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File: Fluttermom.jpg (328 KB, 956x739)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
Can you guys post any pastes that are Mom related itt?

Last thread >>35994376

Pony's being your mother. Think momlestia thread with more than just Celestia.

Pony mom pastebins and Greens:
https://mulpwiki.batpony.party/index.php/Ponymom_Personal_Masterbin (Frostybox's stuff. Many assorted moms)

https://pastebin.com/u5j9GCz3 (Chrysalis)

https://pastebin.com/FydzrrHi (RD and Twilight)

https://mulpwiki.batpony.party/index.php/Ponemom:_True_Self_Trixie (Trixie, a very good read, I recommend it)

https://pastebin.com/Cb4DayAh (Twilight)

https://pastebin.com/7nXQQWAR (Fluttershy)

https://pastebin.com/BzUtcDPQ (Trixie)

https://pastebin.com/XtAKzbfq (Momlestia pastebins)
Oh shit, did the other thread die?
Is that all the mom related greens we have? I thought we would have more.
File: 1579483200134.jpg (160 KB, 787x595)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
>Riggy comes back
>thread dies
It's not fair.
It's the weekend, no one is here
Still here, don't worry Anon!

I hope folk will return after the weekend.
Hopefully this one doesn't die overnight.
such a shame momlestia died out, hopefully these threads survive
Yeah I wonder what happened to Momlestia? Didn't that guy say he was gonna remake it in August?
It came back and nobody noticed so it was failing pretty hard, so they made this in hopes that broadening the topic would help keep it afloat.
What a shame
File: 2167642.jpg (225 KB, 1156x1286)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
File: 1292269.png (12 KB, 686x770)
12 KB
>When you tell Mom that the sun is too bright
File: ma.jpg (233 KB, 933x1024)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
something something, you're my Son
All Sunfags want to fuck their mother.
"But my little sunbeam, you're the brightest of them all!" She jokingly says, wrapping you in her heavenly wings and ruffling your hair
I'd read it
A lot of them were never archived, not to mention pastebin is exploding
>Good night kiss
>"Sweet dreams, my sunshine"
File: 684.png (668 KB, 2000x3000)
668 KB
668 KB PNG
File: home.jpg (139 KB, 1080x1920)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
i hope /mom/ takes me home when i die
I missed out on a lot of years of mom greens, feels bad
Will try to document them, been trying to touch up on drawing to make illustrations of some of my favorites, maybe write some greens of my own. I’ll do my part to contribute for you bros
That sounds good. What are some of your favorites you've read so far?
So far it’d have to be the one where kid anon rides Celestia around the castle, that shit is gold
Another would have to be the green where Luna and Celestia confront a noble dating Anon under odd circumstances
fuck, my own mom called me sunshine as a kid, I can’t deal with this right now
File: 1145356.png (1.69 MB, 1072x1296)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
>And so your sun is risen to another glorious morning.
>You can see Luna off in her tower.
>Her mane is dull and she lets out a big yawn as hunting begins streaming throughout Equestrian.
>Seems she’s not quite up to speed just yet, or she had a busy night.
>You send her a friendly wave and she sends you a tired one in response.
>Poor little sister, probably going straight to bed.
>You yourself are headed to bed as well.
>But not to your own no.
>That of…
”Anonymous? Are you awake sunshine?”
>Anon lets out a low groan under the bundle of blankets he’s pulled himself into.
>Strange… usually he’s up in a flash when you call for him.
>You lift the blankets away with your magic.
“Goodness Anon! You’re sick!”
>There lies your son, face red with fever, nose runny, eyes crusty, letting out small coughs.
>He looks startled between coughs.
“Worry not my little sunbeam, I’ll have one of the nurses come and help you today, and I’ll be around as much as I can.”
>”N-no! I-I’m not sick mommy! I can-“ he stops to force down a fit of coughing, “-I can still come with you today!” he says in a pleading tone.
>You raise an eyebrow at him.
>He looks away from your gaze and sniffles quietly.
”Is that so Anon?”
>”Y-ye-ye-ye…” he sneezes, “Yeah mom, I’m okay really!”
>His desperation to spend time with you fills your chest with warmth.
”Hmmm, well if that’s the case…. come along then my little prince. We have a long day ahead of us” you say as you start trotting towards the door.
>You can hear Anon grunt as he makes his way off the bed.
>And his feet make soft irregular sounds on the marble floor.
>You run around and look at the sorry sight.
>Anon is shakily trying to make his way over to you.
>He’s ignoring the snot running down his nose, probably hoping it somehow makes you unable to notice it.
“My my you sure seem to be quite wobbly this morning, are you sure that you’re okay Anonymous?”
>He looks up at you fearfully, his ruse having been exposed.
>”Uhm… yeah! I’m okay mommy please let me come with you!”
>You can’t help but smile at your son’s determination.
>He’s hoisted up and onto your back, a napkin “bumps” into his face as you maneuver him about, “Sorry sunshine, guess my magic is a little funny today.”
“You must have done quite a bit of running about yesterday to be this shaky this morning huh?”
>He takes the low hanging fruit you offered him, “Y-yeah! I- he lets out a cough and stifles the rest, “I was.”
>You shake your head and make your way down to the private dining room.
>Anon’s soft sniffles and mucusey breaths are the only sounds you hear throughout the barely awakened castle.
>His little hands hold on to your withers gently as you walk with your son.
>You love knowing that he relies on you, trusts you to support him.
>In a far more literal sense than your citizens, it’s something you never knew you wanted.
>For thousands of years you’ve lived, and in your eternal life you thought you had experienced every joy there was to have.
>Flying with the dragons.
>Wrestling with the minotaurs.
>Caving with the diamond dogs.
>Teaching your ponies of great potential.
>But it was this little green baby that found itself in your castle gardens four years ago that has shown you a joy far more enriching that mentorship.
>Anon sneezes once again as you set him down in his chair, right next to you.
>You choose to ignore it as you order orange juice and eggs for your son, and pancakes topped with caramel hay and and apple juice for yourself.
>”Right away your highness” The waiter bows and turns away tog I’ve the order to the chefs.
“Oh, just one moment.”
>”Yes Princess?”
>You lean in close and whisper to the waiter to get you some cough medicine for your son.
>”Ah, of course Princess Celestia” he bows again and trots off to the kitchens.
>The food is brought out quickly as always and the both of you begin munching on the delicious breakfast.
>You faster than your son, who is eating much slower than usual.
”Anon? Is the food alright?”
>”Uhm.. yeah it’s good I guess I’m not hungry.”
“Is it because you’re too full of mucus? You know if your belly gets too full of mucus and not food I heard that you turn into a booger!”
>Anon looks up at you scared.
>”But you don’t have to worry about that do you my sunshine? You aren’t sick after all” you say smugly.
>His eyes widen and he looks back at his plate.
>He starts eating his breakfast much faster now.
>You feel a little guilty lying to him, but he’s begun this little fight with lies, so you may as well use them to your advantage.
>The waiter from earlier brings you a bottle of medicine and a spoon.
>”Thank you very much.”
>”You’re very welcome your highness” he bows and trots off to the main dining hall, likely to deal with the “early risers.”
>You pour out enough medicine for a young stallion.
>Your son is in age with a colt, but his physique seems to be closer to that of the minotaurs.
“Oh my!”
>Anon finishes drinking the last of his juice and looks up at you.
“I’m supposed to take this magic potion, but it looks like I’ve poured too much! There’s no way I can finish this by myself with how full I am, if only I had somepony kind enough to help me finish it” you say dramatically into the air.
>Anon studies your face, and you maintain your dramatic composure.
>His face suddenly fills with worry.
>”What happens if you can’t finish it mom?”
“Oh Anon! I forgot you were there my KIND little colt. I don’t know what could happen, I’ve never been too full for it before…” you say with a pout.
>He remains hesitant.
>You bring the spoon to your mouth and tip it slightly against your pursed lips.
“Oh, that’s all that I can stomach. What ever will I do with the rest?”
>”I can drink it mommy!” Anon says with resolve.
“Oh really? Will you do that for me my little prince?”
>”Yeah! … but only if you eat my brussel sprouts next time!”
>Very clever…
“Oh of course Anonymous my son, thank you so much!” you chirp as you place the spoon in his mouth.
>Anon grimaces as he swallows, “Bleh! Do you really drink this stuff everyday?”
>You giggle internally, “No sunshine not everyday.”
>He starts to wipe his mouth with his arm, but reaches for a napkin at the last minute.
>The glare you were giving him lessens to a soft smile.
>You lift Anon back onto your back and walk with him back towards his room.
>On the way you levitate a thermometer and a bit from the small clinic.
>”What are those for mommy?”
“They’re used for a very special ritual Anon, I’m going to test you and see if you’re ready to become a true prince.”
>HIs grip tightens on your withers.
>”A true prince?”
“Mmhmm, up until now you’ve been a prince in title only. Today I’m going to see if you’re ready to move on to being a real prince.”
>You set him down in his room and ask him to change out of his pajamas.
>He changes into his casual attire of an orange shirt and white pants.
>Rarity did such a good job of designing his clothing.
“Alright sunbeam sit right there in your bed” you motion with you head.
>He does as you asks and sits facing you.
“Now this is very important sunshine, so listen carefully.”
>He makes a stern face, his breathing sounding less labored and clearer of mucus.
“You need to hold this glass rod in your mouth, and balance this bit onto of it until I say so.”
>He looks to the thermometer and bit nervously.
>”W-what happens if I can’t do it?”
“Then that means we’ll have to push back your official prince title until next year” you say nonchalantly.
>”O-okay mommy… I think I’m ready.”
>You give him big smile.
“I know you are sunshine, I wouldn’t ask this of you if I wasn’t sure you could do it!”
>You levitate the thermometer not his mouth and float the bit just above it.
“Okay and your test begins… now.”
>The bit is lowered onto the thermometer and Anon’s face scrunches as he tries to maintain its balance.
>You watch the red line of the thermometer shoot up until it slows down just past the healthy range.
>The medicine must be taking effect already.
>His face is no longer red and his coughing seems to have settled down too.
>Once your certain that the thermometer is holding at a steady temperature you make the magic on the bit visible again and float it off of the thermometer.
>Anon cheers and the glass rod drops form his mouth.
>You barely catch it and Anon hugs your neck while you’re floating the two items onto a nearby desk.
>”I did it mommy! You were right!”
“Of course I was sunbeam, I know my little boy better than anypony. I knew you could do it”
>You nuzzle his face and he tightens his grip around you.
”Alright Anon we have to go down to the meeting room now.”
>“Really?! I can go with you?!”
“Of course you can, you’re an official prince now.”
>You lift him up onto your back once again.
>He’s shivering slightly.
>The fever must be dying down faster than you thought.
“My little prince, would you do me the royal honor of holding this blanket for me?” you ask as you float his blanket over to him.
>”The honor is all ours mommy!”
>You smile at his imitation of Luna as you bundle him up in the blanket.
>The two of you reach the meeting room faster than you expected to.
>Listening to your son talk about his day yesterday must have distorted your perception for a moment.
>Not that you mind, it’s a wondrous thing to hear him speak.
>All the trivialities of your life seem refreshed and new through his.
>You stride over to your seat at the table and Anon settles himself in next to you.
>The delegated from the smaller towns and villages begin filtering in shortly.
>Anon looks very bored before the meetings have even begun.
>You wave over one of the guard ad request some crayons and parchment.
>When he returns with it you ask Anon to draw some pictures for the delegates as it was a very important princely duty.
>”Okay mommy” he chirps back as he looks through the crayons before him.
>Thankfully the seat is quite large, it may as well be a couch with a high back.
>Your son colors away, wrapped in his golden blanket as the delegates continue to enter and greet you and your little prince.
>A quick headcount is made and it would seem that delegations are ready to begin.
>You can feel a weight press in on your side.
>You look down to see Anon has nettled himself into your side, the crayon he was drawing with drops out of his hand.
File: 759777.jpg (537 KB, 1605x1435)
537 KB
537 KB JPG
>It rolls across the parchment and you can’t help but tuck him under your wing.
>You look up at the delegates.
“Let us begin the delegations, but if we may… could we do so quietly?” you ask sheepishly.
>The delegates all nod and the meeting gets underway.
File: 1555008048924.png (806 KB, 1001x823)
806 KB
806 KB PNG
This green made my day, thanks anon
Is this a repost, I vaguely remember a sick green like this
File: 1571697331504.png (515 KB, 1125x1530)
515 KB
515 KB PNG
File: arnonymous.jpg (53 KB, 580x374)
53 KB
>I-I'm different from the other colts, aren't I?
>"Shhh, it doesn't matter. Mommy and Auntie love you no matter what."
>But I-I broke all the tiles in the hall again, mommy..I'm sorry
>It's just, I f-found a pretty flower outside a-and I wanted to give it to you and I g-guess I was being too hard an-and the palace was all shaky an stuff..
>"Sweetheart, please, the important thing is you're alright..and the flower was very lovely, thank you, my sunshine."
File: DB.jpg (37 KB, 375x500)
37 KB
Imagine being Arnie in Equestra
>Put the muffin down!
>"Doctor, I'm worried about my son..he gets these headaches once in a while and I just want to make sure it's nothing serious."
>'Muzza please, it's not a toomah.'
>"Anonymous, I took your word for it when you told me not to worry about your 'based' levels but I wouldn't be doing my job as a mother if I didn't follow up on this, ok?"
I would just be flexing on ponies all the time
>Miss Cheerilee's A.M. Kindergarten class picture
>All very small fillies and colts
>Anon stands up in the back with his Harley and stogey
>Photographer has to retake picture several times because Anon keeps shouting one liners making the other children laugh
>"Yah yah, ok Mista Photo man, totally serious now.."
>'Say cheees-'
>Miss Cheerilee frowns
>Pone mom is going to get another sadface note sent home pinned to your shirt again
Why did you make another thread? The other one was just a bump-fest.
File: 2236406.png (295 KB, 746x1024)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
>pone mom is finally catching up with those me me things
look at er go!
>"Woah, easy there mom, your based levels are off the charts."
>'Oh my celestia they are? I-Is that bad?!'
fluttershy as the best mom
I'll bump with a link to the fimfiction mom fanfic groups: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/1894/mlp-motherhood-is-magical
File: granneh hill.png (208 KB, 718x686)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
>"Nonneh, that you?"
>"Boy sit down a spell, I ain't seen you in years!"
>"Lookit' you, growin like a weed!"
>"I ever tell you how I done killed fitty' changelings in the war?"
>"Skinned em' alive and got me a chitin overcoat for mah troubles."
>"..Sickens me somethin' fierce seein' how they're accepted in society today."
Y-You too gram gram
that granny ain't right
Why not? Besides we had green in the last thread, irregular though it was
This, I hope AfterHours comes back
File: 1559118080793.png (410 KB, 1047x1024)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
where the auntie luna greens at tho
File: 560776__.png (216 KB, 1000x916)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
I know that feel, Trixmom
>Gotdangit, Granneh, stop scarin mah boy with yer' war tales!
>Sugarcube yall know yer' granneh's just spinnin' yarns, right?
>"Nuh uh, I was at Creaky Acres senior community with granny for bingo yesterday an I met a bunch of her friends who served with her, it's all true, ma!"
>Oh lands sake..
>"Aunt Applegrave said if she had a bit for every stinkin' shapeshifter she exterminated she'd have a mint!"
File: luna_goodfeel.png (213 KB, 483x456)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
waiting to be written by (you)
Young anon asking Auntie Luna if it’s true that babies come from fallen wishing stars, and if Mom wished for a baby before he came to Equestria
"Mommy, Auntie Luna did you hear? Auntie Cadance is going to have a baby!"
>"Why yes she is. That means you'll have another pony to play with soon."
"Mommy, where do babies come from?"
>"Oh dear, well... Luna help me out here."
>"Certainly dear sister. Nephew, babies come from a mare's vagina."
>"See, that's where- WAIT WHAT!?"
"But how did the pony get there?"
>"Well they... uh..."
>"They had sex."
"Mommy, did you have sex and did I come out of your vagina?"
>"Well Sunshine... you..."
>"No nephew, you were adopted."
>"What sister? He was bound to figure that out eventually."
bumpity bump
>Is that all the mom related greens we have?
Spank thread has a ton, but probably not what you are looking for.

>>"No nephew, you were adopted."
Not sure if everyone will like this, but it's certainly pone mom. Consider this your only warning.
Guardian of mompony
>"A noise ordinance?"
>"Fornicate the constabulary, Nephew."
>The guards actually show up
>"Egads..we are still on moon probation! Night song, t-take the heat for us on this one!"
File: large (3).png (245 KB, 991x1024)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
more like top milf
File: 2118847.png (10 KB, 742x628)
10 KB
>"Oh this? This bat? It's nothing, I just don't want to put it down. Now back to my question."
>"Which of you. Called my son a 'dirty monkey'?"
>"I'm just curious is all, the bat has nothing to do with it."
Suprise you guys dont have a mom pony OC.
Why make ocs when there's such good canon mom material?
why not?
>Anon builds his perfect ponymom
>She's like a T-1000 that can bake and knows all his favorite stories
Exploring the concept of canon characters suddenly being mothers is more interesting than reading about some OC.
It doesn't help that most OC's tend to be Mary Sue garbage
File: large (4).png (167 KB, 1280x946)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
Would you boop your pone mom?
File: b o o p.gif (348 KB, 500x338)
348 KB
348 KB GIF
She is already
>Curious about the origins of that watermark
>Check site
>Owner died 4 years ago
Shit bro
File: 364365345.png (625 KB, 1280x632)
625 KB
625 KB PNG
>tfw no pony kids
it hurts
File: 1908382.gif (35 KB, 233x233)
35 KB
Really? Damn dude, F
Yeah, really.
Love her
Done, now what?
File: yZ6dsbb.png (370 KB, 1081x879)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
alright time to go cry again
File: large (1).jpg (143 KB, 1217x1024)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
>Is 9 a big boy age? Should you start limiting your tendies intake? Is it too old to have mom picking out your clothes?
>These and other crucial stories affecting young men today, later at 10
Wait for her to pick you up from Earth practice.
It's one thing to love her and to cherish her Anon, but you must always work hard and to improve yourself to make her proud of you, you her son who'd do his best for her and her kingdom and whom she'd be proud to call her son.
Oh my god
That picture inspired me to make some snugglestia sketches
Let's throw some prompts out and see if anything sticks.

>Anon is found by the Apple parents one night and brought back to the farm instead of continuing on their delivery. Little did they know if they didn't turn back that day, they would have had an accident that caused them to disappear. Because of this Applejack, Big Mac, and Applebloom have a new brother and their parents are still around.

>Anon is found on the Pie Rock Farm and taken in. He is raised as their own and comes up with a different type of personality that compliments his new sisters. They of course take a liking to him and become insanely defensive of him, especially Pinkie who has loved him since he was a baby and he giggled when she played with him.

>Chrysalis discovers him and becomes curious of him. She takes him back to the hive thinking she could possibly use him as a weapon against Celestia and Twilight. She soon discovers his love is incredibly powerful and takes him as her ward. Slowly things change and Chrysalis becomes less evil, not full on good but less evil. Also, some changelings try to turn human so Anon doesn't feel as alone. This causes the ponies around the hive to report strange monsters in the wasteland.
Oh, nice job mate.
File: RUN.png (299 KB, 464x1024)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
>snug with mom
>Anon periodically unzips her hoodie and pokes his head out
>"Screee!!I I'm an alien chestbuster, ma, look!"
>'OOoh scary, mommy's handsome little xeno.'
>"Heeere's Johnny!"
>'*gasp* Why Mr. Torrance, where did you come from?'
If this was G5 the show would be saved.
File: 1560629512392.png (821 KB, 692x1109)
821 KB
821 KB PNG
File: predator.gif (991 KB, 500x270)
991 KB
991 KB GIF
>Be Predator Arnie
>Something out here is trying to mother you
>A sack lunch with a sweet note was launched at you from something in the trees
>You almost got hit by a newly knitted sweater that read 'I'm mom's one man army'
>Then you saw it, just barely, the outline the shape of a figure watching you from the jungle
>"You shouldn't be playing with those things, you know?"
What the fuck man
>Survival horror game where you need to evade an aggressive would be mom otherwise she will adopt you, pamper you, dress you up and show you off to all her friends.
>She will overpower every attempt at escape and is mentally as well as physically better than you, often treating your escapes like you are playing a game where she will let you think you won only to snatch victory away at the last second.
>She will also love you unconditionally and will make you want for nothing as she slowly breaks down your defenses and makes you wonder why you would ever want to leave her anyway.
>"Candy? Before dinner? Ah ah ahh~"
god I wish fluttershy would mother me.
Nothing lewd, just hugs.
rarity on the other hand, thats where it could get lewd
Anyone else having the burning desire to see Anon blanketed in the all-consuming warmth that is Daybreaker? Part-time mother, full-time tyrant?
Now that would be interesting. It reminds me of a green where Anon gets adopted by Nightmare Moon
File: wut.png (133 KB, 1203x993)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
You guys ever think of doing a crossover with the pregnancy thread?
This image is way too specifically catered towards me. Very cute.
bump [/ spoiler]
File: 2princessezz.png (1.12 MB, 1024x1584)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
>mom can be your angle
>or yuor devil
File: Bed.png (360 KB, 1280x798)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
Fluttershy is best mom. Change my mind.
I cant you are correct.
File: 2653119.png (1008 KB, 1920x1080)
1008 KB
1008 KB PNG
>"M-my Empress, please, I beg you for mercy!"
>The look of his face is pathetic, a yellow colt almost in tears.
>A guilty pony desperate to grasp upon any shred of hope to hold onto his meager existence.
>Two unicorns, both of notable political positions, sit before me suppressed and restrained by a retinue of guardsponies.
>Both "suspected" of treason. Withholding war-capable materials to consolidate a potential rebellion is scarcely "suspect".
>I cannot help but sneer to his silent, teal coated companion; my chest unable to hold an urge to laugh back.
>Oh my, delightful, a shocked gaze of terror. He will be easy to break.
"Your mockery of my patience to even dare consider mercy is pathetic. You disgust me, consul."
>"'Empress Daybreaker, p-please-'"
>The companion speaks? For a moment you thought he was mute, or perhaps too simple minded to form sentences.
>"'As you know, we live on the outskirts of the empire, on the border no less! If we possess no means to arm ourselves in the absence of your legions, the Griffons would-"
"My legions are never absent, you pion. Revert back to your muted state, you bore me."
>He swallows his breath, looking at the ground, his body now shaking alongside his weak-willed tongue.
>What was that? Do my eyes deceive me, but are those the doors to the throne room?
>A well deserved gaze of anger to the captain.
>His golden armor clatters as he scampers to stop the unwelcomed guests.
>"*Halt! The throne is off limits until the prisoners-*"
>The pitter patter of sandals, a small bipedal silhouette squeezes underneath the ranks of my legion.
>Oh, even if I am full of resentment for would-be traitors, I cannot help but smile when my baby comes running.
"Is that my sunbeam? I hear his voice but I cannot see him~"
>Playfully scan the room with my glowing amber hues, he always loves playing this game.
>"I'm here Mommy! I'm right here!"
>Oh, there he goes! Running right past the pair of degenerates and swiftly to me. Look at him, so fast and eager!
"Oh my, it truly is you! Did you sneak past the Captain again, my lovely child?"
>That small body, adorned in the finest robes an Empress can give, quickly ascends the steps and wraps itself around my foreleg.
>Better remove this chestplate, he loves to bury his face in my tuft.
>"Yes Mommy! The Captain saw me, but I went 'woosh' underneath him, just like in my training!"
"I saw that, my little infiltrator."
>The feeling of that face in your chest is never more liberating than the last, you almost forgot the matter at hand.
>With a quick glance, I cannot help but notice the two wastrels gluing their eyes upon on my baby.
>No doubt hoping the warmth of my exchange with him would grant them a window of negotiation.
>Irritated with the thought, let's twist their hopes into despair.
"Sit under me, my beloved star. Gaze upon the two ponies with the pretty decorations on their horns."
>A little shift under my barrel, criss cross apple sauce within seconds, looking between them both curiously.
>"Wow! Mommy look, they're glowing pretty like your eyes!"
>Haha, I can't hold back that giggle. You'll have to tell him about magical dampeners when he's older.
"That's right sweetheart, they are pretty. That's actually why they're here. Do you want to help Mommy out?"
>They both look at each other, confused.
>"Yes Mommy, I'm a good helper!"
"Good, my child. Now, you remember that trip I had to take to check on some ponies?"
>"Uh huh, uh huh! You said they were a, um... minting collectomy..."
>By my solar winds, my heart... A kiss on the forehead for the effort.
"Mining colony, sunbeam. What a great memory you have! That's correct, these two represent my authority there. They did an awful, unforgiveable thing."
>The look of terror just returned, they realize my direction.
>My baby's eyes narrowed, he doesn't like bad ponies.
>"What did they do Mommy?"
"These two aren't sharing their pretty gems, like the ones you see on their horns."
>A quiet gasp, a little finger wags disapprovingly.
>"You should share with Mommy!"
>They both look down, tears forming in their eyes once more.
"That's right, they should share with me. They should share with everypony. But they won't, they refuse to reason."
>Give them that sneer again, this time it'll burn even deeper into their psyche if your child gives them their sentence.
"Do you know what we do with bad ponies, my flame?"
>"We punish them!"
>The entire room grows quiet, even the guards have loosened their stances nervously.
>My wings gust forward, pointing between them as they recoil from the brief gust of wind.
"Correct! We punish the bad ponies of Equestria! Now, my lovely sunshine, Mommy is having a very hard time finding a good punishment for these two. What do you think they need to learn their lesson?"
>There's his cute little thinking pose!
>"Oh, I know what you should do Mommy! You should give them lots of spankings!"
>Ohoho, what a sinister punishment indeed.
>Their binds shuffle as the consul sighs relieved, followed by a swift bap to the poll of his head from a guard.
"Is that so? Lots of spankings... that could be arranged. You're the best helper Mommy could ask for."
>He cheers loudly, rising out of the shelter of my barrel, hopping in circles.
>"Yay! I'm the best helper! Is there anything else I can do Mommy?"
"Mhm, one last thing and you're relieved of helper duty for today. I want you to take the Captain and prepare Mommy's parchment, and wait in my office. We will let everyone in empire know why they should share."
>"Okay! I love you Mommy, I'll be waiting!"
>His sprint defies expectation, those little legs eagerly making the way to the throne doors.
>The guards bow as he leaves, but are sure to rise at attention again and face me.
>An quiet creak echoes through the room as those doors eventually shut.
"My child has spoken his wishes for your punishment, consul and company. Do you find spankings to be acceptable?"
>Pathetic forms bounce as they nod.
>"'Y-yes Empress, we will accept those terms!'"
>Guards prepare their blunt maces.
>Their binds jingle as they assume face-down positions.
>I can't help but snarl in anticipation.
"It's good that he didn't specify how severe the spankings would be."
First green, apologies for unprofessionalism
Keep writing anon, I liked it and its always great to see more greens!
File: SadJack.jpg (47 KB, 736x865)
47 KB
Good work
>tfw you will never get normally spanked by empress mommy
>Colts are rare in Equestria; due to differing genetics, only about 1 in 16 foals are colts
>Seeing an unescorted and unidentified colt allows a mare to legally adopt one in minutes to ensure the survival of the species
>Mothers will often have their colts wear some form of ID choker while out in public so they aren't taken
>But when they're alone and not wearing one, chases occur and even fights between mares who want a colt can break out
>pic related
That was really good anon. You should do more. Ilike the way you write kid anon and the princess.
File: Senor_Pink.png (1021 KB, 916x1066)
1021 KB
1021 KB PNG
>"Mom? I uh, I have some concerns about where this is heading."
I'm telling
File: 1111352.png (33 KB, 581x1600)
33 KB
Snitches get stitches.
File: hazard pay.gif (3.19 MB, 614x346)
3.19 MB
3.19 MB GIF
>"..The Prince hasn't finished his broccoli or done his homework."
>'I'm not sure telling his mother would help, though.'
>"Is she still scooting around the palace in that cardboard box?"
>Is somepony talking shit on the box in there?
That fucker.
File: NormanProfile.jpg (117 KB, 477x461)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>"You still love me...right mommy? Even though I've done...bad things? You still love your little boy, don't you?"
>Pic related
>No pic
Very cute, desu. I hope you write more.
File: ebil suri.gif (644 KB, 385x495)
644 KB
644 KB GIF
yes because comically evil pone mom a cute
It was great man
Do you guys think humans are legendary creatures in equestria?
File: 916830.gif (159 KB, 800x563)
159 KB
159 KB GIF
>"Lyra, stop it, Anonymous is not a 'cryptid'."
>'How do you explain his human magic then, Bonnie? He STILL has my nose!'
>'Anonymous, h-hey champ, can mommy have her nose back yet?'
File: BIGGESTMOMMY.gif (408 KB, 1100x1024)
408 KB
408 KB GIF
You know how angels can have human forms but are actually eldritch in nature? What if Anon is like that to pones? Being a ""angel"" sent by faust herself. Could be an interesting idea for either have Anons pone mom actually give birth to him or a reason why the ponies actually care about this ""weird"" biped.
Nah lmao just have them be like Evangelion angels and if they fuck Celestia than all of equinity turns into Fanta orange
File: viggo devil.gif (1.83 MB, 500x250)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB GIF
Anonymous is an angel, though!
The first angel, loved once above all others.
Nice green
File: 1580569740928.png (205 KB, 669x642)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
File: derpyraspberry.gif (335 KB, 358x375)
335 KB
335 KB GIF
Ok, I'm writing a cute Zecora-mom green and none of you can stop me
File: zecora2.png (3.01 MB, 1920x1080)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB PNG
And to show it's in progress, here's the beginning:
>Walking atop the untamed, marshy earth, a figure cloaked in brown cloth stopped amidst the trees
>Pausing, it turned its head and pawed at the ground, listening for any squeal, click or cry
>With only the sounds of chirping crickets reaching their ears, they trotted forward with muddy hooves
>Coming upon a bog, they sat along the bank, sinking an inch as they swirled the water with a hoof
>A tiny whirlpool of peat and moss formed, flowing from the murky greenish brown depths below
>As they removed from their saddle bag an empty jar and scooped from the pool the soggy plants, a shrill cry rang out from a nearby log
>Freezing in place with the still open jar, they gradually twisted around, barely moving until they stared at the noisemaker
>Closing the jar, they fastened it on the inside of their cloak and crawled forward
‘A cry, a wail unusual to me. It wouldn’t be wise to approach and see.’
>They stood fifteen paces away, listening to the cries maintaining its intensity at an irregular rhythm
>Off in the distance, a creature rose from the bog, its maw open and dripping a thick, dark goo
>Shortly after, several more heads rose in tandem, and as the hydra’s eyes locked on the hollowed log, the figure galloped forward
>Frantic and feverish, they rapidly approached the log, their hood dropping as the hydra began pulling itself from its slumber
>Peering inside, their eyes went wide from the sight they saw beneath them
‘Small. Clothed. What creature is this? Could my memory possibly be amiss?’
>A deep, bellowing roar shook them from their thoughts
>Jumping around, they screeched a high-pitched, harsh whinny
>Reeling back in terror, the monster fell into the marsh as they lifted their mask and picked up the strange critter by their shirt
>Secured in their mouth, they bolted towards the treeline and continued to gallop along the trail until they reached their hut

Like where it’s going anon
But like all true love, it withered on the vine~
>Zecora-mom green
Oh boy thats going to be hard with all the rhymes.
I'm looking for some good pony mom greens where anon is a filly, any suggestions?
>pony mom greens where anon is a filly
Then you come to the wrong place, because you're not going to find any greens/stories of Anonfilly here. Some of use might have our own problems that brought us here, but none of use here are as degenerate like you Anonfillyfags that fantasize about becoming a little girl and where every story is about sucking dick. Thank the mods for baning that thread. If you want to read some Anonfilly try looking in the archive in the Anonfilly threads, I'm sure they got what you looking for there.

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