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Thread archived.
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Persona/SMT/SLAM/Fuck you its Halloween Spectacularily Late Thread
This Thread is dedicated to the life and times of a particular adventure that was...oh shit its been 6 fucking years.
>What is Persona?
Look up SMT and you'll see whats it all about
>Why this year again?
Because at this point its become tradition to just shitpost and remenisce about the good ol days
>I dont like Persona/SMT, can we talk about something else?
Hey man, this thread only happens once a year
>Is there a story this year?
Sorta, resident writefag Tower has something small on the side but thats his schtick and summoning him gives him the ulcers :^)
Looks like it's that time of year again. Glad to see the board hasn't imploded from the new series.
Never change you glorious bastards, never change
File: 1599404945065.png (1.34 MB, 889x811)
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1.34 MB PNG
Another year, another reunion!
Looking forward to continue last year's boss battles and whatever Tower has for us this year.
Where recap Anon at?
File: Catch me.gif (618 KB, 230x310)
618 KB
618 KB GIF
>It's been 6 years

Friendship Is Magic has ended....Lads, we started the original adveture before even glimmer, do you remember that? It was so long ago. How time passes.... Soon an entirely new season of pone will come No pony life doesn't count. Hell I haven't even checked /mlp/ in years. I lost a fuckload of my pony pictures.

And yet we are still here this ride...Truly will never end
Some links:

Igor, the original writefag's pastebin: https://pastebin.com/u/WF-Igor

The original adventure recorded by Mojochan: https://pastebin.com/u/mojochan

The extra content and other recorded works by DA: https://pastebin.com/u/DisgruntledAnon
File: [weed wagon].jpg (22 KB, 391x475)
22 KB


Of course I'm here
File: artist's rendition.jpg (313 KB, 1920x1080)
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313 KB JPG
Do you hear that echo?
Did you remember?
Even if you do, would you like to turn back?
Even if you don't, would you like to take that step forward?
File: Kino awaits.png (129 KB, 780x176)
129 KB
129 KB PNG

Also, and this is important, a link to the original archived threads. This is in my opinion the absolute best way to read the story, because the thread itself and the personalities we had around were such a huge influence on how everything went that ayone would be doing themselves a disservice by not getting the full experience. They'll even get to se Straightfag's hyper autistic seething!


So for anyone that might be checking in on this for the first time, hello. There was a really, really good adventure six years ago. It lasted basically an entire year, and we built something quite spectacular together, to the point where we still like to come here for a yearly reunion. The adventure was all about bonds, friendship, social links and all that persona + MLP goodness, and here we honor that. Stay a while and listen, if you'd like.
>Tower has something small on the side
>we started the original adveture before even glimmer.


Are we going to "Our Town" for this year's quest?
Are we going to have to stop Limmer from using the power of personae for her insidious agenda?

Please say yes
Not this year, sadly, though I do have plans for it. Assuming people are up for it, I've modified the last two fights from the Hard Mode to make them a bit more interesting, I hope.

Though >>36087062 sure seems like they've a plan of their own. I'm open to seeing what they do.
We back in this, boyees! Whose interdimensional ass we gonna kick this year? Also, the end of the series means the dream has outlived the inspiration; truly we are the butterfly dreaming we're a man. What's good, my brothers?

Man, I'm really out of date. How's the pone fandom stuff doing nowadays? Have things slowed down a lot? Do we still even have a fuckload of fanfics ad musicians coming together? I know evenback then a buch of them were cringe but it would feel pretty empty without them

Is FIMfiction still a thing?

>An echo

Wait a fucking second. It's you isn't it? The ghost from the archive that posted after the adventure was done

I'll take that step, show me what you have
I wanna walk forward... but maybe just wait a bit for someone or somepony to go with us.

No matter where we go, we are never alone, remember?

It's been six years, we are all brothers
File: So very totally cool.png (166 KB, 534x342)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
>MLP came out te years ago i 2010


File: 1589812097120.png (412 KB, 1280x720)
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412 KB PNG
Twilight is looking kinda sus to me.
Ghosts don't exist. Memories do, though.
If one thing should haunt you, let it be your memories, for better and worse. Every fragment of your past is to be treasured, after all.
That's why you're taking this step, isn't it? To remember how you were able to make those memories? How you felt in those memories?
A selfish wish, maybe, but it's okay to be selfish once in a while.

We missed something, haven't we? Well, here it is. Sorry to keep you waiting.
This feels like an ending for some reason.
File: images (22).jpg (13 KB, 300x300)
13 KB

Well this is certainly very different from the other reunions.

Let's see, then. I'm getting motivated
>It's strange to think about how distant you feel that you've grown to everyone else.
>Looking around at everyone during the frequent "family" gatherings fills you with a strange feeling. Some strange mix of longing and apathy.
>Shouldn't you be in high spirits, when you're with your closest friends and loved one?
>So... why the subdued feeling?
>It never got better. It just got more and more of a crushing feeling.
>You should be better about this. You keep trying to realize that, but it gets worse and worse.
>Just a few months ago, you got in a verbal fight with a few others. God knows that human and Equestrian alike were caught off-guard.
>You won't pretend you don't stand by what you said. Yet, you wish you didn't feel a need to fight over it.
>...maybe you've turned out to be a lousy friend.
>But moping about it won't do you any good, will it?
>No, not at all.
>That's why...
>"You're an odd one, but that's why I like you. Ciao!"
>You're now taking action.
>So let's call this a "soul-searching" journey. After all, you're doing this to be a better person.
>As you justify your actions to yourself, getting lost in your thoughts, and thus ignoring Discord, he looks a bit peeved at you not indulging him in his banter, and then snaps his paw. With that, off he goes in a puff of various nonexistences, and a resounding "FRITTATA!"
>Well, time to gear up and make sure you don't lose the train ticket.
After an ending, actually.
File: hoohtease.jpg (66 KB, 1075x1077)
66 KB
>Thankfully, you've been preparing for days, so the moment you arrive home you can quickly do one last once-over.
>Supplies for day-to-day life? Check. A few protein bars, tons of bottled war, toiletries, and changes of clothes.
>Supplies for potential shenanigans involving shadows and Personas? Check. Your equipment loadout(minus the godforsaken joke "weapon"), costumes(different from clothes), a hefty first aid kit for less supernatural wounds, and items for said supernatural woun-
>Wait, SHIT! You sold your Zap Apple Candies and Zebra Healing Potions to buy a weapon you don't hate! You're SOL if you run out of SP!
>Actually, no, wait, there's that emergency feather under your mattress. Thank god you didn't remember to sell that.
>Well, then again, you had to sell all your skill cards for cheap, considering that nobody could use them and not be suspicious, which is arguably a bigger loss.
>Now that you think about it, this was a tragedy in terms of finances...
>But hey. Free feather. Wait, this one looks... high quality.
NEW! ITEM GET: Rainbow Phoenix Feather x1
[Come on, you know what this is. It's a Phoenix Feather, but rainbow. Maybe it's SPecial[sic]! However, being as you're going alone, you think you have an idea for how to use it(and other Feathers) on yourself as a failsafe.]
>You could've gotten SO MUCH for this. Enough to buy your new gear twice over and have enough for candies and potions alike.
>Well. Clock's ticking, isn't it? You've got a train to catch, and you can just sleep on the way.

>Not taking the joke weapon

Never gonna make it. This is Hermit, isn't it, that stuck up old fart
File: 1300044776986.jpg (35 KB, 600x600)
35 KB
>implying Hermit makes anything
Still waiting for that epilogue, geezer.
And we don't even have the slightest hint of which weapon it was.
A coward's move I'd say.
Hell yeah, are we going to violate some royalty again this year?
There is a time and a place for everything, old friend.

Hours later...
>"...up! Sir, please wake up!"
>You feel yourself stir from the abyss of slumber..
>Scratch that, you got stirred AND shaken. Literally, for the latter!
"I'M UP! I'M UP!"
.>The conductor pony releases her magical grip on your tie.
>"Oh, really? Could have fooled me, mister sleeps-through-the-announcements-and-train-horns-and-impromptu-barbershop-quartet-with-no-talent-for-singing!"
"There was a barbershop quartet?"
>The pony sighs, rolling her eyes. "Trust me, you didn't miss anything of value. Now move along, everyone else left!"
>You get up, taking your luggage with you as you head out.
>As you walk out, you swear you hear something behind you. Something that sounds like the mare yelling "HEY, YOUR BUDDIES OR WHATEVER TOLD ME TO TELL YOU-" but you passed it off as the wind.
>...you're not a morning person. Well, it's night, but point is, you aren't you when you wake up.
>Well, mentally, at least, since you were let into every confidential area you passed through, upon showing your identification. Your mask, specifically.
>And eventually, you made it to your destination. The portal room.
>It was revved up and ready to take you who-knows-where, just as promised. All you can do now is hope Discord doesn't stomp on your toes.
>Even moving to stand in front of the portal is a momentous task.
>Every step makes you ask yourself a thousand questions.
>What if you're gone for too long and everyone panics, and the vacation excuse doesn't fly?
>What if you can't come home for whatever reason, whether it's Discord's prank going out of his control or some other force locking you in?
>What if you die and your family here never even gets to bury your body?
>What if-
>You shake your head HARD. Bad brain, bad!
>Just... keep moving forward.
>Keep walking until you're past that gate, and...
>...why is this hard?
>Going to EQG land
Don't do it! It's not worth it bro!
[spoiler[They don't have >hooves in there![/spoiler]
I recall the joke weapons vanishing after Tambelon died. Fae Turbonerds are assholes, but they're not *that* strong.

>Implying we didn't spend all of our luna-given NEETBUX for that month on ordering new custom joke weapons for April fool's

Either we did it or Mary did but there's no escaping our fate

Leaving all our social links behind doesn't seem like the best way to act, who is this nerd that forgot that whenever we go we're never alone? Pinkie will just pop out of a wormhole and drag us back if it gets down to it. Or twilight will teleport...Actually, is Twilight queen of equestria now? That was how it ended, is this our timeline?
Maybe that's what this Arcanon needs to re-learn?
Oh whoops. Let's chalk it up to "Hearth's Warming Eve gag gifts."

>Well, that doesn't help with your hesitation.
>You turn around, and sure enough, three figures are seen.
>One an alicorn, two humanoid.
"Luna? And-"
>"What the hell are you doing, man?!"
>"Yeah, why are you doing this?"
>Your fellow anons speak as Luna charges forward, nearly tackling you with her embrace.
>"PLEASE! Please, I don't understand what you're doing, but I beg of you, talk to us!"
>This is exactly why you wanted to make sure nobody knew.
>Looks like you're selfish to the end, huh.
>And you're already getting choked up, when you're the one at fault for this? Good lord!
>You decide to just silently embrace Luna, and pray that this is sorted out ASAP and things can go back to the way they were.
>Just come back quietly, never think about this again, go back to your family, try to feel closer to everyone, try to not have any conflicts and thus prevent any more fights, try to never disagree to make sure that never happens...
>...just. Not this.
"I'm sorry, this was stupid of me, let's go ho-"
>"No, dude, do NOT pull that on us."
>The formerly less cool of the brothers got right to the point, as you should've expected.
>"You came here for a reason, right? One you feel strongly about."
>The brother who seemed to be with you through thick and thin was also blunt in his response, but by no means curt.
>"Please, just... we can talk! I won't be angry, I promise! So..."
>You've never seen Luna this torn up before. Then again, nobody tried to pull this stunt before.
>"...please talk to us."
>...you realize that you've been crying for a while, even before they got here.
>What a disgrace you can be.
>And a shaky voice, too. You have a LOT of nerve, acting like you're not the cause of all this.
>Well, time to explain everything leading up to this.
>And explain, you do.
Sounds like it's flashback time.
>And explain, you do.
Anon, are you about to blow our fucking minds?
Anon is about to explain, but what lies behind the mirror interrupts him and his party.

Man up slut, tell us all the deets.
>that feel when there's no smt x mlp green stuff
Someone may or may not be working on it, but there's no time for it rn. We've got group hug therapy time.
>8 posters
>tfw there ain't enough people to use Legion or Nyarlathotep properly.
And there won't be because Legion needs a heavy buff to make it usable

It always takes a while for everything to get going. Remember, our usual 40+ threads were a long time ago, some things change, but also they were up for about 3 days to work up to that.

Well, that and there was the GET that one time
Sorry to disappoint. It was intended to be a recap of the protagonist's monologue thus far.

"...so that's my best idea. Start from scratch, see if I can get over myself, I guess."
>A pregnant pause ensues between the four of you.
>You try to resist the urge to say you'll blow it all off and come home, but not only are you afraid of how this discussion will keep going, you realize that's the problem.
>If you can't communicate honestly, what else do you expect?
>Then again, if not this, then-
>"Jesus, man. No wonder you looked hesitant."
>You blink at the sudden remark, turning to the speaker.
>"You've been dwelling on this, haven't you? I get the problem. You have to pick between not leaving everyone, or not risking you hurting someone again, yeah?"
>...huh. That's actually really accurate.
"Well, yes. But what do I do, then? I can't pretend I didn't get nasty to him that day! That's not something that can be swept under the rug for good!"
>"I don't even remember what it was about, and he hasn't talked about it."
>"Same here."
>The two Arcanons catch you off-guard yet again.
"Wait, then you're saying-"
>"Listen to me."
>Luna speaks up, drying her eyes.
>"If you think that they despise you for a reason they do not remember, you are mistaken. That is far from the truth, you see."
>You know fully well what she means, but you can't say anything else in response.
>"Don't you know that all friends move on from their prior conflicts? I can promise you, beyond any doubt, that everyone has nothing but kind thoughts in regards to you."
"But I'm barely engaged with them! I can barely-"
>You stop talking after Luna hugs you midsentence.
>You stammer at the sudden act, as she sweetly caresses your back and head.
>"Listen to me, my dear. Don't ever think you're a worse friend than other people."

We're fucking around and getting into character anon, worry not. No bully here yet
>Poor Anon thinks we actually mind when we are rude and nasty to one another.
What a cutie.

>Anon can't into the bantz

I'm happy to know that even in epilogue equestria we still get newfags among our brotherhood.
>The two Arcanons approach as well, squatting to your levels and placing their hands on the shoulders of you and Luna.
>"Don't feel like you have to be around all the time because everyone else is. You're just as important as the rest of us, no matter how much you talk!"
>"We wouldn't be a complete set without you, buddy!"
>You can't stop yourself from crying HARD as you pull them in for a group hug.
"I'm sorry...I'm sorry..."
>That's all you can say as you hold on for dear life.
>No matter how many times you say it, though, it doesn't even give the illusion of feeling better.
>This was a mistake, wasn't it? You could've skipped this tearful intervention by talking about it, and not coming here.
>Just imagining how Luna would feel if Discord didn't give her a heads-up made your heart feel like it was tearing itself to shreds.
>...wait. Something didn't add up. Luna's actions don't make sense if-
>Probably bad timing, but you're in too deep now.
>"Yes, dear?"
"Did Discord tell you about this?"
>"Indeed, he did. Right on time, too."
>"What did you expect, him KEEPING the secret?"
>"Hey! This is a moment of gentle love."
>You don't even chime in with a characteristic "no homo" as you usually do, while the four of you physically separated. There was still a problem.
>You don't even chime in with a characteristic "no homo" as you usually do...
Is this foreshadowing?
"What do you mean, right on time?"
>"Exactly that. We teleported here the moment we heard the news."
"But wouldn't he have told you while you powered the portal? I'm not saying you're lying, I-"
>"I powered what, now?"
>Oh god. You see where this is going.
"The... the portal. There. He said-"
>Royal Canterlot Voice. Not good. You and the other Arcanons prepare to hit the deck.
>"Okay, okay! Jig's up, Loop-the-Lu! I'm out, see?"
>Yep, there's Discord. sliding out from behind a pillar. No, wait, he slid the pillar aside while standing still. Should've guessed.
>"Because the closeness you gained was a net positive, Lunamahna! Think about it, my deed caused this heart to heart to take place!"
>All four of you stare dumbfounded. Personally, you're shocked by the fact that he was right!
>Luna is more shocked by how she isn't back to acting like she's about to snap Discord's neck like a twig. She fixes that error by being angry again.
>"It wouldn't and it didn't, prissy. What do you want, a thesis statement on how I prepared for any possibility?"
>"Rhetorical question! Here you go."
>Discord flies a paper airplane at Luna which boops her on the nose. She picks it up in a rage, unfolding it to-holy hell it's actually a dictionary-sized stack of papers pretending to be a single paper.
>"And yes, I cited my sources. I majored in thesis writing, you know."
>One of your brothers speaks up: "What was your minor?"
>"Sports Management, why?"
>Luna is clearly flustered, the first few pages set aside on the ground.
>"...you were clearly prepared for this, assuming this doesn't turn into unrelated nonsense halfway through."
>Discord flaunts his thesis making skills.
If this were Twilight instead of Luna, it would have worked better for him.
>"Hand on the bible that it only happens one-third of the way through, Lu-Lu-Lululu. It's this 'Bee Movie script' thing one of the boys told me about, funny stuff. Toodles!"
>Luna doesn't even open her mouth to interrogate Discord before he poofs away. As in, a grey cloud with the word "poof" written on it in magic marker appears and vanishes within a second, taking Discord with it.
>The mood wasn't just killed, it was tossed into a wood chipper.
>"What now, man? We won't stop you either way."
"Wait, what? I thought-"
>"There's no shame in wishing to explore the world, my child. Or "worlds," to be exact. Just remember one thing."
>Luna walks over, taking your hand in her hoof.
>"You are always welcome home, whenever you wish."
>You immediately kneel down for another hug.
"I always planned on it."
>After a moment, the two of you break off.
>You have her blessing to go on this spiritual journey, but at the same time, you're confident that you can return home with no more fears and anxieties.
>Yet, it's unlikely you can get another opportunity to go on another quest like this.
>You have your supplies, way back home(assuming Discord keeps his word on that regard, well okay he will but it'll be in an annoyingly roundabout way and everyone will be pissed off by him being himself), and everyone's blessings. There's no morally wrong choice, the way you see it.
>With that in mind, you...
WARNING: This decision will affect the ending.
-Proceed through the portal
-Come back home

There is no wrong choice, and no hidden negative consequences to get back at everyone who votes for the unintended result. I'm sure you can guess what will happen with each result. As such, the question will be restated plainly;
Would you like to begin another quest?
Sounds like Mary has been showing Discord useless things again.

So... what do you guys say about that choice?
I mean, we've already got supplies and shit. Would be a waste if we didn't go.

Through the teleport!

You know, I understand that it's a sorted matter. With everything cleared up and no hard feelings...Well, anon already came all this way and so have we, you know?

Let's take a road trip together, bros. It's been far too long. I'm all for starting another quest.

Also I want to know who's the narrator, what he's truly made of, and I miss being one Anonymous with all of you, so let's join together once more
>Proceed through the portal
I trust our fellow Arcanon. There's nothing wrong with starting a new journey if the there are no more doubts clouding his reasoning. Whatever he faces in the myriad of worlds, he'll make us feel proud of him and his adventures.
Man, lets hope it doesn't get too messy like last time
what are the chances we come back with... less than agreeable brain damage?
It doesn't sound like it would be any different.
File: Spoiler Image (1.68 MB, 2400x1350)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
>inb4 Anon ends up in a place good as hell.
File: miss you message.png (248 KB, 816x632)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
I'm sure it's obvious, given the wait, but I think I'm calling it here for the night. Gonna need some time to make the update, being as that my dog's scared from some faggot neighbor setting off fireworks. Worst comes to worst, I'll work on it when I wake up tomorrow.

On another note; I'm happy that you guys were still here so I could finally deliver the promise I made four years ago.
The ride never ends with us my pal.
Don't touch the Arcanons
I'm happy you get the chance to tell the story you wanted to tell. It's a nice little break for the main writefags, anyhow.

>Four years ago

So you really are the ghost. Shit man I've been wondering about you for all these years, I even asked everyone about it. I'm pumped. Never thought we could find the truth to that last mistery

Jesus christ how horrifying
oh boy, whos ready to eat an entire plume of magic feathers?
>Pony Life x Persona
It would be the same story, but abridged.
Would that just be Recap Anon's summaries as a compilation, then?
Which ghost was that?

On the very last thread of the original adveture that was archived, at the very bottom, you can see that someone made a ghost post. Basically that means someone posted right to the archived thread after it had already died, and it was a teaser-like thing very similar to what we are getting right now. there's actually a handful of ghost posts peppered here and there, they make for good fun on re-reads of the original adventure
The ghost is here after all!

>Deleted post

Anon please tell me what it said, the mistery is killing me
Something spooky and/or scary.
I can't believe Jester is fucking dead
So, among all the persona in Anon's decks, which is the one that gets the less love/show time?
Trips of death confirm.
Anon was unable to handle his new journey, thus dissapointing his fellow brothers and pone waifu.
We talking original Anon's list or the Arcanon one?

The former had us never using the original Devil, Death, or Fortune Persona, and out of the Ultimate Persona, I'd say we rarely used Tarzan (Hanged Man), Amaterasu (Lust), and Solomon (Hierophant).

Out of the Arcanon ones, I'd argue that Icarus (Lust) is probably the least used.

There were a handful that never ever saw use, and as for our ultimates some still only got one or two showings.

Also python got absolutely shoved aside immediately once Fluttershy became our aalyzebitch to the point where we just blitzed through Spike's social link to get to Ouroboros before the next dungeon
Pehaps we should use them this run.
I'm sure he will deliver any minute now.
Sorry, slept HARD and late. Getting to work.
Here it is folks.
The moral of the story is if you don't like things, complain until they change.
I complain constantly, and I've never been happier!
Aaaaaaany minute now.
They'll never see the background pony coming.
Due to unforeseen circumstances, I'm calling this off. Maybe one day it can continue. Maybe it won't. Sorry, but I have my priorities. If DA wants to take the torch, he has my blessing, but for now, that's that.
It looks like JESTER might be out of commission for a while. If people are up for it, I've got something slapped together out of the previous Hard Mode fights, with a special fight if you are willing to challenge yourself.

I've got things to do on Mondays, so I won't start till the afternoon, probably, but lemme know if people are up for it.
I'm game.

Anything to get this party going a little faster, let's bonk some dudes
Another vote in the Yes pile for me.

No worries dawg, been there myself. I'd be willing to take a crack at the latter half of that CMC adventure once DA's done with his fights, if there's interest; I got my dick punched by misfortune that year but I'm over it now, I think.
File: Spoiler Image (377 KB, 1000x1414)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
Good enough for me, let's get this slapped together show a run:

>A gentle melody of the soul can be heard in the distance: the mixture of piano and voice creating a feeling of nostalgia and belonging.
>Still, it's difficult to wake from your slumber, perhaps ironically due to such a gentle tune.
>Your eyes remain sealed as a voice snakes through your muddled thoughts.
>"...ke up... Wak... p!"
>Five more minutes, you think there might be something happening in your thoughts: a vision perhaps?
>But not of any sort of Equestria you've known before.
>To start with, you're pretty sure Equestria doesn't have roving bands of demons or humans.
>Wait, that human over there looks familiar...
>Is that...?
>"...I said, WAKE UP!"

>Something hard cracks into your ribs, giving you a moderate shock as your eyes open.
>"Come on and wake up already! Why are you even sleeping on our table?"
>You find yourself sprawled out on an aged oak table with half your face numb from drool.
>"Oh, NOW you're awake: guess brute force always wins over gentle coercion, doesn't it, Justine?"
>A particularly sassy young girl with buns in her hair looks at you with a satisfied grin, one of here eyes covered with an eyepatch.
>She turns to another girl, who looks like her, but with braided hair instead, as she sighs in defeat.
>It looks like they were betting on something, but you can't put your finger on it.
>"For heavy sleepers such as this one, I suppose you are correct, Caroline. Welcome, intruder, to the Sable Library: the final barrier between the subconscious and the unconscious."
>It's good to be back, though you're surprised that Lavenza isn't here to greet you.
>These two obviously aren't her, though they definitely give you a similar impression.
>Maybe they're sisters?
>"My name is Justine, and this is my sister, Caroline."
>Justine, the braided one, gives a curt bow while Caroline, the bunned one, looks at you like you murdered her cat.
>"Don't know why we're humoring this guy: he's not on our expected guests list, and he looks like a wardrobe vomited all over him!"
>Well that's rude: you're the peak of fashion!
>You're rocking that white suit and attendant's hat, with the garish rocket-drill hammer, and you're sure Rarity would agree with you.
>Somewhere, you feel as if a fashionista's voice suddenly cried out in terror, and was suddenly silenced.
>"While his attire is certainly... flamboyant, none enter this room without a purpose, Caroline."
>"While you are here in the Library, we shall observe and keep watch of your visit."
>Good enough, you suppose: it's not like you're here for any reason other than finishing what you started a year ago.
>Ignoring the two sassy, lost children, you go through the various books in the library: searching for that collection of what-ifs.

>However, when you pull out Another Way, Justine and Caroline's eyes light up: almost as if something jogged their memory.
>"This book, it looks familiar in some way, but I can't quite connect the memory."
>Justine rubs her temple in annoyance as Caroline swiftly disarms your hold on it, flipping through the pages in curiosity.
>"This whole book's full of 'hard' fights, generated from the visitor's memories? That's sorta cool, but..."
>Caroline scowls.
>"What's with this stale line-up during your solo fights?"
>She practically pulls out the solo fights with Elizabeth and Grogar, the pages straining at the seams.
>Also, it might just be your imagination, but your head begins to ache with each tug.
>"Ungarmax at the beginning of every fight, no changes to the line-up: whatever's designing this dream must be weeping from your 'creative potential'!"
>Caroline's baton sparks to life, almost to accentuate her frustration, only for Justine to grab her shoulder.
>"Now, sister, there's no need to criticize the visitor so: we cannot expect people to look for variety in a challenge."
>Your new aggressive acquaintance huffs off to a nearby chair, swinging her baton around as her sister takes the book in her hands.
>Justine thumbs through the stories within the book, stopping at the latter two stories with a surprised look in her one visible eye.
>"Still, it looks like two of the memories have shifted during the time you were away: Midnight Sparkle and Another Way are no longer the same battles as you remember."
>Caroline finally hops back up from her bored-looking posture, stretching a bit as pops can be heard.
>"You're free to fight them now, if you want, but that'll be boring for us. So tell you what,"

>Justine quickly pens down something, far quicker than a normal person could do.
>A bad feeling emanates from the fervent penmanship, and that bad feeling is justified as Caroline continues.
>"We've got some special rules we want to impose on you, visitor: they may or may not make things more difficult, but if you follow them, I'm sure we can fit one more battle for you."
>As she says that, the twins begin to exude an aura of power similar to Elizabeth's, but with something else hidden inside.
>"After all, you like a challenge, don't you?"
>Caroline's smirk outright taunts you to inquire more, but something tells you that the rules won't be terribly fun.
>Still, it might be interesting to mix things up a bit.
>As always, the choice, no matter how it ends up, must be yours to make.
>What will you do?
In our defense, when you're given a winning strategy and the challenges don't make us change it up, isn't that kind of the challenges' faults?

But sure, Justine, let's make it interesting. What did you have in mind, Caroline? Oh, and one more thing: are you two cops?
You have to tell us if you're cops, or it's entrapment.
What happened to Lavenza?
We were kinda hoping to finally get that date.
Welp. We must be kinda rusty after a whole year.
Perhaps we should start with the fights we ranked with the lowest score?
File: Da_Rules.png (92 KB, 340x376)
92 KB
>Hey, you weren't the one who designed things in a way that you could exploit the system.
>Blame the game, not the player.
>Still, something is nagging at your mind: you were expecting Lavenza to be here, like last year.
>You ask the twins what happened to her, which gives you looks of confusion.
>"I'm afraid I've never heard of a Lavenza within the Velvet Room before. How about you, Caroline?"
>"I can only remember our older siblings, but none of them are named Lavenza. Look, are you going to take the rules or not?"

>Caroline is quite testy for such a normal question, to the point of near suspicion.
>However, the two of them do appear to know nothing about the girl from before.
>What could've happened to her?
>Still, you get the feeling this is neither the time or place to solve this mystery, and you're likely not the one to solve it, regardless...
>Besides, you're a sucker for challenges, and this should at least make things far more interesting.
>You nod in agreement to the twins' offer, causing Caroline to cackle as Justine shows you an impromptu rules list.

1. Double Jeopardy: While you're allowed to pick 22 Personas per battle, you cannot pick the same Persona more than once. After using a Persona in a battle, that's it.
2. Minimum Combo Requirement (MCR): Each fight will require a set amount of combos in order for them to count. If you get too greedy and kill the boss before completing them, its back to the drawing board.
3. No Items: All healing/recovery must be done naturally, or with spells.
4. Maximum Turn Limit (MTL): Each fight will have a turn limit to complete. If you take too long, the boss will instantly kill you.
File: Mane_Six.png (391 KB, 1024x692)
391 KB
391 KB PNG
>"I'd say those are fair enough rules, especially for someone as accustomed to fighting as you are."
>Caroline nods to herself, jabbing the baton at your chest as she continues.
>"That's not to say there aren't new things you can do in combat either: you've got quite a bit of vitality and spirit inside that weird amalgamation of yours. If you wanted to, you could spend some of it to summon specters of your past to assist you."
>You mean like call for help?
>Being solo was supposed to be part of the fun, you hesitate to describe such a thing as a useful feature.
>Sensing your confusion, Justine attempts to elaborate by drawing several illustrations in her notepad.
>"It is a give-and-take sort of function, visitor: the energy spent to create such phantoms will not return to you until battle's end. To be weaker yet numerous, versus being stronger yet alone: that is the choice presented to you."
>So by giving some of your HP and SP, you'll be able to summon a past ally to fight alongside you.
>However, it will permanently reduce your HP and SP for the fight, making you weaker as you gain more allies.

>"Keep in mind that these rules will only apply to the changed battles, Midnight Sparkle and Another Way, as well as the special fight we're offering."
>Justine finishes her explanation as Caroline tosses the book back to you, the contents finally ready to peruse and experience once more.
>"Well, if you're ready to start, go ahead and pick one!"
>The selections appear before you, dancing before your eyes like a hologram:

>Midnight Sparkle (NEW!): MCR = 8, MTL = 20
>Another Way (NEW!): MCR = 11, MTL = 25

>While only the latter two have new things attached to them, you get the feeling you could select the first two fights as well, should you desire.
>Caroline and Justine await your decision, and the night is young: what shall you do?
Would we be able to choose the party members to summon before the fight or during the fight?
The best Persona waifu!
I believe the Midnight Sparkle encounter also had a turn limit before we went kaput.
Still, let's try a solo fight with Elizabeth or Grogar just to get our blood boiling a bit.
You guys ok with that?
File: Thinking Lyra.png (551 KB, 1024x1024)
551 KB
551 KB PNG
What's up with the resurgence of old threads?
Lewd sleepovers, Anon in Witch school, Momlestia and now this
Set the oven to 550 degrees and put that blood in on the middle rack, dudes. I'm down for punching Grogar in his stupid face a bit, if only to get a full feel for how the rules are gonna fuck with us. I'd also be fine jumping right into the Midnight fight, too, I think we're plenty capable, but I'm here for it regardless.
My Little Pony: Strange Journey
... redux?
I hope not.
Would be sick to read, desu. Nocturne would be sicker.
The original fight did, though the original solo fight would've given you freedom until the Final Evil.

During the fight: when you choose to do so, it will be a -100% HP and SP from your base 1000%, and you can choose what that teammate does when summoned. You won't be able to do an action other than summoning if you choose to do so.

To be fair, we always do something on Halloween, then disappear into the wind.
Shin Celestia Tensei: Strange Pony
Is there a specific deck of persona we are using for each fight or can we pick whichever we want?
Was about to post about that lol. Pick 22 off the following list: https://pastebin.com/z5A3F6zd

Maybe halloween is just a magical time for nostalgic threads? As far as we are concerned, it's just because halloween is both the begining and really close to the end of the original adveture, too. Also our original writefag's birthday. So it's just symbolic here.


In addition, here's a list of the summonable allies: https://pastebin.com/sDTAqpZ5

If you want more potential summonable allies, perhaps from the mess of a list I made back in like 2017-2018, you can argue your case.
Let's go with Nyarly's personae just for style points.
Last time we had good luck playing the bad guy, so let's try to start off strong like that.
Looks like we've got a general plan, so I'll post the next update after dinner.

Apologies for the delay: Monday's are always finicky with online courses.
File: Grogar 3.png (249 KB, 450x600)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
>The new battles are certainly tempting, but it has been a full year since you fought: chances are that you're super rusty.
>As you select Grogar, the twins seem to deflate a bit, but don't stop your choice.
>"This one won't have any of the rules we've stated, but we'll still grade you, if you wish."
>A list of sixty-six Persona lights up in front of you, ready to be selected, and a thought passes through your mind.
>Why not go full villain mode with Nyarlathotep's line-up?
>You select the 22 corrupted Persona with a slightly evil grin as the book's words begin to light up!
>"Good luck, visitor."
>"Yeah, you'll need it!"
>Nodding to Caroline and Justine, you gotta admit that those little warden costumes look adorable on them-
>They look like officers.
>And they didn't show their Badge Number.

>Tambelon Throne Room, Blood Moon

>You never got to truly ask the question to them, as the scenery quickly changes to the decayed throne room of the necropolis Tambelon.
>Grogar's skeleton is already in place, rigid as a statue, when suddenly his flesh and skin spreads across it like a cancer.
>Rotting sinew binds the cadaver together with unholy magicks, while the bell fastens itself upon Grogar's neck.
>Eventually, his eyes spark with a blue flame, as he glares down upon you.
>"You dare use ME as your overglorified practice dummy?! You will regret your HUBRIS, human!"
>The bell tolls, echoing through the halls while he shatters the floor with his cloven hooves.

[The Book of Souls is missing your names.]

[Finish the story!]

Battle 1: Grogar (Round 3)

[First Murder]

[Shatter the scriptures!]

You: 1000% HP, 1000% SP
We could start with Caligula to raise our attack and taunt that nerd to avoid his spells. Then change to Edmond Dantes and shock him good while raising our evasion and speed.

How's that for a starting turn?
If the rage works we could play it safely with Heracles too.
Should we summon an analyzer just to be sure we don't waste turns with status effects?
Just like Igor's adventure, Status Effects have a percentage chance of working, though an Anaylzer would tell you which ones have a better chance at succeeding.
Forget about it. We will guess what works by brute forcing it until it works.
You know, the Anon way of doing things.
File: losing your mind.jpg (10 KB, 305x165)
10 KB
>"I have no idea if this will work, but you're short-fused enough that I'll risk it. Infuriate that goat, Caligula!"
>You shatter the card with a tap of your finger, calling forth a muscular, toned man with pitch-black veins coursing throughout his body.
>The mad Roman Emperor lets out an ear-shattering screech, as the blood moon outside morphs into a hauntingly beautiful pale blue.
>Shining from above, the lunacy of the moon's love slams into Grogar, leaving him unharmed physically, but his undead eyes reflect a unbridled madness!

>"GAhH, whAt DID you D o to MEEEEEE?"
>The necromancer rushes you, slamming into your gut like a man possessed, though Caligula's armor mitigates the trauma.
>Grogar continues to bleat uncontrollably as the lunacy overwhelms his senses!
>That... wasn't what you were expecting with a Rage ailment.
>If it works, it works, though.
>With this, he should be more vulnerable to your powered attacks.
>Still, you think back to what the twins discussed about summoning allies from the past.
>Perhaps they might help stack on the damage and wreck this bone nerd?
>Regardless, Grogar is primed for a bruising, so let's figure out how to trounce him!


You: 983% HP, 990% SP
While it is tempting to summon somepony to laugh at this pile of bones, I think we can still handle a turn or two on our own.
Let's bring heracles and set up for a big attack.
Since this turn will effectively be nothing, it's alright to compound this update with the Devastatingly Powerful Physical attack, right? I figure that's what you want to do.
That or power charge first and do the "Devastatingly Powerful Physical attack tm" next.
Yeah, I was looking at the next two turns as:

Turn 1: Swap to Heracles and Power Charge
Turn 2: Brave Blade and hope it hits

That sound good?
Awww yeah boi. Let's smash those green bones til they are dust!
>Seeing the terrible Grogar losing himself to the madness is hilarious.
>You almost want to tip him over so he struggles to get up, with his incessant bleating.
>It's probably not a good idea to celebrate prematurely, however: this was only step one, after all.
"Come forth, Heracles!"
>Cloaked in the pelt of the Nemean lion, the musclebound hero lets out a bestial roar, bulking up even further.
>You can almost see the strain of the sinews within the Persona's arms, as he lifts his imposing pillar of a club.
>Grogar looks at you with murder in his eyes, determined to defy fate and get another hit on you despite the invincible monster protecting you.
>Heracles holds his position, his tension building like a finely crafted composite bow: ready to strike and release his fury.
>With a mad war cry, the necromancer charges you, closing the distance within seconds!
"Now, Heracles!"
>The demigod mutes Grogar's roar with his own, catching the goat's horns with his weapon and cracking it into his skull!
>The empowered strike lands upon the tunneled foe, dealing massive damage and sending him flying through a nearby pillar with a sickening explosion!

>Eventually, the dust settles, revealing a slightly bloodied Grogar who has already summoned Koschei.
>"I will not fall for such TRICKERY twice! Burn him, Koschei!"
>The undying warlord makes a sigil with his hand, unleashing a gout of flame that singes your side, scorching part of your pristine white suit!
"Oh, you did NOT just ruin this suit, you overgrown trash-eater. It's on now!"
>"FOOL, that's MY line!"
>Sparks fly in this heated battle as the two of you aim to ruin the other.
>You did some good damage, but received some in return.
>Memory sparks back to the bell behind the throne: how you sent someone else to ring it to disable his magicks.
>It might be useful to keep that in mind, though you're liking your chances so far.
>The ball's in your court, champ, what's next?

You: 904% HP, 990% SP

>The strength provided by Caligula has faded from your body.
Is it possible to go ourselves to the bell if, say we blinded Grogar with Minos?
On the same turn? Sounds unlikely.
I say we change to Apophis and poison his boney behind.
You can certainly try, and I won't say there's a 100% chance that you'll fail.
So if the blind miraculously works, we could go to the bell in the same turn?
No, only that, should you choose to blind Grogar, and it succeeds, you could attempt to ring the bell the next turn.
It's too risky and dumb to work.

Let's do it!
If this fricking works, we must bounce all the way to the bell like Daffy Duck just to piss Grogar even further
Can we command folks on the turn they show up? Wouldn't hurt to summon someone to go ring the bell while we keep Grogar distracted.

I personally don't trust status effects that much, they're good when they land but they feel like how instant death spells feel in most other JRPGs: you'll waste 3 turns trying to inflict a status when you could be burning down their HP instead. That said, this isn't a vote against trying to blind goatnerd, just throwing out another action we could do.
You can.
If everyone is against the blind, we could still summon Apophis to poison him or some other persona to keep up the damage.
or do combo
In case people don't quite remember, Blind is also caused, rarely, by Wind attacks. If you're not feeling confident about an ailment, perhaps it'll be more prudent to do a normal attack with a chance of ailment instead?
Grogar? More like, dusty old bones full of green dust. Am I rite?
>As you think of a way to get to that bell, a thought occurs: what if you attempt to blind Grogar?
>I mean, it worked with the Rage, so it's not like that's impossible.
"Let's see if lightning strikes twice. Come forth, Minos!"
>From deep within the earth, the gates to Hell shift just right to punch through the castle floor.
>Grogar hops back as a behemoth of a man rises through, his pale coils wrapping around you to steady your feet.
>Suddenly, far faster than any snake, Minos's limbs strike out at Grogar's eyes, attempting to blind the villain!
>But the necromancer appears to have anticipated this, snaking through the blows as he summons his Persona once more.

>Biting winds slice through the air, striking the immobile judge, but dealing little damage as a result.
>Still, the rubble from the previous onslaught is picked up on the wind, landing in your eyes and temporarily blinding your sight!
>"I believe the SLAVES have a term for this: Turnabout is FAIR play! Gahahaha!"
>This should be simple to clear with an ailment cleansing magic, but you could still attempt to attack Grogar.
>With your impaired vision, however, you will likely have trouble landing a shot.
>Slightly battered, you consider what to do next.


You (Blind): 875% HP, 980% SP
Oh the irony!
Does Faust cure the ailments on change or does he use a skill to do it?
Faust would cure at the end of your turn, just like Dullahan. You can either use David or Minos to cure Blind.
Perhaps we should cure our blindness and try to head for the bell.
And once there, do combo
I will warn you that, while I'll allow you to try and make a break for the bell after curing your Blind, Grogar will be fully able to interfere. You'll be doing some unfavorable rolls to see if you can make it there solo without Grogar stopping you.
I dunno guys. This sounds quite risky.
How often does a full moon occur on Halloween?
It was sorta a full moon when we started. It's probably more likely than it feels.
My eyes! The goggles do nothing!
In case I'm not seeing an agreed upon plan, if someone would show me the strategy for this turn, I'll get started on writing.
Change to Edmond and get lightning resistance. The blind won't last for long.
If things get dicey, summon Rainbow Dash and have her fly to the bell.
>Perhaps you can make a break for the bell right now, slam it with a fusion attack or something.
>No, probably not a good idea: you're blinded, Grogar is entirely in his senses, and there's no one else here to distract him.
>Worst case scenario, he'd hunt you down easily.
>Maybe summoning Rainbow Dash could help: with her speed, she might even get it done faster than anyone else.
>But that's a problem for Future You, the shallow cunt.
"I call upon thee, Edmond Dantes!"
>A cloaked man, coursing with lightning, cackles to the sky above before enshrouding you within his mantle, providing a currently useless defense against electricity.
>Now truly visible, the Count's maddening eyes focus on the Necromancer, giving a confident smirk.
>"I don't like the way you're LOOKING at me!"

>Koschei pulls out a sword from his scabbard, swinging it forward as if signaling someone from afar.
>The sky begins to cloud with arrows, all attempting to pierce the lone man standing between them and you.
>But as the projectiles almost make their mark, they pass through his body as if he was made of air!
>The afterimage dissipates as Edmond dodges them effortlessly.
>Now for the matter of calling for help; you focus on your myriad hearts, thinking about the times you spent with the reckless pegasus who was loyal to her friends.
"Hear my call, Rainbow Dash, I need you!"
>From within your body, a sphere of light emerges, floating before you momentarily before transforming into Rainbow Dash!
File: Rainbow Dash 1.jpg (82 KB, 1280x960)
82 KB
>You feel weaker from the transfusion, but it seems to have worked perfectly, as your friend looks around the arena.
>"So it's my turn now, eh? Need me to kick some tail?"
"Not now, that'll be something we do after we negate this asshole's magic. I need to you get to the bell behind the throne and ring it for me!"
>Rainbow nods, thumping her chest with a hoof and giving a cocky grin.
>"No problem, it'll be done before you know it!"
>And with that, she's off, leaving your still blinded self to deal with an angry goat.

>"Harrumph, another unwanted slave, but one I shall deal with later!"
>With a wave of his hand, Koschei dispels the cloak that surrounded you, which swiftly binds itself back onto the Count.
>Now why would he do that?
>Could it be that he suspects that Edmond Dantes is actually weak to Electricity?
>You might be able to bait him into doing something that greatly benefits you.
>From the corner of your eye, you see Rainbow Dash zooming through the throne room.
>If you can buy her just a little more time, she should be done with her task soon.


You (Blind): 775% HP, 880% SP
Rainbow Dash (Away): 100% HP, 100% SP

>Your eyesight is almost back to normal, though it still hurts to open them.
>They'll probably clear themselves after your next action.
Oh my god, the bluff worked!
What's next?

>Change into David and heal?

>Change into Pandora and Heat Rise?

We can't do much while the blind is still on, and we still need to make time for Dash.
>you cry.
>"please teach us about elemental walls and breaks mathematics!"
I'd say we Heat Rise. We don't know how long it might take for RD to ring that bell, so we need to be in top performance to hold up Grogar.
As for the next turns, we could have a human Rainbow Dash appear to help us while the pony one returns.
and if we are lucky, we could make them both charge up for a potential combo.
For this particular system, Walls grant additional resistance from elemental damage. This is why Edmond Dantes could grant you Blue Wall earlier. Breaks negate resistances, be they Resist, Null, Repel, or Absorb. However, should someone have a Wall up of that particular element, they actually just cancel each other out. This technically means that Edmond Dantes can still absorb Electric attacks.
>Double Rainboom power
Can the thread handle all that radness?
I take it that this is the plan going forward. I'll throw together an update soon.
>On second thought, it's probably more prudent to strengthen yourself for what's coming next.
"Fill me with power, Pandora!"
>You tap the midnight-colored Priestess card, summoning a beautiful girl with eerie eyes and butterfly wings.
>She giggles, opening an ominous jar and releasing a foul-looking miasma that surrounds your body.
>Strangely enough, the toxic mist invigorates your body, and you feel your physical capabilities skyrocket!
>Grogar spends no time speaking with you as his Persona's blade tears through the sky, splitting the nearby clouds and unleashing a barrage of thunder down upon you!
>Despite your enhanced abilities, the majority of them strike you for heavy damage, sending you reeling back!

>But before he can gloat upon it, Grogar is interrupted by the resounding gong of the bell.
>It seems you bought enough time for Rainbow to complete her mission, and the bell around Grogar's neck dulls.
>In no time, Rainbow is back in position: ready to continue the fight!
>Perhaps now is is good opportunity to summon the other Rainbow Dash as well.
>Given their similarities, the two might be able to unleash a power combination attack.
>Still, even with the protections you received, that lightning hurt pretty bad: it might be prudent to heal yourself before continuing.
>The two of you face down a still relatively uninjured Grogar, contemplating your next move.


You: 722% HP, 880% SP
Rainbow Dash: 100% HP, 100% SP

>Your eyes are finally cleared from the debris that was covering them.
Slight edit on the SP, you have 870% left
If we can change persona before summoning the second Dash, we should change to Gaea to resist the next possible magic attack.
Human Dash should do a big physical move on Grogar.
And Pony Dash... attempt to Blind
fuck it, let's do it. gimme that meme magic, daddy
I mean, if you really want to. Just one quick correction, though: Pony Dash can only Silence, while Human Dash Blinds. So either modify the plan to have the Blind happen, or do Silence.
FINE MOM. Let's have pone Dash shut that goat up.
This year it has to finally work.
>You really hope this doesn't unintentionally end the universe or something stupid like that.
"Appear before me, Gaea!"
>Tapping the corrupted Empress card, you anticipate the familiar earth goddess to greet you.
>However, what materializes before you is a monstrous beast with seven heads, each resembling one of your friends on the Dream Team.
>The heads snarl and bite towards Grogar, as sitting atop of it is a beautiful, alabaster lady wearing a regal purple robe.
>Her prismatic hair flows freely in the air, goblet filled with a toxic wine in her hand, as the name of the card changes before your very eyes!

Gaea has transformed into Mother Harlot!

>"That's... a little unsettling."
"You're telling me. Still, she should do well enough while I summon our next ally!"
>Ignoring the Beast before you, you think back to the other Rainbow Dash you connected to: the aspiring athlete and rockstar who always has Sunset's back.
>Another ball of light frees itself from you, transforming into the Rainbow Dash from the other side of the mirror.
>She looks around with her imposing spear, seeing you and giving a wave, before checking out her pony self.
>"So that's what I look like over here. Sup, pony me?"
>"Right back at you, though you look way younger than I do."
>The two give a fist/hoofbump that thankfully doesn't cleft the fabric of the world in twain as the pony Rainbow calls forth Thunderbird.
>A familiar jet rockets down from on high, firing a scrambling drone that homes in on the necromancer's position.
>While he attempts to fall back, the projectile finds its mark, interfering with his ability to summon his Persona!
"Aw yeah, the meme magic isn't dead yet!"
>"If only my Persona was that accurate... Oh well, just smash him like you always do, Achilles!"
>With a flick of her Gae Bolg, Rainbow summons the towering fighter, as he strikes with the speed of a locomotive.
>Grogar quickly positions himself to take grazing damage at best, but the blow still connects, dealing moderate damage.
>He attempts to land a blow on his silencer, charging with his horns, but misses extravagantly as Dash glides out of the way.
>"Gotta do better than that, bone bag!"
>This is good: you've got two teammates with fight still left in them, as well as a debilitated Grogar.
>Now might be the time to go on the offensive!
>You contemplate what to do next..


You: 622% HP, 780% SP
Rainbow Dash: 100% HP, 95% SP
Rainbow Dash (Human): 70% HP, 100% SP
Change to Harpocrates and heal up. The twin skittles can mind and power charge.

Coming on next: C O M B O
>toxic wine
Far better than what's actually supposed to be in there, according to the Bible.
... what was it?
"The two of you should get prepared for a charged combo; I'll handle healing. Persona!"
>Harpocrates descends from the heavens, his black leather suit and military gas mask contrasting the stark white wings on his back.
>He holds a finger to the tube area where his mouth would be, generating a holy light that heals the human Rainbow's wounds instantly.
>However, while you recover a large portion of your wounds, there are still wounds that haven't fully patched up.
>It could be that, due to your immense vitality, that healing will only do so much each time.
>"Can we even do a charged combination attack? I dunno about you, but I've never worked with a pony before."
>The OG Rainbow waves off her younger self's worries with a pshaw, motioning to your efforts.
>"Trust me, if I can get a combo working with those dorks, I think we can totally figure something out."

>"If you say so, then let's get ready to rock!"
>Thunderbird transforms into its more mechanical form, its insides pumping electric blue fluid throughout its system.
>Meanwhile Achilles breaks through his armor, revealing a muscular man in a jumpsuit, coursing with multicolored lightning.
>Grogar attempts to break the drone preventing his casting, but is unable to catch the annoying little shit.
>He settles for the larger human target, slamming into Dash for moderate damage as she catches herself with Gae Bolg.
>"Alright, we're ready for that combination attack: just give us the word, and we'll let him have it!"
>Looks like it's time for a lotta damage, what's your call?


You: 722% HP, 750% SP
Rainbow Dash: 100% HP, 85% SP
Rainbow Dash (Human): 76% HP, 90% SP

>You get the feeling the Heat Riser from Pandora will be fading away next turn.
>From the look of the drone, it will likely stop suppressing Grogar after this.
Uhhh... how do we shoot we- I mean do the combo again?
Just state you want to do the combo, and which ones are doing it. Keep in mind that it will automatically take 30% of either HP or SP from each one performing the combo. All combos can only be done once per battle, but you will know who can perform a combo for free.

Yes, the two RDs can combo. I'm not that much of a tease/.
Bring back Mother Harlot and debilitate that goat's ass. Then let the girls have their fun with him. Sonic Rainboom style.
> And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:
> Revelations 17:4
That's kinda hot.


Are you familiar with the Fate franchise, perchance? We're expecting the Whore of Babylon to show up in the next few years, and they are lewd as fuck even when not summoned in that aspect, so who knows, they might have a Biblically accurate goblet.
I'd recharge the mana of plenty of the persona and horses we have here.
If you catch my drift.
Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.
>Alright, let's soften this meatbag up!
"Come forth, Mother Harlot!"
>The Whore of Babylon giggles in response to your call, extending the goblet before herself and pouring the contents to the ground.
>Suddenly, the liquid that should be landing before her is actually pouring out from above Grogar, covering him in the disgusting fluids and weakening him!
"He's all yours, girls: give him hell!"

>"I've been waiting for this! Persona!"
>"Don't think I'll let you outspeed me! Persona!"
>Achilles takes to the skies, bursting through the ceiling and bathing the entire throne room in crimson light.
>It's difficult to see from this distance, but he positions himself against the star, priming himself for the lunge.
>Meanwhile, Thunderbird primes his cannon to fire: the energies storing in the barrel threatening to go off at any time.
>"We're gonna show you what it means-!"
>"To mess with the best!"

Combo Activated: Hyperphotonic Rainboom

>You can't know for sure which went off first, Achilles or Thunderbird, but the moment before it all went down, everything seemed to go in slow motion.
>That didn't last long at all, as the sound of the air shattering as the two Persona strike all but deafens you and pushes you back with the force of the impact!
>Achilles's spear makes it mark, piercing through the necromancer's spine and eliciting a painful grunt as it punches through him instantly.
>Thunderbird's plasma also washes over him, searing his flesh and causing convulsions as the electricity courses through his veins!
>Grogar is unable to escape the two-pronged attack, as he's blasted through his own throne and into a nearby wall, suffering extreme damage!
File: Grogar 2.png (380 KB, 936x1024)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
>When he finally pulls himself back up, Grogar is looking far worse for wear: parts of his decrepit fur have been completely vaporized, revealing the rotting sinew underneath, and you can see part of his skull near the base of his horns.
>And looking at the recolored bell, it appears the effects of the throne bell have finally faded away.
>He let's out a fearsome roar, crushing the suppression drone with ease as Koschei removes the filthy substance off of him.
>Then, before you can react, a dark orb charges in the Undying's hands, shooting out and exploding in front of your group!
>You manage to dodge out of the way, thanks to your strengthening magicks, but both Rainbow Dashes aren't as lucky, taking heavy damage from the blast!

>"I won't let you KILL me again!"
>The human Rainbow winces at her wounds, only made worse due to her amazing combo.
>"If you could heal me again, I'd really appreciate it, dude!"
>It appears that Grogar can now act twice during combat: future plans should take that into account.
>What shall you do next?


You: 722% HP, 740% SP
Rainbow Dash: 69% HP, 55% SP
Rainbow Dash (Human): 15% HP, 90% SP
Would the human Dash get to the bell in the same amount of time as the pony one did?
Both girls are fast, but pony RD has the benefit of flight to make her route faster. Human Dash would take 1 extra turn to make it to the bell and ring it, which is still faster than most allies.
Good. Get her outta here.
Have best Rainbow make the party swifter and have Anon change into Edmond and light up that zombie.
File: Grogar 1.png (315 KB, 1024x1024)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
>Ringing that bell again sounds like a good idea: make it so Grogar can't hit you with Koschei's arsenal.
"I'm sorry to ask this while you're hurt, Rainbow, but could you ring the bell behind the throne? We'll buy you time so you can get there without getting attacked."
>She rubs her bruises in contemplation, thinking for a bit before nodding.
>"It's probably better than just sticking around while injured. Just make sure to help me out when I get back, alright?"
>And with that, she's off, jumping over debris and sprinting to the throne.
>You keep her request in mind as you switch back over to Edmond Dantes, who unleashes a stream of lightning that surges through Grogar, dealing moderate damage and grabbing his attention.

>Rainbow soars through her card, calling forth Thunderbird as it bursts its engines, filling both of your with increased agility.
>Grogar wastes no time, charging at you before turning around to buck you with his hind hooves.
>The first strike connects, but you're able to avoid the second one, taking only minimal damage, but sending you to the floor as the hoof strikes Edmond's weakness!
>"What an INTERESTING heel, human."
>He proceeds to kick you in the face two more times, dealing heavy damage and leaving you dizzy!
>Koschei then snaps his fingers, summoning a fiery tornado that hunts down Rainbow Dash.
>Thankfully, she manages to just barely move out of the way, thanks to the enhanced agility.
>While Rainbow tries her best to help you recover from the dizziness, you can't quite pick yourself up.
File: Rainbow Dash 6.jpg (286 KB, 1024x1449)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
>"Damn it, stay alive! Persona!"
>Thunderbird lets out a powerful blast of plasma at the Necromancer, dealing heavy damage.
>Grogar shoulders through the blast, leaping into the air and crashing into the floor, striking your helpless form but missing Rainbow as she effortlessly weaves past the tectonic shifts!
>"Come on, geezer, I thought you wanted to kill me!"
>Infuriated, he calls forth Koschei, who launches several icy spears at the smug pony!
>...Only for them to strike at nothing as she evades them once more.
>"Just... stand... still... and... DIE!"
>"Gonna have to take a rain check on that one, boss."

>You finally manage to pull yourself off the ground, far more battered than you originally were.
>If you had to take a guess on how badly you're hurt, you're just barely above half of your max vitality.
>Go figure Grogar would exploit a weakness while you're down.
>From the corner of your eye, you see the human Rainbow climbing over some of the rubble.
>If you can buy just a little more time, you bet that she'd be able to finally ring that bell.
>You might be hurt, but you're not out yet, chief.
>What's next?


You: 437% HP, 680% SP
Rainbow Dash: 69% HP, 30% SP
Rainbow Dash (Human/Away): 15% HP, 90% SP

>The agility given to you by Thunderbird looks like it will wear off soon.
If Rainbow is so good at dodging, we might as well have her go physical while we heal up.
So a Diarahan to just heal you, or a Mediarahan for the two of you. Also, with Harpocrates or David?
Grogar seems like the kind of goat that would curse you at any chance he got. Let's go with David healing both Anon and RD.
File: harlotdev.jpg (439 KB, 1920x1080)
439 KB
439 KB JPG
>pic related

Yeah, the SP cost probably isn't prohibitive enough to dissuade us from Mediarahan-ing, so let's do that.
Bump that isn't from a ghost
File: David 3.gif (48 KB, 300x360)
48 KB
>No beating around the bush here: you got fucked hard by Grogar's assault.
>Add that to Rainbow's injuries, and it's probably for the best that you patch up together.
"I summon thee, David!"
>A bony bard, fiddle in his hand, hops down from the wrecked roof, giving a bow with his hat before performing.
>The fiddle alights with a green flame, its haunting melody filling your body with energy as some of your wounds vanish!
>Strangely, though, it also feels like you have the odd urge to dance along with the fevered tune.
>Rainbow lunges at Grogar with her wing blades, jumping side to side to catch him with his guard down!
>As she strikes, however, her shadow begins to shift underneath her, striking up like spikes as she lands!
>You try to warn her, but are surprised when the selfsame protrusion pierce your defenses as well, dealing heavy damage before Rainbow can fully fall back.
>"Hey, that's cheating!"

>"There are no rules in combat, girl! Persona!"
>Koschei conjures a bow and nocks two arrows, sending them flying into the air as they multiply into a hailstorm.
>You are unable to avoid the rampage, taking partial damage, but Rainbow manages to weave through it once more, smirking at the still aggrieved necromancer.
>Suddenly, his Persona's form begins to dissipate once more, with the sounding of a distant bell!
>The human Rainbow limps back over, catching her breath before giving a thumbs up.
>"That... That was super easy..."
>Her grin seems slightly forced: perhaps it was harder to push herself due to her injuries.
>Still, you're all back together now, and ready to deal with a suppressed Grogar.
>You consider your options.


You: 483% HP, 660% SP
Rainbow Dash: 56% HP, 30% SP
Rainbow Dash (Human): 15% HP, 90% SP

>You feel the speedy tailwind surrounding you fade as Thunderbird's enhancements vanish.
OP bumps this thread
Grogar leaves us with no other choice.
Let's go crying to our mom. Summon Luna and have her heal the party.
Pone Rainbow can enhance mobility, while Human Dash can go big on physical attacks.
If Anon can change a Persona, leave him with Baphomet.
Those digits confirm that the Anons act though and get into trouble just to get the attdntion of their alicorn momma.
I'm so proud of 'em.
File: Luna 1.png (239 KB, 483x600)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
>Things aren't looking entirely good for your group: you think it's time to bring in the heavy arsenal.
>Tapping the Lust Arcana, you call forth Baphomet: the goat lady suggestively posing with her imposing scythe.
>You focus your myriads hearts on the memory of your surrogate mother: original leader of Legion and stalwart ally.
"Please, lend me your aid, Princess Luna!"
>A familiar feeling escapes your body as the alicorn monarch forms before you, wielding a simulacrum of Nightmare against Grogar.
>"What a strange dream you've found yourself in, wayward hearts: I shall assist you for as long as I am able. Heal our wounds, Artemis!"
>The goddess of the hunt's presence temporarily changes the bloodstained moon into a calming blue: the gentle rays healing some of your injuries.
>The pony Rainbow wastes no time with her enhanced vitality, speeding everyone's movements with Thunderbird as the human Dash looks at Luna in awe.

>"She's so... majestic. N-never mind that, let's get some payback, Achilles!"
>Another powerful blow strikes Grogar, the sound of breaking bones resounding through the arena as he struggles to stay standing!
>Even then, he has difficulty landing hits on his targets: Rainbow Dash, with all her luck, isn't even worried at this point as she dances around the necromancer.
>When he tries the same against Luna, he is met with a merciless strike at his footing, collapsing to the ground with his own momentum!
>"It seems Luck favors us this day: let us proceed with the All Out Attack!"
"You've got it, mom!"
>"The pain will be doubled!"
>Newly invigorated, the four of you slam on this poor goat, dealing massive damage as he struggles to pick himself up!
File: Shadow20.jpg (37 KB, 304x433)
37 KB
>You can tell he's heavily injured now, though he still clearly has fight in him.
>The feeling of death creeps up your spine as you consider summoning another ally: if you summon an ally who isn't capable of Analysis and storing allies, you know the Reaper will appear.
>What will you do, with this new fortune?


You: 493% HP, 560% SP
Rainbow Dash: 100% HP, 25% SP
Rainbow Dash (Human): 70% HP, 90% SP
Luna: 100% HP, 80% SP
>DA is tempting us to be stupid.
... are we?
Now is when we hit it while it's hot.
Pony Dash and Human Rainbow go all out on the physical strikes.
Anon can change into Mikaboshi and nuke him in an ultimate manner.
As for Luna, have her set an Elec Wall on Anon.
Hey Grogar, you seem to slacking a little. Don't suppose you could use... a friend?
That is if he doesn't your horns over mine but that's entirely his business aint it?
I like this, but we'd better have Luna do an Almighty attack rather than playing it safe with barriers.
Can Luna combo with any of the Nyarly personas? If for any reason she can do it with that Mikaboshi persona then a COMBO, then it'd be better to do that
The corruption within Nyarlathotep's Persona grant them powerful strength, but drain them of their synergy with bonds. While they can be used for Card Fusion combos, combos with allies is impossible.
Then have them go all offensive like in >>36114125
File: Grogar 4.png (321 KB, 860x705)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
"Let's go all out this turn, everyone! Hear my call, Amatsu-Mikaboshi!"
>The shadowy kami raises a hand, a small universe forming within his palm while exuding radiant energy.
>Mirroring its brightness, the point radiates a searing heat, evaporating the air around it as the pinpoint of energy grows ever smaller.
>Then, just as the light is about to wink out of existence, the dam breaks, unleashing a powerful laser that carves parts of Grogar's body away with Nuclear energy, dealing heavy damage!
>The twin Rainbows follow suit, the pony's prismatic wingblades and Achilles's spear cracking down upon his body!
>Finally, Artemis fires an arrow towards the moon, calling down a meteor shower that blankets the floor in a massive explosion!
>The combination of attacks leaves the room silent, a heavy cloud of dust covering the potentially gory aftermath.

>Human Rainbow lowers Gae Bolg and takes a sigh of relief, her body aching from repeated Persona attacks.
>"Ugh, thank God that's over wi-"
>Suddenly, a figure bursts through the cloud, striking her in the solar plexus and sending her flying backwards!
>She lands roughly on the ground, knocked out cold from the assault.
>Taking advantage of the critical strike, he focuses his attention on Luna, rearing his hind legs to buck her.
>Luna barely manages to lessen the damage of the blow, though it causes Nightmare to groan under the force of it.
>However, the defense leaves her open to Grogar's true opening, as he headbutts the Princess with a resounding CRACK!
>"Curses! I was careless..."
>The focused assault is too much for Luna to take, as she collapses from her injuries as well.
"Rainbow! Luna!"
>He tries to go for another hit on pony Dash, but whiffs as he coughs up a sickly green substance.
>"If I'm to die AGAIN... I shall take YOU with ME!"
>His form is ragged and falling apart: more cadaver than corpse at this point.
>If you can keep hitting him where it hurts, you might just be able to take him out.
>However, both the human Rainbow Dash and Princess Luna have been knocked out by Grogar's assault.
>It might be more prudent to get them back up.
>As you consider what to do, his bell regains its former luster.
>It appears he will be able to summon Koschei once more.
>The situation is sticky, but not impossible: stay calm and figure out a solution.


You: 493% HP, 560% SP
Rainbow Dash: 100% HP, 25% SP
Rainbow Dash (Human/KO): 0% HP, 90% SP
Luna (KO): 0% HP, 50% SP
Quick correction: You currently have 530% SP
Can David or Harpo revive allies?
Harpocrates can.
Can Luna act on the same turn she is revived?
Yes, since you'll be reviving her before she acts.
In that case, we could have RD go back to the bell, Anon revive Luna, and her go Almighty again.
Should we revive her, or Dash? The latter has higher SP, plus combos with her counterpart.
Reminder that combination attacks cannot be used more than once per battle. In other words, you can't use Hyperphotonic Rainboom during this particular Grogar run again.
If that's the case, RD and the human might still have a combo that isn't charge based.
Might be worth it to revive human dash for that.
Might be. Or maybe we should go with Luna. Either way, it should be discussed, right?
Wouldn't the thinking man's choice be to summon Fluttershy as an analyzer and have her go cyclops at him?
Well... yeah.
but a combo is cooler, duh.
Let's not go full Dash. Make the smart move, not the awesome one. Just gotta figure out what that is first.
File: 1555298516355.png (23 KB, 837x763)
23 KB
>not go full DASH.
>not the awesome one.

... no.
I didn't "don't ever do anything Dash would do." I said "don't go full Dash."
do combo
Let's bet it all on the combo.
wHaT's thE WorSt thAt CoULd HuPPun?
we ded? hooray not ded
Do this.
Looks like we're going for combo round 2. It'll take a bit longer for this next part, but I'll probably have it up before I fall asleep.
File: megatron_gun.jpg (11 KB, 400x225)
11 KB
>A maelstrom of voices echo through your mind, each pushing for a different plan.
>One suggests to revive the fallen human and have the two Rainbows perform their remaining combination attack.
>Another recommends bringing back Princess Luna and have her assist with defenses.
>Perhaps summoning a analysis teammate like Fluttershy would help?
>Each voice pulls a different direction: determined to see Grogar fall, but unable to decide what to do.
>Eventually, enough of a consensus was reached for a strategy.
"Rainbow, get ready for another combo. Bring back my ally, Harpocrates!"

>The leather-bound angel holds out a hand as an eerie pale light envelops Dash, causing her to jump back up with a shock.
>"Geez, what the heck was that? Felt like someone was getting WAY too handsy for their own good."
>She shivers for a bit, then shakes her head, looking to her pony self with a grin.
>"Well, are you ready for round two of the smackdown?"
>The smirk is shared, as the pegasus's muscles tense in preparation.
>"Only if you can keep up; Persona!"

>Thunderbird makes its way towards Achilles, its form morphing into a structure quite different from the mech from before.
>"Is that what I think it is?"
>Achilles grabs ahold of the bottom part of his alternate self, the transformation fitting around his grip.
>"I... honestly have no idea what this is making, but it feels strangely familiar for some reason."
>Both Rainbows' eyes are glued to the scene before them: one with intrigue and awe, while the other completely confused.
>Eventually, the process is complete, revealing a weapon most powerful and terrifying.
"... That's just a gun."
>"The heck's a gun? You mean like the things Hickok uses?"
>Using the targeting reticule on Thunderbird, Achilles lines up the shot and fires repeatedly, unleashing powerful blasts of energy at Grogar!
File: C.jpg (7 KB, 272x185)
7 KB
Combo Activated: Deceptive Shelling

>Each shot not only hits, but hamstrings the necromancer: blasting off body parts and disintegrating limbs!
>The throne room is given the same fate as the remaining pillars keeping the structural integrity of the building collapse, causing debris to fall down from on high!
>You do your best to pull Princess Luna somewhere safe as the bombardment eventually ceases, leaving the area silent.
>Until your human friend shouts to the collapsed pile of refuse.
>"Come on, you old goat, you can't just pull the same trick twice!"
>And, as if to respond, two somber bell tones ring through the dead city, focusing on you and the pegasus.

>Hapocrates gives a muffled cry as shadowy binds bind the two of you, shrinking and twisting your body until you transform into a tiny fly!
>You buzz in surprise as Rainbow is affected as well: two flies and a human being all that stand in the way of Grogar and an unconscious princess.
>While injured from using her Persona, Rainbow takes Gae Bolg and leaps into the sky, all but disappearing into the clouds.
>Seeing an opportunity, Grogar attempts to strike you and Dash with his hooves, determined to squish you under their weight!

>"Not on my watch!"
>Like a lightning bolt, Rainbow pierces the goat with the prismatic spear!
>You can hear his heart shatter from the impact, reducing his withered form to harmless dust.
>Pulling herself up, she gives you a thumbs up and a cocky grin.
>"That wasn't so bad, was it?"


Battle Stats:

Summoned Allies: 3/4 expected
KOs: 2/0 expected
Combos: 2/2 performed
Turn Count: 17/15 expected

Grade: C+
Sable Library, ???

>You awaken back at the Sable Library, where the twins await to judge you.
>"Welcome back, visitor. Congratulations on your victory."
>"If this wasn't practice, that would've been an outright humiliating experience. But you still won, so good work on that."
>You get the feeling you aren't going to figure out anything new about Grogar's fight that you didn't already know.
>Still, some insight from the twins might be of some help.
>In addition, you might be able to request them to modify the rules in some way, assuming you were struggling with something during that fight.
>Will you say something to them, before the next battle?
Sing it with me boys!

Could you give us a combo list for the next battles?
You really expected for no one to get KO?
You girls are to harsh! And you never answered if you were cops!
as much as the idea of giving Grogar the "Dormamu" skit
we should actually as if we can summon allies prematurely next time
It took me some digging, and I bet you I'm missing some, but here's the most comprehensive list I can make:

>Spike + Rarity = Think Happy Thoughts (Fire/Physical)
>Spike + Twilight = Thuban (Almighty)
>RD + AJ = Sparking Meteor (Elec)
>RD + AJ (Double Charge) = Akashic Buster (Elec/Physical)
>RD + Pinkie = Party Time (Physical)
>Fluttershy + Spike = Mega Ryushi Cannon (Almighty)
>AJ + Rarity = Terrible Combination (Physical)
>AJ (Power Charge) + Rarity = Abhorrent Union (Wind/Physical)
>Sunset + Twilight = Eternal Jam Session (Almighty Physical)
>Sunset + Pinkie = Freebird (Dragon Hustle)
>Spike + Luna = Gamma Burst (Nuke/Tarunda)
>Rarity + Luna = Subterranean Rose (Psy/Sukunda)
>Sunset + Luna = Dáinsleif's Thirst (Curse/Rakunda)
>Pinkie + Luna = Longinus (Bless/Debilitate)
>RD + Luna = Flash Bang (Ranged/50% Chance to Stun)
>Twilight + Luna = Celestial Doping (Heal/Temp Doubles HP, 20% Decay Each Turn)
>AJ + Luna = Wall of Thorns (Round-long Repel)
>Sunset + Pinkie (Human) = Gehenna (Fire + Rakunda)
>Sunset + Sour Sweet = Rider Double Kick (Physical + Bomb)
>Sunset + Sunny Flare = Meteor Storm Punisher (Physical + Blind)
>Sunset + Indigo Zap = Indigo Smash (Physical + Exhaustion)
>Sunset + Indigo Zap (MC) = Axel Indigo Smash (Almighty Physical)
>Pinkie (Human) + Lemon = Mata Hari (Group Debilitate + Charm)
>Rainbow (Human) + Fluttershy (Human) = Licht Sieger (Bless)
>Rainbow (Human) (PC) + Fluttershy (Human) = Zwei Sieger (Bless/Physical)
>Rainbow (Human) + Indigo = Ambrosia (Dragon Riser/Full Heal)
>Rainbow (Human) (PC) + Indigo (MC) = Dragonsong Dive (Almighty Physical)
>Fluttershy (Human) + Sugarcoat = Fimbulvetr (Ice + Sukunda)
>Rarity (Human) + Applejack (Human) = Cantarella (Ranged + Poison)
>Rarity (Human) + Spike the Dog = Tempest Fang (Wind + Tarunda)
>Applejack (Human) + Sunny = Stella (Almighty Ranged + Persona Break)
>Sunny + Lemon = Lazy Laser (Nuke/Elec)
>Spike + Sugarcoat = Gates of Hel (Curse+Ailment Up)
>Sour + Indigo = Pandemonium (Psy)
>Sour + Indigo (MC) = Pandemonium Lost (Psy/Physical)
>Iscariote + Hickok = Dead Man's Guard (Invincibility)
>Coyote + Prometheus = True Defiance (Dragon Hustle)
>Baron Samedi + Cain = From Hell (Curse/Physical/Rakunda)
>Fafnir + Spike = Corona Cannon (Fire)
>Athena + Twilight = Through the Looking Glass (Ice/Sukunda)
>Thunder Trance (Elec) = Huitzilopochtli + RD
>Huitzilopochtli + RD (Double Charge) = Thunder God's Duet (Elec/Physical)
>Papinijuwari + AJ = Detroit Smash (Physical)
>Papinijuwari + AJ (Double Charge) = United States of Smash (Physical/Beast Weaver 3 turns)
>Prometheus + Sunset = Subuta Twilight (Dark/Physical/Rakunda)
>Sophrosyne + Fluttershy = Megaton Kick (Almighty Physical)
>Scheherazade + Rarity = Atmospheric Rift (Wind/HP Drain)
>Tonatiuh + Pinkie = Breaking Prominence (Light/Tarunda)
>Razgriz + Luna = Moonlight Butterfly (Almighty)
>Razgriz (Mind Charge) + Luna = Moonlight Butterfly Ɐ
>Legion + Spike = Double Dragon Punch
>Legion (Power Charge) + Spike = Triple Dragon Punch
>Merlin + Spike = Flaming Love Attack (Fire)
>Helene + Twilight = Walls of Troy (Ice/Charm)
>Nemo + Twilight = 20,000 RPM Under The Sea (Ranged/Freeze)
>Maui + Pinkie = Prominence Hammer (Bless/Physical)
>Baast + Pinkie = Sun Dance Festival (Revival, 35%+ MP)
>M.A.R.A. + Rainbow Dash = Hadron Buster Cannon (Elec)
>M.A.R.A. + Rainbow Dash (Double Charge) = Orbital Hadron Buster Launcher (Almighty)
>Father Time + Rainbow Dash = Supersonic Rainboom (Physical)
>Father Time + Rainbow Dash (Double Charge) = Hypersonic Rainboom Rush (Almighty Physical)
>Gilgamesh + Applejack = Double Tomahawk Boomerang (Physical)
>Gilgamesh + Applejack (Double Charged) = Final Tomahawk (Physical)
>The Musketeers + Applejack = Battle Alteration Blue Emperor (Elec)
>Tokoyami no Amaterasu + Sunset = Black Hole Sun (Curse)
>Dullahan + Sunset = Philistine (Curse/Physical 2-3x Hit)
>Robin Hood + Rarity = Archer's Dream (Ranged/Random Ailment)
>Asmodeus + Rarity = Unholy Sandstorm (Wind/SP Drain)
>Nyarlathotep + Cu Chulainn = Gae Bolg Alternative (Bless/Physical/3x Hits w/ High Crit/Rakunda)
>Faust + M.A.R.A. = Special Beam Cannon (Psy/Almighty/Sukunda)
>Athena + Gaea = Pulse of Life (Salvation/Dekunda/1 Random Buff)
>Napoleon + Nemo = Ungarmax (Ice/Ranged/4x Hits/100% Freeze)
>Iscariote + Hickok = Dead Man's Guard (Infinity)
>Kiyohime + Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto = Blazing Impact (Fire/100% Burn)
>Baba Yaga + Gilgamesh = Ultimate Focus (Heat Riser + Mind Charge + Power Charge)
>Gustaf Johansen + Azathoth = Come Unto Your Maker (Almighty/Down)
>Dullahan + Baphomet = Bloody Storm (Curse/Physical/HP Drain)
>Johnny Appleseed + Robin Hood = Zweite Schießen (Ranged Single Heavy, Double Damage if Guarding or Tetrakarn)
>Pazuzu + Tonatiuh = Cross Flame Gale (Wind/Fire/Tarunda)
>Faust + Der Freischutz = The Seventh Bullet (Almighty Ranged with 30% chance to grant One More!)
>Pazuzu + Apophis = Elfu Mazuku (Wind/Poison)
>Caligula + Dionysus = Decadent Lunacy (Psy/Physical/Heat Riser)
>Edmond Dantes + Minos = Enfer Chateau d'If (Electric/Silence)
>Likho + Itzlacoliuhqui = Anathema (Dark/Debilitate)
>Kiyohime + Amatsu-Mikaboshi = Passionate Pyre (Nuke/Fire)
>Nyarlathotep x Cu Chulainn = Gae Bolg Alternative (Bless/Physical/1-3x Hits Per)
>Mother Harlot + Baphomet = Apocalypse (Almighty/Dekaja)
>Pandora + Heracles = Reincarnation Pandora (Ice/Ranged/Random Ailments)
>Harpocrates + David = Harp of Healing (Heal/Dekunda/Invincibility)
>Don Quixote + Indigo Zap = ??? (Physical)
>Don Quixote + Indigo Zap (Double Charge) = ??? (Almighty Physical)
>Skinwalker + Sunny Flare = ??? (Physical/Silence)
>Helene + Lemon Zest = ??? (Ice/Bless/Blind)
>Legion + Sour Sweet = ??? (Physical/???)
>Iscariote + Sugarcoat = ??? (Ice/Ailment Resistance Down)
>Tokoyami no Amaterasu + Spike the Dog = ??? (Dark/Fear)
>Merlin + Morgan le Fay = Twilight Spark (Fire/Electric)
>Dullahan + Helene = Requiem (Charm/Semi-Doom (Deals Extreme Curse Damage after 3 turns)
>The Musketeers + Tarzan = All for One, One for All! (Physical/Downs and grants One More!)
>Don Quixote + M.A.R.A. = Sekiha Tenkyoken: Sekiha Tenkyo God Finger (Almighty Physical)
>Fafnir + Sophrosyne = Hell's Tokamak (Nuke)
>Athena + Perseus = Wrath of the Gods (Electric/Physical)
>Gaea + Diarmuid = Rites of Spring (Physical)
>Napoleon + Icarus = Hubris Combustion (Fire)
>Iscariote + Cain = Oblivion (Curse/Physical)
>Tonatiuh + Huitzilopochtli = Sinister Solar Slaughter (Bless/Physical)
>Tonatiuh + Huitzilopochtli (Power Charge) = Red Sun (Bless/Physical/Sukunda)
>Dantalion + Scheherazade = 1,002 Nights (Wind)
>Hickok + Skinwalker = Game of Rising (Ice/Electric)
>Papinijuwari + Lancelot = Sanguineous Starfall (Physical)
>Baron Samedi + Razgriz = Leveler (Almighty)
>Coyote + Cain = Sinner's Lot (Curse)
>Fafnir + Skinwalker = Andvari's Gift (Physical)
>Athena + Prometheus = Master Spark (Elec)
>Athena + Prometheus (Mind Charge) = Final Spark (Almighty)
>Gaea + Sophrosyne = Lifeline (Infinity)
>Napoleon + Iscariote = Sinful Shell (Ranged/Ice)
>Huitzilopochtli + Scheherazade = Anubis Style: Sandstorm (Wind)
>Huitzilopochtli + Scheherazade (Power Charge) = I AM THE WEAPON (Physical/Wind)
>Perseus + Tonatiuh = Me First! (Physical/Elec/Bless)
>Dantalion + Lancelot = Knight of Owner (Physical/Psy)
>Hickok + Baron Samedi = Death's Roulette (Random)
>Papinijuwari + Razgriz = Titanomachia (Almighty Physical/Fear)
>Diarmuid + Icarus = Tragic Rose Dance (Physical/Wind/All Stats Down)

If anyone remembers other combos, feel free to add to this.
Quick edit on Sun Dance Festival: it also full heals and grants Invincibility.
Didn't Sunset had a full party combo with Sour, Indigo and Sunny?
Yeah, the Secret 4x Combos. I believe the ones in play are:

>Universe Buster: Sun + Moon + Stars + Heart
>Quadruple Giga: Fire + Ice + Wind + Elec
>Final Dynamic Special: Any four /m/anly Persona
>Final Dynamic Rider Kick: Sunset + Sour Sweet + Indigo Zap + Sunny Flare

Could've sworn I made one that was Curse + Bless + Nuke + Psy, but I can't find it. I'll give it to you for free if someone gives it a cool name.
>Well to begin with, expecting no KOs during that initial battle was somewhat harsh, wasn't it?
>There was always the chance of losing someone to an unlucky hit, like with the human Rainbow and Princess Luna.
>"While it's true that accidents can happen, there were strategies that would have allowed you to decrease the chances of getting caught."
>Justine pulls out a Compendium and thumbs to the page with Nyarlathotep's Persona.
>"For example, you might have noticed that Grogar was only capable of Physical attacks when silenced by the bell. Why didn't you switch to Heracles and grant one of your allies Tetrakarn?"
>Part of you didn't even think twice about that particular detail, and you have difficulty arguing against her point.

>"It would help to pay attention to things not explicitly shown, if you plan to limit mistakes."
>Caroline butts in with a quip, a mean grin on her face.
>"Or just bring someone with Analysis next time."
>Speaking of allies, just starting by yourself feels like you'll be at a severe disadvantage: especially with a limited amount of time to win.
>Perhaps it would be more balanced to allow certain allies to be pre-summoned?
>The twins mull over your point, looking to each other before Caroline speaks.
>"We'll allow up to two allies to be pre-summoned, but they'll still require the energy and vitality from yourself."

>So up to two allies of any kind, then.
>Suppose it's better than nothing, and it could be the difference between victory and defeat.
>Now that you think about it, Caroline and Justine never answered if they were-
>"Oh, that's right! We almost forgot about something we wanted your input on!"
>Caroline quickly shuts down your train of thought, leaving you unable to do much but listen.
>"We noticed you were having trouble with keeping your allies' energy at full capacity, which could end up keeping you from performing combination attacks."
>Justine nods, frowning at the conundrum she unintentionally created.
>"The rule of 'no items' was more for you, who can regenerate your vitality and energy simply by your Persona. It becomes more of a nuisance when your allies suffer from it."
>"That's why we've got two potential solutions, and you're gonna figure out which you prefer!"
>Caroline pulls out a pair of newly edited rules sheets, each with a different modification of Rule 3.

>"The first is the simplest: you'll get a bag of items that can be used on your allies, but not on you. You'll literally be incapable of using them, so don't even think about trying!"
>Justine continues, pointing to the opposite sheet.
>"The other option is to allow yourself to transfer your own vitality and energy to your allies when they need it. This might put you in an awkward position, so be careful if you choose this path."
>You feel like you were going to ask another question, but you can't quite recall the memory.
>Eh, probably wasn't important.
>The twins await your choice: do you pick the bag of ally-only items, or transferring your own HP and SP to allies instead?
I'd vote for the bag of items. Sounds more accessible in a pinch regardless of the allies we choose.
Does using an item take a turn though? And what about the other option? And if we go with the transfer, can our allies share it around too?
Items take the turn of the user, Transfer is only from (You) to teammates.
to clarify Justine's explanation, she does mean that items will have no effect on us, NOT that we can't use the items on someone else as our move for the turn, right? Just making sure.

If we get to start with two allies pre-prepped, I think we already are ahead on action economy, which means the item sack benefits us more since anyone can use items but only we can transfer vitality. In light of that, we should pick the vitality transfer option, since the whole point of the challenge is to be challenging, right? If we get a bag full of items, wouldn't we need to compensate for that with harder turn and combo requirements?
I'd say we get the items. We don't really have to use them, but it is comforting to just have them there if the enemies get really lucky with them crits and such.
>choosing challenge instead of an easier path.
What? Why?! Who ever does that?!
Chose the items!
Due to unstable internet, I can’t seem to get a solid connection right now. Apologies, but we’re probably gonna have a bit of a dead night tonight.
I'll do my best to answer in the mean time: the item bag can be used by anyone, but can only be used on allies. Caroline is stating that (You) are physically incapable of even beginning to use these items on yourself, or have others do it for you.
File: Item_Bag-512.png (18 KB, 512x512)
18 KB
>In the end, stability is always better than flexibility.
>You take the rules sheet with the item bag, as the other bursts into blue flames.
>Caroline pulls out a nondescript bag from a nearby table and tosses it to you, revealing a set of items.
>However, these items look grey and ethereal to you.
>Whenever you attempt to pick one up with the thought of trying them on you, they pass through your fingers.
>Clearing your mind of anything other than the desire to grab them, they do eventually settle in your palm.
>However, even then their physicality isn't entirely stable.
>"Just remember, visitor, you can't use them on yourself. Well then, are you ready for the real deal?"
>Another Way opens once more, showing the same entries as before.

>Midnight Sparkle (NEW!): MCR = 8, MTL = 20
>Another Way (NEW!): MCR = 11, MTL = 25

>You feel warmed up from the Grogar rematch, but is that enough for these new battles?
>Which battle will you pick?
>Which Persona will you choose?
>Which allies will you bring with you, or will you go alone?
>The choice, as always, is yours to make.
It's time for the big choices.
I think the second set of Arcana is the one with the most combos?
While you can, there's no need to limit yourself to sets. Card Fusions count to the MCR just as much as Combination Attacks do. Just pick whatever Persona you want, keeping in mind Double Jeopardy.
To be more precise, pick 22 Persona from any of the lists.
Is it only 1 persona per arcana?
Yes, that way we don't end up with Nyarlathotep, Coyote, and Legion all in one lineup.
Trips confirm. We were going to lame it out if we had the chance.
Bump from 8
Oh hey! Now we can use Legion more effectively.
It occurs to me that there's a chance people don't know where the lists of Persona are.

Legacy (Anon): https://pastebin.com/v0875CAH
Arcanon: https://pastebin.com/FLiHb1id
Nyarlathotep (Corrupted): https://pastebin.com/LEkk7FFv

Apologies for not posting these sooner.
Alright, here's a Persona list that I've cobbled together, someone speak up if it's got problems:

0: Coyote (the only Fool that doesn't rely on post number; Wind spells)
I: Merlin (can cover his weaknesses while regen-ing SP; Fire spells)
II: Pandora (Heat Riser's going to be more valuable used on us, doesn't have two elemental weaknesses)
III: Gaea (a healer with no weaknesses means we don't need to double up on heals in case of a weakness exploit)
IV: Caligula (attack boost and single-target multi-hits let us fish for crits)
V: Iscariote (analysis option if we don't want to start with an analyzebitch summoned, plus access to two elements; Dark and Ice spells)
VI: Diarmuid (Debuff fixing)
VII: Cu Chulainn (dedicated anti-physical; Bless spells)
VIII: Edmond Dantes (Lightning spells, plus the dodge is nice)
IX: Baba Yaga (status effects for days, Mind Charge)
X: Father Time (party evade-boost, instakill insurance for allies)
XI: Heracles (basically the same as Gilgamesh but with different weaknesses, plus Tetrakarn is a nice bonus)
XII: Tarzan (almost purely for Revolution, plus we can maybe bait a KO focus on the same turn before jumping to Cu Chulainn)
XIII: Itztlacoliuhqui (honestly just for the Makarakarn, and because it's not weak to physical or a poor man's Baba Yaga)
XIV: Dionysus (Psy spells)
XV: Cain (SP Drain and ailment-up)
XVI: M.A.R.A. (there is no justification for picking "my huge green dick", but it does have Big Black Viper)
XVII: Robin Hood (Crit Immunity and multi-stat debuff)
XVIII: Azathoth (I don't think we have any other way of inflicting despair, and clearing Makarakarn is a good safety)
XIX: Tonatiuh (Light spells; another critbooster)
XX: Minos (half-damage McNo-Dodge, and another Almighty user if M.A.R.A. gets cockblocked)
XXI: Razgriz (good persona for basic attacks; Ranged spells)
Note, I just picked the one that sounded most viable for each arcana, starting at fool; I didn't go looking for the best Fire user, the best Ice user, etc. and form a cohesive group from that. So if anyone has substitutions, hit us with 'em. I also haven't done any analysis whatsoever on weaknesses beyond "don't pick too many personas with multiple", so someone might want to check and make sure that an Ice user doesn't destroy half our team. And finally, I built this list on the assumption that single-target abilities took priority over multi-target, since AoEs are either going to be wasted (if we're facing one enemy) or dangerous (if facing multiple with different resistances to each element). If Midnight starts summoning a shitload of allies, we might be in trouble with this group.
Midnight only had a few phases were more than one target was present, but they usually covered each other's weakness, so I guess single targets still work.
The amount of Nyarly's persona worries me. Do we reach the required amount of combos with this formation?
I straight up did not think of that. We might not want to run this group if that's the case.
Keep in mind that Ally Combos and Card Fusion count towards the MCR.
If that's the case, we should consider which two allies would be the most ideal to begin with. Both for setting up buffs and combo wise.
With double jeopardy active we sgould think of the most optimal first turn possible.
Twilight and Sunset might work.
>Buff and debuff while Anon does a card fusion
>Almighty phys combo while Anon buffs the party
Which is it?
There's no need to plan the first turn before we start. It looks like this is the current loadout:

Persona: >>36127810
Pre-summoned Teammates: >>36128851

And from what it sounds like, you guys wish to start with Midnight Sparkle. Does this sound alright with everyone?
Woah woah woah.
Hold your horses cowboy.
We haven't settled on anything yet.
I'm only looking at what seems to be generally accepted, which is why I asked. Needed to see if I needed to start working on the update tonight or tomorrow.

If you still need time, then by all means keep planning. You'll just need to restate the plan during the actual fight if you pre-plan Turn 1 early.
I dunno man.
We might need Napoleon and Nemo for UNGARMAX. That move is too OP.
Agreed. Bump.
Halloween art is always great
Anyone has that pic of Luna and the Dream Team fighting the Legion?
Okaaaay, so how about:

0: Coyote (the only Fool that doesn't rely on post number; Wind spells)
I: Merlin (can cover his weaknesses while regen-ing SP; Fire spells)
II: Pandora (Heat Riser's going to be more valuable used on us, doesn't have two elemental weaknesses)
>III: Athena (crit immunity and Lightning spells)
>IV: Napoleon (for Ungarmax, plus teamwide attack buff and enemy boost-negation)
>V: Solomon (dedicated healer with no weaknesses and SP drain)
VI: Diarmuid (Debuff fixing)
VII: Cu Chulainn (dedicated anti-physical; Bless spells)
>VIII: Nemo (Defense-down for enemies, plus Ungarmax potential)
IX: Baba Yaga (status effects for days, Mind Charge)
X: Father Time (party evade-boost, instakill insurance for allies)
XI: Heracles (basically the same as Gilgamesh but with different weaknesses, plus Tetrakarn is a nice bonus)
XII: Tarzan (almost purely for Revolution, plus we can maybe bait a KO focus on the same turn before jumping to Cu Chulainn)
XIII: Itztlacoliuhqui (honestly just for the Makarakarn, and because it's not weak to physical or a poor man's Baba Yaga)
XIV: Dionysus (Psy spells)
XV: Cain (SP Drain and ailment-up)
XVI: M.A.R.A. (there is no justification for picking "my huge green dick", but it does have Big Black Viper)
XVII: Robin Hood (Crit Immunity and multi-stat debuff)
XVIII: Azathoth (I don't think we have any other way of inflicting despair, and clearing Makarakarn is a good safety)
XIX: Tonatiuh (Light spells; another critbooster)
XX: Minos (half-damage McNo-Dodge, and another Almighty user if M.A.R.A. gets cockblocked)
XXI: Razgriz (good persona for basic attacks; Ranged spells)

If we start with Sunset and Twi, that gives us potential for:
>Eternal Jam Session
>Through the Looking Glass
>20,000 RPM Under the Sea
>Sinner's Lot
>Reincarnation Pandora

That leaves us at 6, which is 2 combos short of Midnight's My Chemical Romance, and 5 short of Another Way's.
The following personas have no combos whatsoever:

So, all that being said, we could:

-Summon Luna, which would give us 3 more combos (4 if you count Moonlight Butterfly and its Ɐ counterpart as separate):
>Dáinsleif's Thirst
>Celestial Doping
>Moonlight Butterfly
>Moonlight Butterfly Ɐ

-replace Itztlacoliuhqui with Baron Samedi, giving us 2 more combos:
>From Hell

-replace Itztlacoliuhqui with Dullahan giving us 1 more combo:

-replace Solomon with Iscariote, giving us 2 more combos (and leaving us without a dedicated healer, though we'd have Coyote and, if we switched Itztlacoliuhqui for Baron Samedi, the Baron):
>Sinful Shell

So we've got a few options, if that's what y'all are feeling. I changed Gaea out for Athena to give us lightning, and Iscariote for Solomon to have a healer with no elemental exploit.
One more thing: combo damage types. We've got:
>Eternal Jam Session (Almighty/Physical)
>Through the Looking Glass (Ice)
>20,000 RPM Under the Sea (Ranged)
>Ungarmax (Ice/Ranged)
>Sinner's Lot (Curse)
>Reincarnation Pandora (Ice/Ranged)

>Dáinsleif's Thirst (Curse)
>Celestial Doping (Heal)
>Moonlight Butterfly (Almighty)
>Moonlight Butterfly Ɐ (Almighty)

>From Hell (Curse/Physical)
>Leveler (Almighty)

>Philistine (Curse/Physical)

>Oblivion (Curse/Physical)
>Sinful Shell (Ice/Ranged)

If we're running PonyTwi and PonySunset, we'd need to make sure we got Nemo out to Ice Break any resistant enemies first. I'm assuming Dark/Curse Break isn't a thing, since literally no persona or ally has it, but we'd also have to be on guard for Tetrakarns since there's a fair amount of physical in our combos too, either as Ranged or Melee.
I thought we only had one Sunset?
My personal suggestion is we swap out Itztla for Baron, Solomon for Iscariote, and make our Turn 1 a Luna Summon while Twi and Sunset lead with Eternal Jam Session so we can start pumping out 2-combo turns to pile on the damage. Do that until the group is somewhere in the 50% range, hit Celestial Doping for the heal and HP buffer, and resume combos, Blowing our Ice combos when the enemy doesn't resist them and Dark/Almighty when they've got Ice Resist/Ice Wall? That's what I'd do, personally, but I've never had much head for these fights.

good question, I guess main-story Sunset and EqG-gaiden Sunset are the same person, right? So that's one less thing to worry about, I suppose.
Sounds like a solid plan so far. Let's hope Midnight doesn't get lucky and makes us waste turns while trying to get back to the plan.
bump before practice
I'm curious, is there anyone people would like to see as party members in future MLPersona stuff? Personally, I think the Pillars would be cool.
File: Starlight Glimmer.png (364 KB, 600x600)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
Obviously, we need to punch GlimGlam in the face, though I wonder if we'll get the Stalin meme out of it.
If we go in order, we still haven't seen Tirek, Glimmer, The Pony of Shadows and Cozy Glow.
I think we're missing a bunch of EQG villains too.
In order, we started post-Tirek, so unless we just wanted Tirek Round 2, it'd have to be later.
We did start with Friendship Games/Persona 1 in that front.
So... should Camp Everfree be Innocent sin? Should Forgotten Friendship be SMT If?
Don't forget Valencia and Juniper.
I'd say those two were in such short stories that they could be added to the other ones.
We skipped the Dazzlings!
It occurs to me that one of the Pillars should definitely have King Arthur for a Persona. Should they all be takes on the King in the Mountain archetype, or would that be overdoing it?
The Dazzlings skipped themselves.
Aight, it looks like everyone's done brainstorming, though it looks like there's been a little mistake: Minos and Razgriz are both of the Judgement Arcana, while Pandora and Athena are of the Priestess Arcana. Please swap out one of each with a Persona of the Lust Arcana (Tokoyami no Amaterasu, Icarus, Baphomet) and Empress Arcana (Baast, Gaea, Mother Harlot).

If everything else is correct, I'll get started on the update after dinner.
This is why we can't have nice things.
Keep Razgriz and Pandora.
Add Tokoyami no Amaterasu and Baast
>That outfit on Rarity.
>That bell.
Is it based on that one cat not a witch from Soul Eater, by chance?
Ah goddammit, I can't count. Well if we toss Minos and Athena we're losing Through the Looking Glass for Black Hole Sun, another Dark move, as well as our dedicated Lightning caster. I would at this point like confirmation on whether Dark Break is a move and if it is, who has it, because that's a LOT of Curse combos to have to dance around to meet a combo requirement if Pandora has a phase or phases with Curse Resist.
I'll modify the Persona for this, but consider the following Persona to have Bless Break:


And these with Curse Break:

>Tokoyami no Amaterasu

Tetraja works as a Wall for both Bless and Curse, but only protect against Instant Death of either type once.
It does look Blair inspired.
File: 1794250.png (730 KB, 1000x1200)
730 KB
730 KB PNG
>You select the Persona you desire for the first match, having to reselect when you accidentally choose the wrong Persona twice.
>That done, you focus on Twilight and Sunset as your starting teammates.
>"Looks like you're all set! Show us what you're made of, visitor!"
>"Good luck."
>The passage with Midnight Sparkle's picture shines brightly, enveloping you with light as you vanish.

>The Princess's Archives, ???

>You materialize in an black, oily room that seems to swallow all the light within.
>Twilight and Sunset materialize as well, though strangely, Twilight is a pony, while Sunset is a human.
>Before you can make mention of it, a lone light shines in the center of the room, revealing Midnight Sparkle sitting upon her crystalline throne.
>You can tell she is bored out of her mind before she recognizes you.
>"Oh, so now you finally show up. I suppose waiting in this dream was worth the boredom."
"Wait, you've been waiting?"

>Midnight snickers at your question, standing up and nonchalantly swiping her hand to her left.
>As if made of wet toilet paper, a portal rips open, revealing a horrifying sight: all of the world outside appears to have been consumed by Decoherence!
>Canterlot High has been completely assimilated by Midnight's Fantasia, with Shadows hunting down fleeing civilians in the distance.
>Noticing several odd shapes on the streets, you recognize those as tanks and cars completely wrecked: some smashed, while others are melted piles of scrap.
>"You see, there's not much to do when you've already conquer the world. It truly was dull, dealing with mirages of people."
>Elizabeth and Grogar's lucid awareness of being fake during your solo bouts come to mind when she says this, but were they able to leave their own arenas?
File: 1257855.png (122 KB, 854x1200)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
>"Well, we both know you're not here to care about a world that never was: you want your fight."
>Her eyes glow with corrupted magic as she unfurls her wings, ready for combat.
>"Do try not die too quickly: you owe me a good show for a whole year of nothing!"
>Sunset and Twilight run to your side, readying their weapons.
>"Don't worry, we're with you all the way. Persona, Henshin!"
>"Carpe Diem. Are ya ready?"
>She jams her card into her belt buckle, activating her Persona and readying for combat!

[If it has a pulse, take its skull!]


Battle 2: Midnight Sparkle (Round 3)




Persona List this run: https://pastebin.com/Jpzu9JyF

Please choose a Starting Persona, and a plan for this turn.
We should make our first Persona count.
Start with Razgriz and summon Princess Luna to the Battle.
Sunset and Twilight can Eternal Jam the enemy and Luna can make use of her turn to Moonlight Butterfly before Razgriz has to be changed next turn.
Calling a friend takes our turn though, doesn't it? Unless you're talking about doing Moonlight Butterfly next turn. If that's the case, disregard my dumb ass.
If we are going by double jeopardy rules, then next turn we'll have to change to another persona amd we won't be able to combo with Razgirz and Luna.
I'd have said to keep the Almighty combos till the final stages, but if we do enough damage we can skip the most annoying forms of Pandora, so this isn't such a flawed strategy.
Maybe I misunderstood, isn't Double Jeopardy that you can't keep switching back into the same persona? I didn't think you were limited to one move per persona.
Yeah, but don't expect the enemy to look over the chance to exploiting our weakness.
It seems I’ve confused you guys. Clarification: Double Jeopardy just means that, when you complete this fight, you can’t use these Persona for Nyarly or the secret fight. In addition, (You) can’t do another action after summoning and ally: if you wish to use a combo with Luna, it’d have to wait for next turn.
If we can keep our persona, then have Luna make a wall to protect Twilight.
Same plan as before.
"Twilight, Sunset, do your thing while I call on some more help!"
>You swap Razgriz into your thoughts, focusing on the memories of Luna.
>An orb of light emerges from your body, manifesting itself as the familiar lunar Princess.
>"Shield Twilight's weakness, Artemis!"
>A stellar lion pounces at Twilight, covering her with a shimmering red aura as she looks at Midnight with a troubled expression.
>"So this is what the me on the other side became? Such power emanating from her, but I can't help but feel a sense of loneliness in her smile..."

>Sunset pats her friend on the side, giving a thumbs up as she readies her gladius.
>"That's why we're here to stop her: the original Midnight was saved, and even if we can't save this one, we can still stop this!"
>"You're right, Sunset, no amount of loneliness justifies harming the world around you. Persona!"
>The two shatter their cards in unison, as Nimue freezes the ground beneath Midnight Sparkle's feet!
>She holds her arms in a defensive position as Twilight and Sunset leap at her, their weapons finding their mark with lethal accuracy.

>Nimue calls forth a legion of icy blades that join the fray, cutting deep with each slice as the two girls switch to magical attacks.
>A beautiful lightshow of soft purple and passionate red spells bombard Midnight, leaving her gritting her teeth as blood trickles from her lips!
>"Time to end this!"
>The two throw their weapons to the air, focusing their magic on them as a powerful gravitational field generates between the two.
>Though she attempts to fly back to escape, Midnight is sucked into the vortex, enveloped in the unstable mixture of magic!

Combo Activated: Eternal Jam Session
>A powerful explosion erupts, sending the weapons back to Sunset and Twilight's possession and releasing a heavy cloud of smoke.
>When it fades, you see something you've never witnessed before: a mostly cracked barrier that seems to have eaten most of the blast!
>Midnight is still heavily injured, but she gives a smile as she moves out partially unscathed.
>"You like it? It was a little something I prepared for our little fight, though it only works once."
>An orb of radiant light manifests in her hand, as she looks directly at you.

>"I was expecting to use it against Ungarmax, judging from your earlier fights, but that was worth blocking as well!"
>She fires the beam at Sunset, who manages to avoid it barely.
>It seems she knows about your previous solo bouts, though not necessarily your own Persona's weaknesses, considering how she didn't exploit Razgriz's.
>She's quite injured from the attack, but not as much as you hoped, thanks to that barrier.
>Still, now that she's used it, this is a perfect time to really pile on the damage!
>You consider your options as the battle continues.


You: 700% HP, 700% SP
Luna: 100% HP, 90% SP
Sunset: 70% HP, 70% SP
Twilight: 70% HP, 70% SP
That voyeur bitch likes to snoop on our fights, huh?
Then let's show her what Razgriz and Luna can do when they work together!
Also, Sunset can debuff and Twilight patch us up a bit.
Sunset has every flavor of buff, but no debuffs.
I’m guessing her Shadow/demon form would be the opposite?
I'm afraid I have no idea what a "Shadow/demon form" means, in regards to Sunset.
I meant if there were a boss fight of her Shadow or her demon form.
Maybe. Do you want to switch Sunset to buff someone, or something else?
Nope. Have Sunset buff our defences
"You sure got yourself a voyeuristic streak, huh, Midnight? Are you ready to slam her, mom?"
>Luna nods, her card hovering before her lips.
>"On your mark!"
>Razgriz begins the assault with a volley of bullets, tearing through Midnights body with sickening accuracy!

>Artemis calmly nocks five arrows onto her bow, aiming their trajectory to the sky as a beam of pale moonlight shines down.
>The mechanical valkyrie doesn't let up on her assault, firing explosive rounds that catch her opponent's blind spots and sending them careening forward!
>With a clear breath, Artemis sends the arrows flying, shooting through the oily night and bathing themselves in the soothing moonlight.
>Now imbued with lunar radiance, the projectiles home in towards Midnight, pinning her in place as Razgriz opens all her missile silos!
"I have you now!"

Combo Activated: Moonlight Butterfly

>The silos all light up, unleashing myriad missiles that track down Midnight's magical signature, covering the entire area she stood with a resounding cascade of explosions!
>She got pretty banged up from that: looks like she's about halfway done with this form.
>Of course, she will likely transform into Pandora when she's truly in danger, so be wary.
>"It's time to bulk up!"
>A catchy tune sounds from Kamen Rider Phoenix Requiem, reinforcing your defenses as the music echoes in your ears.

>"Heal my friends, Nimue!"
>The Lady of the Lake cups some holy water in her hands, sprinkling them on the team and healing their wounds completely.
>Midnight brushes herself off and looks at Twilight with a smirk.
>"So that is the me from the other side, huh? I wonder what mirror me looks like on the inside."
>The way she looks at her princess self is akin to a fox leering at a poultry from behind a fence.
File: 2460745.jpg (131 KB, 1280x1657)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>She makes hand gun, gives you a wink, then "fires" at Twilight, shattering the fiery lion that was protecting her!
>"And what did you expect for me to do, when you left me alone for a whole year? Invest in stocks?"
>Balls of fire light from her fingertips, growing exponentially as she flings them all at you!
>"The veil of dreams has been thinned to the point that I can see your other fights."
>Several will-o'-wisps slam to your side, searing you badly and leaving a nasty burn, as Luna and Sunset take heavy damage.
>"...It also showed me that my existence is as ephemeral as the phantoms you've summoned for your aid: doomed to fade away when the book finally closes."

>Twilight looks like she's in danger, as the flames begin to lick her feet.
>Suddenly, the Chaos Naginata springs to life, sending her flying through the air into a safe spot, remaining unscathed!
>Midnight clicks her tongue in annoyance, before turning her attention to you.
>"I figured there wasn't much point in standing idle while I never knew if you would return. So I conquered the dream within the dream I lay in, and have been practicing."
>Fairly injured, she takes to flight once more, giggling with a mad gleam in her eyes.

>"Only a few more hits until I relinquish this shell, dreamers. I wonder what you'll do when you see what's changed?"
>You check the item bag the twins gave you, since you never really kept in mind of the contents.
>It appears there are 7 Ash Potions, 7 Ephemeral Candies, and 7 Fading Feathers.
>They likely do the same things Zebra Healing Potions, Zap Apple Candies, and Phoenix Feathers did before, with the stipend that they don't work on you.
>Keeping that in mind, what will you do next?


You (Burn): 650% HP, 630% SP
Luna: 56% HP, 60% SP
Sunset: 55% HP, 60% SP
Twilight: 100% HP, 55% SP
>"The veil of dreams has been thinned to the point that I can see your other fights."
Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like it might be foreshadowing?
File: enoughtalk.gif (228 KB, 400x185)
228 KB
228 KB GIF
If it makes you feel any better, the stories keep on going. Don't get me wrong, we're still going to kick your flat, scrawny ass, and part of it is for the pure thrill of it; but we wouldn't keep coming back to these stories if we didn't enjoy seeing your story continue, too. Doesn't even have to be as a villain, it'd be cool to have you on our side.

But enough talk! Have at you!
We could push for one more turn before running Celestial Doping, if you guys are feeling lucky? Ungarmax, Dainsleif's Thirst, and have Twi fix our burn. Or if we want to keep everyone full-up, we could Celestial Doping and Black Hole Sun this turn and work the next few turns with a buffer. Just offering up a couple options so we can deliberate further from there.
I'd rather we save UNGARMAX for the evils that come after this form.
In the meantime, we could have Sunset buff our agility, make Luna heal and have Twilight go with a Trinity Blade.
As for Anon, what effect did his weapon have again? We might want to consider what basic attacks could offer to us.
Going by that strategy, we could change to Tarzan and boost everyone's crit chance while we are at it.
(You) have a Rocket Drill Hammer, which acts like an Upgraded Weapon in terms of damage and crit chance, but without any special effects attached to it.
Then let's have Anon up everyone's crit, Sunset buff agility, Luna healing and Twilight doing Almighty damage.
File: 3660_1.jpg (201 KB, 728x409)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
>You feel tempted to unleash Ungarmax, but now's not the time: preparations must be completed first.
"Change, Tarzan!"
>The bestial man lets out a rallying howl, boosting everyone's potential for a critical strike.
"If it makes you feel any better, the stories keep on going."
>The pain from the burn makes you wince, dealing moderate damage due to your enlarged health pool.
"Don't get me wrong, we're still going to kick your flat, scrawny ass, and part of it is for the pure thrill of it. But we wouldn't keep coming back to these stories if we didn't enjoy seeing your story continue, too."

>Luna kisses her card, as Artemis covers the team in a gentle moonlight, restoring everyone's wounds.
>"Unfortunately, I cannot heal and cure ailments at the same time. I might be able to take care of that burn later."
>Newly patched up, Sunset plays another melody, boosting everyone's speed as Twilight prepares her special attack.
>Charging Midnight, she bucks her into the air with an earth pony's strength!
>"Geez, you're hitting WAY too hard for pastel horses!"
>Ignoring her remark, she lights the Chaos Naginata with magic before taking off, catching her mid-air with a precise slice!
>"Trinity Blade!"

>The blow causes Midnight to shriek in pain as you continue.
"Doesn't even have to be as a villain, it'd be cool to have you on our side."
>Suddenly, Midnight smirks and grabs Twilight by the horn, keeping her in place.
>"That was the wrong move, Princess."
>With that, she explodes with thermal energy, the blast extending to all but the far reaches of the room!
>You manage to barely escape the blast, but Luna and Sunset are badly injured, while Twilight lies limp in Midnight's clutches.
File: 1771985.png (677 KB, 1000x1000)
677 KB
677 KB PNG
>"You don't seem to understand a thing at all, dreamers. I have no story."
>She tosses Twilight to the ground unceremoniously before blasting your with a nuclear beam!
>Due to your burns, you sustain heavier damage as she continues.
>"I'm a modification of a fake memory in a dream within a dream. Unlike the REAL Pandora, I'm the butterfly being dreamed of: there is no possibility that I am dreaming of the man."
>Blue-black flames erupt from her body as she focuses for a future attack.
>"Like your allies, I can interact with you: fight against you. But the moment I fail, and you succeed, I will simply fade away into nothingness once more."

>Midnight shrugs, floating down from where she was casting.
>"So since I have no existence outside of your eyes, I fully intend to keep them on me for as long as possible!"
>Twilight is knocked out at the moment, and the others are fairly injured.
>There are items available to fix them up, but Midnight is also most likely planning something nasty with that Mind Charge.
>Just a little more damage, and it should be enough to push Pandora out of hiding.
>What's your move?


You (Burn): 620% HP, 620% SP
Luna: 51% HP, 45% SP
Sunset: 49% HP, 50% SP
Twilight (KO): 0% HP, 25% SP
Well. Them's the breaks I suppose. Let's revive Twi with Luna to save her SP for a combo, Sunset go for a single target Bless attack, Twi heals the party, we thwack Midnight with Sinner's Lot perhaps? An even turn of heal and attack to push her into phase 2 while keeping everyone alive. That said, after the heal Twi's going to be low on SP, so we'll need to item her up next turn if we want her to combo. I guess we could revive and max her SP all in this round if we think a Card Fusion by itself will push Pandora over the edge? But if we don't get enough damage to make her change tactics, I'm worried Midnight's going to keep hammering her Fire weakness.

Up to y'all.
A Card fusion might just be enough to trigger the next phase and even making her lose the mind charge.
But is risky.
I'd say to go for it.
Bump from 7
Could we get a turn and combo counter at the end of each round?
I'm assuming you want Luna to use an item to revive Twilight, but Sunset only knows Curse, Physical, and a special Fire move.

I can, if you want, though I was planning to remind you organically when you hit certain points of the time limit. Currently you've done 2 combos, and it is 3 Turns in.
Sure, then let's change Bless to Curse, so:
Sunset: Eigaon
Luna: Fading Feather on Twilight
Twilight: Mediarahan
Anon: Card Fusion Sinner's Lot
>This might be a rough patch, but maybe you'll be able to stop whatever Midnight's planning if you hit just hard enough!
"I call upon thee, Cain: it's time to get rough. Card Fusion!"
>Switching to your Devil Persona, you combine the Fool and Devil together in a brilliant flash of light!
>Coyote cackles wildly as a caustic black ichor drools from its maw, catching Midnight by surprise as it restricts her movements.
>Cain doesn't let up either, leaping into the air and pinning her down with his pitchfork!
>Necrotic energy seeps through the wound, causing Midnight to cough up blood as the farmer moves to one of the crystalline pillars in the room and demolishes it with his hands.
>Taking a sizable piece of crystal, Cain lifts it above his head and slams it into his unfortunate victim!

Combo Activated: Sinner's Lot

>The force of the repeated bludgeoning results in her magical horn shattering from the impact, as well as several teeth being knocked out.
>A rather brutish way to make a point, but an effective one, nonetheless.
>With a final cry that rips his sewn mouth open, he slams the fragment into Midnight's gut, earning a pained grunt as the air escapes her!
>"Come back to us, Twilight!"
>Luna takes one of the Fading Feathers and places it on Twilight, the temporary energies within restoring her to full vitality as she picks herself up.

>"Dark Blaster, fire!"
>Several orbs of darkness shoot from Sunset's armored hand, slamming into the collapsed Midnight for heavy damage!
>"Sorry about that, everypony! Here's another round of healing!"
>Twilight brings everyone's health back to full capacity, including yourself, as Midnight's form begins to crack and break.
>"Nice work, dreamers, you got me. But I wonder if you're truly ready for this!"
>A bright light blinds you all as several shapes escape the dying Midnight.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (118 KB, 1280x720)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
>When your eyes finally clear, you see something that certainly surprises you: all of the Evils associated with Pandora stand before you!
>The standard-looking First Evil: Sickness.
>The skull-winged Second Evil: Death.
>The Pink and Blue-haired twins, also known as the Third and Fourth Evils: Turmoil and Strife.
>The overtly feminine Fifth Evil, as well as the masculine Sixth Evil: Jealousy and Hatred.
>The withered Seventh, with a lamprey-like mouth, that you never truly experienced: Famine.
>And the Eighth Evil, with her maternal mockery: Passion.
>All eight ready themselves, as the final, more prismatic, Final Evil, descends with a smile.

>"Behold, dreamers, a new challenge: can you defeat us all before I wipe you out? This will certainly be interesting."
>With a giggle, the Final Evil falls back to the furthest end of the throne room, as the first four Evils face you down!
>Looks like you'll need to kill all eight Evils before you can take a crack at finishing this once and for all.
>Fully healed, if not drained of magical power, you consider how to start this second phase.


You (Burn): 700% HP, 590% SP
Luna: 100% HP, 45% SP
Sunset: 100% HP, 30% SP
Twilight: 100% HP, 5% SP

You have performed 3 out of the 8 minimum combos.
You have 16 turns remaining.
For potential clarification: currently the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Evils have take the field as your opponents. The Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth are waiting to go in, and will not be caught by AOEs. The Final Evil is inaccessible until all Evils are dead.

Also, new fight theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zq0iTlHHLV8
Huh, don't think I've ever seen this list of evils before.

Glad we're only dealing with 8 instead of 11 though, given the image.
All of these Evils were part of the original Another Way battle against Midnight Sparkle, though with Sunset's Secret Combo you skipped the Seventh and Eighth Evil completely.

As for the image, I couldn't really find a better one, so I just Googled something up.
>As for the image, I couldn't really find a better one, so I just Googled something up.
Ah, I had thought you were a fellow Nasu fan from it.
Can we still target each active evil individually?
Imagine Evils 5-8 as being "In Reserve". Realistically, they're not being protected by an Analysis Persona or something, but mechanically they are treated as such: untargetable unless they switch in.

I've read stay night, and I also play FGO, so I know what the image is. This is just one of those I didn't have originally slapped together for this rerun.
As for the ones on the field, all Evils are their own individual target. You can hit them with both single target and AOE attacks.
Sickness uses ailments, Death uses insta-kills, Turmoils uses psychokinesis to combo with Strife that uses elemental.

How should we take care of them?
Given the amounts of HP and SP we have, it would be wise to keep having anon using card fusions while the girls recover their SP.
As for the evils, I'd say dealing with sickness first is our top priority. Either going all out to get her, or using silence.

We still have that boost in crit chance, so let's try to make the most of it.
Do we have an AoE Silence? Also, what are the enemies Weaknesses and whatnot?
Anyone who can do an ailment can do an AOE ailment. In other words, you'll need to summon Sunny Flare or Rainbow Dash. Which I suppose, technically, isn't enough to summon the Reaper. Though it'll be difficult to summon an Analysis afterwards, unless you want to risk having one of your allies without a Persona active for a turn.

You do not know any of the Evils' Weaknesses or Resistances. You'll need to either fish for them, or summon an Analysis ally (Spike, Fluttershy, Sunny).
It's likely that the first evil absorbs bless and the second absorbs curse.
The third evil absorbs Psy while the Fourth absorbs Nuke. Both of them resist bless and curse.
If you're looking at the old fight, first, I appreciate people doing their homework. Second, these Evils are slightly different compared to the ones previously: they might have the same Absorb Elements, but they're not guaranteed any Resistances or Weaknesses they originally held. They might even have Weaknesses you can exploit.

Like I said, you'll either need to fish, or bring in an Analysis.
Midnight bump
Pandora Bump
if we're dealing with as many and varied resists and weaknesses as these posts seem to imply, it might behoove us to take this turn to prep for a turn. Thoughts on the following?

Anon: Dark Break Death using Tokoyami no Amaterasu
Luna: Red Wall Twilight
Twi: Ephemeral Candy herself
Sunset: Defense boost the party (agility boost is still active for everyone but Twi since she got downed, right?)

That leaves Luna and Twi enough SP to Celestial Doping next turn if we get rocked, plus we'll have a clear shot for AoE Dark moves next turn either by Card Fusion (Oblivion) or by teaming with Sunset (Black Hole Sun). The biggest risk of this plan is that at the end of the round half our team is weak to Bless, and if Pandora knows Cain's weaknesses, she's likely to try a Bless spell. If Death Mahamaon's us, Sunset loses her revive and we go down like a sack of bricks until someone picks us up next turn. I'm open to alternatives, but it's a starting point.
KO’d members lose their buffs, yes.
I'm worried whenever we do a defensive turn since Elizabeth punished us for that. Also, a Dekunda might throw a giant wrench to any character in risk of not making the turn alive.

I'd say we at least have Sunset do a fire move on one of them.
Do we still have our crit chance up?
I think Twi Twi has a high chance of dodging fire due to her weapon. Maybe we can have Luna do something else?
Revolution is not actually a buff/debuff in the same sense as others: it's always active, until it wears out, as it affects everyone's crit chance.
Does it stack if we cast it again?
To be more precise, it would simply add 3 turns to the Revolution, like a normal buff/debuff.
yeah, let's have Sunset and Luna attack the first and second evils respectively.
One with fire and the other with basic attacks.
I'll be real, Midnight dished out enough damage with a non-charged Maragidyne to bring Sunset and Luna to just above half, and that's with a defense boost on our side. I think leaving Twilight's weakness exposed and relying on her Evade Fire is dangerous with Strife presumably having access to fire spells.

That said, if you guys are confident, I'll go along with a round of weakness-fishing. Just be aware of the dangers, I guess.
A slight correction: the Fire spells Midnight used were the equivalent of an AOE Ragnarok, or 1d20+40% damage, without Weakness modifiers.
Going defense sounds good to me then.
Oh darn. That's way stronger than your run of the mill Agidyne.
Let's stick to defence then.
"If I had to take a guess, the Second Evil must have some form of Curse Absorption. Let's change that, Tokoyami no Amaterasu!"
>Tapping the Lust Arcana, you call forth the corrupted sun goddess who takes the flaming mirror on her back and flings it at the skull-adorned Pandora.
>The flames surrounding it squirm as though they were alive, latching onto the Second Evil and creating a conduit for Curse magic to flow within!
>Artemis calls forth her lion friend once more to shield Twilight, granting her a resistance towards the flames.
>"And you know, at the end of the day, it is we who survive~!"
>Sunset reapplies her defensive buffs with another tune as Twilight chomps down on one of the grey candies, restoring her energy.

>"Well, if you're going to prepare for your next attack, then so shall we!"
>The First Evil holds her hands to the sky as a sickly green miasma pours from her fingers.
>The gas encircles the whole field, making everyone more susceptible to ailments!
>Even with the corrosive flames enveloping her, the Second Evil holds a hand out to Sunset, a beam of light coalescing within it.
>The laser fires, striking a vital point as Sunset drops like a rock!
>"Get back up, champ! The party's just getting started!"
>A tinny voice sounds from Kamen Rider Phoenix Requiem, revitalizing Sunset and bringing her back into the game.

>Meanwhile, Death gives off an intimidating aura, her twisted smile widening.
>Most of you are unaffected, but Twilight begins to break out in sweat at the sight: fear clouding her eyes!
>"And that's my cue!"
>Turmoil points a finger gun at the fear-stricken Twilight and fires a psychokinetic shot at the alicorn, taking advantage of her distracted mind to deal massive damage!
>"You know, most people would heal a burn when they're affected by one. Still, you made my job much easier!"
>Strife leaps at you and swipes a radioactive claw across your chest, sinking into the burn and dealing far more damage than normal!
>Finally, the burn fades away on its own, leaving you to consider your condition.
>Sunset's free revive has been spent, thanks to Death's lucky hit, and Twilight is currently frightened.
>It doesn't take much to suspect the Second Evil might exploit that if it's not taken care of.
>Still, if she had a Curse resistance, there's no way it will protect her from your arsenal now.
>What will you do?


You: 617% HP, 580% SP
Luna: 100% HP, 35% SP
Sunset: 100% HP, 20% SP
Twilight (Fear): 34% HP, 100% SP

You have performed 3 out of the 8 minimum combos.
You have 15 turns remaining.
I've got a midterm due tomorrow, so until I finish that, we'll be temporarily pausing the boss fight. I'll do my best to answer questions and clear misconceptions in the meantime, but there will likely be no updates until late tomorrow morning.
And now, we retaliate.
Jesus, was that a Hamaon or something, at least? Or did Sunset get K.O.'d from a single bless damage spell, after getting defense-up'd, with agility-up on? If it's the latter, we probably ought to rethink our strategy entirely. Like, 'drop Sunset from the team once we burn her combos' level rethinking. Because we don't have anyone on our persona roster or summonable who can cast tetraja, and the only other recourse to avoid her going down like that again is to have Sunset defend until we merc Death.
Hamaon, which has a very high chance of hitting Sunset, due to her weakness.
I told ya about them Evil's abilities bro.
Human Fluttershy can cast Tetraja with Tzaphkiel.
>summon a Fluttershy
Eww. Why?
File: Capture.png (258 KB, 633x349)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
Summon Kenpachiramasama!
He is too flippant to be summoned.
I'll also point out that Father Time can cast Tetraja as well.

If you're looking for it within the Persona list, the keywords are "protect" and "instant death".
Crazy question, can we have multiple navigators active simultaneously?
Nope. just one analyzer active at the time.
Alright, can we swap which one is active? Have one do their Analysis mode debuff/attack, next turn, summon another, have the previous one go inactive and the one does their attack, etc?
That we can do, yes.
But... summoning more allies would hinder our battle score. And being berated by loli guards is a fate worse than losing.
Maybe so, and we don't want to kill them before we get our Minimum Combos met either, but its good to have a panic button option, you know?
>Panic button
Sounds like Sickness and Death have already gotten to you.
I'd say we can get more out of an all offensive turn like >>36146476 suggested.

>inb4 2020 is a result of Pandora's Evils.
Oh no, I'm not saying we do it now, just something to keep in our back pocket for when we do need it.
Careful with those back pockets man. You end up sitting on something important when you least expect it. And ain't nobody want an ass smeared with pony.
It's fine. I only use my front pockets, they're easier to reach and you never sit on anything that way.
Sunset doesn't have enough MP for a combo.
Which are our options?
While it will cost you another Candy, you could get Luna to feed one to Sunset before the combo.
Which was our speed order?
Currently, with the members out: (You) -> Luna -> Sunset -> Twilight

Left being faster than right.
What combo did Twilight and Luna had available?
Here's the list of combos:


But if you don't want to read, their combo is Celestial Doping, which is a full heal that temporarily doubles HP. The Temporary HP then degrades by 20% every turn after.
I think now is the best moment to card fusion into Ungarmax, followed by Celestial Doping.
After that we can either have Sunset do a big curse on Second Evil or use a mana recovery item on Luna.
Ungarmax hits all the enemies, right?
before we try for that, we should clarify: does being Afraid affect Twi's chances of activating the combo? also, everyone is technically full HP except Twi, kind of a waste of the full-heal aspect of Doping. I'm not into the idea of Sunset getting Hamaon'd every turn, so how about:
(You): switch to Father Time and Tetraja Sunset
Sunset and Luna: Dainsleif
Twilight: Try for a Mabufudyne, if she's too afraid to do anything that's cool.

If we could get a feel for whether UNGARMAX is going to heal one of these evils, it'd be a nice bonus, and Dainslief's going to defense-down them to make UNGARMAX more effective next turn.
I doubt ice is going to heal these evils. it would most likely heal the fifth one.
Fear is a set chance that Twilight simply won’t do anything for her turn.
so, I'm not seeing how we can cure Twi's Fear aside from Luna, and if she gets slapped with an attack, she's probably down again... taking a defensive stance last turn kind of fucked us though, so I guess the only real way forward is pouring on more damage it looks like?
Time for Ungarmax
I believe people are still brainstorming, but if anyone has a plan, go ahead and reply to this post with it.
If the HP gets doubled, does it mean a pony with 100%hp would have 200%hp or is the cap still 100?
You'd get the full heal, then 100% HP on top of that which decays at 20% per turn.

For a more visual example:

Turn 1: 200% from Celestial Doping activating
Turn 2: 180%
Turn 3: 160%
Turn 4: 140%
Turn 5: 120%
Turn 6: 100%

Some interesting things this means is that attacks that do all of your HP, like a Mind Charged Morning Star or an instant kill , would take the temporary HP first. If at any point you have 100% or less HP, the decay ends.
Sound like it could help Sunset be still around until we beat the second evil and it also gives us more room for doing combos.

I'd say we go with >>36150714 now is the time to go offensive before the first evil complicates things even more or the second one keeps getting advantage of Sunset.
I just noticed, it doesn't look like the combo list has combos for human and pony versions of different characters.
They have different personae so they have different combos.
It's just a partial clerical error: Pinkie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy all have combos with their EQG selves. I'll be updating it when the new thread happens.
I meant stuff like Hyperphotonic Rainboom, where it's 2 versions of the same character.

I figured, just wanted to let you know.

Also, I'm surprised there are no combos between the girls and their Shadowbolt counterparts listed, or triple combos like AJ + AJ (Human) + Sugarcoat, but I'm not the QM and I'm sure they're hard to come up with, so no big.
Well... part of the fun in this year's challenge was finding them out I guess.
That's why we insisted on the double Rainbow Dash in the Grogar fight.
There are the combos between the EQG girls and their Shadowbolt counterparts, such as Sunny with Applejack, Indigo and Rainbow, etc. In addition, while it was implied, there is also a combo between Spike and Spike the Dog.

As for triple combos, you're asking a lot out of someone who slapped this together last second lol. Triple combos are too messy for my taste, so I try to avoid them.
> There are the combos between the EQG girls and their Shadowbolt counterparts, such as Sunny with Applejack, Indigo and Rainbow, etc. In addition, while it was implied, there is also a combo between Spike and Spike the Dog.

Cool. Gives us a bit more flexibility for team-building.

> As for triple combos, you're asking a lot out of someone who slapped this together last second lol. Triple combos are too messy for my taste, so I try to avoid them.

Like I said, it's no big deal. You put in enough effort on this. I'm not gonna be selfish and ask for more. It'd be a dick move.
By the way, assuming Sunset lands a Weakness, what would you do with that One More! ?
That depends...
How did the other's actions go?
I'd wager either attacking the evil that looks more beaten up, or using a candy to replenish either her or Luna's SP.
Damage Combos always hit, assuming they don't block the damage. Sunset is acting before Celestial Doping. As for whether or not Celestial Doping activated, that's a secret :^)
I doubt Sunset has any SP left to use curse and leave that enemy dizzy. Have her use that One More to recover her SP.
"Nemo, switch!"
>The time is now: there's no going back.
>You take out your trusty Justice and Emperor card, looking at the Evils with a grin of your own.
"You want Ungarmax? I'll give you Ungarmax; Card Fusion!"
>From the inky black floor rises the glorious Nautilus, readying its missile silos as Napoleon sets his first line of troops in place.
"All silos, fire at will!"
>Napoleon's troops fire first, punching holes into the Evils as Nemo locks on target.
>With a pained groan, the silos fire one after another, blanketing the entire area with frigid missiles!

Combo Activated: Ungarmax

>Caught in place by the endless barrage of the general's troops, the Evils are unable to escape the bombardment, the freezing mist locking them in place!
>"Time to pay you back for that dirty kill doublefold! Dark Blaster!"
>Sunset focuses all her energy into one shot, charging the ball to thrice the normal size.
>The darkness coursing through it begins to rupture out of the orb, the dark tendrils trailing behind the Rider.
>Finally the shot rings out, soaring through the air and punching a hole through Death with the help of the corrupted mirror on her body!
>The frozen Evil collapses to the ground, still unable to truly move as Sunset seizes the moment.
>Her helmet opens temporarily as she takes another Ephemeral Candy to pop in her mouth, restoring her spirit.

>Twilight almost looks like she'll flee the area altogether, but Luna holds a hoof to her shoulder, giving her a reassuring smile.
>"Stay calm, Twilight, we can do this together."
>"R-right, you're right. P-persona!"
>The two women begin to dip into their own bodies of 'water', Nimue manipulating the holy water of the Lake, while Artemis takes a cupful of the starry sky.
>They mix the two liquids, swirling with harmonious energy that already heals your wounds and wipes the fear from Twilight's expression.

Combo Activated: Celestial Doping
>Fully synthesized, the starry ambrosia pours itself all over the group, granting you vitality beyond normal limits!
>You can feel the life swiftly fading, however: it will not last forever.
>The Evils on the field are unable to act this turn, but you see them beginning to break free of their restraints.
>You likely only have one turn to truly bring on the pain, so optimization is key.
>Frozen enemies take extra damage from physical and Nuclear damage, as you recall.
>What you do with this knowledge is entirely up to you.
>You scratch your bald head as you consider your options.


You: 900% HP, 530% SP
Luna: 200% HP, 5% SP
Sunset: 200% HP, 100% SP
Twilight: 200% HP, 70% SP

You have performed 5 out of the 8 minimum combos.
You have 14 turns remaining.
Now that's what I call a comeback!
Heh. Can’t help but think this fits surprisingly well with what’s happening in FGO JP at the moment.

More on topic, if we do a combo that does several types of damage including Physical, how would that interact with the Frozen status compared to one that only does physical? Would it get less of a damage boost?
It's likely one of those evils has a resist or absorbs nuke. I'd say we do a physical round.
Have Anon change into Diarmuid to show us just how incredible his phys AoE is. The same with Luna and her ranged phys.
Sunset should buff our attacks, while Twilight does a Trinity Blade on one of the evils.
You'd get a 1.4x multiplier to damage, and a 20% chance to knock the enemy down. If you hit that sweet spot, that's a One More! you can exploit. This is the same as if you hit with Nuclear.
>Damage multiplier
>Chance to knock the enemy down
>We already have our crit chance up.
Boy oh boy. I guess we are more evil than this group of chumps after all.
Actually, Revolution ended the turn before. Apologies for not mentioning it in the adventure, that was my bad.
So... Death was weak to curse because it became weak or did Sunset land a crit?
Death was always Weak to Curse, even without the Curse Break.
I’m just wondering if, for example, Rites of Spring gets more of a boost than Wrath of the Gods, because the former is pure Phys and the latter is mixed.
Pure Physical will always have a slight damage increase, due to the mixed nature of Phys+Element, as well as the general lack of weakness to Physical.
Should we start preparing for making a new thread?
It's 50 posts away, but they are coming closer.
I'll put it together, though it'll probably be a tomorrow thing, unless we suddenly spike in activity.
What does everyone think of Eternal Jam Session + Rites of Spring + Luna refilling her SP?
Dude... we can't do that
Combos are "one and done": you've already performed Eternal Jam Session, so you can't do it again this fight.
We already did Eternal Jam Session. And we lack the persona to make Rites of Spring.
Archive for Round 2 is ready: https://pastebin.com/4V0S17zw
Derp. My bad. How about AOE Enervate from Twilight + Philistine + Luna recharges her mp?
I'd say we should keep the combos for the next 5 evils. We have a free round now and we can do great with just the phys damage.
You unfortunately do not have Dullahan, which is required for the combo.

You currently have these combos left that you haven't done, given your current teammates:

>Baron Samedi + Cain = From Hell (Curse/Physical/Rakunda)
>Sunset + Luna = Dáinsleif's Thirst (Curse/Rakunda)
>Nemo + Twilight = 20,000 RPM Under The Sea (Ranged/Freeze)
>Tokoyami no Amaterasu + Sunset = Black Hole Sun (Curse)
>Pandora + Heracles = Reincarnation Pandora (Ice/Ranged/Random Ailments)
>Iscariote + Cain = Oblivion (Curse/Physical)
>Baron Samedi + Razgriz = Leveler (Almighty)
>Napoleon + Iscariote = Sinful Shell (Ranged/Ice)
>Razgriz (Mind Charge) + Luna = Moonlight Butterfly Ɐ (Almighty)

There might be some I couldn't find on the list, but these are the ones I can confirm, 100%, you haven't done yet.
Actually, that may well be a better idea. I’d still like to recharge Luna’s MP though.
We can take advantage of phys like in >>36155331 and if it doesn't finish them off, we at least know Sunset can curse the second evil while Luna recharges MP.
The important thing is to deal with the first and second evils. After that we can start setting up magic and phys repels for evils 5 and 6.
Assuming Hassou Tobi grants you a One More! what do you want to do with it?
What do you guys think we should do here?
Hassou Tobi again or restoring Luna's MP?
Hard to say. If at least one of those evils got dizzy then its worth it to hassou tobi again, but restoring Luna's SP might be more useful in the long run.

I'd say go for Luna's SP.
Let’s try and keep SP topped up, I think.
I'll show you how to bump in style

I've been putting this one in the backlog but I guess now is the time to finally read it

It's a good bump cause it's true
It makes me happy how this story still manages to get new readers every year. The authors have truly created a magnificent set of stories.
"Now's the time to really pile on the pain! Change, Diarmuid!"
>The beautiful warrior unsheathes his pair of spears and swords, throwing each into the air with stylistic flair.
>The light of the crystal throne makes each weapon gleam as they embed themselves to the cardinals of the room, encircling the helpless Evils.
>Diarmuid gives a smug smirk as he begins his deadly dance, leaping between each weapon to strike at the frozen enemies in a bloody waltz!
>While each thrust and stab frees the Evils from their icy prisons, Strife is caught by a wayward stab, sending her collapsing to the ground!
"Luna, catch!"
>You grab another ashen candy and toss it to the Princess, who chomps down and recovers her energy.

>"Thank you. Let us focus all attention on the Second Evil!"
>Artemis readies a charged arrow that strikes the downed Death, dealing heavy damage!
>The focused fire overwhelms the Second Evil, disorienting Death as she is unable to pick herself up.
>It appears the Evils can be Dizzied, though you'll still need to guess the weaknesses of each of the other Evils.
>A tinny rock tune plays from Kamen Rider Phoenix Requiem's speakers, filling you all with a surge of strength.
>"Trinity Blade!"
>To pour salt in the wound, Twilight skewers Death, earning a satisfying shriek of pain as she is unable to escape!
>Sickness holds a finger to her lips and hushes your group, an uneasy wind sweeping around you.
>You attempt to move out of the way, but you feel your throat tighten as your Persona is sealed away!
>It appears Luna and Sunset are affected by this as well, though Twilight manages to dodge in time.

>"Are you ready, Strife? Let us engage them together."
>The Fourth Evil nods to Turmoil, giving a nasty grin.
>"They cannot hope to evade us both."
>Turmoil and Strife position themselves between the four of you, as Strife slices a radioactive "X" before her.
>With a war cry, she strikes the cross, sending it flying through your group and towards Turmoil!
>The Third Evil kicks it back with her foot, infusing it with psychokinetic energies that rupture through your ailment-ridden bodies!
>The deadly game of pong rages on, tearing through most of your temporary vitality before exploding in a mixture of radioactive psychedelics!

Team-Up Attack: Crosshatch

>The two hop back to their positions, giving each other a high five before returning to combat.
>From what you can see, Death is almost out of the picture, and she won't be getting back up until after you have your way with her.
>However, with the Silence creeping upon you, you'll not only be unable to perform skills, the ability to even change Persona has been locked as well.
>Thankfully, however, whatever attack the Third and Fourth Evils performed doesn't look like it can be done more than once.
>What will you do now?


You (Silence): 777% HP, 530% SP
Luna (Silence): 67% HP, 100% SP
Sunset (Silence): 70% HP, 90% SP
Twilight: 87% HP, 40% SP

You have performed 5 out of the 8 minimum combos.
You have 13 turns remaining.
Why is Diarmuid stealing Kagetora’s extra? /s

Good thing we did Celestial Doping last turn. Really thinking calling in a Navigator is a good idea.
Hold the phone. I thought Luna was inmune to status effects.
That is weird, isn’t it?
Did Sickness' move affect that too?
Currently it’s not clear, but it’s a possibility.
They should patch that thing.
File: Capture.jpg (32 KB, 477x348)
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>tfw the thread doesn't reach over 40+ posters for Legion.
We need to get those posters for the following fights... in the next thread.
Seeing as how we only have 19 posts after this, it might be good to just slam the thread down and create the new one. Better than wasting bumps to keep a thread up while folks put together a battle plan.
OK! You heard him boys, let's tear this thread apart!
I've been waiting for this!
Sounds like an excuse to post MLPersona pics! If only I weren’t phoneposting.
It has never stopped us before
File: image0.jpg (96 KB, 460x445)
96 KB
Were already at thread limit...
Limits were made to be broken.
Since we're taking a break till everything falls, I might as well talk a bit about what I've been working on instead of SLAM content:

Since the end of Another Way, I was thinking about starting work on a legit adventure: one mostly disconnected from SLAM. It doesn't have a working title yet, but I've been spending the entirety of this year working on an MLP/SMT adventure.

Currently, I have the following done:

>Demon Compendium
>Demon Pictures
>Combat Mechanics
>Main Story

I'm still working on the following:

>Misc. Enemies
>Ally Skills/Level Ups
>Demon Scouting
>Statting the Demons
>Side Quests
>Fleshing Everything Out
>Other Things I Might Be Forgetting

I'd say I'm maybe 68% done with putting it together. So that's why we're not doing anything actually new this year, so my bad.
Oh snap! You did all of that on your own?
I have some help, thanks to some friends I work with. It definitely helps that I couldn't do anything else this whole time thanks to quarantine.
Is there an ETA for it? Like, say next Halloween?
I'm afraid to give an ETA specifically, but I'd like to get things rolling some time next year. Maybe Halloween if people are alright with having it start after the reunion.
Can we get a preview?
I'll probably give a more exact tease when the battles are over, but I'll give you a choice between three things I can give a slight tease of.

File: 3xhectmamhz51.jpg (160 KB, 1528x1948)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
By the by, he's still missing certain images or pictures of demons that may or may not exist
I'd post the names of them here but im lazy and its not my job
but if by some god given you have them, feel free to post them
crowd sourcing is by far the cheapest labor force ever
File: 1601716706639.png (1.39 MB, 1907x1408)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
also artfags are hella expensive
even with the friend discount
Oh boy! The Demi-Anon vs. the Pone Fiends!
"The thread died, and I was given life."
File: 569.png (419 KB, 763x654)
419 KB
419 KB PNG
>True Reincarnation of Faust 3: Night Edition.
Featuring Anon from 4Chan Threads!
I would have no issue posting them if someone told me what was needed. I'm pretty good at finding them, for whatever reason.
New Thread
I thought there was only one thread a year?
We usually do like 5-10, given the propensity to crash

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