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File: kissiapeia_fin.png (2.45 MB, 3508x2480)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB PNG
Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. New stories and art welcome!
Any type of transformation into ponies, dragons, gryphons, changelings, draconequus, etc., whether OC or canonical, & Anonponies of all shapes and sizes.
Want to be the little pony? This is the thread for you.

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Archive of over 500 stories, as well as additional links and materials:
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Unrated TF image dump thread:

Below are some suggested writing prompts.

>An anonymous gift arrives in the post, unmarked but containing some sort of swag related specifically to your brand of horsefagging, an original character of yours. In the days, hours, or minutes after contact with the contents of the parcel, you begin to experience some changes.

New Beginnings:
>Congratulations, you get the chance to live in Ponyville as a pony, but there’s a catch: you’ve been turned into a young filly or colt. You’ll be raised by two loving parents but treated as a child. You haven’t lost any of your human memories but may find yourself slipping into the role and acting more childishly as a side effect of the transformation.

Chat in https://discord.gg/tfAjenN

Previous Thread:
I want to become the little filly.
File: yes.gif (144 KB, 415x464)
144 KB
144 KB GIF
hear hear
File: LoonaFillyrat.png (179 KB, 488x575)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
3rd for UwU
>Discord offers you a deal
>"I will turn you into a pony in Equestria, you won't know which one beforehand."
>You agreed instantly, anypony was better than a human
>Everything goes black
>you can feel your bones popping as your ribcage shatters
>the taste of iron fills your mouth as you fight for breath
>light starts to fade in
>you're in a wooden building of some sort
>It looks kind of familiar
>before you can really take in your surroundings you wretch
>the outflow of blood from your mouth is paired with a burst of pain
>your brain registers two things, you're weirdly small for the room
>also the puddle of blood you've spat up now has a shit load of teeth in it
>human teeth
>guess the pain was from pony teeth bursting through your gums
>shakily you attempt to stand
>your hooves shake beneath you
>long red hair blocking your vision as you give one final cough
>a gasp of air
>thank faust, your organs must have stopped changing
>"A-applebloom? are ya okay?"
>a concerned female voice from behind you
>shit, she'll see the teeth
"Ahm Okay!"
>hear the sound on hooves from around you
>can't quite tell where from though
>"Yer coughing up blood, that's not healthy, do you need to go to the doc?"
>Applejack's worried face appears beside you as she settles down
>you can see her eye the teeth in the puddle of blood, confusion and worry mixed together in her expression
>to your right you hear a gasp
>both you and AJ turn to look
>Applebloom is currently standing on the staircase, her ears folded back, shaking in fear
>"Yer not me! AJ What's goin' on"
Slowly turning into a pony
Growing a thick stallion cock
And with every load you blow during the tf
It blows out your weak human cum
Every orgasm makes your balls swell bigger and bigger
Until with a final one, you blow the last of your weak pathetic human cum
Watery and light
To be replaced with thick virile pony cum
Then... you go and breed your mare

You’re just cute and horny
So you call a friend over to spread your gift
Turn him into a :qt: mare in heat
He hates what you’re doing to him
But as his cock is slowly sucked in and he cums his last
SHE begins to enjoy it
And begs for your cock to fill her
To sate her heat
She smells so good
So you obey your instincts
And breed your mare~
becoming a stallion is gay though
Human cum is thicker than horse cum though.
It's Apple Bloom, not Applebloom. I get frustrated whenever people make this mistake.
Transformation into the pedantic pony.
You turn into a pony but you have this song stuck in your head nonstop.
>The portal between the two worlds transforms ponies into barbie-dolls, and vice-versa.
>In the first movie, we see Twilight and Spike hurtling through a rainbow bridge, their bodies stretching and contorting.
>But what we don't see is how long it takes.
>The pair were stuck in a state of gradual reformation for a full year; their agony ceaseless and omnipresent as bones and muscle-mass snap and tear to become their alternate forms.
>Once they emerge from the other side, all memories of the horror vanish, and they are none-the-wiser.
>Each time they use the portal, the previous memories of their suffering return, only to be compounded upon by another year of torture.
>The last words Twilight screams to herself every time she's about to re-emerge from the vortex are "Promise yourself you won't use the mirror again! Ever!", only for her to pop out the other side bright-eyed and bushy tailed, oblivious to the unthinkable pain she had just endured.
Better tell Apple Bloom to start putting those teeth in her mouth. She's the new Anon.
File: 1617303430006.jpg (137 KB, 600x544)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
I want to transform into a stallion to roam Equestria, then settle down to make a family with a qt (native, non-transformed) mare
I want to transform into a qt mare that tricks a foreign, transformed stallion into settling down and making a family with me.
The duality of pone
OK Swift.
What's the source on OP pic?
I've seen official material spell it both ways
Thank you anon.
>mare sucks your dick and manliness away leaving you the perfect broodmare
>you look at her spread legs and grin
>start sucking on her clit untill she's sprouting a sizable mare dick.
>By the time you can take it in your muzzle she's holding your head down screaming about the estacy of having a cock for the first time
>She deposits into your gullet while your alien feeling marecunt drips furiously onto the floor
Quite the start y've got there, keep it up!
Transformation into a pony named Official Material who checks that all fanfiction is conducted in accordance with canon.
File: 2582864 (1).jpg (190 KB, 1913x2000)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
I want to ruin filly for marriage!
would pet the silver & gold pillow filly
This could be a good story.
File: _.png (763 KB, 901x1337)
763 KB
763 KB PNG
This was weird but very good. Don't let it die, Anon.
File: _.png (190 KB, 739x622)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
File: FB_IMG_1617659828528.jpg (54 KB, 1080x675)
54 KB
File: wuah.png (654 KB, 1082x580)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
sorry I completely forgot I was writing that, I'll try to return to it within the next nine business and elsewise days.
That's okay. I'll look forward to its conclusion!
File: 4 5 2021 Anon gets griffd.png (1.32 MB, 2518x1877)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
File: _.png (202 KB, 1280x1018)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
File: _.png (605 KB, 800x800)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
File: _.png (64 KB, 532x624)
64 KB
File: _.png (18 KB, 215x287)
18 KB
File: _.png (542 KB, 2000x1835)
542 KB
542 KB PNG
A good case of interesting concept, but horrible author.
Some of the spin-offs improve on the concept, though. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/TheConversionBureau
File: _.png (177 KB, 816x503)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
It took me longer than I'd care to admit to realize the caption was talking about autofellatio.
Best unicorn TF fics with a focus on exploring magic?
>TF into Anonlicorn.
>You realize that you are not necessarily accustomed to the functions of your new form, so you are likely going to have to take lessons in magic and flight.
>It’d be weird to walk around as an adult trying to ask people for such lessons, so you may have to learn this sort of thing on your own.
>But who was that YouTuber who always sucked at magic lessons? Your thinking was that since she has to learn and improve the most out of pretty much anypony, she would be the best teacher for you.
>What was her name? Lightning Miss? Blight-ning Diss? Oh, Lightning Bliss! That’s right!
>You think of what you’d do if she were your teacher and you both learnt a little from the process.
>But speak of the devil, she’s already next to you somehow after you hear a noise similar to that made by the teleporters of the USS Enterprise.
>“Huh? What just happened?”
“Blissey, I apologize for the inconvenience, but I am in urgent need of your help.”
>“But what could I possibly have to offer you? I suck at pretty much everything I do and I’m usually terribly busy.”
>You notice her crying next to you and you can’t really proceed with the lesson until she’s no longer crying. After all, you know her cries can be quite destructive.
“There, there. I don’t wish to interrupt your activities, but I wish to enlist your aid in teaching me how to be the pony I am. I was recently transformed as a human and know nothing about how to use this horn or these wings.”
>“So you’re saying you want me to give you a magic lesson?”
>“But you did summon me over here and I was teleported from my distant homeland known as ‘The Secret Rift’. Getting me here was not an easy feat, but you already seem to have the knowledge that surpasses that of even Princess Twilight!”
“But I’m still just a beginner and need your help.”
>“But how? I’m not great at it myself! After all, when I had those, I ended up turning people into monsters, giving them wings, shrunk them, gave them eating disorders...”
“But didn’t that Dr. Wolf guy express gratitude towards you for giving him the sentience he has? If you could do that, surely you could teach an inexperienced magician.”
>“W-well... OK, I guess.”
>“I think we ought to just start with basic levitation and telekinesis. You see that apple over there? Just try lifting it up and bringing it over here.”
“But what exactly am I supposed to do?”
>“Just concentrate on the apple and where you want it to go. Let magic take care of the rest... or at least that’s what they say.”
>You take your time and focus on the apple. You imagine it lifting off of the table and slowly landing between yourself and Lightning Bliss, which it now is.
>“Huh? WHAT? Did I just— just— just—?”
“You sure did, Blissey. Thank you.”
>“Well, how about a little more practice, shall we? What about that shipping container?”
Riveting, please continue.
>Instantly, the first thought through your mind is that scene in “The Empire Strikes Back” when Luke had to get his cruiser out of the swamp on Degobah.
“Are you sure? It’s very big.”
>“Size only matters a little bit here.”
>You try to channel enough energy to lift up the shipping container, but it turns out that you need to exert a lot more than you did when lifting up the apple.
>Perhaps there is some physics involved here, but only Twilight herself would be the teacher of that subject and you are nowhere near royal enough to be her student.
>Nonetheless, you manage to pick up the shipping container and move it... a few centimeters to the left.
>“Try again. You already seem to have the basics... and conjuring... down, so you should be able to get this.”
>You try to put as much energy into this as you can and the shipping container is raised. However, your strength is quickly slipping from you and you soon pass out.
>Be Lightning Bliss.
>You now seem to understand at least a little bit why this pony wanted magic lessons to start with.
>However, it’d be best if both of you got the blazes out of there as soon as possible, since that shipping container had uranium inside it and it is very volatile.
>You somehow muster up the magic to get yourself and your companion out of there and avoid the blast... if any were to come. You just hope the isotope of uranium they were storing was stable enough and that the shipping container was lead-lined.
>Five seconds later, you’re at the Ponyville General Hospital.
>You wonder how you’re able to get there after failing so many times at casting magic, but you’re somehow there. Perhaps teaching magic did something to you?
>“Oh, my goodness! Can I help you two?”
“This guy passed out after trying to lift up a shipping container with his magic.”
>“Well, let’s take a look at him, shall we?”
>“Ah ha! Here’s the problem! He is out of magic and needs to recover the magic he lost. He will need to take two of these pills each day and avoid using magic for a week.”
“A week? But how will he live if he can’t use his magic?”
>“He’ll probably need us or his friends to do his magic for him, so perhaps a weeklong stay COULD be warranted. In the meantime, you seem as though you could teach him about how to control his magic and use it. After all, you did seem to teleport both of yourselves here.”
“R— really? You really think so? Even after—”
>“After what?”
“Oh, thank you! I will never forget you and I will never forget this moment!”
I love happy endings.
It may not be over per se. I just need to get some sleep.
Oh, even better! Sleep well.
File: perv.png (1.52 MB, 3529x5193)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
File: _.gif (81 KB, 800x1200)
81 KB
File: 400111900952_260.jpg (83 KB, 850x459)
83 KB
>The mares embrace a human while whispering temptations of their grace and perfection.
>Tantalizingly offering the rapture and and bliss of marehood as they ply and sculpt at the human's flesh.
>body and disposition melting away with squeaks and coos
>The two mares gleefully spreading the gift of their sisterhood upon a lowly human
>nipping and licking and caressing all over
>melting your very self away into a majestic pegasus
>Out walking one night you're stopped by two mares
>They want to "preen you"
>Get scared and run because, well, you are not a pegasus
>They give chase and giggle as they tackle you to the ground
>Don't worry, they 'kiss' any boo-boo's you got and profusely apologize
>Even while one gets under your shirt to try and get it off
>You'll need plenty of room for your wings to grow!
>The shirt gets off, you see where they kissed has turned pink and soft
>They lavish your fingers, nipping and licking at every joint
>You can feel your flesh melting like ice to their hot tongues
>You try to panic and get away but your palm and fingers are already morphing away in their mouths
>The fingers left are sucked and licked until they're full-sized pink fore legs just like theirs
>You're in too shock to get them to stop
>Especially once they go for your back
>All it takes is a little nibbling and licking and your back shifts and pops as wings form
>tiny, extra sensitive wings that they are absolutely worshipping
>you're moaning and would orgasm right there if one didn't stop and go for your pants
>without thinking you start to help them and undo your own clothes
>you're so aroused by all of this
>the high-pitched moans you make is inappropriately loud as she finishes licking you down to a ferociously hot and bothered clit and licking in your folds
>One starts kissing and licking your face, nuzzling in her saliva and calling you a good girl
>her words start to rouse you out of your stupor but the other goes back to 'preening' your new wings
>And the vicious orgasm cycle begins all again
>By the time anyone thinks to check on the screams and moans all they see is two mares preening their pretty pink friend lewdly in public on a small nest of clothes
Isn’t that basically “Cuddly Doom?”
With extra steps that are lewd, yes.
File: 1617687720513.jpg (247 KB, 1111x810)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
File: EyU4lLGXIAASNFq.png (486 KB, 773x895)
486 KB
486 KB PNG
I fucking loved cuddly doom so if it's like that then yes. I know it isn't explicit but I have "enjoyed" the first few chapters multiple times as fap material.
The fuck is wrong with you, is transformation your fetish?
Absolutely. I despise 90s and early 2000 cartoons for giving it to me. But are you really surprised there are tf fetishists in the "pony transformation" general?
It's not but I love this thread nonetheless.
>With your memories intact, you're reborn as the comparatively weak and talentless middle child of the Sparkle family, between Shining and Twilight, after your unfortunate death.
>Twilight is a magical juggernaut that soaks up spells like a sponge even as a filly, and Shining stands head and withers above most any unicorn as a jack of all trades, though his barrier and warding abilities are something to marvel at.
>You don't have that kind of power or skill, and have to carve your own niche before your parents are convinced that you need to be coddled like a normal colt forever.
Time to find a bridge and reroll.
But what if you roll the “celestial 7”?
That's... an oddly ominous phrase, given how it has both celestial (Celestia) and 7 (lucky!) in it. Pray tell, what does it mean?
I thought these stories had an interesting way of describing magic.
It’s a reference to a CGP Grey video about what happens when a US President dies while in office. Since the chances of dying as a US President are roughly the same as rolling a 7 on a pair of dice, he used that analogy.
>Non-con conversion into a G5 pony
I think that counts as body horror.
File: sketch1591470537595.png (91 KB, 720x1280)
91 KB
File: sketch1617785207393.png (96 KB, 1080x1080)
96 KB
File: unknown.png (33 KB, 304x393)
33 KB
File: kDVuUbY.png (476 KB, 1423x943)
476 KB
476 KB PNG
I wouldn't really worry about it, their parents seemed less like the high-pressure types and more like they just let the kids hyperfocus on what they're into. This is why S1 Twilight is only really a functional adult because spike picks up her slack.

In short, find something you like and git gud while your loving but somewhat negligent unicorn parents do their thing.
File: _.png (1.11 MB, 2388x1668)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
>Three months since /Pon-E/ General started on /mlp/
>Two months since I went pony for the first time, I got lucky and was in the first wave of Pon-E deliveries
>and now... I was starting to run out
>”Afternoon, Fleetwood, you waiting here long?”
“Normal names in public, Sam.”
>Sam rolled his eyes at me
> we’d not known each other before using Pon-E
>now? Well, Pon-E is more fun in groups, so we’d ended up organising in the thread
>There was five of us in Atlanta that we knew of, and now we’d pooled to re-order Pon-E
>By the logic of being the largest pony, I was put in charge.
>Of course, they’d pick the earth pony to do the work….bucking lazy pegasi
>at least the walkover wasn’t too bad, the sun is shining, and Sam isn’t being as frustrating as usual.
>”So what’s the sketch? We just walk in, collect our illegal drugs, and walk out like nothing happened?
>Taking a moment to answer, I double-check my phone.
“Well, the email said it should have been delivered yesterday so we can collect then take it back to my place. Dad’s been a little off the past few days, but he won’t notice.”
>”Faust bless the US postal service, you take the lead’ non.”
>The two of us head into the DHL to grab our package. It shouldn’t take more than thirty minutes.
>I was down to my last dose of Pon-E, and the others were out entirely.
>I was worried; Anon had been acting strangely for the past few months
>Suddenly, he’d started going out more, heading to parties almost every other day and joining a local football team
>I wanted to be proud. Finally, my boy was going out and engaging with people, but something felt wrong.
>Holding my head in my hands, I weighed my options.
>Either I was right, and drugs were involved, my concern was warranted then I could get him the help he needed
>I was wrong. Anon and I had never seen eye to eye.
>Despite my best efforts, we just couldn’t connect.
>I’d spent my youth taking buses or trains all over Nottinghamshire to catch concerts
>and….well, drugs were familiar to me
>Anon? He spent most of his school life shut away in his room playing worlds of Warcrafting or something like that.
>Then a sudden change, surely I wasn’t paranoid to suspect outside involvement?
>He’d gone out saying it’d take a few hours.
>This was my chance to make sure it would be worth it for peace of mind, and he’d never know if there was nothing.
>The stairs creaked as I climbed them, painfully aware that this was a massive violation of my son’s privacy
>still, he was my son.
>I wasn’t going to remain inactive and let drug use ruin his life.
>I’d not been there when I was needed before, and I was not going to fail my son like that
>It must have been a few years since I went into Anon’s room
>Pushing open the door revealed several bizarre posters on the walls
>Why are they all horses?
>With my brow furrowed in confusion, I started to look around the room
>More horse-related things caught my eye, including framed artwork sitting on his desk?
>God, these horses were weird, bright garish colours, five of them in total
>two had wings? Were those pegasuses? Pegasi?
>and that one in the back was a unicorn?
>It took a surprising effort to divert my attention away from the artwork
>Rummaging through his desk revealed everything I’d been expecting
>His first phone with the screen smashed to hell
>bundles of cables that I couldn’t even begin to identify
>Just as I was about to close the draw, my hand brushed against something inexpertly hidden
>it was just taped to the underside of the inside of the draw
>one soft tug and a small resealable opaque bag plopped onto my hand
>my heart sank as I gently pulled it out of the draw
>Shaking the contents out onto the palm of my hand
>1 Pon?
“What the hell is this supposed to be?”
>I was expecting something I recognised
>Christ, I must be getting old if the drugs are this different
>It had some kind of clear gel inside from what I could tell
>I guessed it was probably a hallucinogen?
>An old itch started up in the back of my mind. Surely it couldn’t hurt?
>If a twenty-year-old was doing it, it wouldn’t be that strong
>Anon had said he’d be out for a few hours, so…
>Sam trot-
>Sam walked alongside me as I shook my head
>Fucking slip-ups with my words were happening more often
>Still, our little resupply run was successful.
>between the both of us, we had nearly two hundred and fifty dosages of Pon-E in our bags.
>and after a particularly tense bus ride with a cop standing opposite us the entire way, we were at the doors to my house
“I’ll let us in. My old man should be around so just act normal”
>”Like I’m not normal?”
>I deadpan at Sam
“Really? The feather brain that names himself Super Sabre wants to start talking about being normal?”
>as expected, Sam wilts under my gaze
>I still can’t believe that he’d named himself after an aircraft
>or the fact the ass had gotten a cutiemark before me
>Fishing through my pockets for the keys, I stop
>I swore I just hear someone’s voice from inside the house?
>”You hear that?”
>evidently Sam had heard something too
>it was faint
>if I was a pony, I’d be able to make it out, I was certain
>Fucking human ears are like wearing earmuffs
>I had to resort to pressing my ear against the door like some sort of cartoonish burglar
>Straining to hear, I could make out something
>It was definitely dad’s stereo system. The subtle crackle of vinyl was unmistakable
>However, the girlish whooping? that was odd
>The sound of a bass guitar and drumset fills the air before giving way to what I think was a keyboard.
>”An Ill wind comes arising, Across the cities of the plains”
>She was singing?
>a strange woman had broken into my house, raided dad’s vinyl and was singing with the stereo at max volume.
>was she trying to get caught?
>where the hell was dad?
“I’m gonna let us in, stay behind me sam”
>The click of the door unlocking was masked by the unknown woman hitting an admittedly impressive high note
>“Anon, you’ve not got the whole EP strength going right now, shouldn’t I take point?”
>I only held up a hand as we slunk from the door towards Dad’s study
>”You sometimes drive me crazy, but I worry about you!”
>She was still singing, thankfully unaware we were even in the house
>Sam and I stopped at the doorway to the study
>I held up three fingers
>”Cruising under your radar”
>two fingers
>”Watching from the satellites”
>one finger
>”Take a page from the red book”
>as I put my last finger down, we stormed around the corner.
>only to see a bright pink pony with a mane like she’d been electrocuted holding my dad’s decorative mic.
“What the fuck”
>”What the fuck”
>”Hi Anon!”
>The bright pink pony is looking at us, smiling wide enough she could probably win a pinkie pie look-alike contest
>Feeling a headache approaching, I rub my temples
“Why the fuck are you in my house, you’re lucky we haven’t called the cops”
>We can’t call them because we’re literally drug mules right now but still, she doesn’t know that
>The side-eyed glance from Sam suggests he realises I’m bluffing
>”What? Cops? Why would you call them?”
“You’re not supposed to be here, this is my families house, and last I checked I don’t recognise you”
>She just giggles and waves a hoof at me
>”Oh don’t be silly, of course you know me!”
“I really don’t, Sam go to the kitchen, under the sink. I think we’ve got duct tape.”
>The pony starts to bounce up and down to the music as it continues to play
>”Why’d you want duct tape? Not like I’m hurting Anypony.”
“You broke into my house.”
>Again, she bursts into a bout of giggles, collapsing to the floor as she pounds it with a hoof
>”Oh this is gold! You don’t even recognise me, boy howdy. These must be strong.”
>Before I could even say anything, she practically bounces on her hooves over to the cabinet
>with an ease I didn’t expect, she bumps a hoof into the door, swinging it open to reveal my dad’s vinyl collection
>”Let’s turn this into a game then! You guess who I am, I’ll give you a hint!”
“Sam, get that fucking tape!”
>The pink pony slides an unmarked vinyl out of the rack, swapping it with the one on the turntable with an ease that would make Pon-3 jealous
>if she was real...then again, Lunanon turned into Luna, so it’s possible I suppose
>The pony plops her plot down beside the turntable and looks at me, her smile still all the same
>an eerie silence falls over the room as the vinyl crackles softly before the sound of a children’s toy fills the room
>to confirm my suspicions, an acoustic guitar starts up moments later
>”Come on Anon, use that noggin”
“Why the fuck would you play this tra….”
>I had a dosage of Pon-E upstairs
>this mare knew dad’s vinyl collection like the back of her hand
>she knew this track
>as I realise who she is, the mare bursts into laughter
>”it’s a shame this is all a trip”
>Sam returns, duct tape and scissors in hand
>”What’d I miss?”
“That’s my dad, and evidently she thinks this is all a drug trip”
>Sam, helpful as ever, bursts into laughter, joining the mare on the floor
>I should have got Lily to come with. At least she’d be useful.
“So, we were out for what? About an hour? So she’s like this for another eleven…”
>Well, that could be worse
>At least dad didn’t have to head into work today
>With a sigh, I pull out my phone
>time to let the others know that we’re gonna likely be getting a new member
>”So then, what’re you gonna call yourself? Can’t just use a boring human name”
>oh, for fucks sake Sam!
>The mare rolls onto her stomach and looks up at him, visibly thinking
>I can’t help but notice that she’s more expressive than most of the other ponies i’ve met
>well shit, she’s named herself now.
> Wasn’t it that the thread warned about naming yourself?
>admittedly that nugget of wisdom came a bit late for us in the first wave but still
>Sam and Limelight start talking to each other as I take the opportunity to turn the music off
>her reaction is immediate
>A panicked scream from behind me before Limelight plows into me
>Sam stands back shocked as she tackled me, ears splayed as she clamps her hooves over them
>Faced with the prospect of an earth pony having a meltdown within bucking distance of my chest I reach for the turntable
>by the time the album starts from the top, she’s covered in sweat, her chest rising and falling as she hyperventilates.
>Slowly, she starts to calm down
>Despite my reservations, I pull her into a hug, stroking her sweat-soaked mane as the meltdown comes to an end
>”what the fuck was that?”
>Limelight starts to rock herself in my arms, shuddering
>”don’t wanna talk about it”
“Can you call Lily? I think Limelight is gonna need some help cleaning herself up, and I am not willing to do that”
>Sam shudders before heading for the door to make the call
>By the time Lily arrived, Limelight had calmed down enough that she seemed “normal”
>I was slumped in dad’s armchair, watching as she bounced across the room, pulling vinyl’s and swapping them out to create a constant stream of music.
>”Sam, you can let me in, what’s the deal? You call me at work, use the other names and then say I need to get here as soon as possible?”
“Let her in Sam, let’s get this over with”
>”I was gonna”
>Sam protests as I hear the door’s lock clunk open and a rustle of plastic bags
>As Lily steps into the room, she immediately drew Limelight’s attention
>The pink mare bounced over, hugging Lily’s leg with her forelegs
>”Anon, who is this?”
“My dad”
>Lily looked at me like I was mad, as Sam groaned
>”he took Anon’s last Pon-E, then had some kind of panic attack and well look at her”
> Limelight’s coat was still damp with sweat, the remains of white foam around her neck.
>”So your dad turned into a mare?”
>I just nodded, trying not to think about the implications of the situation
“She needs a bath, and both of me and sam are men”
>”Fucking rule three, why did we write that bloody thing”
>Rule 3, regardless of your human gender, pony gender takes precedent when pony.
>women wash mares
>Men wash stallions
>Sam and I shrug, prompting a sigh from Lily as she scooped up Limelight and headed for the stairs.
>”So...what now?”
“Fuck knows, when dad’s back to normal I’ll ask him to come with us to our next get together.”
>The two of us sit in silence, the record finishing moments after Limelight left
>upstairs we could hear her singing something along with the occasional shriek from Lily
>”She’s gonna be soaking wet, calling it.”
“Lily being unable to bathe a mare without getting soaked by them? By Celestia as if that every fucking happens”
>After twenty minutes, the joyful singing got louder
>A squeaky clean limelight trotted into the room, her ears twitching before she bolted and started another album playing
>Lily entered shortly after, absolutely soaking wet
>”Do not comment, I know you both are going to”
>We didn’t comment.
>We just laughed instead
>Lily glared at us hard enough I was half expecting one of us to burst into flames
>thank Faust she didn’t have her horn right now
>Lily’s glare softened as she looked behind me at something
>”look at limelight”
>I turned to look, the pink mare sat on her flank, gently bobbing her head along to the music
>as we watched she intensified, her ears joining in her movement as a guitar solo intensified.
>it was cute, despite the building dread about how the hell I’d handle this discussion when dad was back to normal
>”Hey limelight”
>The mare looked at Sam, still bobbing side to side
>”You wanna come meet other ponies sometime?”
>”Hay yeah! That sounds fun!”
“Well that settles it then, next time we get our little gang together, you can come too.”
>Somehow I knew that that next meeting would be important, although I didn’t know why.
This took longer than I'd like to admit to get around to writing, what do you all think?

Ponepaste version here

Gonna work on a prose version in awhile
Added to the story archive.
>It's been about a week since you noticed a cute little colorful equine on the outskirts of the city
>She had approached you on the side of a building and you had bent down with an outstretched arm to introduce yourself
>She had suddenly bitten your left arm, then ran off
>You rubbed the wound and cleaned it off when you got home

>Over the last week, you've had some pain in the arm where the pony bit you
>The middle finger had grown as thick as your forearm, and the nail had grown around it into the shape of a hoof
>Your other fingers had pretty much receded away and your entire forearm was covered in a short, light blonde fur
>Your forearm was like that pony's front leg! albeit a different color
>You've been panicking about it since you've noticed the changes
>Should you get medical attention?
>No, you've seen district 9 and were pretty sure they were gonna lock you up and experiment on you
>You try to hide it within a medical sling as you forage for food

>More days pass
>At first, you felt nauseous, as it felt like your insides were cartwheeling. Barely able to keep things down
>2 weeks after the bite, you felt a full tail dock from your coccyx, like those people who retain tails when they're born
>The damned thing itches like crazy as longer fur colored like your hair starts growing out of it
>You also feel little wings growing between your shoulder blades
>Your bones ache, like a horrid growth spurt, all the while that light blonde fur covers more of your back and chest
>You've been eating non-stop to sate a ravenous hunger
>Meat, fat and milk were especially flavorful

>Third week in
>Your jaws extend out more and more like that pony's
>You've lost several teeth, albeit replaced by molars more suited to grasses
>You find your eyes are a much more vivid color, and you can see a much wider angle
>Your ears have migrated toward the top of your head and are far more pointed
>All your horsey features move with concussion thought and reflect your frightened state as you look in the mirror
>You now find plenty of grasses tasty as well
>Your wings begin growing in their primary feathers

>You can't stay here any longer
>You flee the city toward the outskirts of the city, toward the vast plains and mesas
>You wrap yourself up enough to conceal your inhumanity enough for the night
>All the lights are much more vivid, the smells of oil and smog make you sick
>Your nascent wings flap pointlessly as you try to run
>Your feet have become hind hooves and you're barely able to maintain a bipedal stance
>You run into a draw in the empty plains outside, only to trip and fall
>You smell something different approaching
>The pony is back
>You consider trying to leave or thwart her away, but she's already won a long while ago
>You lay back and accept what she has in store...
>The morning sun warms your face as your ears turn to hear the chirping of birds
>You turn to find the pony nuzzling your face, sharing her breath
>Instinctively, you nuzzle her and share breath
>She turns to the thing between your hind legs
>You see between your legs and past your barrel, the last vestige of your human body
>Your testes had swollen to twice their size and a sheath partially covers your human penis
>She breathes on it, giving you a warm sensation and making you erect
>You mutter "...do whatever..." and she begins cutely nibbling on your penis
>Whatever venom she has finishes sculpting your flesh into a flatheaded stallionhood
>She turns away and presents her winking marehood
>Rolling over, you begin inhaling her intoxication pheremones
>Throbbing erection ready to go, you slide past her warm folds and begin thrusting
>In this moment, you begin sharing breath again while the sensation of nirvana ruins through your heads
>You come to a climax as her marehood grips you to hold your coltseed into her womb
>You shiver and convulse while she whispers "You're my husband now..." Into your downfolded ear

>A month later
>You're flying bricks from a kiln in the valley below to the site of this new pony city above
>You've found a tribe of ponies like you with full intelligence and have begun to construct a city in the mesa overlooking your old home
>It's more like a mixed use apartment by human standards but it's self sufficient
>You learn your wife is with foal and so you want to get everything ready by next year
>The harvest, home, everything
>You've forgiven her for doing this to you and learned to enjoy life as a pegasus
I like it. More, please.
>Become tiny pony
>Hard to do anything with such a small body and hooves
>Your best friend takes you in
>Weeks go by, your friend teases you by getting you dumb toys and clothing
>You hate it at first, he insists on dressing you up to take cute pics
>You decide to do it just to get it over with
>Slowly over time you begin to look forward to your weekly dress up. Even finding yourself asking him to do it early
>Today is dress up day. You're excited.
I also like it! Not many of these stories where the parents get involved and we absolutly got to see how the dad reacts when he turns back and what naming himself might do to his day to day life.
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Introducing my story: "That Particular Instance I Performed Metempsychosis As An Equine Named After A Piece Of Silverware"

Fimfiction: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/487358/that-particular-instance-i-performed-metempsychosis-as-an-equine-named-after-a-piece-of-silverware

Short Description: Silver Spoon. Derived from the phrase "born with a silver spoon in your mouth," which implies being born into wealth, privilege, and now being a pony too apparently.

Darkness was the only word to describe what "it" was experiencing. The dark void completely enveloped "its" consciousness as "it" float aimlessly within this space. It was a sensation similar to drowning, yet at the same time not. Sounds of flowing water enveloped "its" ears, yet "it" wasn't suffocating. Nor was "it" breathing.

The entire time "it" was simply drifting through this endless void, not even thinking. Only drifting in non-existence, creating surface-level thoughts that never went anywhere and simply got lost in the abyss such as "its" state of current consciousness or lack thereof.

The next thing "it" felt was a blinding light. Surrounded by the surreal feeling of gentleness and warmth. This warm, yet slightly prickly sensation could completely make one forget oneself. Forget oneself? Right, as if something was lost, but what was it? What was the thing that had been forgotten?

These thoughts eventually came to mind as "it" tried to reach towards the light.

But as "it" got closer, "it" started to tremble all of a sudden. After a short moment of delay, "its" mind began to comprehend the feeling of coldness; a coldness that could easily penetrate the skin. Just like a newborn baby feeling cold for the first time. However "it" didn’t have the luxury to experience it in full.

As if suddenly encountering the assault of a previously known yet forgotten sensation, "it" began to panic under the intense feeling of suffocation, and started to struggle.

Lungs, body, every single cell within the body screamed for oxygen, the pain was unbearable. Unable to remain calm and to think, the only thing "it" could do was to struggle.

Without being able to exercise any control of the body, the only thing "it" could do was to struggle painfully under duress. All of the pain and suffering had easily clouded "its" consciousness, and then, as if finally liberated from the human existence which had not cried for the longest of time, the body started to cry instinctively.

With the consciousness murky and the sense of self a mess, "it" opened "its" eyes to a gray sky. A blurry world… No, perhaps it was only "its" vision that was blurred? It was a twisted world seen through unfitting spectacles. The outlines were blurry and the colors chaotic, even "it" who had not felt as many emotions in all those years began to sense the unease.

After what felt objectively to be about 3 years, "it" finally started to gain back its consciousness and form, feeling only pure confusion.

Just what the heck is going on? What happened to me? "It" entered a vessel that was unable to maintain consciousness for long periods of time, and still couldn’t properly recall this information. Therefore, "it" was unable to understand why the sound of a baby’s cry that was barely audible each time its consciousness began to fade had made "it" feel so embarrassed.
Mature adults aside, a baby would normally cry. Given a fair chance and appropriate protection, by rights, a baby shouldn’t feel "embarrassed" at all. Therefore, with "its" senses and consciousness all jumbled "it" started to relax, and threw this unclear sense of shame deep into the recesses of "its" memories.

After that, although still confused, "it" had finally gained a general idea of the situation "it" was currently in, yet even then, it only further added to "its" confusion. "It" clearly remembered driving "its" way to work, however, after snapping back to reality, "it" found itself inside a thick, stone-built, western-style building with a nurse-like figure wiping "its" lips. If this was a hospital, it was understandable to infer that an accident had occurred. That could also explain why its vision was blurry due to having suffered an injury.

However, when "its" eyes could finally begin to see clearly of its surroundings, all that was in view under the dim lights were the same figures wearing maid-like attire. The reason for the dim light...if not mistaken, would be due to the gas lamps which clearly belonged to a different era. Both revelations only further impounded "its" confusion.

"Come on, Silver Spoon, ahhhhh—-"

At the same time, "it" discovered something else that was abnormal; all these figures in the room were quadrupedal, no they were horses, ponies? What the hell? Just where am I? Why am I in this place? Why are there talking horses!?

"Silver Spoon? Silver Spoooooon?"

An unexplainable situation. The multitude of questions and doubts kept piling on and on.

"Alrighty, be obedient and open your mouth, Silver Spoon."

The current question which needed to be answered was, "Just what is going on?" Thus, "it" shifted its vision to the spoon served in front of "it", but even though "it" had noticed the existence of the spoon, the thought that the spoon was for itself had never occurred in "its" mind. All it felt was to question why that "Silver Spoon" person still hasn’t eaten yet.

However, the nurse that was in front of "it" (who was deeply in thought) must have reached the end of her patience. With a gentle smile that wouldn’t accept, "no," for an answer, she shoved the spoon in her hoof into "its" mouth.

"Don’t be picky now. Come. ahhhh——-"

It was a spoon of stewed vegetables, but at the same time as this spoon, without a doubt, it dragged "Silver Spoon" back to reality.

The over-stewed vegetables were the only thing that was stuffed into "its" mouth. But the one who was forced to eat this, this unexplainable situation only made its thoughts even more confused. In other words: that...was me. The one they called Silver Spoon.

And then "it" screamed from the bottom of his heart—"Why?"
Metempsychosis, Reincarnation, Rebirth, etc. All of these words relate to dying and being born once again as the same or different entity with a new life cycle on earth. Many religions, notably Buddhism takes this philosophy to guide them on their current life for a better afterlife. However none ever mentioned being reborn as a pony in a completely different world from a kid's cartoon show!

Yet that was the current reality. It took some time to accept it of course. There were many moments I slipped in and out of consciousness, taking forced naps at inopportune moments. Slowly but surely, I managed to reign in my consciousness long enough until it felt natural to me.

The last few moments I recalled in my previous life was that I was on my way driving late at night to work on an off-day due to an emergency that occurred within the company I'm working for. I was driving in the middle of heavy rain, winds were blowing stray leaves and debris on the highway. Then suddenly a large screeching sound occurred akin to skidding tires, and the scene even registered in my mind I felt an impact. In an instant, I was cut off in my previous life without any fair warning. There were no flashes of life right before my eyes, being shown the gates of heaven (or pits of hell), or even anything grandeur people seemed to believe. It was just only a vague period of complete and unfathomable darkness I couldn't even begin the describe. I was not able to recall anything beyond that semi-conscious purgatory. It was only after I was brought in to complete consciousness once more.

Having to wake up with all my memories and experiencing my life as an infant to a foal was an arduous process. I was forced to endure the humiliating experience of not being in full control of my body, always defecating and urinating in my own diapers no matter how much I tried to resist. All of it was like having an everlasting fever dream. Yet however much I denied reality, it wouldn't change that I was Silver Spoon; a pony from a show I watched five years ago.

I was Silver Spoon. The very concept felt still foreign to me. More than that, it frightened me. I could barely even remember the events of that show and was even more bewildered as to why I'm even here. In the past, multiple thoughts and theories invaded my mind. A coma? Divine punishment? A cruel whim by an eldritch god? I haven't had a clue. Over the years I've more or less come to accept these circumstances, however, some darker thoughts always stood out to me. What happened to the real Silver Spoon? Did I kill her by taking over her body? Did she even exist in the first place? Hell, I didn't even like Silver Spoon, much less still involved with the show that I stopped watching ages ago.
Years have passed since then. I sigh monotonously as I stared outside my window laying on the side of my head. The Silver Estate's stately mansion loomed out with a peculiar sense of vague familiarity. The garden and winding cobblestone path below her had an undeniable beauty and majesty. The immaculately tended estate gardens and the magnificent, architecturally stunning buildings beyond, all were being maintained by my father's housekeepers. This was less out of a sense of propriety than simply because most of the estates--this one included--were bordered by tall, imposing wrought-iron fences, beautifully crafted but obviously designed to keep undesired guests from traipsing idly across the lawn. The gates that closed off the path up to the Silver Estate were intricate and brilliant, burnished silver and decorated with delicate silver stars that glittered in the flickering light of the recently-extinguished streetlights. Even so, there was something distinctly foreboding about the estate, a clear sense that I was not particularly welcomed here. This was mostly due to the fact that I'm not supposed to be here. Combined with the fact that the weather had recently faced a fairly severe thunderstorm that had been announced last night, the clouds overhead gave off an overall sense of gloom.

I exhaled again, the glass collecting moisture as it fogged the clear surface. It cleared away in moments as I could then see my reflection. My eyes were a moderate violet two shades of light, my hair an azure-ish gray, and my coat a cornflower bluish gray. I was barely a filly now, the front of my nose occupied by my glasses for my newly found farsightedness, an eyesight defect I never had before. My eyes wander to my hoof resting against the bottom frame. I look at my hoof and reflexively grip. I can barely remember how my old self lines up with my current self as I used to be able to "feel" my fingers, but not anymore. My snout used to invade my vision, but now I barely notice it. Everything about this had felt surreal at one point, but now I’ve grown accustomed to it.

My attention turned back to the front yard where the gardeners were maintaining the various trees, bushes, and flowers aligned across from me. They all looked very similar, with barely two inches of height difference between the mean of the lot of them. Still, they weren’t cookie-cutter cutouts with different colors and manes. Nor did they look like cartoons either. Their eyes were still abnormally large compared to a normal equine. The color of their coats were extremely colorful, as if someone had taken a colored can of spray paint and sprayed it all over their bodies.
Their heads weren’t as oversized but were more than just an extension of the neck like a normal horse’s was. And rounder, a lot like a person’s really. Their muzzles were a bit more defined than seen on TV as well. Hooves were more than just the end of their legs, they stood apart from the hair of the legs the ponies possessed with their smoothness, and I could detect the shiny traces of lacquer on some of them. As for the coats themselves, they were far…fuzzier looking than what a normal horse had. Meanwhile, the legs looked much different than a normal horse. They weren’t bone-thin and showed off a varying degree of muscle for each of them. Still, the wings were the biggest difference. They looked like…actual wings. Still kind of small for something the size of a pony, but some of the gardeners had way more than just a handful of visible feathers. It was all the more proof that I didn't belong here.

My ears perked up at the sound of knocking, taking my attention away from the outside. I pushed open my bedroom door, and immediately came muzzle to muzzle with the family butler, a brilliant white unicorn stallion named Intricacy. "Good evening, madam," he intoned, his voice deep and commanding, but nonetheless welcoming.

"Good morning Cacy," I replied in earnest, "Is father waiting downstairs?" The prim and proper butler scrunched his nose slightly at the nickname I've gotten used to giving him. It was mostly due to the fact that it was easier to pronounce when I was still learning to use my new equine mouth to speak. It was also funny seeing the usually calm and collective unicorn become mildly annoyed at my small breach of protocol.

However this time Cacy hasn't bothered to try to correct me and only sighed. Resolving himself, he continued, "Yes, I assume you have everything prepared for your first day of school?"

"As ready as I'll ever be." I answer, picking up my saddlebag from across the room. It was filled with basic supplies expected for an elementary school. Papers, crayons, and among various other things to complete expected foalish activities with. If I were to be completely honest, I was nervous. Extremely so. This would be my first interaction with ponies outside of my family and the manor. Would I try to attempt to recreate the friend groups Silver Spoon had? Would I even get along with them? Actually... did she have any other friends than Diamond Tiara? Damn, I should have thought about this before the first day of school.
Soon enough, I was already trotting past the main entrance. Fancy lights and décor littered the room as I descended one of the staircases and onto the red carpet. This room had many pieces of art and intricate pottery laying on various marble pedestals. It was bizarre at first, for I never really lived in a high-class environment. At most I lived in the upper-middle class, but we still had to keep expenses in mind. Here my father spent his wealth on these tapestries and décor to show his status to those that first enter the Silver Manor. He wasn’t the type of stallion to spend on frivolous things. Everything here had a purpose.

Cacy eventually led me outside of the manor gate. There, lies a coach wagon with two stallions mounted at the front. The butler unicorn used his magic to unlock the door to reveal a velvet room with accompanying cushions on both sides. One of which was already occupied. There sat a handsome stallion with a short, slightly unruly black mane and lead-colored fur so smooth and well-kept that it glittered slightly whenever he moved. His eyes were a muted dark blue, the pupils nearly indistinguishable from the irises around them. He wore a nearly constant expression of general ennui, but his eyes were quick and sharp, and as I came into the coach wagon, they were darting across the page of a newspaper he had in his hooves. This stallion was my father, Silversmith.

Father is known for being the mind behind the world’s current metal industry. He’s responsible for supplying most of Equestria’s main infrastructures. Buildings, railroads, and even the fairly recent development of wires meant for electricity are overseen by this one stallion. As one of the world’s most brilliant minds, Silversmith keeps up appearances by buying or creating the necessities to show off his wealth, status, and power. The cushions I sat on were made with the softest feathers, the coach wagon was built out of mahogany, and that the doors had a small compartment for wine for guests of his. The fact that he built this all himself only further proves his capability as a stallion and how he puts those same standards onto the Silver family. He doesn’t bother speaking, nor does he even take a single glance at me. My father simply flips his newspaper, scanning his eyes back to the top of the page.
My eyes listlessly move from my father to the nearby window. The cart was already in motion by the time I collected my thoughts. The scene of the Silver Manor slowly changed from the high-class residences to the more rural areas of Ponyville. I’ve never been outside of the manor. The only times I’ve ever interacted with ponies other than my father’s servants were his acquaintances that often showed up to meet with him. Silversmith has introduced me to his social circles before, but his acquaintances only looked at me with the same eyes he had. The same cold, sharp gaze one used to appraise the worth of an item. That was all that I was to them, a symbol of father’s status. A thing to be quickly shown off and dismissed as a testament to father’s fortune.

Within those underlying moments, my maids usually provide me with an array of decorative clothing, along with grooming my fur and mane into pristine condition. Yet it was mother who taught me royal manners and etiquette. She even provided me with my designer's glasses to replace my original basic black frame. It was only when I recognized my mother’s pearl necklace from what Silver Spoon used to wear that I insisted on wearing it, all to "complete the look."

From what I could tell and what father’s servants told me, mother is a performer who gained attention and reverence in a place called Las Pegasus. Apparently it’s a recently built colorful cloud city located on the western end of Equestria. Often times mom has to travel and stay there for long periods of time for her widely desired performances. And since it was a cloud city, it frequently migrates from one area of the sky to another. Unless you’re a Pegasus, traveling in and out of that city is widely considered hectic, to say the least. Mother was a unicorn, but teleportation magic to such heights is naught but an impossible feat except for the most well-versed spell casters who take years of study and practice under their belt. Mother was just a simple performer using tricks and illustrations to awe her audience, so she has to take the normal air balloon transportation like everypony else.

On the rarer occasions that I do see her, she would always have a faint, gentle smile on her face whenever she sees me. It was such a face that melted even father’s heart.

Alas, it seems mother didn’t come with me on this ride. My gaze slowly glances back at Silversmith, still reading that newspaper labeled "Equestria News." Sometimes, I find myself perplexed about some of his behavior. Out of the blue, he'd simply told me that I was going to start schooling in the fall, and that had been the end of it. He wasn’t all there for me, as he usually minded his own business and delved into his own studies. The only time I’ve seen him smile was when he was around mother, and even then it was a rare occurrence.
My thoughts were abruptly interrupted by the coach wagon coming to a stop. My side of the door opened to reveal one of our other butlers. "We have arrived Master Smith." The servant informed. Silversmith gave a curt nod, signaling me to get off. I heave my school saddlebag over my back and step off the wagon, shaking my thoughts away from my family to walk towards the school courtyard in front of me.

"Do well in school." I hear an adamant voice behind me. Taking a surprised glance behind me, I can see my father still sitting there, reading his newspaper. Yet my ears didn’t fool me, he did say those words, but the meaning behind those words eluded me. Did he just wish me luck in school? Or was that more of a command? Considering the tone he used and his overall personality, it was most probably the latter. As one of Equestria’s wealthy and powerful, father takes his family image very seriously. With the same dull voice, I nod and answer "Yes father." And that was the end of our conversation.
I stood on the edge of the schoolyard, staring blankly at the vast playground beyond the rough wooden fence. Somewhere in the background, I could hear the familiar crunch of my father's carriage receding into the general din of chatter and laughter coming from the collected ponies milling about in front of me.

Once or twice, one of the older ponies would glance at me, give me an appraising look, maybe a small smile that they probably thought would seem friendly and understanding, but then turn away again to continue their conversation or yell something at their foal.

Urgh... Elementary School. I can't believe I'm actually doing this again... I mentally grumbled. Having already graduated college, I can practically feel the incoming lethargy from my experience of being utterly sleep deprived and running only on caffeinated drinks to make it through the day. The years of balancing part-time jobs and exams weigh heavy in your mind. I was never legible for any scholarships, nor was I was resorting to selling myself to the dark abyss known as student loans. At the very least my human mother was able to afford me those college classes. My part-time job was simply an investment to earn experience and save up emergency cash on hand in the event my mother decides to blow all our family finances away. I struggled through it all and finally landed a decent job, but now as I look around the courtyard with all the fillies and colts giggling and playing, my heart sunk. I have to do it all over again. All that effort, wasted. Before that train of thought went even lower, I clasped both sides of my cheeks with the painful sting of my hooves. Shake out of it. I already had come to terms with this before.

On multiple occasions, I found that my memories growing up was often a burden to me rather than a benefit. The doctors immediately noticed my strange behavior as a foal, noticing that I was training my vocal cords and creating various sounds with my new mouth. I never cried when others were around out of a desire to hide my embarrassment and retain any dignity that I had. I also ended up being one of the last foals who figured out how to walk properly. All of these behaviors were red flags to my caretakers, as all of them were afraid that there was something very wrong with me. Silversmith quickly brushed off all their concerns, saying that there was nothing wrong with me and that I was perfect. I was a Silver after all.

Yet even still, rumors spread. I sometimes wondered that if I didn't have these damn memories, that everything would be fine. Ignorance is bliss after all. Alas, that wasn't the case. Instead, I was Silver Spoon, an aristocratic young filly with the memories of a former human. My sense of self has gotten muddled as of late, but I do know that I was put here for a reason. There has to be. Otherwise, I wouldn't have retained my sanity for so long.
Suddenly, as if to jerk me away from my own thoughts, the front door of the schoolhouse opened, and a brilliant magenta mare with bouncy pink curls dancing around a broadly grinning face appeared in the entrance, a large brass bell clamped in her mouth. She was shaking the bell with gusto, the clanging voice of the old-fashioned instrument easily cutting all conversation short and drawing the attention of everypony nearby. After a moment, she spat the bell out onto the front stoop and grinned broadly at her suddenly rapt audience. "Good morning, everypony! It is absolutely wonderful to see each and every one of you here today! I see a bunch of faces I already know--" she winked at a young yellow filly with a brilliant red mane standing near the stoop "--and a few I can't wait to meet!" As she said this, she smiled down at a few foals standing back from the rest of the crowd.

The fuchsia mare continued, her voice as clear and engaging as the bell. "We've got a long, exciting day ahead of us, so let's get inside and get started! Everypony follow me!" She snatched the bell and disappeared into the school, followed by a shrieking, laughing pack of students and their smiling guardians.

This was it. My first real interactions with other ponies, albeit children. I take a glance back at my saddlebag and sat down to take a look inside it. Good, it seems that I haven't forgotten or dropped anything. I have to make a good first impression after all-


A voice suddenly cut across my attentiveness, lifting my head up from my bag and turning to face the speaker. A powder-pink filly with hair that looked like grape-and-vanilla pulled taffy cascading around her head and framing a broad grin was standing not two hooves away, smiling down at me. It was immediately apparent who this pony was and I instinctively reacted with- "Diamond Tiara?"
"Huh? Wait, how did you know my name?" the pink filly was startled at my response. Shit.

"Uh, I uh, heard about you from my father." I lied immediately.

"Oh me too! So you must be Silver Spoon then!" Diamond Tiara quickly switched expressions to one of joy. I was quickly puzzled by this, but she then held out a hoof. "I'm Diamond Tiara, but ah you already know that." She giggles. Without thinking, I unconsciously reached out and taking Diamond Tiara's hoof, allowing the other pony to pull me up off the ground.

"Well, Silver Spoon," she said, "you shouldn't sit on the ground like that. You'll get dirt in your fur, and your colors are too light for that." She giggled lightly and gestured towards her own body. "So are mine. Daddy says I pick up dirt like it's my special talent."

Despite my near-fatal first encounter with the filly, I manage to let out a small chuckle. "What would a 'getting dirty' cutie mark look like?"

"I don't know yet, but I'm pretty good at it, so we can find out someday."

"We?" My mind was instantly fixated on that word. Already multiple stray thoughts were popping up in my head.

Diamond Tiara nodded and opened her mouth to continue, but was suddenly interrupted by a tall brown stallion stepping out of the carriage parked on the road behind them. I haven't heard it approach, and haven't noticed it before now, but as soon as my eyes landed on it, I was surprised it could have snuck up on me. "Diamond Tiara," the stallion said, his voice deep and smooth and reassuring, "come along now, or you'll be late."

"Daddy, this is Silver Spoon," Diamond Tiara said, gesturing towards me, leaving me to smile meekly at the tall stallion. "She's my new friend."

Friend? The word echoed in my mind as the stallion turned his cool blue eyes to rest on her face. He smiled warmly. "Good morning, Silver Spoon. My name's Filthy Rich. Are you here with your parents?"

"Uh, n-no, sir," I again shook away my stray thoughts and completely taken by surprise, "m-my parents dropped me off, and..." my mind suddenly went blank, but the stallion simply smiled down at me and nodded towards the schoolhouse.

"No matter. Come with me, little one, we'll all go in together." I nodded warily and fell in step next to Diamond Tiara. Nothing was going in the way I expected. Father didn’t mention anything about this. I figured I'd have to be the one to create the first interaction, not the other way around. I haven’t interacted with another filly until five minutes ago. How should I have expected that Diamond Tiara was planned to be my playdate?
The stallion led the way, chatting amiably as we walked. "So, Silver Spoon, you must be Silversmith's youngest." I nodded. "I thought I'd seen you from time to time around the Silver Estate. I had mentioned to your father that perhaps you and my little Diamond here might like to get together for a playdate sometime, but I suppose we never found the opportunity. Good thing you're both starting school this season; it'll give you a chance to get to know one another. I'm certain you'll become fast friends. I think you'll find you have a great deal in common, in fact."

Really? I couldn't help but think. The only similarities I could draw were from our background, but that's it. I take a glance back at Diamond Tiara to see that she was also looking back at me. Well, it seems that even father didn’t plan for this. I forced down my skepticism and smiled lightly.

The little group reached the door of the schoolhouse and Mr. Rich led the way in, holding the door for the two little fillies. I followed Diamond Tiara into the building but paused inside as she kept walking towards the front of the room. The pink filly noticed immediately that she'd stopped, and looked back over her shoulder. "What's wrong?"

My face turned into a grimace. "Where...where are we supposed to sit?" Looking around, all I could see was a couple of foals already in their seats, but with no seating chart anywhere. "Is this free seating?"

Diamond Tiara shrugged. "I dunno. Let's find a couple seats together, though. Come on!" She smiled and waved a hoof at me to follow her. To think I would be following her already on the first day of school. But nevertheless, I did. I take another look at the room around me. None of the other foals seemed to really be paying any attention to us, negative or otherwise. Most of the little ponies were engaged in conversation with friends new and old, and all the adults were lining the walls of the room, chatting amongst themselves. I looked over my shoulder to see Filthy Rich standing in the back of the room. Two mares standing near him had already begun to engage him in conversation, and he was politely returning their interest, although he continued watching carefully as the two foals he'd chaperoned found their seats. When my gaze landed back on him, he smiled broadly and nodded his encouragement at me. I give a small smile back and attempt to find a seat.
Sliding into a seat next to Diamond Tiara, I took a moment to examine the rest of the class with a curious gaze. There were perhaps fifteen other foals in the room, all of various coloration and type, all roughly around my age. There were several other earth ponies, including the brilliant yellow filly I'd noticed earlier, sitting on the opposite side of the room from her, also in the front row. There were also a few unicorns sprinkled around the room, their shortish horns barely poking out from under their manes, and a smattering of pegasi, their small wings buzzing eagerly in excited anticipation of the new school season. I did my best to avoid eye contact with Applebloom, for if I did I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to look away. Diamond Tiara noticed me appraising the class and said, "Do you know anypony here already?" Straightening my lips, I shook my head, "Nope!" Diamond Tiara gave me another look of skepticism before responding, "Yeah, me either. Oh well, we can just be friends with each other for now, right?"

I faced back to her with some skepticism of my own. "For now?"

"Yeah! I mean, until we find some other friends. Uh, not that I want to stop being friends with you. Just, I mean, I wanted to make new friends with you." The pink filly flubbed on her words, obviously trying to clear up the misunderstanding. Looking deep into her gaze, it seems that she really meant that she wanted to remain friends with me. I didn't see anything that would imply any sort of manipulation. In fact, her reaction seems genuine even.

Lowering my guard, I gave her an understanding nod. "Yeah, that would be nice."

"Alright fillies and colts," the teacher said, taking her place at the front of the room and smiling out at the group. "Welcome to your first day of school! My name is Miss Cheerilee, and I will be your teacher. I know you all must be very excited to be here, because I certainly am!" She tilted her head and beamed, her hair tumbling around her face in cascading pink waves. "Now, our first day is going to be mostly just getting to know one another, but tomorrow we start learning for real! Parents," she said, addressing the adult ponies ringing the room, "thank you for coming today and helping me get acquainted with all of you and your foals, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist on a parent-free classroom. You understand, I'm sure; it is somewhat more difficult for young ponies to exercise their own skills and speak freely if there are adults in the room." There were some nods among the older ponies, and they slowly filed back out of the room, pausing to give their foals one last reassuring smile and wave before they left.
I managed to catch Filthy Rich's eye before he disappeared through the exit, and the stallion smiled warmly and gave me a wink. I reacted puzzledly at him but didn't mind it. Turning back to the front of the classroom, I watched as Miss Cheerilee was patiently waiting for the elders to leave. Finally, the door closed behind them and she smiled down at the collected students. "Alright. Now, as I said before, my name is Miss Cheerilee. I love teaching and I love sunflowers, but more than anything, I love my students. I can't wait to get to know all of you, so let's go around the room and each say our name and something we like to do." She looked down at the bright yellow earth pony in the front row. "Apple Bloom, could you start for us, please?"

The red-maned filly rolled her eyes. "Miss Cheerilee, you already said mah name!" She had a thick country accent, and my highly conditioned proper sensibilities bristled involuntarily at the twang.

"Sorry, dear," Miss Cheerilee said, chuckling softly. "Could you say it again for us anyway?"

Apple Bloom grunted in irritation but stood up and faced the class anyway. "Hi. Mah name is Apple Bloom. Ah like buckin' apples."

I couldn't help but snicker at the response. Oh god, hahaha! It's really her. I didn't mean anything by it, but Applebloom gave me a weird look before she sat back at her desk.

I take a quick glance at Diamond Tiara curiously. She noticed my gaze and turned to me, mouthing the words 'bucking apples?' to her new friend. I simply shrugged and patiently waited. Two other ponies had spoken by the time Miss Cheerilee went down by the list of rows before Diamond Tiara was next in line.

Miss Cheerilee smiled broadly at them. "Oh, my, such pretty jewelry. And what is your name, dear?" she asked Diamond Tiara.

The pink filly stood up confidently and squeaked, "My name is Diamond Tiara, and I like going on balloon rides with my daddy."

There was a quiet snicker from the back of the class, and Diamond Tiara's face fell slightly. "What? It's fun."

"Yeah, if you're a daddy's girl." The comment was quiet, but just barely audible. Diamond Tiara frowned and scanned the back of the room, looking for the source. I looked over my shoulder to notice a bright orange pegasus filly smirking broadly as the pearl-colored unicorn next to her stifled a giggle.

Miss Cheerilee hadn't seemed to notice either the comment or the laughter. "Thank you, Diamond Tiara. And you, dear?" she continued, looking now at Silver Spoon.

Oh fuck. I was too distracted by what's going on in the back of the classroom to notice I was next on the list.
I swallowed hard, my mouth suddenly dry. I took a deep breath, forcing myself to slowly stand up out of my desk and turn to face the class. I took a moment to collect myself, as this was the moment I had been mentally preparing for back in my room in front of my mirror. "My...my name is Silver Spoon," my words which started as a mumble slowly formed into the confident and rehearsed set of lines I had practiced. "And I like reading books with my mother."

Nailed it. But the stifled snicker from the back of the room became an unguarded laugh, and several ponies around the orange pegasus sourcing it were giggling into their hooves as well. "Lame!" the little Pegasus squeaked, a confident smirk on her face. My mind froze at that moment, not foreseeing how that first-grade introduction I rehearsed had failed me.

"Excuse me!" Miss Cheerilee said, stomping towards the back of the classroom and glaring down at the pegasus. The young filly didn't flinch, meeting the older mare's gaze with cool indifference. "What is your name?"


"I see. And did your parents bring you to school today, Scootaloo?"

The little pegasus shook her head sharply. "No, I'm only here 'cuz Miss Rarity said I'd have to try on dresses all day if I didn't."

"Well, Scootaloo, if you don't want to be sent back to Carousel Boutique for the rest of the day, I suggest you mind your manners. We do not make fun of other students in my classroom, understand?" Scootaloo shrugged nonchalantly. "Understand?" Miss Cheerilee repeated, narrowing her eyes at the filly.

Scootaloo paused for a long moment, not quite meeting the teacher's gaze. "Yeah."

"Good," Miss Cheerilee said darkly before stomping back to the front of the room. "Now, Silver Spoon, was it?" I was still stuck in my stupor by the time the magenta mare called on me, only to quickly shake off my stiff expression to save face. "I think it's wonderful that you enjoy reading with your mother. You needn't be ashamed of that at all."
That much was obvious. When I was younger I attempted to sneak into the family library to absorb all of Equestria's fantastical knowledge, because despite how it is Equestria is still a land of fantasy and magic. I always have digested fiction a lot easier than fact. Reading history textbooks could never amount to the sheer wonder fantasy could provide. It was when I got discovered that I left a lot of books under my bed, my mother decided that she should read to me at night whenever she came. It was embarrassing, but I have suffered worse fates. It was nice to sit curled in the crook of my mother's legs, listening to her soft, warm voice lilting as she read in the gentle light of her bedside table lamp, barely bright enough to illuminate her bed in the middle of her enormous bedroom. Many times I had fallen asleep cuddled up with her, drifting off to long, fantastic tales of princes and princesses, dragons and hydras, and evil monsters falling to the unassuming hero of the day. A little unimaginative, but at the time I was simply more invested in whatever common knowledge those books could provide. Sure some of it might be too outlandish to be true and I couldn't tell the difference between what was fiction or fact, but I didn't care. It was still far more entertaining than sitting idle on some soft cushion being bored out of my mind.

Surely these kids could understand that reading can be enjoyable too right? Why else would there be an abundance of poorly written fanfictions made by 9-year olds hosted on various reading sites? What made Scootaloo think reading was so funny.

"Don't worry." I looked up, tearing away from my thoughts as Diamond Tiara's whispers. "Reading is totally cool," the pink filly said, smiling confidently. "She's just a mule. I bet her thing will be totally lame." She smirked mischievously. "And I'm gonna tell her so."

I chewed my lip. "You're gonna get in trouble too you know that right?"

Diamond Tiara didn't respond but simply winked at me. Miss Cheerilee continued to go around the classroom asking each foal in turn for their name and their favorite activity. Some were obvious--"HimynameisZipporwhillandIliketoflyupanddownandbackandforthreallyreallyfast!"--while others were less so--"My name's Featherweight. I like to take pictures." A few were uniquely fascinating--"My name is Rumble, and I like flying storm tracking patterns with my brother Thunderlane."--and a few were distinctly not--"My name is Snips, and I like to hang out with my friend Snails."; "My name is Snails, and I like to hang out with my friend Snips."

Oh fucking hell. At least I put effort into it.

Eventually, Miss Cheerilee reached the orange pegasus and her unicorn friend. The unicorn went first.

"My name is Sweetie Belle, and I like making dresses and putting on makeup so I can look as pretty as my sister Rarity!"

Miss Cheerilee smiled warmly. "Thank you, Sweetie Belle." She turned a wary eye on the pegasus. "Scootaloo?"
"Why do you ride a scooter?" Diamond Tiara suddenly piped up from the front of the room. All eyes turned towards her, but the pink filly's face remained innocent and composed.

Scootaloo narrowed her eyes at her. "'Cuz it's cool. Why else?"

"Well," Diamond Tiara continued, maintaining an air of genuine curiosity, "I thought you could go way faster and do way better tricks if you just flew, instead of scooting."

I blinked momentarily at this, trying to register what was going on. A stray thought did rise among the others though. Wait, how did Diamond Tiara know Scootaloo couldn't fly? I glanced back to see what Scootaloo's response would be.

The little pegasus scowled at Diamond Tiara, her cheeks flushed. "So what? I can still ride if I want to."

"Yeah, but why?" Diamond Tiara asked, raising an eyebrow at her. "You can fly, can't you?"

"Of course I can!" Scootaloo said, blushing harder now. "I just like to ride my scooter, that's all! What's the big deal?"

"Girls!" Miss Cheerilee suddenly interrupted, glaring at both fillies in turn. "That's enough. Scootaloo, I think it's wonderful that you enjoy riding your scooter. Diamond Tiara, just because somepony prefers to do things one way doesn't mean they can't do it any other way. I'm sure Scootaloo can fly just fine. Now," she continued, walking back towards the front of the class, "today we're going to start learning about the alphabet, and to do that, I'm going to write all the letters here on the board, and then I'm going to write your names one by one, and together we can see how the letters make the sounds in your name."

I raised my hoof in the air so that Miss Cheerilee would notice.

The magenta mare looked at me. "Yes, Silver Spoon?"

"I can already write my name. My mother taught me how." I said confidently.

Miss Cheerilee smiled. "That's wonderful! Let me write the alphabet up on the board, and then maybe you can come up and write your name for us?" She turned to start writing the letters across the top of the chalkboard.

Normally being able to write my name down wouldn't be such a noteworthy achievement, but having to write with your mouth is something that should be properly recognized. However, my elation was suddenly doused at a hiss, "Show-off..." from the rear of the class. Stung, I looked over her shoulder to see Scootaloo miming leaping out of her seat and waving her hoof at the teacher. Sweetie Belle snickered next to her. I was dumbfounded. Why were these fillies being so mean? They were never this antagonistic when I watched the show. I gritted my teeth as I couldn't help but glare back at them.

Diamond Tiara nudged my shoulder. "Don't worry, Silver Spoon. She's just mad 'cuz she can't do it," she muttered under her breath. She gave me a reassuring smile. "I think it's pretty cool that you can."
"You do?" I asked, genuinely surprised at her comment. Diamond Tiara nodded, and I relaxed a bit. "Thanks. My mother has been teaching me. I can almost write the whole alphabet now." Thank god I can recognize the characters of equine speech as normal English. If I hadn't then my general knowledge of the world would have been much more limited. Writing was still a hurdle I had to overcome, however.

"Neat!" Diamond Tiara said. "I can write my initials, but I haven't quite gotten all the letters yet. Maybe you can help me?"

I raised an eyebrow, taking a moment to think about this. "Eh, sure. You wanna come over to my house later?"

"Totally. You live right next to us, I think."

"Really?" I said.

Diamond Tiara nodded. "Daddy's always talking about 'Mr. Smith who lives next door.' I think that's your dad."

"Yeah, Silversmith is my father. I didn't know any fillies lived near us. Never really get to go outside the Manor..."

"Really?" Diamond Tiara responded curiously.

As Miss Cheerilee finished writing on the board and turned to face the class again, Diamond Tiara smiled and said, "We'll talk more later."
"So you don't go out much?" Diamond Tiara was delicately arranging her lunch on a cream-colored hoofkerchief, placing a pasty stuffed with what looked like eggplant and zucchini in the center and surrounding it with smaller portions of braised carrots, julienned squash, and a hoofful of shelled pistachios.

I stared in disbelief at the bounty laid out in front of my new acquaintance. My eyes slid down to her comparatively meager parsnip-and-pumpkin sandwich and I answered. "Well... yeah basically. Father never has the time to take me out to go somewhere because he's always super busy with work. And mother is hardly ever around. I just kinda, stay in the manor and bother the staff at times."

Diamond Tiara has this look of bewilderment when she heard this. "Your mother isn’t home either? That sounds, kinda lonely..." she responded, deciding to slide the squash across the table and leaving it next to my sandwich as what I assume is an offering of pity.

I nonchalantly shrugged and immediately pushed the vegetable strips back in front of Diamond Tiara. "It’s not a big deal. I have Cacy, the family head butler. He's super nice, but also really skilled and professional. He's gotta be like, the best butler in all of Equestria."

Diamond Tiara stared in awe, before adding a dash of skepticism. "You're kidding, nopony is that great." The pink filly said.

"Well... maybe not the best in Equestria, but he's still pretty good at his job." I remarked.

"That’s nice," Diamond Tiara concedes, "so what kind of books do you like?"

"Um, well...my mother and I like to read old ponytales together. 'The Mare in the Moon', 'The Pony of Shadows', 'The Curse of the Castle...'"

Diamond Tiara nodded at each title. "Yeah, I like those, too. Which one's your favorite?" she asked, crunching on a carrot.

"It’s gotta be Mare in the Moon. It has so much of Equestria’s history in a short little story. A thousand years of history condensed into just a few pages! Plus the art is really nice too." I couldn’t help, but blurt out. That book was one of the few texts that I could recognize and it helped to give me a refresher of Equestria’s history since I came here.

"You really think any of it is real?" The pink filly asked earnestly, fully enraptured by my short speech.

"I don’t think so, I know so." I say confidently with a smirk on my face.

"How do you know?" Diamond Tiara again looked skeptical, tilting her head and puzzled at my complete confidence.

I pursed my lips to ponder momentarily. Looking around to make sure nopony is near, I motioned her forward. The pink filly leans in over the table, lending one of her ears so I could whisper. "I have dreams of the future."

Diamond Tiara gasped wholeheartedly, accidentally spilling over her carton of apple juice. "No way, I don’t believe you."

"It’s true. Last night I dreamt that we were both friends."

"So that’s how you knew what I looked like!" She said as it clicked for her.
"But that’s not all," I say with a hushed tone, "we even had our cutie marks." I spoke, leading her on.

Diamond Tiara gasped once again, putting her hoof onto her mouth as her eyes sparkled mesmerizingly. "What was it?! What did it look like?"

I put my own hoof under my chin. "Hmm... should I really tell you?"

"Tell me! Tell me!" The pink filly was practically almost on top of the table, begging ecstatically.

"Hmm....." I pretend to ponder seriously.

"Pleaaassseee...?" Diamond Tiara was giving me serious puppy dog eyes. An expression that I could tell was practiced on multiple occasions, presumably on her father.

Nevertheless, I continued pondering. "Hmm, only if you promise to tell nopony about my secret."

"I promise!"

"Pinkie promise it." I demanded.

"Huh? Pinkie promise?" Diamond Tiara tilted her head with a puzzled expression.

"It's a special kind of promise. Nopony breaks a Pinkie Promise, ever." I hissed with a dead-serious expression, looking her directly in her eyes.

With a dry gulp, the pink filly nodded in understanding. After teaching her how to Pinkie promise with my own example, I got her to do it.

"Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye." Diamond Tiara proceeded to chant while crossing her heart, mimicking the flapping of wings with her carpus, and finally imitating sticking a pastry into her eye. This effect seemed to cause the pink filly to grin, giddily basking in the joy of sharing secret knowledge.

Confident now that she wouldn’t break such a secret, I lean in to whisper. "Our Cutie Marks are a Diamond Tiara and a Silver Spoon."

"What!?" My friend exclaimed. "No way our cutie marks are just our names! I don’t believe you one bit." She giggled in disbelief.

"We’ll see~" I say in a playful, teasing tone.

"If you end up being right, then I’ll take you out for the Piaffe Parlor my Daddy always takes me to." Diamond Tiara bet.

"Oh, I look forward to it."
I look forward to reading all this
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this caption is lulzy as fuck
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Nope, is not. Any and all traces and memories of human misery vanish. And that's a good thing.
Added to the story archive.
incredible writing
>witnessing how your bones are getting mauled and turned into an exoskeleton
And what is why you should never go changeling.
My question is what ponies would have in their mouths that allow them to ponify any human body part they come into contact with. And don’t just say “it’s magic”, since this may not be possible by non-unicorns and non-alicorns.
I know this thread is more about the transformation side of things but
>You've found a tribe of ponies like you with full intelligence and have begun to construct a city in the mesa overlooking your old home
Reading a story about this, a group of humans suddenly ponified and coming together to build a place for themselves, that'd be fun to read.
Especially if they're still discovering new things about their new bodies like magic or what foods they can eat, etc.
Good ideas
This is a good one so far, looking forward to seeing more of it. Seen a few where the protagonist become an antagonist but haven't seen one myself where they become a more minor one like Silverspoon. Plus with the way Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle were acting hints that things may be a bit different so makes me excited to see what curve balls you got!
That was fun
>Be Anonymous.
>You wake up after what seems like a long time asleep, but you feel as though your magic has been drained from you. Did that shipping container really do that to you?
>You see you’re in a hospital of some kind, with Lightning Bliss by your side.
>“Hey, there...”
“Hey, Blissey.”
>“How are you feeling?”
“I feel like I should never be using magic again, that’s what I feel like. I don’t even feel as though I could lift a paperclip, so I doubt I’ll be lifting any more shipping containers.”
>“Well, OK. The doctor has prescribed you some magic enhancer pills and you’re to take two of these each day. Until your magic recovers, I’ll... try... to help you out, at least during visiting hours.”
“Hey. You’re not only a good teacher, but also an amazing friend.”
>You hear a xylophone jingle on the TV screen in front of you.
^“We interrupt this program to bring you an update on the developing situation at the Canterlot palace courtyards: a small brush fire broke out following the small nuclear explosion that occurred just two days ago. Officials still believe this event was traced to a shipping container containing uranium meant for the Amore nuclear program that was improperly stored, though a terrorist plot is not ruled out.”
^“There are trace amounts of radiation leaking from the container which was discovered to be properly lead-lined, but officials believe that it can be disposed of properly to allow for full use of the courtyard once more.”
^“We now go live to our field correspondent on 10th and 15th for more details.”
*“John, I’m standing a safe distance away from the blast, but that didn’t always seem to be so. Princess Twilight was allegedly put into a bunker beneath the castle and residents of the Palace District were urged to shelter in place following the explosion. Now, officials say they can come out of their homes, albeit while wearing face coverings.”
@“It’s just that we had this big scare and now we can finally leave our homes and go about our businesses.”
*“The explosion that triggered this scare was alleged to contain a highly unstable isotope of uranium. The container was believed to have been stored improperly. When the container was agitated, likely by some slight tremor or heavy vehicle rapidly passing by, it seems to have set off the uranium reaction, causing an explosion within the container.”
*“It’ll be a few days before this container can be properly disposed, but I’m very much looking forward to seeing the day when we can all just get out and do our everyday things. Back to you, John.”
^“OK. Still ahead, why the Canterlot Royals lost to the Manehattan Yankees: pine tar scandal or corrupt umpires? More details at 11.”
>“Uhhh... you don’t seem as though you have to worry about this at all, no? We got out in time, right? The doctors didn’t say anything about radiation poisoning... I hope.”
It may hurt in the short term but imagine the benefits of being able to become any pony or any thing.
It's back!
I love it, Gnisha. Bring on the beach episode.
I'd rather want to be able to found a family with my waifu. No idea if becoming a changeling can provide that.
Changeling biology is fun to explore. Who is your waifu, and do you like egg-laying?
Celestia and not really. I'm more into the conventional mammal way of doing things.
I don't think you'd be starting a family even if you did go to Equestria. That's like, aiming to have Jesus as your husband, y'know? Shame on the egg-laying, though, there goes my green idea
>I don't think you'd be starting a family even if you did go to Equestria.
To paraphrase Jurassic Park, love finds a way. And Celly deserves a family of her own just like any other pony.
>Become Tiny Pony
>You're in the human world
>Have one of your friends take you in and pretend to be a dumb horse in public
>People think your owner is abusing you since your fur is dyed

>Eventually your friend gets arrested
>You're taken into a horse shelter and you refrain from speaking as to not be taken by the government
>You're treated like a horse, with other normal horses

>Eventually heat sets in
>Get rutted by a normal horse
>The heat is too much
>You eventually forget about your former life, your friend, and now your mind is filled with the desire to breed senselessly
>Bad end
>In the throes of passion you can't help but cry out "yes, yes!" in human language
>Farmhand notices, becomes curious but too embarrased to ask right away
>One grooming session when nobody else is around, you hear him mutter to himself that he's crazy, holding it in before asking.
>"Why you got fur, like, one of them... uh... some kinda cuddly toy or somethin'"
>You remain quiet, you couldn't believe someone was talking to you again.
>He sighs to himself "You don't really talk, do you. I bet you can't hear none of what I'm saying either".
>A pang of guilt hits you, you'd completely given up and had felt so alone for so long, and you feared not only you but he too would feel alone if you didn't do something.
"I-I can talk, yeah."
>For the first time in a long time you have an honest to goodness conversation, it's a bit of a mess but you agree to keep it secret for the time being.
>You finally get off your chest everything you've been feeling, and the farmhand can't help but feel so sorry for you, even though you feel terribly guilty for what you've done and like it can't be changed.
>He can see that it's not fair for you or your friend, and that something has to be done.
>Over time you're able to establish a network, chat with people online, make arrangements.
>You manage to get off the farm and into the care of some animal rights activists, finding their lodgings far more comfortable than sleeping in hay.
>The stalion that rutted you the most eventually makes it there too, he just seemed really lonely without you and you're admittely glad to see him back too.
>Secure, comfy, and satiated by your new special stallion friend you start making the moves to see you recognized as a citizen without fear of government abduction.
>Through online interviews, talks with lawyers, the help of activist groups and the fact that being a real life talking pony becoming a viral internet sensation you make yourself impossible to quietly sequester off, the eyes of the world are on you now.
>And in time you get justice for the misjustice your old friend suffered,
>You try to get around to talking to him, to apologise, but he just doesn't want anything to do with you after what happened.
>You still live with a pang of guilt in your concince for not having spoken out sooner, but you can at least remedy the pain knowing you did the best you could to right that wrong.
>Finally you can put it all behind you, and worry about something equally important.
>You're going to be the mother of the first pony born on Earth, after all.

"Well, how was your first day of school?" A deep and smooth and reassuring voice resounded within the coach wagon I resided in. I was sitting next to Diamond Tiara while Filthy Rich sat across from us. The wagon itself wasn't as immaculate as my father's coach wagon as it was filled with various décor and toys around the room, cluttering up a fair bit of space. I could see that these toys probably belonged to Diamond Tiara as they were mostly dolls and gem-encrusted toy trains lying around.

"It was great daddy!" Diamond Tiara chirped in response. "Although, I didn't make a lot of friends like I thought I would..."

"We sat alone at recess talking about stuff." I added, half in confirmation and the other half as an excuse for Diamond Tiara.

"Oh? And what kind of stuff were you and my little sugar plum talking about?" The stallion inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"That's a secret daddy!~" The pink filly giddily said.

"Oh, so my little girl is already making secrets with her new friend..." Filthy Rich wiped away a single fake tear. "I'm so proud." I couldn't help but smirk at the stallion's demeanor. Diamond Tiara also giggled at her father's display of fatherly pride. He even brought out a single hoofkerchief to blow his nose... muzzle? Snout.

"Daddyyy that's so gross!" The pink filly giggled in fake disgust.

"Well, I at least don't pick my snout in front of other ponies." Filthy Rich stated.

"I don't pick my snout!" Diamond Tiara protested.

"I never said that you did dear." The stallion grinned as he leaned over to rub his daughter's head playfully. The pink filly puffed out her cheeks in mild contempt but ended up letting it go as she playfully smiled along with him.

"Well, thanks for picking me up Mister Filthy Rich." I said after that was over.

"Oh it's of no problem Silver Spoon," the stallion smiled gently, "and please, call me Rich." The stallion had come to pick up Diamond Tiara once school was over. Filthy Rich insisted on staying to see Silversmith to discuss further playdates between his daughter and I. However, he never showed up. "That Silversmith is only punctual when it comes to business, I swear. It's one thing to ignore my invitations, but to even to forget picking up his own daughter? Remind me to give him an earful when I'm with him."

"Invitations?" I asked, puzzledly.

"Of course. Your father and I have been friends since we were colts." The brown stallion answered. "Every week I send him an invitation to one of our parties and he never comes, the nerve of him."

"Every week!?" I couldn't help but exclaim. Diamond Tiara was startled at my sudden response.

"Well naturally. I always make an effort to make my little princess feel special. From the time my wife was pregnant with her, when little princess was born, when she first spoke, when she first learned to walk, to the time she learned to use the little-filly's room all by herself-"
"I would assume that last part was a private affair." I continued.

"Of course! I wouldn't want to embarrass my little angel here." Rich answered, pretending to be oblivious to his daughter's protests.

"But you are embarrassing me!" The pink filly protested again.

"But it can be another secret between the both of you~" Rich teased.

"Urgh! Next time I'll just walk home with Silver Spoon!" Diamond jumped back into her cushion as Filthy Rich clicked his tongue in bemusement.

"So, Father wasn't always..." I held my tongue.

"Giving the cold shoulder?" Rich finished my sentence. "No. He was a fine colt once. We used to do everything together. From the time I've known him, I could tell he was passionate about his work, always finding new ways to improve the lives of ponies." The stallion smiled reminiscently at the memory. "He was so absorbed in his work that I didn't even think he go out of his own volition. It would take some effort to drag him out of the house every time I wanted him to see a bit of sunshine." He chuckled at the memory, then his expression mellowed. "Magic Star changed all that though..."

"Mother?" I questioned.

"Yes, your mother. A fine mare she is." Rich smiled warmly, I could sense a faint underlying stain of bitterness in his tone of voice. His response gave me a weird feeling, but I discarded it quickly. "It was thanks to your mother that colt finally bothered to go out of his house and meet other ponies. It was I who got him to meet higher-class ponies that would listen to him. He sold his ideas and eventually started his own enterprise." He stated proudly before his expression started to falter. "Although looking back on it..." The brown stallion didn't utter anything else.


"Hmm? Oh, don't mind my silly ramblings. Just enjoy your life however you want it. Sometimes it isn't worth spending your life about what other ponies think about you." Rich reassured me with a smile.

"...Okay?" I was left alone to ponder this new knowledge that Filthy Rich was closer to my father than I thought. It never seemed that way whenever he visited the Silver manor. Silversmith was always... apathetic towards everything. Always surrounded by other older ponies, each wearing their own expressions as a guise to their true intentions of earning the backing of an influential powerhouse. Filthy Rich, an honest pony, always seemed to be shoved aside for more important talk rather than discussing his own daughter. I suddenly find myself pitying both of them... in a way.
Yet when mother was around, he always seemed to be much more, alive? At the very least he wasn't a ridged stallion with the personality of a rock. Mother would occasionally show up with merchandise she bought in the local gift shops from the various places she's been to. She would talk to him about her adventures and he would listen attentively, with a glimmer in his eyes as she spoke. The mansion always seemed lighter when she was around, always interacting with the staff and even asking them how I was doing. However, things would go back to the status quo whenever she left. Father would go back to his room and work on various projects, the staff would clean and look after me, and I was not allowed to go outside the manor for whatever reason.

"Ah, looks like we're here." Filthy Rich interrupted my thoughts.

"Oh finally! I thought we were going to wait forever!" Diamond Tiara said, putting on her saddlebag and hopping off of her seat cushion once more. "Come on Sil! I wanna see your mansion!"

"Sil?" I inquired.

"Yeah! It's a nickname I just made up. Like it?" The pink filly smiled at me expectantly.

"So that's why you were so quiet." I said before hopping off the cart with my own saddlebag with Filthy Rich following behind.

"Yeah! I was thinking 'Spoony', but that sounds dumb. Silver is a nice name, but Sil sounds kinda neat yaknow?"

"Can't think of a better nickname Diamond Tiara." I say with assurance. "Speaking of which, I should think of a nickname too then! How about... Dia? For Diamond?"

"That sounds like a wonderful nickname to have." Rich stated from behind.

"Dia. Dia Dia Dia. Dia Dia Dia Dia Dia Dia-"

"Don't wear it out, dear." Rich interrupted Dia's constant flubbing of her name before all of us eventually reached the front of the Silver Estate. The brown stallion scanned the brick columns on either side of the front gate. There was a small silver bell mounted on the left column. Straightening up, he walked past us and over to the bell and rang it with a hoof.

A resounding ping echoed from the bell, followed almost immediately by a firm, clear voice with a slightly haughty tone. "Silver residence. Please state the nature of your visit." One of father's servants arrived on the scene immediately, or perhaps he was just standing there behind the gate the entire time.

"Hello, I am Filthy Rich," the stallion introduced himself, "I believe you've seen me come here often? I'm a long-time friend of Silversmith."

The voice responded instantly. "Is he expecting you?"

Rich winced. "Um...no, not exact--"

"Visitors without a standing appointment are not admitted after sundown."

"Oh for Celestia's sake I have his daughter with me!" On a moment of inspiration, he added. "And I'd like to have a word with him about leaving a young filly like that unattended on school grounds."

There was a brief pause, but then the stallion said, "I shall...see what I can do."
"Good," Filthy Rich said with a sigh somewhere between relief and frustration. A few moments passed before a different servant appeared.

"Cacy!" I shouted, instantaneously recognizing the unicorn. There never was a stallion that was dressed quite so impeccably, or who stood so stiffly, or who exuded quite the same sense of confidence, poise, and purpose. His fur was a startling white, a severe contrast to his crisp black tuxedo and deep blue eyes. His expression was nearly inscrutable, although I could sense a certain indescribable shadow hovering on the edges of his mouth and eyes. "Is there something wrong?"

Cacy gave a curt reassuring smile to me before responding. "Miss Spoon. Mister Rich. It's good to see both of you, and thank you for the trouble of bringing Miss Spoon to us. I must apologize on Master Smith's behalf-"

"I'd rather hear it from the stallion himself if you don't mind." Filthy Rich curtly said with a tempered, but fierce-looking expression glinting in his eyes.

"I apologize once again, however, Mister Smith isn't here at the moment." The butler answered as Rich furrowed his brows in contempt.

"Oh of course. The one day he's out of the mansion is the day he forgets to pick up her daughter after school-"

"There has been an emergency," the unicorn interrupted the stallion while focusing his stoic gaze locked in with Rich, "Miss Star has been sent to Emergency Room in the Ponyville Hospital and Master Smith is currently overseeing her."

"Magic Star?"

Both Filthy Rich and I replied in unison with shocked expressions. Diamond Tiara stood there confused, but equally concerned. "I see, then I'll go there to meet him immediately." Rich responded before turning to his daughter. "Princess, could you stay here with your friend while daddy goes to make sure everypony is okay? I'll come to pick you up later."

"Okay daddy." The pink filly nodded in understanding. The brown stallion quickly trotted off to his coach wagon and left in a hurry. The sounds of crunching stone resounded across the street as the wagon sped past us, leaving Diamond Tiara and me alone with Cacy. The gate was suddenly enveloped with a shimmering pearl-colored aura of magic and the lock within clicked open. The gates began to slide apart and walked between them and up the front path towards the entrance. They closed immediately again behind us, latching together with a startlingly resonant clang. My thoughts lingered on my mother, my pony mother. She was fine until just moments ago earlier today... What on earth happened?
"Hmm... so, your name is Cacy, right? That sounds like a filly's name!" Dia giggled at the butler.

The butler hardened his gaze and then let out a large sigh. "It's Intricacy," he clarified, "Cacy is a name reserved for Miss Spoon's use only."

"Aww... Okay. Well I'm Diamond Tiara!" The filly squeaked.

"A pleasure Miss Tiara."

"Well, come on Sil! Show me your room!" The pink filly ran off in excitement.

She forced me out of my idle stupor and quickly forced me to run after her. "W-Wait hold up!"
The unicorn paused halfway to the end of the hallway. He glanced over his shoulder at us. "Welcome to Miss Spoon's private chambers. May I bring refreshments, Miss Spoon?"

"I'd like watermelon soda." I answered nonchalantly. Turning to my friend I asked, "You want anything?"

"Do you have any strawberry lemonade?" Dia asked the unicorn.

"Of course. I will have one of us prepare it shortly. Enjoy your stay, Miss Tiara." Cacy then made his leave and I entered my bedroom.

The room was huge. Well, comparatively speaking, anyway. Like everything else in the manor, my bedroom was incredible in its scale. One whole wall was studded with giant windows, each with a long, flowing set of pink velvet patterned drapes drawn across them. Unlike the hallway, the floor here was covered in a thick carpet, like the entryway, although the carpet here was a light rose color, paler than the drapes, with a short pile that was comfortable but didn't catch on my hooves.

I glanced at the opposite wall where I could see two wardrobes flanking an ornate white vanity, the mirror of which had several photos and notes taped to it. Another wall had a heavy dark mahogany desk pushed against it, with a tall bookshelf nearby. The shelves were mostly bare, with only a few visibly untouched novels on the lower shelves, and some mythical bestiaries lying on higher ones. The rest of the room was filled with many of the items a rich filly like Diamond Tiara wouldn't have expected to find in another rich filly's bedroom, from long shelves full of origami and papier-mâché sculptures; to pinned rough drawings of creatures likely never seen before; to a tall curio cabinet with brightly illuminated treasures, jeweled dolls, and intricately worked metal toys.

I looked behind me to see Diamond Tiara gaze in awe at my room's display. "Well, don't just stand there. Close the door and come inside already." I said.

"Your room is so different than mine. You have a lot of books and paper everywhere, you must read a lot!" The pink filly exclaimed as her eyes scanned more of the room. As was the case in the rest of the house, the walls were adorned with artwork and a few photographs. "Hey, Sil?"

"Yeah?" I replied.

"Who are all these ponies? They don't look like your family." She pointed to the various photographs.

"Keen eye," I complimented her, "yeah you're right, but also wrong. All of these pictures are ones I took of our household servants. I wanted to know each and everyone." I said truthfully. Sure identifying ponies by their color pallet and cutie marks was easy enough, but telling the subtle difference between muzzles was a problem I wanted to overcome.

"That's a lot. My daddy just hires old people. They can barely do their jobs." Dia complained, but I shared a different sentiment.

"Well, that's awfully nice of him." I replied.
"Huh, how so?" My friend inquired, perplexed at my response.

"Just think about it. You got a bunch of old ponies who can barely work anymore, but still want to work either because they have no money or they don't want to spend the rest of their lives in an elderly home where ponies babysit them. Not only that your dad pays them, but they probably even have their own quarters to live in while still maintaining a sense of fulfillment of raising a filly like you." I finished my explanation.

"I-I never even thought of that," Dia was stunned out of her frustration. "but why would daddy do that?"

"Probably because he obviously cares about other ponies." I stated. "Helping ponies when they're in need, it's what nobles should do. To help the common pony who can't help themselves. My father inherits high morals and ideals and applies it to everything he does, at least when it comes to his work. And from what I've noticed so far, your father seems to be both honest and charitable, even to the point of being furious on my behalf." I finished before adding, "Your dad is amazing Dia."

Diamond Tiara blushed at this compliment to her father, before shyly averting her gaze. "Yeah, I guess he is," she admitted, "but my mommy says we shouldn't talk to poor ponies. They only see us for our money and being friends with them would hurt our family image."

"Urgh, forget about 'family image'. Silversmith is so deep in politics he can't even see me when I'm in his own house!" I stated with a bit more venom in my voice than I intended. "Do you really want to be somepony like that?"

"I guess not..." Dia admitted again, but still a little taken back at my earlier proclamation. Yet her eyes were hardened in thought, like for the first time in her life really thinking about things from a fresh perspective. "Then what kind of pony should I be? Kind and charitable like daddy?"

"Just be yourself." I advised. "Do what you want to do. Be the pony that you want to be. Who cares what any other stuck-up pony thinks? It's none of their business anyways."

"Then... what do I want to do?" Dia asked, mostly to herself as I could tell.

"Well, let's start with practicing writing your name down. That's what you came here for right?"

"Oh yeah! Sure let's do it!" The pink filly chirped brightly with a renewed vigor.
Soon enough I taught Diamond Tiara to write her name properly. It was a bit tough at first using our mouths to trace each letter, but we eventually got it. We were drinking our beverages after one of the staff came in with them. It was at that time we both unanimously decided to take a break. I was lying on top of the comforter of a huge four-poster bed pushed up against the wall opposite the windows. Strewn across the bedspread in front of me was a large collection of books and papers, which I was scanning absently as I sipped my Watermelon Soda.

It was delicious, but not your normal type of delicious. It was delectable in a way you wouldn't really find in a normal soda back in the human world and I've grown addicted to it. I didn't know if it was just magic at play or simply because of my foalish-like body really liked the substance. As a human, I was mildly allergic to all kinds of fruits: watermelons, bananas, pineapples, all of which caused a slight irritation in my throat. There were only a few fruits that I haven't had an allergic reaction to, such as strawberries, mangos, and apples. It was strange, it seemed that one of the fruits I long despised became one of my most favorite foods.

I also couldn't help but feel that the rest of my sense of taste changed as well. Oatmeal used to be plain and uninviting, yet now it's a staple to my every breakfast. I have even grown a liking to eating raw celery sticks. Yet the only downside was that I wasn't able to eat meat anymore. I know that horses are opportunistic carnivores, but apparently, all living things aside from plants exhibit some sort of limited sapience. As a result, ponies have adopted the culture to where every life is sacred. I had to include salted nuts in my meals to get the protein I need. Thank God that ponies still consume animal products like eggs and milk. Despite it all, it was a nice journey to find out what foods I liked and didn't like now.

"Hey Sil, your drink is already empty." Dia interrupted my thoughts.

"Huh?" I found myself sipping away at air through a straw, only slurping whatever remnants of water the ice melted with making obscene noises. "Oh."

"You really don't pay attention to stuff." The pink filly said with an innocent expression.

"I just like to think a lot." I say defensively, placing my emptied drink on top of a nearby cabinet.

"Well, thanks for teaching me how to write my name. I can't wait to show the class how ahead I am! They're gonna be so jealous!" Dia giggled in anticipation.

"Just wait until Miss Cheerilee gives us homework." I smile in bemusement, "Being smart is nice and all, but the moment she gets wind of it she'll give us harder homework. Maybe even have us skip some grades."

"Isn't that a good thing?" Dia continued sipping on her nearly emptied lemonade.

"Do you want to be surrounded by bigger ponies who are as smart as you?"
Dia was picturing the idea in her mind before coming to a grimace. "No, that doesn't sound very nice."

"Yeah, exactly." I waved a hoof.

"But, if being too smart is a bad thing, then why are you so smart?" Dia pointed out, finishing her drink.

"Hmm? Oh, no. Being smart isn't a bad thing. As long as Miss Cheerilee doesn't find out." I answered nonchalantly.

"Oh! I won't tell!" The pink filly exclaimed, sitting up.

I smiled. "Thanks."

Soon once we were done with our drinks we went back to writing. My eyes were drawn to the leftover scrap paper on my bed. All of them were filled with badly traced letters Diamond Tiara wrote while I was teaching her. Out of sheer boredom, I picked up one of them with my hoof and started folding.

"Hmm? What are you doing Sil?" Dia tilted her head in question.

"Origami." I answered.


"Yeah, it's when you fold paper to make a specific shape. Here look, I'm making a ninja star right now." I showed her, taking two pieces of split paper and folding them correctly to make two components. I then combined them to make all four edges in a small compact shuriken.

"Oh, that's so cool! It's like the ones ninjas use in The Pony of Shadows!" Dia admired my work with sparkling eyes. In a way, I was actually kind of glad that Diamond Tiara was actually a huge nerd in person, in pony? I gave a small chuckle before tossing it into her mane.

"Hey!" My friend protested, hardening her gaze at me with a dead serious look in her eyes.

I instinctively apologized. "Sorry-"

"Teach me how to do that."
Soon a myriad of ninja stars was being thrown across my bedroom. All the scrap paper we had lying around have been transformed into harmless projectiles scattered across the carpet.

"You'll never defeat me, White Diamond! I have The Tome of Ethereal Shadows in my hooves! With this, nopony will be able to touch me!" I haughtily laughed as I held a random book in hoof while standing on my bed.

"You dummy! Everypony knows you need the Amulet of Trueseeing to understand the words in that book!" Diamond Tiara had a crumpled up piece of paper colored in green crayon taped with string around her neck while defiantly standing below me.

"Then I'll just have to take it from you!" I leaped over the bed while tossing three paper shuriken at her.

Dia rolled away from the attack, my projectiles missing by a hair as I landed next to her. She threw some projectiles of her own, but I quickly ducked under the way. Luckily I had another array of shuriken in my other hoof and I tossed it as soon as I regained my footing.

Yet my projectiles were deflected with a series of Diamond Tiara's own ninja stars. I gasped in shock, "What?! How?!"

"The Amulet allows me to see your every move, Dark Silver! You should have gotten the Amulet first!" She declared as she leaped to the side and threw a series of more ninja stars at me.

The fight continued until a servant knocked on our door. "Miss Tiara, your father is here to pick you up." We pause mid-action to see ourselves with our manes completely unfurled and littered with paper stars tangled with it.

"Aww... but I wanted to play some more." Diamond Tiara complained.

"We can play tomorrow. I bet Miss Cheerilee would let us borrow some paper for arts and crafts." I said confidently.

"Great idea!" The untidy pink filly gleefully exclaimed, shoving a hooful of paper stars into her saddlebag. "Wanna bring all our ninja stars during recess?"

Good shit
I was instructed by top sources to post art in the thread, and am wondering what people (pones) would like to see.

Thank you for your time.
Post silver spoon because it’s relevant
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those legs.
Cool detail.
“In all honesty, I have no idea of what that event even was or where I even am. All I know is I can’t use my magic and I desperately need to learn if this is to be my life. And I hope that everyone in ‘Canterlot’ survives that nuclear blast.”
>“You fell unconscious right after you lifted that shipping container and then I realized I had to get you out of there before anything bad happened, so I teleported us here.”
“Wow! To say you suck at magic despite the fact that you’ve saved a man’s life seems like an oxymoron.”
>“Well... yeah... I still suck, but the point is we escaped from the blast OK and nothing bad happened to either of us.”
“So I’ve been unconscious for only two days and I didn’t really miss much. But I’m still concerned about everyone we left behind.”
>“That’s honestly difficult to say, since neither of us really got to see anything, but I’m sure that if they followed the precautions set, they should be all right.”
>Nurse Redheart enters the room.
&“Visiting hours are over, ma’am.”
>“I guess this means goodbye, but I hope to see you tomorrow.”
&“Ah, look who’s so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today!”
“Well, if there is anyone you should applaud, it’s that mare walking out right there. She saved my life and brought me here just as the sh*t was about to go down.”
&“I see.”
“So I feel very weak and don’t feel as though I can use my magic anymore. Is this a result of the radiation?”
&“No. In fact, you were literally brought in right before we heard the blast had even happened and we have found no traces of radioactive particles on you at all.”
“Then that mare deserves even more than she’s being given credit for, but my question is why I can’t use my magic.”
&“It’s likely due to overexertion and stress, so I suggest you try to relax and not think about it. We’re here for you if you need us.”
“Well, thanks again, but my question is how many other ponies end up in this situation.”
&“Not many, but I’d suggest you try not doing anything more than you know you’re capable of and learn advanced spells little by little.”
“But all I was trying to do was lift something, but it was very heavy.”
&“Then you should probably focus more on controlling your powers and not overexerting yourself.”
“In truth, I’m new to this whole ‘magic’ thing. It may not look like it, but that was the first time I’ve used magic, like, ever.”
&“We do offer programs that aim to—”
“Maybe I’ll give it a shot, but my mare Lightning Bliss will take care of it.”
&“OK. You should really eat something and take some of those pills if you want to help your magic to recover. You’re still within a one-week recovery period, but we’ll see how you’re doing in the morrow.”
“That sounds fair.”
&“Well, since you’re here, what could I get you to eat? Tonight’s special is the hayburger with cheese and the Tsar salad.”
Are there any dragonequus TF stories?
Newly TFed pegasus taking to the skies for the first time. Or trying to, anyway.
Friendly Fire shooting furries while Doc eats the nanomachines.
If >>36817995 is writing about alicorn TF, you MAY be able to expect him to eventually cover that.
That's writing, though, not drawings.
Zephyr and Autumn from zephyr's tale being cute snugglers
>"Hello there Anonymous, I couldn't help but notice you looking particularly lonely gazing longingly at that picture of Twilight and all her friends."
>You look to him feeling irritated,
"Yeah, way to rub it in."
>He laughs heartily poofing inside the screen. You hear his digitized voice,
>"Well, what if I told you I could bring you IN to the world of Equestria!? Wouldn't that be great?"
>You look at him skeptically,
"Yeah, but you're Discord.. What's the catch, what do you get out of this."
>He poofs out again and smiles,
>"Oh how perceptive! You see I have just one small favor to ask.. Just one teeny tiny thing."
>You sigh,
"Alright, lets hear it."
>"Well Anonymous, I want to date you."
"Nope. Fuck that. I'm not gay."
>"But Anonymous, it's the current year, that's not very progressive of you at all." He taunts.
"Still not doing it."
>He frowns snapping his fingers. You find yourself turned into a beautiful mare.
"There, now it isn't "gay" anymore now is it?"
>You groan
"So.. How long would I have to do it?"
>"Just for a week my dear! That's all. Just one precious week with me and you'll get all your Equestrian dreams brought to life. What do you say?"
“Make me a human male, and YOU be female, and it’s a deal”
>hah, can’t outsmart THIS shitposter
>he poofs you back into your OG form
>he transforms into Eris
>teleports you to equestria
>holy shit you made it, and on YOUR terms, kinda.
>”Oh loving boyfriend~~”
>you snap your head to your one week gf
“Yes, uh, babe?”
>”I want to show you a fetish of mine...”
“Oh, uh, ok-“
>discord poofs you into a mare and him into his OG form
>Anonymous curses for 5 hours straight
And not all of those "fucks" he was saying were in anger, especially once he got into the bedroom.
holy unbased why would you want to be human male
Zephyr hugging the Zephyr Dragon
This please >>36829445 (perhaps using the character from the recent story Learning to Fly)
Ooh! Yes. Then you don't even have to make up a design or anything, you can just draw the pony in that story.
What are that pony's colors for coat, mane, and eyes? (Just to make sure that's accurate.) (I am not an artist.)
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File: Spoiler Image (2.42 MB, 8296x2072)
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2.42 MB PNG
hi ok so i made a drawing i hope you guys like it....
I think it's on the original image from the first post here let me find it
You did a good job and I'm proud of you, anon. Keep it up.
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thank you so much :)
>You are a small, fluffy pony
>You haven't always been, but like they say you can't expect God to do all the work.
>The tags attached to your collar clink together a bit as you adjust your position to optimally spoon your partner in captivity.
>"Can you get the blanket?"
"yeah, hold on a second."
>The blankets attach to the bed with zippers, so no matter how much you two toss or turn in your dreaming they don't get pulled out from their tuck under the base of the bed.
>Very convenient for sleeping in as late as you want to.
>Your owner expects your complete cooperation of course, but you both listed that you aren't early risers on the form and so he doesn't wake you up for the ultra-early morning shift he works.
>How did you ever get up at 8:00 in the morning for...
>What was it you used to do?
>You're close to remembering you think, but a gentle nudge snaps you out of your thoughts.
>You forgot the covers, dammit.
"Sorry sis."
>She giggles sleepily and kisses your cheek.
>You pull the covers up to your collared necks and whistle a short melody to turn out the light from across the room.
File: day542.png (193 KB, 1200x1200)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
took a hot minute, but here is post-TF Silverspoon

(I may have taken some liberties with the story)
That's good art.
File: unknown.png (56 KB, 376x270)
56 KB
File: 1565912868302.png (334 KB, 489x879)
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334 KB PNG
Discord in human world. I'd write something like this. Also Yuri is inspiring me.

Yep I could imagine him being some kind of human transforming like Agent Smith, creating chaos in a world dominated by social media; control, and thought police. Like a villain, but good and of course with magic.

Really he's the true neutral.

now needs a pony to have a role there, what is Discord's point in our world and
>Twilight is looking at me "Diamond, are you talking to yourself?"
>I'm looking back at her "Why? Yes, I'm trying to understand the whole situation."
>She's lurking around her office explaining. "It's simple, I have sent Discord in a world very different from ours to solve a friendship problem. No, more realistically it was a failed bet he took seriously. Turns out I sent him in the wrong one."
>"Did you do that on purpose? Making mistakes is generally an excuse I hear when it turns out to be intentional, for malicious or experimental"
>Twilight's grinning: "Don't be naive, magic is randomness mostly, when..."
>I'm interrupting her again "You literally wrote this in a book earlier. Yep, I've read most of them. Even saved a bunch from the library."
>she's frowning, and nods "He... Well yes I did it on purpose."
>"Twilight, let's be honest to eachother if there are things I need to know you should tell me all I need to know."
>She's sitting at her desk
>"It's a dangerous world with different creatures. They are an organized society, with cameras, police, armies, weapons, laws."
>"You told us, that world that is essentially all populated by teenager humanoids and a school"
>She continues:"Not this one, let me finish, because it's close but different. That is the humans world, not an in-between strange universe in which Shimmer escaped to. Here we have equines, in this strange world, large apes developed a lot."
>I'm grinning "Yes sure. so what's the catch?"
>Twi is picking a bunch of papers "You know, last year, you asked me if you could join the school of magic."
>I feel like she brought me in there to tell me something important, she's not even on this castle anymore. "But I'm not a unicorn."
>Twi: "There's a lot of earth ponies like you who have developed magic in different ways. We had earth ponies who developed flight, technology, and much more. Many old unicorns who can't even do magic are still creating and writing spells. You're young, and now, I'm the supervisor of this school, that's the chance of your life."
>I'm smiling, I'm realizing at what Twilight is telling me as I imagined my life would be ruined thanks to my personality everyone criticizes. I'm looking at her assimilating this information.
>She's smiling
>"What can I do then? Will it be hard? A test?"
>Twilight : "It's a mission. A real one. It's not really about Discord, it's about some filly you know who followed him there. You have to rescue her. There is no magic there to open a portal, so I will give it to you."
>"Silver Spoon?"
>"No. It's Anon."
>Twilight is opening a crate with a blue crystal
>"Anon told me she comes from this world. Perhaps it's better for her."
>Twi:"From what I know this world is very different from when she left. I want you to give her a chance to come back."
>Anon is like, the daughter Twilight never had. I can feel in her voice she is anxious about her. him. Oh now that gets disturbing.
>Twi:"The portal is not just a magic device, when you are an earth pony or a pegasus, we can use all kind of things to make you look temporarily as one of them, but this doesn't last. Discord can't turn a pony into a human forever. if it were about me I'd go there but now I have a lot of other things to manage for Equestria. Changelings are creating a stronger group and have invaded several countries. They reclaim Equestria. They don't even care about Chrysalis anymore."
>"Yes I've read that. So you're going to turn me into one of these creatures?"
>Twilight's trotting across her library with me , we continue the discussion in the hall. "That's the idea. If you agree of course. I have no idea how it's gonna turn out like. You've read my book about that world? You know enough, the rest you will find out on place better than I do. Anyways for the physical differences I'm going to use magic to initiate you to everything you will have to know as a bipedal creature."
>"Just a question, and the most important one. will it hurt?"
>Twilight:"Just like a cat's scratch, you get partial anesthesia, nerve inhibitors..."
>Lyra is here too "Howdy Twilight! And hey, Diamond! Finally brought back your books?"
>Twilight : "She's a voluntary."
>Lyra: "Are you serious?"
>"Yes! And I mean, it's not a deadly mission, retrieve Anon."
>Lyra : "Well, okay, follow me. You'll need to take a bath. We don't want any contamination, on your return also you two will be decontaminated. What we should do with every dimension."
>Twilight is explaining me how the portal device works. "The energy contained in this crystal must not ever fall in the hands of anyone. In the event of a capture, you have to hide it. If you destroy it we will build another one, it takes weeks."
>"what range of energy?"
>Lyra is brushing my mane
>Twilight:"A percent of our Sun. Five to be exact, calibrated to resonate back there."
>The basement is more like a huge bunker under the lake.
>Everything is made of glass, but bright and clear. Twilight keeps checking twice every time if I understand everything.
>I'm correcting her "No, one hour ago you said the human world is incompatible with magic."
>she was testing me. "Indeed, that was just to check again."
>I'm following them on another room.
>She's levitating electrodes and stick a few on my chest.
>Lyra:"alright, you're all cleaned up, jump on the table, relax."
>She's preparing a syringe of a pink glowing substance out of a silver crate. Probably that mutagen agent. I'm trying not to look. I'm thinking again.
>Lyra:"Are you ready? Change your mind?"
>Me:"I'm good. Go!"
>Twilight is nodding, holding my hoof.
>Lyra's proceeding with the injection, directly on my chest, it's itching a bit.
>Spike's the assistant always behind her with a checklist.
>She's taking it out.
>I'm looking at myself leaning on the table. "Well that wasn't as scary as you described."
>Lyra is preparing a few other injections from another crate. "Antigens ready"
>Spike: "Your vitals are all good!"
>Lyra:"Okay so here we go. Twilight, ready for magical impulse?"
>They are both pointing their horns on my direction
>Twilight: Three. Twoo. One. Go.
>There's a burst of light for a few seconds. I can only see it even if I close my eyes.
>Lyra:"initiated phase two."
>I'm starting feeling strange.
>Like numbness in the hooves, and an increase of warmth. I can hear my heartbeat increasing.
>Twilight's taking my hoof and is strapping an IV on it.
>She's telling to Lyra:"Past 130 I'm administering an anaesthesia, ok?"
>Lyra: "Hold on, we don't know the reaction, that can get worse, the only thing would be the antigen 44102. That's our abort switch."
>I can feel my bones moving on their own
>It's getting painful but I'm trying to pretend it's not.
>"Just a bit hotter than usual. I'm fine."
>I'm not, it's horrible, I feel like ... my hooves are melting.
>Lyra's observing, filming everything. I'm looking at my own hooves slowly changing of shape. Dividing into 2... 4...
>It's unbearable but I'm also fascinated.
>Fur also is disappearing slowly, my whole body is shaking as I can feel my muscles moving, changing shape
>My vision even is changing, colors are different, sounds are different. Perspectives are different.
>My hooves are grabbing the cloth on the table, I'm sweating.
>Screaming in pain like I'm in fire, but already my hooves no longer hurts, the rest does. Quickly the rest follows up. I no longer have fur. I can't feel my tail, I'm knocked out. I have strange things on my back legs.
>They're all looking at me.
>Spike: "Are you okay Tia?"
>nods. "I'm a bit cold but yeah, that was.. weird."
>Twilight: "So Lyra, here you go, you have the closest thing to a living human right in front of you. Diamond, don't move, we're going to examine you. Don't take anything away yet."
>Lyra's checking me now. My arms, my legs, chest, belly, face, mouth...
>Twilight : "That's interesting, your cutie mark remains, I'm also noting a few differences."
>Lyra: "Diamond, can you grab my hoof. Clench it. Yes, good. Other one? Okay. Now look at the light... close one eye, another.. Now try sitting on the table."
>I'm following what she's saying, trying to stand. I'm now about the same height as the two mares.
>Lyra:"You... Spike, bring us a mirror." and the theropod runs to bring one.
>I'm discovering my new form. A whole skinned creature.
>"that's not scary! I thought I'd look weirder, like Anon."
>Spike and myself are comparing both our bodies, hands, feet, nose... "Ah, I lack of a tail, or wings. That can be embarrassing, no?"
>They're both laughing as I struggle to stand up
>"How do I-"
>Twi:"Spike, please come here and stand in front of her."
>Spike's blushing "Huh?"
>Twi:"I'm gonna just flash the content of your brainlet into hers. Diamond, act like if you're headbutting him.
>"Okay." I'm putting my forehead right in front of him, holding his hands.
>Lyra:"That's gonna be cute. In a minute she's gonna be chasing Rarity."
>Twi:"And three, two, one... Here you go."
>"I'm ready?"
>Spike:"Can we..."
>Twi:"That was quick, wasn't it?"
>I'm standing up, it's like I always did."What." I'm grabbing things. trotting on two ...legs "Haha, this is so cool! I'm so fast!" >Spike's running after me.
>Lyra:"So she's ready?"
>Realize I can also use my hands like hooves clenching them, jump
>We're in the library
>Twi:"You're still a pony, so the muscular mass and everything might give you several advantages over humans."
>"Understood." as I'm practicing , doing some gymnastics to stretch up.
>Spike:"Well that's a lot of instinctive things dragons does."
>Twi:"Now that was not really a good idea."
>I almost bucked a mirror testing out my new body.
>Twi:"Okay, here's your payload, remember everything, this is the only item you can carry.
>We're in front of the portal. A hole, in three dimensions of a three meters diameter.
>It's a huge, black sphere, the whole room looks deformed on its edge.
>"that's the second most fascinating things I've seen today."
>everything I read on books about space and time, my finger extends all around it as I get closer.
>Twilight: "don't get in it right now, we have a few minutes left. Depending of the synchronization there may be a portal gap. You will travel to another universe, a place without time, without gravity, so you take a huge breathe, breathe out before entering, try closing your eyes, it only lasts less than one second."
>"I'm going to space!"
>Lyra:"further than space, space doesn't even exist there, you will be your own universe when you jump. So grab the crystal with you carefully, ok? Also can I ..."
>Lyra's looking at my hands, face, and everything.
>"Oh okay, it's like"
>Twilight: "Lyra?"
>She's ignoring her, looking at me, observing my body.
>Okay she's kind of getting flipping "I'm still a pony, but ...go ahead!"
>She's kissing me, holding my flanks
>I'm holding her back for a few more seconds.
>Lyra:"You're beautiful. Come back safely!"
>damn I'm blushing, but that felt good.
>"I will."
>Spike: "T minus 30! "
>Twi: "We got everything ready?"
>I'm grabbing the blue magical thing with me, turned into a pendant around my neck, something fancy. "All systems go!" I'm preparing, jumping to run into what really is a form of blackhole or strange cosmic object.
>"Checklist okay. Ten nine eight seven six... "
>some shapes are visible on the portal
>I'm looking once behind me, at Twilight, Lyra, and here we go.
>A complete silence. I realize there's really no air in there, darkness, a sensation of falling.
>That's this moment I'm thinking "Oh shit, what have I done"
>There's a little dot of light , some streaks, lines surrounding me. Less than a second? It's both fascinating and scary. If I die there that's glorious.
>I'm only seeing myself from times to times as various objects are illuminating me, they are more frequent, and the magical thing I'm carrying is no longer the only source of light.
>I travel faster than light, everything goes bright.

>in the middle of a countryside.
>a rainy night
>a guy is driving back home on his car, listening to some pop music on the radio
>radio cuts. loss of power.
>around him the few lights on the road goes off.
>further from here near a garage near a closed factory, some streaks of lighting.
>a flash of light illuminates the valley like it's day a few meters from the ground
>A completely naked body hits the floor.
>Yep, that's me. I'm knocked out. And looks like it's raining.
>Kind of hurts but I made it. I'm breathing again, in the mud.
>Try to get back up, it's rather cold. Look around, no building, no city, something on a distance that looks like a road
>lights are coming back.

>I'm deciding to run into one given direction trying to find some autochthonous inhabitants.
>Storms illuminating the sky from times to times, it's taking a while.
>there's light glowing over there. I'm standing on top of what seems to be a hill over a city in the night, illuminated in orange. The view is admirable.
>so remember humans possesses and use vehicles. I will need one.

>Get down. There's a lot of houses and shops. most are closed. Perhaps not one; that one reads TEXACO.
>Going for a stealth approach. Nah I'm gonna just question the human inside. They're two in fact. Some have fur on the neck, drinking, talking.
>Get in and act normal.
>"Good evening Everyhuman! I'm new in the town!"
>human:"What the fuck?"
>"You could be polite, could you? I'm looking for another human who live in 144 Oak avenue, in"
>human:"What are you doing naked and where are your parents?"
>"That's none of your business."
>Human:"okay I'm calling the cops."
>Another human:"Oh don't worry that's my niece, she's a bit special, and she just left the car. Come here, we're going back home."
>Wait, what?
>"Do I know you? Cause I don't need you. Where do I get clothes like you do?"
>Human:"Yes we're going to buy you some."
>"Nah I like yours actually. I request them, along with your vehicle."
>Human cashier:"Heh, she's really weird."
>"Do you cooperate or do i need to use pain to be more convincing?"
>Human:"Nah, come with me on my car."
>buck him under the waist.
>jump and deliver him a hit on the nose.
>the cashier is scared. the human on the floor is making a strange noise showing he's in pain.
>I'm undressing him, take his pants. Which are too long, so I go with his upper clothes.
>Cashier: "Let me out of that."
>Anon told me about these vehicles so I'm searching for the keys.
>Get on it. It's working!
File: Illustration323.png (1.11 MB, 3001x3584)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
I hope you're going to at least attempt to draw something that was requested.
I did tho >>36828687
Do you not know how replies work?
please stop being mean to the aut/artist
There were plenty of good suggestions that were actually replies to the post and he draws something that wasn't even a request? Some guy was just asking for someone to post already made pictures of Silver Spoon as far as I could tell.
Calm down, I'll make a queue. No need to be r00d.

Mega unf
>he doesn't know that abbo has been made obsolete by automation
File: unknown.png (4 KB, 178x105)
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>got reincarnated into equestria almost 2 decades ago
>went through school
>worked hard
>in the tradition of your new family, you ended up buying a stretch of land north of canterlot
>first unicorn ran vineyard in Equestria
>today's the best day of your life
>marrying a beautiful mare you met when you worked in canterlot
>"You may kiss the bri-"
>everything goes white
>brain assumes that Discord is up to his usual
>until you hear a sound you've been dreading
>"Doctor his heart's started!"
>"I told you, I would not lose a patient"
>open your eyes
>you're not in the chapel you helped build
>you in a white, sterile hospital
>two humans are looking at you, clearly medical staff

The local lake.
Like everything around here, it's somewhat scuffed.
It's not even a real lake, for example.
What the locals know as their number one spot to laze away a hot weekend afternoon used to be a part of a mining operation of some kind.
So yeah, it's a quarry pond.
But going to a lake sounds far more enticing than swimming around in a big pit filled with scrap metal and who knows what kind of leftover chemicals, right?
To be honest, I don't really care about the distinction all that much.
Neither do you, I am willing to bet. But Jim seems intent on telling me every little detail about this place's history during our drive, and I am sure as hell not going to be the only one suffering here.
"So where's the water?"
I crane my neck out of the front-seat passenger's window as Jim pulls into a dusty parking area by the side of the road. There's sand as far as the eye can see. Three or four other cars are parked seemingly at random in the area. One stands sideways over three handicapped parking spaces. That much dedication to being an asshole is almost admirably.
The only sign that there's more to this place than meets the eye is the fence in front of our parking space that seems to enclose an otherwise unremarkable area.
"We' re almost there, G. Just gotta walk the last stretch."
Jim pulls the key from the ignition and exits the car. Walking across the hot sand? Easy for him to say, the man is wearing shoes.
With a sigh, I jump through the open window and trot after Jim. That water better be good.

A path leads us from the parking area and through a door in the fence. The old man sitting in the shade of a rusty sheet metal hut on the other side is best described as crusty. His skin resembles leather and the color of his sweat-drenched overall has all but faded.
"Two adults," Jim tells the man, and the confused grin on the oldtimer's face reveals the brownish stumps of teeth that have seen more than their fair share of dip.
"No offense, sir," he drawls, "But ya needn't pay for yer pet. Just make sure she doesn't go and shit all over the beach, right?"
Jim gives me a quick look over the shoulder and I shake my head "no". There's no sense in starting an argument here. Not when just keeping calm actually saves us money.
Besides, and admittedly far more importantly, I just don't have it in me after my outburst earlier.
So instead of blowing up on the guy, Jim simply assures him that I am properly housebroken and hands him a 10 dollar bill.
"Keep the change," he tells him as he turns to leave.
"Yessir. Thank ye kindly." Seems like the old man hasn't heard the barely contained frustration in Jim's voice.
But I sure did. So once we are out of earshot, I nip at the hem of Jim's pants to gain his attention.
"You know, you don't have to be offended on my behalf," I tell him. "How should the old guy have known about me? Sitting out in the sun all day probably doesn't leave you with a whole lot of time to catch up with the fanciest new designer drugs and their side effects."
"Oh yeah, I am sure a salt of the earth type of guy like the good ol' boy back there has much more important things to do." Then, after a short pause: "Am I really that easy to read?"
"Oh, absolutely. You're like an open book to me. One in big print and many pretty pictures."
At first Jim frowns, but then his posture finally relaxes a little and his face follows suit.
"That bad, huh? But you're right. That what you wanted to hear?" He reaches down and playfully ruffles my mane. "Guess I was a little tough on the guy. Wasn't even about him, really. What he said reminded me of Duke, is all."
This probably shouldn't surprise me, but somehow it still does. At least a little. Not that Duke has ever been a likable guy or a wellspring of niceties, but if the walking leather couch assuming I'd shit on the beach reminds Jim of the boss, then that's a sure sign that their little gettogether this morning must have been even more rough than usual.
The temptation to ask for more details about their "discussion" is rising within me, but it seems I am out of luck for the moment: Jim withdraws his hand and straightens up again.
"Well, anyways," he says, his eyes staring into the distance over the top of a dune by our side, "let's leave all this baggage by the door. We came here to get our minds of Duke, didn't we? So lets book oldie back there under 'small setbacks' and get back on track."
"Right," I agree. There'll be more talks between the two. That means more opportunities to get to the juicy details of Duke's opinion on our current work arrangement. Who knows, maybe a small account of this very visit to the beach might be enough to turn our contribution to Beetle into a smash hit.
Yeah, no.
Let's just stick with what this was meant to be: Just a fun afternoon. An opportunity to get out of the house.
Even IF an afternoon out of the house in the desert can be awfully hot...

Finally we crest the ridge of what must be the dozenth dune on this path and there it is: a green pool glittering under the burning sun, right now the most appealing body of stale water I have ever laid eyes upon. For a moment, I stop in my tracks to take a good look at it all.
A good third of the lake lies in the shadow of a rock overhang that must be a leftover from the site's days as a quarry, and it is in the small strip of sand beneath this overhang that most of the other visitors have take refuge from the sun. I count a good half dozen people lying on towels or swimming in the flooded pit.
A few especially intrepid guests are sunbathing in the afternoon sun, but even as I look on one of them picks up her towel and heads back into the shadow.
Jim says something as he suddenly breaks into a run, and before I have even fully registered that it was "race you to the bottom" I break into a sprint through the cloud of sand kicked up by his feet.
The dune as it turns out, is steeper than it looked from the top. Combine that with fine, powdery sand, and you've got a recipe for well, perhaps not disaster, but certainly mishaps.
It doesn't take long for Jim to stumble, but he is too fast to stop himself. His run turns into a fall and then an out of control roll down the slope. I do my best to avoid crashing into my friend as he loses control over his movements, but my attempt to dodge the avalanche Jim has become only results in me losing my own footing as well. Going flying, I press my eyes shut to protect them from the sand and don't open them until I've stopped rolling.
"How about that," Jim groans through a mouthful of sand next to me, "I am the one carrying all our stuff and I am still the faster one."
I am in a mood and a half to explain basic physics to him, but good would it do? He is already elbow-deep in the bag to check if the cans of beer he packed have survived our tumble.
"Are you alright?" someone shouts. Lifting my muzzle out of the sand, I make out a woman that has stepped out of the shadows to check on us. Going by her beet-red skin, it seems likely that she's the one I saw sunbathing from up on the dune.
"You fine?" Jim asks me. His sunglasses hang crookedly and he is spitting sand with every word, but seems otherwise none the worse for wear. I try to answer in the affirmative, but only succeed in drawing a nice amount of sand into my nose and making myself sneeze. I settle for a nod while I rub at my nose with my hooves.
"We're fine," Jim calls back and underlines his point with a thumbs-up. For a moment, the woman hesitates, but then she decides that that's good enough for her and returns to her shadowy spot.
"Here, let me help you." From within our bag, Jim has produced a tissue and is holding it front of my face. "Way you're wiping right now, you are getting more in than out."
A few blows later I am breathing much more freely again.
"Much better."
"Good to hear it." Another look over to the lake makes sure that noone is watching us too closely as Jim drops the now thoroughly soaked tissue and uses his foot to bury it in the sand. He takes off the mangled remains of his sunglasses and looks them over as if considering to toss them in the hole as well, before he finally settles on shoving them into his shirt pocket.
"Let's go then. I can't wait to get out of this sun for a while."
And here I thought I was the only one.
File: 1618060845929.png (159 KB, 1480x1235)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
don't tell bon a word bout you just kissed humanized rich filly.

humanized rich filly first thing she do is busting a pedo's face.

not sure if that will help finding anon and discord.

I was laying on my bedside again. My mane was let loose as it hung heavily around my face and down my shoulders, falling in long curtains through which my forelegs poked. I had replaced my designer glasses with the basic black frames I started off with since I first got them. My gaze was placed on a book opened in front of me, but I wasn't reading. With a heavy sigh I close the book cover and moved it aside, resting my head on the bedding cushions.

Father still hasn't come back yet and it was already starting to get late.

I rolled over on my back and stared at the ceiling in listlessness. I recalled the events of me playing with Diamond Tiara not too long ago. Why did I do that? It's not like I didn't have any fun doing it, but I never imagine myself doing something so... foalish.

It wasn't the first time this happened either. Multiple times I found myself doing things my old self would never consider doing. Playfighting with Diamond Tiara. Happily reading sappy romance novels with my mother. Even falling asleep in her lap as I snuggled contently. All of these things were something a filly would do, and it happened on mere impulse. I figured it was because I got to do things I haven't had a chance to as a human child, but now I'm starting to question my actions. I've even started to have thoughts like 'it'll be fine' or 'don't worry about it.' I didn't know if these thoughts belonged to me or Silver Spoon's. Whichever it was, it seemed so... carefree.

The scary thing is that I didn't entirely disagree with those thoughts either. I put both my forelegs in the air and stare down directly at my small hooves. Was I always like this or was I changing?

An old theory came to mind. It was a theory that I was simply Silver Spoon with a dead human's memories. A normal filly with her own ticks, desires, and motivations, but only having foreign memories that jump-started an early consciousness and a moral code. Yet if that's the case, why do these memories seem so... real?

"Agh! I don't know!" I rolled over and shouted into the bedsheets in frustration. Seconds passed and I grudgingly flip over to one side of my body. Choosing to shelf my theory back in the corner of my mind, my thoughts lingered elsewhere. My eyes glanced back at my bedroom door, the room being illuminated with a faint candlelight.

When are they coming back?

Then a flash of light flickered under the door crevice. The door knob turned slowly before the hinges turned without a sound. The doorway revealed a mare with a yellow-pastel coat. Her leafy-green mane and tail both curled and drooped down around her body as a horn was sticking out of her forehead. The mare's flank fashioned a wand with a green handle and pink star; all tied together with a pink bow string at the handle. Her violet eyes locked in with mine.

"Mom!?" I exclaimed, quickly fumbling out of my bed cushions and onto the rug.
"The one and only." The mare smiled, bemused at me trying to get back up. "So much for me trying to check on you while you're asleep." She remarked, looking back at the door before canceling a spell of hers. The door shimmered with a faint blue light before dissipating, now turning back to face me. "Now what were you doing awake this late at night?"

"Worrying about you of course!" I ran up to the mare and wrapped my forelegs around the base of her neck, rubbing my cheeks into her chest fluff. "When did you get here? I didn't hear any doorbell ringing."

"Ah, well. We didn't want to wake you up. So much for that [Silent] spell." She sighs, before wrapping one of her forelegs around me, pulling me into a hug as she rested her chin on top of my head. "But there's no need to worry, I'm fine now."

"But you weren't fine before!" I protested, breaking the hug. My gaze rested on the red carpet for a couple seconds before looking back up at her. "Was... was it another seizure?"

The mare kept her expression steady, maintaining her composure. "Yes, and it was bad."


"-But the doctors there have prescribed me with more medicine," she interrupted, pressing my mouth with her hoof, "and after taking it, I feel much better."

"You got a bigger dosage?" The concern on my face was obvious; my skepticism not trying to hide itself. "That stuff isn't going to cure your epilepsy-"

"But it helps Spoony." Mom pulled me and kissed my forehead as I instinctively scrunch my nose at the embarrassing nickname she just addressed me. We share a couple seconds together in each other's warmth.

"...You know I hate it when you call me that." I muttered in her chest as I leaned against her.

"It's still a form of endearment honey." She continued patting my withers. Then she held my head with both of her hooves, taking a careful look at me. "Now listen, what I'm about to say next is very important."

My muzzle shifts to a confused expression, but I nodded nonetheless.

Mom sighs momentarily before giving me a gentle smile. "Mommy isn't going to be here forever, and I want you to stand on your own four hooves when that time comes."

"Wa?" My ears drooped as I tried to pull back in dismay, but mother simply holds on tight to me.

"Shush just listen to mommy for a minute." She continues rubbing at my withers. I nodded in silence as my heart drops. I didn't want to be having this talk right now, not this soon. "I know your father hasn't been the most loving as I am-"

"That's an understatement-"
"-But he does care for you, and I want you to be patient with him." The yellow mare lets go and makes eye-contact with me. "Your father hides his feelings underneath layers of ice. He uses it whenever he doesn't feel safe Spoon, and right now he's not in a safe space. He is a truly, kind stallion at heart and the world is pressuring him to be his best at all times. In his field of practice, he can't afford to make any mistakes, especially not in front of everypony. The same goes for me too, not having a seizure during one of my performances."

"But you can't help it-" I protested as I defiantly stared into her eyes.

"-And neither can he." Mom moves her hoof from my withers to pat my head, still maintaining that gentle smile she always had.

I slowly averted my gaze. My emotions and frustrations boiled from under me from the years of neglect, but mother's hoof lifted my gaze upwards as she smiled passionate at me. "Silver Spoon, you are the most special filly in the world to us, and you are so much smarter than your peers. So can you promise me one thing?"

I struggled to maintain my gaze. I gritted my teeth trying to hide my animosity towards Silversmith. "What is it?"

"Promise me that you'll look after your father in my stead." Her violet eyes were on me, looking deep into my eyes. "When I'm gone, and I don't know when but I will, your father will attempt to bury his deepest feelings to avoid the pain. He will try to shove everypony in his life away from him and bury himself in his own work and I know it will be hard while being ignored by him." My mother then rests her hoof on my shoulder. "But promise me that you'll forgive him. Promise me that you'll stay strong and be patient with him. Promise me that you'll wait for your father to realize what truly is important."

She was no longer smiling, but had a gaze filled with a much more sorrowful kind of tenderness I was used to. My mother waited expectantly at me as I remained silent throughout the seconds that has passed. My throat dried up, but I painfully swallowed my emotions and sighed. In barely an audible whisper, I say. "ₒₖₐᵧ."

The yellow unicorn continued staring into my gaze, examining each expression I made as I promised to her. Satisfied, she returned to her usual tender smile before giving a kiss on my forehead once more. "Good. Remember Spoony, mommy loves you."

I pause, turning my head to the side to hide my embarrassment once more. "I love you too... mommy."
File: image0.jpg (1.47 MB, 3978x2480)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
Is it bad that I would still gladly take a TF, even if it was horribly painful, like this image implies?
When it's time to (Apple)jack off.
Not at all, the pain is well worth the reward.
Additionally, if you've got a friend or owner present they'll probably be sure to hug you close and wipe away the tears.
That being said, I'm sure that the pain would be well-documented and to avoid discomfort the transformee would probably be heavily sedated and put on a comfy bed.
Can you imagine it? Coming to to the bright light of the sun shining through the window on your... different field of vision? Holding up your hooves for the first time? Noticing that you're being held close like something fragile and precious because well, you are now? Nestling your fuzzy head into the crook of your owner's neck while they stir, both of you ready to enjoy your first day of the rest of your lives?
love it. she looks so happy watching her little tail wiggle.
Neat deet.
Keep it up guys
File: _.png (974 KB, 1158x651)
974 KB
974 KB PNG
File: _.jpg (262 KB, 2062x1940)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
Cute. I like to imagine if there was a pic of her the next day it would be without the braid because the human wouldn't know how to do it.
is there a setting guide for pon-e? would like to try and write something with it
you're supposed to eat it (one per 24 hours!), not write with it. I imagine it would be hard to hold.
File: Dagoth Pone.jpg (99 KB, 798x1024)
99 KB
>"I have final questions I would ask you, if you would answer. My first question is: Are you really Anonymane reborn?"
File: 43276.png (118 KB, 1014x924)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
I'm experimenting here, I have no idea what to start, just ptkfgsing

>Car is advancing, it's fast, like Big Mac's truck but faster,
>it's hard to control
>there is a left and ri-
>I have no idea what just happened, something punched pe like Celestia's rump stomping on my face
>I just wrecked the car, either it was trapped against thieves, either it was defective.
>my shoulder hurts
>get out of the car to get what just happened.
"Why are there poles in the middle of the road?"
>examine my new body for eventual damages, nothing, I can still move and barely see.
>Alright, I got to keep in mind this is not Equestria or Earth.
>I will just have to keep trotting to find a normal human, but my hooves already hurts.
>some lights are closing in. Hard to distinguish but it's another car, visibly a party kind, flashing red and blue lights with horrible noises.
>my bad, it says "POLICE" on it. what kind of "police" travels telling everyone they're here. They're stopping, intrigued by the wrecked car, and they notice me.
>just proceed as if everything was normal, they might not even know what I'm looking for, unless...
>police human:"Hey you over there! I said stop!"
>turn back to him using his light straight on my face
"What do you want?"
>police human: "Are you alright? Hello? It's gonna be okay! Please stay calm!"
>another police human is coming with "Don't worry we're not here to hurt you, just follow us! We can talk, ok? What's your name?"
"Diamond Tiara. You?"
>He's asking wisely "Do you have any weapon?"
"Alas no, I don't have any, do you have any spare one?"
>police human:"Alright, Diamond, I'm Steve, where are your parents?"
"None of your business."
>He's looking at his colleague "Just follow us, okay? you need help" and grab my front hoof/arm "please don't resist, come on!"
>try to get rid of him
>the other one is coming.
>I'm trying to kick him. He's more agile than the other guy on the boutique
>Both are after me, and are starting to piss me off.
>They are cringe, useless beings.
>Now I'm really wanting to fight back, perhaps these two idiots only are doing their jo
>I'm cold and really start to get tired yet i feel strange.
"Get away, this is my only warning."
>I have no idea how I just said that but i have the same feeling as earlier.
>Police human:"This is Union 46 we have a 10-50, teenager, only wearing a raincoat with potential aggression and an attempted vehicle theft on Primm Spring Road"
>the human is insisting, and I feel like I'm going to kill him first and the other one too.
>My blood is boiling.
"I need to find Anon, and Discord...And you two.. get out of my way"
>I feel the pain I had earlier, pain in the hooves. Also my voice is changing.
>The human is looking at me. "Are you alright kid? Jim she needs an ambulance.. she's ...Oh God!"
>I get a tail growing. Kind of a bigger one. And my hooves are changing shape again. Am I some kind of ..Dragon?
>The other human is trying to reach for his weapon
File: Spoiler Image (294 KB, 1000x1000)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
>Alright I'm feeling weird, I'm no longer a pony, even less a human
>All I know is that the human looks terrified and takes out a yellow plastic thing
>Instinctively I know I have to attack first and that's quite fast. everything is responsive, every lightning gives me like a photo of the complete situation.
>I've just thrown one of these humans the other side of the road biting him, throwing him out like a cat playing with a mice.
>The other one just stung me with what seems to be a weapon, pain is not even a thing.
>He's running to his car. I'm rushing on him. I never thought I could jump like this and get so fast
>He's really terrified, the other one is wounded and incapacitated.
>How did I just do all of that?
"What is this place called?"
>I really have an horrible voice.
>The human is trying not to look at me, crying "please.. no..."
>I'm looking at my reflection on the glass of the car, lit by the sign of that boutique on the distance
>Wow I just look like one of Spike's brothers, with more teeth and no wings. I almost scare myself with that smile.
>Pretty sure I'm some kind of relatively small dinosaur, it may have its advantages... But it's stronger than me I'm gonna be more mean than this.
>I'm grabbing his face. Ah I have only four fingers now.
"You were about to run away and save your life instead of going to check your friend and his stupid electric weapon, and you ask me _please_ ?"
>if I turn into a pony or a cat right now it's going to be embarrassing, I have no idea how I do this!
>I just pictured this and start laughing maniacally
>the other guy on the floor with the leg upside down is talking about reinforcements
>I could just crush his skull with my claws but I need to chill, these poor lads are only doing their job.
>I can do it, I want to do it, I will never be judged if I do that. But I'm not going to let my physics determine what I should do.
>I'm dropping the human, and move on.
>Seriously how do I do this, that body is sure faster and stronger than the human one, but for the discretion it's rather pointless.

>Eventually it stopped raining and I'm slowly transforming into a human again
>All of this is a part of the untested side effects Lyra mentioned.
>Well I'm cold, but there's trashboxes behind what seems to be a building.
>Search inside for eventual accessories and adequate clothing
>find a lot of cardboard, tissues, papers
>random human. On a trash.
>human:"Hey! What... Who are you and why are you naked? Are you crazy?"
"Guess what? I'm just looking for something you just mentioned, and I find a complete human!"
>human:"I'm sleeping. I was sleeping in there, first time you see a hobo?"
"gee you're weird."
>close the container and move to another
>Eventually find some kind of ...vest and shoes on a cardboard box, tries them. It would kill Rarity but it's better than nothing
There’s not a setting guide because tards like this >>36843416 are too busy roleplaying. Good luck writing, if you get any details wrong you’ll get ripped apart!
Two pairs of ears at the same time? Shouldn't the ears transform and move up the skull?
Yeah, I've been wanting to get at least a comprehensive list of the "rules" of pon-e to no real avail. Just read all the pon-e stories and combine everything that's more or less consistent between them all.

What story do you have in mind?
okay I've got a serious question, and I figure this general is the best place to ask. How do you you guys make your OCs? Usually this is a level of autism that I don't partake in, but at this point I might as well take the plunge. All of my pals seem to have one and I feel a little left out. Do you use some sort of program or something? I have no artistic talent and no idea where to start.
One thing you might try is to start with a color scheme and work from there. Pick coat, mane, and eye color, and mane style. As janky as it is, the Pony Creator game is a good place to start for "sketching out" an idea for an OC, and then you can take the cringy, lame image you made and ask/pay an artist to improve upon the design.

If that doesn't work, there's this: https://www.deviantart.com/generalzoi/art/Pony-Creator-Full-Version-254295904

There's also this for 3D: https://ponylumen.net/games/3d-pony-creator/index.php

I've made use of this "game" a few times to "sketch out" OCs from stories I've read, where their appearance was already described in the text. Artists appreciate having an image from this game to start from, as well. If the mane styles given aren't adequate, an artist can change it to what you're looking for, probably with another reference.
>the Pony Creator game

what is this 2012
I mean, it gets a basic job done. You want to experiment with color schemes but don't have an ounce of artistic ability? Work it out with that "game" to find out something that looks like what you want. Then take it to an artist who can make it better. It's not meant for anything final, just to get things started.
I can't get the game to work, it's just a static image. do you need a flash player or something?
Oh shoot, it wasn't working for me, either, but I thought it was just me. I guess since it needed Flash, it really is down. So one is forced to use the mobile app? That sucks.
You can set your system clock back to before the date flash got fucked and it'll work.
Or alternatively use pony.town since it makes far cleaner looking ocs.
pony.town is too samey when you have more than just a couple ocs
Why would you need more than one oc unless you're like, a writefag?
It's quite simple. One pill results in turning into a pony for 12 hours. Taking two pills within 24 hours makes the transformation permanent. Some stories have their own variations on the rules but nothing is set in stone so feel free to do your own thing.
File: day544.png (217 KB, 1200x1200)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
Hope it satisfies you.
Because "exact same thing but CHERRY FLAVORED!" is for uncreative furfags like ardail or whisperfoot; different characters are for different situations
so precious. I love it!
plain adorable!
That's why becoming a pegasus would be the best.
Fuck thats cute, good job.
i’m a writefag and i’ve always had a hard time making ocs. it’s so hard to make them unique when they’re all just ponies, one of three species, hold the special snowflake detailing please. probably why i quit anyway.
That is adorable, thank you!
>so hard to make them unique
No, you just suck. Mane style, tail style, accessories, mannerisms...
Why would I use more than one oc at all? If I design a pony she's who I want to be because I'll have sunk the time into tweaking every little aspect of her. Multiple ocs are unnecessary unless you're a writefag.
Based writechads with their OC harems. Which writechad has the best OC harem fic?
There is insufficient amounts of hypnosis/hypnogear-triggered TF. Please write/draw more!
Make her comfy with a blanket and some pillows before introducing Moonflower to her daughter.
Have something weird https://www.fimfiction.net/story/475136/rainbow-dash-is-a-dick
Isn't that more about joining a harem?
I meant more in the sense that he had to design a fuck ton of ocs for the story.
>There were two Anon's and neither of them is dead.
>Human!Anon went through the mirror and met his pony counterpart.
>A magical mishap ended up fusing them into one person. (Maybe yet another one of Starswirls trinkets he just left lying around for anyone to mess with was responsible).
>As in, one mind, not two separate voices in his head. And one mind which was somewhat fuzzy on the details of what the fuck happened.
>Anonicorn was already a reincarnation of a human before this happened, with fuzzy memories of a prior life, which further muddied matters.
>His confused ramblings in the days after weren't clear enough for Celestia to realize what had happened, and the mirror went dormant again.
>It was written off as 'those weird dreams again' and maybe a head injury.
>Anon is reborn as the alicorn son of Princess Celestia, who spontaneously found herself pregnant a number of years before canon.
>Rather than keep silent and let the issues with his mind/body mismatch fester, Anon comes clean to his mother about his reincarnation when he's old enough to speak fluently.
>Celestia, although understandably shocked, doesn't jump to any outlandish conclusion like possession or her real foal having his soul eaten or something. In fact, everything seems to make sense now, and she instead gets her son the help he needs.
>With the power of Common Sense clearing the way, Anonicorn is set to grow up with working magic and his body properly wired.
File: commission_5-1.png (1.46 MB, 3484x2352)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
File: comm_light_layer_on.png (1.34 MB, 3231x2199)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
File: commission_2.png (1.4 MB, 2844x1987)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
Thanks, I guess I'll have to try that.
Got any ideas?
Helping hands helping someone relax as their touch turns human skin to pony coat, slowly petting the worries and anxieties of human life away as they meld and reshape the hypnotee into a cute, fluffy pony.
The basics are
Take 1 pill, you're a pony for 12 hours
Take 2 within a 24 hour period and you're permanently pony.

Some stories have the idea of naming your ponyself result in identify issues as you lose track of who you actually are.

If you're feeling spicy, toss in Gryphinol or Something for Changelings (I'm still stuck on a name, the lazy option would be something like Ling Gel as a parody of styling gel)
What the fuck are those abominations
>pony puts hypno goggles on your face
>they turn you into a cute pony as they rewrite your brain.
>final instuction is to go make a new friend.
>two ponies put hypno goggles on a human...etc
>Helping hands helping someone relax
Curse you anon you know what you did
Another take you could have for hypnosis is that you prime the subject into being transferred into a robot/drone pony fitted with sensors for every kind of touch so that the brain doesn't freak the fuck out when they're in the new body
File: heart locket.gif (628 KB, 400x300)
628 KB
628 KB GIF
You should look at picrelated too.
So basically like “Get Out”, but with pony TF? That probably won’t go very well.
>Some stories have the idea of naming your ponyself result in identify issues as you lose track of who you actually are.
But why not keep one’s own name? Or is this akin to having separate “stage” names, such as Richard Starkey going by “Ringo Starr” or Jacob Gershowitz going by “George Gershwin”?
Why can I not help but think of a scenario where there is some kind of “species swap” involved, especially one with Fluttershy?
In Equestria, you transform into pony.
In Soviet Ponyland, pony transform into YOU!
Because Joe Schmuck is not a very fitting name for a pony.
>Or is this akin to having separate “stage” names
That's called a pseudonym, anon.
Because you parse "petted" as "turned into a pet" instead of "caressed"?
>Because you parse "petted" as "turned into a pet" instead of "caressed"?
I was referring to the context of pony TF.
Requesting Fluttershy petting a human Anon anyway.
It's more like "Oh hey this being a pony thing is pretty good, I think i'll call myself X when i'm a pony" and that's when the addiction starts revving into overdrive
>I think i'll call myself X when i'm a pony
But my question is why the name change is even necessary to start with.
Exactly. We have not yet seen any instances suggesting the EQG characters go by different names in Equestria as ponies. Rainbow Dash is still Rainbow Dash and Sunset Shimmer is still Sunset Shimmer. We don’t see anything suggesting they’d prefer other names as ponies.
This isn't about the EQG characters, this about the Pon-E fanfiction and its derivatives.

It's more their brain is more attuned (?) to thinking like a pony when they're a pony, so thinking of having a pony-like name would help them fit more so when they're under the influence.

Emmens (the dude who created Pon-E stories in the first place) does lurk the thread and writes sometimes, so they'd be the one who has the savvy to know for sure why.
>thinking of having a pony-like name
But what would having a “pony-like name” entail? Though one thing that’s probably is that Equestria follows the Korean naming convention, meaning the family name precedes the given name (e.g. “Anon Ymous” (아논이뭇) would be called “Ymous Anon” (이뭇아논) in Korea). We have “Twilight Velvet” and “Twilight Sparkle”, along with “Applejack” and “Apple Bloom”.
In the stories, a lot of the protagonists are a lot like us, in that they're fans of the show and watch it.

Also, the Korean naming aspect breaks when you introduce ponies like Shining Armor and Zephyr Breeze (who is Fluttershy's brother)
They already have pony names. "Rainbow Dash" isn't "John Doe".
That's not Korean, that's most of Asia. And ponies don't actually have family names, they have thematic names and the same words are coincidences (e.g. Granny Smith and Big Macintosh are both exactly the same family as Applejack and Pear Butter; RD's parents are Windy Whistles and Bow Hothoof, not Rainbow Whistles and Rainbow Hothoof).
I think trying to pin down specifics isn't the right way to look at it.
It's usually a symbolic change that represents that the protagonist has embraced their pony identity or on some level went past the point of no return on becoming a pony.
It usually compliments the idea that someone was struggling with their life or identity as a human, but if they become a pony unwillingly it can represent them finally accepting what they've become and giving up on getting back the humanity they've lost.
It's not like there's any practical reason for a pony to change their name from their human one unless they're trying to escape from debtors or responsibility or something, and while in some stories it's implied there's a mental change I don't see why someone who was already comfortable with their human name would feel the need to change their name besides social pressure which doesn't make much sense unless it's true in context.
This all being said, being able to transform into a pony is pretty miraculous in the first place so it could easily just be a practically magical effect of the handwavium that made spaghetti sauce into a street drug that turns people into hasbro brand friendship ponies specifically.
>It's usually a symbolic change that represents that the protagonist has embraced their pony identity or on some level went past the point of no return on becoming a pony.
So it’s like Reginald Dwight embracing his name of Elton John and ditching his old self?
But what characteristics would go into a “pony name”?
>So it’s like Reginald Dwight embracing his name of Elton John and ditching his old self?
I know nothing about celebrities but yeah that sounds like it. That being said it's not such a literal thing, it's more of a trope of Pon-E stories and it doesn't have to observe any internal logic or consistency across stories besides the fact that it's the most vaguely worded of the "rules" of taking Pon-E. Someone with absolutely no reason to change their name as a pony may do so in service to the story because it's a signpost for the reader to go "oh there's no going back now, they've embraced their new identity with a pony name".
A writer could completely subvert that and have a character give themselves a pony name only to not end up becoming a pony, but I'd like to imagine that'd be a more interesting premise for a character who is constantly nagged by the the fact they have a pony identity they've already embraced and for some reason in the past didn't go all the way with Pon-E.
Can confirm its the case minus Pon-E, goddamn if it doesnt make a difference when you give yourself or are given a name like that.

Names are important, they are labels that help us define things.
John smith is different to Anon is different to Cloud skipper.
pony should pony pony! share the gift.
Do a flip when you jump off that bridge please, or leave this thread. Nobody here cares even a little bit about your retarded theiry of EQGshit transformations.
Well that sucks for them.
it'll be fine once the transformation completes.
Being preened must feel great. You make it sound so appealing.
I haven't read Fallout Equestria but I don't believe you.
Like being pet and fingers rubbing over your soft fluffy pony ears they are sensations you will never feel.
Unless helping hands help you to it. Or you enter Luna's realm and ask her for her grace.
I'll stick with Equestria.
File: _.png (973 KB, 1109x1002)
973 KB
973 KB PNG
Why does horseboy look depressed? He should be happy! He is horseboy now.
File: _.png (592 KB, 1937x1419)
592 KB
592 KB PNG

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