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File: photo-finishing.gif (3.87 MB, 1230x1080)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB GIF
ᵃnᵒn ̴̸͝ᴾ̡̀́ᴸ̸͘͝ᴱ̴̕ᴬ̸̸͞ˢ͜ᴱ̵̨ - Edition

Last thread >>35916557
The bin of greens archive: https://derpy.me/x6hJS
Art and OC archive: https://derpy.me/IwQmH

Welcome to the wild west of copycats & copyright infringement! What makes them different can range from anything be it scifi to supernatural and everything in between and can be totally unique OCs or riffed from what we already know. Earth, Equestria or another world anything goes. If you can give a pony a chance when she's not quite as she's supposed to be, then a bootleg waifu might be for you.

New or Continuing
>Minky (NHanon) - https://ponepaste.org/211
>Jackie Part 6 (blondie) - https://ponepaste.org/132
>Photo Finished (blondie) - https://ponepaste.org//145 <-Thread context
>Bootleg Rarity (NHAnon) - https://ponepaste.org/222

Essential stories
>Rare - https://ponepaste.org/218
>Ranbo Dash - https://pastebin.com/5SKQkqCt
>Apuljiyak (writefag) - https://pastebin.com/fmCS1Up8
>Carpathia - https://pastebin.com/PgxQBhdi
>Jackie (blondie) - https://ponepaste.org//124
Das it mane.
Though the archive of past threads needs to be updated. I don't know how to do that.
File: 1603412349720.png (268 KB, 1000x800)
268 KB
268 KB PNG

photo finishing goes as vampire for halloween. the pin fangs are concerning.
Rare goes as a snow queen. very easy costume she's already fabulous.
Ranbo dash goes as a ghost cuz easy and fun to zoom in.
Jackie goes as the classic hockey mask axe murderer.
>Jackie goes as the classic hockey mask axe murderer.
>not as Tuco
holly goes as rainbow, so she can get some love and attention.
Can confirm that she would be a bandito. Sparks would be Carrie. Dashie would be Sadako.
> holly trying to paint herself sky blue with a brush in her mouth
>Halloween ends
>shes still got the paint on the day after
Less than three weeks until Jacky's anniversary too. Been reading through the old threads again and it was November 14th right at 7pm. That's when things changed in a really big way.
>im just sad that there's so much left unfinished for them. especially because there were so few stories, the potential was always there but they never got their endings
I hope I haven't disappointed.
Didn't someone say that they couldn't find Rambo?
Archive this quickly on ponepaste.org!

Also, hittin the hay, so please dont let the bread die during the night
File: unknown.png (47 KB, 935x373)
47 KB
Just a note, board is moving just a liiiiiittle faster than normal, so do keep an eye out
Data from 4stats.io
found ranbo with a backup, which that link to zebrafags archive is. the only one left missing from gdrive was ponka but that's been found too. do you need an account for pastebins, sorry ponybins or can they just be uploaded without and linked anonymously?
Ponypastes allows you to upload anonymously
File: image.png (56 KB, 1024x554)
56 KB
I think I have the archive of my bin account from about a week ago. I'm kind of too lazy to reupload everything and then fixing all the links, since the "green archive" and cyoa are heavily outdated and half of them are re-binned months ago, so if you need any of finished ones I'll upload them and link here.
File: 2%_Cooler.jpg (60 KB, 640x480)
60 KB
OG Rainbow Dash is Top Cunt
The bootleg is Top Cock
So everything's been found? Nice. Just gotta make sure there's copies so they don't vanish.
wait what?
It made sense to me.
File: IMG_6855 (1).png (2.4 MB, 1211x859)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB PNG
nice to see you still around these parts
File: 1551331813924.png (411 KB, 510x756)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
I got it anon.
File: CHECK THEM.png (144 KB, 342x309)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
Would a pone have an existential crisis if they knew they were some cheap knock off made just to make a couple bucks?
i think it would vary completely from boot to boot, but if the pony was in the same world as the bootleg, signs point to yes.
So how has your little demon doll been, Blondie?
It depends on the pony I would imagine. Not every pony is that deep a thinker, and there are plenty of ways to rationalize it.
Kinda makes you feel like someone's looming right over your shoulder, telling you to do things. Except sometimes you see stuff in front of you too. Or it almost looked like something was in front of you. Mirrors really don't help when they smile at you.
File: raritynews.png (11 KB, 70x70)
11 KB
Well if she does any more eye color changing and blood crying just put her in glasses time out again
I half think my shit's haunted as is, I don't know if I'd honestly mind having Photo Finished around. But as soon as there would be real, physical changes, that would be the exact time to panic. Spooky things that physically affect you are very bad.
File: disgusted.png (152 KB, 344x404)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
>not wanting Phootleg Finish to make you a picture perfect brony
Morning bump!
PonepasteAnon here, I'm not really part of this general but who ever wrote Jacky, I want you to know its a massive distraction.
I was using the paste to do some stress tests due to it's length, but in the end I ended up reading it. Never got around to finishing the stress test as I was hooked.

So well played writefag, I'm really enjoying it. Jacky is adorable.
Ha! Oh shit, I didn't think she'd be such a distraction. A small part of me went "maybe it might not be the best idea since I'm uploading everything at once" but I'm glad you like it. The first few bits were me getting used to the greentext format but it smooths up well.
Part Six finished and Part Seven will come after I finish the latest FlutterRape Operation and make some headway in Painful Magic. It's a long series so there's no rush to catch up.
File: 1587597218215.jpg (452 KB, 1400x1459)
452 KB
452 KB JPG
hey dude, thanks for swooping in and saving the bins whats your favorite pony?
No problem.
Changeling nymph number #00112 I'm from the /bug/ general.
File: Ek-43SNUcAEBZEv.jpg (105 KB, 1440x1157)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
> closet door opens slowly
> it's the elevator blood flood from the shining
> she tells you you're her favourite living one
> she starts to levitate off the ground and thinks it's normal and great
> she's completely engossed in the silent hill 4: the room stream

> you will never take her to spirit halloween and let her have fun roaming around

good matching song name.
I wonder if anyone's actually up to date on Jacky.
File: 1595043130696.gif (486 KB, 562x658)
486 KB
486 KB GIF
File: downedupload(1).jpg (96 KB, 903x1029)
96 KB
Thought not. Had fun with vidya today, I want to get the Operation done this week before Saturday.
jacky is something that i have to dedicate to getting through whole or half chapters every time. its so easy to fall behind
Well, that and work hits
kek, what is this Spirit Halloween thing?
File: seed45701.jpg (50 KB, 1024x1024)
50 KB
goodnight bootleg
heavy discount halloween prop shop that tends to pop up fucking everywhere in dying shops / malls and sell cheap shit. it's a bit of a meme on faggot sites.
Good thing this is a cool site for cool guys about cool ponies.
Is it just me or is there just a 5% degree of eye derping?
File: seed81046v5.jpg (305 KB, 1024x1024)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
checked, of course. its an ai made pony, so they wont be perfect but they fit right in with the thread since a lot of them look like mixed mistakes
File: seed01306.png (592 KB, 1024x1024)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
I was thonking about that for sure, these are in a way bootleg pones, many of them that look like combos of many pones. Its quite cute.
File: listening.gif (2.85 MB, 520x700)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB GIF
>Whats going on in this thread anons?
>Oh I see, stalling until the weekend?
>Are you sure you're even going to catch up then, or just play vidya?
>Say that all you want, anon, I've known you for 10 years
Yes yes, just like you said you'd brush your teeth every night, and we all know how that turned out.
>Alright alright, I'm just saying is all
> bootleg digital pony
Where are these made?
Here, but site seems to be fucked right now: https://thisponydoesnotexist.net/
Goodmorning bread
That is one cute Jacker and Attacker.
File: patches hug.png (399 KB, 1036x894)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
File: pegasai are OP.png (1.62 MB, 1481x2483)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
From morning to evening without anything.
>”...Um, A-Anon..?”
>”...What ar-are you b-building..?”
“It’s not finished yet, you’ll see soon enough.”
>”...N-no, I get th-that...It’s just w-when you’ve b-built other things, I-I could usually tell w-what they w-were early on...”
“Oh, well this one is a little more complicated than the rest. Just gotta wait and see when it’s finished.”
>”...O-okay, I’m s-sorry for being so im-impatient...”
“It’s cool, don’t blame you for being a bit bored from watching me and not doing anything.”
>”...N-no, I’m not b-bored...”
“You sure about that?”
>Opening up the inventory, you grab a few different blocks to hopefully break up the mostly solid color your building is.
>”...Mhm...I-I’m just c-curious as to w-what it is, t-that’s all…”
>Grinning, you decide to add an ominous tone to your response.
“Soon Minky, soon…”
>From the corner of your eye, she gives you a brief look of confusion before turning her attention back to the game.
>While it’s pretty fun to have her watch on like this, it would be better if she could play as well.
>Still need to finish figuring that out though, you’re not done reading yet.
>As you continue to build, you hear Minky shuffling in her seat.
>What else could be added to your build?
>”...I-I know y-you’re not done y-yet, but whatever i-it is you’re b-building supposed to ob-oblong to o-one side like th-that..?”
“Wait what, is it really?
>”...Mhm...I-it’s on th-the right side, s-see..?”
>Squinting as you fly around it, you’re having a hard time seeing this oblong shape.
“No, are you sure that it’s off?”
>Looking over it once more, you still don’t see it.
“Sure you’re not seeing things?”
>Minky giggles and gets up from her spot, walking over to the TV.
>”...Here, l-let me show y-you...”
>You pull back and give a full view of your building, she points to one side with her hoof.
>”...N-now do y-you s-see..?”
“Huh...now I do, don’t know how I missed that. Thanks.”
>She nods and comes back to join you on the couch with a proud smile.
>How should you even fix this, or should you even try to?
>”...Maybe y-you should t-try to plan i-it out before you b-build..?...That w-way you could build w-without worry...”
“Suppose I could, but sometimes I like to just throw myself at building and see what comes of it. Might make something cool, ya know?”
>”...Y-yes I d-do, it’s like how I-I make my ar-art…”
“Exactly, you never know what could come of it.”
>Screw it, you’ll leave it as is, gives it more character anyways.
>You go back to building once more, and Minky shuffles in her seat again.
>She’s not uncomfortable, is she?
>Doubt that, she would’ve said something by now.
>Maybe something else is on her mind?
>Yep, called it.
>”...D-do you d-dream..?”
“Sometimes, usually don’t remember much though.”
>”...Wh-what kind of d-dreams..?...Are th-they good..?”
“Usually random nonsense, sometimes its memories, but it’s always different.”
>”...Oh, did y-you dream last n-night..?”
“Um, yeah, yeah I’m pretty sure I did.”
>”...C-could you tell m-me about it..?”
>Setting down the controller momentarily, you try to recall it.
>As you wrack your brain in thought, you find yourself coming up short.
>It shouldn’t be that hard right?
>It was just last night after all, come on.
>It’s not like you keep track of them.
>Perhaps you should change that soon.
“Let’s see, hmm...Oh! Now I remember, was fighting against Plant 42 in the Spencer Mansion.”
>Minky’s eyes widen and her face takes on a look of concern.
>”...W-what, why..?!...Why w-were you f-fighting a p-plant..?”
“Tried to tell you that they can be random, but in this case, it’s probably because it’s one of my favorite games.”
>”...O-oh well, I guess I-I understand n-now...What’s the g-game called then..?”
“Resident Evil.”
>”...R-Resident Evil..?...Th-that sounds like a-a scary game...C-couldn’t you t-two have talked i-it out in-instead of fighting..?”
>Smiling at her innocence, it’s best to spare her of the details, at least for now.
“The game can be quite frightening when you first play it. As for the fight, you aren’t giving a choice in the matter. It attacks you with almost no warning, and doesn’t seem capable nor interested in chatting either.”
>Several emotions cross her face as her eyes start flicking.
>”...B-but there is a-always a w-way to talk th-things out, there h-has to be..!...I-it s-sounds un-unfair that t-there i-isn’t..!”
>Her internal humming grows in volume as her stutter worsens.
>Whatever this is, time to nip it in the bud before it becomes a serious problem.
“Hey easy now, it’s just a game.”
>”...B-but A-Anon..!”
“Calm down, you don’t need to get worked up over it.”
>Reaching over, you start to gently pet her in attempt to soothe her.
>She goes to answer again, but stops and nods instead.
>As you pet her, her eyes slowly stop flickering and the humming dies down.
>”...I-I’m sorry A-Anon, I didn’t m-mean to do th-that…”
“It’s fine, just try to remember not to let it get to you, okay?”
>She lets out a sigh, and starts to smile again.
>She looks back at the screen, then back to you before starting again.
>”...Th-there should s-still be a g-game where y-you can t-talk things out, ra-rather than f-fighting...are th-there games l-like that..?”
>Several games come to mind at her question.
“Oh yeah there is, loads of em. How about I show you some later?”
>Her smile broadens and she nods.
>Feeling assured that she is calmed down, you stop petting her and give her mane a few pats before going back to the game again.
>The building is mostly finished, so you add in some plants and trees to give more life to it.
>Flying around your creation, it doesn’t look too shabby, might one of your best works.
>Still, a second opinion is needed.
>You bring the camera into full view of your building and look over to Minky.
>She looks content now, and far more calm as she watches the screen with fascination.
“So it’s finally finished, can you tell what it is now?”
>”...C-can you fly a-around so I-I can see th-the whole th-thing..?”
“Sure can.”
>Slowly moving about the entire building, you try to show each angle for her to really see it in it’s entire glory.
>Minky tilts her head to and fro, carefully studying it.
>She blinks a few times, nodding for you stop before looking at you with a smile.
>”...I-is it s-supposed to be a-a giant t-tree house..?”
“Uh actually, it’s a castle…”
>Her eyes dart back to screen briefly before looking back to you with an attempt of reassurance.
>”...Oh..!...Um, n-now I see i-it...It’s v-very nice A-Anon...”
>Not sure what’s worse, your crappy building, or her look of pity.
>Well at least it’s not a damn dirt house.
>Maybe you can fix it to make it actually resemble a castle?
>Well before you should attempt to do that, nature calls.
>Letting out a small grunt as you stand, you rub your lower back.
“Be right back, gonna use the bathroom.”
>”...O-okay, I’ll be r-right here waiting…”
>Nodding, you head upstairs and into the bathroom.
>Though as you’re taking a leak, a question comes to mind.
>Can Minky dream like you?
>Well she’s at least capable of imaging things.
>Plus she has hobbies, favorite books, and even favorite shows.
>So maybe, just maybe it’s possible?
>As you’re dwelling on those thoughts, some movement from the corner of your eye draws your attention.
>Looking over, you see a very large brown spider crawling up the wall next to you.
>Of course you don’t totally scream like a bitch and nearly piss just about everywhere.
>Because you’re a man, right?
>Yeah no, you’re not that fortunate.
>You backpedal into the wall in a panic, making a hell of a mess in the process.
“Oh for fuck’s sake!”
>Frustration starts to overtake you when you hear a series of quick knocks from the door.
>”...A-Anon..?!...What’s g-going on i-in there, is everything o-okay..?!”
>She got up here fast, shaking your head, you let out a small groan.
“God fucking dammit...Everything is fine! Don’t worry about it, just got spooked is all.”
>”...A-are you s-sure you’re okay..?...Wh-what was it..?”
“I’ll tell you later, everything is fine...’cept the fact I pissed just about everywhere…”
>”...What w-was that l-last part..?”
“N-nothing! Just go back down stairs, I’ll be back down soon. Got to take care of a few things.”
>...Are y-you positive A-Anon..?...I can c-come in and h-help if y-you want…”
“NO! I mean, no Minky, everything is okay. Go read a book or something in the meantime, okay?”
>”...O-oh okay…”
>As she departs, you let out a sigh of relief.
>That would’ve been awkward as fuck.
>Your frustration returns while you stand there.
“Fan-fucking-tastic...where is that little shit?”
>Looking around, you spot the spider about halfway up the wall, unaffected by your outburst.
>Feeling a righteous fury within, you grab a bottle of shampoo from the shower and turn your attention back to it.
>Normally you don’t give two fucks about spiders, but this one scared you into making a hell of a mess.
“Payback motherfucker.”
>Gritting your teeth, you violently swing the bottle into it repeatedly.
>After several hits, it’s nothing more than a messy pulp on the wall.
>You stop and feel somewhat satisfied, despite still shaking from adrenaline.
“Serves you right bitch.”
>Nicely done, just one small problem Anon.
>What brain?
>You still got to clean all this and yourself up.
>You open up the door and peek out, coast is clear, so you go grab some clothes and get to work on cleaning up the bathroom.
>Some grumbling and several minutes later, it’s mostly clean, except the brown stain on the wall.
>You can take care of that another time, for now, a shower is needed.
>Feeling refreshed and in a new set of clothes, you head back to Minky.
>When you enter the living room, you find her poking around the controller curiously.
>From what you can tell, she’s trying to figure out how it works.
>Smiling and walking up silently, you pause mere feet from her.
“Pretty neat isn’t it?”
>Minky yelps and spins around with a wide eyed look.
>”...I-I wasn’t d-doing anything..!”
>You can’t help but laugh at her being caught like this.
>Her face scrunches up into a frown, and she shoots you a glare.
>”...I-it’s not f-funny A-Anon, you scared m-me…”
“Sorry, just the look on your face got me going. But seriously, it’s alright that you’re curious about the controller.”
>She relaxes again and nods.
>”...I g-guess so...B-but what s-scared you i-in the bathroom..?”
“Yeah about that...A spider startled me while I was using it.”
>”...B-but then w-why did I hear p-pounding..?”
“Took care of the spider, then I had to clean up the bathroom.”
>”...But w-why did y-you have to c-clean up the b-bathroom..?”
>You cough and look over at the wall briefly.
“When I got spooked, I made a mess of it.”
>”...Oh o-okay then…”
>Looking back to her, she gives a you reassuring smile and hops back onto the couch.
>Shaking off any feeling of embarrassment, you retake your seat and start playing again.
>You begin to modify your building to resemble a castle.
>Though as you do, the question you asked yourself earlier surfaces.
“So Minky, do you dream?”
>You pause and look over to her as she stares at the screen.
>Her eyes briefly flicker, and she frowns a little.
>”...N-no, I’m in-incapable of it...I-I’d like t-to experience it th-though...It s-sounds fun…”
>Should’ve seen that coming honestly.
>Because regardless of what you think, Minky is still a companion droid.
>Wait hold on, that begs another question.
“Well how about when you’re shut down, isn’t that like sleeping, or is it different?”
>Her expression almost deadpans at your query.
>For a moment, she sits there quietly.
>Alright, that was likely a bad question, good going genius.
“You know what, how about we just go back to the game and pretend nothing happened?”
>She shifts in her seat and shakes her head, continuing on.
>”...No i-it’s fine...W-when I am s-shut down, everything g-goes dark for a-a second or t-two...Then everything c-comes back o-on, like nothing ha-happened...It c-can be j-jarring and scary w-when that happens, b-but I’ve gotten u-used to it…”
>That actually sounds awful, not knowing if you’re going to wake up again.
>Wait a second, isn’t that the same as you or rather, anyone sleeps anyways?
>Not likely, most people know they will wake up after they go to sleep.
>But not her, no.
“I’m sorry for asking, that sounds pretty bad. I can’t imagine what it’s like.”
>Minky suddenly jolts and snaps to you with her usual smile, shaking her head quickly.
>”...N-no it’s o-okay, it’s really n-not as b-bad as it s-sounds...”
“Are you sure about that? Because it really does.”
>”...Mhm, w-when you p-power me down, I-I know y-you’ll be there waiting f-for me w-when I come b-back online...A-and when I-I do come b-back, I s-see you there, th-then everything i-is better again…”
>That was unexpected.
>You feel...stunned?
>Yeah stunned is about right.
>How do you react to this properly?
>A number of emotions course through you as you try to process this.
>Though as you do, something nudges your arm, breaking you free from thinking.
>Looking down, you see Minky sitting closer gently prodding your arm with her hoof.
>Those wide eyes of hers are full of fear as she keeps nudging you.
>”...P-please talk A-Anon...Did I-I say s-something wrong..?”
>You blink, and your eyes feel a bit misty.
>Turning your head, you dry your eyes with your sleeve.
“N-no, you said nothing wrong Minky.”
>Swallowing that lump in your throat, you turn back to her with a smile.
>”...Ar-are you s-sure..?...You d-don’t look a-alright…”
>Reaching over, you wrap her in a big hug.
>She lets out a gasp, freezing from your sudden affection.
>You’ve held Minky close before, but only now do you notice that she smells like fresh laundry.
>She shifts slightly she attempts to return the hug, seemingly content again.
>”...Um A-Anon...Not th-that I d-don’t mind this, b-but is e-everything okay..?
>Her voice is filled with concern, and as you try to answer her, your own dies in your throat.
>Dammit Anon, don’t lose it now, be strong.
>Easier said than done though.
>You’ve been fighting against those emotions for weeks now.
>But you can’t let go, not yet.
>Shoving them back down to where they belong, you let out a slow breath.
>Feeling focused once more, you pull out of a hug, and try to find your voice again.
“Everything is fine, just...thanks for saying that.”
>She searches your face for a moment before smiling and nodding.
>”...O-oh okay, you’re w-welcome…”
>Things feel a lot better now, and much lighter overall.
>You turn back to the game, trying to pick up where you left off.
“So uh...how should I go about fixing this monstrosity?”
>”...It’s n-not a m-monstrosity, you just p-put way too m-many plants and w-wooden planks throughout it, so that m-makes it h-harder to s-see what it’s supposed t-to be...Y-you need m-more stone, different k-kinds as well...Like s-stone bricks a-and cobblestone for e-example…”
>Nodding, you start destroying some of the blocks.
“All over it boss.”
>Minky giggles at your side.
>”...I’m n-not your b-boss silly…”
“Fair point, you’re more like The Boss.”
>”...The B-boss..?”
“She’s from another game I like.”
>”...Oh, i-is it scary..?...W-what’s it c-called..?”
>You smile as you recall all the times you’ve played the series.
>Lower your voice, you attempt to do a David Hayter impression.
“Metal Gear Solid three.”
>”...That s-sounds odd…”
“Oh believe me, you don’t know the half of it...”

Sorry for the late delivery, hope to start updating more.
File: 1160208.png (62 KB, 541x481)
62 KB
Gotta read for people to write anon
File: appul out of it.png (233 KB, 510x681)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
I am I am, im just slooooooow
I thought that was the other way around.
>This is your time to Shine
Dang it blond, hitting the heartstrings there...
She's definitely been putting herself through some growth. Or at least trying to. When someone compliments you it can be enough to want to become worthy of that praise.
Yeah, I am glad too, because when she first internalized that word she was using it to justify bad stuff
Daw, Minky is pure.

Thanks for the update!
Minky is a good pon, needs more art
Metal Gear...?!
I just noticed how ponies tend to have a little belly there.
That she is, you're welcome.
Snake? Snaaaake!
Technically not Halloween just yet but screw it, gonna start on the Halloween green.
Slowly catching up with Jacky finally.
I thought the whole floating water bath was pretty heckin neat.
Also, Jackle praying to Tia and Lulu.
Will Anon tell them about God?
Halloween Special green has started: Resident Poni.
Neat, I'll be sure to check it soon.
Nearly 7k words written already. What's the daily usual that someone will write?
Nicely done, not sure what the average would be though. Maybe around 5k or so? Fairly certain I've written around there once or twice. Never really kept track.
If I can double the word count, I'll be happy. A nice, full, short story. Fuck if I know if it'll be good but it's fun.
Would be fairly impressive. Think I remember reading somewhere that Stephen King writes around 20k a day. Not sure too of the validity of that though.
If I didn't have to worry about finances I'd probably do that. It's an intoxicating feel. I don't even use cocaine so I technically got a leg up on him.
Hope everyone had a good spookween. It was early but I like the Halloween SnapJack had.
File: do not pes princss.png (521 KB, 2462x3300)
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521 KB PNG
*ahem* Its Nightmare Night silly filly
File: howdy pardner.png (363 KB, 2400x2400)
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363 KB PNG
Goodmorning anons! How are yall today?
Good morning, tired as usual. How about yourself?
Just about to hit the hay.
Always good, can never get a full nights rest myself. Gonna finish going over my update before I post it.
File: scrunchie jack.png (456 KB, 918x1080)
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456 KB PNG
Oh yay! Thank you for the hard work anon
You're welcome, starting to pick up the pace on writing. I'd like to be as fast as I was when I first started.
>”...Y-you look bored A-Anon…”
>Letting out a yawn, you lean back and rub your eyes.
“Oh very much so.”
>”...It c-can’t be all th-that bad, can i-it..?”
“It’s not, but I’m really not one for all this technical stuff.”
>”...But w-what about when y-you’re working..?”
“Big difference, I mostly pick up and put things down rather than putting numbers on a spread sheet.”
>A part of you is glad you don’t have a desk job, then again, your lower back says otherwise.
>”…Y-you pick things u-up and put th-them down..?...What k-kind of j-job is that..?”
“In short, I work at a warehouse, so mostly moving things around.”
>”...But don’t th-they have m-machines to help y-you..?”
“For certain things like the larger stuff, but the smaller stuff gets taken care of by guys like myself.”
>”...O-oh, that explains w-why you look so t-tired when you g-get home…”
>Nodding, you glance over at her briefly as she colors in her latest drawing.
>You go back to reading the instructions again.
>You’ve been doing a lot of reading.
>Too much reading…
>Mostly the technical books you found in the basement, the journal of course, and various threads on the forums.
>It’s not all for nothing though.
>You’ve been gaining more understand about companion droids, other than what you already know.
>In the case of bootlegs like Minky, they’re not that much different from their factory produced counterparts.
>There is some contrasts between of course.
>Like how most bootlegs lack standard medical sensors.
>Or how it’s quite common to have hardware problems like Minky has.
>Regardless of those faults, it’s still an impressive feat that the average Joe could even attempt to build a companion droid.
>Finishing off the last paragraph, you now understand how these updates work.
>Install a cracked program from the main thread, follow the links provided for what updates you need or want and that’s all.
>They’ve made it easy enough for an idiot like you to do it.
>Feeling some relief, you check over the page in the journal that uncle used to keep track of updates.
>He made some notes that he skipped certain ones.
>Doesn’t explain why either, but then again, you don’t get half the things he did either.
>Setting that aside for the moment, you do a quick search and find the program already installed.
“Should’ve figured it would already be on here.”
>”...W-what was a-already there..?”
“Huh? Oh right, talking about the program for installing your updates.”
>”...Um A-Anon...I already kn-knew it was on th-there...You c-could’ve saved t-time by asking m-me...”
>Yeah why didn’t you think of that Anon?
>Oh hush.
>Shrugging, you look over to her.
>Minky squints, giving you a deadpan look.
“Alright fine, it didn’t occur to me to ask.”
>She giggles and covers her mouth with a hoof.
>”...You c-can be s-silly sometimes…”
“That’s one way of putting it...but hey! I’m done reading this.”
>Her eyes briefly flicker to the screen, then back to you with a glimmer.
>”...O-oh..?...What was it about anyways..?”
“Instructions on updates, how to install them, and of course using the program for it all.”
>”...So w-we can get m-me updates then..?”
>”...That’s w-wonderful to hear..!...I-I haven’t been up-updated in a w-while...”
>When was the last time Minky was updated anyways?
>It was before you met her, so then…
>Oh, oh right…
>Don’t think about that, at least not now dammit.
>Shoving that thought aside with the rest, you nod towards the screen.
“Well I’m feeling pretty confident about this, so I assume you know how this all works?”
>She nods with a slight frown.
>”...Mhm...I-I’ve gotten up-updates before, but I-I have to b-be shutdown w-while they’re in-installed...”
“Not much we can do about that, there isn’t any other way to do it differently. Besides, this shouldn’t take too long to do.”
>”…N-no, not exactly...Th-the time a-all depends o-on the amount an-and size of th-the updates A-Anon...You a-also still n-need to finish the diagnostics from the other day…”
“Ah sh-I mean, darn it, you’re right. Forgot all about that...so maybe this will take a little longer than expected.”
>She gasps and smiles, giving you a look.
>”...Did y-you almost s-swear..?”
“Wha-no, no of course not.”
>One of her eyebrows arch as she stares at you.
>”...I-I’m certain y-you did...”
>Folding your arms, you look off to the side.
“I’m thinking you’re hearing things.”
>”...It’s o-okay...Your u-uncle sometimes s-swore too, he s-said it was b-bad...He told m-me that I-I should n-never ever do it...”
>Coughing, you nod slowly.
“Yeah he was right about that, it’s a nasty habit to have. But! I did not swear.”
>She giggles and pats your leg.
>”...Ar-are you s-sure about that..?”
“Positive, but we’re getting off track, what were we talking about?”
>”...We w-were talking about e-everything taking longer b-because of the u-updates and d-diagnostics…”
“Right, right, so this will take longer than expected.”
“Just remember what you told me yesterday Minky, I’ll be right here waiting when you come back online.”
>Her smile broadens as she nods.
>”...I-I know, I h-haven’t forgotten and w-won’t either...”
“Good to hear, shall we begin then? The sooner, the better after all.”
>She gets up and goes over to her usual spot where you charge her.
>Just as you’re about to reach over and power her down, she gasps, stepping back.
“What is it? Did I forget some important detail?”
>”...No, I a-almost forgot t-to wish you g-good luck…”
“Had me worried for a second there, but thanks. I do really appreciate it.”
>”...S-sorry, you’re welcome A-Anon...”
>Giving her a smile, you reach over and press the button, powering her down.
>The simple melody plays out as she goes dark and silent.
>For a moment, you sit there staring at her.
>Despite the numerous times you’ve shut her down, it’s still unsettling how lifeless she looks.
>Letting out a sigh and shaking your head, you plug her in, the usual message popping onto the screen.
>You launch the program, it loads quickly with a simple ui displayed before you with various options listed.
“Lets see…”
>Briefly, you look over each one before finding and selecting the one labeled diagnostics.
>A small window pops up with a black background, green text quickly fills it as it scrolls down, showing the process in action.
“Neat, wonder what any of it says. Then again, it’s probably more technical crap I wouldn’t understand anyways.”
>You could get up and do something else in the meantime, but you’ll wait around as promised.
>Pulling out your phone, you decide to check it.
>The usual message from mom checking in, but there is also a new message.
“Well what do we have here?”
>Opening it up, you recognize immediately as one of your old friends.
>”Hey man, been a while. How you been? Didn’t get your message till last night, we should catch up. Still need help moving?”
>You reread the message again.
>You feel...relieved?
>Well a part of you is at least, but another part is kind of pissed off as well.
>It’s been days, nearly a week since you texted each of the guys.
>Letting out a sigh of frustration, you look at the message again.
“Okay, alright. At least someone finally got back to me.”
>Feeling some calm, you send back a simple response and wait.
>Minutes pass, and no response.
>He’s probably busy is all.
>A half hour passes, still no message back.
>You even reload your phone to be sure, still nothing.
>Frowning, you ignore your phone for now and check on the progress instead.
>It’s still running, and it doesn’t say how much longer it will take either.
“Looks like this will take a while.”
>Rather than letting boredom settle in, you go back to the forums for a distraction.
>So many threads and many different topics to choose from.
>You open up one where people post their companion droid and themselves.
>As you scroll through the various pictures, it’s pretty heartwarming.
>Probably because in each picture they look so happy.
>It’s still pretty damn admirable how dedicated these are.
>They invest god knows how much time, money, and effort into their own companion droid.
>And many are even modeled after a beloved character
>Take for instance this picture of this fellow and his pony.
>They’re both hugging each other closely with large smiles.
>It still boggles your mind on how many pony companion droids there are.
>At least a quarter of these people have them.
>Hell, they even come in various types, just like in the show.
>Earth ponies like Minky, pegasus ponies like Rainbow Dash, and even alicorns like Princess Celestia.
>Funny enough, this guy has one that looks like a pink version of her.
>You chuckle as you look at the picture.
“At least her colors are not an eye sore, but they look happy together.”
>Scrolling through some more, a familiar humming starts up next to you.
>Looking over, Minky is still motionless, and the program is still running in the other window.
“Uh Minky, you awake?”
>When she doesn’t response, you lean closer to be sure it’s her that’s making that noise.
>There’s no doubt about it, that’s her drives making the noise.
>It suddenly dawns on why, and you smack the side of your head lightly.
“Oh right, duh. It has to check EVERY system of hers while it runs dumb ass.”
>Shaking your head and smiling, you go back to the thread.
>Several minutes of browsing later, a notification pops up in the bottom right hand corner informing you the diagnostic is finished.
“Time to see the damage, hoping for the best.”
>You open up the log provided, slowly frowning as you read.
>Most of her systems are listed as fine, but there are several larger issues.
>Multiple drive errors, voice modulator errors, missing sensors, actuator errors, and the cooling system errors.
“Yeah well...fuck.”
>You try to figure this out as you read it again.
>The sensors are likely referring to the missing medical ones, so that’s not a problem.
>Actuator problems are nothing new either, because you already know they’re fucked.
>As for the voice modulator though, not sure what that’s all about.
>The biggest concerns for you are the drive errors and the cooling system.
>There are parts for the cooling system in the basement, provided you need it, so that’s no biggie.
>But as for the drives, you’ll have to refer to the forums and hope for a solution.
>You’ll do just that while you run the updates.
>Checking the link in the thread, and referring to the journal again, you find a handful of updates to apply.
>Just as you’re about to start it up, you stop.
“Almost forgot about the game update, still gonna need to find her a controller later.”
>You add it in along with the other updates needed, starting up the program once more.
>Like with the diagnostics, a window pops up with text scrolling down it.
>Nodding, you let it run while you search for solutions to the errors.
>Thankfully the forums are pretty active, because you find some answers right away.
>Not the kind you’re hoping for though…
>According to one guy, you’ll likely have to replace both the drives and the voice modulator.
“Oh come the fuck on…”
>Groaning, you sit back and look over at Minky.
>While there may be a replacement for the modulator, there is definitely no spare drives.
>Which only means one thing.
“I’ll have to buy them. That’s just...fucking wonderful!”
>You can’t do that though, you’re already scrapping by after buying the new motors.
>It’s pretty damn clear now as to why it appeared uncle was half assing this.
>It seems like one problem after another.
>You’re not sure what to do either!
>Can’t just sit here though.
>Turning your attention back to the forums, you start asking around for help on what to do.
>It feels like hours pass before some guy replies.
>The two of you go back and forth for a bit before he he gives you some good news at last.
>The errors are not too serious, so you can hold off on replacing them for the time being.
>However, you’ll still need to keep a close eye on Minky, and do daily system checks to make sure nothing new springs up.
>Your body relaxes as you release a breath you didn’t know you were holding in.
>Slouching lazily once more, you stifle a laugh, looking up the ceiling.
“Why do I do this to myself?”
>You already know the answer to that.
>Glancing back at the screen, you see a message on the screen confirming the updates were installed.
>About time too, you’re not sure how much more of this you can take.
>You unplug Minky, and press the power button once more.
>The melody is such a sweet sound to your ears.
>Like many times before, her body spasms briefly before her eyes light up and slowly look around.
>”...Hello A-Anon, how long d-did everything take..?”
“Welcome back Minky, it took WAY too long.”
>”...T-told you it w-would...”
>You chuckle and smile.
“Yeah you did, didn’t you?”
>She shifts in place a moment.
>”...I d-detect new s-software and up-updates installed, but h-how did the d-diagnostic go..?”
>Honestly, you really don’t want to tell her the truth.
>Leaning back and sighing, you let your eyes wander to the screen before going back to her.
>Minky waits patiently for you to tell her, and you run a hand over your face before beginning.
“Not as well as I had hoped.”
>”...C-can you be m-more specific..?”
“Ignoring the easily fixable stuff, you have multiple drive and voice modulator errors.”
>She says nothing for a few minutes, her eyes briefly flicker as she processes all of this.
>”...I-is that a-all, can they b-be fixed..?”
>You balk at her calmness for a second, but nod slowly.
“Well yes, yes I can. But I’m short on funds at the moment to get you the parts needed.”
>”...Oh, I-I see...”
>As she says that, she sits down on her rear, her form slouching a tad.
“Hey it’s not all that bad now, there is some good news.”
>Though she says nothing, she looks up at you with a curious expression.
“I asked around the forums. From what I was told in the thread, I have to keep a closer eye on you and do daily system checks.”
>”...But w-what about if it w-worsens, what th-then..?”
>She has a really good point, what are you supposed to do if or when her problems get worse?
>How would you even handle it all?
>You’re honestly unsure how to answer her.
>Shaking out of your reverie, you lean forward and gently pet her mane.
>Her eyes follow your hand briefly before closing as she leans into your hand.
>Letting out a small sigh, you smile.
“I’m gonna be honest with you, I’m not completely sure. We’ll cross that bridge if it comes to it. For now, we’ll play it safe like I was suggested to.”
>She smiles and nods.
>”...Okay, i-if you s-say so A-Anon...I t-trust you…”
>Nodding, you give her a few more pats before leaning back again.
“I gotta say, this whole updating thing, was a lot more than I expected.”
>Her eyes reopen and she giggles.
>”...I-I tried to w-warn you…”
“Yeah you did, but I didn’t expect it to be this much of a hassle.”
>Looking around, you have a slight itch to game again.
“As much as I like sitting here talking with you, how about I show you another game of mine?”
>”...Of c-course..!”
>Getting up, you lightly stretch with a few audible pops.
>You go to leave, but pause at the door with an idea in mind.
>Bowing slightly and waving your hand through the doorway, you put on a posh accent.
“After you madam.”
>Minky looks briefly confused before she realizes what you’re doing.
>She lets out a little gasp, giggling as she walks through with a light hop in her step.
>”...S-such a gentleman…”
“But of course.”
>Unable to keep up the facade, you laugh and start to follow after her, preparing for another long night of gaming.

I know this feel well.
Ooh, More minky bean!
What does the NH stand for?
2 updates in a week? We are blessed.

Do not answer these questions. These are just stuff that occurred to me while reading the update.

>I work at a warehouse
Umm, if these super advanced AIs exist (so far Minky seems to have GI levels of intelligence), I see absolutely no reason for humans to work in this field.
Hm, how would an update work? From the technical perspective, it would be impossible to update an AI capable of learning.
Backup Minky now.
I recall a green where the companion bot had slow,flaky storage and when asked questions which required to access her long term storage she frozen until it timed out or something.
>you’re already scrapping by
Where did Anon live before this? If he rented an apartment or something, then he suddenly has a ton of money each month what he does not need to spend on rent.
>"S-such a gentleman"
I'm sure one of the update has to do something with this response.

Thanks for the update!
File: 1589590689677.png (637 KB, 1790x1970)
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637 KB PNG
Bump for new Jacky part hopefully soon
Woah, where is this picture from?
From a few threads ago. I asked for a Sparky edit, original picture is of Twilight doing that.
After the state I was born in, New Hampshire.
You're welcome.
File: cutie jack.png (229 KB, 500x512)
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229 KB PNG
Just finished Steamy Magic.
I have no place to ask this, but I'd love to see a genuine finish where he comes back, brings his stuff, and starts a family, kinda like how The Wish Granter ended, ya?
Well Painful Magic is the sequel to that. We haven't seen what happened to Anon and Applejack quite yet but... we'll find out sooner or later what's going on there.
Hopefully it wasn't too bad.
Oh...... so everything goes to shit in a handbasket
Whatever happened between the end of Steamy and the start of Painful... Twilight really doesn't take rejection well.
File: Jacky aim for the.png (294 KB, 1600x963)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
I can't imagine anyone who's more adorable than Jacky. It's going to be a full year really soon now.
File: aj_How.png (110 KB, 500x658)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
>Thu 14 Nov 2019

It really has almost been a year. Wow guys, we made it almost a year, and Jacky is still going strong, Blondie has gone and made many other wonderful greens too and been certainly an addition to this board.
NHAnon has been doing wonderfully too, and I wonder how long that journey will keep going.
You guys are so cool, love yall
Speaking of, I need to catch up. Got caught up with some steamin' demons
You flatter me too much, I haven't done all that much. From then to now... a lot has changed. Personally, anyway.
Let's hope I can get out of this perpetual funk and go back to writing three or four greens at once. Whether or not it's good, I'll leave it to whoever reads.
Dont you die while I put all these greens onto my ancient nook
File: flutter scrunch.gif (75 KB, 250x250)
75 KB
Hey Blondie, can you do me a favor and unfuck all the words in FlutterLime?
As in, there are some words that are upside down and stuff, and "corrupted", but this screws up the PDF format on the NOOK sadly. Could you maybe give a version (.txt) with normal type but still messed up language?
Sure. Gimme a bit, I'll do that. By all means, download all of whatever of my stuff you like for future use. My only real worry is that my stuff and the art of all of the gals somehow vanish. I hope that they'll still be referenced and looked back on even a decade from now.
Hopefully I'll still be alive and kicking to keep writing a decade from now too.
>My only real worry is that my stuff and the art of all of the gals somehow vanish
My worry as well, which is why I have them all downloaded and am also putting them on an older-gen nook that I have. Nooks can run on very low power, and their screens can stay on forever because its an ink screen. I plan to put as many bootlegs I can on it and keep it in my go-bag in case things ever go south.
On behalf of all booterleg writers here and gone, I appreciate that. That's partially why I have my hard drives with extensive archives of a lot of things.
Where should I upload the un-fucked version?
Uh, you can just link it with smutty.horse or something
File: seller.jpg (665 KB, 4800x2700)
665 KB
665 KB JPG
But... FlutterLime isn't a smutty horse.
She will be https://smutty.horse/
I am fine with lewding some things but do not lewd the little Lime.
I'm also pretty proud of the text corruptions that I did too. It's really a shame that those don't tent to translate well into things. I think it's a nice way to give pure text a little something extra. Especially if you're really stuck in it.
Let me know if I missed anything. Just re-wrote her lines.
File: 1564096436978.png (1.19 MB, 1000x809)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
Forgot to add picture for added (comedic) effect about the warning of not lewding a vaguely intelligent toy that just wants to have tea parties and goof around.
Man, that Anon has a comfy life.
File: 20201102_192210.jpg (2.47 MB, 1960x2773)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB JPG
Well, its a little confused but its got the spirit
File: autismo1.jpg (609 KB, 1387x1617)
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609 KB JPG
>2 of 433
File: unknown.png (131 KB, 1368x784)
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131 KB PNG
Er, Blondie, I think your Photo Finished archive is fucked. Go check it, both part A and B have pretty much all the same stuff except for the bare end.
Make sure you didnt just accidentally make B the more finished version instead of a continuation
>except the bare end
I suppose as of now pick your poison.
They are different at the end for a reason, things will split off drastically. But due to things it's one of the things that I'm putting on hold until family health situation improves.
Hmm, alright, I will put it as alternate endings then
A is to be written here, B is to be written in /pie/.
File: 20201102_224757.jpg (2 MB, 1864x2547)
2 MB
Okay, Jacky, Patches, Twill, Rare, Cricket Chryssie, the IF shorts, and Photo Finished have all been put on ze nook

And dont think I forgot about you, NHAnon.

Some other day I shall archive the other stuff, as it consists of putting it all into a word document and then converting that to a PDF and transferring that to the nook.
Here are the PDF sets for anyone interested: https://u.smutty.horse/lxwbtqcmfmt.rar
File: appul shake.png (91 KB, 420x360)
91 KB
Okay so I figured out the actual format to put it in to make it a proper Ebook, but heck man this shits too complicated for my tired ass brain. Im hitting the hay
I hate when my ass brain is tired. What sort of issues are you coming across?
Just general formatting to make such chapter navigation, metadata, and images work
Very neat, never expected my stuff to be put into a pdf.
Prompt idea.

Bootleg ponies in earth, but its Watch dogs, but its a robot pony who hacks other robot ponies, because robot ponies replaced quadcopters and other ai driven machines.

(or would this idea be too close to slave ponies?)
Maybe Ponsec is liberating bootleg ponied from official hasbro pone suppression?
I only really liked the first one. Some bitcoin pone assassin would be pretty brutal, especially if she was more or less a piecemeal pony and decided that her ramshackle build was worth keeping as her only true form of identity.
File: 1159842.png (137 KB, 926x820)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
File: Patches O.png (1.01 MB, 1070x1004)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
File: Deathlight checked.png (628 KB, 934x849)
628 KB
628 KB PNG
File: patches comf.png (1.19 MB, 1278x723)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
File: applestare.png (51 KB, 400x400)
51 KB
Was up all night worrying about the election.
Sadly no catching up on jack attack tonight...
It's alright, I got your back Blondie. Gonna finish going over my update and post it soon.
That wasn't me. I was binge watching that Evil Dead show. The newest Part won't start until next week. If I've been thinking of anything, it's been Painful Magic. This weekend I may focus on that. It's been too long that I've let things distract and bother me.
My bad, my point still stands.
“Alright, what about this one?”
>”...What’s i-it called..?...I-I can’t s-see it...”
“Oh right, sorry, it’s um...Treasure Island.”
>”...S-sounds interesting, I-I’ll read i-it sometime...”
“Then it joins it’s brothers and sisters in the pile.”
>You set the book in the slowly growing stack that she picked out so far.
>The both of you have been hard at working sorting through the things in uncle’s room.
>You swore to yourself that you would tackle this, and now here you are.
>Minky is currently going through the odds and ends while you deal with the books on the higher shelves.
>As you grab another, you read aloud the title for her.
“...War and Peace, seriously?”
>”...H-he said he liked th-that one...”
“I’m not doubting that, but it feels almost like a cliché to own it.”
>”...How i-is it a c-cliché..?”
“Okay so, in a lot of books I’ve read and movies I’ve seen, there is almost always someone that has it their possession.”
>”...A-Anon, this i-isn’t a movie o-or a book…”
“True, though sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.”
>”...I-if you s-say so…”
“Either way, it’s usually the book some big brained guy has.”
>”...S-so your uncle w-was one of th-those really smart p-people..?”
“Probably, he had more brains than me, that’s for sure.”
>”...A-Anon you’re n-not dumb…”
“Twas just a joke I swear, but seriously, do want to keep this?”
>”...No, i-it can g-go with the r-rest...”
>Figures she would say that, it is quite a serious novel to read.
>You add it to one of the partially filled totes that you’ll be donating later on.
>This was a struggle at first when you two began.
>Honestly, if it wasn’t for Minky being here, you doubt you could’ve handled it.
>Well except for the bed, that was more of an annoyance to deal with.
>Though all these damn books you keep finding might be a contender for that.
>You finish off another shelf, or at least you thought you did.
>Because there is another row behind that one.
>Did uncle really have to own a small library?
>It really feels like there is a never ending supply of books to go through still.
>Shaking your head, you find a familiar series and already know what to do with them.
>Just as you’re adding them to the pile, Minky pipes up.
>”...W-wait, you didn’t s-show or tell me w-what those were…”
“It’s the Harry Potter series, I’m pretty certain you’ll read them.”
>”...Oh th-those...I’d l-like to e-eventually read them…”
“See? Knew you would, I know you well enough by now.”
>Working your neck a moment, you glance over at her briefly and find her attention is on some open book.
>Looks like she finished what she was able to reach currently, so there isn’t much left for her.
>You take a look around the room to see what’s left to deal with.
>More books, the clothes, and various baubles to go through.
>While you could have her deal with some of those, you’d like to have your complete attention for that.
>At the very least, the two of you have made a dent so far.
>You’re certain this will be finished by day’s end, but you’d rather not take any chances to let it linger.
>Going back to the books again, you find some more things that uncle collected.
>Baseball cards, a baseball, a catchers mitt, and some scifi stuff.
>While you never collected sports memorabilia, something about it draws upon your memories.
>Times when you were younger and more naive.
>Like dad trying to get you into sports rather than playing video games all the time.
>Or when you would go over to a friend’s house to hangout.
>The days of feeling invincible, feeling like you could do anything and everything.
>Though that ended up in you getting hurt or failing miserably.
>Shit, where did all that time go?
>Feels like it was just yesterday...
>Snapping out of your reminiscing, you turn your attention to Minky.
“Yeah sup?”
>”...Are y-you okay..?...You l-look k-kinda sad…”
“I do?”
>Shaking your head, you put on a smile for her.
“What? No, I’m fine, just spacing out is all out.”
>”...A-are you sure a-about that..?”
“Yeah of course! You doubt my sureness?”
>You strike a heroic pose, puffing your chest out for emphasis.
>Minky tries not to laugh, shaking her head.
>”...No I-I don’t doubt i-it, but you m-might need a b-break...”
“A break?”
>”...Mhm…This i-is a lot of th-things to g-go through…”
>How long have you two been at this?
>Since you got home, right?
>Okay, so you’re not entirely sure.
>That’s only because your left your phone downstairs and there is no active clocks in here at the moment.
>Well it’s been long enough for you to lose track of things again.
>There is still plenty left to go through, but maybe you both need a distraction for just a bit.
“Yeah okay, a break sounds good Boss.”
>”...S-so what do y-you want to d-do..?”
>You let your eyes wander the room a moment, trying to figure what to do.
>Gaming? No, you have done plenty of that recently.
>Plus the last thing you want is to get too involved in one and not finish sorting.
>It should really be something you both can do together.
>Reading? No, hell no, you’ve done plenty of that recently.
>As you rattle your brain for an answer, you look to the nearby window.
>It’s such a nice day out today.
>The few trees you can see are gently swaying in the breeze, and some birds flutter about.
>Going outside then?
>You haven’t checked it out fully, not since you were younger.
>Plus there’s a trail outback that be nice to walk along again.
“How about we go on a walk?”
>Minky’s eyes widen, and she shifts in place a bit.
>”...A w-walk..?...Back i-into town a-around other p-people..?”
“No, god no, I know you’re not ready for that just yet. I mean walking around here, maybe into the woods, something like that?”
>She relaxes out of her panic, nodding slowly with a smile again.
>”...Oh th-that’s what you m-meant...I’d l-like that...”
“Onwards then!”
>You point dramatically towards the door with Minky giggling.
>As the two of you leave the room and head to the kitchen, you talk to one another along the way.
>”...Y-you seem q-quite happy about a-a walk A-Anon…”
“It’s not about the walk, it’s about exploring.”
>”...E-exploring what..?”
“The backyard of course.”
>”...But i-it’s just s-some trees and g-grass…”
>You stop at the back door, unlocking it and looking down at her with a small smile.
“On the contrary, it’s more than trees and grass, it’s OUR trees and grass. Plus there is an old trail outback through the woods.”
>”...I-I suppose th-that’s true...What t-trail..?”
“Ah so you haven’t walked it yet? Good, you’ll like it, I’m sure.”
>”...If y-you say so...I-it’s still j-just some woods A-Anon...”
>Sighing, you gently shake your head and open the door.
“Other than when I came here to visit uncle, there were no woods where I lived. This is also the first house, let alone the first piece of land, that I actually own.”
>”...O-oh sorry...I-I never kn-new that...”
“It’s ‘kay, first time I’m sharing it with you. It’s not like you’re a mind reader. Unless, that’s some other feature you have?”
>Giggling, she shakes her head.
>”...You’re s-silly…You k-know I’m in-incapable of th-that…”
“Eh, never know for sure, especially with how tech is constantly evolving.”
>Turning your attention to the backyard, a wave of nostalgia joins it.
>Everything is almost exactly the same as you last saw it.
>Various small patches of grass, some rocks scattered about, and trees that become more numerous the further back the property goes.
>Just before the tree line thickens up, the old shed you’d mess around in from time to time.
>As the two of you step off the back steps, you feel a light bounce in your step.
>A fair bit of land to go over, though this is gonna be hell in summer when you have to mow the grass.
>Even worse when winter comes around if you want to reach the shed.
>That’s future Anon’s problem, just enjoy the walk for now.
“Forgot how beautiful it can be out here.”
>It’s hard to keep your eyes settled on one thing.
>Like the large number of colorful birds up the trees.
>They’re all happily chirping as you gaze on them.
“Hey do you know the names of those birds?”
>”...W-what birds..?”
>Squatting down to her level, you point to the large old oak off to the side.
“That one there, you don’t have to name all of them off. Just curious if you do.”
>”...Oh, w-well let’s s-see…”
>Her eyes scan the tree for several seconds, flickering as they move about.
>”...B-blue jay, northern c-cardinal, turtle d-dove, northern mockingbird, a-and a red-headed w-woodpecker...J-just to n-name a few…”
>You stare at her blankly for a second before chuckling.
“Yeah I should’ve figured you would be able to do that.”
>”...When I-I came o-outside for a w-walk, your un-uncle would j-join me...H-he would u-usually tell me th-the names o-of the birds in the t-trees...I remembered th-them in c-case he w-would ask a-about them, it w-was fun…”
“Huh, didn’t think he was one for bird watching.”
>”...Mhm, h-he had a-a whole book o-on the birds o-of North America…”
>Blinking, you shake your head and stand.
“Should’ve figured it was another book.”
>You two slowly approach the old shed, looking over the old thing.
>The blue paint is faded and peeling, roof sags on one side, and the door looks slightly off center.
>Letting out a whistle, looks like you got your work cut out for you.
>”...S-something wrong..?”
“Didn’t think the shed was in this rough of shape.
>”...He k-kept telling me h-he would take c-care of it e-eventually…”
>That figures, you check the door, finding it unlocked.
>It pulls harder than expected, but does open up with some effort.
>It’s far more dark in than expected as you try to look around.
>You try to search for a light switch or something to illuminate the place.
>”...H-here, let me h-help you…”
>Minky trots into the dark, returning seconds later with a flashlight.
“Thanks, doesn’t this place frighten you?”
>”...No, as l-long as you’re h-here with me, it’s n-not so b-bad…”
>Smiling, you turn the flashlight, and look around.
>Dust coats most of the surfaces, various cobwebs hang around the ceiling.
>There’s a tool rack with few tools left, a large work table, and what looks like more junk.
>As you step in further, you nearly bump into the lawnmower, but at least you know where it is.
>You approach the pile of crap, finding it’s mostly old car parts and coffee cans.
“My pack rat senses are tingling.”
>”...Y-you’re what a-are tingling..?”
“It’s a joke, I’m referring to all this junk in here.”
>”...How d-do you know i-if it’s all u-useless..?”
“There is no reason to keep ALL of these coffee cans, and most of these car parts look pretty useless.”
>”...Y-you can t-tell that..?”
“More or less, you can’t even salvage most of these parts.”
>”...That’s t-true…”
“We’ll tackle this place another time, let’s get back to our walk.”
>She nods in agreement as you set the light down, and close the door behind you.
>Just like when you opened it up, it closes quite hard as well.
“...And take care of this door while we’re at it…”
>”...Wh-what was th-that..?”
“Just me talking to myself, so how about this weather eh?”
>She looks around briefly as you two start walking again.
>”...It i-is nice an-and sunny today…”
“Indeed, shame it doesn’t last forever.”
>”...Mhm, b-but it has t-to change f-for plants to grow an-and for the s-seasons…”
>Nodding, you both approach the old trail, and you can see it hasn’t been used in a while.
>Probably why she didn’t know about it.
>You recognize one of the trees by the old path, and approach it, checking near the roots.
>”...Wh-what are y-you looking f-for..?”
“Just a sec...Aha! Check this out.”
>Minky furrows her brow as she tries to see what you’re talking about.
>After several seconds of trying, she looks back at you with her head tilted.
>”...I-I’m sorry I-I don’t see i-it...”
>Shaking your head, you get closer and point out the marks.
“Years ago I marked this tree with my initials, see?”
>She squints, her eyes widening as she finally sees it.
>”...Oh..!...N-now I do...When d-did you d-do this..?”
“Let’s see...um...when I was thirteen I think.”
>”...W-wow, so i-it’s been here s-since forever then..?”
>A wicked idea pops into your head as you stand there with her.
>Assuming a serious look, you fold your arms and raise a brow.
“Forever eh? Just how old do you think I am?”
>Briefly, her face scrunches up as she takes a look of concern.
>”...Th-that’s not wh-what I meant...Wait...Y-you’re joking a-around again, aren’t y-you..?”
>Turning, you hide your smile as you start to walk down the path.
>Minky’s hoof falls quickly approach to your side.
>You steal a quick glance to her, seeing she is giving you a small glare.
“What? I couldn’t help myself.”
>Her glare intensifies before it breaks into her laughing.
>”...I’ll g-get you o-one of these t-times A-Anon...”
“Ha! I look forward to that IF it ever happens.”
>”...Y-you’ll regret th-that saying that...So th-this is the p-path you t-talked about..?”
“Yep it is, I’d follow it into the woods, think it might’ve been used for hunting at one time.”
>”...I s-see...Is th-there anything in-interesting along i-it..?”
“It’s mostly forest, so a lot of trees, rocks, but I did find a couple of creeks.”
>”...D-did you ever f-find treasure..?”
“Sorta, found an owl pellet once. I took it home not knowing what it was, mom freaked out when I showed her.”
>”...That’s d-digusting…”
“She thought so too.”
>Minky giggles while you continue to walk on.
>This place is still just as amazing as when you were younger.
>The woods become thicker the further you in, but all the more beautiful.
>You freeze, reaching out to halt Minky as you see something in the distance.
>”...What is it A-Anon..?”
>Looking down at her, you raise your hand to your mouth to motion for silence.
>She looks confused, so you slowly nod forward and point ahead.
>Her eyes follow your hand and slowly widen as she sees it as well.
>A small group of deer.
>Been a while since you last saw any deer, let alone this close.
>Minky lets out a little gasp, quickly covering her mouth with a hoof.
>One of the deer looks up instantly, staring at you two.
>For a while, it stares before finally going back to grazing.
>You slowly sit down next to Minky while you two watch the deer.
>Not sure how much time passes, but eventually the deer wander off.
>Minky waits a bit, and once certain they are gone, she turns to you with a broad smile.
>”...Th-that was so c-cool A-Anon..!”
“Indeed, it’s been a while since I’ve seen so many that close.”
>”...When w-was the l-last time you did..?”
“Was driving out to a friends, and saw a group crossing the road. They didn’t seem to care about me, so I watched and waited while they did.”
>”...Th-they weren’t a-afraid..?”
“Nope, guess they were used to people. Shall we continue?”
>Grunting as you get up, you both start to walk again.
>Up ahead is the old hill you would play around, often acting like you were king of the hill or something.
>Looks so much smaller now.
>Sadly as much as you’re enjoying this, you notice the sun is slowly setting, darkening the area.
“Guess we should be getting back.”
>”...I-it feels l-like we just g-got out here…”
“Yeah time flies when you’re having fun, but we still need to finish going through that room.”
>”...Mhm, a-and I s-still need to m-make dinner…”
“That too. How long do you think it will take to finish the room up?”
>”...M-maybe an h-hour, it a-all depends…W-why do y-you ask..?”
“Other than getting it done today? I figured we would watch something, like more My Little Pony?”
>Minky gasps sharply, nodding her head rapidly as she start picking up the pace into a quickened trot.
>”...Then w-we should h-hurry while w-we still have t-time..!”
>Shaking your head, you start to laugh as you jog to keep up with her.

Woo! Nice update anon!
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File: lyra horse trauma.png (319 KB, 392x365)
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>tfw election is so stressful that you cab only distract yourself by working on dangerous CRT tubes instead of reading Jacky and Minky for some austistic reason
They're gonna count shit in Nevada and Pensyllvania till Saturday and Alaska claims it'll take a whole week, might as well read comfy stuff while they pick their noses. Ffs, they counted Russian election in the first 12 hours and amount of middles of nowhere in these frozen wastelands trumps all american villages
I guess, just gotta find the time, or make it. Been stalling way too much on both stories
I'm not worried about it. As far as I know none of that will really affect writing. Besides, what better time to read something good than when shit's goofy?
File: rambo reflection.png (562 KB, 2500x1500)
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File: Patch Anon.png (520 KB, 788x1080)
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I remember.
File: Rare Upsies.jpg (56 KB, 755x870)
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Why is her eye bruised?
iirc it happened during the story.
Painful Magic resumes.
Yo, that link to Carpathia... That ain't it.
Copied from last op, provide actual link if you would
Oh shit, I actually found it:
About ready to say fuck it to this electronic stuff. Just wanted to mess around, not get into a whole bunch of complicated hooey.
Its also distracting from these greens
What've you been working on?
File: unknown.png (1.09 MB, 902x742)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
I had extracted a monochrome CRT from a projector television and was trying to get it working on its own by using the circuit from another TV to run it. It worked, in theory, but because of the smaller deflection coil it ended up sending too much power back to the vertical deflection chip and killing it, killing the original TV I was borrowing the circuit from, as it was a decent VCRTV which I liked. Then I accidently killed the power supply, and was unsuccessful in repairing it in order to get the necessary 112 volts to the board that actually powers the tube. At that point I was fine with just powering it and maybe making a circuit down the line to create an image on it, but even that failed when I was unsuccessful in merely powering the flyback transformer, as doing so required an overhead of knowledge I did not have.
Im a bit ech because it did work, for a second, and it was only supposed to be a jerryrig project, nothing real serious. But it killed my tvcr, its various components to the point of making things too complicated, and on top of that I accidently killed my laptop when I hooked the deflection coil to the audio jack and it released a zap of static electricity into the sound chip, frying it and subsequently killing the rest of the motherboard. It was an eh laptop, but it was my only computer backup.
So eh, I stopped.
I'm keeping it around for another day, maybe...

Anyway, blogpost over
File: 06a.png (209 KB, 510x346)
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209 KB PNG
Brutal. I would have no clue where to start on that but my biggest worry would've been to find a way to consistently give it the right amount of power. Old tech like that really can't be plugged and played into modern things since so many defaults and standards have changed.
I did have the power source, but when I fucked around experimenting with the control circuit to turn it on without the rest of the board (before looking up a schematic), I am pretty sure I fried the thing.
Sounds like a mistake waiting to happen. When in doubt I'm sure there must be some esoteric sites out there that sell relevant components. Here's hoping nothing valuable was on the laptop.
No, but the laptop was supposed to be converted to a modified Windows OS to make it a more viable backup (windows updates have been slowing it down massively). Its was not a bad laptop at all, and was a backup for when my main rig was unusable. I could still do all the work I needed, just a tad slower. I will see if I can get a new one around Black Friday though.
At any rate, this just means I can get back to reading Jacky and Minky like I should have.
File: derby.png (1.09 MB, 1249x1171)
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1.09 MB PNG
why so spook
Bump from 10
Minky is cute.

I might start doing this style of comments for your green too, but I'm not promising anything. The questions/comments/etc I do are not something you should answer (you can if you want to). These are my random thoughts what occur when reading that specific part. These are something for you to judge my reactions, and if these are the ones you intended or not.
For your green specifically this style is not the best, as not much action is happening, this suits the non SoL greens more. Eg do I figure out certain plot elements/etc.

>book sorting
I wonder if Minky can go into overdrive or something and finish a book super fast.
>I know you well enough by now
Reading sessions when?
Yea sorting through a dead relative's stuff can be depressive.
>it’s just s-some trees and g-grass
She is an indoor pony.
I wonder how much "common" knowledge is in her base software. And how much does she does not even know she knows.
>what looks like more junk
Years of hoarding can result in 3 fuckton of scrap. First hand experience. Took ~5 years to sort through/clear out my fathers junk from the house. Not 10 years of 0-24 work obviously, but about 10-30min a day every day.
>Just how old do you think I am?
I assumed Minky was joking.
>find treasure
Anon needs to bury Minky's new parts, and go on a treasure hunting with her to find it.
>animals in the woods
Why is she surprised after Anon's aunt taught her the names of the birds?
>Then w-we should h-hurry
Interesting seeing her having "interests".

Thanks for the update!
File: miku blink.gif (629 KB, 230x230)
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629 KB GIF
drawrofkcab og ot woh dnatsrednu t'nseod eh>

You got it. What will that post be?
We shall never know... for a few days
Hmm, stupid experiment time:
File: ponk more more.png (140 KB, 1000x1000)
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After DAYS of stalling and distractions I am caught up with jackleapp!
And so good too. Now I need to catch up on Minky and watch Resident Evil.
cant wait for moar
It'd be cool to find a way to watch Resident Evil on a stream but I wouldn't know which way would be best. Good movie though. Didn't expect that to be the Halloween thing but I guess it turned out pretty well.
We can watch it like we did GBGBaGU, on Watchtogether!
Sure, but I was able to find that through one of the allowed sites.
File: 12 Tiny Rarities.png (452 KB, 1088x1273)
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File: Sisters Shipping Set.jpg (1.39 MB, 3000x2610)
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1.39 MB JPG
File: Patches_makeup.png (97 KB, 367x492)
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Rip patches...
File: Patches terminator.png (92 KB, 378x492)
92 KB
I'm sure she'll be back. Guy just has to shake off his shit and get back in the fight.
Just finished resident evil 1 for the first time. Damn thats cheesy
Goodnight little bread, rest your sleepy head
Goodnight Anon, dont squish the tiny bootlegs
File: Patches.png (95 KB, 378x492)
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File: Twill shorts Waifu.png (398 KB, 1080x920)
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File: Twill shorts TT.png (625 KB, 1277x947)
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File: Twill shorts MLH.png (1.25 MB, 1923x1873)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
File: Twill shorts HI.png (399 KB, 957x891)
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File: Twill shorts CH.png (435 KB, 992x933)
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435 KB PNG
Everyone's gone.
>You've never really felt like you had a home
>Even when you were too young to do anything, the place where you lived didn't feel like a home
>Homes were happy
>Homes were a place you felt secure
>Homes had people that were happy to see you
>You lean back in your car
>For a while, on and off, you've been sitting in your car for a few minutes longer than you should
>Not because you don't like being... there
>With everyone
>But because you're having a hard time adjusting
>You believe that you have a home
>And you're worried that you could lose it
>You recognize the irony of the situation
>You check your phone again
>You ordered a little something but it's taking longer than you wanted
"God dammit..."
>You can't let it be late
>You have a few days left, but still
"Alright... time to head in."
>You slip out of your car and shake yourself awake
>You don't think you need to go shopping for anything anytime soon
>You've gotten a wider variety of foods, now that you're paying more attention to everyone's wants
>Even down the hallway, you can smell them
>It's kinda like when you realized that your first girlfriend had a unique, distinct scent to her
>You can tell them all apart
>You're really not sure if your neighbors have noticed or cared that your apartment has become a constant party house of sorts
>You don't particularly care, to be honest
>You're outside your door
>You can hear some music going on and some bickering
>You're so used to being alone
>Of having a silent place, outside of what little sounds your computers make
>You would be lying if you said you didn't miss it
>All of these sounds make this hole in the wall your home
>With another hard shake, you open the door
>You recognize that song
>"Come on, Sparky, you're being silly!"
>"Oh can it already! We've been at it since lunch!"
>"You too! You've just been watching us!"
>"Not all of us have your energy, Jacky. Besides, isn't that dance sort of... much?"
>"Is it?"
>"Don't listen to her, Jacky... it's gonna work out really well."
>Oh boy
>You're not sure if you should or shouldn't intrude on that
>To be conveniently present, you clear your throat like an overly-enthusiastic trumpet player
"Boy, I sure hope nothing weird is going on here!"
>You can hear Jacky sputtering
>Shine clearing her throat
>Nothing from Dashie
>You take a few steps into the hallway and poke your head around the corner, looking into the living room
>All of them are sitting on a pillow
>Jacky gives you her best, innocent smile
>It's a little too wide to be normal
>Shine rolls her eyes and gives you a smirk
>Dashie just gives you a shrug with a blank expression
>She's always been a bit spacey, you think
>You take note of how messy Jacky's mane is
"You should definitely get a haircut one of these days."
>You give her a squint and an accusatory finger point
>Her smile widens
>You cross the hallway intersection, your squint fixed on her
>Until you whip away
>You kneel and fall onto your mattress
>It feels nice to finally lay down
>You should at least kick off your boots but you aren't worried too much
>After a few moments, you feel a pony leap onto your back
>With a practiced tempo, said pony pushes down on your shoulders and back, slowly trotting and kneading in place
>With a long, low groan you drag your hand up and give a thumbs up
>"Heh, getting better?"
>You rotate your head, resting on the left side of your face
"Oh yeah... thanks Jack."
>"Heheh, don't worry about it. Were you serious about a haircut?"
"Sure. We have your twin tail style."
>"And that's a crowd pleaser."
>"How short were you thinking?"
"Short enough so we have one less source clogging the tub drain."
>The slow stepping and massaging melts
>She lays on your back, kicking out her legs
>"True enough... you know, I don't really remember how I cut my mane before. I think Sparky just had a knife or something."
>"Iunno. Probably. That excuse makes sense though, right?"
>Over the last while, you've learned a lot about the girls
>About Jacky
>It seems like there really aren't that many more secrets or revelations to discover
>Which is fine
>At least you know that she wasn't some sort of serial killer or something in her past life
>Just a petty criminal that occasionally got into dangerous situations
>And who could honestly say they didn't have that sort of situation in their life at one point or another?
>You can feel her shaking on top of you
>She had let out a long, tired yawn and stretches
>"So... Anon...?"
"What's up?"
>"...are you doing ok?"
>You reply without thinking about it
"Well sure."
>This time you wait before answering
>Well, of course it's hard to say
>You're losing someone
>You've seen them and just how far it's gone
>But work is going well
>But you're feeling a little awkward about coming back into your own apartment
>But you've never really felt happier, because of what and who you return to every day
"Yeah... I am, Jack. I'm doing ok, thanks to you and the other dorks. I'm doing a lot better than if I were by myself. What's that song... 'I'd rather be with you than be alone'?"
>"I've never heard that song before."
"Yeah, me neither. I think."
>She lays her head right below your left shoulder and nods
>"You really like your weird songs."
"Oh, you don't know the half of it."
>You both lay in silence for a few moments
>The bed smells like her
>Like Shine too
>And you can tell that Dashie's been sleeping here recently, probably when you're at work
>But it smells like Jacky
>It brings you comfort
>"Gonna go to sleep already?"
>"I recognize that exhale."
"Is that right?"
>She rubs her face against your shoulder again
"I'm blaming you."
>"Hey Anon?"
>"How long has it been since I've been here?"
"Almost a year."
>"...wanna do something to celebrate it?"
>You've already been planning a way to celebrate it
>You've been planning out some things for almost a month now
>Not that you'd ever tell her
>Or Shine
>Or Dashie
"Well, I was thinking about it... how about this Saturday?"
>"Aw... at the end of the entire week?"
>"It's gonna be forever before Saturday."
"Only three quarters of forever. Sunday would be legit forever."
>She giggles and sighs
>"I don't know where I'd be without you, Anon."
"Me too, Jack. I don't know where I would be right now if I didn't have you. I don't know what I'd be doing. I'm sure both of us would be still breathing."
"Yeah, probably. But I wouldn't be happy if I didn't have you. Especially with... well, you know."
>"Yeah... you've lost a lot."
>You don't feel particularly inclined to answer that
>You have lost a lot
>And you're in the process of losing more too
>It just isn't happening in front of you
"I've gained a lot."
>"Oh you... I ain't much."
"I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about Shine and Dash."
>You hear a shocked gasp and feel a hoof press into your head
>It's hard enough to push your head into the bed but not so much so that it actually hurts
>"You wanna run that again by me, pardner?"
>Here comes the Applejack southern twang
>She's gotten almost perfect when it comes to imitating her ma
"I said..."
>Your head gets squished into the mattress, your face covered by part of a blanket
>You repeat yourself as well as you can, given the circumstances
>She pulls her hoof away from your head
>And instead puts her head on yours
>Despite her being a fraction of your size, her noggin is pretty sizable
>She blows air through her lips in a hard huff
>"You got some cheek, talking to me like that."
"Yeah, catch me on my back and you'll see me do more than talk."
>Both of you stay quiet and enjoy the new positioning
"Do you really enjoy being here? Do you have any thoughts of wanting to branch out and live on your own or something?"
"Yeah. Or all of you, as a group or something."
>That answer was quick
>"This is our home, Anon... you make this a home for us."
>You're not surprised
>But you are happy
>And relieved
"Bold of you to speak for everyone."
>"It's not bold, just honest."
"I'm glad. You make this place a home for me too. Shine, too. Dashie, too. All of you little weirdos."
>"What are you two doing?"
>That's Shine's voice
"I've got a monkey on my back. Send help."
>"Oook ook?"
>Shine scoffs
>"Right... what are we doing for dinner?"
>You feel additional weight on you
>You try to look out of the corner of your eye
>She's laying down on Jacky
>Who's laying down on you
"No clue."
>"Why are you laying on me, Sparky?"
>"Because you can't stop me."
>"Anon, Sparkler's bullying me."
>Shine scoffs again
>"Dashie, get in here! Help!"
"Aw crap..."
>"Why do I know where this is heading..."
>You hear light, quiet steps
>"...well this is a weird pyramid."
>"Get on Sparky, quick!"
>"Don't you dare, Prism."
"Yeah, Prism. Don't you not dare."
>"Who's side are you on!?"
"I'm on my front side because you two nerds won't get off of me!"
>You feel the bed yield from yet another intruder
>And more weight landing resting on your torso
>"Freaking unreal..."
>"Oh my... it's quite comfortable up here."
>"Ha ha! How's them apples, Spark?"
>"I'm still laying on top of you at least."
"Didn't think that one through, did you."
>"Jacky isn't the best for thinking, you know that..."
>The playful, condescending tone of Dashie leads to Jacky trying, and failing, to thrash about
>"D-don't you say that?!"
>"It's true, Jacky."
>"Dreadfully true, dear..."
>You can hear her flap once
>You can't see the pony pile on you, but you can see that her wings have finally been let out, acting as a sort of blanket
>Those really are some big chicken wings
"...so is everyone just gonna lay here now?"
>"It seems that way."
>All of them reply at once
"...well alrighty then."
>You exhale, feeling parts of your back pop
>The weight feels nice
>The warmth
>The company
>You really believe that you're home
>And you believe that they're home too
>Nothing could ruin this
Jacky, Part Seven.
It's a super cheesy movie. But it's a fun zombie movie too.
File: 1684775.jpg (267 KB, 1000x888)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
But really, why does she have a choke hazard warning? Hair getting into mouth and nose or something?
Is this from the actual green/are there a collection of these shorts in one place?
Well she is sweet enough to eat. But that would be very difficult given how big she is.
I'm not really sure, I don't recall seeing any real greens of her.
>I don't recall seeing any real greens of her.
Huh, but there is in fact a twill archive, but I just dont know what it is
Morning /bootleg/! How are you all today?
Froze my ass this night, but cold usually gives me very vivid dreams with proper connected story so I don't mind.
Thats interesting. Are you Blondie or NH anon? Or someone else
File: 1568743641308-mlp.jpg (48 KB, 599x631)
48 KB
Nah, just lurking. I was experimenting with lucid dreaming in uni, and one of pre-requisites was opening windows - tons of fresh air and cold, cold keeps your muscles stiff and makes your system pump blood faster so brain is able to work that fresh oxygen faster. It wasn't as fun in the end because I have zero ideas what to do with powers, but if you let go, the regular dream bullshit comes back and now that I have all that oxygen it's vivid, and alive, and interesting, and I can feel all kinds of stuff like grass and tree bark and wind and smells, maybe even hug a random waifu, and I can even remember it in the morning. The price is fiddling with window angles and zero motivation to get up in the morning, but you get used to this medieval english manner of sleeping quite easy.
Rough. Very rough.
I see! Sounds interesting and fun!
Awh, whats wrong anonny?
tl;dr can be later, gotta bump now.
File: PinkieWoke.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1090)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
Lift your head up anon.
Are there any bootponk greens?
I'm doing what I can.
There's always Missy Pie. https://pastebin.com/SU09bp6q
File: ponk wall break.png (77 KB, 500x364)
77 KB
No no, I mean small shorts!
You mean ones from the older /bootleg/ days like Rare and Ranbo?
Anon, how are you feeling?
Relative with cancer is up here now, and it's just sort of a matter of keeping an eye and ear open to help however. I'm fine with going out to grab stuff and to act goofy but I will admit that it leaves me more than just a little worried. Especially if things do get better. Or worse.
File: kinda sad jack.gif (37 KB, 304x384)
37 KB
Oh anon, I know how rough that is...
Sorry thats bringing you down
Goodmorning bump
Thats really some hard stuff, friend. If you need to talk about it you can, or not.
Sometime somewhere, but the thread probably wouldn't be best.
I wonder how the Jackling crew is dealing with the snowfall.
Aye, well hang in there bud...
This thread seems very tired
I think we just have some tired anons here.
Winter is setting in, the sleepy comes...
Any of yall participating in the secret santa?
What's that?
Its where anons give each other Christmas gifts in a round-robin format! You get a gift from someone, and you then give a gift to someone else, not the same person.
How are you guys doing here? There isnt much talking...
Dead thread. For me uncle has flown up here and I've been taking care of him however I can and been talking. It's been one thing to hear of the situation but seeing it directly hasn't helped. At least Jacky's anniversary should help me cheer up a bit. Hopefully she likes her present.
>At least Jacky's anniversary should help me cheer up a bit
That is very soon isnt it...
Remind me what day it is?
Shit, I need to draw something for that if I dont burn myself out with /ss/ stuff first
File: Adorkable twig.jpg (256 KB, 872x872)
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256 KB JPG
Goodmorning /boot/fags, how are well all today?
Cant believe its almost been a full year of Jacky, and over a full year of /bootleg/
I'm feeling the hype. I'm not as lost as I once was. I have a far better job, even though I've been hit with some major losses that have affected my writing rates. Writing has given me a greater focus. I only have more ideas to write about as well. I'm not worried about burning out or having a lack of ideas.
File: excite twi.gif (19 KB, 296x280)
19 KB
It sure has been a journey hasn't it! I am glad to have been here with you all.
File: Iron Will.png (63 KB, 400x400)
63 KB
bumpin' thread with a little musical edit by the one, the only... IRON WILL!
That would be awesome if you did!
It has certainly not been an epic. It's just a year in the life of an Anon and some ponies with minor identity crises. But it's also much more.
Very nice anon!
Really liking the tune, well done anon.
thank you anons
Supearbly comfy.
File: 1 Year.png (3.18 MB, 3750x2000)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB PNG
commission plus some minor editing
Bumpy. Happy Jackiversary
It's beautiful. I don't know how to thank you for this.
Thank (you) for the devotion and hard work for the last year.

And dont think I'm not eyeballing you too NHAnon. Stick around and find out
Your critiquing style seems familiar, you wouldn't happen to frequent nmp would you?
>Why is she surprised after Anon's aunt taught her the names of the birds?
Uncle, not aunt, but regardless. When she was out she would stick to the yard, so she would likely never see a deer otherwise. I still get surprised when I encounter one when I go out for a walk, so I based it upon one of my experiences.
I do like the ideas you presented. You're welcome for the update.
You're too much, I don't think I deserve it as much as Blondie, he's still the mvp here. On another note, I'm prepping another update for today.
>frequent nmp
I frequent a lot of threads, including nmp. I do similar critiquing/review/commenting for /deca/ and "The Recruiter" there.
Was certain that was you, but didn't want to assume. I need to catch up on those two stories soon. Been dealing with a lot of personal problems as of late that's slowed my writing and reading.
I'm spoken of too highly. Was thinking of doing writing throughout the day but due to circumstances and reasons, I have something else in mind for this evening.
>Closing the door behind you with a grunt, you start to head to the stairs.
>”...O-oh there y-you are...W-welcome home A-Anon...I w-was worried...”
>You pause at the bottom step, looking over and seeing Minky trotting out of the kitchen.
>Just as you take your first step she starts again.
>”...W-wait..!...Is s-something wrong..?”
>Sighing, you shake your head, continuing forward.
“Tired, I’ll explain later, promise.”
>”...C-can’t you ex-explain now..?”
>Before she can press further, you head off to your room.
>Really shouldn’t shut her out like that, she doesn’t deserve it.
>She does care about you after all.
>Today was hell, she’ll understand when you tell her.
>Right now though, you really need a shower.
>Really shouldn’t shut her out like that.
>You grab a change of clothes, start up the shower and hop in.
>For a while you let yourself soak, trying to unwind.
>Bit by bit, it starts to melt away the stresses of today.
>A stiff drink sounds really good right about now.
>You won’t though, you don’t want to lose yourself in a bottle.
>It wouldn’t be right with Minky around.
>You turn off the water, taking a moment to collect yourself.
>Focus Anon, she needs you.
>And you need to stay strong, for her at the very least.
>Can’t keep up the facade forever, you’ll eventually break.
>That shit feeling that’s been plaguing you for sometime now rears its ugly head.
>Shower helped somewhat, but not enough.
>With the last of your clothes on, you give yourself a small reminder before leaving the bathroom.
“Keep it together, she doesn’t need to see me like this.”
>Go down there, explain yourself to her, and be done with it.
“Easier said than done.”
>You let out a slow breath and smile, opening up the door.
>A wonderful aroma hangs in the air, giving you some pause.
“That smells amazing.”
>Your curiosity fuels your step as you make your way to the kitchen to investigate.
>Minky’s head is buried in a book with her back turned from you.
>A quick passing thought of sneaking up on her comes.
>Might be a good way to break the ice.
>But that might not end well, you haven’t tried sneaking up on her before.
>Don’t make things complicated, just explain yourself like you planned.
>And maybe pet her mane as well, she likes those.
>Just as you’re about to make yourself known, she coincidentally startles you.
>”...Hey A-Anon..!”
“HOLY SH-shiitake mushrooms!”
>”...Oh n-no...Did I-I scare y-you..?...I-I’m sorry…”
>Chuckling, you hunch over to calm yourself down.
“Yeah, you got me good, haha…”
>”...Y-you’re shaking, I d-didn’t mean to d-do it…”
>You wave your hand as you straighten up and start to calm down.
“It’s fine, it’s fine, I had it coming...so anyways, what’s that wonderful smell?”
>Her eyes flicker before she steps over to the counter to grab a tray to show you.
>”...S-see?...I m-made chocolate c-chip…What d-do you think..?”
>Your mouth starts to water as you stare in awe at the freshly baked cookies.
>Unsurprisingly, they look amazing.
>In your stunned state, you fail to notice Minky adopting a mischievous look.
>”...N-nothing to s-say..?...Maybe I-I should throw th-them out and m-make something e-else…”
>Her sudden movement snaps you out of your hunger induced gaze.
“NO WAIT! I mean, no, sorry, let me try one first to be sure.”
>Just as you reach out to grab one, she pulls back the tray, shaking her head.
>”...B-but you didn’t s-say the m-magic word…”
>Is she being serious right now?
>Minky just smiles, her expression unfaltering.
“The magic word?”
>Of course she means it.
>Rolling your eyes, you let out a sigh and smile.
“Can I please have a cookie?”
>She lets out a faux gasp.
>”...O-of course you c-can…”
>Reaching for one again, she pulls them away once more, setting them on the counter.
>”...After th-they finish c-cooling A-Anon…”
>Oh this cheeky little shit.
>Chuckling, you reach out and start to pet her mane gently.
>She lets out a small hum of contentment as she leans into your hand.
>Huh, that’s new, then again, she’s been doing new things a lot more as of recent.
>More so since you installed those updates.
>Little things mostly, but should you be concerned about it?
>The daily system checks still show everything as stable.
>Maybe you’re just overreacting.
>Minky is still her usual self, if only a little more expressive as of recent.
>If you really want, you can ask around the forums later to settle your fears.
>You pet her mane a few more times before letting go and leaning against the counter.
>She tilts her head as she looks up at you.
>”...S-so how w-was work..?...You d-didn’t look t-too happy…”
“...About that, I’m really sorry for how I was acting. I know I came off as a jerk, things were rough today.”
>”...I-it’s okay, I’m s-sure you had a-a good reason...Do y-you mind telling m-me what h-happened..?”
>She’s way more considerate than you were expecting.
>”...Please A-Anon...You m-might feel b-better afterwords…”
>How much should you share?
>Not everything, just tell her about today dipshit.
>Minky attempts to give what looks like puppy dog eyes, making you smile.
“I intended to anyways, but long story short. A huge shipment came in today, so they offered last minute overtime to anyone. Naturally, I took it because we need it. Usually work is pretty easy going, but it’s been a while since everyone had to move around like that. Just about everyone was on edge to make sure the shipment was taken care of, so a lot of yelling and running around as well.”
>Minky nods along slowly, her eyes never leaving you.
>”...I-I see, that d-does sound b-bad…”
“Yeah that’s why I seemed like a zombie.”
>”...That’s n-not true...You d-don’t look l-like a zombie t-though, you l-look like A-Anon…”
>At that you laugh a little.
“You’re not wrong there.”
>”...Is a-all work l-like that..?”
“Eh, most jobs are, it’s pretty normal actually. Didn’t uncle ever tell you about his?”
>”...N-no, he never l-liked sharing his d-day…”
>Shouldn’t be surprised there, he bottled things up.
>Pot calling the kettle black Anon.
>Ignoring that thought, you notice Minky slouching a little, her eyes drifting to the floor.
>”...A-Anon, can I-I ask y-you something..?”
“Sure, go right ahead.”
>”...Could y-you tell me a-about your day when y-you get home..?...I-I’d like t-to hear it, even i-if it’s b-boring...”
>Kneeling down, you reach out and give her a pet.
“I promise.”
>”...Pinkie P-Pie promise..?”
>Chuckling, you repeat the famous phrase and perform the gesture with your other hand.
“Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.”
>”...D-don’t forget i-it…”
“I won’t, but hey, how was your day? I bet it was a lot better than mine.”
>She leans into your hand, closing her eyes briefly before starting.
>”...It w-was nothing s-special...I d-did my chores, r-read a c-couple of books, an-and was d-drawing a picture w-while waiting o-on you…”
“Sounds like I was right. How about you show me what you made?”
>You stand back up as she trots into the other room.
>Gonna have to open up to her fully eventually.
>Sooner or later it will happen.
>You briefly glance over to the cookies.
>She really did a wonderful job.
>The sound of Minky’s approach draws your attention back, and she comes over with a sheet of paper.
>”...So th-this is w-what I made…”
>You take the picture from her, taking a good look over the drawing.
>Immediately you recognize it as the woods from your walk from the other day.
>The various trees, the nearby hills, and the deer grazing, all of it is in the picture.
>Coloring is more consistent and within the lines she drew up.
>Looks like she also attempted to do some shading with fair success.
>Overall you’d say it’s a clear improvement from her previous works.
>You look to her, noticing she’s hiding somewhat behind her mane.
>She’s likely nervous, and it’s made more obvious by the way she is shifting slightly in place.
“Well I’ve got to say Minky, this is really well done.”
>”...Th-thank you, but I-I think I c-can do better…”
“That may be true, but this is a pretty big improvement from your other work.”
>She stops shifting, peering out from behind her mane with a look of hope.
>”...Really..?...Y-you think s-so A-Anon..?”
“I’m completely sure of that, it’s leagues better than anything that I could make.”
>She lets out a cheer with a broad smile.
>”...Th-thank you s-so much, it m-means a lot t-to me to h-hear you s-say that…”
>As the two of you share this happy moment, it’s cut short by your stomach complaining.
“Er...sorry about that.”
>Minky starts to giggle, and shakes her head.
>”...It’s o-okay, I th-think the c-cookies are cool e-enough for y-you to try…”
“You sure?”
>”...Mhm, p-please try one...I-I’d like t-to know how I d-did…”
>No arguments here, you set aside the drawing, grabbing a cookie and taking a bite.
>A moan of satisfaction escapes as you chew.
>”...I-I take it i-it’s good then..?”
>There are many words you could use to describe it.
>Like delicious.
>Or scrumptious.
>But you nod vigorously instead as you take another bite out of it.
>”...Oh that’s w-wonderful..!...I w-was worried since th-this is my f-first time m-making them, that I-I messed i-it up…”
>You pour yourself a glass of milk to pair with it, taking a quick drink before talking again.
“I seriously doubt you could mess it up, it’s a complete success. Been ages since I’ve had cookies anywhere near this good.”
>She practically glows with happiness, nearly prancing in place in the process.
>Grinning as you watch her, you finish off your cookie and grab another.
>”...Now A-Anon, don’t eat t-too many, y-you’ll spoil your d-dinner…”
“I won’t forget mom.”
>Minky gives a knowing smirk, adopting a serious look.
>”...I’m n-not your m-mom silly…”
“Yeah you’re right, you’re a little small for that.”
>She scrunches her face up.
>”...I-I’m not s-short, I’m c-compact..!”
>You snort, and break into laughter.
>She starts to giggle before joining in on laughing as well.
>It doesn’t last long as your sides start to ache.
>Breathing in deeply to bring yourself back under control, you wipe away a few tears.
“Ah man, heh, I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.”
>”...Th-that’s good t-to hear…”
“Yeah, but hey, I got a question for you.”
“Wanna finish off season two?”
>Minky’s eyes widen, and she starts to giddily prance in place.
>”...O-of course I-I would..!”
“It’s settled then, I’ll go grab the drive, and you can take care of the TV.”
>She quickly hurries to the other room while you finish off your cookie and head upstairs.
>As you enter uncle’s former room, it feels strange with how it’s nearly empty.
>Even with Minky’s help, you couldn’t fully commit to cleaning the room out.
>There is still some stuff left over like the computer and bookshelves.
>Not like you didn’t try, but guess you weren’t as ready to deal with this as you thought.
>Still got the majority of it done at least.
>You shift through the drawers, finding the drive and taking it with you as head back.
>Minky is eagerly awaiting you on the couch, shifting in place excitedly.
>”...W-welcome back…”
“Thanks, think I’m gonna start keeping this out here from now on.”
>Her eyes follow as you as you head over to your computer.
>After doing what you could with the room, you had hooked up your computer to the TV
>Mostly for convenience, but it certainly makes watching movies easier.
>You plug the drive in, and start to prepare the episode.
>”...What w-would you like f-for dinner..?...I-I’m going t-to start it after this e-episode…”
“Oh well, uh...surprise me.”
>”...S-surprise you..?”
“Yeah, just make whatever you feel like.”
>”...Okay, I-I’ll try..!”
>Sure you could of told her to make something.
>But where’s the fun in that?
>Especially since she surprised you with those cookies earlier.
>As you click play, the theme starts up while you go join Minky.
>”...I-I can’t wait t-to finish th-this..!”
“Indeed, it’s gonna be nice.”
>”...There i-is still m-many seasons left…”
“Something like a dozen total, right?”
>”...N-no, there’s n-nine in total…”
>You shrug.
“Eh, I didn’t really bother to search the folder.”
>”...Shh..!...I-it’s starting…”
>Chuckling, you focus your attention on the episode.
>Looks like Twilight and friends are having a picnic.
>As things start to unfold, you reflect on the series so far.
>Probably could’ve finished the season off and moved on a while ago.
>Things got in the way though, like work and Minky’s problems.
>It’s been quite enjoyable to pace things out regardless.
>Over time, the show has grown on you.
>You even learned there is still a fan base for this particular generation.
>Explains why there are so many pony companion droids that you’ve seen in threads.
>You don’t have a favorite character still, each one has their merits.
>Though you have two in mind who are close contenders for that.
>As for episodes, there are several you enjoyed.
>And some that are pretty bad, like Mysterious Mare Do Well.
>Seriously, what was the whole deal behind-
>Ah shit, you’ve let yourself get distracted.
>Not sure how much of the episode you’ve missed, but hopefully not too much.
>From what you can tell, Twilight is listening in on an argument between two ponies.
>Looks like a white unicorn stallion with a blue mane, and a...wait a second.
“Is that another alicorn?”
>”...Th-that’s Princess C-Cadance…”
“Another princess, and she’s an alicorn...seriously?”
>Minky takes on a look of confusion as she looks over at you.
>”...Weren’t y-you paying a-attention earlier when T-Twilight was talking..?”
>She starts to stare hard, chipping away at your defenses.
>Poker face Anon, poker face.
>Her stare shifts into a glare as it bores into you.
>Fuck it.
>You surrender, raising your hands up.
“Fine, you got me, I let my mind wander.”
>Minky scrunches up cutely, shaking her head.
>”...Y-you’ve missed m-most of the episode doing th-that…”
>She hops off the couch, heading over to the computer.
“Hold on, it’s not like I missed that much, did I?”
>Minky looks over to you with a quizzical look.
>”...Do y-you know w-what is g-going on right now..?”
>You look back to the episode to ascertain what is happening.
>However, she notices and pauses it, waiting on you.
>”...N-no cheating A-Anon…”
“I wasn’t cheating, just looking…”
>She gives you a knowing smirk.
>”...Sure y-you were…”
>Alright, time to Sherlock this shit, you can do this.
“Let’s see...A wedding is going to take place.”
“Twilight and the gang are on the scene.”
“Which means something bad is going to happen.”
>”...Th-that’s true, but d-do you know w-what exactly..?”
“Er...The return of Discord?”
>”...No, d-do you give u-up..?”
>You wrack your brain, but ultimately you know the answer.
“I give.”
>Minky giggles, and trots back to you, poking your leg with her hoof.
>”...That’s w-what I thought…”
“Not like I intended to get lost inside my head.”
>”...I-it’s fine, I-I understand...Do y-you want t-to talk about i-it..?”
“Nothing really special to be honest. Was thinking about the show.”
>”...Are y-you sure a-about that..?”
“Positive, I was debating on my favorite pony.”
>She brightens up.
>”...Oh, w-who is i-it..?”
“A toss up between Applejack and Pinkie Pie.”
>”...B-both are g-good...Applejack is s-so strong a-and I like h-her honesty...I-I wish I h-had Pinkie’s s-sense…”
“Agreed, both would make things so much easier. I still don’t know which to pick though.”
>”...You d-don’t have t-to pick one...E-even though Fluttershy i-is my f-favorite, I like th-the others as w-well…”
“Fair point.”
>”...Mhmm…I-I’m going t-to go start d-dinner, then we’ll r-restart the e-episode…”
“Sounds great, want some help with it?”
>”...N-no, you s-said to surprise y-you…”
>Chuckling, you nod.
“Right, I forgot about that.”
>”...You’re s-silly sometimes A-Anon...”
“Yeah I know.”
>As she trots off, you lean back and let out a slow breath.
>Hopefully with tomorrow being the weekend, you’ll get more done with Minky.

>It's Christmas season
>You ordered something and have been keeping it in your car to be safe
>It's not that you don't believe that it wouldn't be safe in your home
>You just don't want Jacky to see it
>You don't think anyone has caught onto it
>You don't even know if Jacky's aware of what today is
>They were all surprised when snow first came down, though it wasn't until this week that there were enough layers to turn the atmosphere grey and bleak
>What's noteworthy is that unlike last year, everyone's actually pretty happy and content
>You know you are
>Despite everything bad that has happened
>Whether or not you'd like to admit it, your apartment has become a home
>You don't think you've ever had such a home
>You aren't ever apprehensive
>The few issues that have popped up ultimately weren't the worst things in the world
>And everyone got through them
"Alright... alright alright alright."
>Are you nervous?
>Nah, that doesn't make sense
>You definitely aren't nervous
>You just hope she likes it
>She has no reason to not like it
"You're not nervous."
>You repeat to yourself, shifting back and forth in the elevator
>You also have some groceries
>You still aren't a master chef
>Compared to last year, you really haven't cooked that many quality dinners
>365 days have passed and while you can say that your life is better, you haven't grown in the ways you necessarily wanted
>That's ok
>You've still grown in other ways
>"You're not nervous. You're just worried."
>You mumble to yourself as you enter your apartment
>What used to be a cold, quiet, vaguely messy place is now a warm, comfortable, certainly messy den
>You're not nervous
>You say your 'hi's and get them in return
>Jacky and Dashie are goofing around in the living room
>After filling the fridge with tonight's planned dishes, you shake off your coat and boots
>And maybe shake off some of your nerves
File: sac o sug.jpg (400 KB, 1024x1024)
400 KB
400 KB JPG
Hey greenbeans! You can now add tags to your pastes on ponepaste to make them easier to search.
Thanks magical sug sac. Find any other good greens on there? Seems like a ton of people are starting to upload to there.
>You head to your room and plop down onto the mattress
>Shine is playing another game
>It involves a girl hunting giant robots with normal bows and arrows
>And something about technology
>You stopped caring about the plot of it
"Hey Shine."
>You're not nervous
"Hey, uh... listen. Today's an important day."
>"Yeah? What's today?"
"It's Jacky's... birthday I think."
>"Birthday? Since when did she get a birthday?"
"I don't know. But it's been a year since she's been here. And I want to celebrate it."
>"Oooh... well aren't you caring."
>She leers at you out of the corner of her eye with a smile
"Alright, you can officially can it."
>She gives you a mocking gasp
>"Did you buy her roses too?
>You glare at her
"God damn it... I knew I was forgetting something."
>You sigh and shake your head
>"Oh... oh wow. You mean it."
>She looks surprised
>"I didn't think you would keep track of something like that."
"Well... why wouldn't I?"
>"Fair enough I guess."
"So... when you can, can you find a way to lure her into here?"
>She lets out an elongated sigh
>It isn't a real one but she's enjoying the minor inconvenience she's causing
>"You want an audience?"
"Later, sure."
>"Sure. When?"
>Right now
>You wouldn't say
>You're really not sure if you want to do this right now
>You're really not sure if she would like it
>You're really not sure you would like it
>Obviously you would
>But maybe it's a little much
>Is it appropriate?
>It wasn't exactly expensive
>But it wasn't cheap either
"In a few min...ah..."
>You visibly deflate
"Not right now. But later tonight."
>Without turning away from her game, she nods and smiles wider
>"Don't worry about it, ok? You could've bought her a shiny plastic spoon and she would treasure it."
"It's no spoon, alright..."
>"Yeah... I bet. What are you gonna get me for my birthday?"
>She sounds hopeful
"Oh don't worry, I'm planning something for you too. And boy, you're gonna get it."
>She finally pauses
>After a second, she starts going through menus, as if to purposefully look for something
>"...that's cool."
"And don't you worry. Everyone is going to see it happen. Jacky's going to see and you're not going to know how to possibly respond to her reactions."
>She shifts on the bed, clearing her throat
>"...well alright then."
>You can return the teasing at least
>What she doesn't know is that you actually have been Christmas shopping
>The first time you've done so in you don't even remember how many years
>What you have in your pocket is for Jacky
>But you also have other things on the way for all of them
>Hopefully all of it will turn out well
File: ponk_excited.gif (429 KB, 383x371)
429 KB
429 KB GIF
This is so wholesome....
I wonder what (you) got her...

Checked, and nah, you are pretty good. I am a bit ashamed as I have not caught up on Minky for awhile, but hopefully one of these days I will
>You've been watching Shine play her save file for...
>Too long
>She doesn't seem to mind it, though she looks back at you every now and again to make sure you're still awake
>After another successful side mission done, she lays down on her side and kicks her hind legs out
>"Sun's already gone down..."
"Yeah... winters up here are pretty harsh sometimes."
>"It's still warm in here though."
"Free heating, gotta enjoy it you know?"
>"I'm gonna get Jacky in here."
"...thanks, Shine."
>"Don't worry about it."
>She goes through the motions to save and closes out of it, putting the console into sleep mode
>You personally don't understand why you wouldn't just put it in sleep rather than always shutting it down
>She stretches once more and yawns
>"Getting sleepy earlier too... you better be getting us some blankets and stuff."
"Don't worry, I'll add it to the list."
>She still sometimes does certain things that might not be the best but she's gotten a lot better
>More helpful, certainly
>Hopefully she'll continue to improve
>You slip your gift out from your pocket and put it to your side, under a blanket
>You really should have some sort of words prepared but it would just be too silly if you did that
>After what sounds like some joking around, you hear Jacky trotting toward you
>More so, you see her speeding toward you!
>She quints and pushes down on the ground, leaping into the air like only she can
>Good lord are her legs strong
>Still sitting, you prepare your reaction
>One arm goes around her neck, like a hug
>The other goes to her belly
>Letting her momentum carry you, you fall sideways
>Effectively suplexing her
>Jacky gives some sort of autistic screech that sounds like a buzzard getting hit with a tennis racket before exhaling with a gurgle
>You lay on your side, your hand petting her belly
>She lays there, her head against your chest
>Your head against her shoulder
>What counts for a pony shoulder, anyway
"Hey Jack."
>"What's up?"
>Say it
>Come on, you've said goofier things before
>What makes this so different?
>You give her belly drum a few more pats before sitting back up
"Listen... do you know how long you've been here?"
>Rather than get up, she just looks at you
>"Not really. A pretty long while, I guess."
"Yeah... it feels like it's been no time at all."
>That look in her eye
>She looks completely content
>Content with her live
>Content with this place
>Content with her friends
>Content with you
"I... uh, well. I've been counting the days. And today marks a full year since you've been here. So I got you something. Not really for any huge reason, but I just thought that I should. It'd go well with your hat, you know?"
>You reach under the blanket, which thankfully avoided the suplex, and pull out a little black box
>Catching that this is something important, she flips onto her stomach
>Her ears twitch at the sight of it
>It's certainly not a big box at all
>"I... you're serious? You've been keeping track of all of this time?"
"Not counting the seconds or anything, but... yeah. I guess it's a sort of custom here."
>"Well, I mean... I guess it's a custom back there too..."
>She tries to focus on both your hand and your face
>From the twitch of her tail and her ears, you can tell she's a little nervous
>"...should it be opened here, or...?"
"Well... no reason not to, right?"
>You open the box and reveal what looks like a round, oval silver coin
>With another, smaller, oval stone in it
>"W... what is that?"
"Well, Jackeroo..."
>You set down the box and pry it out
>The silver oval is connected to a cord, which is capped with silver lengths that end in little bell shapes
"It... well, it's a bolo tie."
>"A what tie?"
"Bolo tie. Like your hat, it's a big of ol' west fashion. Kinda what your standard Texan would wear at a formal gathering."
>You rotate the pendant over to show her the front and back
"The end studs and the pendant itself is silver. The little stone there is... uh..."
>This is going to sound stupid, now that you have to explain it
"It's apple coral. It's called that due to the color. And, you know, I thought it's something that your ma would wear. So I think it's something you'd enjoy wearing as well. The orange goes well with your hair, even if it's a little darker. And next time we go out... you know, with that and the hat included..."
>You trail off
>She keenly focuses on it, a certain expression on her face
>She isn't ready to pounce on you and say that she loves it
>She isn't going to go into some death match staredown
>She looks...
>Maybe it's your imagination, but she looks a little sad?
>Without saying anything, she moves up to your side and hugs her face against your chest
>"Oh, Anon..."
"I know, Jack..."
>"I don't know what to say. You've done so much already over this year."
"I know."
>"And you have your family stuff going on too..."
"I know."
>You bring your arms up to hug her, pulling her a little into your lap
>"...you know Applejack isn't my mom. I know it too. I just want to think that it's true..."
"I know... but does that really matter?"
>"Well. You wanted her."
"Sure. But, thankfully for me, I got you instead."
>"You know, we never got around to that sort of gardening stuff... not really."
"Nope... and we never really went camping either."
>"You don't mind?"
"You kidding me? I wouldn't trade the time I've spent with you for anything in the world. You've kept me going through the worst of things. You've made me want to excel and improve. You've made me want to be better, so I can give you better."
>You give her a tight hug
>She inhales as you exhale
"You are exactly what I wanted, and what I needed."
>You hear something snap, to your left
>Both of you turn to the left
>Shine's holding up your phone
>Dashie's sitting nearby
>"Aaaaaaaaand that's a wrap."
>"Such a touching moment... I've misjudged you, Anon. May I see the bolo tie?"
>Are very irritated with them
>"What'd'ya think yer doin' lass?"
>Oh God
>That's an accent you haven't heard in a while
>You look down at her
>She has a crazed look in her eyes
>"I try'an have a special moment with my bes' man an' you two come and spoil it."
>"To be fair... what I recorded is really sweet. And the picture is really one of a kind."
>Shine gives her a wide, shit eating grin
>Her eyes go to yours
>She knows exactly what she did
>"Aye lad."
"Kick her ass."
>You point at Dashie
>Her ears flatten
"I'm gonna cook your goose, chicken wing."
>You don't remember how the rest of the night went
>After an all-out brawl that must have leveled the city block, you all called a cease-fire
>Fatigue and vaguely bruised joints healed quicker when there were distractions to focus on
>Which meant a very specific trilogy of movies
>You still love those movies
>But there's no topping the trio that is The Dashing, The Sparking, and The Jacky
File: 1578533738545.png (2.33 MB, 1920x1080)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB PNG
Through job change, global depression, loss of pet and family illness, Jacky has remained. I hope she's brought (You) as much happiness as she's brought me over this last year.
File: Sparks Incinerate.png (135 KB, 1041x810)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
That she has, and what a wonderful read it still is. Thank you Blondie.
We aint gonna stop now are we?
Not at all. Between Jacky and other greens, I want to more than double my word count over the next year. Hopefully it'll be good enough for more people to want to read it too.
File: teach.gif (974 KB, 677x519)
974 KB
974 KB GIF
Well, you're at ~173,752 words according to my formatted text document with your story
If the C-virus is gettin ya down, come joins the drunkest of drunks on the GREATEST STREAM KNOWN TO MAN! or if you just wanna chill and talk about ponies or whatever thats cool too
File: Applebuckin.png (66 KB, 800x800)
66 KB
Got the other pics?
File: Applebuck.png (606 KB, 1280x1280)
606 KB
606 KB PNG
File: Panka Po.png (223 KB, 716x1477)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
Thanks anon
gib bony
I want the bony like that anon got in the box
>I w-was worried
Don't she have a phone or something to contact Anon?
Minky is too pure to take it as an insult.
>see me like this
But these are what companions are about. Persons who you can vent some steam off.
>she startles you
Hmm, do she knows what it is to be jump scared. I mean herself being scared. She is afraid of the basement, so I assume she knows.
>Maybe I-I should throw th-them out
Never joke with a man and his potential food!
>Oh this cheeky little shit.
>You m-might feel b-better afterword
Yep, companion droid. Or whatever she is.
>Didn’t uncle ever tell you about his?
Is Minky this old? I assumed that Anon's uncle I got it right this time! was retired.
>but I-I think I c-can do better…
Anon needs to buy art supplies. But not paint. Minky just get paint all over herself, its inevitable.
>...I-I’m not s-short, I’m c-compact..!
>I’ll go grab the drive
As tech savvy Anon seems to be (hey he disassembled Minky!), he seems to use old methods. Since I have a "smart" TV, I can just wirelessly cast the sceen of my machine, or even better just share what I want (the files) to watch through DLNA over the network. Only takes a few seconds to add it to the shared folder and that's it.
>“Oh well, uh...surprise me.”
And this is how Minky's experiments on food begin.
Try to avoid the abominations that sometimes came out of these experiments.
>Weren’t y-you paying a-attention
Caught red handed!
>She gives you a knowing smirk.
>Do y-you want t-to talk about i-it..?
She is hungry for small talk/happenings/more input/whatever. Don't ever let her discover news channels.
>debating on my favorite pony
Oh cmon. Worst save ever. This is one of the most controversial topics! Luckily they don't end up talking about it for hours.
>”...You’re s-silly sometimes A-Anon...”
The more she spends with Anon (2nd human she ever interacted with), the more she will understand humans.

Thanks for the update!
Wait what is this? And why are there no quotation marks
Because I was close to the character limit.
File: I am bootleg.jpg (123 KB, 1080x1680)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
File: bootleg neighbors.jpg (229 KB, 1595x904)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
It's getting to be that time of the year, isn't it?
File: Deathlight Sparkle.png (1.02 MB, 961x923)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
What do you mean, anon?
Goodnight anons, dont let the prunebots bite!
Just that there's snow on the ground. Would be a good time for sledding. Only issue is that it's been melting.
File: 1575057880508.jpg (81 KB, 618x1292)
81 KB
File: rare blep.jpg (121 KB, 1112x645)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
File: Deathlight Sparkle sad.png (2.31 MB, 2163x2772)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB PNG
When will miss Sparkle get a green?
Morning peeps! How are yall today?
Not the greatest.
Whats going on anon?
File: Snowdoe waifu.png (903 KB, 811x912)
903 KB
903 KB PNG
>Though it's still cold outside at night, you found yourself out on your patio
>You brushed off all of the snow from the little bench you have, so it's not like you're going to have a wet butt when you get up
>You've been keeping track of things on your phone, regarding your family event
>With how positive everything has been, you wouldn't want to spoil it
>Especially since Jacky's been flaunting her stuff with her hat and bolo tie
>She's been experimenting with new hair styles too, thanks to Shine working her... magic
>Actual magic
>She has no higher capacity for hair-themed fashion, it's all been Jack giving her instructions and coming up with ideas
>You return a text regarding a recent medical turn and sigh
"Ah... God damn it..."
>It's something you say so often it may as well be a catchphrase
>It kinda used to be, before Jack
>Old habits die hard when things get rough
>"Excuse me. Mind if I join you?"
>Speaking of rough
>It's Dashie
>You haven't actually socialized with her all that much
>Not since that little stealing stint she and Shine pulled
"Eh? Yeah, sure, I don't mind."
>She nudges open the screen and steps out
>It's not the coldest out currently, so you didn't see the immediate need in closing the door
>Besides, you get free heating and the two boneheads are either in your room or the bathroom
>You sigh and put away your phone, wiping the wide of your face
>"Did I interrupt something?"
"Nah. Nah, no, it's... uh."
>You exhale, failing to enunciate with your hands
"Well I'm sure you know what's going on. There just isn't a ton I can do about it. I got some updates and some other things."
>"Good news then?"
>She fluffs out her chest, doing her best to smile
>Her optimism is admirable
>You scoff
"If only. No, it's going worse. How much worse, I genuinely can't say. Could quickly go to the worst case scenario. Or could keep at it's current level."
>Her smile drops like it was a well-trained mask
>"Oh... I'm sorry Anon."
"Nah, don't be. It would've happened regardless, you know?"
>She doesn't look like the topic is affecting her all that strongly
"Hey, D. How much have you hid from Jacky, when you two were growing up?"
>She doesn't look at you
>She looks like she's focusing on something else, out in the trees
>You don't really hear any birds though
>"A lot. To this day there are things that I never want her to know."
>That doesn't sound too good
"That's fair, I understand that."
>"Have you been telling her about these updates?"
"Nah... she has her own things to worry about."
>"Like her latest hair style?"
>You chuckle
>That makes you smile
"Like her latest hair style, yeah. And the best way for her to wear her hat and tie."
>"I'm proud of you."
"You're proud of me?
>"Yes. I've had my doubts about you. I really did. I had my doubts about you bringing me here. And I thought you were manipulating Sparking."
"You know what? That's fair. If I were you, I think I'd be paranoid too. Did you think I was some monster playing Hide The Hands with Jacky?"
>She looks at you
>Sort of a blank stare
"...on second thought, don't answer."
>"For the best."
>You rub your eyes with your thumb and index finger
>You're really not sure what to talk to her about
>You've been losing a lot of your focus lately due to everything
"There something you particularly want to talk about?"
>Her wings ruffle and shake once
>"No... just that I want to apologize."
"Eh, don't worry about it. I think at this point you're pretty set on your opinion of me so no reason to overthink it."
>An uncomfortable look grows on her face
>"You don't hate me, do you?"
"Me? No, of course I don't. Without you, she wouldn't be here."
>"Without you she wouldn't be here."
"And neither would you be here. Which means I wouldn't be able to thank you for doing what you've had to do for her sake so she'd... remain her. Save me the semantics."
>Your attention focuses to the living room
"I would enjoy it a fair bit if we could be more... friendly to each other."
>"Like how Prism wants to be friendly to you?"
"Hopefully no. I kinda don't like that you'd default to that."
>"Then how do you mean friendly?"
"Friendly as in 'hey, let's not get that ozone smell when we need to talk'."
>You can catch a smile out of the corner of your eye
>"We can work on that."
"Preferably with a third party present."
>"Why a third party?"
"Because if it's just you and me, I get the feeling I'd say something a little too mean-spirited."
>It's not that you don't like her
>But you understand that there are a few rough spots
>"We may not be friends, Anon... not as much as you are with them."
"But we're not enemies either. Here's hoping you remember that."
>"I will."
"Good... now kindly go away for a bit. A lot's on my mind."
>You don't feel good about the bitter tone you stuck to
>"Anything you'd like to discuss with me?"
>She sounds... hopeful
>This really would be a good chance to have a sort of real discussion with her
>Maybe a chance for her to understand you better directly, rather than through the rose-tinted glasses of someone's interpretation
"...no. Not with you. Not with Jack or Shine either. Just leave me alone for a bit."
>"Oh... ok."
>She sounds dejected
>She gets up and nods
>"I hope you don't talk to her like this."
>Whether it was a warning or a stray comment, you don't know
>You don't really care
"Good night, Prism."
>It's going to take a while for things to improve with her
>At least she did ask
File: crying cat.png (56 KB, 133x144)
56 KB
wh... that was going good, what happened?
Goodnight bump, sweet dreams, Anons.
Keep your heads up. There may be pain now, but just as the good times seem to fade away, so do the bad times into good.
I think it's partially due to stress on his side. I don't think they've had that many positive talks alone either.
File: Thun plush.jpg (207 KB, 540x960)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
File: crying cat 2.jpg (20 KB, 480x360)
20 KB
I do kind a feel sad for her, I think she was genuinely wanting to help. And especially when its the first time you genuinely do that, it hurts man
It does. I really don't think she said anything bad, though maybe he thought her tone was off. Or maybe he was just looking to try to let off pent up steam.
I'm worried for her. And I'm worried for him too.
I really hope that doesnt fuck her up bad, shit like that can happen. I dont want to see her fall into darkness...
She's more mature than most give credit. She had to grow up a lot faster than the other two, there's no doubt in that. I think she knows that the outside situations are a big thing. I also think that she won't keep his low mood to herself. A friend wouldn't let someone wallow in that sort of stuff. She wants to show she can be a friend too.
That could be true yes, and lends a lot more hope on it. I hope she does that, it would certainly show she is a good friend
File: 2191446.png (364 KB, 1100x900)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
File: Patches in bed.png (226 KB, 808x740)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
File: 1578536442602.png (2.32 MB, 1920x1080)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB PNG
>(without the hat)
Blondie, NHAnon, how are you two doing, as well as other anons here?
Anon has yet to give her a way to do stay in touch with him.
>Companion droid
He still has a hard time opening up to her, though that's clearly changing as time goes on.
>Minky's age
She's about several months to a year old. As for Anon's uncle, I put him around his early to mid 50s, so he didn't get the chance to retire before he passed
Figure Anon is using most of the old tech in the house, so it's a bit dated. Not including his own computer of course.

Same as ever, tired and trying to work on another update. Hopefully will release it tomorrow.
Not so hot. Between family's medical issues which took a dire turn yesterday and other things, I have 0 focus to write.
My brother just got our house banned for a month from 4chan. yay. mobilefagging from now on
Hang in there anon...
Dont hurt yourself
>red 9
What do the Jacks, Sparks, and Dashies eat?
>The soft patter of rain outside echoes gently throughout your home.
>You take a sip from your coffee while watching it cascade down the window in the kitchen.
>The sound of Minky’s hoof steps approach your side.
“Hey there.”
>Without breaking your attention from the window, you reach over and gently pet her mane.
>”...Hello A-Anon…”
“What do you think of the weather?”
>”...I-I don’t l-like it…”
“Really, why’s that?”
>”...It’s t-too cloudy and g-gray, you c-can’t see th-the sun...M-most of the animals a-are hiding t-too…”
“That’s one way of looking at it I suppose.”
>”...What d-do you m-mean..?”
“Some people find it soothing. I personally don’t mind it.”
>Looking over, you see her knit her brow, trying to understand.
>”...Th-that sounds weird, w-why would it b-be soothing..?”
>You shrug, taking another sip.
“Maybe how it sounds or looks? I don’t know, never really gave it much thought.”
>”...I s-see…”
>For a time, nothing is said as you two sit there.
>Other than the sound of rain and her internal noises, it’s pretty quiet.
>As the silence continues, you try to think of something to fill the void.
“You ever been out the in rain before?”
>”...N-no, your un-uncle wouldn’t let m-me...He k-kept saying h-how it would r-ruin my coat…”
>He was probably right about that.
>Especially since it’s quite a pain to deal with her coat.
>And you’re not sure how to go about cleaning it exactly.
>”...W-what about y-you..?”
“Of course I have.”
>Minky giggles, shaking her head.
>”...No, I-I know you h-have been outside i-in the rain...I-I mean have y-you ever p-played out in it b-before..?”
“Oh right, well, yes. Several times come to mind when I was younger. Mom hated me playing in it though, kept telling me I’d get sick.”
>”...S-she isn’t w-wrong though, it m-makes you susceptible t-to illness…”
“I know she was right, but I was a kid and didn’t care.”
>Minky’s eyes slowly shut with contentment as you continue your ministrations.
>This is nice to have moments like these.
>Though now you think about it, maybe you could try to introduce her to the rain properly.
>Going to be a huge pain to deal with the mud later.
>Worth the difficulty for her.
“So, wanna go outside and try it out?”
>Her eyes open, and she gives you a confused look.
>”...Do y-you mean th-the rain..?”
“Of course, I think you might enjoy it.”
>”...But A-Anon, you could g-get sick…”
“Keyword, could, but shouldn’t you experience it at least once?”
>Her eyes flicker as they shift between you and the window as she contemplates the offer.
>”...W-what about i-if my coat gets d-dirty..?”
>You shrug.
“It happens, it happens. I’ll deal with it.”
>”...Yes, b-but are y-you sure about this..?”
“Are you going to keep asking questions?”
>Minky scrunches her face up.
>”...Th-they’re important q-questions…”
“And there are a million more to be asked Minky my dear.”
>She blinks, and starts to slowly nod.
>”...Okay, b-but if you g-get sick…”
>Sighing, you start to retract your hand, pausing briefly to boop her on the tip of her muzzle.
“I’ll be fine, I promise.”
>Her eyes go cross, and her entire body freezes for a few moments.
>The internal humming grows loudly briefly before returning to normal.
>She remains silent with her eyes still crossed.
>Ah crap, did you activate some hidden boop button or something?
“Uh Minky?”
>Your panic starts to grow.
>Not sure what the hell you did, but you gotta fix this fast.
>Just as you’re about to reach out and try something, she jolts suddenly.
>Her face shifts back to normal, she looks at you with a confused look.
>”...W-why’d you do th-that..?”
“I don’t know, just felt like it. But seriously, are you alright? You had me pretty scared there.”
>”...Mhm, i-it was...o-odd…”
>More like terrifying.
“Agreed, never seen that before.”
>”...Th-that’s because y-you and your un-uncle never d-did that b-before.”
>Note to self, avoid booping her again.
>At least till you find out whatever the hell caused that.
“Are you still good to go outside then?”
>She smiles and nods.
“Just making sure. Gonna go grab my boots and coat, then we’ll step out.”
>”...O-okay, I’ll b-be waiting…”
>One quick change later and you come back to find Minky nervously shifting by the backdoor.
>She seems to mumble something to herself.
“Something on your mind Boss?”
>”...I s-still think it’s r-risky...”
>Shaking your head, you kneel down and pet her mane a few times.
“Alright how about this, we take a quick stroll in the yard, then come back in?”
>”...E-every second o-out there is another th-that you c-could get sick...”
“Life is not without it’s risks Minky.”
>Thank you fortune cookie.
>Or was it some movie?
>Doesn’t matter.
>”...Th-that’s true, but s-some should b-be avoided…”
>She’s not gonna drop this if you let it.
>Getting back up, you open the door and look to her.
“Shall we?”
>She clearly is still concerned, but accepts defeat at last.
>Her eyes go between the door and back to you.
>You smile, pulling your hood up as you both step out.
>It’s a light rain, and thankfully not cold either.
>The two of you begin your walk through the backyard.
>You take a slow pace to let her fully experience this.
>Most of your attention is on her to see her reactions.
>She seems confused at first, her eyes keep flickering as they dart about.
>Slowly, she adopts a look of wonder.
>Little gasps start to accompany these as well.
“So what do you think?”
>”...It’s...I-it’s strange in a-a way…”
>Minky trots around in circles, sometimes stopping by a puddle to tap her hoof against it.
>Not the response you were expecting.
>She pulls her hoof from a puddle and raises it to her face.
>Minky carefully studies the muddy water on her hoof.
>A queer look appears on her face as she focuses on the liquid.
>”...This i-is different from th-the other t-times I’ve dealt with w-water…”
“Maybe because it’s muddy water?”
>”...N-no, that’s n-not it...”
>She pushes her hoof against a patch of wet grass, withdrawing it again curiously.
>To be honest, you kinda expected her to be running around like a kid.
>Maybe even playing in the mud.
>But this reaction to it is nice in it’s own way.
>You give her some space while watching her go through this new experience.
>Her eyes keep darting around like the other day, taking everything in.
>”...Th-this isn’t s-so bad…”
“Now you see what I mean.”
>She trots up to your side, waiting expectantly.
>Guess she’s mostly satisfied, so the two of you continue this little walk.
>As the two of you pass by the shed and start approaching the tree line, you start turning back.
>Not gonna bother with the trail today.
>It will likely be too muddy for either of you to deal with.
>With how easy going she is easy with all of this, it will be easier to deal with clean up later.
>She keeps making little noises as you two walk on.
>Pretty cute how she keeps doing that, it makes you smile.
“Looks like you’re enjoying yourself.”
>”...I-it’s nice...Different f-from what I-I was expecting…”
“Told ya.”
>She giggles as the two of you approach the back steps.
>”...Can w-we do th-this again sometime..?”
“Of course.”
>You open the door, letting her in first before shutting it behind you.
>While you deal with your stuff, Minky attempts to rub the mud off of her hooves against the doormat.
>You set your things aside, grabbing a towel on the way back to aid her.
>She’s still trying to clean herself up when you kneel down to her.
“Alright, show em.”
>”...S-show what..?”
“Your hooves.”
“Because I’m going to clean them, I know they got mud them.”
>She shakes her head.
>”...B-but I’m already t-taking care of i-it…”
“Uh huh, I can see that, but it would be easier if I helped out.”
>Rather than arguing, she lets out a small huff and sits down.
>Minky raises her front hooves for you to examine.
>Though she tried, they still have some mud on them.
>As you figured, she was quite successful in minimizing the amount she got on the walk.
>The rest of her however, is still fairly wet.
>Nothing a good towel down won’t fix.
>While you’re going about drying her and cleaning her hooves off, she gets a small grin.
“Something on your mind Boss?”
“Wanna share it then?”
>Without missing a beat, she reaches up and boops you on your nose.
>You start to chuckle.
“That’s fair I suppose.”
>”...You t-told me t-to share…”
“Yeah I did. Still need to figure out why you reacted the way you did earlier.”
>”...I-it was s-strange...”
>Terrifying was more like it, not that you intend to tell her that.
>You finish up cleaning her to the best of your abilities, giving her a once over.
“That should about do it.”
>She briefly looks at her hooves.
>”...I c-can finish it u-up in the b-bathroom…”
“’Kay, I’ll be here in the kitchen if you need me.”
>While she takes care of that, you fix yourself a quick sandwich.
>Despite the weather, today has been pretty well so far.
>Still gotta drop off those totes to your parents later, probably will do that tomorrow.
>Maybe you should ask Minky if she wants to come along.
>Mostly to get her out of the house more.
>At the very least, she can sit in the car and wait.
>Though you know mom would love to meet her, so who knows.
>As you finish up eating, you gaze out the window.
>The rain has started to come down a bit heavier now.
>Good thing you two went out when you did.
>You look over to see Minky standing there.
>”...You’ve s-sitting there f-for a while…”
“I have?”
“Sorry, just planning out tomorrow.”
>”...Oh, w-what do you h-have in mind..?”
>You reach over and start to pet her.
“I’ll tell you later. Promise.”
>So much to do still, and it feels like so little time.
>She leans her head into your hand while looking at you.
>You’re quite grateful for her.
>”...I’m b-bored…”
“Hello bored, I’m Anon.”
>Minky blinks, stepping back out of your hand and giving you a deadpan look.
>Dad jokes never get old.
>You give a deadpan look of your own back.
>This eventually shifts into a staring contest.
>Just one problem, you’re not gonna beat her.
>Unlike you, she doesn’t have to blink at all.
>As it starts to become more difficult to not blink, her eyes flicker.
>A devilish idea comes to mind.
“Your eyes flickering count as blinking.”
>She looks flabbergasted a second before giving you a small glare.
>”...No i-it doesn’t…”
“Yes it does.”
>Minky scrunches up and lets out a small growl.
>As you watch her, you lean back with a smile, giving her a quick wink.
>She shakes her head slowly as she adopts her usual smile.
>”...Y-you’re silly…”
“No, that’s my middle name.”
>At that, she starts to laugh.
>Grinning as you watch her, you feel quite happy yourself.
“Alright, I’ll stop being a comedian for a bit. What do you have in mind?”
>She slowly stops laughing, shifting from side to side.
>”...C-can we read a-a book..?”
>Ah yes of course, your bane.
>It’s for her though, you can suck it up just for that.
“Okay, sounds like a plan.”
>You get up and wave your arm towards the living room.
“Lead the way Boss.”
>Minky giggles and starts to trot into the other room with you following her.
>She approaches the bookshelf, her eyes scanning the various titles.
>You take your usual spot on the couch while waiting.
>Not sure how long she will take, though you’re certain it will be quick.
>Till then, you briefly check your phone.
>A new message from your old friend from the other day.
>You briefly check it, finding he wants to try to catch up sometime soon.
>”...I-I found o-one..!”
>Setting your phone aside, you give her your full attention.
“So which one did you pick?”
>Minky brings over an older looking book to you.
>”...The H-Hobbit...Have y-you ever read th-this one A-Anon..?...I h-haven’t yet...”
“Nope, only seen the movies.”
>”...They m-made a movie a-about this..?”
“Yep, three actually. A lot of movies are based off books.”
>”...O-h, well w-we can still read it, r-right?”
“Sure can, most movies don’t follow the books they’re based off completely anyways.”
>”...Why n-not..?”
>You shrug.
“Probably because it would likely make the movie way too long if they did.”
>”...I-I guess that m-makes sense…”
>You pat a spot next to you.
“Well hop on up and let’s get started on this.”
>Minky beams as she climbs up and snuggles closely at your side.
>”...Okay, I-I’m ready, are y-you..?”
>You nod, and she opens the book open, turning several pages before finding the first chapter.
>”...I-In a hole in th-the ground there l-lived a hobbit...Not a-a nasty, d-dirty, wet hole, f-filled with the e-ends of worms a-and an oozy smell, n-nor yet a-a dry, bare, sandy h-hole with nothing i-in it t-to sit down on o-or to eat: it w-was a hobbit-hole, a-and that means c-comfort…”
>This is the first time you’ve heard her read aloud.
>She isn’t half bad at narrating the story, ignoring her stutter of course.
>You find yourself relaxing into this.
>Yeah comfy is the right word to describe this.
>Could get used to more reading sessions like these.
>Might be a better way to actually read.
>Though you’re not into the book as much as she is.
>She’s clearly happy about sharing the story with you as she reads on.
>At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.
>Every so often she peeks up at you to make sure you’re still following along.
>You usually reply with a smile, then she goes back to her place on the page.
>Feels like time starts to slip away while you two sit there.
>The sound of rain and her reading really helps your mood out.
>Makes you start to forget your previous worries.
>As she progresses with the story, you feel your eyes start to grow heavy.
>Figures you’d grow too relaxed with this setting.
>Though you try, you fail to hold back a coming yawn.
>You even try to attempt to mask it by covering your mouth.
>Minky must’ve noticed however, because she stops reading to look at you.
>”...Oh n-no, is the s-story boring A-Anon..?”
>You wave your hand.
“No it’s not, I’m just really relaxed at the moment.”
>Her expression softens, and she tilts her head cutely.
>”...Y-you’re relaxed b-by my reading..?”
“That and the sound of the rain I guess. It really is making me feel comfortable.”
>She nods with a small smile.
>”...I’m h-happy to h-hear that...”
>Returning a smile of your own, you pat her side.
“I gotta get up if I’m going to make it through the story, otherwise I might pass out.”
>She scoots a little from you as you stand up, lightly stretching.
“Be right back.”
>She nods as she watches you leave the room a moment.
>You take a quick stop into the kitchen for snacks and a drink before returning to her.
>”...Th-that was f-fast…”
“Just needed to get some snacks and a drink while I stretched my legs.”
>”...Are y-you sure that will b-be enough..?”
“Worse case scenario, you’ll wake me up by poking my side.”
>She giggles as you retake your spot.
“Right, so where were we?”
>Minky smiles broadly, turning her attention back to the book.
>She turns several pages before going back to her place.
>”...W-we’re almost done w-with chapter one…”
“Ah, this is gonna be a long one then.”
>”...It’s only th-three hundred a-and ten pages A-Anon…”
>She says that like it’s nothing.
>Just means another long day into the night, one that you get to share with Minky.

File: rare.jpg (81 KB, 296x298)
81 KB
That's a good question. Out of everything, what they all eat has never been touched on all that much. I guess you can tell that Anon is a bit of a simpleton there.
I think Jack has been sticking to some of the more basics of things. Unless it's something unique like candy or a sort of fruit she doesn't seem to care all that much about finer recipes. She's all hooves with utensils and such anyway. It's not that she wouldn't like fancier and better things, but it's a low priority.
I think Shine has been exploring the most, especially since Anon brought in that camping cooking set. Thankfully it's been set up to such a way where messes aren't the biggest worry. I think she'd enjoy more spicy/bitter foods. Good challenge and way to feel like she's accomplishing something. There's no real physical exertion to cooking for her so it's no real big deal.
D enjoys comfort foods a whole lot. With how things are and how she is, it's a consistent source of pleasure. She would probably be the sort to come up with ideas for recipes, or have a brainchild monstrosity that might actually taste good. Not that she could do it herself, but Shine would see it as a good source of practice. She doesn't really need to put on airs anymore but maybe she feels better thinking that she has something that's fancy and special.
I don't think any of them are all that much of a gourmet. They didn't grow up with the best options and even with a grocery store's full stock, there isn't all that much incentive go to out and explore after they find some reliable favorites. There's also no real single dinner or breakfast time, so there's no unity when it comes to deciding what would be good. I'm sure they could all eat better, but they're eating better now than they ever had before. It's a step forward.
What will they do for thanksgiving?
I really don't know. Last year, there wasn't a whole lot that could be done. This year, a lot of things seem to be running rather smoothly. If it wasn't for what was going on with Anon's side of things, it would all be smooth sailing. Might be for the best that he just keeps that stuff hidden for their sake and just powers through it.
Its not good to bottle up feelings
No, it isn't. But it also isn't good to drag everyone down when they're having a good time and in high spirits.
Instead you must work with them as they care for you
cuties, what about anon?
Blondie how is your cousin?
You're not wrong. I think the three are the best support system he could ask for. It might just come down to whether or not he'll let them help.
I can't imagine he cares all that much. Given the sort of position he was in before he got Jacky, he might be learning to take care of himself better.
It's my uncle and it's been escalating negatively. So much has been going on this last week as is that it's too much to coherently write down. It's less a "we're in the clear" situation and more "this immediate danger is no longer a danger right now". It's completely sapped my capacity to write, whether it's something cute and happy, depressing and sad, or whatever else. Trust me when I say that I wish these things weren't happening. To be completely selfish, I enjoy having a static schedule and having consistent time to write. This hasn't been so great. But at least I've been playing a lot of vidya. Partially just because it's something to focus on since a lot of the threads here are very slow and don't have much to talk about.
Henlo enverybody drunk cuntanon back agoing with a streem for music and pony talk, join if ya like
Im sorry its got you down anon...
Thank you for all you've done for us, really. You are a good man, keep your head up
I appreciate it. I won't go anywhere anytime soon. But man it's rough.
need a hug?
>407 replies
I could use a lot of things. A hug would be cool too.
File: manofshad.gif (885 KB, 500x360)
885 KB
885 KB GIF
Near-Thanksgiving hype. Hopefully hype trains will bring back writing urges.
I like how this has been going.
File: JackyQTQT.png (55 KB, 382x326)
55 KB
A gift for you from Plunger. He likes Jacky
That's awesome. More than awesome. Thank you.
Hope its a good hug
What a cutie
>why’s that?
I have to completely agree with Minky's reasoning here.
>out the in rain
Is she waterproof?
>Anon, you could g-get sick
And if Minky is not waterproof she can malfunction.
>The internal humming grows loudly
Its a hard thing to process a boop!
>avoid booping her again
Quite the opposite!
>”...Th-this isn’t s-so bad…”
Luckily she not immediately turned into a overexcited dog, running around getting dirty and stuff.
>While you’re going about drying her and cleaning her hooves off
Somehow it does feels even slightly sexual. Minky is just too cute/pure for that.
Oh, so that's how she is going to behave?
>planning out tomorrow
Minky interacting with others will be fun.
>”...Y-you’re silly…”
Both are.
>They m-made a movie a-about this..?
I don't know if Anon should or should not introduce what's the internet is to Minky.
Probably not.
>her read aloud
She needs to practice her speaking after all!
>“Worse case scenario, you’ll wake me up by poking my side.”
Or they just sleep together. Or whatever Minky does for "sleep".
I'm sure she can start purring or something similar.
>only th-three hundred a-and ten pages
That in one sitting?!

Thanks for the update!
File: 1509367571399.jpg (19 KB, 300x188)
19 KB
The arrows are on the wrong side
File: 2207335.jpg (1.06 MB, 1500x3825)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
What is this?
Yes, and?
It's crazy. Crazy!
Its a bootleg response. Thats why the <<s. >>'s are expensive.
board is fast
p8 in 90 mins?
Been playing more vidya and started Yakuza 7. I could see Shine enjoying this. She's already thought about how her magic ties in with vidya logic.
Dubs, Has Ms. Shine practiced more magic?
Its cute you call her Shine now instead of Sparks
Sure, she's probably spent some time trying out new spells. Can't really do cold things well, as we saw. As to why, who knows.
That would be difficult to do. Seems like it's like something she can do if she can visualize it well enough. Whether or not magic like that is supposed to work that way... well, it's how she understands it. No one wants her to spider herself.
She's grown, I'm proud of that. The sparks have lit something far brighter.
She has grown, and its so interesting.
This is stuff even pro writers struggle with
Is it? Granted, there's no massive plot to focus on.
I mean, I guess? Dunno...
Yes, its character focus, but I still think its written well!
Why is the board so fast?
Happy thanksgiving, /bootleg/!
What are (you) thankful for, anon?
I'm thankful for the board, and the thread. I started writing to try to reconnect with old friends. Instead, I made new friends and made some pretty decent stuff that has led to extravagant art. I've lost and am continuing to lose family, but I've always had here to write.
Most of all, I'm thankful for Jacky. I don't need to go on a huge rant as to why.
File: Flut love meeeee.jpg (103 KB, 600x600)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>It's Thanksgiving
>A lot of families are together, even if they only see each other once a year
>Your Thanksgiving...
>So far has included you just sleeping throughout the day
>You wake up every now and again, either to answer a question or to check your phone
>Given the job change, you don't have an extended weekend
>It's actually maybe today and just that until next weekend
>You haven't told the girls yet
>There's a number of things you haven't told them lately
>Not for any particular reason, of course
>It's a lot of little reasons
>Not only is this another Thanksgiving without your relatives
>It's the last possible Thanksgiving you could have with one
>And you're here, while they're in a hospital
>Once the sun set, you finally woke up for good
>Your laptop isn't in sight, so it was probably shifted out into the living room
>Stumbling out of bed let you know that your body wasn't ready move around
>Something smells good
>"How's the oven going?"
>"Another twenty minutes, I think."
>Sounds like D and Shine
"Got some oven stuff going?"
>D gives you a glance and walks off without answer
>Guess you don't blame her
>It's been a while since the last time you spoke with her
>You haven't felt any better about it
>"Oh, Anon! Happy Thanksgiving!"
>You don't recall telling her about the holiday
>"Yeah. You celebrate it, right?"
>You used to
"Eh... I guess so. Last year..."
>"Yeah, Jacky told me you guys just cuddled up and did questionable stuff."
"It was nice, for sure... where is she, anyway?"
>"She's in the garage downstairs. Since she hasn't been able to really wake you up, she's been off trotting around."
"Oh... guess I should go check her out then."
>"Well don't take all night. Turkey's gonna be done soon. Sorta."
"Yeah, you know, I was kinda... wondering about that. You guys go to the store?"
>She flashes you a quick smile that doesn't go up to her relaxed eyes
"...did you at least use my card this time?"
"Groovy. Well, I'll be back."
>You did have a few questions, but you weren't all that energetic enough to ask
>Ignoring that you were only in boxers and a slightly stretched out shirt, you go down the stairwell that is right next to your apartment door
>At the bottom of the stairwell you can hear galloping
>Guess it makes sense
>You haven't seen her since Tuesday
>You're not sure why but whenever you've tried looking for her, she's always been out of sight or doing something that required lack of visibility
>You're hoping that you didn't screw up something
>You open the door a crack and swooce right in
>You really don't like how cold the concrete floor is but it's whatever
>You hear her coming
>To your left and behind a wall
>You crouch down
>Extend your arms
>She's coming
>The second you see the tip of her face poke out from around the corner, you swing yourself to the left as hard as you can
>You scoop her up and squeeze her as hard as you can
>You expected it to turn out better
>Except she's screaming
>You see her
>Her twin tails are gone
>What her mane consists of makes you scream
>She screams again when she realizes it's you
>The both of you make rather unflattering noises until you stop and shake her
>Her screaming stops, leaving her looking at you like she's expecting big news
>Her mane has been cut considerably into a sort of bobcut
>Except it looks more like a sort of hair helmet
>Her ears popping out from the top of the mane looks cute though
>Adjusting her so your arm is around her back while her hooves press against your torso, you part her hair a little to the side
>Shine did a pretty good job
>You're so close to saying something, but you aren't able to get the words out
>She looks like she's expecting something
>Good or bad, who knows
"...looks good on you."
>You can see her eyes dilate
>"You like this?!"
>She sounds in disbelief
>You hold her
>You can feel how relaxed she is, only keeping strength in her legs so she doesn't slide off of you
"...when'd you get this done?"
>"I... finally got it done yesterday."
"...how's the downstairs look?"
>You admit, you were thinking it, but you didn't think you'd actually say it
>The look on her face more or less confirms that she wasn't expecting it
>"You mean my-"
"Your tail, yes."
>"Well it's not as long as it was..."
"Lemme see it."
>"W-wha, no!"
>She laughs and squirms out of your grip, landing on concrete ground
>Because you have the self control of a spoiled child, your eyes immediately travel to her flank
>Her tail's length has been cut in half it looks like it's been braided
>Decent change from how long and unkempt it was before
>You enjoyed brushing it when you had a bad case of the idle hands but it looks nice too
>She catches you gawking and smirks
>"Really couldn't help yourself, could you."
"Is that a real question?"
>Without really considering the consequences, you lean back and sit down on the concrete, sighing
>Jacky winces
>"Should you really be sitting there?"
"No. Because now my butt's cold and I think a little wet."
>She stands in front of you, looking you over
>Appraising you, it feels like
>"How're you feeling?"
"Well... I got work for tomorrow and probably the weekend."
"As serious as a bad joke, Jack."
>"That's not good..."
"Not really."
>You've come a long way to getting used to pony facial expressions
>She looks like she wants to ask a big question
"I see you guys went to the store."
>"Oh, that... yeah."
>She looks embarrassed
"I'm glad you guys got everything without much issue."
>"Well a lot of people stared. And without Sparks we couldn't have actually... gotten most things."
"Sure, that does suck. But I'm glad that if something ever happened to me, you guys would be able to get along."
>"Y... yeah..."
>You just look at each other
>"Have things... gotten better?"
>That's really the only question that matters, isn't it?
"I... I don't think so, Jack. I think it's a slow slide down an icy hill. Stopping isn't really in the cards."
>The cold floor doesn't feel good but it isn't the worst source of numbness
>"Is it really something that can't be stopped?"
>You had the urge to say more about it, but you feel drained from just thinking about it
"So what were you running from?"
>The question catches her off guard
"Why the running around?"
>She gives a half-hearted shrug
>"I can't have big, meaningful talks like you. And I can't play games as much as Sparks can. And Dashie is kinda spending more time with Sparky so it's not like I can butt in and..."
>She shrugs again
>It's a defeated sort of shrug
>"I don't know how to deal with these things... I kinda miss how it was back then. I kinda miss when it was just you and me. I miss seeing you be so happy and... well, without worry."
>You extend your arms
>She trots into your lap and leans against you
>"I'm powerless to stop it. And I'm powerless to change anything."
"You're not powerless to make me feel better. Things suck. They really suck. And I think by the time this is all done, it'll change me into a different person entirely. But you'll still be around. And I'll still be around."
>You want to hug her tighter but you feel what little strength you gained by sleeping for so long drain
"I just hope that I'll be able to bounce back. I hope things improve."
>"They have to... as bad as things were for me, they eventually got better. Even when I believed they never would."
>Your eyes close
>As cold as the garage is, Jacky's warm
>That warmth is enough
>"You know, they've been cooking that dinner up there..."
"I know."
>"Think having a real Thanksgiving dinner would be good? You wouldn't be around your relatives... but you'll be near us."
>"Will it make you feel better?"
"I hope so."
>You feel more at home with ponies than you do with other people, at this point
>You thought it was so weird, a year ago
>Even thinking back to... when you were a lot younger, you thought having Missy Pie nearby was weird
>You almost feel the same warmth from then, now
"You know the gimmick about Thanksgiving?"
"It's all about giving thanks for stuff. Kind of a highly sentimental sort of holiday."
>"Where does the turkey fit in?"
"I have absolutely no clue. Some people stick with ham."
>"...but... ham isn't anything like turkey."
"I know."
>"I'm thankful for you, Anon."
"And I'm thankful for you, Jack."
>"And I'm thankful for Sparky."
"And the job she did with your mane."
>"And I'm thankful for Dashie."
"I do need to apologize to her."
>"Wanna head up yet?"
"No... not yet. You're warm. I just want to feel warm for a while longer."
>It is close to winter, if it isn't already classified as winter
>It's getting harder and harder to stay warm
>The numb cold that you've been feeling lately has all been on the inside
>Soup, tea, blankets and showers don't do a thing to stop that chill
>But this hug
>This warmth from Jacky
>It helps
>It allows you to feel again
stuffed bump...
Awh... how are (you) feeling blondie?, I am thankful for all of you great /boot/frens.
oh no she cut her mane :(
nice update blondster
They're definitely gaining agency and doing more things on their own. Might have been better if he went along but I suppose they aren't completely alien faces to the local populace. For better and worse.
Not to beg or demand, but if possible I'd love to hear the deets of that in, like, another sparks perspective or something

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