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Spooky Waifu Comin’ To Getcha Edition

Stories about NEET ponies.
Previous thread:
Greens may involve:
•Floor Bored, the fandom's favorite filthy forever alone nymphomaniac NEET
•Moondancer, Wallflower or other (potential) neetpones
•Anon(you) intruding on the neetpone's life
•Being a NEET with her, or looking after her and getting her life back together
•Being a lovely boyfriend for your neetpone
•Turning neetpone into the perfect wife
•Lots and lots of hot dirty NEET sex

HeliAnon: https://pastebin.com/ygqNS8VN
Antikythera: https://pastebin.com/u/AntikytheraPastes
Floored: https://pastebin.com/9Dv8hhPi
Life and trials of NEETpone: https://pastebin.com/kc87hds9
NEETpone Girlfriend: https://pastebin.com/yg0yhy9n
NEETpone's Day Out: https://pastebin.com/GZ2YeXsJ
Raped and cared for NEETpone: https://pastebin.com/8ymsgHej
Floored: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/382722/floored
Retail Anon and Poor Floor: https://pastebin.com/t0ALuzH8
Floorb's Inner Thoughts: https://pastebin.com/JZkCqEWE
Coming Out Of Your Shell: https://pastebin.com/tUFJukkn
Flooring them all: https://pastebin.com/4g2RLsFf
Paradise Skies: https://pastebin.com/sJF2Mr84
Floor x Wallflower: https://pastebin.com/569LNAK2
Ghostfloorb Stories: https://pastebin.com/kiq0pMcK
AWF's Cutie pie: https://pastebin.com/e2EyTAmW
AWF's as yet untitled story(in progress):https://pastebin.com/KybsJNBz
Archive of unnamed stories and one-shots:
Aspiring Writefag's green: >>35268702
>They say if you masturbate at midnight to the spirit of the stinky neetfu, you might just feel her presence
You just might smell her presence, meandering on the midnight wind, like soggy Cheeto dusted socks and cum.
File: pony.jpg (67 KB, 668x340)
67 KB
The Ring is actually Floorb’s asshole
The ghost Floor story was great. You know, she's hunting Anon's place, but before he can figure out what's happening, he dies, and Floor comforts her new ghost roommate.
I wish it continued.
>The thread lives once more


Also just in time for my newest project. It's not quite ready yet, I thought it was but there were some unforeseen mistakes that needed to be really needed fixing. They might be fixed now but I'm waiting for some fine folks to double check that they are.
looks awesome bro, I’m ready to be spooked
>tfw ghostfloorb sleeps in your bed while you’re away
>come back to sheets covered in cheesy ectoplasm
i don't remember, was that edited?
nope, mokocchi did watch pony
NEET pone is back yes Im so happy!!!!
oooo im so ready for this
>Floor and Anon buy a house in the woods for dirt cheap.
>It's spacious, warm, well-maintained, and only slightly haunted by those brutally murdered there.
>But hey, with a price this good, Anon isn't going to let that stop him from finally being a homeowner.
>Floor is a little more hesitant, but it does have a fully furnished basement just begging to be turned into a NEETcave...
Oh this is back? Nice. Just thought about it today that the last one died a long time ago, might check if its up again or not and here it is.
Here it is, a little game I made in RPG maker featuring our beloved NEET.


It will also require the RPG maker xp runtime package which you can get here:

It's a rather small and admittedly janky game that may still have some issues (First time I've ever made a game so hopefully you can forgive the jankyness of it). The only game breaking issue (that I'm presently aware of) that I'm 70% sure is fixed is if you spam spacebar to speed through the dialogue during the opening cutscene it may lock you in place when it ends rendering you unable to continue. It's a pretty short game, probably only taking 8-10 minutes to beat (assuming you have no trouble finding things, I might make a little guide if it seems like people are having trouble finding stuff. All I can say now is pay attention to what books say.) and a great deal of it is cutscenes.

I mostly did this because if anyone here remembers my Halloween project from a few years ago, Lost and Found, was inspired by on one of my favorite RPG maker horror games, Ib. Part way through that project it hit me that I could have made a "Game" for it and just used screenshots instead what I ended up doing with drawing over black and white Garry's Mod screencaps. However I was way too far in make a sudden change like that (and looking back after having completed this tiny project would have been so much more work). I then thought, what if I made Lost and Found into a game? And that's when this started. Obviously this isn't Lost and Found: the game, more me figuring out how much work would it take and determining whether or not I could form enough wrinkles in my brain to make something that at least works like a game. I actually had a fun putting this together and learned some neat stuff and hopefully you guys enjoy it as well.
excellent, downloaded and will play it a bit later when it’s of a more spooky hour
Not the first Anon who replied to you, but I just played the game and it's pretty fun. I liked the little story you came up with. Good job!
File: 1529511156142.jpg (229 KB, 1600x1200)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
Everything is anime in Japan, even the anime
File: Spoiler Image (240 KB, 445x600)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Would you
I liked that I could sniff Anon’s sleeping bag

That was fun, it had a good creepy atmosphere with the sound effects and the sprites are cute. How do you like RPG Maker, would you make your next game with it?
File: C44VpWR.png (13 KB, 760x942)
13 KB
would Tomoko be more popular as a pone?
she’s already giving me a boner, so yes
but that might just be no nut november talking
If Floor and Tomoko switch bodies and places, they'd probably take a while to realize it's a body switch and not, like, transformation or taking the place of an alternate universe self.
what would they do in their new forms?
I hope you enjoy it, feel free to mention any issues you have. One person had some missing files that prevented the game from starting and now I'm trying to figure what happened there and wondering if it will be a common problem for people.

Glad you enjoyed it!

RPG maker was a little intimidating at first but once I figured out how to use switches and learned how to better utilize events it actually became kind of fun. I probably would use it to make games in the future, would like to either make or find more suitable tilesets first though.
I didn’t have any problems with it, it all ran smoothly with no hang-ups. Only graphical weirdness for me was the text getting cut off in a couple places (examining the soda cans is the one I remember, the subtle pee bottle joke gets cut off) but aside from that I didn’t see any game errors. I remember when I was messing with VX Ace there were a lot of fanmade mods for cool visual effects, if such things exist for XP they might cut down on the need for elaborate scripting if you want to implement dark shadowy areas. I did like though the clear sunny ambiance, it made the house somehow more unsettling. In some ways I feel like RPG Maker can be a good medium for visual storytelling and not necessarily gameplay (or just simple gameplay) that allows the player to explore a bit and interact with the story world at their own pace while also allowing well-paced cutscenes, sound, and pretty art. Like an interactive visual novel or short story of sorts, and that’s kind of what this was. Was great for your first game
it’s the time of year for our neets to bundle up and stay warm with some hot ramen soup and spiced mountain dew
File: 1601091070414.png (339 KB, 1720x1484)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
I’d cozy up under her other side
File: 1587189495956.png (931 KB, 2400x2400)
931 KB
931 KB PNG
honestly one of my favorite floorbs, the neetsweat really makes it
pony fortress?
As far as I'm aware there aren't any mods for XP, although I didn't really look into the possibility of mods for xp. Might have to look at some of the newer RPG makers to see what kind of mods there are. Also went and fixed those little bits in the tent, must have forgotten those when I went through adjusting the text to fit the boxes throughout the game (Not sure why RPG maker XP's text thing lets you write outside the text box). Put an updated version on derpi.
Post-apocalyptic floorb in her neetbunker
Don't die now, you just came back.
Does Floor bulk up for the winter? I can see her hoovering up the noodles and cheese as it gets colder
this pic makes my heart melt she is so cute bros
even as a spooky ghost floor is adorable
Fallout Equestria, but Floor has all the perks that have to do with radiation and the like.
Lead Belly, Rad Resistance, Atomic! Irradiated Beauty, and even Rad Regeneration.
She's so unphased by the stuff, she lives in a old nuclear powerplant that still has a running reactor, but is so irradiated that no pony else comes by. She has electricity, and thus all the games and televisions set up to live the good life.
Now if only the super mutant, Anon, didn't always bother her.
At least he’s kind enough to bring fuel rods to keep the old girl running, although floor might repurpose one or three
Floor has a special perk, lead-lined pussy, making her marebits completely immune to radiation.
It is, however, very irradiated, and any male other than a super mutant would melt their dick off if they tried to mount her.
Go fap anon, it wont do you good holding it back that long

Google no nut and prostate cancer
maybe it’s a combination of NNN and extreme loneliness, but your concern for my prostate health is very arousing. you’re very kind, thank you anon
Cum in my mouth Anon, no homo
Floor’s butt....
A bit disturbing but hey, youre welcome
I want to squeeze
>tfw cuddling up with floorb at 2 AM watching anineigh
Reminds me of the idea of Floor being a fem!colt, which gives him self-esteem issues, leading to NEEThood.
File: 1600788917462.png (250 KB, 1786x1219)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
I want to raise his self-esteem with my mouth
And then he and Fem!Anon become friends, but she thinks Floor is a gal pal, while Floor thinks Anon knows he's a guy and that she is hanging around so much because she like-likes him.
cheerful and oblivious Femanon somehow always fails to notice the nervous sweating and constant erection
It's really odd that her besty wears a strap-on all the time, but she doesn't want to kink shame, so doesn't mention it.
Equestrians sure are skilled at making sex toys, though. So realistic. That thing puts Bad Dragon to shame.
it even leaks, what a mess! but she doesn’t want to be rude when some of that fake goop gets on her leg
I mixed some fish sauce, sour cream, vinegar, and pickled artichoke juice together to concoct a pleasant neetmare smell
>Anon's return is signaled by a slamming door and the sound of high heels being tossed against a wall.
>Floor sighs and pauses his game.
>"Didn't go well?" he calls over his shoulder.
"Of fucking course it didn't!" she shouts back as she stomps through the apartment to enter his room.
>Normally the thought of a mare being in his room would have his face burning, especially Anon as he thought she liked him.
>After a couple months of living together, he's come to a few realizations.
>One, she doesn't have a crush on him.
>Two, she thinks he's a girl, which yeah, stings and brought up memories of schoolyard teasing, but whatever.
>And three, she's dumber than a sack of potatoes.
>She seriously thinks he wears a strap-on twenty-four seven, and seeing as she makes him chronically erect, which he's embarrassed about, he lets her think that.
>She flops back on his bed, mini-skirt riding up as she kicks her legs, her thong clearly visible.
>And there's the erection.
"Why are stallions so difficult? Like, seriously? What am I doing wrong?"
>She huffs, blowing a strand of blonde hair from her face.
"If only I could find a dude as cool as you, Floor," she mutters, and Floor barely suppresses the urge to say he's a dude like him as he moves to pat her knee.
>She reaches down and drags him up onto her chest to hug.
"Your the only pony who gets me, Floor. You'd be the perfect boyfriend."
>She sighs as she rubs his belly, hand coming to rest on his dick, getting him to shiver.
"If only this were real," she mutters, as her fingers brush against his member.
>He gasps.
>Well this is new.
>"Ah, A-anon?" he asks as her fingertips trace up and down his length.
>She turns her head down slightly.
>His muzzle scrunches as the smell of alcohol hitting his nostrils.
>"You've been drinking," he states.
"Only few shots... Like ten maybe."
>"We shouldn't be-"
"I'm just so lonely, Floor. It's been so long since I've felt the touch of a man. Can't I just pretend for tonight?"
oh goodness, how is floorb going to play this one
Better question.
Is cross species impregnation possible, and will Anon try to sue the strap-on making company for making a product that can actually get girls pregnant.
>Floor yawns and steps out of bed, completely rested after a night of fun dreams.
>Sliding out of her silken sheets and onto the polished marble floor, she heads to the bathroom to do her morning business.
>the mare goes about brushing her mane and coat in front of the vanity, eyes flicking briefly to her blank flank before taking a breath.
>She smiles and repeats the mental mantra.
>It doesn't matter.
>It's not my fault.
>I'm special just the way I am.
>Placing her brush down, she leaves her room and heads down the hall to the dining room.
>It was actually just one of the castle's many abandoned rooms repurposed into a place to eat so that the three mares could always be close together.
>Inside, Tia and Luna are already eating breakfast, their eyes brightening once they see her.
>"Floor, I hope you slept well," Luna says with a sly smile, getting the earth pony to roll her eyes.
"You know I did, Lulu. We went on a night long pirate adventure together."
>"Sounds like fun," Tia muses with a mock frown. "Wish I was invited."
>"Oh hush, you were busy gathering supplies. We always invite you when we're all sleeping together."
>Floor sits at her seat and starts heaping food onto her plate, noting with a grin that Tia found moonlight berries like she promised she would for the pancakes.
>Sometimes she felt a little guilty that the pair of sisters did so much for her, but she knew she couldn't convince them otherwise.
>Looking out the window at the crumbling city, she finds her thoughts drifting to what it must have been like.
>Luna has shown her much of the past through dreams, but it's probably nothing compared to the real thing.
>What were ponies like?
>Were they really as diverse and unique as the sisters claim?
>Floor wishes she wasn't the last pony sometimes.
>She wishes her parents had survived long enough for her to remember them.
>She wishes she wasn't born the last mortal at The End.
>Most of all, she wishes she wasn't destined to leave the sisters alone one day.
The Final NEET
File: 1594098039121.png (715 KB, 1271x864)
715 KB
715 KB PNG
I wish I could draw.
start simple and work your way up
Did you draw that? Because it's cute.
Just thought of all those stories where Celestia and Luna wait around until the universe ends, and how there has to be a point before that where there is eventually only one pony left.
Said pony would be a NEET by circumstance.
steamy neet butt
>Celestia and Luna took turns scouring the decrepit world.
>The dimmed sun provided little for life to thrive, and food was scarce, but for only three ponies, two of which needing little to sustain themselves, it was enough.
>They didn't just look for food, though, always on the look out for survivors other than mindless beasts and giant insects.
>Everyday, a different direction, multiple teleports allowing for great distances to be scoured.
>Regret still sets heavy on them both that they did not find the small settlement Floor came from just a day sooner before being overrun by monsters, but at least they were able to save the last foal.
>Still, the thought that Floor might very well be the last pony, or any intelligent creature alive other than them was a depressing one, and one they wanted to delay as long as possible.
>If only they could find a stallion.
>Then, at least for a generation or two, they could put off the loneliness and lack of purpose a little longer.
>... Or a male human like the one Celestia had just spotted and now followed while invisible.
>Portals to other worlds were scarce and fleeting, and near impossible to recreate, but sometimes, with a little luck, one of these creatures would fall through, and this one was male.
>Celestia felt hope swell in her chest.
>This is far from the first human she has met in her impossibly long life, and she knows much about them.
>What was most important in this moment, however, is the fact that their alien seed can produce offspring with a multitude of Equestrian life, including ponies.
>While she and her sister had gone barren long ago, their young, sweet ward was still fertile, and even if this man proved too dangerous or cruel to allow near her, they could still milk him for his precious seed.
>Is she a bit mad to think such things?
>Perhaps, but in such a bleak world, insanity is always nipping at one's heels, and she wants more company and foals to dote on.
So, either husband to a NEET and patriarch of a large family if they deem you worthy.
Or chained up and milked for your seed by two princess for the rest of your life if they deem you unworthy.
... Eh, it's a win-win.
Better then my drawings.
There's only 18 of us posters?!
We should start a giant D&D campaign.
Not my drawing. Just wanted to post a cute image before going to bed.
I'm new to Floor greens and I just finished the fimfic "Floored," and man am I sad that it's incomplete and quite sporadic.
Sporadic is an understatement.
I haven't written any of that in so long that I hardly remember where I was going with it.
Constant stomach pain these days and 40+ hours of work a week have drained me of my creative enthusiasm.
File: 1603578231728.png (282 KB, 613x613)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
Wow, I didn't expect to run into the author. I'm sorry about your stomach and workload, anon. Just know that I really enjoyed your story and felt a sinking feeling every time I started a new chapter because I knew 19 was coming. It was very good and made me very happy. I smiled, I laughed, I cried.
Hope you can feel better soon anon
I want to sniff colt floorb's musky sheath
This thread was gone too long to die now.
me too, also kiss it
unlike shy moko has a yuri harem now
who's laffin now
I want to hug Floor Bored and give her a bath. Imagine something more calming and perfect than brushing her mane on the couch afterwards.
would be particularly cozy now in the winter, cuddling up under a blanket
File: florblorb-1.png (257 KB, 545x525)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
File: 1351141208344.gif (159 KB, 270x178)
159 KB
159 KB GIF
>when the feel get surreal
Just sitting there together, feeling each other's warmth, the soft feeling of her fur on your skin as you idly stroke her foreleg under the blanket. 2 in the afternoon, nothing to do, nothing to worry about. Just this. Just this moment.
>Where is it? Where is it?
>Where's the last coin?
>Where the HECK is it
>You're going to have a panic attack where is it where IS IT
>You are Floor Bored, and you are in the wall of a hurricane, the convenience store clerk glaring at you behind his false smile and patient tone, waiting for you to produce your exact change.
>And you always produce your exact change.
>You know exactly how much it costs to buy four six-packs of onions sauce cup noodles, two twelve-packs of wasabi noodle bricks, two packs of the cheapest cheese product slices, a giant bag of frozen mixed vegetables (because you need to eat healthy), and two twenty-packs of bottom shelf cola (totaling ¥3,436, with tax).
>You know this because you are on a strict budget due to living off of a government stipend and only carry exactly the amount of coins you need to buy necessities.
>If you didn't carry the exact amount, you would waste it.
>Which is why you are actually dying right now because
>You're missing a ¥100 coin.
>You have no idea where it is but it isn't here why isn't it here it NEEDS to be here you can't put anything back he'll hate you
>you can't put anything back you can't come back you can never shop here again you're on flippin' fire where is it you can't breathe you need to BOLT you can't MOVE WHERE IS IT—
>"This'll cover it, right?"
>You didn't even register that another shopper was behind you (and there being another shopper is strange, considering it's 3AM), and she's leaned over you and put a neat stack of colorful paper that humans think is money and the clerk rings it up and counts out the change and holds his cupped hands out and she takes the money and puts it in the hood of your hoodie and
>pats your head
>"Welcome to Kashima, pony-chan."
>A black-haired angel squats by you, smiling, in some sort of waitress uniform.
>Face-to-face with the opposite sex, you do the only thing you can.
>You run away, screaming, basket in mouth.
kurisumasu-cake waifu for stallionfloorb is cute as heck
I need more of this pone in my life.
*pssh* *crack* *siiiiiiiiippp* pfaaahhhh.... yep, those were the days.... I remember watching evanhaylion like it was yesterday.... all the pseudocelestian imagery made it seem super deep but I just liked watching the robots fight those alien things *siiiiiiiiiip* yep, they just don’t make em like they used to.....
... It's like she's trying to speak to me, I know it!
more of this and less gross fetish shit pls
A cold misty morn
Floorb panting with flushed cheeks
Steam rising from her legpits
File: WKOrmV3.jpg (1.27 MB, 3264x2448)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
>You are Nanashi and you're finally home.
>You toe your heels off, relishing the fresh air and cool floor as you walk to your fridge and stash away the two bags of groceries you bought, hot grilled eel bento in a third and brought to your small apartment's central table.
>You pull the overhead lamp's chain, sit down before your meal, and groan.
>You forget your drink.
>But it feels so good to be off your feet!
>It's not really dinner without a cold one, though...
"Hone~y! Get me a beer, please."
>You sit silent, waiting for a reply that won't come.
>Then you grumble and get up off the floor, grabbing one—no, two cans of Kirin Ichiban before returning to your table and sitt—
>Hm. Where did you put your laptop? Camera and microphone are here...
>Ah, it's charging beneath the TV. You pull out the cables and bring it over, setting everything up.
>You pop the bento's lid as you open your laptop and turn it on.
>Breaking the chopsticks, you grab yourself a delicious chunk of eel, swab it in a thick, brown sauce, and roll it around in white rice. It's delicious.
>You check the laptop's system clock. You still have time before your stream.
>You crack open the top of a can with your nail and savor the rich, frothy hiss a moment before drinking.
>Dinner finished, and nearing your second can, it's time to start.
"Otsukaresama, minna-san! Please seat yourself. Naninani's is open! Welcome, katsu-san. Welcome, Nekoko-san..."
"Oh, I finally saw a pony today! I was shopping after work at the usual place, and this cute girl-pony was in line in front of me! They're so small, everyone! Her back was a bit above my knees, and she looked adorable wearing a hoodie that went all the way past her tail."
"She kinda smelled... weird? How you'd think a horse would smell. It wasn't unpleasant, but strong, and—haha, no, chat, don't take that the wrong way! Don't! Stop it, aaa!"
"Otsukaresama, minna-san! See you tomorrow!"
>Gray dawn and birdsong breaking through the window blinds let you know it's time to call the stream.
>A little over two hours tonight before you called it off. Your regulars thanked you for keeping them company in the wee hours of the morning.
>You were something like a good friend to a hundred people online. You had back and forths, knew their schedules and they knew yours, kept up with their personal lives.
>Sometimes, they would donate, but it was never much. Just enough to cover a beer. You'd taken to calling it otoshi, much like the seating charge at the yokocho bar you worked at, Half a Cat.
>Hearing the kind words they had for you was what was worth the most to you, anyway.
>You stretch one arm over your head and another around your back, deciding what to do with the last couple hours of your day.
>Oh, it's Saturday!
>PreCure will be on soon.
>After that, you'll play with your phone for a bit and get ready for bed.
>Your thoughts go back to that pony you saw as you prepare your futon for television viewing.
>Poor girl looked like she was going to cry when she couldn't pay.
>You heard ponies could be emotional, but you didn't think she'd scream and run away.
>It made you feel bad that you scared her.
>Guess that's why she went shopping at such an hour, huh?
>You hope you get to meet a pony you can talk to, one day.
>Oh, it's starting!
>"Hīrin Guddo! Ai de~"
"Hīrin Guddo! Ai de~..."
this is pretty cool anon-san
Good job.
Always happy to see new greens.
THis makes me think there should be a green where Floor is a huge fan of one of the Mane6 from reading the journal.
Which one do you think she'd choose as her waifu?
Fluttershy is the obvious answer as Floor would probably see her as a mare like herself, but who rose above and became a pony worthy of love.
Floor would be inspired by her... just not enough to turn her own life around.
NEET smell! What is it?
Ramen and sweat.
Before or after you forcefully bath them?
I think over time the smell would just be low and musty, like a subtle mellow cheese, with a peculiar acetic twinge more noticeable after some good ol neetmare masturbation
Onions and cheddar cheese with a splash of vinegar
Do you think Floor reads anything other than manga, and if so, what's her favourite genre?
I could see her reading a lot of fantasy novels
Just finished Cutie Pie, what an amazing and long read. I really super loved it.
Feels good, man.
I mean, the pacing of it, the slow but sure story and character development, you really get a feel for Floor that leaves you wanting more. I couldn't put it down. And there were so many amazing moments that had my breath hitching, like the bottles discovery and the big embarrassing reveal as she couldn't run from the admission anymore, and the first real kiss they share after she eats the rose. Bravo, man. I mean holy hell, what a ride. Thanks so much for all the time and talent and love that went into that.
Alternate timeline where Celestia never sends Twilight to Ponyville, she becomes a full-on antisocial NEET who lives and sleeps in her stuffy Canterlot home subsisting on takeout food and bathes once a month
imagine the smell
eating all those burgers and hay fries
Where is Spike in this scenario?
Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Her room is not a pretty sight, or smell. She keeps the windows sealed shut at all times because the sounds of ponies chattering outside distracts her from her studies.
Either he's still Twilight's assistant and just puts up with her slovenly nature, or moved into his own living space in the castle.
>tfw TwiNEET irritably rests her fat butt on your face so she can keep studying while you relieve her distracting biological urges with your tongue
>To maximize efficiency even more, ahe eats lunch at the same time, stuffing burgers down her gullet
>You swear you can feel her butt getting fatter with each burger she shovels down her gullet.
>Pauses after five or six to belch, take a sip of soda, then the process repeats
Moondancer is a NEET of this thread, right? Seems like this fits here.
Makes me wonder how Floor would react.
Spontaneously shits and cums.
File: 1539402657184.jpg (1.37 MB, 1920x3256)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
>would Tomoko be more popular as a pone?
Anon...she's popular now, in the manga she has a bunch of friends and even love interests
then what’s the premise of her manga now? bitchy lesbian slut has awkward encounters?
more like bitchy lesbian harem
Oh my
I don’t like the sound of that
Damn she's good.
Not only does she get an orgasm, but Demon Anon won't want to fuck her once she's covered in shit, so he can't complete the deal for her soul.
>It's a win-win for her.
>Demon Anon won't want to fuck her once she's covered in shit
why not
>"... remember, your projects are due by 11:59 PM Sunday night. Please submit them properly. I will not be taking late projects for any reason."
>You're Floor Bored, and you haven't been able to pay attention to your teleclasses at all for weeks.
>Every time you try to focus, your mind inevitably wanders back to her.
>The convenience store angel.
>You haven't been back since that night.
>Not that you normally would go there, but you're getting low on food and soda.
>And by getting low, you mean you ran out yesterday and haven't had anything except tap water.
>You need to eat to finish your project, a simple accounting application, but to do that, you need to leave your apartment.
>And you have few options that are close and require the bare minimum social contact besides the convenience store.
>Delivery is too expensive, even with the angel granting you a sudden windfall.
>Take-out, maybe, but that would require researching restaurants and going to their website and looking at all of the options there'd be too many options you wouldn't know what to get you'd order something that tastes bad or so plain the clerk at the counter would look at you and think Celestia you are such a stupid f-f-filly why did you even bother coming out of your cave just go die already and
>You curl up on your chair and fail to breathe through the tears.
>You have to go to the convenience store. It's your only option.
>Maybe your clerk won't be working tonight?
>You check the calendar.
>... It's the same day as the day the angel saved you.
>It's a few hours until 3AM.
>Should you wait? Go early? Go later?
>You hold your yowling stomach in pain.
>Can't go early. Too many people.
>Can't go late. Too hungry.
>What if you see her?
>What should you do?
>You should apologize, idiot.
>Okay, you'll apologize.
>Give her back her money.
>You hate to see it go, but you don't deserve it.
>You're a bad pony.
>Barely even a stallion.
>You leave your laptop and start collecting coins...
>You can't do this.
>You can't do this.
>You have to do this.
>You can't.
>You took a shower!
>It took you an hour before you could even turn on the water.
>You have to.
>You're hungry.
>You can't.
>You pace back and forth in the shadow of a home's garden wall, basket on the ground, brushing against the white stone. You stop to read the large digital display of UzaMart.
>【03:07, 29℃】
>You've been here for thirty-one minutes. You haven't seen the angel at all.
>You're so hungry.
>You need to puke.
>Why isn't there a water drain nearby?
>You begin pacing again.
>Three minutes. Three minutes, you're going in.
>You have to.
>A cool breeze rushes past with the digital chime of UzaMart's sliding doors opening to greet you. A body you observe walks over the threshold with his hooves, his grocery basket in his mouth, lurching forward like a marionette with rusted joints.
>His name is Floor Bored, and he needs to get groceries. You watch through his eyes as he skulks along the aisles, keeping himself as small and as quiet as possible.
>He walks as close as he can to the shelves, veering off the wobbly path whenever he scrapes a wire rack or a hanging price tag.
>The body feels oppressive dread and sweats cold, oversized human hoodie doing nothing to ward off chills.
>The path is circuitous, well-worn. He starts with the dry goods, the lightest.
>The ramen is there. He adds it to his basket.
>He moves to the back, where the refrigeration and freezer units are. They always keep them in the back.
>They want him to suffer.
>The cheese is there. He adds that to his basket.
>He steps in rhythm with the low drone of commercial compressors.
>The frozen mixed vegetables are there, a few doors down. He adds them to his basket.
>The store is empty.
>Heaviest last.
>He walks down to his soda.
>The bottom shelf cola only has one case.
>You snap back into your body and stare at reflection of your life.
>And everything comes crashing down on you at once.
this boi needs a hug damn
File: 1600339396832.png (280 KB, 585x622)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
We need more Paradise love
I bet Floor is really used to saying zigger aloud because she's alone most of the time, and so accidentally lets it out on her rare trips out in public.
I think I love her, bros.
excellent choice
Shoot beat me to it was about to say the same thing! I remember Punki mentioning the next chapter would have Paradise visiting an amusement park and really excited to see how that goes.
>You slouch as you walk away from work, the bend in your spine providing some much-needed relief from keeping proper posture for hours.
>You closed up on time but forgot to count the till. A small, but costly mistake if you had forgotten to do it.
>Your feet don't forgive you for the backtrack adding dozens meters to your walk home. Maybe you should finally get a bike?
>Your stomach growls and pushes your thoughts to what you want for dinner instead.
>Karaage would be nice. And you want something sweet, so you'll treat yourself to a box of pocky—ah, but do you want matcha or strawberry flakes?
>Your thoughts of food intensify your hunger but make time pass quickly, and you soon find yourself in front of your go-to UzaMart.
>A cool breeze rushes past with the digital chime of sliding doors opening to greet you.
>Also, someone crying.
>And someone else not sure how to handle it.
>You pick up your pace and walk as straight a path as you can through the store to where the sounds are loudest. You turn and see Matsushita-san trying to talk to... pony-chan!?
>"Ah, Nanashi-san!" He turns to face you, straightening out his green work apron. "I must shamefully ask for your help. I don't know what to do."
>You stand askance to Matsushita, focusing on the shivering pony on the cold tile. She's bundled up in a loaf like a kitty with her hooves holding down the hoodie covering her head.
"What happened?"
>"Aaah, I do not know. I heard a disturbance and came over to find her crying on the floor. I haven't been able to help her. I know it's selfish of me to ask, but would you—"
"Of course."
>Matsushita bows, "You have my eternal gratitude. How may I assist you?"
"I'm... not sure, I'll ask for your help when I know what she needs."
>He bows again and walks back to the counter. You hope his boss understands why he needed to leave it.
>You squat next to pony-chan and think about what you need to say.
>It breaks your heart to see her so distraught.
She's just so cute
onee-san Nanashi, help that poor “mare”

really enjoying this!
>"I'm... not sure. I'll ask for your help when I know what she needs."
>She needs.
>The angel is here.
>She needs.
>Awful, awful, awful. Awful. Awful. It's awful.
>It's all awful.
>Every moment of life has been awful, but this moment is especially awful.
>The awfulest.
>Awfulest isn't a word, idiot.
>The most awful it has ever been.
>You feel a warm presence by your side as you wet the hem of your hood with snot and tears. You're bawling your eyes out over a case of soda.
>This is the state of your life.
>You're such a wreck you cry over soda.
>You're a foal.
>You grind your hooves into your ears, praying to crack open your own skull, trying to block out the angel's words, but you can still hear her so clearly.
>"What's wrong, pony-chan?"
>You can't answer her.
>You're being a burden.
>You're a public menace.
>You're disturbing everypony else's lives because you're so weak you can't even go shopping without having a panic attack.
>And now the nicest pony in the world is
>The nicest person in
>The angel
>You recoil as you feel her hand stroke the top of your head, flattening yourself against the floor.
>You make ugly noises.
>You can't bear to feel her touch because it means she's trying to help you and you're helpless you can't be helped coming to Earth was the stupidest idea imaginable why did you listen to—
>Her hand follows your squashed form and keeps stroking your back.
>It's the most wonderful feeling.
>"Shhh. It's okay. I don't know what's going on, but everything is going to be okay."
>Her voice is serene, heavenly, every mora harp-plucked in the sweetest tone.
>It's too much.
>She's too kind.
>You can taste it coming up.
>You puke all over yourself.
>Simmering in stomach acid.
>"Ah!! Matsushita! "
>Please don't.
>"Call an ambulance!"
"Don'b, bleez."
>You hiccup, trying to force out more words than what you didn't eat today.
"Bleez donb call am ambuanz."
>"Don't call... but you're sick!"
>Your head writhes back and forth on the floor, smearing your vomit all over it.
>You get to your hooves with a sickening rip as you peel yourself off the floor.
"I wanba go home..."
>"You need to see a doctor, pony-chan."
>She gently turns you around, still squatting, and lifts your hood up. She presses the back of her hand against your forehead.
>"You're feverish and sweating."
>She's perfect.
>In this moment, you see true beauty.
>A lovely face, small, sharp, with eyes holding more care than your mother could ever muster for you.
>You feel another wave of tears coming.
"Please... don't leave me."
"I—I-I'm sorry, I need..."
>You back away from her.
>She looks so sad.
>You hate it.
>You hate what you're doing to her.
>You need to leave.
>You keep backing away.
"I need... I'm not sick."
"I—I'm s-suh... I—"
>"Are you sure you don't want to go?"
>"I think you should go, but... if you don't want to, you don't have to. It's okay."
>It's okay?
>She's letting you...?
>"But I don't think you should leave."
>She leans forward, and you can see your puke staining her black heels.
>"Would you wait outside, please?"
>"For me?"
>Her smile is heart-wrenching.
>It would be the most beautiful thing if it wasn't tainted by you.
>She stands up and turns around.
>"Matsushita! Please call the ambulance and tell them not to come..."
>"I can't say I expected something like this to happen tonight."
>You take the bundle of towels off Matsushita's hands, nose wrinkling at the smell of commercial cleaner trying to cover up the stench of puke.
"You and me both."
>You sigh.
>You'll need to tweet soon that your stream will be happening later tonight.
>But, first, helping pony-chan get cleaned up.
>You really should ask for her name.
>Poor thing...
>You walk outside and see her huddled up on the curb at the edge of UzaMart's front lights.
>You squat down in front of her and hand her the towels.
>She's still wearing her... very messy hoodie.
"You should take that off and clean yourself."
>She starts when you talk. Seems like she was lost in thought.
>At least she's not crying anymore.
>It breaks your heart to think about someone that looks so innocent being in so much pain.
>"Th-thank you."
>She takes the towels between her hooves and begins... wiping down her hoodie.
>Well, okay.
>You don't think you can push her. She's fragile.
>A silence grows and you find yourself struggling to figure out where to start.
>Introductions would be as good of a place as any.
"We haven't introduced ourselves. My name is Tokumei Nanashi. It's... nice... to meet you again."
>You grimace. You should've been able to think of something better to say.
>"M-My name is..."
>Her voice is so soft. You lean forward to listen. She shrinks back.
>"F... Floor Bored."
"Furoor Boredo? Furoor... Foor—I'm sorry, give me a minute."
>"I-It's okay, you don't—"
>What a difficult name! With a little practice, though, you nail it down.
"Floor Bored? Is that right?"
>She nods.
>You smile.
"Haa~, your name is a little difficult to pronounce, Bored-chan."
>She makes a sound between a choke and a laugh. "Sorry."
"No, no, don't be sorry. But it sounds nice, doesn't it?"
>Her ears swivel towards you and away. "Huh?"
"It has a nice flow. Floo~r~ Bo~r~ed. Don't you think?"
this poor pone is a mess. but now his waifu is here to help
I wonder what nanashi smells like
>She taps her hooves on the concrete, making an adorable clip-clop sound. "Most pony names are like that."
"Well, you're the first pony I've met, Bored-chan."
>"Oh. Sorry."
"What's there to be sorry for? I'm excited to finally meet one!"
>She hangs her head and shifts herself away from you. "I-I, uhm, I..."
>She shrugs, "I don't know. Sorry."
>She's one of those types, huh?
"I work at a yokocho bar very late. I've never had a pony customer. You should come by some time, Half a Cat. We're tucked back behind the Welcia near the Honda dealership. Not too many blocks away."
>Bored stays quiet.
>Guess you should just get right into the problem, then.
"Why were you crying?"
>She flattens down against the curbside, ears flopping backwards.
>It's cute and simultaneously sad.
>Her coat is off-white, almost eggshell, and she has a long, black mane and tail, both tied back with purple scrunchies. They look tangled.
>Her hoodie looks worn, too, and a little dirty even where the puke didn't reach it.
>She doesn't take good care of herself.
>Her ears swivel to listen, but she keeps looking away.
"It's okay. I won't make fun of you for telling me why you were upset. I want to help you."
>She turns her head towards you and crosses her hooves, laying it on top of her front legs.
>"My... my soda."
>You wait.
>"I need... two. But there was only one."
>That can't be it.
>Can it?
>Heh, 'can' it.
>Oh, you should say that!
"That can't be all... 'can' it?"
>She gives another choked laugh, making you smile.
>You think it was a laugh, anyway.
>"No. It's, uh..."
>You wish she'd speak up, but you don't think she wants to hear that.
>She sighs, "It hasn't been a good day for me."
"Well, why don't you tell me about it? Maybe that'll make you fee—"
>Your stomach interrupts you.
>You blush.
"Sorry, I usually have dinner at this time. You're vegetarian, right?"
>"Y-You don't have to—"
"I want to."
>Bored slowly nods.
You know how witches need all those gross ingrediants for potions, like eye of newt and tongue of duck?
I wonder if NEET ponies produce any such ingrediants, like pee of NEET or greasy mane.
If so, I bet it's like ginger root and is considered higher quality the longer the NEET pony has been a NEET.
>"...and I'm no good at it, either. I have to copy code from all over the internet to make anything work because I have no idea what I'm doing and it's obvious my cutie mark doesn't have anything to do with computers but I have to finish the course or they'll send me back and I don't want to go back without my cutie mark because it'll make me an even bigger failure..."
>You're still eating your bento.
>Matsushita gave them to you for free.
>You need to find some way to make it up to him.
>She slammed hers back in seconds, though, and has been pouring her heart out to you for the past... ten minutes?
>She really needed this.
>"...and when I saw the last case, I just, I just came back and saw it as the perfect representation of my life, because even when everything seems to be going well, something bad happens, or I screw up, and it all comes tumbling down. I can't even buy groceries. I wish I was dead."
>Really, really needed this.
>You don't think you're qualified to help her, but...
>Someone has to.
>You hear jingling as she reaches into her hoodie's pockets and pulls out a small bag. It smells bad.
>"I-I'm sorry, for, uhm... e-everything. You didn't want to.. I shouldn't have, uhm, said... all of... h-here's your bits back. From before."
>You hold your bento in your chopsticks hand and give a little wave at the bag, warding it off.
"Ah, it's no trouble."
>She must feel bad.
"If you're sure. Thank you."
>You gingerly pluck the bag of coins out from her hooves and set it down inside the empty plastic bag you carried the bentos and drinks out in.
>She really liked the sparkling carrot ginger juice.
>She stands up.
>"I-I should go. I've bothered you too much already. Uhm, thank you, f-for suffering me, Nanashi-san."
>She stops, not looking at you, but gives you her ears.
"Would you like to exchange e-mails?"
>Her head swivels to you.
>Oh, no, you made her cry—
>She nods, "Mhm."
>By the time you get home, you're exhausted.
>That was an incredible emotional load to take out of the blue.
>You've never dealt with someone so... bad before.
>It's your job to talk to people.
>Yes, you serve drinks, you cook food, but mainly, you're there to talk to people.
>And you like it!
>You love it. You're grateful for the job, that you can work the hours you have (you're a night owl, always have been), and you can easily support yourself.
>But Bored-chan is...
>She really needs a friend.
>You groan as you toe your heels off in your apartment's entrance, feet absolutely aching.
>You tweeted that your stream wouldn't be happening tonight. You told them everything is fine, but something came up and that you are sorry for not being there.
>You only got a handful of replies, but they were understanding and very heartwarming.
>They told you it was good to take care of yourself and that they'll survive a night without you.
>katsu-san said you owed them a super long stream tomorrow, making you laugh.
>You don't think you'll be able to stay awake long enough for PreCure, so you set your television to record the episode and resolve to watch it first thing in the afternoon.
>For now, though, you needed to clean your clothes properly and take a long, hot shower.
>You snuggle into bed, pulling on your sleeping mask. Your thoughts drift back to Bored-chan.
>You hope she's doing well.
>Oh, you don't need to hope!
>You pull off your mask, grab your phone, and shoot off a quick e-mail
>「Good night, Bored-chan! Sweet dreams~ʕ – ᴥ – ʔzZ」
>You plug your phone into its charger and pull your mask down. Cheaper than blackout curtains!
>Oh, an e-mail.
>You turn on your phone and check the sender.
>「Good night. Nanashi-san. 」
>You smile.
>Sleep comes easy.
>You can't believe tonight turned out so... not horrible!
>Maybe even okay!
>You're jittering with energy as you toss your hoodie into the shared washers, pouring in what seems like enough detergent for the mess.
>The angel—Nanashi, she doesn't hate you!
>She even wanted to stay in contact with you.
>You've never gotten this far with... with anypony.
>Exchanging permanent addresses?
>Just to talk?
>Somepony actually WANTS to talk to you?
>You can't sit on the bench and wait for your laundry to be done.
>You pace up and down the room, walking laps around the bench.
>The most perfect being in existence has seen fit to include you in her life.
>You can't mess this up.
>You absolutely can't mess this up.
>This is your first friend... it can't be ever, can it?
>You had friends as a foal, right?
>You think and you think, but you hardly remember your life.
>Every waking moment bleeds into the next.
>You're a smear on the passage of time, a stain on its pages that won't quite erase.
>You don't want to be a mark on her life, either.
>You have to do your best to make sure you don't mess this u—
>Your phone rattling against the wooden bench stops you in your tracks.
>Must be more spam e-mai—
>「Good night, Bored-chan! Sweet dreams~ʕ – ᴥ – ʔzZ」
>Oh dear Celestia she just wished you a good night and sweet dreams.
>And she sent a sleeping bear emoji.
>It hurts.
>She's too much.
>Did you die?
>You must have died. It can't be real.
>What do you do?
>Do you reply?
>You too?
>I hope you also have sweet dreams?
>No, I want you to have—no, that's creepy. Do you send an emoji, too?
>Would an emoji make it less creepy?
>But you don't know what emoji means what. What if you send her the wrong one?
>Your sweaty hooves hover over the touchscreen, frozen.
>How do you do this?
>How do you talk to somepony?
"Good... night... Nana... shi... san. Send."
>You hope that's good enough.
>Oh, hoodie's done washing...
She probably smells good. The pungent was meant to be the nausea climbing the back of Floor's throat, sorry if that wasn't clear.

Thank all of you for the warm reception of the Stallion Floor Bored in Japan greentext.
>Floor sells various secretions and hairs to dark magic users for various occult rituals and potions.
>She's straight rolling on dough.
What do you imagine Floor's voice to be like
Wavering, grating and hoarse, all from either not staying hydrated enough, or not using it much outside of shouting abuse at her teammates after they inevitably fumble something.
Because of her "lifestyle" this horse sounds like a lifetime smoker, despite not being one.
This pretty much, very low and gravelly, kinda monotonous and not very expressive
Expressive as it cracks a lot whenever her emotions start to run high.
File: 1701365.png (107 KB, 576x576)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
which r63 FLoor Bored? Also does he have a name, like Butterscotch or Dusk Shine?
I think I like the lower left the most, just without the scruff
Definitely top right
I imagine kinda gravelly like >>36143394 says, and rather quiet and maybe with a little stutter .
this is a really great and sweet story anon, thank you! I really like the setting of Kashima, Floor-in-Japan is a cool concept
Perfectly adorable.
File: 1523098351499.png (228 KB, 829x1096)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
Like a raspier Fluttershy.
So the Mentally Advanced Series Flutters?
Like this
No die thread.
File: Oh no.png (776 KB, 1338x1008)
776 KB
776 KB PNG
>Anon is a new member of their clan and goes to meet them all for the first time in person.
>They all either spill spaghetti because he's a guy and they thought he was a mare like them, or because he's an alien.
I feel like the one on the furthest right is supposed to be dressed as the first pokemon trainer.
Is her name Red?
What was her starter pokemon in the first game she played?
File: Chimney Peep.png (1.55 MB, 3000x2500)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
Chimney Peep is her name I believe and the pone next to her is Goldie Mops.
Is that supposed to be from Floor's perspective?
File: Goldie Mops.png (423 KB, 1012x1024)
423 KB
423 KB PNG
Yeah, there are a few of these pics from Floor's perspective.
File: Taku.png (1.58 MB, 3000x2500)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
File: 1600523264031.png (435 KB, 595x562)
435 KB
435 KB PNG
I think I did this during the downtime between the last thread and this one as it doesn't seem like I've posted it in the last few threads.
You mean yuri, right?
My god, I'm about to lose my shit over my stupid furnace.
Around last month, I turned it on because it was getting chilly out, but it wouldn't power on.
So I call a repair guy and he shows up a few days later, and starts checking the wires. One needs to get the end replaced, and it starts working.
So he leaves and I have heat... for about two days.
Then the furnace starts smelling like burning rubber and after a couple cycles, goes out. I call them back and the guy shows up two days later. Part in the blower motor burned out and he replaces it. Yep, it's working again.
Now the last few days, whenever it started blowing it got a louder and louder ticking sound, like a old fan when the blade starts to have trouble spinning.
Starts smelling like burning rubber again, but this time I rush to it and turn it off, hopefully before any part could burn out and need to replaced.
Still, that means I need to call the repair guy again and get it fixed, and not have heat besides a little space heater until then.
I'm not made of money.
I suggest long johns, a sweater, heavy robe, and wool socks. Much cheaper and more cost-effective than using all that gas to heat your home. Leave faucets on with a slow drip of water so they don't freeze and burst like mine did.
Cuddling with Floorb to stay warm and tonguing her pony butthole
I hate how much I want this
The real question is, would Floorb return the favour?
she’d snuffle her neetnose in there like a bag of doritos
The more unwashed your ass, the happier she is
I want to cuddle up under the covers with Floor, my arm gently draped over her, fingers running gently through her greasy hair. I want to fall asleep to the feeling of her heartbeat next to mine.
File: Sea Floor.png (256 KB, 1050x1050)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
She's so innocent.
What a happy fish.
File: 2070048.png (834 KB, 1280x1611)
834 KB
834 KB PNG
Anyone else here follow the Adorkable Twilight comics? I really love the depiction of Twi as a romantically hopeless, binge eating NEET
>TwiNEET Sparkle
Makes me think of an alternative timeline where Rainbow didn't quite manage to make rainboom, but NEET 6 still managed to end up together, just not quite as… successful.
I'm just not sure how Spike would fit in. Probably angrier and edgier, while still mostly the voice of reason, who very much hates how Twilight has fallen from being Celestia's little protege, but can't necessarily express it, so it comes off as him poking Purple in an edgy-ish manner to get her to improve her life like a wise older brother while her actual brother is away, being the element of magic and dorkiness.
Meanwhile Flutters' deadbeat of a brother actually ends up being productive.
Sometimes this timeline's Floor, after a particularly exhausting day at work, has nightmares about being a stinky lonely loser that gets off to perverted stuff.
Spike I think would end up trying to force Twilight out of her NEETdom, invites mares over as potential friends, but Twilight frightens them off after talking ad nauseum about the intricacies of lewd fanfiction and eating an entire family-sized portion of hayburger sliders
calm down.
Maybe your post won't get deleted if they contribute to the thread, and it would probably keep it more active if they did.
File: 1576429996346.png (55 KB, 576x576)
55 KB
They're ghost bumps, dummy!
Those are pretty useful.
I want to smell Floor’s mane
NEET mane is ls labled a schedule one drug, you know.
Is it worth the jail time?
Literally not any better
They'd have to catch me first
I'll just hide in Floor's bed, nopony would dare enter her NEET nest
File: 1605680842357.png (517 KB, 3400x800)
517 KB
517 KB PNG
F-Floor's sock.
Imagine the smell
pure concentrated floorbsmell is the most powerfully erotic substance known to mankind
How would Floor react to finding Anon sniffing her clothes? Would she pretend to be disgusted or admit she'd been doing the same thing with Anon's clothes?
Well, she’d become aroused for starters
I bet Floor smells like a mix between dirty laundry and cheddar popcorn
Fallout 2 was a good game. Fallout 1 is good too.
I never finished either of it, maybe I should. But I don't game that much nowdays. Especially not hundreds of hours what Fo1 and Fo2 requires.
Winking and dripping marecum everywhere.
God, I love her so much bros
>Floor starts wearing clothes and leaving them on Anon’s bed as gifts
You know what's frustrating, Anons?
When you write a green, and no one seems to really care.
I slaved away on a Diamond Tiara green for the sluts thread, and I feel like it's not appreciated.
Are NEETpones more or less thankful for greens do you think? Like, on PoneChan, when Floor sees a green written in a thread she's lurking, does she get excited or ignore it?
File: 1550241277847.png (468 KB, 1500x1350)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
>Floor reading stories about herself
As if that poor horse wasn't miserable enough already...
Should at least give her a happy ending.
I mean, most greens for her are good. She might be embarrassed, but it'd be hard for her to misconstrue what we write as hateful.
>Floor Bored, after having her internet cut off from missed bills, tries to jerryrig a system up that will let her access the lifeblood that is web surfing for free.
>Using junk salvaged from a dump and no actual knowledge whatsoever on the subject, she somehow still manages to not only hook up to the internet, but an alternate reality's internet.
>From here, it's not long before she finds a board dedicated entirely to a kids cartoon about her world.
>Luckily she doesn't have to deal with the existential dread of finding out she's also a main character.
>She does, however, have to deal with the consequences of making a thread she aptly calls NEETpone.
>She does this as a way to find out what these humans would think of her "OC" Floor Bored, and hopefully be told she's not completely worthless.
>What follows is an entire series of threads practically dedicated to her.
>Floor never thought she could be loved, but these horny perverted humans make her feel like she is.
What’s gonna happen when someone decides to accuse Floorbored of grooming them on Twitter with lewd erp and fetish talk/art sharing?
I hope she knows i want to huff her mare musk like a the drug it is.
>Floor starts hyping up these "Really detailed 3D models" she's been working on for the totally fictional Floor Bored and how it'll be anatomically correct and sexy.
>Anons don't believe her until she posts a totally rendered and not-real video of her (model) masturbating.
>Anons are amazed.
>It's so hot and realistic!
>It's like they can practically smell her musk it's so detailed.
>Other Anons start asking how she did it and why she decided to make one for some Random OC instead of the main cast.
>She says Floor is Best pony and that she doesn't plan on making more.
>She might later be convinced into caving into their demands and buying some dyes and colored contacts to fulfill some requests, as long as they donate some money.
>Sure she can't spend it in Equestria or have things delivered from Earth, but she can use it to start paying for computer games and commissioning her own porn.
File: Floorb Sniff.jpg (78 KB, 753x499)
78 KB
>proceeds to pass out from the stench
But what would her world be like? Or would I just break the glass?
>she creates OnlyFloorbs
>becomes a millionaire
File: angry octavia.jpg (92 KB, 1024x702)
92 KB
How would she replicate the cutie marks?
Even if she can draw or paint, duplicating a cutie mark, on both sides, in the same spot, perfectly, is probably above her pay grade.
Hell, it's probably above the pay grade of anypony that doesn't have a cutie mark in painting. Not like she can't hire them with Earth money as stated, so i don't see pretending to be other mares working out.

But if she could make it wirk maybe that could be a point of conflict? Other mares gain access to our internet and find her pretending to be them and they find her and confront her about it. That could work as a conflict to this prompt that will never become a green.

>pic related
>Octavia just found out about the human internet from Vinyl
>Vinyl learned about it from somepony else who, in turn, found out from somepony else, so on so forth
>More importantly, she was apparently on a kids show about Equestria
>Weird, but she kind of wants to know what it was all about
>Opens up /mlp/
>That's her, right there, flicking the bean
>Surprise and shock turn to anger
>Who the fuck is impersonating her online and masturbating for horny ape monsters
>She is going to get to the bottom of this
>And by Celestia, when she does there is going to be tartarus to pay

I realized after typing this that I might be focused on the wrong part of this prompt
based NEET poster
5 bumps in a row (this counts as a bump) without any discussion, crazy
It's bound to happen.
busy times. I wonder if Floorb would be at all clued in on the activities of normies or if she’d be totally snug in her neetbunker oblivious to the world burning (until she ran out of ramen)
Like in oppic?
It's been a while since I last lurked these threads. any greens I should catch up on?
I'd say it counts as discussion
They're both good games. But while Fallout 2 has more quests/locations/weapons/etc, there's a very strong argument to be made that Fallout 1 is the better "complete" package. Fallout 1 is a lot shorter though, so it never feels like it's dragging on. I find it sucks you into the world much more than Fallout 2 does. I like its sense of progression a lot more too.

>Especially not hundreds of hours what Fo1 and Fo2 requires.
Fallout 1, on your first playthrough, can be quite comfortably beaten in under 20 hours. Both of them are actually relatively easy as far as these kinds of games go.

Also Floorb!
Le Bump
>can be quite comfortably beaten in under 20 hours
I spent way more in fo1 back when I played it and not finished it.
Do you think Floor was a well-behaved baby, or a nightmare?
I personally bet on very well-behaved, but as an indication that she was very weak-willed and had little drive to fight for what she wanted.
File: cool.jpg (61 KB, 828x735)
61 KB
bottom left or top right
Yeah I could see baby Floorb being well behaved.
Teen Floor on the other hand, I could definitely see her being a nightmare
give me trap floor
I want to do many lewd things with trapfloorb
I want to frot with trapflorb
top left is my favorite
How big would a male Floor's cock be? Bigger or smaller than average?
A V E R A G E horsecock
floorb spending 3 weeks modding one of her favorite games only to get bored a day into playing!
would she install sex mods?
Is that even a question? Of course she would, she's the one making them
I want to frot with male floorb inside female floorb's pussy
I want to pound his prostate while he’s buried balls deep in mareFloorb who relentlessly and messily tongue kisses him
I want to see stallion Floorb fill mare Floorb's horsepussy with his horsecock
imagine the smell
they’d be in heaven
Not to mention they'd fit perfectly, imagine every inch of his dick touching her vaginal walls and vice versa
File: paradise3.png (294 KB, 780x622)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
Sorry for my absence lately. Been super busy with work, and probably will be leading up to Xmas (kill me) - I haven't forgot about NEET though. I *did* start writing a Paradise story in PiE a couple of months ago when the NEET threads died off for a while if you want to check my Pastebin out, but I have no idea when I'm going to be able to pick it back up.
how cold is it where you live. You might feel like a homeless, but it actually is good advice, to just don't heat. Our ancestors had a neat little trick, and that trick is called clothes: no shame and nothing wrong with wearing jackets and headwear (your heatshield) indoors, I do it for 4 years, never had to turn on heating once. Only heat I consume is hot water. I assume you are american, so around my location currently its around 37.4 F
watching a show centered around a group like the main 6 but all of them are NEETs would be comfy (for us), but not entertaining for long. Isn't it true that neets do pretty much the same thing every day for a long time? I know I do and I am quasi neet.
Upper Michigan, and the furnace is fixed. Another $460 to get the blower motor replaced.
I do usually keep it at sixty and just wear a sweater, though.
I'd go even lower, but I have a old dog and cat and don't want them that cold just because I want to save some money.
Try to rehabilitate 6 NEETs, at the same time, together. There is a whole world worth of things that can go wrong in that scenario.
Extracting each from his or her NEET den would be an adventure in itself.
And that's just assuming Anon is not present in the story, which is about rehabilitating those 6 ponies and the ensuing insanity.
I want him to pound my prostate while I'm buried balls deep in mareFloorb
>6 neets living together
they'd be fucking before the week ends
File: 1579465834605.jpg (63 KB, 640x605)
63 KB
>Floored on fimfic will never get finished
I need to huff Floorbutt, I need my fix of NEET booty
I meant together in group therapy.
And they might be too afraid of other ponies, at least at first.
They might have a very comfy evening watching chineighse cartoons though.
But oppic suggests she’s a ghost. What if she emits no scent as a result?
I mean, if you believe in that kind of stuff, unusual smells are one of the signs of a haunting, so I'd imagine ghostFloorb would still be spreading her NEETmusk
I like his idea better
Have 'em live together and learn to socially interact and be roommates, next thing you know there's a six-NEET orgy
You'd think that, but they'd never be able to actually do that. They're all off masturbating in their own rooms, listening to the others while convinced they aren't being loud themselves, and they all give each other furtive, lustful glances when the others aren't looking. They're too socially retarded to make a move.
What if one of them walks in on another who's masturbating, or any of them have to share a room?
top right
>TrapFloorb is so deep into NNN there are hours at a time where all he can do is anxiously pace around trying not to masturbate
>When it gets so bad he can hardly stand it he stumbles over shakily, his cute horsecock bouncing around between his legs
>He lets out soft whimpers when you run your fingers over his dark grey ballsack, which tightens immediately
>His testicles are heavy when you cup them in your hands and give them a light tap
>What used to be an unconscious lifting of his tail is now deliberate, eagerly presenting his dock and stretchy asshole for tickling
>He always begs for more whenever you stop, but his huffs of frustration turn to weepy nuzzling as he buries his face in your neck
>You cuddle him in his musky neetnest, that pile of blankets and pillows soaked in the sweat of his pent-up need
>His dick stays rock hard against you, and you can feel in the rigidity of his body how much he is resisting the urge to hump
>Drunkenly he huffs your scent, easing at least partially the pressure as precum oozes in a constant stream from his cockslit
>Eventually it’s enough for him to relax and fall asleep
>Just one more week to go...
That was great
Imagine finally giving trapFloorb his release at the end of nnn
Unf very nice!

We're going to need a green of this.
in a week!
>Anon, the Legendary Hero reborn, must set out on a journey to save his world.
>But first he needs his trusty mount, and so climbs Mt. Epona to perform the summoning ritual of the horses.
>Once proving his worth, and performing the ritual, his most ideal equine mount will be teleported to his side to aid him on his journey.
>it's a NEETpone from Equestria.

What's the dynamic between Anon and each potential NEETpone from this thread?
Fund it.
File: 1589435758517.png (171 KB, 911x1021)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
Floorb ate tacos again, time to get out the hazmat suit
I bet that hat is extremely flammable after absorbing Floor's mane grease for more than a few minutes.
I want to wear her musky hat as a face mask
I look forward to it!
I want to wear her marecum stained panties as a face mask
File: 1578719703956.png (29 KB, 337x492)
29 KB
No one cared who I was till I put on the mask
floorb's face blushing bright red when move her hair out of her cute eyes!
floorb saying "y-you too" to every compliment!
Gradually helping Floorb become more comfortable with eye contact and basic social interactions
this is very seductive
File: Anon and Paradise.png (188 KB, 900x771)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
File: 1524293835274.png (922 KB, 1000x1412)
922 KB
922 KB PNG
I miss Spaghetti-chan. The Kyoto trip arc was the high point for me.
I thought this was an edit for a long time until I finally read Watamote. Something about Tomoko's happy face on the left always makes me smile.
>Anon and Floor are dating, and even live together.
>Floor still can hardly believe it.
>She has a coltfriend.
>Even more than that, she has a successful coltfriend.
>Anon is a very well-payed business man who practically insists on being her sugar daddy.
>Thus her closet has several comfy hoodies and she has an epic gaming rig.
>That's about all she wanted when he pressed, being the simple mare that she is.
>Still, she'd give it all back if Anon didn't have to constantly travel for his job.
>He practically spends as much time in a hotel bed as he does their shared one, and she gets lonely.
>Sure they video chat every night when he's gone, but it's not the same as cuddling up to his side.
>Anon feels guilty about this, and is working hard to get a promotion that will allow him not to travel as much, but it's still a ways off, and Floor is still sad.
>Thus, before a particularly long trip, Anon gets his marefriend a new gift.
>A dakimakura printed with his likeness.
>It's the most thoughtful gift he's ever gotten her, and Floor is in tears.
>Now every night as they talk over video, she can hug her body pillow and pretend Anon is right their next to her.
File: clean floor.png (618 KB, 1577x2000)
618 KB
618 KB PNG
Do Floor's eating habits and hygiene improve with the help of Anon? Or is she still the musky mare we know and love.

God, imagine coming home from a business tip and getting to huff your mares scent while she gives you an oil massage with her own grease. Well, less a massage and more her desperately clinging to you with all her might, spreading her grease all over you, but it's practically the same anyways so it counts.
When Anon is there, she eats healthy and bathes regularly.
She immediately falls back into bad habits when he's gone.
She only brushes her teeth still because they kiss through the screen every night before going to bed, and Anon always jokingly tells her he doesn't like to kiss a stinky mouth.
You know those pics of human hands holding a pony, and it's like, "What do you want (something) horse" and then they give some cutsie answer?
We need some for the NEETs.
What does Stinky Horse want?
File: 1483802122-e3b11.png (330 KB, 1078x1167)
330 KB
330 KB PNG
>"What do you want, Stinky Horse? Neetbux? Noodles? Designer body pillow?"
"I want to be happy…"
>"What's that? I didn't quite catch it."
"A year's supply of ramen."
>floor keeps meekly asking for ""upgrades"" for the pillow
>first its something simple like detachable legs and an internal heating pad
>then she asked for "your scent" in some liquid perfume form to put on the pillow
>it's only a matter of time before she asks for a green dildo
>maybe you should just be home more often
>my NEET horse masturbating with my likeness

Would it be cuck shit to watch her while I'm on business. The thought of her riding a body pillow of me has me diamonds.
nah sounds like a great opportunity for some teledildonic action
oMyFuckingGod thats hot
cum stained fabric actually doenst smell, don't ask my how I know. The only thing that seems to work reliably is sweat and urine.
Imagine how soft and fluffy she is.
I wanna rub her belly
imagine the smell
I do every day
subtle sweat with a hint of spilt energy drink
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I want to bury my nose in Floor’s anus and deeply inhale
i want to cuddle floor and smell her hair while i hold her hooves
Seriously, I don't care at all about smelling Floor.
I just want to have a roommate/friend/lover who wants to spend time with me and won't get bored of me.
that's pretty weird bro, who in their right mind would want to smell Floor?
i like sweat smell and taste get off my back
happy thanksgiving m’neets
does floorb like to exercise
Got my limited edition turkey ramen ready for the occasion.
sounds tasty

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