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There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare.

"Praise the Sun" edition

Old thread: >>36499726

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Ongoing greens:

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ponepaste.org/477 (Part 1)
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The Broken Carousel (Part 1): ponepaste.org/1541
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(TS Interlude 2): ponepaste.org/1544

This Heart That Fears


Low Self-Esteem AJ

All I want from christmas

Couch Surfing

A collection of misc. green since the 1st thread
File: Gie5u.png (455 KB, 900x645)
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455 KB PNG
One mare above all.
File: 1596809599594.png (321 KB, 802x751)
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321 KB PNG
File: 1572805264913.jpg (35 KB, 400x379)
35 KB
>sunchad edition
well alright alright alright
This is indeed, the average sunchad.
>Wherein he literally proceeds to rip the shirt off
Context ruins everything.
Obviously to feel her divine rays upon himself
File: Are you not praised.jpg (201 KB, 683x1024)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
>Celestia takes the reins of the match initiative and does away with the bureaucracy of all those 'interviews and recon missions' and replaces the process with gladiator matches
Right, here's the update as promised, albeit much later than I hoped thanks to technical difficulties.
Hope you enjoy it.

>The process of the data retrieval mission is largely at your discretion in order to go easy on #deca.mare.
>She is, as always, available for advisory issues, but you have mutually agreed to hide the specifics of your findings until you have extracted and examined them first.
>Plus, you want her to have this break after your turbulent entry.
>So you do not plan to directly consult her at all while she tries to come to terms with herself and the situation.
>A fiddly task lies ahead of you.
>One for which you have to borrow some rather extensive knowledge about the internal terraformer structures and their programs to even operate more or less competently.
>You feel the constant mental pressure, but the scale is thankfully not too taxing as far as the capacities of your own mind are concerned.
>Still, you would be lying if you said you would enjoy the work under these circumstances.
>Because for every file that you recover in a readable state, you find two that are corrupted in some shape or form.
>And that does not even include the data which is flat out gone because of failed hardware parts that are physically damaged or completely missing.
>But you cannot allow yourself to get discouraged by these setbacks, so you venture on.
>You copy what you can, make notes as to what files roughly contain what data, and store them in the archive which the two of you have prepared.
>Additionally, you also create a list of files which you can confirm to be lost for good.
>That particular number is relatively small, as #deca.mare's logs regarding #deca.sigma's data is rather limited, but you take every evidence you can get your hands on.
>Interestingly though, you barely remember the contents of individual files.
>You inspect them quickly once you find them, to record what kind of information you are looking at.
>And yet they fail to leave a lasting impression on your mind.
>You wager that this is caused by the additional strain on your physical brain during your extensive usage of the link to #deca.mare's own archives.
>A temporary effect, sure, though a pretty disconcerting one, as you constantly have to rely on your own notes for reference.
>Oh well, you will have to go through everything at least one more time anyway after you completed the first round.
>If not more.
>So you can live with that impairment for now, given that it does not hinder your progress.
>You work for what feels like hours without pause, although you have no idea whether this correlates with real time or not.
>And you simply do not find the opportunity to check it out.
>Your priorities lie on the data retrieval for #deca.mare's wellbeing while she takes a long break.
>Probably in the chair, tightly hugging your body.
>You sigh as you consider to check on her in a moment of doubt.
>But you get that out of your mind.
>#deca.mare would call for you if she were really badly in need of your attention.
>And you have not fulfilled your promise yet.
>So you go on.
>File after file, directory after directory, core segment after core segment.
>You check every nook and cranny, double check your notes, and confirm your findings with a variety of analysis programs.
>A long time later, only after you are fully satisfied and convinced that you have absolutely researched everything, you conclude your work.
>You mentally form your notes into an interactive book, and save it for further use.
>All the recovered files have been copied to the data core at the dock, ready to be worked on at a moment's notice.
>After you have completed your task and left the digital necropolis, you feel weary.
>Partly because you frantically worked for loner than you are normally comfortable with, and partly due to the nature of your work.
>In all these solitary hours, you could never fully suppress the subconscious realisation that you are working on a graveyard of sorts.
>This permanent morbid element of your actions does a number on your spirit.
>You materialize a set of double doors in your mind.
>It leads back to your body, presumably lying on the command deck and with a very clingy certain someone attached to it.
>You are glad that you finally leave this place for the time being to return to the realm of the living.
>After this turbulent day, you will certainly also have a lot of comforting work to do on #deca.mare over there.
>But it cannot be as draining as the file retrieval run in #deca.sigma's data core, for the mere fact alone that you get to share this experience with your better half.
>That alone goes a long way; your solo mission has proven this much to you once again.
>And so you have no fear as your mind approaches the gate and slips through the rift in the simulation.
>Suddenly, from one split second to the other, you sit.
>The default main status screen in front of you, a soft padding at your back.
>You were indeed brought to the command deck.
>And a warm presence wraps itself around your side.
>You turn your head and find #deca.mare holding herself tight to your body.
>She looks up to meet your gaze, and you read her mood as you closely study her eyes.
>You can see a certain exhaustion in her as well.
>Not caused by stress through hard work or other physical toil though; this is a purely emotional fatigue.
>You understand each other without either of you saying a single word.
>You heave #deca.mare up and put her right on your lap, with her chin resting on your chest, and her forehooves wrapping themselves around you right underneath your arms.
>And you start to gently pet her.
>Everywhere from the shoulders to the back and barrel, as well as her legs, hooves, and haunches.
>You do not leave a single spot out, except for the most private ones.
>Going there could send the wrong signals, as unintentionally arousing #deca.mare could be detrimental for her overall condition at the moment.
>No, this calls for innocuous measures.
>#deca.mare needs genuine wholesome physical affirmation after the events of this day, and you think you can sense her unspoken gratitude as your fingers comb her coat.
>It has been quite a while since she was this tense before and after a session.
>And even though both of you saw it coming, you wished things would have gone a little different today.
>Just a tiny bit better could have made a huge difference.
>But with things being as they are, you have to deal with the cards that were given to you.
>You pet and groom her coat for what seems like an eternity, again not bothering to check the time even once.
>Chances are very high that you are already overdue for your next nap, but you do not care in the slightest.
>#deca.mare is the only thing that matters to you, and you are willing to go on until the end of the universe if you had to.
>Though this is thankfully not necessary.
>At some point you notice that she has closed her eyes.
>Firmly asleep with a slow, peaceful, and even breath.
>And much to your own relief, she shows no signs of stress or nightmares from what you can tell.
>Well, that also answers what you are going to do next.
>You keep tending to #deca.mare as you quickly run a routine analysis of the systems on board of your own ship.
>Since #deca.mare is not able to perform them, you take it upon yourself to help her out.
>Even despite the astronomical small chance of something not being operating within normal parameters.
>As expected, your analysis does not find any anomalies.
>You can get some rest now too.
>You give #deca.mare a light kiss on the forehead before you lean back and close your eyes.
>A bed is all fine and well, but you rather sleep in the chair with her right atop of you than risking to wake her up again.
>So can only you make do with what you have and follow #deca.mare into the realm of dreams as the consoles around you do their normal duty.
File: 113_reshape_your_tome.png (38 KB, 217x146)
38 KB

>Some time later, on the memorial grounds.
>#deca.mare and you enter the place through a doorway that dissipates right behind you, leaving you two seemingly isolated and secluded within this serene place.
>Both of you have mutually chosen to situate the passage close to the centre of the site.
>Meaning the central terraformer monument is not very far away.
>You look at each other, nod in unison, and slowly begin to walk towards the statue on its artistic pedestal.
>This will be the first session of #deca.mare's new project.
>She has told you some of the specifics as you two worked on the first batch of files which you extracted from #deca.sigma's core.
>And as you heard more of her plans, you initially thought she would not be ready for such a big thing yet.
>Even now you think she is not quite there yet to actually complete her vision.
>But you realised that this does not matter.
>Both #deca.mare's skills and confidence will surely grow with the time she invests in this endeavour, and for you it is an interesting experience as well.
>It gives you a welcome opportunity to write more than simple reports of your own, or to merely make notes on the ancient reports of others.
>You reach the terraformer monument.
>And you take a short while to quietly stand in front of the name plaque to commemorate the events of of the past.
>As you remain there, your gaze eventually falls on the name of #deca.sigma on the plaque.
>You feel a strange mix of emotions at that.
>On the one hand, it seems somewhat improper to have it there as you try to restore Sigma to the best of your abilities.
>But on the other hand, you fully know that the Sigma who existed before the war will never truly come back.
>And it is that #deca.sigma for whom you dedicated that spot on the list.
>You carefully peek at #deca.mare from the corner of your eye.
>She apparently does not want to comment on your musings, so you do not further allude to the topic.
>You had your reasons for building this site the way you did, and you are not going to tinker with it now.
>Both of you conclude your moment of silence with a little bow of respect.
>#deca.mare then proceeds to trot up to the pedestal and sit down with her back turned towards the marble.
>And she absent-mindedly observes the projection of infinity all around you as soon as she sits.
>You swiftly follow suit, minus the distant gaze into the off.
>Resting leaned against such a monument is surely not something that either of you would do on an actual public site, as it could easily be interpreted as undue by bystanders.
>Though what looks like an act of disrespect is in truth the exact opposite.
>#deca.mare does this to honour her legacy and that of her kin in her own unique way.
>Through her presence, and her actions whilst she is here.
>On top of that, it is also the best place for her work due to your measures of preventing a mental breakdown.
>And although you did not think that things would develop in this direction when you created this memorial, your design still works precisely as intended since it helps #deca.mare.
>So mission accomplished regardless.
>As you have taken your "seat" at the pedestal, you silently count to ten before you address #deca.mare.
"You give the word."
>"Hmhm. Just a moment, please."
>You wait politely.
>And some minutes pass before she finally gets herself to say it.
>"Please let us start, Anon."
>You perform a preset command that you have articulately formulated in advance as a preparation for this moment.
>Three closed dossiers appear mid air and float before you.
>Each visibly holds a moderate number of paper pages, but neither of you can read any of its content.
>Plus, none of them is named on the outside, so nobody can determine anything based on the outer appearance of the files.
"Here you go. Three mission reports of Sigma, all read and hand picked by me."
>"And you are sure they are suitable?"
"I think so. It was hard to choose with the little details you have given me at the time, but they should work."
>You grin.
"And no, I don't know which one is which. I told the automaton to randomise the order in which they appear. Double blind pick, you see?"
>#deca.mare nods.
>"And the other two?"
"Will be revealed to you alongside your pick after you made your choice. Though I presume you can guess the cases I selected to choose from for our session today. By now you know the charted documents as well as I do."
>You managed to make her shrug with light amusement, even in face of this delicate subject matter.
>"Actually, I have no idea, Anon. You are not so easy to see through when you have temporarily blocked me from processing your thoughts."
>You shrug back at her.
"Hm, for people like me it's the normal state of being. Guess you'll have to see for yourself then."
>You slowly wave your arm in the direction of the three objects, inviting #deca.mare to make her move.
"The choice is yours."
>#deca.mare hesitates as she stares at the three identical dossiers, initially unsure which one to pick.
>You assume she considers which report could be hidden behind what cover, but there is no way for her to know for sure.
>And you have deliberately created a situation where you have no direct way to sway her.
>After a short while, #deca.mare exhales.
>"The middle one."
"Your last word?"
>"Yes. Random luck."
>You let the dossier in the middle float closer until it is in your reach.
>You grab the whole thing, put it on the ground right next to you, and open the seal.
"Want to see it first?"
>"No. Let us find out together."
>You nod as you pick the bundle of bound paper from within and hold it between the two of you.
>You look at the cover simultaneously.
>It features a report number, paired with a picture of a nebula, taken in the now dead zone of the former war.
>"Oh. The nebula charting mission."
"Hm. The alternatives would have been the scouting of a planet and the repair errant to a friendly squad of damaged automatons."
>The respective files open themselves up and reveal their covers.
"Honestly, this one was the least favourite pick of mine out of the three. But I needed three options and it was the best of the remaining ones we have recovered so far."
>"It is fine. We made a choice, now we must work with it."
"Question is, can you?"
>#deca.mare answers without doubt this time.
>"With your help? Almost assuredly."
>Well, that certainly is one way to count on your practical assistance in the matter.
>Nothing forces a hand quite like a basic assumption of relying on one's presence and competence by default.
>Though you also decipher the things she did not mention outright.
>#deca.mare did not say this to put you under pressure; she pointed this out to stress her wish for your help and guidance.
>Okay, that is what you are here for anyway.
"Well then. I suggest we get through the report one more time to warm ourselves up. I've got to read some of the details again too."
>"Why do you not lend the data you need from me?"
>You shake your head.
"Having the data isn't the whole game, #deca, it's also about consciously spending some time with the material if we're going to pull your plan off. Reading the thing is only the easiest way to do it."
>You are sure #deca.mare understands your implications.
>After all, she must be aware that she cannot turn pieces of her past into a hopefully beneficial creative endeavour if she may shy away from facing it.
>Consciously or subconsciously.
>#deca.mare must willingly expose herself to moderate doses of this information as she tries to keep her stress levels low regardless.
>Both you and, as a last resort, the light cloud are there to catch her when she fails, but she must find the courage to make herself venture further on her own.
>Otherwise you would inevitably take on a dominant role and simply drag her along.
>This scenario is of course unacceptable to you.
>Up to this point she has been fairly brave and resilient, though you suspect that this could become the next tricky challenge for her.
>You are certain that there will be delicate moments waiting for you two in which she may very well stumble and hesitate, but it is not in your power to prevent that altogether.
>All that you can do is helping her to learn from these experiences, and to slowly but surely make her more resistant to the turmoil.
>If all things go very well, this project she came up with may even help #deca.mare to immunise herself against the worst effects of her own stress.
>But you should start with step one first before you dream of the ideal outcome.
"Page one?"
>#deca.mare nods again.
>"Page one."
>You turn the cover paper around and see the first page of the actual report.
>The two of you read a story about #deca.sigma charting a previously unknown nebula.
>A rather unusual task for a terraformer that is mainly primed to scout and alter planets for human colonisation, sure, but not entirely unheard of.
>It was a convenient target between two other assignments, so the minor detour was approved by the headquarters.
>And Sigma has recorded everything from here on out.
>The first pages describe some general projections about the size of the cloud, what material it is composed of, what could possibly be found inside and what risks there may lie within.
>A thorough, and detailed estimation of possible reality, based on previous experiences and a first batch of hard long range sensor data.
>The document feels in many ways strangely familiar to you, given its remarkably specific style which almost matches that of #deca.mare.
>Nothing special, considering the origin of said report, but still a unique experience in its own right.
>Especially since you two are very likely the first ones to read this thing in centuries.
>It is a piece of ancient history, and yet more alive than you would have expected.
>To you it seems as if the mere writing on the imaginary paper reflects a tiny bit of #deca.sigma's original essence, a part of what Sigma was.
>In a way, it is.
>You regularly check on how #deca.mare is doing after a page or two before you go on.
>Her gaze is a tiny bit misty-eyed, yet every time you ask, she always affirms to be willing for more.
>Then you come to the next part.
>The segment in which Sigma starts to explore the nebula from a much closer range with a series of far more profound and elaborate tests and scans.
>Once again with the greatest deal of precise accuracy applied, and once again yielding a good deal of additional insights.
>Then a third segment, a fourth, and finally an extensive conclusion for the HQ.
>And while you do not understand every minute detail of the report, you can picture the general gist of it in your mind.
>Good enough for #deca.mare's project.
>You let the stack of paper float out of your hands and "pin" it in the air in such an angle that both #deca.mare and you can read the text with ease.
>After that you materialise a stack of new blank pages, a pair of small desks, two quills, and a small filled inkwell.
>#deca.mare tilts her head in surprise.
>"You want to write this in the literal sense?"
"Yeah. I think it's worth a shot to get ourselves in the mood, you know? Besides, we should get used to it. It's what's going to be used on Equestria as well."
>Only a short moment of consideration later, #deca.mare picks up a few pieces of paper to orderly arrange them on the desk which stands closer to her.
>She bites down on one of the quills, lifting the feather up with her teeth.
>You do the same with your set of the writing equipment and place the opened inkwell right between the two desks.
>The two of you now have everything at hand to start writing.
>Provided you have a few inspirations of what you actually want to put down on the pages.
>"Tho, any thuggethion on how tho thart, Anon?"
>You must chuckle lightly as you hear #deca.mare's distorted speech.
>It just never gets old to watch ponies using their mouths for everyday activities like this.
>You imagine a creative meeting between a group of professional writing ponies must be a blast to listen to.
>But you abstain from joking about it, both because you know this is a serious issue, and because she has asked a genuine question.
>What is a good way to start a story about a fictional pony whose actions vaguely resemble real events from a long bygone age, but in a somewhat retold and re-imagined fashion as to adapt it for a reading pony audience on another planet?
>Indeed a scenario which you have not been confronted with in any of your educational courses back at the academy.
>Both of you mull over that point for a few minutes until #deca.mare gets an idea.
>"How abouth the clathical opthener? You know the one."
"Which one do you mean?"
>"Onth upon a thime, oth courth."
>You raise an eyebrow.
"Written like that? Sounds archaic enough, I suppose."
>#deca.mare grunts and spits out her quill.
>She puts it on her desk beside the paper.
>"Obviously in normal speech, Anon."
"I don't know, it still looks like we'd copy Celestia's fairy tale opener word for word."
>"So what? It has been a traditional opening for a very long time. Its origin dates back to a period even prior to the creation of the show. We would only follow an ancient literary custom."
>And considering the sort of text which #deca.mare has envisioned to create, it should apply properly to your context as well.
"Well, alright. Guess it's doubly fitting then."
>You drench the tip of your quill in the pool of dark ink.
"Heh. Will take a while to get used to that."
>You carefully write the four words on the first line of the page, minding to produce a legible text.
>#deca.mare mirrors your action with a great deal of precision, albeit with teeth instead.
>Something which you might also have to master at a later date if you want to blend into the crowd.
>After all, literacy is ubiquitous in Equestria as well, and you would stick out if you cannot even write decently.
>But that is an issue for later.
>Today you two have a story to write.
>With the basic beginning now established, you start to discuss how the story shall develop.
>Neither of you writes a full text yet, as you initially go through the report another time and make notes on the elements you could use, how you could implement them, and what the plot shall actually lead to.
>And so the first collaborative fiction of yours is slowly starting to take shape.
>You quickly agree to make it centre around a pony character whose description is deliberately vague in some regards, but fairly descriptive in others.
>Your fictitious main character turns out to become an unnamed pony stallion in the guard service of some equally unnamed pony realm of the past, long before the age of the Royal Sisters.
>His ruler has entrusted a simple, yet not uncomplicated errand to him.
>The stallion shall explore an old, thick forest near the border the kingdom.
>Word has it that the old trees could harbour some powerful ancient relic, or other forms of mysterious magic with great potential.
>So he is sent out to investigate, and if possible, secure the power in the name of the realm he has sworn his allegiance to.
>You do, however, not specify what tribe the pony belonged to.
>The two of you only state that the forest is so lush and dense that it is hard to tread by any pony standard.
>Also, there is indeed a light magical fog that constantly blankets the air underneath the treetops, making it even impossible for Pegasi to accurately spot things underneath the canopy of leaves.
>An easy method for you to deliberately give the audience more room to speculate and simultaneously increase the dramatic effect.
>And the rest of the story consists almost only of creatively embroidered parallels to Sigma's report.
>The lone pony travels to the forest.
>He draws sketches of landmarks for orientation and estimations before he enters.
>He ventures to the very border and checks the trees for signs of magical alteration.
>And he delves into the forest proper, where he faces many natural obstacles and hurdles which he has to overcome on his way to the centre.
>With nothing more than his wits and the humble gear of a loyal guardspony.
>How he deals with the fog without losing the right tracks.
>How he stumbles upon some quaint bits and pieces that somepony else has left behind for some reason or another.
>And how he indeed eventually finds an enchanted object of old in the heart of the forest.
>The magical object which creates the fog.
>That artefact is of course a highly exaggerated embodiment of the final report you are holding now, but whereas your findings clear the mists of the past a bit, it is the exact opposite in the story.
>Still, #deca.mare insists on embedding this point in the plot in order to have the hero take the artefact, learn to control its power, and to remove the damp around the woods.
>But the conclusion diverges greatly from reality.
>Where #deca.sigma got a simple confirmation of the report, quickly followed by the next set of instructions, the stallion gets lauded and praised for his deeds as he returns to the castle of his liege.
>For uncovering a mystery at the realm's border and securing a relic that, while not practically very useful in many situations, is still a powerful asset in its own right.
>And so the stallion gains fame, a generous reward and a good end.
>Happy life ever after, and so on.
>No massive war in which he falls with his side torn open.
>Not a single mention of death and destruction.
>After all, neither of you wants to burden the early Equestrian readers with your baggage.
>There will surely come a time when you have to reveal this subject too.
>Though this moment lies so far in the distant future that it is entirely pointless to even contemplate about the subject for a good number of centuries.
>At the very least.
>It pains #deca.mare to omit such crucial details, even in a narratively speaking highly liberal re-narration of technically distantly true events.
>But you can convince her to leave these things out.
>Nobody, or rather nopony, would benefit from those additions anyway.
>Yet #deca.mare insists on one final caveat.
>The texts concludes with one note at its very end.
>A hint at a legend, stating that there once was a dire day in the age before Harmony.
>With a menace so threatening that the realm had to use the old artefact to cover the whole kingdom in an impenetrable wall of fog and smoke.
>To hide itself from the world outside, and to disappear from reality.
>Only to return at a later date.
>But nopony knows when or if the realm returned.
>Perhaps it is still out there.
>Biding its time to reveal itself.
>You cannot overlook the obviously deliberate ambiguity of that chosen imagery.
>And how it could be misinterpreted in reference to other happenstances, rather than #deca.mare and the truth.
>Like the Crystal Empire and the rise of Cadence.
>Or something completely different.
>Far more mundane perspectives for an Equestrian mind in any case.
>Although you realise how absolutely insane even stories of this already tempered kind would have sounded to you only a year ago.
>Talking ponies in a city of crystals, using magical artefacts to affect their surroundings?
>But this is a crux with legends and perspectives.
>They often have a foundation in reasonable reality, but once one tries to interpret their meanings outside the sphere of available hard evidence, things can get off the rails very quickly.
>And if the amount of intel is very limited, even more so.
>The future ponies will probably go through a lot of these speculations, especially in the early stages.
>A fascinating thing to consider.
>To observe what creative things the inhabitants of Equestria will come up with on their own.
>To witness them gradually making sense of the world around them while they hone their talents.
>To see Harmony taking shape as the world grows.
>And a tiny part within you is curious to find out whether they enjoy your collaborative writing.
>Both of you may be required to act with utmost care when you interact with the world, but you do not see any harm in releasing some innocuous little stories meant to be made and read for the sake of having a purely creative outlet and finding some amusement.
>#deca.mare and you found an opportunity to test your hands at something new, possibly finding a passion you never knew you had.
>This is a key cornerstone of what the spirit of Equestria is all about, is it not?
>And in a somewhat strange way, you keep a small part of Sigma's memory alive in the minds of others at the same time, even when nopony can see the full picture for several ages to come.
>Maybe not much, but all you can do for now.
>You bet #deca.mare thinks about your work in very similar lines.
>But regardless of what the far future holds, you put this issue aside as you suddenly realise something.
>The two of you have actually completed your first story draft within a day.
>Sure, you will obviously read your produce again soon and possibly revise some minor passages here and there, yet your foundation stands on solid ground.
>You put your quills on your desks, save the document, and let the writing equipment disappear with a thought.
>After a short moment of common contemplative silence, you let your head tilt over to #deca.mare's shoulder and nuzzle her coat with your cheek.
"And? Happy?"
>#deca.mare hesitates.
>"Can we stay a moment longer? I think I could still need the safety net. Just in case."
"No problem. I wasn't asking about leaving anyways. Are you happy with the basic script though?"
>"Hmhm. I think so."
"Huh, not the level of satisfaction I had hoped for. It's our first text."
>"Do not misunderstand me, Anon. This is an important moment for which I am grateful, but it is also... difficult to stomach."
>You nod wordlessly.
"Then maybe we should postpone the shooting until we're doing the editing."
>"The shooting?"
>Your camera appears.
"You think I'd let that event pass by without making some photos?"
>#deca.mare observes the camera as it floats in the air.
>The camera disappears as well.
"... like I said. At the editing. After you had the chance to relax."
>You give her a kiss.
"Don't want a dulled mood to disturb your natural beauty on the photos, you know?"
>"Sometimes you have an unusual timing to express compliments, Anon."
>You shrug casually.
>And a faint smile escapes her muzzle.
>You smile back and pet her mane as the two of you look out at the vast starscape.
>As you let some serene time pass after your creative outburst in the shadow of this significant memorial statue, you already devise some plans to create two siblings for your first mental creation.
>You still have two more reports at hand, and you bet you could send your unnamed stallion on a quest to explore another unexplored kingdom, and a mission in which he saves a group of other loyal guardsponies in need.
>But first texts first, and #deca.mare's wellbeing above them all.
>The pace remains all up to her.
You keep on keepin on, man
And done. Fingers crossed that nothing else breaks this time.
Well, I'm trying my best to complete this story, no matter how long it takes.
mare says your same numbers are a good sign and your fortune is berry good
Beware, your next challenger is the dreaded Cultist of Coom, with his superhuman strength and caustic coom cannon
Can you survive?
Purge the xmas robomare link from the next OP, it was just a short prompt fill I did and it's already in my bin
File: IMG_3492.jpg (283 KB, 790x782)
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File: z1517220904585.png (353 KB, 534x600)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
>Um honey? I found this picture of you before you became a school teacher, what what's the story behind it?
File: Mission Status_Sick.png (275 KB, 500x500)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
>Writing stories about the other #deca units to enshrine them in equestrian history along with being a method of carthisis and mourning.
Absolute genius.
File: 1494352.jpg (354 KB, 1165x1280)
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354 KB JPG
The Dreams to Dream update is shaping up nicely, I'll probably finish it up and drop it sometime tomorrow morning
Hell yeah. Looking forward to it.
"What's it like to kill somepony?"
>"I wouldn't know; I've only ever killed yaks"
None will stand between [her] and I.
File: King Conan.jpg (78 KB, 1280x720)
78 KB
Pulsa Coom and his one-eyed snake cult stand no chance.
>One of these days I'm gonna have to write an Anon x Cadence clop story.

Here, I'll help
>day ass in equestria
>be anon
>approach love horse
"ey babee u wanna smash?"
>"Anon if this is about sex, I swear I'm gonn-"
>You pull out your switch and copy of smash bros, you mouth stretching into a smile
>Cadance sighs
>"I'll go get the peetzer..."
*several hours later*
>After many rounds of smash which you let her win about half, mostly and a couple of pizzas, candy figured the air was ripe for a romantic movie
>You suggested Apocalypse Now but since she saw it four times already, the two of you agreed on Platoon
>5 minutes into the movie, Candy nudges you with her hoof
>You turn towards her and you lock eyes with hers
>They seem more moist than usual
>"Anon, please don't tell me this passes as romance for you."
"...No, it wouldn't even pass grade school."
>"Then, could we just watch a romantic movie? For me?"
>You give in and put on a generic human romance movie
>The two of you sit on the couch in silence, she is captivated by the movie while you glance between the TV, her, and space
>As the movie progresses, you can see her making mental notes of how the people move, talk, gesture. It's kind of silly in retrospect but her studies revolve around love so its not your place to question it.
>Then a dance scene starts. She is enraptured by the people gracefully moving around
>You take a chance
"Ey, wanna dance?"
>She giggles
>"Yes, but I need a partner!"
>You extend a hand towards her
>She looks down at your hand then back at you incredulously, you gesture again and add a small smile
"I'd be honored to have your hoof in this dance."
>She places her hoof in your hand and the two of you move over to an empty part of the floor
>You help her stand up and help place her forelegs in a comfortable hold on your body and hand
>The two of you slowly begin to sway along with the music, and added some more complexity as you became comfy
>It started with some small steps but the steps became more confident
>She smiled and giggle-snorted all the way, and you couldn't help but smile along
>"Could we take this dance elsewhere, I'd like to see how humans move to the next step?"
"Like the bedroom?"
>She hums in response
>You lead her towards your room
>You lift her up into a bridal carry while staying in pace with the dance
>The two of you twirl into your bedroom, letting the movie play on for no one
>You banged, okay?

>Meanwhile, at the fortress of doo- Canterlot Castle
>Princess Celestia jolts herself awake at the sound of an alarm
>She searches the room for the source of the offending noise
>She finds it, her mouth drops open
>The improbability alarm went off
>She launched herself to a balcony overlooking the gardens on reflex
>She scanned the gardens, one area in particular
>After confirming that everything was as it should be, she retired to her bed
>However, she could not shake the feeling that someone close to her was getting some action
>A statue in the gardens trembled and received its first crack along its marble face
I like what you've got so far, even if it was lacking on the details when it came to beating up those pretty pink pony princess guts.
Mare is stronk.
File: 1705508.png (373 KB, 1020x988)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
Thick thighs save lives.
They're also good for pumping out foals from what I've heard.
good luck trying to pull out.
File: vyntanic.jpg (200 KB, 1280x720)
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200 KB JPG
>G5 shitstorm makin the boards waters mighty choppy, first and only mate
yarr, batten down the hatches
an bump an shit
File: 1607483607307.png (249 KB, 944x1024)
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249 KB PNG
File: 1459427.png (1.21 MB, 1920x1090)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
Editing is almost done, update soon.
File: 132728001671.png (203 KB, 674x486)
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203 KB PNG
>tfw g4 bunker.
I'm at work tomorrow lads dont let us get drowned out from whatever shitstorm spawns from tomorrows investor meeting.
Nice job. The braided tail means you've tamed the tempest, Anon.
File: 1692574.png (1.88 MB, 1400x1069)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
Alright, another doozy of an update for yall, enjoy.

>Tea Leaf had been through a lot in her young life, from her brutal training (at least when compared to the Royal Guard), to actual combat in a foreign country.
>Then from being seriously wounded, to her treatment and rehabilitation of Princess Luna, a being that had been considered for almost one thousand years to be a mere myth.
>But now she might have finally met her match in the form of the local seamstress.
>Considering the suddenness of her impending date with Thunder, she’d gone to Princess Twilight Sparkle for advice on where to get a decent dress quickly.
>She thought about taking the train back to Canterlot to go get one from her apartment there, but since by her own estimates Nightmare Moon was going to wake up anytime within the next couple days she decided that staying in Ponyville would be the best decision.
>Princess Twilight had recommended her friend Rarity, but had given Tea Leaf the warning of ‘not to give her too much romantic information for your own sake’.
>She now knew why.
>”Oh the excitement, the anticipation, the budding romance!”
>Tea Leaf stood in the center room of the Carousel Boutique, with strips of all kinds of fabric flying around her in Rarity’s magical aura.
>The unicorn herself seemed almost besides herself with energy, as more and more designs quickly flew around Tea Leaf’s body, only to be discarded and replaced seconds later.
>”I just said I needed a decent dress for a date, not a’
>”Oh don’t worry darling, I have just the design and colors that will make you shine!”
>Tea Leaf raised a single eyebrow as Rarity nearly fell over backwards as she reared up, spreading her hooves wide as a multitude of fabrics began to gather in front of her.
>”Just a few minutes more, and I’ll have this dress sewn and fitted.”
>”That quick?” Tea Leaf asked in surprise.
>Rarity looked as though Tea Leaf had just stomped her cat in the head.
>”Yes that quick, Twilight said I was fast, though I prefer not to call it exaggeration if I can perform on demand.”
>”Well that’s… good, I guess.”
>What followed was something she’d always tried to avoid, the choosing of the final colors for her dress.
>”I think the Imperial Red would look fantastic with your mane done up darling.”
>”I don’t really like that color myself, and I’m not doing up my mane.”
>Rarity once again looked shocked.
>”Not do up your mane? But darling, you simply must! I can already see how pleasant it would be done up in a style like this.”
>Before Tea Leaf could stop her, the eccentric seamstress had hopped next to her and lifted her mane away from her neck with a hoof.
>Tea Leaf jerked away from Rarity, but she knew it was too late.
>Rarity’s face did a complete 180, going from excited to horrified in an instant.
>”Oh my goodness darling what is that scar on yo”
>”I don’t want to talk about it.”
>Rarity went silent, and Tea Leaf suddenly realized how low and harsh her voice had been.
>”I’m sorry,” Tea Leaf sighed, ruffling her wings, “it's just, well, something I picked up in my service with the Foreign Legion, that’s all I want to say.”
>Rarity, for her part, resumed her cutting and sewing, albeit much more slowly and with much less fervor than before.
>”I’m the one should be apologizing dear, I shouldn’t have done that.”
>Her voice was subdued, and Tea Leaf could hear traces of remorse in her voice.
>”If you wish to keep your mane like that then I do have something in mind that would look excellent, in my opinion at least. Would you like to see it?”
>Tea Leaf smiled, the first genuine smile she’d worn since she’d arrived in Rarity’s shop.
>”Yes please.”
>A quick flourish of magic and a few stitches later, a dress hovered alongside her, at the perfect height to compare it from all angles, thanks to the many mirrors in place.
>”I think the pale green really contrasts nicely with your coat, but of course the decision is up to you.”
>Tea Leaf looked at herself in a couple of the mirrors, turning several different ways to see how it would look on her in various poses.
>”I think it looks fine for the occasion.”
>”Perfect! Then I’ll begin work on it immediately.”
>The partially thrown together dress flew to one of the worktables as Rarity pulled out several different types and colors of thread from a drawer.
>”It should be ready to pick up tomorrow at midday, and since I was such a rude host to you, this dress shall be on the house.”
>Tea Leaf’s eyes went wide with surprise, and she quickly trotted over towards Rarity, who was now quickly drawing out the final dress design.
>”You don’t have to do that, I’ve got plenty of bits saved up, how much is it go”
>”You will receive this dress and you will receive it without paying me a single thing. I clearly crossed the line earlier and I am very sorry for doing so.”
>Rarity placed the sketchpad she had been drawing in on the work table in front of her, and put a hoof on Tea Leaf’s shoulder.
>”Consider this repayment for prying too far into things that aren't my business, however curious I may be.”
>Tea Leaf could see the determination and honesty in the unicorns eyes, so she decided to drop it.
>”Alright, if it’s okay with you I guess I can’t argue with that. I’ll be by tomorrow to pick it up then.”
>Rarity shot her a large, honest smile before once again turning to her work table.
>”Splendid! I shall see you then. Now, what color to make the trim…”
>Taking advantage of Rarity’s distraction, Tea Leaf quickly and quietly made her escape.
>Closing the door behind her, she could see that the sun had nearly set, as the barest sliver of yellow and gold still shone from the top of the nearby mountains.
>Making her way back to Princess Twilight’s castle, with the autumn wind rustling the dry leaves on the trees around her, Tea Leaf sighed with content.
>The wind rustled her mane, causing the feather still woven into it to tickle the side of her head.
>She flicked it with her right ear, giggling.
>Tea Leaf was so excited for this she could barely stand it.
>But she had to tell him about her past tonight, what had happened to her in the Foreign Legion.
>She didn’t want to, in fact she wished she could go the rest of her life without ever mentioning it to anypony again.
>This was something she had to do though, it wouldn’t be fair for him not to know, if he was serious about the dating/relationship thing as his old-fashioned proposition indicated he was.
>She passed Sugarcube Corner, where she could hear the laughs and squeals of Pinkie Pie, as well as the deeper laughs of Anonymous.
>Apparently they weren’t done preparing for the Running of The Leaves tomorrow.
>Before too long the sun had almost completely set, and she soon found herself inside of the castle.
>She looked at the clock that stood in the entryway
>The hands showed it was 6:27
>What she remembered about the night rotation for the guards started at 8:00, so she had plenty to talk to Thunder.
>At least she hoped she did.
>Before she could even begin to prepare herself, the door that led to the dining room opened, and Thunder trotted out.
>His expression brightened when he saw her, and he trotted over to her, smiling
>”Hey Tea Leaf, how was your day?”
>She swallowed nervously before responding.
>”Other than getting measured for a dress it was fine, but I need to talk to you about some stuff before this date.”
>He tilted his head quizzically at her words.
>”Is something wrong?”
”No,” She sighed, “But there are some things I have to tell you, if you’re serious about this. You are serious right?”
>Tea Leaf couldn’t help but wince internally at the slight pleading tone in her question, but thankfully Thunder didn’t seem to notice it.
>”Well yeah, eh, yes, yes I was.”
>She smiled despite herself at the blush now spreading across his muzzle, and gestured with one wing to Thunder as she began to trot up the stairs towards her room.
>Knowing that curiosity was probably eating at Thunder, she made the trip much more quickly than normal, practically flying up the stairs to her room.
>It was only when she had closed the door behind Thunder did she finally begin to shake with nerves.
>”What’s wrong? Are you sure you’re okay?”
>She couldn’t help but look ashamed at Thunder’s question.
>”No, No I’m not, but I have to say this, before this goes any further. You need to know.”
>”Know about what?”
>”A-about my previous relationship, and h-how it ended.”
>And so she started from the beginning, much as she had with Anonymous several days previously.
>By the time she had gotten to her return to Canterlot as a broken, scared mare she was on her flanks, trembling, with tears flowing freely down her cheeks.
>Thunder, for his part, hadn’t said a single word, but his eyes had gone wide at her descriptions of the grisly things she had seen and done.
>Before she knew it, she had stopped talking all together, gently sobbing at the memories of her own horrific past.
>The next thing she knew she was wrapped in the gentle embrace of the other pegasus as she quietly sobbed, head buried in his chest.
>She must have been staining his coat with all the tears and the snot freely running from her nose but he didn’t seem to care in the least as he gently shushed her like a foal.
>”You m-must think I’m worthless now, a-a no good, p-patheti”
>A hoof which had been rubbing soft circles on her back came up under her chin to lift her muzzle up to face his.
>“Don’t ever say that about yourself.”
>His gentle yet firm tone raised her eyes to meet his gentle green ones.
>She could see the small yet sad smile on his muzzle as he brought his other hoof to the side of her neck, directly over her scar.
>”Don’t ever think that you’re worthless because of what you’ve done. I know a lot of other guards who have fled in terror if they faced what you did, even with the advanced training we’ve received in the last year.”
>One of his large wings went up and around her in a gentle, friendly embrace.
>”I’ll tell you right now that if anything, my admiration of you is even more than it was before, because you picked yourself up, and rebuilt yourself stronger than you were before.”
>”But what about him, you d-don’t care that I was already engaged?”
>”No, I personally don’t.” Thunder shook his head. “The important thing is what do you think? I don’t know what he would say, only you do.”
>Tea Leaf gave a choked laugh, despite the tears which still flowed from her eyes.
>”H-he would tell me not to be a stubborn old mare for the rest of my life, and find love again. We knew the risks, being e-engaged while still in a combat zone…”
>Words left her again, and she gently moved her head off of Thunder’s hooves and back into his chest, once again trying to hide her tears and shame.
>He accepted her without any hesitation, resuming his soft, methodic rubs on her back with his hoof.
>”I promise you, right now, that I’ll do everything in my power to make and keep you happy, okay? Let's just have this first date, and we’ll see how we both feel at the end of the night, okay?”
>She nodded her head against his large, soft chest, the gentle yet strong beating of his heart lulling her towards sleep.
>”It’s about time for me to armor up for my shit, is there any other way I can help?”
>She shook her head no, then raised her eyes to meet his.
>”Thanks, for everything.”
>He leaned his head down and nuzzled the side of her neck, getting a gentle, happy hum from her in response.
>”Good. Now, I bid you a wonderful night and sweet dreams.”
>She batted him with a hoof playfully.
>”I still have the evening checkup of my patient to do, you goof.”
>Chuckling himself, Thunder snapped a quick salute, before making his way out and back downstairs to the temporary guard barracks.
>Tea Leaf sat in the sudden silence before taking a deep breath, gathering her notes and clipboard from her bedside table, and making her way upstairs to check on her patient.
>Anon still wasn’t sure how Pinkie Pie had managed to bake that many cookies, considering that Sugarcube Corner only had three ovens.
>Even with his help, he was still amazed at the massive pile of cookies and other assorted treats and goodies the pink pony had managed to create in the span of just one afternoon.
>Deciding to put it down as a ‘Pinkie Pie thing’ and ignoring it, he focused on the lantern lit road to Twilight’s Castle.
>He hadn’t meant to stay out so long but the party pony’s cheerful attitude, jokes, and the comfortable kitchen in Sugarcube Corner had kept him long past the sunset.
>All he wanted to do right now was fall into his bed and sleep.
>He’d forgotten how much work went into baking.
>Trudging up the steps and quietly opening the large front doors, Anon snuck inside.
>According to the clock it was only 7:30, but he felt beat.
>With a hot shower and his soft sheets of his bed calling to him, he made his way to his room.
>It was only when he reached Tea Leaf’s room did he stop.
>He could hear what sounded like crying coming from inside.
>Curious, he leaned close to the door, hoping to hear what may be going on inside.
>When he clearly heard Tea Leaf crying and the soft, reassuring words of the guard Thunder, he stepped away.
>Not wanting to interrupt what sounded like an emotional moment from Tea Leaf, he quietly made his way up the final set of stairs, past the guard there, and entered his room.
>As he showered, his mind turned to Nightmare Moon for the first time since that morning, and his current dilemma with her.
>He honestly hoped that Princess Luna hadn’t been exaggerating Nightmare Moon’s feelings.
>He’d already seen what she could do when she was angry, and that had been when she was leagues weaker than she was now.
>He just hoped that she’d keep her cool while he explained.
“Well, I hope she doesn’t throw me out my sleep again,” He murmured as he wormed himself deeper into his comforter, “Last time sucked.”
>He didn’t have to wait long for his answer.
>”We wish to speak with you, dear Anonymous, on what you have done in our absence”
>Suddenly Anon found himself standing on a desolate mountainside, devoid of trees, next to a frothing, swirling sea.
>Even though it appeared to be sometime in the afternoon, thick clouds hid the sun, casting dark shadows across the jagged rocks and snow-covered peaks surrounding the two of them.
>He turned, finding Nightmare Moon sitting directly behind him, tapping the ground next to her in a clear invitation for him to sit.
“I have a good idea about what you want to talk to me about.”
>”Really?” Nightmare Moon tilted her head slightly, genuinely curious.
>”And what do you think We wish to speak of?”
“Well,” Anon walked over to Nightmare Moon and sat down on the large, moss-covered stone that appeared below him, “It’s about what I did at the Apple Family party the other night isn’t it?
>”How could you possibly know this?”
>Anon noted that Nightmare Moon looked perplexed, one of the few times he’d seen her like this.
“Well, I had some help figuring it, to tell you the truth. She could see that you managed to slip through their defensive spells to reach my mind.”
>The alicorn’s eyes went wide slightly.
>”You mean… Luna saw this? Saw me?”
“No no no, she didn’t see what you saw. She swore that she would never view any shared dream that we had together, but she could feel your emotions.”
>”And what emotions, pray tell, did she feel from Us?”
>Nightmare Moon’s voice was low, but not angry; to Anon it almost sounded like she was bashful.
“The main one was jealousy apparently. You saw me at Sweet Apple Acres dancing with Applejack didn’t you?”
>With something that sounded like a ‘harrumph’ Nightmare Moon turned an irritated glare at Anon, who held his ground and didn’t budge from his seat.
>”We do not know what this ‘dancing’ is, but We could see you and that mare, the Element of Honesty, doing those strange motions together, and the joy that you both radiated…”
>The irritation left her face, and her slit eyes fell downward, and she suddenly resembled a dog that had been denied a treat.
>”We thought that she was taking your affection, stealing it from Us. Is it something We did to you?”
>Anon sighed as he stood and gently held Nightmare Moon’s cheeks, raising her head to be level with his.
“You’re misunderstanding what happened. She wasn’t stealing anything. What you saw was two friends having fun and enjoying the bounty of a plentiful harvest, nothing more, nothing less.”
>He could see the glimmer of hope in those cyan pupils as she ruffled her wings in restrained joy.
>The simple, soft plea was enough for Anon.
>He leaned in for a soft, quick kiss.
“I didn’t do that with Applejack did I?” He asked, blushing from his spontaneous move.
>The alicorn seemed shocked by his sudden move, if the massive blush on her face was anything to go by.
>”N-no, We did not see any such thing, b-but We weren’t sure though.”
>Anon laughed as the alicorn tried to hide her blushing muzzle behind one wing.
“So, you really don’t know what dancing is?”
>He could see her shake her head behind her wing, since she was peeking at him from between her primary feathers.
>”The movements seemed familiar to Us, but We cannot remember why, nor what they were called.”
“Well, dancing is often something done for celebration, like at parties and gatherings, stuff like that… You can come out now, I’m not going to make fun of you.”
>Nightmare Moon finally emerged from behind her wing, blush greatly reduced, slitted cyan eyes glowing mischievously.
>”Since you seem intent on causing Us such distress at our lack of knowledge, We must return the favor.”
>Before Anon could respond, the alicorn’s horn lit up, and he suddenly found himself pressed against Nightmare Moon’s chest.
>Stunned at first, he found himself trapped against her thick soft chest tuft and her two front hooves, which held him close with surprising strength despite their lankiness.
>He couldn’t help but take a deep breath, inhaling the scent of Nightmare Moon.
>High forest and fresh nature smells; it was like an untamed, wild forest had been concealed within the soft luxurious fur of his mare’s chest.
‘This was his mare’, the primitive, scent-oriented part of his brain now told him.
>As he took another deep, content breath he could hear Nightmare Moon speaking resolutely as she rubbed the back of his head with her muzzle.
>”You are marked with Our scent now; none may claim you without trespassing Us.”
“You know this won’t translate to the real world and this is all for naught right?”
>Giving a snort at Anon’s snarky yet muffled reply, Nightmare Moon snuggled him even harder.
>”Please shut up and let Us enjoy this moment.”
>For a while, the two of them did nothing, content to rest in each other’s embrace and listen to the sounds of the mountains and distant waves.
>Anon turned, leaving back against Nightmare Moon’s chest, viewing the landscape before him.
“Kinda empty isn’t it? Not even trees or anything around here.”
>”That is correct. We created this place from a memory, one of Luna’s. This is the birthplace of the alicorn race.”
>Anon perked up at this information, curiosity suddenly raging inside of him.
>”Yes, I have no memory of this place, but Luna did, and We still have small scraps of her and her sister’s beginnings in this place, small and scattered as the memories may be.”
>Taking Anon’s silence as inquisitiveness she continued.
>”There were never many of them, only a few hundred or so. They were powerful in magical strength and sorcery, but their lust for more of this power was stronger.”
>”They drove their already low numbers down through infighting, destructive summoning attempts, and conflicts with the ancient dragons, hastening to the desolation that you see here.”
>Nightmare Moon gave a sad sigh. ”About these early events, Luna does not remember much, most of her knowledge of this time came from her older sister.”
>”Luna’s earliest memory is from her and her sister’s flight from their home as the last elders of their species slew each other, driven mad by the power they craved.”
“That’s… that’s harsh.”
>He could feel the muscles in Nightmare Moon’s neck flexing as she nodded above him.
>”Indeed it was. They were barely out of foalhood; alone, with no knowledge of the outside world, and spoke only the language of their own kind.”
>”It is in this language that We have chosen our new name.”
>Anon turned his head to look up at her.
“Really? What did you decide on?”
>He felt her murmur thoughtfully, and with the hum of her magic, glowing cyan letters appeared in front of him: ᚾᛁᚱᛗᚨᚾᛁ.
“What does it mean?”
>”Well, in the old tongue it is pronounced ‘Nýrmáni’, but in what We assume is still standard Equestrian, it translates to ‘New moon’.”
>Anon was silent for a moment, still going over the word in his mind.
“Nýrmáni, it rolls off the tongue nicely, I’ll give you that.”
>He pointed at the runes still floating just out of his reach.
“Is this the original Alicorn language then?”
>”The runes you see before you are, but the translated word is not in the original language that Luna, her sister, and her species spoke.” but a simpler version that the two of them eventually devised to communicate with the early Yak Tribes they found.”
>Anon leaned into the strange letters closely.
”Those look familiar, almost like a very old, dead language from my world.”
>”It very well may be; even from Our knowledge, and from what information We have gleaned from Luna’s remaining memories, different worlds and planes of existence often crossed and met in those long forgotten times.”
>”At the time of Our banishment at Celestia’s hooves, such events had not occurred in centuries. You could most likely count the number of times it has happened since on the digits of one of your hands.”
“Probably. But since I’m curious, why the old school name?”
>The alicorn tilted her head quizzically. ”What is this ‘old school’ that you speak of?”
“It’s a figure of speech, forget it. But why go for an admittedly dead language?”
>The alicorn now known as Nýrmáni sighed again.
>”We wish to recreate Ourself, to make a new start, and hopefully be accepted by those in the waking world. But We also believe that returning to Our beginning is important as well.”
>”We are an alicorn, born of one of the last two surviving original alicorns, their language is mine as much as it is theirs, and We wish to honor it.”
>Anon nodded, still focused on the runes floating in front of him.
“That makes sense to me, I guess. But what if the other ponies don’t accept your new name?”
>”If they refuse to accept it We will not change it. It is Our name now, more ancient than almost any written tongue, and We will never change it.”
>”Hey, you’re not going to hear me complain, but I’m going to let you know right now that most if not all of them are still going to call you Nightmare Moon.”
>He felt her sigh through her chest, then he almost toppled backwards as she too lay down on the ground.
>”We know, We shall endeavor to ignore them, will you help Us in this?”
>Anon quickly turned to face her, gently running one hand down her neck and through her miasmic mane.
“Of course I will, why would I not?”
>”It is nothing, We are just… Well, We are nervous.”
>Anon gently snuck his hand fully around her neck and pulled her towards him.
>She leaned against him, resting her head on his shoulder with a contented sigh.
“If I was in your place I’d be nervous too. But take some confidence in knowing that I’ll be right there with you every step of the way, promise.”
>Nýrmáni responded by using her mane to turn his head around and press his lips to hers, a hungry moan reverberating through her chest at the soft contact.
>Anon was happy to return the favor, playing with her ears and twisting his fingers through her mane, which moved about playfully and surrounded him in return.
>”We wish to never let you go…” She murmured, her nose pressed against his.
“Me too.”
>They sat together in silence for what felt like hours, or minutes, both of them didn’t know.
>”We must ask you something, you may know the answer.”
“Ask away.”
>”Earlier, before you arrived, while We were thinking upon our new name and creating this place, We felt the strangest sensation on our left side, as though something was touching Us there.”
>Anon nodded thoughtfully.
“Remember when I said that Luna helped me figure out why you were feeling jealous?”
>”Yes, We remember.”
“Well, she was in the room with you, your physical body that is. She touched you there.”
>”She was next to Our body? What did she do to it?”
>There was no attempt at hiding the concern in her voice, and Anon could feel her whole body tense up.
“She didn’t do anything to your body, she was just, well, getting some thoughts out of her head is all. She said some stuff, but I’m not going to repeat it, I think that she’d like to say them to you personally when you wake up.”
>He felt her relax next to him, and she again rested her head on his shoulder.
>”We wish to wake from this place, in all honesty We are growing quite tired of it.”
“Why? You know that you’re going to feel a lot worse when you wake up, your body isn’t this strong in the waking world.”
>”We have guessed as much, but it’s something that you do not understand, through no fault of your own. Everything in this place is slightly off, that is how We will put it. Things here are not the same as they are in the waking world.”
>”We have virtually no memories that are truly Our own of the waking world, We barely remember our flight through that dark forest when We first awoke.”
>Nýrmáni sighed again as Anon began to gently stroke her cheek.
>”Only through Luna’s memories can we attempt to imitate such feelings here.”
>”We wish to feel the wind in our feathers, the heat of a roaring fire on our muzzle and chest, even the warm, gentle embrace of the sun, much as we still dislike it, We cannot deny the comfort that it brings.”
>”We want to live a life of Our own, to experience our Own feelings, to smell the morning dew in the fields, and to hear the leaves fall in the forests.”
>Moving his hand up to her ear, Anon was temporarily at a loss for words.
“According to your nurse, you should be waking up soon, within a couple of days.”
>”Really? You do not jest, do you?”
>The desperation and unbridled hope in her voice nearly tore his heart in empathy.
“I’ll try to arrange something for you when you wake up. If you say that things don’t feel as good as they do in the waking world, how do you think a kiss feels in the waking world?”
>Anon could feel the heat of her sudden blush against his cheek, and he could hear the quiet rustling of her wings as she tried to keep them from rising.
>”Well, to tell you the truth, We… until We met you We had never kissed another before, and I have no memory of Luna doing so either.”
>Anon chuckled quietly.
“I’m going to be one hundred percent honest with you, neither had I. I guess we’re just a couple of loveless virgins aren’t we?”
>The two of them softly laughed as they scooted even closer together.
“I promise you right now that I’ll be there for you when you wake up, okay? I’ll make sure that your first moments back are unforgettable.”
>Nýrmáni simply rubbed his cheek with her own, and wrapped a wing around him, as if to protect him from the elements.
>”We think that would be wonderful, Anonymous.”
>“Is everything else ready?”
>”Yes sir, I’ve got the spell matrix down, and as long as I’ve got these two...” The guard pointed to the other two unicorns in their small huddle, “...with me to help me jump-start it, there should be no problems.”
>”Excellent, I’ve got the weapons prepared with the correct spells. It’s hard to believe that Princess Twilight keeps that book in the public section of her library.”
>”There may be a slight issue, um, sir.”
>Captain Sharp Lance turned a slow, irate glare to one of the guards in their small group.
>”What do you mean by ‘slight issue’?”
>”Well, Princess Twilight’s student, that Starlight Glimmer, she came into the barracks this morning asking for the inventory and supply shipment reports.”
>Sharp Lance felt his whole body go cold with shock, and when he finally responded, his voice was deathly quiet.
>”She didn’t find anything, did she?”
>”No, I edited and remade the reports as soon as the supplies arrived so they looked legit, but she’s too nosy for her own good, I saw her wandering around the castle all day looking at those damned reports. I think she knows something isn’t right.”
>The guard captain gave a quiet sigh as he looked at the now fear-filled faces of his comrades.
>”Of course she would. If the Agency reports I’ve read about her are true then she’s the most dangerous pony in this castle besides the Nightmare; she can’t be here when we do it.”
>”Why? How can she be more dangerous than Princess Twilight? Starlight Glimmer’s only a unicorn.”
>”Because,” Sharp Lance replied quickly, “She’s more impulsive than our naïve Princess; she’s extremely smart despite her quirkiness, quick to use her magic, and she’s very, very powerful.”
>There was silence for a moment.
>”So, are we going to kill her too?” One of the assembled ponies suggested.
>”She’s not what we are here for, so unless she does something really stupid, no. Despite what the reports suspected that she apparently almost did, she’s nowhere near the danger that Nightmare Moon will be when she wakes up.”
>”If something happens though, I’ll handle Starlight myself, and I’ve got the perfect way to do it.”
>Sharp Lance gave a quiet sigh.
>”The rest of you, get rested, and prepare yourselves for tomorrow. No matter what happens, our actions will make history.”
File: z1122658.png (3.25 MB, 1920x1080)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB PNG
I've got only myself to blame, I listened to Heilung and Skald for 10 hours straight on repeat.
Updated ponepast here: https://ponepaste.org/590#3959
As always, feedback is appreciated and read.
Since I've got a shit ton of free time on my hands now, the next update might be here by Saturday.
How does one pronounce Nýrmáni? Neer-muh-nee?
File: 1511976.png (817 KB, 1531x1337)
817 KB
817 KB PNG
The way I understood it from my research into Elder Futhark, Old Norse, and Proto-Germanic language, I believe it would be pronounced Neer-mahn-nee. I wanted something that was simple and rolled of the tongue easily, but was also different than some standard OC name that people always go for when they write Nightmare Moon. That's also why I included the backstory about alicorn history to give you the perspective on why she chose this particular name for herself. I will be talking more about ancient Equestrian history further on in the story, so this isn't the last time this kind of language will come up.
Neer-mahn-nee, huh. Nyrmi... Nyrmi! Her name is quite cute, I like it.
File: Up.jpg (84 KB, 415x700)
84 KB
Wouldn't just calling her Máni (which I'm assuming is the moon part) work as a nickname?
Mani-Mani statueworks too. It's cute.
File: 1492274831665.jpg (79 KB, 390x390)
79 KB
I'll just say this about the next update, Anon didn't ignore how flustered she got when he surprise-kissed her.
File: 1484840369998.png (456 KB, 453x373)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
Loved this update. Nýrmáni is a cute name, and you did a great job working in the lore behind it.
>Anon didn't ignore how flustered she got when he surprise-kissed her.
It would be priceless to have Anon write an extremely graphic account in the enchanted journal about losing his virginity to his mare, completely forgetting that Luna was going to read it later.
File: 1524997195274.png (335 KB, 800x821)
335 KB
335 KB PNG
>"Y-You're really real?!"
>"Oh..Oh Celestia, I havesomanyquestionsforyoulikehowbigisyou-BLARRGH!"
Would ponies suffer any side effects of exposure to meme magic?
File: Spoiler Image (295 KB, 1024x1200)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
Am I foolish for remaining faithful to my possibly deceased waifu, nmp?
literally whom
doesn't change the answer, though; remaining faithful to your waifu is always the correct decision
There is no foolishness in loving your mare waifu, only foolishness in forsaking her.
File: 1713974.png (687 KB, 830x1024)
687 KB
687 KB PNG
Remaining faithful to your waifu is never foolish
You guys...you’re great
File: mime time.png (161 KB, 310x500)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
She's speechless over you!
>mime mare who's a total chatterbox "off duty" and as a result actually talks just as much as a non-mime
What is her cutie mark?
Looks like color coded autism blocks.
Maybe the mime thing isn't an act, but more of a uh character trait.
She's a unicorn too, she might even have a little dummy mare she talks through, like The Ventriloquist and Scarface the puppet.
>possibly deceased
Amore isn't really dead though. You can still find her shards and put them together again for a revival spell to be cast on her. This is your personal quest to meet your waifu. Do you answer the call?
I hope I have enough gorilla glue
I'm sure you could come up with a substitute if needed anon.
Do you suggest to resurrect her with semen?
I'm not saying DONT do that.
Who needs glue if you have LOVE? Cadence will handle that for you after you've gathered the shards.
It'll probably take a while to gather all the pieces, so it's more a question of whether the glue you bought when you started will still be good when it's finally time for assembly.
Maybe she's a foals' entertainer, like a one-mare Sesame Street thing.
File: the laugher.png (458 KB, 1278x719)
458 KB
458 KB PNG
>page 6 after half an hour
Mare lives in a society.
File: zx807497.jpg (1.71 MB, 4500x5625)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG
It's not that really, just a lot of Hasbro shit going on today so the board is getting spammed to kingdom-come with stupid threads and shitposts.
Just focus on your waifu's voice, and you'll make it out.
Also, the Dreams to Dream ride is full throttle, another update hopefully this weekend.
File: 1612553412559.gif (1.37 MB, 1280x720)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB GIF
>Dreams to Dream ride is full throttle
Throttle harder, daddy
Yes, gib pls
File: 2077954.png (547 KB, 1251x1896)
547 KB
547 KB PNG
Would these fucking dooms stop spamming the board with shit repeat threads for 5 fucking seconds?
Also this mare is a cutie.
File: 1577640657348.gif (396 KB, 1876x1200)
396 KB
396 KB GIF
>the Dreams to Dream ride is full throttle, another update hopefully this weekend
Finally some good news today.
I more worried she’ll come out like wheelchair derpy because I missed little shards that control her motor functions
>Implying that your love wont fill the gaps and heal her to the prime of her life.
Oh yee of little faith. With love, anything is possible.
Kek, never seen this one before.
File: I've got your soup.png (259 KB, 1280x853)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
Cute health pony.
File: 2334079.jpg (250 KB, 2500x2000)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
I'm tired anons. This show and this board mean the world to me. There hasn't been a single day I haven't had ponies in my mind ever since I first saw them.
I knew it was going to end for years, but how the fuck do you get used to it? I can't. I've been trying to forget about it and concentrating on the daily dose of pone I get, but every time a new announcement or a new leak comes out I feel an absolute dread creeping up again. I felt it after the 2017 leaks, I felt it after the show ended, I felt it after pony life, and I feel it now. I can't bring myself to hope anymore, it's trash. Bad designs, bad premise, bad animation. And the worst thing is it doesn't fucking matter. Even if this thing was 100 times better than FiM ever was, it still would not be FiM.
It's like seeing someone you love dying of cancer. You've been knowing for a long time, but you just can't stop hurting.
What did I even fill my days with when ponies weren't here? Everything feels so hollow and soulless.
I can't fucking cope with this.
File: Princess Coffelestia.jpg (204 KB, 1024x1024)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Recycle canon to make your own equestria.
Discord stays a lawn ornament in mine, Twilight is still living in the Library and corresponding with the Kirin about the properties of their stream.
It's like your waifu, there are many like her, but they're not yours.
Don't allow the crap to drain your love, Anon. Cherish the memories you have and keep them close to your heart. And maybe channel it into something creative of your own, like a piece of art or a small greentext. Any that helps to keep the vision of early G4 alive. Let us all do a small part.
It doesn't matter, none of this matters. Just focus on one true pony, the G4 pony.
>I can't fucking cope with this.
You make content about the stuff you love.
I've wrote green and am working on some pony models in blender and an animation and made a YTP a few weeks ago that was well received in the rewatch stream.
Dude, this has been happening to media for years. You have to stop being a brand loyalist, or even an icon loyalist. You follow the people who are making stuff that feel the same. Is M.A. Larson or Faust working on G5? No? Then what the fuck is the point of watching? The artist is what makes the art. Anyone who just blindly follows a logo deserves unhappiness. Move on. Seriously. I'll always love pone and even share the good old days with my pals, but it's not ever coming back in this form. But that doesn't mean you can't have that same feeling of excitement and love elsewhere.
I felt like that after the show endes, but I let go of pony and Equestria and even my waifu.
There are greener fields, abandon your hill for a land that exists in the minds of others like myself.
I have never participated in any fandom or brand besides watching the movie or series and calling it a day.
Pony was different. It was special.
You made your whole life about a fucking tv show, furries do that. They make one thing their ENTIRE personality.
Now the show is moving on and you feel left behind because it won't be 2013 forever. Dumbfuck.
File: 1571566372990.png (57 KB, 367x326)
57 KB
you fool, you infantile pillock, you errant cad
fuck the current world, ponies only exist where you love them, whether your love only exists in the first 5 seasons, or only in the first episode your love is no less real than any other, don't feel obligated to love the current state of ponies you owe them nothing, you can find peace in only loving YOUR ponies in loving YOUR mlp, find that nugget of pony that brings you joy and hold it tight until it burns your hand
Holy crap!
Zecora has a $19 Fortnite card! And yes, she's giving it away! Who want's it?! (I do!)
Is this a new form of shitposting?
File: 1613855767471.webm (219 KB, 272x480)
219 KB
Me dressing up to perform the robot mating dance for #DECA
Based, I love this guy
It's called "concern trolling".
You have angered Zecora, there will be no more $19 Fortnite card giveaways.
You just got blocked.
I don't know who Sunibee thinks he's fooling with that obvious alias.
>serving tiki drinks in a highball
shame on some bartender mare
like what, were all the hurricane glasses and hollowed-out pineapples in the wash or something
File: 1163408.png (902 KB, 1024x832)
902 KB
902 KB PNG
>I came home late tonight from the job that I hate
>A sullen march through the yard as I traipsed past the gate
>Well, I wiped off my hooves and I hung up my hat
>And something caught my eye when I stepped off the mat
>It said 'Here is a Home', but to that I object
>Because of what Mom always told me, I'll never forget
>Home is where the heart is, and I'm sure that's not here
>This is just where I lay alone, year after year
>It's hard to be happy for my friends when they say
>They're having foals already, they got hitched back in May
>Some nights I wonder if my life is standing still
>Some nights I think I might actually kill
>To be in your arms, Anon, I can't stand it anymore
>If I had any courage, I'd never again walk through this door
>This life's just not worth living when it isn't with you
>So what am I waiting for? What more can I do?
>I hope you'll stay loyal, I hope I won't be forgot
>You are my whole world, you live eternal in my thoughts
>I don't want to go inside because I know you're not there
>I'll stay out here all night in this cold winter air
>I'll kick at the mat, in heartbroken anguish I declare,
>"There's nothing more pure than the man for this mare."
This was good Anon, can really feel it.
File: 133373830240.png (207 KB, 500x500)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
Tired health pone.
Got a dumb research question because I can't find an early S1 map of Equestria. Was Baltimare already on the map in depictions of the world prior to the revelation of the Crystal Empire?
Baltimare was first mentioned in S2E20, "It's About Time"
>Rainbow Dash: Hey, Twilight, another Pegasus just got back from Baltimare with an all-clear and– [laughs] What's going on?
I see. Thanks!
File: 1608603767515.png (1.75 MB, 1024x1024)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
Well done, anon.
File: 6019932.png (35 KB, 258x213)
35 KB
We should post non-hurting things instead.
File: 751768.png (213 KB, 729x943)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
I bet Pinkie would give the best friendly hugs, even if you weren't her waifu, she's still do her best to make you smile.
File: 424936.jpg (132 KB, 800x800)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
All ponies are soft and huggable but Pinkie would definitely rank highly on that list. I'd love a hug from Panko.
Wow. Good work, anon.
Pinike certainly is very experienced in hugging, that's for sure.
File: 1522299121347.png (587 KB, 853x1024)
587 KB
587 KB PNG
File: 856794.png (85 KB, 900x800)
85 KB
Would you be nervous as shit going in for the first kiss with your mare?
Never in my life I witnessed a more insufferable main character.
Someone really needs to hijack the picture and make something better out of it.
I'm not familiar
Don't get acquainted. Its a dumpsterfire of conspiratorial stupidity, out of character characters, and all of it throws away what could have been a perfectly comfy slice of life premise for an absolutely awful plot.
File: 2443970.jpg (478 KB, 3000x3000)
478 KB
478 KB JPG
The board's crazy-fast today. I hate leaks.
File: IMG_2163.jpg (1.75 MB, 3000x2000)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB JPG
Dreams to Dream update should be ready on Saturday evening or Sunday, but I'm going to the range tomorrow to drown some sorrows so we'll see.
>”It’s about time for me to armor up for my shit,
Authentic soldier diction, but probably not what you meant.

Interesting choice. Are you going to be copy/pasting that every time, or is your keyboard set up to type those special characters normally?
dammit, it's fixed. I hate it when little word mistakes like this happen.
Whenever I'm writing a part where she's being mentioned I just have the word copied to my clipboard, so I just ctrl+v her name, it's easier that way.
big gay
hate it when stories do that
I want to say "yes" but at the same time I feel like when the time is right it'll just feel right.
>I want to say "yes" but at the same time I feel like when the time is right it'll just feel right.
You make a good point.
I wouldn't mind the leaks if they weren't so shit.
very hugg
I could use a warm hug.
>tfw no public land "range" to do virtually anything I want on
File: shit.png (110 KB, 1301x519)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
>dammit, it's fixed. I hate it when little word mistakes like this happen.
Could've been worse.
I like reading dumpsterfires though, what’s it called?
All American Girl.

>435K words
I lied, I like reading SHORT dumpsterfires
File: 1612880310866.jpg (108 KB, 596x648)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Is that green in the OP?
But Sombra's gone. She can be all yours now if you genuinely love her.
Thank you. Though to be fair, I can't take all the credit for it. Someone once mentioned a similar proposal of #deca.mare writing a story about herself as a fairy tale princess or something along these lines. Don't remember when exactly that was, but that idea has become the base inspiration for this chapter.
Kek. The lighting around the mouth has almost the same hue too.
No he-
Actually never mind. It’s hard being the only amore fav in the world
File: implying hands.png (208 KB, 1280x865)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
>Husbandos soon
>I say Centurion..what do you find so comical when I mention the name 'Hugus Husbando'?
File: 1614003810839.png (119 KB, 681x526)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
Sussus Amongus
He what? Did I forget a key detail?
>lost for good
I'm sure some can be partially recovered.
>You check every nook and cranny
Hm, I would not think that something what's designed to be a general AI's "memory" is readable by a human. But well #deca.mare is there so "translate" so..
>And a warm presence wraps itself around your side.
>Firmly asleep with a slow, peaceful, and even breath.
I hope Anon has a few photos of #deca.mare asleep on him.
>And some minutes pass before she finally gets herself to say it.
Would be nice to hear #deca's tough sometimes, just like how she hears Anon's.
>blind pick
I failed to see the rationale behind this. Or was it just to avoid making a decision?
>You are not so easy to see through
Hm, at this point I would have assumed that the two are know each other well enough.
>The nebula charting mission.
All of them sounds super boring.
>a story to write
So they are making folklore about it. Don't seem to me that its a story that would hold any teaching or excitement, or anything.
>future ponies will probably go through a lot of these speculations
If they let them.
>I think I could still need the safety net.
That's bad.
>unusual timing to express compliments
If it gets her thinking of something else then it achieved two things at once.
>The pace remains all up to her.
Hopefully that won't end up it slowing down to a standstill.

Btw, since the last few chapters were focused on not Equestria, maybe putting in a status report from it would be good. Just a few sentences that what's happening there, etc. Maybe an estimated time frame for when they need to focus on it again, to give them some deadlines for whatever they are doing with sigma.

Thanks for the update!
File: Toasty marshmallows.png (132 KB, 521x537)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
Mare wants to go camping with you.
Not because she enjoys the great outdoors (she does), but because she wants an excuse to roast marshmallows.
File: 2074881.jpg (114 KB, 800x1128)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
>keeps knocking down your mailbox
>she always apologizes for it with one of her homemade muffins
File: ponk deflate.gif (1.52 MB, 335x350)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB GIF
ah crap
mare got stung by a bee
File: 1493481246565.jpg (11 KB, 300x168)
11 KB
dammit, I haven't actually roasted a marshmallow over an open fire in years.
Gotta do it sometime soon.
don't forget the chocolate bar and graham crackers for s'mores.
>I own that exact hat
looks good on her
>mare wearing your things
File: FillyBoater.jpg (1.03 MB, 2200x2165)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
Thesis: let's go camping and roast some marshmallows
Antithesis: it's raining and the Whitetail Woods are closed because Fluttershy's worried about some rare migratory tree crab that's started nesting there
Synthesis: marshmallow flambé, set up a tent in the dining room, make sure to hang the picnic basket with breakfast in it from a rafter so bears don't get into it, drift off to sleep together in an oversized sleeping bag
please do not eat rarity
She only gets eaten sexually
that is the gist, yes.
So you could say she's getting more of a seared bite?
>what's designed to be a general AI's "memory" is readable by a human
Well, considering that these ships were designed to be remotely controllable for the larger part of their existence, there must be a system in place that translates these files to make them readable for humans as you put it. When in doubt, the creators were intended to have the last say in any matter, and that's not possible if they have no way of knowing what's happening inside the "brains" of their AGIs.
>Would be nice to hear #deca's tough sometimes
You mean she should act more assertive in some situations, is that it?
>know each other well enough
They do know is each other pretty well. But consider this, #deca.mare is usually able to "read" Anon's mind in 99% of all situations with only a short delay, meaning that she is able to rely on this in her interactions with him. She is used to it. And once this option is suddenly gone in a specific situation, it raises the difficulty bar for her a little bit at that moment. Sure, she can "guess" his general state and mood relatively well based on what she knows about him, but for a latent perfectionist like her, it is not easy to rely on guesses.
> All of them sounds super boring.
Hm, what can I say? Terraformers were not meant to live "exciting" lives. In fact, that was never meant to be an issue for them in the first place.
>So they are making folklore about it.
Do they though? They only plan to distribute their stories in the populace when the time is apt, e.g. at a time when the tribes also have scribes in their midst. But neither of them dictates to the ponies what they shall do with the texts. That's entirely up to the ponies themselves.
>If they let them.
Why shouldn't they? Denying them to deal with the stories as they please would defeat the point entirely. They even mean to keep the appeal as wide as possible, so that everypony has the chance to interact with it if they so choose, regardless of their tribe or general association.
>maybe putting in a status report from it would be good
Noted, and I intended to do something along these lines, but all the things I want to cover in one way or another just keep piling on.
File: C9kSelv.gif (934 KB, 500x281)
934 KB
934 KB GIF
>campin & cookin for her already
You guys know what you're doing, right?
You're not gonna let the extent of your "cooking" knowledge be how to boil water for ramen, right?
Now that you mention it, all I know how to cook is steak and eggs.
File: amare.png (610 KB, 1280x764)
610 KB
610 KB PNG
I can make one damn good grilled cheese. That counts, right? I'm pretty good at microwaving instant mac 'n cheese too
If she's lactose intolerant or something I'm fucked
File: IZZY.gif (187 KB, 102x169)
187 KB
187 KB GIF
These cool mares showed up today and said I should come with them
File: 1610722035199.jpg (125 KB, 960x539)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
File: Baking with the foals.jpg (245 KB, 1280x800)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Dont feed it, feed your mare instead.

Cooking can be a bit daunting at first but so long as you have a recipe book handy you'll be alright.
Vegie dishes are also a lot more forgiving when it comes to things like timing, an undercooked carrot won't give you food poisoning after all.
Food will definitely taste weird for a while though unless you're used to fresh organic stuff on a daily basis, since almost everything you eat in equestria would be grown and cooked / baked locally and wont have any of the pesticides or preservatives or whatever else added.
File: 1614527063456.gif (470 KB, 540x559)
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470 KB GIF
even beings of pure chaos need love
Sign me up!
File: 1614319179036.png (1.39 MB, 1536x1563)
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1.39 MB PNG
I hope that you can handle her
Someone's writing a story for Eris and Anon in RGRE.
Hold on, I'm getting a call...
It's from the based department, they want to speak to you.
Rarity can sure get overexcited.
Tea Leaf opening up to the guard is a nice gesture from her, and Thunder not taking it as a red flag was a good thing. Many would have.
NMM was open about Anon, her jealousy did not cloud her mind. Her feeling of a touch from the real world is good. Anon should have asked her for permission for a kiss. The scent triggered instinctive behavior + "marking" is nice. These things always get me. I like them.
Nýrmáni just rolls of my tongue. Or not. lot of closed and open phoneme following directly each other. Or I'm pronouncing it wrong.
I hope Starlight finds something and asks for the spell to be reinforced or something. Or for more guards. But I guess those guards will be the ones that are already in it. Them considering killing Starlight is a bad sign.

Thanks for the update!
Female horse.
>Rarity can sure get overexcited.
[extremely loud wahaha-ing in the immediate vicinity]
File: 1506382117527.png (42 KB, 349x345)
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Dreams to Dream update tomorrow.
D-do cheek nuzzles count as lewd content?
>cheek nuzzles
ban this sick filth
can't wait
File: IMG_20210228_132608.jpg (1.57 MB, 4000x1648)
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1.57 MB JPG
At least it was a nice day out, the only reason the update is coming tomorrow and not today is because I went inna mountains and shot steel for 3 hours.
Do you have any fun targets like a Texas star or a spinner, or just circles and stuff?
File: dashmare stretch.png (2.58 MB, 2000x1500)
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2.58 MB PNG
>[mare] youve been dating keeps stretching in seemingly lewd poses around you, sometimes in the gym and such
>you don't know if it's on purpose or not
File: IMG_2183.jpg (1.39 MB, 2500x1666)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
just a 8in gong, but that's good enough for me at the moment. I'd love to get a couple more larger ones but since I'm currently laid off All unnecessary purchases are off the table.
I know all that fur isn't aerodynamic. Shave it down to a nice trim coat, then worry about the lewd stuff
Maybe she wants my "big chungus" IYKWIM
>He doesn't want his mare to have a nice coat he can bury his face in
Can't stay in competition trim all year. Well, she could, but that wouldn't be any fun.
File: 1509308229040.jpg (32 KB, 370x371)
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Holy fuck this update is almost 14 pages long. prepare yourselves, proofreading and editing rn.
File: 2pt.png (129 KB, 399x339)
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129 KB PNG
>14 pages long.
jesus fucking christ
>14 pages of Rarity getting tied and spanked
Can't wait.
Send it
File: 344691.png (264 KB, 1000x750)
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264 KB PNG
Alright lads, this one is a doozy, but here it is.

>Lit by the firefly-filled lantern on his desk and the first slivers of fall sunlight shining through his window, Anonymous wrote.
>He wrote like a man possessed, desperate to put down what he had experienced during the night onto the pages of his journal before he forgot a single detail.
>Thankfully, he’d not only managed to remember the runes that had symbolized Nýrmáni’s name, and had drawn them in detail, but she’d given him the Modern Equestrian spelling of it, so he included it next to the runes that he had drawn.
>They had talked about many things after his promise to her, but it had mostly been mushy romantic stuff that made his face turn red as he wrote it.
>Setting down his pen, one of the few things that he’d been allowed to bring with him from Earth, he glanced at his small alarm clock.
“7:12; damn, have I really been writing since 5:00?”
>Apparently his stomach thought so, because it chose that time to let out a ferocious rumbling growl.
>Anon looked down at his belly, then back at the six pages worth of incredibly detailed notes from his dream.
“Yeah, I deserve a short break.”
>Writing a small note with the current time in the margins saying he was getting breakfast, he stood up, stretched his back with several satisfying pops, and made his way out the door.
>Just as he closed his bedroom door, the matching door directly opposite of him opened, and Tea Leaf trotted out, a smile gracing her features at the sight of Anon.
>”Good morning Anonymous, did you sleep well?”
“I did, but it was an… Interesting night to say the least. You finish your morning checkup?”
>”I have, and there is more good news for you thankfully.”
>Anon followed Tea Leaf back into the room that held Nýrmáni, and walked right up to her bedside.
>She was still thin, but the nutrients coming in through her IV drip were filling her out enough so that her ribs were almost hidden from view.
>Anon gently brushed a hand through the fur on her side, finding it clean and healthy, while her deep and peaceful breathing made it seem as if she was only sleeping.
>”She’s absorbing the nutrients rapidly, and she’s finally getting some flesh on those poor old bones of hers.”
>”It’s still quite boggling to me in some aspects; Nightmare Moon, possibly waking at any time, under my care no less.”
>”What? What did you say?”
>Tea Leaf turned a very confused gaze to Anon, watching as he sat across the bed from her and began to gently rub the comatose alicorn’s front legs.
“Her name is Nýrmáni, she told me last night. She doesn’t want to be known as Nightmare Moon. It’s not who she is anymore.
>Tea Leaf could see the earnestness in Anon eyes, shortly before they went downward to look at the mess of miasmic mane engulfing his gently roaming hands..
“She’s rather insistent on it, and I like it personally, it sounds much more… peaceful, if you get what I mean.”
>”I do, do you happen to know how it’s spelled? I’ll add it to medical forms starting today.”
>She extended her writing quill to Anon with one wing, and he quickly jotted it down on a corner of her current medical report.
“There it is. Now, I’m about to die of starvation, so I’m headed downstairs for some breakfast.”
>”Good, I thought I was the only one.”
>With one final scratch of Nýrmáni’s ears Anon and Tea Leaf made their way down the stairs where the guard on duty, Thunder, gave them a friendly wave of one wing.
>Anon couldn’t help but see that Tea Leaf smacked Thunder’s armored flank with her tail, or the massive blush that erupted on the guards face because of it.
>Simply giving him a wink, Anon and Tea Leaf made their way to the kitchen.
>The door was wide open, and the happy sounds of multiple ponies emitted from it, along with the smell of fresh eggs and hashbrowns.
>Anon went first, finding all of the Elements of Harmony as well as Starlight Glimmer were gathered at the table, food spread out in front of them, laughing at a joke that Pinkie Pie had apparently just told.
>”Oh good morning Anon, you ready for the big day?”
>Twilight Sparkle seemed very excited.
“You mean the Running of the Leaves?”
>”Of course I am! It’s almost as fun as Winter Wrap up, with all the planning and coordination that goes into it.”
>Anon heard Rainbow Dash mumble something about ‘nerdy eggheads’ as the rainbow pegasus began to chow into a stack of waffles and hash browns.
“I wasn’t really going to participate, I’m not as fast as a pony, I’m fine to sit back and enjoy watching this whole thing play out.”
>Twilight’s eyes went big and sparkly like a young puppy’s.
>”Are you sure Anon? I’ve already assigned you a number, a starting position and everything else I could think of.”
“My will is steel and bedrock on this one, sorry. I’ll go for it next year, I’ve only been in this world for barely a month, I still need to get fully settled in.”
>Twilight nodded, despite her downcast expression.
>”I understand. The girls and I are going to go start setting up the boundaries and the finish line, you’re more than welcome to come help since most businesses in Ponyville are closed today, including the public area of my library here.”
“Awesome, sure I’ll help, just let me get some breakfast first, if Applejack and Rainbow Dash didn’t eat it all that is.”
>Both of the mentioned ponies looked up from their plates, the piles of food on them almost completely vanished.
>”Hey, I’ve got to get the energy to beat Applejack here, since apparently she hasn’t learned her lesson from last year.”
>Applejack just rolled her eyes and mumbled grumpily to herself as the others giggled and laughed at the silly display.
>Anon went into the kitchen to supply himself, and by the time he’d returned to the table, the others had gone, their continued talking and laughter echoing from the hallway outside.
>The dishes that the others had been using were stacked perfectly and sparklingly clean, probably Twilight’s doing.
>Tea Leaf, he noticed, had already gotten herself a plate and was eating, so he pulled up a chair.
“Are you nervous about your dinner this evening with Thunder?”
>Tea Leaf’s eyes went wide, and she struggled to swallow her food for a moment.
>”W-who told you?”
“Thunder did.” Anon replied, giving the furiously blushing nurse a smile. “The poor guy can barely stand it he’s so excited and nervous.”
>”Really?” Tea Leaf ventured as Anon began to tear into his breakfast.
“Yup, and while I wish the best for the both of you since you’re both very nice, but was whacking his butt with your tail earlier really necessary?”
>If he thought she had been blushing badly before, he was wrong.
>She hid her muzzle behind one wing with a squeak of embarrassment, dropping her fork onto the table with a clatter.
>Anon decided to take another forkful of his food while he waited for her to simmer down, watching her mumble explanations and excuses.
“I’m joking I’m joking, I really don’t care. In fact I thought it was pretty damn funny, you should have seen Thunder’s face, he never saw it coming.”
>”I… It was a spur of the moment kind of thing.”
>Anon said nothing, but kept smiling between mouthfuls of waffles.
>Eventually though, he stood, gathering his syrup-coated plate and after asking Tea Leaf if she was done eating, took her as well.
“Well I’ve got to finish my morning report in my diary thingy to the Princesses, and I’m sure you have some stuff you have to do today, so I bid you a good day Miss Tea Leaf.”
>Returning the friendly wave the pegasus mare gave him, he made his way back to his room to finish his report.
>He really wanted to watch the Running of the Leaves.
>It wasn’t due to start till 4:00 in the afternoon, he still wanted to help the others finish setting everything up.
>Thankfully, nothing much else of note had happened between Nýrmáni and himself after she revealed her new name, so it only took him around a half-hour to finish his notes.
>Closing his journal and placing back onto his nightstand, he went to get his jacket from his scarcely filled closet.
>It was getting colder outside, not to mention the wind chill.
>Walking out his door and down the stairs, his mind wandered again to the events of last night.
>How Nýrmáni had held him and rubbed her chest tuft in his face, and how he’d kissed her and hugged her in return.
>A smile grew on his face at the thought of how his surprise kiss had reduced the proud and confident alicorn to a blushing, bashful mess.
>It was only when he noticed the confused look on one of the guards he’d just passed did he realize that he’d been giggling to himself like a twelve year old kid.
>Smiling at himself, Anon made his way out into the bright sunshine and clear fall air, ideas forming in his head on how best to make Nýrmáni look that cute again.
With a short yet deep breath, Luna knocked politely on the door to her sister’s office and private study and entered, shutting the door behind herself.
>”Sister, you must read this, now.”
>She watched as Celestia looked up from the various reports and invoices that she had been reading over, eyeing Luna with much more enjoyment than the massive pile of papers on her desk.
>The whole of Canterlot Castle was in a fervor, what with the Royal Officer’s Ball happening this very evening, and to Luna’s eyes her sister looked like she would rather be doing almost anything else other than going over the final preparations.
>”What is it Luna?”
>Luna winced internally at the short and exhausted tone her sister used, but did not blame her for it.
>Organizing and preparing for events like this were not something even she did not wish to get involved in, much less be in charge of.
>”Before I tell you, your office is secure from prying eyes and ears, correct?”
>Celestia’s horn glowed with the gentle gold of her magic for several moments in reply.
>”It is now.”
>Luna wasted no time.
>”It’s about what happened last night in the Dream Realm, in the dreamscape of Anonymous and Nightmare Moon.”
>Luna saw her sister’s eyes widen with surprise and interest.
>”What happened Lulu?”
>Luna sighed and smiled despite her own efforts. “I have told you repeatedly not to call me that.”
>Celestia’s only reply was to blow her sister a raspberry.
>Luna’s expression once again went serious as she levitated her copy of Anonymous’ journal from underneath her left wing and set it down on the desk in front of her sister.
>”I will not say anything about it, but I want you to read his latest entry, I have marked it for you.”
>Luna calmly sat on the spare chair in the corner of the room as Celestia opened it to the marked page and began to read.
>Luna herself could still barely believe what she herself had read not minutes before.
>It had brought back memories, ones that she herself had not thought about in centuries, even with the return of Star Swirl and the other Pillars of Equestria just a month previously.
>She watched as Celestia’s eyes began to grow wider with each word that she read.
>Luna watched as a single tear began to form in Celestia’s left eye as the alabaster alicorn’s lips grew thin with repressed sadness.
>Luna knew that look all too well, it had been hers for several years after her return.
>Celestia hadn’t said a single word by the time she gently closed the book.
>”You have read this, right sister?”
>Luna nodded. “I have. In fact, I read it multiple times to ensure that I was not just misreading young Anonymous’ writing.”
>Celestia was silent for a moment, the only sound in the room was the quiet crackling of the fire in the hearth opposite Luna, and the ticking hands of the grandfather clock next to the door.
>”I have not thought about that time in almost two thousand years.” Celestia quietly stated.
>”It has been many, many years since I have seen our language as well. The few times that archeologists have found any relics of our kind with it on them, I have had them confiscated and locked in my most secure and secret vault.”
>Celestia sighed, blinking away the tears budding in her eyes.
>”I hate to lock away and deliberately hide history, but the ponies of this time do not deserve the terrible fate that befell our species.”
>”I agree sister,” Luna replied, her mood also having fallen with her sister’s words, “but I do not believe that Anonymous knowing our origins is something to be feared.”
>”As he did write in his notes, the runes of our language looked familiar to him.”
>Celestia nodded, reopening the book and reading back over Anonymous’ words, eyes almost glazed over, as if she had been transported back to the past herself.
>”Father always said that their world was the closest, that it brushed and poked into ours the most often. That is probably how they learned our language after all.”
>”I… I do not remember his voice…” Luna’s ears fell in sadness as she tried to recall memories that simply did not exist.
>Celestia’s voice was barely above a whisper.
>”I barely do myself, the same with Mother… I still miss them, despite what they became in the end…”
>”Sister, I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”
>Luna’s voice was quiet, but filled with enough sadness to jerk Celestia’s head up from the words that had stolen her attention.
>”I’m so sorry Lulu, I won’t say any more.” Her sister’s voice was faint, and Luna realized that she had slipped off her chair and onto the polished wood floor.
>Luna felt wings wrap around her, just as they had done so many years ago.
>It took her a moment to realize that she was crying and shivering herself, wrapped in the warm embrace of her older sister.
>”I’m sorry sister, I.. I don't know what became of me just now.”
>Luna slowly stood on her own hooves, still wrapped in Celestia's large, comforting embrace.
>”What we need to do is talk to Anonymous, as soon as possible. We can’t escape this wretched ‘ Officer’s Ball’ can we?”
>Luna couldn’t help but sound pleading.
>”Unfortunately we cannot.” Celestia held her younger sister at hooves length. “I will however make arrangements for us to arrive in Ponyville first thing tomorrow morning.”
>Luna felt relief and calm rushing through her as she met her sister’s calm, smiling face, the same one that had welcomed her back and had forgiven her with no hesitation.
>”Can I at least wear my helmet and bring my battle axe? I spent all yesterday morning sharpening it. I’m tired of those stuck up, arrogant know-it-all careerists who’ve never spilt a drop of blood trying to flirt with me.”
>The kind, sisterly smile on Celestia’s muzzle did not falter, but the ominous gleam that appeared in her eyes made Luna smile herself.
>”Of course you can little sis. After all, I relish every opportunity I can to make uninteresting social functions entertaining.”
>Anon stood in the trees that bordered Ponyville, Spike by his side.
>The Running of The Leaves was due to start any moment now, and Anon could hardly wait to see it unfold in front of him.
>”You ready to see this thing or what?”
Anon looked down to Spike, who appeared to be almost as eager as he was.
“I can’t wait to see it, though I heard Pinkie Pie mention something yesterday about ‘feeling it’ as well, do you have any clue what she was talking about?”
>”I do actually.’” Spike said, gesturing to the trees around the two of them and to the dirt path that the ponies would soon come galloping down.
>”It’s not just the galloping of all the ponies that makes the leaves fall. It’s the magic inside each and every one of them helping as well.”
>”The magic amplifies the effects of their hooves as well as spreading the will of ponies who are running. The Ponies are ready for it to be fall and winter, and their magic essentially tells the world around them that it’s time to change as well.”
“Does that have anything to do with being able to ‘feel it’ like what Pinkie was talking about?”
>“It does, the natural magic of ponies is strongest at times like this, often so much that even non-pony creatures like myself can feel it.”
“Wow.” Anon was speechless for a moment. “Don’t want to sound too forward or anything, but how do you know all that?”
>Spike rolled his eyes as he sighed, the fins that Anon supposed were his ears drooping.
>”Twilight got me a book about local Ponyville traditions after I helped Pinkie Pie report on it our first fall in Ponyville.”
>Before Anon could respond, they both perked up at the sound of a distant bell ringing.
>”They’ve started! Get ready for the best experience ever!”
>Spike started hopping up and down, but Anon looked back towards the edge of town, where the ponies were supposed to be starting.
>There was this strange feeling, like static electricity running up and down the back of his neck, and he felt like something had just shifted, but he couldn’t really tell what it was.
>Soon, the thundering of a multitude of hooves reached his ears, and it was only another minute before the entire population of Ponyville was suddenly racing through the forest path directly next to them.
>The deep rumbling shook the ground beneath his feet, and reverberated throughout his entire body.
>Goosebumps erupted all over him, but he couldn’t be bothered to notice them.
>Anon felt a warmth growing inside of him, spreading from the center of his chest outwards, and it was as if he could suddenly, for just a single moment, feel everything around him.
>He could feel how the trees swayed in the autumn wind, and the softness of the grass beneath his feet, despite the socks and hiking shoes he wore.
>Even though he could hear the gleeful shouts and cheers of the ponies as they galloped past, he could feel them reverberating inside of his head as if they were his own thoughts.
>His eyes went wide when he suddenly sensed the instinctual change in the animals of the forest, as they too began to prepare for winter.
>Falling leaves suddenly clouded his vision. Massive, billowing clouds of them, as if a blizzard of orange, gold, and red had suddenly descended on the countryside.
>He could feel almost every one of them hit the ground in their own unique and special way.
>Then the trailing end of the Ponyville inhabitants began to pass the two of them by, and the feeling of warmth and connection began to fade.
>Anon waved back at Derpy Hooves as she happily skipped down the path, the final pony in line.
>”She’s been last every year, but her heart is in the right place.” Spike said to the still motionless Anonymous.
>Legs suddenly weak, Anon leaned against the nearest tree, and slid down it’s trunk to rest himself in the leaves that now coated the ground like soft, multi-colored snow.
>”You felt it didn’t you, the connection you had?”
>It took him a moment to realize that his heart was pounding in his chest, and sweat was running down his arms and over his face.
>”I… I think I did?”
>Spike chuckled at the out of breath response.
>”It was a good idea not to participate, at least this time. I got lucky and was in a hot air balloon with Pinkie Pie the first time, so I didn’t get that much of it. The connections you felt only really come from the ground.”
>”The first time I got the full effect I slept for almost two days, I guess that the changing of seasons for ponies is what hibernation is for dragons.”
>Anon slowly stood, still using the now leafless tree as support.
>”Overall I think you handled it pretty well. Now let’s get to town, the race ends there, but then the party starts!”
“Oh yeah… The party…”
>Looking back towards Ponyville, he could now see the tops of some of the buildings, thanks to lack of leaves on the trees around him.
>Covering his mouth as he yawned, Anon caught up to Spike, and the pair slowly made their way back to town.
“To tell you the truth, whatever that feeling was, it sucked the energy right out of me.”
>”Same here, but Rarity always leaves me a pick-me-up of gems at the food table.”
“I hope it works for me like that.”
>The two of them heard the ponies before they saw them, the upbeat cheers and music coming from the center of Ponyville filled the evening air as the descending sun hit the distant mountains.
>As the duo crested the last small hill before town, they could both gaze at the massive street party that now filled the small town.
>Food was laid out, and many ponies were eating their fill after their race, while others simply mingled, laughing and talking excitedly to each other.
“I’m hitting the food, then bed. In that order.”
>”Same here.”
>Starlight was befuddled, at least that’s the term she would have used for it.
>Ever since she’d found the discrepancy in the Royal Guard’s shipping manifest yesterday, it was almost the only thing she had been thinking about.
>She’d taken Twilights offer to participate in the Running of The Leaves, not so much out of companionship, but mainly as a way for her to clear her head.
>As soon as it had finished, she’d grabbed a small bite to eat and gone right back to her room in Twilight’s castle, mentally and physically recharged, ready to take another crack at the issue at hoof.
>”Is there anything I haven’t done yet?”
>Starlight paced back and forth in front of her desk, her mind racing.
>”Could itno, I’ve already tried that, but what else could it be?”
>Walking over to her window, she looked out into the now dark and star filled night sky, then back down to Ponyville.
>From her window she could see the last of the partiers heading home, dispersing in the night, including the Royal Nurse Tea Leaf, and the Guard Thunder.
>They’d been on a date from what she’d heard, and the way they clung together it looked to have gone well for them
>”Too bad I’m still stuck on this stupid thing.” Starlight said as she turned back to the offending piece of parchment.
>”Come on, I managed to enhance a spell created by the greatest sorcerer in the history of Equestria, I’m not letting this stupid thing beat me.”
>She sat down with a deep sigh, before closing her eyes.
>While meditation had been very helpful for her in planning her revenge against Twilight Sparkle, it did have it’s other uses.
>Starlight felt time slip away as she focused on her thoughts, her breathing, and her will to find the answers she sought.
>She didn’t know how long she had been still, but suddenly her eyes flew open and she jumped to her hooves.
>”Of course, how could I be so stupid? After I did the same thing to get the building materials for my old village…”
>Quickly casting the spell on the inventory and shipment report, she waited a moment for the glowing or the residual magic to fade.
>She watched with growing unease as the letters on the parchment began to change in several key areas.
>It only took one glance at the now revealed notes in the shipping manifest’s margins to see the additional items that had made their way into the castle.
>Her blood ran cold when she read the descriptions of what they were.
>”Oh no…”
>Starlight practically flew down the stairs in her haste, panting with worry.
>Thankfully, it didn’t take her long to find the pony that she was looking for.
>”Captain Sharp Lance! There’s a big problem!”
>The Captain, who was clad in his simple under-armor jerkin, went stiff with surprise.
>”What do you mean Miss Glimmer?”
>”There’s a problem with your last shipping manifest, somehow, somepony snuck in several high-level anti-magic weapons in your last food shipment! We have to find them before something terrible happens!”
>”The captain stood taller, his expression going grim.
>”Follow me Miss Glimmer, we’ll go to temporary barracks and get this sorted out right now.”
>”Oh thank goodness.”
>The two of them galloped to the large room that acted as the temporary sleeping quarters and armory for the Royal Guard contingent.
>When they reached the double doors that led in, Sharp Lance waved her in first.
>Opening one of the doors, she was greeted by several members of the Royal Guard in their protective jerkins, strapping weapons to themselves.
>Her mouth fell open in surprise as the guards looked up to her as one, while she took a swift glance at the clock above Sharp Lance’s desk in the corner of the room.
>”But I looked at the guard rotation schedule, it’s past 10:30, there are only supposed to be two gua”
>It took her several seconds to realize that she was now laying muzzle first on the cold crystal floor, the back of her head throbbing with pain.
>The violence had been so sudden that she hadn’t even noticed it had happened until it had been too late.
>Through red-tinted eyes she saw Sharp Lance step over her body as if she wasn’t there, his speech sounding odd through the ringing in her ears, as though she were underwater.
>She saw one of the guards slip something onto her horn, and her connection to her unicorn magic instantly vanished.
>Her vision began to fade with the rhythmic pounding in her head, echoing the rapid beating of her heart.
>Sharp Lance approached her again, at the head of the now heavily armed group of Royal Guards.
>She could see his lips moving as he spoke, presumably to her.
>Starlight could only understand the words “nothing personal” before his hoof came down on her head again, and blackness greeted her.”
>Tea Leaf laughed again, and snuggled deeper into Thunder’s side as they made their way back to Princess Twilight’s castle.
>The evening had gone better than she had hoped.
>There was no crying, no emotion breakdowns, no PTSD flashbacks.
>It had been two friends enjoying a nice dinner together as they talked about their everyday lives.
>The two of them passed several late revelers, who showered them with good wishes.
>The remainder of the walk back to Princess Twilight’s castle was calm and quiet, the firefly lanterns gently lighting the way back along the peaceful streets.
>”Thank you so much for making this evening so special Thunder.” Tea Leaf turned to face the stallion once they had shut the main doors of the castle behind them.
>”You have no idea how happy and special you’ve made me feel.”
>What little she could see of Thunder’s entire body seemed to color the same shade of red as his muzzle.
>He was probably stifling under that handsome suit of his.
>A small but rapidly growing part of her wondered what his body looked like underneath the armor he always seemed to be wearing.
>”Well, um, of course, um, I really liked it too and I-I would love to do this sort of thing again.”
>Tea Leaf giggled as he grew even redder as his eyes darted back and forth as he apparently tried to think of what else to say.
>”You’re, well, you’re really nice, and pretty too, um…”
>Tea Leaf couldn’t take his babbling anymore, no matter how cute it made him.
>She quickly stood on her tippy hooves and gave him a quick, soft kiss on the lips.
>Thunder’s eyes went wide, and his wings instantly shot upwards as his whole body froze as if he had been turned to stone.
>”Don’t you have a rotation to do this evening Mr. Thunder? You wouldn’t want to get in trouble now would you?”
>Spinning on her hooves, she playfully slapped his still frozen muzzle with the tip of her tail before happily skipping away, giggling like a young filly.
>It was checkup time for her patient, then she was off to bed.
>She had the feeling that she would truly sleep in peace for the first time in many years after the way this day had gone.
>It took almost a full minute before Thunder could move again.
>Recalling that he did indeed have his shift beginning soon, he made his way to the barracks to get his armor.
>The whole time his wings kept wanting to rise on their own, and he kept having to snap them to his sides irritably.
>By Celestia’s sweet flanks that mare was a keeper.
>And the softness of her lips just
>He snorted in irritation as he had to once again force his wings down.
>The damned things seemed to have a mind of their own sometimes.
>Reaching his bunk and armor storage trunk, he checked the rotation schedule.
>”What the… Why is the slot for tonight blank? I could have sworn I was scheduled for tonight…”
>Thunder sat there for a moment, contemplating what he should do.
>His eyes narrowed in determination as he quickly undressed from his suit, preparing to armor up.
>Leaving Anonymous’ and Nightmare Moon’s respective rooms unguarded was unacceptable.
>Pretty soon, he found himself making his way up to his assigned station.
>A quick check on the doors showed that Anon had already arrived and by the faint sounds of snoring, was already fast asleep.
>The door to Nightmare Moon’s room was also shut, apparently Tea Leaf had already finished her evening medical checkup.
>He’d thought about stopping by Tea Leaf’s room on his way up but had decided not too.
>They could talk more tomorrow morning about the future.
>His ears perked up at the sounds of hooves on crystal.
>Perhaps it was Tea Leaf.
>As he looked down the flight of stairs, he could see the form of a single pony approaching.
>Thunder watched with curiosity as Captain Sharp Lance trotted his up the final set of stairs.
>Thunder snapped to attention as his captain finally stopped in front of him.
>His captain wasn’t even in his armor, just his short under-armor jerkin, but Thunder did notice the short sword sheathed on his side.
>”What are you doing up here soldier?”
>Sharp Lance’s calm voice and short nod indicated that Thunder could respond.
>”Sir, I saw there was a gap in the rotation schedule. Not knowing if there were any other guards scheduled in my place, I decided to take it upon myself to patrol.”
>”I would rather receive a reprimand for guarding when I’m not assigned to, rather than be demoted or court martialed for failing to protect my charges.”
>Sharp Lance nodded slowly.
>”I would put you in for a commendation if you hadn’t been loaned to me and if I was in charge of such things.”
>He sighed, placing a friendly hoof on Thunder’s shoulder.
>”You're a good soldier, and a good stallion on top of that.”
>Well thank you sir.”
>”I’m just sorry it had to be you.”
>Thunder didn’t have time to respond before Captain Sharp Lance jerked the pegasus towards him with his hoof.
>Thunder barely registered the sharp, agonizing pain on his chest before he saw Sharp Lance's hoof drive forward again, a small punch dagger clenched in his hoof.
>Three more strikes later, and Thunder found himself laying on his side, quietly gasping in pain as blood began to seep through the holes punched through the front of his armor.
>”I really do regret doing this,” Sharp Lance murmured as he calmly cleaned the blood off his weapon, “but it’s for the good of all of Equestria.”
>The pony stepped over him to the lantern at the end of the hall, and calmly extinguished it.
>Thunder tried to call out, to scream at the pony he had placed his faith and trust in as his Captain of the Guard, but was unable too.
>He tried to move, but his hooves and his wings felt limp and powerless, as if he had just run a marathon and flown across the world.
>A quiet choke came from him as his body began to feel cold.
>Through eyes clouded with pain he watched as Sharp Lance calmly turned and made his way back down the stairs, but not before extinguishing the lantern directly above Thunder’s twitching body.
>Darkness enveloped Thunder as the sounds of hoofbeats faded away into the blackness.
>Sharp Lance sighed as he reached the bottom of the stairs, where he was greeted by the rest of his compatriots.
>”Who was it?” One of them whispered.
>”It doesn’t matter, not anymore, we have a job to do.”
>As one, they turned and entered the room just across the hall from Nurse Tea Leaf’s.
>Normally it was a supply room, containing spare medical supplies for the abomination that was directly above their heads.
>But now it would serve a different purpose.
>The center of the small room had been cleared of boxes and other things to make way for the glowing lines of enchantment their resident unicorn Specialist was currently drawing.
>Sharp Lance pointed to the other two unicorns in their small group.
>”Cast that spell I found for you on the door, we don’t need any uninvited guests.”
>They nodded, their horns glowing with power.
>”How much longer Light Wing?”
>The unicorn drawing the lines of dark blue light didn’t raise his head.
>”Another minute is all I need, It’s almost ready.”
>”Did you get the package sent off?” Sharp Lance looked at another one of the guards.
>”Yes sir, it should be in Canterlot by now.” The mare replied. “Everything was included so your contact knows what to do.”
>”Perfect.” Sharp Lance sighed, and looked over the guards with him.
>It had been going so smoothly up to this point.
>The unconscious Starlight Glimmer had been hogtied, blindfolded, gagged, and with the suppressor ring on her horn she was completely helpless.
>The kitchen pantry was large, and she wouldn’t be found behind all those bags of rice until the night had long since faded to morning.
>The spell that he’d found in the Princess’s library simply labeled ‘uninteresting’ had been perfect for this operation, rendering the door and room they were in as completely uninteresting to anypony who happened to pass by.
>The best part was that the spell was almost completely unnoticeable.
>But then that damned pegasus Thunder had to ruin his perfectly smooth operation.
>”Sir, it’s ready.”
>Light Wing’s voice broke him out of his thoughts, and the stallion stood.
>”This is it. The human Anonymous came in an hour ago with the dragon Spike. They are in their rooms, and I saw Princess Twilight stumble in several hours ago myself.”
>”I believe that is everypony. The other guards won’t wake, that sleeping potion will last till tomorrow afternoon at the earliest, and the other two who are with us are on patrol outside.”
>Seeing no contradictory words from the Guards in front of him, he turned to Light Wing.
>”What do we do now?”
>The unicorn gestured to the others, and they slowly gathered on the glowing lines.
>”You have to stay inside of this circle while the spell is active.”
>”Trust me, you’ll severely regret it if you leave, and I’d suggest you all lay down, so you don’t fall over in your sleep.”
>”What do you mean ‘sleep’? We were never given the specifics of what this spell of yours even does.” One of Earth Pony guards asked.
>Light Wing sighed irritably.
>”Since we can’t physically enter the Nightmare’s room, we had to think outside the box.”
>”Captains Sharp Lance’s contact ‘acquired’ this spell from Princess Luna’s persona archive. It allows ponies other than herself to enter the Dream Realm, while also blocking any outside intrusion. Princess Luna will be powerless to stop us.”
>”We’re going to hijack the human Anonymous’ mental connection to the Nightmare abomination and enter her mind through him. Then we kill her.”
>Sharp Lance coughed, getting the attention of the others.
>”The body cannot live without the mind. The weapons we are carrying have been enchanted to survive our trip. We kill her there, she dies, end of story. Light Wing, are you ready?”
>The unicorn nodded, waving to the other two unicorns in their group
>”I’m going to cast the spell, and you two will help provide the power for it, understand?”
>They nodded as Light Wing’s horn began to glow brighter and brighter, the twinkling of magic growing louder by the second.
>Two beams of light hit Light Wing’s horn, and the intensity of the glow became almost unbearable to look at.
>Then suddenly the lines they all were laying on glowed brighter, and Sharp Lance felt something enter his body, like a warmth had suddenly blossomed right between his eyes.
>He could see trails of white magic coming from Light Wing’s horn, and as they touched each of his guards, they instantly lowered their heads as sleep overcame them.
>A tendril of white light drew closer to him, and he closed his eyes, accepting the sleep which quickly overtook him.
>It was time to end the Nightmare, once and for all.
File: 1370739.png (2.29 MB, 3217x2098)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB PNG
Shit gonna go down in the next update.
Updated Ponepaste here: https://ponepaste.org/590#4251
Feedback is always welcomed and encouraged.
Hoo boy, these rogue guards are SOOOOO fucking dead. And rest in peace, Thunder, your deeds of valor will be remembered.
Buddy, fuck you. Now I have to emotionally distance myself from this story and I didn't want to have to do that. Fuck you. You ruined it, you idiot! Fuck!
File: 1502641369770.gif (795 KB, 245x168)
795 KB
795 KB GIF
Relax, at the pace I'm writing at now the next update will be ready in a couple of days, you'll like it, Pinkie Promise.
You betrayed the emotional engagement I was willing to have in the story for a "surprise: I'm just here to hurt you" moment. I can't trust your intentions, and you've permanently damaged my willingness to engage with this story emotionally. Even if they walk out without a scratch in the end, you cannot walk that back.
You have a decent point, I should have given a good enough reason for Sharp Lance to go all the way up the stairs to check to see if there was anyone up there or not, but it wasn't really a 'surprise I'm here to hurt you' moment it's not like he had any other choice.
I'll actually fix that plot hole you pointed out. This is why I ask for feedback, both good and bad. I can't improve if all I se is positive things. The negative things y'all point out help me just as much as the positives.
This never would have happened to Evil Glimmer.
Evil Glimmer would've used some kind of forbidden mass-scry spell to get to the bottom of things instantly, even if it meant a few heads exploding in the process.
This is why Evil will always triumph: because Good is dumb.
Yeah, that's the price you have to sometimes pay for being the 'good guy' pesky rules to follow.
Working on the next update rn, I'm on a roll.
lmao their master plan is to go into the dream realm and stab Freddy Krueger to death on his home turf
they're so fucked
RIP in peace, dream warriors
File: 1600918750451.gif (1.46 MB, 501x501)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB GIF
>turn on fappe mode
>stupid fucking stories disappear, pictures only
>screw the green, I'm just here for pictures of cute mares
I can respect that.
File: 1089756.png (466 KB, 702x691)
466 KB
466 KB PNG
lol I never said it was good plan, it was the plan that they had to work with.
imb4 frolic starts playing
File: 1530216548457.png (380 KB, 1861x1318)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
File: 1612051586398.png (347 KB, 1937x1608)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
I bet they're gonna find Anon already connected to Nightmare as well, so they're basically gonna be going against the two beings who are in charge of the mental plane
they're fucked
Oh this is a long one, and not a long time after the other!
Tea Leaf's and Anon's interaction was nice at the morning. Anon pays attention!
I don't know if Nýrmáni knows what potential reaction will come from the two sisters regarding her name.
Commenting on the two food vacuums was a nice touch.
That must be a lot of magic if even Anon could feel it.
I'm sure GlimGlam will play a bigger role, you don't do this much setup just to have her tossed into a cupboard.
Tea Leaf and Thunder kissing, then moments later he gets killed: poor Tea Leaf. Just had enough courage and stepped forward just to have her crushed again. I don't know why Sharp Lance had to kill him. Could have just sent him away with a "we changed rotation, you are free, enjoy". Now I feel super sad for Tea Leaf when she finds out.
You kinda caught me off guard with the plot. I was expecting them to try to kill her while everyone was doing the Running of the leaves, covering up their tracks by the magic emanating from that. This "kill in the dream world + hijack Anon's connection" is a nice idea. She will get caught off guard, but they will going to be surprised by her powers.

Thanks for the update!
File: 2420854.png (3.9 MB, 1852x2132)
3.9 MB
3.9 MB PNG
>Nightmare distorts the dream world in a way that would put m c escher to shame
>The guards slowly get picked off one by one by Nightmare who's having more fun than ever
this is where the fun begins
just wondering, what program do you write your green in?
I honestly just have a Google Docs master document I use for it.
Do you have any local backups at least?
yeah, I've got two different ones.
File: 1523929176364.png (722 KB, 680x922)
722 KB
722 KB PNG
Holy fuck from the time I dropped the update yesterday to day I've already written 11 more pages, update tomorrow maybe?
pic related is all I want in life.
>The guards slowly get picked off one by one by Nightmare who's having more fun than ever
I don't necessarily see her having fun, since she's so invested in being a good girl now, but her would-be assassins are definitely going to have a bad time.
File: HI ANON~.png (162 KB, 1024x1024)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
>"You're busy being your best self, right, Anon?"
>"You're not trying to get an early ticket here with a poor diet and bad habits, are you?"
kek, i hope it all will be worth it in the end.
Imagine dying and not getting to equestria.
>>"You're not trying to get an early ticket here with a poor diet and bad habits, are you?"
too close to home tqbh.
how the fuck do you write that fast?
I don't honestly know, I haven't written this much this quickly in years. I've only had one meal in almost 20 hours so that might be the reason, also I've got nothing to do while I'm laid off at the moment, so I might as well write.
>everyone forgetting Anon would be there too
all they know of man is that he's a goofy monkey that gets along with people.
they don't know
they can't know
they will never know what a man does when he feels the love of his life is threatened, especially if he assumes direct control over the shared dreamspace
File: 1539187063085.jpg (47 KB, 559x298)
47 KB
>The guards get their shit kicked in by a pissed off Anon in the dream world
>They wake up to find an equally pissed off Anon in the waking world
they've doomed themselves
>[ineffectual hoofy kicks]
>"Why won't you die?!"
File: Metal Gear Luna.jpg (81 KB, 900x630)
81 KB
>no longer bound by things like logic and common sense, Anon produces a weapon to surpass Metal Gear
>"Who is doing this? Such a lust for Harmony! WHOOOOOO!?"
Unsolicited status update for Assistant to the Night Court:
Not to overpromise or set some grand expectation, but the next segment is going to be very, very long - the longest and densest of any single update to the story so far, I’m pretty sure. However, I’m putting it on the backburner for now to momentarily focus on my submission for >>36648695 (which I wholly encourage other writefags to take part in, btw).
It’s not on ice or anything, but don’t expect an update for a couple of weeks or so.
>board mod increased text limit to 3000 characters
that's a whole three or so more lines of text for your greens!
>I can add all the https:// back to the OP now and maybe expand some of abbreviated character names
File: Number 1.png (1002 KB, 1280x727)
1002 KB
1002 KB PNG
Rolled 8 (1d10)

Not sure what use we'll have for dice ITT but the flags will be neat for a few minutes.
Rolled 17 (1d100)

File: GIF - 1491080490592.gif (302 KB, 580x480)
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302 KB GIF
I'm gonna need the extra space, this next update is almost 20 pages.
My fingers hurt so fucking bad but I cannot stop somebody help me.
File: 136674980266.gif (301 KB, 450x590)
301 KB
301 KB GIF
>Local writefag possessed by his muse.
Just be careful of burnout my dude, she wouldn't want you to stop writing entirely.
he'll be fine, he just has to watch out for the refractory period. And any residual soreness.
Write as much as you want, I don't fucking read it anyways.
File: 2247707.jpg (310 KB, 1368x1900)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
I'm going to go lay outside in the sun all day tomorrow and relax.
thanks for the (you), have a cute pony
update coming next thread, got it
File: image0-26.png (3.71 MB, 3508x2480)
3.71 MB
3.71 MB PNG
Fappe mode: on
Shitty endless pages of autistic greentext: GONE
File: 7c6.jpg (162 KB, 1024x576)
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162 KB JPG
>I'm going to go lay outside in the sun all day
RIP your skin
mare machine broke
thank you for your patience
>call mare machine
>have to talk to curry mare at call center
>"Yesh allo please?"
>I show u my curry y u not answer
>hey pretty hubby
>show me ur buns and penine

>she's actually perfectly capable of typing properly, but she enjoys teasing you like this ever since you let slip about the telemarketers and Indians from your previous world
>even now she'll still pipe up with a "wow, hot a what baabhabiat" out of nowhere that'll set you both laughing
File: 1538079082248.png (356 KB, 999x562)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
>..Yeah nah cunts
>Off with ya, ya ground poundin mudmare
>You too, bonehead, piss off
>Husbandos belong to winged girls eh
File: RabbleRabbleRabble.gif (644 KB, 800x634)
644 KB
644 KB GIF
>Mare babbling away in her cute musical accent.
>Cant understand a goddamn word but it's still nice.
File: 1527435335083.png (208 KB, 655x720)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
>Felicitations, marefactors!
See what you did? Make fun of her cute gibberish and she goes all verbose.
File: capn.jpg (222 KB, 1920x1080)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
> tfw no mare to speak in olde aenglish and sing sea shanties with
>As your ships sails across the brutal waves you stand alone on deck
>Your crew of ponies, who had accepted you with open hooves, has retired to the main cabin for fear of the howling wind and battering waves
>But to you it brings a serene calm
>All of nature brought before you in a violent dance of sea salt
>Unbeknownst to you or the crew, you're about to cross the territory of some sirens
>As the sirens prepare to lure the hapless, feckless sailors to their den a single voice carries on the winds
>With each chorus your voice picks up, near matching the roaring winds in volume
>As you sing the winds seemed to join in, baring up the old shanty, through cloud and through sky
>The words of the shanty carried the peace and the coolness of night, and carried his sorrow in kind
>The final lines in particular catch the siren's ears
'Take my advice, drink no strong drink, don't you knock on that brothel door
But get married instead and spend all night in bed, and go to sea no more'
>In siren culture, vocally proclaiming your desire for courtship in song was the deepest expression of affection
>The siren's soon change their plans
>Rather than lure the crew to them, they shall visit the crew
>And maybe get a new mate in the process
File: 1263144.png (2.4 MB, 1920x1360)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB PNG
>ywn roam the high seas with your mare, braving every danger and sailing for the glory and adventure.
File: 1493708419165.jpg (18 KB, 309x324)
18 KB
>she ends all of her teasing with "cloth off"
>cute gibberish
>cute verbosity
It's fine either way.
>You see, darling, when being of stalk around husbando, giant hat good thing to wear
>Some pony think 'Oh giant hat draw attention no good'
>Could not be more wrong
>Husbando see giant hat and notice it not snapback, he disregard and be none wiser
>Giant hat should always be in zone pack, darling
File: 1423085.png (373 KB, 1072x1200)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
I need a mare to sing me the songs of her people.
File: cantdance int.jpg (154 KB, 1024x1024)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
She's on it
File: 2436380.png (688 KB, 2500x1312)
688 KB
688 KB PNG
I'm debating on whether I should drop all 22 pages of Dreams to Dream update here, or directly onto Ponepaste, that's a lot of green.
There's also a lot of pretty graphic violence in it.
Gim Glam beat you to it apparently.
File: 85dsu.png (768 KB, 1000x1044)
768 KB
768 KB PNG
>22 pages
>in 2 days
how many posts is tha anywayt? maybe split in half?
Drop it all here.
>a Google Docs master document
my google docs takes a while to load fully and I've only got it up to 14 pages, do you have multiple good docs along with the master or is your computer just better than mine?
Holy crap, you are crazy fast, anon! Drop it, please. I want to see the traitor guards dying due to being killed.
>22 pages
Please post it here, even if you break it down into multiple parts.
I want to read it here and read and discuss it with other Anons. It's easier to do so when you can directly link to the post you're discussing.
I'm honestly surprised myself that I managed to write that much in so short a time. As of right now, the whole story stands at about 92,327 words, the most I've ever written for anything ever.
My primary drive for my PC is a SSD, but still, it takes about 20 seconds for GDOCS to load all 220 pages I've got written so far.
True, I'll just drop it here. I'm almost done editing it, so give or take an hour before I upload it.
File: 2493826.png (324 KB, 900x900)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
All in lads, here we go. Be warned, it gets pretty fucking violent, I don't hold back in my writing.

>Tea Leaf jerked up in her bed, suddenly wide awake.
>Her ears flicked back and forth in the darkness, she could barely make out the silhouette of her doorway.
>She could have sworn that she’d heard something.
>Just as she was ready to lay back down, it came again; the quietest knock on her door.
>”Hello, who is it?”
>There was no response.
>Quickly extricating herself from her warm comforter and sliding her knife into the sheath on her left wing, she made her way cautiously to the door, flicking on the lantern that sat on her desk to give her some light.
>The clock on her desk showed that it was 2:52 AM
>Another knock came, and she thought she heard a gasp of breath along with it.
>Grasping the handle with one wing she opened the door, and was greeted with almost pitch blackness.
>Then she looked down.
>It took a moment for her to comprehend from what little light the lamp in her room gave, but when she did, a shriek of horror tore from her muzzle.
>The crumpled blood-soaked form of Thunder lay directly in front of her door, hoof still outstretched from where he must have been tapping at it with his armored hoof.
>With another horrified cry she hooked her front hooves into the dragstrap on the back of his armor and pulled him into her room and towards the light.
>The more the light shone on him, the more horrified she became.
>”Oh sweet Celestia, no no no this isn’t happening…”
>Finding the source of the blood was easy, and she quickly found herself unlatching the pegasus’ armor as quick as her hooves and wings would allow her.
>Dashing to the foot of her bed, she grabbed her spare medical bag and rushed it back over to the bleeding stallion.
>Not taking any chances with removing it the standard way, she used her medical scissors to cut off his under-armor jerkin, exposing the bleeding holes in his chest.
>”Hold on, please…” She begged tearfully as she began to cut fur off to make room for bandages.
>”T-they’re here… for her…”
>The words were so faint that she could barely hear them.
>”What are you talking about?” She sobbed, continuing to cut and apply bandages in hopes to stop the bleeding.
>His skin was deathly pale, and his pulse weak.
>”Captain… stabbed me… in danger…”
>”You are not going to die on me Thunder, do you understand!”
>Tea Leaf’s teeth were clenched, and tears flowed freely from her eyes.
>A sudden bang caused Tea Leaf to jerk her head up towards her door, which had been thrown open hard enough to crack it.
>Another Guard stood there, face hidden by the shadows in the hallway.
>Before Tea Leaf could speak he had launched himself at her, a short spear clenched in his hooves.
>Only one though filled Tea Leaf’s mind: protect her stallion.
>With a guttural scream she leapt into the air, thawing herself in front of Thunder and directly at the Guard, an Earth Pony who’s name she couldn’t remember.
>She effortlessly batted the spear aside with one hoof, and the two of them collided and fell to the ground, hooves flailing.
>One of them accidentally hit her desk, causing the lantern to fall and shatter, and what little light that the room held vanished.
>The stallion finally managed to land a blow in the darkness, a hoof catching Tea Leaf in the chest, but she rolled with the blow, snarling in rage and pain as she snapped the feathers of her right wing into her attacker’s eyes in retaliation.
>The pony hissed in pain and jerked his head away.
>It was his fatal mistake.
>With reflexes born from years of practice, her knife leapt into her hooves, and she plunged it into the pony’s un-armored barrel, just behind his left foreleg.
>The pony gave a howl of agony as the knife disappeared all the way to the hilt, but Tea Leaf wasn’t done.
>She slugged him with one hoof as she withdrew her knife, the force of the blow knocking the Guard flat onto his back.
>Quick as a viper, Tea Leaf jumped on the stallion’s chest and slashed her knife across his exposed throat.
>Blood splattered across the floor, on her hooves, and across her face, but she didn’t notice.
>The stallion attempted to scream as one of his hooves blindly flailed to his neck, but only a weak gurgle bubbled from his obliterated trachea.
>With a final scream Tea Leaf brought her knife straight down through the side of the stallion's skull with a sickening thump
>He instantly went limp, and Tea Leaf withdrew her knife, panting.
>”Thunder, oh no…”
>Sliding her blood-soaked knife back into its sheath she galloped back to Thunder.
>His breathing was soft, and his eyes were barely open.
>”I told you you’re not going to die on me, I’ll get you patched up.”
>The words were as much a hopeful inspiration to him as they were a silent pleading from her.
>”The amulet…” Once again her head jerked up, realizing that the amulet that gave her a direct connection to Princess Celestia was still sitting on her bedside table.
>She quickly reached it and pressed the button several times as fast as she could while galloping back to where Thunder lay.
>Tossing the gift aside like trash, she resumed her efforts to try and stop the bleeding from Thunders horrific chest wounds.
>”Your eyes… so beautiful…”
>Tea Leaf began to apply another bandage, tears falling from her eyes like rain.
>”Don’t you dare talk to me like that. You will get through this, I don’t care what I have to do.”
>A flash of warm, golden light directly in front of Thunder caused her to look up, just in time to see Celestia standing before her, bare of all royal trinkets.
>Even her mane, which had always flowed with wonderful colors, was a still, soft pink.
>”Tea Leaf,” Her regal voice was quiet with exhaustion, “why have yo”
>”Save him Princess, please, he’s been attacked!”
>Princess Celestia’s eyes went wide at the carnage she had just teleported into, before her gaze once again met Tea Leaf’s
>”Of course, I just need a moment to”
>The door, which had swung closed after having been slammed open by the first intruder, exploded inwards again, revealing another member off the Royal Guard.
>In the darkness Tea Leaf couldn’t tell who it was, but the size indicated it was another stallion, and the way he held the sword, which glowed with violent magic, meant he certainly wasn’t here to help.
>Apparently the Guard couldn’t tell who anypony was in the darkness either, and with a wordless cry the stallion leapt at Princess Celestia.
>Tea Leaf opened her mouth to scream a warning, but it was too late.
>The guard’s short sword impacted Celestia’s left shoulder and shattered on impact, sending shards of metal flying all across the room.
>Without a word Celestia stood on her hind legs, turned with speed that would have made the Element Rainbow Dash envious, and hit the stallion directly in the barrel with one of her forelegs.
>One moment the stallion was there, the next he was replaced by a rapidly expanding cloud of bits and dark fluid, which splattered over most of the closest wall.
>For a moment, Tea Leaf sat there, dumbstruck and horrified by what she had just seen.
>Then Celestia turned her gaze back to Thunder, and Tea Leaf knew what real horror was.
>The eyes of the motherly Celestia were gone, the cheer and compassion that was always there had fled, replaced with cold, silent fury.
>Celestia’s magenta eyes glowed a bright, malevolent magenta in the darkness, and her horn lit up with the golden light of her magic, once again illuminating the room.
>Her white fur, normally pristine down to the individual hair, was splattered red with blood, as was most of her muzzle and neck.
>The blood dripped from her lower jaw like the drool of some demonic beast, and Tea Leaf nearly screamed in terror at the visage of her ruler.
>”Hold him still Tea Leaf, this will be painful, but it will save him.”
>The golden glow grew brighter, and a dome of transparent energy appeared, covering the three of them.
>In seconds the light from Celestia’s horn grew too bright to bear, and Tea Leaf squeezed her eyes shut, even as the tears continued to flow.
>Then, just as suddenly as it had come, the light faded back to a warm, comforting level.
>Tea Leaf opened her eyes, looking down at Thunder.
>Where there had been horrific stab wounds, covered with bandages, there was scar tissue and scorched skin.
>”He will live, but he needs care that I cannot provide.”
>Celestia stood, a beautiful pony that had been turned in seconds to a nightmarish figure.
>”I must get my sister. If there are indeed others attempting to kill your patient, my sister will most certainly be able to help. Do not leave the shield, and you will be safe.”
>With a flash and crack of power, Celestia once again vanished from view, leaving the two pegasi under the glowing golden dome.
>Pressing one ear to Thunder’s chest, she could hear his heartbeat; faint, weak, but still beating.
>”Hold on, please…”
Luna felt it the instant it happened, but even she could not travel instantly throughout the wider world of dreams.
>She arrived at the shared dream of the human Anonymous and the alicorn who wished to call herself Nýrmáni, only to find the foreign consciousness attached to theirs, like parasitic leeches.
>Feeling the extra connections that were currently attached to Anonymous conscience, she tried with all of her strength to remove them, but they stuck there, firm as bedrock granite.
>When she attempted to project herself into the now chaotic sphere of consciousness, she yelped in pain as she bounced off of it, her magic fizzling into nothing.
>”Dammit!” She cursed.
>”The only spell that does this is one that I created… oh buck.”
>She quickly excited the Dream Realm, nearly flying from her bed with the suddenness of her awakening.
>”Sister!” She called as she teleported to Celestia’s chambers, throwing the doors open as if they were nothing.
>Celestia’s bed was empty, the covers on her bed thrown aside.
>Clearly she had left in a hurry, wherever she had gone.
>Just as Luna began to charge her horn for another teleport, a flash of warm yellow light by the bed caused her to stop.
>”Oh thank goodness sister, we must get to Ponyville…”
>Luna’s words failed her as she beheld the blood-soaked visage of her elder sister.
>”Luna, gather your most trusted and loyal guards and bring them to Twilight’s castle immediately, they are trying to kill Nýrmáni and have nearly killed another Guard.”
>”I know! I sensed intrusions into her mind but I am powerless to stop them in the Dream Realm!”
>”I will fetch my Guards immediately Celly, now go back, I will catch up!”
>With a nod of her blood-soaked head Celestia once again vanished.
>With her horn charged, Luna again vanished, appearing instantly inside the Royal Night Guard officer’s barracks.
>The officer’s bunks were currently occupied, with the officers not out on rotation enjoying their night off reading or playing cards.
>She was sadly about to ruin that, as she charged her horn for another summoning spell.
>At the sudden appearance of their patron princess, the bat ponies quickly clamored out of their bunks and bowed deeply.
>”What is it that calls you here Mistress?” One of the senior officers asked, his head bowed low.
>”No time for formalities. There is currently an assassination attempt occurring in Twilight’s castle. Gather your gear, we are leaving in one minute.”
>With a flash of blue light armor appeared on Luna’s body, covering her from hoof to horn in grey, spell-covered armor.
>Her battle-axe also appeared, slung on her side the carved spells on it glowing malevolently.
>To her immense joy there was no hesitation even at this display as the batponies threw open their weapon and armor lockers, helping each other put on their armor and equipment.
>Before Luna’s teleport activated, every Night Guard present stood at attention and ready.
>In a bright flash of blue light, the barracks was empty.
>Anonymous tried to stand again, only to be physically knocked down by the guard standing over him
>”I said stop it! We don’t want to hurt you!”
“Fuck you cocksucker!”
>The pegasus’ eyes narrowed and he opened his mouth to reply, but a horrific scream interrupted them both.
>They both looked as the others charged Nýrmáni, who reared up and slammed both of her front hooves into the quickly fading landscape.
>The thunderous impact sent most of the guards sprawling as cracks exploded from around her hooves, the impact sending massive chunks of dirt and rock flying up around the enraged alicorn.
>Nýrmáni grabbed one of them in her front hooves, a chunk of dirt-covered rock the size of a 4-door sedan, and hurled it with no visible effort at the group of traitorous guards.
>They all scattered except on, who was shakily getting back on his hooves.
>The guard didn’t even have a chance to yell before he disappeared under the massive chunk of stone as it slammed directly on top of him.
>The guard standing over Anon was frozen in shock, so he used the opportunity to his advantage.
“Level playing field, no magic? Well, I can play that game too.”
>From his experience so far in the Dreamscape, he had found that he could only create items for himself if he had great familiarity with the item in question.
>Given Equestria’s idea of simplicity, he only had a few options available to him.
>He focused his mind on what he wanted.
>With a sudden heaviness he felt his creation materialize in his hand, fitting it just as well as it had the day he’d given it and the rest of his collection to his best friend before he’d left for Equestria.
>Too bad he was about to break one of Princess Cadence’s most important rules for the Equestrian Human Immigration Initiative: no advanced human weaponry.
>In his opinion, rules like this were meant to be broken anyway.
>The guard began to turn back to him. “What the buck ar”
>It was too late.
>At this close range, there wasn’t even a need to aim down the sights of the old Colt 1917, so Anonymous simply pointed the revolver at the pegasus’ center of mass and pulled the double action trigger as fast as he could.
>The six rapid shots of .45 ACP tore through the pegasus’ light jerkin as if it wasn’t there, shredding the guard’s innards like wet tissue paper.
>The pegasus flopped over onto his side without uttering a single sound. He twitched for a moment, but then went still.
>Ears ringing from the brutal concussions, he looked up to see that all of the ponies, including Nýrmáni, had stopped their fighting at the six thunderous reports to look in his direction in curiosity.
>He opened his mouth to say something as he dropped his gun and went for the now dead pegasus’ spear that lay just in front of him.
>Grasping it in his hands he stood, just in time to take a javelin to his right shoulder.
>His whole world suddenly filled with agony as he toppled backwards once again, dropping his recently acquired weapon with a howl of pain.
>When Celestia had teleported into her bedroom, telling her that rouge Royal Guards were attending to assassinate Nýrmáni, she had been frozen in shock at first.
>Twilight Sparkle had never seen her mentor this angry before in her life.
>She’d also never seen her with her mane and tail depowered and in their natural shade of pink.
>She’d also never seen her soaked in blood before.
>That one scared her the most.
>Once she had managed to shake the shock from her system, she had teleported herself and Spike down to the map room, where Spike quickly sent messages to the rest of her friends.
>Charging her horn, she poured a spell into the map table, which activated.
>Glowing representations of all her friends cutie marks appeared above the table, circling the representation of her castle,
>”There Princess; this, combined with those scrolls Spike sent should get the girls here, is there anything else I can do?”
>”Lock down the Castle, nopony goes in or out until my sister or I say so.”
>Her mentor’s low and dangerous tone caused an involuntary shiver to run down her spine.
>”That’s what this spell does. As soon as the last of my friends crosses the threshold, the castle will close itself off.”
>”Good, in the meantime, you can help my guards search for your purple, Starlight Glimmer.”
>Luna’s voice came from behind Twilight, and the purple alicorn turned to greet her, only to face an armored monstrosity of grey steel and glowing lines of ancient, powerful magic.
>”My guards have just finished searching her room and she is not there, so she must be in the castle somewhere. I will be searching for those casting this horrific spell.”
>”W-what kind of spell is it?” Twilight asked, still slightly intimidated by the heavily armed and armored Luna in front of her.
>”His dream connection to Nýrmáni has been hijacked, apparently by rogue elements of the Royal Guard here, using a spell of my own creation. I do not know how they know of my spell, but they are most likely limited in their ability to cast it.”
>Twilight opened her mouth to talk, but Luna talked right over her.
>”The spell is limited by the power available to the caster. Considering there are only a few members of the Royal Guard stationed here who have the ability to cast it, they have to be very close, almost certainly still within the castle somewhere.”
>With a flash of blue magic Luna vanished, leaving Celestia and Twilight alone.
>”I will help my sister search, return to us as soon as you find your student. I pray that she is not dead.”
>Celestia herself then vanished, leaving Twilight alone.
>Thankfully, Luna’s Night Guard was nothing if not efficient.
>Only minutes after joining their search, they had found the rest of the local Royal Guards in the temporary barracks, in a deep, potion induced sleep.
>Twilight ordered them restrained just in case, and resumed her search.
>It was only when she and several guards passed by the doors to the dining room did they hear a muffled cry.
>”Did you both hear that?” She asked, ears swiveling rapidly.
>The two guards flanking her nodded, and when the muted cry came again Twilight nearly blew the dining room door off its hinges in her haste.
>They heard the cry again, it sounded desperate. Whoever was crying out must have heard them.
>”Starlight, are you there?” Twilight called out.
>More muffled cries were her response, followed by soft banging from the kitchen area.
>”Spread out and search it, I don’t care how big a mess you make.”
>It only took them a couple of seconds to find the source of the cries, when one of the guards stuck his nose into the secondary pantry and was nearly brained by a falling shelf.
>”Starlight! Are you alright?” Twilight helped the batpony guard haul a wildly squirming Starlight from the attention-seeking mess she had made.
>”T-they snuck in weapons, powerful anti-magic ones.” Starlight blurted out the moment her gag had been removed.
>”I don’t know what they’re planning but it’s bad.”
>”Easy Miss Glimmer,” One of the guard said as he gently held down the twitchy unicorn, “You took several nasty blows to the head, you need to rest bef”
>”Nope, not doing that.”
>The instant Twilight lifted the restraining ring from around Starlight’s horn it flared a bright turquoise.”
>”No two-bit guard hits me on the back of the head and gets away with it, where are they Twilight?” Starlight snarled.
>Twilight gulped. The last time she’d seen Starlight Glimmer this angry, the space-time continuum had nearly been destroyed.
>”We don’t know, that’s the problem. But the spell they are using is very close range, they have to be in the castle somewhere.”
>”Good enough for me.”
>With a flash of light and sharp crack, Starlight vanished.
>Twilight gulped nervously. ”Well, hopefully it won’t take her too long.”
>”Twilight! They’re here!”
>An exhausted Spike ran into the kitchen, huffing and puffing.
>”In the map room, huf, waiting for you, huf.”
>”Good work Spike.” Sparing the time for a quick hug for the young dragon, she teleported him and herself to the Cutie Map.
>Her friends all looked exhausted, but curious as to why they had been called here in the middle of the night.
>”Ther’ yah are Twilight, what the hay is”
>”There’s no time Applejack, some of the Royal Guards have gone rogue, and they’re trying to assassinate Nightmare Moon!”
>She hated using Nýrmáni’s old name, but since her friends had not yet been informed of the alicorn’s decision, she wanted as few questions as possible, especially now.”
>There was a collective gasp from her friends.
>”But the spell they’re using to do it has a very short range; they’re hiding inside the castle somewhere and we need your help searching for them.”
>”Of course we’ll help darling.” Rarity still had her sleep mask perched above her eyes, but she looked determined.
>Spike stood by her side, picking a loose hair roller out of her mane.
>”Good, Luna’s Night Guard are here as well, find one of them and stay close, these rogue guards have already almost killed one pony, so we need to be careful.”
>Her friends' eyes went wide, but the resolve in their eyes made Twilight’s heart swell with pride.
>”I need to find Celestia and Luna, let us know if any of you finds anything.”
>As one, Spike, and the rest of her friends galloped out of the room and began to spread out, Twilight once again teleported to her mentor.
>She appeared at Celestia’s side, and from her surroundings they appeared to be in Anonymous’ room.
>Celestia stood over the human, who was being gently held down by several of Luna’s Night Guard as he violently jerked and squirmed about in his bed,
>”What’s happening to him?”
>”He is mostly likely fighting for his life.”
>Luna’s tone was grave.
>”Why don’t you just pull him out and wake him up?”
>”We cannot, the interlopers have blocked our connection to them both. I cannot enter or remove the interlopers, nor can I simply force young Anonymous awake.”
>Luna shook her head sadly before turning to Twilight.
>”The consequences of a forcible removal while his mind is already so strained, it would irreparably shatter his consciousness.”
>”If we can find the interloper’s physical bodies and wake them, the spell will break and I will be able to pull him out, but other than that, there is nothing my sister and I can do for him.”
>As the unknown and heavily armed ponies had charged at her, the combat experience from Luna’s memories overwhelmed her.
>Luna’s magic had been restrained many times during her almost three millennia of combat experience. Nýrmáni had retained all of this knowledge and muscle memory, and knew exactly what to do.
>Turn the tables on your attackers, and put them on the defensive.
File: 481063.png (705 KB, 900x1350)
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705 KB PNG
>She had shattered the ground around herself with her strength, and had crushed one of the offending ponies with a large rock, but as she moved to attack, there were six sharp, loud cracking sounds, as if lightning had struck repeatedly nearby.
>As she had turned, she had watched as the guard that had been holding her Anonymous hostage fall, apparently slain by whatever weapon he held in his hand.
>But just as he had re-armed himself with the fallen guards weapon, a javelin impacted his shoulder, sending him sprawling backwards with a cry of pain.
>”What the buck did you do, he was supposed to be left alone!”
>She barely heard the words as her every sense tunneled in on the writhing, groaning form of Anonymous.
>His falling body seemed to have happened in slow motion, everything else seemed distant and unimportant to her.
>Suddenly, the spell these mortals had cast that restrained her magic meant nothing.
>They had hurt him.
>They had hurt her beloved Anonymous.
>Her everything...
>With a guttural scream of rage and despair the magic restraint spell was swept away like a rowboat before a tsunami and all her power came rushing back from within her core, her mane and tail exploding into existence once again.
>Her words shook the foundations of the Dreamscape, once again garnering her the attention of the ponies who had been stupid enough to come here to challenge her.
>”Oh shit...” The one in front muttered, eyes growing wide in terror.
>Tears flowing from her blazing, slitted eyes, Nýrmáni threw herself at the group of interlopers with another vicious scream, her fangs bared, wings outstretched.
>Darkness exploded from behind her, transforming the surrounding landscape into the dark forest where she had been herself tormented to near madness.
>As the interlopers looked around in shock at the sudden change in their surroundings, Nýrmáni slammed into the ground in their midst, the impact sending several of them flying from the epicenter of the crater she now inhabited
>Her writing, star-filled mane wrapped around one of them, and with a horrendous ripping sound tore the screaming mare in two.
>Without hesitating amidst the rain of blood from the now bisected mare, she grabbed the dead mare’s falling sword out of the air and hurled it with one hoof at a stallion who was in the process of throwing a javelin at her.
>The sword hit him with such force that he was lifted off his hooves and thrown against a nearby tree, where he hung like a piece of clothing set out to dry.
>Another sword impacted her neck, only lightly scratching her skin before the magically-reinforced weapon shattered.
>”Impossible!” The stallion shroud as he retreated backwards, fear emanating from every pore on his body.
>One of the ponies that had been sent flying was attempting to get back on his hooves, but Nýrmáni was there, her mane discarding the two halves of the mare.
>She reared up, then slammed her hooves down onto the stallion’s barrel.
>The explosion of upturned ground nearly hid the remains as the chucks of earth and dead trees fell back to the ground, dead leaves falling like rain.
>She turned to face the final attacker, the stallion who had dared strike her, but found nothing except for rustling bushes and the sounds of fleeing hoofbeats on dry leaves.
>It was then that she noticed a single ray of sunshine, shining down through the dark billowing clouds overhead to light a single area of the dark dead forest.
>”My beloved…”
>With a burst from her wings she landed in the ray of sunlight, finding her Anonymous, still very much alive, and in great pain.
“Holy fuck this hurts!”
>”Do not move Anonymous, it may cut you more internally if you do!”
>He turned to face her, his eyes going wide.
>Nýrmáni suddenly realized that she was covered with filth and gore, and thus was most likely not pleasing to the eye.
“Yeah I know that.” He panted, blood staining his shirt. “At least it wasn’t a gut wound, that would have been a lot worse. Aghhh!”
>His cries of pain tore a hole in her heart that nothing else had ever done.
>”We will try to help, but these weapons are enchanted to hurt more than just flesh, your very consciousness is damaged from this..”
“Well… that fucking sucks for me.”
>Nýrmáni choked back a laugh at the sarcastic tone he used, even as the tears still fell from her eyes, her hooves gently holding Anonymous’ chest,
>The sunlight they were both enveloped in slowly expanded and with it, the grass grew green once again, and leaves appeared in the trees, which shone with the brightness of a recent spring rain.
“What can you do to stop it?”
>”We…We do not know.”
>”Wait, something has changed!”
>”What do you mean, sister?”
>The two of them stood in Nýrmáni’s room as several Night Guard held down her thrashing body.
>While they had been shocked momentarily, they had followed Luna’s orders without question or hesitation.
>Luna’s eyes closed as she concentrated on her connection to the Dream Realm.
>While she could not interfere, alter, or pull Anonymous from his connection, she could observe it from afar, how the parasites clung to both his and Nýrmáni’s consciousness.
>She had just one of the foreign consciousness’ simply vanish, quickly followed by another.
>”I believe that the two of them are fighting back, two of the attackers are dead.” Luna spoke without opening her eyes, her inner vision still focused on the strange fight playing out before her.
>In the span of several seconds, only one of the parasitic interlopers was left, but something else was horribly wrong.
>The mind of Anonymous was writhing around, twitching in visible, silent agony.
>”Young Anonymous is hurt, and all of their attackers are dead but one! The powers holding me back have weakened greatly, it may be enough for me to force myself through and get him out!”
>Then the consciousness that was Nýrmáni’s rippled, like a sheet blowing in the wind, and with each moment the ripples grew larger and more intense.
>”Oh by the stars above…” Luna’s heavy voice caused Celestia’s eyes to snap to her sister.
>”What is it Luna, what has happened now?”
>”She is waking up, the influx of foreign magic and stress must have been enough to force her from her own mind! I must get Anonymous out now!”
>Concentrating with all her strength, Luna broke through enough of the barrier to force her voice through.
“I am holding still dammit, just ahggg!”
>Using bandages that she had created, Nýrmáni carefully dressed the area around where the javelin’s tip disappeared into his shoulder.
>They had broken the wooden shaft off until only just a few inches stuck out of his shoulder, freeing more room, and lessening the possibility of the shaft’s vibrations doing further internal damage.
>”Please, We are trying, but Our memory of medicine is greatly lacking.”
“T-that's a comforting thought.” He groaned again.
>Suddenly Nýrmáni lurched back, away from Anonymous, screaming in pain at a sudden pain in her hind leg.
>”What… What is this?”
>Another sudden pain wracked her side, and she screamed with the sharpness of it.
“Are… Are you waking up?”
>Nýrmáni turned her eyes back to Anonymous, expression pained and surprised, but strong.
>”We cannot awake yet, We will not leave you here.”
>Both of them perked up at the quiet voice, which seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
>”Anonymous... can you hear me?”
“Is that…” Anon’s eyes narrowed. “Luna? Princess Luna is that you?”
>”Yes… You must awake, before you become hurt any further!”
>Nýrmáni stood shakily, glaring upwards towards the light.
>”We do not trust you! We will not let you take him from Us!”
>There was no response.
“Nýrmáni, I trust her.”
>The alicorn looked down, eyes filled with confusion and unshed tears.
>”What do you mean?”
“She never tried to see our dreams, she left... left us alone. She never lied.”
>He coughed, and Nýrmáni felt her blood run cold at the blood that now stained her beloved’s lips.
>She knelt down on shaky legs as pains continued to grow throughout her body
>”No no no, please, We beg you, do not die, We... I love you…”
>To her surprise, Anon let out a choked laugh, one of his hands found and weakly held onto one of her hooves.
“That might b-be the cheesiest thing y-you’ve ever said, but it doesn’t change anything. I-I need to go.”
>Nýrmáni could feel his connection to her consciousness grow weaker, just as it had every time before he inevitably awoke in the physical world.
>His grip on her hoof tightened at the tears that now freely fell from her muzzle as she wordlessly nodded at him.
“I’ll be there for you when you wake up, I promise…”
>His form glowed for a moment, before it simply dispersed as a cloud of grey and blue butterflies, which flitted through the sunlight from above.
>Nýrmáni was alone.
>But as she turned her head back to the dark woods, she realized she wasn’t alone.
>Tears still falling from her eyes, her head came upwards in a sinister grin as she growled low in her throat.
>The pillar of sunlight that surrounded her began to fade as thunder rumbled through the darkening clouds.
>The fleeing stallion would pay for bringing this suffering upon her beloved.
>Sharp Lance couldn’t find their entry point.
>He was hopelessly lost in this dark, accursed forest, with no back up, and only a single dagger in his possession.
>He had no idea how long it would take for the abomination to find him as he galloped through the endless trees and dead leaves, but his hopes weren’t high.
>”Did you really think that you could destroy Us?”
>The voice came from directly in front of him, and he backpedaled on his hooves as he slid to a sudden halt.
>Other than his panicked, frantic panting the only thing he could hear was the creaking and rattling of dead, bare branches amidst the slowly rising wind
>”Did you really think that you could escape Us?”
>Sharp Lance shouted in fear, leaping forward as the voice spoke directly into his left ear.
>Turning, he could see that the tree that he’d stopped next too had grown a head, neck, and part of the shoulder of the Nightmare.
>The thing in the tree was covered in the greyish black of dead wood as it swung it’s only hoof at him in vain as it’s mouth opened, insects of all kinds pouring from its mouth as it writhed, seemingly desperate to touch him.
>He screamed in terror and began to run again, only to see mounds of dead leaves rise up in the darkness, forming into ponies that looked familiar.
>”Why did you lead us to die?” One of them asked as branches shot through its chest, much like the stallion before it.
>Sharp Lance fell on his back in horror as one of the shapes simply came apart, both halves walking towards him.
>”I’ll never get to hug my mother again because of you.”
>The ground beneath his hooves suddenly erupted as dead vines and roots began to wrap and twist around his limbs.
>He shouted again in terror as he flailed, faces forming from the cracks of the dead trees around him, and they too began to wail and howl in ways that made his sanity hurt, splintered, leafless branches reaching for him like the hooves of the damned.
>Then she appeared out of the darkness, the Abomination.
File: 1313429.jpg (159 KB, 900x1273)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
>She was covered in the blood of his companions, and her eyes glowed in savage and vindictive hatred.
>”We swore to ourselves that We would never bring about such horrors to the minds of others again.”
>She slowly trotted closer as Sharp Lance began to feel himself being pulled into the cold and damp earth.
>”But, for what you have done to Our beloved We figured, as the saying Our Anonymous has told of goes…”
>She stopped over him, sitting at his hooves as she grabbed his muzzle with terrifying strength.
>Twitching with obvious pain, she gave him a fang-filled smile that made him relieve himself in dread.
>Her words were barely above a whisper. “We figured, what the hell, one last time before We wake.”
>The Nightmare pulled his head directly to hers. Her slitted, alien, glowing eyes were just inches from his, and he couldn’t look away.
>He could see things in them; horrors and glories that were beyond his comprehension, beings that could reshape entire worlds as easily as he could walk on the ground.
>Sharp Lance began to scream incoherently as she dropped his twitching body back to the ground, which eagerly continued to swallow him up.
>He saw the Nightmare Abomination writhing in pain, before simply vanishing with one final, lingering scream.
>Then the ground swallowed his own scream as he fell into blackness.
>Starlight Glimmer was honestly surprised that flames hadn’t erupted from her mane yet
>She’d seen it happen to Twilight once or twice since her time here, it looked equal parts terrifying and really cool.
>After teleporting from the kitchen after being freed by Twilight and Luna’s guards, she’d been looking through every room, every closet, every nook and cranny she could.
>She still couldn’t find that damned traitor and his gang of thugs, but she would.
>Then she’d show them what she could really do.
>After several minutes of fruitless searching, she decided to go to the start of it all.
>On the words of one of the Night Guard she had crossed paths with, she teleported into the room of the Nurse Tea Leaf, surveying the carnage.
>Nose wrinkling at the smell of it all, she noticed several Night Guards standing at attention near the nurse’s bed, which held the heavily wounded Royal Guard Thunder.
>Tea Leaf Herself stood at the bedside, holding Thunder’s hoof as a Nightguard medic monitored what looked like a blood transfer.
>”Is… Is he okay?” Starlight ventured quietly.
>Tea Leaf looked up, eyes distant and still holding tears.
>Her muzzle and chest were splattered with blood.
>”We think so, he’s so weak…” Her voice held no emotion.
>Starlight swallowed the guilt forming in her. “Could you tell me how you found him?”
>”H-he was tapping on my door, i-t woke me up, I opened it to find… to find…”
>With a quiet sob, Tea Leaf’s head fell softly onto the bed as she gently began to cry.
>Starlight figured this would be the best time to extricate herself from the situation, and she quickly trotted out into the hallway, carefully stepping over the blood still at the foot of the door.
>Her eyes narrowed as her mind began to race.
>”Why would they come all the way up here, stab him, then leave?”
>Starlight tapped her chin and hisses at the sudden pain. Stupid head injury.
>Activating her horn, she looked around, eyes narrowed.
>Up the stairs to the rooms that belonged to Anon and Nightmare Moon, where she knew Princesses Celestia and Luna currently were.
>Down the stairs to the rest of the castle.
>Behind her to Tea Leaf’s room.
>In front of her was the door to that boring old supply closet, and she quickly turned to go back down the stairs.
>”Wait a minute.” Starlight froze mid-trot.
>She looked all around her again.
>Back to Tea Leaf’s room, up and down the stairs, and across the hall, which immediately disinterested her so she tur
>Starlight shook her head vigorously, as she felt the tiniest inkling of magical persuasion enter her mind.
>Looking up at the ceiling, she stared for a moment, her thoughts racing.
>Everything around her was interesting or engaged her in some way, especially after what had just happened.
>Everything except the door to that empty supply room which shouldn’t be looked into because it would be a waste of time an
>Starlight clenched her teeth tight enough to make her head spin as she fought the subtle enchantment she could now sense had been placed on the doorway.
>It even resembled the one she had put on the cave by her old village, where she had stored all those cutie marks….
>”Princesses! Down here! I think I’ve found them!”
>In an instant and with a golden flash of light, Celestia and several guards appeared at her side.
>”In… In…” Starlight tried to point to the totally boring door, but her hoof shook as it slowly lifted into the air.
>”Where are they?”
>It suddenly felt much hotter in the hallway.
>”Door… Enchantment…”
>Head pounding, Starlight cried out and fired her magic at the door directly in front of her.
>The door itself and the surrounding frame and wall were vaporized into ash and smoldering chunks of crystal that went flying everywhere.
>Instantly her head went clear and she, Celestia, and the guards now pouring into the hallway rushed into the small room.
>Among the glowing lines of power on the floor were the Royal Guard she had seen before getting knocked out.
>All of them were slumped over or on their sides except for two of them, a unicorn who sat in deep concentration, magic pouring from his horn, and the Earth Pony she remembered as Captain Sharp Lance.
>The unicorn was encased in Celestia’s golden magic and thrown against the far wall.
>There was a sharp crack, and with a flash of light the lines of power on the floor vanished.
>The pony Celestia had thrown began to rise, shaking his head, before he was dogpiled by several members of the Night Guard.
>The stallion Sharp Lance simply sat there, facing away from them.
>Then he began to scream.
>The kind of unbridled, uncontrollable screaming that caused the hair on Starlight’s back to stand as chills went through her body at the sound of it.
>His screams only ended when Celestia delivered a vicious blow to his head, knocking him flat onto the floor.
>Celestia’s head suddenly picked up, ears twitching.
>”My sister needs Miss Tea Leaf and I. We will be upstairs.”
>And with that, Celestia turned and strode from the room to fetch Tea Leaf, leaving Starlight and the Night Guard with the prisoners.
>There was blackness all around her.
>She couldn’t see anything, but she could feel her body.
>It ached terribly, every muscle seemed to weigh her down.
>The last thing she remembered was giving her final punishment to that foolish stallion, then the pain had overtaken her.
>A sudden, strange beeping sound cut through the blackness, and she soon realized it matched the quick beating of her heart.
<...ink she’s finally stirring, can you hear me?”
>The new voice was faint, echoing, as though she’d heard it from the end of a distant tunnel.
>Nýrmáni tried to respond but found herself too weak to, it was as if all the strength had been drained out of her.
“I know you’re there, I’m here, just like I said I’d be.”
>The speaker sounded just as tired as she did, but this voice she recognized.
>The words barely escaped her lips.
“Yeah, it’s me. Rise and shine Sweetheart.”
>His voice had grown louder, more clear, and the joking name he called her caused her blood to boil with embarrassment.
>”Do not… Call Us that… Again…”
>There was a quiet chuckle.
“There you are, now come on, open your eyes.”
>It took her several moments to gather the energy to do so, but she managed to open them just a sliver.
>The first thing Nýrmáni could see were the comfortable blankets that covered the most comfortable bed she’d ever slept on.
>Through blurry eyes she could see a brown pegasus standing directly by the bedside, looking at some sort of strange contraption, before turning to look at her.
>”Eyes are open, breathing is steady, I’d say that she’s going to be just fine Anonymous.”
“Thank you so much Miss Tea Leaf.”
>Then he appeared, and her eyes opened wider.
>His arm was in what looked like a sling, despite no physical injury, but his expression was warm, and he smiled warmly at her.
“I told you I’d be waiting for you.”
>Her vision became blurry again, and it took her several moments before she realized that she was crying.
>It hurt terribly, but she lifted one hoof to his face.
>He intercepted it midway, gently holding it.
>Nýrmáni could feel the warmth of his skin on her fur, the way his fingers gently held her thin hoof, and to her it was the greatest feeling in the world.
>Her body gently shook as a quiet sob came from her.
>”We… We are safe?”
>Though still weak and faint, her voice was growing stronger.
“You are, and I promise I’ll do everything in my power to keep it that way.”
>A small smile formed on her muzzle, but she said nothing more for several minutes, content to simply gaze at the one she loved, and experience the waking world fully.
>”You promised Us some of those… those pancakes, it would be wonderful to have some.”
>The stallion lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling of his small room.
>He turned his head to the far corner to look at the clock that sat over his desk.
>5:00 AM.
>The signal of success had not come.
>The stolen dragon fire communications parchment on his desk had remained silent and still.
>With a sad sigh the stallion got up, put on a set of saddlebags, and trotted over to his desk, gently lifting the package and note he had received the evening prior.
>The package contained the stolen medical report, and all other information relating to the currently alive Nightmare Moon that Sharp Lance had been able to copy or steal.
>The instructions on the note had been clear.
>Failure was not an option.
>He looked out over the still slumbering city of Canterlot, bathed in the soft, comforting light of the moon.
>Taking the original package, as well as the multiple, carefully crafted copies he had spent most of the night making, he left his small apartment and made his way down to the ground floor.
>As he trotted down the still and mostly silent streets, he pondered the plan.
>The others had failed, but their sacrifice would not go in vain.
>After several minutes, he found himself at his first destination.
>He looked up to the sign hanging from the building.
>The banner of The Canterlot Daily Times newspaper greeted him, lit by the large lanterns hanging from the sign.
>From what previous observations had shown, they didn’t begin to print their daily newspapers until 6:15 AM.
>A quick glance at the watch on his hoof showed it to be 5:24.
>Plenty of time for a new front page story.
>He knocked on the door several times before setting the package against the door and teleporting around the nearby street corner.
>He waited, watching until a pony he recognized as the chief editor opened the door, noticed the abandoned package, and had retreated back inside with it.
>For the first time that morning, the stallion allowed a smile to grace his features.
>One publication down, three more to go.
File: 512525.png (2.37 MB, 6443x10000)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG
Consider this the end of Part 1 of this story.
I'd link to the Ponepaste but apparently my file is too big, I'll get another one set up in a bit.
Thanks to all of you guys for the inspiration you've given me, I'd have never made it this far without you all.
That was so rad! Sharp Lance and the unicorn are so, so fucked now. They will wish they were dead before long. Also, I must ask, because I don't think you explained it yet, but what's the deal with technology ban? What was the reasoning behind it? Will we ever find out? It seems supremely stupid to me.
Alright, ponepaste is here: https://ponepaste.org/4197
I didn't realize I was reaching the file size limit, oops.
honestly that was fantastic, you wrote that really well, a lesser writefag would have made it edgy but you managed to find a balance to keep it believeable but still visceral, fuck those guards
this is easily one of the best greens I've ever read
and I feel the need to let you know that, if you feel the need to take a break from this story to avoid burnout, I would not complain
File: 1508660235418.jpg (466 KB, 801x1024)
466 KB
466 KB JPG
I probably am, give myself a week or so to get myself oriented on the story's direction from here.
I'm spending the rest of today outside in the sun since I've been writing for almost 3 days nonstop, I'm wilting...
File: Sleep tight, twilie.png (209 KB, 771x742)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
Sleep tight, Trixie
Post sleepy ponies.
Have fun out there and good luck. And take as much time as you need.
>search for your purple
Glimmer's more of a mauve, isn't she? Kinda lavender.
File: 1505687864165.png (302 KB, 600x600)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
fixed, I fucking hate missing errors like that.
I'll admit I had to do a double-take because it auto-corrected in my head.
We tag greens for this general as NMP on ponepaste, yes?
NMP, nmp, /nmp/
Should all be valid
File: 1565921119382.png (359 KB, 1280x1280)
359 KB
359 KB PNG
Pale, light grayish heliotrope.
>I must ask, because I don't think you explained it yet, but what's the deal with technology ban? What was the reasoning behind it? Will we ever find out?

This will be brought up in the future.
Alright, I'll admit, you delivered when Celestia literally turned one of the would-be assassins into pink mist. Well played.
Also aided by an incredibly fortunate case of starting reading the update while listening to Holst; the entire bit of ultra-violence happened to Mars: Bringer of War. Nightmare Moon even got her final hits in at the climax.

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