational notion.
>Testing your integrity to such a degree that you almost feel like a liar despite telling the truth.
"Yeah. In... three stashes."
>She nods slowly.
>At first it feels like she is further probing you.
>But then her expression turns into a much more approving one.
>"Fine. Let's have a look."
>Daring Do carefully investigates everything you have laid out on the table.
>After a few minutes, she begins to separate them into two piles.
>Each with a packed bandage, yet one with distinctively less foodstuffs than the other.
>At last, she tries to open the cardboard box.
"Daring, wait."
>"What is it?"
"I'm willing to cede the whole box to you if we share the food a bit more evenly."
>"You do?"
"Yup. The rubber has no value to me without the right gun to fire it."
>Daring's hoof rests on the box, holding it in its place on the table.
>"Little tip for future bartering, friend. Never say something has no value to the pony you want to sell it. Only weakens your position. But..."
>She shoves the ammo box right in the centre, and places a few portions of food from the larger pile right next to it.
>"...I'm willing to accept your deal."
>Daring Do waits until you prepare to say something.
>Just to interrupt you before you can start.
>"But only if you convince me with a compelling argument."
>A shrug.
>"Tell me a reason why I should give away something I can chew on for a bunch of rubber balls."
>You hesitate a few seconds as you carefully evaluate what to say next.
>Eventually, you find an answer you believe to be good enough from a practical standpoint.
"Because sometimes bullets are more valuable than food, depending on your situation. We're about to head into a firefight and you'll need all the replacements you can get for the shots you inevitably take today. So why give a third of them away if you can have them all? And in a time of doubt, you still can trade fired shots for food if you're in a tight spot."
>You let that answer sink in and watch how Daring Do responds.
>First she does nothing.
>Then she smiles.
>"See? That wasn't so hard, was it? I knew you aren't as dim as you pretend to be."
>She takes the ammo and pushes the boxed food your way.
>At least the distribution of foodstuffs is now almost at fifty to fifty.
>Considering the circumstances, this is probably the best trade you can hope for.
>You take your share of the loot and store it in your bags again.
>And so you have more than halved your gains of the day.
>To hire a legendary adventurer cloaked as a different famous pony.
>Friendship expiration limit: One battle.
>Still, worth it.
>You must take whatever strange things the wasteland has to offer.
>And as the two of you tend to your personal equipment, you hear steps and shoving noises coming from above.
>Daring Do jumps to her gun in the blink of an eye, and motions you to freeze.
>You comply without a comment.
>Both of you stand still as statues while you closely listen to every single sound you can hear through the thick walls around you.
>It is not much, but enough to comprehend that several ponies are turning the architecture above upside down.
>In their search for a certain Pegasus, no doubt.
>Minutes pass before the noise gradually tones down once more.
>Eventually, Daring Do deems it safe enough to talk to you again, albeit in a very hushed voice.
>"Don't think they've left. They're camping somewhere nearby. Waiting for you to show up."
"Yeah, thought so. Ready to teach them who's the boss?"
>Daring Do's hisses quietly.
>"No! I told you I won't leave until dusk!"
"Meaning we're stuck here until then?"
>"We are. Welcome to the life of an underground pony."
>And as such, you are more or less forced to spend the next hours together.
>You cannot leave without being spotted, and Daring Do sure as hell will not let you endanger the integrity of her hideout.
>So you wait.
>The first hour is filled with awkward silence, in which you barely exchange a syllable with one another.
>But after you have waited for long enough and convinced yourself that it is safe to talk in very muffled tones, you ask Daring for more information about the wasteland and its topography.
>Of course, you could also rely on your encyclopaedic mare in the sky, but she insisted on you to play the game more or less as it was meant to be played.
>Gaining information is part of that experience.
>And Daring Do helps you out, free of additional charge.
>Probably in an attempt to pass the time with you as quickly as possible, but never mind.
>She picks up a loose piece of parchment and draws you a map with the outlines of the game zone.
>Including most of the important points of interest within.
>And your quick crash course in wasteland one-oh-one begins.
>Daring explains to you that the parts near the entrances all have low-level, low-risk waypoints.
>Such as the hamlet you are currently hiding in.
>There are about a dozen or so of those.
>Barely relevant for most veterans, with only modest loot and not much to do.
>Organised ambushes notwithstanding, of course.
>The other remote locations near the outer rim, but a bit further away from the entrances, are intermediate to moderately rated ones.
>Similar in number to the beginner spots, yet somewhat harder to reach from the starting points.
>An uptick in difficulty and rewards for more skilled ponies in search for better material, but who are still not reaching the cutting edge quite yet.
>Further towards the centre are the really interesting locations.
>The most challenging treasure troves, and the most contested fortresses with the best supplies.
>And more importantly for your mission, the main bases of each faction.
>There are four of them, and they are all relatively evenly distributed in a ring around the core section of the map.
>And these bases, whilst certainly powerful in their own right and, if necessary, able to house several hundreds of ponies each, all have unique characteristics that reflect the spirit of each faction.
>Which can be both their strength and weakness.
>One is a heavily Earth pony dominated scavenger fortress, cobbled together by whatever material the ponies could find to build an imposing castle of scrap.
>A well connected network of artisans and scavengers cooperate to ensure a steady influx of resources from the field.
>Enabling the main group, or "clan" in the fortress to maintain a decent living, and still support a number of minor and loosely allied secondary clans in smaller settlements.
>In many ways, Daring Do describes them as rough, but also the "economic" powerhouse in the wasteland which has a moderate bit of everything equipment wise.
>Though on the flipside, they are also the most prone group of individuals to lapse into internal power shifts and tournaments, as minor clans try to gain prestige and influence to hold more sway in the dealings of the core fortress in turn.
>Ponies who love contests feel right at home there.
>And they are the largest faction by far, at least in terms of raw numbers.
>For instance, Scrap Mender's little band belongs to the veterans of a more influential satellite group in this faction.
>Daring Do muses that he calculated on an easy victory against a legit Royal Courier to prove himself and the value of his group.
>You reckon that you gave the hornet's nest a good clap already by defeating them this quickly.
>Another base is a bunker like tunnel system, housing ponies with a knack for experimental projects.
>Predominantly consisting of Unicorn magicians, yet also staffed by a handful of other ponies with some knowledge of the arcane in one way or another.
>Members of their ranks usually wander outside to test their newest inventions on the field.
>Like potions and spells the world has never seen before.
>With highly varying shades of efficiency and success.
>On one day they may bring forth frighteningly effective concoctions.
>And on others their inventions fizzle out like firecrackers, or cease to function with a puff of dark smoke.
>Naturally, this group has strict security protocols in order to not create anything truly harmful, but sometimes they nevertheless become the victims of scorched hair and minor burns.
>Much to the complaints of the medic teams, for they are frequently needed when individuals of this group are involved in virtually anything of note.
>As such, most of the other players try to avoid contact with these bunker dwellers.
>Because even though they are the most polite and upfront association of them all, they are also utterly unpredictable.
>You may never know when something these ponies make will blow up in your face.
>And such a trait is generally unpopular in most circles.
>The third faction, also residing in a fortified bunker, and similarly largely made up of Earth ponies and Unicorns, have a different focus.
>Like the other two, they love to stride the fields to test their mettle in confrontations.
>But whereas one swears on fortifying collected scrap, and the other on alchemic or magical jumble, this group relies heavily on crafting, improving, and perfecting their personal gear for the arena.
>In so doing, these ponies master both the offence and defence, and possess an unusually large amount of top-notch equipment.
>Nearly all pieces of armour and weaponry in their arsenal are unique custom fabrications and works of art in their own right.
>For each and every one within their ranks is constantly driven by the desire of adapting and improving personal belongings so that they better cater to individual preferences on the field.
>Making them in many ways the most sophisticated group of ponies with the highest power per player on an individual level.
>Yet at the same time they are also the most difficult gang to negotiate with, despite being the smallest faction in terms of numbers.
>And the doctrine of quality over quantity can hold its ground just fine on the game field, which further makes them perceive themselves as a sort of righteous knightly order amongst the "rabble".
>Or they are at the very least pretty convincing in playing that role within this zone.
>Proud and self-confident due to their advantages, and still somewhat chivalrous in a manner that nobody outside their circle truly understands, this heavily geared breed of wastelanders is a comparatively rare sight.
>But whenever some show up, the situation usually gets heated very quickly.
>All the tinkering and the improvements of their arsenal require a great deal of material to work with.
>And lacking the supply lines of the more common scavenger clans, some other methods of requisition must do the job instead.
>So when the "knights" are riding to gain more fodder for their craftwork, they apply any means necessary to obtain what they seek.
>No matter who or what stands in their way.
>Plus, Daring Do warns you that one should plan very far ahead before felling a member of these ranks.
>Because the self-proclaimed knights take the loss of their stuff remarkably badly, and are hell-bent and willing to hunt anyone who bested them in combat and plundered their "remains".
>Often with the help of a couple of others in the process.
>And they have a high success rate of avenging on another and undo the "mistakes".
>As you hear this, you are plainly grateful that you were not compelled to fight a trio of these right from the start.
>The fourth side, mainly founded by Pegasi, deploys a small staging post on the ground which coordinates several dozens of cloud structures above the field.
>They are the most mobile of factions, but also the one with the least amount of physical resources, given their reliance on clouds and sky travel.
>Still, the Pegasus teams too are a force to be reckoned with.
>As you already know, the fliers have a strong favour for powerful energy weapons out of sheer necessity, despite their relative rarity.
>However, given their practical monopoly on recharging the energy cells through natural means, the Pegasi have the liberty to use these weapons far more efficiently and liberally than their ground-bound rivals.
>With no real fear to ever run out of ammunition on top of that.
>An advantage the Pegasi use to the fullest, as they often form agile assault squads and have them flying just barely beneath the cloud layer, looking for suitable targets.
>Hard to see from the ground, whilst they themselves can see everything perfectly.
>Always ready to swoop down from the skies to take out smaller, unsuspecting targets in a matter of seconds after their discovery.
>Hit and run fun for the whole family.
>Provided you have wings or know a Unicorn who can make you walk on air.
>And as you process this, you must immediately imagine an army of magically butterfly-winged non-pegasi lurking in the clouds and fluttering towards their hapless victims, guns blazing.
>Preferably to the tune of Wagner.
>It would surely make for a fascinating intimidation scene.
>Though Daring Do quickly dashes your vision of riding butterfly ponies, and instead reminds you to consider the more practical aspects of your situation.
>She states, for instance, that you have a considerable advantage as a Pegasus, as you could maybe even get "hired" by these fliers to gain their attention.
>But upon your question on how long this might take, she cannot give you a definite answer.
>The finer politics of this place are not her affair in the slightest.
>And that concludes Daring Do's Quick and Dirty Guide to the State of the Wasteland, Personalised Edition.
>Now you have a more comprehensive glimpse of what to expect, and you find yourself having trouble to take it all in properly.
>In short, the whole scenery is a vortex of strangely sportsmanlike chaos.
>Where ponies bombard each other with foam, rubber, magic lightshows, and who knows what else.
>And you are supposed to get to all of these places, and merrily knock on their doors for a mail delivery.
>Without getting shot at.
>Easy, absolutely.
>Strangely though, you begin to think it would be somewhat cute, if things were not so serious for your entrusted mission.
>You study the scribbled map and examine the exact location of every single waypoint.
>And the places around the main hubs in particular.
>Whilst these four positions appear to be very close to each other, the scale of the map indicates that they are at least five kilometres apart from their respective neighbours.
>Linear distance.
>Ensuring just enough space to both allow everyone to mind their own business if they want to, but also to give more aggressive types the chance to provoke some direct confrontations.
>Additionally, each party attempts to hold several minor locations around their base.
>Not only to expand their sphere of influence, but also to hinder the others in their endeavours to dominate the centre.
>For the material stashes therein are the largest of the entire wasteland.
>Because even though every group requires different materials for their projects, or different amounts of key resources for that matter, they all need to reach the centre to find the best quality goods for their individual needs.
>Turning it into an eternal bone of contention.
>You put your head on the table and sigh.
"That'll be a lot of work."
>"It is. The way I see it, you have two options. Either you try to gain the trust of each faction leader, or you challenge them to face you in person."
>Maybe there is a third.
"Or I sneak right into it."
>"Hah, good luck. You'd need to be an expert in infiltration and dungeon exploration for this."
"Like you?"
>"I'm sure I could. But I won't."
"Don't you like a challenge?"
>"Forget it. The artefacts here have priority over your scrolls."
>Daring Do leaves her seat at the table and trots over to a pair of saddle bags in the corner of the cavern.
>"Be glad I'm helping you to get rid of the three above us."
>She pulls a pair of goggles out of the bag and dons it.
>Then she trots to the nearest drawer to pick up a small transparent crystal.
"What's this?"
>"Magic notifier. It alarms me when somepony touches the cellar door or one of the artefacts."
"But then it's too late to return in time."
>"Hah! Unless the raider has deep arcane knowledge on how to undo paralysis enchantments, no. The average pony needs half a day to recover enough to stand up again."
>A sensation you know just too well from other contexts.
>"Now come and get ready. It's almost sundown."
>You put your bags on the table and inspect them, making sure everything is in its place.
>"Take the map too. It's yours now."
"Thanks, really."
>A casual wave is all you get as response.
>Daring is far too focused on getting her own stuff in order.
>So you do the same as you add the wasteland map to your equipment.
>In this moment, #deca.mare hails you.
>"I have sent a copy of the map to your HUD, Anon. You can call upon it any time."
>And you try that with a thought.
>A perfectly digitally rendered and interactive map, based on Daring's hastily scribbled doodle, appears in your vision.
>Showing you all the places of the wasteland.
>Those you have visited are highlighted, and those you have not seen yet are greyed out.
>The latter category is unsurprisingly the crushing majority.
>And a red dot shows your current position on the field.
>Daring Do replies.
>"You said that already."
>You shake your head.
"Oh, sorry. Never mind."
>"You know, if you weren't so crafty, I'd say there's something strange about you."
"Not really. I just tend to talk to myself when things get... complicated."
>"You really shouldn't do that if you try to sneak."
>Masterful advice.
>Then you notice that Daring Do reveals another, much larger map from a second drawer.
>And this one does not look like the wasteland at all.
>Yet at the same time, you have seen it before.
>Very, very often.
"What do you have there?"
>She looks at the document.
>"This? This is the thing that will save our rears. It's the map of the tunnels below."
"May I see it?"
>"Only if you're careful. We can't use the maze without it."
"Don't worry, I know how to handle maps."
>Daring Do shows a short moment of reluctance before she tentatively hooves the document over to you.
>You put your own bags aside and unfold it on the table.
>The sturdy parchment reveals a complicated web of lines and strokes that fill the entire surface of the thing.
>In addition to the incomprehensible mess of noodle lines comes a series of signs and symbols.
>Roman numbers and Greek letters, designating segments, and indicating both the depth of each tunnel and nearby exits.
>Imagery which is barely known, and much less used by ponies.
>Yet here they all come together on one extensive map.
>And they dot every single line en masse.
>Normally there would be no chance in hell for a first time viewer to understand what he is looking at.
>You, on the other hand, do know exactly how to handle the plan.
>For you have helped in the construction of the complex over a millennium ago.
>And thanks to your highly exclusive insider knowledge, you can tell that the chart before you does not cover the entirety of the caves under Equestria's surface.
>Not by a long shot.
>The ponies have merely charted the upper transport lanes.
>A considerable feat in its own right of course, but the real secrets of the world are till locked to their eyes.
>And the day of the revelation has not come yet.
>You trace the lines on the huge foldable map.
>Starting in the middle and then moving downwards.
>Or rather southwards.
>And once you are sure to know where you are on this extensive plan, you point at the respective spot with a foreleg.
>You look at the adventurer next to you.
"We're here, aren't we?"
>Daring Do clears her voice as her eyes narrow.
>"... and now in the name Tartarus explain to me how you found this out so quickly. You said you never were down there."
>Oh boy, here you are again.
>You gulp once before you answer.
"Believe me, I've never set a... hoof down there in my life. But..."
"... as I said, I heard of the place and tried to study what I could find in the archives. The rest isn't so hard if you know the geography of Equestria."
>As any courier of the realm should.
>You point at a larger hub further to the north.
"If we imagine this map embodies the continent, then this is somewhere under Canterlot. Attached to the crystal mines, correct?"
>A reluctant nod.
>You point a little further down.
>At a place near another, smaller hub.
"Here's Ponyville then. And based on these two spots..."
>Your limb goes more than halfway down the remaining length of the document.
>Until you circle a region of a couple of dozen square kilometres.
"...the wasteland playground must be around here."
>Her inquisitive eyes remain on you.
"Am I right?"
>"You're right."
>A pause.
>"And I believe you're only saying half the truth. Again."
>You shrug.
"Let's just say I spent a lot of time in the archives."
>"Whatever. Are you prepared? We'll leave through the tunnel."
>You figured as much, considering that she packed the large map to begin with.
>You grin.
"Hm, you really think we can't take one of those artefacts with us? I bet I could handle the Alicorn Amulet."
>Daring Do emits a growl that almost sounds like an angry dog.
>"Propose this again and I'll knock you and leave your featherbrain for Scrap and his ilk to catch. These things are dangerous."
>Unless one uses a proxy with hidden features.
>After all, an amulet cannot mess with the spirit of a body that does not possess a soul to begin with.
>"Just for your information, a travelling Unicorn last used the trinket some decades ago. It corrupted her mind almost instantaneously to the point that she changed from stage magician to a tyrant. Right overnight. And she tried to enslave Ponyville for a petty feud afterwards."
>She takes an angry breath.
>"Rumours have it that things got so bad due to her sheer extensive use of magic power, that the mare nearly transformed into an alicorn with her own personal subdued army."
>You have to suppress a laughter.
>Now this is ridiculous.
>Granted, the amulet indeed boosted the mare's magic prowess.
>And yes, it tempted her to perform malicious deeds until Twilight and her friends tricked her to take it off.
>But Trixie as an alicorn with her own troops?
>Oh man, that would be quite a sight with her strategic acumen.
>Or profound lack thereof to be precise.
>Though to be fair to the azure whirlwind, she is thankfully learning to become more sociable without forfeiting her bravado where it truly counts.
>The stage.
>Who knows, maybe she can one day earn alicornhood after all.
>Not impossible in theory.
>But you doubt there will be a princess of fireworks and smoke bombs in Equestria any time soon.
>And a certain dungeon crawler mare has far more pressing concerns involving you at the moment.
>"Get a move on. We're on the clock."
"Sure. After you."
>Daring Do wastes no time as she takes her bags and marches to the cave wall opposite to the entrance from whence you came.
>Then she grabs one of the torch holders, and cranks it to a forty-five degree angle.
>"Magic" light fills the room for the fracture of a second.
>And the seemingly solid rock wall recedes and slides to the side.
>A smooth walkway, leading in two directions, is revealed behind the secret door.
>Several metres both in height and width, and made entirely of metal.
>But despite having no openings for natural light or the like, the architecture is somewhat dimly lit by small "magic" panels that are built into the walls themselves.
>And its sharp edges and rectangular angles remain perfectly even throughout the whole visible length of the structure.
>Daring Do trots onto the metal path, motioning you to follow.
>"Come and stay close. There's another hidden exit to the wasteland game nearby."
>She points to her right.
>"This way. Takes us about twenty minutes in a solid trot."
>Feigning a moderate notion of astonishment, you follow her out of the cavern.
>The second you have left, she pushes a mechanical button on the wall next to the secret opening.
>It too emits a light for a short while before the door closes again.
>Once fully shut, a faint clicking noise from the other side indicates that the torch has corrected its tilted position on its own.
>"Don't ask how it works. These enchanted things are at every exit. They look simple, though our best scholars couldn't crack them yet. 'Wider implications', as they say. But the wizards claim to know enough about them to attest to their reliability."
>You attempt to turn this conversation into something less dense.
"Sounds complex. What does it mean in short?"
>"Translated for the rest of us: Typical magic doodah. Some research to this topic is always in progress, but don't expect any results soon. I for one have no clue what the longhorns in the academy are doing."
>She starts to move, and you follow suit.
>Your mutual steps echo through the otherwise dead silent tunnel.
>It would almost be eerie if you did not know that the network is safe.
"What do you know about these metal pathways?"
>"About as much as most ponies who work with or for the court. They reach through the whole land and are made out of iron. There are strange symbols everywhere on the walls and nopony knows for sure what they mean or what the tunnels were originally made for."
>The mare looks at you.
>"Though I guess that's nothing new to you."
>You chuckle, surprisingly so.
"No, that's true. I read several more elaborate theories on the matter though."
>"Do they hold any water?"
"Depends on who you ask."
>"Go on."
"You want to hear them?"
>"Of course. Dungeon lore is part of my job, isn't it? What kind of adventurer would reject this offer?"
>A poor one, certainly.
>"And it helps passing the time."
>You cannot say for sure if this statement was meant to signal her readiness to listen to you as a professional equal, or if she simply wants to keep you occupied.
>Either way, the result is the same.
"Alright. Let's start with the obvious. As you can imagine, this place is old. A whole slew of higher scholars tried to determine the exact age and origin with magic and whatnot."
>"Did they find any clues?"
"Yes and no. Virtually all sources come to the agreement that the tunnel is significantly older than a thousand years. Most likely even preceding the unification of the three pony tribes. And all of our mutual documentation of history."
>And as far as Equestria's own records are concerned, you are indeed telling her the full truth.
>You can tell that you have Daring Do's attention.

Yes - a controlled tornado that’s stationary, trying to lift water from the ground and up into Cloudsdale.

Making a tornado and simply pointing it in a given direction seems like it’d be much easier.
>trying to lift water from the ground and up into Cloudsdale
>simply pointing it in a given direction seems like it’d be much easier
IIRC they had trouble getting the tornado started at all, not specifically getting it powerful enough to lift the lake and aim it correctly.
Yeah wasn't the huge crux of the episode was about how Flutters was weak flyer when they were in need of some raw flight power.
Rainbow initially wanted to beat the wingpower record of Cloudsdale to look epic in front of Spitfire. But when some ponies dropped out and the first attempt failed, they struggled to achieve the bare minimum necessary to get the job done at all. And that's where Fluttershy stepped in. She became the catalyst so that Ponyville just barely broke the threshold to create a functional tornado for the water transfer. The record was out of reach anyway, but they at least managed to not let the situation evolve into a disaster.
Batch three.

"But that's already where the similarities end and the theorising begins. Some say the tunnels were made by an ancient species who ruled the world in an age long before ponykind. Though no one could ever find any evidence to reconstruct why said species might have disappeared altogether and without a trace to speak of."
>"Hm, it could explain the undecipherable symbols everywhere. Still very shallow though. You always find some lore or legends to any temple if you look long enough. Things don't go poof out of the blue, you know? There's always a clue hidden somewhere. Trust me, I know. What else?"
"Another attributed the construction of these vast pathways to the usage of intensively bundled primal magic that has been lost somehow."
>"Unlikely for the same reasons. At least some ponies would have remembered and recorded the ritual, even if they weren't part of it themselves."
>Perhaps you should not go any further, but you want to present a test to Daring Do and see how well she fares.
>You cough.
"Others have more, well, contested ideas."
>"Such as?"
"Such as the claim that the tunnels were possibly made by someone who wasn't from this world at all. An entity, or entities, hailing from the stars."
>You hear Daring Do exhaling loudly in light amusement.
"Something wrong?"
>"Let me guess. The writer in question has some ties to the few pony communities that live in the deep southern jungles. Some have a few complex rites and prophecies revolving around the stars."
"Not as far as I know. From what I can tell, the theoretical groundwork seems solid. For he surmised that only someone with a sweeping and permanently accurate awareness of the world at large could have built a network of this scale. A 'super being', if you will. And no species in Equestria has that level of constant focus. Not even our diarchs."
>But as flattered as #deca.mare was after readings his theories, she could not tell him how close to the truth he was.
>Sadly cruel in a way.
>Yet she and you made sure from behind the scenes that the theory was spread in the world of Equestrian academia regardless.
>Though it still possesses a flaw that a perceptive adventurer mare quickly picks on as well.
>Daring Do flicks her tail.
>"That's all nice, but where's the evidence? Are there traces? What happened to the entity? And why did it leave?"
>The evidence talks to you, dear Daring.
"Are you asking as an explorer or an author now?"
"None of his approaches could find anything conclusive. Like all the others."
>You shrug.
"But if he's right, the entity might still be around. The wizard never stated to know whether it has left or not."
>"Living alongside us, huh? Now that sounds like a story to me. And let me guess, it was one of us all along. A star-being, wandering between ponies. Maybe it's even you or me?"
>You realise Daring Do is just running some plot elements through her mind, though it does feel like she is earnestly considering the notion.
"Me, a being of stars? Heh, only speak for yourself, Daring. I know for sure that my ancestors were all born on Earth."
>"I can tell. Cloud-born Pegasi usually fly much more."
>By now you are almost halfway to the exit.
>As you suddenly see a another pathway branching off from yours in a right angle.
>You take a look into it while the two of you pass the opening.
>And you come to a surprised stop.
>The way is wholly inaccessible, blocked by a sturdy iron mesh.
>You know this mesh can be lifted upon command, and you have the access to do so if you wanted to.
>But this is not what causes you to freeze.
>What you see behind the blockade is the thing.
>Your decorated taxi wagon is parked right next to a wall.
>The unit is dormant and plugged in to a wall-embedded reload station via cable.
>And there is more.
>For a certain mare with whom you have spent practically the entirety of a millennium stands right in front of the wagon, her side presented to you.
>A perfectly matching medical frame is clad around one of her rear legs.
>To reduce the strain on her body and support her joints when she moves around.
>Indicating some physical injury, though you cannot detect any visible damage from the outside.
>But despite your long history together and her current physical blemish, she is just as lovely to your eyes as she was back when you met her.
>And less than a second after you comprehend what you are seeing, #deca.mare turns her head to you.
>She smiles gently as she waves with a forehoof.
>It is the warmest sight you have seen all day.
>Even the blazing heat of the desert does not compete with this.
>Your heart skips a beat as you keep standing in place, mesmerised by what you just got to witness.
>"Thought it might help you to feel less alone in the wastes."
>You want to say something to her in appreciation.
>But Daring Do, now already five metres ahead of you, stops to see why you are no longer following her.
>She tracks your gaze.
>"Is there something on the wall, Anon?"
>You shake your head.
>#deca.mare and the wagon are still there.
>She shrugs.
>You turn your head to Daring.
"No, sorry. I thought I saw something."
>"You better don't do that down here. It's a hopeless maze without a map."
"You're right. It won't happen again."
>The adventurer moves on without another comment.
>You wait until she is looking ahead to wave quickly at #deca.mare behind Daring's back.
>Then you hastily catch up.
>The voice in your head speaks to you.
>"I apologise for the confusion."
>No, it's alright. I didn't expect you to park the wagon this closely to the supply tunnel though.
>"For them it does not matter how close or far away I am with the wagon. Even if I sang loudly behind the mesh, nopony could see or hear me anyway."
>Except you, of course.
>Never mind. But I'm glad to see your proxy is healing properly. That wound looked pretty nasty.
>"I hastened the process a little to be near you, Anon. But it will take a while until I can use it fully again. Regeneration does take its time."
>Still, thank you. It helps a lot.
>"Any time, my love."
>"Something's on your mind?"
>That was not #deca.mare.
>"You look at me like you've stuck your head in the clouds."
>You sort your thoughts anew.
"No, just thinking about I few things. I do this sometimes when a fight is coming up."
>"Your thing. As long as you're awake when it counts..."
"Oh, I'll fight with a sharp mind, be sure of that."
>"We'll see soon enough. The exit is over there."
>Daring Do's head points at a small, artificially made crevice in the wall.
>She trots directly towards the hole.
>You silently follow Daring and watch her as she acts.
>And more importantly, how she interacts with the locked gate.
>Once there, Daring Do's forehoof reaches into the cleanly cut opening.
>She pushes something you happen to know as a terminal, which promptly emits a beep tone upon the touch of her hoof.
>Then she quickly takes a few steps back as the walls rumble softly, and a segment of the metal begins to stir and move away from you.
>It opens slowly, like a giant set of double doors.
>Revealing yet another passage that leads gradually upwards with a light curve.
>And a second little crevice in the wall can be seen a few metres into the room.
>"Prepare for a steady climb that leads all the way up to the surface."
"Uhm, can't we just fly? We both got wings, you know?"
>"We can. But be careful not to crash into the door at the exit. It comes very abruptly and you can quickly forget how high or deep you are in these monotonous hallways."
>Fortunately, you have a map and an all seeing mare on your side.
"That won't happen."
>"Alright. Then stretch your wings and let's go."
>True to her words, Daring flares her own wings and sets off in a forceful leap.
>The blow of air is strong enough to dishevel your hair.
>Daring darts along the corridor and keeps herself in its dead centre as she ascends with a respectable speed.
>And you realise that even though Daring Do is specialised in close-quarters dungeon exploration, she is nevertheless a competent flier in her own right.
>Perhaps not as good or talented as ponies like Rainbow Dash, Soaring or Spitfire, but still noticeably above average.
>So you do it like her and take off as well.
>You pick up some speed as you align yourself to the "natural" winding of the tunnel to the best of your abilities.
>And you come pretty close to her result.
>The long exercises in the proxy and your skills as a trained military-grade pilot compensate for your innate disadvantage of not possessing actual wings yourself.
>It taught you to utilise the proxy almost as naturally as your true body.
>A fact you can demonstrate right now to prove to Daring that she has not allied herself with a lame duck.
>Plus, the notification in your HUD as to how many metres you still have to fly until you reach the door, helps a great deal as well.
>Less than twenty metres away from the barricade, you start to brake your velocity to a more manageable level.
>And the moment you see Daring standing on the ground, you stop almost completely by tilting your body to flap forwards, killing the momentum altogether.
>Then you carefully lower yourself with a few precise strokes until you reach the ground.
>"Quick reaction."
"Yeah, already heard this one today."
>"How did you know before you could see the door?"
"I heard you slowing down. Doesn't take a genius to figure out why."
>For once, it seems as if Daring Do believes your words completely.
>"Well, at least it's gonna be interesting. Are you ready to head out? The wasteland is just beyond this barrier."
"Do it."
>Daring trots to the terminal and repeats her gesture.
>And so does the metal door in front of you.
>Again, the ground trembles as the doors open up.
>But instead of being greeted by the open wasteland, you see the rocky outlines of a second cave.
>Drenched nearly wholly in darkness.
>The soft light of the tunnel is barely strong enough to shine a few metres into the shadows.
>"It's a natural den. Sometimes you can find a few items in here. And the highly perceptive ponies..."
>She taps herself on the chest.
>"...find a lever hidden beneath the pebble."
>It looks more like stumbling from an underground tunnel into a rat's nest to you.
"Did anyone else ever find the secret entrance? You know, one of the wastelanders."
>"Not to my knowledge."
>"What she said. Not a single player found the secret hidden behind a secret. It looks like a perfectly normal rock wall from the other side."
>Daring Do smiles.
>"Hope you're good at seeing in the dark. The entrance isn't so far away. Though you can trip on rocks."
>Or you simply adjust the goggles to night mode, thank you very much.
"Just lead the way."
>"Oh, and don't get startled, the door closes itself shortly after we're out."
"Alright. I'll keep that in mind."
>You knew this of course, but you also need to play a role.
>Daring Do leads you through the cave in an almost pitch black environment.
>And you quickly think that you see some faint traces of dusk light permeating the nothingness in front of you.
>That in combination with the tunnel light gives you a rough impression on your own position and where to go.
>Yet it is like Daring said.
>Without your goggles, you would have no way to check whether you may run against a boulder or fall into a small pit on your way.
>So you play the part of the blind follower and tread very closely behind her.
>Despite seeing everything clearly.
>Which also gives you a rare opportunity to see the adventurer from an exclusive close-up perspective you were never interested in, but for which thousands of her fans would envy you.
>Though you have to admire her thorough dye job, especially when she made it all herself
>Thinking back to what the Apple family had to do as to paint Big Mac in Applejack's colours for the magic duel, it was quite a piece of awkward work.
>Even for a group of family ponies and with the drastically lowered modesty standards of Equestria.
>Yet despite your musings on this matter as you stare at Daring's bits from an almost point blank position, you too do not feel much more than a subtle tingle at the sight of a mare's rear in the wild.
>Sure, Daring is good-looking and well trained.
>You can acknowledge that for what it is.
>But dealing with ponies has become a second nature to you.
>And you no longer have a problem to see most of them nude all the time.
>At least as long as you do not have to feel up someone's private spaces and deliberately strip them while they play dead.
>That is a different level; weird form of respectful mutual agreement or not.
>Regardless though, your happy relationship with #deca.mare helps you a lot in staving off any improper thoughts involving other ponies.
>So you trot through the dark for another couple of minutes.
>Until Daring and you reach the opening to the field.
>You notice that the entrance is spacious enough to allow one of your units to drive through.
>Good to know for an "emergency taxi".
>On guard, you trot into the dimming light of the fading day, looking around and scanning the region.
>Nopony but Daring appears in your perimeter.
>So far, so good.
>The sun has almost set entirely, and you can vaguely spot the four distant buildings of the hamlet.
>Its seemingly abandoned shapes look strangely ghostly in the last fading traces of light.
>And the effect is further intensified by the thick cloud layer above, for it turns the night into a starless affair.
>Luna would hate it here.
>But you also quickly realise that it is not entirely abandoned.
>One singular speck of brightness burns in the plains near the houses.
>Like a small lit candle in a darkened room.
>A bonfire, no doubt.
>Which means your persecutors are not very far away either.
>And daring sees it too.
>"So, how do you want to do it?"
"What do you think? We'll go there."
>"Bad. Very bad. This reeks of a trap. They know that everypony around these parts must see it. I bet they're already waiting for you to come. Like a moth following the light."
>And burns in the process.
"I'd bet so too. That's exactly why I'm doing it."
>Your turn to look at Daring.
"I fight them upfront while you stay in the background. They don't know you're with me, so I'll draw all their attention."
>You pause to smile reassuringly
"And when they've shown themselves, you strike from the shadows."
>Daring Ponders your strategy for moment.
>Then she nods
>"Keeping me out of sight the whole time. I like that plan."
"Let's go then. If you want to say something still, do it now before they can hear us."
>She shakes her head
>It is settled then
>The two of you move out
>Again, you proceed with a moderate speed while you look out for traps and enemies.
>Daring can rely on her remarkable vision and senses for the trip; the result of a life long adventurer's tale.
>Whilst you utilise your trusty technology for the exact same purpose.
>And as the two of you draw closer, you finally get a reading from your sensors.
>Four enemy signatures.
>Wait a moment.
>You silently motion Daring to hold.
>She complies, albeit eyeing you in confusion as she does.
>You point at the ground before you and draw four short lines into the dirt.
>Daring quickly comprehends your implication and nods.
>Though you do not doubt for a second that she wonders how you managed to notice this detail from several hundred metres away in the middle of the night.
>You resume your trek.
>At the five hundred metres mark, she taps your side before lifting herself into the air.
>You give her a brief salute and focus on your targets again.
>Do they know I'm here?
>"Not yet, Anon. But they do expect your arrival. I will give you a warning if one of them notices you."
>At two hundred metres, you have reached an advantageous firing position atop a tiny hill.
>It is not much, yet it helps you to monitor the situation at large.
>You zoom your vision in on the fireplace, fully expecting to see a trap of some sorts.
>And as expected, not a single pony sits directly at the fire.
>That would be far too obvious and clumsy anyway.
>But as you scout the rim of the light ring around the flames a while longer, you do see the silhouette of a pony head sticking out of the background.
>Expect it has no signature.
>You zoom in some more.
>And you promptly detect a bundle of cloth latched to a certain wooden pole.
>The two sleeves for the forelegs were folded to appear like a muzzle and a pair of ears from the distance.
>But ultimately in vain.
>You ignore the dummy trap and look at the signatures instead.
>All of them lie crouched or on the side.
>They could just as well be either asleep or waiting to bide their time.
>Or maybe a mixture of both.
>You try to see if you can get a glimpse of one.
>And indeed, you have a clear line of sight to one of the larger stallions.
>He lies very well tucked away between a bunch of rocks.
>Not well enough for your aim though.
>Okay then, get ready to rumble.
>This time it is you who appears out of nothing.
>You take aim at the pole pony, breathe in, hold, and fire.
>The released energy charge darts through the air like a flare before it impacts on the stallion's neck.
>He does not even try to stand up.
>What he does, however, is to holler shortly before he lets himself slide slowly out of his cover.
>The alarm has been sounded.
>Two of the three remaining foes spring into action immediately.
>The mare and her hammer friend rise up and get into full cover.
>Since they are aware where your shot has come from, they know how to protect themselves from further strikes.
>Interestingly though, the third, Mender undoubtedly, remains where he is.
>You cannot shoot him anyway from your current position, yet you expected him to stir a little at the very least.
>An object near the mare get encased in a glowing aura.
>Then it floats towards her and disappears behind the cover.
>She is armed now.
>And only a few seconds after the Unicorn got her gun, the hammer stallion leaves his hiding place.
>He stands tall in flickering light of the fire, presenting himself.
>Openly and trivial to shoot at.
>An obvious ploy you see through instantly.
>Because the second you fire at him is the exact moment the mare returns fire at you.
>She would only have to point at the origin of the light to seal the deal.
>No, that is too risky.
>You have no idea how proficient her aiming skills are when they are not disrupted by a wave of dirt or other means.
>So you have to be on the move instead.
>And you should not resort to flying either.
>Daring up there is, hopefully, providing you with backup.
>But the surprise works best when she remains undetected for as long as possible.
>Plus, you are sure she needs a moment to properly assess the situation as well before she can act.
>And unlike you, she has no augmented goggles that can spot things through walls.
>Her natural eyes can only do so much.
>So you have to stay on the ground to prevent your foes from looking elsewhere.
>You decide to sneak around the camp then.
>In the hope that nothing gives your position away.
>Though you wonder why Daring has not taken out the mare yet.
>It would significantly ease the pressure on you.
>"Daring has a plan, Anon. Trust her experience. She will know when the right moment has come to act."
>Fine, but that does not help you now.
>And the stallion apparently does not want to wait much longer either.
>"As you wish, featherbrain. If you don't want to come and play with me, I will come to play with you!"
>He grabs his funny heavy hammer and begins to stride around the camp in turn.
>But always minding not to leave the saving aegis of his horned companion.
>So it remains a three on three "gradually blind" battle.
>Daring Do, #deca.mare in a supporting role via double proxy, and you, against the clown hammer stallion, the gun mare, and Mender.
>Each side lurking through the mist of the night, hoping to gain and advantage.
>With most of the participants not even clearly knowing about some of the other adversaries they are fighting.
>The teetering in the unknown goes on for quite a while.
>You and the hammer stallion wander around, Daring and the gun mare watch out from a distance, and a clandestine third on each side acts as a surprise trump card in their respective decks.
>One of which could never even hear of the other, and with said other restraining herself for more complex reasons.
>Certainly the strangest setup you have ever found yourself in.
>But the status quo has to break eventually.
>And Mender seems to be the one to do it.
>A strange thumping sound emerges from the third signature.
>Followed by a bright red light, hissing loudly as it rapidly rises up into the sky.
>You know what this means.
>The thing will soon reach a certain height and burst apart, lighting up the whole field around the camp, and taking your protective layer of darkness with it.
>And shit, Daring is up there!
>"Do not worry about her, Anon. She can deal with it. Stay on focus!"
>Right, there is only one thing you can do.
>You burst into a sudden gallop, not caring if someone might notice your steps.
>It will be redundant soon anyway.
>You reach into your mind and look at the position of the gun mare.
>She is still the largest problem you face right now.
>#deca, tell me in advance when the Unicorn rears her head out of cover. I have to take her out, stat!
>A loud crackling erupts above.
>Soon the dull earth is drenched in a bloody red.
>Strangely fitting, if you think about it.
>And it reminds you of your home floating amongst the stars.
>Really, the hue is normally even somewhat comfy for you.
>But now, the light only reveals your position to the enemy, while you see Daring increasing the size of her circles to evade the flare's influence.
>Damn, what is she doing?
>The hammer stallion spots you in a matter of seconds.
>"Aha! There you are, little bird!"
>Promptly making him charge you as you run.
"Oh great."
>"Keep your plan up, Anon. She will attack in ten seconds."
>You waste no time.
>#deca.mare complies and counts the seconds loudly.
>Two seconds prior to the announced attack, you slither to a rapid stop and turn to her cover.
>You use the glow of her horn as an aiming aid.
>And indeed, she moves before her companion can process the situation and warn her.
>You fire two shots in the exact same second as her head suddenly sticks out from behind the obstacle.
>Which earns her a hit to the face and another to the horn.
>She actually goes down moaning loudly.
>And even #deca.mare audibly winces over the comm.
>But you pay no further attention to her and spontaneously take aim at your second assailant instead.
"Not again."
>Shot and hit.
>Target down.
>This time you can evade his body before he slams into you.
>But then you hear something flailing wildly through the air.
>It is not the stallion, however.
>You turn your head around to see what is happening.
>Though it is too late.
>Catching you off guard, a wide net made out of ropes comes flying from the side and knocks you over.
>And you get fully entangled in it in less than a second.
>Now, with you immobilised, the last remaining signature finally draws near.
>Scrap Mender casually steps into the red light, grinning victoriously.
>A weapon saddle is mounted on his back and pointing your way.
>But unlike your model, it features two prolonged barrels instead of prisms.
>And even though you cannot see it, you bet it does not have an energy cell attached to its midsection either.
>You instinctively struggle against the ropes.
>Scrap Mender laughs.
>"Stop that. I'd rather catch you alive, dear Courier."
>His saddle loads with a loud cocking sound.
>"But if you resist, well, I guess you force my hoof."
>What now?
>#deca.mare comes to your rescue.
>"Play along and stay still."
>"Trust me."
>So you do.
>Scrap Mender's smile widens.
>"Smart colt. I'm glad you see reason. You'll bring me my well deserved..."
>At this point you no longer listen to Mender's epic monologue of beating his self-proclaimed rival.
>Because you notice a rapidly declining number on your HUD.
>It is a certain distance measure.
>"... and I hope that taught my si..."
>His speech is rapidly interrupted by a rainbow-hued cannon ball plunging from the sky.
>Daring Do's dive bomb attack strikes Mender directly in the back.
>But instead of bucking or hitting the stallion, she rather resorts to bashing him off-balance with her own weight as she forcefully latches herself onto him.
>The mare's forehooves grapple his neck whilst she presses her rear legs against his barrel, mounting him... like a horse.
>Naturally, Scrap Mender is less than pleased by this sudden turn of events, and instinctively triggers his apparatus to fire.
>Luckily though, Daring misaligned his aim sufficiently to deter his large calibre foam bullet from finding its original target by a wide margin.
>The projectile harmlessly bounces against the nearby ground.
>And Mender struggles to get the Pegasus mare off him.
>But to no avail.
>The physique of his adventurous opponent is top notch, and she is not willing to let go.
>Plus, you catch a glimpse of Daring's grinning face in the red hues of the flare.
>This is certainly not her first rodeo either.
>You are inclined to ask yourself whether you should envy or pity Caballeron when the two finally see the light.
>#deca.mare, however, brings you back to reality.
>"This is your chance."
>That bet can be won at a later date.
>Now you must first and foremost free yourself from the net.
>So you tussle and tumble on the ground with the net whilst a similar scene is happening near you between Mender and Daring.
>For the scavenger sees very well what you are about to do.
>Yet every time he tries to direct his barrels your way, Daring shoves his head to the side or messes with his mouthpiece.
>He bucks and hops in protest to get her off, yet she sits firmly in the proverbial saddle.
>Though she has only locked him in an impasse.
>And unless she manages to break him in, which you doubt, she needs you to finish the job.
>Despite all the fun she is apparently having at the moment.
>After a minute or two of chaotic back and forth on every end, you are able to pull yourself out of the net and get back up again.
>You immediately try to take aim at Mender, though you get no clear shot.
>The merry combative dance partners are too intermingled in their little number.
>But Daring sees that you are standing upright once more.
>"About bloody time!"
>One of her forehooves lets go of Mender's neck as she reaches for something below herself.
>Scrap Mender, sensing the slight release of force, tries to break out and shoot you instantly.
>But Daring anticipated this, and "corrects" his wrong idea with only one hoof on the mouthpiece.
>Whilst her other forelimb rips something off his saddle.
>A moderately sized box is sent flying.
>And it dispenses a good number of larger foam bullets everywhere on its way through air.
>Daring has just released him of his ammo reserves.
>"Good. Now a bite, if you will."
>Daring Do pokes and prods his back and neck to coax him towards biting down on the trigger.
>She does not even have to use much force; it is entirely sufficient to badger Mender until he does so himself.
>More minutes filled with fruitless struggling without a realistic hope of escape ensue until he relents.
>The foam flies wildly off the mark.
>And the only thing that was truly hurt in the process is Scrap Mender's poor battered and bruised pride.
>But after his little trick earlier this day, you think this is just an opportune karmic reconciliation.
>The stallion, now left de facto unarmed and trapped by two adversaries, knows that he has lost this round for good.
>Yet he fights on for as long as he can.
>You admire his pigheaded resilience somewhat.
>It does not change a thing though.
>Daring Do goes in for the grand finale.
>The adventurer steers her unwilling steed to turn around again.
>But this time she deliberately directs him to face you.
>She wants Mender to look you directly in the eyes when you launch the final blast of the day.
>And he does.
>The grin has been wiped thoroughly from his face, and you read an expression of irate bafflement in his eyes.
>Also mixed with a tiny flicker of fight that is still remaining.
>So you do not unleash the energy at once, for you think that he will try some desperate last resort move.
>Your expectations are proven to be correct very quickly, as he lowers his head and bows down.
>Not in order to pay you any respect or something.

Ah. It's been a while since I saw that episode. I forgot about the record part and just remembered them struggling to start the damn thing up.
Batch four.

>But rather to tilt his mounted mare in such an angle that she blocks him from your view entirely.
>Forcing you to hit Daring first before you can take him out.
>Which you do not follow through with.
>And Daring Do laughs delightfully at his attempt.
>"You're tough. But I'm tougher."
>She spreads her wings.
>"And I'll give you a lesson in flying as a parting gift."
>Her wings flap profoundly after Daring has finished her sentence.
>Then a second time, and a third.
>The pace of her beats is even and quick, but these are not the usual movements one would perform to fly normally.
>No, she uses her force as directed leverage instead.
>With which she, slowly but surely, lifts Scrap Menders neck and upper body.
>After only a handful of additional flaps, he is already standing again.
>But Daring Do is not known for half-finished jobs.
>She goes even further.
>And you let her do so, given her engagement in the situation.
>The mare hoists the frontal half of Mender into the air, forcing him to stand solely on his hind legs.
>Which looks almost as if he reared up on his own.
>Though his forehooves frantically wag in the air in front of him, failing to connect with anything.
>Then he tries to walk somewhat upright.
>And the attempts of balancing himself with only two legs maybe could have worked, albeit poorly, under other circumstances.
>But Daring keeps him where he is.
>Her wings turn out to be stronger than his already strained rear legs.
>Additionally, she provides you with an excellent target, as she presents his underside openly to you.
>So you decide to finally release him from his misery by a twin blast to his chest and stomach.
>Just to go sure.
>Mender accepts his fate and plays the role of going limp.
>And Daring promptly lifts her grip completely.
>The scavenger slumps to the ground.
>Thereby ending the fight and declaring you the victors.
>Daring Do touches the ground near the "dead" Mender, panting heavily.
>The rodeo ride must have cost her more energy than you first realised.
>But the mare's beaming face looks like she is having the time of her life.
>And you exhale a sigh of relief too.
>Simultaneously, the last flickers of the blood red flare burn off.
>Leaving only the weaker bonfire to light the scenery somewhat.
>You look at Daring, and she looks at you.
"Looting time?"
>"Looting time."
>You nod at each other.
>"Mender's yours. I have no use for his saddle."
>Neither do you, but you better take it off him before he gets some stupid ideas again.
>So you approach the stallion and loosen the barrelled saddle.
>After you have it in your grasp, you haphazardly sling it on your back without fastening it.
>You most likely dump it somewhere so that he cannot use it against you a second time.
>Probably for the best.
>And you suddenly realise something.
>The seemingly firm inhibition to plunder your adversaries has been reduced fairly quickly.
>You assume it is a by-product of almost getting tricked twice or thrice by the same group of ponies.
>Depending on how you count.
>After all, the last time you were in this situation, you did not yet know how much of a rule bender the mender is.
>Being angered in this manner does that sort of thing to people, you figure.
>Oh well.
>It is only for the duration of this game.
>And since your hands are in a way forced in this situation, you might accept it just as well.
>#deca.mare clears her throat audibly over the comm.
>"I see the spirit of the wasteland is rapidly catching up with your ideals, Anon."
"Pfft, not really."
>"And yet you now take from a pony without hesitation."
"I just don't like to get crossed or stabbed in the back."
>"The reasons do not matter as much as the deeds though."
"Eh? What are you implying?"
>You ignore Mender's twitching eyebrow as he vainly tries to understand to whom you are talking to and why.
>"What you do now is what a wastelander would do, is it not? Does that not count? Did you not embrace what the wasteland stands for with your actions?"
"Spare me the allegorical humbug. I'm still the same as ever."
>"I know. I was just trying to get you a little more into the mood of the game."
"My mood? It's fine, don't worry about that. I'm only a bit on edge because, ahem, SOME PONIES, tried to play cut-throat."
>Okay, that is enough.
>Daring and you should have unmistakably proven your point.
>Your remark will of course not discourage Mender and his group from chasing you further.
>But you felt like venting for a brief moment, given that you are entangled in this mess to its conclusion.
>No matter how chaotic things may become.
>You leave Mender lying where he is and go to the hammer stallion instead.
>His squeaky toy is yours now.
>He has nothing else on him that you could take anyway.
>So you tie the thing to your saddlebags for the time being.
>With your two newest additions to your inventory, you are almost resembling a pack mule more than a traveller.
>But that is thankfully only a temporary affair.
>Still, a pair of saddlebags plus attached hammer, and two separate battle saddles piling onto each other, are near the absolute maximum of what a pony back can carry in terms of mere space.
>You also need some room for the wings, after all.
>In the distance, close to the fire pit, Daring Do tries, and fails, to stifle an abashed snicker.
>"Oh brother."
>You spot her near the downed Unicorn mare, but you cannot detect anything special.
"What's so funny?"
>"I shouldn't laugh, but you might want to look at that."
>Not knowing what she means, you simply approach her to find out.
>When you are almost in front of the adventurer, Daring points at the Unicorn on the ground.
>She lies head first to you.
>Her jacket is gone, as it was used for the decoy head.
>She is still wearing the rest of her armour though.
>Which, without the vest, kind of gives you the impression of weird metal lingerie.
>But Daring surely did not you call you here just for that.
>So you inspect the Unicorn from up close.
>And notice a profuse blush on her face.
>Initially, you thought it could have been the glowing embers of the fire that might play a visual trick on you.
>Yet you quickly have to realise that this is not the case.
>"You've hit her horn, didn't you?"
"Yeah, so?"
>Daring laughs again.
>"So she won't get up for a good while."
"Uh, why?"
>"Think about it. I'm sure you'll get there."
>Fortunately for you, you have a mare who helps you with your thought process.
>"Anon, you are familiar with the specifics of Unicorn horns."
>That was not a question.
>Of course, you studied their anatomy for a long time.
>Horns are the most complex augmented organs of them all.
>A multi-purpose tool, connected directly to the brain.
>Which functions as energy conductor, as well as focal point, and exhaust for "magic" of various kinds.
>Apart from a certain baseline, every horn is unique in its finer fibers, as different talents involve the usage of different "spells".
>And their individual affinities and properties are finely tuned to reflect...
>Finely is the key word.
>"Yes. Your charge has disrupted her sensitive innate spell weave. Because she was levitating the weapon when she was hit."
>So the energy of your projectile mixed with her aura.
>Which deflected at least a part of the comparatively raw power back into the pony as her own spell failed.
>Meaning that you have accidentally hyper-stimulated her senses, both in the delicate horn and her brain.
>Considering how susceptible to physical and magical sensation a Unicorn horn can be, it is no wonder that you overwhelmed her.
>Her condition is not a dangerous state of health, as you have made sure that ponies are of much more robust stuff.
>But you still dealt a laying blow from which she will need to recover first.
>Literally, as you have essentially shot her out of her consciousness.
>And into a severe horngasm.
"Oh. Oh man."
>"The bit dropped, huh?"
"Yeah. I guess she's dreaming of happy prancing ponies."
>"With a blush like that? That's a bold understatement."
>Thank you for pointing that out, Daring.
"Huh, is there something we can do to mitigate that?"
>Daring Do tilts her with a sly grin.
>In this very moment, she reminds you of #deca.mare, shortly before she says something cheeky.
>"I can't."
>An awkward pause.
>"You... could. Provided you two want to marry."
>That insinuation clicks immediately.
"Not gonna happen. I barely know her."
>"Hm, really? Could have fooled me. She was happy when she spotted you."
"Uh, what?"
>"It's true. Saw it clearly from my sight above. Shortly before Mender flung that flare up high. I thought you were secret friends. Or something more."
>You shrug.
"Only met her once before. Ended much like this dance."
>You look at the bandit mare on the ground.
"But I didn't send her literally to sleep previously."
>"She isn't sleeping now either."
"What? She's awake?"
>"Sort of. Doubt she can think straight, but I'm sure she hears us."
>So she heard about Daring postulating that you two were a couple.
>While her brain is surely set in mating mode, unable to think logically in any shape or form.
>You want to melt on the spot in the face of that awkwardness.
"Uuugh. Couldn't you have said something earlier?"
>You rub your temples.
"Who the hell knows what's going on in her mind now? The suggestions could cause her to think we really are a couple! And I don't even know her name!"
>"Like I said, wasn't aware. Also, you're only making it worse right now."
>Crap, Daring has a point there.
>You examine the Unicorn again.
>The mare's blush is still strong on the features of her face.
>And she sports a grin that you can only define as intoxicated arousal.
>You have no trouble to imagine how things look like on the other end of her body now.
"Wonderful. We've got ourselves a horny Unicorn drugged on too much magic juice."
>"What do you mean? All Unicorns have horns."
"Never mind. Hope she doesn't get any dumb ideas when she wakes up though. Things like that can cloud a mind for days."
>That would actually be good for you, as it will hinder the other three.
>But on the flipside, confused Unicorns have a tendency to cause unpredictable results.
>Especially in this case.
>"Anon, I will have to talk to you about that when we are alone."
>In the meantime, Daring Do grabs the other mare's gun.
>"Do you mind?"
"Take it. Got enough stuff to carry as it is."
>As long as it is no longer in the possession of the four, it is a bonus in your book.
>Then Daring flies over to the net which Mender used to trap you.
>"Hm. I think I know a trick or two to delay them some more. Help me to unravel the net!"
"What's your plan?"
>"Using a technique I once used on... redacted."
>Ah, you see.
>At least someone here tries not to give too much intel away by poorly chosen words.
>Together you sit down and undo the rope net in record speed.
>Your gain is a good number of shorter singular ropes.
>"That'll do. Now we need to move the four closer together."
"Is that allowed by the rules?"
>"Technically everything is allowed, except..."
"...the goggles, yes. So I was told. But I'm unsure if it's, well, befitting."
>The adventurer blinks at you, not catching the implications of your concerns.
>"We're just binding them with a rope. I don't see a problem."
>Again, you have to remind yourself of pony standards.
>So with combined powers, you gradually realise your arduous task of dragging the four to lie neatly aligned in a line.
>Daring Do instructs you that you must lay them all down with their bellies facing the ground.
>Otherwise it will not work.
>And as expected, the four do not help you one bit in the process.
>Yet they do not obstruct your work either, so there is that.
>Mender is pretty easy to handle with the lifting power of two.
>But for a reason you do not know, his facial expression suggests that he is somewhat incensed as you drag him.
>And this in spite of the fact that Daring and you are treating him and the others with care.
>An inner inkling grows in your mind, telling you that it goes beyond the failure of what seemed like the perfect ambush.
>No, there is something else at work here.
>The mare is even easier to carry from a mere physical perspective.
>However, she keeps muttering barely coherent sentences while you move her.
>And the few fragments you do understand are so suggestive that you better discard them outright.
>Daring's insistence on taking all her remaining armour off does not help the situation either.
>Once more, your resolve to loot indiscriminately is wavering, and this time you have an evident reason why.
>But you cannot back off now.
>So there goes the rear armour plating and the pads.
>You put the babbling marksmare next to Mender.
>"Alright. Now we tie them together."
"Pardon me?"
>Daring Do's confident adventurer mode has engaged again.
>"Take a rope. We'll wrap them to a bundle."
>You follow her request.
>And you blot out any considerations as to why binding a ruttish mare to the side of a stout stallion in his prime might be an insolent move for both of them.
>"Good. Now listen closely. We'll pack them up with a proven method so that they walk home on their own. Just do what I say and you'll see."
>Under Daring's competent instruction and with her active participation, you wrap one rope tightly, but not tautly, around the barrels of the two ponies.
>Several times in a row.
>She concludes the two pony package deal by tying the ends of the rope to a finicky knot on their backs.
>Normally that trick would not work very well when one of the victims possesses a horn.
>A simple levitation spell is more than enough to undo the thing.
>But the spell caster in question is currently occupied with very fulfilling daydreams of quite the pervading nature.
>You are fairly safe on that front.
>Though you silently wonder if Luna is also dealing with this sort of reverie.
>And if she is, you hope she never finds out that you are the one who caused her to stumble upon this particular instance here.
>For your next step, the two of you repeat the same procedure on the adjacent forelegs of the prone ponies.
>And then a similar number on the rear legs.
>The point is that they can still walk together when they coordinate their movements, but have no way to free themselves.
>Forcing them to return to their peers in this arrangement.
>Or alternatively, they keep lying until they pass out and are picked up by the med teams.
>But you consider this the less likely option of the two.
>These ponies take their roles far too seriously for such a surrender.
>After the "Mender and Mare Pack" has been wrapped for shipping back to base, you have to do the same with the two larger stallions.
>Which is essentially the same procedure from start to finish.
>Albeit significantly heavier.
>You easily need twice the time to prepare those two for their travel, but you persist.
>And as a last crowning act, Daring connects the separate bundles with each other.
>By looping a final singular piece of rope through the ones which shackle the barrels, and securing it with yet another elaborate knot.
>Further limiting their range of movement and preventing the four from doing anything else but walking in a line.
>Or stumble and fall if they fail.
>Whilst having a borderline daft and ruttish chain in their link.
>That will send a message.
>With a generous delay for you to get the hell away from your hunters before they are free again.
>For you do not want to be near their fury when their friends in the scavenger base untie your present.
>A greater call for a challenge you can barely think of.
>"There. All neat and tidy."
"Guess that means we're done. Take whatever is left if you want."
>Daring salutes before she swiftly scouts the place around the slowly dwindling bonfire with a frightening precision.
>Nobody can do it better than an adventurer.
>And she strikingly proves her mettle with her display.
>Good thing the four cannot see it from their position.
>You wave Daring goodbye and turn around.
>To wander further into the wastes.
>At least now with a useful map gained in a legit manner and some more breathing space.
>Daring shouts something after you.
>"See you in the clouds!"
>Another bluff of hers to mislead the scavengers, probably.
>#deca.mare confirms your suspicion.
>"Indeed, Anon. Daring will soon return to her cellar."
>And she has ample time too.
>You are not even at midnight yet.
>Which is fine for you as well.
>The longer she stays at the camp and loots the place, the longer the four are expected to remain still.
>Thinking of it, there was something that #deca.mare urgently wanted to address.
>"Not here. A bit further away."
>You trot through the darkened fields of dirt at a lively speed.
>Both to gain some distance quickly, and to hear what she has to say to you.
>About a quarter of an hour later, #deca.mare deems the distance to be sufficient.
>"Very well, I think it is time."
>Advanced perimeter scan.
>Nobody in range.
>You can talk.
"Something wrong? You sound like you have to say something unpleasant."
>"Not directly unpleasant, but important."
"Do tell then. I'm all ears."
>"What Daring Do said about the mare is not wrong. She was indeed looking forward to encounter you again."
"So what? They live by their scavenger codex, don't they? I bet this is covered by that."
>"You are correct in theory, but this is not the whole story."
"And why's that?"
>"How do I put it..."
"Short and blunt, please."
>"I do have reason to believe she is developing an... interest for you."
>You stop walking.
>And judging from the chill running down your spine, you think your heart tagged along.
"How the hell? We only met twice! And she lost at every opportunity!"
>"True. But the outcomes are a vital part of the matter."
"A bit more explanation, please."
>"You see, Pin Point, that is her name, has been in this place for a long time. She joined the games in one of its earliest cycles, and has found her group very swiftly afterwards."
"I fail to see the connection."
>"The connection is that she witnessed how Straight Nail and Picky Measure met their special someponies and founded families over time. Whereas she has achieved neither so far."
>Ah, so that is where the blows.
>Pin Point is a feisty wasteland mare looking for a stud.
"Nail and Measure are..."
>"...the two other stallions, yes."
>Leaves still number three.
"Well, but why me? She could ask Mender out then couldn't she? Or is he taken too?"
>"Not yet. But she is not on his list of potential partners. Nor will she ever be."
>"Because Scrap Mender is her older brother, Anon."
>Mental tilt.
>Please restart the Anon application.
>In a rush of pure hectic, you leap forwards and take flight.
>Walking does not do it anymore.
>You need more speed.
>As long as it is still night, you can keep flying in a low altitude without the risk of getting intercepted by anyone.
>And with the augmented HUD goggles and the radar, the situation reminds you almost of a homelike space flight.
>If it were not for the shadow of a undoubtedly fuming stallion out there to catch you, it may almost be relaxing.
>No wonder he was looking so sternly as you bound him though.
>You have shot and robbed his little sister in front of his eyes.
>Not once, but twice at that.
>Such a thing does not tend to be well received by siblings, game or no game.
>And to top the mockery off in one fell swoop, you turned her into a gushing mess and then bound them together.
>As a public present to their leaders.
>Not to mention the loud comments Daring made about you and her as a possible couple.
>It is a wonder he did not break the game rules to pluck your feathers where he stood.
>Or lay.
>Well, you could try to compliment his discipline, but that would make things only even worse.
>And you have a very concerning theory as you recall his last words before Daring Do dive bombed him out of his monologue.
"She was beginning to eye me before the second engagement, right?"
>"Indeed, Anon. She was first intrigued by your title as Royal Courier, and came to admire your fighting skills after you have won the first round. You have proven yourself as a wastelander in her eyes."
>Ah yes, displays of prowess and an honoured position.
>Certainly traits that pique the interest of a combative wasteland mare in search for a worthy opponent and future mate.
>But you feared as much.
"So he knows."
>"Yes. Pin Point brought it up in his presence."
>You can easily imagine the reaction of Mender.
"And in this very moment, she is dreaming of... you know."
>"Yes. She also mumbles some telling words out loud."
>Right next to her brother, with both kept in an impromptu bondage gear.
>So much for that hope.
"And just to point this out: In her current state, it's impossible to tell her I'm taken, right?"
>Please say something else than yes.
>"Correct. The hit to her horn temporarily amplifies her perceptions and feelings multiple times over. She is, quite literally, out of her mind for a few days."
>"In other words, she is fixated on you and would not believe any evidence to the contrary."
"Wonderful. So in one sentence: I'm fucked, and she wants to."
>Suddenly, the thought of having a casual conversation with Princess Luna, in which you personally explain to her why a mare you know for less than a day is seemingly inexplicably dreaming wild dreams of you, appears like the less embarrassing option of the two.
>"A colourful analysis. But no, the situation is neither lost nor bad, Anon. We will reconcile the issue properly and in the interest of everyone."
"Wish I could share your optimism."
>"You have no idea what manners of strange situations you can find in here, believe me. And so far they were all solvable with civil means."
"Like shooting each other?"
>"In the context of the games, it counts as civil."
"Because it's part of the course and nobody gets hurt?"
>"Indeed. There is no true lasting bad blood in here. Mender is a 'professional', if you will. He will calm down. In time."
"It's the last part that worries me."
>"It does not have to."
"Don't tell me that mess with a lewd Pin Point belonged to your plan all along?"
>"No, but she does not thwart it either."
"That's reassuring to know."
>As long as her plan "in everyone's interest" does not involve you actually playing the role of the stud, that is.
>The response of #deca.mare is as agitated as it is swift.
>"Of course not! I would never ask such a thing of you!"
>Not that you ever believed it anyway.
>But in this chaotic clutter of a game, it soothes your nerves to hear it from her.
>Things have spiralled out of control way too quickly ever since you met Mender.
"By the way, I almost forgot."
"Why was Mender with this group already? I thought he wanted to join them tomorrow. Did he lie or leave his post too early?"
>"Actually, none of that. His relief came faster than he expected."
"But since he knew I was not expecting him tonight..."
>"...he seized the opportunity to get an advantage."
"Heh, not that it helped him much."
>#deca.mare shrugs on the small screen in your vision.
>"Such is the way of the wasteland. Oh, and Anon?"
>"I have new coordinates for your next destination. Please adjust your course accordingly."
>"To the right. Eight degrees."
"Got it."
>You tilt your body gently to the side, and let the flow of the air around you do the rest.
>Then you stabilise yourself as soon as you are facing the new course and hope for the best.
>While you glide through the cool starless night beneath the impenetrable cloud layer.
>Soon you will have to find a resting place to get at least a little bit of sleep.
>Somewhere beneath an old tree or between a some dry bushes.
>Not exactly comfortable options for your proxy by any stretch of the imagination, but better than nothing.
>Plus, you can rest well in the knowledge that #deca.mare has her sensors up and running for you while you sleep.
>She is your guardian angel tonight.
>Like she has been countless times before.
>Warning you in advance when something needs your attention.
>So even though you have to release your control over the Pegasus proxy during your sleep, you find comfort in the knowledge that you have your mare looking out for you.
>She will protect you.
>Come the wasteland, angry scavengers, or misguided bawdy bandit mares.
>The two of you will fend them off, no matter what.

Footnote: You have gained recognition - Some ponies want to mend the hell out of you. Others want you to mend them. Either way, you want none of it. Good work!
Dramatis personae:

There be spoilers.

Main protagonists:

Anon (You) - Human man (here in control of a male Pegasus proxy), former terran space pilot, secret co-founder of Equestria, husband of #deca.mare

#deca.mare - CPU-ship-based AGI Earth pony mare, terraforming and spacecraft specialist, secret founder of Equestria, wife of Anon

Side characters:

Scrap Mender - Earth pony stallion, scavenger, repair pony, part-time instructor, group leader, big brother of Pin Point
Pin Point - Unicorn mare, scavenger, marksmare, member of Scrap Mender's group, little sister of Scrap Mender
Straight Nail - Earth pony stallion, scavenger, member of Scrap Mender's group, likes hammers
Picky Measure - Earth pony stallion, scavenger, member of Scrap Mender's group, favours pole weapons or plain poles

Guest characters:

Daring Do (Disguised as Rainbow Dash) - Pegasus mare, adventurer, explorer, author, in service of the Equestrian crown, artefact curator
And that's it for this chapter. The last segment with the cast isn't a part of the chapter per se, since it's supposed to get updates alongside the story as it develops. Hence the warning about potential spoilers that may accumulate over time. Plus, it's also a memory help for me when I come back to this side story now and then.
As always, feedback and general comments on this less serious and somewhat silly excursion are welcome.
Man that's quite a bit of green. I'm looking forward to the weekend when I should have some spare time to sit down and read.
Tech bump.
she cute
>Hence the warning about potential spoilers that may accumulate over time
Well I mean if you were ever unsure about how spoilerly parts of the cast list is you could also use the spoiler function to hide those bits and pieces.
>you could also use the spoiler function to hide those bits and pieces.
But that doesn't work on Ponepaste.
Fair enough. Although I wonder if that's something they could add to the greentext formatting.

Makes me think I should commission Patachu to re-do these a more proper way with fixing this manual, making it decent and more complete with corrections.
Maybe it's possible. Has someone asked Ponepaste Anon about that in the past?
File: 72218.jpg (202 KB, 1000x717)
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202 KB JPG
Emergency page 10 save.
I don't see why it would not be possible. The reader can already read similar tags with the highlight feature
X-Pony sounds more like a X-Men thing and not an X-Com thing to me
Since XCOM is short for "Extraterrestrial Combat Unit" the pony version could be "Extraterrestrial Combat Landing Operations" or XCLOP for short.
Or how about extraharmonial instead?
Yeah I guess that works as well.
the porn parody would be xxxclop
That's like a double positive though.
>Shining armor, a unicorn of twilights family whos talent is shields has his broken by a few dozen to hundred bugs smacking their heads into it out of sync.
He was being drained by Chrysalis, as she herself pointed out, aside from the consideration of surface area needing more energy than personal level shields.
>Ah, ah, ah. Don't want to go back to the caves, now do you? Ever since I took your place, I've been feeding off Shining Armor's love for you. Every moment he grows weaker and so does his spell. Even now, my minions are chipping away at it.
>Also, while the "laser" beams launched by unicorns seem powerful when they are impacting against shields, against physical objects they have little effect. Just watch the last few episodes:
Twilight gripping that piece of rubble probably had something to do with it if you can put logic to it at all that is aside from "need to build dramatic tension narratively"; it only started to crumble after she let go of it to teleport.
Starlight blew up a stone bridge at the drop of a hat in her debut to aid in her attempted getaway, and Twilight was blasting crystals apart in S2's finale after Chrysalis taunted her.
That being said, they're all really high-tier; even the unicorns who fired at Rainbow Dash in the S9 premiere were seen attending Twilight's lecture in the School of Magic in the S5 finale, only truly "average" unicorn to use it was Noteworthy in S4, where he ineffectually tried to attack Tirek (and was portrayed as a unicorn that time).
It's because there's just that much smut
Thoughts on pony telepaths?
Depend on what they can do.
If it's just emotion/primitive-language type communication, and/or some minor sensory manipulation it can be fun.
If it's the OP "know everything you will think before you even do", it tend to get boring real fast.
I think something like that is key to for good powers. Powerful enough to be interesting to use but not too powerful that it becomes a boring auto-win.
oh wow that's a lot of smut
File: 2381962.jpg (330 KB, 1093x1536)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
Artist says this is the cover for a story, but sadly they don't know what story.
Anyone got a link to TsarAnon's green?
Can you explain it real quick i might have it
The one where an Anon finds a portal that connects Earth and Equestria and decides to create a town in Equestria?
File: 1127249.jpg (135 KB, 1024x735)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
B5 "teeps" are actually a decent enough example.
While they might overhear your surface thoughts, deep scans is something you'd notice, unless they're really, REALLY strong… or in hyperspace.
Their ability has downsides, however, notable being on all the time, meaning that being around lots of people might be very stressful.
Further, like in Babylon 5, strong emotions could "bleed through" whatever technique that the telepath is using to block the thoughts of those around them.
The last, and fairly obvious, downside is generally being ostracized, distrusted, and feared by everyone who isn't a telepath.

Now, pony telepaths? Sounds interesting. Though I'd think the boneheads might have a spell or two for that sort of thing, or have it as something happening when pony can't control their magic, i.e. foals learning to use their horns.
Maybe try the other two pony tribes? Psionics to other tribes would be like magic to unicorns, so things would be somewhat in balance.
I like to think that's what changelings are. It makes sense for them to feel emotions and perhaps read thoughts to stalk their prey and drain their affection.
I can see that
>Make cake out of uranium
>It's not a yellow cake
You missed the pun, 0/10.
>at least four adversaries to deal with
But he has the #deca early warning system!
>That quickly?
Yea this is quick. Much much too quick.
>chase after me?
This is BS kinda. Aren't there any rules "not to go immediately after the killer" rule? Or at least having to go back to base or something. Respawning in place is OP.
>leads you through the landmark
She observes, records and catalogizes everything? Isn't that too much at the long run?
>There is no 'right' way to acquire things in here.
Heh. Destroy the house!
>accidentally hoist the poor thing off its hinges
I did not have to wait for long.
>But food is food.
Especially when he can make the proxy eat it while passively watching.
>floor has a veiled wooden hatch
Well, that something not many would look for.
>Rainbow Dash
This is a surprise. Is she camping in there because the place gets regularly refilled for starters?
>Don't get alarmed though
Smart move to warn her beforehand.
>artefacts of various kinds
Is it hers? How long is she living underground?
>doomsday device vault
In the middle of a game field where every weapon is designed to not inflict damage? Someone can just discover this and assume these are part of the game.
>magically protected
Ah ok.
I liked the way Anon figured it out. Is her hair dyed or something? Or its just dark in there.
>You shrug casually.
Anon really does not try to hide that he knows more than what he supposed to.
>You mean 'those' old tunnels?
I assume the ones left by the automatons.
>they will be successful one day
If Anon and #deca let's them.
>I thought you were a bloody beginner.
>earnings for playing the comically villainous doctor
Interesting take on the relationship of the two.
>sweeps the field
As in "cleanup" or as a player?
>I'm not sure Rainbow would approve.
There are no rules here.
>I don't think I could pretend to be someone else
Heh. Anon really visiting Equestria when?
>the boldest lie
Well here is my answer.
>Ah yes, of course.
Well, he kinda stumbled through it so far.
>I don't want them to get my scrolls.
Luckily now he has a safe place to hide it.
>"Only two-dimensional though."
>they'll come back for a rematch
This is why I said this fast respanw thing is BS. The attackers can just attack the target repeatedly until they succeed.
>"All the better, actually."
>Then they won't bother looking around this place anymore.
But why wouldn't they look around quickly then move on? Or they don't even want them to look around at all?
>into our own ha...
Interesting slip of the tongue, after this many years.
>her cyan dyed temples
Oh so its dyed.
>"You won't stop making things worse for me until I say yes, huh?"
Diplomacy at its best.
>her first foal with Caballeron
That's cheating.
>that would be cheating
>Okay, you yield.
I wonder if #deca can immediately block Anon from doing something stupid/dangerous.

>recompense for my... aid
Not like she can't just bring some in from time to time using the tunnels.
Food is scarce? I get the others, but food?
>I don't have all day to look around for material
Ah thats why its scarce.
Also I wonder if the mediponies or whatever have noticed her entering the building and disappearing for days.
>Which means I'll need to get them elsewhere.
She kinda overexplained this.
>So she is testing me.
Wow, smart one. I did not predicted this.
>Because sometimes bullets are ...
This is more of a compelling argument for why Anon needs Daring Do to have the bullets. Not why Daring Do needs it.
>distribution of foodstuffs
Not like Anon can't ask #deca for where he can find more btw..
>Friendship expiration limit: One battle.
If he does it poorly then yes.
>Waiting for you to show up.
Someone who can outrun them (being a pegasus), and had a few minutes of advantage. And how do they even know where was Anon even headed? Sure they can predict it for a short while, but after that its a guess.
>we're stuck here until then?
Time to "explore" the caves! Btw, why did Daring Do set up the base so close to the ground?
>she insisted on you to play the game more or less as it was meant to be played
Yea right.
>low-level, low-risk waypoints
Which it seems are probably surrounded by campers.
>steady influx of resources from the field
Don't they exhaust building materials? I assume building material is not something that is often dropped.
>internal power shifts and tournaments
So they build a society in the "wasteland". A society which they escaped from the first place to play in the wasteland.
>test their newest inventions on the field
>Like potions and spells the world has never seen before.
WTF is going in here. Wouldn't it be easier to do this not in the wasteland? Aren't they here "to play"?
>they are also utterly unpredictable
What are they crazy or something?
>no real fear to ever run out of ammunition
Hmm, sounds like someone designed it this way intentionally.
>Hit and run fun for the whole family.
I have a feeling that this will be used to bait them later.
>Daring Do's Quick and Dirty Guide to the State of the Wasteland
So, so far we have the Brutes, the Crazy Ones, the Knights and the Pegasi.
>Without getting shot at.
Or with getting shot at, just not loosing the scrolls.
>"That'll be a lot of work."
Figther jet Anon trying to wing it by flying fast when?
>"Or I sneak right into it."
Or 4th option: be honest and say mail delivery? But that's not that exciting.
>"Don't you like a challenge?"
Don't try to experiment with your luck Anon.
>sensation you know just too well
I hope its from the all day and night long lust fueled intercourses with #deca.mare!
>I have sent a copy of the map to your HUD
>red dot shows your current position
So long for no cheating.
>real secrets of the world are till locked to their eyes

>day of the revelation has not come yet
Huh. So they plan to reveal to them that their whole life and existence is a lie?
>"Let's just say I spent a lot of time in the archives."
I wonder if the the ponies thoughts are inhibited if they are coming too close to reveal something what they should not know. Like how Daring Do just said "Whatever."
>Alicorn Amulet, some decades ago
So we are after S9, but before the last episode.
>dimly lit by small "magic" panels
Why is it lit? The automatons were sure not in need of light.
>Takes us about twenty minutes in a solid trot.
Wow, thats far.
>though our best scholars couldn't crack them yet
Good, constant regression test on their inhibitors.
>You can tell that you have Daring Do's attention.
Again, I wonder how much of this info is "blocked" what Anon tells her.

>There's always a clue hidden somewhere.
Well, there is the archives in the middle of the planet or something like that. Which they can't see.
>At least some ponies would have remembered and recorded the ritual
Ponies. She can't see past it.
>see how well she fares
>his theories
Also, it seems that thoughts are not blocked.
>Sadly cruel in a way.
Since they archive the dead's mind, did they tell him afterwards? Just to see the reaction.
>but where's the evidence
If someone/something has the ability to do something on this scale, it has the ability to not leave any evidence.
>Are there traces?
Literally walking in it.
>What happened to the entity? And why did it leave?
If only she knew who she is talking to..
>Maybe it's even you or me?
>were all born on Earth
>I can tell
Nicely twisted this mistake of his.
>taxi wagon is parked right next to a wall
I was wondering how did it get there, but then I remembered these can travel underground too. That means there is a 3rd entry nearby?
>a certain mare
That's a surprise!
>some physical injury
Isn't he worried a bit? But I guess it's just a proxy.
>"Is there something on the wall, Anon?"
So "vision" (at least recognizing what she sees is blocked, but thoughs are not.
>But I'm glad to see your proxy is healing properly.
So he knows what happened. That's why he is not worried.
Also why did you made this injury? So far I fail to see the reason. Maybe that this is why Anon went alone?
>She pushes something you happen to know as a terminal
I wonder what she sees it as.
>The long exercises in the proxy
He literally had a thousand years to practice.
>"How did you know before you could see the door?"
I failed to imagine this scene btw. Is this door invisible or something? Or was this a blind S curve?
>Or you simply adjust the goggles to night mode, thank you very much.
Heh. Cheater. Eat some carrots! You are a pony (proxy) after all.

>Despite seeing everything clearly.
But how does she navigate? She don't have any super vision. Maybe living underground for so long made her low light vision a tiny bit better?
>At least as long as you do not have to feel up
Nicely addressed one of my previous comments.
>And burns in the process.
Hopefully not.
>And when they've shown themselves
They already know that Anon is equipped with a gun, so they will just strike first.
>her remarkable vision
Why isn't the proxy equipped with "internal" enhancements? Why does it need to wear a goggle?
>she wonders how you managed to notice this
And I wonder too. I know you said "eyesight are good" but I'm barely able to notice someone standing 200m away on a clear day if I'm not specifically searching for them.
>silhouette of a pony
I was expecting this bait. And this kinda goes against your previous "good eyesight" stuff. You stated that from a km away Mender was able to see Anon waving and challenging him. So from 200m away this bait is obvious.
>hammer stallion, the gun mare, and Mender
We don't know yet what Mender has in stock.
>But the status quo has to break eventually.
I remember a paintball game where we spent 40 minutes crawling around in the grass to surprise the other team.

>Followed by a bright red light
It isn't much if there is thick foliage.
>Daring is up there!
They are not expecting her at all, so they probably not even looking up.
>Promptly making him charge you as you run.
At least he is probably in the way of the gun mare to take a shot.
>another to the horn
She must have felt that. Also Anon is a real sharp shooter.
>I'd rather catch you alive
Hm, and why is that?
>Daring Do's dive bomb attack
I was expecting her to shoot him or something.
>mounting him... like a horse
In the other way this would be kinky.
>yet she sits firmly in the proverbial saddle
Well, she is a pegasus. Good balance, lightweight, fast.
>A moderately sized box is sent flying.
She could have done this earlier.
>Now a bite, if you will.
And she taunts him too?
>Not in order to pay you any respect or something.
He is going to shoot Daring Do.

>Which you do not follow through with.
Oh cmon. Would have been funny if Anon is the only one left standing and having to carry back Daring Do's "dead" body to the tunnels.
>lifts Scrap Mender
Hm, so a Pegasus can't lift an Earth pony into the air?
>Just to go sure.
Should have gone lower. Shoot the balls! He deserves it.
>reduced fairly quickly
The ability to not see in details might have something to do with it.
>wasteland is rapidly catching
Hopefully its just the spirit, and not other ponies who saw the light flare.
>jacket, metal lingerie
I'm sure stripping her naked will hurt her feelings. A lot.
>"So she won't get up for a good while."
>Doubt she can think straight
And when she does, she will be lust filled!
>Help me to unravel the net!
Tie them together? 3 stallion and a horny mare? This will end well.
>he is somewhat incensed as you drag him
No shit.
>she keeps muttering barely coherent sentences
She enjoys any form of touch at this state.
>with a proven method
I wonder where this was proven. Or on who. And did they enjoy it.
>That will send a message.
They could have bound their legs together randomly too! Random leg to another random pony's random leg.
>she is developing an... interest for you
Is somepony jealous?
>Scrap Mender is her older brother
Heh. So they just tied a horny in afterglow/in mid orgasm mare to her brother.
And she can't fuck anyone after she comes back to her senses.
>You have shot and robbed his little sister in front of his eyes
So Anon gained an enemy, someone who has interest in him and a conflict between the two. If they best him in a fight later, I'm sure Pin Point will try to take advantage of that!
>turned her into a gushing mess and then bound them together
The two will be awkward around each other for a while!
>It is a wonder he did not break the game rules
Not like he "hurt" hurt her or something.
>Pin Point brought it up in his presence.
Huh. So that's why Mender kept playing the game.
>she is dreaming of... you know, She also mumbles some telling words out loud.
>out of her mind for a few days
Few days?! I was expecting it to be half a day tops. But a few days? Wow. That will sure delay their next attack/ambush.
>I'm fucked, and she wants to.
>it counts as civil
But the real question is: does incest rope bondage counts as civil?
>I would never ask such a thing of you!
>I thought he wanted to join them tomorrow.
This occurred to me too.

I did not get what was #deca doing in there in the tunnels. Plot element? I guess I find it out next time or something.

Thanks for the update!
What are you talking about. It was holding up fine without her magic in play.
For all of five seconds, and you can see the cracks there in the screenshot; there's none for the entire time well over ten seconds when Twilight does it. I'd also point out that Chrysalis blew up the entire part of the mountain the fight ended at with an omnidirectional blast to defeat Starlight with the concussion after she got the better of her tactically, both rock and snow just shattered.
In any case, the point was, "you can see magic causes little damage to physical objects, conventional armor would just stop it" doesn't... hold up for the prodigious examples (even just using Starlight's debut), or how even the generic rank and file changelings could decently crater the ground by dive-bombing it with magic in their debut.
One thing you can for probably certain say about magic in this setting is, while Rainbow Dash shrugged off a broken wing kinda fast, their healing magic situation kinda sucks, to be frank. It's extremely rare at best, otherwise Tempest wouldn't be in that situation. There are no medics in the show that could just CTRL + Z wounds whatsoever.
File: Ponydispatch.png (448 KB, 640x1136)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
soldiers manuals are wild
>This is BS kinda. [...] Respawning in place is OP.
Not necessarily though. If you have to expect that the victor will most likely rob you blind and take everything valuable you have, then you've nothing at hand to retaliate with. Anon's mistake was that he left them with most of their stuff, so they kept their fighting abilities for the most part for a second try. He could have avoided this if he took the guns, or at the very least the ammo.
>She observes, records and catalogizes everything?
Not personally. But #deca.mare has access to the logs of all automatons and Harmony, so everything she wants to know is available at a moment's notice.
>As in "cleanup" or as a player?
As a player. If she's forced into a confrontation, she lets others think it is a different famous daredevil mare who beat them. And it really helps when both share the same body type for some "mysterious" reason.
>The attackers [...] until they succeed.
As said above. It depends on the material you leave behind for them to use. Strip them naked, and they can't shoot you, for instance.
>But why wouldn't they look around quickly then move on?
Because they're after Anon and his traces brought them here. None of them saw him leave the area while they followed him. Ergo, they reason he must still be around somewhere nearby. Which isn't wrong.
>block Anon from doing something stupid
The same way she always does it. #deca.mare tells him why something is stupid and what could happen if it goes wrong.
>bring some in from time to time using the tunnels
Yeah, but consider the distances involved in this. Equestria has the size of a planetary continent. So the track to the next civilised outpost outside the gaming field could span several dozens of kilometres. Or more.
>Food is scarce?
Its amount is somewhat limited, yes. It is a survival simulation, after all. But it's not like one is going to starve in there for real. There's always some bites to be found scattered around the place. And if that fails in very unlucky cases, the med teams step in to help out.
>have noticed her entering the building and disappearing for days
I'm sure they scratch their heads at that too. Though so far she has always reappeared somehow, so there's that.
>for why Anon needs Daring Do to have the bullets
Well, if Daring has to dispense bullets for Anon's cause, it ultimately amounts to the same thing. It too is a sort of payment to make up for potential losses on Daring's side.
>And how do they even know where was Anon even headed?
The hamlet was the only visible location from the entrance. Plus, they intercepted him halfway on the trek to it. Hence it's the only logical choice.
>Btw, why did Daring Do set up the base so close to the ground?
To get out quickly and garner supplies.
>I assume building material is not something that is often dropped.
Depends on the type of stuff. Basic material is likely to be more common than specialised components. But the numbers game applies universally. The more points you hold, the more material you generally have under your control. Both common and rare.
>A society which they escaped from the first place to play in the wasteland.
What? I fail to see where you picked up the notion of escape. They're all regular Equestrian citizens who simply have a unique brand of interests. At the end of the day, it's not much different than living in mostly isolated towns in Equestria, like Sire's Hollow or Hope Hollow. Only the way in which they chose to live differs vastly from what the majority of ponies would prefer. That doesn't make them any better or worse though. They're just normal ponies.
>Aren't they here "to play"?
And they do. It's their way of playing it. Others rely on guns and scraps, and they hone their talents with spells and potions instead.
>Wouldn't it be easier to do this not in the wasteland?
On the contrary, in my opinion. Surely most ponies would not like to live house to house with someone who might have a spell misfiring every week or two. Think about stuff like the "Want It, Need It!" spell gone wrong in Ponyville, but happening on a constant basis. That sort of thing is going to be tiresome for the neighbourhood very quickly. Out in the wastes, however, where everyone gathered to have a fun little competition against one another, ponies are much more welcome to this sort of testing, as they know what they signed up to when they entered the field. That way ponies can experiment with certain things which would otherwise be scoffed at. Though they still follow a set of security measures of course, since they have no wish to truly harm ponies. They're all nevertheless a civilised bunch.
>What are they crazy or something?
Not as in clinically crazy. Think of it more like a gung-ho band of magical researchers who live for their trade and sometimes accidentally singe the tips of their muzzles when something does not go as planned. They're like the polite scientists who invite you to their labs to eagerly show you their newest invention, and then tell you not to worry when the apparatus spontaneously catches fire. Not out of malice or so, though. It's just how they are. On a meta level, they are inspired by FoE's Ministry of Arcane Science. Although without all the really megalomaniac experiments such as the mega spells, or the IMP project.
>Hmm, sounds like someone designed it this way intentionally.
It's a way to balance the factions somewhat.
>that their whole life and existence is a lie?
No. Wanting the ponies to think that everything they've been through was an illusion is the exact opposite of what they intend to do. But that's something I plan to address in the main story in detail at some point.
>ponies thoughts are inhibited
Not inhibited per se. They only arrive at an interpretation of reality that does not break their immersion into their own world.
>So we are after S9, but before the last episode.
Oh boy. About that. I'm not going to regard anything that happened after S7/the 2017 movie as relevant for my story, with maybe the (edited) Kirin episode and the Rainbow Roadtrip special as the only exceptions.
>Why is it lit?
For the same reason the outer shells on terraformer ships have emergency light systems. It's a design #deca.mare and Anon also used for the tunnels in the rare cases of someone actually venturing down there.
The theories of said scholar who almost cracked the secret.
>Also, it seems that thoughts are not blocked.
Like I said, ponies aren't blocked from thinking about certain things. But they perceive them as a part of their natural world, and "overlook" a few aspects in the process.
>did they tell him afterwards?
Absolutely possible.
>Nicely twisted this mistake of his.
Mistake? Or pun?
>But I guess it's just a proxy.
It is. She uses her aforementioned proxy that was hurt in some other adventure they had.
>Maybe that this is why Anon went alone?
Yep. That's the exact reason. And if I'm not mistaken, I included a passage about this in the first chapter.
>I failed to imagine this scene btw.
It's a spiral pathway leading upwards in a steady curve. And the door is right at the upper end of said spiral.
>But how does she navigate?
She's a trained professional dungeon explorer with decades of experience. Daring can handle a few dark patches in a cave.
>Why does it need to wear a goggle?
It's a call-back to the video enhancement goggles. They'll be used further throughout the main story as well.
>And I wonder too.
The goggles registered four enemy signatures in the vicinity, and highlighted them on his HUD. He doesn't have to see the ponies for the sensors to notice them.
>You stated that from a km away Mender was able to see Anon waving and challenging him. So from 200m away this bait is obvious.
But there's a difference. The first fight was fought in broad daylight in a mostly even field, whereas the second confrontation happened in the darkness of a starless night. That's why the visual range was drastically reduced in this case.
Sounds like an interesting experience.
>Also Anon is a real sharp shooter.
Well, he had a millennium to practice.
>Hm, and why is that?
Prestige, plain and simple. "Killing" an official courier is already a decent number, but catching him alive is a display of even greater prowess.
>In the other way this would be kinky.
You mean if he mounted her? Yeah, a little. Guess ponies wouldn't necessarily see it as such though. Unless they get off on this in the middle. That could complicate things.
>Oh cmon.
Yeah, that would have been a funny twist, I got to agree.
>Hm, so a Pegasus can't lift an Earth pony into the air?
She could have certainly carried him for a short distance if he didn't struggle against it. Though what would have been the point in that?
>Should have gone lower. Shoot the balls!
Phew, that'd be kinda nasty. Even with a low-level energy blast which doesn't do any true physical damage, a direct shot to the exposed testes must tingle for a while. Especially with all the vulnerable tissue and nerve tracts that can be nettled down there. Fun fact at the side: It wouldn't even have been out of place, theoretically speaking. Aimed shots at the gonads have been a thing since Fallout 1. Complete with flavour text and all. But to quote a NPC from the game: Only punks aim for the groin. On a second thought, however, Anon zapping Mender's testicles would have made for an even more cuntish juxtaposition between him and his sister. So maybe it would have been fitting.
Hm, did I really just write a whole paragraph musing about this? Anyway, let's move on.
>I'm sure stripping her naked will hurt her feelings. A lot.
In her current state, oh she'd love it. But stopping there would bother her a lot. That's for sure.
>I'm sure Pin Point will try to take advantage of that!
Heh, I wonder what you imagine to happen here. Out of sheer curiosity.
>does incest rope bondage counts as civil?
Well, there's not much incest going on when none of the two can do anything lewd in their position. Plus, it's not like they want to do anything with each other either.
>I did not get what was #deca doing in there in the tunnels.
#deca.mare said that. She wanted to be physically near him during the trip so that he doesn't feel lonely at his work.

Also, I noticed there's quite a number of little typos and a few missing words in this update. Guess I have to proofread the chapter a second time and correct what I can find.
Go to sleep.
Also, off by one.
>Also, I noticed there's quite a number of little typos and a few missing words in this update
Ah yes the classic "Everything looks fine until after it's posted" problem
I wanted to read from the start since I had missed the April fools start initially, so took quite a bit more to get here but that's pretty great, love the explanation of why ponies would want to partake in it and the setting ya created in the future from the original history and how it ties itself to that.
Also the:
>"(...)I know for sure that my ancestors were all born on Earth."
>>"I can tell. Cloud-born Pegasi usually fly much more."
and the double meanings that would fly over a normal pony mind was pretty nice, giving her the straight info, but at the same time, not, heh
I see the army is teaching soldiers to fully utilizes the lethality of death flags in their training.
>Go to sleep.
And I did.
Eh, c'est la vie.
That's the crux, isn't it? The brain easily skips mistakes in texts and fixes the passages in your mind when you know what's supposed to be written there. Doubly so when you're the one who has written it. Turns proofreading into a pain sometimes.
>love the explanation of why ponies would want to partake in it and the setting ya created
Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed that.
Their enemies will never know what hit them
>Respawning in place
I think this is still BS. Because if somepony does not want to "ruin" someone else's game by taking everything away from them they are basically screwing themselves. This just encourages "bad" behavior.
If whoever was killed has to be out of the game for eg 24h plus walk back to the nearest respawn point would mean that they can't immediately attack back. And literally immediately, I assume they respawned in 30 min or so. You could not even put sufficient distance between yourself and whom you bested.
>Hence it's the only logical choice.
I got that the building in question was a logical choice. But what I don't get is that why they think that Anon is still in the building. Anon could have just flown away.
>Daring Do set up the base so close to the ground?
Still, she could have set up the base inside the tunnel. Nobody expects a double hidden room.
>most ponies would not like to live house to house with someone who might have a spell misfiring every week or two
Dunno, sounds too extreme.
You introduced that tribe as ones who only enter the playfield to experiment.
>Not as in clinically crazy.
>Not inhibited per se.
Remember, I usually write these commentary while I read the green.
You started to address the who first before you explained who he is/was.
>It's a spiral pathway...
Im sure Im not the only one failed to imagine it. Just add a tiny bit more description. Like "the last turn at the end is a blind one, be advised". Or something like that. It does not have to be a spiral one. It could be an S turn, or whatever, does not matter.
>And I wonder too.
Just add a half sentence to make it more obvious.
>Phew, that'd be kinda nasty.
Just like respawning in place 30 min later.
>I'm sure stripping her naked will hurt her feelings.
Will. Not now, in the future.
>Out of sheer curiosity.
Checking him out, taking a good sniff, accidentally presenting herself, cutting away a tuft of hair as a souvenir or maybe leaving one of hers tied to his mane, something like this. Teasing.
>none of the two can do anything lewd in their position
Anon... lewd always finds a way.

And I'm off to sleep. 2.5h earlier than yesterday!
>Because if somepony does not want to "ruin" someone else's game by taking everything away from them they are basically screwing themselves.
>This just encourages "bad" behavior.
Hm, I see what you mean, though that's somewhat a part of the game as well. The emphasis on survival and its rewards must be conveyed somehow in the game, you know? But on the other hand, some kind of safety net might be appropriate. Like beginner's caches with very basic equipment and weapons for ponies who hit the proverbial rock bottom, so that they get a chance to get back on their hooves. Maybe I should keep that in mind for a mention somewhere later.
>Anon could have just flown away.
Considering they were hot on his heels, chances are they would have seen him in the mostly plain wastes. They've got experience in these things, after all.
>You introduced that tribe as ones who only enter the playfield to experiment.
Yeah. That's their way of playing it. For them it's the best of both worlds.
>Im sure Im not the only one failed to imagine it.
I'll see what I can do. A minor rewrite might be in order.
>Just add a half sentence to make it more obvious.
>Just like respawning in place 30 min later.
Heh. Personally, I don't think the respawn thing can compare to the queasy feeling of getting shot in the privates by a prank energy charge. Even when it's ultimately harmless. But perhaps that's just me being flimsy.
Alright, I see. Thanks for the answer.
>Anon... lewd always finds a way.
Hm, you're right. Now that you say it, she could indeed, for instance, grope somepony near hear with her magic.

Yeah, I'm off now too.
File: 266790.png (78 KB, 900x739)
78 KB
The shield is a physical bubble that blocks things like a physical bubble, but it only exists when energy is being put into it. IRL it is basically radiation going in every direction at once. Like sound waves. Can you prevent sound from reaching you by making noise?
Let's say the bullet in pic related in is regular ol' M855A1 traveling around 961 m/s and amounting to around 1859 J. The magic shield would have to be emitting at least 1859 J. Constantly. In all directions.
File: 792699.jpg (1.21 MB, 5662x5639)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
Was the story ever translated from Chinese?
Somewhere in the beginning of the thread two autists theorized whether or not shields could actually stop or deflect bullets, and how it can be done.
Also, you don't have to project shield in ALL directions, just outward, nor do you have to maintain a sphere for that matter — a half-dome, or even a smaller segment pointed toward the enemy should be sufficient.
>page 8
If there's one thing I don't like, then it's seeing good threads at page 10.
Oh this is from a story? What's it called?
Seriously, no idea. Have seen supposedly related images with the names Trinity and Frontier, but I have no way to tell if they're legit titles or not. It's allegedly a long ass epic science fiction MLP story written in Chinese with grade A world building and stuff. But it has, to my knowledge, sadly only been published on a china based site and was never translated to English. And since I can't read noodle signs, that's all I know about it.
As far as I know, energy shields are science fantasy and would be too inefficient to justify. Why mention this at all when it's magic and not science? Because FiM presents magic as science. If it weren't the case then Twilight couldn't study it. If it can be hypothesized, observed, studied, experimented with, and replicated, it either has rules, or there's an evil demon at play creating the illusion of rules.
So when a pony projects a field that can stop things, that energy has to go somewhere. Some of it would be transformed to sound and heat, and most of it would exert force upon the field which would have to exert force back. But what kind of forces would the magic field have? Normal force as if the field were a wall? Drag force as if the field were a liquid? Gravitational force as if the field were creating a localized space containing something with incredible mass that can only exert force on things within the field?
Otherwise, you're naturally losing some energy and magically sorting out the rest so that the pony doesn't get hurt.
I remember this getting brought up here before and someone did run the 1st chapter through some machine translation and cleaned it up a bit if you're curious to check out a glimpse of it

Thanks for the link.
The start sounds pretty depressing though.
No problem. Actually I decided to try my hand at translating the second chapter using a mix of DeepL and Google alongside a bit of cleanup for some consistency

Eh fuck It I'm going to keep translating this in my spare time

Chapter 3

Now, Molin is sitting alone in one of the ordnance stations in the C-1 area.

But to be honest, he actually does not want to come to the ordnance station to stay, because it is often filled with the pungent smell of various kinds of ammunition, and sometimes the air conditioner was not turned on when dealing with dangerous energy weapons. That feeling is really beyond description.

For this reason, he was a bit reluctant to leave the medical station where he had gone to pull the nail out.

He came to the ordnance station mainly to return weapons and equipment - on the way he could chat with Lao Li - an old German man who speaks Chinese. Although the two of them were not really friends and had no previous friendship, they often chatted together or went to the shooting gallery to practice their guns on weekdays.

When it comes to Lao Li, Molin can't help but think of China.

He was "driven" abroad because of a storm. In fact, the country he went to was not the United States, but Germany. At that time, the pollution and wars in the region where Germany was located were relatively small.

Only later, in order to find a good way out, he chose to become a soldier - because in this era, the bullet that can kill is the way to survive. In fact, he made this choice mostly because of the death of his grandmother - a son of a bitch home invader who took her life.

His grandfather was working the night shift at a nuclear waste processing plant in the city, so he couldn't keep the laser rifle under the bed at home functioning.
There was nothing worth mentioning about Molin's childhood; he had suffered everything that was bound to happen to a child of this era. But then again, it seems that the things that got him on his way to such a glorious career as a soldier had a little something to do with his childhood -

His grandmother once told him that the pursuit of immortality in the fear of death is motivated by the instinct of life for material inheritance, the inner greed for the sense of possession of the world - all this is the source of suffering. This greed can be stopped only when the nature of the world is clearly perceived.

This passage had been imprinted on his mind for more than 10 years, and he did not fully understand the depth of its meaning. At least he thought that he needed to see clearly what this barren world really brought to people - so he chose to become a soldier - to see the bloodiest side of mankind every day, I guess the realization of that ideology was not hard.
He was starting to lose focus Molin hastily dragged his thoughts back.

Fortunately today, the air conditioners and fans in this football field-sized armory are all on. He got up from the chair next to the door, punched his bandaged shoulder, gritted his teeth, and walked straight forward.

"Old Li!" He carried his ion rifle and came to the I-14 energy rifle store and shouted.

"Hey, wait a minute! Kid." A reply emerged from inside the door of the store, and then came the sound of clearing away the dinner plates.

Molin threw the ion rifle full of dirt and dust onto the table in front of the store, and also dumped the pistol on his waist, as well as the grenades and other things on his body and piled them all on that table.

"Fuck me a table of things again!" A short, fat, bald old man pushed open the door, chewing bread in his mouth, and holding a porcelain cup in his left hand-it was filled with potato goulash soup. He came to the table in two or three steps, wrinkled his face, put down the cup and wiped the sweat from his forehead, shaking his red shirt, and said: "You young people are really hard to serve. We never know how to classify and send weapons..."

"Old Li! Just a favor, as far as it goes." Molin's right hand propped up on the edge of the table, eyes glancing elsewhere, skimmed, "How are we doing lately?"

"What?" Lao Li's already wrinkled face frowned again, making his mouth widen a lot - and he looked even older.

"I asked how you've been doing lately." Molin looked at him and said, "Don't you boast that you're great at Chinese?"

"Hell, I know you spit out words like paste." Old Li gathered the weapons Molin threw on the table while muttering, "Fuck, do you know about the recent incident in the south of the city?"

Molin raised his eyebrows, glanced at him, then looked away, and said, "Of course I know. Didn't that wave of terrorists bomb the hospital last time? This time they went to bomb the residential area."

"The BOCE beasts are hopeless." Lao Li took a sip of the soup in the cup, "...... so, do you want some potato soup?"

"Shit, if I could drink that stuff I wouldn't be called Molin." Molin said sarcastically, "Don't understand how you can stand that stuff."

"It's not that I can't afford to spend money." Old Li's face was still buried behind the cup, "At this point you still think about beef? Save it, it's good to have bread with soup."

He chewed the bread in his mouth, and then said, "My folks in Germany said that because of the drought, those farmers in the west have died of hunger this year. According to this trend, next year it is estimated that even the price of potatoes will have to increase!"

Molin just sneered a few times and did not answer him. He slowly took off his mechanical exoskeleton.
At this time, there seems to be some noise coming from the door. Many of the soldiers in the ordnance station cast annoyed glances.

Molin glanced outside in boredom and stood up straight. "I'll go out and take a look, the stuff will be placed here for you." Molin said, then moved the shoulders that helped with the straps and walked out.

A skinny researcher in a white plaid top and dark brown pants, wearing a tie, struggled with two peacekeeping infantrymen pulling and dragging him, shouting, " Damn let go of me, those things can't be opened! This is nonsense!"

"Psycho." Molin recognized the man, he was the chief biologist of that biology lab next to here. This man was probably in trouble, I'm afraid he was going to get killed by the higher ups for a bunch of money, or just disposed of.

Molin does not care whether he lives or dies, after all, he does not have the need to cause trouble.

What he was curious about was what had happened in that lab. After all, what was in the van was in this bio-lab - maybe it was related to what this man said?

When he arrived at the bio-lab building, he didn't notice or hear anything strange.

Until suddenly, a female scientist wearing an oxygen mask pushed open that emergency door on the side and ran out - "Get out of here! Now!" She shouted at the crowd of people here as she ran.

Molin had not yet reacted before a huge explosion came from the lab ahead, blowing a car-sized crater out of the blast-proof wall where that emergency door was located - along with the high-speed flying debris in the thick smoke, accompanied by purple flashes of lightning.

It looked like ...... some kind of plasma overload?

All this happened in just 3 seconds, Molin was about to reflexively rush in to carry out the duty of a soldier - "Don't go in! That war gate commissioner ......" behind him, is the voice of the female scientist. She bent over, hands supporting her legs, panting heavily, "Go call for support! --.

--It's an alien creature! An alien creature that looks like a horse!"

That's it for chapter 3 ponebin for this chapter: https://ponepaste.org/5148.
Thank you for your service, Anon.
Happy to help. I'll try to get at least one chapter translated every week.
bump once more
I've been reading a few MLP isekai stories on fimfic and was considering how you would prepare for entering the MLP world.

Limitations being no vehicles and nothing you can't carry, of course.
I'd probably go with some survivalist's gear just in case I end up away from any settlements. Similarly I'd probably take a rifle with ammo because there are some real dangerous wildlife. A solar charger and a backup hand crank charger for any electronics I might want to bring. Just some quick thoughts on the matter.
File: 1520290.png (3.28 MB, 1299x1624)
3.28 MB
3.28 MB PNG
Clothes and food are a must if you have no base to rely on. And some portable travel cutlery should be useful too.
A book on fish and vegetarian recipes might be a good idea to go with that. Meat might be hard to get in a place like ponyville.
It'd be fortunate that that they sell eggs there, as is apparent as of Sisterhooves Social... no wait, scratch that, I remembered Pinkie saying "I'll get the sugar and the eggs" in Applebuck Season, regarding baking a cake.
>you would prepare for entering the MLP world.
Backpack filled with holy grail, viagra and cocaine.
I have an entire country worth of wombs to fill, and I'm taking care of that in the first week.
File: Fishing.png (185 KB, 417x422)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
Some ponies also go fishing so it'd be possible to get supplies in Equestria to catch fish yourself.
>I have an entire country worth of wombs to fill
>Not building a loving bond with a mare and found a wholesome family
What do you guys think the maximum range for spells to be? Sure it probably changes from pony to pony and spell to spell, but I'm trying to figure out if outranging your average unicorn is doable with small arms.
civilian average is 100 yards
training or good genetics can triple that
top .5% have been known for 2 kilometer range when pushed
why? afraid of getting telefragged?
>genetically engineered killer super parrots
and i thought only the japs could come up with shit this crazy
>What do you guys think the maximum range for spells to be?
Depend entirely of how exactly spells work in your setting.
If you are concerning with outraging them you are probably some kind of PFY faggot in the first place, so just say infinite.
I also recall Hondo Flanks doing it in One Bad Apple, and Fluttershy feeding it to ferrets. So you'd just have to hope you're lucky, or you can try to pay some unicorn to enchant your bait with something like a weak "want-it-need-it" spell. Either way, I'd presume it would be significantly easier than real life to get fish, even without magic involved.
Yeah it's such a weird detail
To be fair, Japanese and Chinese have quite the long history together. It's not something they like to hear though.
Well Russia had their anti-tank dogs
USA had project Acoustic Kitty

Humanity has been using animals for weird tasks before this.
What the hell does PFY stand for?
>Glass Ball
>It's actually made of high-iron glass, the iron in which makes it magic resistant.
Wasn't there also a story about attempts of training dolphins to deploy explosive charges?
Not sure about deploying explosive charges but the United States Navy Marine Mammal Program has been training dolphins and sea lions since the Vietnam war.
They're trained: to detect mines, act a underwater sentries, and recover underwater equipment.
What does HFY stand for?
is this related to that time the us govt tried to teach a dolphin to speak and ended with teacher giving the dolphin handjobs and lsd?
File: 1277391.png (854 KB, 1280x1707)
854 KB
854 KB PNG
Kek. Do you have a source for this?
here's an article in the guardian the talks about it

>LSD experiments on dolphins
I can't say I'm surprised anymore.
truth can be just a strange as fiction
hoomanitee fug yeah :DDD
File: SPURDE.png (34 KB, 480x360)
34 KB
I dreamed last night that I was watching a training video for ponies that were traveling to Earth to gather information about humans. It was similar to the Fallout cartoon things with 40s sounding music playing and the Indian head test pattern with Celestia instead of the Indian was shown at the start. There was a mare and a stallion both wearing some sort of environmental suit, and they teleported in the air above a city and flew to the top of a skyscraper before setting up some equipment. The film also showed the laboratory in Canterlot which was filled with magitech that looked inspired by human designs. It took place a few decades before the show, and it was the 80s on Earth and I remember wondering if the secret program was still active and if ponies were still coming to our world.
That sounds like the setup for pretty fun story to read.
Up with the tech.
Sounds like it could be pretty interesting
>ponies have invented a dimensional "window" through which they can see our universe
>Starswirl and his equally brilliant wizard friend use it to copy our technology and use in their world
I've seen this in a show called Fringe, it didn't end well for either world.
>Neo Equestria is older than the star its predecessor once was warmed by, and nearly as large as the planet its people originated from.
>A space station of truly colossal size, ponies have been building upon and expanding it for hundreds of generations.
>It's so old and so vast, in fact, that there's hardly a soul left who even knows when, how and why it was initially built beyond to continue their peoples' existence after the natural death of their homeworld.
>And not a soul exists that knows the deep internal layout and workings of the ancient colossal station.
>Many of the mid-interior pockets are not even inhabited these days as ponies innately wish to be near the surface to stare out at the vast and beautiful expanse of star-filled space, with only the poor and factory workers remaining in the lower levels, cogs in the machine tasked with keeping Neo Equestrian society functional.
>And the lowest levels are thought to be uninhabited altogether, though no pony knows for sure since none dare travel to such ancient and forgotten depths.
>Those who have wandered close to such places have reported sighting such oddities as strange creatures, unrecognizable droids ambling towards tasks that only they know the purpose of, and even ghosts and phantasms.
>The Bowels of Neo Equestria are a source of both wonderment and horror stories, and if ponies have braved those forgotten halls before, they've not returned to share their discoveries.
>Yes, the Underworld is a place many are content to simply forget about.
>After all, there's enough to demand ones attention merely living day to day, so why let the unimportant mysteries below ones hooves occupy their thoughts?
>Well, as the denizens of Neo Equestria are now becoming aware, out of sight, out of mind is only a valid way of life for so long until the annals of their own history demand their complete attention.
>For as it turns out, many of the mechanisms and magic that even allow Neo Equestria to function are in fact buried deep below, and after so many thousands of years, are finally in need of repair.
>Life-sustaining variables are on the decline, and if the trend continues, will reach critical lows within ten standard years.
>That might seem like a fair amount of time, but with no knowledge of what needs fixing, the extent of those needs, and what will be required to carry out repairs, they need every minute they can get as explorers and engineers delve ancient depths in hopes of saving their home among the stars.
>Twilight is one such pony, quick to volunteer along side a certain group of mares looking to do their part, the young unicorn magitech engineer is ready to uncover ancient secrets, and save Neo Equestria.

So, how do think this sounds for a story? It's an AU in case you couldn't tell.
Sounds fun. I'd love to read more
A pretty good prompt, definitely will be following if someone decides to write a green about it.
Seems like it's a pseudo-planet. But what if we turn it inside-out? As in, the horrors are coming from outside.
Picture this: the time is set billions of years ahead of ours, the star age of the universe have ended. Life now only exists around the last remaining source of energy in these cold and dark times — black holes. The massive cosmic "batteries" that's been gathering and storing energy for eons, albeit at a loss, and one of them has a dilapidated megastructure slowly rotating around it.
It was once a home to an old and extremely advanced race, an enormous computer to house their consciousness. But sadly, even the infomorphs are not exempt from death — over untold millennia their minds degraded, decaying into noise until all that's left was a hollow shell, in every sense of the world.

Still haven't quite figured where'd ponies come in, perhaps a forgotten experiment with organics, or maintenance robots gaining self-awareness and evolving in mind and body, with latter also tying cutiemarks in as remnants of the old programming, or maybe it's just some frozen bacteria in a comet that punched through the outer layers and lodged itself close enough to reactor or something that melted it and life just kinda evolved from there.
The horrors part is various Von Neumann probes and whatnot — debris from dead civilizations and the entities that still roam the dying universe and feed on whatever's left after the stars have gone nova.
I like it, reminds me of H'ven Sent
still a better plot than magical mystery cure
File: 767763.png (129 KB, 1000x600)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
>all that
>just to get into anon's pants
flutters is determined i'll give her that.
>Fluttershy reverse engineers an RBMK from some pictures you had on your phone
>Recruits woodland creatures to help her construct it
>Has them steal uranium from top secret research labs
>Once activated the giant nuclear reactor in her basement is generating twice the output of Equestria's yearly energy usage
>"Are Generation II reactors your fetish?"
>Anon just stares at it in awe and wonders how long until one of the animals fucks up and creates Chernobyl 2: Nuclear Boogaloo
>angel bunny is dylatov
fucking kek
3.6 Broncogen, not great, not terrible
"Hey Fluttershy let's go back to my place so we watch a mini-series from my world. I think you'll really enjoy it"
I think Flutters is going to need some serious therapy after watching it.
Hell, I don't think she would even be able to watch the whole thing without breaking down into a traumatized sobbing mess, because both she both feels sorry for those people melting like a candle, and feels terrible for endangering other ponies, especially now that she sees what living nightmare her actions could put them through.
You should only expose ponies to the series, or even the less graphical historical facts if you absolutely have to. Even the rapey Butter Hush doesn't deserve to carry those images in her head.
Honestly yeah I would not put her through the entire series. Something like the animal control part would just be needlessly cruel to her. But if she did somehow make an RBMK reactor in Equestria I would make sure she knows enough to understand: how dangerous it could be if it all goes wrong, how it could go wrong, what was done when it did go wrong.
Chapter 4

Spring is here - and the dust is still the same.
Not many miracles would happen in the lives of the ponies. At least, they did not know the beautiful period when the bearers of the elements existed. After the disaster, everything became an unknown - an unknown that was completely unsolvable and unwilling to unravel.

Laura took care of all the luggage and wiped a little bit of fine sweat from her forehead. She looked at the luggage piled on the truck, and then looked at the dirt road leading to the village gate. There was silence.
A trace of wind and sand swept across the ground, gently brushing her hooves.
It reminded her of her childhood - the time she spent walking by the lake with her mother. Every night there was a breeze like this. Sweeping a small amount of wind and sand, gently brushing her immature four hooves, hinting to her the confusion of the road ahead.
Confused, what else can it be but confusion?
A life of uncertainty?
She gently turned around and went back to the house - she meant to help her parents pack, but unconsciously walked upstairs to her room.
Her father was quietly packing downstairs, the rustling of his belongings a constant reminder of all these changes.
The paintings, the pictures, were still hanging on the wall intact. They seem to have aged a bit, but the joyful smile she had as a filly is still frozen in them. The dust on the surface does not stop her from remembering the time.
The companions who accompanied her on her desert adventures are nowhere to be found ... and yet she can no longer recall their names.
--No matter what, that is already in the past. Compared to the present, memories can only be the encounters of time.
The sun is not very strong, but it still brings a touch of warmth to this slightly depressing room. Her desk, her bed, her window sill - and, yes, the cactus on the window sill.
Her father had given it to her as a graduation gift from Titaingan University.
She had always hoped that one day this cactus would produce a pale yellow flower - a surprise for her, for the world.
It's just that Laura has been taking care of it meticulously for decades, and it has not been able to bloom.

"Laura, do you need us to come up and help you pack?" Mom's voice suddenly reached her brain, which was drowning in memories.
"Oh! Mom, no, thank you!" She returned from her memories to reality and looked at the time displayed on the handheld terminal on her left hoof, "I'm coming down now, you guys get in first."
She stepped on those creaky wooden steps and trotted toward the truck at the door.
Her parents were already seated in the back seat and were waving their hooves at her.

Getting into the driver's seat, she rummaged through the pile on the passenger seat and pulled out the map.
It was a long trip - the Crystal Empire Space Center was over 1100 kilometers away and there was a snowy mountain to cross on the way. It would take about three days of driving to get there.

She took one last look around the village - or rather, the 16th residential area - that she knew so well. All around, a number of vehicles and ponies were already moving.
Some ponies had cars with enough capacity at home, so they could drive to the space center; those without cars, or those without cars big enough, would have to go to the train station and take the train to the space center.
She glanced at herself in the rear-view mirror, then at her silent parents. Eventually she started the truck and drove with the traffic to the gate.

Such a giant migration was taking place all over Equestria - the destination was the space stations in each region.

Titaingan, also known as New Canterlot. It is the central city of Equestria after the war.
It is located in a canyon oasis in the desert south of the ruins of Old Canterlot. It occupies almost the entire center of the canyon and is surrounded by this small canyon forest. Like Canterlot, it is also a huge integrated city, with 2 large railway stations, one for the train to the north and the other for the south; another large airport, and 3 space stations.

Only today, the streets were crowded with ponies.
The whole city looked like a collective*, and there were even some neighborhoods with royal guards diverting traffic . Again, these were the ponies going to the space center.

Salinas, as the successor to Princess Celestia, there really isn't much she can do for this post-war world.
This plan of the moment is pretty much the only way she can come up with to continue the Equestria... even though, as everyone knows, it's a desperate attempt.

"The world doesn't give us much mercy or opportunity." She had said so, "and it won't give us much time to realize this."

"Now, it's time."
More than ten hours later, when the sun was no longer able to rise, the barren earth was revived by countless streaks of dazzling fire - all over the world, a bright blue flame trailing, above a sky glowing with a hint of white, racing toward space.
The stellar light from this galaxy illuminated the outline of the entire planet at its feet - a fragmented, dried-up sphere.
Three huge cylinders were inserted tightly in the southern part of the planet, using the strength of the mantle as a support structure, with some proton chain fusion reactors faintly visible in the middle ......

Salinas had transformed the entire planet into a spaceship and was using it as a fuel tank.

The pale star continued to shed a little impotent light on those cylindrical shells, and a line of large gray letters appeared in blinding white: Titaingan Ark.

Soon, more small ships came from the barren brown planet and flew straight to the center of the three cylinders -
As the procession of ships rounded their shells to the inner side, there was some white gas floating in that area - actually artificial clouds - a technology of the pegasus.
Closer in, the ozone layer appeared, as well as the stratosphere. ...... The ships in the queue each lowered their altitude and came to the inside of the cylinder - the "ground" was covered with mountains, as if landing on the surface of a real planet.

Below the clouds, there were beautiful green mountains, lush green jungles, white snow-capped mountains, and dark gray hills and rivers. A huge city, built of sturdy pillars on the mountainside of a snowy mountain - as the ship began to slow down, the ponies saw the familiar yellow spires and blue castles.
It was the central city of Canterlot.

Landing in the Crystal Empire's airship, the ponies saw the Crystal Empire of yesteryear.
And Appleloosa, Manehattan, everything was exactly the same as in the old days. Three cylinders that reconstructed the past prosperity and memories of the entire Pony Empire.

"Although you mentioned the reconstruction plan in the project to us before, this is far more spectacular than planned ......," Commander Moranov, the military commander of the Empire, sighed to Salinas.

"... No, these are just appearances." She replied slowly, "Our home ... no longer exists."

With a command, the former Equestria - the dying planet - blasted off into a super planet with the impact of an antimatter cluster beam that penetrated deep into the core of the earth - its tremendous energy igniting the proton chain reaction in the engines and igniting the entire heart of the ark.
Carrying the remains of their home, the ponies embarked on a journey of more than 600 light years.
Finally got around to translating more of this

Pone paste for this chapter: https://ponepaste.org/5242

I also made a combined pastebin of all translated chapters: https://ponepaste.org/5243
File: 1596145062664.png (1.1 MB, 3000x1800)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
>"This is getting out of hand. Now there are two of them!"
why is there more than 1 pic of ponies messing with the demoncore?
File: 2613015.png (579 KB, 4000x2400)
579 KB
579 KB PNG
There's not many pics, but definitely more than you would initially think.
File: 2610418.png (211 KB, 1000x1050)
211 KB
211 KB PNG

>>37074955 (You)
Heck there's even some EQG girls getting some demon core action.
Turning the whole planet into a ship huh? Reminds me of /tg/s "The ship moves"
File: im out.gif (690 KB, 400x400)
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690 KB GIF
Reminds me of that episode of Invader Zim where zim and dib fight with mars and mercury as ships
Now we know why she is green.
The classic Dr.Banner skincare routine.
Damn, this would suck.
i would hope that wasn't their first manned launch. space accidents are inevitable, but it'd be particularly morale destroying if it was the first attempt
Gene Kranz's speech after Apollo 1 springs to mind
>Spaceflight will never tolerate carelessness, incapacity, and neglect. Somewhere, somehow, we screwed up. It could have been in design, build, or test. Whatever it was, we should have caught it. We were too gung ho about the schedule and we locked out all of the problems we saw each day in our work. Every element of the program was in trouble and so were we. The simulators were not working, Mission Control was behind in virtually every area, and the flight and test procedures changed daily. Nothing we did had any shelf life. Not one of us stood up and said, “Dammit, stop!” I don’t know what Thompson’s committee will find as the cause, but I know what I find. We are the cause! We were not ready! We did not do our job. We were rolling the dice, hoping that things would come together by launch day, when in our hearts we knew it would take a miracle. We were pushing the schedule and betting that the Cape would slip before we did.

>From this day forward, Flight Control will be known by two words: “Tough” and “Competent”. Tough means we are forever accountable for what we do or what we fail to do. We will never again compromise our responsibilities. Every time we walk into Mission Control we will know what we stand for. Competent means we will never take anything for granted. We will never be found short in our knowledge and in our skills. Mission Control will be perfect. When you leave this meeting today you will go to your office and the first thing you will do there is to write “Tough and Competent” on your blackboards. It will never be erased. Each day when you enter the room these words will remind you of the price paid by Grissom, White, and Chaffee. These words are the price of admission to the ranks of Mission Control.

that all being said, Luna would definitely need hugs if not counseling
Tech save.
I'm personally reminded of the "In Event of Moon Disaster" speech that was written in case Neil and Buzz died on the moon. It's a beautiful speech that I'm glad did not have to be given.
Well it would have to be given by Luna in >>37078965
I feel like a Luna version would have her bring up her own imprisonment on the moon and mentioning that while she eventually was released there was sadly no hope of that for those they lost.
an understandable reaction
I just heard from Sol that they've been temporarily banned from all boards. They haven't said why, so I'm assuming xe posted xir transition timeline on /pol/ by mistake.
Both Sol and I are still alive to some degree.
>Waiting out a ban
Do people actually do that anymore? Anyway, it's always nice to know your username is still incorrect.
I'm phoneposting right now, let it be known. I'm sure I could evade if I tried, but I don't know of a way that would be worth the effort vs just waiting it out, especially since I'm not close enough to done with this update to justify it. But yes, I'm alive, just perpetually strung out from constant shit on my plate without a second to think about pones. What a sad existence, amirite?
But I will start writing again soon, since I hate leaving things off on a cliffhanger (and a double cliffhanger at that) for so long. The update's been about half done for a while now, so all that's left is to just do the rest. Cheers!
And here I was thinking WIK might be trying to mess with us with a a status report on another writefag.
>Be me
>Earth pony with nothing better to do then walk around the everfree
>Hear a twig snap behind me
>Turn around to see a bipedal monster with a yellow jacket and grey pants
>He's holding a short black spear
>eyes are crazy as he leers down at me
>never forgot what he said
>"We tracked you easy!"
She probably should have taken Pinkie with her.
File: 792915.jpg (941 KB, 1000x1333)
941 KB
941 KB JPG
It's a reference to a youtuber named Paul Harrell
not something I expected here but ok
File: 299264.png (2.26 MB, 1800x1391)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB PNG
This will end in explosions, doesn't it?
That is a distinct possibility.
sounds like something that could be written and expanded upon
I'd read it
Tech bump.
File: 357838.jpg (495 KB, 2000x950)
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495 KB JPG
I will be dissapointed if it doesn't.
Well if the explosion is at all related to pinkie's variant Pinkies version of E = mc2 there might be a very serious problem.
Yeah I'd like to read that too
File: 1545727046824.jpg (3.57 MB, 3840x2160)
3.57 MB
3.57 MB JPG
I suppose it can be "grown" via more manageable oneshots until someone picks it up.
Something like entries in the captain's log, eventually serving as a sort of prologue or lore dump to the proper story, should it ever be written.
I.e. starting with what happened before the ark left their dying homeworld, or even before that — back when they just discovered that their world was doomed and how the idea of an undertaking such as this was conceived.
I would think short entries would lower the bar enough so that the less confident writefags could contribute.
>Starlight and star ships
Oh man, is Equality conquering the stars now?
More like they're coming after earth for revenge. I recently started "translating" (With the help of DeepL and google) the story that pic's based on.


Chapter 5

Calling Tower FG-67, there is an emergency at the bio lab in Area C. Please immediately dispatch AVX drones 122-127 to go ahead and conduct air strikes and send reinforcements as appropriate."
"Reply to Executive Officer Smith, demand confirmed. AVX 122-127 end standby and go forward for strike mission in Area C; armed peacekeeping droids in the vicinity of the area will be on alert at the center of Area C and will send reinforcements as best they can. Light peacekeeping droids will rush to the scene in concert with peacekeeping infantry."

Molin put on his armored exoskeleton, took a plasma launcher from Lao Li, and quickly ran to the lab that was billowing thick black smoke - purple lightning was still flashing.
All the non-combatants in the vicinity had been evacuated. Only those guards with stun guns were left to rush in one after another, the sound of stun guns mixed with shouts - it was not clear who had actually been hit.
Molin rushed into the gap on the wall of the laboratory along with some peacekeeping robots that came quickly, gritting his teeth - this was his first time fighting a non-human creature.
"PK261 & 273, cover the Commissioner!" Molin shouted to the two peacekeeping robots on his left, turning off the power amplification of the armored exoskeleton on his body and switching to the armor mode.

"Confirming orders, cover Commissioner 203," the two peacekeeping robots moved to Molin's side, mechanically holding up their laser rifles as they marched through the rolling smoke - the red glow from the identifiers on their heads creating a red beam in the smoke.
Molin saw a purple flash ahead through the scope of the plasma launcher, and a piercing thunderclap around it. "Ball lightning." Molin whispered to himself, tightening his grip on his plasma launcher
"Damn thing!" It was a guard's voice, "Ah!"
Behind the figure struck by lightning was a looming horse-shaped creature.
"Fire!" Molin pulled the trigger, and with a dull thump, several blue plasma bullets were then shot forward at high speed. The two peacekeeping robots also did not spare any time in shooting dense blue lasers at the figure and automatically searched for cover.
After hearing the loud explosion of plasma, more peacekeeping droids open fired and marked the location.
"Peacekeeper Infantry Sector C Squad 12 coming to support!" Someone shouted behind him.
Not bothering to turn back to report the situation, Molin controlled the recoil of the plasma launcher while heading for the lab security door that was only half left on the right - it was a good cover.
"Everyone, hit them hard, no one left with bullets is going back!" That captain shouted, taking his laser rifle and firing continuously into the center of the smoke.
Molin hid behind the security door, removed the plasma magazine that had been emptied, and moved nimbly to take out another one from behind him As he was about to insert this magazine into the launcher, a scene that everyone did not expect happened -
An extremely intense purple light blossomed from the center of their attack. All the people and robots who were not behind cover were all instantly tossed to the ground by the huge shockwave, and their weapons were thrown out dozens of meters.
The smoke rushed into the sky in an instant and dissipated very quickly.
With the smoke gone they could a clear picture of the lab. The ceiling was gone, the floor and walls were full of pungent smelling charcoal, and the messy experimental equipment on the floor had been burned beyond recognition.
Immediately after, the purple light began to divide into several small points of light, around the center began to rotate, and accompanied by a gradual up cyclone ......
Just as this glow was getting brighter and brighter and gradually floating up into mid-air several AVX drones swooped down and shot a series of high-energy laser bombs that exploded viciously in the center of the light.
Instantly, the light disappeared.
A purple horse-shaped creature fell to the ground ...motionless
It had quite a few burns on its body, and there was still a hint of smoke coming from its body.
And, everyone then realized that there were 5 other similar creatures standing there - the same size, just with different body colors and forms, and one of them seemed to be wearing a costume.
Everyone just stood there at a standstill with them, no one taking the lead to attack - the robots didn't seem to recognize the threat and just stood there with their guns.

"Twilight!" Suddenly, a slightly indistinct English came galloping out of the mouth of one of them, a white horse - and at once, everyone snapped back to attention.
Five electroshock shells hit five of them precisely, and the powerful electric current made them fall to the ground quickly one after another ......
Those peacekeeping infantry soldiers threw down some boring words, carrying laser rifles, pushing those robots and gradually dispersed.
The engineering maintenance team then came to the scene, along with two ambulances, and three or four guard armored vehicles that blocked the scene. Sirens and people's shouts were heard.
Molin's body was covered in some dust, and he coughed a few times and slowly stood up.
"Shit." Molin glanced back at the six alien beings lying on the ground and was annoyed - usually at this moment, he would usually swear at things with dirty words. For example, some people who upset him, or things that he thought were unlucky.
But now he didn't know what to curse, because his mind was all about the replay of that scene - "Twilight!" ...... Obviously, it was an English phrase. But how could an alien speak English? It puzzled him, but then he felt a little creeped out.
The purple pony - he thought the creatures looked so much like ponies that he thought so - it had horns on its head and wings on its body, a clear copy of a legendary Greek unicorn - only smaller in size.
However, this creature was indeed dangerous... the laboratory walls were designed to withstand small nuclear fission with high-performance explosion-proof radiation-proof material, only a tank's high-speed depleted uranium ammunition or higher-strength warheads can penetrate.
If one day it escapes the base ...... the consequences will be unimaginable.

However, the other five ponies do not seem to be so powerful - rather more like, a bullet can take the life of livestock. Although the white one of them also has a horn, another two have wings ...... the remaining two are not much different from the ordinary pony.
It looks like only that purple pony is dangerous.
Molin came to this not incorrect conclusion and thought it necessary to submit a report to the information department tonight. -- The superiors demanded that for all unexpected tasks, you can get a bonus for writing a valuable report

He thought, slowly walking back.
"Wait!" Looking back, it was the female scientist, "That Commissioner--"
"What is it?" Molin asked with a sideways glance, "I don't have enough time."
"I feel I need to show something to your war department." She paused for a moment and her eyes went to the busy guards and maintenance personnel, "About the reason why they can speak English."
Molin listened and immediately turned around and asked, "What?"
"You also think it's strange, right?" She finished and walked backwards, "Come with me, it's not simple."
"I'm Janet, an information specialist who just got the assignment today to research the origin of these alien beings from the NASA database." She led Molin to another building in the lab, "The strangest thing about those alien beings is not themselves, but the one-piece hibernation pods they slept in before."
"One-piece hibernation pods?" Molin frowned and closed the door, "So ...... they were launched to Earth? And didn't fly the ship themselves?"
"Exactly." She turned back to Molin, "And the weird thing is not just that."
With a slip of paper drawn from the lock on the door next to her, Janet opened that glass door - she avoided the lock's authentication of her identity information. Moline frowned at this action.
After passing through a narrow sterilization room, the two of them came inside.
It appeared to be a cryogenic warehouse.
Six black coffin-like hibernation pods lying in the cold carbon dioxide gas, with a blue glowing glass window on the front. The entire warehouse was dimly lit, and several of the main lights were not on - probably because the previous firefight accidentally interrupted the cables underground. For this reason, the whole room had a depressing atmosphere.
"Look here." Janet pointed next to a window of a hibernation chamber, "That's why I called you here."
Molin walked forward and leaned down to take a look - surprisingly, there was a line of English letters written.

It read: From ISNA and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
"Listen, this prank was a success, but it’s very boring." Molin shook his head and said, "You're probably overwhelmed by whatever research you're doing, or just scared out of your mind in the middle of the firefight just now."
"I've been to war." She said very seriously, "I have no sense to bullshit you here - this thing should not have been known to anyone!"
Then she came closer and said, "The six wooden crates that were brought down from the van were brought straight here, and the six ponies were eventually carried here on stretchers by 12 peacekeeping robots - no one has ever seen the hibernation pods except for the robots whose memories can be erased at will. "
"Then how do you know?" Molin asked, "And now I think I can ask you, for what reason didn’t you want the door lock to verify your identity information?"
"I stumbled upon it this morning when I was checking the warehouse data access of GSDS before the experiment - the access information of this cold room was blocked, and I realized that this was exactly the place where that hibernation chamber was stored." She said quickly, "Then, while trying to access the information from other sources within the system, I discovered that the lock on the door to this room had been programmed with an alarm - anyone who swiped their PDC (a terminal worn on their left hand) would *immediately* be reported directly to the ISNA command center. skipping all information screening.
"...... And this behavior," she continued, swallowing, "is no different than what the GCE used to purge 'those in the know' before Operation Deception in the first place ' in no different way. That's how that war ended up being provoked."
The air seemed to freeze, and Molin felt like he was stuck in some kind of quagmire.
"Give me a reason to believe you and not to arrest you." After deep thought, he still said coldly.
"This is a matter of human security." Again, Janet replied coldly, "ISNA is doing things that even our own people don't know about, and they're things that you and I can sense are probably driving history backwards ...... Regardless, we have to lay low until things take a turn for the worse, and pretend you saw nothing today --The Mission Control Center will certainly have arrangements later, when I have my own ideas. Remember - for 2 minutes just now I was discussing your bravery with you, nothing else."
Paste for this chapter:https://ponepaste.org/5260

Updated paste with all chapters: https://ponepaste.org/5243
>More like they're coming after earth for revenge.
Certainly a better scenario.
Would someone please recommend a story to me?
I'd like to read a long complete or almost complete ongoing story that has themes of Anon trying to educate ponies and horrific accidents/body horror. depression in ponies or Anon is interesting to me too if it leads to stoicism rather than suicide. bonus points for Anon dating and lewding a pony but not letting the story descend into coomer and fetish territory, double bonus points for Anon killing Discord or the evil versions of the monarchs.

Thank you in advance.
That's, shall we say, very specific.
Sorry, any suggestion is better than nothing, just link whatever you really enjoyed if I'm being too picky.
File: Advert1.jpg (148 KB, 638x825)
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148 KB JPG
Don't forget pic related.
Whole bunch of stuff that's machine-learning voiced, and I think I spotted one or two robomare meme in it.
I quite enjoyed Writefag is kill's Steel Sanctuary

thanks for the reminder
File: 818767.png (3.11 MB, 1920x1080)
3.11 MB
3.11 MB PNG
Ring world pony?
what the hell does Jeb! have to do with /mlp/ of all things?
thas a lot of tism
Pretty sure that's a Homeworld cutie mark
File: uww7p2by2pj31.jpg (73 KB, 1920x863)
73 KB
Karan S'jet ponified.
A slightly less edgy version of the "mind-wiped brain-in-a-vat is what control the giant spaceship" concept.

As for TL-DR on Homeworld's story :
>Archeologists find relics showing that their species came from space, along with a FTL McGuffin
>Build giant arch ship around it, to explore the universe and go say hello to great-great-great-...-grandpa
>Immediately get a reminder of why the fuck their ancestors ended up in a remote shithole with paleo tech
>Have to fight their way through the galaxy to reach their species' homeworld
Page 10 save.
Sounds cool. I can imagine a pony version of it would involve magic reaally being advanced tech that ponies no longer understand. It would sort of be like the Adeptus Mechanicus of 40k.
And tech save.
Some good ol Clarke's 3rd law stuff there.
I'm not familiar with Homeworld but would Twilight be a good fit as a pony Karan S'jet?
I never heard of that speech, but I just read it now that you brought it up.
It’s kinda freaky to imagine an alternate universe where those men died on the Moon and that speech was given. I wonder how it would’ve affected space exploration and society’s view of space in general, knowing that the mission failed and there are now 2 human corpses out there.
It's interesting to think about. It's possible such an incident might've further pursue space travel as a way to make the sacrifice mean something. That to give up on space would be a great disservice to Neil and Buzz.
Weird question, asking for a bit of help

Which author made that one story about anon making a propeller setup for injured Pegasus

It had a nice bit talking to luna about how they went to the moon on vacuum tubes and id really like to read it again.
Pretty sure that's Follows a Little Spark, it was posted on RGRE and Fimfiction
Background-wise, yes (she was a scientist).
Tone and personality-wise however, the mothership is more of a ... motherly presence, always keeping a relatively monotone and reassuring voice no matter what happen. I would see Celestia (or Fluttershy) fit the bill more, maybe with Twilight commanding the separate science vessel.
Fun fact: Twilight as the mothership also mean Twilicorn would sorta happen, since Karan "ascend" to an ancient godlike spaceship at the end of Homeworld 2 (with Celestia as Sajuuk, then). That's only a consideration if you somehow intend to stick hard to Homeworld's story tho.
I should check that out when I can find some free time
>I would see Celestia (or Fluttershy) fit the bill more, maybe with Twilight commanding the separate science vessel.
Continuing this, I'd see Zecora as Bentusi, coming and aiding the fleet with tech and knowledge when they're in need.
Who would fit as the Taiidan Emperor though? Chrysalis? Luna?
How about King Sombra?
Yeah, now that you mentioned him, I think he'd be the best choice.
When I looked up who the Emperor was and saw him described as a powerful, paranoid, tyrannical ruler of an ancient and powerful empire I thought he thought he'd make a good fit.
File: 845303.jpg (311 KB, 2435x3000)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Where is her mouth?
Chrysalis & changelings as the Turanic raiders.
Luna/NMM as the Kadeshi's leader (if Celestia isn't Sajuuk).
S5 Glimmer as the Beast.
Yona & the student6 as Makaan and the Vaygrs.
She get fed entirely by enemas ... that little anal slut.
Got more translated

Chapter 6

"This is bullshit!"
At this moment, the conference room inside the base was filled with noise from the crowd of people inside.
"Whatever is going on in your heads, I want you to terminate this insane project right now!" A middle-aged man in formal wear shouted, with a pile of papers on the table. The two people behind him were just as anxious as him.

"Mr. Andrews, I don't think you realize the value of these creatures yet." One of the men across from him replied. He was wearing glasses, his face was slightly wrinkled, and he had slightly curly white hair. "Besides, ISNA has the ability to prevent any accidents."

"Look, Mr. Pilander, we are not here to listen to your prattle, but to have you end these studies immediately!" The man remained emotional, "The danger of those creatures is unpredictable, and there's no telling if they'll attract more of their kind!"
Andrews had no intention of stopping.
"Our METI team is well aware of the danger of these aliens." After Mr. Andrews said this, he paused and sat down.

General Pilander was silent, just staring down at the man in front of him.
Counting the 3 guests in the conference room, there are a total of 8 people. Next to General Pilland were two information commissioners, a conference room staff member, and a female war gate commissioner.
One of the information commissioners was none other than Janet.
The conference room was a simple official meeting room, not as spacious as the combat conference room or academic research hall where business was discussed. A projection screen, an oval table, some chairs, and nothing more. Perhaps the reason Andrews and his group were so angry might also be related to the provision of such a disrespectful conference room.

At that moment, the door of the conference room was pushed open.
"War Gate Commissioner Molin reporting for duty." It was Molin. He had received a call from the General today asking him to come to conference room 18-D at this time.
"Ah, Mr. Molin, you're here at the right time." General Pilander raised his eyelids for a moment, held his chin in his hand, and said, "Ahem ......SETI Team ...... Do you have anything else to say?"
"I want you to give me proof of termination of the program right now." Andrews said gravely, "No matter how important you think those creatures are, I want you to dispose of them by tomorrow!"

"Hmmm...that's it?" General Pilander did not look up, but read the information in his hand by himself.

"That's all." Andrews leaned back in his chair, "Don't be slick with us."

"Well, all right then." General Pilander sat up straight and said to the lady War Gate Commissioner beside him, "That's all that can be done."
At the end of the sentence, the lady commissioner skillfully drew the black pistol at her waist and quickly snapped three shots - all hitting Andrews and the two attendants in the forehead. The force of the bullets lifted them straight off their chairs and onto the floor, with a hole through their heads.

"All right, the meeting is over." General Pilander held his forehead, got up and said, began to put the dozens of documents in the folder, "Ax, you are responsible for the news; in addition, you ... Clean up, all the blood must be wiped clean. ."

The commissioner who sat next to Janet nodded, put away the computer and walked out of the conference room; while the conference room staff, silently cleaned up the three bodies.

After that, General Pilander turned to Molin who had been waiting at the side for a long time.

"...... Good morning."

"It's the afternoon, sir." Molin replied, "Another mess of chores?"

"As you can see, SETI's people are coming to the door." He once again held his forehead, seemingly racking his brain, "We're not afraid if they pick a fight, but the key is what the media and other countries will think ...... Commander asked for this way of handling things and you're not unaware of it."

"SETI?" Molin had not heard of this organization, "What is it?"

"Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence." Janet interjected, " They're responsible for searching and counting the civilizations near Earth, as well as assessing the various attributes of these civilizations."

"How did they know about our six alien horses?"

"Some peacekeeping infantrymen were spamming things on social media." The general took his folder of information as if he was ready to leave, "Those people have been dealt with."

"Well, people from the peacekeeping force are not supposed to interfere with these things." Molin said helplessly, "So, what is the task given to me?"

"Go to the Biochemistry Center and bring out those six alien creatures." The general slowly walked towards the door, "The superiors temporarily corrected the observation and research project. On occasion the research department will need a few of you to bring them in to do some experiments. Keep an eye on their whereabouts during this time, and no matter what, you must make sure they don't escape the base, understood?”

"And then, the reward is very good ." General Pilander pushed the door open and walked away.
"So?" Molin sat down and said, "Is it fun to release a bunch of alien horses in an ISNA base"

"...It will be very interesting " That female war gate commissioner who had been silent suddenly spoke up, "Especially since they will kill anyone at any time ...... that's the rule of the game."

Then there was a brief silence.

Janet broke the silence: "By the way, there will be five people working with us then, so ......"

"Who else?" Molin asked a little impatiently, "Are they all the commissioners?"

"Yes, all commissioners." Janet replied, "You, me, War Gate Commissioner Ovia, in addition to War Gate Commissioner Rohns, and Engineering Commissioner Dowell."

Molin glanced at Ovia, who was standing behind Janet staring out the window, and then asked Janet again, "Rohns and Dowell? And, if I heard correctly ...... General arranged a total of three War Gate Commissioners to look after those six ponies?"

"They are not ponies." Ovia suddenly spoke, "They are aliens."

There was a short silence immediately afterwards. She said this without any expression on her face, just looking out the window. She wore a short ponytail and had a very elegant figure and temperament, but her cold face held a pair of unfathomable blue eyes.

"...... Yes, three War Gate Commissioners, plus one each of Information and Engineering Commissioners." Janet said, "Meet all of us at the Biochemistry Center in a little while ...... er, remember to put some active defense modules on the AIU on your back."

Molin gulped and said, "Okay, see you in a bit."
Paste updated: https://ponepaste.org/5243
Thank you so much
There's even a wire that looks like it might connect there.
Glad I could help!
File: 2112038.jpg (449 KB, 1080x1000)
449 KB
449 KB JPG
oh I can't unsee that
File: 2615291.png (1012 KB, 3300x2550)
1012 KB
1012 KB PNG
Dammit, how did Derpy mix up the flags?
she quite literally stumbled upon the apollo 11 landing site
Wow, are we going to have a thread without a WiK update?
That must've thrown the ponies for a loop. First pony on the moon and there's already a flag there.
Equestria fuck yeah
What if the portal to Equestria is on the moon?
File: 1474837119-6c1e9.png (1.49 MB, 1024x1561)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
>the Moon isn't a normal celestial body, but rather an enormous machine that serves to anchor several universes around itself for purpose unknown
>it powers itself by capturing the energy released by the fabric of several universes rubbing against one another
>Luna accidentally opened the portal at the Equestria/Earth intersection point during her banishment
>ponies are drawn to the Moon because there's a strange fluctuation of magic going on in there since Luna left it, as Nightmare's magic was obscuring it
>humans detected strange electromagnetic, and later gravitational anomalies emanating seemingly from deep below the surface of the Moon
>eventually the second space race happens, pushing humanity from it's cradle and sparking an interest in the lunar anomalies
>meanwhile ponies, for their part, are preparing the greatest long-range teleportation spell ever to be cast, in hopes of finding the source of that magic disturbance
and then humanity enslaves ponies because the races that aren't inherently shit are cucks and won't do anything to stop the shit races from enslaving or driving ponies extinct
write something that i can actually suspend my disbelief for
How uplifting.
I'd love to read this story
careful now, don't want to cut yourself on that edge
that's reality. or am i wrong when i say that it is not safe for women, children, and particularly effeminate 'men' to walk the streets alone at night in supposedly first world countries?
File: 1801538.png (1.46 MB, 1280x767)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
I can hardly believe it
Sorry, frens. I don't know what's wrong with me. I've managed to write despite being busier before, but I just can't seem to focus lately.
yay you are not kill
#deca.mare update.
> I just can't seem to focus lately
No worries. I'll wait patiently till it's done.
But to sate my curiosity:
How far into the update are you in? Just started, half way there or closer to the finish line than to the start?
Don't treat answer to this question as an obligation. I understand well that even having 90% of a chapter written doesn't mean that writing the remaining 10% will take less than what's already done. Especially since in this case it's supposed to be the ending chapter (unless that changed, of course).
thanks for the heads up
Tech bump.
Hey don't beat yourself up about this. We all have times like those in our lives. You'll be able to push through this focus slump.
File: 1979258.png (288 KB, 1280x853)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
Ground Control to Little Bat
Ground Control to Little Bat
Take your protein pills and put your helmet on
Ground Control to Little Bat
Commencing countdown, engines on
Check ignition and may Luna's love be with you
File: 1194628.png (1.22 MB, 1214x1400)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
File: 30638.gif (166 KB, 500x645)
166 KB
166 KB GIF
Love this artstyle, reminds me of old school pixel games for some reason
Yeah I know what you mean. "Another World" was one game that sprung to mind for me.
Reminds me of Thimbleweed Park
File: 41415.png (156 KB, 850x698)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
Huh that's not I connection I would have made. Is it something about the night sky, or does Thimbleweed Park have some sceret sci-fi twist they're hiding from the steam page? I mean the cover art does make me think of X-Files.
I see Apple Bloom trying to understand how zap apple jam works.

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