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Howdy, partner!

What you see here began as a series of comedy-centric stories with the concept of an alicorn-ascended Princess Applejack trying to change a mismanaged Equestria for the better by humorously interacting with the other, quite lazy, princesses. Plus late night pink antics.

Not to mention a whole bunch of Changelings with nothing better to do but cause mischief.

The whole thing was set in motion by this gem:


>So, wait, why am Ah' a princess again?

>Because you seem to be the only goddamn one of those ponies who gets that a Princess need to do actual work regarding maintenance of the kingdom. You know how much city planning or trade negotiations Twilight or Luna have done? Fucking nothing. Everyone is obsessed with the world ending threats they think I should fight, but the minute I point out the free health care I have to work to maintain everyone goes quiet. And don't even get me started on Cadence, who can't even manage a basic meeting with the Equestrian Games representative. Fucking annoying. Go do actual princess stuff, because apparently everyone else got the pamphlets mixed up or something and thinks "Princess" means "Beat cop."


Are you feeling creative? Try your hand at writing a story! No contribution is too small and we love having new folks around.

If you're more artistically inclined give a drawing or sketch a shot. Don't fret too much; it doesn't have to be fancy and we appreciate artwork a lot.

If that isn't your style either, writers always need feedback. So tell us what you liked - and what you didn't - to help us improve.

If you are unsure about anything, do not be afraid to ask. We will gladly bring you up-to-date or explain anything you feel is unclear.

Thread 317 and that queen looks like a mean teen!
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314 desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/35946087
315 desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/36029894
316 desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/36094644
Here is full archive of the stories in condensed, easy-to-read form with all chatter in-between removed.
Check out the pastebin here:

Curious what happened last time?
Check out the previous thread here: >>36094644

You are completely new and have no idea what is going on? There is a wikia with an overview of all characters, a complete timeline, previous thread recaps and stuff used in these stories!
Check it out here

Confused about when a character first showed up? Want to know when an arc started? Check out character notes and details here :

Check out the 'Princess Applejack: Re-Cut Edition' here:

Are you interested in the dark side of these threads?
Check out our collection of NSFW stories here:

Enjoy your stay with /pa/!
That would be the freakiest thing to wake up to. Just one second silence then “howwwddyyyy!

>Tia? Gotta question.

"You've been involved enough in my governance I can start including you in the complaints, just so you know. I will make you backflip just to laugh at you."

>It ain't about yer' governance fer' once.

"I've been hurt enough to know that means nothing about the situation."

>Ah' just wanna know iffin' Ah'm gonna grow up ta' yer' size.

"I sure hope so."

>What'cha mean?

"Well, according to her genetics, Twilight is pretty much going to look exactly like me."


"Pallet swapped clone, swear to me."

>Am Ah' gonna look like that!?

"I hope so."

>You keep sayin' that, why?

"Because my country isn't going to be run by a marelette like Cadence. Her husband is taller than her depending on the angle, her husband!'

>Ah' might grow up ta' Luna's size.

"What did I just say about Marelettes!? If you're not this tall the you don't deserve to rule Equestria! You get the fringe creepy ponies! I will find more deformed ponies and make you rule them!"

>Did ya'll just call the crystal ponies deformed?

"Did you deny it?"

>Ahem. So, eat some Apples so Ah' grow taller?

"Try to get some more greens in there. Maybe brussel sprouts?"

>Ya'll can try ta' get mah' hoof outta yer' fat flanks iffin' ya' come at me with that.

"Marelettes, when will they learn?"

>Auntie Celestia? I heard a rumor you called me a marelette. I'm not a marelette, am I!?

"Who let this child wander into the castle-Oh! Cadence! Didn't recognize the top of your head!"
Pic sauce?
Made for the thread and posted last thread >>36131349
It's not the weirdest thing that's loomed over Canterlot. Luna's shadow was glaring at them for centuries.
Absolutely ruthless
Pinkie Preview Prophecies

>Are you doubting Applejack's apple crumb cake?
>Big Mac made some mac with cheese.
>Granny Smith insist you keep eating.
>Berry Punch tries the cranberry.
>Gilda gets double stuffed.
>Potatojack ends up mashing her potatoes...again.
>The Crusaders give their thanks to the bird.
>Hammy fanservice!
>>Big Mac made some mac with cheese
It is lame, it’s not his fault
Tall enough that nobody can reach her
Freakiest, or inspiring?

>Twilight, it's the worst thing! Celestia said I was short!

"You're older than I'll be when I'm huge and you're half the size, of course you're short."

>B-but you won't look down on me, will you?



>B-but at least Flurry won't be short, right?

"With that wingspan? No chance. She's going to be giving Celestia noogies."

>Good... that's good...

"And considering Twilight's future, that means that the genetics must've come from me-"


>Auntie Luna, how did you deal with being short?

"Engaged in dark and terrible magic that consumed our mind and drove us mad."


"...but we got taller-"


"That's not the end of the story!


"We ended up even shorter than before!"


>Teach me the secret to growing taller!

"How did you even find me in this? This makes no sense! It completely contradicts-"

>It's clearly not canon, just tell me how to do it!




>Shiny look I'm tall! Maybe a little too tall!

~...I have never been so turned on.~





>We've been getting reports of a Pink going on random tangents and I'm sick of getting calls! I can respect the break of a pink, but keep it filed so we know how to feel about it!

"I'm sorry, I don't do this very often!"

>It's alright, it happens. Wouldn't believe the tangents Diamond Tiara used to go on, but this is important!

"I'm sorry! I just wanted to be tall!"

>Well if that's the case, why not just use perspective?

"...Of course!"

>Always the simpliest of solutions. Alright everyone, back to the regular programming, unless you don't want to. We can't stop you. We're powerless.

"Pinkie why are you smiling."

>Completely at your mercy...
Weaver stop
And that's when Cadence left him for a dragon.

>So, what's the game plan here? Let Punchy perpetually pulverize these poltergeists by proxy and just hope they give up?

"That's the big one."

>And the little one?

"Regroup close to the castle and hold out til word reaches our would-be reinforcements."

>From Canterlot?

She jerks her head towards a dark structure far beyond the dwindling protective shell of the empire.

>Ah... You think they'll be able to convince them to stand down?

Before their eyes, the towering juggernaut slaps down another wave of invaders even as obnoxious screeching continues to fill the air.

>Changeling to changeling?

"Pft. Hoof to skull, maybe. You wouldn't happen to have a potion or whatever whipped to get rid of ghosts, would you?"

>Based on what's been effective so far, I've some resin you could try. Hopefully, it'll soften up the more resilient ones, but it's not much of a long term solution.

"Any chance you can you lather the shield up with it?"

>Given a few days and a warehouse full of materials, yes.

"Best you'll get is a couple hours and maybe a closet's worth of whatever I can spare someone to grab."

Her dry response is met with a light laugh.

>I'm surprised you'd trust me with that much.

Wryly, she smiles.

"Well, I guess those Tower Talks are starting to pay off."


Ears flicking, she glances back to the conflict at hand.

"Break's over. Keep looking to see what works against these guys. Any bit helps."

>I will.

She turns away, her wings folding out.



>Ah... Er... Good luck, Spitfire.

"...Pfftt hahaha..."

>What's so funny?

At that, she rolls her eyes.

"Nothing, Timid Timmy. Nothing at all."


Before taking flight once more.

>...Got get 'em, Firebird.
>Rainbolt Red

>Good news, everyone! We're holding together, mostly!

"Bad news?"


>So are they!

'We need more firepower, who has the big gun?'


'I don't have guns.'

(Damn it, Yellow-)



'I did NOT need to bring a gun! I'm a leg! I'M A LEG!'


'What about you, green!? You're the arms!'


'So you should be armed!'


>...yellow is absolutely right.

"It sounds so obvious now!"

(Way to drop the ball, GREEN!)

Bug zapper?
...mother of god
If someone knew how to repurpose the shield, it probably could be turned into a giant bug zapper.
Flurry get on it!
When you're arms, you have the right to bare your arms.

>Huh, what does this button do?


"Pretttyyyyy liiiiights."


>Oh my stars, it makes a zapper! This is amazing! I can absolutely use this!


>Ha! Doing great!


>...looking pretty great too.


>Like, really great.


>...I wonder if anyone would mind if I touched it-No! No Forty Two! Remember what Cadence said!


~Forty Two, you want to touch it?~


>Blast your out of context instructions! What did Chrysalis say!?


~Hey Forty Two put this in your mouth and see if it's bad.~


>The timing on these memories are terrible! But what about Shining Armor, he'd never say anything like that!


~Hey, Forty Two... how about you grab hold of this thick, hard, massive spear and rub it with all you have. Then I'm going to take you by the head and really rock your world.~


>...I don't think that one was all real.




>Okay that one for sure didn't happen, Shining would've said please! These fantasies are flawed, flawed I say!


>Screw it I'm going to poke it.


>...Well, good news, I only blew out the weapon. Bad news...

"The light! Bring back the light!"

>Yeah, blew that one. What would Tiempo say about this?


>Thank you, Timmy.
And 42 remains goddamn hilarious
That Tiempo could hear her and she took it in stride is the best part.


>About Shining Armor's dick.


>I shouldn't have said that, should I?

~I meant about poking the zapping thing.~

>Oh, I guess I got it right.


>Listen when you see it-

It does look rather nice.
>>Listen when you see it-
Everyone's seen it, he insists on not wearing pants.

>No, she's right, it's pretty hard-


>To think of other things when the subject come up. It's really long and-


>Short of it that some things stick with you. And boy I'm assuming there's a lot of sticky-


>Situations you would think about this in when you're full of adrenaline, and want to be full of-


>Focus, because distractions on the battlefield can be terrible.


>It's a pretty great dick though.


>I'm hoping more for In.

They mention it more than Cadence does.
42 being the only sane one is exactly the same reason why Applejack worked so well for so long.


>We talkin' bout Shiny's dick out here?


"We were!"

'Can we stop? It's distracting.'


>Look, all I'm saying is that it's not a perfect dick-

~Thank you!~

>But it is a dick I'd want.


"Yeah, like, I'm sure I've seen better dicks out there."


"But like, that's a special dick, you know? The gentlemare's club dicks just don't have that same oomf, even if some of them are bigger."

>And curvier!

~Is curvy good!?~

'I would really like you both to switch to another channel.'

~This is radio!? How do I turn it off! HOW DO I TURN IT OFF!?~

>Yeah, you should leave.

~I would love to-wait why?~

'We're talking about nice dicks, I'd assume.'

~...and... and you don't want me to be a part of this to hear what you have to say about mine? For good or bad reasons?~

>Look I just don't want to hurt your feelings.

~Bad reasons bad bad turn it off TURN IT OFF!~

'To be fair, we've never seen him at full mast.'


"I haven't looked either."

~...That hurts worse for some reason.~

"Telling it like it is."

>I've seen it on the shower cams, he's not impressive.

~Why do you have those!?~

>I don't, I'm lying, I just wanted to see if you denied it.

~...well I do! Deny it, I mean.~

'Not very passionately.'


>Oop, he figured it out.

"...so should we talk about him, or?"

'Damn it, now I'm thinking about Cadence's flanks!'

"They're not great."

>Not very high tier.

"But, I mean... dat body as a whole."

>Oh no yeah I'd do absolutely horrifying things to the body, but lets not pretend she has a Celestia flank.

'By LOVE does Celestia have a nice flank.'





~I wanted to see if I remained in the conversation, and am a little sad you all just brushed past me.~
>None of them think its perfect but accept it

that's love
I appreciate they're blunt about Cadence too.

The lies would hurt more than the truth.
She'd just keep both
At this point guard the only thing that’s confusing Is that it didn’t take four years
It does seem a little odd they aren’t getting involved, isn’t it
Building up suspense
For what?
Pony butt.

>Miss Citrine? How suspenseful is too suspenseful?


>Like, are we heeeerreeeee... or here?

"What's the difference?"

>Well heeeeeeerreeeeee is bad.


>But here, isn't so bad we need to do something about it.


>Here, you think?

"Here, sure."


"...now, to decode what the heck that meant."
Way to doom the Empire
Love is sometimes making it clear that your butt just ain't got dat strut, but you still gonna nutt

>This is bad!

It was not a good situation.

"This is really bad!"

Unless one were a particularly massive Titan Changeling, of course.

{Ha! Look at how tiny you are!}

It was true, comparatively at least. For as big as the machine could boast of its own size, it still was utterly dwarfed by the Titan that nearly broke Canterlot free from the mountainside just by a single swing of its hoof. It was fortunate, in some unsettling way, that Canterlot had already seen a fair share of giant beings smashing it. By this point the stonecutters and architects of the land had become artists in keeping things from collapsing from absurd weight and blows. The field of weight distribution and shock absorption had completely changed in the span of a few years, for the better. It meant that if nothing else, it wouldn't break.


Unlike parts of the giant machine. Try as it might to block the mighty blow, it could do little besides dampen the already bone rattling shock when struck.

~Why does everything keep sparking!?~

The green ling brushed off several of the hot spots, more annoyed than anything at their current state.

(Because it's breaking you dolt! NIGHT SLASHAAAAA!)

A slash of energy carved its way across the top of the changeling's head.


It struck true, and did little more than leave a fading line on her brow.

{You call that a slasher? This is a slasher!}

A long hoof reached out and pulled a tower from the ground, swinging it with such speed even their fastest reflexes were only barely enough to get out of the line of sight before it crunched its way through a building. A slice, it was not, but when one is strong enough to carve a building in half with a pole, semantics didn't really come into play.

>We've got to hold on until the princess returns!


His heroic voice was inspiring, even if it wasn't particularly believable.

>And we will! We've persevered through worse than this!

"We've also lost from less than this."

>Because we're the rainbolts!

The Queen's eyes went flat with annoyance as he struck a pose.

>And we always fight for justice! REEEDDD BLAAZZAAAAAAAAA!

A wave of fire consumed the Titan.

{You can't be serious.}

Her cold gaze dispelled it more than her magic did.


Promixity alarms blared.


And the world became a blur.
I just realized this world would completely solve Earthquake problems by this point.
Did she just pull a Dragonzord

>Oh great, who are you?

"Fuck off!"

'Shoo! Shoooooo!'

>...beg pardon?

"Do you know how long we've waited to go on our vacation slash second honey moon!?"


"This wasn't even a thing when we tried the first time!"


"Look, we did not break out of our death itself so we could be accosted while we're on vacation!"

'Honey buns you're getting upset.'

"You're snickerdoodles right I'm upset! We waited in that line for an hour to break in!"

>Look, we're currently dealing with an invasion-

"So go deal with it and let us see the sights!"

>The sights currently besieged by ghost changeling queens?

'I know, they're assholes. I can't get a decent picture. Chia-bean, can you ask the nice mare to move them so I can get a picture with the statue?'

"Xenny henny I'm trying to get her to leave, I don't want to owe her anything."


"Oh, alright... can you please clear out those ruffians around the big dragon statue? We want a picture."



>Sure, reasonable request.

"Well now I feel like an asshole."

'See, Xenesthis? I told you ponies were nicer than Queens! You know, like the ones who lied and betrayed us and turned us against each other and MADE ME KILL-'


'Sorry, sorry, don't do the full name.'

>Riiight, gonna go clear those out now.

'Thank you!'

"...you think they'd get mad if we fooled around under the statue."

>That tragic love story gets a happy end

>They found each other and reconciled in the afterlife
Best end
>Found love in the land of love
Dragonzord EATS the towers. Come on man this is PW101
And tsunami proof!
... was it ever not that?
Depends on the tsunami

>And on your left, you'll see the famed Crystal Cutlery resteraunt!


'Look at the spoons!'

>And on your right, the Sparkle Weaver!

"I remember that place! Wow, it's like it hasn't changed at all!"

'Like... at all. Didn't we die a thousand years ago?'

"Maybe ponies progress slowly."

>And up ahead, the crystal movie theater!

"What the fuck is a movie!?"

'The future is new and scary!'
When they find out about Popcorn, it's all over.
"Crystal Tour Guide"

>I'm just saying, if you guys have been in stasis for a thousand years... why hasn't your language changed?

"Because the one who rules Equestria spoke our language and set the standard for that language for a thousand years. So long as she was speaking that language they wouldn't diverge too far from it."


"She also may have intentionally kept it that way so that when we or her sister returned we would be able to, you know, communicate."

>Seems like a lot of effort.

"She made an entire holiday about her sister being a dick and kept it around for a thousand years."

>It's... honestly inspiring.

>...dang it. TIA! GOTTA QUESTION!

"Save it for the next one!"


Next time, baby.
I think if a tsunami hit the side of a mountain in the center of a massive landmass, you just want to die. Otherwise you're cleaning up all that shit.
I mean I'd just go higher on the mountain.
And watch them drown!? No thank you.
I'd surf.

Movies says that works.
Worth a shot
Movies lied about me finding a marefrind

>This clearly isn't working and is a dumb idea.

"Well I don't know what else to try!"


"Yeah! I mean, I wrote a letter to other Scootaloo telling her I'm jazzing it up in the great beyond, that gives her closure, right?"


"Well I'm all out of ideas."

>Dashie do you not see the problem with telling someone the afterlife exists and that there's a way to send letters?

"Well its not like I included a return address, I'm not that dumb!"

>But she does know there IS a return address.


In the distance, something flashes.



"Probably should've waited until she was less crazy."

>Maybe forever, even.


>Yeah, WHOOPS.

>No, seriously, it all makes sense! Once I blow up this part of the world, we can go down into the center of the earth and get Rainbow Dash back!

"...Okay, Scoots, two problems. One, that's dumb-"

>No vision!

"And two, why do ya' think she went down there? Wasn't she a pretty good pony?"



>New plan, blow a hole in the SKY

"Scoots stop"

>Brother, I'm a little worried.

"Don't call me that in public, if they find out we're related, they'll think I protect you because I like you or something!"

>But now they just think we're gay.

"I've been called worse!"

>Like what?

"Someone who likes you!"


"What did you want, anyway?"

>Shouldn't we... you know... go fight?



"Queen said we need to stay put."

>But that's like... our place, isn't it?

"This is our place."

>But we're still connected to them, aren't we?


>...I think we should help.

"And I think you deserve to get noogied."


"See who wins?"

>... yeah.

>ORDER! ORRRRDER! We're now here to discuss if we should get involved in the current explotasticallism of the Empire!

"Wait, we could do that!?"

"I thought the shield was repelling changelings, specifically!"

"It does seem extremely specific to changelings!"

"And we all remember the last time we fought an anti-changeling shield!"

"That's literally the only reason we're all here, we don't want to get zapped like those ghost changelings! If this is just ghost and not changeling I have several questions!"

"You'd think it would be changelings, right? I mean he already made one of those and he couldn't have expected ghosts... or... could he?"

"Does this mean I can stop digging? I've been digging for hours! Literal hours! Just so we can get under the shield and go do something! Turns out it goes underground, but I'm pretty sure I'll hit the bottom. What are the odds a dome thing on the top is also dome on the bottom? Shapes don't work like that!'

"Explain yourself the carrot cake stand is getting besieged and we're doing nothing! NOTHING!"

"To be fair to fourteen, he might be asking how we're going to deal with the anti-changeling shield."

"And you're defending him because?'

"He gets assblasted enough."

>...ha haaaaa...

"So... who wants to go in the mass of ghosts and poke the shield to see if we die?"




>""""""""""""NOT IT!"'"""""""""

>Shit, best out of three?

>""""""""""""NOT IT!"'"""""""""

"This is going to take a while."
>I've been digging for hours! Literal hours! Just so we can get under the shield and go do something!
That's dedication.
The 14 gay jokes return
Why is AJ a ghost?
Her spirit left her body so all may hear her song.

She’s transcended
She’s laughing at your pain from beyond the grave
As we all deserve
Kinda inspiring how many were genuinely wanting to help

>Ya' took that question a little too far.


>Tia come on.

There are some lines that must not be crossed.
Is there a story reason we're keeping them out, or was this just a "We've done the changelings enough we wanted the ponies to shine"
I actually was letting the Crystal Guard have a moment, but we can bring them in now if you want. it's been two threads.
Yeah lets move on to the next thing.



~Er... stop in the name of love?~

'I want to watch several seasons of your adventures.'

>I want to see a spinoff.

"I want to see a remake."

'I want t see a more accurate rendition of the comics!'

~Okay, sure... you just have to give up being evil.~

>Kill him.

"Kill him harder."

'Kill him, with a vengence!'

~Worth a shot.~
Dance around in a dress, have a few drinks, it'll be fun...
Well at least he isn't carrying THAT sign...
To be fair in this universe it would just be confusing
They would have questions if nothing else
And I don’t think they would appreciate the answers
What's 18 up to?
They might appreciate it’s not them

>You know...

She sighed to herself as she watched the monitors showing the land all around her. From the fight within the castle to the furthest corner of the Empire beyond, she could see them all as they battled.

>It occurs to me that things just keep trying to specifically take away things I love. It's like it's focused, on me, specifically. Anything I love? Whoop, gotta take that from the poor mare who finally was happy and moving on. But it feels like no matter what I do...

She sighed when her eyes blurred enough to see a face in the crowd. A face that was gone when she focused on that spot again.

>...it feels like I'll always be paying for those mistakes.

She could hear Mane-Iac's laughter, and it kept her from hearing her own regretful breath.

>I'm sorry.

She didn't even know who she was apologizing to.

>I'm so... so sorry.

Only that she hoped they would forgive her, and leave her family alone.

>...to everyone except you, mother.

She knew better than to hope on that one.
To be fair 18, you could say the gods of this world are trying to bring pain to EVERYONE


>Oof, that uh... that doesn't look good for Canterlot.

"I didn't know they could get that big! I can see them from here!"

'And I can see my house from here!'


'I'm trying to look anywhere else besides the devastation unfolding, the lives lost, the sheer PAIN that must be going though those that saw their livelyhoods flattened beneath the heels of monsters that have no compare in might and power. I... just want to be distracted.'



'And also my house is right there. Right next to us.'



'You wanna play Neightendo?'

"...what's a neightendo?"

'Okay now we have to play so I can win.'
To be fair that was paritally your fault, the fuck did 18 do?
Bombed places.

"More on your left!"

>I see them.

"Up high, up high!"

>See them as well.

"Oh no look out, swinging in from the right!"

>I can see them.


>I stepped on that one.

"OH NO, IT'S-"

>Do you want to have a turn?

"More than anything in the whole world."

>Well too bad.



"You're sleeping on the couch."

>I have my own bed-


>Come on, that's-




>I'm sorry.

"...couch but you may bring a pillow."

>That's the best I'm getting, isn't it...
That's what you get, 42.

Always let them have a turn.

>If I were to also deny you a turn-



"Different couch than Forty Two."

>Damn it, she saw right through me.

They'd all gathered, all of them.

Every changeling in the castle, every one of them. The normally loud, randy bugs that couldn't be slowed had grown silent as they looked to each other, expecing one of them to finally break the silence.

>We can't just sit here.

They still cursed him when one of them did.

"We're supposed to stay put."

'I don't think they meant when the Empire is getting attacked by an army!'

"The Queen might've, she's pretty paranoid."

>Well then we have to disobey her!

Even after all these years, it sounded taboo. Wrong. Something that would bring a blade down on the changeling's head. It was almost absurd when nothing bad happened.

"We can't, if we go out there, there's no telling what'll happen! If the whole army can't beat them, why could we!?"

>We've beaten an army before!

"Not one with missiles!"

>We could've done it anyway!

'I don't know, we're not all powerful...'

>But we are powerful! Look at us! We're at our peak! Full of love, full of power, with a base of operations and a reason to get out there before our food source gets completely wiped out! Even if you don't want to risk your life for a pony, you don't want to starve, do you!?

'He makes a good point.'

"Starving won't matter much if we're dead because we lost to changeling queens! We're an army of drones, that's an army of QUEENS!"

'...he makes a better one.'

There was a hard split in the drones with that.

>Look, if you all want to stay here and hide, that's something you can live with! But I'm at least going to give them a chance before they're completely overwhelmed.

"They might be able to handle it."

>How!? Is Forty Two going to fight them all herself!

"She fought Chitania to a standstill, maybe-"

>At the cost of crippling herself, what do you think will happen if she has to do that again!?

Everyone knew the answer, none had the guts to say it.


>If she's willing to sacrifice herself, how can any of us call ourselves changelings if we're not willing to do the same!

"She's doing it for us, that all becomes pointless if we all throw our lives away!"

>Then hide here, I don't care! Hide if you want! Give me one good reason why those of us with some courage shouldn't at least try!

The silence then was deafening.

'What about Citrine?'

The one after that, heartbreaking.

"Yeah! She's getting stuff for us to make right now! We're making glitter pictures, that's what she wanted! She's working hard to make sure we're taken care of, and that's her city out there! You don't see her fighting or fussing or anything, you don't see her asking us to risk our lives for ponies! If she's okay with it, why shouldn't we be!?"

>...because we need to prove her right.

The arguing changeling looked as if he'd been struck in the gut.

>We need to show her that... that she was right this whole time. That we're not monsters, not like they called us... not like she knows we're not. Like she tried to tell everyone she met, we're not. We're not monsters, and I won't abandon them... I won't.

The other couldn't bring himself to stop the changeling that marched past him.

>I'm fighting for them. I might not even be able to get in the shield, but I can at least fight them at the choke point. The more I prevent from getting in, the better chance they have.

"Prevent from getting in!? They're Queens! A single Queen is stronger than an entire hive! You don't stand a single shred of a chance of stopping one! Even if all of us fought, we wouldn't beat a single one!"

>That's what they said, yeah.

He looked back with a hard glare.

>But if those ponies can beat them, at least for a bit, and we can't... what does that say about us?

The other slumped his shoulders, dejected.

'...The Queen-'


>Would be proud of us for fighting when the time came. Or... she's not worth worrying about. Anyone who's willing to show the world that no matter what's attacking them, we're the real Changelings, follow me.

He was the only one who left, at first.

"Fine.... fine! Fine! You go! You go all alone, see if we care, but the rest of us-stop it!"

It didn't take long before more joined them.

"Stop it you idiots, we can't... we can't all go. Just, fine, those ones can go, but nobody else... didn't you hear me!? Stop it!"

More, and more, and more, until most of the room had gone.

"We can't all..."

Nearly all, until there were only two changelings.

'...you can stay if you want, we won't blame you.'

Soon, only one remained.


They still heard him down those winding castle halls.

"We need to at least... say goodbye."

Though it pained them, though it struck them still, he didn't hear a single argument.

"And thank her... in case we don't see her again."

Little by little, every one of them changed course. Now heading away from the door, and towards a simple crystal mare. Down that hall was that mare, heading towards the group. On her face was a smile she forced on to make sure everyone knew it would be okay. In her limbs were a great deal of arts and crafts and simple household supplies that any camp councilor could turn into a day of fun.

In her heart a sense of foreboding she could not understand.
Oooo that's gonna hurt.
>the lings saying goodbye to Citrine

I'm not ready
Well at least they're doing something.

They were all staring at her.

>Is... is everything okay?

All of them, just staring. So many big round, buggy green eyes, staring at her from every corner of the pitch black changeling castle room they stood within. She could feel every eye on her, on every inch of her body.


She felt with those eyes turned sad.

"...Thank you."

She didn't know why that hurt so much. Why it made her heart pang with pain and nearly drop the materials she was carrying. Paper plates and glitter bottles, little yarn strands and lots of glue, things made to keep them distracted, to let them have fun. They felt so heavy in her limbs when the first one walked up to her, and hugged her.

>What... what's going on?

As soon as he let her go, the hugger took to the air, and he was replaced by another.

>What's happening? I don't understand!

And another, and another. Every time, they took to the air above when they finished. Some quickly, as if to hurry along and not dwell on it. Some lingered, but were never rushed off.

>Everyone? Come on, speak to me! What's going on!

Soon, the crowd grew thin.

>What are you doing!?

Soon, they began to fly towards the exit.

>You can't go out there, it's pure chaos!

Some slower than others, but all of them steady.

>Everyone! Come on, come back! We can make little pictures! I've got enough for everyone, I promise! I didn't miss anyone!

"We know.... thank you."

She felt tears coming to her eyes when the door opened, and it had nothing to do with the bitter cold outside.


"Thanks, Miss Citrine!"

"You're the best!"

"Thank you... so much."



Though she cried, they did not stop.

>I'm supposed to look after you! I'm supposed to take care of you!

"... you did."


Her throat closed up, and the materials fell to ground.

>Come back..

She croaked as they left her sight.

>Come back...

"...we'll try."

She heard the first wave of attacks before she could see the glows of their magic and their horns. The cries of battle, the cheer of war.

>...you'd better...

She couldn't see it through the tears in her eyes as her children went off to save the day.
And there's the pain
Best camp councilor
Poor girl, she never had any kids of her own, and now she has to watch them go into battle..
Hug dat pony
>Paper plates and glitter bottles, little yarn strands and lots of glue, things made to keep them distracted, to let them have fun.

>She's still thinking of them like little kids
>But now they have to do what they know is right, and risk their lives

Why does this hurt so much
Carry on my wayward son.

There'll be peace when you are done.
She'll get a big thank you party when this is all over.
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My buddy Aiden finished another commission of mine.
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1.32 MB PNG
>MFW you see a new piece of art
Kickass man!
It’s weird to think how many adventures they’ve had in the late night area, but they never talk elsewhere.

Just another reason late night world is special i guess
>When Chitana starts a fight
>When she gets mad
Flurry on her own looks like she is doing the mother of God look
>We need Beetlezorg power!
>Guitar riff
Looking good
It fits so well
Didn't know it would be his to hit me in the feels
Reverse it and you get Game of Thrones
What's Chitania up to? Actually is she even gonna appear out all with all these Changeling queens about?
Kka Said wait until the end, so I guess she’s not gonna be a part of that thing
Alrighty then. What's Lavan up to?

>...Boy it sure sounds like something impressive is happening out there, out of my heavily well defended and reinforced tube meant to make sure I don't die. Wish I could go out and see it, but... you know, I'd die.


>I miss Eighty Eight.

>Hark, evil! We are here to-

"OH MY GOSH! You drones actually survived!?"


"I'm so proud of you!"

>We're here to fight you.

"And you're not wimps either!? I'm doubly proud!"

>Er... thanks?

"Did you just thank me? You losers! I'm not proud anymore!"

>...wow you're good at crushing spirits.

"Thanks, my disguise was a mean girl in highschool."



"What the fuck!? Did you just say we're going to die!?"

"I don't want to die!"

"Be optimistic or something, why is it for sure a death thing!?"

"Maybe tonight THEY dine in the hivemind? How about that?"

"You're stupid!"

>...it's a reference-

Reference to what?
A movie old enough to be legal in a shockingly large number of countries.

>Oh yay! Our reinfocements finally decided to, you know, do something!

"Are they winning?'

>I don't know, all I see is green fire.

"From them or..."

>... I don't know why I thought this would make things less confusing.

>Are ya' winnin', son?


>You done with your pirate bug?

"Actually, she went out to get gunpowder for her blunderbuss."


"She's very old, I'll have you know! She doesn't know all the advanced tech we have! Back in the day, that was the most advanced weapon on the planet!"

>Damn, how old is she?

"She died fifteen whole years ago!"


"Wow we uh...'

She paused, watching the giant robot fly over a smaller, ice spewing robot.

"We might've spiraled a bit on the weapons front."

>Little bit, yeah.
There's a reason they call it power creep.
>Changeling 14



>...Well this is awkward.


>Hi... Windracer.

"...But... but you were a..."

>Considering you were a...


>...Can you explode?

"Or what?"

>They'll figure it out.



>Wish I could do the same.
When you genderswap too hard.
>Back in the day, that was the most advanced weapon on the planet!"
Eh not really. In the show, Cheese Sandwich had a tank during the goof off.
He didn't have it 15 years ago, and they're clearly not functional or Celestia would've used it in the bad timeline.

She had those suckers fighting hoof to hoof and straight up charging Sombra.
>they're clearly not functional
That's not clear at all. They have functioning construction cranes, there's not really a reason the tank can't be functional.
>or Celestia would've used it in the bad timeline
They didn't even their use spears or magic. Logical consistency isn't the writers' strong suit.
>They didn't even their use spears or magic.
You sir have me there, I get wanting to keep it G but you'd think magic flying everywhere would be what you leaned into instead of just ramming the suckers
Exactly, magic is the ultimate "Get out of violence" card and they literally have it in the title and didn't use it
Changeling 14's running joke is he constantly has to pretend to be mares(Usually not of his choice) and frequently ends up with his only option to seduce stallions, even though he claims he's not gay and doesn't want to do it.

The joke is he recognized someone on the battlefield who apparently disguised themselves as a stallion. You put the rest together.



>Already got a next time.

"Then the one after that!"



>Why'd ya' not use yer' magical lasers-

"On civilians being forced to fight in a war they want no part of?"

>...on friggen helmets that can be removed or broken.



"This was supposed to be my win.

>What's the status on the tanks?

"Shoddy design aside, they're in pretty good condition. I was expecting some searing and whatnot, but it seems that magic really did just pass 'em over."

>A slight tweak on what kicked the changelings out of Canterlot, I guess.


The pony's raised brow is met with a shrug.

>From kick to kill. A two letter difference isn't exactly difficult for an alicorn to manage.

"I'd argue the logic, but half the spells I've read have some blasted rhyming scheme to 'em, so I'll let it pass."

>Back to the tanks then. Have you mapped out how they work yet? Schematics and specifications?

"More or less. Helps that we found some instructions even yaks can understand, but it's not like they're particularly complex."

>What's your take on 'em?

"They're big, tough, look stupid and are good at wrecking things."

>I meant the tanks.

"Ha... Would've used the past tense in their case."

An aimless glance punctuates the pony's words, a vague gesture towards the former invaders.

"Though I figure there's still some Yaks freezing their hides off North."

The pony's gaze dips low for a moment.

>Worried that's not the case?

"Ah... Not so much about the yaks themselves, you know."

>Just the idea of people getting wiped out in their homeland.

"I mean, I guess you could say it serves 'em right and all... but how's that spell gonna pick out civvies from military types? Not that I think the Emperor'll go that far, but still..."

>I'm not sure if it can, but right now, there's not much we can do about him anyways.

"You're more optimistic than me. Not sure how worried I should be about that."

>You say that like I'm planning on dragging you guys into a fight with him.

"Nah. I figure you'll just rush in with Joshua nipping at your heels."

>What, you really think I'm gonna try to get into a slugfest with the guy?


>That's ridiculous.

"Par for the course considering the shit that's gone down."
Can she even aim that accurately without burning their head off?
AD no, he will very easily dust you

We’ve seen he will!

Why’s it gotta be a melting or burning laser? Most of the stuff in the show is physical. I can’t think of many times Twi burned something with her lasers. A couple, but it’s not the norm.
That guard clearly wants Delight dead and I'm not sure why. We've seen Salt is a brutal and effective breaker when it comes to straight up slugfests, and if he can use his magic he can dust an entire army on his own. Fire that guy, quick! Before he gets you killed!
>That guard clearly wants Delight dead
I don't think someone worried you might get on the wrong side of a guy you yelled at over killing a surrendering army wants you dead...

>Hey, AJ? It occurs to me.

"That we should be hightailin' it out of here already?"

>No-well... kind of. I know it seems cruel to want to jump ship right now, right when everything is at it's worst, but-

"Yeah... Ah' getcha. Don'tcha worry, Ah' getcha and don't blame ya' a bit. Twi says that portal Shinin' used don't work no more, but iffin' it did..."

>Yeah... but that's kind of what I was talking about, we are leaving, right?

"Reckon we've gotta, folks back home are probably havin' so many kittens the vet's gonna retire in a year."

>And I'm not arguing with that, but...


>...if we leave, there isn't anyone else who can stop him, is there?

The princess slumped her shoulders, a heavy breath escaping her clenched teeth.

>I'm just saying..

"Yeah, ya' ain't wrong. Ah' don't think he's gonna go do any more than he already did, but considerin' how wrong Ah' was about that one..."


"Maybe his sister can?"

>Maybe... but if she can't, who could possibly stop him if he goes off to take revenge? Everyone else is... gone.

"...Ah' dunno."

>Maybe... maybe we should go deal with him?


>I meant you know, make sure he's... stable?

"Ain't like he's in charge or anythin', he gave up that one pretty hard."

>Well yeah, but still. That doesn't mean he's not going to...

"...Ah'll talk ta' Twi, Rar and Flutters about it. All of us ought'a be able to do somethin' if he wants to go, ya' know, make sure."


"Why're ya' so worried about him?"

>It's not him I'm worried about. But the rest of them fought really hard... I'd hate to think we're just leaving them to get crushed under his rule like a discount Sombra.

"...yer' a good mare, Dash."

>Loyal, the word you're looking for is... loyal.
Don't you risk Joshua!

He's a good boy!
Now go stab him in the throat
I don’t think that’s what they meant
It better have been
And he just got undeaded
Yeah that would suck to die all over again
Regeneration though
He does have a lot of throat to stab



>Not your long neck.


>Not yours either.


>Cadence stop standing there and stop pretending.

>No, leaning back isn't going to help.

~I-I'm a grower, not a shower...~

>Twilight's a grower, you're more like... a slower.


>You're perfect the way you are, honey!

"And if we weren't married?"

>Well the price of neck extensions have gone down...
And that’s how he ended up on the couch...

With 42
The joys of a harem, you never sleep alone
Unless you're Salt.
You correct monsterp

>Well at least I’ll save a ton on Mother’s Day!


*Inconsolable sobbing

>HA! Jokes on you! While you're dealing with shopping, I'll be living up the bachelor life!

"Sorry, couldn't hear you, Flurry was trying to scream at my mind again, what did you say?"



"Yeah that happens a lot when ponies realize she can get into minds."

>You know, with as terrifying as you are, maybe you can scare off the titans?

"Sadly, the Titan Chitania was always more than my match and I'm very well aware of this, as good as I am at scaring others I can't instill fear in those that could squash me like a literal spider."

'It's okay, mama! You're still scary!'

"Awww, thank you little skitters."

>Is there some way you could possibly kill them?

"If they had bloodstreams, I could poison them, alas..."


'Why don'tcha try webbing them up?'

"Too big, I can't produce that much web. Trust me, I tried... that dragon regretted it though."

>Darn darn darn!

"Why not just use Chitania? She's nice, I'm certain if you ask her kindly, she'll help you ponies. She always did like you lot!"




Uncomfortable shuffle.

".... WHAT THE FU-Arana cover your ears."



>I wasn't involved, so...


'Mama? I'm... vibrating.'

And suddenly she's less eager to help
You think she'd be downright pissed that someone hurt the ONE changeling Queen she actually liked.

PD is getting a spider ghost visit
It's like the ghost of Hearth Warming past! And present. And future, since she's going to put her int he grave.
>Is this supposed to make me a better pony?

"Multiple will say this is better, yes."
Hard to disagree wit her
Couldn’t she just hear them apart like the others?
I am guessing you meant tear, and they are a little big for that
Not with that attitude
I feel like that Doesn’t sync
Hey, she’s on the road to redemption

>Yeahhhh, really sorry about the whole... um...


>Teeechhnnnically I'm responsible for pretty much every disaster that isn't "Shooting Chitania and pissing her off in a city".


>Yeah, Blue? Technically my fault. Zombies? I did that one. Hooooo hoooo, did I do that one.


>I'm also not responsible for chaos stuff-


"How are you still going!?"

>I have courage, and the desire to fight for my-

"I meant how does that thing have so much power!? The batter has to be the size of a house and would take out a city block if it was ever punctured! Do you have any idea how many joules of energy this would need to move at all, let along something this heavy as smoothly as it is going!? This thing doesn't make any sense!"


"Some of us studied chemistry and engineering, we're not all idiots."

>...you do realize that the same level of power that would be needed to move one of these is several times less than lifting about two tons, right?


>So a certain unicorn lifted a bear the size of a house.

"So what?!"

>Well, since the average polar bear about seven feet and weighs is 990 pounds, and cubic square law is a thing, than a mimimum 20 foot bear would be...

"So! What!?"

>So a single exceptional unicorn lifted one of those all by herself, and more. So assuming we have a pony sized object capable of storing magic....


>Just saying.

"...just for that? I surrender. I appreciate the smart ones."

>Stay in school, kids.

>Did you hear that? What bullshit!

"Yeah, I never went to school, and look how I turned out!"

>...is that lighter fuel?

"I'm on fire, so this'll make me hotter and thus stronger! Duh!"

>...I see the logic.

"Pfft, school."



>HER!? REDEEMED!? But she's the most evil thing out there! Name one thing anyone's done that's worse!

"I'm not a bug rapist."



>...Welcome to the good side!
Chrysalis is the ultimate get out of evil free card.
Which is funny because we spent 3 YEARS punishing her.
>Celestia did mean to turn Discord to stone
>Pommel swears to order a giant robot
>Luna notes something off about the mechs
>JJ is quite cynical
>Skywarp heads to Doughtnut Joe
>Non-Alcoholic Cider is wrong
>Actarius would get no votes
>The Rainbolts start fighting and are doing pretty well, but are confused why they can't contact the other mechs
>Tempo uses some alchemy to great effect
>Pommel orders everyone back while Jetset arrives on the scene. Jetset realizes something worse is yet to come
>42 wonders where her mother is
>Private balls discovers the electric room has been consumed by ants
>Spike and Magicada finish their battle with Spike's victory
>29's mom cheers him on and asks about his love life.
>Cocobombs do not exist in the altverse
>42 checks if the Tempo has a way to fix this, he does not.
>Derpy realizes the queens aren't looking for their kids and Cloudchaser's time has come.
>The Rainbolts are winning, a little too easily. Red comes to the conclusion they were a distraction too late.
>The other Queens, instead of hiding during the battle, had been going around town and finding every munitions wearhouse, and destroying them. Every stored bit of ammo not in use and the power supplies of the Peacetrotters goes up in flames.
>With their forces crippled, the Titans reveal their real power. It turns out that although the Titan form was taxing on their physical bodies, their ghost ones have next to no limits, and they promptly drastically increase their size.
>They think they've won, but Luna claims there is one being who can grow as tall, and who can beat them in a fight. That pony... is coming this way right now.
>And then Pennydrop promptly keeps going, much to everyone's shock. After a bit of convincing from Potsticker, Luna gives chase to try to get MC to turn around.
>This leaves only the Rainbolts and Metal Deers to hold off for as long as they can.
>The peacetrotters can beat the ants, but things go wrong quickly
>Delight's dreamscape flying gets weird.
>42 tells Spitfire to use up whatever bombs they have and to pull everyone back so she can begin her "Plan"
>Twilight say Flash and feels off
>13 and the others witness the Queens attack and wonder where it's all going.
>Chiania likes pineapple smoothies
>Neptune and Jupiter fight together
>With the bombs spent, the Queens swarm the Empire. This time, 42 is ready for them.
>Up from the long forgotten wine celler rises another forgotten weapon, the JUGGERNAUT is online and ready to fight!
>Salt flashes back to more memories
>42 is not having fun, totally
>The mysterious Queen makes her way to the Empire's castle, and with a bit of magic makes her way inside, past its defenses, with the otherwordly changeling on her heels. Little does she know she's being followed.
>Pommel wants to turn the moon into a battle station
>JJ can't find his momma
>The CMC realize Cloudchaser is evil
>42 gets an earful of the screeching changeling Queen
>29's mom asks about the ghost kids and Delight
>Lyra doesn't know who to shoot
>AJ deserved to be a princess, right?
>Ponyville Ponies are.... not smart
>Moondancer has stockholme syndrome, maybe?
>Delight gets dream suplexed.
>The mystery Queen feels the power in the air of the inside of the Empire's castle, and knows "That power" is here.
>She's distracted from that by 18 calling out to her, said changeling admits her disappointment that the Queen is not her mother. They both seem to recognize each other.
>But 18 admits she's not going to fight, oh no. Someone else will.
>That's right, the Queen now faces her true foes, the Maginficent Mane-Iac and the Prompt Poindexter!
>The battle for the castle begins!

>Fritters? Awww, how nice.

"Granny says ya' earned it."

>Feels like ya' earned it more.

"Well that's why Ah' ate most of 'em."


"...Is yer' horn glowin'?"

>Are ya' jokin'?


>...Ah'm not sorry either.

"That's fair."

>You think if we just blew up Canterlot, we'd put an end to all of this? Would we at least do something to stem the tide of nonstop attacks?


>...I'm sorry.


>I'm sorry, I said-



"I'm pondering..."
Honestly would the death toll be any higher?
There's a death toll?

This isn't the Altverse!
AJ marries her daughter to the sickly prince of the Yaks to encourage trade: The Fic

They'd die during a dance.
Or just... every day
Seriously, they do not play around.
Well, they do, just not kindly
Ha, implying she ever gets laid.
One day, one day…
What's 12 and screwloose up to?
>One second
Well this is a sign.

>Is this really the time to be building a stallion robot?... a strangely rugged looking one, at that?

"You fool, this is for the future!"

>You mean ten minutes from now when this combines with a bigger robot that also combines with a bigger robot that ALSO combines with a bigger robot so it could fight those Queens?

"No, it's for when the princess gets back!"

>So she can pilot the giant robot?

"I'm going to need you to break off from the giant robot mentality for a bit."

>Do you... see why that might be hard?

"I need you to see why something else could be hard!"

>...Screwloose do you want me to fuck the robot. I cant believe I have to ask this, but you and I both know you've done weirder.

"Oh no, not you... Applejack."


"The reasoning-"

>I don't need to know it, honestly, we're at peak crazy.

"Too bad! The reasoning is that it's clear her pent up libido is the reason the world is constantly in danger! If she gets a steady coltfriend to ram her crazy, then she'll be too busy to somehow cause the end of the world again! No crazy students, no letting changelings into the castle, it's foolproof!"




"Now you're getting it!"

>But why does it look like her brother-

"Mere coincidence."
He might not be wrong...

>This is offensive! Ah can’t believe ya did this!

“So you want me to get rid of it?”

>... didn’t say that

>...Boy it sure was easy for you to turn them against each other.

Currently, instead of fighting the Queens, the denizens of the now ironically named "Harmony City" were in fact, not being harmonious at all. In fact they were screaming, yelling, and coming to blows openly in the street. Some of them sidestepping the actual ghostly invaders in order to achieve that.

"You fiends! How did you do this!?"

~I just said "Hey, it's his slash her fault we're here", and pointed in a random direction.~

>...did you actually say his slash her?

~Yeah, I didn't know what was over there.~

"Did they at least, argue?"

~Sure, until I leaned to the first one I talked to and said "They're onto you!"~


"...Could anyone defeat such machinations?"

~I'm sorry what?"~
That's... depressingly show accurate.
>Literally the plot of a villain episode

>You know, something just hit me.

"The smell? Tis mine matriarch that hath unleashed that routhful air."

'Hey!... Ah' think!'

>No, not that, it's not a big deal.

"Thou speaks lies!'

>I'm just wondering, how old are you? I can finally find out Niney's age!

'Oh, that there's simple! Ah'm-'






'Ain't a big deal, age ain't nuthin' but a number and Ah' don't do numbers!'


'Oh, alright.'



'...ya' worried they're gonna-'



'Heh, ya'll always were a smart one!'
He's a secret shota, isn't he?
Or secretly a dirty old man.
"Tis true... I'm actually fifteen."


"...it means thou art a p-"

>I know what it means.


>Damn it! Why couldn't you be a dirty old mare!

"Were mine age and sex all that t'would change, I would still not bed thee."

>That's not the point! You could have been the Muffin Hunter to my Murkua!

"Tis the wrong series to draw parallels from, methinks."

>Yeah, well, the pool of 'pervy old mares that teach protagonists how to fight' isn't exactly exapansive.





>...Cause iffin' it was the other thing-

"It's not."


Be thankful for your pones everyone
And eat like you won’t be able to eat meet next year.
Nice double meaning
Happy birday everyone
... That’s surprisingly works



>Things are in a damn sorry state, ain't they?

"Could've been worse."

>Here, at least...


>...Delight... I... Ah'm-



~Y'all ain't gonna be gettin' inta all that now! Not on today of all days.~

>But, Granny! Ah ain't had a chance to say somethin' substantial in weeks!

~Ya can jabber as much as ya want at the dinner table. Now, c'mon! We've got some cookin' to do!~


"...Can I-"

~You come along, too, Joshua. We'll be needin' some help carryin' the food.~

+Warble warble!+

They all begin to walk away.


~What are you standin' around for, boy?~


~Uh nothin'! Ya ain't about to let Joshua do all the work, are ya?~

"No, ma'am?"

~Then stop lollygaggin' an' keep up!~

"Ha... Yes, Granny Smith."
>Warble warble!+
Oh no.
Joshua run!
>How do we keep adding MORE to this friggen table!?


>How do we keep adding MORE to this lovin' table!?

"That's better."

'Wait till after the you-know-what, HAH!'

>And what's that supposed to mean!?

~My oh my what a beautiful spread! So many types of cakes!~

"Celestia, those are pies... and for desert."

~That's nice, child, I respect your opinion.~

^Don'tcha worry, Auntielestia! Ah' gotcha covered! BEHOLD!^

>...is that a marchmalley in the shape of a turkey?

^Took me fifty bags.^

"That math doesn't add up."

^Ah' needed a snack along the way.^


^Sissy helped, but she don't get no credit cause she also sploded one.^


(I'm just thankful we're all at the dinner table, again. It's been too long, right Forty Two?)

{First one who tells me to pass something is getting a fwoosh to the face.}

(That's fair.)

*Heh, yeahhhh... really stacked here.*

"Something wrong, Spitfire?"

*..I maaaaayyyy have... invited my... mother.*

>Oh dear love no.

@Oh dear love, yes!@


@This might be the only part of today I get to savor. Watching you squirm as the bed grows is my one flavor in life.@


-AHHHHAHAHAH! That's wonderful! The more the merrier!-

_I hope so, I invited 8 bit and Gaffer too._


"Shiny we have plenty of food."

>Do you really think that's the problem?

"I don't, but I find this part funny."


"She gets it."

>Well before she gets here, lets just say what we're all thankful for.

'We're not allowed to yet!'

>Oh, right... well lets think it, very hard. And lets just all be thankful we have each other...


$What did you do to my baby!$


>Before its violently taken away.

^Happy bein' thankful, everyone!^
Now I'm just thinking Salt has a big table but he's just alone
>It’s just Salt and Altwi at the table

>Thank you so much for inviting me this year! But... I must ask...

“What’s up, bluey?”

>This bird, it’s fake, right?

“Course it is! Mama didn’t kill nothin!”

~That you can see.~


~Questions is how it ended up on the plate.~

>... well I don’t know about you, but I’m suddenly very thankful for the gift of life.

~More like the loan...~


~And I’m thankful for my little skitters!~

“Yep! Been a good year!”

>And next will be even better!

~Assuming the trap catches two of them.~




>Thank you.

"Oh noooo..."

>Thank you.

~I think I broke your friend.~

>Thank you.

"He's not my friend. He's an annoying guy I put up with because there's like a little bit of not-annoyingness in him."

~Sounds like a friend.~

>Thank you.

"A broken record's more like it."

~Is this my fault or just how he is?~

"The second one."

>Thank you.

~That's a bit of a weight off my shoulders, but...~

>Thank you.

~For what?~

"Giving birth to me."

>Thank you so so so very much!
>Implying he’s not thankful for the milf he wants to recieve
>I have seen your future, Firebird, and it is beautiful... ¡Que belleza magnifica!

"Don't you dare start hitting on my mom!"
>Well, it would be awkward to hit on you after that...

“... mom take one for the team.”

~Wouldn’t be the first time I distracted a creepy dude from you!~

>... I’m noticing you’re just.... GLARING at Shining armor, and I would like this to be storytime now
>When does your jaw come in?

>MOMMY! You came back for thanking what the hell ever we call this day!

"Indeed, my child!... Now do you have enough plates for everyone?"


"Your family, of course!"

>Ohhh, well yes, of course!

"Great! Your aunts and cousins said you wouldn't, but I called them fools! FOOLS! Glad to see you were prepared!"

>...aunt and what now.

"You do have room for all of them, right?"

She looks over, and all the ghostly Queens are waiting with plates.

>...oh no.

>Hey, thanks fer' havin' us over ta' eat with ya'.

"Not that ya' had a choice in the matter.


'Don'tcha be rude to our guests! More family the merrier, Ah' say!'

"Technically its the same family-"


~She said it, not me.~

'But you were thinkin' it!'

~...am I so predictable?~

(Darling that apple is simply massive!)

'Thank ya' kindly, we want enough fer' everyone so we get the biggest apples in the world!'

(Well, second biggest.)

'Scuse me.'

{Yeah, you had another that was pony sized! This is like... turkey sized, I want to say? Yeah, turkey fits for some reason.}

"What in tarnation are ya' talkin' about?"

*Um, she's right, the one you grew when I turned into a bat was bigger.*

"The one when ya'll did what now?"

>She didn't live on the farm, Fluttershy.

*Ohhhhh... so she never got to grow it.*

"Grow what!?"

^Pony sized apple!^

>Actually bigger, but ah'll let ya' try ta' comprehend it.

"So yer' sayin' iffin' ah' stayed on the farm, Ah' would've grown a PONY SIZED apple!?"


"...Ah' was so wrong."

'And the last horse finally crosses the finish line.'

"Ah' was wrooonnnng!"

^Soooo, anyone gonna carve the apple? I'm friggen starving here!^


>Thanks be given to thine friends and kin alike, for we have a chance to bathe in the warmth of kindness and kinship alike, and lo to thee we say-


'Hi grandma!'

"...wait what?"

'Pretty much!'

>Be silent, for mine speeches are being spoken!

'Go ahead and keep going, he doesn't notice us when we talk.'

>Mine ears clearly hath heard thine words!

~Twenty Nine, I appreciate you cooking and I appreciate the sexy talk... but you do know we can't all live on love, right?~

>What? Is the slaying of a turkey not of thine traditions?

(I do not know what you think you have heard, but that is a tradition from that strange bipedal world.)

>Ah. Then I have gravely misread Twilight's stolen notes and ask thee all not to speak of this to Fluttershy.

{Trixie will eat it.}

~Trixie that's a turkey.~

{Trixie is so hungry she'll eat anything!}


>And I would like to give thanks that mine student hath joined us upon this day... tis a shame he's not awake for it.

"Didja have ta' lay him face down in the potatoes?"

>No, t'was never required.






>Let us give thanks for new relationships in our lives! And all the smiles they bring to our faces







"...so Ah'm happy for family!"

'That's a nice thing to be thankful for!'

~I, looove my friends.~

(I love some even more than that! To all of them, I tip my hat!)

{Trixie is thankful he made more food.}


'Happy thanking day, everyone!'

>Hey, Sebby? First off, want to say thanks for inviting me to this thing, I really do appreciate it.

"You're welcome."

>So please don't take it the wrong way when I ask what it is on that centerpiece.

'Ahhh, pony is curious! That is the warblegobbler!'

>...the what.

'Warblegobbler! It is delicacy, and muchly of the tasty!'

^I know what you're thinking, and yes, it's pretty darn delicious.^

~It is said that fighting a warblegobbler can take up to six days, and the battle so intense that the sweat from the battle salts the meat in ways that nothing else can compare to!~

^They don't do that anymore.^

(Now we mostly are of the using of guns.)

^I insisted.^

~And Head of metal muchly specific. Many less casualties since the switch!~

'And head of metal informs that is not how salting is of the working.'

^Biology is a funny thing.^

'Just dunking it in clean water and waiting is muchly more effective!'

^Clean water. Let me clarify, clean water.^

>Oh, so nobody died getting this?

'...nobody from the warblegobbler.'

>Well, so long as its safe to eat.

"It is."

>Then sign me up!



>This is the most delicious thing I've ever eaten in my life.

"It is confusing why ponies don't eat more turkeys, you have a lot of them."

>...wait what

>Thanks for coming to dinner, everyone.

"Well you are the only one of the changelings not named twenty nine who doesn't think I'm evil, so..."

'And you're the only one of the changelings I can stand, including twenty nine.'

"He's not that bad."

'Assume for a moment you don't want to fuck him.'

"He still visited me in prison!"


"Sadly no."

'Still can't stand him.'

"That's fair. That's... very fair."

>Can we not talk politics at the table? Cheerilee made a beautiful spread!

"...is that toast?"

~All the butter, end to end, one swipe.~

>It was majestic. I had a raging love-on.

~He did.~

>She fixed it.

~Mutual fixing.~

'And now I realize how much it hurts that I will die alone.'


'What's his problem?'

>Painful split with his mate, doesn't enjoy talking about relationships.



'OW! What was that for!?"

"Bears are my thing, stay in your lane!"

>I love having family over.
>"Bears are my thing, stay in your lane!"

>Dadddy! Thanks for inviting us for dinner!

'Oh my little sugarlump, you know I'd be all tied in knots if I didn't see my special little boy today! And you brought Jugglejack too! I'm so happy you joined us!'

"I want you to know every time I meet you I'm reminded that I never had a father as great as you and as much as I love it, it hurts."

'Didn't hear a word you said! My poor ears must be going, don't talk about me too loudly?'

"My heeearrttt."

>I'm surprised mom let you invite me over.

'Oh your mother's a bit of a snubnose, but she's the sweetiest little thing in the whole widest of worlds and I love her like sunshine is bright!'


"...was that an arrow."

'An arrow that missed! See? Told you she liked you!'
If he's not dead it doesn't count.
"Big Mac"




>Well this is depressin'.

>Lucky Strikes
"Steam Gauge"

>You wanna know what I'm thankful for?

"Company provided food?"

'Free doughnuts?'

~Free coffee?~

(Free day to ourselves?)

>You guys, all of you. Because you lot... you're family.


>I mean it, cross my heart.

~That's sweet.~

(So you know where all of us live then, right?)

>...like family.

'There it is.'

"I choose to enjoy dinner and not worry how much he actually likes me."

>That's the spirit of the holiday!
*Cherry Jubilee*
#Ever Essence#
>Boy I uh... I'm glad I'm rich or I'd never afford a table this big.

"Mine beloved, when thou said today was a 'special' dinner, we expected to be eating things off of thee, not... with so many."

'Darling this is all for appearances, put on a good show... and resent them when nobody is around.'

~When are we eeeeatttinnnng.~

>Food's coming out now.

(It's all um... vegan, right?)

>Why wouldn't it be?


{Why are you looking at me?}

(No reason.)

{Seriously, why are you looking? I'm the only thing in this room that can claim to never eat living things, at all! You lot are plant murderers who devour their children and call them seeds!}

(...oh no, she's right. I'm a monster!)

>Fluttershy they don't have nervous systems... or brains... or souls. I had this confirmed.

=If you try to take my fish I'll rip your head off.=

(Oh no, it's okay, fish don't count.)

+Be... beg pardon?+

(Eating fish is perfectly fine!)


(Because they're soulless husks of empty thoughts.)


>This is the only way she makes it through the day with her animal friends, don't take this from her.

+Fair enough? I do eat them, and I don't want her to go all fish is murder on me... what am I going to eat, seaweed? Occasionally is fine but come on, it gets boring after a while.+

(Devour those empty eyed cretins, it's fine!)

^I can't eat too much, I need to fit into my outfits!^


^Take this from me and I'll take away every attempt you ever have of getting in my tushie!^


*Wait, that works as a bargaining chip? Hooey, blew my chance to use it for another expansion of my grove...*

>I'll use my magic next week, Cherry.

*Oh, thank you darlin'! See this is why I just clench my teeth and let it happen.*

-I never know what you lot are talking about. Pony euphemisms are so strange to me.-

>Last weekend underneath the supertree.

-Ohhhh... oh you poor thing.-

_Why is that directed at me!? I can take it just fine._

-You poor, poor thing...-

#I do not feel comfortable here.#

>Ever we talked about this.

#There is a DRAGON right across from me!#


'Hey! I'm here too, aren't you overwhelmed at being in the presence of the Captain of the Wonderbolts?'

>Dash not helping.

-And I'm a royal.-

>Not helping!

+I'm a royal who isolated from your nation!


_I'm a royal who went to war with ponies over a slight._


>Ever? Ever baby, you okay?

#...I think I flipped around from being so overwhelmed that it just, broke.#

>Oh. Well, that's good-

#Nope, heart attack.#

>And there it goes. Heal magic!


#Let me die!#

The whole table laughed.

>Hooo, you know, sitting here, I'm reminded just how special you all are, and how lucky I am to have you all in my life... I.. I truly do love-

The memory ended.


Fading away like mist in his hooves.

>Not yet.

A forgotten timeline he'd overwritten several times over, so far removed he could barely even call it his own.

>Let me love them a little longer.

Just another path, of which many still lied ahead. Many lives, many loves.

>...Next one.

Many more chances, to make it all right.

"Husband. Miles. I have finished preparing dinner."

>Great! Can we have it now?

"It's right in front of you."




>Mother, this food couldn't feed a mouse.

"It most certainly could. And it would be the most efficiently nutritious dinner that mouse would have ever sampled."

~Gracey-baby, Deli's sayin' the proportion's a little on the small side.~

"That's the point. They're nutritiously compact."

>Can I get mine nutritiously numerous?

"You can get two more servings."

>Just two?!

"Yes. Consumed using proper eating techniques to maximize enjoyment and efficient digestion, followed by a post-dinner workout to guide the nutrients to their proper place in the order of maintaining peak physical condition."

~How about we just enjoy dinner without worrying about all that health trainer stuff?~

>I second that.


>We outvoted you!

"I gave birth to you, therefore I reserve the right to ignore your vote."

>What about Dad?

"I am his wife and personal trainer, therefore I reserve the right to ignore his vote for the sake of his health."

~Then, I'm not gonna do any post-post-dinner 'workout' tonight.~

"But... you said..."

~I changed my mind. And I can do it again if you promise to take it easy on the health stuff tonight.~

"Grrrmmm... Fine! Just don't complain if you get a little flabby afterwards."

~I don't think either of us'll be complaining afterwards.~


>Do I have to join in?

"We're going to be having sex."


>EW! You could have just said no!

"But then you'd be left with the wrong idea. And that would be terrible."

>I realize I literally live in a village of predators, but this still feels weird.

"It's the cooking part that's confusing. She cooked it, she cooked it!"

'Thank you, thank you, I am an excellent meatchef I'll have you know. Non-Sapient, of course!'

~Me like this, it like normal bird, but taste better!~

'She likes it!'

~Me feel bad me only bring mac and cheese!~

>How did you possibly-

~Me read box. Pretty easy. Too easy! Now me not look impressive!~

(I b-brought a salad...)

"Thank you, Bubbles! Now my veggie platter has a friend. I'm glad someone else is vegetation"


"Vegetarian. I meant vegetarian."

(You not wrong either way...)

{I have brought the pie.}

'How did you make a pie with tiny little bird legs!?'

{I may have had to walk inside of an oven. It wasn't the worst way I've died.}

>You could've just... asked Buttercup.

{But then she would get credit.}


"What did you bring, Seven?"

>The gift of friendship.






>Fiiiine, I brought the cheesecake.

"There you go."

'I was seconds from stabbing you. Seconds! My sword was out!'

~Me would protect you!... Mostly! Also hit, but mostly protect!~

(I wasn't going to fuss...)

{You have brought a desert in challenge to mine. We must battle.}

>Ha haaaa.


>Can we at least say what we're thankful for-


>I'm thankful for love-GAHHHHHH MY EYEEESSS!

"Huh, who would've thought a bird would get so angry on this holiday?"
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving everyone
Same to you pal
And you
Good morning all
Are we ready for a big one?
Are you offering or asking?
We will have to wait-and-see, holidays Where travel took extra planning meant maybe they didn’t have time?

>Ughhhhh, ah' ate too much.

"Applejack... I need you to kick me in the stomach."

>Ah'm not helpin' you get rid of that.

"It's coming out one way or the other!"

>So, the other.

"Fine, its your outhouse with no central plumbing."

>...Alright schooch into kickin' range.

>Is taking a break for holidays normal around here?


>Oh... I liked it.

"Fuck Chrysalis not having enough plates though."

>Seriously, one star. I'm going to invade extra hard for this.

>That was a nice little break.

"But now we're back!"

>Yeah, now we're-













"Dragon Lord! We have word that more of these fireflies have been spotted-DESTROY THE DRAGON LORD! DESTROYYY-"


>Stop mind controlling them! I know they're stupid!


>Well I tried.


~He was already unconcious.~

>What a terrible mistake.
>>Stop mind controlling them! I know they're stupid!
That's honest.
I’ll be able to hopefully finish Mane-Iacs fight tomorrow and post it, but today is spent getting back home and getting some rest. Had a wonderful time with my family and I hope the same is true for all of you!
Good to hear
>Mane-Iac getting a KKA fight


>What even is your problem with dragons anyway?

"We hate you for killing us!"

>We don't even know who you are.


>Ohhhh that doesn't make it better, does it?

"Not a lot, no."

>...Did we just wake up from a food coma?

"What day is it?"

'It's tomorrow.'

"OH NO!"

>That's the next day from what we thought it was!

'I wonder how long it'll take them to realize...'

"We've messed it allllll!'
Doesn't she have a toilet in addition?

Or do they clean that... with their mouth.
There's a reason Big Mac dreams of being an alicorn.
So these threads are still going? I'm real proud of you magnificent negroes.
Still going and still destroying Canterlot.

We live for it.
>The epilogue is just AJ standing over a BOTTOM OF THE MOUTAIN canterlot, saying "I told you so" over and over.
Celestia's gonna retire IMMEDIATELY when she gets back. And it'll make more sense than the show.
*Insert porno music here*

>I quit.

"Ya' can't quit."

>I'm retiring and-


"Ah' didn't make mah'self clear."

>...so do you just carry massive collars, or-

"Ah' knew it was inevitable.
She’s just mad she wasn’t quick enough to run
Next time
There won’t be a next time
What’s she gonna do, cut off her legs?

>Okay, we need to get this under control. JJ! How do you make them not fight?


>Not fight, we need them to not fight.

"What does that mean?"


"What now fight?"

>Not fight, as in, stop fighting.

"Ohhhh... yeah I don't know anything about that."


"I've been studying my whole life to make them fight, so..."

>Oh come on!"


>You don't know any ways to not make them fight!?

"There was another distraction class, but I was sick that day."

>What was it about?

"I dunno, what does Sed 101 stand for?"

>I think that's sedition, and would be a bigger problem.

"Darn, you're right! What else starts with Sed?"

>Alright, plan B!

"Which is?"

>I'll tell you when I know!

>Go on, quit! We can handle it, clearly!

"Oh yeah? How's Canterlot looking right now."

>...s-shut up.

>Oh my gosh, I just realized! I can beat you again!

"...element of loyalty, everyone."

>No, seriously, AJ can blast me now! With head magic!


>And you can't!





"Looks like ya' lose anyway."

>...oh, it's on.
I believe that's an abortion, so...

It was like a scene straight from the comic books.

Former Villain and Hero together, leaping dynamically across the room, bodies and external limbs outstretched to fill up the most of pages they no longer were confined to. Every bit as impressive as their charge was the sheer ignition of power when they clashed.

If only they'd hit their intended foe, it would've been even more impressive. Alas, the limbs of green and steel only managed to touch one another as they shot past the space once filled with an ethereal being, now holding nothing more than the last wisps of green flame left in the wake of her vanishing through space and time.


As impressive a dodge as the Queen had accomplished, it was nothing compared to the unexpected grace of those twin sets of tentacle like limbs coiling about each other mid flight, effortlessly switching from attack to embrace to cling to one another and hold on as their momentum made them dance in the air. Despite how short a time they had, the intertwined pair spinning in the air managed to share a warm look and a caring smile to each other.

So stricken as she was by the sudden turn of events, the ghostly Changeling didn't have time to pull off a similarly quick teleport before they suddenly split from their union, the green haired mare cackling with glee as her partner was hurled towards the now shellshocked intruder.

"Preventing the Perspicacious Poindexter's Pummeling!?"

She brought up a wall of flame, so high and with such heat the walls of crystals themselves began to darken as if they prepared to melt.


Yet even that flame was not enough to prevent long winding limbs of shimmering steel from reaching around the edges and grabbing hold of the long black legs.

"My Queen! How dare you lay a hoof on her, I'll destroy you for your impudence you-"


The small changeling's words fell on deaf ears and her actions to rush forwards and free her matriarch never even noticed. She simply was not as quick as the sudden strings of green magic that fired from every hole along the sticklike limbs. From every gap that magic spewed forth and shot away all that encircled them, damaging the once pristine finish in the process.

"By the sagacious mind! Looks like you have a few tricks up your sleeve!"

A quick and unamused burst of raw magic flared from the curve of the Queen's horn, its power razor thin and far less intense than a standard flare. Yet even its speed could not match the hero's own, not when he encircled himself vertically with his long tentacle like metal limbs in a perfect ring. Dust and chunks of crystal alike were kicked up when the ring somehow spun, a curious sight considering it seemed to still be attached to the backpack on his back somehow.

"I have a few of my own!"

It would've been strange enough on its own, that it worked and raced him away from her attack before the thin line could cut his flesh as it easily carved several fixtures of pure crystal behind him was something else entirely.

"The ponderous power of Poindexter is always ready to adapt to new situations!"

The geeky pony laughed, loudly and quite mockingly, at the befuddled face following him as he zipped about the room, occasionally firing off bits of magic. The dark face for once did not seem malicious, only curious as she watched him balance on that ring and zip down one hallway, only to race back with even greater speeds from another that seemed to have no connection. Once more she brought forth a wall of fire between the two of them, ceasing whatever assault he planned and sending him back from whence he came, only to return seconds later down a clear hallway and resume before being thwarted again.

"How is he doing that!?"

The younger changeling as always voiced the thoughts no Queen should lower herself to ask.


"There must be secret passages or... something!"

"It is odd..."

Again, there was a stunningly low amount of malice to be found in the Queen's voice. If anything, she sounded as curious as an archeologist would upon finding a set of bones. There was a puzzle before her, not a foe, and every time he turned a corner and raced towards her only to be forced back again, she put together another piece.


It was why she cursed herself, and any other whom she thought of, when that screeching laughter came from above. So focused on the rolling one and his strange antics, she'd not thought of the other before that voice resounded from above.

"Ohhhh you FOOLISH Villain!"

The Queen regarded her with grace and poise, her head smooth as it turned backwards and to the ceiling, where she looked upon the one holding herself flat against that rooftop with her green limbs as if she were a spider.

"If only you KNEW how FOOLISH you were for continuing to FIGHT against us! When you really should JOIN us instead!"

"Why is she talking like that?"

The Elder may have shared that question, yet she would never lower herself to speak it.

"AHHHHAHAHAHAH! Ohhhh, you poor things, there is so MUCH you do not KNOW! For instance.. what a DISTRACTION is!"

The Queen openly scoffed, rolling her head in a perfect arc to the side. From the very tip of her horn came a single line of magic, as if it were a pen and the very air beside her a canvass. A half crescent moon formed in that empty space, a perfect mimicry of what lie on the flank of a certain princess of the night. Yet it did not fire forwards and slice as the previous one had done before. Instead from its larger curve came forth a wave of magic, bowing out from tip to tip to cover every single inch of the hallway to her side, where she heard the spurious wheel turning.

There was nowhere to hide as a line carved both sides of the crystal hallway, giving no room for escape on either side.

"Nice try!'


Yet when she heard his triumphant words, she could not stop her head from snapping in his direction. Her mouth slipped open ever so slightly in genuine surprise at what she saw. The same pony, the same ring that inexplicably spun and propelled him forwards.

The only difference she could see was that ring, and that pony, were far more horizontal and closer to the ground. Still moving as perfectly as ever.

"But she's right!"

Her front hoof came up, magic dancing around the limb, yet she never brought any magic to bear. She was too surprised when he suddenly came to a complete and total stop, as if all his momentum had ceased. It defied all she expected, and in that moment, it was too late.

"You don't know what a distraction is!"

Realization struck the Queen as she turned back to the former villain strapped above, ready to fight one who had not yet moved. The truth struck the Queen shortly afterwards, seconds after the ground let loose cracking noises. Her world and her body was sent tumbling as a long metal limb burst from the ground and shot up into her stomach. Had she any breath in her lungs it would've been taken from her as she was launched into the air, limbs dangling uselessly in her flight as she spun.


For the briefest of seconds mid turn, she saw it. That purple body, that green hair, both of them growing smaller in her sight despite her growing closer. The Manical Mare had moved back further, and further, stretching her hair to its very limits, all the while twisting and curling her body again and again. With every turn her hair grew tighter. With every inch back her hair grew tighter.

With a laugh, the music played. A symphony of a thousand strings of hair that began with a snap.



The twisted tautness spun her like a drill cast down from the sky, rocketing her with such speeds she crossed the short distance between her and the still stunned Queen in the blink of an eye. Her boot covered hind leg struck true to the broad side of the Queen, crushing it inwards and spinning her about as they both launched into the nearest wall, and beyond.

"My Queen!"

Then into the wall beyond that, and beyond that, and beyond that.


All the way through the castle, and beyond.


The snapping hair stopped the mare just on the edge of the final wall of the castle, clinging to every surface it could before the gaping exit.

The spinning Queen had no such means to cease her movement or her flight, an continued on.

Through the shield around the castle, through the air above the city, and through the shield beyond, the Queen soared, blasting through her kin and those who held her form and flame and into the dreary sky above the frozen wasteland. Where she would land was something not even the most brilliant of minds could calculate.


A broken one as the Mane-Iac herself held could only laugh.


The stallion cried, retrieving his limb from underground so it may join his scarred yet triumphant brothers in applauding and cheering above him. The applause continued until at last the one comic book character made her way through the many openings she had created with the Queen's body, and returned once more to the hallway of origin.

"INDEEEEEEED!... Nice teamwork!"

Green mane and robotic tentacles alike came together in a shared bump slash embrace, as if the high-hoofed, hoofshaked and hugged all at once. This time, brief as it was, was their time to enjoy their victory, and each other.

"Now... what shall we do with this kowtower?"


They would have much longer for that, when their task was finally through. For now they turned to the singular changeling that had been left in the wake of the other's departure, one of flesh and blood without a hint of the strange ethereal flame.

One that had not moved the entire time.

"It is odd! Did they get mind controlled?"

"It would explain why they would allow themselves to be subordinate to that malcontent! And their... current state."

They both approached the still thing, gazing into the blank and lifeless eyes that stared back at them. It was as if they had been cored out, drained of everything that made them as they were supposed to be, and left with only a shell. Neither were cruel enough to bring comparison to the insect they so resembled.

"Come to think of it, do you recognize this one? I know my MANNNAIC mine can be fuddy sometimes, but I thought I knew all of Insectia's hive!"

"You know, it does look familiar, but I can't recall seeing this one when I logged them. It's almost right, but something's... off. Hello? Can you give us your number?"

The changeling just kept staring, so frozen a cockatrice would have thought them already a statue.

"Something's wrong with this one."

"Yeah, she must've gone deep into their mind to control them. We'll have to take them to someone and see if they can-"

A retching sound from within the throat of the changeling ceased that line of thought. Gurgling, groaning sounds within the dark shell made them jolt back, afraid of what might spew forth at any moment.

"How repugnant!"

Their choice was the right one, for as soon as they were clear the changeling suddenly threw their head forwards and unleashed a torrent of black, viscous substance upon the ground. The gooey black tarlike creation spread outwards on the ground, nearly touching the walls from end to end.

"What is that stuff!?"

"Hold on! My Analyzer will make quick work of-"


The eyepiece that snapped over his face came too late. Faster than even his machine could work, it became all too clear what the purpose of the strange fluid truly was.

"How abstruse!"

Within the depths of the inch high liquid, they could see a vast ocean down below. Only visible thanks to the glowing insignia that seemed to rise from the bottom of a dark depth and rise like the flowing tide. As soon as the alien looking wording reached the surface, something else rose up in its place.


Something with a familiar malicious grin.

"I see why she thought you of all beings could challenge me. To think this world has grown so far in such a short time."

As the black substance rolled from the tall frame, the chitin beneath it looked clean and pristine. Not a single bit of the goo held once it had carried her above its depths.

The Queen had returned, looking as if she had never left at all.

"Surprised? You really shouldn't be. Even if you'd actually managed to destroy this form..."

With casual and careful steps, she approached the pair once more.

"I always come back. But this newfound immortality is so useful to gauge just how strong my foes are, don't you agree? Now, I know what you're capable of."

Even their speed, great as it was, would not have been enough to reach her before she rose a single hole ridden hoof and arced it about her body in a perfect circle.

"It won't be enough."

It was almost in sync that the pair of them shoved each other out of the way before a torrent of emerald flame erupted from that circle. The pair only just barely avoided an incinerating fate beneath the tornado that sprang forth and wildly scorched the edges of the castle. Walls and the rooms beyond them alike melted to useless slag beneath her power as she chased down the pair.

"You did so very well, my little one."

As she witnessed them flee, a smile came to her face as she regarded the changeling behind her.

"As loyal as a changeling should be."


On the ground, clearly still in agony, the changeling tried to force words of acceptance for the kindness given before succumbing and choking out another glob of whatever substance they had not even realized had been placed within. There were occasional traitorous thoughts of how long it had been there and if it had all been spewed free, yet they were hidden as best could be done. Instead the mind that no doubt could be heard was filled with thanks for those few kind words, and the opportunity to serve the Queen.

"You fiend!"

The normally affluent stallion settled for something less witty sounding as he appeared at her side, his limbs swinging him as an ape would above her endless attack. His machines shot forwards, the grasping claws replaced with spinning blades that aimed right for the long and oh so tempting neck.

"Going for the throat... I appreciate that.

It would have reached that target, had those strange wings not buzzed suddenly. The seemingly innocuous move on its own did nothing, however once a strange circular symbol formed within the holes in those wings, it had devastating effects. The limbs suddenly vibrated and jerked about as if they had shorted, even though they continued to function.

"You think the scintillating stallion can be defeated like that?"

He pushed up his glasses, making them reflect in the light.

"My limbs do much more than grab!"

With clicks and clacks, the long cylindrical tendrils suddenly detached along their silver length. Tubes of steel dangled in the air for a mere second, and then let loose a stringed sequence of explosions directly next to the Queen's face.

Had she not teleported away in that hanging second, the flames now reaching down the hall would've consumed her.

"AHAHAHA! You won't ESCAPE that EASILY!"

As if she were a seer, the maniac seemed to know exactly where her foe would appear.

Once more the Queen was surprised, yet this time ended quite differently.

"...well that's just insulting."


This time it ended with the long green mane held tightly. Ensnared in the grasp of an octopus that stood where the Queen had seconds before.

"Did you think your form was unique? Strange? I am a changeling, you lesser, I can become anything and everything you are, and so much more. We are not imitations, we are-"

A strike to the cheek slapped those words right from her mouth.


Burning eyes barely even registered one green tendril before another reached behind her head and struck again, and again, and again once more from every direction.

"AHHHHAHAHAHAH! It's hard to keep track of them, isn't it?"

The Queen's eyes tried their best to focus and catch any time she saw so much as a hint of green, yet she could not keep up with them. Soon it was as if her body would not even respond to her, she would look to one such length of mane and reach for it, only to change course mid strike as the corner of her eye spotted another, succeeding in nothing save opening her cheek to another blow.

"It's like thinking of a dozen new hooves all at once. Trying to keep track of where they are, where they're going, what they're doing! It takes practice to hold it all down, otherwise it could turn you into..."

Before she knew it, all eight limbs had been tied up, and left helpless as the mare before her grinned.


There was a ringing in her ears, yet the name was heard so very clearly when the tendrils suddenly moved as one and struck the bulbous head as one, blasting away the octopus form and revealing beneath it the equine body they knew all too well, flames licking off of it and flying down the hall from the backdraft of the terrible strike.

Yet, for all the power that had struck her, the Queen did not move backwards a single inch.

"I'll keep that in mind."


The same could not be said of the former villain after her foe reared back, and brought her hooves together. The others in the room swore they heard something akin to a rainboom go off in the room, yet tinted with the screech of nails on a chalkboard. The force was as if a bomb had erupted, blasting down even more walls and casting the Mare off backwards into the hallway, and into a pile of rubble. Before a mere second had passed, a lance of green carved free the ceiling above, and covered every inch of purple and green in a torrent of fallen crystal.

"Is that it?"

From within that rubble came a lash, one that did not reach its intended target before bouncing away.

"Is that the best of your abilities? Whipping me?"

The rubble fell away, revealing a dirtied, bruised mare beneath the forms.

"How could you hope to defeat me?"


She heard the gears of the machines behind her, and she was ready. Her walls of flames blocked her, ensuring none would touch her. Not a one did.

"Because she's not alone, not anymore!"

Not a one aimed for her either. Instead they shot past her on either side, dozens of them reaching out across the room to where their true end lied.

"And neither is he!"

In the welcoming grasps of the one of a kind mane. They gripped each other tightly, warmly, a silent promise spoken not to let go.

"We might have started out solo acts!"

"We might've gone down the wrong paths!"

The Queen swung her head from side to side, confused as the combination of mane and machine that seemed to intertwine in ways she could not explain. Out of reflex, she formed another of her strange blades and launched it at them, carving one in half as expected.

"But we're beyond that now!"

What she didn't expect was for them to repair almost instantly. A bigger blade and wider beam cut more, yet they had come back together before they'd even finished falling.

"We're a team!"

"Working as one!"


No matter how many she carved, no matter how many she cut, she could not get rid of them. Not with burning flames, not with forceful beams.

"She's got my back!"

"And he's with my attack!"

In her frustration, she turned to the source, throwing her power upon the one at the end of the hall. It was a true shot, without any room to dodge.

"So listen up fiend!"

They did not need to. For as soon as the blast approached, a wall of intertwined metal and mane formed in front of the mare, an unbreakable shield that disapated all that tried to break through it. In fury, she struck in the other direction, only to have the stallion similarly shielded by the blockade of silver and green.

"Hear our words!"

Finally having enough, the Queen once more brought her hooves together, and once more a sonic force ripped through the halls.

Though they struggled, and though they strained, they held on.

"Take a good look at him, the Pontiferous Ponderous Pony, POINDEXTER!"

She tried to teleport away, yet, it was too late.

"And fall to the maniacal machinations of... THE MAAAANNNNNEE-IAC! AHAHHHHHAHAHAH!"

Arcs of electricity crossed the intertwined mane and limbs, and the Queen let loose a terrible scream.


Her magic would not save her, her flames would not cast them away, she could do nothing as power was pumped in from either side and carving into her through their connection.

It pained the pair as well, that was plain to see. Yet they smiled as they watched every bolt of electricity lance into her, tear her skin apart, reveal the nothingness that lie within. Through every shock they felt themselves, through all the power she flung their way, they held on with a smile.

They had won, they were sure of it.

They would have been right.


Had her eyes not suddenly burst into flames.

"How dare you make me use this on anyone but her!"


More chitin was ripped away, more chunks of the Queen simply gone.

"Feel pride, lessers..."

It was too late they realized it had nothing to do with their power.

"While you can still feel anything at all."


The entire castle shook.

"What was that!?"

If a bomb had detonated in that moment, it wouldn't have been able to match the sheer power that rocked the beloved home from side to side, and felled chunks from the ceiling.

"No, no! Don't do this to me!"

The current head of the Empire, as close as anyone could truly be, despaired as she looked over her screens. The pink maned changeling twitched terribly as she looked about them, seeking any signs of life on their side. All of them had gone black, not a single trace left of the battle that had gone on in the halls. All she had seen in her final moments were emerald flame, and then darkness.

"Mane-Iac!? Poindexter!? Talk to me!"

Yet, from that side, she only heard the emptiness of static.

"What did she do!? What was that!? How do I..."

She steeled herself, as best could be done in times such as these, and straightened her back against the weight on her shoulders.

"No point worrying about it from here, I've got no choice."

From her desk, the epicenter from which the Empire thrived, she rose.

"I've got to..."

She was terrified, there was no question of that.

"I've got to deal with this myself."

She was still resolute as she got up from her chair, and tried to make her way to the door.

"I don't know if I can handle her, but-"

"I'm sure you can."

The blood beneath her chitin ran icy cold.

"After all, anyone who could pull all of this off is capable of anything, really!"

It took all her courage, all she had and then some, to turn around. To witness with her eyes what she knew in her heart, and to look upon the one that now sat in that chair of power.

"Of course, I shouldn't have expected anything less..."

A changeling Queen with cruel eyes.

"From my daughter."

And a proud smile.
>KKA Delivers

Fuck yes.
I deeply, deeply appreciate that you made them a killer tagteam, you get they love each other and husband/wife hero teamups are my jam.
This was weirdly creative, I like that you didn't have the Queen use the standard beams and made sure every attack was like she was casting an actual unique spell. Cartoon logic with Maney and PD was on point as well.

That said as much as I like it, I'm a little confused why this Queen is so damn good at magic and uses so many atypical attacks. I'm sure it'll be revealed but right now she's just fancy
All this is telling me is that you're more creative than 99 percent of the people who write for Doc Ock. The "turn the limbs into bomb sections" alone was inspired.
Yeah, she's kinda weird, isn't she? She's doing stuff like drawing her attacks in the air or using her holesgiggity as spell circles to complete complex stuff. She even had a special teleport thing inside her ling? I'm assuming just in case she gets killed she can fast-travel from the Hivemind respond, which is clever, but damn she's got some powers. And apparently she has a super move guessing her Super-Form too.

Also holy shit 18 and her mom! I hope that doesn't get lost in the shuffle
>Creative fight
>Queen is a fascinating foe
>Still hints at something bigger
>18 Vs Mama incoming

Worth the wait, godDAMN was that drillkick awesome.
Really well done, only wish it had gone on longer to show off more of PD's tech gadgets
>18's mom is proud of her

I mean wouldn't you be?

>How did you get so good!?

"We've been doing a lot of stuff together. Working on our conjoined moves. You know, syncing up our rhythem?"


'He means we like to FU
>Dat tag team effort
Makes a man proud
To be fair, Marvel is shitty about that.

>Did you see that Queen shoot out the side of the castle?


>Should we look into that?

"It looks like its handled."

>I guess? Feels... off.



An understandable mistake
The man knows his action set pieces.
And he loves his changelings
As we all should
Bit of a stretch
I’ll show you stretch
>Crystal Guard

>Should we have helped in that fight?

"And done what!?"


"She spin kicked her out of the stratosphere! Do you have a rocket up that butt!?"


"Do you have a rocket in your butt!?"

>I don't...

"Then are you putting her into majestic flight?"



>...leave it to-

Whole castle shakes



>Okay which one of us gets to say "I told you so"?

>She's... not coming back, is she?

"Would you blame her for bailing?"


"Yeah... me neither."
You just made me think of this


"...Hi, mom."

>Y-you need to call me your... your...

"...I bring in a lot of revenue, you know, I'm actually the primary tax bracket for the entire hive-"




"Oh, I thought you were mad it's all porn."


"Awww, thanks mom."

>A-and the production values are so hiiiiigh!

"Well we work hard."


"...thanks mom."
Lets leave it that way.
It is until you realized she watched them and appreciated them...

>You're not my real mom!

"I... I know?"

>You don't even know me!

"Correct? Who... why are you talking to me?"


"Well good news, I can time travel! BEHOLD!"





"AHA! I've gone, into the FUTURE!"

>...your distraction is dumber than mine.


She cried as she punched a Queen through a building.


A Queen cried before she was punched through a fruit stand.

>Do you have any idea how long it takes to repair these things!?

"No. I also don't care."

>It's a while!

"You're a bad listener, like my ex husband! He never listened when I said "I am your wife! Really! Now look at the pretty green glowy thing..."

>I keep forgetting we're a pack a rapists.

"Hey, do rapists suck dick? Because I was nice enough to do that!"




"That's all I had."

>You do realize there's children around, right?

"What, did you want me to give them pointers? Because I will. Fillies and little colts who feel funny in the locker room, listen up! Because what you need to do is take the shaft and-"

Those were her final words before the machine punched her so far into the ground, she would not be seen for hours to come. It was a fitting end to her reign.
>So are you going to introduce me to your co-workers?

"Well I would but one of them is on a pregnancy leave."

"18's Mom"




"Still no grandbabies?"


"I just want to know my baby is getting grooved on!"
"18's Mom"

"So, this is the boy you like..."

~Among many others.~

"...Test drive."


"If you can't fuck me sideways, then you can't fuck my baby! In fact, you'll never fuck again! NEVER!"

>This would in no way shape or form change my sex life anyway.


~It's complicated.~



>This is the part where you step in and say something like, "I guess I'll have to take one for the team."

"And set myself up for heartache? Dear Paperbug, how can I truly count myself among those you like-like yet?"

>Technically, Mom said-

~You know I meant like-like, girl! Don't play those games.~

"See? There's no way I can pull such charismatic boasting off when I've barely even gotten to really know you!"

>Fair enough.

"But one day, oh, one day I will the travel that road and explore all that the Heartfolded Paper Love Works Route has to offer me and add my name to your Accepted pile!

>...Cadence, what have you done...

"Actually, Spitfire's the one who kicked this whole thing off."

>No, no. This is definitely Cadence's fault.
>"And set myself up for heartache?
I think he vastly misread that request.

"Take one for the team" just means fuck her mom, whom she hates.
>Wait, you're trying to get with ME now!? Why?!

"Spitfire said I had to if I wanted any chance with her."

>...makes sense, okay. But you do realize you and I like, never talk, right?

"Ahhh, but I have a counter."

>Go for it.

"You and Chrysalis."



>To be fair, she said she'd marry me first, so if anything-

"You know that's not how it works."

>DAMN IT!... is Shiny going to have sex with you, at least?

"Do you want to see Shining have sex with someone else?"

>I came into this when he was already married, I clearly have my kinks and you will respect them!
>Hey wait, doesn't this also mean you need to woo Chrysalis?

"You're the kind of fucker who'd charge Band-on at the start of Air of the Freedom, wouldn't you? You don't go for the ultra-boss at the start!"

>Come to think of it, wouldn't you also-

"Don't tell a colt how high the mountain is, let him climb!"

>So, how'd it go?

"She is rather eloquent in her putdowns."

'Tell me about it.'



'Oh yeah, I had a crush on her back in the early 10 threads, even made a few passes at her and got hilaaariously knocked down. Remember? That was a thing, then when Mane-Iac came around I didn't care because, you know, ten times hotter and more pure anyway, but still.'

"...how bad we talking."



'Ahah... ahah...hngghhhh..'

"Oh no."
I believe the term is horde
Horde of rapists sounds like a campaign slogan from Warhammer
A fun one too
For who?

>You think it’s safe to go out yet?

“Do you think they’re still upset tall you abandoned them?”

>... so, no?

“Hard no on that one.”
Change your cutie mark and say you’re a guard. How will they know?
Lack of robot parts
So what's Celestia up to?

“... does Thou think everything is okay back in Canterlot?”

>Luna, for the last time, we’ve been gone a day, A DAY! And Canterlot has all of your elements of Harmony, all of MY elements of Harmony, five alicorns two of whom are the smartest pony on two planets, a channeling Queen, a Titan changeling Queen, and DISCORD, what could possibly, POSSIBLY, threaten them in a DAY.

“... it’s a little silly, isn’t it?”

>If anyone should be worried about their Canterlot, it’s me. A stray dragon attacks the place and it’s in real trouble! But I’m relaxing, right?



“... another non-alcoholic drink, waitress!”

>There you go
Have we had Celestia reaction to the dusting? I may have missed it if we did.
No, she's been MIA since the battle started, unless that statue that Glimglam is using is actually her. It could be, it would make sense.

But They're deliberately not showing her, so I dunno, I guess there's a plan.
I'm guessing she's captured in some way, either she's feeding her power into the statue or she and Lunalt IS that statue and they're going to be the Door to Faust.
>...Is that Queen Novo in the distance?

"It is! I wonder if she would like to join us?"


>...she seems busy.
>Griffons are probably getting NAMOR'D right now
Considering the world isn't destroyed like almost in Blue...

>Pennydrop, come back!

In all her life, never once did the princess imagine herself saying those words for any reason other than to hunt down the mare in question to bring her to justice, let alone to cry those words with such desperation and such need that it would appear to anyone else she were more desperate stalker than regal royal.


Her pride could wait. For now, the most important thing was getting the behemoth she chased across the skies to turn around and challenge the ones about to bring Canterlot to ruin, for without her it was doubtful that any would survive that long. For all she knew, the majority had been flattened already. Time was running out.

>Cease at once!

She did not even know if there was a way for her words to reach within the metal frame in front of her, in the rush of wind and boom of magical rockets, she could barely hear herself. Every inch she grew closer, the louder the roar of those two seemed to grow. Soon enough her head rattled with the vibrations of both the sheer speed of her flight and the boom of the propulsion directly beneath her.

>Blast it all! Stop! We command thee!

It was a careful descent as she neared the shining metal frame, its perfection marred by dust and scorch marks that seemed surface level at best. It seemed that the beast had recently found itself in the middle of flame and shattered stone, but she tried not to think of it. It was impossible to think of anything else as she made her careful movements to approach the head of the monster, the only thoughts in her head were how to avoid being crushed by the speedy flight and her deepest wishes she had practiced her flight more. What she would not give to suddenly have the skill of her finest Wonderbolts, just one more regret on her ever growing pile.

>Pennydrop if thou clips me, we shall bring to thee a pain that shall never be matched!


Eventually her hooves touched far too hot steel, brimming with magic and unspeakable power, and she could rest just long enough to search for some way in.

>Blast you, listen to us!

Her hoof clopped down on the surface, banging on it with such force she left little scratches and dents wherever she struck.


When her strikes of hoof, and eventually magic, produced no results, she was forced to instead look around and search for any means to get inside. A hatch, a door, a window in the eyes would've been fantastic. It was only after a stray thought struck her that she recalled the head was supposed to be merely decorative, the mare had emerged from the chest of the machine when last she had been seen exiting it. To her dismay, there was not so much as a seam line down along the long metal spine. Expected as it was the best means of protection against an attack, perhaps, dismaying all the same.

>How do I reach her...

A dark lip was nearly chewed off between pearly white teeth as Luna fretted, her mind coming up worryingly empty when she tried to think of any way to get inside the machine. A force of Chitania's blows had not been able to break through it and she very much doubted she had time to focus and cut a hole, if it could work at all and not merely set off some security that would blast her free. Her sane options seemed empty.


So, instead she turned to the less than sane ones.

>Do we not enter minds every night?

She had never truly thought of it like that. Dreams seemed to operate under much different magics, the dreamworld itself was a magical plane after all. But, the more she thought of it, the more sense it made. Even if it was merely a desperate thought she made real with her own bias, it had enough crumbs of truth she could think it a meal. She did enter into the minds of her subjects every night and influence their thoughts and their behaviors.

>Quite unsettling when we think of it as such.


But despite those thoughts, she couldn't help but wonder if now, this moment, called for such unsettling things to be used. In darkest times, she had turned to darker powers before.

>Try not to think of how that ended up.

She steeled herself, resolute as could be expected on the back of a rocket soaring through the air, and she focused.

>Come on...

Things were different now, the mind she sought was not in the land of dreams, but it was a mind all the same. It must be linked in that indescribable magic that allowed her to pass from consciousness to consciousness. It must be there, if only she could find it. She reached out with her spells and her magic, called upon the world of dreams to guide her.


What she found was even stranger than what she expected. There was indeed a mind beneath her, one that was visible to her as dreams often were. But she was not in the dream world, that mind was not asleep. It was somewhere between waking and dreaming, listing back and forth between coherence and the misty daydreaming state.

>What is this?

Had she not been forced to, she never would have gone any closer. It was already terrifying enough as it was, and every cell in Luna's body screamed to her to move away from whatever it was before it was too late. But she was in no such place to be able to refuse this chance, however much it made her heart grow cold. She had to reach out to that mind, she had to go further into that strange state of being. This was her only chance, and she had to take it.


She still was not prepared when she reached the point of no return. Eventually she pushed on and her vision was filled to the brim with emerald light. She felt her breath shorten and her brow begin to sweat as unseen heat burned down on her, sizzling beneath hooves that did not touch the ground.

>Pennydrop? Is that... you?


It wasn't merely hot, it was suffocating where she was, making it hard to breath and harder to focus. Just before she could reconsider her actions out of fear, it felt as if walls were closing around her, like she had stepped into a room and the door slammed shut behind her just before the place was set ablaze.

"So much power..."

That voice, buried in the crackling of flame, she recognized.


There she was, in the center of it all. A mare who stood, quite proudly at that, among an inferno without fear. There was no worry of being burned as she reached out, moving her hoof about as if searching for something in the flames.


The mare's ears flickered, finally a sign that she had heard those cries.

>What is this!? What is happening to you!?

She turned deliberately slowly, just so she could soak in the sight of the princess's face contorted in fear when she looked upon it.

>Speak to us!

It brought a smile to the earth pony's face. It also brought laughter to the room.

>Who is that!?

The earth pony's mouth never moved as that laughter grew.

"Do you feel that power, Luna?"

Those hooves gestured all around, to the room that only seemed to consist of laughter and flame.

"It's something, isn't it? I've felt it before, you know. When I tried to save you. It was different then... it's better now."

The long blue neck reeled back at the tone, a distracting combination of focused and listless.

"It's like... it's become me. I still have all my thoughts, all of my mind, but there's just so much more..."

Her hooves curled, and the princess swore she felt the whole world rumble.


It did not take a brilliant mind to figure out what was going on.

>Pennydrop, thou art being controlled! Something in this machine hath taken thee! Does thou not see how wrong everything is!? Focus thineself! Fight it off before it consumes you!

The businessmare never stopped smiling.


>It will destroy thine mind if thou cannot break free! It will destroy all of you!

~Destroy her?~

There was another voice now.

~Why would I destroy her?~

One part excited, maybe even downright giddy, but it was more than that. The other part was broken, hollow, very wrong. As if the one speaking those words had no lips, no mouth at all to speak them with. A strange gurgle was undercutting it, and a strange buzzing just out of hearing range.

~We both want the same thing.~

Clearly, Pennydrop heard her, if the way she suddenly grinned was anything to go by. As one, both voices spoke.

~"We will-"~

The listless world completely shattered.


Broken by a sudden force that jettisoned the princess from that mind and crashing back into the real world, disoriented and barely hanging on and the bitter cold seared into her skin without care, heightened by the sudden feeling washing over her body. It was more painful than she ever could have imagined, like dropping from a spa straight into arctic rivers, and it nearly sent her mind into unconsciousness itself.

>No, not yet! Not yet! We have so much more to say!

She had been taken from that world!

>Why!? Why are we...

Not from anything the machine, or the minds within it, caused.


Only then did she notice the scorched spot, too close for comfort to her current position. A blackened marr bigger than even her own body was in the metal hide. Before she could think of it any more, she noticed something else.

>What is that thing?

Off in the distance, a single light.


She thought of nothing else after that, except for the fear and the pain as fire consumed the metal form.
>Chittymama actually likes Pennydrop

Why is that so much creepier than the alternative
They have so much in common! They both like being huge, they both hate Chitania, and they're both raging lesbians
Because of course the ghosts invade and PENNYDROP JOINS THEM

She is the worst
Can you not be worst pony for FIVE MINUTES
Oh great, now who's shooting her?
The list of who'd like to is rather long...
You know I don't know why nobody made the connection that someone who can go into dreams can probably finangle going into awake minds...
Soooo, robot fight?
Better be.
We don't have any other robots to use though unless we're about to get JUST AS PLANN'D
There;s always a bigger fish

>So much power...

"But she's a changeling!"

>...wait what-

"She'll corrupt-"


"...racism saves the day!"
What's bigger than the biggest bot?
The biggest toy
You are in?
What is it with everything else crazy
Check under Cellys bed

>...Is that a giant-



"What? I had robots too!"


"I did!"

>...why is it a dick though.

"I've decided to embrace my past."


"Yeah, figured ya' were gettin' hungry."

'I've been surviving off little crackers I found in the rubble, I am so hungry.'

~Those weren't crackers.~

'They cracked, it counts.'

~Well I've been living on love!~

"Does that joke ever get old?"

~Like two years ago, honestly.~

>Thank goodness, I've never felt more empty than I do right now

"Yeahh, about that, Chitania says thanks."

>She does!?


'But like, on the sly, like "Oh I guess he's not that bad?"


~Like, "I guess there's worse ponies!"~

"Nuh uh."


"Says thanks, yer' a good sort ta' help her out."

>...this feels wrong.

"Yeah Ah' was waitin' for the second half too."

'Was there a second half?'



~...this world is WRONG!~

>So this is where you all are hiding.

"Pretty much. We call it, Chateau Love."

'We don't call it that.'

~I'm down with it, this is the love tower.~

"That... sounds like something else."


'She knows. She always knows.'

"So do you have a plan for getting us out of here, or?"

>I'm working on the portal, but its not working.


>Literally, it won't even turn on, its like the whole universe is out of whack or something.

'Can't imagine why!'

>I don't even know where to start.

~You could ask other you and double your super smarts. Form of... way too damn smart, actually, that might be dangerous.~

"She's got a point, two twis are smarter than one."

>She's probably not in the best mental state right now.

'Well it can't be better than just sitting about without even trying.'


~It's either that or I mind control her into helping.~


~I'll do it, I want off this rock.~

"I won't stop her."


>...I'll go talk to the others.

"Thank you."
Kinda mean.



>Gotta question~

"Sure, I don't know why Celestia flips out all the time, its not like-"

>If you were big version of you, you'd agree I was best in bed, right?

"...beg pardon."

'Beg pardon!?'

~I do not beg, I take pardons!~

>Look, we were having an argument, and I said "Well clearly I was best in bed" and Pinkie said "But we can't know that now" so I said "Wait, we can know that because we've got a shorter Shiny here!" so here we are.


>Soooo? You'd say I was the best, right? If you were him.

"I'd... probably still say Cadence?"

>Nuh uh! Other you hates her, remember?"

"Kind of strong."

>But not wrong! Soooo?


>Me, obviously me, right?


>...at least better than Rarity, right?






>HA HA HA HA HAAAAA! Bluebutt is best butt!

"You realize I said this in a vain attempt to get rid of you, right?

(He's only saying that because I'm going on a date with Spike and you're free, if I made a pass at him he'd flip in a second!)

>Too bad! Its written in stone!

'Is it?'

~He did say sure.~


~Shhhh... he said sure.~


~But he clarified you're the best in his universe, so you still win!~

'Yay! I do the sex good!'

~When it happens.~

>Better watch out, Cadence, I might try to take the title from you too-




"...you know she wasn't serious, right?"

'We have a Dash at home and she's hotter.'

(OHHHH! Come back here, Dash! I need to gloat! COME BACK HERE!)



'They don't call her Spitfire for nothing.'

In another universe, Spitfire brushes off her shoulder. She doesn't know, nor care, why.
>Spitty knows she's good looking
Look, they have shit to do!
Still though, mind control? I mean maybe coercion with the possibility to sleep with Shining, at most! But mind control is just unthinkable!
Thats how broken she is...
Really, Chitty gets it DEEP in every universe.
Depends on what Rainshine can convince her to do.


"...No go?"


"Well what am I supposed to do with it!?"


"Fiiiine... I'll just call it a statue or something."

>That is clearly-

"You think I don't know that!?"
>Autumn Blaze


"I know, I knoowwww."

>You watched One thousand Two too!?


>I love that monkey scene!

"...me too, obviously!"
Saved it

>...he's not wrong?

"Right? If only Applejack hadn't sent her away, the royal duties she would do..."
Too far, little too far
, Not far enough?

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