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File: Nurse Shimheart.png (194 KB, 940x1974)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
>Hey, Anon!
>Thanks for stopping by!
>Don't worry, I'm Nurse Redheart's student assistant this semester for an elective course
>I'm taking over some of her duties for today since she had to go out for a, uhhhh, emergency.
>So yeah. I'm going to need you to drop your bottoms and underwear so I can check ou-, er, check your testicles
>Student health is very important after all, heh
File: NeddleShim.png (496 KB, 1024x1973)
496 KB
496 KB PNG
hm.. yeah I dont buy it
File: 2431078.png (387 KB, 1024x1383)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
>Come on, Anon, you have to. The school requires it
>If you don't do it now, then I'm going to have to mark you down as postponed, and you'll have to come back later when Bulk Biceps is here instead
>He's a student assistant too, but he covers afternoons
>I'm more than happy to mark you down if you're feeling uncomfortable about doing it right now, Anon
>Or with a girl...
>get to make the strongest dude in the school touch my balls
>get say "hey it was the law" when called gay
>get to call bulk a faggot for touching my balls, he did offer after all
I only loose if bulk is a nice guy and not a faggot in this hypothetical situation, besides shim we all know you read minds and you are going to do that to get off while you touch me you perv
Fine, I'll let you fondle my balls if you let me into the medicine cabinet.
File: 967991.png (107 KB, 622x783)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
>How could you even suggest a thing?
>I take the responsibilities of my position VERY seriously, and professionally
>Frankly, I'm offended you'd even say that
>I'm just looking out for your health, for ALL the students here at Canterlot High
>I see
>Very well, then, Anon. Just tell me straight and I'll mark you down as "postponed"
>You will have to come back later, of course, or risk facing suspension
>Have to choose between getting molested or getting suspended
Do burgers really?
It's for your own good.

You WILL have your balls touched
You WILL have your health checked on
You WILL take the after-visit lollipop
And you WILL be happy about.
File: 1407627.png (1009 KB, 7718x3705)
1009 KB
1009 KB PNG
>those fucking legs
>He's not a LEGG man
File: LONGSHIM.png (256 KB, 940x2500)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
We can go longer
Long tall Shimmy in a white dress.
Why is her hair inside of the coat?
It's not
Fuck off, furriner.
File: popeyeisdisgusted.jpg (61 KB, 499x679)
61 KB
This isn't enough to satisfy my leg fetish.
Longer, I say, LONGER!
At least re-read your pointless question before posting it.
What, are you mad your other thread fell off page 10 and can’t focus now?
"No don't, it's just.. You're not gonna laugh at me or anything are you?"
>"What do you mean? Anon I've done this hundreds of times. Just yank em down and I'll get the measuring tape."
"M-measuring tape?"
>She looks at her clipboard,
>"Yep, gotta measure the length and width of your penis for the schools data bank."
>You swallow hard.. This is bad...
"S-sunset I-"
>She's now grabbing the measuring tape.
>"Alright, got the tape, were you saying something?"
"So.. You do this for all the guys right? This is just standard procedure?"
>Sunset responds,
>"We have the lengths of everyone in the school. Everyone except for you Anon. Now yank em down, lets see how you measure up."
>You sigh, and slowly take down your pants and boxer shorts.
>Your cock exposed in front of her. She lets out a little chuckle before examining it more seriously. You feel her wriggle your cock by the shaft between her pointerfinger and thumb. >You bite your lower lip feeling her gloved hand feeling along your dick, measuring the tape against it and then taking some notes.
>She mutters,
>"Can't believe it, it's really like that huh?"
>"You're small! Really small, like abnormally so."
>She laughs wriggling your cock between her fingers.
"So.. How do I measure up then, you said you have the lengths of everyone right?"
>She chuckles, and then looks back at her clipboard lifting up some papers.
>"You don't wanna know."
>She says chuckling some more,
"W-what? It can't be that bad.. Just tell me."
>She sighs,
>"Anon, you have the smallest cock in the entire school."
>She squats down and holds her gloved hand against your dick and extends her pinky against it.
>The length of her pinky is a bit longer.
>"It's not even as big as my pinky!"
>You feel your cheeks flush red. She looks back at her clipboard,
>"Here, look, theres you at the bottom, even featherweight has you beat by an inch and a half.
>You look over the chart in horror seeing how tiny yours is compared to everyone else, realizing yours is the smallest in the whole school.
>Sunset smiles looking at it,
>"It is kinda cute though."
>Your heart is pounding, and you ask,
"P-please don't let anyone know about this, I don't want everyone else to know how tiny I am."
>"Anon, you know I can't, all the results are displayed publicly by the end of the week."
"But then everyone will know I have a micropenis!"
>Sunset looks at you with concern, you sniffle as tears roll down your face. She places her hand on your shoulder.
>"Maybe it won't be so bad. Why don't you come over to my house, and I'll make you some cocoa. I'm sure you'll feel better afterwards."
>You sniffle,
"Not likely.. I'm a total loser."
>She hugs you,
>"You're not a loser Anon. No matter how small it is."
>Shes probably just saying that.. There's no way she'd really accept you after knowing the truth...
>You're at her home and Sunset is in the other room making an ungodly amount of noise. >Hammering, drilling noises.
"Everything ok in there Sunset?"
>"Y-yeah! Just uh, making that cocoa!"
"Is your machine broken or something? Sounds like something extreme is going on in there, you need help?"
>"Don't come in here! Just wait there!"
>You sigh and sit there. You can't believe she saw it.. She saw how small it was.. It was completely horrible and humiliating. Why the hell did she invite you back here? What's the point? More humiliation?"
>She emerges from the kitchen with a mug of... Cocoa?? Her hair is a mess and you look over the cup and see it's a dark green color with some marshmallows on top.
"Uh, Sunset what kind of cocoa is this?"
>"I-its uh, Matcha Green Tea! Healthy stuff! Really uh... Rejuvenates the boner, BONES rejuvenates the bones, haha... Sorry guess I have dicks on the brain."
>You sigh as she hands you the mug. You stare down into the mug seeing the marshmallows floating in the green cocoa.
"What's the point Sunset? How can you even like me? You said it yourself, I have the tiniest penis in the whole school."
>She rubs the back of her head,
>"Yeah, probably could've been a bit more tactful, gosh, I sure am thirsty, I'm sure you are too. You probably should drink up.. Like, drink all of what's in that mug you know?"
>You eye her skeptically,
"Did you drug this cocoa?"
>"N-no! No, I didn't do that! We're friends aren't we Anon? Trust me, you're gonna REEEALLY like it. Maybe not right away, but soon."
>You sigh, you chug the drink which tastes like a mixture of spinach and blended up hot dogs. >It's fucking gross.
>You swallow it all down. Ugh you feel tired.
>"Feeling better?"
"Feeling tired is more like it. You did drug this didn't you?"
>"Rest now Anon, it'll all be better when you wake up."
>sunset breaks hipaa and gets sued: the story
File: smug.png (69 KB, 500x500)
69 KB
>You wake up a short time later. You're at a loud raucous party?? Flash, Featherweight, lots of dudes here.. Flash is out there dancing with his cock out laughing,
>"Haha, biggest dick, 8 and a half inches baby!"
>Flash laughs at you.
>"And what are you packin huh? Sunset said you had the biggest dick of all!"
>What the fuck? Then you hear Sunset say,
>"Remember what I said Flash, if anyone at this party has a bigger dick then you, then I get to turn you into a girl, and you have to service him for a whole year."
>He chuckles,
>"Yeah, but if I am the biggest, then I get to make you my girlfriend again Sunset. I'm ready to take this on. After all, I was just born better than all of you."
>You sigh wanting to be done with this charade. You yank down your pants. And the entire room gasps. You groan, now they've all seen it, seen how small and worthless it is-
>Sunset measures,
"Annnd, it's 9 and a half inches!"
>You look down between your knees to see a massive cock python between them. Flash groans,
>"No way! I'm gonna get turned into a girl and have to be Anons submissive cockslave for a year? This blows man!"
>Sunset works the magic on some kind of stone and turns flash sentry into a girl.
>You're on a date with Flash the bitchinator Sentry in his cute skirt.
>"This is such bullshit, I can't believe Sunset talked me into this."
>She rages cutely.
"Don't worry Flash, it's not gay so long as the balls don't touch. And since you're a biological woman thanks to magic, this is totally straight."
>"I know, but I still have a male brain dude. I can't get on my knees for you and suck on your cock like a whore, thats gay bro!"
"Sorry bro, but you lost fair and square."
>He sighs,
>"Yes sir, I'm sorry for backtalking you."
Way to be a stupid retard and not read how the fic ends.
I thought this was a testicular examination.
Listen, Sunny... I've got to be honest with you. The in-school genital exams aren't real. I mean, don't you think it's odd that I'm the only one marked down to get them? Literally every other physical for every student is performed at the county hospital. The truth is, Redheart and I are, uhh... we're fucking, Shimmer. I mean, if really want me to drop trou so you can do the exam, that's fine. I'm totally game. I just need you to understand that if we proceed you WILL be getting fucked, and if you don't want my semen in your womb it WILL be going in your hair.

So make your choice, and make it quick. I've got twenty minutes before I've got to meet Pinkie Pie in the ceramics room. She wants me to bend her over a kiln and bruise her perineum with the force of my balls slapping against it. That implies anal sex, if you're not following.
>Alpha Anon
Error detected. Immersion ruined.
Ah, the dream
Real answer: that's the yellow hem of her dress showing through the coat. Laughing AJfag probably thought the same because he thinks her legs are actually that long. Why are you fags so blind? All you do is sit there refreshing the board so you think you would know better.
Is it real
or is it ploy
for Sunset to see
your little boys?
What's the secret to a successful thread? Is lowest common denominator outrage bait really the only thing? I just don't seem to get it.

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