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File: glowin.jpg (1.68 MB, 3400x3400)
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1.68 MB JPG
Formally Known as the Moondancer Slave Quest, the goal of the quest has since evolved from Edgelord Anon dealing with his autistic slave/love interest, to now dating Moondancers rival and former co-worker Twinkle Shine.
"Sounds good, give me the quick rundown boss."
Basically, you're Magic Powers Anon. You have magic, currently light/protection type magics. You were Dark Edgelord Anon who had dark magic, but found love with Moondancer so your magic evolved to be less edgelordy. However before you stopped being an edgelord, you taught Moondancer how to use dark magic. Which is really bad, because dark magic makes you prone to emotional instability, and that's not something you want to give to a lonely autistic horse.
Anyhow, it made her so incredibly unstable/crazy that being her master/love interest became hard.. And Twinkle Shine, (who was her former co-worker), stepped in to help you out. Unfortunately Twinkle being around Moondancer made her jealous. (So much so that she almost literally killed Twinkle). And instead Moondancer used her dark magic to put a slave curse on you both. And rather than deal with any of that nonsense. You and Twinkle ran away and skipped town from Canterlot all the way over to Manehattan.

And here you're trying to build up a Company in a new city with new identities along with another former co-worker Creme. This thread is now about the romance between you and Twinkle. And escaping the wrath of your crazy ex dark magic autistic gf.



Previous Thread:
>escaping the wrath of your crazy ex dark magic autistic gf.
Been there, man.
File: stall.jpg (18 KB, 337x450)
18 KB
It's the next morning. Creme slept on the floor again in the room while the two of you slept in bed. Dawn pours through the blinds painting the room with orange hues as the two of you shuffle off to the bathroom.
You climb into the shower together, it's a little cramped, but you manage. You rarely see Twinkle without her suitcoat. So when you do see her like this, it feels rather lewd somehow. You kneel down to help her wash, but she takes the initiative with you and turns you around washing you first.
"Humans don't often expose themselves do they?" You realize you wear clothes all the time. It's probably weird to them.
"Y-yeah.. I guess so."
"The human world must put a lot of emphasis on what you wear if everyone is forced to wear clothes."
"Yeah, more or less." You feel her scrub your back with the bar of soap really kneading her hooves into your back making you feel like it's a massage..
"That feels good, keep at it."
She keeps going, her wet hooves working at your tense places as you sit there on the floor of the shower stall. There's a certain intimacy here too, nothing but the sound of the water here and the two of you isolated from everyone else. Twinkle scrubs more of you. Under your arms, legs, and for a moment even your cock which she immaturely grins at before continuing. And after that, she turns around to let you wash her. This is the first opportunity you've had to really get familiar. There's this big thick mane of blonde hair puffed out usually, but now matted by the water. You note the lack of her artificial horn she keeps between the parted place of her hair on her forehead. Her body, her chest has a certain amount of fluff to it. You feel at it through soapy hands. There's a sort of silky feeling. Ponies themselves feel squishy, and silky, but can also be hard and rigid as well. They seem to have complete control of how their physics operate at any given time.
As you feel along her arms, and hooves, you notice her looking at you. Her breathing is paced somewhat as you feel her.
You feel at her chest, tummy, and hindquarters, and eventually inbetween her legs for a moment. You try not to linger because it seems like a cheap shot. And you continue working around her till she's fully lathered. And watch as it all rinses bit by bit down the drain.
Looks like you have a big day ahead of you. What are your aims?
1) Get to know Twinkle (Date)

2) Get to know Creme (Date)

3) Strictly business. Company stuff and Training

4) Write-In
1. Twinkle is our life now.
File: 1602598978622.jpg (37 KB, 505x334)
37 KB
>had dark magic
>used it to abuse moondancer
>taught dark magic to moondancer
>oh wait Im goid magic anon now
>dark magic comes with emotional instability? just like how I was initially?
>gonna go date your rival now like an utter faggot bye
what a shit premise and a shit quest
3) We can't have fun all the time, gotta take care of business.
>anon said he will stay mono
>op still adds an option to date other pony
option 3
A fun game is one in which losing is possible, even if only an idiot would actually do it.
1 and 3.
Work till 5, then a romantic dinner with bae.
it's a little fucked up honestly that Creme is sleeping on the floor. i don't want to say "date" Creme but we at least got to know her well enough and invite her to sleep on the bed with us even if no sexy times follow
I don't want to date Creme, but I also don't like her sleeping on the floor.
Can we hang out with her? Go to a furniture store and buy a small bed or a couch so she doesn't end on the ground everynight?
these. but also 3 because work is important
This is true, and I think she is best served via this >>36825645.
This is a hotel. Let's just ask the front desk for another bed. Or rent a second room.
See >>36826902
You watch Twinkle get dried off. You dry yourself off with one of the white hotel towels there. It's pony sized so it's small, but you find it quite soft and absorbent. You suddenly hear the hum of a hairdryer, and Twinkle fixing up her hair.
"Anon, be a dear and give me some space while I get myself looking presentable. Why don't you go hang out with Creme?"
You yawn getting yourself dressed, "Sounds good. I'll see you when you get out."
"And Anon?"
"I do mean HANG OUT with her. Don't let me catch you fooling around with her. She's submissive and will probably do anything if you ask her. So I don't want you taking advantage of her."
You raise an eyebrow at Twinkle,
"What? Since when have I ever shown disloyalty?" Twinkle raises her eyebrow right back at you with that sort of, 'are you serious' kind of expression.
"You don't remember when we fooled around behind Moondancers back? You don't think I'd suspect you of doing the same thing to me?"
"Well.." Fuck, she's got a point.
"I-i mean.. With you it's different." She sighs looking annoyed,
"Keep lying and I'll make you sleep on the floor instead of her."
Jeez, what's gotten into Twinkle this morning? First you're having a relaxing shower together, and the next minute she's nagging you about things you haven't even done yet.
"Whatever geez, message recieved. I'll get out of your hair." You say walking out of the bathroom. You immediately bump into creme who was carrying a stack of papers around the hotel. She rubs her face looking like she took quite a blow from the impact. You immediately feel bad.
"Geez, sorry.. Hey, let me help you pick these up." She smiles as she collects them with you. That one long bang of hers hangs a bit as she gathers them.
"Guess we're both pretty clumsy sometimes huh?" She's got such a sweet adorable voice.
Creme looks past you to the bathroom.
"She might be a while with her hair."
"Really? How long does she take on this?"
Creme sets the stack of papers on the ground next to her and recalls,
"Well, if she's feeling lazy, she might take about a half hour. But most of the time she'll be in there for an hour or more getting ready." Your jaw drops hard,
"An... Hour?"
Creme giggles,
"Back at work, she would always take these hour long breaks to fix her hair and makeup. Rose hated it so much but put up with it because she was such a good salespony." You snicker a bit at that too thinking of that bastard getting furious at her for something like that.
Creme smiles sweetly,
"I'd really like to get to know you. If you have the time, I would love to go get a bagel with you."
You look back at the closed bathroom door.
"I'd better not. Twinkle would kill me if she thought I was fooling around."
Creme sighs looking a bit disappointed.
"I don't want to make her angry either. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her.. She's harsh, but she's really sweet. Back in the day she warned me about Rose after it seemed like he was giving me preferential treatment. Boy am I glad I listened. What's more.. She picked me from the lineup of mares in manufacturing to move up to the secretary position. Even though there were plenty of smarter more qualified ponies. My life was better ever since." She places her hoof on you,
"She can seem mean and cold on the outside.. But she really does care about the ponies around her. Even if she doesn't show it right away."
You wonder if she also heard the tail end of your little spat with her.
"Anyhow, work calls. We need to come up with marketing and slogans today."
Creme forces a smile looking down,
"I understand. Lets do our best today ok?"
Its the first day you're on the way to the factory with both Creme and Twinkle at your side. You would've liked to get to know Creme.. But there's so much work to be done.. You also would've liked to have gone on a date with Twinkle to smooth things over with her. After that awkward fight, it feels bad just to leave it hang like that. You pass by a set of televisions in the window out on the street. You stop for a moment to observe dual newscasters, a human with the name Huey, and a Stallion named Lewis reporting.
"And here in Canterlot, were getting reports of pony meteorologists describing the longest period of rain in Equestrian history forcasted for that area. Lewis what's the scoop on that?"
"Well Huey, much like with the Windegos who feed off negative energy and create snowstorms. Theres a theory that theres some kind of intense negative energy coming from around that area. And as long as it remains active it's forecasted to remain perpetually rainy. Hopefully our friends over in Caterlot remembered to stock up on umbrellas." Lewis the grey stallion laughs,
"Huey I certainly hope so. Coming up next, dog breeding in Equestria reaches new advances thanks to immigrants from the human world. Is this a blessing for those looking for exotic breeds, or has Equestrian designer dog breeding gone too far? Huey and Lewis with the News will be back after these messages."
Twinkle sighs,
"Come on don't watch that trash. We need to get to the factory." You sigh. You wish you had more time to watch Equestrian television. But just as you're thinking that, you see suddenly all the t.v screens, including a giant one light up. There's a pure white background, and Twilight Sparkle steps into frame. Shes floating up some papers. There's some loud feedback as things get adjusted.
"Attention everyone, this is Twilight Sparkle, your Princess of friendship speaking. We understand things that relations between human beings and ponies has caused some conflict in the past. I'm here with Winter, a representative from Crunch industries who wants to explain a new idea that will benefit everyone."
He pushes up his glasses and coldly speaks, "The motion has been submitted for approval already.. This is more ceremony than anything. But yes, we would like everyones cooperation in our operations. The first is that Crunch industries, a prominent Equestrian real estate company will lend its land to the preserves of nature. And in making Equestria green again. Trees will be planted all over Equestria, in every single city. Making them greener and healthier. We believe this will be beneficial for everyone."
Twilight awkwardly steals the spotlight again,
"In addition, is the erection of the Love Tower in the heart of Canterlot." Footage cuts to the beginnings of a white tower being constructed there.
"This Love tower will take the love around Equestria, and amplify it's potency to the maximum. Love as you know is the most powerful force we have here in Equestria, and Crunch Industries is here showing us all the path towards a brighter more.. If you'll pardon the pun, 'love'ly future." She chuckles awkwardly,
"A-anyhow, you can donate to this cause by donating to the Crunch Industries Love foundation! A foundation which your Princess personally supports! Here from Canterlot, this is Twilight Sparkle, and uh.. Have a wonderful day!"
The sudden murmur of the crowds all along the streets pick up.
You hear them speak, "More trees?"
"What's the legislature gone and cooked up this time?"
"More of that hippy nonsense. I hear they were gonna build a shopping mall in Canterlot my daughter personally wanted to visit. But the construction stopped because of some protests."
You, Twinkle and Creme look at each other.
Twinkle asks,
"You think Caramel turned over a new leaf?"
Creme responds,
"The protests must've gotten to her finally."
You're not sure.. Something about this feels a little.. Off.
You're in the factory now as a supervisor overseeing the new hires while Creme is dealing with the construction, and Twinkle is busy coming up with Slogans and marketing on her own.
You're pretty sure you chose accurately, but only time will tell if the ponies you picked will be right for the job.
You decide to Train with Twinkle again after that. She groans,
"Go easy, you'll mess up my hair!"
"Sorry princess, but Moondancer won't give a shit if your hair gets messy."
She growls firing bolts at you more furiously now. You and her are at the docks. Which are today surprisingly empty right now. It's raining here slightly.
Unlike Moondancer who got sloppy when she got mad usually. Twinkle seems to get more precise, it's a bit scary honestly.
"Stop running away Anon, let me blast you already!"
"Still mad that I might be sleep around with Creme?" You feel then suddenly electric energy fire from her and blasts you sending you smashing against the wall of the unloading area at the docks.
She growls pressing her hooves against you,
"I'm serious Anon, don't mess around with her."
"Woah.. Where's this sudden jealousy coming from. Don't turn into Moondancer on me."
Twinkle lands back on all fours in a huff,
"Don't compare me, I'm nothing like her."
You recall then the fierceness in Moondancers eyes as she trained with you. That almost soldier-like obedience and skill she showed by the end of it.
"You're right, you're not like her, you're worse."
"Worse? Excuse me? This coming from the idiot who taught her dark magic because you thought she could handle it. Great going by the way, she almost killed me!" The rain gets worse pouring down, dripping down hard on the two of you.
"Oh here it comes, it's all about you isn't it Twinkle? Even back at your job you were always a bully trying to trick others into thinking you were the best. Guess I'm just another stooge you can push around."
"Don't say that to me, It's not like that Anon. I like you, but you're really starting to push me."
"Maybe I wanna push! Maybe you deserve to get pushed around!" You blast at her missing on purpose. She turns around and fires back with a furious bolt of lightning which you sidestep.
"Come on Twinkle! Hit me with your best shot! Prove you're any better than Moondancer. You've got such a big mouth, PROVE you're not just an idiotic-"
You shoot out a blast of energy at her,
"Self absorbed"
You lob another at her,
"Entitled brat!"
You say furiously, and as you do your energy becomes hideous and dark smashing her against a shipping crate. She looks up at you horrified. As the dark energy still pulses from your hand. Her eyes well up with tears as rain pours down,
"You're right." She sniffles. Oh no..
"Twinkle no.. Hold on I-" Her eyes watering big time. Her tone is so broken, shaky and emotional as the rain pours down,
"It's true! I'm pathetic.. I just talk big because I'm insecure! Because my father never gave me enough hugs growing up.. And because I never felt like I was good enough for anyone! That's why I always dated pieces of shit!"
"Twinkle.. I'm sorry."
"I wanted you to be the one guy who didn't! That would sacrifice everything for the pony he cared about.. But I can see all you want is another protege you can turn into Moondancer! I'm not her replacement!"
"Twinkle stop! That's not true!"
"Is it!? When I confessed, I waited for you to say.. Say that, maybe you loved me. But you never did! You just said that you liked me! This morning while we were in the shower.. I wondered how I was any different from the pony you left."
"I wanted to take things slow! Is that a crime not to want to rush into a relationship!? Christ you and Moondancer have one thing in common, you're the queens of blaming everything else on others for your own problems."
She remarks angrily, "You're training me to help you fix your mistake."
"A mistake you helped me make Twinkle. Don't act innocent in this either."
Silence lingers as the rain pours down. Twinkles beautiful mane now soaked and limp with the rain. She looks regretful for what she's said. You feel..
1) Feel regretful too. You should've told her the truth. That you loved her. You should've spent more time trying to get to know her rather than assuming she'd just wanna train all day like Moondancer.

2) Bad you didn't hit up Creme on that date opportunity.

3) Bad that this same scenario played out with Moondancer. That maybe there's something wrong with you that causes this kind of thing to happen.

4) That you were right, and yeah, Twinkle should be sorry. You're gonna scold her, and make sure she doesn't end up on the same path as Moondancer through aggressive action.

5) Write-In
Once again anon spergs out
1, they need to communicate more
1. With sugar and no Creme. Ever.
sheesh anon took this shit from 0 to hundred in a heartbeat.
I don't know if I'm digging Twinkle right now. She was a huge jerk in the beginning to Moondancer, to us, and is coming off very obsessive right now too.

How does she really want us to stay next to her and pretty much swear loyalty when she was the one that initiated the fooling around behind Moondancer's back? She sure as hell had a great time when it worked in her favor but now that she has a slave mark and her life is in danger, she wants us to cuck ourselves and not fuck with Creme behind her back like she's a saint.

I would say a combination of all 5 options EXCEPT number 1.

We tell her that we are regretful for pushing her too hard but we remind her that this exact scenario literally happened days before with Moondancer and that Twinkle needs to balls up if she wants to even have a chance of standing against Moondancer. Twinkle also needs tough love to not turn into Moondancer and actually learn to be independent because it seems like she's pretty hardcore dependant on us right now the way she's clinging.

Also throw in the idea that Creme should sleep on the bed with us or at least in our room. The only reason she'll say no is because she doesn't trust us and if so, that's a red flag. We're putting our lives on the line here for Twinkle so we deserve to make the final call.
I have to be honest gals, I though I was just getting a pony slave waifu, and all I did was fool around.
I'm (quite literally) the dick.
1. It is time to be a good boyfriend. Cheating is not acceptable.
>wants us to cuck ourselves
>mono is cucking yourself
do americans really?
1 but add that we will never touch Creme.
We were only saying that shit to try and draw more power out of her.
You feel regretful too. You should've told her the truth. That you loved her. You should've spent more time trying to get to know her rather than assuming she'd just wanna train all day like Moondancer. This is bad.. Rain still coming down now. She looks to you.
"Anon.." She looks like she wants to say something, but can't seem to find the words. You hear a crack of thunder. The skies above black and stormy.
"I love you Twinkle. When we were talking about our feelings. I guess I was waiting for you to say it.. I've been scared, that things won't work out like with Moondancer." You look down at your feet continuing.
"I want to turn over a new leaf. And commit. I won't ever do anything with Creme. Hell when I said that earlier I was just trying to rile you up. You seem stronger when you're angry. Moondancer got sloppy when she was angry, that's why I told her to control her emotions."
Twinkle walks towards you.
"I.. I'm sorry too. For being mean to you, and not trusting you. I'm not used to connecting with people like this either."
You kneel down,
"And you love me too-" You feel her lips come over yours as you close your eyes feeling the rain come down between you two.
"Don't be stupid, of course." You pull her in, and hold her wet body in your arms.
You and her head back to the hotel in the pouring rain. Your magic is weak right now so you can't shield her from it. You can't believe you reverted back to dark magic. You can feel that negativity brewing within you. You've let yourself become vulnerable. Something you never wanted to do. You wanted to be in charge. You wanted slaves. You didn't want to have to.. Accept this kind of responsibility.
You hear Twinkle speak, talking over the rush of rain as carriages and vans roll by on the street.
"You're thinking aren't you? You have these times, where you're just totally silent. In those times, I feel like anything could happen. But you always manage to surprise me.. In the best ways. Like.. When I wanted to fool around the first time.. I thought you'd say no.. But you went all the way with it. You even.."
She chuckles. You smile too,
"Crazy times."
She softly suggests, "We should make new memories too. I think both of us.. We're still haunted by what happened with Moondancer. I want to put that behind us."
"Yeah.. Me too."
You arrive there at the Hotel dripping wet. You ride the elevator up to the third floor with her. You walk down the hall, unlock the door to the hotel room. Creme isn't there. Looks like there's a note on the bed.
"Went to pick up some Oriental food. Will be back in a half hour."
You say reading the note aloud. Twinkle pulls off her sopping wet suit with magic tossing it aside.
"Great. I'm starved, hopefully she'll be back soon. She says magicing a towel from the bathroom and hopping on the bed in the nude. She dries herself off with that towel resting there on the bed. The room is almost completely dark. And neither of you have turned on the light. Grey light paints the scene somberly. You grab a towel yourself getting undressed entirely and joining her. Every part of you is soaked.
Twinkle looks to you. Her pretty blue eyes locked with you.
"I wanna know.. Who you are. The kind of person you were, before Moondancer. Before Equestria." You chuckle,
"I'm not sure you do.. There's not much to say that isn't horribly depressing."
"We might not get another chance to talk about it for a while with Creme around."
"Ok.. What do you wanna know?"
"Sex, did you have it? You said.. You were a loser right?"
1) I had sex a couple times in the human world, but none of them ever stuck around.

2) I was a virgin before I came to Equestria

3) Write-In
2. Maybe that was part of the problem. Didn't know what we wanted or what we were doing.
2. if we had sex even once, there's no way we would've turned out with enough negative emotion to do this shit in the first place
"Before Equestria I never had sex. Not even once. I think if I had, things might've been different for me."
"And Moondancer was your first?"
"Yeah, although it was hardly as pleasant as I wanted it to be. The incident with her and the creepy zombie foursome with Treehugger sort of killed the vibe."
"So as far as lays go.. I was the best?"
You nod,
"By far." As if there's even a contest.
"Heheh.. What else Anon? Tell me more about you.. Like what schools you went to, what kind of things you liked to do back home?"
"Well.. Went to high school, some college.. And uh. I liked to play video games and watch tv."
"You never like.. Went out or did anything fun?"
"Didn't have anyone to go out with, and nobody wanted to be my friend."
There's an awkward silence between the two of you as you sit in the dark of the room with her.
"You.. Really were a loser then."
You reply, "I told you. Don't know what you were expecting. Also didn't you have parents you said didn't hug you enough?"
"Yeah.. They were always disappointed with my grades. Never gave me enough attention. Always busy with their own work. For me, it was either socialize or be alone. And I chose the former. Which is.. Well something you and Moondancer seem to have a problem doing."
"That's putting it mildly but yeah."
Twinkle pulls you in for a warm hug,
"Don't worry Anon. We love each other now.. Remember what Twilight said about love being the most powerful force in Equestria?" It sounds like she's trying to assure herself as well. Like even she doesn't fully believe it.
"Love is a tangible force in this world. So I mean I guess. Plus I have you as my marefriend now. So I consider that a plus."
Winter approaches Moondancer it's dark and rainy out, thundering in the black of night. Shes looking mournfully at an old tree which seems to have been struck down. Upon further examination, the tree is large and inside contains the remains of furniture and other things.
Winter feels nervous as he approaches, but steels himself.
"More memories of him?"
Moondancer winces as she painfully recalls, "One time the smoke alarm went off.. We'd forgotten we left a casserole in the oven. He spent the whole night reassuring me that things were gonna get better for me. He cuddled me to sleep, and looked at me with those tender eyes."
"Ma'am.. It's not my place to say, I know. But, from everything you told me. I don't think he ever truly loved you."
Moondancer is quiet for a moment, standing there still in the rain. "There was one time, he approached me in a dream, used his powers to get in, and helped me overcome some old trauma of mine."
"Yeah, you told me."
"It was so blissful, the entire time in that dream. And when I woke up, it was raining just like this."
Winter remarks casually, "There certainly has been a lot of rain."
Moondancer turns around and looks to Winter.
"Why.. Why do you stay with me? You could have run away so many times. You could have told Twilight what I was up to. Why haven't you abandoned me?" Her eyes vulnerable for once as she approaches Winter who stands a bit taller than her.
"Because.." He kneels down in the mud humbly before her,
"I love you."
"But why?"
"Working for Caramel was awful. I was nothing more than her lackey. Used and abused by a mare who didn't care about me. When you stormed into the office and killed her, I saw such a passionate fire in your eyes. Roaring like an inferno. I wanted to know what it was like to live with that kind of passion."
"Passion huh?"
"You also blessed me with your mark, and with dark powers. You've cared for me. You've cuddled me, you've occupied my bed. You've treated me like so much more than just a lackey. And I am truly honored to be your somepony."
Moondancer tears up as she pulls him close with magic and hugs him.
"Oh Winter.."
"I swear to you Moondancer, I'll make your dreams come true. And when it's all over, I'll hold you till it all goes dark."
She sobs out, "I can't forgive him, I love you, but I can't let go of what he did to me. He'll pay for it. The entire world will pay for what he's done."
Winter smiles, but there is also concern on his face,
"Of course my lady. Its just, if our plan succeeds, it will mean our end as well. And I want our entire lives to be spent together like this."
Moondancer doesn't react much to that. Winter growls in frustration,
"Its all because of him.. It's his fault. If you want, I'll find him.. Find that wretch and bring him to you. Or just take care of him myself."
Moondancers expression is gentle,
"Don't.. Seeing him now would only make things harder. And you already know why I don't want to track him down."
"So he can see it with his own eyes. Damn it all."
"Winter.. Our time together, it will be short. But I want you to know, that I'll cherish it, every moment of it."
He grits his teeth, and his glasses hide his tears.
Later that night, Creme showed up with the food. But you and Twinkle decided it'd be better if she had her own bed. So you upgraded to a room with two beds in it.
It's the following morning, and yesterday you managed to oversee the hiring process. You of course hired,

1) Artists with creative minds who think outside the box

2) Obedient NPC's that don't really have minds of their own that do whatever they're told.

3) Horny degenerates

4) Neeeeeerrrds

5) Humans

6) Country folk

7) Write-In
remind me what we're manufacturing again
vidya machines, right?
4 and 5.
We need ponies who super understand commerce and magic and pony culture - but we also damn sure need some people who understand video games.
>Like even she doesn't fully believe it.
which part does she not fully believe
All for Twinkle bump
option 2 gave me a hearty chuckle.
but I think we should go with 4 and maybe 5 like the other anon said
Last night you recall when Twinkle mentioned Twilights thing about love. Twinkle seemed like she was unsure about the future. And that maybe love wouldn't be enough. And fair point, love can fix a lot of things, but sometimes.. It doesn't, and sometimes it makes other things worse.
But you're gonna put those worries of hers at ease, because yesterday, you hired the perfect combination of nerds and humans. And today you're gonna supervise the fuck out of them.
You're in the factory and Creme and Twinkle are off doing other factory type things which to be honest you didn't pay attention to, because your focus is razor sharp on what you're doing. You gather the 10 or so people you hired, 2 humans, and 8 nerd stallions.
"Alright folks, we're gonna have the stallions work down in manufacturing, and the two humans here will work here in janitorial and unloading spots." And maybe if any of them show significance outside of that, you might promote them to the cushy office job. But given that most of the stallions you interviewed look like they were fresh off whatever nerd convention wagon they rode in on, you doubt they will be.. Now the humans might be different..
"Alright, chop chop, everyone get to work. I'll be your supervisor, my name is Lance Sloan got it?"
They all nod obediently, and shuffle off to the huge wooden crates and begin unloading things. There's one slim nerd guy with black hair, and then this other pale chick with the short electric blue hair. And goddamn she's fine.. Wearing the black polo with the logo for MPA industries on it and black work slacks. She fills it out.. Chest C, slim.. Nice thick ass. Not too chunky, not too thin, good stonkin hourglass figure.
She seems to notice your gaze as she's hefting a box on top of another box. She talks,
"Hey.. Was there something you wanted?"
"Ah! Nothing, erm, keep unloading those boxes." You tried to sound more cold and demanding, but it was a softer tone coming out than you wanted. She looks at you curiously, then she walks ever closer and looks even more curiously. You feel awkward now,
"Uh.." Then her face lights up,
"Oh wow! No way! You're Anon aren't you?!"
She smiles, "Yeah! I remember you now.. Gosh you sure have uh.. Gotten really hot haven't you?" She smiles sexily at you. You're confused.. You're certain you've never seen this chick before in your life.
"Uh.. Sorry, who are you?"
She laughs, "Sorry, it's probably been a while. Anonette from college?" Wait a minute.. She.. Changed her hair? Yeah, she used to have long brown hair,and used to wear these frilly dresses a lot.. This punk rock style of hers must've really thrown you off..
"You've changed too, you uh.. Going for some kind of alternative thing?" She chuckles,
"Yeah.. Well I figured since I was going to Equestria, and everyone here has colored hair.. I might fit in better if I had colored hair too."
The other ponies and that other human are still in the background moving things.
"Yeah.. Looks good." She smiles looking antsy,
"Thanks. Man you sure have changed.. I feel bad now not going for someone like you. I mean I must've said no like 3 or 4 times.."
Is she bragging? You remember now.. You poured your heart out to her. She was taking your math class and you really had a thing for her. And it seemed like she liked you back then, but never got around to dating you. Time to put your light magic to the test and make her tell the truth. You subtly move your hand behind your back and conjure a spell.
"So.. Anonette.. What was the real reason you didn't say yes?"
She chuckles, "Pfft, you were fat and gross. And there were other guys I was into at the time." She gasps covering her mouth, she looks both ways,
"Oh my God. I didn't mean to say that! God that was so mean of me, I can't believe I said something so awful." You smile,
"But it was the truth wasn't it?"
She sighs, "Darn it.. Yeah.. But I.. I think you're really cool now! Heck you must be doing something right if you changed your name and are the Supervisor here."
"Actually, I'm the co-owner."
"Oh WOW, you ARE cool!" She shuffles her foot,
"Hey listen.. I'm sorry about what happened back then.. I should've been less shallow. Maybe we can start over?"
You laugh hard. She looks at you somewhat surprised,
"Start over.. Hahaha.. That's a good one.. So now that I'm successful, and I'm hot.. NOW you want something to do with me."
She looks nervous,
"W-well.. I mean.. Clearly your uh.. Confidence, is uh.. I mean your personality.." You're raising an eyebrow to her,
"Ok! I admit it, it's all bullshit, I'm a shallow ho ok? After I rejected you.. I ended up quitting because school became too hard. And I wound up at my local fast food place.. But then I heard there might be job opportunities in Equestria.. And uh, that turned out to be not really that true.. As a lot of them are a little discriminatory against humans? It's hard to get hired a lot of the time, especially for pony specific jobs."
"Well at least you're being honest." She pulls the hair out of her face,
"Still, you must already have someone.."
"Yep, she's the owner as well." And just as you say that Twinkle seems to walk by. She hops up on a box crossing her legs,
"I overheard some of what you two've been saying." Twinkle smiles evilly.
"So.. Life hasn't turned out so well since you rejected my boyfriend.. What a shame you couldn't see past the surface."
Anonette looks at her,
"Wait, you're dating a pony?"
Twinkle growls at her, "Got a problem with that?"
She waves her hands chuckling,
"Oh no! N-not at all. You can love whoever, doesn't bother me." She sighs,
"Damn I really messed up. I bet you think I'm just a total whore."
Twinkle shrugs as she sits on the box,
"Nothing wrong with that. But you have lost when it comes to the game of life. Twinkle magics her forward,
"Does it upset you?"
Anonette looks defeated,
"Yeah.. It does."
You can see Twinkles horn glow,
"Someone like you, really doesn't have any value any all." She repeats back like a zombie,
"Someone.. Like me doesn't have any value."
Twinkle smirks,
"Someone like you doesn't even deserve to work here." She seems like she was gonna mutter the phrase but snaps out of it,
"Please! I want to work here.. It pays well, and I don't want to be homeless again!"
Twinkle speaks again, "You'll do anything we ask, no matter how degrading.."
She repeats back, "I'll do anything you ask, no matter how degrading."
Twinkle cackles, pulling her forward with magic as she sits there on the box, she pats her head.
"Thats a good human bitch. You like serving your superior pony masters don't you?"
She nods obediently with sadness in her eyes. She submissively offers,
"I'll do whatever you want."
"Follow us to the backroom."
File: office anon.png (481 KB, 772x511)
481 KB
481 KB PNG
You're in the office. Anonette is on her knees sucking you submissively. You're sitting in a big comfy office chair with a high back, with your hands resting on the arms of the chair.
Twinkle softly taunts,
"This is the only thing a human bitch like you is good for."
Anonette still there on your cock sucking you. You can't believe Twinkle is letting you do this.. I guess she's still down to fool around if she's into it. Twinkle climbs up on the desk,
"Now eat out my pony pussy you human swine." She commands, Anonette quickly pulls off, precum stranding from her mouth as she stuffs her face into Twinkles crotch. Twinkle taunts her,
"How's it feel to lose completely to a pony like this? To know your only value to us is being a little human whore for your pony master?"
Anonette is shlicking herself wildly, moaning like a beast. What a slut, she's into this..
"Yes! I'm a bitch whore. I'm a fucking dirty human bitch, and my only purpose is being a fuckslut to my pony master and former loser classmate!"
You sit back smiling,
"Can't believe you were able to use that suggestion spell."
"Learned it from Rose. Had to break his suggestion a couple times. The piggish bastard. Hey slave, get your face back in there!" She shoves her hard into her pussy and Twinkle moans out,
"Oh yeah.. I've always wanted to do this to a human girl.. And I bet it feels good for you too, to finally get your revenge huh Anon?"
Twinkles looks to you, and you can see the tenderness in her eyes as she does. She really is thinking of you here too..

1) Thanks Twinkle. You've helped me live out my ultimate fantasy. Now lets finish this and 'punish' her with everything we've got.

2) Bending peoples will is wrong.. Maybe we should stop.. I do appreciate your help though Twinkle.

3) Write-In
op stop thinking with your dick please
>twinkle says to be loyal
>anon agrees
>he fucks someone else 10 seconds later
comfy romance with twinkle >>>> sex sex sex with random people
2&3 while I appreciate it, maybe we should stop here
>"And today on Anon fucks everything by fucking everything"
Nah, this is a joke. Wasn't expecting adding a human to the mix, but let's go with 2.
And 3: Twinkle, did some of Moondancer's magic rub on you? Because you are fucking thirsty, and I want to stop that before you go mad.
You look down at the pathetic excuse for a human being groveling between Twinkles knees. Driven totally mad by the suggestion spell. As satisfying as it is to see an old love interest get what she deserves, this revenge isn't healthy for the relationship between you and Twinkle. You work your magic on the weakened human girl and slowly cause her to pass out. And then you erase her memories. Twinkle looks at you confused,

"What was that for? I thought you wanted this?"

"I did. But I did it for us. Because we don't need to play these games anymore. Remember? We made a commitment to each other."
Twinkle looks down,
"Guess we both messed up."
"Yep, but that's why we're perfect for each other, because we're both colossal fuck ups. Lets clean her up and get her back to work. I don't wanna have to take the heat for this."
Anonette goes back to work without any fuss. She remembers only that you're Anon and nothing else about this. She still gives you the googly eyes because she has a crush on you, but you ignore her now.
You and Twinkle oversee the workers,
"The other human isn't smart either by the way. Seems that if a human knows to much technical knowledge that can be used to progress technology unnaturally, they either can't get into Equestria, or get their memories altered so they don't recall those skills."
"He really said that huh? Awfully dystopian to keep things the way they are now. But maybe it's for the best. I don't mind this time period."
Twinkle smiles nuzzling you,
"You really do want to be exclusive.." You pet her gently feeling her softly quaffed mane.
"Yeah. Though I appreciate the sentiment. I was glad you had my back on that."
"We should do something after work. Maybe go out or something. Unless you.. Wanted to train or something."
"I don't know about training, it didn't go so well last time."
"I was just feeling on edge. Now that I know you love me, it's different. And the thing with Creme, like you said, you were just trying to rile me up."
"Yeah.. Well, I guess we should probably go out then."
Twinkle suggests, "I think there's an aquarium in town. We should head there. It'd be nice to see the fish with you."
"Nice! That's a great idea!"
And so without hesitation, after work you and her leave to go to the aquarium. On your way there you happen to bump into Winter. There are bags under his eyes, and he looks a bit disheveled. You feel nervous because the last time you bumped into this guy, you punched his lights out, and then Moondancer attacked his boss in public. You cough,
"O-oh gee.. Fancy meeting you here."
You see him cruelly look at you with the glare on his glasses seeming intimidating,
"Indeed.. Anon."
"Listen, that was my bad.. I'm the one who taught her dark magic.. And when I hit you, I was just trying to defend her.. We're not even together anymore.. So no hard feelings right?"
His cruel expression softens, and he smiles,
"Actually Anon. It's fortunate I've run into you. We're holding a fundraising ball for the tower here in Manehattan. If you and your new.. Partner would like to attend, we'd be more than happy to accommodate you."
You chuckle,
"You sure? I.. Kinda punched you in the face last time. I wouldn't want there to be any hard feelings between us. Like some kind of weird revenge thing."
Twinkle pushes against your arm,
"Anon stop being weird, we should accept his offer."
"What? Why?"
"Uh hello? It's a chance to hobnob with all the rich ponies attending the gathering?"
"Ah shit, good point. In that case count us in."
He smiles,
"Wonderful, it's a date then. I have some other affairs to attend to. Perhaps if we exchange phone numbers, I can get you some premiere seating at the event?"
Twinkle excitedly pulls out a business card of hers and writes down her number. He stares at it,
"MPA industries is it?"
"Yes! We're an up and coming gaming company, and we'll be coming up with our console designs very soon."
"I'd be more than happy to help you promote it then. That is, if you're willing to make a charitable donation to the towers construction fund."
Twinkle nods,
"Absolutely. Count us in." He smiles taking the card and shoving it into his suit coat pocket.
"Well, I must be on my way. It was certainly a pleasant surprise to see you again Anon. An interesting experience as always."
"Yeah, you know, you're surprisingly chill Winter."
Winter remarks jokingly,
"Oh I'm not just chill, I'm cold as ice."
You chuckle,
"Hey give Caramel my regards ok?"
He nods,
"Sure. Though she won't be attending for obvious reasons. She's a very busy pony."
"Ah of course."
Winter smiles behind the sheen of his glasses,
"Don't worry, you'll get to meet her again soon."
You smile politely,
"I'd like that." You and Winter part ways. And you can swear you hear laughter coming from behind you, but it must just be your imagination.
File: stingray.jpg (160 KB, 1200x795)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
You and Twinkle are staring at the stingray exhibit. Twinkle looks fascinated by these creatures elegantly floating through the water.
"They're so cool!" She says hanging on the edge of the tank. She excitedly says,
"I wanna touch one so bad." She says reaching her hoof towards one floating by.
"Just be careful Twinkle, I wouldn't want you to get Steve Irwin'd over there."
"Steve who?"
"Ah.. Nothing."
She pats the stingray however with no issue, and you say,
"Hey, did that Winter guy seem a little funny to you?"
Twinkle looks back to you seeming mildly annoyed,
"He's just some stuck up rich snob. They're all like that, trust me I've hung around enough of them. And you'd better get used to it too. Cause there will be more of them, and I don't wanna miss out on sales opportunities because you pull a Moondancer and end up too socially awkward to do anything."
"Alright alright already.. It's just.. There's something about him.. I don't know what it is."
"You're overthinking it. He was probably just looking out for his boss that day, and now that you're not with Moondancer, he has no reason to hate you."
"You're right. Sorry for getting worked up."
Twinkle then asks,
"Well anyway, we're here to see the fish.. What exhibit should we see next Anon?"

1) Dolphins This is the one I'd go to see desu

2) Orcas

3) Sharks

4) Write-In
I like dolphins too. 1
>We bailed on the sex
Oh thank god. Some actual sense.

Maybe penguins after.
Orcas are pretty cool.
1. Good way to bring up interspecies intelligence and understanding and shit, since they're almost as smart as humans.
File: dolphin ball.png (324 KB, 480x270)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
"Lets go see the Dolphins."
You get up to the entertainment area where Dolphins are held in pools. You see some pony trainers feeding the dolphins. Some little fillies are watching cheering happily as the dolphins eat the trainers food.
You're approached by one of the trainer stallions in his wetsuit,
"Hey, if you'd like, there are some dolphins on the other end that are in the mood to play. You two wanna play?"
Twinkle nods excitedly. You and her are led over to a Dolphin, the trainer speaks,
"Her name is Coral, she's a year old. You should toss her the ball and see what happens." Twinkle looks at the dolphin then to the ball. Looks like she'll take the initiative here. She picks up the red ball and lobs it at the dolphin. The dolphin misses the catch by a bit, but grabs the ball with her mouth and chucks it back at Twinkle. The ball rolls next to her hoof. Twinkle throws the ball again, and the Dolphin catches it this time. There's a careful and intelligent way that the Dolphin moves. It swims over to the edge of the pool and rolls it to Twinkle, and Twinkle laughs and rolls it back.
"They're very intelligent creatures." The trainer pats the dolphin on the head, and it reacts by raising its tail and making a happy clicking noise. Twinkle gets excited hopping up and down a bit,
"Amazing! She's so cute!"
"She can do other tricks. Check this out." The trainer dives into the water gracefully swimming down, the dolphin follows after him, and then raises him out of the water a short time later with him standing on one hoof on her nose. You and Twinkle stare in awe as the trainer stands there on top of her nose for a moment before diving off and swimming back to you.
He laughs,
"How was that?"
Twinkle remarks,
"Way cool!"
You and Twinkle spend some time here with them, tossing the ball a bit more, throwing it some food. One thing you notice about them is how they move and follow your hands, responding in much the same way any other intelligent mammal would to basic stimuli. You toss a ball, and the dolphin tosses it back. You make a noise, and the dolphin mimics you. Very friendly creatures too, no signs of aggression.
Though you're not sure if such smart creatures are truly happy here in captivity. Especially not to do tricks for the slobbering masses. But you enjoy seeing them anyways with Twinkle. And Twinkle had fun too tossing the ball back and forth as well. Such simple things can bring such great joys.
You and Twinkle arrive home at the Hotel and see Creme on her bed looking over a bunch of papers.
"Oh, hey you too, you're back." Seeing her here waiting at home.. There's something about it that feels nice. You and Twinkle walk over to your own bed across from hers, Twinkle undoes her suit coat and tosses it aside laying on the bed in the nude. You sit down next to Twinkle and chide her,
"So Creme, what'd you come up with?"
She adjusts her glasses looking over the papers,
"We'll have a proto-type ready by the end of this week read to show off what the Posidon Turbo is capable of."
You remark,
"That fast?"
"We're ahead of schedule. The nerds you hired helped speed things along." Twinkle then sadly responds,
Dang, if only we could have it ready in 3 days."
Creme raises an eyebrow,
"What's in 3 days?"
"A fundraiser ball for that new tower thing they're building in Canterlot. Some weird love amplifying thing.. I dunno, I don't keep up with stuff like that. All I know is, big event, big names. I mean it's a Crunch Event. Even Rose had me show up at one of those once. It's how he made his brand bigger. This could be our chance."
Creme nods,
"I agree.. Sadly, theres no way we'd be able to make it unless.." She pulls out a calculator and punches some numbers on it with her wing.
"Actually, if we break a few labor laws, cut down on the breaks, and make everyone work overtime. We might finish around that time."
Twinkle laughs,
"You're crazy Creme, there's no way we could do that."
Creme pushes up her glasses,
"I know. It's crazy, but if it's as big as you say.. Releasing it in time for the fundraiser could be just what we need."
You chime in,
"So if we push everyone to their absolute limit, we might just barely make it on time."
Creme nods,
"Rose would've done the same to us.. And in fact, he often did to meet deadlines."
Twinkle nods no,
"Forget it. I'm not doing that to my employees."
Creme looks unsure,
"I know, it's a huge missed opportunity. But I.. I don't want an envioronment like Roses office, where everyone hates each other." You've never heard such kind words out of her mouth.
She looks a little bashful with you looking at her,
"You're going soft aren't you?"
Twinkle makes a pouty face seeming annoyed that you called her out. You pat her lovingly,
"Love you Twinkle."
You give her a little peck on the cheek. You see a little smile crack on her face.
"Thanks for taking me out today."
You, Twinkle and Creme arrive at the factory the next day.
1) You want to stay close to Twinkle while you work and support her. It seems to make her a better pony, and helps you to get to know her better.

2) You want to guide the employees and make sure they're not slacking off, and try to get to know some of them better as well.

3) You want to stay close to Creme and let her know that her efforts aren't going unappreciated. Shes a close friend, and you want her to know that.

4) Write-In
This. There is only Twinkle.
I go with 1
You want to stay close to Twinkle while you work and support her. It seems to make her a better pony, and helps you to get to know her better. And so that's what you do. You stay by her side, help her give orders to the employees and help her run the factory.
As you do, you see Anonette come up to you,
"H-hey supervisor.. Um, I was wondering if you'd like to go on a-" And then that other black haired nerd approaches her,
"Hey Anonette, there's more work actually that needs to be-" She shoves him away and smiles laughing cutely,
"Hehe, anyhow, I was thinking you and me could go on a da-" Twinkle stares at her threateningly. Nevermind. The nerd then speaks,
"You could still go out on a date with me-" She shoves him aside marching off annoyed.
"Can it dork, I'm not interested!"
You and Twinkle have a good laugh at that.
It's lunchbreak and you and Twinkle are together in the office.
You speak,
"Man, I'm glad we hired those nerds. I have no clue how to develop any of this stuff."
"We just gotta keep them in line, and make sure they have everything they need to develop it. Outside of that, it's just a waiting game."
You lean back in the chair. She's sitting on the desk next to you which makes her just a bit taller than you sitting down,
"So.. I noticed you've been sticking close to me."
"Worried I'll mess something up?"
"N-no! I just.. I like.. Being near you."
"Awww.." She pulls you in with magic, you feel the wheels on the chair roll towards her as you're pull right into her embrace. She hugs you warmly,
"You really are amazing. So thoughtful.. It's everything I've ever wanted.. None of my other partners ever cared about spending time with me. That is until it was time for sex.. Jerks.."
You look up at her,
"You deserved better Twinkle. I think I understand why you acted out before.. You never had someone there for you."
She smiles, but then her smile fades a bit.
"I wonder if.."
She chuckles,
"It's nothing.. Just forget about it, I'm happy I get to spend my time with you."
It's after work now and you're with Twinkle again. "Thanks again for spending today with me.. You know.. Having you close by.. It feels right."
"Yeah, I know the feeling."
Twinkle smiles as she flicks off the light to the office grabbing her briefcase with magic.
"Did I ever tell you about my childhood?"
"Oh.. Sort of? Parents never gave you enough hugs or something right?"
She laughs,
"Its.. A bit more than that.." You and her walk out onto the street now. The warm city lights light up the dark of night. There's a bit of wind chill so you and her stick close to each other.
"I used to play sports as a filly. In fact all the way up till graduation. Team sports were my thing. They helped me connect with everypony, and I got to be social.. My parents.. They'd show up to maybe half the matches.. But every time they came, I got the feeling they weren't really.. There.. Like they just didn't care. They'd say good job and all after the game. But it always felt a bit hollow. Like it was just some formality. My whole childhood was like that. They played the role of parents, but they never held me.. Or made me feel like they cared at all."
You pat her on the head,
"Geez, that's rough Twinkle. Sorry to hear that."
"It made me feel like I wasn't worthy of their attention. Like I wasn't achieving enough.. But now I see they were just neglectful." She bites her lip doing her best to hold back tears,
"Hold me Anon.." She says shakily. You stop there and kneel down to hug her close on the sidewalk. All this neglect might be why she felt the need to bring others down. Because she always felt like she wasn't good enough deep down. And the hard workplace Rose had her endure probably only encouraged that kind of behavior while keeping her somewhat isolated because of it.
"I love you Twinkle. You don't have to feel like you're alone anymore." She chuckles still trying to hold back tears,
"Don't say stuff like that, you'll make me cry, I'm serious.."
You hold her close,
"It's ok to cry if you want." She sobs a bit and you feel her little tears hit your shoulder,
"S-sorry.. Not trying to get.. Emotional I just.."
"Shh.. it's ok." She sobs there for a bit and you just hold her. You feel her cling back in return. And you can feel the desperation and pain from those years of neglect. Jesus Christ she really needed a hug..
You wake up the next morning, Twinkle holding you close still asleep from last night. Her hair a bit messy from the bed.
But as you sit up she wakes, and her hoof presses your tummy, she softly mutters,
"Don't go.. Stay with me."
You feel like you've been hit in the chest after hearing her say that. Her cute smile, and soft but sort of desperate undertone to her voice.
"Yeah.. I'll stay." She wraps herself around you smiling with her eyes closed. She softly mutters,
"I love you Anon."
After a while Twinkle lets you get up
1) Spend the Morning with Twinkle, and help her with her morning routine, show her the depth of your love, and how much you truly care about her.

2) Spend the Morning getting to know Creme better, and let her know that her efforts aren't going unappreciated.

3) Spend the morning doing work for the company, organizing checklists in order to meet the deadline.

4) Write-In
2. Twinkle had us one day, now is time for Creme.
Just friendship, you wankers.
3. Managers gotta manage. The money we get from this project is us and Twinkle's future.
Can we do both? Get an early start on working, with Creme?
You've decided to spend your day with Creme. You spent all day yesterday with Twinkle. And in all this time you've barely gotten to know Creme at all.
She seems to be packing things into her backpack this morning. You approach her,
"Hey Creme.."
"Hello Anon, good morning. Did you need a progress report or something? Is Twinkle mad that I ate one of her cupcakes in the company fridge?"
"Uh.. Neither of those things. Listen, I just.. We've barely gotten to know one another.. And honestly I was thinking you know.. You're so distant, maybe we could hang out together."
Creme smiles,
"Well.. I do have to run some errands today. If you don't mind coming with and leaving Twinkle behind, we can do all of those."
You hear her blowdrying her hair still in the bathroom.
"Yeah lets get going."
If you pick 4.
You're out walking with her towards the dress shop while eating a bagel alongside her. You remark as you're walking along the sidewalk with her,
"Pretty stinkin good Creme."
She magics up the plastic knife with the strawberry jelly and spreads it on your bagel as you walk. You take a bite. Absolutely transcendent. You talk mouth partially full,
"MMm.. Delicious."
"Right? Reminds me of when I used to work for the Crunch Corporation."
"Wait, you used to work for them?"
"I was a temp hire. And I got beat out by more.. Aggressive ponies who wanted the position more."
She sighs,
"That's just my lot in life though. My place is only to serve my betters."
You can't help but chuckle at her absurd statement that she seems to have said without irony.
"Uh, excuse me?"
"It's just, I don't really have any goals for myself. Everything I come up with on my own.. I don't feel like I have the will to see it through. I stick around ponies like Twinkle. She not only protects me from other ponies. But lets me see success on my own. Without her, I'd be totally lost in this world. I wouldn't have a purpose."
"But.. Doesn't that make you just a slave?"
She chuckles softly,
"I get paid for it silly. And it's 'paid' off.. I'm the head manager at this company, and I'm third only to you and Twinkle. I hedged my bets correctly. You shouldn't worry about me Mr. Anon.. Sorry, Mr. Sloan."
You arrive at the dress shop, you're picking dresses for the formal event for Twinkle and Creme. Creme is examining a short lime green sparkly cocktail dress.
"Is it too much?" You look at the pricetag,
"1,400 bits.. That's a lot."
"No! I meant, is the style, is it too much for the event?"
You chuckle at the misunderstanding,
"No, it's perfect for you. Are you sure you have enough?"
"I have plenty Mr.Sloan."
"Uh.." She looks to you,
"Something the matter?"
"You really don't have to keep calling me that. I don't think anypony here even cares what my real name is."
"Mr. Sloan.. I'd rather call you by your last name.. It's more formal. Someone like me isn't really worthy to call you by your real name."
Ah geez.. Hanging around with Twinkle.. Former employee of Rose.. Seems to just breed personality issues.. And hers is a total lack of self esteem. It's heartbreaking.
"L-listen.. Creme, you've gotta have a little more confidence in yourself.. You've had quite a few accomplishments like you said sticking with us.. It hurts me to see you putting yourself down like this.. Please. If not for your sake, then for mine. I won't be able to live with myself if I let this go."
She bows slightly,
"Understood. I'll try to be more considerate next time sir." Gah! It's no use.. Her inner self is totally submissive. It's just like what Twinkle said. She'll do anything..
"Creme.. Please, I.." You pat her on the head. You don't know what else to do. She looks at you transfixed for a moment in surprise.
"Did I do something wrong Anon?"
"N-no.. Just uh.. Don't be so hard on yourself. Please."
She smiles nicely,
"Understood Mr. Anon. Thank you for taking my feelings into consideration." Fuck. Does nobody care about her feelings at all, to the point where she feels the need to thank anyone that does? Christ it's so heartbreaking..
Creme doesn't seem to really be upset about anything. But it's like she's so dead inside that her own self esteem is non-existent. She speaks,
"I see a dress over there that matches Twinkles aesthetic tastes."
She points out a silky white cocktail gown that sparkles.
You smile,
"That is pretty fancy." She holds up the tag. 10,000 bits.. Yikes.. She pulls the dress off the wall.
"Wait, don't tell me-"
She giggles.
"I'll use my own money." No way.. She's gonna spend her own money just so Twinkle can have a nice dress? That's the nicest thing you've seen someone do in a while!
"Creme.. You sure about dropping that much on a dress?"
"Twinkle needs to look her best for the event.. Also. She's someone that I consider a friend. Something like this for someone I care about. It's the least I can do." You feel such a deep appreciation for Creme. And how dedicated she is to the ones she cares about. You selfishly ask,
"C-creme.. I'm your friend too.. Right?"
She smiles nicely,
"Of course. You are Twinkles partner and.. A very kind person as well. I've seen the way you dote on Twinkle, and.. Helped her in ways that I couldn't." She seems like she's in pain as she smiles and continues,
"I wish I could be there for her, in the way that you do it. Compared to someone like you, I.. I'm only subpar." Fuck it's like everything she says is a punch right to your heart, you almost wanna cry.
"Creme, please don't ever feel that way. You're special, to me, and to her too." You feel tears crawling down your face. Fuck you never meant to cry here in this dress shop. What the hell are you doing?
Creme seems genuinely touched as she wipes away your tears with the tip of her wing gently,
"Come on, lets get these paid for. We shouldn't keep Twinkle waiting."
As you're walking back, you nearly fall into a puddle, but Creme saves you with her wing swinging you back up and onto your feet.
She smiles adjusting her glasses with her wing,
"Please be more careful Anon."
"R-right.. Thanks Creme, you're a true friend."
She smiles brightly at your statement.
You arrive back home after running some more supply related errands with her. Twinkle seems to be not back from the factory yet.
Creme walks over to her bed and hops on it, pulling out and going over some paperwork. She softly mutters to herself,
"50 percent.. That margin seems a bit off. I'll have to run the calculations again."
"50 percent what?"
"Initial profit margins. Based on the estimated sales ratio of the console."
"And that's wrong?"
"No, well.. Maybe.. This is taking into account the current markets need for next generation consoles, plus the marketing bonus we'll be likely to get if we nail this fundraiser."
"And.. If we don't nail the fundraiser?"
She taps the calculator with her wing.
"25?" She shrugs.
"The market always fluctuates. Consumer needs are fickle. We also don't know if we'll have to spend more during playtesting to iron out the bugs or other design elements that would ruin the consumer experience." She states matter of factly before adjusting her glasses.
"Damn. We'd barely make our money back compared to what we put into it."
She looks to you with a serious expression, "If the console doesn't sell well. MPA goes under. All of this was a huge risk from the start."
"No way, we've come too far to let it all sink down to nothin. We got this. The Poseidon Turbo is gonna blow consumers out of the water." Creme looks at you, her eyes go wide,
"Anon that's it!"
"The slogan! The Poseidon Turbo blows the competition out of the water!"
"OH, I didn't even think of that! That does sound cool!"
"Twinkle tried her hooves at it the other day.. Her suggestions.. Were all pretty bad. But this is great, we'll finally have a slogan to help sell the console. Thank you Anon!"
"Y-yeah.. No problem."
File: final day.png (285 KB, 3840x2160)
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285 KB PNG
It's the final day, 24 hours remain
1) Twinkle

2) Creme

3) The factory

4) Write-In
>Mr. Sloan.
We made such a blunder not going with Rusty Shackleford for our alias.

Both Twunky and Cremarina will be happy to see us taking this seriously.
Our work is the work that will shape tomorrow!
3, it's time to get shit done
You decide for the final day, you're gonna actually do your job. No messing around, no dates, no nothing. Just hard work. That's right, grueling, unforgiving work for the next 24 hours.
So you're in the chair at the factory. And you're the a human playtester, the only one actually. Cause that other nerd was more into films than actual video games.
You're sitting there calmly progressing through the game.
"And you're sure this is the game we need to show off?" You ask Creme,
"This game is an RPG, it's called Secret of Magic. We like this game because it shows off the 16 bit graphics, and the real time combat while dealing with the limitations of the system."
You play through, seeing an opening cutscene,
"There, in the background, can't you make that thing light up back there? This whole opening sequence is too dark."
Then dialogue pops up,
"Dialogue boxes are terribly misaligned." The nearby geeks sweat hearing you sort of spout the complaints about the game out loud typing away code like mad trying to fix it.
"Aaannd I'm stuck on a bush. You need to fix the object clipping."
Twinkle looks impressed,
"Wow Anon, you're like a pro at this."
"That's right, I am a pro gamer. I've trained my entire life for this moment."
And in essence that's correct.
"Controls feel a little slippery while walking. Might wanna readjust the joypad sensitivity."
This... Might take some time.
You're up till far past closing, still working with those nerds who seeing your commitment to keep playing haven't quit. They're motivated to keep playtesting this game all the way up to the final hours.
Finally, after 24 hours of almost nonstop gaming, at around 1 in the morning, the game is ready to be demoed at the event.
They shake your hand with their hooves with pride. And you all share a beer before heading home.
You walk home with a tired Twinkle and Creme, you stretch walking with your arms behind your head as you walk down the street. You're still sweaty from sitting for that long..
"Phew.. It was a nightmare, but we got it in working shape.. We might see some minor performance bugs.. But nothing major."
Twinkle and Creme laugh. Twinkle responds,
"The game looks great. We're gonna kill it tomorrow."
Creme chimes in, "As long as nothing unexpected happens, I foresee a major success for us tomorrow at the fundraiser."
You sigh looking up at the pony moon partially covered by clouds. After all this time.. You've finally found a place in this world. With good friends at your sides. Things are finally looking up for you.
You couldn't be happier that everything turned out. Every hour of time spent during these past few days has been fruitful. And after the fundraiser, you can't wait to spend all day at the hotel taking a break and watching pony television.
It's the following night,
You arrive at the event center. The grand pony ballroom in Canterlot. Twinkle is wearing that sparkling white dress, and Creme in her short mint green sparkling dress. Twinkles hair is done up especially well. And she's wearing a pearl necklace to go with her outfit.
You all arrive with the console in tow. And some event organizers help you get setup to display it.
All your hard work, sweat and tears.. You stare down at your handsome body in this tuxedo. You hear the murmur of ponies as they walk in. Creme then says,
"I can handle the console. You two should go out and have some fun tonight." You and Twinkle look to each other. You nod and look around the ballroom. It's fancy, with dual staircases leading up to a big room at the top. Everything looks shiny and golden in the light. Tables are set up and fancy rich ponies start funneling in. Lots of uh.. 80s hair, and suit styles show up. You don't mind it, it just feels like you're in a retro movie of sorts somehow.
You bump into Winter who's wearing a grey tux to go with his grey body, and slightly darker colored grey mane. He adjusts his glasses,
"Man of the hour. Anon, you've showed up. Twinkle called ahead. We got it all setup as promised did we not?"
"Y-yeah. Thanks man.. I was a little worried about this being a setup or something. But I'm glad you pulled through for us." Hes smiling nicely,
"Caramel has been talking about you. About your company, 16 bits is pretty impressive."
"Oh.. Cool.."
"She actually wanted to meet with you tonight in private, and maybe have a dance afterwards."
"Me? I mean.. I'm just the co-owner."
He shrugs,
"Well, you don't have to go right away. Whenever you're ready, head to the top of those stairs, and she'll be waiting for you."
"Geez, what's so special about me.." But then again, you are the brains behind this operation.. Or at least the guy who came up with the idea. In the back of your mind something doesn't feel right. But you're not gonna let it spoil the night. A bunch of rich ponies have gathered around the console. The ponies gasp at the rich and detailed sprites,
"Such color!"
"And the graphics! Cutting edge!"
"My sons will want to play this game for sure!" The rich ponies all shouting praises for it. You chuckle. Twinkle is talking to a rich pony on her own.. Tonight seems to be going perfectly
You almost wanna go up the stairs now just to get it over with, but seeing everyone so happy in the golden light of the ballroom, with all these fancy tables with food, wine and this classical music playing over the speakers.. You can afford to look around for a bit.
You're approached by a rich brown maned mare,
"Ohhh, aren't you handsome? You're with MPA aren't you?" Shes feeling up on you, ah shit..
"Listen ma'am, I'm just here to enjoy the night."
She laughs,
"Oh just teasing.. My sons will adore your games, I just wanted to say I met with one of the owners firsthoof."
You chuckle,
"Ah.. Well that's fine then. I hope you enjoy the night ma'am." She smiles wandering off with a glass of wine floating next to her. Maybe you should lighten up.. Maybe get some snacks.. It is a party after all.
You find your way to the snack table and load up some fancy crackers with some caviar and other fancy toppings before making your way to the main floor. Winter is up on stage and he turns on the mic which relays feedback for a moment,
"Hello and good evening ladies and gentleponies.. And human guests as well. Welcome to the Love Tower fundraiser event. Please help yourself to snacks, the festivities are just getting started!" He then clears his throat and then continues,
"Now this event is very important, as it will spread and amplify love. Taking the love found from ponies, and giving it back 10 fold! In fact, this entire room is powered by this proto-type we have here!" He unveils a small white generator thing.
"This was made using cutting edge technology. And was the brainchild of our CEO. Truly groundbreaking. With this, we'll finally have true peace throughout Equestria, and the entire world will gain from it. Now please, if you'd like, the dancefloor is available.. We'll be playing a mix of slow and swinging songs for you all to dance to. Please enjoy tonight! And as well, before I forget. Our esteemed guests. Twinkle, Anon, and their assistant Creme debut their latest generation console. Please head over to their display to witness the crisp 16 bit graphics from the Posidon Turbo!" He coughs and exits the stage a bit awkwardly.
The other ponies all clap for the three of you turning to you with accepting eyes. You feel so happy right now. It's like a dream. You feel Twinkle tap you on the arm, the music swelling. A slow romantic song is playing with sweet saxophone in it. You smile, and go out to the dancefloor, she places her hooves up on your chest, standing on two feet, while the other ponies all seem to stand on fours for most of the dance. You hold her up by her hooves and lead her along. She's so pretty with her sparkling dress. Creme is an angel for letting her have this.
She looks up to you with her pretty blues shining in the light,
"This is all happening because of you. How's it feel to be a celebrity now Anon?"
"I-it.. Feels great."
"I can't believe how well we're doing tonight.. Anon.. I just wanted to say.. That these past few days with you.. They've been.. So magical. I.. Really see myself, spending a long future with someone like you."
You repeat smiling a bit,
"Long future huh?"
"Yeah, I hope that doesn't scare you off or anything."
"Not at all.. I feel the same. Like you said, we'd be the ultimate power couple. And.. Well you were right Twinkle."
She pulls in, hugging against your waist now.
"I love you Anon.. I wanna be like this forever with you."
"Me too Twinkle.. Me too." You say tenderly. You dance slow with her for a while longer before she gets tired and decides to get some drinks at the table. You feel happy to have experienced such a wonderful tender moment with her.
You look up at those white stairs which seem golden in the light. You'll take care of this real quick, and be right back down. You walk up the stairs, and enter into a white room, pure white. And you shut the doors behind you. You walk towards an egg-shaped chair faced away from you which is the only thing in the room.
"Alright Caramel, cool room. Your friend Winter said you wanted to see me?"
"It seemed like you enjoyed it." You can see just behind the chair, a monitor.
"Oh, you saw then."
She responds quickly with,
You chuckle,
"Sorry to keep you waiting then. You did organize this whole thing." She then replies,
"It was Winter who did. I just showed up for the fun. And to meet you."
"Well, you should probably turn around, I can't see you very well back there.. And your voice sounds a little different than how I remember. You got a cold or something?"
She turns around, and in the chair, is Moondancer, wearing a sparkly black dress. You gasp, and try to run, but you're frozen in place.
You growl,
"Damn it all! What did you do with Caramel?! Did you set this up? Was Winter in on it?"
Moondancer looks at you softly walking up to you.
"Calm down, it's been so long Anon.. We haven't had a chance to talk in a while." You take a deep breath. She's at least not acting crazy for the moment.
"Alright.. I'm intrigued then, what's going on?"
"I didn't set any of this up. It was Winters idea. You just happened to bump into him. A happy accident. One that I.. Took advantage of admittedly." She's still got that nasally nerdy voice, but now she's talking like a know it all.
"Oh really.. And what did you do with Caramel?"
"Killed her.. You're not mad about that are you?"
You sigh,
"Well.. Not entirely."
She rubs her hoof against your face looking kindly at you.
"Even if it's like this.. I really did want to see you again. You left so suddenly without even a goodbye."
You snicker,
"The slave marks didn't exactly make me wanna stick around for more 'pleasantries.'"
Moondancers expression saddens,
"You had such fun out there with Twinkle tonight. The way you looked at her, you really love her now."
"Yeah.. Listen. I'm sorry, that I burst into your room, and admittedly took advantage of you, that was wrong."
She laughs walking back to the chair sitting down on it with her face leaning against one hoof,
"That's sweet of you to be concerned. But I'm happy you approached me that night. You saved me from a world of despair. And that's why, even though I was angry at you for leaving me. I have no motivation to kill you or anyone you care about right now."
"Gee, thanks I guess."
"But you left, without even so much as a goodbye. And it hurt me. You hurt me deeply.." Oh here it comes..
"And for that, you must suffer a conseqence."
"As long as you don't hurt Twinkle or Creme.. I guess I deserve this. Do your worst."
She lifts you up into the air with dark magic, and radiates a harsh magic into your body which burns at every pore. And you feel yourself changing. You see the walls turn into mirrors all around you. And you see your hideous fat body of the old world before you came here.
"You see Anon, you're a liar. And you've been lying to everyone since you got here. And this way, I expose the truth, to everyone you care about. You're a winner on the outside, but you're a loser on the inside. You made me a slave because you couldn't handle a relationship!"
You shout back,
"I've changed! I'm not the same person anymore! You didn't need to do this!"
She flicks her hoof at you, and the slave mark breaks, and you're free. She grins. And you ask her in disbelief,
"What was that for?"
"I'm severing you, from my life forever. Winter is my boyfriend, and a more worthy one than you'll ever be. Writhe in the inadequacy of your own filthy body, and lay in bed with the lies you've made to clothe yourself all this time."
"D-don't do this! I don't wanna be ugly again! They won't accept me!"
She snickers,
"I would have. Even as you are right now. But it's too late for that. With the power of love, I'll make this entire world feel the pain you made me feel when you ripped my heart from my chest, and tore it into tiny pieces." She shoves you out the open door with magic, and you tumble down the stairs to the crowd of rich ponies below. They all gasp and look at your gross body.
You hear them whisper,
"Who's that ugly oaf?"
"Isn't that the co-owner?"
"Were we tricked?"
Creme walks over to you, and upon seeing you turns to walk away.. You clutch at yourself feeling hideous and gross.
Everyone here is staring at you with those judgmental eyes. And just then, you see Twinkle approach you. You grasp at her,
"T-twinkle.. Please, it's me.. Anon.. You don't hate me do you?"
She replies,
"So this is your true body."
You can feel it coming,
"Please Twinkle, I'm not this way, I'm.."
"You tried to make me fall in love with someone as ugly as you? What a complete embarrassment."
"Twinkle no please!" You fall to your knees, tears dripping down your face. As the crowd moves further away from you. And just like that, the event ends with you on your knees. Moondancer comes down the stairs, and sees you there on the ground, you pull at her dress,
"Undo this, please.. I.. I've changed inside, I swear. I'll do anything, just don't make me ugly!"
She smiles,
You groan,
"Why are you doing this to me?"
Winter walks up and takes her hoof,
"My lady, it's getting late." You yell at him,
"You bastard! You tricked me!"
He smugly smiles,
"It's true. But it wasn't because of your pathetic punches. It was because you hurt my lady. The most beautiful and charming pony in the world." He kneels down and holds her hoof in his and kisses it. She laughs.
"You're with Moondancer.. But she.. Killed-"
"That stuck up mare I worked for? She did me a favor. And I'm more powerful now than I've ever been." He blasts you against a nearby pillar with dark magic.
He teleports and stands over you,
"But I do have to thank you. Because of your idiocy, I was able to meet the most wonderful mare in the world. The one you threw away like trash. She's the only one here who would've accepted that.. Disgusting body how it is now."
You grit your teeth,
"It's not fair!" He walks away,
"Come on Moondancer, lets be on our way. We've wasted enough time on this lowly scum. And so there you are now.. Alone in the ballroom. Everything shattered to pieces around you..
You're alone on the street, the rains have come back, showering you soaked. You get back to the hotel, to find out Twinkle and Creme have changed the keys.
"Oh come on! I know I lied, but you knew that about me! You knew that I used to be ugly! Don't be so shallow!"
But there's no response. You kick the door in anger, and walk away. Damn whores.. You can't believe they'd treat you like this. After everything you went through, just a bunch of shallow cunts.
You arrive back at the factory to hide out. And you see Anonette there closing and locking the door.
"Anonette, I need to get into the-"
"Sorry, Twinkles orders.. You're not the co-owner anymore."
"Twinkle.. Come on, you liked me remember? Just let me in."
"I liked you because you were hot. So yeah, if you were hot I wouldn't care. But you're a fat ugly fuck like you were before. I'm gonna go date that other guy now when tomorrow rolls around."
"Fine! Fuck you too I guess!"
You sit out by the docks in the rain. You wish you could just toss yourself into the ocean and drown. Every part of this has been a total shitshow. How could Moondancer be right. You were already insecure about this shit happening. And it's like every single insecurity is manifesting itself in the worst possible way.
Wait a minute.. There's no way..
You see suddenly Twinkle out there in the rain with you.
Twinkle looks down, "Listen.. I want you to know, that what I said back there, it wasn't true. I'm not sure what came over me. But.. After a while, it felt like something in my heart overrode whatever shit in my brain that caused me to say that stupid shit." She laughs out,
"I don't care that you look like this! You still look ok to me! Yeah you're fat, but I love you for you! And that'll never change!"
1) This must've been Moondancers plan, to make me feel as lonely and isolated as she did when I left her.

2) If you want to make it up to me, then help me get back what I've lost, and help me snap everyone else out of this.

3) Write-In
So are we still co-owner? It seems obvious Moondancer was doing something to everyone's mind.
If that's secure, we really need to worry about what she said about 'tearing the world apart'.
File: check em3.png (127 KB, 659x654)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
Nice digits.
3) We need to get everyone back with us, but we also need to help ourselves. Is there any way we can get /fit/ or at least healthy again with magic? Moondancer is up to something
"Then.. Am I still the co-owner?" She runs over and hugs you close.
"Of course! Anon.. I.. I'm so sorry. I promise I'll make everything right. Let me get you out of the rain first."
She teleports you inside the factory. She turns on a light, finds a nearby towel and dries you off.
"What about Creme?"
"I scolded her, she still seems dazed, like she hasn't snapped out of it yet."
"Damn that Moondancer, she tried to take everything from me." You try using magic to reverse your condition, but it doesn't work. Then suddenly Twinkle tries her magic, and then suddenly you transform back into your handsome self. Twinkle comments,
"Must've been a curse stopping you from disabling the spell yourself."
"In any case, we have to hurry and get everything back.. I have a feeling Moondancer isn't finished just yet.. She's planning something. She's going to take her anger at me out on the entire world. And if we don't stop her, then it's all over."
Winter is eating out Moondancer as she grins like mad in that sparkly black dress.
"Our plan worked excellently. Everything went exactly as we designed. And it's all thanks you you my love."
He looks up and smiles with her juices still covering his face,
"Yes my lady. I did everything for you.." He laughs,
"That fool Anon, I can only imagine what hell he must be enduring right now. Losing everything he loves and cares about."
Moondancer seems pleased resting her head on her hoof. Winter continues,
"Soon he'll have no choice but to come groveling back to you just as planned. And you'll make him your slave all over again.."
Moondancer is still smiling but remarks,
"He won't. He's got that bitch who cares about him.. Twinkle."
"Then she-"
"I felt it sometime after the spell was cast, she broke free."
"Damn, a miscalculation." She then shrugs,
"No Winter, I had suspected as much beforehoof."
"Than why-"
"For my own amusement."
"I.. I see."
"He'll get it all back, but hopefully now he'll have gained a taste of the hell I have in store for him."
Winter laughs,
"That he will.." Moondancer then puts her hoof under his chin,
"Winter, I've given it some thought. And I believe you're correct."
He looks confused,
"About what?"
"The plan to use Equestrias combined love to fire a laser at the sun. As I discussed destroying the sun using love would leave this world in darkness and kill everyone, including ourselves."
"Ah, of course my lady, then you've decided against that plan then?"
She snickers, "Of course not, that is why I am making one minor alteration to the plan."
"Then.. What do you mean? What alteration?"
She smugly replies sitting there on her throne in the tower.
"We'll escape in the final moments, and leave this world to freeze and be lost forever to darkness."
"Where, how?"
"To the human world. Anon's homeland."
"But then-"
"I will take it over. Anons final punishment is the enslavement of his entire race."
Winters jaw drops,
Moondancer smiles,
"Winter, my love.. Let's leave this filthy world to darkness, and rule the new one together. I will make you a king.. And I will be a queen.. And we'll reign together, forever. We'll mold the entire world to our design just as planned."
"M-my lady.. I'm truly, honored to serve you." She then smiles looking away into the distance she mutters,
"Anon.. You'll feel in my heart, every pain you visited on me a thousandfold. Everything you cherish will crumble into nothing. And my vengeance, will be complete."
Everything has been worked out, and even Creme seems to be back to normal. You're back in the hotel. But then you suddenly feel something, something weird, like some dark magic has just pulsed out over a large area..
You decide to look out the window, everyone below seems to be moving slower. Like they've lost the motivation to move on. You and the others rush down to street level. You can feel it, all the love is being drained from everyone here in Canterlot.
Suddenly all the televisions turn on, and you see Moondancer there smiling,
"Hello entire world. You may be feeling some discomfort right now, and thats because I'm taking this worlds love all for my own. Love is like a curse you see, it's selfish, and it hurts. And I'm going to take it from you all, just like a certain someone did to me. Everyone will feel my pain, and then this world will go dark forever. I invite you all to stay calm, and enjoy this time, as it will be the last you'll be around to enjoy it."
No one on the streets seems to care. Listlessly moving forward like zombies.
"Why is that pony talking?"
"I need to get to work."
"Nothing matters anymore."
Moondancer smiles,
"If that someone is listening. You might notice you're not feeling any of the effects, and neither are your friends. That's because I wired the control towers not to target you. I want you to still have love to lose when we see each other again. I want you to see this entire world have the love ripped away from it, and give into despair. And when it's all done, I'll fire every ounce of love right into the sun, and destroy the light and hope of this world. The exact same thing you did to my world when you left me. You took my love, and the hope I had, and turned everything to darkness. This is my justice. My vengeance towards you."
You shout back, "Fuck! Damn it all Moondancer are you insane!?"
Twinkle shouts, "Anon hurry, we've got to do something."
Creme looks down,
"What will this world do if the sun is destroyed?"
You reply,
"Everyone will die probably. She's going to kill everyone, and leave this world to darkness. And all because of me?"
1) We have to get to Canterlot now and stop the Tower!

2) Is there a way to refocus the frequencies and save the people in the city?

3) We've got to escape to the human world!

4) Write-In
Let's get the element bearers on this one. Maybe even the princesses, or Discord.
A direct strike would be dumb. Go with >>36839831. Maybe we can aid them with our light magic.
If the situation gets bad, maybe we will need Twinkle too.
"This is officially above our paygrade, we gotta get the princesses, discord, or the element bearers on this."
"But we have to stop her!"
"Twinkle what the hell are we gonna do that those ponies can't. We're not heroes. We should just sit back and let them handle it."
You just then see Discord pop into Manehattan and start shouting your name looking around,
He pops around, under a manhole cover, behind a fire hydrant.
"Oh there you are, come on Anon. I need your help. Oh and your little friends should come too."
"Discord? What the hell do you need me for?"
"Your ex-girlfriend has been busy, and that tower of hers made everypony else completely useless. Apparently they can't even function without their precious love. All except for me. I've never needed the stuff bleh.."
"Damn.. So it's just you and us then."
"Wouldn't be the first time it fell to me to save the world. Come along now, lets get a move on!"
He snapped his fingers, and there you are near the tower. But there are a bunch of zombified pony guards with multiple artificial horns, and a bunch of those VHS mech things that Moondancer built once.
"We have a slight problem. There's a shield around the tower which prevents it from being destroyed outright. The tower IS the lazer is far as I can tell, and the control center is at the very top. However even with all my might, I can't phase past the barrier."
"And why not?" He then sighs,
"It's made of love, and love is the most powerful force in Equestria, even if it's being used to do evil."
"So then what the hell do we do?"
He looks to you seeming annoyed,
"Now listen here. You're going to have a little chit chat with your ex and fix this mess. OR we're all doomed to live out a very cold eternity without any love."
"Why's that bother you?"
"Because I don't want my best friend to become a Popsicle. Also without the sun I'm liable to stub my toe even more than usual. So here's the deal, I'll create a distraction, AND open the barrier, but I can only hold it for a few seconds. If you can disable the tower once you're inside it, I'll see if I can get the others to come help."
You nod,
"Alright, lets get this done."
Discord pops in and starts using his chaos magic to distract them drawing them all away, meanwhile he creates a small entry point in the barrier which the three of you run through. You run to the base of the tower and take the elevator. You all stand inside the elevator together.
Twinkle asks,
"Alright, how do we play this?"
Creme looks uncertain,
"Its hard to say. Moondancer will be powerful with all her magic."
You add,
"Not to mention she's probably got Winter with her. So it'll be 2 on three. And even at that, I don't like our odds. It'd probably take all three of us just to take out Moondancer on our own. But with Winter, it's almost an assured loss."
Twinkle speaks,
"Then we need another plan."
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But nothing comes to mind. As the three of you reach the top. You see it.. It's the dream.. It's the exact same scene as in the dream you entered. At the top of the large white spiraling tower. With orange clouds like this. Moondancers hair is let down as it blows in the wind. She looks to you.
"You finally came."
You approach her slowly along with the others,
"Moondancer, please. What you're doing, it's wrong."
Moondancer smiles,
"It's nice to see you again. Seeing you here like in the dream, I wish I could read a book with you."
Twinkle speaks,
"Listen, cut the crap. You can read or whatever when you're not trying to destroy the sun with a giant love laser."
She chuckles,
"You already know how this is gonna end Anon. I'm going to defeat you, and then I'll destroy the sun." The sun is lighting up the sky with such a pretty orange hue like in the dream.
Winter smiles,
"This is our dream. Everything we've worked for. I won't allow you to disrupt my ladys plans."
Creme speaks,
"Isn't there any way you'd reconsider not blowing up the sun?"
Moondancer looks at you,
"Why shouldn't I? And let Anon here off free for what he did?"
You step forward,
"So then.. You want me." Twinkle steps in front of you,
"Anon don't! I won't let you sacrifice yourself!"
Moondancer smiles,
"You took everything from me when you left. I was left completely alone. Abandoned by the one person in the whole world I thought gave a damn about me. It was so cold, and empty, like a world without light. I was left there to stew in that darkness. But it was in the darkness I found my salvation. And I vowed vengeance. If I couldn't be happy, then neither would you. And you would pay dearly for what you had done to me."
1) Listen I know this probably sounds all deep and poetic in your head. But don't you realize how insane this is? You should be happy I'm not with you anymore. I was a worthless piece of shit boyfriend to you. I admit that! But you can't take that out on everyone else.

2) I messed up. And you were totally justified in getting revenge on me. But not like this. No one else deserves to suffer for my idiot mistakes. Please Moondancer, rethink this. It's not too late to call it all off. You have Winter here, and he loves you, think of how sad he'll be if this goes south, and you end up in pony jail or worse. Don't go through with this.

3) Write-In
Let's play off. Moondancer maybe has feelings of grandeur now, but maybe if we buy some time, our friends can stop the device before it nukes the sun.
Let her have her moment, fake hurt and sadness.
Oh, Moondancer, I am anything but innocent. Your hate is justified. In a world where everybody has someone, you were alone alone, and when you finally had somebody, I crushed your hurt.
Moondancer, you can kill the world, both worlds if you want, and even then, I can't defend myself to stop you.
Why kill the sun? Hell, why kill the universe? Wouldn't be better to make me an example that you should never be toy with. Oh Moondancer, please, oh please, just stop me, since I am nothing, but a roach, which only last privilege it should have must be your hoof crushing my skull?

You idiots, why are you looking at me? Turn off the shitty machine now!
3) We should definitely try to distract her or at the very least try to get the jump on her, and maybe let Twinkle hander her if we can get her mad enough
3) "Do you think Twilight Sparkle would approve of what you're doing?"
Time to fake some hurt. Hopefully your acting will carry this performance.. "Oh, Moondancer, I am anything but innocent. Your hate is justified. In a world where everybody has someone, you were alone alone, and when you finally had somebody, I crushed your heart."
Moondancers smile fades, and you see the hurt she feels come out as the solemn and hurt expression is painful to look at. You continue,
"Moondancer, you can kill the world, both worlds if you want, and even then, I can't defend myself to stop you. But why kill the sun? Hell, why kill the universe? Wouldn't be better to make me an example that you should never be toyed with?" You then telepathically tell Twinkle and Creme to disable the machine. They seem to get the picture and start moving. You say loudly,
"Oh Moondancer, please, oh please, just stomp me, since I am nothing, but a roach, which only last privilege it should have must be your hoof crushing my skull?"
Moondancers eyes fill up with darkness. Ah shit.. You feel it crushing you down with intense force bringing you to your knees. You feel her hoof then smash down on your head. FUCK, you didn't think she'd take the invitation so literally!
She growls into your ear,
"I should crush you, and everything that you are. You don't deserve my mercy.." Winter then taps her on the shoulder, he seems a bit concerned,
"My lady.. He's admitted what he's done wrong. We don't need to go farther do we?"
Her eyes go back to normal as the darkness in her retreats,
"Winter.." He pushes her slightly off you, and lifts you to your feet.
"I don't like what you did. But it's because of you that I was able to meet Moondancer at all."
You feel confused,
"Anon, you've learned your lesson haven't you?"
Just then the machine whirrs down. And you see Twinkle and Creme at the helm. Winter and Moondancer and Winter look at you with disgust. Fuck.
"You were gonna destroy the sun ok!? I was under a lot of pressure!"
Moondancers eyes flare up,
"So all of it, every word was just a lie to distract me." You can feel an intense violent rage brewing in her, and even Winter is backing off.
Twinkle then appears in front of you.
"Go to hell Moondancer, he's suffered enough hasn't he? You got your revenge. Hell you took over this world. So let it go.. He's changed. He's not the same person as he was before. Don't let the hate you felt before corrupt who you are now. Because if you do, you'll become nothing more than a bully. I would know."
Moondancers eyes slowly lose the darkness in them yet again. She starts tearing up. Winter places his hoof on her shoulder,
"My lady.. I think it's time to let our grudge go."
She clutches her chest, her eyes filled with pain,
"It still hurts.." Winter holds her,
"It will be ok. We'll find a way forward, and I'll be there with you every step of the way." He holds her still and looks to you,
"Truthfully, I never wished for the annihilation or domination of either world.. Only to make Moondancer happy. Her happiness is my own. But I can see letting her tread this path any further will only make her more miserable."
Should you say something here? What will you do now that Moondancer seems to have willingly given up the fight?
1) Write-In

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