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File: 1811436.png (616 KB, 1644x2407)
616 KB
616 KB PNG
Previous thread >>36000485

>Shouldn't it be Ponies ON Earth?
Yes, but PiE is tasty. The thread has had this name since 2012 and it helps convey that this is what you get when the formula for AiE is reversed.

>Please explain.
We ask what happens when one or more ponies (or changelings, or griffons, or something else) are placed in a setting where humans are the predominant species. How does one of those adapt to living in a society where they're the odd one out, and most items aren't designed for hooves?

Beyond that, it's all the writer's choice!

It can be anything between silly or grim, set in the far future or distant past, canon characters or OCs! Ponies could be as rare as bigfoot sightings or as common as next-door neighbors! Are humans friendly or skeptical of the new arrivals? Are they even new arrivals? Is the pony a creation of humans, as with Browser Ponies or Hassenfield Bioengineering? Is Anon around? Is he still a jackass?

The door's wide open, so come on in!

>I don't always see this thread on the board.
We'll post a new thread on the 14th of the month if one 404s early. Threads roll over into the next month if there's one already up. If there's demand, we'll make a new thread before the 14th. PiE is a part of the AiE threads if there's no PiE thread up.

>Who's this pegasus OC that keeps getting posted here?
Her name is Pillow Case. She was in one of the first PiE stories posted on 4chan and has become the thread mascot. She likes soft things and wearing her hoodie. She's also an epic gamer girl, despite the added price of controllers for hooves. She does not sell bathwater. That's gross.

Useful links
PiE Pastebin: pastebin.com/u/Ponies_in_Earth
FAQ: pastebin.com/RjGxp6Mn
Images: derpy.me/PiE_Pictures
Threads: derpy.me/PiEThreadArchive
Recommended Stories: pastebin.com/m8YWvb4k
Authors: pastebin.com/KMbc65Zk
Images: derpy.me/BrowserPonies
Threads: derpy.me/BrowserPonyArchive
Writing guides: pastebin.com/V1ujiyJt
First for sneed
Second for no one here writes anymore, they just post pony images like AiE
File: medium.png (551 KB, 3309x3000)
551 KB
551 KB PNG
I can't sneed!
File: full.png (331 KB, 417x695)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
dem hips
Sixth for 'screw it, I'll write a quick thingy.'

>Be Anon on PEETZER night
>Tonight, you are going to make the PEETZER
>Fuck delivery, fuck DiGiorno's, don't fuck the delivery person because that is not an acceptable form of payment regardless of the genders/preferences/hotness of those involved
>That's the most unrealistic expectation porn can give you: a minimum wage worker being able to afford losing all that time and money just to get some ass
>Knock knock
>"Hey, Anon! Let me in! I'm a fairy! Don't you believe in fairies?"
>Also don't fuck the delivery person because she's adamantly not a tail-lifter, she's your roommate, and you don't want to ruin a good thing by making it weird
"Pilly, that meme is from before you even came to Earth."
>It is an old meme, but it checks out
>You open the window for her, allowing her to scramble in
>"If people still get the meme, it's a valid meme."
"True enough. You got the goods?"
>"Heck yes. Let's get this marinara train rolling!"
>She looks up at you and smiles once she has her saddle bags off
>Wait, she's smiling at you
>Oh shid
"Where's your mask?"
>Despite clearly having spoken, her mouth is frozen in a smile that her eyes don't match anymore
>Her forehoof pads around on her snout in search of a mask that you soon realize was already there
>She peels it off
>"Oh. That explains the weird looks I was getting."
>Once again her latest mask-terpiece's color scheme has come back to bite her
>Black with a light lavender mouth printed on it... or reversible into light lavender with a black mouth printed on
>She quickly learned that the light lavender was a bit too close to her coat's color for people to feel comfortable around
>She also occasionally forgets which side of the mask she has facing out
"We ought to put up a mirror or something. Pass the dough?"
>It was a slightly confusing evening
>With pizza
>And A&W
>And Pillow Case kicking your ass in Smash Ultimate again
>Steve is underpowered, Sakurai pls buff
>Anon is unwilling to pay the delivery person in Rape Dollars
I think this Anon is out of character.
Is it my turn?

>once upon a time there was a poni
>she was in earth
>she was having a good time, too
>"Sweetie Belle! Get out of that mud, come inside this instant, and bathe yourself! Supper is getting cold, darling!"
>so she did
>dinner was quiche
>she'd heard a rumor that real stallions didn't eat quiche
>but she wasn't a stallion
>good end
I have no idea where to ask this, is there a name for that trope where humans have superior sexual stamina in bed compared to stallions cause that's kinda hot
thanks in advance
I believe it's called "Hot Monkey Dick" around here, or HMD for short. It may be considered a subtrope of HFY, or Humanity Fuck Yeah.
Whatever you call it, I nominate Captain James T. Kirk as its patron saint.
File: 1374957799314.jpg (115 KB, 1048x763)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore
Don't be sad, brown golly
I spent a good minute trying to figure out what kind of etch-a-sketch that was.
As long as the minute was good.
I want to satify a mare in one minute
Will you be her Minuteman?
I'd be her hourman. Poor pony would crawl after that
File: 1368225695594.jpg (77 KB, 1000x850)
77 KB
This is extremely cute
I've got something cooking but it's not done yet. Haven't written anything for this board in QUITE some time, so I'm really rusty.

It will involve a yellow, pink-haired pegasus.
Looking forward to it. Grapefruit hoers a cute.
I don't know how to turn into an ICBM so no I cannot
ICBM is a powerful magical spell in common use by lonely single unicorn mares in the more rural parts pf Equestria. It stands for "I Catches Bachelor Men."
pls don't cook a hoers
File: Preston_Garvey.jpg (597 KB, 1920x1080)
597 KB
597 KB JPG
Don't worry, it's simpler than that.

There's a settlement that needs your help. I've marked it on the map.
File: buried lede.png (155 KB, 724x1024)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
>"Poni Parker? Get your ass in here and tell me what the hell this piece on page 4 is!"
>"..Yeah that's right, it DOES say 'All-inclusive creature summit'. What's wrong with that picture, hm?"
>"I might not have been born here in New York but it's got so many parallel's to Manehattan!..I just don't want to see it suffer the same fate.."
>"Those greasy organ grinding griffons on every corner and packs of zebra's roaming around...disgraceful!"
>"Write another one, Parker, and so help me Celestia, if it has one mentioning of the word 'creature' in it I'll bump you back down to junior reporter so fast your head will spin!"
>Fag enabler

Aaaaand he's cancelled. You can only get away with language like that in places where every single AM radio station re-broadcasts the same pundit. Go upstate and try again.
You can't cancel him, he's a freedom loving naturalized american-equestrian citizen!
>Lede goes on Alex Pones podcast
>"This is what it's coming to, America! THIS is the society THEY want you to champion and be a part of!"
>"Good, honest, hardworking Equestrian-Americans being 'cancelled' and sent off to re-education camps!"
>"And for what? Because some blue haired ninny took offense at them for not using 'soft language'?"
>"I'm telling you, it's in the water!"
I had a beautiful dream with a poni...
>Alex Jones and Alex Pones tried to do a podcast together once, turns out they play off each other way too good and run too hot for their audience's comfort
>was pretty fucking great though, and they sold many a product as a result of this
File: Spoiler Image (219 KB, 220x124)
219 KB
219 KB GIF
"Pones, you really think there's ponies out there campaigning for giving up all their pastries? You really think they would do that?"
"WHO would campaign for that?"
>Pones proceeds to slam the table before threatening to suplex Anon.
>All the while Alex Jones sits across the table, silently.
>pic related.
File: Celestia_took_40_cakes.png (175 KB, 468x244)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
>All the while Alex Jones sits across the table, silently.
I think that'd be out of character.

He might be just sitting there stunned and looking at the pony like a proud father.
>"Miss? Miss you need to pay for those."
>'Diplomatic immunity. These cakes are now property of the sovereign of Equestria also I need another wheelable tray to carry these.'
File: the horror.png (718 KB, 1280x720)
718 KB
718 KB PNG
How do poners react to horses?
File: chillin.png (984 KB, 984x528)
984 KB
984 KB PNG
I assume it would be the same way a human would react to another human having really beady eyes that are further apart than width of their mouth.

Horses are spindly, weird motherfuckers. I bet the pony version of Slenderman is just a horse. A normal-ass horse.
How long does it take for the novelty to wear off before Poni starts seeing how Earth really is most the time?
>Endless shit on the news
>Bums and homeless everywhere
>People aren't near as friendly to one another as pones are in their society
>Not every human is born to do great things or even with a purpose
>World polluted to hell and back
Pretty much every season after S4 is about Twilicorn and the gang going to places and fixing their friendship issues and friendship-adjacent issues. They'd make their own Peace Corps organization just for Earth.
File: 1603150332297.jpg (94 KB, 500x375)
94 KB
>mfw they try and turn us into poners
Depends where they appear. And really most stuff on the news is overblown except when it isn't.
But Celestia looks like a horse.
>But Celestia looks like a horse.
And a fine-ass horse she is, too.
>>36173425 here. I've got a start to my story so I'll post what's ready. Lemme know what you think.

>Another Friday has come and gone.
>You are Anonymous – I know, big surprise there – and you’re sitting on your front porch watching the sun set beyond the distant hills.
>The sky is aglow with vibrant shades of red and orange. Small and fluffy blue clouds dance their way across the air.
>Your bones and muscles ache from a long day of working in the fields, but now the time has come to relax.
>Countless nights have been spent admiring this vista, but you’ve never seen a sunset this bright before.
>Might as well bask in its splendor before the beautiful moon rises with her accompanying stars.
>Your family has owned this small valley farm for three generations. Well over a century has been spent growing crops and raising livestock on this very spot.
>It’s a quiet life, and you wouldn’t trade it for anything. Nothing much happens here, and that’s the way you like it.
>Well, the occasional national event can affect things.
>Which… is exactly what happened nine months ago when the first portal opened.
>Like the rest of the world, you dropped everything and watched as the world found itself with inter-dimensional guests.
>Not horrifying, reptilian extraterrestrials as the movies would have you believe, but rather… ponies.
>Cute, pastel colored ponies, some with wings or horns, and a select few even with both.
>They spoke English, or at least something very similar to it, and appeared friendly. Those with wings could fly to great heights, and those with horns could perform something akin to magic.
>The ensuing weeks were filled with legal jargon, meetings, and debates, but eventually peace won out and formal relations were established.
>While you were interested in learning more about Earth’s new guests, you never expected one of them to wind up at your door.
>Which… is exactly what happened three months later.

1/4 (for now)

>You remember that day vividly.
>The sky was overcast and a light, cold rain was falling, but you could feel the atmosphere whirling around above you, signaling an impending downpour.
>You had gone out to refill the feed troughs for the chicken coop and rabbit pens, when you heard a soft but audible whimper coming from the woods.
>Dropping the feed bags, you went to inspect the cries.
>Following the sound, you found a female pegasus with tattered, dirt-covered light yellow fur and a long, mangled pink mane sitting under an old pine tree.
>Roughly three feet tall, she was clearly malnourished and visibly ill.
>You quietly approached her, but stepped on a stick and alerted her to your presence.
>She looked up to you and immediately began trembling with fear, her eyes shrinking to near microscopic size.
>A few unintelligible words managed to escape her mouth, but they were muffled by her sobs.
“It’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you.”
>”B-bbbb-bu-bu-but…” she struggled to say, her stomach growling as she spoke.
>In the distance, a clap of thunder echoed. If starvation didn’t get to this pony, hypothermia or pneumonia from the rain would.
“Stay here, I’ll be right back.”


>As fast as you could, you ran back to your home, booking it through to the kitchen and grabbing an apple from the pantry.
>Your father questioned what the hurry was, but you had no time to explain, shouting a single instruction to him as you ran into the yard.
“Run a bath, now!”
>The tempest was still holding off, but if the darkening clouds were anything to go by, it clearly wouldn’t for much longer.
>Arriving at the pine tree, you found the pony struggling to stay awake.
>She recoiled when she saw you coming, obviously still petrified, but her eyes grew a tad softer when she noticed the fruit in your hand.
“May I sit next to you?”
>Violently trembling, the pegasus managed to give a small nod of approval.
>You walked over to her and sat at her side, holding the apple up to her nose.
>She took a small sniff, then turned to you.
>”I-I-Is t-t-th-thi-this f-for m-m-m-me?” she asked.
“Yes. Looks like you need it.”
>She looked back at the apple and took a bite. A small smile appeared as she began to chew.
>You said nothing as the pegasus continued to eat for the next few minutes, until eventually nothing was left but the apple’s core.
>”T-t-thank y-you.”
“You’re quite welcome.”
>You chuck the apple’s remains into the woods.


>Overhead, the sound of heavier rainfall began emanating from the leaves.
>The thick foliage cover managed to keep most of it from hitting the ground, but you knew that you’d be in for a very wet sprint home once you reached your yard.
“Miss, may I ask your name?”
>”F-F-Flutter… F-Flutters-shy…” the pegasus answered.
“Well, Fluttershy, it seems you’re in pretty rough shape. I know we just met, but I can help you get better and I’m more than willing to do so.”
>She said nothing, but her trembling did begin to lessen ever so slightly.
“This rain is only going to get worse. I can get you cleaned up, a warm meal, and a place to spend the night, but you have to come with me.”
>”T-that d-d-does sound b-better than a-another n-n-night alone…”
>Another night? You began to wonder how long she had been out here.
“Can you walk?”
>”N-not r-right now. T-too tired…”
“Then I’ll carry you, okay?”
>You scooped Fluttershy up and held her tight to your torso.
>She was surprisingly lightweight. Somewhere around forty pounds, and no more than fifty.
“It’s gonna be alright, Fluttershy. You’re gonna be just fine.”
>With your adrenaline pumping, you ran like hell back to the farm.
Forgot to write 4/4. Oopsie daisies.

Would y'all like me to continue?
>Would y'all like me to continue?
yes pls
I wasn't exactly picturing her as bloodied up, just very worse for wear.

I'll see what I can do. I actually wrote a lot of the later part of the story before writing those four beginning parts, so now I've gotta connect the two halves, lol.
File: 1518895522493.png (99 KB, 674x485)
99 KB
>>36180197 >>36181170 >>36181643
>Tia is dipping a bit into the uncanny valley, but she manages to pull it off as "otherworldly beauty"
>There's a reason ponies were afraid of Nightmare Moon and, by extension, Luna, and even made a whole holiday about her scaring foals straight
>Candy Ass and Sparkles still have mostly pony-like proportions
>Flurry is just a lil' rascal for now but boy, are her teens gonna be awkward…
Like, seriously, can we have a moment of silence for Flurry Heart's future trauma as a slendermare-looking teen?

>You got soaked to the bone the instant you cleared the tree lining and entered your yard.
>Fortunately, the door was still open, so you didn’t need to break pace as you dashed inside.
>Practically bouncing up the stairs, you skipped every other step until you reached the top and turned into the bathroom.
>Your dad was kneeling beside the bathtub and turning its faucet off. The water was nearly at the tub’s brim, and steaming hot.
>”Ah, you’re back!” he said, standing up and turning to face you. “Now, why’d you have me draw a bath in the first pla-WHAT THE?”
“Pops, run downstairs and grab a bowl of fruits and veggies. Thrown in some hay with it, and get a cup of water.”
>”Is that one of those ponies that have been showing up from the portals?” he asked, as you walk to the side of the bath. “Is it hurt?”
“No obvious injuries that I can see, but she’s starving and needs cleaning.”
>”I’ll see what I can find downstairs,” your dad replied. “In the meantime, get to cleaning her up. Bath shouldn’t be terribly hot.”
“Call Mom. Let her know we have a guest.”
>He nodded, and left towards the kitchen.
>With his departure, you lifted Fluttershy from your chest and held her gently above the bath.
“Alrighty then, let’s get you cleaned up.”

>It took roughly an hour and a half to get every last bit of dirt and grime off of Fluttershy.
>The tub needed to be drained and refilled twice.
>She let out a long sigh of relief when her body hit the water. You saw her muscles relax and her attitude greatly improve in a split second.
>Her fur needed some rigorous scrubbing, but a little elbow grease got the job done perfectly.
>Her hair was a different story. A lot more maintenance was required besides shampoo and conditioner.
>Several spots were far too tangled to be unwound, and had to be cut. You’re no barber, but to this day you think you did a decent job.
>Pops came back up with a massive bowl filled with a wide variety of greens, and even some hay mixed in.
>A few breaks from cleaning were taken to allow Fluttershy to eat, which helped her calm down enough to explain her situation.
>The ponies capable of magic – the unicorns – had been working on something called “advanced teleportation spells”, and accidentally opened a hole to Earth.
>For a while, the one portal that was covered to no end that fateful day was the only one, but eventually the unicorns figured out how to safely open more.
>One attempt to open one by a friend of Fluttershy’s named Twilight Sparkle went awry, resulting in the destruction of Fluttershy’s home.
>Inconsolable, she ran through to Earth without looking back, and had been lost in the wilderness for a week with no food or water.
>The wild berries weren’t enough to live on, and the only stream she could find was nearly dry.
>She attempted to return, but couldn’t find the portal, which lead to her getting lost in the woods and breaking down into a fit of tears.
>That moment, when she was contemplating giving up entirely, was when you found her.

Hopefully I'll be able to get some more done tonight. How is it so far?
File: 1602371582888.jpg (422 KB, 2000x1200)
422 KB
422 KB JPG
It's breddy gud m8

>One the bath was over, and Fluttershy was clean, you wrapped her up in the thickest towel you had and began drying her off.
>The blowdryer on its highest setting also came in handy.
>She didn’t stop thanking you and your father for your hospitality.
>You promised to help her look for the portal she came through in the morning, but you assured her that tonight was strictly for relaxation and rest.
>Lord knows she deserved it after the hell she had been through.
>She made an attempt to fly once she had finished drying off, but her wings wouldn’t carry her. She was still far too weak.
>You offered to carry her down to the living room, which she happily accepted.
>Pops began work on getting the fireplace started, and Fluttershy curled up in front of it once the logs were going strong.
>She continued to munch away at the bowl your father had prepared, being careful to not overindulge.
>The rain continued to fall in buckets from above, even becoming whiteout conditions at one point.
>Your mom arrived soon after, and introduced herself to Fluttershy after removing her drenched raincoat.
>Fluttershy and you explained everything that had happened, nearly reducing your mother to tears.
>Without a second thought, your mom told Fluttershy that she was welcome to stay as long as she needed.
>Knowing it would be some time before she was fully back on her feet… er, hooves, Fluttershy accepted.

>Eventually, the skies began to clear, and the downpour reduced itself to a light drizzle.
>After several hours of light conversation and tending to Fluttershy’s needs, the fire began to fade.
>Your father had gotten the couch set up as a spare bed, with two comfy pillows and a fleece blanket.
>You agreed to stay by Fluttershy’s side throughout the night and make sure she was okay.
>She tried to convince you that she would be fine on her own, but you wouldn’t hear it.
>For the sake of her safety, you had to be nearby.
>Your father retired for the evening around eleven, and your mother followed soon after. You, however, only threw on a pair of pajamas and brushed your teeth.
>Returning from your room in your night clothes, you found Fluttershy lying down on the sofa, her eyes barely open.
>You sat beside her and pulled the blanket up to the bottom of her chin. She put her forelegs out and pulled the covering in towards her chest.
>”I… I know I’ve said this a lot, but… thank you, sir. You and your family have shown me such great kindness tonight. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to repay you.”
“Don’t you worry about repaying us. We were happy to help.”
>The pegasus sighed, and a gentle smile appeared on her face.
>”Pardon me, sir, but I… I don’t think I’ve asked you your name.” she stated.
>You pondered for a moment before realizing sh was right. She had introduced herself, but you hadn’t returned the favor.
>A chuckle escapes your lips before you reply.
“Silly me, where are my manners? My name is Anonymous, Miss Fluttershy, but you can call me Anon. Everyone does.”
>”Oh? Well, it’s nice to officially meet you, Mr. Anon.”
“And it’s an honor to meet you too, Fluttershy.”

I think I'm gonna stop here for the night. It's getting late and my creative juices are fried. Hope y'all have enjoyed this little story so far. There's more to come hopefully this weekend.
Dubs of truth.

In the spirit of constructive criticism, in >>36183258 do you mean "tree lining," or do you mean "tree line?"

Also, in >>36183273 why is the stream almost dry if there's a torrential rainstorm? Or was it dry before the storm started?

Flutterbutter is tiny. Like miniature horse filly sized. Like medium sized dog sized. I usually think of ponies as being a few sizes bigger than that, so maybe it's my own headcanon that's in the way here.

I don't know where this is set, but for most ungulates--hooved mammals--a temperate forest in spring and summer is one enormous buffet. Whitetail deer, cattle, hogs, and goats eat poison oak and it is harmless to them. Horses eat it too and some seem to like it a lot. But maybe she doesn't have those traits. Given where she lives in canon I would have expected her to be knowledgeable about survival and similar matters--Rarity is the one I'd expect to be clueless and helpless in the dark scary forest--but maybe Earthly plant life isn't always exactly identical to what she's used to.

Otherwise, this is all bretty gud, and I hope we'll see more. Thanks.
>Dubs of truth.
Speak for yourself, Satan!

>In the spirit of constructive criticism, in 36183258 do you mean "tree lining," or do you mean "tree line?"
Hey, constructive criticism is always welcome! Though I personally prefer the word "critique". Tree line would've probably been a more accurate wording for what I was trying to convey.

>Also, in 36183273 why is the stream almost dry if there's a torrential rainstorm? Or was it dry before the storm started?
Everything after "A few breaks from cleaning were taken to allow Fluttershy to eat, which helped her calm down enough to explain her situation." is explaining Fluttershy's entrance to Earth, so before the rain began.

I'm trying to make the setting fairly ambiguous, leaving it up to the reader to decide where exactly it takes place. Could be somewhere near the Appalachian Mountains, Adirondacks, Cascades, anywhere hilly and wooded really. But you're right, Fluttershy probably would've been fine living off the vegetation. Like I said before, it's been a long ass time since I've written anything here, so clearly I'm not well-versed in fact checking my writing :P

Glad you're enjoying it! I'll try to have it done within the next few days, but I've got a bunch to do.
Fully understood. Thanks.
So, a scene popped into my head. This is normal prose, not second-person greentext.

And with the coming of April, the snows receded and melted and green things began to grow again. "This is a big day, Tia," he said. "You'll be able to exercise properly for the first time in months. She smiled a little at that, but only a little.

He led her out to the fence, his hand on her withers, opened the gate, and let her in. "You have space to run here. This paddock is two hundred meters on a side and goes up to the property line up there," he said, nodding at the distant wall of tall pine trees. "You probably shouldn't go past the treeline. It's the old Koskinen place's woodlot, and they haven't met you. They're touchy about uninvited guests."

"When you say 'touchy,'" she said, trailing off and turning to make eye contact with him.

"Razorwire and boobytraps at obvious entry points are what I know of. Those and security cameras. I also suspect seismic intrusion detectors, maybe even antipersonnel mines, but I don't know Old Dolf or his sons well enough to ask that kind of question."

"You're serious."

"Yes. The troubles after the Cataclysm weren't as bad here as they were further south, but there were some goblins from Glasstown and Lac Straits, and people here have long memories. The last raids were only four or five years ago."

"When you say 'goblins,' what are we talking about, exactly?"

"Bandits, looters, and slave raiders from the former cities. Early on there were people who wanted to be empire-builders and warlords, but most of those killed one another off pretty quickly. The rest got organized for a while. There were some big fights. I was with the People's Militia when we turned them back at Salt Creek and when we smashed the last big band of them at Lincoln's Bend. Smaller groups kept trying for two years after that, and at the end some even tried to surrender."

His eyes hardened. "After the massacre at Arborton we stopped taking prisoners. We didn't have the surplus food to feed them, and they were vicious barbarians we couldn't even trust enough to use for slave labor. We crucified them whenever we caught them, even after the militia went on the offensive and retook the ruined cities they came from. There are still two hundred skulls mounted on spikes above the entrance to the county courthouse. Maybe we killed them all, maybe some survived and went north for easier pickings. They haven't tried again since then."

She shook her head. "By my society's standards you're all psychopaths."

"Well, nine tenths of our species did die in the Cataclysm or in the first six months afterward, and I'm sure that our psychological norms got skewed. But not all of us who survived are equally mad. My ex-wife, whom you have met, is a kind, decent, intelligent woman. Since the Cataclysm everyone still alive has had to make hard choices and do questionable things, though she's not remotely the monster that I am. I freely admit, in fact, that she's a much better person than I am, and much better suited to raising our daughters than I would have been. I hope that our daughters grow up to be better people than we are. I hope that we're building a society where they can be safe, or at least safer than before that big asteroid hit Earth and knocked it off its axis twenty years ago. I hope the hard choices we made will give them that luxury."

"For your sake I hope you're right."

"Thank you." He turned back to the treeline. "And if you find anything out of the ordinary, or any kind of problem, I am asking you now to come to me. I don't want you stepping in a gopher hole and breaking a leg."
"I've been a pony for a pretty long time, you know."

"Regardless. If you find stinging insects, come to me, and I will take care of the matter. Poisonous snake? Come to me. A bear, or wolves? Come to me. Gopher holes? Come to me. Poisonous plants? Come to me. I will fix it. I owe you that much and more. After all we've been through since winter, I can't bear the thought of you getting hurt again," he said, gently tapping her bandaged wing with a forefinger.

"Rits was right."


"Even when you're trying to be polite, you're a real asshole. I see why she divorced you."

"I wuv oo too. Now get in there and run," he said, closing the gate.
File: Hungry Strawberry.png (1.76 MB, 2269x1867)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
Still being edged by her boyfriend. Press F to pay respects.
/r/ ideas for Strawberry Jam smut
Post if she is filly/teenage/adult, and her fetish

She is adult, and her fetish is Hot Monkey Dick.
>Hot Monkey Dick
Very vanilla for PiE...
File: Celestia_teehee.png (82 KB, 500x500)
82 KB
Aren't vanilla and Strawberry perfect together?
File: mmmmmmm.jpg (326 KB, 1080x1080)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
Consider the alternative though
Hmmm... is Strawberry into butt stuff?
Okay. She's into latex, bondage, pegging, and CBT. And somehow manages to make all of it cute and affectionate.
File: CONDUCTOR.gif (70 KB, 441x422)
70 KB
Guys I found a job that's ideal for poni

Basically all she has to do is sit there and look cute and be legally responsible for all aboard which is just a technicality, what could go wrong!
File: ponkerbooze.gif (312 KB, 240x240)
312 KB
312 KB GIF
I love it
>butt stuff
Is she into paddling then? Analbeads? Stretching? Rimming?
Yes. Giving and receiving. She likes sex and drugs and rock and roll, but the veterinary tranquilizers ponies favor as party drugs cause odd reactions in humans. Think PCP.
Excuse you but PiE is a family thread
So incest too? Do we know any relatives banging with Strawberry?
I bet it's her teenage little unicorn bro, Elderberry Jam
How can he be her little bro if he has "elder" in his name? It ain't logical.


That's the plot twist
File: ref.jpg (40 KB, 500x333)
40 KB
>Please reset the game clock to 14:47
>There is no penalization for either team as the interference was not caused by either team
>The crazed mint colored mare who stormed the field shouting 'HANDS!' has been ejected from the stadium; the game will resume on my call
File: Lyra_boing.gif (255 KB, 499x549)
255 KB
255 KB GIF
Loira was being a li'l shid again, I see.
>Lyra sees how quarterbacks sometimes lick their fingers for a better grip on the ball
>runs onto the field


I guess I'm going to regret that when I'm sober again.
Have Strawberry and a cloud magic doing things to her. I could draw her brother, but I need more details. Elderberry sounds like a dark violet coat, but I'm not making decissions. We can design him when I'm still drunk and I still I know how to hold a pen.
Oh my God
Looks like imgur is broken
>I guess I'm going to regret that when I'm sober again.
You do this drunk? Draw her in a latex dominatrix getup before you sober up, offering a doubtful-looking human some horse tranquilizer.

>The next day was spent trying to find the exact portal that Fluttershy passed to Earth through.
>Using what Fluttershy could remember from the incident of her arrival, you found it at the center of a nearby town.
>Your new pegasus friend guided you to her world. It was a simple process; step into the portal, a brief flash of white light, and you arrived without issue.
>On the other side, you found yourself standing in a small crater, with shards of wood, stone, and even glass sticking out from the dirt.
>Fluttershy began trembling at the sight, and you scooped her up in your arms to comfort her.
>This hole was once her home, and the memory of the accident was clearly still fresh in her mind.
>You held her close, and reassured her that she would be okay. Thankfully, that stopped her from crying.
>Stepping out of the rubble, you saw two winged unicorns conversing nearby. One purple and about Fluttershy’s height, and the other slightly taller than you, wearing all sorts of regal jewelry.
>The purple one was in hysterics, and the white one was gently trying to calm her down.
>You and Fluttershy said nothing at first, until Fluttershy suddenly jumped from your arms.
>The sound of her hooves hitting the ground alerted both winged unicorns to your presence, and immediately the purple one ran over, pulling Fluttershy into a tight embrace.
>It sounded like she was attempting to apologize, but you couldn’t make out a word she said through her cries.
>”Miss Fluttershy!” the white one exclaimed, her voice smooth and almost motherly in tone. “Thank goodness you’re alright! Are you hurt? Are you…”
>She set her eyes on you, with a perplexed but curious look on her face.
>”…and, who might you be?”
>You introduced yourself, and began to explain everything that had transpired.
Holy shit, this is so hot

>After you had finished speaking, the white winged unicorn formally introduced herself as Princess Celestia, the ruler of Equestria.
>She was the one who made all those political negotiations back when the portals first opened.
>You bowed out of respect, but Celestia said it wasn’t necessary.
>She thanked you for taking care of Fluttershy, and going above and beyond for the sake of one of her citizens.
>Especially one, she said, with such a connection to her pupil and fellow princess, who you found out was Twilight Sparkle.
>The very same pony who caused the accident.
>Twilight had barely managed to pull herself together, but enough so to beg Fluttershy for forgiveness.
>Fluttershy accepted her apology, and wrapped her wings around Twilight’s body.
>Celestia offered to have Fluttershy’s home reconstructed and foot the bill personally, but surprisingly, Fluttershy declined.
>She mentioned your mother’s offer, and said she would prefer to stay on Earth with you for the time being.
>Celestia nodded in acknowledgment, saying that she’d be happy to get reconstruction underway when and if Fluttershy changed her mind.
>Twilight breaks the hug, and both you and Fluttershy say your goodbyes before heading back through the portal.
File: satan_thumbs_up.jpg (295 KB, 1200x1200)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
If Satan doesn't know pr0n, what does he know?
Thank you~! Glad to know y'all are liking the story so far.
This is how you restart Strawberry
File: 1544492343655.png (714 KB, 1280x720)
714 KB
714 KB PNG
Look who I saw giving 'religious' speeches down at Venice Beach
>Repent and be reborn anew in Celestia's light!
>Your heathenistic and material obsessed ways can only be forgiven by her grace!
>Creatures are a tool of the jew! Wake up, America!
Unfortunately, I'm sober again and I need another crate of beer to draw Strawberry being nsfw.
Strange thing, being drunk makes it easier for me to draw, took me less than one hour to figure out this strange pose. Welp, I guess now I have to color and shade her.
File: 1595719880194.png (252 KB, 1661x1713)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
I'm good, thanks.
California only has "hot" an "not as hot" as seasons.
File: Pillow Seal.png (1.13 MB, 2076x2500)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
>Pretty much every season after S4 is about Twilicorn and the gang going to places and fixing their friendship issues

>working on friendship issues in Griffonstone
>trying to fix friendship issues in Rwanda
This can't end well.
...well, that was dark.
Good stuff friendo
Requesting a story of Pillow Case rickrolling Anon.


>It’s been six months since your first visit to Equestria, and Fluttershy has made herself right at home on your farm.
>She’s become quite the good farmhand. Taking care of the animals is definitely her strong suit.
>Her health made significant strides in the weeks following her arrival. Within two months, she was no longer underweight, and she even started flying again.
>Fluttershy never gets more than a few feet off the ground, but it’s still a majestic sight to behold. Her movement in the air is wonderfully graceful.
>Even better, your family has been in consistently better moods ever since she settled in.
>You’re starting to think Fluttershy literally radiates kindness.
>In an increasingly dark world, the presence of a gentle soul like Fluttershy is a welcome change.
>You’ve been slowly introducing her to the norms of human life here on Earth, including things like music and sports.
>The pegasus has grown quite fond of you playing guitar, but you’re far from an expert.
>Poor instrument was forgotten in a corner of the barn loft for God knows how long. Who knows what stories it could tell?
>You’ve only been experimenting ever since you found it, nothing more than that.
>Still, she likes what you do, and if playing means Fluttershy is happy, then you’ll keep playing.
>The case is lying on the porch in front of you now, waiting for you to lift its cover.
>You stare off into the sunset. The colors have faded, but its still light enough out to see.
“Time to unwind for the evening.”

>You open the aging case and pick up the guitar.
>It’s an old, beat up Fender acoustic. The wood itself is chipped, the neck is slightly bent, and the strings are rusting.
>Inscribed on the pickguard, faded and barely legible, is a pencil marking that reads ’Ten Oct Ten H.U.B.’
>You’ve no clue what that means, but given this instrument is ancient, it had to have meant something to somebody at some point.
>As you throw the creased and frayed leather strap behind your neck, you can hear the guitar creak with age, almost like it’s begging to be retired.
“Not yet, old girl. You’ve still got life left in you.”
>You begin to pluck away mindlessly, the metallic twang sounding off into the yard and nearby forests.
>She’s got a bit of a raspy tone, but this guitar can still sing.
>As you strum, you hear a slight commotion come from inside the house
>”Oh!” a gentle voice exclaims. “He’s playing again!”
>You hear footsteps approaching, followed by the sound of door hinges squeaking.
>Looking to inspect the noise, you find Fluttershy walking out onto the porch, a pleasant smile across her face.

>”Practicing?” she asks.
“I guess you could call it that. More like just fiddling around.”
>”Either way, it sounds wonderful!”
>The pegasus hops up onto the bench, and sits by your side.
>”Anon?” she asks, snuggling against your arm. “Can you play that song about the flying pigs?”
>You can’t help but chuckle at her request.
>This pony clearly hasn’t studied the lyrics to that very closely.
“Fluttershy, I’ve told you before, that song’s a metaphor. It’s not actually about pigs.”
>”I know, but it’s so relaxing. Perfect for an evening like this.”
>She’s got a point. Regardless of its words, it’s a calming melody.
“Alright, but I’ll have to whistle the solo.”
>”That’s far from a problem, Anon. You whistle like the most perfectly tuned songbird!”
>You smile, knowing full well the blush that just enveloped your cheeks is a vibrant and visible red.
“Ask and ye shall receive. One, two, three, four…”
>The pick effortlessly glides across the strings as you begin to play the first few chords.
>Fluttershy begins lightly tapping her hoof against the wooden seat to keep time.
>She’s even bobbing her head slightly from side to side.
>Finally, you begin to sing.
“If you didn’t care… what happened to me…”


“…a shelter, from Pigs on the Wing.”
>The last chords float from the old musical workhorse on your lap.
>Your petite equine guest has rested her head on your shoulder. You can’t see her face, but you know she’s smiling from ear to ear.
>”That was wonderful!” she says, clapping her hooves together.
“Please, hold your applause! I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waitresses.”
>Fluttershy laughs. You feel one of her wings place itself lightly around the other side of your torso.
>She pulls herself closer to you. You’ve never noticed just how soft her fur is before.
>It’s far from that of the ponies Earth knows. It’s a lot more plush and elegant, almost like a combination of silk and mink fabric.
>You feel your muscles relax as she begins rubbing your arm with her wing.
>”Do you really care what happens to me?”
“Why wouldn’t I?”
>”Well, I’ve heard so many harsh statements towards ponies like me on that… what did you call it?”
“My television?”
>”Yes, that’s it! I keep forgetting.”
“Fluttershy, you’ve been my guest here for half a year now. If I didn’t enjoy your company, you would’ve known a while ago.”
>You return Fluttershy’s one-armed (winged?) embrace, and begin scratching her back.

“Humanity is a divisive species, my friend. Our differences of opinion can be quite drastic.”
>Slowly, you move towards the feathers on her other wing and begin running your hands through them.
“I know the news can seem disheartening, but I can guarantee you that not everyone feels that way. I mean, look at me!”
>She turns her head and meets your gaze, her turquoise eyes glistening in the sunset.
“I’m quite fond of your company. You’ve shown me great kindness in your time here, and it wouldn’t be fair of me to not return that favor.”
>You move your hand towards Fluttershy’s mane and begin lightly twirling her hair, which elicits a small giggle.
“Other people may feel apprehensive towards you ponies, but you and I haven’t encountered any hostility so far. What happened at the grocery store the other day?”
>”All sorts of people were saying hello to us! Asking if they could pet me, posing for photos. Oh, it was wonderful!”
“And did anyone say anything bad about us?”
>”I… I don’t think so. I only recall one lady asking you if your back was getting tired from carrying me.”
“Right, and that wasn’t a confrontational statement. It was true concern for my health.”

>You break your embrace to lift the guitar from your lap, gingerly placing the instrument back into its case.
“Also, you’re very light. I actually feel a bit lonely when I’m not carrying you.”
>She turns away in slight embarrassment, her eyes fluttering and cheeks blushing.
“Look, I’m sure there will come a day where we do meet someone like you’ve seen on the news, and when we do, I know we’ll beat any argument they throw at us.”
>”How? With what? I don’t want to fight anybody.”
“Well, you’re always going on about friendship being magic. You tell me.”
>Fluttershy lifts her hoof to her chin, and begins to ponder.
>”With the power of our friendship?
>Just as she finishes speaking, you wrap your arms around her.
>At first, the pegasus lets out an “Eep!” in surprise, but her wings soon descend upon your torso and hug you back.

Done for tonight. Should hopefully/maybe have one or two more parts up soon-ish
File: kenny logginses.png (225 KB, 570x550)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
>"C'mooooon, it's a cushy deal, seriously!"
>"You're on duty for only like 3 months a year and the base is in Cloudsdale! You'll literally get to walk on clouds and see tight pegasus mare bodies all day!"
>"*Ahem* There is the 20 hours of KP duty, daily enforced physical exercises, an ever present 10% chance your cloudwalking spell will fail and you'll fall MILES to your death, but uh, heh...cute pegasus butts, right?"
>"..Look dude, if you enlist we each get 250 bits and we'll each split it with you, deal?"
>The human nods and signs the enlistment papers
>"Heh, alright son, welcome aboard."
>The recruiters stick their tongues out at the Equestrian Marines recruiters down the way
>"Ha, yeah take that, jarheads. You dopes couldn't attract flies if you were made out of shi-, oh celestia he's huge and he's coming over here, flee, run, fly, go go go!"
File: Gloster_Meteor.jpg (138 KB, 1024x641)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
All pegasi will be sucked into jet engines. There is no way around this
Well, that's dark.
File: 2165417.jpg (208 KB, 1080x1604)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
A-All of them?
"Not all of them, but bratty kids will definitely be a priority."
>"What's that supposed to mean?"
>Anon started up the vacuum cleaner and poked the nozzle against her butt. "I'm gonna eatcha!"
>"EEEeeEEE Anon, turn it off! You turn it oooofff aaaahahaha please no, I'll... I will be a good filly! I promise I won't-"
"Hey, hey, Golly, relax, I already turned it off, relax, kiddo."
>"Y-You... y-you will never turn it on! Don't be like that stupid... *sniff*, purple..."
"Heeey, hey hey, Cozy, it was just a stupid joke, come here... shhh.... you are a good filly, nothing is going to eat you, I won't allow that... "
>"...E-Even jets and v-vacuum cleaners?"
"Even the human-sized toilets"
>"...You are a dummy and a weirdo..."
"And you are my precious number one filly"
File: 2159089.png (562 KB, 675x798)
562 KB
562 KB PNG
Never bully fillies

>Neither you or Fluttershy say anything for the next several minutes.
>You simply sit in quiet, enjoying the warmth of each other’s presence.
>Slowly, your heartbeats and breathing begin to sync with one another.
>This cocoon of comfort is blissful.
>Fluttershy places her forelegs on your shoulders, and pulls you closer.
>A light scent of vanilla hits your nose. It’s unfamiliar, but pleasant and calming.
>Has Fluttershy always smelled this lovely?
>Your train of thought is interrupted by a light tapping on the window behind you.
>Both you and Fluttershy turn around to see your mother waving.
>”Time for dinner, you two!” she happily exclaims.
>You turn back towards the pegasus and smile.
>Breaking the warm embrace, you close the guitar’s case and pick it up.
“Alrighty, let’s go get some grub.”
>You stand and turn to walk indoors. Fluttershy happily hops up to walk by your side.
>”Oh, I hope its your mom’s vegetable stew!”
Now I feel sad for Cozy. She's a villain, but also a sweet girl, I'd take care of her

>Turns out, it WAS your mom’s vegetable stew.
>Everyone downed their bowls as fast as they could. Dinner in its entirety took all of ten minutes.
>With the delectable taste still lingering on your tongue, you sit back in your chair and relax.
>This stew has loosened your muscles and made your skin tingle with joy.
>You almost feel high. Rarely if ever are your food comas this pleasant.
>Fluttershy lets out a small belch, causing an eruption of giggles from everyone in the dining room.
>”Jeez, if Fluttershy burps, you know the food is good!” your father chuckles.
>She blushes, but eventually joins in the laughter.
>You reach over and lightly tussle her mane.
“Big fan of the stew, are ya?”
>”I’ve never -*HICCUP*- had anything like it!” Fluttershy exclaims. “It just wraps your mouth in deliciousness! Not even the sweetest of Pinkie Pie’s cupcakes can do that!”
>“Ah, shucks. I don’t know about that,” your mother chimes in. “I’ve been to Sugarcube Corner, and no one makes desserts like Pinkie does.”
>”Bit unfair to compare a main course to dessert, don’tcha think?” your dad asks.
“Let’s agree to disagree and say both Mom and Pinkie are culinary masterminds.”
>”I couldn’t agree more,” Fluttershy says. “But I will say, this stew gets better each time you make it!”
>Your mother blushes and gives Fluttershy a light kiss on her forehead.
>Did you just hear her squeak with delight?
>Who knew ponies could do that?
Only cutest ponies know how to squee
Near quads confirm.


>After a few more minutes of small talk, everyone begins to get ready for bed.
>The sun has set well beyond the horizon, and now the moon has taken its nightly residence above.
>Pajamas are put on, teeth are brushed, and goodnights are said.
>You quickly make your evening rounds, making sure all the appliances and lights are off, aside from your bedroom lamp.
>One you’ve made sure everything is fine, you scoop Fluttershy up in your arms and carry her to your room.
>She’s got her own bed, but vastly prefers sleeping next to you.
>You can’t complain. It’s nice to have company and something to snuggle besides a teddy bear.
>Gently, you place the pegasus down onto her side of the mattress, making sure her head is comfortably positioned on the pillow.
>She pulls the covers up on her own as you walk to the other side of the bed and hop in.
>You reach to the nearby nightstand and turn off the lamp. Now, only the pale moonlight illuminates your quarters.
>Everything is barely visible, disguised by a calming navy blue.
>”Do we have anything planned for tomorrow?” Fluttershy asks with a yawn.
“Nothing major. I’ve gotta head into town and run a few errands, but that can wait until the afternoon.”
>You pull the covers up to your chest and lie on your side, facing Fluttershy.
“Tomorrow we can sleep in, and do nothing but be with each other for a while if you’d like.”
>As soon as you finish speaking, Fluttershy scoots close to you, pulling her wings out from under the blanket and wrapping you in a tight hug.
>”Yes…” she replies, her voice fading off into silent exhaustion. “I’d like that a lot…”

>”Anon?” she asks, pulling back slightly from her embrace.
>The mare pulls herself up to be at face level with you.
>”Thank you for everything.”
“You’re welcome, Fluttershy.”
>You can barely see her regal turquoise eyes through the darkness, but what moonlight is present is making them sparkle.
>”I…” she pauses, her voice shaking from nervousness.
>Placing your hand on her cheek, you begin rubbing her fur ever so gently.
>”I… I love you, Anon.”
>You say not a word, lest you spoil the tender moment.
>Instead, you begin slowly moving your head towards hers, until you can feel her exhaled breath on your face.
>Carefully, you slide your other arm beneath her torso, closing your eyes as you pull yourself in.
>As you do so, she repeats your actions, until finally...

>A bolt of lightning shoots from your head and permeates throughout your body as your lips meet Fluttershy’s.
>Your tongues become entwined in a delicate tango, twisting and interlocking with each other.
>Not only does she smell of vanilla, she tastes of it too. Sweet, savory, and intoxicating.
>Barely audible suckling sounds begin to emerge from your connection.
>The fur around her mouth is fluffy and warm, calming to the touch.
>Your head is spinning, dizzied by a feeling of affection you’ve never felt before.
>You both softly rub each other, pulling your bodies in closer to an embrace so tight it could crush diamonds.
>Though you cannot physically merge, this moment has solidified you and Fluttershy as one cohesive unit.
>A loving bond has formed that can never be broken.
>Fluttershy’s tongue retreats, ending the kiss, and you hear a short plea float to your ears.
>”Don’t let go…” she whispers.
“I never will.”
>You both stop moving, sharing in the still, heavenly comfort of each other’s presence.
“I love you too, Fluttershy.”
>As her name escapes your lips, exhaustion overtakes your body, and you fall into the welcoming grip of slumber.

Wholesome story, i like it
File: avgm.png (144 KB, 500x500)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
>"These games suck, Anon!"
>"I mean holy fuck I'd rather have a blind retard give me a root canal through an open wound!"
>"Fuck Action 52 and fuck the cheetahmen!"
I don't know what poni is talking about, but she's about to get a paddlin' for that mouth.
Joke's on you. She's kinky.
uh she's the angriest mare you've ever heard?
she's the angry video game nerd
She looks like a mare who would love her ass do be roasted
Are you calling her a roastie?
File: Sea Swirl.png (381 KB, 2726x1306)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
Is this... Lewd?
File: 1567629982081.png (667 KB, 838x634)
667 KB
667 KB PNG
oh no

poni went native already, PiE
Sea Squirrel a qt.
imagine pinning poni down and brushing them all over
File: hot in hurr.gif (326 KB, 512x463)
326 KB
326 KB GIF
>Ha, but don't worry, Sunbutt, you'll be going to a human beauty parlor
>I wont be taking my skillful horse cleaning and spoiling hands to you, yep you'll get A+ treatment from some vietnamese ladies or something
>Sounds way better than a vigorous brushing and maybe even a hose down, huh?
>...You alright? You're literally shaking right now
File: 1330696615855.jpg (61 KB, 761x567)
61 KB
File: twist.png (465 KB, 4200x4411)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
boink boink
File: Oh boy.png (546 KB, 2326x1158)
546 KB
546 KB PNG
This is what happens to naughty mares who can't wait patiently ten years for a sweet release, and they beg you for it JUST after six years of orgasm denial:

Strawberry is very cute, very sweet, and, in her own way, I'm sure, very innocent. At the same time, I want to pull those anal beads out of her butt like I'm starting a lawn mower.
You can imagine it's just Michael spicing up their sexy times
I think it's best if we do that. Neither Pilly nor her bestie are tail lifters.
But anon, lawnmowers never start after the first few pulls
But you'd have to put it back in. It's not like they're self-retracting, and you stuff TURKEYS on Thanksgiving, not ponies.
And Strawberry would be louder, especially after that bumpy bead
Not if you put a muffler on her. Such as a ball gag.
Sweet baby Jesus, it's so lewd
File: 1522331.png (2.04 MB, 2611x3000)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB PNG
File: 1836.png (150 KB, 700x679)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
You ok, little one?
>pones came to Erf
>but everyone tried to boop their snooters
>so they left
>tfw no pone snooter to boop
>Follow pone
>Negotiate with leaderpone
>Treats for boops
>Pone gets snacks, humans give boops
>Pone comes back to erf
>Uncle Ben called it 'the white man's burden', AJ
jesus christ raimi
File: 2485558.png (136 KB, 417x885)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
Yo, check your phone. You just got four texts in a row.
Yes, but take another one of your other end
File: 1331507805280.jpg (138 KB, 350x447)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
File: 1569032407095.jpg (230 KB, 708x1024)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
sunbutt pls
pls don't, you're not allowed to operate heavy machinery or move the sun while high
bed bump
butt hump
File: large.png (633 KB, 1280x925)
633 KB
633 KB PNG
Not if she gets the laws changed, she doesn't.
>Celestia and Tree Hugger both voiced by same actress
>coincidence? clearly not!
What a cute stoner poner.
File: mare hedberg.png (609 KB, 800x955)
609 KB
609 KB PNG
>"Anonymous, I have just now taken an oath to solemnly swear to do my best to prevent forest fires."
>'That was a fucking bear.'
>"...Is he not Smokey the national representative for forest fire prevention?"
File: 1564553705594.gif (1.07 MB, 600x600)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB GIF
qt wink
What a cute poner who's not a stoner.
Pilly would never!
But she will be eating all your oreos and drinking all your mountain dew right now, she's just both hungry and thirsty and wants to listen to some zeppelin.
>*squints suspiciously*
If she's not getting a glass of milk with those oreos we're going to have words. And questionably consensual boops.
This is terrorism
You're terrorism.
Pegaponi seem more likely to accidentally start forest fires than anything.
File: qt case.jpg (21 KB, 254x605)
21 KB
What, she's like, totally cool, man
Do you have 'IV' or 'Physical graffiti'?

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