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File: !!1611521784652.jpg (541 KB, 2650x4096)
541 KB
541 KB JPG
A thread dedicated to ponies/humans who love you (maybe a little too much).

>Crazy scary yandere bug v2 edition

Previous thread: >>36453951



Thread template:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jr_zYQp1ZyMsfsivKyIrMxuUKn2fNtDM2-vcgOGHDuo/edit

Short one-shot greens will be added in the story doc if following requirements are met:
>The story must be a minimum of 2 posts or more.
>It must be complete, or you must notify it with "end" at the end of the final post.
>Must have it binned or screenshot.

If these 3 conditions are met, your story will be added to the bin under the appropriate character or category.
I hope this is fair for all of you.
Thank you.
Don't know why the last thread died, but it's good to have this back up.
>I don’t know why the thread died

Oh suck a fucking cock. Despite getting fresh content(the one thing other threads don’t even get nowadays and still manage to at least bump their threads) you guys are too fucking lazy to bump or even give semi decent feedback to shit being posted. You know damn well why the thread died
Probably. I posted a decent chunk of my green and sometimes I didn't even get noticed.

t. The Cadance guy
>bugfug imprisons you after tasting your love

>She keeps you trapped on her magic goo for harvesting

>Sike you are yandere and after years of imprisonment you turn obsessive overher

>you have a yandere breakdown when you realize she feeds on other people's love
If you posted content, you’re fine. You contributed to the thread. This is on each and every single fucker who “silently lurked” who couldn’t be assed to even offer discussion or a bump
sorry man, I usually lurk but I'll say I read your green and it's good man, continue.
What would she do? Would she really let herself grow weak by only feeding off of Anon's love?
File: YanLace.png (209 KB, 1000x1000)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
shit, let the last thread die
You get used to it...
t. Steamy/Painful Magic guy
either that, or there isnt stronger love than a yandere right, why would she need anyone else's love
File: 1578660116950.gif (2.6 MB, 404x404)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB GIF
Maybe a human doesn't radiate love like a pony does, and even with Anon being a yandere he can't generate enough love to keep her at god-queen level. Of course the true answer to the situation is to have babies. Lots and lots of babies.
which means she is spending time with them instead with me, thats not cash money
This thread is silly. Wouldn’t you be rather cuddling on the sofa watching prench films with your favorite mare?
Of course, which is why I'm headed over to Lily Lace's place, the best fashion mare of them all.
File: 912995.png (34 KB, 663x366)
34 KB
Hopefully the thread makes it through the night.
Oh dear. The insane vs the coo coo crazy.
Not happening. Lily is angry with you for losing her story and letting the thread die. She could never love such an incompetent human!
btw did we got a back up for all the pastebins? or they were lost to time
You don't mean that, do you Lily darling?
She'll get over it.
Or else.
File: 1557269440570.png (792 KB, 4000x4752)
792 KB
792 KB PNG
If you remember the author's name you can probably find them here.
File: Yan Maud.png (697 KB, 1998x1893)
697 KB
697 KB PNG
File: Accident.png (2.06 MB, 1202x2565)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
Too busy eating quiche for being naughty
That sounds pretty good.
How can I make it up to her?
Fine I'll just go hang out with Sassy some more then.
File: Fairy.png (870 KB, 2388x5086)
870 KB
870 KB PNG
File: 1092677.png (445 KB, 1200x1400)
445 KB
445 KB PNG
She does this every night.
File: 1989930.png (2.49 MB, 3000x4000)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB PNG
What would you do about her?
What a lewd bug.
Lewd enough to tempt you?
Why would you? You have sassy!
Well that is a really long tounge.
Anything’s possible.
File: Oh shit.png (1010 KB, 1600x1300)
1010 KB
1010 KB PNG
Because when Lily Lace makes quiche, it has little bits of pepper and her hair in it. When Sassy makes quiche, it's got the mailmare in it. Plus the way she speaks is cuter.
Does Celestia even know how to bake?
File: The cookies.png (344 KB, 1532x854)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
Sure she does.
File: 1586462948556.png (879 KB, 1103x1200)
879 KB
879 KB PNG
I love this picture.
File: 731949.png (1.38 MB, 3000x2500)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
What would that even sound like? I literally can't imagine Fluttershy saying that in an aggressive tone.
Neither lily nor sassy have any idea of what you’re saying. Lily makes pie with only the freshest ingredients and sassy uses farm fresh eggs in her quiche. Stop being naughty and saying controversial things
>Sassy’s voice sends chills down your spine.
>You hear her calling, but you don’t answer.
>”Anon, honey-where are you?”
>You hear her hooves clopping against the wooden floors, as she searches for you.
>Be strong Anon. Be strong!
>She finally opens the door to your room, and her face instantly brightens.
>”Oh! So this is where you were! I thought you were being naughty, and went outside without permission!”
>She starts walking towards you, but is stopped by a small chain link fence.
>”What’s this?”
>”Anon, what is this?”
>She growls.
>”ANON! I’m talking to you! TAKE THIS FENCE DOWN!”
>”ANOOOON!!! Quit ignoring me! You’re being NAUGHTY!”
>You cover your ears and shut your eyes.
>You didn’t think it would work, but it’s actually keeping her at bay!
>Sassy lets loose a guttural, primal roar of rage.
>You cower in fear at her threat.
>”O-oh dear...I’m sorry baby...I didn’t mean it...I didn’t mean it okay? So-so just open this gate, and we’ll talk about things, okay...!”
>She brushes a rogue strand of mane to the side, attempting to look less crazed.

Would you let her through?
I'd probably have come up with a plan beforehand, like having Lily Lace sneak attack her while she was distracted, or have someone come by and pick me up after Sassy has exhausted herself, otherwise I'd scream for help and hold the gate closed.
You let her story die and the thread. She can’t love you after that
>implying she won’t just starve you out

You’re gonna get punished Anon. No matter what
All that telling me that will do is make me become yandere for her. If I can't listen to her valley girl accent lull me to sleep then I'm going to start baking quiches.
Go for it. You let her down, Anon. You probably don’t even remember where her story left off, do you?
Hey i like your green fren, i every night i browse my phone tabs to dee any updates on my favorite greens and yours is on the top of the list, keep it up and thanks
I try to comment on all your stuff but I can’t give you the kind of criticism I know you’re looking for, so all I can really do is say I’be been enjoying all your stories.
Poor Pinkie.
File: 1695624.png (643 KB, 1339x1414)
643 KB
643 KB PNG
Limestone is adorable.
What do you think her blow up would look like? Would the yan in her cause her to go full tsun towards you, or full dere?
File: 2166130.png (169 KB, 765x657)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
And i have a gun, whatcha gonna do eh?
Thanks frens. Things have been slow for the last few months due to circumstances and things are quickly coming to an end. It is nice to know that there are some that look forward to my stuff. Not all of it is good but it's what it is.
Your stories have consistently been worth waiting on so I’m in no rush.
She's gonna come around during nighttime while you're still asleep and cuddle you without your consent. Her plan is that you'll subconsciously grow used to her cuddles, which will cause you to love her.
>Not chain him down while he sleeps after secretly drugging his chicken tendies dipping sauce and destroying all and any weapons he might have/use then forcing him to cuddle and eat quiche.

Sassy, you're just too blunt. How do you expect a relationship built on murder, chains, and quiche to last?
It would fall apart faster than a house of cards.
Have there ever been any Yandere Stallion stories in this thread or in /rgre/? I want a story about a mare who's in over her head when she gets into a relationship with one.
There was one, but it was a genderswapped Twilight chasing Anon.
Nice try. Now OPEN THE GATE
File: s1.jpg (28 KB, 400x400)
28 KB
Is Sassy up next to get Yan-art?
>Lol poners cant into fances doors
And this is the ultimate yan pone?
File: Open_the_gate.jpg (83 KB, 600x861)
83 KB
Let me get that for you.
OH Shit nigga whatareyoudoing?!
Who knows?
It’s cute and you know it
>It’s cute and you know it
If she was going "Anonymousss, pleeeaaasee!" and looking at me with her big amber eyes it would be cute, but instead she's screaming about how badly she's going to punish me.
It’s cute in a psycho way.
Darn it if shes like that i cant put a .45 in her skull
Why would you come to the yandere thread intending to kill the yan?
lol edgy
File: yanshy.png (403 KB, 1000x1000)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
Self defence is not murder just in case she pass the insane line
To old to die young i say, because sometimes you dont want deal with some shit
You’re just coming off as an edgy teen and it’s making it not fun. All these yandere “interactions” are supposed to be comedic, then you start talking about killing.
More like to cringe and socially awkward to read the room
Ok ok i get it, no more killing mood, sorry i just get like that sometimes... Im Better now
Oh she’s planning something.
I like the idea that she just does this though. You happen to run into her in a cafe or something and after saying hello she strikes a dramatic pose.
File: 2439112.png (1.32 MB, 1200x1746)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
That would be pretty funny.
The hottest mare.
Shes an alicorn that will make you call her mommy and then fuck you into coma infront of a mare that you talk to in the street
File: 1627458.png (784 KB, 1280x1341)
784 KB
784 KB PNG
Oh look! Sassy made some pie! Hmmm...
>”Make sure you eat it all, you naughty Anon!”
Why does Sassy even like Anon? What does she like about him?
>He forgot why she likes him

Shiggy Anon.
The business meeting, Anon. Rarity called all her boutique managers to a luncheon to discuss fall lines. You went there with your now missing fiancé Co*o. There you met the new love of your life Sassy “nonymous” Saddles, who was there to help you get over your list love by immediately moving in without permission and taking care of you.
Lost love*
I can't tell if no thread is better or worse than whatever this is
Well that's not very nice.
Okay. Then no more talk, green one shots or anything of lily lace or sassy saddles or the art I was making, because you feel things are so bad. Enjoy your thread
I mean. Assuming you're in fact responsible for all that shit, if a thread is entirely dependent on ONE person it's dead anyway.
And besides, if you can't handle some rando disliking a single thing you're doing, I question not just your commitment, but why you're here in the first place and how you managed to stick out this long.
File: 1441752.png (2.59 MB, 2250x1688)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB PNG
How do you quantify how much a yandere loves her Anon?
Is it by the insanity? The things she does for him?
If it's either of those things, then I think someone like Daybreaker or Eris is likely to be the best candidate for most yandere yandere, no one else could really compare in terms of feats or love fueled delusion.
File: yan sas wip.png (254 KB, 1329x1593)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
here is a thing im working on
Hey there, im the anon that can't sleep. I come to share other story.

>Be in my home, on earth.
>>*clack* *chikchak* that was my gun.
>Don't misunderstand me, i liked Equestria, but here in my world the problems at least don't surround me. Peacest for me.
>>*thump* *cak cak cak* that was my last window being covered with wood and nails.
>And by problems i mean mares.
>Being more specific? Of course, four mares are looking for me. And Anon jr. And talking like civilized sapients beings from civilized worlds it's not an option.
>*ShuuKT clack rrrrug-rrrug-rrug* that was my basement door closing with a bit extra security.
>I put my rifle against my chest and lean down on a wall.
>I explore internet with my phone.
>A man is filming the streets through a window. All is a mess, cars crashed in the buildings, fire on some of them. A fire hydrant broken.
>Animals of all forms are domaining the street.
>wolves, bears, big cats.
>It's a goddamn army of beast.
>A person from a restaurant it's filming the night sky.
>It could be heard a loudly BOOM from time to time. The tables and plates tremble seconds after the sound.
>The persons nervously laugh every time the BOOM is heard. Ignorants of what they're facing.
>A very sharp whistling is heard after a cyan blur pass through the skies. Then a louder BOOM make the entire building tremble. Glass of windows broke. The video stop.
A reporter is filming the streets, gunshots are heard, screams, sobs, people run to the opposite side to the one pointed by the camera.
>A patrol car rises several meters in the air and falls next to the reporter.
>Vehicles, trees, traffic lights, wires.
>All floating in purple.
>It's what you can distinguish before the video end.
>Discord was right, this ended bad.
>I just hope they don't find me here.
>I look at the empty cabinets, widened my eyes in realization. No food.
>Nuclear alarm start to sound.
>Why god abandon me?
What does this have to do with yandere?
Have you ever tried to put your head to work without sleeping? that was the result. i didn't even know i was in Yandere. Sorry Anons but now you are my sleeping drug
I hope NAWA comes back to that Daybreaker story.
File: 1014752.png (1.18 MB, 1600x1600)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
File: Maud and Pank.jpg (78 KB, 500x567)
78 KB
Pinkie only pretends that she doesn't know what Anon is talking about when he complains about Maud making lewd faces. All in all it's just a double team to break down Anon's psyche to make him a puddle in both of the girl's hands.
Wrong thread pal
Maud is cute.
Are Limestone and Marble in on it, or are they competing against Pinkie and Maud?
I shudder to imagine what kind of plan they would come up with.
>dead thread

The Pie sisters understand that family comes first—one of the many things they share with the Apple clan. As family, they share everything. Happiness, sorrow, windfalls, and misfortunes. Is Anon the one thing that can break their familial bond, or is he going to be the new Pie family patriarch?
>they need to be the same species to be siblings
retard-kun, I...
Anon was born from Holder's Boulder. Limestone is his mother, and the rest of the Pie sisters are his aunts.
I'd read it.
Why not both?
File: Wrecking Ball.jpg (197 KB, 601x890)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Better hope she's not interested in you or this is the rest of your life.
Then feel free to write it
File: Stranger redux.png (284 KB, 1069x1815)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
I bet she'd calm right down if you asked her to cuddle.
I guess anything is possible
Anything? Even her not loving you?
File: 1894842.gif (50 KB, 300x350)
50 KB
She loves your jokes. Why don't you tell another?
That's probably a lot less likely.
Eros looks pretty soft but I get the feeling she’s not, at least not always.
What do you mean? Like her fur or her personality?
I meant her fur yeah.
Could be a cool story where, when Pinkie is having her psychotic break and thinks her friends don't want to be her friend, Anon shows up at her weird inanimate object party to comfort her, and she ends up clinging to him like a drowned rat.
Then Pinkie kidnaps him and runs away when he says he's going to talk to the girls about what's going on because she's afraid they'll turn him against her too.
I'd read it.
Maybe it's ponies coming after him to the Earth? Like, duh, RD in Argentina, Twilight in Mexico and Fluttershy is releasing animals in ChingChongLand.
Sorry: RD in France and Rarara is going mad with 'er magic in Argentina.
Man it was quite some time.
My work ethic is fucking horrible. But… I want to finish it.
It’s me, some random Slav from Slavistan that wanted to write a story about a Necro Yandere called You Can’t Spell Necromancer without Romance (this thing https://pastebin.com/s4Mx6Rsi ) and I had an ending in mind from the very beginning.
That was over a year ago during christmas.
But… I still wanted to at least try and finish it. My laziness knows almost no bounds.
Also I noticed that there’s a lot of reads on my pastebin. Like holy fuck.

So I hope you can at least try and enjoy this bit that I wrote recently.
File: Tulpa Eris.png (40 KB, 443x297)
40 KB
I was gonna post a picture of her wrapped around anon but there aren't any so I guess this'd work.
>You must’ve dozed off when reading your book because it was already morning.
>Somehow though it wasn’t as cold as you feared it would be, perhaps you still remembered to add more wood to the fire even when half asleep.
>Sleeping in a chair wasn’t the most wise decision and now you can feel it’s effects.
>Each small move in trying to get up caused a pop in your back.
>With a groan you got up and let out a long yawn.
>You needed some warm tea, then something to eat and you could try to knit something. A scarf maybe.
>Before that however, you stretched and moaned feeling your back and joints pop.
>After setting up your water to boil you started humming to yourself.
>The Christmas… or whatever the pony version of it was called, party.
>You know that the Apple family will be there and the elements. Probably also some other ponies.
>There’s no way you could afford a present for each one of them but it still would feel wrong to not give them anything.
>You decided to prepare a new fire, since you still had some time before water would boil.
>Your eyes wandered around the main room of your house.
>Knitting seemed improbable, you didn’t even know how many ponies would be there.
>Magic won’t help you, you couldn’t cast any spells, you tried.
>So what should you do…
>Your eyes finally stopped on one book you kinda forgot about.
>One of the only possessions from your old life.
>You practically jumped up from your chair and dashed to it.
“Nowa Kuchnia Śląska” New Silesian Cuisine you said out loud in the ancient tongue of Polans. A cookbook from your home country.
>You flipped the pages. and there it was.
>Page seventy under clean soups. Barszcz. Traditional christmas soup. That was perfect. It was one of the soups you could just drink, but you’d need a big pot for that. Preferably one that would keep it warm.
>Maybe Pinkie has something like that?
>You had still some time, but you first needed to find a way to substitute chicken stock with something else.
>You were probably looking much happier than usual, because a lot of ponies seemed to smile towards you and you smiled back.
>While you still sometimes had that weird feeling that someone was looking at you, even when you were alone, you paid it no mind. Your cooking escapade consumed most of your mind.
>It didn’t stop you from your knitting training, you even managed to use that weird green colour and some white to make a scarf.
>But, tomorrow was supposed to be the day of Hearth’s Warming.
>You entered the sugar cube.
>”Hiyaa Nonny!” you barely passed a doorstep and Pinkie Pie was already waving.
>You approached her with a smile.
“Hey Pinkie. You probably know what I’m here for”.
>She nodded happily and beckoned you to follow her.
>”You’ll owe me one for that thought. Do you feel like telling me what you’re makin’ Nonny?” she asked, sliding towards you a small cart with a pot on top of it.
>You just shook your head.
“You’ll see tomorrow. I still have to make it. It will keep it warm, yes?”
>”Yep yep! It’s a special pot, made for such things ya know.” she smiled at you.
“Thanks Pinkie, you’re the best.” you ruffled her mane a bit. Ponies seemed to enjoy that.
>”I know! But now I gotta go back to work. And you should get cookin’! Move! One, two, one, two!” she almost pushed you out of the doors. It was hard to know what Pinkie had on her mind, but you decided to ignore it for now. You had a lot of cooking before you.
>Before you even knew it, it was tomorrow evening and you were carrying a big pot full of Borsh towards the Sweet Apple Acres. Snow was falling, wind was howling and the big pot kept you warm.
>You loved snow, it was great! This weather made you even more happy. You hoped ponies would at least want to taste your weird crimson mixture. Just like Babushka used to make. Without a broth though.
>Who’d have guessed that knocking would be the hardest part of entering though? With both hands holding the pot, you had to somehow bend a bit, rest it on your thigh and then gingerly knock with one of your hands.
>”Commin’!” a squeaky voice answered. Soon enough the doors opened and in front of you, stood the Little Apple Bloom. “Woah! Howdy Mr. Anon! What’s that?” she pointed towards the pot.
“A heavy pot of something I made for y’all.” you answered.
>She seemed to catch your drift and let you in.
>After getting in you put a pot on the ground.
>”I’ll go tell Granny that you came!” she said happily and rushed somewhere.
>You took off your jacket and changed your heavy boots to slippers that you brought with yourself.
>Then you took the pot and walked towards the living room.
“Hi there!”
>Mane Six was already there. Same goes for Cutie Mark Crusaders.
>”Hiyaa Nonny! That’s my pot! What’s innit?” Pinkie jumped towards you and looking at the big pot.
>You just smiled.
“I know that you guys said I don’t have to buy you any presents or anything, but it would feel weird for me so I decided to make some Borsh so you all can try it. It’s a Christmas tradition to eat it and it’s from the recipe my Grandmother and mother used. You can just drink it from a mug if you want” with that, you put the pot on one of the side tables.
>”That’s so sweet of you Anon” said Rarity with a smile.
“Oh! Just watch out, it’s red and very hard to wash off if from anything. So don’t spill it.”
>”Y’all better wait with that though. Granny’s also makin’ tons of food so you better have some room for it.” said Applejack.
>”I’d still love to try it.” an unknown voice spoke from behind you.
>To your surprise it belonged to a mare that you saw a few times already, usually staring at you. White fur and light brown mane, green eyes. Now you could also notice that she has pretty big bags under her eyes. But she did smile. Though awkwardly.
“Sure thing, just watch out with it. Like I said, it stains.” you smiled at her. She used her horn to grab one of the mugs and a ladle to pour some of the deep crimson soup into a mug.
>You noticed most other ponies in the room looked at the mare, waiting for her opinion.
>She didn’t really seem comfortable with all that attention but she took a small sip. Then a bigger sip, and a few more.
>”Oh my. It’s… lovely!” she smiled at you.
>You chuckled at passed her a napkin.
“Some of it left on your lip though.”
>She quickly grabbed it with her magic and wiped it away.
>”I was about to introduce you both by the way! Anon, that’s Gloomy Wisp. Wisp, that’s Anon!” Twilight said, coming closer and pouring some of the soup for herself.
>”Y-yeah. I’ve seen you around the town a few times.” said Wisp with a small smile.
>”It’s hard to miss him.” Rainbow also flew closer and waited for Twilight to pour her some of your soup. “He’s a big guy!”
“For you.” you said putting on a silly voice to mimic Bane.
>”Yeah. That too. But well… I newer saw anything like you.”
>You shrugged.
“Well, there isn’t anything like me around.”
>You were about to say something but you heard Granny Smith yelling that it’s time for you Whippersnappers to get ready for the dinner.
File: NecRomancer.png (2.22 MB, 1280x1280)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
>Anon… Yes he indeed is a Big Guy.
>It’s annoying though how close this blue pegasus is to him.
>Your jade green aura grabbed the mug and you drank a bit more.
>What a wonderful stallion he is. So alien, so strange, and can cook.
>You won’t let her get to him first.
>Glaring daggers at her won’t help you, just keep calm for now. It’s not like they are dating or anything.
>Even if she’s currently touching him so freely.
>Think Wisp… Think… How can you get rid of her.
>You look into the mug.
“Of course…” you murmur.
>”What’s that darling?” Rarity asked looking at you with a smile.
>You open your eyes wider.
“Oh… Nothing, I just finally realized that it’s a beetroot soup.” you smiled gingerly at her.
>She just chuckled sweetly.
>”Yes, I was also wondering that myself. I didn’t knew Anon was such a good cook. He never told anyone about that at least. But come now darling, let’s sit.” good for you Rarity. You complimented him. You’re lucky.
>For now you just sat at the table and tried to enjoy the evening. Even if that blue bird brain was sitting so close to Anon.
Also. I know pastebin does this whole deleting mlp stories so it's on ponepaste now.

Also thanks for featuring me in the mega.
Thank you anon I'm glad you came back to this.
You could say that story has been necromanced
File: 2360389.png (2.51 MB, 1232x2707)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB PNG
Fuck I love that jacket. God I wanan get kidnapped by her and get forced to listen to metal that she picked
https://youtu.be/xCChxBSRo1Y Like this?
https://youtu.be/P79njPuBrJg Or like this?
https://youtu.be/JJs8JgesH9g Maybe even this?
You know, I'm fine with all three.

Also maybe this

And this
I hope Blondie comes back soon, his story was getting really good.
Would she asphyxiate me with her hair if I told her I hated Alice Cooper?
Probably yes. I sure would.
Then it's a good thing that I have a choking fetish.
File: 2432424.jpg (130 KB, 1280x1332)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
I'm glad you've been digging them! My tldr of everything is this: >>36532922
I can't honestly say when would be best for me to get back to things but I haven't vanished anywhere. I'm still here, I still always have the threads open. Just gotta say my name and I'll be there.
And if nothing else, I've written a quarter of a million words over my first year of writing greens. If you're bored or antsy and waiting, there might be something else that you may enjoy.
I see, well I can only wish you well and I appreciate what you've done for the thread.
I appreciate it. I'd like to do more. Every thread, I try to do something a little more unique.
Yeah, I hadn’t realized quite how many threads you post stuff in.
Yeah, bootleg, yandere, flutterrape, flaremare, /pie/. I want to go into momlestia, guardmare and a few other types of threads. I have ideas that I want to go to and do but everything will come out in due time. Unless something happens to me personally, I'll keep going. Only downside, as you can tell, is that I tend to like longer greens. Steamy Magic took what, six months and then some?
Yeah though it certainly didn’t feel like that was the case while reading it.
Maybe I’m just not used to seeing her without a rounder head but that looks odd.
There’s a good chance.
Pretty impressive
It really did not. Only after I finished it did I see the starting state of it on pastebin. If I can get back to even writing only four days a week, I would be happy.
I'm sure you'll be able to do it eventually but don't worry about it at all for now.
File: Welcome to Equestria.jpg (1.31 MB, 3405x3199)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
yandere/ptfg crossover?
File: private.png (699 KB, 1089x1089)
699 KB
699 KB PNG
File: tough shit.png (27 KB, 362x289)
27 KB
What's that?
pony transformation general >>36531640
"Eris turns human into pony" is a big thing with that artist/in that thread. Yan spin on it would be cool.
But why would she turn Anon into a stallion? Wouldn't it more more useful to her if he was also a freak among ponies, so that he would only be able to relate to her?
Pony tards forget genetics
I suppose so. I felt compelled. After all of this stuff going on, it just goes to show that I really want to keep going. I started for more personal reasons but at this point I want to keep going both for myself and to add to the legend of poni.
Well I'm certainly glad you showed up, I know FR definitely needed you.
I think they would've done fine without me. But I'm still kinda mixed when it comes to how I've affected the bootleg threads. I'm not sure they would've survived without me but I also worry that writing 200k words on a single ongoing thing might be a bit oversaturation. Even though it has led to some truly brilliant art.
Yandere used it as a Eris resets the world back to when Anon showed up if she fucks up too bad, though I suppose she could’ve changed him into a pony once or twice to help him fit in.
FR might have,but I think if you hadn’t showed up Zigzag might’ve left from lack of any real breaks, though you’re certainly appreciated there.
I think it'd be really sweet to see Eris give up and make Anon's life as easy as possible, but all of the accumulated resets has given him an inexplicable attraction to her, so he seeks her out in the end and they get married.
That would be interesting, I'd only really considered the bad implications of it, like whether or not she bothers to make sure ponies don't maintain their memories, since she'd be so focused on Anon.
That would be pretty good.
File: she got into the jam.png (119 KB, 600x518)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
Board’s kinda quick today don’t die while I’m asleep.
I wonder what Luna's collection is like.
Hi howya doin.
Maybe she made a giant poster of Anon sleeping or something. lol
File: 1612978443354.png (352 KB, 750x552)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
File: justeris_2.png (138 KB, 670x876)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
How nice.
Yeah, I do think she’d deserve a good end.
She probably just inserts herself into all of anon’s dreams.
Because she's too shy to talk to him in person.
Normal horses only sleep 3 hours every day. Humans sleep, like, 7 to 9. Night only lasts 3 hours in Equestria, and that's why Luna got mad. But Anon can devote an entire third of his day to Luna.
I didn't know that.
Hey it's me the guy that hops in every few months and posts a green for some guy who got dubs. nice dubs. i'm taking some liberty with the prompt tho.

>You are Anonymous E. Pie.
>After some magical mishap transported you to this land as a baby, you were entrusted to and adopted by the pie family.
>Life on the rock farm is pretty tough, but you love your family, and they love you.
>Really, love you.
>More than growing up as the only human in the household, you found growing up as the only boy aside from your dad even more difficult.
>Personal privacy is hard to come by in a house as small as yours, and that's without your sisters clinging to you at every opportunity.
>You shudder slightly at the memory of the sit down talk with Mom and Dad about the birds and the bees, and why even though it's a waste of water, you'd no longer be allowed to bathe with your sisters.
>That was a rough day.
>Not for you; you were overjoyed.
>Your sisters were furious.
>Some way or another, Mom and Dad managed to calm them down and you gained a bastion of peace.
>In an even more ideal world you'd have your own room, but you know that's unrealistic.
>Your family can't afford to pay other ponies to build something like that, and you don't have the time to do it yourself.
>They all tell you not to worry about it, but you feel guilty every time they pay for custom clothes and goods for you.
>You're rambling again.
>Not that you're speaking out loud or anything, but if you take much longer you'll get an earful from Mom again for spending too much time in the bath.
>You get out and towel off before putting on the new change of clothes you brought with you.
>When you were younger you would just dry off naked or loosely hang the towel around you.
>Just another thing that changed after "The Talk" with Mom and Dad, and another thing your sisters were for some reason upset about.
File: 1555763563115.png (872 KB, 4494x4498)
872 KB
872 KB PNG
Oh shit, I wasn't expecting for anyone to take that prompt at all. Especially since I have been the only anon here that's did those short Ponk yandere greens.

>They said that warming up skin to fur was an important family ritual, healthy for you, and a bunch of other junk.
>You don't really get why they were upset about that one.
>It's not like they don't rub against you at every opportunity anyway, and they still insist on warming you up after a bath.
>For some reason you doing it clothed makes it different and worse.
>Your sisters are weird.
>You love them of course!
>But... weird barely even begins to describe them.
>You put those thoughts away, and unlock the bathroom door.
>Another new thing, after "The Talk."
>You're pretty sure the only other lock in the house is on the front door.
>Your sisters were so strongly against stopping your familial bathing that they actually disobeyed Mom and Dad.
>They would sneak in the bath with you whenever they got a chance.
>Naturally your parents were furious when they found out, and this lock was the result.
>You barely get two steps out the door before being tackle hugged.
>You just barely manage to not fall over, and look down to see Pinkie nuzzling herself against your side.
"Sis, you don't have to do this every time I step outta the bath."
>"But what if you're cold? Or you miss me? I know I miss you! And if I miss you, that means you must miss me because you love me so much, and the best cure for missing someone is hugs!"
>What infallible logic your sister has.
>You resign yourself to being hugged for several minutes, again, and start slowly shuffling towards the bedroom.
>This is hardly a new occurrence, and you're starting to get annoyingly adept at moving about with ponies attached to you at the hip.
>You reach the room, and open the door to see you another of your sisters lounging on your bed.
>Yet another common sight, for a whole variety of reasons.
>You often had nightmares as a kid, and climbing into bed with one of your many nearby sisters was much easier than running through the terrifying dark hall to your parent's room.
>The nightmares happened so much that at some point your sisters set up a rotation, and a different one would sleep with you each night.
>Your parents tried to get them to stop after "The Talk," but it's a pretty hard thing for them to monitor.
>They still say not to do it, but it's really just more of a "Don't let us catch you and it's fine" kinda thing.
>That was back then.
>Now your sisters love spending time on your bed 'cause of how big it is.
>Turns out humans grow quicker than ponies, and get a lot taller than 'em too.
>Once you outgrew your previous beds, your parents decided to splurge and get a real big one.
>None of you know just how tall you're gonna end up, and they didn't want to have to constantly pay for new beds the second you outgrew one.
>You thought your sisters would get really upset at what you perceived as special treatment.
>Instead they were overjoyed, because now almost all of them could fit on it with you at once.
>And thus, it became a normal sight to see at least one of your sisters lounging on "your" bed at any given point.
>Maud looks up from the rocks she was playing with to see who was entering, and upon seeing it's her favorite little brother, quickly gives you "that look" again.
>You can't remember when it started, but your normally stoic sister has started giving you these weird intense stares when no one else is lookin'.
>She stops the second before someone notices her, and Mom's gotten tired of hearing you whine about it.
>So you just whine to everyone else instead.
"Pinkie, Maud is lookin' at me funny again."
>"Whatever you say Nonnypie!"
>You half expect Maud to smirk tauntingly at getting away with it yet again, but she just keeps up the odd glare.
>Sighing in resignation, you drag Pinkie with you to your bed and lie down.
>Maud quickly cleans up the rocks she was messing with and snuggles into you.
>And so you spend some time resting with your sisters on either side of you.
dubs get.

>Not a word is said, something normal for Maud, and extremely abnormal for Pinkie.
>You used to try and play with toys, or escape the clutches of your sisters after exiting a shower, but they were nothing if not stubborn.
>Now you just accept your fate and get it over with.
>It's hardly a bad thing being warmed up by two fluffy sisters though.
>After a few minutes pass, the door to your shared room is opened and yet another of your sisters walks in.
>Lime opens the door, mouth open to say something before she does an immediate double take at the sight in front of her.
>"What in the hay are you lot doing?"
>Oh no.
>"I thought I was crystal clear that you were supposed to get me when Anon was out of the bath!"
>And with that, your sister takes a a running start, and executes a beautiful short hop to land perfectly on your chest with her head resting perfectly underneath your chin.

small break. Not done with this, but I've got some irl crap to attend to.
Going well so far, thanks for dropping by anon.
File: four horsie sisters.png (899 KB, 1280x864)
899 KB
899 KB PNG
Thanks for writing this story, Anon. I really appreciate it.
It's going great so far, I really like it.


"Oof! Is it really necessary to jump like that every time Lime?"
>"Silence! Naughty little brothers who don't tell their sister when they finished their bath don't have any right to complain!"
>You withhold some more grumbles and just deal with it.
>A few more minutes pass with you being held hostage in your own bed when the door opens once more, and your last and final sister walks in.
>Like Lime, she looks like she's about to say something, but upon seeing the cuddle pile in front of her loses her train of thought.
>Instead of taking the brash approach Lime did though, Marble just starts tearing up.
>"Wh-why is everyone c-cuddling little bro without m-m-"
>Before the waterworks can start, your sisters leap into action.
>Lime rolls off of you and dashes towards Marble, Maud and Pinkie prop you up into a sitting position, Lime full body shoves Marble forward, and Maud and Pinkie wrap your arms around her.
>Marble looks up at you with pleading, tearful eyes.
>You don't really like indulging your sisters behavior, but you like seeing them cry even less.
"There there Marble, it's ok. I'm hugging you now, right? There's no need to cry!"
>"Y-You didn't forget about me?"
"Of course not! We would never!"
>"Sniff... th-then, I wanna sleep with you alone tonight."
"That's fine! Anything you want!"
>And with that tears dissolve and your youngest older sister unabashedly hugs you back.
>Pinkie and the rest look a little peeved about her putting a claim on being your bed buddy, but you reap what you sow.
>You hear the door open another time, and glance up to see Mom now at the entrance.
>"What are you kids doing?"
>"... Playing?"
>"And why aren't you at the table ready to eat supper?!"
"It's dinner time?"
>It was getting late, but you must've lost track of time being pinned down amidst all the fluff.
>"It's been dinner time for the past 10 minutes! Didn't Limestone tell you?"

>Lime goes ramrod straight and looks the other way.
>Mom sighs.
>"Marble? I can understand Limestone being forgetful, but you're much better behaved usually!"
>Marble lets out a quiet eep and buries her face further into your chest.
>Mom sighs and says, "I'll let it go this once, just come eat before your food gets any colder."
>Dinner is pretty uneventful.
>Your sisters behave for the most part in front of your parents at least.
>The only really noteworthy thing is that Dad notifies you of a letter arriving for you.
>You finish eating and help with the clean up afterwards.
>Then you do your nightly chores, and finally just before Mom calls for lights out, you get a chance to read that letter.
>Your sister's seemed more curious about it then you, and you had to stop more than a couple attempts from Pinkie and Lime to snatch it when you weren't looking.
>There's not much you can do about them all peering over your shoulder though.
>With a resigned sigh you flip the envelope over to see who it's from.
>... Oh, it's from one of your classmates!
>You can't really think of a reason for her to write you a letter, but you suppose that question'll be answered soon enough.
>You casually tear it open and pull out the parchment inside.
>In cute flowery script, your fellow student talks about how her winter break has been.
>It's pretty long, and she talks about a lot of stuff.
>Her family, how she's growing taller, the pretty dress she got, even about how she's missed you, how she'd love to hang out with you some time, etc.
>Once you've finished reading it, the true nature of this letter dawns on you.
>Clearly your classmate... sent out a bunch of these and wanted you to feel included.
>If another pony read it, they might think it was something akin to a love letter or something else along those lines.
>But you know better.
>Well, your sisters taught you better at least.

>Your appearance is very different from that of the ponies, and even most other races in Equestria.
>You get stared at a lot.
>For whatever reason girls seem to find you a lot harder to accept, and they tend to stare at you more.
>Your sisters told you about the special talks the teachers gave everyone at school to be considerate of you, and how the other ponies talk about you behind your back.
>You don't really mind, but it gets tiresome, especially when they bully you.
>The girls in class are always staring at you, and turning away the moment you look over.
>Sometimes they take it a step closer, and walk up to you like they wanna talk, but then they just run back to their friends all a titter.
>A lot of them leave stuff in your desk and locker.
>Thankfully your sisters are nice enough to clear that junk out for you.
>You asked once and they said it was just dumb prank letters, food (that was probably spoiled), and one time even chocolate.
>The chocolate one was apparently especially bad.
>It came in this heart shaped box and if it was left in my locker the chocolate would've melted and made a huge mess.
>Luckily your sisters are always looking out for you.
>The shrill yell of Mom sounds out from across the house, and you snuff the candles and curl up into bed, with Marble quickly taking place beside you.
>You get onto your side and turn towards Marble so that you're face to face.
>She likes watching you fall asleep.
>At first you thought it was kinda weird, but Pinkie explained that she just wants to make sure you're sleeping peacefully before she dozes off herself.
>You felt really bad for thinking ill of your sister after finding out how pure and kindhearted her intentions were.
>As you slowly drift off, you catch a few words from your sisters.
>"She's in my class... I'll deal..."
>"Dumb bi-"
>"Language! Not in front of Anon!"
>"Oh sorry, my b-"
>You crack a small grin at how stern that shush from Marble was.

>As you drift off to sleep, there's many things you don't notice.
>The unsettling smile, and the small pants coming from Marble as she watches your sleeping face.
>The uncharacteristic anger on Pinkie Pie's face as she stares at the letter you received.
>The heavy-lidded, seductive gaze from Maud.
>The kind of murderous intent that would make a hardened soldier feel unnerved exuding from Lime as she imagines the filly who sent you the letter.
>But there is something that you are aware of, as you fall deep into sleep.
>That no matter what.
>Come hell or high water.
>There is one single thing you can always believe and trust in.
>And that's your sisters love for you.
>Because they love you deeply.
>And you love them.


This one ran a bit longer than I think I usually do. I'll update my pastebin with the green and lurk around for a while. Maybe do another green if there's some more sick dubs.
Meant to reply to this in my last post and forgot. Ponk is a personal favorite of mine for yandere stuff because I feel like there's a lot of different possible interpretations for it. I wrote the mob boss Pinkie yangreen if you wanna check that out.
That was really good anon, always love to see more Pinkie.
There was more than Pinkie in that green, Anon.
But this brings up questions, such as what are they going to do about Anon's virginity? Who gets to take it?
File: 1567670.png (1.75 MB, 1400x2000)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
All of them of course.
File: 2156847.png (54 KB, 391x448)
54 KB
Yeah but inevitably one of them is going to be Anon's first penetration, so how will they decide?
They could draw straws?

Lime tries to argue that as the oldest she should get it, but the argument doesn't stick. Pinkie argues that she'd give him the best experience and make it the best for him. Marble tries to guilt them into letting it be her through some tears, but gets called out. Maud just does it while they're all pre-occupied.
Yeah that sounds about right.
I bet she'd even hook him up with some kind of bullshit job like "Dream Scientist" so that he has sleep all day long to get paid. Naturally, he has to report his "findings" to Luna herself when he's awake.
Sounds cushy at least.
File: 1506332.jpg (185 KB, 676x487)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
What if Fluttershy is really good at kissing? Would you give in?
File: 1597889971102.png (605 KB, 1650x1650)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
Is Valentine's day a yandere's favorite holiday?
It's probably pretty up there.
File: Yandash.png (3.57 MB, 1489x1649)
3.57 MB
3.57 MB PNG
File: Visit from Pinkie.png (405 KB, 1200x1200)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
oh shit did you draw this?
File: Villain trio.png (1.23 MB, 1500x1100)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
No, it's a followup to pic related I'm sure, but I've never seen it finished.
Can I get a link to the second one?
That sketch was it as far as I'm aware.
File: Lady Tirek.png (845 KB, 1280x853)
845 KB
845 KB PNG
Oh there was this one that came first I guess.
Don't die please
File: 346541.png (21 KB, 800x600)
21 KB
What could a meager magician do to protect you from powerful semen demons?
She could always teleport herself on top of your dick.
Trixie would probably come up with something dumb, like she'd cast a spell to make it so that you can't speak. The logic being that if a mare can't talk to you, she can't seduce you.
That sounds about right.
File: 1282354.png (967 KB, 2999x2261)
967 KB
967 KB PNG
Hello, queen! How may I serve you today?
You'd probably have to give her as much love as you can. How would you do it?
Then Trixie’d think he was ignoring her when she asks him stuff.
Poor Dash
Help her conquer Canterlot, of course!
File: 731921.png (664 KB, 1249x995)
664 KB
664 KB PNG
File: 730182~2.png (404 KB, 652x739)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
AJ or Derpy, which would you choose?
Certainly, I think I recall hearing about that in the past, link?
They would have to participate in a competition to see who has the better ass between them. The best ass gets my penis.
>After a long day, you lie in bed with the horse of your nightmares
>She's snuggled up on your stomach
>"You DO love the Great and Powerful Trixie, correct?" The Great and Powerful asks
"Yeah. Why?"
>"I saw you looking at those other ponies passing by" she lifts her head off of your stomach
"Just thought I saw somepony I knew"
>Truth is, you were actually hoping one of them would see the fear and desperation in your eyes
>Ever since she told you she had feelings for you, you've never left her side
>Even though you really
>Want to
>You remember thinking it was cute that a pony liked you
>A first, and probably last, you told yourself
>Though, you didn't think it'd be the last in this sense at the time
>One date turned into a few
>All of which were really great
>Even under these circumstances you still liked the mare you saw at those dates
>The one on your stomach currently isn't that same mare
>"Anon? You didn't tell me you knew other ponies." Trixie says as if it were scandalous
>You snap out of your thoughts for a moment
"Even you know other ponies, so it shouldnt be too shocking that I know some, too"
>After a few dates, she invited you to move in
>You were reluctant, but really didn't have much of a choice
>You'd been fired from your job for no particular reason a few days before
>Even more inconvinient was the fact that you were one paycheck away from making that month's rent
>Guess it really does pay to save some cash for a rainy day
>"All the ponies I know are STRICTLY enemies and business partners... and you" She coos on the last word
"I'm not a pony."
>"You know what I mean." She says, moving herself to rest her head on your chest
>That was a few months ago you think
>Ever since, each waking moment has been dedicated to pleasing Trixie
>Because of that, it's been hard keeping track of time
>Good thing Trixie does
>Normally, she doesn't let you leave her wagon unless it's showtime
>Even then, you have to be there on the sidelines watching her, or else
>But today was special
>'An anniversary' Trixie told you
>To celebrate, Trixie had given you a morning on the town
>It was almost like your first dates
>"What are you thinking about?" Trixie says, not moving her head
"Nothing. Why?"
>"Trixie knows you're lying. You only snap at her when something is on your mind" Trixie explains
"I'm just a little tired I guess."
>"Tired of me?" She asks
"Not at all"
>"Is that so? Then prove it." Trixie gets up and takes a seat on your chest
"Do I have to?"
>"Yes." Trixie narrows her eyes at you
>You hated when she called your bluff
>You used to love her for it, though
>Back in the good days
"Is my existence alone not enough?"
>"Do not misinterpret Trixie. She knows you love her, she just needs actions to back your many praises up" Her eye twitches at you. She's annoyed
>You pull Trixie toward you with a hug
>Once she's snuggled up with you again, you ask:
"Is this good?"
>Trixie inhales deeply
>"You smell nice..." she whispers, her eyes closed
"Thanks. You too."
>Trixie giggles
>"I love it when you compliment me" Trixie whispers
"I know"
>Trixie shifts herself a little
>"But it isn't enough..." Trixie opens her eyes and gives you a concerned look
>Oh no
>Not this again
>Trixie moves herself so that her back is spread across your body
>You keep your hands wrapped around Trixie
>She squirms some more
>"Anon... I want you to make Trixie feel good..." she demands, a sultry tone in her voice
>You shake your head
>"Fine. Don't say I didn't warn you."
>Suddenly, her magic envelopes your arms
>She manipulates your arms into moving between her hind legs
>You want to die. Very badly, in fact
>"Are you ready, Anon?" Trixie asks
>You don't answer
>"If you don't respond, I'll take your virginity, right here, right now. BEFORE Marriage." Trixie threatens you
"If it meant getting away from you for the rest of my life, I'd let you take it."
>Trixie shakes a little
>That pissed her off
>You close your eyes, bracing for some sort of harm
>Suddenly, your right hand gets covered in a sticky warmth
>Trixie let's out a moan
>Then, the other does as well
>You also feel a warmth pass upon it every second or so
>Trixie's moans muffle and a sloppy sound can be heard
>Fearing the worst, you open your eyes
>Your right hand has two digits firmly inside of trixie
>The other has Trixie's mouth wrapped around it
>Trixie releases your hand from her mouth
>She makes sure there's a violent pop, too
>"After all I do for you! You still treat Trixie like she's garbage!" She starts moving your right hand in and out of her
>She exhales a sigh of relief
>"But don't worry, I still love you, and I wont ever stop loving you" She flips herself back on her stomach and faces you
>Your left hand cusps her side
>With her front hooves, she grabs your head and forces your face to hers
>In a moment, your lips meet
>And in an even shorter moment, Trixie's tongue forcefully meets yours
>You can hear her moan as she forces herself onto you
>You also feel your right hand moving faster
>She cleans the inside of your mouth for a good ten seconds before reeling back and sitting on your hand
>"Yes! Like that! Hnggg!!! Your monkey hands are Trixie's weakness!" Trixie shouts
>After a few seconds of inaudible moaning, Trixie finishes, leaving a sticky trail all on your pants, even more on your right hand's fingers
>She also let's out some sparks from her horn before your hands are freed
>Trixie giggles and exhales before dropping her head back on her chest
>Trixie twitches as she pants
>"You're lucky I wanted you tonight, otherwise I'd have beaten you senseless" Trixie pants
>"I love you so much. I wish we could do this forever and ever" She rubs her face on yours
>Suddenly, her horn glows again
>She blasts you with some spell
>"But for now, Trixie sleeps. Maybe if you're a good boy tomorrow, Trixie will return the favor. But for now, your body is Trixie's." She gets into a fetal position on top of you and closes her eyes
>You try moving yourself to get more comfortable
>You try stretching your leg out
>You try speaking
>Only inaudible noises are made
>You try screaming for help
>You only make loud inaudible noises
>At least you can control your eyes
>You look at Trixie, who's getting visibly annoyed
>You make another loud noise and she furrows her pony eyebrows
>She zaps you with magic again
>"What do you want?" Trixie asks, her eyes still closed
>Trixie smirks
>Her horn glows again, and a magical hand appears to the side of your face
>A second later, you feel a sharp pain cover your cheek
>"Trixie will ask you once more: what do you want?" She says in a much more threatening voice
>You try moving your body again, to no avail
>You sigh
"I want to to home..."
>"This is your home, my love" Trixie tells you in a cutesy voice
>Your heart sinks
>She's right
>You let her convince you into living with her
>You decided to entertain her feelings
>And you keep talking back to her
>She'll never kill your or let you leave
>Ponies would would believe you if you told them about her abusive nature
>But she'd never let you get close enough to tell anyone
>And you'd never have the guts to tell anyone
>She has you wrapped around her finger
>Or hoof
>You can't even feel your legs
>Your eyes get damp
>You let out a little sniffle
>You dont want to cry
>God only knows what she'll do if she sees you cry right in front of her
>>You usually only ever cry in the restroom, or when she's in a deep sleep
>You start panicking
>You close your eyes to stop the tears to no avail
>Your eyes let loose and your breathing is even more ragged
>All of that on top of sniffling every other second
>Suddenly, you feel a warmth on both sides of your face
>You open your eyes to see Trixie holding your head with her hooves
>She looks... genuinely concerned?
>"Anon, are you ok?" She asks
>You can't shake your head, but she knows
>She wraps herself around you and strokes your hair
>"Trixie's sorry... she didn't mean to make you cry. Please stop crying" she tells you
"I... I want to leave you... so badly"
>"You don't mean that. I love you, remember? She reassures you
"Kill me"
>"Anon... wh-what?" Trixie's tearing up now
>You know it's all manipulation but you still feel terrible
>Even if she's batshit insane, she's still cute
>Seeing her cry makes your heart hurt, even if she isn't the same mare you gave your heart to
"Stop crying, please"
>"But... threatening to leave... wanting to..." Trixie can't even bring herself to finish that sentence
>She tightly hugs you again and sobs into your shoulder
>"Here, I'll unparalyze you, just please never think or say anything like that ever again" She whispers
>Her horn glows once more and zaps you
>You can feel the tears on your face, and Trixie's on your shoulder
>You also feel her warmth
>It's so... nice
>You reach your arms around Trixie and hug her back
>Maybe life is terrible, and it will always be, but at least you know Trixie will love you
>Whether you like it or not

The End
Good(?) end. I like it, writefag. Trixie doesn't get much love around here so it's nice to read a green about her. Makes me wonder if Anon's going to wind up using suicide and other extreme stuff against Trixie, and how far he could get with it...
That was a pretty good short, I liked the twist.
That was good.
File: 1569620738753.jpg (436 KB, 1280x870)
436 KB
436 KB JPG
Should've locked his window.
File: Twi Bonk.jpg (961 KB, 2000x2000)
961 KB
961 KB JPG
File: twiggles.jpg (731 KB, 4129x2468)
731 KB
731 KB JPG
What's that green glow in her eyes?
Dark magic or something.
10's no good.
Maybe she's powered up with Anon's essence, which is what caused her to become obsessed with Anon in the first place.
It's a possibility.
File: jealous purple.jpg (2.3 MB, 3756x5457)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG
Is this a good prompt?
Yes. Write it for us.
Sassy is looking for you Anon

And this could be one of many reasons as to why having a relationship with a princess is likely not the best thing.
I think it is.
File: subtle.png (135 KB, 807x574)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
File: maid Eris.png (1.47 MB, 1700x2200)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
Wonder what the trade off for this would be.
Discord messing with you
You have to give her a turn being the master.
That sounds like a recipe for disaster.
File: yandere apple.jpg (78 KB, 600x719)
78 KB
Well it's only fair, wouldn't you say?
True enough
>”Recipel, you say...?”
Oh shit, shes going to cook someone, run!
>Running from a yandere
Like trying to hold your breath in space
Well what do you want me to fucking do, i cant do much Without sending her to the horsepital
I don't know if you're gonna win that fight Sassy.
She makes dresses for god sake, im not too strong but i think i can take her or at least stun her
>color of obsession still not updated
It hurts...
Well yeah but the comment they replied to made it seem like she was gonna try and kill Eris.
Fight? Why do you immediately turn to violence like some mindless barbaric savage? Sassy is a lover, not a fighter! She makes dresses filled with
Love! Clothes containing affection in every stitch. Why would want to hurt her? She knows she couldn’t battle someone as powerful as Eris, despite using Grogar’s bell to siphon her powers, rendering her weak and feeble because you believe she could protect you, and you’re being naughty. By the way, would either of you like some Chaos quiche? It’s scrum-dileris-umptious~!
Yeah that sounds about how Eris would go out, too much time talking not enough time acting.
I don’t know, that doesn’t sound really healthy.
The flavor will wreck chaos on your taste buds! It’s mixed with a amalgamation of different parts-er ingredients! Completely fresh of course...
>”Fresh ingredients you say...?”
Sassy there are scales in the quiche
>He actually ate some
Anon...whoa. Hardcore af
Oh good another one
You can't just turn a fundamental force of nature into a quiche, you're gonna throw the whole balance of the universe out of whack.
Anon, you get the pleasure of meeting another mare strangely into you and baking. What’s wrong with that?
The best maid I ever had got turned into a quiche that's what.
You can’t prove that. It’s just part of the recipe. The scales add crunch, because they’re...they’re from a fish....?
This is the yan thread but I feel no one here is truly ready to be with a yan and all that it entails
This. We have anons talking about killing them, or running away, or even fighting them! So what if she’s a jealous, homicidal maniac who possibly bakes her victims into egg dishes and grinds the bones up into makeup powder to sell and makes gelatin from the hooves?(all of this unproven. No evidence)The point is, is she loves you more than anyone else, and you should appreciate that as it may be the only real love you get someday. So stop yer complaining and just eat the quiche you naughty, naughty anons. It’s good for you and teaches you to not look or speak to any other girl without permission.
Welp to be fair im too paranoid to trust anyone, so that kinda drives me to me hostile against someting thay seems to wired to me, think about it just sompony claming to love you just like that, and thats a red flag in my book...
Ok this almost make me give her headpats, almost
You’re in the yan thread. That’s a common thing for them to claim they love you out of nowhere. Do you get weirded out that water is wet too?
File: Undeniably.png (81 KB, 617x501)
81 KB
I see my mistake and i now classified as a retard, deam it she did it again
>Anon always finds the yandere thread open on his computer.
>He never remembers seeking it out or clicking on it, but every time he's at his computer, it's there, like clockwork.
>He looks through the thread and finds chilling stories about mares, women, and female monsters that hunt and imprison men, mindrape them, murder other girls, etc.; they're scaring him.
>He tries to convince himself it wouldn't—no, couldn't happen to him by posting about how he'd escape the yandere, or kill her, or a variety of other things.
>He's always told he won't succeed, that he'll fail, that yanderes always get what they want.
>Slowly, over years, the seed is planted. His resistance eroded, he will be helpless to defend himself against an obsessive lover.
>An obsessive lover that always had the yandere thread open on his computer...
Wait, people actually want to be with yanderes?
I only like these stories because its an interesting concept to have someone literally love you so much they could die, but id never want to be with one
File: Spoiler Image (1.91 MB, 4093x2894)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
That’s not your choice to make. In fact meet the yandere thread mascot, Lily’s good friend “Naisu Daisu”, your new yandere mare friend
That's the thing that appeals the most to me. I'm aware that it'd be a horrible position to be in, that I would hate it if it ever happened to me and that I'd do everything I can to get out of that situation, but while I'm not in that situation I can't help but want something like that to happen out of curiosity and to see how bad it could get and to see if I could somehow make the yandere grow out of her obsessiveness and turn it into a healthier attraction.
>Inb4 ends up dead anyways
... I... I dont have words anon, this... Just, wtf is happening, is this real?! My god so its true theres something or somepony that makes me come back here, im scared anons
File: 525207.jpg (392 KB, 1299x1771)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
Rarity's so generous, she'll offer you odd jobs around her house and pay really well. This time she wanted you to clean the pool.
Drawfag here. Drop a request and I'll work on them when I wake up
Eris all wrapped up around Anon, gleefully detailing all the fun stuff she wants to do with him.
Seconding this one, kinda surprising there isn't really any art of it in the first place.
thirding >>36579609
Sassy saddles serving Anon an delicious quiche saying it’s chock full of delicerisousness
This whole time I thought I was the only Erisfag here.
How nice of her.
What a pal
Lady Tirek hugging anon extra hard
She’s learning how to cook for all the hungry anons ~<3
I’m more of a princessfag myself, but I believe that Eris is severely underrated and it’s good that she gets some love at least in this general
You draw her very well and I really hope you do more of her eventually.
Nothing better than a breakfast made with love to start the day (:

Thanks! If I’m not feeling too lazy, maybe I will!
Aaaaand I forgot to draw the glow around the quiche
That turned out really well.
Wow, these are fantastic! I love the dialogue that you include, too, they really nail the characters.
I really like that we have created a rivalry between a dress maker and a borderline goddess and I hope it's something that sticks around.
File: Spoiler Image (1.29 MB, 1536x1413)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
Thanks! Glad to hear it!
Good to know! It’s definitely easier to get the message across when they talk
This is the sort of thing that only happens when you have a niche within a niche like this general. I hope more people come along to do their take on this!
You’re welcome
I certainly appreciate it Sassy anon.
It would be pretty nice to see, can't even imagine what green of it would be like.
>The quiche slowly lowers back down, a tiny Eris holding a finger to her lips.
>”I don’t hear chewing ~!”
>Sassy renters the room with a look of unhappiness.
“I’d scarf it down, because, you know, I just Love your quiches, but it seems a bit “undercooked”.”
>A knife is held to your throat, but you’re not even affected. This shit is a daily occurrence.
>”Are you complaining about my cooking?? IS IT BECAUSE YOU’RE EATING ANOTHER MARE’S FOOD?! WHO IS SHE!”
“Sassy. You’ve kept me locked-er..”voluntarily” held in here for seven months. I haven’t had the chance to speak to anyone but you.”
>”Well...what if you used carrier pigeons??”
>You look at her, then at the iron plated windows.
>”Oh...then what’s wrong with the quiche?”
“It’s just a little too animated to eat, let’s say.”
>Sassy looks at the Eri-THE PERFECTLY NORMAL NON-CREATURE BAKED INTO IT DISH(There’s no evidence, you can’t prove it!)
>She leans in, eyes squinted, only to have tiny Eris pop out quickly and kiss Sassy on the snoot.
>You watch her reaction.
>”....Ohohoho~dear me. It seems I didn’t BEAT the eggs enough~”
>A Hammer magically floats into the room and-
>You and Eris watch as Sassy beats the shit out of her quiche.
>Eris leans on your shoulder, shaking her head.
>”She sure knows how to set a bad EGG-xample, huh?”
Ask and ye shall receive >>36581189
Eris is great because you can just go straight up Looney Tunes with her and it works so you can go really heavy on slapstick or whatever.
Now it needs to be a comic
Yeah that'd be nice.
Eris has to be the one to give Sassy the hammer.
Nah. It’s fine
That's a good one anon.
>A niche within a niche within a quiche
>”YOLKS on her, right Anon?”
>”What’s wrong? Is your brain SCRAMBLED?”
>”Hold on, OMELETTE you finish in a sec, but it looks like Sassy has EGG on her face!”
>Sassy stops assaulting the quiche to stare at Eris.
>Then she pops a blood vessel in her eye.
Poor Sassy's gonna have an aneurysm
Gotta make sure there's a reason to go with Sassy too, so it's not just Eris as the "hero" 100% of the time.
Sassy makes delicious food and designs the finest clothes for Anon to make—and the best part is, everything is locally sourced! From rabbit fur gloves to salted horse sausage, Sassy only uses the finest materials and ingredients.

Meanwhile, Eris can just make things appear. There's no love in her instant gratification, no blood or sweat or tears. What she gives Anon costs her nothing, while, for Sassy, everything she gives Anon costs her a great deal. Now, tell me, who loves him more?
I mean on the other hand Eris lets him go outdoors, probably.
Yeah, maybe, or she might make a phony world where she's in control of everything, like in that O&O episode. Sassy has limited control and a lot more heart, which I'd argue puts her on equal footing in terms of the narrative economy.
I'm not gonna lie as soon as I hit post I thought about the whole fake Equestria thing or that she'd just follow Anon around poofing any mare he spoke to to the other side of the planet.
File: Are_you_touching_MY_ANON.png (2.19 MB, 1580x2400)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB PNG
Not good at making comics but an attempt was made
To be fair, at this point I believe Sassy would be the only pony crazy enough to protect Anon with her life from anything that Eris does. Considering that the things she metions in this >>36580804 might not be completely safe for Anon, it'd be nice having that kind of protection
You make a good point, also that comic is hilarious.
I wonder how Celestia and Luna reacted when they found out Eris took Anon.
Ask the mail pony trapped in the chaos world. They’re keeping him company
What are you talking about? Sassy is trying to protect anon from the forces of chaos. Don’t try to change years of carefully drafted lore!

>nb4 he doesn’t get the joke
Well, not for me

I've reached the levels of sociopathic autism so high that I don't believe anyone not obsessed w/ me can stick around for more than, duh, three days.
Sassy can fix you
I’m sure there’s a way out since that mail pony found a way in.
File: implying hands.png (208 KB, 1280x865)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
I literally have nothing to offer and all I do when I'm not at work is shitpost and jack off and smoke and drink..
If some mare were utterly fucked up enough to lavish me with attention and be maniacally possessive of me, I'd fucking welcome it.
I'd jump for fucking joy.
I love this comic and your art, drawfag. Sassy's deathglare is crazy perfect. You're a peach.
At this point I doubt Celestia and Luna are still around and instead we got Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon to deal with
That's good, because it was pretty damn fun to draw!
I really can’t wait to see the next thing you do, your art is really nice.
I’ve had my green transformed into comics before, but not a yandere one. Thanks for reminding me I can still make semi decent fiction
I also just realized that if Eris wants your honeymoon to be on Earth than she’ll probably introduce herself to your parents. Who knows how that’d go.
You did a good job anon.
She’s cute, wish that one green about her would come back
Find it and it’ll continue
I'll do my best, it's not like Lily lace gets brought up all that much.
>”All it took was three simple words.”
“Just three?”
>”Yes. Just three.”
>The sound of hooves clops across the hardwood floor, as Sassy paces.
>”Wanna know a secret? I never wanted to be a seamstress. I wanted to own a barista, making Coffee.”
“Really? That’s interesting.”
>She smiles sadly.
>”I studied different beans and roasts and grinding techniques, but destiny....destiny is too cruel. No matter my techniques or research, I couldn’t for the life of me craft a decent cup of joe.”
>Her gaze goes to the ground.
>”Anypony that drank it, would retch or spit it out or get sick! Can you imagine how disheartening that is?”
“I could imagine. Putting all your love and attention into your work only for no one to appreciate it.”
>”Precisely! Well almost...”
>”Fast-forward to a business meeting of all the carousel boutique managers one day. I decided to try my hoof at making a simple pot of coffee. Everypony hated it as usual...”
>She looks at you with a warm affectionate smile.
>”But you...you said three words that told me you were my soulmate...you said: “This is good.” as you took a long sip.”
>You chuckle.
“Heh. I remember that.”
>She tears up.
>”Oh Anon! Hold me!”
“Not much I can do when you have me chained up like this.”
>She boops you.
>”Well if I don’t chain you down, you try to escape! Heehee~”
“Uh huh.”
>”Well in any case, time to get you washed up! We’re having dinner guests!”
>Ding dong
>”Speak of the devil!”
>Sassy trots to the door, and opens it up.
>Another unicorn at the door kisses the air on both sides of Sassy’s face.
>”It’s so nice to see you!”
>”You too! I see you brought your husband?”
>Lily yanks a rope, pulling in another bound and gagged Anon.
>He mumbles with a grumpy expression.
I don’t know why you try so hard. This thread is dead and barely anyone replies. There’s other places where you could do this and have more fun
We're not that dead.
Thanks anon.
Pretty sure I found it here.
>He found it LITERALLY
My favorite is when Anon is so apathetic to his situation because it has become so mundane to him. Nice work!
Yeah that's always pretty good.
Poor Anon, maybe he'll be free of them some day.
Thankfully it wasn’t that far back.
File: 895073.png (52 KB, 700x520)
52 KB
>implying one of them isn’t you
What a ruse
Poor Dash replaced by a book
Thanks for all the art Anon looking forward to the next time you stop by.
Blondie will be back eventually and then we'll pick right back up.
I'm always back, I just gotta get my shit in gear and then things will pop off. Anon and Anon is going to be an interesting thing. But not as interesting as Applejack and Twilight being alone without either of them to moderate.
My uncle/father-figure passed six days and five hours ago. From an outsider's perspective, I'm over the hump of everything that's been going on and theoretically should be closer to writing 4-5 times a day again. But it's still rough.
I can’t even begin to imagine how that feels and I’m sorry that happened.
How about you give your silly ass time to grieve and heal, and not worry about the content consuming needs of ungrateful strangers on the internet?
File: Yandereflut.png (804 KB, 2000x2000)
804 KB
804 KB PNG
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, man. Take all the time you need to get over it, /mlp/ will be here when you get back.
This, the thread isn't going anywhere so take your time.
File: Yan Wife.png (420 KB, 2106x1500)
420 KB
420 KB PNG
We need this ponified.
I'm getting somewhat tired of the murderous kidnapping type of yanderes
What would you prefer? The service & worship type of yanderes?
At this point probably the harmless or worship type.
I'm tired of the basic bitch serial killer yandere it's completely overdone and everyone thinks a yandere is just that now.
File: You_dun_goofd.png (1.88 MB, 1281x2048)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
How about disgruntled and annoyed yandere
Disgruntled yanderes are pretty good
Page 9 bump
Is that one new?
That's great, she looks so sad in the bottom panel.
File: Executive Privileges.jpg (195 KB, 886x1024)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
>”Hello! We heard you were really talented! Would you like to come to our basement, for tea?”
“Actually I’m fine-“
>The unicorn sticks a syringe in your buttcheek.
We need more of them
Thanks! I was worried the helmet would make it harder to tell her expression since I wanted a mix of sadness and anger
What the dickens is this
You did a fantastic job on that Luna, also those are the G5 ponies.
>”what in the dickens is this?”
The start of your yandere quest
>Yandere heard you liked pegasi
>She's an earth pony
>She goes out and kills a bird, cuts off its wings, and tapes them to her back
>"Look, Anon, I'm a pegasus now! Let's have sex!"
That’s not yan. Yan always believes she’s perfect for you. You just need time to come around
>All out war between the G4 and G5 yanderes to keep Anon in their own universe. If Anon stays in G4 he gets deleted along with the rest of them once Hasbro pulls the lever, but if he goes to G5 he gets redesigned into a Calarts looking kid
Trips of mistruth. The only quality of a yan is her obsessive, unhealthy love for you. She needn't think herself perfect; in fact, an imperfect yan that constantly changes herself to appeal to you is the premise of Flutterrape, which is, like, the original yanpony.
>Fighting against a god get
I dunno. Reverse satan is usually the opposite, so if satan lies then reverse-
Don't listen to her, anon! Resist the meme magic!
Trips = truth
Yan will fix you
File: 1435907.png (523 KB, 1300x1000)
523 KB
523 KB PNG
Those three remind me of these three.
>hurrr they're traps
Just what we need to make things worse.
At least that shit's basically dead.
File: just Eris and a fancy bed.png (1.51 MB, 2120x1192)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
File: YanJack.png (230 KB, 1000x1000)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
*cough* *cough* *cough* "Eris! W-what the hell is all this smoke?! I thought my house was burning down! Why are you on the table and also little?!"
>"HeeHeeHeeHee! Why, it's a fog bank of green marijuana Anon! Teehee! Now you're gonna get way too high to stop me!"
"No, not the GREEN marijuana!"
>"Yes, the GREEN marijuana!"
"That's my only weakness! How did you know I was immune to all six other colors of marijuana, except green?!"
>"Your skin's green, dummy! That means you reflect sunlight just like green marijuana does. It's simple math!"
"AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHahahaha holy shit dude weed lmao"
How’s Anonymous gonna get out of this one?
of course it's anthro
why wouldn't it be
File: 1583405446382.png (133 KB, 524x325)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
>I'm tired of the basic bitch serial killer yandere it's completely overdone and everyone thinks a yandere is just that now.
Holy fuck THIS.
I try to find some comfy yandere ASMR on youtube and it's ALWAYS some girl who ties you up and kills some other person. Some fucking variety wouldn't kill them.
yeah, why they don't kill ANON or manipulate his friends to make him hate him or gaslight him to control him, there are lots of interesting ways a yandere can get her prize
Don't forget the harmless or worship types that don't try to ruin your life
No one does the basic stalker yandere anymore
>Yanpony (for example, Twilight), has been keeping tabs on Anon daily since the moment he arrived to Ponyville. He hasn't been able to sneeze a single time without it being logged somewhere.
>One day, Anon disappears
>By sheer coincidence, it was during bimonthly 30 seconds bathroom break while Spike had fallen asleep, so has no idea about what happened
>Has to detective her way through all her data to find Anon, but all the info she has on him has raised red flags for everyone around her.
>She now has to find Anon and clear her name (even if she hasn't realized that she has to do the later), before she goes insane due to her lack of vitanim A
We don't HAVE to include Anon in the main plot either
That's the kind of thing that would get Eris all offended and make her go ask Pinkie to teach her to bake or something.
I think that somepony with a lot of power and potential free time would make a good candidate for the yanpony, someone like Luna. You coule have that Anon disappears, and the circumstances make it appear to her that Chrysalis is the culprit, only for a big twist ending where it turns out it was actually Celestia.
yeah i really like stories were anon is the center of attention BUT he isn't on the story, like a plot device to the characters to act.
File: Dressed Eris.png (475 KB, 1533x1375)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
Yeah I've read some stuff like that and it's usually good.
File: thought process.png (105 KB, 500x260)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
Flutterrape isn’t yan.
Not with that attitude.
File: 1556381138668.png (421 KB, 711x711)
421 KB
421 KB PNG
Could be pretty good.
File: 2432315.png (565 KB, 1280x800)
565 KB
565 KB PNG
What an unsettling face.
File: 1491514427129.png (1.93 MB, 1600x900)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB PNG
This better?
File: 1587543830365.png (110 KB, 900x900)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
That is very lewd.
File: 0f8.jpg (993 KB, 1000x706)
993 KB
993 KB JPG
they comin to get you anon
Derpy looks fine at least.
NMM looks good.

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