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Howdy, partner!

What you see here began as a series of comedy-centric stories with the concept of an alicorn-ascended Princess Applejack trying to change a mismanaged Equestria for the better by humorously interacting with the other, quite lazy, princesses. Plus late night pink antics.

Not to mention a whole bunch of Changelings with nothing better to do but cause mischief.

The whole thing was set in motion by this gem:


>So, wait, why am Ah' a princess again?

>Because you seem to be the only goddamn one of those ponies who gets that a Princess need to do actual work regarding maintenance of the kingdom. You know how much city planning or trade negotiations Twilight or Luna have done? Fucking nothing. Everyone is obsessed with the world ending threats they think I should fight, but the minute I point out the free health care I have to work to maintain everyone goes quiet. And don't even get me started on Cadence, who can't even manage a basic meeting with the Equestrian Games representative. Fucking annoying. Go do actual princess stuff, because apparently everyone else got the pamphlets mixed up or something and thinks "Princess" means "Beat cop."


Are you feeling creative? Try your hand at writing a story! No contribution is too small and we love having new folks around.

If you're more artistically inclined give a drawing or sketch a shot. Don't fret too much; it doesn't have to be fancy and we appreciate artwork a lot.

If that isn't your style either, writers always need feedback. So tell us what you liked - and what you didn't - to help us improve.

If you are unsure about anything, do not be afraid to ask. We will gladly bring you up-to-date or explain anything you feel is unclear.

Thread 326 and we've got a new Queen in the mix!
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324 desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/36719700
325 desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/36789513

Here is full archive of the stories in condensed, easy-to-read form with all chatter in-between removed.
Check out the pastebin here:

Curious what happened last time?
Check out the previous thread here: >>36789513

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Check it out here

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And above all else, enjoy your stay at /pa/!
First for sexy hooves!
Welcome back, and thanks to the sub in those dark, banned hours
I know you just used it because it was next on the block, but this is oddly appropriate for so many terrible, terrible reasons.

>Tia? Gotta question.

"And I have this very large explosive, lets see who is louder! We don't have to question which one hurts me more, it's you, you're the worst."

>Put that away before you get hurt.

"I try, but you won't get in the trunk."

>Har har, look Ah' just wanna know why every species has a weird naming convention.

"What in the utter name of my mother-bless her soul for not smiting me for my mistakes and curse her soul for not smiting you-does this have to do with governance!?"

>Well Ah' just got a notice from a bunch of ponies that they're runnin' out of names, so Ah' got to lookin' and it turns out it ain't just us, there's only so many fire and lava related words as it turns out. Poor dragons are runnin' dry and there's a messload of them about ta' hatch."

"What do you mean, ponies are running out of names!?"

>Ah' got some complaints with birth certificates is all.

"Just name them whatever they want!"

>They can't.

"Why!? For what possible reason could their be that they need a very specific name!?"

>Because ya' made it a law that no two ponies can have the same name.

"I-I what?"

>It's a law, been that way for a thousand years. Ah' got it right here, Ah' was lookin' for loopholes actually.


>Ah' mean, yer' argument makes sense, this does make legal documents a ton easier, but it's really comin' to be a problem with-wait, what's this say?

"Nothing probably hey what do you know look at the time-"

>Why's this say merchandising?


>Celly? Did you, by any chance, make it against the law ta' stop ponies from having the same name so you get all of the trademark and profits for certain ponies names, and it can never be confused with someone else?

"You have to understand."


"Business and merchandising is cutthroat, Applejack! I can't prevent other nations from doing what they want but darn it I want this slice of the pie!"

>The only slice is gonna come outta' yer' fat flanks when Ah' untangle years of birth certificate shenanigans brought on by a completely avoidable circumstance and ITS ALL YER' FAULT!



"I bet old Applejack was less annoying."

>Ah' beg yer' pardon!?

"Other worlds don't count!"
You really worked to make a show-quirk a governing problem, and for that, I tip my hat to you.
Pal eventually it gets to Trail, we're pretty far in the shit
Pinkie Preview

>Applejack reveals if she knows how to cast fireball.
>Rarity gets reeeeally into character.
>Spike has noticed that DT has acquired my habit of pulling objects out of nowhere.
>Fluttershy gets steamy and punk.
>Trixie knows her explosives, so don't insult her with with your suggestions.
>Minuette checks in on Moondancer.
>The Crusaders are out...riding and find despair.
>Duo fanservice!
>>Applejack reveals if she knows how to cast fireball.
...shouldn't she?
She never said which one
That would be a trick
Of all the powers to keep

>...well I feel useful.

What's Thundercracker up to?


"It's my thing."

>I know it's your thing! We can all see its your thing! But I really, REALLY NEED YOU, to STOP. FOR TWO SECONDS.

"One, two-"


"I just really want to keep my hearing intact, is that so wrong?"

>Look, you know our brother is loud, I know he's loud, the three changeling Queen's he's caused to either explode or kill themselves know he's loud, but we've got to look out for him. I can't exactly hide him somewhere now can I? I would love to put him in a bunker, I just will not be able to keep him from alerting the entire world to that bunker! So instead I must watch him, and I could really use some help with that! Which I do not get if you keep TELEPORTING AWAY! OKAY!?



"Technically a famous pony is a star, and those Rainbolts are pretty famous."






"I'm not teleporting away, am I?"


"Well lets see, the average lung capacity would be drained in less than a minute."


"In two minutes, we deal with this."

>...why aren't you in pain?

"I'm wearing earplugs."

>But... but we're talking-

"I've learned to read lips."

>You too?

"Did you want a pair?"

>No, I just lean my head, I can't hear out of that ear anymore anyway.

"...you think we should invest in like, therapy or something?'

>I cannot get sued for a fifth time.

Brotherly love?
>Crystal Guard

>Is that Chrysalis?

"I don't think so."

>Do we... know any other changeling Queens?

"Well the big one popped out of the ice, didn't she? What if another one was in the ice and got woken up by all the Queens?"

>But she's clearly attacking them.

"You ever been woken up at three in the morning after the best dream ever?"


"Did you want to kill the thing that caused it and all they ever loved?"

>...this makes sense now.
>"...you think we should invest in like, therapy or something?'
>>I cannot get sued for a fifth time.
Poor guy
I’m surprised he can’t get help, he’s one of the more normal crazies
>Crystal Maid

>...like Hug I'm cleaning this mess up.

Tosses down broom.

>Screw all ya'll, I'm going back to Spookers.

"Do you have any other tricks up your sleeve? We might need them."

>Well, one, Ah' can always cast fireball.


>So what?

"Can you do it?"

>Course not, Ah' can only do it once.

"This feels like a now or never."

>You really don't want me to do that.

"Considering you're an earth pony, I really, really do."

>Yer' sure?

"I'm very sure."

>Well, alright...

She explodes in a ball of fire that casts pieces to the far corners of the city.


Her spirit floats next to him.

>Told ya' Ah' can only do it once.
Maybe's he's just too normal.
He's very abnormal, I wonder what happened in his life to forever hate stars?
It's better if it's a mystery

>I should probably intervene...
>Optimares Prime



"What's oh no?"

>I just realized none of my dresses will fit anymore!

"Or they'll be super tight."


"Like... super, super tight."


"Snap a bit off that-"

>I get it.
I can't wait to see how Shiny reacts.
The ultimate trap.

Does he call her more or less attractive?
This is the moment you play it cool
And think about the NECC when she's not lookin
"You look even more like my wife."
And thus, the couch becomes his life
That’s not an inaccurate statement
No to help her one
Worth it

>Wait, did your hair get even MORE like Cadences!?

"Oh, yeah."

>I thought that was a wig.

"Queens get hair."

>So... so you actually-

"I actually have her hair now, yeah."

>...I am so turned on right now.

Spike felt that

>ACHTUNG, Equestria! I haff returned to show you zee superiority of zee changeling race! Now, zee little ponies shall... mein HIVE vhy does zhis place reek of canabis?!

>Like... what?

"Zee Canabis!"

>Like I, dunno what you're talking about?

"Zee evil weed!"

>Weeds are plants, dude, they can't be good or bad.

"Zee dooby!"

>The dog?

"Zee Marey Jane!"

>I know a Marey, but I don't know her last name... whoa.

"ACH! ZIS IS MADDENING! How can I show zee superiority of zee race when you kruast headed ninnys do not even know vhat I am saying!?"

>You're the one making up words.

"Zen I shall return, VIS A DICTIONARY!"


>Huh, weirdo.... wait did she just forget an N? I am way too blazed for this.

>Well, it's not like anyone's using the bed...

>Awww, come on, Shiny! Ya' had that thing forever, it was time ta' get a new one!

"But I still have two more years of payments for it..."

>...how expensive was that, exactly?

And now he has to make it even larger
“Bed salesmare”

>Heyyyyy, so it looks like one of them, Um... supersized. Is there any chance we can make it even bigger?

“She’s given all she’s got, captain! She can’t take anymore!”

>Ahah, been waiting a while for that one?

“I figured expansion was an inevitability with you.”

>I hate that I can’t prove you wrong.

“But obviously we can make it bigger.”

>It’s not dangerous?

“Nahhh. Hey! Silk weaver! You remember that padded room we made for that insane asylum that got shut down? What were its dimensions again?”

>... seriously?

“Little repurposing and we’re golden.”

>Considering my life... might just wanna wrap it and ship it off:
Because he's about to bounce them off the walls if you know what I'm saayyiinnnnng
>Getting laid

I will never stop laughing that the ONLY long-running major relationship in this thread manages to be more chaste than two nuns who only give into their temptation a couple times and get punished for it.
It wouldn't be funnier any other way.

Ask Salt

>Well, at least no one ELSE is going to supersize, right? I mean, I can do it right now if we're planning on a certain... pair of wings?


>...just the one then
Hey don't look at it this way.

42's got a spare heart now.

>Hey! We need to be prepared!


>Spitfire could become a princess!


>So, you think we're missing anything interesting in the Empire?

"Constantly. It's all I think about. I hate being here, I hate you, and I hate being reminded I'll never be good enough to go to Pony Canada."




"For what?"
>Pony Canada

Nobody is polite enough
Two spent her whole fight apologizing.
She also bopped them.

Do you see a hockey rink?
>Giant leg guards
...did we make Two a goalie?
And she never even apologized. Looks like the only monster left when the disguise dropped... was hs
I know this was just a misspelling, but I love the implication
What's Honey Heart up to?
They find you, wherever you are

>Boy, you guys sure are lucky we don't charge for healthcare, right?


>I mean, I could be like "Oh that's a nice wound you got there, how much would you give to fix it?"


>And what'cha gonna do? Huh? Whatc'ha gonna do about it? Nothing, you'll be like "Take all my money and give me painkillers!"


>But don't worry, this is free! Ahhh, Celestia's one good thing... now bite down.



>I did more than one good thing!

"Like what?"

>I put Canterlot on a mountain!

In the distance, Alt-Canterlot starts to fall off piece by piece.

>...in my universe its probably fine.






>...I'll accept the number being one.



>Darn it, Two! We play Hoofball in this house!

"But that ain't got nothin' to do with shields."

>I'm not defined by shields, Two.

"What else ya' got?"





>I'll see myself out.
On the flip side, considering the disasters they're losing billions in taxes

>So you're telling me that even the one thing I technically did right is still somehow a loss?

"Only iffin' ya' put taxes over lives."




"Celly be a good girl."


"Be a good girl, Celly."

>But I can buy more-


>Okay... good girl.
Just take the win!
I like that instead of getting mad, it’s a gentle motherly tone
She’s dealt with this long enough, she learned.
>Honey Heart


>Hi, Jetty, how's it going?

"Please move ten feet to the left."

>Got it!



>Oh wow! That would've crushed me, thanks Jetty!

"No problem."

>But you know, you can just call me.

"Honey, I'm working."

>Oh, who's going to complain?

"It's just hard to talk and snap necks at the same time."

>I thought you gave that up?

"This isn't murder, it's technically desecrating a corpse."

>Ahhhh, completely different crime.

"Now you've got it."

>Well, alright. Have fun out there, honey!

"You're Honey."

>Oh, that never gets old.

"Duck and roll."



>Love you!



"You too."

Das love right there.

Most guys would just scream "NOOOOOOO!"
That's just time management.

>So can you just throw it into space?

"I thought we were waiting and seeing just in case?"

>If it's Shining or other Twi, they can survive in space.

"No, they very much cannot."

>What about Luna?







"It might eat our magic."


"I'm not going to admit you're right."
Beaten on history and biology by a hick?

She'll never live it down

"Awww, that's sweet."

>I would like to request that you cease to exist, currently.

"Oh come off it, you know it's fun."

>One snap is all it takes for most, that is the fun part. You are needlessly drawing it out until it is not fun anymore.

"I could pretend if you like. OHHHH IT HURTS SO MUCHHHHHHH!"

>That is unsatisfactory.

"Oh hey, a stallion that finally figured that out! Too bad you're taken. Unlesss..."



"Whoa now!"

>This is the ONE TIME I CAN SAY IT
Get it all out before they're people again
Whoa whoa whoa

Flakes is the right term
That's how racist he is.

Even his racist terms aren't racist enough
Dedicated and nothing else
Soon he’ll be inventing his own ones
That’s only for a living ones. These would be what those flakes fall off of
What's Vekir up to?
Hold off on that/make it nc, she’s coming up but I needs more time to finish. Sorry, been crazy busy

>And burning bug is saying that if Vekir just does not make big of fuss, bad things will not happen to Vekir?

"Nope! Well, aside from the big events."

>...is this being of the bigly event?

"Pretty much."


"I probably should've warned you sooner, huh?"

>Vekir is believing so.
I figured that whole "88 and 32 being attacked by the hellspawn from under the mountain" was going somewhere.
>Even then apparently it Apploosa never gets smashed.
It got some decent damage in Cordyceps.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?"

>I was talking to them, not you.

"That doesn't make it better."

>Look, the Queens are currently trying to invade us.


>And do you want to be seen as separate then them?


>Then let me insult them and you be like "Yeah, screw you, specifically."

"This seems like a roundabout way to be racist."

>I do not do things in halfs.


"You sad because you can't dissect a ghost-"


"Do you want a hoof massage?"

>You know, you could dissect the energy of the ghosts, since you have a changeling here.


>That is our plan, we will do nothing!

"...Vekir is lacking in ambassador skills."

>Or, is she perfect?
>City with Apple in the name is protected.
Hence why Alt-Apploosa fell.

No Apple Princess to watch over them.
But it fell when AJ was in that world?

>How does our Apple Protection work?

"If we're there, we kill it."

>...that's it?

"Look, other folks may rely on that there destiny hoosyhosers, and they might get on that luck or divine whatsits, but we're apple folk. Everything we do, we do by hard work and the nearest thing ta' the divine we know hates us cause we won't stop pointing out how much she done messed up. We ain't getting destiny help and we ain't getting divine help, so get smashing."

>That makes way too much sense.

"How we roll."
Honorable, but Celly gets away with it in the end.
Well she ruled for 1000 years.

Real winner in the contest is Luna, she's still young enough she could move on and do something else, what's Celestia going to do?
What's Luna gonna do, write a book? I doubt she can read!

Don't even pretend she wouldn't get offers to the moon
File: pink pony club2.png (894 KB, 2080x1080)
894 KB
894 KB PNG
He finished it! Welcome to the Pink Pony Club! We're looking for new pink members. Won't you join us and hang around? DT has cookies and Cadence is willing to be around all weekend.
Fucking beautiful
This reminds me, we haven't gotten a love-love high in forever!

We need more Highschool Love shenanigans!
>That reference

Oh god no
Diamond Tiara looks like she can see that title, and has concerns.
We need more Life in the Dreamhouse too.

>...Why don't you ever dress up in costumes for me?

"You mean like, Nightmare Night?"


"Pinkie just has costumes is all..."
>DT has cookies and Cadence is willing to be around all weekend.
What's Pinkie doing?
Thanks for bringing a light to this sad day.
She just hangs around.
Cadence has got some major horn envy going on there.
I'm white, do I get in?

Flurry's in and she's mostly white.
File: 1280318.png (122 KB, 1186x908)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
No and Flurry is most definitely pink.
It is rather close
That is not close at all
Resistance is futile
>Lily Valley

>So any Pink can join?


'Even me?'

~You're Pink enough!~

Does that mean I can-)


"Whoa, DT, she-"





{So is my life lesson being to accept her-}

"Heck no."
Wait till her latent pink powers kick in
She already used them up to marry Filthy
>Spoiled Rich

>See? I have Pink Powers!

“... did you just imply you used your pink powers for evil?”

‘“Love related evil!?”


~No yeah you have to get out of it.~

>The club?


>Can I just push this thing into the middle of the ocean?


>Come on, that solves so many problems!

"Ah' reckon. Ah' just don't want you touching it, who knows what might happen. Even iffin' yer' not one of the powered ponies, ya' still are and always will be important enough Ah'd never risk ya'."


"Yeah, now ya' look like a jerk thinkin' Ah'm bein' dumb, don'tcha?"

>Little bit.

"You stew in it."


>...and don't ever notice Ah'm upset Ah' didn't think of it first.



>...wait, is Pink Power, love power?

"Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?"


That was a word Spitfire, former Captain of the Wonderbolts, had thought to herself many times in her life. She has seen majestic things in the skies above, and from it. Rivers of stars that floated through the sky, rainbows that spread out like a blast across the air, wonders that only one who lived their life in the skies above could behold. With all respect to those down below, she doubted many who had never taken to the air could claim to see as many sights as majestic as she had beheld in her life.

Thus she felt a strange kinship as she, and those down below together, were allowed to bear witness to the sight of a bolt of green energy tearing across the air above the Empire, and through any unfortunate Queen that got in her way.

The citizens of the Empire did not know whether to cheer or look to each other in befuddlement, both of which seemed very appropriate when a new Changeling Queen arrives out of the blue with their most sacred artifact in tow. Even had she not singlehoofedly turned the tide of battle, they would be unsure. As such they were content with looking on in amazement and uncertainty as this strange new arrival let loose upon their foes. Some wondered if Chrysalis had returned, some wondered if one of their many foes had been resurrected.

One of them, in the skies, had another thought.

"It... it can't be..."

She could only see the afterimage as that form spread past, ending the futile resistance of any Queen that dared face her, and ending the hopes of any that tried to escape. Even so, in the brief glimmer of the blur, her eyes trained to find details going such speeds herself noticed a few things immediately.

The first, and most obvious, were the pairs of princesses held aloft beneath unmoving wings, cradled in some sort of magical barrier. Though her heart had raced upon seeing them, she could detect no trace of discomfort or harm had befallen them.

Beyond that, which sent her heart into another flurry, was one other very obvious detail.


That ball of green magical might was fast, of that there would be no doubt.

"Hold on a minute! Eighteen!"

Yet, it was the pegasi who closed the distance, and came to her side.

"How did you know it was me?"

The pegasi waited paitently until the new Queen finished blasting her way through a transparent ghostly body before she witheringly pointed to her own mane.


Somehow, this failed to clear things up.

"Your mane."

"My what?"

Truly, the other's change seemed to have gone unnoticed. When she dragged a lock of hair before her face, her eyes bugged out as if she had suddenly seen a ghost at any other day in her life except this one.

"Huh, I wonder why it did that?"

"Looked even more like Cadence?"

That was an understatement. The mane atop the Queen's head looked as if it had been ripped right from their beloved Princess of love, and given a glowing green hue atop all the myriad of colors.

It was, in a word, majestic.


"I didn't know Changeling manes could look like this!"

"Didn't yours always look like that?"

"That was a wig! This is me!"

"..you've been wearing a wig this whole time?"


The pegasi gave a weary smile, one that put at ease any offense the other might have taken.

"So uh... how exactly did you do this?"

For a moment, the dark face winced before hiding it away as quickly as she could.

"Long story."

The problem with expanding on such was made clear when yet again, the Queen bolted to the side and tore apart a foe who had been harassing her soldiers.

"Well we'd have all the time in the world if you'd just blast them all! Stop dragging it out!"


"And why not?"

With slow, fearful eyes, she glanced back to the Heart upon her back.

"If I tap too much into this, I'll burn out like Chrysalis did. If I get into that state, I'm doomed unless I get an amazing burst of love. Without Shiny or Cadence around..."

A heavy weight settled in the gut of the pegasus.

"Are you... are you going to be okay?"

"I should be, I'm being careful not to overdo it, but..."

The pegasi would have stopped her, had she been able, thus she had to settle for getting in her face and jabbing a hoof while keeping just out of range.

"No buts! If you start feeling crumbly you'd better get rid of that thing, and I mean instantly! That's an order!"

"You don't give orders to me."

"Try me!"

It brought a smile on the temporary royals face to see the stern, seriousness on the pegasi's own. There was no humor in her tone.

Nor was there argument to be had.

"I'll do my best."

"Good. Forty Two already did the heroic burnout thing, call it quits at one!"

The much larger face suddenly smiled, her eyes fluttering as if she'd seen something new.


"Oh, um... nothing, it's just, Queens see things a little differently I guess. Thing kind of... look more obvious."



The warm smile that crossed her face had no explanation with it. The flying wonder would not ask for one.

"You need me to take them off your hooves?"

If only to change the subject, and of course of real concern, she pointed to the princess pair.

"Not yet, whatever that Queen did to them drained them pretty deeply, I need to recharge their supplies to safe levels before I let you take care of them."

"That Queen? Please point her out."

The murder in her eyes left little question as to why she needed such a detail.

"It's the one you just say flying out of the Empire."

"She looked like she still had a head, you should have hit her harder."

"Trust me, you'll get your chance."

"She's coming back?"

A grim frown and a shallow nod was all she needed to know.


"Please don't make me rely on whether or not Timmy can make this repelling permanent. He will never let me live it down."

"We can worry about that later. For now, I need to focus on getting these Queens out."

"How do you plan on doing that?"

Abruptly, the larger form picked up speed.

"Hurting them so badly that they'd rather die than go through it again."

With that, she shot forwards.


Only to hear angry, and concerned, cries at her back.

"Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere yet. Not till I make sure my home is protected."

A strange pain shot in her head, and she winced.

"...we'll see about after that."

It did not stop her as she spread her hooves, and cleanly tore the heads off two of her foes.

They had done so much damage to the land she loved.

She would make every last one of them pay.
>18 is the responsible one about her powerup while Chrysalis went full UNNNLIMMMATEDD PPOWEEERRRRRR

Makes sense.
I like that 18 seems to be more levelheaded, but also feels like she's on borrowed time.
>I'm doomed unless I get an amazing burst of love.
Well you do live in the land of love, so...
>Crystal Pony

>...so is that Cadence?

"If it is I want to do her even more than ever."


"That's a lie, I always wanted to."


"If we're going to die, I'm getting it off my chest."

>But we might not die now.

"...well shit."
So does she need to be a Queen, specifically, to use the Heart? Or could 42 have used it this whole time?
>"..you've been wearing a wig this whole time?"
Never ask about wigs!
She's just using the heart for power boost, as far as I can tell. There's really nothing particularly special about it for a changeling. The problem with 42 is that her body can't handle too much exertion. She can feed off the heart, but is capped at using its power at a certain level while any other changeling could go higher until they burned out. If you're talking about using it for her mech, I think she'd feel it irresponsible to risk it on that.
Chrysalis specifically said in the CE Invasion(Blueblood one) that 18 in her usual form attempting to use the heart would just burn her up, so it's entirely possible regular changelings don't have high enough internal capacity to control what's coming in long enough to make use of it. The Crystal Heart is the power of an entire nation bolstered by Cadence's magnifier, it's not a stretch to say if 42 had tried to use it instead of the batteries when she fought Chitania she would've burned out faster. Going to that level as a regular changeling makes it a question of WHEN, not IF, while Chrysalis has focused Shining and Cadence twice now, she's got higher abilities one would expect from someone who's responsibility it is to make sure the Hive gets love.

>If you're talking about using it for her mech,
I hadn't thought of that, but theoretically that would work in this world since Twi figured out how to make love-batteries.
>If you're talking about using it for her mech, I

Speaking of, how they doing?

>I really wish we could contact them back there and figure out the missile situation.

"We have been lacking on missiles for some time now. Mostly beam, I notice."

'Which, you know, we're fine with, but we really need to know if we're doing missiles, beams, or charge punches.'

~The beams do make it hard to see when you do the charge-punch, it blinds us and we don't hit as hard.~

(Missiles, not a problem, that knocks them into our punch.)

>It's a very delicate rope you see.

"And we'd be able to walk it, if it hadn't been for FUCKING SPIKE!"

'I'M SORRRY- wait, Spike?'

~Well, yeah, he built it.~

(We wouldn't blame you for not making something he built!)

>And you're a leg anyway, why would we expect the talky part to be in the leg? It's not even attached to the wings!

"Always gotta make everything about you, Yellow."

~So self centered.~

'...even when I win, I lose.'
They can't all be Twi
We'd settle for another Lily Valley
She made a helicopter, Spike made a MECH
Like what kind of helicopter? Attack Helo?
The one from the show with her pedals
>Cherry Berry


"Wobbled a little bit there."

>Well not when I pull out my-DANG IT!

"You okay?"

>Look it's very hard to pull out a weapon and keep peddling. If I stop peddling, I die, and I want that to be you! You need to be the die one!

"Why don't you use some other form to power it?"

>Because if I do that, I'm admitting this isn't earth pony power, and the whole point of this death trap was to prove earth ponies could fly on their own! We don't need no stinking pegasus!


>But that also means I can't stop pumping, ever!

"You know, some sort of combustable engine would do wonders here. I actually drew up a design, wanna see?"



>That seems like it would spew a lot of smog into the atmosphere.

"I know, right?"

>Oh, you meant for it to be evil, instead of accidentally evil.

"Yeah! Within a hundred years the place would be on the edge of global collapse! Whole cities where you can't breath! Health problems for everyone! But they'd get where they needed to go a lot faster."

>You monster!

"Oh, its too late to prevent anything from me... who do you think is the one who invented TRAIN ENGINES!?"


"Because it wasn't me, but like, I thought it was a really good idea."

>Well, just because of that, I'm going to make a whole political movement around not using that stuff! No gas for you!

"...I realize now that I probably shouldn't have exposited like that."

>And you know what I realized?





>Ha haaa! Victory!... Now to start writing my local princess and making up cardboard signs!

And that's how Cherry Berry stopped global warming.
What if, Mech-Copter?
>Alright, time to transform!


>This takes a lot longer when its hoof powered, but worth it!
>She has to get out and wind each individual part

>First off, the window repair guy is on the way.


>Second, guards said rocks are now being checked for.


>Third and finally, why, dear Celeatia's flanks why, did you PUT THE POSTER UP THERE!

"Someone put a lot of effort into that, felt a waste tossing it out."


"Really good prose too."
Honor isn’t easy, but it’s her life
Sounds like someone who could use a peace trotter.
>Cherry Berry
>Using something powered on Unicorn Magic, not earth pone power

You sir do not understand her struggle
She is a mare against the world
She les her pride get in the way of PROGRESS.
Didn’t see unicorns making helicopters
>The world told her no.
“Earth ponies can’t fly!”
>They told her, it couldn’t be done.
“You’re chasing a fantasy, which is saying a lot in this world!”
>They told her... wrong.
“No, seriously, if you stop peddling you die. One sneeze and blades rain from the sky.”
>This summer.
“Please stop.”
>Cherry Berry.
>Will go berry, berry high.
>Into the Berry Blue Yonder!
What's Steam Gauge is up to?

>.... why doesn’t our army have mechs?


>We’ve been attacked by dragons before, it’s not like it’s shocking.


>And fawntaine got their mechs from Princess Twilights designs, so it’s not like we didn’t have the capability.

“Sing it brother!”

>So why, I’m wondering, did Spike work to give changelings who mostly live in the Empire giant mechs, and not us?


>Yep, seems unfair.



“... that didn’t change anything.”

>Guess you have to be an Applejack to complain good things into existence with logic.

Can't all be Jacks.
>>Will go berry, berry high.
Fuck you for making me remember someone would totally put that in an ad
Some ponies are just important enough to listen to.
Cold but true
How she rolls
Like cinnamon. Apple cinnamon
Spin off win?
You mean when.
I know what I said.
"Sky Sapphire'

>Update! Green glowing thing is Eighteen!

"I saw."

He points to his mane.

>Right? Seriously, she was all "How did you know it was me?" Like, come on.

"At least it doesn't look like a wig now."

>It never really did.

"Trust me, I could tell."

>You know a lot about wigs?

"I know a lot about being fabulous."

>Well with that in mind, switch to support roles, we need to protect her and the princesses.

"Why does she have-"

>Love drain.

"... and she-"

>Is the one who got punched into space.

"She didn't hit her hard enough."


"So, how do we protect her?"

>You know that really obnoxious thing they do where they appear behind someone at the worst moment and then things go wrong?

"Ohhhh I hate that."

>Yeah just punch them when they do that, really, really hard. Maybe spear them? Also really, really hard.

"Can do."


"So uh... she's-"

>Please keep all comments as to her attractiveness to a minimum until we're out of the danger zone.

"I was going to say fabulous."





>Well I didn't want to stereotype...
Well at least she understands stereotypes.
And now that I have my account back after Wikia's fuckup


It was chaos.

Green glowing Queen Changelings crawling along the walls, monstrous beings of every shape and twisted form climbing alongside, overtop, or beneath those fallen beings. Tentacled spouting rocks, snakes that seemed to be pulled along by a thousand tiny spikes beneath them, centipedes that held four or even five heads like a hydra, all of these and more descended upon the tilted containment unit that housed the otherworldly flames of a once neigh unstoppable being. Now, reduced to a mere spectator as he watched the chaos unfold outside of the magical casing that held his very soul together.

His two defenders, brother and sister in arms, did their very best, but it was more than clear they would not last much longer without aide.


And aide they were given. The group that normally spent their days helping lost souls of all kind flipped the script and became their worst nightmare, putting to use the blessings they'd accumulated over years and years to blast away even the mightiest of Queen they laid their hooves on. Twenty Nine flew through them with blistering speeds, Zecora's swift movements and many potions felled their numbers one by one, even the former Mayor of ponyville could be of use by simply mashing her hoof into the nearest one's head and splattering it's remains into the ether. There was little room to walk, and little more room to fight, but little by little they made their way to the battling pair on what remained of the floor.

>How did thou manage to enrage such a horde!?

Over the cries of the Queens, the roar of the beasts, and the very loud screeching of a certain formerly blind changeling, it would've been a challenge for most to hear that.

+You're asking for explanations now!?+

Thirty Two always put in the effort for his favorite jail visitor.

"Well, it would be helpful to know why they're all here."


It took very fast hooves to stop the changeling from stabbing the ghost with what appeared to be a sharpened pole.

'Whoa whoa whoa now, stop that right now! She is on our side, do not have yourself a cow!'

+She's what now?+

>Oh sure, now thou is alright with explanations!

~She's his mom!~

+She's WHAT now!?+

(Everyone shut up and behold, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!)

A wave of magic, normally quite harmless to most ponies or otherwise, proved devastating to the ghosts of the Hivemind. Her magic, bolstered by the power she had gained through the love and life of a thousand helped children, was enough to burn them as no fire on the earth ever could.


There was just one problem.


Whatever the thing that held two dozen legs and a black, fuzzy orb for a body was, it wasn't a ghost. On the contrary many, many, many rows of teeth it had inside of the depth of those moving hairs would likely make her one.




Fortunately, someone in the room still had lasers. Trixie felt a little flush after the moment had passed and the foul stench of whatever that thing had been grew worse when smoke was added to the mix, but her pride could handle being saved by a beam of green magic powered by love.

(Trixie could have handled-THERE'S ANOTHER ONE KILL IT KILL IT!)

It was harder for her to keep that pride when a similar creature was smashed by what amounted to a big stick being wielded by striped hooves.

(...Trixie thanks you.)

Pride or no, she was going to take Zecora's patronizing head pat with a grimace, lest another one appear and they decide to teach her a lesson again.

She could learn, given enough times.

{Why are there so many of these things!?}

A body of crystal was not made to dodge, but dodge the stallion did with all the grace of a dancer away from the snapping jaws of several horrifying creatures, and no less than three of the Queens as well.

=Just hold still and let them bite you so I can burn them!=

{Absolutely not!}

+None of these ones have acid bites! Trust me. Trust me...+

{Not the problem! Well... okay yes, I hadn't considered that and now absolutely it is a problem, but that's not why I'm avoiding them!}

=Then what could possible be stopping you?=

{It'll really hurt!}

=What do you mean, hurt!? You're a giant hunk of crystal.=

{One who feels pain as if this were flesh and blood!}

The world graced her this boon, a second in time when she was allowed to stare with the eyes of an owl, and the emotions of someone who had just seen a pig sprout wings and sing showtunes.


{This isn't a gift or powerup from some tale, this is punishment for a lifetime of cruelty and evil from some very angry ghosts! If they bite me it feels like they're actually biting me!}

"Well shucks, that thar's pretty darn awful. Ah' know a thing or two bout payin' for being a right horses rear, but Ah' ain't never seen nobody get it like ya' done got! You shore must'a been a nasty feller!"

Just as his sister had been granted, so too was Thirty Two allowed his second of respite to stare openly at the ghostly matron.

+...you're kidding me.+

>Speak not of mine mother's dialect!

+She actually talks like that.+

"Well shore, don'tcha trust them ears on yer' head? Ah' get'cha iffin' ya' don't, those prickly things look like a pair outta the briar patch!"

+By the gods she does. How... how did you-+

>Thou speaks often for one who said there was no time to explain!

+Fine, fine! Okay! I'll explain!+

He punctuated with a swing of his chainsaw that cleaved something that appeared to be a mix of spider and slug in half.

+They're after-+

A groan cut him off. Not one from a living being, this time.

*Oh dear, it seems I can't hold onto the cable anymore.*


That was the only warning they got before the last thread, apparently a single cable that had been magically enchanted, snapped. The tube fell into the floor as it always should have, taking with it those on top and the rest of the group with it when they reached out in a desperate attempt to catch it.

"Aw, shucks."

The prissy changeling's mother, the only one who hadn't grabbed it, was forced to chase after the rest of them as they fell deep into the hole and down an incline that had been hidden in the shadows.


As one they screamed as gravity took hold and they were launched down, down, down far into the darkness, still being persued by glowing green ghosts and a horde of monsters.


The ones at their back were not the only ones. Even while mid slide they were forced to fight off and bat away even more creatures that leapt at them and hungered for their flesh. Many were crushed beneath the massive weight and sudden turns as their seemingly endless descent continued, but many more climbed atop the container to battle those on it briefly in mid flight before their defeat.

(Trixie would like to go home now.)

The poor unicorn turned green in the face and clung like a leech to one of the panels. Her horn shot wildly, occasionally hitting something of note, but mostly missing.

{OW! HEY!}


=Why is there a tunnel under the mountain!? WHY!?=

*Friend Eighty Eight, I wish you had left when I requested it.*

=Lavan, not the time!=

*I mean it.*

He was rather calm for someone inside of a tube scraping and sliding it's way further into the depths of darkness, covered in the blood of foul creatures who wish for his life.

=I said, not the time!=

*I am informing you so I can warn you.*

=Warn me about what!?=

*Who you are about to meet.*

=Meet!? What are you-=


Even in the shadows and the darkness, they could see the end of their trip. And the sudden massive, sharp drop that awaited them.

'We have no way to stop! Everyone grab hold before the sudden dro-'

She didn't need to finish the rhyme. The floor cutting out on them did it for her.

His buzzing wings suddenly flattened against his back, pushed down along with the rest of him by a sudden blast of wind from above. Those with wings in the group found their appendages useless beneath that force, unable to even slow their falls as they joined the plummeting Lavan.

"Don'tcha worry! Ah'm here son, and Ah'll-"

It defied all logic, but it happened all the same. Her wings, just as the others had, folded in and crushed to her sides. She tried to move in a panic, to sink into the walls as a specter could and hide away from the terrible wind, but she could not. Her body was affected just as theirs was, and she was just as helpless as they all fell together. Had they any air in their lungs, they would have screamed loud enough for Apploosa to hear.


It was over too soon, the fall alone lasting only a few seconds thanks to the added push from above. They had no time to cry, no time to think of death, not even enough time for their lives to flash before their eyes. They had no time for any of it before the ground suddenly approached them, and it was over.

Lavan's tube hit the ground and sunk deeply into hard, unforgiving earth.

*Oh dear.*

He was the only one.

In the next second, there was no ground. The entire "Floor" shattered inwards like glass, and suddenly their was light.


With that eruption came an updraft, one powerful enough to battle back gravity with ease and toss about the falling bodies like ragdolls. While it could not stop the heavy containment unit, it was powerful enough to end the flight of those who had clung to him. No longer in freefall, they floated in a bizarre limbo between the forces from below and above, before Gravity once more asserted its dominance and brought them down into the hole, and into the light.

One by one, they fell around the unit, knocked out of their senses, but to the blessings of all their souls had not been knocked out of their bodies. It was a painful drop, to be sure, but not one they could not rise again from. For several stunned seconds, they tried to stand again, those in the group more concerned for Lavan's safety noting that his container had landed oddly upright, and seemed quite undamaged.

Everyone else noticed something different.


A lot of different things.

#It is about time Sisslestia is sending of help! What have ponies and changelings been doing this whole time!?#

A hail of gunfire caught their attention, and in the flashes of muzzlefire, several things became very clear. To most of their shock, they realized they now stood atop some sort of stone structure, its edges piled high like a pyramid's would be. This odd alter stood in the middle of a city that would have been blinding had it not been so dimly lit. Even with the lack of light, they could clearly see the reflections of beautiful marble that had been delicately carved into homes, roads and even the odd bit of art or two, if one could call such crude and simple shapes "Art". All around them, they could hear the chaos of fighting, a war raging on peppered by bursts of light or the death wail of one of the wicked creatures.

This city of stone was under attack.


Even all of that below paled in comparison to what lie in front of them.


_Sissletia has sent Zhetri Thul to save us! Huzzah!_


In the middle of the alter, surrounded on all sides by the finest warriors the morlocks had, was a book. Out from that book poured words that floated through the air as they rose like vapor.

Words, and with them, monsters.

>What... what is...

It took a power of will to look at anything else but that strange floating tome that summoned forth the creatures of nightmares. In the end, they had to. The stiff metal hoofsteps would not allow them to see anything else.

To any other, it would have seemed nothing more than a simple peacetrotter, with a little nametag reading "Primrose."

*Hello again.*

When they saw the power within those eyes, they knew it was their doom.

*My brother.*
That escalated so fast.
>This whole time the Morlocks and Handydog have been battling against the primal forces in a marble city

I feel like we missed SEVERAL thing here.
>18 becomes a Queen and Shreks the other Queens
>C-1000 destroys the Main Six and is currently battling an army of Golems
>A dark orb containing Salt is about to hatch
>In Cantelrot on top there's a bunch of Kaiju Battles
>Down below it's a primal species versus the current forms of the things that fought faust.

Meanwhile torch is threatening genocide because his dragons are playing brain pingpong.

One of the group got the short end of the stick.
That is some AVP shit right there.
>Vekir takes forever to show up
>When she does it's one of the biggest moments we've had in the entire arc

That's some Spirit Bomb shit right there.
Seriously, glad I didn't write a story for her, dropping in on her suddenly in the middle of a giant ass monster war was top tier.
What's going on?
Apparently Red(who's inside Primrose and has been this whole time) and Hydia, the magic book that contains one of the other Primal Four, have teamed up to invade the Morlocks and used the monsters and Queens in order to get him down there by having them build a tunnel. Rekulk and the other Morlocks + Handydog are trying to fight them.
I do like him remembering all those needlessly horrifying things are Hydia's creation, though I wonder where Twinklejinx is?

>WHAT DO YOU MEAN, ZHETRI THUL!? He's the weakest of-

"Let me have this."


>...yaayyy Zhetri Thul.
Gonna pop up at the last moment and die uncermoniously

>Obviously we got the worst of it, right?

"Uh, sure?'

>I just... it couldn't be worse than a bunch of mind controlled dragons, right?

"I guess?"

>Yeah, yeah we're pretty high up there...


>I'm just really, really hoping we tapped out.


>We probably didn't.
There is never a cap high enough
Someone recently played Doom.
I know. I have a rough draft for both, but I never seem to have time to continue. You guys are due for a continuation though. I swear I'll find time. In the meantime, got a Celestia and Applejack meme template commission in the works. The sketch shown to me is turning out hilarious and I hope /pa/ls end up using it. It's very appropriate.
Just try and write a story that makes sense i fucking dare you.
>n the meantime, got a Celestia and Applejack meme template commission in the works. The sketch shown to me is turning out hilarious and I hope /pa/ls end up using it.
I'm sure we will.

"Sense" and "Trademark laws and how that effects logic in universe naming" are two things that talked once and decided they would rather gouge out each other's eyes than speak again.
Well this is certainly an interesting concept but all your green seems to be barely comprehensible streams of dialog. So yeah completely broken.
>Well this is certainly an interesting concept but all your green seems to be barely comprehensible streams of dialog.
80% of the thread is scene comedy, of course it's mostly dialog. I'm sorry it's hard to follow, we do understand that the central concept-this is one long story that continually builds and mostly is built upon short form jokes that are occasionally broken up by epic storylines-can be hard to comprehend if you just jump in on the current thread and realize that most greens in the site are just random unconnected stories from individual authors who don't collaborate, so it fits very oddly with the rest of the site. This isn't like those, this is one long, long, loooooonggggg story with ever shifting changes and characters that keep evolving, and we don't use Anon, at all.

If you're at least curious to see how this weird concept got started, I would suggest going to http://pastebin.com/u/PrincessApplejack and going to the very end, thread 1, that way you can read the strange wild west of ideas that eventually focused into a six year storyline.
Ah, I wondered how someone found that confusing.

Yeah the first story needs a bit of context the running joke of the whole series that it started with and is always the first story of the thread recently is that Applejack is continually finding things wrong with Equestria, but it's usually focused around the dumb logic of the show they used to manufacture conflict/editorial mandates/silly writing, and it always annoys Celestia who's blamed for everything and usually it is her fault in story. Things like Nightmare Night, the Wonderbolts having little races and being ineffective as an airforce, things like that. In this case the writer focused on the whole "No two ponies have the same name, ever.", which obviously is just trademarks and copywriting, but it's fun to come up with an "In-Universe" explanation.

If you mean the
thing, it's just because we needed a way to cut down on saying who's who to save on 4chan's dumb character limits(Which they have improved!) because all of our jokes were done through dialog, because its hard to write physical or visual comedy.

Like>>36911317 said, go to thread 1 if you want to see how the monster was born, otherwise if it's not your cup of tea we understand.
What's Pony Joe up to?
Donuts obviously
Spectral Donuts

>You know you can’t make donuts out of us, right?

“That is not why I’m pushing you into the mixer!”



“Phew... huh, some of the sparkly bit got in the batter. I wonder... drat!”

>Told you so.

>Cup Cake
"Carrot Cake'

>Well that's stupid.


>How could he be so foolish?

"Lacking skills."

>I know, right?... you add it to the flour.

I mean it is sparkles...

>Alright, children! Be sure to share, we don't have too many sparkles to go around!

"Miss Cheerilee? Are they supposed to be... glowing?"

>It's fine.


>Oh good!

With a cheery smile, the earth pony cocked her hoof back, and punched a hole right into the chest of the changeling Queen.



>Good news, children! More sparkles!

"...is that heart still beating?"

>We can't let her fade yet.

>You can punch holes into chests and grab hearts?


>I meant besides me.

"Ohhh, you silly thing.

>So everyone is off of the city, right?

“Ma’am yes ma’am!”

>Good, good... need to keep them that way.

“No one is coming close during this battle, ma’am!”

>Right, during...


>Ah’m just saying, maybe this is a good time to like... move off the cliff?


>Ah’m just sayin this is clearly a death trap.

“I... don’t know if this is appropriate, ma’am.”

>Tell me a better time!

“Can we focus on the death changeling cyborg.”

>See that’s the whole reason we’re on a cliff right now, no forward thinking!
Farmers have to master long term thinking
>>We can't let her fade yet.
>Cheerilee can trap souls

This makes SO MUCH SENSE why isn't she doing it more!?
We do NOT need the changelings taking over hell
But can we send them TO hell?
Where else would they belong?
In shining's bed
Oh noooooo
Even Oh My Guy wasn't down with that one.
File: Tell_Me_the_Truth_meme.jpg (846 KB, 2080x2800)
846 KB
846 KB JPG
Yay it's he finished it! Oh...the png version exceeds the 4MB

>Tell me the truth…I'm…I'm ready to hear it

"They'll have to accept the us as a jpg."

>Applejack, I want you to know... I love you.

"Ah'm still gonna ask ya' questions."

>Applejack... you’re a background pony

“Least Ah’m not a jobber”
>Tell me, do the questions ever end?

"Everyone dies sometime, Celestia."
But who'll die first?
Those expressions
>Every night in my dreams... I see you... I feeeeeel youuuu

"Ah' don't watch crappy movies."

>My heart will go onnnnnnnnnn
>Tell me, applejack, is the light in my eye just an odd glare, or-

"It's a mushroom cloud."

>I know.
>Applejack, tell me the truth... be the element of honest.

"Yer' ass is getting a bit flabby,"

>I miss the lies.
>I look into yer' eyes for the truth

"Tia, Ah' found somethin' else wrong."

>The truth.. looks back.
>Where whill you go? What will you do?

"The sequel?"

>There is no mercy left in man
>>Tell me the truth…I'm…I'm ready to hear it

"Cinnamon Toast Crunch is just sugar."

>I wasn't ready
I have nothing for this but feel like I should
>Am I going to stay out of the arc?

“Yer coming back soon”

>My holidaaayyy
>When I look in your eyyyyyeesss

"That there was the worst performance Ah've ever heard. Ah' don't wanna say you're the worst singing voice on Equestria, but iffin' Ah' had to save either you or a broken record for the end of the world as mah' only source of music, Ah'd choose the record. At least it at one point held the capacity for music."

"This is why A Mare Can idol sucks!"
>Baby come back! Any kind of fool could see-

"Tia, please get out of the bathroom, Ah'll be done and helping you again in a second."

>I was wrong and just can't liiiive without you!
File: Truth.jpg (867 KB, 2080x2800)
867 KB
867 KB JPG
This is surprisingly exploitable.
Clear winners

>I'm starting to think that ponies don't appreciate me.

"They like yer' ass."

>But I want them to like the rest of me too!

"It's okay, Ah' like ya'."

>You do?

"Yep! Never boring with you around."


"Always got something to do."

>Please don't spoil it.

"That's yer' job."

>Aw, now it's spoiled.

"Happens a lot when yer' that old, don't it?"

>Shut uppp!
>All those replies

Jesus christ
It's a visual aide that lets us do very short form, like 2-3 line comedy

This is our JAM
>Applejack, am I a pretty pony

"Yer' a pretty big pony."
Well shit, money well spent on this one.

>Applejack, tell me truly... is my sister prettier than me?

"Ah'd hit it like a fallin' apple tree."

It is a bit of a lowball for us.
One more for the night!

>Are you feeling okay? You look odd.

"Only cause ya' ain't noticed Ah'm taller than you yet."
Crazy dat
Very crazy
>Applejack, what happened yesterday?

“Everyone made fun of you for a whole day... again.”

>...did you all see that?

"See what?"

>The whole world just got-

"Shhhhhh. The jokes took hold, as they should. To fight it is to fight the jokes."


"Don't fight the funny, AJ."

>...can we get back to the other thing?

"Yeeeahhh, think we got our mileage out of that one. For now."


"Wait till its in an OP."

>Oh no.
>Crystal Guard

>Wow, 18 has a super mode.


>...do we get a super mode?

"We become slightly more crystal looking."

>I meant after that.


>But... but that's lame."


"I just want to do the super mode."

>Everyone does.

"Like, maybe I grow a ton of big spikey-"



>...that's all we get.

"....it hurts."

>Have you been slackin' off with the golems?

"Do you mean the sane definition or yours?"

>There ain't a difference.

"She's right as rain on a thirsty cornfield~..."

>Aw shaddup and answer the question.

"I took them out for the occasional picnic and nature walk, but-"


"Their regiment's the same, Princess."

>Then it needs some adjustin'. Sapalot's aim is off.

"Seems on point to me."

>Would've speared her head off if that were true.

"Try Galawane, then. She tends to rank higher in the betting pools."

>The WHAT?

"...TROOPS! Tighten up that formation! Keep that changeling boxed in but visible!"


I mean if you’ve got giant monsters who need training, why not get some betting in?

>What kinda friggen bets you been making!?



"Alright, who had the bet that Barkthur would totally ask Greenivere out? I know it was a tight race here, but those odds paid off!"

~SIR! SIR! Fir is preparing for the backsashay off the mounting bar!~

"Mother of faust. This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill! Get those scorecards ready and STAT!"

~But sir, if we leave now we won't get to close the bet on what part Barkthur gropes first!~

"Did you not hear the stallion, soldier!? There is a golem about to awe the world with her prowess in gymnastics and I'll be damned if I miss that for some virgin tree's sloppy attempts at wooing! NOW MOVE!"


"Oh, you know... usual kind... real tough army stuff."

>I wonder how all the other guard captains are dealing with things.

"I think they're handling it."

>You think?

"I know most of them were hired under Celestia, but Applejack surely whipped them into shape... right?"


~~~~In Manehatten!~~~~~

~I think they liked your speech, captain!~

(The populace?)

~No, the Queens. Lots of side switchers now...~

(Didn't win over the griffons after the turkey cat comments, I admit.)

~Yeahhhh... so when they say they're gonna sacrifice us, do you think-~

(I see Marezetech down there.)

>Las Pegasus captain

>So they mostly are just gambling and watching strip shows?

"Pretty much. Couple of them have gotten into brawls."

>How horrid! Was anyone injured?

"Whichever queen they were going at usually poofed and the other strippers had their feelings hurt that no Queens murdered someone over them."

>Huh. Well, sounds like we should welcome them, honestly! Who better to be a place of safety for a monster like them than Las Pegasus!

"They also have no money."

This is the most sane reaction anyone could have.
I mean it seems like home
It's not home when they cnan't steal.
If you’re going to drive them then why not stop there
Not that kind of drive
That’s adorable
Well she does treat each one like her kid
They may be older than her but she helped raise them
And if they train episodes is anything to go by, reads to them

>So why didn't you ever do what she did and turn your trees into an army?

"Me and her got different opinions on how we should be handling the trees."



~Howdy! I noticed your trees are growing just a little close to the property line, if you're okay with it, can we chop down a-~

"They'll never find your body if you put that axe near Goldie."

~...how... how did you know-~

"The same reason your family will never, ever, know."

~....good day ma'am.~


"Slight changes.
>Big Mac

>You'd never actually kill someone, right?

"Course not."


"Granny is way faster than me at that."

>...har har?

"Dunno why yer' laughin', its a personal shame for me."
>She literally puts them to bed.

>Somethin' ain't right.

Her words came off odd to the solider "Guarding" her, as best one could in comparison to the massive living tree she rode upon. Had the situation not been so deathly serious, he would have thought she was joking when her brow furrowed after a particularly devastating blow to the changeling, one she just barely recovered from.


>Watch her.

He did as he was told, eyes narrowing in just as another assault was about to begin. The cyborg zipped though the air, letting loose a flurry of powerful and world shaking beams from her horn, none of which could penetrate the massive wall of bark formed from one of the other golems. The shield weilding warrior waited until there was the briefest of pauses in the attack, snapping out with its long branches that served as arms and reaching down to the ground. Though hard to see from a distance at first, the massive number of baels became all too clear when they suddenly linked up just as the branch snapped forwards, whipping the linked wooden hounds like a flail that bit off nearly the entire front of the changeling's body. Though repaired in a flash of green magic, her followup attempts to let loose another volley was halted when the whip snapped back and took off a chunk of her face and horn. One more swing and her neck found itself between two pairs of unforgiving fangs that held onto her as she was brought to the ground, and sent flying sans a massive chunk of her throat.

"It seems like they can handle her?"

>They can.

"Isn't that... good?"


The golem stomped on the ground just before her final bounce, summoning up a massive spike of wood from the earth that battered her into the air. Seemingly waiting for just this, a fellow golem hurled a massive spear into the air, clipping her in mid flight and robbing her of more pieces lost to their power. If only she would remain as such, instead of transforming back and carving the earth with a focused beam.

"I don't get it."

>Think about who we're fightin'.

"Isn't that the changeling from before, Chitania?"

>Sure looks like her, doesn't it?

"What do you mean?"

>You notice anythin' not happenin'? Something she's known for, and only that?

"I'm afraid I don't know much about her, all I know is that she was with Shining Armor for so long, and that she..."

He fell silent, watching as a clash happened between the glowing horn on the changeling's head and a massive axe forged from another golem.


The ponies eyes narrowed.

>Why isn't she supersizing?

And her heart grew worried.
>A super whip made of Baels

I gotta tell you, those Golems are boss.
I was going t say she's not Chitty but Queen13 could shapeshift super too...
But can she as a cyborg?
Now she realizes.
She knows

Why does Ponyville need so many guards if they have that?
It's where the undesirables go.
I guess someone needs to trim the golems.

>See? We didn't need them guards!

"Butcha didn't want the golems either."



>So Ah' gotta frying pan.

"Alright, you got this, go fight her."

>...well since she's already fightin'.
To be fair, someone has to take care of the good dogs
We have massively underutilized AJ's potential
More like building it up
Well they better have a crazy pay off then
We will see
It’s all part of the learning

>So do you have any special attacks?

"Now you ask!?"

>Well I didn't want to intrude.

'No no, it's okay! I do!'

"Is it the eye thing?"

'No, silly, I was born like this because my mother shapeshifted too much.'

"Heard it all before.'

'But I can spit acid!'

"Holy love, that's awesome! Why didn't you lead with that!? Spray them! Spray them with their doom!"

'Sorry, I can't.'


'I'm a ghost now, silly! I don't have acid glands anymore!'


'What would I even spray it out of, my ghost hole? That's silly, you're silly."

"But... but you can..."

>It's okay, we all have our problems.

'On the positive side, I don't have to live with them!'

"But how..."

'Hey, does anyone else want to get a cinammon roll? I love the taste of those!'

"You just said-'


"...someone is messing with me and I don't like it.'
Feels weird to be on the other side of the crazy, huh
>Crystal Guard

>So do we just leave this to her, or...

"Well I am out of crystal missiles."

>Say that five times fast.

"Crystal Missiles Crystal Missiles Crystal Missiles Crystal Missiles Crystal Missiles."

>...I feel like you cheated somehow.

"Anyway, I want to help her out, but I don't have wings or a horn, soooo..."

>Yeah we're pretty useless in this scenario.

"Which is a shame because you'd think with Applejack being such a popular princess, we'd get to show off our capabilities more."

>But mostly we're still just massively outclassed by the magical demigods who walk among us.

"Being hornless sucks."

>Yeah... which is why I bought a shitload of infusions.

"Holy shit I forgot about those!"

>Time to throw fireballs!


>But not too much, they're expensive.

"How does reality manage to ruin everything with us!?"
Pennydrop ruined a pretty big advancement.

>Okay, so I happened to turn the entire concept of giving anyone who needs it magical power into a souless marketing ploy, but that doesn't make me evil!


>Not totally.


>At least I'm not EA!

"These sound a lot like microtransactions-"

To be fair, this is probably expensive to make.
So what's the next big part coming up?
What is even going on at this point?
Gonna try to get the next Morlock bit out ASAP, it's important for the other parts.
We've got
>The GB's meeting the other Primal Forces
>18 saving the Empire
>Salt's about to hatch
>QueenTeen is apparently stalling AUJ
>Mecha-Chitty's on her way to Chitania to kill everything she loves.

We're trying to whittle down the important things so we can end the arc.
Isn't that just a normal day Chitty?
Normal MONTH
We don't do it that often
>>The GB's meeting the other Primal Forces
Are we going with the Scarlet Emissary/(Black Skull Island) being the fourth one?
Yes, but no spoilers on how that's playing out..
I'm legit curious how the giant skull on a palm tree is going to play into this.
>Okay, pull it back.

>Talk about air mail
>All of Canterlot just sees this massive fucking skull come flying
Wouldn't be the worst thing today.
Hey it might even hit a Titan.
Wouldn’t even make that five
Would probably be over in a flash sale, Yep, we’ve seen worse.
>As if this day could get any worse...

“Is that a giant skull of a dead god?”

>... seems lateral rather than worse
>Evil Titan



>OW! Fuck... OW! I mean... OW! That really hurt! That really, really hurt!... Well screw you guys, I'm going home!


>Can't believe this shit.. what a dick.
Flawless victory?

>Ah'm reconsidering just blowing up this castle and hoping for the best.

"Are you prepared to help me save every last book? Every. Last. Book."


"Then we go with plan A.

>Is it supposed to take this long?

Never once, in all the time that passed, did the unicorn stop her smiling. That, more than the slow passage of time, unnerved the once brilliant student.

"I wouldn't know."

>I thought you knew everything about this situation.

The accusation, and slight bite under her tone, slid right off her companion in this renegade plan.

"Not on this side of the universe, I'm afraid. I've never gone back in time in this world."


"Nope. How things unfold on this side of the world are going to be ever so different than how they went every time I've done it before. They have to, its the only chance they have to work."

>So... you have no idea what this will do to the world?

"Oh, I know what this-"

She paused just long enough to gesture to the portal behind her.

"Will do. I just don't know what this..."

Once more, she paused, and gestured to the city of Canterlot.

"Will do."

>You don't seem worried.

"I'm not."

>Because you'll just go back in time again in this world if it doesn't work?

"Don't be silly, that would never work, not now."

Sunset deeply wished the other would elaborate, she remained unsurprised when the purple pony just smiled.

>You're a jerk, I want you to know that.

"And you are my dearest friend, I want you to know that. I'm going to do all I can to give you what you want, I promise that."

There had been many things she sensed in their time together. Hidden truths, hidden lives, hidden facts. Never once could Sunset recall sensing dishonesty.

"So many many variables... I wish I could show you them all."

Madness, on the other hoof, she sensed that quite a lot.


Neither did as commanded, and neither needed to. The body that shot off towards the north passed right through them, as many who had come before her had.

>Her again? Doesn't she get tired of getting killed over there?

"Oh, I think she's finished with that."

Once more, the pony would not elaborate.

"Don't worry, what she's about to do to the Empire... is well within our plan."

She only smiled, and continued to wait.
>"Don't be silly, that would never work, not now."
I feel like it should...
>She’s straight up lying and sunset just can’t tell
>This is her requestria try number 180000000000
>Look, I'm not saying I can't ever do it, I'm saying it won't work now.

"Explain something for once in your damn life!"

>Fine, if I'm trying SHINING ARMOR for this, do you really think I have another option?


>Yeah it's either this or we're fucked, no inbetween.

"...does this mean you tried-"

>Of course I tried Blueblood before this!

"Holy shit we are desperate."
"Bulk Biceps?"

>Tried him.




>Tried multiple times, came reaaalllll close last time but ultimately it failed.



"Oh dear faust."

>Do you seriously think we're best friends?



"We... we are, aren't we?"



>...I mean...


>I have a lot of friends.


>You didn't think I was some loser who only had one friend, right?


>Oh no-

Is she resetting to not ask or to get another chance at being best friend?
>Screw you guys, I'mma going home
>Resetting for a chance to call them a little more
She probably got that several times over.
Sunset was only there like a week...
Time travel
Save scumming can save everything
A fellow X Com
I don’t think that’s a descriptive
But it is a noun
>Where we are going we don’t need… Morals

>So we're all clear on what we're doing if this thing turns out to be evil, right?

"Magic sealing!"

>Okay, this is why I asked. Why. Why would ya' seal it?

"It's what Celestia would have done."

>And do ya' remember the time that never worked.

"Depends on your definition of worked. It did get rid of the threat for the entire lifetime of nearly everyone present."

>And then made us clean it up.

"We'll all be dead by the next one."

>We're immortal.

"Not if we try hard enough."

'Darling! How horrid!'

>So what's yer' plan?

'Shoot it with my horn!'


'That's all I have.'

~I was just going to fly at it really fast.~

'See? At least mine doesn't have me touch it.'

~See if I stick up for you, jerk.~

>...we need better super moves.

(I have many bombs, but I need someone to set them on fire.)

"And I'm-"

(Applejack, I'm counting on you!)

"But... but I'm the magic one! Does she even know fireball?"

>Twi, of course I know fireball.

'Even I know fireball, darling.'

~I don't have a horn and *I* know fireball.~

(It's not hard, and this attitude is why I'm relying on Applejack.)

"...wonder if I can seal myself just to say I told you so."
>New movie is unleashing Twilight to make things better instead of unleashing another super evil

>Any chance you'd be willing to surrender and make this easier on yourself?


>Or tell us why you're fighting in the first place so we can dialogue?


>Can you even understand anything I'm saying?


>Just blink twice if yes.


>Tilt your head?


>Blow a kiss-

She looks to him, maw widening, before firing off a stream of heated energy that he ducks beneath before rising back into the sky.

>...Two out of three is good enough...


>Moondancer? You in there?


>Oh good, you're not dead. Hey, so can um...

*Distant explosions*

>Can we leave?


>Okay, let me rephrase that, you should really leave before you get stepped on.

"Hasn't happened in THREE giant monster attacks!"

>That... seems like a bad gamble.

"All I'm saying is my house hasn't been hit once! There must be some reason they avoid it!"

>That seems like confirmation bias.

"Don't you science me, I'm the smart one!"

>That's Twilight.

"Okay, now who's subject to confirmation bias?"

>...touchè. But we seriously have to leave.

"I'm telling you, there's a reason."

>And I'm telling you, there's no possible reason a giant monster would avoid-

~UGH! By the Wallbreaker, what is that smell!? It smells like dead sadness that has rotted into a fetid pit of depression! Don't push me over there, you asshole! Go the other way!~



>Shut up and let me in.


*Door opens*

>On second thought I choose death.
I think that's called NEET Repellent
Still working on the Morlock City Battle here, it’s going to be one of my bigger stories though I don’t know if the bigger word count will show it. Gonna have to reformat a bit and pull a KKA here, hope that’s not jarring but I have waaayyyy too many characters to work with otherwise, one of the posts would be half names being listed. Little weird but I want to give everyone at least a line or two since we’re finally seeing them again.

Still coming
Oh damn, we’re getting a full Morlock War?
>but I have waaayyyy too many characters to work with otherwise
Eeesh, no kidding. Just for fun I looked at what it would look like assuming just main morlocks and
[Twinklejinx] if he’s there

Ironically considering why we did this, It would be more confusing this way
Believe it or not, you forgot someone...

"It's weird she'd not going into a spiel."

>Right!? I was just saying that!

"She's just going at us trying to kill us really, really hard."

>She's not hesitating either, she's going right for murder murder.

"She will absolutely kill us if we don't get saved."

>Did she even see the movie? That guy talked all the time.

"Termination doesn't mean no soul."

>Really weird.

"...kinda refreshing in a way."

>I heartily disagree.
I like she's just murdermurdmurder
Well it better be HUGE because that's a pretty big event, we finally get Morlock City!

"So do you know how she's doing that? The instant fix thing, cause that's annoying."

>Twilight mentioned they could do it when cordyceps took over them.

"...when who did what now."

>Oh, right. They had a zombie invasion.

"Ah. Well, glad they were suffering too-"

>With no casualties.


>Actually found another changeling, if anything. And as a result they found another one too.


>So like, they had negative casualties from a zombie invasion.

"...we got the short end, I feel."

>In fairness, we ain't got that invasion yet.

"Oh right."

>THEN we'll be fucked.

"Oh, right..."
to be fair, I'm pretty sure Cordyceps would only improve the place
>By the Wallbreaker,
Are they ever going to explain what that is? We've been saying it since thread 4...
>It turns out its completely unrelated to changelings
>They just really, really liked this one pony who invented the wrecking ball
They're fans of Kris Mareicho.
Morning thread
File: Shadow Pinkie Pie.png (1.44 MB, 5016x3541)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
Here's the previous story in case people forgot.
I didn't realize I had taken so long to update.

>Welcome to Late Night /pa/ with your hosts the Pink Pony Club! It's during this time that content doesn't matter and the show must go on!

'Great, Cadence. Better late than never HOMING ROCKETS!'
A number of rockets fire and blows up some of the giant babies eating Luna. A giant baby laughs, opens its mouth and fires a beam.
DT barely dodges the beam as Cadence readies an arrow.

Cadence explodes the giant baby with an arrow. Another baby lands trying to crush Cadence.

Cadence jumps backwards and slices off the baby's legs. It falls forward and cries.

TBDRLIATU becomes power hooves for DT and she smashes the giant baby's head.

"Quick save Luna!"

DT uses the her power hooves to move the baby corpses.

'Hnngh, Luna!'
There are bits of Luna everywhere.

"*gasp* Luna no! We're too late! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I should've been serious sooner!"
One of the corpses start moving. DT and Cadence ready their weapons.


Out of the corpse pops out a kid Luna with a small sword.
{*gasps* Ugh, we thought we were in trouble for a moment.}

'Whoa what happened? Why are you so-'

Cadence picks up filly Luna swinging her around.

{Hey! Stop that!}

'Why are you...'

{Your size? We are bleeding magic. Flurry is most likely devouring my magic. Where is Pinkie?}

"I don't know. I heard her talking in my head though."

Pinkie's voice echoes the courtyard.
>I'm fine.

'But what happened to you?'

>More are coming.
More giant babies land from the sky and trampling everything in their path.
>Don't worry keep going. I won't be far behind.

{We don't have a choice. We must regroup inside. Thou better be behind us, Pinkie!}
Cadence, DT, and Luna run off and close the giant door behind them. Pinkie smashes down on a giant baby and bites a chunk of its flesh. Pinkie appears as a black silhouette with a row of teeth visible. The group of giant babies turn to Pinkie and all give her a toothy grin. Pinkie grins right back at them. Everyone opens up their mouths with the glow of beams charging.

>It's okay...
It has been a while
Leaving on a cliffhanger, your monster.
>Katie Marey is a god!

>We've got incoming punches on the left flank!

"Deflecting now!"


>Looks like they were stalled, but we're low on power now!

"Don't worry, I've got a backup battery!'

>DT, I don't want you to use Tblublu's battery, we might need him in case-

"I meant this one."

>...where did you get that?

"I have a backup, I said."

>But, you weren't carrying it.

"Yes I was."


"You just weren't looking at the right angle."

>The right-it's almost as big as you are!

"Exactly, almost."

>Fine. Fine! Lets just ignore this, we're out of missiles and-

"I have a spare if you need."

>...a spare.


>From... where.

"Its right here."


"It was just the angle-"



>... have you been practicing with Pinkie more often?

"Yeah, why?"

>No reason.

"How did she..."

The Juggernaut had run out of munitions some time ago, yet it had not stopped until this moment. Within, the pilot of the strangely colored marvel of magic and machine had finally found her muscles weaken enough she could maneuver it no longer, and instead only stare upwards into the dazzling streaks of light as they danced across the sky.

Someone dear to her had changed once more.

"But... but the queens are..."

And now she shined far brighter.


Her limp limbs felt useless once again, even surrounded by the vast power that was held within this machine. She could not follow the movements in the sky, her blurry eyes struggled to even follow along.

"I knew I wasn't going to last long, but I thought I'd last a little longer."

Heavy eyelids struggled to stay open, her chest heavy.

"I'm sorry, Eighteen, I didn't want to leave this in your hooves."

Once more, the once proud warrior was reminded just how powerless she had become.
We setting up her death?

This feels like setting up her death.


"Forty Two, you spew blood out of your nose every other-"


>What else do you have out of sight?

"More batteries, more rockets, more laser recharges, a couple love batteries, some liquid nitrogen, and a rubber duck."


"The rubber duck is important."

>Is that all?


>Is that allll?


>So, if I were to REACH AROUND!


>Holy shoot she has a "Sexy Dragons" magazine back here!"


~DT no.~

>Please tell me ya' can figure out how ta' stop whatever this is!

The Elements gathered around the pulsating dark Orb could only watch on helplessly as the thing began to crack more, a strange mist seeping out from every inch of it's once pristine shape.

"Maybe if I had time to study it, but I'm not about to stick my magic onto anything that looks like that!"

'Wow, she is the smart one, most ponies would stick their hooves in it.'

"I'm pretty sure only a very, very, very select few individuals would be willing to stick any appendage in something that looks like a giant bug zapper that may or may not have eaten someone, Dash."

'You'd be surprised.'

~Well we can't just stand around here and wait for it to hatch or power up like some protagonist in one of our Obliques and Ogres games, we should be able to at least stall it!~

(I've got taffy, usually sticks stuff together pretty hard.)

>Go for it!

(Wait, really?)

>Yes, really! Go for it!

(I was joking, but okay!)

Thrilled to finally be allowed to do one of her crazy plans, the pony wasted no time hurling her taffy supply from wherever in time and space she held such a thing. It splatted, covered, and soon consumed the strange orb in no time at all.

Then promptly shattered, with the orb seeming even further cracked than before.

(So that's why you usually tell me to stop doing crazy ideas...)

"This is bad! Or maybe not, we literally have no idea what this is going to do, which is somehow worse than the other thing!"


>Look, lets just calm down, how's the situation with the murder changeling robot?


>NOT THE TIME, TWI! You! Talk!

The guard, faced with the scrutiny that would fold a lesser stallion, stood strong and saluted.

{You're handling it rather well.}

>How well we talking?

In the distance, they heard a boom. Seconds later, a speared changeling hurled past their brief open spot on the ceiling, skewered by a massive branch.

{Eight out of ten?}

>Alright then, we can focus on this! Twi! Use the devices around here to guess what it does!

"That... actually, that's a pretty good idea, but most of it's destroyed-"

>Work with what'cha got!

'What about the rest of us?'

>Get ready to shoot or hug whatever comes out of there!

(Can do! Let me do my hugging stretches.)

~Am I on shooting, then? I feel more like a hugger.~

'I can't shoot it but I'm not hugging it.'

>Look, either that thing is going to be saved, or its gonna die! We're ready for either!

"So um... am I not the leader anymore? I thought I was-"


"Point proven."
She takes it from Pink space.
>DT and Pinkie accidentally grab each other's stuff
>Pinkie tries to pull out a rubber chicken, pulls out a canister of liquid nitrogen instead
>...no wait, this is way better.
>~DT no.~
Sorry Spike he doesn't obey you.
It was 77, the one being besides DT he respects.

Ping ping!

>Oakshield! What's the status of Princess Alterjack and her friends?

"Injured, but in fighting condition!"

>Great! They can help us contain the regenerating super bug!

"Negative, sir!"


"Something is about to hatch out of some black egg thing!"

>Black egg thing? That's guaranteed to be another evil super powered being!

"And if they leave to fight the current evil super powered being, the pacing will be off!"

>Damn narrative inconveniences!
>>Black egg thing?
Oh yeah, he hasn't seen it.
>{Eight out of ten?}
The fuck gets a nine
OK Mr. Sheen
Drink some tiger blood and let’s do this
Yeah baby

>Are our standards for world saving too high?

"Just saying, before recently this got resolved in five minutes instantly and left nobody with a scratch, now look at it!"

>I don't think that's fair.

"Well excuse me for wanting them to use magic solve everything rainbows again!"
where did the box go
Sorry for the extended delay but Morlock City Assault is 100 percent dropping tomorrow.

>So uh...


>I realize this is a dumb question, but...

"Don't blow it Timmy, don't blow it..."

>Do you have an alchemy thing to measure love?

"...treading carefully here, explain."

>Just, you know, so I know how much love I have. For reasons.


>If she does the burnout thing and I have to kiss her, okay!?

"Oh. That uh... that's on you?"

>Who else?


>I'm just going to assume you don't have those abilities.

"Very wise."
Can't ANY changeling tell her that?

>As a matter of fact, I can help you with that!

"Is it by draining all my love and then checking how much you ate, because you can't see into my love without that first otherwise Chrysalis wouldn't have been shocked at her power level in the Wedding?"

>...Ah. I see you're well versed on changelings.

"I know a couple.
18 can kind of see stuff, just not exact.

"So what's the extent of that? How far can you see, exactly?"

>I can see forever.

"Come again?"


"Because of love sight?"

>Don't be stupid, because I am secretly a god.


>Don't tell.
Actual god or delusions of grandure?
I can't tell anymore.
Is he currently fistfighting the protagonists? No?





"We have way too many problems right now and not enough coverage."

>...you have like a billion characters-

"And they're BUSY."

File: luna vs shadow.png (1.56 MB, 2080x2080)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
Luna art! Luna vs shadows the early years.
File: luna vs shadow w BG 2.png (2.92 MB, 2080x2080)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB PNG
File: luna vs shadow w BG 1.png (3.09 MB, 2080x2080)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB PNG
Last version
Now seee this works way better, being a bright and sunny day makes it a big contrast
I feel like top works better for subtlty but bottom is a better contrast/dream visage
>Dude, come back, I'm cool
>See? Bright and shiny!
>Come on dude I made it pink stop fucking running
>Stranger Danger levels pictures

>That tiny little sword

Hero of Time, she is not.
>That tiny sword
>That shape of the monster

I'm getting a certain... hylian vibe
Flurry is pretty messed up in the head.
Jesus fuck it’s a majin!

We’re screwed!
Dammit now I can’t on see it
Wow, that typeo gives it a whole new meaning
That has to be intentional
>Oh no!
>My tiny sword doesn't work on metaphors!




"Oh... was I not supposed to report to her?"

'Is she the dragon lord?'


'Is. She. The. Dragon. Lord?'

"No? But she's the princess."

>I am not!

"But you're the daughter of the one in charge."

'No no, she's right, if she were in charge she would be the princess, if she were a pony. Which, she's not.'

>Little insulting.

"Wait, I thought with ponies it was if you were the daughter of the ruler, or married a prince?"

>That doesn't explain any of the many princesses they have!

'They're all leaders and as far as I know, none of them were the children of princesses.'

"What about the baby and the changeling?"

>They could still be rulers. Ponies seem like babies about most things anyway.

'Up top.'


"But my books said..."


'...who the FUCK taught you to read?'

"I wanted to travel!"

'You're a dragon, travel wherever you want! Who's going to stop you? Things we can EAT!? Can, not do, we eat gems to clarify. I just want it known that if we do wish to eat them, we can. You don't need to read for that.'

"I do if I want to find a specific pony."

>If you want to find just one of them, you've got problems. They all look the same!

"Well excuse me for wanting to go see the pony with the nice dick again!"

>I have several questions.

'One of them better not be 'how nice was it'.'

>...I have a couple questions.

>Have the rest of y'all hunkered down for safety?

"Those of us who have been shuffled away from the fight... Father and the other warriors stand prepared for battle."

>Sounds like you ain't too keen on leavin' them to it.

"I am not too keen on being this far from battle. The horde is approaching, yet here I stand while others push forward..."

>Ah know that feelin'. But with you helpin' out, anyone that slips on through is gonna have bad time tryna stir up trouble.

"You don't need to try to make me feel better."

>Just speakin' the honest truth. Quick, nimble, ready and able to throw down? Wherever you could be, Ah'm glad yer with me.

She raises a brow.

"With you?"

He shrugs and smiles, her stoic countenance threatening to crack into one as well.

>'Course. Who else is gonna keep yer tiny self from gettin' stuffed into some ghost's pocket?

"Remember your words and deeds for the day I become three times your size."

>Just three? Y'all get pretty big, so there ain't no need to sell yourself short-

This is weirdly cute.
>'...who the FUCK taught you to read?'
That's actually a really good question she hard dodged.

>Who did teach you to read, exactly?

"The Reading Rainbow."




It feels like it was only a year ago that mayo mimics were attacking the city.

"What in the name of love is going on!?"

Monsters, some good, most quite unfriendly, drowned out the cries of changeling Twenty Nine with their roars. He had many questions, and no one nearby to answer them. Everyone else was occupied elsewhere.

"Tarnation these fellas are everywhere!"

With killing things.


The platform on which they stood, a slab of marble atop a pyramid like structure, felt far too small as the group looked around them. The beneath every edge, on the strange bumps that were only the bare visage of what would one day be steps, bodies were flying. Screeching creatures of foulness battled against morlocks clear to the bottom, with shrieks of battle coming from both sides in worryingly equal measure. Warrior Morlocks, the finest the tribe had to offer, gave their all and worked as a strangely cohesive unit that betrayed their more animalistic methods of attacking. They may rush, bite and tear, but they did so with consideration for their fellow in arms, backing up and protecting when need be to ensure only the wicked invaders were the ones tossed down as shredded bodies. In the dark of the cave, even trained eyes could barely make out what transpired in this battle, and what they did see sickened them to their stomach.

As strong a front as she may put up, the Great and Powerful Trixie felt much more like the Sick and Queasy Trixie as she stumbled back away from the nearest edge.

"What... what is-"

"Look out!"

The normally prissy changeling hurled himself behind the blue unicorn without any hesitation, a move that just barely warned her of the incoming attack long enough to see a massive, hundred legged mosquito like thing dive down with its proboscis aimed right for her heart.

"Yeah, right."

Neither changeling or pony were the ones who stopped it. That came from big, thick metal fingers wrapping around the spear like mouth with inches to spare from the black chitinous chest.

"Sorry you lot, but the power of storytelling is nothing compare to a good metal fist!"

A score of creatures of grotesque shapes and sizes went flying beneath a single swing of massive, bulky metallic arms. The tiny head atop the thick mechanical body let loose a howl befitting its canine nature when the bludgeon he had used splattered along with those he had battered.


The metal fist gave a thumbs up to the still shocked changeling before it resumed punching the nearest creature it could find. Handydog may not have chosen this look of a massive hulking body and deeply oversized metal arms, but he had very little complains when a spider with the body of a slug splattered underneath the force of his fist.

"Quickly quickly Handydog, be of the smushing!"

"I'm smushing, I'm smushing! Just keep me charged!"


As he swung his limbs, a tiny figure scurried about his body like an insect attached to his hide, carrying on her back small but powerful looking batteries that hummed with barely contained magic. Every time he let loose a particularly powerful swing, a canister that clinked with emptiness ejected from his body, only to be quickly replaced by the ever moving morlock without a need for a single pause in the massive dogs attacks.

"Ha ha! Best team, right?"

"Handydog is speaking truth, Vekir team is best team!"

"Ha! Got that right, try to keep up you lot!"

Even as mighty as the bodyguard was, he wouldn't have been able to hold back the tide had it not been for the many morlocks at his side.

"Wait, that's..."

And a familiar one among them, clad in familiar armor leading the charge.

"Focus maws on middle, disperse and cripple! Do not let creatures be of harming to Zhetri Thul!"

"Grehem, wait!"

The morlock did no such thing, no matter how much he clearly wanted to turn back to his old friend. Instead he viciously hurled himself more into battle, so he would not be swayed.


His limbs may not have been as large or as strong, but none could deny he had a savagery even the Diamond Dog did not possess. The hulkish brute was covered in viscera splattered armor from his latest attack where he tore a mantis looking creature clearly in half. His once pristine coating was now dull and sticky looking from the remains of it and what seemed to be dozens of fallen foes. The armor, made by Princess Twilight herself, held up to even the most damaging of attacks as he hurled himself recklessly into any foe, tearing them apart with exposed teeth and wild tearing swings.

"Recalculating... disregard that command, hit the northwesterm top corner side of the structure really, really hard."

The new group jumped at the strange, robotic voice that seemed to come from a select few morlocks before them all at once. There was no time to ask any of the affected the origin before they obeyed at once, all jumping and punching the edge of the tall structure with trained synchronization, cracking it just in time for a particularly massive mixture of hercules beetle and gopher to slip on the new gap and stumble, the momentary offsetting long enough that the morlocks could jump up and tear out each and every one of their throats. Seconds later, the giant monster fell down the steps, crushing its fellow monsters in its way.

"Good work."

The voice sounded again, spreading confusion once again to most.

"By love above, you're still operational!?"

But not all.

"That is offensive, Changeling Thirty Two."

The crackling voice brought a smile to the dark face.

"Metal Head! You're still-"

"I am Head of Metal, please refer to me as my proper title."

The smile wavered, but it did not fade.

"Head of Metal, then. Still watching out for them after all this time?"


"Someone had to, "Oh great Zhetri Thul"."

The hint of bite, as little sense as it made for a machine to speak as such, managed to sting enough the smile faded.

"You can't say I didn't make the right choice."

A crystalline figure shoved him aside, both to cut off any of the feelings of regret the changeling may be holding and to prevent them both from being splashed by the green, sizzling blood of one of the various exploded creatures.

"Worry about that later! Head of Metal or whatever your name is, can you tell us what's going on?"

"Unfortunately, I must focus all processing power on-bite six clicks to your left."

The morlock he had commanded did as told, defending the clustered group from an attack they had not even noticed. The long, wire then legs had hidden the massive ball of wiggling worms above them well, but not well enough for a machine's trained eyes.

"I must focus-"

The voice suddenly cut out, and in the distance they could hear the faintest whispers of his words.

"Stop leaving us to this strangeness so we can be put upo! Come on, someone has to know what's going on!"

As if the frustrated zebra's words were a summoning spell that had been cast, a body plopped down right next to them.

"I can be of explaining that, Zhetri Thul!"

A body that quickly threw his armored limbs around one of the changelings in a tight, yet fierce, embrace.


Said changeling had a very hard time keeping his the tears from flowing as he embraced him back. It did not last long, they had no time for such matters after all, but when Rekulk pulled back he had a smile on his face.

"Sorry to be of delaying, but Rekulk will speak muchly of what is happening!"

"Alright then, explain!"

The loud, and somewhat rude, comment from Trixie thankfully did not deter his enthusiasm, though it did earn a sour look and promise of future pain from a certain changeling.

"Long long ago there was invasion outside borders. Not surprising, lots of monsters after all, yes yes! But Morlocks easily repel, monsters are sent to the scurrying away and beaten! Morlocks think we win, but it was distraction for them!"

Even without following his flailing limbg, every one of them instinctively knew to look to the strange pair of floating book and robotic body at the center of the strange alter. Neither of which had moved from their place since they had arrived, and with them it seemed even Lavan had gone strangely silent. Had living letters not continuously scribbled into existence more of the endless hordes of creatures that prevented any from reaching them, it would appear they were frozen in time.

"Pony of metal carried in book when morlocks not looking, and muchly monsters start appearing right in middle of city! All warriors were outside defending when it happened, muchly bad battle happened! By the time of their returning the monsters had already gone into the city!"

"Oh no!"


The former mayor of Ponyville gasped, instantly rushing over to the side of the strange pyramid like structure on which they stood and peering down into the dimly lit city below.

"Do we need to go down and help them!? Just point us where and-"

"No no! Pony and Zhetri Thul must stay here! Help here!"

The earth pony turned to him, disbelief in her eyes as she gestured to where the battles raged in the city below, having no way of knowing for sure.

"We have to help them! We can't just let them attack innocent citizens!"

"Rekulk is happy pony cares so much for morlocks, yes yes! But Morlocks are not pony."

"That doesn't matter! You think I care about that!? We still have to-"

A limb held up stifled, but did not stop, her indignation

"Rekulk is confusing to pony, happens muchly sadly. What Rekulk means..."

A tube, long and glowing, popped from the strange suit the princess had designed. Once removed and tossed, the flare lit up mid fall, finally illuminating at least one part of the city down below.

In those city streets, there was carnage.

"Morlocks used to fighting monsters."

For the creatures, that was.

They found themselves swarmed by Morlocks who had spent their entire life fighting in the dark, struggling and surviving against things just like what attacked them now, and much worse. They knew where to bite, when to hide, where to tear, and when to let loose with everything they had. Those streets ran thick with the innards of the monsters who thought they struck easy prey, only to find themselves in the fangs of predators instead. Male or female, they shrieked and growled as they used their new tools and the ones they were born with to defend the homes they had built up at last. Protecting buildings, protecting wounded, and leaving no survivors on the opposing side when they finally launched their attacks. They had something worth fighting for, something worth dying for, and they were going to see those creatures driven out. All of them, big or small, fought.

"Grublings, knaw!"

All of them.

Even the tiny children joined in, piling over a large four eyed furry wombat looking creature and tearing it apart like piranhas. If one could move, if they could bite, they could fight.

"Oh. "

The mare felt very silly for worrying about them after that.

"Yes yes! Thank pony for being worried of morlock safety, but morlocks can handle what is left! Morlocks cannot get close to book, it be of the mind roaring sound when it is gotten too close! but Zehtri Thul is master of mind, yes? Do not worry about what it left, we need Zhetri Thul and beloved friends!"

Though he seemed primed to fight, those words paused Thirty Two in his tracks. As much as he felt a lift in his heart from the kind words, strategy demanded it.

"What do you mean, what is left? Is the book running out of monsters?"

Sadly, Rekulk shook his head.


"No no, book is of never ending with monsters! But Rekulk means fighters left here and there."

The group looked between the two battles raging atop this structure and down below, but saw nothing else inbetween that would make sense of what he was saying. A terse moment of confusion was broken when it finally clicked the the morlock.

"Sorry, Rekulk thought you saw on the way down."

Things clicked for everyone else as well when a sheepish hoof pointed straight up.

"By the sands of my home, and the world that I roam!"


Jaws dropped just in time for a head resembling that of a hornet to drop alongside them. The only difference was one was roughly the size of tour cart. The one who had torn that skull loose from it's body let loose a victory shriek before continuing to battle the other four identical heads, each one attached to a long scaly hydra like neck leading to a bulbous body at the base. Lightning struck in a world without skies, burning away the beaten creatures and sending its flaming body crumbling to the ground.

"We were muchly lucky a delivery was made when monsters attack, yes yes!"

Clinging to the ceiling above raged a battle of monsters, of which only one did any of them recognize. In the middle of gargantuan insects or twisted wolves that walked on spider legs was the one who faced them all, a centipede that cackled with electricity as she used pincers and a hundred legs to rip them apart in equal measure.

"Centitrain came down here!?"

"Well... yes? Morlocks are doing muchly trading now, pony did not think that Morlocks carried lots of rocks of shiny, did she? Morlocks needed someone not afraid of monsters, and the train of centi is not afraid!"

She certainly proved that right as she crossed the top of the rocky cave in seconds, charging a lizardlike creature with the head of a venus flytrap without fear. She lunged and snapped hold of it, and to the horror of those down below pushed off hard enough to rip that creature from the ceiling. Despite the weight, she did not fall, her back half remaining strong enough to keep her clung to the ceiling as she snapped backwards and smashed the body of her prey into a many legged monster on the ceiling behind her. Without a beat missed, her massive pincers clenched into both foes and the ceiling behind her just as her back half let loose, narrowly dodging an attack by a scorpion with a dozen stingers on its tail. The thing barely had time to pull its stinger loose before a volley of lightning used those very tails as a lightning rod, and burned it from the inside.

"Not to sound lazy, but why doesn't she just do it!?"

The question did not sound cowardly coming from Trixie, for once.

"It is as Rekulk said, song of mind gets loud when close, even for Train of Centi! We need Zhetri Thul! She is fighting big ones, which means we can stop book! We must use chance!"

The group looked among each other, mulling over what was said.

"Alright, then."


They didn't need to know anything else. A shimmer of magic seemed to pass over the changelings as their spells of the mind came up, and reinforced. They did not know if they would hold.

They would not let that stop them.

"If that is the case, then we will join your noble and just fight! We shall add to your considerable force whatever we can with our might!"

"Indeed! The hunger of war shalt be sated upon this ground! Verily doth we charge into the maws of battle, with no foe who can extinguish the fire upon our heart!"

"The GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie is here, you can stop worrying now!"

"What they said!"

Four souls who had faced many a danger before stood together once more, joined at either side by those who had joined them on the way.

"So, blindly charge into battle?"

"Sister, you can't make those jokes anymore."

"Doesn't look like many agree with you."

The changelings to one side.

"There's an irony that I'm about to fight to save a city from supernatual forces trying to take it over here, but I'm just not willing to opine it."

And the former king to the other.

"Rekulk muchly hoped you would say that!"

Their target locked, their foe made clear, all that was left...


Was the opening.


A smaller morlock darted between them, so fast they had not even sensed him approaching before he was already clear past them and into the fray. The monsters snarled, slashed and smashed with their uneven and grotesque limbs, but not a single one of them could touch them. It was was if he knew exactly how they would strike, exactly what movements they had made and would make in the future, exactly what they were thinking in that moment.

"What's he supposed to do!? He can't hit them!"

The worried cry from the normally dry Thirty Two was correct, as nimble as he was there was little question on if he would be able to do any sort of damage to the bigger ones. He was smaller and weaker than any of them, by far. He did not have the strength.


What he did have were tiny little objects he deftly stuck to whatever creature in his way. Most reacted with confusion.

"Oh my gosh!"

One of them gasped, and it was the one they least expected.

"That's a flare magic concentrate with six, no, seven ounces of ignition fire! Trixie has been looking everywhere for those!"

Everyone looked to her, only to watch her blue shoulders shrugged.

"Trixie knows her explosives. Don't tell her she doesn't, she knows those. Go on, say they're something else, Trixie will take your suggestions and put them right to the left."

Twenty Nine opened his mouth to question her just as Sebjek shot past them all, hiding from the monsters charging after him.

"Hold your ears."

He never even got a chance to close it before a loud explosion filled the air. Directly to her left, a batch of innards splattered on the ground.

"Told you so-"



The words were like a starting pistol, and off the group shot. Racing through the piles of bodies left in the wake of the detonation.

"Jump left."

Sebjek's stoic words warned the only earth pony of the group just before a claw smashed down.


Likewise the tallest among them rolled his crystal body just before a scythe like appendage could cleave off his head.


Three volleys of changeling magic carved a beast that dropped down seemingly from the ether in front of him, tearing apart the thing and offering the means to walk over whatever lie behind him.

"There's too many of them!"

They waded further, further into the mass, but it seemed as if no matter how far they made it in, a dozen more bodies seemed to push them back from ever making it all the way.

"Look out ya' mooks!"

That's when a booming voice called from behind.

"Vekir, wanna do it?"

"Vekir wants to do it!"

The confusion, and in one case he did not understand disgust and flash of anger, only grew when the massive dog stood above the crowd with one paw lifted to the sky, holding in his palm the smallest of the Morlocks.

"Eat this suckers!"

Thirty Two cried out in horror and in rage as the limb cocked back.


He hurled her forwards like a hoofball. Though most could see she still wore armor, none of them could figure out any reason why she would not be easily crushed by the horrors ahead.


Not until they heard a glass shatter, and a bright red glow light up the sky.

"She has infusions!?"

The fabricated magic covered her as she bounced from monster to monster, spells of reflection, fire and force turning her into a projectile that hunted down everyone in her path, none escaped, none could dodge. None could do anything but perish underneath her springing force as manufactured magic tore them apart and burned them away.

"Don't question that, keep going!"

Go, they did.

"For Zhetri Thul!"

Grehem's might pushed away those that would stop them.

"For the money!"

Handydog's muscles flattened those so they may walk clearly.

"For The City of White!"

Rekulks suit carved a path to walk within.

"Because we need to."

And Sebjek's skills made sure none could touch them.

Little by little, body by body, they marched to their goal.

"There it is!"

They reached it.

"Now thine foul creation of spell and of horror..."

They leapt.


And they were stopped in the air.


The spectators looked on in horror as the eight bodies hovered in place, frozen in time, just before a wave of magic ignited mere centimeters from their faces. What stray hairs or fur crossed the distance was sheered clean off by the sudden wall, sliced more cleanly than any blade ever could.

"Figured they were gonna let'cha get real nice and close a'fore they sprung whatever they were gonna spring on ya'!"


The others were too horrified by how close they had come to death to say anything to the matriarchal Queen who phased back into existence. They had not even noticed her gone, but with such a terror before them they doubted they would lose her again.

"A shield..."

"More'n that, sugarcube! That there seems ta' be some kinda barrier ta' tear ya' ta' pieces, heckuva trump card!"

The despair set in as one by one they realized their path, fought so hard to obtain, had been closed, and they must begin again to move closer.

"Now don'tcha fret, we ain't-"

In the middle of her sentence, she suddenly vanished. As did those she had held in her magic.

"-doin' that whole ringamarole. Haw! Ya'll never expect that stuff in the middle of me talkin', do ya'?"

When she appeared, and the others with her, they stood at the very base of the strange alter, mere steps from the book. Several stumbled, their heads suddenly ringing with an unseen force that tapped at the edges of their mind. Some stood strong, as if they had felt this very song before, and withstood it.

"That's cause Ah' learned-"


The time for talking was over. The time for anyone with even a shred of magic to unload all of it right at the book had come. All they had, all they could give, was fired upon that book.

All of it was blocked by forces unseen.


In the smoke, a shape could be seen. Hidden from the world in a visage of magic that cloaked it so deeply there was not even a shimmer when struck, something protected the book.

~You weren't supposed to make it this close. That's not how the story was supposed to go.~

The words scrawled above the book seemed to have a hint of annoyance with them, as much as the written word could convey such.

~That is why you all fall.~

A strange wave washed over those that still lived, unseen by any other.


The Queen cried out in pain and terror at the sight that unfolded. One by one they gasped, they stumbled, and they fell, forced by the words as if their very bodies had been written into, rather than the open air.

"What did you do!? WHAT DID YOU DO!?"

A wave of green magic did nothing to stifle whatever strange effect had overtaken them, even the might of an undead Queen of no notice to the book.


~And sadly...~

Had she any breath left, it would have flown from her lungs and left her as cold as the dead when those words scawled in the air.

"No... no, don't, don't you... you can't..."

Those on the ground felt a tightness in their chest, a tingle in their hearts.

~All perished instantly on the floor.~

For all her might, for all her power, Halyomorpha could do nothing as the words finished writing.



Those words etched into reality itself, carving the world with power that was never meant to be. Bending it, and all with it, to its whims. With all her power, she tried to stop the enroaching force. With all her love she tried to keep her child protected and alive. With all she had, it was not even enough to deter it.

One by one, all of them grew still, and the last one standing screamed.

"You should not have wasted that on them, you will need that."

The machine at the books side never looked away from its staredown with the cold and dormant cylinder that held Lavan, even as the Queen let loose a fury of power upon them both. It remained as still as a statue as a wall of fire crashed against an invisible blockade, only focused on what lie before it and nothing else.

~It does not matter, it is almost time...~

The book created no sound as it scrawled, yet the machine knew when it had grown silent.

~All of them are dead.~

The wall of fire finally stopped, and the presence within the wall of metal was sure that had ended.

~All of them are dead.~

Her repitition was odd, but not impossible.

~All of them have died, and would stand no more.~

Enough that for once in its endless life, the being within that machine questioned the part of it that lie within that book.

~All of them are...~

The machine's head finally turned.

"Not done yet."

Just in time to see them rise again.


One by one they stood beneath the machine's harsh stare, glowing with a strange light that seemed to wrap around them like a mother's embrace. Very much like the embrace the Queen threw around her child as he finally stood tall.

"What strangeness is this!?"

Even Twenty Nine could not keep the confusion from his voice as he looked over his body, too distracted from seeing the seeping power from the scarred words above rolling off the gentle light his body emitted to care that his chest was being crushed.

"You think it's the kids light again?"

Marey's words did not feel confident, and even as she spoke them she held doubt. Something about this was different.

"No, something about this is much different than before. All of this, this strange magic, it feels like... more."

Zecora's words felt so woefully lacking compared to how her heart soared when she gazed upon the light.

"Trixie doesn't care, she's not dead."

Her words resonated with them more than she knew.

"I didn't think we were that magical with the children, were we?"

Thirty Two's words caused Sombra's brow to furrow in confusion.

"We did spend a lot of time in that other world, but this... this feels..."

"Uh, guys?"

Only one of them did not have that calm, warm light.

"I think I broke mine."

One of them was bathed in fire.

"Eighty Eight! What happened to you!?"

It did not burn, it did not hurt, and it did not let a single inch of that seeping power into her. It burned it to unseen ash within its unnatural flame, and left her unscathed.

"...it is her."


As they panicked, as they wrought their confusion, a voice seemed to seep into their minds.

"Those bathed in her light..."

They could feel a presence looking over them, one by one, until it fell upon the sister changeling.

"The one bathed in his fire."

The machine turned away from his sight.

"They are protecting you."

Finally freeing himself from his mother's hug, the cultured changeling stepped forth.

"I could question this... or-"

His horn fired before another word was spoken.

"That's mah' boy!"

Soon, others joined him, once more launching volley after volley into the pair.

"They could delay us."

An invisible wall shielded them, but little by little it grew closer.

~Very well.~

They could feel, though they could not see, when the book's "Eyes" looked upwards.

~Crush them.~

"With pleasure!"

It was only a lifetime of fighting that kept those below from being crushed when the invisible force crashed down.

"Time for the grand unvieling!"

The air shimmered.

"The big reveal!"

The clear wall grew opaque.

"Bow down you mortals, and behold!"

And a monster was revealed, towering above them all.

"You stand in the presence of TWINKLEJINX, LORD OF THE DEAD!"

The final battle, began.
>He remembered Centitrain

Holy fuck that just kept escalating
Fucking baller.
Jesus you really liked ripping them apart
>Fastball Special with Vekir using Infusions

>the GBs/Sombra/32 got Faustlight Flashes that's protecting them
>88's wild ride with Lavan is protecting her

This seems like the EXACT right people to fight somehow ended up in this situation...
Damn, this is like the story of forgotten characters
>Baby Morlocks tearing up the monsters
Wonderful times.
I like that everyone got at least one cool moment.
>"That's mah' boy!"
She loves her boy
And she got to be useful too!
Victory all around
Really forgotten In some cases
And now they live again
Rekulk needs a moment

>Where is friend-Delight?

"Unfortunately, he hath been ousted from his mind, condemned to the realm of dreams 'til Princess Luna can retrieve him, as we are thus currently incapable of scouring it so deeply overselves."

>This is terrible news.

"Do not fear, though! I am sure my student is faring well. No doubt he hath safely taken root in the dreamscape and is patiently awaiting rescue! As long as he does not meddle with dreams, he shalt be safe from the wrath of nightmares!"

>That is good news.


>But unlikely.

"I know..."

>Should we go check on Canterlot?

"Ehhhh, nah."


>But that's our thing!

"Sure, when we've got family or familyish up there."

'Now that it's just a bunch of rich folks, I don't care that much.'

>Ya' wanna go ta' yer' house then, Sweetie?

"You mean where my parents live?"


"We never established that."

>...beg pardon.

"We never established where my parents live, they always arrived in a carriage so it's got to be some distance away, but we never said where. Just outside of ponyville? Whole other town? No idea! They never came to any of my stuff either, so either they're busy or can't make the trip."

'Or other thing.'

"Or other thing, yeah."

>Wow. Okay... wow. Well, uh, what about you, scoots?

'I legit have no idea where my parents are, not even like the vague city. They keep "Moving around" and of course that means I barely talk to them. We could worry about my aunts, but have either of you actually seen them? No? Because I've almost died a bunch and had a bunch of stuff like talent shows and they've never once been seen. At least we know where they are, but...'

>...wow. Okay... wow.

"Wanna just ride around and find despair instead so we don't feel so bad about ourselves?"

>Ah' absolutely do.
Parental units in this world need work...
I'm kind of shocked only the Morlocks remember they have those

>Seriously! What's the point of completely revolutionizing the commerce of magical market if NOBODY REMEBERS THEY CAN USE IT!?


>Oh, right.
They're the ones openly trading with Pennydrop.
All of Equestria is, it's just the Main Six who don't trust her because she flexed on Celestia

>And Sisslestia is saying we are doing the not-smart for trading with the drops of pennies, BUT LOOK AT US NOW!

"What is a penny anyway?"

>Rekulk is thinking it is of the currency.

"Pony currency it bits. You know this."

>Ah. Well... in that case...


Damn it, I had a story to end the thread but I'm stuck in the storm, I don't know when it's clearing up. If someone's got a biggun to end it on, now's the time.
>I'm stuck in the storm,
"Goddamn Xmen"
"GodDAMN, Xmen!?"
I'll try and get something out fast so we can drop the thread and move on to the next thread.
Sounds good.


The mind consuming feeling was one known quite well to Changeling Queens of all shapes and sizes. Evil or slightly less evil they may have been in their life, all knew without question what it meant to harbor the cold desire of vengeance in their hearts. For petty slights or grand insults, it seemed as if the desire was as much a part of them as their own beating hearts, and could only be removed along with it.

The one crossing the skies of Equestria doubted such. Even long after her heart had turned to ash and burned away, she still held that desire that could not be sated by mere mortality. The desire to see the line of Chrysalis ended, to see all her accomplishments burned in emerald flame, to take from her the future she had once denied another. She was not a true Queen, and she could not lead. To have been slain by such was an insult that had haunted her soul long after it had ceased to live on this mortal plain. All she had left was this need for revenge.

The Empire of love would feel that revenge, as she burned it to the ground.

Chrysalis would return to find a barren wasteland, and those she had woo'd cursing her name. She would make sure all knew who was to blame for the horror she was about to unleash upon them. She would make sure all would know that any who gave her shelter or love would suffer the same fate. She would not rest until all cast her out in fear of falling to the same fate that would befall the Empire and her Hive.

She would not rest, no matter how many lives she must waste. No matter how many times she must lose her soul's tether to this world. No matter how many she must face to see it end.

It didn't matter now.

Like the Empire, she was already dead.
Man, Two got everything from her dad's side.
Who IS her dad anyway?

>Come on already...

She did not know it was possible to feel this way, but she could not deny it.


She actually wished the already near unkillable cyborg changeling queen would become even more dangerous, just so this endless stalemate could reach it's end.

>Change already!

Instead the battle raged as it had before, with the Golems working together as an unstoppable team that could not be stalled. One hefted it's brother, who had taken the form of a mighty sword, and slashed in half a wild focused beam that has sought to cut him in half. Instead it was the changeling herself who found her limbs torn off, jagged branches sawing off the stumps in hopes it would prevent another reconstruction in a wash of flame. Sadly, it proved as ineffective as anything else.

"She has to run out of power eventually, right?"

The former princess furrowed her brow, no longer certain.

>Ah' don't know where she's getting this power from, ain't like anyone's givin' her a hug.

"Maybe she goes off our hate, and the only way to stop her would be to give up?"

Both sides very much doubted that.

>Iffin' that was the case, other me wouldn't be in the shape she's in.

It still felt better to give a logical reasoning why.

"True, but still. We can't beat her like this, she'll just keep coming back again and again and again."

>We need to find the power source, is what yer' saying.


She couldn't argue with that, there was only one problem.

"But I'm guessing you already used your magic to look for that."

>Not me, Sugarbranch did. She's more keen than Ah' am at the moment.

The stallion winced, momentarily having forgotten the lack of horn and wing in the insanity of it all.


>Forget mah'self sometimes.

"Not now, I'm guessing."

>Yeah... now's a little different.

"So if there's no source of power elsewhere, where could it be coming from?"

Applejack's eyes narrowed.

>Ah' have an idea...

Her chest felt heavy.

>Ah' just hope Ah'm wrong.
Is this the thread ender?
Good enough.

>Ya' never did say who mah' other dad is. Ah' got LOTS of moms, but Ah' only got the one dad, what's up with that?

"Well good news, now you have two!"

>Like the me!

"The other one was this guard I knew."


"Yeah, still a rookie when I met him but I knew he was destined for BIG things. Prettiest white coat I've ever seen, big front muscles too, and that hair! Blue on blue has never looked so good."

>...was his cutie mark a shield with sparkles?

"How did you know?"


>Shining... you are NOT the father!


>Aren't you going to dance?

"I adopted her because it would be a crime not to, I didn't need to cheat on Cadance to be a good dad."

>You're ruining my show!

>So is he gettin' out of there?

"I don't know, maybe it's building up for..."

Shake shake
Shake shake

"Son of a twitch he's stuck in there, isn't he?"


Just like a bad pool match, it's hard to escape a black ball.
I do hope we explain this, it's hard to justify her having UNLIMITED POOOWAHHHHHH after we worked so hard to make sure changelings weren't that OP.
Eh, KKA's been real good about explaining where every powerup came from, so I'm sure there's an explanation here.

>I caught a Shiny!... this is the one time that's a disappointment
>Marey Spinger

>You'd better throw a chair or I'm going to be pissed.




"Wait what did I do-"

Thus began the riots that would last a fortnite

>So, are we gearing up for a big fight scene soon? I get scheduling's an issue, but the stalling's killing me.

"Ya'd rather she do it instead?"

>We both know the death toll's tapped out for now.

"Humor me."

>...Did hel just go up in flames?

"Shaddup. You know what Ah mean."

>Well, I'm not looking to get written off. You got your moment with the golems, I'm just saying I'd at least like one with the baels since they spent more time with me than you.

"Fair enough. So long as ya remember who ya have to thank for 'em."

>Always. I will never forget Princess Applejack. Glory to her forever and may she rest in peace.


>Something wrong, citizen Applejack?

"On a scale of 8 to 10, how badly do ya want that changeling slappin' ya around to get?"


"Nine it is."
Not the metal one you dumbass!
>with the baels
The baels got to be a badass ground snake and then turned into an awesome whip made of teeth, how do you top that!?
...that kind of works?
I mean they're not lions but yeah, same concept.
But where would Delight fit in?
I mean... there are gaps.

>Tis weirdly coincidental that the EXACT and ONLY beings on this planet that could feasibly withstand the reality altering powers from a Primal Four happen to be in this room, right?

"Almost like..."

>Tis fate?

"I was going to say lazy writing, but tomato potatoe.
Nape of the neck.
To be fair this is the exact moment Faust would intervene, the Primal Four are her department, not the world of mortals.

>But... if you could intervene, why not do so? Like, now? Instead of waiting for the changelings and Morlocks and Zebra, like, two ponies.

"Because nothing, and I mean nothing will piss off the changelings more than this."

>...you're still sore about them denying you, aren't you-

I don't think they want anyone but them to win

>This is quite the situation we've found ourselves in.

>But, really, could it have ended any other way? Two Discords, one Fluttershy?

>It was predictable.

>It hurts, but it's true. So, true!

"HEY! Less talking, more fingering!"




>Hmph! Get our mind out of the gutter.

>Don't get all high and mighty just because you're the guitarist.

>Silence, drummer boy!

"SHHH! From the top! ~Hey! Ho! Let's go! HEY! HO! LET'S GO!~"
And this will undoubtedly lead to the lings losing, somehow.
Did we get unlock?
The goods lings or bad lings?
Lets see.
>Applejack reveals if she knows how to cast fireball.
>>36884190 and >>36941731, the rare double unlock unlock!
>Spike has noticed that DT has acquired my habit of pulling objects out of nowhere.
>Trixie knows her explosives, so don't insult her with with your suggestions.
Weird flex but okay>>36959259
>Minuette checks in on Moondancer.
NEET repellent>>36942350
>The Crusaders are out...riding and find despair.
Better than their own despair. >>36962292
>Duo fanservice!
Vekir and Handydog, best pair!>>36959212

Still need
>Rarity gets reeeeally into character.
>Fluttershy gets steamy and punk.
It's faust and that's 29 in there, if she can figure out how they both lose she's golden.

>So how did it work?

"I don't know, we both got them stories, yours was slightly longer though and did have Ember."

>But neither of them were all that substantial.

"Maybe this is just a coincidence and we're reallllly overthinking barely disguised attempts at sex jokes?"

>We do get pent up when me and Celly don't do sex jokes. We used to do that a LOT.

"I'm sorry for your loss."

>Don't worry, we'll do it a lot when she gets back.

"Of course you will, motherfucker."

>So should we figure out the science behind this, or-

~I've got just the thing, darrrrling!~

>...Rarity? What-

~Up up up! I am Miss Peach! Note the color, clothing and cutie mark, and I shall be spending time with mister delight, lets hope he lives up to his name!~

"What's this now? I mean I've never met this pony you're pretending to be, exactly."

~And after that, mister Shining Armor, you'll be sharing time with Tempest Shadow! A guard and a warrior, locking horns... and other parts~

>Where are you getting these costumes!?

~And finally, both of you together will spend time with the one, the only, Gilda!~

"This... this is racist. I don't know why you dressing up as a griffon is racist, but this is SO. RACIST."

~Now we will conclusively prove who-~

>Rarity, is this just a method to have a threesome?

~...Well there is science, which I think you'll agree-~

>I'm out.

He gets up, and leaves.

~He's not going to actually leave, the joke demands it!~

He doesn't come back.


"So do we-"

~Blast, I was this close!~

She leaves.

"...I mean still would've-"


"It was a joke! IT WAS A JOKE!"

In the distance, Shining armor calls.

>Bros before Hos, Bro!


And Delight outruns the dragonfire.
If all three characters get stories, what does that mean?
That sex isn't what sells.
Well that's not right
So he CAN say no and escape!

I knew he was just pretending to not want it!
Anyways, time to close out the thread. Hopefully that story drops tomorrow.
I feel like that won't hold up in court.
>best pair!>
Alright, fine, SA/Celly is still best pair.

But best morlock/Diamond dog pair is without question!

>What do you mean, the rapes don't count!?

"Well, you could've escaped."

>Several of them have the power of GODS

"And who wouldn't want to get busy with that?"


"You wanted it."


"To want it?"



>Miss Peach!
Did you mean peachbottom or we talking the Mario character?
I feel like there's a Peach Pony
He's not wrong, consent was had!

Been a while since we heard that
Worth the wait.
And dis is bump.

>While 18 defends the Empire, 29 and crew face off against Red and Hydia!
NEWWW THREAD>>36964479
Whelp, Page 8, subbing in for the pink. First time I've ever gotten to do it too! Hurrah, late nights!


>While 18 defends the Empire, 29 and crew face off against Red and Hydia!
>NEXT TIME! Twilight has to solve the mystery of who that is! Rarity wants to know who she really is. Who is that mysterious mare with the crossed eyes!? Wait, who was Roseluck, again? I wanna know who's got the moves! Shining wants to know who is that mare in the window? The crusaders must know who's behind all these crazy events! All this and more on Thread 327:Pie Scene Investigators!... OH! And lots of suspicious fanservice!

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