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File: maud-party.jpg (908 KB, 990x1400)
908 KB
908 KB JPG
THE /huge humans/ thread, for tall (and growing) girls, often with generous proportions. Bigger is generally better, but if a character has suddenly shrunk, then everything else is huge to them.

Archived goodies:
Past threads - https://ponepaste.org/1126
D-Tech's fics and greens - https://ponepaste.org/1211

Drawing/Writing Prompt List: https://ponepaste.org/1115

Ongoing Stories:
Lyra Grows for no reason: https://ponepaste.org/2279
Flitter Outgrows Her Sister: https://ponepaste.org/2283
Notice Me Please: https://ponepaste.org/1212
Blow and Grow: https://ponepaste.org/1213

Side by side size comparison with humans and ponies: sizes.codesentri.io/
Measurement converter for growing characters: https://www.giantessworld.net/convertor.html

Previous Thread

Thread Question:
What would you like to see here in /hh/ in 2021?
File: Christmas.jpg (511 KB, 966x1200)
511 KB
511 KB JPG
This is the anchor post. Please reply to this post with any ideas that you would like to see made. Hearth's Warming may be over, but if you leave an idea here you might just get what you ask for from one of our resident writefags.
Hey hey, we’re back. That’s a relief.

I remember a couple writefags mentioning stories they’d be ready to post not long after Christmas - how are those coming along?
bump before bed
>What would you like to see here in /hh/ in 2021?
What I want to see more is not necessarily specific for the thread, but I just want to see more Amazonian pics in general, they don't get enough content or love. Maybe some new artists or drawfags can take up on the challenge next year? Like, is that Maarthul Maud pic new? More of that plz!
I wonder (((why))) mods are deleting the post that made /mlp/.
What's in the sack?
Amazonian Dazzlings.
File: dazzles.png (1.79 MB, 1539x1000)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB PNG
I've been kind of busy so progress is slow, but I'm still working on it. It's not quite finished but it's getting there.

The artist for that one is Bakki, not Maarthul. He's done quite a few pics of amazons, so do look him up if you don't know him, I think you might like his stuff

They are neat

Yeah, the Huge Sirens are nice to look at, but I'd like a good story about them.
I'd love to see something like this with Amazon/Giantess versions.

I'd love to see that too, but it looks like a lot of work. Would they be all playing around in a proportionally tiny city or what?
I'd settle for Amazons standing around, with little Manlets being teased/played with/etc.
I'd just settle with an Amazon
I just want to see this thread manage to survive the year. We have our little stable (haha) of writers and and a dedicated artist so that's pretty good for a continuing thread I think. Checking other generals it's not like their populations of posters seem to be that much larger so I believe we still have a place to exist here though I don't really spend much time in other generals so correct me if I'm wrong. Otherwise I just want to see everyone here having a good time with what is essentially a niche kink in a universe we all love. Why we are this damaged I'll never know, but I hope we all find our amazons someday.

Not much progress. Still kind of in that weird post-Christmas phase, but once life gets more normal I'll be back to horse words. Er, horse-human words?

Someone just needs to edit in a "You Must Be This Tall To Surf" sign or something with the 6 mark at someone's shoulder. Change the banner to "2013 Beach Party For the Overly Tall" too and you're solid.
>magic isn’t being used as much any more
>Twilight theorises that if this magic isn’t tapped, the build up could be disastrous
>humans based on unicorns and alicorns can cast spells easily enough by study
>humans based on pegasi can tap into weird weather manipulation, like rain dances, wind dances and more
>it’s trickier to figure out earth girls
>farming is already figured out by raw science and hard work
>oh, but apparently earth girls are more robust than other types
>but that seems vague and inadequate
>after more research, and a lot of frustration finding something more concrete, Twilight just tries to double down on the physical robustness thing
>Applejack’s kinda busy to borrow for so long and Pinkie is difficult to keep in place for the time needed
>Applebloom isn’t doing much though!
>plus she’s young, which means she’ll generally recover if anything goes wrong
>the experiment goes ahead; it’s like braiding hair but with magic strands, and instead of a ribbon, it’s a girl
>results are... unimpressive
>Appleoom describes it as feeling a little tingly, and she demonstrates maybe three percent improvement in strength and stamina
>back to the drawing board
>heck, even her original theory of cataclysmic magic build up falls short as the years go by
>every that magic build up peaks, there’s a sudden drain
>all seems fine
>then the call from Applejack
>seems Applebloom got back from college
>and Applebloom... well
>Twilight, being scientifically minded, refuses to believe it until she sees Applebloom with her own eyes
>who’s been moved from the house to the barn
>all... twenty feet of her, huge curves and muscular
>it doesn’t take long to figure out where those drains in magic occurred
>but it can’t be undone
>Applebloom’s just going to keep growing
>the only way to help is to spread it out to every earth girl evenly
>and that was the year the average earth girl height was boosted to seven feet
>Applebloom’s just going to keep growing
>the only way to help is to spread it out to every earth girl evenly
>and that was the year the average earth girl height was boosted to seven feet
Dear lord, THAT much?!
Having this general for another year would be nice, I like it here. I feel like things have been getting slower after the first few threads of the revival, even before the holidays, so it would be cool to see it last that long
I love the look on Adagio's face.

"See my expression? That's going to be in both your sexual dreams and darkest nightmares."
That's one hell of a way to describe it. You should write a green sometime if you haven't yet.
File: +1.png (133 KB, 568x326)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
Look, is it too much to ask that Applejack's thighs be as wide as my person?
Yeah, that's a lot. I wonder how big Apple Bloom would end up without spreading her growth. That's more than 1 foot of growth per woman all going to her
File: appletighs.png (3.81 MB, 2100x2970)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB PNG
Sounds pretty reasonable to me
File: 150415231045.gif (66 KB, 254x278)
66 KB
File: 1550865298233.png (1022 KB, 1500x1486)
1022 KB
1022 KB PNG
You there, yes, you. Offer unto me requests that can be fulfilled in about 800-1500 words for the purposes of mutual amusement.
And we're back....


More variety. Really push it on da growth.

And with that, the return of the Rarity COA!


>"Rarity, are you sure this is a good idea?" Spike was having to jog to keep up with his goddess. He wasn't a tall man to begin with and Rarity had grown quite tall by any standard. She was fashionably in khaki shorts that strained against her thick thighs and struggled with her wide hips. Her top was little more than the biggest sports bra available. Stress marks indicated Rarity's jiggling chest would soon overwhelm it. As her clothing covered so little of her, it left so much of her new body visible. Her newly formed muscles flexed with each shift in her torso, arms, and legs. Just below his line of sight was the two large hemispheres of her ass. Each cheek a big, fleshy balloon. Focus.

>"Oh Spike, darling," Rarity brushed a long purple lock of her hair from her forehead. "Of course it's a good idea. I simply must have stronger fabric to cover this big body of mine." He found himself agreeing that for the good of Ponyville, Rarity should probably cover up.

>"Hold up there." The gruff voice belonged to three grizzled men with various weapons. "Oh, it's you." It was the Diamond Dogs, the gang that had previously attempted to kidnap Rarity. "Hello again dears. It's been quite some time." She posed for the briefly, showing off her new huge body. "As you can see, I've changed somewhat. Anyway, we need to collect some materials." She hunched down showcasing a mouthwatering line of cleavage bracketed between pale tit flesh. "Na-na-no," the Dogs stumbled to form words.

"Excellent." As she walked past she stopped. A mine cart was sitting off the tracks. "Darlings, why is your cart like that." The leader poked at the ground with his foot. "Well, we want to fix it, but it was too much for us." Rarity smiled, "Oh, you poor boys. That simply will not do!" She walked over and with both hands grabbed the cart.

>Spike realized what she was doing just a little too late.

>"Uhhhhh, OOoh!" Rarity's pale skin was flushed pink and her whole body was straining. As she did so she started to grow all over. Her breasts swelled, pulsing out as her hips widened and her ass swelled. She was growing Spike now staring firmly ahead into that hypnotizing rear. The lead Dog interjected. "Uh, see, it's too heavy." Rarity turned, still flushed pink and growing bigger from her attempt. She raised her arm to wipe at the sweat soaking her brow. A visible bicep popped from the action. "Now then, you are going to lose, Mr. Cart." She lowered herself again and this time she grew even faster. Her body shot up. The seat of Rarity's kaki short's gave out as her sport's bra loudly tore, exposing her enormous, tear drop tits and silk pantied cheeks to view.

>Both Spike and the Dogs' jaws dropped and stayed dropped as, with a loud protest, the mine cart lifted slightly and dropped onto the track!

>"There." Rarity turned and smiled down at them. "Glad I could help you boys." She sauntered past them with her wide sway and stopped in front of Spike. The smol boy was now looking up to see her perfect ass. Pleased with herself, she rumbled, "Come on Spikey poo, time to collect the material we came here for..."


>"Coco. Darling." Rarity was standing still as her little assistant flitted around her. Ever since her latest act of generosity she had discovered entering and leaving building as well as standing in them were a challenge. However, something else had happened. She was now the center of attention! Everyone looked at her. Talked to her. Talked about her! It was marvelous. But she needed to be worthy of that attention. That meant her best. Design. Ever!

>Assuming Coco ever finished with her measurements....

>"Rarity?" Her head shot up. "Sweetie Bell!" Before her little sister knew what was happening, Rarity had swept Sweetie into a smothering embrace. "Rarity! What happened to you." For her part, the huge unicorn smiled. "Oh, I appear to be having a bit of a, well, growth spurt." She began moving, frustrating poor Coco's efforts to measure her hips. Sitting on her too small couch and ignoring its put upon groan, she positioned her darling little sister on her big, thick thigh. Behind Sweetie, her sister's large tit oppressively plushed against her.

Now for our options!

A. Rarity generously helps Coco get some measurements while Sweetie is subjected to her sister's growing body

B. Before Rarity can help Coco, someone else shows up interrupting them and saving Sweetie.
File: Zecora.png (254 KB, 486x777)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (324 KB, 1056x1645)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
File: 2509322.png (1.76 MB, 1900x1500)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
I feel like rarity should be generously sharing her hugeness with sweetie somehow
A for me.

I didn't wan't to step on another Sweetie story in the works.

However, what does the thread say?


That's one for A.

I'll try to leave this open for two days since it's New Years.
Sunset gets second puberty after coming to EqG land right before the prom with Anon. Wardobe malfunction ensure
Scoot's wings have finally grown in!
And *boy* did they grow in; they're far bigger than even Celestia's! She can glide for days on those things!
Then the universe strives for balance, and she feels her clothes get tight...
Seems the rest of her's about to catch up.
One I really liked from the prompt list
>Luna's body changes with the phases of the moon. On a new moon she's smaller than your average woman, but on a full moon gets very tall and very stacked, even surpassing her sister. How does that affect the power dynamics in her relationship with Celestia?
The Dazzlings were building up height during the Battle of the Bands. By the time of the climax, they were around 50 feet tall.

When they lost, they lost their height, but the magical backlash made the height go to the girls and and women of Canterlot High, with Principal Celestia being the tallest at 15 feet.
If growing Sweetie is an option I'd vote for that (I get what you mean about not stepping on the Sweetie story's toes, but that will have a completely different dynamic, right? I don't think they'd actually be competing that much) - otherwise I'd go with A.

Well A for now. But I'll think about putting Sweetie in next time.

Quite a few, oh my yes.
File: large-2.png (756 KB, 1223x1024)
756 KB
756 KB PNG
File: 240355.jpg (229 KB, 792x828)
229 KB
229 KB JPG

>Two girls fight each other as you're stuck between them. They are steadily growing, their curves starting to smother you
Reminds me of that one story SS did about Applejack and Adagio taking you to prom
Huge new year to you all
>it’s the darnedest thing
>everyone remembers Fluttershy being tall and gangly as a kid.
>and that was before her final dose of late teenage growth
>it seems she wished to not stand out on a mysterious artefact, deep in the woods.
>a wish that was granted by a benevolent spirit thanks to Shy being so caring to the animals, leaving our resident shrinking violet as average as anybody.
>too bad for Fluttershy that while looking after the CMC, they accidentally disable/break the artefact.
> suddenly, just as Shy finds the young girls, she feels a dredded shudder as her body recoups the extra size
>insert preferred height and curves
I choose A
File: 1519078564561.png (284 KB, 970x987)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
no new yerars picture from maarthul this year?
a bit sad, he is my favorite artist
File: 2515680.jpg (418 KB, 2417x3437)
418 KB
418 KB JPG
not really a lot of festive art this year compared to 2019/2020
Yeah, it's too bad, but it's understandable. I hope this year can give these artists more reasons to be inspired than the last.
File: supernova.png (847 KB, 1200x1680)
847 KB
847 KB PNG
File: 0_0.jpg (10 KB, 401x205)
10 KB
Now that's a show I wanna see
Big Tia or small Luna?
Joke’s on you.
It’s huge, nine foot Luna and massive fifteen foot Tia.
File: flutterswell.jpg (199 KB, 718x957)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
>Fluttershy doesn't mind being big, actually
File: moar milk.png (793 KB, 1080x1620)
793 KB
793 KB PNG
>and indeed, she's not above participating in (or even proposing) a hare-brained scheme that's liable to leave her supersized
File: treehugger's lap.jpg (1.19 MB, 3211x1945)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
>While most of friends think it's something of a weird quirk, Flutters is lucky enough to have a buddy that doesn't mind indulging along with her
>As of late, Treehugger has been growing like a weed
>which is funny in that she's both growing and likes weed
File: alicelestia.png (1.46 MB, 2216x2867)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
>One breast makes you taller
>One breast makes you small
What happens when both?
File: pillowfight.jpg (98 KB, 900x751)
98 KB
the height effects (more or less) cancel out, and you end up hyper
>"and you're sure you've got everything under control?"
>"Oh, um... I- I think so, Twilight. At least, I'll do my best."
>"Well, worst comes to worst, you can always send a letter and we'll come rushing home, okay?"
>"P- please try not to worry. I'm probably just being paranoid."
>Fluttershy watched her friends board the train and, within seconds and the blow of a whistle, they set off on their two week trip
>A warmth and a flush of her face notwithstanding, Fluttershy made a quick journey around town, buying everything she would need for a... long needed period of isolation
>Oh, she could catch up with the chores and jobs she had offered to help with later, right now she had a need
>her blushing intensified as she entered her home, locked the door with several latches and padlocks, pulled the curtains and stared at herself in the mirror
>there, in front of her, was timid little Fluttershy. Busty, curvy, moderately tall at 5'9" but a wallflower overall
>except she really wasn't
>she wasn't even *merely* busty and curvy
>unbeknownst to everyone, Fluttershy was of royal blood. A dead bloodline, but no lesser than Celestia's
>"Tsk, stop fussing, Fluttershy and just... *gasp* let it happen!"
>she looked down at her D cup bust and watched the well sized mounds quiver and briefly wondered if she should strip down
>she just giggled and said, "nah, more fun this way."
>with a long, deep moan, her tits bulged and immediately snapped her bra
>"Mmm, yeah! That's the stuff," she said, her voice less wispy and now strong and sultry.
>with another cry and a shiver that sent her almost falling to her knees, the plunging neckline of her modest sweater stretched out as her bulging bust filled it to capacity
>"Celestia, eat your heart oouuUUTT!!"
>her knee length skirt burst at the sides as her hips and ass joined in the fun
>now, staring back in the mirror, was a truly voluptuous woman
>but she was still holding back
>no mere moan this time; a trickle of her fluids ran down her legs as she watched her head rise in the mirror
>"More. Just...mmhh!"
>a micro-orgasm, the floorboards creaking, that even drowned out as her clothes burst and fell away from her ludicrously curvy body
>her hair turned from the delicate pink folk knew her for to a deeper, luscious shade of red
>her soft cyan eyes turning darker and glistening like emeralds
>and then she just couldn't see anything but the underside of her impossible breasts, the womanly and fertile pudge of her soft belly in the mirror as her head bumped into the ceiling
>the floor cracked and shattered as it was now covered in shreds of once modest clothing and the sheer vastness of her fertile form
>there was muscle underneath the plush flesh, strong enough to shatter boulders or overturn houses, but lusciously smothered
>With a satisfied sigh, the goddess reached down and picked up the once full body mirror to looked herself over
>"Welcome back, your majesty," she said to the plump lipped, ultra sized woman staring back
>a woman with intense needs as she looked at the tiny doorway
>"It's not like anyone will recognise me... I wonder who I should do today," Fluttershy pondered, then smiled.
>with a snap of her fingers, her body lost *some* of its newfound size and became wreathed in what looked like silken ribbons that left little to the imagination
>Fluttershy was gone for now; instead was the Princess of Lust, who swept her red hair back to show off her perfect features
>keeping hidden meant passions were often a simple, lovey-dovey affair, innocent and pure for years
>right now, though? She had to indulge, and with her presence, the town would reciprocate as all would pair up beyond their control with passions ignited
>but who would be *her* partner tonight?
>She smiled and squeezed through the door and eyed the innocent town
>why choose when she could have them all?
>today, The Princess of Lust would leave her mark
>make space to fit the post limit and forget to re-add a line after
Just imagine her debating whether to cut loose or use that isolation mentioned earlier to quell her building needs, but deciding the former.
That’s what I get for posting last thing before bed.
File: hootershy on the beach.jpg (343 KB, 824x1272)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
it's nice though
thank you
made my peepee the large peepee tbqh
File: Spoiler Image (146 KB, 700x700)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
sure is
File: msob-celly.jpg (251 KB, 1200x1200)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
MSoB's Celestia is so great
File: Spoiler Image (229 KB, 800x1200)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
MSoB in general is so great
as is Celestia

in short, yes
>have written another five posts-worth for this story
>realise greentext has always eluded me as a medium and have doubts as to the quality of what I've written
>could well end up with upward of ten posts worth of story about Fluttershy - The Princess of Lust
>also prefer to stay anonymous (i write elsewhere with a pen-name, but I'm pretty sure my double dipping of cultures will bite me in the ass, as it has before) and pastebin is being stupid
Currently torn between side-accounting and rewriting as a normal short (which again, is a weakness since I tend to get too elaborate) or use the current quiet of this thread to do nightly uploads of a couple of parts to at least pad out the thread.
I mean, either way
Do the whole eloquent purple prose nonsense while describing a giant lady mackin' on erryone if you want, but that sounds like a lot of work.
Giving us a few posts of nonsense at a time seems fine.
File: big dash.png (1.21 MB, 1928x1736)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
It's good to see another writefag joining the thread! I liked your last couple posts and I'm excited to see what comes next.
>and have doubts as to the quality of what I've written
Don't worry too much about that, really. Your story started out great, and, even if that wasn't the case, you should gauge that stuff by people's reactions anyway. You're always your worst critic, as they say.
>I'm pretty sure my double dipping of cultures will bite me in the ass
What I usually do is taking a few minutes to put myself in the right mindset. You're writing about an amazonian bombshell enjoying herself, take a moment to filter out all the unecessary shit and just enjoy yourself, too. Much in the same way, take a few moments to get yourself in a more serious mood for your other stuff and you should be fine. People say having someone you trust proofreading your stories can help with that too, in case something inappropriate slipped into your work, but I can't confirm since I write mostly by myself.
>pastebin is being stupid
And it will keep on being stupid for the foreseeable future. Just use ponepaste, it's one less thing to worry about
but how tall?
File: celegrowth.gif (3.72 MB, 630x720)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB GIF
concurred, welcome aboard.


A 3

>As Rarity fussed over Sweetie, Coco decided to take the opportunity to measure Rarity's inseam. As she took the tape and begin to traverse the long way up those shapely legs, Rarity noticed her efforts.

>"Here darling, let me help you." Before Coco could stop her, she had plucked the tape from her hand. "No, Ms. Rarity yo..." Coco bent over as and clutched her stomach.

>Sweetie watched in awe as Coco grew bigger in front of her. She had been looking down at the woman from her perch on her sister's thigh. Now however, Coco was very nearly eye level!

>But there was another, more ominous growth taking place. Sweetie felt her sister's thigh flexing beneath her and noticed that her feet were extending farther out. She was again looking down on Coco.

>And that her sister's big chest was getting harder and harder to ignore.

>"Oh," Rarity cried out a little before giggling. The action caused her breasts, each bigger than her little sister's head to jiggle corpulently. "I'm sooo sorry Coco. I completely forgot. It's like I was saying, Dear Sweetie. Whenever I help someone I...grow. So does the other person too. It's just, some people don't want to be big. I mean," Rarity was looking down, most of her face below her eyes obscured by her chest. "Can you imagine, wanting to be small?"

>Another giggle caused Sweetie to be battered by her sister's big tits.


>"What is it that you want, Sweetie?" Sweetie smiles at her friends. "I've got an idea..."

So, here we are. The CMC are attempting to trick Rarity into making them grow.

A. Success Scootaloo!
B. Success Rarity!
C. Failure! (One of their enemies/bullies gets helped instead!
Gotta throw them a bone. A again.
Bruh, there needs to be more slides to that
What does success rarity mean here? That Rarity successfully grows sweetie?
Oops, typo should have said Sweetie.
Scoot it up
>the grand orgy was finally over after twenty hours of constant, partner changing pleasure
>it wasn’t a wholly selfish exercise though
>each participant was now several inches longer or larger and thicker, as applicable
>but The Princess of Lust was, at last, spent and exhausted
>she stood, sweat (and other fluids) shimmering on her skin in the first light of dawn
>she would happily have slept there, amidst the pile of her subjects, but her power was waning, as shown by her breasts receding from impossible to improbable
>and her towering height shuddering down to ‘only’ 7’3”
>Fluttershy took back over and that budding meekness sent her fleeing into the night, still shrinking as she headed home
>she was back to her pink haired, cyan eyed moderate beauty as she closed the door behind her
>not quite as she was, though; just like her temporary subjects, she was fuller figured with an E cups and another inch of height
>but her normal strength was spent as her royal blood faded and with the last of her will, she collapsed into bed and tried to forget this lapse ever happened
>never again
>back to good, old meek Fluttershy
>but a mere month later...
>running mascara and too much wine
>the deep indigo hair, usually the point of pride, was tussled and messy
>”I can’t believe he just dumped me!” Rarity bawled
>Fluttershy sighed and held the disheveled beauty in her arms as the fashionista’s tears soaked her shoulder and stained her blouse with streaked makeup
>”There there, Rarity; maybe you should seek your prince somewhere closer to home? Someone you know is kind instead of hoping their... um, ‘regal bearing’ is proof they’re kind hearted? There’s plenty of nice men in town. Maybe Big Ma-”
>Rarity snapped back, anger replacing the dramatic sorrow as she gulped down her fifth (maybe sixth?) overfilled glass of wine
>”At this point I swear I’m going to swear off men altogether! Pompous, insensitive luddites! I can do better.”
>Fluttershy suddenly squeaked as Rarity’s hand goosed her ass and kissed her neck
>”What are you doing!?”
>”Don’t deny it, darling! The way we’ve always been there for each other? The two most beautiful girls around (royalty notwithstanding) bonded so? It was meant to be!”
>the irony wasn’t lost on Fluttershy as she felt her royal blood sparked anew and caused her breasts to swell up a cup size
>but she was still in control for now
>”Please, don’t do this. You don’t know what you’re saying or what would happen if-“
>hands roaming her back, unclasping her bra
>do it, the blood urged
>the power deep within already?
>give in, the blood insisted
>the hair dangling in front of Fluttershy’s face and eyes turned a shade darker
>Rarity’s face flushed and she seemed confused for a moment as Fluttershy tried to swallow down her own growing lust
>no! Not again, and right in front of a dear friend? After all these years?
>the blood cooled and Fluttershy said, “I- I didn’t realise you were into girls. And even then, I would have thought Applejack was more-“
>Rarity sighed, longingly. ”Oh, I would, make no mistake; her strength, her noble, if simple manner... but right now, I need someone with refinement. Softness.”
>their eyes locked
>”Not a prince, but perhaps...”
>Fluttershy’s eyes went wide; no, don’t say it!
>”... instead...”
>boiling hot, her hair deepened further, closer to Pinkie’s shade, her breasts surged against Rarity’s perfectly modest own yet she just had to say it, ignoring the swelling body in the wet-eyes girl’s arms...
>”a princess!”
>Her heart thumped
>one beat, just Fluttershy
>the next?
>The Princess of Lust, who said, in a voice filled with power, “I accept! Kneel before your princess!”
>Rarity, intoxicated or not, obeyed as if it was all she could do
>she stepped back and knelt before the Princess as the already ultra curvy woman bulged outward
>then upward
>”Yes!” was all the former Fluttershy could utter as her glorious body burst through her clothes as a butterfly from a cocoon
>and the outrageous swelling didn’t stop; her bosom, as firm as it was, sunk low until they covered her subtly pudgy belly
>her hips and ass bumped against the wall behind her and caused the sturdy structure to crack
>the ceiling fared little better as her head rose to and crashed into it, sending dust and plaster to the floor like snow as she hit a few inches over eight feet in height
>and the Princess’ eyes and hair deepened in shade until no trace of Fluttershy was left except her beautiful face and fair skin
>with the transformation over, Rarity came to and lifted her head
>”F- Fluttershy? Is that really you?”
>the giantess nodded and brushed herself down, then a longing caress of her endless curves with a satisfied sigh
>finally the amazonian woman lifted her baffled companion and planted her lips on hers with peerless intensity
>why fight it? It was meant to be
>Rarity had her wish, her sought after princess, and the Princess had awoken to her first true subject as they shared a long, long night in burning bliss

And that’s all for now. Plenty more to come and I’ll likely redo the first parts at some point to make it coherent. Just gonna spread them out.
Hope you enjoy.
B, Sweetie all the way
Very nice, looking forward to more of this
Can we have sweetie?
Kind of liked his earlier art

Is this new or did I just never see it?
File: 1613_f6e0_960.png (1.43 MB, 960x1288)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
It's old
I haven't seen new MSOB in a while
Sweetie Belle
Shame she doesn't grow a bit taller too.
Is he ever going to do those growth comics again like the Gloriosa and Moondancer ones
Who's that? Her size is amazing either way, but I'm not sure who's the character supposed to be
File: gloomy and gloomy.jpg (198 KB, 900x900)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
It's Gloomy!
She's an MLPG OC: a representation of the hiatus between seasons of the horse show. She gets bigger and bigger as the hiatus stretches on, representing the madness of the fandom.
I'm not really sure what happened to her now that the show is in eternal hiatus, but really she was a thinly veiled kink OC anyway so that's not really important.
Note that sometimes she may appear smol but that does NOT mean that she should be trusted

if anything she's more dangerous because she's generally tired when she's big
File: Spoiler Image (346 KB, 600x1800)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
anyway I'll stop with the OC spam for now. There's more out there if y'all are in to it.


A 2
B 2

It's a tie!!!!!

Because I fucked up last time I'm going to take the L on this.

>"Sweetie, I'm not too sure about this?"

>"It's gonna work great!" Sweetie was putting the finishing touches of dirt onto her face. "Do you want Applebloom to leave us in the dust?" Scoots sighed. "No. I just...no one is going to be fooled by this!"

>The two were laying in the dirt with Scootaloo's scooter laying to the side. Sweetie had wanted to throw it, only to abandon that idea at her friends glare.

>"I'm telling you, it's going to....quick she's coming."

>By now, Rarity was large enough that the average person was a little taller than her broad hips. She had used the magic fabric she had recovered with Spike to fashion clothing that could both handle her new size and, theoretically, handle future growth. She currently was returning from the store with her groceries.

>"Oh my. One downside of being big is you eat so much more. My poor wallet...what? Sweetie Belle! "

>Sweetie gave a slightly smug grin to her friend who was rolling her eyes. "You have got to be kidding." Rarity rushed over to kneel beside them.

>"Dear Sweetie, darling Scoot-A-loo. Are you two girls okay?" Sweetie coughed in the most exaggerated of manners. "Y-yes, sister. But...could you help us up?" Rarity blinked then nodded. "But of course darling."

>As she helped them both girls felt warmth tingling through their bodies. Now standing Scootaloo saw for the first time she was no longer the shortest person around. She was in fact as tall as any other passer by. Beside her Sweetie was grinning ear to ear at her growth as well. Her shirt was straining against her expanded chest as her skirt had shortened due to her longer inseam.

>Behind them Rarity gasped too. "Oh my. Looks like I've gone and grown even more. Well, you girls don't mind...do you?"

>Sweetie turned and beamed up at her even bigger sister. "Not at all." She looked over and saw that both she and Scootaloo were now either as tall as or taller than the various passersby whereas before they would have been smaller than all but a few of them. "Not in the least."


>"Hmm, it's good to be home with the groceries and....I see I have messages. An offer to dine at Canterlot with the Princesses, an offer to be in a show by Hoity, and even an invite to play buck ball."

And now anons, what do you think? Which of Rarities new prospects in her never ending growth adventure are exciting?
I can imagine it now; attend a show, participate, maybe induce an act of generosity for a large crowd.
Cue Rarity becoming the biggest show in town, if you catch my drift.

Showing up and out sizing royalty is a close second, but more people means more room for growth shenanigans.
>links to 3 sweetie votes and 2 scoots votes
>A 2
>B 2
>>36367016 isn't a vote, it's an ask about a typo in the post
What's going on here?!
What happened to Maarthul anyhow? All his accounts are gone.
>Applejack hesitated as she stood before Rarity’s shop
>the Carousel Boutique had been closed for two days and nobody had seen its owner nor Fluttershy in that time
>although some folk swore they heard the voices of both at times, and the lights turned on and off, which stopped any sooner investigation out of politeness
>the tall, buff blond girl finally raised a fist and knocked
>she sighed with relief when she heard Rarity’s muffled voice, and after a few moments, the door opened
>Applejack took half a step back, gasped, stared and blushed deeply
>in the smallest possible silken nightgown that could be considered to offer modesty, were two full, huge F cup breasts that hung firmly with pride from the once average (but perfectly shaped) chest of Rarity, who was also almost as tall as AJ
>”Applejack, darling! What a pleasant surprise! What ever can I do for you?”
>”Uh,” the farm girl finally tears her eyes away from the inches of cleavage before her, “n- nothin’! I mean, somethin’? I-“
>”Goodness me, you look a little off-colour, my dear. Please, come in! Let me get you some water.”
>AJ entered and followed Rarity into the living area of the store, where the inside seemed fine except a crack in a wall and a dent in the ceiling
>”I could probably patch those up for ya, but first, is Fluttershy here? Everyone’s been real worried.”
>Rarity placed a glass of water in front of Applejack, who gulped it down to steady her nerves
>the two hard working girls always had a lingering tension, both proud and stubborn, but the way Rarity was dressed and presented herself got the farm girl flustered
>but the way those blue eyes now looked her over, as if studying a fine piece of art; pure adoration
>they lit up more as they looked over the farm girl’s shoulder, and that adoration turned to worship
>a voice, powerful and regal, behind Applejack said, “I’m here, and I’m perfectly fine, AJ. You’re just the woman I wanted to see.”
>Applejack turned around and her jaw went slack
>Fluttershy looked like she had been poured into what would normally be a loose set of denim overalls
>Applejack’s overalls. She’d left them with Rarity to have them repaired (and at a refusal to have them made ‘more fanciful’). She was a big girl and finding well fitted overalls was a struggle, so she knew them inside and out, ankle to strap
>the fact Fluttershy was not only tall enough that the legs cut off at her calves, but for the second time, it was the near foot length of cleavage, barely held back by the tense shoulder straps
>not to mention how tight they looked around her hips
>”Sorry we haven’t been in touch, but Rarity’s been taking some measurements and designing a new wardrobe for me. It seems I’ve had a bit of a growth spurt lately that’s really forced me out of my shell but it’s been exhausting.”
>Rarity clapped daintily. ”Isn’t it marvellous? Fluttershy was gorgeous before, but it seems she’s been holding back her real beauty. Rather like how you tend to hide yours behind, and I mean this in the most kind way, rough and tumble workers facade.”
>”Wha’? Naw,” Applejack blushed for her own sake for once, “I ain’t nothin’ special.”
>Fluttershy wrapped her arms around Applejack’s toned belly and pulled her close, hugging her back and resting her chin on AJ’s head as her soft bosom cradled it on the sides
>”You’re a desirable woman who has yet to be untapped and unleashed. You just need a gentle push. Show her, Rarity.”
>Rarity smiled and approached, arms spread and Applejack was smothered in soft flesh from both sides
>any will to escape was gone. Replaced with a burning in her heart and a wetness between her legs
>even Rarity was shocked as the sturdy woman darted forward and planted a kiss on her first, and forced the two of them to the ground as clothes were peeled off and limbs entangled
>and the boutique fell silent again
Who’s next, I wonder
How so?
File: 1582582850205.gif (332 KB, 675x675)
332 KB
332 KB GIF
He's one of those artists who nukes everything once they believe theyre getting too popular or something like that. Which is a shame. I love his art so much
Was fuckin' around with some AI text to speech, applejack caught you staring at her

Good shit, looking forward for more
Here's the most complete gallery that I'm aware of
Too thicc
File: aoc2.png (382 KB, 683x1100)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
>I haven't seen new MSOB in a while
Ah a shame
>”It’s totally a secret cult!” Pinkie chirped. “With the secret clubhouse, and the secret members, and the secret boob-boosting non-brand drink mix that may or may not send everyone to the even more super secret afterlife!”
>”Nah, you’re just being paranoid,” Rainbow dash lounged in a magically created treehouse as Twilight observed the boutique through a telescope. “I’ve heard people say Rarity’s preparing a new fashion line and using Shy as a model. Not that I care; I’m always in style.”
>Twilight sighed and wrote in her log book. “Something’s going on. Half the town suddenly had their sexual characteristics enhanced, I keep feeling weird magic surges inside and we know Rarity had a large delivery of food, drink and fabric delivered by Ditzy and she was enhanced too.”
>”Why don’t we just knock and ask?” Pinkie shrugged, sending her plush, curvy frame in a subtle jiggle
>”Yeah, why don’t we? Instead of staying cooped up here all day?” Dash hopped to her feet and stretched her limber, thin and toned body
>the formerly short, dumpy bookworm, now a tall, curvy princess (and still a bookworm), grumbled and shut her journal. “Fine, we’ll try it- huh?”
>Twilight, then Pinkie and Dash all fought for the telescope
>with a grumble, Twilight conjures two more from her castle and her group peer at the distant boutique
>first, Applejack struggled out, who had to duck the and her hips took up the full width of the doorway, then Rarity joined her
>each voyeur gasped as AJ playfully slapped Rarity’s ass, who yelped, giggled then the pair kissed like long-time lovers
>AJ had to be seven feet tall and then some, with Rarity over six
>then there was Fluttershy, who seemed normal until she grew once outside
>she stopped at 8’5” tall. wearing a beautiful gown that hugged the once meek girl’s new massive curves and exposed more flesh it covered, her hair a vibrant red and eyes a glittering green
>Applejack had the smallest bust of the three, if small was correct for her formerly C, now E cup bust, but her jeans had been patched with extra material on the hips and ass; she was huge and had to be as wide as the door
>Rarity was more balanced, like a less absurd version of the massive Fluttershy
>the trio shared a deep, affectionate hug and went their separate ways
>in a flurry of orders, Twilight sent her group in pursuit
>Pinkie bounced after Rarity as she wandered the town to do some shopping
>Dash zipped from cover to cover as AJ returned towards her farm
>and Twilight teleported from rooftop to rooftop, following the massive Fluttershy as she headed home
>some understandably stared at the massive woman, but most offered a respectful bow, not only as if she always looked like this, but as if in the presence of royalty
>and each that did was bustier than Twilight remembered (and, with a blush, noted the guys looked more... ample down there)
>Fluttershy entered her cottage at the edge of the forest, or tried to
>already ducking below the doorframe and trying to slide each boob at a time, she huffs; she was just too big
>and to Twilight’s amazement, she snaps her fingers and shrinks back to her old self
>at least for a moment, then her body re-expands, so she angrily snaps her finger again and slips through before again filling back out, and reached for the door
>Twilight teleported so her door blocked the door from shutting
>”Can I come in? We need to talk.”
>Fluttershy barely seemed surprised and simply gestured for her to enter

Let’s get some audience participation.
Who shall we follow first?
I mean, If we're already with Flutters right now, let's follow her and then see how rainbow is doing
That's such a cute image
Dave flutter shy until last. Maybe go after rainbow dash first.
File: large[1].jpg (77 KB, 1280x960)
77 KB
Good news, Flash was able to get in with the crowd of Amazons.

Bad news...
Imagine thinking that you're super clever by getting to spend the day with the girls like that only to end up ridiculed the whole day for being the one womanlet on the beach.
There are worse fates than being the short one at giantess beach day
What's better: Hard and Thicc like Applejack, or Soft and Thicc like Fluttershy?
The other guys must be having their minds blown.


I'm sure Sunset will turn him back when she feels like it...after having a personal cuddletoy for that time at the beach.
Hard and thick for me. It’s a great balance (although overall plushness is nice too; I just like strong girls).
>turn him back
No, let him be a femboy. Getting to look cute and get cuddled by a huge girl sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

Soft and Thicc. I think that at the size we like she doesn't have to be hard to still be able to toss you around and that's what's important to me at least.
For me, soft and thick. Though I don't dislike either, I just prefer the contrast of someone being huge but soft.
Why not both?
Hmm, no straight winner.
Eh, I'm sure I'll make it work.
>YWN Date Super curvy Fluttershy
>TFW you will never slap Fluttershy's fat soft jiggly butt, or suck on her gigantic tits
>TFW you will never meet Posey Shy who is Even THICKER and have a mother daughter threesome/romance with the two.
>TFW No Pony Milf waifu.
File: poseyshy.png (361 KB, 847x1600)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
Life is suffering
File: w8ing.jpg (479 KB, 1252x1555)
479 KB
479 KB JPG
Bruh, I was having an ok day, and now I'm filled with lust and despair. thx
Posey is my dream wife.
would you a non-canon mom?
She looks nice too, tell me more about her.
No update for Princess of Lust tonight; double upload tomorrow (so four, maybe five posts-worth). Got a bit with Flutters and Twilight, then Applejack and Dash. Then will do Rarity and Pinkie and finish up with Flutters and Twilight again, then hopefully epilogue stuff. Still likely to be a couple more upload batches.
Still plan to upload it all on ponepaste when it comes to a close, correct a few bits, might also indulge in max lewdness outside of the greentext format and extrapolate on some of the cutaway bits (if people want some big girl on big girl smut), we'll see. I'll make no promises, though; this is very much a side project.
File: silvermom.jpg (647 KB, 1800x1800)
647 KB
647 KB JPG
So, 20 or so years ago Miss Silvermom was a frigid hardass. Cutthroat business bastard to the core.
Nine months after that, she softened ever so slightly enough to decide that her baby would have everything her heart desired. Called her "Silver Spoon" because she'll always have the finest things, but Silvermom didn't fall into the capitalist trap of neglecting time together.

Anyway, Lil' Silver was a thirsty babb who never lost her taste for the good stuff, so Silvermom's supply is as bountiful as ever.
Excellent breeder and wife Material, bet she's got a fat butt too.
Yeah, probably
More text here:

And a classic poolside look: https://derpibooru.org/images/2095988
Dear lord, what a total MILF. I'd love to cuddle and spank her. Jeezus.
File: fondle.png (223 KB, 1000x1000)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
Aren't we all?
Only if I can fondle with my face.
Or, if she’s especially big, my whole body.
File: Spoiler Image (591 KB, 1500x1500)
591 KB
591 KB PNG
File: 1502410312350.jpg (28 KB, 370x699)
28 KB
If only...

So what do you think sex with each of the Amazon Dazzlings would be like?

I had the idea that Adagio would have the most mind blowing sex, but I could never have sex afterwards because it would be a letdown.

Sonata would be nice and cuddling, but sooner or later she'll reveal her yandere side and kill me and eat my body so that I would be part of her forever.

Aria would be a massive tsundere, but the sex, while rough, would last for a very long time.
>Twilight demanded, ”I’ll give you one chance to explain yourself, whoever you are! No tricks!”
>Fluttershy, being substantially larger, didn’t look impressed, but more bemused
>”You seem worked up, Twilight. If you want, we could always talk this over in a more... enjoyable way to help you relax.”
>Twilight had theories; was she actually Queen Chrysalis? Some sort of succubus? Possessed by an ancient spirit?
>before she could ponder further, whoever Fluttershy was stepped forward, and the Princess of Friendship felt her mind being addled
>in a budding, deep but growing pit of Twilight’s mind, she wanted to tear both their clothes off and indulge in this majestic, powerful beauty
>she drifted to meet the giantess, raised her hands to Fluttershy’s gorgeous face... and with a surge of magic, invaded her mind
>on the outside, the two women appeared to stare at each other, tenderly
>inside, Twilight saw a grand gala, a garden, adorable animals that... hated her?
>she felt slighted. She felt a yearning to be cared about, loved...
>it wasn’t what she truly desired, but the simple love of these critters held something at bay, suppressed an old, evil desire
>a hunger
>it was bubbling up
>she pursues the critters as they flee towards a grand door, barges it open and screams “you’re going to LOVE ME!!”
>a blast of magic, and the two princesses flew back against the walls
>Twilight cracked the wood and masonry surface but bounced off
>Fluttershy completely crashed through hers and was silent for a moment
>”Wha?” The massive woman sat up
>her hair was pink, cyan eyes roamed and tried to focus
>then one look at the sheer expanse of her impossible body, she squealed and tried to cover herself and finally just sat quietly, blushing
>”Are you back with us, Fluttershy? More importantly, are you hurt?”
>”Oh. T-that all really happened, didn’t it? I lost control...”
>Twilight sighed; that was the gentle girl she knew. “You’d better explain.”
>Which Fluttershy did; her secret royal bloodline, her need to meditate once a month at least, and if that failed occasionally subdue the other side of her with excessive, lustful acts that gave part of her power to both enhanced others, but made them serve her and untapped their seductive sides
>or how Shy guessed Twilight’s magic awakening as a kid also stirred the power inside her and it hadn’t appeared in her mother
>even her infamous stare was her tapping into this power
>but most of all, it was all her; as real a part of Fluttershy as her kindness and gentle nature
>and now, because of losing control, she had afflicted Rarity and Applejack with her power and they were primed to spread her influence further
>”You can stop them, right? I sent the others to follow them.”
>”I- I don’t really know how to fully control it, but I’ll try.”
>Dash continued her pursuit,
>not that keeping up was difficult, let alone following someone who was head and shoulders over everyone else
>even out of town, with only the occasional tree for cover, Dash’s speed made it easy
>right up until the final turn into Sweet apple acres, where Dash charged in after a few seconds and growing impatient
>only to run straight into the hard abs of AJ, with her plaid shirt offering no padding, and sending the speedster on her keister
>”Y’know, if yer gonna follow someone, maybe try not sprintin’ so fast ya kick up half the road tryin’ta stop.”
>AJ proved her point by brushing a hand through her thick, blond hair and pulling out a few pebbles and twigs
>”Oh crabapples. Well, whatever,” Dash flips up onto her feet and puts up her dukes. “Alright, what’s the big idea? What’s the big scheme? And what’s with all the bigness?”
>”I could tell ya, but...” AJ just steps forward; Dash once being chest high and now only belly high was pretty damn scary. “What’d be the fun in that?”
>on reflex, Dash threw a punch, but it felt like she hit a rock wall as it contacted AJ’s abs
>then the giantess clasped a hand around Dash’s wrist and lifted her clear off the floor, face-to-grinning face
>”Let’s not fight, Sugarcube. If you wanna release some stress, all ya had to do was ask.”
>AJ pursed her lips and pulled Dash in for a kiss
>Dash could have broken free, but she felt paralysed, no... she wanted to meet AJ in the middle, kiss her back
>only for the bigger girl to gasp and let Dash go as she clutched her head, her hat falling to the dirt
>Dash felt her senses return, and tried to catch AJ as she fell to her knees
>of course trying to catch a woman who’s over twice your weight, it was more cushioning the fall
>Dash was pinned beneath AJ, who finally gasped and started breathing normally, then their eyes met
>”Can’t... breathe...”
>”What in the hay? Dash? Aw heck, I thought I was dreamin’! Hold on, lemme get off’ya.”
>”Forget it, of course I’m fine, takes more than that to put me out of commission. More importantly, are you alright?”
>”Dang, I...” AJ looks down at her enlarged form, “think I’ve put on a li’l weight but yeah. Kinda feels like I’d dipped into Granny Smith’s secret hard cider stash again. Head’s real foggy...”
>”Well, c’mon big girl; let’s get you home. Twilight wants to find out what was going on at Rarity’s place but I don’t wanna try carrying you if you keel over on me.”
>Dash helped AJ to her feet, propped herself against the massive farm girl and the pair headed to the old homestead
>it was quiet inside; Applebloom was at school, Big Mac was working and Granny Smith was visiting one of their many relatives
>so AJ slumped on her bed, which creaked loudly from her weight, and Dash pulled up a chair
>”alright, spill it; what went on in the Boutique?”
>AJ blushed deeply, cleared her throat and acted her element; brutally honest. “I... uh... spent two days bumpin’ uglies with Shy and Rarity, grew bigger and sexier and enjoyed every second of it?”
>Dash gawped, turned red, shook her head, and asked, “maybe start at the beginning?”

and that’s that for now.

Hope they’re not done growing though
More to come, absolutely. Just needed to get the plot rolling.
File: 1505349111543.jpg (367 KB, 1173x559)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
How big?
I want to do a big marble pie green but I’m afraid
Writing for public consumption's pretty up there in terms of nerves. I've been writing for a couple of years and I still get nervous just before, during and after while I wait for criticism.
That said, this place is pretty chill overall. Chances are if you enjoy writing it, people will enjoy reading it.
It’s not nerves. I tend to write in such detail I arouse myself and cause coombrain. Then once coom is shed I abandon the story like a cheap whore
File: Spoiler Image (72 KB, 800x1271)
72 KB
Forgot pic
Who is pic? She’s cute?
Oh right, reading comprehension

Her hair looked a different shade to Marble’s at a glance, I see the resemblance now
Also she has the cutie mark.
I guess you can always write the build up separate. Not 100% on how to resist the coomer aspect. I usually ride the urge for sex scenes but have enough control to stop actually doing the deed itself.
Good luck, all the same.
File: aj big.png (3.91 MB, 4000x2145)
3.91 MB
3.91 MB PNG
Bump for bigness
But it’s not sex scenes. I tend to favor romantically tense scenes that make you feel like you’re right there. It’s hard to explain,
I totally feel that pain. Your mind is flowing with ideas but then suddenly it's hard to write when you're not in that mindset. Or you get too far the other way and you're just so not feeling it so when you try to write it comes out mechanical or weird without that passion there (hence my absence for a bit recently, sorry all).

My advice is to get to that stage but then stay there. Just keep that level of horny so the words flow and only after do you reward yourself. Though as you say >>36402380 if you're having trouble with focusing because you have longer scenes like that then maybe it's a good idea to sketch things out if you brain is overwhelmed by the horny. I personally usually end up just writing what comes to mind and that works for me since I can better tell what's hot, but blocking out what will happen might keep your hormone addled brain a bit more on track.
Cute Marble
iktf bro
>Rarity also knew she was being followed
>Pinkie was both too brightly dressed, people were openly greeting her and she was hollering back
>it didn’t matter; Rarity strutted her new height and expanded curves in a fashionably tight ensemble that revealed a little butt and a lot of chest cleavage
>so many eyes were on her, and she felt amazing
>but as fun as this was, Rarity rounded a corner and waited; it was time to bring Pinkie into the fold
>any second, the bubbly, bouncy girl would round the corner and-
>the fashionista screamed and spun around, only to be glomped by the thickly build woman
>”Ah! Yes, hello, darling. Just who I was looking fo-“ she was interrupted by a poke in her sizeable chest
>”How’d you get the new boobs? Magic? What spell? Or potion? Or poison joke?”
>”Oh, good. If you’re interested,” Rarity cleared her throat and turned on the fluttering eyelashes and purring tone, “perhaps we could go somewhere more suitable for such passionate secrets?”
>”Here works fine. Unless you mean the secret is sex.”
>Rarity blinks and stumbles over her words, before finally stuttering, “well, not sex, per-se, just shows of attraction and affection in the name of Princess Flu-“
>Rarity stops as Pinkie develops a mischievous grin and licks her lips
>then plants Rarity with a massive kiss
>it was so forceful, the magically taller woman was floored as Pinkie kept on
>and on
>and still on as people watched and blushed
> “... mmmmwahh!” Pinkie finally comes up and giggles
>after a couple of seconds, Rarity sits up and gasps for air
>”My gracious- I mean, goodness word- uh,” Rarity still looked dazed as Pinkie looked herself over
>”well? Am I bigger yet? C’mon, Rarity; when does it happen,”
>Rarity finally says, “oh, I feel a bit peculiar... the last thing I remember clearly is a little wine and pouring my heart out to Fluttershy, then...”
>Rarity trails off and blushes, then goes wide eyed and somehow turns even redder. “Oh... I need to apologise to Applejack and Fluttershy. I fear I’ve made a spectacle of myself and possibly damaged our relationship. Pinkie, could you- oh no.”
>all eyes were on the plump and womanly party girl as her smile went ear to ear
>a tingle ran through her, then her boobs suddenly surged a cup size bigger, then another to a G cup that tore her top
>she looked over her shoulder as her generous butt strained her skirt, and her legs grew longer, sending the 5’6 girl up to 6’0
>”now we’re talking!”
>Rarity watched with wonder, then gasped as Pinkie suddenly had one last surge and swell
>clothes split and ripped as Pinkie gasped and her eyes crossed as she hit 6’4, her hips tore the sides of her skirt and head sized bust overhung her pudgy belly into J cups
>”all eyes turned to Twilight as she ran around the corner and said, “shoot! We’re too late! Rarity must have already used her charms on Pinkie.”
>Rarity huffed and snapped, “I’ll have you know Pinkie did this to herself.”
>Fluttershy gingerly approached, now wearing several bed sheets tucked into her Princess of Lust robe to plug the skin exposing holes and still bright red with embarrassment, appeared and pushed her immense curves through the crowd
>”I’m so sorry for all of this, girls. I don’t know how to shrink you back! You must think I’m a monster...”
>Pinkie giggles, rolls her pretty blue eyes and says, “yeah, oh no, we’re all super hot; whatever will we do?”
>Twilight rolls her eyes and helps Rarity up, who’s a little taller than her and still curvier, and says, “so clearly those influenced by the Lust power can still pass it on and are still, well, big, but at least they have their senses back. We should hurry up and find Applejack and Rainbow Dash.”
>”I assume they’re at Sweet Apple Acres. I just wish we knew if everything was alright there.” Rarity adjusted and made herself more presentable.
>Shy taps her chin on thought. ”I don’t sense Applejack’s spread her power, but I also haven’t yet felt Pinkie joi-” she gasps and shivers as a smug and pleasured smirk forms and her hair turns a shade darker, bust swelling a little and she inches taller
>Twilight places her hands on Shy’s head and, after a brief glow of power, the voluptuous girl blushes and seems herself again
>Twilight explains, ”whenever Fluttershy’s influence spreads, she gets her own boost that emboldens the Lust aspect,” Twilight says, “but I think this crisis has been averted if Fluttershy hasn’t had another dose of power, so Dash must be safe and AJ should have her senses. Let’s head to the farm and see about fixing this!”
Very good, can't wait for the next part
Thicc Thighs save lives.
>Applebloom looking forward to her own giantess growth spurt.
>finally gets it
>ends up even bigger, to the tune of Applejack only reaching Applebloom’s belly
What can I say? I get a buzz out of one-upsmanship
>AJ gets mad and grows more
>So begins the great growth competition
>king-sized Canary but with mlp characters
What’s /hh/‘s ideal pick for two girls trying to outgrow each other? Or a basic premise behind why it would happen?
Obviously we already have the setup of such a scenario with a basic sibling rivalry between the Apple sisters already, but any others that people would want to see? I’m guessing Luna and Celestia is a given, since I think that might have been covered in a prompt in a previous thread.
File: ascension.jpg (245 KB, 1125x1125)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
It's definitely Luna & Celestia, and it's playful teasing

Or maybe it's Cadance and Twilight. Twilight has done the research and /knows/ she can magic herself to be the biggest with a carefully planned routine of spells, whereas Cadance just sort of breathes deeply and grows by instinct with apparently no limit.
what does everybody think of crossovers?
File: 1528770061752.gif (59 KB, 353x347)
59 KB
Such curves, much big
Meaning with what specifically?
Is there anyone you like to see the MLP girls interact with from other franchises?
>”Why aren’t we teleporting there, again?” Rarity pouted. “I’m getting dirt all over my favourite walking shoes!”
>Twilight grumbled, “it’s taking too much of my power to hold that... other part of Fluttershy back, thanks to Pinkie’s extra boost-“
>”You’re welcome!”
>”Grr... besides, Rarity; you literally just bought them today because all your old shoes don’t fit any more, how can they even be your favourites? You know what? Never mind, it doesn’t matter, we should be fine. AJ should have her mind again and Dash should be keeping an eye on her.”
>Shy sighs with relief, “thank goodness. I don’t know if I could hold back any more power. Even that other side of me is struggling to keep it under control.”
>with that, the four tall, curvy girls continued towards the farm
>back with AJ and Dash;
>”So yeah. That’s what I remember, anyhow.”
>Rainbow Dash mopped her forehead; AJ went into serious detail about the last couple of nights and to say the lithe girl was a little hot and bothered was an understatement
>Applejack sat back on her bed, the wood creaking loudly from her powerful 7’3 body, and says, ”can’t my say I didn’t enjoy it, and I’d kinda been crushin’ on Rarity a little, but I think I’d rather stay friends. Just hope this don’t make things weird between us.”
>Dash gives AJ a reassuring pat on the knee. ”I’m sure it’ll be fine. We’re all close and know each other, right? Hopefully Twi has Fluttershy under control and we can forget this all ever happened.”
>Applejack blushed a little. “This whole mess kinda did help with one thing; I feel more ready for a relationship now.”
>Applejack removes her hat, which is now a little small for her, and gently places it on Dash’s head
>”What do you mean?” Dash says, unsure. She adjusts the hat, moves to sit besides Applejack and they look each other in the eye
>the farm girl leans forward, elbows on knees. ”I respect all our friends, and Rarity’s a hard workin’ lady, which I’ve always found attractive, but I don’t think it would work. I’ve always wanted someone who pushed me to punch past my limits. One thing I remember about these two days is I need someone tough and fit to keep up with me.”
>Dash shrugs, “makes sense. I don’t know if I’ve ever thought about stuff like that. Guess I’m the same; I’d need someone who can keep up with me and make me want to improve.”
>”Darn tootin’! None’a this gentle hogwash. Someone who can grab ya by the horns and really get physical! Someone who ya can rely on. Someone strong and” AJ’s pauses as her eyes wander Dash’s body, “loyal.”
>”Yeah! Someone honest and can give as good as they get. Hah, sounds a bit like-“
>Dash blushes madly and they both clear their throats and giggle a little
>”I mean, it could be worth a try,” AJ says and gently tips Dash’s face to hers and they just stare for a moment
>”S- sure! Nobody I respect more t- than you... I- just- um...”
>”I know; I’m a bit big. I’ll be careful...”
>”N- no, it’s just that... I haven’t- um...”
>Applejack raised an eyebrow, tilted her head and said, “yer redder than Applebloom’s hair, Dash. What’s wrong?”
>”I’ve never... even kissed...” Dash trailed off
>Applejack chuckled, but it was kind sounding instead of mocking as she wrapped an arm around Dash’s shoulders
>”That’s alright, girlie. No shame in it!”
>”Surprised you have. You’ve never really talked about it, then suddenly you’re gabbing on about what you did with Rares and Shy.”
>”Heck, y’all think those rodeo an’ farmin’ tournaments are just about competin’? Winners get their pick o’the bunch, and I won plenty! Pro’lly gonna win even more now!”
>Applejack curled her other arm and Dash watched in wonder; the size of AJ just enhanced how strong she looked
>Dash looked down at AJ’s thigh, which was wider than Dash’s whole body, and suddenly ran a hand over it, and felt the muscle bulge as the farm girl flexed her leg, and their eyes meet again
>AJ leans down and the pair have a gentle kiss, then they slowly lower themselves into AJ’s bed
>AJ lets Dash set the pace, yet the feisty girl settles in and even tries to take charge
>then she gasps; her arms and legs flex and swell
>her small breasts bulge to a respectable D cup, and her tight ass grew some padding
>finally the 5’2 girl stretches longer and grows to what would be an impressive 5’10
>except AJ still looms over her, and wordlessly decides to try out Dash’s new body for herself, with no objections in return
>after two days of lust, AJ enjoys something a little more pure
File: cadancechrys.jpg (442 KB, 1500x1352)
442 KB
442 KB JPG
Definitely these two right here. They hate each other, and their growth could be because they are competing for Shining's attention.
I love Maniacpaint so much
File: 2528690.jpg (709 KB, 1299x1449)
709 KB
709 KB JPG
Nice, good stuff
File: 1567890259456.gif (189 KB, 555x532)
189 KB
189 KB GIF
Imma bump this desk to bump this thread. That's how it works right?
>accidentally knocks her pituatary gland into high gear and starts growing.
Foolish pone.
I actually kinda like this. Is big pony/small human a thing in this thread?
File: ws9glQEknuE.jpg (158 KB, 720x716)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Not typically, but if you really want to then go for it
File: Spoiler Image (987 KB, 1012x1309)
987 KB
987 KB PNG
>tfw sunhorse looms over you
big big bump

bigger big bump
I think that would really belong in /mmp/, which is dedicated to big ponies where this one is dedicated to big humans.

That said, I don't think anyone here is going to throw and autistic shitfit either way as long as it's not too unreasonable.
It should be!
>Twilight knocks on AJ’s door and there’s a commotion on the other side; female gasps, creaking and cracking wood, muffled voices and cussing
>Twilight calls out, ”is everything alright? Hold on, I’m coming in!”
>”Don’t you dare, Twilight! Just an applebuckin’’ sec!” AJ says. There’s a ripping of fabric, punctuated with, “gosh darn it!”
>after a few more seconds, the door opens to the looming, still 7’3 frame of Applejack with wild bed-hair, wearing tight, torn panties and a ridiculously small jacket that just barely covers her nipples
>”Sorry to interrupt, but... wait, is that Dash’s jacket?”
>”I see Canterlot, I see Prance,” Pinkie chirps from behind, “I see Dashie has no underpants! Ooh, it’s even rainbow down there!”
>Twilight can’t help but peer around the massive farm girl to Dash
>the little rainbow tuft stood out, along with her newly enhanced body; she was closer to AJ’s original powerful build and as curvy as Shy originally was
>one arm across her larger breasts, Dash yelps and covers her colourful exposure with AJ’s hat and dips behind the ruined bed
>”*Ahem*,” Applejack blocks more of the door. “What’s the problem?”
>”A huge one now, because of you and Dash-“
>AJ slams a hand on the doorframe, which sent a shudder through the house and cuts Twilight off, and grumbled, “of all the people who’d judge, I’d never have thought it’d be you!”
>Rarity raises her hands and says, “no, of course not! What she means is this whole Fluttershy situatio-“
>”Wait, where is Fluttershy?” Pinkie muses, “She’s real sneaky for being so massive!”
>Twilight gasps, “oh no, it’s already happening!”
>the gang got outside just in time to see Fluttershy cry out in ecstasy
>her hair burned red, her eyes deep green and wide
>and her her already form hugging gown grew tight around her, the tucked blankets falling away
>the towering woman bulged out and upward, as head sized breasts snapped and tore through the sheer fabric
>nine feet, then ten as she outgrew her outfit and looked down at the diminutive other princess and her subjects
>Twilight watched as each girl gasped in pleasure and grew larger still
>Applejack grew up to eight feet and rippling with strength, thighs and ass so absurdly large she could topple trees with a swing of her hips
>Dash, still the shortest of the afflicted, was now as tall as Twilight at 6’4, but more womanly even as every groove of muscle stood out as she flexed
>Rarity followed Fluttershy’s example and became the vision of exaggerated beauty; huge breasts, wide swinging hips and just as gorgeous as before but now a lofty 7’2
>Pinkie was Shy’s level of curves on a 6’9 frame, packed down and so wildly ridiculous, just like the woman herself
>and all turned their eyes, now a flat colour of their normal eyes, with a dull glow
>and Fluttershy finally stopped growing at a full fourteen feet tall, and her eyes radiated green, her hair flowing like true flame in slow motion
>Shy’s stare froze Twilight in place and her voice shook the air, “hold her!”
>unable to move, the princess of friendship was her by AJ and Dash as Rarity and Pinkie gently caressed her face and body
>”I was so used to surviving on scraps, strangers offered little, but with each kindred soul, I’ve grown so much stronger! I can’t even begin to imagine how much power I’ll get from you... I need to savour it.”
>Fluttershy ran her hands over her own body, energy crackling from her fingers, and earning a deep moan as she stroked between her legs
>so distracted was the Princess of Lust, Twilight felt control return to her; she had to think of a way out before she was converted too
>that much power would make Fluttershy more powerful than Celestia
>but Shy had no real magic experience besides her stare and that reflected in the Princess of Lust; she’s been suppressed until just recently and relied on brute force
>and Shy had her at her mercy, yet seemed conflicted on what to do:’m; maybe she couldn’t risk such a large dose of power
>Twilight watched Shy grow increasingly aroused at her own majesty, and threw out a baiting submission
>”fine, Fluttershy; get it over with. Take me! You win.”
>she looked Twilight over, licked her lips, but frowned and said, uncertain, “n- no... uh, I won’t deprive my subjects of that pleasure. They will sup on your strength over time. I shall indulge once they have had their fill.”
>then Twilight wasn’t being held; she teleported, her arms around Shy’s neck
>and kissed her, deep and passionately as she poured all her magic straight into her
File: celestia mine.png (2.17 MB, 1463x2033)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
God, that image and pic related are so fucking hot. Too bad the artist didn't do more of them.
Bump bigger
Thank you for keeping the thread alive with some solid green.
I was hoping other greens would crop up since I’m approaching the end of the initial story I set. I’ve got a long epilogue I was going to save for another time but if things stay this quiet, I might just roll straight into it.
The epilogue basically covering how life changes with what happened, the fate of Shy as the Lust Princess, plus another character gets in with the growth, but I won’t spoil who (but there’s some build up to it).
Glad peeps are still enjoying my ramblings though.
Others will end up returning soon enough I'm sure. Enjoy being the only game in town for a while!
Big lady bumps
Ride the pony
File: tsbed.png (330 KB, 1000x959)
330 KB
330 KB PNG
Anon, please. I already came like seven times to Celestia size difference stuff yesterday. I can't spend another 3 hours beating my meat to that, I have shit to do.
Human versions riding pony versions. Only the human versions are too big! Poor ponies...
Who would find the act of being smooshed underneath their larger human counterpart enjoyable?

I think Applejack would see it as a challenge to lift her thick self, but I'm sure someone's gotta find it hot.
File: dt and dt.jpg (1.27 MB, 1312x2000)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
>Human Tiara knows that her pony-self is more than an adorable little fashion accessory
>Pony Tiara finds walking around big folks to be too demeaning, and demands she be carried
File: 1502312259465.jpg (45 KB, 600x480)
45 KB
This is excellent
File: 1611002223732.png (168 KB, 1039x576)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Found in another thread, Sunset is confirmed for stacked. I repeat, Sunset Shimmer has canon huge honkers that threaten to destroy Twilight's tops due to her being a chestlet.
>Rainbow Dash is flat
It checks ou-
>Pinkie is flat
>tfw no giant Applejack gf to BUMP against
Life is pain
Pinkie's top must have already exploded. It's the only explanation.
File: tight.png (243 KB, 1336x1828)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
That page is also the reason this image exists
Twilight is disheartened and annoyed by how small she feels seeing sunset bursting out of her old uniform >>36430961 and decides to do something about it. She casts a spell to make her grow to fit any clothes she puts in in a similar manner so she can feel big and enjoy tight, undersized clothes rather than finding everything too big for her petite body. Obviously, she'll start with Sunset's outfits.

Or maybe it's Sunset with the power to expand and outgrow clothes. Really as long as someone gets bigger and some clothes get ruined it's wonderful.
File: 2082940.jpg (1.43 MB, 1700x1900)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
Maybe right. But Pinkie and Rainbow got the half-destroyed pair, with the worn out seams and buttons. Potentially large.
Sunset, despite being L A R G E, drew the short straw and has to deal with overwhelming Tiny Titty Twilight's top.
Appul is somewhere in between.
Or perhaps Twilight is actually bustier than Pinkie and Rainbow. Sunset is just super stacked.
File: 1538340232833.png (155 KB, 535x717)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
If that were the case, Pinkie and/or Dash would be more comfortable in Sunset's uniform, and she would be better served wearing one of the old ones. Gives room to breathe.
So either the two uniforms are so ratty that they need to be adjusted in order to look presentable (small), or three of the infiltrators are BIG.
File: 1506145550712.png (473 KB, 400x762)
473 KB
473 KB PNG
>These Shim pics
*Sloosh sloosh*
File: 2272183.jpg (111 KB, 800x1167)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Sunset is the best.
wobble wobble.
File: Spoiler Image (42 KB, 333x379)
42 KB
>TFW it’s hearthswarning again in this thread
A meal like her, it's like Thanksgiving

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