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What are all the nicknames for the ponies you can think of? The only nicknames I can recall are Wubs for Vinyl Scratch and Colgate for Minuette. Am I just short on ponyknowledge or do we not have nicknames for most characters?
But that is her real name.

Muffins is also debatable in terms of real name vs nickname. For others all I can think of off the top of my head is Tavi, Ponk and Snowflake.
>Colgate for Minuette
But that's her actual name.
Skittles for RD
Scoots is probably the most obvious
Panka Po
Porchlight Spackle
Crusty cunt
twalot, spergle, twinkle sprinkle, twigg, twiggy (piggy), twiggles, t. sparks, lavender unicorn, sparklebutt, bookhorse, twi(ly), purple(smart/nurple), purps, magichorn?
bluefast, (top/crusty) cunt, RD, dashie, rainbro, rainbow (crash/trash), speedycloud?
(banana/yellow)(quiet/hush), buttershy, butter(s)hush, flutter(s), 'shy, flutterbutter
(fashion/dress/marshmallow)horse, rares, rara(ra), squiggletail
ponk/pank/ponker/ponka/penka/plenka/panka po, etc (https://pastebin.com/ZtRda4Gj). songsmile?
(apple/appul)(horse/butt), AJ, background pony, treekicker, silly pony
sun(horse/butt), sunny skies, cel, celly(belly), tia, sol invictus, sunny (d)
moon(horse/butt), moon(y/ie), lulu
sweetieb, squeaky belle
scoot(s), chickun
inkie, blinkie, clyde, sue
(big) mac
spits, shitfire
pistachio brownie
glim glam, glammer, glimmy
shim sham, shimmy, bacon(horse/mane), sunny
lovebutt, condense, cady, candy(ass), pretty pink princess, hi anon, can't dance
mcflurry, demon baby
bugbutt, chr(y/i)ss(y/i)
best pony/worst pony
tavi, donkey
maybe r63 names too: dusk shine, eris, gleaming shield, etc.
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I got a nickname for you OP
lil shid

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