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File: rare.gif (1.09 MB, 997x800)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB GIF
Anon, it doesn't look like anything to me.

Last thread >>36787535

The bin of greens archive: https://ponepaste.org/3558
Google archive: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12hLgP6X9lEvXphilqkGQa5hWTXWXDuKw7FVj49NlZkk
Art and OC archive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1r78zz2lXslL1JunYYS188jex5m9Nu9YQ

Welcome to the wild west of copycats & copyright infringement! What makes them different can range from anything be it scifi to supernatural and everything in between and can be totally unique OCs or riffed from what we already know. Earth, Equestria or another world anything goes. If you can give a pony a chance when she's not quite as she's supposed to be, then a bootleg waifu might be for you.

New or Continuing
>Rarity buys bootleg Anon (Captain Conundrum) - https://ponepaste.org/3552 >>36794275
>Jackie (blondie) - https://ponepaste.org/1887 >>36798464
>Silent Friend (Nebulus) - https://ponepaste.org/4464 >>36801314
>Condense (ReggieSomething) - https://ponepaste.org/4168 >>36827035
>Rosie Rock (FortuneFavors) - https://ponepaste.org/4579 >>36838134
>Tinny (NHanon) - https://ponepaste.org/3979 >>36896202

From the last thread few threads
>Punkfire Xmas (NHanon) - https://ponepaste.org/2702
>Minky (NHanon) - https://ponepaste.org/211
>Photo Finished (blondie) - https://ponepaste.org//145
>Bootleg Rarity (NHAnon) - https://ponepaste.org/222
>Concerned Pony oneshot (NHAnon) - https://ponepaste.org/4667
>Chrysalis (BlueGem) - https://ponepaste.org/4118
Essential stories
>Rare - https://ponepaste.org/218
>Ranbo Fast - https://ponepaste.org/3550
>Carpathia - https://ponepaste.org/3547
>Jackie (blondie) - start here : https://ponepaste.org/124
>Minky (NHanon) - https://ponepaste.org/211

Have a broken pastebin link? Use poneb.in, just replace "pastebin.com" with "poneb.in" in the URL!
searching for greens with the characters in equestria
Based new thread. The latest Part of Jacky isn't up just because I haven't bothered to do it yet. Also this has to be next OP >>36897595. Our Missy needs more love.
File: 1616004653808.jpg (143 KB, 900x1200)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
What a coincidence, that's one of the things ive been working on the backburner. still not ready to serve up for the fresh bread yet though
>Rare OP
thank you, dining
Do you mean bootlegs in equestria? its not as common these days but id be happy to have some moar
>Do you mean bootlegs in equestria?
File: PXL_20210423_234428834.jpg (1.17 MB, 2268x2629)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
new green for those who missed it in the other thread

>(you)'re walking through some dollar tree because you're surprised just how good some of this cheap crap is
>after acquiring stay-fresh cheese bags you take a stroll down the last isle to the till, its shelves and hangers adorned with cheap electronics that'll break if used for longer than a week and toys of a comparable quality
>and yet your attention is caught by something comparable to a kitten's mewling
>you turn to face what you can see as, and what unquestionably is, an entire selection of live, living, breathing little ponies on display as toys
>not especially making any attempt to break free or call attention to themselves
>more like they're waiting, or wallowing in guilt, or just doing whatever they do to cope with the predicament they're in
>you take stock of the situation before you, pinch your arm to make sure you're not dreaming, look about you to see if anyone else has noticed and yet nothing
>there's even a selection of regular 'ol animals to their right and yet even the more realistically proportioned farmhorses remain as inanimate and plastic as ever
>the most you've gotten out of anyone else was one person giving you the look you'd give a guy who happened to be nervously fidgeting over a box of off-brand little girls toys
>so, you deduce, either you severely underestimated human cruelty
>or the mareschizophrenia has finally reached critical stages
>the worst part is that after dawdling for so long some of them are looking up at you, seemingly as curious of being the object of attention as you are of having found them
>a teeny, tiny unicorn whose face is pressed against the inside of a bag of ponies (who all collectively seemed to be struggling to come anywhere close to comfortable) spoke
>"h-hello mister, would you like to.. umh... do you know any girls that would take us home?"
>the mare's voice was delicate yet weary, while they'd apparently been here long enough to become dejected they at least didn't seem to be dying
>from loose individual ponies in the big pile in the box below to the sealed bags of mares, every item was one dollar
>what do you do? buy one, buy them all? you weren't planning on spending what could look to be over $50 on rescuing mysterious ponies but if you did what then?
>would it really be right to just rescue a few and leave the rest? are you concerned about what's right here?
>is any of this even real? again, nobody else seems to have noticed, is it a box full of plastic tat that needs help here or you
>either way, it's time to choose, lest you break some tiny pony's heart from strategically choosing not to talk with children's toys in public (before purchasing them, at least)
>>36902665 (You)
>"I-I guess we're all... like... friends" she said in a way that might let you infer that maybe they'd all be better friends if they weren't in such a miserable state of affairs and more things to talk about
>evidently, you've forgone the idea of not looking like a crazy person
>while crazy people are afforded a bit more of a grace period in shops frequented by the homeless and destitute, you might assume you'll get more and more attention the further on you continue having talks with a potential hallucination (as cute as that hallucination might be)
>>36902673 (You)
>you look over the wealth of ponies again and take stock
>the loose ponies in the box and the ones in the flimsy blister packs were certainly mares, long flowing feminine mane with an included brush to brush it with
>the extra small assorted bag of ponies, however, seems to play host to not just mares but a number of stallions too
>granted as they were the stallions among those mares looked especially effete, their frames at least masculine enough that you can pick them out
>while to the untrained eye the ponies could all be dismissed as similar, you can tell on more scrutinous inspection that there's plenty of variety among them, colors aside as they were all pink, purple, blue or rarely white
>and among the stallions you saw everything from soft-faced shy guys and elegant, princely figures
>granted, your scrutiny against the micro ponies can only have earned you more attention from onlookers
>you briefly consider how the herd at home would take the arrival of a veritable Ponyville's worth of new ponies
>you then remember that, at least up until now, they have remained wholly inanimate
>not to discredit the happiness they bring you and, presumably, whatever happiness you bring them as being any less real
>and yet seemingly before you is the genuine article, each of them reacting to your interest in their own way
>>36902665 (You)
>"I-I guess we're all... like... friends" she said in a way that might let you infer that maybe they'd all be better friends if they weren't in such a miserable state of affairs and more things to talk about
>evidently, you've forgone the idea of not looking like a crazy person
>while crazy people are afforded a bit more of a grace period in shops frequented by the homeless and destitute, you might assume you'll get more and more attention the further on you continue having talks with a potential hallucination (as cute as that hallucination might be)
>>36902673 (You)
>you look over the wealth of ponies again and take stock
>the loose ponies in the box and the ones in the flimsy blister packs were certainly mares, long flowing feminine mane with an included brush to brush it with
>the extra small assorted bag of ponies, however, seems to play host to not just mares but a number of stallions too
>granted as they were the stallions among those mares looked especially effete, their frames at least masculine enough that you can pick them out
>while to the untrained eye the ponies could all be dismissed as similar, you can tell on more scrutinous inspection that there's plenty of variety among them, colors aside as they were all pink, purple, blue or rarely white
>and among the stallions you saw everything from soft-faced shy guys and elegant, princely figures
>granted, your scrutiny against the micro ponies can only have earned you more attention from onlookers
>you briefly consider how the herd at home would take the arrival of a veritable Ponyville's worth of new ponies
>you then remember that, at least up until now, they have remained wholly inanimate
>not to discredit the happiness they bring you and, presumably, whatever happiness you bring them as being any less real
>and yet seemingly before you is the genuine article, each of them reacting to your interest in their own way
>>36902716 (You)
anon it is 5 in the morning where I and I need to go to sleep roughly 8 hours ago, if you want to take over I would be entirely cool with that, I just have a passion for ponies
I don't even writefag outside of the occasional one post green to humor threads that might otherwise not have been as cool I just love ponies too much to not do so
There's quite a number of bootlegs that could be in Equestria, just havent gotten greens yet.
Most of the greens for bootleg arent in Equestria, but check some of the OG greens like Stompy, or Cherry. I'd happily take some bootleg in equestria renaissance, but the easy way to work bootlegs into a story is /pie/ style

Use the new doc not the old one in the OP
Honestly I have no idea how I would write a bootleg in Equestria green.
>Step 1. Take boot
>Step 2. Put in Equestria
>Step 3. ??????
>Step 4. profit
Me thinks you're overthinking it triple-hitler. Bootlegs are characters, not just the sum of their parts and many of the same sort work both inside and outside Equestria.

Cherry was a living inflatapone in Equestria
Rainbowswirl was a living inflatapone outside Equestria. but the logic of how? a stones throw from eachother really.

Moreover there's fakie universes that are up for interpretation you could mess around with like Deathlight's. But many bootlegs can easily sort right into a normal Equestria like Concerned pony.

How might ponies react to fake versions of themselves? a question that the episode with the meansix never answered because they were lazy hacks. They could have just as easily been a Discord-esc thing to do even if that might be a 'cop out', or magic golems born from ponies with too much time on their hands ala living Smartypants / Raggie.
78.22KB worth of Jack, coming to a face near you. https://ponepaste.org/4745
We are... up to Part Nine now. God damn. Already 14k words.
you posting this as singular bin now instead of chunk chapters?
>That's the good stuff
What do you mean? There's been eight previous Parts as is and since the events of earlier this year, it seems right to just make it a new Part. We're also moving back to Anon's perspective so that's a thing worth noting.
>Oh boy
>Tonight's the night
>You were expecting them to be interested in continuing the campaign but they've been acting as a unit all day
>Calling out their actions
>Watching each others' backs
>You're pretty sure that they'd all bathe together if prompted
>You would think that thought would be more alluring but it's not like they wear anything as is...
>What's a weird thought to have
>With another hour spent of gathering snacks, drinks, drinkable snacks, and goofing around everyone is finally together and consistently ready
>Jack is sitting to your left, Prism across, and Shine to your right
>Each of them have their own pen, pencil, and notebook
>You even have one of your own
>You've filled entire pages with notes and idea, along with certain stats and skill check requirements
>And they're all lies
>Every single one
>You know that at least one of them would try to sneak a peek so almost everything is a red herring
"Alright, everyone remember where we were?"
>You thought about how you would actually write out an outline for them to go off of...
>But you blanked on it entirely
>You're sure it'll be fine
>"I was getting us work!"
>Jack seems happy with that, swinging her forelegs as if she had an axe
>"That one guard was... very suspicious. He's expecting a real attack on our town. He says that they're bait."
>She frowns at the fragments of a complete picture
>Shine gives you the most genuine, sly smile
>She knows what she's doing
>Prism joins in, keeping a stoic expression
>Jack joins in
"Damn all of you, I'm going to do terrible, terrible things to Jack if this continues."
>Only Shine seems affected by the threat
>Prism keeps her plain expression
>"Oh nyo. Jacky can't hyandle that."
"I appreciate you trying to push the envelope but that isn't a meow, it just sounds like you're trying to talk like an anime cat. Anyway, what did you do last time?"
>You focus on your fierce little Big Red
>"Well, they're holding a box in a barn... and it moves. So there's something in it. Last thing I was doing was running to Jacky to let her know. When we first split up she said she would be at the tavern so that's where I'll presumably find her."
"Right. You also Color Sprayed a guy into a short term coma."
>"It doesn't hurt someone that bad, does it?"
"No, but if something happens that guy is defenseless."
>She shrugs
>"That's his problem."
"As expected of the Evil sorceress..."
>You fiddle with the laptop that is your main resource
>You start up the video of that accordion music
>...except you play it 25% faster
I'm just anchoring these to the OP.
Man. Fell asleep while writing.
Kek, I've done that more than once. Hell, I did that last night.
"So, war, borders, yada yada, shit's going bad because of low morale and a mysterious box containing... something. So as we dive back into this adventure, remember that you can only trust each other. Alright, so what are we doing?"
>Jack shrugs
>"Well I guess I'm still talking to the recruiter leader guy?"
>Prism shakes her head
>"If Sparking is heading back, I guess I am too. Let's say that I couldn't get enough out of him to really use."
>That leaves Shine
>"I hoof it to the tavern to get Jacky! We gotta either fight whatever that thing is and kill it or run!"
>That idea doesn't seem to sit well with Prism
>"You're serious? We have a hometown and we're supposed to abandon it?"
>"It's only our home because we're stranded here! This is just what we need to finally go on an adventure!"
>"And where will we stay?"
>The two of them are already at odds
>Jacky rubs her chin, thinking aloud
>"If... we're supposed to be heroes and adventurers, aren't we supposed to... like camp out?"
>The two stop their bickering
>Jack looks at them
>Then at you
>"I mean that's how every single game is, right? The home town gets destroyed, they go on adventures, they come back at the end or build a huge castle to replace it."
"Barbarian babe's got a point you know. Even if you were to join up with that border patrol group, you would leave your home for weeks at a time easy."
>Prism seems visibly bothered by that
>"But what about all of our stuff? We're going to end up with a squatter there or with our valuables stolen!"
>Shine scoffs
>"Yeah, like we would have valuables... everything of value we have is on us to begin with, right?"
"And you especially have a lot of valuables on you..."
>The feather flocking pony doesn't seem won over
>"And our parents, would they have left us that home to just abandon it to looters and thieves?"
"D, your class is a Rogue, you're pretty much ideal to be a thief."
>"That doesn't mean anything!"
>This must be a bit of a sore spot
>It is worth investigating...
>Right now it's just eating into campaign time
"Listen, if it makes you feel better, the house itself will be fine. This is a small town so outside of the tavern, no one's going to care about a few shacks or structures that are standing but not big enough to matter. Sound good?"
>It sounds pretty backhanded but you aren't sure what they expect a starting home to be
>It isn't like they're all that rich to begin with
"Now since Shine was where we left off, we'll start with you. So you leave the barn and hightail it back to regroup?"
>You're surprised she didn't bother to loot the guy
>Not like she'd find much except for a little something
"Alright. You rush away from the reeking mystery box, over the dazzled guard and toward the center of the town. Sure enough you find your stronk sister chatting it up with the patrol leader guy."
>Shine stamps her hoof down on the cardboard tabletop
looks like >>36901916 died so il be continuing the 2nd green later here for these bootlegs
It's a weird feel.
>You initially wanted it to be some sort of grid map for them to work with but it turned into a snack table
>At least four bags of chips, a few other wrappers of items that have been devoured before the game even started back up
>Feels like home, to be honest
>You've noticed that they don't even tough the stuff otherwise
>The types of chips they got aren't exactly to your taste either
>Who in their right mind would willingly eat kale chips?
>"Anon, what does that border leader guy say?"
>Ah shit, you must've blanked out
>"I said I stopped them from talking and told him that he's carrying some sort of zombie."
>Did you blank out or were you just surprised by that?
"That's... well, he's as surprised as anyone else."
>You clear your throat and try to adopt the guy's accent
>You don't really remember it but at least you sound different than normal
"That's crazy, we aren't carrying any sort of undead. It's some sort of..."
>You shrug
"He shrugs and sounds like he really isn't too sure of himself."
>And back to the voice
"It's supposed to make trees wither and smaller plants die. Makes it easy for people not local to this area to get sick, makes it harder to forage. It's all been mapped out where it isn't supposed to impact locals that much."
>Jacky seems... dubious
>Shine doesn't seem convinced at all
>"Bullshit! I use a..."
>She glances down at the paper version of her character sheet
>"...Bluff skill check!"
"What are you trying to bluff?"
>"I'm bluffing that..."
>She looks at Jack
>She just shrugs as an answer
>"Well... I'm bluffing that I know it's a zombie and going to kill us all!"
>"How do you know that? We could probably fight it and win."
>Jack already seems convinced
>"No you idiot, I'm bluffing that to the border patrol guy because if he doesn't know and if he thinks he's doing the right thing, he'll want to stop it!"
>You have their opinions
>You glance at Prism
>She's smiling?
"Something you'd like to share with this?"
>She gives you a wink
>Something tells me they're playing a little too close to type here
>It's a 2
>Even if you gave her a situational bonus, it wouldn't be nearly enough with her skill
>"So did it work?"
>Fuck it
"Hold on, I clicked the wrong dice bit."
>You didn't but you're going to say you did
>That's the ticket
"Alright, so you say that with surpreme authority of... your ass."
>"Sorceress ass."
"Sure. So you're speaking out of your ass with enough seriousness that he... believes you. Which isn't difficult, it's not like the guy's a scholar."
>You focus on the guy's tone
>You're pretty sure this is the third separate, unique accent he's had
"A zombie... well... I suppose necromancy isn't off the table. You know, I've heard stories of even devils being summoned for these damned wars. I don't believe you but... you're serious, aren't you?"
>You tap your chin
"I suppose... we do have to report back."
>You grin and point at Jack and Shine
"Or I guess I should say... you do have to report back."
>They react at the same time, as confused as they are intrigued
"Yeah! Listen, you two seem to know each other well, right?"
>Jacky beams
>"She's my sister! One of them, I don't know where Dashie is..."
>You hold up your hands and shake your head
"Yeah yeah, sure. Listen, you guys play runner to the governor and come back, you'll get paid and we can figure out what's going on. You'll be doing me a favor too because..."
>You act like you're pulling something of your your pocket
"The guy presents a big ass pocket book. He says it's full daily entries and reports and that he's two weeks late on returning it because no one has had the guts to actually split from the main force to go send it. Since both of you are locals, you know that if you leave today, you'll be back in not even a four full days."
>"What's he paying?"
>Jacky seems focused on the prospect of employment and pay
"He says that he can hook you guys up with some real equipment if you do this and prove that you're trustworthy."
>"And how do we know he isn't lying?"
>Shine sounds weary of that
"Because he isn't. The guy's outfitted by officials, he can send in an order to suit up three capable newbies just fine. Plus it wouldn't cost them all that much."
>"Why can't we get paid in money?"
"Well you ask that to him and... straight up, you'll be getting less in value. Raw money wouldn't get you much and to be honest, he's setting you up good if you just go with the gear."
>"What will we get if it's gear?"
>At least Jack is on track
>Probably because she's the one that needs it the most
"Well you'll have to find out. So do we all have a deal? You guys run off for a few days, come back, and they leave or hopefully we figure out what's really going on."
>You couldn't make a better quest hook if you tried
>Sure, you might be spoiling them with items but it is something solid
>Prism finally speaks up
>"Do I finally make it to there? I haven't been around at all but I don't have any issues with us going. From that one guard speaking, it might be better if we leave anyway."
"Sure, you make it there just as the deal it struck."
>Back to your voice
>You forgot just how chaotic D&D can be
"Oh hey a third g... wait, are you telling me you're all the three sisters Jacky mentioned?"
>"Yup, Dashie an' Sparky sure are! We'll get that book off to the governor, don't even worry about it! And don't worry, we'll take that gear as a reward, no need to do any less!"
>You make a dramatic point of grabbing an empty wrapper and handing it to Jack
"Alright, that's what I like to hear!"
>You point at the wrapper
"He's officially given you the book, since you've been here, you've been talking with him and frankly he doesn't trust the other two shady sorts."
>"How are we shady?"
>D sounds like she's taking offense to that
"Well you listed on your character sheet that you're sticking to a black outfit and cloak, right?"
"And Shiner 69er, what did you say your character was wearing?"
>"A... dress?"
"Unless I'm wrong, you put it as 'an obviously evil but sexy dress'."
>"...so what if I did?"
"It means you look like a goober."
>She gasps, disgusted at your surely comical assertation
>"I do not!"
"Dude, you seriously do. You're all first level dorks and bumpkins and you're dressed up like you're... not. It sorta stands out."
>"Yeah well... what does Jacky say she was wearing?"
>You look at Jack
>She looks down at her character sheet
>"...I don't think I really specified that, actually..."
>"So she's naked and you're hating on my dress?"
"Now that's a thought..."
>You squint at her sheet
"Well you're a resident wood cutter and you actually work for a living. Sorta. You fine with just wearing normal work clothes? It's not like you've ever went out of your way to look for armor since it isn't cheap and your axe is a decent grade higher than the normal chopping tool."
"Then there we go. All settled, he's been talking to Jack the longest and she's dressed like someone who lives in this village."
>Neither of them look all that happy but they can't seem to come up with an argument against it
"So you have your first real job! Congrats. Is there any preparation you guys need outside of supplies and food?"
>Before you give them chance to ask about the cost of doing that, you continue
"Speaking of, this is more or less your backyard and beyond and since you're at your home and all that, you'll have that on hand. But it'll just be enough to go back and forth, no adventures across the world."
>Silence from everyone gives you your answer
"Alright! So after a little discussion about the finer points of the job-and your pay-you head out toward the neighboring town. The local governor is there for another week or two so you'll have your chance to give him the border group's reports. You can also get that box out of the area."
>Shine doesn't look happy
>"So... is it a zombie?"
"Well you bluffed your way into talking like it's one but no. I don't think it's a zombie."
>"But you know what it is."
>"So is it a zombie?"
"I don't know."
>"I hate you."
"That's just a shame because I love you."
>That flusters and agitates her even further
>This is gonna be fun
>You just need to roll for an encounter on the way
>And make sure at least one zombified creature is included
>Generally the stories are bots instead of biological. I think there's only one or two stories where the bootles are biological.
should i write up a cheat sheet to this?

what do we call this. >>36905544 for archival sakes. and what would their names be?
pony with accessory?
a bit plain. but i guess easy to associate with the pic.
yeah, the only other thing I think is "kill me mares"
that ones a little trickier because youd need the prompt. theyre based around the same pony knockoff though
How about Dollar Tree Poney?
that could work
there havent been any dollar tree bootleg prompts before?
Most of the boots being bots is why I made Rosie biological.
I felt the same way as you tfhbro when I brought Twill to the threads years ago
A lot of the greens have bots that's true, but there's a trove of bootlegs that are not robotic just waiting for writefags.

Would you believe bootlegbots would be the minority if there was equal TLC given to the rest?
I wouldn't have started writing if it weren't for Twill. Thank you for bringing her to us.
And i wouldnt have started writing without Rare so its a chain

my goal for bringing twill was meant to try to inspire something else with the thread and push the old limits, so im happy enough that she did inspire at least one other boot.
I wanted to draw something but to post with this photoshop is being a shit.
I used Krita for Rosie's picture and the one I did for Missy Pie.
used krita before, just too much experience with photoshop kinda rules out everything else.
I dont think anyone ever ponified art software, but PS IS a complete ramwhore like chrome.
I used Adobe Illustrate when I was still in high school, once I graduated I just went back to pencil and paper for a while.
File: disgusted_zecora.png (461 KB, 726x1135)
461 KB
461 KB PNG
eech. i know a good number of the fandom like vectors but i hate illustrator. never work in paths unless required and totally against my workflow which is a lot messier
Honestly the only reason I liked it was because I have shaky hands it it would automatically smooth my lines a lot of the time.
well line smoothing exists, so not a whole lot of reason to use vectors. but say try out CPS if you want that sort of thing of auto correction and post correction for drawing.
My hands have gotten steadier since then and it's not really a problem anymore, especially with the drawing tablet that I finally managed to get set up.
File: rare.jpg (81 KB, 296x298)
81 KB
it is done they'll be added to the official bin. https://ponepaste.org/4751

didn't get around to being able to write today, lot of autistic sorting. the other green with killmefillies will probably be picked up again tomorrow.
>Taking a moment away from the screen, you stretch and pop your shoulders.
>With how quiet; peaceful today has been so far, it’s starting to become rather boring.
>Considering the various happenings that occur in your home, it’s probably for the best.
>You go back to shifting through the backlog of emails.
“Hot singles in your area, work from home jobs… how does this crap get by the damn spam filter?”
>Some murmuring from behind the door catches your attention.
>Appears that you have jinxed yourself.
>Hopefully this doesn’t end up causing a headache in more ways than one.
>It’s quite surprising that she didn’t show up sooner with another conspiracy related thing.
>All you can do for now is prepare for whatever Tinny is about to unleash.
>At the door creaking open, you refocus on the mail before you.
>She’s oddly quiet as she approaches.
>Guess it’s not serious, which is pretty darn rare.
>A few minutes go by in complete silence, save for the clicking of the mouse as you check email.
>Should you be concerned?
>Awful question, Tinny always manages to make you concerned.
“Something on your mind, Tin Tin?”
“So what?”
>“You know what.”
>Here we go, another insane thing she – hold it, there is a chance (no matter how slim) that this may be important.
>Especially considering the ‘incident’ sometime ago.
>Pushing that thought to the side for now, you turn your attention down to her.
>Her muzzle is scrunched and is attempting to give an intimidating glare.
>It fails to do that though, rather, it’s quite cute.
“No, I don’t. You came in, said ‘so’, that’s all I know so far.”
>She stomps a hoof in frustration as her scrunch intensifies.
>“Do I really have to explain what’s wrong here?”
>Starting to feel a headache form, should’ve seen that coming.
>You set the computer to sleep for now while you deal with this.
“Yes, you do. That’s what normal people do: they tell someone a thing and the other person responds back.”
>She mumbles something incoherent before continuing.
>“Stop trying to hide the truth from me, Anon! I know what you’ve been doing.”
“You’re being really vague now, gotta be specific about what I’ve been hiding. Because there is a lot of things I do that I don’t tell you.”
>Puffing out her little chest, she points an accusing hoof at you.
>“Bet you thought you were so clever in covering your tracks. But not well enough.”
“Is this some game where I’m supposed to guess what I did? Because you’re still being vague, Tinny.”
>“Grr… you’ve been lying to me, that’s what! You’re the one who disabled the traps in my lair.”
“Hold, you said ‘traps’ as in multiple. The only one I knew of was the glitter one up by the door.”
>“Of course I mean multiple. How else am I supposed to safeguard all the evidence I accumulated?”
“Isn’t all of that information freely available though?”
>Her eye twitches.
>“I – er – no, no of course not! You’ve gotta go to the deep web and- gah! Never mind that, you do admit to your crime then?”
>You intertwine your fingers across your chest as you lean back.
“Now that you’ve actually told me, yes, but it was just the the glitter one like I said.”
>She lets out a low growl as she starts to pace back and forth, mumbling all the while.
>Probably should’ve told her, or at least set the thing back up before she found out.
>Though now you’re concerned about the other traps you somehow managed to avoid while in there.
>Last thing you want if you head back in is to end up in the hospital for setting one off.
>She finally stops pacing and sighs.
>“Why didn’t you ask me for permission first?”
“One: it’s our house, so I don’t have to; two: last time I did, you put me through an hour long interrogation.”
>“True, but if you had asked me, I would’ve disabled the traps. Besides, the questions have to be thorough.”
“But did it really have to be over a hundred questions AND have sub questions to those as well?”
>“Of course! How else am I supposed to know if it’s really you or a doppelganger?”
“Pretty sure a doppelganger of me would do whatever it pleases rather than politely asking you. Also, my missing car keys wasn’t a good enough reason at that time?”
>She rubs her chin and nods slowly.
>“Hmm… looks like I need to research more about doppelgangers later. But your keys weren’t in there anyways.”
>A frown crosses your lips as you recall the events of that day.
>Spent hours searching for them, almost made you late for that appointment.
“Yeah, they mysteriously show up minutes later on my bed after I asked to search your lair.”
>“Th-That’s because you left them there, duh.”
>You pinch the bridge of your nose and sigh.
“Tinny, I make the bed shortly after getting up in the morning…”
>She nods, “Yes, I know. What’s your point?”
“So don’t you think I would’ve noticed them there when I did that?”
>Her eyes dart to the side, “You overlook things all the time, how else do you think I’m able to see so many unknowns?”
>Shaking your head slowly, the headache begins to throb slowly.
>Her stomping a hoof refocuses you back to the matter at hand.
>“Why were you in my lair anyways? I need to know!”
“My pen died while filling out some bills, and I couldn’t find a spare in here, so I borrowed one of yours.”
>“But that’s not all you did while in there.”
“Really, what else are you accusing me of?”
>“You went through the supernatural evidence I have filed away in a box.”
>Is she being serious – wait.
>The memory comes back, you did take a peek at a few of them… for reasons.
>Good reasons.
>At your silence, she smirks and presses on.
>“I have all the evidence categorized preciously, or did you think I wouldn’t them out of place?”
>Out of everything to forget, it had to be the system spent hours showing you a while ago.
“So I messed up your ordering, but I don’t see why you’re making such a big deal about it.”
>“Why? Why! That and the traps being disabled made me believe that we were being invaded by agents of the overlords or worse.”
>She nods slowly, “Now you get it?”
“Yeah, I do. Didn’t realize I was the cause of that commotion. I’m sorry for not telling you sooner, Tin Tin.”
>Your headache starts to subside as her expression softens.
>“I accept your apology, just ask me next time please.”
>If this means you can avoid traps or another headache like this, then it’s fine.
>“With that out of the way, there is something super important I need to ask you.”
>You motion for her to continue.
“Lay it on me.”
>She turns her back to you and starts to fiddle about oddly.
>Can’t quite make it out either.
>Past experience reminds you to not ask, but to wait and see instead.
>Tinny turns back to you with a handful (hooful) of small pieces of paper.
>They look awfully familiar, almost like-
>“Why do you have so many shoe receipts, Anon? I found at least ten in my searches.”
>Shit, didn’t you bury those at the bottom of the trash where she-
>Pursing your lips, you feel that headache begin its triumphed return.
“You dug those out of the trash.”
>For a split second, she looks like a deer caught in headlights.
>“Th-That’s not the point, why did you buy so many?”
>Wonderful, just wonderful…
>Gonna have to look to see how much of a mess she made later.
>Hopefully it’s not too bad.
“Tinny, did you forget what happened last time you went rooting through the trash?”
>“But you didn’t answer my question about why you have so many in the first place.”
“Have you been digging through the trash in the neighborhood too?”
>“Stop avoiding the question, Anon.”
“So you have been then?”
>“No, I haven’t been going through their trash.”
“You know, I’m having a really hard time believing you didn’t.”
>Her ears flatten against her head as she snorts and stomps her hooves.
>“Gah! You said I am forbidden from digging through any of the neighbor’s trash, so I haven’t. However, you never said I couldn’t dig through ours. Plus I only went through the one in the kitchen.”
>Rubbing your temples slowly, you try to ease the throbbing within.
>Need to end this before it just repeats history.
“Tinny, listen to me. You cannot keep digging through our trash.”
>“Oh come on, Anon! I’ve been doing this for a while now and you haven’t complained yet.”
>At that, you stop rubbing your temples and stare blankly at her.
>She has a look of complete innocence, like she’s done nothing wrong.
>However, you know better.
>Remember that headache you were trying to stop?
>It’s not a headache anymore, it’s decided to become a migraine.
>Letting out a low grumble as you open a drawer from your desk, you grab a bottle of aspirin.
>Keep one handy for occasions just like this.
>“What’s that for?”
“It’s to handle all this trouble I’m dealing with, be right back.”
>Just as you rise, she darts over to the door, she closes and braces herself against it.
“Not just yet, I’ve answered all your questions, it’s only fair that you answer mine. Why do you have so many receipts, Anon? Do they have a deeper meaning? Are you hiding something from me?”
>The migraine picks up in pulse, making you grit your teeth.
>Whatever patience you had is just about gone.
“Oh for the love… if I tell you, will you drop it?”
>She nods vigorously enough to make her foil crinkle audibly.
>If it wasn’t for this migraine, that would probably be cute enough to make you smile.
>Such a shame too.
“I got them for the succupony. Happy now?”
>Tinny frowns and takes on a look of disgust.
>“Ugh, you’re still going on about that nonsense? Come on Anon, I told you those aren’t real.”
>Honestly, really should’ve seen that coming from a mile way.
>Even seeing Lithium with her own two eyes wasn’t enough to make her believe last time.
>And to think you were feeling bored earlier.
>Would rather have had that over this madness…
>Another bolt of pain saps up the last of your patience.
>She shakes her head rapidly side to side.
>“No, not till you tell me the actual truth and not anymore of those weird fantasies of yours.”
>She’s not moving and you’re not going to deal with her antics right now.
>Only one thing left to do in these kinds of situations.
>In one quick motion, you descend upon and snatch her up, tucking her under your arm like a football.
>“Hey put me down!”
>You open the door and head off towards the kitchen.
>Need both a drink (preferably something other than water) and to check the trash.
>Along the way, Tinny thrashes in your grasp.
>“Darn it Anon! Just tell me about the receipts an-”
>You cut her off by wrapping your hand around her muzzle.
>Even with the various things she puts you through, it’s something you knew would happen when you first got Tinny.
Hopefully I can finish writing this green soon, been putting off working on it for too long.
Anon is sus, I repeat Anon is sus!

>Twiggles in her tree library.
>In the basement.
>Breakan the laws of nature.
>Decides to goof off and see what would happen if she merged Fluttershy's DNA with Pinkie Pie's.
>Spike thinks he should probably intervene, but they're both drunk and this is one of the few times Twilight let him drink so he's not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth even if she -is- trying to play god.
>Magical horseshittery happens.
>A stunned, blinking amalgam of FS and PP that Twiggles elegantly calls "EXP_FSPP v0.1 Beta", but Spike shortens to "Flutterpie", sits on the lab table wondering what the hell just happened, who she is, and whether or not her new purple friend would be willing to share her drink.
>Twilight has to hide the surprisingly affectionate and curious creation she's brought into the world.

Hey presto, bootleg in Equestria.
Funny thing, Blondie's My Little Yandere 2: Painful Magic basically has a bootleg in Equestria in, it's just a flesh bootleg.
I mean he's more of a clone than a bootleg.
I read that as Twiggie in her library
File: Spoiler Image (1.16 MB, 3000x3000)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
But it would probably be more of a Sparkles the wonderhorse thing to do
havent read it, care to explain?
Twilight tries to get Anon but fails so she does the next best thing. She has Anon (colt).
hmmm not sure how i feel about that
Yanderes be like that sometimes.
well that's just it. im not really sure a yan would be satisfied with knowing that she didnt get the real deal.
File: 20210426_134202-1.jpg (2.11 MB, 1960x4032)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB JPG
seen today:
>that little heart on her snoot
Aright bootleg it's time to pull the other boots over from the dead.

For those not familiar, I always take on a thematic namefag as per the green so it's easy to find inside the threads rather than namefagging as an author..

>>36901916 (OP)
>You never imagined that you would be where you are today, Anon in the midst of a pony surplus.
>A few years ago it seemed like you would never see a pony at all, and then suddenly... suddenly they were everywhere.
>Here you were standing front and center at an assorted ponies of 3 different splashes of colors, purple, pink and blue.
>Most of them had blue coats, with the same luxurious pink manes you could find if you took a trip down to Sugarcube Corner.
>Just to the side of them were what you figured were her sisters, with that same pinkish mane blending into a pleasant hue of lavender purple much like a certain egg head.
>One off to the far right looked silent and avoided eye contact with you, reminding you of a certain yellow belly.
>While her twin lay on her back, squished up along side with a big smile and wide open eyes.
>What was surprising the most was the big contrast from pinkpank, these were completely monochromatic and seemed to be the shyest of the bunch, hiding away.
>These weren't the ones you're familiar with, but you could even see little traces of the ponies you know and love.
>One small but distinct little detail that stood out to you as odd, even for candy colored ponies it seemed unusual.
>They were all adorable little fillies but it seemed like they might be all closely related if not identical.
>You don't know much about them, was it possible for ponies to really look this similar?
>Thinking back, it's not unheard of for twins to be the same coats but this is way above the norm.
>Mesmerized at the sight you began counting them in your head.
>There were twins, triplets of each.
>Some colored ponies were no, sextuplets? Just how many of them are there?
>Septuplets... it just seemed to keep going.
>Mother of God, is this the start of the pony boom?
>Are these theirs, but then why would they be out here?
>It looks like they've noticed you! How exciting
>The ones facing front started to bouncing up and down standing on their hooves.
>Chanting in unison like a practiced chorus, you couldn't help but smile and join along in the groove
>It's like being a kid at a kitty kennel, except ponies which made it so much bett-
>"Anon kill us please!"
>>36905555 (You)
>Your smile dropped, the warm fuzzy feelings were sucked away into your gut like a deadweight.
>The hopeful, bright optimistic look they wore betrayed their words.
>That grim pleading for death isn't matching their expressions, you don't see any sort of sadness in their eyes.
>This isn't what you expected a suicidal pony would look like.
>This isn't what you expected a suicidal to sound like.
>This isn't what you expected at all, this isn't what you wanted and your gut says this isn't right.
>Brain frozen, paralyzed from being locked in the nightmare goggles.
>You couldn't find anything to say back, just standing there half trying to ignore what's happening, and half wrangling with the idea of ever run across a suicidal pony, let alone a whole group of fillies in a death cult.

>A muttering random walking by broke your daze, you didn't catch much, just something about trash.
>Something about their tone seemed off, like they were devoid of empathy.
>Unfettering autism forced you to feel like you needed to tell them off even though you, but when you went to look they were already gone.
>When you returned your attention to the ponies, scanning over them one did catch your attention.
>She was in the right corner, under a veritable pile-o-pony.
>Mouth agape, eyes wide open and staring into your soul.
>Not moving, it looked... dead.
>Your blood ran ice cold.
>'In the trash.'

>-... "Anon?"
>You felt too heavy to move.
>Numb to the feeling of the tell tale sign, a tingle as magic enveloped you.
>All you heard was "EEEEK!" and then it was lights out!

>Drifting back from your dream of... edible ponies?
>What the fuck Luna, is she trying to tell you something?
>Sometimes you just can't question your own mind and just have to roll with the flow.
>You found yourself in a quiet empty room and were greeted with a cold sensation, a big icepack blocking half your vision, and an even bigger headache.
>From what you could tell you were in a different area, away from the pony pens.
>Shifting yourself up it became a little more obvious to you now, you had been lying down on a small bed.
>Did you just have a bad dream?
>"Oh! You're awake!"
>Jumping up and you swear to God you didn't near shit yourself.
>"Sorry did I spook you?"
>A unicorn stood nearby hovering a glass of water and a small smile.
>>36906412 (You)
"N-no" you lie
>These ponies are going to make your heart give out at this rate.
>You didn't get much out of the high pitched screeching from earlier but...
>Given that you haven't seen any other pony around, you could guess it was the same one from earlier.
>It took a bit of effort pulling back your memory.
>You made sure to carefully tip-toe around the scene still fresh in your head of the macabre fillies.
>Slowly... like prying up dead rotted wood you remember being turned to look at an inquisitive mare.
>That was before getting a rude awakening, well she didn't exactly snap you out of it as much as knock you out!
>Maybe you deserved it, all the times you thought of Unicorns as the delicate breed of pony.
>And for some reason you briefly pictured her about to harm you.
"Sorry.. I. lost focus for a minute there." shuddering to yourself,
>She stammered with apologies "No-no, I should be sorry, I didn't mean to clobber you like that."
>"And now I need a new clipboard..." muttering under her breath with what you can only guess, a big scrunch.
>She returned her attention to you this time with a little more concern and pushiness
>Cautiously approaching, you could tell she was a bit more than a little curious when she prodded the subject.
>"I didn't expect to see you around here."
>"But really, are you okay Anon?" wincing through her teeth over your newly acquired battle scars.
>You hope and pray that there was some kind of misunderstanding about what the fillies said, but chose to dance around the Elephant in the room.
>Glancing around your surroundings you noted that it has a certain cozy clutter-ness to it, but you're still not sure how you got here.
"Where are we?"
>She hovered the glass over to you "The back office.. and um mine."
>"You were out for a while.. and I didn't know anywhere that I could take you."
>Her darting eyeballs averted any sort of contact, while you grinned through your teeth and rubbed your head.
"I'm fine it's just a bump, don't worry about it."
>That seemed to put her a little at ease clapping her hooves together and held them like that.
>"Oh thank Luna I was worried you might need to get taken in!"
"Whoa, come on give me some credit it'll take more than that."
>Now fully upright you sat along the bedside
>So far this mare is the only one that counted as an adult you've seen around, so you take a stab in the dark.
"Are you the one in charge here?"
>She nodded "Yes, somepony has to take care of them."
>Them being the killmefillies no doubt.
"Wait are you the only one?"
>That was a touchy subject, and the mood in the room immediately took a hit.

"Anyways, what was that you asked earlier?"
>"Well... I heard that you were more interested in you know mares."
>Looks like your 'taste' has been getting around, word travels fast when you're a weirdo.
"Of course who wouldn't be when there's cuties like you?"
Don't you worry. She did.
“Are you for REAL?”
>”I’m afraid so sir.”
>You throw your hands up in frustration. Once again, you were too slow at buying a Pone Es Five. It seems the last one was bought up by a scalper. Bottom-feeding faggots.
>Sighing, you pocket your cash, heading to the “Blessed Bye” exit.
>Disappointed, you curse your luck.
>”Hello Dining!”
>You look up thinking someone was talking to you, even though your name isn’t “dining”.
>You see a refurbished PS4 attempting to get the attention of anyone close enough to hear her, but people ignore her, and walk by.
>”Hello! Dining!”
>She’s tries again, but the guy takes his cell out.
>That’s rude.
>You stand there, and watch got a couple minutes, as people pass by, only to give the poor discombobulated pone merch, a shoulder so cold, it’d give a penguin hard nipples.
>After continued failures, she hangs her head, chameleon eyes looking in different directions sadly.
>You find yourself touching your heart unconsciously.
>You already have a PS4. A refurbished one is-
>You reach into your pocket and look at your handful of bills.
>What should you do?
>”Hello Dining!”
>What should you do?
you know what to do
File: 1453406088087.jpg (35 KB, 600x600)
35 KB
Wow, talk about a Rare green
shut the fuck up, carlos
Someday someone will beat your ass
God damn it, I actually laughed.
Step outside for a bit
>”Yippee! Hop-hop-Stingraaaay!”
“That’s ‘hip hip hooray’.”
>”Oh! You’re so right, dining!”
>There. You did it. You bought another PS4. A refurbished one at that. You totally wasted all that saved up money, buying a model you already had.
>The mixed up pony stares out your rolled up windows like a dog, watching the gentle snow fall silently outside, as you drive home.
>”Dining, this is amazing! I can’t wait to see my new home!”
“Heh. Yeah,”
>You crack a smile. A forced one. Even with her crooked eyes she can tell your true feelings.
>She slinks back into her seat slowly.
>”I’m sorry.”
“What? Why?”
>”I know you didn’t want an old, refurbished model like me, dining...”
>You give her a quick glance, but stay focused on the road,
>”I was gonna be dismantled if no one bought me today...so even though I’m not what you wanted dining...I’m forever grateful! I love you dining!”
>Your bottom lip trembles.
>She just smiles.
>You grab her with an arm, and pull her into a hug.
>You let her snuggle inside your jacket the rest of the ride home.
>It didn’t take long to win your heart. You only hope the others like her...
>You only hope the others like her...
wonder who thats hinting at. anon horidng ponies?
>”I was gonna be dismantled if no one bought me today...so even though I’m not what you wanted dining...I’m forever grateful! I love you dining!”
I'd buy her in a heartbeat.
Aw, dining...
you know we've never had a green with other ponies-with-bootlegs besides anon. theres potential for some fun there
Rare plushie when?
I really really really really (4 reals) hope the mass plush project makes rare plushies
I had to teach the entire plush thread who rare even is, they thought I just wanted rarity plushies hahaha
though, I want those too
but did you get a rare plush?
not YET
File: 1591356618091 color.png (342 KB, 1600x1081)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
you better post pics when you do anon and make sure to give her lots of upsies
I would like Jackerant, Shiner69er and D-bash Supreme plushies yes thank you.
File: 1612213248312.jpg (1.86 MB, 2779x3209)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
>"Vary good Anon, we show world bootleg best poni soon plan complete."
>"And Shiner 69er, what did you say your character was wearing?"
>"A... dress?"
>"Unless I'm wrong, you put it as 'an obviously evil but sexy dress'."
I would love to see Shine in a sexy sorceress dress.
>"I hate you."
>"That's just a shame because I love you."
>That flusters and agitates her even further
This made me chuckle. It's fun to see Anon mess with Shine.
File: Shiner69er.png (304 KB, 760x680)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
It would be a terrible, terrible shame if someone drew that. Especially with her smirk. But that's probably why she chose Sorceress anyway, Wizard doesn't sound as exotic and when you get a chance to self-insert in a power fantasy, by jove are you going to go all in.
She's still the stew wench tho
Maybe tomorrow.
marigold ain't a bootleg my dude. that's a fun comic though. kinda reminds me of calvin and hobbes.
>Uhh . fuck
>Quickly you tried to cover your ass.
"B-but who wouldn't want to see some a fine selection of fillies either?"
>That's somehow even worse, you're a professional fumbler extraordinaire.
>What the fuck are you doing?
"W-wait that didn't come out right."
>Hoping you're not coming off as a foal fiddler now, are you going to walk out with a restraining order?
>If this keeps up you're going to be sitting in a puddle of sweat before long.
>She stuffed her snoot in some papers. "Y-yeah who wouldn't?"
>Not the judgmental type thank God.
>Her tone disarmed your fears enough that you don't have to worry about having a heart attack, but it ended up being more melancholic than you expected.
>Mouth feeling a little dry, you're suddenly very grateful you had some water and take nervous sip in the silence.
>"Did you find a special somepony?"
>It took a lot of effort not to spit it out right there, >After short coughing fit nearly choking on the wrong tube
"What!? hahahaha!"
>Where did THAT come from?
>Miss mare didn't seem to find it as funny as you and patiently waited for your answer as you recovered.
>Sheesh now what's left of your 'sex life' was being put under the microscope.
>Even though it was a personal subject, it didn't come off as rude.
>The kind of thing that you'd already have to be good friends with to cross, normally.
>Her eyes showing actual concern, maybe even a little confusion.
>Ponies were just more open and social than the norm, it caught anyone off guard if you didn't get brought up in it.
>That's what you loved about them, when they weren't .
>But forget police interrogation, all the most hardened criminals would crack under this kind of pressure.
"Not... exactly?"
>"Then what are you doing at an adoption center?"

What were you going to say to that? You did owe her an answer
honorary bootleg
>"Psst. Hey. Anon."
>"Get up, Jacky's pregnant!"
>You sputter out some quarter-coherent statement, head going up to-
"Ah... fucking... why?!"
>You lament, incapable of proper expression
>Whoever you headbutted doesn't sound any better
>You look around frantically for a pregnant mare
>You're in your room
>In bed
>Still under at least three blankets
>A glance behind shows that Shine is mumbling things while in some sort of perpetual chin rub
"...you know, I don't feel bad for that."
>It takes a few moments before Shine speaks up
>"I wasn't even supposed to wake you up, idiot! I told you I was making stew!"
>Oh yeah
>Guess she really was doing stew wench duties
"...oh. Sorry then."
>In your own defense, you were tired after work
>"Seriously... out of all of the things I said, you wake up to that?"
>She sounds disappointed more than anything else
"To be fair that is the one thing I would be concerned over. For one, biology questions must have answers."
>You yawn, waving your hand
"You saying inappropriate things to me on the other hand, completely normal."
>She snorts, pre-emptively cut off from a retort
>"It was NOT that!"
>You've felt a lot more comfortable goofing off with the girls since you started the D&D campaign
>It really feels like the first group thing you've all done since...
>Since basically ever
>It has really felt nice
>"I swear, if I said..."
>She grumbles and kicks herself extra hard off of the mattress toward the living room
>Something does smell good
>You stumble up, keeping a light blanket wrapped over your shoulders like a poncho
>You follow behind her and see that Jack and Prism have already helped themselves to large bowls of the stuff
>Thankfully trays are underneath to catch any mess
>It still weirds you out how they can't use utensils but eat fine without it
>Shine uses a spoon
>"He's awake! I guess we won't be having seconds then."
>Jack scoots out her doll of her Ma from behind her
>"Hey, did Sparky tell ya? I'm eating for two now!"
>You grimace at the pair
"I'll have you know that I'm short on glue and I know where there's a factory."
>You're sure they might've planned that
>They're a sneaky trio
>You really can't give them too much benefit of doubt
>You plop down across from them, legs crossed like a fatigued, world-weary sage
"What time is it, anyway?"
>Jacky laps at her lips and looks to the side at the clock on the microwave
>"...dunno, you never set the microwave clock back to normal."
>"But you haven't been back long. Sparky told you it would be another hour, you said you'd be up for it, aaaand you're up now and stew has been ready. So probably like an hour and a half?"
>She sounds pretty upbeat about it
>Stew must be good
"I guess that sounds about right..."
>A plate on a plastic, rectangle tray hovers over to you and sits itself down
>Stew on a plate?
"Ah... bread too."
>Shine sits down, watching you
>"Yup. I recall that you like dipping stuff into other stuff. So dip part of your baguette into my stew."
>You raise your finger and open your mouth to reply
>It is part of the dollar baguette you bought at Walmart
>That you bought expressly for the stew
"I'm still pretty sure you mean something else."
>You'd feel a little more awkward about the back and forth but after watching enough old internet personalities on YouTube with them it feels pretty natural
>It feels like they're just normal friends
>And one of your friends made food for you
>Legit made, not just heated something up in an oven
>"...you gonna stare at it or actually have some? It won't be hot forever."
"Yeah, I am. Just... you know. Thanks, Sparking. I've never had any friends make something like this before for me."
>Shine gives her own type of chuckle and a long sigh
>"Oh... don't worry about that. You've already kinda said something like that before, remember?"
>"Yeah, don't worry about it! I haven't thanked Sparky and I got first bowl."
>Jack sounds proud of herself
>"And next time I'm making you pay for it."
>Shine sounds irritated
>"That's fine, I'll give you an hour of cuddle time with Anon."
>You and Shine reply simultaneously
>Prism, who's been quietly drinking her stew, spurts out with a laugh
>Thankfully the tray is there but it isn't a small mess made
>"Oh boy... we've officially reached that point."
"Who the hell said I'm on sale?"
>"I did, Honey-Hands."
>Jacky points a hoof at you and winks
"...ok, we've watched enough Nostalgia Critic for one lifetime."
>This is worse than when you taught Jacky about internet memes
>At least then it was only really her keeping it alive
>The bread and plate goes by quickly
>It really does taste pretty good, saturated bread or no
"I dig this. Chicken stock?"
>"Yeah. Beef but chicken stock instead of beef."
>It sounds weird but on top of having grabbed the wrong broth, you did mention that it would probably turn out better because of how unique it would be
>Turns out you were on the money with it
"Right on. How much did you make?"
>You look over the pony-sized kitchen area
>It started as a pretty standard set of camping gear but you've sunk some money into it
>Cutting board, electric stove plates, air fryer
>A lot of things that only you or Shine could use
>You're sure Jack must've felt down in the dumps before after learning that cutting anything is near impossible with a knife in the mouth
>But she really does seem fine with it now
>At least, she tells you she is
>Prism doesn't seem to mind at all
>She's fine lazing around
>Which is cool
>You'd do the same too if you were some pegasus chilling with your friends all day
>"I have enough for... three days, I think. Things kinda got big so I used the actual stove and stuff."
>Guess it explains why the pony kitchen was mostly clean
"Neat. I know stew isn't the hardest thing in the world to make but you nailed it."
>"It didn't cost us a lot in resources either, did it?"
"Not at all."
>You look down at your plate
"So. Raise hands or hooves to make Shine our official stew wench and de facto chef."
>Jacky raises both of her front hooves up
>Prism, who cleaned both her bowl and her tray, holds up a hoof
>You hold up a hand
>You look to Shine and she has her hoof up
"...wait, you vote for it too?"
>"Dude, if Jacky's paying for it in cuddle time, I'll cook peanut butter, oatmeal and chocolate cookies four times a day."
>Your eyebrows raise
"Wait, you know about those no-bake cookies?"
>"Prism brought them up."
>The mentioned pony nods in between pecking at her feathers
>"That's right. If we're going to seriously take a chance on cooking more than just the bare basics, we may as well try something nice."
>Jacky pipes in, like she's trying to take some credit
>"Hey, I decided on the recipe!"
>Prism continues
>"You did. That will make a big difference on how the batch turns out too."
>You can't help but think that sounds...
"Well... damn. I guess I'm selling cuddle time too then."
>You stand up, scooping up bowls and trays for the sink
"Well, make a list of what you guys need and I'll reckon I'll pick up whatever whenever."
>You put in the most earnest of half-assed attempts to rinse off everything and decide to mostly just fill the bowls for later
>You return to the living room, tightening the poncho-turned-blanket around your shoulders
"So how's everything going otherwise?"
>You had the urge to just slump off to your room but you don't want to wander off after a good meal
>"Good. Though I am going to go out onto the patio for a nap. It's been rather windy out and I..."
>She shakes, her wings flapping
>"I'd like to enjoy it. Thank you for the meal, Sparking."
>Acting like a dignified princess that didn't blow stew a few minutes, she nudges open the glass patio door and hops out
>"Ah... she's weird sometimes. Think it has something to do with the wings?"
>Shine shakes herself and stands up, her head held high
>"Well I, for one... am going to Anon's room. The electricity is on and I..."
>She gently puffs her chest out and tilts her head back and forth
>"Would like to play some video games. Adieu."
>With a theatrical way of her flank, she trots off to your room
>That leaves you and Jack
"It's a good thing you're not weird, Jack."
>She tries her own snooty pose
>But gives up halfway through
>"I'm weird, I just don't feel like putting on airs."
>You hold out your arms
"Fair enough. C'mere, airhead."
>She gets up, steps sorta-sideways toward you, and hurls herself into you
>You catch her fine
>As if you'd have any issue catching a lazy pony
>You both watch Prism position herself at the right angle and lay down
>Her wings spread out and catch the wind
"...so what's her deal again?"
>Jacky shrugs
>"I wish I knew. I think... I don't know."
>She sounds unsure
"I guess that's a good a reason as any. Though to be fair I guess if I were her, I'd worry about falling."
"Sure. Say you can fly. You can test it out but if you fall, it's gonna hurt."
>You can hear some sort of concerned whine
>"...are you saying she fell?"
"I have no clue. But I'd be careful about that sort of thing. Kinda like how if I had magic. If I wasn't confident in it or never learned how to, I'd be cautious too."
>"Would that fit her though?"
"Maybe. You'd know better than I."
>You both watch her wings slowly flap in the breeze
>"...you know I wouldn't sell you for anything. Right?"
"Of course I know."
>"I mean it."
"I know you do, Jack."
>"I need you to know... just in case."
"I do know. It's just goofing around, you know?"
>"Yeah... I know."
>She pushes herself against you harder
>You both watch Prism glide on the breeze
>You're sure she's sleeping at this point
>Every few moments, her wings flap and catch the wind
File: 1579895675752.png (2.22 MB, 2000x2000)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
No use in lying at this point, truth is the only way.
Curious about what's going on with Prism. Out of the trio she is the most reserved and thus, mysterious.
>rare op
>no rare greens
>not even rare pics
File: 1660192.jpg (68 KB, 800x800)
68 KB
To be fair it was supposed to be Missy Pie in the OP this time around. I got you senpai.
>Pausing briefly to check the time, it’s three minutes pass six in the morning.
>On your current patrol the coast has been clear, at least of any immediate happenings.
>However, there’s not a shred of doubt in your mind that will change.
>So you can’t lower your guard, not for even one second.
>Can’t risk growing complacent from it.
>That’s just what the overlords want: another dumb and submissive slave to use.
>But you’re not dumb nor submissive though, are you?
>No, of course not!
>Then what are you?
>You’re Tinny; defender of the homestead, vanquisher of otherworldly threats, seeker of truth and justice!
>Alright, might want to work on those titles.
>Either something more specific or straight to the point would be better.
>Something like… like those stickers Anon got you!
>Your favorite is a tie between ‘Cool Filly’ and ‘Awesome Pony’.
>There will be time to brainstorm more on that later.
>For now, need to focus on your current task: Protecting the house and Anon.
>As you enter into the kitchen, the trashcan in the corner catches your eye.
>Haven’t forgotten Anon forbidding you from touching it.
>Still don’t get why he can’t understand your sound reasoning.
>It’s perfectly normal to go through trash.
>Hobos do it all the time and they’re alright, so why can’t you?
>After all, where else are you going to find things to supplement your search for the truth?
>That’s how you discovered that the produce from the local grocery store has hallucinogenics in it.
>Used the science kit Anon got you to carefully analyze it.
>Compared the results to the ones you found on the deep web and even printed them out.
>Despite all of that, he still didn’t believe you, said it was just moldy.
>Darn it, you’re getting off track again.
>Really need to break that habit.
>Otherwise it will get you captured by the enemy one day.
>With the aid of a chair from the table, you scope out the backyard.
>Not a whole lot to see in the early morning.
>Some movement changes that, so you crouch down to lower your profile.
>Learned that on the deep web too.
>After several seconds of carefully watching, it’s a bunny moving about.
“Psh, do they really think they can fool me?”
>Despite it being fluffy and eating plants, you know it’s actually a robotic spy!
>You quickly write that down in your notes and even add a sketch as well.
>This newest enemy is likely the overlords way of keeping a closer eye on you.
>As if the squirrels weren’t enough.
>Just treat this spy like all the others; keeping an eye on it and being prepared to handle it at a moments notice.
>Don’t see much else in the yard, though you can hear some birds.
>Still need to find a cipher for them later, gonna have to search the deep web for that.
>Time to move to the front yard.
>You push the chair back and head off to the living room.
>Anon left the footstool by the window, making it easier for you to do check things out.
>As you are, something feels off, more so than usual.
>It’s not the robotic animals nor the lawn gnomes with hidden cameras either.
>Even with the aid of the streetlamps, you’re having a hard time seeing whatever it is.
>Just like the backyard…
>You end up pressing your face against the glass and squinting.
>The result is the same though.
“Grr… too dirty to see through clearly.”
>Need to know what’s going on out there, no matter what.
>Usually you’d ask Anon and wait till he took care of it.
>However, desperate times, call for desperate measures.
>Gonna have to attempt to clean this yourself.
>Hastily, you scurry back into the kitchen.
>Really glad the supplies are easily accessible since they’re under the sink.
>You put the supplies in a bucket and carry it in your mouth.
>It’s quite difficult to make the return back with the contents shifting about.
>But you manage thankfully.
“Alright, I can do this. Just remember to be very, very careful, so simple.”
>The memory of last time you did floats to the surface.
>Ended up scratching the glass with your tin hooves, rather easily too.
>Of course you informed Anon and as a result, he said you shouldn’t do it again.
>It’s not like you intended to do it.
>As carefully as can be, you go about cleaning just the section you need.
“...wax on…”
>Remember what Anon said before, “Take your time, don’t rush it.”
“...wax off…”
>A bit of elbow grease invested, you examine your work.
>Don’t see any scratches, so it looks like you managed.
>Bet when you show Anon later, he’ll be so surprised and even tell you that you did a great job.
>It’s gonna be so awesome!
>Hold it, remember the initial reason you did this in the first place.
>Nodding, you observe what caught your attention.
>Something is gently falling from the sky.
>That can’t be, it’s late April!
>Plus you already know spring is here, so this shouldn’t be possible.
>Weather has been fair with no rain and little cloud cover too.
>What does this all mean then?!
>Keep calm and focus, can’t lose your head.
>There is a perfectly rational explanation to this odd weather.
>And that explanation is of course another scheme of the overlords!
“How does this one work though?”
>Need to remember what you learned from the deep web; thinking like the overlords do.
“Another weather manipulation plot maybe?”
>No, they already have plenty of those ‘freak’ storms that come around.
>Come on, put your skills to the test.
“Well… snow coats just about everything and melts slowly.”
>Rain covers things faster and doesn’t need to melt though.
>Also true, however, you remember that many people prefer snow to rain, so they’re willing to go outside in it.
>Then this likely means the overlords are using this snowfall as a vector!
>Probably realized less people are getting flu shots, so they did this to correct the mistake.
“It makes perfect sense!”
>The ignorant masses will become more and more obedient as a result of it.
>They’ll ignore the truth and eat up the lies.
>Like the time they said that putting fluoride in the water to help prevent tooth decay.
>In reality, it’s not fluoride at all, but rather a drug to make them more open to suggestion.
>Or like the truth that they wanted to reach the moon so they could paint it pink and-
>Stop getting distracted, you’ve gotta warn Anon!
>With a hop, skip, and a jump, you glide off the sill; onto the carpet, dashing off to the hallway.
>Skidding to a halt as you reach the bedroom door, you knock and wait.
>What are you doing?
>Waiting for Anon to come and answer of course.
>Does this look like the time for being polite?
>Darn it, that’s true, this is an emergency after all.
>You open the door and rush over to the bed, climbing atop of it.
“Anon, you won’t – where is he?”
>In your haste, you didn’t notice him missing.
>The bed is unmade too, did they get him?
>Quick, you need to check everywhere in the room, he has to be here.
>A peek under the bed only uncovers stray dust bunnies.
>Got into the closet, and other than mismatched shoes (need to investigate later), he’s not there either.
>The feeling of an icy hand grips your heart.
“Oh no… he must’ve been captured while I was distracted!”
>Curse them, he’s was never supposed to get caught in the cross fire.
>This is your fault, you’re supposed to protect him, he’s your friend!
>Gotta do something, but what?!
>Just as your panic worsens, your ears perk up at the sound of a toilet flushing.
“Oh thank goodness, he’s safe!”
>Not the time for celebration, need to inform him of your discovery.
>You gallop to the bathroom and try the door.
>But of course it’s locked, so you knock rapidly.
“Anon, Anon, It’s snowing!”
>Not sure, but could’ve sworn there was some murmuring from within.
>However, he still doesn’t answer it.
>You knock again, louder this time.
“Anon come on, it’s snowing out!”
>Some shuffling comes from the other side, though the door doesn’t open up.
>A tired sounding Anon speaks up, “I heard you the first time, Tinny.”
“Good, was concerned for a moment there.”
>“The forecast said there was going to be some snow this morning, so it’s not much of a surprise.”
“It’s a plan of the overlords, Anon! They’re using it as a means to get you infected!”
>“Infecting me?”
“Yes that’s right! They realized that you didn’t get your ‘flu’ shot and using this a means to do so!”
>“...okay, and?”
“What do you mean ‘and?’ this is serious!”
>An audible sigh is heard from the other side.
>“Seriously doubt I’m going to get sick.”
“That’s a risk though, you should stay home and wait it out!”
>“Would you stop yelling?”
“S-Sorry, but I’m just trying to protect you.”
>“I appreciate that, really I do. However, I can’t just call off work today.”
>“No buts. I swear I’ll be okay.”
>He’s not going to listen, despite the severity of the situation.
>There has to be something you can do to help protect him, but what?
>“Got anything else you want to tell me?”
“No, not yet.”
>“Well alright then, I’m gonna hop in the shower. We can talk afterwords, okay?”
“Mhm, yeah, sure.”
>Few minutes pass in thought and nothing.
>Out of all the times for you brain to come up with nothing, it had to be now?
>Doesn’t matter, there is only one thing left to do.
>To the deep web!
>You check the laptop in the bedroom and find it on.
“Now let’s see…”
>Fortunately it doesn’t take long to find what you’re seeking.
>Even better, the supplies to do so are around the house.
>You gather what you can and bring some notes along with you to the living room.
>Minutes pass as you make multiple mistakes, mostly because of your hooves.
>Not gonna give up though, so you double down.
>After what feels like hours pass, and you have something that looks manageable.
>While looking it over and comparing it to the notes, the sound of footfalls draws your attention.
>“Whatcha working on there, Tinny?”
“Just a sec, I’m almost done.”
>Nodding, he heads off to the kitchen while you focus back on your work.
>Several minutes of inspecting shows this is about as good as it’s gonna be for now.
>Will have to revise the design later.
>Taking it with you as you enter the kitchen, Anon is drinking coffee and reading the paper.
>You trot over and present your creation.
“It’s dangerous to go out there, take this!”
>He sets the paper down and picks up your work, looking over it curiously.
>“Huh, pretty cool. What is this exactly?”
“Can’t you tell?”
>Anon shakes his head slowly, “Not quite.”
“It’s a homemade face mask I whipped up to protect you.”
>He softly smiles, “Thank you, Tinny.”
“Y-You’re welcome, just remember to wear this outside along with your jacket and gloves. That should be enough from my estimation.”
>It almost looks like he’s about to say something, but just nods instead.
>“Yeah, sure will.”
“Good, I’ve got to inform the others about this newest scheme.”
>“Don’t forget to make copies of it as well.” He adds.
“Of course I will, going to make triplicates just be safe.”
>He gives you a thumbs up as you depart into the hallway.
>Deep down, you know he’s starting to get the hang of things.
>Just need to be patient with him, he’ll understand it all one day.
>he’ll understand it all one day
This Anon is one of the most patient man ever.
>Tfw your rare greens were basically invisible
Guess I should stick to dim sum, and cricket...
noooooooooo I like your rare story.....
File: too close.png (2.18 MB, 1920x1080)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB PNG
there's more?
I’ve done a few. Cricket, Thun, bootleg aria, uh rare, bump the bootleg hippogriff, and dim sum
Ive seen a few crickets by different people and thuns sprinkled around, never an aria.
i remember bump but not being a hippogriff, and the occasional dim sum. but this is the only green for rare thats been done in years isnt it?
I dunno. It just seemed appropriate for the thread
Yeah bump is a bootleg hippogriff
it was cute, and admirable that you did some green for the thread's darling. your stuff is comfy even if its short so please don't be discouraged.
Don’t you mean dining?
Anon is dining, not rarera
Shine doesn't have a mark, right?
File: e2f.png (42 KB, 148x200)
42 KB

give me a link to all of them, now. I crave cricket.
Everyone is dining
One does not “crave” queen cricket. You can only have a hankering.
none of em do in jackeroo, maybe the sequel? jacktoo
I remember them being stickers or something, don't remember when or if Shine's came off.
File: Smug_Shine.png (142 KB, 1000x800)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
Progress I've made so far, tomorrow I'll get started on the dress.
it's been a while since ive read it but i think that jacky having stickers was the only one. sparks was just in a box

nice keep up the good work drawfrien
Buy pony, is fluttershy, is the cutes most adorbs pony ever.

But for some reason she has penises for hooves.

She doesn't like to talk about it.
With Rosie I have the marks be more like temporary tattoos, mostly so that I never have to draw Rosie's again- seriously that flower took me nearly 3 hours to draw.
She does not. From what I recall, only Jack had a sticker placeholder. As >>36923705 said, Shine was only in a box. Curious how no one has brought up the various states of boxes that the three came in.
Jack Two: Jacking Off
Dios mio. Those sorts of eyes work well for her. They're the sort of eyes that are always looking, even when relaxed. You can tell that even if she looks like Twilight at a glance, there are a lot of big differences.
>bootleg detail born out of laziness
kek how fitting.
The flower is just a pun too. It's called a "desert rose", which also happens to be the name of a type of crystal that forms in the shape of a rose- hence "Rosie Rock".
i bet you could find something like this on derpi. i refuse to believe it hasnt been done
File: file.png (273 KB, 996x973)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
>007 face
>mfw i dont get it and still dont get it for hours
No, I need all the cricket greens I can get. I'm still salty that one autist fucked up the first one.
Looking good so far
I meant goldeneye face. Here.
But why.
Funny coincidence Blondie, when you mentioned 100%-ing Digital Devil Saga in Jackie I was actually working on doing that same thing. Still need to farm up to beat Huang Long.
Christ, board's going fast today. Also, about to get back to that drawing of Shine.
>seriously that flower took me nearly 3 hours to draw.
just a tip, you can use krita's symmetry tools next time.
I think I did for a bit of it but most of the issue was getting the colors right on it. Also man is drawing a dress on a pony a lot harder than I thought it would be. I'd say I'm about 70% done with the dress.
have you seen the fashion tutorials?
Nope, I just did what I normally do and look for reference images if there's something I'm not sure how to draw; and I tell you what, there are a lot more images of ponies in dresses than there are images of four-fingered cartoon characters holding coffee mugs that makes no sense unless you have context but I'm gonna roll with it
File: file.png (434 KB, 768x2719)
434 KB
434 KB PNG
Ooh, I'll save this in case I need it later, thanks.
File: Smug_Shine_in_dress.png (134 KB, 800x800)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
Progress for today, altered the snoot a bit because I thought the first one was a bit pudgy.
Depending on feedback I'll make some tweaks and then all I'll have left to do is color.
looks very halloweeny. like shes a night show host.
You can't get more obviously evil than dress spikes. I can imagine her imagining her sorceress wearing that, rather than a human her wearing something like that. If that makes sense. It's late.
File: file.png (102 KB, 485x491)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
ready to play whos that boot?
no cheating with looking up the doc
File: bootleg_rarity.png (1.22 MB, 915x959)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
Knockoff blank flank Rarity I got from a claw machine.
File: bootleg_holiday.png (1.13 MB, 717x937)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG

And a Christmas version. Strange horn and mane but the exact same eyes.
Christmas Kirin, a Christmirin, if you would.
That's hard. Or maybe I'm just drawing a blank right now.
Wait did you want human Shine wearing the dress?

I never thought of it that way. Approved!
Looks more like a bootleg Sweetie Belle desu.
thats a really cute mane
Raribelle and Christmirin
ok il give you a hint
her colors are red and blue
Is it Deathlight?
File: file.png (89 KB, 484x486)
89 KB
yes. bootleg blue and red, she takes care of the dead
File: 1613433312902.png (1.62 MB, 1481x2483)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
correct, also bump from 10
damn pegasheild is really overpowered
I'm guessing no one has any issues with the picture? If not I'll start working on colors.
requesting repost of this bootleg hippoigriff, and aria
nah youre good dude
I dig it man. I do agree with the minor face change but otherwise it works well. Due to how Shine's eyes are, it makes me wonder how Jacky and Prism might differ. They have very different eyes when it comes to looking/staring.
>thinking that a mask is good enough against the white plague
novice mistake tinmare, each 'snowflake' makes a quantum field, soon everyones brain will tuned out to just like the snow on tv before being ready for the programming to start
Alright, I'll start the coloring process then.
Looking forward to the finished product
You're doing God's work, my man. I do and don't want to be selfish and see if you'd want to do the others too.
I might at some point, but I should probably get back to Golly Gee after this or start writing the next part of Rosie Rock.
I have realized I don't know what color to make the dress, I'm thinking black, dark grey, or dark blue.
For sure, take your time on that. Focus on your things first.
I'd say a dark blue or a dark grey. Something that'd make her natural red pop out more.
Almost done with coloring, just need to add a little extra and it should be good to go.
Working on a green based on a pair of bootleg pony toys that I got my hands on recently.

>(You) flip ponies for a quick buck.
>Back before ponybots were a thing, you would often deal with the plastic toys, buying cheap lots of dirty, well-played pony figures to clean and resell. It wasn't your fulltime job obviously, but it was a good source of side income.
>You got into it as a teen because your sister is a collector, and you turned out to be surprisingly good at helping her with restoration once you learned the basics. You like the show, but you're not super into the merch, so you don't have a proper collection of your own.
>When Hasbro partnered with a robotics company to sell robotic ponies with built-in AI, you figured it'd be neat to branch out into those as well. You already knew a bit of basic robotics from the electives you took in high school, after all.
>Luckily enough, after a couple of years second-hand ponebots became common in electronics stores and on Ebay. Seems like a lot of snot nosed kids would lose interest in the things as soon as they became 'too old' for them, so their parents would just sell them.
>You still don't have an actual ponebot of your own, and you tend to leave them turned off while you own them so that you don't get emotionally attached to your own wares. You just clean and repair them, then pass them on for a higher price.

>You're at the local flea market, scanning for pony stuff, and... bingo. There's a trio of ladies with a few ponybots in varying raggedy conditions at one stand.
>As you approach closer, you realize that a few of the machines look visibly bootleggy. The proportions are slightly off, along with other design variations. Most of them look legit though, just worn out. You speak up to one of the women.
"Are you selling these ponybots?"
>"Oh, yes! Me and my friends here all had our daughters lose interest in ponies recently, so we partnered together to sell them and split the money evenly!" she says.
>Everything about her appearance screams "white suburban mother". These kids are probably spoiled as shit if they can each have their own bots and then throw them away like this. You eye three of them in particular, a pair of Twilight Sparkles and some slightly obscure background pony that you can never remember the name of. They're all tagged with simple string and paper labels that value them at slightly below average prices. Likely due to their frizzy ended manes, with braids that look like they haven't been undone in a year.
>Eh, you haven't made any major purchases in a while, and you have enough money to throw at this and still have a good amount leftover, so why not?
"Could I have those three over there?"
>"Of course! Got a daughter who likes ponies?"
>God, you find it annoying as hell when people selling shit try to be 'chatty'. You try to push away this feeling and respond politely though.
"Nah, I work with restoring pony stuff. One of them might end up in the hands of some little girl after I fix them up though."
>"Well, I'm not sure if you'd be interested, but we have a little deal going on. We've been having trouble selling two of the other robots, and since you're already buying these three I could give you a big discount on the other pair."
>She tells you more about the deal, then goes on some ramble about how 'these ponies used to belong to Cherith's twins, and she's been worried that she'll never get rid of them'. You zone out for a minute to think it over (and to avoid listening to this lady describe her pal's life story), then snap back to reality to give her your answer.
"Sounds like a good discount, I'd be willing to take them off your hands."
>"Oh, thank you! I'll bring them right out."
>She does so, and yep, they're a pair of the bootlegs. Based on her facial expression, she's either an experienced scammer or genuinely thinks these things are legit. Then again, if she were a scammer would she really be giving you such a huge discount?
>The prices are still really good when taking into account the fact that these are fakies. You figure you can probably use them for parts or sell them to a family who doesn't care about authenticity.
>Pretty soon you're pulling up in your driveway with five ponies in your car, and carrying them to your garage.
>As you're carrying one of the two bootlegs, you notice something a bit odd about her. Across her back is a dark glossy surface that almost resembles those solar panels on some electronics.
>Overall, she doesn't look ugly at all, but she's obviously not official. She's a purple unicorn with a yellow mane and a sun cutiemark. Her mane seems kind of thin and cheap though. When you try lifting up her mechanical eyelids, you can see that there appears to be some of that glitter that's cut into shapes pasted onto her eyes. Mostly heart shaped bits, but a few circular ones as well.
>You examine the other bootleg. She's a pale blue, with a brighter blue mane and eyes. She has more horse-like proportions than most ponybots you see, but she's still relatively small and cartoonish. Her cutiemark is a pair of blue and yellow flowers.
Done and dusted.
>the open sliver of red between leg and bottom of dress
You absolute lad. Thank you.
File: rad red.gif (3.53 MB, 640x640)
3.53 MB
3.53 MB GIF
Miss "Steals Your Human" Sparking over here.
>teleports into your dreams
psh nothin ponysel kid.
>Working on a green based on a pair of bootleg pony toys that I got my hands on recently.
oh shit i thought I was all caught up and then anon comes outa nowhere with A new green
except the big 2 ending in y.
Been away for a good while. I also need to get caught up on all these new greens. What do you think of them? Any recommendations?
>been away for a good while
how long are we talking?
from the thread or the whole board?
from the show?

whats the damage anon
Glad to see people like it.
The board, since November. Bumped the thread a couple times this week, but haven't taken the time to get caught up on reading yet.
I'd recommend Rosie Rock, and that's definitely not because I'm the one that wrote it, I swear.
File: 1612364342624.jpg (358 KB, 1536x2048)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
There's a bunch of small new greens sprinkled around but nothing longform besides Jacky, Minky and now getting there Tinny. Bugbut Cricket has been getting a little more love and of course theres the Punkfire christmass fic which was super comfy.

Tinny is definitely brand new since nov, but if you missed Minky i highly recommend checking her out.

Some new bootlegs started pretty recently, one Cadance and one Flutters by a couple of lurking writefriends from other generals, waiting for those to be updated. And then some more talk about starting new bootlegs like a Cozy one, oh and finally gave Concerned Pony a green, so hows that for a milestone?
This is very nice, I like it.
Yeah I'm the one making the Cozy bootleg, Golly Gee, about either halfway or 3/4ths of the way done with it but I started doing art stuff.
Board's going fast today
Damn we're pretty dead today
File: file.png (86 KB, 485x488)
86 KB
indeed. back to whos that boot
this one's easy
chirp chirp!
File: file.png (107 KB, 467x554)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
i DID say it was easy. but what about this one?
I think I remember her from when I read the doc, name was something like Cherry Sunday, right?
Thank you Anon. Looks like I've got a lot to keep me occupied for a while.
Cherry Whoday? haha dont be silly, it's just the Pudding Mare Extraordinaire
File: RainbowLoo and Peppershy.png (1.85 MB, 2673x1931)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
What would RainbowDash be like if she was kitbashed with her biggest fan?
File: RainbowLoo and Mintyshy.png (1.89 MB, 2673x1931)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB PNG
more mint, or would it be lime?
have you written for bootleg before?
Getting back to work on Golly Gee and I've realized that once I'm done I'm going to have to draw a picture of her, those curls are going to be a nightmare.
>inb4 theres a new less curly mane due to lazyness
but i feel you, her mane is a bitch.
Flying capability reduced to Fluttershy levels
File: file.png (1.9 MB, 1280x720)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB PNG
>reduced to fluttershy levels
So top tier still?
Recently finished watching Season 2 with my friend and I noted in Hurricane Fluttershy she increased her wingpower by nearly 5x and she was distraught that it still wasn't the 10.0 that she was hoping for. Do you know how happy I would be that I managed to get nearly 500% better at writing or drawing in only a few days?
I mean if I continue the story I might have her decide to take the curls out of her hair or they come out naturally as it grows.
Might keep that name around if I need it for something then.
So fellow writefriends, what was the thought process behind your bootlegs? Were they based on a real bootleg you've seen or something else?
File: my lovely horse twill.jpg (80 KB, 640x480)
80 KB
i know im the odd one out for the thread, but due to bootleg being so new to the fandom, or so scarce for drawings for me it's almost always been toy pics like this.

You can easily see where the inspiration came from with Twill if you put all the little details together, the speech bubbles had a desperation to me that I had to do something for this sad little fakie.
that's her secret identity
Is there a pastebin for all the Cricket greens? Excluding that one faggot who threw her away
there was a bin for cricket shorts, but i think its been a while since that one was updated.
Damn, guess I won't use it then.
Oh yeah, Twill pulled at the heartstrings, and I can see where you got that from the box.
shes not the only one, like i said it happens a lot for me for this thread. something appealing about doing it the way the golden age of /mlp/, riffing off some very sparse details and weaving together an oc or green out of it.
the same thing happened when the killmefillies were posted, and il try to get back to that later tonight
If or when I move on from bootleg I might use Rosie Rock and Golly Gee for another idea I have, but I don't think that will be any time soon.
OCs of a general might be hard to translate to other threads unless theyre really well known.
you kind of have to start all over and build up a new fanbase. even though jacky is 'the most popular bootleg' in modern era i havent seen her in any other generals.
I had an idea for an RPG a while back born from a conversation I had with my friend about how it seemed like a missed opportunity that Hasbro never tried to make a MLP DnD or something along those lines that I Them's Fightin Herds'd and made it's own unique setting. I meant that I would have Rosie Rock and Golly Gee as NPCs in it. Though let's be honest like most things it would never actually come into existence due to a lack of talent and will.
Why is this board so bad at organizing shit? I can never find the stuff I like.
a Foenum rpg tie in with Equestria? id play it.
More like Dragon Age Origins with MLP races is what I had in mind.
File: 1884830.jpg (74 KB, 617x715)
74 KB
Funnily enough, Kirins were a race I would have included.
as you should, theyre godamn adorable.
Blogpost incoming. I have to be careful about what I say out of fear of spoiling parts of my story, but here goes:
I was getting burned out while writing my main story over in /moon/. The scenes felt increasingly lackluster with every subsequent update, and despite having the plot completely worked out, inspiration was drying up quick. For me, that inspiration makes the difference between writing a sequence of events involving cardboard cutouts in front of a backdrop, and creating complex, multi-faceted characters that readers will empathize with, set within a vibrant world with its own lore.
Before taking a break from writing in /moon/ I realized I wanted to write a story that focused on Cadence, whom I adore. Luna may be my favorite pony, but Cadence is a *very* close second. At the time, all I knew was that I wanted to write an adventure/romance story that focused on Anon and Cadence, but much more focused and driven than my meandering primary project, Lunar Entanglement. Lacking any other ideas and struggling to work on my other projects, I put the concept on the mental shelf. I took a break from /moon/ and started looking in the other generals I'd never explored, ultimately discovering /bootleg/ in late February.
The bootleg concept intrigued me, and I started diving into the greens in the "Essential Stories" list in the thread OP. Rare tugged at my heart while Ranbo Fast broke it. Ended up finishing the main Jacky story in an evening; couldn't put it down. Then I read /jacky/ IF Scenario M: Missy Pie. I have gushed about that story here ad nauseam, but I am still unable to fully articulate how much it resonates with me. Two lines in particular knocked me on my ass the first time I read them:

>"That is a gift from me to you, Anon. For all of the times I've been there for you, and all of the times you've been there for me. Whatever happens, I'll always be there for you."
>"I can see how you look at me, Anon... you look at me like I'm not damaged at all."

Christ, I still tear up every time I read those lines, given their context. Something about those two lines made something "click" for me with regards to my Anon x Cadence story concept. For better or for worse, Blondie's Anon is all Missy Pie has, which drives her actions out of love, and arguably also out of fear for her own survival. I want to explore a similar concept in Condense: two "damaged" beings thrust together by fate, each the other's entire world, for better or for worse. Anon has a preconceived notion of what Condense is, and it absolutely affects how he treats her. He will have to reconcile his expectations of Condense with the reality that reveals itself to him. The dystopian, sci-fi setting allows me the freedom to create the world and context needed to tell the story I have in mind. As for the bootleg aspect of the story, I set out to deliberately keep that vague until the end- wanted this to be different than most /bootleg/ tales in that regard.
Oh man, Ranbo Fast, I read it right after Rare and the ending pushed my shit in.
Twill shorts, Twibot and Apuljiyak should really be a part of the 'essentials'. Patches could be added, Punkfire and Cricket.

Originally when the 'essentials' were pitched it was trying to distill some of the essence of the thread for newfriends. Mayhaps time to rename it to the best of the boot? The only issue is the cyclical nature of most of the 'best' and 'essential' stories being bot ponies so you get more botponies and less exploration outside that, but there's much more flexibility to /bootleg/ than just another /TiM/ and we could add Photo Finished even though its on permahiatus

There's so many good ideas that didn't get off the ground. one of my favorites from this thread was Queen Celestial, it was a complete flip on the trend of anon being happy with his bootleg.
For me I don't remember the exact process of how I came up with Rosie and her situation. I remember not wanting to do AJ because Blondie already had Jacky despite AJ being my favorite so far. I probably thought "What if I did FOUR bootlegs?" before deciding against it and coming up with the initial concept of Rosie. I think I initially had her have multiple personalities as another anon here had guessed, who was in control would shift depending on her mood but I also decided against that for the way I have it now.
far flung future dystopian sci-fi bootlegs are rare, hasenfield tia would be one, though it is very short and no where near as well written as Condy

Just checked the OP, is that really the end? Nothing about Anon rescuing the ponies from that psycho? wtf
I don't remembering seeing a follow up so I think so.
I dont know, i think this fandom is way better at organizing than any other. greens kept together in megabins have been a tradition since the old days. the cricket greens were made years apart, so a new green got made instead of the old shorts being updated.

but if youre searching for stuff, do you know about the tags on the /mlp/ pastebin?
the writer died, so rambo is stuck in that life until someone else writes an ending
As far as I'm aware, you can always check the old threads. Board isn't bad at organizing, generals that are almost a decade old just have a lot of people that come and go and make content whenever.
>You planned on playing some games tonight with Shine
>More, like you were wanting to introduce her to a few games like Days Gone and Dead Rising
>You brought up Days Gone last night, and played it a few hours of it with her
>But tonight...
>You've been listening to a Zeldawave playlist while laying on your back
>She's been laying on her back too
>You've been pretty much face to face, watching the ceiling
>With the trippy visualizations on full screen, and with no other lights in the room, it gives off enough of a psychedelic vibe
>You've both been nodding and rocking your heads in tune
>It feels nice
>"Hey Anon."
>She sounds relaxed
>Ever since this D&D stuff started, you've noticed that she's mellowed a lot
>Or maybe the groovy tunes are just doing a number on her
"Nothin' like the old school..."
>"The old school..."
>The beat drops and the song starts to hit hard
>You get the feeling that she wanted to ask something but that can wait until the song's over
>You both rock your heads back and forth, in sync
"Ain't nothing like the old school."
>Only when the song fades out and into the next one do you answer
"What's up?"
>The next song isn't nearly as much as a banger so it isn't nearly as exciting to listen to
>"I know Jacky's like... your girlfriend."
>The thought isn't new
>But it still makes you smile to hear
"I suppose she is, yeah."
>"...so what can we be?"
>She's lucky the current song on isn't so fancy
"Honestly? You're kinda the cool sister I never had."
>"Why do you say that?"
"Because I know you have my back as much as I have yours, if not more so."
>This next song coming up isn't all that much of a banger either
>But you still like it
>"Do sisters usually..."
"Expose themselves repeatedly and try to push away girlfriends out of jealousy? I'm gonna say 'no'."
>She fidgets on the bed and mumbles something
>"I don't know if I should be more proud or embarrassed that you remember that..."
>"...you're weird, you know that?"
"I spend my time around three chicks that are also talking ponies. You're gonna have to find a more obvious thing to decide I'm weird."
>"That's true. I guess I forget that isn't normal for humans."
>The next song is some more classic vaporwave
>But still not a banger
"It sounds weird but after my friends... I don't know. You're family. I guess sister-in-law?"
>Shine snorts
>"That implies Jacky is your wife... I have a long way to go before I'm ok with that on any level."
>"Because it'll mean that both Prism and I just won't have anyone."
>You sigh
"Yeah... I guess that is a thing."
>"I got another question. How do you say this sort of stuff so casually? Isn't this supposed to be really deep, touchy topics to tiptoe around?"
"...you want me to chew the fat and tiptoe around you?"
>You hear a laugh
>"First off, ew. That saying sounds gross. Second... no. I really don't. Both of them are honest but you... don't have any ulterior motives. If you say something, I can bet on it and win every time."
"You don't trust them as much as you do me?"
>You don't hear a response for a bit
>Long enough for there to be two new songs
>The current one still isn't a banger but it's pretty smooth and jazz-like
>"I don't think I can. I've changed. I know that. I know Jacky has change. Prism has... improved. But I don't know if she's changed."
"What about that whole 'honor among thieves' thing?"
>"I'm not a thief."
>Her retort comes quick, coming out before you even finish your sentence
>"I mean... I don't want to be. I really don't."
>You lay and listen to the music
"So are they still thieves?"
>"I don't think Jacky is, no."
"But you think D-Ash is."
>No answer
"...do you think she might still do something?"
>No answer
"You don't really think she would push Jacky to something, would you?"
>"They talk, Anon."
>You scoff
>You roll your head from one side to the other, knocking your temple against hers
>Just hard enough to nudge her head a bit
"We're talking right now you goof."
>"I mean like... seriously talk. Prism asks a lot about you."
"I guess that's good. Why does she ask a lot? She could always ask me directly."
>"I know that. You know that. She knows that too. But she doesn't want to."
"Wiggy. What does she ask about?"
>"Personal details. Intimate details."
"...how intimate are we talking?"
>"All five senses, Anon."
"...ew. Why?"
>"They just share everything. They always have. They probably always will."
>You guess that isn't so shocking
>You've heard Jacky go on entire rants about you when Prism was still fresh and recently out of the box
>Both literally and metaphorically
"So you don't trust them because of that?"
>"I know that if I tell you something, you'll keep it to yourself if it's important."
"And this is probably important."
>"It really is."
>You forgot where all of this was going
>At least the next song is nice
"Anyway. Something something, me being casual about saying things?"
>"Yeah. What's with that?"
"It takes far more effort to lie to someone, or to not be yourself completely. And you guys are my friends. At least, I like to think so."
>"You should know so."
"I should."
>You inhale
>You like this playlist but you only actually really like a few of the songs
"I'd rather just end myself if I had to choose between being myself fully and still having friends... is what I want to say."
"That's right."
>"I don't get it. You just said it."
"Yeah. I want to say that. But I think I'm at the point that I just have to believe what I do, say what I mean, and stick to honesty."
>You clear your throat
"Let's drop the moral posturing, shall we? We both know there's no altruism in this pursuit. Your reckless indignation led you here. I counted on it."
>Your voice is hard, confident
"There's no shame in it, Sparking Shine. Revenge is motivation enough. At least it's honest. Hate me, but do it honestly."
"Let's be honest, Shiner. Independent of how you guys are, I'm a low working class guy. And I probably only ever will be one. The best thing I could give, and keep, is my word. That means saying what I will. Not because it would hurt someone and not because it would put me into a better position. But because it's the only path I have as a man."
>"Ichiban... he'd say the same thing I think."
"Sure. Him, Kiryu, Kain, a lot of... admittedly fictional characters would. Whether a vampiric lord and ruler of millennia, some walking legendary bad ass... or some fucking dork that can throw away half of his life for loyalty's sake."
>You sigh
"If they can pledge themselves to their ideals and have at least have one thing they stand by, why can't I? What excuse do I have to lie, of to betray? What would that say about me, in my most solemn hour, that I would do that for personal gain? What scars would I leave?"
>"...two things."
>"One... you're kinda having an effect on me."
"Is it due to the mood music?"
>"Sorta, it's kinda more sad than comfy. Two. Is the music making you say this?"
"It's only making it easier for me to make an ass of myself, mon amie."
>"I guess that's why every Yakuza character gets such bad ass music."
>You roll to the side a portion and set up a different playlist
>You lay flat again
>"Hey Anon."
>"I want to stick by those standards too."
>That makes you smile
"Letting that fire temper you into something better, huh?"
>"I'm being serious. But also yes."
"Good. You should. I don't rightly know if me being a guy has anything to do with those ideals. But I think if you care enough, it'll do you right."
>"You should talk to Jacky more like this."
"Think she has a lot to add to it or take away?"
>"No... not really, honestly. But I think she would appreciate hearing it. You could tell her to jump off the balcony and if you said you'd be down there to catch her, she wouldn't think twice."
"I hope so."
>Something nags at you from inside
"I don't remember, have you told me about how she was back then?"
>"I don't know. Probably?"
"Well... tell me more about her."
>"Hm... well she was just as dumb as she is now."
"Is that supposed to be an insult?"
>"You'd think so but no. She's still as... wide-eyed as ever. But she's got more going on upstairs than I give her credit for. Probably more than what you give her credit for too."
"Well I don't think she's dumb."
>"She is. But she really isn't."
>She fidgets
>You can feel that she's trying to favor one side specifically
>"I'm... only really gonna say it once. But maybe you should talk to her some time. Tell her that even if we hang out a lot. Even if I can cook and all that stuff. Even if I still may sometimes try to steal your attention because I'm still not completely ok with having lost to her. Just remind her that she isn't dead weight. She really isn't. She just wants to be that steady rock. A smile that's consistent and real no matter how much things change."
"I never thought of her as dead weight."
>"But you aren't sure how you can let her do more things. And she's kinda afraid to keep failing."
>She always just seemed happy to chill and laze around
>It would be natural for most people to want to feel useful or accomplish something
"...have you talked to her about this?"
"...have you been doing something with your magic?"
>"I don't think I need to answer that, Anon."
>You're not really embarrassed or bothered if she did do that sort of thing
>But it does shine a spotlight on your flaws, and Jack's
>"Find something that you two can do together."
"Like what?"
>"I don't know. More shopping or stuff."
>She rolls onto her side, her face resting on your shoulder
>"She was never really all that skillful, you know. She didn't get a lot of chances to learn anything. Prism really kept her distanced away from skills that could really pay off if you were dedicated enough. And now, here... she tore herself up when you were stuck in your low point."
>It sounds a little like she's speaking into your ear
>"To be honest... I want to believe I haven't lost. But that's just my thing. She's a rock. Help her to roll around a little."
"The ol' rock and roll..."
>"I guess, if that's what it's called."
>You want to feel bad but you don't
>Instead, you're putting that energy into how to make it right
>Feeling bad won't really fix anything, and it won't help her
>It sounds cold but that's the way you need to think if it's for her
>And it is
>She deserves an answer to her problem, not pity
>That is part of the ideal you want to live up to, anyway
>"Maybe you are kinda like a big brother to me."
"Because I let you mooch off of me?"
>"Because you're really the only person I've ever met that I genuinely respect."
>She nuzzles your shoulder
>"Now keep the music playing and shut up for a bit. I want to sleep."
>What a great way to end things
"Pain in my ass..."
>"Now you know how it feels. I love you too Anon."
>You spend the rest of the night listening to her and the music
>You're tired
>But you need to think of a way to help Jack
>Sleep can wait
File: 1589590689677.png (637 KB, 1790x1970)
637 KB
637 KB PNG
It can be a very painful lesson to learn, to be honest to others. An even more painful lesson, to be honest to yourself. But when you can handle that pain, little else will ever sting.
Shine's a good girl. She isn't where she really wants to be. But sometimes it's ok to be a loser in a game that has to have a winner and has to have a loser. It's easier if you only really know how to be a loser.
>It's easier if you only really know how to be a loser.
If you know how to be one, have you truly lost?
Man, I feel bad for Shine. It's gotta suck to have a unique connection with somebody like Anon and not be able to have the romantic component you yearn for. At least she's trying to do the right thing by Jacky. If I'm honest with myself, part of me wishes Anon would give Shine everything she wants, even for just a day. Make her feel complete in that sense. Then again, that might be more cruel to her, as she'd only want more.
Prism is as mysterious as ever. I'd like to see Anon have a sit-down with her some time.
File: Bootlegs.png (66 KB, 1209x1809)
66 KB
>writer died
>more stories by this author: "bootleg chrysalis"
>created 23rd of february
Well the scenario where Anon got Shine first didn't really end well for anyone.
Scenario S was unsettling, but I seriously doubt that sort of thing would happen with Jacky and Prism in the picture.
Don't know if Scenario S or F is a worse situation, honestly.
>Scenario F
That one was rough. The only alternate Jacky story I'll only ever read once.
I think it's good I wrote those so early. Looking back at them as time passed and the girls change and improve, it remains a constant that they've only been able to improve so much together. He wasn't supposed to have all three.
Why feel bad for her? She can play games. She can cook. She can operate doors. She's only grown more competent. Jacky hasn't. She's been happy about letting things play out but it's hard to ignore how she isn't able to do those things. She isn't able to do what she thinks she should. Shine flip-flopping is a sign of struggling, sure. But she's gone far out of her way and her comfort zone just so he can help her sister. Because that means something to her.
It's a good thing that Anon was able to get all three of them. Though I just had a thought of "what if some of his old friends got one of the other three?"
I think the big question is what happens if he got Prism first?
I think that she would either run off to try and get Jacky or manage to get Anon arrested.
Saphie aka BlueGem is not the original writefag of Rambo, and neither wrote both bootlegs, those are years old dating back to the very first of the general before disappearing. She's simply an archiver, like the original OP zebrafag and the one managing the googledoc.

Cricket Chrys was by someone named Red but the happier endings or shorts were just by some passing by writefags who never took up a name, much like the one who wrote the Rare short up above. The new 'creation' of these stories is more just a new archive when pastebin decided to nuke all pony, before /mlp/ anons made their own pastebin with marehookers and blackjack.

You know know a little more history about the boot
thats how it goes, im not sure that even zebrafag or saphie are still around but they each picked up the torch when the other went MIA.
For reference, this is the norm for many generals getting it all greens under one easy to use mega pastebin
The OG megabin was here, and youl see a lot of the old dates when they were first made/archived.
Hmm...zebra bootleg...
i know the feeling of being easily inspired, but dont spread too thin with trying to do bootlegs of everything at once. thats kinda what patchesanon did and he wasnt experienced enough as a writefag to pull it off, so kinda just became more noise than fleshed out characters.
>She's only grown more competent. Jacky hasn't.
At least Jacky has Anon's heart.
>But she's gone far out of her way and her comfort zone just so he can help her sister. Because that means something to her.
Shine really is a good girl.
Yeah it's something I'd have to keep in mind for later, or never, however it turns out.
I don't think his heart doesn't really count. It can be rough to be shown that you aren't nearly as skilled or capable. I think it's safe to say that we know that she keeps some things hidden from mostly everyone. Even Prism has helped Shine a few times when it came to cooking.
>>36919893 >>36921415
>You found that even though you were on the spot, you were more relaxed than normal getting to be able to talk with her.
>And... maybe part of you was just because it helped to get your mind off the morbid ideas of suicidal or murderous ponies.
>She already knew your reputation, so there's no point in lying and she didn't deserve that anyways.
>You caved to her question rather easily.
"OK, maybe I did hear from a little birdy that there would would be a little pony adoption in town, and maaybe I did have some hope
"You're right I do have an interest in ponies, and that there would be some cuties on duty today."
>Licking your lip a little nervously, mares specifically
"And, maybe I wanted to spend the day just being around them."
>Would that be so bad?
>Too bad that you got knocked out and that didn't happen.
"B-but I'm not just here for to browse the maremeat, I really DID want to see some smiling fillies. They were so damn cute, and just before you found me I was having a good time"
>You mumbled under your breath "...before they took a trip to a horror film"
"Isn't that what everyone's supposed to be here for?"
>Your honesty might not have been what she was expecting, and she went a little silent taken aback, fidgeting.
>Kind of just dumped it all out there with no way to take it back
>And the part about especially being interested in picking up mares, might land you in some hot water.
>Aaand the hint that proposition that if she was one of those 'cuties' or 'maremeat' that you were looking to see.
>While studying her expressions your eyes trailed downwards from her face, spotting that she was sitting while clutching her hooves together holding something new.
>There were little papers wedged between them and her chest.
"Hey, what's that you got there?"
>You pointed your finger, which only caused her to flinch, and squeeze the papers tighter.
>Ponies can be a little mellow dramatic, given their naivety so you doubt it's as big of a deal as she's making it out to be.
"C'mon it can't be that bad."
>You motion to hand it over, and could tell it wasn't something she wanted to do.
>"Did you really mean that?"
>That kind of a question... it's loaded with possible mine traps if you say yes or no to any of it without knowing.
>It might be impossible to really guess which part of your confession she's talking about.
>You feel like you're stuck in a Literacy Test for Citizenship with no clue on how to pass.

what will you do ?
Did he really mean what?
>official bootleg
Ok who crossed the streams?
File: DcwUSiaV0AAj5n6.png (225 KB, 900x746)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
I think thats the least of her problems
Like being based off of worst pony.
There's something about episodes that focus on Rarity that makes her insufferable, whenever the spotlight isn't on her she's fine.
sorry not quite clear, could have posted more but felt like going fishing, metaphorically speaking if anything might change.

I like to write based on spur of the moment reactions instead of just railroading everything with a singular story to tell with no diversions. kind of like a pseudo cyoa, just more interesting to me and easier to spitball off of.
>Thankfully she helped you along navigating that danger zone.
>"If you were were having a good time, why did you look like that when I found you?"
>Oh god, you can't tell her that. Not after hearing that she's looking after them.
>Shifting your eyes away, you put on a nice toothy smile.
"Uhh, bad stomach ache... must have been something I ate."
"But I'm feeling better now."
>A quick little white lie, it's better this way than to see a pony cry.
>"And... did you mean that... you love ponies?"
>Of course you do, nodding.
"Yeah, of course! How could I not?"
"Ponies might be the one thing I love the most, of all colors types sizes and shapes! Pegasai, Earth Ponies and Unicorns."
>She probably didn't understand what that meant to you, as someone who grew up in a harsh shitty planet, that was nothing like Equestria, and you hoped they'd never have to.
>No pony should.
>"You won't judge it?"
>It looks like your enthusiastic answer was enough to get the ball rolling though.
"I won't, Pinkie promise"
>You started going through the whole motions but you stopped when she was giving you a little funny look, and just pushed the papers over without a word,
>An invitation for sure to pick it up
"Ah.. not familiar with Pinkie huh?
>The shake of her head no was all it took to derail that train.
>Didn't even get to go through song and dance.
>Part of you missed that, but soon the papers would be in your hands at last for you to you have a quick look over.
>Well this is more important than a PinkiePromise, even though that would be sacrilege to PinkiePie.
>Clearing your throat you began to read it out loud, you weren't giving a speech or anything but it seemed like the thing to do, with her waiting quietly by the side you at least would prove you weren't just doing it to humor her.
"Decreed by the Princesses of Equestria, PonyPoney adoptions are now open."
>You whistled in surprise, Princesses?
>That immediately struck you as unusual, it must be a big deal to have multiple sign off on this.
>Adoption was a normal thing on Earth, but you've never really heard of ponies going up for adoption.
>It's always been the case where good colts and fillies getting to live with their parents, right?
>No idea why they had Pony twice though, and with a typo.
>Shrugging it off as unimportant, you flipped the page.
>Maybe Princesses was a typo too.
>On the next pages, save for the little lines for the dividers on one side it was totally blank.
>That's it?
>Where's all the names?
"Looks like you gave me a blank one."
>Lightly grilling her and handing it back.
>She didn't take it, and looks like your words hurt.
>You're not... the best liar.
>Part of the reason why you, and why a lot of the times your advances were turned down
>You tried to let her down easy, but something about your face must have given it away.
>She must have been studying your expression something fierce while you looked at her work.
>The unicorn shook her head, lightly shifting her pink mane.
>"That's how they all are Anon."
>You felt a lump in your throat. That's not how it's supposed to be.
>You know why.
>Even though you wanted to stop, it was how the killmefillies acted that came back into your head.
>She didn't need to hear this, not now.
>You did so well earlier dodging the subject, you can do it ag-
"What's... wrong with them?"
Making some, albeit slow, progress on Golly Gee. Not sure if I'm feeling burnout or if it's just writer's block.
you've made a decent intro to rosie but then switched to a new bootleg, even if the stories are in-universe related. would you go back to rosie after writing the start of golly or just leave them both on the shelf?

burnout is likely, inspiration comes easy but typing it all out consistently is a different story for people who havent been at it for a long time. At the rate you're going its probably going to seem like a lot of work every time you sit down to type, rather than a relaxing or enjoyable experience, of course that's the key difference if you like to do it it should come easier in time.

Maybe one of the other writefags can offer some more advice
Another writefag here.

Burnout is real and it sneaks up on you. I'm going through it right now which is why I've not updated my own /boot/ story in a while. Some suggest stepping away from creativity for a while so that you can 'reset', others suggest immersing yourself in it even more in order to find inspiration. Honestly, it differs from person to person.

Writer's block, on the other hand, is a bit easier. I would recommend reading other stories. You might find a trick or element in another story that resonates with you and inspires you to try something similar in your own story.
More than anything (and it's easy to say this to other people, harder to internalise) don't blame yourself or feel guilty for a lack of progress. Artistry/creativity can't be forced out of you, and even if you do force it chances are it won't be very good.

Never feel as though you're obligated to write, otherwise you'll just feel worse.
I know what I need to write, but when I open the doc up I just sit there and stare at the screen without writing anything.
That happens to me all the time. I frequently have the Who, What, Where, and Why figured out well in advance, but the How... getting the How right is crucial. I'll sit in front of my computer staring at the cursor thinking of the best way to execute a scene; contemplating details, the best way to convey emotions and intent, etc.
>Never feel as though you're obligated to write, otherwise you'll just feel worse.
This. Every time I've forced myself to crank out a scene when the creative juice wasn't flowing, I've never been happy with the end product. Sometimes the inspiration barely trickles out, other times it's like a fire hose. Right now, I feel inspired enough to write nonstop for the entire day. Unfortunately, I'm at work. Stupid career and responsibilities, I just want to write about the adventures of an amnesiac pretty pink pony!
I think it's that my brain wants me to work on reworking the designs for the characters in the comic I should have already been working on the script for instead of writing. Also yeah, I probably should have held off on writing Good Golly for a while.
try finding some ways to relax and unwind outside of sitting at the computer. your brain needs a way to reset and refresh and often that means removing stimulation.
ex: in drawing this might mean closing your eyes to visualize instead of staring at the screen's blank canvas. a good hot bath or a going for a walk, even meditation is in the same sort of vein.
I mean I've deliberately been going out of my way to not play video games so that I can focus on art and writing, guess I can go back for a while.
File: spin.gif (203 KB, 431x560)
203 KB
203 KB GIF
personally dont find vidya to be stimulating for creativity, but if you just grind away youl end up with burnout easily. need some room to play, even if its within the same medium which is why a lot of drawfags do shitpost sketches on the side of their real stuff.
whatever method you choose, a break from things can be helpful. blondie wrote the longest green here but he still takes games off just to fuck around. you just have to find a balance that works
Yeah I think I'm just gonna take a break and work on the redesigns until I can get enough energy to finish writing Golly Gee.
>I'm going through it right now which is why I've not updated my own /boot/ story in a while.
which boot?
Damn we're already above 300 replies.
Short little update before bed. >>36839017

>Anonymous wrote furiously, detailing the events that had transpired since his previous journal entry up to his discovery of "My Petite Pony". His account complete, Anon allowed himself to speculate on Condense's origins.

>What I can't understand is her lack of android components. My scanning tool is functioning properly, yet it can't detect anything. No electropolymers, no structural alloys, no power cells, nothing.
>The only other rational explanation is Condense is a synth. But who created her? Certainly not us... Tony's ego-fueled crusade for a Nobel Prize couldn't chance working on anything other than human subjects.
>Sure, my old department could have made something similar to Condense, but we also focused on humans. Market demand for prosthetics and augmentations prevented the AAG from branching out to other species, even after I left.
>Condense's appearance with shapeshifters in pursuit does raise interesting questions I never bothered to ask before. Who made the shapeshifters, and for what purpose? I can't believe I never thought to scan any of their corpses for cybernetics before today. I'm not going to immediately suggest that the correlation is causation, but I find it interesting that those abominations only started to appear in the aftermath of the Convergence. Perhaps they escaped from a secret research facility? Could they be synths like Condense? Could they share the same origins?
>As for Condense herself... where to begin? I've already detailed the extent of her amnesia, at least, what we know of it for now. I find it interesting that Condense is so trusting in me, especially since we met less than twenty-four hours ago. Perhaps my slaughtering of the shapeshifters that pursued her won her over.
>Oh yeah, just a reminder... Condense is a literal TALKING HORSE. I mean, pony. Not only can she speak fluent English, the can read it too.
>Who the hell made her!? I'm going to continue asking this until I get answers. Between her intelligence, fully-functioning systems, her incredibly beautiful and detailed design, and her overall complexity, it's clear to me that she had to have been the crown jewel of a peerless synth development lab. Sweet Jesus, I've probably got some corporation's billion-dollar asset hiding in my home. Not that there's likely to be anyone coming to claim her.
>Whatever the case, Condense has a bubbly personality. She has been nothing but sweet, playful, and (seemingly) genuine in her interactions with me. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't find her to be incredibly charming. Something about her just... disarms me. Her smile is the most beautiful thing I've seen in years and her laugh is infectious. In all, Condense is a beautiful creature, inside and out.
>My desperation for companionship has been so bad for so long, Condense's arrival might as well be a godsend.
>And to think, I was going to hang myself yesterday.
>I'm trying to not get attached too quickly. Easier said than done, especially when it's been years since I last had a friendly conversation. I'm surprised that I'm not more weirded out by the whole talking pony thing, but again, it goes to show just how lonely I've been. Besides, with her charm and intelligence, I sometimes forget she's a pony. It's strange, I haven't even known her a day, yet a small part of me feels like I've known her most of my life.
>Though Condense has given me no indication that she has any ulterior motives, I must remain cautious for the time being. Fingers crossed nobody comes looking for her.
>Fingers crossed she'll want to stay after regaining her memories.
>Fingers crossed I'll have a friend in Condense.
>Gotta go; think she just woke up. Don't hear her snoring anymore.
>Time to get Sleeping Beauty moved into her room.


That's all for tonight. More to come this weekend.
Be well, /bootleg/.
Damn, board moving fast tonight so I'm gonna safety bump before going to bed. Also it's a shame I can't share the redesigns here, even if the shading is wack, because they're not pony.
Wait, when did he scan shapeshifters?
i'm really enjoying the green, you write really well, not going to lie a little bummed out on missing some key events ie growth with interactions by timeskips, but im sure there will be later.
How much time has passed? its kind of ambiguous but at the same time Anons quip about being suicidal, which makes it seem like she just got there, but then would he be noticing all of these things about how he feels about condy? Then why suicidal? i duno, there's just some big piece of information missing with that timeskip.

^ is what I wrote, before realizing that I missed an entire thread of this green being updated. pic rel mfw wow fuck me, and I thought I was caught up! gotta read a whole nother update chunk. i think i know what the bootleg aspect you're going for though, if im following the foreshadowing.
He didn't. He only thought about it as he wrote that journal entry. I'll have to edit that sentence in the paste for clarity.
Thank you, I'm glad you're liking it!
There haven't been any timeskips. Anon references past events often, but I've not written a flashback scene yet. Here is the full story (to date): https://ponepaste.org/4168
To be clear, Anon and Condense have only known each other for less than a day in the story. He writes what he feels about Condense as a way to reflect on his feelings. As his journal entry says, he was so desperate for companionship (among other things) that he was suicidal. Then this talking pink pony literally runs into his life.
Have you ever met somebody and realized you had instant chemistry with them? It's an intoxicating feeling, and it's easy to lose sight of reality when you get caught up in it.
Anon is describing what he's noticed/ thought about her so far, and in doing so, is trying to have the presence of mind to remind himself that this may be "too good to be true" without explicitly saying that. He talks about how Condense is charming and how she "disarms" him. He paints a flattering picture of this girl he's just met, and I wanted this journal entry to highlight how years of solitude have affected him.
This story will require you to pay attention to the details, as I intend to reveal aspects of Anon's past in pieces as the story progresses. The more you learn about him, the more you'll understand his actions. It may be backwards, but it's something I wanted to try with this story.
I don't think my issue is burnout. I think I'm almost coming back to writing 4-5 nights a week but not as much of it is here as I'd like it to be. I've had such a considerable sense of "got a lot to do" to the point I've had only four hours of sleep for two days this week.
thats no good, you should get 7-8 hours of sleep. i understand being driven but dont let it screw with your health blondie
ive read a fair amount of greens but condense has novel quality to it, could see it becoming a real book when its finished. hats off neb
Thank you! That means a lot to me. Also, you should know that I'm ReggieSomething, not Nebulus.
Oh Jesus, you need to stop doing that. Nothing kills motivation to write like a lack of sleep. Make sure you correct your sleep pattern to something consistent and get enough rest every night. Never sacrifice sleep for more writing time, you might think it'll make you more productive, but it almost never works. I've done that a lot, where I wake up early because I want to get a 'head start' in writing the following morning but all I end up doing is sluggishly moving around all day unable to concentrate on anything, and no amount of coffee seems to help.

I'm currently figuring out how to continue my Fluttershy story, Silent Friend. It's not that I don't know what to do - I have every story beat planned out as well as the ending - it's more that I've tripped up on the execution. I'm no longer satisfied with the way I've been telling the story so far. Revisions may be due.

>hats off neb
I'm not Reggie, but I'll take my hat off just for you, Nonners.
As soon as I sent the post saying I wasn't you, it occurred to me that I might have been responding to you. Glad you cleared that up for all of us.

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