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File: 1616893688658.png (2.18 MB, 3840x2160)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB PNG
Continued: >>36776136
>Hey! It’s me! Pinkie Pie! AKA the devil.
>I know that’s a lot to take in and yes, you’re likely here in Hell because you fapped too many times, but let Pinkie explain the cosmology of this here cosmos!
>Hell (you are here) is ruled by me, the mistress of hedonism! As such my will is all and hedonism consumes you in hell! You’ll spend eternity having endless sex (mostly with me) and experiencing every type of worldly pleasure imaginable! Hurray for you!
>Don’t feel bad. 99+% of the population ends up down here having sex with me eventually.
>All the other ponies are my children including Celestia, Luna, Twilight, Rarity and your waifu. Every time a boy like you spills his seed on the earth Mama Pinkie gives birth to a new pony daughteru for you! Yes they are all adorable and yes you probably have a legion of them.
>My daughters spread degeneracy throughout the world, both heaven and hell! They encourage people to embrace hedonism and fap like there’s no tomorrow so my army can grow ever larger! And don’t worry. While I’m you’re new, true waifu you can still have all the awesome sex and ice cream with your old one. She’s my daughter so she’ll happily oblige.

>Heaven you ask? Meh! That’s where all the boooooring people who don’t get to have sex with me go. It’s basically a giant golden cube (and yes the bible says this) where you penis and/or vagina is deleted forever and you live a life of monastic diligence, chastity and servitude shouting ‘Holy! Holy!’ in a smoky room.
>Think of it like the ultimate nofap challenge.
>Boooooooooriiiiiiiiiiing. You’d rather stay down here and become a sex fiend right?

>If you want to try and resist you’ll have to roll initiative! 1D20. 16 (I grew stronger form all the degenerates who submitted in the last thread) and up and you resist my lust aura. Fail and I’m your new waifu baby! Succeed and… well we’ll talk about it. And yes, you can be a good boyo and just roll a 1D1 instead. You know you want toooooo.
>Just make sure to take a good, long look at my plot before you decide.
Rolled 11 (1d20)

Meh, why not. It'll give me something to do.
Rolled 1 (1d1)


Oh I know I want to
Rolled 6, 5, 5, 6 = 22 (4d6)

It goes in the "Options" field, you muppets.

Each of you takes this many hit points of damage from a falling anvil.
Rolled 20 (1d20)

okay, I'm new here, and don't know how to roll dice, thus I'll just gladly sign-myself, over to Queen Pinkie_Pie, of my own will :>

And yea, being raised a christian, 'heaven' and it's 'treasures/joys/splendor' always sounded uninspired, lame, or just boring.

now, as a Sagittarus, and a fap-fiend, I have a special love for all things equine <3

I love you Queen Pinkie Pie, may your reign be supreme ^^
test, test
okay, does dice work now?
this is the most faggot-ridden post Ive seen in a while
please oh please kill yourself
>Having sex with a girl is the literal definition of faggot!
He says.
breh, you just mad I'm dropping the robot-shell, feel free to do the same : p
File: horse-pussy.jpg (142 KB, 900x675)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Let's see if I can cum to my waifu this week, or will it be spilled on pinkie's hot ass.
Rolled 6 (1d20)

Attempt 5.
File: 43109.png (42 KB, 400x317)
42 KB
>5 attempts
File: 1235040.jpg (3.09 MB, 4000x3000)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB JPG
>Heehee! Nice try! Are you sure I'm not your waifu? You cum for me way more than you do for her, lately.
>Anyway, get to making a new daughter for me! I want that cum pronto!

"Daw! You little coom-puppies are the absolute cutest! You both know you're destiny is to give me your cum!"
>Pinkie puts her hoof on your cock and starts rubbing it back and forth quickly like she's scratching a dog.
"Go on! Be a good boy and cum for me! There's no need to hold back, I'll make sure every last drop gets where it belongs! I've been waiting soooooo long to finally have sex with you."
>You don't hold out long against Pinkie. Soon you're cumming out everything you have, everything that's inside of you.
>Pinkie deftly lowers her head and puts her mouth over your cockhead to make sure she doesn't waste a single drop.
>When you finish cumming, she swallows hard and giggles.
I think I'll stay alive just to piss you off. Seethe more faggot.
You're not getting any of my seed, I'm saving it for my waifu.
Rolled 9 (1d20)

Idk why it didn't work
>thread name isn't The Devil Wears Party Hats
File: make it stop.gif (47 KB, 428x424)
47 KB
Rolled 11 (1d20)

i dont want to have sex tho, i just want to feel something
I'll defeat you with the power of song!

Rolled 8 (1d20)

Roll, roll, roll your soul
Gently down to Hell,
Merrily merrily merrily, merrily,
Life it but a shell.
Based Lordi poster
File: BasedGarithos.jpg (55 KB, 1280x720)
55 KB
You will not have me, pastel temptress! I will resist you, for humanity!
Rolled 5 (1d20)

God fucking damnit...
They say the Devil is in the details, but Ponk is really more of a big-picture kind of pony. bigthink.jpg
Rolled 5 (1d20)

rarity is my waifu you foul beast. .
File: astonishing.gif (484 KB, 447x447)
484 KB
484 KB GIF
Rolled 16 (1d20)

I don't want to go to heaven. I want to stay here and be happy, but I want to not have sex just to spite you.
File: pinkie_pie_semen_demon.png (831 KB, 1200x674)
831 KB
831 KB PNG
Oh fuck. Pinkie's fat ass. It felt painful when the semen rushed out of me. The party demon took my load and my dignity.
Nah, i don't mind sex, but i think there's much more to life than that and having sex as the only pleasurable thing will quickly get very boring. Do you have the internet or some other entertainments here?
I want to fuck Pank
Don't we all?
File: 1608576732289.gif (363 KB, 788x815)
363 KB
363 KB GIF
Isn't there anything between an eternal hedonistic nightmare and serving the demiurge as a doped-up slave forever?
The bible suggest there isn't. This thread has to stay 100% biblically accurate.
File: 1617410460611.jpg (153 KB, 500x500)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Yes but it's being both as an ironic punishment.
Pinkie has, in a gesture either designed to woo or deeply insult god, created a strikingly accurate recreation of heaven within hell.
Those who were devoutly pious in life and yet all too frequently turned away from heaven because of some silly technicality or unfair archaic rule are sent directly there.
Here the temptation is subtle, personal, creeping and all the more better for being a forbidden fruit in the one place nobody would ever expect to find such a thing.
No matter how chaste or how faithful each soul here will experience the same vices and needs that they did on Earth, they may try to fight it or feel guilty and hide it but one way or another it consumes them.
Just as they feel like heaven is more of a prison than a paradise or as their need becomes unbarable, they are granted by angels a private audience with God himself, an emergency intervention to finally rid them of their old sin.
And yet, when they brave the blinding light and look to the throne of heaven itself they will find Pinkie.
She'll beckon them over, gladly staying in character the whole time, at least as best she can as she knows just what their time in heaven was all about.
Watching the tortured soul before them finally crack, she'll absolve them of the sin of not having accepted their need, of not having let themselves embrace and indulge.
She'll ride them to bliss as she claims their soul, juicy and full just like the pent up load the damned one will fill up her pink pussy with, she'll feel all that stress and inhibition leave them.
They say those who go to Pinkie's "heaven" are the ones who enjoy every moment in hell like it's their first day of endless, orgasmic, sinful bliss. And one can imagine why:
They've found their peace after so long, they met a god that was willing to forgive them for the crime of not cumming for the Ponkadevil, and every moment their penance (and their reward) is making up for all the time they spent on their lifelong no-fap challenge.
File: 1616878717863.jpg (74 KB, 885x1005)
74 KB
>"Ooooh, what you think I'd just bonk you on the spot?! Nononono! It barely even counts if you're feeling dead inside. I mean that's really sad but it's gooood for somebody!"
>Walking through the door of the office right on queue is another Pinkie, but she's downtrodden looking, dejected, not even manic in her misery.
>She looks at you and her face immeditely brightens up, not into the semi-deranged grins every other pinkie sports but just a real honest smile.
>Now through Pinkie means, the ponkadevil is tiny and on your shoulder, whispering to you alone
>"Okay so she's been waiting to meet you for a loooong time and I don't think she really fit in with anyone else so even if you, like, have your doubts or whatever just give her a chance!"
>You glance over at the down to earth, now shy looking new Pinkie, and instead of walking up to you and chatting she's just kicking nothing with her hoof and hiding her expression behind her hair.
>Shoulder devil Ponk continues, sporting a little red devil outfit now and enough narrative awareness to make Discord blush
>"Okayyy so you're going to have to make the first move here too, don't worry she won't bite. Oh and this might be spoilers but, uh, well, you'll get to know eachother really well first and everything and you'll really come to like eachother and one day you are basically going to have the best sex ever; I say this as the ruling authority on sex."
>"It won't even be because of the way you do it, it'll just be regular 'ol sex on a bed, so plain and boring it's actually kinda kinky in a roundabout way~"
>"But for you it won't be about the sex for eeeither of you, it'll be because you're having sex with her, she's having sex with you, and that you'll be able to look forward to doing much MUCH more than fucking her in the future."
>"You'll get to hold hooves, lie down together on the sofa, have an argument and then get over it because you can't stay mad at eachother, you'll even get to meet her parents (which I look forward to because that's me, hehehe!)"
>Fluttering off your shoulder with a pair of tiny devil wings, the ponka devil gives you a brief poke with her trident ushering you onward
>"Now go on! I can't bare to wait much longer! Go say hi!! Do iiiit! It's bad enough you're going to make me wait sooo long to give up your soul to her!"
I seem to be lost. Could you give me directions to Limbo, please, miss Pie?
Rolled 13 (1d20)

Rolling for Pinkie
If each of the mane 5 were created from fap sessions then which fetish were each of them rubbed off to?
>"I mean I know you just got here but sure I'll play! Lookie lookie here!"
>Pinkie swivels around in her chair to face the wall of the entry passage come office, hoof gesturing to the wall spanning hell-o-vision
>As in hell television
>"Hell-o-vision as in hell television" actually being fully printed as the presumable brand name of the TV, which is just the kind of meta level humour when an entire plane of reality is largely occupied and ruled by Pinkie Pies
>Regardless of this, the screen flicks through channels revealing live footage of various other locations in hell
>You see brief glimpses of things no living man would ever see, some scenes that through a mere second of exposure to make you immediately horny as heck
>Others that for the brief moment they flick by imprint upon you visions of mind-bending, sanity rending impossibilities that also make you immediately pop a why boner
>Also a baking show, the weather channel, footage of Gummy standing still in an endless white void and eventually-
>You see a scene of the most literal limbo you could imagine
>There were all the philosophers, heroes and historic figures who would qualify as "cool with god except for too pagan to be allowed into heaven"
>Of course it's a giant limbo party
>Plenty of Pinkies "attending" those great figures of antiquity too
>Hippocrates is getting his dick ridden by a pinkie in a little nurse's outfit, begging the question of if Pinkie was turning endless hell sex into a visual gag or if he was just into nurses
>Pinkie swivels in her chair back to face you
>"Hell's kinda a lot more nonlinear nowadays but that's kinda what you're looking for! You're already in the first circle so you just gotta wonder around towards the sound of limbo music and Greek and Roman dudes having a good time. See you there!"
What happens to genuinely bad people, or ponies, though? Or are ponies better than humans, and none of them is genuinely bad in the way some humans are?
Rolled 5 (1d20)

my lord n lady, a poem of praise, from a common- ca-squabbler.

Upon returning Goddess; Hail-Pinkie; love, nurture n ecstarsy,
I blessedly-bleatingly-bypass, Consensual-Copernican-Physics, plus prenatal pagan pagamala Pleasure palace.
Huh, whaz that? I oughta fear ol Jehovah's power? soeeyryn lunk-lead-layman, cant hear over the sound of succ-raw-vroom, in the top of bastille-bohemian-tower.

I magnetically-manifest-matriarchal: Mirth,might,Magic

C'monnn puppy - freely follow for fame, frolick fast freen n fwiiip! Gnuz ike na Fae.

I cherish only magnificio-pinkie, like rhasberyy-lemon-schlussle gargle n rinse.

Ayy o now Fouolies, feast, fuck, foray
Hail Pinkie
Feast, fuck, foray

Pinkie's revived another neo pagan-playDoh-ProvSonic

thx ya love truly, for this jammin new tonic

Cheers ~

As Always, Only Yours~:
p.p. RaChBuDx
File: 1212474.jpg (124 KB, 650x866)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
“Hm! Rarity. Rarity. Rarity…” Pinkie leans back in her throne and ponders the name. “Where have I head that name before?”
>Pinkie pretends to consider it for a moment longer before pinkie up a little bell.
“Oh, that’s right! She’s my beloved little daughteru! My crotch goblin, I think the term they use on Earth these days.” Pinkie rings her bell. “Come here, Rarity!”
>Rarity comes out from a portal of flames. She’s every bit as beautiful as you imagined as she saunters over to her mother and bows down to Pinkie. You get a nice look at her plot and DAMN! She doesn’t appear to care that you’re looking.
>Pinkie raises an imperious hoof which Rarity humbly kisses.
“Whatever do you need from me, mother?” Rarity asks.
“Oh, we seem to have one of those types who wants to stay ‘loyal’ to his ‘waifu’ Rarity.” Pinkie winked down at her. “He’s sooooo desperate to cum inside of you that doesn’t even want to put his cock where it truly belongs. Isn’t that silly.”
“My, yes.” Rarity turns back to you with a sultry smile. “Anon, darling come here for a moment.”
>You kneel down to be eye level with Rarity and get a kiss on the nose from her.
“You know I love you very much and want to have sex with you ever so badly.” Rarity gives you a kiss on the lips this time and your cock throbs! You can hardly believe you’re getting his far. “But you really do need to cum inside Pinkie Pie and give her your soul.”
>You try to protest but Rarity hushes you with a hoof.
“Now, now! You wanted to stay loyal to me, right?” Rarity pouts a little. “Well I WANT you to submit completely to my mother’s will. If you truly want my love, adoration, attention and respect you must let Pinkie Pie and her lust overcome you.”
>You try to ask Rarity if you can just have sex with her instead. Wouldn’t that still be lust?
“Oh, we’ll have plenty of sex once you’re cummed your brains and soul out! I only sleep with the filthiest of degenerates, you know.” Rarity winked. “And I suppose it would be the generous thing to help you appreciate a truly superior mare.”
>You ask if Rarity is talking about herself.
“Oh, stars no! I meant my mother!” Rarity turns your head to Pinkie Pie. “Can you really say she’s not so much more attractive than me? That Cumming inside her wouldn’t be so much more satisfying?”
“It’s True!” Pinkie slips in her chair, allowing you a good look at her thigh. “All those other ponies are just my servants. Don’t you wanna come inside the real deal? Hm?”
>You assure Rarity you’d prefer her.
File: 2505405.png (119 KB, 1110x1339)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
“Pinkie’s pussy created mine. Why it created every single part of me from my perfect face to my dainty hooves and round plot. All of it is merely a product of Pinkie Pie’s perfect body.” Rarity gently blows on your ear and begins to rub her hoof back and forth against your cock ever so gently. “Can you imagine it for me? How incredible it would be to cum inside of something that so easily created a pony like me?”
>It’s hard to say why, but slowly you begin to… appreciate Pinkie’s beauty a bit more. Her body looks so soft, round and warm. It’s inviting, an invitation your cock suddenly wants to take.
“If Cumming inside me is great, imagine how much better cumming inside HER would be.” Rarity begins rubbing a bit faster.
>You’re becoming harder than ever before. Pinkie’s body just seems so completely perfect to you. You feel a sudden need to just lose all control, to cum in there with total abandon. To be able to experience that, to be able to cum inside of that, would be the ultimate pleasure.
>Pinkie really is the perfect mare, you realize. Every part of her is perfect.
>The pink goddess descends from her throne, turns and gives her plot a little wiggle in your direction. You nearly cum just looking at it!
“Now relax.” Rarity slowly, gently pushes you onto your back. She climbs up on top of you and sits on your crotch, on your cock so that it lies longways against her pussy. You can feel her slowly drenching your cock.
>But even with Rarity sitting atop you, rocking slowly back and forth, coating you with herself all you can do is try to sneak a peek of Pinkie’s perfect body. You try to crane your neck around Rarity.
>She doesn’t take the least bit of offense from this, but simply snickers, satisfied.
“No need to worry! I won’t let you cum inside of ME,” Rarity promised to your relief. “No, no. My husbando deserves the absolute best pussy. I’m just getting you ready for her.”
>Rarity lovingly steps off your cock now that it’s drenched and bows to her mother again.
“I think he’s ready.”
>You see Pinkie lick her lips. She’s clearly the most perfect thing in the universe. You need to cum inside her at all costs. Your soul be damned, literally if need be!
>Pinkie seems just as eager for you to cum in her pussy. She charges at you like you’re a birthday present. She lands on top of you and wiggles her hips against your crotch until your cock is wormed deep inside of here.
“There! Right where you belong!” Pinkie leans forward to give you a passionate kiss as she begins jirating her hips, fucking you slowly.
>You really do feel like you absolutely belong here. The feeling of being inside of Pinkie is incredible, the greatest pleasure you can ever imagine! But you still know it’s only second place to truly giving in to Pinkie.
The people that really deserve to go to hell do end up going to hell, and they get rehabilitated.
This sounds so amoral that it's repulsive, no eternal punishment for those who had commited the kind of sins that would have made you otherwise glad to know there was a hell because they'd be in their own personal special hell.
Alas, in truth your immortal soul is immortal, and in the immeasurable vastness of infinity one's time on earth is a blip of equal smallness.
Granted with those truly sick, twisted, nasty people Pinkie takes a bit more liscense with how kind she is to them. She's the element of laughter and these people certainly aren't fun.
Pinkie knows, however, that even the biggest of meanies can be broken down. Poetic justice can be served without whatever immeasurable torment is supposed to be taking place in hell according to God's unflattering propaganda.
And thus, personal hells do in fact exist for these folks, segregating them from the rest of hell as they have an experience truly unique to themselves.
They experience stories that can span lifetimes intended to teach them lessons about the pain they've inflicted on others, only being freed when she deems them to have understood what they done wrong.
This is, after all, why comitting suicide isn't the easy way out it's sometimes seen to be. Those who kill themselves are simply thrust back into a life where they experience firsthand the effects of what taking their own lives have had on those who love and care for them.
Regardless, when the lesson is learned, either through a life lived or simply the ephiphany reaching the subject one way or another, they are granted clemency back into hell and given plenty of congratulatory sex for having acheived a change of heart practically unthinkable in mortal life.
Maybe you feel like you're living in a world that's just a bit too sad, a bit too miserable, like life just isn't fair or some key issue nags at you every waking day. Maybe you're already there and that through simply living a fun, happy, kindly life that you'll be rescued by Pinkie after having atoned for truly horrible sins. Maybe you're still alive, or maybe just by virtue of making the effort to be a better person and learning from past mistakes you'll feel a pair of pink hooves hugging around your waist and see the lord of hell herself with tears of prideful joy in her eyes.
God might claim to forgive all only to dump them in his idea of eternal suffering, but Pinkie forgives all who choose to be the best they possibly can, and she's an extra big fan of anyone who spends their free time cooming to the thought of her!
“No need to be shy down here,” said Rarity. “I can see it in your eyes. You just want to cum without a single care. To finally let it all go and be my little degenerate coomer, don’t you? Be loyal to me and cum inside her, please.”
>You begin to cum harder than you ever thought possible. Again and again you spurt into Pinkie, making yourself at home inside her.
“There you go, darling.” Rarity coos in your ear as you empty yourself out into Pinkie Pie. “That wasn’t so bad, was it? Now just do that one thousand more times and you’ll be ready for you first hell-orgy with me! Oh, we’ll have so much fun together once you’ve finished cumming your brains out for mother.”
>Rarity pats you on the back, gives her mother a kiss and walks back through her portal. Yet you hardly even notice she’s gone, though. All you can think about is Pinkie. Figuring out how to cum in Pinkie again, how to please and get pleasure from her is your world. Pinkie is your world.
three things
1. is my poem any good?
2. I'll be honset, normally, my waifu (goddess) is Queen-Chrysalis, and as I'm too horny to tell, I must ask: Is she chill with you, ms. pinkie? : p
If not, I'll part paths with her ^^
Anon I think you've been possessed by your horny tulpa.
'possessed by horny-tulpa' y'know what? That's a great insight. I wish I could learn to control said-force better -w-"
Please lurk more or take your meds, whichever is applicable.
If you're new just hang around without posting for a while, get a taste for the general writing style and tone of posts made on /mlp/ and 4chan in general.
It's not like you're being offensive or anything but people get peeved when people aren't espeically eloquent or have an especially quirky writing style and will communicate with you less.
If you're just doing this to bait people out into pointing out how you stick out as massively as some combination newfag esl whatever then congrats you got yourself caught, what's the next step of your master plan?

alright fine, I'll put away the 'warlock-mask'
Sorry if my methods produced something disturbing, or too 'out-there'

Being schizo-typed n lonely, makes communication a challenge.

Anywho, . ..

See Y'all later, I'mma be in the lost-woods
nah, simply said: I've blindly worshipped chaos, in a dumb way. Sorry, I'll play by the rules.
Also, I now see there's a previous thread, I may browse through their. (would help learn the style of this land)

In final, sorry for the un-nescessary agitation, peace, and happy-clopping
It's cool anon, thanks for hearing me out, the stuff you wrote out is inspired and when you figure out how to put it across a bit more smoothly on here I look forward to seeing it.
This isn't a lewd version of limbo, is it?
File: IWTCIRD.jpg (64 KB, 644x580)
64 KB
Rolled 14 (1d20)

I want to cum inside Rainbow Dash. Nothing else will do.
>Now just do that one thousand more times
I get to cum inside pinkie 1000 times and then Rarity will come back.
If that isn't a lie I'm down, its what my waifu asked for anyway.
It's not a lie. Pinkie and Rarity love orgies and would love to have you there once you've 'matured'.
Well you gotta sell your soul to someone eventually, right?
Rolled 17 (1d20)


Why become a sex fiend when I can consensually enjoy sex with an attractive pink pony with a near infinite amount of potential kinks and fetishes for all eternity?

Hell is what you make of it, after all.
>Be Anonymous.
>You die and go to hell, but it turns out that Pinkie Pie is Satan.
>She says she wants to shag you and you happily accept the offer.
>You instantly give into the feeling of lust that this lovemaking session provides.
>However, before you can cum, two officials in SS outfits standing beside Hitler himself drag you off of Pinkie and put you in handcuffs.
>While this is happening, Pinkie sits there, grins, and rubs her hooves together as you are put into the SS’s paddy wagon.
>They drive you to a place known as Hölle Concentration Camp where you are to spend your eternal torment.
Wat do?
File: holycrusader.jpg (111 KB, 900x900)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
All my life, I have faithfully served the lord. I sang his praise through ancient hymns and studied the holy texts. I even gave my life to take back Jerusalem.
I remained faithful to God, blessed be thy name, when my brothers indulged in carnal pleasures. I remained faithful to God, blessed be thy name, when my brothers pillaged and stole. I remained faithful and prayed at the Holy Sepulcher with my dying breath.
'O my precious Jesus, embrace me in
Your Arms and allow my head to rest upon
Your Shoulders, so that you can raise me up to
Your Glorious King-dom when the time is right. Allow Your Precious Blood to flow over my heart that we can be united as one.

And yet, here I am, sent to the pits of Hell along with my heretic brethren. Tell me, Pink Abomination, why have I not been absolved of sin? Have I not flagellated my earthly skin enough? Was Pope Urban II a false prophet? Has the holy land not been captured in the name of God, blessed be thy name?
For what reason was I sent here? For what purpose? Is God, blessed be thy name, testing my faith once more?
File: images (2).jpg (7 KB, 223x226)
7 KB
>Sorry, friend. Looks like you believed in transubstantiation instead of consubstantiation. That one gets a lot of people, but its blasphemous to think the priests were doing an actual miracle.

>Also gods not so cool with the praying to saints or engrave images thing the catholic church does. Sorry about not getting into heaven. Would a nice mutton chop help you feel better. It's got salt on it! I know you medieval guys love salt.
Ponk is the most accommodating greeter for hell.
File: pray.jpg (146 KB, 640x960)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
The lord hath deemed me unworthy to enter His glorious kingdom, yet my faith will never waver. God, hallowed be thy name, works in mysterious ways, and I shall not question His divine plan.
I'm afraid that I must refuse a most generous offer of food. If I were not in Hell, if I could engage in communion, and if you were not the devil, then I'd accept, yet this isn't so.
Pray tell, what torment and suffering awaits the damned? Hellfire eternal?
>hey, dont feel bad. I'm sure your crusade thing wasn't a total waste. Here, let a see how great the holy land is a hundred years from now thanks to the crusades.
Pinkie turns on a television to see the holy land drenched in blood.
>um. Lets fast forward a couple hundred years to the 19th century. Might take a whole to kick in.
The holy land is still covered in blood. Pinkie keeps clicking through the centuries.
>20th? No. 21st? No... well the 22nd century is when the antichrist brings peace and love through the world ending all violence and poverty forever so-
The 22nd century holy land is still covered in blood l.
>oh, right. Except the holy land where all the religious people went. Uh....well uh...

>huh? Torment? Buddy you got the wrong idea. Pinkie Pie loves all the little sinners! All the sinners of the world you get rewarded for blasphemy and hedonism down here.
>Why, we sing songs, feast, have massive orgies, play video games. Hell is a non stop part where pleasure is manditory.
>Do you go no choice but to experience worldly pleasure, but I feel bad for you mr. Loladin so I can take whatever request for pleasurable activity you want.
>You can always just go debate those pagan guys. Intellextuall stimulation and questions are one of the things god hates so we got tons of it down here. Buuuuut, just remember the Greeks really, really like sex.
File: standtall.jpg (121 KB, 675x1184)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
So my crusade was all for naught...
>debate those pagan guys...
Pagans? Pagans!
Bah, as much as I wish to 'educate' those damnable heathens, it would be of no use. Those who do not see the light and who refuse to do so cannot be helped.
Hmm, are there any other crusaders down here? Not my heretic brethren, mind you.
Make it so make it so
Rolled 17 (1d20)

So, are you a goddess of pleasure and debauchery?
Can't you read? She's a devil! There's a difference, damn it!
the archon who is weak has three names. The first name is Yaltabaoth, the second is Saklas, and the third is Samael. And he is impious in his arrogance which is in him. For he said, 'I am God and there is no other God beside me,'
yeah, buddy, ok, pal, sure, friend, but there's a big difference between gods and devils.
File: Mind-Blown.jpg (41 KB, 412x516)
41 KB
>Pinkie was actually Slaanesh the whole time
She's THE devil, not A devil.
File: Nirik.png (472 KB, 1280x841)
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472 KB PNG
Rolled 4 (1d20)

This >>36827006 guy here
>>Why, we sing songs, feast, have massive orgies, play video games. Hell is a non stop part where pleasure is manditory.
Damn it, Pinkie, why didn't you say right away that sex isn't the only pleasure here? Of course i'm gonna accept such conditions!
Rolled 20 (1d20)

>You try to overpower her with your superior size and mass
>Turns out she is a Power Bottom
From the looks of things, sex is the main thing you'll be doing! But Pinkie does want to force feed you every type of pleasure imaginable.
Rolled 15 (1d20)

>page 10

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