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File: pankdox.png (273 KB, 960x560)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
THE /huge humans/ thread, for tall (and growing) girls, often with generous proportions. Bigger is generally better, but if a character has suddenly shrunk, then everything else is huge to them.

Archived goodies:
Past threads - https://ponepaste.org/1126
D-Tech's fics and greens - https://ponepaste.org/1211

Drawing/Writing Prompt List: https://ponepaste.org/1115

Side by side size comparison with humans and ponies: sizes.codesentri.io/
Measurement converter for growing characters: https://www.giantessworld.net/convertor.html

Previous Thread Highlights:
Twilight has a date with Princess Luna coming up, and has to meet some pretty big expectations by then (CYOA) >>36531895
Rainbow Dash continues to have a good time before her big race >>36535040
Cheerilee does her best to reconnect with a long lost love >>36545626
Anon's date with Aria goes about as well as one would expect >>36558975
Cosmo delivers an awesome piece based on one of SizeShiter's stories! >>36588910
Zecora finds herself in a tough situation after a potion-related accident with Apple Bloom. Will she be able to solve this problem soon? (CYOA) >>36664620
Anon finds himself between a rock and a soft place >>36697541

Thread Question:
How little is a little pony to a huge human?
Only Californian commies say trash, Satan.

cry more
File: 2570508.jpg (1.68 MB, 3414x4096)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG

>....are based
Spoiler that shit.
PS: there's a reason we're using pony pics and it's because you anti->nohooves here aren't welcome
t. into both FiM and EqG
>Trash general
>Pic is us being handed the phone to the Based Department
I think you got your shitpost a little confused there.
Trip dubs of truth.
File: sunnyhug.jpg (114 KB, 780x900)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
I chose that pic for the OP because that pic is cute. It's not that deep
Figure I’d put a semi-anchor for the Zecora CYOA.
Current votes:
2 for merging with Fluttershy and seeking out Dash
1 for risking a random merger by heading away from Shy’s place at Zecora’s limit.
He's just a dumb frogposter don't give him (yew)s
It is.
>doesn't like the anti-shill frog
>cares about responses and gives them intrinsic value
>calls responses (you)
+1 for merging with fluttershy
Link to the thread requested.
Here >>36716432
Celestia's almighty BUMPs
File: bikini sunset.png (1.07 MB, 800x1200)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
>Spoiler that shit.
Huh? It's no more lewd than a string bikini and those you can see for free.
Luna’s less grand BUMPs
I like the idea of a double merger with Fluttershy and Dash, seems very daring

Great stuff MT. I vote risking a random merger!
File: 2484428.jpg (406 KB, 1280x1810)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
>How little is a little pony to a huge human?
They should be whichever size is the most adorable
Looking like we’re closing day 1 with a severe case of Flutteritits and pushing for that double merge on votes of 4 to 2. Gonna be creative with how we get there, since of course I want to try and keep a cohesive story with restrictions by virtue of the powers Zecora’s been given, but it’ll make sense by the end of the next update. Might also make future votes interesting as new possibilities open and I’ll see about adding characters as we go to allow for you guy’s favourites to be available.
Twilight's inferior BUMPs
>pony shy is confused and by her counterparts weird utters.
*fits between cleavage sized
File: 1597712945212.png (413 KB, 1202x900)
413 KB
413 KB PNG
Was there a conclusion to the Lyra/ Bonbon story?
Ever bigger BUMPs
Bad word
Bigness shall grow unimpeded! by the end of the sotry of course
The restrictions just help emphasise the more ludicrous stuff later, and give me a chance to ease out the outlandish stuff. If you have the world in your hands from the outset, there’s no escalation.
I’m sure you guys will think of some weird shit when Zecora’s rocking 40 magic points and multi character mixups and traits that become the norm.

>You line up. Dash has 'graciously' allowed you to go first. She looms over you casting you in her shadow. Desperate to wipe that smug half smirk off her face you push forward. Dash manages to keep with you. Her supple, soft flesh is already slick. with a sheen of sweat. As her big breasts jiggle in her sports bra with her rapid movements, you feel yourself getting hard. "No, bad boy." Realizing that shooting over Dash will be difficult, you decide to pass.


>You look around.

>Twilight is looking at you somewhat nervously. She has an awkward look of determination on her face. Rarity is being kind and just standing there at a distance. At least Twilight has her hands up and is looking toward you. Maybe....

>Looking over the other way, Applejack is guarding Pinkie Pie. The towering pillar of muscle and curves is close to the shorter girl and has a look of fierce concentration. For her part, Pinkie Pie is animatedly bouncing up and down, clapping her hands, and yammering. This motion in turn is causing her ample butt to jiggle in her too tight shorts. "Ooo. Anon! Over here! Over Here! Pass it to me!"

>.... No. Just no.

>Sighing you pass the ball to Twilight. She let's out a surprised Oooof. Her eyes widen into big saucers. She looks shocked at Rarity who smiles and generously motions for Twilight to do something. Twilight bites her lip and shoots. Missing, of course.

>As soon as the shot went up, Rainbow has turned around. She shoves her thick ass into your chest and effortlessly blocking you from recovering the ball. Rubbing your chest, you see that she has taken the ball back over the line and is dribbling while smiling down at you.
>tfw you'll never be bounced around by huge girls
Nice stuff
File: images.jpg (16 KB, 189x267)
16 KB
File: dah.jpg (93 KB, 539x790)
93 KB
File: hugs.jpg (83 KB, 456x479)
83 KB
File: huggy.jpg (95 KB, 404x576)
95 KB
File: 869721.png (254 KB, 479x434)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
Its still a WiP story IIRC
This is a good size
>tfw using Celestia as a bed
>tfw she cheekily asks to do the same to you
File: 1600245048777.jpg (662 KB, 800x1389)
662 KB
662 KB JPG
>cowgirls riding cowgirls
Need a full rodeo of this.
File: cure.jpg (106 KB, 854x936)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
File: large.jpg (136 KB, 542x723)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
File: large-3.jpg (160 KB, 866x754)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Whos the best character for shenanigans involving outsizing their older sister amongst the CMC?
>Apple Bloom: Applejack is the defacto strong girl of the mane six, dependable and mature. Having her baby sister outgrow her, outperform her in farm chores and more or less be able to ignore her older sister makes for a fun setup.

>Sweetie Belle: Rarity tends to draw the spotlight on herself and her creations, as well as being just a bit of an attention whore at times (at her worst, anyway; not too often), as well as having a larger than life personality. Sweetie suddenly being this eye-catching beauty who towers over everyone and being even more of a handful than normal also works really well.

>Scootaloo: Probably my preferred one, considering I always get the sense she's a perpectual underdog with her tiny wings and trying to model herself over an undoubtedly stellar athlete like Rainbow Dash, as well as (depending on if you subscribe to the archtype of) Dash being shorter than most, so her achievements and raw talent make up for it. Having Scoots suddenly become this huge, powerful star that potentially outperforms Dash could lead to a really bitter set of resentment, although the later series Dash would likely take it in stride since she's far less insecure about her own shortcomings.

I mean, take your pick really. They all have potential.
Bumping, also apologies for the delay for more amorphous Zecora green.
Firstly the next part is gonna be a long one (gonna be six or seven posts worth at least) and it’s matched with some business that’s distracting me more than I’d like. Bad combo, but hopefully won’t be much longer and thanks for your patience.
Rainbow Dash, binding down her BUMPs, only they tear free mid-flight and knock her out.
No worries, it’ll be good when it comes
Bump bump sugarlump riump!
Would the business that's distracting you be an over eager and overly large woman? Please tell us that's the reason.
>Walking down the beach
>Sun goes out as a large shadow overtakes you
>The shadow quickly grow in strength, as two large but soft arms sprawl ahead of you blocking your path
>Looking back, you're met with two soft walls descending from the skies
>Not only that but they almost reach the ground, clearly overflowing their undersized prision
>A "prision" in which each cup is taller than yourself
>You barely can see her legs hitting the sand under the soft flesh
>But not wanting to give the woman the impression that you were staring, you try to look up
>And up
>The soft mass almost seems unending, until you finally lose balance and fall on your ass
>"Sorry for that cutie, didn't mean to spook you"
"No it's alright, what can I help you...with..."
>Looking up from the ground, everything about her looks even larger than before
>And despite the size, she must be the prettiest girl you ever saw
>"Why, the girls left me here to have their fun in the ocean but that's awful to my skin, and seeing you alone I wondered if you wouldn't want to give each other company, maybe talk and know each other better while at it"
>Welp, no time like the present
>Ib4 she asks (You) to pass lotion onto her back
>Liking the feeling she asks for you to do on her front as well
>Ends up trapped under one of her breasts as she lifts for you to pass underneath, but she releases it before you can get out
As much as I’d love for my delayed writing to be because my every sensory organ is smothered in loving, supple giant woman flesh, its more just normal crap interfering.
Rarity strikes me as the sort of woman who, if that huge, would possess two speeds;
1) She still demands to be treated like a princess, with courting, romance and insisting on being carried
2) queenly, where she takes what she wants, when she wants and while not malicious, she has a very hands on approach to your relationship.
File: 330893.png (1.93 MB, 3617x2440)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB PNG
I know what I want to do for the last chapter, but I've fallen into the newbie writer trap of being afraid to actually finish my work. I avoided the block some people get where they endlessly tweak a chapter rather than release it, but now that I have only one chapter left planned it seems I'm suffering from a different block where once the story is ended then oh no I can't ever add to it and it has to stand on its own forever with no chance of improvement! It's dumb, but hopefully I'll push through it. I've been working on other stuff anyway so I'm still moving forward with other words involving our favourite characters at larger sizes, hence the quiet for CYOA, but that thing I'll get back to. I won't leave my girls hanging forever.

I liked those ideas with Rarity on the beach. Here's number one, I may write number two later.


“Blanket, cooler, umbrella, looks like I have everything. You good, Rarity? You got everything you need from the car?”

Rarity was bent over still rummaging around until she raised her long body up to look over the top of the roof at you on the other side. It seemed she had spent all that time just finding her sunglasses.

“I’m readyyy~,” she said in a sing song way.

“Excellent. To the beach!” You trudged outward onto the hot sand. “Ooh, this looks like a good day to have gone out, huh, Rarity? ...Rarity?” You turned around and Rarity was still standing in the parking lot, pouting. “You, uh, you need something from the car still?”

“I’m not walking on that.”

“The sand? You suggested we come to the beach, but you can’t handle the sand?”

“I just don’t want it against my bare feet. It’s hot, it’s coarse, it gets everywhere, I just don’t like it. And who knows what’s in there? What if I step on something?”

“Don’t you have a pair of sandals?”

“Ugh, no, have you seen what those do to your feet? I couldn’t possible wear them and get red marks from the straps.”

“So-,” you had to shake your had at how baffling the woman you loved was sometimes, “-what do you plan to do?”

Rarity sighed, “If only an attractive young somebody were there to assist me to the beach!”

An attractive young-? Oh no, you’re not doing this.

She cleared her throat. “If only I had someone who loved me very much that could do something very sweet and romantic to help me and my poor, dainty feet.”

Dainty enough for someone who used men’s shoe sizes. You already had yourself loaded up with all your crap, you didn’t want to put it all down. You liked being that guy who’d do everything in one trip from the car.

Rarity threw herself down on a nearby bench, her long legs extending well past the edge of the seat, and brought the back of her hand to her forehead. “If only I had someone who could take. A. Hint,” she said flatly.

Well, no sense fighting it. There wasn’t much you could do to dissuade her when she was like this. The gear you had been carrying fell with a rattle as you tossed it to the side. “Alright, I’ll do my best. But I think you’re overestimating the results of my efforts at exercise.”

“Oh hush. It can’t be that hard to carry a dainty thing like me.”

You scooped one arm under her knees and the other against her back. “Yes, a positively petite nine feet.”

That earned you an annoyed slap on the back. “It is eight foot eleven and don’t you go exaggerating those numbers on me like that!”

You’d have laughed, but you were psyching yourself up for the lift. One. Two. Threeeee. Okay, not so bad. You have her in your arms and she’s absolutely delighted which is what matters. At least like this she’s not wearing a dress to get caught up in anything. Though all the bare skin against your bare skin is infinitely more distracting. Focus on your mission, soldier.

Once you got walking it wasn’t so bad. You fell into a rhythm and were able to balance her which was no mean feat when there was so damn much of her. Anything to make her feel more like a lady you were glad to do. It was actually really sweet how-

“Aren’t you going bring the blankets?”

You grunted. “Right, grab it and toss it over your shoulder.”

You shuffled over to where your pile of stuff and she tossed the three blankets over her shoulder, one for you and two for her, and continued on.

“Wait! You’re forgetting the umbrella.”

“Yeah, I’ll, ungh, come back for that.”

“And leave me to fry in the sun? I thought you were more caring about me and my fair skin.”

“Didn’t you slather yourself in SPF 200 sunscreen or something?”

“Fine then! But if I missed a spot and get a horrible, scarring burn marring my flesh then- oh there we go, thank you.”

It was much easier to to just do it than argue. Just shuffle over there and you could hopefully handle the extra weight of- oh dear oh what ow why.

Rarity was holding the large meal umbrella and heavy cooler full of drinks effortlessly in one hand. “I’d rather not go thirsty as you take your trip back and forth so I’ll just take this with us too. See, now you can do it all in one trip, just as you like it!”

You may end up unable to move for a week after this, but darn it if her happiness didn’t make it all worth it.

You were still definitely bringing a wagon next time though.
Sweet, good stuff. Makes you wonder what's worse; boistrous girls like Dash and AJ or the ones who want to revel in the femininity side like Fluttershy and Rarity.
Both will likely bruise you, but one side will be intentionally and in good humour, the other will be accidental and... well, not intentional but kinda forced.
Stories got to end sometime.
Big, heaving BUMPs! More woman than should be conceivable!
>big Babs outgrowing her hyper-endowed aunt
That was cute
File: babs.png (450 KB, 566x1000)
450 KB
450 KB PNG
I approve of this
Big bumping’ badonks!
Honkin’, stonkin’ and bonkin’ bodonkin!
File: 1507867286969.png (607 KB, 2000x1566)
607 KB
607 KB PNG
Do you think we should put the general back to being an occasional thread like it was? Seems like recently it's just been a bump general
I’d agree if I wasn’t in the first half of a active vote reliant CYOA (upload in the next... six hours or so, hopefully).
Without the general, I’d more or less just have to write it as I feel would make most narrative sense. Maybe I can resume it when the thread re-emerges and maybe stick to an in-story day per thread?
Of course I’m just one voice, so if everyone decides otherwise, then so be it.
It should just be part of the macro thread imo.
I hate to say it, but as much as I enjoy doing the CYOA myself it does feel like there aren't quite enough content creators to keep the thread going in perpetuity. Like those were good for discussion, but there wasn't much being created on its own like in the earlier threads where there were more ideas, more content creators, and just generally more activity. Bumping was always sort of needed, but now it does seem like half the thread is bumping. Like I'm taking a break from my own thing to work on something longer and even with just me gone the activity slows quite a bit without that extra injection of discussion.

I love you all, but it might be better to maybe just let it die and try again at the start of April? Give it a couple weeks and then maybe there will be fresh ideas and content to discuss.

I don't want to try and kill your story of course since it's pretty fun, but I'd be on board with you to restart my story too after a break. Might just be better for overall thread health I think since it's definitely not so inactive to deserve to die forever again, but still not quite active enough to always remain up in its current state.

I wouldn't be totally opposed to that idea, but I think that ponies the size of mountains and humans the size of, uh, I guess just like two humans don't really mesh that well even if they're broadly the same kink. Though to be fair I can get behind both, and I also haven't really checked out that thread so I don't know how different it is.
Nah, we’ve been unusually slow today, I agree that’s quite a string of empty bumps, but it’s not usually like this. And we’ve got active CYOAs, those can’t be worked on without a thread to get replies from.
Nah, the vibes are pretty different and there’s surprisingly little overlap in the audience - they wouldn’t want us there cluttering up their general with stuff they’re not interested in, and I’d guess most people here don’t want to wade through loads of hooves to get their humans.
File: Big Belle.png (104 KB, 867x847)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
New edit of this pic, hot of the presses.
>being buried under Fluttershy’s amazing body spiked both Zecora’s lust and her desire to use her powers
>with a moment of focus, she felt her body flux and a bright flash ensued
>for the third time, she was suddenly more than just Zecora
>she was known as a good hearted woman, but she felt a depth of kindness within her as big as an ocean
>and a creeping amount of self doubt, something she was familiar with deep in her chest; memories of being mocked for wanting to cast magic, despite her earth blood... old wounds that Zecora didn’t want to retread
>but it was what was *on* her chest that unfamiliar
>she sat up, and watched the vast swells of her new tits wobble for over a full second after she stopped moving instead of a moment
>she familiar with her old B cups, or even her newly budded D’s from her growth spurt and joining with Twilight
>but these were something else; each had to be as big as her head
>two perfect, caramel coloured breasts
>Zecorshy stood and ran her hands over her body as it wasn’t just her chest that stood out, but her ass and hips once more had swelled too
>she swept her pink, black and white hair back and smiled
>”how can we lack confidence when as beautiful as this?
>I feel sexy enough that I could kill with but a kiss.”
>then it dawned on her
>bonding with the noble-blooded Twilight gave her a fleeting ability to use real magic, but she had been overwhelmed by her powers at the time and orgasmed, so she split before she could really experience power
>so being bonded with an air blood, and having complete control, if still a bit turned on
>Zecorshy glanced over her shoulder, licked her lips
>and summoned her wings
>yellow, black and white feathers unfurled and extended
>Zecorshy gasped as they moved with Shy’s instincts and experience
>a huge smile crossed her face as she crouched, raised her wings, then leapt and took flight
>Shy wasn’t the most confident flier, and Zecora had no experience
>after a few near misses with buildings and trees, their joined mind patched together the shaman’s wisdom and Shy’s more relaxed, casual style of flying
>if Twilight cured her right now, Zecorshy would have felt this whole misadventure worth it for this moment; she was flying over the town at sunset, and it was one of the most beautiful things she’d ever seen!
>but she craved more; Zecora’s sensible and Shy’s timid mind made her feel cooped up
>she needed a stronger flier
>and then she saw Rainbow Dash’s cloudborne house, and smirked
>Dash’s home was a beautiful place, sculpted from clouds (also enchanted to help non air bloods from falling through it)
>you had to take Twilight’s old hot air balloon to reach it without flight
>as such, Zecora had never been here, so as Zecorshy, she was relying on Shy’s guidance
>as she landed, she felt a cold shiver
>”Ah, this transformation is but temporary,
>now, let’s seek the owner of this aerie.”
>it was night time now, and the lights in the house were on, so she snooped around
>Zecorshy wasn’t surprised to see Dash hard at work in her personal gym
>the spectrum haired woman was performing one armed pull-ups
>while wearing a weighted belt
>*and* holding a kettlebell
>Zecorshy couldn’t help but marvel at the 5’2 woman’s physique as she was clearly at full pump; she was as ripped as Cheerilee
-Magic pool: +3
-Growth/figure adjustment: major muscle, moderate ass/thigh
-Traits: Awesome all round athlete: super speed, super conditioning, amazing stamina in the sheets
Element of Harmony: ??
>Zecorshy went to the front door and knocked
>but another shiver and a flash split Zecorshy up just in time for Dash to open the door
(-2) (0/18)
>the two women blinked, glanced at each other, then at the sweaty Rainbow Dash
>”Hey, Shy. Zecora? Never thought I’d see you in my neck of the clouds! What’s shaking?”
>both visitors blinked at each other, and Zecora cleared her throat as she blushed and tugged at her ludicrous, tight pink clothes
>clothes now overburdened by a freshly grown pair of tits rivalling Fluttershy’s own, and hips that strained yoga pants designed for Pinkie’s own ample curves
>”Just a friendly visit, and not to impose,
>but I don’t suppose you have some looser spare clothes?”
>Dash let the pair in and Dash busied herself getting herself washed from her workout
>and Zecora now wore a big pj shirt, but it fit Zecora perfectly, though she still wore the pink yoga pants
>Fluttershy fiddled with her fingers and asked, “maybe it’s not my place to ask, and I hope I’m not being rude, but... um... what in the hay was all that?”
>What was what?” Dash said as she entered the room, wrapped in a towel that barely covered her
>Zecora raised an eyebrow and said, “that was fast, it’s been but a minute,
>I suppose use of your speed is infinite.”
>”Damn right! Ain’t got no time for luxury these days if I’m gonna be a rival to peeps like Cheerilee and Applejack. So, how’s the... uh, witchy stuff?”
>Zecora scowled. “I’m not a witch, I’m a bringer of good health,
>of both mind and body, plus of spiritual wealth.”
>Fluttershy interjected, ”I really need to know what just happened, Zecora! What happened to us?”
Rainbow Dash raised a multicoloured eyebrow at Zecora, who sighed and ran a hand through her black and white hair
>”It’s a long story, but I suppose you should know,
>and it may seem far fetched, keep your minds open though.”
>Zecora recanted the whole affair; the merging, the potion mishaps, and the arousal (much to Shy’s blushing and Dash’s childish giggling)
>”... so you see, this situation is temporary and unique,
>and taking advantages of new experiences I seek.”
>Shy said, ”I suppose it was nice having your calm demeanour for a time.”
>Dash snickered, ”I’m still getting a kick out of stuffy, sensible Zecora being turned into a wild sex fiend. So what if I did this?”
>Dash stood and whipped her towel off
>”Dash! Cover your shame!” Fluttershy squealed and covered her eyes
>Zecora nearly had a heart attack
>”Guh... I... just what are you doing!?
>you have no idea the trouble you’re brewing!!”
>Dash flexed. ”C’mon, Stripes! Take a good look at this awesome bod! Does it do things for ya? I’ve put on ten pounds of muscle since Cheerilee got huge. Give me your honest opinion; am I awesome, or am I awesome?”
>Zecora couldn’t stop staring; the flex of Dash’s arms, the clench of her abs, the subtle jiggle of her modest tits on the pectorals as they moved, and those deliciously thick thighs!
>but it wasn’t enough to not want revenge for taunting her, so Zecora stood, approached the surprised Dash, and merged with her
>”Oh my goodness! Are you alright? Or... both of you alright?” Shy stared
>and right she should stare! Raincora looked awesome!
>”Hell yeah, check me out, I’m ripped and I’m hot,
>everyone’ll be jealous about just what I got!”
>her bust was smaller than Zecora’s new H cup assets, ‘only’ an F cup, and she was shorter than the shaman at 5’7 too
>but she had every bit of Dash’s muscle, thunder-making thighs and she stared at her bicep, then down at...
>well, she couldn’t see her abs anymore, but her fingers traced them, then stroked her big tits
>in fact, being part earth blood...
>”Dude, I gotta give this new bod a try,
>come on, just try not to drool, Shy.”
>Fluttershy followed the even more varied haired woman back through to her gym
>an she went straight up to the bench rack, get into position, and lifted the weights
>they were set at Dash’s limit, and they felt like they weighed nothing
>”Hey, Shy, do me a solid and double the load,
>I’m gonna get myself in a serious beast mode!”
>Shy helped do just that, and Raincora realised she was at Cheerilee’s strength levels, at least prior to her outgrowing the school
>Dash’s enjoyment of exercise sparked Zecora’s arousal, and after another full set of weights, she was panting like a dog, and not from exhaustion
>she was high on her strength
(+6) (7/21)
>Raincora looked at the impressed Fluttershy and winked
>”I could do that all night, but I’ve got something else in mind,
>how’s about we take this to bed and have a little love grind?”
>Fluttershy blushed and said, “W-where’s this coming from? I thought we said that was a one time thing?”
>Raincora licked her lips. “C’mon, you saying you don’t want a piece?
>now I’m more than before and we both need release?”
>”How did you know... oh, right, Zecora. But what about Soarin’?”
>Raincora shrugged. “He’s only got problems with me doing other men,
>but I’d you really don’t wanna, I won’t ask again.”
>Shy looked over Raincora’s body, sighed and couldn’t help but smirk
>”Oh, fine.”
>clothes discarded, bedroom door slammed open
>Raincora and Fluttershy held, kissed, caressed and groped each other
>Raincora had a massive advantage; half of her had bedded the kind-hearted, extra-curvy girl before
>of course the other half had *been* her and knew her inside and out
>Fluttershy was pressed into the bed as Raincora’s fingers toyed within the bustier woman and took mere moments to blast Shy into an orgasm
>Raincora brought her slick fingers to her mouth and licked them clean as Shy gasped for breath
>”That all you got, Fluttershy?
>come on, hot stuff, make me cry!”
>then came The Stare
>all her strength meant nothing; Shy rolled Raincora over and began returning the favour; it was like being worshipped, and it stroked Dash’s ego and naturally flared Zecora’s relentless arousal
>The Stare wore off and they resumed pleasuring each other
>and then she felt it
(+5) (20/21)
>Raincora was on the brink, but the clear sensation of her merging power sparking, when she was already merged?
>it was crazy, dangerous and she didn’t know what would happen; Zecora would never do such a thing
>but Dash?
>a bright light
>and a lot of noise
>but not audible noise; internal
>she climbed out of bed and staggered into Dash’s bathroom
>the light clicked on, and she went slack jawed at the... perfection in the mirror
>a towering 6’9, gloriously ripped and absurdly curvy woman who could rival Princess Celestia; no longer somewhere in between or the best of all three, but combined
>her hair was black and pink with rainbow highlights
>and glowing purple and blue eyes eyes
>somehow, even more amazing, were her wings
>they were huge; the spacious bathroom wouldn’t let them fully unfurl
>yellow, blue and grey feathered limbs that were twice the size of a normal air blooded woman
>Zecorshy Dash (she guessed that would work) grinned
>”I have give these a test flight!!
>but then she yawned; all three were tired before
The merge and it was getting seriously late
>”then I guess call it a night...”
>outside, it was a hop, skip and a dive
>Shy and Zecora fought with Dash as she plummeted head-first toward the ground, but Dash had done this a million times before
>then all three made their single body spread her wings
>Dash was the experienced flier here, and knew the science of flight better than Twilight’s... well, most sciences
>but it didn’t take an expert to realise just how absurd her speed, capacity to glide, manoeuvrability... everything was beyond what any of them had experienced before
>”Celestia’s tits, this is amazing!
>better call some rain, ‘cause we are blazing!”
>Zecorshy Dash had to keep pushing her limits; at full pace, she managed to stop dead in the air with one flap of her wings
>it caused a gust of air strong enough to nearly uproot a tree!
>then a second flap sent her rocketing skyward!
>then, higher and higher into the clouds
>a shudder
>and three girls emerged from one...
>”Uhh... uh oh...” all three said
>”No, no, NO!” Zecora screamed as she fell
>Shy and Dash, after a moment of free fall to get their bearings, dived after her
>except they passed by her as they cut through the cloud layer, and paused
>”Where is she?” Dash called to her less confident friend
>”I don’t know! We... huh?”
>a feather fluttered by Fluttershy
>a white and black feather
>and with all the grace of an air blood child learning the art, Zecora flapped wildly into view
>with her own pair of wings
>”Looking sharp, Zecora!” Dash cheered
>”Stop gawking, help me down to the soil!
>I feel not long for this mortal coil!”
>Dash snorted and laughed. “Ah, quit being a drama queen. You’re doing great for a first timer!”
>punctuated with Zecora flapping herself upside down and stalling, only for Shy to catch her and give Dash an evil look
>”Ugh, fiiine...”
>back in Terra firma, thankfully near Zecora’s hut, the shamaness’ wings were indeed just like a air blood’s; she could summon or dismiss them at will, with a little practice
>she also had Dash’s muscular physique on top of her Shy-blessed curves; thick thighs, huge hips and massive breasts and hard muscle married perfectly
>and as for Dash and Fluttershy themselves?
>”Oh my goodness... I don’t know how I feel about having abs and bulging biceps...” Shy pouted and felt her chiseled belly
>”And I’ll probably have to do some serious binding for these puppies because of aeronautical drag,” Dash said as she felt her new F cups, “but I can deal! Soarin’s gonna have a fit!”
>Dash was also now 5’6, but Shy and Zecora remained their 5’8 and 5’10 heights respectively
>and before another word was said, they all yawned in unison
>”I’ve had quite enough fun for just one day,
>though I’d like to extend the offer to stay.” Zecora gestured to her hut
>both her companions politely declined and they parted ways
>Zecora dragged herself into her bed and collapsed into a deep sleep
End of Day One.

It comes and goes in waves. We got really busy at Halloween, Christmas was touch and go.

The last few months the board ramped up dramatically. Hasbro dropped a huge bomb, other threads get bumped, and so on.

All of this is to say...as long as there is a group of people enjoying themselves that's all that really matters.


I wouldn't mind but they have a group that's triggered by humans/hooves thing.

I'd love one Macro board though, I think most people here might if they gave it a try.

Unff. I approve!
I don't know, is the overlap really that small? I for one enjoy both threads, and wouldn't mind having one less tab to keep track of. But you're probably right that we wouldn't be welcome there.

Good shit
Solid edit my dude
wew, good stuff
Really interesting story mt.
I like this fusion aspect of it
Glad you’ve enjoyed it so far.
It’s funny, because the fusion aspect was initially just the Applebloom related growth spurt cause, and despite the thread focus on huge and growing girls, most have voted for fusings rather that the growth spurt caused by banking the charge. So far we’ve only had one spurt (the one I enforced to demonstrate the ability) and the height gained from fusing with Twilight.
Wonder if that will stay the case... guess we’ll find out next thread(?) for day 2. More characters inbound and, of course, if people want certain character appearances, I’ll do my utmost to include them. Might be rusty with some, but I’ll do the research to try and do them justice and I’m still keeping Celestia and Luna for day 3.
All I’ll say is a GREAT showgirl and a very equal student will feature.
File: scoot strong.jpg (88 KB, 800x1234)
88 KB

Sorry for neglecting. I'm aiming to have this story finished before Spring ends.
Looking forward for more, king.

It's not about the overlap. I'll make it as plain as possible.

There are people. In the Massive pony thread. Who would be triggered. If we went in there and posted our Huge Human stuff.

Think the occasional person sperging over lack of hooves in here.

I wouldn't mind, I frequent both boards.


So much good droppin'
Nice. Scoot's makes such a good medium for this thread's topic and this is a story I'm greatly enjoying so far.
ey good to hear. I'm trying to get out a new picture soon too.
Very cool indeed. I’m enjoying this a lot, it’s pretty unique.

As for what to do the next day, could we drop by the CMC? I’m interested to see what sort of shenanigans could ensue with that group.
Nice, glad to see this coming along, it’s good stuff.
I'm glad you think so! It's slow I know, but the story is quite long.
I am totally glad to hear you're still writin. Blocks are painful to get, but theyre not always insurmountable. If you ever need some help breaking through Im always around!
Updated size comparison for I thiiink how big Flitter is in your latest chapter. If not I can adjust this somewhat!
Good stuff! I'm so happy to see this updated!
Thanks, and I’ll be sure to count that as a vote on what Zecora gets up to first. Still trying to determine what’s the consensus of the thread in terms of if we’re putting things on hold or carrying on as normal. If there’s still activity through today, I guess I’ll get the day 2 opener written.
Didn't realize you were waiting for input here.

I'm gonna vote for a bit of alone time of self exploration for Zecora. She's got a way seksier body than a few days ago. Can she grow by simply getting herself off or not?
Maybe we answered that question already, I'm not sure. Best to double check anyway
I meant more input concerning whether to make this thread an occasional thing. Since there was talk about not keeping the thread going until April, but it's still ticking over.
I'm always taking votes and ideas into consideration, although at this point it's obviously less decisions about actions and more 'stuff you want to see in the future'. Some self reflection was kinda what I was going to do as the opener anyway, and a visit from or going to visit the CMC actually fits in with what I wanted to at least dip into for the story regardless. And yes, climaxing/'banking' Zecora's charge causes a growth spurt.
Of course what happens during both will have votes.

Ditto for me to. Always happy to help either of you if you need some help breaking a writer's block.
I think the thread's going fine. Maybe it was just a particularly slow day that gave people that impression
Aww she looks so darn cute! Definitely bigger and bulkier, but CloudChaser still has an edge to her. And the way the shirt is undersized and showing underboob along with filpflops that are just a bit too small for her feet are great details. Thank you so much for this, I love it.
And thank you, I will bother you if I ever feel I need help getting out of my rut. I'm trying to make progress on my longer projects and get back to those, but if you have any shorter ideas rattling in your mind do feel free to shoot them my way if you want a one shot. You're pretty cool and besides that I gotta pay you back for all this art, eh?

Thank you! I'll be sure to shoot a message your way if I need help out.

Honestly I'll extend the offer to both of you too that I'm great for bitching at if either you feel stuck too. We've got to help out our fellow huge human enthusiasts!
Glad you like it! And don't worry none about payback. That you are writing this flitter/cc story is the real treat. I've had those ideas banging around in my head for years.

Here's a version with her og height next to her. The lines are all fucky because of some oversight on my part but its more or less as depicted.
>I meant more input concerning whether to make this thread an occasional thing.
Id like to keep it kickin around even if its not particularly rapidly paced I like all thats going on. Including this interesting CYOA story you're writing.
It was just a slow day, don’t worry about it. There are plenty of people here keen to see what you’ve got in store next.
Does this mean you will continue it?
I was going to continue it anyway, but I was going to obviously take a short break if we were letting the thread die off and pick it up again whenever this thread was resurrected.
As such, yes, I'll get things rolling again in a day or so.
Those humans sure are huge
Some of 'em, yeah
Haha, I didn't realize how much she grew! Thanks for the visual.

They sure are.

To get some discussion going, what is a kind of huge human that isn't really seen but that you'd like? Whether it's a character or even a personality type .
Personally I'd love to see a massive dork that's oversized. The combination of the unpopular and typically unattractive stereotype but matched with an over the top body is really fun.
Awkward geeks and wallflowers being giant always keep a strong place in my heart(and... other places). The balance of shyness and the wish to go unnoticed juxtaposed with being huge, curvy and eye catching is just too tasty. Bonus points if they’re growing and can’t control it.
It’s why Fluttershy makes a strong case, as well as pre-princess Twilight (though obviously becoming a princess helps, but it’s after a lot of character development so it makes sense that she can ‘own’ it).
I'm not sure how to describe the archetype, but someone like Pinkie or Silverstream, who is hyperactive, bouncy, and generally likes to touch people is not used creatively all that often. Usually the story turns into how destructive their personalities are when they're big, but it's all samey after a while. I'd be interested in seeing something with that type of character that doesn't devolve into destruction porn.

Underboob is amazing.

I keep feeling like there were other pieces of this at different sizes?

In the spirit of all that, I thought I'd ask about a story idea I had. Basically, the underlying idea is this...

>After years of barely competent service, Derpy Hooves has been fired from the pony post office. She is contemplating how things went wrong when a friend of hers who had joined the police force shows up. Feeling bad for Derpy, she suggests she seeks employment there.

>There's just one problem. Police woman are supposed to be intimidating and Derpy...isn't. Cue Growth.
Funnily enough I was wondering about another Derpy scenario, as inspired by (I forget the episode) where she sits down and causes that structure to collapse just by sitting down.
>it turns out Derpy's secretly really damn big
>for the sake of living a normal life, she's shrunk to normal size
>just two problems; the shrinking causes her senses to be a bit out of whack, hence her clumsiness
>and while she's as small as everyone else, her body weight (and strength) are somewhere between her current and true size, and sometimes spikes in her weight and strength occur
>eventually, the long form shrink begins to wear off, causing her to suffer growth spurts at inopportune times
>but hey, silver linings! Her clumsiness starts fading
>although the damage she causes by outgrowing clothes, rooms and buildings don't exactly inspire confidence...
File: Dash dunk.png (1.3 MB, 951x856)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG


>Rainbow lets recover. You go over to guard her. Even bent over with the ball dribbling, she stands taller than you. You have to force yourself not to leer at her prominent, exposed cleavage that is shining in the sunlight due to her sweat.

>"You better get ready for what comes next, short stack." her words snap you away from impure thoughts. Your pride is wounded. You can't help it that these girls are all huge. You aren't small, they're just gigantic!

>Recovering, you shoot back, "Oh yeah? Bring it." For a moment Rainbow is taken aback by your retort. Then she gives you a toothy grin. "Okay then. You asked for it little fella."

>You don't have time to process the sinking feeling that her wicked grin just gave you. Without any warning, Rainbow shoots past you. Neither of your teammates are coming to help you either. Pinkie is thoroughly covered by Applejack and Twilight isn't fast enough. Darnit! You knew Dash was quick, but this is insane.

>You watch as she suddenly stops only to jump into the air. You look up and watch with awe as Rainbow Dash sails forward above you all. It is a beautiful, powerful thing. Then as if shattering the moment, she reaches the goal and slams the ball loudly through the basket.

>You stare on as Dash thuds onto the ground and pumps her hips and fist into the air. "Yeah," she spins and rushes over to you. Her strong scent fills your nose. "That's how big giiiiirlz play," she makes sure to get right in your face and even spits a little as she does it. She then straightens, putting you into her literal shadow and places her hands on her hips. "You sure you want to keep going?" You should be polite. Respect your position as a a tiny manlet before this amazon of a woman.

>Instead...."Hell no!" You glare up at her and try to bump her while going around her to pick up the basketball. Try because as soon as you make contact with her you stagger from the impact. She very much outweighs you after all. Dash giggles at the sight and the others are all desperately trying not to. "Alright, how about we make it interesting then?" You retrieve the Basketball and return to the front of the court. You should say no.

>Instead..."Yeah, let's do that." You pass her the ball as hard as you can, only to watch deflated as she effortlessly catches it. Dash holds the ball for a second in her palm. "Let's say, If you win I have to do anything you say." You almost bite your tongue. Anything. You scan Dash's curvy, thick body and lick your lips. "And if I lose," you ask? She chuckles. "When you lose, shorty," she gets an evil, far away look, "you have to do whatever big sis Rainbow says." This is it. This time you need to say no..."Sounds good," you respond." She begins to cackle and passes you the ball, hard. Your hands are numb and you visibly wince.

>What the hay are you thinking!!!
>what is a kind of huge human that isn't really seen but that you'd like?

It's usually characters like Fluttershy, Sweetie Belle, Moondancer etc. Kind of sweet, shy, nerdy characters in that personality bracket where you don't see or expect them to be TALL/BUSTY/BUILT. Other characters like Pinkie Pie because she's the prime target for chubby chasers but it could be more fun to have her depicted as like, tall and strong (especially with those crushing hugs she loves to give out in the show).

For Pinkie I'm picturing scenarios where she's just casually tall and strong but still herself. Like, she's never in a gym setting or gym clothes but clearly not dressing in conservative frilly long dresses either. Whatever bright and bubble colorful outfit she's stretched onto herself that way would just have almost all of her on display. Not even considering times where she's bounced around so much her chest has escaped her stressed top.
Historically MMP hasn't had any issues with macro humans. Hell Alloyrabbit art is posted there frequently.

There is overlap, but only in the original forms. This thread is more about BE instead of amazon/macro humans.

Gleaming Shield.

Not nearly enough of her.
>tiny little 5' Derps hugs with the force of a colossus
I think more Silverstream would be great. Even at teen height translated to people sizes she would be... Princess Luna height? Like 6'8 or so?
File: 821451.png (502 KB, 1000x1000)
502 KB
502 KB PNG
I totally agree with those more shy characters you mentioned and actually also agree with Pinkie not getting enough love even if she isn't one of my favourite characters. I actually had a prompt idea for Pinkie I meant to post.

>Rarity works hard to cultivate her figure. She watches what she eats, does calisthenics, and regularly gets herself primmed up in spas and beauty parlours. Then how does a slob like Pinkie who eats more sugar in a day that she does in a year have a better figure? How is she more physically fit and healthier? How does she still look runway worthy even after rolling in mud because she knew doing a pig impression would make someone laugh?

So yeah, screw the chubby Pinkie stereotype, this is wasp waist perfect proportions Pinkie. I liked the idea of her being just so superior physically to the point of making others jealous of her and she seems to not even know it. Maybe there isn't a reason for it or maybe the secret to her extreme hotness is laughter or her unending confidence and belief that she's beautiful.
I’ve offered a prompt before that essentially depicted Pinkie as secretly strongfat. She’s so active (one would say, hyperactive?) that shes fit and strong, but eats so much of the wrong types of food that she’s visibly chubby, if not fat. The prompt then suggests that a period where Pinkie’s so busy that she either doesn’t eat enough or only has low fat foods, plus say winter clothing to cover the slimming, leaves the reveal that she’s *ripped* underneath the plushness. Like, even stronger than AJ, but she’s just never needed to show off her strength before.
Even with a poor diet, everything she eats Pinkie either burns, or it just goes to allll the right places for her. And she's still tall and trim because of it.
Well, she did grow in a rock farm if her sisters are to compare with the Apples
>plan simple start to day 2 of the Zecora green
>end up with a 5 post setup instead, maybe risking a 6
Should have it finished and posted in the next 12 hours. Hopefully once it returns to bouncing back and forth between you guys it’ll be shorter parts so it’s easier to keep on track.
Worry not

Big girls need and deserve big greens
Front loading with a lot of setup is okay if necessary!
File: 3 24 2021 flutterabs.png (873 KB, 1200x1560)
873 KB
873 KB PNG
Also, had to draw this because I love the idea of Fluttershy pouting about suddenly gaining 30lbs of muscle.
File: 1524933236942.gif (109 KB, 205x260)
109 KB
109 KB GIF
I thought that was Flitter for a moment, but holy UUUNF good job lad
>a kiss on her neck
>hands on her body, gentle, then firm
>she was a goddess, and they were paying tribute
>she wanted this
>she *needed* this
>and rightly so
>she wasn’t just some peddler of potions
>or some dispenser of wise advice
>she had coached a princess in her own specialty of magic, cured countless illnesses and all sorts of feats
>she had worked hard to become the woman she was
>why should she deny herself this simple pleasure
>the hands grasped and stroked
>and penetrated
>Zecora awoke as a climax surged through her
>her hands were wet with her self satisfaction and frustration of the emptiness of her bed
>she put her feet on the floor, and they hit the carpeted earth earlier than normal
>and Zecora stood and staggered over to her mirror
>an unfamiliar silhouette greeted her
>firm biceps and strong shoulders made her once smooth contours curve and exude power
>and the jiggle of her huge tits stood proudly on the flexing panels of her pectoral muscles and obscured the topmost of hard ridged abdominals
>all sat atop broad hips, and a sideways turn revealed a thick, cushioned but muscular ass and huge thighs
>that she had to bend down to see her face reminded her she was five inches taller than her old 5’5
>even her face didn’t seem right
>the familiar creep of wrinkles of her thirty plus years had faded, and her dark blue eyes shone with vigour
>just as these details became more normal to her, they shifted again
>already younger than she should be, the dark skinned woman felt a tickle as her twenty year old form grew younger, into her teens
>no maturity remained as the black and white haired girl heard her bones creak and muscles stretch longer
>and her already luscious curves swelled bigger
>right, she thought to herself, the potion mishap
>she gasped from pleasure as her view rose higher
>and as her body stopped growing, her features once more matured to adulthood, if only just
>Zecora looked down her voluptuous, amazonian, 6’2 body
>but the J cupped, childbearing physique wasn’t everything she had gained
>it just reminded her if what she had developed last night
>with a flex of a... well, not a muscle, but an inner urging, two glorious wings sprouted from her back
>a blend of black and white feathers, like a magpie, and the larger ones featured both shades in their fletching, making them seem grey at a glance
>the limbs responded like her arms and legs, but flight seemed alien to her
>while she remembered traces of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy’s knowledge of flight, without their presence, it was like trying to remember a song without knowing the lyrics
>only trying to hum this particular tune would likely end with her crashing and breaking something; she needed practice and guidance before she took that risk
>with a sigh, she ran herself a bath, has breakfast (and grumbled at eating twice as much to sate her hunger) and got dressed
>or tried to, but her body was now overburdening even her loosest dresses
>she took a needle and some thread, took two of her more worn outfits, and combined them
>the comparison of merging two dresses into one wasn’t lost on her
>and as a precaution, she impressed herself by creating a ‘pocket’ in the dress that, if she grew larger, would give her room to expand
>there was a knock on the door once Zecora got dressed
>and she was pleasantly surprised to open the door to a purple haired young lady; Scootaloo, at rest on her scooter
>”Morning, Zecora!”
>the shaman smiled. ”And a fine and vibrant morning to you,
> what can I do for you, young Scootaloo?”
>”Applejack wondered if you’d come check out Applebloom; she isn’t feeling well. We’d ask the doctor, but you know Granny Smith; she thinks she knows best and AJ reckons she’d listen to your advice.”
>Zecora nodded and started mentally preparing another travel case of cures and remedies; she certainly got through her last one when she last braced the town
>”Oh, and Trixie’s in town to put on a show! Just as well Twilight isn’t around so she can’t give her the usual business. Gotta figure Starlight Glimmer might turn up to help out too, but last I heard, she was studying in Canterlot.”
>Scootaloo tilted her head and looked Zecora over, and added, “dang, you’ve gotta tell me your workout routine. You’re looking jacked! I don’t remember you looking that strong before, or that tall. Maybe you could give me some pointers; I’m trying to catch up with and impress Rainbow Dash!”
>Zecora couldn’t hold back a smirk, although the 5’4 Scootaloo was no slouch either; she was already well toned and pushed herself hard, even if she still had a ways to go
>once more, the little bit of Twilight in her analysed the young speedster
-Magic pool: +2
-Growth/figure adjustment: moderate muscle, others inadequate
-Traits: Great Potential: still budding and developing, nowhere near her peak
Crusader clique: merging with all members: +2 Magic pool
>”Well, I’m gonna get going. Applebloom might not be feeling up to it, but me and Sweetie Belle still gotta get people on the track! Seeya later!”
>Scootaloo shot off back towards town on her scooter,
>Zecora then gathered her things, and set off
>her brief pass by town to reach Sweet Apple Acres showed there was indeed some buzz; Trixie, despite her past, now had a following, with her developing magic powers on top of her showmanship
>though as Scootaloo mentioned, Twilight still had concerns
>nevertheless, Zecora soon passed by the sea of apple trees, including the crusader treehouse, although it was now their ‘office’ for listless folk, mostly kids, who sought a purpose and the three girls would give advice
>and the farm itself was in full swing, with Applejack, Big Mac in full swing, and Cheerilee was acting as ca crane by hauling the packed boxes onto wagons
>Zecora had studied all but the huge, 7’10 older brother before, and gave him a cursory study
-Magic pool: +3
-Growth/figure adjustment: major height, major muscle
-Traits: Goliath apple affinity: amplified growth
Super strength: even stronger than he looks
>Zecora tried, and failed to take her eyes off the brawny hunk
>and then he took his shirt off and used it to mop his brow
(+4) (6/21)
>Zecora’s gaze lingered on his broad shoulders and musculature for too long, and finally tore her gaze away
>only to see Cheerilee do the same, exposing her own impressive body (although with a giant bra) and she winked at her husband
>baby bump besides, Cheer was still an impossible exemplar of earth blooded might; big curves and bigger muscles on a giantess frame
>in danger of getting distracted, Zecora pressed on to the farmhouse itself
>and with a knock on the door, Granny Smith answered
>”Wassat? Who’re you”
>despite her doubts, Zecora analysed Granny Smith
-Magic pool: +1?
-Growth/figure adjustment: negatives on all aspects
-Traits: aching hips, bad back, light senility
>the shaman replied, ”Zecora, and can I come in?
>I’ve come to assist with Applejack’s kin.”
>”We don’t need no cored apples, missy, now if ye don’t mind, I’m tryin’ta rustle up an cold tonic.”
>the half-senile woman closed the door and Zecora grumbled as she knocked again
>Granny Smith opened the door and went to speak
>only for Zecora to cut her off as she said, “you should listen to me, and listen good,
>I’m here for Applebloom’s sake, understood?”
>”Wait just an applebuckin’ minute... I only know one person who rhymes like that...”
>the old woman peered up at the tall shaman and squinted
>”Cousin Crabby?”
>some time later...
>Applebloom sniffled and huddled under the covers as Zecora took the young woman’s temperature
>the girl had clearly finished yesterday’s goliath apple growth spurt
>she had to be 7’7 judging by the fact she was now taller than her bed was long since her feet stuck off out of her covers
>she was also burning hot, yet shivering
>Applebloom suddenly giggled then groaned in pain
>pegasus feather tickle fever; of course
>Zecora started feeling the effects after the potion mishap, so either of them might have contracted it before and spread it to the other
>but where Zecora was still fine, thanks to the potions she took, she couldn’t do the same to Applebloom, since she had it for too long
>instead she ground up some basic pain relief powder, poured some in a glass of water and placed it beside the girl, who coughed, sat up, gulped it down and returned under the covers
>”take a spoonful in the morning, and in four days, it will run its course,
>then you’ll be fine, walking tall, back at play and fit as a horse!”
>”Thanks, Zecora,” Applebloom said, meekly but managing a smile
>Zecora’s more matronly side took hold for a moment as she patted the sickly girl on the head then collected her things, and she felt calmer from the earlier muscular Apple family demonstration
(-2) (4/21)
>she also realised that she potentially had another potential three days of wandering, taking advantage of her unique circumstance or just keeping occupied
The world is now your bivalve mollusk; the Apple family and CMC are nearby, Trixie is in town and perhaps the event will attract a broader crowd of people, perhaps Twilight has sent information to Spike.
It’s time to CYOA!
Dude, that’s outstanding and awesome. Thanks!
Try to get a look at Trixie
>Big Macintosh
Ah, what could have been
Take a moment to stroll through town and see the sights (read: creep on anyone attractive, see about filling up the pool of horny points
Maybe find someone innocent to tease? I hear the flower sisters are easily flustered, maybe head to Roseluck's booth and put on a show of picking the right bouquet?
Seeing as we’re in the area, why not talk to Big Mac and Cheerilee, see if we can all have some fun together.
10/10. As much as soft and curvy Fluttershy is nice having her be shocked by suddenly having muscles is amazing.

My vote is to see Trixie. Partially because I'm sure merging with her would be fun, but mostly because I think that the merge would totally annoy her and with her ego I'm always down for that. I wonder if that's the trait of hers we'd pick up.

Also what >>36764974 said about going through town and be a creep and/or tease people. Come on, we've suddenly dropped over a decade in age and are way bigger and hotter so she's got to enjoy that a bit.
Shit, that’s really good
Big Mac, Cheerilee, and the baby could make for a very interesting group merge scenario, that gets my vote
Looking like a tie so far, so unless anyone objects I’ll do the logical thing and play it by location proximity. Already being at the farm, Zecora will do some interaction there and maybe cause a situation by bringing the happy couple potentially even closer (after all, how can you get closer than sharing a body?), of which I’ll try and offer some interesting options, then we’ll topple towards a topically teasing tour of town, then to take time to track Trixie!
Also yes, I was also including the vote to visit CWC hq from last thread, and there can always be a later visit so don’t get disheartenedC but things as they stand;
Apple shenanigans: 2
Trixie chasing: 2
Scouting town: technically 1, but while I can’t treat one post voting on two things as legitimate, it’s an easy thing to work in and makes things a bit more interesting than just skipping to Trixie and allows me to scene dress and include some less seen characters.
Then Cutiemark investigations: 1
File: 1509723611266.gif (84 KB, 700x394)
84 KB
Trixie Trixie Trixie Trixie Trixie Trixie Trixie Trixie Trixie
File: next_line.jpg (60 KB, 300x300)
60 KB
you next update is gonna contain the words "Great and Powerful"
This is note a vote btw, already gave you a (You)
File: trixie's magic.jpg (150 KB, 879x700)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
>it's significantly more difficult to magic yourself up somehuge fake tits than it is to just make your boobs grow
>But Trixie is willing to commit to the bit
Cheerimac sounds good to me - and I’m up for doing Trixie/Starlight next, they should be a fun couple.
Glad you like. I'll try to do more pictures with emphasis on shading and lighting. Next ones will maybe also be in this b+w style before jumpin back into color. I had fun bringing out the detail in this.
Bumpin’ and grindin’
votin for trix
I’m hoping we can do both mac/cheer and trix, so if you want to do one then the other that sounds great to me
If we can merge with all three apples, I bet we'll double in height with every growth spurt
All we sould think about having a merge with the 3 elements we miss : Plenka, Appul and Rares
Where's the anchor post at?

Idea: Tree Hugger is out of her special bud and while hanging out with Fluttershy finds a weird plant. She use it in her pipe and everytime she takes a hit, the plant makes her grow several inches in size/strength/bust.
After watching Tree Hugger toke herself up to past Amazon size and practically burst out of her clothes, Fluttershy meekly accepts a hit after Tree Hugger offers.
Real is better in general
File: shared magic.png (638 KB, 800x800)
638 KB
638 KB PNG
Listen, she stayed up all night learning the "instant implants" trick
You better believe she's gonna use it
What does this mean??
There’s a typo, it was meant to be
>Fluttershy is a major lightweight, though, and proceeds go on on an intense bad trip
>insert her hallucinating as she repeatedly grows bigger and freaks out when ‘the little people’ are apparently coming to get her, and Shy clinging to buildings to escape them and crashing through people’s homes as she gets too big to be supported
>and eating the towns whole food supply as she gets a knock equally massive version of the munchies
If you had to convert one episode of the FiM or EG to size content, what would it be?
I would love a version of the... I think its a season 9 episode where whenever Trixie is making Starlight frustrated she stores anger magic that she generates into a glass bottle.

But in a different version everytime she gets angry it makes her grow bigger and stronger. Eventually its to the point where she becomes to large that she's bursting out of her clothes.
The Trixie alicorn amulet episode needs this dynamic. As she gets more and more corrupted, Trixie gets bigger.
I think i read a fic that was this plot of what youre saying
Nah, that’s season 7 I think, or maybe even season 6
Ohh youre right. It was season7. I forget sometimes.

I loved that episode.

But what if she was subconsciously making Trixie bigger? Then that would only make it more awkward as she tries to tell a giant Trixie she's annoying?
Apologies for the delay; had rough sleep the last few nights and it’s thrown off my focus
Without further ado...
>an event as infrequent as ‘The Great and Powerful’ Trixie being in town was a fascinating prospect
>after all, Zecora could see just how truly powerful people were, and she certainly wanted to go look around town and see who was attending
>not to mention that by all accounts, Trixie had been practicing her magic
>frankly, there was a lot Zecora could be doing, but if there’s one thing she was learning to accept, it was to indulge in opportunities
>and upon leaving the Apple family house, she was once more bombarded with tall, muscular earth blood eye candy
>AJ, Big Mac and Cheerilee were a well oiled machine as each worked up a sweat, and Zecora just admired the spectacle
>the flex of Big Mac’s muscle, the swing of Applejacks’s hips
>Cheerilee’s... just Cheerilee; she was like Big Mac’s brawn and AJ’s bottom-heavy femininity in one more more mature package, yet also had massive boobs that swayed slower than anyone else’s thanks to her fourteen foot height; it was hypnotic
>Zecora wanted to bury herself in them
>just imagining them swinging if Cheerilee was her true sixty foot height; one breast alone would have more volume than even Celestia’s whole ten foot, generously padded body
(+3) (11/21)
>Zecora realised that could be her, as her merging power flared to life
>honestly, any of these three would give Zecora a substantial boost
>after all, when AJ, the shortest of the three, still had a clear foot on the shaman
>there was a hint of jealousy; Zecora was big, but she could be bigger; Cheer’s raw height or this ‘affinity’ for goliath apples from the siblings could mean Zecora could ride her own growth spurts to make her sprout like a weed
>but maybe just approaching the tightly knit family and merging with one out of nowhere wasn’t the wisest move
>Zecora hid and observed for a while
>Applejack and Bic Mcintosh passed a final box to Cheerilee, who placed it high up on a fully stacked wagon and tied rope over the load
>”Are you sure you don’t need a hand, AJ?”
>AJ tipped her hat to the giantess. ”I’preciate the concern, Bigilee, but Pinkie says she’s already called in the cavalry. Thanks to Pinkie hearin’ through the grapevine about Trixie’s show early, we’re gonna make more bits than any of us can carry! Don’t matter if folk’re gonna want a snack for the show or somethin’ to hurl on stage, it’ll be a good days profit. Anyway, I’ll be helpin’ Mr and Mrs Cake bake up enough grub for the show then help Pinkie sell it, so don’t wait up!”
>Cheer sat down on an empty cart, which creaked beneath her one and a half ton weight, and she felt her baby bump as AJ rode the loaded wagon off towards town
>Big Mac puts a hand on her leg and says, ”you okay, shmoopie doo?”
>”I could go for some water, please, sugar bear.”
>Big Mac jogs over to the farmhouse water pump, where Zecora is waiting just around the corner
>and as he pumps water to fill a bucket, she steps around and...
(-10) (1/24)
>suddenly there was more of her
>a *lot* more
>Fluttershy and Twilight were well built women, and Twilight was tall too
>same with the more muscular Applebloom and Dash, although while Dash was shorter, she was far more beefy
>Big Macora looked down at herself
>way, *way* down
>Big Mac didn’t exactly bring any bust to the occasion, so her chest was back to a modest D, and even Zecora’s amazing hips and ass were lessened by the sheer amount of brawn on her frame
>even the bulk she had gained from Rainbow Dash paled in comparison to the fact her arms were now thicker than most people’s waists
>but she was 7’10 of musclebound hotness otherwise
>Mac had some... interesting mental baggage as well
>something about dreams about being a princess-
>Macora shook her head, pushed those thoughts aside, picked up the bucket and made her way to Cheerilee, who is now inside the barn but basking in the sun through the window with her eyes closed and on top of a pile of hay
>Mac’s side sparked up again in a way that made her hold her breath
>Zecora had dealt with Rainbow Dash’s libido, her own ever present lusts and the two combined, but she’d never experienced this feeling
>Big Mac worshipped this woman, admired every inch of her body and every shred of her spirit
>Zecora felt an intense jealousy
>sure, she had chosen a life of solitude and chastity, and she had recently been forced to indulge as she had, but all of this was just compounding; Zecora wanted someone like Big Mac wanted Cheerilee
>with a sigh, equally longing and awe, Macora walked up to Cheerilee
>she heard Macora’s approach though, and said, “thanks sweetie,” as she holds out her hand with her eyes still closed
>Macora places the bucket in Cheer’s hand, more a typical cup to her, and she gulps down a few mouthfuls
>then utters an “oops” as she ‘accidentally’ pours half of it over her chest
>the water cascades down over, between and around her massive bust as she giggles
>and continues as the trickles flow down every groove of her musculature
>”Oh no, what a mess; if only some big, strapping man would come help me get dry?”
>the Big Mac side of the hybrid stirred to attention again
>normally quiet and sensible, he licked their combined lips and took the reins, and Zecora was happy to let him have his fun
>Cheerilee lounged back as Big Macora climbed on top, and began kissing the vast form of the teacher and part time farm girl and sipping the water
>”Oh, you’ve shaved for little old me?”
>Big Macora just grunted an acknowledgement, thankfully still low enough to not make Cheer suspicious
>Zecora was bathing in the sensations; it was one thing to see Cheerilee, but to feel her and taste a woman so large and powerful?
>and through the lens of such a devoted husband’s heart?
>it was the headiest drug and the most arousing thing she had felt so far
>Cheer’s moans intensified as Macora’s hands proved and dived deep into Cheer’s spacious folds
>the lack of the right ‘equipment’ was just frustrating Big Mac even further
>even so, Macora continued to apply her vast strength to please the giant, who’s moans filled the barn
>but then she finally opened her eyes and glanced longingly down at... an oddly familiar stranger
>a shriek, a swat of the arm
>and Macora is flung fifty feet out the barn
>by sheer borrowed instinct from her previous merges, Zecora makes their form unfurl her white, black and now red wings
>Macora glides and skids to a stop and unsummons her wings
>as she’s pursued by a very angry giantess
>”Alright, you perverted slut, you’ve got exactly five seconds to explain what they hay you think you’re doing or I’m gonna stomp you flat!”
>a pregnant schoolteacher she may be, but Macora believed every word of the threat
>especially since despite her new hugeness, Cheerilee was almost literally twice Macora’s height
>and barring her much larger curves (and said height), odds were she was every bit as strong as Macora was
So... do you come clean or bluff, bide time until you gather enough arousal magic to trigger the second merger?

(Started getting way ahead of myself without offering options)
That's easy. Chrysalis becomes big after absorbing love and defeating Celestia. Then after Shining Armor is freed from the spell, his love makes Cadence grow, and the two love horses duke it out in the city of Canterlot.
Give her the 'ol Apple family honesty
Surely the Macintosh side can talk her out of a disaster, right?
Let Mac do the talking for the most part
>This wasn't due to changeling magic or anything
>Everyone Shining Armor loves grows
>You should see his parents
>And his sister
Probably best to come clean
File: 1507046026187.png (291 KB, 1020x955)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
Clean! Cum clean!
cum clean
Either scenario works. I like it more if Starlight is getting bigger though. Big and annoyed and Trixie continues being a lil shid.
Bump bigger!
I think the first eqg movie already had that aspect somewhat
>there’s no winning moves here
>Zecora curses her drive for more power and size overcoming her sensible nature
>it suddenly became apparent where so many villains fall off the deep end
>Big Mac cursed himself for not putting a stop to this ahead of time, but he was an easy going guy
>heck what can you do when your smart, caring wife presents herself like that, purring and eager?
>Big Macora realised they had only one option; eat humble pie
>”I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me, I swear!
>but surely you’ve got to recognise your sugar bear?”
>Cheerilee cocked an eyebrow. “You’re a woman.”
>”I’m a joinin’ of Applejack’s big older brother,
>as well as who you picked as your child’s godmother!”
>Cheerilee stopped, squinted and her jaw slowly went slack as the realisation sank in
>”Sweet Celestia, Zecora? I can see it too. Just what’s going on?”
>Macora shrugged. “Equal parts seekin’ to strengthen our bond,
>and I’m intrigued with experiencing those of which I’m fond.”
>Cheer sat down and asked, “and you didn’t think to just ask? And before you respond in some rhyme about if I’d believe you, have you been paying attention to this town the last ten years? Everything from Princess Luna being redeemed when Twilight first arrived all the way to me being turned into a giant, I can understand and accept a lot of weird stuff.”
>she’s got Macora there, so the hybrid looks sheepish, but they look Cheer in the eyes
>”So, I don’t suppose you’d wanna keep goin’?
>I’m still eager to go and you’re still simply glowin’.”
>Cheer stroked her pink and purple hair and pursed her lips. “I mean, I’m not really into girls...”
>Macora smirked. “Oh? And yet I got you moanin’ real loud,
>it’s a wonder we ain’t already drawin’ a crowd.”
>Cheer blushes bright red. “W- well, my Mac knows what makes me- I mean you know me...”
>Macora’s eyebrows wiggle
>Cheer licks and bites her lips, stands, wraps her arm around Macora and proceeds back to the barn with her lover over her shoulder
>a primal panic in Zecora was thankfully held back by Bic Mac
>after all, the half year as Cheerilee’s husband meant he wasn’t just familiar with being held like this (and learned to enjoy it) but this was nothing compared to being a literal handheld plaything when on Cheer’s big days
>paired up with Zecora’s brief flight experience, especially the dual merge flight, Mac’s feeling of being held by a loving, all powerful woman made a strong second place sensation
>but then Cheer placed Big Macora on a well hidden, blanketed stack of mattresses in the back of the barn, and lowers herself onto Macora until Cheer’s baby bump presses down on the at once huge but very tiny seeming hybrid
>of course, that meant her massive, wet bra clad breasts were taking up most of her view
>with a deft reach of one arm, she unclasped the industrial strength undergarment that flopped on Macora, the vast pair seemed to expand even more as they were set free
(+2) (16/24)
>”So, how do you want to play this? No offence, but there’s normally more of a reason behind the ‘Big’ part of my husband’s name.”
>Cheer lifted herself off of Macora to help guide both their gazes between Macora’s legs
>but Macora chuckled. “Y’all just wait and see, big girl,
>and let me give this strength a whirl.”
>she was confident, if bluffing
>one attempt to turn Cheer over met with trying to overturn a tree
>and Cheer’s giggle revealed she was being coy and resisting, and finally gave and she let herself be manipulated
>back on top, Macora resumed the monumental task of pleasing her half-wife
>but now Cheer’s hands roamed and stroked Macora in return, large fingers creeping and inserting...
>it was bliss, they both mumbled and giggled at each other’s touch
>it was so nice, Macora almost didn’t realise her merge power sparked once more
(+4) (20/24)
>”Just wait until you feel this,
>time for real marital bliss!”
>Macora felt the shift
>the usual shift of place and senses
>but... something was strange
>she was trying to become part of Cheerilee
>but she could see a newly released, and classically male, Big Mac looking around, confused
>it suddenly comes to her
>the baby!
>of course; she had only barely managed to merge with Fluttershy and Dash, and now she was technically trying to merge a four way group
>but Zecora just didn’t have the raw power
>still, the magic was set on restructuring Zecora into Cheerilee, the spare magic roamed and seemed to find a... second pairing; the baby or Big Mac
>but something else caught her eye
>it was like a loose strand of something in the fabric of Cheer’s ‘essence’
>Zecora had no frame of reference, but she’d not seen something like it so far, but whatever it was, it had great power
>Zecora had only moment before she would merge, either expelling the excess for a normal merge with Cheerilee, a mix of Cheer and her child, or Cheer with Big Mac
>and with or without snagging the ‘strand’
Who do we pick? (Understand that there’s no lewdness if the kid gets involved). Also, do we tug the ‘strand’?
If we can safely hit Mac and Cheerilee without the babby, that's what I'd go for

Welp, I wrote a little bit, still haven't spell checked or rewritten anything. But if I did I might not have gotten part of it done.

Here's my rough draft.

>“….Now Starlight, I’m leaving you in charge. You need to help open the Foals tea party, make sure that Derpy doesn’t discover her surprise Birthday party…”

>Starlight interrupted her with a raised hoof. “Relax Twilight, it’s not like I’ll mess everything up and misuse magic creating a horrible mess, right?”

>Twilight tilted her head, arced an eyebrow, then turned to look up at Anon. “Nevermind, Anon. I’m counting on you, you’re in charge.”
Starlight’s mouth dropped and she let out a loud whinny. “What the…Twilight! This isn’t funny.” Twilight flapped her wings, rising up into the air to meet Anon at his eye level. Most of the ponies only came to his knees and Twilight was no exception. “I fail to see why I should get involved in this mess?” Starlight meanwhile, was getting increasingly irate. “I’m standing right here, don’t ignore me!” Twilight sighed and looked down at the other pony. “I’m sorry Starlight. But, c’mon. Every time I leave you, something goes wrong. You know what they call insanity?” Starlight pawed the ground and sighed. “Doing the same thing and expecting different results.” Twilight nodded. “But see, with Anon’s help you’ll do it right this time for sure!” Anon, meanwhile, was anything but committed. “I still don’t see why I should get involved. At all.” Twilight gave him a sly look. “If you do, I’ll let you pet me. For an hour.” Anon looked away, trying not to appear interested. “That sounds more like something you’d enjoy.” She had him. Now just to reel him in. “Me and Fluttershy.” Anon’s head snapped back around and he quickly took her fore hoof in his hand. “FineI’lldoit.”

>Twilight smirked. “Alright, I’m going then. See you too soon. Good luck”.

>Starlight huffed. “I still say I can do just fine witho-whut?” Without warning Anon, has scooped Starlight into his arms and his carrying her. “Hey, put me down. I’m a big pony and can walk on my own, thank you.” Starlight moved her legs futile in the air. Anon shook his head. “Nah-uh. You aren’t costing me snuggles with Twilight and Flutters, GlimGlam. Until Twi gets back you aren’t leaving my sight.” He took a finger and booped her snout. “Fine,” she sighed.



>“-and so I told her, that’s why you always carry extra smoke pellets!” Trixie giggled and snorted. Anon was disinterestedly looking at his phone, timing them so they weren’t even a second late. He was going to have snuggle time, damnit! “Trixie!” He looked up at Starlight’s shout. She was alarmed and waving her hooves. “Your pouring salt, not sugar on the cookies!” Trixie shrugged. “Salt, sugar what’s the difference?” Anon was about to retort, when he noticed surrounding Starlight’s was a red aura. “Alright, we still have time.” He picked Starlight up, causing her to protest. “Not now,” he told her. Had he been paying attention, he would have seen that this only made the red aura glow even more brightly around her. Pointing at Trixie, he scowled. “You stay here and do NOTHING!” He carried Starlight through the door and sat her down, rubbing his arm. She’d been so burning him with that red aura.

>What the hell GlimGlam?” Starlight had apparently just noticed and was panicking too. “Oh no, oh no. I…was just getting so angry at Trix, at you, and at Twilight. I tried to suppress it and I guess my magic is reacting to it!” Bending down, you gently stroke her mane. He had learned that ponies tend to be calmed by this. “It’s okay. Listen. You just need to control it. Show Twilight we aren’t screw ups.” Glimmer nodded her head and focused. “I learned a containment spell for pregnant mares. It should strengthen my body and keep the anger stuff in.” Anon saw the red aura disappear and smiled. He petted her on the head. “Good job, Glim Glam.” She smiled then sniffed the air. “Do you smell smoke?” Anon’s jaw dropped. “Crab apples, we left Trixie alone in the kitchen!”

>The two rushed in and saw Trixie waving her hooves at the stove, which was billowing smoke and belching blasts of fire. Anon rushed over with the fire extinguisher while Glimmer grabbed Trixie. “What did you do?” The other just shrugged. “Trixie doesn’t know. She thought if she cooked at a higher temperature, the cookies would bake faster. Problem solved, right?” Starlight’s right eye twitched and for a second the area around her fur flashed red. Then it stopped. Instead, Starlight’s body shifted. Her flank expanded and her body lengthened. “Look, if we stay on schedule we can use magic to fix this later. C’mon girls, we need to get to the store and buy cookies.” Anon was holding the door for them. Trixie, oblivious, trotted out. If Anon hadn’t been distracted with thoughts of cuddling Twilight and Fluttershy, he would have noticed that instead of coming up to his knee, Starlight head now crested his knee and was closer to his mid thigh.

I vote Cheer and Big Mac.
Also voting CheerMac because its probably less risky.
Digging it so far, its a good setup and a subtle start. Trixie burning up the kitchen with failed cookies is great!

Love the changeling
What are you talking about? Whoever we don’t pick gets ejected from the merged entity, if we keep Mac in then the partially formed foetus is punted out into the world months early. We should stick with Cheerilee and the baby, it’ll be safe and as a bonus it’ll probably grow up to enjoy all the benefits of Zecora’s merging.
Having a baby in the equation feels extra weird to me for sexy times are involved. Abort merging if possible
Suffice to say things'll work out, don't worry. Whoever isn't part of the merge is essentially placed back where they should be in correlation to the new hybrid
I don’t think there’s any place for half-measures at this point, we’re off the deep end and we should enjoy it. Merge with the baby.
Then do Cheer and Mac. After no D Mac shall experience preg
Embrace the madness, merge with the fetus
With four votes for CheerMac, I’ve gotta call this so I can get cracking with writing it up. Also no word on interfering with the strand, so I’ll take that as no interest.
Might do a brief synopsis of what would have been with the baby merge though, just for the giggles. Same with the strand.
I don’t think I really understood what the strand was about - can you explain what we’re choosing there?
The ‘strand’ was an anomalous quirk that Zecora spotted/sensed on Cheerilee’s being as the merge stalled, but nothing she recognised. Consider it a mystery box aspect in combination with which who the merge was happening.
Alright, if you’re still taking votes I say we try out the strand, sounds fun.
I’ll postpone for a day, then. Renewed vote call; It’s Big Cheercora, but with a side of mystery box?
Trying to make sure things are kept interesting so I’m going to keep these mysteries in play, but I have a strong inclination what’ll happen for such things, but we’ll see what everyone says.
gimme the mystery biggness lootbox then
I like the mystery box, I also like the baby
Whats the worst that could happen?
World shaking BUMPs
File: mom's lap.png (141 KB, 621x643)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
Thanks, I hope you enjoy it.


>“C’mon, Trixie, Anon is waiting for us outside.” Starlight had grabbed the cookies and was standing in front of her best friend while impatiently tapping her hoof on the ground. Behind her, her tail twitched with agitation. “It’s not that simple Starlight,” Trixie responded. She was ignoring her friends clear displeasure and was holding up a bag of her favorite crackers in one hoof and in the other was a box of sweets. “Anon only gave Trixie enough bits for one of these. She just cannot decide as both snacks are equally great.”

>Starlight was biting her lower lip so much to avoid saying anything that she was practically drawing blood. Did Trixie not realize they were in a hurry?

>Around Starlight, the bright red aura sparked only to disappear. Slowly, her head began inching higher and higher. When they’d entered the store, she had only been about one and a half times Trixie’s size with her head reaching the second highest shelf. Now her mane and horn both crested the store aisle they were standing in. “C’mon,” she finally had had enough and reached out with her magic. She took hold of the much smaller pony and began dragging her to the counter, “I’ll buy them both for you.”

>Trixie cheerfully opened both bags and took out some of each, popping them into her mouth. “Wow, thanks Starlig-by Celestia! You’re huge.” Trixie was looking up at her friends large flank almost as wide as the aisle itself. It hadn’t grown proportionally either. It was evident that Starlight’s butt had inflated into a much fuller, thicker size as had her hips and thighs. Her udders hung lower rounder between her legs. It was then Trixie could swear she saw a strange red aura surrounding her friend. It disappeared quickly, only for her to watch in astonishment as Starlight’s but rose higher in the air above her. Her flanks were expanding and the furry cutie marks were both now brushing the aisle shelves on either side of her as she walked.

>“I guess I could lose a few pounds,” Starlight grumbled as she kept walking. Her hip checked a shelf causing it to shudder but stay in place. Must be that they had welded the aisle rows.

>Starlight managed to clear the aisle without knocking anything over and the two came to stand in line. Starlight was drawing odd glances, but in Equestria, a land of magic, far stranger things had happened. If someone wanted to stay out of something, the cardinal rule was to pretend nothing was wrong. That didn’t explain Starlight’s lack of reaction though. Trixie decided to try again.

>“Starlight, you’ve got it wrong. I mean, your gigantic!” Trixie was reaching up and desperately tapping her friend’s thigh. “Okay, now you’re just being mean, Trixie. Stop it.” Even as Trixie opened her mouth to continue, Starlight’s horn flashed and Trixie’s mouth was magically held shut. “Just…let’s get through this line and back outside to Anon, okay Trix?”
File: 1523395262983.png (441 KB, 491x417)
441 KB
441 KB PNG
What a sow glimmer is
Is this human or pony?

Thank you.


Oh my....


Pony Glimmer and Trixie plus Anon a human.

In the spirit of the thread OP and filling Cosmo's idea on rewrite of an episode.
Cool, was a bit puzzled but fair enough
very nice. Im glad trixie isnt totally oblivious about it either
desu I wouldn't have minded if it was a human re-interpretation with the growth trigger either way. I like how rapid you're pushing it in this short story.

I rewatched the ep to prepare for writing it. I'd forgotten they'd hit that music stuff hard. Still, it was hilarious and touching. Reminded me why I like Trixie and Starlight.

I'm glad you're liking the pace.
BUMPing into the thigh of a huge girl, because that’s how tall you are to her!
File: mecha pony.com_-2.jpg (34 KB, 500x386)
34 KB
How does Huge Humans feel about Huge Robots?
I heard chicks like giant robots
I dig them, but they don't seem all that related to the thread
File: full.png (1.09 MB, 1024x1093)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
Have there been any stories about Giant Demon Alicorn Cozy Glow?

Or Cozy Glow growing after gaining some power?
I think there was a fanfic but havent seen much drawings of her.


That's too off for this thread


>“Finally! What took you guys so….” Anon stopped speaking as Starlight emerged from the door frame. Barely. Her expanded rump was having trouble getting through the frame. “Uff.” Frustrated she growled and her body was encased in red aura. Then Anon watched as the giant pony pulsed larger in front of him. Cracks appeared spreading out of the door frame as it couldn’t take Starlight's growing rump.

>*Crrrackkkk* pieces of wood and plaster flew out.

>Finally able to pull free, Starlight stood up and looked back at the ruined entry. “They really need to work on this door.” She shook herself to get rid of the debris from her mane, tail and fur. “Anyway,” she turned to him,”sorry it took so long Anon.” She threw a look back at the confused Trixie before turning back to him. “Somepony couldn’t decide on snacks.” Anon was shellshocked. Starlight had grown to the point she was now looking him in the eyes!

>“Are you…okay?” He reached up and put his hand under her muzzle. Starlight blushed. “Ah, that’s sweet of you.” She leaned into Anon causing him to stumble from the weight. She whispered in his ear, her fur tickling his cheek. “It’s okay. The spell is working. No red aura!” She tittered and pulled back. “Anyway, let’s get moving. We don’t want to be late.” Starlight began trotting down the street utterly oblivious to everypony swerving wide to avoid her.

>Anon fell back and leaned over Trixie. “What the hay happened to her?” Trixie popped a cookie into her mouth and spoke around crumbs. “Hmph, Trixie doesn’t know. Starlight just grew in the store. One minute, we were shopping, then the next Starlight seemed upset over something, then she grew.” Trixie loudly swallowed the cookie and popped another one in before adding. “Strange, right?”

>Anon was speechless. Hopeless. Both of these girls were utterly hopeless. Straightening up, he determined to focus on head pats and cuddle time with Fluttershy. If he had that, he could handle these loony ponies.

>The trio proceeded to the school.
Sweet! Im enjoying this.
File: +1.png (133 KB, 568x326)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
She's becoming a big mare, but not big enough for me. Can't w8 for moar
File: super rarity.png (484 KB, 790x1024)
484 KB
484 KB PNG
>ded thread
Ha ha, time to post balloon tits
File: inflatestia.png (3.04 MB, 2893x4092)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB PNG
You got it, boss
File: medium.jpg (33 KB, 800x533)
33 KB

big boobs without something in between them are wasted.
File: medium.jpg (52 KB, 576x600)
52 KB
File: in between.png (303 KB, 502x600)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
File: Halp.jpg (29 KB, 672x307)
29 KB
File: get in there.png (320 KB, 556x600)
320 KB
320 KB PNG
File: boobsquish.gif (150 KB, 476x599)
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150 KB GIF
Fair point
File: 1289934.png (218 KB, 867x847)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
now thats a big pair of marshmallows
File: tasty.png (172 KB, 453x600)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
they can hold things too!
File: large.gif (1.6 MB, 931x856)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB GIF
File: abs.png (413 KB, 1085x1024)
413 KB
413 KB PNG
The cutie pox episode where instead of Applebloom getting cutie marks, the potion turns her into an adult. And then she starts growing bigger in faster and more frequent spurts.
Poor Anon’s never getting those Fluttercuddles.
Stuck between a huge girls BUMPs
File: 960011.jpg (762 KB, 2000x1312)
762 KB
762 KB JPG
They just keep getting bigger
>rewrite next Zecora green part four times
>still not satisfied
>job has been crushing creativity on top with more weight than full size Cheerilee
I’ll give it another try tomorrow but next part in a day or so. Then gonna have several parts where I’ll be *trying* to do a couple of voteable posts over the next few days to make up for it. Sorry for the recent silence.
Suffice to say it should be Trixie time soon, with a side of a few other characters which could make interesting merges.
This. Sometimes however some extra meat is nice. How about continuous expansion until it's "stuck"? For the deviant fag maybe some pockets of air.
I like some words. Can you guess which ones?
Godspeed m8

Thank you


He can dream.



>“Oh thank heavens you ma…oh my you’re big!” Miss Cheerilee broke off as she looked up at the towering Starlight Glimmer. Starlight blinked for a moment than leaned foward. “Yeah, I know Anon’s kindof strange, but,” she put her hoof up to her muzzle and whispered, “it’s really not nice to point something out like that.” The smaller pony was frazzled by this. Was this mare not aware she was enormous? She then noticed the human standing to Starlight’s side. Anon was making a cutting motion with his hand at his neck. Cheerilee understood. Whatever was happening, best to ignore it. “Of course.” She winked at Starlight who giggled and winked back. She trotted around the smaller mare.

>"So who’s ready for a…tea party?” Starlight trailed off as she noticed the foals where all crying and sniffing. “It’s okay,” she stumbled out as she moved to stand over the table. Seeing this giant mare the foals squeaked and one fell out of her chair. “It’s okay. Look! We brought the cookies!” Starlight held up what in her hoof was a laughably small bag and gave a big, fake grin.

>“That’s not it,”Cheerilee came up to her and put her hoof on Starlight’s leg. “The clownpony had to cancel. The kids were really looking forward to his performance.” Starlight’s ears drooped. Then she had an idea.


>Without realizing, she stepped over Cheerilee and trotted to where Trixie was standing. “Trix, you hear that?” She looked down at her best friend who was eyeing her suspiciously. “Yeah,” Trixie put another cookie into her mouth and chewed slowly. “Soooo, they need someone to entertain the foals. You have your magic act.” Starlight waggled her eyebrows suggestively.

>Trixie choked on her cookie. “Cough, what? Starlight, Trixie’s shows are not half baked. She plans them to the last detail.” She raised a hoof to wipe away the cookie crumbs on her mouth. “Besides, Trixie doesn’t have any of her stuff. Sorry, no can do.” Starlight felt as if her head was going to explode.

>During this exchange, Anon had moved to comfort Cheerilee who was having a bit of trouble with nearly being crushed by a thoughtless giant mare. Giving her a headpat was nothing like Flutters, but it wasn’t terrible. Had he not been distracted and instead been paying attention he would have seen the ominous red glow around Starlight.

>"S-Sure Trix, i under-understand.” Starlight’s right eye was twitching as she bottled up her rage.

>“Glad you agree. Really, that clown pony must be very inconsiderate.”

>At Trixie’s obliviousness Starlight’s rage boiled all the hotter. Her body began to expand. It would shudder and grow. Shudder, grow. Trixie watched in horror as her friend rapidly stretched into the air. Her udders distended and her flank plumped. Her mane lengthened as her horn extended.

>“Uh…on second thought, Trixie believes she can do something after all. Yay?”

>Starlight’s body shuddered and grew once more before stopping.

>“Oh Trixie,” She exclaimed. Without warning, Starlight picked up the tiny mare. Trixie’s body fit perfectly on Starlight’s enormous hoof. “Thank you, I knew you’d help!” She nuzzled her friends whole body with her enormous muzzle. Trixie staggered, but just forced a smile and tried not to let her terror show.

>However, this brief respite was not to last. “Hey, that mare’s just grew!” One of the foals was pointing at Starlight!
File: It begins.gif (129 KB, 500x281)
129 KB
129 KB GIF
Bigger than big
It’s large?
I guess the Poison Joke episode already counts..
File: microjack rides.jpg (332 KB, 1500x1071)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
Yee haw
>tfw no Applejack as your gf, and she secretly has a thing for being tiny
>regular doses of poison joke help keep things fresh; she's bigger and stronger than you normally, and being the honest type, she doesn't like 'pretending' to be weaker; she rides you like a prize bull, snuggles, or nothing, there's no in between
>so experimentally thinned doses to shrink her anywhere from chest height all the way down to small enough to still ride you... well, one 'particular' part of you
>except that one time there was a mutated poison joke plant; for once, you rode her
>in the least sexual, more actual sense
>though that reminds you; you really should fix the roof, the wall... hell, you might need to get a new home after that mutated dose

The bigness reigns!



>Anon turned at the exclamation, dreading what he'd see. He wasn't disappointed. Starlight was enormous, towering over the school house, the foals, their table, him, and Cheerilee. He stood up and numbly moved forward. Their sizes from early in the morning had completely reversed!

>"Huh?" Starlight, meanwhile was thoroughly confused by the foal's words. She closed her eyes and rocked her head back and forth. What was the foal talking about? Growth? That was...

>She lowered Trixie down to the grass and massaged her head with her hooves. Why did everything seem so off???

>"Uhm...Hey! Brats!" Trixie took off her hat and standing on her hind hooves as she waved it around dramatically. "Watch," she continued as the foals refocused on her. "As the Great, the Powerful, the Amazing Trixie will now...er....pull a tea cup from her hat!" The foals ooo'ed and watched her raptly. Now she just had to pull off that teleportation magic Starlight just taught her!

>Behind her, Anon was stroking Starlight's fur trying to keep her calm and failing. She was shivering as the spell was becoming unwound. "I'm not big, the world's small?" Starlight was still fighting the oblivious part of the spell.

>"Nothing up my sleeves, nothing in my hat." Trixie showed her empty hat and empty sleeves to the foals. "Butttt wait? Hocus Pocus annnnndddddd....Ta da?" She hopefully reached into her hat to pull out what she hoped was a tea cup. Instead, in her hands was a spoon. Despite her clear error, the foals were pleased. They giggled and clapped. Trixie smiled. She was still the greatest.

>Behind her, Starlight was doing less well. "Look at Trixie. I'm over here," her eyes suddenly opened, "and she doesn't even notice the trouble I'm going through." Her whole body flared in red miasma. Her eyes were even flaring red!

>Anon backed up. "Cheerliee, grab the foals and get as far away as you can!" He turned and ran over to Trixie. Bending over he picked her up. "Ooof, hey!" Anon wasn't even listening to her protest. He had a sinking suspicion that things were going to get really bad.
File: big butts and boobs.jpg (101 KB, 750x600)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Man, why did he stop drawing? I love his stuff
>>“Oh Trixie,” She exclaimed. Without warning, Starlight picked up the tiny mare. Trixie’s body fit perfectly on Starlight’s enormous hoof. “Thank you, I knew you’d help!” She nuzzled her friends whole body with her enormous muzzle.

God I love how huge that makes her.
>the ‘strand’ was a strange thing; not from Cheerilee, but attached to her and part of her
>as their forms merged in full, Zecora grabbed it and whatever it was began to unravel
>but immediately, Zecora felt her powers become stronger
+2 magic pool
>that wasn’t all
>it was as if the power was coloured in some way, designed for a specific purpose, but she wouldn’t know what it was until it was completely part of her
>but in the meanwhile, both Zecora and Big Mac’s forms flowed into Cheerilee’s much larger own
>they... *she* opened her eyes and shook her head
>”I feel weird, like an overfull corral,
>oh, and now I sound like a true Apple gal!”
>Big Cheercora sat up and immediately slammed her head into a support beam
>it didn’t hurt, instead a segment of the beam was pulverised into splinters that sprayed across the floor
>”What? I ain’t that tall, so what’s the deal?
>and what’s this weird tinglin’ I feel?”
>Zecora felt the power continue to flow into her
>it was... a spell?
>yes! A spell
>it was like the energy was filling out a picture made of shapes; the shapes were meaningless, but once they formed together, you could see what they were supposed to represent
>right now was vague, but clarity would come
>for the moment, like before, going from her own and one other voice to three voices in her head, there’s a lot of internal noise
>one thing stood out as things calm; there’s no bells and whistles for being an earth blood
>no magic, or summonable wings (although Zecora felt certain she would get them back once they split again)
>earth bloods did just a few things; they were strong, they were really good with nature, and their ‘fun’ attributes were bigger on average
>it dawned on Big Cheercora that Zecora’s experience with being the earth in last nights Pegasus sandwich gave more raw strength to that combination
>but as Big Cheercora sat up more cautiously, just the gentle grip of a support to stand caused the wood to crumple easier than an uncooked noodle
>or the ocean of movement as her massive, lap filling tits jiggled and quaked
>being a triple earth blood girl was going to be an experience
>Cheer forced their hands to their swollen belly; all felt well inside, and they sighed in relief
>then Big Mac gasped as he continued to stroke the maternal swell, and a barrage of emotions flowed over him
>and that was further deepened as, once more, Zecora’s precious abstinence and lack of desire for companionship was kicked while it was down
>now, not only did the shaman have a deeper desire for companionship, but maybe having a family might not be such a bad idea
>”This bliss, this warmth, there is no better joy,
>whoever I’m carryin’s gonna be a big gal or boy!”
>one hand continued to caress the loving bulge, but her other roamed her body
>Zecora thought it was her succumbing to her lust again, but like her last three way merge, no longer being the majority persona seemed to subdue that aspect
>no, this was Big Mac developing a fetish and Cheer reciprocating
>not that Zecora minded as she once more lounged down, squeezing a breast thrice as big as her own head and the belly rub slowly getting lower
>and lower
>Big Cheercora’s throaty moans rattled the barn
>but not as much as when she tries to stretch her leg and kicks a hole in the wall
>she grumbled, “I guess this isn’t such a great idea,
>let’s get outside and get my head clear.”
>Big Cheercora tried to leave the barn
>but it dawned on her, even Cheerilee’s experience of being the biggest girl around wasn’t enough for her even more muscular, even more curvaceous frame stressed the barns supports and walls; she wasn’t just huge, she was *huge*
>progress was slow as Big Cheercora had to act like the sturdy barn was made of paper
>and as she fell to her knees to crawl, the ground shook, toppling tools and even knocking water out of a barrel without actually touching it, just the massive ripple from the impact
>the mathematician part of Cheerilee had a quick think, said, “that’s impossible, and I know we’re immense,
>but despite our size, we just can’t be that dense!”
>she finally squeezed through the barn doors and stood up
>all twenty feet, super powerful and shaped like a fertility goddess who lifted weights like it was her own religion
>and now that she wasn’t as worried about causing any damage, they collectively agreed; they were hot, they were nothing short of a goddess to rival princess Celestia if she put all her powers into physical traits instead of magic
>they needed to try this body out
>going for a frolic in the orchard, the ground gently quaking with each step, though she was so strong, Big Cheercora felt weightless, dangerously so, like a single hop would send her into the upper atmosphere
>each step didn’t just cause a low shake, knocking loose apples off the trees, but the grass felt like it was growing around her feet
>and after looking down(and around much of her absurdly thick frame), it was doing just that
>each time her foot touched the grass, wild flowers and herbs sprouted around it, the ‘shockwave’ thinning as it spread to just making the grass longer, lusher
>curious, she touched her fingers into the ground
>the soil gave like soft sand, so she dug a hole
>then she took a fallen apple, dropped it inside and covered it up
>with a final pat to settle the earth, she heard a rumble
>and an apple tree shot out of the ground, fully grown and in full bloom
>”Amazing strength? Fertile beauty? And natures boon?”
>a shudder ran through her; was the merge ending already?
>”this all earth blood power I fear will be gone soon.”
>wait, no... it was the energy from Cheerilee
>the spell was was complete!
>Zecora internally looked at the ‘picture’ it formed
>and... it was a shape, then a smaller shape, and finally a tiny shape
>Ah, that’s right; Cheer spent most of her time shrunk
>”Wait a minute, the shrink spell?
>Oh my, oh no, oh hel-“
>Big Cheercora felt an electric tingle run through her as her body surged bigger
>her blended clothes, which resized to whatever form Zecora’s merging took, burst from her body
>her feet ploughed the earth as she grew ever larger
>and worrying about destroying the orchard or the farmhouse, she started towards the road
>each footfall caused the ground to rumble, then tremble, then crack as she grew
>fifty feet, sixty, seventy with no signs of slowing
>but at last, her ascension slowed as Big Cheercora topped out at a full hundred feet
>sun kissed skin, maybe a shade darker, with orange, purple and white hair
>no doubt dark green-blue eyes, but she had no way of knowing without a mirror as big as she was
>and she sighed; crisis averted
>except, when she turned around?
>there was the town in plain view
>and pretty much everyone was staring at her naked, colossal, hyper fertile and extra muscular body
>Cheer was a little used to being on display; clothed, sure, but you can’t help but stare at a 14ft to 60ft weightlifting woman and she certainly had bad memories of outgrowing the school and showing off her naked self to everyone
>Zecora and especially Big Mac, though, weren’t exactly show offs
>quite the opposite
>Big Cheercora gave a comically girly shriek as she tried to cover herself
>her thick arms weren’t long enough to cover both her world-shaking tits, let alone her womanhood too
>so they fled to find somewhere to hide
>each step shook the ground, with massive fissures forming from each footfall
>and then the newly shaped earth flourished with greenery, flowers and even young trees
>soon, she saw a lake the Apple family would swim in during hot days
>and Big Cheercora’s desperation for cover sent her diving for it
>the impact sent water high and far, even reaching the town and crashing down like a deluge
>and the lake is now half empty
>but then, with a final tremble, the merge expired
>leaving the wet, naked earth blood trio
>Cheer stood out the most; while back to sixty feet tall, her musculature had benefitted from Big Mac’s bulk
>and the farmer himself had more definition and had to be ten feet tall!
>Zecora looked at herself
>All eight feet of her, with expanded curves and, like the married pair, more raw strength in bulk over her maintained tone from Dash
>”Is everyone okay?” Cheer asked as she went to stand, then gasped and held her pregnant belly
>Zecora and Mac went to run to her, then watched in shock as Cheer’s baby bump shuddered and swelled
>everyone was silent as she looked to go from four months long to near term
>then it calmed and Cheer relaxed
>the shaman approached and put her ear to the enormous bulge
>and heard a lighter heartbeat beside Cheer’s massive internal muscle
>... actually a few lighter heartbeats
>”it’s hard to say for sure, that I really must stress,
>you’re now holding triplets, or at least that’s my guess.”
>Big Mac chuckled and put a hand on Cheer’s thigh, “that’s a relief. You okay, hun?”
>Cheer gently wrapped her fingers around Big Mac, lifted him up so the could kiss and she said, ”yeah, just a little shocked, that’s all. Although I’ll have to go see Twilight for a reshrinking.”
>Zecora tapped her chin and said, “I think I could help there, since I drew the spell from you,”
>”but I’m empty, and I’m sure you know what we must do...”
>Zecora smirked and the married couple blushed; they knew the shaman’s source of power
>Cheer rolled her eyes, “listen, Zecora, I’m a one man woman, and while I enjoyed what happened, I don’t know if I’m comfortable with all this.”
>Big Mac scratched his stubbly chin. “I mean, she was part of the both of us... and it’ll get you shrunk?”
>”Sure, but I’m also not happy sharing you, sugar bear.”
>Big Mac hopped onto Cheer’s shoulder and whispered into her ear, and she blushed harder
>”Oh, alright.”
>Zecora barely held back the panic as Cheer plucked her off the ground
>”Now hold still. Not that you don’t look tough, but you’re not as sturdy as my sugar bear and I don’t want to pop a rib.”
>the giantess’ huge tongue pushed through her plump lips
>and stroked over Zecora’s body, licking every curve and swell of strength
>Zecora knew this was something Big Mac enjoyed a great deal
>and it was certainly an experience
>like the merging spell only seeming tangible when it was charged, the shaman felt something within her spark to life
>Zecora’s analytical side came into play again to gauge the shrink spell
>it felt... weak, like a shrink of this magnitude would probably only take a half her size
>”Well?” Cheer asked between licks
>”Hmm, not yet, I fear,
>but you’re very good at this, Cheer!”
>”Eyup.” Big Mac grinned
>the massive tongue continued to push and, finally, it darted between Zecora’s legs
(+4) (7/28)
>not all of it, but about... half the charge for a merge
>and with a draw on the spell, she brought the image to mind
>a shape in reducing sizes
(-5) (2/28)
>and her hands sparked as they pushed on Cheer’s tongue
>the teacher helped, shivered, and suddenly Zecora and Big Mac fell into the diminished lake
>and landed next to Cheerilee, 14ft once more
>with all three naked, they fled back to the farm
>and Zecora felt it was time to move on as well; the town beckoned, and she was even more powerful, physically and spiritually, than ever before!
>but her outfit hadn’t fared well, and she was substantially bigger
>but being a self-reliant household, she could refashion her clothes and borrow some more material
>also, with what charge she still had, Zecora could shrink herself to a more normal height if she wanted to blend in
Again, sorry for the delay
So; two choices and a refresher;
I take it we’re still in general agreement to go into town and flex Zecora’s curves (and actual flexing) on the populace on our search for Trixie? While I’m sure being huge would make that easier, it would pretty much instantly clue everyone in that something’s very different with the sensible shaman, which may have ramifications...
Likewise, Zecora has an opportunity to style herself based on maintaining the status quo with a modest dress, but showing off some cleavage, abs and generally a lot more skin would just emphasise her assets
tl;dr in Zecora’s journey through town, should she be:
Big or normal(ish, still swole and curvy)
Wear a more normal dress or show some serious skin?
Let's keep a low profile ad use what remains to shrink ourselves down while we go look for Trixie
On the long run, I'm be seeking to achieve a merge with Starlight and Trixie, and if we can get enough magic supply with that then to add Twilight to achieve supreme wizardom
wtf did I miss, where did this green go?!?!
Big but wearing a normal dress.
File: 1605760008848.png (189 KB, 439x470)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
Caught up now on the Zecora fusion green, holy hell my guy
It's going places, that's for sure. Even I don't fully know where we'll end up, but that's the fun of an CYOA, isn't it?
Seriously, though, the more of a reaction it gets, the more fun it is for me as well. Glad you're enjoying it.
Should we do something? I'd like this development to continue as it is
Cute Pinkie Pie.
File: partychest.jpg (390 KB, 1200x600)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
Pinkie a cute
Go small
Like, shorter than normal
It'll be fun I swear
Alright Femanon, we're all concerned about your shut-in lifestyle. We've asked around and found some nice handsome stallions who would like to go on a date with you. Pick one:

Something of a shut-in too, so I'm sure you'll find plenty in common to talk about. Willing to learn whatever kink magic you'd like to fool around with, but won't be able to make permanent changes to either of you. Average build, layabout.

A bit taller than you while on the ground, grows massively when up in the clouds. His cloud-house is somewhat accommodating to ground-dweller scale individuals, but expect to do some climbing. Casual nudist: won't pressure you or anything, but would appreciate if you joined in. Athletic build, dancer, very active.

Kind-hearted, gentle giant. Will be excessively lovey-dovey if you hit it off. Expect to be carried everywhere. Works outdoors and by the sun it shows. Oversized in every way, try not to giggle when he wangs his head on low ceilings.

>Royal Guard
It's hard work standing around all day being statuesque, and he'd love to have a companion to help him blow off steam. He works long hours, but you're welcome to take a castle tour whenever you want to visit him on duty. Might be tricky to find him though, when he's got his "dress armor" enchantment on he'll look like all the other guards: humongous and beefy. When he's out of "dress" he's still rather tall and muscular, but not as excessively as the Earthbro.

So, who's it gonna be?
Once you go earth, ain't nothing else of worth!


Starlight was rapidly growing, her body digging up dirt and grass into the air as she expanded.


“WHY ARE YOU SO SELF ABSORBED!” Starlight screamed as she threw her fore legs into the hair. Anon and the ponies winced as her now resonant voice made their bones rattle. The windows on the school house shattered. Behind them, the giant mare was a fearsome sight. Her fur and mane were standing on end as the red glow surrounding her sparked wildly.

Then, it was over. She had released all the pent up negative emotions that had been making her grow. She sighed in relief. “Whew! That feels soooo much….better?” Something was wrong here. Why was everything so small? “Anon? Trixie?” She was panicking and actually started to hyperventilate. Anon groaned. Trixie looked up at him from her position on his forearm. “What’s wrong? Starlight’s back to her senses, that’s a good thing.” Anon gave her a miserable look. As if on cue, Starlight, completely overwhelmed from realizing she was gigantic, fainted. Her unconscious body wobbled a little before falling forward. Her massive bulk crushed the foals’ tea table, snacks, and adding insult to injury Starlight took out the school house too. Starlight’s thoroughly thickened rump jiggled after her fall. It was hypnotizing to watch. Finally breaking himself away from the spectacle, Anon braced himself for the foals reaction. A small one with braces spoke up. “Hey girls, does this mean no school?” They blinked for a moment then broke out into cheers. This was…

“Wow. You know, you should really think about what Starlight said Anon,” Trixie popped a cookie in her mouth, “If you didn’t make her so mad this wouldn’t have happened.” For a moment, a small moment, Anon just looked at her. Then bending over he started pinching and pulling on her fur, mane, and snout. “Wh-at? Hey. Cut it out. Was it something Trixie said?”

Forgot my namefag
>Try to ride an earth, get rekt by the girth
The amount of cookies Trixie keeps snacking on, she's going to get big too
Holy shit that's hot
thanks man. Im really happy with how it turned out.
Stonking great bigness.
It's great! The world needs more buffshy
Would the guard treat you like a princess
Three way tie, eh? One big, one medium, one small.
I’ll figure something out.
I agree with >>36811233 on keeping a low profile and trying to snag Trixie and Starlight together.
>tfw no enormous Pinkie to be buried under
>tits, ass, belly, head crushing thighs...
If you don't have an Enormous Pinkie, simply make your regular Pinkie bigger!
Bonk, boop, and bump
Agree! Might do more of her again in the future.
>Pinkie swells in conjuction to how much fun she's having (over her average; depression doesn't just deflate her hair, it turns her stick thin)
>this makes sex more or less a race; rock her world before she outgrows the room and house
>Her orgasm gives her one last growth spurt before she goes back to normal
>You're still recovering from the last time she had multiple orgasms
Heavyweight bumps
*super* heavyweight bumps
File: BuffAp.png (110 KB, 391x600)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
File: bumpy.jpg (54 KB, 600x600)
54 KB
File: Big B.png (191 KB, 400x600)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
File: bumpout.png (169 KB, 576x600)
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169 KB PNG
File: 1382927.png (275 KB, 700x640)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
Is this the place to request bigger breast edits?
File: magic muffins.jpg (531 KB, 1100x685)
531 KB
531 KB JPG
Maybe? They've certainly been done here in the past.
File: 1602901465066.webm (606 KB, 1920x1080)
606 KB
There have been some really great edits done in this thread of even just general size increases. Love this one of a suddenly much matured Scootaloo.
File: Gleaming Shield_041.jpg (159 KB, 1024x724)
159 KB
159 KB JPG

In that case I nominate this one for a bigger breast edit in a perfect world Gleaming would also tower over Bolero but c'est la vie
All bottled up rewrite is now on ponepaste and FiMFiciton
That it was even animated was a super unexpectedly cool touch
Clothes ripping is always hot
Is it possible to have this thread be an edit thread aswell? We are making them bigger and better after all, can bring in more content
File: 2585861.png (245 KB, 1674x1921)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
I'm cool with it
File: cac.jpg (1.01 MB, 650x1778)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
>That body
>That face
That hand.

lots of art critics in this page.
Is this new
File: ?!.png (3.35 MB, 2573x2241)
3.35 MB
3.35 MB PNG
>cutie pox

Hmm, I like it. But it would need a hook.

How about the potion causes her to absorb other people's Cutie Marks? She'd still grow and it would have something driving conflict.

>losing your cutie mark causes you to shrink into a small underdeveloped womanlet. Meanwhile AB just gets more and more developed.

>In addition she gets some of the marks owner's personality. Rarity's desire to be pampered or Rainbow Dash's competitive nature?

>Clearly this can't go on and the others will want to have their marks return. But....

>a part of AB, a small part, would enjoy having cutie marks, being a big mare. Thus the cure wouldn't work.

>This conflict would escalate as AB gets bigger, sexier, and hornier till the climax.
That deviates a little bit from the episode plot but i like it.

And maybe the climax is different in the sense that instead of a full reversion it just halts the absorption and weird compulsive traits, leaving her a statuesque towering multitalented powerhouse
I like that a lot

I like that too
File: 2395449.jpg (2.38 MB, 2833x3508)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB JPG
Big bump
Why bump so soon? We were like 6 hours away from dying
I like the physical aspect, but it’s always a matter of whether it’s still the same character. Saddle Rager worked since it was still Flutters on the inside (and she was clearly embarrassed post-rage). Having a straight up barbarian Shy, while easy on the eyes, just lacks something to me.

>Fluttershy, in an effort to become more sociable, gets involved in a tabletop game club
>and to further stress breaking out of her bubble, she makes a no-nonsense, hot headed savage barbarian warrior
>but try as she might, she just can’t get into the ‘swing first, ask questions later’ mindset
>mentioning these woes to Discord leads to the chaos entity to subtly (and distinctively *not* outside of game time) make her get into character when playing as “Shyra the Flayer” character
>unfortunately, as she gets deeper and deeper into the role, and learns how to be an upfront, powerful and frightening warrior, she starts imagining being her character outside the game room to draw on that more forceful side of her
>of course she starts taking on physical traits as she starts treating real life as her campaign setting
>pic related occurs as she’s now fully Shyra, and goes into hiding as her warrior persona locks Shy’s real nature within, and she creates a zone of the game world around her, so only characters can approach her
>insert other characters having to get into character in wacky ways (AJ as a meek wizard, Pinkie as a sneaky rogue, etc) to help bring their friend home
I think it's meant to be the rebel Fluttershy from the Chrysalis future
>Zecora used to be an outsider
>her first day in this town led to a whole situation with Twilight and her closest friends getting caught in a patch of poison joke after pursuing her
>her acceptance was a great feeling, so despite how fun romping through town as an 8ft, super shapely, muscular example of earth blood womanhood, it might alienate the average person
>not to mention making an outfit to fit her enormous self would take longer than a far simpler solution
>bringing back the image of the reducing shapes, Zecora cast the spell on herself
>the world seemed to expand around her as she shrank
>and after just a few seconds, she was still taller than her original height, but 6ft was far easier to conceal
>and with a quick patch job of her dress, she Zecora traveled to town
>the road hadn’t fared well
>cracks, thick foliage and even a footprint twice as long as Zecora was currently tall made the trek back difficult, but not too troublesome for the Everfree dwelling shaman
>town was abuzz with activity still
>there was a lot of commotion about ultra curvy and muscular giants, earthquakes, downpours and the like
>despite some disturbance and the soaked ground, the town market was in full swing
>familiar faces stood out; regular townsfolk besides, Zecora saw Pinkie and her sister, Maud, having a discussion
>the energetic sister then took off, though not before the shaman gave the 5’5, full figured earth girl a quick study before she entered Sugarcube Corner
-Magic pool: +3
-Height/figure adjustment: moderate chubbiness/plushness (hourglass focus)
-Traits: high energy party girl; thrives on positivity and works hard for it
-rock farm background: stronger than she looks
-Element of Harmony: ?
>and of course Maud herself, as she slowly wandered the market place afterwards at half the pace of everyone else
>she had the same Pie family earth girl shapeliness, though thinner and outwardly plain than her spunkier sister, but Zecora had heard a lot about her, so she gave the near-literal earth girl a study too:
-Magic pool: +3
-Height/figure adjustment: nil, inadequate
-Traits: Rock solid: if earth girls are ‘everyday’ rock strong, and Cheerilee is corundum strong, Maud is kimberlite diamond hardcore strong
-tectonic personality: slow and steady...
>Zecora was shaken from her study by someone bumping into her
>a blonde woman who kept glancing at the sky
>”Oh, sorry!” Said Lily Valley. “I’m still in a panic about the earthquake! The giant!! I thought the world was going to end!”
>a quick study offered little but a tiny boost to her magic pool, but more than anything, Zecora was bemused by being considered a world ending event
>so she wrapped a powerful arm around Lily, pulled the shorter girl into a sort of hug, where Lily was getting a face full of Zecora’s massive tits, and patted her on the head
>”You need not fear, oh flighty one,
>the earth titan was just having fun!”
>Lily asked, “earth titan? W- what’s that?”
>Zecora pulled Lily’s face even deeper into her mountainous chest
>”A mighty spirit of fertility, we’re blessed she’s near!
>she’s just looking for a place to rest her town crushing rear!”
>muffled, from the deepest depths of her chest, “t-town crushing!? The horror, the horror!”
>Zecora giggled and held Lily until she began to struggle for breath, then released the panicked girl, who ran, eyes skyward, into several others as she went in her way
>Zecora realised she could get used to this; her wisdom granted her a special place here, but now she was hotter, stronger, taller (if not right now) than almost everyone
>she felt like a goddess
>but for now, and noticing Maud had vanished elsewhere, she carried on
>even above the bustle, a voice suddenly cut through, angry and grandiose
>”No, no, no! Trixie can’t just ‘make do!’ You don’t understand how important tonight is; in fact, if everything isn’t ready for the Great and Spectacular Trixie show, this whole town will be a laughing-stock!”
>the noble blood magician and performer stood out amidst the rest; purple, starry wizard hat and cloak, waistcoat, stockings and skirt certainly had plenty of flair
>Trixie was arguing with a surly earth blood labourer, who said, “that was before the downpour ruined the curtains and two of my guys getting into an accident ‘cause they were ogling that giant’s ass. I ain’t got the time or people to get it fixed, so you’ll have to do it yourself. Anyway, didn’t you used to be great and powerful?”
>Trixie huffed and fiddled with her silvery blue hair. “‘Powerful’ tends to have ‘negative connotations’ and it’s bad ‘optics’ or whatever, at least according to my friend,” she mumbles, then puffs out her perky chest and loudly continues, “but that’s beside the point! Trixie paid you to get the stage ready and can’t do it herself because she’s still replacing the soaked pyrotechnics.”
>the earth blood shrugged and walked off, and the performer looked panicked and called out, “please! I can’t do this alone!”
>Trixie’s shoulders slumped as she took off her hat, sat on a bench and sighed
>Zecora studied her; 5’7, slim, undeniably pretty with C cups and shapely hips, but at this point, Zecora’s frame dwarfed the magicians own; like almost everyone now, the figure adjustment was sadly lacking
-Magic pool: +4
-Height/figure adjustment: nil
-Traits: The Great and Powerful Ego!: though more grounded now, has her moments of self inflated delusion
-Genuinely talented: a world of potential (if focused right)
We have our Trixie, who’s looking quite down. What do you want do do? Observe from afar? Offer to help? For a town of possibilities.
help Trixie with the stage.

I vote to help her out
It is
File: lyra gym.png (245 KB, 649x839)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
That's an 'unf' from me, friend.
Post-work out, buff and glistening girls are top tier.
File: 1528770061752.gif (59 KB, 353x347)
59 KB
See if we can't convince her hirelings to stick around if assist
surely with a bit more horsepower the show can go on
There's also just how confident she looks. Which i like too
File: 1467406181111.jpg (205 KB, 707x1024)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
File: boob-duty.jpg (354 KB, 1200x973)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
Some of my favorite Princess Silverspoon stuff is forbidden so I put it in the boob thread: >>>/trash/37804823
Thanks for sharing.
Fuck, that's a nice Celestia. I know there's a ton of stories and images where she's the bustiest and tallest woman in the land already, but I just can't get enough of that.
File: 1481505.png (547 KB, 2000x2000)
547 KB
547 KB PNG
It's a classic for a reason

>Princess Silverspoon will never bully you into letting her read a story

>She'll never take the opportunity to smother you with tits bigger than you.

>You'll never pass out from her warmth, her heartbeat all around you.
>tfw no Princess Twist
And what is she the princess of anyway? What's the lore?
Candy canes, surprising plot elements, and citrus zest garnishes on beverages?
>Celestia gets taunted into an eating contest with Pinkie and Applejack
>it awakens some good, old fashioned gluttony and pride in the princess; before putting on the crown, she was infamous for her appetite
>the big eating earth pair put up an astonishing effort as Celestia’s full figure soon has a distended stomach added to her list of awe inspiring curves
>but she ultimately wins, but at what cost?
>as everyone looks on in shock at the almost pregnant-looking bulge beneath Celestia’s huge bust, they all gasp as her belly groans, rumbles and she looses a hearty burp
>and her powers process the feast, and she begins to grow even taller, bustier and curvier while her belly deflates
>and culminates in her chair breaking, the pressure and shake of her tits shredding her dress, and suddenly even sitting, she’s head, shoulders, breasts and newly flattened belly above her subjects

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