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File: choker.jpg (350 KB, 2180x1080)
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350 KB JPG
Post Fluttershy with big tits or any greens to summon Betanon to finish his own damn green.

>Bet's green
File: 1606426943122.png (1.62 MB, 2000x3116)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
I wonder what happened that sped the board up so much last night.
Thw boards been getting s healthy rush of threads lately. Been weird but I can't say it's too out of thw ordinary.
Yeah I suppose.
Hopefully Betanon comes back.
File: Spoiler Image (303 KB, 999x799)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
I mean the last update wasn't even that long ago and I've been posting and spreading the good word of Okusan[/s[piler] since. Like an anon said in the previous thread, threads die.

still working on the update, by the way.
I'm definitely gonna have to read that when I've got some time.
May as well post the last update to remind you all the drawbacks to being hung like a horse

>Nothing special happens during school.
>But during Jam Band, Rainbow Dash announces that the club will be holding their biggest gig of the school year.
>It's a show that will be held at an underground club called Sombra's Den.
>You've actually heard the name before as it's one of those famous underground clubs where a lot of big famous and successful bands have played in their storied careers.
>It's really impressive that Rainbow Dash was able to have booked a night for the club.
>She does explain that not everyone will have the privilege to perform though.
>With so many new and existing members and so many combinations of bands they can form, really only the best of the best will be chosen.
>You certainly don't have to worry about anything as you're sure Flash Drive will have a secured spot.
>And if not, you could totally just go solo like you did for the anime club.
>Speaking of which, the show seems to be the same weekend as the anime Con you and Fluttershy were heading to.
>Seems like it could be a scheduling conflict.
>Though, depending on where the Con is being held, there really shouldn't be an issue.
>You discuss with Flash and the others on what songs you will want to perform as a band.
>Most of the club session is spent discussing who wanted to play what until the end.
>You were able to have your doctors appointment scheduled today so you were able to take the day off school.
>You drive off into the city and to a building right outside of the local hospital where you are greeted by a kind lady at the front desk.
>She hands you some forms on a clipboard for you to fill out to get things started.
>Once you do so, you hand the clipboard back to the receptionist and then wait for your turn in the waiting room.
>You're pretty damn nervous.
>Not because of what could possibly be revealed about your oversized member, mind you.
>Okay, maybe that was part of it.
>No, you were anxious because this isn't your normal family doctor.
>He's obviously back in Whinny City.
>But he was kind enough to recommend someone here in Canterlot that he trusts to take good care of you.
>It's a little reassuring but still.
>You had built up a good relationship with your last doctor so meeting with someone brand new and coming to them about your penis problems right off the bat just doesn't sit right with you.
>After what felt like an eternity of waiting, a nurse comes through the door and calls for you.
>You stand up and hold your hand up to signify you were present.
>She then motions for you to follow her.
>”Right this way.”
>You follow the nurse down a hallway of assorted rooms for patients and store rooms.
>The nurse finally stands next to an open doorway and allows you to enter first.
>Once you do, the nurse follows you in and closes the door behind her.
>There is nothing too special about the room itself.

>There is a bed with paper covering the surface in one corner.
>A single chair in another corner.
>One side of the wall is filled with drawers filled with various medical supplies.
>”Okay dear, the Doctor will see you in a moment, in the meantime I will take your blood pressure.”
>The nurse then produces the blood pressure monitor and then straps it to your upper left arm.
>She does the usual and writes down the results and then she takes it off and puts it back into one of the drawers.
>She then directs you to stand next to the wall near a height chart.
>The nurse then writes down your height.
>Finally she has you stand on a scale to get your weight down and finally bids you farewell and she leaves you alone in the room.
>After another few minutes that felt longer than they needed to be, the doctor finally enters the room.
>An elderly man with silvery white hair and wrinkles on his face tells you that perhaps he's been at this for a while.
>He had on the usual white coat that all doctors wear and he was holding a folder in his right hand.
>”Good afternoon Anonymous.”
>He says cheerfully as he holds his hand out.
>You reach out your hand to shake his and nod.
>”Pleased to meet you. I'm Dr. Nebulus.”
>He shakes your hand with a firm grip that you now have to match.
>”Pleased to meet you.”
>You exchange pleasantries back and then Dr. Nebulus opens up the folder he had in his hands.
>”So, Dr. Bunsen back in Whinny City sent you over my way as you were his patient for many years.”
“Yeah, he was our family doctor for as long as I can remember.”
>Dr. Nebulus nods.
>”Ah, well he and I go way back.”
>He says in a warm tone.
>”He and I were roommates back in Med School and we've worked together in the field for decades afterwords.”
>He reminisces as he closes the folder he had in his hands and waves it at you.
>”Dr. Bunsen was also kind enough to forward me your medical information as well so I can be of better use and not miss a beat.”
>A nice gesture from your previous doctor.
>But nothing in your medical records say anything about what you came here for.
>”So, what seems to be bothering you?”
>He finally asks.
>You start to get a little bashful.
>Because even so.
>He's still a stranger.
>You pause and rub the back of your head.
“I think I may be having heart problems.”
>Dr. Nebulus nods.
>”Well that's concerning because for your age that definitely isn't good. Especially since you don't look too unhealthy and I see no preexisting cardiovascular conditions in your medical history.”
>You nod.
“Yeah, well...”
>Once again stalling.
>”I think the cause may actually be...”
>You then use your left hand to make a circular motion around your crotch area.

>Dr. Nebulus squints his eyes at you.
>You take a deep breath and you finally explain your situation.
“I have a... Really big penis, and when I was... having sexual relations with my girlfriend last weekend with a condom on, I was lasting for a while.”
>You pause to gauge what Dr. Nebulus' reaction was so far.
>So far he has been unresponsive.
>”Go on.”
>He encouraged you to continue.
“Well, finally after a while of going at it, I felt a tightness in my chest so it kind of got me spooked as I have heard that being well endowed could lead to heart problems in the future.”
>You finally finish.
“So, I just wanted to get answers. Especially since I also feel my length is disproportionate to the rest of my body.”
>Dr. Nebulus nods once again.
>”Well son, while there is some truth to that statement, typically anything around seven inches in length and it could cause some poor blood flow, but your small frame shouldn't be a factor. It is important though that you have a heart big enough to handle it.”
>Seven inches.
>You chuckle out loud as you are sure you are way bigger than that.
“I think I may have a big problem then. Pun indented.”
>You tell your doctor.
>”Well, I would ask you to drop trou and let me get a good look at it. But I understand this is our first appointment and it can be awkward with trusting a new doctor.”
>He says in a soft calming tone.
>”So I certainly don't want to force you to do anything you are not comfortable with off the bat.”
>You nod, feeling a little better.
“No, I think it's fine.”
>You say as you begin to unbutton your pants.
“I mean, you are a doctor. Right?”
>He laughs and then nods.
>Not the best logic but you did come here for answers and damnit you want answers.
>You drop your pants and then reach into your boxer briefs and pull out Lord Anonhammer the Forth.
>Once he is out and you give it a few pumps so at the very least you can get a half chub so your full length is visible.
>After your dick is partially erect, Dr. Nebulus gets his first look.
>He lets out a bewildered laugh.
>”Good god, son.”
>He says as he looks at it from different angles and then moves to the side of the room with the drawers and he points to your dick.
>”May I?”
>He asks.
>You hesitate, but you nod.
>Dr Nebulus then pulls out a pair of latex gloves from the drawers and puts them on.
>He then gets down on one knee and grabs your dick and he lifts it.
>You slightly wince at the cold feel of the gloves touching you.
>He looks underneath your member and then gently grabs hold your your testicles.
>”Do you happen to know exactly how long it is?”
>He asks and you shake your head.
“I don't”
>He shrugs.
>”Huh, I feel like any young man with a rod like this that would have been the first thing they would have done.”
>You shrug your own shoulders now.
“Honestly, I never gave it any real thought until I started to get reactions from girls.”

>He doesn't need to know one of those reactions was from your little sister.
>Dr. Nebulus examines it for a bit more and feels around for a moment before he lets go for a moment.
>”Well, since I don't have a ruler or a tape measure around, my educated guesstimate would be about ten inches, give or take.”
>He then tries to wrap his hand over it and he barely gets his hand around it.
>He again scoffs and then chuckles again.
>”Good grief kid, and you said you had a condom on this thing?”
>He gently lets it back down out of his hand
“A Magnum XL, and it still was a tight fit.”
>Dr. Nebulus gets up from his knee and retreats back to the other side of the room to dispose of his latex gloves.
>”I'm surprised those fit.”
>He responds with an amused tone.
>”I'm also a bit surprised you're able to get that thing inside any lady.”
>He says as he leans on the counter.
>”And in my thirty plus years in practice, I can count on one hand the other men I've examined who were as well hung as you or bigger, I just can't remember the last time I ran into someone like that. ”
>He then puts on a more serious look.
>”And none of them had as small a frame as you.”
>He then leans on the counter.
>”You truly are a one in a million medical anomaly.”
“Is that good or bad? I mean, that tone of yours doesn't really fill me with confidence for my overall health.”
>You ask.
>The doctor shakes his head.
>”I mean, again I have to reiterate that it's all about the size of your heart and if it can compensate for such a large penis.”
>He takes one more look at your member before he looks back you you.
>”You can put it away now, by the way.”
>You look back down at it.
>You stuff your member back into your boxer briefs and pull your pants back up.
>”Since there isn't much about your heart in your medical history, I would recommend seeing a cardiologist about your heart. Other than that, all I can say is to stay healthy, stay away from bad fatty foods as much as you can, and stay active and you should be fine for now.”
“For now?”
>You had to highlight those last words.
>He then nods.
>”With something that large you will definitely lose the ability to get it up sooner than most other males with an average sized penis.”
>He then puts on an awkward smile.
>”Frankly I'd be surprised if you could get that monster fully erect.”
>Not very comforting words, to say the least.
“So am I just a walking heart attack waiting to happen?”
>You ask bitterly.
>”My boy, everyone is a walking heart attack waiting to happen. There is no rhyme or reason for one to occur. Just eat healthy and improve your cardio and you lower your chances, and that's all we can hope for.”
>You just take a deep breath.
>”You're still young and can easily implement these small changes, try not to dwell too much on it and enjoy it if you can.”
>You nod, feeling a little better.

“Well, for the record, in the heat of the moment, I in fact can get it up all the way.”
>You tell the doctor and he raises his eyebrows.
>”That's a promising sign, actually.”
>He says as he stands back up from the counter.
“Though I guess it's a shame that it's on short borrowed time.”
>You had to negatively add.
>Dr Nebulus shrugs his shoulders.
>”That's what Viagra is for.”
>He laughs and slaps you on the shoulder.
>His laugh then immediately stops.
>”But seriously, I still highly recommend seeing a cardiologist to get your heat checked out before it gets to that point..”
>You nod at his advice.
“Well, that's all that I came in for.”
>You say as you turn your body to the door.
>Dr. Nebulus takes the lead and heads to the door.
>”Well, it was a pleasure meeting you today and I hope to see you again soon.”
>He tells you as he opens the door.
>You nod and then head out.
“Thank you Doctor. We'll keep in touch.”
>You exit the room and make your way out of the building and sit in your car for a while before leaving.
>So just stay active.
>Seems easy enough.
>Does that mean you will need to join a sports team or league?
>Or you could just fuck Fluttershy on a daily basis.
>That could help.
>You chuckle to yourself over that dumb thought.
>But more seriously, maybe you should take up walking or something.
>You don't spend too much more time thinking about it and just head back home for the reminder of the day.

And here we are. I'm not done writing it yet, but a bit of a preview, Anon gives the deets to Fluttershy from his doctors appointment and Fluttershy offers to make him feel better.
>Dr Nebulus
Oh cool, I've always wanted to be a shlong-doctor.
Good update, BetAnon; it amazes me that you've managed to write 120k+ words about Hootershy and are still going strong. Keep it up!
Don't keep it up for too long though, you might have a heart-attack.
Thanks for the repost
What a hoe
that was close
big tiddies
File: 1655066.jpg (288 KB, 1282x1573)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
File: Spoiler Image (216 KB, 812x1115)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
Things are going a bit fast.
This artist makes good hooters
>is this ok with you
No I am very concerned about your lower body are you melting
File: 1656273.jpg (450 KB, 2000x2000)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
Scorp knows his trade
File: 1663611.jpg (349 KB, 1403x1900)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
Very nice.
File: 1514903958749.png (426 KB, 660x900)
426 KB
426 KB PNG
I hope to have an update tomorrow night.

It's been more challenging to get writing done recently, not too sure why. Especially since I feel I'm close to the end. maybe it's some sort of writing fatigue?
File: 1549396723007.png (711 KB, 773x1145)
711 KB
711 KB PNG
That's not a Fluttershy, and doesn't have big breasts!
Well better it be done with a steadier pace than rushed to the finish, don’t feel made to speed up
It’s very possible, you’ve been going at this for quite some time.
File: 1657228.png (2.65 MB, 1385x2200)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB PNG
She is beautiful.
File: Hoodie.jpg (183 KB, 779x1047)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
I can’t believe THE Nebulus hangs out in a thread about fucking Fluttershy.
File: 2497130.png (84 KB, 1920x3000)
84 KB
God she’s hot
Looking forward to it if you do.

>So that appointment was, enlightening, to say the least.
>And not the good kind either.
>You remember back in middle and early high school in Whinny City and all the other guys would say or boast about how they have a huge cock or something.
>Or that the pinnacle of your worth was to have one.
>The ultimate flex for a man.
>Never does anybody talk about the many inconveniences of having one
>Nor does anybody ever tell you the drawbacks to having one nor do you hear them.
>To be fair, it's not that bad.
>You kind of learned with work with it like sitting down and whatnot.
>You also learned that you cannot ride a bike without having to do some major readjustments.
>Whatever, not like you were ever going to ride a bike anyways now that you have a car.
>But now you almost feel like you're scared of overworking yourself for the fear that it may give you a heart attack.
>Though maybe you are focusing too much on the negatives.
>One being Fluttershy.
>You thank your lucky stars that she is damn near a giant and can take your length.
>Now you wonder if she feels the same for you and your huge package as well.
>Whether or not she thanks her lucky stars that your pseudo-footlong can fill her.
>Then Rarity pops into your head and her comment about how you tried to put up a facade about how Fluttershy likes you because you're hung like a horse.
>Which is still something you're still a bit pissed about and want to show her up somehow.
>You then shake your head as to not let her live in your head.
>You feel like you've got a good thing going with Fluttershy.
>Even before she was introduced to your huge dick.
>Now you begin to think about what to tell your parents.
>You wouldn't tell them why you wanted to see a doctor in the first place so of course they are going to want some answers.
>Maybe you can just give them a half truth and that you indeed felt something in your heart.
>And for a young, healthy man like yourself, that just didn't seem normal.
>Yeah, that should work.
>Then that way, perhaps you could also convince them to set up an appointment with a cardiologist as well.
>You're really not sure why you are going to these kinds of lengths to hide your endowment from your parents.
>After all, Alanamous knows.
>But, it's just that a lifetime of battling with your own mother over things and you're tired of it.
>You tend to no longer trust her with anything.
>Your dad on the other hand.
>He means well.
>And you definitely have much more respect and better memories with him than your mom.
>But you feel if you tell him than your mom knows as well.
>You just may want to keep it to yourself for as long as you can.
>Which in reality it's not really up to you, but to your little sister as you are sure she would spill the beans sooner or later.
>But what is she going to say?
>'Hey mom and dad, did you know Anon has a really huge cock?'
>You're starting to go off on a mental tangent.

>Need to focus back on the task.
>Once you get home you head straight to your room to wait for your dad to get home so you could tell both your parents at the same time.
>Which you do, later in the evening after dinner.
>They both think you are overreacting over something minor and that you should just be more active like the doctor said.
>This isn't something you wish to fight for long.
>At this point you're at your wits end and you just take your chances until you are an adult and just make your own appointments.
>Which means just playing it safe and being a little more active.
>Whatever that entails.
>You pretty much keep the appointment to yourself.
>At least until you can have some intimate alone time with Fluttershy.
>Then you'll spring on her all the possible drawbacks to being a literal tripod.
>Jam Band rolls around and you get a few practice songs for the upcoming show.
>Flash was planning on doing something special for one of the chicks he's after.
>He won't tell you who though.
>There is one song he wants to preform for her at the show.
>Because those always never backfire.
>You are then asked if there were any songs you wanted to preform.
>And you never gave it any thought.
>Mostly because your mind is still thinking about your phantom health issues.
>You really should snap out of this quickly.
>At least there is still some time until the show,
>Anime club.
>Scribble Dee happily announces that your show last week brought in a large sum of money.
>The trip is now almost fully paid for and everyone is excited.
>After school.
>In a bit of a change of pace, You and Fluttershy go out and browse the mall.
>Because while you two do spend a lot of time together at the animal shelter, or even at school or at each other houses.
>You two never really have gone on a 'date' per se.
>Other than the dinners you two had at That 50's Diner.
>But hanging out together in the mall seems like a nice start and you've only been here once to get your bass strings.
>There is a local pet store in the mall that Fluttershy must go in and see.
>Even with all the cute puppies and kittens, Fluttershy is most drawn to the little hamsters and the rodents.
>There is an Anime store for the both of you to check out.
>They offer a variety of things such as prop swords, small articles of clothing, key chains and all the other little knick knacks as well as DVD's and other media.
>You both then had over to Guitar-O-World and Fluttershy sits and listens with bliss as you serenade her with some Sublime.
>You use your singing chop as best you can but you're not the best singer.
>Fluttershy seems to appreciate the effort.
>One thing that has gotten your mind off your 'big' issue are the amount of stares you've been getting.
>Everywhere you've gone with Fluttershy, there have been a barrage of stares at you two.
>More so than what you two normally get back at school.

>You've even had to look at some of them in the eyes for them to mind their own damn business.
>It frustrates you a bit.
>And you hold Fluttershy close to let her know you're still there for her.
>You finally end your little date with dinner.
>Fluttershy leads you to a Sushi restaurant that Sunset Shimmer apparently works at.
>Funny, shouldn't Neighpponese people be making sushi?
>Or is that too insensitive?
>Regardless, you step inside the restaurant and you are immediately greeted by Sunset Shimmer.
>She was working the sushi bar wearing an outfit that screamed cultural appropriation.
>It was one of those short Asian outfits and her hair was done in the style as well.
>You both have a seat in front of her at the bar and chat it up a bit.
>Fluttershy orders her usual apparently and you are left looking like an idiot.
>You know nothing of sushi.
>What's good.
>What's bad.
>This, that or the other.
>Sunset guides you through a basic outline of it.
>She makes you a small platter of various different kinds of sushi.
>Much of it tastes pretty okay but nothing you'll rave about.
>You pay for dinner because of course you do.
>At least Sunset got you a nice discount.
>And you begin to drive back to Fluttershy's place.
>The drive is quiet.
>Save for your music that is playing.
>But you don't say a thing.
>Nor does she.
>Then Fluttershy is the one to finally break the silence.
>”Are you okay?”
>She asks you, seemingly worried about you now.
“What makes you say that?'
>You answer back a little too quickly.
>”Well, I know you were grabbing me pretty hard at times when we were walking around the mall.”
>Guess you really didn't notice that much.
>Is all you could muster.
>”I know it's hard at first, with everyone staring. But you tend to tune them out after a while.”
>She says in a low tone.
“The staring isn't what's bothering me.”
>You admit. Thinking it's time to spill the beans to her now.
>”Oh? Then is there anything else bothering you?”
>She asks in a more concerned tone.
>You let out a hefty sigh.
>You then tell her everything.
>First, how you were given words of warning from Nurse Redheart.
>Then, last week when you two were fucking and you were taking forever to finish and felt the pain in your chest.
>About how that really bothered you because once that happened, Nurse Redheart's words kept echoing in your head.
>So you saw a doctor.
>And that while you yourself are a one in a million medical anomaly, there are drawbacks to having a monster peen.
>That if you are not careful, and if your heart can't take it, it could go out at any minute.
>And even if your heart is good for it, sometime down the line you are going to lose the ability to get it up sooner rather than later. Just from it being so damned big.
“...and that's where I'm at.”
>You let out a sigh.

>A sigh of relief.
>It actually felt just a little liberating to let it all off your chest.
>Fluttershy was silent.
>From the corner of your eyes, she began to look down at herself.
>She then lets out a sigh of her own.
>”My breasts started to grow when I was around twelve years old. It didn't mean much at the time, but after a short amount of time, they grew like crazy.”
>Fluttershy then places her hand on her chest.
>”By the time I was only fifteen, I was already a size E cup.”
>You always hear the old saying that D's were the pinnacle of breasts.
>That just sounds absurd.
>”We were worried something was going on, not to mention my growth spurt as well, so I went to a doctor.”
>You are starting to see where this is going.
>”I was diagnosed with macromastia. Basically my boobs are going to keep growing for the rest of my life.”
>You love a pair of gigantic boobs that can kill you as much as the other.
>But how big is too big?
>She starts to giggle a bit.
>”It may not be as bad as your... problem, but as my boobs continue to grow, my back can only handle so much and my neck hurts more often than not because of them. Thankfully the doctor says it's not a severe case so they won't grow too fast and that my size can accommodate for a lot of it, but after a while, they will eventually grow to a much larger size that it'll get to a point where it'll be too much for my body to hold. More than likely when I'm an elderly woman I may be wheelchair bound.”
>Fluttershy then leans her head back.
>Of course, with her size, her head just goes over the cars headrest.
>”And heaven forbid I ever get pregnant, then they'll balloon even bigger.”
>You have to admit that is a sight you kind of want to see.
>”That's the reason why I always felt my boobs were freakish and too big for anyone to like. Because even I think it's too much and I've been given too much attention for them.”
>She brings her head back up.
>”Even when we went to Rarity earlier this week, when she measured me, they grew again. Which is why I am sure you noticed my boobs spill out of their bras.”
>They do.
>And it's a nice sight to see.
>You nod in acknowledgment.
>”I found it pointless to keep buying new bras until I felt it necessary, which also explains covering up most of the time.”
“So, how big are they now?”
>You had to ask.
>Fluttershy is silent for a moment.
>”Right now I'm a 32K cup”
>That's... big.
>It took you every amount of strength to not react to that.
“At least your boobs won't cause a heart attack.”
>You try to cheer her up.
“Well, they won't cause you a heart attack, but some poor schmuck with a foot long cock may have one when he sees them down the line and tries to get a boner from you.”
>You say with a smile.
>She then looks over to you.
>”Is that how big you are?”
>You shrug.

>”The doctor didn't officially measure it, but I wasn't fully erect when he examined it so I'm sure I am at least close to the mark.”
>You then look over to Fluttershy.
“If you are willing to work with me to manager our... 'gifts' so to say, I work on cardio to keep my heart healthy and strong and you work on keeping your back and neck muscles healthy and strong.”
>You then place your hand on Fluttershy's thigh.
“Then we can both be genetic freaks together.”
>Fluttershy doesn't react at first.
“And whatever happens to us in the end... we face it together.”
>That last bit sounded too corny.
>But in the moment, you truly feel like you two were made for each other.
>You were about to take your hand off of her to get back to driving.
>But she then grabs it, and squeezes it.
>There was still silence.
>You take your eyes off the road to see what she was doing.
>And she was just looking away from you.
>She then begins to tremble.
>Was it something you said?
>Did you lay it too thick?
>Was it a dumb suggestion?
>After all, your dick won't continue to grow for the rest of your life.
>But then again her breasts won't affect blood flow in her body.
>As far as you know.
>You are obviously not a doctor.
>She finally lets out a deep breath and lets go of your hand.
>”...thank you.”
>She says very softly.
>”Just hearing you say that means a lot.”
>She still won't look at you but you can see a smile on her lips.
“Of course...”
>You answer back.
>Fluttershy's home is now in sight.
>This car ride has been a whirlwind of revelations.
>You park the car in front of the house but neither of you move from your spots.
>Fluttershy just tilts herself to the side so she is resting on you.
>You both just enjoy a brief moment of solitude together before you both head into her place.
>And a new bound appreciation for each other.

And that's hte update, updated paste here:

Of course I wanted to get to the lewd. but with how slow I am going I may as well get this out of the way and man, does this feel like an ending, but I still want to get to the con/show even though I still don't even know what I am going to do there (except for the concert where Anon will finally guitar battle Dash for a finale of the show.) but yeah, comments and whatnot are appreciated.
>does this feel like an ending
It is a great ending, so maybe when you organize this in your paste put this at the end of the con. They have this discussion with each other on the way back, and then just let that close out the story. You can have anon sweat talking to her about it during the con and have her confront him about what's bothering him or something along those lines. Thanks again for doing this story, Bet.
Good job

wherever this ride goes, I'm on it
File: 1611108977542.jpg (362 KB, 566x953)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
Reminder that Fluttershy is considering getting breast reduction
Reminder to kys
Nice try
As long as I get to keep what they lop off so I can make my own Hootershy
File: 1786237.jpg (298 KB, 1450x1600)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
It sounds like a really good ending point. Sweet and bitter at the same time, and not a regular "happy after". There is a lot of not closed points, like Shy's friends(whom were a big deal at the start), Onyx, Alana and a few more, but there were a nice filling in the story-going. And for the first time I see the negative sides of big tiddies and schlongs in a story, that's really something.
Just know, that across the globe, a slav really enjoyed to look after your progress from the beginning on promt.
File: 1614887293004.gif (855 KB, 480x515)
855 KB
855 KB GIF
File: 2412831.png (172 KB, 1800x2250)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
I may just do that nad rewrite the end part in the next update. Besides that end was a bit wholesome for what is coming next.

It could be just my inexperience looming in, but I felt some of her friends have come around. Okay, maybe only Rainbow Dash and maybe Applejack. Rarity will get her just desserts at the con.(But so will all the others as I am still committed to writing the scene where Anon exposes himself at full mast in front of the girls. Onyx was just another plot device to showcase Anon's kind nature that a troubled dog breed graviated towards him (I'm still on the fence about wht really to do with him. I was going to simply just write him off with a "oh look, he was adpoted! and he recovered enough because of Anon! type deal.)

Alanamous is, for me, the biggest missed ooportunity. That one I will say and I had some ideas but they would have lead to nowhere in particular (stuff like she's actually a weeb and wound up on the trip with Anon's club but she also trolls it up and likes to be jailbait and tease older forever alones and otakus with her risque cosplays that she shouldn't be wearing floated in my head, she's also a musical prodigy with the piano and she is better at the piano than Anon is with his bass.) but like I said I felt like there wasn't enough time for me to figure out what to do with those plotpoints because I always feel rushed with carrying the thread. Sorry if this sounds like whining (Also still going by an early criticism about this is a Hootershy story and the rest is whatever and get to the point.)
I'm looking forward to what you're bringing us next Beta this has been a really great ride.
Very nice.
File: Flutterpudge_1.png (407 KB, 720x720)
407 KB
407 KB PNG
I wanna pinch that muffin
You know what I'd love to read? Anon's mother being nice and supportive for once.
Disagree. That'd kill the one good moment Anon had with his dad, which was a really great moment for Anon.
I don't think she has a nice bone in her body.
damn now I feel bad for them. did not expect a green to show the downsides of actually having gigantic breasts/dick. nice work
I don't see "nice" happening, but I do expect some support on her part when it comes to her son's health issues.
... or at least not be a cunt to Fluttershy.
File: 630897.png (293 KB, 630x915)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
Vinyl can have big breasts too if she wants though.
Her voice actress can't though
File: 2223919__.png (11 KB, 600x600)
11 KB
Not even a 3D guy but she was cute for a dyke before she went full 'transman'
File: 2243133.jpg (2 MB, 1929x3000)
2 MB
Vinyl's mute though.
But why?
File: 1536118484844.jpg (290 KB, 1280x1437)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
She was just born that way. Mute and with big milkers.
Equivalent exchange and all that.
File: 1485391611370.jpg (95 KB, 557x605)
95 KB
>FMA except with mute tittymonster vinyl
I find it a little hard to believe someone would trade their voice for big tits, but it's probably really likely.
File: tenor.gif (2 MB, 480x270)
2 MB
Little mermaid traded hers for legs.
File: 1850977.png (925 KB, 1282x1573)
925 KB
925 KB PNG
And they weren't even impressive legs.
Didn't really think anything of Vinyl Scratch before, now I need big sloppy party girl funbags.
She was a race traitor to begin with though.
Anon c'mon, you'd really take the virgin merman over the chad prince eric?
I mean you make a strong argument but she died for it in the original tale.
File: 1974903.png (1.25 MB, 2000x1500)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
Imagine fondling her boobers out in public in total safety, knowing that she can't call out no matter how turned on she is.
Would be kinda nice.
File: 1592178620705.png (1.48 MB, 1238x956)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
It would be kinda nice.
File: 00860.png (907 KB, 1920x1080)
907 KB
907 KB PNG
File: 1601695811807.png (3.02 MB, 1871x3010)
3.02 MB
3.02 MB PNG
Very nice.
File: 1549734338268.png (3.41 MB, 1920x2916)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB PNG
That’s not bad
I’ll give her more than that.
I’m glad to see Vinyl art where she doesn’t have a fuckload of piercings.
File: 7622.jpg (306 KB, 962x962)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
This is a big titty FlutterScratch thread now.
Warning, MASSIVE proportions > https://derpibooru.org/images/2477489?q=busty+vinyl+scratch%2C+busty+fluttershy
Fuck off with your fat fetishism. That is not what this thread is about.
Only other pics of paired busty Fluttershy+Vinyl are anthro/futa if you think that’s better.
Not really fat, just overly proportioned.
But in any case, I did warn you after all.
Don't die, at least not before the story's done.
Come back soon.
Such a shame
File deleted.
Still around. Sorry things have been at a snails pace. I hope to have something tonight or in the morning.
Sounds good.
Don’t worry about it too much, take your time.
Okay, so what I did was I sort of rewrote the car drive scene to hopefully better setup the incoming lewd and will leave the revelation for the end. Though I guess the cat's out of the bag but whatever.

>The drive is quiet.
>Save for your music that is playing.
>But you don't say a thing.
>Nor does she.
>Then Fluttershy is the one to finally break the silence.
>”Are you okay?”
>She asks you, seemingly worried about you now.
“What makes you say that?'
>You answer back a little too quickly.
>”Well, I know you were grabbing me pretty hard at times when we were walking around the mall.”
>Guess you really didn't notice that much.
>You begin to ponder if you should tell her what is really bothering you.
>But you don't want to worry her about something even you don't know all the facts yet.
>Sure, your big dick could lead to some problems.
>But you still want to hear from a heart expert if it'll truly fuck your life over.
>After all, it's not like you're gonna have a heart attack and drop dead tonight.
>You hope.
“I guess it's just that I'm not used to the stares in public.”
>You come up with on the fly.
“Like, yeah the other students back at school can be a bit annoying and such, but seeing it from everywhere else is something I'll need to get used to.”
>There was a long awkward silence after your words.
>You start to think that you may have made Fluttershy feel bad.
>Perhaps you shouldn't have made it seem like you were uncomfortable to be seen with her.
>You quickly reach for her thigh and give it a squeeze.
“This changes nothing, though.”
>You try to reassure her.
“I'll just have to get thicker skin.”
>You add, still trying desperately to make her feel better.
“Or I could just punch people in the face for staring too much?”
>You try to lighten it up with a light attempt at a joke.
>More awkward silence.
>You apologize again too quickly.
>Finally, you then feel Fluttershy's hand rest itself onto your own.
>You look over to Fluttershy and see that she has a small smile on her face.
>”No need to worry about it.”
>She reassures you and she lets go of your hand.
“Yeah, well now I feel bad for making it seem like I was embarrassed to be seen with you.”
>Fluttershy shakes her head.
>”I don't think that. The fact that your were holding me closer and grabbing me tells me you were making sure to let the others know that I was yours.”
>Huh, you never even thought of it that way.
>And now you really feel even more like shit after all that.
>Or maybe she was covering up for you.
“Well, now I fee like a dumbass.”
>You admit to a now giggling Fluttershy.
>She looks over to you.
>”Would playing with my big boobies make you feel better?”
>She asks in a playful tone.

>Her suggestion automatically sends your dick into half chub mode and you awkwardly laugh.
“It certainly wouldn't hurt.”
>You tell her with a smile on your own face.
>It's not like you don't play with and fondle her huge tits every opportunity you get.
>But hearing her offering it up definitely is a morale booster for you.
>You make it back to her place.
>Zephyr is home.
>Not like you care anymore.
>His sister will get a thorough pounding with your long-hammer worthy of a newly forged sword and there is nothing he can or will do about it.
>You still greet him when you enter the house and before you head off to Fluttershy's room, at least.
>Once in the room you both make yourselves comfortable.
>Which for you, isn't really doing anything other than sitting down on her bed.
>But for Fluttershy, she begins to change into her more comfortable clothes.
>You watch with pleasure as she pulls off her large one piece dress.
>She stands facing you in her bra and panties, with her huge breasts spilling out from the already large cups.
>A half embarrassed look on her face as she reaches behind her back.
>Finally she unhooks her bra to let her two large mastiffs free.
>You can't help but feel like her breasts have gotten just a tad bit bigger since you've first laid eyes on them all those months ago.
>It could just be an optical illusion, or just you being super horny from the sight of some big fat flutter titties swaying heavily on her chest as she lightly rotates her upper body.
>You once again feel the pressure in your pants as they start to tighten with your ever growing erection.
>Fluttershy sees you and your hand on your crotch and she lets out a small chuckle.
>”Calm down big boy.”
>She says sweetly while walking up to you. Knowing you are ready to pounce on her at the drop of a hat.
>Once she is right next to you, her humongous breasts hang lazily just above your head.
>Fluttershy then slowly bends down forward and her drooping nipples start to lower much closer to your face.
>And mouth.
>Her left nipple is right in your path of oral destruction and you quickly tilt your head upwards and wrap your lips around her areoa.
>You then chomp as hard as you can without causing any real harm to her soft skin.
>She calls out loudly.
>You then take your free left hand and raise it up to coup her free right breast.
>Your hand sinks into her warm fleshy pillow as the rest of her tit spills through your fingers as you squeeze as hard as you can.
>She moans as she goes for your pants to unbutton your jeans and undoes your belt and zipper.
>You slightly stand while she slides your pants to the floor.
>Finally, she reaches into your elastic boxer briefs to grab her own prize.
>She pulls out your rapidly expanding schlong and she wraps both hands along the long shaft and pumps you a few times until you are fully erect.

>You let a moan escape from your lips in between your attempts to pry milk out from her udders.
>She tries to raise herself back up but your mouth refuses to let go of it's prize.
>Your teeth start to lightly nibble and grind at her nipple as you try to keep her where she is.
>Sucking on her vigorously.
>Her moans get a little more louder and you start to sense a bit of discomfort in her tone so you reluctantly let go of her.
>But not before you suck on her nipple real hard while you both pull away from each other.
>Her breast pops out of your mouth as you let out a satisfied moan of your own.
>”S-someone is a bit eager.”
>Fluttershy pants as she lets go of your dick and stands back up, once again towering well above you.
>She then brings her hands up to her jugs and grabs a handful of boob into each hand and spreads them apart.
>Creating a deep opening.
>You instinctively stand up and move right up to her and once you are close enough, almost like a venus flytrap, she brings them back together and completely engulfs your head into her massive tits.
>You try to call out for your maker but your voice is lost in her mountainous boulders that cover your entire head.
>She then shakes her upper body and wraps her arms around her tits and squeezes them tighter around your head.
>Giggling while she seemingly tries to suffocate you.
>”Aww, does my big boy need air?”
>She teases you as she refuses to let you free.
>You moan negatively and you start to shake your head no while still buried into her.
>The feel of such soft, warm, smooth bags of skin all around your head gets your heart racing.
>Fuck it, if you were to have a heart attack, this would be the best way to go out.
>Though, the downside would be that there would be no way heaven could be better than this.
>You push yourself further into her and you slide your erect dick in between her legs.
>Then you wrap your arms around her waist and your hands go straight for her ass.
>You slip your hands into her panties and then similar to how you handled her tits, each of your hands grabs a cheek and squeezes.
>Fluttershy reacts positively to your hands.
>You then begin to slide your dick inwards and outwards of her equally soft and cushy thighs.
>Fluttershy kisses the top of your head while still restricting your air with her massive milkers
>It is getting increasingly harder to breathe while still buried and you start to pant
>Everything is getting a bit fuzzy
>Then, at what seems like the last minute before you slip into that dark blissful state of asphyxiation, she releases her breasts
>You gasp for air and you tilt your head up to inhale large amounts of precious oxygen while her heavy melons plop over onto your shoulders
>And man were they heavy
>She chuckles at your near death experience
>”Did you enjoy that?”
>She asks in a soft tone
>All you can do is moan in response and she coos back at you as she reaches down to plant her lips onto your own

>She then pushes you back onto the bed as she then gets on her knees and sits in front of you.
>She looks at your fully erect cock with a hunger in her eyes no different than how you stare at her tits.
>You adjust your position and lean back on her bed so that your dick can stand up on its own weight.
>Fluttershy then takes a deep breath.
>She then licks her lips, wraps both her hands around your long shaft, opens her mouth wide and lowers her head.
>You then feel the nice warm and moist feel of her mouth slide over your head.
>She holds her position there and licks your tip several times before she attempts to take more of you in.
>Little by little she slides down your shaft until she gets about half way down like the other times.
>You sigh out loud in pleasure as you place your right hand on top of Fluttershy's head.
>Guiding her pace as she continues to suck you off.
>She gets a little more of you in her mouth and into her throat and you can hear her grunt as she does.
>Finally, she lifts herself up from your member and sits up where her soft watermelons are conveniently aligned with your shaft.
>With a lewd smile on her face, she once again grabs her tits and separates them just enough for your cock to slide right in between them.
>Fluttershy then presses her hands closer together and squishes her titties so that they perfectly encase your green monster.
>She then starts to move herself up and down. Sliding your cock along her cushy flesh pillows.
>The moisture from her quick BJ makes for great lubrication as it slides easily in between her massive torpedoes.
>The sheer size of her tits are enough to fully cover your huge dick with your head popping up from her cleavage when she slides downwards.
>She starts to pick up the pace.
>You tilt your head back and let out another long drawn out moan.
>Fluttershy giggles at your response and then she slows down almost to a full stop.
>This annoys you a little and you tilt your head back to watch what she was doing.
>Her smile was a bit more mischievous than sultry.
>Like she knew she was teasing you.
>It was in that moment that something clicked in you.
>You grab both of Fluttershy's arms and stop her titjob.
>”Oh? Is something the matter?”
>She asks, curious as to why you would stop her.
>You simply grunt as you simultaneously stand and pull her up with you.
>She follows along and you easily turn her to the bed.
>You easily push her onto the bed.
>She was surprisingly light despite her large frame and size.
>Watching her ginormous funbags flop and swing as she falls over on her back only makes you harder.
>You quickly toss off your pants, shoes and socks and then slide your underwear off.
>Fully exposing your lower half.
>You then immediately climb on the bed and straddle yourself atop Fluttershy.
>She now realizes what you are doing as you scoot up towards her upper half and rest your cock right in the now open gap of her chest.

>Fluttershy dons another smile as she once again presses her fatty pillows together burying your length.
>You start to pivot your hips atop of her and slide your dick in between her tits.
>All the while Fluttershy begins to rub her jugs in sync with your thrusts.
>A loud clapping sound erupts throughout the room when your waist meets her breasts with each hard thrust.
>You begin to quicken your pace as you vigorously and literally fuck her tits.
>Fluttershy then lifts her head from the bed and tilts it forward.
>She locks eyes with you as she opens her mouth as wide as she can get it and conveniently positions it right where your cock slides out from.
>Taking the hint of what she was trying to achieve, you thrust further into her and when your cock slides up from her tits, your head glides itself right into her mouth.
>She moans and you can feel her tongue flick over your tip as you pull back out.
>*Pop* “Ah!”
>A faint popping sound as you pull out her mouth signifies her sucking you every time your head enters her mouth.
>With each thrust into her mouth and each clapping sound you make when your hips slam into her tits you get closer and closer to that sweet sweet climax.
>You start to grunt and growl as you feel yourself once again tiring out.
>And in a moment of primal lust, you grab Fluttershy's head with both your hands and start to pull her into each of your thrusts.
>She she tries to cry out but is quickly stuffed out with your member going a little more deeper in her mouth with every thrust.
>You now loudly moan.
>Your heart rate again begins to skyrocket.
>Your hips and thighs start to feel numb.
>The chest pain comes back and you do not care.
>If you're going to die tonight, you're going out balls deep into a pair of giant titties and nutting into your girlfriends mouth.
>The feel of Fluttershy's mouth and tits all over your cock are driving you mad.
>Finally, at long last you feel it.
>You give it one last big thrust into Fluttershy's mouth.
>You grunt out loud and you tilt your head and upper body back as you shoot your load right into Fluttershy's mouth.
>You can feel her head try to pull away but your hands form a death grip on her to keep her in her place.
>Wave after wave of your thick batter shoots out and into her mouth.
>Fluttershy starts to whimper loudly but to her credit, she doesn't let go of your head.
>As you feel your balls empty out into your girlfriend's mouth, you also start to feel every ounce of strength drain out of your body along with your jizz.
>Now, instead just your midsection, your entire body goes numb as you flop over to the side of Fluttershy.
>You are panting for air like you just finished running a marathon.
>A good workout for your heart, no?
>While you lay there in sweet bliss, Fluttershy sits up while coughing violently.

>After a few moments of coughing up a storm she takes deep breath and looks over to you.
>She has a hint of annoyance in her face and you start to wonder it maybe you took it a bit too far there.
>Her lips then slowly curl into a smile and she then flops herself down onto your chest.
>The weight of her coming down onto your chest sent shock waves throughout your body.
>Hopefully that was your punishment for going off and going from tittyfucking her to facefucking her.
>You both just lay there trying to catch your breaths.
>After a few minutes, you both finally adjust yourselves so that you were both laying on her bed.
>You think about that chest pain again.
>It didn't feel as bad as last time but still something you REALLY should look into now.
>But for now, you'll just cuddle with Fluttershy and admire your work tonight.
>”Feel better now that you got it out of your system and into me?”
>Fluttershy asks with a sly tone.
>You simply let out a satisfied sigh of relief.
>She giggles and holds you close to her.
>”I'll take that as a 'yes'.”
>You then slide your own arm underneath her so you can also pull her in closer to you as you fall asleep.
>Honestly not looking forward to how sore you are going to be when you wake up.

And that's the update. As always, updated paste here:

And again, hopefully that came out as good as it looked in my mind.
That was really good.
Fantastic work.
File: 2497945.png (3.38 MB, 1920x2560)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB PNG
Bumping with some more Vinyl Titties.
Not bad
She looks great.
Damn, that bitch got some big-ass nipples.
File: 1344682.png (1.35 MB, 1280x1707)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
Hey, be a little bit more sensitive towards her, she's a shy girl. Maybe.
File: 1735911.jpg (157 KB, 611x1200)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Two big girls, lol
Very nice
File: 1616729946429.png (61 KB, 620x588)
61 KB
>Big tits
>Wide Ass
Based, I hope Posey is even BIGGER
You never know
File: 1886504.jpg (140 KB, 790x1000)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Oh no, they're working together!
Oh my
Reminder that every Fluttershy in every universe only ever has her first time with Discord and she's not a slut.
Not bad.
File: 2573015.png (353 KB, 1037x1080)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
File: 2450234.png (356 KB, 1200x1600)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
more big fat flutter milkers please
Modern girls grow fast. How old is she?
Old enough.
Oh shit I've been gone a month, this threads still going?
Probably will until the story ends.
Is this the longest running green?
I wanna suck Posey's fat mommy milkers and be her adoptive step son, and cuck her husband.
not sure how long he's been going with this green but there are some that are 4+ years
File: 565412.png (239 KB, 1280x699)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
It's my longest running green for sure, highly doubt it's the longest running green on this board in general.
Well the definition of longest is pretty loose, after all I'm sure there are some greens from wayback in the day that occasionally get updates.
How ever in terms of near continuous updates I'd say it's up there
Yeah, it doesn’t go long between updates at all.
Page 10’s no place for titties
This is a pre April Fool's joke question, right?
File: 590008.png (105 KB, 700x700)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
Probably, tis the season after all
That's one safe mare.
File: 2581246.png (918 KB, 2100x2800)
918 KB
918 KB PNG
Very nice
That is a big Fluttershy
God she's so hot.
Discord won a lottery of both powers and waifus
Madz is stacked would probably do it.
I'll have to take your word for it.
File: 1978970.png (386 KB, 850x1080)
386 KB
386 KB PNG
You got me.
Oh my
Looking forward to your next update.
File: 2041092.jpg (218 KB, 1400x2786)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Don't die.
File: 1514931841975.jpg (276 KB, 3507x2480)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
So am I. Because then it would mean I've got shit written down. I had hoped writing a short martial arts rape green would get me to write more...
I'm gonna have to go find that.
File: Spoiler Image (378 KB, 1457x1708)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
It's on my ponepaste so it shouldn't be hard to find.
Good to know, thank you.
Are you saying there's going to be some ShyShy action in the future?
You know what they say about streets and sheets.
Angel sure is lucky.
Very nice
>It was a nice gesture from Fluttershy.
>And it did take your mind off of the more negative things you were dealing with at the moment.
>If only for a little while.
>The next morning you were in fact, sore.
>But hey, the doctor did say to be more active.
>Speaking of which, Dr. Nebulus had recommended a cardiologist for you to see.
>You parents still think you're overreacting but that's because you're still not letting them in on all the information.
>The cardiologist is heavily booked so it'll take some time before you could see them.
>In the meantime, you just live your life.
>Practicing for the upcoming show in Jam Band.
>Planning for the con.
>Hanging out with Fluttershy and her friends.
>Rarity has you visit the props room from time to time for you to try on prototypes of the costumes.
>Even though you were satisfied with how some of them looked, Rarity, to her credit, was a perfectionist and if even one piece of cloth was out of place, she scrapped it and did it again.
>Seems like a waste but you have to admire her commitment to her craftsmanship.
>Every little detail that you would have overlooked, she was spot on.
>And if it didn't look right, she made sure to fix it.
>Despite your outfits being a glorified robe, she is hellbent on nailing it to a T.
>You almost forget about how much of a bitch she kind of was during your initial measuring.
>After a few weeks, you finally head in to see the cardiologist.
>Dr. Corazon, who was also recommended by Dr. Nebulus.
>Though you're not sure if he was also a roommate of your doctors.
>You'll listen to your doctors suggestion since you like to think he's knows what's best for you.
> the problem now is your parents decide to come along on this visit.
>There really isn't anything you can do about it.
>Guess it's time for them to find out.
>Dr. Corazon's practice is in a different building in a different part of town.
>You arrive and do a similar pomp and circumstance like the last doctor's visit.
>Filling out forms and waiting in the waiting room.
>You and your parents wait for the doctor to enter the room.
>Finally after a few minutes the doctor finally enters the room.
>It's a woman.
>Not as old as Dr. Nebulus or your other doctor.
>You get your greetings out the way and small chit chat about how she and the others know each other.
>She interned under them during her cardiology training.
>Finally you get to the issue.
>You tell her about the few heart problems you've had.
>And why.
>Your father laughs out loud when he finds out.
>Your mom just facepalms.
>At least the doctor doesn't seem phased or amused and allows you to continue.
>You then tell her all the details.
>The sex in a condom that led to heart problems.
>Your encounter with previous medical experts
>Leaving out that one of them was a school nurse, just to be safe.
>And how both of them stressed the possible drawbacks to having such a penis.
>Naturally, she asks how big you are.

>You say you are not sure but that Dr.Nebulus' best guess was around the ten inch mark.
>Your dad stops laughing once he hears that.
>Your mom's eyes narrow.
>Dr. Corazon has this odd look.
>She gives you the same lecture Dr. Nebulus gave about how seven inches could be an issue so if what you say is correct there could be some actual problems..
>Dr. Corazon finally says that they should get a good look at your heart.
>First she gives you some breathing exercises while listening to your heart with a stethoscope.
>She says everything sounds normal.
>You are then taken to have an echocardiogram run on you.
>Which you are explained it's in the same vein as an ultrasound where sound waves map out your heart.
>The doctor comments that your heart doesn't seem to be oversized.
>You begin to worry.
>Dr. Corazon tries to ease your worries by telling you it's not the end all and just to keep healthy and exercise regularly and not have too much sexual relations.
>Just like what the others told you.
>Except for the don't have too much sex part.
>You parents thank the doctor and you all make your way back home.
>The drive back was quiet.
>Not a word from either of your parents about your problem.
>Which you are fine with.
>You really don't want to have a conversation with your parents about your oversized dick.
>But now it feels like it was all just a waste of time.
>Are there really no solutions to this other than to stay healthy and HOPE you just don't drop dead?
>Sure, you'll be a bit more healthy and exercise.
>You'll still continue to fuck Fluttershy as much as you please though, because you just don't see a fine piece of ass like her everyday.
>And in your mind, if a Grade A baby factory like her is to so graciously offer you her pussy, you are required by law to fuck the ever loving daylights out of her.
>Speaking of her.
>You are not sure if you should let her know about all this.
>At least not now.
>Sure, she is someone you do not plan to let go.
>So it'll have to come out eventually.
>But maybe for now, just try your hardest not to be a doomer about it all and try to enjoy a mini vacation with her to CanterCon.
>Which is now fast approaching.
>Preparations are all set.
>Your costumes are done.
>Including the leopard print leotard.
>That mad woman Rarity actually made it.
>And all the costumes fit like a glove.
>You order a wig for the character and you are all set.
>You haven't seen Fluttershy in any of her costumes yet.
>But you are sure they will be ready.
>And she will look amazing in them.
>In the meantime over in Jam Band, there were some more discussions for what songs to do for the big show.
>You will be given more time to do more songs.
>And there was some debate on what to do.
>You finally learn that Flash wants to try and win Sunset Shimmer at the show and are planning to do a song in dedication for her.
>It's a corny and stupid idea but it's his band, let him make a fool of himself.

>After what feels like an eternity, it is now time for the convention.
>It was over a four day holiday weekend so you had all your stuff ready and packed.
>The night before you head out to the con, you come out of your room to go and get yourself a glass of water when you see both parents sitting at the kitchen table.
>You both notice each other and they motion for you to sit with them at the table.
>”Hey, Anonymous, can we have a small chat?”
>Your father kindly asks you.
>You stand there, staring at the both of them and wonder what this could be about.
>Since its been weeks since the doctor's visit.
>After a moment of hesitation, you finally walk over to the kitchen table and sit across from your parents.
“What seems to be the problem?”
>You ask right off the bat.
>Both parents look at each other with this look of 'you go first'.
>Neither of them seem to want to say anything so you try to force their hand.
“If you're not going to talk then I'll just take my leave.”
>You move as if you were about to stand back up when your father finally speaks up.
>He holds his hand up to stop you and then sighs.
>”We just wanted to quickly chat about your... condition.”
>You furrow your brows.
“After weeks of saying nothing NOW you want to talk about it?”
>You raise your voice a bit.
>”Anonymous, this isn't exactly a common issue. What were you expecting to hear from us? 'Hey son, sorry your dick is so big.' ”
>He raises his voice to match yours. Which is something you haven't seen him do.
>”Why didn't you tell us about this when you saw the doctor before?”
>He throws it back at you.
>And you don't really have an answer for that.
“I... just wasn't ready to tell you.”
>”And why not? We're your parents. Your health and safety are a big concern for us.”
>Your mother now speaks up.
>You look between both parents.
“It's not like you guys can do anything about this.”
>You say a little bitterly.
>”Well obviously we can't do anything about the size of your johnson, but we can provide support.”
>You dad chimes in and you scoff at his answer.
“And what good will that do?”
>You argue back.
>”It can be moral support to let you know that you are not alone.”
>Your mother answers and you set your sight on her.
>”You need to know that while you may not think much of us, especially me, but that doesn't mean you have to isolate yourself from us. We're still your parents and despite what you may think. I do love you.”
>You're still not convinced.
>Her tone at least wasn't bitchy or cold.
>But it wasn't a warm one, either.
>”She's right.”
>Dad speaks up again.
>”The doctor said a good diet and exercise, we could make healthier meals for you, we could get you a gym membership or find a good personal trainer.”
>He lists off some suggestions.
>”There are plenty of other things that we can and are willing to help with.”
>Those all sound like lame ideas.

>But it's true that there is nothing they can do about your dick in general.
>Not that you would want it smaller.
>Maybe an inch or two less?
>Even then it would still be an impressive size and not cartoonishly massive.
“I, uh, thanks?”
>Is all you can say.
“I guess, that's all I need.”
>You say again as you now get up from your seat to head back to your room.
>”All we ask is for you to be open with us. This isn't like you trying to hide your bruises and injuries from previous scuffles.”
>Your mother finishes before you step away from the table.
>You only nod at that last comment when you go and finally grab your water and head back into your room.
>But hearing this from your parents feels oddly refreshing.
>Especially hearing a not shitty attitude from your mom.
>You are still not ready to soften up to her because she has given you shit for years.
>But perhaps this is a good first step in the right direction.
>You head back to your room to finish packing your costumes and music equipment so that they are ready to load up first thing in the morning and you can get started with this Con and show weekend.

Small update:

I do appreciate the support still as I am essentially crawling to the finishline with this. But now it is time for the Con and show and I honestly don't have much lewds planned for it other than Fluttershy's outfits.

At this point I will be happy to be able to get the epiloge lewd written. Flutterdash threesome is still swirling in my head and I may write that. But I will more than likely not do it immediately after this and it will be in a seperate paste from the main Hootershy green to qwell the readers who weren't into the implied "extra" relationship Fluttershy and Dash were in before Anon, and if I were to do that, expect the scene to be there.
It was nice to see the parents react like real people to the prospect of losing their child due to health issues.
Fuck the autists, make the threesome happen
I'm sure it'll all turn out great.
It was a pretty good little one off.
File: 1391452.png (1.67 MB, 2400x3000)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
It was pretty good
No reason it couldn’t really
Well definitely looking forward to the con.
God Octavia is fucking hot.
Not bad.
Perfect shape
Tit's don't belong on page 10
It's going to happen, I was just saying it was going to be in a seperate paste because I would like the extra pastes and views for autism badges. it was the mother daughter threesome one I wasn't sure about.
Good to hear.
File: 1618254.jpg (257 KB, 767x986)
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257 KB JPG
I prefer her much sexier roommate, but I guess she's not too bad herself.
Problem is her hair that is like steak on head
File: 1624986.jpg (224 KB, 541x1000)
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224 KB JPG
Why are you looking at her hair and not her fat fucking milkers?
>I've been gone a month
Bro, I've been gone a fucking year at LEAST!
This nigga ain't going anywhere
There's no way it's been that long.
>no pantyline
she performs on stage wearing that??
It could be my brain on 2020, but bro I promise you if at least feels that long.
I do NOT come to this board often.
File: 1201569.png (436 KB, 934x1365)
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436 KB PNG
This man has a point

I can almost see a thong.

Oh shit, I'd read that.
File: 1399161.jpg (58 KB, 879x1108)
58 KB
Octavia may look like a classy, stoic, collected lady, but behind those eyes is the mind of a total SLUT!
>Weeb Flutters
Though I will say, as someone who genuinely likes a lot of Japanese things pocky is not one of them. Never really liked them at all.
File: 1502033.png (841 KB, 1754x1240)
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841 KB PNG
I feel the same way but when I was in Japan back in High School as a foreign exchange student I got hooked on the Coconut Pocky. I don't even like coconut flavored things but those were damn devine. I used to be able to find them easily when I got back to the States but nowadays they seem to be almost impossible to find. Anyways, I have made progress so I hope to have something up before Friday... I hope
Oh my
Don't die.
that shirt sure shrank a lot.
Boy I sure miss Shout.
I need some more big fat yellow titties in my life
I'd post some, but there are puritanical faggots that lurk this thread and I'm not in the mood for another vacation.
Such a shame.
File: EQG shy.png (223 KB, 1000x1000)
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223 KB PNG
I'm concerned that's her go-to since I'm a stranger but, free booba and all.
Free booba is free booba
No reason to turn it down.
>can't beat the booba
>nope, not the booba
Same bruh
It's still alive and kicking doing some pokemon threads last I checked tho
They are pretty neat
Good for him
Why is Fluttershy such a Flutterslut?
Because it’s hot.
Yeah, they aren’t bad comics but it’s just not the same.
>You are all packed up.
>Music equipment.
>Extra clothes and necessities for the weekend all packed into your car.
>Not like you are going far.
>The convention center, hotel and club are just across town so you could easily drive from there and back.
>But after raising enough funds, you were able to score a hotel room courtesy of the Anime club.
>Why not take them up on it?
>Saves you on gas money and time.
>During the last Jam Band after school, Rainbow Dash addresses the rest of the club of how things are going to go down.
>The show is on Saturday night at 7PM.
>Everyone who made the set list for that night should be at the venue at 4PM for rehearsals.
>There is also a hotel room provided by the club as well for that Saturday night only.
>You'll be fine as you're covered the entire weekend from Anime Club.
>As well as Fluttershy, who will be rooming with you, naturally.
>Of course there was some opposition to you two rooming together.
>Mostly from the male members and a little from the females as well.
>A bit reasonable though as this is technically a school trip.
>But with all that out of the way and with Jam Band done, a long holiday weekend awaits ahead of you.
>You and Fluttershy head to your car and make your way to her place to grab her luggage and make your way to the Canterlot Convention center.
>As you get close to the hotel, you see a bunch of banners hanging from light polls in the city blocks surrounding the convention center and hotel.
>They are of various anime characters with the same message of 'Canterlot welcomes the 15th annual CanterCon!'
>Once you approach the convention center there is a huge banner on the front of the building displaying the logo of the con that you have seen before in pamphlets and flyers.
>There were already a few people walking around dressed in costumes of different anime characters and even some video game characters that you've noticed.
>Once you've parked your car in the garage, you and Fluttershy grab your bags and go to wait in the lobby of the hotel for the rest of the club members.
>Once there, you see that some of the other members were already waiting.
>Now it was just to wait for Scribble Dee since she is the club President and has all the information and paperwork.
>As time passes by a few more members show up and wait as well until finally she shows up.
>She apologizes for making you all wait for her and then leads you all inside the hotel.
>You get checked in and you all go your separate ways to unload your bags in your rooms.
>It's actually a nice little room.
>Spacious with a mini fridge and with two nice big beds.
>A big Flat screen TV mounted to the wall across the beds.
>Of course you're only going to need one bed for the weekend.
>But you guess you needed to project the illusion to the others that you and Fluttershy will be sleeping in separate beds and not be totally fucking like rabbits all weekend.

>Once done, both you and Fluttershy head back to the lobby to meet up with the rest of the club so you all can head to the convention center to grab your badges for the weekend.
>The convention center is connected to the hotel so it's really not that much of a trek.
>As you and the others follow Scribble Dee down the halls there are even more banners and posts all over announcing the con over the weekend.
>You finally make it into the main lobby of the convention center.
>There were rows of kiosks with staff at each individual kiosk to assist with badge generation and loads of people filling each line for each kiosk.
>You and the rest of the club quickly get in one of the more shorter lines before it crowds up even more.
“Is it always this packed?”
>You ask Fluttershy.
>Or really anyone who would answer.
>”Well, yeah usually it is.”
>Scribble Dee is the first to answer you.
>”But this actually isn't that bad as it's only Day Zero, believe me when I say it's going to be a lot more packed than this tomorrow.”
>She adds as you look around to see the lines continue to grow as time goes on.
>There doesn't seem to be an end to the crowd as more and more people pile in to get in line.
>Some of them are also already in costumes and some are even ones you recognize which is kind of cool.
>A problem though is the smell.
>There was a growing foul scent of body odor coming from somewhere.
>It's hard to pinpoint as there is a large number of people in this room.
>You hope it won't be like this all weekend...
>While waiting in line, some more of the con staff were walking around and handing out booklets with information and schedules for the weekend event.
>You take one and start to flip through the pages to see what being here is all about.
>There are pages all about the Con's history.
>A page for all the rules and conduct.
>A double spread of the entire building with all the rooms labeled.
>A map of the main hall called Dealer's Hall.
>There are a metric fuckton of different panels and events that are listed throughout the weekend with all various topics.
>Voice Actor panels.
>Panels for discussing various popular anime.
>Waifu Wars.
>Cosplay Wrestling.
>Cosplay 101.
>The Social Commentary on Some of your Favorite stories.
>Why Autism is A Good Thing For Fandoms.
>Then there were some in the after hour slots that were labeled as 'Adults Only'.
>A lot of those you really can't even get what they are about by just their names.
>HMV Awards.
>Ahoge Hall of Fame.
>Hot Yaoi Nights..
>Reality and Science of Futanari.
>Some weird shit and terms you are not familiar with.
>Not that it actually matters since you are not 18 and wouldn't be able to get into these.
>But all in all you are feeling pretty overwhelmed at everything else that there is to do.
>Maybe something you can ask Fluttershy about later.
>Are you expected to attend all of these or were you going to pick and choose?
>Finally, you all make it to the front to the kiosk.

>One by one, Scribble Dee inputs information into the kiosk and badges begin to spill out.
>Staff members then laminate the badges and hands them out to you in lanyards.
>With Con badges in hand, Scribble Dee then invites you all for dinner at a nearby Neighpponese Restaurant.
>The restaurant was only a few blocks from the convention center and you were able to walk to without problems.
>The restaurant was packed with lots of people.
>Some of which were also in costume so yo assume most of the patrons were con attendees.
>After a long wait you were seated at a booth and given menus.
>There is a small discussion on what to order when the waitress passes by and asks for drink orders.
>”Koora onegaishimasu!”
>One of the others try and order in what you assume is Neighpponese.
>The poor waitress says she doesn't understand the language in a half annoyed manner.
>”So..one soda?”
>She asks.
>The member just nods in shame.
>While you were waiting, you hear some more loud fanatics over at the Sushi bar.
>There was a sea of laughter from almost everyone in the restaurant.
>Even some of the club members in your booth laughed out loud at the outburst.
>You kind of feel bad for the staff here if this is what they will have to deal with all weekend.
>Once everyone has ordered their food, a discussion starts about what to do during the weekend.
>Everyone has their own idea of what they want to do.
>”I will be spending my time in the classic mecha Theater.”
>Curly Curt answers.
>”Have fun with that, I'll be residing the halls of Artist's alley to find a worthy artist for a commission of some of my favorite ships.”
>Bumble Bru answers after him.
>Discussion continues as well as arguments from the usual suspects until someone asks Fluttershy what she was going to be doing.
>She starts to think while looking upwards.
>Then she looks to you and wraps her arm around you and pulls you in close.
>”This is Anon's first convention, so I think I'll be guiding him around and see what he wants to do!”
>This brings a smile to your face and you return the kind gesture and wrap your own arm around her.
“I mean, this is all so overwhelming, I'll just follow your lead.”
>You replay back to her.
“Everything is still new to me so I'll learn as I go.”
>You add as the waitress returns with your food.
>Some of the members ordered a bowl of Ramen.
>Others ordered Katsudon.
>Which is just a bowl of rice and fried chicken
>Fluttershy herself got what was called 'Sukiyaki'.
>It's a pot of boiling veggies and tofu that actually looks good to you.
>As for you.
>You opted for a dish called 'Oyakodon'.
>A bowl of rice with chicken and egg covered in sauce.
>It sounded the most appealing to you out of the rest of the items.
>You all enjoy your respective dinners and then head back to the convention center and hotel.

>According to the schedule, there were a few events going on for Day Zero but nothing any of the other members, including Fluttershy, wanted to bother with so you all just head to your rooms for the night.
>A full day of school, travel, unpacking and dinner out was surprisingly tiring for you so once in the hotel room you simply just flop on the bed.
>The bed was nice and soft.
>Fluttershy then crawls into bed next to you and starts to cuddle.
>Her large frame almost engulfs you and you don't care.
>You just press yourself deeper into her as you wrap your arm underneath her and hold her.
>She kisses the top of your head as you nestle your head on her breasts.
>You both lay there for a moment before Fluttershy makes the first move by trailing her hand down your chest.
>Past your stomach.
>And begins to trace the top edge of your pants.
>She then slips her hand into your pants and begins to rub your dick through your underwear.
>She gently strokes it while it starts to get excited and expand.
>You sigh out loud and relax a bit and let Fluttershy continue to arouse you.
>After a moment and your dick is fully hard but constricted, you bring your free hand down and undo your belt and zipper.
>When you do that, Fluttershy pulls your briefs down and frees Anon Jr and lets him sit up in all his glory.
>Fluttershy then sits up and lowers herself you plant you with a kiss on your lips.
>While deep in mid kiss, she continues to stroke your hard member.
>You both break free of the kiss and Fluttershy has that look of lust in her eyes.
>She licks her lips seductively and looks down at your member.
>You bring both your hands up and place them behind your head.
>Ready to receive what you assume will be a nice blowjob.
>As Fluttershy moves herself closer to your wanting cock.
>You jolt in surprise while Fluttershy jumps up from her seat.
>Both of you stare at each other for a minute.
>Wondering if you just ignore them you could go back to your business.
>Your dick was quickly losing its steam as it began to soften back down.
>Fluttershy notices and she tries to pump it back awake when there was another knock at your door.
>Fluttershy then grunts in frustration and gets up from her seat and goes to the door.
>You hear her say in an annoyed tone to whoever was knocking on your door.
>Thankfully you can't see who it is or vice versa so you didn't have to stuff your dick back into your pants.
>”Hey Fluttershy.”
>You recognize that voice as Scribble Dee's
>”I was just looking over some of the Day Zero events and there is a special event about to happen so I wanted to see if you and Anon wanted to come along and check it out.”
>There is a pause for a moment for Fluttershy to think about it.
>”Umm, I think we'll be okay, we're pretty tired from everything so I think we'll just stay in for tonight.”
>She tells her.

>”Oh... okay, well see you guys tomorrow morning.”
>She says in a disappointed and almost sad manner, which kind of makes you feel bad for a minute before you remember you were about to get your dick sucked.
>She closes the door and appears back into your field of vision as she sighs.
>She looks over to you and your now flaccid dick and begins to undress a little.
>She only really takes off her large sun dress she had on but she also had on a tight white blouse that really accents her huge udders as well as a pair of tight looking short shorts
>You were actually impressed at how well that blouse fit her with how large her chest is.
>It was enough to send some blood back into Lord Anonhammer the Forth and he starts to stiffen up again.
>”Mmhmhm, Looks like someone's happy to see my big milkers.”
>She teases as she then grabs her gigantic tits and bounces them in her hands.
>As she begins to creep back to you and just as she sits back down near your waist.
>Another knock at the door.
>Fluttershy has this aggravated look on her face as she stands up from her spot again and storms to the door and opens it.
>She says in a more aggressive tone than before.
>There is another pause before the person who dared to bother you spoke up.
>”U-uh hey Flutter-Chan.”
>A male voice.
>You're not actually sure who that one is as it doesn't sound like Bumble nor Curly.
>It could be one of the other orbiters that you didn't care to get a name for.
>”Is something the matter?”
>Fluttershy asks in what sounds like a fake concerned tone.
>Like she is trying her hardest to sound like her normal self and not be annoyed.
>There was another pause before he speaks up again.
>”I-I was just wondering, if... You know.... I just...”
>He stuttering like mad.
>”Go on?”
>Fluttershy asks, clearly knowing where this was going.
>”I-I just wanted to see if you wanted to watch some anime with me. Tonight! You k-konw. If you're okay with that.”
>Did this motherfucker really try to ask your girl out.
>Did he not see you and Fluttershy be all touchy feely with each other at the restaurant?
>The fucking chrome plated balls on this one.
>You sit up and ready to walk over to the door to at least show yourself when you hear Fluttershy speak up.
>”That's very kind of you, but I am a little busy right now so I will have to decline.”
>She lets him off easy.
>”Okay... Maybe tomorrow?”
>He is still trying.
>You now sit on the edge of the bed ready to stand.
>”Really, I don't think that will be possible as I will be spending time with my band to prepare for a show on Saturday.”
>Curious that she hasn't mentioned you.
>But that could also be so that you two don't give off the assumption that your are doing anything lewd.
>Which you totally will, but maybe since you are here on a 'school sponsored trip' and technically you two are still under 18 it would be best not to give anybody any ammo.

>Even though they do know you two are rooming together.
>But so are other members since you couldn't exactly get a single room for every member and there was a large gender discrepancy and it was inevitable.
>Regardless, the guy seems disappointed.
>”O-oh, okay then.”
>You assume he walked off as you hear the door shut hard.
>Fluttershy comes back into view letting out a huge sigh of frustration and a tired look on her face.
>She sees that you were sitting up now.
>”I think I am done for tonight.”
>She says plainly as she pulls off her blouse and shorts and plops down on the bed next to you.
>Clearly no longer in the mood.
>Well shit, those fuckers just cockblocked you.
>You are tempted to try to pressure Fluttershy into some sex, but perhaps it is not wise to provoke her further if she is this mad.
>You sigh and stand up and undress yourself to just your boxer briefs and climb back into bed.
>Blue balled.
>You'll just have to fuck her extra hard tomorrow.

and that's the update, as always updated paste here:

I did it and finally made it to the con. End is in sight.
The atmosphere you’ve created for the con is pretty accurate from my single experience, can’t wait to see what’s next.
>Anon orders an Oyakodon.
You're just teasing us now, aren't you?
New G5 news today so the board'll probably be quick.
>New G5 news
Let me guess: it's still shit, but there are contrarians willing to shill for it for (You)'s and hordes of anons trying to force the newest dankest meme for the sake of low-rent internet fame. That about right?
I haven't seen anyone shilling it just a lot of
Very lewd.
She is the sexier room-mate, and she has no roomie.
Just no.
File: 1079476.png (934 KB, 1700x1525)
934 KB
934 KB PNG
What are you talking about, her roomie is right here.

Yes. Octavia is a SLUT!
Very cool
File: 1610435819463.png (342 KB, 771x835)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
I was hoping someone would have caught that.

I am basing most of Anon's experiences in this story from my own experiences at Cons I've attended in the past.
I wish I’d tried more food at the one I went to but I didn’t really have the time.
I’d never heard of that before but it looks delicious.
File: Bench.jpg (99 KB, 864x864)
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I wish to restore habitat with hootershy
it is delicious, but if you look deeper into it Oyakodon is a tag used for hentai where mothers and daughters get fucked together
Oh my.
File: Flutter's swimsuit.jpg (677 KB, 2894x4093)
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677 KB JPG
File: 1588206688303.png (301 KB, 898x993)
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301 KB PNG
Isn't there a 'no way fag' version of this?
I don't think so.
File: 2480969.jpg (455 KB, 648x972)
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File: GIRUGAMESH.png (122 KB, 452x391)
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File: trixie says fuck.jpg (89 KB, 848x588)
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Weebershy makes me kek.
Those shorts live up to the namesake.
File: lingerie hootershy.png (394 KB, 1000x2000)
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394 KB PNG
Have to agree with you.
File: 1615483378090.jpg (136 KB, 769x1123)
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136 KB JPG
I have a shitton of ideas for hte con that I need to pick and choose what to write and not.
Looking forward to it.
Pretty good Flutters.
Well fuck
I’ll have to try that sometime.
Up you go.
File: 2336707.jpg (747 KB, 2978x4096)
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747 KB JPG
Not bad.
What a hottie.
Chocolate is the most common and worst flavor.
I want to bury my face in the Flutterbutter's nutterbutters
File: 2562400.png (741 KB, 1007x1500)
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741 KB PNG
i wanna put my dick in that cleavage
I want to baste her bountiful bosoms with blasts of baby batter.
I endeavor to ejaculate enormous piles on to her expansive tit-tays
File: 2531185.png (256 KB, 1000x1653)
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256 KB PNG
built to be pregnant.
Anyone who says otherwise is lying.
Hot damn
There are faggots that dislike big tits and there are puritans that are likewise afraid of them. They're the ones that report posters in this thread for posting based pics.
I guess.
File: SemenDemon.jpg (67 KB, 661x936)
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That sucks
>page 9
What strange people.
File: 8d3fa0a11ff3.gif (2.34 MB, 668x376)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB GIF
There has been some changes at work and it's been stressing me out. Haven't gotten a single word written since Sunday. Hopefully I'll get something and if not, it may be a weekend update again.

But how big is too big?

I hope things work out for you.
She has such nice hair.
Very nice.
How could they.
File: Spoiler Image (28 KB, 265x353)
28 KB
That choker doe
It’s pretty hot
Not bad
Hmm I wonder whats this from
Come back soon.
Page 8 is not the place to be.
File: 1587862809612.png (177 KB, 1138x664)
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177 KB PNG
That's something special.

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