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File: Pie Sisters (Human) 3.jpg (257 KB, 1000x950)
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Aunts In Your Pants Edition

Previous thread: >>36735644

General Pastebin: https://ponepaste.org/541

General Archive: https://ponepaste.org/1318
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First for sexy redheaded onee-chans!
Second for Sunmom.
I wish Rambler would come back with his Cadence thing.
File: 1493863682707.jpg (234 KB, 1024x1223)
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234 KB JPG
Celestia mom is great
>Free Luna aunt included
Don't die so soon!
File: large (2).png (362 KB, 1000x800)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
You get a cousin named Summer, too!
>Having a cousin who just looks like a younger version of your mom
>Mom & Auntie will never explain the pecking order to her
>"No, Summer, look at me."
>"Hon', I really don't like coming off like this..but I'm the alpha bitch here, is that understood?"
>"That; that right there. That young man whom I live and breathe for, is mine. Do you get that?"
>"I will take him whenever and where ever I so please, regardless if he's doing anything with you at the moment."
>"That's the man I raised to love, cherish, obey and satisfy Luna and myself."
>"..You get him when we're done."
A refinement of the prompt from the end of the last thread
>Prince Anon receiving his schooling in the castle like all royals before him
>Then his idiot cousin ruins it
>Because Summer is doing so poorly the royal family is pressured to send young royals to actual schools
>Even though the real reason Summer is doing poorly is because she's just plain not smart
>Celestia Mom suggests the same school her royal apprentice Twilight attends to send you
>By the time Celestia learns it's a commoner school it's too late to change her mind
>Celestia and Luna infiltrate the school while magically transformed into lolis because reasons
>Prince Anon is annoyed enough to have to go to a normal school instead of staying in the castle because of his cousin, but he finds out she's attending the same school as well now
> tfw cousin is a clingy and annoying idiot who makes things difficult for you
>While also being cute and sexy
> Ah don’t have a black cousin! Stop asking!
More Blackberry or we riot!
>More Blackberry or we riot!
They would riot to get their way, wouldn't they.
They'd riot either way
anon, they riot either way, remember 2008?
File: 1483388547542.png (211 KB, 920x690)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
of course the fucking baguette wants nigger stuff.
File: spoon.jpg (101 KB, 574x800)
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101 KB JPG
Thanks for the bump, Little Sister Spoon rewards good big bros
Working on the next update but had to do a store run, and god damn the board seems to be moving fast today.
No idea if it was a "raid" or just the boards own resident shitposters but for the better part of the afternoon they kept bumping random threads forcing everything else to hit page 10 in under an hour
For free's still haven't caught on doing their jobs
File: 1605430714777.png (1.16 MB, 900x1440)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
We'll just have to love our sisters even harder to fight back.
What was her name again?
So strange
Her areola is showing
Thanks for bumping the thread with your triggered gay whining.
Wow. You just flew off the handle for no reason.
>That wouldn't be something you'd look forward to talking about
>Though she already knows about stuff happening with your sisters
>There isn't much reason to think she'd react much differently to this
"I suppose she'd find out one way or another."
>He then nods before starting the van again and heading back to the cabin
"That may have to wait till morning. I'm sure she's asleep."
>You say as the cabin comes into view and you remember what time it is
>"Just don't forget."
>Lily Pad's mom tells you as you yawn while thinking about heading to bed
>You get out and head into the house with Mom
>Though Mom takes you into the shower with her before bed
>Pointing out you both needed some cleaning up after the earlier incident
>The shower goes by too quick for much fooling around
>Mom was able to get a little feeling you up while 'helping you get clean' in though
>After that it was really time for bed
>She follows you into shared room where Maud put all your luggage
>You wonder why until you realize she really intends to sleep with you now
>Although your sisters were asleep they had left a spot in the center of the bed for you
>Mom laid down there before prompting you to lay on your back on top of her
>You'd might as well and do as she asks
>She then wraps her arms around you as Pinkie gets on top of you in her sleep
>"Does Pinkie normally sleep on top of you like that?"
>Mom asks in a whisper as you realize she doesn't really check in on how you sleep together
"Yeah, and she normally kisses me awake in the morning too."
>"Oh, that girl..."
>Mom remarks in a playful whisper
>You start to fall asleep hoping for a restful night
>Unfortunately this was not to be the case
>You're woken up by Mom seeming angry about something
>A feeling of your dick being sucked makes you think you know why before you're even fully awake
>Mom is simmering angrily while the sound of rustling sheets almost echoes in the pitch black darkness
"Mom... That's just Marble. She uhhmmm... Normally does that..."
>She looks confused now
>"Marble?... Normally?"
>Even as Marble pushes you closer to the edge you try to explain to Mom
"I didn't know about it until recently myself, but apparently she'd been doing this every night for quite a while..."
>You whisper before Mom quietly gives a sigh of relief
>"Well, I guess if it's just her... Though I honestly didn't expect it from her."
>Makes you wonder if Mom thought it was Lily Pad or something
>Even as you start to shake because you're close to filling Marble's mouth
>"Sorry for waking you dear."
>Mom apologizes before kissing you on the forehead
>Soon after tensing up and holding your breath to stay quiet as you erupt
>From the feeling you're sure they're gulping it down
>Though she keeps it in her mouth even after that
>Continuing to suck as you fall back asleep
>In the morning you feel like everything down below is decent and fixed up
>Pinkie is kissing you awake just like it's supposed to be
>You give her a big old hug as the others wake up too
>Then you give some affection to your other sisters as they wake up too
>Especially Marble because she's so cute
>As you're hugging and cuddling Marble Lily Pad wakes up too
>Mom is the one who speaks up first
>"Lily Pad, there is something I'd like to speak to you about on the request of your parents..."
>She prefaces it with before trailing off
>"Last night when your parents, I, and Anon went to a place they like to go at night a certain kind of 'incident' happened..."
>Lily Pad doesn't seem to understand where Mom is going with it
>"You can just say you and Anon did it last night."
>Maud fills her in by being blunt as usual
>Lily Pad exclaims as she suddenly gets it
>"So wait... Does that make Anon a literal mother fucker?"
>That's what she's concerned about?
>"Neither of you have to use such vulgar language!"
>Mom retorts in a scolding tone
>"Is that what happened though?"
>Lily Pad asks
>Mom replies nervously as her gaze drifts off to the side
"I'd have thought you'd have more of a reaction to something like that."
>You tell her wondering why she always seems so casual about stuff like this
>"Well, it's just sex isn't it? It's not such a big deal. Besides, I just want to have fun."
>She says with a smile that looks innocent despite what she'd just said
>"The only problem is my parents don't seem like they'd want me doing anything like that..."
>Lily Pad says with a slight pout
>Mom opens her mouth to speak and you're sure you'll with she hadn't
>"Last night your parents said they were fine with you doing whatever both you and Anon were comfortable with."
>Lily Pad cheers as she throws her hands up
>"I have something to say about this!"
>Limestone is the first to speak on behalf of sisterly opposition
>"I know how you feel about this. However I think there's something you'll want to hear first."
>Mom tells her as Limestone stops to listen with potent curiosity
>"Their parents caught on to how you all feel about him too, and said they were okay with it... As long is Lily Pad isn't left out of what you do with him."
>Limestone blushes and stutters
>"W-what do you mean by t-that?!"
>"There's no reason to try to deny it at this point, Limestone."
>Maud tells her
>"I'm okay with that! You guys are so silly and fun!"
>Lily Pad states energetically
>"Though has he done anything with his sisters lately?"
>She suddenly wonders and asks like she really wants to know
>"There was late last night after we returned, when-"
>Mom starts before Lily Pad interrupts her
>"Oh, that was me!"
>This genuinely shocks you
"What? Wasn't it Marble?..."
>You turn to her and she shakes her head
>This little girl may have really just sucked your dick last night
>"What did Lily Pad do?"
>Pinkie asks with concern in her voice
>"I-it's not important! Let's just get ready for breakfast!"
>Mom nervously changes the subject
>"Awwww... Can't we just have some fun kissing him like Pinkie was?"
>Limestone is the first to jump on the idea of kissing
>"I haven't gotten nearly enough kisses lately! You need to show your respect to me more!"
>Limestone demands you kiss her in her own way
>Then Lily Pad picks something up from it
>"I've been the only one kissing you so far, but you should be the one to kiss me this time!"
>Pinkie is the most shocked to hear this
>"What?! You've been kissing him?! Since when?!"
>Lily Pad doesn't look like she'll try to hide it
>"Since the morning I first arrived. I woke him up kissing him like you said you did because you'd said it was so fun~. Anon was a bit cranky though because it was too early in the morning for him. It was still plenty fun~!"
>That wasn't the only reason you were against it at the time
>Pinkie looks strangely conflicted rather than just being mad
>You think because she's realizing that it's actually kind of her fault Lily Pad is after you like this
>"Do you really like him so much because of me?"
>Pinkie asks her
>"Yup! You'd always talk about how awesome he is, how he's the best big brother ever, and how fun to kiss he is~. Who wouldn't want a boy like that?"
>Pinkie looks very embarrassed about it hearing that
>"I didn't mean to 'advertise' him like that... I just couldn't help myself talking about him."
>"Anon had told me it was pretty much like that."
>Limestone cuts in while glaring at Pinkie like 'this is all your fault'
>"Pinkie! You really ought to think thinks through more!"
>Marble blurts out in a rare bit of her speaking up
>Lily Pad is very surprised by it
>"I'd heard you whisper before, but I didn't really know what your voice sounded like."
>She then looks down at Marble's chest
>"Also I've been wondering, but how'd you get your tits to be so big?"
>Lily Pad asks Marble like she really expects an answer
>Marble sheepishly blushes before hiding her face behind her hair and hands
"Lily Pad, don't do that. She's very shy and sensitive about her chest."
>You tell her before bopping her nose with her finger
>"Why would she be sensitive about that, it's awesome! I wish I could have a chest like that some day!"
>Limestone bops her nose with her finger too
>"I'm sure we'd all like to know, but it's rude to just ask people something like that."
>You have to make sure not to laugh thinking about Limestone wondering what Marble's secret is
>Lily Pad looks at Limestone's chest before looking up at her
>Limestone just glares more angrily back
>She then remembers she'd gotten distracted from trying to get you to kiss her
>Grabbing you by the shirt collar she shakes you a little
>"What are you waiting for Anon?! Kiss me!"
>"Do you always just command him like that?"
>Mom asks and you're not sure if she's being stern or curious
All for now, more later
>Hey Lily Pad, how bout going for a boat ride with us?
>You know, since we're all basically like sisters now
>"I'd love to, Limestone, thanks!"
Just realized, but it's probably not clear that it's meant to be Limestone commanding Anon to kiss her at the end there
>Would have added a bit more with Limestone's response, but I ran out of room and I already had three posts worth
If I were Limestone or any of his sisters I'd be commanding Lily watch and wait her turn, vacation be damned you don't touch another womans rhubarb.
That’d be a little off putting. We’re into incest but not having it forced on others
It was normally Limestone's thing to be like 'come on, kiss me!'. Though I guess it may be more accurate to say she's being needy than commanding.
>Though of course she loves to use her status as big sister
I wish I could get into this story too. I’m more into monogamous relationships
File: 39d.jpg (43 KB, 600x570)
43 KB
>Mfw mixed incest / outcest harem is my fetish and it looks like Lily Pad might get
File: 13457893864.jpg (42 KB, 696x535)
42 KB
>What if not sticking with a mix
>Just having enough of a taste of outcest to be able to say he tried it
>Then sticking to incest
>Someones gotta get your cumstains of wall bro
>namefag mobilefag
double cringe
>a literal mother fucker
Certified kek
File: 1462777.jpg (469 KB, 900x1004)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
What song does your sister sing to serenade you with? What song do you sing to her?
the rule of forced-anything is the person has to secretly like it, and be socially inhibited from it, meaning the forcing lets them enjoy it shame-free
monogamy is best with twins.
someone needs to write a story about pumpkin cake and pound cake going to stay with their grunkle... stamp. for the summer.
and maybe that hot older girl apple bloom is working in the mystery... barn... but pound cake really just loves his sister.
>Little sister Apple Bloom just sings Epona's Song and I come running and she pets me on the head and feeds me a carrot
>later on I sing I Love Little Girls by Oingo Boingo and she giggles
File: silver go hawwrd bruh.png (106 KB, 500x500)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
Idk what it's called, she's always blasting some k-poop j-wow or whatever it's called
>An english translation of the chorus: "I love big brother! Handsome big brother hurry and make me a mother!"
I'd sing, You'll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins.
And I'm not sure what she'd sing to me.
Yeah I mean just forcing it on them without any hints or subtext that they like it.
Whatever. Just as long as it’s one on one. I think it gets too messy and hard to believe without some kind of backlash (I.e one of the girls/ guys calling it out as cheating or getting jealous, and the cheater faces no consequences).
>inb4 they can all be together
If you make this excuse, you’ve never probably been in a relationship ever, and are seeing the story as pure fantasy where people don’t act like people. Even if all parties agree to such a relationship, one person will always get jealous and the other will secretly try to force the other out. Especially with women
>The next half-hour passed quickly, capped off with the death of whatever villain that dared to challenge The Dark Avenger.
>Adagio straightened her hair and donned a sunhat in an attempt to hide her mighty poof.
>Paranoia seeped in the minute Adagio took her first step outside in weeks, every person was suspicious.
>You caught many glances that were thrown in her direction, not out of the ordinary for Adagio but the circumstances were.
>You half-expected the car to explode when you turned the key but apparently Flash hasn't found out yet.
>He was the only 'enemy' of yours that still walked and now there was in major danger of biting you in the ass.
>The drive to the suburbs had shaken your nerves more than any gunfight you had ever been in, your arms felt limp and you perspired more than ever before.
>Every time a cab passed you by you felt your stomach compete for the Olympic gold medal in gymnastics.
>You could at least handle yourself in a shootout but with the connections Flash had, getting surrounded at any moment seemed like a very real possibility.
>If that happened, your car would be turned into a colander and your funeral would be a closed casket one.
>And those two little girls would be parentless...
>That was something you couldn't let happen.
>Not while you're around.
>You'd take as many as those bastards with to Hell as you could.
>You let out a hefty breath.
>”Thank you for doing this for me.”
“You're welcome, though I'd be lying if I said this wasn't more for Aria and Sonata.”
>”I remember almost having a heart attack when you saw Aria the first time I had you over”
“So did she.”
>Adagio laughed in her haughty voice, something you haven't heard from her in a while.
>”Yeah, that girl always gives me trouble and her sister isn't much better.”
>You remembered the hours you spent trying to capture the hyperactive Sonata, that kid ran you ragged more than once.
>Taking them to the park, telling them stories, listening to the radio.
>Those days you spent with Adagio and the girls were some of your best in recent years,
>It was like having a family of your own.
>That twinge of repentant longing from earlier slinked back in.
>You missed being with her but the webs she could weave in a man's mind were something you were wary of, she already wrapped you around her finger once.
>But she hadn't attempted anything like that since she 'moved in' your place, though she hadn't really done much aside from reading your stories, drinking herself to sleep, and cook.
>Maybe you could trust her now, for the time being at least.
>You hoped so.
>And Starlight.
>What were you going to do about her?
>You can't just ignore her or what Hoity told you.
>Or what you feel.
>That look on her face earlier didn't bode well.
>That's gonna be something to deal with when you get back.
>Why can't anything be simple?
“So what house is it?”
>”Take Mulberry, turn down Elm and it will be the last house on the left.”
>The suburbs were a nice change of scenery.
> Two-story houses with white picket fences, cars parked in the driveways, and children running up and down the street playing whatever games they made up.
>Felt natural to just be there, beckoning you like a siren's call.
>Cabs or any public transportation weren't allowed past the gate, hopefully, that was enough of a deterrent to any unnoticed tag-along.
>You followed Adagio's instructions and arrived at the end of a cul-de-sac.
>The house blended in with its contemporaries, nothing out of the ordinary to draw attention.
>“This is the place.”
“How does your mom afford this place?”
>”An I-Beam fell on my Dad's car while he was on his way to work and Mom sued the company responsible.”
“I'm...I'm sorry I brought it up.”
>”It's not your fault, it was just a question. Let's go in, I'm sure they're gonna be happy to see you again.”
>Adagio pushed the front door open.
>”Aria! Sonata! I'm here! And I brought someone!”
>Down the hall poked out a familiar little girl.
>That girl turned herself into a purple blur and threw herself at you, knocking you square on your ass.
>The smile on Adagio's face, was genuine, not those smirks she threw out at Starlight.
“Hey kiddo, how you been?”
>”I've been playing with my new friends and Grandma has been baking us lots of cookies and stuff!”
“That's great! Where's your sister at?”
>”She's helping Grandma right now, c'mon they're in the kitchen.
>Aria sped back to the kitchen, Adagio and yourself following after.
>The hug Sonata gave you caked your suit in flour, she couldn't stop squealing at you, any other person and you would have found it annoying.
>”Anon!” was all she could say.
“Sheesh, do you want to see your mom at all?” you joked.
>”Oh! Sorry, mom!”
>Sonata flung herself to Adagio.
>”Hi Mom! I'm sorry, I just missed Anon sooo much!”
>”It's ok Sonny, I'm just happy to see you and your sister again.”
>Aria had latched herself around your leg.
>”I'm happy to see you too Mom.”
>”And this the Anon that my two granddaughters go on and on about?”
>Adagio's mother eyed you up and down.
>Whether she liked you or not, you couldn't tell.
>At least Adagio would vouch for you.
>”Yeah, he is Ma.”
>”Is he gonna throw you to the wolves again or is he going to stick around this time?”
>”MOM! Not in front of the girls!”
>”I just want to know whether I'm going to have bury my daughter or not!”
“Kids, go play.”
>They left without a word.
“With all due respect, Mrs.?”
“Mrs. Minuet, I'm the only reason Adagio is still alive. She crossed a very dangerous group of people and out of the kindness of my heart, when she had nowhere else to turn to, I let her back into my life.”
>Minuet shot her daughter a look.
>”Is this true?”
>”Yeah Mom, It's true.”
If this seemed rushed, it was. I wanted to throw something out for Easter and I wrote most of this today.
>you’ve never probably been in a relationship ever, and are seeing the story as pure fantasy
where do you think we are?
It's the guy who always wants more realism or some shit
>no no no wrong do it like this
>what no whats wrong with this character thats not how it should be
File: 1571696019260.jpg (84 KB, 701x623)
84 KB
It's good. You worry too much.

As for me, I've been working on an update, but it'll probably be a day or two before I'm ready to present it.
It’s not that there has to be more realism. Just a challenge for the protagonist. Stop being gay
Yeah, sorry about that. Its a personal issue I've been trying to work on
File: Spoiler Image (2.54 MB, 2448x3264)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB JPG
>You hear frantic typing coming from big brother Dekky’s room.
“Okay. Mom and dad are asleep. You can do this
moon dancer!”
>Wearing nothing but a bra, you saunter into his room, where he’s staring hard at the computer screen while biting his thumbnail.
>He looks up.
>”What is it?”
>Your jaw nearly drops, but you recover quickly and outstretch your arms.
“How d-do I look?”
>”You’re fine! Look, I have to push this update out so the guys don’t think I’m dead!”
>He goes back to typing.
>You retreat back to your room, defeated, and naked.
>He’s always thinking about his stupid green...
I keep telling her I can't have any distractions! We'll bang when it's done!
After I'm done, we'll make Mormon families jealous with how many kids we'll have.
What kind of challenge though? The kind that fundamentally changes the very premise of the story because harems aren't realistic enough?
Was going to write some today, especially since I already knew how to get started from last time... The bad news is I've got a massive headache from lack of caffeine, and I can't get anything to resolve it until a couple days from now at the soonest. At which point I'd either have something to alleviate it then, or wean myself a bit off of how much caffeine I've been drinking. Whichever comes first.
File: waking up your sister.png (1.91 MB, 2000x1900)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
File: wharrgarbl.png (267 KB, 1024x768)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
Gee, Anon, two moms?
Just an obstacle to overcome. Anything. It’s boring when there’s no challenges and incest with multiple is the greatest challenge of all. That’s possibly one of the biggest weaknesses of our writers. Rather than present the protagonist with a hurdle to overcome with an illegal and looked down upon act, they ignore it completely and give them something unrelated to fight against. Realism or not. Then you have people like you who shut down any valid critique as complaining in order to placate the writers and solidify an echo chamber of yes men. No one insulted their work or anything, and yet you felt the need to champion their feelings, huh?
>an illegal and looked down upon act
Oh shit youre right, I forgot at every job interview I've ever had they've asked if I've ever been in an incestuous relationship
They even ask at the DMV now, thanks for reminding me
If that’s your response then we’re done here. Moving on to incest topics.
Are you saying you want more blackberry apple? If you want it, sure-
I think he got banned lmao
So that's why all the writefags left? We were just too supportive of them? Got it.
Sounds more like withdrawal than anything else.
Regardless, I hope you feel better.

These threads have cultivated many writefags to create amazing stories over the years. For one reason or another, almost all of them have left. This doesn't happen here alone, all threads suffer from this.
It took me 5-6 years of my free time to complete my older sister Rainbow Dash story, and there are plenty of stories with similar time commitments and no pay off.
Asking for people to create a compelling story is hard enough, but asking them to write one with a complex narrative that will take years for them to write with no more incentive than a thank you is a ludicrous notion.
One's for hugging, one's for fugging. Then they switch.
That's part of why I'm so worrisome when I post an update. I can't write smut to save my life so I try to make something at least interesting. Hell, I basically disowned my first green because it ain't up to snuff
any drug that gets you tolerant as quickly as caffeine is literally not worth doing. good luck with that.
I disagree that that is normal, but it can be a good part of some stories. It can definitely be taken too far and it's all angst
How is giving your main character a challenge to overcome and grow from complex?
You’re free to disagree on an argument I never made. I never said it was normal.
sorry, I had a crossed wire. I meant mandatory or obligatory
I mean it IS normal to have a taboo on incest
I never said it was obligatory or mandatory either. What do you mean a taboo on incest? All incest is taboo for the most part, in more ways than one. What are you trying to say?
sorry let's start over since I jumbled this all up
1. >>36813382 "having no conflicts or challenges arise from incest is boring"
2. >>36814936 "conflict can help, but it's not absolutely necessary to avoid being boring, and it can also go too far"
sometimes it's fun to have settings where the characters don't care or don't care very much
I never said it was necessary. But yes on the last part I can agree to some point, but you’re definitely strawmanning right now. I’ve only spoken on my tastes this entire time, and my opinions, and never called them necessity or mandatory or complex.
Dude just stop.
I agree. Let’s just move on before someone gets upset and starts shutting stuff up. Talk about incest
Then let’s talk about why that marble story isn’t here yet and why dekkard turned his naked little sister down to write green instead
strawmanning would be if i invented you and you didn't exist. what you're accusing me of is putting words in your mouth
and for that I apologize! clearly I misunderstood. So you were just saying you'd rather have challenges from the incest, not that you haaaave to.
No. Strawmanning is arguing against an argument I didn’t make to try to make my argument seem lesser. Seriously. Just stop.
I suppose the only way I can show my opinion is just to write and show you guys but that too might be a bad idea
>Content would be a bad idea
Why is that?
Because anons in this thread tend to feel spited when our opinions don’t coincide
, and may feel that absolutely blasting shot all over a story will make them feel better.
Shit* but you get it
Then take it fingerbang. They’ll be cool about it
It would certainly help clarify your position if you would clarify your position, but you have incorrect definitions of arguments that make me want to argue them, so maybe it'd be better to quit while you're ahead.
see now YOU'RE putting words in his mouth
Just to put something to rest. My story in particular is meant to be light hearted fun and silly, and lewd also. Being serious or realistic is just not a priority for me. Any conflict in the story moving forward would be more so designed to facilitate entertainment and jokes rather than drama.
It wasn’t directed at you, but okay
Go take your meds. You sound so stupid right now
Perfect example. When our opinions don’t match, anons start getting mad.
Sometimes trying to have the last word makes you look worse.
File: 1765328.png (1.82 MB, 1824x1626)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
Guys, help. My little sister keeps sending me pictures of herself in her swimsuit. I feel like she's trying to tell me something, but I don't know what. What should I do?
sister swimsuit pics are normal enough, what I wanna know about is why has she photoshopped her chest so big?
Compliment her I guess.
>Flat little sister photoshopping pictures of herself to show her with big tits because she believes her bro loves big tits
I can dig it
I believe that she try to give a message to her brother
Imagine carrying her around while hilted inside of her.
impaled-carry is massively underrated.
someday I want to see how long I can go without pulling out.. gotta work on holding hands first though. one step at a time.
>Move it, mister, you know I need my cuddles.
I'm hitting the hay about now, /irt/
You fags oughta be in bed by a reasonable time too
File: Face the facts.jpg (327 KB, 1280x720)
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327 KB JPG
You can always make changes to it if you're not satisfied with the outcome. I've posted stuff and rewritten it when I wasn't happy with how it turned out.

A challenge can vary in difficulty. It could be as 'simple' as asking your sister on a date or trying to alter the major infrastructure of a corrupt city.
One directly challenges the character personally. The other is a severe undertaking that requires planning and resources.

As for the stories being told here, the first one obviously takes precedent. Depending on the waifu chosen in the story, you could have a very rigid or very lax emotional structure to work around. The trick is how to present a scenario where said waifu is not utterly repulsed by the idea of incest. And THAT'S how the process becomes complicated.
When shooting for realism, emotions have to be present in order to make the story believable. And crafting a story where the emotions of the characters are illogical (in regards to wanting to pursue incest) but at the same time internally consistent is extremely difficult.
Unless you create a setup where such taboo feelings aren't as socially frowned upon, but again it depends on how much realism you want your story to have.
I've thought about it and I probably should. It'll keep the juices flowing in between updates.
>You sit down, and Norm sits next to you
"So, what're you guys' plans for homecoming?"
>Norman nudges you with his arm, but you don't budge
>"Well, I have a date, obviously, sweetie," says Lily "but a lot of people seem to be putting it off this year."
"Ah, well, it's a dance, not like it's the ultimate commitment. Plus, there's a decent amount of time left.”
>You subtly nudge Norman's arm back
"How 'bout you, Daisy, you got a date yet."
>"No, I don't yet, if you can believe it. Seems no one's jumping at the chance to ask me out either."
“Ahhh, most guys are probably too intimidated to ask the best player on the soccer team out.”
>You give Norm one good rap on the knuckles with yours and sit back to watch
>”So, uh, Daisy,” he says shakily, “I don’t exactly have a date for homecoming either, so…”
>”So… do you want to go to homecoming with me?”
>Thick silence fills the air for a brief moment
>”Yeah, sure. I’ll go with you.”
>”Yeah, I figured you- wait what?!”
>”I said I’d be your date to homecoming.”
>”I, oh. Cool. Say, while we’re on the subject, you maybe wanna grab a bite to eat and see a movie this weekend?”
>Daisy looks a bit surprised, as do you
>You expected Daisy accepting Norman’s request for a homecoming date to give him a confidence boost, but not that it would kick in this hard and fast
>Heh, 'hard and fast'
>"Ssssssure, sounds good. I'll text you later when I'm available after I take a look at my schedule."
>"Great," says Norman as he hands her his phone, "I'll need your number then."
>Daisy hesitates for a moment, but gives him her digits nonetheless
>"Thanks. Alright, and, let me know if it went through."
>"Yeah, it did."
>Right on cue, the lunch bell rings
>"See you this weekend?"
>"Oh, uh, yeah, sure thing Norman."
>First Norman was the one struggling with words, now Daisy is?
>She must have been caught off guard
>As you walk back toward classes you overhear Daisy's friends talking to her
>"So why did you say 'yes', anyway. Aren't you way outta that guy's league?"
>Daisy shrugs and continues on
>"Eh, he may not have much going on for him, but he's the first guy with the balls to ask me out, so I figured I'd say least give him a shot."
>"I guess when you put it that way, it makes sense."
>You split off and continue another boring day of classes
"So, you've got a date with a star athlete this weekend. How's it feel?"
>"Dude I still cannot friggin' believe it. Like, you didn't have anything to do with this, did you?"
"What? Like sway her decision? Nope. That was all you."
>"No way."
"I maaaaaay have known the outcome ahead of time, but it all came down to whether or not you nutted up."
>Norman stops dead in his tracks
>"Wait, you knew she'd say yes?!"
>"Why the hell didn't you tell me? I was sweating bullets, man!"
"Because then she wouldn't have said yes."
>"I don't follow."
"Daisy only agreed because you nutted up and asked her out all on your own. If you knew the outcome already off time, that would negate that. And trust me, she would have been able to tell."
>"No shit, huh?"
"Straight up."
>"Well I'm glad it worked out. I was sweating bullets there."
"I can imagine."
>"Alright, see you later. I gotta practice for Saturday."
"Keep at it, man."
>Before leaving the school grounds, you meet up with Lyra to head back inside for one of her after-school clubs
>As you walk and talk, you notice Cuerpo being accosted by several girks
>Only, he doesn't seem all that off-put by it
>In fact, he seems to be quite enjoying it
>Lyra stares at the scene for a moment, the starts to scurry off
>You grab her wrist to slow her down, and walk alongside her
"Mind telling me what's up?"
>"I was stupid, that's what's up."
"How so?"
>For thinking I had a shot with him
>She, too, stops dead in her tracks, and looks at you with tears forming in her eyes
>"You saw that, didn't you? He could have his pick of any girl from the school."
"Lyra, listen, Norman asked Daisy out."
>"Wha? What does that have to do with-"
"No, Lyra, listen to me. NORMAN... asked DAISY out. On a date."
>Her eyes shoot open, and you could swear she loses a bit of color from her face
>"He did?"
"Yep, and get this: she said yes."
>Lyra shakes her head and looks at you more confused than ever, trying to find some tell of a lie, or joke, or jab
"That's right. Now if that vanilla onions latte on legs can ask out a state champion athlete, you can march right up to CC and at least ask him out to homecoming."
If I had a nickel for every time these mother FUCKING word filters have fucked with this particular >green, I'd have two nickels. Which doesn't sound like a lot, but it's weird it came up twice. Anyway, that's it for now. I know I trickle this shit out like a leaky faucet, but hopefully you guys are enjoying.
It's easy to forget that the word filters exist.
>Vanilla onions latte
I'm sure that'd be a very special kind of drink if it really existed.
I don’t think you get it either, but it’s fine if you can’t do it. It just means I have to read the green of someone who can. Thanks for explaining your view though
>Vanilla onion latte
I can't count how many times I've forgotten that you aren't allowed to talk about a certain food base that starts with 's' and ends with 'oy' on 4chan/4channel. Only to see an oddly placed 'onions' and be like 'oh yeah, that's a thing'.
I just say soi or onions
Damn. Okay what about onions-latte?
Jesus. Guess there’s none of those onions lattes for the girls in your story
Oh those filters.
File: 1516072154330.jpg (672 KB, 1391x900)
672 KB
672 KB JPG

> "Let's go over it one more time."
"Boss, we've got all the intel we'll need for the layout. The only hiccup I have is how I'm going to find the equipment we lost in a timely manner. The place is a fortress, and I might be good, but even I can't fight an army by myself."
> "Which is why your get-away driver is a netrunner."
> "No. Someone else."
"Oh god. Please don't tell me it's-"
> "Trixie. Yes."
> You rub your temples to prepare for the coming headache that you'll have to endure because of her.
"Can't Grubber do it? This is the most pressing thing our group is undertaking right now. Why isn't he helping me?"
> "For three reasons. One, Grubber is not a fighter, which you might have guessed by looking at his physique. If things go south, you'll need someone who's good in a fight, not just someone who can hack things."
> "Two, if he tried to hack in via a deep dive, it would tip off our plan to double-cross them. Since the process of cracking their servers would be time-consuming and risky."
> "And third, he doesn't want to."
"Excuse me? You're the boss, and you get to say what people can and can't do. Why not just crack the whip on him as you do with everyone else?"
> "Because I've learned that Grubber is an exception. I've tried many times to get him to perform under duress, to no avail. Besides, I can afford to lose one of you, but not both."
> Meaning, she's willing to lose you over her little mole friend. Not that you're surprised at this point.
"One other thing. If this mission goes smoothly, I'd like to request some time off."
> "Time off? To do what?"
"I just need a break. A week to relax and center myself."
> "If the operation is successful, then yes, that will be fine. However, I still expect you to spar with me every day. Including today, since you missed a regiment."
> It wasn't exactly your ideal scenario for a relaxing vacation, but you suppose it's better than nothing.
"Fair enough. When do we start?"
> "In two hours. Trixie will be here in one; until then, we continue to analyze and plan."
"Commander, with all due respect, I'm going to blow my brains out if this continues. Why don't we just do our training instead? I could use it to warm-up for the op."
> "Not a bad idea. However, I planned on working you extra hard today to make up for yesterday."
"So you're saying I can't handle it."
> "I'm saying that I don't want you suboptimal for the infiltration."
"If I can't go a few rounds with you without endangering my performance, then maybe it's your training that's suboptimal."
> She shoots you a glare that you stare down. If you knew anything about your mother, it's that she hates it when her practices come into question.
File: 1600549085516.gif (99 KB, 500x269)
99 KB

> "Fine. If that's what you want, so be it. I hope your ready lieutenant because I'm really going to let you have it."
> She was angry now, which was both good and bad. Bad because now she's probably going to kick your ass, but good, because seeing any genuine emotion from her was rare. Even for an instant.
> Making your way to the workout room, you shred all of your bulky equipment and clothes as you start with some preliminary stretches.
> Once you were ready, you take a stance on the wrestling mat. Tempest counters with her own as you both slowly inched your way towards one another.

> True to her word, Tempest worked you over good. You would no doubt have bruises by tomorrow, but today, the pain only strengthened your resolve. For it served as a reminder as to why you needed this.
> On the ride to your destination, Trixie filled the air with her typical self-centered drivel. In which you were able to drown out with your thoughts.
> What would you even do with your time off? You didn't have any hobbies. Any acquaintances you had were from work, many of whom didn't like you.
> Would you leave town and go somewhere? Even if you did, where would you go? You've lived in this city your whole life. You didn't know of anyplace besides this one.
> Maybe you could talk to someone who knew how to relax, and that's when it hit you.
> Grubber.
> The man who your mother trusted more than even you. You'd tried and failed to get answers about various things from her for years only to be denied.
> However, you've never even held a full conversation with Grubber before, and if his will was anything like his body, it could be easily broken.
> With your spirit rekindled, you hone your focus on the task at hand.
> See everything.
> Hear everything.
> No hesitation.
> Strike with the intent to kill.
> As you stepped out of the car, you calibrate your eyes to instantly scan all objects you gaze upon. Nothing was to be overlooked.
> Your ears still weren't functioning at 100% after your encounter with The Sirens, but you would manage.
> "Call established. Does the Shadow's pet hear Trixie?"
> She grumbles angrily but otherwise says nothing.
> Again, two guards approached you as you stepped closer to the building. Only this time, they were much quicker to let you in. No doubt expecting you.
> Leading you to the basement, they instead take you to a large room with impressive decor. A sort of makeshift throne room of sorts. No doubt where their queen often resided.
> "That was fast. You work quick, boy." An unknown voice mused.
"I'd rather not live with something as detestable as this hanging over my head."
> "Don't think of it like that, think of it as mowing the lawn for a neighbor."
"Don't patronize me, character-building chores like this are beneath me."
> The female voice cackled softly.
> "On that, we agree."
File: Queen Chrysalis 1.jpg (248 KB, 617x800)
248 KB
248 KB JPG

> Again, the woman materializes out of thin air, this time wearing a black dress left in absolute tatters. Allowing you to see bits of skin all over.
"Dressing to impress someone?"
> "Not at all." She says coyly.
> "I wear this in front of all my subjects. Seeing me in this keeps them motivated."
> That's one word for it.
> "Now, I assume you have what was promised."
"Of course."
> You present the chip, but one of her goons swipes it from you before presenting it to her himself.
> "Excellent, and what gem have you brought me today?"
"Don't know. Don't care."
> "Really? Then, how do you know that this BD is of any quality?"
"I trust my sources."
> "Hmmm, and if I don't find it to be of quality?"
"Then, I'm going to pay my sources another visit."
> "Well, let's not speak in hypotheticals. I've been itching to see what you've brought me. Care to watch with me?"
"I'll let you enjoy it, thanks."
> "Suit yourself."
> She takes a seat atop her throne and adorns a neural interface before plugging the chip in.
> "Now, let's see what we've got it."
> "Oh." She giggles while crossing her legs.
> "Very interesting."
> You look on as she hums and haws every so often. Giving you no indication as to what she was experiencing.
> "Yes, do it. Do it! Do it!" She screams with frantic fervor.
> Her reactions become more varied and intense for the next several minutes, until, finally, she slumps over in her seat and lets out a satisfied sigh.
> "This will do quite nicely. In fact, this may be one of my new favorites."
"Then, we're done here."
> "Not so fast." As you turned to leave, the guards at the door stop you.
> "You're not even the least bit interested in what I saw?"
"Whatever it was, it got you all worked up. If that's enough for you, then that's enough for me."
> "Oh, I think you'll be very interested in what I saw because whoever gave you this BD has a real good sense of humor."
"And how's that?"
> "Why don't you watch it and find out."
> This wasn't good. It would be rude to deny her, but doing so could compromise your mental state.
"No offense, but you seemed a little tired after watching that. Why don't you just tell me about it instead."
> "I wouldn't be able to do it justice. It's something I think you specifically would like."
"Sorry to disappoint you, but things like emotions and empathy are lost on me. I live in the reality that I shape with my own two hands. I would get no joy in living some fantasy I wish was real."
> "Even if that fantasy was one in which you kill your father?"
> You hesitated, which was just enough for her to confirm her suspicions.
File: 1527407540183.jpg (330 KB, 820x1024)
330 KB
330 KB JPG

> "See. You may be a trained killer, but you're not above reveling in your work. Especially when it comes to completing the one thing you were born to do."
"How do you know all that?"
> "Don't underestimate the knowledge I can acquire. Piecing together your existence is a simple task once you have the whole picture. Watching this BD was like taking a snapshot of what your ideal life could be like. Minus, the sex with your mother."
"Someone killing their father and having sex with their mother? That was all on there?"
> "Yes, apparently a man stopped loving his wife and sought out alternative means to fill the void. Having no one to tame her sexual urges, her son steps in to give her that gratification."
> "Upon being discovered, the son and the father have a fight in which the son blows him away. The pleasure he took in doing it was palpable."
"Well, you're wrong about me. I don't hate my father. I've never even met him. My mother is the one with the grudge against him I'm just the one stuck in the middle."
> "Then why become an assassin? Face it, you want him dead just as much as she does."
"I used to, you're right, but now. I don't know."
> "Curious. A lot must have happened in the two days since I saw you. Has the pet grown tired of his leash?"
"That's none of your concern. If our business is concluded, I'll be going now."
> "Wait." She demands.
> "One last thing."
> She saunters her way down the stairs of her throne and cups your chin in her hand.
> You lock eyes and give her the same dead look you did the last time.
> "I sense that you're nothing but a shadow of your former self. Ironic. Still, you have much skill and passion, even if you don't know it. If you ever feel lost or want someone to love, my door is always open."
> You feel as though she's offering more than just an invitation to join her clan. But that didn't change the fact of why you were REALLY here.
"Thanks, I'll think about it."
> Content with your answer, she lets you go before walking away.
> "I'll be waiting."
> Finally, you leave her sight and sigh. Knowing now what you had to do.
> "Once you're in the elevator, wait for the carriage to start moving. I'll deactivate the camera, and then you can make your move." Trixie whispers in your ear.
> It was a shame. You really believed Chrysalis's offer was genuine. If only she hadn't double-crossed you, things might have been different.
> Once inside, you wait patiently as the two goons stand at attention behind you. One of them presses the button to go to the ground floor, causing the doors to close automatically.
> As soon as the steel box begins to move, you tap the button for the floor below it.
> "Hey, what do you th-"
> He reaches for your hand, and as he does so, you whip out your pistol with your off-hand and shoot both thugs between the eyes. Thanks to your silencer, you should still be in the clear. However, now you were on a timer.
File: Trixie (Human) 3.jpg (1.85 MB, 3543x3507)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB JPG

"How am I looking?"
> "Two more guards are waiting at the door once you get off. You'll have to dispose of them before anything else."
> Pulling out your other pistol, also equipped with a silencer, you wait patiently for the doors to reopen.
> Once they do, the two men turn to see who was getting off, only to be met with a bullet to the brain. Checking your corners, you make sure the path was clear before dragging all four bodies to a discrete corner.
> "There's a netrunner in the room to your left and two more guards in the storage room in front of you. Take out the netrunner, and I'll blind the other two, but be quick. You'll only have ten seconds before their eyes reboot."
"Can do."
> Tip-toeing into the netrunner's room, you quickly dispose of him and head back to the door.
> "Wait! One of them is heading your way! Wait a few seconds."
> Standing just outside the door, you listen for the telltale noise of someone's eyes short-circuiting. When you do, you dash through the doorway with weapons drawn. Taking out the lone gunman before moving onto the next room and waiting for his eyes to fail before executing him.
> "The way is clear, but someone's noticed the mess you made in the elevator. You've got one minute before things get messy."
"Understood. Have the back loading bay doors ready to open. I won't be long."
> Analyzing the contents of the crates around you, you find what you're looking for with relative ease, but there was a problem.
"There's more here than we thought. I can't carry and shoot my way out of here."
> "What!? What are you saying?"
"I'm saying you'll have to rush the complex in order for me to offload the gear into the car."
> "Trixie's ride was not designed to make such brutish assaults. Trixie's ride-"
"I DON'T CARE! Either do it or leave me to die. Don't give me excuses."
> You heard the ding of the elevator and knew you were out of time.
"Over here!" You say, baiting your enemies.
> After saying that, you throw a frag grenade into the elevator room and activate the hydraulic lift to the loading bay above you.
> Right before the first grenade goes off, you throw another one into the garage area above you to hopefully clear the room.
> Picking up the case with both hands, you leap onto the platform right after the chaos broke out. Praying as you climbed up that the doors would be open, but they weren't.
> No response.
> As the smoke cleared, you look around and see a few men begin reaching for their guns.
> You duck and cover as the bullets begin to fly. Setting the trunk down, you draw your weapon and return fire.
> You had to get out of here, but if you went out the back and Trixie wasn't there to support you, their turrets would turn you into swiss cheese.
File: 1514981299476.png (132 KB, 1008x1000)
132 KB
132 KB PNG

> As the sound of gunfire filled the air you also heard the distinct sound of a car's wheels squealing to make a turn. Then, like magic, the garage door in front of you shoots open.
> Without hesitation, you slide out the back and land on the concrete running. Just ahead of you by a hundred feet was Trixie with her back door wide open.
> "Quickly!"
> With just a few strides left, you hear shots ring out from behind you. A sharp pain surges through your left leg, causing you to stumble. Rolling with the momentum, you leap and land halfway into the back seat when Trixie decides to gun it.
> With one hand, you grab hold of the driver's seat to keep yourself from flying out while using the other to hold onto the cargo.
> Suddenly, fully automatic fire starts to spray into the car as you approach the gate.
> "Trixie knows!"
"You need to-"
> "I know!"
> Bracing for impact, Trixie's car flies through the speed bump before coming back down with a loud metallic crunch.
> Once she regained control, you finally pull yourself in and close the door behind you.
> That could have gone better. Looking back, you could see several people were getting into their cars to pursue you.
"Not good. Head to the rendevous point."
> Trixie didn't answer. Her breathing was labored, and when you looked at her, you could tell why.
> She had gotten it a lot worse than you did. Bleeding into her seat as she held one arm against her stomach.
"Shit. Move over. I'll drive."
> "This is... Trixie's-"
"Would you give that damn pride a rest already!"
> Pushing her into the passenger seat, you hop over the armrest and take over.
> After taking a sharp turn, you make a call.
"Boss, we've got the goods, but we're being pursued. We need backup."
> "On my way."
> You streaked through the suburban streets like a mad man as The Hivemind quickly caught up with you. They even had a few drones dotting the skies. Shining spotlights down upon you.
> As you tried your best to stay on the road, Trixie reached into her glove box and pulled out a MaxDoc inhaler. She quickly took it before throwing the empty container out the window.
"You going to make it?"
> "Do not underestimate Trixie. She is the best."
"Then, show me how good your shooting is."
> "Trixie will do better than that."
> Leaning out the window slightly, Trixie turns her gaze to the drones in the sky, and in a matter of seconds, erupt in a shower of sparks. Causing them to lose their forward momentum and crash down back into the Earth.
> That was one problem down, but that still left the thugs tailing you.
File: Trixie (Human) 5.png (693 KB, 922x1229)
693 KB
693 KB PNG

> You continued to bob and weave through traffic as you approached your gang's turf. Meaning the cavalry would be here soon.
> "Stop driving like a Cyberpsycho and let Trixie get a lock."
"I'd rather avoid getting shot again. If you're not able to use any more of your quickhacks then might I suggest the more direct approach." You say while holding out one of your pistols to her.
> "Trixie has her own preferred methods, thank you."
> She climbs back in and pushes up the cushions in the back seat. Revealing a hidden arsenal. Pulling out a Nokota D5 Sidewinder.
> You're not surprised Trixie preferred the type of gun you didn't have to aim. However, before she could return fire, one of the rear wheels gets shot.
> Struggling to maintain control, you swerve towards a gas station and slam on the brakes. Stopping just short of one of the side walls.
"Get inside!"
> Using the car as a shield, you round a corner and rush through the front door. The patrons inside appeared to be too shocked and scared to do anything as soon as the shooting started.
> Thankfully, they do as they're told as Trixie kicks over some shelves to use as cover. You take a few potshots before taking shelter behind them and answering an incoming call.
> "I'm one minute out. What's your status."
"We're pinned down inside The Quickie on Edgewood."
> "Roger that. I'll be there soon, sit tight."
"We gotta hold out. The boss is almost here."
> Seconds seemed like hours as chaos ensued. What was left of The Hivemind army quickly began circling the building. Cutting off any means of escape.
> You took up a defensive position near the fire door in the back to prevent yourselves from being outflanked, but the hail of bullets kept getting more and more deadly as your makeshift barriers began to gradually wither away.
> As the end crept ever closer, a new series of gunshots made themselves known. Stealing a glance out the front, you could see a series of cars and motorcycles slam through the enemy blockade as they ran over your attackers.
> Knowing now was the time, you make use of the diversion and rush out the back to fight out in the open.
> Even on one foot, you quickly rush the assailants just outside the door. Thanks to your cybernetic enhancements, you ran through the hired guns like a hot knife through butter. Dodging, disarming, and killing whoever wanted you dead.
> When it was over, the surrounding area looked like a war zone.
> The air became heavy with the stink of blood and Nitroglycerin.
> Cars and bodies lay in so many pieces you couldn't tell where one ended and another began.
File: 1962323.jpg (130 KB, 561x594)
130 KB
130 KB JPG

> Your mother was the first to approach you, in full combat gear and her motorcycle helmet still on.
> "Where's the cargo?"
"It should still be in the car." You point to the bullet-riddled vehicle.
> "We must leave quickly. The police may not be very active in this area, but even they aren't stupid enough to show up without their big guns after all the noise we made."
> "Once you've secured the asset, get in one of the transports, and be quick about it."
"Yes, ma'am."
> Once the package was safely put away, you hop into the back seat of a van and watched as two guys helped Trixie into a different vehicle.
> With everything squared away, the gang rolled out.
> On the way back to base, you took the opportunity to patch yourself up. Nothing too serious, but that week off was looking mighty good right about now.
> After you finished unloading, you followed the boss and a few of her top men to Grubber's lair.
> The man sat in his chair, this time unplugged, waiting for you.
> "Great work out there, guys. I knew you could do it. Especially you, kid. This bad boy is gonna get us one step closer to our ultimate goal." He says, slapping the case.
"Chrysalis mentioned it was some type of high-grade netcracking gear. But what is it exactly?"
> "It is that. But, it is also much more." Tempest said.
> She reaches for the metal chest and opens it for everyone to see. Inside sat a modified gauntlet, a series of daemon chips, and a cylindrical container with a strange orange substance that you couldn't quite identify.
> "These are nanomachines. Outlawed in every country around the world, they were used for espionage during the last war. They are designed to infiltrate high-security areas and compromise vital machinery, by either sabotaging it or as a last resort, destroying it."
> "They are virtually undetectable, and to the untrained eye, the residue it leaves behind mirrors that of your typical incendiary detonation."
> "Sounds crazy hard to get. How'd the Storm Rulers get a hold of something like this?" One of the men asks.
> "From Militech, I presume. They're the ones who engineered them."
"So either the Storm King got ballsy enough to steal top-shelf equipment from Militech, or-"
> "He's in bed with the Corpo slime." Tempest remarked.
> "A much easier and underhanded option, which would fit his MO perfectly." Grubber adds.
> "The Storm King is already the most powerful man in Night City, and with this, he could kill anybody he wanted and get away with it. All without having to leave his beloved ivory tower in the sky."
File: 1738485.png (952 KB, 1024x1059)
952 KB
952 KB PNG

"It's that potent? I mean, I know you said they doubled as an explosive, but what's the yield on those things?"
> "It's roughly twenty times that of C4. So, this small canister could easily level this entire warehouse."
> A couple of the guys take a step back upon hearing this. Not that it would have done them any good had the buggers decided to go off at that moment.
> "Now that we know he has such technology, we have to shut down the production of these things by any means necessary. If Militech has them in circulation, we need to find the source and destroy it."
"Why not use it ourselves? You said it yourself these things are nearly undetectable. We could-"
> "No!" Tempest shouts.
> "These things are too dangerous for anyone to handle. If it was somehow discovered that we were in possession of them, the whole world would come down upon our heads."
> "The only reason the Storm King can get away with it is because he has the money to buy the right people."
> "What I'M going to do, is hand this over to the proper authorities."
> "What! Are you insane!" Everyone remarked.
> "I have a trusted contact in the NCPD that can be of help. Once she has this, she'll be able to put Militech under the microscope. Hindering their ability to traffic more nanomachines until we can stop them for good."
> "I'll keep you all informed once I know more, but in the meantime, it's business as usual."
> "Jet, I want you to take stock of our losses while I'm gone. I'll expect a full report when I get back. The rest of you, continue your work as you see fit. Dismissed."
> Everyone gives her a quick salute before dispersing. Everyone but you and Grubber that is.
> He jumps back into his chair and begins the process of plugging himself in.
"Grubber, do you have a minute. We need to talk."
File: 1521160.png (1.6 MB, 2000x1900)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
That's all for now.

Any questions or concerns are always welcome.
Damn bro that's a lot going on
File: doofenshmirtz curious.jpg (22 KB, 320x240)
22 KB
>I have built a ray that will make boys all over the world find their mothers irresistable! Haha!
>And then-..Are you even listening to me Perry the platypus?
Doofenshmirtz in Equestria WHEN?
There's no Gimmelshtump there.
Also along those lines
>tfw no mad scientist mom making a device to make all sons find their moms irresistible
>Mainly for the sake of it affecting you, but all the other sons out there being affected is an added bonus for her
He's from Gallopshtump then
I mean he'd do it by accident. he'd just make a 'mother'sloveinator' because his mother's love was always inexplicably linked to kickball.
Though imagine this
>Son and sometimes lab assistant walks in on SciTwi mom making something
"What'cha working on?"
>She nervously hides it from view
>"Oh nothing... Just a world domination device like usual..."
>Normally she'd boast and proudly display what she's working on, but you pay it no mind
"Do you need any help?"
>"No, not right now. I'll let you know if I do."
>You leave the room to go find something else to do
>After you leave she keeps working on her ray
>"Yes... Yes! Once this is complete my son will find me irresistible! As well as all the other sons and their mothers! I nor any other mother will have to spend a night alone and without son cock again!"
Lmao, I’m not shocked you said this for some reason
We need more lovingly dominant Flutterson taking over as man of the house and fucking his hot young Fluttermom
File: 1526921353164.jpg (12 KB, 247x314)
12 KB
>when you're the man of the house and only in 8th grade
There absolutely should be more Fluttermom
>The very ideal vision of a domestic, loving, and caring mom
>Curvy and cute in all the right ways
>Absolute perfection
but soft and yielding instead of bitchy and overbearing like far too many moms, even some of the best, they can't help it.
The only thing kind of difficult about it is getting the set up right.
>Explaining why the perfect milf mom is single
>Approaching how the incestuous relationship forms with a submissive sweetheart mom without looking too forceful yourself and coming across like an asshole
obviously the dad was a mysterious and dashing fellow who went off to Steve Irwin it up in foreign lands and help out dangerous animals while his pregnant wife stayed home because it was too dangerous, and was tragically eaten by a grue.

and yeah dominance in general has to be handled just right. You have to have Flutters slowly coming to terms with her need for a strong man, gently pushing Anon to develop that way, and then hormones take over at the right moment and Fluttershy just instinctively presents puss when held firmly. all Anon has to do is work up the nerve to take command
She didn't get back into dating because men only saw her as one thing.
>Son constantly feels awkward about how sexy his curvy mom is while she innocently dotes on him
>She constantly leans into his embrace and makes him feel protective of her while also triggering certain other feelings
>One day while caught in a compromising position he can't take it anymore and gives into lust
>Manhandling her and fucking her until he ran completely out of steam
>After he comes to his senses he's worried she'd be mad at him
>Yet she actually seems happy, and even starts treating him more like a husband
>As it occurs to him during his wild leave of his senses she hadn't once tried to resist or tell him to stop
heh maybe. I would like to see it start a little smaller, some simple grope or nibble he does that he worries is not cool and that she instantly reacts to in a way that shows naw she's down to mate.
One more thing
>Her son protects her from unwanted advances from strange men
>Shielding her from them and holding her close
>She's trembling in his arms long after they're gone
>He thinks she's super scared and just that easily frightened
>She's actually trembling from being turned on and was made sopping wet by being protected by him
that is adorable to the max.
File: Bump (GIF) 1.gif (27 KB, 550x400)
27 KB
Fuck it. Anon saying "vanilla onions latte" out loud verbatim is in, considering the kind of memers he and his friends are, it at least makes sense
Starting to get a little steam back, but it's still a little slow going. Also just moving it up from page 9 before I go to sleep.
File: 2078746.jpg (536 KB, 785x1090)
536 KB
536 KB JPG
>"Hey, cuz! Can you help me put on my sunscreen?"
Can't w8 m8, I r8 8/8
Boy I sure wish that one fucker hadn't ran Rambler off so we'd have more of that Cadance story.
File: jc.gif (1.11 MB, 500x200)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB GIF
>gone writers
Does anyone have that joke audio Shadyvox made for Button's Adventures? Youtube is kill, and apparently it has Button forcing his mom to give him a blowjob, which sounds kinda hot.
Nevermind, found it.
You earn mommy's lips, boy
Through good grades, taking initiative with your chores, and staying at least somewhat active physically.
i can think of a good physical activity
File: 1999774.jpg (438 KB, 900x1151)
438 KB
438 KB JPG
Your hot aunt Starlight catches you trying to sneak a midnight snack, wat do?
>Asking "what do?" when the one true answer is always the same for these situations
Remind her that she's still on probation for starting a cult and eat the rest of the oreo cake.
This. Please Jeff, come back and write more Aunt Coco.
>"Well, I have a right as his older sibling to."
>Limestone responds confidently
>Mom bops her nose obviously having some kind of disagreement
>"Commanding him to do stuff like dress properly, eat right, and do his work are your right as an older sibling. You're just being needy."
>Limestone's face twists into a pout
>"But mooom...."
>She says not sounding like an older sibling
>"I'm not saying you can't be needy, but don't make excuses."
>Limestone does a groaning pout with her scrunched face
>"Just like my Japanese animes!"
>Pinkie says with a giggle
>You can't help chuckling a little as you hug Limestone
"Is my cute big sister an anime character~?"
>You ask her teasingly while rocking her in your arms
>You're not sure you get it but just play along because it's fun
>Of course she's not amused in the slightest
>This actually only makes it funnier
>Though of course like with every time you or your other sisters poke fun at her you don't want to push it too far
>You give her a few quick kisses while cuddling her
"Limestone, I love you~."
>You tell her in the sweetest voice you can muster
>Her earlier anger and annoyance is already melting away
>So you hug and kiss her some more of course
>Making her go from upset to happy in just a few moments if fun too
>"Now me!"
>Lily Pad calls out with her arms extended
>Your mind is numbed by contentment as you embrace her now
>You're half way to kissing her before you remember Lily Pad isn't one of your sisters
>The cute little girl is in your arms puckering her lips for you to kiss her
>You're most of the way there, but you don't really want to do it
>Yet the way she's pressing into you and making that kissy face makes you feel pigeon holed into it
>Stuck between feeling pushed to both do it and not do it
>You kind of hope one of your sisters will intervene
>However they're all looking away like they're pretending not to know
>Except Maud who's just staring like she does with most everything when she's watching you
>If you had to guess you'd say it's because they've begrudgingly accepted the 'deal' here
>That they may be able to openly do things with you in front of her parents if you just placate Lily Pad a little
>Looking back at her still doing her kissy face you'd might as well get it over with
>Even if you tell yourself that the idea of kissing her feels intense
>Like you're romantically acknowledging her in a way even if you try to reason your way out of it
>Regardless you lean in and give her just one kiss
>She smiles adorably after that, but goes back to puckering her lips
>Of course just one wouldn't be enough for her
>You almost don't know why you even tried to do just one
>Now you've just ended up drawing it out
>In fact you wonder if she'd ever decide she's had enough
>Just a few more kisses on her little lips just to see she might decide that's enough for now
>You almost feel like celebrating when she stops puckering her lips
>At least if it wasn't obvious by now that'd be celebrating too soon
>"Now say you love me~!"
>She says like she just expects you to do it
>Maybe even expecting you to do it they same way you did with Limestone
>When you don't say it right away she starts teasing you
>"There's no need to play hard to get anymore~. You can just say it now~."
>You don't get why she's always so confident about how you supposedly feel about her
>Even if she is cute it's your sisters and mom you love
>Also you doubt you're going to get over how young she is any time soon
>You think of a way to try to get out of it
"Hey, isn't it about time we got breakfast?"
>Saying that without having a clue what time it actually is
>She chuckles a little while looking up at you smugly
>"It's cute when you're shy like that, but I'll get you to say it before long~."
>She leans in and kisses you before continuing
>"You'll come out of your shell and be saying how much you love me before you know it~."
>No doubt assuming you're not saying it because you're just scared to
>While you're able to say it about your sisters freely only because it's normal for you
>Regardless of how you know you actually feel the reasoning feels like it's eating into you a little
>You fight it off before thinking about what to do next
"So what are we having for breakfast?"
>You ask everyone else in the room
>"Well, I think we'd need to ask her parents that. I'd make something but I imagine they already have something planned."
>Mom gives a reasonable answer
"Either way, I guess first thing to do is get out of bed and get dressed."
>Though as your sisters move to free you to get out of bed Lily Pad stays stuck holding onto you
"Come on, you've gotta let go so we can get ready to go."
>She has a smug look on her as she giggles
>"Maybe we should just get naked~."
>You get too flustered by that despite yourself
>"I'm sure we've got actual places to go today instead of just sitting around here naked, and possibly fucking if that's what you're implying."
>Maud states matter of factly
>You lift her by the armpits and get her off you yourself
"Let's just get changed, and no peaking either."
>Telling her while trying to sound stern
>"You can peak at me while I'm changing all you want~."
>She tells you teasingly while you pick out your outfit for today
>You can genuinely say you don't have any desire to
>She's even flatter than Limestone for one thing
>So you just move to get dressed without any screwing around
>You're pretty sure she was looking, but you don't have the energy to call her on it
>Besides you're sure it'd do no good
>Once you're in some nice clean clothes you're ready for the new day of vacationing
>One that could be a very well be a very long day
>Hopefully with some fun thrown in too
>You gather up your family plus one and go to find her parents
>Seeing them downstairs in the living room
A little smaller update than usual, but I managed to get something down after enduring some caffeine withdrawal and being distracted by stuff like watching anime boat girls and video games.
Lilypad is winning a lot of points with me.
I also love that Anon let that metal gear reference slide right past
Oh, I’ve got a lot to catch up on.
I'm not wild about Lily's inclusion but I still like the story.
>Limestone remembers Pinkies 'just like in my chinese flipbooks!' comment
>Remembers another meme from anime is if the person you love touches your boobs they'll get bigger
Good to hear.
Bumping for more and future updates from both you and myself.
File: 1700677.jpg (729 KB, 900x993)
729 KB
729 KB JPG
>"So this is the brother you've been telling me all about, Moondancer! I can see why you keep him to yourself; he's really cute."
Licking figure-eights on your sister's belly!
Rewrite will be done in a few days. I haven't slept well in like a week and I'm starting to feel it.
If you're really not feeling well you really can take a break. Don't work yourself into the dirt over humanzed talking horse incest green.
I'm pretty sure it's just allergy related but thanks for the concern. I do push myself to finish stuff quick because if I don't, I end up never getting back to it.
>Imminent protective reeeing

>Moondancer had met up with her old friend Twilight Sparkle
>She'd once been a socially awkward bookworm like herself
>After moving away Twilight had changed and become more popular and social
>Which makes it feel strange to hang out with her now since she's so different
>Then Twilight calls her brother cute
>Like she's hitting on him
>Time shout out the anti-normie call
i misread this and now i want a situation where moonie is relieved that twi still loves incest just like she does, and they both work together to each fuck their own brother
Could be fun
>Moondancer initially freaks out and reeees thinking Twilight has gone full normie and wants her brother
>Twilight asserts that she likes incest and supports Moondancer in wanting her brother that way
>At the same time Twilight laments her own brother starting to date Cadence, and regrets not jumping on the chance to be incestuous with him sooner
>Moondancer agrees to help Twilight get her brother back, it Twilight agrees to help Moondancer overcome her social awkwardness to get her own brother
8 days impregnating your 8 sisters with 8 children each.
Commodore 64 they'd call you
Let's see...
>2 big sisters
>2 little sisters
>Older cousin
>Younger cousin

Sounds like a pretty good harem to me
I swear on all that is holy that someone was writing literally this exact green not long ago, like in one of the more recent threads in the archive.
> Sweetheart, get mommy’s support bra. she overfed again.
>vampire mommy gets bigger and juicier the more she drinks
File: 1978816.jpg (307 KB, 700x803)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
>"Come on, brother! Let's make sweet music together!"
>Vampire Fluttermom's 'assets' grow bigger as she feeds, but shrink back down if she goes without
>Her son can tell how much she's been feeding with just a glance at her chest
>Also inb4 her son is a vampire too and how much he manages to feed affects him as well
> Damn Tavi, That’s was sick drumbeat I overheard from your room yesterday. Can I sample it for my next song?
>Sweetheart, go find some poor unsuspecting slut for me to drain the life from. But no kissing what touching, that’s for mommy only~
Two purposely ridiculous ideas

"How slutty do they have to be?"
>"That's not important! They're all sluts!"
"Even nuns?"
>"Especially nuns! They're just repressed sluts always jealous of other women getting some! Now quit wasting time and get me some womens' blood!"

>Inb4 a very 'special' type of vampire mom
>She shows up to her non-vampire son's room in the middle of the night after being absent most of his life
>She hisses before speaking
>"I'm going to drink your cum!"
>Her son is so confused
"Wait... What?"
>"I said I'm going to drink your cum!"
>She repeats and says it like he's supposed to be scared
"So... Uhmmm... You just show up to a random boy's room in the middle of the night to give him a blowjob while acting like a vampire?"
>She's insulted by this
>"First off you're my son, and I AM a vampire! Though unlike the false myths I will subsist on my blood decendant's cum!"
>It's a lot to take in
I might have said it before as an idea.
I love it
>Ladies! Start your brothers!! Let the Sibling Triathlon BEGIN!
What does the Sibling Triathlon entail exactly?
Well, I'm not sure how well it can be done but here goes.
>Running->carrying penetration
>Bicycling->riding their brothers like bikes
>Swimming->fucking in a pool
Better idea.
>Swimming->Cowgirl backstroke laps
God damn, that sounds like it'd be brutal on your body to actually attempt. That also reminds me that the competetors besides the Apples there hopefully are just doing this for fun rather than wanting to be competetive. None of the others there would even come close to the kind of strength and endurance AJ and her bro have. In fact there may even be a good chance the others wouldn't even be able to finish the whole thing.
Become strong, prove your love to everyone. Don't let silly little things like pain stop you.
Imagine being Fluttershy's brother in it. Especially if you were a little brother.
>Little brother who's soft and often pampered by your sweet and loving big sis
>Now suddenly expected to do stuff like do carrying penetration with your big sister
>She's bigger than you in general but also curvy as well
>Her enticing curvyness only making her that much heavier for you during the lewd race when you aren't even that much in shape to begin with
>Big sister's huge milkers in your face.
>Hands around her large ass.
>Cock buried deep in her cunt.
Living the dream kid
Then your spine snaps
>Doing that while straining under her weight
>All while big sis Flutters does Canadian levels of apologizing for how hard of a time you're having trying to race during it

I actually think Rarity's brother might be a close second for how unprepared and metaphorically fucked he'd be during the literally fucking race.
I hope somebody picks this up eventually, but it has been a long standing request.
I can see Rainbow Dash being a slave driver to her brother.
Meanwhile their parent's are cheering them on the whole time.

>"That's right Dashie! Ride your brother's dick like no else could!"
Hopefully the penalty for losing isn't too bad. Because that race would definitely have a clear winner out the gate. With Dash and her brother there maybe AJ would have some competition. The others would seriously just be pushing themselves to make it to the finish line at all. Much less being deluded enough to think coming in first is even remotely possible for them.
What's the prize for winning?
Could just be bragging rights if they're just doing it for fun and it's not serious. Though of course it's more interesting if there's some kind of lewd prize involved, but then of course with that you wouldn't want it to go too far either.
Like a weekend in a private villa or something would probably work. Not too flashy but not nothing either.
Though an earlier conversation I think in the last thread made an idea stuck in my mind...
>Inb4 the idea of the winners being able to fuck a different brother/sister of their choice is brought up
>Then quickly shot down because of the results being practically fixed and it being all but obvious who they would pick then
>If the brothers are teased with the idea of the winning brother being able to fuck the sisters who"s brother couldn't get them to the finish line
>Actually just to put a fire under them
>It's revealed at the end that won't actually happen, but any brother who fails to reach the finish probably will never hear the end of it
I seem to be a bit stuck again. Think I'm getting close to burn out. What I think I'm going to try doing is take a quick break. Maybe try doing a one shot in between if something strikes me just to think about something else instead of continuing to try forcing ideas to happen with my main story here.
It happens man. Hope you figure it out.
Yeah, I've been having the opposite problem. I know what I want to write, but I've had no time to put it together.
But since it's the weekend I should be able to rectify that.
Give her a break, Sweetie Belle; she hasn't even finished her morning coffee yet. I'm sure she'll get to you as soon as she can.
File: 2102810.png (1.53 MB, 1916x2400)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
>"Dammit, Pinkie! You've been in there for half an hour! Either finish up or let me join you!"
> When your brother gets in shower with you and didn’t even try to “#metoo” you then hogs the remaining hot water
When a girl's brother gets in the shower with her and DOESN'T fuck her till she can't stand up on her own... That's the real '#metoo' struggle. Why would a sister ever want to complain about sex with their brother? Now being denied it even though he's naked with her and his dick is right there next to her. That's real torture.
>Be Fluttershy's little brother
>Lounging with her on a lazy afternoon on the couch
>She holds and dotes on you so lovingly like she often does
>While all you can think about are her wide hips and big breasts pressing into you
>Then suddenly she remembers something
>She's very shy to talk about it but manages
>"My friends Applejack and Rainbow got in an argument and turned it into a competition before dragging me into... The problem is..."
>Flutters looks away while blushing deeply
>"We're supposed to be doing... I don't know how to put this... Lewd things with our brothers during a 'triathlon'..."
>Your big sis squeezes you tightly
>"I know it's a lot to ask, but could you do this with me to help me out?"
>You couldn't imagine a more enticing call to action if you tried
"Of course! I'd do anything for you!"
>Answering more excited than you'd ever been about anything
>"Oh!... You're the best little brother I could ask for!"
>She praises you while cuddling with you ever so affectionately
>You think it's just going to be getting to have a 'fun time' with your big sis under the guise of a competition
>If only you knew just how physically demanding and grueling it'd really be...
File: MBWP4341.png (384 KB, 1280x720)
384 KB
384 KB PNG
What are you drawing Applebloom?
> A beast with 2 backs
An..And how do you know what that looks like?
> Big Mac and Applejack do it all the time
>It got bad before you even knew what the rules were or how it'd be done
>You go with Flutters to the spot where it starts and see your opponents
>There's Applejack and Big Mac, Rainbow and her twin bro Blitz, Twilight and Shinning, and lastly Rarity and her little bro who you never caught the name of
>Other than Rarity's team you wouldn't stand a chance against any of them
>You hadn't thought it through at all because you were so horny for Flutters
>Applejacks is apparently in charge of explaining the rules
>"First our brothers carry us while inside us around the track a couple times."
>Fucking Christ!
>That's like half a mile or something!
>You'd be hard pressed to carry your big sis a hundred feet
>Though you doubt these guys would have as much trouble
>Especially Shinning who's much bigger than his nerdy little sister on top of being athletic
>"Second we ride our brothers until we get them to cum inside three times."
>You're so overwhelmed you don't think about how that might drain you
>Sounds like resting compared to the first thing
>"Last is laps at the pool doing cowgirl position backstroke."
>She can't possibly be serious!
>Who could possibly expect you to do that?!
>Even if you started with that you'd just sink like a rock with your sister on top of you like that
>Much less trying to do it after all that shit before it
>"Any questions so far?"
>Applejack asks
>You raise your hand
>She calls on you
"Yeah, are you high or something?! Who could possibly be expected to do all that! Much less me! I'm not some kind of fitness god with infinite stamina! What were you thinking when you came up with this?!"
>Mostly you just laze around while letting Flutters dote on you
>Saying you're not in shape is an understatement
>At least you aren't fat because you have a healthy diet
>Rarity's little brother agrees with you
>"I understand that it's a competition, but did you purposely design it to be as ridiculously demanding on our endurance as possible? Why, I'd be surprised to even see your brother or Shinning actually reach the finish line after all that."
>Applejack looks like she hadn't considered that
>"Well, I guess it doesn't have to have a time limit. Just take your time I guess."
>For that matter what does the winner get. or what happens to the losers?
"Also you hadn't said anything about if there's a prize for the winner, or if anything happens to the teams that lose."
>You kind of thought there wouldn't be anything like that
>With how over the top this is you have to wonder now
>"Well, that's what well talk about now before it starts."
oh right, you'd have to make up a few extra brothers wouldn't you
reminds me of that dumb Apple Bloom green I wrote and at the end Sweetie and Scootaloo both also have twin brothers, and their names are Sweet Bro and Scottalogan

just fyi, it's Shining. Shinning is what Willie had Bart say instead of Shining in that one treehouse of horror.
Oh, whoops. Though yeah, more than one of them don't have canonical brothers. Fluttershy does, but it's about you as her brother, and the less said about her canonical brother the better.
Also I purposely left it there to give the opportunity to mull over what the prize/penalty would be for winning and losing respectively. Just like, you want something interesting to add tension. While not going so far as it'd actually be like a bad end if it happened. Especially since it's extremely likely if not guaranteed the protagonist won't win it. Like maybe something that'd rib him a little while just being fun.
>Inb4 Rainbow and Aj specifically have something like fucking the other pair's sibling based on who wins
>While the others can lose badly without anything happening to them
>Besides being made fun of if they really embarrass themselves with how bad they do

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