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File: discord.png (420 KB, 1600x1196)
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>"Hello there Anonymous, I couldn't help but notice you looking particularly lonely gazing longingly at that picture of Twilight and all her friends."
>You look to him feeling irritated,
"Yeah, way to rub it in."
>He laughs heartily poofing inside the screen. You hear his digitized voice,
>"Well, what if I told you I could bring you IN to the world of Equestria!? Wouldn't that be great?"
>You look at him skeptically,
"Yeah, but you're Discord.. What's the catch, what do you get out of this."
>He poofs out again and smiles,
>"Oh how perceptive! You see I have just one small favor to ask.. Just one teeny tiny thing."
>You sigh,
"Alright, lets hear it."
>"Well Anonymous, I want to date you."
"Nope. Fuck that. I'm not gay."
>"But Anonymous, it's the current year, that's not very progressive of you at all." He taunts.
"Still not doing it."
>He frowns snapping his fingers. You find yourself turned into a beautiful mare.
"There, now it isn't "gay" anymore now is it?"
>You groan
"So.. How long would I have to do it?"
>"Just for a week my dear! That's all. Just one precious week with me and you'll get all your Equestrian dreams brought to life. What do you say?"
>Experience new sensation
>Go to equestria anyway
Sure, why not.
>it's the current year
>Would you become Discords Marefriend
Well this is very in character. Poor Flutters.
File: 2090929.png (463 KB, 776x1094)
463 KB
463 KB PNG
I smell an ID prompt
>You have a reality warper like a guardian
>You can have multiverse travels like vacations.
>No taxes

>Be the target of a psychotic ex.
>Must tolerate a pink turkey he had like a cousin.
>Be infamous for be Discord's marefriend.
>Maybe he can trolls you at the moment of sex.
>enter Equestria
In a heartbeat.
File: 1382974758638.gif (494 KB, 247x279)
494 KB
494 KB GIF
>Maybe he can trolls you at the moment of sex.
>One week
...I don't have to fuck him, right?
>But Anonymous, it's the current year
Got a ripe chuckle out of me. Sure, I'd give him a chance. If only because I can appreciate a good laugh, not because I'd want to feel his non-euclidian draconequine cock inside me. That's gay af.
One week is a steal of a deal.
>One week is a steal of a deal
>Discord puts you in a Groundhog day style time loop
>Week never ends until you fuck him
That would be a cruel trick. Imagine:
>You're about to confess your love to your waifu. You have everything ready.
>She doesn't care that you're a mare, because she can tell your feelings are real, and she's willing to give you a chance.
>You've never been more happy or content in your life.
>You go sleep with a smile on your face. Discord was always an annoying little shit in the show, but maybe...
>Maybe Discord isn't so bad after all...
>wake up to this: https://youtu.be/BERd61bDY7k?t=95
>Discord appears in a flash
>"Rise and shine, my dear Anonymous, you wouldn't want to miss your first day in Equestria!"
File: 1617547010772.jpg (51 KB, 695x900)
51 KB
“No way fag”
“Make me a human male, and YOU be female, and it’s a deal”
>hah, can’t outsmart THIS shitposter
>he poofs you back into your OG form
>he transforms into Eris
>teleports you to equestria
>holy shit you made it, and on YOUR terms, kinda.
>”Oh loving boyfriend~~”
>you snap your head to your one week gf
“Yes, uh, babe?”
>”I want to show you a fetish of mine...”
“Oh, uh, ok-“
>discord poofs you into a mare and him into his OG form
>Anonymous curses for 5 hours straight
I'll do it if I can be a griffon, not a pony.
>go to equestria
>get fucked by discord
where's the downside?
That actually can happen... at least "Eris" wasn't transformed into Turkeris.
I'll do it on three conditions.

1) I get to pick my tribe. Pegasus. And I get to *stay* a pegasus after the week is up. I don't want to be a human in Equestria.

2) Do not touch me unless I give explicit permission otherwise. Not physically, not magically, and stay out of my head.

3) I need you to understand something up front. I hate you. I hate you with every fiber of my being. I utterly loathe you. The thought of spending any time with you at all makes me feel ill, let alone time that's ostensibly supposed to be positive and romantic. I'm only doing this because by being in Equestria I have an opportunity to attempt to help three souls who's damnation you orchestrated, an opportunity to help Twilight remember what friendship and being a hero is actually mean, and because of some slim, infinitesimally small chance that maybe I can also help you realize how much of a self-centered prick you are.

Yes, I'm insulting you to your face. I considered for a moment simply going through the motions and pretending to like you for a week, but then it occurred to me that doing that would be dishonest, manipulative, and cruel...in other words, it would be something you'd do. So instead, cards are on the table.

Do we have a deal?
>Discord transforms you into a donkey and sends you to be his cousin's couple.
Hey, look, I was right.
Discord: nah, that wasn't for your pretencious statement about how i am evil and the 3 creatures are the good guys who was forced to be evil despiste they have choices like Sombra, it was a favor to Eris, she didn't have a couple for decades and i must fix everything i do for many years, starting with the family.

So, don't worry about reforming them, i will do that after many things i should do.
File: ytfiyt.png (218 KB, 478x396)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
>you agree
>discord's into snuff
>he kills you the fourth day in
>Uses his magic to revive you on the fifth day
>Sends you back to the beginning of the fourth day
as long as I get to chose my tribe and be male after the week is done I'm good.
File: 2390435.png (979 KB, 1645x1353)
979 KB
979 KB PNG
You don't want to be a slut and experience pleasure no man has ever known?
>and the 3 creatures are the good guys

I didn’t say they were the good guys. I said Discord orchestrated their damnation. He took three already bad people and did everything in his power to make them worse, all as part of a scheme to wreck Twilight’s coronation and without a care for what actually happened to them. His Plan A was still to treat them like disposable minions instead of people.

Discord is monstrous, and anyone who pretends otherwise is in denial.
File: 1559619499926.jpg (88 KB, 1024x1002)
88 KB
Fluttershy would never allow it and neither would Discord ever cheat on her either
As long as it isn't the S8/9 dark Haberverse, it sounds like a fair deal. The question is, do I stay a mare afterwards or am I only transformed for the duration of the week?
>he thinks this takes place in the haberverse
Discord would cheat and then accuse her of cheating, acting confused that she says she doesn't.
Reading this rn. Pretty good.
Discoshy started already in McCarthyverse
Does anyone have that clip of Discord saying that's really gay Anon?

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