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File: 2054095.jpg (328 KB, 1280x905)
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"Backup everything, even the ponies." edition.

Twilight: I can't really believe your story Anon, buildings with over 100 levels? Flying boats bigger than Ponyville? And yet there's no magic in your world? Please.
>Growing tired of Twilight's berating, you go out into the world to prove her wrong.

That's the prompt that started it all. So what's this thread about? It's about Anon bringing human science and inventions to Equestria and a disbelieving Twilight. Although, that's not necessarily the prompt you need to follow if writing is what you desire.

To access archived greens (not all are up to date!):
Download https://mega.nz/folder/4gwEmCrJ#g0rinvi8aPkPzNvmuI3dkw/file/9oAVmQxY (Green.zip)
Extract it to somewhere (optional step)
Search for the 8 character ID in the filenames (default search in windows does not work due to how the files are named, use command line or a proper file manager)

Thread Story List (outdated):

Active stories/updates from the last thread:
Red Shift
>IDs (some are not up to date): m5j8aLAB U2qmJcuL 6HCHr7ZH VYETk2Dz Hxz5dVMP
>End of the last update: >>36206122
Shape Your Home (#deca.mare, posted in NMP)
>Ponepaste: https://ponepaste.org/477 https://ponepaste.org/478 https://ponepaste.org/479 https://ponepaste.org/480
>End of the last update: >>36467664
The Swirling Menagerie (Solanon)
>IDs (some are not up to date): cQzZbvv5 Lxt7Hp32 TMN2BUwA
>End of the last update: >>36066879
>No paste (no backup)
>End of the last update: >>36097480
Anonymous, the Singing Golem (leg)
>Ponepaste: https://ponepaste.org//328 https://ponepaste.org/606
>End of the last update: >>36338890

Others from the last thread:
(H.E.R.O) Vacation (SaltAnon)
>Ponepaste: https://ponepaste.org/729 ( continuation? https://ponepaste.org/730 )
>End of the last update: >>36361565

Robolight vs experiments >>36252052

Outdated thread:
#70 >>36296279
And looks like I'm just a couple hours late for only being extremely late. Bloody hell, I don't even know where the time went on this one. Sorry, frens.

>Sweetie Drops had vanished.
>Several days had passed without so much as a peep.
>Many ponies were allowing themselves to be cautiously optimistic about the whole ordeal.
>Some even reasoned that she might have abandoned her plans because she wasn't strong enough.
>Surely, they said, a pony as crippled as Sweetie Drops was no threat.
>None had escaped Hell unscathed, not even her.
>And nopony, legend or not, could take on the whole world as beaten as she was.
>Perhaps they felt their collective denial might be enough to alter fate.
>Southern Cross was less naive.
>Sweetie Drops WAS merely a single pony, yes.
>A pony who had nothing left to lose.
>At this point she could be anywhere, planning anything, and preparing any number of strikes.
>They could only be certain of one thing; Sweetie Drops WOULD catch them off guard.
>She would move about as quietly as a whisper in deep space, then strike with all the subtlety of a napalm enema.
>Or so Cross had believed.
>Contrary to her predictions, the silence had finally broken in a massive anticlimax.
>When Cross had gotten the call she could hardly believe her ears.
>And so she found herself sitting in bed at home, still groggy from a short morning's sleep after spending the night searching.
>Talking on her phone, and getting a briefing she didn't fully believe.
“Sorry, Tac. Could you repeat that?”
>”We spotted Jawbreaker in your area.”
“Seriously? How did you find her?”
>”We have her on camera shoplifting.”
“What did she steal?”
>”About 5000 bits worth of candy.”
>THE Jawbreaker was a petty thief!
“Why that much though? The bit isn’t worth what it once was, but that’s still an awful lot.”
>”Intel suggests she’s overweight. Apparently she’s been eating an awful lot of sugar in the last year or so.”
“Yeah, but thousands of bits of candy? Can she even carry that much?”
>”Uh… I don’t know. Do you want me to check what kind it was? They might be fancy or something.”
“No, that’s not important. Still. Stealing candy?”
>They say you should never meet your heroes.
>”We need you to tail her, see if she's carrying that Orion thing.”
“Do not engage, I assume.”
>”Correct. The area is heavily populated, even if she isn't carrying the package there's too much room for disaster. And be careful out there, she's shown she'll hurt ponies to get her way.”
“Do you think she’d go after civilians?”
>”Nuclear weapons aren’t known for their precision.”
“Speaking of. Why didn't they have tracking beacons on them?”
>”They did. Can't find the thing, she must have had some countermeasures planned.”
“I still don't know how she even knew about them.”
>”That doesn't really matter right now.”
>It mattered to Cross.
>Sweetie Drops had privileged information.
>If she was right about Orion, might she be right about other things?
“Any word on Revenant?”
>”Negative. The higher ups all say there's nothing by that name. Princess Celestia herself has been reading through all records on weapons development. Canned a bunch of projects, didn’t find any Revenant.”
“Any third party database searches for it?”
>”Hundreds across all access levels. Jawbreaker got everypony curious, but nopony can find anything.”
>Any of those searches could have been her.
“So there are no official records that anypony can find, the head of R&D has never heard of it, princess Celestia herself can’t find it, and even Sweetie Drops doesn’t know where it is. That’s going a few steps beyond top secret.”
>”It’s not real.”
“Looks that way.”
>In some ways it didn't matter.
>Imagined or not, the danger was very real.
>Sweetie Drops believed in it.
>And she wasn’t going to tear Equestria apart looking for it.
>They had to stop her before anything bad happened.
“Too late for that.”
>”Too late for what?”
“Never mind. Do we have eyes on her?”
>“Satellite surveillance lost her about half an hour ago, but she can’t have gone far.”
“Solo op?”
>”Negative. Backup is en route.”
>Thank Celestia for that.
“We're calling in all available assets and then some. I haven't seen anything like this before.”
“What do you mean you haven't seen this? You were around a year back. This can't be as big as that.”
>”It's not. But it's… different.”
“Tell me what you can. It might matter.”
>”Well, the princesses keep breaking things.”
>”Hold on, I'll check your clearance… okay. Helios and SLIDE are offline. We have no nuclear arsenal, our missiles are being defueled and disarmed, chemical agents are being neutralized, conventional explosives detonated- we've got almost nothing left.”
“They're trying to keep her from using our assets against us.”
>”She already has Orion.”
”Correction. She ONLY has Orion. The user is supposed to survive shooting it. Probably only a few dozen tonnes TNT equivalent at most.”
>”But what if something else comes up? Aren’t they going too far?”
“They’re not going far enough. You never worked with her, I take it.”
>”I can’t tell you that.”
“You don’t need to. If you’d seen her in action you’d understand. We’re just lucky she was satisfied with Orion.”
>”LUCKY? She’s a nuclear capable rogue element!”
>That was true.
>But it could have been far worse.
>Orion was small compared to what she could have taken.
>A blast like that in the wrong place at the wrong time would still be disastrous.
>But at least she couldn't wipe entire cities off the map.
>Well, not without putting her back into it anyway.
>Though Cross wasn't convinced that was an actual threat.
>Sweetie Drops had targeted Orion specifically.
>And then she didn't take all of them.
>Why not hijack Helios? Why not unleash the entire nuclear arsenal at once? And why not
>There was a specific target in mind. Something Sweetie Drops wanted to wipe out.
“This doesn’t seem right though. Why would she go after candy of all things?”
>No answer.
“I mean, sure. She likes candy. But would she really draw attention to herself like that? And wouldn’t she be able to evade security?”
>No answer.
“Are you sure she's here? This feels like a trick.”
>”I know.”
>An answer.
>But the audio quality was terrible.
>”Maintain altitude when you get out there, and be ready to bolt. We’ve got not idea what this TCCCCHHHHT-”
“Tac, you’re breaking up. I don’t read.”
>The static grew louder and denser.
>Cross heard a loud popping noise.
>The line went dead for a moment.
>Shortly after, she got her comms back.
>But it wasn’t Tac on the line...
Wire by wire, rip them out together
The comms grid, cutting out the power snip by snip
Making sure the chaos spreads quickly
The next shot fired from my hip
Always gotta keep in mind my pacing
‘Cause my mangled heart is surely racing
I’ll get the spy sats neeeeext!
Yard by yard, burning down their empire
For their crimes, they won’t get away this time!
Wipe away their evil with my fire
Crush the frauds that so many admire
>Sweetie Drops was on the line.
>And she had COMPLETELY lost it.
>This was bad, she was in the area and actively sabotaging their efforts.
>But it was about to get worse.
>Sweetie Drops broke down the door and walked in.
>Cross nearly jumped out of her skin seeing the mad mare standing right before her, looking straight at her.
>She was met with a two faced, asymmetrical grin.
>One side of her face seemed to look straight into Cross’ eyes, a warm and gentle gaze that might look right at home attached to a loving mother.
>The other eye was plucked straight from a rabid wolf.
>It radiated danger and malice, and seemed to be focused on something that none save for herself could see.
>Cross’ rump bumped into the back wall.
>She’d backed herself away without even noticing, and was now out of room.
>She spoke just a bit too loudly, and with a bit of gravel in her voice.
>”I wasn’t expecting any visitors! To what do I owe the pleasure?”
“Please don’t hurt me!”
>She stomped on the floor.
>The light fixtures shook violently, casting erratic shadows about the room.
>”Why did it take you so long to contact me, huh? HUH?”
>She was approaching.
>Eyes locked.
>Cross froze in terror.
>”I’ve been waiting for you to show up, but you never did!”
>Cross opened her mouth.
>Nothing came out.
>A gentle look of concern filled Sweetie Drops’ mad eye.
>”Oh my goodness! Did they infest you?”
“Why would they- URK!”
>Sweetie Drops forced Cross’ mouth open and stared down her throat.
>”I see it!”
>Sweetie Drops grabbed her tongue and pulled, seemingly trying to hoist her from the ground.
>”It’s already burrowed! Hold on, I got this.”
>She produced a bunch of jelly beans from somewhere.
>Cross didn’t have time to wonder where they came from before they were being shoved down her throat.
>She coughed and gagged, but Jawbreaker held her mouth and nostrils closed until she swallowed.
>“It’s going to be okay. Don’t worry.”
“What- *COUGH COUGH* what was THAT for?”
>”They got the worm in you. But that’s okay! You just need to take the worm kill pills!”
>Cross’s tongue hurt.
>Having a crazed pony try to pull it out was apparently not good for it.
>”What took you so long? I need my trusty sidekick!”
>Sweetie Drops started looking through the cupboards and drawers.
>Cross took the opportunity to back away slowly.
>”Really though! I’ve been waiting for you to show up for days now! It’s not nice to make a lady wait, you know.”
>”Did your tracking beacon break or something?”
“Tracking beacon?”
>”Yeah! The one you planted on me.”
“I didn’t put a tracking beacon on you!”
>”Why not? That’s very disappointing. It’s going on your permanent record.”
>Jawbreaker reared up on her hind legs and started pushing Cross out the front door.
>“Let’s get going, servant! We’ve got ops to handle!”
“Servant? I thought I was your sidekick!”
>”Silence, minion! I need your help!”
”But why ME?”
>”Because you’re not retarded, DUH.”
>”Of all the agents I’ve had try to take me on, you’re the only one who has what it takes to handle this op.”
>”What? Oh heavens no! Discretion, experience, a healthy hatred of the beast, technical skills, agility, and cowardice!”
“What was that last one?”
>”Ready to go?”
>Not answering the question, then.
>”So it turns out the Revenants are in the countryside! Its prototype and groundwork were done in Ponyville beneath the post office, but it was getting too dangerous.”
“What IS the Revenant anyway?”
>”As if you don’t know.”
>Sweetie Drops stopped pushing.
>She pulled the knob off of Cross’ ruined door and climbed on.
>Nothing happened.
“Is the door not working right?”
>”I wanted to ride it downhill like a sled.
“Sounds dangerous.”
>”Minion! Get me a shopping cart!”
>A shopping cart?
>Just go along with it, girl.
>The objective demands you keep an eye on her.
>Being her sidekick or servant or patsy or WHATEVER will make that easier.
>Besides, this way you might be able to stay on her good side.
>But where was she supposed to find a shopping cart?
>Right across the street.
>There was a shopping cart loaded up with candy.
“I’d been wondering how you carried it all.”
>Sweetie Drops was already climbing into the cart.
“Why did you ask me to get a cart if you already had one?”
>”That was a test.”
“A test of WHAT?”
>”If you were able to identify shopping carts.”
“But that’s stupid.”
>”I needed to know if you were a robot.”
“And HOW does that tell you if I’m a robot?”
>”When was the last time you saw a robot going grocery shopping?”
>This felt… off.
>But not in the way that was expected.
>She was insane, sure, but…
>In the wrong way?
>Cross had seen what Hell did to a pony’s mind.
>She’d experienced it of course, but also witnessed it.
“You’re not scared of me?”
>The cart started rolling downhill.
>Cross took flight, tearing through the streets after the runaway cart.
>Ponies fled in terror at the sight of a sugary avalanche being piloted by the giggling maniac.
>Her howling delight drowned out exclamations of fear and panic as the bearings on the cart were pulverized.
>The cart collapsed under the stress, scattering high velocity candies through the air in a hailstorm that would ruin windows and teeth alike.
>Sweetie Drops crashed into the old cobble streets, shattering stone and spraying freshly minted crush in her wake.
>She lie in the wreckage of twisted metal and jagged stone.
>Not a twisted, sick, maniacal laugh.
>But a healthy and wholesome giggle.
>”Oh wow. Pinkie Pie was right, that IS fun!”
“Maybe a bit destructive. And dangerous!”
>”Maybe. She says it was an accident, but it’s hard to tell with her.”
>She pulled herself out of the debris and dusted herself off, completely unharmed.
>This was the Jawbreaker.
>The champion that stood hoof to claw with fiends and nightmares alike.
>The unbreakable warrior who all of S.M.I.L.E. had looked to, nay, had IDOLIZED.
>Behaving like a filly.
>It was kinda infectious.
>Cross couldn’t get the grin off of her face.
>”There ya go! That’s what I was looking for!”
“Do you want me to fly you to the top of the hill for another round?”
>”Kinda, yeah! But maybe we’ll do that later. I’m sure Tac is worried about you.”
>Cross had forgotten about that.
>Hay, for a hot second she’d forgotten she was even on an op!
>She suddenly felt self conscious about her equipment, open for the world to see.
>There was going to be a disciplinary hearing about this…
>”Go ahead. Phone home. Tell them you’re okay.”
“Right. Tac, come in Tac. Do you read?”
>”I read! Are you hurt? What’s your status?”
“I’m unharmed. Can’t you see me?”
>”Optics offline, spy sats down, street cams scrambled… Command is in a panic here, something knocked nearly everything out.”
“Well, I’ve got good news for you. I have eyes on Jawbreaker.”
>”You do? What’s she doing? Is she armed?”
“She’s… playing. Having fun.”
>”And Orion?”
“No sign of it. I’m not even sure she has it at this point.”
>Cross turned away and hunched over, trying to whisper a message to HQ.
“And I think she’s faking. Even if she is crazy this isn’t psychosis, it’s an act.”
>Why would she be worried about ROBOTS?
>It didn’t make sense.
“I think she’s bluffing. There’s no way she sets off Orion.”
>”Oh, don’t you worry. I will.”
>And Sweetie Drops was on the line.
>Cross turned around to see the pony in question looking at her with a bizarre mix of respect and irritation.
>And of course, she was speaking on her own headset.
>”It detonates tomorrow before dawn. Any signs of Lyra?”
>Everypony froze.
>”Didn’t think so. Might wanna get on that.”
>She dropped the microphone, producing a terrible squealing sound.
>The feedback died out suddenly.
>Comms had been cut once more.
>”So… I’m faking, eh?”
>Her gaze had returned to the half crazed half gentle rictus from earlier today.
>Cross froze, instincts telling her to fly away but not telling her which way to go.
>Sweetie Drops approached slowly, never breaking eye contact.
>Her glare dissolved into disappointment in the blink of an eye.
>”What gave me away?”
“Umm, r-robots.”
“You were afraid I was a robot. None of my comrades have episodes about those. Just…”
>”Ah. Well… cats out of the bag then. Follow me if you want to complete your op.”
>She turned away and began to descend the mountain once more.
“Where are we going?”
>”I don’t want to be ambushed, so I’m not telling you.”
“Okay… so why are you taking me along for the ride?”
>She paused for a bit, staring off toward the still rising sun.
>A gentle stillness hung about them, contrasting the excitement and panic from mere moments ago.
>Sweetie Drops released a wistful sigh.
>”Because the world needs a hero.”

That's it.
There was once a time when I wondered why so many writefags just die without a word. I get it now. It may be hard to put into words, but as time progresses the urgency to publish fades away, and with it comes a growing sense of shame. It does not feel good to return after an unplanned hiatus, and there is a strange sense of foreboding. Further, I feel disconnected from my own work, as though I am now writing the conclusion to a story first penned by some author from antiquity. But I promised I would finish this mess, and so here is the next part.
Also, I intend to copy everything to Ponepaste. For whatever reason I can't currently make an account, but when that's resolved I'll be setting up shop there. Pastebin reversed my erasure, but that doesn't mean I trust them.
File: 1602798602491.gif (560 KB, 300x200)
560 KB
560 KB GIF
If you feel tired take a break anon
I took a looong ass break from pony and pony content creation and only just now came back for G5 news and I've never felt more driven to create
Glad to see you back in action WIK.
thanks for the update. I'm not a writer, but I sort of get what you mean. if I put off replying to someone's message, the longer I wait, the more awkward it feels to reply. eventually I may just pretend I never saw it to begin with
what trouble are you having with ponepaste? you can ask in the alt thread if it still isn't fixed after a while: >>36485469
Very good update
Maybe it's an issue on WIK's end? I just tried making an account and didn't seem to have any issues.
File: 1277391.png (854 KB, 1280x1707)
854 KB
854 KB PNG
Damn, usually I'm the one creating the OP. Seems like we just let it die the moment WiK wanted to post an update. Shame on us.
I wanted to link the pastes using poneb.in (and remove that mega link), add the salt's new one, etc. Thread story list archive is here https://poneb.in/XKLNjAAx
bump till i read the update
Bah. Maybe I should have just waited a little. Not like another day would have made a big deal.
Thanks for your threads, by the way. It seems like a lot of hassle.

Not sure what was wrong, but it's working now.
Well glad that sorted itself out
File: 739346.png (1.04 MB, 1300x637)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
bump to that
hopefully it wasn't the code itself that sorted it out, because then we'd have a problem
Is that Littlepip in the middle?
So this is the true origin of SkyNet. It wasn't some government program gone rogue but a result of some weird code on site for stories involving magical ponies.
Let's break the rules! And really put our backs into it. Max out, pursue it
that pic always puts a smile on my face
File: 367790.png (372 KB, 1000x1008)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
>Twilight is an Ultrasmurf
That's strangely fitting.
She would definitely have the entire Codex Astartes memorized if given a chance to read it.
>The world needs a hero
This is an interesting line. She doesn't seem to think she's the hero, but she chose another agent so it's not because of her history. It's what comes next that has her worried. I'd say she might be about to do something rash, but we're well past that point already.
Every Space Marine can do this. They have a perfect memory.
I want to point out the codex is so massive each Ultramarine only memorizes 1% of it and relies on the rest of their company to remember the rest.
So you could say the chapter has only 10 copies of the Codex effectively in circulation at the best of times.
File: Submarine.gif (808 KB, 1000x1037)
808 KB
808 KB GIF
That outfit looks great on Twilight
>as crippled as Sweetie Drops was no threat
Even if she is not strong enough, she knows where to hit to make the most damage. Like the nuclear research facility.
What the F. Is she building a rocket?
>tracking beacons on them
Yea she knows where to hit.
>”It’s not real.”
Hm. It could be a lie, to keep them busy and make them fear her. Or it could be something they did before the computerized times.
>we've got almost nothing left
Are they stupid or something? Isn't there a still a threat from a demon running around?
>“They're trying to keep her from using our assets against us.”
Hmm, could Revenant be another demon? And disengaging the weapons is exactly what she wants?
>at least she couldn't wipe entire cities off the map
I'm not sure about that.
>she had COMPLETELY lost it
Seems like it.
>met with a two faced
Damn that must look scary.
>worm kill pills
Umm yea she completely lost it.
>Ponyville beneath the post office
Uh, that was a long time ago.
>”Minion! Get me a shopping cart!”
Heh. I imagine she shouts this towards the sky.
>able to stay on her good side
Hey, so far she has not killed anyone IIRC. Just crippled them.
>“You’re not scared of me?”
I was expecting this the other way around.
>it’s an act
At least she had fun.
>”Because the world needs a hero.”
I have no idea what she is planning.

>I would finish this mess

Thanks for the update!
really emphasizes her figure right?
That's a beautiful picture
Well, it delivers a notion of hope.
File: 0008_by_alumx_d6eowtr.jpg (3.16 MB, 4000x4000)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB JPG
Yeah I don't usually think of plants growing in cement cracks with this level of wonder..
If its the only plant in a few tens of kilometers then yes.
Then on the other side of the spectrum is when nature overtakes and reclaims a city which is both a little haunting and beautiful.
I have an IDEA.

>Be Anon, and im sure this is not Yemen. Not that i lived there, but this is well...
>Obviously a war arrased this place.
>¿where i am?
>I think, by the big quadruped machine in front of me, im lost.
>From above that thing a four-legged creature jumps to the ground in front.
>A purple cute little ¿dog? With a horn. Of course it has a horn. His ears are down, has a chillingly human expression of astonishment. I swear i could see a bit of anger in his purple eyes.
>The horn of the creature glow.
>"Here LastHorn, i found the source of the anomaly sign, is a second human."
>Brain.exe has fried successfully.
>My body goes limp deciding to call it a day with out caring if i agree.
>Je, all is purple now, the world become purple? That's crazy.
>"I'll bring him alive," purple she say.
>Sounds like i am Anon the fucked.
>What a crazy dream, a purple horned dog girl enslaved me. I liked it and that's the worst part.
>Wait, why your bed is moving?
>You open your eyes, this is not your room, nor your bed.
>You're inside some space-like compartiment shit. Your legs and hands has been painfully hard tied. Your legs can't full extend because the short space.
>"Seems like our friend is awake." A girly voice say amused.
>Is the horned thing, is seated confortably on a seat, sorrounded by bottoms. Two levers, in the arms of the seat, that ¿she? Is maneuvering with her ¿hoofs?
>The shit was real.
>"Twi, i recomend to have a careful conversation with the human, his heart is beating in a dangerous level," a girly robotic voice say, coming from every wall.
>Purple look at me in thought.
>"You know how you ended in that field?"
I just wanted to read a book. I drop my head against the comfy spot where i am. I... i dont remember.
>"What's your name? You remember it?"
Is... Anon. I try to steady my breath. Say, where we going?
>"To my base."
I need to pee.
>"No, you don't," she state.
>Im Anon, my bladder hurt.

>Name's Cozy Glow.
>And i can't lie, i love this war.
>Incognito the human is the maximun opponent i ever fight, im in this side just because he's on the other side.
>Every movement he do makes my head go to his limits and beyond to dodge a game over.
>He's bright as hell.
>The human mind is scarily superior when working with magic.
>Lucky me, my best soldier, Twilight Sparkle aka LastHorn, brought my birthday present in advance, my soon to be ace, another human.
>He just appeared in this world, so 24~26 hours left for his mind to start working with magic, with luck he doesn't become mad like Incognito.
>Just one problem.
Twilight, what the actual fuck!? I point with my hoof to the human, who've his pant wet, his hands are red blood with marks of ropes, his legs too, and his head is bleeding.
>"I can't make a stop and risk him in the field, so he piss inside, on his pants," Twilight plainly say.
>You eye twich.
Why the mark of ropes?
>"I have to secure him to avoid unexpected accidents." Twi nod to herself.
>I grit my teeth.
And why his head is bleeding?
>She look at Anon, and back at me, "an unexpected accident." She shrug.
Twilight! You were supposed to bring back an ally! Don't make him an enemy!
>"He's a human, we can't trust him." Here goes again.
For the love of all above, he's not the same human.
>She shook his head and walk away, his mech follow her.
>LastHorn stop in track.
This behavior of yours is what made Incognito hate us, do not make the same mistake.
>She restart his walking.
>She's a good soldier and know how to follow orders, but sometimes i would love to swat her on the back of his head.
>Altough, i can't say i don't understand her.
>I walk closer to the human.
>I put the medics on him at ease.
Hello human, im Cozy Glow, and i think you deserve an explanation, and of course an apologize.
>He, look at me, a sad tired smile on his face.
>"i would love just an explanation," he say, his voice is raspy.
Well, im on racha and i can't stop now so, goodbye sweet dreams.

>Be a purple soldier in the worst war.
>The comunication of Ponyville was disabled by the enemy, what's left of Equestria is in an unknown state.
>Maybe Ponyville is what left.
>I hate Incognito for what he did, but all started because of me.
>I step in what was once the throne room of my castle. All thrones are destroyed.
>The day i lost my wings, i remember so vividly that night because with my wings i lost everything i loved.
>This is what science was for? To kill things faster?
>Maybe yes, maybe not, anyway im not believing in it anytime soon, maybe any more.
>Logic was my new ambition. Trust my guts like my friends once did.
>I walk out of my castle, outside is Sweetie Drops, aka Bon Bon, waiting for me. Her mech, 7yra, is comunicating with mine, Lavander Burst.
>"LastHorn, i want to know about him." To the point like ever.
Ask, but i know almost nothing.
>"Then tell me all you know."
He like books and his age is 24. Bon Bon nod.
>"How similar is to Incognito?"
More passive than Incognito pre-madness.
>Bon Bon seems to think about this.
>"We can use him?"
Let's not get our hopes up, first he have to pass the madness part. Bon Bon nod again.
>We close to our mechs. They notice us and open the comunication chanel to us.
>"Pilot Twi, 7yra and i were evaluating possible futures scenarios, we recomendate to talk to the human and convince him to join us." Lavander opened his withers door.
He will. I jump to his back and enter in the cabin. I know he will.
>"How are you so sure?" Bon Bon ask, she's already inside 7yra.
Because Incognito said once 'all humans love the war'.
>"He doesn't want to help." Cozy Glow laments.
>"He literally say: 'i don't like war, i want to just want to go home'." Cozy remark war.
But Incognito said-
>"All we know about Incognito is that he's an asshole."
>"Plan B, Enslave him." Bon Bon propose.
>Cozy take a deep breath. "No."
Interesting story premise with Cozy Glow of all ponies leading the war effort against Icognito. I'm guessing that English is not your first language.
Correct! But seriously, sorry, I'm retarded if I don't sleep.
I sleeped.

>Cozy Glow aka Field Marshal.
>I know that trying to enslave Anon is suicide.
>Once his brain cells stop fighting magic and accept it, it will possibly be one of the most dangerous things.
>We know what Incognito is capable of.
>I have to treat Anon with all the care-
>"Why not?" Twilight ask.
>Celestia, give me strength not to kill these mares.
Imagine Incognito, but inside our base, do you think we can contain him?
>they look at each other and then at me
>"Let's kill him." They say in unison.
Sigh. Wish this was that easy, but we need this human.
>I get up and go to a map.
Over the past 2 years, Incognito technology has evolved faster each month.
>With a wing i tap Canterlot.
Like ants on a picnic we survived at his advances eating the rest of his work.
>Twilight smile at that metaphor.
But with the lost communication of the last month, our scientists in Canterlot cannot update us.
>I look at them.
If this continues, I don't think we can last another month, we need Anon to put things back into balance, we have the resources we just need his cooperation. Even better, we can finally win this war if we make the right moves.
>Bon Bon sigh in understanding, Twilight put a hoof on her chin in thought.
Twilight, go talk to him.
>"because, you're more capable of make friends than any in this base." Lavander Burst talk throught the comunication.
>"We're in time of war, is no time to-" i cut Twilight with a hoof.
Go befriend him, that's an order.
>Twilight salutes and walk out of the operations room. Bon Bon follow her.
>From that door enters Mayor Mare.
>"We have news." Mayor say.
Thanks Divin-
>"No good ones."
...read it.
Don't be too hard yourself, most people hear only know 1 language so it's real impressive that English is your second language..

>My head hurts, the field marshal of Canterlot ignored the first rule of my protocol against Incognito: Do not fight him alone!
>Unfortunately his brainless head can't follow that simply rule and that resulted in him ignoring the second rule: Comunicate all strange things Incognito do on the battlefield.
>It seems that the withdrawal of all the enemy troops from the field is not at all strange, so the marshal sent, to the long lost territory, all the forces of Canterlot.
>Turns out, all the field was a trap full of explosives.
>And when i say all field i mean it.
>Canterlot lost most of it military power in that trap.
>Incognito then send all his force to attack Canterlot, and that's how in two days he put Equestria on his 'feets' again.
>Canterlot, IT was our communications antenna due to its geographic location.
>It was suppossed to be an impenetrable fortress.
>>It was.
>Where did Incognito get its plans from? A TV show?
>"Where you go?"
Incognito made his move, i have to do mine.
>Be stranded in a strange world stranded in war.
>Be warned about magical mental illness. or some shit. And have 20 hours left before I become a mad genius.
>I, i don't know what to do.
>Digest all this information is too much, so i don't.
>Im lying on a medical bed.
>Outside the room are 'ponies' looking at me with anger, curious or fear.
>Wow, Thanks Incognito, you can go fuck yourself.
>Purple pony enters the room.
>This is going to hurt, right?
>"Hey, Anon," Purple casually say, "how are you?"
>I look at her, that's all she want?
>She look at the ground, "sorry for hurt you, you remind me of someone i hate."
>I look at the ceiling. I started to hate Incognito too.
Im sorry for the excuse of human that Incognito is. I say looking at her again. There are better humans than him.
>"Could you help us then?" I can hear a hint of hope in his voice betwen his disbelief.
>Im Anon and im lost.
Sorry to make it so slow, I want to move faster in the story, I'll be back in a few hours.
Don't worry. We can wait a few hours.
oh no she's going mad with power
How can we possibly stop her?
Unf that Rarity's is sexy
Well it's only natural for Rarity to be that good looking.
Sorry for the late update.

First let me go through my mental illness?
>"You mean the Magical Alimentation Sickness?" Purple tilt his head. Hanging his ears to the right.
Yes, from what i understand magic is deteriorating my mind and knowing that don't let me think properly. I don't want to think at all.
>"You got it wrong, the magic is trying to flow through your cells, your body cannot understand that it is not an intruder, so fight against that, but when your body accepts it as a nutrient is when your brain starts to work much more ..." she looks at my smile and stops her explanation, " sorry."
Someone've been reading.
>"I was who diagnostic the first human with this," she say.
>I frown.
I thought you were a soldier, not a scientist.
>"Before the war I was many things," her sad, nostalgic eyes are staring at nothing.
May you... explain more about my disease?
>"Well," she shook his trance off, "let say, if your read something will be like you read it 600 times."
That's.. less terrifying, thanks.
>"Don't worry, we call it illnes because Incognito lost his mind, but we don't know if he was already mad before."
Being transported to this world is hard to accept, maybe he had a rough start.
>She murmurs something, seeing his face i can say is bad.
>Akward silence my old friend.
>"Do you ever ride a mech?" That robotic voice come from the window?
>You can see the head of the mechanic Troya horse.
>"without being forced, that is," The bot tilt his head a little to face Purple.
>Purple scrunch her muzzle, look to the side, down his ears, and flush, at the same time. Ashamed in other words.
I would like to, can i? I ask to purple.
>She relax and nod, "sure, why not?"
"I"'s and "Your"'s edition.

>Be in the head of my mech, my front legs folded under my barrel, hind legs pressed on my sides. Ears flinch with the breeze.
>Seeing how An exprincess, Twilight, is playing with his Advance Heavy Smart Armor, his mech, with the second most dangerous creature wannabe, Anon.
>Lavander burst and Twilight are playing catch the ball, Anon being the ball.
>He's flying yards, from Twilight magic to Lavander Burst cabin eject system, and vice versa, seems like Anon is enjoying this too much.
>I can't hate this, though, it fill me with something that i thought finally lost, joy.
>"We should inform them that Marshal is looking at his display," 7yra insist.
>Just 60 feets to my right is Field Marshal, with the sternest face you ever see.
I just want to see a bit more.
>Seems that, fall for humans is my weaknes too, right Lyra?

>Be Cozy Glow, well at least he's not being abused.
>But the discipline is something serious in my base.
>And this is something i can't... ugh... breath.
>She's doing what i order her, befriend the human.
>I would order something more direct next time like suck his monkey dick.
>This surely was idea of Lavander Burst.
>The stupid engineers insisted that our mechs needed emotions.
>The human need to see that we're friends, and he's enjoying this, maybe too much.
>But now is time to be serious!
Lasthorn! The pruple unicorn catch the human and put his feet on the ground, She stand firm.
>"Ma'am!" She shout with neutral face. Good, now i like it more.
We have news of Canterlot.
>The stern anger in your face explain everything to her, and her expresion change to horror.
Anon! Is now or never, would you help us to win this war?
thanks for the update
I really like that design for a jetbike.
be careful you don't hurt yourself if you spend time getting "close" to her
But that risk makes things so much more enticing.
the world really misses his brilliant mind
You know I just had a thought. I would love to see or read just a short scene of Twilight learning about how Stephen Hawking's tts voice was made and recorded by a close friend of his (Dennis Klatt) who died shortly after completing it, and then Stephen refusing any upgrades to honor his friend.
File: 1481383.gif (3.72 MB, 1000x690)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB GIF
that's pretty heartwarming to hear
I hope she has a safe landing.
>safe landing
I'm more concerned about the planet when Derpy is involved.
>Derpy lightly bumps the town hall with her ass
>The building fucking collapses
>Derpy fails to gently land her spaceship on re-entry
>??? Earth/Equus
I'm having some wh40k flashbacks.
Derpy is a stronger force than chaos. She doesn't need such fancy huge ships to break something. A shuttle is more than enough.
Derpy's ship is "a bit" smaller.
Still, it's being piloted by Derpy so who knows, maybe it evens out.
It really all depends on what would be the funniest outcome of her crash
File: 243047.png (685 KB, 1400x804)
685 KB
685 KB PNG
Equestria Stands!
Of course she does. Celestia is immortal, silly.
I'll continue this in ponepaste.org
Name's DreamlessAnon.
And the name of the green is War Anon part 1 original as shit.
Is a little. Just a little. Different there.
I'll post a link so it's easier for people here to find your green

I'm so used to seeing Celestia get equated to the Emperor that it feels strange to see her being used as a stand in for Vulkan.
How do those ears pierce the cloth?
I would imagine that there are some form fitting holes for the ears to poke through
I fell they would replace their ears with audio sensors before cutting holes in their hood.
rip cmc
They will be missed.
Man I'm reading Message in a Bottle again and it's... beautiful
Like holy shit bro. In fucking tense. I could write essays about this fic
Cant Sweetie just magic the spaceship closer to them?
maybe I should read that one day.
I love Starscribe's work but the constant tf/tg he uses doesn't sit right with me. The affected characters are almost always fine with it by the end of the story. It's not really realistic, and that's coming from an actual tranny.
Anyway I really recommend Convergence and Synthesis for someone into near future AGI taking place on Earth.
I guess I'll add those to my reading list as well
yeah probably
premature bump
Oh man even her bow is cybernetic.
maybe its a battery pack for her eye lasers
File: 651289.png (380 KB, 1559x1181)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
Her head kind of reminds me of Megneto's helmet in it's shape.
I mean that is a kind of generic helmet shape.
File: 792699.jpg (1.21 MB, 5662x5639)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
I wonder what's the deal with blow glowy bits on the pony.
To the first page!
and again
It's apperently a Star Citizen picture so maybe there's something in there that explains it.
File: 1066863.png (219 KB, 700x700)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
all I know of star citizen is how I'm 99% certain it's never getting released
New idea for a story. Anon creates Buckstarter in Equestria to try a scam ponies with a neverending project.
Tech bump.
>You see Apple Bloom it's really not that complicated once you break it all down like this
>I somehow understand this even less than before
>I somehow understand this even less than before
That's me in math every time.
You're not the only one
File: 77233.jpg (2 MB, 2428x2348)
2 MB
this pic has big homer burning cereal vibes
I'm sure that scene helped inspire the picture.
File: 2552383.png (1.22 MB, 4000x4000)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
someday we'll have these robopony factories
This picture makes me feel so grimey
All those lead (graphite?) smudges? Yech! I'm going to take a shower. And maybe a deep clean cycle in the wash
Isn't calculus on Cheerilee's blackboard at one point? Do you think math would play a bigger role in pony society because of magic?
>Do you think math would play a bigger role in pony society because of magic?
Maybe? I guess it depends on how magic functions exactly
File: 2190224.jpg (971 KB, 4007x2672)
971 KB
971 KB JPG
those legs look way to thin for that spider tank
Hey im coming back to write some more. Gonna watch the rest of mlp and then decide to either make a new green entirely or continue my old green. Ive matured a lot so i dont know if my old green stands up or not. I remeber it was pretty cringe and i slobbered over NaOHs green and the star wars anons green alot. What do you guys want
>Page 10
Do you have a link to your old work?
I'll find it. To think this thread is a 5 year old general
Time sure flies
File: Sunset.png (120 KB, 769x743)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
Not really one to have ever been much in this thread except for finding Flight of the Nightingale through the story list even back then. Re-reading it currently because I got some nostalgia. So might as well post some thoughts here.

I still love this thing because it hits just right in a few places. But the pacing is a bit odd with how things happen. First you'd think it'd be comfy delivery flying, then it's going on very aimless but neat exploratory flights to do whatever feat. monsters, then it's piracy a bit out of nowhere, and I'm pretty sure there's a good few new things added that weren't there last time I read it going by how much there's left to read. And Twi is kinda in there too with the love triangle, but also out of the blue a bit.
Wish it focused a little more, or didn't quite go at breakneck speed through it all.
File: 1470425485339.jpg (85 KB, 800x800)
85 KB
Oh man I really wish that story continued. I remember really liking it when it came out.
I feel I have those gripes because I just really like it, it's fun. I am glad to see it got at least some new bits since I last saw it, but shame it just kinda ends still.

Also if anyone has some more Sunset pics that'd be cool too. Only got the above one from the archive and she's cute.
File: 2152992.png (228 KB, 696x876)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
found this pic of pirate sunset airlines on db

Heres my paste. Ill be reading it to see if its worth continuing or if im starting new
>The unlikely duo of Southern Cross and Sweetie Drops were walking casually through the streets of Canterlot.
>Cross’ equipment was attracting a few more glances than she cared for.
>But she had little recourse but to tag along.
>Her mission was unambiguously to follow the rogue former agent before her, and she didn’t want to know what central would say if she ran off without finding the nuke.
>She also didn’t want to know what Sweetie Drops would do if Cross left without permission.
>And truth be told, she didn’t want to leave.
>This was THE Jawbreaker.
>Nutcase or not, getting to know her was a once in a lifetime opportunity!
>Her cell was going to be so envious.
>”So… why are you still with them?”
>Sweetie Drops suddenly spoke up.
>Was this information important to her?
>Or was it just small talk?
>What angle was she playing?
“I’m not at liberty to disclose that.”
>”Who’s going to stop you? Comms are down.”
>Cross made a point of keeping her mouth closed.
>”I can’t imagine staying with them after that whole mess in Hell.”
“Why? Was the job too hard for you?”
>Cross was taken aback.
>That was not the answer she was expecting.
>”I honestly didn’t think I was coming home from that one. I’d said goodbye and everything.”
“Wait, you were planning on dying?”
>”Sure. You weren’t?”
>Sweetie Drops scoffed.
>”Arrogant little thing, aren’t you?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
>”You knew what we were up against. Did you really think you had a chance?”
“Sure! Hay, I figured the odds were in our favor.”
>”Why? What could possibly lead you to believe we had a chance that day?”
“You were there.”
>Sweetie Drops looked confused for a moment before catching the implication.
>She looked away, but not before blushing slightly.
>”You put way too much faith in me.”
“You beat him, didn’t you? Hay, I if anything I didn’t put ENOUGH faith in you! Not only did you win, you saved Cloudsdale!”
>”I just got lucky. I’m no hero.”
“You’re my hero.”
>”You need to find better heroes. I’m just a pony, I make mistakes all the dang time.”
>Something was bothering her big time.
>Hopefully she felt like sharing.
“Like what?”
>”You don’t want to hear about my problems.”
“Sure I do! You’re famous in the organization, you know. Everypony wants to be like you.”
>”You don’t want to be like me. Trust me on this.”
>She was hurting.
>Then again, they all were.
“Please? Do it as a favor for me?”
>She offered a noncommittal grunt.
“If I’m following you to this Revenant thing, I want to know who I’m with.”
>”Gah, FINE! I let a demon escape. A REALLY nasty one.”
“That’s not really a big surprise though. There were too many of them to count.”
>”Yeah, but this wasn’t just your rank and file. It’s one of the head honchos, calls herself Luna.”
“LUNA? Look, we all know she’s a little… weird. But she’s not a demon.”
>This might be it.
>Genuine psychosis.
>She was faking earlier, true, but that didn’t mean she was faking about everything.
>Everypony in S.M.I.L.E. had mental scarring, even Cross.
>And if the briefings were to be believed, even Jawbreaker.
>”You didn’t see what I saw. Everything was in place. She was on the ground, vulnerable, and I had a soulstone ready. Then... I let her go.”
>She stopped dead in her tracks.
>Cross took several steps before noticing, and had to turn around to find her hero and target.
>Jawbreaker was sitting on the ground.
>Hiding her eyes.
>”And Lyra paid for it.”
“She’s going to be fine.”
>”She’s dead.”
>Cross felt a chill in the pit of her stomach.
>She’d been counting on using Lyra as leverage.
>Jawbreaker wouldn’t do anything terminally stupid if her friend might come back.
>But if it was final...
>”They say she was being transported and jumped out while at altitude. Nopony survives that.”
“Isn’t she a unicorn? Maybe she teleported.”
>”She didn’t. She doesn’t know how. She’s dead, and they murdered her.”
>Sweetie Drops stood up and started walking again.
>She didn’t look sad, nor angry.
>She looked… hollow.
>Like the tears had long dried up and now there was nothing left.
>“You’re a pegasus, so you might not get it. But us ground dwellers don’t just jump to our deaths. They pushed her out.”
>Cross didn’t believe it.
“Why would they want to kill her though?”
>”She knew too much. She managed to push her muzzle in where it wasn’t allowed, and got in a little too deep.”
“What could she have possibly figured out that would warrant this?”
>”Lots of stuff. Like Revenant. I’d tell you more, but then they’d have to kill you.”
>Cross continued to not believe it.
>”So yeah. I’m not a hero. I’m a failure. The most important pony in the world, and I let them kill her. You shouldn’t count on me.”
>Cross couldn’t begin to imagine what that must feel like.
>Losing somepony that dear was agony.
>But to blame yourself for it?
“So that’s what this all is then? Revenge?”
>”No. This is my penance.”
>Something about that choice of words felt a bit off somehow.
>It wasn’t atonement.
>Maybe she was reading too much into it?
>Silence returned.
>It was not the comfortable silence between two friends who’d run out of things to say.
>It was awkward and heavy.
>A silence that reeked of danger, the kind that hinted at something horrendous just below the surface.
>Cross couldn’t tolerate it any longer.
“Why pretend you were having an episode?”
>”Hmm. When I found out what had happened I acted rashly.”
“I’ll say. You BOMBED the palace!”
>”And I regretted it. Then I stupidly stated my goals for the world to hear. I… I don’t think I was thinking straight. I might have had an episode around that time, I don’t know. But it made my job way harder! Suddenly everypony was looking for me, and Luna was trying to destroy evidence. I figured if I looked like a lunatic ponies it would be easier to trick everypony, make it easier to get at Revenant.”
“You know there’s no such thing as Revenant, right? It’s probably one of your episodes.”
>”Maybe. I hope you’re right. Guess we’ll find out tonight. If it’s there… could you tell everypony what you saw?”
“Probably not. The contract is going to get in the way.”
>Wait a minute.
>How had Jawbreaker talked about it?
>”Wait. You’re actually bound by that dumb contract?”
“You aren’t?”
>That explained it at least.
>But it raised another question.
“How though? I remember signing it and there wasn’t really that much leeway to get out of it. Did you find a way to dispel it? I mean, magic spells can be broken. But that would be next to impossible, wouldn’t it? I mean, otherwise everypony would do it.”
>”I wouldn’t know where to begin with that. Most unicorns don’t even acknowledge that curses can happen, finding one who could break that would be hard enough. Getting it done undetected would be a nightmare.”
>”Did you use a fake contract?”
>”Fake? How? It’s a giant stone tablet with engravings in a dead language almost totally worn away by generations of blood offerings. Not the easiest thing to recreate, harder still to move.”
”Okay… so if you actually were at the thing then how did you not sign it? You have to willingly shed your own blood on it to join the org.”
>“Correction. You need to convince the witnesses that you shed your own blood on it.”
”Wait, do you mean to imply you FAKED cutting yourself on that thing?”
>”It was surprisingly easy.”
“Okay, but how? Did you draw somepony else’s blood and fill a vial with it that you then implanted under your skin or something?”
>”Fake blood pack from a prank store.”
>A simple slight of hoof trick.
>”We’re here.”
>She announced it suddenly.
>Cross carefully surveyed the area looking for any credible threats.
>But as far as she could tell, this was a perfectly normal neighborhood.
>Well, maybe not PERFECTLY normal.
>The dwellings were small and cramped for the income bracket of this area.
>It wasn’t high density or low income housing by any means, the ponies living here had SOME wealth to play with.
>But not as much as one might expect from those living in the richer parts of Canterlot.
>Why would there be a WMD here?
“Where are we?”
>”Isn’t your cutie mark for navigation?”
“CELESTIAL navigation. There aren’t any stars out right now!”
>”The sun is out.”
>That was true.
>Cross could get some bearings at least.
>It wasn’t great, but…
>They’d gone downhill North of East a few kilometers on the cart, then walked East of North East in silence for about an hour.
>Then they chatted for a while after correcting to what was probably a true East road.
>She hadn’t been paying attention to how long that was, but it couldn’t have been that long else they’d have hit the campus.
“We’re west of the university. This is too nice for student housing… probably a faculty housing development.”
>”See? I knew you could do it.”
>She walked up to a house and walked through the door.
>WITHOUT opening it first.
>Cross wove her way in through the Jawbreaker sized hole to see a messy, poorly lit kitchen.
>A shocked and slightly disheveled unicorn was staring at them, sitting at the table.
>Sweetie Drops casually sat at the table like she hadn’t a care in the world.
“Hi, Moondancer. I- oh, woops. Just a second.”
>She walked out the door again.
>Cross was about to follow her when the unicorn, this Moondancer, stopped her.
>”Who ARE you?”
>This was awkward.
>Her equipment made it clear she wasn’t just a regular pony.
>Chameleon suits weren’t your everyday fashion statement.
“The better question is who are YOU?”
>”Well, I’m not sure I want to give out my True Name with all this demon stuff happening.”
“I crossed your threshold uninvited though.”
>”That’s vampires!”
>Sweetie Drops returned with a bag in tow and sat herself at the table again.
>”Sorry to drop in unannounced.”
>”That’s alright. But couldn’t you have knocked first?”
>”Well… can I offer you some tea?”
>A teapot levitated from the countertop to the table, followed by a set of glass jars.
“You had a pot ready?”
>”Of course.”
“And you drink it out of glass jars instead of teacups.”
>”Does that matter?”
>What was odd was the sink full of dirty teacups.
>Why didn’t she just wash them?
>”So what brings the two of you here and who is she?”
>”That’s my faithful sidekick.”
>Back to sidekick.
>”Sidekick? Riiight. Look, Bon-Bon, it’s not that I’m not happy to see you but you’re acting a bit weird.”
>She poured three jars of tea and spread them about.
>It was a black tea, clearly oversteeped from the smell of it, probably extremely bitter.
>Moondancer took a greedy mouthful of the nearly boiling liquid regardless.
>”Like, I don’t actually know you all that well if I’m being honest. But I don’t remember you being this goofy.”
>”Sidekicks and doors and whatever that ratty bag is.”
>It really was ratty.
>Now that her attention had been drawn to it, Cross couldn’t help but wonder what it was.
>A plastic bag of some sort, but heavily degraded.
>And really dirty to boot.
>It looked like it had been left out in the rain for a few months before being buried.
>”Are you feeling okay?”
>”Yeah, just…”
>”And where’s Lyra? The two of you are usually inseparable.”
>”She’s… not… here. Right now. She’s not here right now.”
>”Well, tell her to stop by some time! I haven’t heard from her in a while, I was starting to wonder if she’d forgotten me.”
>”I don’t think you need to worry about THAT.”
>Moondancer seemed to miss the inflection.
>”Well, that’s good. I miss her, you know.”
>”Yeah. Me too…”
>”We’ll have to get together some time to catch up. She never has much of anything going on, but somehow she always manages to make it really interesting. Like, she has this gift for making the simplest things in the world seem so exciting.”
>Sweetie Drops was starting to tear up.
>”Yeah. She’s… really something special alright.”
>”What’s wrong?”
>”Nothing. It’s…”
“I didn’t know you were such a bad actor.”
>Her enraged words echoed throughout.
>Birds could be heard scattering in fear.
>In the distance, a window broke.
>None present realized that it had shattered for unrelated reasons.
>”Sorry. I might have said some things last time I saw her. Things that I regret.”
>”You’re fighting?”
>That was news to Cross.
>”What are you fighting about?”
>”Have you heard of project Revenant?”
>Revenant again?
>Lyra knew about it?
>Was this what Sweetie Drops was talking about?
>How Lyra knew too much?
>Moondancer finished off her tea before shaking her head.
>”No. What’s that?”
>Cross tried tasting her brew.
>It was too too hot and too bitter.
>How did that pony swallow this swill?
“Revenant is nothing.”
>”Sorry, whoever you are. But I don’t know you. I think I’d rather hear it from Bon-Bon.”
>”She’s right. You don’t need to worry about Revenant.”
>”If you and Lyra are fighting over it, it must be pretty important.”
>No answer.
>”What did you say to her anyway?”
>”I don’t remember…”
“I don’t believe you.”
>If those were her last words to Lyra, she remembered them.
>No doubt.
“I don’t know you as well as I’d like, but I’m sure it’s eating you up inside.”
>She sniffled.
>Sweetie Drops was staring into the middle distance.
>Her face and voice were both pained, grieving even.
>But no tears came.
>”I’d rather not say.”
>”Look, Bon-Bon, I’m sure she’ll forgive you. Lyra’s not the kind to hold a grudge- well, okay, she is. But still! Whatever this is about it can be patched up!”
>”Why don’t you go find her and talk to her?”
>”I’d love to. But I can’t.”
>”Well then I’ll talk to her! I betcha she feels as bad about this whole mess as you do. We’ll have it all smoothed over in no time.”
>Moondancer yawned loudly.
>”Whatever this fight was about, you two are too good of friends to break up. She’ll always forgive you no matter what you say.”
>”Thanks, Moondancer. That means a lot. Can I ask one more favor though? Lyra tells me you’re pretty knowledgeable about some stuff.”
>”Well, I do have a doctorate.”
>”What makes a good soulstone?”
>Moondancer yawned again, her eyes half lidded.
>Cross couldn’t help but yawn as well.
>She was pretty tired herself after spending the night searching.
>”Why do you need a soulstone?”
>”Just answer the question.”
>”Is this what you and Lyra were fighting about?”
>”No, believe it or not. This is something else.”
>”I’m writing a screenplay. Last year left me thoroughly spooked, and the doctors say that writing could help me work through some of my trauma.”
>”Oh. Well, I’d be glad to help then. A soulstone is just like any arcane crystal you’d use to make an artefact, except on a larger scale. Since you’re trying to store so much magic you need a much higher quality gem. A bigger jewel will mean there’s more space for the energy so less pressure, it’ll leak slower that way.”
>She actually bought that lie?
>Maybe Sweetie Drops WAS a good actor.
>”You want something without chips or cracks because magic will seep out of them, and preferably a really hard jewel like a diamond so it’s more durable.”
>”That’s it? Big, hard, and no cracks?”
>”Pretty much.”
>”Well, would the jewel in the bag work?”
>Moondancer levitated the bag and spilled out an enormous diamond.
>She and Cross gawked at it for a good while.
>It was by far the largest diamond she’d ever seen.
>Brilliant cut, but not great clarity.
>The slightly golden brown jewel glittered in the light before them.
“Is that the Golden Jubilee?”
>Sweetie Drops shrugged.
“How the hay did you get that?”
>”Would you believe I found it in the gutter?”
“It’s been missing for half a year! How long have you been planning this whole thing?”
>”That’s, uh…”
>Moondancer was mumbling.
>”Big rock. Hehe.”
>”Say, SC, were you the one who drugged her tea?”
“What? No!”
>”Benzos from the looks of it. Something along the lines of rohypnol.”
>Moondancer’s head collapsed on the table.
>Her mane began to soak up the drugged brew.
>Somepony had drugged it, probably to get Sweetie Drops.
>A gunshot rang out.
>Dozens of daggers seemingly appeared out of nowhere.
>The Earth began to tremble.
>A long coil of magic had wrapped itself around Jawbreaker and was working its tendrils up her nostrils.
>A shotgun’s flechettes splattered themselves harmlessly against the back of Jawbreaker’s head, the daggers shattered on impact with her hide, and she made a point of swallowing the spellform before belching violently.
>”That only leaves… you.”
>She turned to face Cross, wrath burning in her eye.
“Whoa, whoa! I didn’t do that, I promise-”
>Cross nearly fell forward, pulled in by some unseen force.
>A whooshing sound.
>A cracking sound.
>A screaming sound.
>Some poor Earth pony had moved in while cloaked and tried an axe kick on Sweetie Drops.
>Their leg was snapped in half, bone protruding from their skin.
>Sweetie Drops picked up the gem and walked outside.
>“Cross? Call a medic.”
“I still can’t reach Tac!”
>”Use Moondancer’s phone. It’s about to get ugly.”
>Cross tore through the house looking for a telephone, hearing a hail of bullets and cries of pain from outside.
>She finally found it in the bedroom, underneath a heap of unwashed laundry.

This line is getting blocked by spam detection. In it, Cross dials an unreasonably long number before remembering that it had been changed to a three digit number.

>Mercifully, somepony answered.
>“Please state the nature-”
“Jawbreaker’s attacking!”
>Of course
“A mentally ill Earth pony is attacking, and she’s armed! We’ve already got wounded! I, uh, I don’t know the address! It’s faculty housing near the university!”
>”The royal guard is already en-route. Please stay on the line.”
“NO! Don’t send the guard, that’ll just make it worse!”
>”Please calm down, ma’am. The royal guard is trained to resolve all sorts of disputes like this.”
>No they weren’t.
>Nopony was trained to deal with this.
“Get them out of there NOW! Just send the medics!”
>”Medical staff are en-route as well, but we need to make sure the danger has passed before they can land.”
>This was pointless.
>She had to get her out of here FAST!
>Cross flew through the broken door and pulled into the air to survey the damage.
>Five ponies were writhing in the streets.
>Two weren’t moving at all.
>And Sweetie Drops stood above them all, blood splattered on her face.
>Cross couldn’t tell the extent of the damage.
>Had she limited her assault to their extremities?
>Were the stationary ponies merely unconscious?
>Would there be ANY survivors?
>She couldn’t tell.
>Cross barely remembered to flap her wings, transfixed by the stoic savagery below.
>Sweetie Drops said something not quite audible before reaching down and pressing on one of the wounded pony’s necks.
>Cross swooped down without thinking, entering freefall as a falcon might, seeking to deliver a brutal kick to the Jawbreaker’s head.
>Sweetie Drops lept into the air, wrapping her hooves around Cross and throwing her aside.
>Cross failed to catch the wind and landed hard on her back.
>She blinked until the pained tears left her eyes.
>The world eventually resolved itself to show Sweetie Drops again messing around near the pony’s neck.
>Not delivering a killing blow, but injecting something.
>She dropped the needle before reaching for the target’s back and fetching another from a small hardened case.
>Cross recognized the container.
>Every cell had at least one, carried by their field surgeon.
>A medkit.
>Sweetie Drops was injecting them with morphine.
>This was first aid.
>”You’re telegraphing your attacks too much. If you’re going to do anything to me, it has to be sudden.”
“I thought it was.”
>”You swooped. It gives you more stopping power and more speed, but it gives me a chance to prepare. When you’re against something that’s out of your league, you need to tailor your attacks to their weaknesses. You’re never going to hit me hard enough to accomplish anything, not if I see it coming. Don’t swoop, don’t even do a proper kick. Just jab.”
>She took the time to go back inside with a syringe.
>Cross watched from the sidelines as Jawbreaker fetched both the grievously injured Earth pony and the drugged unicorn and lay them on the streets.
>She pried a firearm away from an unconscious agent and began to casually walk away.
>Cross surveyed the wreckage.
>Each and every one of them had at least two broken bones save for Moondancer.
>Each break seemed to be delivered with almost surgical precision, sitting exactly halfway between the joints.
>This wasn’t a ruthless counterattack by a crazed beast.
>She was trying to make sure the joints weren’t harmed so the wounds could heal properly.
>Whatever was going on, whatever affectation she bore, there was a good pony underneath.
>”You coming?”
“Uh, yeah! Aren’t you going to wait for the medics?”
>”If I’m still here when backup arrives there’ll be more wounded.”
>She raised a good point.
>Cross flapped at a brisk pace, easily catching up to her ground bound companion.
“That was good of you. Taking care of them like that.”
>All she got was a noncommittal grunt.
“You’re trying to pretend otherwise, but you really do care about them.”
“But what I don’t get is why? If you don’t want to hurt anypony then why are you doing this?”
>”Revenant has to be destroyed.”
“I was talking about Luna.”
>”Shut up already.”
“It’s not too late to turn back, you know. You don’t have to kill the princess.”
>No answer.
“You’ll lose everything if you do.”
>”What have I got left to lose?”
“Your reputation? Nopony will accept you if you do. You’ll be a pariah.”
>”First I have to live that long.”
>First she has to live that long?
“Why did you need me again?”
>No answer.
“You said the world needs a hero. Why?”
>Again, no answer.
“Is it Achlys? Is that what you’re worried about?”
>”No. I’m sorry to say this, but you can’t stop her. You’re not strong enough.”
>It was true.
>But it still stung a bit.
>”Hay, I’m not strong enough anymore. We’ll have to count on their poisons.”
“Well it better not be Luna. I don’t plan on hurting her.”
>”No, I’ll handle that.”
“Is it Revenant?”
>”No. Well, maybe. I might need help clearing the area first.”
“Then WHAT? It feels like you’ve told me pretty much your whole plan EXCEPT for how I fit in.”
>Her face was impossible to read.
>It wasn’t like a simple poker face, nothing so simple.
>It was as though she HAD no face.
>Like it had been replaced by a lifeless wooden carving.
>A faithful recreation of the form, but containing no qualia.
>No soul.
>”Once the demon is gone, somepony needs to take out the monster.”
“Monster? I haven’t heard of any monsters lately.”
>It wasn’t Achlys, it wasn’t Revenant, and it wasn’t Luna.
>There were some threats being monitored, there always were.
>But they weren’t anywhere nearby.
>All the monsters she could think of were either well away from Equestria or already handled.
>Aside from Achlys, there was really only one big thing on the radar...
>The pieces clicked together.
>Jawbreaker had nothing to go back to.
>She had no hopes for the future.
>She’d had a fight with her dearest friend, who was DEAD because she’d made a mistake.
>Crushed by guilt, she’d concocted an insane plan that could only be the product of a tortured brain.
>Nothing to lose, nothing to gain, no future, nothing but penance.
>A self imposed punishment.
>One that would cost her any hope of living a normal life, if she was planning on living one at all.
>This wasn’t your everyday revenge.
>This was an elaborate suicide.
>And Cross had been chosen as the executioner.

That's it.
Red Shift, and by proxy Revenant, are steeped in pain. It is no coincidence that Achlys, the embodiment of agony, is the one left standing. It was not my intention at the outset for the suffering to be quite so extreme, the story got out of my control at some point. But that said it was always planned that the characters would suffer emotionally and physically. I want to move away from that in my future works and perhaps even write a story in which nopony has to cry, but I wonder if I can do so while carrying this name. People might expect something from me given my past works, and might either be disappointed if I don't deliver or shy away expecting more Red Shift and Steel Sanctuary.
Do you think I should adopt a different name for more lighthearted works, or is this one fine?
>Do you think I should adopt a different name for more lighthearted works, or is this one fine?
Writefags changing name just bring unnecessary confusion, especially when someone want to read the rest of their work.
>perhaps even write a story in which nopony has to cry
As long as it's not edge/grimderp I don't mind the sad. My main problem with the Bonbon's spinoff is that it's getting quite long but without much actually happening.

Also, don't apologize too much for making something that not everyone will like, as long as its good & what you wanted to write.
excellent writing as always
bump till i read the new wik update!
I say keep the name.
Thanks for the update.
It's difficult for me to explain how I fell about this and the last few parts. They keep me on edge, even when nothing's happening. And when something is happening, like the first encounter between Cross and Bon Bon or the fight that happened just now, it's not those two that I'm worried about. The way you wrote Bonnie, how she repeatedly outplayed S.M.I.L.E. and the princessess and the fact that this spinoff is about her makes me feel safe about her, not to mention how this plot line made it look like she "lives in a world of cardboard" to quote a certain comic book character. I think the cause of this long term nervousness that I have is not knowing Lyra's fate and fearing what happens to the main characters and Equestria once Bonnie kills Luna.

As a side question:
How does this "Revenant" spinoff work in relation to the story? Is it like a set of extra chapters? It seems intertwined with Red Shift and not something skippable, since it happens during Red Shift's plot and deals with Lyra possibly dying (and Luna 100% dying) in the next few parts.
Was Red Shift originally supposed to end before the scene in the castle when the Sisters learn that Lyra had gone missing and that Bonnie is after them?
one possible comproise for the name if you're really dead set on changing it could be to use the acronym WIK to differentiate while still showing who you are.
Revenant is the conclusion of Red Shift. There's a strong argument to be made that it should have had the same title, but given it introduces and resolves a new conflict in the Revenant and doesn't feature the established characters in a major way it felt right to give it a different name.
File: 689850.gif (165 KB, 400x355)
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165 KB GIF
>Revenant is the conclusion of Red Shift
Then, in my opinion, giving this conclusion a different title is just confusing.

btw I forgot to add to my previous post that you should definitely keep the name and paste. I don't follow writefags for the genre they're known for. I follow them for the way they write their characters, the world they live in and the dialogues.
Since the show ended I no longer can bear myself to start reading new sad fics. I only follow those I started reading before it so I can know how they end. Reading something lighter written by you would be great.
Thanks for the update!
File: 736919.png (1.96 MB, 1400x2100)
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1.96 MB PNG
#deca.mare update.
>what Sweetie Drops would do if Cross left without permission
Possibly find another agent?
>”Arrogant little thing, aren’t you?”
>odds were in our favor
That PR machine is a well oiled one.
>“You were there.”
Oh, thats a nice confidence booster.
>“She’s going to be fine.”
I hope. A confirmation of her being dead would be the end of BonBon.
>But if it was final...
Yep. Just what I wrote earlier.
>us ground dwellers don’t just jump to our deaths
Thats a valid point.
>”So yeah. I’m not a hero. I’m a failure.
Its sad to see her talking about herself like this.
>I might have had an episode around that time
Uh this just shows that she is even more dangerous, that she thinks straight now.
>that dumb contract
Does it matter? Or is it some kind of magical if you brake it something happens contract.
>magic spells
Oh it is.
>FAKED cutting yourself on that thing
>surveyed the area looking for any credible threats
Why would there be any? Or its just in her training.
>dwellings were small and cramped for the income bracket of this area
Welcome to inflation.
>WITHOUT opening it first.
>This was awkward.
What, visiting uninvited, or that there is another pony there? Or both?
>”Does that matter?”
>sink full of dirty teacups, wash them
Hey, at least she has them!
>”Sidekick? Riiight.
Heh. Isn't she Lyra's sidekick? Or BonBon inherited it.
>She’s not here right now.
That's one way to dodge the topic.
At least she did not hit her or something. This was a bad move btw.
>“I don’t believe you.”
Cross is playing the danger game.
>hold a grudge- well, okay, she is

>it’ll leak slower that way
Hm, so whatever they store the demons in leaks?
>Moondancer’s head collapsed on the table.
I was not expecting an ambush.
>bone protruding from their skin
>It’s about to get ugly.
That's not good.
>Two weren’t moving at all.
At some point they will learn.
>Would there be ANY survivors?
BonBon will survive!
>seeking to deliver a brutal kick to the Jawbreaker’s head
Havent she learned anything?
>This wasn’t a ruthless counterattack by a crazed beast.
Well, it is. She could have just have knocked them out.
>it has to be sudden
I was expecting BonBon to say something like "try it again and you are dead".
>Your reputation?
The one that the princesses destroyed?
>better not be Luna," "No, I’ll handle that.”
Uh. Hopefully BonBon found a solution with that soulstone. For that problem at least.
>It was as though she HAD no face.
She is not far.
>”Once the demon is gone, somepony needs to take out the monster.”
Hm. So she kills/eliminates one or two demons, then expect Cross to kill her?
>The pieces clicked together.
>who was DEAD because she’d made a mistake
I wonder why the search effort involves ALL ponies in Equestria.
>And Cross had been chosen as the executioner.
Or if she does not make it, the next agent.

>story got out of my control
You mean you lost control.
>write a story in which nopony has to cry
You can always write a comfy oneshot.
>new name, or is this one fine?
Keep it. We know what to expect quality, length, etc wise.

Thanks for the update!
thanks for the heads up
File: 257917.jpg (174 KB, 600x800)
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174 KB JPG
Is Sol dead?
I hope Sol's alright. I do want to read more of their story.
Not dead, just been on what I guess now is a hiatus. I want to get back into writing, I just haven't had a good opportunity to pick myself up and start again. I did write quite a bit of the next chapter a while back, so I've got something to work with. And I've been certainly been lurking.
I hear G5 announcement is imminent, so maybe the general commotion will be a good time to start writing again. It's always more fun to be involved in something when you know everyone else is just as excited as you. Not to say that G5 will be a GOOD thing, just that there's no such thing as bad publicity. Cheers!
Glad to see you're alright.
File: 299264.png (2.26 MB, 1800x1391)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB PNG
Yeah finished it in full now, at least what's in the paste and I feel the same about the new parts. Didn't care too much for the whole Ash part. Shame really but still a fun read.
Guess I'll just imagine my own timeline for that whole thing where it all went a bit different.
F to the crew that could've used more personality but was fun to imagine scurring about and doing things, F to Coxa getting pretty much no development or reason for why she is now helping
Good to hear it's still a fun read after all these years.
>You are anonymous.
>You have been yanked from your life of shit-posting and working, day in and day out… To a place that has technology comparative to the dark ages.
>your in an age of pax romana, no real conflict for a thousand years- So there hasn't been any changes technologically for… well, a thousand years.
>that’s mostly thanks to magic, allowing a 'deus ex machina' of sorts for necessity.
>you need a house built?
>we can magic that shit together in an afternoon.
>you want to record your speech for the generations?
>we can magic that shit together in an afternoon.
>and so on and so fourth.
>and this is where we meet you.
>your sitting at a desk, in a large; imposing castle that- from what you heard… was magiked together in about 3 minutes.
>at this rate, you understand how there is no issue to living… why change it?
>but, that’s really an appeal to tradition, now isn't it?
>they really don't think about how much better it could be.
>and, now, here in your desk, you seem to be staving off the withdrawal coming from lack of shitposting.
>aka, Boredom.
>your favorite activity since you got here, was to draw.
>and at this point, thinking about the technology of the era; you find yourself drawing large high rises, planes, cars, and all sorts of people.

Gonna go ahead and rewrite my story, i think i went to far to quickly in the NaOH direction, and im gonna go ahead and make inventer anon in true fashion.

Get on your thinking caps because im gonna be explaining real technology in here. big plans!
its customary i forget the name on the first post.
>you really cant believe at this point in time, you sort of miss the feeling of driving on Interstate - 5 to your small workplace in the mission valley of sunny San Diego- Where you used to live beforehand.
>and how on some days, you would buy a blizzard from your local dairy queen, let the soft top down at a stoplight. Take a turn, and be staring at a white salty beach leading to a large, infinite, blue ocean laying out its rough, beautiful texture before you… trailing down to an endless horizon meeting in the middle with a large, orange and yellow mixture of bubbling flame… oozing and mixing with the blue of the sky… sailing into the deep dark infinite that was space, with a backdrop of other celestial brethren; forming innumerable pieces of starry art.
>and on nights like those. Your life was perfect.
>it was perfect.
>You find yourself shading in the sunset- the view you saw from across the water onto the picturesque white and blue skyline- overlooking the mighty naval station in front of you, with no less that three aircraft carriers- and a destroyer lazily floating passed- a sight you remember easialy, taking mind pictures at the time for the scenery spank bank you keep.
>"hey anon!"
>In an act of self defense and surprise, you jump out of your seat and onto the ground.
>You slightly gather yourself. saying hello to the pegasi-thing on the way down from space, and say to the Princess; in no particularly calm way.
>that sends her aback. She blinks twice, and looks over what you are doing.
>"oh… you've been to San Neighego."
>that surprises the shit out of you.
"n-no, I was just drawing my home back in the human world."
>"really? Because… that’s San Neighego. I mean, minus the ships- you drew them all wrong!" she insists.
>"and, well, that can't be the human world, can it? Unless humans possess some sort of magic! You said there was no magic. I mean, as far as I know… you can't build a cloud-streakier without /at least/ 400 uni's worth of magic. Do you know how many ponies that takes" she chuckles.
>she pauses, and thinks for a second- before continuing.
>"wait. do you have magic? Anon are there Wizards where you come from?"
>well, you could pull of a wizard.
>if this was the internet.
>you think for a moment about the card tricks pulled on you.
>no, Equestrian Magic is different, more like… electricity back home.
You think for a moment more before you say- "in a way. I suppose- but it wasn't magic, it had a different name, and was completely disclosed. Instead of being a force we haven't discovered yet, it was a force we added onto"
>you started picking up steam
"we were able to look at a desert, and think; 'this… this is where the life's gonna be'."
"we were able to look at blue clay, and see potential for silver. And that’s the key word, twilight- potential."
>You point at one of the aircraft carriers
"Twilight look here, what you think is an incorrect representation of a ship is actually an enormous steam ship that runs off of the heat generated when we destroy matter at an atomic scale. Its frightening considering- when we think of the time this tech came from, it is stone age in comparison to the rest of the world we lived in."
>Twilights taking notes, deciding to look up your words to see if they even exist in modern dictionaries later- most likely.
>regardless, you continue down your intellectual rabbit hole.
"humans, have potential like no other… people were able to make large machines that could carry all of ponyville over 600 miles in one /hour/- and all of manehatteon across the western royal oceans in a week or so."
"or make these 'cloud-streaking' 100 story buildings with no problems, lots of money. No magic. Just… well… potential, and a lot of engineering, of course."
>twilight puts down the pad
>her next remark took you aback. As she was awestruck all before the last line.
>"I can't really believe your story Anon, buildings with over a 100 levels? Flying machines bigger than Ponyville? And yet there's no magic in your world? Please."
>You giggle.
"And you say you're the trusting one around here."
>"I never said that."
"Well, here- I'll make you a bet, im gonna come up with a couple of human science thingies to present, and if I blow your mind you get to make me waffles every morning for a week.
>She thinks for a second.
>"well what do I get if im unimpressed- or debunk all your theories?"
>"OOH! How about you come to one of the girl's sleepovers, we'll dress you upp~ and put makeup~"
"Enough of all that!"
>you sigh.
"Just because I know ill win- I'll take you on. Give me a day or so and ill show you what an average human is capable of!."
>And with that, you grab your notebook and start writing.
>You're gonna see how much you can actually regurgitate onto your paper.
>You consider a couple of experiments, but don’t know what to begin with. You need to prove to her you know what you're talking about if you're gonna ever talk like that again without getting laughed at, or simply blown off.
>You begin racking your brain, weird definitions fill your brain
>The laws of thermodynamics, various physics related shit, all relatively easy, but nothing super practical.
>Trying to prove entropy when you don’t even have a way to generate or reject heat- or measure either.
>'Well.' You think to yourself. 'lets start with trying to make a generator/ motor.'
>You need a couple of things though, some copper wiring… Maybe at the local crafts store or blacksmith?
>something structural, metal might work? Its gotta be metal of some kind.
>bearing- output shaft, input shaft, turbine, stator windings, rotor windings.
>You're getting ahead of yourself. Start with a drawing.
>You begin writing out the basic idea of an electric generator/ motor.
>A Scribble is pressed into the top that states Electric motor: "A current carrying conductor in a magnetic field generates motor action."
>You think that’s the right definition, though you don’t explicitly remember, honestly.
>You begin writing again. "A conductor in a magnetic field with relative motion in-between them produces generating action."
>You drum up a couple more constants of electric DC machines.
>'Each DC machine must have a rotor, a stator, an insulated output shaft, and graphitic brushes in contact with the rotor in order to transfer the electricity to and from the rotor."
>You then scribble out a couple of ways that conductors move when presented with a magnetic field. You've seen fridge magnets around here, maybe they're natural?
>If you can source all the materials- which you think graphitic brushes will be the hardest to source, you would break twilights brain making rotating action without magic.
>though youre thinking you wanna expand your project.
>you should make a steam machine- release energy from wood in the form of fire and heat, make steam, make some crude moisture separators, run it through a turbine to turn a generator, and then move that across the castle with wires into a motor, which you can turn something…
>what it is, you don’t know. Regardless- its time to steal some bits from the treasury of friendship and use that grant money to reinvent the wheel!
>and with that, you set your drawings down- drum up a material list, and head out.

Small dump but fuck it atleast im back. it really has been 5 years holy shit
I can recommend it anyway
Welcome Back!
>taking mind pictures at the time for the scenery spank bank you keep.
You have quite the way with words. Thanks for the green.
File: 344809.png (970 KB, 1000x1000)
970 KB
970 KB PNG
File: my clone.webm (228 KB, 640x358)
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I I love the idea of ponies being amazed at the concept of VR but then seeing how we use it for shitposts like "Half-Life VR but the AI is Self-Aware"
>Twilight wants to play Half Life but her friends are just fucking around the whole time
its hard to keep up with 700% activity
True. Shit hit the fan.
Hey, thats not nice.
Fine. Dense fecal matter has made violent physical contact with swiftly rotating metal blades at terminal velocity.
Feeling better?
You are the dense one.
No idea why, but okay.
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Literally about to let it die
Why though?
File: The Truth About EqG.jpg (108 KB, 1025x716)
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So that's why Celestia really wouldn't let the rest of the mane6 cross the portal.
The entire thing was just a big ass prank on Sunset and Spergle.
The tricky part was getting a second Twilight in on the prank.
maybe they used the mirror pool?
Because every time you post the thread just gets another opportunity to sink from page 1.
Don't be so defeatist. Just because we're a small thread doesn't mean our community's not worth keeping alive.
I mean "ya'll were about to let it die"

Its just a bump
p10 emergency bump
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2.58 MB PNG
Or maybe they brought Moondancer in to play Sci-Twi.
I think Derpy may have went a tad too hard on the overclocking
wow she even oc'd the monitor
You did this.
You made your funny little idea canon.
Fuck you.
You're welcome.
What do you mean?
Something in G5 I assume
I assume he means modern technology in G5 Equestria. And I for one hate it, considering the setting as it was described in the announcement.
Yeah fair enough. I understand wanting to keep the show focused more on a low-tech fantasy setting.
It's also a shitty tradeoff. Magic dies, but hey, we have modern hip technology instead! Urgh.
See, a combination of magic and tech could have been an interesting thing, but losing one for the other is the worst decision the big brains behind the show could have made.
Would a "The Magic Comes Back" storyline help ease the hurt if they did one?
Depends on how much they drag G4 through the mud. It could be fine if they pull it off decently and treat the past with respect. But it's not something I'm counting on.
File: hos.webm (2.86 MB, 1280x720)
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2.86 MB WEBM
I thought this thread was more about magic vs tech.
Update soon. Maybe tomorrow. :)
Just realised that i used the wrong writefag name, put the right writefag name up in case of some confusion

>Your first stop is the local forgery.
>its run by a blacksmithing stallion named Burly Steel's. And from what he tells you- his families worked that there forge for generations.
>"We've run this here forge for generations mister anon. I've got the finest materials anypony could ask for."
"Nice, got any graphite or copper? And im gonna need some steel barstock 1 inch by 1 quarter, about 15 feet should do me good."
>Mister Burly looks puzzled.
>"I don’t really understand, graphite would be at a general store, copper at a crafts store or maybe a hardware store, and I've never heard of steel coming in the form of 'bar stock'." he finishes, looking through his papers randomly for some sort of answer.
>you give him one
"Its human lingo- I suppose. Where im from-"
>"the other dimension?"
"Yeah- anyway, where I'm from, we as humans decided to make a standardization of materials, widespread distribution of materials in standard sizes so us as humans can easily build what we want using measurements, gage, and other properties. Like how all your hammers are made the same."
>"sounds like magic manufacturing to me! They drum those things out all the same, not because of ease though like you say- that's just how the spell was made. Regardless, I don’t have that stuff for you. I can make it custom here in an hour or so if its relatively simple!"
>You show him the diagram of what you plan to make.
>he looks it over, eyes on the complexity of the measurements and dimensions, types of welds, tolerances.
>He looks up at you again.
>"This is amazing! Ive never seen such detail. I always have people coming in with their inventions scribbled out on a napkin, they always just expect to talk to an artificer to have them do the legwork."
>He pauses.
>"do you plan on making this yourself?"
>You nod.
"Yep, yep- tryna win a bet. It’s a really cool concept using a force that you ponies don’t really know much about since you've got magic as a superior force."
>He smiles.
>"Tell you what- ill do my best to make this squirrel cage looking thing and run your bearings for yous, you run off to find your wire, and if you show me this human magic of yours then it'll be free of charge!"
>You smile back.
"You've got it, ill be right back, hopefully with good news.

>So you step out, and walk to the nearest hardware store.
>A mare named tick tack runs the counter.
>"Howdy sir, you sure chose a beautiful day to come to sheed's seed and feed and hardware store! How may I be of assistance?"
"im gonna need all of your copper wire, and a pile of wax."
>She giggles.
>"Finally a reason to get rid of this roll of crap that came from canterlot. Been sitting for months. Turns out ponies only need it if theyre making cutesy crafts."
>She canters off to the back, and you have a moment with yourself.
>You eye all the hand tools made to operate with hooves or mouths.
>You think you might be able to operate a couple of these, but the rest just look worthless in your hands.
>She comes back.
>"Candlewax or beeswax?"
>you think for a second, then just decide-
"Whatever's cheaper."
>"candlewax it is, then."
>she begins scooping the stuff into a sack.
>You really hope this stuff acts as insulation. You have no idea what to do in a world without rubber.
>After paying a hefty fee for all the materials, you charter a wagon to take the enormous bundles of copper back to the castle, before walking back to the blacksmiths shop.
>after a quick chat with mister Burly, he produces a excelent sized skeleton to an induction motor.
>You decided to start with the brushless induction motor since graphite sounds like a pain in the asshole to make it work like you need it to work.
>you're really banking on the idea that you can win over Twilights skepticism with your induction motor so you can use her magic to make your ideas come to life.
>As promised, you begin to explain how the motor works.
"so there are two concepts everyone needs to know in order to build any form of motor like this."
"all it does is spin- but we can use this spinning to do so many things."
>he sits down, hopefully taking mental notes.
"Number one- a current carrying conductor in a magnetic field produces motor action."
>you smile.
"Now lets break that down word by word. Current- lets think of it as the flow of magic through a piece of metal."
"Carrying is when the conductor has current flowing through it." You gesture with your hands at the flowpath through the generator.
"Conductor is the ability to carry current."
"Magnetic is when two ferrous materials- simply materials that have iron in them- are attracted to each other. Any current carrying conductor produces a magnetic field, and attracts ferrous materials."
>"Motor action?"
"finally, motor action is when the motor starts to spin."
>He nods.
>"wow, anon- that actually makes quite a bit of sense. Either you're a good teacher or im a hidden genius" He chuckles a bit.
"Yep, yep. Okay- so the second principle…"
>You point back to the induction motor skeleton.
"A conductor in a magnetic field with relative motion between them creates generating action."
>"word for word, once again. I know about conductors, and magnetic fields still- but relative motion?"
"Yeah- so its pretty simple too- all you need Is for the magnetic field to be moving, in the case of Alternating currents, or the machine to be spinning, it will create a current. But you need that magnetic field first."
>He nods again.
"So heres the crazy part. This induction motor is genius. Since normal motors would need to electrically charge both parts here and here to cause there to be a current carrying conductor in a magnetic field, but check this out."
>you point to the stationary bit- or the 'Stator' for short.
"when you move alternating current, which in its simplest state is current that pulsates, causing relative motion. So this inner part- the rotating bit"
>you point to the rotor of the motor.
"this is now a conductor- in a magnetic field, with relative motion between them, causing what?"
>He chirps back "Generating action!"
"wow you absorb quick! So what does that mean?"
>"The rotating bit is now current…ified…"
>you chuckle.
"Its currentified, sure- so what does is this now?"
>he thinks for a second.
>it clicks.
>"now that is a current carrying conductor in a magnetic field! Holy cow so it creates its own electricity to power the innner rotating bit and remove the need for any current to be applied to the middle!"
>you shake his hoof.
"And you are a fucking genius, you are the first pony to understand what an induction motor is. It was invented by a human named Nickola tesla, and he was unfathomably smart. You're trailblazing a path forward mister burly!"
>"when are you firing this thing up! I gotta know if you just taught me a bunch of chaos or not."
"you'll know- I'll make sure you know."
>he gets up.
>"Ill be waiting then, anon!"
>me too, me too…
>One pony convinced, 100 million more to go…

>you grab your skeleton motor, and head to the castle.
>By this point, the copper has shown up and is laying in the corner of the castle main hall.
>You grab a bundle, and sit down in a chair and disassemble the mighty work of mister burly to start wrapping copper.
>The more bundles, the more hardcore the motor, that’s all you remember.
>so you put an unreasonable amount of copper on the squirrel cage and the stator.
>honestly it looks fine.
>You heat up a pot on the stove and start melting the wax.
>once again- you have no idea how long this is gonna last on that hot ass wire but it’s a temporary solution.
>all you can ask for is magic intervention.
>You begin dipping all the wire in the wax as a form of crude insulation.
>in a bit, you’ve got a pretty convincing motor sitting infront of you.
>the output shaft is supposed to be keyed to some pulley or cog wheel, but you've decided to free spin it until you have real use for it.
>you set it aside after literally tying off copper for connections since solder doesn’t exist in equestria, and melting lead and tin to make your own sounds like a horrible time. Once again- you might not even blow twilights bind when you light this bad boy off- so none of that inventing stuff until shes making you waffles.
>the next is trying to figure out how to use a DC battery in order to make a battery.
>You have your ambitions to go 'Battery- filled by a dc machine connected to an ac machine being electronically powered by another AC generator being turned mechanically by a windmill- or horse, you suppose, and the dc machine being able to then drive the ac machine as a dc motor, ac generator receiving power off of the battery, being able to then power the ac induction motor to do…
>and you have before you
>the induction motor. With shitty insulation and no voltage limiting things…
>Maybe if you just tried to scratch out the rest of the blueprints you can outsource this all to burly, and just reap all the waffles.
>yesss. Let's tart with the drawings, start with the graphite brush dc motor.
>you begin the explanations on how DC current works, making sure to put in full explanations on how dc motors work, how the brushes transmit the current on the conductors that get pushed in a certain direction by the stator windings
>then the ac machine, how it has the rotor being electrically charged, and the stators turning the rotor, how people go about starting these machines, and what synchronous speed is.
>finally- you just need two of the ac machines, one for a purebred generator, and one for a simple AC machine to be an ac motor and generator.
>maybe he'll be able to do some of it, and you can focus on getting the tools you need.
drank the kool aid on the ponepaste thing, here it is- i threw a couple of my older pastes on there too.
beep boop
boop beep
buup buup
AYO, leg here. I haven’t been working on the story. I replay the story in my head occasionally and it feels really aimless. I might go the route of iceman and scrap then subsequently recycle the story. I might just revise the earlier text for clarity and make it feel like the golem has any kind of agency. I might just get back to where I left off. Who knows. Thanks for your continued support on the development of Anonymous, the Singing Golem.
Well whatever you decide to do I'm looking forward to reading it.
>>the induction motor. With shitty insulation and no voltage limiting things…
what could possibly go wrong?
Ah, the first good shower of spring. Great for clearing the head of any foolish inhibitions. Great for writing, too! No idea if those two are related.
Since it's been a while (again), I figured I may as well throw another recap down, for those of you who've been following but may not remember the exact details of this crazy train.
>Twilight Sparkle and Applejack are on the road to Pegasopolis again, after an altercation with Spitfire at the border of the PAS.
>Spitfire, found to be a Canterian commander disguised as a pegasus border operant, raises hell in the PAS' central government. General Hurricane prepares for potential invasion, while sending his daughter Rainbow Dash along with her Wunderbolts and Ambassador Time Turner of the Cult of Exsilium to apprehend the two strange mares seen crossing the border.
>During the confusion of the strange aura on See Rock caused by the awakening of the first Element of Harmony, Agent Lucky Clover uses the opportunity to take photographs of files left in the deep labs of Site 23, to be sent to Chancellor Neighsay for examination.

Now: let's begin.

>Before you even received Agent Lucky Clover’s frantic message on the subject, you had been made aware of the incident in the Badlands
>If it hadn’t been your own drones monitoring the Maker’s Fist which picked up the radiation signature at the edge of its detection range, it would’ve been mere word of mouth
>Everypony is talking about it now; even the news managed to get some amateur photographs of the afterglow of the thing, swirling about against the midnight black sky
>By the time the parasitic photographers had arrived, the second sun had nearly entirely dimmed, but it was still all too visible, all too enticing a prospect
>You are Chancellor Neighsay, and your desk is stacked high with paperwork you won’t be working through for some time
>Most of it is comprised of charters and proposed addendums for the Liberation Act, which is now seeing smooth progress through the Senatori
>With luck, it’ll be passed into law by next week, and Operation Thunderstruck will be retroactively vindicated
>Ahhhh, Thunderstruck… what a brilliant move, Shetland…
>Complications aside, you’ve received notice from Captain Spitfire that the first phase of the plan has been set in motion; by now, the PAS’ high command has almost certainly been made aware of the possibility of invasion from the south
>And if they’ve any brains at all in those flighty heads of theirs, then they will have realized that this implies the possibility of invasion from the north as well
>All directions, my dear, all directions…
>In truth, you’d conceived of this ultimatum long before your meeting with the Imperialists last week, those lickspittles led by Blueblood, but it was only their persistence in their aim to see the PAS pardoned for their crimes against Canterium that made you certain it was the right move
>You stroke your beard and chuckle softly
>If your theory is correct, those dolts aren’t doing any thinking by themselves; they were TOLD to come to you with such a ridiculous proposition, they’re being used as puppets by General Hurricane himself
>And while you doubt the ex-revolutionary Hurricane is on your level per se, he hasn’t been without his cunning in the past; you don’t believe that he expected a favorable outcome in using Blueblood, Hoity Toity and Jet Set
>He knows about the Liberation Act, which means the Imperialists in the Senatori are not merely sympathizers to the Pegasus Armistice State anymore; they’re spies
>Passing information to Hurricane, as they’ve no doubt been doing all this time; you’d feared this possibility, but until now you didn’t think they would have the balls to go through with it
>But so long as their treason benefits you, you’ll not see them tried for it
>So long as Blueblood knows nothing about your true intentions, as truly nopony but you and your operatives in the field do, he poses no threat to you
>And besides, your own spy in the PAS is working wonders
>Though whether they’ll go through with the task you’ve prepared for them come the day of reckoning… well, that remains to be seen
>From what you know of her through your go-between, her loyalties are split, and she’s conflicted
“Thank Celestia for the backup.”
>When Pegasopolis is taken, you’ll have not only cut off the Exsilists’ steady supply of nuclears, but also answered one of the more nagging questions that’s lately infested your mind
>How DO the pegasi make that cloudless city of theirs float, anyhow?
>Before you can venture another of your infinite mental guesses, the microphone on your desk beeps, and Moon Dancer’s low voice greets you in crystal quality
“My, my. Could it be that an expected visitor actually showed up on time for once in this place?”
>”Nail on the head. Should I send him through?”
“Give me about three minutes, then yes. I’d tell you to apologize to him for having no entertainment of his caliber while he waits, but then again I doubt he’ll mind.”
>”No, sir.”
>You settle down in your chair and begin carefully offloading the paper stacks from your desk to make it somewhat presentable
>Most of these propositions, from what you can tell, are the typical affair; senators attempting to latch whatever petty legislation they can onto a bill that’s certain to pass before it’s too late
>You very nearly lost the images Lucky Clover sent you last night amid all the clutter when you brought them in for the morning, but luckily you recovered them before they were gone for good
>You examine them once more, adorning the left edge of your desk: microfilm prints of a file discovered by your trusty little agent in a restricted laboratory in the depths of Site 23
>You suppose it’s safe enough to keep these prints on-hoof even after your visitor departs; you’ll even let him make copies if he wants
>After all, if he’s the only one in this damned city who has even a chance of deciphering their meaning, then it’s not as if OI could trace their origins back to the eggheads in the Maker’s Fist who drew them up in the first place
>You yourself puzzled over the information contained within for hours before finally resigning to your own inadequacies; or, rather, the LACK of information
>Every other word is blacked out, those secretive shits!
>What precisely are you supposed to glean from something like “Scans of the occipital lobe of _____________ after the fact revealed __________, as well as _______________?”
>Or for that matter, even if the document were intact, would you comprehend it?
>The jewel, of course, is the chemical compound iterated upon in the preceding pages, which Lucky Clover seemed to believe was tied to this “secret metal” he overheard the labcoats discussing
>You’re no chemist, but even you can tell that the diagrams are nonsense from a chemical standpoint: the “compound”, if it can be called that, is composed of chains warped about a central axis with no discernable atomic composition available
>It’s more like a weave than a chemical diagram, but your agent in the field insisted that it existed on the quantum level, that this was Professor Neigh’s field of expertise
>Gluonic substructure… well, if anypony can crack it, it’s the pony currently waiting outside your office
>You know him only by his reputation: your predecessor in the Chancellor’s chair used him frequently for consultations in nuclear development as more and more precise tools were being developed for their manufacturing
>It was he who initially proposed the construction of gravity-fed water-cooled reactors beneath the river-beds in Rich Valley, a proposition which was advantageous in that it provided a secure location where reactive material could be contained, transported, and launched all from a single station
>You heard rumors a little over a week ago that there’d been a breach in the security of one of the stations which had yet to be staffed, but you held no concerns over it; nothing to see, nothing to report, right?
>But this pony… you’ve been reluctant to bring him in on such matters as these, for even if his identity remains anonymous to the general public, Black Bar and OI know him all too well
>If one of his infinite sources were to report that you’d had a meeting with this pony, he’d suspect something
>Good; let him suspect away
>For all the lying he’s done to you, you consider this fair payback
>You collect the microfilm prints into a neat pile to be presented to your consultant on his entrance, then tap the intercom next to them
“Alright, Ms. Dancer. Send him in.”
>Without waiting for an answer, you click the transponder off, unplug it from its cord, and place it in a drawer underneath your desk
>Your office is bug-checked every other day, but just to be safe…
>You hear hoofsteps outside your door, and you stand to greet their originator
>On the other side of that sliding door walks perhaps the most brilliant mind of your time, and you’ll be damned if you don’t make a good impression
>The panel hisses open, and the unassuming eyes of the stallion are the first sight you take in
>They’re grey as a storm, and behind their meekness is something terrifying and bright
>A mind of the ages
>”Evenin’, guv. Long time, neva’ seen.”
“My apologies, Mr. Brittle Bong. Please, take a seat.”
>The blue stallion moves slowly, deliberately across the room, though there’s an electricity in his step such that you can tell he’s concealing some truer nature
>Intelligent as he may be, that doesn’t stop you from reading him
>His cutie mark, a broken clock, seems tastefully ironic given his reputation
>And his manner, well, that’s another reputation of its own
>”Caught in traffic, I was. Loads ‘a folk comin’ up the I.C. from the lowlets. Me lorry were makin’ a ruckus anyhow, gonna get ‘er replaced one o’ these days.”
“Nonsense. You’re right on schedule. Please, take a seat.”
>The middle-aged engineer obliges, settling down in the same spot where, barely a week ago, that coward Blueblood very nearly had his throat opened by your night-clad bodyguard
>You wonder briefly where Pink could be hiding now, but dismiss the idea; you won’t be needing her with this one
>”’Aven’t been called up to the Mount for a consultation since your predecessor’s days, Chanc’llor. I ‘ad thought that I’d been right forgotten.”
“Forgotten? Hardly. It’s my understanding that without you, half the automated plants in the lowlands would be derelict within a month.”
>”Do me fair share of upkeep. Ye’ve got nary another pony wot can see those designs the way I see ‘em. No ‘ubris in that, just Celestia’s honest truth.”
“Are you a pious stallion, Mr. Bong?”
>”Well, the proximity to that convent’s opened some selfsame part o’ me, that’s for sure. But in a general sense, no. I work with what the Makers gave us, Chanc’llor. Whatever godly aspect’s in that, it’s one that can be read. Understood.”
“I’m glad you think so. Let’s see if I understand this correctly…”
>You retrieve the file from your desk containing the profile you’ve amassed on Brittle Bong, noting the array of photographs on the first page of the set
>So many from his younger years, before digital cameras removed the grit and soul from such images
>Pictures of a family; a brother, a brother’s wife, an infant nephew
>Smiling in that borderland home that would become hell so shortly thereafter…
>You flip the page and squint to make out the tiny font of such an extensive biography
“Brittle Bong, aged fifty-four. You lived in Isingeld, something of a frontier town in the Westlands, until the age of thirty. A family of watchmakers… an antique profession. Underappreciated nowadays, I’d imagine. Despite adherence to your birthright, you had other academic interests… graduated summa cum laude from the University of Unicronia, double major of industrial engineering and physics, with a concentration in high-energy particle states. Obtained an M.S. in the same institution, in which time you brushed withers with some of the top minds of the century. Unicronia… a very difficult place to get by without a horn, Mr. Bong. Was that your experience?”
>”Not so much me physiognomy as me background. I disliked… the culture there, in academia. Their ideas about the Maker’s Handbook, their fanaticism wot bordered on cultish at times… we didn’t see eye to eye, me and them.”
“They saw ghosts in those machines, then?”
>”Wot they saw, Chanc’llor, was frankly too small by ‘alf. Many of my peers, even the professors, no doubt… they went into the thing with an expectation that somethin’ unified waited for them at the other end. Like the Makers’d left a trail of breadcrumbs in their artifacts, like there was a synthesis in… well, I wouldn’t expect you to fully understand.”
“I have some notion. But you just wanted to solve problems, didn’t you?”
>Brittle Bong leans back in his chair, eyeing the floor with great interest as though there, among the miniscule ribbons of the carpeting, was an equation
>”There’s beauty in the formulas. Powerful things, the designs they kept in that stony tomb. Way I see it, them’s wot diggin’ out there still, ain’t got nothin’ left to find wot can’t already be extrapolated from wot we already ‘ave. Any beast can pick a tool off the ground and make wonders with it by accident. Real beauty, Chanc’llor, comes from intent, and intent comes out of knowledge. Theory… it’s always been about theory. Mimicking the Makers can only take us so far.”
“I agree. So, given such disagreements, you elected to depart that institution without reaching any higher. You continued your studies in private upon returning to your home in Isingeld.”
>”Those four years were the best of me life… me nephew was born towards the end, his papa… wot a stallion, he was. I was so proud of ‘im then. ‘Is watches were always be’er-crafted than mine, but towards the end… that’s wot I talk about, when I talk about beauty.”
>He’s an emotional stallion, you’ll give him that
>You expected somepony a bit more clinical and cold, given his reputation, but this… you’re surprised, for the first time in what feels like forever
>You divert your attention from his features and continue your reading
“Spring, 966. You published a paper on quantum field theory, needed to go through the university for approval. Publicity, and all that. The Sea of Night was already stirring, wasn’t it?”
>”Dun wanna talk about that none, if that’s why you’ve asked me ‘ere.”
“Hardly. Just nod for my own personal record if these memories are too painful for you to recall. You departed Isingeld for Unicronia, apparently got into a physical altercation with one of your peers. You were there, in Unicronia, when the Cult of Exsilium first—”
>Brittle Bong shifts in his seat and levels a glare at you
>You realize you were wrong about his eyes; they aren’t all grey now, they’re blue, deep blue
>As though changed by the tide of his heart…
>”I don’t need you to tell me wot makes me own life story. The Cult rushed over Isingeld, is that what you were gonny say? Enslaved me brother and his family with everypony else, that what you wanted?”
“The Cult made a daring expedition that year. Their first major encroachment on sub-Canterian territory. Legally, we could do nothing about it, of course, though heads were turned, and that was always their expectation and intent, wasn’t it? To turn heads. To be noticed.”
>”Look, if you’re askin’ me wot grudge I’ve got against them Exsilist hounds, you ain’t got none to worry about me loyalty. I came ‘ere to make a new life for meself.”
“Interesting choice of words. Your file says you were brought here to Mons Canteria, under government supervision, first as a potential sympathizer with—”
>The engineer slams his hooves on the desk, surprisingly fast for his age
“Mr. Bong, your temperament is not conducive to this discussion. And may I remind you, though I’m loathe to do it, that I am your Chancellor, and will exercise necessary precautions should you raise your tone to me again. Understood?”
>Then, as quick as it came, the sudden burst of rage is gone, and Brittle Bong settles down, nearly collapsing in his chair
>”They ‘ad me pegged for bein’ a sellout, a trai’or, but only because I’d ordered equipment from the Cultists before the raids. BEFORE! How else was I to do my work, my research, I ‘ad no federal grants, nothing. I spent me own bits on those materials because they were westerly, because they were good, ‘ad no particular care for the religious or political affiliations of the sellers.”
“But the sellers were Exsilists.”
>”They weren’t the enemy then. They were strangers selling Maker metals. Not wot we’d built in replication, but the GENUINE article. New Exsilia, wot they call it now, sits on top o’ the husk o’ the Maker civilization. Everything they ever built since the death of Celestia, everything since their retreat from Equestron, it was there for the taking, and they took, and I bought.”
“Regardless, you were cleared of that suspicion. But national interests weren’t finished with you, were they?”
>”Ye, they needed wot I’d done learned. I’d dealt with Exsilists more than anypony else with enough brains to know how they operated. They used me for schematics, f-for…”
“For the parts of the Handbook that couldn’t be accounted for. Your knowledge of theory was unparalleled, even your peers who so scorned you knew that much. You don’t just run those factories down there, do you? Your involvement has always run deeper than that.”
>”The specifics o’ the type of work I did was classified then, and still is now.”
>You gesture broadly around you, and at yourself
>”Ye already know everything I’ve got to say.”
“Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? Stand up, please, and come here for a moment.”
>Brittle grunts as he tosses himself up off the soft cushion of the chair, and trots a lazy semicircle around your oval-shaped desk
>When he reaches the other side, you key a trigger on your desk, and the frosted-over window plate which dominates the back of the room returns to transparency
>Here, at near-sunset, the lights of the city below have begun to flicker on, and a multicolored tapestry of shapes and colors greets you there
>Mons Canteria, the city on the mountain, once merely a castle and a keep, now a sprawling metropolis which extends for miles beyond the foot of this great hill
>From the uppermost echelon of the city, the summit of all achievement in this world, you realize how easy it is for those lights to seem as fireflies, dancing in the sky
>Beautiful, but inconsequential
>But you’ve long since pushed away that notion through meditation, never mind seeing the struggle on the warfront in Unicronia firsthoof
>Everything in this world has consequence, great and small, and the most significant events almost always take place behind closed doors
>Whether intended or not, a shade has formed, a tangent reflection of the World’s inhibitions
>You see it in Black Bar, his calculated machinations eating away at the security of this nation’s foundations even as he claims to protect them
>You see it in Blueblood and his cronies, their acidic dream of a return to Empire banishing any feelings of shame they might have cultivated while they betray their own country to Hurricane
>But the Exsilists… oh, the Exsilists…
>There’s something darker in them, something deeply nihilistic… to reject ponykind outright in favor of the Makers, not merely through worship but something, something…
>”Dark now, innit? For this time of year.”
>You shake your head, and your abstractions away with it
>You’ll lose your head one of these days if you follow this path too far
“Down there, Mr. Bong… what do you see?”
>”Everypony sees somethin’ different, I expect.”
“What I see is potential. Potential for progress. Potential for liberty from the confines of our imagination. Every day, great things are happening all across Canterium, even as war rages in our borderlands. Conflict necessitates ingenuity, just as violence perpetuates a need for security. We can only create peace through war. This has always been the case.”
>”I ain’t no philosopher, Chanc’llor. I’m a scientist, for wot that’s worth today.”
“Everything, Mr. Bong. Everything. Now, I’ll ask again: what do you see there, in those lights?”
>The gruff pony appears to ponder for a moment, the gears in his exceptional mind turning
>For a moment, your eyes wander to his flank, and you can almost see the broken watch there turn again
>Turning like wheels…
>”I see… slavery. Slavery o’ the mind. To be braced with such understandin’, to be brought up in such a world… how can a pony think any different now? Sometimes I wish I was born before, long before the Maker’s Handbook, long before what we ‘ad was transformed. Although I s’pose they’ve always been a part o’ our ‘istory. They’ve weaved in and out o’ us ‘ere, now, for a thousand years. They were there at the genesis o’ the new breed, there when the Prophetess died and was reborn.”
“Not pious, I see.”
>”Pious, no. A recognizance, a fatal understandin’ o’ becoming. Of…”
>The stallion drifts off, the thousands on thousands of glow-globes and electric wonders beneath him dancing in his eyes’ reflections
“You helped to make this world, Brittle Bong. You. And now you’re going to help me with something.”
>You turn and reach back to the smooth surface of the desk, picking up the folder filled with Lucky Clover’s microfilm prints
>Stalwartly, you place them gently before Brittle Bong, and watch as his attention gradually shifts towards them
>His eyes are grey again, away from the light… you must know how he does that
>He’s certainly more worthy of your respect than any other pony in this entire building, nay, this entire upper haven
>They’re all cowards or traitors, they don’t see, they don’t SEE the true vision, they would never understand Operation Thunderstruck, nor anything else you’ve devised
>It must be done this way, however; nothing else can so assure your victory
>Brittle Bong, meanwhile, appears to be laser-focused on the crisp words embedded in those documents, poring over each character with care
>”Gluonic substructure… chiral undrilling… and, Celestia above… where the bloody hell did this come from, Chanc’llor?”
“Strictly confidential. Just know that unraveling the secrets behind this document would be of great national interest.”
>”These diagrams… if it’s wot I imagine them to be…”
“And what precisely do you imagine them to be?”
>”Goin’ by the text… do you know what gluons are, Chanc’llor?”
“No. Nor, I think, do any of my other scientific advisors. Atomics are not my specialty, as they are yours.”
>You purposefully neglect to mention that you never asked your other advisors, rather going straight to him
>You haven’t the foggiest idea which of them, nor how many, could be compromised by OI
>”A particle, an atom, is composed o’ quarks. From a theory standpoint, as was what could be surmised from the Maker texts, these quarks are held together by what we know as the strong force, one o’ four element’ry forces. The others bein’ gravity, a mass exchange, electromagnetism, a charge exchange, and the weak force, a decay exchange. The strong force is perpetuated by gluons, like a, a go-between for carrying the force between quarks. The quarks are held together by gluons, making atoms, which make up everything.”
“This research is subatomic, then.”
>”I’d be ‘ard-pressed to call it research, Chanc’llor. This stuff is as theoretical now as it was in my day. I mean, chiral undrilling, I can only assume they’re talking about negating the spin of these gluons, building this chain bit by bit… one would have to individually pick the gluons out of static annihilation processes, and piece ‘em together without invoking uncertainty. A chain like this would be the strongest substance known to ponykind by a factor of ten million. The tensile strength of a material based on this structure… ye could hoist this whole castle atop a few strands of the stuff with the thickness of piano wire. Assumin’, of course, it don’t punch holes straight through the foundation.”
>So the secret metal… it isn’t a metal at all!
>It’s an impossible compound, a paradoxical mad science experiment
>You almost feel the need to contain a burst of laughter over the absurdity of this thing
>So that’s what they’re doing there in Site 23… tinkering with materials that could never exist
>Unless, of course…
“What of this, here?”
>You point at the anecdotal report on the third page of the prints, to which Brittle Bong merely shakes his head
>”So many blacked-out spots makes it difficult to get a read… and permeation depth means high-frequency radiation’s involved. Or low… alpha waves? What the significance o’ this is, I ‘aven’t the foggiest. Reads like science fiction to me. Whoever you snagged this from’s puttin’ thoughts in ya ‘ead.”
“And say, for the sake of argument, they weren’t. Say it’s a real report. Then what?”
>”Then… if these two documents are talkin’ about the same thing, then it’s a finding, not a theory. A material with that type o’ gluonic substructure was discovered, and they’re tryin’ to see inside it. Using ponies, as ridiculous as it sounds. Alpha waves, radiation on the order o’ merely tens of hertz, they suggest neural activity in intelligent creatures. Ponies, Makers, everything with a motor cortex produces ‘em. But the wavelength being so long… their permeation effectivity is piss-poor. To see a substance ONLY permeated by alpha waves, much less only by alpha waves produced by PONIES, rather than a more stable source… they’re seeing things. Prophetic dreams… this is Exsilist trite. Is that where ye found these, Chanc’llor? The Exsilists?”
“As a matter of fact, no. But that’s an interesting comparison to draw. Why the Exsilists?”
>”I know enough about ‘em, wot I did… I did readings on ‘em. Their philosophies. Before the attacks, before the slaughters and the… well. They are obsessed, after all, with the spiritual connectivity between the pony and the Maker, and the technology between ‘em. The machine is everything. And within the machine, there are elements, and within the elements there are forces. Forces driving the motor of time and space, a-and one day the cosmos should open and take them all into what they call the Living Machine. Psychic connection with the Material…”
“No, I think not.”
>You shudder before the words leave your lips, not knowing if you really even believe them or not
“They already know the Material. They aren’t trying to see it, they’re trying to see what’s beyond it… what’s inside. What’s inside the thing… what’s inside…”
>Inside Site 23
>There is a secret
>More potent than you imagined
>Not research, no, no, not as you thought
>A discovery
>An uncovering of an ancient mark
>If only this were the Cult, as Brittle Bong suspects, it would make sense, it would be within the confines of their delusional fancy, it would not be taken seriously
>But this… this is Ordo Intelligentia, your very own intelligence agency, this is Black Bar, this is THEM…
>THEY have found this, and THEY are finding a tangible connection between the mind and the machine
>An indestructible Material, yes, they’ve dug something up in the Maker’s Fist and they’re looking inside and finding…
>Well, nothing yet, it seems
>What was paranoia, however, is now a deathly fear, as your worst dreams have been made manifest
>The danger on the homefront could very well be greater than the danger in the warzone if Black Bar continues to keep secrets like these from you
>But this makes sense… it makes terrifying sense that conniving damned stallion is playing with the boundaries of the natural law of the universe… that explosion in the desert, that second sun, that was HIS doing after all!
>It must have been! There’s no other explanation!
>”There’s somethin’ else I should mention, Chanc’llor.”
>You clear your throat and startle yourself back into composure
“Yes, Mr. Bong?”
>”The implications of this Material… it’s beyond divine. It’s critical to… to understand that to take something so small, and play with it in the hoof as though it were a tinkerer’s toy, that’s to…”
“Out with it.”
>”To unwind the spin o’ a constituent substance, no, BEYOND the constituent, the transfer function o’ the atomic bond, that’s… well, you understand how powerful electromagnetic repulsion is on that level, yes?”
“Enlighten me.”
>”W-well… you take two protons, you shove ‘em together, they’re gonny want to fly away from each other. Their charge so exceeds their mass that gravity plays no factor there. Electromagnetism dominates. But you add in the gluon, and… at a certain radius, the ratio becomes incalculable. It’s not a matter of squares, but cubes. An inverse relation o’ the cube o’ the radius, and suddenly these protons aren’t repelled, but attracted. Smashed together like glue, inseparable barring decay. That’s the gluon’s power. To overcome every force in the universe. And whoever created this Material has overcome the gluon.”
“The Makers.”
>”Who else? It requires a precision beyond light. Beyond c, lightspeed. It implies an anti-causal relation, a-a… we already know the Makers had this capability. If they were extraterrestrial, as it’s common to believe, th-then probability dictates they must’ve arrived here by those means… but this… this is sensational science. The lengthening a-and shortening o’ spacetime isn’t just necessary for this type of advancement, it’s fundamental.”
“And the dreams?”
>Brittle Bong sighs
>”Dreams, dreams… I ‘ad a little birdie talk to me about dreams not too long ago. Do I believe in prophecy? More and more, with the world the way it is. There was magic, THAT was the dominant force in the universe. And now… you barely see it at all. It departs in the presence of enlightenment. It’s turned obsolete. But dreams predicting the future, dreams seeing beyond what can’t be seen with the eyes, o-or any other instruments…”
“What does it mean, Brittle Bong?”
>”One of two things. One, that it’s magical in nature, and beyond our ken. Or two, it’s anti-causal. Tachyon dreams, colliding with our narrow sense of time.”
“And which explanation do you prefer?”
>”At this point, Chanc’llor, assuming this ain’t all just hypothetical… I’d say it’s a mixture of both.”
>A synthesis of magic and technology? A hybrid?
>Even through your narrow lens of understanding in such matters, that would be borderline incomprehensible
>But if OI is speaking through this… this HULL, as they name it in their report, that suggests that something is on the other side speaking back
>Artificial intelligence, perhaps… perhaps
>A discovery again, in Site 23, after all these Celestia-damned years… first the New Maker’s Handbook, then fifty years of rubble and stone, and now…
>He’s keeping it from you, they’re ALL keeping it from you, and…
“Do you smoke, Mr. Bong?”
>”On occasion. It kills ye faster, but eh. You?”
“Not anymore. I stopped when I entered politics. Wanted to absolve myself of my former being.”
>You gently tug the file out of the stallion’s hooves and place it back on the desk
>Then, with a sweep of your cloak, you turn away from those eyes desperately
>Those eyes which have seen the birth of the new world firsthoof…
“I need to know that you aren’t compromised. Internally. Absolutely.”
“These prints are from an interior agency. Canterian. If somepony with your wit’s connecting this to the Exsilists, then the doubt my mind harbored about that is vanished now. There are influences within this nation colluding with the enemy to create… something. Something with enough leverage to tip over our very institutions. They’re working with the PAS, with the Cult, with…”
>Once again, you aren’t really even sure you believe yourself
>But what matters now is that Brittle Bong believes you, and you’re experienced enough to know that you’re putting on a damned good performance
“I digress. I have evidence of such collusion elsewhere, but this is an even more dangerous factor to consider. Something the great Brittle Bong considered impossible before now is not to be taken lightly. You’re certain that this sort of belief is Exsilist in origin?”
>Brittle Bong nods his head wearily
>”That, or t’was developed independent-like. In tandem, y’see. The Material this here is describin’ is almost definitely the work of Makers. If they ‘ave found somethin’, I would like to know about it.”
“Mm, perhaps soon you will. It’s information not presently available to me, sad to say.”
>”Not… you said this was an internal agency’s work. Can’t you—”
“Ah, Mr. Bong. For all your talents you are no politician. And I’d advise you not to pose such questions if you don’t think you’ll like the answers.”
>”If I won’t like the answers, sir, then I would like off now, thank ye very much. Dun want to get involved if it means danger for meself.”
“Well, there’s that famous cleverness. Unfortunately, Brittle Bong, you forfeited your right to be clever as soon as you entered this office, along with your right to be ignorant of the political side of this discussion. You and I will be working closely, you see. Very closely. I understand how you despise the Cult of Exsilium, so any notion I may have had of your being compromised by other interests are gone now. There IS collusion, I’m sure of it. Collusion with the enemy. Collusion which may lead to catastrophe. More evidence will come; evidence like this, from some of my finest agents. I need you on hoof to decipher it, as you have done with this.”
>”There are other subatomic physicists.”
“None I can trust as well as you. And none so gifted. Let us say, again hypothetically, I could procure a sample of this Material for you… would you be able to recreate it?”
>”No. Not at present. It’d take me ages, decades that I don’t have left. But I could do the next best thing: I could determine ‘ow it WAS made.”
“I find that answer remarkably acceptable.”
>You stroke your goatee, a bit more calmly than before, reconciled by this promise of new understanding
>Understanding which, given the right timing, can be used as a devastating weapon against the forces which mount against you on every side
>Then, with renewed priority, you replug the intercom and tap the switch so that your secretary can hear you once more
“Miss Moon Dancer. This afternoon’s meeting has gone quite splendidly. Please escort Mr. Brittle Bong back to the entrance of my offices.”
>”Yes, sir.”
“I know it can be quite labyrinthine, this building.”
>”I know my way ‘round it, Chanc’llor. Not my first rodeo.”
“Let’s hope it isn’t your last. I’ll expect to see you again within the week, Mr. Bong. Oh, and one last thing!”
>Brittle Bong, who has begun to shuffle towards the sliding door, turns about-face to see you poised by the window
“This is quite classified, but a matter of this delicacy… well, I’m certain you won’t go spilling the beans to anypony, now will you?”
>”My lips are sealed. Not as though there’s anypony much left to talk to down in the industrial scape.”
“Good. Then you should know that one of your more potent innovations has been deployed in the field recently. A weapon, Mr. Bong. One never used in close combat.”
>”D-deployed… no. Approval for that would be—”
“Handled by me, and by me alone. I’m not asking your permission for this, Mr. Bong, it’s far too late for that. What I want is certain specifications on the limits of its power which were never properly communicated to the engineers who built it on your order.”
>”You can’t take it to the limit, Chanc’llor. I-if you intend to take Project Pericles to the max—”
“Shh. Now, now, let’s not speak its name here.”
>”Fine. Then that THING cannot be overclocked. If the regulation pump exceeds 600 K, then the EMP shockwave is the least o’ your concerns. It’s dangerously reactive. Under normal circumstances, the response can be directly controlled and maintained, but, Celestia, if you’re intending to use it in a military operation…”
“I intend to use it how I please. Then it’s settled, Mr. Bong. I’ll inform those responsible for its handling to be cautious of that exact figure. Goodbye for now.”
>”Y-ye… yes. Bon filthy soir.”
>Without another look from those grey-blue eyes, the engineer skulks out the door, back down to his jungle of smoke and motors
>You, meanwhile…
“Heh heh… ahahaHAHAHA!”
>You can’t contain it any longer!
>In a few days time, Operation Thunderstruck will go off without a hitch!
>General Hurricane will be decimated, and the Cult of Exsilium will have lost its supply line of nuclear weapons for the remainder of this war
>Seek and destroy operations will be conducted against the existing arsenal, but by then it won’t matter; the show of force will be enough to break even the coldest of those cyborg hearts
>They’ll surrender their petty claim to Canterian lands, Canterium will be free from tyranny, and then…
>THEN, the real battle begins
>The war against OI, against Black Bar, a secret war without guns or ammunition, a proper war of information against a worthy opponent
>And it starts with the greatest secret of all: what power, this secret and dark Material, lay dormant beneath even the New Maker’s Handbook for six hundred years?
>And what does OI plan to do with it?
>Well, what would YOU?
“I could dominate. I could PROVE. Pink!”
>Noiselessly, your Mouthless Jester’s long neck extends from the ceiling tiles, her masked head squeezing impossibly through the millimeter-wide crack
>You’d have been horrified by this sight mere months ago, but now it’s routine
>Now, the almost imperceptible rasp of her jagged breath doesn’t scare you, it excites you
>Because now, she isn’t a monster; she’s an opportunity
“My dearest Pink… I have a mission for you. A part only you can perform…”


Well that's it. Surprised to see Brittle Bong again? Better question: Do you remember who Brittle Bong is? If you don't, just think back: the "little birdie" who spoke of dreams with him was our very own Twilight Sparkle. If you were wondering it back then (like, Jesus, a year and a half ago): no, I didn't just add a random Bri'ish stereotype into my story for a few chapters for the hell of it. And before the next chapter, I'd actually recommend reading those earlier chapters including him over again on the paste. There's a little detail in there that will soon prove very enlightening...

Anyway, I say this every time I post, but it feels good to be writing again. I've got a bit of a lull in work here for the next few weeks, so I might as well take advantage. Cheers!
And I just now realized how the first sentence here might be misinterpreted. I meant the first RAIN shower, not the first personal shower. Although being a filthy writefag I actually do feel like taking a shower right now. Double cheers!
up you go
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its interesting trying to figure out how to make these complicated machines from scratch. im looking into patents and shit from the turn of the century to see what anon can come up with. all this knowledge so little time
Glad to see you back in action. I'll take your advice and give myself a refresher on some of the earlier parts.
Well at least it's not quite the fire hazard that Edwardian insulation was. They used stuff like cloth and shredded paper to stop people from touching live wires. This was in a time before circuit breakers were a thing so those wires would get real hot if overloaded.
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You're back!
And holy shit what an update you drop on us right from the start. Story is definitely picking up pace compared to a while ago (or maybe it's just my faulty memory).
>Better question: Do you remember who Brittle Bong is?
Of course, how could I forget the dude with... the thing... fuck
> I'd actually recommend reading those earlier chapters including him over again on the paste
Yeah, I'm gonna have to take your hint cause what I thought I remembered doesn't 100% align with what I actually remembered. Fuck at this point I think I'm just gonna re read the whole thing. Not looking forward to rereading the first chapters - don't get me wrong they're beautiful and written with very flowery language and rich descriptions, but they're slow and taking their sweet time with advancing the plot.
>There's a little detail in there that will soon prove very enlightening
Don't worry about that, I'll miss it anyway. My reading comprehension is reaching rock bottom lately.

btw I don't remember if you were here when the whole drama with pastebin was going down but if you weren't then I highly recommend you to make back ups of your story and switch from pastebin to ponepaste or ponebin.
>btw I don't remember if you were here when the whole drama with pastebin was going down but if you weren't then I highly recommend you to make back ups of your story and switch from pastebin to ponepaste or ponebin.
I was, yeah. I think I made a post or two about it, but despite SAYING I was gonna make a ponepaste I never actually got around to doing it. Or updating the existing pastes. Productivity, what's that?
>Fuck at this point I think I'm just gonna re read the whole thing.
I'm realizing more and more that my writing style may be better to binge-read than to read as a serial, especially one that's taking this long to write. And you aren't wrong about the story picking up, we're getting closer and closer to the part where all the setups I laid down are going to pay off one by one. Point is, only reread if you've got the time/patience for it. I've got no illusions about how sluggish my pacing tends to get at times. So let's try to rectify that!
>we're getting closer and closer to the part where all the setups I laid down are going to pay off one by one.
This has me real excited
>You sit looking over the plans for the pile of generators, and decide to scribble down a couple of other thoughts.
>Making a galvanometer- a way that basically tells you "there is current"
>making fuzes, you have no idea how to go about that.
>making insulation- you remember in one class at some point that people just ran hot wires ungrounded through ceramic tubes insulated in leather. You know ceramic exists in equestria. You just need the tube and a way to cut it.
>and you think you can have twilight heat proof the wax either through alchemical ways to simple magic means.
>you're not exactly sure how you're gonna make your demonstration safe. Definitely don’t want to me electrecuting elephants like edison did.
>you laugh at the thought.
>you scribble the idea out of a transformer, how the windings interact with eachother to produce differing voltages of ac current.
>you think you can make a light ac current, transform it as high as you can and do something with the zappies that wont hurt anything. That would be a good idea for the demonstration.
>well you need the ac machines first.
>you finish up the final touches of the DC machine and the AC machines and head back to Burly's forge.
>stepping in the door, the front room is hot, and you begin to sweat.
>the place is a bit darker now. And you deduce that burly's forging something good.
>so- you refine yourself to sitting outside for a bit while burly finishes up.
>You time yourself by checking the forge's smoke stacks from the outside- if there's smoke, he's running hot. Which means he's probably drumming up some steel.
>its interesting how he insists on blowing the steel out regularly versus using a unicorn.
>Maybe- you think- he believes its stronger that way, atleast cheaper.
>Pinkie walks by, and notices you.
>"Heya Anon! I just noticed you sitting there with all those cool drawings in your book. Whats an AC generator?"
>You look down, and notice your book is shut.
>and behind your back.
"Oh- well its-"
>"no talkie talk! lemme seeeeee!"
>she scoops up the book from behind you and leans down next to you on the bench you're sitting on.
"AH Pinkie!"
>she pours over the book.
"Pinkie- please… You're"
>"you're sooooo smart! This looks exactly like ol' Fara day's notes, much more advanced though."
>She Flips to your Motor/Generator design- that transforms AC to DC energy
>"He really believed in power to the earth ponies. He thought up a magic that all ponies can use. He got really far too!"
>he points out to the common shaft between your AC Motor/Generator and DC Motor/Generator.
>"He never thought up ideas like this though. He was big into the straight current style of all this stuff."
>You're startled by her knowledge.
>"Whats the idea behind having 3 different sources of AC? Isnt that just complicating things?"
"Well- pinkie its really simple.. Wait."
>You're full on dumbstruck at this point. She hasn't even let you talk yet and shes spouted all this information about electricity being found by ponies already.
>She cuts you off again
>"Oh- anon- I know what you're thinking. You're just lucky- I once helped maud through her college thesis on copper as a usable rock, its all Far Aday used though its really the only pony to ever use it usefully for anything other than arts and crafts. Maud used it to get her PHD in rock sciences. I just learned through osmosis."
"Is there much for mister day's discoveries?"
>"not really, we had to pay for his journal entries from a pony in ponyston, and had to guess a lot of things. It's just really interesting! I heard about your bet with twilight. I think she'll be impressed. Plus I bet you'll get your rock doctorate if you expand maud's findings! She'd love to chat with you about this all!"
>she gets up.
>"Im late for the ice cream stand opening! Ill be waiting for the big show anon- I'm told twilights gonna publish your findings if they're of merit!"
>And with that- she trots off. Leaving you visibly shook.
>What if ponies all know about this stuff- and have already rejected it!
>You must do some reading on Fara Day's findings!
>Looking up, you notice that the smoke's disappeared. Finally your cue to walk into the shop and show off your '''''findings''''''.
>Stepping inside, the room has cooled down signifigantly, and you can see the sweat drip leading to behind the black smith's counter- and you can hear burly wiping his sweat off.
>in a moment- the sound stops and his head pops up, followed by a warm smile.
>"Anon! welcome back! What's in store now? Let me see- I can't wait!"
>The books already opened up to the AC machine, and behind it- the DC machine.
>He pours over the notes and the theorems, and he looks back up.
"Yeah so the DC generator makes a different type of current and follows a couple other properties."
>"oh yeah- I see it here anon, polarity mattering- so it has one output instead of three?"
"Yeah, and its supposed to feed a battery, which uses chemical reactions actually to store and release electricity. Though I don’t know what to store the battery in."
>"Ive got a couple ideas, why don’t we go sit down and talk out what we can do to bring this to life?"
>you smile.
"I'd like nothing more. I'd love to hear what you've got to say about this all."
>And with that- you follow him into the back and sit down at a round table with a few metalworking tools spread out.
>"yeah- so I see- so you need a couple more bearings, a shaft- and then a couple of electric windings here to get the conductor action."
>The currents on the rotating assembly move lengthwise, and get close to the stationary copper windings before ending at the end of the rotating shaft, being stopped by a thrust bearing that holds the whole assembly together.
"yeah but the electric windings are ridgid while the rotor has the windings running lengthwise."
>"I can form copper into these square-ish long shapes. So what are these brushes?"
>you point to the graphite.
>the graphite sprawls from the main bearing over the top of the end of the rotating assembly and makes contact at the very ends of the DC generator
"So it uses graphite- as you see I wrote. It's got the wires running into it, and it sends the current into these conductors. One side is negative and then the other is positive. These stationary windings are just electrically charged."
>he takes a good look at it.
>"Graphites pretty soft, I can shape it, I'll make these little brackets for the brushes and if you can bring be the graphite I bet I can pretty easialy fit it."
>You smile.
"You're too helpful burly. What about the AC generator?"
>"Oh it looks simple too. You just need these conductors to hold these specific-"
>he blinks as if something clicks.
"what is it"
>"these are all just magnets, different sides that are at different states. I learned it in my courses on being a blacksmith at the royal college."
>you laugh.
"Yeah- exactly! When you energize all these little things they act as magnets."
>"Wow- I never knew that you could even do that with magic. That's really intuitive if it works out."
>"yeah- so I see here, you can measure the current by measuring the strength of the magnets it makes. I see what you put here about galvanowhatzits you wrote."
"yeah it’s a compass, instead of being attracted to the north pole, its attracted to the magnets at different strenths."
>"Sweet celestia- this is so cool."
>"so this is all called current? You have the word 'Voltage' written down, what does that mean?"
>you think for a second.
"Its hard to talk about this without using math for me. Give me a second to think of how to explain it."
>you write out OHM's law, and try to break down the variables.
"Okay- okay I think I got something here."
>he leans in to your work.
"so here- check this- Resistance, its simple, its how hard it is to push voltage- which to me- is the absolute power of the electricity."
>"Okay- okay- and electricity?"
"its what we're generating, think of it as just a general term of creating a voltage."
>"uhh- okay. Okay I believe- keep going."
>you're afraid you might be going to deep.
"Aah- okay, so- so so so- current is basically-"
>"right the ammount of flow moving through right?"
"yeah, voltage is a potential- you know what- im going too deep, even for me."
>"Okay- lets just focus. Theory doesn't do the thing."
>"so I think I can make it- you still have a bunch of copper?"
>"Yeah- yeah bring the copper in and ill se what I can do!"
"Ok sounds good. Ill come back- find me at the castle if you have any questions- remember, im regurgitating all this information so if anything seems off come let me know immediately."
>"thanks anon! im glad to be a part of all this. I can see this is cutting edge stuff!"
>and with that, you head back to the castle.
>On your way back- you're thinking up how you want to run the wires. A lot of people at the turn of the century used cotton to insulate the wires. You think if you can talk twilight into heatproofing the wax- you can dip the cotton in the wax and have a pretty good insulation medium.
>Soon- you're back at the crystal steps of the castle of friendship.
>pushing the heavy doors out of the way- you grab all but one of the large windings of copper.
>immediately you can tell you're not moving this without a wagon.
>and- as if on cue, Applejack walks in, looking for twilight.
>"Twilight? Hey- you in here? You know im not gonna get lost in here again. You come to me this time!"
>she notices you.
>"Oh heya anon! whats all this shiny stuff? Is it for rarity?"
>you look at the neatly stacked spools of wire.
"No- its for a little project. A bet-"
>"Oh I've heard of your little bet. You’re gonna need some good luck and skill to surprise her at her own game!"
"Oh, I know- hey- can I ask a favor?"
>She looks at the spools of wire, suspicious of your intentions.
>"You know I'm not good with this kind of stuff hun."
"what moving things?"
>it clicks for her.
>"Oh- wait of course! Im the best at haulin. Wheres this stuff need to go? Hopefully not inside the castle deeper. I have no idea where anything is in here. Place is endless ya know."
"Nope- just to the blacksmith."
>"Steel's kid's place? I can do that- sure. It's been a bit since I've talked to him. I could use some new shoes or a wheel."
>You smile.
"thank you- I know I can always count on you to get me the help I need."
>she smiles back
>"Ya'll don't gotta thank me, Im just happy to help a friend. Just help me get it into muh saddlebags."
>and with that exchange out of the way- you grab spools and start putting them into the bags to get sent off.
>With one more smile. She reminds you- "if you've seen twilight, please let her know im looking for her."
"No problem, thanks again!"
>she gives one more reassuring "Yuup!" before cantering out the door in the vague direction of the blacksmiths shop.
>Next on the list is grabbing some cermaic tubing to cut into your wire mounts.
>and leather, though you're unsure of the nature of leather in this world.
>you bet rarity can help you get the cotton cloth and the leather- or what passes for leather.
>You don't even know where to start on the ceramic, maybe the hardware store?
>yeah. The hardware store.
>At this point. You realize that you're already half way there, walking on the cobble in the warm equestrian spring day.

Lots of technobabble in this one. if you guys find it too muddly im gonna turn it down about 20%.

ponepaste: https://ponepaste.org/4161
thanks for the green!
Hmm I wonder if Maud will play a bigger role later on helping Anon learn more about Fara Day
from page 9.
Posting this here as I've finally finished going through the archives and putting this old cyoa into a story format. I've rewritten some parts so it flows better. (not changed the lore).
I've also cleaned up the spelling mistakes, bad grammar, and formatting.
Oh I'll have to check that out sometime when I have time to spare
Took me a moment to understand what the Chrysalis one is about.
Do we have some short one shots about ponies reacting to Anon's stories about humanity's tech level? I haven't joined this thread until later, when WiK was in the middle of writing Red Shift but Sol hasn't started his Menagerie yet, so I suspect I missed some stories directly answering Twilight's quote in the OP that probably happened in the thread's early life.
Here's some oneshots I found in the old pastebin
Thank you!
No problem
It's Chrysalis = Swiss Cheese right?
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